It’s that time. That time of the year when you’re thinking about getting married! Yup, next step in life. But don’t worry. That’s not going to happen in Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai OVA 2. The pressing question that we all want answers to is perhaps answered in this second OVA. Uh huh. Which girl will Yuiga finally end up with? Put away your study materials and it’s time to study if such marriage can really work out in the end. Your guess is as good as mine already…

The Chapel’s Bells x Blesses You
We start off with Yuiga in his usual tutoring of his girls at the restaurant. Then Yuiga’s mom’s friend drops in. Since she is already over that lingerie and massage job gig, guess what new job she has now? She’s some sort of wedding coordinator now and the wedding venue will have some sort of bridal fair. So here’s the expected catch: She wants them to be models so she can get opinions of young ones before the place officially opens. Heh. So she is assuming she herself is not young enough? Or she thinks students their age are already fit for marriage? Now we see each of the girls back home ‘fantasize’ about this. Starting with Kominami, at first she fantasizes about being his cliché submissive wife. Embarrassed, she thought she needs to dominate him but that thought is still as embarrassing as ever. Then her father saw the bridal fair pamphlet and jumps to the wrong conclusion. He thinks his daughter is pregnant and is happy to be a grandpa! He wants to check the gender of the baby… Are daughters allowed to beat up their fathers in this stupid moment? For Kominami, it’s yes. Now we go to Furuhashi. She is snacking while thinking about this. Then she realizes she is too chubby. I don’t know. She looks slim and pretty but apparently that’s not her standard. So she starts exercising but gets tired easily. Then the snacks are just too tempting to resist. A little bit of calories wouldn’t kill, would it? Now it’s Ogata. She is at the bookstore when she sees this book on weddings. Sekijo passes by and like any other cliché characters, she jumps the gun thinking Ogata wants to marry her! I’m not aware that Japan allows same sex marriage but whatever. Look at Sekijo’s disappointed face when Ogata tells her the deal behind this. And so innocent Ogata spams her lots of questions relating to weddings but each time Sekijo starts fantasizing some lesbian thingy between them. Eventually some yuri sex fantasy ‘kills’ Sekijo. That’s enough explanation for today.

Takemoto seems to have forgotten what Yuiga taught her. Blame her mind for being too preoccupied with the bridal fair! On the way back, they see Umihara and a guy together. Then they see them kiss! OMG! Shocking, right? So in the bus, it gets awkward between Yuiga and Takemoto. The latter wondering if he has kissed before. Oh well, those ‘accidents’ with Ogata and Furuhashi don’t count, right? But Yuiga even starts thinking if he would ever have this chance. Yuiga dozes off and when he wakes up, it’s like Takemoto pecks him on his cheek! Oh sh*t! Wake up call! Just a dream? Though he frets having such dreams, perhaps in reality it wasn’t because we see Takemoto fidgeting her lips… Meanwhile Yuiga’s mom’s friend sees Kirisu. They were once roommates. She also hands the bridal fair pamphlet to her thinking she has someone in her life. Though, Kirisu denies. So back home, Kirisu thinks about it that maybe it’s time. Then she dreams of Yuiga giving her the best massage and ear cleaning service. Oh well, if such dreams can ruin her normal life… Better wake up then… So the girls are at the bridal fair and try things out before the big moment of getting into wedding dresses and to take photos. As Kirisu was here early, she gets dressed first. She is shocked to see Yuiga and co and becomes embarrassed. She tries to give an excuse that she was just helping her friend and dismisses this looks good on her. But on the contrary, Yuiga says she looks beautiful! Damn, the annoyed looks on the rest of the girls! I guess they want to hurry now and let Yuiga says those words only to them. And so the modelling gig begins but since they’re nervous and embarrassed at such poses, the photo shot turns out to be more of bloopers than anything else.

Epilogue: Mizuki stumbles upon Yuiga’s mock wedding photos with all the girls on his handphone! Oh sh*t! This cannot be! The killer is the group photo of Yuiga flanked by his unofficial harem. Sorry Mizuki. You’re not part of that harem. Sorry. That’s it. She’s going to die. But first, she’s going to let out a lot of fury. Onii-chan got lots of explaining to do! I don’t think she’ll be calmed by the truth either…

Wedding Bell Blues
Heh. It feels like this OVA could be a premonition of things to come but as expected it didn’t end with a very clear cut manner. However, after looking at the wedding group photo, I am more than convinced (at least for a big majority) that Yuiga will end up marrying Takemoto. Do you not see how Takemoto is the only girl who held her arm with Yuiga’s? Also, at the end of last season, Takemoto was the one who held his hand during the school festival fireworks. After all, Takemoto is Yuiga’s childhood friend and you know what they say about the pecking order and ‘authority’ of childhood friends. So the other girls there are just to throw us off and troll us. Until that real day comes, we’ll all be left guessing but as I said, I am pretty convinced that Takemoto would be the one even though I’m not even on the Takemoto camp. So don’t change my mind if you don’t like my conclusion, convince the author to let Yuiga end up with your favourite girl! So I guess that’s it for this series. Not sure if they will have any more OVAs or another season because we’re done studying this one. Another typical romcom harem series that is a dime a dozen if you look carefully throughout the anime catalogue for this genre. There’s no specific formula to learn in how to get a harem. By the way, is there a way you can officially marry your harem? Well, polygamy is acceptable if you’re Muslim. But still, Yuiga has to pick 4 and only 4. Oooohhh…

Senpai, our fight for the fourth season hasn’t begun yet. So before the next season begins, let’s take a look at Strike The Blood: Kieta Seisou-hen OVA first. I’m sure this will be the appetizer before more sci-fi crap sh*t hits the fan in the fourth season. Remember, this is not your fight alone. This is our fight!

Who Moved My Lance?
Kojou and Yukina wake up in a classroom together. Oh gosh. Did they finally do it? And Yukina in an old fashioned bloomers. Of course they have no memories what happened last night. But Yukina thinks something precious to her is missing. Oh Kojou, it’s not her virginity! It’s Sekkarou! What were you thinking?! As they leave the classroom, they see a bloodied bat on the floor and what’s inside Kojou’s pocket? A bra?! Definitely too big to be Yukina’s! Could be Sayaka’s. Oh sh*t! Worse, he sniffs it to make out its scent but Yukina misinterprets this scene… They move on the rooftop as Kojou thought he saw someone moving there. Lots of sheets being hung out to dry. Also there is Asagi’s swimsuit. That is when they remember they were here yesterday for supplementary swimming lessons. But before they could start, it rained. Astarte then came to inform them that swimming lessons are cancelled since a storm is brewing. Hence they got permission to take shelter in the school. When they see Asagi, it seems she is flushed with embarrassment. But she is relieved that Kojou doesn’t remember what happened last night. She hopes it will stay that way. Meanwhile, Motoki, Kiriha, Yuiri and Shio are investigating Vatler’s abandoned cruiser. Looks like some monster broke out of its cage and there is a magical artefact shield in another container. Investigating further, they are then assaulted by an army of mermen and a huge Kraken. Wanna bet this squid was the one who escaped its cage?

Meanwhile, heading into the home economics room, they find Nagisa dead! Don’t worry. She’s not. That’s just ketchup. They further remember what happened last night. She also stopped by the school since the trains had stopped running due to the storm. Asagi then pointed out the big problem: What’s for dinner? After getting permission from the gardening club to use the produce in their garden (it will be wasted from the storm anyway) and make nabe, Kojou and Yukina drew the raw end of the stick as they had to go pick the produce. Yukina slipped and her clothes so Astarte gave her Natsuki’s bloomers to wear. After hearing screams from the next room, rushing over we see Sayaka trying to kill herself and La Folia assisting her?! Seems Sayaka lost some important magical ingredient. To put it shortly, some mushrooms that make you go high and hallucinate. Heh. You bet they remember that they ate some of that last night’s nabe. After dinner, Nagisa created a rice omelette with ketchup and tries to serve Kojou. Of course you bet the other girls were also flirty. Yukina complaining he looks at other girls and should have just done it with her if he wanted to. Sayaka stripping naked and crying foul Kojou doesn’t like her big boobs. La Folia trying to convince him to sign their marriage papers. Wow. It was literally hell. Somehow he got out of that and was taking a breather outside. Asagi came to talk to him but the wind was naughty and blew harder. Her skirt went up and she wasn’t wearing any pantsu. Kojou saw it of course. And you’ve guessed it, Asagi thought human brains are like the same as computers. Beat it hard enough and they’ll forget! And now we know where the bloody bat came from. Sayaka still sad and wants to kill herself. Don’t worry. Astarte says Natsuki has some of those ingredients and will share. Phew. No need for the harem to lose a girl.

Kojou gets a call from Motoki. Mermen and Kraken are too much to handle. Can come help? Sure. After they settle looking for Sekkarou. When Astarte returns Yukina’s dried clothes, she also claims the pole is no longer required and will return it to her. Eh? It seems that Yukina gave her permission to use Sekkarou as a laundry pole to dry her clothes! Yeah, blame those mushrooms! So embarrassing… With the final mystery solved, Kojou has Natsuki do them a favour and teleport to Motoki’s whereabouts. And hence your action sequence in seeing them take down the monsters. But before Kojou could do the finishing move, Yuiri realizes that this shrunken Kraken is just protecting the shield. Since it is just a young offspring, she hopes Kojou can let this one go. Kojou the merciful does so. So they just let the squid swim away into the sea? Hopefully this doesn’t come biting back in the future. While they’re happy for Kraken, they wonder about the mermen. Of course we see some shady baddie, Lei. He is being told the mermen were defeated and failed to retrieve the shield. A shame because it would really have been useful for their future plans.

Strike The Flashback
As cheesy as this OVA seems, I have to admit that in some ways that it was also fun. Oh well. Some fanservice and the usual Kojou harem problems are the things that I understood (I suppose they somewhat included Kiriha here because she was sorely missing in the third season). And hence this OVA is nothing much and feels more like a filler as our gang tries to piece back their missing memories of a night’s mishap. Blame those mushrooms! I bet it is one of those nights that they would want to totally forget. Especially Asagi. Even more forgettable-cum-laughable the officially cheesy named English title of “Who Moved My Lance?”. I thought “The Disappearance of Sekkarou” or “The Missing Sekkarou” would sound better and more accurate than this pseudo-detective-mystery-like title. Oh well. Must be those darn mushrooms making whoever thought that this title sounded like a good one. Yeah, I really want to forget about this title. I hope so when the next season comes around when we are then spammed with more action scenes, fanservice scenes, complicating supernatural sci-fi plots and more cheesy harem narratives. Oh yeah. Just another usual day in Itogami for Kojou and the gang. So senpai, are we ready to take this fight together for the fourth season?!

I guess we’re going to have another season. Perhaps it is the trend in today’s era. Because Tsugumomo is going to get another season and hence the crowdfunded started back in 2019 and achieved its goal. But before we bring you the next season, here is a thanks to all the contributors with Tsugumomo Chotto H Na OVA. You’ve been wanting to see the tits of all the girls in the series without resorting to some underground porn, right? That’s right. Your wish has been granted. This OVA is the perfect appetizer for you perverts out there before we get started with the sequel.

Part 1: The Slave Master
You know how strong Kazuya’s morning wood is, right? He has to put up with Kiriha sleeping naked. Because she’s like the queen, he is forced to wear clothes for her and hence touching those delicious parts. He feels bad about it but sometimes he likes it too. In school, she falls asleep and doesn’t pay attention. On the way home, she forces him to spend his limited allowance on her whims and fancies. Like on this dessert. But to show she is not all that bad, she shares it with him. Heh. It’s his allowance after all. Back home, Kiriha’s choice of dressing continues to distract him from his studies. The real test begins when she has him bathe with her. And because the sponge is missing, he has to rub her body parts with his hand. Yeah, this might not be so bad. Not only her tits, but her pussy too! THIS ISN’T SO BAD AFTER ALL!!!!!! Kazuya thought he won since she gave out a little embarrassing eek. But after she is done cleaning her, she grabs his balls to destroy his dignity and bring him back down to earth. Who’s the real master here???!!! In bed, she sleeps all over him. Even though he has endured a lot of suffering from her, he doesn’t want this relationship to change. If he could, he wants this to continue every day. You mean he likes her busting his balls?! Oh God, I hope he didn’t turn into some masochist…

Part 2: Sentou Ga!
The gang visit the public bathhouse. As you can see, Kiriha and Kukuri try to outdo each other at every single chance they get. To a point where they did kanchou on each other’s butthole!!!! I suppose Chisato has more problems than worrying about Kokuyou’s humongous tits so she has to discipline the loli duo and smack their butts till they’re red. Behave!

Part 3: The Dominator
We see Sunao dominating over Kotetsu since young. Including that one time he complained boys and girls shouldn’t be bathing together so she shut him up by grabbing his balls! Kotetsu’s suffering since then. Then this moment where Sunao came home tired and just dropped asleep. Kotetsu had to take off her clothes and change for her. Yeah, undressing fanservice. Why not just let her be? Scared he’ll get some punishment next morning? Then seeing the tears in her eyes, I guess it’s goodnight. Huh?

Part 4: Boob Job
Kokuyou wants to give Kazuya a boob job to thank him for all that he’s done!!! Since when did this turn into a porn shoot?! Claiming her tits are ugly, Kazuya dismisses all that and mentions all her good points. Including her boobs. Having said that, she insists in giving him a boob job. Got caught with his pants down when Kiriha and Kukuri return. Kukuri can’t stop shrieking. Worse, Kokuyou wants her to join in! Can she, with those non-existent tits? Kiriha can’t stop laughing…

Part 5: Incontinence Inconvenience
For some reason, Kazuya can’t move. But he needs to go to the toilet. Hence Kiriha and Kukuri try to help him pee! This is so embarrassing. I don’t know how they did it but it went okay. More embarrassment for Kazuya when they put diapers on him. So he prefers to let girls help him pee all the time?

Part 6: Erection Test
Kazuya reads a manga story to Kiriha. Turns out to be an erotic one. Kiriha is curious to know which his favourite is and since he won’t tell, she crucifies him and will test him. Does she need to call the other girls too? Oh well, I guess everybody wants to know. So as she reads several erotic settings, the gauge is of course Kazuya’s little brother getting it up each time the erotic scene is read. Safe to say, he reacts to all of them. But then there is one yaoi scenario. The other girls are interested in this one? But it seems this doesn’t belong to Kazuya. Whose? Kasumi of course.

Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai!
Poor Kazuya. He’s a sexual assault victim!!! He has got his modesty outraged almost every day especially by this tsukumogami and if luck has further abandoned him for the day, he gets his balls grabbed. Because he is a guy, nobody is calling the cops. Plus, we all otakus love seeing this guy in pain, right? Double the fun when we also get to see sexy fanservice of the girls. So who’s complaining? It’s amazing he still has maintained his sanity (and chastity) after all the sexual abuses. In that sense, he is the strongest character, no?! I suppose after achieving almost 7 million yen in crowdfunding, adapting just 6 shorts from the extra chapters of the manga volumes seemed like a rip-off. Hey, who am I to complain? I didn’t contribute a single yen! And hey, I actually didn’t know this came out (nor the second season) just only a few weeks ago! The other thing I like is the ending song which is a full on devilish hard rock piece. Yeah, so epic and badass it feels like a waste for this ecchi OVA. So thanks for the fanservice and the not so friendly memories of a girl grabbing a guy by his balls as punishment. Yikes. Now I’ll be waiting to watch the next season with my legs clutched tightly together.

Taking a quick glance at the title, I thought Ore Wo Suki Nano Wa Omae Dake Ka Yo was something similar to that horrible sister series, Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai. Still get somewhat confused with the title even till this day. But thankfully, no little sister fetish here. Romcom harem anime series. Phew. Better. My style, my taste. Heh. And as you would expect from a romcom harem series, love polygons and dramas ensuing left, right, up, down, centre and everywhere. Who loves who? Better keep a flowchart if you want to keep tabs on everybody’s relationship to each other. Just in case. It’s more complicated than falling in love with your own sister!

Episode 1
Amatsuyu “Joro” Kisaragi is a normal high school kid. I guess it is pretty normal for him to have a genki childhood friend too, Aoi “Himawari” Hinata. Must be pretty normal for him to be best friends with the school’s famous baseball ace, Taiyou “Sun” Oga. Oh yeah. There’s that hot cool beauty, Sakura “Cosmos” Akino who is also the student council president. Yup. Pretty normal life. Cosmos asks Joro out on a date this Saturday. Could he say no? At the end of the day, she wants to confess something. There is somebody she likes… That person is Sun!!! Shock! It all happened at some baseball game in which she saw him banging his head on the wall after a dejected loss. Uh, what? She wants his help to bring them together. Can’t refuse those puppy dog eyes, no? Next day, it is Himawari’s turn to date him. At the end of the day, she wants to confess something. There is somebody she likes… You’ve guessed it. Sun!!! Déjà vu! Damn it, same reason how she fell for him? And double drats, she wants him to help her get close to Sun?! Can’t say no to those puppy dog eyes too. It’s no wonder back home, Joro is so frustrated and f*ck this sh*t mentality! But he thinks he still has a hope. By helping them both, Sun will eventually choose one and he’ll be happy with whoever he rejects. And so Joro returns to his normal life. This time lots of sarcasm added to his thoughts. Yeah, that b*tch and minx. He does help Himawari and Cosmos get their chance to talk to Sun but with them blowing their chances, he just wishes they shut their trap and not ruin the effort he put in. Because the duo keep looking for him, Joro wants peace and quiet during recess. The only place he could find solace is the library. However he has to put up with Sumireko “Pansy” Sanshokuin. Despite being a quiet girl, she has a sharp tongue. His nightmare comes true when Pansy reveals he knows all about him trying to help his friends get along with Sun. She knows all about him too because she is his stalker! She threatens to reveal his other secrets if he doesn’t listen to her. Oh dear. Is this déjà vu again? Yup. Somebody she likes whom she wants to confess…. Sun, right? Nope. It’s you, Joro!!! Surprise! However Joro must continue to talk to her in this badass jerk way as she loves him in this mode instead of his normal gentle version. She wants them to continue talking here like this every day.

Episode 2
So Joro has to tell Pansy how he planned to help Himawari and Cosmos. Yeah, setting up Himawari to watch a movie with Sun as well as setting up Cosmos to have lunch with Sun is no easy feat. If only the girls would just shut up and play along! Thank goodness so far so good. But Pansy throws in the biggest question: What if Sun likes a girl. Damn! Hence Joro asks Sun directly if he likes a girl. Because he is his best friend, he will tell him. Yes, there is a girl he likes. Guess who? Pansy!!! Oh sh*t! Of all people! WTF is that baseball game scenario how he met her after his dejected loss?! Oh, Sun wants Joro’s help to get closer to Pansy? No can’t do. But Joro gives him some baseball metaphor advice. Joro meets with Pansy wan the moment he asks her about Sun, she catches on. Whatever he is thinking, no. She only loves him. As he tries to bug her, she tells him off, giving others the wrong idea he is trying to ask her out. Then Sun comes by and gets the wrong idea they are being close (because Joro said they aren’t). Thankfully, Pansy covers for Joro and says that he was just telling him about the student council spot check. While Sun is relieved, Pansy is apparently upset so Joro is freed from coming to the library for a few days. During that time, he helps plan for Himawari and Cosmos. One day, Cosmos calls Joro to meet. Oh no. Something wrongs. Look at that deadly aura! Apparently Sun told her he loves Pansy and wanted her help to get them close together! No sh*t! Also, Sun took Joro’s baseball metaphor the wrong way, hence Cosmos thinks Joro is a liar. Goodbye jerk. Don’t need your help now. Gotta go help my crush win the girl he likes. And then a call from Himawari to meet. Oh no. Damn right it’s déjà vu! Same thing. Joro told her about his love for Pansy and wants her help to get them together. Also, misinterpreted baseball metaphor. Joro, you liar! Don’t need your help anymore. Gotta go help my crush win the girl he likes. Joro then confronts Pansy. He is about to tell her off he has had enough of all this seeing that she hints she knows the situation with Sun. But she notes it is going to get more interesting now because Sun, Himawari and Cosmos walk in to see them together. Sh*t just hit the fan.

Episode 3
As the girls rip him apart, this is when Joro snaps. He tells them off that they used him for their own convenience. This makes them feel guilty. All that is left is to explain the truth. However Pansy turns up and says even if what Joro said is true, why was he encouraging a romantic relationship with her and Sun? Liar? Now that the tables are turned on him again, Sun punches him and forbids him to come near any of these girls. Just like that, Joro lost everything. Rumours spread and he becomes a bully subject. One day Pansy tells Joro to come to the library. On pretence to tell him to get her a book, shortly after Sun comes in. He looks happy talking to Pansy. That is when Pansy asks why he tricked Joro and trapped him. After talking to him for a week, she finds it strange that he should have noticed Himawari and Cosmos’ feelings due to the effort Joro put in to help them. It’s like he wanted to have bad blood with him and have his trust lost among the girls. Because Joro refused to help him when he asked for romantic help, that’s when he switched to find a way to trick him. As Joro’s contact with her wasn’t part of his plan, the reason he ‘enlisted’ Himawari and Cosmos to help out. Pansy pretended to be against Joro otherwise Sun would suspect she was on his side. She asks him again why he tricked and trapped Joro. Because he lost to him. Back in middle school, a girl asked Sun for a favour to help her get closer to Joro. He felt jealous and even told her about Joro’s true nature. Even so, she was okay with that. And of course that made him mad. Even knowing that Pansy likes Joro, Sun feels he has lost to him again. Normally it would be best for Sun if he shut up and left but he continues to brag how he wants to bring Joro down and badmouths Himawari and Cosmos trusting every word he said.

As for why Pansy likes Joro, I guess Sun hasn’t realized it. Joro’s true personality. Despite helping Himawari and Cosmos, everything he did was for Sun. Also, he wouldn’t have betrayed them just to ask Pansy to go out with Sun. And yet Sun betrayed him. So when did she first like him? Oh, that baseball thingy again. Before she went to see Sun, she saw Joro standing there at the gates waiting for him with his favourite food. Everyone who passed laughed at him. Because Joro is selfless and acts without jealousy for the sake of his friends, that is the reason she loves him. Normally it would be right for Sun to just leave. But this jerk threatens to do something to Pansy since nobody is around! I guess cue for Joro to pop out after hearing all that. Joro tells Sun off that he can say bad or laugh at them. But do not belittle their feelings because they were hopelessly desperately in love with him. Sun agrees to apologize to them but what now of Joro? He brought this upon himself so he is fine. Sun realizes he lost again to him. After the guys left, Pansy calls Himawari and Cosmos out of their hiding. In the aftermath, the bullying stopped after Sun reveals the truth to clear Joro’s name. The girls also apologize to him. At the library, Pansy reveals that Sun fell for her only because she told him her name. So the consoling was just a lie or exaggeration? Pansy will also reveal her true feelings to Joro. By stripping? Damn, without the glasses and braids, this plain girl is hot as f*ck!!!! Also she got boobs!!! Joro remembers her as that beautiful chick who talked to him while waiting for Sun after the baseball game. I guess this is more than enough reason for Joro to continue hanging out at the library. And to thank him for all his kindness, she pecks him on his cheek. That’s for being selfless. At this point, Joro must be sceptical for what he has gone through. She does look perfect on the outside, but what about the inside? Hey, why don’t you give her a chance?

Episode 4
Joro wants to be pampered too so Pansy seemingly is going to lift her skirt but actually it’s to allow him to lick her feet! Joro had to blurt out he wants her boobs but she mentions about needing to wear this ‘disguise’ for some demon is after her. Then she changes the topic and isn’t pleased why he hangs out with her too. Does he not want to reconcile with his friends? Is that why he comes here? She advises to just talk to them as he is and she is sure they will understand. Joro thinks she is speaking from experience, something she doesn’t deny outright. Back in class, he is approached by ‘journalist’, Hina “Asunaro” Hanetachi about the Flower Festival. Legend has it that if a male dances with 3 female partners one after another, he will certainly marry one of them. Joro trolls her by picking her name. Then he turns his attention to help Himawari having studying problems. But she runs away. He catches up and their silly argument eventually has them becoming friends again. They hatch a plan to challenge Sun. It is a studying challenge. Sun refuses them seeing everything that has happened. As this didn’t work, Joro just blurts out he just wants them to become friends again. Just like that, they’re back. Joro seeks Pansy’s help to join their study group but she claims there is one more… Yeah, Joro didn’t think who that final person is until he detects Cosmos’ deadly aura. Uh huh. She is sad she thought she would be next in his reconciliation spree but he never came. And she was eagerly waiting for him. Does he not care?! She practised hard with an anatomy model on how to make up with him! So Joro has to play along with her and before you know it, they’re back as good friends. Now the study group is in session, Cosmos has created 5000 maths questions for them to complete. By today! Pansy weasels her way out by teaching Himawari Japanese. I don’t know if the guys managed to finish it all but they manage to retain their sanity as they all walk home together. Joro lets us know he isn’t giving up on the girls. Yeah, he wants to make them his harem! Keep chasing your dream. It’ll come true… Eventually… Or not. And something sinister has started to move and crumble that dream because Asunaro is printing a hit piece of Joro making his move on 3 women.

Episode 5
Things are looking up for Joro and his women. Not content with his harem? Want to add more? Well, good news. Asunaro wants to speak to him privately and confess something. Oh yeah. But wait! That accursed bench! Zawa, zawa! Oh sh*t. Asunaro starts confessing… That he is a womanizer for stringing along 3 women! Oh, it’s that baseball game again that had her looking at his face. She thought it was the face of a pervert. She has printed the article but kept the 3 girls’ identity a secret. Yeah, some photo proof he is ‘flirting’ with the girls. But she is going to cut him a deal. She will follow him around until the Flower Festival and if nothing happens, she will not publish it. Otherwise on that day itself she will hand out to everybody including parents. Then fate starts testing him because Cosmos looks like she is flirting with him as she is happy Joro is the selected guy for the Flower Dance. Cosmos and Himawari are one of the 3 girls selected too. Normally Joro wanted to decline but seeing how much Cosmos is looking forward to it, oh well… Later Joro talks to his groupie about this problem. They are okay even if nasty reviews of him come about, they will not care and continue to believe in him. Because Cosmos wants Joro to accompany her so they could meet the other girl of for the Flower Festival, Kimie “Tanpopo” Kamata, Joro requests her to be strict. Yeah, this lame samurai act isn’t cutting it. The moment Tanpopo sees Joro, she freaks out. Looks like the rumours of him being a pervert isn’t totally gone yet. Thanks to this, Tanpopo opts out of the Flower Festival. Don’t worry, they just pick a new one. Uhm… Sun?! Oh sh*t. Are they trying to open up a new possibility here?! So all of them start practising for the dance but one day, a bunch of girls confront Joro for being a sleazebag. Oh my, that article is published! Cosmos tries to explain but this only makes them suspicious. How does she know unless she is one of the girls he is having an affair with? Luckily Asunaro manages to calm and rectify the situation, claiming she mixed up her article with the ones she was supposed to publish. The girls back down for now but warn Joro if it really turns true. Thanks to this, Joro is shocked that his friends want to keep their distance for the time being. Because their dance is cancelled, Asunaro feels guilty and offers to help Joro practice with the dance.

Episode 6
It has been a week. Joro feels the irony that despite reconciling with his friends, their situation is worse than before all the conflicts. Even some of the girls continue to suspect him. Only because of Asunaro by his side that this didn’t blow up further. More woes when a call from Sun saying that the PTA are arguing about this Flower Festival that it is a blasphemy to have 2 boys at the dance. It’s not tradition. Wait. Today is already the Flower Festival and they’re bringing this up now?! Sun will back down and find a replacement. With Joro asking Asunaro’s help, you bet she is more than happy to do so. Just in time because Cosmos wants to speak to her personally and not let Joro hear any of this. Eh? Something wrong? But they insist if this is in regards to the Flower Festival, he has all the right to hear about it. Okay. It’s your call. In the student council room, after Cosmos confirms Asunaro’s participation again, she then rejects her involvement and wants her to put all her effort in correcting the lies. In short, Asunaro has been deceiving Joro from the start. She had the ulterior motive to separate Joro from his friends during recess, an important time when they gather. She was also the one who spread the rumours to the first years, the reason why Tanpopo refused to further participate. Although Asunaro claims she was in her room working on the newspaper, Cosmos had further proof that despite she did not print that damning article that got accidentally circulated on that day, she actually printed it the day before. Show proof of the record? See, Asunaro’s name is not there. But that is a fake! Cosmos had the real one! It shows her name. On the day that fake article came out, Cosmos already suspected her. She went to the printing room to print out the log. Then she took a gamble. Knowing the girls will suspect her if she entered Joro’s class, this is to get Asunaro to return to the printing room and do her forgery. She hid a camera there and here’s the proof. Asunaro’s plan would have worked had she just completed her first objective to isolate Joro from his friends and be with him alone but then she got greedy and wanted to participate in the Flower Festival too. She wanted that bond with him. That’s why she was the only one who danced with him alone for the entire week.

