January 6, 2007

There must be really lots of harem animes these days. And if you don’t know what a harem in anime means, it simply means that there’s usually 1 guy and several girls around him. It doesn’t matter that girl is really in love with him or not, as long as there’s some sort of interaction, communication and reaction between them. Okay, maybe it will be better and clearer if there’s some sort of chemistry or romance. ToHeart2 falls under this category.
Based on a dating simulation game of the same name, I’m not sure how close the anime version follows the pc version, since of course I’ve never played it before. But you must be thinking that if there’s ToHeart2, then there must be a prequel to it, right? Yup, you’re right. Even though I’ve never seen the prequel before, I’ve read in the synopsis that there is really no relation between the 2. That’s right, no relation at all. In the storyline, that is. Other than that, the prequel one is also a harem genre.
As you probably could have guessed, the storyline is pretty much simple. We’ve got this protagonist guy, Kono Takaaki, who’ve just graduated from middle school and is gonna start high school soon. His parents are away and instead of following them, he decides to school here. So throughout this half-hour 13 episode series is about Takaaki meeting and interacting with different kinds of girls as he goes about. Nothing to it, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it is just that.
Somehow, I felt that the whole series was boring. Yeah, I really cut my blog real short this time. If you notice (or even read!) my blogs are getting longer and longer. But the amazing thing is that I managed to sit through the whole series without skipping any episodes. So you must be asking, it must be that interesting, then? Well, I couldn’t say yes, but I couldn’t say no either.
With a lot of yawns and short-term distractions which diverted my attention from the screen for a little moment, I guess I could say that it is pretty much dull from the looks of it. However, I never seem to fall asleep during the show. So is that a good thing or a bad thing? Plus, I was interested to find out what kind of girls that Takaaki would meet, so I guess this is the most motivating part for me to watch this series. And no, I’m not a pervert. I’m not expecting Takaaki to get into ecchi or hentai situations (though there are some but it’s toned down and nothing too serious) and have him drooling or happy over it. Good thing that didn’t happen too.
So for this blog, I would like to keep things real short by just blogging on the girls Takaaki met and their adventures in general rather than the usual detailed episode by episode blog which seemed to take like forever. Now that I look back at it. It does seem to take forever. And I wonder how I sit and type and type all those stuffs and could go on and on and on, much better than an Energizer battery. Thus, I’m not gonna really blog on the explicit details of who what when why because I don’t really mind it all here. And mainly because… I’ve forgotten most of it already… Hehehe. Gomenasai ne. ;p
Of course, the first girl to be introduced in episode 1 is Konomi Yuzuhara. She is Takaaki’s childhood friend. Yup, you know what that means. There’s that saying that if a boy and a girl have been childhood friends, it is very likely that when they grow up, those pure innocent mutual feelings would turn into a romantic more-than-just-a-friend kinda feelings. And it would be even more possible if they made that yubikiri (a promise using one’s pinky fingers) when they were young. Okay, so I made that saying up. But hey, isn’t it true? Must be lah. Since I’ve watched so many of those kind of animes.
And as expected, Konomi enters the same high school as Takaaki. Can’t remember the real reason (or if there were one) why Konomi decides to enter the same school since her 2 best friends, the orange-hair bespectacled Michiru Yamada, and the green-haired and the one wearing a hair band, Chie Yoshioka, decides to study in a different high school. Is it because of Takaaki or is it because it’s close to her home?
So the rest of the first episode see how Takaaki and Konomi spend their time at the latter’s home, how Konomi tries to overcome her graduation blues and looking forward to high school. Stuffs like that. Though not obvious, but I suppose you can see that Konomi likes Takaaki, just that she doesn’t express it to him yet. One reason being since Takaaki and Konomi are childhood friends, Takaaki treats Konomi as his little sister and nothing more than that. Ah, see. But this too isn’t that obvious yet in the early episodes of the series.
