Docchi Mo Maid

March 13, 2020

Well, well, well… Is this coincidence or is this fate? That I stumbled upon an obscure ONA series, Docchi Mo Maid. You bet I’m going to watch this single 2004 ONA episode that lasts only 13 minutes. As long as maids are the theme, hell yeah I’m going to watch it. What’s this? Lewd maids from outer space trying to save Earth from monsters? Oh, this sounds funny bad… But I can’t contain my curiosity just to watch how bad this is going to be. I’m pretty sure the maids will end up saving this series. RIGHT?!

Earth’s in trouble but the maids are ecchi…
Wow. Bath scene staring Mei and Ido! Oh yeah! Then when they get out of bath, they got the audacity to blame it on their mascot, Frilly (whatever this piece of sh*t is). As narrated, thanks to humans being the ultimate polluters, hence the recruitment of these maids from outer space to save the world. Currently they are residing in the house of this taciturn girl, Izumi. I think Izumi doesn’t give a damn what those maids are doing. Better head off to school. Along her way, her bicycle’s brakes snap. Downhill all the way. Fortunately, she fell on a giant lizard monster. Frilly sees this on TV and sorry to interrupt your yuri time, maids. Time to go save your friend! The monster seems to like Izumi. King Kong? However with its multiple tongues around her, you bet it’s going to be tentacle rape time! Of course the maids won’t allow such rape scene. As Mei is about to fire her beam, a tongue whacks her and her beam destroys the mountain in the back!!! Then the maids get paralyzed by some aroma or something. Not sure. But it looks like their face is preparing to be raped or something. You thought Frilly might do something but instead a jet fighter bombs off the monster’s head. Everybody cheers when suddenly the monster reverts to its true form: A cute seal. Oh damn. Everybody now so sad. Is this seal gonna die? Frilly points out it isn’t. It just needs water. And hence the maids start making out in public to transform into nurses. Then they just drop a drip of water on the seal to revive it. But it still can’t do anything but swim, right? That is when the crowd will help. Help cheer for it to stand up and go to the sea! Ganbare!!! Tatte! Tatte! Genki ni nare!!! Oh yeah. That sure helped. Yes it did. And so the seal made it into the river as Izumi and the maids wave goodbye and go home.

WTF… WHAT THE F*CK DID I JUST WATCH???!!! It was so horrible and so bad that it was just utterly good. Really. It is a shame that this didn’t get more episodes because I would really love to watch more of this crap even if it is the worse! Uh huh. Just bait me with a couple of maids and I’m all good to go! Heh. So to sum it up, everything is utterly nonsense and doesn’t really make sense. It is so crappy that you wonder whoever thought up of this sh*t was drunk and wrote the story as they go along. They try to bait us with the maids being yuri but you know, seeing this in current era, this is really nothing. Maybe it was back in 2004 but now this is like nothing. Even their ecchi bits are just meh. Yeah, me standards are so high. The lazily named maids are one thing but the main character Izumi is like, why do we even need her for? She hardly does anything and if there was a ‘funny’ character, it was Frilly. Sort of. Funny in the weirdest sense. And Izumi is like having no emotions or she puts on a very good poker face. Sometimes I think is saying that she has had enough of those maids living with her and is hiding her emotions to put up with them. Whatever. Everything is so crappy that you don’t want to care for everything, right?

And of course, you can tell from first looks that the animation quality is just crap. Even if this was made in 2004, it is still crap. Everything is so poor quality like as though the producers got their young nephew and niece toddlers to draw the art animation. In fact, the animation style reminded me of another mini series that I watched a long time ago, Mahou No Chocolate. Doesn’t Izumi look like that protagonist of that series? The similarity is because both series are animated by the same studio, Ishikawa Pro. Probably by now that studio is already closed down. Even the opening and ending themes, Docchi Mo Daisuki and Yura Naruse and 5-jikan-me by Kozue Kurage respectively sound as plain and minimal as it can be. The singers sound like they have no proper training and were just told to sing it the best and in the cutest way they can. Wait till you hear the part that needs them hitting the high pitches… Yeesh…

Overall, looks like this is another one of those watch and forget crappy anime. A trash masterpiece, if I should say. Should be in the running for the Razzies. For consecutive years! No wonder this didn’t get any further updates. I thought at least this would be somewhere near the level of Yuri Seijin Naoko-san but unfortunately this is way far from that nonsensical yuri slapstick. Thank goodness my love for maids didn’t diminish after watching this. So next time instead of using maids to save the world, probably it is best to get maids to save the anime industry first. Yeah, that would be better. Ganbare! Tatte! Tatte! Genki ni nare! That should give you people enough motivation to make better animes!

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