Kimetsu No Yaiba

January 12, 2020

Time for another anime series about slaying demons. Kimetsu No Yaiba might start off having all the cliché ingredients. Normal boy from seemingly normal family has got his family massacred by demons. Trains up to become the best demon slayer to avenge his family and also find a cure to return his sister who is now a demon, back into human. Along the way, meets powerful allies as well as equally powerful (perhaps even more so) enemies while powering up himself with more powerful techniques. Well, if you judge a book by its cover and give a general opinion that if you have seen genres like this, you’ve seen them all, well, you’re wrong. Instead of explaining it all in this opening paragraph, might as well go watch it and see for yourself that this is not just another ordinary demon slaying anime.

Episode 1
Tanjirou Kamado is trying to be a good son. Yeah, with a single mom and like 5 other siblings, he needs to sell those coals so he can buy more goodies for them. He treks down the snowy mountains to town whereby we see him as a handyman too. Everybody needs him for something! He sells all his coal but as night falls, an old man Saburo tells him not to trek at night because of man eating demons. He forces Tanjirou to stay at his place. Tanjirou takes up his offer and the first light next morning, he returns home. To his horror, his entire family massacred by demons! Because his sister, Nezuko is the only one showing signs of life (albeit fading), he carries her down in hopes of saving her. However she awakens as a demon and tries to eat him! As Tanjirou has a great sense of smell, he believes she cannot be a demon who killed the rest as there was a different scent at home. Tanjirou tries to fend her off while trying to use words in hopes she’ll regain her humanity. Hah. Like that will work. Will it?! Then here comes Giyuu Tomioka, a demon hunter to cut her down. But Tanjirou protects her. She’s his sister for Christ’s sake! Tanjirou may sound naïve that he promises to find a way to turn Nezuko back but each time Giyuu counters it with grim reality. You can’t. Tanjirou gets desperate enough to beg but is told off by Giyuu for being weak. As Giyuu is about to kill Nezuko, Tanjirou moves in desperation to save her. Although he loses against Giyuu, the demon hunter realizes he was pretty innovative and creative in trying to attack him with his hatchet. Nezuko seems like she wants to devour Tanjirou to but to Giyuu’s shock, she protects him! This is unprecedented as no demons have ever done this as they devour humans for energy. When Tanjirou wakes up, Nezuko is already gagged. Giyuu wants him to see Sakonji Urokodaki who lives at the foot of Mt Sagiri. He also warns him of not exposing Nezuko to sunlight as that is demons’ weakness. After Tanjirou buries and prays for his departed family, they begin their journey.

Episode 2
Tanjirou makes a basket big enough for Nezuko to hide in so he can continue travelling during daytime. When he reaches a house, he smells blood. A demon is feeding on its victims. Tanjirou tries to fight it and could have lost had not Nezuko smacked him away! The demon despite being decapitated by Nezuko’s slap, he still lives and both parts move independently. The head tackles Tanjirou while the body goes after Nezuko. Tanjirou manages to make the head tangled with his dagger before going off to find Nezuko and pushes that body off the cliff. As Tanjirou is in a dilemma to destroy the head, Urokodaki tells him to finish him off. How? You figure it out yourself. Urokodaki fears his kindness even in killing the demon could be his downfall. In the end, it is the sunlight that burns up the demon. Urokodaki poses some hard questions for him and then slaps him for being too hesitant to answer. He believes his resolve is too weak and the moment Nezuko devours a human, he must kill her and then himself for allowing it to happen. Knowing that Giyuu sent him, Urokodaki is a trainer and will train him to see if he is fit to join the Demon Slayer Corps. So the first task is to have him climb the mountain. Then he must descend it and reach the foot by daybreak. Think it’s easy? Despite his great smell, the place is filled with traps. He gets owned by some of them but he mustn’t give up or at this rate he will not make it. And make it in time Tanjirou does. Urokodaki agrees to take him in as his disciple as he narrates Giyuu’s letter about something different in Tanjirou and Nezuko. He believes Tanjirou can become his heir since Urokodaki also possesses the same keen sense of smell.

Episode 3
With Urokodaki training Tanjirou, he also writes a diary for Nezuko. A convenient way to narrate and explain to us his exploits for the episode. Like how he has gotten better in avoiding the traps but Urokodaki has also ramped up the difficulty like as though he wants to kill him. He is also trained how to use a sword and different water breathing forms. Strangely, Nezuko has never awakened since his training started and he fears she would die in her sleep. After a year, one day suddenly Urokodaki tells him he can teach him no more. His final test is to cut this boulder. Do it and he will consider him qualify to take the final selection test to enter Demon Slayer Corps. Tanjirou continues his training and sometimes tries to cut the boulder. But nothing changes for another 6 months. Slowly, he grows frustrated since he trained so hard to breaking point and it yielded no results. Until one day this guy in a fox mask, Sabito fights him since he can’t stop complaining. Suck it up and be a man! Because Tanjirou is worried that he might hurt him with his real sword, Sabito finds this insulting because he thinks he can hurt this guy?! Let alone touch him?! After Tanjirou loses, Makomo takes over. This little girl with a fox mask is gentler as she corrects and guides the err of his ways. The duo aren’t siblings but are deeply grateful to Urokodaki. They claim they have been watching him all the while. Another 6 months passed. This time Tanjirou reeks of manliness to face Sabito in a showdown. For the first time, Tanjirou’s blade reaches Sabito first. He cuts off his mask. He sees his smile but a sad one. With Makomo reminding him never to forget this, the duo then disappear. Creepy? But not as creepy and astonishing when Tanjirou realizes he has cut the boulder in half!

Episode 4
Urokodaki didn’t want to send Tanjirou to the final selection because he doesn’t want more children dying. But because he sliced the boulder, he believes he is an amazing person. Tanjirou is given a mask as a protective charm. He is also told about demons grow stronger the more humans they eat. Once Tanjirou’s smell sense grows stronger, he will be able to tell how strong. Tanjirou leaves for the final selection. There are many other potential candidates. In this wisteria prison, they must survive for a week fending off demons inside. Tanjirou faces off with a couple of bickering demons. Remembering his training, he manages to kill them. It is also thanks to the special steel that demon hunters used and the sword Urokodaki gave him made out of Nichirin. Tanjirou stumbles upon the worst demon ever. This grotesque one has killed a few candidates. Tanjirou jumps in to save a fellow candidate. This demon thinks he is Urokodaki’s student because of the mask. He has a grudge against him because he was the one who caught and imprisoned him here so he makes it a point to kill all his students. The way he describes the best students he killed definitely he is referring to Sabito and Makomo. He further taunts them and how he ate them. But Tanjirou getting mad can only get him so far. He needs to think how to cut down this demon. His hands regenerate quickly and he has a very thick neck (every demon’s weakness is the neck and that’s the part you need to cut off). When Tanjirou is down for the count, it is thanks to his dead sibling’s voice that woke him up before he could be the demon’s next victim. Tanjirou then charges in, slicing everything in his way. The demon is confident the moment he fails to slice his neck, he will crush his head. That’s where he failed. Giving Tanjirou that one chance is more than enough as his entire head is suddenly decapitated!

Episode 5
Even when the demon disintegrates, Tanjirou feels sad for him and prays to God he won’t reincarnate as a demon. Tanjirou tries asking other demons for a way to turn back to human but they just attack and he is forced to kill them. In the end, it seems there are only 4 survivors. The invigilators talk about the uniforms and swords they are given as well as each getting a Kasugai Crow for communication. But one of them, Genya Shinazugawa calls out to all this BS and wants his sword now. He gets pretty rough so Tanjirou warns him to back down or he’ll break his arm. Next, they are to choose an ore in which their Nichirin sword will be forged. Weary Tanjirou makes his way home. He is overcome with delight and emotion when he sees Nezuko finally awakened. Even more surprise and tears for Urokodaki to see his student come back alive. He is told of that demon he slain and his dead students can now rest in peace. Tanjirou is also warned about higher demons who can use different types of arts. They will be very difficult to deal with. A few days later, a weird dude, Haganezuka comes by to give Tanjirou his forged Nichirin. Its blade changes colour depending on its wielder. Tanjirou’s Nichirin turns out pitch black. This frustrates Haganezuka because he was really confident it would become red. Then a Kasugai Crow flies in to give Tanjirou his first mission as a demon hunter. Go to a nearby village and slay the demon responsible for making young girls vanish.

Episode 6
Looking pretty dashing in a Demon Slayer Corps uniform, Tanjirou. Urokodaki has also made a lighter and more durable box for him to carry Nezuko about. Urokodaki theorizes that Nezuko’s long hibernation is because she might be replenishing her strength than eating human flesh. Arriving in town, Tanjirou hears rumours about Kazumi whose fiancée, Satoko was abducted by a demon. Immediately Tanjirou goes to hear him out. Using his keen sense of smell, he could sense the faint and strange demon scent. That night, the demon strikes again. With the surfacing of a stronger scent, Tanjirou manages to sniff the demon out and pull out the girl. He leaves her with Kazumi so as to fight the demon who can split himself into several clones and can hide in grounds and walls. Tanjirou despite managing to slice the demon, they are all shallow cuts and all vitals are missed. The demon can swiftly regenerate. Tanjirou cannot stray far from Kazumi and the girl if he is going to protect them. While trying to stave off this tricky demon’s attacks, he remembers Tanjirou’s talk about the only demon who could turn humans into one. He is no other than the first human who turned into a demon more than a thousand years ago, Muzan Kibutsuji. He might hold the answer to revert Nezuko back to a human. With Tanjirou managing to hold his ground, the demon gets annoyed that he must devour girls before reaching the age of 16 or they lose their taste quickly. Kazumi pleads to give back Satoko but apparently the demon keeps hairpins of those he devours as collectibles. Yeah, Satoko’s ribbon is there… When an attack is too close for Tanjirou to dodge, Nezuko pops out of her box to kick him away. Then she goes on the offensive to attack him while leaving him confused with this human-demon combo. Flashback shows Urokodaki doing some hypnotic suggestion on her during her sleep. All humans are her family and demons are her enemy. Never forgive those who brings harm onto humans.

Episode 7
Tanjirou wants Nezuko to protect Kazumi while he dives into the swamp to fight the demon. Thanks to his harsh training, he is able to withstand the murky swamp conditions and kill 2 of them. Then out back in time to defeat the last demon that is keeping Nezuko at bay. When Tanjirou asks about Kibutsuji, he suddenly becomes scared. He cannot tell him anything. Snippets show Kibutsuji warned him to keep his identity a secret. Or else. The demon becomes so scared that he starts going berserk and that is when Tanjirou is forced to kill him. He tends to Nezuko but realizes she is asleep to heal her wounds. Tanjirou knows Kazumi is sad but can only tell him to live on. This makes Kazumi mad at first but after seeing Tanjirou’s smile and noticing his rough hands, he realizes he went through the same thing. Tanjirou has no time to rest or start up his hatred for Kibutsuji because the Kasugai Crow tells him his next mission at Asuka. Get a move on now! Culture shock for Tanjirou. Big city with lights, people and tall buildings! Wow. While he takes a breather, a familiar scent that sends shivers down his spine. He follows this scent that was present at his home. It leads him to Kibutsuji but to his shock, Kibutsuji is with a human wife and daughter?! As Tanjirou continues to be paralyzed in shock, Kibutsuji quickly scratches a passer-by. He then turns into a demon and bites his lover in full view of the shocked crowd. What you gonna do now, Tanjirou?

Episode 8
While Tanjirou restrains the man, Kibutsuji escapes. Frustrated Tanjirou screams a warning to him that he’ll follow him to hell if he has to. The authorities think Tanjirou is restraining some drunkard. Tanjirou refuses to let go or else the man will kill. Before the authorities get violent, a strange scent saves Tanjirou. Tamayo and her assistant, Yushiro are doctors but also demons. They have a grudge against Kibutsuji. After Kibutsuji sees off his family, he tries to return to the scene but a few unfortunate drunkards bump into him. They pick the wrong time to fight with him because he easily kills them. For the last one, Kibutsuji injects his blood into her and causes her to melt since human cells cannot handle his perfect blood and transformation speed. Kibutsuji orders his subordinates to kill Tanjirou. It seems he has a grudge. At least towards a person who wears that same hanafuda earring pattern. Tanjirou is brought to Tamayo’s secret hideout. Note, because Yushiro is such a rabid fan boy of Tamayo, he has bad blood with Tanjirou and anything slightly crossed the line, this guy won’t hesitate to beat him up! Anyway, Tamayo explains as demons, they still need human blood. Although in small amounts, they manage to buy them under the guise for transfusion. She also explains although she was turned into a demon by Kibutsuji, Yushiro is one whom she turned into a demon after 200 years! Tamayo isn’t trying to create more demons but as a doctor, her job is to tend to those at the end stage of their life. She would then ask them if they would like to live on as demons. As for whether a demon can be turned back into a human, the answer is yes! But that’s just trolling because from a medical perspective, there is a cure for everything! Just that they haven’t found one for this! Sorry to get your hopes up, boy. Hence she has a favour of him. In order to create that elixir, she needs to study Nezuko’s blood as she has not been taking humans’ blood for years. Secondly, Tanjirou needs to gather blood samples from demons closely related to Kibutsuji. In other words, those who are as powerful as him. If that’s what needs to be done, he’ll do it. Just then, the place is ambushed by Kibutsuji’s underlings, Yahaba and Susamaru.

Episode 9
Susamaru has got homing balls that seem like they can move on its own. When Yushiro tries to dodge, it changes trajectory and explodes his head! Of course Yushiro is a demon so he can regenerate fast. Now he’s mad. Anybody who interrupts his Tamayo time will pay! Susamaru grows more arms so she can throw more balls. Yushiro gives Tanjirou a talisman so he can see the arrows guiding the balls. Now he can easily dodge without making any careless moves. When Nezuko is able to distract Yahaba and hinder the balls’ movements, Tanjirou cuts up Susamaru. Of course as a high ranking demon and part of the Twelve Kizuki (Demon Moons) who serve directly under Kibutsuji, she heals fast. She even dares Tanjirou to try and extract their blood. Yushiro tells Tanjirou to take care of Yahaba and his arrows first while the rest keep Susamaru at bay. Nezuko got careless and got her feet severed by a ball. As she is no full-fledged demon, her healing is slow so Tamayo has to administer some medicine. Tanjirou has a hard time keeping up with Yahaba’s arrows. He can’t even get near him as the arrows are hard to deflect and only vanish when they hit him. And it’s very painful when he takes a direct hit. So he can’t afford to take any more hits and need to change the arrows’ direction without touching it, Tanjirou comes up with a strategy that has the arrows flow along with his water based sword attacks. Along with other combos of his techniques, he is able to turn the arrows back and decapitate Yahaba with them.

Episode 10
Dying Yahaba tries to take Tanjirou down with him. His arrows constantly throw him about and Tanjirou has to do quick succession of moves to cushion the impact. It is only over when Yahaba disintegrates fully. So after all the tossing about, he only suffers a broken rib and leg? I guess that’s not bad. Even if he has no strength, he must go assist the rest. Speaking of which, Nezuko returns to help Yushiro. I’m pretty sure Tamayo’s medicine was just normal but Nezuko is now stronger than ever. Heck, she even plays kick ball with Susamaru. The strongest kick wins! Looks like Nezuko wins but before Susamaru could get serious, Tamayo mentions about Kibutsuji being a coward. Noticing he is always fearful of something, that is why he manipulates demons to fight among themselves so they cannot band together and attack him. With Susamaru denying all that, she carelessly mentions Kibutsuji’s name and this allows Tamayo’s spell to take effect. In this horror scene, arms start bursting through her body and they crush what’s left of Susamaru. It is believed to be Kibutsuji’s cells and they will slowly destroy her until she dies. After taking the blood sample, Tamayo believes both demons aren’t from Twelve Kizuki because their eyeballs have no numbers engraved on them. Also, they were far too weak. Tanjirou almost died and they’re like the weakest? Man, real serious sh*t is waiting for him. As the sun rises, Susamaru’s corpse disintegrates and Tanjirou even feels sad for the kind of life she has lived, especially how Kibutsuji treats all his demons even those who revered him. But good news for Tanjirou as Nezuko has healed up. She gives Tamayo a big hug and a pat on the head for Yushiro. Tanjirou believes Nezuko perceives them as humans instead of demons, the reason she protected them. Tamayo cries being considered their family. Yushiro remembers Tamayo giving him an option to live as a demon or die after he was at the end stage of a terminal illness. Tamayo and Yushiro will be moving away from this area since they are too close to Kibutsuji. She offers to take Nezuko with them but seeing that Nezuko is holding Tanjirou’s hand, safe to say that the siblings will be together. Good for you Yushiro, eh? With the Kasugai Crow bugging Tanjirou to go to his next mission, he sees a desperate guy bugging a girl to marry him.

Episode 11
Tanjirou pulls Zenitsu Agatsuma from the girl. Still persistent? She slaps him and tells him off she just took him in after seeing his pitiful state. Oh, she already has a fiancé. Now Zenitsu blames Tanjirou for getting in the way of his marriage and wants him to take responsibility. This coward goes on to rant he was supposed to die at the final selection test but was somehow lucky to survive (something about being swindled into debt that got him into all this). Now he is living in hell and wants to marry before he dies in the next mission. After calming down, they head their way to a house. They spot a pair of young siblings, Shoichi and Teruko cowering in fear. They claim a demon snatched their big brother, Kiyoshi into that house. Only Zenitsu seems to be able to hear weird sounds from the house. Suddenly a guy drops out from the house. He is sad that he finally managed to escape but succumbs to his wounds. Luckily though, he is not the siblings’ brother. Zenitsu initially doesn’t want to head in to rescue but with Tanjirou giving him that evil look, I guess he is coming. Unfortunately the siblings also follow them. Because Tanjirou left his Nezuko box with them, they got scared hearing something inside. Zenitsu’s panic mode has him blunder as they get separated. Tanjirou and Teruko realize the rooms change at the beat of the drum. They see this frustrated demon cursing he would have gotten that rare blood hadn’t that somebody interfered. Meanwhile Zenitsu is stuck with Shoichi and the young lad is disgusted with his cowardice. Yeah, his sharp words might have ‘killed’ the guy. Trying to find a way out, they stumble into a guy with a boar mask, Inosuke Hashibira. Run wild! Tanjirou tries to attack the demon but the room changes and throws him off balance. However Inosuke comes barging in. He is eager to kill this demon who will serve as his springboard to greater heights.

Episode 12
Inosuke is reckless and selfish, using anything just to get to the demon. This irks Tanjirou because he doesn’t care of Teruko’s safety. This sets Inosuke to attack him but with the demon attacking and the rooms changing, they are separated. Meanwhile Zenitsu has been yelling to keep quiet so as not to attract demons but the irony one pops up! Run! So scared this dude that he falls asleep! WTF?! But wait! As though he has a change in personality, suddenly he cuts the demon up in lightning speed! He returns to his cowardly demeanour once he wakes up. No sir, it’s not Shoichi who killed the demon! Inosuke kills another demon in his rage to find the drum demon. Speaking of which, flashback shows Kyogai was a former Twelve Kizuki. But Kibutsuji got disappointed with his limit and cast him away. Hence he believes in eating more humans to become powerful and regain his seat. Tanjirou and Teruko stumble into Kiyoshi. He explains what happened. After he was snatched, the 3 demons argued who should devour him. They started fighting among each other and when Kyogai got a drum ripped, Kiyoshi used it to change to change the room arrangements. That’s how he has stayed safe. Kyogai has been calling him Marechi so the Kasugai Crow explains it is humans with very rare blood. Feasting on one is equivalent to feasting 100 humans. Tanjirou goes off to face Kyogai. He has learnt the patterns of which drum rotates the house or attacks. However due to his nagging injuries that never fully healed ever since and that he has been holding it in silence, it is giving Tanjirou negative thoughts. He is pessimistic of his chances. Then he remembers Urokodaki’s teachings to adapt like water. Not going to give up now.

Episode 13
Kyogai rapidly rotates the house. Luckily for Zenitsu and Shoichi, the rotation has them thrown out of the house. When Tanjirou mocks Kyogai he won’t give up, this makes the demon mad. Flashback reveals he was a writer but his editor called his work trashed. The last straw came when he stepped on his manuscripts and was promptly killed. Kyogai now rotates the house even more rapidly. But with Tanjirou getting used to all the patterns, he finally unleashes his form and attack to decapitate him. As Kyogai vanishes, Tanjirou takes his blood sample as well as praises his great demon art. This brings Kyogai to tears as he realizes his writing was not trashed since he noticed took great effort to avoid stepping on them during their fight. He is now at ease that his work has finally been recognized. Tanjirou collects Kiyoshi and Teruko to bring them out. However he sees Inosuke beating up Zenitsu who is protecting Tanjirou’s box with his life. Flashback shows shortly after being thrown out of the house, Zenitsu tells us how he was born with very good hearing. Every living thing seeps off some sort of sound. So good his hearing that he can also hear other people’s thoughts. So he knew Tanjirou was carrying a demon with him the first time they met. He also knew Inosuke was the fifth survivor at the final selection test. But he came and went faster than anyone else. So when Inosuke came out of the house and wanted to kill the demon inside the box, Zenitsu went to great lengths to protect it. I know Tanjirou is having trauma seeing this scene like as though he is seeing his family killed again. But you’re just going to stand there and let Zenitsu get beaten up by this boar kid? Until Inosuke has had enough and threatens to skewer through him that Tanjirou finally intervenes.

Episode 14
OMG. Tanjirou’s Falcon Punch broke Inosuke’s ribs but that boar guy can still move like the wind! Because Inosuke thinks if fighting with swords is forbidden, then he’ll just go with his fists! Yeah, he even shows off how flexible he is. Finally Tanjirou head butts him. Fracture skull now, huh? His boar mask comes off. Everyone is shocked he has a girly face! Being illiterate, Inosuke’s goal is to fight the strongest. But the head butt is too strong and he passes out for real. When he wakes up, he is baffled to see Tanjirou and the rest burying the dead. Fight me! No way! Tanjirou thinks he is too injured to help with the burying. Everyone else better not retort… A Kasugai Crow tells them to head down the mountain. The siblings part ways and WTF Zenitsu doesn’t want Shoichi to go because who’ll protect him?! WTF?! Kiyoshi is given a charm made out of wisteria to help ward off demons. The Demon Slayer trio descend the mountain and looks like Tanjirou has a new role to play as the straight man. Zenitsu is being an absolute chicken while Inosuke is just barbaric and rude. At the bottom of the mountain, the Kasugai Crow wants them to rest and heal all wounds before their next mission. No, this lady is not a monster, Zenitsu! And please be polite, Inosuke. She’s not a weakling! They are treated and given food. Inosuke trying to piss off Tanjirou by stealing his food or get ahead of him but obviously that didn’t work. They learn Inosuke joined the Demon Slayer Corps because he stumbled into one, defeated him and stole his sword. Yeah… Then he heard about the final selection and the rest is history. When Nezuko is coming out of her box, Zenitsu panics big time. And then when he sees this cutie, he gets Super Saiyan mad. He gets the wrong idea that Tanjirou carries her around just to fool around. Zenitsu is so going to kill him…

Episode 15
So basically Zenitsu is in love with Nezuko? And he’s chasing her?! Everybody’s chasing everybody? Once their wounds are healed, they are told to head to Natagumo Mountain. Nearing it, Zenitsu once again chickens out. Even more so when they see a Demon Slayer Corps member suddenly being pulled back into the forest. Tanjirou and Inosuke head in and find a lone Demon Slayer Corps member, Murata. He explains there were 10 of them being called here but the moment they arrive, it’s like they’ve been controlled and started killing each other. Meanwhile Zenitsu is contemplating about things. Then he realizes Tanjirou went in with Nezuko! Oh no! Nothing makes you braver than the power of boners. Yup, Zenitsu’s turn to rush in to rescue his cutie pie. When controlled Demon Slayer Corps members appear to fight the trio, they can’t slash them because they are still alive. Tanjirou then realizes they are being controlled by spider webs. However even though he cuts them, those tiny spiders will repair the threads. The only way is to find the demon who is controlling them all. As the foul smell is preventing Tanjirou from detecting that demon’s position, he hopes Inosuke could do something about it. And we see Inosuke using his spatial awareness ability to track down that demon’s exact position.

Episode 16
Murata will hold back his comrades while the rest go ahead to find that demon. But the nearer they get, the threads get thicker and there are more Demon Slayer Corps to deal with. They are in a pitiful state and some of them have all their limbs broken and want to be given a quick death from the pain that their bones are piercing their organs. That’s because mama demon is getting desperate to kill them so she doesn’t hesitate to bend their bones in her haste to take them down. This is because her son, Rui is telling her to finish up quickly or he’ll tell daddy. Yeah, this sure makes mama demon shiver in fear. Tanjirou will still not kill so he comes up with this brilliant idea to toss his comrades and leave them hanging up the tree branch! Inosuke won’t be outsmarted and does the same thing. Was there a competition to see who can toss the most? This frustrates mama demon so she snaps all her doll’s neck! Tanjirou is sad but they have to move on. Now mama demon unleashes a huge headless demon corpse to fight them. Inosuke rushes in and almost gets killed had not Tanjirou quickly came to his rescue. Tanjirou calls the shots as he wants them to work together to take this enemy. After Inosuke cuts off the arms, Tanjirou cuts off the legs before Inosuke finishing off with a diagonal slash over its body. Inosuke then tosses Tanjirou up in the air. Now he can smell better and pinpoint the demon’s exact location. He drops in to slice her as mama demon fears she will die. However when she realizes she will be free, she ‘welcomes’ him with open arms. Tanjirou sees this and immediately changes his decapitation technique. Mama demon doesn’t feel pain but warmth. Flashback shows papa demon was always abusive of her. As she lies dying, she tells Tanjirou that a member of Twelve Kizuki is here.

Episode 17
Well Zenitsu, keep on b*tching. Until you stumble upon a spider with a human head!!! Freak out! More horror from him as he stumbles into spider boy’s lair. Yup, everything is hanging from a thread and spider boy has a head of a human and body of a spider. Freaking out yet? Yup. As expected. And even more when spider boy tells him he has been bitten by spider poison. In no time, he will turn into a spider and his slave. Zenitsu is cowering in fear that we get to see his flashback. As a coward, grandpa forcefully trained him hard. Then one day lightning struck him! Is that how his black hair turned blonde?! So scared at this point that he passes out. But as we know, this is when his secret ability activates. In his sleeping form, he is able to dodge anything in mid-air and anything else as fast as lightning. More flashback telling us that he could only master 1 single form of this lightning technique. But grandpa was okay with that. Hone it until perfection. It’s okay to run. It’s okay to cry. But just don’t give up. As an orphan, Zenitsu was a disappointment to many so they never had expectations of him. Except for grandpa who steadfastly reprimanded and trained him. Because no matter how hard Zenitsu tried to run away, grandpa always brought him back. He never abandoned him. Now Zenitsu is at his peak as his lightning technique decapitates spider boy. So fast that he couldn’t even see it coming! Zenitsu lies injured, lamenting his fate. However he remembers he can’t give up or take the easy way out or else grandpa will give an earful to him. When Tanjirou and Inosuke stumble into a demon child, she calls for his father. Immediately this big guy with a spider face comes jumping down to Hulk smash them. Stay away from his family!

Episode 18
Higher officers of the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyuu and Shinobu Kochou now enter the forest. Inosuke has injuries and can’t fight at his best. Tanjirou tries his best to fight off spider papa but is flung away! Shinobu stumbles upon Zenitsu and he is moments away from going numb. Tanjirou stumbles into Rui tormenting his demon sister. Rui tells him to stay out so Tanjirou calls their so called bond as fake. Just as to show us what Rui is capable of, a cocky Demon Slayer corps newbie who is definitely a jerk comes into the picture. Even spouting he will kill this demon and climb the ranks for money. Rui quickly slices him apart with his web! Inosuke is running away and hiding? Once he realizes he shouldn’t be influenced by Tanjirou, he stops using his head and goes on the attack. Using his sword as a hammer to pound it in till he cuts off an arm. Now it is spider papa’s turn to run? So he might look like cowering atop the tree but he is shedding his skin to become bigger, stronger, faster and scarier! Damn, now Inosuke’s turn to be scared? His sword breaks after trying to take him down. Oh dear. Inosuke really believing of succumbing to his fate and die?! Spider papa then starts crushing Inosuke’s head. Nothing much he can do about it. Just some weird flashbacks he himself can’t remember. But suddenly spider papa’s arm is cut off. It’s Giyuu. He is faster, swifter, stronger and more skilful as he cuts up the monster. Inosuke so impressed. Back to Tanjirou’s fight with Rui, the latter wants him to take back what he said but obviously Tanjirou won’t. Tanjirou has been waiting for a chance where the sharp smell has dissipate so he can predict his web move. But as he goes in for the strike, his sword breaks as he strikes the web!

Episode 19
Tanjirou dodges in time. Couldn’t have our young dying now, can we?! Inosuke wants to fight Giyuu and be the strongest but Giyuu tells him to go back to training. Since he won’t shut up, he ties up the boar kid. Shinobu administers her antidote into Zenitsu. As Tanjirou finds it harder to fight Rui, Nezuko pops out and protects him. This moved Rui. A sister who is a demon protects his brother nonetheless. This is the bond he wants. When demon sister tells him not to abandon her, he slices her up! If she wants to be his sister, then go kill other Demon Slayer Corps. Rui talks to Tanjirou on how moved he was. He wants him to hand over Nezuko and he will spare his life. As her new brother, he will create a new bond via fear. Of course Tanjirou will never hand over Nezuko. She’s not an object. He’ll kill him first. Rui dares him because he reveals himself to be a Twelve Kizuki. Rui somehow kidnaps Nezuko and when she struggles, he binds her in his web to teach her obedience. If she is still stubborn, he will leave her like that till day break. Tanjirou is mad and scared but he can’t let his emotions get the better of him. Rui mocks him and even lets him cut of his head. See? Not even a scratch! Rui beats up Tanjirou with ease but Tanjirou can’t give up now. Using his water technique, he manages to create force from his rolling momentum to cut the threads. Rui still has a trick up his sleeve, though. Using his blood to harden his threads, there is now way Tanjirou can escape this one alive. Is this it? Is Tanjirou finally done for? Ah, life flashback… He remembers Tanjurou, his father despite having a weak body, managed to dance about during the Hinokami Kagura dance in the snow. It’s all in the breathing. With that, Tanjirou turns his water dragon into a fire dragon! That’s not all. The spirit of mom wakes up Nezuko so she could go help her brother. She uses her blood to make the threads scorch and burn. And together with Tanjirou’s fiery power and force, Rui’s head is lopped off!

Episode 20
Tanjirou is feeling pain all over. But bad news. Rui still lives! Before his sword decapitated his head, Rui cut off his own head with his web. Now mad Rui is going to kill the siblings for good. Tanjirou done for? Not if Giyuu can drop in to save the day. He is on a whole different level. The toughest of Rui’s thread cannot even touch him and before Rui knows it, in a blink of an eye his head got decapitated! Didn’t see that coming. Meanwhile sister demon is running away and notes this is the first time she screwed up. Flashback shows she was hunted but Demon Slayer Corps. She stumbled into Rui. In exchange in saving her, she will be part of his family. She agreed and instantly her pursuers are cut up. She entered a ritual to become part of his family, which then included a lot more siblings. One day, another sister talked to her that she is through playing this pretend family. They should run away together. On the day Rui was supposedly away, they escape the mountains but waiting for them is Rui. It seems sister demon betrayed her by ratting her out. She was left to be burnt by the sun. Murata had the misfortune of stumbling into her and gets wrapped up in her ball yarn. The acid will soon dissolve him. She is pleased with this until Shinobu corners her. She pleads for her life but Shinobu doesn’t think they can be friends. Okay. Maybe there is a way. She asks how many people she has killed. Obviously she is lying when she said 5 because Shinobu stumbled loads of those ball yarns in a certain area. So the only way to be friends is that she will torture her for all the lives she has taken and then she can reborn again to be her friend. What do you say? Sister demon attacks her but this is all expected by Shinobu. She got slashed but felt her head still intact. Is she alright? Then she starts to choke and die from the poison within. Shinobu reveals that she is the only Demon Slayer Corps’ member who cannot decapitated demons. Because of that, she develops poison as she is a pharmaceutical expert and her sword was laced with wisteria poison. Bye. We go back to Rui, he narrates his intentions in starting a family is because he had no memories of his human form. By having a family bond, he hopes his memories would come back.

Episode 21
Rui was born with a weak body. All that changed when Kibutsuji met him. As a demon, he had to kill humans for their blood. His parents disapprove of it. Rui’s ideal parents are those who protect their child. However they tried to kill him so he killed them. Then he remembers. Mother’s last words were apologizing for not giving him a strong body. Dad not only wanted to kill him but the entire family too to take responsibility and atone the sins of his son a as a murderer. Rui realized that he broke that bond that night. He believed in Kibutsuji words that his parents were at fault just because he couldn’t bear the weight of what he had done. Ironically, even after creating a fake family, he felt empty. He was the strongest, nobody protected him. What he wanted to do was to apologize to his parents. He thought he won’t even see them in the afterlife since he is going to hell. But his parents show up and assure they will even follow him there. Rui apologizes in the warm arms of his parents. It’s over. Tanjirou could feel an immense regret from Rui’s body. Even though he cannot forgive all the innocent lives he killed, Rui was human. There are demons who regretted and lived in despair for what they have done. Shinobu tries to kill Nezuko but is blocked by Giyuu. Of course she is unaware of the circumstances so Giyuu tells Tanjirou to take her and run while he stalls her. Confused Shinobu thought he is just mad at her for quipping people dislike him. Tanjirou is ambushed and knocked out by Kanao Tsuyuri. Nezuko runs and can shrink herself! Kawaii! Giyuu doesn’t talk much or explain to Shinobu. How long more can she maintain her politeness? Kasugai Crows then relay a message that Tanjirou and Nezuko are to be taken custody back to HQ. Phew. Zenitsu has healed but is wrapped up like a mummy. He sees Kanao and recognizes her as one of the survivors of the final selection. He also notice the Kakushi crew cleaning up the place. They specialize in doing so after Demon Slayer Corps fight demons. Inosuke is also taken in. He is in shock that he isn’t strong enough to bring down a single demon. Tanjirou wakes up at the HQ before the presence of the Hashira level Demon Slayer Corps members.

Episode 22
Folks, meet the weirdo Demon Slayer Corps Hashira members: Apart from Giyuu and Shinobu, we have Kyojuro Rengoku (sunny passionate guy), Tengen Uzui (flamboyant guy), Mitsuri Kanroji (lover girl loves everything?), Gyomei Himejima (big stone guy always praying and crying?), Muichiro Tokito (daydreaming kid) and Iguro Obanai (snake guy). Most want to execute Tanjirou for merely having a demon by his side. They also want to punish Giyuu too for assisting Tanjirou but that can wait. Tanjirou explains about Nezuko but it is too far-fetched a story for them to believe. After all, that never happened in history, right? Plus, Nezuko is his family so all the more reason they can’t trust what he says. Sanemi Shinazugawa (crazy killer guy) provokes Tanjirou as he stabs the box with Nezuko inside. Tanjirou obviously gets mad and attacks him and then tells him off if he can’t tell the difference between a good and bad demon, he is better off resigning as a Hashira. The fight is stopped when the master of the Demon Slayer Corps pops up, Kagaya Ubuyashiki. He explains about Tanjirou’s situation and hopes they would agree to accept him as he has sanctioned their position. However some of the Hashira cannot accept it because it goes against their core beliefs. Ubuyashiki then reads a letter from Urokodaki that vouches for Nezuko’s circumstances that she has never devoured any humans even for the past 2 years. When that happens, not only she will die but Tanjirou, Giyuu and Urokodaki will commit seppuku. Still, this isn’t enough to convince the sceptical Hashira. Ubuyashiki accepts that there is no proof Nezuko will attack others. However the fact Nezuko refrained from devouring humans for 2 years and has 3 people putting their lives on it, for those who still reject must offer an even more convincing argument. He also tells them that Tanjirou has met Kibutsuji. This shocks the Hashira because none of them have met him. As they pound him for answers, Ubuyashiki continues as Kibutsuji has sent pursuers to kill Tanjirou, it may be because something happened to Nezuko that Kibutsuji never saw coming. Drawing Kibutsuji out is already hard so do they get what he is trying to say? Sanemi is okay with letting Tanjirou live but not the demon. He tries to provoke Nezuko as he cuts himself and drips his blood all over her.

Episode 23
Luckily for Nezuko, she remembers her family and Urokodaki’s words. She is able to resist the blood. Can this be proof that Nezuko will not attack humans? Ubuyashiki notes that even after this, not all can accept Nezuko. He hopes Tanjirou can work hard and further prove that they will be useful to the Demon Slayer Corps. Tanjirou finds his words soothing and promises to bring down Kibutsuji. Did Ubuyashiki just joke and say to start small by defeating the Twelve Kizuki first? Shinobu suggests to let Tanjirou and Nezuko stay at her place. As the Kakushi bring them away, Ubuyashiki tells Tanjirou and hopes to relay his regards to Tamayo. Arriving at Shinobu’s ward, oh damn Zenitsu just can’t stop complaining about his medicine intakes! Can this whiny guy just shut up???!!! Oh, there is Inosuke too. Lying there quietly. Lost his voice, huh? Uhm, Inosuke depressed and apologizing for being weak?! Man, this isn’t funny… Tanjirou is just glad they are alive. Ubuyashiki and his Hashira have a meeting. With the increase in demon attacks on humans, he is seeking their opinions in bolstering the ranks of Demon Slayers. Some find the quality of newbies have tremendously dropped. Ubuyashiki notes that with Rui popping up at Natagumo, it only means Kibutsuji wasn’t anywhere there. In addition, whenever he wants to hide something, he always creates a clever diversion to throw them off. The only way is to keep doing what they’re doing. Defeating Kibutsuji is the last thing Ubuyashiki swears he will do.

Episode 24
OMG… Zenitsu still complaining… Will this kid ever shut up?! Inosuke still lying there… Better leave him be. Murata visits Tanjirou. He looks fine but is depressed that after he gave his report, the Hashira complained about the deteriorating quality of Demon Slayer Corp newbies. Shinobu has Tanjirou and Inosuke undergo some rehabilitation training. But each time they return, they are more deflated than ever. This scares Zenitsu since he will be joining them soon. And then he finds out the kind of rehabilitation they undergo everyday seems to be body stretching, cup taking reflex and tag? Zenitsu then blows his top and gets mad at them. They returned from hell and got the chance to be with girls and they’re not happy? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS???!!! And so Zenitsu happily joins in. He loves being ‘touched’ by the girls and is even fast in grabbing the girls! Yeah, he got slapped. Won the battle but lost the war? Even motivated Inosuke got his groove back. Temporarily. Because when Kanao is involved, nobody could best her. So much so Zenitsu and Inosuke eventually give up. Only Tanjirou is left to continue the training. He still couldn’t beat her, though. Then he is given some advice by the loli triplets to concentrate on his breathing. He makes the effort to regain his stamina. One night as he is concentrating on his breathing, Shinobu comes to talk to him. He asks why she brought them in. Well, they were so banged up. She would also like to entrust her dreams to him. It is them Tanjirou could smell anger from her. Despite always smiling, he noticed she is always angry inside. She reveals her older sister, Kanae was killed by a demon. She too was a kind soul like Tanjirou and sympathized with demons even till her last breath. Ever since, that anger has been built up inside her. But she has to continue her sister’s legacy by always smiling. Seeing Nezuko defying the norm was shocking. She still believes demons only lie and murder humans indiscriminately. She hopes Tanjirou can find a way to cure Nezuko. Knowing he is working hard in her place reassures her to no end. You bet that will motivate him even more.

Episode 25
Tanjirou’s training is progressing well. Even asking the loli triplets to beat him up if he falls sound asleep! This has Zenitsu and Inosuke finally start thinking that they too need to get back to training. But trying out this total concentration breathing isn’t as easy as it looks. But with some ‘motivation’ from Shinobu, you bet they get their asses moving. Shinobu wonders if Kanao would like to join them since they were from the same class. She declines. Flashback shows she was from a poor and abusive family. To a point she just became unresponsive. One day when her family was about to sell her, Shinobu and Kanae stumbled into her. They ‘bought’ her as Shinobu scatters money into the air to her seller, enough a distraction for them to ‘steal’ Kanao. They clean her up and provide for her but because she is still unresponsive (only taking action when specifically told to), Kanae gives her a coin in which she could flip and decide. Tanjirou and Inosuke are visited by their sword makers. New Nichirin swords. Yay! Unfortunately mad Haganezuka blames Tanjirou for breaking his sword and tries to kill him?! Kanamori (Inosuke’s sword forger), is all zen and calm. Until Inosuke purposely makes holes in his swords like his last one. Kanamori now loses his cool and wants to kill him! Tanjirou has progressed so well in his training that he is able to best Kanao! Bad news for Zenitsu and Inosuke. Better ramp up their training. Shinobu gives Tanjirou the greenlight that he is completely healed and fit for real combat. When he asks about the Hinokami Kagura dance, she is unsure of it. Apparently there IS A DIFFERENCE between fire breathing and flame breathing. Kyojuro’s breathing is based on the latter and Tanjirou should consult him but he is out on a mission. It’s that time where Tanjirou speaks to sleeping Nezuko to give some sort of assurance. Maybe he is hearing things because it’s like Nezuko speaks to give him encouragement. Even if it’s all in his head, he is still happy to hear it.

Episode 26
The lower half of Twelve Kizuki is summoned. Before them is a woman. However it is Kibutsuji taking a new form. He tells them Rui has been killed and laments the lower half is useless. Throughout the century, it is the upper half that has managed to kill Hashira and even remain unchanged. But the lower half has always been changing. Maybe Twelve Kizuki should just be the upper half. Kibutsuji shows how fearsome he is as he kills off those who even tries to speak their mind, agree or disagree. If you even run, you’re dead. The last one is left. Any last words? He loves the despair and prepares himself to be killed by him. Kibutsuji likes his answer and injects him with his blood. If he survives this transfusion, he might gain more powers. Then be useful to him and kill more Hashira. And if he kills the one with hanafuda earrings, he will give him more of his blood. Back to the Demon Slayer Corps, a Kasugai Crow tells our young trio to assist Kyojuro in the Infinite Train incident where many people are going missing. Kanao finally talks to Tanjirou. It is only because her coin flipping finally allows her to. As Tanjirou finds it odd a coin decides for her, he borrows it to toss it so if it lands heads, she will decide with her own heart. And heads it is. He hopes her heart can grow as strong as she wants it. Tanjirou also thanks Giyuu for putting his life on the line for Nezuko. You can repay him by doing a good job. At the train station, apparently Inosuke has never seen a train before and thinks it’s some monster! Tanjirou thinks it is some spirit guardian… Tell it to them, Zenitsu… Because Inosuke attacks it, the police almost arrest them. Apparently Demon Slayer Corps isn’t officially recognized by the government so they can’t flash their swords in public. Really? No wonder demon attacks are so rampant… Stupid corrupted politicians… Don’t loiter around, guys. Don’t wanna miss the train… All aboard now.

The Shape Of Water; Every (Total Concentration) Breath You Take
Well, if you think all that wasn’t enough and also because there are still too much at stake to just ‘end’ there, be glad that there will be a ‘sequel’. At least the Infinite Train arc, the next sequel is in the form of a movie scheduled to be released some time in 2020. Though, I am not really sure if this movie would have Tanjirou as the main character because of its initial promotional poster that has only Kyojuro taking up every inch of the picture. Like Shinobu pointed out, he could be the guy who could help Tanjirou master his flame breathing or something. But we’ll have to wait and see.

I can easily see why many considered this to be one of the best anime for 2019. I feel the same way too. But too bad not the top because the third season of Shingeki No Kyojin was still better. Heh. But anyway, the story of this series is quite intriguing to watch and despite there are slow and draggy moments, it doesn’t totally feel boring to watch at all. This season has its plot divided into a few story arcs and sometimes some of the episodes might get a bit slow as they drag out a little the drama. But thankfully because of how intriguing the story and the characters were masterfully depicted, it doesn’t feel like a chore at all to sit through all the 26 episodes of this series. Looking back at all the things that Tanjirou has gone through, it is definitely all just scratching the surface and we have not even begun to dig an inch deeper into the lore and setting of this series. That’s why I believe this should get another season in the form of a TV series. It would be a shame to just leave it all hanging ‘forever’.

Besides the story, the other exciting factor that is the series’ strong point is its action and combat scenes. Can’ have a demon slaying anime without any demon slaying, right? In short, the fight sequences with the demons are quite exhilarating to watch. Although the fights with more ‘important’ demons are dragged out to several episodes, it doesn’t get boring or repetitive since Tanjirou is ever growing and improving himself. It is with great excitement to see him pull off different versions of his water breathing techniques and slowly mastering its various forms. So if you’re not into the blood and gore that are abundant in this anime, looks like you’re not fit and ready to watch this. Barney the purple dinosaur may be a better option for you.

Character wise, Tanjirou as the main character may feel like he is a typical main character for a shonen genre. Guy driven by a tragic past and with a great sense of justice and determination, he overcomes his obstacles. That is generally putting it and it wouldn’t be fair to just generalize and pigeonhole Tanjirou into that sort of generic main character although it is technically not wrong to say that he also fits that. Because we get to see up close and personal at how Tanjirou struggles with each obstacle and foe he comes across, this gives his character more credibility and hence why we also form a ‘bond’ with his character. For many instances when he fights with the demons, you just feel that you want to support and cheer on for him to win his battle. He has grown so much in such a short time and has a lot more room for improvement. And since we have been following his development, it is no surprise that we want to see him achieve greater heights and of course his end goal.

But the only ‘annoying’ thing that makes it all seem a bit absurd is that Tanjirou sometimes feel like Superman, especially in his desperation fights with a demon he is facing. What do I mean Superman? You see, Tanjirou is still human and since he is still considered a rookie Demon Slayer Corps member, obviously he takes a beating as the enemy shelves their techniques, trump cards and other moves on him. This means Tanjirou will have broken bones here, there and everywhere in his body. The ‘Superman’ part is how he is still able to continue fighting like as though he is no pain of those broken bones! I know. It is the cliché part of him having a much stronger will and determination that the pain is nothing. Or at least he must tolerate the pain for the sake of his Nezuko and defeat the demon before resting. Even with fractured bones and cracked rib cages, Tanjirou still looks pretty normal! I mean, he still looks good! No broken bones protruding his flesh whatsoever or blue black injury showing on his skin. It’s just unbelievable.

The other thing that makes the story and character development stand out unlike many of such anime of the same genre is that the demons (the important ones that Tanjirou fights) are given an equal back story to tell of their own. Generally, villains are not given much of the limelight and focus and even if they do, it is just a short one just to let us know why they are twisted and do what they do. But for this series, they take a step further by crafting the demons’ background. I’m not saying they too have a fair share of the limelight overall but with their stories fleshed out, it makes us understand and sympathize on why they become demons in the first place. Remember, demons are not born! They are made! So for Kyogai and Rui, they might not have a very elaborated back story but at least they have a background that ‘justifies’ why they become demons. Of course this doesn’t clear them of the guilt of killing innocent people but it shows us that these demons aren’t just one-dimensional villains who exist as a stepping stone for the hero to be defeated just because the story script says so.

As for the other characters, well, it’s too early to say or comment anything deep about them yet. We have a glimpse of Zenitsu’s background and why he is such a slacker and a very annoying whiner. Really. You want to hate this guy or feel annoyed but because he is such an excellent comical dude, I don’t know, I just forgave him and want to see him complain so more! It’s that conflicted state of mine that wants him to shut up but also don’t because a calm and cool Zenitsu who isn’t some flirt isn’t Zenitsu at all. I bet we were all shocked when he showed his real strength in his sleep mode, right? Nothing much on Inosuke yet at this point. Just some really hot headed kid who wants to be the strongest until he realizes that he wasn’t as strong as he thinks. It was really weird to see him come to terms with that after the Natagumo incident but at least with him acknowledging his weakness, this is nothing shameful but a step forward to becoming stronger. Perhaps it is Inosuke’s competitive nature that makes him so. Thus it is amusing to see him always trying to ‘compete’ with Tanjirou but the latter being so cool, Inosuke sometimes can’t help fall into his pace and starts feeling fluffy by his influence. Yeah, even the most badass of guys have their soft side! With these dorks by Tanjirou’s side, man he is going to have a hard time rounding in this circus.

With the introduction of the Hashira level Demon Slayer Corp members, it gives the series more colour and variation. Yes people, the most powerful group and team in the anime world is more than often made up of weirdoes. Powerful weirdoes. Each of them as briefly introduced have their own quirks and powers but at this point of the anime, they are not properly fleshed out yet and I think if we’re going to do justice to these characters, maybe a couple of more seasons will do the trick… I believe many of them have tragic encounters with demons so it is understandable why the hate demons so much and why they persevere to where they are now. Some showing their emotions outright and some hiding it with other weird personalities. Thus it is with irony that many of these Hashira members now have to live with the fact that they are sheltering a demon named Nezuko. It goes against the norm but sometimes like they say, you have to think outside the box. It’s not just always killing demons, more demons and demons dying. Because if Kibutsuji is already so cunning and sly, they need more than conventional methods if they are to really make humans win this war in the long run.

Speaking of Kibutsuji, this guy is really filled with enigma. At least for this season, they tease us enough to make us believe that he is the ultimate and true final boss that not only Tanjirou, but the Demon Slayer Corps will face. Kibutsuji showing up early (rather than in some animes where the real big bad guy shows up in the last few episodes or his shadowy presence only teased) and even before Tanjirou at least proves that his existence is real and not some fabled made up legend. After all, it is said that many Demon Slayer Corps and even the Hashira side have never seen how he looks like. Yeah, Tanjirou scoring at the lottery, no? Not the big jackpot but at least the lowest winning denomination. And before that, they’ve got the Twelve Kizuki to deal with (or is it Six Kizuki now that Kibutsuji decided to trim it down?). And since we don’t even know half of who they are (the upper ones), the suspense remains. Serves as a future plot for great and epic group battles, if you know what I mean?

Kibutsuji is also truly fearsome as seen in the final episode. It really gives weight as to why every demon who serves under him fears him like instinct. He is truly the essence of a demon. More than a dictator, his words are absolute and believes whatever he says is the truth. You cannot suggest, deny or even speak anything. You only exist to serve him and be useful to his needs. Otherwise, death awaits. He is brutally honest with all that and doesn’t need to raise his voice because he himself already gives off that aura of fear. I mean, who is going to really oppose him, right? So yeah, now you see why even thinking of his name sends shivers down their spine? I think even Satan himself fears this dude!

Then there is Nezuko who has become another bag of mystery ever since she became a demon. I believe it is the cliché factor that the strong sibling bond is stopping her from fully becoming a demon. Even all that has been explained about Nezuko’s uncanny demonic behaviour (especially from what Urokodaki said), it may all just be speculation. Nezuko sometimes feel like the ‘backup weapon’ for Tanjirou because if that guy is in a pinch and has exhausted his options, don’t worry, here comes Nezuko to help turn this into a tag team match! Yeah, you thought you’ve seen everything that there is for her to show us but now she can turn into a chibi version?! Like, WTF?! So kawaii!!! Makes you want to go own a chibi Nezuko keychain or nendoroid, eh? Are those on sale right now?!

All in all, there are too many ongoing development and with more new added characters to the fray, it is going to take some time to really flesh them out. Especially Tanjirou’s dad who seems to be just more than a sickly man. Kanao has got her small past explained but I believe it is just abridged and more could come in the future. After all, Kanao is part of the same group of survivors with Tanjirou who passed the final selection test and with 4 out of 5 them coincidentally ‘gathered’, it is going to be the future generation of the Demon Slayer Corps and humanity. WTF are they very subtly hinting Tanjirou x Kanao romance… I don’t even… Don’t forget about Tamayo and Yushiro too. They might be on the run but that doesn’t mean that they are gone forever. Still need that ultimate cure. Last but not least the big man of Demon Corps Slayer himself, Ubuyashiki. We’d like to know how he ended up with a hideous upper part of his face. No manga spoilers please!

One of the light-hearted and amusing sections is the next episode preview. At first I thought this Taisho Secret that Tanjirou or some other random characters of the series whisper to us, they are trivia about the Taisho era that this series is set in. Yup, I thought they were real facts or trivia. But the more I hear them whisper these secrets, the more I realize that they are just the small comedic trivia of the lore of this series. Yeah well, I’m not really that huge of a fan of this series so I don’t really think I can remember them nor do I really, really, really, care. Inosuke can only call someone’s correct name on the 7th time? Tanjirou’s parents always cook toast rice crackers for him after every festival? Uhm… Okay. Thanks for that bit but whatever. Only that one time this segment is switched to some Demon Slayer Academy! Oh man, this series having its characters in a high school setting? What are the chances this would be some silly spinoff?!

The art and animation are quite good. The series does feel have its own unique art style. It has that edgy looks to it and sometimes the art is cell shaded. Especially when Tanjirou unleashes his water styled techniques, they have this really cool mix of traditional Japanese art and cell shaded art to it. Of course there are some scenes whereby it gets comical and you can see how the character turn into its chibi form. Especially Zenitsu. This guy has incredulous eyes popping out?! Funny… Unlike many other action oriented series whereby the quality drops during fast paced action scenes, there are none here. At least, not that I noticed. Maybe I was so engrossed that I didn’t notice but I am sure that the series was putting in the quality in all those action scenes because they are rather important, especially Tanjirou unleashing his move for the first time or the technique that gives him the edge over his opponents. Smooth and awesome. The art and animation is such good quality and it is no surprise that Ufotable is the studio that was behind its production. They still got it there after their superb consistent quality in the Fate/Zero series as well as both seasons of Tales of Zestiria The X.

As for some of the character designs, notwithstanding at how some weird some the characters look (especially those Hashira guys), I happen to notice that some of the characters have dead eyes. Uh huh. Dead fish eyes. Giyuu, Shinobu, Kanao and even Tamayo all have this lifelessness look in their eyes. I thought they are blind or something but it’s just how their eyes look. And here is another big shocker character design: If you are old enough like yours truly :’(, the moment you first laid eyes on Kibutsuji, you’d be screaming to yourself, “WHAT THE HECK IS MICHAEL JACKSON DOING HERE IN THIS SERIES???!!!” OMG! OMFG!!! MICHAEL JACKSON STILL LIVES!!! Aaow! Hehe! Smooth Criminal! Oh yeah. Even looking at his name, the more I look at it, the more I feel it looks closely resemble to Michael Jackson. Mu-chael Kibu-Jackson… Sorry, bad pun. So MJ fans, the king of pop isn’t that. He just lived on as a demon. Uh huh. That Time When I Reincarnated As A Demon… And when I first looked at Tanjurou, I thought he looked more like a drug addict. Seriously. On a trivial note, the coat the Demon Slayer Corp members wear, well, somehow it makes them look bloated. Thankfully it doesn’t hinder their ability to fight demons. I wonder how they choose the design because it’s good to have them wearing different patterns and colours as it makes it extra easy to identify them visually. Can’t have them all wearing the same taisho uniform now, can they?

This series has a many seiyuus lending their talents and many whom I recognized, namely Natsuki Hanae as Tanjirou, Saori Hayami as Shinobu, Takahiro Sakurai as Giyuu, Satoshi Hino as Kyojuro, Kana Hanazawa as Mitsuri, Tomokazu Sugita as Gyomei, Kenichi Suzumura as Iguro, Jun Fukuyama as Yahaba, Mikako Komatsu as Susamaru, Junichi Suwabe as Kyogai, Ami Koshimizu as spider mama, Showtarou Morikubo as spider boy, Ryoko Shiraishi as spider sister, Takehito Koyasu as that grotesque hands demon, Ai Kayano as Kanae, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Genya, Hochu Ohtsuka as Urokodaki, Shinichiro Miki as Tanjurou, Shigeru Chiba as Zenitsu’s grandpa and Yuuki Kaji as Sabito. Phew. That’s a lot. And don’t think I didn’t spot my favourite Mamiko Noto as Inosuke’s mom making a very brief cameo in his short flashback! Hooray! But the one taking the cake are Hiro Shimono as Zenitsu and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Inosuke. Hiro Shimono is just freaking hilarious and annoying as the whiner while Yoshitsugu Matsuoka shows us he can cast off his heroic stereotypic voice in Kirito, Souma and Bell by voicing a character always in eternal hog grunting mode! Not easy to speak like that! Kudos!

The rest of the casts are Akari Kitou as Nezuko (Karin in Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]), Toshihiko Seki as Kibutsuji (Senketsu in Kill La Kill), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ubuyashiki (Julius in Black Clover), Kouki Uchiyama as Rui (Raku in Nisekoi), Rena Ueda as Kanao (Ayado in 3D Kanojo Real Girl), Katsuyuki Konishi as Tengen (Oga in Beelzebub), Kengo Kawanishi Muichiro (Rei in 3-gatsu No Lion), Tomokazu Seki as Sanemi (Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile), Maaya Sakamoto as Tamayo (Ciel in Kuroshitsuji), Daiki Yamashita as Yushiro (Midoriya in Boku No Hero Academia), Daisuke Namikawa as Haganezuka (Waver in Fate series) and Ai Kakuma as Makomo (Rossweisse in High School DxD). For a series with double cours, it is one of the very rare ones whereby it only has a single opening and ending theme. I guess when you have such a great story and action, you don’t need the gimmick of retaining or attracting viewers’ attention with a new opening and ending come halfway. The opening theme is sung by Lisa and Gurenge might sound like a song fitting this series as well as Sword Art Online because I’m just fresh off watching that Alicization story. The same can be said for the ending theme, From The Edge also by Lisa but featuring Fiction Junction. Uh huh. Sometimes hearing this song I could mistake them to be songs from Sword Art Online. A special ending theme, Kamado Tanjirou No Uta by Go Shiina featuring Nami Nakagawa is a very beautiful but emotionally powerful and slow ballad to say the least.

To summarize it all, this is definitely a very good series. Excellent story, characters and action sequences make it really worthwhile the quality and what truly means for anime to be anime. Just wished that it had more episodes and hopefully there would be more sequels in the future. Don’t make me turn into Zenitsu and start screaming and b*tching for a need to have another one! Sure, I can live with this kid’s incessant ear piercing screeches so long as I can get another season of this epic anime. I don’t mind hearing Inosuke’s uncouth speaking manner as long as they put up another sequel. I also don’t mind if they ever have that cheesy Tanjirou x Kanao romance as long as this show is having another sequel. But don’t kill off Mamiko Noto’s character in the next… Oh wait… She’s already… ARGH!!!! Just bring me the next season, okay?!

Machikado Mazoku

November 23, 2019

The time hath cometh… For another magical girl anime series? Not quite. Machikado Mazoku isn’t technically focusing on a magical girl as a protagonist. A normal high school girl one day realizes that her dark demonic powers have awakened. Hwahahahahaha!!! And so she unleashes havoc and reign of terror upon the townspeople! Oops. Sorry. Not quite. Actually she needs to defeat a magical girl in order to lift a curse on her family but since she is quite weak physically (and at times, mentally), she needs to undergo some training. The irony is that the magical girl who saved her from death the first time she ventured out as a demon, becomes her trainer. Damn, this is going to be awkward… And what’s this about them soon cooperating with each other to protect the peace of the city? Damn, this is already awkward, magical girls and demon girls working together…

Episode 1
A demon tries to awaken Yuuko Yoshida to her destiny. Sorry. Too sleepy. When Yuuko wakes up, she is shocked to find she has demon horns and tail! Not a dream! Mom! Mom! What’s going on?! Well, Seiko explains they aren’t actually normally people but from the Dark Clan. So basically demons? However their mortal enemies of the Light Clan (angels?) put a curse on them by stripping their powers and wealth. No wonder they live in poverty. Because Yuuko has shown signs of her power awakening, her goal is to defeat a magical girl to break the curse. Then offer her blood to their demon god statue of their ancestors. Uhm, you mean this door stopper is that statue? And off Yuuko AKA Shamiko (that’s short for Shadow Mistress) goes for the hunt. However bad luck follows her as she clumsily stumbles her way. Until she is about to be hit by a truck, suddenly a magical girl stops it with just a hand. Oh Shamiko, don’t think she is a cosplay maniac with such Superman powers. Because Shamiko looks so hungry, Momo Chiyoda even gives her some food. Taking pity on a demon girl? Shamiko feels insulted but she is forced to retreat for today. In school, Shamiko’s friends, Anri Sada and Shion Ogura aren’t shocked she has demon horns and tail. Because this town is filled with weirdoes! Heck, Anri even tries to make her horn useful by hanging her bag! They even point out a magical girl in the next class. Uhm, isn’t that Momo?! Shamiko uses an excuse recess is almost up and needs to head back. But because Anri is baying for blood, she thinks there is enough time for them to fight and calls out to Momo! Traitor! Oh, Momo is taller than you by a head! Shamiko gets offended of being called small. However her so called threatening call to end her life is more cute than intimidating since she flub he lines. Yeah, they even tease her for it! Shamiko begins by throwing lots of weak punches. Then she tires out… And she might have thrown her hip. Either Momo is that strong or Shamiko is really a wimp… Heck, Momo even teaches her how to throw a proper punch. Slightly better than before but still a wimpy punch. Heh. Even Momo thinks she is better off using a projectile. Poor Shamiko got offended and retreats in tears. Oh, she’ll train hard to become a great demon to defeat her one day! Just you wait! Shamiko’s little sister, Ryouko sees her training. Her sides are killing her… I think training is going to take a while… And can she be a demon lord by then? Nah!

Episode 2
Even though Momo says she is the weakest among the magical girls, Shamiko is still scared of her presence. Yeah, shows how weak this demon girl is. Despite tales of Momo saving the world, that was only because she had assistance. Shamiko vows to train hard to beat her. 500g dumbbell enough? Until she sees Momo with a bigger dumbbell. So demotivating… Because Shamiko didn’t give an exact date on the weekend for their rematch, Momo actually waited there and got tanned. Feeling bad? Yeah well, exchange contacts in the meantime. Noticing Shamiko isn’t fit, Momo suggests training her. Hence they go jogging. Shamiko is huffing and puffing… Can she be fit in time? And then she realizes they have run for 4km! Can borrow 500 yen to take the train back? So tired Shamiko that she fell asleep on the train and when she woke up, it’s already at the last station. Basically lost. With Seiko realizing Shamiko is having a hard time defeating the magical girl, she decides to increase her allowance. From 120 yen to 500 yen. That’s a lot for a poor girl! Uhm, isn’t that the amount she owes Momo? Yeah, Momo even offers instalment repayment plan. Does Shamiko have a choice? But in this state, she cannot defeat her because it would look bad for a debtor to beat up a person she owes. Also, she must quickly repay it in case Momo dies or forever be haunted by debt and bankruptcy! Taking the instalment plan of 50 yen, now Shamiko goes to buy a weapon (those friends tag along too for some reason). Obviously everything costs a lot more. Shamiko thought they are trying to trick her to buy food. But after all the resisting and that health is of importance, Shamiko spends some on some salty udon. With 120 yen left, need a drink? Sure this is not a scam to make her spend?! Shamiko tries resisting but after whatever Anri said, something that makes Shamiko think she has always been watching over her, Shamiko decides to live life to the fullest and buy a cola. Ah, that hit the spot. But now she’s broke. But poor Shamiko thinks everyone was just scamming her because then they see a free water dispenser… Oh Shamiko, if you only knew how to utilize free resources…

Episode 3
It’s that demon trying to talk to Shamiko in he dreams again. Too sleepy to even care! Anyway, after forcing her to pay attention, she is actually Dark Clan’s founder and ancestor, Lilith. First things first. She berates Shamiko for being weak and talentless. Is she the one to say as she herself has never defeated the Light Clan? Then some weird moment where Lilith got hooked by the cola she introduced. Because Seiko is calling for Shamiko to wake up, Lilith has to leave and tells her lots of stuffs. Can Shamiko remember all that? Shamiko tries to pen it down when she wakes up. But with Seiko busy reciting the grocery list, you bet Shamiko forgot them all! But first Shamiko must learn how to do the laundry since she messed up washing her own uniform. Since she is wearing gym clothes to school, Momo is kind enough to lend hers. A bit oversized, though… Shamiko might not be close in coming to defeat the magical girl but at least she realizes she will be at a disadvantage during close quarters. Hence Ryouko has researched she should try projectiles that suit he. So uhm, this low quality rubber band gun is her projectile? Damn, even Momo feels the need to help train Shamiko use it! So at a factory she once own (say what?!), here she teaches Momo how to use her lame projectile. Ironically, Shamiko is full of pessimism and doesn’t want to do it and Momo sounds like a dictator forcing her to do it. Momo even lends her wand and gives encouragement for her to project some sort of magic. Heh. A magical girl putting ideas of world destruction into a demon girl’s mind. I guess after all that futile time wasting and Momo calling her an idiot, probably that lit some fire in Shamiko as she can now project… Just a tiny bubble? Small and slow but if it hits back at you, it can cause a little pain like those injections. Yeah, Momo returns the wand and run like hell! But you know, Momo is so out of shape and slow that the bubble catches up and hits her. Ouch. Momo saying she wants to train her for a while, did she mispronounce that as enjoying seeing her being in torment?

Episode 4
Shamiko introduces Momo to that statue of hers. Her friends help by giving some offerings. Momo notices a switch underneath and flips it. Nothing happens… Except Shamiko suddenly becomes lifeless! It seems Shamiko is now inside the statue and sees Lilith lazing around. Quick! Put away those stuffs! As mentioned, looks like when all the conditions are right, Lilith will be able to swap bodies with her. This means she can avenge the Light Clan on her behalf so sit back and watch. Now that Lilith has possessed Shamiko’s body, she might sound intimidating but you know, she’s as idiotic as Shamiko. She’s making a fool out of herself than being threatening. Yeah, those friends are having fun. Lilith realizes the unfit body means she too is at her limits. Even more so her own magic deflects back! Just when she thought Momo is going to kill her, she gives up! When Shamiko wakes up, she is in a hot spa with her friends. Yeah, this was Lilith’s last wish. To add more insult, not only her body is aching all over, Lilith didn’t have money to pay for this and puts it on Shamiko’s tab! The debt has just grown! Because of this, her friends suggest a job where she can earn and pay it all at one go. But Seiko warns her about saving too much because the curse of the Light Clan means any extra money more than 400 yen will somehow slip away. Maybe Seiko’s just a klutz… But don’t worry. It isn’t a shady job and it’s just to sell wieners. Tastes good, huh? Shamiko believes this is what she’ll do after defeating Momo. And then speak of the devil… Magical girl, rather. Eek! Momo! Shamiko tells her reason for working here when she accidentally spills the pot of wieners. Oh no! All her hard work gone? Luckily Momo transforms into a magical girl to save them. But why? Momo says she doesn’t want to transform often because she has bad memories as a magical girl. However seeing Shamiko work so hard, she doesn’t want it all to go to waste. Shamiko feels bad and even more so when Momo buys up all the wieners. Thank you for your patronage. At the end of the day, the owner who promised Shamiko to take back extra wieners, well, here is plain yoghurt as substitute since all wieners were unexpectedly sold out. Shamiko then realizes it could be Momo’s devilish plan all along when she bought them all up. Curse you!

Episode 5
Shamiko has made enough from the job to pay Momo back. Now let’s do battle! Momo seems reluctant and after hearing how she don’t have money to buy what Ryouko wants, Momo rejects this offer. She even tempts Shamiko with free food if she accepts this plan! Shamiko realizes the lunch she always makes by herself. Momo reveals she has no family. Damn… So sad… As it turns out, Momo accompanies Shamiko to go shopping with Ryouko. Shamiko warns her not to reveal her identity since Ryouko is always told she is always engaged in a fierce magical girl battle. It seems the stuffs Ryouko want to get, a medkit and book on strategies, is she really thoughtful of big sis? Momo realizes the mini camera she has been staring at so Shamiko buys that for her. Shamiko is glad to have not paid her debts to Momo because seeing Ryouko’s happy face was worth it. And with Ryouko and Momo talking about the technical stuffs of computers and cameras, Shamiko feels so left behind. What the heck are they talking about?! Momo then lends her laptop as she gives it to Shamiko so that Ryouko can use it. But is warned to handle it with care. Don’t drop it or get it wet. You know how much that thing costs, right? Gulp. And so shaky Shamiko has to battle her way through Anri and Shion who are dangerously holding tennis balls and a bucket of water respectively. Is fate really testing her? If she passed that, on her way home now she has to deal with that scary dog (albeit in reality it is just a tiny mutt). Her fear has somewhat made Lilith to summon some sort of crisis management outfit for her? Here’s your sexy transformation scene. It just made Shamiko even more embarrassed and as the dog owner takes it for a walk, yeah, they do a double take on this weirdo Shamiko. It’s not over yet because when Shamiko reaches home, she trips on the statue and drops it! Worse, Ryouko comes running and accidentally steps on it! And Seiko also comes spilling water all over it! The Yoshida household in panic! But as they test, the laptop still works. Then a note from Momo stating she knew Shamiko will be clumsy and has put some finishing touches like waterproofing and shock absorbent. Shamiko views this as a defeat since Momo was able to predict her moves. Curse you! Ryouko is able to do (and exaggerate) a great cover story about her sister. Shamiko loves it and won’t let Momo read the printout. But the data is still saved on her laptop… Curse you!!!

Episode 6
It seems there is enough magic power for Lilith to bug Shamiko to enter into Momo’s consciousness and control her. Why does Shamiko feel so bad about it? Yeah, can’t think about any bad thoughts on Momo. After smashing this magic mirror, it seems Shamiko falls into Momo’s consciousness. She sees a young Momo and she has serious low self-esteem. So much so Shamiko has to ask her assistance to clean up the muck. But once that is done, time is up and Shamiko wakes up. On the way to school, Shamiko stumbles into a sick Momo. She claims she had a bad dream but somewhat felt happy at the end of it. Oddly, Shamiko decides to bring Momo home and nurse her. Isn’t this the perfect chance to defeat Momo? Seeing her in such a pitiful state, maybe another time. To Shamiko, Momo’s normal house looks big! Shamiko meets Metako, Momo’s cat navigator. Treat him nice and he’ll tell you some oracle but lately it’s been 97% cat ever since Momo lost her motivation. Shamiko tries to find some medicine but stumbles into this hideous thing in the fridge. It’s Momo’s failed hamburger cooking. Sure it’s not some demon poisoning thingy? Apparently she was trying to cook this because of a promise with Shamiko. Trying to cheer up the mood, Shamiko hopes to invite Momo to her home and cook this. After Momo falls asleep, Shamiko returns home to get some supplies. But apparently Momo followed her. Now she knows where she lives. She points out a seal by the Light Clan outside her door (it’s not a door deco, Shamiko) that prevents others from coming into her place. Even though it is worn out, only an invitation allows those invited to find the place. Because Shamiko earlier swiped some small blood off Momo, it is believed she might have unlocked something. Well, it’s the statue who can now directly talk to them in the real world! Momo feels disgusted. She got sick and her power drained just for this sh*t? In view of this, Momo wants Shamiko to help her protect this city while she recovers. Shamiko can’t say no after Shamiko makes her feel guilty for all the things she has done and lent. Sneaky… But for a week, Shamiko really takes care of Momo at her home. Wow. For the first time Momo lost?

Episode 7
Lilith sure made a very inaccurate recap of Shamiko’s exploits. All lies! Even if it is just a dream, Shamiko rejects it! When a police officer returns 1000 yen to mom, it is a sign that the curse is lifted! Wow! So much money! Hence Seiko buys lots of food to celebrate. Lilith thinks it’s time to flex her authority but Seiko lets her get drunk with some drink and let her soak in hot water. Shift in power balance… Then they realize the fridge is damaged from the recent blackout. How will they keep all this food Seiko bought? Seiko will have to cook all of them and they must finish it! Luckily, thoughtful Shamiko brings some to Momo since she is still recovering from her illness. Though, Shamiko isn’t a good liar that this is all so she can recover and then she’ll steal more of her blood later. Once Momo has recovered, instantly she puts Shamiko under her training regimen. You mean she has to build muscles by dragging this huge wheel? I know she has to take over her magical girl role but isn’t this too much for this weakling? Hence Anri suggests so and instead should start off with training that increases Shamiko’s courage like bungee jumping. Sometimes you wonder if she is friend or foe. Shamiko tries to convince Momo to regain her own strength and magic. When Shamiko asks about her weakness, Momo says it’s some mochi balls. Hence Shamiko rushes all the way to go get them. Even queuing for hours just to get a couple of them. Turns out to be a ploy to make Shamiko do some exercise. But there is some truth that Momo fears those balls. Her sister (not blood related, though) used to like this so Momo stopped eating this as it brought back unwanted memories. Seeing Shamiko trying her best, Momo thinks she might also want to try overcoming her fear and maybe help get some of her magic back. Then Shamiko gets tricked to get some green tea… By this time, Momo thinks it is time for Shamiko to build some muscles. So move that big tyre if you want to go home! It’s not budging… One day, Anri has a job for Shamiko. I guess it’s because she is small enough to fit into this mascot outfit. The kids are hounding her to hand out candies. Luckily a girl saves her from tripping and tells the kids to be orderly. To Shamiko’s dismay, this girl is a magical girl! Oh no!

Episode 8
Mikan Hinatsuki definitely isn’t a passing cosplayer and she’s on patrol and not on vacation! The more panicky Shamiko gets, the more suspicious Mikan becomes. Then in the alley, Mikan forces Shamiko to take off her gear. Shamiko panics and transforms. It seems Mikan was purely concerned if Shamiko was having heatstroke in that outfit. With Momo here, she explains Mikan is the friend whom she called to help in her place. Shamiko gets offended when Mikan thinks she is younger than them. As Shamiko cleans up in school, here comes Mikan. It seems she is going to transfer here too. Shamiko is happy to think that Mikan is a normal girl since she is more level-headed than Momo. However it seems Mikan is very worried about a curse she is having trouble keeping at bay. And then all the cleaned up trash explodes! It seems whenever Mikan gets anxious (especially when being praised), this will cause her curse to go berserk and bring bad luck to others. This is why Momo is late since she got caught up in all her bad luck. Shamiko tries reverse psychology like being the bad demon girl who will take her blood but Mikan thinks she is pitying her and her curse activates. In the end, Shamiko is forced to look for her statue that is now somewhere in the pile of garbage thanks to Mikan’s curse. On another day, Shamiko is forced to train by Momo. This time, she is going to transform into that outfit. Mikan would love to tell about her younger days with Momo but Momo doesn’t appreciate it and threatens her with cooking! So that’s why Mikan has forgot most of them. Shamiko somehow cannot transform. Momo thinks it is because she doesn’t feel like she is in danger so Momo is seriously going to beat her up. However she tires out due to the strain. Mikan explains when Shamiko took her blood, it could have been a matter of life and death for a magical girl depending on the situation. And although magical girls don’t die, their souls end up scattering in the air! Gee, that sounds as bad. Shamiko tries to cheer Momo up that she’ll work harder. But with Momo getting ready to get violent on Shamiko, I don’t suppose we can put off this training tomorrow? Shamiko is so scared that she finally transforms. There. Don’t forget that feeling ever. Poor Shamiko runs away in tears!

Episode 9
Shamiko complains about the need to fix this sexy transformation dress but Lilith says the more skin it shows, the more power she receives! So technically shouldn’t she be fighting naked then? Because Shamiko wants Momo to acknowledge her as an equal, Anri suggests beating her using brains. Conveniently the test is coming up so Shamiko challenges Momo to see who can score higher. Be warned, Momo has very good grades. She got a subject that scored 100%! Shamiko burns the midnight oil but what strategy Lilith proposed for her to ace? Well, it sounds a lot like cheating! Hey, that’s what the Dark Clan supposed to do, right? However Shamiko will not accept it and will fight Momo fair and square. In the end, although Shamiko did very well, Momo still scored higher. But wait. Why is Lilith in the top 10 placing?! Somehow she convinced the teacher to let her take the test. This means Momo lost to her. She claims Lilith cheated somehow as Shamiko’s notes were left in the bag but seriously Lilith never actually thought of this method (Lilith is good in history since she lived through those times). But ultimately, Shamiko feels she still lost… Seiko is happy when her new fridge arrives. But it is too big to fit through the door so she spends the whole day crying… Mikan calls Shamiko to go watch a movie. This is not just for fun but to help overcome their weakness. Yeah, this summer zombie movie! Don’t worry. Mikan is prepared to pay for her food and everything. Including her hospital fees! Oh sh*t. While it might look like Mikan is psyching herself up to be brave, the moment it starts, let’s hope nothing really bad happens… In the end, Mikan passes out and Shamiko ended up being fascinated with the movie since she sided with the zombies who went all out to overwhelm the overpowered heroes. When they decide to go see another movie, Momo is there too. From what I understand, Momo feels jealous she’s been left out since the duo look like they’re having fun. With Momo leaving hastily, Mikan feels bad about it. Oh no… Curse activating… Hey, at least they got some popcorn from the exploded popcorn machine. The next time the trio have nabe together, Momo says she’s not mad but clearly we don’t feel that way… Shamiko excuses herself and leaves poor Mikan alone with Momo…

Episode 10
Because Momo detects Shamiko lacks muscle mass, she makes some special ‘glowing’ drink for her to drink. And when she lets her watch some macho men exercising video, I guess that’s where she draws the line. Shamiko runs away! Did I mention that Shion is from the black magic club? She didn’t mince her words when she wants Shamiko to become her experiment subject! Don’t worry. Momo will go with her. Somehow Momo becomes her manager and rejects all of Shion’s suggestions to experiment on her. When Shion spots Lilith, she wants to experiment on her. Lilith surprisingly agrees in hopes to find a way out of their curse. She might be regretting it after Shion drills holes into her… Shion suggests creating a new vessel for her to easily move around. If only that clay isn’t made out of horse dung! The scrawny limbs make the statue crawl like a creepy bug! Pathetic. Eventually the leftover clay is made into a decent doll. Lilith loves it as she can move freely. However her evil thoughts are telepathically transmitted and hence Momo uses her magic to control Lilith like a rag doll. Dance dolly, dance! Ryouko realizes the borrowed laptop isn’t working. No worries. Shamiko can take and go ask Momo to see what’s wrong. Are you sure of ignoring that premonition of her beating your ass with more training? Anyway they go and see her and as Shamiko puts it, she doesn’t mind putting up with this ‘friendship’ seeing it helps Ryouko. But seeing her so innocent and honest, do they have the heart to continue lying? Hence Shamiko explains the truth about Momo being a magical girl. But wait. Ryouko already knows! However… She thinks that Momo is Shamiko’s subordinate! Please tell me stories of how you subdued this magical girl into your army! I guess the lies are piling up. It gets complicated when Mikan comes in. Huh? What subordinate? Until Momo tortures her and forces her to play along with this. In the end, there is nothing wrong with the laptop. It just overheated because their room has no air-cond. Momo even allows them to come here to use it if they find it more conducive. Just make sure Shamiko cooks some great food for her. Back home, with Momo lending stuffs to back up the laptop, looks like Shamiko’s debts are also piling. Realizing the need to live up to Ryouko’s expectations, Shamiko realizes she doesn’t know much on Momo. She even asks her future advisor on how to seek an enemy’s weakness. Wow this little girl is sure good and technical. Shamiko feeling bad? And then Ryouko spots a picture Momo left inside. A picture of Shamiko in her transformation outfit. Shamiko declares war on magical girls!

Episode 11
Brainstorming on how to get Momo to open her heart, Lilith of course has this devilish idea to ambush her dreams. Something that Shamiko is reluctant to do but here we go. Inside the outer subconscious realm, Shamiko encounters a human version of Metako. Or at least the Light Clan’s angel guardian. As Metako is unable to determine Shamiko’s nature, demon girl innocently blabs out the truth of wanting to attack Momo. Naturally she is going to be purged! Calling Lilith for help, she arrives in that strange bug form. So cat loves chasing bugs? Whatever. Entering the door to Momo’s dream, it seems Momo knows what is going on. Lucid dreaming. Uh oh. This is going to be hard. And Shamiko can’t leave… The door is locked! After getting scolded, Momo is stumped about Shamiko persistently trying to fight her. Wasn’t it to undo the curse? Shamiko believes her dad is away working hard to pay off the debts and this has Momo believing there is more to the story. That seal outside her door is actually to keep magical girls away. Long ago, Light Clans used to hunt Dark Clans and earn points. Of course such hunts today are very rare. It is very likely Seiko is the key to all this and that she is harbouring some secret. As Mikan is trying to wake up Momo, Momo tells Shamiko she is coming to her house after this. With that, Shamiko panics and thinks she is going to ‘grill’ her mom and prepares for battle. Yup, Momo is going to ‘grill’ her. The interrogation wise, not the cooking one. Shamiko still won’t let her in and this standoff has Seiko unable to tolerate this further and has both of them come in as she reveals the truth.

This city has a barrier that protects the Dark Clan and it was setup by the previous magical girl. Momo is shocked when Shamiko knows it is Sakura (because Metako mentioned it). Sakura is Momo’s mentor and sister-in-law. But she went missing 10 years ago. When Shamiko was born, she had a very frail body and was always in hospital. It could be she inherited a lot of the Dark Clan’s blood and suffered its effects. Otherwise take a look at Ryouko. She’s so normal. Thanks to Sakura and Seiko’s husband’s efforts, they managed to keep the balance albeit not perfect. That’s why they got the 400 yen curse. At the same time Seiko was also pregnant with Ryouko and placed in the same hospital. It is rumoured Sakura lost her magic and since she was unable to protect the city, Seiko’s husband offered to cooperate with her. But after Shamiko became healthy enough to be discharged, her husband went missing. Actually he is sealed in this very mikan box! A note was left outside their doorstep saying so. At the same time Sakura went missing. After hearing all this, Momo feels very bad. Her sister took away a family’s husband and father. Perhaps they are really mortal enemies after all. Depressed Momo leaves for home.

Episode 12
Seiko admits she never told Shamiko about this because she fears this would put a further strain to her frail body then. She now realizes it wasn’t right to lie to her and should have put her faith more in her. She shows him a picture of dad during their younger days. Boyish looks. So much shorter! Oh my. There is this fear that Shamiko did take after him… When Seiko says she stopped aging after becoming a vassal of dad, Shamiko goes out to find Momo. But she stumbles into Mikan and tells her the truth. Since this is the first time she is hearing, Mikan panics and of course brings a lot of bad luck. Although they brainstorm where to find Momo, Mikan can’t come with her because in her anxiety state, she might make things worse. You’re on your own. Eventually Shamiko manages to find Momo hanging out at a park where she often goes with Sakura. She is here to make a deal with Momo. Give up being a magical girl and be her vassal! Because of the seal placed by a magical girl, the logic behind is that if she stops being one, she can start searching for Sakura without those barriers. Yeah, Shamiko throwing in some freebies like 3 meals and a nap… Momo looks happy since this is Shamiko’s idea and seems resolved to fall to the dark side as long as Shamiko never leaves her alone. However! Something feels amiss. She’ll become weaker if she becomes her vassal, right? Lilith reluctantly admits so Momo flings her away! Now Momo has a new deal. Even if Momo doesn’t become a demon, Shamiko can still look for Sakura in her place, right? All she needs to do is to protect her and make her stronger. She’ll throw in a few protein shakes to go with that! How about this deal! So it’s like status quo, huh? Since it ends in a deadlock, they break for lunch. If only Shamiko can break the popsicle in half to share… Oh dear, need training? Back home, it seems Ryouko never believed mom’s lies about dad being away on some intergalactic business thanks to the crime novels she read. But she is glad to know that dad is imprisoned nearby. As for dad’s real name, it is Joseph! You mean they have Mesopotamia roots? So Tarou Yamada was just an alias, huh? Shamiko writes a challenge letter to Momo. However the teacher believes it is against the law and helps her write some love letter and the contents resembles like a penpal letter. Although she lets Momo read it, it eventually does sound like a challenge letter but her contents are so over the place that Momo doesn’t understand what she wants. So Shamiko wants to ditch practice and hang out to have fun? And boy, to Shamiko’s surprise she turns up in real nice clothes.

How To Train Your Shamiko
Don’t give up, Shamiko! Continue to try your best, Shamiko! Ah yes. It seems status quo seems to be the best ending that Shamiko and Momo as well as the rest of the other characters here could have. Forget about whatever war the Light Clan and Dark Clan are having. Forget about the rivalry between magical girls and demons. Forget about winning and losing. All they need to do is to bolster their friendship right now. Because that is what it looks like it is heading, right? So it’s not just Shamiko who mustn’t give up and try her best. Don’t give up, Momo! Continue to try your best, Momo!

From what we have seen all the while, I believe that Shamiko and Momo just want to be friends rather than becoming real mortal enemies. It feels a lot like that very much from the beginning. You can just tell from their half-hearted threats that they’re not interested in killing or even hurting each other. It’s just some sort of excuse to, uhm, interact. Of course Shamiko being more naïve and emotional, she reacts to almost everything and it might seemed that she is being bullied. I believe her trademark catchphrase of “Don’t think this means you’ve won this time!” is just her way of saying “Goodbye. See you next time” with some emotions.

After all, what kind of mortal enemies would go so far as to help each other so that they could regain their strength and fight each other at full power? Isn’t that what rivals do? I mean, if Shamiko really hated Momo, she wouldn’t have cooked for her and would just let her be and not care about her eating habits. And we do see how Shamiko takes the trouble to come to Momo’s house just to cook a wholesome meal for her. Although it looks like it backfires but that is in the short term, in the long run I believe this has a greater positive effect. I hope.

On the other hand, I also believe that Momo has taken a liking for Shamiko. Just that she is such a poker face girl so you can’t obviously tell she is enjoying her company. Further proof she considers Shamiko her friend: The time when Shamiko hang out with Mikan, that depressed Momo face was just classic. And as said that Shamiko is being such a naïve demon girl, because she is also cute with her reactions, it makes Momo want to tease her even more. That’s why all the strength training I believe isn’t really helping in making Shamiko strong. It wasn’t meant to make her strong in the first place at all! It is just part of some prank routine to be with her ‘friend’. If Momo was serious in her job to hunt down the Dark Clan members, she wouldn’t have been so kind to Shamiko or even lend her laptop to Ryouko who really looks forward to become Shamiko’s tactical advisor. It’s like Momo is digging her own grave, no? Which kind of money lender would have the most flexible repayment scheme ever?! Momo, I want to borrow money from you! Therefore in spite of the different backgrounds they come from and the things they have done, they’re like best friends.

Even Shamiko’s friends, Anri and Shion may come off looking like sadists and troublemakers who love to see Shamiko in trouble. I’m sure they mean no harm with their pranks and silly ideas but like I’ve said about Shamiko being naïve and gullible, the incentive is there to tease her and see her cute reactions. Yeah, best friends, right? Or maybe they could just simply well be sadistic troublemakers who love to see Shamiko in trouble. Yeah, best friends indeed.

