Midori No Hibi

January 27, 2007

Have you ever wanted a girlfriend so bad or have you ever wished you could be together with the girl of your dreams all the time, wherever and whenever? Well literally, that’s possible if you’re connected, as in completely stuck to some body part together. Just like Siamese twins. Same thing here in this anime, Midori No Hibi, but it’s not like the couple really wanted it to turn out that way. Who would anyway.
So how are the couple ‘stuck’, you ask? The girl is fused to the guy’s right hand. Yes. That’s how they’re connected together. It’s like as though you’re doing a puppet show but the puppet is permanently stuck as your right hand and can move, think and feel just like a normal miniaturized person. Thus, it’s quite amusing to see how the 2 try to accept and go on living a normal life throughout this 13 episode series with approximately 30 minutes of air time. Yup, it’s gonna be filled with lots of near misses of comedy, love and romance.
In the first episode, we’re introduced to this 17 year old high school student Seiji ‘Mad Dog’ Sawamura who is the school’s delinquent. He’s such a tough bad ass so much so that it’s either other people fear him or want to pick a bone with him. But Seiji always wins because of his trademark ‘Devil’s Right Hand’. Yup, his right hand does pack a punch and does who got a taste of it wouldn’t want to experience such pain again. Even though Seiji’s a delinquent, he isn’t the kind go round picking fights or causing trouble. In fact, the reason why he fights with other delinquents is to protect the weak. Well, I suppose you have to fight fire with fire.
Unfortunately, being such a strong delinquent has its drawbacks. All of the girls stay as far away from him. And as a growing teenager who’s supposed to be experiencing love and dates at his age, Seiji is quite desperate to have a girlfriend of his own. But all his proposals were rejected by as much as 20 girls! Well, he does have a reputation. Which girl would want to be the girl of a well known delinquent. Think of all the threats and the kidnapping she’ll face because of the other guy’s ego to get even with Seiji. Better not.
Fearing that he would end up with his right hand as his faithful companion, Seiji wishes for a girlfriend. I suppose you must have been quite familiar with the ‘be careful what you wish for or else’ line. Yeah, maybe Seiji wasn’t being specific enough. The next morning when he wakes up, he is in shock and surprise to find a girl named Midori Kasugano, fused to his right hand. Is he still dreaming? Don’t think so. As Seiji tries to come to terms with this new found weirdness, it seems that we learn that Midori too has a secret crush on Seiji, always observing him taking the train to school. So this must be a dream come true for Midori, huh? Well, it would’ve been better if she wasn’t his right hand.
But the reason or how they were fused together wasn’t really clear. Maybe it was explained but I couldn’t remember it. Because of that, another thing is, I wonder how the fused part looks like. Hmmm… I know I may sound like a pervert but aren’t you curious to know and see how? Besides, this series has a little of that breast baring scenes, which took me by surprise at first because I thought it was gonna be some innocent harmless fun. Isn’t Seiji curious to know that part too? Well, that said part is always covered by either Seiji’s sleeves or Midori’s miniature dress. Bummer. Also, another funny thing is that, Midori can seem to drag Seiji if she wants to go somewhere. It’s like Seiji’s flying like his right hand being tied to a rocket as he bumps into things while Midori makes her way. Though it’s quite illogical, but it’s funny at the same time. Where did she get all that strength to move and pull Seiji? Haih… mustn’t think so much.
Of course, Seiji decides to investigate as he heads down to Midori’s residence. My, it’s a bloody big mansion she’s got there. Yeah, a rich girl. And in order not to let other people find out about their weird situation, Seiji bandages Midori to make it as though his right hand is injured. However upon reaching Midori’s house, to his dismay he was told that he can’t see Midori nor her parents because the latter had gone to find a cure for Midori’s disease.
Meanwhile, Seiji’s best buddy and underclassman Osamu Miyahara, telling him those 2 lovely ladies, Miyoko and Yuka are waiting for him back home. Of course, Seiji’s so happy to find out that there’re girls wanting to see him as he rushes home. To cut things short, those 2 girls wanted to take revenge on Seiji because he beat up their boyfriends. While Yuka seduces an unsuspecting Seiji, Miyoko’s gonna hit him with a stick from behind. Midori saw what was happening but couldn’t inform Seiji or else they’ll be found out. Just as Miyoko’s gonna strike, Midori moves and blocks her attack, which hit her head. It may seem like a superb reflex action. And when Seiji realized what was happening, the girls ran away in fear when Seiji took a knife. Actually he’s gonna cut the bandage open to see if Midori’s okay, nothing else. Partly maybe because of his scary facial expressions.
Then some talk between the 2 like are you okay, you shouldn’t do such a thing next time and that kind of stuffs. Though Seiji’s touched by her kindness, he told her that he doesn’t mind them being found out, so long as she doesn’t get hurt. And in her appreciation she hugs and kisses him. Aww… So it’s the start of a weird relationship. People may think you’re mad because you’re having one with your right hand! They may say desperate case too. And you’ll probably guessed it too that though Seiji’s uncomfortable with Midori and treats her coldly sometimes at first, but gradually, he’ll come to like her and the 2 will become quite ‘attached’ to each other. Hahaha. Literally.
