Fruits Candy

September 12, 2008

  Ameagari no machi e to dekakeyou,
  BABARUGAMU to koukishin wo fukuramase,
  Mizutamari ni utsutta blue blue sky,
  Namido mo kitto kawaku yo jelly bean
Just like many other anime shows aired over tv back when I was young, I didn’t really consider Card Captor Sakura to be an anime but just another one of those weekend morning cartoons targeted for little children. Furthermore, I’m not even a fan of the series. Not then and not even now. So why did I woke up like an early bird on a beautiful Saturday meant for kids like me to sleep? Obviously, there has only been 1 reason all along. Why, it’s the opening or ending theme, of course!
  Ah PASTERU no hizashi ni,
  Shiawase mo akubi shiteru,
  Yukkuri to arukimashou,
  Ah ah ah ah
Yeah, it’s like some sort of a ‘calling’. I’d purposely woke up just to listen to some of the nice themes of the series. Fruits Candy, which is the 3rd ending theme of the series, seems to have caught my attention then and ever since I have taken quite a liking for this song. Uh huh. Even my Singaporean cousin, Mei, couldn’t believe that a guy like me really like this kind of song when I admitted it. Of all the other songs in this anime, I had to like this one? Well, to each his own.
  Tip tap maru de yume miru candy,
  Hohohareba sugu ni happy,
  Goodbye totemo yuutsu na Monday,
  Aseranaide my dream
A main reason why this is still one of favourite karaoke songs is that this pop piece is quite lively and spunky. It makes you want to get up and dance to the beat of the song. Since it is sung by Megumi Kojima, I don’t really find it tough to sing it. Not to say I sound perfect nor close to the singer herself, but at least each time when I sing it, I can expect not to worry about screwing up the lines. Okay, maybe on some occasions it may be a little challenging like the chorus part. Due to the energetic-ness of the song, I sometimes find myself a little out of breath when it comes to the chorus or when the song is near the end. Perhaps I should stop moving around so much while singing. But I can help it. This song really moves my body.
  Ah KARAFURU na kibun de,
  Kuchizusamu amai MERODI,
  FUIRMA ga mawaridasu,
  Ah ah ah ah
Lyrics wise, it is quite fun and easy to remember. Though the song mixes in several English words (in the sense that there is almost one English word in nearly every line). But I guess that is what makes this song partly enjoyable too. The words of the song too projects a happy image and seems fit for children. You know, jelly beans to angels to marbles and spreading jam while drinking milk tea. And the animation of the series shows Sakura along with Tomoyo and Kero baking a delicious cake together.
  Tip tap koi wa itsudatte candy,
  FUURUTSU no you ni tasty,
  Good luck sou na mainichi ga Sunday,
  Awatenaide my heart
I want to mention that there is a line in the lyrics which goes "…totemo U2 na Monday". Now, that is actually what it is written in as the lyrics and is a reference to that Irish rock band, U2. Is it a bad pun or does whoever wrote the lyrics have something against them? Though when the singer sings it, she pronounces it as ‘yuutsu’ (meaning, depressed). But I wouldn’t let that little line bother me one single bit as I’ll be having to much fun singing and dancing all the way. Hmm… Perhaps the karaoke version should have some background vocals in it. Not that the full version’s background vocals are obvious but at least, it won’t make my singing sound so ‘hollow’.
  Awatenaide my heart…
Card Captor Sakura

Catch You Catch Me

October 5, 2005

Building on the previous night’s ‘karaoke session’ of Step By Step, this time I tried out Catch You Catch Me from Card Captor Sakura. Guess what, I sound horrible *pukes*. That high pitch tone doesn’t really suit me at all. But I must keep trying, eventhough I won’t be able to sound exactly or good as the original, at least I need to get the pitch correct. Ganbatte Yo!
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