May 9, 2020

Do you like maids? OH YES I PRETTY MUCH DO! Do you also like cats? Uhm… Me? Not so much, can we move along- And do you like cat girl maids? Uhm, well, I’m not sure… Because great news if you like that combo as Nekopara has got its own TV series finally. If the adult visual novel wasn’t enough and the family friendly OVA back in 2017 still wasn’t hell adequate, the TV series is going to satiate all your cutie feline needs. Cat lovers and maid lovers are sure going to love these cat girls. You can treat them as a pet cat and at the same time not suspiciously and illegally looking like you’re some sick pervert who owns a bunch of girls. Oh well, maybe you do look like one anyway. Hey, it’s a cat’s paradise, no?

Episode 1
They ask us if we like cute cats. If so, please visit Patisserie La Soleil. Actually, I’m more into the maids than cats… Now we see Chocola and Vanilla having trouble waking up. They shut off the alarm clock. Twice. When they finally do wake up, I guess it is by tickling each other’s stomach. Once done, they go down to help their master, Kashou Minazuki who runs the said patisserie. Kashou remembers how they were just brought in and were so small. Now they are grown up and helping him out. When Kashou first opened the patisserie, Chocola and Vanilla hid in the box so as just to be with him. Meanwhile back home, we see what the other cat girls are doing. Other than Shigure who is Kashou’s little sister, we see Azuki cooking, Coconut trying to cut the fish (yikes!), Maple taking too long in the toilet that Cinnamon can’t hold on… After breakfast, Maple and Cinnamon make their way to La Soleil to help. We hear that cat girls are not allowed outside on their own unless accompanied by their masters. Only those with a bell are allowed so. But they must take a hard test and seeing all our cat girls here have one, they must be real smart, huh? The duo arrive just in time to relief Chocola and Vanilla. Otherwise Chocola would’ve just eaten the customers’ food. Later Chocola is tasked to buy ponzu sauce. Along the way, she stumbles into a bell-less loli cat girl sitting by herself. She tries to be friendly but goes into hiding. Chocola leaves her chocolate behind and believes she’ll be out by the time she comes back. When Chocola is done shopping, she returns and still sees the chocolate treat there. She returns to La Soleil and what do you know? That loil cat girl had tailed her home.

Episode 2
Realizing this loli is masterless, Chocola tries to hide her from Kashou. If only she can stop panicking and profusely sweating. This loli’s case reminds of her of her being abandoned as a kitten. As she tries to hide her in the toilet, she is almost found out by Vanilla. During dinner, Kashou wants to go to the toilet so Chocola tries to stop him from going. Do it anywhere and she’ll clean up after him! Not going to fly! Of course that loli isn’t in the toilet. Chocola thinks she flushed herself down the toilet! Will the plunger do the trick? Oh, she’s hiding in her room now. The loli is now hungry so after Chocola gets her some dried fish, she is busted by Vanilla. Chocola then tells what happened but Vanilla doesn’t think Kashou will keep her. When all the cats helped out and La Soleil and some of them want to stay here, Kashou dismissed that idea. He already has his hands full with the shop what more the pair of Chocola and Vanilla. Vanilla realizes how cute she is and remembering her abandoned beginnings, she believes Kashou will allow her to stay. Unfortunately he disallows it. They have to make sure she is not a lost cat first. Otherwise, Chocola could be charged for kidnapping! Or rather, catnapping! But don’t fear, Kashou calls cat expert Shigure. Her life mission is to help cats 24/7/52/365. While the rest finds out about her owner, Shigure has this loli stay at her place. This loli is in a new environment and is of course shy when the other cats are interested in her. But the scariest is Shigure. She can’t stop taking pictures of this cutie. Shigure than baths the loli. Just need to get used to the water. Thankfully no loli cat rape. Though, Shigure smelling her hair could be considered borderline psycho case… Then bedtime, Shigure thought she would sleep with her but this loli prefers to sleep alone on the cushion. Chocola and Vanilla worry about the loli so they huddle and sleep closely to each other. Cat yuri time?

