Ange Vierge

January 28, 2017

I couldn’t make out much of Ange Vierge from the synopsis. Not sure what kind of anime it will be. My thoughts it would be something like Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ but noticing it isn’t going to rely on cheap yuri fanservice, I guess it isn’t. But then again, there is some cheap yuri fanservice although not on a boobs monstrosity level. Based on a trading card of the same name, from what I can see is that the world is going to be destroyed if a group of beautiful girls of different backgrounds do not try to do something and stop its acceleration. Hmm… Bishoujo you say? Okay. Count me in.

Episode 1
Saya Sougetsu with Amane Ayashiro’s help is fighting against the enemy known as Ouroboros. Erm, towers looking like penis? With the other cosplay girls arriving to intercept, they defeat the enemies before it reaches Seiran Island. We are now being given a narration of heavy stuffs for the setting. There are 5 worlds namely the Black World, Darkness Embrace (night and magic powered); the Red World, Terra Rubiri Aurora (prayers and gods); the White World, System White Eguma (science and technology); the Green World, Grunewald Silt (weapons and military); and the Blue World, Earth (…) I guess we’re useless piece of sh*ts. One day a portal called Halo opened and connected all 5 worlds. It’s not a good sign. It means the end of the world is coming. Because when all 5 worlds lose their power source and combine, it’s really the end. World End as it is aptly named. So to save the world, girls with special powers are gathered on Seiran Island on Earth to fight the menace. These are Progress Girls and those with special abilities are known as Exceed. They link with each other and amplify their powers via Alpha Drivers. You get all that already? The report credits Saya, Amane, Almaria, Elel, Code Omega 77 Stella, Nya Lapucea and Miumi Hinata in the recent victory over Ouroboros. Damn the rest of the episode sees the girls relaxing naked in the entire building which is probably the biggest bath house in the world talking about stuffs. Damn censors… Anyway Amane thinks everyone did a good job but Saya thinks otherwise. She chastises her to do a better job because Saya wants to promote quickly to the next class instead of staying in the same class forever (it is believed if you’re promoted, so are your abilities). She doesn’t like Amane’s laidback attitude. Saya remembers she was just an ordinary girl and one day she was bestowed powers from out of the blue (I don’t think it’s a pun). She was happy thinking her power was unique but eventually it wasn’t. So instead of blaming herself, senior Aoi Mikage points out Saya’s inexperience. If she was perfect, she doesn’t need to worry about anyone else. Saya wants to become stronger and get into EXR class so the best way is to train with Mikage. Similarly, the other girls elsewhere also have this same idea with their seniors. So the fight a simulation battle but end up losing. In the aftermath, Saya is most bitter of the lost. Amane thought of cheering her up with some positive words but Saya scorns back at her that there will be no next time.

Episode 2
Flashback shows when Saya first entered Seiran Academy, she got lost. She picked a random girl (Amane) to follow. Soon she too realized that she is lost! But hey, they became friends. Everyone is reflecting about their loss in training but mostly they point out Amane needs to do a better job because as an Alpha Driver, she has to keep the Link between them stable. Dr Michael, Ruby, Clara, Euphiria and Aurora are trying to research on Ouroboros’ attack patterns but can’t find a thing. As Saya observes Mikage and Hinata in training, she remembers chastising Amane for being laidback. Despite Amane viewing her as special, it wasn’t for Saya. To her, being the SR and EXR classes like Hinata and Mikage is special. Code Omega 46 Xenia and Code Omega 33 Carene are patrolling the seas when they are attacked by an Ouroboros. Instead of destroying it, they decide to send data back via quantum sonobuoys. This will allow Euphiria to track the enemy outside space and time. Because of that, they now manage to pinpoint the base of Ouroboros at Ryuujin Island. An announcement for SR and EXR classes to go intercept the enemy via sneak attack while other lower classes like C and UC class will stay back to guard Seiran Island. That’s you Saya. Why looking not so happy? Amane tries to be positive again about Saya rushing for promotion. However Saya snaps back at her at the rate Amane is progressing, she will never get any stronger. She doesn’t understand how she feels. Saya later learns that Amane is super famous at the Alpha Driver’s training facility because she always trains in super hard mode like as though she’s a masochist. This makes Saya feel guilty over her outburst and realizes she knows nothing on Amane. If the attack on Ryuujin Island is too easy and progressing so well, it probably is. Because it was just a diversion as the real Ouroboros main force is now attacking Seiran Island. But where are they? Nobody can see them. From underground! Yikes. Giant tentacles attacking this time? The Exceeds engage them but it seems Saya can’t feel the Link that Amane is giving to her. Obviously it is the girls’ lost but Ouroboros stops attacking them. Could it be they are not their target? True enough, they target the Alpha Drivers. When dawn breaks, the girls inspect the Alpha Drivers’ section. All of them are crystallized. Including Amane. Too late to feel sorry now.

