Tokyo Ravens

October 26, 2014

I am not exactly into those Japanese spiritual and mystic powers called onmyo. Normally animes like Shonen Onmyoji I would not have listed it down on my list to watch. So what was it that made me decide to have a look at Tokyo Ravens? Easy. I judged a book by its cover! From first looks, this anime seems to have good visuals. Hmm… Nice eye candy. Since it is not a period drama and set in current modern times and with cute looking girls, I guess I should give this a shot. Besides, there is going to be some comedy and maybe a little romance, right? How can I not resist this? And before I could further decide if it was a good idea to just go watch this anime based on this silly reason, I am already watching it. Oh what the heck. As usual, this anime tells of our main guy. He is from a branch family whose main branch is supposedly the best in the onmyo business. Thing is, he has no power or talent in the onmyo. Heh. That tells us a lot. They’re not going to surprise us that he has some hidden or latent onmyo power later on, aren’t they? Otherwise, why would he be the main character in the first place? And they’re not going to tell us that he isn’t just the son of some branch family and something important, aren’t they? It’s always like that. Because he is the main character. Duh. Oh, and certainly they’re not going to us that he is some reincarnation of some legendary exorcist, aren’t they? Well. One way to find out.

Episode 1
When Harutora Tsuchimikado was young, he made a promise to his childhood friend, Natsume Tsuchimikado who is also the daughter of the clan’s main family, to become her familiar and protect her. Now he is just an ordinary high school student leading an uneventful life. His grades aren’t that good too so he is in summer class. He hangs out with his pals, Hokuto and Touji Ato. The former is still serious in wanting Harutora to become an onmyo exorcist. But as Harutora told her many times, he is not interested since he cannot see or sense spirit and his family is just a branch of the main one. In short, he has no talent. Still, she has high hopes for him to become one. While hanging out by himself on the overhead bridge, he is surprised to see Natsume. She should be in Tokyo but since it is the summer holidays, it’s not surprising she is here to visit. Their casual talk turns into a little argument and she leaves in a huff. She’ll protect everything by herself. Harutora watches the TV news back home. One of the 12 Divine Generals is fighting spirits. Harutora notes the craziness in Tokyo and is glad he doesn’t have onmyo powers and doesn’t need to be that girl’s familiar. But Touji has him reflect that she might just be lonely (she is selected as the next head of the family). Harutora, Touji and Hokuto meet at the fireworks festival. Hokuto wants a box prize in a shooting game but can’t seem to get it. She has Harutora do it for her but he wasted lots of money and still cannot hit. Before his last shot, she whispers to him that if he succeeds, she will kiss him. That threw him off and he hit the target. Effective or what? But I can’t dismiss that what she say was a lie. Even odd, what she wanted was the ribbon of this box that contained a bubble blower set! A ribbon just to tie her hair? I think I know why. Since she forces Harutora to comment she is cute.

Later, Harutora isn’t pleased to see her writing her wish for him to be an onmyo exorcist. He throws down the wooden plaque and this hurts her feelings. Not long, Suzuka Dairenji, one of the 12 Divine Generals appears before the guys. She mistakes Harutora as Natsume and wants him to be part of her experiment to re-enact the great magic performed by Yakou Tsuchimikado, the Great Spirit Method called Taizan Fukun Ritual. Several jeeps from the Magical Investigation Bureau (MIB) surround them and the personnel are going to arrest Suzuka on suspicion for using forbidden magic. She is unfazed and materializes her familiar. She floods the entire are to rid of those bugs. With Harutora in her grasp, she is going to have him come with her when Hokuto comes running in. That is when Suzuka realizes he isn’t Natsume. She has him relay a message to Natsume that she will catch her. If he doesn’t, she will cut off his balls! Confirming that Hokuto isn’t his girlfriend, Suzuka brazenly kisses Harutora. Fireworks display on cue. Nice scene? I’m sure it isn’t for Hokuto who is just standing there watching in shock. Like it’s the end of the world.

Episode 2
Is Hokuto alright, Harutora asks. How could she be when she is crying and telling him straight in the face that the person she likes is kissing somebody else! Ever since then, Hokuto has never contacted him. I’m sure she’s just sulking… Touji has done his research on Yakou’s ritual. It was said a great disaster befall on Tokyo and caused the family to fall into disgrace. But many believed he was trying to complete a lifelong spell he developed to reincarnate himself especially someone in the Tsuchimikado family. Harutora thinks it is Natsume. Thus perhaps the reason Suzuka is trying to use Yakou’s magic to reincarnate somebody. Harutora gets a mail from Natsume to meet. She apologizes for putting him in danger (he told her about Suzuka’s message). She cannot go back to Tokyo since she needs to defend the altar for Taizan Fukun Ritual which is behind the house of the main family. Harutora views he is sufficient enough to protect it in her place since Suzuka is after her and it wouldn’t help since they’re near the altar. I’m sure he has good intentions to paint Suzuka isn’t such a bad person but he perhaps chose his words wrongly. Calling Suzuka a cute girl probably ended the conversation there. Before any jealousy rage can happen, Harutora suddenly coughs and a talisman falls out from his throat. It turns into a wasp and stings Natsume’s neck. It has taken her powers. Harutora realizes that was what the kiss was for. He brings her back but Suzuka attacks. He lets the taxi continue the journey while he stays back to finish this business.

He sees MIB personnel overwhelming Suzuka but she releases a huge demon spider familiar to wipe them all out. He then hears her murmuring she will bring her big brother back to life before his handphone gave him away. She teases him for ending up in a fight with that ‘ugly girl’ so he changes the topic that what she is doing is wrong. Her brother wouldn’t want this. She scoffs him off for not knowing anything. She doesn’t think highly of her parents and doesn’t consider them that since she has been experimented on even before birth. She claims it is those experiments that killed her brother. Now with these powers and a proper sacrifice (her life), she can bring him back. I guess she’s too cute to die and all the more reason why Harutora can’t let her. He wants her to think this again and stop. Her brother wouldn’t want this. In this distraction, an MIB attacks her. She becomes enraged and has her familiar attack. Harutora saves him and he could have lost his life if not for Hokuto taking the stab. She lies dying in his arms. Why do they get all romantic when it’s near death? So after she confesses she loves him, she turns into a paper familiar. This is her true form? Harutora is mad. Suzuka is still bratty. She guarantees she will kill him the next time and leaves. Harutora makes a mad dash while remembering the first time he met Hokuto. A weird girl who keeps running away from him despite always hanging out near him. So once he caught her, she told her name and they became friends. Harutora goes back to the altar where Natsume has already prepared herself. He wants her to make him her familiar. His eyes are now opened that he was running away from his duty. There was somebody trying to tell him that all along but never heeded it. Natsume cuts her own lips due draw a pentagram on Harutora’s cheek. He is now able to see spirits with her magic.

Episode 3
Natsume and Harutora ride on her Pegasus Yukikaze to reach the altar. Since persuading her won’t do, they have to fight off her familiars and a barrier is setup around the area. When Harutora falls off, Natsume summons Hokuto, a real dragon and servant familiar used by each head of the house. She didn’t use her trump card at first since she doesn’t have full control over it. While Hokuto is busy fighting a familiar, Natsume takes off a seal from the self defence sword to turn it into an enemy destroying blade. With this sword, Harutora fights the spider familiar and then cuts open its core so Natsume could fire her magic bow into it and disable the barrier. Though the spider quickly revives, raging Hokuto takes it out. By the time they get to Suzuka, they are pinned down by talismans written in her blood. She begins the ritual and some dark matter that isn’t a god engulfs them. Suzuka is happy to see her little big brother revive but then gets strangled as he claims it isn’t enough. Harutora should be happy the girl who killed Hokuto dies but after seeing her tears, I guess he changed his mind. Drawing his raging power, he breaks free from the talismans. Since his sword cannot pierce through the kid, he throws his ‘cabinet’ that he is carrying around. Natsume then uses her magic to subdue everything. Suzuka wants Harutora to kill her but he tells her to properly see off her little brother first. She bursts into tears. Natsume takes a look at Hokuto’s talisman and notices it is the manipulating type. Although the spirit has completely left, Hokuto is probably still alive. It means he the magic user for Hokuto is somewhere around. Harutora makes his decision to enrol in Onmyo Prep School in Tokyo. He is greeted by Natsume dressed and acting like a boy since it is the traditional rules. Touji is also here as he is enrolling in the same school. Natsume isn’t pleased to see this amateur. But Touji explains he has always been able to see spirits. This means he could tell the difference between humans and familiars. This sends Natsume panicking. He hints that nice ribbon of hers. Harutora is still probably dense about the whole thing till he starts wondering how come she has the same ribbon with Hokuto. Have you guessed it? Hokuto’s master.