Episode 3
Next morning, Sugarcane (temporary name for the loli) is nowhere to be found. Then they find her sleeping in the toilet. Did Maple’s bum warm it up?! Chocola is obviously worried about Sugarcane that she’s being clumsy. And Vanilla can’t help worry about Chocola. Sugarcane spends time in Shigure’s house. She doesn’t eat in a civilized manner like the rest. No chopsticks and sitting properly for her. Eating under the table with her hands. When Maple serves her the finest English desserts and tea, Sugarcane prefers the dried fish. When Maple and Cinnamon try to play with her, Sugarcane just sits by herself. Shigure advises them that perhaps she needs more time to herself so leave her alone for now. Shigure gives her a box of old cat toys. Sugarcane picks up what used to be Chocola’s favourite toy. By evening, it seems Sugarcane is nowhere around. They look for her around the house but she is nowhere. Shigure calls La Soleil and of course since she isn’t there too, time for Chocola to press the panic button. But can she just run off like that while the shop is still in business? Don’t worry, Vanilla will cover for her. Chocola looks high and low as she worries what will become of Sugarcane. Finally she finds her at the place they first met. Glad that she is okay, so why did she run off like that? Sugarcane just wants to be with Chocola. They return to La Soleil much to everyone’s relief. Chocola then makes a request for Sugarcane to stay here and she will take all the responsibilities. Vanilla also vouches for her. With Kashou giving the green light, time for all the cats to purr with this happy new beginning. I suppose they can consider Sugarcane as masterless seeing Shigure’s search online didn’t match any lost cats.

Episode 4
Sugarcane getting attached to Chocola? Vanilla jealous? Competition to be with Chocola begins? Anyway, Sugarcane is not a nuisance at La Soleil just because she can get away with her cute antics. And all you have to do is feed her and fawn at how cute she further is. When La Soleil has no customers, Chocola and Vanilla get free time to play with her. More cute kitten antics ensue. Are you dead from kawaii overload? Finally all the cat girls leave for Shigure’s place to get their physical measurements. In their undies. Yeah… I’m sure we’re all interested in their bust size. But it goes without saying that the biggest bust goes to Cinnamon. It is also at this point the girls think up of a proper name for Sugarcane. After all the food names they come up with, they go with Cacao since that is the cake they noticed she liked most when Kashou fed her. And so it is. Cacao! Back to the bust size, our innocent Cacao starts rubbing her paws on the boobs of the girls. The one she finds most comforting is Cinnamon’s. You don’t mean the way she rubs, Cinnamon entering into some sort of orgasmic ecstasy?! Next, they have this visual speed test in which Shigure plays a fast moving picture and they have to guess what it was that zoomed by. The cats are all scared of that serum pic except for Cacao. Shigure trying to teach reality? And then there is one sentence that zoomed by that nobody could guess except for Cacao. It says how much they love Shigure. She loves it so much that she wants Cacao to say it again and again! Don’t tell me this is some sort of masturbation-cum-orgasm for her?! Then they all go to the beach to have fun and talk more about food. Don’t you make me hungry now!