Episode 3
Flashback of happier times between Saya and Amane. They watch a Blooming Battle between Sofina and Ramiel. This made Saya want to get stronger faster. It seems the crystal deflects all sorts of attacks so this means it can’t be destroyed. At least Dr Michael has not enough data to form any solutions. Because the SR and EXR class at Ryuujin Island have not returned, Saya and co want to head there and find out what happened. Making their way there, they see defeated giant Ouroboros. Never knew they were this big, huh? Euphiria detects another problem: It seems the collision for World End is speeding up. They believe there isn’t enough energy called Extras slowing it down. That is the reason why Blooming Battles are held. When Dr Michael checks the state of the crystallized Alpha Drivers, she notices their brain activity is still high. It turns into a nightmare because she realizes Ouroboros has also corrupted their minds. If they were in Link their Progress, it means they too will be corrupted. Saya finds unconscious Hinata. When she wakes up, she is now corrupted and attacks her. The rest come to Saya’s aid but Mikage keeps them busy. Hinata is trying to ‘guide’ Saya by making her feel guilty especially when she brings up Amane’s name and role. She is accusing them for being weak. They don’t understand each other. That’s why Amane had to train hard away from her eyes and Saya is still safe. Of course Saya breaks down and admits her shortfall and the need to blame someone then. But she won’t run away anymore. Saya’s rage and strong determination defeats Hinata and brings her back to normal. So Hinata got all her clothes blown away in effect? Mikage still wants to have a go but with Aurora and Euphiria coming in, she escapes. Thanks to that battle, enough Extras were generated and the acceleration towards World End slows back down to where it’s supposed to be. Meanwhile the other corrupted SR and EXR Progress Girls are hatching their own destructive schemes.

Episode 4
Flashback shows Almaria first met Amane by saving her falling off a building. What do you know? She was practising diving at the outdoor bath on the highest floor. Since Amane is pretty casual about it and not even thinking about death, this vampire from Darkness Embrace decides to become her sister. The UC Progress Girls think about the irony that their weak Link with their Alpha Driver was the one that saved them from corruption. While we see the corrupted Progress Girls being devilish, we see a more retarded diversion from the sisterly pair from Grunewald Silt, Ageha and Mayuka Sanagi. They claim they are now Ouroboros soldiers and will train on food survival. Large servings of onigiri? WTF. Do you normally find that in the forest? Dr Michael and the rest discuss about the insufficient Extras. Because a large number of Progress Girls have fallen into darkness, the acceleration of World End speeds up again. They think the only way is to defeat them. Right now, Darkness Embrace’s Extra is rapidly depleting. Our UC Progress Girls volunteer to go check out that world. I mean, all the SR and EXR Progress Girls are ‘gone’, right? While flying into the Black World, Almaria remembers her training with her senior Sofina. Almaria got embarrassed when Sofina teased and offered her to drink her blood. Arriving into Darkness Embrace, Sofina attacks them. Almaria faces off with her while the rest have to fight the Ouroboros guards in which some of them are corrupted Progress Girls. Almaria is still weak against Sofina. She almost gets tentacle raped as Sofina teases her to drink her blood again. When Saya rescues her, Sofina turns her attention to help Ouroboros destroy her world’s crystal at Dark Cradle by using her ultimate witch spell.

