Asa Made Jugyou Chu

August 24, 2012

I’m still contemplating whether to classify Asa Made Jugyou Chu to be hentai or hardcore ecchi. Maybe it falls in between there. For those who want to know what this OVA is all about, all you need to know is that this guy who has earned a scholarship to his dream school gets mistakenly put into a girl’s dorm. There is no turning back so he has to sleep with his teacher who is taking responsibility for this foul up. Geez. Sleeping and bathing with your teacher? Not to mention the other ‘indecent’ acts they’ll be doing. Be prepared for ecchi galore…

Today’s Lesson…
Yuuki Kagami can’t sleep. How can when your busty teacher is sleeping right next to you?! And Ayane Kakinozaka has this habit of sleep walking. Heck, no! It’s sleep sexing! Oh Yuuki. You’re so screwed. How did this come about? Seems at the principal office, Ayane screwed up and put Yuuki in a girl’s dorm thinking he was a girl. Well, other people did made that mistake before since because of his name. I thought Yuuki was dual gender? Anyway the principal can’t do anything about it and they’ll have to deal with it. Oh, if anything funny happens, Yuuki’s scholarship will be revoked and he’ll be expelled from school. Bummer. He worked so hard to get a scholarship in Houren Academy and he ends up like this? Ayane got this bright idea that she will live with him so that she could watch over him and make amends. I don’t know about the last bit… So in their room, Ayane suggests Yuuki cross-dress as a girl in order for him to keep his real gender a secret but he feels embarrassed. I don’t know how she got this twisted idea because she starts stripping herself thinking if she’s as embarrassed as him, it’ll even out and it’ll be okay for him to cross-dress. I’m sure that’s not the reason why he went along with her plan. So Yuuki manages to get by dinner without the girls noticing. He looks so girly, sounds so girly. Heck, he must be a girl! But the real challenge is bath time. How is he going to pull this off? Yeah, Ayane coming in with him too. Just in case. Again she has this twisted idea. She tells him porn books are forbidden in the girls’ dorm. Does he look like he has any? Ayane fears his pent up sexual desires will make him lose control and start attacking girls! So instead of those books, she wants him to look at her boobs and naked body all he wants. Anymore of this and I’m sure Yuuki will turn into a sex maniac. If not, lose his mind and go psycho. Bed time. To prevent Yuuki from sneaking out and doing something naughty to other girls, Ayane handcuffs their hands together. So this is where he becomes sleepless. Yeah, Ayane is all over him. What kind of f*cking dream is she having? It looks like she’s enjoying it! Next morning, Ayane thinks Yuuki should attend school as a girl. She even has a girl uniform ready for him to wear. But… She wants him to wear panties too! The skirt is so short that if anyone catches him seeing men’s underwear… NO WAY!!!

Thankfully Yuuki didn’t have to cross-dress but while walking in the corridor, he bumps into classmate Risa Takabane. He apologizes but she remains cold to him. Yuuki laments the direction of his school life going downhill so much so he didn’t reply to Ayane’s greeting. This leads to Ayane unnecessarily worrying about his stress. I’m sure she is the culprit who is building up his stress. She fears all that stress will make him impulsively commit sex crimes and get expelled. She hears her male colleagues about taking out their stress at the baseball batter. Oh God. Not another weird idea cooking up. Remembering her professor’s thesis, she thinks he can help Yuuki reduce his stress by hitting things. Guess what ‘thing’ she makes him hit? Yuuki is wondering whether Risa hates him when Ayane suddenly comes into the room and strips herself! Then she wants him to spank her butt! Please spank or else you’ll turn into a sex offender and get expelled. Is this how she views him? But Yuuki is facing a dilemma to spank or not because if he doesn’t, she won’t let up. So he hits just once. Okay? End of story. Not. She thinks hardly one spank will release all his stress and wants him to hit more. He is having second thoughts but I guess those tears convinced him he must go on. For better or worse. More likely the latter. So the multiple spanking goes on and on… Hit harder! Wow. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it feels that Ayane is actually enjoying this S&M play, don’t you think? Feels good, huh? Yeah, even Yuuki almost got carried away. He sends her into ultimate climax when he accidentally gently touches her butt. Okay, we should stop here and go take a bath.

