Chokotto Sister

February 28, 2009

I’m sure we all have out own wish and desires for what we want for Christmas presents. Most of them are material stuffs, right? So what happens if you really wished for a Christmas gift which is, well, let’s just say it isn’t one of those whereby you can go to any store and easily pick and choose something which you like. In the case of Chokotto Sister, how about always having a wish for a little sister as a Christmas present? Sounds like an ecchi anime series, don’t you think?
It isn’t totally an ecchi series but it has a little fanservice for those who love cute loli girls. So is it still considered to be an ecchi show? Well erm… more like drama-romance-comedy with slice of life and a little fanservice. Okay, okay. So there are both elements. So those with loli fetish may look forward to this series.
Anyway let’s get back to the main story. In this 24 episode anime series, our main protagonist, a university student named Haruma Kawagoe, who is living by all himself in a manor called Tsubaki Manor in Tokyo. Seems like a pretty normal guy to me. You see, when he was a little kid, he was so looking forward to have a little sister when his mom was pregnant with one. As a kid, it’s understandable that he is portraying such eagerness as he can’t wait for the day to play and look after their family’s new addition. However, his innocence and world came crumbling down when his mom suffered a miscarriage. Furthermore, since his mom underwent some operation, this made her unable to conceive anymore children, making Haruma the only child. So he prayed real hard to God for one. Very hard. If only all of us could pray like that from the bottom of our hearts.
As seen in episode 1, Haruma wakes up one Christmas morning to find a Santarina delivering him a present. Yikes! This is no ordinary Santarina! She’s wearing sunglasses and riding on a hovering motorbike just outside his window! Has Santa Claus turn hi-tech? Probably Haruma is still blur from his slumber as the Santarina tosses his Christmas present. What is it? A little sister, that is! All nicely wrapped in a big bag. Apparently Santarina too has take after some commercial procedures like a courier because Santarina makes Haruma sign some documents to say he has received the gift. So why did it take many years for his gift to come true? Something about making a sister takes a longer time than most presents. So is she factory made? I mean, a child can’t grow up in size in an instant, right? Before Haruma realizes it, Santarina rides off into the sky. I wonder what happened to good old reindeer pulling sleigh. Got to keep up with modern times I suppose.
Haruma opens his present as she starts to come to life. Uh huh. She instantly calls him ‘onii-chan’ (big brother). Not wanting to break the heart of this cute little girl, Haruma decides to agree with her that she is his little sister, delighting her. She tries to do some cooking for breakfast but makes a mess out of it. Haruma then decides to name her Choco because she is always looking at her anchoko (little notebook). That’s right. It’s like everytime Choco isn’t sure what to do or need some reference, she’ll refer to that anchoko of hers. Is everything of what a little sister should do written down in that tiny book? Well obviously not. Sometimes Choco can’t seem to find the answer. Ah yes, in life a lot of things can’t be found in books. Although Choco is the naive moe little girl that viewers can hope to be, it’s hard to not hate her bubbly and innocent character.
Because Choco arrive naked (reminds us that we are born so), she can’t possibly be wearing Haruma’s clothes all the time. So it’s time for them to do a little shopping. As they head out of Tsubaki Manor, Haruma passes by a flower shop called Ciel Blue De Fleur, run by a pretty young lady, Ayano Sonozaki. Of course in this neighbourhood, everyone who knows Haruma knows that he is the only child and so it’s no surprise that Ayano is a little surprised when she learns that Haruma has a little sister. Haruma has to cover up by giving some excuse that she is his sister from the countryside coming to stay with him. Also, you’ll notice how Haruma has a crush on Ayano from his body language, though Ayano herself is oblivious to this. But it’s unrequited love. I also want to mention that everytime when somebody asks who Choco is, Choco will reply "Atashi wa Choco. Onii-chan no Imouto" (I am Choco, Big brother’s little sister). I mean for those who know Haruma that would be okay, but to strangers, who the heck is this onii-chan guy. Get what I’m saying? And did the little notebook ever told her not to talk to strangers? Can’t help it since it’s her friendly personality to be nice to everyone.
At the shopping mall, Choco is thrilled because this is her first time. Yeah, what do you expect if you’re not even a day old in the real world. She tried several clothes and eventually Haruma bought them all. He’s got to watch his pocket or he’ll go bust at this rate. Then Haruma thinks of buying a Christmas present for Ayano and while he is chatting with the sales lady, a bored Choco wandered off herself (can’t blame her for finding riding an escalator to be fun). Haruma then realizes Choco is missing and goes in a frenzy to search for her. Likewise, Choco too noticed Haruma is missing and panics. Eventually they are reunited when the lost child department announces for Choco’s brother. It must be a horrifying experience for a little girl to get lost but Haruma is doing pretty well himself consoling Choco, seeing that he doesn’t have a little sister before. Must be natural. On the way back, Haruma gives the present he initially bought for Ayano to Choco. She is happy and gives him a peck on his cheek.