Episode 5
Almaria isn’t too pleased Amane keeps endangering herself since Amane is confident she will save her. Almaria talks about how she admires Sofina but is unable to get to her level. However Amane thinks Almaria herself is as special because she loves her. Thankfully Dark Cradle still stands thanks to its powerful barrier although Rizelitta is unconscious. Sofina is cursing about the strong barrier and will wait till her magic replenishes before attacking it again. We take a detour to the comical Sanagi sisters again. This time Ageha teaches Mayuka how to throw a hand grenade. However she got it mixed up and throws the pin and holds the grenade. Boom! The girls discuss about Almaria and vampires sucking blood. She dismisses the movie theory of becoming a vampire when you get your blood sucked because eventually if everyone becomes one, there is no blood left to suck. Kinda like zombie movies, right? They guess Almaria has never drank blood before and despite she can’t drink from someone she doesn’t know, how does that make Amane then? She can’t either because she views Amane as her sister. Time for them to go back into battle as the enemy has resumed pounding on Dark Cradle. Almaria faces off with Sofina again. Sofina mocks her and admits she loves her and wants everything that is of her. That’s why let’s end the world together. But Almaria won’t do that and will save her, infuriating Sofina a lot. She attacks and Almaria resigns to her defeat but is saved by Saya. A little pep talk has Almaria agree to suck Saya’s blood (she volunteered). The sight of sinking her teeth into her night pisses off Sofina. Nobody can do that to her belonging. Almaria powers up and defeats and cures Sofina. The Black World now returns to normal with all energy signs stabilized. Despite the ‘fall’ of Darkness Embrace, the other corrupted Progress Girls are still confident they can destroy the worlds.

Episode 6
When Elel first came to Seiran Academy, she is revved up to make friends. And then she stumbled upon Amane. Did they meet before? She can’t remember. Elel panics as she tries to change the subject and everything but it seems Amane too doesn’t know her and was just trying to be friends with her. Almaria and Saya are closer to each other now. To the point Almaria just wants to suck her blood! Almaria and Sofina also reconcile seeing it was the Ouroboros side that made her fall to the dark side and amplified her feelings. But now Sofina views Saya as her rival! Since when did this become so complicated? Do we need more military training from the Sanagi sisters? Yet another food survival. But can they eat the natural bugs? They lower their threshold to eat a giant elephant! Although the Black World is safe for now, they need to check out the other worlds as Ouroboros will be targeting them. And so the UC Progress Girls head to the Red World, Elel’s world. But along the way they got separated. Elel is before Ramiel as the latter shows off her fabulous wings. While Elel is very happy and impressed with her, it soon hits Ramiel nerves when Elel mentions she has other friends. Speaking of them, they are trying to find their way out of a 3D maze. Ramiel accuses Elel for lying all the time. In fact, she thinks her existence is just a lie and the reason why she could always praise her for her beautifulness despite knowing the fact Ramiel actually only had 1 wing and cannot fly by herself unless she has an Alpha Driver. Despite all the refuting, Ramiel refuses to believe her. Then she has Elel choose between her and her other friends to save. Elel considers all of them her friends. Still not impressed, Ramiel orders Elel to fight her if she wants to save her other friends. Elel loses but is saved in time by Saya and co who bust out of the maze in time. Jealous Ramiel flees leaving poor a crying and heartbroken Elel.