Also, I noticed that there’s that grinning fat cat walking here and there at certain scenes in each episode sometimes doing funny stuffs. Though, it has nothing to do with the storyline or the characters, but it’s quite funny to see it such as when it sometimes gets hit (or nearly) by something and things like that.
Episode 2 begins with Midori waking Seiji up and cooking breakfast. Why, she even knitted a dress with the words ‘I Love Seiji’. Of course Seiji isn’t too amused by it and prefers to cover Midori as a bandage and giving an excuse that his right hand was injured in a fight as they leave for school.
We’re then introduced to another character, Shiori Tsukishima (who sounds like Sakura of Da Capo). You’ll also guess that this 10 year old genki kid has that older brother kinda crush on Seiji. She does things to gain his attention but Seiji only views her the most as her little sister. Though she keeps trying still. And that cheeky little brat asked something about Seiji hiding his porn books. Naughty girl.
At school Seiji’s injured right hand has become a hot topic among the students. Yeah, the invincible Devil’s Right Hand has become vulnerable. Another character introduced is Seiji’s class rep, Ayase Takako. That tough girl detests Seiji for his gang life and getting involved in fights and proceeds to tell him off like how he deserves it. But Seiji just ignored her and went to the rooftop. But his quiet time alone there is interrupted when some delinquents appeared at the school’s main gate asking for Seiji to come and fight them.
Ayase who’s happened to be there, thinks she can handle the situation as she told them off. Unfortunately, she’s dealing with delinquents and they’re not easily put off by her words. Instead, they proceed to bully her, slapping and teasing her, much to Ayase’s shock. And to her horror as she’s pleading for other students for help, they all just looked away making donno, like as though they’re afraid of the consequence, which is also true. Suddenly, some cool kick from Seiji on the attacker grabbing Ayase and a fight ensued. Of course Seiji won as they all ran away. And after that incident, you’ll notice that Ayase’s perception of Seiji will change and before you know it, she’ll gradually develop feelings for him!
But Seiji’s trouble isn’t over yet. Those gang members kidnapped Miyahara as a bait to lure Seiji to come fight with them. Ayase, still reeling from that incident, discovers the letter of that said kidnapping and decides to head there to confront Seiji. Upon reaching the place, she is shocked to find that Seiji’s not fighting back but instead getting beat up by those guys. But the gang leader eventually told his cronies to stop as it was no fun to beat up people who’s not fighting back as they leave. Miyahara asked why didn’t Seiji fight back. He replied that if he does, then the next time they’ll kidnap other people to do the same thing. Violence begets violence. Ayase’s impressed by Seiji’s words. Oh, you can tell that she’s falling for him. That’s because the next day, she moves her desk closer and next to Seiji’s. You see, though Seiji sits at the back of the class, there’s quite a gap between his seat and the rest. The other students moved their seats away from Seiji fearing his reputation, but he doesn’t care less about it. At the same time, Midori notices that Ayase has a crush on Seiji and looks worried.
Later Seiji heads over to Midori’s house again but meets up with Midori’s childhood friend, Kouta Shingyoji, and this time he manages to get when Midori’s mom, Haruka, invites him in. Seiji is a little surprised to know that Midori’s mom knew his name because she knows Midori has a crush on him. And as she proceeds to take Seiji into Midori’s room, we can see lots of Seiji’s photos next to her bed. We also see Midori in a comatose like state, lying motionless on her bed. Haruka’s weeping as she told Seiji stuffs but Midori seems not wanting to let her mom know of her situation because she wants to continue being with Seiji like this, even if it’s in this weird form.
Then this is the funny part. As Haruka went out to get tea, Seiji opens the blanket of the comatose Midori. To his shock (and mine) he saw the naked body of Midori! What the? Why was she naked in the first place? Couldn’t somebody put some pyjamas on her? Just then, Haruka and their maid came in and saw what was happening. They’re thinking that Seiji’s a pervert and chased him out. Big misunderstanding. Now not only he has that delinquent reputation, but a perverted one as well. Back at Seiji’s home, some talk about Midori sad to see her mom like that. And at the end of most of the episodes, we can see Midori writing in her diary and reflecting on things that has happened for the day.
In episode 3, Seiji gets an unexpected visitor, his elder sister Rin. She’s quite a wacky character. A former leader of some biker gang (yeah, she still commands a fleet of loyal and ‘dumb’ bikers), this loud mouth sister loves bullying, embarrassing Seiji, making his life a real hell, and also stealing his allowances. Though she may seem so, but actually she’s quite protective of him. Well, I guess she does show her love to her little bro in a different way.
Rin’s unexpected return causes Seiji to panic a little. Plus, Rin’s suspecting that Seiji may have a girl living in the house. So Seiji tries his best to hide Midori from being found out. Unfortunately, during some struggle to take Seiji’s allowance, Rin saw Midori and freaked out. And as Rin find out more about Midori, it seems like the 2 can click. Soon, Rin’s biker gang arrives to greet her and Rin thinks it’s a perfect time to go to the hot springs. And it’s on Seiji’s. Bummer.