Episode 2 begins with Santarina returning to take back Choco because of something about Haruma not wanting her anymore. They have a returned goods policy? But thankfully, it was just a dream. Since the New Year has arrived, this episode sees the ‘siblings’ going to the shrine to do their usual New Year prayers and other rituals. I guess it’s natural for a poor guy like Haruma not to have enough money to buy New Year snacks which Choco wanted to eat so badly on this special day. When they return, we are introduced to the other inhabitants of Tsubaki manor. An elderly widower Yasuoka who is currently unemployed and struggling to find a job, and a young woman named Makoto Ashirai. Now this girl isn’t one anyone would like to have for company. Besides liking to get drunk and eat other people’s food, she really has a horny thinking! I don’t know what this model thinks as adult jokes but she’s so shameless about it. Howzabout getting the mail outside in her undies… I don’t know why too but she likes to hang out in Makoto’s room and drink. It’s like her second home. Because the landlady comes in to join them drinking, Haruma has a hangover the next day so Choco goes out by herself. She befriends 2 boys playing traditional Japanese badminton and decides to buy some Pocky sticks for them but ends up accidentally buying crayons. The boys didn’t like it and scolds her. So when Choco goes back to the manor dejected, the landlady comes by to cheer her up. The landlady says that she’ll be retiring and going back to her hometown and that her granddaughter will soon arrive to replace her. The landlady also suggests that Choco keep a daily picture diary of the happenings in her daily life so as not to put those crayons to waste. She gives Choco some New Year’s money so that she could get herself a little diary. And so every night, Choco will draw and write what she did for that day. You can expect to see this at the end of nearly each episode. Just like doing a blog entry of the past, huh?
Episode 3 has Haruma going to university via train. At the same time, a busty lady named Chitose Serikawa is getting onboard the train as Haruma alights. Since it’s a little crowded, this slightly klutzy lady lost her contact lens and Haruma helped her in finding them before leaving (it was on her boobs by the way). However, her clumsiness causes her to drop it again but breaks them. No choice, she has to put on her glasses. Due to her bad sense of direction, Chitose got lost trying to reach her destination. Another hopeless case. Then we find out through her flashback that she had some insecurity of wearing glasses because back when she was a student, she overheard how the guy she had a crush on said how he didn’t like girls with glasses. How heartbreaking. Eventually Chitose manages to arrive at Tsubaki Manor and meets Choco. The latter learns that Chitose is the new landlady of this manor but it seems they have a new set of problems. Chitose lost her keys to the manor. So she and Choco backtrack their steps of where she may have dropped it and Chitose finally remembers that she dropped them at the park’s vending machine when the duo went to get some juice. Then I don’t know why, a crow suddenly swoops down and grabs the key from her hands. As they chase it, Choco throws her notebook at it, which manages to cause it to drop the key. Note: No crows were hurt or killed during that stunt. Was that written in the notebook anyway on how to get back a stolen item from a fleeing crow? When Haruma comes back that day, he learns of Chitose as the new landlady but he tells her that she doesn’t look that bad in glasses. With that, Chitose gets her self confidence to wear them and yes, she starts to develop a crush on him. Another unrequited love.
So in most episodes, the main flow of the story will see how Choco and the rest of the other characters go about in some little adventure of theirs as they bond a little closer. Well, don’t expect anything extraordinary here. Like in episode 4, we are introduced to Haruma’s upper-classman, Tamami Marumo. She is always persuading Haruma to do some part time job, in which Haruma always dreads. So I don’t know if Tamami is a real smooth talker or Haruma a desperate case to earn some cash, in which sometimes the pay isn’t what he expected. Since it is Valentine’s Day, Haruma gets into of Tamami’s scheme to sell Valentine Chocolates at half price to young desperate ladies (who don’t look that young by the way). It’s a war! It’s a stampede I tell you! Haruma will be glad if he comes back home in 1 piece. Also, Chitose tries to make some chocolates for Haruma but you know with all the obstacles, she’ll never do so. Yeah, in the end, she sat and broke the chocolates. So I suppose that daydreaming in the supermarket about her being lovey-dovey with Haruma and all the other shoppers snickering at her, ah well, just let her dream. Another thing is that we see Makoto’s perverted side as she loves squeezing Chitose’s humongous boobs. Enough to scare the wits out of that poor girl. She’ll be doing it so much so as the series progresses, she’s like ‘immune’ to it and could expect it from that perverted gal. Also Makoto teaches Choco the meaning of Valentine’s Day (ironically Choco’s name has so but she doesn’t know of it). You know something is not right with her head and since Choco is so naive, she’ll do anything. Yeah, something about herself naked and being wrapped in a ribbon inside a box. Sick idea. Not only that, after Haruma gets some chocolates from Ayano (must be obligation chocolate), he goes home to see a box in his room. But he isn’t surprise because previously he had this same dream whereby a naked Choco comes bursting out! Can he see the future through dreams?! Donno. But since he knows what to expect, he tapes and seals the box without opening it! Oh poor Choco. Stuck inside it.
Episode 5 has Choco interested in something unusual. Chitose’s bra. I guess girls at that age… Yeah, Choco wants Chitose to show her bra and she’s staring at it. I don’t know why Choco is so infatuated about it so much so she pesters Haruma to go buy one for her. So when they go out shopping, Choco shamelessly tell all those who asks that she’s going bra shopping with her brother. Must be real embarrassing, Haruma? To make things worse, at the bra shop, Ayano comes in to deliver flowers and well, let’s just say Haruma’s face is redder than a traffic light. Good thing Ayano didn’t jump the gun and just smiled. That night, Chitose heard some weird noise upstairs and goes to investigate only to find a drunk Makoto, who then fondles her breasts! Somebody arrest that pervert! It’s C.S.I. (Committing Sexual Indecency. Can’t believe I came out with that term!). This is worse than a horror movie. Luckily Haruma is there to stop them but Chitose got a little embarrassed since she isn’t properly dressed. The next day, Makoto and Choco are in Chitose’s room for lunch and I don’t know why (perhaps still drunk from last night?) Makoto decides to show them that she’s not wearing any bra and bares it all! Then I’m not sure if Choco would follow in Makoto’s footsteps because she is showing a much contradicting reaction as she is impressed! Yeah, Choco even says how she isn’t wearing one because she’ll wear her game underwear only on special occasions. Chitose and Makoto are shocked to hear it and wonders what kind of games she is playing. Just a card game with Haruma, that’s all. I wonder if she knows what all this really means. By the way, a game underwear is one when a girl wears so that she could win the heart of the one she loves. Yeah, may lead to that ‘S’ word.