Episode 7
Elel is depressed, naturally. Believing that Ramiel isn’t her friend anymore, she too thinks Saya and the rest aren’t real friends and are only so because they’re a team. Saya regains her trust by allowing her to use her Exceed. Just believe in her. More flashbacks on Elel’s friendly times with Amane and Ramiel. Elel realizes that she wasn’t looking at Ramiel closely and Amane understood that better than her. Almaria is now upset because Elel is trying to hog Saya to herself. Since when Saya is her personal property? Seeing how friendly Elel is with these girls, this only increases Ramiel’s hatred on her. We take a detour on this hate and go see what the Sanagi sisters are up to. Riding a tank? For once nothing bad happens except maybe the occasional Mayuka pressing the fire button instead of the accelerator. But other than that they have a nice ride and even watch the sunset. Ramiel is now trying to destroy the crystal at Palace of the Seven Goddesses. Cue for Elel to come to her and ‘talk’. The other girls fend off other Ouroboros guards to let Elel meet up with Ramiel. Elel continues to apologize but Ramiel still won’t accept all that. She doesn’t care about anything anymore. Not even the friendship part or anything that has got to do with it. Gee, then why are you still persistent on your fate of just having 1 wing instead of 2 full wings like Elel? This makes Elel screams back that it isn’t the wings she cares about but Ramiel as her friend and the one she loves. I guess this time her feelings got through to her. This honesty about Elel’s feelings is what Ramiel likes and hates about her. Their reconciliation hug is powerful enough to purify Ramiel and return their friendship back to where it always is.

Episode 8
Amane fooled around with Stella’s body thinking it was a doll and accidentally started her up. So as Stella tries to determine if she is her master/creator/programmer, Amane says she is her mom. Before we move on to serious stuff, let’s check out what the Sanagi sisters are doing now. Today’s training: Resting. Day off? Nope! Learn how to rest! Not sure if Ageha’s explanation is so boring that Mayuka fell asleep. But good job nevertheless. Because Mayuka is b*tching for Ageha to come sleep with her, she gives in to her demands and soon can’t escape Mayuka’s clutches because she uses her as a pillow. Not sure if Ageha got raped because in the end she is naked and only clad with a towel… We’ll leave that to your imagination. With Ramiel on the healing path, Elel thanks Saya for everything in which of course she humbly denies. While Elel and Almaria fight over to be Saya’s, ahem, more than just friends, Saya talks to Stella who seems to be concerned about increasing her speed. Stella views Amane as a tool and vice versa. This is because of one bad experience when Amane slapped her for not listening despite they have been together for most of the time. It is a reason she decides to think the same and the only thing that’s important now is her speed. Stella gets a distress call from Xenia. Euphiria wants to go save her mom but leaving her place means leaving Earth vulnerable. Yeah, why not just send Saya and co as they have a proven record of saving 2 worlds already. Reaching the White World which is literally a huge cyberspace, Stella pushes forward ahead of the rest when Xenia’s distress gets stronger. When she reaches her, it is all too obvious a trap as Carene attacks her. Xenia too is part of the trap to lure her. They try to inject her with a virus to turn into the dark side but luckily her firewall is strong and rejects! The duo want Stella to unite and become one. They view this as the ultimate form of love. As proof, they merge. Since she won’t, they continue attacking. By this time Saya and co have reached as they counter attack. Carene-Xenia show a virus in which they intend to destroy the barrier protecting the crystal. If Stella had merged with them, it would have been done immediately. But no matter. It is only a matter of time. Carene-Xenia escape.