Poor Ryouko as the series’ most innocent character, we fear this loli might end up experiencing the biggest disappointment in her life when she learns about the truth. With Shamiko and Momo continuing their charade, it makes it even harder for them to destroy her hopes. See those innocent sparkling eyes filled with hope? Hear her honest innocent voice filled with confidence and hope? See every action she does with earnest sincerity from the heart? Yup. How could anyone bear the fact to tell this girl the truth! Hence the question if they are protecting her or just delaying the inevitable. But I figure that Ryouko being Ryouko, even if the whole truth comes out, it’s not like she’ll turn into a bag of hatred. I mean, there is a very remote possibility but being the smart girl she is, I have faith she wouldn’t. I hope.

Despite the rivalry between the Light Clan and Dark Clan sounding like some epic legendary conflict, I believe that it is all blown up and out of proportion. To put it bluntly, I think they’re all just idiots. In a funny sense, that is. Not sure if time has mellowed them but take a look at Lilith. Instead of being a scary and almighty ancestor, you could say that she is just as idiotic as Shamiko. Must be in the blood and genes, huh? But then again, it could be that with the change in eras, the mind-set started to change alongside the culture. Because back then I believe even the deities didn’t have the luxury of enjoying human technologies like the internet or Smartphone so they can’t troll and do cyber bullying. Of course this is just me assuming and applying a blanket assumption over the entire world and it could be just those in this city are incompetent. But as narrated in the final scene of the final episode, this town is the only town in the world that is being protected and where magical girls and demons coexist peacefully.

So elsewhere, it might still be archaic witch hunt. So whatever actually happened to Sakura is still a big mystery but I guess that is not the point of this series. At least not this season. She might be outside this town, protecting the barrier from Light Clan and Dark Clan alike trying to infiltrate into this peaceful city. But at any rate we’ve discovered Shamiko’s dad’s whereabouts. Yeah, they’ll treat the mikan box kinder next time. Lilith being used as a stopper, paperweight and the likes, yeah maybe this is why she has turned incompetent. And then with Shamiko, Momo and Mikan looking quite complacent and incompetent, I’d say this war isn’t as brutal as it seemed it would be. At least in this city. I mean, heard of any brutal magical girl and demon deaths around?

The lines between a magical girl and demon has been blurred because sometimes you think Shamiko is more like a magical girl while Momo and Mikan are suitable to be demons. For instance, Shamiko’s kind-hearted nature as well as her own magical transformation scene. Seeing all the weird cosplays these days, this kind of revealing outfit is nothing! Haha! On the other hand, Momo sometimes has very dark and shady thoughts that Shamiko often rebukes to be just pure evil. And Mikan’s curse of attracting trouble to others? Doesn’t this fit a demon’s attribute? With the Light Clan using to hunt the Dark Clan for points being brought to light, it just throws into question who the real baddies are. Maybe it’s all that yin yang thingy and both sides exist because of each other. That’s why it isn’t just about the demon girl next door. It is also the magical girl next door.

Artwork and animation feel pretty okay. Nothing to shout about or complain. Everything is bright and colourful. The characters are cutely designed so you can tell from the start that this isn’t some dark themed magical girl series. Oddly, Momo’s magical girl outfit has this uncanny resemblance to Madoka of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica fame. Almost. Just because they’re both overwhelmingly pink and they spot twintails. And I can’t help notice but Shamiko’s devil horns look like mini croissants… I think my stomach is growling… This anime is animated by J.C. Staff who is famous for One Punch Man, Shokugeki No Souma, DanMachi, Little Busters, Shakugan No Shana and Toradora.

Voice acting, I only recognized Sayaka Ohara as Seiko. Not the typical villainess role that I often pigeonholed her to always perfectly play. But sometimes the nicest ladies too like Alicia of Aria The Animation. Initially I mistook Eri Kitamura to be behind to voice of Lilith. I guess I was wrong. Lilith is voiced by Minami Takahashi (Megumi in Shokugeki No Souma). The other casts are Konomi Kohara as Shamiko (Chika in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai), Akari Kitou as Momo (Kaho in Blend S), Hitomi Ohwada as Ryouko (Eagle in Girly Air Force), Tomoyo Takayanagi as Mikan (Oguri Cap in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby), Sayaka Senbongi as Anri (Mumei in Koutetsujou No Kabaneri) and Ayaka Suwa as Shion (Non in Akkun To Kanojo).

The opening theme is Machikado Tangent by Shami Momo (if you haven’t guessed it, it is the duo behind Shamiko and Momo). Pretty generic lively anime pop if you ask me. Nothing that special. As for the ending theme, Yoimachi Cantare by Coro Machikado (the quartet behind Shamiko, Momo, Lilith and Mikan) sounds pretty frantic. It’s like they want to match the somewhat crazy pace of the series but it comes off as weird. Even the animation is pretty weird. You have the characters in chibi format, some demonic monkeys and goat, it’s like one big LSD trip or a very weird cartoonish dream.

Overall, this is a silly but fun anime to watch and it brings back some similarity with Gabriel Dropout because it’s about a fallen race just trying to their best or the minimum to get back up. Despite they fail but you can’t help continue to cheer them on because, well, at least they’re trying. That being said in the loosest form. The cute and humorous interaction between Shamiko and Momo is amusing to watch and breaks the traditional barrier that mortal enemies don’t mean being mortal enemies forever. Whatever beef the ancestors had a long time ago, doesn’t mean future generations should just blindly follow that fate. In this time and age where the rivalry of magical girls and demons are no longer trending (at least the setting of this anime), isn’t being friends a much better alternative? Even if you’re being jerks to each other? That’s what friendship is about, right? Yeah to be honest, I still have my doubts… While other anime series has magical girls and demons still at each other’s throat, at least this one has proven that friendship has succeeded in making both bitter rivals get along with each other. Don’t think this means friendship has won just yet!

The time hath cometh…

A group of fallen angels have been banished by heaven and are now residing in part of hell. Sorry if that synopsis seems misleading and if you get the wrong idea of fallen angels and demons trying to plot revenge against heaven or see the harsh life of the underworld. Because Beelzebub-jou No Okinimesu Mama is really none of that! Instead, we have these fallen angels working and living life like normal humans do in hell? Eh, what? And get this. The rulers and assistants of the governing side are into fluffy and cute things. Like… WTF???!!! WTF is this cutie sh*t?! ~Kyun!

Episode 1
Pandemonium is a place where fallen angels go. With Satan gone, the fallen angels are working hard to keep this place going and is currently the ruler is Beelzebub. Her head attendant, Mullin is distraught she isn’t even ready for an important meeting and goes to get her. Still frolicking naked in bed with those fuzzy Gossamers? Over the next few scenes we see her doing her work diligently but somehow she’ll drift back to her ditzy behaviour and hence a see-saw of emotions from Mullin as one moment he admires her and the next he feels disappointed with this kind of behaviour. It makes him a tsundere. Knowing she likes soft things, he gives her a dress made out of very soft alpaca fur. Instantly she wants to strip and wear it now! Beelzebub than has him kneel. Is he being knighted? Just a pat on his head. She always thought he hated her but is a good boy. All that admiration once more goes down the drain when the next morning as he goes to get her in high spirits, only to see her sleeping naked with Gossamers. Why does it look like she gave up halfway putting her clothes on? Next day as Mullin reads her schedule for today, she starts talking about the things they do as God’s will. This is just an excuse so that she could run back to bed and sleep because it’s God’s will! Too bad she has to go check town. It’s so Japanese-like. And peaceful. Sure this isn’t heaven? Mullin heard how she was a fearsome fighter and assassin but wonders if it was true as she gets owned by the town animals. He tries to remind her but she pouts and doesn’t him getting mad at her. Can’t get mad at her when she’s looking this cute? Mullin’s worst fears come true as Beelzebub gets lost. Yeah, now they’re in this shady part of town but I still can’t bring myself to envision this is hell. Anyway Mullin finds a couple of guys trying to harass her and beats them up promptly. He scolds Beelzebub for making him worry. Back at the palace, Mullin regrets saying harsh things then as Beelzebub ignores him. Actually her heart is still flustering from Mullin worrying about her. Is this love? And more fluffy Beelzebub dreams of candy, lamb and cotton! So nice that no wonder she wants to go back and continue sleeping.

Episode 2
Mullin gives Beelzebub cream puffs. It’s so cute that she can’t eat them. And 5 minutes of break suddenly turns into some fluffy Gossamer wonderland. When Mullin falls down the stairs, he is saved by this manly Azazel. However he finds him somewhat ‘shy’ as he only communicates via signboards. Mullin tries to be observe and follow him in a bid to become manly like him but in all cases it all turns out to be cute stuffs. It is confirmed that Azazel is indeed into cute things when Mullin enters his room. Not what you expect? Azazel explains he isn’t good at communicating and his fierce looks drives others away. Yeah, he is such a sensitive guy that if you say the wrong thing, he feels hurt and cries! Apparently Azazel also knows Beelzebub as he makes dolls for her. Mullin tries to get Azazel’s approval by saying he likes cute things. Azazel hugs him but Beelzebub doesn’t like it and breaks them apart. She keeps repeating Mullin is her assistant. Later Mullin sees an anxious girl outside Beelzebub’s room, Belphegor. He thinks something is wrong with her as she is very scared. Luckily Beelzebub ‘throws’ her into the toilet. As revealed, she has social anxiety and has the urge to urinate. You mean like all the time? Yeah, each time Mullin speaks to her, she runs to the toilet! Endless wave of urination! It gets worse when Azazel is here. In turn, Azazel thinks she is still scared of him. So they try to give Azazel a cute makeover but he looks ‘scarier’ this way. How about smiling? Can’t smile? Think of happy things. Like his cute dolls coming to life. Yeah, he is still frowning even in happiness. As Mullin thinks hard on how to be liked by girls, it turns into a topic of Mullin getting Valentine cookies from only his mom. Sad. Hence Azazel gives him his cookies. After Mullin leaves, Belphegor asks him if Azazel is still scared of her. To calm her down, he gives Azazel’s cookies. This causes her anxiety again. I have my suspicions why Belphegor is always anxious before Azazel and it’s something to do with the matters of the heart, am I right?

Episode 3
While eating at a café, Beelzebub wanted to share her parfait with Mullin but starts overthinking everything since this café is often patron by lovers. Do they look like one? Well, offer is over. Feel like a loser? Then they see a fallen angel attracting the ladies. He is Astaroth and he seems to know Beelzebub and wants her company. Though, Beelzebub is not so fond of him. Too bad she got ‘seduced’ by his fluffy fake wings. Astaroth thinks Mullin did something shady to be Beelzebub’s assistant. So why the flashback of how cute Beelzebub was when she was an angel? I guess it’s to tell some back story how he sided with Beelzebub during the heaven and hell war and got tossed to Pandemonium. With Beelzebub going away in a foul mood, Astaroth goes to find her. She fears she made Mullin sad since they had a fun time together. He hugs her to make her feel better. She returns but looks like she is swamped with paperwork. Astaroth seems to hang out in Beelzebub’s office recently. He analyses Mullin and is glad he is a boring person with no over the top personality. He also observes him serving Beelzebub which he thinks he is like her boyfriend or mother potential. When Astaroth is told to go back to his own office since he has his own female assistant, speaking of her, here she comes! And she fired a warning shot! Sargatanas is actually a sadist and often tortures Astaroth. No wonder he is seeking refuge here. So who is the master and the assistant? Asking if she could have just take him back peacefully, she admits she prefers this method. But she has a ‘weakness’: She likes fluffy things too! Don’t tell anybody. Or you’re dead! After she drags Astaroth away, we see her fluster for a while when Astaroth compliments her and says he likes her (are you referring to her torture?). But then she brushes it off. Is she now a tsundere?

Episode 4
The most important question for Beelzebub: An alpaca or rabbit… Which to hug first?! During a meeting, Mullin notices a beautiful and capable lady, Eurynome. However she gives him that disgusted look. Later when he bumps into her again, again it is that look but soon her face turns cherubic. Noticing she dropped her handkerchief, he goes to return it at the park only for her to tell him to keep his voice down. It seems she is here to spy on young boys on a field trip! OMG. Shotacon! She loves young boys and especially their feet?! But don’t worry, she assures she will not do anything that will harm them. Can we trust a pervert? We see her going back and forth of ‘dying’ from this pleasure but also being revived from it. As well as the angelic face and the devilish one that she has to put up with grown males. But thanks to her imagination, she can imagine any guys as a young boy to get her through the day. Astaroth is here and of course she is disgusted with his flirting. She tries to imagine him as a young boy when Sargatanas pops up to beat the crap out of him. Eurynome gets turned on visualizing an older woman tormenting a young boy? Later Mullin has movie tickets and invites Beelzebub to come with him. Though she is happy, soon he wonders if this is like dating. What has he gotten himself into? Because of that, Beelzebub is up all night and can’t sleep. But next morning, Mullin isn’t at work and she heard he has become sick (I guess he too got excited and ran around town all night). She visits him with Azazel. Since she is clueless how to cook, thank goodness for Azazel. She tries to help by cleaning his sweat but since he refuses, it turns and looks like a rape scene. Mullin decides to give the tickets to Azazel to go with Beelzebub so as not to waste. But she doesn’t look happy. After they leave, shortly after Beelzebub returns and she wants to stay with him a little longer. He agrees since it was getting a bit lonely. Meanwhile Azazel realizes the movie is a horror one! Zombie Guts! WTF?! As Beelzebub watches Mullin sleeps, she can’t help herself and kiss him. Actually, putting her forehead on his. So when she goes back, she is super embarrassed of what she did. She realized she used to easily touch him but now her heart beats fast each time or even getting close. Next day when Mullin is well, looks like Beelzebub is now out sick. I don’t think she caught it from him… Yeah, it’s that love sickness probably raising her temperature.

Episode 5
Azazel brings Mullin to meet the head librarian, Dantalion. But this young boy prefers to sleep and slacks on his job. If he isn’t sleeping, he is reading. He loves reading so much that he skips food! But the total opposite of Dantalion is Molech. This tall noisy guy is just really, uhm, noisy. It seems his only ‘useful’ is to serve as a stepladder so that Dantalion can get books that is high out of his reach. Dantalion is also smart and he could guess what kind of books interest Mullin. But beware if you’re too noisy, he’ll spoil this murder mystery novel for you… Later Eurynome confronts Mullin. She is mad that he is mixing well with this young boy that she is currently stalking. So why tell him not to tell Dantalion that she is here to see him? Shouldn’t she have kept this a secret to herself? Later Mullin discovers that Dantalion could be very old because he has read almost all the books here that could take centuries. Let’s just leave Eurynome in her fantasy… Since Belphegor still has trouble talking to Azazel, her assistant, Camio suggests baking. She enlists Beelzebub’s help but since she too isn’t good, she thinks of calling Azazel. Is this a joke? Thankfully she calls her personal chef, Nisroch. He cooks fast but at the expense of getting his clothes ripped! The girls eventually try making it on their own but you only learn something through trial and error. Why does it look like it is going the yuri way with them getting too close to each other, hugging and even saying I love you?! Once the brownies are done, the real problem emerges. Belphegor now has second thoughts if she could even hand it to him. She even fears he would hate her for it. Yeah, looks like she’ll be visiting the toilet many more times. You won’t know if you don’t try. So finally she sums up all her courage to hand it to him. Azazel is happy enough that his smile sends Belphegor unconscious! I think another visit to the toilet is necessary. Later Beelzebub gives hers to Mullin. He likes it and in return gives her a book he borrowed about fluffy stuffs. What a happy day.

Episode 6
While on her way to a meeting, Beelzebub’s heels got stuck in a gap. Mullin tries to get it out but in her embarrassment and struggle, the heel broke and she accidentally high kicked him! Unable to leave her like this, however Mullin is having a hard time carrying her like a princess or give her a piggyback ride. It’s embarrassing. Somehow he manages to get her back. We are introduced to Adrammelech who is in charge of Beelzebub’s clothing as he makes her new heels. When Mullin asks if she should wear shorter heels, she insists she must wear a taller one. Her secret is that so she would be closer to Mullin and talk to him. Beelzebub remembers God’s lightning struck her down and she found herself in ‘heaven’. A land with all the fluffy Gossamers? Heaven indeed. Beelzebub attends a photo shoot for a magazine and gets interviewed. At times the words she picked could almost reveal her slacking side but thankfully they still sound majestic. When asked about her dislikes, she says there are none. One stormy day when Beelzebub is not in her office, Azazel suggests Mullin to go find her. Although already soaking wet, why is she still cowering there? Mullin realizes she is afraid of the lightning although Beelzebub insists she isn’t. However it becomes more evident that she is really afraid as she huddles close to him the more the lightning flashes. She thinks he will find her disappointing and pathetic but he doesn’t find her so. She hopes this can be their little secret. Later Mullin learns that Azazel also knows of this since they know each other a long time. Mullin can’t help feel disappointed. The article on Beelzebub comes out and she’s quite happy with it. We take a detour to see prehistoric Beelzebub collecting chestnuts and shells with Mullin! This is actually her daydreaming. She might look focused and intense while working but this is all running through her head.

Episode 7
As suggested by the head doctor, Buer, not many are getting enough exercise so a gym is proposed to be installed in the building. However it turned out to be a bath instead. Apparently Astaroth abused his position as finance minister to get this installed. He thinks instead of making more sweaty people, a bath should be nicer! Oh well, what’s done is done. Might as well go in and enjoy. We see the guys getting in and Astaroth fantasizing about the girls talking about boobs. Too bad the other guys are being ‘gay’ with the muscular ones showing off their abs. Astaroth soon becomes desperate to peek at the women’s side. And when he really can’t find a way, he decides to peek at them changing. Mullin tries to stop him but this is what happened. Apparently the moment Astaroth opens the door to the women’s side, Sargatanas is waiting. She knew he would peep and thus the women didn’t get in yet. You mean they waited this entire time?! But this only disheartens Beelzebub as she thinks Mullin is in cohorts with Astaroth to be a pervert. Well, reflect on your crimes while the ladies now enjoy their bath. Later, Beelzebub discovers Mullin had a pet dog named Mitarashi. So cute that she could die? She also learns he has a younger pair of twin sisters. So she wants to call him onii-chan?! But this soon makes her sad as she realizes she knows little about Mullin. I’m sure she would like to know more about him but Astaroth being a busybody trying to practice talking to her as if Beelzebub was talking to Mullin? He asks all the normal questions until that question that made Sargatanas come torturing him (“What colour is your pantsu”). Beelzebub returns to Mullin and she would love to spam him with all sorts of questions that would make he sound like a stalker. So when she manages to eke out a question, it’s “What colour is your underwear”. Damn… Why does Mullin have to embarrassingly answer that?! And so the lesson learnt for Beelzebub is that she doesn’t need to know everything about him.

Episode 8
Sargatanas might look strict and all but deep inside she loves cute things. So when her subordinates mention about a new cute café opening, they think she is not interested but she’s dying to go there. In order not to give herself away, she dresses up suspiciously. Yeah, she stands out even more. Sargatanas is enjoying all the cuteness until Azazel comes by. Oh right. This guy loves cute things too. Awkwardly he shares a table with her. With Sargatanas worrying people will not perceive the way she is, Azazel looks at it from a different point of view. You can see he is all dressed up nicely because he wants to help improve the reputation of this store as the staffs here want them to be happy. Sargatanas is glad she came here today. Meanwhile Beelzebub and Mullin just arrived. She is so awed with everything cute that she bought all the merchandise on sale. Later Beelzebub tells Belphegor that they’ll be going to the beach and of course Mullin and Azazel are invited. As expected, Beelzebub goes into embarrassed pessimistic mode. Eventually she wants Azazel to look cute before Azazel. The first step is to buy a swimsuit and who else better than Adrammelech and his seductive assistant, Morrigan to help them choose. I guess most of the scenes here are about Belphegor being embarrassed at every suggested swimsuit since it shows too much skin. It is ironic since her midriff is always exposed. So she settles for a cute one. Still exposing lots of her skin if you ask me. As for Beelzebub, she thinks this one made out of strings will do but Adrammelech doesn’t even want to recommend it to her. And we have his fashion lesson of the day: Fashion isn’t just about what you look on the outside, but also improving one’s frame of mind. Beelzebub immediately calls Mullin over for his opinion. Of course he is shocked and covers his eyes, prompting Beelzebub to think the string version should be better. With Adrammelech telling the wuss to properly look at her, they’re starting to look like a couple in love. And then beach day… It’s stormy! Oh well, does seeing someone in their swimsuit beforehand jinxed it? Later at the café, Beelzebub finds the food too cute to eat and in turn, Mullin finds this reaction of hers too cute to stomach.

Episode 9
Mullin was gone for a while and when he comes back, he thought Beelzebub slacked and didn’t get any work done. She sulks that she was doing so since he was away. Because of that, Mullin threatens to transfer to the library since Dantalion requested his help. Beelzebub goes into shock mode as Mullin soon finds out Beelzebub has finished her work but was only trolling him. So now it’s his fault? Beelzebub seeks comfort talking to Belphegor. She wonders if Mullin hated her because of that incident putting her forehead on his. Meanwhile Mullin talks to Astaroth and Adrammelech for advice to make up. Perhaps the best way is to buy a gift and say it with flowers? Mullin goes back to talk to Beelzebub. Still sulking. Still putting up that tough act that she’ll be alright if he transferred. Mullin says he will never put in a transfer request and even if he is no longer working with her, they can still meet up. This might have made her feel a bit better but still they’re both feeling pretty awkward for now. Like a lover’s quarrel? Belphegor has a dream where she confessed to Azazel. Is this considered a nightmare? At the library, she thinks of the books he likes to read so she could share his passion. Thoughts of that frog kissing princess made her think if Azazel should always be a frog so she could always be with him?! While deep in her thoughts, she didn’t realize Azazel is there. A big shock has her being clumsy but Azazel protects her. Then a slip of her tongue, she gets embarrassed thinking she confessed that she liked him (suki) but he misinterpreted it as memorandum (shuki). Making it even weirder is that she runs away. To the toilet, I guess. We see our lovable demons on the brink of falling asleep due to working overtime. Like how Astaroth thinks he can get away after checking Sargatanas’ sleeping face. Failed again. Azazel sees Belphegor sleeping and is considerate not to wake her up knowing she will freak out and instead leaves his jacket behind on her. Molech ruins Eurynome’s admiration of Dantalion sleeping by being noisy. Mullin sees Beelzebub’s sleeping face close up and gets nervous thinking about things. As he gets closer, another aide comes in with refreshments, freaks the hell out of him and they go eat in the other room. Actual fact is that Beelzebub was already half awake and pretended to be asleep. Ruing she couldn’t open her eyes and see what Mullin was going to do?

Episode 10
Astaroth is missing from work and once more Sargatanas has to find and bring him back. Sorry to break your date with this cutie but it’s time to get back to work! Poor girl must be traumatized seeing Astaroth getting abused. However Astaroth complains he still wants a break so Sargatanas allows a coffee break by the bench. Because there are couples resting everywhere, this irks her but her mind keeps thinking if she really wants to be close to Astaroth. You know women like her. Mouth say one thing but the heart says another. Eventually she ‘rationalizes’ that she is just watching over this loser. Once it’s time to go back, Astaroth thanks her for always putting up with him and says he loves her. This doesn’t come to her as a surprise as he always says this in the past. It’s probably his pickup line. He then lies on her shoulder and since she didn’t react, he thinks she is always calm. Until he realizes that upset face she is making. Time to really get back to work. Back home, Sargatanas realizes how embarrassed she was just to think about that incident. So is the true answer of her heart? Next day, Astaroth didn’t learn his lesson and is missing from work. Time for Sargatanas to go fetch him back. But this time we can see her smiling. Yeah, she loves her job and her man? It’s a cold day in hell in Pandemonium. Literally. I can understand why Beelzebub is weak with it. Hell is supposed to be boiling hot, right? She can’t stand the cold and is barely functioning but with Mullin around, she gets by. Offering warm pocket patches isn’t enough and seeing her sneeze means her boobs bounce. Nice view? Hence Mullin suggests covering up but it still doesn’t work because those huge jugs are just too huge. Beelzebub didn’t like this either as this means she cannot feel the fluffiness of the Gossamers on her chest. On the way to the meeting room, they spot Molech as a snowman and Dantalion frozen in ice after reading too long in the open! With Beelzebub still cold, Mullin finally wraps his scarf around her. It makes her feel a lot better and perhaps such a cold day isn’t a bad thing. During the meeting she can’t concentrate as she is trying to sniff the scarf? Don’t get caught… Next day, the weather is back to nice and normal but Beelzebub still feels cold? Need something from him? Sorry, Mullin doesn’t get it.

Episode 11
Wow. Belphegor dating Azazel. Too good to be true. Yup. Just a dream. Damn. I guess she doesn’t need the umpteenth lecture from Camio to face her feelings. After a meeting with Beelzebub and as she is about to leave, Azazel enters the door. Immediately she gets freaked out and runs away. It’s that urinating feeling again. Sighs… Meanwhile Azazel thinks he has once again frightened her. Hence for their upcoming tea party, he is considerate to skip it. At the tea party, Mullin learns Adrammelech has got handsome male assistants while Morrigan is the manager of a popular succubus idol group. SCB39?! Mullin asks Adrammelech if he could help make a less scary clothes for Azazel but he isn’t interested. Morrigan wants to help but she is suggesting seducing lessons for Mullin. Adrammelech realizes somebody has drank his wine. The real culprit is Belphegor who thought it was some grape juice. Now she is rushing to toilet for yet another incontinence. However the wine soon overtakes her as she feels drowsy. When Azazel finds her, she thinks this is a dream. So when he wants to leave her, she will not allow it! At least stay by her side until she wakes up! We see Belphegor drunk, getting high and in wonderland. Best dream ever? Yeah, ironically it’s reality. This confuses the hell out of Azazel because she isn’t scared of him and when he wants to ask, she has fallen asleep. He hopes in the future they can be better friends. But for now he brings her back to the tea party where everybody else is shocked to see this. Next day when Azazel and Belphegor bump into each other again, Belphegor doesn’t remember much but was told what happened by the others. She is very embarrassed. But she feels the need to talk to him and clear things up. However in this panicky state, Azazel now assumes she will be even more afraid of him and needs to play it cool. He walks away. Too bad Belphegor misinterprets that as he is avoiding her. There goes her chance. Time to cry her heart out on Beelzebub’s shoulder. One step forward, two steps back. Better luck next time.

Episode 12
When Beelzebub heads to the toilet, she realizes that she almost has her butt exposed. A Gossamer was pulling on her sweater’s yarn and it almost became wardrobe malfunction and indecent exposure! But that is not the reason why she is down. However Mullin thinks he did something wrong. Because that sweater was from Mullin, panicky Beelzebub goes to see Adrammelech to get it fixed. And so he literally weaves his magic to knit them back. So the next day when Mullin wants to find out if he did something wrong, Beelzebub is all smiles and happy. Mullin thinks he might be too self-conscious. With spring here, we hear weird stories from other department on what they do during hanami. Like how Morrigan uses the chicken drumsticks as maracas! And she’s not even drunk! Amazingly, Beelzebub has never been to a hanami. Hence Mullin plans to invite everyone (AKA usual suspects) for this special occasion. The plan is for everyone to bring their own food for a pot luck. However 90% brought KFC just because Beelzebub says she has never had KFC before! Is this a KFC chicken party? And so Nisroch is called in to help cook some other foods. Mullin hands Belphegor cookies made by Azazel. Just holding it has her faint in happiness. She still got a long way to go. When Beelzebub chases a fluttering petal, she didn’t see ahead and crashes into the tree! Is this cute or what?! As Mullin joins her in catching sakura petals, he realizes how everything is ephemeral and everything could be gone in the next second. Suddenly he realizes Beelzebub is missing and panics. Luckily she is just hiding behind a tree. Phew. Is that embarrassing or what? Beelzebub gets embarrassed to hear about it so they start chasing each other around the tree? WTF?! Is this cute or what?! Eventually Beelzebub can’t catch a petal (what?!) so Mullin gives her his. Good for you. What is this feeling developing in her heart… But time to pack up and go back to work. A few days later, Beelzebub and Mullin have their own weird petal catching around a tree. This scene is either cute or WTF. Or both. Their other assistants watch but I guess they don’t say anything because they get to drink free and watch this adorable show.

Fluffy Wonderland Paradise
And so our characters continue to frolic and have happy days together in Pandemonium. Are you sure this is hell? Maybe this is some part of heaven that we don’t know. Or maybe this is Earth and the aftermath of some giant nuclear fallout. After millennia of dystopia, the beings have picked up the slack and slowly turned into utopia. No? Are you sure? Okay. Ironically for a great place like that to have such a name that is a total opposite of what it means.

If you don’t like animes with very confusing plot or the kind of storyline that you have to use your brains and think, I guess this one would really fir your taste. There is absolutely no real plot to follow as we just see the daily lives of our fallen angels and demons. All in a very cute and lovable manner. Aww, so cute. So adorable. So boring? Well, I suppose the intention is to make our hearts fluffy and go fuwafuwa with all the cuteness spamming in our face. Hence with the lack of any such plot, the only ‘plot’ that I find very interesting is during Beelzebub’s fear of lightning. It would have been a lot more interesting if this part of the story is fleshed out. Because I am really curious to see how everyone in Pandemonium got kicked out of heaven in the first place. I really wanted to see that war between heaven and hell that lead to all this. It is the only thing that I really wanted to see more. But I guess it would be to unbearable for a harmless series like this so it is back to more fluffy remedy. Damn, it would be too much and shocking if our characters suddenly turn out to be secretly planning to wage a revenge war against heaven! And all this having fun is just a ruse to bluff heaven and hide their ultimate plan! Gasp! Luckily it’s not like that, right? Yeah, I think forever fuwafuwa is the best then.

Hence the setting of this series is somewhat mind boggling. Because our perception of hell is such a horrible and terrifying place but yet when you see Pandemonium, it feels like one of the best places to live ever! Possibly even better than heaven! I guess heaven is no fun when God is so uptight and strict about his rules. Heh. It’s just mind boggling to think that when these fallen angels are casted down, it’s like God was considerate enough to give them a calm and peaceful land. Here, you fallen angels. This is some nice empty plot to live the rest of your lives. So take care, bye. Yeah, it somewhat felt like that and hence why Pandemonium is such a peaceful place. But I could be mistaken as the series is set mainly in the governing palace and not in the actual towns of Pandemonium. Yeah, there are shady parts of town that resembles a lot like the human world. Just reminds me of Soul Society in Bleach. Everybody who dies get to live their afterlife Japanese style. And I don’t know which country represents Pandemonium because I heard that they have another branch in France. FRANCE?! Like, WTF?!

And because of how Pandemonium resembles Earth so much, I was wondering if KFC actually bought hell. I thought it was f*cking obvious product placement since we have that logo and famous brand mentioned several times in the final episode even if it is just for a few seconds. Oh my. KFC has finally succeeded where other fast food brands like McDonalds and Pizza Hut fail. Yeah, you can say KFC conquered hell! And to answer my question in the previous paragraph, I am starting to believe Pandemonium takes after Japan because I noticed the currency they used is based on yen.

There are probably a few more questions that I would like to ask about all this here since you know, my normal perception of hell is just so different than this. And with animes throughout the years having their own interpretations of hell but mostly still a scary place even if the demons are the ‘good guys’, this fluffy underworld just seems so out of place and conflicting with my stereotypes. The more I continue to watch all the peaceful times in Pandemonium and all the frolicking the characters can afford to have, the more I feel that this isn’t really hell. I hope at the end of the day, this series isn’t going to make you think that hell is such a wonderful place to be and hence you want to really be here when you kick the bucket. And then I just realized this: If that is the case, could it be all the fluffy cuteness is just hell’s way of recruiting and drawing you to choose their side?! No way!

Series that lack any sort of story to tell will have to rely heavily on the characters to keep it fun and fresh. Yes, they are cute and amusing in their own ways. But as I have said that I have my own stereotypes on fallen angels and demons, the more I see them frolicking and having fun, the more I get conflicted if they are really fallen angels and demons. I mean, really? Names like Beelzebub, Azazel and Astaroth are from truly evil demons. And then you have this Beelzebub who is so into cute things and acting like a young girl falling in love, this Azazel who is a taciturn guy who likes cute things, and this Astaroth who is like a slacker and playboy, it really makes you raise an eyebrow or two. And these characters feel like ordinary people because they don’t have any sort of supernatural powers. Just ordinary plain citizens and denizens of Pandemonium. Did God strip them of it when he banished them from heaven?

Like Beelzebub and Mullin who are trying their best on a daily day to day basis to get things done. But Beelzebub just wants to slack, frolic around and do all the cute stuffs she enjoys and if not for Mullin who keeps constantly reminding her, I’m sure Pandemonium would have fell into a regressive state. So thank goodness, right? They aren’t perfect but they do complement each other after being with each other so long, you wonder if they really fall in love with each other, would it constitute to conflict of interest. Maybe they’ll get the job done faster, maybe love will get in the way of getting any work done. But we definitely would like to see them together. Because the way they blush with each other and hearing their own thoughts of how cute the other is, it’s just too cute and funny. At the end of the day, both give each other the motivation to face a day’s worth of work.

Then there is this odd pair of Azazel and Belphegor. Strangely, this pairing somewhat reminds me of another similar pair in Denki-gai No Honya-san. Remember Sommelier and Fu Girl? Yeah… I wonder if it is a coincidence. Big taciturn guy and a very shy petite girl. Only difference is that Azazel does a Gintama’s Elizabeth by communicating with signboards (does he prepare them beforehand or does he write super fast?) and Belphegor doesn’t get overly excited after watching zombie flicks but instead has the urge to go to the toilet. I somewhat feel this pairing won’t have a chance in advancing an inch compared to Beelzebub and Mullin. With Belphegor flustering just at the sight of him and Azazel just thinking of being friends and blaming himself to be scary, looks like this running joke will become annoying if it carries on without any decent progress. But I guess some of us like super flustering girls like Belphegor. Oh so kawaii.

The other third pairing is Astaroth and Sargatanas. You can tell that a strict woman like her who keeps beating up this idiot day in day out, there is bound to be some sort of romance, right? Yeah well, if this is the way they show their (twisted) love for each other, so be it. I mean, this is how this pair functions, right? It would be odd if one day Astaroth just stops his playboy ways and slacking and Sargatanas would then stop beating him up and bring him back. So I’m guessing that Astaroth purposely do all this so that Sargatanas could come fetch him. Because he subtly knows she likes him and this is the only way she could be justify to be with him. For that same reason why I can think this guy acts like as though he is interested in Beelzebub. So that it gives Sargatanas some sort of justification for her actions towards him. Or maybe he just likes to get beaten up by her.

The other characters are okay and add some spice but don’t really matter much. Like Dantalion who has this looks on his face that says he wished he wasn’t here doing this library job and would rather have his sleep. I guess geniuses need their sleep too. Then you have the complete opposite in Molech who seems to be the other idiot and offer some comic relief with his liveliness. And Eurynome being a shotacon feels more like a side running joke than anything significant. I think there is a missed opportunity to call her Shota-nome than Yuri-nome… Adrammelech and Morrigan aren’t significant too and feel like they could have been done without. But it is better than other nameless assistants serving under Beelzebub. Oh wait. They have names too. But I forgot because they’re so unimportant. Heh. And finally I wonder if those cute fluffy mascot Gossamers, where do they come from? Are they the natural creatures inhabiting Pandemonium? Because this place is full of them. Don’t you just want to hug and cuddle them and take a few home with you? It would be devastating if there is a plot twist that says they are actually some sort of soul sucking demons. Because you see all the fluffiness are just a hallucination they give out before they suck your life force dry! Horror! But can I still pet and hug one of those?

As you would have expect, the art and animation feels so fluffy and cute. All the characters look so cute and kawaii while maintaining their overall simplicity. The overall tone and hue of the series is quite light as well as colourful, hence making you really confused and wonder if this is really the hell you always thought it was. With its clean animation, the only thing ‘unclean’ are Beelzebub’s boobs and cleavage left exposed in the name and taste of a certain someone’s fashion. I’m confused. Can I call those boobs fluffy and cute? Animated by Lindenflims, the art style seems almost familiar like Koi to Uso but without the overly big bug-like eyes.

Voice acting I only recognized Kikuko Inoue as the narrator (she sounds like having fun with her dreamy voice doing the punch lines) and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Astaroth. I didn’t realize it was Aoi Yuuki as Dantalion as she is using a low voice. Yup, for the umpteenth time, hear me blame Aho Girl for the start of the trend for Aoi Yuuki to start voicing such young boys’ role now. One thing I would like to point out about Misaki Kuno who plays Belphegor. Because of her squeaky high pitched voice and because her character is constantly flustering and panicky, I can’t help think that she sounds like coming out from a porn shoot! It just rubs me the wrong way. It just feels weird. Sure, blame my perverted mind but that squealing sure makes her sound she belonged in some hentai. Well, I guess she specializes in loli roles like Momo in 3-gatsu No Lion, Elfnein in Senki Zesshou Symphogear series and Serara in Log Horizon. Oh, she is also the voice of a certain pig in Nanatsu No Taizai. Yeah, now the squealing sounds so familiar. The other casts are Saori Oonishi as Beelzebub (Eriri in Saekano), Rikuya Yasuda as Mullin (Taishi in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss), Satoshi Hino as Azazel (Gauche in Black Clover), Ai Kakuma as Sargatanas (Rossweisse in High School DxD), Chinatsu Akasaki as Eurynome (Alice in Shokugeki No Souma), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Molech (Hisui in K), Masaya Onosaka as Adrammelech (Momoshiro in Prince Of Tennis) and Aya Suzaki as Morrigan (titular character in Tamako Market).

The opening theme is Pink Lemonade by Sangatsu No Phantasia. A lively anime music. Nothing really special. Didn’t feel fluffy hearing this one until I heard the ending theme. Akuma De Koiwazurai by the trio behind Beelzebub, Belphegor and Sargatanas has all the fluffy cutie feel probably because this lively piece has the girls singing in their cute voices. There are a few cute BGMs as well but the one that really caught my attention is the main one that somehow reminds me of Bee Gees’ Melody Fair! It sounds really close to it but now I can’t get Melody Fair out of my head! Every time I watch this series and hear this BGM, I unconsciously hum this 1969 song in my head! Even after finishing watching the episode! The BGM isn’t all that bad but it’s not that I am obsessing over it either. And now I’m trapped with the Bee Gees’ piece in my head. Oh no… Here I go again… Who is that girl with the crying face looking at millions of signsMelody Fair won’t your comb your hairYou can be beautiful too

I don’t know if this is one of those series that helps to purify and cleanse your soul like Aria The Animation and Amanchu. Yeah, everything is so adorable and cute that the irony of your tainted soul being cleansed by these kawaii fallen angels and demons. You might be in danger of dying from overdose of fluffiness. This series is simple and relaxing, for those who want to get away from all the crappy quality anime series out there or those filled with controversial and cliché stuffs of excessive violence and cheesy fanservice. But with all the cuteness and fluffiness in every scene, this series isn’t entirely a fluff. It might not be your cup of tea but hey, it is how Miss Beelzebub likes it. Slow, easy and relaxing. And with lots of cute fluffiness.

High School DxD Hero

September 8, 2018

Holy titties! I never would have expected it. That the High School DxD franchise would be given another season. After the fiasco and disappointing season, it was safe to say that it wasn’t going to get another season. But 3 years later, here we are having this surprising fourth season, High School DxD Hero. Do they think fans have forgotten? After all, 3 years isn’t particularly a long time but maybe it is so in anime terms. And since I have forgotten a lot about this series except for the fact that a boy wants to be harem king and has this privilege of touching boobs from his harem and also fighting demons to protect them (sure, there are other bits of details I remember from this series but ecchi fanservice is what I and mostly all of us would prominently remember), I suppose it is time to forgive and give them a chance to make amends and move on. Okay, seriously, we’re here for the tits, right?

Episode 0
This episode supposedly ‘fixes’ the deviation. From last season after Issei defeated Diodora, the latter is killed off by Shalba. Issei sinks into further depression when is told Asia has been erased from this dimension. This turns his Juggernaut Drive berserk as Issei is now in his Red Dragon armour (not sure to what evolution he powered up) and destroying everything. He pounds Shalba and even kills him! But still, he continues to go berserk and at this rate, he will deplete his own life force. Here comes Vali and his men. Surprise or not, they found Asia totally by chance floating in another dimension. Convenient. Yeah, she’s still alive. Totally convenient. Their focus now is to save Issei but they can’t even get near him. Vali hints there is one way to snap him out. Everyone staring at Rias’ tits. Who’d knew the answer is so simple. The problem is approaching him. One way to approach a rampaging dragon is an ancient melody. Fear not. Because here comes Irina with a giant projector as she plays that children’s dragon boobs song!!! With Issei reacting to it, now it is Rias’ chance to let him touch her nipples. And just like that, Issei returns to normal. Flanked and hugged by his girls, Issei sees Asia and is about to hug her only to be usurped by an emotional Xenovia. Like how rainbows in the sky is a sign of a good ending, this series’ ‘rainbow’ is the appearance of the Great Red. Vali reminds us it is his dream to defeat him. Even Ophis pops up to say hi for a while. Vali and Issei make a vow to return stronger and settle their score another day. A sign to go home with Issei collapsing from exhaustion. Issei keeps his promise to team up with Asia for the 3-legged race. With him further exhausted, Asia heals him. Bonus for Issei because she kisses him and confesses she loves him. Now he collapses from happiness. I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOU, ISSEI!!!!!!!

Episode 1
What a way to start the episode. Since Issei will be going on a field trip to Kyoto, Akeno wants to f*ck him so as to fill up her loneliness while he is gone. It’s just 2 days, right? Of course Rias won’t allow it but since there is also competition from Koneko and Asia, Rias does a boobs slam in his face! I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOU, ISSEI!!! Later, Koneko ups the ante with her skinship healing technique and suggests some amorous techniques. That’s a weird way of saying sex. Of course, no sex if you follow the school rules. Rias and her subordinates visit her family to report. Discussing with Sirzechs, they suggest the removal of several unnecessary rules for the Rating Game so that both sides can go all out. Sairaorg wants to spar with Issei. We see both of them trading powerful punches that could easily rip the place apart. Asia then shouts out about the need for Issei to power up by touching boobs. With everyone agreeing and double confirming about his boobs relying power (why does it sound to make him embarrassed), Rias embarrassingly offers her boobs to be touched. Issei would gladly take up this offer but Sairaorg ends the match. As this would mean Issei would be showing his trump card, he believes Issei is still trying to reach for new heights. He hopes they can settle it all in their upcoming Rating Game. Before they leave, Millicas throws Issei the question if he would still call Rias as buchou once she graduates. Issei is too excited for the trip that he can’t sleep. With Rias giving him ultimate boobs smothering fanservice, he can’t sleep even further. Boobs are better than coffee in keeping you awake. At the train station, Rias gives Issei 2 ‘gifts’. First, a special pass to allow him to enter all those holy temple places that Kyoto is so famous for (remember, Issei is a demon). Second, a great goodbye kiss for the road.

Episode 2
Issei enters the consciousness of his Sacred Gear. There are many former Red Dragon users but they are now mostly like vegetable mode. One of them looks like a boy his age and just like the rest was overwhelmed by his own strength and perished. Ddraig introduces Issei to Elsha who was the partner to Belzard, the most powerful Red Dragon Emperor who defeated 2 White Dragon Emperors by himself. She gives him a box and a key that supposedly holds his Red Dragon Emperor potential. However he must take responsibility once he opens it. It’s like a Pandora’s Box. So he opens it but he doesn’t remember what it is as he returns to reality. Furthermore, he lost it! Ddraig assures because of their strong bonds, it will come back to him eventually. I think we get a hint of what it is. Because Matsuda is fondling Motohama’s ‘boobs’!!!! So gay!!! Even when they reach Kyoto, Issei sees a random guy trying to fondle a random woman’s boobs. During the shrine visit, Issei is attacked by a fox girl, Kuno and her youkai minions. She accuses him of kidnapping her mom and wants her back. Issei doesn’t know what she is talking about but she doesn’t believe him. With the help of Xenovia, Irina and Asia, they stave off the attack but Kuno vows to be back. Back in the hotel, not sure why Issei is hanging out alone in his room (wasn’t he supposed to watch porn with his friends?!), so he decides to go peek on the girls bathing. Rossweisse gets in his way. Ally or not, nothing is going to stop him from peeping at boobs! From the guy who naturally gets to see Rias and Akeno’s boobs every day. Issei defeats he with his Dress Break. There goes the cheap cute jersey she bought. All for the sake for our fanservice pleasure. More fanservice pleasure as we take a detour watching Rias and Akeno getting into a boob challenge, arguing Issei likes their boobs better. During dinner, Issei learns from Serafall that the current head of the youkai clan is missing. This explains the attack and Chaos Brigade is most likely behind this infiltration. Azazel will do his best about the situation and wants the kids to enjoy the field trip.

Episode 3
Flashback shows after the 3-legged race, Issei and Rias fought a member of the Chaos Brigade’s Hero Faction. Although defeated, he turned into some shadow. During the Kyoto sightseeing, Issei and co are surrounded by the youkai. Rossweisse says this is as instructed by Azazel to bring them to the youkai world. Kuno apologizes to them for jumping the gun without doing any investigations. Discussing about their missing head, Princess Yasaka who is also Kuno’s mom, they believe Chaos Brigade is definitely behind the kidnapping since the underworld real doesn’t know anything about this. They show a picture of how Yasaka looks like so that we can have Issei fantasize lewd things with her! That night when Issei’s buddies came to his room to bug him, he hides inside the closet with Asia. Cue for some romantic moments and Asia to kiss him because she isn’t satisfied Rias gave him one before the trip. Their unholy act is discovered by Xenovia and Irina who also want in on this. Xenovia has no qualms for them taking turns to kiss him as well as make babies! Oh sh*t. Girls struggling to f*ck him? I guess that’s why this tight closet space is the excuse for more ‘close quarter skirmish’. Rossweisse and her reinforcements are waiting for Issei to show up. Well, they got Matsuda and Motohama good. Sensing something amiss that Issei is no show, she realizes something is wrong when Asia and co aren’t in the bath. She rushes down to Issei’s room and catches them all with their pants down in an unholy orgy. Next day, Kuno makes good on her promise to give Issei’s groupie a tour of Kyoto as repentance. On the bridge, suddenly they are transported to another dimension. Kuno recognizes this purple mist that is believed to have kidnapped her mom. Before them is Chaos Brigade’s Hero Faction.

Episode 4
The leader of Hero Faction, Cao Cao admits of kidnapping Yasaka for an experiment. He is here to greet and spar with them. He has Leonardo materialize several anti-monsters for Issei’s side to fight. Thanks to Issei making strategic moves, they are easily dealt with. Azazel fights Cao Cao as he now understands why Hero Faction sent assassins to various camps. It is to obtain data to create the best anti-monster, Colossus that is capable of obliterating the Gods. After done with the anti-monsters, Issei’s side fight Siegfried. He has 3 arms? Each wielding a legendary sword? Azazel questions Hero Faction’s move now. Cao Cao explains it is to unearth human’s full potential. Of all the races, humans have always been the ones capable of eliminating those at the top. They want to see how far they can push this limit while remaining human. The giant Gogmagog, a weapon once created by the Gods pops up. It is sent by Le Fey Pendragon from Vali’s side to give Cao Cao a warning. Pendragon is a fan of Issei and wants to shake his hands. Damn, I thought she was going to let him touch her boobs. After Gogmagog falls and Rossweisse realising a flurry of attacking beams in her drunken stupor, Cao Cao ends the fight. He invites them to watch their experiment tonight where he will use Yasaka to conduct something on Nijou Castle. Back at the hotel, Azazel assigns roles to them in taking down Hero Faction and rescuing Yasaka. He will also enlist the help of some professionals since it is unknown how many dangerous guys Cao Cao will bring. Azazel also assigns Saji to be on Issei’s side to restrain him in case the latter goes berserk. Later Azazel returns a pink gem to Issei. Apparently this is his escaped potential from the box that went berserk groping women all over Kyoto. So it’s all his fault to begin with. Issei asks Azazel on what it means to be a hero since it was one of his goals. I thought he wanted to be harem king? The mist covers the land and separates Issei from the rest (he only has Kuno as company). He faces off with that shadow dude again. So if Issei can’t touch the shadow but the shadow can touch and restrain him?

Episode 5
Issei’s flames burns him. Time for the loser to rant about Sacred Gear discrimination that he doesn’t mind being a puppet for somebody because it gives his life meaning. But since he isn’t main character, we don’t give a damn. I guess we’re done with the warm up match so Issei reunites with the rest as they prepare to face Cao Cao and his men. He has Georg turn Yasaka into a giant youkai fox. His experiment is to summon Great Red with this fox and the city’s power. Not sure about this power showing from Xenovia because it’s like to show us she has a new sword, Ex-Durandal (Excalibur x Durandal) and wipes out almost half the city! Good thing this is the alternate dimension. Now we see some matchups, Siegfried fighting both Xenovia and Yuuto, Jeanne choosing Irina, Heracles against Rossweisse while Saji in his Prism Dragon form take on the fox. We see the Hero Faction’s Balance Breaker with Siegfried able to have maximum 6 arms with 6 different swords, Jeanne making a dragon out of holy swords and Heracles just being spiky and shooting missiles. Issei could have died from Cao Cao’s lethal attack but uses his Phoenix Tears to heal. He strikes back and does some lethal damage but is shocked to see Cao Cao also possessing a Phoenix Tears to heal up. Issei takes another devastating blow so he wants Ddraig to fix the armour. At this points, all his comrades lost. Even the serpent lost to the snake. Time for Issei to lose hope and lament how weak and useless he is at crucial points. Don’t worry. Here comes Elsha ex machina. After telling him that potential thingy, he must unleash his own potential with that gem. Uh huh. His own set of boobs. You heard that right. So the gem materializes boob zombies?! Actually these are the wills of all those who became boob molesters because of him and their desires materialized into a human form. Yeah, there are so many of them! Finally all of them combine as Issei summons his set of boobs. Whose set? Rias! Yeah, she was in the middle of changing her underwear.

Episode 6
Elsha guides Issei on how to pinch her boobs! I’m sure Rias is shocked and confused but since it’s Issei, she’ll give him a free pass for now. Upon pressing her tits, is this the best orgasm she ever felt? She is transported back to where she is while Issei receives a massive boost. Feel the power just bursting from within! All because of buchou’s boobs! Heck, he even has a last vision of Elsha giving her final blessing as well as Belzard’s final words of pinching and twirling? Aren’t those the lyrics to Issei’s dragon boobs song? With this new power, Issei is faster, tougher and can change between modes quickly to pound Cao Cao. Thanks to his Sacred Gear, Cao Cao survives without much damage. Cao Cao notes his move is illegal (compared to some chess move) but Ddraig sees it as some 3-pronged attack. Before the fight continues, here comes Yu Long the Mischievous Dragon along with Son Goku. He has a bone to pick with Cao Cao. We see Goku’s tremendous power in handling Cao Cao and his subordinates while Yu Long tames the fox. Cao Cao and co is about to retreat but Issei fires a powerful shot in his face. This makes Cao Cao very mad and wants to retaliate but upon realizing they are at their limits, they back out for now. It’s redundant to tell him to be stronger than Vali. He is going to do that. Issei and Goku unleash some power so Kuno could talk to her mom and return her to her buxom human form. All is fine as well. Lots of thanking before Issei’s party leave for home. Issei’s only regret is that he couldn’t touch Yasaka’s boobs. I guess buchou’s boobs weren’t enough. Speaking of which, back home the group gets reprimanded by Rias but after Azazel explains about the new power he received, I guess she’ll let it slide. Azazel also informs that Ravel will soon be transferring to their school as she has now taken interest in Japan (who wouldn’t?). Now they have to prepare for the upcoming school festival as well as the Rating Game with Sairaorg.

Episode 7
Issei puts up a splendid stage performance as Oppai Dragon! It’s really a hit! The kids love him! Even doing that signature twirling and pinching finger movements?! What are they teaching kids these days?! Fanservice moments at the backstage as Irina has to replace the announcer who sprained her foot. The dress is so tight that her boobs literally rips it apart! As though like they’re screaming they don’t want to be constraint by it. Cue for Irina to do an unholy activity of smothering her boobs on him. Cue for other girls to come in to do the same because all their boobs belong to him. Wow. A plethora of boobs! Issei you lucky bastard! Until Rias tells them to get ready for the next stage. After the show, Issei personally signs an autograph for a boy who turned up late for the event, Rirencs. Rias’ mom comes by to congratulate their splendid play. She also has Issei think about advancing his relationship with Rias. Time to stop calling her buchou? Ravel has officially transferred but she is quite meek instead of being prideful because she is nervous and not used in dealing humans? Gee, so around demons she knows she’s like a, uhm, demon? Issei thought of Koneko showing her around to help ease her anxiety but looks like a storm is brewing instead. Rias requests Issei to come with her as the butler of Sairaorg’s mom has a personal request. She tells him the story of Misla Bael, who hails from one of the 72 pillars of the demon clan. After she gave birth to Sairaorg, the joy was short-lived as he had no magic powers. They became scorned by the clan. She raised him within the Bael area and despite the Gremory clan offered to take them in, they were rejected. She took care of him tirelessly until she became sick with a terrible demonic illness. Now in a deep coma, the butler hopes that Issei’s power of communicating via boobs would wake her up. Yes, he has their permission to touch her boobs. But in the end, despite pushing himself past his Balance Breaker, she still sleeps. Understandably he is depressed. Sairaorg comes to see him to thank him after hearing what happened. But they both assure that this past will not stop them from going all out with each other at their upcoming Rating Game. Rias notes Issei looks like a worthy man now. But he is still the same oppai pervert, right?

Episode 8
Rias’ team is practising for the Rating Game. However they have to stop and reserve some energy since there is a press conference tomorrow. Yes, their match is highly publicized and will be watched all over. I suppose that is why Issei is surprised when Saji tells him his side his having a Rating Game against the Agares clan at the same time but it is so low key and everybody else is paying attention to Rias-Sairaorg Rating Game. At the press conference, the press seems to hound Issei on boobs! Is he going to poke Rias’ boobs?! A slip of his tongue and the media goes into a frenzy bombarding him with boob questions that just makes them uncomfortable and embarrassed. Even Sairaorg throws in his own cheeky comments. While Issei is reflecting in the sauna, here comes hot naked Rias wanting to get down and dirty with him! Is this the moment where Issei would finally lose his virginity? But all of a sudden… The moment he calls her buchou, she loses her mood and leaves enraged. Oh my. All it takes was a title for a boner to a downer. It is a bit awkward when the duo meet for their strategy meeting. As Azazel is appointed their advisor, Sairaorg has Diehauser Belial who is a former Rating Game champion. After the meeting, Ravel’s mom drops a line to say hi to her daughter as well as hoping Issei would take care of her. Who else better than the Red Dragon Emperor himself, right? With Issei agreeing and mom hoping Ravel to improve her relationship with him, it looks like this is giving Rias the worries. So she asks Issei and some of them if they would protect her. Of course. Then she asks Issei what she is to him. Buchou is always buchou. That’s it. That taboo word has Rias calling him an idiot as she runs away. All the ladies agree it is Issei’s fault although he (and yours truly) are clueless in how he messed up. I’m sure it has something to do with their long standing bonds together but I just can’t piece the pieces together… Dang, a woman’s heart is so hard to understand! Even more so a devil woman so to speak!

Episode 9
We hear Issei reflecting on himself. Basically he wants them to be more than just master-servant relationship but fears Rias doesn’t share the same feelings. One wrong move and it’s all over. Yeah, understanding women is hard. Apparently Akeno, Koneko and Asia overheard this so they also share his sympathy. In order to be fair to them, they will equally share their love. Oh man. Is it this early to get naked tits treatment? Fine with me! Let the sexual healing begin! But Asia senses Issei still has some feelings for Reinare. He notes she is his first girlfriend and killed him. In the end he had to kill her and he doesn’t want to feel such ever again. With everyone reassuring their love for him and always be together, let’s put aside the tears and continue our sexual healing. And then Xenovia and Irina had to pass by and see this unholy act. They too want in on the action. The real struggle begins. Yeah, it’s really hard to understand women. Rias’ team are at the hotel and are met with Hades. So Greek Gods like Poseidon are even coming to see this tournament? Rias gets an important advice from Riser about believing in her teammates as well as leaving Ravel in their care. This guy is so much on their side now. More booster for Issei as Sirzechs sees him to let him watch a video of young kids who are fans of Oppai Dragon cheering on him. Tons of fan letters too. As of before the start of the match, we are being briefed over the format of the game. Looks like it isn’t battle royale like I knew it from last time. Both kings will roll the dice. Their total value will determine what kind of pieces they can put forth into the match (each chess piece has a corresponding value like Pawns = 1 and Rooks = 5, so forth). Those who represent multiple pieces like Issei who represents 8 Pawns will be worth 8 points. Both sides roll to a total of 3. This means they can either only use a Knight or Bishop (Sairaorg’s Pawns are also held by the same person). Rias chooses Yuuto for this battle. His opponent is, uhm, also a full-fledged knight. Gee, it’s really the battle of the Knights.

Episode 10
Here are this episode’s Rating Game highlights:

Match 1: Yuuto vs Beluka Furcas (and Altobrau the horse): As dubbed the battle of the Knights, both sides clone themselves for an all-out melee battle that ends with Yuuto being victorious. First blood to Rias’ camp!

Match 2: Rossweisse-Koneko vs Liban Crocell-Gandoma Balam: The duo try their best against the gravity swordsman and discount Thing. In the end, Rossweisse miscalculated her attack and although got both her opponents, Koneko bore the brunt of Gandoma’s final attack. Rossweisse’s survival meant that Rias’ team wins but Koneko and like those who have lost cannot be featured in future matches.

Match 3: Issei vs Coriana Andrealphus: Dubbed the battle of the sexy! Sairaorg thinks this trump card has what it takes to nullify Issei’s perverted powers. True enough, she starts a striptease show and slowly undresses! Issei could have finished her with a single power move but he cannot attack a lady while undressing! Damn perverted pride. However this is the deal breaker. Coriana starts taking off her panties first before her bra! Issei does not approve of this order and fires away! WTF???!!! So he prefers to see the boobs first before her vagina/ass?! What a ‘terrible’ match…

Match 4: Xenovia-Gasper vs Ladora Bune-Misteeta Sabnock: The plan is to have Gasper support Xenovia as she takes on the offensive. However she got cursed by the priestess and is now being hunted by malnourished-guy-turned-mighty-dragon. As Gasper’s healing takes time, against everyone’s wish and to show how manly and useful he is, he becomes bait and sacrifices himself. Yup, we see Gasper getting owned by the duo. With Gasper not giving up, it’s supposed to make us cheer for him and pull our heartstrings. In the end, they focused too much on vampire boy and Xenovia has enough time to recover and blast them away. Too bad Gasper is out, though.

Match 5: Akeno vs Kuisha Abaddon: The battle of the Queens and the fastest! After watching Gasper’s feat, the other Rias members are resolved to lower their opponent’s fighting strength. Yup, this means Akeno lost in this black hole match quickly although I don’t see her dealing much damage to Kuisha.

Match 6: Yuuto-Rossweisse-Xenovia vs Sairaorg: Oh, time’s up for this episode. But we know how this will turn out, right? Yeah, just a warm up match for Sairaorg…

Episode 11
As expected, Sairaorg wipes the floor with them. Though with all their might they put up challenge and eventually cut off an arm of his, they are still no match and are defeated. Issei is so mad that his next match with Kuisha, he doesn’t even think of groping her and quickly defeats her! Actually, had not Sairaorg ordered her to withdraw, Issei would have killed her with his punch! OMG! Issei the killer???!!! Because of the dumb rules, Sairaorg suggests discarding it and have a team match with the remaining members. Approved of course since it is getting too predictable and boring. So we’re starting off with a power punch from the guys already? While the duo duke it out, Sairaorg’s only member left turns into his true form, a giant golden lion. Some legend about it being a battle axe whom Sairaorg found after its original wielder was killed by bandits. He faces off with Rias. I wonder what Asia is doing since she is the only other member left. Don’t want to get in the way maybe? Issei beats up Sairaorg after taking advantage of his weakness that was made known by his comrades in the previous match. But this is interrupted when the lion has mauled Rias and she will bleed to death. Issei uses his Phoenix Tears to save her. The lion wants Sairaorg to wield him but he refuses. This is when Issei reminds him of their promise to go all out with each other, not holding back any punches. Sairaorg fuses with the lion to become a golden armour! Saint Seiya???!!! Yeah, Issei gets owned. Hence he is before the council of past failed Red Dragon users who are forcing him to use the Juggernaut Drive. Issei is on the verge of giving in until he hears his fans Oppai Dragon fans’ motivation! Led by Irina, it’s damn weird to hear the entire stadium with kids shouting out boobs. With that, Issei fights back against the council. He won’t give in to resentment and become a tyrant because he is a lecher. Then this guy pops up, supposedly one of the past White Dragon user tells him to try it out because if anything happens, he’ll save him. Gee, thanks for the assurance. With Issei giving the council hope about the future (not to mention thinking about boobs and the woman he loves), Issei takes his transformation of his Red Dragon armour to the next mighty level.

Episode 12
So we see Issei not only powering up but confesses to the entire world he loves Rias. If he draws his power from love, so be it. So the epic punching begins. Until Sairaorg falls. He could have stayed down if not the ghost of his mom tells him to get up?! At least not the cliché power of friendship. The punching continues but Sairaorg takes more beating until Issei loses his armour because he overuses his power? Issei would have continued with his own bare fists until he realizes (as well as the plot script) Sairaorg has passed out a long time. Only his will made him continue to fight. Issei cries manly tears for his manly heroics. And with that, Rias’ side wins this Rating Game. Issei and Sairaorg recuperate in hospital. The latter doesn’t feel bitter about his loss but strangely satisfied. Sirzechs talks to Issei and he is considering promoting Issei to mid-level demon. Yuuto and Akeno are also potential to be promoted. After Issei is discharged, we see the school having their cultural festival. Issei and Rias are finally alone together. No time is wasted for him to confess how much he loves her. No need to be alarmed by her tears. Those are tears of happiness. She has been waiting for this moment. Especially for Issei to call her by her name. If she had only said it from the start… But she was too afraid to do so. Oh… Now I see… As Rias confesses she loves him back and they are about to kiss, those damn pesky friends are spotted eavesdropping. Heck, they even congratulate and even make cheeky remarks they can officially steal him. Hey, they’re demons, right? Rias blames them for ruining her most important moment in life. Even Issei is not spared. Yeah, it’s his fault for confessing here. But don’t worry, the rest set them up to do it all over this time. Alone. Guaranteed. Finally with no interruptions, the kiss that we have all been waiting for! Yahoo! Such bliss. In the aftermath, more good news because Sairaorg’s mom wakes up from coma. We also see Azazel being mad at Indra for knowing about Cao Cao’s existence before them. Indra thinks it is justified as they know each other since young. Indra agrees to ‘officially’ help him but warns if Issei threatens the world, he will annihilate his soul. He views his own group as the only ones worthy of being made under heaven.

Boobs Without Tits Are Totally Pointless!
Phew. Thank goodness this season didn’t suck. I’m not sure if it is because they decided to follow back the original light novel works or because it has been too long (yes, 3 years seems like a very long time to me nowadays) that I couldn’t remember the detailed bits. Even though I knew the third season was disappointing but time somewhat ‘healed’ it. Or maybe this season is just awesome in its own right. Either way, thank goodness this series came back from the ashes like a fiery phoenix and roared its way through like a dragon. Even if the final scenes were intriguing, it still feels like it has set up an interesting potential for another season. After all, Issei and Rias officially becoming an item isn’t the end of the entire story.

One of the biggest differences that viewers will notice is the animation and art style of this season. Previously the series was handled by TNK but now it is done by Passione (Citrus, Rokka No Yuusha, Hinako Note and Rail Wars). Although the art style is not so different that you cannot make head or tail of the usual characters, there is noticeable difference that makes it obvious it definitely looks different from its predecessors. How should I put it… If you ask me, this season’s art style looks somewhat a bit cute. Uh huh. Slightly this more moe looking style. Not to say the predecessors do not have this cute looks but the former series have this bishoujo feel and look. Thus they have this teen look but the current season makes them look a bit younger. Maybe because of the ‘roundness’ and ‘smoothness’ (heck, what am I saying, boobs are always round and smooth but I’m not referring to those in this context) as well as the colour and hue looking smoother and brighter. So it is either you will hate or love this new art style. Me, I got used to it in no time. Hey, it doesn’t matter if boobs are in 2D or 3D. Boobs are boobs, we get to see a bunch here, is that not enough???!!!

Despite the change in art style, one big sigh of relief for fans is that the original seiyuus in its predecessors are all maintained in this season. Your demon sexy Rias and cutie pie Asia might look lightly different than usual but at least they still sound the same like last time. I guess this is good because if they entirely changed the casts, we might be slightly more confused if this dude is Issei. Because let’s face it, nobody sounds perfect playing Issei other than Yuuki Kaji. Hence the new ones joining the ever expanding list of this series include Sora Tokui as Kuno (Hideri in Blend S), You Taichi as Yasaka (Albus in Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho), Kousuke Toriumi as Cao Cao (Acnologia in Fairy Tail), Jun Fukushima as Siegfried (Kazuma in KonoSuba), Airi Ootsu as Leonardo (Maria in Marchen Madchen), Sho Nogami as Georg, Ayaka Asai as Jeanne (Hazuki in Hibike! Euphonium), Mugihito as Goku (Wombat in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu), Rie Tanaka as Elsha (Suigin Tou in Rozen Maiden) and Yutaka Aoyama as Belzard (Yamada in To Be Hero).

I keep wondering if there was any sort of meaning to the second title the series has. The second season was New, followed by Born and now we have Hero. String that together and we have New Born Hero. Seems legit and possible if you’re talking about Issei. Thus it makes me wonder if they’re going to make another season, what moniker they will put for that fifth season. Pervert? New Born Hero Pervert doesn’t seem so far-fetched…

Character wise, they are pretty sufficient this season despite the main focus is on Issei and Rias, especially the drama and issue of trying to take their relationship above the master-servant connection. Sometimes it gets a bit annoying because it mirrors in real life that when something is wrong, the women won’t say and the men must figure it out. Even demons Sure, Issei has been with Rias long enough but that doesn’t mean he can read her mind. It felt like everything could have been solved had Rias pointed it out but I suppose that takes the fun out of everything and it will be too easy and Issei will not learn if he doesn’t figure things out on his own. After all, he has got to prove that he is more than just a guy who likes to grope and poke boobs. Yeah… Thankfully for the sake of this season’s happy ending, Issei got all the buttons right. Phew. Next step: Marriage? I know Issei is an admirable guy but sometimes the way he over-admires his opponents with too much respect like how he is so awed with everything Sairaorg does in his fight but ultimately his own dream is the most priority, well, it sounds like he is trying too hard and overdoing? Just one step away from being annoying…

I know in line with this series’ fanservice and ecchi element, sometimes it feels cliché and super unrealistic that all the girls want to spam their boobs for Issei like as though he is their public property. Especially Xenovia who has no qualms in getting down and dirty with him. As though sex is nothing sacred. But the oddest part is that now Issei has a great following in his Oppai Dragon brand name, it just feels weird to see kids rooting and shouting boobs! I mean, young boys and girls chanting “Oppai! Oppai”, like as though it is nothing. Starting them young, eh? Damn guy has got theme song of his own! It could be the national anthem for boobs kingdom for all you know!

For the other characters under Rias’ peerage, they don’t seem too prominent this season too. Almost forgettable until the situation calls for it so that we can see Issei isn’t just a one-man show and has to rely on some things on his comrades. In a way, the need to prove or at least tell us they are still relevant. Of course they are but not in the limelight focus sense. For example, Gasper. Weak vampire boy who has a penchant of hiding in boxes tries to show us how manly he is despite looking, sounding and acting so much like a girl. Man, doesn’t it pull some heartstrings to see Gasper get pounded (not in a sexual way!) like that and not give up?! As this series has many other characters as well, some feel redundant this season like Ravel. Her appearance may be for future potentials and development but this season feels like as though her cameo is that so you don’t forget about her. I mean, we can’t disregard a cute demon girl who is a potential for Issei’s harem, right? New characters like Kuno also feel this way. But to be fair, this season is her debut and now she too is a furry potential for Issei’s harem.

Chaos Brigade makes their much needed appearance but only time will tell if they will become a formidable foe. Because it’s like we take a break now from fighting baddies as we bring you the most hyped Rating Game of the decade. With the irony of heroes becoming the villains (maybe that is what the title of this season refers to), I also hope to see a mishmash of other characters from folklores and tales. It would really be super epic mess with everyone and everything in the fray.

Action bits are pretty exaggerated but still fun to watch. With all the power ups and boosters especially for Issei, you wonder how much stronger he can become and evolve because it seems like as though there is no end to his evolution and transformation to become the Red Dragon Emperor. Not that it is entirely a bad thing but to think about how he started out as a normal pervert and slowly becomes one of the most powerful characters ever, that’s really something. But one thing I can’t help but smirk and find it sound odd is how when Ddraig initiates multiple boosters for Issei, he will start repeatedly say, “Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!~”. Since he says that in quick succession, he sounds like saying “Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!~”. Like, WTF?! I guess it works for Issei in both ways since the power of boobs gives him the boosts.

Other characters like Xenovia, Rossweisse and Yuuto also help display some of their power and abilities but essentially it all comes down to Issei. Hence it makes me wonder if Issei and the raw brute strength of Sairaorg would eventually become annoying overpowered characters. Heck, they’re not the only ones because there are still other opponents like Vali and Cao Cao to deal with. But I suppose we will come to acknowledge their superiority because we get to see Issei acquire it through sheer hard work (or boobs fondling at least) unlike a certain character in that Smartphone crap series that started out way too God-like overpowered from the start.

I guess Rias vs Sairaorg’s Rating Game was so awesome and good that we have forgotten about the other Rating Game that was supposed to go on simultaneously: Saji’s one against the Agares clan. Yup, whatever happened to that? Not even a hint. I thought this would foreshadow something when they put it like that but not a word out of its results. You know, Saji’s side shockingly loss and there is some ulterior motive by the Agares clan to destroy the world. Something like that. No? I assume they won too and without much fanfare. But then again, if all the focus is on Rias and Sairaorg’s Rating Game and assuming people would prefer to watch that, maybe Saji’s Rating Game was played to empty seats?

This season’s opening theme is Switch by Minami. Nothing really great but I think it is rather okay for this season. Generic anime pop song with a pinch of techno dance genre. As for the ending theme, it is Motenai Kuseni by Tapimiru. Also feels like a generic anime rock pop song. I remember the first 2 seasons the ending credits animation had very sexy and erotic dancing. This was ‘downgraded’ in the third season without all that fanservice and the same can be same with this season. It is much toned down. Despite the amount of bare tits were have been exposed to here (especially the mid-intermission like always, they show the girl covered up in the first half because exposing her top in the next half), they just give us Issei’s harem in their beach bikini posing in moderate sexy poses. Disappointing? But then again, we want to remember this series for its awesome story, characters and tits rather than being remembered for, “Oh right, this was the series that had an excellent erotic ending credits animation ever”. Yeah…

Overall, this season is a very much welcomed and giving the series a new breath of life for future developments. It still isn’t perfect but at least it is much better than its previous season. You thought that it would only take one small negative impact to ruin the entire reputation built up and herculean efforts to try and do damage control. This season proves that as long as you have the right amount of tits and boobs (and done nicely of course), those negative sentiments don’t stay long. Ah, boobs. Who’d knew that boobs are the perfect instruments for power up and world peace. Sing along with me, people! Oppai daisuki doragon koi oshita/ Suichi hime no oppai watotemo suki da/ Doragon, doragon oppai doragon momimomi pochito boing boing/ Takusan oppai aru kedo, yappari suichi hime ga daisuki! Wow… Such an epic piece. This is one boob job Issei and us guys will never get tired of.

Akuma No Memumemu-chan

June 8, 2018

Holy sh*t. What the f*ck is this?! Akuma No Memumemu-chan sounds like a name worthy to become a meme itself or a godly meme parody. Reading the synopsis made me even interested to check it out. A little demon who lives with a high school student but has no intention of carrying out her demonic duties? Because of her loli exterior, our main character is often misunderstood as a lolicon? Oh, this I gotta see.

Don’t let a demon do a man’s job…
Hyouta Kohinata is smitten with the landlord’s daughter, Anzu Itsuki. Why not? She’s cute and busty. Yeah, if you think Anzu is too busty for a high school girl, wait till you see her mom… Hentai boobs make you think she is an ero star. So while Hyouta is fawning over cutie Anzu, this is of course ‘interrupted’ with Memumemu who meekly wants him to give his soul. He chastises her he won’t and for bumming around in his room. Yeah, weak demon girl starts weeping… So he goes back to fawning over his crush and once again Memumemu’s annoyance has got him annoyed. Telling her to pipe it again, now he fears he might do something devilish to him. While it looked like she might suggests something, she then gives up, making Hyouta a disappointed kid. Now he lectures her about giving up so easily. Thinking she would give him some sort of devilish tool, yet to his disappointment she mentions she will just ask Anzu’s permission to have sex with him! Yeah, that sounds so lame! Hyouta now is in berserk mode as he suggests the devilish things that she SHOULD be doing! Yeah, he sounds more devilish than her that Memumemu is giving him that look! Seeing that he is ‘desperate’, Memumemu gives him use her trump card, a blowgun. When you shoot her with this, it will… Just get her attention to look your way. Yeah, a normal blowgun. I guess no harm trying. Hyouta sums up his courage as he imagines Anzu will start looking his way. Too bad he didn’t put much effort in his blowing as the dart hits the dog below. Uh huh. He got the dog’s attention. So pissed, he crushes the blowgun, causing Memumemu to be super sad. While he takes his frustrations out on her, Anzu then looks his way. She misconstrues he is a lolicon and runs away with tears. Is she going to call the child protection agency? Hyouta believes his life is over and crying like hell. But Memumemu understands how he feels. She’ll forgive him about the blowgun. Uhm, I don’t think that is why he is crying.

All Your Memumemu Are Belong To Me!
Oh my. That’s it?! Barely things are warming up and it ends?! WTF?! I’m so disappointed that I’m crying a river! Well, even if this short web special was totally short and just testing waters, it was really quite interesting and funny to say the least. I really hope this would get its own proper series because it really looks like it has a potential to become a reasonably good anime. At least for the laughs and the cuteness. Especially with Hyouta being such a pervert and Memumemu being a weak devil girl who can’t even get the job right, it calls for a lot of hijinks and misunderstood situations. What are the chances that Hyouta is more of a devil than Memumemu? What are the chances that he is the one who will be guiding her to what being a true demon is and in turn his downfall? What are the chances that Memumemu’s name is such an epic name for a meme’s meme? That demon is so cute and chibi, for all you know she could actually be a lost angel or something. But I digress that.

At first I thought the thing that makes Memumemu so great and even cuter is how she is voiced by Aoi Yuuki. Unfortunately she is the one voicing Hyouta. Damn I thought Memumemu was really her voice. No matter how many times I go back and hear those lines, I cannot believe it is Aoi Yuuki behind Hyouta. It just doesn’t really sound like her. I mean, I still feel that Memumemu is more suited to be her voice. Unless the credits are trolling me… Having voiced Hyouta, I feel like this series is slowly rejuvenating her usual trademark genki voice. After that incredible and hilarious Aho Girl feat, the following season she started voicing a couple of animes that is devoid of emotions. Especially that travelling remake anime and that horny b*tch series. So this short feels like that little step that would slowly recover her to her usual glorious cutie voice. Karin Takahashi (Nono Morikubo in Cinderella Girls) is listed as Memumemu’s voice while Hiromi Igarashi plays Anzu (Hina in Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai – interestingly, she also voiced a character called Anzu in Cinderella Girls). Mai Nakahara makes a cameo as the unbelievably busty landlady.

Another surprising thing is that SHAFT adapted this short. Yes, that legendary studio who is famous for its unique and creative visuals, namely Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, the Monogatari series, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Nisekoi and Arakawa Under The Bridge. You will never know it is them because none of their SHAFT trademarks like the eye zoom and the head tilt are present. Even the art and animation looks pretty typical. Sure, the series is too short to have their trademarks but I thought they would slip in one or two that is so noticeably noticeable. Guess not. Heck, even 3-gatsu No Lion got all their creative visual trademarks. Perhaps only full-fledge anime series might get their usual SHAFT treatment?

Overall, despite I have said and really want this to become a full adapted series of its own, I have this fear that it might not come true. Because I remember that short anime having a single episode too, Yuri Seijin Naoko-san. It was funny, it was interesting, it was intriguing, it was mystifying, it had potential. That was like back in 2010 and when it had another surprise episode popped up 2 years later, it was just another short one. Yeah, it never happened. But it’s too early to tell for this one and I hope my guts that it will end up like that crazy lesbian alien series which is now forgotten, would be dead wrong. Come to think of it, both series has some similarities. Non-human being comes to live with a human kid. Non-human being has some sort of agenda but often fails due to circumstances whatever. Lots of havoc and chaos that will tickle our bones. Oh well, let’s just hope that the internet will drum up enough noise to have the producers think this series is worthy to be turned into a full one. Otherwise we let the memes die by never bringing it up ever again. It will be a sorry state for Memumemu-chan to be and die a meme’s death. Worse still, “Earth-chan isn’t flat” gets its own series!

OMG! I didn’t really expect this to have a sequel since the series somewhat properly ended. Is this the ‘prophecy’ that Favaro hinted to us last season that Bahamut cannot die and will someday return?! So it seems there is more to tell so I can’t complain. New characters, new plots. And hence, I couldn’t contain my hype and shock to learn Shingeki No Bahamut: Virgin Soul graced the airwaves. It was such an awesome series and for the sequel to get twice the amount of episodes from the first season, it means it is going to be even more awesome, right? I know that isn’t a good indicator of whether a show is good or not by the number of episodes but I’m just going to ride the Baha-Max wave. Baha-Baha-Baha-Soul! Here we go!

Episode 1
Heaven looks like in trouble again. It isn’t the demons attacking the sanctuary but humans?! Wow. Humans coolly killing angels? We see how vile humans have become as some are even trafficking poor demons as slaves. However those traffickers are suddenly killed by a ‘saviour’ known as Rag Demon. He is being hunted down by Kaisar (captain of the Orlean Knights) but escapes before anything could happen. Nina Drango is such a lively and cheery girl. Oh, did I mention how super strong she is? She can do several men’s work in construction. She sees a painter painting a big mural about the legacy of humans. How under King Charioce XVII resurrected the capital Anatae from despair. Also in the painting is Bahamut. Nina remembers its destructive force 10 years ago because it razed her village. Nina is here to make money as a bounty hunter and send it back to her village where her mom lives. Currently she is staying at Bacchus and Hamsa’s place. Bacchus is annoyed he didn’t invite her to stay. Charioce summons Kaisar for his failure to capture the Rag Demon. He gives him one last chance not to disappoint him. A trap is set out to lure out the Rag Demon. A short clash with Kaisar before he runs away. He bumps into Nina. She recognizes him from the reward poster and starts to chase him. However she blunders with her whip and accidentally hits Kaisar. She can’t apologize decently because seems she has a thing for hot guys… It sets her heart racing… So as she tries to scout for the Rag Demon from a high place, the Orlean Knights think she is Rag Demon’s accomplice for hurting Kaisar. They try to shoot her down from the tower. The Rag Demon looked like he flies there to save her when actually it was his other kid accomplice, Mugaro who was coincidentally at that same spot. Oops. Saved the wrong person. Nina’s close proximity with the Rag Demon who is a hot hunk himself sets her heart racing. She can’t take it anymore and then boom! After crashing down into the buildings, what pops out is a fiery red dragon! Kaisar orders his troops to retreat. Next thing Nina knows when she wakes up, she is in Rita’s room. Since when did zombie girl became a doctor? Oh, quack doctor.

Episode 2
Nina remembers she transformed into a dragon and ran rampage throughout the city before blacking out and being brought here. She still writes to her mom to update about her life in the capital. Rita introduces Nina to Rocky the hand. Yes, he is just a hand. Like the one from Addam’s Family. If you remember from last season, this is Kaisar’s chopped off hand. Charioce summons Kaisar again. I guess he failed. Because of that, this duty to capture the Rag Demon will be reassigned to the Onyx Knights. Kaisar accepts his fate but his subordinate, Alessand Visponti is disappointed his captain did not fight back for another chance. Charioce wants an Onyx Knight to keep watch on Kaisar. Those who have watched the previous season should know that the Rag Demon’s identity is no other than Azazel. He confronts Nina and wants her to join forces with him. He needs her power that is devastating on humans. Nina is reluctant so Azazel will show her reality. He takes her to the slums where demons are being made slaves. They are in a pitiful state. Charioce waged war against the demons but sought the powers to defeat them from Heaven before turning against them. So yes, Azazel hates humans. He also explains about Mugaro who was sold into slavery. He is a mute because they crushed his windpipe. Nina is reluctant to get involved but Azazel continues to bug her until Rita puts a stop to this harassment. Time for Azazel to head to work but he still won’t give up on Nina. Azazel and Mugaro work in the Coliseum picking up dead bodies of demon gladiators. Kaisar can tell Azazel is the Rag Demon from those same eyes. That night, Azazel continues to play his Rag Demon role by killing humans who mistreat demons. Kaisar catches him in the act and wants him to escape since Charioce is serious about hunting him down. Will murdering humans improve the situation? Azazel shocks his naivety by showing this place is also where humans torture and experiment on helpless demons. He asks back if his chivalry includes demons. Azazel won’t kill him because he is lower than others he killed. The Onyx Knights surround Azazel and is about to kill him with their magic. However Mugaro’s heavenly magic paralyzes them as he retrieves Azazel.

Episode 3
Heaven learns that a certain blessed child is still alive. They need to find him if they are to regain man’s faith in the Gods. Azazel is being treated by Rita. He remembers picking up Mugaro after killing all the humans in a building. Mugaro clung onto him. Hamsa is making tons of money by challenging strong men to arm wrestle with Nina. No chance! She’s stronger than all of you! So strong that you can even fly away! Meanwhile Sofiel talks Bacchus about his last chance to return to Heaven. He must help them find a certain child or forever be exiled. Nina now faces a challenge from a handsome guy who leaves some sort of royal ring as his entrance fee (Hamsa thinks it’s fake). So much so she needs to blindfold herself! But touching his hand even sets her heart racing. Although this guy is as strong as her although he ultimately loses. Nina still can’t get over his handsomeness so Hamsa calls it a day after raking in a fortune. With the Rag Demon continuing to kill humans, Charioce is going all for broke. He plans to lure him out by executing demons in the town square tonight. Kaisar is against it because provoking him will only do more harm. However Charioce warns him not to invite needless suspicion for defending demons too much. With the earnings, Nina gets to buy a feast. Not that Hamsa is happy since half of the earnings were spent on it. Everyone is shocked to learn that Nina’s master is no other than Favaro! I can see the similarities in their idiocy… Nina hopes to learn more about him but Rita knows a person who knows better. Speaking of that demon (human actually), here comes Kaisar running in to asking Rita about Azazel’s whereabouts. It is awkward at first for Nina to meet again ‘Rocky’s father’ but she eventually apologizes for the other night. Azazel leaves Mugaro a message not to come near the square no matter what happens. If he dies, go to Rita. Unheeding Rita’s advice, Nina instantly rushes towards the square to catch Azazel. Charioce is about to execute the first demon when Azazel shows up.

Episode 4
Charioce’s forces brings down and does lots of damage to Azazel. Now Charioce knows the Rag Demon’s identity. Nina is running along when she stumbles into Mugaro. Conveniently Azazel crashes nearby. She won’t let him return to fight or he’ll die with those injuries. I think he is willing to do that. Nina has no choice but first makes him promise not to tell this to anyone. Now hug her. What? You heard her. The moment he does, she turns into a red dragon and goes on a rampage. Charioce challenges her but Kaisar comes in between. While she does damage, everyone retreats and Charioce is left admiring the raw power. When it’s done, Nina reverts back and Rita quickly picks her up. Charioce commends for Kaisar’s performance but orders him to disclose his connection with the Rag Demon. Azazel killed his father. So why not kill him? Because he has someone with him that is more powerful: The red dragon. After dismissing him, Charioce comments he is a poor liar. Nina wakes up and is still left embarrassed while reminding Azazel not to tell how she turns into a dragon. Men who set her heart racing would trigger it. Her dad’s a dragon and mom’s a human. Yeah, I wonder how that union is even possible… Nina sucked at transforming into a dragon. Till one day a handsome guy visited and she transformed. She damaged the picturesque village! Mom scolded her and told her to stay away from handsome guys. It was easy since the village is full of old people but the city is filled with hot guys. In that form, she has no memories of what happened. Azazel knows a way to control it. If she can’t, he will by making love to her! WTF?! It causes Nina to run away in embarrassment. So that is more embarrassing than streaking across the area in just a towel? Azazel decides to go into hiding for a while and wants Mugaro to stay with Rita. Just great. She’s already got a lot on her hands (sorry, bad pun). Charioce sees Jeanne in the dungeons to remind her of his offer to team up and crush demons and Gods. She remains silent and praying. He lets her know her son was spotted and knows it was quite smart and cruel of her to hide him among the demon slaves. Azazel enters the hideout for demons. They are not impressed to see him here. He tells them he is the Rag Demon and the time to bring back their lost demon pride is now.

Episode 5
Azazel’s plan is to use the red dragon to defeat the humans. Nina takes Mugaro out shopping. She can get away with free or discounted stuffs as she challenges the shopkeepers to arm wrestling. Isn’t that technically arm twisting? Along the way back, they stumble into a cruel master abusing his demon slaves. Nina is the only one with balls to go tell him off. She even dares challenge him to try and make her his slave! So when he and his goons are going to make their move, Mugaro’s eye suddenly flash. It breaks the demons’ collar chain. They are free and turn on their human masters. Sofiel senses something and rushes there but by that time, everything is settled down. Since when is Rita a counsellor? Because Kaisar is here to seek her advice. He tries to troll us to believe he wants to confess his feelings to only Rita. Turns out it is about his worries as Orlean Knights’ captain. Oh Rita, are you so disappointed? You must be. Because he keeps complaining and complaining without stopping! Even zombies can’t stand nagging as she punches him! After 10 years, he has descended into this cry baby. Yeah, you tell him, girl. Sofiel talks to Bacchus about something happening today. Since he ignores her, she believes he really wants to stay in this world. Hamsa really wants to go back to heaven and is willing to be her pet but gets ignored. She warns Bacchus to just follow her orders and find that child. When Nina returns, she brags about what happened. You mean Bacchus and Hamsa doesn’t know Mugaro is that child?! Kaisar talks to Charioce as he believes his ways will only lead to more violence and uprising. Charioce assures he will always find that power to crush his enemies and calls Kaisar’s vision to have all 3 races to coexist as naïve. Even if Kaisar tells him about humans, Gods and demons uniting to defeat Bahamut once, Charioce says everyone has the right to live their life they see fit. But if he gets in his way, he will show no mercy. Bacchus and Hamsa try to peek on Mugaro’s eye while he is asleep. Oh Nina… We’re just admiring how cute you are. Perverts! She kicks them out! Of their own carriage?! Well, at least they confirmed Mugaro’s different coloured eye.