Due to Haruma’s part time job in episode 6, Haruma calls Choco saying that he will be coming home late. Seriously, I don’t know why he still has to oblige Tamami’s request. A dejected Choco goes out by herself to find that 2 boys playing the traditional badminton game. The shuttlecock got stuck in the tree so Choco went to retrieve it. Thing is, why did they leave her stuck up there after she got it down? Jerks. The tree branch snaps and sends Choco falling down. Luckily, a boy named Kakeru Ishida happened to pass by and she falls on him. You could say in a way he too fell for her at first sight. Choco buys an ice cream for him as a reward as they share it. Yeah, I think he must’ve some ecchi thinking to see Choco licking the ice cream and thinks it’s an indirect kiss. When Haruma finishes his job, he is disappointed to find out he is being paid with 2 rare tickets to a movie. The next day, Haruma is at the bar and the bar master (let’s just call him Master) seems to be playing match making for him. It’s like everything is falling into place when Ayano comes in and says how she would like to go see a movie but finds it hard to get tickets. Well, Haruma is in luck because he just had those tickets. Blessing in disguise? So when Haruma decides to ask Ayano out to the movie instead of Choco, it’s understandable that the little sister is somewhat disappointed. Can’t blame that guy either for the chance of a lifetime.
When Haruma comes back, he finds out that there is no water so he and Choco went to the public bath. Surprisingly, it seems Kakeru works there. Kakeru is in a dilemma to peek at Choco unshamelessly changing at the locker. Hey, how come the clothes locker is so close to the registration counter? Though Choco is thrilled that this is her first time in a public bath, she gets some lecture by a lady named Midori who teaches her the right way of behaving and doing things in a public bath. Choco sure learns pretty fast.
Because Haruma hasn’t been paying attention to Choco lately in episode 7 as he is busy going out on a ‘date’ with Ayano, Choco isn’t too pleased. I mean Choco wanted to tag along but you know that’s not possible, right? So a dejected Choco goes to hang out with Kakeru but even so if Kakeru is trying to cheer her up, Choco still protects her brother by telling Kakeru not to talk bad about him. Haruma and Ayano’s outing includes attending some promo event of that movie they saw in which Ayano is a big fan (I think the director has a resemblance to Quentin Tarantino. I could be wrong). As Chitose is out shopping, she spots Haruma and Ayano in a restaurant and Chitose becomes worried so she turns into a stalker, spying on them. Then a table behind Chitose, a man named Kazuya Sawamori talking to his manager about quitting his job as the magazine’s illustrator and going back to his village to take over his family business. When Ayano spots this guy, she leaves the restaurant in a hurry with Haruma and gets all lovey-dovey with Haruma. Though Haruma wonders what is going on (oh heck, just enjoy the moment, will ya), Chitose gets depressed to see them so. Makoto bumps into her but she is unable to say any adult lines because she notices Chitose’s depression. Choco takes out her frustration on Haruma by cooking some mean looking breakfast. Since Haruma has another busy part time job, he won’t be back early too. Chitose consoles Choco over lunch and when Haruma gets back, he makes up by buying a cake for Choco and a little gift for Chitose. See, it’s so easy to reconcile.
In episode 8, as Haruma does a part time job from Tamami at some guy’s wedding, Ayano happens to come by and is surprised to see Haruma there. Woah! Ayano chugs down a jug of beer! Must be real depressed, huh? Because of that, she gets drunk and you know when a person is sad and drunk, it isn’t a good combination. Haruma tries to control himself by not taking advantage of the situation as he struggles to get Ayano back to her home. She collapses just at the front of her door and when Haruma manages to tug her in bed, she takes off her top shirt and falls back to sleep. Don’t worry, Haruma is a good boy and didn’t do anything funny on her. He notices how Ayano is crying in her sleep and mentioning the name Kazuya. Ayano dreams about Kazuya that night and we find out the she and him were supposed to be married but since Kazuya had to go back and take care of his family business, Ayano wanted to follow him. Kazuya didn’t want Ayano to give up on her dream of being a florist and told her not to do so and he broke up their engagement. Must be hard for a girl to swallow all this. She wakes up in the middle of the night sweating. The next day, Haruma is in a panic when Choco falls sick but luckily Chitose knows what to do. While Choco is resting, she dreams of being separated from Haruma and he didn’t respond when she called him. Choco wakes up to find Haruma sleeping next to her while holding her hand. She is grateful and gives him another kiss.
Because of that previous incident, in episode 9, Haruma avoids coming into contact with Ayano. Also, Chitose is wondering and suspicious what kind of relationship Haruma and Ayano has. Kazuya goes to Ayano’s shop to ask her to return the engagement ring but Ayano is still refusing to give it back. Their heated argument could’ve turned for the worst when Haruma shows up. Kazuya backs down for now. So Haruma learns of Ayano’s story and as a gift, Ayano gives him a flowerpot. Then as Haruma and Choco go shopping for a watering can, I don’t know why Chitose has this weird dream of Haruma watering her as a naked fairy. Must be her deepest darkest desires, huh?