Episode 9
From what I understand, because Carene-Xenia are far ahead in this infinite cyberspace to reach the crystal, Stella is going to do some repairs to her own machine so she can catch up to them. Of course she refuses help from others. Saya can’t help feel worried for her but this does not compute for Stella. When she views everyone and herself as tools, Saya does an Amane by slapping her. Don’t you dare say we’re tools because we’re all friends. Why slap her if she considers her as a friend then? Because she is mad and sad. If she was a tool, she wouldn’t even have those feelings and slapped her. Does this compute? Once Stella is done, she blasts off in the speed of light while the other girls take care of the Ouroboros. Stella catches up and tries to insert vaccine programmes but Carene-Xenia destroy them as well as damage Stella. They then press forward as Stella remembers she broke her own speed record and thought Amane would be impressed. Instead, Amane slapped her because she was worried that Stella didn’t listen to her and was being reckless. The same emotions from Amane and Saya now makes Stella understand. From a programming point of view? With new resolve, Stella accelerates even faster to catch up and overtake her seniors. Carene-Xenia won’t allow that and try to go even faster. However they have never done this before and this threatens to tear Xenia apart from Carene, something Carene doesn’t want. Stella is able to handle such speeds because Amane has always been bearing the brunt of her pain. Stella catches up and catches them. With the mission over, Stella emotionally shed tears after saving her sisters. Time to go home. Lastly, we can’t have an episode without the Sanagi sisters. This time Mayuka owns Ageha for once. Or twice. Because she is snickering about what happened the last time. Ageha vowed it won’t happen again but déjà vu can be a b*tch.

Episode 10
When Nya first came to Earth, she thought how different and better it was than her own. Amane heard that and learning she is an ex-soldier, she asked her advice on how to go about playing some battle simulator. Amane surprises her with her tactics of not sacrificing anyone and using team work. Nya is reluctant to teach her further since she is so done about giving and receiving orders. Amane rewords it as a favour instead of an order so Nya agrees. Our last Sanagi sisters’ special training? Well, just a dismissal speech from Ageha it is over. Carene and Xenia are healing well but they have some small distorted data on the enemy in which they give Dr Michael and Euphiria to analyse. Now Stella is sitting on Saya’s lap because that is what her mom Amane used to let her. But Saya is not her mom. Just a friend of mom. In that case, her aunty? With Stella close to Saya, the rivalry goes up a notch. Stella versus all the aunties! Because Almaria claims to be Saya’s sister. That’s an aunty, right? Elel claims to be Saya’s friend. That’s also an aunty, right? Saya talks to Nya and learns she is a former super elite soldier. She was discharged and ended up here. Previously she got a new recruit in her team. But a mission to rescue a POW went wrong and she was forced to abandon her and retreated. By deduction, Nya knows it is her turn to settle things. So she is going to the Green World herself and doesn’t want Saya to tell the rest. Well, Saya is a bad liar considering her body language… Once Nya arrives in the desolated desert, Eins Exaura is already waiting for her. She is trying to play no Nya’s guilt of abandoning a friend. Flashback shows Eins was that new recruit and an enhanced soldier. The Sanagi sisters were also under Nya. When the mission went wrong, Nya was looking for Eins but Ageha requested an order to retreat since they have already retrieved the important target. No choice, Nya had to give orders to retreat. Eins doesn’t hate Nya for the abandonment since she was picked up and further enhanced. In a bid to make Nya serious, Eins has sent the Sanagi sisters to attack Earth! Nya can relive her past of abandoning her friends again while she fights her. These idiots? Bah! They’ll flop, you’ll see. Oh wait. I can’t believe it. They’re dominating Saya and co! OMG. They won and took them as hostage?! Surprise, surprise. Nya fights Eins and doesn’t want to get all-out serious but she is trying to force her. I’m not sure what countdown Nya’s limiter had but when it reaches zero, a super blast wave so great that it transcends dimensions and knocks out the Sanagi sisters (ripping their clothes too???!!!) and thus saving Saya and co. Also, Eins is purified. Wow. So fast? And that was Nya just being half serious. Seriously?

