December 28, 2012

Shocking news! I never thought that Beelzebub would actually end this soon. Here I was resigning to the fact that this series will be going on forever and ever with no end in sight when suddenly… Surprise, surprise. After 60 episodes, this series finally ended at the end of March 2012 after running for 1 1/4 years. Phew. At least it was good news to me because I like shows with specific number of episodes so that I can plan my watching schedule. It’s trivial but that is how I am.

As I have watched the OVA prior to the TV series, let’s just say that the OVA is just an abridged version of 1/5 of the series. So you’re going to see some pretty familiar and important scenes that were shown in the OVA repeating in the first few episodes of the TV series. The premise for this story is like this. Tatsumi Oga is supposedly the strongest first year delinquent in the totally badass delinquent school of Ishiyama High. Everybody here is so bad to the bone that it makes you think that this is the place to groom future villains. One day Oga finds a baby floating down by the river and due to some twist of events (because he is the strongest in the eyes of the baby at that moment), he ends up being the baby’s ‘father’. But this is no ordinary baby because Beelzebub is the son of the Demon Lord who sent his younger son to Earth and find a human to raise him in his place to destroy humanity. What the? I know the big lord himself is too lazy and preoccupied doing several lazy things but letting a human raise a demon’s kid so that humanity can be destroyed? Where’s the logic in that? Shouldn’t he entrust the baby to another demon? Which human would be so stupid to do that? Well, let’s say Oga is more brawns over brains. And thus begins Oga’s quest to ‘dump’ the baby in someone’s hands. Easier said than done. So here’s a brief summary of what I think is important and ‘memorable’. Of course, thanks to Wikipedia and Wikia for some important points to jog my memory.

Tatsumi Oga – Main delinquent character whose current goal now is to find the strongest somebody so that he can dump the responsibility of Beelzebub to that stronger person. Of course if it was that easy, we wouldn’t have 60 episodes for nothing. Each ‘failure’ only brings him closer his ties with Beelzebub even if that guy doesn’t realize or admit it. His eventually gains and learns how to use and control the demon’s powers. Oh, he can’t let anybody know that Beelzebub is a demon. Will anybody believe a delinquent?

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV – The Demon Lord’s baby kid that end up being Oga’s ‘son’. Despite being the son of a devil, Beelzebub is such a cry-baby that it makes you wonder if this kid is up to the task of being a mean demon king. Just the slightest little annoyance would send him screaming in tears. That’s a bad thing. Why? Because the lightning will zap you like hell! So don’t ever make this baby cry! Ever! Oh, Oga can’t be further than him for 15 metres too or else is zap-zap. Why is there such ferocious lightning on a bright sunny day? Oh, you’re going to have to put up with this kid’s dangling penis for 98% of his appearance. Ah well, as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Hildegarde AKA Hilda – Beelzebub’s demon maidservant sent to take assist in taking care of the baby. Your usual cold and arrogant woman despite sometimes you’ll notice the kinder side she shows. After all, you can’t be kind all the time if you’re a demon, right? Currently resides in Oga’s house and Oga’s family is receptive of her after misunderstanding the kind of relationship they have. Making things easier, they misunderstood lots of demonic terms like thinking she’s from Macao (the island near China) instead of Makai (demon world). Are Macao girls blonde and busty?

Takayuki Furuichi – I supposed he is the only ‘good kid’ in a sea of delinquents. How the heck did he end up there? Don’t ask. Anyway he is the most rational of many of the characters you’ll see but they don’t tend to listen to him simply because of their pride or just too dumb. Also bearing the brunt of many of the painful backfires, beat ups and whatever, he’s just like a comic relief and labelled as Oga’s slave, lackey, etc. Not exactly an angel himself because he is a pervert and fantasizes his own harem. Humans or demons also welcome. Don’t worry. He never gets the girls. Dream on…

Alaindelon – Some sort of dimensional transport demon working under Hilda. This old guy splits his body into half if you need something transported between the worlds. Currently living under Furuichi’s roof against that poor kid’s wishes and this is made complicated when Furuichi’s parents think he turned gay and started screwing around with old guys and to take responsibility. There goes Furuichi’s reputation. And this old guy has penchant for doing gay things for Furuichi… I can just feel my hair standing on its ends. Despite being a comic relief character, Alaindelon is quiet competent when the time calls for it and is able to assist Hilda in the dangers they face.

Touhoushinki – The name is taken after the first writing of their surname and supposedly the strongest four delinquents of Ishiyama that Oga wants to face off with so that he can dumb Beelzebub on them. Can he fake being the weaker one and let them show off how strong they are in front of Beelzebub? I guess you know the answer.

Other delinquents – Despite their badass looks, they’re dumb. That’s what happens if you go to school without learning anything but fight, fight and nothing but fight. The mentionable ones include Killer Machine Abe (baldy terminator), Goodnight Shimokawa (“Goodnight” even if it’s morning, afternoon or evening) and the Sanada brothers of Ryuuji and Ryuuichi (they love using the drill and chainsaw, do they?). Many feel Oga had gone soft after taking on a baby. But they’re dead wrong. Look how strong he has become. Just like when a father just received his newly born son, eh?

Where are all the teachers? – Did you notice this? I don’t even see a teacher at Ishiyama! Where the hell are they? Don’t blame them if they resigned because you don’t want to die at the hands of delinquents who don’t even want to learn. The only staff I see is the principal. But he spends most of his time gardening or cleaning the school grounds. Why is he still around? I guess you need somebody to take care of the place no matter how bad it is.

Hajime Kanzaki – The first of the Touhoushinki that Oga faced. Despite his love for some yoghurt drink, he is a sinister and malicious sadist. Perfect for somebody Oga can drop Beelzebub to. However Oga can’t jump straight into fighting the big boss first because his first right hand man, Takeshi Shiroyama is going to take care of him first. Who knows, one blow to his neck and Shiroyama is out. Heartless Kanzaki is going to replace him with Oga and tells Shiroyama to jump out the window. Oga didn’t like his f*cked up attitude and sends him flying out of the window instead. He blew his first chance there to shove the responsibility. Damn. Ah well, there’s always another chance.

Shintarou Natsume – Another of Kanzaki’s subordinate. Having good looks and soft spoken, despite rarely getting involved in fights, he himself is quite strong and has taken an interest in observing Oga.

Zebel Spell – A strange mark starts appearing on Oga’s right hand. It’s a sign to mark the contract between him and Beelzebub. Just great. Better get rid of the baby fast because the more he fights, the bigger the mark grows. So don’t fight. Can he stay away from that? Not fighting is like a withdrawal symptom to delinquents.