And that Takaaki guy seems to be oblivious when it comes to girls and all those romantic stuffs. You’ll notice it throughout the series, that he’s that kind of ‘on the fence’ guy. Just obliging the girls because he’s a nice and helpful guy who doesn’t like to see the girls having a hard time but at the same time doesn’t really show or decide which girl he wants to be with. Okay, maybe it’s not so bad. Because somewhere in the series, Takaaki mentions he himself has ‘problems’ communicating with girls and thus he’s not good with them. Come on, there’re girls around you. Err… maybe I do sound a little flirtatious there. Probably that’s why the girls do want to be near him. Good thing too Takaaki isn’t a pervert. Or else you know why lah.
So the next girl making her entry into Takaaki’s unofficial harem is Tamaki Kousaka in episode 2. And just like Takaaki and Konomi’s case, she’s also their childhood friend. But being 1 year older than them both, the 2 view her as their older sister. I’m starting to think that close friends in Japanese society can become part of the family too. You see, older people tend to treat the younger ones as though as they’re related and vice versa. Don’t they have other blood-related siblings? Or are they the only child in the family that their usual playmate is their neighbour or the one sitting in the same class. And I thought only China had a one-child policy. That doesn’t really have anything to do with this anime, actually.
In this episode we see how Tamaki returns from an all-female boarding school to fulfil a childhood promise to be with Takaaki in his high school years. See, what did I tell you about making childhood promises. I kinda like Tamaki’s character the best among the other girls. That’s because she has that confident, assertive and dominative (in a good way) personality. She’s quite mature in her talk or when making decisions and I like the way she giggles or laughs. It’s like, how should I say, very sporting and ‘nice to the ears’.
By the way, Tamaki has a younger brother named Yuji. He is Takaaki’s classmate and best friend as he is that supporting male character that you always see in harem animes. He is in a way opposite of Takaaki. In what way? In a perverted way, that is. Such harem animes would be meaningless if there were no ecchi or hentai stuffs. No matter how much he yearns to be with a girl, he doesn’t get it in the end and because of that in a way he’s quite envious of Takaaki for having so many girls around him and yet he doesn’t do anything. Oh, you can imagine his frustration. But good thing is, since Yuji is Takaaki’s pal, so such jealousy won’t escalate into a full-fledged hatred. Just play play only. Oh yes, Yuji also seems to be the receiving end of his sister’s fist. And that too probably it’s mainly because he deserves it. Haha.
I’ve got this feeling that it’s gonna be 1 girl is going to be introduced per episode as the harem builds up. Yup, that’s the case. Because in episode 3, another girl named Manaka Komaki is introduced. And unlike the previous 2 girls, she isn’t Takaaki’s childhood friend. She’s Takaaki’s classmate and the class rep.
And I think it’s because of her kind and helpful nature she became a class rep. Just my guessing only. I mean because of such personality, don’t you think it’s a better role model for such post? Also because of this, she burdens herself with other people’s work, especially as a voluntary librarian. Because the school’s got a huge collection of books, what Manaka does is archiving and barcoding them so that they can be easily referred to. Of course, since Takaaki’s a nice guy too, and helps Manaka a little.
Also, Manaka has that secret private room of hers somewhere in the library. Only she can access there as she has the key to it. What’s in there? Actually it’s just her personal ‘get-away’ where she goes there to relax and drink tea. Uh-huh, she likes making tea too. And she shared this secret place with Takaaki too because in a way she’s similar to him. That is, she’s not good with ‘communicating’ with boys. I see. I suppose both of them can ‘click’, huh.
Unfortunately, the arrogant and obnoxious library chief wants to get rid of her by giving excuses at the club’s meeting like since she isn’t a real member of the library club, she should not get involved at all and hand back the key to him. Well, why didn’t Manaka join the club in the first place? If there was a reason, I sure wasn’t listening and probably yawning and distracted when they explained it.
To cut things short, all the other library club members still love to have Manaka around as she did nothing wrong. I think it’s probably they’re all lazy that they need someone else do the archiving. So Manaka snubs the chief and heads off and she still has that key to her secret place with her and she can go on sipping her favourite tea. Yay. Too bad chief, it’s the people’s power and you can’t do anything about it.