Episode 11
When Saya thought she could finally fight officially as a Progress Girl with Amane, to her horror Amane has already made other friends. Jealous? Sad? Not the only special friend that Amane has? Eins recuperates and reconciles with Nya. She relates how she wanted to impress and thus rushed into the mission but it went awry and put everyone in danger. While everyone else didn’t like how Nya silently went back to her own world, they blame Saya for not telling them since she knew. It’s like she doesn’t trust them. But all that hate turn into love for Saya’s attention. Thankfully Nya isn’t like those cheap lesbians and is staying out of this ‘war’. Dr Michael is having a hard time analyzing the corrupted data so Carene and Xenia suggest to manually merge and reconstruct missing data from there. Since Mikage is from Earth, no need to hop to another world because a showdown with Saya begins now. Mikage claims the other EXR Progress Girls are just for show as the real deal starts now. Herald Abyss, the greatest weapon of Ouroboros. Uhm, giant dick head? So the Alpha Drivers weren’t merely just sealed away. They are going to be used to power up Abyss and destroy Earth’s crystal. Saya clashes with Mikage but the latter mocks her she will never be better because she is always dreaming and thus nothing special. Cue for Saya’s friends to jump in to save her and prove Mikage wrong because Saya is special to them. But they too cannot match up to her might. Who else is there to take on her? Yeah, Hinata. Your turn. After the epic power clash, Hinata defeats and purifies Mikage. However that is the beginning of their problems. Because now Hinata has fallen to the dark side (Mikage infected her during the fight) and initiates Abyss. Sh*t is going to hit the fan.

Episode 12
Hinata is so powerful that nobody can touch her. They still carry on bringing down the menace while Dr Michael’s side tries to activate something. When they do, Saya now finds herself inside Amane’s mind. She sees her sitting dejectedly. Amane has now resigned herself to being lonely forever without friends. Role reversal. Saya’s turn to be the understanding one here. Saya tries to explain how precious she is to everyone and how they never realized how much they loved her till she is gone but Amane continues to wallow in despair. She thought of trying to understand everyone but failed. That’s why it is no difference when Saya lashed out at her. So now Saya thinks she has been wrong. Amane has tried her best and it is okay to be wrong. She doesn’t care if she will forever hate her but Saya wants to apologize and won’t let her carry the burden anymore. She will never let her be lonely again. This is enough to let Amane break out of her crystallized state and into Saya’s arms. Now that she is back, Dr Michael ushers her into this dick egg tower so she can link up with everyone to power up. And of course Saya defeats and purifies Hinata because of the greatest emotion power and bond with Amane. But now they have to take care of the numerous Ouroboros. That’s where the rest of the EXR Progress Girls join in to kick some ass. But that is just for a short while because you know how Amane powers up everyone and a super beam rains down on Seiran to destroy the enemies. Everyone is saved. The worlds are saved. The future is saved. Wow. So easy that it is too good to be true. And all because they got their bonds back. Saya and co happily receive Amane. Welcome back.

Sorority Sisterly Love Saves The World
Yay! Everything is saved. The world, the future, the girls and more importantly their bonds. What a happy good ending if I must say. Read sarcasm. If only everybody knew it was this easy to defeat Ouroboros as long as you have strong bonds. Because the stronger they are, the more powerful you are and that itself is enough to take out the entire horde. I know it sounds crazy but I guess that is why the wars in the real world we live in won’t stop. We get offended and insulted by the slightest things and if there are none, we make the hell up out of it. Not sure if Ouroboros will return in the future to continue accelerating the world’s end but for now, let’s leave our girls to enjoy their much deserved company.

The only reason why we can have a storyline of our UC Progress Girls is because they are all somewhat linked to Amane. It feels like she is the sole reason why everyone else bonds or bothers to make friends. A reason for drama. Without Amane, the world would have been doomed. It gives an excuse for the girls to bond further and thus a reason to go into each other’s worlds to save the day in a predictably systematic order. Well, don’t you see a pattern after the introductory arc? After the Ouroboros attacked and poor Amane got crystallized, it made the other girls realize how they have taken Amane for granted and some treated her like sh*t (looking at you Saya). It gives them a chance to think back about the times they first met her, bonded with her and her quirky honesty so it gives them a reason to fly into the world that it is currently being attacked by a corrupted senior and Ouroboros. In return, they free their senior from the clutches of darkness, push back Armageddon a little more and since they can’t physically bond with Amane, Saya as a substitute will do. Therefore Amane is the most important character and factor, the sole reason why this entire series exist! Had it not been for her, who knows where everyone else will end up. So for these lucky few girls, it is like an angel came to touch their lives, don’t you think? Now that Amane is back, everyone can have a double dose of their favourite girl around.