Episode 5
Kashou seems down. Something is wrong. Chocola thinks it is because she has been found out. All the food she stole and the plates she broke… After a good noogie from Vanilla for this confession, Vanilla thinks the shop’s sales is going down. Because that means less food for them! Gotta go help out. That means handing out name cards of La Soleil. Since this isn’t bringing in enough customers, Maple and Cinnamon suggests doing cat photo service for those who come buy cakes. Well, it’s working. Meanwhile Cacao thinks of helping by handing out name cards. However she observes how one puts flyers in the mailboxes and this gives her the idea to do the same. She distributes them as far as she can. Then she bumps into a young girl, Chiyo. Which girl doesn’t find a cute cat girl cute? She offers to help out after offering some food. Thinking she is lost, Chiyo tries to get help but Cacao keeps going off on her own. I bet those name cards are finished otherwise Chiyo would have known she lives here instead of observingly noticed Cacao looking at a confectionary shop and rightly guessing this is where she lives. But to all the patisserie she brings her, it is not La Soleil. And they end up in the wrong part of town. Because a murder of crows starring at them. They see Chiyo’s shiny hairpin and attack! OMG! Holy sh*t! Since when did this turn into some horror movie?! Both run but hit a dead end. Chiyo thought she is done for but Cacao goes into her cat attack stance and scares away the crows. Well, that was easy. Taking a break, Chiyo tells of her own story. She used to live with a cat girl before but had to leave due to her dad transferring away for work. Not too happy about it, Chiyo ran away but got lost. Her cat girl came to find her and brought her home. It is only then Cacao introduces herself? Oh well. Most cats are always sceptical at first. Chiyo hugs her and that’s when the last name card fell out of her place. Kashou realizes what Chocola and Vanilla are doing and tells them not to do this again. This is a patisserie, okay? And he is not worried about sales but coming up with a new creation for summer. I think he’s got it now. When Azuki notes she thought she saw Cacao in the streets, better not jump to conclusions and go home and check. There she is waiting for them back home. Phew. Chiyo brought her home just in time.

Episode 6
Azuki and Coconut are fighting as usual. But this time it looks like their quarrel may be going out of hand. With no solution in sight, Shigure suggests they both fight. The duo are really egging to go. But without violence! Via sports, that is. Cat fight! Literally. So we have on Azuki’s team, Cinnamon and Vanilla while on Coconut’s team, Maple and Chocola. Sit tight as they’re going to play a few games from twister to resisting the temptation of food and even a spoon relay. But I suppose all of the cats are evenly matched and it usually ends in a draw or disqualification. Then the sports we’ve all been waiting for: Butt sumo! Oh yeah. First match: Chocola vs Cinnamon. Logically you would think Cinnamon would win since her ass is thicc. Too bad that remark itself makes Cinnamon horny and she got lost in her thought that ultimately made her lost. Second match: Coconut vs Vanilla. Naturally you would think Coconut will win this one due to her longer limbs but Vanilla’s riddle distracts her and she got ring out. Final match: Maple vs Azuki. Azuki thought of doing some Jack Dempsey boxing style technique (complete with that fake Rocky BGM to boot) but she went too far and got ring out the same way Coconut did. At the end of the day, Azuki and Coconut are still at each other and the heat isn’t settling down. Hence Shigure suggests the final match: A huge obstacle course. Is this American Ninja Warrior, cat version? Both are neck to neck. As Azuki is in the lead, Coconut thinks of taking a short cut. She manages to leap further but loses her footing. Hey, I thought cats don’t need to worry about falling and can land on their feet?! Anyway, Azuki grabs her hand and pulls her up. They reach the top as they reminiscence of their younger days. Still lots of fighting but it is often because they care a lot for each other. And hence they decide to call this a tie. Oh well, time to go home and eat. Cats have it so easy… Azuki and Coconut continue their friendly animosity. Another normal day for them.