Asunaro then admits she really loves Joro. Ever since that baseball game. He saved him from a stray baseball. More like he was just passing by and got hit. Yeah, he wanted to get a closer look at that beautiful babe’s boobs! All Asunaro wants is Joro and that she thinks he doesn’t need any other friends. After Cosmos advises her about the harsh facts of love, Asunaro tries to convince Joro she loves him. However he turns on his dark mode and tells her off. He has no romantic interests in her. Forget about him, what she did to others was unforgiveable. Do you know how much trouble she gave to Sun? Especially he had to cancel his baseball practice just for this dance. So as far as he is concerned, she can never be by his side and can f*ck off! Wow. Asunaro apologizes for all the troubles she has caused and gets out. Time to go correct those lies. But what about the Flower Festival? Cosmos knew that 2 boys wouldn’t fly from the start. That’s why she and Sun spent the last week trying to convince that girl to join. Make an intelligent guess who? After Joro dances with Himawari, next is Cosmos. She assures Asunaro will be alright since Sun is the only person who knows this awful secret. As a reward, she pecks him on his cheek. Good thing it wasn’t visible to the audience. Finally the last person to dance with him… Pansy! OMG! This hot babe so freaking stunning that the audience is scratching their heads who this hot busty chick!!! Never seen her before!!! Pansy asks Joro why he helped her to make friends and break the ice with them. That was the real reason why he had the study session in the library. It’s thanks for her help when he was in a bind. Pansy enjoys the dance and she hopes to continue being friends with all of them.

Episode 7
WTF, Joro’s mom looks middle aged but she sounds so squeaky?! Anyway, she knows her son’s plans to hang out with his friends today. How? Pansy is here! Right in his living room! Apparently she was stalking on him when mom invited her in. Oh, they’re best friends too since she recommended some favourite book. It’s a swimsuit episode with Joro’s groupie all at the indoor amusement pool. Joro is tasked to get drinks for everyone and as he queues, before him is Asaka “Sasanqua” Mayama. She is his classmate and one of the girls who mistakenly hates him due to that fake news. However he doesn’t recognize her. Then she asks him hypothetically for advice. It’s this close friend of hers who wronged a guy and wants to get back on his good side without apologizing. I think just an apology wasn’t the answer she’s looking for. Besides, isn’t she talking about herself? But with Joro still believing a sincere apology is the best because everyone makes mistakes, she’d think about it and even asks if apologizing in dyed hair is okay. Well, Joro likes neat and black hair… So Joro returns to his (unofficial) harem and now the girls are fighting over him. Woah, take it easy. One at a time. They decide to challenge each other over him. Hey, either way, Joro’s the winner, right? Himawari goes first with him on the water slide. Joro is expecting a nip slip but at the end, he is the one who loses his trunks! How the f*ck it ended on Himawari’s head?! Sun to the rescue by jumping in and protecting his modesty! So gay… Next is Cosmos riding a dolphin float. Joro expects those boobs will be touching his back but she got so deep in thinking about their future that Joro floats away alone. Don’t worry. Sun will ride with him! So gay… Finally he sits in the hotspring with Pansy. They talk about things but it seems she knows his dark secrets! Before she can even reveal the kind of porn he reads, Sun steps in! Thanks buddy. So gay… At the end of the day, which of the girl he enjoys the most? Why… It’s Sun! Because he is always there for him! Can’t deny that. Best friend > hot chicks. I’m so done with this gay sh*t… Don’t ruin this ecchi romcom, please!!! Back in school, with Asunaro publishing the truth, the group of girls who hate him now sincerely apologize to him. Yeah, he’s a good guy now. Even more shocking, Sasanqua has died her hair black and looks lovely! A sincere apology to boot! Can this get any better? Oh, doesn’t that trigger some death flag? Because soon a new student transfers in. Immediately Chiharu “Tsubaki” Youki recognizes Joro, goes up to him, gets on her knees and kisses his hand! Does he not remember her vow that she would do everything for him with all her heart without any conditions?

Episode 8
A year ago at that baseball game (here we go again), Joro was lost on how to support Sun. So happen he was at a skewer stand run by Tsubaki. She gave him some advice but she too thanked him for helping to encourage her. So now Joro freaks out at this hand kissing act and when Tsubaki finishes her introduction, only did he remember who she is. Of course this means experiencing being ostracized again but you know, he isn’t stranger to such controversies. Yup, here we go again. Because of his experience, he thinks Tsubaki is hiding her true intention. After all, such kind and convenient woman doesn’t actually exist. Hence he vows to expose her true nature. It’s hard to be devilish on the inside but putting up a nice act on the outside. In a few instances, Tsubaki seems genuine in helping him (including saving him from stepping on a banana peel) but is this all an act? She gets permission to join him with his groupie at the library. Now that Tsubaki is sharing her lunch with him, this crushes Cosmos’ plan to share hers. Eventually he still eats hers. After recess, Pansy wants to talk to Joro for a while. However it is not about Tsubaki as he thought. She points out a certain coward who wants to maintain status quo. He might think it is kindness but that is just running away. But this works fine for Pansy too. She lends him her favourite book to read. He leaves school and in town Himawari bumps into him just to bug him about her upcoming birthday. When he gets home, he realizes the borrowed book is missing. Realizing it could be during Himawari’s collision, he goes back to the spot to find. Strangely, a couple of girls offer their help to find (how they know what book?). When they do, it is all messed up. Joro is sad but the least they could do is tell him a friend of theirs sell this book but it is costly. Because of that, Joro becomes obsessed in finding a job, so much so he ignores Cosmos’ lunch once more. Tsubaki offers him to work at her family skewer restaurant since it pays well hourly and instantly Joro praises this saviour angel of his. Later Joro apologizes to Pansy and tells the truth what happened. She doesn’t mind it and prefers him to spend his lunch time with them instead of working. However he insists he needs to take responsibility and get her a new one. This old one? He’ll be holding on to it for now. Joro prepares his first day working at Tsubaki’s place.

Episode 9
Joro is getting used to his part time job but he still lacks confidence. Still thinking he is a background character? But Pansy has been sulking ever since he started working, though the rest assure things will go back to normal once Joro achieves his target. Not surprisingly, Sasanqua and her friends patron Tsubaki’s place. I think they’re hoping something would come of this but sorry girls, nothing. Things take a bad turn when Joro accidentally spills beer over a customer. Damn, he so mad but thanks to Tsubaki stepping in, nothing untoward happened. So as Joro walks home depressed, Pansy comes to talk to him. She heard from Tsubaki as she knows he is only doing this to prove himself he is worth something. He wanted to solve this by himself but it is more of self-satisfaction disguised as kindness. That is the worst kind of emotion she hates. This makes Joro even madder. What else does she want him to do? I don’t think he can just accept having her by his side is okay. And it ends with him telling her to get lost. Okay. Gee, really? So Joro puts up a fake happy face when with his friends. Otherwise, it is just so freaking obvious. So much so this guy, Yasuo “Hose” Hazuki could tell and talks to him. So just do what you do when you don’t know what to do? Yeah, great advice. And also if you really care about that person, you should also focus more on that person. Joro gets his groove back and apologizes to Pansy for taking it out on her then.

When Joro gets paid, he goes to buy the book but to his dismay, somebody bought the last copy. And then surprisingly Himawari shows up. She is that person who bought that book just for him. Despite all the excuses she gave, Joro can tell that she is lying. She has been skipping her tennis practice to find this book and used her money to buy it. She thinks he will become happy again but Joro doesn’t share the same sentiments. Eventually an argument as Joro thinks her tennis > this book. Himawari is in tears as she too mentions he lied to her and that both tennis and Joro are equally important to her. Thanks to them being childhood friends, they apologize quickly. The friends watch and support Himawari at her tennis match. She asks Joro if he has someone he likes but he maintains the same answer of none. But for Himawari, she has and to show her gratitude, she pecks him on his cheek. I guess that’s the power she needs for her to win the game. The friends celebrate at a private party at Tsubaki’s place. Pansy asks if Joro has read the book. Apparently there was a bookmark in it that has a hidden message asking if he would help her in her times of need. Well, if he is free. Good enough answer. Tsubaki believes Joro thought of himself as a background supporter role and that is why he put himself down and turned away from what’s important like the feelings of others and those who care for him. But thanks to him, everyone is together. And so Joro changes his mind set that he isn’t just a background character. Which background character is surrounded by a bevy of hot chicks (and a good friend)? So he’ll just settle to be a normal main character. That’s what they all say. He is confident he can solve any problem. And then this troublesome problem… Tanpopo asking Joro to help make Sun and Pansy a pair… Not this sh*t again!

Episode 9.5
Man, if you find it hard to follow all that has happened so far, maybe you should stop watching anime! But no fear! Don’t give up at this point! We have this saviour in the form of a recap episode to refresh your failing memories! Everything that has happened so far narrated by the one and only Joro and Tanpopo as his partner in crime. Yeah, it’s like they’re doing a director’s cut commentary with some sarcasm and jokes while they recycled the scenes of those previous episodes. Just the calm before the storm. Because next week, we will resume Joro’s disaster… Hope that little breather helps, Joro. You’ll be needing it…

Episode 10
It’s that bench again. It’s Tanpopo doing that dramatic confession troll. And as we know it, Tanpopo is seeking his help to make Sun and Pansy a pair. Oh no. That baseball game setting again, huh? Apparently she saw Sun and Pansy at the exit and was moved. Thinking they should become an item but nothing has progressed since then, that is why she needs his help to make this dream into a reality. Of course her goal is so when Sun is motivated by love, he will perform better in his games. The school will win the championship and she will become a famous manage which will lead to her becoming a famous idol. Wow. So complicated… Normally Joro isn’t interested but seeing Tanpopo leaves a sexy picture of herself and he will have more if the job is completed, you bet he is in! Also, Asunaro is in as she eavesdropped on them. She can help increase Tanpopo’s fame. Of course she too has an ulterior motive. With Pansy pairing up with Sun, Joro is all hers for the take. So the plan is to have Joro become Sun’s love rival by confessing to Pansy? Since that’s not going to work, Plan B is Tanpopo giving orders to him via earpiece and he regurgitates what she says to Pansy? Acting so bad that Pansy can even tell. Eventually the plan fails because the other girls join in and there are other guys admiring them in which they mispronounced Tanpopo’s name as some penis. Dick move?

Later, Joro makes it clear to Tanpopo that he will not confess to Pansy and that he only pretended to help her as he never had that intention to bring them together. She can’t say he lied to her because Tanpopo herself lied from the start. It seems Asunaro was also in cohorts with Joro to expose Tanpopo’s misdeeds. From what I understand, Joro sensed something wrong when she told her story from that baseball game. From her stand, she was cheering for the opposing team and not their team. She only came to this school because she fell ill and failed the entrance exam. Joro realizes her true goal is not to find Sun a girlfriend but to find Pansy a boyfriend. Another dead giveaway was how Tanpopo knew Pansy’s hidden beauty. Like as though she knew her before. With Pansy now joining the conversation, Tanpopo comes clean. She realized this was the Pansy she knew in middle school during the Flower Dance since Pansy didn’t disguise herself as a plain Jane then. Pansy dismisses she is in love with Sun. It is Joro. As for why she did all this, before the truth can be revealed, Tanpopo runs away with guilt. Since Pansy also refuses to say because she has unpleasant memories of people saying things to her, I guess it’s a mystery for now. Pansy then confiscates that sexy Tanpopo picture. In exchange, she trades it with a hot picture of herself. I think this upgrade is so much better. Meanwhile Cosmos is pleading to the teacher but he shoots her down that the decision made is final: The school library will close.

Episode 11
Pansy trolling Joro (and us) that she wants to give herself to him. Actually, it’s just a dance. Joro gets disappointed but spots an earpiece. He realizes she is in cohorts with Tanpopo who still hasn’t given up in hooking her up. When spotted, panicky Tanpopo runs away. But now for something serious. Cosmos tells her groupie about the closure of the library due to the lack of people using it. The friends decide to bring their other friends to use it to help prevent its shutdown. Of course, only Joro who has no friends can’t help much. On the way home, he bumps into Hose. After telling him his problem, Hose agrees to help because he also faced this situation before. Next day when they meet up at school, it seems Hose has also brought a couple of girls along to help. Joro recognizes them as they are the ones who helped find that borrowed book. And when brought to the library, instantly you can see the panic in Pansy’s face. From the looks of it, they could be ex-lovers. Hose introduces himself and his girls, Momo “Cherry” Sakuraba and Runa “Tsukimi” Kusami. Joro is worried because Hose reeks of everything main character and he is very reliable! You bet he is worried about his own status in this anime! With Pansy huddling close to Joro, Cherry and Tsukimi can tell so later they ask Joro if he likes Pansy. He denies he is. When the day is over, Cherry and Tsukimi try to set Hose to walk home with Pansy, something she is not so keen about. Asunaro could also read the situation and hence usurps the request and would walk her home.

Subsequently, Cherry and Tsukimi talk to Joro, Cosmos and Himawari. They admit they are both in love with Hose but he is in love with Pansy. As both love Hose and feel that something bad would happen if they both love him at the same time, that’s why they decided to stay as friends. This leads to them prioritizing Hose’s feelings. That’s why they seek their help to make Hose and Pansy an item. But how does Pansy feel about this? That’s why they asked Joro if he likes Pansy. Because Pansy likes him but he doesn’t reciprocate her love. Joro feels something is off and apologizes he can’t help them. Cosmos and Himawari too. Next day at school, Joro confronts Pansy as he wants to know the whole truth. You see, she views Hose as a demon. Part of that reason she adopted this plain looks and transferred to this school. Back in middle school, she was a very popular person. Many had evil intentions on her. Only Hose was indifferent and helped her. While she is grateful, she didn’t want to be with him. She views Hose having a major flaw: He doesn’t understand the other side of people’s feelings. His good intentions harm others. While everything works out well for him, his righteousness stifles others (like how Cherry and Tsukimi suppress their feelings for him). Pansy felt trapped in his world when he fell for her. Even more so he isn’t aware of what he was doing to those girls who lied to themselves just to be with him. Something she couldn’t forgive. When Hose confessed to her and she declined, he continued to protect her and resisted his own feelings. Now that Joro has put all the puzzle pieces together, he gets final confirmation from Pansy that she doesn’t want to be with Hose. He promises to do something about it.

Episode 12
The library is saved from being closed down. Though, the problem of Cherry and Tsukimi still trying to set up Hose with Pansy still persists. Nobody has the chance to intervene until Sun… Joro confronts Tanpopo and learns the truth why she wanted to set up Pansy with a guy. She is in love with Hose. So now you see the bigger picture? Since she isn’t giving up on him, she is counting on him to be Pansy’s boyfriend. Next time he meets Pansy, it seems she drops a shocker: She has agreed to date Sun! This is of course if his baseball team wins the Nationals. Pansy sounds harsh when she calls Joro for being useless and not doing anything and banishes him from the library for the time being. Later he confronts Sun and thinks this is all part of his act and plan. But Sun reveals his true nature that this is for real. The reason he remained his best friend and acted like one after his first rejection was to continue to get on Pansy’s good side. Now the time has come and it is Joro’s turn to play his best friend. He has done what he can, now it is his turn. Joro sinks into depression but thanks to Tsubaki overhearing all that, she hints to him to think deeper into what Sun and Pansy’s words meant. You don’t think Hose is going to back down without a fight, right? At first Joro understood the hidden meaning but has no confidence in seeing it through but realizes he still needs to do what he needs to do. If that’s not enough motivation, Sasanqua for the first time sums up her courage to talk to him and even tells him to act like his usual self. Those tears in her eyes must be the clincher. You bet Joro can do what he wants to do. So first, he confronts Sun and tells him he can’t support him for his game. There is something more important than a best friend. Sun is relieved with his answer.

Hose now blurts out he still loves Pansy and wants to date her. Even if she had agreed to date Sun, that is only if his team wins. If he doesn’t, please consider him, okay? Cherry and Tsukimi try to pressure Pansy for an answer but thank goodness our main character steps in at the right time. He is now in his b*tch mode as he talks about the women’s privilege that Pansy has: Selfishly indulging herself in manipulating him. Then he throws Hose a challenge. As his friend, he agrees to it. But this challenge also comes with a penalty. The loser must stay away from Pansy and cannot talk to her anymore! Cherry and Tsukimi try to intervene but with Pansy wanting to hear out more on Joro, he gets to stay dominant. This is his chance to crush Hose once and for all. Hose tries to back out and do some diplomacy but Joro won’t let him. Hence Joro lets his true intentions out that he can’t let him have Pansy. Is that his declaration of love? Joro continues to explain the rules of the challenge. Each girl will receive a hairclip. They will give it to the guy whom they think Pansy is worth being with. It will take place at the baseball finals and because there are 6 of them, there is a possibility of a tie. Hence another rule is that if Sun’s team wins, Joro gets an additional vote. Otherwise, Hose gets it. What do you say? Cherry and Tsukimi cry foul because the odds are stacked against them. Because definitely, Pansy, Cosmos, Himawari and Asunaro are going to vote for Joro, right? Damn right Joro has manipulated this! Heh. His win is surely in the bag. So much so he thinks he is going to win right now when Cosmos, Himawari and Asunaro want to give their votes now. Alright, here it is… Eh… THEY GIVE THEM TO HOSE!!! WTF???!!! Because they view Pansy as their love rival, hence they are doing this so they have a better chance to end up with Joro! Yup, their love declaration to him. OMG! THIS BACKFIRED!!! JORO IS IN SH*T!!! But Joro isn’t going to give up yet. And so is Hose. And hence spewing crappy and cheesy main character lines… Screw this romcom!!!

Love’s For Fools Wise Enough To Take A Chance
OMG! Why the f*ck it just ended on a cliff-hanger???!!! They sure trolled us good. Because it was announced that there is going to be an additional episode released in summer of 2020 and this episode will finally give a closure to what happened for this season. You mean we have to be patient and wait a couple of seasons just to find out who ends up with Pansy? Well, I think we already know the answer but since the chances aren’t zero, they still can surprise us and f*ck us in the back. Don’t laugh. Joro is your typical main character who already got that kind of treatment. This means the same will be done to us as typical romcom anime viewers. We’re all in the same boat, damn it!

The storyline is pretty much okay and standard. How far can you go when you story is of the romcom harem genre? The plot of having characters loving this character and that feels cliché and tried and tested throughout the history of this genre. It brings nothing new to the plate and it all boils down to how well the story and the characters are presented. For this series, it is a mixed baggage. I don’t find any of the mini arcs to be that boring and in fact that I enjoyed most of what I watched (like the twists in the plot especially the final episode scene that Joro’s fool proof plan eventually screwed him in the ass – he didn’t really think that one out thoroughly, huh?), although this doesn’t mean I love the series so much that it would be in the top tier of my all-time favourite romcom harem genre list.

I mean, it was pretty fun and funny at first seeing Joro’s character being played around until he literally snaps. Then once the drama of main harem is literally over, we have the rest of the lesser girls in the unofficial harem that plays out to somewhat a similar formula. You know, trying to get his attention or make him help out help somebody get together. The most mind boggling one which I find it hard to follow (perhaps because of my puny brain) is the final arc when Hose finally gets some decent screen time. So let me get this straight, Hose isn’t actually a bad guy. I mean, a real demonic character whose personality makes him sound like he is Hitler reborn, right? So he’s just a good guy but Pansy just can’t find herself to return his love. While this kind of complication isn’t anything new in relationships, at this point you’ve got to realize that there is no 100% fool proof solution to any kind of relationship. As such, there will always be winners, there will always be losers. You can’t have everything. No happy endings for everybody. If you try to satisfy everybody, it ends up nobody is happy. So I don’t get why Pansy who doesn’t like Hose, can’t she just say no and move on? I mean, she’s fine doing all sorts of cool stuffs and lessons towards Joro but not for Hose? Yeah, she says he is a demon but she also paints him like a saint. So which is which? I’m so confused. Because his good intentions are bad for others? I think something is off here. And there is something that I’m not seeing clearly either. It’s all about perspective on how you frame it so there might be more to this than meets the eye. Hence this love rivalry over Pansy has been blown out of proportion if you think about it. Oh well, for once it feels different to have guys fighting over a girl. Bring out all your best steps. May the best (main) character win.

The characters, I guess you can say they’re pretty okay but Joro as the main character, you either love him or hate him. He is one of those main characters who is weak and gets walked over by everybody else. Sure, there are times when he snapped but eventually, Joro is just being Joro. Many of the jokes come from him and sometimes breaking the fourth wall, especially about him becoming the main character. He ramps up all that funny drama with his over-exaggerating expressions. Cue to laugh. This is why all these bad stuffs happen to him. We just love to see his exaggerated reaction and sarcasm, right? Oh yeah, you bet that bench is going to be the benchmark and running joke, the harbinger of something ominous that will lead Joro into the next mess. You wonder if God put it there because it has this penchant to just pop up anywhere! Scary! Don’t even get me started with that baseball match! Yeah, that running joke has been done to death! Still funny, though. It’s like saying everyone involved with this mess went to watch that baseball match. Fate? Coincidence? Nah, just your twisted running joke. With the series already breaking the fourth wall at times, if you are sharp enough and have tons and years of anime viewing experience, you can spot some of the trivia littered across the series. Like when Joro’s facial expression becomes of that of the Kaiji character. Or that mini TV show that pays homage to Kikuko Inoue’s eternally 17 age. And of course, Joro has not many friends, hence Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai. Geddit?

You might have also guessed that all the characters’ nicknames are based on flowers. The girls, that is. I didn’t really realize this only after halfway because I thought that some like Cosmos and Asunaro aren’t flowers. Heck, I didn’t know they were types of flowers until I decided to Google them. Wow. Those really exist? Amazing how you can just learn a little more with the power of the internet. With the girls named after flowers, the guys are the ‘tools’ that nurture them. I didn’t think much of Joro’s name at first because I thought it was some reference to being a gigolo (that’s just me making that up) but eventually I found out his nickname meant water can. I only realized this when Hose came into the picture because like that metaphor, a water hose is definitely more superior to a water can, right? And you have the sun, yes, Sun to give out its light radiation and providing them with energy to grow.

As for the other characters, I think Pansy is the only girl who is interesting. Being quite an observant character, I like how she has a way in giving Joro advice. Mostly in a subtle, cool and calm manner and not obvious in-your-face. It took me a while to understand what she is saying since she is quite the intellect. Everything she said is not red herring and there is some meaning to all those words. You just need the right thinking to connect the dots. Of course, she is not perfect and has her own troubled past. It is indeed strange sometimes that you can help others a lot but can’t for your own predicament. Maybe it just goes to show that you need somebody to lean on? No man is an island. It takes two to tango. You get the picture. So it’s like this cool and capable beauty suddenly becomes incapable in the presence of Hose. It’s like he is her Kryptonite or something.

The other girls in the harem, they don’t really stand out well. Especially lively spunky Himawari and cool beauty Cosmos who are part of the main harem trio, I don’t see them doing anything impactful after their dramas and parts were played out and solved early in the series. It’s like they’ve become a bit like secondary characters and down the pecking order since well, they’ve changed the person they like. Obviously the main character, no? Sometimes you wonder why a harem has only a few girls. Adding more for the sake of numbers doesn’t mean making it more exciting. Because you know, screen time. You wonder why Tsubaki is even relevant. She claims to be somebody who would do anything for Joro. Joro claims to expose her. What happened to that? It all died down. She somehow becomes part of the groupie. The end. Sasanqua is forever relegated to be the tsundere that would never be officially part of the group as long as she doesn’t muster her courage to even do the minimum. Thanks to her ‘encouraging’ friends, I guess it finally paid off. May not be much but at least, it’s a start. Asunaro trying to clean up her act and rebuild her reputation again so she’s just playing the supporting role. Bratty Tanpopo just wants to hook up Pansy. Adding more to this already ‘bloated’ harem might be detrimental to everything in the series. Hence I am predicting that these extra girls won’t be as redundant as I said they are and will be the extra votes that will overturn Hose’s lead. Uh huh. You’re wondering why the initial 6 only has the rights to vote. Don’t forget, Joro’s harem stretches way beyond that! Hah! I’m already doing spoilers here!

Don’t forget about Sun. The irony how a plain normal looking guy like Joro is the main character while his good looking friend who excels in baseball plays the supporting role. Even when he threatens to become the main character and usurp Joro, I feel all that is just acting because it wouldn’t be so convincing had he not played the part. Sun will always be the main character’s best friend and reversing the role is more for the plot twist. Heh. Sometimes I feel that there is this twisted running joke that Sun is the person whom Joro would most likely end up with! Considering how the girls are somewhat ‘demanding’ and the ones who mainly screw Joro and give him trouble, the only person whom he can only always rely on is his best friend. Yup, I fear that there may be a secret hidden ending whereby Joro gives up on his female harem and goes with the gay route ending. That would be the ultimate shocker. Sometimes true happiness is found in places where you least expected. Hopefully not for this one… Please…

When Hose first appeared, something tells me he would become Joro’s rival. Yeah, he could really well usurp Joro’s role as the main character! It could happen. If they really want to shock us with some plot twist! Well, this guy got his own mini harem if you look at it in another light, whether he realizes it or not. This guy is so nice that it sends my sceptical senses ringing that if it is all just an act. You know, like what Joro quoted from a famous saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If he is truly the nice guy he is, then it’s like what a said a few paragraphs above, then good for him. If not, well, you can predict that true love will save the day. Goes to show that in every story, you can’t have more than one main character. Even if there is a group of main characters, there is one who would be that chosen one main character.

Art and animation feel pretty standard. Nothing to complain about. But I keep thinking that because of the hair colour tone of Cherry and Tsukimi, it feels like they are this series’ Rem and Ram of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu! Also, ever since Sasanqua dyed her hair black, I don’t know, I just somehow find her to be looking fake. Like as though she feels more original with her initial pink twintail style. There are also a few fanservice scenes considering what kind of target audience this genre is aiming for. Now you know why the girls are so cute and hot. And why Pansy’s main form is her plain braided spectacle disguise so that we don’t get a boner each time she pops up. This anime is done by Connect who did Senryuu Shoujo and Strike The Blood III. It’s one of those few series they went solo instead of pairing up with Silver Link to do series like Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism, Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie, Strike The Blood I & II and Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukokyu.

While I have no qualms with the voice acting overall, however there is one that bugged me. It is Yukari Tamura as Joro’s mom! While it is good to hear he trademark squeaky voice after a long time, the problem is that I find her voice to be not suitable to her character. It’s just so weird. A typical mom character having this high pitched squeaky voice? I’m not saying that Yukari Tamura is bad. I still love her voice and even more so these days since she is as rare as other veteran seiyuus I recognized who aren’t making much appearances in animes recently. But to match her voice to Joro’s mom… Something really feels off… It just doesn’t fit her character. That’s all. The other recognizable seiyuus are Jun Fukuyama as Hose and Haruka Tomatsu as Pansy. The latter whom I almost barely didn’t recognize since she was so soft spoken, even more so than Sword Art Online’s Asuna.

For the rest of the other casts, they include Daiki Yamashita as Joro (Midoriya in Boku No Hero Academia), Haruka Shiraishi as Himawari (Asirpa in Golden Kamuy), Sachika Misawa as Cosmos (Sakuyo in Mahou Shoujo Ore), Nao Touyama as Tsubaki (Chitoge in Nisekoi), Shiori Mikami as Asunaro (Historia in Shingeki No Kyojin), Yuuma Uchida as Sun (Ash in Banana Fish), Iori Saeki as Tanpopo (Maiko in Hachigatsu No Cinderella Nine), Shuka Saitou as Sasanqua (You in Love Live! Sunshine), Risa Taneda as Cherry (Yukina in Strike The Blood) and Konomi Kohara as Tsukimi (Chika in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai). The opening is Papapa by Shuka Saitou. Pretty catchy as the opener sounds a bit like scatting with a funky bass line. The ending theme is sung by the trio of Pansy, Himawari and Cosmos, Hanakotoba. Plays to a slower pace than the opener. Not that bad but not that catchy either.