So at the hot spring inn, the usual having fun, eating, getting drunk (Rin in particular). With Rin getting bored, her biker members do silly antics to entertain her, but Rin doesn’t seem amused. Then suddenly, Rin decides to show Midori to them all by revealing Seiji’s hand, much to Seiji and Midori’s shock. Oh no. Is their secret’s gonna be discovered. But those guys are real idiots, thinking that it’s only a doll, even though it’s so life like, pinching and pressing her. Be still Midori, be still.
Then Midori and Rin had some time together in the hot spring. I guess it can’t be help since Seiji’s attached to her. So the barriers quite close. Midori finds out more about Seiji’s childhood like how Rin taught Seiji to fight. Some flashbacks of how Seiji stands up for the weak. His fighting improved so much so that other people start fearing him. But knowing this, Midori loves Seiji even more.
As the gang head back after that refreshing bath, Rin assures Midori that Seiji will be all right since Midori’s around. Back at home, while taking a bath, Seiji laments that nothing has changed since that hot spring incident. But Midori disagrees, saying that she now knew Seiji’s other side which she didn’t before. Then another funny part. As Seiji hurries away, his towel drop, revealing his lower half to Midori. She screams and says how that part of Seiji she didn’t want to know. Well, I guess, since Seiji saw hers earlier on, I guess it’s okay to see his, right?
Seiji decides to buy some miniature dress for Midori after some ice cream they were having fell on the latter’s only dress in episode 4. It was such a weird situation. A tough delinquent within a store filled with otaku geeks. Better get out fast before anybody mistakes you for being a sissy. Uh-huh, a lot of those miniature clothes and stuffs to cater for those miniature dolls. This is really obsessed and freaky. But too bad, some guy recognizes Seiji and is glad that he is here. Who’s he? He’s Shuuichi Takamizawa (Takky for short), Seiji’s classmate. But the thing is, Seiji doesn’t really remember him as his classmate, much to Takamizawa’s chagrin.
Seiji found out even more scarier stuffs on Takamizawa. He’s a real doll obsessed freak and is particularly obsessed with a doll named Marin-chan. Then a funny part where Seiji imagines some ‘horror’ scene of ‘Takky No Hibi’ (hahaha). Throughout the series, there’re several of this short film-like imagination whereby it’s like a bit of horror and the ‘film’ is left hanging in the end (with the suspense indicating that the ‘inevitable’ may happen). Then you could see the credits rolling really fast and the most hilarious part is that the director, editor, producer and all its other production are done by the same person! HAHAHA! So funny.
And because Seiji becomes paranoid by that imagination, he accidentally knocked Takamizawa out cold and he’s scoffing at all the other otakus who saw them. Meanwhile back at Midori’s home, Haruka and Kouta engaged in some conversation about how Kouta notices Midori likes Seiji. Next day during class, Seiji’s a little surprised that Takamizawa’s ignoring him and like making donno of that incident yesterday. But later, he finds a note from Takamizawa asking him to meet him at the school’s rooftop. And what’s with that Ayase daydreaming about giving Seiji her lunch. Oops. Too late. He’s gone.
At the rooftop, Takamizawa tells Seiji that he wants to see the doll on his right hand. Seiji refuses but Midori says she can act like one for a while. As Takamizawa inspects and is complementing the life-like doll, Midori suddenly sneezes. Of course Takamizawa would sense something amiss. Seiji tries to cover up but fails. Eventually Seiji flees. So the next few scenes see how Takamizawa tries to find out more about Midori such as sending her some new clothes so that he could see ‘the doll’s’ manufacturer when Seiji changes its clothes. But too bad Seiji shuts the curtains close.
Until Seiji and Takamizawa bumps into each other again causing Midori to scream. Now Takamizawa knows that ‘the doll’ isn’t actually a doll. He threatens to expose Seiji this unless he allows him to take some photos of Midori. A reluctant Seiji agrees. And at the park as Midori tries some outfit for the photo shoot, Takamizawa notices how happy she is and asked her to be with him so that he can give her more clothes to wear. But Midori declines and says that she only wants to be with Seiji (and you know the other reason why cannot lah). Takamizawa felt depressed (dumped!) but Seiji cheered him up by saying that he could be Midori’s friend. A revived and happy Takamizawa decides to show his gratefulness by letting Midori wear some lingerie outfit, much to Seiji’s anger, after which Seiji pounded him so much so Takamizawa had a little amnesia of what has happened. What a way to lose your short term memory. Maybe people who want to forget some recent embarrassment can do what Seiji does. But then again, it isn’t guaranteed. Hehe.
In episode 5, Seiji seems to be the target of his P.E. teacher, Nishida’s wrath. That’s because he’s late for school and jumped over the school gate and landed on Nishida’s face. Seiji’s day is gonna take a turn for the worst when he’s sleeping in class and Midori’s trying to wake him up, only to find an annoyed Seiji scolding her. Because of that, the teacher asked him to stand outside the class. Then in the toilet, Seiji complains how he has to use his left hand to do things when Midori says she’ll help him pee (so daring!). Just then, somebody knocks on the cubicle Seiji’s in. Though Seiji says he’s still using it, the persistent knocking made Seiji curious to know who is it. Why, it’s Nishida as he kicks him out and uses the cubicle himself. This means war.
