Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou

February 4, 2011

From the promotional poster and name of the series, I’m figuring Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou is going to be some naughty harem with lots of fanservice. Hah. What was I thinking? Let’s see. The guy in the centre as the main protagonist and the supposed demon king, check. Flanked by a bevy of pretty girls, check. Magic, sword play, romance, action and fanservice, check. Oh heck. What more do I need to believe so? Sure it had the elements needed for a harem and fanservice series but not as close as I have said in my first line.

Episode 1
Our main guy here is Akuto Sai, someone who yearns to become part of the highest order of magicians so that he could contribute back to society. Doesn’t seem like anything motivating for a harem show, eh? We see him making his way to Constant Magick Academy to begin his dream. At the train station he bumps into first harem girl, I mean, Junko Hattori. After they exchange conversation and found they both share the same ideals, the samurai Junko pledges her friendship and to serve him to achieve his goals. At school, he is being led by homeroom teacher Mitsuko Torii to get his physical check up and future occupation read by some crow called Yata Garasu. Guess what he read Akuto’s job? Demon Lord! Oh sh*t! Can that be a career? He’s not joking! Yata Garasu’s prediction always comes true, you know. Because of that, the students start to fear him (it’s really that bad if you see the way they react upon seeing him) and there goes his dream of contributing back to society. So how bad is this Demon Lord thingy? Well, 100 years ago, he tried to destroy the world and brought war and chaos along with it. Enough said. Mitsuko isn’t afraid like other students because if ever there’s a point Akuto dies, she’ll gladly use his body as an experimental subject! Some teacher.

So Akuto goes to class, tries to dispel the fact that he is dangerous but the other students don’t buy it and cower in fear at the back of the class instead. Rumours sure spread fast. Seems Junko is in the same class and is ignoring him. Another classmate, Hiroshi Miwa, who was enthralled by Akuto’s speech and soon-to-be self proclaimed lackey for Akuto, decides to elect him as class rep. But he declines and prefers to take up cleaning duties. In this school, cleaning duties mean destroying anyone in their path. WTF?! Now everyone’s fears are confirmed. Junko is upset that he toyed with her feelings and challenges him to a duel. He tries to talk to her but yeah, but would she believe him? During an attack, Akuto’s arm suddenly emits a bright light followed by an explosion. That night Akuto tries to go to apologize to Junko but he starts off on the wrong foot by trying to climb in from her window. What would everyone think if they see him? Oh, too late. He runs for his life and stumbles upon an airhead girl, Keena Soga. Proclaiming him her prince, she protects him from Junko’s wrath but you know hell hath no fury like woman scorn so Akuto once again unknowingly unleashes a powerful magic, causing a large crater. Junko is knocked out, Keena over-apologetic and it gets worse when another girl, a Liladan android observer, Korone makes her appearance. Wow. That’s fast in gathering his ‘harem’. Haha!

Episode 2
Korone heals Junko and since she said she would like to have a word with the school’s headmaster, Keena panics and turns invisible to escape. Next day as Akuto sees the headmaster, the latter says that even if he is to be the Demon Lord, he is still a student in his school and has requested from the government for someone (Korone) to protect and observe him. This means 24/7 surveillance and Korone is sure a weird girl. I’m not sure if she’s really just observing or flirting or trying to seduce him. Next day, Akuto meets a popular girl’s dorm head, Fujiko Etou and to his relieve, she doesn’t believe that he’ll turn into a Demon Lord. As Korone follows Akuto to just about anywhere (even to the men’s toilet!), Akuto requests Etou’s help to make up with Junko. Not wanting Korone to be tailing him, Etou suggests a way to shut that Liladan down by pulling its tail. Guess where her ‘tail’ is? Akuto and Korone trek up the mountain side as suggested by Etou but they’re being attacked by a demon dog. Akuto subdues it with his power and turns it back to a cute harmless puppy. After pulling Korone’s tail, Akuto meets Etou, she suggests him joining the disciplinary committee of the student council and gives him a pair of magical pills and a gun. The pills allow those being shot with it to understand feelings of each other better. Akuto then reactivates Korone and chases after invisible Keena. He recognizes her bird hairpin because he remembered he gave to her when they were young. Etou calls Junko but it seems Etou has some ulterior motive as she lies to her how Akuto threatened and forced her to do things. Junko plans to confront Akuto. With her plans set in motion, we see Etou’s plan of making the Demon Lord as her slave and she has a creepy jar containing her dead brother’s head!