In episode 10, Choco wins a prize for a vacation to a hotspring inn for 4. Earlier we see Ayano getting a phone call from Kazuya but she isn’t too happy with his persistence. Anyway, since Makoto heard that they had an extra ticket to the hotspring, Makoto invites herself to tag along. We also see Choco teaching Makoto what she had learned from Midori about proper public bath procedures (rehearsal for the hotspring trip?) and Chitose wondering if she’ll have a chance to be with Haruma. Not if Makoto and Choco are in the way. But on the day to the hotspring, Makoto has been suddenly called for work so she can’t tag along. Too bad. One down for Chitose. Upon arrival and after checking in (Chitose feeling like she and Haruma are like newly-weds when registering their name), Haruma has to tell Choco to not follow him into the men’s section. That desperate of wanting to go anywhere with him? However even with the separation, there is no barrier! Just like a mixed bath. When it’s too hot, Haruma decides to get out but accidentally gave Chitose a ‘full view’. That night, Haruma couldn’t sleep and wonders if the person he saw earlier on was Ayano as he also noticed her shop was closed when they passed by on their trip. So Choco held his hands as they dozed off.
The hotspring vacation continues in episode 11. The trio go sightseeing at the mountains and Chitose and Haruma are a little embarrassed to get close to each other when an elderly couple takes a photo of them. Then as Haruma is taking a breather, he spots Ayano from a distance and thinks she is going to jump down the cliff! He stops her but learns that he is mistaken. Apparently, this is the place where Kazuya gave her the engagement ring and she was thinking of throwing it away here (is it much easier this way than giving it back to him?). And that note she dropped isn’t a suicide note but a travel brochure. Then a monkey snatches the ring away (what’s with these animals trying to grab things. First a crow, now a monkey, what next? A cat?). Haruma chases after it and when the monkey drops it, Ayano catches it, which shows that she isn’t ready to get rid of it. Haruma then lectures her on some lessons of love. With that, Ayano gets the courage to go talk things over with Kazuya and thanks Haruma. But deep down inside Haruma’s heart, it’s hurting like hell and he wonders why he did such a stupid noble thing. Well, it’s all for the sake of her happiness, right? When Choco finds Haruma, he immediately hugs her. At the end of their trip, they’re buying some souvenirs and Chitose panics when Choco picks up some sex toy which resembles a penis. Are they selling such things in open and at a place like this?! When they returned to Tsubaki Manor, Choco’s ranting of how much fun they had, left Makoto in tears and heartbreak. It could’ve been worst if she was around.
Haruma’s chances of winning over Ayano takes a further dip in episode 12 when Ayano calls him to tell him that she’s going to move back with Kazuya to the countryside. Looks like their engagement is on seeing that Ayano is proudly wearing the ring on her finger. Due to this, Haruma is as depressed as ever and Choco confides in Chitose of her worries. Then Choco learns from Makoto how Haruma has a crush on Ayano and the reason for his depression is that she loves another guy. Then after watching a TV series, Choco gets an idea of writing a letter to cheer up Haruma. However, she gives that love letter to Ayano in hopes that she will give to Haruma, just like in that TV series. So when Haruma finds out from Ayano (who too doesn’t understand what is going on), he gets very embarrassed and rushes back to his apartment. Apparently, almost everyone in town secretly knows about Haruma’s crush on Ayano but they’re just keeping quiet on it. When Haruma returns, he scolds Choco in a very upset manner. Choco is hurt and runs away. Haruma then realizes his mistake and chases after her. He finds her sitting alone at the playground. He apologizes to her and says that he doesn’t hate her. As the duo made up and head back, Haruma is touched to read Choco’s diary of how she has been worried of him all along as he sheds a tear. The next morning, Choco finds a stain of his tear in her page and a message of how he’s alright now and thanks for taking care of him. She says how she loves him when Haruma leaves for his classes. After this, you won’t get to see Ayano anymore till the last episode whereby she makes only a short appearance. Damn. And I was hoping at least she would stay even if she’s a side character but I think the producers wanted to kill off her character.
Episode 13 introduces a new character named Yurika Yamahanada (OMG! It’s the voice of Rie Kugimiya!). Your typical rich young girl who seems to be fed-up with the usual routine that little girls do. Study, ballet lessons, piano lessons, English lessons, more study. Where has her childhood gone to? So while her driver is driving her to another lesson of hers, Yurika gets an idea to run away when she tells him to stop as she wants to go to toilet. I don’t know why she has to creep through the little toilet window at the public park. Of course she got stuck lah! Choco is passing by and tries to pull her out. Once the driver realized he has been duped, he goes after her. He left the car like that and goes searching for her on foot?! Yurika bluffs Choco by saying she is a witness to some murder and tells her not to get involve after ditching her driver. Can’t believe Choco actually believed her story. While Yurika is having her own fun in town, the driver spots her and grabs her. Yurika yells and struggles. Since Choco happens to be there too, she hits the driver and make their 2nd escape. Yurika decides to tell Choco the truth but instead of getting mad, Choco is glad that Yurika is safe. The next day, Yurika sneaks out of her mansion to go to Choco’s place. Choco accidentally spills a drink on her dress so Yurika has to go bath (loli bathing fetish alert!). Then Choco lets Yurika try her bra when Haruma walks in. Though Yurika is very embarrassed, I’m glad she doesn’t have the thinking whereby a guy has to marry her if he sees his naked body. And so another friend Choco has made, which she calls her Yuri-pyon. I’m not sure of her rationale of calling her so except it sounds cute but I’ll stick to her real name. Plus, Yurika has a maid which has that suspicious glare. Rest assured, she’s always on the lookout for Yurika.