During P.E. class, Seiji decides to sit out in order not to let other people discover his right hand. What’s this? A different personality Takamizawa who’s so good at volleyball. Looks like he’s back to his old self when the volleyball hits his face. Meanwhile, Nishida told Seiji that he won’t get credit P.E. class if he doesn’t participate. But Seiji says his right hand’s injured. Nishida doesn’t care saying that he still has his left as Seiji proceeds to do push-ups with only his left hand. Wah. Can match Bruce Lee liao.
Back at home, Seiji mistakenly drinks one of Rin’s tequila and passes out, forcing Midori to do lots of stuffs herself, which is quite taxing. It’s quite funny to see her ‘lame puppet show’ as she tries to move an unconscious Seiji in front of the pizza delivery guy, freaking the latter out eventually. The next day, Midori’s sick having exert herself previously. Seiji in a panic tries to take care of her because Midori insists of going to the hospital like buying groceries and stuffs.
Ayase is thinking of using that excuse of bringing him notes for the class he missed as a chance to get closer to Seiji. Yeah, another hilarious perfect couple daydreaming. Unfortunately, she’s lost and can’t find his house. Till she meets Shiori and asked her for directions to his house. But after Shiori heard and presumes that Ayase may be Seiji’s girlfriend, she got jealous and took those notes from Ayase and says she’ll deliver it to him himself before running off, much to Ayase’s dismay. And before you know it, Shiori’s gone and Ayase’s still lost. But when Shiori passes the notes to him, Seiji immediately took the notes and asked her to go home. No time to talk, he needs to nurse Midori.
Even though Midori’s recovered the next day, at school Nishida isn’t too impressed of Seiji missing yesterday’s P.E. class and decides to punish him by forcing him to do 100 chin-ups with his left hand. We see a determined Seiji, not giving up easily. Midori’s worried but knew Seiji could do it. As Seiji’s going for the last one, his weakened left hand slips. Is it going to be over? Not yet, Midori manages to grab the bar. It may seem normal to other people using your right hand to do so. Some talk of determination and persistence. Eventually, Seiji completes his punishment, much to Nishida’s surprise but still not impressed. He tells Seiji that he’s very reliant on his right hand, which Seiji agrees in his mind. The next day, as Seiji’s running late again for school and since it’s raining, Midori offers to carry the umbrella so he could run easily, which Seiji happily accepts. See the power of teamwork.
Episode 6 focuses on Shiori. And I felt that this was her only most prominent appearance and role throughout the entire series. After that, I felt that her role was reduced to less than a side character. In this episode, Shiori’s not too happy and causing her fuss about her step mom. Yeah, her biological mom had passed away some time ago and her dad remarried again. But unlike most step moms, this one is quite responsible, caring and sweet. So why doesn’t Shiori like her? She’s got this perception that no one could replace her actual mom. Though she even admits all her step mom’s good points. Haih, kids these days.
Seiji felt a little sympathy for Shiori decides to accompany her. And what a surprise it must be for Ayase when he saw Seiji with Shiori together. Does he like little girls? Anyway, part of Seiji’s day with Shiori included some embarrassing loss to her in some Street Fighter video game. But when Shiori thought Seiji got better when he finally beat her, she realized that it was actually Rin. And after mocking and teasing Seiji for losing to girls not only in dating but this as well, she decides to make his life even miserable by telling Shiori about her crush on Seiji, much to Shiori’s dismay. Yup, Rin decides to ‘tutor’ Shiori so that she could win Seiji’s heart, in which Shiori agrees.
Soon, as Shiori’s parents came to pick her up, Shiori caused a fuss by showing that rude behaviour of hers even though her step mom’s trying to reason and be kind to her. The next day in class, Ayase decides to go wake up Seiji so that she could give him a ticket to watch a movie together. But due to some weird unintentional ‘scaring’ towards Midori, Ayase decides to put off her plan when Seiji awakes.
Back at home, Seiji is surprised to find Shiori in his house in a traditional Japanese housewife outfit. It’s actually part of Rin’s scheme to have a good laugh at it all (Seiji doesn’t know his sis in the house). But with failed attempts, Shiori desperately heads to where Rin is hiding and asked her for more advice. Yeah, some change into several silly cosplay costumes. When Seiji has had enough of it, Midori thinks that it might be Rin’s doing, finds and confronts her in her room. But Rin played dumb. Some argument about Seiji telling her Shiori’s depressing situation but Rin replies that what Seiji’s doing may be breaking her heart. Seiji pretends that he doesn’t care and decides to go take a bath, only to find Shiori there with only a towel. He takes her out and rushes to Rin’s room and they both started arguing.