Episode 3
A short flashback how Etou was close to her brother. When he died, he was told he was a weakling and brought shame to the family’s name. In present, Akuto goes see the student council and meets its members: The president, Riri Shiraishi (what’s with the witch hat?), the vice president Michie Ootake (bat girl), treasurer Kanna Kamiya (wolf girl) and secretary Arunuuru (“Guga!”). Riri announces Akuto’s admission as the disciplinary committee and this send shivers to some of the students because they think it’s the end of their school. Akuto has to put up with Korone’s observation and seduction while rice-loving Keena makes herself at room. Later he goes to an abandon barracks and is surrounded by a couple of guys who wants to beat him up. Seriously, they want to take down the future Demon Lord? He uses his magic to bring pain to them so Junko who has witnessed his brutality thinks it’s part of his plan for world domination and fights him. He tries to use the pills but it’s empty. Junko then escapes and decides to gather those to fight against him. Junko announces her intentions and since she has given special permission, she and her followers will be given only an hour to bring down Akuto. He runs for his life till Junko corners him. She was going to strike him till Keena interrupts. Spewing stuff like Junko likes him, etc. This causes her followers to be upset that they got dragged into a lover’s quarrel as they turn against her. Junko admits her fault and they both team up. But before they can attack, Keena throws rice to everybody. Hey, it was enough to make them all happy. Rice? So it’s revealed that Keena took those pills from Akuto back then and used it to mix it with her rice. Etou bemoans her fate because the effect of the pill has lots of girls trying to get a piece of her. Her sexy bootylicious body…

Episode 4
Another short flashback as we see Etou’s brother trying to complete his last mission but found out the truth when he is confronted by a blonde guy and realized his intentions. Akuto can’t seem to control his magic yet and another powerful one causes a huge crater. Could’ve killed somebody. Mitsuko suggests that Akuto confine himself in solidarity at a place to meditate. Seems Korone and Keena couldn’t leave him out and enter with him. They find a map inside a wall when Keena can’t hold it in and needs to relieve herself! Etou is outside plotting revenge against Akuto and to make him swear allegiance to her but after hearing the ruckus, she transforms to her goody-two-shoes face to open the door. When she sees the map, she takes it and leaves. She shows it to her brother but he doesn’t remember anything. Remembering during her brother’s funeral, her sad mom told her how the government used undead magic to interrogate him and it was revealed he got scared, ran away and committed suicide. Note that the dead don’t tell lies. Then Etou meets Eiko Teruya who knows what Etou is up to and she too has her own motives. Suddenly the map is displayed all over school and the culprit reveals to be Keena who wants those interested to participate in a pirate treasure hunt. However those who participated got injured and Riri wants Akuto to announce and ban the treasure hunting. But they start accusing him of conspiring with Keena and to make things worse, planted the dangers. They start throwing things at him and Eiko throws herself at him (?!) and wants him to go on a hunt himself to prove that he isn’t the one behind it. Akuto makes his trip as Hiroshi, Korone and Eiko tag along. Why is Eiko getting up so close to him? Upon entering the first point, Korone decrypts a code which says it is for Bouichirou Yamato. Whoever that is.