The next girl introduced in episode 4 is quite an interesting one. Interesting in what way, you say? Well, this girl, Yuma Tonami, if I can summarize her in one word, then that word would be, she’s a psycho. Huh?! Yup, if you ask me, this girl’s a real psycho, but in an amusing way of course.
She has a fiery and aggressive temper and that one moment where she bumped into Takaaki on her bicycle sets the trend of her ‘long battle’ with Takaaki. Yeah, ever since that incident, she blames Takaaki for just about anything! Even though Takaaki’s not at fault. Uh-huh, she even has that mentality that Takaaki is on to her after that baseball thingy whereby the ball hit the tap which in turn got Yuna all wet.
So everytime she challenges Takaaki to a duel, she always ended up being the loser and worse off than she started, like that bowling challenge in the canteen. And just like a sore loser (but I find it amusing everytime she losses) she always say something like don’t think that he’s already won this and she’ll beat him the next time. Haih, this girl. And the thing is, even though Takaaki’s pretty much clueless about what’s going on or bother to know why she’s so mad at him, Takaaki’s like so casual and lenient in accepting and obliging what she challenges. Haih, this boy. How can he tolerate all this? If it was me, I would’ve whacked her ‘cukup cukup’ already, don’t care whether she’s a girl or not. And you know what, it’s so ironic that Yuma is Manaka’s best friend! And Manaka too is quite lenient and casual about the whole situation.
Because Yuma’s so worked up thinking about beating Takaaki, she’s even daydreaming and got distracted in her personal economics class, that she’s not paying attention. Yeah, Yuma’s one of those daughter to a wealthy family and is supposed to take over her family’s hugely successful business and operations. So is Yuma indirectly in love with Takaaki? Well, the actions may not seem to indicate so, but the always-want-to-get-even-and-revenge attitude may indicate love, doesn’t it? You know, love works in mysterious ways.
So one final challenge from Yuma against Takaaki playing some air hockey at some game outlet, sees them both engaging in a ‘terror’ battle. Wow. It must be a real crowd puller because everybody there was captivated by their playing. The funny part was when the game lasted too long and got less exciting, everybody left. What?! No sportsmanship. Anyway, in the end, Yuma managed to beat Takaaki and she’s so happy about it. Good thing Takaaki isn’t a sore loser and has quite a good sportsmanship behaviour, much to Yuma’s suspicion still. She goes home smiling. But I don’t think it will be the end of it.
Another weirdo girl in episode 5. Why is the orange-haired egg sandwich lover Karin Sasamori weird? You’ll see why. As the only member of her Mystery Club, she’s desperate to get other students to join her club. So viewing Takaaki as a potential member, she puts on a play by purposely bumping into him and dropping all those club registration forms. Takaaki feeling that it’s his fault, somehow signed those papers and thus he is officially a member of the Mystery Club. Later he found out that it was all just an act. And Karin’s got that dominative attitude and proceeds to ask Takaaki to meet her for their first club meeting. Looks like Takaaki’s in a bind. Yeah, in a binding contract. And we know why he can’t back out right?
By the way, her Mystery Club’s name is somewhat misleading as it isn’t into those mystery or detective-like novels or work. It’s some sort of a paranormal, UFO investigating and supernatural occult kind of club. Hmm… maybe that’s why other students decide to pass this one.
Later when Takaaki goes for the meeting, some place at the back of the gym and wants to back out after seeing another one of Karin’s act. But this time, he tripped and he’s on top of her with one of his hands on her breast! Since Karin’s sly, cunning and an opportunist, instead of screaming and bashing him up, she uses this as a blackmail to make Takaaki do whatever she wants. What would the whole school think if they knew Takaaki, a nice and decent guy doing such sexual harassment on a poor girl (yeah right). Dangerous girl. And nobody would believe him because of her ‘act’. I guess the whole school can be really fooled like that, huh?