Overall, even though with all the clichés and similar formulas that have been done to death in many others past titles, I still enjoyed this series. It’s funny and entertaining in its own right. Shows you how love is like a double edged sword, it can make your life better as well as screw it up. Not the most memorable series in the long run and most likely would be forgotten after a few seasons down (until I decide to look back at the year and do some nostalgic reviewing). But you know me. This kind of genre has been through a lot throughout the years. For better or worse, I will still continue to watch shows in this category for many years to come, as long as I live. Because eventually this kind of romcom harem genre is the one I will always love :-).

Val x Love

February 16, 2020

Imagine the world is on the brink of destruction from demons. God somehow can’t save it. Instead, he sent his daughters down to do the job. However it is not their raw powers that will help save the world. Because they have to go an extra step of finding love. Yup. They said love brings out the power in the maidens as love is their source. What kind of love? Perhaps one of the most ugliest and scary looking kids in Japan to make love with them and prove that it is love that will save the day. I kid you not, this is actually the premise of Val x Love. It is one of those cheesiest and twisted of excuses to bring about your typical fanservice. Of all things… Of all things! Anybody could have thought up a better reason, excuse, plot, story, outline, whatever. But they come up with this. Are you serious?! Did anybody think that they seriously thought this could actually fly? Yeah, it did. Oh well. A fanservice harem, huh? I guess it’s better than overpowered isekai genre. Heh.

Episode 1
The guys are talking which girl will be the one who will win this year’s school beauty contest. Will it be the doll-like Natsuki? Or would it be the student council president, Itsuyo? Perhaps idol Mutsumi will take the crown. But when suddenly a ‘demon’ stands up, everyone cowers with fear! Actually, Takuma Akutsu just wants to go home but because of his big size and scary face, they think he is going to kill them! Yeah, some even jump out of the window! The scariest teacher is even afraid of him! Some think he is that serial killer because there have been incidents of the killer wearing a demon mask going around killing people. Takuma is actually a gentle giant. Just because of his frightful looks, others stay away from him. He too developed a phobia of humans and thinks the only thing he needs is his books. Yeah, he doesn’t need friends. He returns home only to see those aforementioned hot chicks changing. Some are pleased, some aren’t. It seems not only they are residing in his house but the rest of the other Saotome sisters including Futaba, Misa, Yakumo and Kukuri. He really wishes they would leave but can’t find a way to tell it to them nicely. Futaba thinks Takuma is interested in Natsuki and sets them up to study together. Cliché moment when his eraser dropped between her legs and he had to go pick it up! What does this pervy scene look like?! We all know he doesn’t have a dirty mind. His dream is to fulfil his late mom’s wish to study hard and become a respectful person. Futaba then sends them out to do errands. Suddenly a real demon pops up and starts attacking. Natsuki manages to put up a barrier but cannot hold much longer. Because of Takuma acting like a coward, she feels disappointed in him. Until he shields her from an attack. She realizes nothing has changed and hence this weird make out scene so she can power up and transform into her Valkyrie mode and defeat the demon. Yeah, some Norse legend about how the Valkyries are powerful the more love they have. That is their source of power. Why does this sound like a porn setting? The sisters are glad with this outcome as Futaba calls the eldest sister, Ichika to accept Takuma. However she still refuses to accept that weakling. Flashback sees Odin, the ruler of Asgard communicating with Takuma. Midgard will be engulfed in flames in a few days from demons and he wants Takuma to help. Don’t worry, he won’t go empty handed. He bestowed him his 9 beautiful daughters, the Valkyries so that he would grow and become stronger by falling in love with them. Love will save the world! Told you this sounds like a porn plot! I guess Thor is busy away at MCU saving the universe with Avengers from Thanos! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Episode 2
Itsuyo is the top scorer across her grade for the exams. Mutsumi also does well but Natsuki not so. You think Takuma’s grade would be good too since he studies a lot. Wrong! He is dead last! Thanks to his phobia of people, he can’t concentrate on studying. Natsuki sounds mad at him not because she is so but rather she is frustrated he worked so hard and yet he still failed. Takuma is called to the AV room. Suddenly Itsuyo binds him with his chains. So she intends to power up now by dating him? Okay. Whatever. It seems Itsuyo doesn’t really care about Takuma. All she cares about is becoming the strongest Valkyrie and then earn Odin’s praise. Basically, father complex. However everything she tries failed because Takuma himself is nervous with this close proximity. Later a demon is spotted and realizing she is not strong enough to tackle it yet, Itsuyo wants Natsuki to fight it first to buy time for Itsuyo to power up and then join in to help. So this is all part of Natsuki’s sly plan to get even more intimate with Takuma. She thinks she can do better than Natsuki’s kiddie kiss on him. Oh yeah. Sexy time. Is this were they start f*cking? Unfortunately as we know, Takuma isn’t stimulated but he is getting so nervous that he is getting a headache! And of course after all that mature adult talk, Itsuyo baulks and slaps him! WTF. She feels she has not changed and is still a cry-baby as always. Takuma seeing the tears in her eyes remembers how mom used to pat him when he is sad. He does the same on Itsuyo. His giant hand felt like Odin’s warmth. I guess a kiss is enough for Itsuyo to turn into Valkyrie mode. Just in time because Natsuki almost got tentacle raped by the demon! With Itsuyo’s chains binding down the demon, Natsuki easily destroys it. In the aftermath, things return to normal. Natsuki notes something intimate must have happened between Takuma and Itsuyo and hopes he could keep this up and cure his phobia. Why doesn’t she look happy? One of the student council members, Tooru Inukai AKA Garm is actually a watchdog and he is not happy this is how the lover of Einheijer presents himself.

Episode 3
It’s Mutsumi’s turn to date Takuma. In order to level up, she has to successfully finish this date without anyone recognizing her as the famous idol. At the café, a classmate Yamada brags about being the tough guy and badmouths Takuma. Once he realizes Takuma is sitting behind him, that guy apologizes and jumps out the window! However everybody else thinks it was Takuma who threw him out. Although Takuma is used to this, Mutsumi feels bad for him and only by the fact that everyone is afraid of Takuma that is keeping their focus away from her. Their date continues and Garm is watching them. He intends to break their date up but has a better idea. Instead he unleashes a mini demon. It doesn’t have battle abilities but it blurts out that Mutsumi is here. This gossip lover demon has everyone in a frenzy to look for Mutsumi. Takuma takes Mutsumi’s hand and run. She loves this feeling despite the chaos? Trapped, the duo hide in a locker. Yeah. A very tight space. Oddly, Mutsumi is really having lewd thoughts and is hoping Takuma would get it on with her. Too bad. Your guess is as good as mine. This guy is so nervous that he is reciting his studies! Oh Mutsumi, you sound so disappointed. Mutsumi needs to kiss Takuma so that she could power up and use her wings to fly away. However their height difference means their lips can’t meet! So how? Unbutton his shirt and start kissing his chest?! You see, there’s this kiss chart whereby the further the body part a Valkyrie kiss, the longer it will take to activate her powers. I guess blowjobs are out of the question in such desperate times, huh? F*CK THIS LOGIC!!!!! And the mob is starting to notice something strange going on in the locker. Will they make it? Yes they do. Whoosh! Out they fly into the sky. Best part of this date is the view of the beautiful sunset. Takuma has fond memories watching this with mom. The date is successful and Mutsumi gains more experience points. It seems Ichika was there and partly help distract the mob to let the duo get away. Garm also realizes Mutsumi had a bodyguard and felt right not to head straight for her. Ullr warns him to quickly rid of the Valkyries but Garm tells him he needs to perfectly prepare them to be devoured. Speaking of which, the upcoming school cultural festival will be the ideal Valkyrie hunting ground.

Episode 4
All work and no play makes Takuma a dull boy. Hence the sisters try a change in pace by playing a game of tag. But with a twist. The person who is it must snatch panties! WTF?! And it’s everyone’s worst nightmare when Futaba becomes it. I suppose this is to let Takuma have some weird moments with some of the sisters like him petting Itsuyo’s head (because she ‘allows’ him). And then he gets blasted away by Misa so that she and Itsuyo could take on Futaba, this lands him in a very compromising position with Yakumo. Loli doesn’t appreciate his molest and tells him to go die! While Yakumo and Natsuki fend off Futaba, Takuma thinks of hiding in the storeroom but he hears the voice of Shino from inside as she tells him about some story of a coward. Eventually, it’s some lesson to tell him to fight and reach for his goal instead of running away. Game is over when it is revealed this whole tag is to give Takuma a study charm. Eh, I don’t think he feels refreshed after all this tension. I don’t even know panties got involved… With the festival around the corner, the girls want to take this chance to level up. They are concerned with Odin’s recent wrong oracles. Are there any suspicious people around lately? Not that they could think of. Natsuki looks forward to the festival but she is somewhat irked that Takuma doesn’t pay attention to her? Yeah, just staring at his books. Since their class is doing maid café, she gets the honour to dress up and test out the maid outfit. Not bad, I approve! So they have to test out whether it works too? Like Natsuki have to serve Akuma?! Yeah, lots of jealous guy. Demon guy so anxious. Maid cutie anxious. Inukai doesn’t even know WTF he is doing here. He must be cringing inside although on the outside he puts on a very nice face. As you can expect, Natsuki tries to serve him but with both being nervous, cue for this cliché ambiguous scene of cream dropping all over Natsuki’s face and she over him. Inukai then releases something that turns all the jealous guys into attacking demons. WTF Natsuki gets weak when one of them licks her feet?! And when she calls out Takuma’s name for help, instantly he becomes Superman and beats the crap out of all of them. Yeah, who needs Valkyries. No wonder Inukai is relishing their human form is so weak. On the way home, Natsuki once more chides Takuma for just studying. Until he notes she was cute in the maid outfit. That caught her off guard. Embarrassed Natsuki runs all the way home while poor Takuma is left to wonder if he said the wrong thing.

Episode 5
The cultural festival is here. Yakumo must be a sadist as she forces Takuma to lick her dripping wet hand. And then when he gets clumsy and spills all over her, she undresses and wants him to lick all the wet parts! Thankfully (or not) Natsuki is here to stop this unholy act. With the other sisters here, Futaba asks if Takuma would like to be Natsuki’s partner for the dance party. Because he fears others would hate him for it, he thinks she would be better off with someone else. Of course Natsuki takes that to heart and she’s not pleased. Hey, wasn’t it her fault being a tsundere and said she haven’t thought of dancing with him? Then Takuma joins Misa and Kukuri in the haunted house. Big strong guy scared of ghosts or people? Kukuri as a goddess scared of ghosts? Misa tries to talk to him about Natsuki. Apparently some jealous guy had his eel slipped and it entered Misa’s clothes. I don’t even know how it swims around like that. You want Takuma to take it out? Don’t be mad when he feels you up. Greatest molestation scene for now. Once he grabs the eel (too bad it wasn’t her pussy!), he rushes out and lets it go in the pond. He is then approached by Inukai who then slices a hole in his guts! Because it is cue for the demonic party to start. A huge demon pops up and some of the guests are being controlled by the demons. The Valkyrie sisters rush to contain the enemy but they are puzzled that Takuma is nowhere to be seen. Could it be he fell victim to the enemy? With more and more demons attacking, I guess we need the obligatory tentacle rape scene. Yup, those demon hands outraging the modesty of Itsuyo and Mutsumi. Best feast ever for now. Meanwhile Takuma is with Garm who is enjoying this entertainment. Takuma is weakened and being pessimistic, believes for the umpteenth time he can’t keep his promise. And of course a flashback of having an argument with Natsuki about his uselessness. Even if all that was true, he has come to her rescue many times. That is why she will keep continuing to believe in him because she believes inside his soul resides a sword that is greater than everyone else. I hope she didn’t mean his dick… Haha! Anyway, this gives Takuma the strength to stand back up but still Garm pounds him. Don’t interrupt his meal. Sorry, Futaba is here to interrupt. She found him thanks to Ichika tagging everyone at the festival. Boy, it sure took some time, huh? You know she’s serious and badass when she puts on her glasses. She doesn’t want his pantsu but his life. Wait. Garm wears pantsu?! Of course not, silly!

Episode 6
Futaba keeps Garm busy while she lets Takuma escape. However Garm’s fangs shred open his stomach till his body rips apart! Fortunately, his charm turned into some Misteltein tree and put him back together again. He fights his way through the demons (with some help from Ichika) to get to Natsuki. Girl slaps him for being so late. Then she hugs him and is relieved he is fine. He just went through sh*t, you think he is fine?! In order to power Natsuki up, they must enter this Val Love ritual in which they must ‘embrace without a stitch of clothing and kiss deeply for 5 minutes’. Gee, glad they specified this part. But they didn’t say anything about penetration… Yeah, somebody wrote this sick part so we can have our twisted fanservice. So the duo start off by wiping each other’s body. Yeah, it’s a slow start since they’re anxious. But better hurry, the sisters are going to get tentacle raped! Once they’re done, it is the deep kissing we’ve been waiting for. Okay… Natsuki seems to be feeling uneasy. So the kiss isn’t working? Then it’s like Takuma is so worried about being her lover that some magical book pops up, he starts making out with her that makes her all warm inside. Oh yeah! Too bad we cut to the chase because here comes powered up Natsuki to save the day. After the monster is destroyed, Garm escapes by the skin of his teeth. Garm is chastised by Ullr for his failure. He notes Takuma’s restorative ability and they need to do something about this or it will get really complicated. Mutsumi won the beauty pageant and is supposed to dance with Takuma. But some flashback thingy with Natsuki, I guess that guy wants to dance with her. Of course Natsuki is shocked, her thoughts are all over the place why he is doing this. He ‘rejected’ her, right? Maybe it is to dance one last time with her so he could be with Itsuyo and Mutsumi? How did this even come about? So as she tries to assert her own worth, Takuma clears the air and explains himself. So misunderstanding over? Then she kisses him. Tsundere says this is so that she can level up. I don’t see any demons around… The dance went smoothly. No jealous people looking so I guess it’s a good ending.

Episode 7
Kukuri created some doctor kit. I guess the Valkyries need to learn to take care of their bodies, huh? So this is part of Futaba’s request so they could play doctor? I don’t think it will- WTF Takuma agrees to play doctor?! Apparently he felt guilty for what happened to them during the festival. So is this how he really wants to make it up to them. Dr Takuma now in session. Futaba is up first. Too bad this turned out to be some boring history lesson so she leaves. Misa disagrees with this doctor game but as she leaves, Takuma accidentally pulls down her pants?! So this was assertive enough to get her play along? Yeah, not sure what lube he is rubbing on her. Itsuyo’s turn… Take a urine test… WTF… Mutsumi… Got a dental check-up. I wonder if she’s enjoying the deeper he goes… Natsuki… How is taking 3 sizes a check-up? Despite commenting on her cute undies, he still gets punched. Yakumo turns the tables on the poor doctor because she molests him just to check him up. Kukuri hears Takuma’s woes and adds something special to the suit that enhances the abilities. However it overheats. To avoid taking everyone down with him, Takuma jumps out and explodes by himself. Yeah, despite being bandaged all over, now the sisters play doctor with him by treating him with goodies. Not so bad after all… Itsuyo seeks Misa’s advice on how to date, thinking she is the master of romance. Of course Misa doesn’t know how that rumour got its way around. She remembers she was either pushed around by her older sisters or busy taking care of the younger ones. No time for love. But so as not to disappoint Itsuyo, I guess she agrees to show her how. Hopefully. With Itsuyo outside and taking notes feverishly, Misa and Takuma go do the laundry. Not sure how this would translate into some date but Takuma gets loads of panty shots and boob shots. He manages to point it out to her and despite acting cool, she is flustering inside. She is having too much on her mind and I don’t know how this happened but it’s supposed to be some fanservice cue so that she could end up entangled with Takuma naked. I don’t even… In the end, the chores are done and Misa feels a bit foolish dragging Takuma into this after hearing him thank her because before the sisters came, he had to do everything by himself in this huge house. And Itsuyo thinks it was such a brilliant date…

Episode 8
The sisters receive another oracle from Odin that a demon will attack. Futaba hopes Natsuki will practice transform but nothing happens when she kisses Takuma. You call that a kiss?! No wonder nothing is happening?! Not even a deep kiss! Just got some of your sisters jealous, that’s all. Oh, just in time for Kukuri to show off her invention that shows the sisters’ stats. You mean they didn’t have this before? Thanks to the recent festival incident, Natsuki’s AP is at zero. Right now the only ones who can properly transform are Mutsumi and Yakumo. Yup, date time to increase their stats. I don’t know how holding hand for an hour can achieve that but Yakumo isn’t pleased. Yes, she doesn’t see how father considers this loser to be the one to save the world! Takuma tries to be considerate seeing Natsuki told her that Yakumo is very sensitive of sound. Because of Takuma’s nervousness, this means his heartbeat is very noisy to her. Unfortunately the date fails when he got distracted. Loser. Next he has to date Mutsumi in some private photo shoot. In a skimpy swimsuit. Yakumo being the cheeky devil tries to spice things up by telling her to flaunt her boobs as well as giving a popsicle to lick!!! And then a demon attacks. Futaba and Ichika keep it busy, enough time for Yakumo and Mutsumi to barely make out with Takuma to transform. Apparently the plan is to keep running from the demon because for prolonged time, their AP will diminish and in the end they will disappear. Yeah, would have done this all the time had the demon’s AP not been so high and our sisters’ level so low! No wonder this is going to take a while. And then some arrow hits the demon. It explodes but also hits the sisters. All take considerable damage. And Yakumo is not pleased that Takuma’s heartbeat is too noisy for her to hear anything. Then Takuma seems to be standing in harm’s way. He remembers what Futaba said about his Einheijer reviving ability and hence the only one who can heal the sisters. And it’s like this gives him the power up to fight back. One punch into the demon! And finally successfully summoning the book to heal the sisters for them to finish off the demon. The one who shot the arrow was Ullr. He can’t take any drastic action to kill the sisters off because Ichika and Futaba could easily kill him then. Finding the revival of Einheijer to be troublesome, he thinks of summoning a certain person. In the aftermath, Yakumo tries to be nice and share her drink with Takuma. But since Natsuki got to him first, poor Takuma got is her usual insults. So mean :’(.

Episode 9
I don’t even know how this is supposed to help Itsuyo level up. In a crowded train, Natsuki is supposed to grope her. She’s doing it real hard because she noticed how developed Itsuyo’s body is. It is supposed to end with Takuma ‘saving’ Itsuyo from the ‘groper’ at the next stop. He manages to somewhat do so but finds his hands groping hers. WTF… I guess that’s enough groping for Itsuyo for today. Ullr and Garm prepare for their princess to arrive but looks like she is already here. Skuld and her maid, Roskva give their initial commands to destroy the Valkyries and acquire Misteltein to save the world. As Takuma walks home with Natsuki, suddenly somebody attacks them. Natsuki protects him but feels she can die from it all if this persists. The attacker turns out to be Ichika who is just testing her. She praises Natsuki for holding out longer and improving. However she is not so kind to Takuma. She berates him for being a weakling. I mean, after all those dates with her adorable sisters and they are still this weak? So apparently as Futaba puts it, Ichika is to be Natsuki’s temporary role as the offensive as Natsuki is still weak. And so this level up task has them scrub each other’s back? Because Takuma cannot summon his book, Ichika is unimpressed of him. Because he isn’t playing the role of the lover, her sisters cannot become stronger. What he feels towards them isn’t love but obligation. To reduce the tension, Futaba sends Natsuki and Yakumo in. I think it’s only worsening things… So as Takuma scrubs Ichika’s back, we hear some narration that the strongest sisters who have mighty powers to fight on par with high level gods have abnormal conditions. Like Shino’s sensitive hearing, Ichika has sensitive skin. Yeah… She’s trying to hold it in… Then it’s her turn, using her body to scrub all over his. WTF this lewd scene… Hold in there, Ichika… If this is too painful to watch, then cheeky Yakumo has a great idea as she does yuri stuff with Natsuki just to tease her! Oh yeah. We prefer this one! In the end, Ichika powers up but due to her low AP, she can’t move after she is transformed. Still trying to talk big when her face is down on the floor, huh? Meanwhile Skuld has a plan to infiltrate the enemy’s base and kill Einheijer in a single blow.

Episode 10
Skuld and her team are on her way to kill Einheijer. They talk about the 3 pieces of Yggdrasil Ea that includes Misteltein, Blot and Mokkerkalfe that consist of very dense aether. Safe to say, it boosts all your abilities. The problem to them is that all the main gods have it and it would be suicide to even sneak in and steal them. However Odin put Misteltein in a human and this is within their reach. Why? Beats me. They are intercepted by Ichika thanks to Futaba’s foresight. Skuld sounds like she is a threat but before she can order Roskva and Garm to kill her, in a flash, Ichika owns them all! Make one move and she’ll kill her underlings. Ichika can also sense Ullr sneaking up on her but when she ambushes him, turns out to be just a normal human. This distraction allows Skuld to kiss Roskva as she transforms into her battle form and summon multiple demons. Thanks to Itsuyo backing up Ichika, they have a chance. However Skuld notices her subordinates have also taken a beating and retreats for now. So this is just a warning? Back home, Takuma’s help to level up Ichika succeeds but unfortunately she gains no AP. So breast fondling didn’t do the trick? Not even shopping? The sisters then discuss on the next action to be taken and they have to be fast since Skuld belongs to the Norn sisters, elite troops for the malevolent gods who stormed the Grasil Palace a couple of years ago. Then the meeting gets side-tracked. Not sure suddenly why Natsuki feels worried about the book Takuma just bought could be a porn magazine. So worried she drank Kukuri’s gadget liquid and becomes drunk. I don’t even… Because this is cue for Takuma to be tasked to put her to bed and hence a cue for Natsuki to start stripping herself so as to flirt her kiddie body with Takuma. And they try to make her sound so disappointed thinking he likes porn mags more than her real body. Yup. They’re also trying to force it with Natsuki trying to feel up to him. Stupid Takuma… Reciting to shoguns of the Tokugawa era… So when the drunk mode is off, Natsuki realizes it wasn’t a porn magazine he bought but a magazine on how to date? Yeah, I guess he is trying to understand his role as a lover better but unfortunately he asked the wrong thing (if she had a lover back in Asgard) and gets beaten up. She gets disappointed he isn’t that brave guy her saved her then because she really wanted to confess her feelings to him. She fears he might reject her if she does so now. Because he continues to be dense, poor Natsuki has to give him a beat down. With Skuld ready for the next attack, it is Futaba’s turn to take to the frontlines.

Episode 11
We see the sisters strategizing over how to defeat Skuld. I guess no use trying to think too hard because it’s time for some Takuma x Futaba fanservice scene. I guess it did power her up as we now move onto the scene whereby Skuld and Roskva have summoned demons to breakthrough Futaba’s great castle defence. Ichika and Takuma are scurrying on the ground trying to find that chance to attack as Ichika explains about Futaba’s abilities that in a way makes her the weakest to fight against enemies. I guess it is cue for Takuma to feel bad and call himself worthless only. Uh huh. The guilt of not being serious enough to help power up the sisters in the first place. You wanna b*tch about this now? Futaba provokes Skuld to attack. When she does, it is perfect timing for Ichika to separate Skuld and Roskva. Her aim is to attack Roskva and sever that power she is feeding Skuld. At this point, Takuma who has been feeling something wrong all the while, he realizes that a demon egg is missing. Yup, he counted them before and now he noticed it. He goes to save Ichika right before Roskva attacks her. Apparently the last demon egg was hatching inside her and the plan was to let Ichika attack and be devoured by the demon. Thanks, Takuma? Takuma is left to carry Ichika and run. Because she wants him to leave her here and return to the sisters, Takuma can’t do that. I figure it’s time for that cheesy make out scene in an attempt for desperate Takuma to power up Ichika. In this dire time, can anybody feel good?! Making out interrupted when Skuld and Roskva attack. No worries. Just run and then continue to make out in a safer place! I don’t even… Then a flashback when Odin asked Ichika if she has an ideal guy. Despite all her doubts and contradictions, she does have one. And that’s supposed to be the catalyst that activates her power? Yeah, love making successful. Not only Ichika has powered up to unbelievable levels, Takuma too has powered up as God! OMG! Does this uniform come with the package of becoming Einheijer?

Episode 12
With Ichika going on the offensive, I guess Natsuki has recovered well enough for this dramatic moment of flying towards Takuma, kissing in mid-air and voila! Transformed! Now we have 2 Valkyrie weapons on the battlefield. Skuld becomes agitate and tries to hasten the attack. The power up does break through the barrier and castle walls. Now that the fight is made public, a soul devouring demon tries to devour the public. Mind boggling Takuma manages to stop it just because of his stronger feelings to protect everyone with his soul? This effect also costs Skuld to lose formation with Roskva who is also weakening due to some illness. Ichika would have no mercy in killing her but with Takuma’s soul worn out as distraction, Skuld takes Roskva to escape. It seems this is just a decoy because Ullr and Garm have infiltrated the castle and stole Misteltein. Because Misa has been protecting the other sisters, Garm doesn’t want to leave empty handed and kills Misa. Sort of. Back home, weary Takuma is trying his best to heal Misa. However he cannot feel her soul. Speaking of which, it is floating in some limbo. Not sure how Takuma does it but he goes to rescue her! If only Takuma could continue to be such a manly man like this all this time… Misa returns to life, turning some of her sisters into big cry-babies. Shino for the first time introduces herself to Takuma. With the recent developments, looks like she will be vital as she is the strongest Valkyrie. I take it she has fully recovered? Back to normal life, finally Takuma has got top spot in his grade. It’s no surprise. Not only he burnt the midnight oil to study but he has hot babes living with him as distraction. Plus, he has to save the world! So do you not think he deserves being number one???!!! And for some strange reason, the timing of him declaring he loves the sisters could’ve been worse. Yup, he does it while they are changing clothes. WTF???!!! No wonder Natsuki gets mad. And of course we hear them think that they know he loves the sisters but eventually would choose only 1 as his lover. Ah, I hope this won’t be the start of the breaking up of the sisterly love all because of a love for a guy.

Fail x Laughable: The Fanservice Maidens
Uhm… That’s it? That is how it ends? So what’s the next plan for the Valkyries and Takuma to fight the malevolent gods? Heck, they didn’t even lay out any plans to take back Misteltein. I am going to assume this is the next plan so why is everyone still living with Takuma? Shouldn’t they go back to Asgard or whatever Skuld and co want to steal next? Oh right. There’s still Einheijer inside Takuma. Doesn’t seem to be all that important to Misteltein. Takuma finally declaring his general love for the sisters gives everyone an excuse to continue staying with him. Because Japan is way more fun that Asgard, right? You bet your money on it, it is. And the big guy who wins this lottery is Takuma. Top on his grades and gaining the hearts of the sisters. Sob, sob. I just love happy endings! ;p.

As you can already see for yourself, the plot itself is just laughable and absurd. It doesn’t really make sense if you think about it. No, seriously. Think really, really, really think hard about it. Odin sending his beautiful daughters to an ugly Japanese kid to prove that love will save the day?! Like, WTF???!!! No, seriously. I mean, really, like WHAT THE FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU???????!!!!!! Something feels so wrong. And like I’ve said somewhere in this blog of mine, he could have sent his son, Thor to just do the job but I guess he joined Avengers and saved the universe from a more dangerous threat in the name of Thanos. That is why Japan and the rest of the world still exist! Thor and the Avengers prevented Thanos’ snap!!! Takuma and the Valkyries are just side dishes, a smaller plot that the rest of the world and even a big part of Japan don’t really care about!

