Here is another versus blog that I wanted to do a long time ago but kept delaying it. I know. It’s that dreaded ‘P’ word again but let’s not talk about that, shall we? Now, for a long time we have always heard of this ‘pairing’ that is no other than a hero fighting the demon lord. If you watch these kind of shows, you’ll get the idea that the duo are ‘inseparable’. It’s like a cat-dog relationship. Maybe even worse. But what happens when one day they find themselves ‘out of a job’? I know it sounds out but I mean, you can’t always be that, right? Therefore it was a curious case between Hataraku Maou-sama (Hataraku) and Yuusha Ni Naranakatta Ore Wa Shibushibu Shuushoku Wo Ketsui Shimashita (Yuushibu). I suppose as long as you’re on Earth, you still have got to go through all those society crap. You still have to eat, right?

Official English title:
Hataraku: The Devil Is A Part Timer.
Yuushibu: I Couldn’t Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job.

The working main character:
Hataraku: Satan AKA Sadao Maou, ex-demon king.
Yuushibu: Raul Chaser, ex-hero.

Employment location:
Hataraku: MgRonald, a fast food outlet.
Yuushibu: Leon, a magical appliances store. Hey, you have got to start small from somewhere. Don’t expect them to suddenly take up a managerial position of some super corporate, didn’t you?

Reason for working:
Hataraku: After barely escaping from a near defeat from the hands of the heroes, Maou needs to work his way back up to reclaim his throne one day.
Yuushibu: One day, there is an announcement made that the Demon King has been defeated, thus putting all heroes out of a job.

His powers:
Hataraku: As the Demon Lord, it is only obvious that he wields a range of super powers like teleportation, shape shifting, protective barrier, high speed regeneration and restoration, magic transfer, flying, and a whole lot of magic power that gives him increased speed and strength. You’re doomed when he is in this Incredible Hulk mode.
Yuushibu: The ability to channel his magic into his weapon to boost its power attack. Raul Slash is his signature and ultimate attack.

Hataraku: Unlike in the home world of Ente Isla, magic is not free flowing and very limited on Earth. It must be restored via other methods like absorbing emotions from other humans.
Yuushibu: Magic flows freely in this world and commonly used to power many appliances that run on them.

I guess when one side is out of a job, it also puts the other in the same shoes.
Hataraku: Emilia AKA Emi Yusa who is now working in some call centre.
Yuushibu: Fino Bloodstone, the Demon King’s daughter now working alongside Raul as his apprentice.

Store manager:
Hataraku: Mayumi Kisaki.
Yuushibu: Seara August.

Female colleague:
Hataraku: Chiho Sasaki.
Yuushibu: Nova Luminous, Lore Beliferal and Fino.

Those with him from the previous ‘employment’ and currently with him or in the same predicament.
Hataraku: Asiel AKA Shiro Ashiya, Maou’s ex-general is now his homemaker.
Yuushibu: Airi Ortinet, Raul’s ex-hero colleague is now working at a rival store.

Ex-colleague turned rogue:
They must have lost their path somehow.
Hataraku: Lucifer AKA Hanzou Urushihara.
Yuushibu: Blaze Dis and Klein Art.

Rival business:
Hataraku: Sentucky Fried Chicken (SFC) – Selling fried chickens of course.
Yuushibu: Amada – A giant magic appliances corporation with large market share and branches everywhere.

Infiltration mission:
The best way to understand the bigger rival is to visit the store itself, right?
Hataraku: Maou sends Ashiya to spy on SFC.
Yuushibu: Raul and Fino visit Amada to check out what they are offering.

Deadly Alliance:
Hataraku: Orba Meyer from the Church conspires with Lucifer to kill the hero so that the former can seize power while the latter return to Heaven.
Yuushibu: Raid Mirroring, a demon conspires with Blaze and Klein to revive the hero industry.

The city in danger:
Hataraku: Lucifer turning the city into a big battlefield during his fight with Maou as he feeds off the people’s negative emotions.
Yuushibu: An emergency is declared over the city since a volcano is in danger of erupting any time.

Mysterious person:
More than meets the eye…
Hataraku: Miki Shiba AKA Miki-T, Maou’s fat landlady. She seems to know what is going on and possibly more. (Later I found out she is a powerful Earth guardian).
Yuushibu: Lamdimia Do Aximemor AKA Lam whose family is believed to be a scion and famous in the demon world.

The girl next door:
Hataraku: Suzuno Kamazuki – A girl in kimono living next door to Maou who is actually part of the Inquisition whose original mission was to kill him.
Yuushibu: Elza Crucial and Lam – Girls who work in a convenience store, Lawson next door.

Potential romance:
Even guys like them can get the chicks…
Hataraku: Obviously Chiho has a crush on Maou and despite Emi has been constantly reminding us she isn’t in love with this guy, her constant stalking and tsundere attitude is hardly convincing.
Yuushibu: More obvious for Elza since she did confess (although not in Raul’s face) and not so obvious for Fino since there are a few hinting scenes for speculation. And of course, Airi the tsundere. Enough said.

The date:
Hataraku: Maou and Chiho in Shinjuku. She talks to him about the strange voices she hears in her head.
Yuushibu: Raul and Fino play the part as part of their mission infiltrating Amada.

Hataraku: Sariel the archangel kidnaps Emilia to extract her sword, Better Half.
Yuushibu: Raid kidnaps Fino and wants her to wake up to her Demon King role using the Bloodstone of Control amulet.

Emotionless girl:
Hataraku: Suzuno.
Yuushibu: Lore.

Hataraku: Maou has been promoted to shift supervisor and subsequently shift manager.
Yuushibu: Amada employs idol group Sphere to promote their newly opened store in addition to other low price promotions. Also, when Airi becomes a new employee at Leon, Seara is promoted to be her senior.

The otaku:
Hataraku: Urushihara after being defeated by Maou, he becomes a NEET only facing his laptop in Maou’s apartment.
Yuushibu: A group of otaku nerds are seen stampeding into Leon to buy leftover or old stuffs that they have.

Bald guy:
Hataraku: Orba.
Yuushibu: There is a perverted old customer who is fond of harassing Nova’s butt that looked like Patrick Stewart!

Unusual weapon wielder:
Hataraku: Suzuno uses a giant hammer that she keeps hidden in her hair clip.
Yuushibu: Raul uses a ruler. Don’t ask.

Money woes:
Hataraku: Being a part timer at a fast food chain isn’t exactly the highest paying job so they have to be freaking frugal and save a lot while eking out a living and make do with what they have in their poor life.
Yuushibu: Raul who has to eat the same food every day. I understand Fino wants to spend her pay to buy stuffs to make people happy. But how is she going to survive for the rest of the month if she uses them all up on mail order products? Hasn’t she heard? You can’t buy happiness with money. Also, Airi ended up in Amada because she needed the money badly and thus the reason she is putting up with its job requirements she hates.

Buying spree:
Hataraku: Fino spending her paycheque on lots of useless stuffs. And possibly much later when she earns enough, Elza’s dream to buy all the items at Leon in the catalogue she has.
Yuushibu: Urushihara ends up buying so many useless stuffs over the internet that could hardly fit into Maou’s home.

Sick food:
Not for those with a weak stomach…
Hataraku: Suzuno’s poison food laced with magic literally floored and weakened Ashiya for many episodes.
Yuushibu: During Fino’s stint at Lawson, she tries to make their oden by mixing in everything! Ironically it tastes good!

Lending a hand:
Nothing like helping out others temporarily when they are short of hands.
Hataraku: Kisaki assigns Maou to work at MgRonald branch at Fushima amusement park.
Yuushibu: Elza requests for extra help at Lawson and turns down eager beaver Seara for Fino.

Customer service:
It is always the small extra services that put a smile on the customers and make them come back for more.
Hataraku: A familiar customer drops and delivers a free Tanabata plant as gratitude for some volunteer work they did. This results in customers streaming into their outlet after the plant is decorated.
Yuushibu: When a grandma and her son erred in double booking of an air-conditioning unit, they go for Amada’s cheaper price. However it is Leon’s employees that help solve their magic meter problem for free. The biggest reward for Leon could have is that the family doesn’t mind paying high cancellation fees to Amada because they would love to shop at Leon in the future. Later, an article written on them about their hard work and honesty helped increase their reputation.

Hataraku: Low fanservice level. The most we get are uninspiring bath scenes from Emi and that amusement park scene for swimsuit fanservice.
Yuushibu: High fanservice level with Airi being the main offender because it is like her role to be stripped and her armour that makes her look more like a slut. Then there’s the swimsuit scene of the staffs selling and promoting in their bikinis, the hotspring and even a seemingly tentacle rape spectacle.

