Nyan Koi

August 21, 2010

If you’re a cat lover, then you should watch this anime, Nyan Koi. Just kidding. Well basically cats are the main theme for this series so for those who want to get a little insight on how cats think, maybe you should give this show a try. Then again, probably that isn’t accurate. Who knows what is going on in a cat’s mind. I’m not a cat person so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to say how such domesticated feline creatures are moody and ungrateful. Oops. Please don’t hate me cat lovers.
In this romance comedy series, we have this second year high school guy, Junpei Kousaka. Apart from being the typical ‘normal’ guy in many animes you see, such as having a secret crush on a sweet girl he secretly likes, Kaede Mizuno, and pals with a couple of classmates, Haruhiko Endou (some eroge lover) and Kouta Kawamura, Junpei’s not a cat hater. But he dislikes them. There’s a reason to it. He’s allergic to cats. Well at least Junpei’s case isn’t as bad as Ranma who totally has a phobia of cats. To make things worse, his other family members especially his mom Shizue and little sister Suzu loves them so much and have a chubby face-with-a-frown cat, Nyamsus. In fact, a very big majority of the residents in this town are cat lovers! Oh yeah. He’s going to die from his allergies one day.
But that isn’t the bad part. His life is about to get worse in episode 1 when he accidentally breaks the head of a cat deity statue, Nekojizou-sama. So kids, remember when you kick the can into the bin, make sure you kick properly. I’m sure his intentions are good when he leaves a can of cat food next too it. But as the shrine monk, Keizou Kirishima, compliments him, Junpei is dismayed to learn he is being cursed. What is the first symptom of the cat curse? Well, you’re not to blame if you think you’re going crazy by hearing thoughts of cats and even talk back to them! And Nyamsus is a pretty sarcastic cat, isn’t she. Keizou ‘takes’ Junpei to read boring lecture-cum-history of who knows what. So to cut things short, Nyamsus friend and a pet cat of the monk, Tama, explains that in order to lift his curse, Junpei needs to fulfil 100 good deeds to cats. Failing which, he will turn into a cat himself. Not good because he’ll die of his allergies. Didn’t I say this earlier?
Even if Junpei is reluctant to do his first good task of freeing a couple of kittens from their ‘abusive’ master (seems all cat problems are introduced by Nyamsus and Tama. Like doing a service centre, eh? Or merely wanting to see Junpei’s misery?), he thinks there’s another way to lift the curse. On his way home after doing futile research on it, he meets Kaede and he jumps on the first chance to help her with her errands. Then they bump into some menacing afro guy so Junpei becomes a man to protect her (though in fact, he’s scared sh*t). It’s revealed that thug is Keizou in disguise. Junpei and Kaede talk at the park and he learns Kaede’s family are mainly dog lovers because just like him they are allergic. But Kaede is an exception as she loves cats. Thus the reason she comes to this park to feed and play with the stray kittens. It dawned to him that Kaede is the ‘abusive’ master the kittens were talking about. Incessant squeezing seems like a death crusher, eh? Junpei wanted to say something but the felines are closing in and since his mind is clouded with their thoughts, he yells from the top of his voice for them to hands off. Of course Kaede thinks he’s directing it to her so she apologizes and quickly leaves. So much for being cool and all that. Wish your love life goodbye. However next day in school, Junpei gets a pleasant surprise from Kaede because she isn’t mad over the incident and wish to come over to Junpei’s place some time to play with Nyamsus. Well, she’s not the kind of girl who would hold a grudge.
Junpei’s unlucky days continue in episode 2 as he helps out other cats no matter how small or big (or absurd) the requests are. To his dismay, he learns he has to keep this cat curse a secret and anyone else who finds out will turn into a cat himself/herself. No reckless moves, buddy. Other than that, the school’s cultural festival is coming up and we’re introduced to a hideous make-up manba-type ganguro girl, Kanako Sumiyoshi, supposedly Junpei’s childhood friend. You know what those constant bickering usually means and ends up to. Junpei had to quickly improvise to avoid the rest of his classmates seeing him talk to a cat when Tama appears to call his assistance for another request. Some may call it cat abuse but nobody saw it, right? Seems this time a cat wants Junpei to thank a kind girl who has always been feeding her in school. He thinks it’s some cute lovely lass but she turns out to be Kanako instead. His fear is almost realized when she catches him talking to the cats but after a short flashback about their childhood past, she decides to make him her slave for the day. During the festival, Kanako takes Junpei around so when Kaede and her pals find out that he is her slave, they get the wrong idea. Another misperception for that poor guy. During the break, Kanako remembers her past whereby she gave him a cute handmade Nyamsus doll as a sign of their friendship. But the next day, she saw him giving it away to another girl and that’s when she sort of hated him.