Hence everything tries to point towards the fanservice factor. The fanservice here also feels somewhat like they are shoehorned in. Veteran viewers like me just find it meh. Maybe amateur viewers who just started anime may find those hot babes stimulating. You’ve got the cheesiest and lamest of excuses for Takuma to make out with the Valkyries all in the name of levelling up their AP or whatever. Hence leading to these really weird fanservice scenes. Some of them steamy enough to look like porn scenes. If only somebody had a camera recording all this… Uh huh. It really makes Takuma look like engaging in some sort of amateur porn with the Valkyries. Wow. What a fall from grace. Odin’s daughter engaging in lewd stuffs…

I also find it very strange that in order for the Valkyries to actually level up, hence that is why they engaged in this pseudo sex act. I mean, holding hands for half an hour or taking private photo shoots for an hour? You mean it is that simple?! Like of all things, why these???!!! Yup, your lousy excuse to get steamy. Fanservice logic. I know there’s some explanation on why they have to do this and especially these sleazy-like acts but I wasn’t paying close attention. I was being appalled by all the fanservice. And also trying to enjoy it. Yeah, I’m just as guilty. Whatever. Still, it really doesn’t make sense to have these kinds of acts to level up the Valkyries. I mean, if you really, really, really, think hard about it. Yeah, who the f*ck decides on these pseudo sex acts anyway???!!! And if you fail them, no levelling up. Try again. Oh, an excuse to have more fanservice scenes next time if your Valkyries stay weak. I’m just waiting for the moment that they need to engage in real penetrative sex to power up. That would have been the ultimate power boost.

Thus the characters are in a sorry state and the only reason you care about them is to wonder how Takuma will sex them up. No, seriously. I believe Takuma’s case for being a gentle giant is a classic case of not judging a book by its cover. My guts tell me that he isn’t the best guy there is in Japan even considering his kindness and all. Therefore my conspiracy theory is that Odin got lazy in just picking the guy who will power up his daughters. I mean, he came all the way from the Norse side, all the way to Japan, hmmm, lemme see which guy to pick, eenie-meenie-miney-mo, aha! You ugly kid there. You are chosen to save the world and have the honour of f*cking my daughters while doing so! Haha! Yeah, that’s how I felt it all went. In addition, Takuma’s real character is a really meek wuss who is anxious around other humans. If Odin was in a hurry to save the world, could he at least have picked somebody not having this sort of anxiety? It inhibits the love making and in turn the levelling up of his daughters delayed. It’s a sorry excuse to have those embarrassing fanservice moments. Again and again. And that’s why the Valkyries remain so weak in even trying to defeat a single demon every time. And there are 9 of them! Oh Takuma, you better count your blessings because you are one hell of a lucky bastard to have 9 Norse women to be on standby as your lover! Uh huh. What a weird case of Beauties and the Beast, if I should say.

I suppose there is something amusing in watching Takuma being berated and a punching bag by the sisters. Is this some sort of running joke? Heck, even that stupid running joke of that Yamada guy who keeps jumping out of the nearest window whenever Takuma is around, was nowhere to be seen. I understand that Takuma has some sort of trauma and it is hard for him to just change. But from what I can see, it’s not like he is improving at all. He is still the same scared wimp, having low self-confidence in fear of things not turning out right. Only in such dire straits that he is able to do something. Dire straits AKA plot convenience. Only then he is able to draw out his Misteltein. This guy is one weird case of Dr Jekyll and Hyde.

The rest of the Valkyries fare no better and my guess is that there are 9 of them so that we can have a variety in fanservice. Can’t always be making out with Natsuki, right? Because of that, we don’t really care for them either. Sure, some of them got their back story to tell but I wasn’t really interested. My mind was already shut off. Just give me the fanservice. Heh. So anyway, the sisters do have their own personalities but it’s just the minimal. Like Ichika dotes on her sisters a lot that she feels like the tsundere of the bunch when she gets strict on Takuma. After all, somebody needs to get really harsh on him when many of the sisters are just too kind. Like Futaba who is playing the big sister or rather the mother of the group. And Misa, uhm, I think another sister role but she is more tomboy. Then there’s Itsuyo who has daddy complex and possibly the other tsundere. Mutsumi, I have this feeling she is a slut because from the way she feels the passion whenever doing stuffs with Takuma, it’s like she’s going into orgasm or something. She may be the horniest of all the Valkyries but her idol status prevents her from being a total slut. And my guts tell me Natsuki another tsundere is most likely the one who will end up with Takuma.

Not all the sisters Takuma makes out with. I guess MILF materials are okay in addition to those girls who are of his same age. But it’s a no-no for underage girls. Yup, being lolicons is against the law. This is why Takuma is never seen making out with Yakumo or Kukuri. Imagine this, Takuma making out with Yakumo or Kukuri. It would be super disturbing, I guarantee. Hence, they turn Kukuri into some sort of inventor genius because she creates a lot of stuffs for the sisters. Not to say her inventions are brilliant or anything. It’s just to give a reason why her character has to exist.

Now, my ‘favourite’ character among all the sisters is Yakumo. The way she despises Takuma somewhat also mirrors same kind of sentiments that I have for this series. Unlike Ichika who is just one big tsundere, there is a chance that Yakumo’s scorn for Takuma may be valid. She might not hate him 100% but just that she isn’t too enthusiastic about the circumstances that the sisters ended up in. Yeah, if I were her, I would feel the same way. We don’t know if she’s really a good poker face player but I believe that Yakumo is the one who is being the most realistic among the sisters. She knows this guy is useless and there is nothing she herself can do about it. What else? Just sigh and mock this wuss! Add to his trauma and anxiety! Oh yeah. In fact, Yakumo could have been the best character of the series had they not put those prettier and sexier triplets as the main girls. What a waste. Yakumo should have had more screen time to spout her cynical sarcasm.

If you have been counting, you realized that one of the sisters is ‘missing’. Well, not in that literal sense. I feel that Shino’s character is such a waste as she is stuck in the storeroom recuperating from whatever. Not that I care how she got injured in the first place. But to have her recover there and wearing some weird helmet that makes her look like some discount Goblin Slayer, it’s like why the heck do we need this character for? Sure, she did something to help Futaba during her fight against Skuld (albeit remotely from the storeroom) but at that point it was too late. Like does she even matter? Probably they don’t want to waste it because as you would have guessed, the sisters’ Japanese monikers are based on numbers and their seniority. They have their original Norse name but that would be too hard for many of us to pronounce or remember ;p. So when she finally shown herself in person, oh sister, you’re a little too late, don’t you think?

Skuld as the antagonist feels like a bratty kid trying to get what she wants. She too lacks a back story and it would have been a lot more interesting to know about her Norn sisters. It would have been better if this turned into some shonen style group fight. You know, Valkyries vs Norn sisters. Something like that. It would be interesting to see their side of the story too because Skuld isn’t as bad as the plot paints her to be. In her own way, she protects Roskva as much as her maid protects her. But for now, she looks like some rich imposing oujo-sama. Yeah, notice how she has Roskva that notes of what she says? Well, we better take note too that brats like her will never ever get her way. Especially if they are on the wrong side of the plot.

The action scenes are just mediocre. Because when you have a cheesy reason to have fanservice, what follows next is some cheesy battle to fight demons. That’s why they make out, right? Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I suppose Takuma isn’t strong enough yet to power up all Valkyries to fight together. That is why only 1 of them can fight a demon at the same time. At the most, 2 of them. Anyway the fights aren’t memorable even though each of the Valkyries has their own special weapons and moves. Heck, they have trouble fighting off 1 demon already and they’ve been freaking lucky so far that the worst has not happened. So as not to let Natsuki hog all the action screen time, hence they rotate and some of the sisters have their share of the battle limelight. But Natsuki has been out of action for so long since the school festival and my guess is so as to give the other girls to shine. Not that it makes any difference whatsoever. Oi, Takuma! Are you sleeping on the job?! Even better, the Valkyries can form some barrier to limit the damage from the demons and let the fight take place within it. Hence not interrupting the ordinary lives of ordinary people who have no idea what the f*ck is going on. Oh yeah. So considerate. So convenient.

Art and animation feel pretty standard. Valkyrie girls looking a lot like cute Japanese anime girls even when they were young kids in Asgard. Takuma obviously being drawn to be ‘ugly and scary’ but he isn’t the worst looking kind of main character around. Worse, sometimes his chibi mode feels really weird. He is just some hollow outline with somewhat appalling looks on his face. Yeah, like as though this feels like his second form as he goes into this mode quite often. Among all the Valkyrie sisters, I feel Ichika looks the most cartoonish because of her big cartoonish eyes. Isn’t that why they ‘blacken out’ her eyes in the initial episodes when she was protecting her sisters from the shadows? The Valkyries’ uniform feels so military-like that I was wondering if this is Kantai Collection or the recent Azur Lane. And the demons they look pretty hideous, befitting their demonic nature but nothing that will give you sleepless nights and nightmares. This anime is produced by Hoods Entertainment who did weird fanservice shows like Nazo No Kanojo X, Seikon No Qwaser, Aki Sora, Hantsu x Trash and Manyuu Hikenchou. Okay, not entirely ecchi series as they also produced Drifters and 3D Kanojo Real Girl.

For the voice acting, perhaps the ‘best’ one goes to Yuuya Hirose as Takuma (Yuuta in SSSS.Gridman) because he really makes his character sound like a retard and wuss. Like as though at any moment he could just die from asphyxiation. Seriously. The only recognizable seiyuu is Rina Hidaka as Mutsumi because this is what happen when Last Order is in her slutty version. Seriously. The rest of the other characters are Kaede Hondo as Natsuki (titular character in Tejina-senpai), Ai Kakuma as Itsuyo (Rossweisse in High School DxD), Yumi Hara as Futaba (Albedo in Overlord), Ayaka Shimizu as Misa (Masaki in Sasameki Koto), Yumi Uchiyama as Ichika (Momiji in Binbougami Ga), Maki Kawase as Yakumo (Junko in Zombie Land Saga), Kotori Koiwai as Kukuri (Renge in Non Non Biyori), Rikako Aida as Shino (Riko in Love Live! Sunshine), Atsumi Tanezaki as Skuld (Chise in Mahou Tsukai No Yome), Mao Ichimichi as Roskva (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Daisuke Hirakawa as Garm (Makoto in School Days) and Misato Fuken as Ullr (Yami in To Love-Ru).

The opening theme is For… by Rikako Aida. Nothing special. Generic anime pop. The ending theme is Up-date x Please. If you are wondering why there are version numbers of the song that makes it look like some programme software update, if you’re sharp enough you would realize that the numbers correspondence to the seniority of the sisters. So ver 1.7.8 is sung by the trio of Ichika, Natsuki and Yakumo, ver 2.6.9 by Futaba, Mutsumi and Kukuri, and ver 3.4.5 by Misa, Shino and Itsuyo. Other than that, the song sounds robotic. I don’t think it’s a bad piece, just that it sounds one kind.

Overall, this is a poor series and a sorry excuse to adapt one with the lamest plot in the name of fanservice. Hot chicks with no character at all, levelling up via making love with the most unwanted (forever alone kind of) bachelor in Japan… Your what-the-f*ck-is-wrong-with-this-sh*t senses will be ringing like mad. Oh well, at least this isn’t another isekai series. Reverse isekai maybe. Goddesses from Asgard coming to our world and saving it (barely). I guess no matter how bad this plot sounds, perhaps it is much better than Odin himself coming down to the world and saving it via making out with somebody! HOLY SH*T!!! Don’t want that gay sh*t plot anytime! The world’s destruction would be accelerated if we are to make out with an old Norse God. He’s no Zeus but still… And that is why it goes to show that sometimes love still isn’t the fool proof answer that can save the world. But porn maybe could. And have a higher chance!

I guess the lesson from the previous season hasn’t finished yet. Or rather, we didn’t learn from the last time. That is why we got Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai S2. Can our trying students finally nail what they are aiming for? Or are they going to have to return to take the path that society expects them to take? Admit it. We’re not really interested if the maths genius becomes a literature expert and vice versa. We’re here to see if the lone boy tutoring them ends up with any one (or more) of them! Though, most likely we know what the outcome will be. But it doesn’t hurt dreaming and hoping. Ah, that’s why we never learn.

Finally a beach episode! We see Yuiga and Kominami at the beach simply because her dad has been pestering her about some lovey-dovey pics of them. When taking those pretend selfies weren’t enough, he suggested the beach before summer vacation ends. And here they are. Of course Kominami can’t help tease this pure boy and giving him weird nicknames. As expected, the wave capsizes their boat. Kominami loses her top. Yuiga already trying to catch his breath is going to have to catch a lot more. He lends his shirt but the thanks he get is still more teasing from her. Then they spot her top floating by some rocks. As she is about to get them, a few divers pop up. Not sure what the logic is that they had to hide until they’re gone. Hence cue for some very close moments of Kominami cuddling up to Yuiga. Once done, they also notice another top. Yeah, this one must have some huge tits. And then a pervy dolphin snatches it. How the f*ck did this even happen?! Kominami has to leave since she has work. Yuiga notices the queue at the changing room and decides to change behind the rocks. Then he sees topless Kirisu hiding. Oh my. Can’t lend him his shirt as he forgot he left it with Kominami. Flashback shows the teachers came here for BBQ. Kirisu didn’t want to interact and went off herself. Then a pervy crab untied her top, the pervy wind blew it away and the pervy wave washed it away. I guess you know whose top that belonged to now, eh? They can’t stay for long as the tide is rising. Then she steps on a sea cucumber. Short panic ensues. Yuiga slips and breaks his own glasses. Oops. Now can’t see. Kirisu now short of a hand as she has to guide him. Luckily there is a shop nearby so Yuiga goes to get swimsuits. Either extremely revealing one or this school swimsuit. He picks the latter and she’s not happy? Hey he can’t see! Is this the thanks he gets?! Then she has to hide because her male colleagues are nearby. They recognize Yuiga and wonder if he has seen Kirisu. Nope. Okay. Yeah, they really want to see her in a swimsuit. So I guess Yuiga and Kirisu have to continue hiding, huh? Then they talk about things, Yuiga thought she smiled and tries to have a closer look. She misinterprets he is trying to see something else but manages to hold back her fury. Kirisu manages to change back to her suit and her male colleagues are so goddamn disappointed. She leaves and will bring Yuiga home. In her car. Oh sh*t. You mean walking back half naked is safer than this option? You bet. Because Yuiga is half blind and her dangerous driving just amplified the danger! Meanwhile we see the other girls in their swimsuits. Can’t be left out, eh? Because they have to study and can’t go to the beach, this is the least they could do. Study in their swimsuits. Oh, you girls really will go this far to please us viewers, huh?

Episode 1
Ogata got E in her tests! So you bet there’s going to be lots of miscommunication with the other girls because they’re talking about bra size! We’re not on the same page here! Once they are, eventually they think all guys think about are boobs. So during Ogata’s next tutoring with Yuiga, she can’t help think if he is a pervert. Once more, they’re not on the same page as Ogata thinks he is talking about bra size while he thinks she is talking about her grades. Yeah, is there G grade?! Is her grade that bad?! Because he tries to encourage her but her words are really ambiguous (“Let’s grasp what we want!”) eventually Ogata allows him to touch and this confuses the hell out of him. Worse, Ogata’s dad thinks he is going to do something to his girl! Eventually they clear things up but since Ogata caught him looking at her boobs, she still thinks he’s a pervert. During the group tutor, because Furuhashi accidentally says Yuiga’s first name, this has the rest curious. She manages to blow it over that they were playing siblings (technically not lying). Though they bought it, now they want him to call them by their first names too. After studying, they head to the public bath. Why is it that the one responsible of switching the sign didn’t check if there are others inside? Because of that, Yuiga heads in only to see the girls naked! Did he? Can he see with all the steam? They are about to blame him but after hearing Kominami’s voice from the other side, they realize they are in the wrong. Better leave. Furuhashi is pouting because Yuiga claims he didn’t see her body and even so he didn’t know it is a girl! Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. But the girls have to jump back in because Yuiga’s male friends come in. Because of the small hole in the bamboo fence, they want to make it bigger and peek. The perfect chance for the girls to escape. But one of them wants to know which girl Yuiga likes! Curious to stay and know, huh? One of them says he likes Furuhashi because of her elegance. The only drawback is that she has no boobs! Taboo word! She throws the bucket at him. Suspicious that somebody else is in the bath, he is going to check it out. Luckily the hole is done so the guys resume peeping. They got their eyes poked by Kominami. Got what you deserved. The girls meanwhile make their safe escape. Yuiga leaves later but realizes a tiny problem: Somebody’s bra left behind! Later he asks if it’s hers and she is fuming how he knew that!

Episode 2
With the maid café doing special service of going to people’s house to clean, due to maid power shortage, I guess the rest set up for Yuiga to help Kominami for her rounds. First up is Kirisu’s apartment?! She won’t let them in and even pays them to go away. Kominami’s pride as a maid won’t allow it so Kirisu grabs Yuiga and has him clean her place for 30 minutes. Nothing much Kominami can do. Next on the list is Takemoto’s house?! Apparently her mom is sick. But once she realizes the maid service at the door, she panics and starts cleaning and cooking enough for them! Yeah, nothing to do too. Next on the list, you’ve guessed it, Furuhashi’s mansion. She flopped her cooking. But looks like it’s come down to this, she calls Ogata’s takeout delivery. At the end of the day, Kominami is vexed that she didn’t do anything. But don’t worry, there is still one place she can clean. And that is Yuiga’s house. Yeah, she even pampers his younger siblings before giving Yuiga a lap pillow service. She hints she can do this for free just for him every day but he isn’t going to fall for her trolling this time. Kirisu just lectured Furuhashi who started dozing off during her class about short term memory. That night as Kirisu is doing questions for tomorrow’s quiz, her laptop ran out of battery. So you bet the next day she is pretty tired but she looks menacing. Students better not get on her bad side! She almost dozes off and Yuiga notices this. Then a sudden afternoon assembly and the headmaster is ranting away. In risk of dozing off again, Yuiga purposely gives a loud sneeze to wake her up. Hell is not over for her because when she returns home, her keys are missing. Then Yuiga stumbles upon her and helps her to find. Nothing. Requesting to look in her messy unorganized bag again, what’s this? The key is inside her fancy USB holder! Flashback shows after burning the midnight oil to redo the quiz, she was worried she will forget the USB and held it in her hand, thus swapping the key in its place. And that is how we learn short term memories are unreliable. The moment she enters her apartment, she drops like a rock, sleeping on the floor. Yuiga the gentleman has to carry her to her bed. Next morning, Kirisu doesn’t remember what happened. She thinks it is willpower that made her go to bed and also cleaned the place! Impressive?

Episode 3
Ogata tries to trim her bangs a little but stupid daddy comes marching in with his loud voice and she snipped a little too much. Although Ogata doesn’t mind it, to Furuhashi and Takemoto, she does look a bit weird. Ironically when Yuiga comes by, Ogata tries hard to hide her face and even runs away. I guess she does mind after all. Because her short bangs even brought Sekijo to her knees, she decides to wear a mask. This has Yuiga think she hates him due to that public bath incident. Furuhashi can’t take any more of this and unmasks her. Guess what? Yuiga doesn’t even notice and believes it’s the same Ogata! Girls, you mad?! Heck, having him look at her face and guess… No, it’s not her ribbon!!! Ogata feels sad now that he didn’t notice but Yuiga pleads for a second chance. I guess random guessing won’t cut it. She won’t be happy even if he guesses right. However, he says what has changed is her facial expression because when they first met, she used to be more sullen. Not the correct answer but the one she approves. Sekijo notices Ogata’s worn out pencil case and offers to accompany her to go buy one. Sekijo is very excited for this but during the outing, it just seems normal. With Yuiga passing by, Sekijo purposely lets them hang out together. Inside, Sekijo is heartbroken. She thinks this is best for Ogata’s happiness. Flashback shows Sekijo is a smart girl. Because of that, she pulls up the class average and some dislike her for that. A teacher told her to take some prep class exam. She finished fast and noticed Ogata too did the same. Some candidates thought Ogata was showing off but Ogata who has no clue about human relations was brutally honest about what she did. From then on, Sekijo decided not to care what others think about her and follow Ogata. But it took her till her third year in high school to finally talk to her and that was the same time she heard Ogata was trying to change her study course. Yuiga wants to know the deal of Sekijo dumping Ogata to him. He knows she is looking forward to this day because he saw her Tweet. Yup, hourly Tweets of how she is excited to go out with Ogata. Sekijo then tells Yuiga the story. Apparently Ogata also heard it. As Sekijo wants to continue her outing with Ogata, Ogata is glad because she thought Sekijo hated her after running away. Sekijo tries to dismiss ever hating her but trips and has her hands all over Ogata’s boobs. Will this change Ogata’s mind of hating her? And Yuiga has a fine view of Sekijo’s ass… Is this what you call killing 2 birds with 1 stone?

Episode 4
It’s that season where girls have their makeover. Ogata is reminded by Furuhashi not to do it herself this time but go to the salon. And of course you can tell the passionate salon owner is going to give her a hell of a makeover. Ogata then goes to meet up with Yuiga at the library for a study session. This guy doesn’t recognize her and thinks who the f*ck this hot babe?! I guess he got so nervous thinking he is being hit on that he doesn’t even recognize her voice or her study materials. He gets nervous enough to text Ogata. Since he ambiguously put it as she is stuck (in traffic), Ogata misinterprets it as stuck in a question. Ogata’s response is due to the salon owner giving her twisted take of relationship advice so you bet it gets even more awkward. Yuiga then describes all the good points of Ogata (without naming her). Uh huh. Not even Ogata realizes that and wants to know more. In the end, Yuiga compares Ogata’s cuteness to a squirrel and at first Ogata is anxious followed by relieved but can’t help feel annoyed. When he goes home, he can’t even fathom why she is still following him and the real Ogata didn’t show up. And then when she tries to invite him to her house, he thinks it is wrong for a pretty girl just to ask any boy for that. He agrees to come in hopes of lecturing her parents to straighten her out. So what you going to say to Ogata’s papa, eh? Yeah, Yuiga is one big piece of embarrassment realizing who this hot babe is finally.

We see Takemoto confronting Yuiga with a serious expression. Confession time? Actually, they are speaking English passionately. It all started when Yuiga noted her English has improved. He suggested she should talk in English but after hearing her Engrish and chopping it up with lots of Japanese, he throws down a challenge for them to do so. And now, Takemoto seems to be talking good English. Despite it’s to a puppy. She misheard Yuiga’s ‘language skill’ as ‘lingerie’ and hence a little argument in English pops up. So this is how hentai sounds if it is dubbed… Eventually she loses because she starts speaking Japanese. As she waits for Yuiga at the convenience store, a couple of foreigners ask Takemoto for direction. Panic at first, she manages to give them decent directions. The foreigners are glad and even invite her to their friends’ party now. She panics. Yuiga just come out and misinterpreted this scene. He goes to defend her and the foreigners asks who she is to her. Yuiga meant to say his precious study friend but slips up and says his precious steady. The foreigners rejoice his hot chick and leave. Yuiga doesn’t understand what they said but apparently Takemoto understands what steady means. She gets the wrong idea and runs away in embarrassment. Damn, English such a hard language!

Episode 5
Furuhashi is studying at Yuiga’s house but receives a piercing stare from Mizuki. Oh no. How to focus? Once over and she is about to leave, Yuiga gives her a present since today’s her birthday. News for you buddy: It’s tomorrow! So embarrassing! But she is glad with anything she gives him. So what he got for her? A bra! NO KIDDING!!! OH SH*T! Furuhashi so conflicted! It turns out the present was meant to be a ballpoint pen and the bra was mom bought for Mizuki. Hence the next day it is very awkward for Furuhashi. Right off the bat, Yuiga asks her if she’s comfortable with it! Yeah, after sticking 4 pads into it! The other girls also got Furuhashi a gift and wants to know what she got from Yuiga. Since she won’t tell, they ask Yuiga straight. Each time he is about to say, she smacks him. I guess they need to talk to put an end to this charade. Of course you can tell they’re not on the same page as Yuiga gets depressed thinking their friendship is not close enough to warrant her buying a pen! And then they realize what they’re actually talking about. Awkwardness increases. Later Yuiga apologizes and gives her the actual gift. Somehow he mixed it up because both were put in the same bag design. I suppose you can’t ask her to give back the bra, right? Either way, Yuiga is damned because now she blames him for thinking about boobs.

It’s déjà vu again because Yuiga is once more called to help out mom’s friend opening a new massage parlour (they call it hand rub relaxation – hope they won’t rub this the wrong way!) in a mascot outfit. And then she gets a call that her daughter is sick and must leave. It’s all up to you, Yuiga! Oh yeah. Déjà vu really playing a cruel prank on him. Because as you would have expected… The first customer is Kirisu. Looking angry, huh? Not like a little hand job will loosen her up. Oh damn, she’s moaning and giving that orgasm face! Yuiga, you’re f*cking good! Folks, a preview of what this series would have been if it is porn! Next is Ogata and Furuhashi! Oh yeah. More ambiguous moaning and orgasmic faces. This is followed by Kominami who is here for a foot massage. You’re wrong if this is going to look like some dominatrix scene because Yuiga is dominating all over her! Kominami tries to hide her orgasmic voice and this has Yuiga think it isn’t enough so he applies more of his God’s hand! Is her orgasm going to spike through the roof?! And then Takemoto and friends are here. They notice a commotion coming out from a certain cubicle. To their horror they see this weird porn scene of Yuiga giving it all on Kominami’s foot! Yeah, somehow she unmasks his top. Oh sh*t! Now that it is Takemoto’s turn, I guess she’s not impressed. No God’s hand can ever heal the heart of hurt maiden. Oh Yuiga, better move your hands more than your mouth… The only consolation Yuiga has is back home where Mizuki gives him a shoulder massage. Oh, it’s so stiff and hard… And that’s it folks. Today’s preview of this series porn. Bokutachi Wa Hentai Ga Dekinai! Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai!

Episode 6
The gas heater’s under maintenance so Kirisu has to go to the public bathhouse. Coincidentally, also there are Kominami, Yuiga and his terrible twins, Kazuki and Hazuki. Right off the bad, the terrible twins comment how beautiful Kirisu is and wants her to marry Yuiga! If that isn’t enough, while preparing to head into the bath, the duo steal her lingerie!!! And then Kominami has her way teasing ‘sensitive’ Kirisu. Kazuki somehow snuck her way to them and bugs Kirisu to marry Yuiga. Because she is mad, Hazuki starts crying. Kirisu relents she will. One day. Oh dear. Hazuki then wants to go tell big brother so as panic Kirisu tries to stop her, she slips on a soap and passes out. Since Yuiga is the only young guy around, he is tasked to carry her out. Kirisu wakes up and sees this and another struggle ensues. Then he gets lectured for doing that. Yeah, not even his fault. Hazuki tries to defend her brother. By unrobing Kirisu’s towel?! Another knockout. I think we’ve seen enough today. Later Kominami explains what happened so embarrassed Kirisu apologizes. As they part, Kirisu whispers to Kominami that she is not wearing her lingerie because somebody stole them. Oh dear. The terrible twins still have them!!! Today is the day Ogata and Furuhashi will have a mock university interview. Unfortunately the kind Ms Fujita is not around and they got demonic Kirisu. Oh sh*t… Ogata is first and she gets chewed out so much so she is close to tears. Next is Furuhashi. Same thing. I think this is what her zombie mode looks like. It’s not over because Yuiga also has a go. Remember, he also trying for the recommendation. She starts off her harsh usual ways so Yuiga decides to calm himself by imaging her in different outfits?! WTF?! Can you even concentrate?! Eventually he apologizes and will do better next time. This is when Kirisu somewhat praises him for acknowledging weaknesses and that is his strength. Yuiga now imagines her in a sister outfit but points out he would fail the interview if he had really said that. Sister condemning him to hell… In the aftermath, Ogata and Furuhashi are fired up to get back at Kirisu as they study hard to ace university interviews. Good luck.