Tatsuya Himekawa – Rich, rich and filthy rich! Oh, don’t mind his pompadour hairstyle too. The second Touhoushinki member Oga will face, Himekawa is the kind of lad who thinks using money will solve everything. To him, money grows on trees because he gets what is done just by giving those chunks of notes. Money makes the world go round. Till he meets his match in Oga. He uses his henchmen to kidnap Furuichi and Hilda to draw Oga out. Well, it did lure him in but it’s one big mistake because Oga is so strong that Himekawa’s ceramic stomach plate breaks and not even his stun rod works. Oga had been enduring Beelzebub’s lightning zap after zap so this is like a mosquito’s bite to him. Himekawa becomes the first victim of Oga’s Zebel Spell. Oh wait. Didn’t the mark just grow bigger? Didn’t Oga just prove he is the strongest? Back to the drawing board.

Aoi Kunieda – Nicknamed “Queen”, she is the only female in Touhoushinki and the leader of the Red Tails, a group of all-female members. I guess when you’re in a school with tough delinquents, it’s best that the girls stay together as a pack. With Nene Oomori, Chiaki Tanimura, Yuka Hanazawa and Ryouko Asuka under her wing, they are a formidable group that boys would want to think twice in messing about. However Kunieda is unlike other delinquents. She is not a bully and is a master of her grandpa’s Shingetsu style martial arts. Her first encounter with Oga was at a park while babysitting her baby brother Kouta. She is well disguised so thank goodness Oga is just too dumb to see the similarity whenever the situation calls for it. Kunieda did have a soft spot for him but after learning he has been the one picking fights at Ishiyama against Touhoushinki, she confronts him and unleashes all her powerful attacks on him. Amazingly he dodges them all and eventually asks her to be Beelzebub’s mother. The sight was pretty embarrassing for Kunieda so she runs away in embarrassment. I guess Oga will have to find another person for the job. Subsequently she quits as the head of Red Tails (because a rule of the group is never to fall in love) and leaves the leadership to Nene. From time to time you can see her fantasizing her feelings about Oga. I guess this is her version of being a comic relief instead of the more ‘violent’ ones you see for the guys.

MK5 – Another group of loser delinquents (I couldn’t be bothered in remembering their names). At first making their ferocious appearance because the effeminate leader is jealous of Kunieda bearing the title of Queen. There can only be one Queen at Ishiyama. In the end they prove to be the weakest delinquents ever and got easily defeated. I’ll just give them points for their appearance choreography. Then again, maybe not.

Even demon babies get sick – Due to some strange illness, the Zebel Spell mark is missing from Oga’s hand. Soon Beelzebub goes missing. Later, Hilda brings back Dr Forcas Rachmaninoff and his assistant Lamia to diagnose the disease as King Fever. Beelzebub tried to draw out massive amount of demon power and accidentally severed the link with Oga.

Hidetora Tojou – The last of the Touhoushinki and supposedly the strongest. He has been ‘missing’ throughout the first 20 episodes and only made cameo appearances here and there because of his penchant to skip classes and do odd part time jobs. Oga tries to find this elusive guy and Tojou too is interested in fighting this strong dude. After all, Oga had already done in the other Touhoushinki members. During the first fight at the riverbed, Oga lost. Does this prove that without his baby, he is not so strong after all? Besides, Beelzebub is with Tojou. Not because he sensed Tojou was the strongest but rather Tojou picked him up in the streets.

Dream dive – I’m not sure about this diving into the dream to reconnect his contract with Beelzebub. It’s weird, it’s tough but in the end, Beelzebub and Oga are back as one.

Round Two, Fight! – The much awaited second fight between Oga and Tojou takes place at night at Ishiyama. Like a shonen anime, all the other defeated members of Touhoushinki or on ‘Oga’s side’, keeping other delinquents at bay while the main fight rages on. Beelzebub is worried Oga can’t win and activates Zebel Spell. But Oga tells him not to interfere and to trust him. The endurance brawl lasted till dawn with Oga the eventual winner. It is revealed the Zebel Spell mark on Tojou’s arm was just a tattoo. The master he admired had that same mark. That means someone else knows about demons too. Oh, with Oga beating every Touhoushinki member, this proves he is the strongest, right? So he wants to keep the baby, right?

School’s out – Because of the swelling power in Oga’s arm due to Beelzebub injecting all the magic, he needs to punch something to let it all out or else he’ll explode. He directs his punch at Ishiyama school and the odd thing is that the school didn’t crumble but it got twisted like some sort of, I don’t even know how to describe this. It’s like the building was made of sponge and that crater mark left the building so twisted like as though its space was warped. WTF?! Shouldn’t it be easier to just destroy it to pieces?

Welcome to the demon world – While sending Forcas and Lamia back via Alaindelon, Oga and Furuichi gets accidentally pulled in and find themselves in the most dangerous place in the demon world, Vlad’s Haunt. Since Alaindelon is out, they need to find his daughter, Angelica to help them get back. I’m sure Furuichi is all eager to meet this pretty babe. Sick of the old man, is he? Angelica gets kidnapped and Furuichi goes all out to rescue her from the bandits. Everything goes well till some giant awakened demon terrorizes the place. I don’t remember how but Beelzebub grows big too and we see an Ultraman parody fight between the giants that ends in Beelzebub’s favour. Just when Furuichi relishes being transported through Angelica’s body, then comes Alaindelon to do the honours. Oh, so he’s healed.

New term, one class – Due to Ishiyama’s destruction, I don’t even know why they bother to reconstruct it. Will it take that long? Who knows? Seems like forever as far as this anime is concerned. Even delinquents need a place to go to school so what better way than to spread them out through the various other high schools in the vicinity. An excuse for weeding out unnecessary minor characters because at the goodie-goodie school of St Ishiyama, all the delinquents are put into one special classroom regardless of grade. I guess delinquents are so dumb that it doesn’t matter what grade they are, huh? And how often you get to see Touhoushinki, their underlings and the big man Oga who defeated them all under one classroom? Yeah, like I said, it’s an excuse to put them all under one roof. And all the other students fear the delinquents like as though they are demons from hell. Are they? Furthermore, the delinquents can’t risk getting into trouble because with just 1 fight, they’ll be expelled. Gee, I don’t think the delinquents would care but with Kunieda as the class rep, she’s going to see that none of them are going out. But that jerk teacher Takumi Sadohara is just waiting for them to make their first blunder…

Kazuya Yamamura – What the hell is Bleach’s Ichigo Kurosaki doing here?! Is this where he ends up after Bleach ended his run? Oh, never mind. Anyway he wants to be Oga’s disciple and after lots of bugging and pestering, Oga simply accepts his companionship. Not that he cares either.

Azusa Fujisaki – Kazuya’s easygoing and light-hearted classmate. I guess somebody needs to bring in the moe factor.