Episode 6
Wow. Nina still hates Bacchus. As she runs errands for the festival, she is being confronted by the slave trader. He brought his pals. But she can’t fight back because they are all handsome men! Luckily that handsome guy whom Nina arm wrestled and won the other day beat them up. If you haven’t guessed it, he is Charioce in disguise. The hooligans leave when they see his bracelet. Charioce is nice enough to put back all of Nina’ stuff. To thank him, she invites him to her stall for the festivals. Meanwhile Azazel relays his plans to attack during the festival’s parade. It looks like it will be relying heavily on the red dragon but they have no choice but to place their trust in Azazel’s words. Nina is spacing out in love throughout the festival. Except when it comes to Bacchus. Rita’s stall is selling spicy chicken. Charioce actually visits but embarrassing Nina even more is how Bacchus suggests he takes Nina out to the festival. Charioce actually takes up that offer. So they spend a good amount of time together (and a good amount of time she has been blushing this whole episode) and even dancing their heart out. She hopes to dance again with him and asks his name. He says it is Chris. Nina can no longer hold her emotions so she sprints the whole way back until she bumps into Azazel. He tells her to go up to that tower when the parade begins tomorrow.

Episode 7
Kaisar wants Charioce to not attend the parade since the demons are moving suspiciously. But he believes it would be more fun because today was the day the demon capital fell. Sofiel bugs Bacchus again for that kid. Heck, I guess she doesn’t even know that Mugaro is that kid even if he is right before her eyes. Though she is suspicious, Bacchus lies he is just some demon kid he picked up to work on the stalls. Hamsa wonders why he lied when it’s their ticket back to heaven. Bacchus has a bad feeling about this. While demons are planting magic bombs over the place, Kaisar is trying to look for them. Funny, he should at least spotted Azazel since he likes to hang out on the roofs overlooking the city. He is annoyed that Nina didn’t show up but that’s because she is enjoying the parade. So he finds her and whisks her away. Then he tries to hug her. Nothing happens. Again. Nothing happens. Nina must be feeling weird out. WTF is going on? Desperate, he tries to kiss her! She punches him away. I guess she isn’t transforming. At the same time, the bombs go off. The crowd panics as Charioce orders his men to stand and fight. As Azazel goes off trying to stop the battle, the demons wonder if Azazel has betrayed them. Besides, the red dragon isn’t showing up either. Charioce sniffs some of the demons out and orders their head so a huge battle between men and demons take place. Almost all are killed by the time Azazel arrives. He uses himself as bait for the rest to escape but unfortunately they got killed while escaping.

Episode 8
Before they could kill Azazel, Mugaro’s holy light petrifies the guards. Azazel fights Charioce but Kaisar comes in between. It then becomes a messy 3 way fight. However Kaisar is able to unarm Charioce and defeat Azazel. He won’t kill him since there is no reason for him to die here. At this time, Sofiel and her angels have popped up to reign in Mugaro (Bacchus and Hamsa are also taken in). Nina also arrives but she is confused. Azazel tells her to transform now. After seeing dead bodies, Mugaro in pain and all that dramatic starring, nothing happens. She can’t transform! Game over. You lose, Azazel. In the aftermath, it is announced that the Rag Demon has been captured. A knight captain was aiding the demons and will be sentenced along with Nina. The people cannot believe Nina was involved and thought it was a mistake. They try to seek a revision but are threatened to be thrown into prison if they side the traitors. Kaisar and Nina are read their charges for treason and aiding the demons to kill the king. Charioce sentences them to be imprisoned in the prison tower indefinitely. Nina looks surprised. She thought it would be just 3 days! She then starts shooting her mouth at him for being a bad king. She accuses him on picking on demons. This city was built by demons so it shows he needed them. He is just like a big bully and a worthless king. Everyone may be scared of him but not her. Charioce laughs and asks if she is the red dragon. She denies. Take them away. Mugaro wakes up in Heaven. Gabriel speaks to him. His name is El, named by his mother, Jeanne. If they work together, he can see her. Bacchus and Hamsa are imprisoned. Sofiel wonders why Bacchus hid the child. He felt like it. She reveals their intention for the kid because he has a power of breaking the forbidden magic used by humans. As humans have lost their way, Gabriel intends to guide them back and have them return praying to Gods. Bacchus doesn’t want Mugaro to be involved because it would be like Jeanne’s case all over again. Nina hears Azazel is being tortured to reveal information of other colluders. Too late to regret thinking if you have transformed then. Charioce talks to Azazel to ask if he knows about Mugaro’s true identity. Azazel remains silent. Charioce reveals his plans to kill that kid before he fell into the Gods’ hands. But now the Gods have him, it doesn’t matter since they will be overconfident. He’ll just have to kill them all. By then, that woman will stop praying. Nina is thrown in a cell and she sees Jeanne praying in the cell across. Also, Kaisar is thrown in his and he hears a familiar voice mocking his pathetic state. Hey… It’s Favaro! So that’s where he’s been. Rita must be so lonely know that everyone is gone…

Episode 9
Hard labour is nothing to Nina. Although the food is little, at least she gets a ‘special’ room all for herself. This is prison, you know… Kaisar talks to Favaro how he ended up here. During his journey, he stumbled into Nina’s village. One night Nina crept into his room and wants to become his disciple. He didn’t want to at first but after she display her strength as proof, he runs for it! Too bad she can outrun you. No choice, he teaches her the ways of the bounty hunter. One night he soaked in the hotspring and saw her naked, she turned into a red dragon. He learns her secret but why was it only then she could transform? Maybe his afro makes him look like an ugly guy? After he has nothing more to teach her, he lets her know a few stuff and some cheesy lines, Nina is left awed. No wonder she’s a bit twisted… When Favaro enters the next town, royal guards surround him. He has been imprisoned then but believes Charioce has been toying with him for his own amusement. I suppose Kaisar is the last to know Nina’s true identity. Meanwhile Alessand is drunk at Cerberus’ host club. He is complaining his captain is in prison and his dream of joining Orlean Knights was to see his favourite woman, Jeanne. Cerberus suggests he becomes the next captain. Nina and Jeanne become friends. She tells what happens and Jeanne is interested to know more about Mugaro. Speaking of him, because he still will not open up, there is not enough time so Gabriel is going to start the ritual to turn him into godhood. Sofiel apologizes to Mugaro for separating him from his mom. As she was also once saved by her, rest assured she will save her. Jeanne now wants to break out and meet Mugaro to ascertain something. Nina is impressed and will support her. Well, if she could have just kept her voice down… Because the other prisoners are applauding?

Episode 10
7 years ago when Jeanne was still the captain of Orlean Knights, she fought a giant demon invading the city. Although the demon was eventually slain by Kaisar, she failed to save a child. As she was injured from the fight, this prompts other knights to badmouth her that she is not fit to be captain. She even loses in practice duels. Despite losing her holy powers, she still intends to trudge on until she loses her captaincy. When Charioce took over the throne without the Gods’ blessing and vowed a change for mankind, Jeanne disagreed his ways of severing ties with the Gods. There is something he wanted but they refused him and thus the only way is to take it by force. He gave Jeanne the ultimatum to pledge her loyalty to him or leave the castle. She decided. And so for a while Jeanne lived a happy farmer life outside the city. Her only solace was praying to Michael. Then one night it’s like God heard her prayers or something and made her suddenly gave birth to a child! It just popped out from her stomach! Is this considered Caesarean?! Woah. Jeanne like Virgin Mary… So “Mama” is El’s first word? Anyway they lived the happy family life till one stormy night Sofiel crashed into their place. Jeanne hid her before the Onyx Knights break down their door and threaten her. It is then El unleashed his magic to stun them. Mother and son then fled. Charioce receives reports of this and realizes the potential of that child if he were to fall into the hands of the Gods. He orders them to be captured dead or alive as long as the Gods don’t have them. With the routes cut off, Jeanne and El are forced to hide in the city. They stumble upon a torture chamber for demon slaves. With Onyx Knights hot on their table, Jeanne has no choice but to pour a dead demon corpse’s blood all over El and cut off his wings. This is to make him look like one of the demon slaves as she runs off with the corpse and bait the Onyx Knights to chase her. She is shortly captured and has not known of El’s whereabouts since. Nina is so touched with her story. She’s crying! This strengthens Nina’s vow to escape from here but the prison lady says no one has done so before. Then she’ll be the first! Always be positive no matter what.

Episode 11
During the break, Jeanne and Nina make a break for it. At the same time, Rita and Rocky sneak into the place. And by that I mean beating up all the guards along the way. Gabriel convinces El to use his power to save this world so he can live a peaceful life with his mom. El is now restored to his angel form and regains his voice. During a battle at the Coliseum, Gabriel descends to demand Charioce return their rightful stuff and release Jeanne to them. He dare them to take it by force. With the humans booing the Gods, Gabriel uses this chance to further brainwash El how mankind must be corrected. But some of the people are not happy Charioce waged a war with the Gods. They are protesting outside and as a result they get beaten up by the guards. Nina shows her strength by beating up the guards guarding the elevator to the top. If she is this strong, why did she not beat up the guards from where she was all the way instead of sneaking around through holes? When Jeanne gets to the elevator, here comes Charioce. Just in time. He needs her. As the Gods have declared war, he wants her to pledge her loyalty to him and convince them to back down. Otherwise he will slaughter them all and most likely her son will also die. Nina continues to badmouth Charioce as a bully. But when she takes a closer look at him, she realizes he is that handsome guy she went out with. Dumbfounded. Shocked beyond words. At least for once she shuts up. Jeanne decides not to follow Charioce as she cannot betray the Gods and those who believe in her. In that case she can stay in her cell and wait till everybody dies. Nina is conflicted about Charioce in her cell but she is all smiles when Rita and Rocky drop in to rescue. Took her this long?

Episode 12
Now for the big break that includes Nina throwing rocks at the guards to slow them down and a wild mine cart ride that flings them to the men’s side. Gabriel rallies her angels they will no longer forgive mankind, punish those who wronged them and return balance to the worlds. Wow. She sounds like a war god. Sofiel fears El’s power is untested but Gabriel is confident since she has seen him strip human of their power. So Heaven is here. The citizens some have evacuated and others are protesting for Charioce to lose. When El activates his power, the humans become powerless. The angels easily slaughter the humans. Man, this is overkill. Charioce then orders the device to be activated. With the commotion in the men’s prison area, time for Favaro to signal their escape. He tells Kaisar to use his mechanical hand. Following his instructions to make the fingers in certain position, it then explodes! Well, thank Rita for putting that bomb inside just in case. The guys and the girls coincidentally run into each other. Kaisar and Jeanne are glad to see each other. Favaro is glad to see Nina. Or at least her developed body. Lonely Rita has to play the straight man to remind them to escape. Suddenly they get engulfed in this giant device that looks like it is a love child between Tron and Cybertron. So this giant orb thingy is the key weapon to defeat Heaven?

Episode 13
Apparently Dromos is the weapon men stole from Heaven. It could obliterate the Gods. If only Gabriel told the other angels why they’re retreating instead of having them disobey her. Heck, she even wanted to retreat herself but El says it’s no go. They haven’t save his mom yet. Charioce powers up Dromos. My, what a powerful blast! Enough to send the heavenly ship crashing down! With that, the soldiers are able to kill the angels easily. Jeanne goes crazy seeing the angels murdered before her eyes. Nina was blown away by the shockwave into Charioce’s arms. It seems he has lost an eyesight as the result of using Dromos. When Nina wakes up, she still has conflicted feelings over Charioce. But seeing Kaisar and Rita in trouble as they are trying to help Jeanne, Nina wants Charioce to help her. Hug her, that is. He does so and she transforms into the red dragon. She fights on the giant golem and protects Jeanne. She emerges victorious and is now face to face with Charioce. However she runs out of energy and reverts back. Charioce wants to take her but Rita will not let her touch her. Kaisar buys the ladies time to escape in Bacchus’ carriage. Then he surrenders and gets beaten up by the soldiers. Charioce doesn’t want him killed and since the Gods have retreated, they’ll head back to the palace for now. El is still unconscious and Gabriel is in despair and in disbelief that man could create such a thing. Dromos existed before a time man, demons and Gods roamed Mistarcia. It is a weapon that could destroy the balance of the world just like Bahamut. Rita decides to go back down to the capital to check on Kaisar and missing Favaro. Nina’s job is to guard Jeanne as they are now wanted criminals and can’t go back. Jeanne’s next goal is to go to Heaven since she believes her son is there. However she doesn’t know where that is. Nina knows an old lady from her village who knows about it. Time to return home.

Episode 14
Kaisar is tortured while interrogated but he his lips are sealed. He is visited by his comrade, Dias Bardolomew and tells him of his meeting with Jeanne. They believe the Orlean Knights will rise again. Nina and Jeanne arrive at the village. The kids are glad to see Nina again. Nina takes Jeanne to see granny, the head of the village. First she tells the history of how the Gods and demons worked together to defeat Bahamut 2,000 years ago. She took the tired Gods back to this village to rest. There is a picture of granny in her majestic dragon form in her heydays. Nina continues to taunt her so granny starts pouting and won’t tell the location of Heaven. Oh, now she falls asleep. Try again tomorrow. So the ladies soak in the outside hotspring as Nina teases Jeanne being ‘naughty’ to have a son. Jeanne is cool with it as she asks Nina back about a man capturing her heart. She too plays it cool. She is conflicted about her feelings for Charioce since he is a great guy but has done lots of horrible things. She can’t bring himself to hate him. Jeanne doesn’t find it strange for a man to have contradictions. She too has many faces. When eating dinner, the kids are eager to hear stories of this Mugaro kid. Jeanne can’t sleep that night and talks to Nina’s mom. She learns Nina’s dad died 10 years ago while protecting the village from the fireball. Jeanne feels guilty since she was partly responsible for that. Nina’s mom hope Nina isn’t too much of a bother. Ever since her dad died, she would turn into a dragon whenever she nears a man like him. Almost as if to avoid painful memories. Jeanne feels bad and doesn’t deserve her thanks for taking after Nina. But mom can tell how kind she is to her. Jeanne breaks down. Next morning, granny will take them to Heaven on her back. Nina teases the old fart couldn’t do it but she has to eat her words. Granny is still a majestic dragon! You were saying, Nina? And what’s that about bringing an angel back as souvenir?

Episode 15
The surviving demons are biding their time in some wasteland. They will follow Lucifer’s plan to wait and see as they lack the means to fight humans. They wonder how Azazel is doing since he stormed off by himself to the human capital. He is now one of the gladiators in the Coliseum. Everybody wants him dead but he easily kills his opponents. Granny can’t fly further through the storm as the barrier has become stronger. They must go by themselves. She tosses the carriage all the way up to Heaven. Sofiel wants Bacchus to take care of El since he is sulking ever since. Initially Bacchus won’t babysit but since she’ll reward him with wine, he’ll gladly do it! Nina and Jeanne arrive in Heaven and are almost attacked by angels. Jeanne lets them know who she is and her intentions so Ridwan first takes them to a hall with magnificent lights. They represent the Gods and angels lost during the fight with Bahamut. Recently more were added after their recent loss to mankind. That is why so few Gods are here. She blames them for being ingrates of biting the hand that feeds them. Nina notes even Gods hate mankind but can’t stand the idea of Charioce being hated by everyone. Meanwhile Charioce has everyone working hard to their limits to break the seal of Eibos. It will be even more dangerous and Charioce will stand to lose his life but he will not hesitate to sacrifice himself. Jeanne is brought to Sofiel and they are both glad to see each other. Jeanne wants to see her son but Gabriel mentions he is being confined. After being used for the war and lost, he has lost faith in them. Perhaps Jeanne could help persuade him. That sneaky smile… El is so happy to see his mom. Cue for emotional mother and child reunion. Even Nina is in on it. Even more emotional? Sorry Bacchus and Hamsa, not you. Time to catch up on stuffs as El narrates how he was being sold as a slave but Azazel saved him. As per her instructions, he followed the first person who rescued him. El wants to leave for the human world and believes he can bring peace. Someone must stop the evil from spreading and he has the power to do it. Sofiel disagrees so El counters that by saying Gabriel cannot save the world. On he can do it. That evil confident grin…

Episode 16
Nina comes to talk to El but he is sulking since mom is against his idea to return to the human world. So Nina is back on good terms with Bacchus because she’s really teasing him about falling in love with a human since his exile from Heaven. He claims being worshipped isn’t his style and left. Nina dreams of being seduced by Charioce. Too short to kiss him? But that turns into a nightmare since Charioce becomes the evil king. When Nina wakes up, she realizes he clothes are gone. Not only that, El too. Bacchus and Hamsa know they will be in trouble if they don’t find him. Yeah, no more wine. El has worn Nina’s clothes in an attempt to escape. He is trying to use Bacchus’ carriage but good luck trying to pick out from the hundreds of similar looking ones. Meanwhile Kaisar is sentenced to fight to the death in the Coliseum with Azazel. At first he only defends and keeps running away since he couldn’t fight with a hand. Favaro among the crowd then throws him Rocky to turn the tables. So he fights better with both hands? Although besting Azazel, he doesn’t kill him, earning the ire of the crowd. If you’re wondering why Favaro is dressed up so fat, that’s because he has lots of smoke bombs. Enough for them to escape. Nina, Bacchus and Hamsa fail at communicating and flop in capturing El. The chase is on. Nina tries to jump on him but falls short. It’s a long way from Heaven to Earth. El dives to save her but they have to go through the stormy patch. When the other angels surround Bacchus and Hamsa and accuse them of freeing El, they jump off too but not after summoning their carriage. In good timing they rescue falling El and Nina as they safely arrive back on Earth. Bacchus warns if El plans to fight, he’ll bring him back to Heaven. He assures he isn’t. He is here to bring peace. But what about Jeanne? He will fulfil his mother’s duty. Kaisar, Favaro and Azazel meet up with Rita. Kaisar has to return his hand to her? Oh, Rocky is hers. Anyway, Azazel wants to part but Kaisar needs his help. Charioce is building a secret weapon that rivals the power of Bahamut underneath the capital. I guess he can’t say no. Oh, that goes the same for you too, Favaro.

Episode 17
Gabriel wants El back but Jeanne wants to go find him in their place as she will not leave this matter to those whom El doesn’t trust. You mad, Gabriel? Sofiel wants to help Jeanne. Guess what? Jeanne jumps off! Sofiel dives down to save her as they descend into the human world. Jeanne knew Sofiel wouldn’t let her die. So a human was testing an angel?! After promising she won’t do anything reckless, Sofiel agrees to help her. After all, Jeanne did ‘threaten’ Sofiel was indebted to them for saving her life then. Nina and co all reunite in a secret underground camp. Rita in some weird devil outfit? They talk about the great weapon Charioce has and the need to neutralize it. Rita notices he was controlling it via bracelet so El gets eager to steal it. But Bacchus warns about his promise. After Rita has Nina wear a strange devil outfit (is it Halloween?), she runs off outside herself. She is shocked to see Charioce in disguised at the graves. Trying to hide failed. She learns he is visiting the grave of his mother who was one of the king’s many concubines. She was discarded as soon she had a son. She kept dreaming in poverty she would return to the royal life but died waiting since Bahamut attacked 10 years ago. With this and royal blood flowing through his veins, that was when Chris became Charioce. He then has Nina take her to the demon slums. He buys a pendant and even plays football with the demon kids, risking his identity. He whispers to Nina they are being watched by the Onyx Knights so they make a run for it. At a cave, Nina is confused of him. He is a bad guy as king but treats her nicely. She wants to know which of him is real. There is something he must achieve at all cost but cannot tell her what it is now. All his actions as king was for this. His convictions were never wavered until he met her. He would have led a cushy king’s life if he had not met her. Surprisingly Nina hugs him! She wants to help him overcome whatever he is dealing with. It gets awkward because they kissed! It is then Nina realizes now she could control her transformation into the red dragon. She takes him flying through the night sky all over the capital and in the end he gives her the pendant. Wow. It really looks like a date. She really looks forward to meeting him next time in which he will tell her his goal. A big hug before she leaves. The Onyx Knight captain has been watching them and believes Charioce is under the red dragon’s spell.

Episode 18
Nina returns a happy girl. It’s written all over her face. Mugaro is back but Azazel ignores him. Did he not recognize him? With the prison island heavy on the security and the lots of soldiers patrolling the streets, their movements are restricted. The only clue they’ve got is Charioce’s bracelet. Nina confirms he is always wearing it. Oops, almost gave away you dated him. Charioce will hold a ball at his palace in a few days and they need somebody to sneak in to move in on him. Nina wants to be it and even proves how she can control her transformation. Azazel is shocked to see this. Too late? He’s crying?! I don’t think it is tears of happiness. Charioce continues to force the activation of Dromos. This means no rest for the workers. Mugaro tails Azazel around and he feels guilty the latter is revisiting the site all his friends were killed. However Azazel doesn’t blame him and they reconcile. Alessand is getting drunk with Cerberus. He approached the Onyx Knight captain to join his force but is told he is worthless. So much so he accidentally punches Kaisar who is in disguise at this place! What will he do once he realizes his mistake? Punch him again! Once things calm down, Kaisar tells of his plans to stop Charioce. He needs their help. Especially Alessand who comes from a noble family and will have no trouble attending. At first Alessand refuses and blames Kaisar for the downfall of Orlean Knights. But after he considers them his precious subordinates and not useless, I guess he has to relent. Nina thought nobody is around so she screams out I love you to the open sky. Too bad Favaro is there. Busted. He doesn’t care what she is hiding and advises her to think hard before she acts. He became a bounty hunter in order to live freely but at times he too had to make hard decisions. Must talking about Amira, huh? Since she won’t admit she loves Charioce, Favaro starts howling to the open sky I love you. Embarrassing! Annoyingly noisy! Meanwhile the Onyx Knight captain hires some beast guy to kill the red dragon.

Episode 19
What’s this? Gabriel is depressed and locked herself in her chamber? Is she now a lost angel? Jeanne and Sofiel take refuge in the capital as they continue to search for El but Jeanne is getting impatient to reunite with her son for each passing moment. Rita tells everyone her plan. Nina and Alessand will infiltrate the ball as nobles. Once Nina locates Charioce, she will be on standby. Favaro and Dias will also infiltrate but through the knight’s barracks. Once so, she will give the signal to Nina to transform into a dragon. This will be a distraction for Favaro to steal the bracelet. After that he will hop on Nina’s back and fly away. As for the rest, they are to secure routes for their escape if the plan fails. Mugaro wants to join in but with Azazel hinting him not to, he backs down. You wonder if Nina can pull this off because the moment she steps off the carriage, she trips on her own gown. Then she pigs out at the food table. She notices a line of ladies queuing and waiting to dance with Charioce. But Nina doesn’t need that crap. She herself is a free pass to waltz up to him and extend her hand! Charioce is surprised to see her and you guessed it, he takes her hand. Take that all you b*tches! They start dancing and wow, is Nina this good? Super wow. They’re perfect! At the end, Nina is one happy girl. But Charioce looks serious. He tells they will never see each other again. You serious? Then what was that ‘date’ all about? Was it a lie? Yes. Oh, don’t go breaking her heart. I guess this means he won’t tell her his goal. Favaro then interrupts as he points his crossbow. Hand over the bracelet. No can do. It’s stuck as long as he lives. Then he’ll have to cut off his hand. However Nina protects Charioce. You’ll have to shoot her first! I guess it is finally heartbreak hotel when Nina confirms Charioce will never dance with her again. The guards now surround them. Favaro throws smoke bomb for them to escape. Guess what is left behind? Nina’s high heels… Rita gives Bacchus to signal the failure of this plan. Nina realizes just got dumped but needs to put this behind her to escape. Yeah, she is running faster than usual. Alessand manages to escape but bumps into Azazel and Mugaro. On their way out, they bump into Jeanne and Sofiel. At the port, Favaro and Kaisar are subdued but the Onyx Knights. Nina is faced with the beast guy.

Episode 20
Beast guy badmouths Nina’s tainted dragon blood in a bid to provoke her. She transforms. He does too. Bigger and more ferocious. Jeanne wants El to come back with her but he cowers behind Azazel who in makes him face reality. El senses Nina in trouble and off everyone goes, leaving confused Alessand behind. Nina gets owned by beast guy’s might. Before Onyx Knight captain kills her, Favaro tries to play the card that Charioce is in love with her. However Onyx Knight captain says Charioce only views her as a disposable toy. Proof? It was his order that he is sent to kill her. That broke Nina’s heart. Favaro and Kaisar break out to protect her who is at this point very much like a vegetable in shock. El arrives to magically paralyze the Onyx Knights while Sofiel and Azazel ‘cooperate’ to destroy the beast guy. Back at the base, Favaro explains the failed plan to Rita. Kaisar asks Sofiel about the weapon Charioce has. Sofiel is unsure except that it is an artefact from an ancient era that existed way before the time of Gods and demons. Because the Gods are not even sure what it is, they sealed it, only for Charioce to march in and steal it. So how does Charioce know how to activate it? Beats the Gods too. When El is told to return to Heaven, he argues his power is meant for a higher purpose. Bacchus blows his top about his crap. He is born for his mother. I’m sure he is just pulling it out of the air but it made El repent and will return with his mom. But he’ll go tomorrow as he wants to say goodbye. Meanwhile Nina is really heartbroken. She’s throwing a tantrum and destroying that pendant gift. She has to stop and put on a brave face when El comes to say his goodbye. Charioce will soon leave for Eibos and is confident of breaking the seal. Onyx Knight captain lies he killed the red dragon. Sofiel asks if Bacchus would like to return to Heaven. I don’t think he wants too. I’m sure there is punishment or banishment waiting. But she now understands why he did so as she came down without Gabriel’s permission. She wants him to stay here to discover Charioce’s true intentions. El is emotionally in his goodbye to Azazel. But on his way back, he gets stabbed by Alessand!

Episode 21
Alessand stabbed El out of jealousy that he was a wuss and couldn’t join Onyx Knights. Favaro finds dying El and brings him back to Rita. Can she revive an angel?! If surgery doesn’t work, try CPR! Jeanne must have never prayed to God so hard. In the end after all that shocking drama, El dies. Wait. NOOO!!! Azazel crying?! Azazel suspects Dias or Alessand because they are outsiders so Kaisar ends up in a heated argument with him. Favaro then reveals it was Alessand because he saw him running away. Jeanne and Sofiel return to Heaven. You mean they just left Mugaro’s dead body here?! Alessand shows the tainted dagger he killed El to Onyx Knight captain. Can he join now? He is taken to a room where the Onyx Knights are suffering in pain from the effects of a magic stone. If he joins, he must embed this stone in his body which sucks his life force but allows him to use abilities. He will use his life to serve Charioce. Is that what you want? Alessand chickens out and now regrets killing El. Too late. Well, at least he is made the captain of Orlean Knights. Kaisar tells what happened to Dias. They don’t understand why Alessand did this. Dias in turn reports information he threatened from one of the top vessels that Charioce has secretly left last night to Eibos. Jeanne sees Gabriel and tells her El is dead. She will take down Charioce and Gabriel WILL help her. Sofiel transfers her life to her and now Jeanne is an angel? Azazel sees Lucifer and wants him to take action now as Jeanne will soon make a rebellion. However Lucifer is reluctant to believe him as they have lost once. Without any assurance of victory, all they can do is sit back and observe. This angers Azazel who steps over the line to claim Lucifer a coward and only ran away. Even if Azazel failed to save his brethren, he managed to survive by choosing to fight alone. Lucifer will need to see if Azazel can keep his words or not. Nina has been keeping herself busy cleaning from the recent heartbreaks. Then the tears naturally flow. I guess the last time she cried like that was seeing her dad’s corpse. When Favaro talks to her, she has this very determined look that she is going to stop Charioce to avoid him from taking those dearest to her. Thus she is packing her stuffs and heading to Eibos. Jeanne through Gabriel’s power announces to the world she will be striking down Charioce and those who serve him. Those who suffered by his hands can join her and take up arms at Edith’s Hill.

Episode 22
Jean rallies the humans, demons and angels who have risen up to fight against Charioce. Making their way to the capital, Kaisar stops Jeanne. He tells her that Charioce had no hand in El’s death and it was solely Alessand acting on his own. He will take responsibility for this. But to Jeanne, that doesn’t change the fact her son is dead and even when alive, Charioce targeted him. Negotiations failed. Some of the castle soldiers are having low morale. They wonder they too should have defected because if you have a wuss like Alessand leading, they’re doomed. Soon Jeanne’s forces storm through the capital. Meanwhile Nina’s side has reached Eibos. She kicks ass all those who stand in her way. She fights Charioce in a bid to stop his madness and easily overwhelms him. However she cannot kill or cut off his hand. She just can’t. Favaro wants to know if it is his plan to revive Bahamut. However the priest brushes off that silly idea and is doing the opposite. Charioce plans to slay Bahamut and that is why Dromos is needed. As explained again, 10 years ago when a guy (who is now Onyx Knight captain) discovered a secret room and a manual belonged to Martinet. It has meticulous detailed about the sealed weapon as well as Bahamut’s path of destruction. After studying the texts further, they conclude Bahamut would inevitably return to these lands. To avoid such danger, a king with incredible mental fortitude was needed so they could put forth their plan to slay Bahamut (that included invading Heaven and stealing the sealed weapon). Of course that requires a price and it isn’t going to be just his hand but eventually his life. Oh Nina, you look so shock. Favaro has him answer one last question. Why was he surprised when he saw Nina? Because this means Onyx Knight captain lied to him that she died and that eliminating her was a lie too. Because if he wanted her dead, he wouldn’t have let her leave the ball. He also didn’t order El’s death because if he is going to slay Bahamut, getting into a fight with the Gods is the last thing he’d want. Oh, looks like it is time. Better run as fast as you can since the place is crumbling. Favaro and Nina mange to escape in time into Bacchus’ carriage. Amidst the big explosion, look who is back after 10 years? Why, it’s big daddy Bahamut! ROAR! Long time no see. Charioce orders to lead it back to the capital.

Episode 23
Jeanne storms into the castle but thinks Charioce could be at the prison island since all the offensive is coming from there. When a giant floating monster arrives, all the demons rejoice. It’s Lucifer! Azazel teams up with Jeanne to kick ass and they make a pretty good combo. Kaisar and Dias run into their old comrades trying to kill demon kids. Kaisar is forced to knock them out. Dias spots Alessand running away and wants to take care of this. Alessand still thinks he is not at fault and while he might sound repentant, he stabs Dias thinking he let his guard down. Too bad big guys like Dias can hold off your puny stab. Alessand turns into a coward and runs away screaming when he sees Dias going to kill him. You lost your chance and honour. As he hides, he spots that demon kid hiding. He thought of making friends with him but he let his guard down and gets stabbed by him. Still with regrets of not wanting to die, too bad his last sight is Dias’ angry face. Kaisar wants to head to the centre of the battle so instead of swimming in which case he will definitely not make it, Rita summons the dead, turns them into zombies to form an undead wave to take them across. With Charioce’s returning, this boost the soldiers’ morale. Jeanne and Azazel drop down to fight him but his loyal Onyx Knights fight to their very last breath to protect him. The magic stone has consumed too much of their lives. I don’t know why Jeanne was hesitating. Was it how much toll it took on them? Onyx Knight captain could have killed her had he too not run out of steam. And now the duo fight Charioce. As he too is at his limits, before the duo can kill him, Kaisar jumps to defend him. OMG! Kaisar dead?! No wonder everybody is so shocked! But save your shock later because here comes the real shocker: Bahamut. Feel its rage!!!

Episode 24
Bahamut is blasting everything to bits! Angels and demons join hands in protecting everyone but I guess that’s not enough. After Nina carries Bacchus, Hamsa and Favaro to safety, her master tells her the truth of how he sacrificed a girl to choose this world. What shall she choose? Without hesitating, Nina will choose Charioce! Then don’t worry what happens to the world. Go tear that dragon to shreds. Nina dashes all the way to Charioce who is powering up Dromos. She isn’t here to stop him but if he is going to sacrifice his life, she will do the same. Double the life force, double the power? Dromos turns into some digital dragon? Black dragon versus digital dragon? OMG! Its blast is so powerful that Bahamut is blown to bits!!! For a brief moment, Nina met Amira. When the light of dawn shines, everyone rejoices to see Bahamut’s corpse! Bahamut literally died standing. Hooray! We survived! Nina narrates the aftermath. The success means Charioce has lost both his sight though he still remains king. What about Nina? What price did she pay? She lost her voice. That’s pretty light if you ask me. Dias becomes the leader of the Orlean Knights. Humans and demons might still have their animosity but they are getting along fine and there are no slaveries like before. Jeanne returns to live in Heaven but before that she prays at El’s grave. Azazel also pays his respects before leaving for parts unknown. Nina continues to crash at Bacchus’ place. Sofiel stays with them because she and Bacchus are a couple. Yeah, believe it. Before Favaro leaves for his usual life of wandering, Nina tells him she met Amira in Bahamut’s light. She wished him all the best. Thought we could see him tear up a little there… Finally, Nina manages to sneak into the palace and dance with Charioce. One day, the corpse of Bahamut just disappears. Favaro knows it isn’t dead yet. Oh dear… Last but not least, Kaisar lives! As a zombie! Oh Rita…

Man Becomes The Demon When He Plays God
OMG! OMG! OMG!!! EVERYTHING WAS SO AWESOME!!! I can’t feel happy and sad at the same time the way things ended. Well, there is a price to pay for peace. There is a price to pay for everything. So with Bahamut not being dead, I guess this leaves room for another season? And it feels like the efforts and sacrifice of all is for naught, eh? But it’ll take a while before Bahamut returns to terrorize again. Then sh*t starts to happen all over again. Enjoy your peace while it lasts. Because if Bahamut is dead, it’s like saying Amira is also dead. Well, good thing we all know she is alive inside Bahamut.

It has been one helluva interesting and exciting ride from start to finish. This sequel could be even possibly better than the first season if that is the case. I think it is. It was really a fun and interesting ride from start to finish and there wasn’t a moment where I was bored since my attention was being so captivated and fixated on the screen that my eyes never strayed from the monitor. Really. There might be some slow moments but I won’t go so far as to call it boring. Watching this season feels like I have been losing track of time because whenever the episode ends, I would be going like, “Aww, it’s already over?”. I can’t help feel really excited and hyped for the next episode. Uh huh. This means when the season really ends, I was like going, “Aww, it’s already over?”. This itself is a good testament of what an absolutely good series should do and leave a mark or impression on its audiences.

I don’t know where to begin with to say how awesome everything is. But I have to start from somewhere. You can blame me for being very impartial and waxing lyrical about this season and this series overall since I am being blown away by the awesomeness of everything. As long as it is a very good thing to me, I’m okay with that. So this season seems to like have a hand in almost every movie genre. It has action, adventure, fantasy, comedy and even romance. The romance bit might feel like a distraction and a bit out of place but it is all part of giving the characters and plot more depth. Maybe just missing out on the musical genre but I’m sure it would be weird to hear Nina and Charioce break into a song. Not that I won’t mind seeing them but it would definitely be an eyebrow raiser. A distraction. After all, such a great season doesn’t need such a distraction when you have so many awesome things going on.

The story itself is interesting and there are enough developments to keep the viewers intrigued. There might not be any ground breaking twists (how can a good looking king like Charioce by such a black hearted king? There must be some sort of ulterior motive…) and there were some parts which were predictable (like how Alessand was going down the bad road and paying for it – seen that coming from a mile). Like I said, it was really one helluva ride from start to finish the moment Nina was introduced. A nonstop roller coaster ride that sees the storyline ranging from a demon rebellion, Nina being sent to prison, Heaven launching an attack on humans but failed, a trip to Nina’s hometown and then a ride up to Heaven, a ball infiltration before the climax of the biggest and ultimate battle with the big and baddest antagonist of it all. Speaking of which, I was wondering how Bahamut is going to play out its role considering that dragon is after all the name of the series. I was thinking that it was going to be only mentioned in flashbacks and legend until the climax. Well, here’s my wish of Bahamut making his very late appearance. Yeah, just like last season in which the dragon finally moved in the final episode. And also got defeated too. I thought there would be the mother of all battles, you know, Nina versus Bahamut. I guess she is smart enough to not take on that might alone. Red dragon versus black dragon… Why does it sound like a Mortal Kombat reference?

The characters add live and depth to the plot and you’ll find most of them likeable. Well, most of them. Because nobody likes that complaining Alessand to the very end and I’m sure nobody shed a tear when he rightfully met his fate. Right? Even Azazel is more likeable than him despite he is very hot tempered and rash. At least Azazel tries to do something even though things fail and don’t go as planned, he doesn’t give up. Unlike Alessand who just complains and dreams of the bigger stuffs but when the real deal comes, he chickens out. At least Azazel is more human than him. The fact he saved and took care of Mugaro says a lot even if he himself doesn’t want to admit it. Yeah, there’s this very odd relationship between a half angel and demon…

Anyway, Nina has been an absolute interesting character ever since making her debut. She is lively, she is spunky, she is funny and she goes at her own pace. It makes her quite likeable in that sense. We all love a headstrong and independent heroine character, don’t we? She isn’t technically human (her monstrous strength is supposedly a giveaway) so I guess we can’t compare her to what constitutes and the ethics of being human but spending most of her time in human form, I guess she too has developed some sort of human emotions like falling in love. Of all people, the king, right? Yeah, which girl doesn’t dream of marrying the king? It was one of those conflicting moments for her but she is able to get up and move on (albeit it took a bit of a while) and continue doing what she believes is right.

I figure they were trying to paint Charioce as an absolute baddie king here but my guts tell me that there were more than meets the eye. After all, when you have a king this good looking, anime cliché tells us there is more to it. Of course his heartless actions isn’t totally heartless at all. Therefore in this aspect if he was trying to act and play the bad king for his ulterior motive, man I swore I could have seen through his act from all that ‘bad acting’ right from the initial episodes. Because he doesn’t act very much like a ruthless and merciless king. Okay, maybe his gentle and suave ways make him a smooth talker but still, if he really was a cruel king, he would have gone about a much violent way. So by playing the bad guy all the while, does that make him a considerate guy? Maybe that is why Nina clicks with him, despite their romance feels a bit weird. Cheesy? Cliché? After all, commoner girl falls in love with powerful king is quite an overused trope. Hmm… Is this the Virgin Soul the second title might be referring to? Virgins in love, that is… It is a bit sad that both lost some of their sensory so Charioce can never see and hear Nina while she can never speak to him again. But as long as they’re together, they can forever dance beautifully.

Fans are delighted that last season’s characters also appear here. So there is some sort of continuity instead of this sequel of being an unrelated new story. I remember last season Kaisar started off as an annoying guy who keeps chasing Favaro around. He doesn’t do that anymore here or even b*tch about his family’s past honours but as the leader of the Orlean Knights, he still feel pretty much a wuss. I mean this guy opposes violence and he tries to settle things the non-violent way. I don’t know. Despite his noble intentions of wanting peaceful solutions and all the races to live in harmony, in a way it might do more harm than good because everyone else are just cruel pieces of sh*t. That’s the cruel fact of this world. So trying to be passive and accommodating just makes him look like a weak loser. No wonder weaker people like Alessand started to lose faith in him. But thank goodness for loyal Dias, right? Now Kaisar has found true peace in death and as much as I want to find that funny, I couldn’t. It is with mixed feelings to see Rita revive him as a zombie because he isn’t technically the same again. After all, Rita was the most affected by his death as their odd relationship goes back a long way since the first season. And to think Rita thought he wanted to confess to her…

There was this initial fear that Favaro wasn’t going to appear at all seeing that he was nowhere around in the first half. Well, thank goodness he did around halfway point. What an unlikely place to make your first appearance this season in the prison. Favaro hasn’t lost his edge but he isn’t the main character and hero he was in the first season as Nina now takes over that role. He is more like the master sifu role now. Still funny in his own way, still sharp and smart. He must have learnt a lot ever since Amira’s passing last season. It pretty much feels the same for Rita since cool zombie girl became a quack doctor treating demons in her hideout and her role is like to provide sarcasm, voice of reason and a bit comic relief. Don’t worry, she has Rocky by her side so I’m sure she isn’t lonely. Too bad Rocky doesn’t leave as much impression as I thought it would. Not that it would become as famous as Addams Family’s Thing. Bacchus and Hamsa still feel like the comic relief pair from Disney. And now this drunkard is an item with Sofiel, it’s like a match made in Heaven, right? Only on Earth. Only they’re not royalty. I swore I could have guessed Sofiel had a thing for Bacchus from the start as she kept bugging a disgraced God for a simple task of finding a kid which I believe she could have done it herself. Of all people, right?

It was really weird to see Jeanne having a child when she is still a virgin. It made me wonder if this is what the Virgin Soul is supposedly refers to. It feels like the case of déjà vu for Jeanne because in the last season, she absorbed Michael to obtain power. This season, she absorbed Sofiel to power up and gain revenge for her son. She is after all human. Can’t blame her. And you know what they say about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially a mother whose child got killed. Ironically, El never get to live up to his destiny or role. He is supposed to be the key hindrance and target of Charioce’s plan and he is supposed to bring peace to the world but look what happened to him. Sad, right?

If you’re here for the action, you won’t be very disappointed. Fans who were awed by the amazing action spectacular in the first season can expect even more power action in this season. It doesn’t disappoint to say the least with all the power and magic play in the battle, it is anybody’s game. Just don’t get hit by any one of those magic blasts because they’re really powerful. Like Dromos being the mother of all blasts. Not even angels can stand up to its power. And you thought creatures from Heaven would be all mighty and invincible but that might just be our perception. It’s a different case for them in this world. But still, they’re no pushovers with their heavenly powers. But I suppose the Gods are not useful enough that Charioce had to do it himself to get rid of Bahamut. Prove that if you want something done, do it yourself. And yeah, praying to God won’t get anything done. Period. Whoops! As excuse for more destruction on the human side, hence they have giant golems so that they can be toppled and destroyed. Not to say that there aren’t body counts from actual humans from the knights but I suppose it lessens the impact of watching a fellow human being cut down. They’re just stones and machines, right? What am I saying…

Art and animation are still top notched. Many of the main characters have this bishonen and bishoujo looks so characters like Charioce, Kaisar, Azazel and even Lucifer have this pretty boy looks. Even in Heaven with all the male angels are tanned and muscular, female angels all have very big boobs. Mmm… But all is not pretty and good looking when you consider the demon slums. Yeah, those really look horrible. Not the quality of the animation but rather you can feel the very neglected state of those areas. CGI is also used especially on the golems and Bahamut. Pretty much okay, I guess.

The old casts are retained and continue to do a fine job reprising their roles. Sumire Morohoshi did a good job as Nina to make her really sound spunky and lively. Although she sounds like as though she is newbie in voice acting and has this raw sound to it, she has been in the industry for quite some time (going all the way back to 2010’s Kuragehime’s Clara although this isn’t technically her debut role but one her early roles). I didn’t really know it was Rie Kugimiya behind Mugaro/El’s voice. Firstly, the character didn’t even speak until the latter half. Even so, it was one of those boyish roles Rie Kugimiya played unlike her stereotypical tsundere character role so it took me a while to realize it was her. The other new casts added are Yuuichirou Umehara as Charioce (Mitsuhide in Akagami No Shirayuki-hime), Maaya Sakamoto as Sofiel (Ciel in Kuroshitsuji), Hiroshi Shirokuma as Onyx Knight captain (Warrod in Fairy Tail), Yasuhiro Mamiya as Dias (Naomasa in Drifters) and Kensho Ono as Alessand (Seiji in Renai Boukun).

If you remember the first season’s hard punk heavy metal acid rock-like opening, this season is no different either. Yup, the first opening theme, Let It End is sung by the same band, Sim. Not really my kind of music because of all the screaming like as though you can burst your lungs if you sing too hard. The second opening theme is more bearable, Walk This Way by The Beat Garden. It reminds me of that ending theme in Devil Survivor 2 The Animation. Not bad and epic in its own right. As for the ending themes, they are weird and unique in the context of this series. The first ending theme is Haikei Goodbye Sayonara by Daoko. It’s like a techno rap song and the credits animation is very video game-like. But all that is nothing compared to the second ending theme, Cinderella Step also by Daoko. The song is very fairytale-like as well as its animation. It is most amusing and I believe this is one of the very few animations in which I enjoy because there is a ‘twist’. With Nina being Cinderella and Charioce as Prince Charming, what happens when the clock strikes 12 at the ball? Why, they go disco dancing!!! OMFG!!! This is way too funny and creative!!! I really love it. Everyone, let’s get down on the dance floor! Also worth mentioning are the epic voices used as BGMs during epic sequences. It really makes everything so grandeur and epic.

Originally, before this season came out, there was supposed to be another Shingeki No Bahamut series, Manaria Friends. However it was cancelled indefinitely in 2016 and no news of any progress has been made since. Because of the poster picture of Manaria Friends, it made me wonder if it was connected to the Shingeki No Bahamut series in the first place and hence why I thought Virgin Souls could be a totally different and unrelated to the original. Heck, I saw the list of seiyuus being casted and they were all for totally different new characters. I wonder how things would have turned out had Manaria Friends actually aired. Would it have been a hit? Would it have been a miss? Would it have affected Virgin Souls? Was it why Virgin Souls was made instead? Whatever the reasons were, I’m glad I got to watch this season.

Overall, this series is so amazing and awesome and at this point I might be sounding like a broken tape recorder. In recent seasons and years, there have only been a few good animes and rarely a few in a single season. I supposed when you have been going down and reached the lowest (obviously it didn’t but just for argument’s sake), the only way left is up and good stuffs. So other than this series, we had great second seasons like Shingeki No Kyojin, Boku No Hero Academia and Uchouten Kazoku (can I also consider Teekyuu’s ninth season as awesome?) as well as new ones like Princess Principal, Kakegurui and Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho that really saved the season. If you really love action, adventure and fantasy all into one, this is the series to go to. Till the next rage of Bahamut, keep your Baha-Baha-Baha-Soul to the Baha-Baha-Baha-Max. Baha-Baha-Baha-Amen! The wind is certainly blowing in the direction of tomorrow!

Sin – Nanatsu No Taizai

November 18, 2017

Holy holiness! I thought this was somewhat the sequel to that action fantasy adventure, Nanatsu No Taizai! Then I realized something is wrong when I saw the promotional poster. Sexy busty ladies?! Wait. Am I seeing it right? Shucks. What a misleading title. Again. Because in that same season we had Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho in which I mistook it for another anime sequel thanks to its suspiciously similar title. Thus it is the same too for Sin – Nanatsu No Taizai. It has nothing to do with that series about a group of former baddies trying to take over a kingdom now taken over by corrupted knights who were once the heroes. The only thing in common is the use of the seven deadly sins as its theme. Everything else differs so much. Oh, sexy busty ladies, huh? I can see where we’re going with this one.

Episode 1
Crucified Lucifer falls from heaven as she blames Michael for this betrayal. She crashes into a church. Maria Totsuka, a normal human seems to be able to see her. Before she plunges into hell, Lucifer gives her an angel’s life. Down in the most bottom depths of hell, the demon of envy, Leviathan is excited to see Lucifer crashing down. She has always looked up to her and starts caressing her body. She suggests they take over hell by defeating the other Mortal Sins but Lucifer will not follow orders from anyone. This makes Leviathan mad as she attacks her. Her weak attack has no effect as Lucifer remembers Michael telling her God’s punishment to her to atone for her pride forever. Lucifer breaks free and I think her transformation into some cosplay made Leviathan adore her even more. She vows to follow her. Bringing her to the castle where the Mortal Sins rule, Lucifer is attacked by the demon of wrath, Satan. Of course she is no match for the fallen angel and gets busted. We are introduced to the other busty demons like Mammon (greed), Asmodeus (lust), Beelzebub (gluttony) and Belphegor (sloth). The leader of them all is Belial (vanity – what is Bayonetta doing here?!), she believes Lucifer is here to invade hell. Lucifer takes up Leviathan’s suggestion to beat the crap out of everyone and rule this place. Belial orders the rest to fight her. Nobody moves. Okay. She’ll do it herself. Too bad Lucifer easily destroys her family sword and rips her clothes in the process. Gnosis offers Belial to use him. She unleashes some restraining attack on her. Lucifer tries to escape but the other Mortal Sins attack and ground her. Belial torments her by cutting one of her wings. However this severs her restraints to God. She declares as the one who goes against God and the demon burdened with the sin of pride. She and Leviathan escape back to Earth. Right back at the same spot where Maria found Lucifer. First thing Lucifer does is to stab Maria’s heart! And she corrects her that she isn’t an angel, but a demon lord.

Episode 2
Maria isn’t dead. Lucifer has stolen her heart. How can a person live without a heart? Well, as long as Lucifer has it, she is immortal. Unless she crushes it. Since Maria continues to whine in disbelief, Leviathan wants to get rid of her. However Lucifer wants Maria as her servant. Because normal humans can’t see angels and demons, I guess they need Maria to do human business. Like booking a presidential suite of a hotel for an indefinite stay. Maria continues to resist her so Lucifer with a snap of her fingers is able to make her do things against her own will. Like stripping and taking a bath with her. Maria wants to be normal again but Lucifer doesn’t care. All she needs to do is obey her. Despite the abuse, Leviathan is envious that Maria gets all her attention. Leviathan thought she could try cooking for her but Lucifer still has her attention on Maria. So when Lucifer has gone out, Leviathan takes out her frustrations on Maria. If only she is gone, all of Lucifer’s attention will be on her. Maria tries to run but Leviathan outrages her modesty with some water tentacles. Don’t scream too loud or others will think you’re a pervert. Maria insists she has done nothing wrong to deserve this and this makes Leviathan mad. She envies her for having what she wants. Why could it not be her? Those words remind Maria of her friend Mina who said exactly the same thing. It’s like Maria has found enlightenment as she comforts Leviathan it isn’t a bad thing. She is able to break free from her shackles. The show ends with Lucifer putting a stop to it. She had been watching them. She chastises Leviathan for giving in to her own envy sin and losing to a human. She warns her not to lay her hands on Maria again. Now Lucifer molests Maria’s boobs and wants her to focus. Not on the groping, I suppose. Maria then screams out Miami. This is where they will be heading next.

Episode 3
Because Maria took Lucifer’s blood before she went to hell, the reason why she can sense the location of other Mortal Sins. So they’re taking a plane there instead of teleporting? Oh well, got to enjoy your time on Earth. Asmodeus is trying to gather followers (and by that means making a contract that sends you to hell!) by having everyone lust and gaze at her sexy body. It’s such a depraved beach with everybody making out with everybody. Lucifer steps in to announce she will take down the Mortal Sins one by one. Leviathan tries to fight Asmodeus but Lucifer realizes the people lusting at her will only make her stronger. What now? Retreat! That night, they visit the nightclub where Asmodeus gathers her followers. Asmodeus is such a hot pole dancer. Leviathan thought she could challenge her but her pole dancing sucks. Asmodeus is interested in Maria but Lucifer warns nothing will happen to her no matter how much she tries. That night, Lucifer sends Maria out to buy food but Asmodeus captures her back to her place to begin caressing and making her feel good. What is this?! 50 Shades of Grey, lesbian version?! It took Lucifer a while to drop in. Asmodeus fights Lucifer using her sex appeal. This means Lucifer gets captured by her plant tentacle trap. Her entire body is now one big sexual pleasure. Lucifer is ‘disappointed’ in her since desire is all she has. Love is all dressed up in the base desire of lust. However she doesn’t see a sin in sex and should go preach about its benefits instead. Ironically this turns on Asmodeus and loses to her own power. Lucifer is freed as she comments about pride being pride because it doesn’t yield to others. Asmodeus admits her defeat to Lucifer and promises not to get in her way. With Asmodeus’ magic dispelled, Miami beach is back to normal. Maria apologizes for getting into trouble but it was all part of Lucifer’s plan in the first place to make her as the bait. You sly devil… It makes Maria wonder if it is okay to believe in a demon lord. Somebody’s faith in God is wavering…

Episode 4
We’re in London now. At the library, they see an article of a potion that can grant anything. Definitely fake. So they head down to the store where it is sold. Nobody’s in. Maria sees a coin on the floor and picks it up. Too late. A trap. Welcome to Mammon’s store. She and Lucifer go have a ‘chat’. Mammon shows off her properties but Lucifer isn’t interested and fights. Although Lucifer loses, not without property damage and this pisses Mammon off. Now Lucifer is being tortured on a triangle horse and being forced to sign a contract for property damage. Leviathan summons her bat familiar, Behemoth to cut them out of the cage. Looking for clues, they see real estate papers. Leviathan believes Lucifer is being held in one of Mammon’s many properties and leaves Maria behind to go find her onee-sama. Maria looks around and seeks soul contracts but is caught red-handed by Mammon. Maria witness Mammon having a woman sign a contract and letting her drink some potion before she enters a secret room. Mammon is interested to know why she is with Lucifer. Is there some sort of secret between them? Mammon lets Maria suck on her breast milk. Oh, so calm… Leviathan has found Lucifer. She wants to help but is told not to because there won’t be any meaning if she doesn’t overcome this herself. It is painful to watch so Leviathan joins her. Damn she can’t last 10 seconds and faints on Lucifer! It’s heavier! Maria sees many people inside a room taking care of demon dolls in which they see as their own child. Of course in exchange for this, Mammon has them transfer their assets to her. It seems Mammon’s husband left her with debts and she has to raise 500,000 kids! Maria lectures her what the kids need are not babysitters but their mom. Lucifer breaks free and at the same time Maria is freed from Mammon’s cursed breast milk. Maria believes everyone is just lost and running away from their painful memories. Mammon thinks it is that pity that made them lose their place. That is pride. Speaking of which, here comes Lucifer to come kick her ass. This time more property damage and the entire place is razed down! My investments! With Mammon’s defeat, I guess everyone is freed from their debts. However thanks to the endless human greed, Mammon is soon back in operation via crypto currency. More money for her children, suckers!

Episode 4.5
WTF?! Why do we need a recap episode summary after 4 episodes?! Did production fail to keep up with the schedule?! No new scenes. Recycled scenes of what we have seen so far and the only difference is that some parts are narrated. The only thing brand new is the ending theme with this demon lord, Astaroth rocking away.

Episode 5
Back in Japan, Lucifer and co notice Astaroth as an online idol raking up the views. By the way, Astaroth is the demon of melancholy and hence her songs have depressing lyrics. So when Lucifer confronts her back at her home, Astaroth freaks out. Every answer she gives is in rap mode? So Lucifer records and uploads her own video and it is gaining more views. Belial then visits Astaroth. She wants her to accept Lucifer’s challenge and will help to beat her. So Astaroth records a new video. It isn’t anything special and looks so freaking boring but it garners more views than Lucifer. At this rate she is going to lose. What’s this? Lucifer sinking into depression thinking about it? Of course she busts those blues in the nick of time before Belial pays her a visit. Belial wants to know her goal when she fell from heaven. Since she isn’t telling, Belial will defeat her and make her reveal all on her knees. Lucifer gives Maria another chance to make another hit piece. With this computer synthesizer heavy denpa song, I’m sure it did. Of course Astaroth comes up with another to counter that. It’s that rocker video we see in the recap episode. Sex. Blood. Gore. Weirdness. Makes no sense. I guess all that sells. Could you believe the video is made by Belphegor who is Astaroth’s closest friend? Thanks to that hit, Astaroth now have sell-out concerts and TV interviews lining up. As the fans wait for her to go on stage, Lucifer is confident Astaroth will not appear. She knows she is afraid of people and the more people in the audience, the more she will retreat to her shell. Speaking of which, it is true as she is cowering inside the toilet cubicle. With the crowd growing restless and losing faith, demanding their money back, Lucifer takes this chance to take centre stage and steal the crowd’s heart. Belial is trying to get Astaroth to come out. Belphegor tells her the audience is on her side and to tell them her feelings with her songs. Astaroth gets the courage needed to go on stage. The duo sing a duet which is a mix of both their styles. Weird but fun. In the end, Astaroth admits she lost. Though, she loves singing and will continue. She wants to perform again with Lucifer but too bad she calls it quits. It’s too much trouble dealing with fans. Astaroth says she is on Belial’s side so the next time they meet, they’ll be enemies. Assuming if she isn’t this timid, that is.

Episode 6
Lucifer asks Leviathan about Belphegor. Just a shut-in. When Lucifer picks up a ringing call, she is sucked inside the mobile. Belphegor wants to play a game with her. Since Lucifer chooses to be the demon lord, Belphegor will organise an event where everyone can defeat her. As expected, Lucifer easily steamrolls the heroes. So Belphegor promises the heroes someone to come help defeat the demon lord. And so she drags Maria into the game as well. After making her test a heavy armour, she puts her in a lingerie armour that has her move faster. And with her magic sword, she is now known as the hero Maririn! As she faces Lucifer, of course Lucifer isn’t going to take her seriously about saving the world. Heck, even Lucifer defeats Maria. Maybe it’s the hotspring power of disintegrating lingerie and enhancing boob size. Belphegor can’t have her lose now so she takes her away for more training. Why do they look like torture or hentai potential? Once her training is done, she is tasked to get a legendary equipment from an angel. Isn’t that Leviathan?! And the legendary equipment is just a lingerie in different colour? Cheaper to re-skin, I suppose… As Maria is ready to face Lucifer again, the other players feel it is time to logout since they have to work, sleep, etc. Belphegor has them stay by offering them special weapons (because you can’t defeat the demon lord with free weapons). Maria faces off with Lucifer again. It might look like history repeating itself but her legendary armour requips itself to become something better to defeat Lucifer. With that, everyone is satisfied and logs off. Belphegor panics as this isn’t in her scenario. She tries to defeat Lucifer herself but Lucifer fights back to the point where it could destroy her game world. Belphegor has had it. She admits defeat and doesn’t want to play games with her anymore. Back in reality, Lucifer is impressed Maria could tell she was in a game world where Belphegor collects her followers. Had Maria defeated her, the game would have been restarted and everything will go back to square one to defeat the demon lord again. After Lucifer teases Maria as the lingerie hero, now she is going to punish Leviathan for being an angel…

Episode 7
Lucifer and co crash in on Beelzebub’s gourmet party to challenge her to an eating contest. Both looks like they’re going strong till Lucifer suddenly has pain in her stomach. Is this it? Although the contest ends in a draw, Lucifer immediately rushes to the toilet to vomit till she passes out. The next thing she knows, she is in hospital. Maria is forced to play her relative to fill the paperwork. It is pathetic to see the strong Lucifer in this weak state. It’s like she lost to some stomach flu virus. She continues to recuperate in hospital but her living conditions aren’t ‘ideal’. The neighbour is snoring loudly or vomiting and the bed is too cram. Complaining it to your subordinates won’t change a thing. When her illness remains the same, the doctor gives her suppository. OMG! It looks like Lucifer getting raped from the back???!!! Oh dear. Really pitiful to see her in this state. Of course the doctor turns out to be Belial as she tries to unlock Lucifer’s secret. She sees Maria’s heart and takes it. When Lucifer wakes up, she knows she has been had. Though she is confident Belial won’t realize its secret but the problem is how to get it back. She can’t tell Maria about it. So when Lucifer acts all nice to her, Maria thinks she is still sick. Get well and go back to your prideful self! Lucifer is surprised that Beelzebub is also hospitalized next door for gastric dilation. She teases her about not being able to eat but Beelzebub views food isn’t evil and the best medicine to put a smile on your face. Before you know it, they both become friends! WTF?! Cue for Leviathan to throw her usual tantrum while she is bathing Lucifer. So she gives her a chance to let her sleep with her. Too bad she wet the bed and escaped, making it look like Lucifer was the wetter. As Lucifer and Beelzebub begin to heal, they eat and appreciate better food. They get discharged on the same day as Lucifer treats her to some tasty treat. Beelzebub is willing to give Lucifer her throne. She doesn’t need it. When the time comes, all will change. After everyone leaves, Maria is kidnapped by Belial.

Episode 8
When Belial tells Satan how meekly Beelzebub turn over to Lucifer’s side, she is engulfed in rage. Of course she goes to fight Lucifer but Leviathan takes on her first. Satan is puzzled that she herself is feeling envious since Beelzebub is on Lucifer’s side. Leviathan ‘understands’ and that is how she is feeling. Leviathan’s water power causes damage everywhere but the chaos only further to strengthen Satan’s power. So she thought if fighting over the ocean would increase her power but she got defeated for real this time. Time for Lucifer to step in. Beelzebub wants to help her but Lucifer notes herself as currently weak to save Maria and will lose at this rate. She has Beelzebub return to hell for now. In some Pacific island, scores of military jets and ships attack Lucifer. Of course they are no match for her as she cuts them all into half. Military budget this year is going to skyrocket. Beelzebub awakens slumbering Leviathan at the bottom of the ocean (what the heck is that open sesame-like recitation?). She revives with a new set of sexy bikini armour? With the soldiers supporting Satan, she still is most powerful. So powerful that her blasts could cut the world into pieces!!! OMG! Haven’t seen anybody cutting water like that. Not even Moses. As Lucifer finally fights her head on, Belial and Maria are watching this from her castle. Maria continues to root for Lucifer so Belial shows her heart. Is this why she is rooting for her? Maria looks interested when Belial suggests she can have her heart back and even freed from Lucifer if she helps them defeat her. Now the epic battle takes place on the moon. Earth too puny for them? Satan did the most unlikely thing by releasing her curse on Lucifer so she could fight with all she’s got. In the end, the space battle ends with Lucifer stabbing into Satan. As agreed, Satan will follow her orders by opening the gates to hell. She’s coming for your ass, Belial. Belial maintains her confidence she still has Maria as her trump card.

Episode 9
Belial is seen making a deal with Michael. Belial tortures Satan for losing when she had the overwhelming advantage and Lucifer lost almost all her power. She gives her one last chance to protect the gates of hell and prevent Lucifer from coming through. But when Lucifer and Leviathan come waltzing in, they are easily able to walk through. This is because in that short span of time, Lucifer was able to gather followers from all over the world. Looks like every human is guilty of some sort of pride from judges to idol fans! As humans care themselves more than others, pride is the ultimate sin they are born with. Lucifer could send all humans to hell if she wanted to and knows this is what God is afraid of. So with 100 million followers, Lucifer makes her triumphant return to hell as the demon lord. Belial summons the Mortal Sins to go stop Lucifer. However they claim they have no more reason to obey her since they have been defeated by Lucifer. Only Astaroth remains by Belial’s side. Lucifer and Leviathan ride the ferryman, Charon. However he wants his payment. Care to share some of the souls of the living? No way. Then show me your pantsu! So we have this strange scene of Lucifer trying to fight off this dirty old man and getting tentacle raped by his tongue. It ends when Leviathan manages to overturn the boat and shows her pantsu to satisfy that lecherous pervert. They meet up with the other Mortal Sins as Lucifer reveals God’s plan to purge hell and Earth. Hence it isn’t Lucifer’s plan to destroy hell but God. Lucifer’s plan is to turn the tables by bringing God down and make a new world order. Hell always flourishes when humanity matures. But it happens over and over again so Lucifer got tired of this and brought this up. Look what happened to her by just commenting on it. And yes, Belial knows about this. Don’t believe? Ask her yourself. Astaroth is the only one who can’t believe it. Leviathan stays back to fight her while Lucifer moves forward.

Episode 10
Asmodeus confronts Belial about her betrayal. Come to think of it, she believes she has been lying to them ever since she became their leader. Flashback shows Belial requesting Asmodeus to be the leader of the Mortal Sins. She has sought everyone’s permission since she wants to defeat heaven. For Asmodeus’ punishment to defy her, she is being cut by razor sharp winds. Because she can heal, the process repeats. Is this ultimate paradise for a masochist? I wonder how many times she has climaxed. When Lucifer arrives and wants to rescue her, Asmodeus tells her to go forward. The other Mortal Sins are in danger and she has chosen Lucifer to be the one. Down the next level, Lucifer sees Beelzebub being force fed. Why does this look like a porn scene? Belial thought she could buy her loyalty by giving her more meat but since she refused, this is what she got as punishment for defying. Beelzebub won’t accept meat from anybody but Lucifer. Is there a sexual connotation there? Mammon tells Belial that she is betting all her next penny on Lucifer who is a better investment. Belial then turns her fortune into a golden triangle horse and torture her. She wonders why she is doing this seeing she comes from the famous Byrnedale family. Flashback shows she inherited it. Speaking to Gnosis, she was told the family was famous but now in ruins. Gnosis sensed she isn’t from hell as she explains why she wants to inherit it to preserve its vanity. She will make the Byrnedale name known throughout heaven. Her real reason to inherit is to use its name so the Mortal Sins would trust her. Would they believe her if she was an unknown demon lord? What is the best way to torture a lazy person? Exercise! So poor Belphegor running on a burning treadmill forever. Not even Lucifer wants to bat an eyelid.

Satan fights Belial and accuses her of betraying them since she won’t tell whether she has connections with heaven or not. Belial says that it wasn’t a lie when she told them she wanted to bring heaven down. However the circumstances have changed and there is no choice but to wait for it to come. Satan is punished by being covered by goo of the dead. Meanwhile Leviathan and Astaroth’s fight has turn into some naked slippery pathetic battle that has them falling down a long waterfall. When Belial cuts Maria, she realizes there is angel blood in her. She realizes Lucifer’s plan to hide it inside Maria so she could return to heaven again. See girl, she’s just using you. Lucifer has reached the final depths of hell. I don’t know how Leviathan and Astaroth got stuck in those icy pillars but since they got here so fast, shouldn’t have Lucifer taken a similar path? Unless she doesn’t know about it. Too bad Lucifer has no time to save them. In this area, there are dormant giants who once fought God and lost. Their punishment to be imprisoned here forever. Now under Belial’s command they are attacking Lucifer. She knows this is Belial’s plan to wear her magic out. And now she has already used them all up.

Episode 11
Belial tortures Lucifer as she reveals her plan to use her angel blood to return to heaven. It seems Lucifer doesn’t remember who Belial is. She was once the angel Satanael but was sent to hell for being accused of spreading non-existent miracles to humans. She believed she was doing the right thing as more humans prayed to God. However Lucifer told her she was wrong and Michael kept her silence. Satanael is crucified and sent down as she vowed revenge on Lucifer. Now that Lucifer remembers who she is, she adds that after what Satanael did, humans began to rely on miracles and fall into depravity. When they realized their hopes were unfounded, they abandoned God. So she played the demon lord than an angel. Belial doesn’t care for all that now as a new miracle will happen. She will be reborn as the new Satanael and discard her wretched and humiliating life as the leader of the Mortal Sins. However by saying that, Lucifer knows she has lost. Because by abandoning that title, she is no longer their leader and thus no more authority over their penance. The Mortal Sins are freed as they rush to Lucifer’s side. But Belial believes all of them won’t defeat her since she has absorbed Lucifer’s power. True, even if they all attack at once, she crucifies them all. She is going to kill Lucifer in the cruellest fashion. She wants Maria to stab her with the silver stake. Maria won’t do this but Belial threatens to crush her heart. Even in pain she won’t do it so Lucifer orders her. Still can’t? Lucifer runs towards her to get stabbed. While it might look like Belial’s victory, that is just short-lived. Maria’s heart enters Lucifer and Lucifer’s heart enters Maria. This was just an elaborate plan to switch hearts. Now the final epic battle. Lucifer chides Belial for being petty, having a grudge over something that has happened so long ago. Has she no pride? Besides, it is God who sent her to hell as He is the only one with powers to do so. Belial is in disbelief as Lucifer kicks her ass to defeat her again. Belial might have admitted her defeat but the battle is not over yet since Michael has crashed into the place.

Episode 12
Belial wants Michael to take her back to heaven in exchange for destroying hell. However Michael tells her God doesn’t negotiate with demon lords. Betrayed. More salt on her wounds as Lucifer chides her that God never planned on pardoning her. Or maybe someone never let God know of this plan in the first place. Michael claims she wanted to help Lucifer before she was sent to hell but Lucifer never recalled such. It’s like she knew of God’s mistake and accepting it is like accepting His error. So Michael’s attack form is a military cosplay? Well, her holy light wings are devastating. Belial attacks Michael out of rage. She manages to destroy a wing before being thrown out of this world. Astaroth follows her. Because of that, it seems Leviathan is promoted to one of the Mortal Sins and Lucifer takes Belial’s place as the leader, the demon lord of pride. The other Mortal Sins are motivated to take down Michael. Although each manage to break a wing, it is at the cost of their life. Not that they regret it. It’s finally time for Lucifer and Michael to clash. Since hell is done for, I guess they’re going to fight on Earth. It sounds like Michael has always liked Lucifer. But the need to be God’s absolute angel means she has to put on a façade like any other angels to suck up to Him. That’s why Lucifer cannot stand God’s tyranny. She could not accept God’s plan of destroying everything and then recreate it again. It’s like destroying something you create partway and then destroying it because it didn’t turn out to way you wanted. If that’s the case, stop being God! Maria realizes Lucifer has always been the only one trying to protect humans. When she was young, mother always told her this angel named Lucifer was always watching over them.

However Lucifer is defeated when Michael stabs her with her holy lance. Maria and Leviathan are crying over her dead body. If prayers are for God, how to reach a demon lord then? You offer a sacrifice. Yes, Maria sacrifices herself and uses her blood to revive Lucifer. Lucifer is sad she lost Maria. She notes she has always been enchanted by her and watching her in heaven. She always prayed to her and didn’t want to destroy the world she lives in. Now she swears to bring down heaven with all she’s got. Confronting Michael again, Lucifer’s revival means she also revives the other Mortal Sins. Maria has given her life to her so the lance doesn’t work now. As a fallen angel who is the leader of the Mortal Sins and having a human giving her life, she possess the holy trinity of all the worlds. Call it a miracle but God isn’t the only one who has a monopoly over it. She is able to defeat Michael who wants to be killed by her. However just this once Lucifer forgives her as she is being called back by heaven. With the Seven Virtues before her, looks like they are Lucifer’s next target to bring heaven down. In the aftermath, Leviathan isn’t sure to be sad or happy over Maria’s death. Lucifer sheds a blood tear and this revives Maria! Holy cow! Another miracle?! Something about the little angel blood left in Lucifer that allowed this to happen. As of now, Lucifer doesn’t have any more angel blood nor does she want any speck of it. Because she is the demon lord now. Lastly, Belial is seen living a normal human life with Astaroth on Earth.

Better To Know The Devil Than The Angel
Well… This is… Sinfully good! I know, despite the sleazy fanservice shots, this series actually has a pretty decent (oh, the irony) plot and pacing despite being cliché in the sense that a betrayed anti-hero goes around to defeat mini bosses or make them submit before having finally facing off with the big one but then plot twist! The real big bad guy is the one who is from your own former side! So yeah, I did enjoy watching this series not because I am a perverted otaku (that is partially a reason why one would watch this series but that isn’t the point) but perhaps I set my expectations low enough, anticipating it would be nothing but a slew of fanservice. And surprise! It is indeed pretty enjoyable. Wow. A miracle for what low expectations can really do :-).

I’m going to get the fanservice out of the way here because this is the most obvious element ever in the series and motivation why one would even pick to watch this anime. Since you’re dealing with demons and angels who are mainly busty chicks (why are there no men versions of devil and angels?), in every episode it is guaranteed there will be lots of boobs shots and crotch shots. Heck, there will even be parts whereby the characters will be totally naked thanks to all that ripping from the fight. Heck, why do demons and angels need to even wear clothes since they are already so skimpy and sexy. The biggest offender has got to be Belial. You think Asmodeus is sexy? You haven’t seen Belial yet. Ever since she started wearing Gnosis, she is practically walking around naked! I’m sure those freaking huge shoulder pads serve as a distraction. Not! You can’t help stare at her lower half because there’s just this one tiny patch covering her vagina area and the oddest part is that sometimes it looks like pubic hair if you don’t focus too much. Oh sh*t!

As the fanservice is so in-your-face because every few seconds there will usually be spamming those boob shots and crotch shots, hence there will be these annoying black insignias hovering over them. Lots of them. There are other types of censors like streaks of light and strategic coverings but the insignias are the ones forming the majority. Hence there are uncensored versions of the episodes but I didn’t see them. I use my creativity and imagination to picture them!!! After all, why should I rewatch the whole series again just to see tits? I know how (2D) real tits look like. Might as well go for real porn. Whoops! So anyway, I am fine with the annoying round things covering certain areas for most of the time. Until they start covering the entire screen, that is! Still not tempted to watch the uncensored version. Not feeling greedy, lustful, envious, gluttonous or wrathful for more boobs. Must be my pride, huh? Just kidding… Maybe I’m just slothful…

During the initial episodes of the series, I was a bit confused on the composition of the Mortal Sins. I mean, if I counted them, aren’t there 8 of them? Notwithstanding the final episode that pieces everything in order, was vanity one of the 7 deadly sins? Wasn’t it supposed to be pride? I know they reserve it for Lucifer and thought maybe both were overlapping in this area. You know, Lucifer beat the hell out of Belial and taking over her sin’s representation? Hence it was not. And since when was melancholy part of the 7 deadly sins? I was indeed confused. It is definitely 7 not 8 if you do not count envy in this anime’s context but wasn’t envy one of the deadly sins? I thought Leviathan was a Mortal Sin but as the series progresses, I realized she wasn’t part of it. So I guess they right the wrong by ‘kicking out’ vanity and melancholy in the end and replace it by pride and envy eventually. That sure cleared things up.

Also confusing me once the series ended are the ‘extra episodes’. I have not watched them but from what I read are just a couple of minute specials to go with the DVD. The confusing part was how they labelled it as unaired episodes 13 to 19. Or are they supposed to be specials 1 to 7? Since I have not seen them, I am not sure it is a continuation or at least the events these short specials are taken place after the series has ended. I believe they aren’t anything pivotal to the main storyline as I read summary about the first couple of episodes to be Lucifer fighting Belial again in a battle of strength and Leviathan going to the toilet (?!). More fanservice but of course…

On to the characters, the main character who is a force to be reckoned with is Lucifer. Watching her prideful character go all the way to exact her revenge makes it feel like you want to worship her instead of God or the big devil himself of hell. Really. I can see why she obtained so many followers so easily in a short period of time. Because I too feel that she is the best character to follow! Oh dear. Have I fallen for Lucifer’s charms? Because of her pride, she does not yield to others. At times where she looks like she ‘lost’ (like that stomach flu case), I believe she was just faking it and being a great pretender. After all, you can’t always just fight the Mortal Sins head on. Some needs subtlety. Because she bosses others around like a boss and does not compromise her ways, that is what makes her likeable and respectable in that sense. She doesn’t want to become God and has reminded us many times that she is the demon lord. Because with this title it allows her to do as she wishes instead of being a hypocrite virtue signalling. That’s acceptable, right?

I don’t want to say that Maria is a useless character and just a character who is there as a plot device. Because remember, what is the name of this anime again? That’s where the main focus is. But sometimes I can’t help think that she is just a side character who got mixed up in everything for plot convenience since we mostly see Lucifer as the one who mainly deals with the Mortal Sins (Maria was just as bait or something like that) and in the second half, Maria’s screen time is further reduced thanks to her being kidnapped. As for Leviathan, she is made to look like an annoying idiot who sucks up to her onee-sama. I suppose every great leader has a loyal underling who is an idiot. I won’t go so far as to say she is a comic relief character but sometimes it feels like she is going to cross that line. And her pet Behemoth is supposed to be the cute mascot but with so little appearances, he is hardly memorable.

As for the other Mortal Sins, they do represent their deadly sins well at least to current modern times. Like Mammon’s greed and fortune coming from real estate investments and Belphegor who just loves to play online games. Eventually the thought provoking thing about them is that these Mortal Sins seem to be better people than their angelic counterparts. They might prey on the immoral desires of human but that is only because that is what they are supposed to do. On the other hand if you compare them to the angels and heaven, these goody-goody beings are the worst. Could you not see how scheming and vengeful Belial was when she fell from heaven? Heck, the same can be said about Lucifer. What is it that makes fallen angels so vengeful towards God once they have been kicked out from heaven? Even angels like Michael from this perspective looks like a sneaky b*tch and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A two-faced double agent.

This brings me to my next point about God. As I have said, with Lucifer being shown and painted as some great anti-hero, it makes God at least in this anime’s context to be the primary villain. If God is omnipotent and omniscient, why and how the heck does He let all this happen? And should not He know what everything is going on even if you don’t tell Him? That is why when this series ends, it feels like God is the main antagonist and it makes us more inclined to support Lucifer. For obvious reasons, Lucifer is there in the flesh. God? You don’t see Him. You don’t know He exists. Lucifer’s actions can be seen whereas God you can’t. Because he works in mysterious ways, right?

That is why Maria who has always been a hard faithful prayer ‘defects’ to Lucifer. She might be a fallen angel but she has done more good than God. At least from what she can see. Lucifer might have dragged her into this mess but she is also the one who saved her life. Where was God in time of Maria’s need? Was He there to free Maria when she was Lucifer’s lackey? I rest my case. Like Lucifer said, God doesn’t have a monopoly over miracles. This could also mean that God isn’t necessarily the only being who can resurrect, destroy, etc. Besides, if God really wants to destroy and recreate everything, He could have easily done so (assuming the almighty is powerful) but choosing this method, it makes you ponder if God really exists in the first place or not. I can see purists fuming in the mouth over this but that’s blind faith for you. Or maybe everything is a part of God’s huge plan because He allows Lucifer to go on a beat ‘em up spree and then purposely lose to her because He might have been bored of destroying and recreating from scratch the same way. Hah! God thinks like a Japanese anime and manga character!

Art and animation feels okay. Busty and scantily clad babes as all part of the fanservice as mentioned earlier. They look more like beautiful porn stars than anything scary, even Satan herself. She might look the meanest but even in the context of anime, she is still hot looking. No wonder people choose to go with the Mortal Sins because when you have angels covering up themselves like suspicious hooded people who look like they want to mug you, might as well go with your desires and then go to hell because it is all going to be worth it. Really. At the end of each episode is an illustration by others. Now you know where to get more sexy fanservice… This anime is jointly produced by Artland (Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series, Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou, Senran Kagura, Umisho) and TNK (High School DxD series, Kenzen Robo Daimidaler, Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor, School Days), both of which have produced popular ecchi series before.

For the voice acting, kudos to Eri Kitamura and Shizuka Itou as Lucifer and Belial respectively. They do bring life into their character since they naturally have this prideful feel in their voices. It is no surprise since Eri Kitamura has voiced a handful of similar prideful characters like Ami in Toradora, Odagiri in Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches and Akane in Rewrite. Same for Shizuka Itou who did Bitch-sensei in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Meiko in Prison School and Luvia from the Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya series. Other recognizable casts are Youko Hikasa as Mammon and Yui Ogura as Beelzebub. The rest are Megumi Toda as Maria (Hajime in New Game), Akane Fujita as Leviathan (Sagiri in Eromanga-sensei), Arisa Sakuraba as Satan, Chiaki Takahashi as Asmodeus (Nanami in School Days), Ai Kakuma as Belphegor (Julis in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk) and Azusa Tadokoro as Astaroth (Fino in Yuushibu).

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Mia Regina. If there is a church choir singing its worship to the devil mixed with devilish rock music, you get My Sweet Maiden as the opener. Devilishly revering… If feels the same for the rock ending theme, Welcome To Our Diabolic Paradise. Only the male voice sounds like he is doing a take from Michael Jackson’s Thriller’s spoken verse. For an anime laden with fanservice, surprisingly there are a few good insert songs and BGMs. Really. Like Astaroth’s hard rock piece infused with rapping is surprisingly catchy. Not to mention that hip hop Goddamn Critical that is both cute and catchy. For the background music, I notice there is one that sounds very closely to the main theme of Beverly Hills Cop. It feels odd when that is played. Then there is that military-like marching BGM during that military battle over the sea which feels like a tribute to the Third Reich or something. Yikes. Weird.

Overall, if you can put aside and don’t get riled up by the fanservice of tits and crotch flashing every few seconds or minutes, this is quite the entertaining series. Of course, please turn off your brain and heart as well. We don’t want people to start blaming this series for making them lose faith in God and become infidels now, do we? After all, this isn’t the first series that is non-hentai and filled with fanservice (Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~, anyone?) nor is it one that questions the faith of the heavens (think Junketsu No Maria and even Shingeki No Bahamut series). A little guilty pleasure is acceptable. That is what makes us human. Not angels, not demons. A moment of desire on Earth in exchange for an eternity of suffering and regret in the deepest circles of hell. Was it worth it? Goddamn, better start praying to Lucifer from now on.

Gabriel Dropout

July 9, 2017

Do you once have this experience whereby you have a certain perception and view of something only to be shocked or disappointed when you see the real deal? Just like that Paris Syndrome in which Japanese people will go into shock when they see the real Eifel Tower. So can you believe what is absolutely so shocking that would turn angels astray? I’m not kidding. The expectations of mankind has been so vastly different that for a pure angel who came down to Earth to help is left in shock so much so she decides to just f*ck all that and become a bum. Really. I’m not kidding! Basically this is the premise of Gabriel Dropout. An angel who just graduated with high scores and promising future descending onto Earth only to see the blasphemous and ungodly activities of humans. So how? Well, if you can’t beat them, join them! And so this is a (funny) story of how a fallen angel has sunk so low that light could never reach her as well as her equally failed friends as they continue their pitifully and ironically funny existence of life on Earth.

Episode 1A
Gabriel White Tenma graduates top of her class as an angel. She and other graduated angels will now attend human schools to learn more about them before coming back as full-fledged angels. You know they’re screwed when they choose Japan, right? So Gabriel is fascinated with the human world. At least in Japan. She gets hooked on helping people on MMORPG via healing them. She loves to help them out but it seems she ran out of healing points. Need more? Buy them! And because more and more people are seeking her help, she succumbs to the temptation of paying! And before you know it, Gabriel turns into a total NEET! Her messy room and lifestyle is a far cry from the honour student she once was! Her demon friend, Vignette “Vigne” April Tsukinose has to straighten her out but Gabriel doesn’t give a damn. Gabriel isn’t afraid to admit she is useless and she has no intentions of returning to heaven and thinks all those angelic stuffs are overrated. Yes, she admits herself as a fallen angel. Or as she puts it herself, fail-len angel! So when she finally decides to go to school, she feels lazy to walk and is going to teleport. However she only teleports her panties. All the boys must be worshipping to the sudden appearance of this ‘God’.

Episode 1B
Satanichia “Satania” McDowell Kurumizawa is the self-proclaimed future queen of hell. She thought of giving Gabriel trouble. But she is shocked to see her spilling her drink, not giving a f*ck to recycle. When Satania tries to make her, she ends up cleaning it herself because she lost a game. Satania fantasizes about her diabolical plan to embarrass Gabriel. Too bad she runs out of toilet paper and is now stuck in her cubicle. In class when the teacher (let’s call this baldy Sensei) signals his students to hand in their homework, she is proud that she did not do a single bit and is not sorry at all. Soon her maniacal laughter turns into cries after she gets punished. Boo hoo.

Episode 1C
Gabriel overslept and doesn’t give a damn about the promise to go shopping with Vigne today. You can see why Vigne is visibly upset after waiting for hours. So they clean up Gabriel’s hell apartment. Gabriel notices her halo corrupted and black but doesn’t give a damn. In fact she likes it. Vigne goes into shock when Gabriel quips she isn’t acting so demonic since she is responsible, etc. So Vigne is asking an angel how to be a demon? How about killing someone? How could you?! Are you a demon for thinking like that?! They spot a cockroach. Vigne freaks out and overkills it. Gabriel’s room is destroyed. Was that demonic enough?

Episode 1D
Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha is bored ever since she came to the human wold. But now she has God to thank for when she sees Satania fighting with a dog over a melon bread! Pure entertainment. This idiot is going to be her toy. Satania actually took Raphiel’s advice to talk in dog language to get her feelings through. How many barks is it going to take? When Satania gives up, Raphiel mocks she is running away. She then gets serious to fight back. So did the dog. She lost. And would you know this is the umpteenth time. Oh, did I mention Raphiel is in the class next door and went to the same angel school with Gabriel? Vigne thinks she is a nice girl and could be friends. But after seeing how Raphiel mocks Satania by enticing her with a melon bread if she licks her feet like a dog, she might want to be careful in choosing her friends.

Episode 2A
Is Gabriel racist for not wanting to go to the cafeteria because there are too many humans? And no, Vigne isn’t going to pay for your lunch. They spot Satania trying to go somewhere with her lunch. Turns out that poor demon is eating alone. She gets a shock when they want to eat with her. And somehow the dog stole her melon bread. Satania becomes her haughty self trying to make them beg to eat with her. They leave her alone and now she is the one begging to eat with them. Satania orders udon for all of them. Gabriel didn’t like it so the lunch is on her. Satania shows her inept ways when she doesn’t even know how to use disposable chopsticks. Gabriel decides to play a trick on her since Satania doesn’t know this spicy condiment. Following Gabriel’s advice, Satania dumps loads of it into her udon. Time to taste. Delicious! Oh well, demons can stand hot things, right? The prank backfires as Satania peppers the spice in Gabriel’s udon. Try it. It’s great.

Episode 2B
The class president, Machiko notices Gabriel is the only one who hasn’t submit her career survey form. Then she overhears her talking with Vigne about submitting a survey to heaven about the diet of single men?! She is confused and thinks they are trying to find husbands. She can’t help make some comments and get lost in her fantasies of what they say. One including Gabriel’s wish to destroy the world?! When Gabriel finally submits the proper one, Machiko is shocked to see her first career choice is to do nothing all day long. It’s the same for her second and third choice. Laziness…

Episode 2C
The girls are supposed to cook but with Satania bringing some ugly deep sea fish and Gabriel ingredients for curry, boy, this is going to be tough for Vigne. You can tell she is going to get worked up from their idiocy from cutting the fish to chopping the vegetables. It’s like running a nursery? When it’s done, the end product looks inedible. But it tastes delicious to Satania…

Episode 2D
Satania gets a rude awakening when she finds Raphiel sleeping next to her! She wants to toy her be her friend but obviously Satania doesn’t share the same sentiments. Before she can kick her out, Raphiel says the buzzword: She wants to be her disciple. And that is enough to get her to change her mind. So the great master Satania orders her to do shopping. Guess what? Raphiel gives excuse she is tired! Instead, why not demonstrate how awesome master is? With that, Satania didn’t even know she is doing the errand for Raphiel’s breakfast. Next mission is to spy on Gabriel’s weakness. Nope. Don’t understand. If that isn’t bad enough, Raphiel thinks sleeping together with her is too cramped and that she wants to sleep alone in her futon. You’re fired.