If you’re wondering about that infectious ending theme called Neko Nyan Dance, then the craze begins in episode 14. Choco is surprised that Haruma doesn’t know the recent craze of this dance as she demonstrates it to him. I know the dance looks cute but I still prefer Hare Hare Yukai from Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu. Then Choco spots a group of kindergarten children doing the dance outside with their teacher, so she gets the opportunity to strut her stuff, impressing those little kids. Choco’s such a hit with the kids that she’s allowed to stay with them during the duration of their kindergarten hours playing with them. Yeah, all the kids are fighting over her attention. Then when all the parents have come to pick up their kids, Choco notices a boy named Takeshi is still waiting. She learns that his mom usually works late and that he is used to it. Choco also relates her same case to him but assures him that he isn’t alone. Eventually Takeshi’s mom comes to pick him up, to find Choco and Takeshi napping together. The next day, Choco is rushing to see Yurika, who wants to show her her bra. What the? Since Yurika didn’t want to do it in public, she suggests showing her at Choco’s place. Of course Makoto comes in and we see that Yurika has some sort of small boobs inferiority complex. Yeah, she admits defeat after seeing Makoto’s. Makoto pesters Yurika to show hers since she herself has already strip her top! Since Yurika refused, Makoto pins her down and tells Choco to undress her top! Sicko! Sicko! Sicko! So lolis are fine with her too, huh? Since Yurika mentions of trying to help her instead of Makoto, Choco refers to her notebook on what to do. Seriously, is it written in there too? Not. Then Haruma comes in and it’s like deja vu. Not again! But when Makoto is having lunch with Chitose who wonders what all the ruckus was about, Makoto decides to satisfy her insatiable horniness by going after Chitose’s bra. This girl is in need of help. Big help.
Since Haruma got another part time job as a lifeguard at a pool in episode 15, he decides to bring Choco and Chitose along. Since Makoto can’t tag along she accompanies Chitose to shop and choose a swimming outfit. Makoto chooses a very sexy, revealing, eye-catching, crowd-pulling one. Anymore of this would be a crime. When the gang has left, Yurika comes by to play with Choco but is having second thoughts and fears it could be that crazy perverted woman, when Yasuoka tells them they have gone to the pool. Feeling left out? At the pool, the gang had their fun and then when a chubby brat bumps into Chitose, Choco tells him off to apologize for her. I can’t believe he dares raise threaten Choco! Though Haruma tries to calm things down, it seems that brat’s father, who has scary eyes and tattoo all over his body comes by. Careful, he might be a yakuza. Though Haruma is shivering in fear, Choco isn’t and tells what has happened. She’s so unafraid of him. If only all of us can be like her when it comes to this sort of simple justice. Of course that chubby brat got scared and his dad reprimands his idiotic son and apologizes on his behalf. See, don’t judge a person by his look. As the trio go watch a Neko Nyan Dance performance nearby, Yurika is sulking at the park for being left out by her best pal and kicks a can, which hits a dog. The angry dog attacks her and rips part of her skirt. Luckily Kakeru was nearby and comes to her rescue. You can tell that Yurika instantly has a crush on him. Another case of unrequited love. But she gets embarrassed when Kakeru points out her slip is showing. As Chitose and Haruma, who is giving a tired and sleeping Choco a piggy-back ride to Tsubaki Manor, Chitose is about to confess that she likes Haruma but Choco is talking in her sleep saying how she loves her onii-chan. So Chitose just confess it in her own mind. If she’d only said it sooner…
It’s the festivals in episode 16 and as usual Choco doesn’t know a thing about it. After Chitose explains to her about it, Choco wants to invite Yurika to come but she declines. Choco seems to be very enthusiastic about the festival (what do you expect. It’s her first time) and we see Tamami selling yakisoba in a swimsuit. To attract customers? As the gang continues to have fun at the festival, Yurika is completing her tons of homework. Her ever caring maid comes in to forcefully put on a yukata on her and drags her to the festival. Well, her body language did indicate how much she wanted to go to the festival. Also at the festival, Choco gets lost once again and Haruma has to go search for her and finds an intoxicated Makoto. Lost Choco bumps into Kakeru and once again they share another ice cream. Yeah, another ‘stimulating’ scene for that guy. After that the duo tries to find Haruma but bumps into a couple of thugs. I can’t believe these guys would raise their fists against children, what more a girl! Thankfully, Midori was there to teach them a painful lesson they’ll never forget. Midori thinks Kakeru is Choco’s boyfriend, making that guy blush. Soon Yurika and her maid arrives and Yurika isn’t too pleased to see Kakeru and Choco together. Meanwhile Makoto is engaged in a drinking competition with Midori and it seems they’re both going strong. As Haruma and Chitose continue to look for Choco, the crowd accidentally pushes Chitose into Haruma’s arms. Chitose was about to confess her feelings when Choco and the rest call out to them. Another yet so close yet so far. In the end, everyone watches the magnificent fireworks display and Yurika’s maid notice how happy she is.