Episode 7
Coincidentally, Yuiga and Sekijo ask Ogata to an open campus this weekend. As Ogata waits, Sekijo thought to let Ogata be with Yuiga and texts she has a stomach ache. Apparently Yuiga also has the same idea and did the same thing! And what a big coincidence that both of them are hiding in the bush next to each other, surprised only to find out that they both had the same thinking! As they walk around campus, both even try to compete to go to the toilet so as to leave the other with Ogata! WTF?! Eventually Yuiga wins so Ogata and Sekijo sit in some maths class. Because Ogata is dozing and leaning on Sekijo, the teacher thinks they are fooling around and has them answer a high school question to see if they are worthy of maths. When Yuiga returns, he sees a commotion. The teacher trying to beg Ogata to join his department! Remember, she’s a math genius. However she dismisses him and says she is here for the psychology class. Teacher in despair… Now Sekijo manages to ditch Yuiga with Ogata. This psychology class talks about retention of memories so the teacher gives an example of first kiss. This has our duo being awkward after remember their ‘first kiss’. Ogata and Sekijo continue to ‘battle’ each other so Ogata is left with a few campus students who invite her over BBQ. When they return, Ogata is drunk! Apparently the fumes of alcohol is enough to make her drunk! As they bring her back, obviously she is throwing a childish tantrum due to her drunken stupor. She blames them both for being idiots for taking off one after another. It was a terrible experience. They apologize but apparently Sekijo is also a bit drunk and tries to strip as apology. Ogata and Yuiga spot Kominami and her maid colleague handing out leaflets. The maid café is holding some board game event. Ogata is excited because there are some board games she is interested. Because they are short on hands, they agree to give her those board games if they help out. And so Ogata becomes a maid… Why does her chest area feel so tight? Why must she ask Yuiga and not Kominami?! Ogata is so cute that lots of guys line up just to play her. But remember Ogata’s bad luck in games? Yup, she’s on a losing streak. 42 consecutive losses! Man, she’ll ruin the café! Kominami steps in to recoup some of the losses. Yuiga gives Ogata some advice to get her mood back. And that is when she wins for the first time! So happy that she’s kicking up a tantric fuss! But it’s a win-win because the customers despite losing, love how cute she is. The event is a success and later Kominami praises Yuiga for coaching Ogata well. Ogata still reeling from the shock now collapses… Gonna take some time getting used to this…

Episode 8
Yuiga is going to fail… Physical education! Especially swimming! Takizawa tries to train him but since Yuiga is obviously doing so badly, she has one of the swimming club girls take over. Yup. That’s you, Takemoto. Of course she’s bad at teaching so Yuiga understands nothing. When Kirisu reminds Takizawa to hand in something, she realizes she forgot all about that and leaves the training to her. Kirisu might not like it but she is a pro in teaching so you bet Yuiga learns something. Later Takemoto talks to Kirisu about her calm and collective demeanour. Takemoto also mentions about her worries, the responsibility she is shouldering for her swimming club at an upcoming meet. Though Kirisu might sound harsh, she is realistic about one being nervous and stressed during points of competition. This motivates Takemoto and when the swimming meet arrives, she wins it big. So much so an assembly is held to honour her! Thanks to this achievement as well as her improving English, the principal offers her an option to study abroad. Of course she can’t decide now. Later Takemoto talks to Furuhashi about long distance relationship so Furuhashi is shocked that she might be going overseas despite swimmer girl talking hypothetically in third person. When Yuiga comes by, Takemoto goes into hiding and doesn’t want Furuhashi to say she is here or about that overseas thing. Yuiga of course praises the amazingness of Takemoto but is also worried since Takemoto is recently avoiding him like a plague. Furuhashi then asks hypothetically how he would feel if she is dating someone. He isn’t sure but would hope they would be happy. Also, he might miss her a little. While Takemoto might be satisfied with that, Furuhashi isn’t. So she goes to hint to Yuiga that Takemoto isn’t dating anyone now but it is up to him to think about the rest. So confusing… In the end, it seems Takemoto chooses to study abroad but wants the principal to keep it a secret from Yuiga. Because she still wants to be tutored by him till she finishes high school. And when Takemoto hopes Yuiga to be tough on her with English, that guy is so happy she is finally taking her studies seriously. Yup, he cried. Such music to his ears?

Episode 9
During the PTA conference, Yuiga’s teacher commends how hard he is trying and hence gives him a list of good universities and the course they offer. Immediately he wants to know which has the steadiest earning power. After the conference, mom is worried and wonders if their financial woes is holding him back or something. He denies. Whatever it is, mom will support him. Yuiga also sees Furuhashi coming out. However she claims she is alone and her father is not here, giving all sorts of excuses. When they leave, they see Ogata in ‘trouble’. Remember that teacher from the open campus? Yup. He is here to bug Ogata to join his maths line! Persistent! Of course the big revelation is that this guy, Reiji is Furuhashi’s father!!! Reiji doesn’t bat an eyelid to think his daughter taking up maths is useless and that she is still better off with humanities. Yeah, back to bugging Ogata. Furuhashi holds him down so that Sekijo could take her to escape. Reiji continues to berate her dreams as delusion. He will not support her financially further and if she doesn’t like it, she can leave the house. Oh yeah? Furuhashi agrees and will leave! Oh, but where will she stay? How will she pay her rent? Who will be her guarantor? Oh sh*t… And with that, Yuiga offers to let her stay at his place. WTF?! DOES HE KNOW WHAT HE IS GETTING INTO?! And because of that, Mizuki can’t play his ‘wife’ anymore… Those piercing dagger stares… Yuiga’s mom hears her out and understands the situation so she lets her stay. Mizuki so annoyed now… I guess the only thing that Mizuki can ‘win’ against her are her boobs… Yeah… We learn Furuhashi’s mom is a maths genius and is said to be able to solve Millennium Prize problems. Hence it is a great tragedy when she suddenly died. Furuhashi tried her hands at maths and when she tried to show father, he slapped her!!! OMFG! At school, because Takemoto can somewhat tell Furuhashi is wearing the same clothes, I guess Yuiga has to become her porter and help carry her luggage. Is she going to bring her whole wardrobe back to Yuiga’s tiny house? As they leave, Reiji comes back! Oh no! At this hour! Why do they always pick the tightest space to hide? And in the most ambiguous position? Thankfully saved by the phone call as Reiji goes out. As they get out from their hiding, Furuhashi realizes this is where dad stored mom’s laptop. It must have some amazing theories in it. However it is locked by a password and they only have a single try. Wrong on the first go and all data is wiped out! But this fires up Furuhashi. She is going to show dad she can do it and not rely on him!

Episode 10
How do you like it? Furuhashi acting like Yuiga’s wife? Apparently the rest of Yuiga’s family is out, leaving them to guard the house. I wonder if this is mom’s doing… Anyway, Furuhashi fails in a lot of household chores. Like her cooking. But seeing she tried her best, Yuiga eats her food anyway. But she’s clumsy for the rest of the day… Then when she comes in to wash his back (don’t get your hopes up), mood ruined when she has flashbacks of happier times with her dad. Yeah, she fell asleep on his back? Later when she wakes up, she gets panicky to start studying so Yuiga suggests they go on a date. Don’t get your hopes up too. So in this open wilderness space, he shows her the starry sky. Trying to show off naming some of the constellations? Then the cliché moment of she slipping and he grabbing her. In the end, he gives her words of encouragement that he will always stand by her. When she returns home, once again she tells Reiji her dreams and once more he brushes it off. Despite her words now sound like what his late wife says, he still cannot accept her choice. Because it is like a waste of talent. In that case, why not ask mom? How? Furuhashi has unlocked the laptop’s password. Inside, there are no thesis but only a video confessing she is not good at maths! Because Reiji misunderstood and praised her, she got carried away. All that was left was to try her best until she succeeded. Hence mom supports her daughter in doing whatever she wants and loves. Another video shows how mother and daughter wanted to find a star and named it after daddy. Later Yuiga visits to check on Furuhashi’s progress. Furuhashi remembers a moment with mom (not recorded) that she told her she will one day find a man who will support her. Could it be? Furuhashi lies on his shoulder and hopes to stay like this for a while. Next PTA, Reiji accepts Furuhashi’s endeavour into astronomy. Yuiga also lets Furuhashi know that during her stay at his place, Reiji met with his mom to apologize for the trouble. He also admitted he had trouble raising her because he was at a loss after his wife died and felt guilty in taking it out on his daughter. Hence the person who called Reiji that time could be Yuiga’s mom. Reiji wants to know how far Yuiga’s relationship with Furuhashi is. I mean, they lived under the same roof for a few days, right? Oh dear. The toughest question that no maths or astronomy can even solve!

Episode 11
With all the girls’ future set on course, the issue is now Yuiga. What is his future? Yeah, this guy is having a sleepless night thinking about it. The school festival is around the corner and all are busy helping out with the preparations. Kashima then spew rumours that if a boy and girl hold hands when the first fireworks go off, they’ll be together. Of course Yuiga explains logically that they are already couples for that to happen. But you bet his girls are bent on trying something like that. Furuhashi is not happy that her class is doing a Sleeping Beauty play and she has been unanimously voted to play the leading role. Kashima assures her everything and that there is no kissing role. But behind the scenes, you can see that she and the other girls are really deep in the plotting. They really want to make Furuhashi kiss and that mysterious prince who will play that role is Yuiga. On the first day of the festival, Ogata’s dad who is bad with maths, screws up the order. Yeah, he brought 1000 udon orders. Yuiga being the freest guy, offers to help sell. Then he spots Kawase and Umihara. Oh, they’re in the Full Pure magical costume for a play later. However, this magical girl series has trio in the lead. The other is supposed to be Takemoto but apparently her costume has been misplaced somewhere in school. You bet Yuiga the free guy is going to also help look for it. When he heard a kid spotting a magical girl on the rooftop, his hunch tells him to worst. Yup, Kirisu posing in that Full Pure cosplay! Don’t get the wrong idea! This was what happened. She was picked to do this year’s teacher’s representation and the teachers already had a costume ready for her. Of course as we can see, it got mixed up with the Full Pure costume so she obviously wore the wrong one. I’m sure Yuiga needs to add a few more words before he just tells her to strip now! Since she can’t unzip the back herself, he has to help. Oh dear. He feels the costume might rip! Can’t go any further. He then listens to her lament how she never participated in any festival during her youth because she was so focused on her figure skating. Meanwhile Furuhashi is furious. She is looking for Kashima as she found the real script that has her do the kissing scene. Also, Full Pure show is starting. We present to you the magical girls, Kawase, Umihara and… Kirisu???!!!

Episode 12
Oh damn. Kirisu rocks!!! She’s dancing like a pro! Or is it? Apparently she could perfectly memorize the video after just watching it once! But if you’re wondering why the horrible CGI is even further horrible, that’s because Kirisu refuses to sing and not even play the part of lip synching! To add more spice, Takemoto drops in as a new Full Pure character that just debut this morning! WTF Yuiga had enough time with the leftover materials to sew this perfect costume?! Unbelievable! End of performance is even better with Takemoto help selling udon to all the starved audience. The gang celebrates backstage after a successful performance. Yuiga spots a loose thread on Kirisu’s costume and tries to pull it out. Damn the whole costume just fell apart! THIS IS NOT A TRANSFORMATION SCENE! Yuiga returns to selling udon but Kashima has him help out with her play. Can’t say no. He is made to change into this costume. Hmm… Cat Napoleon? Nyapoleon? So of course when he goes out, Kashima’s friends who were supposed to be on guard, didn’t recognize him. The other teachers then start chasing Yuiga, thinking he is Kirisu in that costume. You bet Kashima is distraught that the prince is missing. At this crucial time when the play is about to start? Find him! Meanwhile Kominami is also at the festival, helping out some light music club. Damn, this girl also rocks! She stumbles into Yuiga and offers to help him get away from the teachers. Since she is a graduate, she knows every nook and corner. Yeah, crawling through the ventilation? Is the school’s duct this big? Cue for Yuiga to have his face up her ass. Eventually, Kominami has to go ‘flirt’ with the teachers so Yuiga has a clear path to get into the gym where the play is held. At the same time, the play is already at its climax. The prince is nowhere to be seen and the crowd is restless. Hence the headmaster calls for improvisation. Would anyone of the guys like to step up and be the prince? You bet it’s going to be a chaotic mad rush to kiss Furuhashi!!! Yeah, princess already wide awake and in shock. Luckily, Kashima and her martial arts buddies kick them away. You want Furuhashi’s lips? Gotta get pass them first! Heeyah! Yup, the power of boners has those desperate guys try. And fail! Meanwhile Yuiga is already there but he can’t intervene. During the kung fu commotion, the backdrop threatens to fall on Furuhashi. Yuiga instinctively saves her. Probably Furuhashi wants to end this fast so she kisses Yuiga. Hey, technically the cat head gear is in between, right?

Episode 13
Yuiga escapes and Furuhashi does an ending improvisation so well that the audience is so touched. After Yuiga gets out from his suit, the teachers spot and confiscate it. They want to give it to Kirisu but she’s already conducting her speech and everyone is paying close attention. I guess the suit is useless now. Yuiga’s sincere apology to Kashima means she can’t be mad at him despite him ‘not turning up’. Yuiga realizes he must take his identity under the suit to the grave because there are many who want to know his identify and beat the sh*t out of him! Furuhashi goes to thank Kominami. She thinks she is the one in the cat suit because see saw her carrying her guitar. Unfortunately she claims she left her guitar somewhere and is looking for it. Cue for Furuhashi to panic whom she gave her first kiss! Yuiga returns to help Ogata. The crowd has increased because they think the mysterious person in Nyapoleon could be here. Because Yuiga and Ogata are eating together, this prompts a kid to note they look like lovers. This gives Yuiga an idea. Using this concept and Kominami’s PR skills, they manage to sell off the remaining udon. On a side note, the prince suit actually ended up in some haunted house. Did that ‘ghost’ become the main attraction for looking so princely? Anyway, with the end of the festival, the students gather for the fireworks. Time for the conspirators to push one last jinx. Hence as the first fireworks is about to go off, our desperate conspirators push our concerned parties, hence Yuiga ends up falling all over his harem. However this fireworks is a dud and didn’t go off! Saved? Looks like they have some explaining to do with the pushing. As the next fireworks go off, somebody takes Yuiga’s hand to help him up. Stupid lighting cover her face. I hope it’s not his mom! In the aftermath, Yuiga attends an interview with Kirisu. In short he passes. We also see the rest of his girls passing their desired subject. Everybody gets what they want! Hooray! After graduation, everybody sees off Takemoto at the airport. Yuiga is running late because the train broke down. Go on foot? Nah. Thankfully Kirisu is here to give him a ride! So driving safer means stepping more on the accelerator?! Thank goodness he reaches in time and in one piece. Probably all that excitement has made Yuiga trip somehow. Takemoto helps him up. The way they show this scene indicates she might be the one who held his hand during the fireworks.

Dakara X To Bokutachi Wa H Ga Dekinai!
So I guess this means everybody has gone their separate ways and it’s the end of the study-cum-romance jinx? Oh well, it was good (or bad, if you’re from Yuiga’s point of view) while it lasted. I guess in the end, it is still up to us to want to believe whoever Yuiga ends up with. After all, that is still very much up in the air. They’ve just started on their first step to achieve their dreams. Once they have settled down, maybe they can start thinking of romance. But don’t take too long or it’ll be too late, if you know what I mean.

This season doesn’t largely stray away from the usual formula. A lot of things primarily stay the same and this season could be just more of an extension of the first season than a ‘real’ sequel. Heh. Like I even know what that means. This second season doesn’t introduce any major new characters and perhaps I’m partly to blame for thinking that they would add at least 1 more girl into Yuiga’s (unofficial) harem. After all, some animes do add a new character in their new season just to spice things up but I guess if the original formula for the series works and isn’t necessarily broken, why change and make a total overhaul?

The ‘biggest change’ that this season has is for Furuhashi’s side. It is by far the most memorable story on focus this season (aside from all the cheesy shoehorned fanservice). It gives a closure, or rather the permission to the thorny issue that has been bugging her ever since she decided to do a major switch over to maths. Goes to show that being a genius in something is pretty much just perspective. Like they always say, genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. With Reiji giving his blessings to his daughter to pursue her dreams, hopefully Furuhashi will now have a clearer path and mind in achieving that goal. Doesn’t necessarily have to be the best rocket scientist that would shake and change the mathematics world. That’s not her original goal in the first place.

Of course not only Furuhashi has been closing the gap and is much nearer to her dreams than when she started, Ogata and Takemoto are also making the same strides as well. As long as they continue putting in the effort, they’ll surely get there. I’m sure this is also the same for Yuiga. So I’m not sure why he is fretting over his future because I thought he already had a set goal in mind. You know, the special VIP recommendation? Remember? Probably he is worried by comparing himself to the achievement of his girls. As many of the focus is on them and we see them make great improvements, what about Yuiga’s own achievements? From a general perspective, there seems to be not much change, right? Can’t blame him if he is worried that he can’t see any progress made at all. But that’s the thing about Yuiga being Yuiga. He puts the well-being of others first ahead of himself. Before he can achieve his own goal, he must see to it that others reach theirs first. This is evident as we see him more than often helping the girls in need even outside their studying needs (some may call it plot convenience). But thankfully in the end, everybody passes so it’s safe to say that Yuiga’s fruits of labour paid off.

Because he worries so much about others, who is going to worry about him? You bet his girls would. But for now, the ‘complication’ of them wanting to stay a little longer with him could be the biggest stumbling block for them to achieve their goals. It seems like romance would be the biggest hindrance that would threaten to undo all the effort they have put in. Like as though they’re trying to prolong the study session as long as possible. My conspiracy theory says that they’re just pretending to be dumb just to be with him. Oh my. What girls would do for romance…

Each of the girls has their fair share of screen time to be with Yuiga but your guess is as good as mine of how mostly it will end up. They get closer to him but not entirely close enough that you are dead certain that they’ll become an item. Just like in past seasons, all that romantic certainty is brushed away in some form of comical fanservice or something like that. Sometimes it feels like all the mishaps and accidental perversion that Yuiga and the girls get into, like as though some higher being is trying to test their mettle and see how they handle it all. So far so good. Phew? Last season we had the lingerie shop thingy, the OVA had the beach episode and this season we got all touchy with the massage job. Is there no one cliché fanservice scene that Yuiga has not experienced?! The girls didn’t report him because they like him so it’s like a free pass. If it was other guys, they’d be dead by now. So having that in mind, Yuiga is just like one step away from doing lewd stuffs with them! I’m sure there is a porn version of this series if you look harder over the dark web. It is one thing that the girls secretly like him, it is another thing if their fathers give their blessing for them to be a pair. With Kominami and Furuhashi’s dad already giving theirs (I can assume Takemoto’s friends are playing her substitute father), once Ogata’s dad also falls in line with this, then true hell begins. You know everything will be so screwed up by then.

The rest of the other characters didn’t really change nor matter much. I’m partly to blame for having such expectations in the first place. Like Mizuki, I thought she would be given more prominence this season since she has big brother complex. She would up the rivalry among the girls to fight for Yuiga’s attention (and affections) but unfortunately, she continued to remain a side character who is made to be remembered for her acute sense of her big brother. Basically, an onii-chan stalker. So any girls who want to get to her onii-chan must get through her first! I am the protector of onii-chan! Nobody gets through! Heeyah! Sorry Mizuki, even mom is probably vouching for her son to be with another girl. Just not you :’(.

Kominami also doesn’t play much importance here. Most probably she isn’t one of the front runners of Yuiga’s harem and her role is just to fill in the gap if the other trio are unable to. Otherwise she is still the same teasing senpai. Likewise, I was hoping to see a further elaboration on Kirisu’s past as a figure skater. But maybe last season’s fleshing out was all there is to it, explaining why she’s such a gloomy looking strict resting b*tch face teacher. Though, she won’t want the school days of her students to be robbed or stolen and hence she’ll still do whatever it takes to protect their most important days of youth. Well, you can only be young once. Still, it doesn’t spare her from Yuiga’s (Accidental Pervy) Hand of God! It’s like fate is testing her to just open up or something. But for better or worse, her strictness remains the same. And Sekijo, is she still not Ogata’s best friend already? How long her friendship probation gonna last?

This season’s opening theme is still sung by the trio of Yuiga’s study group. Can Now, Can Now probably reflects on the progress the girls made and the song also sounds a lot more bubbly and fun. Yup, definitely can now, can now. But this time the trio doesn’t sing the ending theme. It is halca now and Houkago No Liberty sounds equally as bubbly and fun. Probably with all the cute animations and the characters in chibi form, yeah, this sure looks like a fun series!

Overall, this season offers nothing relatively new and if you enjoy the first season, you’ll most likely enjoy this one as well. If you don’t like shocking changes or developments that are too hard to follow, this simple romcom harem comedy might be just your cup of tea. Even if everything is so filled with cliché, it is probably the safest because everything else is pretty much expected then. You know the kind of fanservice our characters will get into. You know the kind of ‘screen time romance’ that the characters will get. And you’ll definitely know the kind of status quo outcome at the end of it all. Ah, all so safe. Nothing that rocks the boat. All within expectations. That’s what I’ve learnt after watching countless of similar animes in this genre. And maybe that’s why I never learn too. That’s why they keep churning out such animes throughout the years. Looks like I won’t be graduating to a higher level and be staying back repeating the same ol’ stuffs… Boy, I really never learn, do I?

Oh no. Here we go again. Yet another isekai genre anime. Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou is another one of those abundant isekai series that tries to distinguish itself from other similar series in the genre but comes out as mostly the same (or worse, depending on your mood of the day). Uh huh. Wanna bet that the main character who is pretty average and normal, becomes overpowered and easily overcomes his obstacles with his ‘intuition’ due to ‘circumstances’? Oh yeah. You bet they’re going to throw in some harem trope as well. Which girls do not want to be with such badass powerful hunk? Yeah. Oh, you bet I wanna throw myself into his arms and be protected by this reincarnated tough guy. KYAAA~ KAKOI SUGIRU!!! <3. Oh yeah. Bring on all your isekai clichés! I’m gonna take them all! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Episode 1
Hajime Nagumo has it real bad. He has fallen real deep into the Great Orcus Labyrinth and barely alive. If you think seeing a killer rabbit is bad, wait till you see the killer bear eating the killer rabbit! Oh f*ck! It ate his arm too! Hajime runs as fast as he could and using his transmute ability to protect himself. Hiding inside some hole, it is the miracle of some holy crystal nearby that keeps him alive. Flashback shows his party were training hard to enter this labyrinth. Clips of Hajime getting bullied? Then when they first enter the labyrinth, somebody accidentally touched a trap crystal that transported them to a bridge on the 65th floor. A behemoth charges at them as they try to run for safety. Hajime tries to cover for Kaori Shirasaki and when everyone else has run to safety, the plan is the attack the behemoth to cover Hajime so he could run. However one of the blasts directly hit Hajime. The bridge collapses and he fell along with the behemoth. Hajime realizes he has been betrayed. Somebody in the party wanted him dead. Furthermore, previously Kaori warned him not to go as she had a premonition something bad would happen to him. Because he was adamant, Kaori vowed to protect him. But now Hajime is bitter that nobody is going to save him but since he isn’t going to die in this sh*thole, he just has to kill everything that gets in his way! Wow. Suddenly he turns from a wuss to badass? He uses his abilities and brains to trap monsters for food. However eating them, he starts to feel something inside him transforming. Sure it isn’t the case of food poisoning? Wow. Now he transforms into something more badass! He thinks it is because of this holy water that is keeping him alive. Not only that, his stats all jumped and now he has the ability to manipulate mana. So the more different monsters he eats, the more abilities he gains as well as his growth in stats. Heck, he even crafted a gun so this can turn into some shooting anime? Donner, that’s what he calls his gun? Then he goes to have his rematch with the killer bear and kills it and eats it. Tastes like crap but the victory tastes sweet! Since he can’t go up, he is going down. He is going to survive this and find his way home.

Episode 2
Eating the same monsters many times will not have any significant increase. So, variety is the spice of life? Back in Heiligh Kingdom, the king is informed of this tragedy but gives the gag order not to talk about this anymore. This puts Kaori in despair. Because she promised to protect him and when she was desperate to go save him after he fell, Meld Loggins had to knock her out. He can’t risk losing any more of them. Further flashback reveals Hajime, Kaori and their entire class were summoned to this kingdom as heroes. History has this world having 3 races: Humans, demons and beastmen. So now angels? Humans and demons were at war for a very long time but the demons controlled the beastmen to tip the favours in their scale. Humanity at the brink of destruction had to summon heroes from another world to save them. Kouki Amenogawa is probably a popular guy and probably loves playing the hero of justice. Can’t sit by and see a kingdom go into extinction, can he? So that’s why nobody listens to loli teacher, Aiko Hatayama when she tries to veto they can’t go on this dangerous adventure. Shizuku Yaegashi (Kaori’s best friend) trains as she too feel something is off. Noting Daisuke Hiyama is acting strange, this has her remember he was always picking fights with Hajime and Kaori always intervened. Is there some love triangle going on? Shizuku feels bad that Kaori is still reeling from the fact they couldn’t save Hajime. She continues to believe he is still alive. Hajime arrives at a place with a huge door. Must be something important, huh? But first he has to fight 2 giant guardians. After defeating them an unlocking the door, he hears a voice asking to be saved. Seeing a loli trapped in a cube prison, Hajime does what any sane person would do: Get the hell out of here! But the loli pleads she will do anything! Don’t be tempted! Get out! After all, he suspects she must be somebody dangerous to be sealed here. However she says the buzzword. Yup, she was betrayed and sealed here. As a powerful immortal vampire, one day she was told she was no longer needed and her uncle was to take over ruling. She was fine with that but they told her she was too dangerous and was thus sealed here since she couldn’t be killed. Hajime breaks her out from her prison. She wants him to name him since she doesn’t need her old name anymore. He calls her Yue. Because her hair and eyes glow like the moon. So it’s not Tsuki? Just saying. Suddenly something attacks and Hajime protects Yue from the incoming projectiles.

Episode 3
It’s going to take more than this giant scorpion’s stingers to kill him. He fights back but is not making any headway. This is when Yue sucks some of his blood as she lands some giant ball over the monster. But good for only 1 use. Although her next attack is weakened, with Hajime’s shooting skills, they kill the monster in no time. Hajime eats the monster as he explains why he didn’t abandon her and run. Yeah, it would be just bad for a guy to just free her and then abandon her. Remember, no betrayals. Yue explains the rumours that the labyrinths were built by Mavericks. They once tried to destroy the world but failed so they built labyrinths to escape and hence it is believed that Mavericks reside at the bottom of each labyrinth. With Hajime’s mana increased, he is now able to make a railgun rifle. Schlagen, he calls it, huh? Hajime also tells his betrayal story. Because of his powers as a synergist, his role isn’t suited for combat. Everyone said he was useless. They teamed up with the royal guards to clear the labyrinth and the rest is history as we know it. Though he doesn’t want revenge, he just hopes to get better and go home. Wow. Yue crying at his sob story? Okay. Even loli vampires have feelings. And since Yue also has no home to go to, he offers she could join him. Next scene, we see them being chased by… Dinosaurs with flower on their heads?! Actually, parasitic flowers. Killing them won’t be effective unless they take out the source. So when they final do, it seems this plant lady monster has gotten Yue under her command and forces her to attack Hajime. Somehow parasitic plants wither on Hajime since he ate too many monsters and has developed some immunity. Until Yue tells him to just shoot, he gets happy and blasts through and kills the monster. Now Yue is mad that he didn’t even hesitate to shoot?! Heh. He was reluctant at first because he knew she would be mad and he thought it was okay since she gave her ‘permission’. By the way, isn’t she a vampire and can’t die? Okay, still not good to shoot a loli. Hajime eats the monster but Yue now wants to feed on his blood. And she gets naked?! WTF is this reverse rape?! Trekking further downwards, they finally reach the 100th floor. You can sure tell something is important behind this huge ominous door.

Episode 4
They face off with a hydra. You can easily tell their coloured heads, each having their own roles and abilities. Like the white one heals, the yellow one defends, etc. Then there is the black one who hypnotizes Yue and plays her trauma of being abandoned by Hajime. Nobody does this to his loli so Hajime snaps her out. I think the deal breaker was the kiss on her lips. Because the second time it hypnotized her, all she needs to do is remember the kiss and she won’t be hypnotized! Damn, the kiss was so damn effective! Hajime can’t be hypnotized too because he is so hard bitten, he is afraid of nothing! Finally he is going to use Schlagen on the hydra and has Yue cover him. Though he manages to get a good shot, the final head fires at Yue. I understand why Hajime uses his body to protect Yue but… Isn’t Yue an immortal?! I guess nobody hurts his loli, huh? Hajime is fatally wounded. I’m guessing she is kissing him to transfer some healing potion is because she wants to kiss him. Could have just poured the bottle straight into his mouth… Then she wants to avenge him by using his Donner. Can she? Nope. Loli failed. Loli going to get owned again and that’s when Hajime wakes up to play the hero again. Yup. His loli must not be hurt. Can’t lose his beloved loli. With Hajime now having the ability to slow down time (or is he speeding up?), he makes his final move. He plants bombs all over the ceiling and in great timing shoots at them for it all to come crashing on the hydra. I guess the hydra has no more strength to get out from its crushed state. Hard fought victory. Well done. Meanwhile Aiko threatens a priest that she will stop using her farming ability if he continues to force students who don’t want to fight to continue fighting. He relents since he views her farming to be valuable. Finally. Somebody listens to her!