So the rest of the episode sees how Karin and Takaaki on their first UFO or UMA (unidentified mysterious animal…?!) hunt. And Karin’s got that UFO detecting device which she made herself to help in their hunt. Donno whether it really works or not. But some occasional signals which lighted up here and there. Makes you think that maybe it’s just some sort of glitch. Anyway they got lost in the forest. But in the end, the device helped them find a way out of the forest by detecting some faint mysterious light as the 2 followed it. Karin must be thinking it’s a UFO. But I’m thinking it may be a firefly, though it wasn’t mentioned. Good thing they manage to find their way back.
If you think Karin is weird, wait till you see Lucy Maria Misora AKA Ruuko Kireinasora. So how much more weird is Ruuko? Well, she’s an alien! At least that’s what she claims to be. And not those little green men from Mars. Takaaki met her after seeing her lying on the ground without food. Yup, he can’t just leave her like that. After giving her some food we see how strange Ruuko is, explaining lots of those alien terms (like all humans are called ‘Uu’) and things as though as she’s here to observe the human race. Yeah, and with that dull voice of hers, you may be thinking that she’s got a screw loose in her head or it’s some kind of accent from a different province in Japan.
To makes things worse, she’s the new transfer student in Takaaki’s class. And the funny part is that she has this strange greeting procedure whereby she raises both hands high up and says "Ruuuu". Anybody’s initial reaction would be thinking that this is totally weird. But the whole class seems to think otherwise and it’s some form of greeting from where she came from and they all also do they same thing! Haih… And it looks like they’re having fun.
Takaaki didn’t want to believe that Ruuko’s an alien but after witnessing strange events like drawing crop circle symbols in the school field and using matchsticks as currency to buy food in the canteen, Takaaki’s having second thoughts but still isn’t believing it 100% yet. Of course, since Ruuko’s a suspected alien, Karin’s interested to find out more about her. And she uses her usual blackmail to get Takaaki to do it. Poor guy.
He’s supposed to put some UFO detector device (self-made I presume) onto Ruuko’s cat. Yup, Ruuko’s got a cat companion. But as he’s chasing the cat, it fell into the river when Takaaki caught a glimpse of Ruuko. Just then Ruuko did her arms raising "Ruuuu" thing to summon some lightning which struck a nearby tree which serves as a platform to save the cat. I think after this, Takaaki pretty much believes that Ruuko’s an alien as he spilled the beans of what he’s trying to do earlier on. But Ruuko isn’t mad because she trusts him (or is it in love? Maybe not).
The whole introduce-a-girl-per-episode thing takes a little breather for a while in episode 7. But instead this episode fits all the girls that has been introduced, even minor ones like Michiru and Chie, and unknown ones who’re just there just to make up for the numbers.
So what’s this episode all about with so many girls? Actually, Karin is organizing some star gazing event for the Mystery Club and she’s asking Takaaki to spread the word and bring along other people as well. The thing is, it’s not a star gazing event. It’s a UFO calling event! Haih, that girl would go to great lengths just for this. Though Takaaki knows about this, he can’t really tell the truth as he sees how happy, especially Konomi is and doesn’t want to ruin it. That’s the down part of trying to be a nice guy.
So the day comes where a considerable amount of crowd gathers. Karin must be really happy. Hey, even Yuma’s there. And Yuma’s there too (yeah, earlier on another Takaaki-getting-hit-by-her-bicycle incident). Yeah, she still won’t admit she’ll lose to him. Uh-huh, that perverted Yuji’s there too and it must be heaven on Earth for him if not for his sister’s receiving end. But soon as it started to rain and Karin’s a little worried. Finally she let the cat out of the bad, much to everyone’s surprise. She’s doing this because if she doesn’t, her plan will not succeed as her club’s unpopular and no one would come. Everyone else’s thinking of leaving.