Episode 4
Harutora and Touji enter the Onmyo Prep School for the first time. They see the principal, Miyo Kurahashi and have them express what they think of Yakou. She views Yakou as a normal person but there are many obsessed devotees who see him as some sort of God. The rumours that Natsume is his reincarnation didn’t help. The special attention she gets will probably be directed at them too. She has also met him but that was when she was a child. He loves shogi but sucks at it and then would go sulking and cause trouble for everyone. Jin Ootomo becomes their homeroom teacher and he takes them to the class to be introduced. Kyouko Kurahashi doesn’t acknowledge them because it is unusual for students to transfer at this time of the year and should have waited the following year. She suspects it is because he comes from the Tsuchimikado house. Natsume stands up to let her know her place but Kyouko is stubborn and won’t back down. Those sparks… I wonder if onmyo magic really can see it. And everyone is excited to see this showdown. Life at school must be this boring. After Natsume leaves for her special training, the guys make friends with Tenma Momoe who explains Kyouko is Miyo’s granddaughter. Her dad is the head of the Onmyo Agency and the Kurahashi is quite famous but only second to Tsuchimikado. Therefore it is no surprise that Kyouko considers Natsume her rival. Harutora scores a chicken egg for his exam and this pisses off Natsume! Didn’t think he was this stupid, eh? She forces him to brush up on this list of books he is supposed to read and she will prop him up with her special training that may have some side effects. May…

Back in his room, he remembers the familiar his father gave as a parting gift. A white fox girl named Kon materializes. Her job is to protect him and she was always around him, just that she was invisible. He has her do several tricks and is impressed she can turn invisible, float, cast fire and unsheathe her dagger faster than your eye can see. Noticing her fully tail and ears, he gets permission to touch her. You know the saying curiosity kills the cat? Harutora is fascinated at how her tail connects to the body so Kon drops her pants and shows her ass to him!!! Right at that moment, Natsume came in to give him some books to study and sees this ambiguous scene. Natsume’s reaction and consequence are pretty much predictable. And so that is how the cat or rather tiger (tora) ‘died’ for that day. In class, Kyouko wants Ootomo to leave behind those who cannot catch up (hinting Harutora). But Ootomo is not fond of the school’s policy to leave the weak behind. He lets Harutora says a few words. He apologizes for causing everyone trouble but now he is a student of this school like everyone else so his first priority is to be an exorcist. Kyouko still can’t accept it so Kon moves in to protect her master only to get abused for moving on her own. Kyouko won’t lose and summons her armoured familiars. Since this is getting exciting, Ootomo suggests they have a fight between familiars. Harutora is all geared up in kendo outfit to fight. Isn’t this a match between familiars? Indeed. He is a familiar too, right? So it’s all fair. 2 on 2.

Episode 5
Kyouko recalls when she first met Natsume in this school. She wondered if ‘he’ (remember, Natsume cross-dresses as a boy) remembers about that promise. Anyway, you didn’t expect Harutora’s wooden sword to stand a chance against that giant metal, didn’t you? Instantly Ootomo calls Kyouko the victor. Thanks to that, the rest of his classmates are in awe with him. Maybe they just want to see and touch Kon. Natsume doesn’t look too pleased he is getting friendly with everyone but Touji mentions about Harutora ending up with an argument with a friend during summer and never made up. He doesn’t want that to happen again. Even Kyouko comes to apologize to him later. Harutora could sense she was just using him to get to Natsume. She reveals they have met once young before but was disappointed Natsume told her she might have got the wrong person when they meet again in this school. To his surprise, the Kurahashi family used to be a branch family of Tsuchimikado so they are somewhat relatives. Thanks to Touji’s exaggerated lies, Kyouko gets the wrong idea that Harutora and Natsume have that very intimate relationship. Body and soul as one. Harutora strongly denies that. Natsume isn’t happy seeing him ‘frolicking’ and starts scolding him about using his time to improve himself. They need to become real exorcists quick so they don’t have to rely on anyone else no matter how hard or lonely it is. Really? Then why is she crying about it? Suddenly a thick mist kidnaps her. He is believed to be a Yakou devotee and blames Natsume for throwing King of North Star’s heart into disorder. Tenma explains before Harutora and Touji enrolled here, Natsume came into contact with the devotee, resulting in near abduction and magic battle. Because of that, Natsume has been undergoing questioning by MIB (the ‘special training’). After Tenma passes him a staff from Ootomo, Harutora wants his friends to lend their powers.

The MIB agent turns out to be the culprit. He thinks of awakening Yakou in her and will protect her as her past familiar, Hishamaru. When the friends arrive, he summons his demon familiar Kakugyouki to take care of them. As they are in disarray, they are easily taken out. He then forces Natsume to acknowledge him or else he will kill everyone. Before she could, Harutora tells her to stop relying on past familiars but her current friends. She should try to reach out to them sometimes. She gets her confidence back and mocks the agent he can never be her Hishamaru. Even if there was one, Harutora will be it. He goes crazy hearing that and orders Kakugyouki to kill everyone. This time they are in sync. When Harutora breaks his mask, the seal is broken and the agent can’t control Kakugyouki anymore. The coward flees. Kakugyouki goes berserk. After ridding the talisman seals on Natsume, she summons Hokuto to easily destroy Kakugyouki. She thanks everyone and apologizes to Kyouko for being mean. In the aftermath, everyone visits Harutora in his dorm room. Touji discovers Kakugyouki is fake since it wouldn’t be so easily destroyed like that. Everyone is surprised that Natsume is moving next door to Harutora. She’s a ‘boy’, right? She needs to keep watch on him and be close to him as he is her familiar. What did he say about relying on others? This might get complicated because Kyouko realizes she likes Natsume! She wants Harutora to help her get a date with ‘him’. He is in a pinch since he can’t say Natsume is a girl so Kyouko thinks he likes her (Kyouko). Natsume heard it but she couldn’t care less who falls for who. Just do your job. It doesn’t matter to her. Really? It doesn’t matter you say?

Episode 6
Dorm ‘mothers’, Mako Fujino and Ako Kifu are excited talking about the love triangle fantasy between Harutora, Natsume and Touji when they see Harutora with Natsume top partially undressed! They whip out their handphones and start taking pictures! Even when the other girls see this, they start squirming in delight over this handphone romance novel material! Actually this turns out to be Natsume’s ‘perfect plan’ to let someone see the illusion of her naked male body so that nobody will suspect her she is a girl. But look at the misunderstanding they’ve gotten into. Harutora wants to hang out on Sunday but since Touji is busy, Natsume views this as a date. She wears her school uniform since this is the only guy clothes she got. They walk around trying to buy clothes from store to store and Harutora is tired and starving. Won’t she ever give up? Because of her silly pride, they walk into the love hotel area. What could be worse than this? They can hear Mako and Ako coming as they talking so loud about this exciting forbidden love! Now, which love hotel did they enter to? To avoid being seen and take shelter from the rain, they have no choice but to get into one.

So in this awkward situation, don’t expect anything steamy to happen because here pops up Kon in a foul mood just to inform them about ‘enemy familiars’. Ako and Mako have enlisted Kyouko and Tenma’s help to detect where the duo are. Kyouko is in this just to prove that Natsume is innocent. Harutora can’t imagine the label they will be tagged if they ever found out but Natsume is confident she can defeat them. Kon informs of another problem. Ootomo is here too and he is really pumped up to ‘take care of this’ and ‘show his true power’. Yeah, he wants to expose them in broad daylight! Natsume begins panicking and on the verge of breaking down. Soon, everyone is surprised that they see Touji with Natsume. Seems Harutora called him for help and they manage to sneak out via different exits. Touji notes the hotel they were in was a normal business hotel. Ako and Mako are definitely disappointed to see this development because they were so sure it was Natsume and Harutora. Speaking of that guy, here he comes. Then Kon comes to return him some bath towel he forgot. This makes everyone get the wrong idea that he is in some sort of relationship with his familiar! It doesn’t help since Natsume abandoned him (she was with Touji all day, right?) and Touji ignoring him. Kon’s words make it more ambiguous that she will keep this a secret. Everybody gets turned off and doesn’t want to hear more of it. On to more serious stuff, Ootomo has found the rogue MIB agent and paralyze him. He wonders if this is enough to draw those buggers out. Speaking of those guys, Douman Ashiya is seen speaking to the real Kakugyouki about Ootomo.

Episode 7
Seems Harutora can’t even rest because Natsume is forcing him to cram everything in his head for the exams. Uh huh. He must fill his brain and not his stomach! If that isn’t going to kill him, wait for the practical exams. Although he bests Kyouko’s familiars in practice, it is only because of the magical tools he wields and those are not allowed in the exam. Touji is called by Miyo and told that this year’s exam will be a simulated spiritual disaster they must purify. So why tell him? He was a victim to the real thing 2 years ago so he somewhat has a ‘head start’ although he has been trying to battle the after-effects. His doctor is Harutora’s father who is also a graduate of this school. Ootomo sees Daizen Amami, one of the 12 Divine Generals. He used to work under him but resigned and became a teacher. Atsune Hirata is Ootomo’s successor under him. They talk about the spiritual terrorist attack 2 years ago, the Great Doll’s Festival Purification was conducted by Twin Horn Syndicate using Ghost Division as a front. Its leader, Shido Dairenji died and Ghost Division was disbanded. However Twin Horn Syndicate still exists today. Ootomo doesn’t want to do that kind of job again after spending quite some time cleaning up the mess. The main reason Ootomo is called here is that something big is happening. Some D Personage recently contacted a member of the Twin Horn Syndicate. He is Chihiro Mutobe, a former onmyo exorcist of Ghost Division and previously Shido’s right hand man.

During the spiritual disaster purification exam, everyone seems to be doing fine. Except maybe for Harutora who doesn’t know how much power to apply. Of course something has to happen. Mutobe casts his spell and turns several areas in the city to spew those black spiritual stuffs. From the symptoms, they fear it is like the spiritual terrorist attack happening again. Only the use of Natsume’s Hokuto subdues the leak. Touji starts to go into pain and wants everyone to get out of the area. A baboon monster drops in but Kon detects it is wounded and afraid of something. It should be after it came into contact with Reiji Kagami, another one of the 12 Divine Generals. This guy is powerful enough to subdue the monster but too cocky. The kind who thinks he stands above all. Everybody else are just useless. Learning the kids here are from Onmyo Prep School, he realizes one of them is Yakou’s reincarnation. He pinpoints Natsume right and mocks her about her bout with Suzuka. In that distraction, Mutobe uses the leak to heal the monster. Kagami wants to use some unethical method that Natsume opposes so he gets rough with her. This makes Harutora mad and stands up against him. Knowing that Touji is in greater pain, Kagami notices this bunch of kids are really interesting. After kicking Harutora away, he takes off Touji’s hat to reveal his ogre horns.