Episode 3A
Gabriel is working part time at a coffee house. She’s not happy either. She needs the money for microtransactions! With such bad service, you’d think Master would have fired her. But he thinks she is a foreigner and lacks knowledge about the local custom and tries his best not to scold her. Even if he has to do the bulk of the work. Even if she criticizes his proud house blend. Even if she says she likes to continue working here because nobody comes here. Even if she will not work on weekends and only once a week. Boy, I’m surprised she isn’t fired. I can’t believe there is such tolerant (also read, dumb) people. Drink that house blend of yours. You’re going to need it…

Episode 3B
Vigne can’t believe Raphiel is also a top student at angel academy. Realizing she knows nothing about her, she decides to talk to her. She’ll soon get to know her twisted ways of fun because Raphiel loves watching all kinds of movies in the sense of finding contrasts in dubbing and the subtitles and a roulette cream puff (one is super spicy that will have you sleepless nights). Thankfully both girls didn’t pick it. But when Raphiel spots Satania, she immediately has her eat the last cream puff. Raphiel is going to in for some shock when Satania loves its taste…

Episode 3C
When Satania enters the coffee house, instantly Gabriel beats her up and throws her out! Master still won’t fire her? Satania becomes a customer and thought she could be king but Gabriel gives her bad service. Master treats her his special house blend but with Gabriel threatening to spill and not serve her, the one thing that hurts Master the most is how Gabriel notes how much this coffee sucks! Remember her taste deaf… Later Vigne visits and Master is afraid of youngsters like her. His fear comes true when she orders the special house blend. He braces for the worst when Vigne claims how super good it is. His confidence restored. She’s an angel! Demon actually…

Episode 3D
It’s just not Gabriel’s day. The air-cond died, she’s sweating like hell and mosquitoes are biting her. An angel can’t even beat those little bugs? Satania picked the wrong day to go bug her because Gabriel is so in a bad mood that she beats her up and then tells her to fix her place. Then she goes to Vigne’s place and make herself home there. Use her air-cond, use her bath, use her t-shirt, get her bites treated and even staying for dinner. Heck, she is staying for the night too. And she’s all forgotten about Satania still knocked out at her place.

Episode 4A
Satania is upset that her friends left her out in discussing about a beach trip. So she makes it obvious hinting that she is damn free to go. Raphiel and Gabriel play a prank on her to just tell her, not invite her. That priceless shock face… Eventually Vigne invites her and Satania becomes cocky. Now you know why, right? They make a guidebook for their trip but they have to first deal with their exams. You know about the remedial classes if you fail, right? Thankfully they all pass (it must be a miracle) but on the day of the beach trip, it rains! Gabriel is happy as she doesn’t want to do this and go home. Satania will not stop b*tching about it so Raphiel might have pulled some strings to clear the skies! It is their first time on a human beach and the first thing Gabriel does is to stay under the parasol and surf the internet. In order to entice her to do beach things, Satania fails in her swimming and Vigne is just boring in making sand castles. Raphiel then has Satania become the watermelon for the watermelon splitting! Now this gets Gabriel’s attention. She wants to do it! Oh no. Satania almost loses her life when Gabriel smashes the bat but missed just inches. Gabriel joins in the rest of the fun like splashing water (throwing sea life with Satania?), eating shaved ice cream and being buried in the sand (the dog almost peed on Satania!). In the end, it was a fun day and they all head back sleeping on the train home. Even angels and demons do get tired from the fun in the sun.

Episode 4B
Vigne thought she is going to have fun for the rest of the summer till Gabriel barges in to copy her homework. Well, Vigne should have seen this coming, right? Yeah, Satania is here to copy too. While guiding the dumb ones, Satania wants to know how Vigne and Gabriel met. It was a time when Gabriel was still the pure innocent angel. She bumped into Vigne who was lost looking for her apartment. Gabriel gladly helped guide her there. Before they part, Gabriel also said she just moved here and doesn’t have any friends yet. She hopes Vigne could be her friend since they are going to the same school too. The rest is history but Satania couldn’t believe this ‘creepy’ story that she puts up the freakiest face ever. Yeah, it sounded like Gabriel was a totally different person. You don’t say because disappointed Vigne would really love to have that old Gabriel back.

Episode 5A
Tapris Sugarbell Chisaki just arrived from heaven to Earth. In a spacesuit? Is everything on Earth dangerous? She hopes to find Gabriel she looks up so much. Yeah… At school she doesn’t recognize Gabriel since the latter is extorting her for money to buy a can drink. Luckily Raphiel is here and recognizes Tapris. She is happy to know she’s got a new ‘toy’… Imagine Tapris’ shock to realize this ruffian is Gabriel and that angelic version was a lie. Raphiel further aggravates the situation by saying that a demon made Gabriel’s downfall. Of course you know what kind of idiocy would ensue when she is going to let Tapris handle Satania. Because Satania already blunders herself by waiting and locking herself in the locker. When she manages to get out, she proudly claims how she subdued Gabriel under her command by showing picture ‘proof’. Gullible but scared Tapris wants to avenge her so they decide to play old maid? Satania obviously sucks at the game but she cheats to win it. Hey, she’s the devil so all is fair for her. Satania gloats on her victory while Tapris runs away in tears. And Raphiel has the best entertainment of all. Thank you God for this amusement. Tapris bumps into Vigne and by this time she already has trust issues. However Vigne is kind enough to help her and restore some faith. Tapris loves her kindness and Vigne loves being looked up as a senior. But then the dream shatters when Gabriel points out Vigne is a demon. Trust issues coming back again as Tapris accuses Vigne of playing nice to let her guard down. Vigne tries to dismiss it but the damage is done. She fears Tapris hates her now. However she gives her some hope that she would still love to join her for tea.

Episode 5B
Tapris is glad to stay with Gabriel. Till she sees how filthy a pig sty her room is! Oh dear. Her halo is getting corrupted by the disappointment. Gabriel then tells off Tapris to stop trying to clean up or anything. Because Vigne already did it and she failed to change! Tapris can’t believe Gabriel continues to play her online game till 3am. She is sad of the good ol’ days when Gabriel was kinder. Sniff, sniff. Can’t help think back of those days, eh? Next morning, Tapris wakes up to find a blanket over her and thinks Gabriel covered it for her and slept on the floor herself. She is further touched when she thinks Gabriel left her a present on the way out. Actually it is burnable garbage! This has Tapris scold her that today is not burnable garbage day!

Episode 6A
Satania after failed attempts to get back at Gabriel, finally buys a gun from hell’s network shopping channel. It is believed when shot at, you won’t stop laughing for 10 minutes. Huh? Surprisingly, Gabriel admits she has lost. This makes Satania very happy and cocky. But Satania still wants to get her revenge and shoot her so Gabriel asks if she has tested it out to see if it works. Apparently not. Gabriel offers to fix it. And what do you know? Gabriel shoots her! Now Satania can’t stop laughing! Hey, at least it’s working. The idiot deserves it, right? So when Sensei enters and she still can’t stop laughing, you can say she died laughing…

Episode 6B
Satania continues to challenge Gabriel but the latter doesn’t give a damn. Then Raphiel pops up and wants in. I mean, if Satania is going to win, she needs someone to tell her awesome legacy, right? That sealed it. So they’ll be playing shogi. Obviously Satania doesn’t know how to play and quickly refers to a book. Clearly she still doesn’t know how to play after making the first wrong move. Taking advantage of this is Raphiel of course. She starts penalizing Satania based on rules from other sports. Not even whatever Batman formation can save you. Gabriel also makes full use of her idiocy to win the game via God piece. Next day, Satania challenges her again to shogi and loses in a more pathetic fashion.

Episode 6C
Machiko is only posing like a chuunibyou because Satania is using her as a model for an art competition. May God bless her soul. Of course Satania is being picky what kind of pose should motivate her. Because Machiko won’t strip, Satania gets bored. Machiko feels responsible if Satania cannot finish her drawing because of her. She hopes the props will give her some motivation but nothing. Desperate, Machiko decides to just strip for her sake but Vigne tries to stop her. That silly pose has Satania start drawing. Turns out to be sh*t that even a 5 year old could do better… Anyway, Vigne won first place for her surreal picture of Gabriel. Now that’s art.

Episode 6D
The girls arrive at Gabriel’s place to go trick or treating. Apparently she’s not interested but they invite themselves in. Vigne tries to convince her to do this activity with them and wants her to put on a Halloween costume. Gabriel decides to go with her own real angel outfit so with Raphiel’s help, Vigne manages to put on a monster cat costume on her. Satania leads the way to a person’s house for trick or treating. Little do everyone know that house is Sensei’s! So this is Satania’s way of trying to get back at him because apparently on Halloween everything is fair play? Surprisingly Sensei has got sweets for them. Satania is not satisfied but he gives her a limited deluxe edition of a melon bread. Now you’re talking. But then it got stolen by a dog. Trick or dog?

Episode 7A
Lazy Gabriel does nothing but sleep and play her online games while Vigne is hardworking in her chores. At the end of the day, both are shocked to see their allowances are reduced! Vigne confides with Raphiel on this and she says it may be because she isn’t acting like a devil. So her advice is to make her dress up like a bear? Ah-kuma. Akuma! Get the pun! Not even Master’s coffee can help her so Master decides to talk to this ‘angel’ who appreciates his coffee. Apparently she wants to be bad. Yeah, as shocking it may sound but it’s true. As he is bent on helping her, they try to brainstorm ways for her to become a bad girl since Master was once a rebel himself. So the first order is dress sloppily? I think Gabriel trumps her on that. Then she is supposed to skip class but since that is too evil, try avoid taking notes for the entire lesson. That itself is like skipping class. Vigne doesn’t realize how hard it is to do nothing for an hour! In the end when she tries to show off to Gabriel she didn’t do anything, she didn’t even react. How disappointing. On her way to the toilet, Satania notices her dressed differently. Vigne is invigorated and gives her a high-5. The same when she gets back to Gabriel. Not that she understands. Too bad Vigne’s allowance didn’t change. Obviously…

Episode 7B
Poor Vigne caught a human cold and has to stay in bed. She tries to count Cerberus to sleep but it seems they won’t jump the fence and pile up before it. A nightmare? She is woken up by Raphiel and Satania who are obviously here to play. She kicks them out so she can get some rest. Yeah, don’t want your fever to go up further. So she counts Gabriel this time but still the same problem of not jumping over the fence, falling asleep before it and piling up. When she blows her top and wakes up, she is surprised Gabriel is by her side. Although it is to pass her notes from class, devilish Gabriel was actually doodling on her face. Vigne might feel better till she realizes Gabriel also passes her own homework for her to do on her behalf! Hey, didn’t she say she was feeling better? Yeah, she even made sick Vigne make her tea. After kicking her out, Vigne realizes Gabriel left some snacks for her takes heart she cares for her.

Episode 8A
Raphiel realizes her bra is too tight. She manages to hook it but today is not her today because it is physical examinations. This means Gabriel is throwing a tantrum she doesn’t want to participate and Vigne had to bribe her by treating her yakiniku after that. So while Gabriel is doing the minimum effort just to get it over, Satania is overhyped and passes each test with flying colours. On the other hand, Raphiel is trying to stay low in fear her bra hook might snap anytime. What a bummer since she can’t do any pranks. The 100m dash is the last test. To avoid Satania being cocky for a week, Raphiel agrees to stop her by challenging her. Raphiel wins at the expense of her bra snapping. Therefore it is odd for others to see the winner sad and the loser happy (because one lost isn’t enough to put down an idiot’s spirit).

Episode 8B
Vigne and Satania attend an interview test handled by Sensei. Vigne is trying to be cautious but stupid Satania is acting and saying things that would definitely incur his wrath. But Vigne is surprised that Sensei doesn’t blow his top and continues his interview. Thus Vigne can’t help fall in and out of paranoia thinking the next stupid thing Satania says or does will be the killing blow. But nothing happens. Sensei is just cool. Hmm… His kindness is even scarier? Vigne herself slips up from all the overthinking but nothing as she thought has happened. The interview ends. But then Sensei calls Satania to stay back. He needs to talk to her. This is where the real hell begins…

Episode 8C
Gabriel has spent so much on microtransactions that she has no money for dinner. So how to feed her hunger? She is going to join the cooking club! Great. Because Machiko is in that club. Obviously Gabriel is joining to get free food. She doesn’t care if club members Tanaka and Ueno are in the same class with her. She orders lots of food and being the proud cooks they are, they agree to whip them up for her. Gabriel doesn’t even listen to how they meticulously prepare the food with their heart and soul. She devours them and even asks for seconds! The girls think it is a challenge so they make more for her. Gabriel is satisfied with everything and will definitely come back for more. Tanaka and Ueno are in high spirits too because if Gabriel joins their club, they hope to change it to a taste testing club. Not happening, says Machiko.

Episode 8D
On a rainy day when Satania forgot her umbrella, Raphiel offers to share hers. Now, Satania might be an idiot but she is not stupid so by this time she has learnt that every time Raphiel offers something, it must be some kind of trap. Satania relents but all the way as they walk, she cannot let her guard down and becomes paranoid thinking of all the traps she might have laid out. Yeah, silly conspiracy theories. In actual fact Raphiel has planned nothing. But come to think of it don’t you think this also means this is part of her plan to see her paranoid reaction? When the rain stops, Satania picks up a frog. She notices Raphiel scared of it. Time to turn the tables as Satania chases after her to let her touch it. For once Raphiel did not get her way…

Episode 9A
Vigne is eager to celebrate Christmas. A demon celebrating the birth of Christ? But Satania calls. She hates this day and wants to strike fear in all humans! She is coming over to derive a plan. But when she arrives, Vigne and Raphiel throw a surprise Christmas bash in hopes to make her forget. Some melon bread will do the charm to distract her and stay at this party. But you know Raphiel. She is going to have her own fun teasing her. One of them includes making her the ‘star’ by dressing her up as a reindeer but leashed like a dog. Vigne hopes to distract her to decorate the cake. Since Satania ate the entire decoration, Raphiel replaces with a cross. What is a cross for… Luckily Vigne lets her decorate her cake into her own evil version. Just when Satania thinks Christmas is about celebrating the rebirth of the devil, Vigne loses it. She keeps spamming Merry Christmas in her face. When Gabriel comes over, she sees Satania tied in a corner. Vigne has ignored her presence… Even the dog is mocking and slapping her! When Satania gets cocky trying to curse the world, she backs down when Vigne fork ‘accidentally slips from her hand’. Raphiel cheers her up by saying good kids get presents. But Satania is a demon. Don’t worry. Just listen to her and she’ll get some… And so Satania acts like a baby before realizing she’s been duped. Because there are no presents here…

Episode 9B
The girls visit the shrine on New Year’s Eve. Because Gabriel almost got lost in the crowd, luckily Vigne pulled her out before she blows her apocalypse trumpet! Because the angels are of western background, kneeling and praying at a Japanese shrine seems odd and hell of a confusing! Vigne tells of the tradition of adults giving kids money. Gabriel has no need for that since she has the lottery! She’s not cheating, isn’t she? Well, she’s just praying to God for her number. That’s cheating! Vigne rips it apart. You demon! Technically correct… When they drink sweet sake, Gabriel gets drunk. She turns into her angel form and is going to blow her trumpet as she flies into the sky! Everyone is stunned seeing this. UMA?

Episode 9C
Time for our girls to return to their respective heaven or hell. Gabriel is acting so nice not because she fears God. As heaven forbids human items, there is an exception if you are an honour student and have a valid reason. At the customs, Satania thinks she can fool the angels. Take her away, please… Gabriel lets the custom check her stuffs. She explains this is foodstuff she got as souvenir for her family. A bit too heavy to be food, isn’t it? A handheld console inside… The customs isn’t buying that is human food these days. Confiscated. What about this dual screen Blu-ray player? Pancake griddle. Confiscated. The laptop is her last item. Gabriel realizes she has failed because she is trying to BS them. So she reworded it in a way that this laptop has internet that she uses to apply info and save humans. Very impressive. But heaven’s library has got tons of computer and with connectivity too. Feel free to use them. So her laptop? Confiscated. GODDAMNIT! Did I hear that right?! Meanwhile Vigne is profusely apologizing to the interrogating angels for Satania’s behaviour. But the latter is unrepentant so Vigne forces her to. Wow. Even heaven there’s a scary place.

Episode 10A
After passing the customs, Gabriel returns home but only her hyper genki little sister, Haniel is home. She is excited to hear her stay on Earth. Too bad Gabriel isn’t interested and passes her brooding behaviour as maturity. In order not to let Haniel down, she decides to play with her. Noticed how they play old games before electronic devices became a fad? Yeah… Those were good times… Gabriel wonders is heaven is stuck in some feudal era or something.

Episode 10B
Satania returns to her home and lies plus exaggerates how she is steadily having humans grovel beneath her feet, much to her parents’ delight. They praise her as their talented daughter. How about that angel they heard who is giving her trouble? Don’t worry. She is in the midst of bringing her to the dark side! Let’s toast to that! The only sane person in this room is Satania’s little brother who notes how crazy his family who just runs a bakery is. I guess that looks on his face means he is tired of playing the straight man and can’t wait to grow up to leave the house.

Episode 10C
Vigne can’t wait to meet her folks. Especially that small baby monster whom she picked up injured before she left for Earth, Chappy. Imagine her shock when Chappy is now way bigger than her! She can’t believe it is her cute little pet. She is having doubts whether to take it for a walk on a leash as mom suggests and true enough, it starts running and pulling her along. Meanwhile Satania is training her little baby monster, Alexander (Charizard?) when Satania and Chappy run into them. Satania gets scared seeing how big and powerful Chappy is. Yeah, Alexander even had to play dead…

Episode 10D
Raphiel returns to her mansion. My, she is like a noble with her own house servant, Martiel. As all her family members are out with appointments, Raphiel also has hers but she finds them boring and has Martiel do the necessary to deny them. Martiel might seem decent till she wants to get hold of her underwear. This is because Martiel might be a masochist and loves her milady’s scorn. Long time no scorn, eh? Raphiel isn’t so kind enough to allow such unholy act even when she tries to photograph her while bathing.

Episode 10E
Gabriel and Raphiel see their principal. His light aura is blinding! They are to report their accomplishments on Earth. Raphiel explains hers like an honour student. When it is Gabriel’s turn (was she sleeping?), she starts passionately explaining how she saved 2 countries! OMG! She’s not lying, is she?! As she slowly unravels how she did so, it would have occur to us she was referring to her online game. Yeah, next update when? Despite flabbergasted, the principal is glad they are doing well and increases their allowance. Later Gabriel and Raphiel hang out together but they are so bored with nothing to do. They play a staring game and obviously nobody can beat Raphiel. Raphiel gets a call from Satania. She wants to know how to sneak into heaven. Raphiel agrees to meet up at the gates to brainstorm. Yeah, this is more interesting, right?

Episode 11A
Satania just bought a melon bread and is anticipating for that dog to steal. But it doesn’t pop up. Then Raphiel points out it has been caught by a dog catcher. No more running joke? Shockingly, Satania runs after it to rescue and free it! Am I dreaming? It shows its gratitude by eating her melon bread. Well, things are back to normal. Because all of their places do not allow pets, Satania thought she could ask her dad to change her living place. She is asked to do it herself since she is the future queen of hell. Too bad she is broke because somehow the demon shopping keeps ‘stealing’ her money. Bad financial planning if I should say. So how? Satania and the dog run away together looking for a place to live. Thanks to Raphiel registering a tracking GPS on her, she is as far north at Hokkaido. Time to get her back. Satania is sad and insists she wants to live with her ‘familiar’ when she gets a call from Gabriel. It seems she has made a deal with Master to adopt it since his apartment allows pets in exchange she will work a little harder. Twice per week. So little…

Episode 11B
Tapris visits the human world but is somewhat made a fool when she doesn’t even know how to use the simplest machine or mechanism. Didn’t know she had to push a button to cross the streets, eh? This reminds her she has never touched a PC before and perhaps she could learn to use one to help Gabriel and save her. The best way to learn is at the public library. We see her being a total noob at the computer. Trying to use the hamster (mouse) and then hovering it over to the internet icon. She waits… Nothing happens… Did she do something wrong? Is the machine broken? Panic time. Luckily the librarian helps her out by introducing loads of books for PC beginners. Too much to read… Don’t understand a thing… Later Tapris tells Gabriel about her ‘achievement’ in using a PC so Gabriel agrees to teach her some. However Tapris knows a bit of C+ and Java. Now she is aiming for PHP. Is she trying to become a programmer?

Episode 11C
Tapris waits for a certain demon to pop up at Gabriel’s place to accuse her. Turns out to be Raphiel. Better apologize. But Tapris is still suspicious of Vigne although the latter says she’ll get used to it over time. The reason today for their gathering is because of a takoyaki party in which Vigne has brought a cooking grill just for it. Gabriel tries to show off she knows how to make them but messes up. Tapris tries her hand but they all turned out black. Vigne the master shows it how it is done. Finally Satania arrives late because an important person always shows up in late fashion (so she believes) but now rues how her portion is finished. The reason she is late was because she was buying this dark pot for a dark nabe. The rest tell her to have fun by herself since they told her it was going to be a takoyaki party. Wasted… As Tapris leaves, she tells Gabriel that her elder sister will visit tomorrow morning. Oh Gabriel, you don’t mean to look so shock, do you?

Episode 12A
Gabriel is really panicking of her sister’s visit. Zelel is believed to be a more capable and talented angel. So much so Satania doesn’t want to mess with her but Gabriel won’t let her go and calls her a traitor! So desperate that Gabriel is willing to destroy the world! Can’t visit Earth if there is no Earth in the first place. See how awesome Zelel is when angelic white feathers rain down and humans can’t see her presence. At Gabriel’s doorstep, she is greeted by cute Gabriel in a cat maid outfit? The night before, Gabriel roped in her friends to play along with this cute little sister role. She learnt it from the MMORPG whereby playing the cute little sister allows you to get free help. Zelel meets Vigne the first time who is forced to lie and cover up all of Gabriel’s laziness! The lying is killing her! But can she fool Zelel? She knows something is amiss. So we see Gabriel lie through her teeth. Lie after lie. Including Satania tied up and all the garbage dumped inside the closet because Satania wouldn’t play along. So when Satania busts out, Gabriel frames her as the evil arch demon whom she is trying to make her fall. Worse, Satania stupidly plays along sings she believes she is the demon lord. However this is where Zelel puts her foot down. She knows Gabriel has been living a life of decadence ever since. She thought of coming here and if Gabriel repented her actions, she would be lenient. But now she is even trying to implicate her friends. How low can you go? Apparently even further for Gabriel as she accuses big sister of trying to fooling her! If that doesn’t work, perhaps prostrate herself to apologize. And when she thinks she got her guard down, fire some angelic arrow in her face! Too bad Zelel saw it coming, caught it and deflects it back. Gabriel, that’s the last straw. You’re coming back for re-education. And Zelel isn’t going to wait till she finishes today’s MMO events.

Episode 12B
A week later, Gabriel comes back all changed! OMG! She’s so good! Is this the Gabriel we all know?! Oh yeah. This is the Gabriel Vigne knew when she first came to Earth. She is studious that Sensei even cries! She even cleans the toilet before Machiko had the chance! So true! You’re not hallucinating! The odd part is how her friends missed the old corrupted Gabriel. Yeah, even if she was a pain in the ass for Vigne, why does she want the old Gabriel back? Even Satania who enjoyed making Gabriel her lackey till she started taking over her life and finances to turn her into a better demon! Thus Raphiel suggests they should turn her back into a fail-len angel again. So when they converge in her room to tell her so, Gabriel gives out an evil laughter. She puts up a secret barrier that no one else outside can hear. It seems she had them fooled. She was just putting up an act. If she can fool them, it means she can fool Zelel. She will act all good till she goes away. I guess that re-education of just being yelled at didn’t work. But if you think Gabriel is getting her way, think again. Zelel heard it. No flimsy barrier is going to stop her as she has clairvoyance. Now sh*t hits the fan as Zelel will take Gabriel back to heaven for further re-education. This means she cannot set foot on Earth anymore. Desperate Gabriel now plays the friendship card that she can’t leave her friends behind. Guess what? Zelel believes it! WTF?! She’s even crying?! But wait… There’s a catch! Zelel will stay with her on Earth to help with her rehabilitation. Oh sh*t… At this point’s Satania’s melon bread drops and the dog comes in to eat it. Then everyone sees this ‘horrifying’ sight. Zelel squealing like a little girl because she is afraid of dogs! She can’t stay on Earth like this and vanishes back to heaven! Just like that, Gabriel is proud she has ‘vanquished’ the ‘evil’ and immediately returns to her online gaming. And that is how peace continue to reign on Earth. Soon Vigne reminds her that she needs to pass the exams or she will be held back a year. Gabriel thinks she is a powerful being since she has driven out Zelel so she decides to teleport to school. Only her skirt teleported. Please don’t destroy the Earth just because of that!

The quartet head for the hotsprings. Satania has brought lots of luggage and with that smirk on her face, the rest can tell she has a plan that is bound to backfire. At the inn, it seems Satania keeps pestering Gabriel to go with her to the hotspring. But Gabriel feels lazy and when Vigne volunteers, she is shot down. Before they can go to the hotspring, they play ping pong in which Satania lost to Gabriel. Twice. Curse yourself for not knowing the rules. Then they have some good food in which after makes Gabriel feel sleepy. So much so Satania really cried and pleads for her to just come with her to the hotspring. Okay, okay. Let’s go. We see those heavenly light censors for the angels and those dark black holes for the demon. But Vigne has got her entire body emitting holy light! Is she God?! Now that everyone is at the hotspring, Satania returns to her devilish self to unleash her devilish scheme. She summons a giant slime but nobody is scared because they played with this toy before when they were young. Satania wants to slime to teach Gabriel a lesson but was devoured instead. As Vigne tries to rescue her, she got tentacle raped. The slime wanted to pick Gabriel but then it passes her and tentacle rapes Raphiel instead. Why do I have a feeling it has to do with boobs? Gabriel got mad and purifies it with her arrow. Then she ‘purifies’ Satania with the wooden scoop. Everyone has had a relaxing bath except for Satania still knocked out…

On a cold day, the girls stumble unto a blind girl at a park. However she can see them and identifies them as angels! Apparently she isn’t totally blind but has imperfect vision. Somehow she could see them clearly in detail. Isn’t it insulting when she calls Vigne as the most angelic of them all? Yeah, she should just quit being a demon. One day, Gabriel buys her a drink and accompanies her. It seems her other friends have also separately bought her stuffs. Blind girl tells Gabriel of her upcoming eye surgery in which she could see again. However the procedure is risky and failure means she will lose her sight forever. She tries to keep positive while Gabriel also tries to give some encouragement. Of course her other friends also know about this. However as Raphiel points out, they can’t intervene as they are only trainees. The best they could do is hope for a miracle from God. So for the next few days, the friends spend time and hang out with blind girl. Even that dog steals Satania’s melon bread to give it to her. Aww, so sweet? I guess they have been splurging so much just for her and then one day she isn’t at her usual place. When an ambulance passes by, they heard the people talking a girl with a cane got hit by a car. Blind girl is in hospital and her condition isn’t looking too good. Satania is most emotional as she blames the angels for being useless. The doctors are losing blind girl when she starts to see Gabriel in her angel form before her. She realizes they are really angels and Gabriel is here to take her to heaven. That’s why they all let her have so much fun till the end. After a flash of light, blind girl wakes up. Her parents are relieved. Even better, she can now see clearly! Indeed a miracle! The demon girls are crying over this good news. Raphiel talks to Gabriel how she broke a sacred rule and will soon face punishment. She isn’t scared since she considers herself a fallen angel. Shortly, Gabriel is summoned by heaven. A month later, it seems she got off lightly. Well, if you consider her allowance close to zero as a slap on the wrist. She sees (ex) blind girl living her normal life with her friends. When Gabriel returns her dropped handkerchief, she doesn’t seem to recognize her. But she felt somewhat familiar and thanks her with a big smile anyway. Not too sure if she is playing dumb or she is this grateful for her returned handkerchief. It made Gabriel’s day. Now motivated for a little manual labour?

Failure: The Easiest Achievement!
Now you know why Earth is screwed. Now you also know why Jesus Christ never came down a second time to save us from our sins. Because with angels like Gabriel around, it sure proved that the son of God died in vain! Oh Gabriel. With angels like you and the f*cked up attitudes of humans all over, it is no wonder why Apocalypse and Judgment Day will be coming sooner than ever. And when that happens, heaven will be such a barren place and hell filled to the brim, crammed with everyone and no breathing space. Phew. Thank goodness I am imagining this only on this anime’s level of what might happen.

The bite size skits that are only several minutes long per episode makes it enjoyable and fun to watch. Without any proper plot, it allows more flexibility and freedom for the characters to do more random and funny stuffs to tickle our funny bones. I mean, for a change we have seen so many shows about humans failing. How about angels and demons failing for a change? Fail the human way. No wonder it is so much fun seeing them trying to understand and adapt to our pervasive fail culture.

The characters are lovable despite I can safely say that they are all dumb failures! Angel or demon, none are any wiser or any more successful. Yes, that includes you too, Vigne. Because on one hand we have angels who are too lazy to do God’s work and on the other hand we have demons who are arrogantly dim-witted to do any actual harm, let alone hurt a fly. So if you think Earth is screwed, it would be even more worrisome to think that heaven and hell itself are screwed! With future angels and demons like these, you bet heaven and hell will crumble in no time, leaving souls of the dead to forever wander in limbo. Scary, no?

Gabriel as the titular character has fallen down the corrupted path so much that it makes you wonder if God is really the Almighty, the omniscient and omnipotent being. Again it makes you think if God is really God in doing His job because the moment Gabriel has fallen, you might think God would have done something to punish this lazy couldn’t-care-less internet-addicted angel. Remember, Gabriel is a top angel graduated from her heavenly school. Therefore all eyes would be focused on her or at least there would be some parties who would keep watch on her for updates for her ‘splendid work’. But instead she has been left idle to do whatever she wants. Is heaven dead? Because do they not feel that Earth didn’t change for the better? Heck, mankind has never changed so perhaps heaven never placed any real hope to begin with?

Anyhow, with Gabriel even managing to lie and worm her way to cover her unholy activities, don’t you think that maybe this isn’t really Gabriel’s fault? The fault lies in heaven’s system that they even allow this to slip by! OMG. In that sense it is scary to think that heaven might not actually exist. No wonder Gabriel wants to be a NEET. It’s so much fun. You know how unrewarding and ungrateful many humans are after being helped even by a heavenly being, no? Gabriel has been such a lazy failure that if she really turns back to become good, it will be like fish out of water. We are so used to her being a big fail that even being a true angel won’t cut it. So it goes to show that we love Gabriel for being Gabriel. Never change… Just don’t get caught…

Satania doesn’t fare any better than Gabriel because of her constant idiocy. Blinded by her own arrogance, she is drowned in her own baseless confidence that everything would one day bend to her will. She might even be passed off as a kid having chuunibyou issues. Thanks to her stupidity, Satania is mainly the comic relief character as she is the resident troublemaker and mischief maker as well as that overused running joke of the dog stealing her melon bread. Come to think of it, if she always allows a puny dog to steal her food, what if one day when she is an adult she will always have her throne stolen from her? So keep up with the good job being an idiot (not like she would learn any lesson anyway) because making us laugh with her silliness is what she unconsciously does best.

I feel Raphiel is the most dangerous among the four. Overall she might not really pose a threat to mankind but what I meant is that because of her constant smiling face like as though it is stuck in that expression forever and I have never seen her really blowing her top, you really don’t know what is going on in her mind. Of course that sneaky devilish grin is a big hint that she has some sort of scheme planned out. What is worse than a fallen angel is an angel who toys with you for her own amusement and entertainment. Thankfully Satania is that toy. Too much fun to let go. Remember not to overuse her because toys too have their expiry date when played too often and will breakdown. Though in Satania’s case of thick headedness it will last a very long time.

So like in every group, you need one who tows the line and puts others in line when they step out. Vigne as the most rationale and responsible among the quartet is also considered a failure since she is born of a demon but yet does goodie angelic stuffs. Yeah, based on this technicality is the reason why she is a big failure like the rest of her groupies. It’s like she was born in the wrong place and body. A demon doing good? That’s a sign of failure! Because it would have been a sh*tload scary if Vigne really stayed true to her demon roots and becomes a responsibly terrifying demon. It might be true that Vigne might be a sadist-cum-masochist on Gabriel. Look how when Gabriel became good despite being an act and Vigne was all unsatisfied. Is she saying that she loves yelling at Gabriel and being annoyed by her? Well, better to know the angel than the devil. Oh wait. That’s not right…

The other supporting characters are fun too like Tapris who is trying hard to be a good angel but fumbles a lot along the way. At this rate I fear she might become Gabriel the second. Hopefully from the looks of it she is persevering but she too has her limits. You thought Zelel would be the ultimate match for Gabriel but with her fear of dogs, it seems that this angel proves that not every angel is perfect. Makes you wonder if there are dogs in heaven… See our image of the almighty shatter when you see angels being afraid of Earthly things. Machiko is another funny girl. Though with limited scenes, she is mainly concerned of feeling responsible for the outcome of things and goes to great length for that even if it makes her look stupid. No one messes with hardcore baldy Sensei but Satania never seems to learn. He might look strict and in the wrong job (he should have been somebody’s SP or bodyguard) but deep down he has quite a soft spot too. Halloween candies from this guy? Never would have thought of it. Master is too kind. Another adult trying to be responsible? Having a part timer like Gabriel, other employers would not have tolerated kids like her who dictate the terms of her employment. It makes you wonder who is working for who. If you ever find this guy please let me know. Because I also want to work under him like Gabriel.

Art and animation lean towards the cute and kawaii feel. The colours are bright and vivid giving more effect on the comedy aspect. Sometimes it makes you think that hell isn’t such a bad place after all because at least physically everybody and everything there looks so cute. Cute enough to be dumb. Animated by Doga Kobo, you might find the art style of this anime to be familiar since the studio has also animated quite a number of series with this cute and kawaii design such as Himouto! Umaru-chan, YuruYuri, New Game, Sansha Sanyou, GJ-Bu, Mikakunin De Shinkoukei and Love Lab. See the similarities in these animes?

I love Kana Hanazawa as Raphiel. Her voice definitely fits Raphiel’s sneaky character very well. Despite always sounding sweet and polite, you can’t help feel that there is some sort of devilish scheming plan behind it without sounding like a retard. All too perfect. The other casts include Miyu Tomita as Gabriel (Otako in Oshiete! Galko-chan), Saori Oonishi as Vigne (Miyuki in Shomin Sample), Naomi Oozora as Satania (Inari in Inari Kon Kon), Inori Minase as Tapris (Noel in Sora No Method), Mai Fuchigami as Machiko (Nagisa in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), Hidekyuki Umezu as Master (Diamante in One Piece), Tsuyoshi Koyama as Sensei (Leon in Trinity Blood), Sumire Morohoshi as Haniel (Seira in GJ-Bu), Yukiyo Fujii as Martiel (Latifa in Amagi Brilliant Park) and Miyuki Sawashiro still recognizable as Zelel.

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by the main quartet (Gabriel, Vigne, Satania and Raphiel, that is). Gabriel Drop Kick as the opener is sure one hell (or heaven) of a crazy song. I think I can classify it as one of those denpa songs. Its tune goes back and forth between its angelic melody and devilish hard rock beat. It is more evident for the ending theme, Hallelujah Essaim. It sounds darker and has this fiendish badass feel to it. A song that truly befits evil demons and corrupted fallen angels. A song that would most likely fit if they team up to dominate the world.

Overall, this is one of the funniest anime series for the season and I totally recommend you check it out if you are looking for some laughs. Just be warned that although the characters are likeable, they are not to be taken as role models. At least you can tell the producers put in some effort in making this anime decently satisfying. It would have been a very big irony had they slack on it. Come to think of it, maybe Gabriel and co are allowed to continue their depraved ways not because God isn’t looking. It is could be a part of His bigger plan. When ordinary humans get to know how f*cked up these angels and demons are, maybe they’ll think about it and bring about some change. Oh yeah. That must be it. Or they could not be bothered and continue failing till kingdom come. Humans. Failing has never been so fun…

Admit it. There is only one reason why you are here watching the second season, Shinmai Maou No Testament Burst. It is only because of how delicious you see the main character caressing and pleasing his harem. It gives you the motivation and makes you feel that you could please your woman this good as him too. Am I right? What about me? Uhm. Oh, I’m here for the plot since the first season in such a cliff-hanger fashion that I am dying to know what is happening. So, you don’t believe in me? Please, believe in me! Speaking of that, you’ll here lots of that too in the sequel as well as the horny pleasing fanservice that you are about to get. Yeah, I admit. I’m here for the shameless fanservice too…

Episode 1
We start off from where we left on in last season when Jin goes to face off with Leohart as payback for last season’s ruckus. As epic their battle may be, it is time for Jin to stop fighting and make his exit. After that action, it’s time for fanservice! What a way to start off with Mio dreaming of something horny about Basara! OMG. Is this what she has become? At school, Basara is introduced to fellow festival committee, Nanao Tachibana by Hasegawa. I don’t know why there are punks in the committee too because this delinquent, Donoue is showing no respect (for the budget) and wants things to go his way. When all else fails, use the fist! Luckily Basara is here to stop his punches. When Hasegawa enters, Tachibana uses some mind control on them as they ‘obediently’ follow Hasegawa for their counselling. Basara is then advised by Sakasaki that something is amiss with Hasegawa. Because she has no enemies and everyone loves her. Like as though she is using some kind of magic. Mio and Yuki bump into Takigawa who asks them a favour to help protect Basara when he is not around. Last time when his powers went berserk, he wants them to become stronger and strong enough to kill him if he ever becomes that again. So why the gloomy face? I know. Who else to take out their horniness on? No other guys would do. Basara is at the train station when somebody mind controls the crowd to attack him. He is conveniently saved by Kurumi who also brings him home. They think something is amiss when nobody answers. They are in for a surprise. WHY THE HELL ARE MIO AND YUKI DRESSED IN SEXY LINGERIE BEGGING TO BASARA LIKE SEX CRAZED DOGS???!!! AND WANTING TO LICK HIS FEET TOO???!!! Mio realizes too late that Kurumi is here and runs away in embarrassment to hide in her room.

Kurumi is explained this indecency about their master-servant bondage. Especially Yuki’s direct words of how they decide to become Basara’s b*tches and submit to him even more to become stronger. Yeah. A reason to get kinkier. And who else better to know how to be hornier than asking Maria themselves. Kurumi is not amused with this unholy act but Maria tricks her by comparing her to her sister that she is immature. As expected of Kurumi’s pride, she is forced to prove otherwise. This means getting into the kinky act too. “We’ll relieve you soon”. Oh yeah… I’m sure Maria has got great footage of that. Basara knows Maria was purposely playing the villain. Maria explains she too has an older sister but was strict as hell. Therefore at least she wants Yuki and Kurumi to remain on good terms with each other. He is so touched that he hugs Maria. Sure he is not a lolicon? I’m pretty sure this motivated him to protect his harem family so that night he goes out to look for the enemy who is targeting him. He suspects Hasegawa. Jin just rescued Zest at the end of his epic battle.

Episode 2
The sports festival begins. Basara and his girls keep a lookout because Maria told them although she never heard of normal people being granted magic power, it could be a high ranking demon or somebody with great abilities. Before that, we have some fanservice fun rivalry between Mio and Yuki when they run a 3-legged race with Basara. Each trying to cling on to him for ‘wind resistance’ and the balloon bursting event which looks so horny that mothers have to cover their child’s eyes, the old men take photos and the male classmates just screaming in jealousy. And when the balloon pops and makes the girls wet, it dissolves their clothes and make them go into horny bondage position. WTF???!!! I didn’t know this was some sort of Sex Olympics! Turns out to be Maria’s fantasy. No doubt Basara and the duo won the 3-legged race normally. When Kurumi senses something abnormal coming from Tachibana, that is when Donoue starts attacking the field with his mini tornados. Basara disables them with his Banishing Shift while the girls evacuate everyone to safety. When Kurumi confronts Donoue, she realizes he is another victim of manipulation. Then she gets kidnapped.

Meanwhile Basara faces off with Tachibana who displays his true form as a vampire. As they fight, Basara cannot help but wonder if Tachibana is the real perpetrator because his tears are real! Tachibana is accusing Basara of trying to kill him when all he wants is to live a normal quiet life. Basara defeats him and shortly cannot feel Mio and Yuki’s presence. Then he is confronted by Hasegawa and is very tempted to believe she is the culprit. She won’t let him pass and easily breaks his sword. The trap barrier placed by Sakasaki allows Basara to escape with him. Sakasaki then introduces himself as Jin’s acquaintance tasked to look after him while Jin is away. He explains he doesn’t know Hasegawa’s true form but is somebody who possesses powers on par with S-class demons and can manipulate others with her magic. Her objective is to rule this school behind the shadows. Wait a minute. Just the school? Not the world? He wants them to plan a counter attack but Basara attacks him. He believes Sakasaki is the real culprit. Because if Jin considered Hasegawa as a threat, he wouldn’t have taken some measure against her. I mean, why transfer Mio to this school if she was dangerous? Sakasaki applauds his brilliance and slams him to the wall. He transforms into his true form, a fallen god. Such gods are believed to have been kicked out of heaven and turned into the ways of the demons. And now they are invading the human world as their next step for revenge. As there are some humans bestowed powers to stop their advance, the hero clan are such humans. You think this fallen god is going to play by the rule? He uses unconscious Kurumi as his hostage so Basara is forced to lower his weapon. When that happens, he slashes off his arm!

Episode 3
When Ornis (Sakasaki’s real name) lets his guard down, Basara slashes him! How the heck did he mend his arm back? Well, you’re screwed now because Basara is in berserk mode. Yeah, the fallen god is actually shaking in fear! Luckily he is chained down by Afleia (Hasegawa’s real name). It seems Ornis was the culprit that unleashed Brynhildr’s power because he wants to protect Afleia’s pureness. At least that’s what I understand why this dude is getting so worked up for. He still cannot accept she is trying to protect Basara whom he wants to kill. Afleia seems to be a fallen god too and although her powers are sealed, there is a condition when it will be unleashed: When it is necessary to protect Basara. Now it is that time. She is going to eliminate him. But why not let Basara do the honours then? If she did, he will continue to run rampage, something she doesn’t want. Now he is begging for his life but I don’t think that cuts it. Goodbye Ornis. You won’t be remembered. Hasegawa then heals Basara via, uhm, sexual healing?! She allows him to go wild as she rips apart those delicious boobs! Oh yeah! So sex can only tame the inner wild beast? Whatever. Conveniently she slightly alters his memories as well the rest of his girls because it is too early for him to know about her true identity yet. And so the sports festival concluded well. Tachibana apologizes for attacking Basara. Because vampires were blamed and driven out of their land, some heroes find it a reason to hunt and kill them so he thought Basara was trying to kill him. Of course Basara won’t ever do that, making this dude crying in relief.

Back in his bathtub, Basara can still remember Sakasaki as the perpetrator and fought him. However he felt somebody else was there protecting him. However this is not the time to think thoroughly because here comes his harem asking him to get horny with them! Even Kurumi is now part of this harem? Leave it to Maria for everything. I’m sure Maria has other naughty ideas to make Basara please his woman but it comes to a rude halt when her sister, Rukia doesn’t like how she has been misbehaving. She is here as a messenger to invite them to the demon realm. Meanwhile Leohart and his demons have unearthed another relic and don’t like how those noble councils to fight without even analyzing it yet. His loyal men pledge their strength to help him achieve his goal and defeat the council that Wilbert couldn’t even purge. Lars informs that the moderate faction has summoned Mio back to the demon realm and this is Leohart’s greatest chance to lay claim to Mio’s inherited power. The act of summoning her can be seen as an act of aggression, a reason enough for them to act and remove that threat. Rukia cannot say the purpose of the summoning is for as she is just a messenger. She is sure that Ramsus, the leader of the moderate faction as well as Wilbert’s older brother will explain as he will be there. So our gang have some time to think things over. Basara is mad at the turn of events and Mio doesn’t have to comply. But after Maria and Basara pledge they will always be by her side, I suppose this is enough motivation for her to decide to return. Because nothing can be resolved by running away. If she is feeling guilty of dragging them into this mess, don’t worry. They reassure her again they will always protect her. So pack your bags and let’s get going.

Episode 4
The demon realm is a pretty nice place. They arrive at Wildart Castle, once belonging to Wilbert and now under Ramsus. They are surprised to see Zest working as a maid here. She is actually hired as Shella’s personal maid as that loli succubus’ mom makes her appearance to play her cheeky flirtation on Basara. Maria is summoned by Rukia and to be punished on her actions (from last season). So is this some sort of whipping S&M punishment because Maria knows she has to strip! And then of course Basara tells her to hold her horses because it’s not Maria’s fault then, blah, blah, blah. He considers Maria as his little sister. Rukia warns even if he does this, the guilt in Maria’s heart will not vanish. So will he punish her instead? Yes. I think we all prefer this, right? And so Maria gets spanked. But not just any ordinary spanking because Rukia enhances her horniness so each spank sends her into ecstasy till she faints. Yeah… It was good? Kurumi is caught eavesdropping and Rukia needs to punish her. Since she is part of his harem, he claims Kurumi is Maria’s friend and will also exact the punishment on her behalf. Whatever. So the same thing. Horny mode enhanced and it looks like some porn scene, Basara licking her armpits! WTF???!!! Is this her sensitive spot as said by Maria?! When he returns to the rest of his girls, he sees an old dude sitting with them. He is Claus and Wilbert’s ex-strategist. He brings them to the main hall as he explains the growing fiction between Leohart and Wilbert’s side till Ramsus appeared as he claimed to be a moderate. However not many loyalists under Wilbert are ready to change their loyalty so easily. At the hall, Wilbert’s loyal subjects hail the return of Mio and Basara fears this is what Claus might be after.

With Noel guiding them around town (why he heck in maid outfits? Oh hell, who cares!), Zest goes off on her own as she is still reeling from the guilt from last season of making Basara and Mio suffer. She believes she has no place to return and stumbles into trouble with some of the guards. She resigns to her fate but Basara makes a distraction to take her away and even carries her when her high heels break. And that folks, completes Basara’s good treatment of his harem girls. Just wow. When they return to Wildart, Ramsus just arrived. Claus tells Basara Ramsus has no interest in Mio and only wants to extract the Demon Lord’s power from within. This piques Basara interests because by doing so, Mio can live a normal life. However Claus cautious him of a drawback. Ramsus is being reckless with his method. As no other being other than the Demon Lord himself can do so, if Ramsus does it, it might pose a threat to Mio’s life. Yeah, time to think deep. If you’re tired on straight fanservice action, how about some girl on girl yuri action? Because Maria wants to get horny with Kurumi after learning what she did. Luckily Kurumi isn’t a lesbian and won’t let her modesty be outraged. Then we have Noel washing Mio’s boobs like, well, you can picture that yourself. Mio learns that Noel and Lars come from the same orphanage and know each other. She views him the reckless type thanks to his numerous missions to the human world and can never stop worrying about him. Basara meets with Ramsus and wants to talk. Lastly, Luka, Leohart’s top magician (despite just being a kid) finally extracts the ultimate biological weapon from the great war era. It is a heroic spirit. Since when did Fate/Stay Night have an appearance here?!

Episode 5
So, Basara is here to scold Ramsus about the way he is about to treat Mio? Who the f*ck he thinks he is?! Wise Shella tells them to stop since this fight will only bring Mio pain. So instead, why not share some fanservice fun because Shella has Zest wash his back and do all the fanservice stuffs like every maid should do. Suggesting that they should make a pact and since both do not have anything against it, the master-servant pact is soon formed and thus we are rewarded with a full-fledged fanservice scene that is on par with any hentai flick as Basara pleases Zest to calm her inner horny demons down. Welcome to the club. Oh yeah, that was good. After that everybody goes to pay respects at Wilbert’s grave. Next morning, the town is entirely rudely awakened when the relic piloted by Gald (Leohart’s trusted general) breaks in to warn about handing over Mio or else. Yeah, he just demonstrated destroying the mountain behind. So all our girls except Mio head out to battle because she is forced to stay in the room and watch the battle via TV so as not to fall into this enemy’s trip. And some political reason too. While Basara fights Gald one on one, his harem takes on the relic. Mio’s patience runs out when she sees Basara getting hurt. Although Basara did score a big damage on Gald, some alien beam took him out and threw his burnt body before Mio. Now she’s mad. Very mad. Gald is not happy that Nebra intervened and was supposed to only be an observer. However this gay dude claims Leohart shouldn’t get any more powerful than this and is going to show him how to use the relic properly. Yeah, Gald gets taken out. It saves Nebra time when Mio appears before him. She is in mad mode that she will kill him not 100, not 1000, but a million times! With the relic struck down, even Nebra is now scared sh*t of her. Though, Mio collapses after exerting too much. Nebra becomes desperate to blow up everything but Ramsus uses his gravity power to neutralize it. Even more desperate, Nebra goes down to kill Mio personally but gets stabbed by Basara. Surprised! Didn’t think he’s dead, eh? Don’t you dare touch his sister! Nebra begs for his life but before he can reveal the big boss, he explodes. The only way to keep a coward’s mouth shut. The rest are shocked to see Lars taking Gald’s body back. Basara thought he is from the moderate faction though he claims he has his own complicated circumstances. He tells Basara to settle things and to come to Leohart’s castle since he is waiting for him.

Episode 6
Mio tells Claus that he need not worry because she has decided to live the rest of her life as a human and do not intend in succeeding her father. While heading back, they meet with Jin for the first time in ages. Meanwhile Gald is still alive as he reports to Leohart about Brynhildr’s dimensional fluctuation and supersonic flash crap that enabled Basara to defeat and lose an arm. Leohart then sends a message to Ramsus about their upcoming fight in the form of a tournament. A seven against seven match of representatives and the side with the most wins will obtain authority over the demon realm. Ramsus and Jin feel suspicious about it since the highly coveted Mio is not mentioned and something sneaky must be in the works for the council to even approve this. However they have no choice but to accept this or risk an all-out war with casualties. They talk about Safia whereabouts but it seems Shella points out she isn’t in the demon world right now. We cut the chatter for a few seconds of Mio fanservice as Basara pleases her like a pro porn actor. Oh yeah, you go! Then we are cut to Basara and Jin’s training in the forest. Who the f*ck wants to see father and son train?! Give us back our horny fanservice! Break time, Jin asks about his chances with Leohart since Jin fought him. He says he himself can’t win head on but this doesn’t mean he can’t win entirely. Because Jin knows that Basara is unsure of his true strength, he wanted time to teach him this but since time is running out, he is going to speed up the training. Hell mode on! Meanwhile the girls too have their own form of training. Sexy warm-ups? I wonder how Mio could do push-ups with such big boobs. Since Mio is feeling like a burden again, Shella tells her to focus on her own powers first. Then she makes Basara’s harem feeling horny before giving them eat some pill that suppresses that horniness. But it has a drawback, the more loyal they become, it will be more difficult for them to ascertain Basara’s position.

The nearby forest suddenly become almost like an atomic explosion. Oh, this is what happened to Basara’s training? I guess he almost couldn’t make it. Daddy went a bit too far so he needs a little TLC from the girls for now. Yeah, freaking huge crater where the forest once stood! Sorry if you are expecting fanservice when Basara wakes up in his room. It is his dad instead. Time to talk about serious stuff. Like how he has to learn to control and channel that destructive berserk power into a discharged attack. The thought of this makes Basara remember the traumatic times where he almost wiped out his village. Luckily Jin snaps him out of it. He mentions about the 3 limiters he have now. A conscious one, a subconscious one and his hatred based on Brynhildr for causing that incident. As it is difficult to control that demon sword, its wielder must be fully focused or it will devour your mind. Basara’s aversion to that has him placing a limit on Brynhildr’s power. During the training, he didn’t have time to think about this and that crater was the effect. During Leohart’s fight he needs to remove at least 2 limiters or he’ll be in deep sh*t. However Jin also adds this battle isn’t necessary he needs to win. Though Basara’s reason here is to protect Mio, imagine if his side wins, the moderate faction will then rally cries to make Mio their next Demon Lord. A draw isn’t the answer too but Jin has a way and if Basara fails, daddy will be there to cover his back. How convenient. Things get even more shocking when Jin feels the need to tell Basara of his 2 mothers. Wait. What?! That night, Basara trains by unleashing his power. Don’t worry, it’s towards the sky. I hope some planet didn’t get destroyed. But Yuki gets worried jus by watching this. Next day, Basara and his harem start their journey to Leohart’s castle. I guess they will be the representatives because nobody else is f*cking good enough to be the heroes and fight for their goal.

Episode 7
The kids arrive at Leohart’s castle. They also meet Belphegor, one of the council members and the guy who took over Zolgia’s place in his demise. Yup, another baddie we love to hate. So before we get to the big battle, we need to have big fanservice. Because in order for them to get stronger, they need to submit even further to Basara. Screw the logic because I’m sure Basara is too as he orders them to strip and they engage in heavenly orgy! OH YEAH! Basara you lucky bastard!!! Belphegor too is indulging in his own orgy but he is so powerful that all the women he f*cks got their life sucked out. Next please. Later, Basara meets up secretly with Lars. No, he doesn’t want him to rig the match but to get him some perfume. Yuki wakes up from a nightmare about Basara going berserk while Mio has insecurities of Basara. So what better way than to overcome by flirting with him, kissing him and then make love in the shower. OH YEAH! Round 2! Basara you lucky bastard!!! I guess he is too busy in the shower to notice Lars sent him a message. Tournament day is here. Noticeably missing are Belphegor and Basara. Whatever happened to them, don’t lose faith. Especially Basara’s harem. You’re making them worried. The rules of the match are simple. However cannot fight or dies, loses. And this must be a surprise announcement to our girls because Mio is now the prize for winning this tournament. The first match pits Mio against Luka. What a surprise. I didn’t expect this matching. But it isn’t Luka she will be facing but the ancient heroic spirit he dug up. Looks like Mio is in a pinch when this relic starts regenerating. But when she thinks back earlier in the day when Basara told her he will be gone to attend some business and to have faith in him he will come back, this bullshit motivation serves as Mio’s turning point as she powers up and blows away the monster. Yeah, you lost kid. And the whole damn crowd is just freaking surprised seeing her demon power. Next up is Maria and she will be against Lars. Only Noel is freaking surprised to see him here.

Episode 8
Maria can’t best Lars so the only way she can stand a chance is to transform into her slut adult self. I suppose bustier and more curves mean more power? She did give him a run for his money but eventually he is still better. The crowd calls for him to kill her but Lars shuts them up saying that he kills whoever he chooses. He spares her life, leaves victorious and leaving Noel to sigh a huge relief that he is still the same guy she knew. Rukia and Mio must be so worried about Maria that they accompany her in ICU rather than give a f*cks about Kurumi’s match. Yeah, even Yuki was looking worried and Kurumi played the big sister to give encouraging words to make her cry. Kurumi will be up against Viscount Admirath, the loyal retainer to Lord Madonis of the council. Admirath passes Kurumi some token from Basara and hints that if she doesn’t lose, kiss goodbye to your man. She doesn’t believe him and knows it is a trick but her guilt is for too superior. Therefore Leohart and his men can tell something is off when Kurumi is fighting him. It is like they’re faking it. Leohart’s right hand man, Balflear decides to investigate a little. Ultimately she loses to him on his, uhm, Hollow deer? Admirath is going to kill her but Zest protects her. Although Kurumi’s loss is accepted, because Zest interrupted the match when the winner is not announced yet, the penalty will be for her to forfeit her match. So our heroes are losing 1-3. Kurumi’s life is worth it, right? Don’t worry. All they have to do is win the rest. Right?

Meanwhile Basara sneaks into Belphegor’s mansion. Using that perfume to give out Zolgia’s scent, he easily infiltrates the place and interrupts Belphegor’s sex time. Luckily Belphegor was sharp enough to cut him. Then he starts telling him how much he wants to f*ck his harem especially Mio. Wrong words. Because Basara revives! Or rather he purposely let him cut him first. Madonis praises Admirath for his fine work and if things go well, they won’t have to resort to that. Balflear overheard this and continues his investigation. Next is Yuki versus Volga. If this dude seems familiar, he is Valga’s brother. This guy talks big and even badmouths his dead brother. Cocky enough to say this match will end in one blow. Unfortunately, it his him who realizes too late he has been cut up in one strike so fast that nobody saw it coming. Yeah, this guy is even worse than his brother. The next match is supposed to be Balflear against Rukia but since that guy is missing, the match is forfeit and Rukia fans will be disappointed not to see her in action. It’s a tie now. And so the final match is supposed to be Leohart versus Basara but since the latter is nowhere to be found, everyone is getting worried. Rukia is thinking of letting Ramsus substitute (why didn’t they do this for Rukia’s match?!). Because the final stage is set at Xamdu, some super demon stage, this means even if Basara makes it back, he will have difficulties fighting there. Double worried now, eh? They should be. Because Basara seems to be lying dead in the middle of nowhere. Still keeping your faith, Mio?

Episode 9
If you kept believing, then be happy because Basara is now in Xamdu. The big epic fight begins with Basara even using the perfume to create double visions for Leohart. Well, just blow the scent away! In addition to being injured, Basara’s moves also seem sluggish like as though he is hiding something. When Leohart seemingly defeats him and Basara falls into the lava, Basara takes out a pill that Shella gave him. It is supposed to release the demon blood within him as well as his other mother’s blood. Woah. What?! He pops the pill and he comes out donning a super Demon Lord armour. This guy is fast and furious, easily taking down Leohart. But the price to pay is that his body is bleeding as the power is destroying his flesh. At this rate his body will be destroyed. Mio can’t stand this and goes to Xamdu. Wait. Is this legal? Right before Basara could kill Leohart, here Mio comes doing I don’t know what that has her whisk away to Earth. Not just Earth. A place where zombie students want a piece of her and poison air melts her clothes. Yeah… She suddenly realizes this place is inside Basara’s mind. She goes to find him only to meet her worst nightmare: Zolgia! Don’t worry. As long as you believe in Basara, you can blow away your inner demons! Oh yeah! Finally she finds him. But his instincts make him want to kill her. His other sane side is trying to prevent himself from doing so. All while Mio is just helplessly watching. Then he succumbs to the power. A blatant excuse for a rape scene!!! OMG!!! But Mio accepts it. Do whatever you want with her. Basara you lucky bastard!!! And just like that, with the power of sex they are returned to Xamdu and Basara regaining his original self. All hail the power of sex! In another great twist of development, Basara shakes hands with Leohart. So a draw? A truce? The council becomes worried when they get word Belphegor has been done in. But Madonis isn’t panicking yet and will unleash his trump card. The ultimate demon that reigns over all heroic spirits: Chaos! He can also summon his heroic spirit buddies to destroy every damn land in the demon world! Holy sh*t! The demon world is becoming one big hell. Wait, that’s quite appropriate, right? Heroic spirits are murdering innocents and Madonis believes this is their way to test such weapons and prepare for their next big attack against the gods. As long as they survive, they can rebuild the demon world whenever they want. So they’re telling me they are okay to do the manual labour in creating the kingdom brick for brick?

Episode 10
Admirath goes to settle his score with Kurumi. Yuki and Zest protect her but he has poisoned the air with miasma. For reasons unknown or why it didn’t affect the girls in ICU, Maria and Kurumi wake up stronger than ever to rip off his arms! Now he is screaming like a girl! Then Maria beats him down with some super combo to finish him off. Good riddance. We don’t want to see anymore of him. We also get to see Lars showing off his cool side to fight a heroic spirit and save Noel (just for impressions sakes) and for those fans who were disappointed not to see Zest fight, here she is taking on several heroic spirits as compensation. Ramsus uses his gravity power to hold down Chaos. Better hurry and think up of a way. Basara observes how his power could hold down Chaos. In short, they need to open a black hole and push him back there. With the power of believing, Leohart will help keep Chaos down, Mio opens the black hole and Basara unleashes all his limiters to don another super Demon Lord armour that pushes Chaos back to where he came from. It goes without saying that all the heroic spirits soon disappear. The council is shock their plan is defeated but don’t worry. Madonis still has a trump card. This guy still has tricks? In fact all of them take out a button that will detonate everything but before they could do that, Leohart’s sister, Liala kills and decapitates all of them! Woah! Good riddance. She could have killed them anytime she wants but seeing they are going to take out her beloved Leohart too, it’s time for the old geezers to die. She calls Jin out from his hiding and knows he is here to kill the council too. From their talk, she can sense Jin is one of the ancient high ranking dragons! Wait. What?! Looks like they have bad blood between them and would have started fighting if not Basara had come in. Looks like he had the same idea to eliminate the council. Her keen smell has her believe she is on good terms with Lars and she hopes he can get along with Leohart since all the old men are gone.

Liala goes to investigate with Leohart Belphegor’s mansion. She smells a familiar smell on Belphegor and knows Basara killed him. She realizes his plot to kill Belphegor would reduce the council’s influence and this would lead to the war in the demon world dying down. But she can’t understand why the need to fight Leohart then. As explained by Jin and Ramsus, eliminating the council won’t solve the problem easily. Even if they proposed peace by offering Belphegor’s head, the ones they surpassed would even be more wary of them. That is why Basara risked his life to fight Leohart so he could unveil the council’s plot and by crushing it opens up a better method to peace. With the war dwindling, lesser people will go out their way to get Mio’s power. Ramsus notes Basara changed the history of the demon world and all because for the sake of his sister. Now if you are wondering how Basara came back up when he was lying and facing death, Lars went out his way to pick him up so that he could finish what he started. Yeah, these guys are really getting along. With no further business, our heroes return to Earth. Ironically Basara wakes up from Mio’s traumatic nightmare. So how do you calm that down on a cold night? Mio wants him to warm her up and this is a big hint for him to pleasure her. Only to be interrupted if stupid Maria could just keep quiet while filming this hot porno scene. And now we are back in familiar territory because Yuki and Kurumi also want to be pleased by him as they erotically dance around him. It gets crowded now with Zest joining in the horny fest. Mio feels left out? Basara becomes a true man as he tells them all off: Quit your bitching! I’ll relieve all of you together! Oh yes! Basara you da man!

Because the TV series lacked the much needed horny steamy fanservice for Basara x Mio x Yuki, the OVA is here to save the day and our horny libido. Maria wakes up Basara and right in the early morning, she is sexily cleaning herself naked in front of him and possibly climaxing. Sorry girl. This guy isn’t into loli. So he ties her up and then goes to wake up Mio. Then he realizes this is Maria’s ploy to do so because Mio is sleeping with her pyjamas half undressed. He tries to quietly button her clothes but looks like her boobs keep unbuttoning them. Yuki spots this and this gives the horny girl an idea to undress herself. Pick her and she will show him her boobs every day! Mio wakes up from the commotion, misunderstands the situation and guess who gets the raw end of the stick? Maria must be happy her plan worked out but Basara now takes out his frustrations on her. In school during PE, Basara and Yuki are supposed to get some ball in the store. Fanservice moment when Yuki gets stuck on a hurdle and sends her climaxing. Then there is this part she climbs a ladder to reach for the ball. Her butt is in Basara’s face. But all that flustering has them lost their balance. Basara catches hold of her. One hand holding her boobs and the other holding up her pant, which is pulling on her camel toe. Another round of climaxing? Mio barges in to see their unholy act and when she tries to separate them, they all fall onto each other. Basara wakes up in the infirmary. The girls are okay but still asleep. Hasegawa wants to know how they ended up like that so he says his body moved on his own. So to understand clearer what he meant, Hasegawa now flirts with him. You can move as you please now. Boobs suffocating all over his face. One of the greatest regrets in his life…

Maria is shocked that she has forgotten Mio’s birthday tomorrow. Talking to Basara about the birthday surprise they need to give her, she suggests some of the horniest presents to give her. Of course he shoots them all down. Basara couldn’t stop thinking what to give so he decides to ask Mio herself. Uhm, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? He enters her room and when the door locks, Mio is seen acting like a slut. Noticing her hypnotized eyes, he realizes this is again Maria’s ploy. Indeed. She is recording this in another room. You can both get it going now. But since Basara is complaining how this is wrong, Maria changes the bedroom scene into a festival atmosphere. Yuki is also here so that Mio won’t hog all the fun. So we see the girls ambiguously licking and biting sausages, getting baby chicks stuck in their cleavage and the competition to grab a goldfish has them falling into the pond. As they dry themselves at the shrine, they start becoming horny. Maria notices Mio’s power is going berserk and needs to do something about it. However her horny succubus side tells her the need to record and watch this steamy affair. And so we have Basara doing full hentai foreplay like licking and caressing their body parts! OMG! This could be really hentai material!!! When the magic malfunctions, the girls come to their senses. Maria explains the hypnotic magic has some safety feature and thus it got disabled on its own. But she is glad all went according to plan. The biggest loli beat down ever… You think Maria is really sorry and learnt her lesson despite that? When Basara mentions he was doing this for Mio’s birthday, she says it is still a long way to go. Maria checks her calendar and realizes the different dates between the human and demon world. Honest mistake? Think not. She earns herself another round of beat down when she promises on her next birthday she will make it more exciting and erotic. Yup, she never learns.

How To Pleasure Your Horny Harem 100 Times
Unfortunately… I am starting to find the plot interesting! Believe me, it is a fact. With the revelation of Jin being some part of a dragon, it really makes me start believing that this show is soon following more familiar steps of High School DxD. In my previous blog, I did say that this series borrows a lot of elements from many other animes but mostly High School DxD seems to be the prominent one. Now with this revelation including the appearance of fallen gods and such, this could be the hornier version of it.

As far as this season is concerned, notwithstanding the fanservice because that itself is a category of its own, I would say that the storyline is suffice although this season could be simply summarized as our heroes making a journey to the demon world to put an end to all those pursuers intending to get their greedy hands on the power that Mio inherited from Wilbert. It opens up new possibilities and development with the introduction of a handful of new characters but we will have to wait for another season to see if where it would take us. If that ever happens. And now the fact that Basara has 2 moms, it gets even more interesting how this guy is conceived. Really.

As usual, the fanservice doesn’t disappoint and they are at the masters of showing it in a way that doesn’t amount to hentai but borders with it so closely that it is allowed to be shown on TV. You got to have great control in resisting to fap whenever you see the Mio and Zest wanting their boobs to be pleasured, Kurumi her armpit, Yuki her butt and whatever there is for Maria. The ultimate testament of horniness! Haven’t found anybody who gets stimulated by the vagina part? Yet? Yeah, if they would just get rid of the annoying damn censors! Yes. This atrocious piece of blockage is still very persistent whenever such scenes are played out. You’ll be annoyed as hell if you are really hoping to see some bare tits. Heh. That is why the producers are smart enough to censor them on TV (I think it is also required by the law) and then make you blow your cash on the DVDs so you can enjoy those delicious boobs. Otherwise you have to do what I did the last time by using my very vivid imagination to view them all. Yeah, great fapping material indeed. For all you know, there is a hentai version of it out there somewhere seeing how easily the scenes here can crossover to being in one.

I have also mentioned in my blog for last season that the character development feels weak. It still does here because with a handful of new major and minor characters introduced this season, you just don’t feel that there is any much focus on the characters. And perhaps because there are only 10 freaking TV episodes compared to a dozen last season. I wonder if you can call those fanservice pleasing moments as character development and bonding at least for where Basara and his harem are concerned but if you want real character development like insights to their past and the likes, you’d be disappointed. Only very slight hints and teasers are all you will get. So even if we have more Basara x Mio make out moments, it still doesn’t feel deep enough that would make you feel that their relationship has gone to the next level.

Even the recurring characters don’t really feel much. Especially Yuki whom I noticed has been less scheming and sly compared to last season and spends most of her time in the demon world being a worrywart. I know she is worried about Basara and his childhood trauma but sometimes it signals to me like as though she has given up on the race and knows that Mio would be the chosen one and thus her gloomy morbid melancholy. Is it because this season takes place in the demon world unlike back on Earth where you have high school setting and such? Kurumi feels even more like a side character despite being ‘officially’ inducted into Basara’s harem. Perhaps she is using an excuse to help out her sister to get close to him since when she debuted this season, she sounded a lot like a tsundere. We also see the Nonaka sisters trying to be sisterly but I suppose it didn’t leave any much impression. And Maria. Still the cheeky succubus loli but in this season we see her film antics lesser because when you’re away in the demon world and things are getting serious, do you have time to do all the filming and editing? Or did she just forget to bring her camera? Zest on the other hand as the latest induction into the harem feels like she has given slightly more screen time than the other girls but even that too isn’t really much. Get what I’m saying?

Basara is being the typical main character with all the main protagonist cliché that you have ever seen in past animes. Main character with power and ability to power up in the future, check. Unleashed power level that could be over 9000, check. Tragic past that would leave one in tears or at least sympathetic, check. Gets the girls, have the girls, check. Goes far enough to protect them, check. Fights strong enemies and if he doesn’t kill them they become his ally or friends, check. Always there when the time is right even if it is the last second, check. Check, check and double check everything else. The only difference is that he gets to do perverted stuffs to girls without looking like a desperate pervert. And he does in not only one or two but five of them! At least this is the last count up till this season. Mio isn’t exactly the damsel in distress type but I wouldn’t go so far as to label her as a very strong female character either. She spends a lot of time this season worrying about Basara and I think it is compounded because Basara ‘stressed’ her up by telling her to believe in him. It feels like it did a little more harm than good. But thankfully Basara always keeps his end of the bargain. And when it is time for her to ‘rescue’ him, it somewhat feels a little forced. Oh well, that is what you call the power of the main character bullsh*t. We love it.

Then there is Jin who is still mysterious and awesome because he nothing much about him is revealed yet. Trying to match that mystery but with complications of his own circumstances is Lars. Once Basara’s rival, now he is his best friend. Or is he just trolling? He has been a double agent for almost anything and since last season he achieved his goal by killing Zolgia after making a deal with Basara. So I wonder what his deal is this time. I thought Hasegawa would show more potential this season seeing the enigma around her behaviour with Basara in last season. Well, she did reveal some juicy stuff about her real identity but after the kids left for the demon world, she is never to be seen again for the rest of the season until the final episode’s montage of the-whereabouts-of-every-character-right-now.

Talking about the new characters, they still feel as weak as the recurring ones because, yeah, like I said, quite a handful of them. Although Leohart made his cameo in the previous season, this time around he gets to flaunt his powers and it would be dreadful if this good looking demon would be casted forever as the main antagonist so in a twist of the plot, we make the ugly council guys the baddies, kill them off and make friendship between Basara and Leohart’s side. There. Because this guy has got quite a few good men under his command like Gald, Balflear and Luka. All of which suffer from lack of screen time and not really heard of again once their ‘role’ is done. Better than Claus. What the heck happened to him?

Liala only made a couple of episodes of appearances but her powers seem to be on par with Jin and thus another interesting character but lacking enough screen time. Just for teasers? Then there is Noel whom they make us should care about (not only because she is a maid) but because of her relationship with Lars and for those tired of Basara and his harem can look forward to this one if it ever happens. Ramsus, who looks like the king of hearts on your pack of cards, feels like his role in this season was just for that last moment. Same case with Shella. I don’t know where she gets those pills but it feels like just to drive the plot and give our main characters and excuse to power up whenever necessary. I thought Rukia would be part of Basara’s harem. Didn’t. I thought I could see her fight. Didn’t. How disappointing for a maid character just to remain as a maid character.

Demon characters we couldn’t care of like Madonis, Belphegor, Admirath, Nebra, Volga (what a joke – a record for a character existing less than 3 minutes) and the rest of the useless power hungry council men make their short appearances and then killed off. Good. Because we don’t want any more new characters who continue to live and we have to worry about the next time. Like that Belphegor dude, I wonder why he is even in this anime. He could actually be done without except to give Basara a little side mission to kill him and put a little tension into the drama. After all, what else does this demon guy do anyway except f*cking his horde of slaves?

But I am baffled to what happened to some of the characters in the end. Because that final montage is supposed to calm our hearts and let us know how they are doing right now. Because the hero guys from last season who didn’t make one single appearance this season, Takashi and Shiba were even seen doing their own training. But what happened to Tachibana? Did they forget about him? If they can show Jin travelling on a journey with some woman (she did make a cameo once this season but we don’t really know who the f*ck she is), we even see Luka and Gald recuperating but what happened to Balflear? Where did he disappear too during the tournament in his investigation? Unless he was killed off in a surprise trap by the council that I wasn’t paying attention to. Isn’t that why he didn’t return?

They turn part of the action scenes into tournament style this season. Even if the tournament feels freaking short and just a stepping stone for the plot, but I guess it is better than dragging it out for so many episodes like certain long running anime series. After all, I am sure by now you would know that you watch this series not for the action but the action of the other kind. Not in the stadium or coliseum but in the bedroom. Haha! I mean, you don’t really see any varied moves from our characters, right? They can mainly condense the entire fight in 2 episodes. One episode Basara vs Leohart and the prior episode for everybody else. Otherwise seeing Basara slashing with Brynhildr, powering up with a different amour, almost getting devoured by his newly unleashed power are hardly exciting by today’s standards. It is just passable.

While the recurring casts are retained, the new ones added to the line-up are Hibiku Yamamura as Rukia (Asuramaru in Owari No Seraph), Tesshou Genda as Ramsus (Umibozu in City Hunter), Atsuki Tani as Madonis (Borka in Sanzoku No Musume Ronja), Taiten Kusunoki as Gald (Rock Bison in Tiger & Bunny), Ayumu Murase as Luka (Haruka in Joukamachi No Dandelion), Naomi Kusumi as Belphegor (Mamoru Kabe in Zetman), Keisuki Koumoto as Admirath (Shinichirou in Isuca), Mina as Noel (Sohara in Sora No Otoshimono), Asami Tano as Tachibana (Chiharu in Toaru Hikuushi E No Koiuta) and once again I couldn’t pick up it was Kikuko Inoue as Liala.

The opening theme is Over The Testament by Metamorphose. I am not aware of this rock piece but I found out that there are 4 versions of this song featuring Yoko Ishida, Kaori Oda, Aki Misato and Megumi Ogata each. They do not play any voice acting part in the series. Oddly I find all the songs to sound the same and couldn’t tell them apart. What I found out was they are a singing unit formed for this series. The ending theme is another rock outfit, Temperature by Dual Flare. Unlike last season where you have naked fanservice as the ending credits animation, they do away with all that and put up, uh, pictures, sceneries and action scenes.

Overall, just like many anime series under the ecchi genre, you won’t remember the fights or the characters in the long run except for the value of its steamy fanservice. Like how we will always remember Freezing for its tits, High School DxD for its tits, Maken-Ki for its tits, Seikon No Qwaser for its power sucking tits and even Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ for its lesbian tits. We can never get enough of them. This series still has decent (oh, the irony) development for its plot and characters if they are willing to give another season a try. Because Basara will always tell his girls to believe in him and I believe we all should. Because for a man who can pleasure his harem and making them even hornier and wanting more like a repeat customer, isn’t he the ultimate peace and love making dude? Yes people. Make love and not war! Salute and respect to da man!

High School DxD BorN OVA

February 12, 2016

After the shockingly disappointing third season, I suppose we are all here in hoping that High School DxD BorN OVA would have some sort of little redemption. I knew I don’t expect this single OVA to save the entire season but at least make this season be remembered as less awful. Heh. Like that would help either. Anyhow, I hope that the fanservice and bare tits here will help ‘nurse’ our ‘broken hearts’.

The Unresurrected Phoenix
Time to dig deep into your memories. Ravel sees Rias and Issei to talk about her brother Riser. If you remember the end of the first season when Rias’ ex-fiancé lost to Issei and had their engagement cancelled, that guy has been holing up in his room ever since. Ah, this explains why he was missing for the past couple of seasons. His defeat was so bad that he has been emotionally traumatized especially by anything dragon related. He hasn’t played any Rating Games since and only runs simulations of them all day long and on occasions only summons people to play chess with him. Yes, it is that bad. Ravel hopes for them to teach him fortitude in hopes for him to rise back up as a man again. I mean, he is after all still her brother. I’m sure Issei will agree to do so seeing he was mainly responsible for this trauma. Outside his room, Riser still doesn’t want to see anybody but upon hearing Rias’ voice, he thinks she is here to mock him. Then he starts getting traumatized once he learns Issei is with her. He tries to hide under his bed sheets! Wow. I didn’t know it was THIS bad. Riser still complains that he doesn’t need this training crap and wants to run away. Even more so when Tannin is here to help with the training. Oh sh*t. You’re screwed. You can’t run away. Ever. Man up to your fears! Good luck pal. You’re going to need it. In the mountains of the dragons, Riser will be trained under another strict dragon who is Tannin’s subordinate. He can’t let Issei handle his training from scratch since he knows Issei is too kind. While Riser begins his hellish days, we take a brief detour to the rest of Issei’s harem and watch them soak naked in a hotspring. Ah, time for boobs.

Issei and Ravel could only watch over Riser as they talk over things like thanking her for that tears potion she gave to him at the party. Ravel seems to be blushing and hinting things to him. Of course it’s time for Issei to size her up too so he takes a good look at her and realizes that if she enrols in his high school, she would be his junior. That itself is splendid if you consider she has a great physique and assets that even bests Asia! When Issei learns there is a hotspring nearby, as expected his thoughts suddenly spring to that of peeking at Rias and co. Yeah, he can’t sleep that night and feels the urgent need to go peek on them. But he needs to sneak out without Riser noticing him. Then he realizes Riser has awfully been quiet because he has already given him the slip! He thinks Riser might have overheard their conversation and his heading to the hotspring to see the boobs all by himself! Issei is hell bent on protecting those boobs. Yeah… Well, I thought Riser was running away but he actually is on his way to see Rias boobs! And so the big battle in the sky between the guys. As Rias’ ex-fiancé, Riser just wants to see her tits once. And most probably Akeno’s too. Issei says no way Jose because all those tits belong to him! Hey. Since when did he own them?! While the fighting rages on, we have another round of watching all those delicious tits. Man, how long are those girls going to soak in there? Finally Issei did a look-over-there trick but kicks Riser too hard that he passes out. Issei is glad he has safeguarded those boobs but now finds himself in the hotspring area. The girls see him. Some are thrilled. Some are not. Enjoy those free tits. Ravel gets embarrassed when Issei sees her boobs and commented how great her body is. Was that compliment necessary? Here is your obligatory power blast. In the end, the guys reconcile. Riser agrees to give up Rias forever. But on one condition: Just let him have one last peek at Rias’ tits! No way Jose! The guys are at it fighting over tits again. Nothing riles up a man more than looking at one’s woman’s tits, right? And with this, Tannin believes Riser is alright now. Yeah. Tits. Truly awesome.

Fall Of The Dragon…
It has been a little fun but overall once this OVA ended, the dreadful feeling that it didn’t really do anything to salvage the season after all. Although I didn’t feel that disappointed because mainly the third season was disappointing enough that I didn’t put my hope for any chance of revival. Even the tits fanservice feels lacking oomph. I mean, when you have seen them for the umpteenth time, things start to lose its charm even if you get to see new boobs like Rossweisse and Ravel. Especially in here when you have nothing special except for the girls standing around naked for a while with their exposed boobs. There are no accidental boobs fondling are perverted hijinks that ensued to make it funny. Heck, sad to say the funniest part was Riser’s trauma when he was reeling from that big loss. It makes him look so different than before. How great the fall of the phoenix has become. Not to say that he has risen (pun not intended) but at least he is much better off than before and not at his lowest point anymore. Well, maybe if they keep continue to argue about Rias’ boobs, that will be the main motivation to for Riser to rise (pun again not intended) once more. Calm down people! It’s only boobs! And there are more than enough boobs to go around for everyone! Haha! And so the phoenix hasn’t rise and the dragon continues to fall. Not because of the poor outing of the third season but because of boobs. Yeah. Tits. Truly fearsome.

High School DxD BorN

November 21, 2015

It is here! The much anticipated third season of the series, High School DxD BorN! This is one of the few series whereby the great storyline and characters are not being overshadowed by the ecchi fanservice although the latter factor is also a great reason why this series is doing great. A series that doesn’t necessarily rely solely on fanservice or use it to dilute the worth of everything. It’s just different, that’s why we come back for a third time. With a lot going on and building up in the past 2 seasons (short summary of what it’s about: A high school kid who wants his own harem just got turned into a demon servant and gets involved in some war that involves a great deal of factions and species and at the same time wants to grope boobs), it is without doubt that expectations for the third season are going to be high but given the series’ track record, I doubt that there would be anything that could derail all this. Unless…

Episode 1
OMG! Bare tits of Issei’s harem as the opener! Supreme bliss! Till this Yuuma girl laments at Issei for forgetting about her. Yeah. Still remember the demon girl who tried to kill him in the first season? He wakes up from this dream but it is still blissful because his harem is sleeping by him naked! Great morning! Because Akeno is too bold flirting with him, Rias warns her not to touch her belonging. This leads to a standoff and then throwing of pillows. Imbued with magic. Oh dear. Not looking good… Issei’s house has been remodelled into a huge mansion overnight. Even scarier is how his parents accept this and go with the flow. When life gives you lemons… Rias will be returning to her estate for the summer vacation and this means the rest of her servants and slaves will come too. The train journey to the underworld is long. Once they reach the destination, the train comes to a complete halt. Seems some big shot is passing and they’re just giving way. Suddenly the train disappears and everyone falls down to the ground below. Rias and Azazel are missing. A hostile dragon attacks so Akeno assumes authority to convey orders to her team to take it down. But the dragon is too powerful and their attack is just like scratching. Azazel then stops this fight. Seems this is just a test to gauge their strength (as instructed by Sirzechs). He now knows the extent of it and has set a training regimen. But Azazel is more worried about Rias whom he feels is the one lacking growth due to her indecisiveness and kindness towards her subordinates. This dragon is Tannin and was once the dragon king of yore. He reincarnated into a demon in exchange for something. Ddraig knows Tannin but didn’t say anything because this whole setup was a farce. Because Tannin didn’t even use a thousandth of his power! The gang cleans themselves up in the hotspring. Gasper is sending mixed signals he can’t go in the male’s section… He’s a guy, right?! Azazel teaches Issei the finer points of boobs and that pressing nipples is just like pressing a doorbell. Only, they give out weird noises! Teach me more! Rias is deeply disturbed by Azazel’s words and can’t help ponder what he meant. Yuuto is worried about Koneko because she disobeyed Akeno’s orders in the fight and got injured. Something must be wrong. Meanwhile Bikou talks to Kuroka about their next job. But all she cares is bringing back her little sister, Shirone. Koneko?

Episode 2
Arriving at the freaking huge Gremory mansion, they are being treated by the hospitality of Rias’ father. They also meet Millicas (Sirzechs’ son and Rias’ nephew) and Venelana (Rias’ mom who is so hot that Issei can’t take his eyes off and needs some warning from Rias). Issei can’t sleep because his room and bed are so big. So is that why Xenovia and Asia come to sleep with him? Because they can’t sleep when there is such a big space? Or just some lame excuse to go cuddle with him? But if space is the problem, how is Gasper holding out? Don’t worry. He found a box to hide inside… Next day, everyone has their own personal trainer for their customized training like Akeno being trained by her father, Barachiel whom she refuses to acknowledge. Issei gets Tannin. He’s screwed. Thankfully he lasted for 3 full days without being killed although he failed to find his Balance Breaker. Sairaorg was watching Issei’s training and advises him that despite his stamina improved, it isn’t enough to become the best. Koneko has overworked herself during training and is being put to rest. Rias tells Issei the story behind Koneko’s past. As she is a cat youkai, she had an older sister who was picked up and turned into a demon by her master. However her latent power went berserk and killed him. She went missing shortly. Fearing the same would happen to Koneko, the demons wanted to kill her to prevent the same thing but Sirzechs took her in and put her under Rias’ care. Koneko is a survivor of the strongest cat demon group, the Nekoshou clan. Thus she is a descendent from a lineage of high level youkais. Rias and her subordinates are at a party that gathers all young demons to prevent any untoward incident. But you can’t help it when young hot headed demons with differing views start to fight. Sairaorg easily puts them out of commission when they don’t listen. Rias explains Sairaorg is the heir to the Bael family and the strongest of the young demons around. Oh, he is also Rias’ cousin. Ravel sees Issei and gives him some gift to mark their acquaintance. She claims she is no longer under Riser and traded to become a servant under her mom. Even more confusing for Issei is how Ravel tells him she is into baking. Get the hint? I guess not. Issei and Rias see Koneko leaving the party in a rush and go to find her. Koneko has detected a familiar presence. Indeed. She is reunited with her older sister, Kuroka.

Episode 3
Koneko told Rias that she wanted to be strong but is afraid of the latent powers and didn’t want to resort to that. Otherwise she might end up just like Kuroka. Odin has arrived at the party as per Sirzechs’ request. He comments on Serafall’s clothing so she transforms herself into a magical girl outfit. His assistant, Rossweisse doesn’t want him to fool around as he represents Valhalla. And when he comments on her serious attitude that has her no luck with guys, she breaks down crying in public! WTF?! Rias and Issei could have continued spying on Koneko’s chat with Kuroka only had not Bikou lured them out. He plans to fight them just to buy time. But Tannin comes forth to take care of Bikou and wants Issei to show him to fruits of his training by defeating Kuroka who is bent on taking Koneko away by force. Odin is here to sign some treaty but before he could do that, Loki interrupts as he is against this. He summons his demon wolf, Fenrir to attack. Akeno becomes his target but her father saves her. She still refuses to acknowledge him. It ends when Ajuka teleports Loki away. Koneko is close to break down as she reminds us about that power she doesn’t want to awaken. She is willing to go with Kuroka so as to let Rias and Issei go. Rias’ warmth and assurance makes Koneko want to stay by her side even more. Kuroka then surrounds the area with poison gas to stop them from running away. Issei is not affected because of his dragon bond. But he gets pounded while protecting them. Now he beats himself up by saying he is a useless dragon. Why does everybody have to start feeling useless? And as usual, Koneko boosts his morale that he is the first Red Dragon Emperor who is kind and not being consumed by its power. The problem now as Ddraig says, he needs some sort of catalyst to use his Balance Breaker. It just hit him what they are. He wants Rias to let him poke her boobs! She allows him but here’s the bigger problem: Which side to poke first? Left or right? To Issei they are not the same and it’s not trivial! Rias just tells him to do both! Tannin just feels disappointed his training might have all gone to waste. After Issei pokes them both, you see how much he powers up and leaves Kuroka shocked where she is standing (the surroundings are decimated). He warns her not to touch his family or else. Bikou takes Kuroka to escape because they sense Loki’s presence is no longer around. Rias reports to Sirzechs that Kuroka and Bikou are part of Chaos Brigade and Sirzechs is glad to have left Koneko in her care.

Episode 4
Azazel explains Ajuka has teleported and seal Loki in a faraway place but that will only last for another day. This means it will not be enough time for Odin who has returned to retrieve his hammer, Mjolnir to stop Ragnarok, a big scale war that would destroy the world. This is what Loki and Chaos Brigade want. Rias suggests stalling Loki in the mean time. Ajuka can only teleport about 10 people there for now so those who are going include Rias’ household (minus Asia and Gasper), Souna’s household, Irina and Rossweisse. Before they leave, they are given Phoenix Tears as they would lack the healings of Bishop during the battle. Saji tells Issei about Souna’s dream to open a school for low level devils so they can play Rating Game. Because many Demons laughed at her dream, the reason why she volunteered for this mission to change their perspective. Saji’s dream is to be a teacher in her school. Loki has broken free from his seal. He summons Fenrir, its offspring and the Midgard Serpent for our young ones to fight. Among those power up we see include Irina being able to transform into her angel version, Koneko accepting and using her nekomata power (because as long as if it is with Issei, it is okay) and Saji facing off with Loki with his very much powerfully tweaked Vitra’s Sacred Gear. Loki won’t admit defeat and uses all his power to destroy the planes. Since it is hastening Ragnarok, he is fine with it. All the Phoenix Tears are used to revive and heal some of the wounded. When Mjolnir appears, Rossweisse tells Issei that by orders of Odin, he is to wield it. Time for the big hero’s part? I supposed he got too confident in getting it and didn’t expect a surprise attack from Fenrir. Issei dies!!! OMFG! ISSEI IS DEAD!!! Sad girls, mad girls… See the power of anger? They power up so much to destroy the mythical beasts. The most upset one is of course Rias. She doesn’t care if the world is destroyed. She won’t forgive Loki. Does this mean either way the world is screwed?