Episode 5
What’s this? Hajime and Yue naked in bed together?! Since Hajime is alive and kicking, I suppose he is alright but I doubt sex had any part in his healing. Yue reveals after defeating the hydra, the door before them opened and there is this beautiful underground garden. This could be the Maverick’s lair. She put him on the bed and let his holy water do the healing. Phew. Told you there was no sex involved. Exploring around, they enter a mansion in which the throne room sits a skeletal corpse. Hajime stands in the insignia to test if this is a teleport but he activates the corpse’s ghost! Actually, it is just a recording of Oscar Orcus. He is a Maverick who built this labyrinth. Meanwhile Meld and the rest head back down to face the behemoth once more. So monsters here respawn? Just like the bridge too? This time they are more coordinated, more powerful and more determined in taking down the behemoth. Orcus says that as a reward for passing his trials set in the labyrinth, he will give his power. Just don’t use it for evil, okay? Hajime then feels like some ancient magic spell being imprinted into his head. Also some memories about the truth about Mavericks. They’re not bad guys but liberators. I guess we’ll have to wait for later to hear this. So it seems Hajime has the new power to do some creation magic. Add energy to raw minerals and give them special qualities? Holy crap. That sounds like becoming God! After burying the corpse, Hajime realizes that there are lots of things he can learn here. Hence, delaying his journey back to the top. So with his new magic, he is able to create lots of new things. Like his new prosthetic arm. More cool weapons. More cool vehicles. Only imagination’s the limit. Forget that cheesy fanservice scene of Yue trying to do something to Hajime in the bath… So after 2 months of learning and getting what they can, it’s time for them to head back up. Their goal now is to find other labyrinths because each has their own ancient magic to learn. That way, he might be able to find a way to return home.

Episode 5.5
Eh? Recap episode?! Well, if you didn’t pay attention to what happened previously, Hajime nicely summarizes up some of the important events that has happened so far. Pay attention next time so we don’t have to waste a week of recap episode! Or maybe the production should just buck up… But at the end we get a new scene: Some stupid sexy bunny girl, Shea is waiting for someone to pop up. Better hurry because she almost got eaten by a dinosaur!

Episode 6
Just in time. A grand entrance for Hajime and Yue. With Shea so glad to see them, the duo pretend not to see and walk away. But Shea is begging for them to save her village and even tries to use her sex appeal. I guess she has never died before since she is confident her bustiness beats Yue’s flatness! You know Hajime is in a bad mood when he easily kills the dinosaur! Persistence is key so with all that bugging, Hajime is willing to hear her out. Although beastmen cannot use magic, she is the rare type who can. She has clairvoyance and some of her magic is that only used by monsters. As Because of that, she was kicked out of her tribe but a small group and her family followed her. However they are too weak to survive on their own. In her clairvoyance she saw them saving her family. Hajime is still not interested seeing he gets nothing out of it. Shea thinks she can be their guide to the Great Tree. Anyone who approaches it will lose their senses. Only natives can navigate through. Yue has some heart and has her tag along. Upon arrival, Hajime gets down to business by killing the monsters threatening the bunny people. Yeah, using Shea as bait. With the bunny people wanting to get stronger, Hajime trains them. Shea has her bouts with Yue but you know who always ends up tops. Hey, take it as a learning experience. At the end of the training, those bunny people are now bloodthirsty savages! OMFG! Where did those cute flower loving people go?! Arriving at the Great Tree, there is a monolith that bears the same design as Oscar’s. From what I understand from Yue’s deciphering, if they get 4 more symbols from other labyrinths, they get the power of generation. Wow. Time to go dungeon raiding. Yue wants to come along because she loves Hajime and also she technically beat Yue in a duel. She hopes that by working hard, she can change the future and not have any regrets. Her family will stay behind since Hajime might come back and he might need a guide then. Whatever the boss says.

Episode 7
Hajime and co find themselves at the labyrinth of Miledi Reisen. The deeper they go, there is this cheeky bratty voice trying to annoy them and play pranks and tricks on them. Usually, Shea bearing the brunt of most of it. It gets frustrating enough that the labyrinth leads them back to the first room! Finally they find the room where Miledi supposedly resides. So this giant knight is Miledi? Hajime is forced to answer her questions of his goal and intentions if she is to answer his. Too bad she didn’t keep her end of the bargain and won’t tell if she has the ancient magic she wants. Miledi looks down on them and I’m guessing that’s why she lost despite being so powerful. Nothing like a little teamwork to take down the giant. Shea getting the lion’s share of finishing her off. Before Miledi disappears, she sends a warning to Hajime since he is going to raid other labyrinths. They are the real bad guys so it is going to be tough all the way. Because one day he is going to be the God Killer. She believes his decision will make this world a better place and hopes he will live as freely as he chooses to. On the way out, they stumble into the real Miledi. Just a little pipsqueak, huh? Why does she remember me of Mario’s Shy Guy? Still as bratty, though. Nothing like a little beat down to show her place. It seems the only magic she has pertains to gravity in which Yue is most suitable. Not enough, Hajime tries to loot her but she flushes them out. Because Shea is not breathing, Hajime administers CPR. Yue jealous… Horny bunny’s feint to give Hajime a good French kiss! Then when they try to rent a room at an inn, Yue and Shea argue who should share a room. It ends with Shea declaring she wants to sleep with Hajime and let him take her virginity! I think the whole town heard that… Oh Shea, Hajime is going to f*ck you alright. Not of the sexual kind, that is.

Episode 8
Ilwer Chang, the head of Fuhren Adventurer’s Guild would like Hajime to undertake a quest. Will Cudeta, the son of a count has gone missing after he and his group when to the northern regions for survey. He wants Hajime to rescue them. In exchange, he promises to get him out of any trouble with the guild. He also agrees to Hajime’s conditions of making them status plates and doing anything else they ask for. They arrive in a town that coincidentally Aiko and some of her students are here to help with the farming. In the restaurant, Aiko realizes this is Hajime because his girls keep calling his name. I guess a teacher knows best despite Hajime looking totally different. She confronts him but he tries to pretend she got the wrong person. Although he admits, he continues to ignore her. Aiko might be small but she is persistent as she keeps bugging him. Shea should shut her mouth and not saying ambiguous things like she is Hajime’s girl and he stole her first kiss. Ai wants to lecture him but Hajime continues to ignore. Sensei, your threats mean nothing! And then the knight accompanying Aiko lost his patience. He tries to tell off Hajime for being rude and then continues to badmouth Shea as a beastman. When he crosses the line, Hajime shoots and wounds his shoulder. Try again and die. He tells everyone he won’t tell anything that has happened or going to happen to him. Just stay out of his way. Later that night, Hajime visits Aiko’s room. He tells her the true history of this world. After the Age of Gods, the world was plagued by war. A group of people came with an intent to stop it and the people believed them as God. But God were just using them as pawns and everything was just a mere game. Hence a group of heroes called Liberators united to stop them. However they failed because the people tricked by God rebelled against them. They can’t fight back against the ones they sworn to protect. Now labelled as Mavericks, they were slowly taken out and the survivors scatter and hid in labyrinths. They prepared trials and those who overcome them will be granted their powers in hopes they will use it to defeat God. Though, Hajime doesn’t care about this world and just believes labyrinths are the key to send him home. He also reveals the truth that his ‘death’ wasn’t an accident but one of her students had intention to kill him. Next day as Hajime prepares to leave, Aiko wants to travel with him and hear more stories. Knowing how stubborn she is, he relents. But is his bike enough to take her and the students? Instantly he creates a Humvee!

Episode 9
Arriving at the site, they see huge footprints. Trekking further into the cave, they finally find Will cowering. He claims a black dragon wiped his team out. When Will feels bad he only survived, here comes that lecture from Hajime about being a wuss. The moment they leave the cave, the black dragon attacks them. Time for Hajime to strut his stuff. Because the black dragon keeps targeting Will, Hajime has to find a way to attract its attention. Just be more powerful! Eventually he manages to bring it down. And now here comes the mind blowing part. Because a dragon has scales on its body and is hard to penetrate, logically it is weak in places without scales. And that place? Hajime shoves a pole down the dragon’s ass!!! OMFG!!! SO BRUTAL!!! The dragon screams in pain in her silly voice! She pleads for mercy and will explain everything. Just take that thing out! Too bad Hajime wants her dead and keeps shoving it in!!! OMFG!!! SO BRUTAL!!!! She mentions that it was not her intention to attack Will. Some shady robe guy casted a spell on her and made her go violent. She will accept her punishment but only after he gives her a chance to repent her actions. Unfortunately Hajime doesn’t care and continues this painful ass penetrating act until Yue points out if he kills her, he will be breaking an important rule. He takes the pole out in time before her mana runs out as she reverts into her human form. Yeah, imagine that pole ripping apart her ass… Don’t want to see that kind of horror story. And was she orgasming while he took it out of her ass?! Introducing herself as Tio Klarus of the dragonborn clan, she further adds the shady robe guy’s intention is to unleash an army of monsters upon the town. Hajime’s drones picked up about 60,000 monsters on their way but no shady robe guy among the ranks. Will hopes Hajime can do something about it but Hajime won’t because the deal was only to bring Will back safely. Also, it would be better to go back and warn the town. Tio sounds like a pervert as she hints she wants to come along with them so Hajime drags and treats her roughly. This new sensation… She’s loving this new awakening?

Episode 10
When Aiko hopes Hajime could do something about the invading army, he points out the irony that she always places her students first but now she is asking him to risk his life. True, but she also doesn’t want to see innocent people in this world die. I guess he can’t disobey sensei’s words so I take that as a yes he is going to help. He makes preparations and turns the village into a fort. Some boring moments of certain people talking to him before the big fight. But ruined by Tio because she’s just being a masochist trying to rile him up so she can get a bigger orgasm from his harshness. As the enemy nears, Hajime gives a rousing speech that makes Aiko into a goddess. As long as she is on their side, victory will be theirs! And now we see Hajime and his harem easily take out the horde with magic or modern weapons. When they run out of ammo, it is up close for melee combat. I guess they’re so cool that some monsters even retreat. Heh. Number mean nothing. Heck, Hajime even confronts the shady robe guy and easily brings him down! His identity turns out to be Yukitoshi Shimizu, his (former) classmate and one of Aiko’s students. Aiko hears him out why he is doing this. Apparently he isn’t being acknowledged. So he went up north and stumbled into some demon clan. They acknowledged his power and made a contract with him to kill Aiko. Doing so, he will be recognized as a hero. Aiko tries to talk to him that what he is doing is wrong but also promises to protect him. But Shimizu didn’t have a change of heart. He takes Aiko hostage and wants Hajime to hand over all his weapons and secure a way out for him. Hajime won’t do it. I mean, taking Aiko back to the demons, they’ll still kill her, right? He even dares him to kill her. Suddenly, a sniper shoots Shimizu. Thanks to Shea, Aiko is spared although Shimizu’s poisonous needle got injected into her. The culprit escapes (not before Hajime fires a wounding shot). I just wonder why can’t Hajime pour his healing potion into Aiko’s mouth directly? Must he give it via his mouth? She is cured and wants him to help Shimizu too. After he tried to kill her? Hajime asks if Shimizu is his enemy. Fearing death, he pleads his fealty to him. Hajime shoots him dead! Aiko is in distraught but Hajime stands by his policy of not showing mercy on his enemies. As Hajime leaves, his comrades know that Hajime was just playing the villain. Shimizu would have died anyway and Hajime killing him is to ensure Aiko will not blame herself over her student’s death.

Episode 11
In this shady city, Hajime knows something is going on but will not get involve. Unless they want to make enemies out of him. Next day, he goes out on a date with Shea. In the aquarium, there is this human faced fish, Lehman who can talk. WTF, did the guys bond over Hajime’s tragic story?! Because they realize it is partly their fault that Lehman got caught after they were flushed out from Miledi’s labyrinth, they feel guilty and release it. Not sure how they did that but I’m sure nobody would stop badass Hajime from it. Lehman warns them that he saw a mermaid being kidnapped and being sold. After all, this city is the hideout for some organization in the slave trade. And then they stumble upon that said mermaid, Myu. Somehow she escaped. After cleaning her up, the plan is to leave her with the authorities so she can go back to her family. However, Myu doesn’t want that and wants to be with Hajime! Will his harem increase? Hajime isn’t fazed and leaves this screaming loli with the authorities. But shortly, the authorities got attacked. Not only Myu is kidnapped but a warning message to also bring along the bunny girl. That’s it. You’ve pissed off Hajime. Now all of you are going to die. So he starts busting every suspect to dig out whatever info they have that will lead to the big boss. The city is going to be destroyed at this rate… Just in time before the auction to save Myu. Yup, the jerk boss continues to abuse her so she could scream and entertain the people but Hajime shoots him dead! And then he lets Myu watch the fireworks as all of the baddies’ hideouts get decimated by Yue’s power. In the end, Myu wants to upgrade and call Hajime from onii-chan to papa since she doesn’t have a father. Yeah, she throws a tantrum that she wants him to be her papa! Now the rest of his girls want a baby…

Episode 12
Hajime and co return to the capital to hand a letter from Ilwer to Loa Bawawis. Just then, Kousuke Endo barges in, pleading for help or else all his friends will die. At first he is shocked that this is Hajime before him. He must be desperate enough to think that if Hajime somehow survived and become this badass, he must be one powerful tough mother. Yeah, please help. Endo narrates that Kouki led his team deep beneath Orcus. They were shocked to see monster blood everywhere. Is there another monster hunting monsters? Then showing up before them is a demon babe. She offers them to join their side like one of theirs did. Kouki declines and since demon babe views them as useless, she summons monsters to kill them. The monsters are tough so Shizuku suggests Endo using his stealth ability to sneak out to the surface and get help. When Suzu Taniguchi is fatally wounded, Kouki becomes mad. He wants to fight back but Shizuku slaps him to his senses. Retreat is the best answer. Endo returns to Meld who is protecting the teleport device to the surface. Meld has to fend off a monster so Endo can return safely. As Kouki and co make their retreat, some of them think to join forces with the demon side just to survive. The debate rages on until they see Meld get killed before their eyes. Enraged Kouki powers up and slices through everything. Could have killed the demon babe had not his consciousness made him realize he is going to be a killer. Shizuku takes over but she too gets wounded. So now Endo is pleading for Hajime to save their friends. But hold up. He doesn’t consider them friends. Oh brother… But you know… After all those flashbacks… So just when his old friends are seconds before being killed, Hajime drops in to the rescue. Missed me, guys?

Episode 13
Time for Hajime to show everybody how powerful he is and kick ass! Singlehandedly! No matter what tricks the demon babe throws, Hajime is superior! Of course, to show that he isn’t just a one man show, his harem also fight back monsters who threaten his former classmates. Everybody is in shock that Hajime is so different. Especially Hiyama whose guilty reaction hints us he might be the one who tried to kill Hajime. Because he was so sure that Hajime had died! Anyway, the demon babe tries to escape but Hajime won’t let her. Since she won’t talk, he deduces her goal. Believing the demons have achieved some ability to gain ancient powers if they clear the labyrinth, the reason she is down here exploring it. She warns him her lover will find and kill him. So be it. He’ll kill demon or gods who stand in his way. WTF Kouki tries to virtue signal and doesn’t want Hajime to kill her? Too bad, Hajime shoots her dead! Now we get to see Kaori so relieved he is still alive that she can’t stop crying. Amp up the drama by hugging him. I think Hajime’s harem might turn yandere for this. As Hajime leads them out, Kouki still tries to virtue signal. But Hajime doesn’t give a damn and even threatens to kill him if he gets in his way. You scared now? Better shut up if you know what’s good for you! Once reached the surface, Kaori has finally decided. She wants to come with him. Because she loves him! Unfortunately he rejects her because he is already in love with Yue. Even so, she still wants to come with him. Why do girls like her always get that confidence they can change men like him and see them their way? And so begins Yue-Kaori rivalry that they are going to show the other why their love is much greater for Hajime. Oh boy, Hajime’s toughest battle is still ahead… Next morning, Kaori says goodbye to her friends and leaves with Hajime. I guess Shizuku doesn’t want to come and intrude in this harem. Love > best friend? Hajime drives his Humvee and his girls are arguing over this sitting arrangement… This is not even the toughest battle yet.

Special 1
Hah! You thought this is going to be a hotspring fanservice episode, right? Not exactly! While Hajime’s harem is ready to get into the bath, they stumble upon Yue’s diary and read it. After all, they’re curious to know what that vampire loli thinks about them. They’re not pleased that the first big part of the entry only consists of Yue and Hajime. Well, she’s his first girl, right? So she’s like their senior. The first other girl in the entry is of course Shea. Yue didn’t mince her words to call her a pathetic useless rabbit and all. While they’re mostly mockery, there are a few lines that express her respect and admiration in some ways. Despite all that’s being said, in a way Yue still holds some value in her. Yeah, bunny girl so touched that she cried. Then the rest of the other girls are like just briefly skimmed true like Tio the pervert, Myu the child that probably prompted Yue to really want to have a baby with Hajime (yeah, 5 pages dedicated to wanting his baby!), and of course the recent addition and perhaps the biggest rivalry to Yue, Kaori. Basically, Yue views herself as a woman of high standards and unparalleled to the rest, blah, blah, blah. Indelicate act of reading one’s diary is put to a stop when they realize angry Yue is behind them. Feel the wrath of the punishing woman!

Special 2
You thought the bath episode wasn’t enough, huh? Well, here comes the real hotspring fanservice episode! Kaori is trying to force everyone to listen to her story on how she first met Hajime. Basically to score some brownie points but don’t get your hopes up. Anyway the first time she saw him, despite being very weak (unlike now), he helped apologize for a grandma and her grandson by prostrating himself before heartless punks. After all, only the strong can use violence to resolve things. At that time, Kaori felt helpless but also struck by the sheer humility and strength Hajime showed. It was ever since then she started watching him. Like a stalker? Then the rest of the girls, Yue, Shea and Tio also tell how they first met Hajime. Basically a short recap with recycled scenes of their first contact. I don’t think Hajime wants Myuu to hear Tio’s story of how he punched the pole into her ass!!!!!!!! The awakening of the love! So basically everybody is in love with Hajime but are too proud to admit it. It’s a secret, you know. All this embarrassing talk is over because Hajime signals it’s time to get out. Yeah, the rivalry has only just begun…

From Common Clichés To World’s Crappiest
Woah. OMG. How the f*ck can this series get another season?! You know, I thought bad isekai animes will never get a sequel. But maybe I’m wrong. Everybody else loved it or whoever sponsored this sh*t decided to throw in more money so that they can have the budget to make another season. Yeah, I read that this show was delayed up to a year before being released and it could have been even worse had they delayed it further. I just wonder if these people now how to cut their losses. Uh huh. We’ve invested so much in this and we just can’t give it up! No matter how bad it turned out!

I have this feeling that this series is trying to be dark and badass like Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari. You know, a seemingly okay and ordinary guy becoming bitter and distrustful because of the unfair persecution he faced. Then because he put in his own effort, hence his overpowered abilities are justified. Unfortunately here doesn’t feel the same. Just the fact that Hajime has been ‘abandoned’ and gone through sh*t, from what I see all the hardships he went through to become badass feels like a flimsy excuse to become an overpowered character. Remember, Hajime just suspected that somebody betrayed him. There was no outright proof. And even if that was true, it wasn’t like everybody betrayed him, right? Only one or maybe two. Then he decides to put a blanket assumption that all of them are bad. Yeah. Real badass there. Feels like some weird excuse sh*t to turn him into a badass character who seemingly doesn’t care. And as for how he powers up by miraculously defeating monsters and eating them, oh yeah, that feels like some weird excuse sh*t to power up his character the easy way. It wasn’t the kind of real hardship sh*t that the shield hero went through.

Therefore the story and plot for this season feel boring and out of place. It’s like they’re all over the place. Sure, Hajime having his goal to return to his world and in order to do that he must raid labyrinths and get ancient magic spells. That is generally what it looks like. But when you sit through and watch each of the episode, honestly they are somewhat boring and doesn’t really make you feel like you want to root for Hajime. Firstly, he is so powered up and you will know that he will somehow find a way to overcome it. Even if he is in a pinch, he will surely find a solution. After all, he is overpowered and it would be a slap in the face if he couldn’t. Why make him so overpowered in the first place if he couldn’t solve the problem?

This isekai world also has its own lore and legends and it was briefly skimmed through about the war between humans, demons and beastmen. Also some insights about the labyrinths and Mavericks but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe that is why they need another season and I hope they can flesh this out better. Because this season sure doesn’t feel like our summoned heroes being summoned to fight against the demons at all. And the demon clan whom the humans are supposed to be fighting mainly against with, they didn’t even show up! Only mentioned during Shimizu’s time and then finally one of them popped up in the penultimate episode. And then she died. Good riddance. Oh well, I’m sure the demons will come looking for Hajime instead of him looking for them once he becomes powerful enough to be a threat to their goals.

So it’s like Hajime travelling from place to place to find labyrinths but he ends up accumulating a harem instead. Uh huh. This is what it typically feels like the plot for this season. Not just your average harem but a monster harem. I thought having a vampire loli was going to be his only companion. Why do I have a feeling Yue is a discount version of Monogatari Series’ Shinobu? I didn’t expect to have a dumb busty bunny girl to follow him. If double trouble wasn’t enough, they have to add this sick perverted nympho dragon lady to the mix. And even so I thought that was the end of it. F*ck! Now they added a loli mermaid to the pack and with her playing his daughter, Hajime wholesomely embraces his role as her father! Like, WTF?! Oh yeah. No matter how badass a guy is, to increase his badass status, he must have his own harem of hot chicks. Oh Hajime, you feeling so badass and proud now? Now, with Kaori joining the pack, she is the latest addition to his ever growing harem. She looks like she has the potential as she has jumped the queue of the pecking order to be a Yue’s rival. The only human among the monster girls. This is going to get messy. I don’t think loving Hajime for a long time would be a valid argument against Yue but we’ll see. Screw Myu being his daughter. Let’s have our own baby! Haha. Not sure if I want to see that cheesy cat fight moment.

Therefore there are a few cheesy fanservice moments in the series. I guess they want to make us giggle with all that sexual innuendoes but more than often it makes us roll our eyes. Like Shea being just a simpleton, hence the way she straightforwardly says certain stuffs to Hajime can be really ambiguous. Is that why she is blessed with big tits? Only when Tio joined the troupe, she becomes the masochistic nympho and Shea’s retard sexiness is nearly forgotten. And then some naked bathing moments in the earlier episodes with Hajime and Yue. Is this supposed to be their bonding moment? Oh well, if you’re the kind interested in flat washboards, be my guest…

The only time when the plot got interesting was when Hajime killed off Shimizu. Even if Hajime is just tough badass, I didn’t expect him to really kill especially one of his own kind. You know, goody-goody heroes can’t take lives. Says the unwritten law of the reel code. Oh right, Hajime isn’t your typical goody-goody hero to begin with (he did after all kill a human slave trader to rescue Myu). And seeing how much he has done to get this far, it shouldn’t be surprising that he would resort to this. Hence this is the only darkest moment of the series. Still, not enough to change my overall sentiments for this series. It still sucks.

The characters themselves aren’t inspiring nor are they intriguing. With Hajime being able to do almost everything, it is like as though he is just one step away from being God. And because he is not, I guess there is your flimsy excuse to show that he is still human. Still has a human heart. Had he not, he wouldn’t even give a damn and not do all those rescue missions. Maybe he is just acting tough upfront and deep down inside, he doesn’t really want what happened to him to happen to others. I hope. Perhaps Hajime is just not sure if he should help. The dilemma of whether he should go or not. That is why his harem played an important role to help him make the decision. They didn’t say outright that he should help but you can tell from the tone of their voice (“I will do whatever Hajime wants to do”), you can tell that is pretty much a plea that he should help.

Because now Hajime instead of looking like a genuine badass character, at this rate he just looks like some guy playing chuunibyou or something. Nobody says anything about this particular change in his character because his harem also twisted in the head and view this as pretty normal. Yeah, my conspiracy theory says that he is just putting up all this tough act because he really wants everybody to notice him. At least he got the attention of a few girls. Now that he is so badass, he has to keep up his charade and continue being a badass. Heck, it’s better than his original wuss personality. Now you know why girls like such bad boys, huh?

While we see Hajime taking his adventures to various places, the other classmates who were whisked away to this world felt like they were being ignored. They lack a lot of back story or whatever that is necessary to make us care for them. It is like as though they are extra unimportant characters to begin with. I guess that is why there is another season and hopefully they will be given more fleshing out especially some of the main ones like Kaori, Shizuku and Kouki. But as far as this season is concerned, they do not even matter and the final arc having Hajime somewhat reuniting with them feels like a reminder that, uhm, we came from the same world and that we are still friends? Okay. Not. Kouki trying to be a jerk with his virtue signalling (that kind of goody-goody heroes don’t exist anymore!) and Shizuku forgoing any potential yuri with her best friend. Whatever. Seeing how powerful and awesome Hajime is, don’t you think at least the rest of the classmates should want to follow him too? I mean, to get back to their own world? Gee, not sure why they decide to stay back. I’m sure trying to be considerate and not ruin Hajime’s harem isn’t even on the plate. Aiko could have been an amusing teacher because of her small stature and her stubborn persistence to look after her student can be annoying as well. It’s a good thing they didn’t turn her being ignored into some sort of a running joke. That would be disrespectful to a teacher, wouldn’t it?

The action scenes are mediocre at best and it’s like just the reason needed to show off and showcase Hajime’s overpowered abilities. Sure, it isn’t that he could come up with a weapon that is instant kill, he just needs to figure out the right strategy and all first. Of course putting up some drama in between. To also show Hajime is not alone, that is why his harem are made to become his assistants. Yue’s lightning spells, Tio’s dragon abilities and Shea swinging her giant hammer around feel like these girls need to do some exercise themselves and lessen the monotony of Hajime doing everything himself. Hey, it’s a harem teamwork. Wohoo! Go, team Hajime!

The art and animation are also pretty mediocre. The worst of the lot being the CGI animations of the monsters. Those are horrendous! Maybe monsters are supposed to look ugly but I didn’t know they were looking this bad. Like that hydra and that chimera monster that demon babe summoned. Because many scenes are located in the labyrinth, they are pretty dark and sometimes I would be straining my eyes to see things. So if this is their idea of hiding the bad CGI effects, too bad I spotted them. Still horrendous. The human characters, I thought they have this one kind look on them like the female characters they have this one kind cute looks on their face. And Hajime in his badass looks, I thought he was taken after Dr Black Jack or something. I wonder if Yue is taken after Monogatari Series’ Shinobu. Because you know, blonde loli vampire. Just more subdued. This anime is jointly animated by Asread (Mirai Nikki, Minami-ke, Shuffle) and White Fox (Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, Steins;Gate, Akame Ga Kill, Goblin Slayer). Yeah, these studios could have done a lot better with this one and leaves much to be desired.

Voice acting, I guess Youko Hikasa takes the cake as Tio especially when she goes into that nympho mode. Imagine if Seitokai Yakuindomo’s Shino been sexually charged up to a dragonborn level… Then there is Yui Ogura who is eternally specialized as loli characters and is no different this time as Myu and also Tetsuya Kakihara as Kouki although he is no Fairy Tail’s Natsu here. The other casts are Toshinari Fukamachi as Hajime (Clause in Hataage! Kemono Michi), Yuuki Kuwahara as Yue (Tooru in Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon), Minami Takahashi as Shea (Megumi in Shokugeki No Souma), Ai Kakuma as Aiko (Itsuyo in Val x Love), Saori Oonishi as Kaori (Aiz in DanMachi) and Yumiri Hanamori as Shizuku (Seth in Radiant). The opening theme is Flare by Void_Chords featuring LIO while the ending theme is Hajime No Uta by Dracovirgo. Nothing really special.