Konomi then saves her by starting some conversation related to UFOs which gets everyone a little interested. Short attention span people. Then Ruuko appears and they all form a circle and started some UFO calling chant. Just then, the sky is suddenly lit up with streams of shooting stars and meteor showers. It’s quite a beautiful sight. In the end, everyone felt that this outing wasn’t such a waste after all.
We’re introduced to 2 girls at one shot in episode 8. That’s because it’s the Himeyuri twins, Ruri and Sango. You can’t have it one per episode right? And probably because so, this encounter with the twins lasted for 2 episodes, that is until episode 9. Surprisingly, both twins have totally opposite characteristics. Takaaki first met Sango when she’s stuck on top of some wall as she was trying to save Ruuko’s cat (but got stuck herself instead). Takaaki happened to pass by when Sango jumps and fell onto him. Takaaki decides to give Sango a piggy-back ride to school. When they reached school, Sango told Ruri about that incident but she isn’t too happy about it and accuses that guy of being a pervert.
So Sango’s the dreamy lovey-dovey kind, soft spoken technically inclined twin whereas Ruri’s the fiercely full-of-angst overprotective sister and is jealous and gets hostile whenever Takaaki and Sango are close by each other but is the better cook. Yeah, Ruri’s attitude can match Yuma’s. Another psycho. But the thing is, Sango isn’t embarrassed of showing her affections towards Takaaki and even kissed him in public! Yeah, she goes into lovey-dovey mode by hugging him and those sort of stuffs, much to Takaaki’s clueless-ness and this event angers Ruri even further. And that blow on Takaaki’s crotch, man, that’s really got to hurt. Yeah, love hurts. And so most of the time it’s like this, Ruri tries to separate Sango from Takaaki.
And there’s little bit of tension and quarrel from the twins at the end of episode 8. When Ruri tries to shoot Takaaki with a water gun (that serious, is it?), Sango stops her and there’s some talk about how Ruri’s ‘getting along’ with Takaaki because Sango’s afraid she hasn’t been mixing with anybody except her. But Ruri ran off crying and said that Sango doesn’t understand anything.
Besides the slight sisterly tension and sulking and spacing out from Ruri in episode 9, this episode also sees the twins go on a double date with Takaaki and Yuji at some amusement park. Ruri at first didn’t want to go, but after thinking that Takaaki may pull off some perverted tricks on her sister, she then decides to tag along. And at the amusement park, it seemed like a conspiracy since Sango and Yuji are like ‘together’ leaving Ruri behind with Takaaki. Oh the horror for Ruri. As Sango and Yuji enjoyed their rides, it seems Ruri is having a hard time as she’s afraid of them and trying her best to hide her fear from Takaaki. But each time, Takaaki tries to comfort and calm her down. His intentions were good though Ruri still hates him.
The climax of the episode is when Ruri tried to get a stuffed penguin toy for Sango when the latter wanted it so much but failed to get it in some machine. Well, she sucked too, spending all her money on it. Just then Takaaki came in and had some chat with her. Ruri reveals that she loves her sister very much and anybody else who loves her is her enemy. What logic is that? Yeah, afraid of her sis being taken away and left all alone. Takaaki manages to get that stuffed penguin toy and gives it to Ruri, though she says it’s useless because it’s not of her own efforts. Then Sango and Yuji arrived and Ruri proceeded to give Sango the stuffed penguin toy. But Sango gives it to her back saying that the toy is for Ruri as a promised that she’ll make friends for her. A touched Ruri then cries and the twins embraced. Well, at least it’s over for now.
The last of the girls is finally introduced in episode 10. And it’s HMX-17a Ilfa. From the name you’ve guessed that she’s a robot. To top things, she’s a maid as well. Ah… what harem wouldn’t be complete without a robot and a maid. See, we’ve got the childhood friend, the classmate, the brute and violent one, an alien, a pair of twins, all checked. So what is missing. Oh no! They forgot to put one with glasses in it! Wait a minute, doesn’t Michiru wears glasses? But she’s not part of the harem. I guess it’s better than nothing.