Episode 5
I don’t know what power up Rias was going to do but she sees Ravel’s gift dropping out. Loki orders Fenrir to destroy Mjolnir but it becomes restrained by Kuroka’s binds. Arthur Pendragon tells Loki that Fenrir is Vali’s real target because he wants the fangs that can kill gods. Blame yourself for being fooled by this partnership. After they escape, Loki is shocked to see Issei revived. Ravel’s gift contains a Phoenix Tears. Issei uses the hammer to pound him but before Loki gets sealed, he curses them. Sairaorg destroys the serpent and is impressed with Issei’s growth. He hopes to play a Rating Game with Rias one day to determine who the best is. Rias and her subordinates say goodbye to her family as they leave for Earth. With Millicas calling Venelana his mom, the gang realize who Sirzechs’ wife is… On the train, Koneko hogs Issei’s lap and sleeps on it. I guess she deserves it. Akeno also wants to borrow Issei for a day and since Rias realizes she is going to tell him something, she agrees. Back on Earth, the gang have to deal with reality: Homework! Damn. Fighting baddies were better, right? And because Issei is thinking too much about boobs, he can’t concentrate. Then here comes Akeno. Is it sexy time? She has a request of him: Be her boyfriend for a day. You’re not hearing things, Issei. While on the date, they can guess who those ‘cosplay stalkers’ are. Rias is most concerned because she never realized Akeno would be this close to Issei and hold his arms like that. Issei and Akeno run to lose them. But they ran into the love hotel area. However they also ran into Odin and Barachiel. Father is suspicious of Akeno’s meeting with Issei. She blames him for letting her mom die. He doesn’t need him but Issei. So leave! When Akeno composes herself, she tells Issei of her past. Her mom, Shuri Himejima met Barachiel, an injured Fallen Angel and fell in love with him. Because of that she was banished from her family. But Akeno’s black wings have caused more hatred to grow and one day they decided to kill the family. Shuri died protecting her. Akeno ran away until she was stumbled upon by Rias. Akeno wants Issei to make her forget all that and allows him to rape her. I don’t think that guy is in the mood after hearing her story. Suddenly Issei could read her true feelings. She didn’t really hate her father and placed the blame on him so that she could cope with the stress. She really wants to meet him. Akeno reconciles with Barachiel by giving him her cooked food on his trip back. Mmm… Tastes just like Shuri’s cooking.

Episode 6
Issei’s class gets a new transfer student: Irina! Due to Chaos Brigade running wild, Michael thought it would be better to send extra help and heaven’s representative to protect the school. Just with Demons having ranks based on chess, Angels have ranks based on cards so Irina’s position is Ace. While Irina is a happy girl meeting Rias and co, why is Rossweisse crying? Seems Odin left for home and he forgot to take her! So what’s her ranting of being single has got to do with it? In the streets, Asia bumps into Diodora Astaroth. He claims they know each other from a long time. She doesn’t remember at first but after seeing his deep scar, she remembers he was the Demon she helped healed and led to her expulsion from the church. Diodora wants to repay that thanks. He is in love with her and wants to marry her! Oh dear. Will Issei allow this for his harem? To compound his problem, Azazel mentions Issei is quite famous in the Underworld. Not because of his heroics in defeating Loki, though. There is a documentary edited about him screaming for boobs. It is a hit with kids and he has been nicknamed Breast Dragon Emperor! There is even a song for this! It is no wonder Ddraig is crying in despair that his fearsome name has been reduced to something pathetic. Issei gets tricked to be paired up with Asia for the 3-legged-race. I bet you there’s going to be lots of accidents and tripping. More woes for Issei as he dreams of Diodora taking Asia’s hand in marriage. He won’t allow it! Asia assures she won’t marry soon. Good, because he’d die of loneliness if that happens. Issei you liar! How can you die from loneliness when you have a harem???!!! Diodora’s harassment continues as he sends Asia letters, gifts, etc. Rias will get rid of them but she is worried as she sees Issei’s concerned face. Doesn’t he put up that face for all the girls when they’re in trouble? Xenovia brings more trouble for Issei. More of her misunderstanding about wanting to have an affair with him (I think she’s making a pun about this and winning the race) and allows Asia to have this secret affair with him. Issei is in such a dilemma. His hands are moving on its own groping those delicious boobs. It only ends when Irina barges in to put a stop to their unholy act. Her concern is that this place is unsanitary and they should do it on a bed! Rias informs her subordinates of the Rating Game. It was supposed to be held during summer break but Loki interfered. Good news: They avoid Sairaorg for the first round. Bad news? Diodora is their first opponent.

Episode 7
Rias and co watch Sairaorg’s Rating Game. Let’s say he is just too freaking powerful. Diodora pays them a visit and wants to exchange Bishops. Of course Rias will not allow that as Asia is an important family member. Because Diodora badmouths Issei, Asia slaps him. Diodora throws down a challenge to Issei and if he beats him in the Rating Game, Asia will accept his love. While Issei and Koneko are out doing their demon duty, they bump into Kuroka who wants to have Issei’s baby! More accurately, she wants a dragon baby. Of course Issei refuses her. To his surprise, Vali is here to see him as he is here to warn him about something because Rias won’t listen to him. When they go home, the other girls are dressed in sexy outfits in their bid to make Issei happy. This is for everything he has done for them? Then it becomes a heated competition between Rias and Akeno over him. This might turn ugly if they resort to letting him touch their boobs… After Issei lends his sword to Xenovia as practice, she pecks his cheek as thanks. Is his day getting better or what? Meanwhile, Sirzechs and Azazel discuss about Rias’ report regarding Vali’s warning. There might be a connection with Diodora’s sudden increase in power and the mysterious death of Glasya Labolas’ supposed heir. When Rias and co head to the battlefield for their Rating Game, what greets them isn’t Diodora’s family but an entire army of Satan’s old faction who is now under Chaos Brigade. Worse, Diodora is part of Chaos Brigade and takes Asia hostage. He will have the rest killed while he takes Asia to the temple. Odin makes his surprise appearance. He explains that Azazel planned this by using them as bait to lure them out so that Odin could destroy them in one fell swoop. Sorry for keeping them in the dark, though. The rest head to the temple to save Asia while Odin and Azazel’s troops begin their big assault.

Episode 8
At the temple, Diodora suggests playing their own Rating Game. He has a group of Pawns and Rooks and another group with a Queen and Bishops. Rias assigns Issei, Gasper, Koneko and Xenovia to fight the first group. Rias gives Issei permission to use his Dress Break. However the opponents can still fight back despite being naked. Now Issei can’t concentrate and gets beaten up! Because they attack in absolute precision, Issei uses his power to read their hearts and find out who is being targeted. More like heart of the boobs because it feels like the boobs are talking… They defeat the Pawns and shortly Xenovia is done with the Rooks. But it is not so rosy on the other side so Koneko suggests Issei tell Akeno that he will date her if she wins. See the motivation? And because this jealousy makes Rias powers up too, they defeat the Queen and Bishops in no time. Making their way in, they are shocked to see Freed. He claims Vali picked him up and restored him. Is he Diodora’s Knight now? Actually he ate them both and has turned into some powerful monster. He reveals Diodora’s household that they just fought were supposed to be some sort of holy maidens. It is Diodora’s passion to lure and bait them to his hell. One day he stumbled upon Asia but seeing how she was protected by the church and cannot easily kidnap her, he devised a plan to become a wounded demon so that the church would expel her. His plan was to ravish her when she is at the bottom of despair but Issei and Rias showed up to save her. Issei is visibly mad but Yuuto tells him to save that anger for Diodora. Yuuto easily cuts up Freed and kills him! No match! Before Diodora, he explains he cannot feed on Asia yet as hope is still in her. He further reveals that the Fallen Angel Issei first disposed off, Reinare was supposed to be killed by Diodora and then give Asia an Evil Piece but made the mistake of waiting and let Issei finished her off. But thanks to this, he is now able to give Asia more despair. Imagine how fun it will be to rape her while she screams out his name! I guess this is enough to make Issei’s blood boil and summon up all his power to beat Diodora to a pulp. I suppose that is why he said all those spiteful words so we could hate him and feel no mercy because Diodora is so weak getting his ass handed over it is just painful to watch. Still cannot believe you’re losing? Issei cannot free Asia because thanks to some Longinus bind, it will only free her if Diodora wins but in the even if he loses, it will absorb her. If he cannot have Asia, nobody can! Issei doesn’t give a damn about all that and uses his ultimate power to break Asia free! Who is the weakling now? After all that emotional reunion, Asia makes a prayer to the Lord to protect Issei and the rest and to live happily with them. Instantly she vanishes.

Episode 9
Who is the villain standing before them now? Shalba Beelzebub claims he is the true successor to Satan. The one responsible for Glasya Labolas’ heir’s death kills off Diodora when the weakling seeks his help. Meanwhile, Creusery Asmodeus appears before Azazel and Sirzechs. He is against Sirzechs for teaming up with Angels and Fallen Angels but is he the one to say for joining a ragtag team of Chaos Brigade? Sirzechs easily kills this guy. So much for his 10 seconds debut. Then here comes Ophis, the leader of Chaos Brigade. She mentions her goal of a world of silence. She wishes to return to the Dimensional Gap where her home is and reclaim that silence. Issei is so broken that it is just heart-wrenching to see him look for Asia whom he thinks is hiding. When Shalba says he has tossed Asia into some Dimensional Gap faraway and is as good as dead, Issei becomes so mad that he powers up (or gets absorbed rather) into his fearsome dragon form, Red Dragon of Domination. Freaking powerful enough to blow Shalba away. His power keeps increasing that Rias and co have to fly away for safety while Shalba gets blown to pieces. So much for his 10 minutes debut. Vali and his team make a surprise entry. They have Asia in their hands. They coincidentally found her floating inside the Dimensional Gap. Vali sees Issei’s form and notes it is incomplete. Because of that, there is still hope of turning him back but his life will be in danger. Rias believes she is good enough to bring Issei back to normal and just needs to tell him Asia is still alive. Vali helps out by using his Juggernaut Drive to knock down a notch Issei’s growing power. Issei is going berserk. All he could see is Asia’s kindness and Reinare mocking him. He unconsciously attacks Rias. But you know, her heartfelt speech that she can’t live without him and rather die would eventually reach his heart. Especially when her tear drops onto him and breaks him free of his armour. Time for your emotional reunion with everybody. You thought Issei is most emotional to see Asia live? Wrong! It’s Xenovia! A huge red dragon appears in the sky. Vali explains that is the Dragon of Dragons or also known as DxD. This is the true Red Dragon God Emperor, the Great Red who chose to live in the Dimensional Gap and flies there for all eternity. He is Ophis’ objective and it is Vali’s goal to defeat him to become the true White Dragon God Emperor. Ophis is the Infinity Dragon also known as the Ouroboros Dragon. After renewing his rivalry with Vali, you thought everybody can go home happy. Not quite yet because now it’s Issei turn to turn up the drama by collapsing.

Episode 10
Issei is unconscious. Oh Asia… Don’t start the blame game… Anyway Azazel thinks Asia’s Sacred Gear might heal Issei although he is not sure of the risk. Only one way to find out. Indeed, Issei wakes up again. I guess it’s now or never so Asia kisses him and confesses she loves him. Everybody else is watching but they’re not going to bother with the details. Issei is back up and all that is what matters. Azazel discusses with Sirzechs that the recent skirmish has wiped out the old Satan faction. Vali had never intended to be allies with them in the first place. Currently there is world balance because Great Red is ruling in the Dimensional Gap but that balance is fragile and they know Loki will intervene again because Ophis did something troublesome again. With Issei back, you’d think it is happy ending for everyone? Not quite. Yet again, Rossweisse is in tears because Odin left her behind again! What’s this about being single again? Rias is also spacing out more often because she felt she couldn’t do anything to save Issei and that recent one where Asia healed him just nailed it in her heart. Later Azazel tells Issei a secret that he knew what to do because Ddraig told him. He talked to Ddraig about the power Issei unleashed and it seemed he invoked Juggernaut Drive and broke some seal that caused all the power in his Sacred Treasure to let loose. It is the kind of power that even surpasses the gods but in exchange on will pay for his life or his lifespan reduced drastically. The thing is, something activated that and Ddraig sensed Issei’s despair and anger surpassing its limit that caused it. However he also sensed something else controlling Issei and is not sure. Issei is seen walking into Rias’ room and then assuring her everything is alright. But then we see Issei and Koneko returning from practice and find Gasper collapsed outside. He is relieved to see the real Issei. Seems the fake Issei has got Rias under his control. Thanks to Gasper’s time freeze, he is able to save them before the explosion engulfs the place. Rias is subsequently missing. Azazel explains that Valhalla has sent a warning to Rossweisse but apparently it was too late. This is all part of Loki’s doing. In his bid for Ragnarok, he placed a cursed on Issei and Rias before being sealed. Before Odin could interrogate him further, Loki crystallizes himself to make that old guy regret for having Issei use Mjolnir. It might be Issei’s subconscious, his fear of what the girls think about him that activated whatever and the same can be said for Rias. They believe Rias is lost in Dimensional Gap. Going there is like going to a certain death if you stay there for too long. Chaos Brigade is made up of various individuals and they might be using unknown methods to use it as their base. Issei wants Koneko to contact Kuroka. He wants to have a word with Vali.

Episode 11
Sirzechs warns that many lives were lost in the recent battle. Contacting Vali may be seen as associating with Chaos Brigade and spread discontent again. You know, all Issei cares about is Rias, not the world. Azazel suggests he gives up being a Demon. He can turn all of them into Fallen Angels to avoid any potential fallouts among the Demons but this will only be a last resort. If they get Rias back successfully, then there is no need for this. With everyone pleading how dear Rias is to them, I guess Sirzechs has no choice but to relent and tell them to save his sister. Issei and Koneko see Kuroka. She agrees to let them meet Vali but in exchange Koneko must come back to her. Issei won’t agree to that. Negotiation is over then? Because they become annoyingly persistent, Vali makes his appearance. What if he refuses to let them go to the Dimensional Gap? Yeah, Issei you gonna fight him? He will if he must. Because Vali views him as still weak and would rob him of his pleasure to defeat him, he has Arthur guide them there using his holy royal sword, Collbrande that could cut through dimensions. Arthur tells them the barrier they are in prevents them from being eaten by Dimensional Gap. But they only have 1 hour to do so before they are forced back to their realm. He hints that Dimensional Gap is influenced by their strong emotions. They figure out in no time that all they need to do is wish to meet Rias from the bottom of their heart. True enough they see her. However she attacks them! They sense this is the real Rias but why is she not recognizing them? It must be Loki’s curse. Everyone tries to let their heartfelt words reach her heart. It always works, right? Not this time. Because you thought everything might be back to normal when you see tears in her eyes but that is just a troll and switch for her to transform into a Red Dragon armour similar to Issei’s Balance Breaker. Just with a few parts expose for sexiness. The attack continues and Akeno believes Issei has no choice but to fight her. At first he doesn’t want to do this, not to his beloved buchou. Then I guess he realizes what needs to be done. The promise of bringing her back even if the world gets destroyed. Yeah, screw the world. All he wants is her (and her boobs). He transforms into his Balance Breaker version and the great impact of their fight weakens the Dimensional Gap.

Episode 12
Yes, Issei. We know that you’re going to protect Rias not because of the contract but your love for her. We are spammed montage of their times together as he struggles to free her. After all that, her armour finally shatters and the Rias we know comes returning back into Issei’s arms. But now Issei is to face off with his fake imposter who turns into Dragon of Supremacy. The rest are blown back into reality as Azazel deduces Loki hijacked a fragment of Dragon of Supremacy from Issei and made a copy out of it. What they can do now is pray and believe in Issei. Yeah, you do that. And of course, Issei’s strong feelings mean he defeats the imposter. They are blown into the Dimensional Whirlpool when Great Red happens to pass by. It seems to be guiding them out of here. But they end up in some dimensional beach so I guess it is time for Issei and Rias to spend some quality time together, talking about the feelings of the heart and yes, a nice kiss before going back to reality. Although their memories are fuzzy on their return, everyone else is so glad to see them back in one piece. Later, Issei knows he is in a dream when he sees Ddraig in his true form. He is here to tell him that another power aside Dragon of Supremacy lies dormant inside him although Ddraig himself isn’t sure what it is. When Issei wakes up, it is like waking up in his dream because his harem girls are sleeping naked around him! Don’t want to lose him after all they’ve been through, eh? Yeah. I’m sure Issei loves this too. What a win-win situation. And of course the best boobs reward goes to Rias. Issei’s parents return from their trip. They treat Asia more like their daughter than Issei their son. Too cute to pass up, eh? Rias surprises them by introducing Rossweisse who is a teacher at their school and plans to stay here. Say what?! We see how Rias showed Rossweisse the benefits of some insurance plan from her side as compared to Valhalla. She then offered Rossweisse to be her Rook under her household as she needs mobile magical artillery. Tempted by everything, Rossweisse agrees and turns into a Demon. Partly this is to get back at Odin too. Now Rias’ household is complete (remember, Issei is powerful as 8 Pawns so she doesn’t need extras). Azazel mentions about Issei’s TV debut in the Underworld. Turns out to be a children’s programme with a children’s song. All about boobs!!! And he is already a hit there! Later Azazel talks to Issei about the incoming threat from Chaos Brigade and more fighting will be expected. But once the war is over, what will he do? Simple. He’ll pursue his own dreams of becoming harem king. Oh Issei, don’t you know that you are already one?

Dragon-boobs & Poke-boobs!
Before I started watching this season and while it was still being aired over the airwaves, I have been reading a lot of comments regarding this season. From what I gather, there have been a lot of differing opinions and heated discussions about the direction of the third season. Yes, this season deviated from the original light novel works. Thus there are so many clashes of opinions from purists of the light novels who disregard this deviation as pure blasphemy of the series and those who are so called ‘open minded’ and viewing this season as ‘just anime only’. The former hated the third season’s adaptation with varying degrees (depending on how ‘loyal’ they are to the light novels) while the latter tried viewing this from an anime-only perspective. Thus some feel that the producers have gone to make the first 2 seasons great and with that established track record in the minds of fans and viewers, decided to betray that trust by tricking everyone into watching this atrocious season and milk more money from them. Those are some of the sentiments lingering even after the season has ended.

Therefore with this in mind as I watched the third season, I am wondering if this is the reason why I do not find the third season as charming as the first 2 seasons. Could this have also clouded my opinions and thoughts for this season? Would I have reached a slightly different and better conclusion had I not read the many dissatisfied and arguing comments over the internet? Although I have never touched the light novels myself, personally I could say that this season lacks the excitement that I felt watching the previous seasons. Everything feels lacking. The characters, the storyline and even the fanservice just feel so much less. By itself, this season doesn’t suck so badly and like those in the latter category have said, if it is judged based solely as an anime without any relation to the light novels, it is fine. Though, not that great either. This is also my thoughts about this season. It isn’t bad but there is nothing that would make me sing praises that the third season is great. In fact it just passes.

I don’t know, personally I think putting in the final arc of saving Rias somewhat killed it. I know it is to show how much everybody cares for her and she cares for everybody but somehow it just feels forced. Something about it just doesn’t feel right. Because with so many other potential good stuffs and storyline (from the light novel works), they ended the season with this ‘weak’ story of rescuing their club president. If poor sentiments were already building up halfway, then it would be sure to increase by the time it reaches the end. I think they’re trying to build some drama, showcasing the close relationship the Occult Club members have with each other and especially with Issei, seeking to tug some heartstrings whenever you see the characters getting worried or worked up over the other when something doesn’t augur well. You get the point. I felt too much of that isn’t necessarily good for the direction of this series.

Another downfall to this season is the characters. Both old and new. This series itself already boasts a lot of characters. And I mean really, really, really, really, really lots of them. Just rechecking the character list since the last time, I am not sure if I has been expanded or not but it feels a lot longer now that I have relooked at it again. Because it isn’t just your typical Demons, Angels and Fallen Angels or even gods from other mythologies but historical characters (fictional or non-fictional) as well! I mean, when you have characters from King Arthur’s times and even the Chinese’s Three Kingdoms, you’d start wondering if they will be putting in Greek philosophers, world conquerors (like Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great) or even… Presidents of the United States! Oh yeah! One big hell of mish-mash of everything! While it is great and unique to see this kind of mix-up of everything in one big fairytale story (or just one big nonsensical crap), the problem lies with having too many of these characters but not making a good impact or leaving any sort of lasting impression. That is what I feel the problem for the character development for this season.

It is not like they have introduced a whole bunch of new characters but even those that had newly appeared in this season feels a lot lacking. The biggest casualty is Rossweisse herself. My guts told me she would become part of Issei’s harem. As she is of Norse source, I wonder how can a Valkyrie turn into a demon just like that? But just in case, I guess that is why they make it last minute that Rossweisse completes Rias’ household. Just in time? Feels so rushed. (In the light novel as I read from a summary somewhere, she is one of those female characters who initially isn’t sure if she is in love with Issei or not till some sort of event occurs that made it confirm it is so). Well, it isn’t necessary to be part of Rias’ household if you want to fall in love with Issei, right? The way Rossweisse is lacking in presence and role impact in this season. The way her character played makes it feel like she is an anime-only character. The only thing that I would remember about her is her penchant for being too emo (whenever there isn’t any serious fighting or stuffs) and ranting about being single. That might not be a bad thing entirely but the way they executed her character this season is just feels sorry. It feels like she has been side-lined in a way to give some prominence to the relationship development between Issei and some of his Occult Club girls.

The rest of the other new characters also doesn’t fare that well. Either they lack impact or they get killed off quickly with a high chance of never ever returning in the future storyline ever again (looking at you, Shalba and Diodora. I’m wondering if Freed is killed off for good this time too). I suppose everything is still too early so Chaos Brigade isn’t much of an antagonist yet. I don’t know what Sairaorg’s role is for in this season because does it really matter? But I am sure he is one of those guys (like Vali) who are up to challenge Issei in a fight when the time is right to see who is strongest (no prizes in guessing who will come up tops at the end). Even if Barachiel had a little screen time to make amends with his estranged daughter, it just feels disconnected and doesn’t fit into the pace of everything this season. Perhaps Odin is the only one among the new characters that feel it made some sort of impact although this also felt minimal. Why do old and powerful guys always have to be perverts? Know that old turtle guy from Dragonball? Know that old little guy from Ranma 1/2? Know that old sage in Naruto? Yeah… See the pattern? I hope Odin doesn’t frequent Japan now that he has got to know about boobs bars… Boobs bars… They have that in Japan? Oh, do you still remember Rias’ family? Milli-what’s-his-name or Vene-what’s-her-name already?

If new characters didn’t leave much of an impact, does this mean the old ones do, especially the Occult Club members? Not quite either. Issei on one hand is a perverted kid who wants his own harem but unknowingly has already amassed one. The reason he doesn’t really touch them unless when given permission is because he respects them so it is like he is in an eternal dilemma to become harem king or not. Because from where I see his character (as well as others from many other animes), he is the kind of main protagonist and hero who doesn’t really care about the world and would even go as far as to let it be destroyed at the expense of the safety of his girls. Don’t you agree with me? So technically if you want the world to be safe from Ragnarok or Armageddon, if you are a girl, be part of his harem, if you are a guy, become his friend. That way with the ‘extended’ family theoretically he would go all out to save you if some sort of world threatening befalls. So like when Rias was endangered, he will go all out and dig deep into his feelings just to get her back. At the same time spamming his calling out to her. “Buchou! Buchou! BUCHOU!!!!!!”.

The rest of the Occult Club members also do not have decent development thanks to the short duration of the series and the way they force cram a few of them. We get to know a little about Koneko and her sister, Akeno and her dissatisfaction with her father and some precious moments for Asia. And then it ends with Rias’ growing insecurity of Issei’s love for her that led to the inevitable. Because it seems the other girls in the harem are making ground and headway in their personal relationship with Issei so Rias has all the right to be worried. Despite she is the president of the Occult Club and the head of her household team, she is at the same level when it comes to being a woman and wanting Issei’s affections. This undermines her exclusivity and privilege that she has with Issei now that everyone seems to be catching up especially Akeno who is more daring than ever. To the point that she is even confrontational. I believe Yuuto’s story and past was done in previous season so it feels like this time he feels like ‘neglected’. Xenovia feels like she’s being reduced to ‘cultivating a good friendship with Asia’. Gasper’s fear of wide public spaces is still funny but you realize that when the going gets tough, his phobia doesn’t kick in. All in the mind?

Let’s see about the other recurring characters… Mmm… Rather okay or so-so. Sirzechs is trying to do his best as the current Satan while Azazel seems to be playing the know-it-all sensei part. Irina isn’t part of Rias’ household so she doesn’t have much screen time and only hangs out with her ex fellow church member Xenovia whenever she gets the chance. Serafall and Ravel could have been forgotten had they not made their short little cameo which doesn’t really amount to anything. At least Saji this season put up a decent badass power up fight despite his limited screen time too. I thought they were going to bring back Yuuma/Reinare, the way they tease us by making Issei remember this nightmare from time to time. Guess not. Thank goodness.

Although this season still has its trademark fanservice of uncensored naked tits and boobs galore, somehow it feels less. I don’t know. Maybe it is because that feeling of mediocrity that is undermining this department too. In a way it is good and bad because you don’t want too much fanservice to dilute the worth of this series but then again, boobs fanservice is the reason why this series is popular in the first place. Yeah, lots of pervy guys out there. So in addition to groping boobs, now you have poking boobs? You learn something new every day… Fanservice quality for the mid-intermission remains the same. First half shows the girls in sexy poses and then in the second half, all the clothes come off and it feels like a must to show and expose their tits to us.

Action bits also feel less. I remember in the previous seasons we had lots of terms and power ups whenever we see Issei and the team fight. I don’t think this season added any much of those new moves and the power fights also seem to lack that oomph thanks to all that drama going on. And there is always some sort of hidden power inside Issei that we don’t know of. How many more times can he power up till he reaches the ultimate of the ultimate? Is it me or is the quality towards the end of the series getting a little bad? Like as though the animators really want to get their chest off this bad season and end it all quickly.

This season’s opening and ending theme didn’t appeal to me again. Bless Your Name by ChouCho as the opener sounds like a generic anime rock outfit while the Stylips sings the ending theme, Give Me Secret. Lively, exuberant and resembling like a dance song but still I didn’t find it quite to my liking although I would prefer this than the opening theme. Hmm… I think this season’s ending credits animation also contributed to the overall unexciting feel of this season. In the first season, we were treated to sexy pole dancing fanservice. Then in the second season, there was this weird but erotic dance and it was still sexy enough despite Gasper being part of the dancing troupe and in bikini. In this third season, there are none of those or anything similar and despite spamming Issei’s naked harem, it just doesn’t feel the same as before.

Overall, this season is not that bad and it only is when you have read the light novels and start expecting the adaptation to follow very closely. Then expect to be very disappointed. The third season as an anime itself is okay but it is not nearly as great as its past 2 seasons. It is still pretty much decent (oh, the irony). Therefore like any other animes that follow this sort of precedent (great start but faltering sequels), the only way to pick itself up is to make another fourth season. Maybe this is all part and parcel of the bigger plan and cycle. Happy, happier, disappointment and then happy again. Maybe that is what life is all about. When you have a series of choices, it isn’t necessary that you need to pick one over the other. Like if you don’t know which boobs to poke, just poke ‘em both! Double the fun, double the satisfaction!

Dog Days S3

November 14, 2015

I knew they announced the third season years ago. And because anime seasons come and go so fast in a normal year, I thought they have forgotten all about it or even abandoned making the next sequel. Yeah, it felt like a really long time. And then to my surprise, it did happen. Yeah. Dog Days S3 is (now was) back and I figure that there are a lot of furry lovers to warrant another season. The first season was interesting enough but the second season was lukewarm although it wasn’t that bad for me to never ever want to watch the third season. And now that it is here, I hope that it will get back on track in making things more interesting as before. I hope.

Episode 1
Today is the day that all our furry friends can be excited again because their heroes will be returning. It’s like their master coming home, eh? Meanwhile in the Iron Athletics on Earth, Shinku and Nanami ended up crossing the line together and thus for the first time co-champions of the games. Our heroes including Becky start packing to prepare for their journey to Flonyard. Everything seems to be going fine till Shinku and Nanami didn’t fall in the expected location and crash deep within the forests. Something must have gone wrong in the summoning. Be careful. Not everything is as cute as thought it would be. Like that carnivorous plant! And they must have had the ride of their lives when a Pterodactyl swoop them up before they drop back down into the stream. No rest for the duo because suddenly there is a stampede of… Hairy Brontosaurus?! Luckily they are chased away by the dragon priestess who resides in this forest, Sharu. She warns them that this is the dragon’s forest and that humans should stay away. By this time, the concerned nations are already dispatching their units to go find their lost heroes. Sharu doesn’t believe they are heroes since they do not possess their holy treasure. Besides, their outfits look more childish than elegant. Judging a book by its cover? Anyway she doesn’t have TV in her home so she has never seen those games the nations play. She warns them that recently there are demons popping up in the forest lately. Her pig familiar, Pega finds Nanami’s keychain so they follow to retrieve their lost items. Sharu notices many of the plants and animals have turned violent when they used to be docile. Could it be because of the Dragon Eaters? She sees a Brontosaurus being chased by a demon and goes to rescue it. But there is more popping up. Don’t worry, this is a cue for our heroes to go into action. Each demon they destroy turns it back into their original cute animal form. Sharu is in awe seeing them. So now do you believe they are heroes?

Episode 2
Shinku finally manages to get some reception to communicate with Millhiore. Everyone is relieved they are okay. They have to stay put in Sharu’s home till the rescue unit arrives. Sharu explains the land being ruled by Divinegons, huge god-like dragons that embody the life of this planet. They exist to restore the balance in mother nature that was disrupted by humans. Dragon priestesses help communicate humans with these dragons. But recently there are demons that keep harming the animals. She needs to find the source and destroy it. The heroes want to help but she insists this duty only belongs to her. Well, hope she is ready to go into action because more are detected. Chasing those Brontosaurus… Of course with so many demons, there is only a limit on how many she can destroy. That is why our heroes jump in to help her. Cue for some hinting romance when Shinku saves Sharu from certain death. Eventually with so many demons, this means our heroes can’t hog all the action together. The other nations arrive in time to demonstrate their demon butt kicking skills. While resting at her home, Ricotta and Noir talk to Sharu about their research that these demons are more dangerous than before as they speculate they might be attacking dragons and stealing power from Divinegons. According to the legend, whenever this happens, this is when the dragon priestess sacrifices herself to slay them. Ricotta and Noir continue their investigations and learn that the demons they fought were actually local creatures that were transformed into demons. There is a mother demon as the source of their transformation and they need to defeat it to save the dragons. Adele and Valery are doing their research on this. Suddenly they realize the great danger the continent is in. They immediately request all the nations to get ready for war because it is coming to the dragon’s forest.

Episode 3
The war is real. They are up against Dragon Eaters who consume other animals and turn them into one of them and repeat the cycle until the entire world is consumed. So while a nation help protect a Divinegon each, the heroes with Sharu go in search of the mother source. Better hurry. Because the demons are already corrupting the Divinegons. Once the heroes find the source, it is some big mother bug that oddly has a penchant for tentacle raping some of the female soldiers. Damn it. Is it time for pantsu fanservice already? Our heroes use their Hero Stone to turn themselves into adult versions so as to power up and do more effective damage. They cooperate to allow Sharu to strike the decisive blow and destroy it once and for all. The energy that the demon took starts raining down on the land in what the legend calls it as dragon’s tears. I didn’t know dragon’s tears were pervy too because it melts your clothes! Everybody in their birthday suit! Sharu seems like she wants to confess something to Shinku but the damn dragon’s tears have to ruin it all. Adele and Valery may not be needed this time but they have to do some extra work behind the scene to seal it and make sure this demon doesn’t reincarnate into a poor one again. As everyone leaves Sharu’s place, Shinku hopes he can visit her again. She wouldn’t want that in fear he would get lost in the forest again. Instead, she’ll come visit him next time.

Episode 4
With everyone returning to their respective nations, time for some fun. Millhiore is already up eager for Shinku to take her for a doggy walk. Oh, don’t forget the Frisbee too. Couvre and Becky sleeping together look like yuri… Nanami gives naked Leo a good body massage. Nanami and Genoise visit Pastillage so the former can thank Adele for giving her a Hero Stone. Trouble soon lurks because squishy little blobs are on the loose, eating all clothes and armour! Time for your fanservice of naked furries. The first person to blame is Valery. True enough it is his fault. Despite those blobs were original sealed, because his ass was always being busted by Liscia and co and wanted to get back at them. So everyone quickly goes to stop the blobs before they turn the entire nation into a birthday suit party. Too bad they multiply so fast that the entire castle is now over flooded with them! Yeah. This means our heroines are pretty much naked too. I thought they should have done this from the start because those with Hero Stone transform themselves to put a stop to this. But it is Couvre who steals the limelight as her gun is able to purify the blobs into spirits. Everything returns to normal although all programmes are pretty much delayed and ended late thanks to this mess. The ladies are resting and having snacks at the end of it all. Some wonder where Valery is. Adele has tied him up upside down deep in the dungeons. Time to repent.

Episode 5
Shinku and co are only leaving for a field research expedition so why does Ricotta need to pack like she is going on a year’s vacation? So we see them research on the ores and crystals in this forest. Shinku spots little green people. No, they’re not aliens. They are Moribito, forest spirits. As cute and friendly as they are, but they are requesting for help because their princess has been captured by a demon. Ah, there is that frog demon eating all the ores and crystals like there’s no tomorrow. So where’s the princess? In his belly! Don’t worry, anything the frog devours will be slowly absorbed in his stomach. So our heroes go to give this frog a warning but I guess he prefers doing the hard work. Wow. This frog throws stuffs like as though he is a pro pitcher! Then of course, he starts spitting yucky sticky gooey slime on the girls. Only Shinku is ‘immune’ to it because he is a guy. For that, he gets eaten alive! Oh the horror! Inside the belly, Shinku finds the princess. Then he uses his firepower to give the frog some mean stomach ache (bouncing all about?) till he spits them out. The frog reverts to its harmless chibi form. It seems a demon sword stuck to it was the cause of it all. Everybody takes a well deserved break at the hotspring. The Moribito people show their gratitude to Shinku by giving him drink their tonic. I guess it was too strong for him that he passed out. So as our girls clamour around him to help him recover (not taking advantage?), Couvre and Eclair happen to turn up late and they see this ambiguous scene. While Couvre wants to join in the fun, Eclair is so stunned that she wants an explanation from everybody on what they’re doing. Oh, why don’t you just join in the fun like everybody else?

Episode 6
It’s time for an exciting festival. Leo’s engagement festival. Say what? Hey. It’s like a carnival atmosphere. It seems there are men from far and wide who want to marry her but they’ll have to do it Leo’s way: A duel. You’ll have to beat her if you want her hand in marriage. Yeah. This is going to be fun. No wonder everybody is looking forward to it. So we see all the contestants vying for her but you know, Leo is still superior and beats them all flat. Yeah, some have been trying for years and the result is still the same. So as not to insult these losers, Leo announces that she enjoys fighting with them and praises their bravery to duel with her. And of course the final contestant is a mystery person. He is able to fight on par with Leo. She deduces it is somebody she knows because he is hiding his face. He says they did meet but will only reveal more when he wins. The fight continues till Leo manages to unleash him. Those rabbit ears and tail… He is Vert’s distant relative, Prince Lief Langue de Chat Halver of the Halver Kingdom. The last time they met was when he was a kid. She thought him swordsmanship and archery. She was also the one who told him to train and become stronger so that women would like him. But if he is here it means… You’ve guessed it. So the intense power battle continues and Leo barely wins by the skin of her teeth. And again this year, Leo will remain single. I wonder, if she continues to do this, she’ll be a very old single in no time. And an unexpected free fanservice for everybody as her armour shatters and her clothes rip in the aftermath. Wow. A great festival indeed! There is a social party afterwards. Everyone learns that Lief had the wrong impression of this battle. He participated so that he could talk to Leo and didn’t intend on marrying her. He always thought a marriage meeting would be something more private and engaging in conversation. But once Vert whispers him the truth, he can’t help blush like mad that he gave the crowd the wrong impression. Well, but you can’t deny the fact that he does like Leo in a way and looks up to her.

Episode 7
Lief becomes the guest of honour at Galette. He is taken a tour around the country. Godwin who just came back from an expedition didn’t see Leo’s engagement festival so he doesn’t know the strong warrior who almost beat her. Imagine his surprise when he learns it is Lief. Lief and Nanami then have an exhibition battle. The power fight ends in a draw but there’s still something for all the viewers at the end: Their clothes rip apart. Why does it always have to end like that? Now everybody wants to spar with him. Then they visit Brioche’s home before go watching Millhiore in concert. There’s an after-party after that. Finally they’ll be heading over to Pastillage to hear old hero stories from Adele and Valery. I guess everybody is interested to listen so why not? Adele begins her story of her travels. Along with her and Valery, there was Isuka and a woman who summoned Adele to Flonyard. She was the last princess of Pastillage, Clarifie Eins Pastillage AKA Fie.

Episode 8
During the days when demons were running rampage and threatening towns, Fie wanted to change all that so she summoned a French girl (Adele) as her hero to aid her in her quest. Adele didn’t have a good impression when she first met Valery because she thought he was a peeping tom (he claims it was his bath time). So as the duo head out to fight demons, the first demons they had to fight were… Clothes melting blobs! Next… Clothes ripping rabbits! WTF. As they fight more powerful demons, they are saved by Isuka and Hina (Brioche’s real name). They explain they are travelling to collect curse swords that impale creatures in this world to turn them into demons. Fie wants them to meet Valery because he is an expert researcher in cursed swords and demons. Valery seems to have a different thinking. He claims the world cannot afford to fight each other as they are busy fighting demons. However, what happens when you rid of demons? Peace will reign and soon they will be fighting among themselves. So leaving things as it is would be a better choice? Fie and Adele still want to hunt demons but Isuka warns them in travelling together. Isuka and Hina were the only survivors of their villager which was attacked by a demon. They were drenched in its blood at the end and have become immortal. There are many things they do not understand about demons so it is too risky.

With Adele’s heartfelt speech which she wants to continue this mission, the quintet set off on a journey to everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE to slay boss level demons. In doing so, they get to bridge nations closer, power up their Hero and Spirit Stones and become world famous! Peace did reign and as expected war among themselves was inevitable. That is why a treaty was setup that lasted till today. Valery gained the notorious nickname of Demon King as he stopped showing himself in public and continued his research behind closed doors. He had to keep a close watch on live demon samples and although it started out as a prank, he unleashed demons to those who challenged him and those who became arrogant. Fie however never stopped hunting demons. She delegated running Pastillage to Adele whom she felt guilty of bringing her over without permission and had no way of sending her back. One day as Fie left to fight demons as usual, she came back messed up. She barely won a fight with a toxic dragon. She used too much spells that made her susceptible to demon miasma. She knew her time was near but couldn’t be happier of her accomplishments. Soon Fie passed on and Pastillage turned from a kingdom to principality. Valery and Adele decide to join her in slumber after watching their grandchildren grow up happily. Isuka and Hina continued their journey but went their separate ways after Hina found Yukikaze. The rest is history after Shinku and Couvre woke them up from their slumber and they couldn’t be happier to see their descendents living happily. I guess the story is so long that everywhere is closed!

Episode 9
It could have been another boring fine day had not Sharu pay a visit on her flame dragon. Seems she has sensed something wrong with Skysea, a place above Flonyard with its own ecosystem. There is a huge Skywhale supposedly related to the gods or something and believed to have existed even longer than Divinegons. Just like dragons having dragon priestess, there is also a sky priestess for Skywhale. Nobody has seen her before but Sharu claims she has as Pega is a celestial messenger born from the sky priestess’ abode. Pega told her something is amiss with Skywhale and since it is floating above their nations, Sharu is requesting permission to investigate. Of course she can but they want to tag along too. Can’t miss out on the fun? Because the princesses are busy with their jobs, those who will accompany Sharu are the heroes, Genoise, Gaul, Lief, Ricotta and Yukikaze. As they ride up above the clouds, it is like a whole new kingdom. They see the gigantic huge Skywhale but as they approach, it seems it is sucking them in. Eventually they cannot fight its force and got swallowed. The gang are split up but Gaul is neither among them. He is alone and surprised to see Moribito with a girl named Aria who only communicates telepathically. She saved him from drowning in the lake but has no memories prior to coming here. He wants to go find his friends and she is happy to come with him but doesn’t want him to go now because it is dangerous. The rest are fighting demons. Gaul can’t sit back and goes to help eradicate the demons. He meets up with Shinku’s group and with Gaul found, they delegate Nanami’s group to find the flame dragon while they find the sky priestess’ abode. They hear fighting coming from the abode. Don’t worry. The sky priestess has everything under control cleaning up the mess.

Episode 10
Farine the priestess is huge! She explains when Skywhale is ill, the toxins turn into dark beings and if they pour out, they will wreak havoc upon the lands below. Farine clones herself into mini versions to guide the gang and help search for them. Shinku’s group is brought to the village of the star people (cosplay mermaids?) and most of them are ill thanks to the disease. When Gaul and Lief reunite with them and bringing weakened Aria in, the star people recognize her. Aria is their diva and an important person for the Star Festival. Apparently she went missing 2 days ago. More explanation of how the Skywhale inhales toxins and tainted air and purifies it inside its body. The song of the star people helps in the purification. But with them being sick and unable to sing, things are looking bad. Till Becky asks a question if only a certain people can sing to cure the illness. Well, as long as that person has a good soothing voice. Instantly everybody knew who the right candidate. Ricotta has brought her player along and plays a sample of Millhiore’s singing. You can see the healing effect! So it is decided, Shinku and Becky will go down to get the real deal here. Sharu, Yukikaze and Ricotta will stay here to protect Aria while the rest head out to destroy the disease. While the girls talk with the star people, suddenly this creepy kid pops up and starts attacking them with his disease. Yukikaze and Sharu are not match for him and got owned a couple of times. Seems he wants Aria to remember about her promise. When the last defence is down, he proceeds to be by Aria’s side and wants her to sing only for him. She recognizes him as Verde.

Episode 11
There is an explanation about humanoid demons that exist long ago. Verde could be its apostle. So the gang goes to find Aria while slashing demons along the way. When Aria wakes up, it’s time for flashback. Verde seems to be a chibi familiar by Aria’s side. Her singing continues to heal Skywhale and all its inhabitants. Because Aria had always wished to go to the earth below, Verde becomes obsessed in making her wish come true. So in some crystal room, Verde makes a wish with his power and that is when it corrupts and starts turning Skywhale ill. Aria is shocked to learn of this because this is not what she wanted. Verde is about to bring her down when Skywhale’s inhalation causes them to be blown away and separated. Aria didn’t have her memories and that is when she saw Gaul falling into the river and saved him. Now Gaul has found Verde as they both engage in brutal mortal combat. This is a diversion for Genoise to steal Aria away. Aria thinks that Verde will listen to her if she talks to him but Genoise is under orders from their boss to bring her to safety. Gaul tells Verde that he can bring them down if he changes his attitude. However Verde doesn’t believe in him. He doesn’t trust anybody else. Because long ago their kind tried to banish him even he did nothing wrong. He is going to put everyone sleep and make the world a safer place for himself. Too bad Verde can’t finish Gaul off because here comes Shinku to his aid. This means the rest of the gang and their entire army are here. Farine wants the Star Festival to begin its preparations. She turns Pega into its true form. What the heck is that? This piggy is a dragon and a unicorn?! Once Verde losses, Millhiore starts singing. Instantly it heals and purifies everything! So amazing! Even more amazing is how the entire song is just her going “Lalala~”!!! Now, all you star people sing along too! Yeah, the world’s biggest “Lalala~” choir!

Episode 12
Guess what? Millhiore’s song is also healing Verde and making him hard to keep up this form. Seeing the enemy in such a pitiful state, the guys want to save him (giving excuse there are lots of questions they want to ask him) but Sharu is the only one against this and wants the demon purged. Because she’s the only one and the minority, she gives in. Yeah. Democracy. Using their Hero Stones to further heal him, Aria and Verde get a good lecture from Gaul and Noir before reconciling and being true to their feelings. A cursed sword is purged from him and shatters. It ends with Verde returning to his chibi form but crystallized. It will take many years for him to recover. Aria then joins Millhiore in singing for the ultimate healing. As token for their heroism, Farine gives them her familiar. Although its true form is a ferocious griffin, so as not to scare us, it takes the form of a little cute bird (Angry Birds?). It takes a liking for Gaul but like guys who don’t want responsibility, it settles to Vert as substitute since she has the biggest bust. I can’t believe even mythical beasts can be perverts. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Gaul wants everyone to say goodbye to Aria but Nanami tells him he needs to do it himself since she saved him. Also, I think they want to see some sort of romance cooking up between them. Long distance relationship? As the heroes make their descend, they get another present from Skywhale as it drops little light balls like snow throughout the land. Don’t worry, they’re harmless. They won’t melt you clothes. Guarantee. And of course, this means the time has come for our heroes to leave for their own world. Time flies when you’re having fun, eh? Miss you. Come back again. See you soon. Yeah. We get it. Thankfully they land back on Earth safely because if they ever crash landed like how they did when they came to Flonyard, I bet humans are not going to help them but whip out their phones and start snapping pictures and upload it on social media sites. Yeah…

Doggone It Daze!
Shucks… To be honest, I actually have read online comments from here and there over the internet before I started watching this show. Many claim that this season is the most boring ever and sad to say I couldn’t agree more to that! Yup, indeed this season has been a total bore since many of the episodes felt like happy fillers. I mean, it is good that the people in this anime don’t fight each other like in real wars where real deaths occur. Heck, so boring that the previous 2 seasons had 13 episodes each and this time around, they are just short one episode! And they didn’t even play their usual war games! Not even a slightest hint of it. I know this breaks the boring pattern but isn’t that what this show is all about? Not really. So it feels like Shinku, Nanami and Becky just came to Flonyard just to visit their pals and play around (other than in the war games), which I think that is supposedly their visit because they are the heroes, right?

Personally, I thought the first few episodes that start it off were the more interesting parts of this entire season but even the arc of fighting demons in the dragon’s forest isn’t as half as interesting as the ones in the previous seasons. Really. Because they were up against a formidable enemy that we know little off and it was interesting in that aspect to see if they can really pull it off, in which they could because they’re the heroes and they have the numbers. Yes, seriously. And then subsequent episodes became so filler-like because how in the world with stories like Leo’s fighting marriage engagement tournament and saving the Moribito’s princess do anything to advance in the plot of the story or characters? They finally end it with the visit to the sick Skywhale and trying to cure its illness. Even if they put a badass Verde that could fight on par with our heroes, personally I still it is one big bore considering I know how it all is going to end. That itself took the excitement out of my watching and in a way decreases my attention that I am paying. Yeah, I have to admit that my mind starts to wander each time I watch an episode of this season.

Also very much lacking this season is the character development. Because there are too many characters in the first place and even the supporting ones are likeable enough. Therefore it goes without saying that for an anime with only 1 cour, there is no justice done to them seeing that they try to give each of these characters some sort of decent screen time but ultimately fails. Like Eclair who was supposed to be the greatest tsundere character of the series is sorely lacking this season. Not just her. Even the princesses of the nations feel very much lacking in appearance. I can say the same for the heroes from our world. The most we get is an insight on Adele, Valery, Isuka and Brioche’s past. Yeah, adding new characters this season like Sharu, Lief and Fie hardly turned up the excitement. Fie is dead, Sharu missing in between the fillers and Lief seems to be turned into a regular background character who seems to always be by Gaul’s side. All in all, it is just disappointing.

Alas, if you are hoping for some sort of romance, forget it. It was already bewildering that Sharu sent mixed signals to Shinku at the end of their first adventure at the dragon’s forest. You’d think they’d follow up on that. Maybe it is just to troll us. Yeah. Maybe. Perhaps all Sharu wants is to be friends. No need to be shy-shy girl. Or is there something in your heart that indicates you want to be more than friends? Because during the Skywhale adventure Sharu doesn’t seem so conscious being near Shinku. I might just be thinking a little too much… Just when we forget that there would be any romance, they hint us with Gaul and Aria. Again, are they trolling us? And the last scene back on Earth, Nanami hinting about love too? She didn’t blush. That guy did. I know all the girls love Shinku (I hope doggie girls won’t see Shinku as their master and that kind of love) but it’ll be just sad to see the friendship and nations torn apart thanks to love. So I think in a way it is great they rule out the romance part. It just doesn’t fit here. Not at this moment.

Therefore it is sad that we don’t know any much more of the demons that haunt this world than the characters themselves. It would have been good to learn a bit more about the cursed swords or whatever is corrupting cute little animals of the world and turning them into destructive demons. Unfortunately, it feels like an excuse too that our casts don’t know any more and thus maybe give our heroes a reason to fight something. I mean, how else can you have them unleash their powers when they have nothing to fight against, right? Can’t be practising among each other always, right? So with demons popping up and terrorizing the land, let’s just ask questions later and keep slashing them first. Yeah. We really don’t know about anything. Well, keep on researching. Therefore I am assuming that every darn living thing in this fantasy world is actually good. Just that some evil sword corrupted and turned them evil. Seems to be the trend, no?

What is more amusing this season is the mid-intermission. This time we see random characters being put in the outfits of clothes another character. It is interesting to see how different they look just because they don another outfit. And then there is one on Valery which just screams funny and disgusting… Really. I don’t want to ever see that picture ever again! Including that picture of Shinku cross-dressing! Never again! And who could forget the little fanservice that each season offers. This season is no different although I feel it is very much toned down. I don’t know if creatures or whatever dangers in this world has a penchant for eating clothes and turning girls naked. Heck, shouldn’t animals/furries be naked in the first place? And why do most power fights end up getting their armour and clothes ripped? Somebody should be complaining about the armour’s quality! Because the way I see it, no bodily injuries. Just the clothes get torn apart ‘nicely’.

Just like in previous seasons, when you have the biggest names in both singing and voice acting, it would be a waste for them just to do just one. And so like we have come to expect, Nana Mizuki sings the opening theme, No Limit and it sounds like your typical energetic lively piece that is on par with the previous seasons’ opening themes. Yui Horie on the other hand performs the ending theme, Stay With me and is a slower piece. The ending credits animation bugs me. I think it is supposed to be cute and fanservice altogether. Because we see the chibi form of Shinku, Gaul and Valery happily running and jumping with their mouths wide open all over the contours of the female characters in this series! It makes you go WTF?! It looks like they’re having a great time. But when they reach to the final girl, a sleeping Millhiore, they stop dead in their tracks and just watch her. Huh? Let sleeping dogs lie?

A sadly disappointing and boring season if I am going to sum up this series. Too bad it fell into that unfortunate trap whereby a series starts off great but declines with its sequels. Too many lovable characters but too little screen time is partially what killed it too. If you love furries so much, your stance might soften a little but I doubt it would change anything. I am not sure if a fourth season is in the midst of being planned but even if they are, I would still want to catch it because I am hoping it will save the entire series. But I am greatly lowering my expectations when it comes. Well, at least I know that although I didn’t have much fun watching the series, our heroes did have a fun and swell time at Flonyard. So all is not lost. At least technically ‘some people’ did enjoy something out of this series. In that case I won’t want to b*tch any further and let sleeping dogs lie. Cats, squirrels and rabbits too.

Shinmai Maou No Testament

September 6, 2015

One day, you suddenly find out that you will be getting a little sister. How would you feel? I don’t know, I never had one before or at least one that I could treat as one. This is the case for our protagonist in Shinmai Maou No Testament. As an only child, his dad suddenly introduces him not one but two lovely little sisters. And they aren’t your ordinary sisters so to speak. Because one of them is the future Demon Lord! Holy hell! If you think you can dominate all over your little sister just because of your newfound big brother status, then better think again. Well, this series isn’t about a perverted big brother who always needs to be shown his place when his perverted side gets the better of him as the demonic little sister rains demonic punishment down in this slapstick ecchi comedy. It is nothing of that sort. Instead, you have got a very responsible big brother who is determined to protect his little sisters from malicious forces who want a piece of that inherited power inside her. Because, you know, they’re family. Yawn… Boring… That’s why they throw in lots of ecchi fanservice to keep us entertained and occupied… Hey, isn’t this why we watch this show in the first place?

Episode 1
When your father suddenly asks you if you want little sisters, something is wrong. The case for Basara Toujou. It might be a long forgotten dream he wanted as a kid but he isn’t too keen on it. No, daddy is not going to f*ck mommy tonight if you’re wondering. Basara is shocked of this news and I suppose he got impatient in waiting for them so he goes to the toilet. You know it’s his fault by walking in without reading the sign to knock first. Because there is a cute chick changing her panties! She tries to scream but he holds her mouth and tries to calm her down. Calm her down?! I thought this looked like a rape scene! And when she finally does, she slaps him! So Basara, meet your new pair of sisters, Mio and Maria Naruse. Their mother is currently overseas for a while so they’re letting them stay. Actually both sides are moving to a new house. Basara didn’t expect Mio to be on top of him when he wakes up. Is she trying to seduce him? Something feels hard down there… Oh, it’s a box of an erotic stepsister game! It’s not his! More confusion, more slipups. He lands on her. Rape scene? Well, another slap. More fanservice when Maria is cooking in a naked apron. Actually, she’s wearing clothes underneath. The apron is just too big and gives us that impression. She starts teasing him about getting horny and was the one who planted that game. Mio thinks he is trying to attack her now. What does daddy Jin have to say for all this? Please don’t commit too many crimes… While Basara and Mio are out for errands, several jerks try to hit on her. They act tough before Basara but he beats them up and throws pepper as distraction for their escape. Mio seems shaken up so he tries to be considerate to her. They’re family now. Though, Mio felt he was a little cool like a big brother then. Although she still won’t be forgiving for that toilet and bedroom folly.

And now Jin has to leave for Dubai as a freelance cameraman. Yeah. All alone with the sisters, huh? Whoever said it is the eldest son’s duty to protect them anyway? Right after Jin leaves, Basara thinks the sisters are scared of him because they shut the lights and remains silent. Seriously, he isn’t going to rape them. But nothing could be more surprise in store for him because Mio tells him to leave this house as they need it as their new base. Maria slams him to the wall with her magic as warning. She turns into her demon form and says there are many other types of clans like Gods and heroes. So Mio is a demon too, eh? Not just any demon. She is the FUTURE DEMON LORD! Seems they have altered his Jin’s memories and everything was a lie. They will alter his too. However it seems Maria’s magic doesn’t work and they get a shocking surprise when Basara moves faster than them and then materializes a badass gauntlet and sword to give a warning attack. Well what do you know? He is from the hero clan. Now he tells them to get out! Later Basara seems to be having trauma about the power he just used. He calls Jin to tell him what happened and he actually knew it all along. He pretended to be duped. Why? Mio is the daughter of Demon Lord Wilbert. He is a peace loving demon who stopped the conflicts with the hero clan. Those demons who love war target his throne. To shield his daughter from this, she was sent to the human world and raised by human surrogates. A year ago, Wilbert died and the demon who succeeded him is trying to extinguish Mio’s inherited power. Luckily she was saved by Wilbert’s faction but imagine yourself in her shoes and suddenly finding out you’re a Demon Lord’s daughter. Her powers aren’t fully awakened yet and since Jin was keeping a watch on that village for a year and decided to take her in. So this means Basara has to go find them now, eh? Better be quick because demon creatures are attacking them. Mio can only hold out for so long and good thing Basara was there to save her in this reckless leaping-off-bicycle move you should never ever try. His hero gear easily destroys the creatures. What changed his mind to come get them? Because they’re family.

Episode 2
Basara tells Maria of what he knows. Although the hero clan is watching them, it is not like Jin and Basara were working for them and are just ordinary humans. Really, what was that gear for? He then goes to apologize to Mio. I guess they are even because despite they tried to dupe him, he too hid his hero identity as a secret. Maria admires his strong power to negate her magic but he insists that it is just fluke. Mio is still reeling from watching her human parents burn and die so Maria gives her a new photo of their new family to move forward. She then knows a way to handle Basara. She creates a magic circle for a master-servant pact. This way, they will know where each other are. Can’t they use GPS instead? That malfunctioning technology? Unreliable! When the circle forms on the back of Basara’s hands, Mio is not amused because she has to kiss it and this will signify she is the servant. Because she waited too long, the circle is gone and she starts feeling horny! Maria explains about the loyalty enforcement in this pact. Each time a servant tries to defy the master, the curse will initiate. So why the horniness? Maria is a succubus and used it as ground work for this pact. The only way to solve this is to keep touching her till she submits. Be quick or Mio will ascend to heaven in more than one way! Can demons go to heaven? And so Basara starts caressing and this might all be Maria’s plan because we see her eager beaver face to watch this. By the time it is over, it is time for some payback because Mio drags her away for an explanation. Hope her skull won’t be crushed… Next day, Basara transfers to his new school. He remembers Maria telling him that as long as Mio acts accordingly and not try to be insubordinate (acts with intent to betray the master), the curse won’t activate. There must be mutual trust.

Right after he introduces himself in class, the class rep, Yuki Nonaka hugs him. What the?! Remember her, his childhood friend? Oh, now he does. Mio is not happy of this close proximity and separates them. Why is she jealous? What does this have to do with her? Oh, it does because now they’re living in the same house. Oh sh*t! So much about keeping that a secret. Thanks to that, new guy in school becomes public enemy number one among the guys. Maybe except for this guy, Yahiro Takigawa. Kind enough to buy him lunch (because Mio couldn’t care less about it), he tells him that Mio and Yuki are school idols and have their fan groups. Thankfully, both sides keep each other at bay. Basara notes more importantly with everyone watching them so intensely, no demons should infiltrate the school and harm Mio easily. So what’s the catch for Takigawa to hang out with him? Besides being a transfer student himself, it is interesting to hang out with a guy with the kind of luck of attracting princess idols or whatever other unseen power. Is he hinting something? On the way back, it is no surprise Mio is still in foul mood. Maria got the wrong idea that ‘a lot happened’ between them. Remember to use protection? That’s not it! It’s going to get worse when Yuki wants to talk to him. He has to. Because it won’t be nice turning down a childhood friend whom he has not seen for 5 years. So what is this hugging thing she reminds him that he used to do just to fondle her butt? Don’t remember, eh? Anyway she gets serious and tells him not to involve himself with Mio anymore.

Episode 3
Instantly Basara knows Yuki is from the hero clan sent to observe Mio. He decided to protect her because she is innocent and just a normal girl. If the hero clan won’t protect her, he will do it. Mio feels bad that she should have seen something like this coming when Yuki hugged him. Oh, what can she do to ever repay the favour? Maria has an idea… Yuki continues that at this rate, Basara won’t be enough to defeat all the low level demons that are starting to be drawn to her ever growing powers. If this gets to the point where she endangers others, she will become a target of elimination. She will show no mercy even if it makes him hate her. Well, she cut a demon as proof. Back home, I guess for Basara to make up with that tryst and Mio’s repayment, Maria has Mio scrub Basara’s back in the bath. If that is not enough, she has to use her boobs! More added fanservice when Maria brings in cake, drops it on him so she can lick him! And it’s like his inner horniness activates as he turns into a demon and is going to start raping them!!! But could it be just a dream? Oh well, he’s in bed with Maria (she snuck in) and somehow he got his hands on her butt. I guess this will do. She used her power to peek into his horny dream. At school, I guess Mio is worried enough of Basara to activate the curse. So Basara rather ditch organizing summer break assignments by his pals and teacher just to stay by Mio’s side at the infirmary. I think this is a better choice.

So Takigawa goes talks to him while he takes a breather when suddenly demons start attacking. Basara knocks him out to take care of them and then rush to Mio’s side. She’s gone. That’s because Yuki took her to the rooftop to talk. She tells her as long she is around Basara, he will suffer. So leave him. Not a chance. Not after he said he would protect her despite learning everything. Because they’re family. I suppose they have to resort to fighting now. Yuki doesn’t like how she talks as though she knows Basara well enough. She reveals he has lost most of his power. Five years ago in order to save her, he had to erase his comrades. This is the reason why Basara and Jin left the village. Until today, his past haunts him. Basara pops up to tell the girls to stop fighting till this demon dude in a mask (sounds familiar… I know that voice…) discloses to Mio how Basara and Maria had been fighting demons every night till dawn to keep her safe. As her inherited power grows, low level demons get attracted and it would begin harming humans, the hero clan will deem her as a threat and change the status from observation to elimination. When that happens, she can’t live here anymore even if it is with a former hero. That is why Yuki told her to leave. So why didn’t Basara say a word? Because she would blame herself. Well, it’s no different now. She’s in guilt-ridden mode. A demon is about to kill her from behind. Basara can’t summon his gear because that dude reminds him about the erasure. So he goes in bare handed to protect Mio with his body. Basara, NOOOOO!!! Ah well, at least he gets to die on her boobs.

Episode 4
Mio is being told everything is her fault and thus to make the right decisions. Basara is recuperating back home and he is literally fine thanks to his past hero training. There’s this flashback too whereby one of the heroes, Seito stole the sealed demon sword, Brynhildr and started killing everyone in the village. Before Yuki was about to be killed, Basara unleashed some super power. But now they have another problem. Mio is missing and Basara knows that idiot went to settle things herself. She meets up with the masked demon to attack him believing this fight should be only hers. However she is clearly not that strong and with his threats to hurt everyone, she agrees to follow him back to the demon realm. But before he can do that, it is Yuki to the rescue. Even if she could break his barrier by striking the same spot repetitively, she is still no match for him. And thus, it is Basara to the rescue. He plans to use this Banishing Shift move of his. It is some super move that nullifies everything. He used that move against Seito and there was this huge crater in the village. To stop something like this ever from happening again, Basara and Brynhildr were confined. With Basara tag team with Maria, he lands continuous combo strikes on the masked demon and defeat him. Before they can rejoice over their victory, a demon sneaks up on Basara and stabs him! OMG! Can you believe it was that same demon who killed him?!

Mio gets so upset that her ultimate power starts unleashing and blowing everything away. Despite Basara being okay, she cannot control this overwhelming power and wants him to kill her. However he won’t. Because she is his family and being his little sister is more important than the world. Heh. Some logic. This means she should just shut up and let big brother rescue her. Oh yeah, tasukete onii-chan, no? He uses Banishing Shift to return things to normal. Next day, Yuki visits his home to hand him some medicine. She wonders if that was the same Banishing Shift he did before. It isn’t since he was able to control it this time. Once Basara returns to school, he confronts Takigawa. He knows he is that masked demon (I knew it!). However Basara isn’t here to fight him and wants to make a deal. He knows it is Takigawa’s mission to awaken her power while monitoring her. But since he has failed, this means somebody more powerful will be sent to replace him. Basara has not recovered strong enough for that. So Takigawa could pretend nothing happened and continue monitoring Mio or Basara will make it known that he screwed up and he gets replaced. But they’re enemies, right? He is willing to trust him. Because something tells him when he was stabbed, his vital organs were purposely missed. Also, there were numerous chances he had to kill Maria during the hunt. Takigawa agrees to play along with his plan for now since he will be in a mess if this gets out. Basara wants to know who killed Mio’s human parents. It was Zolgia, the one monitoring Mio before him. He warns he is not as patient as he is and will make his move soon.

Episode 5
Time for some much needed fanservice. Basara wakes up to find naked Maria on top of him. It might be ungentlemanly of him to hit her but he claims she did worse! ARE YOU GAY???!!! And here’s a déjà vu scene whereby he walks into the toilet while Mio is clad in a towel. Trying to shut her up? And then they slip and he got her butt in his face! DAMN MIO CENSORS!!! Nothing like 500,000 volts of lightning to make it even, huh? Basara’s problem continues because suddenly Yuki is here to wash his back! She gets really jealous that he did it with Maria and Mio and yet he doesn’t want to do it with her! Seriously, what logic is this? But we guys don’t want to argue about it. She threatens to do bolder things if he doesn’t let her. And then there is Mio at the door trying to apologize but she finds a girl’s uniform outside. Guess what? Basara says it is his because he likes cross-dressing! WTF?! Can you lie better than that? So Mio opens the door and sees the unholy act. Want another round of zapping? But then her curse activates and eager beaver Maria wants to record this on camera but is locked away in the toilet. Later Basara treats Takigawa to some BBQ as repayment. He is told reinforcements will be sent to observe Mio because the higher ups think Mio’s power is awakening. It will be hard for him to cooperate now. He mentions about the pact Basara formed with Mio. It is not only a curse but can also make them stronger. When their faith and loyalty grows, it improves their combat potential. But since the greatest act of betrayal is being captured by the enemy, the curse will be activated at the fullest and will eventually die. Their busty teacher, Chisato Hasegawa comes to join them (I can see why men want to hit on her). Hasegawa walks with Basara and hints that she knows what she is going on. He seems confused so she tells him he should give more thought on what he truly wants to protect. Then she pecks his forehead and chants a protective charm from her village.

Takigawa meets up with Valga, the supposed reinforcement. He knows Valga isn’t just going to be content with just observing although he warns the hero clan has made their move. Then there is Zest, Zolgia’s right hand woman. She has orders from the top demon himself and Takigawa would gladly work with her. Basara talks to Maria about this curse she put on them was actually so that Wilbert’s power won’t fall into enemy hands. I guess she had to choose the risk of letting him protect her or let her fall into enemy hands. Of course she didn’t tell Mio because of that self guilt thing. So the best way he could learn to master this pact is to play an eroge! Proof of Basara not knowing a girl’s heart because he ends up with a bad ending. Maria guides the way and he is shocked to be led to some ecchi stuffs. So he needs to forcefully strip her shell away? This is how he should properly train his little step sister? Mio is not too amused to hear all this and takes Maria away for a ‘good lesson’. Well, Basara won’t be coming to save you this time. Meanwhile a group of heroes (Takashi Hayase, Kurumi Nonaka and Kyouichi Shiba) are on the move as they slash lowly demons in the vicinity and it seems they are on orders to kill Mio whose status has been switched from observation to termination. Basara gets into trouble with Mio and Yuki fan club boys. The teacher breaks them up before anything untoward could happen. It was Yuki who called the teacher. She has a favour to ask of him. Please go on a date with her next weekend.

Episode 6
My, what a lovely couple they are. But what is Mio doing here too? I suppose she got jealous and started tailing them, eh? But during the shopping, Yuki’s sister, Kurumi tells her play time is over. Yuki is missing ever since as the rest wait for her. Suddenly they are attacked by Valga. He is a tough guy and Basara-Maria combo doesn’t work. But he is frozen and then destroyed. Thank Takashi for that. Basara is not happy to learn the village has changed Mio’s status. But Kurumi cannot be more upset about a hero protecting the Demon Lord’s daughter. Shiba suggests a 3-on-3 fight in a week’s time since they don’t want to wreck the city. Shiba will only be refereeing and will inform the place and time. That night Basara calls Jin about the situation. He is in lots of dilemma especially about Yuki not wanting to fight Mio. If he fights too, he’ll make enemies out of all the heroes in the world. But Jin doesn’t have any obligations to those heroes anymore especially when the assigned him to keep an eye on Basara when they were exiled from the village. Basara trains with the girls as he reveals his former allies’ tricks like Takashi’s Byakko that could only attack from the west and Kurumi’s magic that would be limited to only wind spirits since Byakko is in force. If they keep their orientation and distance right, they’ll have a chance. Kurumi is giving Yuki a dressing down that she has taken a soft spot for the enemy (going shopping and all that?) because she used to work hard to become strong but now she is like living so carefree and forgetting about the mission. Takashi also has a grudge against Basara. Because his Banishing Shift erased everything, not even corpses of the dead were left behind, they couldn’t properly send off the deceased.

Maria gives Basara more fanservice in the name of growing the master-servant bond. She starts arousing him with the explanation succubus absorb such lust to turn it into their strength. HOLY SH*T! SHE STARTS LICKING HIS BODY! Then Mio sees this… But she doesn’t get mad. All part of Maria’s plan to make her take over? I guess some bonding is needed. This could have been a steamy tantalizing sexy scene if not for those DAMN LIGHT CENSORS!!!!!! Anyway, it ended well. Next day in school, Takigawa talks to Basara that since Valga was killed, he and his people might have to interfere in their battle. This means he will exterminate by force his enemies and this includes Yuki. So if he doesn’t want them to act, be sure to win. Yuki who has been missing for a week suddenly pops up before Basara to tell him to withdraw from the match. You know he can’t do that, right? Even if it means more than getting exiled and making enemies out of every hero in the world. Because Mio is his sister. That enough convincing for you? Then he gives her his spare key to his house! So, I take it that he is going to win the battle and give free access to Yuki to his house to be part of his harem. That must be it! And so where is the place they picked? On some overhead bridge over a busy road? WTF?! I thought they’d pick some forest or abandoned building or something.

Episode 7
The barrier is activated and they can fight all they want within the vicinity. I wonder if things get damaged here, will it affect the real world too? While Mio and Maria handle Takashi, Basara lures Kurumi away. Then he uses his Banishing Shift to seal her spirits. Not only he defeated her, he also saved her from the fall! And when she remembers their happy childhood times, suddenly her character changes into a blushing little girl? And now they have to deal with Yuki who seems not amused. What’s this? Kurumi now siding Basara? Yuki knocks him out with the hilt of her sword and then make him drink a sleeping potion to knock him out for half a day. Then Yuki goes to face off with Takashi (who is probably tired of playing cat and mouse with the duo). Yuki does not want to experience that tragedy ever again. That is why she became stronger. She will protect what Basara is trying to protect. Basara was also a victim of this. In fact he wasn’t the traitor. It was them who betrayed him by exiling him from the village. Maria tells Mio to go to Basara’s side. She tries to shake and wake him up. Basara must be regretting about his past in his dream. Then he sees Mio who tells him to protect her. I guess with her smothering her boobs in his face, it gives him enough power to break out from the sleeping spell. Now it is his turn to protect Yuki and fight Takashi. At first Basara is doing defensive moves before using his speed to counter attack. Byakko turns defensive and reverts into its original form, a white tiger. As it is a defensive weapon, it will do all it can to protect the wielder. Although it will do nothing if they don’t attack but half of the barrier is built by Byakko’s power. The plan is to draw out its attack and break through its wind barrier at the same time. Yuki will help him out with that and with her trust in him, they defeat Byakko. Takashi wants Basara to kill him but he won’t. Because they’re childhood friends. Just like the other childhood friends he killed? He starts badmouthing him about siding with Mio but she slaps him and tells him off he isn’t the only one having a hard time. Do you think Basara has forgotten all that? She wants to give him a few more punches but Maria holds her back. Basara says he will continue to bear his past and hatred for the rest of his life. Shiba announces it is over and that their mission is temporarily withdrawn. Because they had to clean up after Byakko went out of control, they will be morally tainted if they continue with Mio’s elimination. That would in turn affect their pact with gods and spirits. So suck it up Takashi. It’s over. All the heroes are to return home and this includes Yuki and Kurumi. Well, don’t want the situation to worsen, right? Have your harem another time.

Episode 8
It’s such a gloomy atmosphere with Yuki not around. But when Basara gets home, there she is making dinner for him! She explains the village decided to revert Mio’s status back to observation and Jin must have done something to negotiate for that. He is so happy that he hugs her! Now that he has led her on, she wants a kiss! And my, do Mio look unhappy about it. It gets even worse (or better) as Yuki declares she is now staying with him as this will be the best way for Mio’s observation. Something tells me it isn’t Mio that she wants. Maria then shows her those juicy footage of Mio and Basara’s bonding. Now this has led her on, she strips and wants Basara to fondle her too! I think Maria died a few times today… After learning about the master-servant pact, Maria suggests Yuki to make one with Basara too tomorrow. For combat abilities or for harem purpose? I know which want I am looking forward to. Yuki can’t wait for it, eh? So it becomes a challenge for Mio and Yuki in just about anything because horny Yuki is determined to beat her and let Basara fondle her a lot! When Basara sees Maria in their school grounds, he knows that sneaky succubus is up to no good and goes to stop her. She is here to check on Mio’s safety and wants him to accompany her to check spots that Mio would visit. Like the toilet cubicle. Or the rooftop (a couple is making out!). Then there is the locker room whereby cheeky Maria puts Mio’s panties over his head. But they have to hide as the girls are coming back. Of all times. Maria afraid to get spanked by Mio again but since they’re eventually going to be found out, might as well seduce the hell out of him now!!! This is what you really call a tight spot! So when Mio opens her locker to see this steamy scene, she just closes it back to give them a chance to come out more decently or else… A slap for Basara and several beatings for Maria. They’re lucky to escape with that. Because of that, her curse starts activating so it’s time for Basara to put in what he has learnt. Make her into submission! I don’t know about this shower scene and sticking the shower head into her swimsuit but it worked somehow. Damn censors… As it is time to go home, Basara notices Maria missing and goes to find her. To his surprise, he sees her meeting up with Takigawa. Something smells fishy. But later as Maria explains, she was lost and he gave directions (or is it?). Then she requests to hold hands and walk home. I guess she has got to pamper herself once in a while instead of always doing it for Mio. Oh wait, hasn’t she always? Meanwhile Zest shows footage to Zolgia about Basara’s power. Since Lars (Takigawa’s real name) is the only one to know of this power, Zolgia doesn’t feel the need to care about him and will move forward with his plans.

Episode 9
The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Yuki making a pact with Basara! Why is he complaining she is dressed so sexy?! If she wants to seduce you, let her seduce you lah! She even threatens to start stripping if he doesn’t look! Yuki wants to same kind of dominating treatment that Basara has on Mio. So when the curse is in effect, Basara has to make good of what he learnt to please her. Oh yeah. OH YEAH! Got it all recorded good on camera, Maria? It would have been sweet if not for that darn CENSOOOOOOOOOOOORS!!!!!!! Mio can’t believe this is how she looks like when she is in the same predicament. Yeah, believe it. So steamy the seduction that it even made Zest jealous just by watching. Next day during PE right after Basara sees Hasegawa (yet another usual of her enigmatic lines of not forgetting what he is supposed to protect), his classmate Sakaki suddenly comes in and wants him to do the same erotic things on Mio!!! WOAH! WAIT A SECOND! Suddenly another potential to his harem?! Yuki attacks her but she could evade her sword. She realizes Sakaki is being possessed. The same can be said for their fellow classmate, Aikawa. Yuki will deal with the duo while Basara goes after Mio since her curse is activated. Jealous, isn’t she? However she is caught by Mio and Zest. Before Basara could get her, they disappear. He becomes worried as he could no longer sense her whereabouts. Mio has this flashback how Zolgia popped into her life one day, violently slew her dad and burnt her mom. Terrifying. Then Maria appeared before her and revealed the truth and her true self as opposed to the cousin relationship Mio had always known. Mio is still mad at Zolgia for killing her parents. More shocking is that Mio is working under him. He is about to have fun with Mio when there is an important call from the current Demon Lord, Leohart. Seems some ruins have been discovered that dates back to the Diavola Era war between demons and gods. He wants Zolgia on the expedition team due this his magic expertise. Looks like fun time with Mio will have to wait. Basara calls out Takigawa and wants to know the entire truth. Takigawa knew Basara had seen him meeting with Maria and that itself should have made him suspicious. He reveals Zolgia never gave up on Mio and because Maria ran away with her the last minute, Zolgia went after Maria’s family and captured her mother. He can’t get rid of Maria too because she is holding some trump card. She was also the one who reversed the curse because Mio would have died had anyone beside her master steals her chastity. Takigawa won’t reveal more so Basara will fight him to the end just to save his sister. But I guess he lost. Because Takigawa goes to meet Zest and wants to make a deal. He will hand Basara over to her in exchange for Mio.

Episode 10
Takigawa threatens to tell Leohart that Zolgia kidnapped Mio. Zest has no choice… But to kill him! He didn’t see this one coming, didn’t he? Basara wakes up inside Zolgia’s castle and the first thing he gets is Maria’s seductive fanservice. So what is he complaining about? He knows of her captured mom and wants to help but all Maria can do now is follow Zolgia’s orders to subjugate his mind. She uses her trump card. Turning herself into a sexy busty curvaceous succubus? Basara might be under her spell but he eventually uses his will to break out. So he rather save her than taint her. I suppose so because it’s not right to taint somebody while she’s having tears in her eyes seducing you. She fights him but he just stood there and taking her punches after using Banishing Shift. This is part of the plan to nullify the magic from within so that Yuki can find the location of the castle. She frees Mio and they both fight Zest. Zest knows she can’t win so she tries to play a little psychology that Basara is now saving Maria, the one who betrayed Mio. By now if Mio falls for that, she’s a useless b*tch. Of course she realizes Basara has forgiven them both and promised they will be protected. She believes in him. Maria cannot believe Basara is still standing back up after all that pounding. But this guy has some smooth words too. He is saying about the times they spent together and how he doesn’t want to lose things and how he is going to save everyone. Wow. Really a hero. Yeah, it made Maria’s last punch so weak and right after he hugs her, she starts crying out so loud that the windows might shatter. So we skip the boring fight with Zest and just fast forward to see her defeated and tied up by the duo. As they’re about to leave, they are paralyzed by Zolgia’s magic. This pervert demon relishes having a new toy. Now he’s got a hero specimen, time to get horny with her too? But first he berates Zest for being a useless guard dog and chides her that he knows she envied those girls and wanted Basara as her master. For this betrayal, she shall die. And as expected, she can’t die yet because Basara interrupted with his Banishing Shift to nullify everything. But this old demon still has some magic up on his sleeve. He hypnotizes Basara to take a peek at what kind of power he possesses.

Episode 11
Well, what do you know? Takigawa looks like he is still alive. Basara manages to break free but whatever tricks he throws, Zolgia is always superior. Then he uses another mind control to have him dreaming about his harem girls seducing him! Woah! Such fun! Even Hasegawa is in! Even Kurumi! How can he not resist them all?! Unless he is gay… We interrupt this steamy fantasy with Maria barging in to fight Zolgia. He gives her 2 choices: Become his alongside the other girls or let her mother die while they escape. She declines them both. He expects this and shows the true footage of her mom already dead. NOOOO!!! YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD! Maria is such a sad succubus that she reverts into her loli form. But this awakens Mio’s innate powers. Zolgia is interested to take a look at it but as he touches her, his entire arm is destroyed! Holy sh*t! Now he looks freaking scared! Shivering in his own pants! Mio wants to kill him for revenge but Basara doesn’t want her to taint her hands or live with the rest of her life suffering by bearing his death. Then order her via the pact to stop seeking revenge. He won’t do that her and they’ll no longer be siblings if he does that. They’d never be family again. He promised his dad he would protect her. As he hugs her, this distraction gives Zolgia the chance to escape but outside he is met with Takigawa. Seems he is a puppeteer and Zest only killed one his dummies. This means, Maria’s mom, Shella also lives. Oh, I thought she is Maria’s twin sister! After Takigawa rescued Shella, he used another dummy to make Zolgia think he killed her. This is part of his deal with Basara. During that fight, he wanted to know what Takigawa wants and will see to it he will get it. No matter what! No, he will not sell him out to Leohart. Remember Mio’s human parents? They are actually demons. Kind hearted ones. They helped took in lots of orphan demons and Takigawa was one of them. He admired them a lot. His goal is to kill Zolgia by his own hands. With Zolgia’s magic undone, his castle turns into some dangerous beast. To fool Leohart and keep his location a secret, he hid it here but now the sleeping effect is wearing off, the beast is going to wake up and multiply infinitely and devour the entire world. I guess this is his ‘insurance’ that if he is going down, everyone will perish with him! Basara learns that this creature has vital organs but from what Zest explains you can’t destroy it with any magical or physical attacks. He is going to use Banishing Shift to the max. He knows it is dangerous but he did say he swore to protect his family even if it costs him his life. So why is he so against Mio and Yuki who want to go with him and play hero too? No time to argue. Let’s do this. Zest leads them to the core.

Episode 12
Running inside this creature feels like going through a little horror house with aliens just springing up to attack you. Even the ‘stairs’ can turn into aliens with sharp teeth! Yuki wants to play hero and keep these aliens at bay and all she needs to say is that believe-in-me magic word and voila! Basara will let her. Don’t look too long at those doll clones resembling Zest because they spring out and attack you! Then before the core, aliens attack whoever is on the offensive so Zest makes it sound like she’s going to sacrifice herself being the bait while Basara ends it. While Mio is against it (because she has a heart, blah, blah, blah), Basara surprisingly gives the green light. In no time, the beast’s core is destroyed and it’s like it is having a big stomach ache because its ‘vomit’ destroyed a mountain before it dies!!! Zest is still alive because Basara push her out of harm’s way at the very last second before he used Banishing Shift. Meanwhile Takigawa is slowly torturing Zolgia because he is waiting for someone to turn up. Zolgia thought he could use that someone to mind control and escape but that someone turns out to be Basara. He is here to watch his death. Say what? This is another part of the agreement. As Mio and Yuki will become aware of Takigawa’s real identity, he made a deal with Basara to vouch for him and in turn will see Zolgia die. Quite the sadist, is he? Zolgia tries to make a deal with Basara that he can provide more information about Mio if he is concerned about her safety but I guess he isn’t a cute busty female so it’s no deal. See that no remorse in Basara’s eyes? You’re screwed. Time to die. Oh yeah. His head just exploded…

Back home, Zest is given time to think what she wants to do but for the time being will consider Basara her master since her original master is dead. Basara goes to talk to Mio alone and he is worried if she was ‘tainted’. Fortunately, no. But the thought of this might happen to her riles him up so he pushes her down and starts raping her!!!! WTF????!!!! DID YOU SEE THIS COMING???!!!! IS HE TURNING INTO A REAL DEMON???!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!! It is too late when he realizes it because Mio (with that smirk on her face) tells her the only way she could forgive him is to kiss her! Don’t tell me she’s addicted to it? Because they’re taking too long, Yuki usurps her and gives Basara her steamy kiss!!! Oh yeah! Let the real cat fight begin!!! Sad Maria thought she had no part in this but Basara pulls her in and seeks her help in diffusing the tension between the ladies. They’re trying to bring her to their side. I understand Mio is arguing she is her sister but what does Yuki have to offer? Side her and she’ll help her do lewd things to Mio! What is her answer? She quickly gives Basara a long steamy kiss because he is her brother! That’s your answer! Oh boy, the cat fight is going to get real intense in a 3 way battle! We take some time off the steamy bits as we see the moderate demon faction picking up Zest and Shella. So they’re not staying to be part of Basara’s harem? What a shame. And of course life returns to normal for them. One big happy harem family with the occasional tussle for that guy. Okay, make that frequent tussle. Lastly, Leohart is puzzled of Zolgia’s disappearance and wants his status to be investigated because from Takigawa’s report, he seemed to be plotting something. But waiting for him in his throne room is no other than Jin who has taken out all his guards. This is payback for laying his hands on his kids. Those mean vengeful eyes… Who is the real demon here?

Episode 13 (OVA)
Maria sees Mio still sleeping and dreaming. This is her chance to see what she is dreaming as she whips out a special camera to peek into her mind. Hoping for something erotic? Because in Mio’s dream she sees Maria as Basara, the succubus did not waste time to take on that role and play out her horny desires with her. OMG! Yuri action! That includes fondling her boobs, sucking her boobs and then using a banana for… OMG! Is she really going to use it?! Till Basara beats her up for trying to do something horny in the morning. Maria is then relegated to cooking breakfast and has him test taste her new dish. But what is this hard stuff she put in? Tastes okay but he can really bite it that well. She claims it is his favourite food: Mio’s panties! OMG! That guy just swallowed a pair! OMFG! This guy is going to kill her right now! Yuki saw the entire thing. Now she takes off her panties and wants him to eat it! What? He ate Mio’s and hers is not good enough? Unhappy with this, Yuki takes off her bra and bares her boobs. Call it lucky or unlucky because whatever Yuki begs Basara to do to her won’t happen as Mio is pretty pissed in seeing them engaged in this unholy act. She fries Basara and the horny loli succubus.

Because Hasegawa didn’t get much decent screen time, the second half is dedicated to her. After all, it would be a waste not to ‘make use’ of those boobs, right? As Basara seeks treatment at the infirmary after a minor sporting accident, he sees Hasegawa in a swimsuit. She was trying it and thanks to her big boobs, the zip is stuck. Need help? He tries but it just wouldn’t unzip. Using any more force will rip it. So he puts some foam and then unzips it but he uses a bit too much force and it exposes her boobs. She then invites him to her home for food. Don’t worry, he won’t be eating her. I think. So as she washes the dishes, she wants him to hug her from the back. I know it’s getting sexy with her teasing him like that. Then he has her hug from the front. When he is bathing, he is shocked she is joining him. This is to be expected. This is what we are waiting for! She starts washing his back using his boobs and then has him give advice on how to improve on this! When she steals a kiss, I suppose that is the breaking point because Basara now turns into a monster, returning her with a hot steamy passionate kiss! Rape scene?! OMG! Since when did this turn into hentai!!!!!!!!! He starts fondling her boobs, sucking it, playing with her butt!!! OMFG!!!! Short of just showing a certain anatomy to fully call it hentai!!!!! I don’t know if it was all a dream because when Basara wakes up, he is lying on Hasegawa’s lap. He somewhat passed out. Was it because of the heat or Hasegawa’s lesson of letting him experience the pleasure of an older woman is too much to handle? It is not clear if this was just a dream or it really happened and passion was too hot that it made it all look like a dream. Basara grabs his clothes and then heads off. Basara… YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!!

I’ll Pleasure You 100 Times!
Hey wait a minute! Oh, come on! Don’t end it like this when the best parts are starting to get interesting! The parts that sees the girls fighting over Basara! NOOOO!!!! Can’t they just extend this bit a little longer! We want more of such scenes! Why does it always have to end when it gets interesting? So is that why the need of the announcement of the second season right at the end of the TV series? Oh well, you might have guessed that this is perhaps the reason why we watch this series in the first place… The fanservice and of course the cat fight in the harem. Not the story, not the plot, not the development and not the plot. Don’t you agree with me?

I am not sure if this series is trying to be a rip-off from a handful of other animes of the same genre. You know, high school with super powers and ecchi harem theme. I can see some overlapping similarities with this one and High School DxD and others such as Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance, Seiken Tsukai No World Break, Yuushibu and even Hagure Yuusha No Estetica (trivia: they are both created from the same author). All of which are adapted from their original light novel series. So I guess with more and more of such similar adaptations and our craving/lust for anime porn that needs to be satiated every season, that is why it feels so similar. But it feels more like High School DxD clone because the main characters and the demon setting feel too awfully familiar. Just add the little sister link and you call it a new show.

So let’s get down to the points of the series that we aren’t interested in the first place. Get them out of the way right. Like the plot and development. Yeah sure, high school girl has some demon powers that everybody wants. Only some guy with an equally devastating power stands in the way. Hardly anything exciting. Maybe they’ll expand it in the next season but for now this plot just feels introductory to the setting and doesn’t move anywhere or make any great impact.