Teimou High – Another school housing delinquents. I don’t know. Is it their theme for everyone to go bald? Or everyone here has got hair problems?

6 Holy Knights (Rokkisei) – Oh, Oga finally remembered his mission to dump Beelzebub. Apparently the strongest people of St Ishiyama are dubbed the 6 Holy Knights. They are like the secret police and are given permission to carry out judgment on anybody they find guilty of breaking the rules. But nobody really knows who they are. Not even students of their own school. Maybe nobody in this goodie school has broken the rules before. Don’t worry, we’ll soon find out and let the hunt begin.

Hisaya Miki – Supposedly Furuichi and Oga’s old friend. But Oga doesn’t know who this dude is. Guess what? Miki is part of the 6 Holy Knights and has a long outstanding grudge against Oga he really wants to take out.

It led to the fight… – When Shiroyama got injured by some naughty boys prank dropping weights on him, Kanzaki goes to get revenge but was knocked out cold by Miki. He suggests facing off at the rooftop. Despite the tantalizing match-ups between 6 Holy Knights that consists of Miki, Ichiro “Alex Rodriguez” Shinjo, Mitsuteru Sakaki and Hiromichi Gou, and their counterparts Oga, Himekawa, Natsume and even Tojou joining the fray, the match is put to a halt when the other 6 Holy Knights, Shizuka Nanami comes into the picture. The guys under her are left trembling in fear for they do not want to mess with her. And they certainly do not want to mess with their leader and strongest of them all, Kaname Izuma.

Volleyball match – Due to the upcoming cultural festival, it is suggested that both sides settle their score via volleyball match. WTF?! I guess this is better than a brawl. Do delinquents know how to play volleyball? Well, the 6 Holy Knights don’t either. So it’s all fair. Should Ishiyama win, their expulsion will be reconsidered and the 6 Holy Knights losing their authority. Kunieda is already having a hard time trying to get the guys motivated to work as a team. Till a poorly edited video tape of the 6 Holy Knights badmouthing them (it’s all dubbed) had them fired up to beat the crap out of them.

Scars from the past – Oga sees Miki training in his dojo and their short bout has Oga losing. Flashback reveals Miki became close to Oga after he saved him from delinquents. However Oga refused to let him fight alongside him and even beat him up in front of their arch enemy Reiji Kiriya. Soon Miki moved but he held on to that grudge, one day getting that revenge on Oga. That day seems to be drawing near.

Rematch – Oga fights Tojou again and the latter got a feeling he lost to Miki. Must be because Oga has taken quite a beating. But I guess all that beating proves to be good because it’s like his wake-up call to fire up his spirit to win the volleyball match.

The game begins – A volleyball match using high power techniques? Despite Ishiyama committing lots of fouls at the start, they manage to fight back and level the score to give their counterparts a good run for their money. As expected, Oga nails the winner and beat the 6 Holy Knights.

Haunted by the past – As soon as the match ends, Kiriya has locked down the place with his Teimou delinquents. He is here to avenge his humiliation against Oga. This is when Miki realizes he had been wrong all the time to blame Oga. When Miki moved away, Kiriya also moved to an area near him. Knowing he would be attacked (Miki had not fighting skills then), Oga purposely severed all ties and pretended not to know him. Now that he has understood the truth, Ishiyama teams up with the 6 Holy Knights to beat up Kiriya and Teimou. They don’t stand a chance against his Zebel Spell. Oh wait. Now that everyone has seen that spectacular, is the secret out? Don’t worry, Izuma convinces everyone it’s just great CG effects. How else can you explain all that?

Zenjurou Saotome – The new teacher for the special class at St Ishiyama. He is in fact Tojou’s master and much stronger than Tojou and Oga combined. And this dude indeed has got some knowledge in the demon world…

The truth is out there – Kunieda has been suspicious over the events that happened and tries to dig for the truth. After so seeing several demonic-like events, she becomes the only other person who knows of Oga’s secret.

Lord En – Beelzebub’s older brother and is sent to assist in destroying mankind. He has 3 demon maidservants, Yolda (Hilda’s sister), Satura and Isabella to attend to his whims and fancies. If you think this kid is much better, then fear not for he is no better than Beelzebub. Yeah, another big cry-baby if things don’t go his way. Instead of zapping you with electricity, he’ll burn the entire place down! So you better not make this kid cry. Ever! Oh, this kid has a soft spot for Lamia. Not that she’s ever interested in him.

Behemoth’s 34 Pillar Squad – A group of loyal demons serving under En and will stop at nothing to bring glory to their master. After all, despite the Demon Lord ordering them to work together, the ultimate glory is to see who gets to destroy humankind first, right? So our human counterparts have got their first battle with demons with Tojou’s match against Izuma interrupted by Naga and Graffel. Meanwhile Hecadoth tricks Hilda into rescuing Kunieda so that he could take out the demon servant. Hilda got stabbed. Naga and Graffel leave to join Hecadoth to dispose of Oga (his Zebel Spell had no effect). If not for Saotome entering the fray, they could’ve been dead meat. Saotome’s unrivalled power forces them to pull an emergency escape. Dr Forcas and Lamia return to treat Hilda but Saotome notes that Oga and Tojou need to get stronger if they’re going to face these demons.

“Ah! Kuma da!” – “Ah! It’s a bear!”. That’s what Tojou claims for those demons and Saotome is having a hard time explaining that bears and demons are totally different. He just doesn’t get it. Strong as a bear? No, that’s not it. Take it from the top once more. As for the rest, they just come to accept that those demons are from a high school called Akumano High.

Play and train – En is missing and who knows what that kid will do. Furuichi rounds up the Ishiyama gang including Red Tails to go search for En. Knowing he loves playing games (he is infatuated with games from Earth), they manage to find him online and in Himekawa’s building, they fight against En in an online war simulation game. Since En has been cheating, Himekawa calls the game producers to rewrite the code and cheat themselves too and turn the tables on En. Despite their victory, En isn’t going to tell them about his location. Guess what? They’re just next door. Meanwhile Oga, Beelzebub and Kunieda train at the latter’s grandpa dojo. Zenjurou gives special training to Oga. What better way than to train against fighting yourself as your worst enemy, right? So we’ve got a Black Beelzebub materializing. He’s faster and naughtier. But oh wait, Black Beelzebub transforms into his true form… Butterfly wings and a demon tail? Oga manages to ring him in by ignoring him till he gives up. He’s just like a carbon copy of Beelzebub, remember?

We’re back and it’s payback time! – Behemoth’s Pillar Squad heads are back with a vengeance, bringing back more of their crazy members with them. Our Oga is also back in time and powered up. He has devised a new technique called Zebel Emblem and Super Milk Time that has his body and Beelzebub’s merge into one lean mean fighting machine. Something about enabling Oga to use Beelzebub’s power without any limit. Yeah, he’s spotting butterfly wings and a devil’s tail. He is dangerous! He beats all of Behemoth’s Pillar heads and destroys Himekawa’s building.

