Kodomo No Omocha

March 24, 2006

I’ve only actually watched episode 1 and 4 of Kodocha. So this blog may be a little premature and inaccurate. But this is what I’ve concluded so far after watching just 2 episodes of this hillarious anime.
We’re first introduced to this fifth grader girl, Sana Kurata, who leads a charmed life. That’s because she’s the main star of her own tv show called Child’s Toy. Yeah, to have such a popular show at such a tender young age pand because of this she’s quite well known throughout the country.
The first episode starts off as Sana panicking because she got up late for school. And from that scene you’ll probably guess that she’s really the scatterbrained kind of girl. In other words, ‘chicken back-side’. With that high pitch voice and fast pace talking, she does fit that description pretty well. Plus she likes to sing/rap and make up her own lyrics with that weird musical instrument recorder/mixer to relieve some stress before bedtime.
Then there’s her mother, who’s a famous award-wining writer, who also wears some weird hair headset in which a squirrel lives in! Sometimes she’s strict, sometimes she’s just fooling around, but she does love her little girl very much and vice versa.
Also there’s Rei, who Sana acknowledged as his manager, chauffeur, boyfriend and pimp. A pimp?! I wonder if Sana actually knows the meaning of that word. But Rei too accepts this. Hope he doesn’t turn into a paedophile. Always wearing that cool sunglasses, anyone would feel safe when he’s behind the wheel. Yeah, he drives slower than a walking person!
In school, she tries to bring order to her classroom. Her class is really havoc. I mean, it’s typical you know, boys are the naughty ones whereas the girls are the goody-two-shoes but can’t do anything about it. So it’s usually up to Sana to stop the boys’ ruckus, who is being led by the quiet and lone-wolf type Akito Hayama (who reminds me of Dylan of Mirmo De Pon). He’s her biggest concern and views him as his main arch-enemy in keeping the peace.
Why don’t the teachers do anything about it, you asked? Well, that’s because, Akito has got them in a tight spot too (at least their class teacher). He has some embarrasing photo about them and threatens to reveal it if they don’t comply with his wishes. So young already so bad-ass. But you couldn’t completely blame him as he’s got a rough life too as you’ll later find out in the series.
Because of this Sana embarks on a mission to wrest the photos back from Akito. But in some weird twist of events, Sana manage to take a photo of Akito in an embarrasing situation, turning the tables on him. With this, now it’s Sana’s turn to blackmail Akito, making him handing over those photos and apologizing to the girls he bullied, plus making him quit his menace. I can’t believe he gave up so easily. So how does all his gang members feel? Shocked at first. This prompted one of his members to unofficially take over as the new leader after viewing him as becoming a ‘wimp‘. But that didn’t last long as Akito still prooves that he’s still got what it takes to survive by landing that 1 punch deathblow.
If you thought that everything has become normal again, think again. Now this time Sana is worried about Akito’s character as you know he always keep to himself and shows no expression whatsoever. Yeah, Sana likes to help people but being busybody, nosy and meddling into other people’s business is another. But I guess she’s the I-really-really-really care kind of girl and would go to any great lengths to help one out.
I read and casually browse through the episode summaries and got to know that Sana and Akhito actually became a couple later on. Hmm… Very odd. Two people with two very contrasting personalities become an item? Very strange indeed. But I’m sure there’ll be lots to laugh at with Sana’s incessant yapping and her nosiness getting her into all sorts of situations. Sighs… Wish I could’ve watch more of this anime. Could the local TV station please air this anime soon!!! Oh well, that may be fallen on deaf ears.
Oh yeah… what’s with that Babbit character? Looks like a cross between a bat and a rabbit and narrates the storyline as well. Hear that it’s also to provide some comical relief and sometimes serious advice to watchers.

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