Brand names spoof:
To avoid being sued of course.
Hataraku: Not many of them. Examples: Papasonic (Panasonic), Amada (Yamada Denki).
Yuushibu: Lots of them. Examples: Holy Potter: Blood of a Sorcerer and a Dragon (Harry Potter series), Pasta Vita (PS Vita), Unislo (Uniqlo), Docodemo (DoCoMo), Moonbucks (Starbucks).

Naming of episode titles:
Hataraku: Based on what the demon or hero (or both) is/are doing.
Yuushibu: Based on what the Demon King’s daughter is doing or what the hero (or somebody) couldn’t do and thus decided to do something else instead.

Number of episodes:
No second season?
Hataraku: 13 episodes.
Yuushibu: 12 episodes + 1 OVA.

Studio Production:
Hataraku: White Fox.
Yuushibu: Asread.

The basic moral of both series is that you don’t need to be big and famous to pull off the very basic thing in sales and services to make your customers happy. A polite service with a smile always beat any price cuts any time. As for which anime is better, I can’t really say since both have its strong and weak points. Because if you want something with lots of fanservice, then you go for Yuushibu. Hataraku has more decent action, though. When it comes down to it, even both sides of the divide can put aside their differences and work together for the greater good. It’s all about the money, eh? It’s all about the dum-dum… The cha-ching cha-ching… The ba-bling ba-bling… It goes to show that one can never be too complacent with your current job. There is no harm in starting small and working yourself up. It just takes time. I wonder if one day otakus will go out of a job too if that’s the case. How ironic that would be.

Hataraku Maou-sama

January 4, 2014

Imagine this. The Dark Lord Satan working part time in a fast food restaurant! Woah! Never seen this one coming, did you? And you thought being the most powerful demon general of Hell or the Underworld with all the undead creatures and demon at his disposal, he could easily burn all the land on Earth, strike fear with his scary expression, slash through an army of mortals or even kill you in a snap of a finger. Never in your wildest dream would you never have imagined that he would end up working in such a lowly job. Sounds like the demon king has just fallen, eh? Hataraku Maou-sama is just that and probably more. With such a low pay, he is stinging and being frugal with the little income he gets! Is this really the Dark Lord? Is this really the almighty Satan himself? More importantly, will the demon king accept all this? To be lower than puny weaklings called humans? Well… Seems like it. What a surprise. I guess you can’t conquer the world when you lose your magic, huh?

Not only is the Dark Lord himself trying to eke out a living in modern day Japan, but the hero who tried to slay him too! Guess what? She’s also having a tough time trying to earn a living as a typical salary woman. I guess on this planet, they don’t pay you enough to slay dragons or even Satan himself. Heck, they don’t even exist here so you won’t even get paid for it! So when both our opposing characters meet, they have to question and face their moral value dilemmas of their own world and the current world that they reside in. Yup. I suppose conquering the world skills aren’t necessary in this world unless you become some megalomaniac (like in James Bond’s movies). That’s not going to happen when you’re trying to work your way up in a fast food restaurant, right? And without a big villain to defeat, that makes the hero’s job redundant as well, no? And if you try to play hero and villains in the big city, you’re going to get arrested for public disturbance. Tough luck. Now do they know how hard life is for us commoners?

Episode 1
In another alternate world, Ente Isla, the cruel and evil Dark Lord Satan went to war against humans trying to annex it into his realm. He sent his mighty generals, Adramelech, Lucifer, Alsiel and Malacoda to conquer the 4 neighbouring islands. But a hero soon rose to counter the threat and lay siege on Satan. Defeating Adramelech, Lucifer and Malacoda, the hero has cornered Satan and Alsiel in his final stronghold. Before Satan could succumb to his defeat, he escaped via portal and vowed to return one day. Satan and Alsiel have arrived in a place we all know as Earth. They both have taken on human form and cannot believe how much magic they have lost. They are picked up by local policemen who think they are foreign cosplayers. At the police station, Satan easily hypnotizes one of the police to get some information about the place they are in now. They need to reserve their remaining magic as they have no knowledge on how to replenish it. Until then, they have no choice but to live in this world abiding the humans’ rules. And so we see the duo trying to make a decent start in living in Japan. Filling up the proper documents, getting a place to rent… Well, it’s pretty odd if some Dark Demon Lord starts living in a dilapidated place. Can’t complain. They meet the owner of this apartment, Miki Shiba (Miki-T as she would prefer to be called). Needing money to continue on living in this wretched condition, the duo take up identities so that they can apply for job. Satan = Sadao Maou and Alsiel = Shiro Ashiya. Can’t change it. Because the ID cards have been printed and it costs money. Bummer. It’s really odd to see the once fearsome Satan now living a very frugal life. Penny punching. They can’t afford this and need to save as much as possible. Ashiya is like a strict homemaker…

Maou on his way to his work at MgRonald gives his umbrella to a girl in the rain. Gee, why the kindness? At work, he is motivated to get promoted as soon as possible. And hard working this guy is. Really. While Maou is at work, Ashiya tries to do research in restoring their magic. Because once they do so, they’ll take over this world and Ente Isla as well. Ah, such grand plans… But first he needs to work hard and as the branch manager Mayumi Kisaki puts it, this one will decide who will win the current promotion (Maou’s other colleague being Chiho Sasaki). It may look like Maou is going to get it since Chiho is being clumsy and all. But a dilemma situation that has Maou wondering if he should use his magic when the fryer machine is down… In the end, he felt he screwed up although it’s not his fault that the fryers broke down. He thought he is done for when Kisaki calls him but to his relief, the main office has decided to hire him as a permanent employee. Happy and going to relay the good news to Ashiya, but that girl whom he lent his umbrella before stops him. She now recognizes who he is better. She almost caught him using his magic at MgRonald. So… what is the Dark Lord Satan working at a fast food joint? Maou instantly recognizes her as Emilia the hero! Oh sh*t!

Episode 2
When Maou escaped to Earth, Emilia vowed to chase him down till the end and followed him. She takes out her knife (she got it from the 100 Yen store) and is going to defeat him. Unfortunately they got picked up by the policeman who thinks they shouldn’t have their lover’s spat in public. Emilia becomes embarrassed that he thinks so and vehemently denies she is in that kind of relationship. The policeman lets them off with a warning. As they part, Emilia warns Maou to be on his guard and to sleep with his eyes open. It seems Emilia has taken the identity as Emi Yusa in this world and is working as an employee at a call centre. Even heroes need to earn for a living. At least she is slightly in a better living condition than Maou. So she pays a visit to Maou’s place and because he won’t let her in, she starts throwing tantrum outside till the Demon Lord pities her and lets her in. This… The Hero? Anyway she tells them she was supposed to kill them and return to Ente Isla as soon as possible but somehow she ended up coming here alone instead with high priest Orba Meyer. Maou mentions his grand plans to move up in this society and conquer it but Emi doesn’t care. Although she claims she can easily kill him with the remaining magic she has, she will not and keep an eye on him. Not until she has at least secure a way home. Because Emi is sceptical about Maou living a frugal life, she becomes like a stalker, spying on their every action after work. This can’t be true, right? The Demon Lord making an honest living. It just doesn’t cut it.

So she confronts Maou in one of his shifts and wants to talk. Chiho is suspicious she may be his ex trying to get back with him. When Chiho leaves her shift, she wonders if Maou felt some earthquake yesterday. Maou did notice one but it wasn’t as bad as Chiho described hers because her place was in a mess. After Maou leaves his shifts, he meets Emi and she continues to be sceptical of his actions in this world. Because of this, she is not sure if she wants to finish him anymore. She suggests he gives up Ente Isla and live a new life here. But Maou vows he will be back to conquer Ente Isla. Suddenly they are attacked by mysterious magic power. They both temporarily cooperate to get out of harm’s way. They could only speculate that the attacker knew their identity but who would want both the Demon Lord and hero dead? They continue to argue about Emi picking the wrong place and getting them ambushed. Maou wants to continue this some other time but he is puzzled why Emi follows him back. Somehow she lost her wallet and her keys to her home so as much as she hates asking this favour, she wants to stay at his place for tonight. Seriously. A hero asking this from the Demon Lord? Maou’s great hospitality takes her in, much to Ashiya’s dismay. But you can tell she is in no shape to fight. So kind Maou that not only he gives her a place to stay but lends her a thousand yen! That night, Maou gets a mysterious message warning there will be more earthquakes and also one from Chiho asking what to do about the frequent earthquakes.