In this episode, Ilfa is the latest creation from Sango and since it’s Ilfa’s new body, she wants to go meet Ruri. From looks of it, this looks like another Himeyuri twins episode. And basically the rest of the episode sees how Ilfa tries to get along with a stubborn Ruri who still thinks that the only person she needs is her twin sister. No matter what Ilfa does, it doesn’t seems to please Ruri. Thus, she enlists the help of Takaaki. It wouldn’t be a harem anime if it doesn’t involve the main guy, doesn’t it?
So some drama here and there. Since Ilfa is doing the cooking now, this makes Ruri a little annoyed as Ruri doesn’t even want to taste her cooking. Also some flashback here and there. To cut things short, because of Ilfa’s previous memories, she has an unfavourable perception of the outside world and what lurks outside beyond the house. But thanks to Ruri who dragged Ilfa out (Ruri claims she’s doing it because Sango asked her to) and her perception of it changed more favourably. In the end, though Ilfa thanked Ruri and the latter’s still doesn’t really accept Ilfa as her friend, but you could see Ruri’s body language that in a way she does and it’s a start.
With all the girls introduced, what’s left is to put them all together in one adventure with Takaaki, right? Sort of. In episode 11, Tamaki organizes some formal event but doesn’t say what it is. She gives an invitation to all the girls except Ilfa to come to that formal event at her home. Oh yes, speaking of Ilfa, the previous episode is the only episode in which she’ll make her appearance throughout this series. And I thought she’s part of Takaaki’s harem. Oh wait, if I head count that official ToHeart2 picture, Ilfa’s missing! And probably the previous episode was mainly about Ilfa and Ruri rather than with Takaaki.
So the day of the event as everyone gathers there, we see Tamaki in her Japanese kimono. What could it be? Besides the usual reminiscence of the good times they had with Takaaki and how they met him, Tamaki announced and thanked everyone for taking care of her Takaaki. Wait a minute. Her Takaaki? Does this mean she’s engaged to him? SHOCKER!!! What?! Does Takaaki know about this? Or is she just play play only. But Konomi looked a little worried there. So is this gathering just to indirectly tell the other girls to back off and don’t touch my Takaaki? But the other girls gladly accepted this fact that Takaaki IS HERS. Soon Konomi too accepted it as they started their tea ceremony. I guess it’s not so much the event then.
Episode 12 focuses back on Konomi. I’m not sure whether she took what Tamaki said in the previous episode seriously, but here Konomi has that spaced out and indecisive look of whether or not she’s in love. Of course she is. You can tell by the way she does things. Even after all that ‘teasing’ and ‘lecturing’ from Michiru and Chie and even ‘concerned’ about the ‘growth of her body’, she’s still hesitating. Some blushing situations from Konomi here and there. Well, that’s also what happens when you spend too much time with 1 guy. Yeah, that guy seems to be a ‘regular’ at Konomi’s house, having dinner with Konomi and her mom and even sleeping on the couch.
But the turning point for Konomi came when Konomi was lagging behind Takaaki, Yuji and Tamaki when they’re heading for school. On their way, they bumped into Michiru and Chie. While Konomi eavesdropped on them, she heard Chie asked if Takaaki has gotten real close to Konomi. Takaaki denies it and after several ‘teasers’ which try to lead him to say yeah-we’re-an-item-and-real-hot-now, Takaaki then told them that Konomi is just a close friend and she’s just like a little sister to him. Well, nothing wrong with that statement actually. Unless you’re a girl in love with him and heard those ‘detrimental’ words which could have a detrimental effect.
And that’s what Konomi felt. After all these years how dare he say such a thing. Well, it’s her fault to begin with, since she’s never given him any ‘signals’. So a teary Konomi ran off in an opposite direction. By then the gang saw her and wonder what’s wrong with her. Takaaki tries to call her but Konomi just kept running. I felt that this part is the most ‘tensed’ one though it wasn’t that serious. But if you look at the mood and tone of this series, I guess you could say that it’s quite okay.