The duo continue to chat about that past. Junpei thinks she started the fight but she thinks otherwise. Somebody from the upper floor spills a bucket of water without looking that the duo are below. Junpei’s attempts to get her out of the way has him accidentally grabbed her hand. She isn’t amused and chases him through the hallways and corridors. Then at the staircase, she breaks down though she gives an excuse that it is ruining her make-up. Kaede soon comes by and takes her away to refresh herself. Back in their classroom, everyone is stunned to see Kanako without her make-up. Initially they couldn’t recognize her. Besides, she looks much better this way in my opinion. At the end of the day, Junpei manages to fulfil the cat’s request of thanks and at the same time, clears up the misunderstanding of the cat doll. Then, he showed it to her and did not give it as the cat doll is still in his house. Kanako in a way feels comforted and leaves. And for the rest of the school days, Kanako ditches her ganguro make-up and comes to school looking less a delinquent. Couldn’t say about her brute character, though. Oh, did I mention she too developed feelings for Junpei?
In episode 3, Junpei meets a busty ditzy local mailwoman, Chizuru Mochizuki. How can this university student be a part time postman when she doesn’t have a good sense of direction? Because of that, Junpei has to reluctantly guide her around town. Nyamsus and Tama are okay with the idea since he will meet other cats in need and help them out. Yeah, killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Or not. Sure he has a hard time fulfilling weird cat requests, some very dangerous ones like getting its collar accidentally thrown into a dog’s compound and to silly ones like helping to draw a birthday card for her master. Other than learning Chizuru’s ambition to take up this job due to her hopeless sense of direction was due to a senpai she admired back then and the wonderful feeling of connecting people’s feelings, Junpei also have a hard time trying to hide from his friends and sister. What would they think if they see him with another woman? Too late, the one girl he didn’t want him to see, Kaede happens to be walking her dogs when Chizuru gives Junpei a comforting faceboob hug. Another misconception. Hopes of getting in her good side are as good as nil. At the end of the day, Chizuru finishes her job and hopes he would help again. Ahahaha. I’m not sure if she’s joking. Wait, she isn’t.
Next day in school, Junpei remembers the time how he first liked Kaede. During his first day at high school a year ago, he saw her trying to save a kitten stuck on a tree. She slipped. He fell for her, she fell on him. Not to mention her acrobatic moves which has both her feet on his stomach! She even slapped him hard to see if he was okay in her panic! Talk about shock treatment. Then they part ways when the entrance ceremony is about to begin. Junpei is surprised to Kaede as the student representative giving her speech. She tells of her wonderful encounter today and Junpei takes it as a hint she’s talking about him. Unfortunately, the other loser guys think it’s them too. In present time, Junpei clears up that misunderstanding of being smothered by the busty mailwoman to Kaede. She seems okay with it but Kanako sure isn’t as she drags him away to make him spill every detail. A senpai in track suit, Nagi Ichinose, comes by to remind Kaede that their track club has started. Nagi notes who she hates Junpei.
The reason why Nagi hates him is because she thinks he is making her beloved Kaede look sad in episode 4. Is she some sort of a yuri person? Junpei soon receives a letter. He thinks it’s a love letter but it turns out to be a challenge letter by Nagi to meet him at a designated place in 3 days time. He rips the paper and makes don’t know. Nagi actually waited there for 3 days and when he is no-show it’s obvious she is pissed! She rushes back to confront him but when she sees Kanako, she gets taken in by her beauty and not to mention groped her boobs! Nagi tells him straight the she wants to challenge him over Kaede. Kanako agrees because if Nagi wins and gets Kaede, this means she will get Junpei. However Nagi collapses so Junpei, Kaede and Kanako take her back to her home to find she is the daughter of the local yakuza group! Woah! Don’t mess around. Sure they want to leave but gramps would love to show them their ‘hospitality’ and ‘gratefulness’ for taking care of Nagi. As he guides the girls to the bath area, Junpei meets Nagi’s cat, Josephine. Seems his status as the cursed one who goes around fulfilling cats’ wishes has spread far and wide. His request is for Junpei to help Nagi.