Episode 3
Chiho is happy that she is able to arrange a meeting with Maou to seek his advice. When Emi is at work, she gets a mysterious caller who knows about her predicament and real identity. He didn’t expect the Dark Lord and hero to work together and for the sake of Ente Isla, he will wipe them out. Later Emi gets a call from the police station. She is not happy she has to go all the way there just to vouch for Maou’s identity (he abandoned his bicycle during last night’s mysterious attack). Isn’t it a Dark Lord’s job to give trouble to the hero? She tells him about the threatening call she got so Maou wonders if someone is really targeting them both. Maou and Chiho meet up on that day and since Ashiya can’t leave his master alone, he follows from the shadows. Emi spots Ashiya acting strange and also ‘joins in’. She can tell Chiho harbours feelings for Maou and is appalled what that little girl sees in that Dark Lord. Don’t tell me she’s jealous? Because there is no point in watching them from so far, Emi takes a bold move to enter the café and eavesdrop closely. Chiho talks to Maou about the strange voices in her head. It’s like she is receiving transmission calls from another world trying to make contact here. Although they were talking in a different language, it is strange she understood every word and concluded most of the conversation was about earthquakes. Maou thinks it is Idea Link. To use it, you need to pinpoint your target with a detector spell called Sonar. It causes large shock waves of magic that can have various effects and one of them may be the earthquakes. It makes senses if the Sonar was trying to locate him and Emi. Maou then sees Emi coming in with Ashiya. What the hell are they doing here? Before Chiho can confess, Emi confronts them. He tells Chiho the merciless and cruel person Maou is. There is no point in liking someone who will bring misfortune. Oh? And you are? Cat fight coming up. Chiho thinks the ex is trying to get back and it’s none of her business how she approaches Maou. Though Emi denies anything of that sort, Chiho continues her offensive she is always lurking around him. Suddenly a big earthquake rocks the place. Emi and Chiho are alive in the dark rubble. Emi continues to assert she isn’t in that sort of relationship with Maou and can tell Chiho likes him very much. She warns him if she falls for him, she’ll get hurt. Besides, she believes he can’t die that easy. For she will be the one who will kill him. After Emi puts Chiho to sleep, she tells Maou to show his face. Wow. Maou in his true form! I thought he came out from Fist of the North Star! So muscular! So powerful! So badass! To Emi’s confusion, she is confused why Maou is using his power to save the people.

Episode 4
Emi remembers growing up a peaceful farm life on Ente Isla with her father. She was assured by him that the Holy Church, Royal Army and priests’ prayers will protect them from evil. One day the Church arrived to take Emilia. That was when her father revealed she is the only one who can defeat the Dark Lord and saved Ente Isla. Because she is half angel. Her mom was an angel. Daddy protected and raised her for this day. A few days later, her hometown was razed by Lucifer. She was angry and vowed to learn Better Half, the sacred blade of progress and defeat Satan with her own hands. So it is no wonder that Emi feels confused of Maou’s actions. Thankfully no casualties were reported and everyone is safe. Maou learns Chiho’s father is a policeman and was the one who picked him up when he first arrived in this world. Maou tells Emi that the earthquake is no mere natural disaster. They have been discovered and the reason why the perpetrators didn’t try again is because Maou regained his power. Emi’s colleague, Rika Suzuki is happy to see her alive. Emi is brought back to her place. Emi feels nostalgic about her family because Rika easily talks about hers. Rika teases the fine guy Emi is recently hanging around with. Is he the reason why Emi declines to hang out with her recently? Want to bet how much Emi will deny all that? Emi couldn’t understand that kind of warmth feeling in her heart. What was going through Maou’s mind when he saved those people? Maou and Ashiya are picked up by a couple of policemen who think they are actors from a small theatre. They are later released and are warned about the increased muggings in the area recently.

Next morning, Emi visits Maou’s place to repay her thousand yen loan. Because she got clumsy, she fell down the stairs and is forced to stay longer to get her wounds treated. Ashiya notes they are out of gauze so he heads out to replenish the supplies. Emi then blows her top. She reminds him he is supposed to be the Dark Lord. Work his evil! She has never seen a Dark Lord happy to have a high school girl at his side. Yeah. So we’ve never seen a hero falling down the stairs and require medical aid from the demon. Emi is confused of his kindness. Why did he help people? If he was so kind, why did he kill her dad? The Dark Lord she knew was ruthless and revelled in the suffering of others. She blames him for taking away her carefree and innocent days. Wow. The hero breaking down. Chiho enters the room since Ashiya ran into her in the street and she said she wanted to meet Maou. She misinterpreted the scene of Emi crying before Maou. It’s really the case of the ex wanting to get back with him, no? Chiho runs away in tears but before Maou could go after her, Miki-T shows Maou a letter of consent. Because she would like the refurbish this apartment (after that earthquake, she must be thinking this rundown place needs some sprucing up), she wants all the residents’ consent. Then she lets Maou know about taking responsibility if he got Chiho involved. Because it is no coincidence that girl was targeted by Sonar and used to establish Idea Link. Chiho is still crying and really believes she is in love with Maou to react like that. She is approached by a mysterious kid. He has been watching her and will feed on his envy and despair towards Maou and Emi. He spreads his black wings and destroys a portion of the elevated highway. When Maou and the rest arrive on scene, they can’t believe what Lucifer is doing here.

Episode 5
Emi can’t believe Lucifer is still alive because she remembers impaling him with her sword. Maou guesses it’s because of his new ‘friend’, Orba. Seems they have made a pact. Orba’s goal is to seize power quietly and to rid of the hero and in exchange promised Lucifer to return him to Heaven. Wow. How did Maou exactly guess all this? He watched B-grade movies? Well, they don’t have money and he wasted them on movies? Sure he’s going to get some shelling from Ashiya but not time for that because Lucifer takes him out and goes on the offensive. Maou continues to guess correctly that they are the ones behind the spates of muggings and he has lots of power in this world unlike them because he feeds off the people’s negative emotions. Lucifer can’t understand why Maou would do the same as it would easily bring him back to Ente Isla. Maou has grown fond of this world and doesn’t want to trouble a world that has treated him well. Really? This coming from the Dark Lord’s mouth? Lucifer continues to feed on Chiho’s negativity so Maou and Emi escape. The latter uses enough of her power to teleport to a nearby station. The crowded area means more witnesses but Lucifer isn’t cowed. He will just kill all of them. Thinking he has defeated Maou, he releases Chiho. Emi catches her. Lucifer is going to wreck more destruction when Maou revives in his true form. Fist of the North Star! Thanks to the crowd, he is able to feed on their emotions and gain power. While he holds the falling bridge in suspended animation, Emi uses her barrier to protect the place and put the people to sleep. Emi and Lucifer fight in a high powered battled. Maou grants enough magic power to Ashiya to revive and help Emi. Lucifer orders Orba to use his magic to help out and although the old geezer is reluctant as there is no way he could replenish his, Lucifer tells him off if they are defeated, they won’t even get a chance to go back.

Orba is easily defeated by Ashiya. After Maou manages to put down the bridge, he is going to teach Lucifer a good lesson.  A lesson he won’t forget. Because of this destruction, Maou might miss out on being employee of the month. Lucifer is sh*tting in his pants as Maou powers up his super mega ultra hyper (add in all the cool adjectives you can think off) to pound him in a single strike! So who is the boss now? In the aftermath, Chiho still can’t believe her eyes. If this is not some movie she is watching, who are they? They tell the truth about themselves (including a little argument about how they are pathetically living in this world). Emi assures Chiho that she need not worry about her relationship with Maou. Maou isn’t going back to Ente Isla even though he has got his power because of his responsibility at MgRonald. Wow. The Dark Lord is responsible? Working at MgRonald is more important than conquering Ente Isla? Emi confirms that Lucifer is that one who called her at work and the reason how he discovered her was because he picked up her lost wallet. Because Lucifer is Maou’s underling, he will take responsibility over him. At the same time, Emi’s comrades, Albert Ende and Emeralda Etuva finally end their long journey through the portal and end up on Earth. They are surprised that Emi is cooperating with Maou and Ashiya. Even more surprising, she shows them Maou’s ‘stronghold’. The rundown apartment he lives in… Albert reveals they were the ones using Sonar trying to detect Emi. It was also the voices in Chiho’s head as they limited to recipients to people who were thinking about the Dark Lord all the time. So now we know what’s going on in her mind. Albert and Emeralda are preparing to head back to Ente Isla or else the Church will have it their way. Emi will continue to stay to keep watch on Maou. Besides, the city is back to normal and no one even remembered what happened. Maou is staying since he used most of his power to restore the city (I feel it’s just an excuse). He wonders if Chiho wants her memories erased too but she gets upset and calls him an idiot.