Shiori cries when they did so and told them to stop. Then she wonders if Seiji would like little girls since he always see her that way. Then Rin says that isn’t true as she says that Seiji likes a girl even smaller than her and proceeds to take Seiji’s right hand, showing Midori. To Shiori’s shock, she fainted. Rin then satisfied with her last laugh casually walks out, letting Seiji to deal with the ‘aftermath’. But good thing is, Seiji manages to convince that it was all a dream once Shiori wakes up.
Just then Shiori’s step mom arrives to pick her home for dinner. Shiori again displays her rude and cold behaviour saying how she wants to stay here and not go home and how she’s doing this just to please her dad. Some irrational and harsh words from Shiori as her step mom’s try to patiently reason with her. In the end, her step mom slaps Shiori and cried why is she doing this to her. Seiji steps in and tells Shiori that if she didn’t really care for her, she wouldn’t have cried like that. Shiori realizes her mistake that she has gone overboard and soon apologizes and repents. Before you know it, the 2 made up and went home to start things anew. That’s so much for Shiori’s part. Later at the school park, Ayase decides to ask Seiji out to a movie since she has an extra ticket. Of course Seiji wanted to see the movie and accepts, much to Midori’s horror.
So episode 7 is more on how Ayase tries her best to date (yup, some ‘Get Seiji’ plan) an unsuspecting Seiji while Midori tries to sabotage Ayase from getting closer without blowing her identity. She must be real desperate, putting up all those make-up, much to Midori’s horror when they met at the train station. Also, in this episode, we’ll see lots of Ayase’s wild imaginations and there’d be that glittering star shining in her eyes after that. So funny. Part of Ayase’s efforts include faking her fall so that Seiji could catch her. But instead Colonel Sanders of KFC did. Haha. Also Ayase has memorised the movie that they’re gonna watch so that she could scream and grab Seiji. You know lah, Midori screamed first, causing her plan to backfire. And the part where Ayase’s rubbing Seiji’s right hand and when Seiji found out, he replaced it with an old man’s sitting nearby.
Then there’s that stroll in the park which resembles that movie Sleepless In Seattle. Only thing is, the reason for Seiji staring her that way was because there’s a spider on Ayase’s shoulder. She freaked out. Anyway, Ayase asked Seiji to come over to her place since her parents are not in. Why did Seiji agreed? Because it means free food! This guy. Hang in there Midori. Back in Ayase’s room, Seiji notices a picture of Ayase and himself in the background, causing Ayase to feel a little panic and say it was just a coincidence he was in it.
Ayase then told Seiji that she’ll be taking a bath. The reason being, she wants Seiji to peek at her nice body and in hopes that one thing will lead to another. Desperate case. But Seiji’s reading and enjoying Ayase’s manga collections and he only went to call her because he smell something burning. That’s right. She’s cooking something and totally forgotten about it. In her hurry and panic, she ran out naked and bumped into Seiji. Before you know it, Ayase faints. Can’t take the ‘pressure’?
When Ayase comes to, she finds herself alone and clothed. Seiji left a note saying how he enjoyed his stay and that he brought her unconscious body back to her room and put some clothes on. I’m surprised he didn’t do anything hentai. Maybe Midori’s there. As Seiji and Midori walked home, Midori tells Seiji how kind-hearted he was in helping Ayase, causing Seiji to blush. Looks like you need to tell this dumb guy straight and direct rather than to go through all these to express one’s love. And I think because of that Midori’s pretty satisfied with how the way things turned out.
Both Seiji and Midori get a taste of what’s like to be in the other’s shoes in episode 8. What do I mean? They both somehow mysteriously trade places. Seiji wakes up one morning to find that he has become a miniature self and Midori’s right hand! Is this a dream? Nope. So the usual helter-skelter as the 2 try to come to terms of what has just happened. Yup, Seiji experiences first hand like how he himself is being bandaged by Midori so that they won’t be found out. Also, the breakfast that Seiji cooks looks way disastrous than before.
Plus, since it’s a cold day, Midori needs to quickly find a suitable sized shirt before Seiji freezes. Too bad, up till now they only have Midori’s miniature clothes. Seiji suggests to go to that otaku figurine shop. But in the meantime, he has to wear that "I Love Seiji" dress. At the shop while Midori lets Seiji tries various outfits, some perverted guy is gonna use his handphone to take some perverted pictures on an unsuspecting Midori. Seiji saw this coming but is afraid that their position will be known if he takes action. In addition, Midori is too caught up in the excitement to notice Seiji’s warnings.
After the pervert too a panty snapshot, he is grabbed by Takamizawa who caught him in the act. Takamizawa manages to delete that picture. The pervert felt embarrassed and flees. Soon Takamizawa collapsed and that was just an act which he mustered up all his courage to do so. Yeah, previously he was scared of doing it but eventually decides to because it was the right thing. Midori thanked him and leaves the shop. Then Takamizawa remembers faintly about Midori’s secret.