Gramps takes Junpei to see Nagi seeing that she is awake now. Okay, 2 of them alone. Not a good sign. She has a wooden sword in hand. Not a very good sign. Nagi is going to settle the duel but before she could strike him, the lightning strike sends her shivering in fear and getting all clingy over Junpei. Yup, even tough girls have a fear of lightning. Seems it stemmed from a traumatic experience when she saw her dad got zapped by one. She tries to continue the duel blindfolded and during the calm of the storm, Junpei finds out that Nagi doesn’t love Kaede. Just that she loves beautiful things that she lacks of. Uh… The next lightning flash sends her into another frantic as she seeks refuge in her personal mummy tomb! Junpei being the nice guy, listens to her problems and promises he won’t laugh or rat on her. After offering her words of comfort, Nagi’s personality suddenly changes. It’s as though she has fallen in love with him. Wait, she already has. She even gets close to him and asks him directly what kind of girl he likes. This freaks Junpei out as he tries to leave. Gramps breaks down the door to subdue the menace he thinks in the form of Junpei. In the end as the guests leave, Junpei walks home as Josephine tells him how Nagi was an ordinary girl who liked pretty things but was rejected by the first guy she confessed her love to. Ever since, she became more tomboyish and did away with all those girly stuff so he thought she would be more feminine if she fell in love again (so that’s what his request is). Junpei is still oblivious that he has fulfilled Josephine’s request. Next day in school, Nagi becomes too close to Junpei that she puts her desk right next to his. Hey, I thought she is a third year senior? Willing to go down a grade? Too bad that’s just another problem for Junpei. And another one in the form of gramps and his yakuza men vowing to protect their Nagi oujo-sama forever. This guy is sure getting into lots of trouble. Better lift the curse fast.
Nagi gives Junpei tickets to an amusement park in episode 5 after calling him a sinner, thief of beautiful things for stealing both her heart and Kaede’s, among others. Seems Kanako and Kaede are invited too. Besides, this is also some sort of challenge for Junpei to decide which of the girls he wants to date. Junpei has no qualms telling Nagi that his heart is still with Kaede (Nagi getting knocked out?) but somehow can’t sum up the courage to tell her. So Nagi throws down the gauntlet and says if Junpei doesn’t Kaede’s boyfriend by the end of the day, he will have to marry her immediately! While Nagi talks with Kaede, ride-lover Kanako takes Junpei on the various rides the park has to offer. Seems this park belongs to the Ichinose yakuza group so you can count on gramps and the other men to interfere to make Nagi’s noble wish come true but flopped. Junpei suspected Nagi must’ve told Kaede something since she’s acting a little strange whenever they talk. Then in the haunted house, Junpei got a chance to embrace Kaede but their lovely moment is spoiled when the other girls take out the ‘monsters and ghosts’. Next, Junpei and Kaede got setup in a Ferris wheel together and their carriage tilted so Junpei tripped and made it looked like they’re in a kissing position at least from Kanako and Nagi’s point of view. At the end of the day when they head home, Kaede remembered Nagi’s word about how she hints Junpei may look at her more than just a classmate, the reason why she can’t really look at him in the eye now.
Next day in school, Kaede, Kanako and Nagi chat and probably trying to get hints if Junpei’s dating who or have feelings for anyone. Kaede brings up the part whereby Chizuru hugged Junpei and wonders if a boy would hug a girl without caring who she is. This sends Kanako and Nagi on alert offensive mode. I don’t know, they went to feed him dog biscuits. But they sure looked pretty upset. After school, Kaede tries to follow Junpei. That guy happened to walk pass the Keizou’s temple shrine and sees a black cat before him. How ominous. Then a blonde twintail girl approaches him and knows that he has been cursed by Nekojizou-sama. Unknown to them, Kaede is hiding behind a nearby car eavesdropping.