In the final episode 13, it begins with Takaaki trying to go after Konomi but was stopped by Tamaki telling him that he shouldn’t go after her as he doesn’t know what to say. So over this episode we see how Takaaki bumps into the rest of the girls and in a way ‘gets some indirect advice’ from them. Yeah, he’s still thinking of what to say to Konomi. And it felt like one big individual ‘reunion’ and meeting before the final scene.
Then we have that flashback of Takaaki’s whereby during his younger days, he experienced a similar incident. Yup, another girl who’s a childhood friend thing. Wah, this guy has really got lots of childhood friends. Anyway, an orphaned girl named Yuuki Kusakabe had to be transferred somewhere and else and she’s so sad that she can’t be with Takaaki as she always wants to be with him. And in a way, I guess Takaaki felt that it was his fault for making her cry. Is history gonna repeat itself? By the way, I wouldn’t consider this Yuuki girl as part of Takaaki’s harem even though they introduced a new face in the last episode. Yeah, it’s already happened, long gone too. And nothing much is heard about this after that.
As Takaaki’s still unsure of what to say, he’ll still meet up with Konomi. And you know what happened to make Takaaki know what to say? He met Tamaki and told her that he’s afraid of making the same mistakes he did to Yuuki. Then Tamaki slapped him and say that he should just go and talk to Konomi so that the past mistake would not be repeated again. With that, Takaaki thanked her and off he went in search for Konomi. What? He realized it all in a slap? And what about that indirect engagement thingy?
Takaaki found Konomi taking her pet dog, Genjimaru out for a walk near the riverside. Hey, don’t they remind you of Chiyo and Tadakichi of Azumanga Daioh. Anyway, Konomi tries to ‘run away’ but Genjimaru refused to move, enabling Takaaki to catch up. So a lot of shy shy, apologizing talk, bla bla bla. Finally, as they walk home, Konomi asked him if he would like to watch the cherry blossoms next year, Takaaki replied that it will be nice to watch them bloom together with her as she says she’ll always be around for him. And the next day, they both happily go to school together. The end. What? That’s it? No confession or anything else? I was anticipating something and even it was a little one. But nope, nothing much happens
Overall, like I’ve said, I find this series to be boring. The ending was just left ‘hanging’ like that. And oh my, bad habits do die hard. Looks like I’ve blogged longer than I’ve thought. So it’s got to be interesting in a way, huh. Yeah, maybe. Without those parts I guess it wouldn’t be so complete and I’ve even done it episode by episode when I’ve earlier said I wouldn’t do one in detail. Is it that detailed?
The art, drawing, animation, voice acting are all pretty decent. What you would expect from a typical Japanese anime production these days. So a total of 9 girls Takaaki has met (including Ilfa and excluding Yuuki). Their characters I could say are varied and interesting in a way and it doesn’t go as far as they’d all fight over each other for his affections. They all just loved him in their own ways. I guess that’s good. So no cat fights and fist fights with plates and objects flying around. Though it’s a harem anime, but there isn’t much hentai or ecchi stuffs nor the girls would consider looking ‘sexy’. Not even Tamaki. I couldn’t say much for the character development as you’d pretty guess much what kind of personalities those characters are and some didn’t play any major significant role and really just stick to their side role.
So if you want to watch an anime where you’d feel good with no shocking surprises or twists then I suppose this show is quite okay then. Nothing really extraordinary. Just your run of the mill, average Joe harem anime. Even that nothing more. Regular, typical, normal, and all those similar words. And I’m still yawning…
Oh wait, I’ve read that there’s gonna be an OVA sequel for this series somewhere in February 2007. Hmmm… from first looks, the drawing seemed a little bit different and there’s a new girl on the pic! So perhaps this OVA may answer several questions to this series to satisify all those ‘what happened to this or that’ queries. Also, maybe they’ll come up with some new plot which will lead the production of a 3rd season. But I’m still contemplating if I should watch it. I mean, if it’s gonna be boring again then it’s better not to waste my time doing so. But the girls… oh the girls he’ll meet with… Nah. I’ll think about it.

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