The next day, Midori and Seiji returned to the over crowded otaku shop. When Midori suggests that they make a shirt of their own rather than buy one, Seiji felt annoyed because he doesn’t want to wear one of those lovey-dovey message shirts she make. But they’re being interrupted by Midori’s classmate, Iwasaki, who’s glad to see Midori healthy again since she’s being absent from school for quite a while. Soon the 2 had some ‘catch-up’ conversations like how Iwasaki telling her which classmates of theirs got a boyfriend already and such. Midori realized then how the world is moving forward while her comatose body lay still in her room. Seiji felt guilty about obstructing Midori’s future as Midori cries.
Unfortunately, the next time they wake up, the whole thing has been reverted back to Midori being Seiji’s right hand. Midori’s wondering if it was a dream, but Seiji says that he’d experienced the same thing too. So some talk about how they realized lots of things and how they get to know and understand each other better. In the end, Midori felt that she shouldn’t feel that she’s a bother to Seiji as that would be a bother to him.
The next episode is a Takky’s episode. Takamizawa is really trying hard to remember Midori in episode 9. He manages to restore those memories back when he bumps into a cupboard which drops out several photo shots of Midori previously taken in the park. On the streets, Seiji sensed that he’s being followed and finds out that it’s Takamizawa, who then shows them an official website for Midori. And Takamizawa blackmails Seiji that he’ll close the website down only if he helps him out.
Yup, looks like Seiji and Midori has been dragged to some local anime convention and Takamizawa has a booth of his own. Not only that, he has also created Midori dolls to be sold! Though Seiji isn’t impressed and kicks him, eventually Midori decides to help him out. It seems the sales of the Midori dolls are hot. So much so that it is sold out and there are still people who wants to buy them.
Then they spot the real Midori and decides to bid to buy ‘the most exclusive Midori doll’ version. As the bidding increases, Seiji gets mad and told off the crowd that this one isn’t for sale. Then some famous otaku guy, who’s also the highest bidder, was so impressed by Seiji’s determination of being a true otaku and stuffs like that, ends up just taking a group photo with Seiji and Midori.
Later as Seiji and Midori were shopping for food, Takamizawa bumped into them and asked them for their help again. He says that there’s a seemingly kind and gentle girl he likes but don’t know how to approach her. Seiji doesn’t care nor does he wants to get involve but reluctantly agrees after some persuasion from Midori. In the city, they saw the girl Takamizawa has a crush on, and noticed how she looked so similar to Marin-chan. Then another hilarious ‘Takky No Hibi’ imagination where they imagined Takamizawa kidnaps her and dresses her up as Marin-chan and other anime costumes. Hahaha. So Seiji decides to help Takamizawa so that he can sabotage his plans of getting to know her.
Thus, Seiji dresses up Takamizawa like a gangster in order to show that girl that he can impress her if he looks tough. But actually he’s hoping that the girl would get scared and run away. As Takamizawa approaches and get to know her, she suddenly seems to enjoy his company. Seiji, worried that the worse may soon happen, decides to dress himself up as a gangster to show how Takamizawa’s a wimp and a coward by scaring him. And during the ‘act’, as Seiji confronts Takamizawa, that girl suddenly became violent and starts beating up Seiji, asking him not to lay a finger on Takamizawa, much to Seiji’s shock. Still waters run deep. But after Takamizawa witnessed it, he has second thoughts about the girl, becomes afraid of her and decides to run away. Looks like she’s a completely different girl from Takamizawa’s view. Yup, his Marin-chan is still the best. And that girl’s really fallen for him. Poor Seiji. A delinquent getting beat up.
Kouta is having those childhood flashback of himself and Midori in episode 10. Uh-huh, some Snow White fairytale whereby a sleeping Midori is awaken by Prince Seiji. Meanwhile back in reality, Miyahara and Seiji are in some karaoke room with some girls. Seiji doesn’t know that one of the girls there is Ayase in disguise. Plus Ayase thinks that it’s best not to let Seiji know that it is her since she doesn’t want him to come to a conclusion that she likes to flirt. Then Ayase’s friends force her to play some game whereby she and Seiji would have to eat some Pocky stick at their ends until their mouths meet. Uh-huh. And looks like Seiji’s scary perverted face scared Ayase too much that she punched him away and left the place.
The next day, Seiji sensed that he’s being followed. Nope, no Takamizawa this time. It’s actually Kouta. But because Seiji looked tough, Kouta’s scared to go talk to him. But after school, Kouta manages to face Seiji at the train station and end up having some chat at a cafe. Something on how Midori has a crush on Seiji and she was too shy to express herself, bla bla bla. Kouta then asked Seiji to come to Midori’s house. But Seiji says he can’t right now after Midori refused. Seiji asked if Kouta likes Midori. He denies and says that he is only concerned for her. Er… doesn’t that amount to a crush in a way? And there’s that ‘complementary insult’ from Kouta when says how different Seiji is as he thought that he would’ve bashed him up and do all those gangster stuffs to him if he said something offensive.
Then some flashback about Midori and Iwasaki about how the latter ask if Midori has anyone she likes but Midori just blushes. Some ‘lecture’ like if you don’t do it will never happen. Also we see Midori’s hesitation in confessing to Seiji at the train station. Back to present time, we see Midori reflects on things like how she’s thankful to have a friend like Kouta who’s concerned for her. I felt that this episode was a little boring at the end. But I supposed it’s a build-up towards the storyline since we’re pretty close the end.