Junpei is surprised that somebody else knows about his curse in episode 6 so he gets an earful from Nyamsus and Tama. In school, that blonde twintail girl approaches and gives him a love letter before going away. To add to the confusion, she returns and rips it apart and you could say this would be the fastest confession rejection in history. Split personality? She tells him to come to the temple afterwards. There, she says that she has strong spiritual sense and threatens him to hasten his cruse process and shows him lots of love SMS for him. Are you confused? She even uses ‘Tama’ to get back at him. Before things get any complicated, her twin shows up. Ah yes. Should’ve seen this coming. Kotone seems to like Junpei but Akari isn’t happy about that because she thinks everyone will leave her. Just like her mom, Tama (yup, that’s her pet cat) and eventually Kotone. So after Kotone slaps some sense into her sister, they apologize to Junpei. So why does Kotone like Junpei? Well, she did mention she likes unfortunate men. Scary… She’s like a stalker… Plus, the twins are Keizou’s daughters and Kotone’s black pet cat, Noir, has some sort of a love-hate relationship with Tama. Meow! Shizue and Suzu sure love it when Junpei brings new girls back home. It’s like their whole life is one big boring drama and they get their kicks out of it.
With the twins part of his harem, oops I mean part of the gang, Junpei’s next mission is to resolve Tama and Noir’s bickering. So he hears their past how Noir was Keizou’s favoured cat till Tama showed up at the temple just because he had a tortoise-colour-like back and he focused all his attention to him and Noir was cast aside. It reached boiling point when Tama bragged he found a better cat companion in Nyamsus. I have no comment about that. Tama being the stubborn guy, refuses to apologize or get along. No choice, reluctant Junpei takes them for a walk and hope they repair their relationship. On the way, they encounter Kaede and her dogs. Tama is ready to protect Noir but turned into a chicken last minute. Luckily Kaede’s dogs are friendly so when Noir goes into offensive stance, Tama thanks her and that he is useless without her. You could say their relationship is back to normal (tiny sarcasm and bickering included). But because they are being noisy, Junpei can’t hear Kaede and yells at them to shut up. Kaede takes this the wrong way and goes away. Not again. While the twins are comforting Junpei at the park (Akari is tsundere), his condition is about the get worse because Nagi and gramps were asking Chizuru directions to his house so she points out he was hanging out with the twintail pair. Not good. That’s one. Number two, Kanako spots Kaede crying and it must have something to do with Junpei, right? Poor Junpei gets a big round of beating, including from Kaede’s dogs (Kotone loving it? She loves Junpei or the misery?). Only after that they get to know what’s going on. Should’ve hear him out first, eh? They learn about the twins and Kanako hopes it won’t get complicated (you bet it will) while Nagi loves their beautiful symmetry.
Junpei’s class has a field trip to Kyoto in episode 7. Seems Junpei has snuck a cat, Masa, on his way here as part of his request. While they visit various historic places, Junpei has no choice but to fulfil other local cats’ wishes. See, his reputation has spread so wide and far. As usual, which field trip is complete without the hotspring and the boys trying to take a peek. Junpei is trying to warn the other guys but you know boys will be boys. A pair of grateful cats tell Junpei a spot where he can peep best so I guess he doesn’t want to disappoint their kindness. Well, he slipped and that means going through the other side. You can guess what happens next. So as payback, Kaede and Kanako have Junpei tag along and treat them to stuff on their free day. As usual, he has to go help a lost kitten and is eventually reunited with his dad, Masa. As a reward, the cats hint Junpei and the rest to follow them. It leads to the main family branch of the Ichinose yakuza group! So they’re beloved pet cats of the group. Junpei and his pals are treated as guests while Masa has a quarrel with his wife due to some unfaithful fling thingy. Even they do it in the animal’s world. They leave at the end of the day. Junpei, Kaede and Kanako are at a river bank, supposedly some dating spot couples go to create the perfect mood but the place was filled to the brim with other couples. Junpei and Kanako have their own fantasies about coming here together alone with their loved ones when Kaede reminds them that it’s time to head back. The next day, they buy souvenirs before their train trip back.