Episode 6
Back at Ente Isla, the Church is alarmed. They are told Emilia and Satan are still alive. Orba is missing and has betrayed the Church. Because Emeralda is trying to spread news that Emilia is alive, this will have consequences the Church cannot ignore as it contradicts their statement that Emilia is dead. They have only a couple of choices. Admit that the Church had been betrayed or eliminate Emilia, Emeralda and Albert. Lucifer is living under Maou’s apartment under the name Hanzou Urushihara. He even got him a computer so he can do his specialty of online research. He has to earn his keep and not make so much complain… Urushihara hacks into Emi’s work place to talk with her. Maou has been promoted to shift supervisor when Emi barges in to talk to him about Urushihara ending up at his place. Because of the police busy investigating the place, he can’t walk around easily. When Maou goes back, he sees Urushihara and Ashiya on the verge of ‘death’. Miki-T vacationing at Hawaii has sent them a picture of herself in a bikini. I don’t even want to see that! Based on Urushihara’s research, he notes there is a magical place nearby called the Forbidden Classroom which might have a good chance of something otherworldly is involved. That classroom turns out to be where Chiho goes to school and Maou requests her to help bring them to the place since it might have something to do with Ente Isla. She leads Maou and Ashiya to that place after school hours and she is happy just to be by his side while explaining the 7 mysteries of her school (6 only if you keep count – because if you know all 7, your soul will be taken. WTF).

They thought they are going to experience one of the mysteries but it turns out to be Emi. She happened to see them sneak into school and followed them in. The gang ditch this troublesome woman to hide in a room but she’s not happy to be left alone and chases them. She accidentally destroys an anatomical model and they even have time to argue it’s her fault and shift the blame. When they arrive at the Forbidden Classroom, they realize that this place was not abandoned a very long time. In fact, it looked like somebody has been living here! More surprising, they see a handheld console on the floor. Maou receives a call from Urushihara wondering if they have entered the Forbidden Classroom. Do they see a handheld console? Yeah… When he first arrived in this world with Orba, he stayed at this place and left behind a game he frequently used to play. He hopes he can pick it up for him. So all this wild goose chase was just a ploy… Maybe they should sell this console and make some money out of it… Next day at MgRonald, Maou accidentally picks up and sees Miki-T’s picture. Chiho found the letter on the floor, picked it up and put it on the table. Well, if demons can’t even stand seeing this picture, I wonder what will the effects will be on humans. When Maou leaves for home, he sees someone moving in and thinks is a new tenant. A girl in kimono, Suzuno Kamazuki trips and falls down the stairs but Maou catches her.

Episode 7
Next morning, Suzuno knocks on Maou’s door to give a package as gratitude for yesterday’s help. She is his new neighbour. Meanwhile Emi gets a delivered package from Emeralda. She has converted sacred power into bottled drinks to restore Emi’s power. Seriously, bottled drinks? There’s a strict dosage to stick to every day too? Emi continues ‘stalking’ Maou and to her surprise sees Suzuno teaching Urushihara household chores. I’m not sure how he got that kid to listen since he never was a good one with Ashiya around. Besides, that guy is sick so that’s why Suzuno is doing the chores. Emi goes closer to spy and when she hears Suzuno coming out, she tries to escape and falls down the stairs. If not for Maou catching her, she would have been hurt. She shows her gratitude by beating him up. Thanks. Divine retribution means she also feels pain after head butting him. So Emi joins them and she is not really impressed Maou has been promoted to MgRonald’s shift manager at Hatagaya Station branch. Suzuno wonders if the duo go a long way back due to their casual talk. Emi denies everything and makes it clear she would prefer him to drop dead now. Because Suzuno’s intention reminds her of Chiho’s, she wonders if Suzuno is after Maou too. Suzuno flusters and brings Emi outside so Maou won’t hear them. She is impressed she could figure it out. Emi doesn’t suspect her as an assassin or demon because it has been a week and she hasn’t made some sort of move. As not to bring up that Chiho experience, Emi tells her to be careful with Maou because he only brings misfortune. She trusts her and will take up her advice. Emi then gives her contacts just in case she needs any help. She leaves and almost falls down the stairs. What’s with Emi and stairs?

Emi continues to stalk Maou at his workplace. She is contacted by Emeralda and has been taking her dosage as recommended. Even Emeralda thinks Emi is acting like lovers so busy they hardly get time to see each other. Whatever the case, she hopes it won’t make them on opposite sides. As for the progress back at Ente Isla, no country is taking any open action for now. The Church is obsessed in searching the truth behind Orba’s disappearance and warns someone may be looking for Emi too and sending people to Japan for the job. Kisaki leaves the place in charge to Maou since she will be gone for a meeting soon and to be wary of their soon-to-be-opened nemesis, Sentucky Fried Chicken. Seriously, Sentucky? As he takes a break and is about to eat the home made bento Suzuno made, this alerts Chiho. Oh, I can guess what is going to happen. She gets alert upon knowing his new young neighbour girl is the one who made it. Wow. Now she’s getting aggressive to know the details. She takes a look at its contents and finds the first compartment filled with exotic New Year delicacies. Her heart can’t take it when she sees the second compartment: A heart shaped rice. Worst nightmare come true. After Emi buys her usual meal at the convenience store, she is being attacked by a masked assailant. Thanks to the drinks, she is able to summon Better Half to find him off but he seems to be able to shoot purple beams and nullify her power. The assailant runs away when the convenient store clerk throws paintball at him. Due to procedures, Emi needs to stay in the store with him till the police come and finish their investigations. Emi is glad that her powers have returned and should be able to summon her Crusader Armour too but is left wondering who that assailant is. She suddenly gets an emergency call from Chiho. It’s about Maou. She is devastated he got a double decker bento from a girl. Huh? Oh…

Episode 8
Chiho has Emi accompany her to Maou’s place with some excuse she wants to give her own bento to him in fear the other woman’s one might be poisoned. Just WTF? Despite being nervous (her silly face is so obvious), she gets along pretty well with Suzuno. They learn Suzuno was given excess food and she is just offloading them till she finds a job. Maou stepped on a land mine when he suggests she should work at MgRonald as they’re short of staff. The rest can guess this is going to be very problematic if she accepts it. But Suzuno will take this into consideration. Noting she has no modern clothes, it is suggested Emi will accompany her after work to buy some. Maou walks Chiho home and wonders if she is bothered by their true identities. She was told by Emi bits and pieces about things and by that time, she had already fallen for him. Emi did try to warn her but she fell for him on her own accord. That’s why she will decide if she still loves him or not. She doesn’t care if he sees her only as a colleague but she will love him either way no matter what. To Chiho’s horror, Suzuno has heard everything so she runs away by hijacking Maou’s bicycle! Suzuno wonders how does Maou feel to be loved by someone. Since the confession was so straight and clear, he hasn’t has time to digest it yet. Suzuno seems pretty surprised by his answer. When Suzuno meets Emi at the train station, Emi wonders how she got here from the country side since Suzuno doesn’t know what to do in a train station. Actually she came here via Gate. Eh? What? She’s from Ente Isla? You should see the shocking reaction both girls put on. Hilarious.

Suzuno thought Emi knew her identity all along because from their first conversation when she told her to stay away from Maou. She listened to her since she was the hero. Suzuno is here because she received information Emi might be conspiring with the enemy. She dismisses it since they’re only cooperating because of a common foe. Emilia concludes she is not the one who attacked her at the convenience smell since she lacks the paintball smell. Suzuno reveals her real name as Crestia Bell and the First Interrogator of the Reformation. Emi doesn’t want to be late for work so they can talk while on their way there. We see the country bumpkin in Suzuno because she is surprised with all the modern technology. Embarrassing, no? Taking a break at Moonbucks (because the ‘Star’ was taken), Emi learns that Suzuno only has traditional kimono is because of some documentary she learnt about Japan. Maybe she should update herself. As for her motive to move in next to the Dark Lord, she was looking leads for Orba and the only info she had was Maou’s address and living arrangements. She though by doing so, the hero would pop up. From her observation, she knows Emi is not conspiring with Maou and what Orba did is unforgivable. Suzuno wants Emi’s help to defeat Maou and return to Ente Isla. Emi doesn’t care about the Church or what other countries think of her. Because Orba and Lucifer’s conspiracy to kill her and Maou also hurt many other innocent people. She can’t trust her unconditionally. It is her duty as the hero to defeat the Dark Lord and not require any help. She warns Suzuno despite Maou’s look, he is still the Dark Lord and one wrong move, he will see through her. Emi hands her some fashion magazines and to at least dress like the people of this world if she wants to continue living here for some time. Meanwhile back at MgRonald, Kisaki is not happy that there is 80% drop in customers since yesterday. Why not? Sentucky just opened and there is bloody long queue… While Maou is at the counter, he is approached by some fancy midget, Mitsuki Sarue who claims he is the manager of Sentucky. He is here to see Kisaki but she’s out and he knows a lot about Maou too (at least for the part of him working diligently as a human). Mitsuki sees the beauty in Chiho and tries to hit on her by ordering take out from her. Chiho is creep out and not impressed. Maou has sent Ashiya to gather more information on Sentucky. When Emi leaves work, she meets Suzuno who seems to have bought lots of stuffs (she sold some rare ring and got loads of money). She wants Emi to accompany her to Maou’s workplace. Rika misinterprets their conversation as a love triangle and lover’s quarrel so she’s interested to be some sort of neutral mediator and happily joins them. Emi, your thoughts are of no significance!

