To The Light

December 5, 2005

   Channeru sugu ni, kaechau mitai ni ne,
   Me no mae no RIARU kara nigeteta
Woooow… Another song that I’ve been addicted to sing for several weeks already. This time is To The Light, which is the opening theme for the anime Star Ocean Ex.
   Tashikametakute, watashi dake ni dekiru ashita wo
Hahahaha… I must also say, that I sound really close the singer, Hattan Amika, as well *faints + pukes/vomits/throws up*. Or else I wouldn’t have been so interested and keen to sing this song over and over and over and over again.
   Go To The Light, dare yori mo atsui, joutnetsu no mune ni sakesetai,
   Tooi yume sae mo, terashidasu doko ni ite mo
Who knows when I’ll get fed up and stop singing this song. Maybe I can enter the World Guiness Book Of Records as the longest song sung consecutively and repeatedly. *eyes rollling*. But until then, hit me baby one more time from the top again!
P/S: Since the anime has ended more than a month ago, it looks like there’s going to be another potential sequel. You know, Claude and co defeated the bad guy but the bad guy didn’t exactly die totally but will be back. So our heroes will all continue their perilous journey when they step into that weird portal. End of story. *Sighs*. Anyway, back to the singing…
   Watashi to iu arika mitsukeru tame…

Star Ocean Ex

October 8, 2005

After few months of watching Star Ocean Ex, I still can’t put together the whole story line. From what I can see is that, Claude and his gang are doing their best to save the planet by destroying some evil force (at least that’s what I think it is). Is the series near its end already? Seems like it. Oh well, more slashing and fighting to come. Hopefully by the end, I’d be able to grasp at least the main storyline.
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