Episode 8
Touji once never liked Harutora. He thought this doctor’s son was looking down on the ogre half inside him. When he tried to be friends, Touji beat him to a bloody pulp and felt so good. He smiled and cried. Touji fights back and warns Kagami that if he insists fighting somebody who is trying to hold back transforming into an ogre, he is in for a torrid time. A couple of crow familiars chide Kagami for letting the monster get away although he blames something got in his way and believes Twin Horn Syndicate is behind this. His fellow comrade, Zenjirou Kogure wants Kagami to help out in capturing the beast. The injured students are taken in for treatment. Touji is unconscious and the doctors are stabilizing the seal inside him. Harutora apologizes to everyone he never told them about this but he hopes they won’t blame him and assures he is safe. They are called by Miyo and being told that because this is happening exactly like that spiritual disaster 2 years ago, they are taking similar steps and that is by using Natsume’s dragon as bait. As Yakou’s devotees may be behind this, all the reason Natsume should be safer at the exorcism department. And then they got word that Touji has woke up but escaped while nobody was watching him. Natsume lectures Harutora to go find him since with the way he is feeling now, there is no way he can protect her as a familiar. While Harutora and Tenma go find Touji, the girls are brought to see Kogure. He is going to be their bodyguard on this mission and the girls find out that Ootomo and him are graduates from the same class. Kogure introduces them to Hirata who will be coming with them today. Natsume is suspicious because his colleague once tried to kidnap her. He apologizes for that disgraceful act and assures he is on her side.

Harutora doesn’t know where to look for Touji. He bumps into a few drunkards who want to pick a fight. Till Kakugyouki threatens to side by him to make the fight more interesting. They back off. Kakugyouki points out where Touji is since he saw him pass by earlier. Harutora finds Touji at the practical exam site. Noticing he is not emitting any ogre aura but could smell his ogre scent, he tries to persuade him to come home. Touji is not easily convinced. He doesn’t know if this is himself or the ogre talking. Besides, what happens if he comes back home? Put more seals on him? Don’t you know what that feels like? Is this how he is going to live the rest of his life? Harutora reasons that is the reason why he came to this school. To find a solution to exorcise it completely one day. One day. How long will that take? How can he be sure if the ogre doesn’t go berserk first? There is a faster way. Become an ogre and get purified. Since words won’t get through, it’s time for some teenage boys fight. In the end, Touji couldn’t hit Harutora with all he’s got because he worries it might kill him. That proves that he still treasures their friendship so being best friends for all those donkey years wasn’t just for show. The love for his friends is a curse he placed on himself and nothing a mere ogre can do anything about. As long as the seal isn’t broken, he has no choice but to fight it. So accept this destiny. Once Touji calms down and transforms back, Harutora punches him unconscious. At some site, Natsume summons Hokuto to lure some nue monster as the other exorcists nail it down. When the baboon monster is spotted (now bigger and stronger), Hokuto lures it over but Mutobe activates his spell that increases the spirit pulse, setting the chain for a spiritual disaster.

Episode 9
Touji wakes up with Miyo by his side. She tells him she has loosened his ogre seal because he needs to control it and not hold it back. Just like how Kagami uses his ogre power for his own. She lets him ride Yukikaze to head where Harutora is to give him his staff. Natsume goes with Kogure and chase after the baboon while the rest try to contain the nue. They stumble upon Harutora and Kon along the way but Mutobe attacks them. Kogure will stay back to fight him and has his familiars guide the kids to go after the baboon. It’s going to take more than some talismans and bashing to bring that monster down. That’s where Touji comes in. Summoning his ogre power, he throws the staff to Harutora. His strike did some damage but it is still not enough. Only Natsume’s purification ends it all. Harutora and Touji reconcile their friendship. Kagami notes the events have increased Natsume’s credibility and would certainly revitalize Yakou devotees. Also, he notes the ogre inside Touji isn’t just an ordinary one. Ootomo confronts him and all that pep talk is actually a warning for him not to lay a single finger on his students. Kogure drops in and it seems it is not he apprehended Mutobe or he got away. Rather, he had a spell to commit suicide. They feel a strong presence entering the area. Douman greets the kids and is impressed at them. He wants them to work harder and then come over to his side. And Hirata, he sounds like he is a shady double agent since he is thanking the late Mutobe for his hard work.

Episode 10
6 months later, it is the new school term. Harutora and Touji are excited to the new students. Miyo introduces the representatives of the new students hailed to be a prodigy: Suzuka! And she puts up that unbelievably cute and super moe attitude that has the rest of the school squealing. Can’t imagine this was the crude and rude woman Harutora met. Was it a dream? It’s going to turn into a nightmare because when she spots him, she signals to him and tells the entire world he is the guy whom she had her first kiss. Thanks to that, everybody is bugging him for the juicy details. Especially Kyouko who isn’t particularly happy about this since Suzuka is supposed to be some idol of the Onmyo Agency. With the other girls squealing about this romance, I wonder how Natsume is holding it. I don’t think she can take it much longer. She goes to have a talk with him. It is not about that misunderstanding that she is worried about. During their first bout, Suzuka has seen her and this puts a jeopardy on her real gender identity. Harutora will go talk to her after school. But while he tries to correct this kissy misunderstanding with Kon, this weird girl, Suzu Saotome talks to them. A senior often mistaken as a junior due to her petite size, seems she takes a liking for lolis. Like Kon. Suzuka is putting on her arrogant b*tchy attitude just for Harutora. She loves tormenting him, right? Seems she is attending this school as atonement-cum-penalty for her previous action and this is considered her re-education. There is a mark on her forehead that seals her magic so don’t worry about her going wild again.

From her talk, Harutora realizes that she doesn’t recognize the true Natsume yet. But she can’t be too careful and puts on a disguise just in case. Not only that, every time Suzuka comes into the picture looking for Harutora (the school must be abuzz about their ‘secret meeting’ at the library – which isn’t a lie), Natsume would just go into hiding. How much longer can they take this? Harutora plays her game. Instead of giving her the reaction she wants, he pats her head and gets close to her. He takes her to a fast food joint (from the looks of it this is her first time in such establishment). She still feels guilty over what she did to Hokuto and couldn’t understand why he doesn’t hate her. She’s even crying about it. Not crocodile tears. She should not be worried about such weird things. He understands the feeling of not being able to see a loved one. When Harutora mentions about Hokuto being remotely controlled somewhere and that he enrolled here just to find that person, Suzuka just feels annoyed by everything. She makes the peeping tom come out of her hiding. Well, well. What is Natsume doing here? At first she didn’t recognize who she is but upon closer inspection, she starts smirking. Things are going to be interesting from now. Suzuka continues to put up her spunky likeable character. But Harutora and Natsume know the torment is going to continue. Hey, at least Natsume doesn’t need to hide. Or is this much worse?

Episode 11
Natsume is made to do donkey work since she is a ‘boy’, right? Harutora will go talk to Suzuka about this. Her joy is short-lived because he is such a wuss and doesn’t even come close in winning any argument. They become her lackeys. Such unsightly sight. This is certainly draining their energy. Harder than fighting demons? On a weekend, they think it’s their day of reprieve as they do not have to see her. However their handphone rings… Not picking it up? Oh, here she is. As penalty, Harutora is forced to show his room. Suzuka becomes a critic and labels everything as boring. Since he starts begging for her to go home, she decides to visit Natsume’s room. Obviously from her reaction she is hiding something and this only makes Suzuka even more curious. Definitely something big since the way Natsume is struggling and using all sorts of tricks but ultimately gets tied up. Suzuka tries to diffuse the barrier on the closet. Harutora seeing how pitiful Natsume is, squealing and worming her way to her room, orders Kon to cut her free. Desperate Natsume throws Kon at Suzuka to ruin her chanting and then summons Hokuto to protect the closet. How does the big dragon fit inside the small room? It doesn’t. Who is going to foot the repair cost? Next morning, Kon is in her physical form. It is believed that when Natsume threw Kon at Suzuka, some sort of reaction came about. Harutora wants to ask Ootomo but the girls don’t seem too happy. They seem very much toned down. Especially Suzuka who doesn’t want to make a worse impression than she already has.

Kon feels the need to protect Harutora. So she takes his vintage jacket and heads to school to watch over him. During recess, she is hiding underneath tables so everyone thinks something furry is bugging them. It becomes a big commotion when they see a tiger emblem on the jacket’s back and think it is some tiger animal! Soon the school is on alert about some mysterious tiger infiltrating the school to a point that Kogure and the Onmyo Agency barge in to quell the menace! Everyone thinks Tenma became the first victim since Kon had to knock him out when he recognized her. Suzuka finds Kon and is willing to help her get out since this will affect her reputation if she is found. I don’t know about the invisibility spell she put on but aren’t they just hiding underneath the jacket? Anyway Kogure finds them and goes all out to eradicate them! Thanks to all the smoke, he thinks he has vanquished the enemy when he cuts down the jacket. Kon and Suzuka escape outside safely but are confronted by Ootomo. That smile on his face… Not good. Harutora is amazed somebody has the same vintage jacket as he did but Touji points out it is probably his. Suzuka and Harutora got scolded afterwards, the latter for not properly supervising his familiar but he is glad Kon has returned to normal.