The twins seem to be making Junpei’s house their regular rendezvous point in episode 8. Shizue and Suzu would be thrilled if they become new additions to the family. I’m sure Junpei isn’t. Anyway they’re here because of another cat’s request. Some weak hopeless cat called Micchi wants Junpei to help train him to at least catch sparrows so he could have a chance to ask the cat he loves out. While jogging together, Junpei spots Kaede so Micchi goes into hiding. They chat and soon Nagi comes by has Junpei join the track club’s tryout. She asserts if he can’t end up with Kaede, he will have to get engaged to her instead. Before he knows it, he is being assisted by Kaede in several sports. Poor Micchi got left behind. So next morning, Junpei goes to get forgotten Micchi (can’t believed he waited there all night!) and try to resume training but Kaede comes by again. Junpei got too close to her so he starts sweating as she wipes it off with her handkerchief. He starts to panic and rushes off taking her handkerchief with him. Poor Micchi left behind again. Tired of it all, Micchi plots his revenge by entering Junpei’s school, the girl’s locker room where Kaede is changing. After her sports session, Kaede leaves and meets Junpei on the streets. He is going to give back her cleaned and ironed handkerchief but he pulls out a bra instead. Kaede recognizes it as hers. Of all the misunderstandings, this has got to be the worse. Kaede runs away while the onlookers give that unpleasant it’s-bad-to-steal-girl’s-underwear look. His life is so over.
On a rainy, Junpei spots Micchi with Kaede’s handkerchief in his mouth. Micchi admits he is the culprit who put Kaede’s undergarments in Junpei’s bag. Naturally Junpei is mad but Micchi breaks down saying it’s all his fault. He got jealous after seeing him getting love-dovey with Kaede and wants to do the same with his girl too so he’s got the right to feel envious. Junpei feels he is right so he apologizes and promises to train him. So the human-cat combo over the days train their best so much so you might think if all those training were necessary just to catch a sparrow. Well, all of it did pay off because Micchi is now a very fit cat. Not to mention the change in his sissy voice into a deep low sexy manly one. He thanks Junpei and off he goes to prove his worth to his loved one. Meanwhile Nagi and Kanako are wondering why Kaede is a little down. So when she wonders if boys are interested in girls’ underwear, the first thought is, you bet, Junpei’s fault somehow. Faster than a speeding bullet, Nagi and Kanako rush to Junpei to seek details of him stealing Kaede’s underwear. Who is going to believe that a cat but it in his bag? Thankfully, Haruhiko actually saw it happened. So everybody laughs it off as a misunderstanding. Kaede soon learns of it as Junpei later returns her handkerchief. She apologizes but before he could say anything else (probably confess), Kaede rushes back to class which is starting soon. And Micchi has won the heart of his girl and wishes Junpei to do his best.
As Haruhiko suggested, to help study for their upcoming exams, the gang head to the indoor pool for fun in episode 9. What do expect? The library? Need to relax before the real battle comes, right? So everybody is there, the twins and even Nagi and her yakuza men. Yeah, swimsuit fanservice. Due to Nagi and Kanako’s little fighting, they accidentally hit Kaede as she slips underwater. Junpei catches hold of her but at the same time grabbed her boobs. Junpei hears another cat’s request to get out of this place when Kanako spots him and teases that he can communicate with them. They both help to let it out before heading back to the pool. Kaede feels a little gloomy when she spots Junpei walking back in with Kanako. No time for worries because they need to have fun to the max since they’re here. Later Kanako pays Junpei a visit and learns he has a cold. While Kanako plays the good housewife and fixes him a warm meal (Shizue and Suzu are out for the day), Nyamsus and Tama bring a fat cat for Junpei to fulfil his request. Seems he wants his master to feed him his regular diet of rich and sumptuous meal instead of some unappetizing healthy one (the cat eats better food than the kid!). Apparently his master got concerned over a TV programme about overweight cats that die early. Junpei thinks it’s good for him to go on a diet but the fatty starts being selfish which snaps Junpei. He chides him that he was being concern of his well-being and orders him to come to his senses. Enough to freak him out. So all that letting out of angry air, it’s no surprise he collapses inside. Kanako puts him back on the couch and even thinks of kissing him but backs out. When Junpei comes to, Kanako has left. Nyamsus informs him how the chubby tabby has realized and will go on a diet. Shizue and Suzu return home and their senses tell them another girl made Junpei a meal and are thrilled with it. Kanako ponders about her feelings for Junpei and wonders why she almost did that because she thinks Junpei likes Kaede. She felt it was easier when she didn’t realize she liked him.