Episode 9
Rika is really enjoying this so I guess Emi doesn’t even bother and plays along. In order to discuss their ‘strategy’, Rika takes them to Sentucky since it is crowded. She is served by Mitsuki and she is more creep out than impressed by his flattery. Rika begins the discussion by having the ladies say what they think of Maou. Suzuno: Just my neighbour. Emi: Nothing going on between us. Rika thinks Emi is not being honest so Emi starts badmouthing why she hates Maou. However Ashiya who was sitting nearby, heard everything and won’t forgive what she said. Meanwhile Maou is in a dilemma. He sent Ashiya for an infiltration mission but he is taking too long. Didn’t he say to investigate thoroughly? He wonders if he should wait till Ashiya gets back with information or to take action now. They have no customers and it feels like a funeral and it is already bad enough today is Tanabata and the crowd is out. The staffs think the shift manager is under pressure. Back to the ladies, Rika learns Ashiya is quite close to Maou and wants to know more about the latter. I’m not sure if this is an outright lie because when Rika wants to know why ‘Emi wouldn’t want other girls to get close to Maou’, Ashiya begins his story of how Maou had his own construction company. Emi was the rival and they always clashed. Due to the poor economy and inexperience, they lost the contract to Emi who had the backing of a big company. They drifted and ended up here. A year later, that’s when they ran into Emi. Due to their history, she must have taken pity on us and comes to check on them from time to time. Ashiya notes they have not given up and are starting from scratch, with Maou working up his way at MgRonald and someday they can start their own company again. Sounds like pure bullsh*t to me.

With Suzuno in the picture, Emi in a way didn’t want her to get involved with them. Rika believes his story and because Ashiya had good words to say to Rika, she starts flustering. Eh? What? What was her intention actually? Now Rika is eager to meet this Maou guy because it might be good for her if she had connections with somebody talented. Ashiya reports his findings to Maou. They have good food and service is nothing special. He concludes the attraction is just out of novelty. After he leaves, Maou ‘confronts’ the ladies sitting down instead of ordering something at the counter. Emi so duh… Suzuno looking so bored… Haven’t we had enough? Rika didn’t like Maou’s attitude and wasn’t the person she expected him to be (at least from what she just heard). She tells him the stories she heard from Emi and Ashiya and came to see him for herself. When Chiho serves them, Rika is taken in by her cuteness and hugs her. After that she continues to berate Maou that she would like to see him in action so he starts using his advertising skills to attract more customers. Didn’t work. People are more attracted by Chiho’s cuteness. A familiar customer, Watanabe drops by to make a Tanabata plant delivery to them. The staffs start decorating it as Chiho explains to Emi about this festival. She also tells how Maou met Watanabe in some volunteer work and managed to ask for a plant (though it’s for his garden). Demon Lord doing volunteer work? After the decoration is done, people start streaming in! The change of atmosphere is definitely good. People are really attracted to the beautiful plant. But is it? Suzuno suspects something amiss.

Episode 10
Kisaki assigns Maou to work at the Fushima amusement park MgRonald branch tomorrow since a friend requested to lend some talented crew to help out. All his expenses will be covered. Chiho wanted to come too but looks like Kisaki views Maou himself can handle everything. Well I suppose she managed to get leave so she calls Emi to accompany her to Fushima. Shortly, Suzuno calls Emi about Maou planning to gather magic at Fushima but Emi scoffs her off there is no way he could do that since he will be there just for work. Maou works hard at Fushima. He is surprised to see Chiho as a customer. She’s trying to flaunt her swimsuit (especially her big bust) but he is too dense as his head is only filled with customer service. What a letdown. What a big turn off. Suzuno takes Emi and Chiho to a haunted house attraction. Because the night before she overheard Urushihara mentioning about his online internet research that such places are best to gather magic. Can you trust this guy? Don’t blame her. She doesn’t know. Chiho gets freaked out by a ghastly figure and runs in deeper. Suzuno and Emi thought they spot a lost girl. But when she starts repeating her sentences, she turns out to be a mechanical ghost! And mommy is on the ceiling! You can’t imagine how freaked out they are. And they came from the other world filled with mythical creatures… Next, Suzuno brings them to the reptile exhibition. Chiho has unpleasant experience with household lizards while Emi has hers with giant ones back at Ente Isla. Suzuno ate such from head to toe in a faraway land during her journey. Yucks…

The girls accidentally bump into a keeper and this causes a lost monkey to steal its keys. The girls also encounter this lost monkey but this simian is more attracted to Chiho’s big bust and rubs it in. Maou delivers the fast food to a nearby circus. As he leaves, he thought someone called his name but it turned out one of the circus guys lost his pet monkey. Yeah. Also named Sadao. Eventually the monkey is found when the girls are nearby. Imagine the indirect teasing they do when they find out they both have the same name… Prior to that, the monkey had unlocked the cage holding the crocodiles. So as the girls play at the pool, suddenly the crowd panics and gets away from the water. The crocodiles have invaded! Maou coolly walks against the crowd and chants his magic to command to tame the crocodiles. However Suzuno is not amused because he could have used this chaotic chance to gain more power and yet he used it for the sake of mere humans. The girls return home and when Suzuno alights the train, she spots a hooded character. He sprouts angelic wings before disappearing right before her eyes. Hey, wasn’t that Mitsuki? Want to bet it’s him? Who else had that kind of blue hair? Maou returns to his humble home. Ashiya continues to be sick since he is spending an awful time in the toilet vomiting. And because he has let his guard down, Urushihara has ordered something from the internet and the delivery is here. I wonder how much this would cost.

Episode 11
More box deliveries to Maou’s home. Did Urushihara buy something off the internet again? Actually they are from Miki-T and she has sent back those stuffs to them so they can sell it on her behalf at the summer bazaar. They can keep the foodstuffs. Suzuno is spacing out. She remembers meeting that hooded character who knows lots about Suzuno. Especially her title as the Reaper, Death Scythe Bell from the Church. Flashback reveals Suzuno was part of the Inquisition as an Executor. The Church and Allied Knight Order weren’t cooperative so she was in charge of assassinating heretics and under Orba’s command. She was always told to focus and only complete her mission and not think more. She thought in the end that it wasn’t them who saved the world but the hero. With Ashiya still out sick (he should just go see a doctor), Maou requests Chiho’s help with the boxes. Because Urushihara has planted a tracker on Emi, he knows she is on her way here. But to see Suzuno. Since she’s here, why not ask her help too? Maou and the girls set up their booth at the bazaar and this has Suzuno think back of her position. Right after the war ended on Ente Isla, some parties turned arrogant and sensitive. They have their own ulterior motives to satisfy your own selfish means. Suzuno overheard them and it got her thinking. Those people never take control as they are afraid of getting hurt or embarrassed. They never get their hands dirty and used others but take all the glory and credit. Suzuno too didn’t want to execute people. So when the hooded fellow told Suzuno to carry out her mission, she only stated she will correct the teachings.

As the girls are walking home, Suzuno suddenly tells Chiho not to stay away from Maou. From the way Chiho reacted, Suzuno notes she knows about Ente Isla and Maou’s identity. She wants Maou to be killed instantly. Reminding us about that Tanabata incident, Maou used his power to attract people. Although that is harmless, what happens if he uses them to conquer the world? Chiho believes Maou won’t do such a thing but Suzuno warns he might betray the world again. That’s why they must kill him while they have the chance. She will also erase Chiho’s memories that have anything to do with Ente Isla. Of course she refuses. Suzuno thinks Maou has plotted to use her affections to his advantage from the start so Chiho tells her off for saying cruel things. The Maou she knows is a nice and kind person. Has Suzuno ever met the Dark Lord in person before he became Maou? She fought his armies but not him, right? So what does she know about him? Chiho continues to add all the kindness he has done for her but Suzuno is not happy that she is suggesting to forgive his past atrocities and let it go. Emi calms the girls down and though she agrees with Suzuno to a certain extent, this world doesn’t have people trying to pretend. That kind of peace is not worth fighting for especially when there are sacrifices. Suzuno still believes sacrifices are necessary but Emi will walk her own path for she is the hero. Since this is going nowhere, Suzuno leaves in tears. Chiho feels bad for saying too much. Emi is attacked by that assailant. He reveals himself to be Mitsuki. Why am I not surprised? His Wicked Light of the Fallen nullifies all sacred energy and he is the only one who possesses this power. He has come to free her from her duty and wants her to hand back Better Half. While Emi gets owned, Chiho tries to call Maou for help but he didn’t pick up. She tries to convince Suzuno but she’s just stoning out. Shouldn’t she be helping Emi if she considers Maou the enemy? Suzuno shuts her up by putting her to sleep. Maou gets a call from Chiho’s mom that her daughter isn’t back yet. He calls Urushihara but she’s not at his place either. Urushihara did some snooping and found something odd about Sentucky’s Mitsuki. Despite being its manager, his name is nowhere on the staff list. Maou wants to know Emi’s whereabouts and Urushihara tracks her movements to the city hall. But he notes it is Suzuno instead. Maou makes haste and rushes over there. Meanwhile, I guess Ashiya finally took some advice and get himself treated in hospital. But in that very same building, Orba is also a patient and has awakened from his sleep.