Episode 5
As the gang search for Bouichirou’s tombstone, they are suddenly being attacked by a whirlwind of bats. Akuto fires the gun to disperse the bats. They stumble upon Bouichirou’s grave and find a sound recorder revealing a clue. Etou is watching the gang when Keena barges in and wants her to follow them. Junko too is on her way there after learning it from Keena. After the gang dispatches a row of armoured knights, they find a video recorder that reveals more clues. This leads them to a hotspring and as they soak in, Akuto learns that Eiko is after something the previous Demon Lord left behind. So happen Junko is soaking on the other side and when she sees Eiko, she warns Akuto she is an agent sent by the government to see if he could fight his destiny. The girls start fighting but a giant wolf turns up but it fell asleep soon after. Eiko got upset seeing that Akuto went to save Junko first and leaves in a huff. Keena and Etou arrive and after giving her the items, she activates something that transports them to another place. Riri is waiting for them and it seems all this was a game set up by the student council and the first one to get here wins. All the dangers that they faced were just the other student council members in disguise. However Etou rushes in to the building first as Riri reveals that this place was the base for the previous Demon Lord and can’t let a future one come into contact. Etou puts in all the items and starts activating. A dragon, Peterhausen awakens from his slumber and asks those who can control him. If not, die. Memories of the truth flow through Etou’s mind and reveal her brother activated the device but found out the blonde guy was just using him so he erased his memories and got killed by him. Riri fights Akuto and Junko though Akuto says he won’t be the Demon Lord and just wants to save Etou. He charges straight to Peterhausen, fights him, beats him and saves Etou. Peterhausen pledges to serve Akuto as his master and Etou too decides to do the same. Riri gives him a kiss as a reward. So how can we believe he is not going to be the next Demon Lord?

Episode 6
Korone is being contacted by her superiors and if she fails her mission, she will have to take responsibility. But this wouldn’t be called a harem series if not for a beach episode. I guess Akuto needs a break trying to run away from Korone’s harassing and seduction. What difference does it make since she’s there too. Yeah, Korone even tried to get Junko involved in making Akuto ‘hard’. Akuto and Junko have their time together but as usual were interrupted by annoying Korone. She apologizes but mentions she didn’t have any intention of hurting anyone. Later Hiroshi tells Akuto about a legend from his hometown. A monster will appear to cause havoc and a hero will come forth to defeat it. That same person will also defeat the Demon Lord. Hiroshi is upset that Akuto doesn’t understand things because he is strong. Riri approaches Etou and Peterhausen to inform them about some news. The school intends to protect Akuto and since Peterhausen’s existence is illegal, there are no laws on how to deal with him (so no action to be taken). Those higher ups are using the Liladan to seduce Akuto and some big shots are trying to start a war, the Ministry of Magickal Intelligence, CIM08. However Riri intends to go after those who will use Akuto as a tool for dark magic. Etou couldn’t contact Akuto so she sends Keena to find him. When she does, she can’t remember what it was. That airhead… She gets drunk and seductive. Akuto notices the hairpin and thinks they really met then. As Keena was about to kiss him, Akuto gets a good kick from behind courtesy of Korone. Suddenly somebody shoots Korone.

Episode 7
Hiroshi is being told by Yata Garasu that his future occupation is a hero. After injured Korone leaves via some dimensional door, Keena finally remembers and tells Akuto that Korone will lose her job as observer if she fails. Lots of people are looking up to Hiroshi of being a hero especially his little sister Yukiko. So when she confronts Akuto and the gang and hears that both don’t want to be Demon Lord and hero, she gets upset and runs away. It’s like telling a kid Santa Claus never existed. Hiroshi and Keena go search for her. At the lake, he tells her there’s a shrine built by his grandpa whereby one can prove oneself to be a hero by pulling out a small sword stuck to a rock. Suddenly a villain-cum-flasher (not to mention his annoying dancing), Mr X, unleashes a monster from the lake. He tries to screw Yukiko so Hiroshi goes to save her but gets beaten up. Akuto and Junko arrive in time to face him off but Akuto gets beaten up). Mr X needs to keep him alive so that he could lay the blame on him for destroying the village. Hiroshi wakes up inside the cave and sees the sword in the rock and pulls it out. He is then given powers and transforms into a superhero called Brave! Oh, now we have a super sentai. Mr X plans to sacrifice the girls but Korone appears in time to save them and put a stop to this rogue from the Ministry of Magickal Intelligence. The monster wrecks havoc on the village but Brave saves the day. Then he is going to kill Mr X but is stopped by Akuto. Brave backs down and quickly reverts back to Hiroshi before the gang suspects anything. Later Korone explains the ministry doesn’t know anything about CIM08 and she’s using that info to blackmail them and return to her job to observe Akuto. She reveals she tried to seduce him because he seems inept at relations with woman. She wants Akuto to marry Junko. Korone initially misinterpreted he liked Keena but showed no progress. Junko gets flustered and runs away. Korone says her feelings for him and had really cared for him. But it seems she was just teasing him after all.