The twins are seen chasing down an evil cat spirit in episode 10. I’m not sure about their outfits that give an impression that they’re cosplaying as a magical girl and priestess. In school, everyone is glad they passed their tests. Except for Kanako. Yup, she flopped big time. Blaming that Junpei-got-sick-incident, she now has to write an essay on the town’s history as a retest. I suppose that means dragging along Junpei, right? Haruhiko suggests asking the twins since they live at the temple. Probably a big mistake because now they have to hear Keizou’s eternally long lecture. Kanako’s already sleeping on her assignment… Junpei manages to escape the lecture courtesy of the twins as he learns Akari’s cold personality because she doesn’t have any friends as they keep their distance while Kotone’s weird personality, let’s just say she’s weird ever since she’s young (trying to give her teacher a voodoo doll?). At the end of the long talk, the twins give the gang a tour of the town. Places which seriously has nothing to do with Kanako’s assignment. Then they go shop for souvenirs. Kanako, Kouta and Haruhiko spot a Maneki Neko statue with a funny face and get an urge to play pranks on it. However Akari notes that it has a spirit residing in it and those who taint it will get cursed. The trio start teasing the statue and Kanako eventually draw whiskers on it. This leads to Akari performing serious cleansing ritual!
That night, Junpei decides to go out to find out more about the twins’ dispelling magic since Nyamsus didn’t believe in that crap (what about man talking to cats then?!). He accidentally spots the twins in their getup chasing a malevolent cat spirit. Yeah, note the magical girl henshin scene too. They go into action trying to catch it and seriously they can hop from roof to roof like ninjas?! The evil cat spirit turns out to be the one of the Maneki Neko. Akari uses her powerful magic to seal it but the cat avoids. Since this uses lots of her energy, Akari is weak and needs to replenish them via eating Pokky chocolate sticks?! Are you kidding me?! I didn’t know that had ‘nutritional’ values in them. Maneki Neko is causing a nuisance and Junpei is in a pinch because Akari is weak and Kotone is all clingy over him and doesn’t want to let go (WTF?!). In the end, Junpei has no choice but to feed Akari the chocolate sticks mouth to mouth. Oh ho. Don’t you just envy this Kotone? Akari gets her strength back (in an instant? And just only one stick?) and seals the menace for good. Kotone wishes Junpei won’t tell anyone else about this while Akari continues to be tsundere. Junpei gives them the souvenir they bought earlier in the day but forgot to take them back and also gives Akari the Pokky stick box and teases her not to eat too much or else she’ll become fat. Maybe he does deserve the slap. Next day in school, several girls start to make friends with Akari and Junpei suddenly has a bad feeling. Seems the Nekojizou-sama head rolled off.
Seems in episode 11, Keizou was coming back from the cabaret with a female escort (some monk he is). The lady wants her allowance but he starts giving excuses and accidentally kicked the can and it hit Nekojizou-sama’s head off. So he has the townspeople to donate money to repair it though they know it’s his sinful habit of visiting the cabaret. Junpei feels guilty because he was the one responsible for breaking Nekojizou-sama’s head in the first place. After learning from the twins the temple has no more money and that the spirit of Nekojizou-sama is angry, Junpei decides to take up a part time job to help in its repair. This leads him to take up the postman job but he decides to back out after learning it was Chizuru who placed the employment note. Too bad he can’t get away now. During his delivery, he spots Kanako doing part time selling Christmas cakes. Kanako thinks he is doing a job to treat her but he dismisses it and leaves. This leads Kanako to think he is saving to buy a Christmas present for Kaede and confessing to her. On another day, Junpei happen to deliver letters to Kanako’s residence. She receives a movie ticket that she won via some contest and forces Junpei to go out with her on that day. Since they’re early, they go shopping before the movie starts. Junpei brings the cat doll and redeems a free gift as part of the term stated in the ticket and gives it to Kanako, surprising her. While watching the movie, Kanako remembers the time when they’re small when Junpei cried because he can’t play with Nyamsus as he is allergic to cats so Kanako decided to play on his behalf and soon created that cat doll for him. Since Junpei is crying like a little girl watching the movie, Kanako has to ditch her plans to confess to him and settles to be his buddy for now. Next day, Kaede passes by the park to see Junpei saving a kitten from a tree. She gets confused to see him talking to the cats and mentioning about the curse. Then in the post office just before he sets off for work, Junpei gets the shock of his life when he starts sprouting cat ears! Has the curse taken effect? See, take so long lah.