Episode 17 has Yurika dreaming that she is a princess and Choco her ally witch being attacked by perverted Makoto and her henchmen. Then Kakeru the prince charming knight comes to her rescue. But her dream then takes a turn for the worst because it somehow screwed up with Yurika and Choco switching roles and that Kakeru is about to kiss Choco the princess. In reality, Yurika is depressed because of that nightmare and soon gets an idea of hosting a tea party. Her fantasizing of being lovey-dovey with Kakeru causes her to crash into the barriers of her gym class instead of jumping over. Later Yurika tries to invite naive Choco to her English tea party at her mansion (Choco thinks she has to go to England?!), Yurika tries to give subtle hints to bring along a friend (read: Kakeru). On that day, Yurika is still trying to choose an outfit for her tea party when Choco arrives. Yurika thought Choco had brought Kakeru along but to her dismay, she brought the whole kindergarten pals! Disappointed? She should’ve told her straight then. While the kids are enjoying the tea party, obviously Yurika isn’t since her beloved Kakeru isn’t here. They then decide to play hide and seek and made a reluctant Yurika ‘it’. Yeah, it nearly took the whole day to find everyone hiding in the mansion (some kids collaborated with the mansion workers to hide) and when finally Yurika is tired and lamenting her fate, she spots Choco hiding behind the curtains but to her dismay, that girl has fallen asleep! This whole day must be really frustrating. That night, Yurika has another dream where by she is sleeping beauty and the kindergarten kids as the 7 dwarves. Prince Kakeru comes by and is being convinced by the kids to kiss Yurika to wake her up from the curse that Makoto witch put on her. Of course Yurika is only pretending to sleep and is anticipating that kiss. But to her horror, the person who kissed her is Choco! How in the world did that happen?! Yurika screams in frustration and wonders why such screwing up always happen to her. Then a cheeky note from the fansubs: To fulfil our deepest darkest desire. Yeah, must be it.
The Neko Nyan Dance craze is still on in episode 18 and Choco wants to submit a video of her dance for a contest but hasn’t got a video cam in the first place. She tries Chitose, who doesn’t have one too. So during bath, sick Makoto starts filming Chitose and after giving her a good whack, Chitose has found what Choco is looking for. Makoto starts to film Choco in her dance move but that perverted girl suggests Choco to do some ecchi pose, in which Haruma stops her. However upon reading further the contest rules, a minimum number people of 5 is required. Since there are 4 of them, Choco goes to seek help from Yurika. It’s really funny to hear Yurika giving that "Mmm!!" expression while standing on top of the playground looking Choco with that intimidating look. In short, she refuses. Not until Kakeru says how he loves seeing Choco in a cat outfit, did tsundere Yurika changed her mind. At her place, while Choco goes get the video cam, this leaves Yurika and Kakeru alone. She tries to get close to him but Choco came back. After Kakeru films their dance, they rewatched it and Yurika seems to notice how the camera is focused on Choco. I think it is then Yurika suspects that Kakeru has eyes only for Choco. Sinking into depression… Later Choco teaches Haruma how to properly to the Neko Nyan Dance moves (a strict teacher she is) while Yurika’s maid caught her practicing the dance. Another embarrassing moment. Because Kakeru has been entrusted to video tape the dance, he sends the wrong message that he may be a pervert at the public bath house as Midori beats him up. After filming the group Neko Nyan Dance the next day, everyone has cake. If not for Kakeru, I think Yurika wouldn’t have want one either. When everyone else goes home, Haruma helps Chitose to wash the plates.
Though the gang only got a consolation prize for their video, no matter how famous that Neko Nyan Dance is, the star idol actress of that dance, Eriko Odawara or Odaeri for short, seems to be fed-up with all the publicity of the glamorous life. So in episode 19, she tries to run away from it all but many people could still recognize her even if she wore different normal outfits. On a day she’s supposed to shoot a live Neko Nyan Dance with the kindergarten kids, she goes missing. Choco and the rest are watching TV and that programme looks like it’s going to be cancelled when Makoto says how stars these days have no sense of responsibility. Then Makoto told Chitose a method to see if she had gained weight but it was just a ploy to get her do some ecchi pose. Then later Odaeri on her newfound freedom bumps into Choco and Yurika. The funny part was she was trying to give an excuse that she’s a witness to some murder and is being kidnapped to break free from the brats. All too familiar to Yurika, huh? Yeah, same ploy. But Choco actually believes her story! So Odaeri uses the oldest trick in the book to get away from them. She tells them to look behind because there is a Harenchi Punch! (Initially the subbers put it is Orange Punch). What on Earth is that? Well I later found out it’s the name of the group who actually sang the song for the Neko Nyan Dance. Haha. Slick. Then she meets Makoto but for once she isn’t showing her horny side. She brings Odaeri back to her apartment and the latter is surprise to have rare collections of another actress called Arisa, whom she looked up very much. Then I’m not sure, Makoto proceeds to tell some sad story about Arisa becoming a model and when she was young, she had nobody but her doll to play with. So when she grows up she wants to live a happy life like her fantasies. Something tells me is Makoto referring it to herself as well? Don’t know. But it was enough to make Odaeri realized things and before you know it, she’s back on the show doing her usual stint with enthusiasm. So don’t always think Makoto is a horny girl, she has another side too.