Episode 8
Eiko meets that blonde guy. He mentions predictions of the future have changed due to Akuto so she suggests targeting Junko. As airhead Keena spends more time with Akuto, Etou is trying to control monsters for her and Akuto to rule the world. But the monsters seem horny… She then finds a monster egg. Monsters have been rampaging recently and Brave is the only one that stands in the way of making the people the food for the monsters. Akuto discuses with Korone and Hiroshi about God, High Priest post and the system. Akuto tries to convince Keena to come to class since she’s been skipping loads of them and prefers to spend time hanging out with him. Junko sees how physical Keena gets with Akuto and has that uncomfortable look on her face. Keena, wanting egg for her rice, steals Etou’s monster egg and when Akuto finds out about it, it’s too late as the egg turns into an enormous double-headed chicken running wild and attacking anything in sight. Though Etou claims she can control this creature, it attacks her instead. Then it flies off into town. Hiroshi transforms into Brave to stop it and saves a popular TV idol, Yuri Hoshino. She gets captivated by his bravery and kisses him. Akuto reports this to Riri but she intends to overlook it. However she notes the monsters are reacting to him. Just as Keena decides to go back to regular classes, Akuto’s relief is short-lived because tomorrow is the start of a long vacation! Haha! Meanwhile Junko uncomfortably tries to ask Korone about that marriage thingy but Korone mentions she has already notified her family for a marriage interview. Say what?!

Episode 9
Junko goes to invite Akuto to come see his family without telling him what it was. Hiroshi is also invited while the observer will tag along because of her job nature. Akuto later overhears the headmaster talking to that blonde guy who is the leader of CIM08, warning the former about monsters becoming active lately due to an irregular guy. On a train to Junko’s village, since Junko is too embarrassed to mention about the political marriage, Akuto tries to assure her but even his choice of words make it seem ambiguous. Will take responsibility? Upon arriving, they meet Junko’s sister, Yuuko who turns out to be Yuri. Yuuko was bitten by a monster before so the mark on her neck sometimes makes her want to go crazy. Akuto meets Junko’s dad and he approves of the kid. Even if everyone celebrating, Akuto hasn’t got a clue what he’s gotten into. That night she perhaps tried to give him her body so he realizes everything. She starts crying and leaves. All those peeping ninjas aren’t happy Akuto made her cry and are out for his blood! While getting away, Akuto bumps into Eiko as he tells him that Keena will be assassinated by her dad who is also her family’s head. Eiko withdraws when Yuuko arrives. Her monster mark is causing her pain but Akuto wants to go after Eiko. Though Korone wishes to stop him, she decides to let him go and purposely makes him pull her tail. Meanwhile the assassination squad is instantly killed by that blonde guy, Bouichirou, before they can take Keena out. He asserts that he was the one who gave her that hairpin. Akuto arrives to save Keena as Bouichirou explains she is the law of identity. Something about being able to control Gods if she makes contract with someone and obtaining an immaterial body. Something about the Gods want to be ruled too but Bouichirou was rejected by them when his intention was to free them. The Gods feared that and their only option was to eliminate Bouichirou or Keena. Akuto vows to protect Keena’s freedom and powers up to a demon. Keena runs to his arms as Etou arrives with an army of monsters under her command.