Character development also feels weak. At least for this season is concerned. Besides the main characters, many of some of the lesser characters feel fleeting and although it feels they definitely hold something more important but yet to be revealed. Like Hasegawa, this busty chick isn’t just your typical ordinary school nurse from her enigmatic speech and all. We all know there is more to her but looks like this season she won’t be making any moves yet. Then there is Jin who isn’t just some sleazy dad who decides to screw up his son’s life by leaving him with a bevy of babes. Seeing him taking on the interim Demon Lord shows that he is more than meets the eye. Heck, despite from the hero clan (as we believe), he could actually be God! Then there is Takigawa who feels like strange bedfellows with Basara and although they might have a seemingly common goal, his true intentions are yet to be seen. After all, he is still a demon and you can’t truly trust one, right? What about those heroes like Takashi, Kurumi and Shiba? Something tells me it isn’t the end of them yet and there’ll be more encounters in the future.

The main characters aren’t anything new or exciting. Just feels typical. Like Basara, you can compare him with so many archetype main characters that are just like him. This guy wants to be a hero who gets all his cake and eat it. Sure, he puts his family first before the world. That’s good, right? Which girl doesn’t want to have this guy as her big brother-cum-boyfriend-cum-future-husband? We get it already. You love your family. Don’t have to tell us all the time. Maybe he has to since Mio keeps having stray thoughts about everything else so he has to from time to time remind her about being family, blah, blah, blah. And the world can go to hell for all he cares if he is ever forced to choose between what is most important. Ironically, isn’t his little step-sister the future Demon Lord of hell? So if you want to do any heroic stuffs on join him on the offensive, you need to say those magic words that include trust, believe or have faith in me and he’ll automatically let you face danger but don’t get yourself in too deep because that will make him come back and save your ass. Which isn’t a bad thing but it’ll be embarrassing that you’ve already assured that you can do it but not live up to it.

I don’t know if Mio is trying to start a new catchphrase or something because she loves to say “I’ll kill you a hundred times!”. No, we don’t find that cute but rather annoying. We only find her cute (and sexy) when she is moaning like an amateur porn star ;p. I wonder if she is trying to rival that tsundere from Mayoi Neko Overrun, Fumino Serizawa because her favourite catchphrase is “Go die twice!”. Maybe there is a difference in getting killed and killing yourself. Otherwise she is pretty much a useless character. Her powers are still under-developed and has the tendency to go into guilt-ridden mode while being a tsundere. This is the future Demon Lord? Hell is screwed. Yuki feels like one of those expressionless characters, the kind that do not show much emotion but when it comes to dealing with the things she wants most, her actions speak louder than what you would guess from her facial expression. Still waters run deep.

I guess the reason why Maria has been given the succubus class is so that we do not complain whenever this loli gets horny ideas. Because she loves seeing Mio in such uncomfortable fanservice positions and that she is always ready to whip out her camera to record every racy second like as though she want to create and edit a porn collection of Mio and upload it to PornHub. Heh. She doesn’t even have to do that. There are a lot of sick people who would pay to watch that! For the record, I am not one of those people. When Maria oversteps her boundary, she becomes Mio’s punching bag to let loose some steam and remind her of her place but I don’t think it’s working given Maria’s succubus background. Seduction and flirting always comes first. Like pleasure before pain, huh?

And therefore the romance parts although it feels like Basara leaning more to Mio, but if you consider the lewd stuffs that they are doing, wouldn’t it be constitute as incest? I know they’re not related by blood and even if they are step-siblings, doesn’t this sound like incest? Oh, who cares about the laws of the world? It doesn’t apply when your love for your sister/brother is too great! Nobody understands our love! There might be a handful of scenes to see Basara and Mio ‘bonding’ but I just don’t feel it. Sure, they grow closer after each danger but I just don’t feel the bonding is there. So for now we just have to contend with Mio, Yuki and Maria in the harem because I really thought with Zolgia dead, Zest would join the harem with her new master. Heck, maybe Shella too. She could fit under the legal loli or MILF trope, right? Oh heck, I almost forgot about Kurumi. When is she coming back? Something tells me not to discount Hasegawa too because during Basara’s hypnosis from Zolgia, in fact all the main girls were there in his fantasy harem. Well, at least it is a good thing to know he isn’t gay. Because it would just scream hints of yaoi if Takigawa was part of it. I mean, really. This guy would do anything for him just to safeguard his sisters? What is he? Part of his harem? Thank God, no.

And thus the only reason why this anime was ever adapted was because of the fanservice. Who needs anything else when you can have horny girls being submitted by their onii-chan? This is how producers make their loads of money without needing to think much of the story and characters. Just fill it with fanservice and watch all the gullible perverts fall for this trick over and over again. Always works. Like yours truly. I can tell because of experience ;). However the biggest ‘disappointment’ in this area are the DAMN CENSORS!!! It is like the TV version is just teasing us and that they are telling us if you want to really see what is behind those blinding lights or chibi character censors, you better buy the BDs to get your 2 cents worth of fapping material (just like how it is all free and clear in the OVA). And that, my friend, is how you milk even more money from otaku perverts. Or else with those censors, it is like telling us to use our ‘vivid’ imagination to fantasize what is going on behind those juicy scenes. Oh sure, if I really wanted to fantasize and imagine such scenes, I might as well read the book. Read the light novel. But that isn’t the reason why we watch the TV series so in a way having censored fanservice scenes feels like ‘cheating’ us and ‘depriving’ us of what we really want to see most. You know what? I’m not going to waste my money on those BDs just to prove that I have a vivid imagination. OH YES! I CAN SEE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

But not every fanservice scenes get those censors. Those considered to be ‘dangerous’ enough like Basara raping molesting trying to calm the curse down in Mio are definitely certain for such censors. Yeah, if it is a close up scene, I guess the censors will take up more than half the screen so you’ll be wondering if your TV monitor just burnt out from the blistering fanservice. I suppose such scenes are lewd and indecent enough to be borderline hentai and feels like any moment it could just cross over there. That is why they ‘leave it to your imagination’ for those censors in the TV series. Because girls only moan like that, yearn more of that and want to be raped like that… All that is only possible in porn, right? Therefore those small fanservice scenes like a scene of random girls changing in the locker room in their undies go uncensored simply because after all that we have seen and experienced, this is nothing compared to that.

The action bits just feel like a distraction to the fanservice moments. Because they cannot spam us with fanservice scenes for the entire duration of the episode, that is why they put in the sword and magic fights. The fight scenes are okay but nothing extravagant. Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention because I feel everyone has just 1 set of skills and there are no other variations. Especially with Basara’s Banishing Shift feels like the ultimate move cheat code because it just nullifies the hell out of everything in a single strike. How convenient. Sure, he has got it all under control now. But he makes it look so easy that he should just use this in every fight and every enemy he faces off. Oh wait, doesn’t he? And I thought he had some sort of trauma using it? I guess we forgot all about it in between because he has been using it like nobody’s business only for the final episode’s scene before Mio’s rape we see his hands shaking again just to remind us. There is a bit of gore and blood but sometimes they look more light red paint. Especially that scene where Zolgia’s head exploded… So unreal…

Basara sound familiar. Oh yeah. It’s Yuuichi Nakamura behind it at his usual angsty voice. Well, almost. Am I starting to see similarities in his anime characters? Like Kyousuke from OreImo, Yuuki from Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate and Tomoya from Clannad. Tomokazu Sugita was also recognizable despite not sounding so much like Gintama’s Gintoki. Feels a bit meek in this role but nevertheless still recognizable and thus the reason his character revelation wasn’t a surprise to me. I thought characters like Mio would be voiced by Ayana Taketatsu but it is Ayaka Asai instead (Hazuki Katou in Hibike! Euphonium). The rest of the casts are so-so. They include Kaori Fukuhara as Maria (Tsukasa in Lucky Star), Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Yuki (Yuzuru in Date A Live II), Keiji Fujiwara as Jin (Sven in Black Cat), Hiroto Kazuki as Zolgia, Go Inoue as Takashi (Kaisar in Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis), Daisuke Hirakawa as Shiba (Muneakira in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls), Iori Nomizu as Kurumi (Nymph in Sora No Otoshimono), Seiko Yoshida as Zest (Kyousuke in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) and Yuu Asakawa as Hasegawa (Leone in Akame Ga Kill).

The opening theme is Blade Of Hope by Sweet ARMS while the ending theme is Still Sis by Kaori Sadohara. Both sound like generic anime pop. Nothing that is appealing to me. Just rather okay. Amidst the action packed opening credits animation (and certain versions of the ending credits animation), also lots of naked fanservice. Including Basara himself. I guess if they don’t show the genitals, it is okay.

Overall, this show still has its potential if you are willing to give it a chance. I know, the fanservice. The redeeming factor that also partially killed it due to its horrendous censors. Try harder next time. I think I’ll form more conclusive opinions after watching the second season but that could be quite some time even by the time this blog is published. But for now if you want to satisfy your desire for little sister themed animes, there are many out there to choose from like OreImo, NakaImo and the atrocious ImoCho. But how many will have your little sister as a little devil and future Demon Lord? You know, that kind of feeling that you as an ordinary guy but your sister is a world famous top model. If you are really that desperate to get a little sister and hear those magical call words of “Onii-chan!”, I think the fastest and best way is to play a dating simulation of one. Maybe even better than watching this series.

Hey wait a minute. I knew there was going to be a sequel for Shingeki No Kyojin but did they jump the gun and make another spin-off of the series? I mean, who is this Bahamut guy? Attack on Bahamut? Is this the ultimate Titan that our heroes must face and kill? No, it is not you say? Phew. Thank goodness. I thought I was taken for a ride (maybe I was). Glad to say that Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis has no relation to that popular Titan series whatsoever. So I guess that is why officially the English title they translated it as Rage of Bahamut to avoid any confusion associating with Attack on Titan.

So in this series, we have the good news that there are no giant beings trying to eat humans. But there is a giant being laying dormant for a couple of thousands of years that could destroy all that ever exist if it is ever released from its seal. Better keep that seal on. And as you know as time passed, some unscrupulous parties want to revive it for their nefarious ends and it is up to our unlikely heroes who got dragged into this mess to save the world. Sounds like an unoriginal storyline? Well, watch this action packed magical fantasy and you’ll see…

Episode 1
2000 years ago at Abos, there seems to be some legendary power fight with a dragon named Bahamut. Do you think humans have a chance? Present day at Wytearp. Kaisar Lidfort is furiously chasing after Favaro Leone through the Spanish-like town. Kaisar accuses Favaro that he is now a wretched bounty hunter. But mischievous and cocky Favaro plays a prank on his horse so Kaisar has no choice but to go after it. Meanwhile, several men in the trade of kidnapping women are lamenting their fate from their boss, Sir Garth since they are coming home empty handed (thanks to Favaro and Kaisar’s chase interrupting and putting a damper on their kidnapping). Suddenly this beautiful naked lady, Amira falls down from the sky. She notes her compass is broken and cannot reach Helheim now. The bandits are going to attack her but when you see this chick power up… Your fate is sealed. But a couple of them managed to escape and return to Garth. Big boss wants the bounty hunter’s head. Don’t bother looking. Favaro is here to take Garth him as he is on the wanted list. Garth summons his beast but Favaro has a dirty trick up his sleeve that tames it. With that, bounty captured. Favaro returns to Bacchus and his talking duck, Hamsa to claim his reward but is stumped that he only got half the amount. And since it is Favaro’s policy to spend his earnings, he is going to party hard. Yeah, waste it all on food and women at the bar. And like his usual arrogant style, he fabricates and exaggerates (probably all big lies) about his adventures and one of them being his journey to Helheim.

Amira is outside and heard this but Kaisar bumps into her and offers her to take her wherever she wants. She declines as she says she already has found a guide. Of course with Kaisar here looking to pick a bone with Favaro, that cheeky guy turns the tables on him and paints him as a richer and charitable man. This means all the women are now flocking to his side while Favaro himself escapes. That bastard. Amira confronts Favaro and wants him to guide her to Helheim. Favaro wonders if he should make up a lie and play along or just run. Looking at how pretty she is, he tries to hint he isn’t doing this for free and wants a kiss. Sorry to interrupt your kissy moment but here is Ghos to avenge his brother. Ghos who? Garth’s twin brother. Ah, no wonder he only got half the reward. So that wanted poster wasn’t just duplicated print. Ghos summons a huge terrifying beast to attack. Because Amira needs him to guide her to Helheim, she will help him. She transforms into a demon and easily takes it out! I’m sure Favaro will be happy to collect the remaining half of the reward but he begins to think the sh*t he is in since Amira is a demon… Too late to back out? As he passes out, it seems in this dream-like state he is falling down into some hell place. He wakes up in a room and tended by one of those ladies at the bar. When he starts stripping, she screams in fear that he is a demon. Wait. Favaro is a demon? He can’t even believe it himself till he looks in the mirror. He has a demon’s tail!!! Not good. You’re screwed.

Episode 2
When Heaven seems to be in a state of panic when they find out God’s Key have been stolen, they order the human, Jeanne D’Arc of the Orleans Knights to do the job. They have to get it done because if those 2 keys are brought together, it will rise again. So we see Jeanne and her knights being bestowed the power of Gods to repel the demons. But is Bahamut going to resurrect again? Back in present time, Favaro thinks he is dreaming. No he’s not. He can’t pull off the tail. It seems Amira has casted a contract spell on him (when he wanted to kiss her). Even worse, Kaisar is coming in to look for him. They flee through the window. Kaisar thinks he is into kidnapping women now. Favaro needs to break this curse and thinks the best way is to kill her. He could do it right now but needs to wait for a better chance. Thus he plays along with her and that he will personally take her to Helheim. The Orleans Knights enter town seeking a demon in human guise. Kaisar says he knows but because it is his mission to catch it, he will not reveal more but is more than glad to catch it for them. Because they see his bounty hunter band, they mock him and do not believe he comes from a lineage of noble knights. Of course, short flashbacks of how the people turned their backs against his family of proud knights. Lavalley the leader hints to him the desire for something can make one strong. This gives Kaisar the motivation to catch Favaro and re-establish their house. Favaro needs some funds so he goes bounty hunting. Amira easily defeats this monster. So are you having second thoughts about killing this chick? It isn’t going to be easy… Favaro goes to Bacchus to collect his reward. Amira… Wants to eat the duck!!!

Since Amira can’t walk around in suspicious clothes, Favaro takes her to tailor to get her decent ones. Then he treats her to food and booze. Yeah, she loves it! He even teaches her to dance. Having fun? So later when she is out lying in the lake and thinking about how much fun that was, it is actually Favaro’s ploy to let her guard down and kill her. However something is wrong with his band and is not working. He diverts her attention talking about his mother so Amira too mentions her reason to go to Helheim to see her mother. She has vague memories of her but when she holds her pendant, she can faintly recall the gentle look on her face. Then here comes Kaisar looking for his revenge. Amira protects her and since he is fawning over her beauty, Favaro kicks him in the face. He needs some time out. Favaro notices the knights in town and decides to play Amira out. He tells them of her location for a reward. The knights chase after and corner her and it seems she is the one who stole God’s Key. Favaro is going to let the knights kill her but the horse he is riding doesn’t go the way he wants and heads towards Amira. It interrupts the knights’ enchanting spell and enough time for them to escape. I guess Favaro can’t escape now. They are cornered at the bridge. Favaro pretends to take Amira hostage. Thinking of taking a swim? Yeah. Long way down… They are safe from danger as Favaro couldn’t believe why he had to side and save her. Had he not done so, the curse of the tail might have been broken. Amira wonders if he is a liar. The liar lies that he is telling the truth and to look in his eyes. He puts up a funny face and earns a slap. Soon, wanted posters of Favaro and Amira are up. Kaisar vows to save her from him.

Episode 3
Heaven is trembling as this is a sign of Bahamut’s revival. Jeanne must make haste her retrieval. But it seems she senses something odd. Weird things begin to appear after she stuck her sword in the ground. It could mean that the balance between Gods and demons have begun to crumble as the holy key is taken from the holy land. Meanwhile Kaisar is so obsessed in chasing Favaro that he ends up in some deserted land but a girl, Rita picks him up. Meanwhile Favaro goes on another bounty hunting for funds and this time he kills some dragon to get some herbs because he knows the next bounty hunter uses some kind of deadly restorative arts. And no Amira, you can’t eat or drink it. It occurred to Favaro that Amira has a wing. So why didn’t she use it to fly instead of making him go through all that trouble? She can’t fly since she lost the other wing. After she infiltrated and stole God’s Key, she was attacked and repelled. Although she survived, she lost a wing in the process. God’s Key is not a physical object and is now inside her. She has absorbed it into her soul. This means she is the God’s Key. Kaisar wakes up in the hospitality of Rita’s family. They serve him food and mention about terrible monsters attacking their town, ravaging their crops and kidnapping children. Rita is the only one left. To repay their kindness, Kaisar will help them slay the monsters. Rita is not amused with everything and leaves rudely. Kaisar goes to talk to her and although he doesn’t understand what she is murmuring about being older than him and sick of playing house. He continues talking that he was once like her, finding his own family annoying. His father was strict as he came from a lineage of knights. One day his father was selected to guard a king’s tribute. They were ambushed by bandits and the tribute stolen. His father as the leader was held responsible and was hanged. The family was stripped of their title status and banished. Half a year later, his mother cannot take it anymore and drowned herself. It is only then he realized he loved his family. So don’t be like him. Yeah, Rita wasn’t paying attention. It was boring. Besides, he is having stomach ache now?

Kaisar and the townspeople get ready to slay the incoming monsters. But do the monsters sound familiar? Once Kaisar is overwhelmed and given the herb, the ‘monsters’ turn out to be Favaro and Amira. He points out he was hypnotized by the fog’s spell. As he looks around, the entire place is dilapidated and the townspeople are zombies! Rita is a necromancer and she was hoping Kaisar could have stayed oblivious… Remember the food he ate? Maggots… Damn… Feeling sick now? Rita orders her zombies to attack. They fight back as well as Kaisar since he is upset he has been had. He is about to attack Rita’s zombie parents but she won’t allow him. I don’t know why or how but they bit her! Favaro takes Rita’s Black Bible which is the bounty. Favaro explains this town was attacked by monsters 200 years ago and Rita the only survivor found a spell book to revive the town. She’s been playing this sick family game for 2 centuries now. No wonder she’s tired of it. But you know what they say when somebody is bitten by a zombie? Yeah. She’s going to turn into one soon. Not Favaro’s problem. But can Kaisar kill her? Decide quickly because she is going to bite him! Favaro collects his reward and dismisses the bounty on his head. Maybe it’s somebody who looks like him. Yeah right. Oh, Amira chasing after Hamsa. She really wants to eat it!!! In the aftermath, we see Rita following Kaisar. Time to go on an adventure, I guess.

Episode 4
Amira is starting to get suspicious if Favaro is lying. Because how come now he is trying to get a boat to sail to Helheim? Yeah well, Bacchus told him that was the way. At first nobody knows of any boat and when he finally finds one, he remembers this captain, Amon. An emotional reunion? If you consider punching each other as that. Turns out that Amon was part of Barrosa, Favaro’s dad band of noble thieves. Favaro felt that kind of job didn’t suit him and didn’t take over after his death. Meanwhile Kaisar and Rita have also found a boat to chase after Favaro. Kaisar reveals that Favaro is his childhood friend. Despite their different status, they were close. Close enough for Kaisar to tell him everything. But on that fateful day when Barrosa attacked his father’s convey, Kaisar felt betrayed that Favaro sold him out and hid his identity as a son of a thief. And on Amon’s side, he remembers that tribute stealing incident was their last job. However one of the jewels contained a powerful magic and they unsealed a horrific demon. Everyone was slaughtered and Amon is the only survivor thanks to Barrosa saving him. Amira doesn’t know what a father is so Favaro has a hard time explaining. Suddenly a monster crab attacks. Time for Amira to go into demon mode and take it out. Besides, she’s very hungry. Too bad the crab isn’t delicious. Yucks. Elsewhere, Kaisar realizes he has been tricked as the boat he is on is only but pirates. They’re going to take him out but Kaisar can stand his ground. The captain thought taking Rita hostage is a good idea. Not. She bites him.

Amon is shocked to see Favaro a demon (his tail). Suddenly mermen jump out from the sea and they capture Favaro. Amon has planned this from the start. He made a deal with that demon and was granted magic for making that happen. Thus Amon was the one who killed Barrosa. Now he gets to profit on his son since there is a bounty on his head. But his ship is rammed by another. Rita commands all the pirates she turned into zombies. The commotion allows Favaro and Amira to escape to higher ground. All the zombie pirates start biting the mermen. Infected. I don’t know, this scene looks like one freakish orgy… Amon fights Favaro but the latter shoots the wheel to make the ship suddenly yaw. Amon falls off and into the claws of that monster crab. Chow time. Wait a minute. That puny fat guy was enough to satiate its appetite? Maybe he didn’t taste so good and returned to the sea to take a dump. HAHAHA!!! And now Kaisar wants a piece of Favaro. Before they can settle it, lightning strikes. Kaisar protects Amira although they both take a hit. A tentacle from the sky grabs them away.

Episode 5
In the Holy Land of Abos, angels are trying hard with their barriers to prevent Bahamut’s resurrection. Doesn’t look good… Rita tells Favaro that Amira was taken away by Gregor, who is also the flying castle for the fallen angel, Azazel. Weakened Amira is being tortured by Pazuzu for answers but her lips remained tightly sealed. Kaisar wants this to stop and insists this is all part of Favaro the demon’s plan. They start laughing so Azazel tells him Amira’s background. He is of course surprised to hear this. Because they can’t believe Amira could pull off such a great feat alone, they want to know who ordered her and the one pulling the strings. Kaisar still believes it is Favaro’s fault. They continue laughing but Kaisar is serious. He tells him about his best friend and betrayal that led to the downfall of his family. Immediately Azazel figures out who he is and of course Favaro. He tells Kaisar he will achieve nothing like his pitiful father. Meanwhile back on land, Favaro threatens Bacchus and wants to lend his carriage for that bogus tip. Bacchus dares him to show him how serious he is for the fare. Favaro strikes his dagger close to him and breaks his band, scaring the sh*t out of Bacchus. Without the band, Favaro is just an outlaw but he’ll cross the bridge when he gets there. They are on their way to the Sword of Valley. There lies a portal to the demon capital, Cocytus. This is where Azazel is going since Lucifer, the head of the fallen angels is there. This is as far Bacchus will take him. They won’t meet again.

Favaro and Rita invade Gregor. Azazel wants some entertainment and is willing to give Kaisar a chance to avenge his father. Favaro falls through a trapdoor and ends up in a torture room where Amira is. Before he can save her, here comes angry Kaisar trying to kill him. Again. But this time he is so mad and raging that he is close to doing that. But Rita punches him to tell him to stop it. When Gregor is partially through the portal, it closes, killing it. Seems Jeanne and the Orleans Knights were laying in wait for this ambush. Then they unleash all their firepower at Gregor in an attempt to retrieve Amira. Kaisar is not amused that Favaro seeks his help. Not after all that he has done. But Favaro promises they will settle it once they get out. He won’t run this time. His determined eyes make it believable. Pazuzu comes to get Amira but Favaro and Kaisar team up to land heavy cogs in his face and one ultimately one crushing him. Outside, Azazel is going to take Amira but something in her awakens and repels him off. He now understands what is happening. Gregor is crashing so how will our heroes get off? Rita turns a dead dragon into a zombie and they’ve got their free flight. Kaisar sees Orleans Knights below and wonders if Favaro called them. Nah. The wind just happened to blow this way, that’s all.

Episode 6
Amira remembers that someone told her to fulfil her mission and her wish will come true. Therefore she really wants to get there now but looks like they can’t. Because Orleans Knights take them into custody. At Cocytus, Azazel is stopped by Martinet to see Lucifer because of his failure. In that case, he’ll just go take it back. Amira and co are taken before the king in the royal capital of Anatae. Angels led by Michael descend down to explain Amira is both an angel and demon and the reason why she could infiltrate so easily was because she can switch between both. Because God’s Key is within a demon, they cannot take her back to the Ark. They order the king to guard her with his life as she will remain here. As for the rest, they too are to remain in his protection. The sign of Bahamut’s revival is growing. Should the keys created by Zeus and Satan become one with Bahamut, a catastrophe will occur. Their execution will only put a strain on Amira’s emotional stress. They must prevent Bahamut’s revival at all costs. They are freed and Favaro is so grateful that he wants to hug the king! But Amira is throwing a tantrum as she wants to go to Helheim. She kicks up a fuss about Favaro’s promise. However he reneges on it since he only said so because she put a curse on him. As he shows his tail and Rita explaining he is actually human, Kaisar is dumbfounded. I guess he really believed he was a demon. Favaro tells her off if she wants to go to Helheim, do it yourself. Oh, and undo this tail curse. Amira is so heartbroken that she slaps the liar and resigns to her room like an obedient child. The bell sounds as it is warning demons are approaching. However Jeanne easily defeats them all since she has God’s Key.

The angels discuss about Bahamut’s containment for now and it is confirmed Amira’s emotional state is vital for it. Of course they can’t afford to let humans keep the key too and Michael who chose Jeanne as the vessel will have to pay a great price. Michael remembers when she slew Amira, she felt a powerful magic protecting her. It could be the one scheming to steal the key and lift Bahamut’s curse. Amira’s goal to reach Helheim where the other key is and they believe keeping her at Anatae will make the schemer make his move. They are going to use this opportunity to expose his identity. Amira heard a voice claiming to reveal her reason of being born in this world. She follows it. Rita who isn’t fond of parties, returns to her room only to see the guards guarding Amira’s room knocked out. Kaisar is in a dilemma to fight Favaro now. He might admit he is a nefarious villain but yet he saved him. Anyway they get their little fight going. With a fork and knife? Rita beats them up to inform them that Amira is gone. As they go look for her, Favaro stumbles upon a statue of Bahamut. Jeanne is there to explain about this powerful creature that will destroy the world once its power is awakened. The world was nearly destroyed and all hopes lost when Supreme God Zeus and Demon Lord Satan transformed themselves into keys to seal it. People often come here to pray but not to Bahamut but to the prophesised saviour that will bring peace to the land if Bahamut is ever revived. Jeanne is believed to be that saviour. Favaro thinks this doesn’t involve him as he got dragged into this by a demon girl. He is just a simple bounty hunter who only loves booze, women and freedom. But Jeanne doesn’t think so. She was an ordinary girl from a remote village when the Gods gave her their blessings and awakened to her mission. Everyone is born to play a role. Thus he was destined to meet Amira for a reason. I don’t think Favaro would buy that crap. Amira is stunned that this mysterious guy has the same pendant as her. He was asked to hold it by her mom. Could it be he is her father? Another bell sounds. Azazel is leading his demon army. Playtime is over.

Episode 6.5
Wait a minute! What the heck is this recap episode for?! I was hoping there were new scenes but nope. It just plays in chronological order the events so far mostly scenes relating to Amira. From her stealing God’s Key and then crashing into those kidnappers when she was cut down, meeting Favaro and his lie to bring her to Helheim, their journey to that foggy village where Rita summoned her zombies and eventually followed Kaisar, that port adventure with Amon (for over a minute there, no dialogue in this summarized scenes) to Amira’s capture, the rescue mission inside Gregor, their retrieval at Anatae and finally that mysterious guy with the same pendant. This time we get to see his face clearer. Isn’t that Lavalley?

Episode 7
The offensive on both sides go into full force. Amira is now a happy girl after meeting her supposed father and goes off to eat. And I thought girls only feast when they’re depressed… Yeah well, she wants to continue eating despite the danger all around and won’t budge no matter how much Favaro and Kaisar pull her away. Pazuzu faces off with Jeanne while Azazel makes his way into the castle and before Favaro and co. Azazel reveals to Kaisar that he is the one who killed his father and mocks his last moments whereby everyone jeered at him. However Favaro tells him off that he is the one who killed his father. He wants Kaisar to take Amira to Helheim on his behalf. This is a showdown between demons. Of course Favaro is no match for a full demon like home although he doesn’t give up. Jeanne is on the verge of defeat when she receives magic support from her mages to revive and stab Pazuzu with her spear of light. But Pazuzu isn’t fazed with his defeat because the true goal is God’s Key. Favaro too is about to meet his doom but Kaisar returns to help him out. Don’t worry. Amira is safe in Rita’s hands. She turned dead guards into zombies to fend off other demons. So why did he come back? He isn’t going to let somebody else kill his father’s killer. Azazel laughs at his pathetic reason to let him live. In that case, it makes him the killer of both their fathers and will play with them a little longer. However Favaro disagrees. His old man died because he screwed up. He couldn’t care less about revenge or whatever reasons to give Kaisar to live. He lives for himself. Therefore Azazel isn’t his sworn enemy or anything but a rotten demon. The guys cooperate fighting mad Azazel and Favaro is now used to using his demon tail to his advantage. Although Kaisar stabs Azazel, nothing happens. Seriously, can human weapons even hurt him? Guess not. Azazel is going to kill them now as Kaisar notices Jeanne preparing her attack from a distance. He then changes his mind and wants Favaro to take Amira to Helheim. Kaisar charges at Azazel but is pushed off the ledge. This was enough time for Jeanne to fire her light and burn Azazel to a crisp. The remaining demons flee. Kaisar didn’t die, though. Favaro caught his hand. How long can he last… Rita is done with her part but finds Amira missing. You can’t leave that girl out of your sight for a second, can’t you? Seems she is looking for her father when she stumbles upon that Bahamut statue. She suddenly remembers its destructive force.

Episode 8
The pendant activates and Amira sees vision of Bahamut. She screams and then faints. The king is grateful to Jeanne and wants to give her a piece of land as reward. However she declines. But there is one thing she wants. When Amira wakes up in the company of Favaro and co, she reveals she remembers she was asleep in a cocoon for a long time. She was awakened by someone who told her to fulfil her mission so she will get to see her mother in Helheim. They are summoned before the king. Amira spots Lavalley among the guards and points out he is her father but Favaro doesn’t want her to be so hasty to go to him. Rita wonders if this means Lavalley is a demon but Kaisar refutes he is an ordinary human and a proud knight as he has met him once in Wytearp before. As part of Jeanne’s request, the king knights Kaisar and Favaro to become part of Orleans Knights. You can’t imagine how happy the former is but the latter is just rolling he is and forced to play along. Michael then descends to praise a good job they are doing. With the seal lifted, they can expect more activity from the demons. She gives Jeanne the holy sword, Precieuse that can even slay God. Sorry Mr King, you don’t get any but only their blessings. Azazel is alive although heavily injured. He is confronted by Beelzebub who burns him. Azazel is mad that he plans to betray Lucifer. What for? He will know when Judgment Day comes. The king is jealous and sad he didn’t get a sword. So much so he is seeing visions of his dead mother (somebody drugged his drink). But mother tells him to watch out for a traitor who will take his life. That traitor is Jeanne. She will kill him and rule over his land. The king’s scream is so gay! Of course the king won’t allow this to happen. Michael receives reports that the war god has been eliminated. It cannot be Azazel or Lucifer’s doing and might be the mastermind. Gabriel suggests increasing the capital’s security to prevent Amira from being kidnapped. Beelzebub reports to Lucifer about Azazel’s failure and will personally take charge of operations from now on. They cannot afford any more blunders and he will retrieve God’s Key to revive Satan.

Amira is happy when Favaro allows her to go see Lavalley. He in turn is happy to see how much she has grown in 5 years. He thanks Favaro for saving her. It’s time to reveal the truth. As Amira is both a demon and angel, this means Lavalley who is completely human is not her real father. Her mother, Nicole is however an angel. She was forbidden to return to heaven so Lavalley and his men were tasked to protect her. It was tiring fending off wave after wave of demons but the sight of seeing mother and daughter gave them a reason to go on. But one day Beelzebub attacked them and kidnapped Amira. Nicole journeyed to the demon world to find her and gave him a pendant before she left. He searched for her but to no avail. The first time he saw Amira, he knew she was Nicole’s daughter. Rita deduces Amira’s growth was due to being kidnapped by demons. This explains her childish character. But what about Nicole? Is she in Helheim? Lavalley believes not even she could last in the land where demon power is strong. He puts both pendants together and it becomes a map and compass to reveal Nicole’s location: Prudisia, the Valley of Demons. Nicole is a special person with unusual powers, thus the reason the demons want her. It may be her who can free her of that key. Lavalley apologizes he can’t go with her since he is needed here. She will bring her back so he can thank her personally. Favaro starts crying not because he is being sentimental. He can’t believe he will put an end to this tail curse. In his happiness, he says how he wished he could meet her mom once. Rita wonders if he is going to tell Kaisar about this. Don’t bother. He is happy to have reached is goal and won’t hang out with them anymore. Time for Amira’s send off. A lone dragon seems to attack the capital. Actually it is Rita controlling the zombie. This distraction allows Amira to sneak out via secret waterway. Favaro is so happy as he is going to say goodbye to her and the tail. However she signals him to come along. Eh? Why? Didn’t he say he want to meet her mother once? Oh sh*t… And so Favaro’s misadventures continue… Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut. Meanwhile the king is horrified that his guard’s head rolls on the floor. It’s that gay scream again.

Episode 9
Lavalley orders his men to look for Amira but privately talks to Kaisar to give him a personal army to go look for her. He tells him one of his top guards is dead and it is not done by Amira. He hopes he can catch her before the rest do as he must remain here. As Lavalley examines the king’s room, the rest of the other guards’ throat is slit. Strand of hairs is found and the king believes it is Jeanne who has come to kill him. He arrests her and although she pleads her innocence, he will not hear her. Blaming this witch for everything, now that Amira is gone, the capital will no longer be under the protection of the angels. Favaro and Amira trek through the jungle. She’s a worried girl thinking if mommy would recognize her. Suddenly they are ambushed by Kaisar’s knights. Kaisar attacks Favaro and whispers to him to play along. Suddenly a bright light absorbs them. Michael cannot hold the seal on Bahamut anymore and calls for Gabriel’s reinforcements. Jeanne is in a cell while praying as a mysterious demon goes up to her to play mind games with her that everything about her being a holy knight was a lie. Jeanne holds strong to her faith and will not listen but the pressure keeps piling as he shows her a potion that will reveal the truth if she drinks it. Tempting. Anyhow, no angels will come to her rescue.

Favaro and co are in another dimension. There is a big barb stuck so if Kaisar and Amira can’t pull it out, what makes you think Favaro could? Oh sh*t… He did! A dragon revives and he is so grateful he pulled that barb that was a thorn on his side for the last 2000 years! Eh… Does this story sound familiar? Anyway that barb belonged to Bahamut. When it was sealed, it was so powerful that it blasted to another dimension and stuck onto him. But now Bahamut is closer to revival again. He warns Amira is the key that will unlock Bahamut’s seal if brought together. Destruction will reign as it has countless times before. As they speak, Gabriel is already amassing her force likewise Beelzebub with his. Amira is sad that because of her, the world will be destroyed. Too bad. That is her fate. What about her mother? So sorry too. The only way to prevent destruction is for her to stay here forever. Amira starts crying so pitifully that it breaks your heart :’(. Now it’s Favaro’s turn to have his say. Screw this fate thing! She’s come this far so don’t give up. They can change fate however they want. He slams the barb and rips a hole in the time-space rift. Holy sh*t. He just realized he dug his grave deeper. And the rest are so awed. Can’t argue with that, can you? The dragon says they are free to do what they want as he is only an observer. He lets Favaro keep the barb as it might be possible to tear through fate. The capital is abuzz as notice of Jeanne’s execution to be burnt by the stake is put up. The king considers all those who pity her as traitors! Rita sneaks into the underground of the castle but that mysterious demon shows up. Now that Amira is at Prudisia, relishing seeing her mom, Favaro looks worried big time. The dragon told him alone that as long as Amira is the vessel, that 2000 year old miracle will not happen. Zeus and Satan are in the key form and only by the blood of a human vessel can they be manifested. Amira has blood of both God and demon. If the key and Bahamut come together, they will be permanently joined and never to be separated again. He is telling Favaro this because he said he wanted to change fate. So does he have the balls to kill Amira? How is he going to change that?

Episode 10
Rita fights the mysterious demon while Jeanne is being burnt at the stake. The people believe her to be innocent and fight their way through. The king orders the guards to kill them. Jeanne is sad that the gods are not doing anything to protect them but the angels tell her the harsh truth. Jeanne is just a vessel to serve them. God does not truly love humans. In her anger, the mysterious demon gives her drink that potion and she instantly turns into a full demon and flies away. Since Bacchus is among the crowd, Rita has something to ask of him. Explaining about a spell that turns humans into demons, he only heard of rumours about a bounty hunter possessing such much. He is believed to be obsessed with death and left mountains of corpses in his wake. Bacchus’ carriage bumps into something. It is Azazel. They pick him up and want him to spill the beans but he’s mouth is tightly zipped. Favaro and co are making their way nicely when the landscape suddenly changes. That mysterious demon turns out to be Amira’s teacher, Martinet. He says they are in Helheim instead of Prudisia. Although the compass says so, he points out they have been on their way here from the very start. The guys are caged as Martinet introduces Beelzebub who will take Satan’s place in his absence. Because Amira wants to meet her mom and take the key out inside her, Martinet suggests to go ahead. Ask her. Her mom, a splitting image of her is crystallized. She looks like in shock. Amira is hesitant but Martinet assures she is the real deal. Suddenly memories flow back into Amira. She remembers Beelzebub splitting her mom into two and the other one was her. Yes, Amira is just an imitation vessel made from this angel. Beelzebub is her true birth parent in this case. The pendant was a device created with false memories. Martinet didn’t expect she would enjoy this much and there’s more if she wants. Amira crumbles in depression. But thinking things will be back to normal if she hugs her mother, she makes her way there and does so, only for her mom to slowly disintegrate before her eyes. The key in her is now unleashed. Rita continues to press Azazel for answers. She doesn’t care about the world but only those youngsters. Azazel also agrees and proposes a deal: Take him to Abos. Beelzebub throws his spear into Amira, turning her into a Transcendent Key. The only thing left is Bahamut. There is only one option left for Favaro. He yells out in his typical betrayal fashion that he wants to join them. These guys aren’t his friends to begin with. Martinet gives him drink a potion. Favaro suddenly attacks but Martinet is familiar with his trickery and beats him up to make him drink it.

Episode 11
As Azazel reveals about Beelzebub behind this and Martinet as his aide, Rita believes Martinet may not be a demon and could be that bounty hunter that could turn humans into demons. Because when she fought him, she could see through his magic tricks. Michael believes as long as they put up this barrier, the key cannot reach Bahamut. Well, they didn’t count on Jeanne coming in to slay some of the angels! Regret giving her that sword? Although Kaisar is pushed off the cliff, he is hanging by some string. His last ditch attempt to convince Favaro not to let his spirit stoop as low as the demons fall on deaf ears. He is picked up by Bacchus’ carriage. Jeanne attacking Michael enters the scene. Jeanne turns her attention to Bacchus who in turn fights her on a now bloated flying Hamsa. Rita gives a pill to Kaisar for him to make Favaro swallow. Then they bump into that fat duck and he falls off again. Luckily Azazel picks him up since he wants to settle a score with them. Rita is trying to let Jeanne swallow her last pill but that stupid duck got in the way. She lost all hope. At least she wants some roast duck for her final meal. However Michael got the pill and puts it in Jeanne’s mouth. She returns to normal and is saddened over what she has done. But Michael says this is the price to pay for losing their direction. She reminds Jeanne she is the maiden blessed by the gods and the one who will guide the people. Michael’s physical vessel may cease to be but her spirit will always be with her. Azazel takes on Beelzebub while Kaisar tries to stop Favaro from delivering the key. As they clash, Kaisar can tell over their numerous fights, Favaro has changed into a true demon. Without hesitation, he shoots his heart. He is surprised to see Lavalley here. He claims he followed Jeanne here. Unfortunately before Rita could warn Kaisar to stay away from him, Bahamut absorbs the key and again, Kaisar gets pushed off the cliff by Lavalley. How many times has this guy fallen off? Oh, get ready for Bahamut’s revival!

Episode 12
Beelzebub is introducing himself how he’ll be the new Almighty when Bahamut turns around and blasts him! Hah! Serves him right. And he didn’t think this would actually happen to him? Rita reveals to Kaisar that from Bacchus’ info, Lavalley is the one pulling the strings behind everything. He deceived, humans, gods, demons and everybody to revive Bahamut. This includes turning Jeanne into a demon and manipulating the pendant. His real name is Gilles de Rais, a bounty hunter who has taken many lives with his gruesome sorcery. Kaisar stabs him with his sword but he is still standing. Lavalley can shape shift his face too and was the one posing as Martinet all the while. Bahamut continues to burn and destroy everything while Beelzebub laments he couldn’t control it. Azazel kills him to shut him up. Meanwhile the king is scared and praying for his mother to save him. Well, mother’s portrait fell on him. This joker… Favaro gets back up so Kaisar goes to settle the score with him after reading his lip synching. Favaro cuts off Kaisar’s left hand and shows it to Lavalley as tribute. But it is a trap because when Kaisar recites the words, Lavalley is absorbed into his band. As revealed, Favaro returned to normal when Kaisar shot him in the heart. It contained Rita’s pill that he affixed it at the end of the crossbow. So they had to throw in a little act with Kaisar going to great lengths to lose his left hand or else Lavalley won’t take the bait. Of course with Lavalley captured, he will be fatly rewarded. More than he can spend in a day. Well, if the world is still there tomorrow. Now to take care of Bahamut. Favaro is going to kill Amira. Kaisar is not happy with this joke and believes there is another way as he promised to save her but Favaro is dead serious. This is the only way. Besides, he doesn’t want her to suffer anymore. They need to end this for her. They need a way to get up there so Bacchus turns Hamsa into a giant duck for their ride.

Hamsa can’t get close or else he’ll be a roasted duck. But with the gods and demons cooperating to restrict Bahamut’s movement, this is the little chance our heroes need to get close and land on Bahamut. Once Favaro sticks the barb into the core, his outline looks very close like that statue prophesised saviour to Jeanne. Amira pops out and probably she’s not too happy waiting for him to come. But he wants his tail taken off. Just kidding. He says he’ll rush to her side whenever she is in trouble but is sorry about her mom. But Amira is okay with it because she recognized her when they hugged. Favaro wants to take her to other cool places and show her lots of cool things. Seriously. He’s not lying. Look into his serious eyes. As predicted, it turns into that funny face but instead of a slap, Amira kisses him. She thanks him and returns back into the core. Sadly, I guess this is it. Bahamut then explodes and disappears. Six months down the road, Kaisar seems to have his left hand replaced with a mechanical one and good as new. He is now the captain of the Orleans Knights and Jeanne is also reinstated back. They are to coronate a new king. Then there are small talks and rumours about how when the world was about to end at the hands (mouth rather) of Bahamut, a legendary knight appeared and banished him to another world. Does this mean Bahamut is dead? Not quite. Because Bahamut can never die and will show up again someday. Says who? Says Favaro who is leading his free spirited life. And he’s got that goatee to show us how he has matured. He rides off with Kaisar who refuses to be in his debt.

Baha-Max! Baha-Very-Good!
OMG! OMFG! This series is damn freaking good!!!!!!!!!! This is no doubt amazing. This is definitely superb stuff! No wonder I read that there were many comments ‘complaining’ why this series isn’t getting its deserved hype. Well, you can blame it by being overshadowed by other animes but on its own right, this series actually rocks! It is very interesting and engaging and even more so if you love this kind of genre of fantasy, demons and angels. At first looks, you may scoff it off as something un-anime thanks to the setting and all. But once you get into the grove, it really starts to grow on you. And I can think another reason why this series rocks it is because it is an original anime series (although I heard it is based on a card game) so there is something refreshing there as you don’t have any references to look up although some things are just predictable. But that’s not a big issue that will take your enjoyment out of it. Also, the ending was a bit rushed (because I wanted to know what happened to Rita) but after such great epic and awesomeness, this little drawback doesn’t matter.

The characters are great and they fit well in driving and developing the plot. Favaro is a very unlikely hero of the series. Heck, he is no goody-goody hero in the first place. You can tell from his scheming face that he is a selfish bastard who only lives for today and does things that only benefits himself. Despite all that, he still has a heart beneath this exterior and there are many times that he has a chance to get away with it but of course, we call it karma as it goes right back to him so technically, he gets dragged deeper into the mess instead of escaping it. Even so, deep down there is some good in him because he might not show it but he cares for Amira. It might not be when they first met but as he travels with her more often, you can sense that they become attached. Because if he was still downright selfish (which he still is), he could have just leave Amira to her fate instead of trying to change it. Or maybe it was just spur of the moment for him to say that destiny changing crap before he realized the deep sh*t he got into. But hey, at least it proves that he isn’t all that bad, although he is mostly. Also, I keep wondering if Favaro is cured of his demon tail in the end. Maybe that kiss undo it. At least he should show us his butt to confirm it ;p.

Kaisar first started out as some annoying guy. I mean, this pretty boy seems to be running around yelling Favaro’s name in the name to reclaim his family honour gets to you after a while (heck, even in the final scene he is still yelling his name). You know that they share some sort of unfavourable history together, something that turned sour along the way but with his constant persistence of hunting him down just felt irritating. Then he might look silly because of his penchant to talk about his family’s past honour but when are in his shoes, what is else left to do? So from childhood friends to great enemies and now back to being best friends again. Well, that’s life for them. You can call it destiny or fate but I think to these guys, they are more likely to believe they chart their own fates and carve their own destinies.

I don’t know, ever since Rita joined the group, it feels like she is having fun in her own way. She might be the brains and calm rational voice of the group despite looking like a zombie. Thought to ponder: If Bahamut successfully destroys the world, will Rita still be alive because she is an undead. Technically, she cannot die. This means she is as immortal as Bahamut! But aren’t we lucky that she doesn’t crave for world destruction because she could easily turn everybody into her zombie slave and that itself is world destruction. She is probably the best character of the series because she’s cool and doesn’t do emotional outbursts like the rest. Oh wait. Do zombies have feelings?

It goes to show that heroes do not necessarily come in the form of a white knight in shining armour. A carefree bandit, a fallen knight and a zombie are what it takes to save the world from yet another destruction. Heck, angels and demons can’t do the job. God and Satan can only do so much as seals. So despite their flawed characters, you can’t help realize that you want to cheer and support them on when the going gets tough. You don’t know how they’ll get out of their sticky predicament, but you’ll know they just will. And you’ll have that satisfying and relieved look when they do.

It was bittersweet ending for Amira because we have grown accustomed to her with Favaro and Kaisar that even in the last moments, you hope that Favaro would come up and think of some unconventional way to save her. I mean, he did say he is going to change fate, right? So I thought he wasn’t going to listen to that old dragon’s words and find a way around it. Guess not. Guess that surprised us. But overall, Amira herself is imperfect. There are many sides to her. From her badass side transforming into a half angel and half demon to kick ass to a naive and childish side because all she really wants is to see her mother again. Then there is her funny side and I think her unlimited appetite is made as a running joke. I think we can blame Favaro for this one because it seems after he introduced her to booze and food, it’s like things she is unsure of, could it be eaten?

Bacchus and Hamsa’s role aren’t pretty clear but the way I see it, they somehow fit to be like comical side characters from Disney. Really. I mean, when you look at that talking duck, he exudes this kind of feeling that you would normally only see in a Disney movie that has a lively talking animal sidekick. Doesn’t Hamsa fit that role very well? Otherwise, I don’t see what this duck’s role in this anime except for the running joke that Amira wants to eat him. Even zombie girl like Rita too eventually. Must taste good, no? I mean, do you ever felt the urge to eat Nemo? The rest of the other characters are okay and help in the development of the plot like Jeanne and Lavalley (I knew there was more to this knight than he looks) but some you’ll be left wondering what their purpose is for like Azazel (was it just to kill Beelzebub and let him have revenge? Couldn’t they just let Bahamut do the job?) and that sexy demon, Cerberus who went out of the scene halfway through the series and only made a cameo in the final episode for a handful of seconds just to show us she is around.

This might be trivial but I kept thinking that the big bad boss of the series that is even named after doesn’t get to move around much and stays dormant and sealed in his place. Isn’t that the big irony? The only time he gets to move is when he is freed in the final episode and even so, he doesn’t really move from his spot and it’s like just cameo. Why should he? He can just blast and destroy everything with his fire breath from where he stands right up till the heavens and right down to the underworld. So if you’re picky, you’d be wondering while watching the entire series where the heck is Bahamut’s rage anyway? The past doesn’t count, by the way. And since Favaro has ‘hinted’ that Bahamut is eternal and would one day return, does this mean there is hope for a sequel! I sure hope so!

Action plays a very important part of this series and I can say that they are all perfectly executed well. At least they are satisfying enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Some have that comical effect and nature added into the mix while some are intensely serious. Either way, you won’t regret watching the action bits. With lots of magic, wits and luck (for our puny humans, that is), it is no wonder that this series is a great fun to watch. Even if you know that it is going to be predictable (oh come on. Anybody would have guessed that an unlikely hero is going to save the day), it is still fun and intense to watch. Every bit of it.

The art and drawing may seem a little different than you conventional anime. Because with the fantasy setting and the main pair of characters that are introduced to us in the first episode, one may quickly jump to conclusions that this series has got some American or western influence or something. Firstly, Favaro already looks like a clown with his orange afro. Other characters like the king, Lavalley and Bacchus have this ‘American’ feel thanks to their big stature. Oddly, some demons like Azazel and Lucifer have anime bishonen pretty boy looks. I don’t know if it is the trademark art of this series because the way they draw the lips of the characters. For female characters they look fine, but when drawn on males, they look like pretty boys. Because it looks like they’re wearing lipstick! I mean, take a look at Kaisar. He looks more like a pretty boy than anything. Like as though he is the pretty boy version of Space Dandy’s titular character. See the striking resemblance there? Then you see Lavalley with those kind of lips. You wonder if he is such an effeminate guy. Cerberus’ design is also cute and amusing because as we know it is supposed to be a 3 headed dog that guards the gate of hell but instead you have a cute sexy demon lady with even cuter furry doggy hand puppets. It’s like she loves playing hand puppetry and speaking on their behalf. But character designs aside, the backgrounds and sceneries are quite good and fit well especially with this fantasy setting. Oh, and Bahamut being animated via using CGI graphics and in 3D isn’t that bad either.

I think something must be wrong with my ears. I thought Miyuki Sawashiro was voicing the roles of Amira, Rita and Jeanne. I don’t know. They sound so close to me. But something was off. Till I later found out that she only voiced Rita. Amira is voiced by Risa Shimizu (Shiori in La Corda D’Oro Blue Sky) and Jeanne is played by Megumi Han (titular character in Mushibugyou). Then there is the familiar voice in Favaro who is no other than Hiroyuki Yoshino. I guess with his joker voice, it is no doubt that he plays joker characters and make them sound so convincing like Saruyama in To Love-Ru, Bossun in Sket Dance and Meow in Space Dandy. Eri Kitamura was also recognizable as Cerberus. Other casts include Go Inoue as Kaisar (Sky High in Tiger & Bunny), Masakazu Morita as Azazel (Barnaby Brooks AKA Bunny in Tiger & Bunny), Kenjiro Tsuda as Martinet (Mikoto in K), Ryuuzaburou Ootomo as Beelzebub (Crocodile in One Piece), Hiroshi Iwasaki as Bacchus (Clay in Hitsugi No Chaika: Avenging Battle), Showtaro Morikubo as Hamsa (Shikamaru in Naruto), Hiroaki Hirata as Lavalley (Sanji in One Piece), Shouta Aoi as Michael (Ai in Uta No Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000%) and Ayumi Fujimura as Gabriel (Eiko in Shinryaku! Ika Musume). In short, the voice acting is great and does justice to fit the characters.

Upon hearing the opening theme, you’ll be blasted away. Because Existence by Sim is truly a mother f*cking hard punk heavy metal acid rock music (and whatever you want to put in) that has the singer screaming from the top of his voice! Really screaming like hell! Yeah, you can’t even hear a damn thing of what he screams. I don’t know if it was meant to be that way. But this ‘noisy’ rock music that is sung entirely in English is definitely befitting of this series despite I am not particularly fond of this music genre. But having this as the opener really does get you into the mood. As for the ending theme, it is a very beautiful ballad sung by Risa Shimizu, Promised Land. (Again, I thought it was Miyuki Sawashiro behind that voice). Although a complete opposite from the opener, this song also fits the series as an ending theme well after all that action, drama, revelation, etc. Sometimes it is beautiful enough that it wants to make you sing along. Likewise the background music and soundtrack are great and definitely fit, if not boost the epic-ness of this series.

Overall, this is absolutely a great series. It might not be a masterpiece but it is definitely an epic fantasy adventure done right. Whether you are fans or not of this genre or kind of story, this is absolutely a must watch. You won’t be disappointed. This could easily be your top 3 anime of the year and probably top 10 of the decade. At the end of it all, you would be craving for more and even hoped that Bahamut would have destroyed the world and then restart it again in another alternate time so that we can have a sequel and another set of approach-cum-adventure to put it down. Therefore if I could go on such an awesome adventure myself, I wouldn’t mind seeing the world getting destroyed over and over again. It isn’t a bad thing to relive the awesomeness again and again, no?

Perhaps because of the lewdness and immorality that many find distasteful to even sub Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san OVA 4. Or maybe it was just forgotten along the way. Whatever the reason, I’m glad to have finally caught this latest OVA. Warning, though. Be prepared for some sick humour. Especially about a certain female anatomy that would usually send many straight guys crazy. You will never see it the same way as you did before. And if you really haven’t seen a real one before, I hope this won’t ‘scar’ you for the rest of your life. You’re saying that it is that bad? Well, why don’t you watch it and find out? Hehehehe…

Beware the vaginas…
Koutarou is forced to help Akutabe move to a new location for his agency due to the events at the end of the first season where the angels discovered his location. He thought he is being paid for his services. However this money is for him to buy fake grimoires to fool angels like the last time. He wants 100 of them by the end of the week. Yeah, how is it enough with only 5,000 Yen? Even the porn DVDs are a better bargain. Uh huh. 3 DVDs for that same price! Azazel becomes a smooth operator to convince him to buy it and back at the office as they’re eagerly start watching it, it is already as boring as f*ck because the guy is just talking instead of f*cking. And when the real deal of pulling down her panties is going to happen, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ANEMONE VAGINA???!!! Is this horror porn?! FREAKING TRAUMATIZED!!! Koutarou knows they’re screwed for. They’ve been trolled by this porn and Akutabe is going to kill them. Azazel of course blames only Koutarou that it was all his fault and escapes. To Koutarou’s horror, Akutabe might have been standing there watching them. Koutarou tries to say he found this porn but Gusion’s truth telling ways threaten to reveal the real deal. Koutarou thought he could order Gusion to eat Akutabe’s memories. Didn’t work. Failed big time. One bloody monkey on the window. Akutabe then reminds him. He did say he could do whatever he wants with the money. However if he doesn’t get his grimoires by the end of the week, you’re dead meat… Oh sh*t…

The next day as Sakuma accompanies Koutarou to his new school, he tries to ask her for help but she knows the sh*t he is in and like any other people, she doesn’t want to get involved and tells him to own up to his sh*t. They meet the principal who suspiciously looks like the one from his previous school. Clones? Twins? Whatever. She takes them tour around the school and there is this topless woman statue, Koutarou thought he could peek underneath the skirt but guess what he saw? ANEMONE VAGINA???!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???!!! Now the principal wants to show her vagina to him… Rose garden, she says? Don’t trust… The sculptor of the statue, Osamu Osanai turns out to be in the same class Koutarou is put in. He thought he was just some eager beaver student who loves to study but you don’t know how wrong you are. Because during PE class as the teacher talks about dicks and vaginas, Osanai keeps pestering to see the real deal and wants to call a real girl to show it to them! Is he that desperate? Oh yes he is because he goes into the girls’ class and requests the teacher to show it to him!!! Koutarou starts making his fake grimoires when he discovers a stack of notes in Osanai’s desk. You guessed it. His life is on the line. But as he tries to pay with the money at the store, the clerk notices it is counterfeit and calls the cop. Run!

Meanwhile, Osanai summons his raccoon familiar, Ose and wants him to continue using his copying ability. Seems Ose is sickened by the fact that Osanai always wants him to copy vaginas! Is he really that obsessed with it???!!! However as explained, Ose’s copying skills are only as good as the knowledge and memories of the contractor’s. Yup. This means…. ANEMONE VAGINA!!!!!!!! Has this kid never ever seen a real one?! Desperate, he puts a hidden camera in the toilet bowl of the girls’ toilet. Koutarou is spying on him. The previous night when he showed Sakuma the fake note, everyone discusses that Osanai might be a summoner and Ose could be the likely demon who is copying and making the counterfeit notes. But what fake money and anemone vaginas have to do in common is beyond their comprehension. Koutarou confronts Osanai but Azazel becomes a big bully harassing Ose to copy some porn. He is sent falling down to a bloody splatter by Osanai’s wind power. Koutarou has a request to have him copy 100 fake grimoires for him but he refuses. Why should he help others? He talks about Solomon’s Ring which is said to turn demons into weak/cute animal forms and make them obedient. Koutarou has no idea what he is talking about.

Koutarou won’t let this go yet and steals the hidden camera. When Osanai is about to watch some real vaginas from his home’s computer, suddenly the principal walks in and sits down… OMG!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAFFLESIA VAGINA!!!!!!!! MY EYES!!! ARGH MY EYES!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! INSTANT DEATH!!!!! SO HORRIBLE THAT THE COMPUTER MONITOR EXPLODED!!!!!! AAAAARRRRGGHHHHH!!!! It is obvious that Osanai never turned up in class for the next 3 days and when he does, he is like an old man zombie. The traumatic memories are still killing him right now!!! Koutarou has Gusion eat his memories to revert him to normal. Of course he wants the grimoire copies in exchange for that. Osanai won’t be fooled into doing it since he knows this was his doing. Gusion spits back his memories. Want to relive that horrible trauma again? And so Koutarou’s ass is safe as he managed to get 100 fake grimoires for Akutabe although that guy barely passes him for it (inside the grimoires are only written ‘penis’ – had enough of vaginas, eh?). Koutarou has one more last request to make: Be his friend. Both guys agree but in actual fact, they have the same ulterior motive to use the other. Ah yes, a start of a beautiful friendship… At least no vaginas…

Don’t Fall For The Wrong Hole!
As expected, this OVA lives up to the lewdness, nonsense and crazy perversion this series is infamous for. Fans and old time viewers will find this OVA ‘enjoyable’ with all that bizarre crap from bushy jungle armpit hair to the horrifying anemone vaginas. You’ll laugh and cringe all at the same time and even having your guts, brains and eyeballs explode in splattering fashion. This OVA has it all. Comedy, blood, fanservice, supernatural and horror all under one roof. I suppose this OVA gives Koutarou a pretty decent screen time as other regular characters like Sakuma, Akutabe and even Azazel have very limited screen time. Though, it is expected each time Azazel appears, it would be nothing good. Anything that comes out from his mouth is either porn or bullying. I remember seeing Osanai and Ose making their appearance in the first episode of the second season but nothing much more was explained about them nor do they appear anymore later on in that season. Therefore this fourth OVA is a nice bridge to see how Koutarou and Osanai come into contact and became ‘friends’. Not forgetting, this episode also serves as a ‘good lesson’ to always expect the unexpected. Don’t rush into something before fully being prepared for its consequences. Especially you vagina loves out there, don’t be too quick to pull down panties just to glimpse of that heavenly hole. Now that you know what is in store, be sure to make it safe first for viewing pleasure ;). Who’d know that vaginas can be this fearsome. I hope you don’t go looking for penis after this…

I’m wondering why it took so long to come out but I think there is no other better way than to remind us of an upcoming sequel by releasing an OVA weeks before it. Yes, people. And so you might have heard it a long time ago that with High School DxD getting a third season, we get High School DxD New OVA (which is also the 13th episode of the second season) as a big bonus to welcome the new season (which is in the midst of running by the time of this blog). Ah yes. Delicious fanservice. Delicious boobs. I know this is one of the few ecchi animes that has a good storyline despite the ecchi theme but I am sure they are the reason why we come back for more. That is why we get a third season… :).

I’m Enveloped In Boobs!
Right off the bat, Asia is being attacked by a perverted monster stealing her undies. And those are her favourite. Our usual heroes come to her rescue but the obligatory tentacle rape scene is a must for the girls. Before Issei could do anything (because that pervert is enjoy watching it all), Irina cuts them down and destroys the monster. As she explains, she is investigating the person controlling the monster. The church believes the Legendary Sage is behind this and wants him arrested. Rias is baffled that someone of such status is being pursued by the church. Isn’t this case is just like catching a panty thief? The gang head deep into a building where this Sage is believed to be. They see him collecting a range of lingerie and picks out those with the finest quality! They confront him and he isn’t worried. He even got the cheek to ask them to donate their lingerie for his experiment. Then he starts narrating his story how he was a man of God and served the Lord, blah, blah, blah. Then one day he accidentally touched the boobs of a nun and that is when his life started to change. He became distraught something so beautiful was forbidden but some angel who called himself the Ero God gave his blessings that it is alright for him to steal female lingerie. And so that is when he began his experimenting. Issei is touched with his story and understands. He reveals his great ability to rip girls’ clothes with just a mere touch. But Sage calls it pathetic. He demonstrates he can rip it apart without touching and even see through clothes with his x-ray vision. Issei is defeated and feels there is much to learn! Azazel drops in and won’t let them disrupt Sage’s experiment. Because this guy is the closest in creating the Philosopher’s Stone, he wants to observe until the end.

After aligning all the lingerie, he starts chanting and with the ‘boost aid’ of a porn magazine, he tries to merge with the lingerie. Yeah, no wonder the church wants him arrested. It is embarrassing to have a man of God doing this. However the process falls apart and Sage notes he needs more boost. How about the girls show him their panties? How about using his x-ray vision? He can’t as he is in intense concentration. Issei pleads for the girls to show him! Koneko shows Gasper’s and Sage becomes shocked seeing the trap. The process goes out of control and he turns into a giant bundle of lingerie. He’s got the power to rip their clothes and make their bras like magnet. This means the chicks are drawn to each other and start rubbing each other’s bodies. Sexy fanservice! Yuuto and Gasper could have done something had not lingerie cover their eyes. Issei is busy enjoying this scene. Irina tries to cut him down but got her clothes ripped. She is not wearing any underwear beneath because Sage previously stole hers. He notes her lingerie was the finest and was used as the base of his magic. Irina won’t forgive this humiliation (the reason whys she volunteered on this mission). Sage uses the bra as handcuffs so Rias tells Issei to do something instead of staring. I don’t he is giving much effort in thinking to solve this. Rias suggests showing male underwear as Sage doesn’t like it. Issei unzips himself but Sage won’t let him and has all the girls glomp him in their breasts. This is what heaven must feels like.

Sage soon gets jealous that Issei is the one getting his face drowned in so many boobs instead of him. Issei then stands back up to tell him if this is just what he wants? To become lingerie? Because what is more important lies beneath it. Yeah, he is waxing lyrical about boobs and all the goodness about it. Somebody arrest this nut too. Sage feels he has been wrong all the time. So now his eyes are opened? Azazel feels disappointed that this has got nothing to do with the Philosopher’s Stone and hints to Issei to end this. Before him are lingerie and the girls trapped in it are as good as wearing them. It’s time to use his special skill. With a single punch, he frees the ladies as well as Sage. He is arrested and has final words for Issei. He doesn’t want him to deviate from his chosen path and will someday conquer that path himself. Wanting Issei to inherit his legacy, he gives him his lingerie collection. Shouldn’t those be given back to their rightful owners? Rias lets him keep them temporarily as reward for working hard. She phrases it as a huge inconvenience returning them and needs a volunteer to handle them. Seriously?! Lingerie party!

Boobs All Around!
Fanservice doesn’t disappoint… Lingerie don’t disappoint… Boobs don’t disappoint… Tits don’t disappoint… Character development and storyline progression… Don’t care! As long as they got those holy trinity covered, everything is fine in this OVA! Haha! It is already indecent so might as well go all the way. That should sum it up for this OVA. So are you ready now for the third season now that this little OVA has whetted your appetite? I’m sure those who are looking forward to would. Fan of this series would welcome this OVA a lot, ecchi haters should stay clear from it and for beginners, it is much advised to start right at the top (from the first season to its OVA and specials). If you are going to be ‘corrupted’ by the show’s fanservice, might as well do it properly instead of being half-assed. Don’t worry, you can still go to heaven even if you harbour dirty thoughts ;p. Despite how this OVA is telling us that it is okay to do this to boobs and underwear, as long those fantasies are confined in your head, it is just fine. Because remember people, stealing lingerie is still a crime no matter what the excuse!

Oh God. Finally. I almost nearly forgot about this and even so, I thought they had given up on it. Because it took one damn year for the OVA of Yozakura Quartet ~Tsuki Ni Naku~ to come and go. And there are only 3 episodes! Three stinking episodes and you made me wait the entire year just to watch them all at one go? Even the retelling of the TV series, Hana No Uta is long gone and over. Okay, so that is my own problem and I don’t think this is the first time that I have waited an entire year for such a short OVA series to be completed. In fact, the Hoshi No Umi OVA also followed this pattern back in 2010-2011. But anyway let us not get distracted by that and since it is all here, might as well watch and enjoy what the OVAs have to offer. It better be worth the wait of a whole damn year. One damn year… And I’m not even a fan of the series… One year…

Episode 1
Ao won the lottery for a trip to the hotspring at Hakone. Hime really wants to join but hints she has lots of work to do. Everyone looks at Kyousuke… Alright, alright. It’s been a long time since she has a break but they’ll work extra hard when they get back. Yipee! As Shidou fetches Mina and Kana, he needs to stop by the station but the jam is terrible. Lila gives them a lift there. Police car tied to a broomstick and flying? She learns Shidou is in the only police department in town that deals with supernatural stuffs. Because such supernatural cases don’t happen often, the unit is quite small and the staffs have lots of free time slacking off. Like the baldy chief Takao Takemura who is literally sleeping on the job so Mina lands her flying kick in the face while Kana accidentally shoots her rubber band bullets. Yeah, old geezer Tokui is teaching her how to shoot right. Then there is Nadeshiko Matsudaira who doesn’t hesitate to hug Shidou and jump to conclusions he will be taking over the family business. Since her careless hug on Shidou almost crushed Mina in the middle, Mina teases her small boobs. Nadeshiko gets brazen to even open her top just to show they exist! Throwing a tantrum like child, she spills a pail of water over Mina so that she would turn into her teenager self and that she could start fondle revenge those boobs of hers. Don’t even ask. But looks like the unit will need to get down to business. There is a call reporting in that there is a fallen bear in the Saitama region. Lila drops off Mina and Kana and on their way meet Yuuhi and Mariabelle. Since Yuuhi is going to unleash his lolicon fetish, Mariabelle whacks him. Shidou and Nadeshiko are driving along the highway when something fast zips by in the opposite direction. Could that be a black wolf?

Akina and co are riding a cable car up the mountains. Only Hime is the scared one. It’s swerving left and right! Akina wonders the bag Yae told him to carry is heavy. And only now he has the decency to check inside despite being told he could see what is in it? Well, what do you know? It’s Yae inside (in chibi mode)! At the top of the mountain, I am not sure why Kyousuke is making Hime eat lots of eggs. But it only took one to turn Ao into a drunken state. They follow the guidebook to the inn and it seems Yae is very close friends with the dog spirit owner, Tomoe. And so hotspring soaking fanservice and a very hearty and delicious meal. Tomoe is fine revealing her dog ears since humans rarely visit here. They are the only guests tonight. Yae reveals she stows away in the winner’s bag every year to get here. To work out that meal, they play ping pong. Hime sounds like she is raring to go and an expert but her serves are just freaking weak. Kyousuke is noticeably gloomy ever since so Akina talks to him about his long face. He thinks this trip will be their last because next year Nanagou will bloom and it’ll be the end. It’s hard to enjoy when you are thinking like that. Akina’s answer? Things will somehow work out. This is the kind of answer that Kyousuke won’t take. Kotoha receives a call from Juri just to scream something. She does so and everyone is thrown off their feet. Then Kotoha, Ao and Akina challenge Kyousuke to a ping pong match but he beats them all. I didn’t know he is that good.

Kyousuke receives a challenge from Tomoe and they’ll put the stake of the world in this match. He doesn’t really want to do it but Tomoe shows her true strength after easily pushing away the ping pong tables and turn this into a kendo dojo. As they fight, Kyousuke finds he needs to get serious and use all his strength to pin her down. Tomoe finds it charming. And since it is a full moon tonight, she transforms into her voluptuous self. Charming, eh? Long ago, this place used to be a stopover for youkais as they travel far. They often get into fights and Tomoe is the one to quell them. It is Tomoe’s victory but Kyousuke took it seriously. He feels he is too weak to protect this town, let alone the world. Tomoe wants him to train himself and come back in a year to face her again. But the world will end by that time, no? Don’t think about the details. Just promise that he will come back here in a year’s time to defeat her. Just think that. Or if he isn’t in any fighting mood, coming back to see her is good enough. Because it gets lonely up here. Trying to hint something? Biting his ear and getting all flirty… Touka reveals Kyousuke was the one looking forward to this trip the most as the guidebook was made by him. And you thought Touka did it, eh? Kyousuke agrees to come back next year but with a condition that everyone here must come along too. And they must run in the Tokyo-Hakone relay race too? Meanwhile Shidou and Nadeshiko investigate the bloody forest site. The bear is cut up into pieces and eaten. Mina couldn’t understand why Kana couldn’t stop crying when the black wolf attacks them. It takes Kana.

Episode 2
Takemura sees Juri to give her some medical records. Lila calls her and thinks it’s time to come back from this voluntary patrol. As she wanted to take a shortcut through the alley, it is like there is some barrier interfering with her thoughts and telling her to change her mind not to. She sneakily enters her medicine box and pops up in a garbage bin inside the alley. She’s a magician too, remember? Then she sees this. Mariabelle and Mina down. Kana in the black wolf’s mouth. Time to hang up and go into action and teach this bad dog a lesson. Takemura calls Nadeshiko (since Shidou was on the phone trying to call Kana but couldn’t get through), he scolds him for taking too long on their patrol and should have been back by now. I guess they stopped somewhere for some eel meal. Lila is eventually flung and defeated by the black wolf. She is not surprised he can speak. Rokkaku says a single bear wasn’t enough to satisfy his appetite and is going to eat her (I thought it looked like raping her, tearing her clothes, licking her skin…). However the barrier wears out and it is a sign to get out. After all, he doesn’t want to spoil his main course: Kana. Next time they meet, he’ll surely eat her. So stay pretty till then. Lila’s best counter quote: She’s always pretty! By the time the police arrive, it is already too late. He’s gone. Takemura gives Shidou a good scolding that he is slacking off instead of protecting the twins. Since Hime and co are out of town, it is their duty to hold the fort. And no, he can’t call her. She’s on vacation. Shidou and Nadeshiko head out to town to go search. Trying to find a needle in a haystack? Mina and Mariabelle are at the station with minor injuries and recuperating but Mariabelle gets off and leaves. Lila is pissed that Takemura is not acting and just waiting. He reminds her the Commissioner is their boss and they follow his orders. He isn’t afraid to admit they are obedient dogs because loyalty is a form of strength. If they were to break it, they’ll shake the foundations of that strength. So no matter what, they’ll not take action until the boss says so. Yeah. So many police staff and none taking action except busy with their own paper work.

Explaining to us why Kana is targeted, based on famous fables, mermaids have been sought and eaten not because of rarity but because their blood and skin gives immortality. So if they don’t do anything, Kana will be eaten. Speaking of which, Rokkaku is going to have his tasty loli when Enjin comes in. Rokkaku chides him to make a better barrier that holds out. Enjin hints he shouldn’t eat her like that and should add some ‘seasoning’. Rokkaku puts some of his blood on her and her body transforms into her teenage version albeit only for a short while. It is hinted that since her power is weak, it is only right to strengthen her vampire half so this mermaid will also strengthen. So it is not just any blood and must be the one that matches the power stored in her flesh. And the blood that greatly matches it is the blood of a vampire. Looks like Rokkaku is going to have to go get Mina now. Lila continues her explanation about werewolves and tonight couldn’t be a worse night as the full moon is out. Shidou and Nadeshiko follow Rokkaku and confront him. Rokkaku could smell something familiar about Shidou. He is a werewolf too! He invites him to eat Kana together. This only makes him mad. Time to fight. Rokkaku thinks he needs some exercise to work up an appetite. Lila continues to be pissed with the police’s no-action despite they know werewolf weakness and have all the silver bullet equipment in the store (why abuse Takemura’s sunglasses?). Takemura explains that there are no rules for youkais to join the police force but many don’t want to. Because the police will always take the human’s side, they don’t want to end up taking down their own kind. Lila thinks it’ll be fine since Shidou and Rokkaku are both werewolves and should settle things themselves. Well, Shidou just lost and Rokkaku mocks him as weak for not eating real stuffs. Only the moonlight is powering him. Again, he invites to eat Kana but Shidou gets real mad and pulls off a really powerful punch almost hitting him. Rokkaku demonstrates his ability to use the shadows to pop out anywhere and take Nadeshiko hostage. Before he could do anything to her, he nearly got hit by a silver bullet from Tokui. This old guy mentions about Mina’s whereabouts and points the directions to the station. Good. He was getting bored of this. Why would Tokui sell out? He knows Shidou has no chance of winning and dying would be meaningless. The station has a better chance of winning.

Kana wakes up and is surprised to see Enjin next to her. Don’t be afraid. He won’t eat you. She can tell he is from the Hiizumi branch family since she pieced the details together over time. She doesn’t remember about her parents as they were part of the Blank Period. It was a time when Akina’s father tried to stop the merging of the dimensions by journeying to the other world en masse. Enjin gives false hopes that he might know them. He explains to her what it is like on the other side. Nothing but emptiness and hatred. He is the only one who has returned from the other side and has no choice but to listen to him and could even be lying. Obviously he is trying to merge the dimensions as revenge. But why involve the world when he is angry at the family’s head? He wants the Hiizumi family to bear the burden that all humanity will suffer for what they did. Besides, he’ll feel so much better to make them do it than himself. Kana starts crying not because she is scared. Not because she pities the Hiizumi family. She pities him for having such twisted thoughts. This is enough to get Enjin real mad as he beats her up to tell her to shut up and not talk like she knows everything, the hatred and resentment they have. OMG! Loli abuse! It is that exact reason that she doesn’t know is why she pities him. Enjin is bored of waiting and thought somebody interesting would have come to rescue her. But since they’re all cowards, they’re going to Rokkaku instead. That werewolf boy is outside the police station as they speak. Hey… Hime and co did not freaking appear once in this episode!!!

Episode 3
A short flashback about Shidou. He was once a lone wolf. Stealing food and wandering from town to town. Till he wandered into this one where a policeman picked him up under his wing. After observing him on several police jobs, he is encouraged to join the police force. His wife gave birth to twins (Kana and Mina) but the happiness didn’t last long. It is hinted that Shidou gave into his instincts and devoured the parents. He vowed to protect the twins from then on. Back in present time, Shidou has arrived back at the station. Rokkaku has already torn up the force. Do the ripped clothes of Lila tell you anything? Although Mina is hidden, Shidou fights Rokkaku again and loses. Not even Takemura could stop this rampaging hungry wolf. When Lila sees Juri crawling around (in her underwear?), she creates a smoke distraction. It backfires since Mina’s whereabouts are revealed. Rokkaku takes her and leave because everyone knows nobody is strong enough to stop him. Shidou feels frustrated and if you think Rokkaku’s beating was the end of it, Nadeshiko comes beating him up for being pathetic. Is this the man she fell in love with? Think of all the hard work he has put up with all these years and he should take responsibility for stealing her heart and never stop working hard. Shidou gets renewed confidence to go after him. But can he defeat Rokkaku alone? Nope. The entire police force is behind him. They have all the analysis and info at their fingertips as they discuss Rokkaku’s weakness. Thanks to the moon, he is able to detect movements within surrounding shadows and thus needs someone to take care of it. Lila volunteers to do that. Now if you’re wondering why everyone is now moving their ass unlike before, did they get an order from their Commissioner? Yes. Who? Nadeshiko! Holy cow! She is the high commander?! And now you see the effectiveness of the police force as they blaze out in chase of Rokkaku. Once everyone has left, Zakuro stumbles into the police station. Maybe she got lost again. She saw somebody…

Meanwhile Enjin takes Kana to the edge of the Sakurashin City to wait. If Rokkaku gets here and eats her, he wins. Otherwise he loses. That’s the plan. He explains Rokkaku was just a wolf before he got struck and became a werewolf. He has natural instincts that not only allow him to sense movement but danger as well. The police corner and chase Rokkaku all over town. It is time for another grudge match with Shidou. Although Shidou is still much weaker, he doesn’t give up so easily. Now it is Lila’s turn to put on her magic show. She materializes 2 moons and this somewhat thins Rokkaku’s power. What about a hundred moons?! Oh sh*t! Now it’s down to the strength of the brawl. Shidou may look like he has lost but it was a ploy to take back Mina from him. Then Mina turns out to be Juri in disguise. They swapped places at the station. Plus, this is where Juri called Kotoha to shout and summon aloud an RPG from her handphone. Although it isn’t made of silver, now everybody else fires their silver bullets but Rokkaku is still confident he can sense all the incoming bullets 100 metres wide. Only that? Because he is hit by a silver bullet from a long range snipe shot by Tokui. Game over. Not quite. He still has enough left to fight Takemura. But the punch to his face only hurt his hands since his shades are made out of silver. And finally, the last boss that he must face: Nadeshiko. Make that an angry Nadeshiko. With her silver sword, her slash was enough to send him flying and crashing into the police cars and cause a mini atomic-like explosion. Oh sh*t! But that wasn’t enough to kill this tough wolf. He has already escaped. Meanwhile Zakuro has brought the real Mina to Kana. Enjin notes that Rokkaku has lost and takes his leave. Rokkaku continues to run into more bad luck. Yuuhi is now pointing his gun at his face and will repay the favour of what he did to Mariabelle. He reminds him Mariabelle, every part of hers is his. He will never taste an inch. However Mariabelle doesn’t want him killed and so with her kindness, Yuuhi did something else. Game over for real. Shidou is reunited with the twins. They are impressed with him today. When Hime and co return from their trip, they see the twins riding a tame wolf. They are surprised it talks! Didn’t they just meet a dog god? Anyway as Nadeshiko explains, this is their new police mascot and undergoing training.

Meat! Glorious Meat!
If something struck me at the end of the series it is that our usual Yozakura Quartet aren’t the main stars of this little OVA! It is like the very minor characters of the Hana No Uta temporarily take over the leading roles and become its star. Especially Shidou and Lila. So you can say that this OVA series is basically for them. It’s like the rest take a back seat and let the supporting ones handle things for once. I guess it goes to show that it is not only our usual Yozakura Quartet of Hime, Akina, Ao and Kotoha with the extended force of the ogre siblings of Kyousuke and Touka that are responsible of taking care and protecting Sakurashin City. Because everyone who lives in this town and loves it have this duty to protect what they love if they are going to continue living in his unique town. And it doesn’t take superheroes with super powers to do it. As proven, as long as you combine your strengths against the menace, you’ll come up tops eventually. So as far as this OVA is concerned, this is a rather nice little side arc for our little supporting characters although it doesn’t impact much on the main overall storyline of the series. Although in a way if you think about it, isn’t it a little misleading to term this OVA series as Yozakura Quartet since our main heroes are away?

As said, Shidou is the main star of the triple episodes. As you can see that he might look and act like a wuss. He might not have all the necessary power to protect what he loves. But you can see that he never gives up till the end. He might have his ups and downs, his low points in life and the feeling of helplessness but with the support of his friends and force, he’ll be alright. Speaking of Nadeshiko, I thought she was going to be just a comic relief character playing a one-sided crush on Shidou. Turns out I was wrong. She is the most powerful woman in the police department and you certainly don’t want to mess with her when she’s mad (despite always putting up that ‘dumb’ smiley face). It really proves that you shouldn’t really judge a book by its cover. I think I learnt my lesson. For now. Then there is Lila who has turned into a heroine compared to her antagonist role in Hana No Uta. All I can say is that she shows a lot of angst (initially when the police refuse to do things themselves) and also a lot of sexy fanservice shots. Yeah. I think this is the biggest reason why she is around since we lack seeing Ao’s shima pantsu or Juri’s sexy appeal. Care for some sexy meat, anyone?

As for our lone antagonist of the series, Rokkaku is cocky and arrogant, a reason why it led to his downfall. Partly too is because of his lone wolf persona. Unlike the rest, he has no backup comrade although he relies greatly from his strength and other abilities drawn from the moon. Enjin isn’t necessarily one because like he said, an enemy of an enemy isn’t necessarily a friend. So Enjin and Rokkaku may be just strangers after all with a seemingly common goal for a little excitement. The only thing that bugs me about Rokkaku is when he kidnapped the fake Mina, shouldn’t his very keen sense of smell tell him that this is not the real Mina? Unless there is a spell that also replicates Mina’s scent or Rokkaku was too happy he got his meat and then too busy evading the cops to even notice. But even so, I think he should have got the hint because it couldn’t be this easy to get her after all the trouble they go through to stop him and hide Mina, right? Then it must be his cockiness and arrogance blinding his senses like I mentioned.

One of the saving grace I find in the OVA is the power battle in the final episode. Even though it seems exaggerated and the quality not as good (heck, the art quality has remained as less refine an ‘un-beautiful’ ever since the retelling) but the devastating power blows and all was enough to keep me glued to the screen for the duration of the fight. Because it is like everyone is giving and throwing everything they have like as though they are staking al they’ve got into this battle. Which makes it pretty awesome and impressive at the least. So even if the distracting and trolling plot of the entire first episode which is just to see off Hime and co go holidaying, the build up of the second episode about a werewolf wanting to eat certain meat to live forever, personally I figure the third episode that contains all the action is the one that nails it. If I am going to remember this OVA, it isn’t by the first 2 episodes but rather the third one.

I don’t know if they will do another TV series or make another OVA like this but I sure hope that they don’t continue this same formula of a year to get our 3 episodes. Because in this era where everything is so fast and instant, it might be the producer’s idea of wanting to retain that interest in the series. However wait too long and you’ll find many flocking elsewhere or even forgetting about it by the time it is released. Perhaps only true fans can wait forever till the next instalment comes out. For me, I’ll think about it when the time comes. Because I’m sure not going to hunt down mermaid flesh and drink vampire blood just to live forever to find out if this series will continue or not.

After the 3 episode OVA that came out in 2010 and 2011, I didn’t expect a TV series to be released. Maybe it is because I wasn’t such a huge fan of the series that I didn’t bother looking it up. But for old time’s sake, I decided to give Yozakura Quartet ~Hana No Uta~ a try. However this is not a continuation of the first season that went on air in 2008. In fact, it is an alternate retelling of the series. Although the big major points are still intact (humans and demons living together peacefully in a city that contains 7 huge pillars and somebody threatening to destroy that peaceful balance – yeah, I’m still familiar with that general storyline. I think), I am guessing that there are a few minor changes to the series that will stick true to the manga since the first season somewhat deviated from it. Thus this isn’t exactly a reboot of the series. But does this mean we have to go through the entire story again? Honestly, I do not remember much about the original series and did not go rewatch it (ultimate excuse: no time) so even if they do repeat certain stories or scenes, I wouldn’t really spot it. But as said, this is a retelling of the series, which means there is renewed hope to redo things from the start again so it is best for me to also have that same feelings while watching it.

Episode 1
A blonde girl, Lily is seen skipping through Sakurashin City. She is met with Kotoha and Touka who think she is lost and they accompany her throughout the festival. While playing the goldfish saving game, Hime the mayor and her ever complaining Kyousuke learn about this lost child. She also learns this place is a melting pot for humans and demons and some of them are in the latter category. But Hime is completely human. Meanwhile the villainous Enjin is going to rev things up. Akina is handling a centre for lost kids at his office. Lily is brought here so that Ao can use her mind reading and check who her parents are and how they look like. It may look like Ao’s drawing suck but are these cute little demons Lily’s parents? Before they can go on, a lightning strikes a goldfish to turn it into a huge monster. Touka panics trying to get everybody to safety. But everyone is calm since they know their heroes will do something about it. Kotoha saves the day and contains it in a huge poi. But it’s not over yet. Enjin continues his mischief and unleashes more lightning. This means more giant goldfish. Our heroes have their hands full in trying to contain the monster goldfish across town. The final one appears at Akina’s office. Hime and Akina engage it while Lily is puzzled that a normal human like Akina is emitting some sort of strange power. Finally Kotoha traps it in a giant tank. Lily’s parents finally arrive to pick her up. But after a distance, they return to their true form, a pair of cute little demons. She meets Enjin who asks her opinion about them. They were just decent. As for whatever planning they need, Lily doesn’t feel the need of any and transforms into her true form. A busty sexy witch named V Lila F.

Episode 2
Juri hands Akina the health certificates for the new citizens. Ao helps out with Rin’s ramen delivery. Shidare Morioka and Noriko Shiina drop by the office to get the certificates. Kyousuke doesn’t trust them because to protect humans, they handle info of demons. He asks a provocative question if it comes down to saving humans or demons, which would he choose. Shiina didn’t mince her words that she would pick humans. Kyousuke gets riled up when Shidare warns about him unable to control his power and go on a rampage like his sister. No war started because Akina hand the certificates to him and they leave. We go back a few moments earlier in the day when Hime stopped by a ramen shop after school. Kyousuke’s instincts made him rush to the scene just to reprimand Hime for eating too much. Then he too is forced to eat bowls after bowls of ramen. Since Hime needs some exercise after all that intake, she hopes Kotoha could spar with her. She is forced to agree or else Yae won’t stop her boobs fondling. A barrier is made near the office so Hime and Kotoha can fight to their heart’s content. Unknown to them, Lily is watching as she chants some lines that cause Kotoha to remember some traumatic memories. This causes her to materialize lots of weapons of mass destruction. They could have been done for if Yae didn’t slice up the barrier. And she didn’t even know she did it because she was half asleep. Yuuhi had to reprimand and take Yae away (reducing her into a harmless chibi form) because what she did could upset the balance of the world. Once they’re gone, Shidare and Shiina just left the office and greet Hime and the girls.

Episode 3
Touka’s leg is in a cast because she got injured after misusing her strong powers. She gets scolded by big brother but Yae had him drop the subject or she’ll reveal all his confessions were about his sister. Sister, sister, sister. Nothing but his little sister. Touka is made to go home instead of cleaning up the mess of she flusters about a meal cooked by Akina. On her way home, she sees twins, Mina and Kana Tatebayashi (they think she got dumped by Akina because of her sullen face). Shidou Mizuki, the cop who is always a second late picking up the adopted twins or losing them, sees them at the junction but then the brakes stop working and he is going to crash into them. Touka protects the twins and uses her strength to stop the car. In the process, her strength also crushes the twins! I know it’s not a laughing matter but I can’t help it that the way the twins coughed up blood due to the strong hug seemed bloody comical. Serious! Kyousuke hears Touka crying that she hates this power and quickly blames Akina that if he was only Dutybound, this wouldn’t have happened. Thankfully the twins are recuperating in hospital and are doing fine because they are vampires. Yeah, they would have been dead kids by now if they were human. Kyousuke and Akina aren’t on talking terms and the former keep harping on that Dutybound issue. We learn the meaning of Dutybound just like the twins. Apparently this world has 2 dimensions existing simultaneously. The human world and the demon world. Although in the same place, both sides cannot see each other. Demons who live in the human world lose control of their power and start aging. Technically it is better for them to be in the other world but because those who were sent there can never return, they don’t know what it’s like. For demons who want to go to that dimension, they need to be in tune with the same frequency just like in a radio.