Declaration of war – Due to some misunderstanding, En thinks Furuichi is targeting his Lamia and vows an all-out war on him. Just great. The person with no fighting skills becomes the target of an angry demon kid. He’s screwed.

The change up – Due to the effects of Super Milk Time, Oga and Beelzebub switch bodies. Beelzebub better not strip naked! So they run around all school trying to catch ‘Oga’ with some others trying to pick a fight with him and it ultimately turns into a showdown between Hilda and Kunieda who can attract ‘Oga’. I think they forgot their original mission from the rivalry. Unfortunately when the time is up and Oga and Beelzebub switch back, Oga bears the brunt of the ladies’ attack.

Another single parent – Because Oga didn’t destroy Black Beelzebub, Saotome couldn’t bear leaving it alone in the mountains or find another method to dispose of him. So he takes him in under his care…

Koma-chan – When Kunieda was training in the mountains along with Oga, she seeks the help of the daughter of the shrine, Isafuyu Kashino to attain some powers to fight against demons. Isafuyu had never seen this demon before but sometimes uses his powers for exorcism. When Koma-chan’s real identity is revealed, he turns out to be a real perverted lion dog god. Only Kunieda can make him toe the line but I don’t think he ever learns from his lesson. All the painful lessons… Kunieda is the only one who can see him. So why still have him stick around then? Despite having a much ferocious, powerful and badass form, he is still a pervert. Once a pervert, always a pervert.

Kaoru Umemiya – Who the heck is this Red Tails girl?! Suddenly out of nowhere she pops up like as though she has been part of the regular cast (minor supporting cast, that is). Even Ryouko who gets the least screen time among the Red Tails girls, at least we know who she is but Kaoru?! Who the?! What the?!

Who the hell is this hottie? – As we all know, when Himekawa loses his pompadour hairstyle and those glasses, he looks like a damn hot bishie! The girls are falling head over heels over this guy! And nobody seems to know who he is despite saying numerous times he is Himekawa. I guess he is identified by his pompadour and nothing else. Till that special hair gel comes, he’ll have to make do with this tiredness of correcting people.

The Demon Lord cometh – Oga’s father had his rare day off when the Demon Lord comes to visit! Trying to be a good host, he tries to take him out and entertain him. His attempts not to outshine him fail because he always does better and starts panicking this will become an international issue! You think the Demon Lord cares? He’s having a great time on a place he ironically wants to destroy. Meanwhile Hilda rounds up the Ishiyama gang and has them prepare some big ridiculous ritual to welcome the big lord. But all that is for nought because he forgot and left.

School’s back – Hooray! After what seemingly looked like a long time (it’s just 3 months later), Ishiyama High is finally back. Now the delinquents can happily return to their nest. But wait! It isn’t Ishiyama High! What the hell?! It’s Akumano Academy! What the?! Seems En has bought over this place and his entire Pillar Squad will be arriving in batches. Well, you’ve got to know more about the place you’re going to destroy, right? Some of the Pillar Generals and Pillar Masters have already arrived. A weird looking bunch if you ask me. Man, that poor elderly teacher is going to have a hard time teaching these oddballs. Can he keep his sanity in check?

Behemoth – This seemingly old harmless geezer that paid a visit to St Ishiyama looking for Oga is actually Behemoth himself. Seems Zenjurou, Kunieda’s grandpa and the old principal of St Ishiyama had ties with him. And it isn’t pleasant. The trio think he is here for an all-out war but he is here just to greet them as ‘neighbours’. Yeah, Akumano Academy, remember? Besides, he is no longer the head of the Pillar Squad.

Jabberwock – He is the new badass leader of the Pillar Squad and got the attitude to match it. It’s just the right timing for Oga to lock horns with him when Jabberwock takes Hilda as hostage with his giant winged creature, Sodom.

Super Croquette Time – Jabberwock shows he is on a totally different level than Oga when his Super Milk Time doesn’t work. Besides, Oga has run out of it. As weird it may seems, this super power doesn’t work one way. Because Oga and Beelzebub share the same bond and synchronicity, not only they power up if Oga drinks Beelzebub’s favourite milk. Beelzebub can power up too if he eats those favourite croquettes. Oga saves Hilda and gives his ultimate punch on Sodom, sending the creature crashing into the newly built Akumano Academy. And En was in the middle of his ‘all-out war’ with the Ishiyama delinquents. They’re playing Twister. And he thought he was having it good till Sodom crashed in. To end it, Oga-Beelzebub combo releases a powerful blast. I thought it was A-bomb material. Miraculously only the school was destroyed.

Don’t cry for me – Oga has been gone for a week. The delinquents are crying over him. Wait a minute? Delinquents shedding tears? Kanzaki? Himekawa? Shiroyama? Kunieda? Red Tails? Even Shimokawa, Abe and lesser known delinquents too? WTF?! Why are they so concerned over Oga? Episodes ago they wanted to pick a fight over each other and now, he’s dead, they’re crying. Ah well. It goes to show that delinquents are humans after all. Suddenly Oga comes back. How?! What?! Why?! Seems after that blast, Oga found himself in the demon world and enjoyed himself in a spa-like resort. WTF?! Give back those tears!

Special class 2 – With Akumano Academy destroyed, I guess this means En’s Pillar Squad members will have to temporarily be stationed at St Ishiyama. Man, it’s getting crowded. I guess we all know which school to go when your school is destroyed, right? And that old teacher thought he had transferred to a respectable school till he finds out it’s the same bunch of oddballs. He’s definitely going senile after this. But why is En back? Seems the Demon Lord wasn’t too happy with his ‘failure’ and sent him back to Earth as he vowed he will crush humans with his underworld army. Oh no!

Goodbye seems to be the hardest word – Suddenly Beelzebub and all the other demons will have to return to the demon world. What gives? You see, while the Demon Lord is about to address his army to invade Earth, he stammered so he lost interest and dropped the idea of destroying humans. WTF?! And his entire army just gathered. Once more humanity is saved without anybody doing anything. However Beelzebub seems reluctant to leave (so is Alaindelon, clinging on tightly to Furuichi). Well, the good news is that En and his Pillar Squad will be heading back too. More importantly, Oga finally gets to drop this responsibility off his back. So while the delinquents and Oga’s family try to come to terms with the demons leaving, Oga and Beelzebub say their final goodbye. For the first time, Beelzebub’s cries didn’t shock Oga. And that baby is letting all out. Genuine tears, no? And back to the demon world they go.