Episode 12
Harutora and Natsume are looking forward so much to the training camp. Despite knowing it is going to be tough, they’ve been through hell (Suzuka). So glad she isn’t around… Or is it? Can you imagine their expression when they find out Suzuka is also here based on Ootomo’s request?! Looks like it’s hell all over again. The students employ their familiars to help cook and wash. Some are good and some not so good. Some have complete control over them but their cooking turns out bad. Harutora sees Suzu and wants to talk to her but she ignores him. He summons Kon and plays dirty, molesting her tail just to bait her to answer his question if it is possible to make a simple familiar look and act like a human and manipulate it remotely. Yes, but it requires a lot of skill to keep people from noticing that it’s a familiar. Meanwhile Touji talks to Suzuka alone. He transforms into an ogre and mentions he was the victim of that terrorist attack 2 years ago led by her deceased father. Suzuka is close to tears but Touji isn’t here to talk about the past but their future. He wants to form a partnership with her as well as with his friends. As there are many Yakou devotees targeting Natsume, he hopes she can lend her strength. Because the enemy of Natsume and Harutora is also his enemy. Suzuka explains about the Twin Horn Syndicate which is actually a secret society organized by radical Yakou devotees. There are rumours they have infiltrated Onmyo Agency like her father, Mutobe and Douman whom is nicknamed D. MIB believes he has ties with that organization. Natsume wonders if she is the reincarnation of Yakou. Suzuka believes she is but is not sure yet. The reason she was interested in this Yakou thing was because she read a report by Ryou Saotome, a subordinate in Ghost Division under her father. The report contains publicly taboo points although it made lots of sense. The person’s whereabouts is missing now. Also in that report, whether someone is Yakou’s reincarnation would be clear if that person wears the Raven Coat, a coat Yakou always wears. Currently it is in the hands of the Onmyo Agency. Touji thinks of asking Natsume to go along with Suzuka’s experiments. However Suzuka refuses to help and that’s the end of it. She has no intentions in working with them in the first place.

Ootomo talks to Miyo (in her cat form). They overheard the kid’s ‘strategy planning’. As for the Raven Coat, Ootomo thinks the one in Onmyo Agency is a replica and the real one somewhere hidden in the school. He heard this from Ryou. Back at the school, Miyo is visited by Yasuzumi, the head of the Tsuchimikado family. He is here to warn that shadows are appearing in her stars. Late that night as Natsume soaks in the hotspring alone, she hears next door Kyouko teasing Suzuka. Suzuka being overwhelmed by her? When she asks if Suzuka likes Harutora or Natsume, this brings back gloomy memories. Touji thinks Natsume should just confess to Harutora but of course she can’t, giving all sorts of excuses that she needs to confirm his feelings, etc. Next day, Kyouko tells Harutora he is the key in getting Suzuka to help them. Before she can blurt out Suzuka likes him, that brat comes running to put the lid on it all. She already told her Harutora already likes somebody. That person is Hokuto. Harutora tells the truth. Although Hokuto was like his best friend, he thinks he might have liked her. He really wants to see her again. Kyouko notes only Natsume could pull something off like that but Harutora brushes it off he would have noticed it and that there is no reason for her to do something like that. You don’t say… Suzuka agrees to help out. I guess everybody is such a great eavesdropper because Natsume and Touji are seen doing so. On the journey home, Harutora notices Natsume’s ribbon. Doesn’t it look exactly like the one he got for Hokuto? So now do you see the connection?

Episode 13
Kakugyouki talks to Douman that he heard from his familiar that he has already begun to move. He is not impressed in this cheap thrill. Harutora is feeling down so much so it is affecting his concentration in class. I think it is contagious too because Tenma is somewhat the same (although Kyouko is getting overly friendly with Suzuka much to the latter’s dismay). Tenma went to ask Ootomo about his prospects as he comes from a respectable onmyo family. Sad to say, hard work isn’t the only thing that guarantees success and that one needs lots of talent as well. His late parents’ company, Witchcraft Corp made the power of familiars accessible to all people and this allowed specializing familiars for specific uses and thus increased their usability. Tenma sees Hirata outside his house. He wants to question an old familiar they used at MIB but Tenma thinks he has a better chance contacting Witchcraft Corp. Hirata slips some talisman into him and Tenma doesn’t understand how he knows his name. A talisman drops before the Onymo Agency. It turns into a giant owl familiar. It is an announcement from Douman that he will take Raven Coat tomorrow. In a meeting with some of the 12 Divine Generals that include Amami, Kogure, Kagami, Iwao Miyachi, Tougo Miyoshi and Mari Yuge, they discuss about Douman’s motive. Amami hears Hirata’s theory that Twin Horn Syndicate is likely to be behind this and they can get to this organization if they catch Douman. Since this is what Amami has been waiting to hear, the big chief of the Onmyo Agency as well as one of the 12 Divine Generals, Genji Kurahashi orders all resources to focus on interception Douman. Harutora thinks a lot about Hokuto. He is still wondering if Hokuto is Natsume. If you are one of this still unsure just like him, be glad that the truth is finally out because we hear from Natsume’s own mouth that she is Hokuto and that she likes Harutora. They feel the need to talk to each other quick. But it is not so easy when the chance arises. The words just couldn’t come out. They dilly-dally till Suzu interrupts their conversation. Next day, the students are puzzled of this coincidence that all their practical homeroom teachers have changed since their originals is believed to be called on an important mission. The breaking news reports several armoured spider familiars attacking Onmyo Prep School.

Episode 14
Miyo stands before Douman. They once met when she was a girl. He intends to take Raven Coat for his familiar. Miyo orders her familiars, Alpha and Beta to protect against Douman’s invasion. However Douman has a trump card. The talisman in Tenma’s pocket activates and it allows Douman and the spider familiars to break through the barrier. He sinks into depression and blames himself. Although he gets shelling from Suzuka, the rest are not as harsh as her. Save his regret later. They need to get out now. Miyo leads the kids up to the roof as they dispatch spider familiars after familiars. Natsume notices they are fakes. On the rooftop is the Taizan Fukun Ritual altar. Douman has found them. Natsume unleashes Hokuto to attack him but gets bind easily. Miyo wants Natsume to release Hokuto’s physical form but the dragon is unable to release itself. Douman expresses his wish to make Hokuto his familiar. Ootomo pops up. Seems they have fought before but Ootomo was more focused on running away and sacrificed his right leg. He unleashes Suzuka’s seal so she can protect the rest with her barrier. Douman and Ootomo’s magic battle begins. The latter seem to lose at first but it is just a diversion to save Hokuto and let Natsume reclaim it. Then he surprises Douman by using some ancient cage curse that the old dude himself cannot reverse. In that case, he will break out via his brute force. Ootomo continues chanting some dangerous spell and after the big explosion, he is messed up but still with enough strength. This dangerous method also allows him to confirm that Douman is not human but a rogue ghost. Douman is very impressed and satisfied with this battle. He has not felt such excitement since Yakou. He wants Ootomo to join his side but he refuses. Ootomo unleashes ready-made spells and this insults Douman. Furthermore, Ootomo plotted all of this and while they were fighting, others set up ritual fires in surrounding buildings. Although Douman admits he has blundered, but this Yamantaka method is still not enough to exorcise him. Ootomo pushes him off the building to protect his students. The old guy still lives after that fall. Hokuto catches Ootomo. Kogure finishes off Douman by cutting him in half. Douman admits his loss and will answer their questions. However he explodes. Hirata never expected Ootomo to be such a skilled onmyo and has to be satisfied to keep Douman’s lips sealed. Suzu humbly presents herself to the Taizan Fukun deity of the afterlife. It is hinted she is Douman’s familiar. She opens a sealed box and hopes there is a loli inside…

Episode 15
In the aftermath, Raven Coat has been taken away by Yasuzumi. While Onmyo Prep School is undergoing repairs, the students will continue their lessons at Meguro branch of exorcism. Harutora is in a practice match with Etou. He tries to copy Ootomo’s exorcism move but fails. He gets chided for not knowing the basics and is 10 years to early to train with them professionals. But Natsume tells him off that during the attack on the school, where were you professionals? It would have been averted if they were doing their job. Remembering the altar at the top of the roof, Natsume and Harutora investigate it only to see Takiko Souma. She is a fellow student like them and knows about them. She is also here to see the altar. They are suspicious because she knows about the Taizan Fukun Ritual. She can’t say much or she’ll get into trouble but she hints there is a reason why the altar was here. This school was originally Yakou’s private school. It was Miyo who made it what it is today and she should know the details of the circumstances at that time. Not sure if she’s speaking the truth or not, with Touji they go investigate the library for clues. Nothing. I guess they got bored enough to look at old photos of Ootomo and the rest. It must be funny for them to snicker like that. Then they see Ryou’s name. Where have they heard it before? Now the entire gang decides to go ask Ootomo but Suzu in a car passes by them. She wants to borrow Kon. No way. There is also a cheeky kid trying to speak to them but Suzu won’t let him. She says he is a relative’s son and is taking care of him.

