I never actually thought about blogging on this topic but what the heck. Since I noticed a few anime characters wearing eye-patches from time to time, I guess it is enough for me to do a short blog just for fun. So by wearing eye-patches, does it give the characters a sense of fashion statement or some sort of personality? Well that depends. I wonder how this would affect their balance and such seeing that you need both eyes to have a 3D effect or better estimation. But I guess that doesn’t matter as long as they look good in them, eh? Thus listed below are the 18 anime girls who wear an eye-patch. Why girls only? Well, there are only a handful of anime guys which I know who dons the eye-patch as compared to females. Plus, I’m a hetero… Yeah, you know what that means.
Chihiro Shindou (ef ~A Tale Of Memories~)
 Chihiro Shindou

The twin sister of Kei who is suffering from an amnesiac condition whereby she cannot remember anything further than 13 hours. Therefore she keeps and writes in her little diary of her every day life as to ‘remember’ who she is or ‘recall’ what has happened during those ‘missing hours’. Her condition was due to an accident which she was involved when she was young while she tried to go join Kei and Hiro to play at the beach and this unfortunate incident also resulted in the lost of her left eye.
Ryoumou Shimei (Ikkitousen)
Ryomou Shimei
As one of the four Devas of Nanyou Academy, Ryoumou is a serious and tough martial artist chic who seems to be always dressed in a maid’s outfit. Though she is not really blinded in her left eye, she is wearing an eye-patch to contain and seal a dragon power in it, in which she also believes to be dying. Something about during an initial fight with Ryuubi which caused Ryuubi’s awakening dragon to possessed Ryoumou’s eye and that dragon co-existing with Ryoumou eventually. Huh?
Chrome Dokuro (Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn)
Chrome Dokuro

Originally named Nagi, she is the vessel for the Vongola Mist Ring holder, Mukuro Rokudo. When she was young, she was involved in an accident which not only resulted in the loss of her right eye, but several important internal organs as well. In order to stay alive, Chrome with the help of Mukuro uses the illusionary powers to sustain her organs. I’m just wondering if she can make illusions for her organs, why not her right eye too?
Natose (Kimi Ga Aruji De Shitsuji Ga Ore De)
She is the personal attendant to Yume and the head of security of the Kuonji mansion. She has an enormous appetite and loves anything meaty. Natose hails from a Pacific island and during a dreadful tsunami which took the lives of her family, she also lost her right eye. Despite so, she remains positive and plays a supportive role for Yume.
Jiyuu Nanoha/Jubei Yagyu (Jubei-chan)
 Jubei Yagyu

Probably the first character I have ever known to wear an eye-patch. Jiyuu is an ordinary but lively teenage girl until she is reluctantly given the legendary Lovely Eye-patch from a guy searching for a worthy successor which transforms her into a lethal swordswoman and defeat enemies who are after the powers of the Lovely Eye-patch to rule Japan or out for her blood. She returns back to her normal self whenever the heart-shaped eye-patch is taken off her left eye.
Bara Suishou (Rozen Maiden)
Bara Suishou
The evil and fake seventh doll of the Rozen Maiden made by the apprentice Enju. Though she wears an eye-patch on her left eye, she isn’t totally blind in that eye and can actually see. My speculation is that Enju perhaps tried to create a doll closely resembling the real seventh Rozen Maiden doll, Kirakishou, who actually has a rose eye-patch for real and in replacement of her right eye.
Marie Mjolnir (Soul Eater)
Marie Mjolnir 
The Death Scythe for Oceania wears an eye-patch with thunderbolt symbol on her left eye. Her surname is derived from the hammer weapon used by the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, thus explaining the significance of the symbol. Furthermore, Thor’s father, Odin, has only one eye and perhaps Marie was designed according in reference to him. Her hidden left eye will glow whenever she uses her Redemption Wavelength ability.
Makiko Nagi (Tenjou Tenge)
Makiko Nagi

Souichirou’s mom in the series and comes from a family of demon exorcist. She wears an oversized eye-patch over her left eye to not only cover her missing eye, but to also hide her hideous scar which resembles like a centipede across that area. I’m not sure about her Clairvoyance ability which enables her to see through the visions of other people, whether it is through her normal right eye or blinded left one.
Kaede (Inu Yasha)
The younger sister of Kikyo in the series and after the latter’s demise, she takes over her miko priestess role, defending her village from demons and is highly respected by the villagers. She plays a supporting role for Inuyasha and his team by offering advice and knowledge to them. Kaede lost her left eye during her younger days when her village was being attacked by demons.
Nao Yuuki (Mai-HiME)
Nao Yuuki 
Initially this bad-ass girl of the series and Mikoto’s classmate didn’t start out by wearing an eye-patch. One of the 12 HiMEs, Nao has a tendency to do morally ambivalent things and also drags her pals into it. There are many people she hates which includes Mai and Natsuki. Her anger and hatred reaches boiling point when she was blinded in her left eye from the ripped tip of her own Child Julia’s stinger during an illusion created by Yukariko which sees some of the HiMEs fighting among themselves. After that, she vows to never forgive them all and even goes to great lengths to hurt those she hates most, though her plans are always thwarted.
Abiru Kobushi (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)
Abiru Kobushi
Well, her patch over her left eye isn’t really an eye-patch, but more of being bandages. In fact, most of her body is covered with them. Initially to be mistaken as a victim of domestic violence, it is later revealed that her injuries she got are from her weird tail fetishes. Yeah, what happens if you pull a tale of an animal, say a tiger? But I guess she has been wearing them for such a long time that even if she is not injured, she still wears them.
Maguro (Penguin Musume Heart)