Seiji’s having a tough time studying for the upcoming exams in episode 11. Yup, he even asked Midori to take the exams for him. Of course she refused. Then Seiji suggests to play some rock, scissors, paper game whereby the loser must do what ever the winner says. Unfortunately, Seiji can’t seem to beat Midori. And according to the rules, he can’t back out now. Plus, Midori wants him to tell her that he likes her, even if he doesn’t mean it. Seiji’s got a hard time saying it. Sounds like somebody stammering "Su… su… su…". Of course he didn’t manage to do it, much to Midori’s disappointment. And since he can’t say it, Midori just said it herself that she likes Seiji, causing him to be embarrassed.
Back at Midori’s house, we see Haruka hiring lots of shamans and bomohs to try and cure her daughter’s disease, but to no avail. Yeah, it’s a multi-cultural gathering, from China to Native America. Also at the same time, Ayase’s spacing out over that ‘near-kiss’ incident at the karaoke room. Seiji’s face still looked funnily scary. Anyway, as part of her new plan to get close to Seiji, she decides to give him her notebook so that she could help him study. Unfortunately, Seiji just took it and nothing much happens. He didn’t even ask her for help. So much for that elaborate imagination of hers.
Kouta has an idea to make Seiji visit Midori. Since he can’t find him, Kouta assumes that a group of gangsters at the school gate are Seiji’s pals and approached them. Yeah, those 3 gangsters are actually sworn enemies of Seiji. And when they asked Kouta what made him think that they’re Seiji’s friends, Kouta said that it’s because of their gangster looks, which he prematurely associates with Seiji. Those gangsters then decides to kidnap Kouta in order to make Seiji come and fight them.
In the meantime, Seiji and Midori are having some delicious meal at some restaurant when Miyahara comes rushing in, saying that Kouta has been kidnapped. Seiji decides to go help. At the abductor’s place, Kouta seems to be sneering them when they decided to shut him up by duct taping his mouth and stripping him to his underwear. As Seiji arrives and fights them, because he can’t use his right hand, he’s easily overpowered by them. Until Midori decides to help by hitting them with bowling pins. Seiji then managed to knock those guys out flat. Unfortunately, Kouta saw the whole thing. Yeah, the whole thing whereby Midori’s fused to Seiji’s right hand. In his horror and shock, he fainted.
Episode 12 begins with Midori apologizing to Kouta for getting involved in that gangster fight. But Kouta doesn’t mind all that. He’s worried about Haruka who’s quite worried about Midori. Though Kouta wants Midori to tell her mom about her condition, Seiji suggests that he keep this a secret. Back in Midori’s room, a native American Shaman tells Haruka that Midori’s spirit doesn’t want to come back yet. Only when Midori knows what she wants, would her spirit returned to her body. So they have no choice but to just wait for her spirit to return. And at some cafe, Ayase is having some outing with her friends. She’s still denying to them about liking ‘that guy’ in that near-kissing incident. Not being true to her feelings, huh.
Meanwhile, Midori knits a scarf for Seiji, who’s quite delighted to receive it. But Midori realized that no matter how long she stays with him this way, Seiji will only see her as his right hand. Later that night when she wants to show Seiji her completed scarf, only to find Seiji sleeping. So more of those reflections and realizations from Midori as she writes in her diary. When she realized that the reason that she became Seiji’s right hand was because she doesn’t want to leave him, she wonders if it’s okay to stay like this forever. Before she goes to sleep, she take a look at Seiji’s sleeping face. Then, Midori disappears…
In the middle of the night, Seiji wakes up because he felt the warmth of Midori’s knitted scarf. Then it hit him. Midori’s gone and his right hand is back to normal. In his frenzy, he searched high and low in his house for Midori, but she wasn’t anywhere to be found. The next day, Seiji’s trying to convince himself that having his right hand back isn’t so bad. You’ll feel that there’s this ‘reluctant-for-Midori-to-leave’ kinda feeling and spacing out. And looks like back at Midori’s house, Midori has awaken in her real body with her mom very happy about it.
Seiji decides to forget distract his mind on that by looking at some porn stuffs with Miyahara. He even yelled at Ayase when she told him that his right hand seemed better. After the duo came out of the shop, it seems that the gangsters who abducted Kouta are back, this time they brought more friends of theirs along to beat up Seiji. He tells Miyahara to run away and proceeds to beat up all of them. While Miyahara’s running away, he bumped into Ayase and told her about Seiji’s location and situation.
Although, Seiji managed to beat everyone flat with the return of his ‘Devil’s Right Hand’, he seems upset when he saw it bruised and bleeding. Ayase arrives and asked Seiji if he’s okay. But Seiji’s in bad mood and tells her it’s none of her business. Then Ayase proceeds to hug Seiji and confesses that she loves him and wants to know what he thinks. Seiji’s really in the shock of his life. Back at Midori’s room, she’s looking out her window forlornly.