Tuning demons is a Dutybound’s job. And because an exact location is needed in order to tune in, that is what the 7 pillars called Nanagou is for. It is featured in both worlds and the famous landmark in Sakurashin City. Thus this town is also famous for returning demons to the other world and this is the duty of the Hiizumi clan’s head. They have the power of Tuning. That responsibility has been passed down to Akina. Because demons really disappear after Tuning and never return, they akin their duty to murder. When Akina’s grandpa, Makiharu Tuned Hime’s grandma, Machi back to the other world, he was asked if he had the resolve to kill. When Kyousuke is carrying Touka home, Akina comes by to settle a score. Kyousuke still believes that the siblings and the rest of the demons could have lived peacefully in the other world if Akina had done his Dutybound. Akina takes Touka as hostage and wants to know where he heard he has not inherited this power. He wants Kyousuke to take of his shackles and punch him with all he has got or he will really send Touka to the other world as he wished. After provoking Kyousuke as a big siscon, he punches Akina that sends him flying. Akina claims it was nothing. Sure? He claims his power is nothing special and if this is all he’s got, he can handle it by himself. One day if he is unable to do anything about it, he’ll send him over instead. But now, he doesn’t want to part with any demons in this town. Akina punches back a Kyousuke. Kyousuke couldn’t believe he was reckless in his Tuning but what if something really happened? Touka hopes Akina would take responsibility and this causes Kyousuke to misinterpret Akina has gone this far in seducing her. Now he really turns into a demon… Now he’s even scarier. The rest who are watching don’t really get it about them beating each other up to make up but are glad they’re just back to normal. As for Enjin, he is satisfied to learn Akina has inherited Dutybound.

Episode 4
In a meeting with all the district mayors, one in particular, Kazuyoshi Morino isn’t happy with this farce because one didn’t turn up and Hime is doing her homework. Plus, he is faced with an election next month and his rival is a 9 year old girl! So can you see why this baldy is so pissed? Soon we see the usual gang splashing at the pool party which was originally supposed to be a hanami event to reward their hard work. Mina accidentally pours sake into everyone’s drink. Some passed out, some drunk and if you’re Hime, you’ll be depressed and eating like a glutton. At the end, Yuuhi tells Akina that there is one more spring to go before Nanagou blooms. He warns that there is somebody trying to hasten the bloom and in worst case scenario, the entire city can be sacrificed. Hime is practising with Kyousuke and hopes one day she can use the dragon spear, the symbol of the mayor. She remembers Machi’s words about the 3 things needed to be a mayor. Love from the town, people and dragon. For the last one, she must keep polishing herself to achieve that. An arrow message is shot into the room. Hime and Kyousuke head to Akina’s office to relay the news of this. But we get the idea of what it is when a loli named Kohime barges in and Kyousuke takes the biggest fall. This spunky energetic girl is running for mayor in the next town and is here to train under Hime who is her cousin. Hime brings her around town to meet the other people but a particular old man, Jinroku doesn’t like them. Probably he didn’t like kids who break his fine arts. Plus, he doesn’t acknowledge Hime as a mayor and is nothing compared to Machi. Only his wife, Okiku could stop him from shooting his mouth further

Morino is still worried about his rival so much so he has hired some shady people to take care of it. It will be done tonight. After another party at Hime’s place, she is still worried about what the old guy said but Akina and Ao’s words assure her. Akina makes an announcement that Nanagou will soon bloom. History time. In the past, the success rate of Tuning demons was extremely low and it ends in true death. The Hiizumi clan decided that there will be no more such deaths and needed to establish absolute coordinates. Two men volunteered, Oushuu who is the current head then and Enyou the head of a branch family. Enyou volunteered to be sent to the other world. A year later, 7 gigantic trees appeared. Because they were only half tuned, Nanagou exists in both dimensions. Although Tuning demons have become successful, Enyou never returned and the clan had no choice but to give up on him. Humans and demons gathered near Nanagou and created a town that we all know today as Sakurashin City. So when Nanagou blooms, it would mean both dimensions will merge and demons living on the other side will flood here. It will have effect on demons living here. Some might lose control or even die. Hime is not pleased that she is the only one who doesn’t know about this. And she’s the mayor. Why? Because she’s human. Not a demon. At least Kotoha is half-youkai. Hime feels Akina thinks she is a failure who just inherited this post. Although he did want to tell her, he thought it could be best settled with just those from the office.

Episode 5
Somebody is at the door. Not just anybody. A huge hostile alien dinosaur! Kyousuke gives Hime the permission to use the dragon lance. She’s doing fine till she trips on her scarf. When Mysterious Man (we’ll call this evil old dude this name) makes his entrance, Hime is not too happy to see Morino and his aide, Eiji Shinozuka having Kohime as their hostage. Mysterious Man makes a call to activate some anti-demon field that causes all the full demons to paralyze. When Hime also goes down, the rest are shocked to know that she is a demon. However Hime gets back up to fight and demands Kohime’s release. She gets slammed by the dinosaur and Mysterious Man calls it a day. Besides, her dragon lance has broken. He will give Kohime back on 2 conditions. First, Kohime is to withdraw from the mayoral election and Morino must be elected. Secondly, Hime will relinquish her mayor post and give it to him. He gives her the rest of the night to think about this and will be waiting on the main street. Yae did something to lessen the effect of the anti-field and warns that they will be back since the demonic powers in this town have been weakened. Also, Akina’s memories from 6 years ago will return. Akina pleaded to Yae to turn her into a demon. This is so she can see things from both humans and demons’ perspective. In turn, she wants everyone to forget that she became one. Hime is at a lost now. She can’t do it alone and hopes Akina can help to save this town. Juri whisks Hime away (bandaged like a cocoon?) to tend to her injuries. The rest see the memo that Hime writes down about the town every day. She loves this town in short. Akina adds his own to leave this to them.

The gang split into 2 teams. Ao, Kotoha and Touka will ride in Shidou’s police car to go stop the anti-demon field. Easier said than done. Where the hell is that field? The other team, Kyousuke and Akina are going to take Kohime back. Akina calls Juri to check up on Hime. She’s doing fine. Juri doesn’t know much about the enemy they’re going up against but they can’t ask Yae too because she is busy getting punished by Yuuhi for interfering. But looks like trouble has found them. Shinozuka and his men are before them. As both sides aren’t going to comply, they start throwing things. Seriously. Everything they can grab like scooters. Hime is in a dilemma and wonders if she should resign as mayor. It’s her fault the dragon lance broke too. Juri lets her look at all the mountain of presents for her in the next bed. They are from the townspeople and prove that they love her as mayor. Tomorrow will be the seventh anniversary of Hime as mayor. Kotoha’s side is also having problems. They’re being chased by the dinosaur. Yuuhi then calls Ao to tell her to find the field fast because Mariabelle is not feeling well. Hint: It’s somewhere in this city. Oh sure, that was a big help. Think about it why he calls her. Because it’s something only she can do. Ao gets the hint. She is going to read the minds of everyone in this town! 12 million people! Can she do it? She will. It uses her up all of her energy and she could eke out the source of the field originating from a high place. So where in this town is a place suitable to transmit filed waves over a wide area? A telecommunications tower, right? Tokyo Tower.

Episode 6
However a barrier is preventing them from getting out of town. Kotoha has an idea. All she needs are lots of cough medicine. This is going to be big. Kyousuke and Shinozuka’s fight is getting physical but Shinozuka is much more superior. Kyousuke tells Akina to stay away from the fight between demons because if they both fall here, who is going to protect this town? Shinozuka questions Kyousuke’s loyalty to Hime. Is she worth dying for? He can only think of thoughts about her goofing around. I think Akina Tuned the van to buy them time to escape but the dinosaur knocked out Kyousuke while they’re running. They’re picked up by Shidou (Ao used all her powers to find them). But where is Kotoha? She has summoned a giant train cannon and fires at the Tokyo Tower to destroy the barrier. Akina alone faces the baddies. No one left to fight? What is he going to do? Tune them? If he can touch them, that is. I’m sure the dinosaur and Shinozuka would have owned him had not Hime come to his rescue. In fact, her cool entrance was ruined when she jumped off the building and landed hard. She could’ve died… But she too isn’t enough to stand against the might of the dinosaur. Touka is trying to wake up her brother. Memories how they were running away and Kyousuke was trying to protect her. However he was being forceful and hurting her instead. So Hime had to tell him off he can’t do a job of protecting others if he doesn’t learn to protect himself. She invited to come live in her town and will protect him until he is strong enough. That woke Kyousuke up and slams the dinosaur away with a pillar before Hime and Akina are squished. Mysterious Man uses his magic to turn more lizards into dinosaurs. Hime and Kyousuke are sufficient to handle them and want Akina to rest because of the effects of Tuning too much. The duo are no sweat in disposing the dinosaurs so Mysterious Man summons more dinosaurs for them to fight. Surprisingly, Jinroku helps out using his giant mechanical crane. He hasn’t evacuated because he doesn’t trust the current mayor and have to defend the town himself. Isn’t that sarcasm? Hime and Kyousuke defend his precious shop, much to his surprise. She loves this town and will protect it even if it destroys her precious scarf. Can’t stand to see this sight, Jinroku self destructs his entire shop. Hime feels power flowing through her body. He reveals that there are powers flowing through the earth called Dragon Vein. Machi entrusted him and now he wants her to use it. Hime draws the raging earth power and materializes the true dragon lance, Sakanade. She easily blows the dinosaurs away.

Episode 7
Mysterious Man uses his trump card: Kohime as hostage! He turns one of the dinosaurs into a huge monster. Kyousuke throws lots of extinguishers to create smoke so Hime could deal with it. In that mean time, Akina sneaks up on Mysterious Man to try and grab Kohime from him but he disappears up to the building and threatens to drop her down into the monster’s throat. Morino is against this since this wasn’t part of the plan but Mysterious Man says if he doesn’t go through with it, his re-election isn’t guaranteed. Hime chides Morino for stooping this low but it seems he jumps in to grab Kohime after Mysterious Man drops her. Then he spouts something learning to protect others by protecting themselves and would have gladly stepped aside if there was someone more qualified than him. He orders Shinozuka to come save him. His loyal servant doesn’t hesitate and welcomes back the old Morino he knows. In exchange, Shinozuka gets swallowed in their place. Morino pleads to Hime to save him. Kotoha drops down from the sky and lands a drop kick on the monster. After asserting Shinozuka is alive (he won’t get easily digested), she materializes swords to cut open the stomach to save him before Akina Tunes the monster. The rest are baffled when Mysterious Man knows about Akina’s power. He notes using too much of it can make him fall out of alignment with this dimension. When Ao says she cannot read this old man’s mind, Mysterious Man reveals his true identity: Enjin! The rest recognize him as Gin (Ao’s brother who was on a journey) but Ao feels his evil aura and believes this is not the brother she knows but someone else. Enjin is the descendant of Enyou.

Akina reveals the fusion between the dimensions started 2 years ago. He, grandpa and Gin tried stop and tried to get in contact with Enyou’s branch family descendants for help. Akina Tuned Gin to the other side. Enjin is ‘amazed’ that he Tuned people based on his own terms and assumed he is dead while carrying on with their selfish lives. He reveals the truth that Enyou did not on his own free will volunteered to be Tuned. He was made a sacrifice along with the rest of the branch family. Thus he is the one trying to fuse both dimensions and Nanagous aren’t landmarks for the sake of tuning but vital tools for the fusion. They are the embodiments of hatred. Since the Hiizumi think that using them are guides for Tuning, thanks to that the dimensions were distorted to a considerable extent. But it still needs the family head’s body for one last push. That is, Akina’s body. All Enjin needs to do is to push his soul out from his body, like how he did to Gin. Also, the extra ears that Ao and Gin have aren’t just for antenna purposes. They can make illusions too. Enjin demonstrates as he summons a dragon lance. Akina won’t be cowed into that fake and fights back. But hiding beneath that illusion is a little blade that stabs Akina in the heart. Everyone is mad. The ogre siblings start throwing things at him. Kotoha uses force to send him through a building and Hime is going to kill him. Yes, kill him! Shidou stops her as there are things he needs to ask him. Yuuhi puts a stop to this charade and wants Hime to leave things be. He can’t be serious? In that distraction, Enjin escapes. Everyone is relieved that Akina is alive since he had Hime’s memo hidden underneath his shirt. Then they beat him up because he should have gotten up instead of playing dead. Morino apologizes for everything but Yuuhi says Kohime is disqualified to stand as a candidate since she is only 9 years old (Sakurashin City is an exception) so Morino is re-elected for another term. Everyone is just so duh after what they went through. In the aftermath, everyone chips him to help rebuild Jinroku’s shop. He sees Kohime sad so he gives her his prized bowl which cheers her up.

Episode 8
Shinozuka is going around on an apologizing spree. First with Ao (talking about Gin whom Ao still believes his soul is in intact), Kotoha (he is a half-youkai like her) and Kyousuke. Akina wonders if Hime is still mad at him. Not really. Since she didn’t tell him she was a demon too, they’re even. With Shinozuka arriving, Hime wonders if he wants to stay in this town and can make some arrangements. Since Morino and Kohime are here to pick him up, Shinozuka has to decline the offer since he hasn’t repaid his debt to him. He hands Akina his personal card and will do everything he can to ensure their towns will cooperate in every aspect possible. Hmm… Morino and Kohime getting along so well. This scene… Old man riding on a bike and a loli on his head…What does it look like? Yuuhi tells Akina that the elders want to see him. Akina is not thrilled because their different ideals put them at odds (they are willing to sacrifice this town just to prevent Nanagou from blooming). Although Yuuhi can’t side with either one of them, he mentions that the anti-demon field was created by them. And so Akina and Hime go see the elders, led by Usuzumi Iyo. The old fart maintains his dominance over Akina. He clarifies this world is theirs and not the demons. The problem now is getting rid of all 7 Nanagous to prevent the fusion and since Akina cannot handle all 7 together, that’s why the anti-demon filed was prepared. He doesn’t have to sacrifice himself and use the powers of the demons in this town. That is one way. Another way if he can’t sacrifice the demons, tune every one of them. He does not bat an eyelid to view demons as alien and poison to their world.

Akina realizes they knew the branch family became unwilling sacrifices. If he knew, why didn’t he say? Because it would make them use their Tuning even less. Iyo thinks this is a good time to use his Tuning. Tune Hime now. Akina becomes so furious that he displays his Tuning power that creates a huge crater till several floors below. Akina and Hime leave but Iyo tells them one more thing. Enjin has teamed up with the Youkai Hunters which consist of a dragon slayer, vampire hunter, exorcist and necromancer. They can be considered natural enemies to demons but they are not on their side either because they are half-youkais and possess demonic powers too. Shidare notes that since Akina can’t Tune demons to the other side because he doesn’t know what is there, if demons view Sakurashin City as 80% ideal, why not look at it as that side as 100% complete paradise? In that case, Akina will make Sakurashin City 120% Hime tries to cheer Akina up on the way back. Does he still feel guilty about it all? No use moping over it. Getting over it is likely but still he needs to find a way to deal with it. He believes everything will be alright and there will be a way if everyone put their heads into it. They return to office only to find lots of udon that Hime bought. They need all the help to finish it. Does Akina have a friend he can call? Shinozuka’s private number… And there is Enjin and Zakuro making some sort of deal

Episode 9
If you’re suddenly wondering why the villainous necromancer Zakuro is part of the gang, you need to see the earlier OVA, Yozakura Quartet ~Hoshi No Umi~ before you jump into this episode. This episode takes place after the events of that OVA. We see Zakuro trying to do her delivery debut but because Rin’s map is so horrible, she got lost. She passes by Shinozuka and thought he is an evil half-youkai till Kotoha clears things up. Zakuro learns Kotoha and Shinozuka are the only known half-youkais around. Such breed are not born but are struck. She is brought to a memorial ground that contains those who couldn’t be cleansed and Tuned so half-youkais like them are a rare breed. Kotoha’s goal is to be happy and enjoy the moment because happiness in this town won’t last. At least not till the Nanagous bloom. Though she doesn’t like the concept of happiness built on sacrifice of others, she thinks half-youkais will play a pivotal role when the time comes. Over at another memorial site, Akina is paying respects to his grandpa. Juri, Morino and Kohime also pay their respects. Especially Morino who views Machi as his mentor and has taught him the basics about being a mayor. Just when they are talking about the possible fusion of worlds, Enjin pops up to tell them it will happen. Just that he is just the impatient kind. He wants Akina’s power but Akina wants him to tell all he knows about the fusion instead. Because Enjin is the only one who has been on the other side, he is going to show Akina what it is like. Heaven or hell? Nothing. Darkness. Hatred. In Akina’s weak moment, Enjin tries to seize his power. Morino does all he can to protect the grounds from being defiled but there is not much an old man can do. Enjin is stopped dead in his tracks when Iyo and Shidare appear. Enjin attacks them but he cannot even get close or touch Iyo. That old dude just stands there and deflects charging Enjin with his pipe. Cool! Enjin grows madder by the second but it’s time for Juri to show us some fanservice as she gives Enjin a throw with her thighs. Shidare then uses some high tech talisman based on the sciences of Esoterism to pin demons like him down. Enjin claims none of them are human anymore and Akina agrees because they have to deal people like him, they can’t be pure and good and are monsters alike. If that is the way it is, Enjin is going to make preparations for that and escapes. Akina thanks Iyo who insists he is not on his side and is only here to pay his respects. Enjin is at a dam and he plans to take both the Hiizumi and Esoterism as they work well together.

Episode 10
Hime is sick so Ao takes care of her. Ao wants to go back to school after this fusion incident is over. She believes Hime is doing a fine job as a mayor. Because her other friends are being too noisy, Ao tells them off. It’s rare of her to get this mad. One of the elders, Uzu Kibune pays Hime a visit. As he is here on behalf of the elders, he gets straight to the point. Due to her difference with her predecessors, it is clear she has her limits. They want her to resign. Due to the special circumstances of this town, the elders cannot force her and she must do it voluntarily. Her friends tell Uzu off that Hime is doing a good job. Of course Uzu was just a messenger. Now personally as a person and the vice principal of her school, he believes she has done a good job. After he leaves and the rest of Hime’s friends arrive, Hime feels grateful to have such wonderful people around her. One day when Hime, Mina and Kana visit Juri, the nurse is sleeping only in her underwear. She is dreaming of the first time she came to this town and doesn’t like adults very much. She wants to grow up fast. Her distrust is compounded when Yuuhi harasses her when he picks her up (Yuuhi and Yae switched body sizes?). She gives him a judo throw. She is brought to see Machi. She lets Yuuhi and Juri spar with each other so they don’t have grudges later. Yuuhi is still harassing her so Juri is even madder. Machi spars with her and learns she is a descendent of Dr Frankenstein. She wants to be an adult because a child’s voice is ignored. When her ancestor’s town was plagued with a disease, he turned his daughter into an immortal to save it. However the people branded him a criminal who turned to human experimentation. Juri wants to grow up so she can tell everyone with a loud voice that they are greatly mistaken. Machi replies that it is her own energy and hatred that is hurting herself. Adults and children can never become like the other. What she should strive for is to be an adult with a small but clear voice. Machi brings Juri to Frankenstein’s descendants who have opened a clinic in this town. However it is now an empty plot of land. It was torn down decades ago when Machi was still a child. Juri is resolved to learn medicine and become a respectable doctor like him. Machi introduces Hime to Juri and they can be sisters from today. However she doesn’t seem comfortable when Machi asks if she has a little sister back in her own town. Juri wakes up to find Hime sleeping next to her. On the way back, kana thinks she has spot a ghost but is actually Lila.

Episode 11
Yuuhi is in his adult form much to Mariabelle’s dismay. So he turns into a shota just for her. He leaves Hime with a warning to take care of Juri, especially tonight. Kyousuke was just being yelled by Touka. Lila who happens to hear everything cheers him up with several magic tricks. Lila returns to Enjin and she makes a joke about him changing his name to Engine since he wants to rev things up. She threatens to cut his ears but he stabs her. Nothing happens. Magic trick? Illusion? Lila is part of the Youkai Hunters and is told to do her job. Hime sees Juri for her usual check-up. Since it finished too fast, she talks with her to keep her company. She asks if she has a sister. Juri used to have one. Little sister seemed obsessed in wanting to amaze Juri with her magic tricks. To a point where her magic tricks become self inflicted pain and torture like stabbing herself and burning a flower mark on her cheek. And she’s laughing like crazy! True masochism? All Juri did was avert her eyes despite shaking in fear every time she sees it. Then one day, she just died. Just like that. Cause of death unknown. I thought all those self inflicted wounds would be a plausible explanation. Kyousuke comes in to tell them that the citizens have spotted several sightings of a ghost around town. He thinks it is a Youkai Hunter. Kotoha and Ao are already patrolling the area. Hime’s friends seem enthusiastic to catch the ghost. Seriously, with a net? They get caught instead and almost got tentacle rape if not for Zakuro saving them. They chase after it but lose it. Lila is outside Juri’s place and is feeling good since she gets to see her sister again. Then her interest is pique and anticipating in baited breath when Hime asks Juri if her sister was alive, would she want to see her? No. I guess Lila snapped. She makes her ghostly entrance while pinning Juri and Hime down. Look who is back, big sister?

Episode 12
When Lila was young, father used to show her magic tricks and she was impressed. She practised hard every day and prayed hard every night in hopes of becoming a magician one day. Lila is glad to see Juri again but the latter remains silent. She is going to show them a magic trick. Zakuro explains how she was struck and turned into half-youkai. She was painfully thinking to be with Rin forever when something like a comet crashed into her and she felt like her wish being granted. Everyone sees a giant sword floating in the sky. It is part of Lila’s magic show to stab Hime as she is trapped in a box. Will this get Juri to admit she wants to see her sister? Nope. Lila stops short of stabbing the sword. Still won’t admit? Lila thinks she must be wondering how she is alive. Lila adds all she did was study back then and never paid any attention to her. Just like how Juri studied to become a doctor, she did the same to become a magician. And then one day the shooting star crashed into her and she felt her body receiving the wish she had always wanted. When Ao, Kotoha and Zakuro arrive on scene, Lila keeps them busy by throwing swords at them. I wonder if they are getting tired deflecting every sword. They are. Lila remembers Zakuro since the last time they met was when all the Youkai Hunters gathered. Unfortunately Zakuro doesn’t. When Zakuro launches a counter attack, Juri pleads not to attack her little sister. Lila stops in her tracks and thinks she is concerned over her. But it is odd that she doesn’t even say she is happy to see her.

The room they are in turns out to be a stage in a car park as Lila flies away on it. The rest give chase but Akina calls them. Hime is facing off with Lila but eventually ejected through a trapdoor. She says it is not Lila that she doesn’t understand, but Juri herself. Now that the sisters are alone, suddenly Lila is zapped by a stun gun from Shiina and Shidare. But since she is showing so much pain they realize she is not a half-youkai and a human instead. Lila is sad that all she wanted to hear was Juri’s voice that she is happy to see her but yet she won’t. The stage falls but luckily Hime catches it (who the heck threw a flying witch broom to Kotoha?). Hime doesn’t understand what is going on but blames Juri that this is all her fault. Juri explains that she knew Lila was trying to cheer her up but she kept pushing her away. Before she can say she is happy to see her, there are lots of things she needs to apologize for. So much so they may grow old and die before she finishes! Wow. So much to say sorry? But after Hime lectures her about a simple thank you and sorry, Juri did just that. All Lila wanted was to make her relax from her studies and she was happy that she enjoyed it. She didn’t hate her but loves her with all her heart. That was tearful enough for Juri to blurt those words Lila wanted to hear. However as Lila made a contract with Enjin, looks like it’s the end. Enjin fires a devastating bolt at their direction, only to be stopped in the nick of time by Akina. So, he has been missing for this entire episode and suddenly he shows up like the hero? Oh yeah. He is.

Episode 13
Enjin explains that if Akina’s power is to Tune, his is to Strike. Meaning, he can summon things from the other side. Another little story told. When the Hiizumi was just one family and before the Nanagou was formed, all is well till the birth of a son. More accurately, twins. Their powers split. It was then it was decided whose powers are better and thus the establishment of the head and branch family. Enjin wants Akina to join him because even if he takes over his body, he cannot utilize it well. They can rule the world, humans, demons and even Gods. Sounds good? You know Akina’s answer. He rejects it. As they fight, Akina is losing energy the more he uses this Tuning. Uzu helps out using Esoterism that Shidare researched on. Akina is baffled that Uzu showed no signs on tiredness despite using more power than him. To his horror, he learns he is using Esoterism combined with Hiizumi’s power. There is a whole lab of that research in Shidare’s lab, you know. Enjin is going to show what it is like for those who have been summoned to the other side. A giant hand slams into Akina. It may just be his imagination but he is dumbstruck. He becomes disillusioned and in disbelief. Enjin won’t have Akina die now since ‘obstacles’ are coming their way. That flying stage zooms pass them almost killing Akina. Uzu throws Akina to Hime and Kotoha to take care of him.

Touka and Kyousuke use their strength to stop the rampaging stage. Juri uses her touch to heal and restore Akina. Kyousuke and Touka made up with big brother handing her a bouquet of flowers. It might not be fresh after all that commotion but Lila does her magic trick to freshen it up. Enjin thinks of retreating for now since he has done his part of showing Akina what he needed to know. He is satisfied of showing him the truth if it will make him worry a little and instil feelings of guilt and suspicion. Enjin also reveals he has Tuning powers but it is insignificant. This means that Akina too has latent Striking powers. He warns that there are other monsters out there who can destroy the world and another one well lurking out there. While Lila recuperates, she remembers the wish of wanting to become a magician. Juri pushed her out of the way before she was struck. Lila is happy to hear that Juri had always been looking out for her. Simple. She is her little sister. Although Akina is still grumpy that the fight ended indecisively, Juri makes him smile since his frown is making Hime worry. He then cheers her up that they did a good job and the town is safe. Lila states her intention to stay in this town and she becomes Juri’s nurse assistant. Although on occasion, she still becomes the entertaining magician. The rest wonder if she isn’t a half-youkai and all those illusions were just tricks, how does she do her magic tricks? As if a magician would tell. Everyone enjoys the festival that night.

All Quartets Lead To Say What?
Nothing special. Nothing that would make me yearn for another season. Because if there should be another continuation, I might go watch it for nostalgia’s sake but as far as this alternate retelling season is concerned, it is nothing extraordinary. Feels somewhat generic in moving the storyline about the basic stuffs like the Nanagou and the fusion but I feel those are basic things that Yozakura Quartet fans would already know. Therefore I wouldn’t want to go so far that this season is pretty boring but somehow it lacks that oomph to make it fun. Sure, the characters have their own quirks but it feels there isn’t enough time to properly flesh them all out and I am sure each one of them have their own story to tell but were just told in pieces and that is it. Also certain stuffs like Esoterism and the elders doing some sort of research which may be some foreboding of things to come in the possible future was a turn off because I didn’t really understand them.

Thus the most ‘interesting’ character goes to Enjin because even though he is the antagonist of this series, something in the end tells me that he isn’t all that bad and was just playing the villain part to make Akina realize something. His threat to merge the realms could be just an empty threat. He is always hanging around here and there, watching over this, watching over that like as though he has so much free time (which I think he does). Then he gets involved when he feels like it and his powers are so awesome that I think everybody’s combined cooperation won’t be able to defeat him (unless he is fighting against Iyo of course). Beat him up maybe but from the way I see it, they won’t win against him. So much so he just has to resort to retreating and fight another day. Although I am not familiar with this series and perhaps a lot of points I may have forgotten from the first season, I just can’t help baffle about a few things especially if Enjin’s ability to summon and bring things from the other world. In that case, why doesn’t he bring his clan back? Unless he is the only one left. If not, why not others who had a change of mind and wants to return to this side. Something tells me that something more sinister lies beneath the nature of the Nanagou and both realms. Just like how Akina found out the true purpose of Nanagou, maybe that itself is another cover up for something even more.

The other characters feel ordinary and somehow I don’t feel the impact of them in the series. Hime is your typical happy and responsible mayor but has a big appetite. I thought there is some potential about her using the dragon lance but ever since Lila’s appearance becomes centre stage, it feels like Hime has been sidelined. And here I thought she is the star of the series alongside Akina. Speaking of that guy, he too has his flaws. Burdened with the guilty and heavy responsibility of his ancestors so he is really reluctant to use his Tuning powers unless necessary. From my view, he looks weak and needs a lot more training since he tires out after a few rounds of energy releasing. He is going to need more stamina if he is going to fight enemies far powerful than Enjin. Completing the quartet are Kotoha and Ao and again I feel that their presence wasn’t leaving any great impact. If Hime and Akina are already having this much screen time, you can imagine theirs.

But not as bad as Yuuhi, Yae and Mariabelle. It boggles me that despite Yuuhi being a local god who just observes and does not get involved, that itself I find it odd. It feels like the town doesn’t need him and he is only around just for formalities. What good is a god if he can’t help out and just watches? Besides, I’m not sure what kind of a god he is since he loves harassing Mariabelle whom he loves putting in cosplay outfits and in turn she loves the perverted kid in his shota form. More disappointing is Yae. I thought she was a pretty cool and sexy nun slicing with her sword back in the first season. Now she ends up just like a joker and worst still, in her chibi form she looks so helpless, cute and funny. Not forgetting Kyousuke and Touka but my comments on them are the same as Kotoha and Ao. Too bad I thought with Touka’s obvious crush on Akina, I would see something of the likes but alas, I was just hoping too much. Morino, Kohime and Shinozuka in the end feel like odd bedfellows because they hang out together like a glue and to those unfamiliar, they might misinterpret the scene. Especially a bald elderly man and a cute loli having such a good relationship.

Ever since Zakuro has become a citizen of Sakurashin City, she has left behind her grudging and hateful behaviour and now somewhat feels like an airhead. She also has that blur feel to it. It is like as though her role in this season is to be a comic relief character. The deadpan type. Each time you see her, you can expect something ‘funny’ happening to her or something that she says or does. Rin didn’t make much of an appearance here and you might forget all about her if she didn’t make her 15 seconds of cameo most probably because she already had Hoshi No Umi focused on her. So I guess that for this season, Lila is the one taking the spotlight as another of the Youkai Hunter but the drama between her and Juri just felt odd. Lila was just probably desperate to get her sister’s love and acknowledgement and who knows where she has been all this time before finally turning up. Something strange too about how Juri explained how she suddenly died. If she didn’t get struck and she’s still standing here (assuming those aren’t her magic tricks), then I don’t understand how all this came about. It just feels suspicious. When Lila first appeared before Juri’s eyes, I thought her shock felt unconvincing. It’s not like as though she sees her ghost. I mean, she thought her sister died and then suddenly she pops up before her. Shouldn’t she be more surprised than that? Instead of staring so dumbfounded whether Lila was real, I thought she should have just shouted out in disbelief, “Oh my God! OMFG!!! Lila is that you?! Is that really you???!!!!”. But that would have ended the tension since those were the words Lila longed to hear and you probably wouldn’t have seen it end this way.  Oh yeah I forgot. This town is a melting pot for humans and demons. But ghosts and spirits are not demons…

The art and drawing remain the same as Hoshi No Umi’s style. Meaning that it is closer to what the manga looks like and less refine and ‘beautiful’ than the original series. Uh huh. I still prefer the first season’s art where the characters look better as compared to this season where at certain points and angle they just look cartoonish and comical. Maybe that is why some call this to be a supernatural comedy. I guess with the bunch of oddballs like Hime around, you can expect them to be funny while doing their job. That’s a compliment, no? During action scenes, because things are moving so fast, the producers maybe thought that you wouldn’t catch how simple the drawing goes. I mean, it’s moving fast enough, who is going to catch it, right? Wrong. I thought they didn’t put enough details into it and felt like a rush job. But the action is entertaining enough with each of the characters having their own forte like Kyousuke and Touka’s super strength as ogres, Kotoha’s ability to materialize what she says (so far personally I still like this power of hers) and Ao’s ability to read minds I thought doesn’t really make her suitable in the front lines and serves more of a support. The power fights are okay since it’s packed with lots of supernatural powers. That’s a given.

Also, although this series isn’t supposed to be one filled with fanservice, there are a few scenes just for that. But it is the case of blink-and-you’ll-miss kind of panty shots fanservice. Out of the blue, suddenly there is an unsuspected panchira shot that make you go, “Hey, wasn’t that supposed to be on purpose or not?”. I mean, get this. Some of the girls like Ao, Kotoha and Juri wear a skirt so short that the slightest bend or wind blow can flip them up. You can’t help wonder if Ao’s fashion sense of wearing a one piece dress that is so short or just a t-shirt long enough to cover her butt. So much so you might be waiting for that chance where you get to view her shima pantsu or exclaim that haitenai phenomenon. I suppose Ao is the one responsible for much of the panty shots that you’ll see. But those who have fetish for nurses can now rejoice since the Frankenstein sisters are donning the same white very short nurse outfit. Gives you more motivation to go get your check up, eh?

All the seiyuus for this season are retained even way back from the original series. So it’s a good thing that there is some consistency in the voice acting department. However the opening theme, Sakura No Ato (All Quartets Lead To The ?) by Unison Square Garden, I personally feel it is a bit odd to have it as the opening song. There is some hip hop in this rock song and with the opening lyrics that go “All quartets lead, lead to say lalalalalala…”, I don’t know, I just find it weird. However the song itself is fun and not that bad. Kid, I Like Quartet is the special opening theme for episode 9 and is taken from Hoshi No Umi’s opening. I suppose it’s a reminder why the series suddenly had a jump in the storyline. I thought that this fast rock piece should be more like it for the series. The ending theme, Tsukiyomi by Phatmans After School although has the lead singer feeling like as though he had a few drinks last night. You know how Rod Steward sounds like? Yeah. I thought it was something familiar like that. I won’t say the voice sucks or anything. Just weird. Otherwise this song doesn’t sound too bad either. Sampling some of the OST music, I notice the better sounding ones are the hip hop and jazzy style. The mid-intermission is a good idea of the hip hop music style of the series. The next episode preview background music sounds so comical and casual that it made me wonder if it is going to be a serious episode. Even if it does, that kind of music just made it feel weird.

There is still the other OVA that I haven’t caught yet but planning to (Tsuki Ni Naku, that is), but I’ll let this one sink in first before I start watching that. In the end, I always thought that this season could have done better since my main gripe was the art and drawing that seems to take away my enjoyment as I still prefer the first season’s art style. Although the plot may be incomplete and there are some parts that are not explained, this is still an enjoyable anime in its own bizarre way. Yes, bizarre. Because if you have a bunch of kids running the town, a young mayor who spends as much time stuffing her face with ramen and patrolling the streets, the possibility of a loli running for mayor, a perverted kid as a god, half the denizens are youkais, nothing more can surprise you. Otherwise, just tune into something else.

High School DxD New

April 12, 2014

Finally the boobs have arrived! Oops! I mean, when you think of High School DxD, you also think about boobs, right? It can’t be helped since some animes go synonymous and hand in hand with fanservice like Freezing or Queen’s Blade. Would you believe it that I am watching the second season, High School DxD New not because for the boobs fanservice but for the interesting storyline? Yeah. Hard to believe but believe it. As said in my previous blog on this series, this is one of the very few ecchi themed shows that has a plot and got me interested in the story instead of staying for the fanservice. That’s just extra bonus. As we know, our heroic but perverted Issei who dreams to have a harem of his own and be king of it is now a low level Demon. But he’s got this powerful gear that boosts everyone’s power and an attitude to protect his friends that would make girls slowly fall head over heels if he plays his card right. And then there is that war against the different factions of Angels, Demons and Fallen Angels, no? I know it’s complicated but it is all somewhat interesting.

I have been thinking why they have given the word ‘New’ as the name of the second season. I am sure that they mean it is a new season but if you think about it, that just sounds pretty lame. New characters? New plot? New development? New surprises? Yeah. Perhaps a bit of all of that. But still, don’t you think it doesn’t sound as cool? At least in my opinion. I thought they could do better than that in the naming department. The only plausible reason why I think they named it so is because they can design the alphabet ‘w’ as a pair of women’s breast. Yup. You’ll notice that in the design of that word quickly. But seriously, there are many other words that have ‘w’ in it. Say, women, power, winner and even meow. Meow? Hah. I just think of whatever words comes to mind.

Episode 1
What a way to start an episode. A naked girl sleeping right next to a guy. This is not a dream. Issei is surprised to find naked Rias next to him. Even better. She is willing to get ecchi with him. Till Asia knocks on the door to remind them about training. Think she’ll get jealous or freak out? Actually, she doesn’t want to lose and strips! Woah! Now there are 2 naked girls! Great start! At school, Issei’s jealous pals, Matsuda and Motohama are admonishing him about rumours that he is sleeping with the Occult Club beauties. Hell, they’re the ones who spread it so they won’t get jealous! Aren’t they jealous? They even made up rumours of Issei x Yuuto! Even classmate Aika Kiryuu is puzzled that Asia had to choose this loser when there are lots of great guys out there. Issei is about to deny all that nightly interlocking stuff talk when his left hand starts acting up so he excuses himself. At the clubroom, he has Akeno drain the power of his dragon. The way they show it sounds so slutty… Akeno sucking his finger but from that position it looks like… And he’s in a towel. She is in a wet robe. You get the picture. Let’s do this again another time? The Occult Club members are having their club meeting at Issei’s place since the building is undergoing cleaning. Issei’s mother who loves their company brings in old photo albums of Issei. The girls just love him. Stark naked. Some sort of fetish must be awakening… But Yuuto sounds envy that Issei gets to live with his family. He points out a photo with Issei and another kid he used to spend time a lot at the church with but moved due to the change in the father’s job. Yuuto points out the holy sword in the background. Later Issei goes out to get more demon contracts and since he’d do anything, he accompanies that guy drinking in his home.

Issei then meets up with the rest to slay a stray demon in an abandoned factory. Why do such demons have to spew clothes disintegrating liquid? Although the stray demon has been eliminated, Yuuto’s spacing out got the rest in danger. He isn’t his usual self. Rias even slaps him after that but Yuuto owns up and wishes to be excuse for tonight. Issei tries to get him to talk about his problem. They’re friends, right? Yeah. Who says? Yuuto hints he just remembered what he is fighting for: Revenge. He only lives to destroy the holy sword, Excalibur. Later Rias explains how Excalibur is the ultimate demon slaying sword and can kill demons by a mere touch. Its only downfall is that only a selected few can wield it. That’s why the Church tried to create artificial beings to hold it via Holy Sword Project. It happened so long ago although the project ended in failure. Yuuto is a survivor of that project. Issei shows Rias the photo which got Yuuto to act strange. This isn’t Excalibur but is nevertheless a holy sword. One that probably annihilated Rias’ ancestors in this area. Enough of serious talk. It’s time to sleep. And Rias can’t sleep if she isn’t naked. And she wants to sleep with Issei! Guess what for Asia? She doesn’t want to lose, right? This dream is going to be the sweetest. Meanwhile Xenovia and Irina Shidou are at the decimated church. Irina once lived here. And yeah. She is that kid who used to play with Issei as she has that photo too. So that kid’s not a boy? Yuuto is wandering around in the streets when he sees Freed killing a priest. Since Yuuto is in a bad mood and Freed wants revenge, it’s the right time for them to draw their swords. Oh. Freed’s sword is Excalibur!

Episode 2
Yuuto has his chance fighting Freed but since the latter got some sort of call, he makes his exit. Another morning with Issei being flanked by 2 lovely naked girls sleeping by his side. Damn how lucky this guy. Ddraig talks to Issei just to warn him about the strong enemies that will appear before him. Especially the White One known as Vanishing Dragon. They’re both known as the Heavenly Dragons and are those possessing them are destined to fight each other. In other words, there is somebody out there like Issei who possesses the Sacred Gear. Issei and Asia return to the newly cleaned clubroom. They learn Yuuto is taking time off from school. Fearing it has something to do with the holy sword, he has Rias explain further. Since the original Excalibur was destroyed in battle ages ago, the Church gathered its remains and used alchemy to create 7 new swords under the Excalibur name. Yuuto wasn’t the only child in the project who couldn’t use it. Nobody could. As the project was a failure, the monk in charge killed them all. Yuuto somehow survived but on the verge of death, that’s where Rias picked him up. She thought of using his anger for revenge to help the demons. Souna then comes in requesting Rias to follow her back to her home where they can talk safely. Rias knows this has gotten serious. It seems a couple of church officials are in town and they want to negotiate with Rias and will come see her in her clubroom tomorrow. Souna had to accept their proposal since they have a holy sword.

Issei and Asia have a bad feeling when they return home. Thinking something might have happened to his mother, he rushes in only to see Xenovia and Irina talking to mother. Mother reminds him that Irina is that child in the photo. Issei is surprised because all the while he thought that kid was a boy. Now she’s so feminine. Later when Rias comes home, she is so relieved that the both of them are okay, she vows to protect them even more from now. She was even willing to oblige Issei’s boobs request if not for Asia. Xenovia and Irina begin their negotiation with Rias. Explaining that of the 7 holy swords, 1 is missing and the rest in the custody of 3 factions of the Church. However Fallen Angels have somehow taken 3 of them. Xenovia and Irina show their respective holy swords, Excalibur Destruction and Excalibur Mimicry. Rias could guess that they are worried if Demons joined forces with Fallen Angels and will do something to the holy sword. Xenovia threatens she will destroy her, causing Rias to grow angry. Rias assures she will not tarnish her family’s name and will not help the Fallen Angels. This means she also won’t help them. Before they leave, Xenovia recognizes Asia as the Witch and one who has fallen from a holy maiden. She wonders if she still believes in God and despite she has become a Demon, she looks like the type who cannot forget their old beliefs. If that’s the case, she wants her to let her cut her up so God will send His helping hand. Issei is obviously quite upset that they belittled Asia and jumps to her defence. He doesn’t give a damn about their religion after they labelled her so and so on their own. Nobody understands Asia loneliness and if they’re going to lay a hand on her, he’ll fight each and every one of them. Xenovia takes this as a challenge against the Church. So happen Yuuto has returned and he too wants to be their opponent. Issei-Yuuto vs Xenovia-Irina in an unofficial match. That means keeping it to a level where they won’t kill them. That’s still pretty bad, right?

Episode 3
It’s a pretty much destructive match between Xenovia and Yuuto. But on to Irina and Issei, the latter is trying to rip her clothes with his Sacred Gear! Thankfully she is warned by Koneko. Why tell the enemy his plan? Because Issei is the enemy of all women! Issei continues to put all his effort in turning Irina naked. He misses and hits Asia and Koneko instead. Despite getting punched by Koneko, that guy still won’t give up. He includes a passionate speech how he will one day destroy girls’ clothes just by looking at them. I wonder how sinful that is. In the end, that carelessness has Issei being scratched by her Excalibur. It drains out a lot of energy and his Sacred Gear disappears. Rias acknowledges the victory to Irina. Yuuto also loses his match when he is unable to control his bigger demon swords and in exchange took away his speed. Rias wonders if they have identified the Fallen Angel who stole the holy swords. Grigori’s Upper Echelon, Kokabiel. It is a risky mission akin to a suicide but they rather destroy the holy sword than letting the Fallen Angel use it. One of their colleagues sent to investigate has already perished. Yuuto knows him because he saw him getting killed by Freed. Yuuto doesn’t heed Rias’ words and goes off on his own.

Issei remembers Saji. Do we? He ropes him in to help him destroy the holy sword. He vehemently protests because he will face backlash from Souna. He wants to leave but Koneko won’t let him. Seems Issei’s plan is to work together with the church duo. They could still salvage the parts of Excalibur after it’s being destroyed and Yuuto wants to destroy them. Despite different goals, the end result is the same. That’s why they should offer their help. They find the church duo begging for donations. I suppose even if they’re skilful agents of God, when you don’t have money, you’re poor. And it’s ironic they’ve been saved by the Demons and treated to tons of food. Xenovia agrees to let them help out and destroy one of the swords. Irina disagrees but Xenovia notes that collecting all the holy swords is extremely difficult. Survival rate is 30% and their upper brass sent them knowing they would sacrifice themselves on this mission. They find Yuuto and tell him about this plan. Xenovia understands his anger. That’s why the project was considered a heretic and excommunicated from the Church. He lets him know the person responsible for the massacre is Balba Galilei AKA The Slaughtering Archbishop. It is uncommon for excommunicated priests like Balba and Freed to be working together. Yuuto agrees to cooperate. He doesn’t want his friends to get involve because this is his hatred and revenge. Issei insists on this friendship thingy and won’t let his previous friend turn into a stray. Not just him but everyone else will be sad if he’s gone. Yuuto narrates his flashback how all the experimented kids continued to believe in God despite the torture they went through. When the projected terminated, they were all poisoned to death. Everyone cooperated to allow Yuuto to escape. That’s when he met Rias and was welcomed into her house. He credits his survival because of his comrades who died just to let him escape. He poured his resentment into his swords and must destroy Excalibur. It’s his atonement as the only survivor. Saji is so touched by his story that he is willing to help him out. Who cares about the punishment. Koneko also wants to help seeing it’ll be lonely if Yuuto isn’t around. That night Issei leaves his house late to meet up with his ragtag gang to go hunt and destroy Excalibur.

Episode 4
The church duo and Demons split into groups for the hunt. The Demons encounter Freed and he is as crazy as usual. Freed can match Yuuto’s speed. Issei wants to help boost Yuuto. If he could just sit still for a while. Saji uses his Sacred Gear, Absorption Line to tie down Freed. Want to guess his Sacred Gear is a dragon too? Koneko tosses Issei towards Yuuto to boost him. Before Freed gets cut by his swords, here comes Balba telling him how to use the holy sword. He channels his elements into it and powers up to cut himself free. Xenovia and Irina arrive on scene. Balba isn’t going to fight with Excalibur users so he has Freed create an escape route. Yuuto and the church duo go after them. For those left behind, their bosses (Rias and Souna) appear and want an explanation over this fiasco. They are reprimanded and reminded their actions could have caused trouble for all Demons. Issei must be lucky to have Rias as his master because hugs them and expresses how worried she was. Unlike Saji. His butt is going to hurt after getting magical slams by Souna. Ouch. Oh. I take that back. Rias is going to magical butt spank Issei too to discipline him. Now show me your butt! We take a little time off for some fanservice because when Issei returns home, he is greeted by Asia in a naked apron. Mother approves! Rias also wants in and has mother help her out. She notes Asia has become quite a little pervert since she has taken the initiative. Asia tells Issei that she found something more precious than her feelings for God. The school, her friends, her club members, Issei’s parents and of course Issei himself. Wow. That’s a lot. She hugs him but all he could think of is whether to fondle her naked butt. He couldn’t since Rias is out and showing off her naked apron too.

Yuuto has not contacted them since so Rias has sent familiars to find their whereabouts. They only find Irina who is beaten to a pulp. Actually, her clothes are just torn. As she is exhausted, she tells them the others manage to escape but not her. She cautions not to underestimate that guy’s strength. After Tsubaki takes her away to Souna’s house for medical facilities, Freed comes into the picture. But he is not here to fight but his boss, Kokabiel wants to talk to Rias (he put Irina as the bait to lure them here). Kokabiel is wondering if he should create havoc in this city starting with Kuou Academy. Doing so means Sirzechs won’t sit back and do nothing. Ever since the great war ended, he is feeling bored and wants to initiate another all-out war between Angels, Demons and Fallen Angels. He thought snatching Excalibur would have Michael come after him but disappointingly he sent a couple of Excalibur wielders and an exorcist. He also mentions his fellow comrade Azazel who acts as the governor for Fallen Angels is interested in collecting Sacred Gears and has been obsessively doing research on them. Though, he is against Kokabiel’s idea for war. Freed is amazed by Kokabiel’s insanity that he shows them a couple of Excalibur swords he has now. One of them is Excalibur Mimic he got after beating up Irina. Kokabiel wants to start a war with Rias and fires several warning shots before heading off to Kuou Academy. They could have easily destroyed this entire city if they want to from the kind of power they possess. Balba initiates the next phase in his plan at Kuou Academy.

Episode 5
The student council puts a barrier around the academy. Akeno has taken the liberty to contact Sirzechs’ assistance because she knows Rias can’t handle a situation of this magnitude by herself. Backup will arrive in an hour. Kokabiel shoots a large beam and destroys the entire gym just to show the kind of power he has. He has them play with his pets, Cerberus. Issei’s boosting did little to help increase his comrade’s power. Till Xenovia comes in and starts slashing away with her Excalibur. That sword makes it look so easy, eh? Ddraig informs Issei that the charging has been complete so now he can give maximum boost to Rias and Akeno. After all the Cerberus are destroyed, Akeno attacks Kokabiel but was deflected and it destroys another big portion of the school. Balba has finished fusing the Excalibur swords together for one big powerful mother. If they don’t want this entire city to be flattened, they better defeat Kokabiel. Still no match for him. Now it’s Yuuto’s turn to show up and he has a grudge against Balba. However Kokabiel orders Freed to kill everyone with the new Excalibur. Who wants to be the first victim? Balba gives his thanks to Yuuto and his comrades that because of them, the research has been completed. Something about some genetic element that all candidates possessed wasn’t high enough to allow them to wield the holy sword. So he removed it and after its crystallization, it was completed. He shows Yuuto what it looks like being crystallized and the only one left. Freed adds everyone except him died because they couldn’t handle it. So does this make him a special person? Xenovia also remembers when someone who could use Excalibur was receiving their blessing, they accepted that into their body. It’s like making up for what they lack. Yuuto wonders why Balba had to kill his comrades because he mentioned the Church using the same extract. Because he considers them as lab rats and it’s natural to only dispose of them once the experiment is done. Yuuto becomes distraught that they were just that despite their belief in God.

Balba tosses the crystal to him. He can have it as he has found a way to mass produce something like that with higher purity. Yuuto is so upset and with the crystal in his hands, it released all the souls from the crystal. He hears the voice of his comrades telling him not to worry because they’re all here. Their hearts will always be with him. So touchy this drama that even Issei and Asia can’t stop crying. Yuuto knows his comrades don’t want him to avenge their deaths. But he will punish this evil so that there will be no repeat. Everyone encourages him to defeat Freed and destroy that Excalibur. Because of Yuuto’s strong feelings, he puts them along with his comrade’s into the sword and this awakens his forbidden Sacred Treasure, Balance Breaker. His Sword of Betrayer carries both holy and demonic powers. Xenovia wants to help Yuuto destroy that Excalibur because by the way it is used, it is no longer a holy sword. She summons another holy sword, Durandal, believed to be on equal footing with Excalibur and can cut through anything. Because it is hard to control it, she locks it up in another dimension. Balba realizes she is a natural holy sword wielder. Yuuto and Xenovia’s cooperation and their strong feelings manage to destroy the Excalibur and do some damage to Freed. Balba is about to realize the impact of having a combination of both holy and demonic powers together and the shift in the power balance when suddenly Kokabiel kills him. Now that the side show has ended, it’s time for the real show. Kokabiel wants Issei to charge his power to the maximum and give anyone that power boost. Because seriously, does anyone think they can’t defeat this mighty Fallen Angel? Issei takes Rias’ hand as they make their way forward.

Episode 6
Even with the maximum boosting, Rias still cannot best Kokabiel. Not even with Akeno’s help. Kokabiel identifies her as the daughter of Barakiel, a Fallen Angel using the same thunder powers as her. I suppose Issei is the only one who doesn’t fear Kokabiel because he’s telling him to shut up and wants to beat the crap out of him for hurting Rias and Akeno. Yuuto, Koneko and Xenovia fight the Fallen Angel to buy Yuuto some time to recharge. I think Yuuto was trying some santouryuu wielding not only swords in both hands but in his mouth as well. It was enough to at least scratch Kokabiel’s face. Since Kokabiel is going to start the war, he lets everyone out on a secret: God and the 4 Demon Lords died in the great war! Therefore servants of God have been masterless ever since. But who is keeping the balance of everything if God is dead? Michael is doing a pretty fine job in his stead although all prayers and blessing effects have a limited effect. The Upper Echelons of all sides never told this to anyone because they want everyone’s faith to be kept intact. But what angers Kokabiel most is the fact that the war ended after God and the 4 Demon Lords died. Victory could have been theirs and Azazel didn’t want another war. Due to this, there has been significant decrease in people believing in God, pure Angels can no longer be born and pure blooded Demons are a rare find. Also, that is why the hybrid sword of Balance Breaker can be created. Issei tells him to shut the f*ck up. Because if he destroys this town, he won’t be able to achieve his dream of becoming a harem king. Serious. If that is what he wants, Kokabiel invites him to join him and they can find all the beautiful women he wants. Issei is really tempted so much so Rias had to tell him off if that is what he wants so much, she’ll let him do anything to her when they get back. Anything. This was enough to give enough boost to Issei. Super motivation. Wow. The power of boobs. Never underestimate it. So powerful that he manages to land a few clean punches on Kokabiel’s face. I guess he really wants to suck her boobs that much.

Suddenly the barrier shatters. Floating down from the sky is believed to be the Vanishing Dragon. He is faster than Kokabiel and takes him out by surprise. He even seemingly nullifies his power. He introduces himself as Albion and Divine Dividing is his Sacred Gear. It halves the power of anything he touches every 10 seconds. It is a total opposite of Issei’s Sacred Gear because his gives power. Albion considers Kokabiel a bore and sends him back to where he belongs since Azazel ordered him to be brought back. Albion then takes Freed as he needs to interrogate him before his execution. Ddraig greets Albion and they are confident they will meet again. Happy ending? Not for Issei. Thanks to Albion, his chance of sucking Rias’ breasts has vanished. Can you say Rias’ chastity is saved? But Albion tells Issei to get stronger first. Then they can fight. Yuuto apologizes for his betrayal and everything but everyone welcomes him back. He swears a new oath to Rias. Of course, he is not spared from her butt spanking. Next day back in the clubroom, everyone gets a surprise when Xenovia becomes a transfer student and club member. Rias has also appointed her as her Knight. This means Xenovia is now a demon?! True! I guess with God gone, her life is meaningless. But to be a Demon’s servant? Did she make the right choice? As for Irina, she went back to headquarters. Her faith in God is still strong but who knows what her reaction will be. She apologizes for saying mean things to Asia. The girls make up and they carry on with their club activities. On a last note, the guy who has been summoning Issei for company all this while turns out to be Azazel.

Episode 7
Azazel mentions he snuck into this town when he learnt Kokabiel wanted to start a war. Things would have gotten out of hand had he stopped him himself so he sent Albion instead. Issei’s conclusion? He is to be blamed for the missed opportunity to suck Rias’ breasts! Azazel admits he is interested in his Sacred Gear. From what has happened, there is going to be a summit among Angels, Fallen Angels and Demons. Rias is not too happy about it since it is going to be held in this town. Furthermore, Azazel got up close to her cute Issei without her knowing it. Jealous? She’ll definitely protect him. Extra bonus: Smothering him in her boobs. As part of their thanks to the student council for helping them out, the Occult Club members will clean the pool (abandoned for over a year – see all those green funny stuffs growing?) and in return they get to be the first ones to use it. While changing, Yuuto vows to repay the favour to Issei and protect him. Sure. Only if it doesn’t sound so gay… Because Issei has fought with the more powerful, his Sacred Gear is acting up quicker and needs Akeno’s help to drain its power. To a point where Rias is getting suspicious what they’re doing alone. True enough, she catches them in the act. Well, Akeno was the one who suggested having an illegal sexual affair. She really means it. Then when Issei puts lotion on Rias’ back, she even allows him to rub oil on her boobs! However Akeno interjects and wants to borrow him. Friend or no friend, this has gone too far. Akeno is not afraid of Rias and doesn’t heed her order that Issei is hers. This leads to them throwing powerful projectiles at each other. Wow. Issei causing the most powerful girls in his harem to fight over him?

Issei escapes only to bump into Xenovia. She has a favour of him. Make babies with him. She’s serious. But with him? She figured that now she doesn’t follow God’s path, Rias told her to live the life she wants. She makes it her goal to be more feminine and part of being that is to have babies. Don’t even ask how she arrives at this. She’s about to get down and dirty with him and even tell him to take the lead because she has no experience when Rias and the rest of the girls catch them in their unholy act. Does Xenovia understand what making a child means because she’s saying it so nonchalantly that makes the other ladies blush. Sirzechs pays a surprise visit to the Occult Club. In addition to Parent’s Day (he is after all her guardian despite being the king of Demons), he plans of having the summit right here in this school. Sirzechs even stays over at Issei’s place as his parents welcome him with great hospitality. Mind you, they don’t know he is the Demon Lord. Such great people. So why does the Demon Lord want to sleep in the same room with Issei? (Too bad Rias can’t creep in this time). I guess when you are in this position, you’re tired with all the treatment and exclusivity. He is glad Issei treats him like a normal guest, something which he will never experience anywhere. Yeah. Just come down to Earth any time and you’ll be treated like scum if you don’t flaunt your money or status. He updates Issei on Kokabiel. He is being imprisoned in a crystal for eternity by Azazel. He guarantees to protect Issei from Azazel because he too knows he is interested in colleting Sacred Gears. Then he changes the subject to Issei’s preference to big breast women. He gives him an idea what happens if he uses his Sacred Gear to boost Rias’ breasts. Bigger? Rounder? Smoother? Shinier? Could it be an imagination off the charts? Yeah. He is thinking so much about it that he couldn’t sleep all night. The next day as Issei goes to school, this guy named Vali Lucifer walks up to him and knows he is the wielder of the Welsh Dragon, Emperor of the Red Dragon. Because he is the Emperor of the White Dragon, Vanishing Dragon.

Episode 8
Yuuto and Xenovia warn Vali not to do anything stupid to Issei. Of course he isn’t afraid. If they aren’t afraid of innocent bystanders getting hurt, he’ll gladly fight them. With the entire Occult Club here, Rias wants to know his intention of coming here. He is just here to tell them those influenced by the dragons can never live decent lives. He wonders if this applies to her. He is not here to fight but just as greeting. Issei is worried because he could feel Rias’ sweaty palms. Later talking to Ddraig about the dragons’ relationship, long ago when the war between the 3 sides started, 2 dragons started fighting among each other in the midst for reasons they have forgotten because it was so long ago. It caused massive destruction to the point all the sides called a temporary truce to stop them. Of course the dragons didn’t like others interfering with their fight but in the end they were cut into pieces and sealed away in Sacred Gears. Since then, both dragons have used humans as a medium to continue their battle. There have been times when a host dies before the dragons meet and thus no fight. When Issei returns to class, he gets punched by Matsuda and Motohama. Yup. Another jealousy case about Xenovia joining the Occult Club. They are suspicious if he has already made a move on her. Things get worse when Xenovia is here to apologize and will do it properly. She shows a bunch of condoms for him to use and practice!

During Parent’s Day, they are allowed to come into class and observe the lesson. Issei’s class is supposed to sculpt something out of clay. What is it that he really desires? Mmm… He is thinking about Rias’ boobs and perfect body and before he realizes it, he has sculpted a magnificent masterpiece of Rias! Everyone is impressed. Or not impressed if you’re a Rias fan. So much so they want to even buy his sculpture! Issei’s parents are so happy. For they never knew such perversion could be a lucrative business. Even Aika commented for him to make such a perfect model, he must have touched Rias’ body. Even Akeno hints she would like one and allow him to touch every inch of her naked body. I’m sure Issei would love it if not for Rias and Asia’s objection. There is a commotion at the gym and a girl cosplaying as Magical Girl Milky Spiral Seven is attracting the guys. Saji shoos them away but Souna is not happy seeing her. Serafall Leviathan is her older sister and one of the current 4 Demon Kings. Somehow, I understand why Souna doesn’t get along well with her sister. Because Serafall fawns over her and is obsessed about magical girl stuffs. To a point it makes Souna cry and run away! Bet you never see this side of hers, eh? Not even the student council president can put her foot down and tell her to restrain herself. And then Rias’ father meets Issei’s parents. They even have a feast back home. Is this going to be a common practice when Rias family visits? They go through the recorded clips of their children during Parent’s Day. Rias got so embarrassed that she retreats to her room. That was like hell, wasn’t it? Ironic. Issei goes to console her and she takes the first strike by kissing him. That felt good, huh? I guess she learnt something from Akeno. Of course this doesn’t sit well with Asia and she wants a piece of the action too. Too bad Sirzechs have to ruin it because he thinks it is time for Rias to release her other Bishop. Previously she was too weak to control it but after watching her battle against Raiser and Kokabiel, he changed his mind. Her strength has increased and there are more people in her house now. If this is what he wants, she will comply.

Episode 9
There is a sealed room in the school building where the supposed Bishop is sealed. However they released the seal every night for the Bishop to roam free but apparently the Bishop is a shut-in. Ironically this Bishop also gets the most contract fulfilled. Just by opening the door, Gasper Vladi starts cowering in fear and whines she likes it in here, blah, blah, blah. Issei is happy to see a young blonde girl just like Asia. She might not have boobs but at least another girl to add to his harem. But Rias mentions Gasper is a boy. Say what? Cross-dressing is his hobby. Disappointed, eh? He never knew how screwed up this world is. Yeah. His mind is screwed up too. Rias adds before becoming a Demon, he is a child of a vampire and human. Gasper is so frightened that he seemingly disappears to a corner. Also explained that he possesses the Sacred Gear, Evil Eye That Stops The World. When he is nervous, it will momentarily stop time. It is because he cannot control this power, Sirzechs ordered him to be sealed away. But his power increases when he is unconscious and may even possess Balance Breaker. Gasper continues to hide in a box and is happy with his recluse life. Rias, Akeno and Yuuto are heading off to a meeting and she wants the rest to help educate him. Xenovia seems like a Spartan trying to train her physically. I thought she looked more like a bully. Is she enjoying this? Even Koneko. She’s throwing garlic at him. Loving it, aren’t they? Saji pays a visit and is thrilled to see the newbie till he is told about the cross-dressing. Disappointing, eh? When Azazel appears, everyone gets on their guard. He is disappointed Yuuto is not around. He advises Gasper of his Sacred Gear. It is dangerous if he doesn’t have enough magical power. Noting Saji’s Absorption Line, it belongs to the Black Dragon’s Vein. He even tells him some functions he never knew exist. Like using his line to drain Gasper’s excess power as it is one of the 5 great dragon kings, Prison Dragon Vritra. There is another faster way too. Suck Issei’s blood as he is the host of the Red Dragon. But can a cowardly guy like Gasper do so? He’s already complaining he hates blood. Despite being half-vampire. The  ‘re-education’ of Gasper continues but the no progress. More whining and crying.

He locks himself back in the room. Rias has to be called in the middle of the meeting. She explains there is a reason he is acting so. His father is from a distinguished vampire family while his mother an ordinary human. Because of that, he is shunned by other family members and when he came to the human world, everyone bullied him. Given that he couldn’t control his power, he was also hated. After hearing such fine speech, Issei takes it upon himself to handle it so Rias goes back to the meeting. He sits outside his door and talks to Gasper his usual way. Relating his experience when he was afraid to use his Sacred Gear at first, moving forward and never wanting to see Rias cry again. Gasper feels he is a hindrance to everyone but to Issei, he has never seen him as one as he is her precious junior and friend. He hopes he could lend his power to support Rias. Still afraid of his power? In fact, Issei envies it. Imagine he could stop time and stare underneath girls’ skirt and fondle boobs as much as he wants. Now that the ice is broken, Issei goes in to continue talking about his plan. The kind to fondle Rias’ boobs. That’s his current goal, right? Yuuto returns and is happy they are getting along fine. Issei has a plan for the guys. Gasper will freeze time to let Issei grope boobs. How does Yuuto fit in? He will defend him from anyone trying to stop him from executing his plan! He’d do anything for him, right? The other girls return and they want to be Gasper’s friend. Xenovia slams a paper bag on his head and suddenly he feels comfortable! He likes it! Thank Asia for this idea. Gasper is doing great. At least his confidence is there. Later Akeno wants Issei to meet her at the shrine. Can Demons be at such a place? It was abandoned but Rias made arrangement to gain ownership for her. An Angel with golden wings descends and he is Michael. Wow. Issei is lucky to have met the heads of all the factions.

Episode 10
Michael shows him a holy sword used to kill dragons, Dragon Slayer Ascalon. He wants Issei to have it and see how it assimilates with his Sacred Gear. Why him? He heard rumours he is the weakest successor (it’s a fact) and thought this would be a good auxiliary weapon for him. Although the majority doesn’t want to go to war, there is a minority faction that longs for it. If nothing is done, everyone will die in the end. There is also the threat of outside forces. Creatures from other myths and legends that may strike first. That is why it is necessary for the 3 sides to join forces to prevent needless bloodshed. Issei takes Ascalon and it perfectly fuses with his Sacred Gear. After Michael leaves, Issei asks Akeno about Barakiel. Did he step on a landmine? Akeno explains she was born from Barakiel and an ordinary temple woman. She picked him up when he was injured and that’s when Akeno was conceived. She shows him both wings of a Demon and Fallen Angel she has. She wants to know what Issei thinks. He must hate her because Fallen Angels once hurt Asia and attempted to destroy his city. He admits he hates Fallen Angels but Akeno is an exception because she is kind. And all the other nice things about her. I guess this turns on her feminine switch so she hugs him. She has decided. To be his number 3. She doesn’t mind adultery and wants him to spoil her more often. Issei couldn’t resist her seduction and lies on her lap pillow. What if Rias finds out? Oops. Too late. There she is. His cheeks got pinched. Thank goodness it is only that. Obviously she leaves mad and despite Akeno calling her the number one candidate, it doesn’t please her at all because she thought she was the furthest. Issei and Asia continue with Gasper’s training. He easily gives up but Issei reminds him about their goal. Yeah. His goal to grope women’s boobs. He is willing to play the devil as long as Gasper gets strong. Nice reasoning? Well, it motivated Gasper to carry on. Meanwhile Vali is seen talking to Azazel. The former regrets being born in this era because God is no more. He wanted a chance to defeat Him and is not interested in this boring world. Rias takes her Occult Club members (with the exception of Gasper and Koneko who stayed back) to the summit. All the important characters are here. They talk about Kokabiel’s attempts to start a war and Azazel sounds quite obnoxious in answering. He let Kokabiel roam free to see his intention and asked the White Dragon to dispose of him so he’s not going to come back ever. Azazel wants to get over with this boring discussion and form an alliance to get over this. He points out this is what the Demons wanted since the beginning.

Episode 11
Azazel asks the opinion of the dragons since they don’t belong to any faction but have the power to change the world. Vali just wants to fight strong people but he can do that without resorting to war, right? Issei can’t come up with an answer so Azazel puts it this way. If there is a war, he won’t get to sleep with Rias. Imagine there is peace, he’ll be able to have sex with her and produce babies every night. Not a bad deal, right? With that, Issei votes for peace and blurts out he wants to have sex with Rias. Oops. Issei has a question for Michael. Why did he expel Asia who was faithful to God? After His demise, only the system remained. It is barely functioning with him at the centre and hence anything that could negatively affect it must be purged. That’s why Asia and Xenovia were branded as heretics otherwise they couldn’t have maintained the system as they rely on the faith of the people. Michael is deeply sorry over it but Xenovia and Asia inform that they are living a great life as Demons. Suddenly time stops. Only high levelled entities and sword users are not frozen. Magicians swamp down into the place and start attacking. They deduce Gasper may have been captured and forced to amplify his power. Issei learns Gasper is more powerful than he thinks because he is a Mutation Piece (made up of several chess pieces from what I understand). Rias didn’t leave Koneko behind for no reason. Because she can do castling (a king and rook swap places). Grayfia suggests Rias can take along one more person if Sirzechs uses his power. Issei will go. Vali thinks it would be easier to just kill off Gasper and the enemy but Azazel reminds that they are here to make peace. So he orders Vali to fight the magicians and throw them into disarray. Vali easily transforms into his dragon form and kicks ass. Before Rias and Issei go, Azazel gives them an armband. One is for Issei to use as last resort to achieve Balance Breaker. The other is for Gasper to control his power.

After they leave, Cattleya appears before everyone. She is the descendent of Leviathan and was one of the Demon Kings before Serafall took over. She is all for war and chaos. She has concluded that after God and the Demon Kings death, a new world needs to be recreated as seen fit. Azazel decides to fight her alone. Noting her powerful aura, he knows descendents cannot be this powerful and wonders who is supporting her from behind. She isn’t telling. Rias is surprised to see Cattleya. Explaining to Issei, after the Demon Kings died, new ones assumed their names. The Demons could have been totally wiped out had the war not been stopped but the descendents of the old Demon Kings wished for the war to continue and were banished to a corner of the Underworld. Cattleya is that descendent of that old Demon Lord Leviathan. But they can’t be preoccupied with this fight as they have to rescue Gasper and Koneko. Rias orders Issei to promote himself into Queen. When they break in, Gasper wants them to kill him. He regrets causing trouble again. Rias tells him off not to say such foolish things and reminds him when she picked him up, she told him to live for her sake and at the same time find a way of life that he finds satisfying. In short, she will never abandon him. She treasures her servants and it’s okay for him to cause her lots of problems (like Issei?) because she will continue to scold him again, comfort him again but will never let him go. Issei nails it that everyone is his comrades. So don’t give up and fight. He summons Ascalon just to cut his own hand and fling his blood towards Gasper. A taste of that little drip causes Gasper to power up, stopping time to free himself and Koneko. Then he goes on a batty rampage against his captors with Issei performing his finishing move of breaking their robes. Say, why are all those magicians females? Now he wants to grope their perfect boobs but of course at this time of chaos, Rias won’t let him. They have to hurry back to the rest.

Episode 12
Once Gasper is in Sirzechs’ hands, Rias and co go on the offensive. But seeing them in action is not enough for Gasper. It’s that guilt trip again. He feels he wants to be a more manly man to help them so he takes off the armband. This causes time to resume normally and unfreeze those affected. Azazel takes out Downfall Dragon Spear, an artificial Sacred Gear he made and turns himself into a Dragon Armour. In a swift blow, he deals quite a damage to Cattleya. She is not going down alone and plans to take him along so Azazel sacrifices his left arm to kill her off. After the rest of the other magicians are eliminated, Vali attacks and almost hits Azazel and Issei. Turns out Vali is the traitor among the group. Azazel wants to confirm something from him. His deputy, Shemhaza deduced somebody has been collecting dangerous elements among the 3 forces and formed an organization called Khaos Brigade. The one holding them together is Uroboros Dragon, Ophis, believed to be the strongest dragon even God fears. Vali admits he joined forces with Ophis but has no interest in this world. People who wish to use their power simply flock to them on their own. Everyone is surprised to learn Vali is the descendent of the previous Demon King. His father a Demon King and mother a mere human. A half breed. Because of this mixture, Vali considers himself to be miraculously strong and makes comparisons with Issei whom he considers weak. He thinks of awakening Issei’s brutal side by killing his parents. Issei is so upset with those words that he over boosts and transforms into his armoured version. All that hatred has channelled to draw out the dragon’s true power. However Vali is still superior since he is able to absorb his power. Vali has another idea. Maybe he should kill his friends first and then go for his parents. Issei is totally worked up and pummels Vali. He even lets him absorb all the power so his armour breaks from the overflow. But you know what? Vali could easily regain his armour.

Issei is going to do a move that is considered suicide but he isn’t going to die yet. Not until he has taken Rias’ virginity. He is willing to bear the pain. And so Issei tries to absorb and fuse Vali’s power. Vali thinks it is impossible because the White and Red Dragon are opposites. But seeing Yuuto did with his hybrid sword have opened up this possibility. He might be a fool with no talent. He’ll just do it with all his emotions. Vali gets serious when he starts distorting the dimension so Azazel plans to do one more experiment. He makes it easier for Issei to understand. Vali’s power halves everything, right? So imagine if Rias’ boobs are halved. Oh. He gets the idea. The horror if all the boobs in the world are halved! See the tremendous power overflowing through Issei! Unforgivable! He becomes stronger and faster and connects every punch into Vali’s face. This is for Rias’ boobs! Akeno! Xenovia! Asia! Not forgetting Koneko too! Vali wants to unleash Juggernaut Drive but Albion advises this is not the place to do it. Issei is already near his limit. Vali’s subordinate, Bikou breaks the fight. He is supposed to be Son Goku from the Journey To The West. He informs they’re going to be fighting Earth Gods in the north so they’ve been called back. Till the next time they meet, Vali hopes Issei will go stronger. Issei is glad he has protected those boobs. And is rewarded with Rias’. He asks Michael for one last favour. To let Xenovia and Asia offer their prayer. Since they are okay that God is dead, they still want to do so. He is willing to tweak the system for them as a couple of demons doing so won’t be any different. Irina apologizes for jumping to conclusion that they betrayed the faith, now that she knows the truth. Next day, the Occult Club members get a surprise because Azazel has become their advisor and will be staying on Earth for a while. He got Sirzechs’ permission and also Souna somewhat sold them out because she was ‘threatened’ that Serafall would be transferred here. Azazel’s left arm is now mechanical and equipped with lots of gadgets. Another condition for his stay here is that he is to help develop their Sacred Gears and will hammer in the results of his research. Oh, one last message from Sirzechs. During his stay at Issei’s place, he noticed the importance of skinship to Issei. Thus he allows all girls of the club to stay at his place! And so, Akeno, Xenovia and Koneko move in. It’s going to be crowded. The competition is going to be intense. Maybe they should get a bigger house. And with peaceful times around, the girls get to fight over Issei as they walk to school. Azazel notes white the white desires power, the red desires women. Even without God, the world still turns.

Boobs For World Peace!
It doesn’t disappoint and I can say that this season is as good as the previous, if not getting better. Despite the handful of new characters and terms introduced, thankfully I can still manage it and it made me even more curious to find out what next. So please, let’s have another third season, okay? Even if the ending as usual isn’t one that really ends but opens up a whole lot of new possibilities, I suppose the execution was done right to leave viewers like me wanting more of the series in terms of the plot rather than the fanservice. Yes. Believe it. I prefer the story to the fanservice which just comes off as extra bonus.

So let’s talk about the fanservice first and get this out of the way. The version I saw was the uncensored one just like last season. (As usual they gave 2 choices of censored or uncensored and I opted the latter not because I am a pervert but rather the fansubs of the show that previously did this and I am sticking too took that version). This means there are lots of naked big boobs zoom in (courtesy of Rias and Akeno providing lots of them) and panty shots from certain angle just to tease our horny desires. So what is the point of buying the DVDs if you can watch these uncensored already? As I found out, the DVDs contain extra fanservice scenes so a normal episode that runs approximately 24 minutes is blown up to close to 30 minutes! Wow. Extra fanservice moments and I can guess which scenes they are. Since I’m not really that hard up, I will pass. Really. The mid-intermission is still another place for topless fanservice that is worthy of being a Playboy pull-out. The girls in random poses and in very ambiguous positions but enough to cover the necessary parts so as not to make this hentai. Just the disturbing thing is that Gasper did have one or two poses of his own. Is the trap fetish rising in the world? I know I would be sorely disappointed too…

Issei is still the same person as we know in the first season. He truly treasures his friends and is willing to stand up for them. However there is something about the way he gets worked up when somebody says bad about them. I know it’s a good thing but he is filled with so much angst that you can’t help feel that as though that person belongs to Issei. For instance, people badmouth Asia and Issei really tells them off. But the way he says it makes it feel as though Asia is his property and belongs to nobody else. Why not? That’s what a harem is all about, right? He is even kind enough to ask Michael to let Asia and Xenovia say some prayers to God. Nobody would have gotten this for them, would they? It would be a pain (literally) to see them say their prayers and then feel the effects of headache. Cute but pitiful. Power wise, he may still be the weakest but he is still growing and thanks to his perverted power and his ultimate goal of taking Rias’ virginity, it proves that the power of perversion is the most powerful instant power of all time. More powerful than the glucose athletes take for power before their serious competition. Well, at least he has a goal in life. From the looks of it, it seems that Issei has a lot more to go and a lot more ways he could power up and fuse stuffs and weapons. It all boils down to the will of his heart. Even a fool can turn the impossible possible. Also, despite Issei’s power up and improvement, it feels like he didn’t go anywhere. His Sacred Gear may have been through several evolutions but from an overall perspective, he is still pretty much weak due to his physical abilities. Then there is his goal of becoming harem king. Doesn’t feel like he is an inch closer although we can sense that the Occult Club girls are getting closer to him by the day. But still in this sense, he didn’t move much, didn’t he?

It is also nice to see some of the Occult Club members like Yuuto and Akeno to have their past revealed with the first half heavily focusing on Yuuto. I guess this is partly to show that Issei isn’t the only guy who has to hog the spotlight. Well, not the harem spotlight, that is. You can count on everyone in the Occult Club to still be the same people they are except with some minor or major improvements in their battle repertoire. Though, I somehow felt Koneko was very much side-lined in this season and as far as I can remember her main role is to be the deadpan tsukkomi part for Issei’s perversion. It’s great to see the Occult Club gaining more members and Rias is slowly on her way to complete her own set of chess pieces. All that is left now is a rook and 7 more pawns. Or maybe Issei is too big of a pawn that he fills up all the pawn roles. Xenovia sounds serious but sometimes I can’t help feel she is a little airhead especially when it comes to anything else other than fighting or praying to God. Her making babies statement is one good example. She doesn’t sound desperate. She doesn’t sound like she understood the entire concept of it. Like a robot, maybe? I guess with mature women and lolis in the club, they try to have a trap feature with Gasper. It’s because of his low self-confidence and whiny ways that makes him sound girly. So girly that I thought he should also be staying in Issei’s house. It’s all in the mind… I’m not sure if he understands the implication of helping Issei’s perverted dream but at least it boosts his self-confidence.

New characters bring in new breathe of life into the storyline with the heads of the 3 main factions as cool as the position they sit in. Azazel is cool because he has confidence in everything he says despite there is a pinch of arrogance in it. It’s like he knows a lot of things. Probably thanks to his research. Michael seems to be holding out playing God’s role quite well. He wouldn’t have been God’s archangel if he starts feeling the strain of everything. Vali is superbly powerful and could be the next big antagonist if there is ever another season. He recharges fast and loves challenging strong people. Ironically even though he views Issei as the weakest, he sees potential in him and wants him to grow stronger before their ultimate showdown in the future. Minor characters from the first season like Saji have been given a little more screen time with his surprise Sacred Gear and who knows what kind of potential this guy would have. Will he be Issei’s ally or rival? Some new characters don’t seem to have much impact yet such as Serafall. Just this season, she is shown as a magical girl fanatic who dotes on her younger sister. Likewise with Irina, during Kokabiel’s arc and after his defeat, I don’t feel much of her impact overall. Instead it went to Xenovia since she joined the club. Then there are those like Cattleya who just appeared for the final 2 episodes and got killed off. Finally, I’m wondering what happened to Freed. He was in Albion’s hands the last we saw him. Have they got what they wanted from him? Either way, will he be back in the future?

The romance part may not be developing that much but you can see some developments in the sense that Rias is getting more and more concerned about Issei, especially if she takes his eyes off him. Because for all you know the seductive Akeno may just steal him from underneath her nose. Akeno has always been able to keep her cool and in this sense she is quite a ‘dangerous’ person if she were to snatch Issei away from her. I know Issei will always consider Rias to be her number one but when you are a guy whose horniness does the talking, any sexy girl who can give you such pleasure will definitely take top spot. As seen many times when it comes to Issei, Akeno is willing to defy her master and make her move. Or is it just a ploy to get Rias to realize what is important to her and make her move first? It makes me wonder if Akeno considers herself as number 3, who is number 2 then? Asia or Xenovia? Because Asia has been living with Issei and they have this closeness and bond whereas Xenovia may be clueless but she’s bold enough to even bring in the condoms and doesn’t get nervy when she uses the sex word. I thought Irina would have been another major player in Issei’s potential harem since she is her childhood friend but looks could be deceiving. But I guess she’s more faithful to God. Maybe next time.

The action is rather okay this season and with the new power ups and several terms, it doesn’t feel heavy or overwhelming. Each fight is packed with power and you could feel the energy brimming especially from Issei when he boosts up. Maybe as we progress, there will be lots more other terms coming into play since as hinted there are other supernatural creatures from legends and myths around in addition to the 3 great factions. Yeah. I have a feeling this show is going to be a big messy melting pot involving monsters, aliens, gods and demi-gods. If everybody starts fighting, Earth is going to be one hell of a messed up place. That means no time for fooling around in your harem. So remember people. Always vote for peace!

But the mind boggling part is that God is dead for a long time. Someone we all believed to be the Creator of the universe is dead? Not even eternal? That’s news. If that is the case, it just brings more questions if there is another higher being than God. Because if God was really powerful and almighty, the great war wouldn’t have taken so long and victory would have been on Heaven’s side. Don’t tell me everything was just a ploy because God was just playing dead to test the faith of everyone, He is in hiding for some ultimate plan of His, so and so. That would be major disappointing. Assuming God in this anime is really dead, it proves that life can still go on. Not to say that we don’t need God to carry on life, rather like what Asia implied, there is more to life than just concentrating everything onto the Lord. You’ll experience lots of other stuffs that way. I think that is what God wants too. Another irony seen is that the Demons are like the good guys as far as this anime is concerned. But don’t let your type pigeonhole everything. It’s not your status or creature type that counts. It’s the inside. Now you understand why some girls flock over to Issei despite his obvious perverted brain and not his buddies?

With seiyuus of last season retained, many joined this season’s cast that includes Rikiya Koyama as Azazel (Kiritsugu in Fate/Zero), Ryota Ohsaka as Vali (Staz in Blood Lad), Risa Taneda as Xenovia (Yukari in Yuyushiki), Ayane Sakura as Gasper (Miyabi in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru), Ai Shimizu as Serafall (Ren in DearS), Maaya Uchida as Irina (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Michael (Shihcika in Katanagatari, Arata in Chihayafuru), Hiroki Yasumoto as Kokabiel (Sado in Bleach), Ryota Takeuchi as Albion (Drake in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), Eizou Tsuda as Balba (Heinemann in Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse) and Harumi Sakurai as Cattleya (Lisanna in Fairy Tail).

For this season, there are 2 opening and ending themes. Somehow they all don’t appeal to me. Probably it sounded and looked too generic. The first opening theme is Sympathy by Larval Stage Planning while the second opening song is Gekijouron by ZAQ. The ending themes are sung by the Occult Club female members. The first one being Houteishiki Wa Kotaenai and the second one, Lovely Devil. Both animations are filled with fanservice with the first one having naked unknown girls whom I believe are Issei’s classmates. Since last season we had pole dancing fanservice, this time for the second ending credits animation we have some sort of funny erotic dance. Either in some sort of erotic animal suit or S&M bikini. The most disturbing part is that Gasper is part of it (including singing the song). See! Do I sense some sort of trap fetish here?! It could have been straightforward if Gasper was casted as a girl but noooo… They had to screw the minds of us who are not trap fetish with so many scenes in the anime having Gasper in certain ambiguous positions. Sure Gasper looks cute and lovely… But remember… He’s a guy… So screwed up… I understand how Issei and Saji feel…

Overall, the second season is just as fun as the first with more characters and more storyline-cum-politics from all the factions to drive the plot somewhere. It will be great to see another season in the works and probably they could make this one last longer. Of course there is a caution that when you have so high expectations, the sequels will not turn out as great as you think. But still, I have really high hopes for this series. Packing in some drama, action, supernatural fantasy, romance and comedy all into one. Oh yeah. Don’t forget the ecchi fanservice. You can’t do this series without it. Now can we use sex as an argument and excuse to advocate for world peace? Maybe. If you’re Issei with a badass Sacred Gear. Otherwise just vote for peace and be a closet pervert. Because when war comes, nobody gets time to enjoy their favourite perverted past time. Then there would be a big world filled with angry and people full of rage not getting their daily dose of porn.

Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san Z

November 23, 2013

There’s always a little devil inside of us. Because we have this thing called conscious and don’t like to get our hands dirty, I suppose that is what summoned demons are for. To do the dirty job on our behalf or someone’s. After the devilishly hilarious and nonsensical first season, I never expected this series to have another so it is quite a welcoming treat to watch Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san Z. If you think demons are scary and frightening, just wait till you see the ones here. So cute, so dumb and so hilarious, it makes you wonder if demon is just the name of a race and nothing to do with the evil personality that we all know. It makes you wonder if we humans are the one being true demons especially a certain cold hearted but insanely powerful boss of a detective agency that houses these demons. They are the ones who are at his mercy. So really. Can they call themselves demons? The demons along with the female assistant go around doing their detective work that needs the use of some demonic touch (how else do you break up someone who is cheating on you?). If you enjoy the devilishly funny first season, you’ll enjoy this equally devilish sequel too. Guaranteed.

Episode 1
Remember how Moloch died so fast in the first season without making any decent appearance? Looks like he gets his own cute opening theme (for this episode only anyway). Turns out it is an anime of him and his fellow chicken and pig friends running away from the curry chef trying to make them into curry stew. As Koutarou points out, due to the popularity of the mascot and thus the anime adaptation, Moloch plushies are selling like hot cakes. Thanks to the demon raccoon named Ose (who is under contract of Koutarou’s genius classmate Osamu Osanai), his ability to copy things is making the plushies selling off the shelves. Also pointed out that the plushies are a hit with girls so Azazel tries to scout Ose to make a sex doll for him. I don’t think his pubic hair bribe would even do the trick! Disgusting! He is kicked out. Going back to hell, Azazel and Beelzebub see Moloch. He is not the Moloch as we know from before but his brother. They show him the plushie and he finds he has become a disgrace to his race. As narrated if an angel takes a grimoire away and the demon dies, he will never be reborn. But the grimoire may pop up somewhere in the human world. Moloch wants to make Akutabe pay for his life. He is not doing this for his brother but for his race. Azazel notes he is powerful but not enough against Akutabe. Moloch is arrogant and dismisses Azazel’s warning. Azazel talks to Beelzebub that talking to this muscle brain won’t do them any good but Beelzebub has an idea and will agree to lend Moloch his wisdom. When they return, Sakuma is happy that Moloch is back but the rest try to dismiss it as a plushie. Sakuma doesn’t seem convinced. Because Sakuma continues to fawn all over Moloch, Azazel sticks his fork up he ass! The punishment? Sakuma pounds his head as he heads straight down to the Earth’s core! Oh sh*t! Azazel has doubts in this plan because if Sakuma can figure Moloch out, how the hell is their plan for Moloch to be a doll work out with Akutabe then? Beelzebub says that he too will have an opening if they watch him 24/7. Speaking of that ‘devil’, he just returns. So badass this guy that all the other animals start acting restless in his presence.