Episode 10
As the monsters rampage the city, Eiko finds her dying dad who wants to publicly condemn Bouichirou but Eiko stabs him and takes over his place as High Priest. Then a mysterious guy from CIM08, 2V, decides to cooperate with her. Junko learns from her dad that their family is under the command of Eiko who will lead her army to defeat the Demon King holed up at the school. He gives her the family sword, Sohaya. No one has been able to pull it out of its scabbard but it can be done when one tries to do as the sword desires. Akuto fights Bouichirou but is no match for his sword. Etou takes him and retreat so that they can call Peterhausen. Headmaster stalls Bouichirou for them. Akuto sees Riri as she warns him that if he intends to destroy the system, she’ll stop him. With Yuuko/Yuri going to the battlefront, this is generating lots of publicity. Brave assures that he will protect her. Eiko seems to want to send to sisters to battle so that she could obtain Sohaya after their deaths. Akuto rides Peterhausen and takes it to the skies. Junko tries to take Akuto down herself but is confused with her feelings. He promises to take care of her once the battle is done and leaves her on the ground. Akuto-Peterhausen battles Brave and their ideals clash. Peterhausen is losing his mana aside from it being cancelled and consumed by Brave. Then the empire sends an aerial aircraft, Black Crane to attack the Demon Lord. It fires lots of shots into Peterhausen though he is recovering his mana. 2V uses his puppet who is one of the crews onboard Black Crane to take over the helm and crash into Peterhausen.

Episode 11
Bouichirou is losing a girl that looks a lot like Keena to the Demon Lord and he soon turned into a lone time traveller. Brave stops Bouichirou from finishing off the headmaster. He reverts back to Hiroshi and plans to aid Bouichirou since he needs power to defeat the Demon Lord. There’s a big possibility Akuto is still alive because the monster mark on Yuuko’s neck is still there. Riri goes up to Eiko and reveals to the world that she killed her family head. As much as Eiko orders her to be taken out, Riri’s elastic body gives her the advantage. Meanwhile Keena and Etou are running away from a rubber man sent by 2V. They come into Bouichirou as he kidnaps Keena. With Michie’s help, Etou manages to get back to her lab and get her potions and end that rubber guy’s harassment. Eiko orders Yuuko back and this doesn’t please Junko because Eiko plans to glorify Yuuko’s death for saving her commander. Riri and her other student council members face off with Junko and beat her. Eiko uses Yuuko as hostage but Brave comes to her rescue. He then disappears with her along with Bouichirou who still has Keena in his arms, agreeing to help Bouichirou out. Eiko barely escapes from Riri’s punches so 2V proposes to work together thinking the Demon Lord is killed and Eiko’s family has been disgraced. No deal. They beat up 2V but he’s just a puppet and the real self somewhere else. Akuto then revives from the wreckage (partly thanks to the headmaster for reducing Black Crane’s impact). As Akuto prepares to leave to save Keena, Eiko confronts Junko and wants her to take out the Demon Lord. Junko decides to betray her in the name of love and pulls out Sohaya. She wipes out her underlings but Korone stops her from killing Eiko because she must live to atone her sins. Eiko tries to escape but is horrified when she bumps into her semi-cyborg dad. Peterhausen tells Akuto a Demon Lord is created by altering mana in his body. He is killed off when he is weak and then waits for 100 years. Since the Gods perpetuated this, Akuto thinks that humans aren’t the only ones who do as they please.

Episode 12
Akuto faces Brave. With their clashed ideals, they fight. Akuto purposely gets himself hurt by Brave because he knows Hiroshi isn’t someone who is capable of cruelty. Brave’s identity to Yuuko is exposed but she doesn’t care since she still finds him cool. Akuto plans to take out God since they are the ones controlling the mana in Yuuko’s body, even if it means sacrificing himself. Bouichirou has arrived at God’s place, slaughtering all the guards and plans to control God because he isn’t fond of His idea of wiping out humanity. As he starts the process, he sees Keena’s other half, Rimu, who tells him no matter how much he tries, it will not work because that is not his role. Then Akuto arrives and it’s a rematch. He finally beats him. Akuto learns the Demon Lord is something the Gods created as a proxy to destroy humans. He is going to kill the God who is acting as a server connected to the terminal and there will be a time people will realize God is just a system. The place starts activating and floats in the air. Akuto is going to end this and sacrificing himself is part of the plan. Riding Peterhausen, they charge in and face numerous defensive mechanism attacks. Akuto buys Peterhausen time fending off the attacks as the dragon tries to connect and gain control of God. Then God opens a hole in space-time but Akuto’s emotion and fear has him unable to use his mana to wipe it out. Keena had followed them and learns what is happening. Peterhausen is going to help regulate Akuto’s mana to the last moment but that will mean sacrificing himself. He gives a piece of his tooth to Keena. Keena sees Rimu, who tells her about her purpose. She wants to put a rest to Bouichirou’s soul whose wish was happiness for the woman he once loved (the reason he tried to control the Gods). She decides to rewrite history. In the aftermath of the large explosion, Akuto is reunited with the rest. Seems everyone’s memories except Akuto and his pals got altered that Akuto defeated the Demon Lord. Junko renounced her house to be with him, Yuuko’s monster mark is gone and she is flirty with Akuto, Korone continues to stay with him, Etou plans on making the Demon Lord rise again and surprisingly Arunuuru spoke! Akuto visits Yata Garasu once more, whose prediction of his future occupation is: Demon Lord! Here goes another round of havoc again! Let the fear sink in again! Deja vu? Hey, everyone’s memories got altered, right?