Episode 12
Ashiya wakes up and walks out from his room. He sees an unconscious police but is knocked out by Orba. That old dude really packs a punch. Orba sees Ashiya’s card and realizes where he lives. Meanwhile Mitsuki or better known as the archangel Sariel, tries to extract Better Half from Emilia. That’s not very nice for an angel to cause pain to a woman. Since Maou is coming, he sends Suzuno to greet him. Despite Sariel’s assurance he will testify the legitimacy of her actions to God, Suzuno knows she doesn’t really want to do this but what choice does she have? By the time Maou uses his power to break the barrier, he almost got smashed by Suzuno’s hammer. Too bad his bicycle got done in. He can save the thought of repair costs later because Suzuno is gunning for his ass. But he makes her stops fighting when he strips down to his boxers! He can’t damage MgRonald’s uniform! How conscious is this guy?! Maou reveals he knows Suzuno’s true identity when she first appeared. I mean, it’s odd for a lone girl to move and take care of a bunch of guys next door, right? He just turned a blind eye. It’s sad that she has made friends with Emi and Chiho but yet turned out to be no different than Orba. If that’s the case, what makes her different than them demons? Plus, he dragged Emi and Chiho into this mess. Suzuno silences him with a whack. Eh? Not defending? Well, he used up all his power. From Suzuno’s expression, Maou knows she doesn’t want to kill him. Suzuno can’t understand why he would throw himself into danger so his reply is that it is his duty as substitute manager to save his underling. He also knows she wants him to defeat this Sariel dude, the reason why she let Chiho called him. Urushihara is greeted by Orba at the doorstep. He offers a chance to return to Heaven if he teams up with him again.

Sariel is going to extract Better Half physically through her body since magically it’s not working. Emi tells Sariel how the Dark Lord is going to kick his ass because he got Chiho involved in this mess. However he laughs it off and doesn’t believe Maou will live by this world’s ideals. And here comes the hero… Oh wait, Dark Lord now. Sorry for the long wait. The elevator is out. Maou couldn’t care what Heaven does and is here to retrieve his underling. Sorry Chiho. He only sees you that way. Sariel blasts Maou away. Maou can’t do anything since he has no magic but Sariel gets more powerful the closer he gets to the moon. At the same time, Orba uses his magic to amplify the moon’s reflection, thus giving Sariel more power. However the electronics in town starts going haywire and this causes the people to panic. Just in time. Maou absorbs the people’s fear to replenish his magic and turns into his true form. Hope those boxers won’t rip easily. Suzuno frees Chiho and apologizes and will explain everything to her later. She switches to Maou’s side and rejects Sariel’s false justice. She might not be the one to say but at least he can say that Maou in Japan is a righteous and just man. Urushihara betrays Orba and punches the daylights out of him. I guess he prefers the otaku NEET life instead of going back to Heaven. With the moon waning, so is Sariel’s power. Maou gives him a choice to retreat with humiliation or fall before him. Do angels listen to demons? Guess not. Fight! Sariel even thought of using Chiho as hostage but was kicked away like a football. Maou saves Emi and they even got time to exchange banter. Maou summons his demonic blade and hopes Sariel has begged to God for forgiveness. So fearsomely awesome this Dark Lord that I guess Sariel is already praying to God to save this lost lamb. Blam! In the end, things return to normal and half the town is destroyed. Looks like he has to work hard again. Ashiya has fully revived and is ready to assist his master. But he was told off for arriving too late. Yeah. Great timing, buddy. Why even bother showing up. And Maou realizes he ran out in the middle of his shift…

Episode 13
In a very dramatic scene, Chiho is sad that Maou is returning to Ente Isla. She wants to go with him but he notes they are from both different worlds. A kiss as a parting gift. Good news: It is just Chiho’s dream. Phew. What are the chances of that being real? Chiho tells this to Maou and that guy says he isn’t going anywhere since he used up all his magic to restore the city and throw Sariel back into the portal. Kisaki calls Maou and asks him about last night whereby he ran out on his shift. Thanks to Suzuno’s alibi (or lie) that it was to rescue her, Kisaki lets it slide. Suddenly Sariel drops out from the fridge! Didn’t he get thrown back to Heaven? I’m not sure, Suzuno says it might have something to do with the Tanabata plant distorting the gate. Sariel becomes a creep trying to hit on Kisaki. Forget calling the ambulance. Call the police! She beats him up but this turns on his masochistic side. Meanwhile Emi too gets another dream. One whereby Maou conquers the world! What’s up with these girls and their dream? Still unable to forgive Maou for destroying her hometown, she goes to check on him only to see Chiho and Suzuno in some sort of argument. Suzuno was trying to feed him. You can guess from there. Suddenly Ashiya comes in and he has something urgent to discuss with Maou. Wishing to speak alone, the girls have to leave. They wonder if Ashiya is going back to Ente Isla because he mentions of wanting to take some time off. And if so, will Maou follow him? Chiho doesn’t think so since Maou said himself he couldn’t. They continue to observe Maou and they notice delivery guys carrying heaps of boxes into their house and Maou requesting to change his shift time at MgRonald. So they tail him and see him working at a construction site. Of course they got spotted. Talking out, it seems Urushihara bought tracking devices on Emi and Suzuno (see how angry Emi smashes it to bits). Although that device is what led Maou to come to their rescue, it costs a fortune! They have to pay up by next week. Since his MgRonald pay is ages away, it only makes sense to get paid daily. Thus Ashiya was seeking leave to go work somewhere else. Maou didn’t tell anybody especially Chiho because he feared she might feel responsible. Chiho is fine with it as long as he doesn’t return to Ente Isla.

When they return, Maou is furious to see heaps of boxes. It’s got to be Urushihara, right? Among the useless stuffs he bought include a fire extinguisher, mattress and water purifier. How much does it all cost? 128,000 Yen! Maou blows his top. I guess he never learn about not ticking Maou off. Though Urushihara is a victim of a purchasing scam (making one buy things you don’t need), Emi conducts some online research and finds the company behind it shady. Deluxe Life International Holdings. Sounds fishy alright. Maou makes the call to return the stuffs but the polite voice on the other end had excuses why it can’t be done or the conditions needed. Just like any frustrated customer, Maou hangs up. The only way left is to visit the company personally. Guess who meets them at the door? It’s Ashiya! He’s working here! So that person Maou spoke to was him? Once Ashiya learns what has happened, he couldn’t believe that he was dispatched to work in a shady organization for evil without realizing this. Isn’t that what demons do? Besides, ironically he couldn’t even recognize this ‘evil’. He was just reading from the textbook on how to refuse claims. He wants out. Of course the director is here and he smooth talks that he has done nothing wrong. A contract was signed and he didn’t sell any defective goods. So got a problem? Thus there is no proof and no use taking this to the police. Wow. A human outwitted the demon. For the first time, Maou felt he really lost and there’s nothing he could do about it. However Emi asks what is Urushihara’s registered age in this world. 18 years old. Cool then. She suggests the cooling off period. Under the law, a minor needs a guardian’s permission to spend. If the transaction exceeds their personal finances, the transaction is subjected to cooling off period. And so they manage to get out of this mess without paying a single cent. The company takes back the boxes and Maou this time is having the last laugh. Maou and Ashiya eat out to celebrate the trouble they’ve gone through. He notes this time it was Emi who helped them out and she is knowledgeable in this area because her job handles claims. Maou is confident Emi might end up on his side. On a rainy night, Maou doesn’t have an umbrella and runs out. At the traffic light, Emi gives him an extra umbrella. It’s payback for that last time. He thanks her. She’s happy for it.