Episode 2
Instantly, Akutabe can feel that something is wrong with this room! Like there is something new… Oh sh*t! And if anybody dares say his intuition is wrong like Azazel, he did not hesitate to fire his finger gun! Beelzebub must be panicking so hard that his brain is jammed up trying to come up with an excuse and prevent their cover from being blown (because if it does, their ass will be as good as dead too). If he doesn’t do anything, he’ll be dead in the next scene! The sound of a cat is heard and Beelzebub points out this must be the thing he sensed. Beelzebub in cat outfit? Akutabe throws him out of the window! Animal abuse! Like he cares! Although Azazel survives the fall due to his agility of a cat, he becomes road kill. Sakuma returns and advises Beelzebub to stay away from Akutabe because it is that time of the month when his mood goes totally dark and his senses sharpen. Beelzebub wants to take Moloch and retreat but is forced away by Sakuma. Azazel thought of giving his porn to Akutabe to relieve some steam but was thrown out of the window and become road kill. In the next room where Koutarou is packing his Moloch plushies, Beelzebub tries to think of a way to get them out before it’s too late but Azazel seems to try to wash his hands off this case and acts like he doesn’t want to get involved anymore. When Akutabe is asleep, Moloch thinks he let his guard down and starts to pounce on him. However he is whacked away with in a single swipe. Like as though he knew it was coming. Moloch starts to fear as he sees Akutabe’s deadly aura. Now do you know the true meaning of fear? He runs as Akutabe tries to catch him. He hides in the plushies room. Akutabe plays mind games with Moloch, telling him that a demon as vulnerable without his grimoire. Thinking Moloch is at the end of the plushie row (because he is shaking), Akutabe gives him a chance to give up now and will spare his life. Since there is no response, he throws the grimoire at him and soon he explodes! Guts everywhere! The real Moloch is actually hiding inside the closet and very terrified he had witnessed the true evil. Flashback 2 hours ago, when Koutarou and the rest went out for lunch, Azazel snuck in and dressed up in one of the plushies in hopes he could get lucky with a girl tomorrow. That’s when Akutabe came in. He couldn’t hear a word he says and the poor ventilation means he is sweating and can’t breathe. That’s when the grimoire hit him. As he picks up his pieces, he sees Moloch turned pale. So dreadful that he passes out. Not that tough anymore, huh? When Koutarou returns, he is devastated that all the plushies are dirty. He needs to deliver at least one tomorrow. Seeing the pale Moloch as clean, he ships this one out. Gone forever?

Episode 3
Koutarou has piles and is sent to see a doctor. However all the doctors that specializes in haemorrhoids recently started resigning. Rest assured, Koutarou is able to see Reika Kikukawa, the Master of Piles! Azazel is jealous that Koutarou gets to get his butt examined by a female doctor whose name sounds like a porn star! But Reika turns out to be a… Transvestite. Lost that excitement, eh? Koutarou refuses to have his butt stared by a transvestite but he assures he is a doctor first and wants to save lives. He doesn’t believe him and Beelzebub’s abilities to tell the truth reveals Reika’s true goal is to do ‘that’ with unsuspecting boys under the pretence of treatment! Reika restrains him and examines his ass. The diagnosis is bad. He must undergo operations in 3 days. I understand why Koutarou doesn’t want to and prefers to live with his piles. His chastity might be in danger with this transvestite around. He is made to stay and at the same time, a bald man, Nobuki Marukome with the worst piles ever is moved in as his roommate. It is rumoured that all the anal doctors who treated him gave up. He even refuses to undergo any operation. Koutarou is forced to listen to his talk on despair. He once worked in the Middle East disarming bombs left over by the war. There was a village kid called Tinpoi who looked so much like Koutarou. If he was alive, he’d be his age now. One day, they found a big bomb that would be big enough to raze the entire village. Though it was successfully disarmed, another big bomb went off in front of the villagers. It was the bomb of his ass! So that’s how his piles story came about?! Tinpoi and all the villagers laughed at him and he felt so ridiculed that he couldn’t believe in anything anymore. A person who disarms bombs has a weak mentality? Just then, his piles start acting up again and so big the explosion that the ceiling is covered with blood! Seeing the seriousness of this, Koutarou agrees Reika to operate on him but Marukome still won’t allow any operation done, still talking about the true despair of betrayal and is suspicious if Reika is a true doctor. Reika forces him to undergo operation so Marukome comments that today he will lose his title of Master of Piles today. As he is wheeled away, Koutarou’s butt experiences a huge bloody piles explosion. He then realizes Marukome is a demon summoner.

Episode 4
When Sakuma, Azazel and Beelzebub visit Koutarou, they find Reika had resigned right before the operation. He even quit being a transvestite! What happened? Koutarou is also in despair. Checking around, they see a pig punk demon next to Marukome. Azazel argues with Eurynome of Despair and both try to act tough. Azazel chickens out when Eurynome threatens to read his embarrassing school essay! WTF?! Marukome tells Eurynome to stop and explains this demon will not hesitate to steal someone’s life. His ability of despair robs people’s hopes. This is what happened to Koutarou and the rest of the people in this room. Marukome is doing this because he thinks it is better to die happy rather than to live a life filled with suffering and betrayal. Sakuma tells him off he has no right to rob other people’s happiness because of his own problem. Marukome challenges her if she can show him the beauty of this world and worth living, he will free everyone. Otherwise, she will lose her life. Guess what? Sakuma passes! Yeah. Nice move. She doesn’t want to die yet and doesn’t consider these people her friends. So why looks so disappointed, baldy? Azazel thinks he has a way to save him. That is, making him watch a porn video. Despite his healthy cock stand, he mentions this only brings empty delight. Satisfying your lust for the moment only to be brought back to solitude. So want to watch more? Thinking he is just lonely, Sakuma wonders if there was someone by his side to share his happiness and sadness. Marukome thinks back if he only had somebody like her then. Marukome’s eyes lit up thinking Sakuma may be her destined one but she instantly rejects him, making him fall into despair. Eurynome taunts her that if he despairs one more time, everyone will die. If what she said earlier is true, then prove herself to save him. A nurse walks in so Sakuma orders Azazel to make her fall in love with Marukome. Instantly she is all over him. So happy that he tells off Eurynome to stop and free everybody. Since he has found true love, he doesn’t need him anymore. Eurynome is not amused and won’t let him go but Marukome knocks him out with a book. And so everyone is freed and Koutarou’s piles got cured. When Marukome is out with the nurse, a burly guy confronts Marukome and beats him up. Blaming him for making Reika quitting and going home. Because Reika is his best partner! Oh sh*t! And since Marukome wants him to leave his woman alone, I guess there is only one thing left to take responsibility for this mess up. Yeah. He’s going to get screwed and his piles just recovered… Falling into the depths of despair once more…

Episode 5
Undine’s mother is sick and the doctor tells her she has not long to live. 300 more years… Yeah. That’s pretty short for a monster. Her last wish is for Undine to marry. I can see where this is going. Sakuma declines to go to a mixer with her friends Yumi and Maki. When she returns to the office, she sees Undine wanting to resign due to her mom’s condition. Akutabe agrees. And then Undine gets all riled up because he didn’t stop her and throws a fit. She is appalled men are dense, blah, blah, blah. I guess that’s why we’ll never understand women. Undine then hears Sakuma getting a call from her friends wanting her to come to the mixer. Initially Undine is jealous and threatens to kill Sakuma for trying to have fun (although she declined) but in actual fact she wants to go to the mixer. So Sakuma brings her and Undine can sure run her mouth. Her friends didn’t expect to accommodate an extra person. Undine uses her jealousy power on Yumi. Just then, Yumi sees her boyfriend with another woman (much uglier). It’s going to get ugly. Because of that, Yumi can’t join the mixer and thus Undine takes her place. An angel named Gagiel is disguising himself as a university student in order to hunt down demons. Because Hameoka and Yarimura think this geek is looking down on them, they nearly beat him up but when he mentions about the mixer they are going, he forces Gagiel to come along with them so he could be the butt of jokes. And so this is how both sides of the gender meet at the mixer. The guys see pig face Maki and troubled jealous Undine and think this is bad. Their ‘saviour’ is Sakuma because she’s the pretty looking one. Undine gets jealous since Sakuma hogs all the attention so she lies about Sakuma’s brutal past. The guys know they will be in deep sh*t if they date Undine because she starts talking how her goal is to find a guy who would support her and her mother, blah, blah, blah. Maki manages to get the attention of the perverted guys by just boing-boing her boobs. Undine in jealous mode again. She unleashes her power and sends Maki into depression that she wants to die now if nobody wants to date her. Then she bites her own tongue and collapses. Gagiel couldn’t believe he has witnessed Undine using her demonic powers and targets guys in mixers. He vows to purge her. But Undine thinks Gagiel’s fiery eyes are looking at her as a woman. What did she say about never wanting to fall in love again?

Episode 6
Gagiel thinks Undine’s summoner is nearby and it is Sakuma. He plans to hit on her and retrieve the grimoire. Can he do it on another time? Her friend is dying here. Because Sakuma accompanies Maki away to hospital, Gagiel lost his lead on the summoner and decides to get close to Undine to get to Sakuma. Gullible Undine agrees to go out with this geek on a date. Gagiel reports to God he has found a demon and vows to retrieve the grimoire. But the angels remind him of his rank, Baby. As the lowest angelic rank, there are strict limitations of interaction with the opposite sex and thus unsuitable for this mission. However God is interested to see how this virgin takes down the b*tch (OMG! God said that!) and approves of it. Who knows it might turn into some novelty porn that He probably is interested. Gagiel meets Sariel on the way out. Because of his success, he has been promoted to Cherry and the most he is allowed is touching and groping the opposite sex. Gagiel is motivated to rise to this rank without fail. Because Undine is trying to piss Akutabe off that she has a date (not that she will listen to him either), Akutabe orders Sakuma to keep an eye on her to prevent her from doing anything stupid. It’s her responsibility since she took her to the mixer. The date starts off badly. Gagiel is an hour late (he just woke up when Undine arrived). He tries to get on her good side for now and takes her out to eat. We see his bad habits of making her wait while he goes to the toilet, his zip open, tripping and talking about his mother. WTF. He thinks Undine is enjoying herself? She’s just holding it in because she thinks she can brainwash him later. When Gagiel thinks it is safe to ask her about Sakuma, he just pressed the wrong button. Undine becomes jealous thinking he only used her to get to Sakuma. Undine runs away and curses Sakuma and due to that, Sakuma becomes an old lady. Gagiel didn’t know the old hag is her. Sakuma wants him to go after Undine (for the sake of undoing the curse) but Gagiel does so not because of an old hag’s advice but she is the only lead to the grimoire. He catches and says the words that girls love to hear from a guy. Don’t go. I need you. Undine is smitten that she kisses him (disgusting) in the middle of the street. Suddenly he starts to sprout angel wings and a halo. Undine and Sakuma are shock to realize he is an angel. The sky then turns dark. God is not happy because he kissed (even though it wasn’t his fault). If Undine’s beating is not enough, God zaps him with his lightning. He’s dead. Though Undine mourns her love is an angel, she quickly gets over his death (such unstable emotions, eh?) and looks forward to the underworld matchmaking.

Episode 7
Sakuma won a prize to the Ryuujin hotspring. She befriends Mayu Hanasaki who is here on a company trip. They get freaked out when some ugly geek girl, Yoshiko Kobayashi snaps a shot of them to update her blog (it’s her purpose in life). Hanasaki tells this to her senior, Kensaku Nishimura and he wastes no time in smashing her PDA to teach her a lesson. Sakuma eats dinner with the rest of the guests that includes Hanasaki’s chief Sanpei Noro, a husband-wife pair Funakoshi and Nagisa, comedian duo Hajime and Shinichi (Detective Conan look-a-like?!), inspector Souji Hashiba, wanted criminal, Masakazu Katsura, inn hostess Ranko Edogawa. Ranko shows them the legend of Ryuujin Lake whereby the people sacrificed themselves enough to fill the lake with their blood to the Ryuujin God so their famine can end. However, the God looks so funny and they can’t help laugh. But as pointed out, those who laugh at it will suffer a curse. Everyone tries to hold back but it seems Ranko is trying to make them laugh while playing a funny song. Nishimura then tells her off to stop frightening people with such stupid lies and doesn’t believe in the curse. Late that night, Sakuma is awakened by a scream. Everyone sees Nishimura dead in his own pool of blood. Is this the curse? Ranko points out the killings will go on till the anger is allayed. Furthermore on this stormy night, the only access to the inn is cut off and everyone is trapped with the murderer. Hashiba introduces himself and warns he suspects everyone as the suspects until the culprit is found. Katsura who was bragging about killing instincts suddenly become afraid. Hashiba interrogates him but how come it’s just about the candies he stole?! What about the murder?! Don’t tell me he likes those candies. Comedians Hajime and Shinichi stand up (pun intended) and mention they saw someone suspicious. Then they act out a comedy play of a murder case like this. The play is so stupid (accusing each other as the culprit) that they just can’t stand it. This causes Sakuma to blow her top and tell off everyone the seriousness of this case. Someone died! Help won’t come! And we’re stuck with a murderer in the midst! Calm down. Hanasaki then realizes she has an idea who the culprit is.

Episode 8
Hanasaki points out the culprit as Kobayashi because she remembers she was bickering with Nishimura. Checking out her blog, it seems there is murderous intent. However Kobayashi claims innocent. Funakoshi and Nagisa reveal they are detectives and chase after Kobayashi. They corner her and due to the psychological pressure, she jumps off the cliff! Looking further in her blog, it seems she has an alibi. Sakuma reveals she works for a detective agency and would like to help out. Employee Yoshirou Inoue points out he saw Noro going to Hanasaki’s room, which is close to the murder scene. Though Noro denies, Azazel sense that this old guy and Hanasaki are hiding something. Then he realizes the connection between the duo. Because Sakuma laments if only Beelzebub was here to make everyone tell the truth, Azazel throws a fit and wants Sakuma to apologize if he is to help her out. Whatever. Because nobody can hear Azazel, Sakuma points out Noro as the culprit. Immediately Hashiba restrains him. Sakuma becomes embarrassed to say that Noro and Hanasaki are in a sexual relation. Funny part is how when Azazel notes nobody can escape from his carnal relationship sense (because he can see a pink string around them) as he is the demon of lust, he sees Ranko having pink strings everywhere! She’s done in the members of her troop, the cow and even the carrot???!!! WTF is this lady?! Noro wants proof of Sakuma’s accusation so she mentions if he remembers where he left his spectacles. Everyone rushes back to his room to see S&M toys. Noro admits he is in such a relationship with Hanasaki but has an alibi he didn’t kill Nishimura because he was tied up by her. Hanasaki changes into her true character into a sadistic woman and beats him up for revealing it. As everyone continues to ponder, suddenly Nishimura wakes up! Not a ghost. Before he could tell what happen, he realizes something and feigns he can’t remember it and believes it’s the curse. This guy? Azazel also realizes something on him. First he has Sakuma tell everyone to recreate the sequence of events leading up to this incident and let Nishimura soak in the hotspring again. After he comes out, Azazel makes him erect. That is one gigantic DICK, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! After seeing his unusual stretched underwear, Azazel explains when Nishimura was coming back from the hotspring, he saw Noro’s room. He got aroused and an erection. Because the bath made his blood circulation better, his big dick means the erection caused all the blood to rush there and he passed out. Nishimura couldn’t take this embarrassment and trips, knocking his head on the statue. I guess that’s how the blood came about. In short, he passed out from anaemia after the bath. Kobayashi’s blog indicates she is saved and alive. Noro is worried that his wife would find out but Hanasaki after seeing Nishimura’s gigantic manhood, dumps Noro and sleeps with him. What a whore…

Episode 9
Akutabe is called in to investigate a card left by a thief that he will steal the Philosopher’s Stone at the museum. This is no ordinary thief because this pervert, 48 Faced Freak is an extreme exhibitionist despite also being a demon summoner! Look how he loves swinging his gigantic dick around?! Sakuma and Beelzebub go around trying to find the culprit and it looks like this is not an inside job as all the guards are clean. Suddenly we see 48 Faced Freak starts dancing and swinging his dick around Sakuma and singing his Chinese song! Why didn’t she realize it? Thanks to his demon, Sargatanas who is able to hide his presence. When Azazel is arguing with Beelzebub and Sakuma, he thought he saw some guardian angel (48 Faced Freak) popping up behind them before disappearing. This act is caught on camera as Akutabe calls Sakuma to get out of there. But it’s too late. She vanishes. She finds herself in some sort of perverted land as 48 Face Freak interrogates her. Tell the truth or feel the wrath of his dick… Oh, she lied once about Akutabe… Beelzebub tricked to follow of trail of porn magazines into a trap. 48 Faced Freak asks him about Akutabe and he gladly tells all as long as he has his porn. He will punish Sakuma for lying. Sakuma realizes he is not an ordinary summoner. He is about to kill Azazel with a grimoire when Akutabe kicks him away. While Azazel and Beelzebub are silly in their antics over porn, Akutabe gets serious in butchering this guy. But 48 Faced Freak is no pushover and challenges Akutabe. It feels like a battle manga as they both emit huge deadly aura. Since 48 Faced Freak just wants to show off his perversion, Azazel wants to stop that pervert. Who else better than to stop one? Seriously. Azazel uses his move called The End Of Son by using negative erotic power to reduce libido and releasing them that is stored in his body. Because he took too long, 48 faced Freak escapes in the nick of time via Sargatanas. Akutabe hears his voice who is going to do something funny to Sakuma. Since Akutabe has forgotten his grudge against him, 48 Faced Freak reminds him that he took something dear away from him.

Episode 10
When he was a good priest, there was this kind lady Maria whom the town loves. One night Akutabe showed up to let him see Maria’s true form. She’s a whore who sleeps with all the guys in town. At first he didn’t believe and thought the guys forced her into it for the money but Maria from her own mouth admits she’s a whore. That’s when his world broke apart, indulged in the temptations and vowed to make Akutabe taste the same pain. Akutabe remembers this clearly. After he left, he wanted to exorcise Maria’s demon: Azazel. Eh? So how is he in the picture? Let’s say he helped her manage the finance. So it’s his fault, eh? Despite the misplaced grudge, 48 Faced Freak still wants to do something funny to Sakuma. He is a pervert first before an avenger. Sakuma feels ticklish and since she is not lewd, he puts her out and will have her way with her then. Akutabe is cool. Because he punches and breaks through the next dimension where they are! Don’t even ask how he did that. But 48 Faced Freak soon collapses due to the effects of The End Of Son exploded. Now his dick is so tiny that you can’t see a thing! Akutabe leaves Sakuma and the demons to watch them. Azazel turns into a violent abusing officer. Looks who’s the tough guy now? It is revealed 48 Faced Freak was here to steal the grimoire and not the Philosopher’s Stone. Azazel’s The End Of Son’s effect also starts to kick in. He needs something perverted and Sakuma won’t let her guard down for a single second for his sake. He can die for all she cares, right? 48 Faced Freak feels sorry for him and allows him to read his porn. Azazel feels bad for him and thinks of lifting the curse but was thankfully stopped. Beelzebub reveals his true intention into tricking the dimwit to free him and escape. This earns Sakuma’s wrath that Azazel is a useless piece of sh*t and warns not to do anything. Feeling deceived, Azazel blasts him with another The End Of Son. However this is a wrong move. With so much magic inside his body, 48 Faced Freak’s dick becomes a monster! Taller than Tokyo Tower! He’s going on a rampage! What’s it feel like for a city to be smashed by someone’s dick? Even if Azazel seems pitiful, but Sakuma is obviously upset at this idiot. She warns him again not to do anything. Will he ever learn? Sakuma tries to convince 48 Faced Freak that the real Maria wouldn’t be happy to see him like this and points out the real Maria isn’t what he thinks. Till Azazel had to open his big mouth that Maria was a whore all along. The truth hurts. 48 Faced Freak goes crazier. Before he can smash the city and before Azazel can use The Final End Of Son, Beelzebub makes 48 Faced Freak has a bad stomach ache. So he is in a dilemma to whether poop or maintain his erection. The situation is brought under control so 48 Faced Freak will retreat for now but vows to steal the grimoire one day.

Episode 11
Sakuma thought Akutabe stole the grimoire from the museum but that place is too dangerous to be left there. He gives it to Sakuma and wants her to make a new contract. Meanwhile Azazel continues to sulk at his home. He is depressed ever since being called useless at the perverted incident. Not even mommy can help him so she brings Kyoko over. She is worried about him and reminds his promise to become the demon king. His negativity is so low that I think Kyoko’s slap sends him halfway around the world! I’m sure he doesn’t want to risk his life when she is in this killer mode so he agrees to fulfil that promise. But first he tells her how the guys at work are treating him and thus why he is not turning up. Yeah, being demon king is tough. Lots of enemies. Even America and Soviet Union. Kyoko wants to go talk to them but seeing how nasty this will get, Azazel returns to Akutabe’s office and the first thing he did was to profusely apologize. But Sakuma isn’t mad. Sure this is her? Even mommy and Kyoko are here to see things out, much to Azazel’s dismay. Azazel is touched by Sakuma’s kindness and can’t resist groping her. She knew this was coming and kicks him away. She introduces him to Incubus, a newly summoned demon whose powers is almost the same as Azazel. That’s why they had no trouble with work… Feeling more useless, eh? But Incubus seems to look up to Azazel as his senior greatly. Azazel changes his tune and becomes the boss to train this kid up. On their next field work whereby they’re supposed to break up a cheating husband with his mistress, Azazel shows how it’s done. Turns out after 2 hours, he’s just watching them in the love hotel! Then that guy has multiple partners and goes to sleep with her in her apartment. Again, Azazel moves into action but just watches them for another 2 hours! Can you not blame Sakuma for feeling mad? So she sends Incubus in this time and he gets things done by making them sleep and never to go sleep around with real woman anymore (because he prefers the woman of his dreams now. Literally). As narrated, his skill is temptation and those who fall under his curse lose their reason and give in to their temptation. Back at the office, Azazel’s mom and Kyoko can’t wait to hear the wonderful job he has done. They notice Sakuma giving Incubus a much grander sacrifice compared to Azazel’s little pathetic one. What is the meaning of this? They want an explanation. Azazel just eats the sacrifice from the floor like a sad pathetic useless demon. They can’t believe it and shriek in horror. That bad, huh? Welcome to reality. Strangely for once I feel bad for Azazel…

Episode 12
Though Azazel is depressed, Kyoko is there to give him some encouragement. So Azazel goes back to work but was made to clean the toilet bowl. I guess Sakuma thinks this is the best job for him now. She’s got Incubus, right? Because of that, Azazel tries to frame Incubus by pointing fingers at him that he stole Sakuma’s panties (the thief is so obvious) or even take away Koutarou’s hidden porn magazines and DVD collection (too obvious)! He even poos on Akutabe’s table! Better clean it before he com- oh, too late. Now he has to clean up his own blood. As the days pass, Azazel notices even his mother is getting well acquainted with Incubus to a point he suspects them of having an affair right in their home! It’s like Incubus is slowly taking away things from him because he even does Azazel’s share of the cleaning work! His world starts to break apart when Kyoko heard everything from Sakuma about him being a lousy worker. But she still hasn’t given up hope on him and wants to start over (even if it takes centuries!) to become a great demon. Azazel throws a tantrum. Few days later after he calmed down and returns to office, Incubus is nowhere. When Sakuma summons him for work, to their horror they see Incubus F*CKING Kyoko!!!!!!!!! That’s when Azazel snapped. He lost everything. After he runs out in the rain, Kyoko reveals to Sakuma that she was raped and had nothing really going with Incubus. It’s Incubus fault and not Kyoko who cheated on Azazel. When Kyoko was worried about Azazel not talking to her, Incubus was kind enough to listen to her woes. He tried to seduce her but to Kyoko, she only sees Azazel even if he is a useless pervert. Incubus knew that his tricks didn’t work and decided to rape Kyoko in front of Azazel just to break him. Incubus admits everything. He is a demon after all. He is confident Azazel is so broken nothing can fix him. Sakuma panics and doesn’t know what to do. She calls Akutabe and although she will find Azazel, she hopes he could be kind to him. She feels bad for being harsh and mistreating him. Isn’t that Azazel in front on Akutabe right now? Is he trying to jump off the bridge? Well, Akutabe shows his kindness by ignoring him. Then he further continues to ignore what he has to say when Azazel tries to get himself run over by the cars. I think Azazel is really dying to get Akutabe’s attention to hear him out! So once he is heard, Akutabe says he will cancel Sakuma and Incubus’ contract. Azazel is happy but that is just a what-if scenario. Akutabe chides him for depending on others when he is in trouble, what more on a human. He should be ashamed of himself. Is he really a demon? If he is so, he should take back what has been taken. If he can’t, just die. Shocking, no? I guess that’s Akutabe’s kindness for you. And Akutabe just tells Sakuma the truth about Azazel wanting to die and so he let him. Did he make matters worse? Is it really the end of Azazel as we know?

Episode 13
Sakuma and the demons find Azazel’s lifeless body on the street. Beelzebub fears he has entered into the Abyss, a mental state whereby demons suffer and enter when they cannot face reality anymore. It is said once they fall into it, they’ll never wake up again. Azazel is in the deep recess of his mind. He hears his inner voice talk to him but Azazel just happily goes crazy. What has he got to lose now? Till he stumbles into a room where this twin version of him is talking through the microphone. WTF?! Notice the Inception video on his table? Yeah. Mindf*ck.  Dark Azazel tells him most of his powers are sealed and could easily lose to a stray dog. He convinces him that Akutabe is at fault for sealing it and then expecting him to perform. The solution is to merge with him and become Super Azazel. But he refuses. Because with great power comes great responsibility. We’re not watching a superhero movie… Since the coward prefers to frolic in this sanctuary, Dark Azazel forces him to watch what is going on outside now. Sakuma and the rest are concerned about him but this only makes Azazel laugh at this drama. So he is shown another video whereby they drag his body back to the storeroom (because Akutabe doesn’t want his floor to be soiled) and they left him there. They discuss the need to take care of his body for the rest of his life and I suppose the person he wanted most, Sakuma immediately declines seeing she has a busy schedule. Don’t want to take responsibility, huh? Beelzebub suggests to let his body ‘return to the earth’ so his soul can go to heaven. Wait, seriously. A demon going to heaven? Seeing their indifference made Azazel mad. So mad that he powers up into some mad dog. He is going to take revenge on them and takes off Dark Azazel’s sex seal on his crotch. Azazel returns to reality as a fiery demon ready to bring hell to them. Yeah, they’re eating pizza and didn’t leave some for him. Dead demons don’t need to eat, right? Before he could unleash his power, Kyoko tries to convince him to stop. He learns she was raped and all and goes back down the Underworld to take his revenge on Incubus before coming back to settle their score. Later, it is revealed that this is a plan hatched by Kyoko and Incubus to get Azazel back on his feet. She calls him that super power Azazel is on his way to beat him up and to let him do so. Salamander heard it and wants to slice her. However she beats him out and cries rape. I guess to the unsuspected she does sound convincing. Kyoko notes she’ll be a demon for Azazel if she has to. Isn’t she already a demon? However Azazel never came back so Beelzebub returned and found him locked up in his room all depressed. After dragging him back up, it is known that when Azazel was on his way to beat up Incubus, he bumped into several weak demon punks and decided to beat them up for pissing him off. Guess what? He got beaten up instead! And all that confidence shattered once more. Kyoko assures to leave the rest to her so she goes to beat up Incubus for good. Azazel then becomes arrogant to tell Incubus off never to raise a hand on his woman or else she will beat him up. Look who’s talking? Azazel is back to his usual self but the rest are so appalled at what they witnessed, they just wished he was dead. So shocking to hear that, that Azazel falls into the Abyss once more and Dark Azazel is not happy this dude is back here again.

Sex, Blood & Guts…
Too hilarious! Before I knew it, the series had already ended! Can we have more episodes next time please? This is one of the few anime series whereby the sequel is as good if not better than its predecessor and it is a good thing that this second season doesn’t disappoint. Even though the plot is random and can be said divided into mini arcs of its own (each of them lasts about 2 episodes), nevertheless it is a very fun watch despite all the crude talking, profanity, sex jokes, ecchi-like themes, over the top violence and other vulgarities. In short, everything is crap! In a funny way, that is. The characters are horrible and not to be mistaken as role models because they have no good qualities whatsoever. But who cares about character development or progression when you can just laugh your ass off. That formula is what makes this show highly successful. So if you’re the kind who finds such things offensive and repulsive, maybe you should go watch Barney and Friends. Or even Sesame Street. Because all of us have that little devil in our heart and what better way than to watch this with no holds barred.

If you want to make all those disgusting violence and sex, might as well go all the way without holding back. And I think this is what this series has done quite perfectly well without such restrains. Although it still is considered ‘safer’ than many other controversial shows since it doesn’t insult any race or religion and no full frontal nudity. Everything was done in accordance and in the name of comedy and to make us laugh. No hard feelings whatsoever. It doesn’t worry whether or not such negative and loose morals would be a bad influence to society. It doesn’t care if it invokes the wrath of some religious or moral police officer. It doesn’t give a damn if it gets banned or censured that would affect DVD sales. Let everything go now and let’s see what comes next. After all, all those who are watching this can be said are ‘impure’, am I right?

Azazel is still the dumb perverted demon that never learns. At this rate, I am very sure he will never become demon king even if he has the looks in his true form. Instead of working hard, he prefers to frolic, fool around and get perverted as much as his can. It’s like it is his destiny to become a clown. Heck, his role is supposed to be for comic relief and whipping boy of the series. Notice how most of the bloody gut spilling violence ends up on him? Without his resurrection, it’s like as though he died many times over and over again. And he still never learns. If he fails to become a demon king, I guess he can fall back on being a comedian because I also observed the way he retorts and makes instant and spontaneous loud mouth come back lines makes it as though he is such a stand up comedian pro. Really. Kyoko might be more dangerous than Azazel and as seen if she really gets mad, she doesn’t need to turn green and big just to make Azazel shiver in his pants. It’s a good thing she is on Azazel’s side. Though, she would do whatever it takes for her beloved demon to achieve his goal. Anything. It’s pretty okay, right? She’s a demon, no? So anything goes. Like they say, behind every successful (demon) man is a woman but behind every failure is just Azazel himself. Haha!

Sakuma must have gotten used to how things worked now so she is not that surprised when Azazel springs into his perverted motion. She even throws a serious face to Azazel which probably says “I’ll kill you for good if you do something stupid this time”. Speaking of that part, I guess it was with mixed feelings when Azazel was at the lowest point of his life. Despite knowing that this idiot deserves what he gets, you can’t help feel pitiful for him because for once he wasn’t faking it. His depression is real. What does this proves? That demons have feelings too! So if you reprimand Azazel so many times like Sakuma, even that demon has his limits and will go crazy. But why won’t any demon do the same when it comes to Akutabe? Simple. He doesn’t give a shit and will not hesitate to kill you! Better be on your best behaviour in front of this guy whether you like it or not. Although he somewhat obliged Sakuma’s request to be nice to Azazel in the final arc, he is still the same in and out. Maybe it’s his tough love. I don’t feel he really gives a damn about Azazel. I mean he knows very well he is dealing with demons and if you give them an inch especially idiots like Azazel, they’ll swamp and take advantage of you. So ignoring him is already the best treatment Azazel could get then. At least he didn’t get his guts splattered everywhere and that is already considered very good and lucky if you’re dealing with him. So ironically despite being human, I would say Akutabe is the only one without feelings and could be the next demon king if he wants to. Heck, is he even human in the first place? I always suspect that there is more than meets the eye to this guy. Oh well. Some things are better left unknown.

By now, I think Moloch’s ‘death’ and the way he ‘exits’ the show must have become a running gag. It’s like he can never unleash his full potential and will meet his death one way or another. Although in this season he didn’t die, but getting delivered and sent away as a plushie is just like death itself. Yeah. That’s the last you’ll ever hear from him. You thought he was going to be a regular by appearing in the first couple of episodes but that is just about how much screen time he will get. Undine gets a little spotlight for this season too but I guess that is so much about it. It is freaking funny to see how she can just get jealous about everything due to her paranoia. Her mood swings are violent. One second she is against it and suddenly the next she is all for it. I feel Beelzebub plays a minor role in this series as compared to the first season. He didn’t get into much trouble and if I remember correctly, he didn’t get his guts spilled a single time by Akutabe here. Yeah. Azazel took the fall for everything.

Many of the characters in the previous season seem not to have made much appearance here. Take for instance, Salamander. He was practically missing for this entire season and I certainly would have written him off had he not made that appearance of searching for Azazel in the last couple of episodes. So where has he been? And I feel that his final appearance is so that he could take the fall for Kyoko’s false rape cry. Remember that Lucifer koala guy from the OVA? I thought he had some grudge to settle with Akutabe and would at least make a cameo. I guess it was not to be. Though Koutarou gets his fair share of appearance, it wasn’t the case for his monkey demon, Gusion. All you see him is just hanging around his master and nothing more. I also thought that with the introduction of Ose in the first episode, he might be a regular too but it seems he just appeared for that arc. I didn’t realize Eurynome has become part of Sakuma’s demons. I guess with Marukome not needing him any more (my condolences over his screwing), where else is this foul mouthed demon to go? So is it me or Akutabe’s office is multiplying in the number of demons working under him? I doubt Incubus would be going since it was just a plot to get dumb Azazel back. In no time, I speculate his office might become a refuge for all sorts of demons. Besides, what a better way to hide from the eyes of those heavenly creatures by hiding under a more sinister force?

God is also one weird character. It is a shame that we do not get to see more of His antics. Even more a let-down is that I was hoping to see some sort of showdown between God and Akutabe himself. I wanted to see if this guy have what it takes to stand up to demons since literally nothing in this world can stop him. Maybe next season? If that happens. The Almighty is such a crazy figure that it makes you wonder how can impure words like b*tch go through the mouth of the Lord? What about spending his time reading questionable magazines? If this is the ruler of the afterlife and creator of all life, it really smashes your all your holy and sacred perception. God. So fun. So sporting. So… Funny… Considering God is already a weirdo, I can imagine what the Demon King will be like (even if it isn’t Azazel). Heaven and hell are crazy places with crazy figures. You can’t tell between angels and demons anymore. Humans are screwed in life and death. There’s no escape, huh? Just like last season, another angel bites the dust due to technicalities. Since angels like Gagiel harbour perverted hopes too (that guy was lamenting how he wanted to have sex before God zapped the hell out of him from the face of this planet), it makes you wonder if they are pure in the first place. Sariel makes a cameo but that’s just about it too. Now that he is promoted, he gets to do slightly more perverted stuffs? Looks like it is a long way up the ladder if he is to get the green light for kinky sex. Maybe only God can do that.

With 48 Faced Freak, it proves that there is another human who is capable of standing up against or at least on par with Akutabe. In a way this shows that Akutabe still needs to keep his guard on and not merely seen as a demon bully in our eyes. Despite being the most perverted pervert of all perverts, 48 Faced Freak really has the skills and talent of becoming a demon summoner. How can a man of God suddenly fall like this? Being a demon is scary but being human is scarier. Which begs the question of, is there any more other demon summoners like him out there? If so, will there ever be some sort of a showdown with Akutabe? I’m sorry if I always talk about pitting people against him. He’s like my measuring stick of being the strongest of the strongest so if there is anyone who can really give him a run for his money, I’d love to see the outcome. Of course my bets are on Akutabe always.

The art and drawing still maintains like how it was in the first season. Some people are still looking horrible and ugly but that is mainly for the funny effect. Some look like they just pop out from some cartoon. Sometimes you want to cringe when you see these ugly people talk. Sometimes you want to laugh when you see such ugly people do things. Most of the time it’s rather both. Of course there are some good looking people around like Sakuma and Akutabe (cough, cough. Okay, so he looks pretty decent). Also in line with the bloody and gory theme like last season, there will be blood and body parts splattered everywhere and for viewers’ ‘safety’, some gory ones will be mosaic out. Violent and funny. Just like Itchy & Scratchy. The opening theme for the sequel is once more sung by Chihiro Yonekura. Entitled Revival, the rock outfit still has that demonic and mischievous feel in its tune and somewhat echoes first season’s Pandemic. Though, I still prefer Pandemic over this one.

So whether or not you are humans, demons or angels, this series proves that life is full of crap and sh*t. It doesn’t matter what kind of race or creature you are, because of life, you’ve been f*cked up with real sh*t. Oops. Forgive my dirty mouth since I somewhat got influenced by the flow and nature of this series. In short, everybody is just impure/devilish in a way but that is what makes us so interesting, no? Lesson learnt from this series: If you want a job done, do it yourself. Don’t send in an idiotic demon to do a man’s job. Since everybody has a little demon inside them, it’s okay once in a while to unleash that little devilish imp. What do I mean? You can watch this show without feeling any guilt while enjoying the sadistic evil humour that comes with it. Life is more enjoyable that way. Or it could be just sh*t…

Magical Star Kanon 100%

September 20, 2013

I suppose Tenri-hen wasn’t enough so they had to release an OVA spin-off of one of the characters. Kanon to be exact. So before we get our next season of The World God Only Knows, we have Magical Star Kanon 100% as our appetizer. And as the name suggests, Kanon takes centre stage for this OVA instead of Keima who only makes a stinking cameo appearance. This is Kanon’s episode for Kanon fans. And how she uses the powers of magical girl to catch a Loose Spirit with that moe blob Elsie. Magical girl? Just watch it.

Who Is Imouto?
Don’t get the wrong idea that since Kanon is a pretty popular idol, this entire OVA will be about her concert. Singing all the way. Wrong. Nothing like that. Elsie loves Kanon so much that she wants to see her (ironically they go to the same school). Then it is like God smacks her with a sign for that chance because today is the day Kanon will be holding an audition to find a ‘little sister’ for her weather forecast programme. Eager beaver Elsie heads over but was only kicked out because she has not registered earlier (I suppose they don’t take final walk-ins) and she is not a little girl. How rude. She is over 300 years old! WTF. Then her sensor starts beeping and she sees a Loose Spirit entering the building. Feeling the need to catch it, she barges through security to look for it. But has the Loose Spirit taken over Kanon? Because when Elsie follows the scream, she sees little Kanon! She has turned into a young girl! However her sensor doesn’t detect she has been possessed by a Loose Spirit. Kanon is of course in a panic as she still has a job to do and can’t go out like this. Don’t worry. Elsie will help her. I think I’m starting to worry. First, she calls Keima for help. That guy isn’t interested because he is playing his video game than to give a sh*t about her problem. Loose Spirit is her specialty, right? So do something about it yourself! Because Elsie took too long talking, Kanon has wandered off herself.

The security finds Kanon and thinks she is a lost girl and one of the audition participants. Even her manager, Okada thinks how similar this little girl is to Kanon and takes her to where the participants are waiting. How ironic. Kanon auditioning to be her own little sister! Kanon meets the other girls and one of them, Kozue seems to have low self confidence if she could win it. A shocking surprise for Kanon: The grownup Kanon walks in onto stage! Who the? What the? That is obviously a fake and Elsie knows because her sensor is ringing like mad. Of course she is kicked out when she points out the fake. The audition begins with the little girls each doing their own talent. The production staffs are puzzled with ‘Kanon’ because she is acting odd and not responding to them. Elsie talks to Kanon outside that she suspects the Loose Spirit is impersonating as her so it could find the girl with the largest gap in her heart. When it is Kozue’s turn, the fake Kanon stands up. Before anything can be done, Elsie barges in with mini Kanon in her hand to claim this is the real one. Seriously. Will anybody believe her? Kanon thinks hard and the only way to prove it is via her singing. She starts singing and this causes the fake Kanon to go berserk. It starts attacking the place and kidnaps all the little girls.

I don’t know how but because this is like some sort of dream, Kanon uses her magical power to transform herself and fly up to the roof. Don’t even ask. The Loose Spirit is sucking the essence out of the little girls when Kanon confronts it. How is she going to deal with it? She’s going to sing of course. It is the only effective way to deal with it. The light in her song weakens the Loose Spirit and reverts herself back to her normal size. I’m sure Elsie can’t screw up now in containing the Loose Spirit, right? Right. Phew. Thank goodness. Kanon collapses but with a smile. When she wakes up, the rest of the production staffs are puzzled that everybody had just dozed off. Was it all a dream? But apparently Kozue is awed with Kanon because she saw her doing her magic. Kanon hopes it would be a secret between them. Elsie goes home, happy with her catch and pondering if she should team up with Kanon instead of stupid Keima. But she feels something amiss. Like her capture was incomplete. A little Loose Spirit then touches her and she shrinks into child size. So this is the culprit. Looks like another chase is on. Lastly, Kozue wins the audition to become Kanon’s little sister.

The Magical Girl Idol God Only Knows
I guess this OVA is fairly okay. Those who are fans of the series and especially Kanon would pretty much like this although there is nothing much to shout about. Elsie is still a klutz but there is promising hope that she can still improve. I’m praying a lot for that to happen. The best point of this spin-off is just the songs and Kanon as your typical idol sings them in her typical cheery and upbeat style. Not to say that I am totally in love with them nor have I become a Kanon convert, but I get this sunshiny feeling when I hear all the songs she sings for this OVA. Especially the ending theme, Kimi Iro Love Song. It’s quite fun to hear it and with cute lyrics like “I need your pika-pika”, you certainly can’t go wrong there. So with Kanon aside, I hope now that I am ready for the next season of the main thing. Maybe Elsie and Keima should try a musical and sing their way to capture those Loose Spirits. Nah! I prefer seeing him being the suave smooth operator.

High School DxD OVA

September 13, 2013

Before they released the much anticipated second season (which is running now), they released High School DxD OVA as an appetizer before the main course. It may be almost a year since the first season ended and to some that may have felt like ages. So to whip up those craving for perversion once more, I guess it is necessary to bring back those old perverted memories and feelings of this series with a single OVA episode. This is actually the fourteenth episode of the first season but if you want to talk about plot and all, don’t bother about it. Besides, although this series is a rare one whereby the plot is interesting, the main reason you’re watching this show because of the fanservice and tits, right? RIGHT?!

I’m Searching For Breasts!
Rias gives the green light to Issei and Asia to follow and observe what the demons do on their usual job. First, they follow Koneko to play a fighting video game with Morisawa (Koneko beats him flat – no pun intended). Next, they follow Yuuto and it seems this pretty busty lady, Mika is expecting him and wanting the usual. Does he provide such service? Actually, the usual is for Yuuto to cook for her while she catches up on sleep after a busy day at work. And then it is Akeno’s turn. What could possibly be wrong that the powerful president of a large company needs her help? Assassinating a rival?! Nope! Sexual service?! Well… It almost seems that way since the president is putting up such an ambiguous satisfying face and moaning with Akeno in S&M outfit. She’s actually massaging his feet. What a way to relief stress, huh? Finally, Rias too gets a big job herself and this time her entire team follows her. Archaeologist Professor Nishiura has excavated a coffin from some Egyptian ruin. The demons feel some evil aura from it. As explained, all those involved got into some sort of misfortune. There is some sort of curse on it. But the first thing Issei sees is a pair of hieroglyphs that resembles boobs. Nishiura continues that to lift the curse, a beautiful busty woman is needed. All those who got misfortune were old scientist guys. I guess this explains it. We know what kind of mummy is locked underneath it. Rias takes a closer look and her boobs accidentally press against the boobs hieroglyphs. The coffin opens.

Issei takes a closer look when he is suddenly possessed by the spirit of this mummified shaman, Unas. Issei is reduced to a spectator in his own body. Unas claims himself to be a high class priest who has been cursed by a high level female demon related to Archduke Agares, a lineage only second to the Demon King. In his quest to increase his power, he summoned the high class demon but during the negotiation, he got cursed into a long slumber. If they want Issei’s body back, they must undo the curse. Well, Rias doesn’t want anyone else messing with her cute servant, eh? There are 3 curses that need to be removed. First, Rias must where a skimpy outfit and dance. Oh yeah! Belly dancing! Shake those hips! Shake those boobs! As proof it is not some perverted rip-off, a seal of the curse disappears. To lift the next curse, he must be kissed by a beautiful lady. Unas targets Koneko since he thought she was looking at him passionately. Actually she was trying to determine if the pervertness was stemming from Issei or Unas. Unas tries to force kiss Koneko and Issei fears he will be punched instead. Or maybe she might just give in and kiss him. Not a chance. Punched! Unas falls back and trips. Asia tries to catch him but also trips. Accidentally she kisses him on the cheek. Second curse lifted. The final one must have him fondle the breasts. Who has the biggest breast? Akeno, that’s you. Wow. Issei must be enjoying this possession. But he won’t let Unas do it because he heard his thoughts that undoing the curse means his revival. That’s something bad, right? Issei and Unas are fighting each other with the former trying to restrain his own body from doing something perverted. But Unas tries to convince him about this supreme moment of bliss. Imagine if he can sink his face into Akeno’s boobs. Not a bad idea, eh?

Once Unas does that, the curse is totally lifted. Issei’s worst fears come true. Unas has revived and he is going to avenge Agares for sealing him. Rias had her suspicions on him from the start. She just wants to know why he was cursed. He reveals when he summoned Agares, he got enthralled by her beauty and wanted her to be his wife slave. Of course when you summon something such high class, it needs something of equivalent value, right? That’s why she got pissed and cursed him. And so it is decided they will beat the crap out of him. No, erase him from the face of this earth. Nishiura even gives his permission as long as they don’t destroy the coffin. However Unas binds the girls with his bandages. Why does this tentacle rape scene always happen to them? Rias hints to Issei to do that so he boosts his Gear and touches the girls. Their clothes break and this sets them free. Although they are in their birthday suit. While Unas is revelling in such a beautiful sight of naked ladies, they use this chance to blast him with all they’ve got. No mercy. So back home, Issei more or else gets an idea what demons have been doing as their way of life. It’s almost similar to what they have been doing. Akeno comes in with another request from Nishiura that he has unearthed a coffin from the ruins of China. Rias wants to pass this job up and to some other high level demon due to the recent incident. Issei is one disappointed pervert…

Curse Of The Pervert
Well, it seems pretty (in)decent for an OVA. At least they don’t have tits in your face every 5 seconds. I guess that’s bearable. Enough fanservice for a single OVA. Don’t be so greedy. So does it bring back the memories and nostalgia of what this series is all about? The main characters are still the very same as how I remember them from the first season. Rias the cool leader, Issei the big pervert but also has a big heart (I guess he is still a long way from being his own harem king), Akeno the carefree and sometimes sadistic with an eternal smile on her face, Yuuto the gentleman, Koneko the stoic and emotionless, and Asia the naive cutie who still has trouble about differentiating which side she belongs to. When will she remember that thinking about God will only land her major headaches if you pray or mention His name? I guess it seems that even if you are a pervert thousands of years ago, you’ll still always be a pervert when you wake up from your slumber. Some things never change. Won’t change. I’m sure Issei can relate to how Unas feels to a point. Except that don’t mess with his girls. Well, they’re not entirely his yet. But you get what I mean. I remember I said the last time in my blog that I am looking forward to the sequel and that interest still has not diminished. I won’t start right away but once I am ready, I know when to begin. There is no rush in trying to finish it, right? Take your time. The pervert and fanservice aren’t going anywhere.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

July 28, 2013

We have seen many animes about humans fighting against demons. But how many animes usually will have the pair of main protagonist that is of a human and a demon working together for the benefit and peace of the world? Yes. You heard that right. It may seem like wishful thinking and naivety of their part but deep down in our hearts, don’t you think that is what we all yearn for? So instead of seeing humans against demons and at each other’s throats for centuries, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is actually a nice fantasy drama about a human and demon in their fateful encounter decides to change the world for the better.

Even though the setting of this world is of fantasy, much of it resembles like those medieval times in Europe. Which reminds me that this series is somewhat closely similar to another anime: Spice And Wolf. A big portion of this anime is about economics and perhaps some strategies of war. This is why I find both these animes similar. Besides, the main protagonist duo are also somewhat similar. They are both from different races, accompanying each other on a journey to achieve a goal and in the end the process helps change themselves for the better. Those who are bored with the eternal humans-demons struggle can watch this anime for a refreshing approach. I guarantee it will open up your views or otherwise it will be a major yawn fest.

Episode 1
It has been 15 years since humans and demons are at war. Humans managed to breach through the demons’ territory but smaller nations in the south fighting against the demons are also facing suffering and destruction. Amidst the chaos a hero and his group steps up to give humans hope. However for some reason, the hero abandoned his mates and ventured alone into the demon’s lair. He is about to slay the demon when he finds out she is a busty woman! The Demon King is female? That’s merely a title and she is the 43rd Demon King with the title Ruby Eyes. Hero isn’t fazed and will slay her but she remains polite and welcoming. She has been waiting for this day to make him hers. I’m sure he’s not going to accept that. Hero blames the demons for destruction but she points out pollution because the humans are cutting down trees too rapidly (something that will happen in the future) and even war among human nations is because politicians shun their responsibility and made the demons the scapegoat. She takes out a scroll to explain why this war is necessary. Before this war, humans were on the verge of annihilation. With the war, Central Nations keep funding the Southern Nations for the war. It might seem they get nothing in return but actually there is: Security. She has him touch a magic lamp that peeks into his past memories. Hero was at a lavish ball when he was young. They had them almost every night. Was it peaceful then? No. This is possible because of war. For without war, exporters could not have flourished. So war keeps food going to nations that are lacking of it. However she notes that the world’s agricultural output hasn’t increased. If the war ends, humans driven by their survival instinct will take up swords and kill each other to survive. In short, if the war ends, win or lose, humanity will be destroyed. The human kings must have realized this that’s why they only sent him instead of an army.

If the demons win, they’ll take over the human world and enslave them. Then they’ll fight among themselves to claim the slaves. It is the same if the humans win. She wants him to be her eyes to see what she longs to see and her blade. He doesn’t want to negotiate but she keeps bugging him especially with those puppy dog eyes. According to records, she would give him half the world but both agree it is the same as dividing the realms between humans and demons. The only way left is that she gives herself to him and he gives himself to her. She feels he could go far beyond this war. Even if she surrenders, the human kings will hide it and the demons will crown a new Demon King. That’s how necessary this war is. If an army is responsible in ending the war, then it is a king’s duty to find a place to end it. So with all this argument, is he ready to accept this deal? Will he be hers? She can’t promise him that his hands will remain clean. He will have to kill and stain his hands along the way while doing many horrific things. They both agree to belong to each other and seal the contract. So happy that she hugs him. Accidentally she touches the magic lamp and they see an embarrassing memory of her hugging a big hugging pillow of him! Practice makes perfect? But more shockingly, she can take off her horns!!!  Well, she doesn’t normally use them. Just for show?

Episode 2
The duo start their journey and teleport to a newly settled down human village, Winter Pass. They will begin their experiment here which will also help conceal their identities. They are greeted by Head Maid who is from Demon King’s clan. Of course her role is to be their maid. Demon King takes a look at the fields and thinks of increasing it from 3 to 4 rotations over a period of 4 years. This will increase fertility of the soil and food production during different seasons rather than leaving it to rot. Demon King and Hero are having a nice moment together. What she wanted to say was to put his head on his lap in which he instantly did it without hesitation. He is hers, right? The good part (they’re about to kiss) is ruined when they hear a commotion at the stable. Turns out a couple of young runaway slaves are hiding there. But Demon King calls them serfs. Though they are given land, houses, tools and live with families, they cannot choose their profession. They’re somewhat labourers for nobles. Anyhow, Head Maid knows it is a crime that they have run away and wants to report them in order to protect their position. This doesn’t sit well with Hero. Though Demon King agrees with Head Maid, she wants her to put it off till tomorrow morning. For now, give them food, clothes and prepare a bath to clean themselves. Though the duo are grateful for everything, the elder one hopes they don’t report them. Head Maid might seem mean to them especially when the younger one says they put in so much effort to get this far. Head Maid replies in doing so, they have snuck into somebody’s house, took advantage of their generosity and threaten the position of those who provided food and shelter.

She reminds them that she considers those who are incapable of determining their own fate as insects. She hates insects and refuses to call such as humans. The duo then apologize and they hope they could make them humans. Head Maid requests Demon Lord’s permission to hire them as maids since their house is too big for her to handle by herself. Approved. Hero thought Head Maid hated them. She corrects him that she hates insects. Plus, nobody in this world hates maids. SO TRUE!!! I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! I shall term them as Sister Maid and Little Maid. Hero is out hunting with Little Maid and she happily relays the joy of learning many things with her sister. Hero admits he is not smart or good with money. He can’t even work in fields or take care of animals. All he cares about is peace but when it is achieved, what will he do? Demon Lord becomes a teacher and educates a group of nobles’ sons. We learn about the Crusade of the Holy Key, a holy army formed by the Crisis Response Council of Central Nations to exterminate demons and end the war. There have been 2 such occasions in the past 15 years. Though 2 important demon cities were destroyed, they failed to capture the demon’s capital. A couple of requirements needed for a crusade. Determination to end the war and economic support. Humans need to eat otherwise you can’t wage war or sustain a society. Later Demon King feels frustrated in teaching those kids and have this idea of turning them into frogs! Hero advises she better not. Her idea to educate the nobles’ sons is so that if she gets enough prestige, the farmers will start listening to her ideas. Her next stop is to teach the at the Village Elder’s house. Hero accompanies her. She is confident the fruits of her labour will be seen in a year’s time and she has brought along a secret weapon in a box.

Episode 3
Three months later, the crops are growing nicely. Hero and Demon King teleport to the Lake Convent of Lake Country. Demon King learns humans are devout believers of religion though Hero isn’t so. Some care more about the church than the king because this is where heavy research comes from. She hopes to use this to her advantage. Disguising herself in name as Red Scholar, they meet a priestess of the convent. However this priestess knows who Hero is and is pissed upon seeing his face. She is Knight, his old comrade and party member with him during the attack on Demon King’s territory. She is upset because he went alone, went missing and suddenly pops up with a beautiful woman. So what gives? Slap! Demon King explains (obviously a lie) that Hero wounded the Demon King but before was attacked by so many demons he was forced to retreat. She met him coincidentally and nursed his wounds. As gratitude, he became her bodyguard. For Knight’s case, after she reported Hero as missing, a letter was issued that he sacrificed himself. All his comrades were received compensation. Knight didn’t want to make a profit out of it and refused. She ended up as a nun in hopes of helping everyone. As for the other members, Gramps the old pervert took the money and worked for an intelligence group in some southern country while Mage left on her own. After Hero went on his own, she too followed but Knight tried to stop her. By that time, she realized all her belongings were gone. On to business, Demon King shows Knight her secret weapon in a box: Potatoes. Knight tastes it and finds it very delicious. Demon King explains to her the high yield of this plant because it can grow in cold weather, bad soil and being underground it staves off birds. If harvested properly, it can bring 3 times more yield than wheat. In return for this agriculture technique, Demon King would like to set up a convent at Winter Pass and be the head nun there to teach the villagers of other agricultural techniques. Then she could build convents in surrounding areas. This is her goal to end wars and starvation.

The negotiations end well as Demon King and Hero leave satisfied. They talk about some of the threats they may face. One including a war-like Ice General dwelling in the southern seas. But their main worry is the merchant group called Economic Alliance of Merchants and Southern Independent Cities. Or Alliance for short. Their influence is spread wide across the land and are involved in 60% of the wheat business. Can you see where this is going? They are powerful enough to dethrone a king and solely operates in safeguarding their interest and expansion. Hero remembers doing a speech for them. Demon King calls it a propaganda to rally the public. Think he was paid millions? Nope. Only 15 gold coins. Cheated!!! Lesson learnt the hard way. Demon King has been secluding herself for the past 2 months in the room not for nothing. It seems a group of Alliance guys has received an invention called compass from this Scholar. They know this invention can change the world but remains suspicious of this Scholar from Winter Pass. They want the Alliance to benefit from this compass and will make sure Scholar has not sold it to anyone else. Sending in the assassins? I guess this is just ‘business’. Hero packs up on his journey to search for Mage. Demon King gives her an armour and a name list of trustworthy demons. Demon King wants some physical skinship reward since Head Maid pressuring her that there has been no development for the last 2 months and to take the aggressive lead since Hero is a virgin! What do you expect when she locked herself up in her room? Head Maid could even tell they have not been holding hands. She is bothered that he will be reunited with his ex-flames once the convent at Winter Pass is finished and he returns with Mage. Just to satiate her for the time being, he pecks her forehead. A better one when he comes back. He better remember that!

Episode 4
It has been 6 months. When Knight arrived learning Hero is not around, she became a crazy woman. The guy she yearned to see so much isn’t around on a ‘business trip’? Nevertheless she stays and becomes fighting instructors to the village noble’s sons. Demon King dresses up because she is going to be in for negotiation. A couple of Alliance guys (let’s call them Merchant A and B) arrive at Winter Pass to see her. Demon King shows them a new crop that can flourish when water is scarce: Maize. There is a big unused land unsuitable for other crops in the north and that they can operate this large scale harvesting operation there. This will lead to a massive market in villages in which Alliance will control. Merchant A points out she is not selling a specific product but a method. Once they know of the method, she won’t be needed, so how is she to benefit of this? She wants a prompt end to the war and it doesn’t matter who wins. Merchant A doesn’t believe it because he truly believes it will end in their victory. Things seem to be heading south when Demon King says to her, the Alliance is a trading partner rather than friend or foe. Merchant A signals to Merchant B to prepare the assassins waiting outside. Head Maid knows of this because her watching ghosts are keeping tabs on them. Merchant A asks what makes her think they will help her. She answers it is the thing that they have in common and the second strongest bond: Equal profits. Merchant A laughs so much and realizes before humans or the church, they are just merchants. He agrees to enter a contract with her and signals for the assassins to step down. When they leave, he asks what is the first strongest bond. When she mentions love, he laughs again. Then he proposes to her!!! Didn’t see this one coming, eh? Not part of her plans, no? Call it a long term investment. Which guy wouldn’t be appealed by her intelligence and charm? Demon King tries to refuse it but I guess it’s too late when Merchant A kisses her hand.

Prince talks to Gramps how potatoes are a hit in their town. The convents are also helping them to improve farming and establish education facilities. There are even windmills created to help improve their food spread. Prince wants to stop the war and assist the convents but as Gramps point out, Central Nations will stop supporting them and they well know their town cannot survive long without it. Demon King may be regretting in becoming a merchant. Because there is a huge stack of bills, invoices and other documents for her to go through! That is just 20%!!! She really wants to see Hero whom she hasn’t heard of. He has written letters back but those are his epic adventures in slaying demons and even weird creatures asking his hand in marriage!!! Demon King is so stressed out as Head Maid puts her to sleep. In actual fact, Hero does come back here once in a while to write the letters. With his teleportation skills, he has no problem. Head Maid agreed to keep this from Demon King since it’s not her place to say but now feels this is getting nowhere. She wonders if it’s love problems seeing she can tell he ran into a host of girls seeking his hand in marriage! The maid knows… Telling him that Demon King is getting worried, Hero says when he first became hers, he thought she would use him to fight in against demon rebels to end the war. But she never uses him and instead ensures he never fights. He fears that when he pictures his death, he sees her sad face. Head Maid says all of him belongs to Demon King. The feelings he can’t express too. Prince confides in Gramps that Central Nations won’t send in Crusade of the Holy Key but wants them to defeat demons on their own. At the only island, Bright Light Island where demons occupy, it would be like sending their men to watery deaths if their boats are sunk. And some negotiations that ended up having them to go to war. Winter Pass’ nobles’ sons are eager to enter the war but Knight tells them off she won’t let them die with a stupid face since they’re too young and inexperienced. In short, they’re not going. Later she regrets saying it to them and talks to Sister Maid. Though Sister Maid can do lots of things now, she wonders if she is really human.

Episode 5
Merchant A discusses with his fellow merchant that the war is about to start. Since they are making compasses, this will be useful for the naval battle. Plus, if they can secure Bright Light Island, it will open up new trading routes for them. Hero is at Gate City when he saves a demon slave girl from being bullied by a human guard. He learns from her the troops controlling it and the forces in the middle of town who are nobles. Since slave girl views herself as lost and resigns herself to this fate, Hero wonders if this is what they have won. It will be the same too if demons won over humans. Despite learning the Eastern Fortress is a safe haven for lost demons, it is still not enough. Slave girl wonders why he is working for the Demon King. Has he lost too? Then they hear the voice of an injured elderly demon cursing the humans for stealing their lives and peace. Hero tells slave girl he belongs to Demon King not because he lost. Being winner doesn’t give right to do whatever you want and he is proof of that. Meanwhile the troops set sail to Bright Light Island but are ambushed by giant squids. Puny arrows no match for large tentacles. One by one the ships are sunk. In the end, Prince’s father sacrificed himself for him to escape. Back on land, the White Night King can only blame everyone and doesn’t care. Prince won’t accuse him of his father’s death because he died in what he believed in. But he blames him for the defeat because of his failure to plan ahead and cost the lives of thousands of soldiers. White Night King accuses him back that he is hording a mysterious Scholar and also involved the Alliance who is sponsoring him with a large sum of money. Prince decides to take his father’s place and vows to take back Bright Light Island.

Demon King talks to Knight and admits she is the demon king. However Knight accepts this as her confession and clears her of her sins. Being a Demon King doesn’t make her sinful, right? Actually why Knight can be so calm in hearing this is because Hero already told her the truth. He begged her to believe him she is a nice person (demon, rather). Because he trusts her, she won’t betray his trust. They shake hands and be friends. But over Hero, that may be a different story. Later, Little Maid and Sister Maid give a surprise present to Demon King, a little doll of Hero and perfume respectively. They also present Head Maid with a designed apron with embroidery. Later when the maids head out for the New Year festival, Demon King lies alone in her bed, lamenting it has been a whole year she has seen or touched Hero. She feels like she has lost motivation to change the world. She yearns for him when suddenly he is right by her side. It’s not dream! So happy to see him that she starts whacking him with her pillow!!! That’s for making her feel lonely! Those horrible ‘picture diary’ reports don’t count! It descends into a petty argument about using their popularity to flirt around with the opposite gender and Hero calling her flabby. They stop when they hear the New Year festival music in the background so Hero dances with her and even teaches her. Now all the nice words come out. Demon King wanted to reward (or punish – depends how you view it) with a kiss but since she took too long, the music ended. Hero decides to return to Gate City and retake it within a month. Seeing her has given him the courage and gives him an idea on what to do. They note the next time they meet will be at the battlefield. Hey, wait a minute. What about the kiss Hero is supposed to give Demon King? Did they forget?

Episode 6
Demon King tries to explain her best when Sister Maid asks about the reason people go to war. Ironically she tells that there is sometimes good coming out from conflict even though fundamentally they are all the same as it allows to proceed to the next level. Besides, even when boys fight over a girl, that is war and conflict, right? Hero disguises himself as Dead Knight causing havoc and nightmare to everyone in Crusade of the Holy Key. Thanks to his demon connection and fairies, he is able to pull deathly illusions and scare the hell out of them. It makes the troops loose moral and want to go home and the Commander in serious panic mode. Knight works under King FKA Prince as they set up an outpost to keep watch on Bright Light Island. King is surprised that Demon King/Scholar is joining them in this war. Knight thought Demon King’s identity is busted since Gramps sensed something in her. He just wants to check out her humongous boobs. Ahem. Back to serious business. Seeing King’s determination to reclaim their pride and not rely on Central Nations by opening up this new route, Demon King tells them her plan to attain victory. First, they put use to all the available manpower in bringing together big chunks of ice and ‘sticking’ them together with the massive salt resources Demon King has provided with sea water. This creates a land leading up to Bright Light Island. I can’t believe the demons didn’t see this coming. They just waited for the humans to finish their land bridge and then attack, huh? So both sides clash and it is bloody everywhere. I guess the land ice is so thick that the giant squids can’t even break it apart. At the end of the day, the humans succeeded in taking out the demons’ second line of defence. Surprisingly they only suffered 500 casualties and have 12,000 men left. When report comes in that Ice General is going to lay a siege on them and their reinforcement amounts to over 10,000, Demon King says that this is part of her plan and that force are the soldiers from Gate City.

Flashback reveals Commander went berserk and thought of sending all his men to Bright Light Island. General doesn’t favour this but Commander views the civilians here as traitors by befriending demons. Then he makes General to be the new commander and he can protect this town of traitors if he wants to. Now that the place is void of soldiers, General thinks of go begging to influential demons and to establish an emergency government. He views this place no longer a human territory but a meeting place between humans and demons. The demons are going to siege the humans as their last chance. Hero teleports back to main camp. Knight beats Demon King in hugging him. Like never seen him in months. Oh wait. That’s true. Ice General enters the fray and easily takes out the light infantry. Knight wants to do the honours in taking it out. After a flashy sword battle, Knight emerges the victor. There goes the walrus. Googoo Goojoob… Man, I thought if this was how powerful she is, she should’ve gone in as a one (wo)man army to take out all the demons instead of letting hundreds of soldiers die. King hosts a lavish feast for his men for their hard fought victory and pays tribute to Demon King and Knight. Gramps meets up with Hero and is glad to see him once more. Gramps talks about Hero’s abnormal strength whereby no human would have accepted him, thus his isolation. He thinks he left the group so that they don’t have to bear the isolation too. However he points out he is still human and apologize for making him feel lonely. Hero thanks him for the many things he taught. Including boobs and breasts. Haha. Noting this country is blooming beautifully, he assures Hero won’t feel lonely here and welcomes him back.

Episode 7
Sister Maid writes in her diary how things are improving in the village. With King assuming the throne and moving the economy in the right direction, the kingdom is also experiencing a boom. One of Winter Pass’ nobles’ son is now working under him. Hero trains with Knight and later they have a refreshing bath drawing water from the manual water pump created by Demon King. Knight wanted to talk about who will end up being his wife and mistress but Hero’s mind is preoccupied about the war. It’s the same for both sides. Whoever loses will experience hell and end of war doesn’t guarantee peace. Little Maid seems to be fast becoming her own inventor. A good future cook rather. Demon King had told her about the carbonated spring and she amazingly created her own carbonated orange juice. Demon King combs Hero’s hair as the latter prepares for his council meeting with Dragon Archduke tomorrow at Gate City. Hero is supposed to be Black Knight and a representative for Demon King. Her worry is not the old dragon but his daughter, Dragon Princess. Not only she represents local demons as a council member, she is one of those eyeing Hero as her wife. Meanwhile Commander is being put on trial for his cowardice. He comes up with lots of silly excuses in his bid to be free. The council laughs at his so called fight-to-the-death actions since he practically abandoned his post and the city. He is given the death penalty and locked up. Hero after the meeting meets up with General at the festivals. Their talk is interrupted when feisty Dragon Princess comes looking for her husband! That’s Hero, right? Oh sh*t! No matter how much he protests he is not her husband, it won’t change her mind. An earthquake ravages through the land. Demon King and Head Maid discuss that they may have to act sooner since the intervals between them are decreasing. She wants Head Maid to send her bed back to the Underworld Palace. On another day, Hero teleports Demon King to Iron Country to retrieve a finished prototype from a workshop. She has brought along Sister Maid too because she has learnt many things. She is better than a noble or a general because she is educated. It is part of Demon King’s plan to use education as a powerful weapon for the future. And the prototype invention: A printing press. Writing made easy.

I guess the inevitable has arrived. Demon King and Knight in a showdown outside Hero’s room. So who’s going to be with him? They have to move now seeing Knight has discovered a handkerchief from Dragon Princess claiming Hero to be her husband. Since they can’t decide, Head Maid will enter on their behalf. No go? Then they shall enter. Head Maid pushes them into the room. Good luck .Too late to negotiate, eh? Well, Demon King tries to negotiate. Knight sleeps on the floor while she and Hero sleep on the bed. If not, Knight can sleep on it daytime while they use it during night time. Sounds awfully one sided, no? It’s taking too long that Hero falls back to sleep! So the best solution is that both ladies flank his side while patting his hair. Feels good? They want to tell each other embarrassing stories of Hero. I wonder if he’s really asleep. Demon King reveals she needs to return to her world next week to renew her licence. Wait a minute. They’re making it sound that the title is like a business. If she’s lucky, it’ll only be a few months. She has to conduct lots of procedures like visiting the grave of the previous Demon Kings. This is necessary to bring the demons together. Because many demons want to invade the human world and she is going back to prevent them from starting their own war. Head Maid will accompany her and she will leave a list of things on what to do. Before Demon King departs, she gives Sister Maid an Earth Fairy Ring that can change her appearance. There will be times she needs to attend meetings and such so she can use this ring to disguise as Demon King. Hero sees off Demon King and Head Maid. Meanwhile Commander is seeking refuge in White Night King’s place. Thanks to his distraction and cloning powers, he managed to sneak out. They are both in cohorts with Commander seeks revenge on General and all those traitors while White Night King plots the downfall of King and plans to take over his treasure and kingdom.

Episode 8
Merchant A was passing by so he stops by to see Demon King. Sister Maid disguises as her and talks to him. Merchant A hints about counterfeits and he had bad experiences with them. This causes her to start panicking. Hero comes in and takes off the ring seeing her cover is already blown. Hero and Merchant A know each other. He was the one who paid Hero 15 gold pieces for his speech. Hero notes he has changed. He used to be someone aloof obsessed with perfection. You can thank Demon King for opening his eyes. Hero notes Merchant A still hasn’t fulfilled his contract. The one whereby he will throw a feast when he returns. He agrees to it and Hero wants it now. Hero takes him through several spots (I didn’t know you can get teleport sickness if you’re not used to it) and they end up in the demon realm where rainbows shine at night. This is where they will feast. Because Hero believes in his words, he tells Merchant A about Demon King’s true identity and the world she comes from. Then he shows him Gate City. This neutral place is a melting pot for humans and demons. Everyone is happily engaging with each other and Merchant A realizes some of his Alliance buddies are also there. Merchant A wonders why he made such a risky move to be a representative for Demon King. Hero thought it would be lonely to just come back as just a hero. Dragon Princess and her entourage throw the guys the best feast ever. Hero is willing to sell Gate City to Merchant A. But what does he want in return? Hero points out merchants are viewed as stubborn greedy monsters because they’re only interested in gains and losses. But that is not true after meeting Demon King. She may be the first one to find something that cannot be expressed in terms of gains and losses. He wants Merchant A to show him that as payback. Head Maid accompanies Demon King before the door of the grave. She feels the previous generation kings are getting restless. Before she enters, she makes Head Maid promise that if she comes out not as herself, she is to slay her down.

Knight wants Hero to take her sword and become her master. It’s not that she has realized that she will never beat Demon King, she feels she wants to do something. To her in comparison, Demon King has a dream, foresight, smart and kind hearted. If Hero is leaving for the future, she wants to come along with him and will not betray him. Hero relents and makes Knight his, erm, true knight. The villagers are giving Sister Maid and Little Maid lots of freebies. They are very grateful to Demon King and Head Maid. Because of them, they have o much abundance. More than enough after tax deduction and to get them through winter. King is surprised when he receives a damning message from the holy religion of Light Spirit. He is in a pinch. Soon word of this spreads around. King and Gramps make haste to Winter Pass to meet Hero and Knight. It seems Light Spirit has issued a decree that the potato is a demon crop and whatever agricultural methods from Demon King are considered teachings against Light Spirit since the church was never credited in her studies. In short, Scholar/Demon King is a heretic and if King allows her to get away, he will be considered a blasphemy. Demon King won’t be back in 2 months. Gramps thought they could use that ring but Hero won’t use it that way. He has a plan. He wants Sister Maid to let the authorities arrest her. Once they are out of this country, Hero will come to her rescue. There won’t be any problems if this is done outside King’s kingdom, right? But this act of disobeying the church will be another problem. Hero doesn’t want Knight or Gramps to follow since they have their own duties and place to protect. They fear they will have to leave him again. Hero knows he can wipe out the entire Holy Capital’s army by himself but doing so won’t please Demon King. Whether he fights, win or lose, this doesn’t mean he’ll let them take anything from him.

Episode 9
Merchant A speaks to Merchant B about Central Nations making their move as part of their plan to revive the church’s decreasing influence ever since White Night King whom they could influence blundered in a disastrous loss and the heroic King took over the throne and swayed the people. If they are going to do anything as the Alliance, they need to form a new council. One of the nobles’ sons under tutelage of Demon King who is now a fine man agrees to help them. All Merchant A needs is more time. A large crowd mostly peasants and even those from neighbouring villages have gathered at the town square of Winter Pass. They can’t believe Scholar will be arrested and labelled a heretic. Sister Maid talks to Knight and Hero before she plays her role. She notes everyone has been kind to her and her sister. They love them and Scholar so much that they feel they can’t do anything in return to repay such kindness. Sister Maid breaks down moments before she gets into her role. King and his entourage arrive on the stage to hand over ‘Demon King’ to Messenger from the Central Nations. He checks if she is a double. Obviously he can’t tell if she’s a fake. After clearing King for his cooperation, they chain her up and whip her till she bleeds! The crowd couldn’t bear to see her in pain. King has to hold back his emotions and not do anything rash. ‘Demon King’ is allowed to speak to the crowd. She starts off explaining her real life experience as a serf. She is the third of seven siblings and slowly watched each one of them die in different circumstances till she and her little sister are left. They ran away and were given a chance to start life anew. Because fate has been too kind to her compared to her dead siblings, she has to reject it. Because she is human. Because she still doubts herself. She believes the first step to being human is to admit you are human.

She tells them feeling the warmth of the sun is proof that they are human the Light Spirit’s beloved children. She doesn’t want them to stop hoping, thinking and working as with the earth’s blessings, Light Spirit has brought them wealth and freedom. They were not created perfect beings because it is to give them freedom to keep doing things better every day. So don’t abandon things just to make life easier. No one, not even the king or church has the right to take these treasures from them. By this time, Messenger has beat up ‘Demon King’ so much but she still refuses to give in and stands up and continue her speech. She will not surrender those treasures again and become an insect even if they bring her much pain. Messenger orders the people to stone her so she tells them to do so to protect their families and she will not blame them. It is their freedom to do so. However if they do so because someone ordered them, then they are no better than an insect. And she hates insects. She refuses to become an insect. Because she is human. The crowd are moved by her words and start stoning Messenger and his guards. Messenger orders ‘Demon King’ to be beheaded but this time King steps in to protect her. Hey, this is his country. He feels ashamed to have his eyes opened by this girl and realized he was an insect at heart, not knowing there is such pride in the hearts of his people. Knight lectures Messenger that his actions and the church shamed her as a servant of Light Spirit. King announces Scholar to be under his extended protection while Knight recognizes her as a saint. The crowd becomes ecstatic and welcomes their decision with a rousing applause. King wants Messenger to go back to his country and will meet again under different circumstances. With that, the unwelcomed guests leave much to the crowd’s delight. And Hero didn’t even have a role to play in this. But he is amazed of her bravery and that words alone can make an entire army withdraw.

Episode 10
That fine speech now has some serious snowballing consequences. Central Nations view that as declaration of war and it causes the serfs to rebel over the landowners in which they have no choice but to let them go. Attacking on King’s nation won’t be so soon because doing so will destroy the buffer that cushions them between the demon’s land. Plus, with different local warlords, it will take 6 months just for them to unite in a place. Hero is confused on Central Nations or the church’s goal so Knight explains despite their banner to unite the world under Light Spirit, it is actually to obtain riches, respect and power by stealing from others. They want to preserve such society forever. Sister Maid now understands what Demon King told her about keeping wealth for oneself might make you rich but it will never make you prosper. Give money to people and they will spend it. True prosperity comes from free flow of wealth and goods. So what the church is doing is draining the pockets of everyone to preserve their wealth. Hero is at a loss what to do when Little Maid comes in with refreshments. She made 2 variations of pie. It gives Hero an idea. The Lakeside Convent has split from the central church. Calling themselves True Church of the Light Spirit, they are going to make this the national religion. Of course this is causing the central church to be in chaos with views divided. Merchant A could guess his is Hero’s doing because Demon King won’t do this on impulse. Noting the fine paper he is reading from and the printed letters instead of handwriting, it occurs to him that Demon King’s plans are bearing fruits. Discussing with Merchant B about wheat prices, because Central Nation is in recession, he wants to buy as much and stock up without raising suspicion. His plan is not to buy wheat, but to sell currencies. The new teachings are moving slowly. They think of using minstrels to sing to illiterate peasants but Sister Maid opposes in doing something like that. Because most supporters of Light Spirit are simple believers, it is wrong to get them involved in something nasty. She suggests explaining why they should come in simple songs. The truth in the songs the bards spread will have more people streaming in.

Merchant A shows Merchant B his invention called product purchase agreement. It’s like buying in the future. For example, he buys wheat now that a farmer doesn’t have. But when the time comes, he must produce the goods. If price of wheat has risen by that time, this means he has bought it at lower prices. If it doesn’t, they can create artificial scarcity to keep prices high. This is one objective. The other is to invoke fear. They’ll make Central Nations think next year will be a good harvest for wheat. But when the time comes, not only there is little wheat to sell but to eat too. This will lead to fear and buying up which will make them rich. They can then move up in the Alliance and possibly set up their headquarters at Lake Country. Merchant A also has employed his assassins in part of his plan. He won’t allow those from those supporting the Central Nations put a stop to his plan. Cloud Dragon talks to General about the lack of salt supply ever since losing Bright Light Island. Dragon Princess warns General that most blue skinned demons like Cloud Dragon are descendents of Demon King and possess the greatest desire to conquer humans. There are rumours they are secretly contacting humans at Gate City. Meanwhile prices of wheat rapidly shoot up as fear starts making its way into the people and the common sense that the high price is the current market price. Demon King’s disciples start noticing the strange trend in the city as they report to King. The increase in price of wheat has snowballed to other commodities. This causes landowners and nobles to save up their money. Even so, this won’t be enough to buy anything. Because the southern countries’ price has not increase, they will be coming down here to achieve their goal. This will destroy their economy. They suggest imposing high tariffs when leaving the country. Otherwise Central Nations will take all their food and they will starve through winter.

Merchant A is surprised Dragon Princess comes to see him. Due to the scarcity of salt, which is a valuable commodity to demons, she is here to have him spare some although she can’t say how much. Merchant A thinks back on Hero’s words on gains and losses and believes Dragon Princess is the key in achieving that. He thinks there isn’t much they know about each other. Flashback reveals Head Maid learning Demon King has become a demon king. She is worried that the previous kings will alter her body. Even so, she believes she will still be herself. She also vowed not to use violence and yearned to meet her destiny. She showed Head Maid a picture of Hero who is a toddler. She can’t wait to meet him 15 years later. Despite knowing he will hunt her down and kill her with his sword, she hopes to say at least hello before she strikes her down. After all, he came from afar just to kill her, right? This might be a crazy idea but she wants to witness a future that no one has ever seen. Meanwhile Central Nations have issued a letter to declare war on the southern nations. This shows they have run out of grains due to their tariffs. The war will begin in 10 days during the first month of winter. Hero is frustrated that he doesn’t want to fight as this is not what she hoped for. He asks King if there is any way to fight without casualties on both sides. He is not being naive either. King thinks it depends on the weather. If they’re fortunate, snow will come earliest in 2 weeks. He swears on his name he will make that happen.

Episode 11
Merchant A has his members go on a buying spree. Merchant B reports the church has backed the Holy Capital to issue a new currency and the current one will be declared illegal. Of course this means the Holy Capital will stand to profit from the exchange rate from old to new. As other countries preparing their attack against the southern nations wait, they are surprised that the local landowners are giving them top quality produce. A plan to prevent outbreak of war at any cost? White Night King and Commander are cursing Scholar who is believed to be alive. The former laments his serfs are running away to Iron Country. Commander suggests a surprise attack to steal them back. King discuses with Hero and Knight about the 20,000 troops they’ll be facing. The most they have is only 4,500. If they’re lucky. It’s going to be tough to ensure minimum casualties. But things turn for the worse with the unexpected appearance of demons spotted marching from Bright Light Island. Hero will settle this since King has no troops to spare. Hero doesn’t want to fight the demons either and heads off to the island. Financial Minister (formerly one of Demon King’s students) enters into a negotiation with Merchant A. They praise each other for the tariff and purchase agreement they respectively came up. Merchant A has 4 points to discuss with him: 1) To give exclusive exemption to Alliance from tariffs for goods passing through his area; 2) Lease the rights for Bright Light Island to them (even though the island is nothing but salt); 3) Establish banks and Alliance facilities within the capitals of his nations; 4) They’ll purchase their entire potato stock. Financial Minister thinks of Merchant A’s actions before he realizes he is planning to use wheat as a pseudo currency. He remembers Demon King’s teachings that for competitiveness, it is best to have more than one currency. Since Central Nations’ economy is weak now, it is the perfect time to do so. Merchant A introduces Dragon Princess to him and she hopes he can consider their bargain.

Hero sees the army of blue skinned demons marching towards to human world and notes they are well equipped provisions to stay for the long run. That’s when he finally meets Mage. Mage wants Hero to destroy the dimensional gate after she handles this even if this means they will not be able to enter the demon realm again. Mage uses her training from all these years to individually teleport back all the demons back to where they came from! And she sounds really frustrated in having to do this. Then, Hero uses his flashy move to destroy the portal. Demon King comes out from the room but Head Maid knows she has been corrupted and fights her in hopes to bring her back to the Demon King she knew, loved and respected. Unfortunately she couldn’t match her strength and got an arm chopped off. White Night King’s army moves quickly for the surprise attack. Despite Iron Country’s army being vastly outnumbered, thanks to one of the soldiers (who is Demon King’s ex-student), he places traps and effective war tactics to halt the enemy and minimize their casualty. Knight may be having her army on standby, but she is also having the locals pacify the warlords with wine, meat and even horse fodder (though it is filled with dirty food that will make them sick). I’m sure everyone would at least stay happy this way rather than dying on the battlefield. Iron Country’s army general praises Soldier for his commendable performance and wants to promote him to general. He is being modest and says he is just applying what he is being taught. The report comes in that their side suffered very minor casualties and injuries compared to the enemy. There are some enemy soldiers who have escaped into the city and a hunt is conducted to flush them out. Commander is believed to be hiding among them. Hero suddenly finds himself underground after the explosion. He is shocked to realize that the demon realm is actually underground instead of another world. He flies as fast as he could to the palace and crashes into the room. That must be a hard crash for him to destroy the walls. He learns from Head Maid that Demon King has been corrupted by the previous demon kings. She does not hesitate to attack him.

Episode 12
Mage makes her presence to King and his aides. So where has she been all this while? Sleeping? Is that a joke? Anyway she claims she has met Scholar and was told to deliver a message. In short after her convoluted words, smallpox is spreading and needs to be eradicated. Is there a cure? Mage shows them how to make vaccines and antibodies as instructed by Demon King. King thinks this could be a great way to work towards ceasefire. Imagine if everybody gets a shot for one gold piece. They are surprised that Mage wants to close the gap between humans and demons as she is tired of all the silly nightmares. Financial Minister expresses though demons may look strange, they are still intelligent. Maybe they are more similar to humans than they think. They may have factions and races like humans too. He hopes King will consider Dragon Princess’ request since she is willing to become their prisoner. Hero fends off Demon King and the latter tries to tempt Hero in sharing half the world. He refuses to get baited and chides her thinking as out dated. The world has changed and it doesn’t belong to her now and it’s not hers to give. But her body is the most important thing to him and is his. Demon King manages to drive out the corruption and return to her normal state. After reattaching Head Maid’s arm, Hero updates her the developments above ground. Unfortunately several innocent people had to die when Commander makes his way into a barn. He thinks Sister Maid is Scholar since she is operating a weird machine (printing press). He takes Little Maid hostage and beats up Sister Maid. Thankfully Soldier came to her rescue and they clash swords. Despite Soldier taking in heavy wounds, he continues to fight. His sword may have broken but he has wrapped his wrists with iron to fend off Commander’s strike. It ends when the guys fall down a chute. Commander splattered like a tomato while Soldier barely hanging on, using his sword to stab the wall to break his fall.

The Central Nations’ soldiers are getting restless. They are fed up having to put up with tasteless food. Although the army has brought along with them lots of gold as it is more efficient to transport around, the nobles have started to realize and panic that with so much gold and no food in winter, that’s why they’re attacking the southern nations. However the war has not even begun yet as the warlords are petty arguing the territory they will receive after defeating southern nations. Because of this, some disgruntled soldiers become mercenaries and decide to ambush the southern nations with a sneak attack. Knight has seen this coming and will attack and end this swiftly before it abrupt into a full scale war. Knight and her army employs hit and run tactic to confuse and wound the enemy. Then they split into smaller groups as a ploy to break up the mercenaries and then attack them. Then the best reinforcement comes: Snow. Because of that, the enemy troops are forced to retreat. Some even ran from the fight as they don’t have enough food. In the Holy Capital, it seems the higher ups are cursing the Alliance for causing the rise in price. They are also making a deal with a blue skinned demon general to make him rule the southern nations one their goal has been achieved. It is part of their plan to forever be perceived as enemies and make certain that the church will always rule. They also have plans to recapture the demon realm and this time they have a secret weapon: Gun powder. Another invention Scholar created and mass developed in Iron Country.

Demon King greets her people and they give her a rousing applause when she assures Gate City will remain under her direct control and protection. Then she introduces Black Knight (Hero) and praises his efforts in maintaining order in that city and punished those who broke the law. As part of the show to demonstrate his might, he swings his sword but the crowd doesn’t seem assured. Head Maid tells him to pull off a flashier move so he blasts the entire mountain!!! Did he overdo it? But the demons love it!!! Demon King calls for the Quriltai meeting among all the greater races but the crowd misinterpret this as they are going to war with humans. I guess Demon King still has lots of work to do even if it’s just a meeting by those chiefs to decide that. Hero assures her he will be by her side no matter how long it takes. After some time, Demon King is back in her humble abode in Winter Pass. She learns that the southern nations’ potatoes are sold to Central Nations via Alliance. If they taste them themselves, they will realize it is not demon’s food. It is also possible that countries may start leaning towards the south and the first step to a dual currency system. Sister Maid recounts Merchant A’s surprising words that he wants to trade with demons. He is willing to stake his life on it. King can’t answer now but he will keep his options open as he wonders if demons and humans are more similar and wants to know more about them. Knight tells Demon King that during her absence she has given her sword to Hero. Don’t worry, it wasn’t her body. She is telling this because they are friends. They both shake hands and admit they love Hero the person he is. But that doesn’t stop them from fighting over him during ‘critical’ moments. Poor Hero gets caught between them. Their bosoms. Literally. Lastly, Demon King and Head Maid talk about Sister Maid’s bravery to stand up and gave birth to liberalism. Demon King finds humans amazing despite being chaotic and rowdy. That’s why she loves this world.

Knowledge Is Power
I did not set out very high expectations for this series so I was surprised when it ended, I find the entire series be very interesting. Despite the ending that doesn’t seem to mean much because basically life goes on. Even with several new developments in the end, the cycle continues and so whether it is good or bad ending, I can pretty much say that the entire series itself is entertaining. In fact, I have to admit that each episode draws me deeper and deeper in wanting to know more about the developments on just about everything. I might not be the brightest guy in trying to understand the mechanics of the economics but I guess they kept it simple enough for a simpleton like me to understand them or at least the gist of it. Some may find it boring due to the talking and drama and lack of action scenes but to me this is one of the better ‘thinking’ animes out there without putting in too much