Demon Lord Is Not A Job! It’s A Curse!
Uh huh. So it ended just like that? The world is safe again till the next Demon Lord comes about. Looks like Akuto has to take that unwanted honour again. Plot wise, I never seriously followed it. So when they started talking about trying to get rid of whoever that God was or some system, I was at a lost. I didn’t want to crack my head at all the revelations at the end. Even if there were some plots that I didn’t understand such as if Bouichirou did give Keena that bird hairpin, why was that flashback it was Akuto seen giving it to her? Unless Bouichirou looked like Akuto when he was young. No way. He’s a person who lived for a very long time, right? I may not remember much, but what was the implication of a kid been shown abandoned by his mother in the first episode? That’s supposed to be Akuto, right? Or is it supposed to be somebody else? It also certainly felt that things didn’t really end yet because that 2V guy escaped so it’s an indication there will be some kind of development if the producers ever wanted to create a sequel.

I guess if you have seen too many kinds of anime, you can guess the kind of characters they are. Akuto being the lead character he has got to have his own set of principles to follow. He’s got to do certain stuff and solve problems even if a big majority of the school has an unfavourable view on him. He learns of his power, controls them, powers up, gains allies, fights enemies and saves the day. What more do you expect? Hiroshi getting the powers of Brave felt like a side distraction. Having dual personalities sure clashes with his ideals and his loyalty to Akuto. Therefore I think it was a good thing he cast away his superhero image and be who he is. With Peterhausen gone, I wonder who will replace him seeing this Demon Lord thingy is like a system a cycle. And the rest of the other students who shiver with fear upon learning that Akuto is the Demon Lord, have they ever heard of never judge a book by its cover? But if they truly fear him, don’t you think they should have transferred out from this school? So he isn’t that bad, right? Well, until he crosses their path or makes some speech that they’ll always never fail to misinterpret as something evil. Even if Yata Garasu’s predictions are never wrong, people shouldn’t believe everything they hear. Especially coming from a crow. Oh wait. Didn’t a certain octopus predicted with 100% accuracy high profile football matches?

Even if this show was meant to be a harem, I never did feel it was one. Though Riri may be one of the 5 main girls supposedly to be Akuto’s harem, she was never with him for most of the part. Sure, she was the only one who kissed him but among the rest, she was the one who spent the least time close to him. Korone may be always seducing and teasing Akuto but that’s just about it. I also felt the other girls didn’t have a certain impact towards the end. Etou may have become Akuto’s self proclaimed servant halfway but she didn’t do much in the end except calling forth some beasts which didn’t do much either. I thought Junko would at least be the main girl like in most harems and the focus among the other girls but she was just reduced to a tsundere and wasn’t directly fighting side by side with Akuto. Though it isn’t clear but things indicate that Akuto may end up with Keena seeing the focus was on her although Junko did say she was willing to marry him (but hey, things can change in the future, right? It’s not like they’re getting hitched right away). I mean, observing the ending credits show the girls kissing Akuto and Keena having a second go should have at least given me a hint. Eiko couldn’t be part of the harem because she’s a bad girl while Yuuko has her eyes set on Hiroshi. Hey, even a lackey has got to have his own girl. Mitsuko? She’s only interested in his dead body. So in the end, it didn’t really feel like a harem show like I hoped for. Hey, why do I have an impression or expectation that this should be one? As for the fanservice, they are quite mild and in some cases, it’s like blink-or-you’ll-miss-it. Nothing over the top. The action is okay too, nothing special or that flashy.