Somehow I got a feeling that Kotone being a stalker was a good thing because in episode 12, by sticking some GPS onto him, she got to find out where Junpei is. Well, she’s worried that Junpei didn’t move from his post office position for some time. With a little distraction, Kotone manages to sneak Junpei out and hides him back at the temple. At the same time, Kanako calls Junpei to jokingly tell him that Kaede’s with her pouring out her worries that he might be cursed! Of course he slams down the phone. While Kaede is really worried over the events of Junpei’s curse, Kanako feels she and that idiot should spend more time together. With a hat to cover his cat ears, Nyamsus comes up with a plan. That is, to call Kaede and meet up with her. His acting sure sucks. Next day at the mall, they meet up and he tells her straight that he is cursed. By the Maneki Neko. The twins come along to do the cleansing ritual once more. All this as part of the plan to allay Kaede’s suspicions of the curse. Nagi in a weird outfit happen to pass by and accidentally pulls off Junpei’s hat in her excitement to reveal his feline ears. Shocked Junpei runs away as the cats and twins go after him. Kaede may still be suspicious but Nagi isn’t because she thinks it’s some cosplay competition, the reason for her to be in that outfit. Plus, Haruhiko and Kouta are in one too. Kaede soon goes after him.
Their worst fears are realized when they see Junpei’s clothes strewn all over the street. True enough, Junpei turns into a cat himself and is weakened by his own allergies. Kaede spots the cat (Junpei) at the park and has a feeling it is similar to Junpei. She holds him in her arms as Junpei notes he couldn’t care less if he dies now. Then all the cats that Junpei previously helped appear and surround them. Kaede finally understands that Junpei has always treated cats nicely and thanks him and that there is no way the curse would exist. That’s when a streak of light from heaven strikes Junpei. It’s like he’s energizes so he gets off Kaede’s arms and into the bushes. Next thing he knows, he is back in his human form. But wait, he’s naked. Oh God! Poor Kaede has seen and heard too much from this guy that a girl her age probably shouldn’t have seen. Then the rest comes by and well you know the awkwardness. Some say it’s part of his cosplaying thingy and some just wants to beat that pervert up. Like Kanako. Here comes the pain and embarrassment. Two in one, man. As New Year’s Day approaches, Junpei notes that his curse has been temporarily stopped but not completely lifted. Well, it’s better than nothing. He continues to work as a postman under Chizuru and offer food to Nekojizou-sama. While at the temple praying with Kanako and Kaede (well, we know who Junpei and Kaede pray to be with who they want but for Kaede, she prays that she wants to deepen her relationship with Junpei. What does that tell you?), the bell suddenly falls down on Junpei, Kaede and then Tama. Keizou and Akari are pissed that he broke the 50 million Yen bell! They want him to pay back. Wait a minute, they’re blaming him? Later as the gang walk to school, Junpei confronts Kaede and is going to confess his feelings. Finally? Not really. Chizuru bumps him away to give him a letter from his dad.
As obviously hinted at the end of that final episode, there is a speculation that a second season may be produced. Maybe in capital letters. Not confirmed. Nothing definitive. But overall for this season I guess I could say everything is okay. Though I was hoping that Junpei would confess his feelings to Kaede somewhere in the series, that last part came close but I felt that part was just meant to be comic relief. Maybe if the series do get a sequel then maybe he’s got another shot at confession. Don’t waste it, pal. It’s going to be tough since he has unwittingly garnered a few girls in his harem. Tough girl Kanako may use the need-to-be-around-him-so-he-won’t-make-a-fool-out-of-himself excuse to stick around, Nagi’s noble and honest intention to let Junpei choose his girlfriend (if he ever realizes that) may seem superficial because she too mentions that she is destined to marry him. Unless she finds someone else more beautiful than him. Count on Kotone to be a serial stalker till Junpei becomes a lucky man. I’m wondering if she would still love him if he loses all his bad luck. Maybe she should shift her attention to that million Yen debt butler Hayate, eh? And Akari? Tsundere… That says it all. Too bad I thought Chizuru would be part of it but in my opinion I find her role to be rather redundant. I thought she would have at least a little impact rather than just be a minor comic relief for getting lost or fanservice purpose. I mean, compared to Haruhiko and Kouta’s role, I’d expected something a little more (please don’t misunderstand me). Hmm… Maybe that misunderstood boobs smothering in front of Kaede and getting a job at the local post office are events ‘significantly related’ to her.