Of all the characters and worlds there are in this anime’s setting, the most interesting and my personal favourite are those from the Green World. It may be the most boring and uneventful of the 5 worlds but they made it up with very quirky characters. Because the Sanagi sisters are the most hilarious of the bunch. They should have more scenes of the duo doing futile special training that has nothing to do with the real mission eventually. Heck, they should even have their own spinoff! When you get tired of the other girls sorting out their sisterly problems and all that jealousy drama, we can always look forward to every episode and take heart that there are idiotic people like them who can be this cool. Even cooler than the other girls.

Even Eins is not so bad as the corrupted ‘senior’ but her case is in reverse. Unlike other girls, Eins is the only junior while her saviour Nya is her senior. Because of that, she lacks that cockiness and arrogance as seen in Sofina, Ramiel, Carene, Xenia and even Mikage. Nya is also better than the rest of the girls in her class because as an ex-soldier, she is most mature and doesn’t stoop to the lowbrow yuri competition over Saya. Vampires, gods and androids losing out to a mere soldier on the battle of companionship? No wonder the worlds are in danger of being destroyed. You might think that the Green World is less exciting and has been short-changed because it only has 1 dedicated episode compared to the other worlds with the minimum of 2 episodes. But I would like to think how efficient Nya is in getting the job done despite her lazy laidback nature. Heck, she actually got it all over in just half the episode. Don’t need to waste time on unnecessary drama whatsoever. Just do it. That’s the military style.

The rest of the girls feel like annoying b*tches but because the look kawaii and moe, the reason why they aren’t as annoying as hell. Basically most of them have this inferior complex to each other. You know, juniors admire their seniors and want to be like them. On the other hand, seniors are envy of their juniors because they have what they have not. Yeah, something like that. In the end, it is supposed to give us the much needed sisterly drama for them to fight and reconcile, kiss and make up. It almost feels like a game because once they’ve overcome this relationship hurdle, it’s like this problem has been forever solved. They’ll never have to face such strain in their relationship again. And till Amane comes back, Saya becomes their temporary replacement for some good skinship. Yuri time, I guess. So you could say that Ouroboros actually are the good guys here technically. Because they gave a chance for this group of b*tches to resolve their insecurities and differences in which otherwise they will forever put on that fake mask charade that everything is okay but it’s not. Failure to settle and get back on good terms would mean the end of the world, their existence. So don’t you think Ouroboros are the true heroes of the worlds? Ultimately it is the girls who save everything. They save the worlds, thus saving their existence, they save their seniors and eventually they save themselves.

The rest of the background staffs like Dr Michael’s group also don’t fare well. They are supposed to be Seiran’s top and most powerful fighters or so I think. But they spend so much time in their lab trying to analyse and who knows what else there is to do. I understand Dr Michael has her research and Euphiria is stuck in some tube with her own time-space abilities. But what are Aurora, Ruby and Clara for? Just giving lip service? Especially there is this odd relationship between Ruby and Clara in which the former has a tendency to mock the latter for not knowing her stuffs, thus a reason for a much needed explanation to us viewers. I find it odd that Carene and Xenia are always hugging each other, like as though they can never be apart from each other. Is this is some sort of yuri fanservice? Why do robots need to hold each other like that? Can’t they just use a wire or cable to connect and sync themselves? Yeah, so complicated that I don’t even want to understand.