Welcome back – While the Ishiyama delinquent guys are trashing around asserting their authority, suddenly Hilda and Beelzebub returns. What now? Looks like the Demon Lord has a change in mind. He thinks humans should be destroyed and leaves it to Hilda. So here we go again. But Oga doesn’t want to take the responsibility to raise him again. Can he? Beelzebub is going to cry…

Delinquents & Demons = Dumb & Dumber
I can see and speculate why this series ended its run in just over a year. One word: Fillers. That was perhaps the biggest grouse and complaint that viewers and fans had. Even I was also annoyed at the amount of fillers that they put in. Since I do not read the manga, I am not sure exactly which episodes are fillers but I have a feeling that those nonsensical ones that do not contribute anything to the plot and just an excuse for the characters to get into their antics, I am pretty sure those are fillers. I mean, look at this. Oga’s mission to dump Beelzebub to others by fighting the members of Touhoushinki dragged on for 20 episodes. That is 1/3 of the series. How do you drag a fight that long? You put mindless fillers in it! Heck, I think as early as the fourth episode was already a filler. Then you have the 6 Holy Knights arc and the clash with Behemoth’s 34 Pillar Squad. But how long do those arcs last? They just show a few episodes really pertaining to the plot before going off tangent when it ends. Some fillers before the next arc. Before you know it, it’s the end. Well, the manga is still ongoing.

If they had not put in those mindless fillers such as a robbery-cum-hostage at the convenience store, Beelzebub’s toys arriving from the demon world, playing doctor, Beelzebub can’t stop taking a leak (I guess that’s how the world got flooded), a stray cat getting attached to Oga which causes Beelzebub to be jealous and in turn leads to some cat group dispute, Beelzebub’s incessant night cries that has everyone riled up and unable to catch 40 winks, the Demon Lord sending some tests and homework to Beelzebub, some magical girl parody to capture an alien from the demon World, taking a physical examination, holding a maid cafe, all the delinquents one by one suddenly start to disappear at St Ishiyama (thanks to Koma-chan’s perverted scheme to only leave the girls behind and get pervy with them), Furuichi falling in love with a ghost girl (unrequited love of course), Himekawa losing his pompadour hairstyle, trying to have a surprise birthday party for Hilda (only it wasn’t her birthday), hotspring folly, Koma-chan’s cooking scheme to get Kunieda fall in love with her (it was bloody obvious) and yes, the dreaded New Year special which is the twisted form and nonsensical of Journey To The West. Otherwise the story flow could have lasted less than half the number of episodes in total.

Each story arc is interesting but like I said, the fillers in between them and after that killed it. It was rather okay starting off with the Touhoushinki arc whereby Oga tries to find the strongest four to cut Beelzebub loose. But the 6 Holy Knights is the most disappointing one because after the build-up that they were like powerful people enough to give the Ishiyama delinquents a run for their money, suddenly it turns into a volleyball game and what happens in the end? No big fight after all. It was like they were unnecessary in the first place. Where’s the fight? I expected some interesting match-ups between both sides. After this arc ends, you won’t really hear from them again. They just make cameo appearances. So? So what? So what the hell? Disappointing indeed. The final Behemoth 34 Pillar Squad arc really seemed interesting and Oga and co’s initial brawl with them was fascinating to draw my attention. Then came in the fillers. Then with the entry of some of the really odd and bizarre looking Pillar Squad members (clowns and freaks, get the picture?), I thought to myself this was going to get interesting with an all-out war declared. I was even guessing who will be fighting who (too bad other than the short bout between Oga versus Jabberwock, it was another short fight between Kunieda and Agiel). But there aren’t enough episodes remaining, how they are going to play this out. Then this. Oga destroys everything, demons are called back before returning. End of story. What a downer. Can’t you see my frustration and utter shock? Well, I guess if this is going to be a trend, might as well end it rather than going on and on like they did for Bleach.

Well, I don’t really know what to say about the characters except that you can guess that they are mostly the same as they are at the end as they are from the start. Sure, they might have a little change here and there but their overall trait and personality won’t run so much. But the thing that baffles me is Oga and his initial mission to dump Beelzebub. When he was searching for someone stronger, he had numerous and all the chance in the world to do just that. However when he finds that person and in the case of Kanzaki and Himekawa to be more rotten than they are, he beats them up in return. It’s like telling us he isn’t willing to hand over Beelzebub to anybody in the first place. Then of course the more time the duo spend together, the more the special bond they form. Heck, is it any wonder that Beelzebub is so attached to him and would rather sulk and stay behind rather than go back to his own demon world and his real father? The substitute parent is doing a much better job than the original one. So when Oga told off his enemies that he isn’t going to let humanity be destroyed because he is Beelzebub’s parent, I guess he is serious in raising Beelzebub not as a destroyer of humanity but a normal kid. Thus the dumping of Beelzebub to somebody stronger than him seems to be all forgotten as we go along. I also don’t understand Hilda because if she wanted some human to be Beelzebub’s parent, she could have easily dumped Oga and go find another person more badass than him rather than just complain and tell him to do a better job. Isn’t it ironic now that Oga mentions he won’t let humanity be destroyed but it is her task as a demon maidservant to see to it that Beelzebub grows up to be just what Demon Lord wants. Point to ponder: Will Beelzebub grow up to be a delinquent child in the hands of Oga?

I’ve expected Furuichi to be the biggest comic relief because of the way he makes his comebacks and breaks the fourth wall. Well, I don’t know whether I should be satisfied or disappointed that he plays that role very well. He is like a ragged cloth that everybody uses and throws without giving a sh*t. He’s a pervert, loser and misunderstood (especially by his sister who thinks he is so gay over Alaindelon). Once you get to know Touhoushinki, they aren’t really that tough as you expect. Once Kanzaki and Himekawa were defeated by Oga, they become idiotic idiots on par with their lackeys. Kunieda falls into a love-stricken teenager though she manages to keep her cool for most of the time. Her showdown with Hilda is definitely out of jealousy. Tojou is always missing in action either doing his part time job or away training so you don’t really see his nose much. So how are they the strongest in Ishiyama before Oga arrived and owned them? Maybe it was just a perception created to make them think that they are the strongest because there are masterminds pulling the strings behind the scene. Or perhaps I’m just thinking too much. With too many other minor characters, some of them were just forgettable. Take for instance the 6 Holy Knights. Like I said, they were a major disappointment. Sure, Miki may have hogged most of the limelight during the arc and perhaps there’s something about Izuma and Shizuka as well. But that Gou guy? It felt he was just making up the numbers. Kazuya and Azusa? What happened to them? Just lackeys, aren’t they? Same case with the other Red Tail members that keep tagging along with Kunieda. Just hanging around probably like what Lamia’s role in the final few episodes is about. What happened to En’s demon maidservants? Looks like their role has been cut out ever since the Pillar Squad made their entry. There are lots of potential and secrets to the many other characters like Izuma’s connection with the demons, Zenjurou, Kunieda’s grandpa and St Ishiyama’s principal but I guess you’ll have to read the manga to find out more.