Episode 7
A storm is brewing and the cat girls are gathered together. Too bad Kashou is away on a trip but thanks to the intensity of the storm, the train also stops dead in its tracks. Shigure is supposed to join the cat girls but the traffic jam has her stuck in town. Hence our cat girls will be home alone. Oh my. What are they going to do? Suddenly the power goes out. Perfect time for Vanilla to tell a ghost story! Good thing nobody gets scared (except maybe for Maple, just barely hiding her fear). But Vanilla manages to almost pull off a scary prank with a makeup that makes her look like she has no face! The lights come back on so Vanilla has to cut short her 100 ghost stories! She really planning on summoning one?! Chocola then continues telling a happy story. But it’s boring because nothing much happens. Everybody just happy. Thus everybody takes turns to tell their own stories which is of course a twisted mix of classic Japanese tales and folklores. Vanilla trying to hijack and insert her ghost in somewhere… Of course if local folklores aren’t enough, we go international like Aladdin, Gulliver’s Travel, that little match girl and even Snow White. The power gets cut again and they heard footsteps. They thought it is Vanilla trying to prank them again but she’s right here with them. Oh sh*t. Time to be really afraid. Then a ghost girl opens the door! Cats scared out of their daylights! Turns out to be Shigure all drenched. She couldn’t wait and decided to return home via foot. I hope Shigure didn’t start thinking she killed her cats!

Episode 8
It’s morning. Azuki and Coconuts arguing. That’s normal. You know what’s not normal? Shigure spacing out. Hmm… Strange… When she cooks breakfast, she burns her food and puts too much salt. Is she trying to poison the cat girls?! Even while doing house chores, she’s still spacing out! She’s not even responding! They even make high quality food for her but she’s not hungry. Oh well, what a waste not to eat them so… They start thinking that Kashou may be ignoring her and hence she is depressed. So the best way to help cheer her up is to put her in a maid outfit and work at La Soleil? Worst, she’s clumsier than Chocola and it still doesn’t help. At their wit’s end, they have to rope in Kashou himself to help out. He talks to her and it seems Shigure finds it hard to explain this gloomy feeling inside her. Though, she doesn’t blame him or anybody else. After all, her only wish is to see him succeed ever since he moved out of their home. So could this be actually it? She claims she feels better and leaves. The cat girls suspect it is too good to be true and tail her. True enough, this is not the way home. Where is she going? Finally it leads them to a cliff by the sea. Oh dear. Is she going to commit suicide and jump off because of her unrequited love?! Wow. TV drama can teach you a lot. So the cat girls call out to her and eventually spew out all the lovely things they did together. In short, they love her. Then Shigure starts laughing like a maniac. Did that break her further? She loves this too and starts twirling. Enough for everybody to fall off the cliff. I don’t know how they get out of that and return home okay but whatever. Shigure now knows the root of her depression. She was cat deprived because of the heat. You see, during the winter, the cats all gathered and slept with her. With the summer here, the cats slept in other cooler places. Lonely Shigure had no cute cats to fill up her heart and it dried out. WTF… She thanks them for their concern and explains this cliff is where she goes to sort out her thoughts. With everything settled, the cats returned to sleeping with Shigure. Sweet dreams are back…

Episode 9
Flashback shows Cinnamon was a lonely cat. Not until Maple became her friends. Kashou and the cat girls are at the amusement park. Great way to spend their day off. Then there is this live sentai show going on. Cinnamon eagerly volunteers to be the hostage. When the host calls for a singer to sing and save the day, nobody volunteers. Cinnamon then hints Maple to do so. And when she won’t do it, she ‘threatens’ to reveal that embarrassing secret of wetting herself in the haunted house! Oh my. Did Cinnamon turn into a villain?! No choice, Maple does so and astounds the crowd with her singing. The day is saved. After work, Cinnamon notices Maple going somewhere herself. So she tails her friend to what seems to be a shady part of town. Fearing that she would doing some sort of adult stuff, thank goodness she is just working part time at a music store. Talking to Kashou and Shigure about this, it seems Maple’s dream is to become a singer. A step to realizing it is to play a musical instrument. Kashou could give her the money to buy a guitar but Maple insists she has to do this by herself or there would be no meaning. And conveniently, Kashou shows a poster of a singing contest in which the first prize is a white guitar! We see the rest help Maple train hard for this day (fake epic Rocky theme song here). We see the crowded concert hall for this contest. And you thought they could’ve offered a better prize than a guitar! Come on, organizers!!! Cinnamon senses something wrong and goes to look for Maple. Nowhere to be found. Then she finds her exiting the place. I guess she got cold feet. She is scared of embarrassing herself in front of so many people. Time for a reminder slap to come back to her senses. Now it’s Cinnamon’s turn to tell her why she shouldn’t run away (tears must have a lot of dramatic effect too) and the obligatory flashback of how Maple often helped her during their younger years. Uh huh. Remember when Cinnamon said she wanted to help you next time when you’re in trouble? Yup. Now is about the time. So thank goodness for the power of friendship because Maple gets back in time on stage to sing. And wins it!!! OMFG! So convenient. Back home, everyone wants to hear her play a song. You mean she can play this good???!!! OMFG. Plot convenience so convenient. Though, I still can’t believe the ultimate prize for that nice looking grand competition was a cheap looking guitar…