One thing nice is the art and design of the characters and worlds. I’m not saying it is a masterpiece but when you are blending different sorts of worlds from demons to gods to robots and wasteland, these worlds look worthy for a fantasy type genre. When you girls from various backgrounds, normal high school girl, vampire girl, fairy girl, robot girl, military girl, gothic girl, scientist girl, demon girl, angry girls, it is only right to have a variety of designs. While they are not too shabby, it does differentiate their background well. And that’s why even if the story seems generic and nothing new, we can all ogle at the kawaii and moe bishoujos as our saving grace. Yup, they boldly throw in a heavy fanservice teaser for the first episode with nothing but the girls talking in their birthday suit in the baths for almost the entire episode. Don’t hope for the rest of the episode to have that same treatment. Some small baths here and there but nothing as major as this one. Damn those steam censors… As for the design of Ouroboros, I’m not sure but personally many of them look like giant sexual objects. I don’t know. Does this mean I am a pervert? Because these chequered pattern aliens some of them look like dicks and others look like giant sperms. Maybe the design of them is too abstract that I start seeing them as so.

Action wise, I think this department is rather okay too. We have cute girls in fancy clothes and power ups. It would be a waste not to make them use it in battles. So it is a necessary evil for them to show us that they can kick as well in addition to looking good. But they don’t have much of a variety because well, this anime isn’t going to last like 3 digit number of episodes, right? So one or two variations may be enough and sufficient for the big battle of the arc. Like Almaria’s blood materializing weapons, Elel replicating abilities from others, Stella’s speed, Nya’s special gauntlet and Saya’s light sabre sword. There are some terminologies as well but they aren’t that much of a headache to remember like I dread in sci-fi genres. At least some of the terms used I can get by.

There are lots of recognizable seiyuus lending their voice. Among them are Yukari Tamura as Amane, Aki Toyosaki as Elel, Shizuka Itou as Mikage, Aoi Yuuki as Ramiel, Kana Hanazawa as Xenia, Minori Chihara as Carene, Ayane Sakura as Eins and Saori Hayami as Aurora. For those that I didn’t recognize are Minako Kotobuki as Saya (Tsumugi in K-ON!), Yumi Hara as Almaria (Kodaira in Anne Happy), Rika Tachibana as Stella (Reiko in Shomin Sample), Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Nya (Chika in Haruchika), Yuka Aisaka as Hinata (Muse in Amagi Brilliant Park), Mai Ishihara as Sofina (Suzuki in Girls Und Panzer), Mai Aizawa as Dr Michael (Minene in Mirai Nikki), Sumire Uesaka as Ageha (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Nozomi Yamamoto as Mayuka (Julie in Absolute Duo), Yoshiko Ikuta as Ruby (Cosette in Seikoku No Dragonar) and Saya Satou as Clara (debut).

The opening and ending themes are rather okay, nothing spectacular. Seeing that the entire casts are made up of only girls, the songs do feel like idol pop music. Well duh. The ending theme, Link With U by L.I.N.K.s is made up of the voices behind Hinata, Sofina, Ruby and Mayuka. Personally, what an odd choice for a group because usually it would have been Saya’s group of UC Progress Girls or the senior EXR Progress Girls’ group or Dr Michael’s team instead of randomly picking different characters from different groups so that we can have a sense of connectivity. Maybe these people can sing better? It’s just a personal trivial notice of mine, nothing much to it.

Overall, if you do not want to be overwhelmed by the guilty pleasure of yuri that is seen in Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ but still want to see cute girls in battle, this should be your ideal anime. Sort of. If I could have a girl or a girl would become close to me each time I watched a mediocre anime, I would have my own kingdom, no, an entire universe of bishoujos right now. Unfortunately only such cute girls can save the world and the universe. Otaku guys can’t even save themselves. You don’t hear of a group of men (not even hot handsome hunks) saving the world at this level of scale and proportion, right? No, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!’s Earth Defence Club isn’t all that menacing if you think about it. Because nobody wins an argument or a fight better than women. They always win no matter what happens and are always right no matter what you think. Unless Ouroboros too are all women…

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