In episode 20, Choco wants Haruma to buy a cat after watching a TV show. She throws a tantrum when Haruma refuses, saying it’s the manor’s rules not to allow pets. Meanwhile, a couple of guys are doing an illegal transport when their lorry crashes and a puma has escaped from its cage due to it. The next day, Choco chases a stray cat to an abandoned building and finds a puma there. Choco isn’t scared because she thinks it’s just a big pussy cat. It’s a wonder that hungry cat didn’t devour Choco. It also amazes me that Choco and the puma, whom she names Kuro, clicked so easily. What a tame beast. Perhaps. Choco comes by often to feed it so much so it’s taking a toll on their food supply. So to make more money, Haruma gets another part time job from Tamami to cosplay and sell Odaeri’s Neko Nyan Dance album. With Kuro’s huge appetite, Choco convinces Kakeru to get more food (that guy would do anything for her) and gets the shock of his life when he finds out Kuro isn’t a mere pussy cat. Same case with Yurika (who obviously wants to come because she can’t stand seeing Choco and Kakeru going about doing things by themselves). Eventually the kids come to like Kuro because it is friendly and they come visit it everyday. One night Kuro follows Choco’s scent back to Tsubaki Manor and since Makoto is pretty drunk, she thinks she must be seeing things. Choco is surprised to see Kuro waiting outside and tries to hide it from Haruma. She rushes out to tell Kuro to go back. Amazingly, it understood what Choco says and obliges. However Choco is watching the next morning news and is devastated to learn that Kuro had become roadkill. In other words, it really died in an accident. Choco is devastated and rushes to the abandon building. She starts apologizing for last night and asks Kuro to come out but it never did. Kakeru and Yurika arrive and know what has happened as Choco starts crying uncontrollably. Kakeru rushes off to get Haruma. He soon comes by to comfort her. That night they slept holding each other’s hands as Choco is still saddened by Kuro’s departure. What a sad episode.
Choco is still visibly depressed in episode 21. Chitose suggests Haruma to take Choco to the amusement park to cheer her up. Kakeru and Yurika likewise gives Choco a Neko Nyan Dance CD but Choco is still gloomy. Then Yasuoka words about how Choco should remember all the fun times she had with Kuro, lifted her spirits a little. While Haruma, Choco, Chitose and Makoto visits the amusement park (Makoto played guilty mind games to tag along seeing that she’s been left out during their hotspring and pool trip), Yasuoka goes to have a drink with Master and we find out that Yasuoka’s wife and daughter had been killed in some accident and today is the anniversary of their death. At the amusement park, Chitose seems to be not to fond of the rides and while they are resting, Choco decides to go to the toilet but meets a lost girl named Yuki. She helps her to find her mom and since this is the umpteenth time Choco has gone missing by herself, Haruma and the rest starts looking for her. At the same time, Yasuoka is visiting the graves of his dearly departed ones. Eventually Yuki is reunited with her mom. She tells Choco how her dad ‘died’ and even though they are lonely they have memories to keep them happy so on this special day, they get to see him. Choco then hears Haruma calling her but when she looks back, Yuki and her mom are missing. Then it hit me that Yuki and her mom may be Yasuoka’s daughter and wife! Because the scarf that Choco gave to Yuki earlier is seen on their tombstone! So was Choco talking to ghosts? I see dead people… Just kidding. Choco fell asleep on their way back and the rest notice how she is a little happier. That night Choco dreams of riding on Kuro’s back having fun.
Episode 22 starts off with Haruma having that flashback of his mom suffering a miscarriage. Back in reality, he realizes he has forgot to bring his back and has Choco bring it to him. It’s a wonder as though it’s like a big thing when the neighbourhood learns Choco is doing an errand on her own. Never had confidence in her? When she finally does, Tamami’s cosplay friend, Kosomi, seems to be giving Choco a stare. Then it turns out that she is thrilled to see Choco’s cuteness and wants her to work and wear a maid uniform to satisfy her weird fetish. Though Haruma is against it, but it can’t be helped when Choco already agrees. Yeah, their cultural festival is coming up soon. When Choco tells this to Kakeru and Yurika, Kakeru seems to like the idea of seeing Choco in a maid outfit. Yeah, even Yurika wonders what’s so good about that and tries practicing the "Welcome, my master" lines in a maid outfit back at her home only to find out her maid was watching. How embarrassing.
So at home as practice, we see Choco in a naked apron (courtesy from Makoto) trying to serve Haruma. After a change of clothes, they continue with their mock practice and that menu only had 1 item on it. Sheesh. At the cultural festival, Chitose and Makoto are there to see Odaeri who is also there to perform her Neko Nyan Dance due to popular demand. The duo then visits Choco at her maid cafe. Since Kosomi is thrilled with their big boobs, she wants them to cosplay as maids and work for them. So we have the sexy seductive Makoto to the klutzy and clumsy Chitose. Wow. Fanservice. What more could a guy ask for. It seems Yurika’s maid is there too and when 1 of the guys starts harassing Chitose, she gives him a lesson or two about how a master should take care of his subordinates in order for them to serve him. With that, the other patrons are thrilled to find a real maid working in the midst. Meanwhile, Haruma’s elder cousin, Aki, comes by to visit the festival after work and Haruma isn’t pleased to have a former student of this university hanging out with him. Choco gets a break and decides to go look for Haruma. When she comes calling him, Haruma doesn’t want Aki to find out about Choco so he pretends he doesn’t know her. Choco is in shock. Meanwhile, Yurika is having a hard time being scared by the haunted house when she sees Choco walking dejectedly. Then just right in front of her eyes, Choco disappeared! Leaving behind just her maid uniform! Yurika is horrified! What’s going on?!
It seems Choco did vanish in episode 23. And it’s like everyone is starting to forget who Choco is but they feel that there’s something missing in their lives. Uh huh, a case of Choco being erased from their memories like as though she has never existed before. We see Kakeru having 3 sisters who are teasing him for taking a long time making his hair, in which Kakeru wonders why he is doing so. Even all the photos and videos that has Choco in it, are empty without her. Then as Haruma looks through Choco’s diary (all the entries are empty), he spots his tear drop and his scribbled notes in it and memories came rushing back. He remembers he did have a little sister named Choco as he panics and rushes out to find her. When Haruma asks if they have seen Choco, their usual reply is it something to do with chocolates. To other people, he seems like a desperate psycho looking for someone. Yeah, he even screams through the shopping complex’s microphone asking for Choco. His search is futile as Haruma sits at the playground praying real hard and repents on what he did earlier on. So be careful of what you said next time. Then Chitose shows up to tell him that Choco has been in her room all along. Haruma rushes back to see Choco cooking. In his joy and relief, he hugs her. Looks like everyone now remembers who Choco is and as though Choco’s disappearance never took place at all. That night, Haruma slept close to Choco. I think that was a good wake up call and lesson for him. See, you won’t value something precious till you lose it.