While Ayane takes a breather, Yuuki heads in first. Thinking there was no one, to his surprise, Risa comes out. She thinks she has seen ‘her’ before so Yuuki thinks back the fake story to use if ever such scenario arises. ‘She’ just came back abroad and due to various circumstances isn’t officially admitted yet. Did Risa buy it? Yeah, she did. Risa gets too close to Yuuki but he is ‘saved’ when Ayane comes in. She explains about Yuuki’s circumstances from abroad and is in charge of ‘her’. She also tells Risa to go back to her room while she’s still warm and she obediently obliges. Yuuki remembers he forgot to take off his wig and when he is about to do so, Risa comes back in! Looks like she is back for a second round. There’s no rule to forbid that, right? The duo try to get away from her but Risa becomes a serial molester over Yuuki! She’s squeezing and fondling his ‘flat chest’. So Yuuki learns Risa is a lesbian because she prefers relationships with girls and that boys are filthy and dirty creatures. If she’d only knew… She’s going down south and before she could touch his ‘elephant’, I don’t know what Ayane did, must be some big tsunami to splash Yuuki out of the tub. Ayane becomes Risa’s molest victim to buy Yuuki time to get away. Probably she pushed to right (or wrong) buttons because now it’s Ayane’s turn to turn the tables on her and molest her all the way! Yuuki is done changing and returns to inform Ayane he’ll head back first. I guess he didn’t expect what’s coming. A steamy yuri affair between the ladies! Grope master! I think Yuuki nearly died due to loss of blood.

Ayane catches a fever and is put to bed. Risa thought Yuuki should come to her room but he assures he doesn’t catch a cold from her that easily and needs to look after her. I know what will happen if he took up her invitation. Yuuki takes her temperature and man, it’s so hot that the thermometer broke! Shot right through the glass! Thinking she needs her medication now, it turns out to be a suppository! She wants him to shove it up her ass! OMG! Is he going to do it? Yeah well, better get it over it. And when Yuuki accidentally got his finger inside… Do I need to say it? Now it’s Yuuki’s turn to catch her fever. What did he say about catching it? Ayane is in a nurse outfit and will gladly repay the favour. She’s going to stick the suppository right up his ass! NOOOOOOOO!!! What a way to get screwed.

Hard On Physical Education!
Thank God it’s over! Honestly I was cringing while watching this. Everything here feels so wrong (but so good at the same time). I know. I should have stopped watching when it was getting weirder by the moment, right? Well, I decided to ‘brave on’ to see what happens next out of curiosity and to see if it could get and ‘worse’. Well it did. So unless you are a true ecchi fan, you might want to skip this. There are some funny moments but really, if you want to watch this show, it’s just for all the fanservice. I mean, what kind of teacher would have J-cup size boobs? Not only that. Her boobs seem to defy gravity and physics. So bouncy like as though they are water balloons. And probably the fact she is worried Yuuki will turn into a sex offender is just a facade that she is some sex maniac. A masochist if I must say. What about the principal not able to do anything? Well, I thought she just wanted to have some fun and see Yuuki suffer because as the principal, I am very sure she has the authority to do something about this mistake. After all, you’re talking about a boy in a girl’s domain. If anything scandalous happens, the school’s name will be tarnished too, right? And this is a prestigious school I believe. So that’s why I thought she is just a sadist to make life more interesting-cum-difficult.

So can you blame Yuuki if he actually becomes a sex maniac and offender? With all the factors pushing his limits, there is only so much a man can take and anymore, he’ll burst like a needle popping a balloon. I can’t believe Ayane would easily throw away her modesty just to calm Yuuki’s non-existence sexual tension. Like I said, it is probably all make believe so she can take out some of her sexual frustrations herself. I wonder if she’s got a boyfriend. Not surprise if she didn’t. Heck, I feel Ayane is in the wrong line of work and should have been better in the porn industry! See her naturally giving us lots of fanservice views of her panty shots and close ups, boobs and nipples shots? If Yuuki has got Ayane as his problem in one hand, now he has to deal with that lesbian Risa. He’s caught between a rock and a hard place. Doom if he remains a girl in his eyes and even doom for him if his real gender is revealed. Do girls really molest and grope each other when they’re in the bath all alone? Or is it just males’ fantasy?

My solution if this case ever happens, you should just walk out of the school and enrol somewhere else. I mean if a prestigious school can’t fix this minor error, then there is nothing so great, right? What we see here is just like sweeping dirt under the carpet. And it will be just odder that a girl just wants to help you relief your sexual tension. Especially if that girl is your teacher. Teaching you the wrong things in life? Heck, I think you don’t need lessons for it. It’ll come naturally I guarantee :). I’m also sure that there are many other ways to do so but to be on the safe side, maybe I’ll just stick to those porn magazines if I ever wanted to take out my sexual frustrations.

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