The comedy parts are funny in its own way and I have to admit that at certain points it really made me laugh. Maybe for this point I would forgive the fillers but that’s just about it. Whether it’s making some exaggerated cliches, perverted jokes or breaking the fourth wall, it’s really odd to see delinquents being this funny. Which brings me to this point. Did you ever notice that despite how tough and menacing the delinquents look, once you get to know their true colours, they are just as dumb. Hey, that’s why they are called delinquents. If they were smart and love to study, they could’ve been on their way securing a scholarship to Tokyo University. They’re so dumb that they hardly feel threatening. It makes them feel like a tin can. All bark and no bite. Well, Oga may be a slightly different case but he is still more brawns than brains just like Tojou. Everything is solved with a fight. Their fists do the talking. Even a tough ass teacher like Zenjurou has his quirks. But what is even dumber are the demons themselves. You think they are some terrifying creatures out to destroy humanity but when you have a Demon Lord who delegates his duties to his son who could barely speak while he himself goes frolicking and fooling around, you know the mission is going to fail big time. Even worse than Ika-chan’s failed invasion on mankind. Some responsible dude. Failure as a Demon Lord, failure as a father. Beelzebub and En are such cry-babies that it makes you wonder if they’ll ever grow up to be capable leaders of the demon world. You know, just the slightest dislike could send them crying like babies. Get this. Beelzebub is so weak that he can even lose to a bug! Tells you the kind of material for the future of the demon world, eh? Furthermore, the demons are fascinated with certain manmade products and technology. Hilda loves watching her soap opera as with Beelzebub with his Gohan-kun anime. En thinks the 3D graphics of our world’s fighting system is hell of an advanced. Tells you what kind of technology crap they have back in hell, no? Though the Pillar Squad members do look more competent and reliable, it’s hard to say since they hardly have any justified screen time. But I doubt they’re going to be as dumb and farcical once you get to know them. Think about this. How can capable personnel stay loyal to a kid who cries if he doesn’t get what he wants? How can the Demon Lord be so fickle minded? Isn’t there a demon with nastier ambitions overthrow this slacker and bring new order? That’s why don’t you think demons and delinquents are like dumb and dumber? Are they telling us that being bad is stupid? Well, if it’s the motivation needed to get us studying and avoid being delinquents, maybe.

For the action scenes, I guess they are rather okay. Though they don’t last for episodes (unless they are important fights, that will probably last 2 or 3 episodes), what more can you expect to see when delinquents get into a brawl? They just throw mainly punches. Mainly you’ll see Oga powering up his punches with his Zebel Spell and some other combos with Beelzebub. Himekawa has his stun rod, Kanzaki his drop heel kick, Kunieda her Shingetsu style scattering sakura petals whatever sword swing and Tojou just punches and kicks his way through. Hardly any variety, no? The drawing and art is as of today’s conventional Japanese anime and the characters despite having the delinquent look, in anime sense you can consider some to have the bishie look. Especially when Himekawa lets loose his hair. You can’t deny that Oga doesn’t look that all bad, does he? Of course there are some very odd looking character designs. I won’t go so far as to say odd body parts like in One Piece but Shiroyama’s twin braids would definitely raise an eyebrow, no? What about Himekawa’s hairstyle then? Tojou’s sharp spiky hairstyle that could seemingly pop a balloon? Pierrot Plus is the studio responsible for the production of this anime and they have quite a number of famous anime titles under their belt such as Bleach, Naruto and Saiyuki. One thing that you need to put up with throughout the series is Beelzebub’s dangling ‘little buddy’. I’ve said it in my previous blog before but I guess it’s not harm seeing a baby’s little one, right? Remember Crayon Shin-chan? Isn’t anybody bothered that the baby is naked? Heck, it’s more baffling to see a delinquent raising a baby.

The most shocking and surprising seiyuu that I got to know of was Aki Toyosaki as Kunieda. For a very long time ever since I have known her voice, that stereotype of her voicing ditzy and airhead girls like K-ON!’s Yui and Seikon No Qwaser’s Tomo has been stuck in my head ever since. Therefore when she was the serious (initially) Kunieda, I couldn’t recognize her voice at all. You could say I was stunned when I first get to know it was her. Then subsequently when Kunieda became some love struck girl, Aki Toyosaki’s trademark voice was slightly recognizable. I guess it’s not a bad thing for a seiyuu to play a variety of roles instead of playing the same type that will end up an unfortunate stereotype. Miyuki Sawashiro (Shinku in Rozen Maiden) must have the easiest lines as Beelzebub you say? Well, it might be a waste for her to just go “Da buuu~” all the time but try voicing a baby for 5 dozen episodes. Not easy, eh? Her only time she really spoke proper dialogue was when Oga and Beelzebub’s body switched. Haruka Tomatsu as Yuka really ramps it up with her loud and lower voice unlike her squeaky ones like Lala in To Love-Ru and Gruier in Mouretsu Pirates. Other casts include Katsuyuki Konishi as Oga (Kamina in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), Takahiro Mizushima as Furuichi (Rollo in Code Geass R2), Shizuka Itou as Hilda (Haruka in Amagami SS), Tomokazu Sugita as Kanzaki (Gintoki in Gintama), Seirou Ogino as Himekawa (Doon in Sankarea), Tomokazu Seki as Tojou (Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile), Wataru Takagi as Alaindelon (Vander Decken in One Piece), Shinshuu Fuji as Saotome, Sayaka Kinoshita as En (Kaname in Strawberry Panic), Kenji Nomura as Shiroyama (Kugayama in Genshiken), Daisuke Kishio as Natsume (Suginami in Da Capo), Kaori Fukuhara as Lamia (Run in A Channel), Ayahi Takagi as Nene (Noe in True Tears), Aoi Yuuki as Chiaki (Murasaki in Kurenai), Saori Hayami as Isafuyu (Azuki in Bakuman), Shintarou Asanuma as Kazuya (Kazuma in Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi) and Youko Hikasa as Azusa (Mio in K-ON!). As there are many other characters in the series, many of the seiyuus playing secondary roles take on 2 to 3 different minor roles. For example Haruka Tomatsu wasn’t only the voice of Yuka but also Angelica. Unless you have very good ears or know the seiyuu very well, you can’t tell the difference at first try.