I’m not sure why Nekojizou-sama chose that time to suspend Junpei’s deed. I thought it was getting real upset since Junpei was slacking on his good deed repayment job to cats. Not to mention its deadly aura seen emitting from the statue. Wasn’t that the reason he turned into a cat? But I guess it’s not like he didn’t do anything so I suppose he got a little reprieve. Plus, maybe he got a little ‘recommendation’ from Kaede when she realized that he really cared for them although he was allergic. So if his curse is suspended, I wonder if Junpei can still listen and talk to cats. It would be a real pain if he were to continue listening to Nyamsus and Tama. Though Nyamsus may seem grumpy and pushy but she still cares for Junpei and is grateful to him because he gave her a home. Yeah so cats may be ungrateful on the exterior but who knows what they’re thinking, right? If he can still talk to cats, I wonder if he has to go round fulfilling requests. Well, Tama did a pretty ‘good’ job in making him famous. Call him the Cat Whisperer. Though I don’t think Junpei’s bad luck and misfortune could rival that of Hayate, but hopefully he doesn’t break other deity statues. Think of all the chaos if he could start talking to dogs, rabbits, birds and other pets. Yeah, like he’s developed some sort of communication skill with animals and maybe if he does make a career out of it, you know who to call if your lizard’s stuck in the gutter, right? Just joking. I just hope Keizou would use the money wisely to make cat deity statues more durable and not easily broken at the mere touch instead of spending on cabaret girls. Is he really fit to be a monk? It would be troublesome if a huge number of people got stuck with the same curse. Maybe that way the cats can be kings for a long time to come.
At the end of each episode, there is a short segment called Nyan Koma hosted by Nyamsus and Tama just before the next episode preview. After a short comical skit from the characters, viewers can get insightful information about cats depending on the theme of that particular episode. Since I know nothing about cats, I guess you could say that I’m either impressed or go "Really? I didn’t know that". So typical of me. I didn’t know female cats become an adult in just over a year (probably that’s why the strays in my area grow up so fast and breed as fast too). I didn’t know cats could move their ears individually (never really did pay attention. Wait a minute. I thought most animals can do that? Is it?). I didn’t know a cat’s speed can be as fast as 40kmph (that explains the lightning speed and ghastly sounds when they sprint across the roof tiles). Maybe they should have included some cat idioms as well. Just kidding.
Though the drawing and art of this anime is typical and standard, something during comical points caught my attention. I don’t remember if I have seen this in other animes but the drawing of some of the scenes uses cell shading (thick black outlines) during those comical and funny moments. The mid-intermission shows randomly the characters of the series sometimes in random poses and outfits while spewing nonsensical lines. As for both the sponsor screens at the beginning and end, viewers are treated to different illustrations I believe supposedly from different people or authors. Some good, some funny and some of course for fanservice. But an eyebrow raiser for me for the end sponsor screen is the short song played in the background. I find it real funny that the heavy rock piece of the female vocal shouting "Neko, neko punch!". What the?! Surprisingly there are a few anime parodies if you pay close attention. For instance, Excel Saga’s Nabeshin’s cameo as a bus driver, the high jump scene similar to Suzuka, the Sohoku basketball team uniform of Slam Dunk and the mahjong players of Kiyosumi High in Saki.
Is this anime supposed to make you fall in love with the feline creatures? I sure did not. Don’t get me wrong that I hate them but I’d rather say that I do not have the maturity to take responsibility of a little creature like that (sounds more like an excuse). I’d be an awful master and things would’ve been better off if they were strays. Well, that depends on your stand on cats or other animals. If you ask me, my favourite pet has always been anime. I know that doesn’t qualify. Maybe I should start small via Tamagotchi. And in the extreme case if I do start hearing thoughts of cats, maybe it’s a sign that I’ve been watching too many animes lately.

Nyan Koi
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