If you buy the DVDs, they come with short extras (but filled with lots of fanservice) lasting around 3 minutes each called Mo Hitotsu Omake No Daimaou (Another Extra Demon Lord). Special 1 sees Junko and Etou facing off in some pool challenge. Over Akuto, I guess. Etou plays dirty when Junko gets off to a head start. She unleashes her potions of purple slime and monsters. But the monsters turn horny and the girls turn on each other. They take their battle to new heights as Etou uses a more powerful potion, blasting everyone away. In Special 2, Yuuko helps Junko to write a love letter in a scroll, telling her feelings she’s too embarrassed to tell Akuto. But Eiko steals it so Junko chases her throughout school. Unknowingly, she dropped the scroll onto Akuto as he reads it. Junko catches up and challenges Eiko and beats her (more of her clothes were ripped?). When she realizes the scroll isn’t with her and finds it with Akuto, she gets embarrassed after realizing she ran throughout school naked. In Special 3, Akuto finds Keena and Korone has eaten all the rice in the cafeteria and it will soon be lunch time. Korone proceeds to have herself and Keena wear naked apron to cook the rice. Korone purposely gets clumsy to do yuri and stimulating stuff to Keena so Akuto has to hold back the lunch crowd as they misunderstood that he’s taking over their food.

In Special 4, because Akuto accidentally activated a mysterious rice cooker, the entire school is under blizzard so he, Keena, Etou and Junko have to take refuge inside the gym storeroom. Etou takes this opportunity to get close to him giving the naked body warmth as an excuse. Keena joins in and so kiasu Junko eventually has to so as not to lose out. Then Korone comes in and misinterprets their indecent orgy. Poor Akuto gets slapped by Junko. In Special 5, Korone types her report on Akuto. This includes his inability to control his mana, causing it to explode over Junko and the poor girl chased after him through the corridors naked and the time Akuto became a preacher to lecture Keena into attending class. But she turned invisible and escaped. He managed to catch her but was seen as a molester turning on a hapless naked girl. So in the end, Korone tears up her report and decides to take Etou’s advice to sexually seduce Akuto. In Special 6, Kanna, Michiru and Arunuuru ate cookies from Etou. Of course she laced it with black magic rituals so it enhances their sex drive. Guess which guy they targeted? Yup. Poor Akuto has lots of love bites and it took Korone’s pail of water splash and Riri’s punch to knock them out. Akuto returns home and to his horror, Junko and Keena have also eaten those cookies. Gosh. They sound like girls who can’t hold back their desire anymore. This is going to be a long night even if the effects only lasts an hour. When Riri finally finishes her meeting overview, she accidentally bites the cookie. Dang.

I guess the most amusing part is the mid-intermission whereby we see bored Akuto watching TV with the random antics of the girls going about. With the country-picking banjo serving as the background music, by the time it reaches the second half of the mid-intermission, he abruptly switches it off. Yeah, don’t want to watch anymore of their silliness, eh? But for the final quarter of the series, the mid-intermission is replaced by fanservice pose of the girls. And I was beginning to think if this show was lacking the fanservice stuff by showing chibi and short comical mid-intermission skits rather than the sexy babes. Not that I’m sooooooo interested in that but after seeing a girl who has no qualms stripping naked, one who doesn’t hesitate to shamelessly seduce, another who prefers cladding in sexy lingerie in her dark room and a samurai lass who gets flustered half the time, I should’ve expected something more or less like that.

Who says being a Demon Lord is easy? Unless you’re one helluva powerful dude, you’re going to face lots of opposition and resistance. But in a way they are necessary for heroes to exist. It’s like yin and yang, light and shadow. I’m still wondering why they titled the series as so. Is he Demon Lord the furthest behind in terms of his development of relationship with girls? Perhaps if I became such a Demon Lord with my own 2D harem ladies, that won’t be such a bad thing. Do you consider otaku being a future occupation? Just maybe then the title would’ve been renamed Ichiban Shouganai No Daiotaku (The Most Useless Big Otaku).

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