With a variety of opening and ending themes, majority of them are rock based which is very fitting for a delinquent themed anime. Dadada as the first opening theme by Group Tamashii kicks things off and sets the tone of this series with its wild rocking. Somehow the opening themes don’t really appeal to me and not even Hajimaru No Wa Sayonara by ON/OFF (2nd opening theme), Hey!!! by FLOW (3rd opening theme) and Only You -Kimi To No Kizuna- by Lc5 (5th opening theme) could make me want to stay and watch the opening. I usually skip it. Baby U by MBLAQ (4th opening theme) feels more like a boy band song though it still had some rock in it. Is it just me but do these groups really have weird names? At least I prefer the ending themes better. My favourite ones include the catchy Tsuyogari by Shoko Nakagawa (2nd ending theme), the lovely Nanairo Namida by Tomato n’ Pine (3rd ending theme) and the infectious disco beat of Shojo Traveler by 9nine (5th ending theme). I somewhat find Answer by no3b (pronounced as No Sleeves) (1st ending theme) to be rather flat so it is my least favourite of the ending themes. With the exception of the 1st and 4th ending credits animation, the rest feels like a space dedicated to Kunieda. Not enough screen time of her or can’t get enough of her? Though the 2nd ending credits animation features Hilda, the art sees Hilda and Kunieda to be quite girly. Pink blushes and lips. Then it becomes quite shoujo-esque for the 3rd ending credits animation. The 5th ending credits animation feels more like the Red Tails girl hanging out together having a blast. Are we watching Beelzebub or Red Tails? The most amusing ending theme and credits animation goes to Papepipu Papipepu Papepipupo by Nozomi Sakaki (4th ending theme). Can you say that tongue twister title fast? So cute that sometimes it feels so annoying. Infectious enough to a point that it makes you want to get up and follow Beelzebub’s strange exercise dance along with his father and underlings. Getting tired aren’t we? I guess this cute piece could be a good dance-cum-exercise music if you’re curious enough to get up from your seat and try. Yeah, the lyrics are even amusing, “Right! Up! Down! Left! Guruguruguruguruguruguruguruguru! Don’t touch me!”. The only thing good about this? Beelzebub wasn’t naked! Hell who knows what that costume is but at least he was fully clothed.

So it doesn’t matter if you are human or a demon because you can still be a good father if you give it your best shot. I think that’s what this series is trying to say. Maybe. There’s this saying that any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad. Oga sure fits that bill, doesn’t he? Also, it is assuring that if demons are bent on destroying our planet, we don’t have to worry that the end is nigh because with half-assed attitude like that, I think hell will crumble first. Besides, if the demons really do destroy mankind, what is left of them to look forward to afterwards? And you know the demons in this anime really love some of the inventions that humans come up with. So it’s like destroying their own future, eh? And to see the Demon Lord having fun like what ordinary human does such as karaoke and playing mahjong, you think it’s ironic that he actually may like mankind after all? Well, in the case that demons really do get serious and want to destroy mankind, all we need to find are badass delinquents to do the job. Hey, they recruited a group of misfit deep core drillers to stop an asteroid for hurtling into Earth, didn’t they? A band of delinquent misfits should be enough to save the world. You don’t need sophisticated weapons, a big army or even a good plan. Just send in the delinquents who will just punch and kick their way through anything. But just to be sure, make sure to find one that has a baby on his back. Either this scene melts your heart or sends shivers down your spine.

Beelzebub OVA

January 27, 2012

I don’t really know how long Beelzebub will actually run. At first I thought it was going to be just the usual 26 episodes, half year series. Then when it crossed that number, I thought it will run for a full year. Now since it has passed that, I’m really not sure anymore. Something similar that I thought of Fairy Tail too. Perhaps this is another one of those animes that will go on forever like the Holy Trinity of Bleach, One Piece and Naruto. Or maybe it will end hundreds of episodes later like Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. Anyhow, I decided to watch Beelzebub OVA first seeing it was released before the run of the TV series. You can say that this is some sort of appetizer before the main dish. So no harm trying to watch what this series is about (since I don’t read the manga) and conclude if the TV series is worth watching.

We know that delinquents are just about anywhere. In the streets and high schools. Ah yes. High school. Ishiyama High School is absolutely the worst delinquent high school ever in the face of the planet. So much so you would think what the heck is this school existing for? Are the delinquents groomed to be future mobsters, yakuzas or criminals seeing their f*cked up attitude is so f*cking rotten? Well, if you like delinquent themed animes with lots of fighting and don’t mind the occasional comedy in between, yeah, you can give this anime a try. So the supposedly strongest juvenile delinquent in Ishiyama is Tatsumi Oga, a first year. What makes him stronger is a baby attached to him. Delinquents may laugh at that sissy sight but make no mistake and do not hastily jump the gun. Baby Beelzebub is in fact a baby of the demon world and deemed to be the next Demon King! Yikes! So if an infant like him is already so powerful, can you imagine the power when he grows up? And with the odd combination with Oga, you can say life is pretty much like hell for everybody. Delinquent or not. But mostly the former.

As the OVA starts, we see everybody in school fearing Oga. Well, not everyone. There are some strong delinquents who would love to pick a bone with him. Several strong second year students confront him and are even trying to be the first one to beat the guy up. But Oga takes out a rattle. A rattle? Then he starts beating them up all in one blow! He is more concerned if Beelzebub would wake up because if he starts crying, he casts a very strong electric shock. So remember, never make that baby cry! Ever. Speaking of which, too late for Oga… Get ready for an electrifying time… Later Oga explains to his forced lackey Takayuki Furuichi how he got into this mess. While he was doing laundry by the river (drowning some guys who beat him up actually), he saw an old moustached man (looking like Freddie Mercury) floating by. Suddenly the old man splits into half and out from inside his body came Beelzebub. He tries to be nice to the baby but each expression he made was bloody scary! However Beelzebub likes it and instantly takes a liking for him and has been attached to him ever since. Well, some craps are hard to believe but trust me, it’s much easier to believe what he said. They are soon visited by Beelzebub’s demon nurse maid, Hildegarde AKA Hilda. She tries to pull Beelzebub away but he is reluctant to part and electrocutes them. Introducing herself, this baby, Kaiser De Emperana Beelzebub IV will become the king of all demons and Oga cannot part with him for he has chosen him to be his father. Say what?! You could rarely put a delinquent and a father in the same sentence. Seems the current Demon King was busy playing his handheld and couldn’t care less about whatever schedules he had. So he decides to entrust it all to his newborn son and orders Hilda to take the baby to the real world, find someone who will raise him up and then destroy the human world. Oh sh*t! Yeah, I guess destroying humans will be such a tedious task. Why not let someone else do it. And thus Beelzebub was sent via Dimensional Transport Demon, Alain Delon (somewhat named after that French actor), who is that old guy. If Oga refuses to do it, Hilda will kill them.