Episode 10
Remember the bell that allows cat girls to walk freely outside in society without a human company? Looks like Chocola and Vanilla’s are up for renewal. Don’t you panic now, Chocola… Cacao wants to get one too but she is deemed too young and will have to wait till she is older. Hence Chocola and Vanilla plead to the other cat girls to help train them. But at first it looks like they’re just doing their household chores… They are! Once busted, they get on to the real training. So we see the other cat girls teaching them the secrets on how to integrate with society and its rules. Pretty simple, right? Just don’t give into your cat instincts… Easier said than done. We wonder if the duo can learn properly because I think if those other cat girls also took the renewal test, they would fail right away! Yeah, they have to brave the feared vaccination one too. Don’t back out now! And so the renewal day is here and the duo go in with confidence armed with all the knowledge they have learnt. And the results? They passed of course. Shigure takes them to town to celebrate their renewal. From praying at the shrine to buying souvenirs (can they carry all that load home?) and visiting various cafes (man, do cats eat that much?). Let’s hope they don’t resort back to bad cat manners after getting their bell renewed. We are a civilized (and moe) country!

Episode 11
Cacao gets permission to stay overnight at Chiyo’s place. So Chocola and Vanilla pack her bags like as though she’s going to be gone for a year. Necessary supplies, eh? Yeah, too heavy for the kitten to carry! So eventually she brings nothing as Shigure accompanies her to Chiyo’s place. So while we see Cacao having fun at Chiyo’s home, Chocola and Vanilla are having Cacao withdrawal symptoms. It’s so obvious. They forget that she’s not around and instinctively act that she’s still here. This is only half a day and we’re worried if they can even make it the entire day through. I suppose they’ve forgotten what life’s like before Cacao came not too long ago, huh? But hey, at least Vanilla has Chocola all to herself during bedtime. The next day when Cacao returns, the first thing she does isn’t to give her onee-sama a hug. Instead, she runs back to her room and hides in the box! Damn. Attempts to get her out, she just shoos them away. Azuki thinks she is in a rebellious phase as Coconuts has gone through this before. In fear that Cacao has forgotten them after 1 night, Chocola and Vanilla devise a plan to smoke her out. I don’t think they took this literally because they are doing open burning of the saury in the room. OPEN BURNING! Thank goodness no cats were suffocated to death. Then they hope Maple’s singing would lure her out but apparently Cacao just comes out to tell them to pipe down before going back. Ouch. What about feeding her the food she loves most that she never misses? She gulps the whole thing down and just returns the bowl. Desperate times means desperate measures. So before the duo can force their way in, Cacao pops out. So what gives? Apparently she wrote a thank you letter to the duo, expressing her heartfelt gratitude of all the times spent together. How cute. And there’s a cute (hideous) picture of them she drew to go along with! She says she likes them and hopes can be together forever. Aww! So sweet. Time for a big emotional group hug! Come here you little kitty.