Overall, this is another one of those ubiquitous isekai genres with an overpowered main character that is just boring and bad. However, because it is announced that there is going to be a second season, hopefully in this sequel they can better flesh out the stories and the characters since there were basically none right here. So you can say it’s unfair to say it is bad because such developments haven’t been shown yet. But you know what they say about first impressions… Yup, even if there is a remote chance the next season would be better, this doesn’t hide the fact this first one was just terrible. I mean, there are lots of supposedly funny moments but they turn out cheesy if you think about it. Like Shea being written as a dumbass character with tits and who could forget about that part when Hajime stuffed a pole into Tio’s dragon ass!!!!! Yeah, it was funny at first but looking back at it now, it was just embarrassing. It’s the same thinking I had about snuffing out the life of this series but that’s the problem when you decide to give things a second chance. It could come back and bite you in the ass. That’s when you turn from the world’s biggest badass to a common wimp.

Strike The Blood III

December 27, 2019

Oh dear. Looks like with Strike The Blood III, I guess this means I have to watch the third season altogether now, huh? My third season of the series, huh? No, senpai. This is our third season! I didn’t think this would get another season but I was wrong. I did. And again, following its previous season’s format, it is released via OVA format and this means taking almost the entire year just to come out all 10 episodes for this season. Oh God. I don’t know why I must watch this series. It’s not that I am a huge fan of it. It’s not like I remember every detail of what happened in the previous season. It’s not that the harem and tits are… Oh wait. Maybe it’s that. All the headache and incomprehensibility just for some cheap fanservice that don’t even matter? Ah well, looks like my fight has just begun. Again. No, senpai. This is our fight! Again.

Tartaros Roses Arc

Episode 1
Kojou and his harem problems. More like his girls got problems. Like Nagisa reprimanding him not to wake up naked in front of her when she herself is in her lingerie. Then when he has no reaction, she gets jealous. What you want, girl?! And then a conversation with Yukina. Don’t know what she got so upset about. Did he say the wrong thing? And then Asagi… Never mind. Noticing that today’s class has many people late, it seems as Motoki reports, there has been a series of ships being grounded the moment they enter Itogami waters or passengers being food poisoned. What are the chances they aren’t coincidences? More women woes. Yukina already irritated seeing Kojou with Asagi. Nagisa takes a step higher as she shed tears the moment she sees them! Something not right… Now down to business. Kojou is captured by Natsuki to explain today’s problem. There has been already 21 cases of ship accidents today. The only thing in common is that all of them are heading towards Itogami. Because of this, no new people or goods can reach the island and so Itogami is effectively isolated. Natsuki suspected Kojou because only someone with vampire powers can do this. She thought capturing him would end this trickery but alas it didn’t. Yeah, we know this guy, why would he even do that?! After asking Yukina’s opinion on magical terrorism, this reminds Natsuki of a similar case whereby a Demon District in Europe was destroyed. The official reports said it was due to flooding but it was a deliberate terrorist act by Tartaros Lapus, a terrorist organization who commits magical terrorism in exchange for money. And the person behind it who can perfectly use feng shui like this is Takehito Senga. Yup, they need to find him to break this whatever diagram thingy. Then a call comes in saying that a director from Artificial Island Management Corporation has been sniped. Natsuki now well knows that this is definitely terrorism as they’re trying to throw their chain of command into chaos.

Meanwhile Nagisa is so confused about her feelings on Kojou that she runs away to a park and hangs out by herself. She meets and befriends December who claims she is here to witness the beginning of the end of the Demon District. Nagisa is then made unconscious and this summons out Avrora’s soul inside her. December assures her not to worry for this is their war and to return to her slumber. Then an explosion occurs at the administration’s HQ. Motoki is worried since it was his father, Akishige who is the president who got caught up in that explosion and his big brother, Kazuma who is a head of the operations won’t let him help. After Asagi learns from Kojou what is going on, she uses her hacking skills to get some info. But immediately she has to destroy her laptop as she was hacked back. Yup, some military grade virus not only infected her laptop but the Island Guard’s network too. Looks like Senga and December are in cohorts. The former is doing this because he has something he cannot forgive and thus putting an end to it all by using Tartaros Rose. Once Nagisa wakes up, December sends her back to Kojou. But the moment Kojou looks at December, those familiar and painful flashbacks flood his head. He realizes she is Avrora.

Episode 2
Kojou pretends nothing happened so December leaves. This has him thinking about December’s word that food is peace. This could mean Tartaros Lapus’ next target could be Itogami’s food stockpile. As they patrol around the warehousing site, suddenly huge golems attack. Apparently Natsuki was confronting Senga and they had a past. Just when she had the authorities surround to arrest him, here comes the golems. Kojou summons his familiar but is stopped by December who proclaims she is the leader of Tartaros Lapus. It seems she has the ability to control Kojou’s mind and seal whatever familiars she summoned. Luckily Natsuki comes to his aid. Then she realizes Senga and December are only distractions as Rogi the pyrokinetic is burning down the warehouses. As she is about to restrain them, December orders Carly to snipe Natsuki. Man, she really took a direct hit. December wants Kojou to join them but after he’s seen, no thanks. While Natsuki is okay but in comatose state, because of the hit from the magic bullet, Nina diagnoses she will take time to regain her consciousness. So Kojou and Yukina have a short while to lament their shortcomings. Can’t mope around forever. Better do Natsuki’s request to get more info on Tartaros Lapus. Just in luck, Rogi is here to bring them to see Senga who wants to talk to them. They are forced too since Carly has them in sights. Don’t want unnecessary casualties…

Senga explains that their aim is to destroy the Demon Districts. All the members in Tartaros Lapus have some history of being illegally used by the military and then abandoned. With Kojou still refusing to help, Senga reveals the true purpose of Itogami is an altar to resurrect Cain. Kojou laughs at this pathetic action of theirs. Even if they did try to ask for help and was shut down, was it because they really lacked proof? That’s not true because they themselves don’t believe in anyone else! So the irony of instead of destroying the Demon District to stop Cain’s resurrection, they should be saving the people who will be sacrificed for it! Well, he’s got a point. Senga realizes that their paths are different and since Tartaros Lapus will not back down from their methods, I guess this is it. After all, they have already set in motion to kill the Priestess of Cain which of course is no other than Asagi. Speaking of her, she visits Motoki who is puzzled with all the events happening. No word that Akishige has been found yet. Because if they wanted to throw the island into chaos, they would have killed Kazuma who is the real person in charge. Besides, it would take more than explosions to kill that old fart. Motoki’s sharp hearing saves Asagi from Carly’s snipe. Run! Kojou uses his familiar powers to rush over but is stopped by December. Then it becomes a battle of summoning and sealing familiars. Kojou looks like he is winning but Avrora’s soul plays cheat by asking if he is going to kill her again. Of course that guy can’t take any more pain to the head so he passes out. Senga comes to collect December and then has Ran to activate the Roses.

Episode 3
Kojou remembers the day he met Avrora and also that fateful day he become the Fourth Progenitor and killed her. A day known as the Scorched Banquet. Motoki and Asagi see demons hovering over the skies and those wearing demon bracelets are all incapacitated. Asagi realizes the hacking wasn’t for Island Guard but this. Now that they have been cut off, the only way is for Asagi to break into Keystone Gate and connect them back to Island Guard so the vaccine will continue to flow. Kojou wakes up after an hour. Mogwai telling him what has happened and it seems a large magic circle AKA Rose is hovering over Itogami. It is gathering magical energy from those bracelets. He hopes Kojou can take care of this as Asagi gets herself into Keystone Gate. With so many demons, can Kojou and Yukina handle it? Not if Sayaka, Shio, Yuiri and Grenda drop in to help. Nice timing for Yukina to take Kojou to a secluded room. She wants him to suck her blood because increasing his vampire powers could be the only way to maintain dominance over his familiars and defeat December. So why does she have to get naked if he is biting only her neck? Need to arouse the blood to the other head below?! HAHA! Oops, sorry… Anyway after blindfolding him, he digs in. Yeah, now I know. Can’t let the blood stain her nice uniform. No wonder her lingerie is also red. Apparently Kojou stops because at this rate her body cannot take it. Coincidentally Yuiri is here to bring Grenda to rest and Yukina gives permission to Kojou to do her in because it’s one-off. Isn’t every emergency one-off? With Kojou powered up, yeah those demons don’t stand a chance. But wait. The Four Heavenly Beasts that represent the directions in feng shui pop up. Is this what Tartaros Lapus is after? Sayaka then detects the one who activated the Rose. The location is Itogami’s abandoned district and Kojou realizes this would be the ideal place if Avrora is going to pop up one last time.

In order for Asagi to break into Keystone Gate, Motoki eats some pills to power up into some wind wraith and take out Carly. Meanwhile Natsuki returns as she restrains Rogi to find Senga’s whereabouts. Asagi manages to do all the hacking and it looks like it is going to affect Ran. She doesn’t mind dying this way but December unplugs her before she gets roasted. December narrates Ran’s tragic story only because maybe Kojou can understand why they’re doing this. Sure, he understands they have a reason to be angry. But instead of taking lives, he is going to save them. That’s why he will stop Tartaros Lapus. It’s his fight! No senpai. It’s our fight! When December summons Dabih-Crystallus, one of the Fourth Progenitor’s familiars, Kojou realizes that she is the Tenth Kaleid Blood and just a seal for the Fourth Progenitor’s powers like Avrora. December explains she was a captive for the Third Progenitor then, Chaos Bride. She was only released because she wanted to go to Itogami. Now that December has unleashed the seal, at the expense of her vanishing, at least the Four Heavenly Beasts will remain even if the Rose is gone. Not if Kojou and his girls can defeat them. Wow, they make it look so easy. December admits her defeat and hopes Kojou can send her comrades to a better facility. She gives him the power of the tenth familiar before vanishing. A before kiss before she goes. I guess Yukina allows it. Since it’s a sad occasion. Meanwhile Senga tries to continue with his mission but is shocked with the appearance of Akishige. Yeah, that old fart is still alive. It seems Akishige is pleased that Tartaros Lapus has done everything as planned including the Priestess of Cain entering the Coffin. Senga realizes too late that Tartaros Lapus was just pawns from the start and is killed off. Asagi is shocked to find herself that the spot she is in is Cain’s Coffin and Mogwai sounds like he did have an ulterior motive to lead her here.

The Time Of My Life Arc

Episode 4
With the restoration in progress, Kojou and co do some charity work to distribute food. All over the news is Asagi who has become a star after her hacking heroics. Heck, she is now an idol singing for peace! Woah! But Kojou feels something is wrong… Asagi looks a bit different. Then he finds out from her friend that this idol is just CGI and was done because the restoration wasn’t making any progress so they thought of cheering up the people this way. With Kojou looking so blur and oblivious, she can’t fathom why Asagi likes this dude. Yeah, he hasn’t even got a clue… Kojou and Yukina then goes to visit Motoki at the hospital but it seems he has been transferred to another hospital. Of course it is Kazuma who had a hand in this as he feels a normal hospital cannot protect him. Also, Kazuma wants him to succeed as the family head now that Akishige is assassinated since he has the proper lineage and abilities. Of course Motoki is free to decline and he will stopped being targeted. However doing so means losing their chance to save Asagi. Of course Natsuki will help them out. Sayaka is happy to become roommates with Yukina. Since nobody is home, she looks around and what’s this test kit?! It’s positive?! Freak out! Since Kojou lives next door, she knocks but only Nagisa is in. Asking about Yukina’s state, Nagisa describes what it seems to be pregnancy sickness symptoms! OMG! Can it be true?! Time to look for that bastard! Now Kojou and Yukina try to visit Asagi’s residence but it is heavily guarded by armed soldiers and you need a special permit. Come back again next time. On their way back, they are attacked by a mage who turns out to be Shike, Yukina’s master and also Nyanko’s true form. She was just testing her and looks like Yukina only powered up when Kojou was injured. Even so, she lost stamina after it’s over. Shike wants to confiscate her spear but Yukina won’t allow it and runs away with Kojou.

Yukina can’t go home now since she has disobeyed Shike, there might be pursuers waiting at home. So that’s what she meant when she said she doesn’t want to go home. It’s not like she wants to flirt with you, Kojou! Can’t stay under this bridge forever so Kojou takes her to a ramen store. Surprisingly they see Lydianne and Ibliss there. Lydianne tells them that she was infiltrating Keystone Gate but stumbled into Island Guard’s SSG, an official strike force comprised of demons who work directly under the administration’s board of directors. Lydianne tried to escape but SSG cornered her all the way. Just when she thought she was done for, Ibliss happened to be passing by and saved her. Since she is under his protection now, that’s how they ended up together. As for why she snuck into such a dangerous place, it is to rescue Asagi. You see, she is being confined in the deepest level of Keystone Gate. In the centre of this impregnable floor lies Cain’s Coffin where Asagi is imprisoned. Somebody needs to decipher that fake idol video because there is a hidden message from Asagi pleading for Kojou to save her!

Episode 5
Kojou and Yukina head down to Floor Zero to save Asagi. Gee, no security? Even with these weak sentries, Kojou is enough to dispatch them. But Yukina mad because he used his magic recklessly? Hey, he saved your ass! Inside this floor, they are shocked to see Meiga. He is also here for Asagi but unfortunately she isn’t anywhere to be seen. Since the guys hate each other’s guts, they start fighting. Meiga shows his true form as a manmade jiangshi AKA Chinese vampire. So he’s an immortal too, huh? And when he stabs Kojou, this shocks Yukina that she turns into an angel?! Hey, she should know that Kojou is immortal, right? So he gets back up and fires back at Meiga with his familiar. Suddenly the scene is cut to Kojou in a lab. Kanon is by his side as she explains they were found by Shike. Yukina is unconscious in the next room. But WTF Sayaka tries to kill him for ruining Yukina’s future?! Kanon’s dad and Shike enter to explain about Yukina having the power of a false angel known as Angel Faux (just like Kanon before). They also explain Meiga was once hired by Lion King to create divine weapons but died during one of its trial runs. However he was brought back to life and Shike suspected his grandfather, Senra turning him into a jiangshi. Due to his talents, Lion King hired him back but with lots of conditions. Hence Touka Fujisaka who was a Sword Shaman and first wielder of Sekkarou was tasked to observe him. Of course she is no longer is this world. She never returned after a mission. Immediately after that, Meiga turned bad before Natsuki threw him into prison. Although officially it is said that Touka died after fighting a group of mages on her own, the real reason is that she did not die. She evolved. She turned into Angel Faux.

Meiga finds himself alive and it is thanks to Vatler who saved him by interrupting Kojou’s familiar. Vatler knows about Meiga’s true objective to recreate the Cleansing that will wipe out everything from the face of the Earth. I guess Vatler has lived so long that he got bored of living? Kojou further thinks back on what Kanon’s dad and Shike explained about Angel Faux. Yukina will have no trouble if she continues to live a normal life but if she continues to use Sekkarou, this will rapidly progress her angel transformation and in no time she will be erased from this world and shift into some higher dimension. Then that pregnancy kit was actually some spiritual kit. Sayaka was devastated because this means Yukina knew about her condition beforehand. And she didn’t say anything to Kojou because perhaps a happy and ordinary life to her means being with Kojou? Oh, don’t start overthinking things now… Hence with Yukina out of action, tsundere Yukina will only help him save Asagi to save Yukina. Lydianne calls Kojou and has found Asagi’s whereabouts. The Coffin is docked in a submarine 400m below sea level under Itogami. Asagi seems to be enjoying her virtual life and has decent control over it. She is approached by Popess to make a deal. That is, she wants an eternal curse brand upon those who wield the power of the Sinful God. No can do. Asagi thinks she doesn’t benefit from this and would make everyone unhappy. I don’t think Popess is going to accept that since she wants to make everybody unhappy anyway. Kojou gets Natsuki to help him teleport to the Coffin. No can do. Got some magic barrier. But she notes it will resurface soon as the ritual for the Cleansing is almost complete. Then Meiga pops up. He is not pleased that Yukina is not with them. He is going to force her out then. Wow. All their combined powers can’t even scratch this jiangshi.

Episode 6
Natsuki warns Meiga’s power is the real deal because he can rewrite the laws of the world. So, basically like God? I don’t know how they can win this but they keep running until the Coffin shows up. And then Yukina pops up! And she turns into an angel to fend off Natsuki’s attacks. Meiga has help from Popess but ultimately it is Paper Noise who intervened and let Kojou and co escape. Wow. This is getting messy. In order to know why Meiga is trying to resurrect Cain, Natsuki calls a specialist who is no other than Kojou’s father, Gajou. Cleansing is about humans massacring demons on a large scale. But back then, demons were known as Gods. Cain was one of them and was somewhat banished. He met humanity and in his bid for revenge against the Gods, provided humanity with knowledge and tools like magic and magical artefacts. Even so, can humans defeat Gods like that? That is why Cain sought to rewrite how everything works. So by just turning Gods into demons, that loophole was enough to massacre them? Okay whatever. Of course the effect that Cain was also killed by a sect of divinity called Devas, those created and bestowed immense powers just for killing Gods. The strongest vampire, in other words, the Fourth Progenitor. We take slight distraction to see Sayaka in her drunk start. Meiga’s poison had alcohol so… Anyway Natsuki wants Kojou and the rest to leave Itogami so that they have a chance to fight back. Natsuki and Lydianne will decentralize the super computer. More Sayaka tomfoolery as she wants Kojou to suck her blood. Sexy time? Fortunately she passes out. Hence an excuse for Yukina to do it on her behalf. Because she sounds like this is the last time she will give his blood, Kojou refuses. Everyone will be sad if you’re gone! I guess that’s the reason why Yukina insists. Oh well. If she says so. Sorry to interrupt your feeding (why does it sound like sex… “Go deeper…”) but Shike is here to give Kojou a ring that will somewhat suppress Yukina’s Angel Faux. Why does this scene look like he is proposing to her, putting the ring on her finger?

Natsuki confronts Akishige trying to condemn the Coffin to the bottom of the ocean. However she won’t need to do anything as Meiga is here. Meiga doesn’t care if Cleansing destroys the world. That’s his intention anyway. Meiga thinks Kojou showing up isn’t a threat but Kojou knows that Meiga and Popess are not in real control of the Cleansing. Otherwise they won’t be down here at the control room because it is Asagi who has been protecting the Coffin’s contents, Cain’s wisdom all this time. Meiga is confident he can deal with her after he takes care of them. He doesn’t think much of Kojou summoning multiple familiars and it still won’t be any match for him. That would be the case if he and Yukina were his opponents. Popess turns into Mogwai and Lydianne has just rescued Asagi from the Coffin. The fight with Kojou was just to buy time for Asagi to do her preparations. With that, Meiga is defeated. Yukina collapses but it is not because of Angel Faux. She’s hungry?! Oh well, better than turning into an angel. Shike is glad it worked out because the ring links Kojou’s spiritual passes to her. So now she is his servant. Technically not yet his bride but his fiancée. Now I see… Meanwhile Paper Noise and Kazuma arrest Akishige. Old geezer thinks he can get away. True, if only he is the head. Too bad a new resolution has been passed to make Motoki the new head (since Akishige is thought to be dead, right?). With Asagi so famous, she has to wear disguise while walking in public. Nagisa then rushes to Yukina and hopes for the best, even taking things a bit far by talking about the name of her future baby! So will Nagisa be an aunt now? They didn’t explain it properly so I suppose that’s why Asagi also gets the wrong idea Kojou knocked Yukina up. Kojou’s battle has not ended yet… We see Meiga is still alive but Vatler kills him off and takes his Cleansing power. All as planned…

The War Of Original Vampires Arc

Episode 7
A council of shady hooded people… Oh well, what else? Destroy the Demon District! Meanwhile Kojou gets into some weird Valentine chocolates argument with Yukina, Motoki and Nagisa. I don’t even… Then they see Asagi getting into the car of Tobias Jagan who is one of Vatler’s men. Shio and Yuiri can’t determine the evolutionary system of Grenda. They also wonder if Grenda who was created to guard a lake treasure, could she be the treasure herself and that she is the guardian of Cain’s relic? They are attacked by Veres Aladar who serves the First Progenitor. It seems Grenda has been identified as a threat by the Holy Ground Treaty council and he is tasked to take her back to be sealed or recycled. Yuiri and Shio know they can’t defeat him but buy enough time just for reluctant Grenda to escape to Itogami to seek Kojou’s help. Aladar could have gone after her had not Kira intervened. Mimori sees this young girl, Kaleid Blood no. 6, Hektos who isn’t pleased she is going to resurrect her generation. Mimori’s goal is to clone a Kaleid Blood so she can transfer Avrora’s soul into that clone. In a way saving both her children. Hektos understands but tells her that her wish won’t come true. Hektos wants this body destroyed and does so. Kojou confronting Asagi getting into the car of Jagan. Geez, why he sounds like a jealous boyfriend? She ignores him and even her friend had to point this out. Heck, not satisfied, Kojou talks to Natsuki about this. Well, it’s Asagi’s freedom to do whatever she wants. So stop sounding like a jealous boyfriend and be one just because a woman got stolen! Kojou then spots Grenda on the roof. Can’t miss that big dragon. Before sad girl can explain, Aladar attacks. Kojou fights him and is of course no match. With Yukina and Natsuki showing up, Aladar knows better not to make enemies with Natsuki here. Hence he challenges Kojou to a duel at sunset today at a northern artificial island. If Kojou loses, Grenda will be taken away. If Kojou wins, Aladar will return Shio and Yuiri as well as swear on his First Progenitor name that they won’t chase Grenda anymore. Natsuki and Yukina can be the witnesses.

Kojou and Natsuki go talk to Shike about this. Shike paints this as a grim outlook that Kojou can’t win. She is unsure why they want the dragon but it doesn’t matter because Kojou will lose and Grenda will be taken away. 2 problems solved! And when Shike suggests Yukina give him something special as a final service, why does Sayaka have to get worked up and attack him? WTF?! And Yukina’s logic is that if Kojou wins, she doesn’t have to give that special service, right? Yeah, how she’d know he’d win? Shike criticizes Kojou that despite being the Fourth Progenitor which is supposed to be the strongest in the world due to the strength of his familiars, he doesn’t even dominate them. Theoretically, if he controls them, he can beat Aladar. Since this vampire thingy is something Shike is unfamiliar of, the only other person whom Kojou can think of is Vatler. But that guy isn’t going to give it to him easily, right? Yukina then suggests talking to Ibliss. He too doesn’t think he can win and even so, doesn’t have a reason to help Grenda. Is because he wants to save her enough of a reason? Because Kojou continues to be oblivious, Ibliss calls him arrogant. He has privileges of a king since even the enemy’s life is at his discretion. A discretion that only the very strong could have. It could be the reason why he is chosen as the Fourth Progenitor. Ibliss hints that there is another person he should consult. If he can figure out who, he has a chance of defeating Aladar. Or else, he’s done for. Meanwhile Asagi sees Lydianne and they do some exchange. Lydianne wonders why Asagi needs all these tanks. It’s to start a war.

Episode 8
Nagisa thought she saw December but is actually Hektos. She is here to bring Nagisa and Kanon to see Kojou and learn about the truth. Aladar is not pleased that Vatler has turned this duel into a grand show. Aladar insists the match will be over soon but La Folia disagrees and believes in Kojou. She adds to the bet that if Kojou wins, he must acknowledge him as the Fourth Progenitor as well as invite him to join Whisper Garden. Since Aladar is wary to accept, La Folia also throws in her virginity to him should Aladar wins. Kojou and Yukina arrive at the place to see it turned into a carnival. Yeah, high class and posh people waiting for the party to get started. And Sayaka instantly accusing Kojou of wasting his chances not speaking to anybody else and hence putting La Folia’s virginity on the line. Apparently it’s not because vampires are horny, if La Folia gives his blood memory to him, he will have knowledge of her kingdom’s secrets. So yeah, looks like the responsibility is on Kojou again to win. Before the fight begins, Kojou sounds like he is going to lose so it’s Yukina’s turn to tell him not to say it like that. Of course he promises to return. But in return she better prepare a lot of service for him! Holy sh*t! For real?! Let’s not jump to conclusions yet… The fight begins with Kojou pulling off a sneaky move to throw the first punch in Aladar’s face. But after that, Aladar goes all out and Kojou is on the defensive. Yukina is worried over her boyfriend’s beat down so Natsuki tells her to calm down and think why this is happening. This duel is most likely a setup by Vatler to make them fight so that Kojou’s Fourth Progenitor powers will awaken. Nagisa witnesses this fight and is shocked to learn the true nature of her brother. She is in shock as Vatler discloses more spoilers to her. She starts blaming herself that all this happened because of her. So shocked that she unleashes a power that temporarily freezes Aladar. Just in time because Kojou is about to get a real beat down.

Avrora possesses Nagisa to go talk to Kojou. With Hektos popping up and claiming to be Kojou’s familiar, Aladar is going to destroy all of them together. That is when Nagisa uses her power with Kojou’s to summon a familiar and fire through Aladar’s body. This isn’t enough to kill him but this opens Kojou’s eyes. He know understands what Natsuki said to him that he isn’t alone. The person Ibliss meant that he needed to talk to are those inside him. His familiars. As they are the ones who have been fighting for him. Hence Kojou warns Aladar to back down now or risk him summoning all his familiars at full power at once. This is when Vatler calls off the match and it is Kojou’s win. With unconscious Nagisa in a dangerous state, Natsuki teleports her to her dimension to recuperate. As for why Aladar was chasing Grenda, Vatler reveals that as the Holy Ground Treaty maintains peace between humans and demons, the council has deemed Itogami as a weapon of mass destruction and will thus be destroyed. As seen by what Meiga was trying to do, using this island as an altar, one can repeat the Cleansing. Therefore fleets from multinationals will soon surround Itogami. How is Grenda related to all this? She is the guardian for Cain’s relic. With this, Natsuki realizes Vatler’s goal is to do another Cleansing. As they try to figure out who else would be enchanting the Cleansing’s spell, they are attacked by Asagi’s tanks. She kidnaps Grenda and leaves the rest in shock that she is cooperating with Vatler. Then Asagi pops up on the news, announcing that the Holy Ground Treaty has sent a message to the Japanese government on their intent to destroy Itogami as a mass weapon of destruction. The attack is scheduled by 6am. Because it is impossible to evacuate everyone from the island and even more so there are not many cities in the world who can accept demons, she is urging all citizens to fight back.

Episode 9
Asagi further adds that the Japanese government has abandoned Itogami. But don’t worry, Vatler will be helping them. Also, she has Grenda activate fortresses that emerge and surround Itogami. These fortresses contain ancient weapons. With that, Grenda’s role is over because as the guardian of Cain’s relic, only she knows the dimension and coordinates of it. Thanks to this, Natsuki’s seal is also destroyed. While she assures there won’t be another Halloween Festa of magic criminals running lose, the more pressing issues is Nagisa. As Natsuki stopped her time, bringing her back to reality means restarting it. So the gang head to her side and Kanon tries hard to heal her. Apparently Hektos thinks she has done enough and knocks her out. Now it’s time to get started on their last banquet. So Hektos has them frolic in the sea? Is she naughtily flirting with Kojou just to stimulate him? So Hektos’ solution to save Nagisa is to extract the 12th familiar from her body. Wow. It’s that easy. But Nagisa disagrees because Avrora will disappear forever. Sure, but don’t do that and both will disappear. Hektos believes Avrora won’t disappear because she is their hope. It is that reason that Hektos believes herself to be the one to disappear. After giving her blood and familiar to Yukina, she starts sucking Kojou’s blood and lets the girls look. This is also to awaken Avrora and draw out the 12th familiar. Then Yukina summons her familiar to cut and extract that familiar from Nagisa.

All is fine and dandy now as the weapons manage to prevent the fleet from decimating Itogami. But as La Folia points out, that is the least of their problems now. Thanks to Vatler entering into alliances with countries not affiliated with Holy Ground Treaty, the world is now divided and on the verge of world war. A large one. This means Vatler intends to fight against the other 3 Progenitors. Stopping this madness depends on Kojou as she takes him to Whisper Garden, the place of the supreme council of the Holy Ground Treaty. The council is made out of 12 members, 3 of which are permanent members. Even if a decision has been made to go to war on Itogami, it can still be reversed by a veto. That right is held by the 3 permanent members who are the Progenitors. Of course that will be hard too seeing that they too might be itching for war. Kojou is teleported to Whisper Garden and tries to get them to cancel their attack on Itogami. No can do. Destroy Itogami = no more Cleansing = world peace. With Kojou realizing there is no negotiations in the first place, he uses his position as the Fourth Progenitor to veto on this war. Yeah, why everyone shocked by this? Like they didn’t see this coming? I mean, do they not know who Kojou is? However, Giada Kukulcan who is the Third Progenitor cannot agree to it because Kojou lacks something to claim himself as the Fourth Progenitor. Like a territory. Conveniently, Kojou claims his territory is Itogami since the Japanese government has abandoned it. Even so, he doesn’t seem like he has control over the island. But they give him a chance that if he can eliminate the threat of Cleansing without casualties, they will accept his veto. And he has only 24 hours to do so. With Kojou claiming Itogami as his territory, Asagi doesn’t welcome this news as she thinks he is trying to undo her efforts. Vatler on the other hand is pleased because he can fight Kojou. Asagi reminds him the deal is off if that happens. Vatler doesn’t mind. Asagi thinks of persuading Kojou to join them and Vatler also thinks this is a good idea. Kojou and him fighting against the 3 Progenitors. La Folia’s troops are now Kojou’s army and Aladar offers to help Kojou because he wants to punish the traitorous Vatler.