Amami visits Ootomo in hospital to tell him about his plan to bring Twin Horn Syndicate out into the open by cleaning out Onymo Agency. This will be his last job. He also assures his students will be under the full protection of Onmyo Agency. Kagami’s familiar, Shaver is bugging him about his change of character. Kagami beats him up right in public before answering a call for some mission that has them grinning from cheek to cheek. The kids arrive at Ootomo’s room and some meet Amami for the first time. He is Kyouko’s uncle. Since Harutora is such a dense guy, he is being told that Ootomo was once part of MIB and Amami as his former mentor is just here to visit his student. Suzu could guess from the events that have happened, Ootomo was the legendary Divine General known as Shadow. Though, he has retired and became a teacher. The reason for that was probably Natsume. He became a teacher the same year Natsume enrolled at the school. Since Miyo can read the stars, she probably saw the trouble she would bring and went through the trouble to ask Amami for Ootomo. Amami ends his visit and wants Ootomo to let the kids know what they talked about on the disbandment of Twin Horn Syndicate. As for Douman, he is dead but destroyed or not, they don’t know. Confused? They ask about Takiko but he has never heard of her and doesn’t remember a student with red hair. He gets a little jolt upon being asked about Ryou. They were classmates. But he corrects them. Although written as Ryou, the name is pronounced as Suzu. Hey… Suzu’s whereabouts are unknown and Harutora can’t seem to put his finger on it. Because coincidentally there is someone he knows by that name. Duh… Oh, she never told him her surname, didn’t she? Amami and the Onmyo Agency prepare to move in while Kagami becomes the kids’ bodyguard.

Episode 16
All the agents move in to apprehend the Yakou devotees in a big sting operation. A sizeable number is arrested. One of them managed to escape to contact a comrade and warn to destroy all evidence and to meet at an appointed place. Kagami talks to Harutora and wants him to explain in detail the battle between Ootomo and Douman. I think Harutora is being quite detailed as there are some instances that leave Kagami quite surprised. Even so, Kagami still scorns Harutora for whatever. Maybe he just wants to piss him off. He questions Harutora’s goal of becoming an exorcist. So what after he achieves it? He might be spiritually tough but his handling about it is sloppy. Since he considers himself a failure, Kagami warns the meritocracy of the onmyo world. Only those with talent will rise to the top and failures will become insignificant. Maybe they become like office workers or teachers. But if he is going to try, might as well become an exorcist. At the Shinjuku branch where the last batch of Yakou devotees are holding up, led by Yoshitaka Makihara he tells them to keep calm as a spirit disaster will soon occur in this branch (because Mutobe left some magical tools of Douman there) and they will use that confusion to escape. However they cannot hold out very long as the agents are gaining ground. Makihara calls his liaison about his plan. He realizes too late it is Hirata. Hirata shoots and kills him. He is then confronted by Amami who knows he is a double agent as well. Hirata won’t go down quietly so he summons his servant familiars of Imperial pallbearers that surprise Amami. Although Amami loses, Hirata stops short of killing him and explains himself as a Yakou devotee. Twin Horn Syndicate was created to fulfil Yakou’s desire but some have become frustrated of the wait and blamed him. They turned into fanatics who have lost their way. That is why he had to kill some of his comrades. Those who follow Yakou’s teachings are divided into 2 groups: Twin Horn Syndicate who wants to fulfil his other desire and Onmyo Prep School whose desire is to raise new exorcists. Hirata suddenly realizes how come he is telling all this to Amami. He must have fallen into Amami’s spell. He breaks out but it is already too late as Amami has setup his divine fans and knock him out. It gets complicated when Hirata turns into Takiko. Etou approaches Natsume and she doesn’t understand what he is talking about the comrades fighting desperately for her, blah, blah, blah. Then it hit her. He is a Yakou devotee.

Episode 17
Etou is an ex-member of Twin Horn Syndicate. He understands the feelings of the weaklings that cling on to Yakou. He wants Natsume to bless some prayer item but Shaver cuts him. When he stabs his hand again, miasma flow out and materialize into evil demons. Naturally our kids will have to take care of it. But the funny part is that Shaver starts attacking them because he is so bored he wants to be part of the fun. I thought he was to protect them? This guy is also some sort of a masochist since he loves the pain and relishes fighting with Hokuto. When he stabs Hokuto, the dragon disappears and this weakens Natsume. He becomes mad since he wants to continue fighting the dragon. Touji and Suzuka distract him so the rest can bring Natsume to safety. It is not long before he catches up. Shaver’s sword breaks Harutora’s staff. If not for Kon pushing him out of the way, he would have been sliced. However this means Natsume is in harm’s way. The impact causes her to fly back and at the same time messes up her clothes. Everyone is surprised to see her as a girl. Shaver keeps prodding Natsume to bring out Hokuto and also calls her a liar for dressing up as a boy to deceive others. Harutora laments he is too weak to beat up that bastard but remembers the pentagram on his cheek Natsume gave him. He uses it to see the outside world. He can now see what Shaver is made off and coolly uses his talisman of different elements to bring him down. Wow. He’s acting like he’s a pro exorcist. Then he brings the fight outside so he can purify Shaver’s flames using Ootomo’s move. I think Shaver has no regrets dying.

In the aftermath, looks like there is some explanation about Natsume to do. But the one most affected is Kyouko. She’s crying and calling her a liar. Amami reports to Genji that the operation was only half successful. They only scratched the surface but the root is still untouched. Amami believes that there is someone behind controlling Suzu who pretended to be Hirata. She cannot be from some other faction but Twin Horn Syndicate because only very few people can summon Imperial pallbearers. Besides, if Suzu switched with the real Hirata, it was probably during the investigation of the infiltration in the Ghost Division, which is in the Imperial Household Agency itself. When Genji brings in Takiko, Amami isn’t pleased and seeks an explanation for there is no mistake that Takiko who is the only direct descendant of Souma left is involved with Twin Horn Syndicate behind the scenes. This means Genji he knew everything and still let them go through it all as many have died. Genji answers this is the Kurahashi family’s decision. Amami doubts Miyo knows anything otherwise she would have acted. Simple. She isn’t the head. Later Takiko talks to Genji and believes now is the time to regain Yakou’s consciousness in Natsume with Raven Coat. This will allow Twin Horn Syndicate to purify that body and return him to his proper form. Looks like it’s time to go meet Natsume.

Episode 18
Now that everyone knows about Natsume’s identity, the problem will be Kyouko. They have to prepare themselves. But optimistic Harutora thinks it is a good chance for them to become good friends and not hide anything. Natsume thanks him for staying with her for the last year. Although people keep their distance from her, eventually they want to be friends with her. But Kyouko isn’t so ready yet. Harutora has to go apologize for deceiving her and regretted what they did. She mentions the boy she met back then. No, it wasn’t Natsume because she was very sure that kid was a boy whom she made a promise with. Yup. That boy is Harutora. He thought she got the wrong person and then conveniently, he remembers that bit of the past. Yup. It’s him. And her. That promise. Of course Kyouko feels embarrassed especially about that screwed up love confession with Natsume and all. So much so Suzuka had to go lecture her about her gloominess that makes her like some tragic girl in love. It’s just painful seeing her like this. Suzuka’s ranting has her reveal about Hokuto who is perhaps Harutora’s crush. Probably she’s talking too much that she drops the poster that she never wanted others to see. So why hold it in her hands in the first place? Now she is flustering everyone will get the wrong idea (would they?) since it is about the fireworks festival the day after tomorrow. Kyouko will settle things before then and thanks her. Harutora can’t sleep a wink because now he clearly remembers that memory. How the hell could he forget in the first place? But he seems sleeping soundly in the morning and is awakened by a message from his dad. He couldn’t understand what he meant that they are alright till he sees the news that the Tsuchimikado house has been burnt down to the ground.

Six hours before that, Mari was here to arrest Yasuzumi. However Chizuru (Harutora’s mom) comes to his defence. Nobody remembers about Chizuru with all the superb nicknames she got except for that nasty one, Human Power Generator. Mari is a master in barrier attacks and before long the duo are pinned down. With Yasuzumi’s permission, Chizuru uses her familiar to attack but still couldn’t best her. Takahiro (Chizuru’s husband) easily frees them. Miyachi makes his appearance. Seems Chizuru was his former colleague. He wants Yasuzumi to hand over the thing in his package. No can do. He then tells Mari to put up a strong barrier around the area because it would be troublesome for the neighbours if he burns everything down. In the aftermath, Miyachi calls Genji to confirm Raven Coat is in his possession. Ootomo is about to leave the hospital but Douman pays him a visit. He is impersonating as that cheeky kid that Suzu passed off as a relative’s son. He is here not for revenge but to keep his promise for losing to him. He answers his question that he is no longer associated and duty bound to Twin Horn Syndicate since they tried to eliminate him to keep him quiet. The people behind this are connected to Onmyo Agency. He wanted Raven Coat because Suzu, his disciple requested it. Though, she has already left and doesn’t need him anymore. Douman believes he still owes Jin a great deal and will lend his powers when the time comes. They even exchange phone numbers! Feel free to call. Harutora and co are shocked about the developments of the burnt down mansion. Yasuzumi’s whereabouts are unknown. Takiko approaches Kyouko hoping she would guide her to Natsume’s classroom.

Episode 19
Genji is surprised to see Yashamaru in his room. He is supposed to be dead because he was also known as Shido. Genji thought he told Takiko to refrain from doing things on her own but apparently she got excited when she heard Raven Coat was in their possession. Noticing Yashamaru’s strength has increased, it would also mean Takiko who is also the Souma Princess, her true power has also increased that much. Yashamaru is now Takiko’s familiar. Takiko hangs out with Harutora and co. When the principal calls Natsume to ask about the fire, Takiko is appalled to hear about it. She apologizes and will explain everything because she doesn’t want to hide anything from her friends. She can say Yasuzumi is fine but isn’t sure where he is now. He is the one who set fire to the residence and partly it is the Onmyo Agency’s aggressive actions are to blame. By right they shouldn’t be opposing the Tsuchimikado family but if Yasuzumi has abandoned his duties, it might have caused that confrontation. She admits she is interested in Natsume because she is the reincarnation of Yakou. However she is not like those fanatic Yakou devotees. All she wants is to be their friend. And the first thing she requests is to have a match with Natsume. Takiko is disappointed that Natsume isn’t showing her true powers. Even more so when she mentions she isn’t Yakou but Natsume herself. Takiko thinks she plans on running away from her fate too. Harutora starts feeling some pain. Ootomo steps in to stop the fight. Takiko withdraws. Ootomo learns Natsume put a spell on Harutora to turn him into a spirit seer. Even more surprising, he learns Natsume is a girl. And the fight with Kyouko too. Since Natsume is at a loss, he tells her to go find her now and apologize with all she’s got since there is no harm done when sharing their feelings honestly.