Episode 12
Did they run out of ideas? Because physical measurements again part 2. Aside from Cinnamon’s boobs growing again and Azuki not growing still, Cacao has grown a bit and at this rate she could be taller than Azuki. Cue for Coconut and Azuki to get it on with today’s quarrel… Then it’s that same eyesight speed test to trap the cat girls into saying they love Shigure… Yeah… Because they will soon be visiting the beach, Shigure takes the cat girls to shop for some swimsuits. Cacao is the model in focus as there are hits and misses on how the swimsuits she wears. Eventually everyone has their pick and Shigure gladly spurges on them because, well, she’s going to get the payback in terms of lots of cute photos… Chocola is probably excited for the beach so she jumps the gun by blowing up Cacao’s inflatable float back home and tires herself out. At least Cacao gets a bolster for tonight. And now for the fun at the beach. Cat girls in beachwear. Meow! I thought cats hate water… Oh, none of them took it to the sea. Anyway, the watermelon smashing event, Cacao seems to target Cinnamon. Yup, she got the real melons! HAHAHA!!! Time for some drama because Cacao is then missing. They soon realize she has drifted out to sea on her float. Who gonna save her? A young girl dives in to secure Cacao. Where’s the freaking lifeguard when you need one?! Grateful for her, they insist on repaying her so she has them come to her family beach house and are treated with some cooking. Because Maple and Cinnamon’s duet is attracting more customers, soon the cat girls and their masters find themselves helping out. It’s getting busy and the queue getting longer. Yeah, La Soleil experience comes in handy, eh? At the end of the day, the family is grateful but worry if they would ever experience another brisk business again. Don’t worry. Shigure has an answer. Next day, we see some cat girls advertising the beach house on TV. Shigure has introduced to them some cat girls who were looking for a home. Life is good with cats, right? I guess dog lovers don’t exist in this anime…

Kawaii Neko Overrun: Caution, Cats At Play!
Wow. Everybody so happy. I guess life is indeed good with cats. Because I’m assuming those kind of cats with serious behavioural problem do not truly exist in this anime. Like you know, pushing things off the edge just for the fun of it and to piss off their masters? Heh. Not to mention scratching the curtains and sofa cushions just to sharpen their claws? No? Oh yeah. So good to be masters of these cat girls in this anime. Cute and obedient. And they also serve you at the café. Life indeed is so good with cats. So why aren’t we getting another season of this catty goodness?

There is really nothing special about the series at all. Not even an actual plot to begin with. Every episode feels like a standalone filler as we see about the cat girls going about in their daily lives. That is about it. I suppose only Nekopara fans can appreciate and love the TV series. Since there are a lot of cute cat girl stuffs going on in between so if you are the kind of would be impressed with whatever cats do are cute, I’m sure you’re going to love these cat girls doing whatever they’re doing because a big majority of the time, their talking and actions are just so darn adorable. Yeah. Cat girls can do no wrong, right? Otherwise it is just plain boring. Good news. No doubt it was boring for my standards, I didn’t fall asleep! So not that bad, huh?

There is nothing much for me to say about the characters seeing once you get to know them, they pretty much stay the same way as they are throughout the series. Chocola and Vanilla re the poster cat girl of the series so it is only right that they occupy a big chunk of the spotlight. Their overwhelming adorableness means it helps pretty cover up their retard. Uh huh. That is what I actually feel about their characters. Chocola being the cheerful and energetic cat girl who acts before she thinks while Vanilla is more taciturn and does not express her emotions much. Obviously Chocola being Chocola, she is more retarded than Vanilla because of her genki outlook. Sometimes Vanilla has to play the straight man (or cat?) for her but Vanilla isn’t immune to being a retard herself with some minor slip ups from time to time. Hate me all you want Nekopara lovers, but that doesn’t mean I despise them because thanks to them being so kawaii, I’m also giving them a free pass to continue doing all their silliness. Carry on being cat girls.