So the final episode 13 starts off with a shock Seiji after hearing Ayase’s confession. But Seiji says sorry to her. Ayase then asks if there’s someone else he likes. Seiji denies but mentions that how he’s always with a certain person and since now that the person is gone, it’s kinda annoying. Ayase then tells him straight that he’s actually in love. Yeah, more of those ‘lecturing’ which will make Seiji realized things. In a way, Ayase’s been ‘dumped’ but she felt satisfied that things between her and Seiji have cleared. Looks like she’s given up.
Kouta visits Midori in her room but is surprised to hear from Haruka that Midori doesn’t remember anything during her unconsciousness. Initially Kouta wanted to tell the whole thing to her but decides not to. Midori believed she went to some place happy but regrets that while she was in coma, she has caused her mother to worry so much.
Back at Seiji’s home, more of that ‘I’m-used-to-Midori-as-my-right-hand’ situation as he’s also gotten used to using his left hand to do things as he goes through objects Midori used to use in his house. Rin then comes in with some buns that she bought for Midori. However to Rin’s surprise, she beats up Seiji to get more information about Midori’s disappearance when she gets to know Seiji got his right hand back. Then that usual ‘you should go after her’ but that indecisive and uncertainty show of attitude, which pisses of Rin as she continues to pound Seiji. So Seiji decides to go upstairs to his room. There he read Midori’s diary and began to understand things from her point of view when she was his right hand.
The next day, Seiji’s at Midori’s front gate and was unsure whether to talk to Midori or not when Kouta arrives. Upon seeing him, Kouta tells him that Midori has awaken in her real body but lost her memory. Knowing this, Seiji decides not to give Midori’s diary to Kouta as he thought it would be better for her to move on and not remember what has happened. At the same time, Midori and her maid was standing on the balcony when Midori caught a glimpsed of Seiji but can’t seem to remember him though she keeps staring at him like as though she’s seen and met him somewhere before.
Midori’s like gonna collapse into a coma again when Haruka comes in, much to her horror. Looks like Midori’s gonna lose it when she says how lonely she was and how she wants to go back to that happy place again. Then her mother tried to talk some sense into her which made Midori realized things and proceed to go after Seiji. Haruka and the maid tried to stop her but Kouta tells them that it’s best to let Midori solve this problem on her own.
Midori can’t seem to find Seiji while she’s running about through town and can’t find him at his usual places. Meanwhile Seiji’s at some park sulking and after hearing some nearby kids about some banana ice-cream made him remembered about the times he spent with Midori. He sat near the fountain and began to read Midori’s diary. Yup, it’s like what she and Seiji have been doing all this while from that hot spring to that chin-up punishment. Later when Midori arrives at the fountain, Seiji’s no longer there. But Seiji returns to get some drink from the vending machine and the 2 met for the first time face to face as 2 different bodies. While Midori tries to muster all her courage to confess her feelings, Seiji just stood there dumbfounded, unable to say anything.
Soon Midori manages to confess to Seiji but the latter says he already knew, that he has been watching her instead of how he knew it before hand, much to Midori’s surprise. And it’s quite a beautiful scene as the 2 watch over the city while it started snowing. And it ended with the next day, Seiji and Midori walking together as a couple to school with the rest of their family and friends looking on.
Overall, this is quite a nice anime. But I heard that since it was adapted from the manga, there’re quite a few differences. Therefore, some viewers didn’t like the way how the anime cramped several chapters into 1 episode and also left out several others. Which means, that the character developments for other characters besides Seiji and Midori in this anime has been ‘cast aside’. Yeah, once you think about it, there isn’t much for the rest. Well, I guess it couldn’t be help if it’s such a short anime. It was a good thing that Seiji and Midori manage to be true to their feelings and be with each other. In the end of it, a loser would somehow win at least once.
So this is another case of ‘getting use to’ and ‘adapting’ to things which may seem troublesome at first. And as you spend too much time with some time, there’s this invisible bond created. It was quite an amusing thing to see Seiji being the ‘oddly paired’ with Midori. Not what they both wanted exactly, but we see how they learn and accept things from each other. Maybe life should just be like that too.
I love those humourous parts especially those short theatrical imaginations. And the they used ‘Days’ instead of ‘Episodes’ in reference to the episode number, just like how the chapters are referred to in the manga. The drawing, art, animation and voice acting are all okay. Just like the storyline too, if you don’t mind a little exaggerated and nude parts, then this anime is quite worthwhile to watch.
One thing I’d like to note is that initially, I thought Midori’s name meant green. But when I saw the writing, it’s actually 2 words meaning ‘beautiful bird’. Yeah, some verbal conjugation there which turned ‘tori’ into ‘dori’. See, this is what happens when you’re illiterate or not well informed/knowledgeable. You tend to assume things. At least now I know.
So the one thing that still bugs me was how did Midori ended up as Seiji’s right hand. But I suppose some things are best left unexplained. And next time if you really wish to be 24/7 with your loved one, you’d better think twice or else. But even so if it ever happens, I think it’s better to have it as your hand rather than on your shoulder or any other parts. That’ll be just plain weird.
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