Natsume finds Kyouko and explains she spent her childhood in the countryside alone. Harutora was her only friend and never thought of making other friends. That’s why it was easier for her to go to school as a boy. She didn’t realize this would hurt her till she called her a liar. Though she apologizes, it is Kyouko’s turn to have her say. She brands her unfair because she thinks she can settle this by apologizing to feel better. It was obvious that Kyouko likes her and Natsume had so many chances to say something. In the end, she used her ‘tradition’ as an excuse to leave her aside. It’s like she didn’t care about her. Natsume considers her a special friend and doesn’t want to give up on her in that sense since it has become so much fun since they became friends. She was happy. Once they cool down and wipe away the tears, Kyouko continues that she met Harutora before and mistook him for Natsume. She asks if Natsume likes Harutora. Would she fight her fair and square if she said she wouldn’t give up on her first love even after knowing that? She would. Therefore Kyouko wants her to tell Harutora the truth about Hokuto. Once she does that, they’ll be able to stand equally at the start line. Tomorrow is the fireworks festival that Suzuka wants to invite them. There is no better setting than to reveal all this to him. Kyouko makes up with Harutora by slapping him. Well, at least they’re back being friends. Ootomo sees Miyo to ask about Takiko. All she knows is that the Souma family disappeared from the military it controlled after the war. With the burning down of the Tsuchimikado residence, disappearance of Amami and now Takiko, Ootomo thinks Genji has a hand in it. Miyo wants Ootomo to resign. It means she is releasing from his shackles, leaving Natsume defenceless. Miyo would have Natsume stay by her side. Ootomo wonders if Miyo knows Natsume is a girl. This statement surprised her because she was sure the child is a boy. Takiko returns to Genji’s office looking sullen. Her other familiar, Kumomaru (formerly known as Mutobe) explains about the bout they had. Takiko wonders if she is just like the other Yakou devotees. Yashamaru disagrees because all she wants is a comrade she can trust. The question is whether the revived Yakou will be worthy to be her comrade. He shows her the Raven Coat retrieved by Miyachi and this brightens her day. Takiko calls Kyouko and hopes she can help out since she got into a fight with Natsume. It is then Takiko discovers from Kyouko’s clarification that Natsume is a girl.

Episode 20
Natsume narrates her father told her about the family’s tradition shortly after she entered junior high. Harutora’s visit increasingly became less frequent and that childhood promise was the only thing that kept her going. She saw a model in a magazine and remembered Harutora likes her and thus she modelled Hokuto after her. All the times Hokuto spent running away and stalking him was Natsume’s attempts trying to talk to him. Till he caught her of course. Natsume hangs out with Harutora. She needs to summon her courage to tell him about Hokuto. As he goes to wash himself up after spilling ice cream on his pants, Kakugyouki approaches her. He seems not impressed with Harutora that he became like that because it’s only half undone. Because the Raven Coat has moved, he doesn’t want them to put it on yet as it is a matter of life and death. Worse comes to worst, go seek Suzu for help. Genji gets confirmation from the Meguro branch that Natsume is indeed a girl. It is a big problem because Genji was there at the day Natsume was born. He definitely saw a boy. The most upset one is Takiko. She couldn’t understand why Yasuzumi would do such a thing. Genji thinks he doesn’t have any goal in mind. He simply didn’t wish for the half dead Yakou to return to life. It is probably why he set up a fake and sacrificed Natsume. Takiko won’t give up. She will break Yasuzumi’s spell and awaken Harutora. That loads of stacks of talisman… Harutora and the rest converge at the festivals. When the fireworks are on display, Natsume goes to talk to him alone. As expected in such moments, she stammers a lot trying to get out what she says. Harutora may just get the hint (the ribbon, damn it!) but it had to be interrupted. Why oh why?

Takiko is going to do something for Harutora’s own good. She explains the moment they were born, they were placed under a curse. She starts chanting and this brings lots of pain to Harutora. Natsume cannot do anything as Kumomaru intercepts her. Not even Hokuto. Even when the cavalry arrives, they are made to look like amateurs. Takiko continues that Yasuzumi has not only abandoned his duties but placed a curse on the reincarnation of his great ancestor the mislead them. Harutora is the real son of Yasuzumi and Yakou’s reincarnation. She will release him from this spell. Raven Coat is a crow familiar as it dons on Harutora. Now he looks like some tokusatsu super hero? Takiko is baffled that his spiritual energy did not decrease but increase intensely instead. Harutora still in pain couldn’t control his body as he flies away. Everyone gives chase. Natsume thinks back on everything and the words of some start to make sense. It wasn’t that Harutora had no talent in seeing spirits. He was sealed off. So when she made him her familiar, she only broke half the spell. Braving all the feather attacks the Raven Coat throws at her, she is going to fully undo the spell. Kiss is the fastest way? Once that happens, Harutora fully regains control. It’s funny that when you are on the verge of death, you get to say things without restriction. In those last few words, Natsume apologizes for not saying anything about Hokuto, confesses she likes him and won’t forgive him if he dies. She didn’t say anything about him screaming from the top of his voice, didn’t she? So she’s seeing her life flash before her eyes. She’s calm (although I couldn’t say for Harutora’s screaming voice in the background). She’s glad to have confessed. Though, she would have preferred to hear his answer.

Episode 21
Natsume is dead. Harutora is devastated. He becomes irrational. Not even his friends can calm him down. He is desperate to bring Natsume back to his dad thinking he is the best onmyo there is. He helped Touji’s problem, right? But Touji notes that even the best onmyo exorcist cannot bring the dead back. Resurrecting the dead you say? Hmm… Remember Taizan Fukun Ritual? He is looking at you, Suzuka! Oh, he was so against it and now he approves of it? What the f*ck?! The authorities are here to arrest them but Harutora attacks them and takes Natsume to flee. Nobody is going to get in his way. He is attacked by an owl familiar and crashes into a building under construction. He is pleading to Suzuka about the ritual but she won’t do it. Is this some kind of sick joke? He is going to offer his own life because he feels guilty of causing Natsume’s death? Don’t talk nonsense! Yashamaru appears and Suzuka starts quivering to see her father alive. Touji asks a few questions. He confirms the owl familiar is his and he is doing this just to mess around since those mass produced artificial familiars were able to do damage, it means Harutora’s full powers and memories aren’t back yet. When he confirms Kumomaru and him are under the same master of Takiko, they start attacking him. However they are no match. Yashamaru wants them to join his side and although he apologizes for his master’s rash actions, he is willing to offer appropriate compensation. Like the Taizan Fukun Ritual. He won’t ask for Harutora’s soul but there are conditions to be met and he can guarantee Natsume’s resurrection. Better think fast because Natsume died without any preparations so there is a limited window of time they can do the ritual. After Yashamaru disappears, the authorities surround the place and order their surrender.

Chizuru is inconsolable that Natsume is dead. Yasuzumi thinks they were too late and the Onmyo Agency’s power is increasing because of the Imperial pallbearers. Back at the school, Kyouko blames herself for inviting Takiko. Touji had to play the rational one. It’s not her fault. Neither is Harutora (who was taken in by MIB and being held at Onmyo Agency headquarters). Natsume died because of the magic the Raven Coat possessed Harutora and she went after him to get him back under control. There is all to it. Miyachi reports to Miyo that the Onmyo Agency deems Harutora is beyond the school’s ability to control him and thus are having him under his custody. Ootomo is seen by Natsume’s body at the morgue. No more Mr Nice Guy? Yashamaru tells Genji that he went to see Harutora to check the status of his awakening and if his soul of his memories and abilities are still intact. Genji warns of Ootomo and Yashamaru finds it troublesome to have him as an enemy in this situation. But Genji has the right man for the job. He calls Kagami to do the job and lifts his suspension. He looks very excited and can’t wait for it… Touji tells his friends he is going to sneak into Onmyo Agency to bring back Harutora. It might be hard to find him and they can’t sit around or wait to discuss this with the adults. Because Natsume’s time is limited for the Taizan Fukun Ritual, tonight is their only chance to do it. It could be their best chance since Yashamaru backed off for it. He doesn’t know what Harutora will choose or how he will bring Natsume back. He wants to see him one last time to see his resolve. It’s better than going back and sleep, right? Yeah. How can you sleep in this situation? All the friends agree to help out. Kyouko felt and saw a strange vision. Ootomo calls Douman and hopes he could repay his favour now. He wants him to join him in his attack on Onmyo Agency.