The rest of the other cats add some variety to the already bloated cat family because it is more fun if we have different types of cats, no? Do cats really have partners? Because I thought they usually go it alone. So it is obvious we can see the pairings of Chocola-Vanilla, Maple-Cinnamon as well as Azuki-Coconut. Oh well, best friends keep each other company. We got polar opposites in Azuki and Coconut since it is like their role to just argue with each other whenever they have the chance. Azuki being the shortest and a tsundere while Coconut being the tallest and the coolest (as well as the most mature feminine body). You can’t get anything more interesting than that, can we? Then we have the mature Maple who basically feels like an oujo-sama and the very curious Cinnamon. In the sense that she often gets turned on by the slightest and misinterprets everything in a sexual manner. Is that why she is the only one who wears gloves? Because anything she touches might turn her on? I know the adult visual novel had some erotic elements but the TV series is supposed to be family friendly! Maybe that’s the safest they can do for her without changing the basics of her character. After all, she’s got the biggest bust among the cat girls. If that doesn’t turn you on, her sexual innuendoes might! Beware Cinnamon. It’s like she is eternity in heat… All in all, they too have their weird personalities that make them retards in their own way. Heh.

Finally adding Cacao to the mix doesn’t feel like anything exciting. Just another cat girl for me. Loli version. After all, Cacao is an anime exclusive character and doesn’t appear in the original works. So I guess this is our motivation to watch the TV series? Same taciturn emotionless poker face like Vanilla. Loli version. Do we need overlapping characters? The only 2 main human characters in the series, Kashou and Shigure, I suppose they love cat girls a lot and have the capacity (physically and financially) to support them all. I didn’t play the game or watch the OVA so I’m not sure if their origins are really explained. If they just pick cat girls in the streets out of pity, who knows how many more they’ll pick up in the same way and in no time their household will be some sort of cat girl sanctuary. Better keep working hard as a patissiere. While Kashou looks like your normal responsible big brother, Shigure looks like she has a lot of free time on her hands. She dresses very nicely in a kimono and is a so called cat expert. I don’t know what else she does besides that. If not for the fact the cat girls belong to them, she can be deemed a creepy crazy stalker, the way she obsesses over the cat girls, taking photos like a maniac and such. I read she is supposed to have some brother complex over Kashou (to a point of incestuous feelings) but here she is toned down and is shown her obsession over the cat girls instead.

Because of all the pretty mundane story and characters, my mind drifted and started to think about unnecessary things. Like how the heck do these cat girls really work in this world? I mean, how the heck were they born and what are their roles in society? Because from as far as I can see, they are treated like second class citizens. Heck, in our sorry cases of our cat girls here, they were once abandoned by the roadside and only the kind soul known as Kashou picked them up. They aren’t the smartest creatures around and my guess is that their intellect doesn’t match up to the humans (though thankfully they are pretty much law abiding). That’s why they have this bell and whatever licence so as they could go outside by themselves without their human master. So what happens if they don’t? Will they start killing people? Like in the case of Cacao, how the heck was she in that situation in the first place when Chocola found her? Don’t care. Overwhelming cuteness covers everything.

And these cat girls are most probably not the same species as humans. They just look like cute girls and display some cute cat traits. Like as though they are ordinary human girls cosplaying to the extreme as cats. So what I’m saying is there room for interspecies sexual relations?! Hah. Maybe the adult visual novel have addressed this. A child born out of a cat girl and a human. Totally weird and unsettling. But I’m wondering if there are any illegal cat girl trafficking syndicate because at the same time they look pretty rare. I don’t see other cat girls in town other than those who stay at Kashou’s place. Heck, does this world even have real cats?! Yeah, it would be pretty weird to have both kinds of felines existing here. Real cat vs cat girl… Who would win?! Also, aren’t there other species like dog girls or bird girls or hamster girls or rabbit girls? No? Oh well. Cat girls only then. At least the cat girls still look hot and sexy in their undies. There’s your minimal fanservice if this adaptation has taken away your favourite erotic elements from the game.