As explained, Beelzebub is attracted to strong people and thus why he picked Oga. Oddly, those who are fiendish, arrogant, criminals and can’t even be regarded as human among humans. I guess delinquents like Oga fit that bill, eh? So if Oga finds a stronger delinquent, he’ll be free as a bird because Beelzebub may just pick him as his next parent. Apparently there are 4 strongest delinquents at Ishiyama. They are termed Touhoushinki and their strength are somewhat like the Four Emperors. Anyone would seriously think thrice to mess with them. Oga starts looking for the first one, Hajime Kanzaki but is stopped by his henchman Takeshi Shiroyama. Kanzaki tells him if he can beat Shiroyama, he’ll listen to anything he says. And in one blow, Shiroyama is sent crashing to the ground. He pleads for another chance to fight. However Kanzaki tells him to jump out the window. Since he is reluctant, Kanzaki wants Oga to smash this guy through the window then. Oga felt he isn’t the guy and punches Kanzaki out the window instead! While resting at the park, Beelzebub got freaked out by a cat and starts crying. The shockwaves fell a tree and it threatens to fall on a lady with her baby. Swiftly Oga uses his arm to prevent the tree from falling on her. That was nothing for him? Back home, Hilda introduces herself to Oga’s family and informs she will be staying with them from now on. It’s no surprise his family members get the very wrong idea about this situation and beats him up, apologize to the lady and promise to take responsibility in raising the baby. In his room, Hilda reminds him the further Beelzebub is from Oga, the louder his cry and thus the stronger his shockwaves. Once it reaches 15 metres, it will be instant death. So make sure you never let that baby out of your sight, okay?

The lady that Oga saved earlier turns out to be Aoi Kunieda of the Red Tails all-female delinquent group. She is the strongest female in Kantou and also one of the Touhoushinki. The reason she was in disguise so that nobody could recognize her babysitting her baby brother. Next day, she and her members return to Ishiyama to teach this Oga guy a lesson because since their departure, lots of damage and injuries had been done to the school. When she first confronts him, she realizes he is that guy who saved her and starts hesitating if her disguise is found out. Oga plans to fight her even if he has the baby on him (she thinks he will use it as a human shield). Kunieda demonstrates a powerful move that destroys the school walls but Oga evades all of them with ease. Oga catches Kunieda off-guard when he puts his hands on her shoulders and requests that she become Beelzebub’s mother!!! Even Beelzebub starts liking her. However she decides to retreat and becomes klutzy. Even bit her tongue? Too bad, another sad Beelzebub is coming your way, Oga… Later at the riverside, Beelzebub is trying to teach the baby about being a man and not to just cry at every single thing. Seriously, can he? Suddenly Beelzebub is being kidnapped! Better run as fast to catch up if you know what’s good for you! Suddenly that old guy runs up to him and wants Oga to jump into his dimensional rift. Yeah, he split his body open. Meanwhile Hilda finds Furuichi and wants to know where Beelzebub is since she has his milk. But they too are kidnapped. The delinquent behind this is yet another Touhoushinki, Tatsuya Himekawa. When his underling returns with Beelzebub, they wonder who that old guy behind him is. Then ripping out from his body comes Oga as he beats up all the small fries. Himekawa wants to buy Oga and work under him for whatever price but he isn’t interested and gives him a knuckle sandwich in the gut. However Himekawa is using some ceramic band on his stomach. Then he uses a staff baton with 1.2 million volts on Oga but it’s nothing to him. Yeah, Beelzebub’s cry is far worse. Oga combines with Beelzebub to produce a fiery Beel Blast that shatters Himekawa’s band, that guy and probably the building. Just when they thought everything is going to settle down, the last of the Touhoushinki shows up, Hidetora Toujou. Looks like this is going to be another big fight. Hilda now understands why Beelzebub is attracted to him because they are both similar. And as narrated, this event which inspired fear in all delinquents in the country became known as The Fearful Legendary Baby Carrying Banchou, Beelzebub!

Don’t Throw The Baby Out Of The Bath!
Hmm… Even with that cliff-hanger ending, I guess it’s interesting enough for me to go watch the TV series then. Well, nothing pretty much ends yet since it’s just only the beginning. From the style of action and comedy, I can say that it’s as close and similar to Gintama. There’ll be many moments when the funny part could drop in and suddenly make you laugh. The action is also quite okay and perhaps we will see them pulling off lots of exaggerated and powerful moves than we see here in the OVA. The drawing and art are your typical conventional Japanese anime. I won’t say that the delinquents really look ugly and like horrible criminals because if you look at it in another way, most of them have this bishonen look that makes them pretty much looking like a, erm, pretty boy. Please don’t punch me for calling you that!

It’s just ironic that you put a delinquent to be a babysitter for a baby demon but I guess this is suitable if you look at it this way. You can’t be raising it to be an angelic angel, right? And if you’re going to destroy humans, what better way to be placed under the care of the most vile and despicable human? Since the OVA is just an introduction, the characters you see here are just introductory and may not seem to do much. And I’m also sure there will be more characters and their roles in the TV series. After all, it is still running so I guess there are going to be lots of plots (not to mention fillers) to keep it coming. Man, Oga has got a busy year pacifying Beelzebub and also keeping his strongest delinquent title.

There is one little annoying thing that is present throughout the majority of the series: Beelzebub’s little dick. I guess there’s no harm if you’re showing a baby’s anatomy since that is what Shin Chan Crayon also does but to see Beelzebub’s little elephant in every scene he appears, it’s like watching soft porn. Get what I mean? I mean, it’s like watching every scene whereby every girl is topless or having a panty shot in every incident. Okay, maybe this one is a different case because there’s a different standard for ecchi fans. But a guy’s dick? And Oga doesn’t mind letting that baby crawl all over him it’s like he isn’t bothered about that little anatomy touching here and there. And you know, Beelzebub loves crawling all over his head, back and shoulders. Eeww… Has anybody ever considered putting some clothes or at least diapers for that toddler? I guess not because you’re going to see that baby in his birthday suit as his trademark costume. So how? Accept and live with it!

I prefer to start watching my animes once they have ended so that I can ‘plan’ my schedule in watching them. So I’m not really sure if I can wait till when this series ends or I’ll just decide to jump in straightaway like what I did with Fairy Tail. So there’ll be this issue that I will catch up with it and then following on a weekly basis which would turn into a drag and bore like what I sometimes experienced with Bleach and One Piece now. Of course if I start now I won’t be bored and still be amused because this series is considered new to me and there will be refreshing stuffs that makes this anime different than others. You know what they say about fathers being a 24/7 job with no rest days? Well Oga, you’re in it for a long ride. I guess now I understand why people get freaked out or distressed when a baby starts crying loudly in public. No electric shockwaves through the body. But piercing shockwaves through the eardrums. Now do you think taking care of a baby is easy pie?

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