As Mary’s right hand (wo)man and one of the four White Knights serving directly under her, this maid outfit fighter has a very shy personality when it comes to talking to strangers even if she has a stoic no nonsense appearance. To make up for that, she can text cutesy SMS at super high speed! The reason for wearing an eye-patch lover her right eye is not known and whether she is blind in that eye is unclear too.
Bel Peol (Shakugan No Shana)
Bel Peol

Oddly, this scheming antagonist also known as Judge Of Paradoxes is one of the Trinity of Bal Masque has 3 eyes. The third one is over her forehead and initially I thought that she was wearing another eye-patch in addition to the one over her right eye. I’m not sure if she has some hidden powers in that normal hidden right eye of hers or just covering it because she using the one on her forehead is sufficient. Theoretically, this means she’s just like normal beings who can see with 2 eyes, right?
Kyuubei Yagyu (Gintama)
Kyuubei Yagyu 
A parody version of Jubei Yagyu. But unlike in that series, she doesn’t turn into somebody else when she dons the black eye-patch. Being brought up as a male in her family so that she could succeed her family, she befriends and fell in love with her childhood friend Otae. In order to protect her from harm, Kyuubei lost her left eye as a result and ever since she has vowed to train hard so that she could protect Otae and one day make her hers.
Zakuro Mitsukai (Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan)
Zakuro Mitsukai

Although she may look older, she is actually the younger sister of the temperament death angel Dokuro. Her weapon is a wet towel Eckilsax. Initially she was sent back in time to retrieve Dokuro and her clam and no nonsense nature makes her a formidable foe. But after her failed mission, she turns ‘soft’ and her body language indicates that she may have a crush on Sakura. In addition to her white navy uniform, the reason why she wears an eye-patch on her left eye is unknown or if she has lost her vision in that eye.
Lucia Nahashi (Venus Versus Virus)
Lucia Nanashi 
She is a gun-slinging girl who is fighting against Viruses along with her members of Virus Vanguard. In addition to her pirate-like outfit, she wears a black eye-patch over her left eye, which she inherits from her dad, to hide and control her glowing golden magical eye which glows in the dark. Also, that eye is believed to be the cause of Lucia’s horrible past. Because of that, she sometimes fear it for she cannot control nor understand its powers and when unleashed, the eye could produce horrible effects on her enemies. She also dislikes people finding out about her left eye as she thinks it would affect their perception about her.
Nice Holystone (Baccano)
Nice Holystone 
Honestly, I actually didn’t see this anime but when I saw that she’s wearing an eye-patch, I thought I had to put her in. Okay, so I read from Wikipedia and other sites that this excellent explosives expert keeps small bombs in her right eye socket in which she wears an eye-patch over it. She lost that eye while making some homemade explosives which turned out into a freak accident. So remember kids, don’t play with fire, er, bombs too.
Candice (Marchen Awaken Romance)

Haha. I didn’t really see this anime too but just so happen that I was browsing through the internet when I spot an image of her and felt the need and urge to put her on this list. So doing a little research on her character from Wikipedia and other online sites, Candice is the 11th strongest Knight of the Chess Piece organization. She wears en eye-patch over her right eye to hide her wound. But in addition to that, a magic stone is embedded in its place in which she uses as one of her Arms weapon.
Close an eye…
On a trivial note, 11 out of the 18 females here don the eye-patch on the left. So does wearing an eye-patch make them more moe and kawaii? Well, some of them are like the hugely popular Chihiro. Most probably many viewers like and recognize her because of her eye-patch which gives her the trademark look. Of course this list isn’t meant to be definitive as there are other eye-patched anime ladies out there. But this is all that I can find over the internet, including those series which I didn’t watch. Perhaps there are other eye-patch wearing girls in minor and side roles.
Okay, okay. So if you’re still complaining that I should do one for the guys, I’ll just mention briefly. More popular ones include Zaraki from Bleach (eye-patch to control his immense powers), Kakashi from Naruto (more like his headgear to conceal his Sharingan Eye), Lavi from D. Gray-Man (to prevent his amazing abilities of memorizing everything – so he only needs 1 eye, eh?), Agito/Akito from Air Gear (change in eye-patch over which eye means a change in contrasting personality), Sven of Black Cat (lost his eye during an attack but that replacement eye allows him to see several seconds into the future), Ciel of Kuroshitsuji (to hide a pentagon sign of contract which binds the demon Sebastian to his will), Nnoitra of Bleach (to hide his Hollow hole), and the classic character Captain Harlock from the series with his own name (lost it from a careless mistake in an attack).
I’m not sure if this eye-patch wearing thingy would become a new fashion trend in the future. But it all depends on the characters and circumstances. But it definitely beats wearing eye-patches for both eyes. That would be more towards blindfold and being blinded. So having just 1 eye may not be a bad thing because to quote a saying (not sure of its origins, though): Sight of foresight is better than sight of vision.

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