Episode 24 has Choco inviting Kakeru and Yurika to her Christmas party but Yurika declines by saying that she always spend her those days with her dad. Of course, Yurika’s plans for that is dashed when her dad calls her to say he can’t be home to have dinner with her. Poor girl. At the same time, we see Santarina (in a normal outfit, so it was hard to tell her at first) being rudely awakened in the middle of the night to do some delivery. The next day, Choco prepares chocolate gifts to be given to everyone she knows in town. With the red gloves, hat and jacket, she looks like Santa’s little helper. Choco even went to Yurika’s mansion to hand her the gift. Yurika must be feeling bad for rejecting her offer. Even Kuro is not forgotten as she leaves one at the abandoned building. By the time Choco meets up with Haruma, she has no gifts left to give him. But Haruma doesn’t mind because being with Choco is the best gift. Kakeru is seen rushing to Choco’s place (yeah, he spent an awful amount on time on his hair, which by the way looks the same. And his sisters were like expert love critics saying how his love is futile and such). He spots Yurika sitting alone on a swing but he drags her to Choco’s place by saying Choco doesn’t really care for all that stuff about rejecting her invitation. Then as they arrive, Odaeri too shows up (Makoto called her earlier on to turn up) and she tells everyone to get up and starts Nyan-cing away. I don’t know Yasuoka too knows the dance moves. The rest of the scene shows every other characters on what they are doing. Ayano and Kazuya happily together running the latter’s family business, Tamami enjoying her part time job selling cakes, Kakeru’s 3 sisters going to the hotspring only to be thought the proper way of behaving in one by Midori, Master fine dining with some lady, the old landlady enjoying her meal with her grandkids back at her home, and Yurika’s maid fixing a bike when she receives a note from Yurika left there thanking her for everything. We even see Yuki playing with Kuro in Heaven as Yuki’s mom watches them! Finally we see Santarina after having her meal, transforms into her red and white outfit to go deliver her presents. Merry Christmas!
I think this entire series is just fairy average. There isn’t anything spectacular in the end. I mean, just a bunch of characters going about on their daily lives. The final episode didn’t even do much justice even if they tried to show where most of the other characters ended up. I was really disappointed with the way how Ayano was killed off and it could’ve been something if she stayed on. Likewise, Chitose didn’t manage to confess her feelings to Haruma. Nor did Kakeru to Choco or Yurika to Kakeru. But I think that the main focus of this series is between Haruma and Choco, even though there are side distractions of the other characters. Especially Makoto. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a horny and kinky lady. Though most of the time you’d see her infatuated with the female side, given the chance, she’d take out her perverted thoughts on the guys too. Don’t be like her. Ever. Lots of these characters and some others hold a potential for a little character development but it seemed it fizzled out. As I’ve said, it’s mainly about Haruma and Choco.
Both the opening and ending theme are sung by Harenchi Punch. The opening song is entitled Doki! Doki! My Sister Soul and is a lively rock pop with a little hint of rap in it, something which fits the theme of the series. The ending theme is the infectious dance song Neko Nyan Dance. For those who can’t get enough of the loli goodness which is Choco, you can see her doing that dance during the end credits animation and in different outfits too. Hey, doesn’t the opening animation have the inhabitants of Tsubaki Manor doing a short Neko Nyan Dance too? And why is Ayano there seeing that she doesn’t live in that manor? And I too thought because of that she’s going to be a regular and not just halfway through the series. Some of the background music are lively especially with the way the violin is played. It reminded me of the one in Kodomo No Jikan.
Though the drawing, art and animation is your typical Japanese anime with wide-eyed characters and spiky hair, somehow I find that most of the characters have that one-kind look. Something about their jawbone which is drawn a little too wide. I think. On a trivial note, I noticed that in most episodes after the opening credits, Choco will introduce herself and that she is onii-chan’s little sister (yeah, we get it for the umpteenth time already) and continues narrating what has happened in the previous episode. A good recap? Also, the mid-intermission changes after a few episodes as it features Choco in different costumes and pose. We sure can’t get enough of this gal. Right. I wonder if she still needs to refer to that little notebook of hers. Maybe we all should have 1 too. Also, I kinda noticed that during the 1st half of the show, there would be yellow lines with the words "Keep Out" to censor those necessary parts. Yeah, it’s as though like it’s a crime scene or something. Then later, I think the episodes that I watched were from DVD ripped and you’ll have a full blown view of it. At this point, I think I can consider it to be ecchi ;P.
So sometimes Christmas may come early for us and to some doesn’t come at all. The best Christmas gift is always to be happy with what you have. You don’t necessarily have to wait for that special day just to give a present. Any day would do. So for those wishing to have a little sister or brother as a Christmas gift, perhaps it would be possible in the near future. No, I’m not saying some Santarina would drop a gift on your doorstep on a hovering bike. With the development and advancement in the robot technology, it’s possible to have a life-like robot complete with emotions and artificial intelligence just like a real human being. Just like all those stories you see in anime and read in manga. Life-like robots. Fiction come true? Well, good thing Choco here isn’t one.

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