Episode 22
Outside the Harutora’s cell he notices a little spider familiar on the window. Only Touji, Kyouko and Suzuka show up. Suzuka is particularly upset that Tenma decided to turn tail. Well, look on the bright side. At least he won’t be in their way. Kumomaru brings Harutora to see Genji and along the way he reveals his former self and that Takiko truly wanted to be their friends because she was lonely. She is now asleep after she went berserk hearing about Natsume’s death. Harutora wants to confirm if they can really bring Natsume back. Of course. Yashamaru went on to further explain about Taizan Fukun Ritual being a big magic system and there are many ways to go about it. Suzuka only knows one method of revival. Yashamaru also believes the Yakou’s ritual didn’t fail because he is being reincarnated. It is not him who messed up but rather the system. Genji wants Harutora on their side not because he is Yakou’s reincarnation but rather he is going to be the next head of the Tsuchimikado family. Why him? I don’t know what Genji explained about how Yakou unified all of the different magic types with the help of the Kurahashi and Souma family. They tried to achieve greater heights of revitalizing magic after accomplishing some Pacific War thingy but failed to do so. Now they have a king and will take over Yakou’s great work. Harutora realizes the reason he was raised in a branch family and was quite protected. Meanwhile Douman attacks the Onmyo Agency by unleashing ghosts. Haunting the place? Even Mari is sweating in her pants on how to purify this. But it eventually is going to be a showdown between Douman and Miyachi. As for Ootomo, he is already inside the building and faces off with Kagami. Although the commotion is perfect distraction for Touji and co to infiltrate and save Harutora, Kyouko feels uneasy and hopes they will wait.

News of Douman and Ootomo’s attack reaches Genji. Quickly they try to get Harutora to be on their side although he puts down whatever differences they have cannot be resolved in the near future. Before Harutora decides, Kon pops out to remind him he cannot trust these people. Trust isn’t something he should easily give up in desperate times. Harutora knows it well but he will do anything to revive Natsume. Kon insists he doesn’t understand. These people used those around them and not one of their ‘comrades’ were smiling with happiness. If Natsume is revived, she won’t be smiling too after she learns what Harutora did. Natsume died with a smile. Thus all the more reason why Harutora cannot leave this to anyone else and must take responsibility. He will save Natsume himself. As he is the reincarnation of Yakou, he has the greatest authority in dealing with souls and will be able to perform Taizan Fukun Ritual himself. But he hasn’t got his past memories or his full magic. What did he say about doing anything to get Natsume back? In short, if he wants Natsume’s respect and smile, he must take this responsibility himself. What good will it do if he gives that to somebody else? What more, scoundrels that couldn’t be trusted. Even if he tries and no matter the result, Natsume would be happy. I guess this wakeup call is enough for Harutora to make his decision. Yashamaru regrets all this was for nothing. Kon and Harutora get defensive when Yashamaru feels the seal on Raven Coat has been broken. The spider familiar attacks and tells Harutora to summon the Raven Coat. However Yashamaru is better and pins them down and rids of the spider. The small window of opportunity for Harutora to escape disappears. But Touji can be seen outside the window. Found you!

Episode 23
Tenma goes to see Suzu who believes he is the key. Because Onmyo Agency doesn’t have their eyes fixed on him unlike the rest. That is why others who infiltrated Onmyo Agency will not succeed. He must also succeed or else she will guarantee he will never get married. Inside the research facility, Tenma is guided by a spider familiar. Thanks to Douman’s ghost causing havoc, the scientists flee giving him easier access to the room where Raven Coat is. Meanwhile Douman finds his fight with Miyachi boring and Kagami thought he could give Ootomo a taste of his own medicine by using the techniques he used against Douman. Too bad for him, Ootomo counters every one with ease and even have that bored looks on his face. It’s time to end it so he breaks some spell he put on Kagami that day which causes his eyes lots of pain. Tenma breaks into the room and cuts the rope that seals Raven Coat. It is then everyone felt the seal of Raven Coat came off. Touji rides Yukikaze to barge into the office to grab Harutora. With Suzuka’s magic distraction, they are able to get out. The kids unite including Tenma (being brought out by Raven Coat). Yashamaru won’t let them go but Yasuzumi imposes a temporary barrier for the kids to escape. Yashamaru reports his failure to Genji. He does not want him to go after them but hold on to Natsume. Genji investigates some underground cell and it seems it has been broken through. It was holding Amami. At a safe distance, Tenma tells Harutora that Suzu has a message for him. If he has decided to use Taizan Fukun Ritual, she will help out. Harutora makes his decision and announces he will revive Natsume as atonement. Tenma concludes Suzu’s message that he should not fear Raven Coat nor should be overwhelmed by it. Kogure comes by. He isn’t going to allow them to use forbidden magic. He also doesn’t want Ootomo to interfere as he will take responsibility for the kids and won’t let Onmyo Agency have them. He continues explaining about forbidden magic as a game using the world as collateral. Win and the rewards are great. Lose and it doesn’t end there. Innocent lives will be caught in it. Also, sometimes winning will destroy the exorcist’s body as it is like poison. Kyouko starts seeing visions before collapsing. She has an out of body experience and could read everyone’s stars. Then she sees everything and murmurs. There are many other worlds besides theirs. Rules considered forbidden were just decided by men. Then she sees Natsume’s soul and realizes she is waiting for Harutora to get her. Kogure is dumbfounded of this possibility. Ootomo stalls Jin so the kids can continue their mission.

Episode 24
There is a short flashback how Kon became Yakou’s familiar. With Kogure’s crows bugging them, Harutora wants Suzu to stall them. That emo brat is reluctant because she worries if Harutora dies, she will use her life to revive him back. Yeah, yeah. He promises he will come back alive. Enough? Now go do your job! Once Touji drops off Harutora, he is faced with Kagami who is going to fight him as bait to draw out Ootomo. During the battle, Kon gets stabbed. Meanwhile Ootomo and Kogure are still at it. Their fight is halted when Douman brings Amami’s unconscious body to them. Kogure warns Onmyo Agency will come after Ootomo. If they order him to do so, he will abide by it. He will back off now for Amami’s sake and feels as long as there are people who need Onmyo Agency, he will swing his sword for them. Raven Coat won’t allow Harutora to get near Kon so he discards it to protect her. In the process he gets hurt by Kagami’s sword (blinded in the left eye?) and this made Kon very mad. Very, very, very mad. She transforms into her mature form and unleashes some powerful spells that surprises Kagami. He orders Shaver to take out unconscious Harutora while he stalls Kon. Kon feels the need to force break the spell but fears she will lose those precious past memories. But screw that because the present is more important. She makes her final transformation into a full grown up form known as Hishamaru. More power enough to keep Kagami at bay. However she has not enough time to reach Harutora because crazy Shaver is going to kill him. Thank goodness Kakugyouki stops him in the nick of time. Shaver is going wild and excited he wants to fight both these powerful people. However Kagami knows they cannot win and must retreat for Yakou has awakened.

Harutora/Yakou wakes up as Hishamaru and Kakugyouki show their respect. They go meet Takiko who regrets everything that has happened. She gives Natsume’s body to them although she knows this won’t be enough to atone her sins. Harutora/Yakou meets Suzu at the altar and proceeds with the Taizan Fukun Ritual. As Ootomo drives Douman back, he notes Douman has not return his favour in full yet. In that case, he wants him to become his familiar. Douman warns he will be overcome by him. Ootomo will give him his other leg and then challenge him to another magic battle and win to earn back his freedom. Douman likes it and agrees. Harutora’s friends are waiting anxiously when Tenma gets a call from Suzu. She relays the good news the ritual is a success and both are alive. Sort of. She leaves them hanging without explaining further. They hear Kon’s scream and Harutora’s laughter in the background before they get cut. Now their goal is to go ascertain it and then give them a good scolding. Meanwhile Natsume wakes up in bed with Harutora sitting next to her. He finally knows she came to see him as Hokuto and thought she was avoiding this whole time. Natsume then confesses she loves him. I never thought this would happen but they kiss!!! This is his third kiss but it feels the most genuinely romantic one. Natsume starts to feel drowsy as Harutora then apologizes and is sure they will meet again someday. He goes onto some journey with Hishamaru and Kakugyouki.

That’s So Raven…
Uhm… What? Well, I should have expected this. I don’t know. I thought it could have ended better. I know things would have ended in a way that suggests there could be another season because in fact things don’t just end there. At least they wrap up the arc well instead of leaving it as some cliff-hanger that would piss off many fans and casual viewers alike. So as far as the ending is concerned, not one of the best but rather okay. Too bad the friends can’t be together and it felt as though the final scene romance between Harutora and Natsume was a little rushed. It’s like hell, we’ve only got a minute or two left so better hurry up in the confession and kiss… Yup. That is how it feels. Bittersweet? Because it would be darn sad that Natsume as the main character did not come back alive and do something this ‘drastic’. Heck, she was ‘dead’ for 4 episodes including the final one! You can’t have this series with just Harutora alone, right? Yeah, that’s why I said it felt a little rushed and forced because the Taizan Fukun Ritual made it look so easy. Of course. Yakou has awakened so I suppose it is a piece of cake for him.

The character development is satisfactory throughout the series and for some in the early episodes we get to know some characters a little more in depth like Touji’s ogre power. However that is just it and others like Kyouko’s sudden star reading powers awakening leaves a lot to be desired. Yup. It feels rushed as though as that power was needed as an excuse to give Harutora the push to go save Natsume. Although generally you can feel the characters are quite generic and to a point predictable. With too many characters in the fray as more episode piles up, in the end you get the feeling that it still lacks that overall satisfied feeling. You wonder about Takiko and her familiars (after all that build up, I thought they were going to fight or something but she literally handed back Natsume on a silver platter – disappointing), the current whereabouts of Yasuzumi and the Tsuchimikado family (although they’re seen alive but somewhere we don’t know), Genji and his Onmyo Agency whom I believe hasn’t seen the end of things yet (because he commented it was just the beginning) and of course the all mysterious Suzu. Again, it felt like it was just convenience for her to be missing in so many episodes and her cameos are mostly wandering around and suddenly she becomes the all important person to help with the ritual and save the day. Same case with Kakugyouki too. Made his early appearance in the first half. Sometimes he pops up here and there just to remind us he is still around and then suddenly in the final scenes, here he comes hoping into the action and making his impact. Like he was waiting for Yakou to awaken before he comes around. Oh wait. Wasn’t he?