He Works Hard For The Money…
The interesting part wasn’t about the chaos and politics that was and is happening at Ente Isla but seeing Maou and Emi dealing with their daily lives as Earth’s commoners. Having the Dark Lord and hero doing such lowly jobs really screws with your mind because we have always been fed with stereotypic facts of how awesomely powerful and evil Satan is and how magnanimous and noble a hero should be. I mean, seeing them working as such doesn’t amount to anything wrong, it is just that the perception of Satan and the hero that makes us think how odd and weird everything is. It just doesn’t seem right. Imagine this. A king who comes to greet you all dressed frugally or scarcely like a beggar. Does not seem right, doesn’t it? Where is that projection of grandeur of a king? Holding such position means adhering to certain expectations. That is why at first it might seem odd that Maou, the cruellest demon of them all holding a part timer job serving customers with a smile and Emi politely replying to calls she gets and ‘visiting’ Maou more often than trying to kill him. Of course as far as this anime is concern, it is for the story and some laughs.

Therefore the big mind boggling part is how Maou turned from the cruellest creature into a kind hearted person. It really does screw with your mind that somebody evil can turn over a new leaf and become good. Was the transformation when he came to this world? I doubt it. When he first arrived, he was dazed but learnt quickly his surroundings and tried to adapt. That’s why despite that the Dark Lord becomes a law abiding and hard working citizen, some part in me find it hard to just accept that if this guy is really the Dark Lord. If he was the most evil of evil, he would certainly have no qualms in trying to claims Earth as his own. He just needed time to restore his powers. And what do you know? Maou turns out the good guy that his past enemies couldn’t believe he turned into. So can you blame Emi for feeling frustrated for what he turned into? He destroyed her hometown, ruined her childhood and now that she has chased him all the way to another world, you’re telling her this crap that he is trying to repay this world’s kindness? That doesn’t quite cut it. That doesn’t feel right. Is that what makes Earth different from Ente Isla? Even if she slays this dude, there is no more that satisfaction. She’ll turn into some sort of killer in such circumstances. Can you also not blame Emi for being confused over everything? He used his power for evil, to kill back at Ente Isla but on Earth he uses it for good to save. What the hell is going on you wonder? Not killing him means not acquiring the revenge she has lived for. But if she lets him stay here and allow him to continue what he does, it isn’t such a bad thing since he is doing something good in society. So how can Emi explain to other people or future generations about Maou? He was once a bloodthirsty conqueror who killed countless humans and then he ‘retired’ and become a good fast food waiter. Kids these days won’t even try and believe such crap!

Despite the big focus on how the big bad devil can totally change himself, we also have to remember that the Church and the so called good guys are not entirely good. Especially those at high places. So with Orba’s betrayal, you can see one of the darker sides of humans in the works. Doesn’t make us different than demons, eh? It doesn’t make a difference whether it is this world or the other world because so long as there are humans and demons, there will always be good and evil on both sides of the divide. So what actually separates us from being labelled as a human or demon? As seen in this anime, certainly it is not your behaviour or character. People and demons can easily switch sides even for the most unknown reason. Then there is the question if God really does exist in this anime. With Sariel the angel, it shows there should be. But then you’re asking what is He doing amidst the chaos and everything? And if there are jerks like Sariel around, does it mean that there are other angels with such creepy attitude too? If Satan himself can change, what are chances of this? Just because he has white wings doesn’t mean he is a good angel. Look at the way he tortured Emi just to get Better Half. Aren’t there other better ways?

As much as it is hard to believe that Satan has turned into a responsible citizen and using his powers for the greater good, we still have to give Maou his dues. Because really, he works hard for MgRonald and despite he did say he is working his way up to take over, it feels like he won’t be doing it the evil way like how he usually did back at Ente Isla. Sometimes when I think about it, Maou is more human and better than most human beings themselves because of his good deeds. That’s why it’s another mind screwing thing just to think about this. Perhaps it is somewhere around the lines of a fallen angel. If angels can go bad, so maybe a demon can turn good too. Even so, shouldn’t that be restricted to anybody but the big boss himself? Imagine the Almighty God suddenly turned evil and wreck havoc upon Earth. Then God wouldn’t be really God, right? In Maou’s case, the Dark Lord wouldn’t really be a Dark Lord if he continues to serve the people. And with a smile. Heck, he could even be a good role model on how to be a good responsible citizen. Yeah. A demon showing us how to be nice to others. Many humans won’t give a damn about such trivial stuff such as taking great care not to let a single strand tear from the company’s uniform but this guy has thought about it and goes to great lengths to ensure that. Great guy. Such irony. Seeing Maou can be a penny pincher, I suppose this might lead him to be a great financial advisor in the future if he decides to make a great career industry switch. If he was really evil, he would have resorted to printing counterfeit money or rob a bank. Yeah. Live within your means. Till Urushihara came along… In short, Maou’s new good personality, his willingness to protect those under his responsibility and a power that kicks ass if you get him real mad, makes him a very cool character. Yes, I will admit that much. And I have to say that if the world needs some sort of saving, better rely on him, a demon.

Emi is an amusing woman to watch. Because of the sudden change in Maou’s personality that clashes with her past opinions on him, each time they meet it’s like she is going to burst into some sort of fit. So much so I thought she should take up anger management class. Well, is being graceful part of the values a hero need? The more she observes Maou, the more confused and also better she understands him. If she doesn’t mix his new life with his old style, I’m sure it will be pretty much straightforward and nothing confusing to worry about. Just look at him as a good guy. Leave his past behind, you’ll be alright. When this is out of the way, they cooperate better to save the day for the greater good. It may be unthinkable for a hero and Dark Lord to cooperate but naturally that would be a good choice if they have a common enemy. I’m sure Maou and Emi could be an amusing pair, on and off the battlefield. One thing I would like to see more often in Emi. No, not her fanservice scenes, mind you. I prefer her when she smiles. She should do that more often because she looks cuter. Putting up that serious face just makes her look scary. Oh, she’s got a serious inferior boobs complex. It’s really a big issue for her. Oops, pun not intended. I can only think why she is flat. Otherwise how would she fit into that armour fighting against Satan?! Haha! Whoops…

Miki-T is a big mystery (no pun intended on her body size). Ever since she left for Hawaii, she is never seen again. What about the part she wants to remodel the apartment? What happened to that? Can it be done when she’s away? Or was it a side distraction? There is something more than meets the eye to this fat woman. Because at some points, she obviously state Ente Isla terms and knows what is going on. I am just puzzled that our Ente Isla gang didn’t pick this up. Don’t they notice that this Earthling knows some Ente Isla stuff? Which means she isn’t really from Earth, right? Or maybe they did notice but since there are more pressing matters at hand, there is no time to be in awe who this lady is and get to the emergency now and discuss this later. Well, later never comes. Thus Miki-T can’t be written off as a side character because there is something deeper to her than we know. Just too bad the series is too short to address some of the other unresolved issues too. Another mystery is Orba. Sure he wants to be the next ruler and is willing to betray the Church. But after his defeat at the hands of Maou, how did he end up in hospital? He went ‘missing’ but how did he end up there? I’m sure there is no other accomplice unless you tell me some kind stranger brought him there in the aftermath. That’s why he was ‘missing’ and in subsequent episodes you see him suddenly waking up in a hospital bed. Then when he got double crossed by Urushihara, what happened to him after that? Did they toss him back into a portal back to Ente Isla?

It somehow feels that Ashiya’s role has become a running gag in the series. Ever since he fell sick (thanks to Suzuno’s poisoning the food she serves with her sacred magic – how come only he gets sick but Maou and Urushihara didn’t?), it’s like being weak and getting out of action becomes his only role for the series. Prior to that (and even as of now) he has this guilt conscious of being unable to serve his master or deems unworthy of his praise. Is this all he ever does besides being a good house servant? I suppose the final straw was the one he arrived too late, at the end of Maou and Sariel’s ultimate battle. I thought he was already condemned into a joker’s role. Same case for Urushihara. Ever since his lost while teaming up with Orba, he becomes an otaku shut-in and adapts fast to life around the internet. Then he develops obsession of buying stuffs online, something which I find ironic for a demon. But what the heck. Maou himself is already odd trying to do good so what are the chances his underlings will be odd too? So I guess Lucifer is really a fallen angel. Now he has fallen even further down the depths by turning into an otaku. Big joke, right?

Suzuno, just like Emi, I prefer her to smile more often. Her character when first introduced is already fishy enough. Then for most of the time, she puts on this deadpan expression that probably says “I wish I wasn’t here” and there is some lethargic feel in her speech. So maybe if she can’t be a lively person, could you please at least smile? Come to think about it, maybe that will be harder since she has spent her life taking orders from her higher ups to kill so called traitors. Spilled too much blood that she is somewhat numb. Unlike Maou, maybe she doesn’t have the power to break free. So in a way, it’s a good thing that she met Maou in this world because despite his presence fuelling her hatred, once she really knows who he is, I guess it’s not all that bad. Chiho is a nice girl who loves Maou for who he is. She has seen his good side, but will she ever see his evil side? I mean, his truly bad side where he mercilessly kills people. Although he won’t be turning into that (we pray so), you’ll never know what the future holds. Maou might just turn back to his old ways if he returns to Ente Isla, thus a reason why he might want to continue staying here. If Chiho sees that hideous side of his, can she really say she loves him then? Maybe she will love him so much and so crazy that she will turn into a dark queen to rule by his side! Far-fetched but after seeing Satan work in a fast food joint, suddenly any theory I come up seems plausible. There are some characters that make me wonder the significance of their appearance, like Albert and Emeralda. They left as quickly as they came to Earth. It’s like as though their role was just to explain that earthquake phenomenon and Emeralda a communicator for Emi for updates of what is going on back at Ente Isla. Well, since the anime is focused on Earth, whoever or whatever happens back at Ente Isla isn’t giving much prominence. Like, do we really care?