And the other mind boggling and ironic part is how cat girls want the company and love of their master. Uhm, aren’t cats selfish creatures? Because might as well have been dog girls but I guess the creators love cats. So anyway, the cats craving for attention and for most of the time abiding the human laws, that isn’t so very cat-like, isn’t it? Like as though these cat girls are girls with some mental issues and think they are cats. Yes, cats want attention too. But not the kind of this level like we see here. Weird.

Art and animation lean towards the moe and cute expect. Everything so colourful and kawaii, it makes you want to own a cat girl. Though, the hue and colouring is a bit light. Well, the maid outfits at La Soleil are just pretty passable. Besides, the cats don’t spend their entire time at La Soleil and it is only when they are working there that they don the outfit. So I guess my maid outfit taste has got pretty high standards, huh? Oh well. Can’t get enough of your kawaii neko onna fix? At the end of every episode, different illustrations from different illustrators to brighten up your day. This anime is done by Felix Film who only so far has done the Nekopara franchise and nothing else.

For the voice acting, I thought Tetsuya Kakihara was behind Kashou’s voice. However he sounded too gay to be him. It wasn’t him. It was Shinnosuke Tachibana (Tomoe in Kamisama Hajimemashita). Yeah, sorry. But I still find his character to sound so gay. As for the other characters, those who lent their voices in the OVA were totally revamped and given new seiyuus to helm the roles. Now it is Yuki Yagi as Chocola (Hanako in Hataage! Kemono Michi), Iori Saeki as Vanilla (Tanpopo in Ore Wo Suki Nano Wa Omae Dake Ka Yo), Miku Itou as Maple (Miku in Gotoubun No Hanayome), Yuri Noguchi as Cinnamon (Goe in Release The Spyce), Shiori Izawa as Azuki (Tanpopo in Witch Craft Works), Marin Mizutani as Coconut (Misaki in Boku No Kanojo Ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch Na Ken) and Mao Ichimichi as Shigure (Bada in ClassicaLoid). Yuuka Morishima as Cacao (Gripen in Girly Air Force) and Kaede Hondo as Chiyo (titular character in Tejina-senpai) are the only newcomers.

A lot more moe and kawaii cuteness because that is what the opening theme is filled with. Hearing Shiny Happy Days by those cat girl sextet definitely oozes with all the moe and kawaii factor that this anime is abundant with. The ending theme is Hidamari No Kaori and is sung by the duet of Chocola and Vanilla. It is a slow piece and it sounds a lot like a song you play on your graduation day in school. There is also a Cacao version of it and of course it sounds a lot cuter, though a bit bland because we all know how Cacao sounds like, right? A special ending for episode 9, Honto No Kokoro by Maple takes away all that cuteness and sounds more like anime pop with the acoustic guitar strumming pretty obvious in the background. There a couple of easy-going BGMs as well. While not exactly catchy to warrant me to want to hear them over and over again but they’re cute and fun to listen to since they often spam these few. At least, they got stuck in my head for a few days…

Overall, if your weakness are cute stuffs, you might want to stay away from this because all the moe and kawaii elements will suffocate you to death rather than the plain boring story which amounts to nothing in particular. Otherwise it is a pretty much calming and relaxing series of watching this is what it is like if cats were anthropomorphized as humans. In other words, boring. Also, the lack of any sexual content means puritan fans of the series might be furious that their cat girls are downgraded this way. Yeah, what good is it to own a litter of cat girls and not do anything ecchi to them! Atrocious! I guess such erotic content has to be cut out or toned down if you want your anime to be family friendly. Not sure if the producers are trying to bait and lure unsuspecting people to go buy the erotic game itself… Beware, though. This TV series might look like it’s okay but it could be in fact a dead cat bounce… When cat paradise become cat hell… Please, the cat girls deserve better than this. Otherwise we’d go back to watching more cute cat videos on YouTube! Cat-ch you later!

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