Most of the other side characters are interesting too especially with the varied personalities of the 12 Divine Generals. Heck, if I counted them right, I think there are still a handful missing. But I don’t think I should be bothered who the other 3 or 4 generals are. From hot cool sword guys like Kogure to mad angry firebrand like Kagami, they are sure a lively bunch. I have been wondering ever since Suzuka have been punished for her actions, is there a replacement for her because it will be 11 Divine Generals if she gets her title revoked. Then again, how did she ever attain to be in such position at such a young age? Genius? Maybe. But she looks more like a brat than anything. Probably it is because her powers are sealed. Can’t blame her for being ‘grumpy’, huh? Then there is Ootomo who probably is the best of the lot since even Genji is sweating in his pants and thinking twice should this guy gets involved in his plan. He is somebody you don’t want to mess with because when you make him mad…

As for Harutora, he is your usual and typical normal guy and somebody who struggles to learn his powers but thrives better with his friends and support. You know the story. Sometimes it feels he is a bit like a wuss. No great powers, just an amateur, has to rely on his friends… I might not have anticipated him to be the real son of Yakou but my guts were telling me that something of sort of this twist was going to happen. I mean, when you have this kind of show that deals with supernatural powers and such, something of this ‘magnificent scale’ should happen, right? So do I have some sort of premonition powers as well? Or is it because after watching countless animes I have somewhat developed this ‘intuition’? Just like any other male protagonist, he values friendship, etc, blah, blah, blah. You know the story. It was really eye opening when he decided to use that Taizan Fukun Ritual to revive Natsume because it made him look like a hypocrite. Others cannot but he can? Ah, it shows he is not perfect and only human. So whether or not he will continue to be the Harutora he knows or completely turns into Yakou is another story. Or maybe he will have double and split personalities.

Natsume initially shoulders the burden of her family and learns to rely on others after she makes Harutora her familiar. What would she do now since Harutora is the real successor for the Tsuchimikado family? Note: Natsume looks better in miko priestess outfit instead of being a trap in boy’s uniform. Touji is the calmest and most rational in the group. Whenever the rest aren’t thinking straight, this guy has the best answer but not necessarily the best solution. Then there is Suzu who is most amusing among the pack thanks to her emo and bratty personality. You can say she’s not really being honest with herself because she really wants to be friends with them but that bratty pride of hers won’t allow it. It was fun in the beginning when she transferred to the academy because she was trolling everybody and making Harutora and Natsume’s life hell. Then she had to tone it down and she became less amusing and borderline annoying. Kyouko and Tenma felt like supporting extras that don’t do much. Especially with Tenma being the weakest link among the pack so to make things up for his inability to fight up front in battles, they gave him brains and intelligent which I hardly see him put to use :/. Oh, and there is Kon too. I thought she should have been more visible instead of staying invisible beside Harutora. Too cute to stay hidden and it gives that feel that somebody is watching you always… Her loyalty is commendable although at first it was funny to see her jump to protect her master at the slightest thing she considers a threat. Yeah well, anything and everything could be a threat.

I know romance and the harem part aren’t supposed to be the main focus and just side distractions especially in the earlier half of the series. Scorn me if you will but I suppose I love seeing this kind of scenes. Too bad Harutora is such a dork to see his unofficial harem but it would have been distasteful to turn this series into something like this. So the girls in his circle like him. Childhood friend Natsume is already a given. It took her the entire series of 2 dozen episodes just to say those magical words and give a proper kiss (the first one was to save his life so technically it doesn’t count). Better than nothing. Then there is Suzuka the tsundere and she plays it to almost perfection. She has to. Otherwise why does she bother to hang out with the gang if not for Harutora? Lastly there is Kyouko after everything is straightened out, looks like she is also gunning for Harutora. It’s a good thing that when she realized Natsume is a girl, disappointed nevertheless but it shows she isn’t some yuri lesbian. That would be very troublesome indeed.

The action and fight scenes are rather okay. I won’t go as far as to say the exorcists pull off flashy moves but because the tools they use to fight basically seem like magic, the reason why you see such powerful magical fights. The best one still goes to Ootomo versus Douman. It was really an amazing and majestic magical fight. Besides, mostly you’ll see them throw talisman and shout “Order!” as the basic stuffs. And some that even chant tongue twisting lines of Om Bishi Bishi Kara Kara Sowaka~… Whatever. I don’t know if this is actual exorcism chant lines or they just made it up. Because although it sounds really authentic (as I know nuts about onmyo), sometimes it really sounds funny. I also sometimes thought shouldn’t they try shortening the lines because by the time they finish it, the enemy would have owned you. But then again, higher level spells perhaps require more chant lines. Because otherwise any Tom, Dick and Harry could have easily memorized it and say it aloud.

I must say that the visuals and art are superb. They are of the highest quality I have seen in many animes that I watched these days. Although some of the familiars are CGI, especially those armoured ones, they are quite nicely done and very good down to the last detail. When I first saw the huge demon spider familiar, it feels like a magnificent sight to behold because it just looks great. The characters do not look bad themselves as every character looks good even old geezers like Douman and Amami are easy on the eye although the younger ones (good guys or villains) will definitely look better. With them having the bishonen and bishoujo look, even tsundere Suzuka looks cute despite her bratty and nasty attitude. In short, the art and animation quality is quite well done so you won’t be disappointed in this department. Unless your standards are too high. Just that I thought some characters look like other anime characters (because I have been watching too much of them) like how Harutora looks like Bleach’s Ichigo and Natsume have this uncanny resemblance to Kamigami No Asobi’s Yui.

For the voice acting part, I guess I love to hear Aki Toyosaki as Kon. This is how I got to know her. This is her kind of voice that got me to identify her. She’s really cute as Kon and it reminds me of this anime’s version of K-ON!’s Yui. Then there is also Kana Hanazawa as Natsume. Serious mode, worrying mode, funny mode, it’s all there. You can’t go wrong with her voice. Also, Ayane Sakura as Suzuka, I am starting to stereotype her voice that she is very much suited to voice bratty girls like Eno in Love Lab and Miyabi in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru.

Other casts include Kaito Ishikawa as Harutora (Ledo in Suisei No Gargantia), Eri Kitamura as Kyouko (Sayaka Ami in Toradora), Ryohei Kimura as Touji (Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Hiro Shimono as Tenma (Keima in The World God Only Knows), Koji Yusa as Ootomo (Ichimaru Gin in Bleach), Shinya Takahashi as Kogure (Masao in Shiki), Hiroyuki Yoshino as Kagami (Bossun in Sket Dance), Unshou Ishizuka as Miyachi (Bunta in Initial D), Marina Inoue as Mari (Laura in Infinite Stratos), Juurota Kosugi as Genji (Arlong in One Piece), Shou Hayami as Yasuzumi (Tokiomi in Fate/Zero), Nobuo Tobita as Douman (Black Vise in Accel World), Fumi Hirano as Miyo (Lum in Urusei Yatsura), Takahiro Sakurai as Yashamaru (Suzaku in Code Geass), Junichi Suwabe as Kumomaru/Mutobe (Atobe in Prince Of Tennis), Hisako Kanemoto as Hokuto/Takiko (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Izumi Kitta as Suzu (Cordelia in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes) and Takuma Terashima as Shaver (Shiroe in Log Horizon).

The first opening theme is X-encounter by Maon Kurosaki. It has a bit of techno in it but I prefer much the second ending theme, Outgrow by Gero as it is more of a rock piece. I don’t know. Watching the opening credits animation and hearing this song somehow makes me feel it is so Bleach-like. Yoshino Nanjou sings the first ending theme, Kimi Ga Emu Yuugure and it is a very slow and lovely piece. It also has some nice guitar strumming and picking in it. In fact there is a version whereby the entire song is just an acoustic versions accompanied only by guitar. Break A Spell is the second ending theme by Mami Kawada, also another rock piece (maybe a bit of heavy metal too).

On a trivial note, the next episode preview is amusing. Despite it is just a very short segment lasting around 5 seconds and nothing much about the next episode, this is mainly what I would call Kon’s corner. Simply because she is the star of this segment and hogs it for all of the time. You see cute Kon from waiting and counting down to her proper appearance and doing other very cute and adorable things or reactions that makes you want to go “Awww…” and perhaps pet her head and squeeze her. Wouldn’t you if you see Kon playing rock-scissors-paper (janken-kon?), Kon freaking out when Mako and Ako flash her some yaoi stuffs, Kon praying for Harutora to have more screen time next week or trying to hum that tongue twisting chant lines. After 19 episodes of cutie Kon and when the series turns into a grimmer note, it is replaced with sayings about magic and lies of Yakou. Say what? Who gives a crap about that? I want more Kon antics!

Overall, if you like high school teens fighting against some supernatural using mystic powers (using chant lines instead of possessing superhero powers, that is), don’t give this a miss as the action parts and the high quality visuals are the main attraction. Though it would be better if you have better interest in Japanese style magic instead of western and comic book powers. It isn’t perfect entirely as the character development isn’t strong and the rushed feeling in the final arc puts a little downer once this series ends and you reflect on everything and ponder if this series was a great one or not or if there were missed opportunities that could have made it better. Definitely this show isn’t that bad but it won’t end up in my all time favourites. And if all that doesn’t persuade you to watch this anime, maybe just watch it for Suzuka, an explosion of cute and annoying all into one. Otherwise she will cut off your balls! I haven’t heard of any onmyo magic that could bring that back.

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