Just on a little disappointing side, I was hoping to see some sort of romance. Okay, you got me. Actually I wanted to see a love triangle or quadruple with Suzuno being the latest addition. Then maybe a little cat fight here and there. Well, certain scenes got my hopes up but that’s just about it. There is a simple reason why the girls stick with him. For Chiho, it is obvious that she loves him so she might use whatever reason just to be with him, be it the same shift or hand something to his room. As for Emi, despite telling us she wants to keep an eye on Maou, the more she stalks, the more I believe she is starting to like this guy. I know I did say she was confused over his change of personality, but could it also mean that inside her heart is also changing? She might not realize it but it shows she cares, right? If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have bothered so much about him and even going into his house or helping him out. Then Rika always pesters her to make up with her ‘boyfriend’ even though Emi vehemently denies it. Like as though it’s true. You know, when you steal something and when somebody asks you if you stole it and then you go vehemently protesting that you’re not the one. Yeah. That kind. So do you want to believe that Emi deep down in her heart likes Maou? I do so. Because I want to see a love triangle so badly! Haha! Same case with Suzuno. You can’t read her since she has no emotions and since she is like a country bumpkin and doing things like feeding him without hesitation when it’s supposed to be an act that couples do, it makes you wonder if she is sneakily doing this so she can snatch Maou from underneath his nose (and the other girls). Hey! What about Rika for Ashiya? I think that is just a high speculation on my part.

Action wise, I guess it is pretty cool to see Maou in his true muscular form because it enhances his badass-ness. It is that same form that makes him scary too because it is a side that you really don’t want to see. But you can’t help root for him whenever he is about to give his enemy the ultimate punishment. It’s like when he is going to pound his enemy, his power is warming up and you might think that the enemy is so scared that he can’t run away, just stand there waiting to get hit. It’s like a countdown before Maou shoots his blast. Also when he is in this form, he holds so much power that it makes you regret of ever being born if you get hit by this awesomeness. You wished you’d never been born. Just because God never intervened, it seemed to me that Maou’s super power could even take Him out if both sides ever go head to head. The series also being a comedy genre, there are lots of funny moments especially when it involves Maou and Emi, even if it might seem serious. Really. It’s the interaction between them that makes it amusing and funny. But the funniest moments are those when the characters are flabbergasted, their mouths wide open like as though something unbelievable and shocking has happened.

The Ente Isla language that they were speaking from time to time, it made me wonder what language they ripped it off from or they could just be saying some sort of gibberish. I am not a linguist so I can’t really tell if they’re just spouting nonsense or maybe they just modified what sounded like some European language. But you know how Japanese sounds like when they try to speak other language, right? Yeah, there’s that accent. But I have to give them points for trying to speak naturally and putting in some enthusiasm that it almost sounds as if they were really speaking a language from another world. Later as I found out, the so called Entean language is actually English but the position of the consonant alphabets reversed while the vowels maintained. Which means, B = Z, C = Y, D = X and so on while ignoring the vowels. Which means for example, demon = xepon. Wow. If they do this for every English word in their speech, it is really one Herculean effort (to me) even if they are just spoken sparingly when needed.

Youko Hikasa as the voice of Emi, I thought she was her character role was almost similar to another redhead, Rias from High School DxD. Okay, maybe that is just the difference because everything else about both characters are different. From their 3 sizes to their coolness (Emi is more short fused compared to Rias). Kanae Itou as Suzuno, it’s something new to hear her voicing a character that lacks emotion and just plain monotony in her voice. Unlike that squid obsessed pervert Sanae in Shinryaku! Ika Musume or that b*tch Sena from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai. Hiro Shimono was also identifiable as Urushihara/Lucifer and despite not sounding like his typical lively characters (Keima in The World God Only Knows, Sho in Uta No Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%), there are a handful of characters he voice that are just plain monotonous. Think Kyolo of GJ-Bu or Metcha in Tamako Market. Other casts include Ryota Ohsaka as Maou (Yuki in Tsuritama), Nao Touyama as Chiho (Kanon in The World God Only Knows), Yuuki Ono as Ashiya (Kiyotaka in Da Capo III), Yuuichi Iguchi as Sariel/Mitsuki (Shiratori in Bakuman), Katsuhisa Houki as Orba (Ben Jackson in Tiger And Bunny), Yumi Uchiyama as Kisaki (Aiko in Sukitte Iinayo), Hiroki Yasumoto as Albert (Sado in Bleach), Azumi Asakura as Emeralda (Kumin in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai) and Kimiko Saito as Miki-T (Chieko in Kuragehime).

The opening, Zero by Minami Kuribayashi sounds generic as an anime rock pop and I didn’t find it as appealing. There are a few ending themes and surprisingly the main one, Tsuki Hana sounds the best of all of them. Despite being sung by Nano Ripe, she didn’t sound as bad as I thought she would. Based on my experience on her type of singing, she’s got this drunk-like voice and hearing how she did with the opening theme song performance for Sankarea, Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita, the first opening theme for the third season of Bakuman and almost all the themes in Hanasaku Iroha, I didn’t have much hope for this one. But surprise, surprise. Despite Tsuki Hana being a slow ballad, she didn’t really sound as bad as I thought she would (although her trademark voice is still there). Maybe it’s because of the slower pace and the nice acoustic guitar strumming in the background as well as the backup vocals that makes this quite a pleasant piece. Oddly, the ending credits animation for this song seems to be all on Chiho. It’s like to make up for her supporting role in the anime and to appease Chiho fans. First it was a cheeky still pick of Chiho in her swimsuit at her beach before turning into one that has Chiho in various jobs, outfits or positions. Spacewoman? Ballerina? Explorer? Riding on a boat to hell (at least that’s what the Jigoku Shoujo-esque scene looked like to me). But what does time have to do with all of this? The other special ending theme is Star Chart that is only featured in episode 5. Now this is how Nano Ripe really sounds in that voice of hers when she sings this rock piece and also the final ending rock outfit for the last episode, Tsumabiku Hitori. In other words, not so good ;p. Okay, okay. I still have to give her dues. They’re not bad but just that I do not find her voice appealing, that’s all.

I am sure this series is trying to teach us a few things. Especially about the demon being evil part that I have said so many times in this blog. First, never to judge a book by its cover. Also, always give a second chance. With Maou and Emi working as employees and making some mistakes here and there, it goes to show that they are not perfect. You learn to give and take. You also learn to forgive and accept. Move on. Because somebody has a dark and infamous past, does it give us the right to judge them and treat them accordingly based on our stereotyped views? So what Maou was once the biggest evil around, but he has changed so can’t we give him a chance? But this doesn’t mean his past sins are forgiven and so there need to be some sort of way he to make him accountable. Well, maybe that’s why working at MgRonald is his way of repentance. Another important lesson is to live a simple life and live within your means. Despite the poor conditions that Maou and Ashiya have to live in, notice that they are still happy? Maybe they’ll be happier if they have more of other things but you don’t you see that they are taking up this challenge pretty well. They might complain here and there but they still suck it up and get the job done. No use complaining because it won’t finish if you move your mouth and not your hands. Most people these days only know how to complain and do not know how to control their finances thus relying a lot on credit, which makes them accumulate debt over time till it kills them. So when you don’t have such luxuries as seen in the case of our protagonists, you don’t indulge in such and make do with what you have. I figure they are much happier that way.

I still can’t believe that the king of demons actually become a responsible and hard working person. It’s like the end of the world. Hell freezes over. Pigs fly.  But better have Satan live a normal life and be part of society instead of destroying and taking over the world, enslaving all humans. Better have him serve a smile behind a fast food counter rather than an evil smile that reads “Your Earth will now be destroyed, mother f*ckers!”. Can’t complain, can’t we? Boy, it sure made me wish I had the Dark Lord as my assistant at my work place. I can play the senior and order my junior around, reprimand him when he does the slightest mistake, boss around, dump all the work on him, make him do extra tasks, etc. And he can’t talk back because I’m his superior, hehehe… How is that for a taste of your own medicine? But doesn’t that make me the devil instead? Even demons have feelings too…

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