Episode 10
Aladar’s plane is under tremendous fire. Oh well, since they’ve reached the destination, prepare to crash land! It won’t be much of a story if anybody died, right? Aladar fights Vatler’s subordinates so as to let Kojou and Yukina go ahead. Meanwhile La Folia’s plane too is under heavy fire. At this moment she asks if Sayaka wants to marry Kojou. You see, Kojou will become the Lord of the Night Empire and he has the right to gather a harem as his blood companions. If Sayaka is not interested, she will not waste time with her anymore. Better think fast, girl. Sayaka claims it is to be with Yukina but to the rest of us, that’s a yes. Kojou and Yukina face off with Lydianne but she is easily dispatched with Natsuki and Astarte intervening. Yukina goes deal with Asagi so Kojou can face off with Vatler. Speaking of which, that vampire dude just sucked the blood of the delegates of the non-member countries of Holy Ground Treaty. That’s what they get for being scared and trying to escape. As Natsuki teleports them to safety, the epic battle between Kojou and Vatler we’ve been waiting for. Yup, Vatler has the power of Cleansing. Kojou is going to lose… Until Yuiri and Shio show up to stall him as Grenda takes him away. Meanwhile Yukina and Asagi’s fight… Looks like it is turning into some argument accusing the other. Yup, Kojou is the centre point. Accusing the other of being too close to him, having Kojou give them stuffs. What’s wrong with these girls? Bickering stop when Grenda delivers Kojou to them. Yukina goes off to fight Vatler since Shio is stalling him. Asagi slaps him to wake him up. Then she starts crying. Is this love? Whatever. After kissing him, she undresses so that he could suck her blood. I think it’s pointless to argue at this point so what the heck. Just sink it in. Can one actually suck gently?

If you’re wondering why Shio, Yukina, La Folia and Sayaka can fight on par with Vatler’s Cleansing, here is Motoki calling to explain that he temporarily has Yume to block Itogami’s dragon vein lines via Leviathan. So they have only 30 minutes to end this. Hence Kojou and Yukina go off to face Vatler. So he doesn’t need the rest of his girls? Whatever. Vatler is waiting for them at this spot where the Fourth Progenitor killed Cain. Kojou corrects him that is only because of the curse of the Devas. Afraid that the Devas could become Cain’s ally, he rebelled against them but was eventually defeated and split his powers into 12 beings and sealed. But all this doesn’t matter to Vatler as his real goal is to fight Kojou at full power. Vatler unleashes his power but Kojou scolds him for being a child. Just because he can’t overcome his boredom, he resorted to this childish manner. It won’t last. Uhm, you just made him madder. Point proven. So if Vatler wants to destroy the world, Kojou will protect it. Because it’s his fight! No, senpai. It’s our fight! Because Kojou’s familiars aren’t enough to fight Vatler, Yukina offers herself to give Hektos’ familiar to him. Yup, blood sucking time. Didn’t even hesitate. Now Kojou has all the power. Vatler even transforms himself and tries to be one with Kojou! They will become the new Fourth Progenitor together! WTF IS THIS GAY SH*T???!!!!! Unfortunately he loses to Kojou and Yukina’s combo. Too bad Kojou spares him because he doesn’t hate him that much. Really? After all that he has done? Because of that, his subordinates come to take him as the escape to another dimension. After all, Cain was also exiled. So is Vatler going to do Cleansing in another dimension? Right after this, the good news comes in with the Holy Ground Treaty rescinding their attack order on Itogami as they have recognized the island as Kojou’s territory. Time to go home. Even in the aftermath if Kojou is the lord of his dominion, he is still a high school student. So shut up and finish your homework! Oh, can you hear the alert that some magical being has escaped from the ward where Avrora is being treated? Time to go take care of it. Hey, it’s his territory, right?

Strike The What?!
Holy what?! You mean there is going to be a fourth season for this series?! A FOURTH SEASON?! Fourth season for the Fourth Progenitor. Heh. Sorry, bad pun. Still I can’t believe it. So my fight will continue?! No, senpai. Our fight will continue! I see this is what happens when you don’t finish Vatler and save us the trouble of getting another season! Sure, there would be other baddies who would want to use Itogami for their own nefarious goals but seeing Vatler had been the main antagonist and hiding in the shadows for a long time, by not getting rid of him means risking he will come back again in the future and bring a whole load of sci-fi sh*t that would threaten Itogami and the people living on it. So you regretting this decision not to finish him off when you had the chance, Kojou?

And as usual… I don’t really understand the finer details of what is going on. Yeah, yeah. I’ve always sounded like a broken recorder when it comes to sci-fi anime series especially those that have lots of those sci-fi jargons, terminologies and other crap words to make it sound oh so grand. Making it even worse is that I don’t really remember much of what happened in past seasons and compounding that misery of mine is that I was too lazy to go back and read my blog. I only refer to my old postings just to find names of the characters. Yup, I couldn’t remember some of their names. Yup, I dug my own grave from the start. And then me go on to blame how confusing this series is… And yet I still continue to watch… What irony! What hypocrisy! Strike the Irony! Strike the Hypocrisy!

And hence I do remember the series for the wrong reasons. Something that I believe is what the series is ‘consistently’. For instance, when Kojou’s harem isn’t fighting against the enemy, their hobby seems to be instantly accusing and blaming Kojou for being a pervert. It’s like their favourite pastime. Like as though they want some of his attention. Senpai, notice me, please! And now with Kojou having his own domain to rule over as the Fourth Progenitor, it becomes official of an excuse why he needs a harem. Not that the series needs a reason anyway to begin with but now this is incorporated into the plot so I guess it makes more sense for him to amass his girls. And I believe that his harem (emergency/spare blood bank would be a terrible name for them) would be further divided into tiers because when you have so many girls with you, it is hard to give them the same equal time. I’m guessing the top tier would be Yukina because since she is his observer and he has sucked her blood a lot more time than others. Next tier would be Asagi and Sayaka. And then Nagisa, Kanon and Yuiri. I could be wrong but I feel this is the pecking order from what I’ve seen. Oh yes senpai, this is your harem!

The other formulaic thing involves the fight and action sequences. Just like in many previous fights, when Kojou fights an enemy, the battle is always somewhat interrupted by a third party, be it ally or foe. This allows our main characters to retreat or escape, giving them some breathing space to plan or whatever. This is how they prolong the drama and the arc. You’d thought they would finish the entire fight the first time they meet but nope, sorry you’re not powerful enough yet or there are some more mysteries for you to uncover as the arc has not finished yet. So we’re going to shoehorn in somebody to break up the fight. Yup, that’s how it always feels. Oh boy. Everybody sure has their own problems to deal with. And for some reason they had to pick Itogami because, long revenge story or some vampire dude just got bored of living so long. Sheesh. Still can’t believe this guy wants to be one with Kojou to be the Fourth Progenitor. Safe to say Vatler won’t be in Kojou’s harem any time forever. Sorry dudes, women only. Also another thing I noticed this season, is it me or does Kojou seem to summon his horse familiar more often than others?

Having said all that, this makes me feel that some of the solutions for plots are written for convenience. Like as though they pull it out of the air for the answer. Take for example when Yukina was in danger of becoming Angel Faux. And guess what? Just one prototype ring created by Shike was enough to elevate the fear of Yukina ever disappearing from the face of the Earth. So easy, huh? You mean no one thought about it? That Yukina would turn into Angel Faux? Didn’t a precedent happen? And just like that, Yukina is safe with other technical loopholes because dumb people like yours truly don’t really understand it all. Also, this ring part is just to make it symbolic that Yukina is the main girl for Kojou. How convenient. I suppose that nothing in this world is neither perfect nor fool proof. You just need to find that weakness or loophole (which this series does quite often) and exploit it. I mean, Vatler’s Cleansing was supposed to be the ultimate destroyer, right? Nothing can stop it ever, right? Nope. Behold! Yume’s Leviathan did the trick. And to think nobody else actually thought of this beforehand. Also, it’s the only way Yume can get her 1 second cameo appearance. Remember that Kiriha girl? I certainly don’t. She didn’t appear this season at all so I guess she really left since the end of last season, huh? Oh well, don’t want to complicate the harem further…

Overall, this series is not for simpletons. Fans with sci-fi minds and interests are only ‘allowed’ to enjoy this. After all, everything that has happened so far, I believe it is just scratching the surface for Kojou since it is just the beginning of a new dawn for him as the real Fourth Progenitor. There are other quirky and shady characters or organizations to deal with so you bet they will ramp up all the drama and the likes in the next season. He won’t have to fight it alone, though. He’s got his harem. Truly, it is their fight. But for me, it’s just me and only me fighting in hopes that I would somehow by then understand and appreciate the fourth season. Fourth season, Fourth Progenitor, heh, it could finally be Kojou’s season. No senpai, this is our fourth season!

Wait a minute. A remake to a series that I have never even heard of? Well, Kono Yo No Hate De Koi Wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO was first released as an adult visual novel game back in 1996. Yup, starting to feel old now when I hear things that come out in the 90s. Then it got its anime adaptation in late 1998 but in the form of OVAs. However they are hentai. Ah, I see. No wonder. So I guess that since they are going to remake and adapt this for normal TV viewing, they got to do away with all the naughty scenes and substitute it with something more acceptable? Like having some cheap harem and cheap pantsu shots? Uh huh. I see. Oh, what’s this sci-fi about parallel worlds thingy? Oh no. Have a bad feeling about this. Can I just stay for the harem factor? Stupid promotional poster convinced me…

Episode 1
Takuya Arima is relaxing on the school rooftop when his sexy school nurse, Eriko Takedo wakes him up. Obviously he tries to get naughty with her. What a way to get over his dad, Koudai who recently died in a cave-in during a research expedition. Later Takuya is being bugged by his ‘disciple’ Yuuki Masakatsu to join some club. Takuya teases him that he is only trying to get Mio Shimazu in which of course he denies. Speaking of her, Takuya doesn’t seem to get along well with her and the only reason she is sticking with him is because she is a fan of Koudai’s works. Sure that’s the only reason? Takuya’s stepmom, Ayumi works at Geotechnics and since they are doing some construction at a controversial site, she has to do some PR work. As he is to help clear his father’s room, Kouzou Ryuuzouji wants to help continue with Koudai’s work. He asks if Koudai had given Takuya anything lately. Not that he can think of. I think they’re trying to establish Takeya as a chick magnet, because this hot teacher, Mitsuki Ichijou who is now working as Ryuuzouji’s secretary hints she can make him feel better to get over his depression over his dad’s death. I’m sure he’ll keep that in mind. On his way home, Kaori Asakura interviews Takuya since the usual street protest is going on. Back home, Takuya thought his porn package finally came. WTF is this strange artefact?! Then a phone call but nobody is at the other end. As the protest continue, suddenly lightning strikes. Takuya sees this live on TV and rushes to the scene. There are some worker casualties but Ayumi is safe. But Takuya dislikes her aide, Hideo Toyotomi who is your typical jerk. When Eriko introduces Kanna Hatano as the new transfer student, WTF Takuya strips before them as a prank!!! The whole class expects this but is amazed Kanna didn’t flinch (emotionless girl hint). Back home, Takuya receives another package. This time, it is a book written by Koudai. Parallel World Constitutive Theorem? Gee, looks confusing. But the artefact matches an illustration inside. Also there is a letter from Koudai addressed to him. It is hinted father is not dead but disappeared. Following the instructions to head to the cape and bringing the artefact, he thought Koudai will be there. But yikes, who this sexy naked elf girl?! After she disappears, Ryuuzouji and Ayumi approach him. After seeing this, Ryuuzouji pulls out a gun and wants him to handover the artefact. Something that allows one to cross time. He also hints Koudai and Takuya’s biological mom are actually living in a different world. Then some resonance happens. Lightning strikes. Takuya gets headache. Finds Ryuuzouji gone. Goes home. Sleep. Next morning at school he sees Ryuuzouji. He doesn’t remember what happened last night.

Episode 2
Takuya tests the artefact. It seems he can return to a certain ‘save point’. But an exception is that objects he holds stay with him. Then some flashback of Koudai giving his technical explanation of how different parallel worlds form because of the decisions that one make and don’t make. Confusing… Takuya as Mio and Yuuki help clean out Koudai’s room. Mio is interested in this article she found written by Koudai. Something about the 400 Year Cycle Theory. Because it was very controversial, the academic society disowned him. Then they head to the cape and see Kanna doing something. She leaves and will not admit what she was doing despite Mio threatening her. After their short research and heading home, they see Toyotomi being threatened by workers who refuse to work in this dangerous project. Of course he gives excuses and when he does the same to the kids, Mio is not amused. As she is the mayor’s daughter, she will bring it up to her father. This causes him to panic and run away?! That night, Takuya knows Ayumi will be working late. But he tries to visit her at the company and blackmails the guard (since she is slacking on the job) to tell her where she went. In some warehouse, a couple of ruffians threaten her to hand over some documents. Takuya uses his artefact as save point to barge in and save her (the baddies think this is part of the show). Of course he gets beaten up. Luckily he manages to reset back to that point and retry again. Each getting more outrageous and Takuya always end up getting owned. One point even ramming his scooter into them?! Still fail, though. Suddenly Toyotomi comes rushing in to save the day!

Episode 3
A few fake punches and the baddies run away. Oh, so he wants to look good before Ayumi, huh? Takuya gets patched up back home. Despite Ayumi worried about him being reckless, she was happy he tried to be brave and to rescue her. With the bruises, Takuya thinks he can skip summer class. Yeah, get his lackey Yuuki to substitute him! Heading into the infirmary, he sees Kanna there. But her accessory reminds him of a girl he once met before. When he asks her about it, she says it is her flame of life. Later Mitsuki comes to tell Takuya about Ryuuzouji’s strange behaviour lately. Please Takuya, stop with the bad jokes. She hopes he can help keep an eye on him. Ayumi calls Takuya and hopes he could help bring some documents she forgot. Inside Geotechnics, Toyotomi wants to take it from here but Takuya doesn’t trust this jerk and hands it directly to her. Of course later Toyotomi sneakily takes it away when nobody is looking and Ayumi left for a press conference. This conference is to assure the public that Geotechnics is putting safety first. However with the people accusing Geotechnics of literally just anything and that their construction might have angered the gods, it’s really tough for her. Even after it is over and outside, some jerk pelts her with eggs! Ayumi then goes on TV for another interview hosted by Kaori just to clear Geotechnics’ name but as we can see, she’s being bullied and asked lots of tough questions. It is no surprise she comes home drunk and acting like a baby before Takuya. When she sobers up, it is sad to see her slowly breaking down. She doesn’t know if she can keep doing this. Just for tonight, she hugs Takuya and cries as much as she wants.

Episode 4
Takuya has a bad dream Ayumi is tired of living and killed herself. He wakes up and tries to look for her. Oops. Caught her naked in the bath. Awkward. Meanwhile, Mio’s dad has transferred her to an international school in America next week. Because things are going to get busy around here, he doesn’t want her involved. I guess she has no say in this, huh? On his way to school, Takuya bumps into Kaori who asks him about Ayumi. As she is currently investigating Geotechnics, there are rumours the company and the mayor are colluding so she needs any sort of info from him. He doesn’t like how she words it but he won’t sell out his friends. While in school, Takuya is called to answer the phone. The legal department of Geotechnics can’t reach Ayumi. She isn’t at work and nobody is picking up the phone at home. He can’t say more but only reveals this could turn into a criminal case. So he rushes home only to see Toyotomi and Ayumi flirting with each other! Takuya gets violent but Ayumi stops him. Even to the point of slapping him when he won’t listen. With Ayumi more concerned about Toyotomi, disgruntled Takuya leaves. He bums out at the café until Kaori comes in. Seems she has more info and wants him to come to her hotel she is staying to talk. There, Takuya thought he saw Kanna. It seems she is also there and to see a shady man who has been stalking outside school for a while. In Kaori’s room, she reveals some secret documents have been stolen from Geotech. It is rumoured that Ayumi sold them to a rival company and can be fired. Of course she believes it isn’t her doing and is set up. She needs his help to switch Ayumi’s access card with this fake so she can get in and investigate further. Takuya is sceptical since her interview show that night embarrassed Ayumi. Takuya starts believing that Toyotomi is the culprit and that Ayumi is acting so because he was threatening her. He rushes home but something feels off. He finds Ayumi in the toilet. Water still running and she slit her wrists!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!

Episode 5
Going back in time to when he was just starting to take the test, this time he confronts Toyotomi right before he begins his rape and punches him. After he kicks him out and threatens him never to come back, Takuya returns home only to see Ayumi hanged herself! That was fast! Time to go back in time again and try a different path. This time he takes Ayumi away. Trying to explain everything was a setup by Toyotomi, she snaps that he doesn’t understand anything. She is then tired of living and let herself get banged by a truck! So no matter what Takuya tries, Ayumi keeps dying. Damn, she kills herself in so many different ways that this is starting to become a tragic joke! So Takuya reads up on his father’s notes about all that sci-fi sh*t. In short, this is fate. Like hell he is going to let fate win. So Takuya goes to see Kaori and gives her the access card. In exchange, she gives him something juicy. I think baiting him to have sex with her wasn’t it. Now Takuya confronts Toyotomi before his raping. He throws down photos of him setting up things. Toyotomi runs away as Takuya tries to give chase. Luckily Kaori knocks a pot on his head. Though, she warns him the media will still lie in order to bait viewers so they can’t go to the police either. She will deal with the scumbag while he returns to Ayumi. In the nick of time, Takuya spots Ayumi attempting to slit her wrist. After struggling with her, the childish argument ends with Takuya slapping her. Did that do the trick? So they calm down and talk things out. The clincher probably is Takuya assuring he will always protect her even if he ends up going to another time or world. At least he looks cool saying that.

Episode 6
Takuya returns to his normal school life. He is soon called by Kaori and looks like she has some news that will have Toyotomi quit and transfer out in a few days. Hence she seeks his help to break into Geotech’s office. As she is a journalist, she can walk through the front door but Takuya must sneak in from the back and wait till she unlocks the door. What a close shave. But thanks to also the security guards being sloppy on their job. Yeah, the one supposed to be watching the overall surveillances is interested in watching her period soap drama! Using the blue card to access the room, Takuya sees lots of stones on display. Kaori explains Geotech’s real goal is to excavate these rocks. In the main room lies a glowing rock known as Psychite. It was first excavated beneath Mt Sankaku and it reacts to the human mind and creates vast amounts of energy. Some believe to be a living ore. However its weakness is that it loses its properties when exposed to air. Hence this Psychite is crystallized here. Ayumi’s job is to find a way to crystallize it properly. With Toyotomi framing Ayumi, his next step is to steal Psychite. Hence she wants Takuya to break the glass to make it look like Toyotomi did it. He does so but the moment he does that, Kaori knocks him out. The truth is revealed when Kaori is actually working with Toyotomi to steal Psychite.

Luckily for Takuya, he saved before entering this room. Now that he knows what has happened, everything plays out exactly the same. He still gets knocked out by Kaori but this time he is more prepared and doesn’t suffer too much damage. He makes them spill the beans on making him the fall guy. This is to further blame Ayumi. With the recent incidents, she will now resort to using her son to steal Psychite. Toyotomi also hints at Kaori’s ‘journalism’ in which she blackmails companies for money and then report them in her programme. Takuya isn’t fazed. Because his big boner is actually a walkie-talkie. Their confession is heard by the guards as they storm in to arrest them. After the duo are taken away, Ayumi expresses her gratitude to Takuya. She further elaborates how Koudai was obsessed in researching Psychite because he still loves his first wife and entrusted the research to Ayumi. Suddenly Takuya starts disappearing. Ayumi believes it is time for him to go since he is from another parallel world. After Takuya disappears, he sees Koudai before him. Some sci-fi crap about correction of chaos as it is impossible to resist causality. Because Takuya wasn’t meant to be there, he will be sent right back to the start and experience things again but with slight changes. He knows everything because he rests against the Tree of Vrinda that rules all over events, past, present and future. So this tree is basically God? And one last advice: Causality rules everything in this world.

Episode 7
Takuya returns at the start where he is at Mt Sankaku just off experiencing his headache. Some familiar scenes like Mitsuki complaining about Ryuuzouji’s strange behaviour. With Takuya, Mio and Yuuki invited to Ryuuzouji’s house, Kanna is not interested since she could smell something different of him. The trio are greeted by Ryuuzouji’s mom who thinks her son is no longer her son. Upon seeing him, she flees in fear. Ryuuzouji explains mom has Alzheimer and then proceeds to show them an old tapestry. A strange picture of people being burnt by the light? As Mio sketches it, Ryuuzouji talks to Takuya privately. A little bit of past with him and Koudai as they were studying in the same college and shared a common goal to unlock history. Things that weren’t put in textbooks. Of course, Koudai was kicked out after that controversial article so Ryuuzouji invited him to research in his university. Along with physicist Yurika Imagawa who specializes in magnetic and gravitational fields, eventually Ryuuzouji chose humans as his research subject but Koudai chose immortality. During their research, Imagawa’s notes spoke of a woman who lived in reclusion near Ken No Misaki. A blonde with pale skin who was also blind, Keitia later changed her name to Keiko and would be Takuya’s mother. Despite her condition, she took care of Takuya who was often sick as a kid. He can’t remember much, though. Ryuuzouji then asks if Koudai left him something. Takuya of course says no. Then he starts to feel heavy and dizzy. He knows Ryuuzouji is trying to do something to him and trying to force him to give that thing to him. Ryuuzouji notes he is able to resist Niarb. All this stop when his friends come by. Time to leave. Ryuuzouji’s mom shows them the way out but has them ponder about her earlier question about swallows and sparrows do not know geese and swans.

Episode 8
Mio researches on granny’s words. So basically it means that insignificant people will never understand what important people think? Then she overheard dad in some shady conversation and that scene of her dad telling her she’ll study overseas. Eriko trolls Takuya the best massage that will cure his headache. Not sex. The massage chair. He asks about Niarb and she explains it is some sort of hypnosis. You are conscious but unaware you are under that spell. Later he goes see Mitsuki and thinks Ryuuzouji has got them both hypnotized. As Mio has discovered something from the tapestry, she has Takuya meet her in her room. She believes it is a doorway to somewhere and something about the Takanoamahara people. Their next goal is to head to Mt Sankaku to ascertain it. But Takuya sees her changing and so when she freaks out, her dad of course knocks on the door and thinks there is a boy in her room. He better run because dad is going to kill him! Indeed. He’s going to use his shotgun to gun down the door! Saved by the bell because Yuuki is at the doorstep. Leave, kid. This distraction allows Takuya to escape. At Mt Sankaku, Mio and Takuya start digging to find that doorway. Just as Mio thinks she did, she sprains her ankle so Takuya stops her and brings her back to school to treat it. That is when Mio reveals something about her dad’s corruption with Geotech as well as her leaving of this place. Takuya is supportive of her but this conversation is interrupted when Misaki enters. All the gloves come off. Misaki accusing Mio of approaching her to even break up with Takuya. Mio denies it all but she getting emotional only proves Misaki’s point that she loves Takuya. It gets more complicated as we see Yuuki overhearing everything. That’s the fastest way to make a chirpy guy go depressed. Things take a nosedive the next day as Mio thinks Takuya has betrayed her. Posters denouncing the mayor are everywhere.

Episode 9
Takuya rips off the posters. Violation of free speech, you say? Free speech is only for those who can take responsibility! With the press hounding the mayor, others are talking bad about Mio behind her back. Takuya tries to talk to her but to no avail. Discussing this with Mitsuki, the way Takuya tries to pinpoint the culprit as to someone who would benefit with Mio’s absence, that sounds a lot like Mitsuki, right? After all, they’re both in love with the same man. But Takuya doesn’t believe it since she won’t resort to something so cowardly. The news is just in that the mayor has just handed in his resignation and hence the city council will withdraw all support for Geotech. Takuya is outside of Mio’s house. Lots of reporters waiting of course. However Yuuki is in distress. He tells him that Mio has run away. He was here earlier and the maid told him so as she left a letter for her dad. Along with Mitsuki, the trio look for her around town. Had Takuya not stumble into Kanna, he might not have guessed where she went. Yeah, Mt Sankaku. Well, she was kinda obsessed with that place so shouldn’t that crossed their minds? I know that place is dangerous and off limits but what is more dangerous is Mio’s disappearance, right? There, they see a dug tunnel. Most likely Mio has entered. Because Takuya wants Yuuki to stay put to keep watch, he starts complaining he needs to fix this since all this is his fault. He reveals he was the one who put up those posters because he was jealous after overhearing that incident. After Takuya punches him, he vows to bring Mio back so Yuuki can apologize to her. The boys go in while Mitsuki keeps watch. Deep inside the cave, they stumble into a strange room. Don’t be spook by human bones just yet.

Episode 10
Trekking deeper, they find Mio’s bag. Yuuki panics and rushes ahead. The ground collapses and he gets impaled by metal rods! The only way to save him? Rewind time. Outside the cave, this time he forces Yuuki to stay put and doesn’t want a useless idiot getting in his way. Now he descends with Mitsuki. Up to that same point, this time the ground collapses by itself. Everyone safe. Please Takuya, no groping in the dark. Then they find a ‘newer’ corpse. Based on the notes, this is the body of Imagawa. She was exploring this ruins and believed in Koudai’s 400 Year Cycle Theory. Some event collision led to humans importing technology and culture from a higher dimension. She also mentions about a device Koudai gave her in which she named Reflector Device (the one in Takuya’s hands). At this moment, Mitsuki changes. She demands Takuya hand it over and pulls out a gun. She fires a warning shot. But Takuya realizes this is Ryuuzouji’s Niarb since Mitsuki is trying to fight it but it is giving her a major headache. Eventually she couldn’t fight it and Takuya runs for his life. Oddly, he hides in some coffin but the ground gives way. Long way down. But light at the end of it. Thankfully an underground lake. This is where Mio is. The rocks are glowing and Takuya realizes they could be Psychite. He tries to find a way out but Mio says she has tried but there aren’t any. They talk about the defaming of her father in which she knew it wasn’t him but Yuuki (from the way he talked). Because Mio is scared to be alone and that death only awaits them, she wants Takuya to kiss her as she wants to remember this last moment with a kiss. So I guess that’s why she got wet and had to take off her clothes to dry so as to set up for this steamy sexy scene, huh? But Takuya only kisses her forehead. He won’t let this be her last memory and promises to get out alive. He is tempted to use Reflector Device but decides not to as he doesn’t remember the route here. Later he hears somebody calling him and assuring she is here with him. Uhm… Mom?!

Episode 11
Examining behind the waterfall, he finds a jewel. He recognizes it as one of the missing jewels of the Reflector Device. With Mio curious, he tells her briefly about this device as well as this time travelling thingy. She might find it hard to believe but why does she sound worried? Because if he reverts time, does this mean the kiss won’t happen? Yeah. That. And looks like there is an exit behind the waterfall. I guess Mio wasn’t thorough enough. On the way, Takuya picks up a rusty old sword. Just in case. They follow the strange humming sound that leads them to a room with a giant machine. If you don’t understand what it means, don’t worry, Mitsuki is here to explain for our convenience. It is a lightning generator and it strikes when Psychite is removed from the grounds. Hence that is what the tapestry means. Mitsuki hints they knew the machine existed but don’t know how to get to it but thanks to Mio’s deciphering, here we are now. With lightning starting to generate, it means Geotechnics is starting work. Meanwhile Kanna finds Yuuki and warns him about the people going to die if they don’t do anything. They head back to the construction site to stop Toyotomi forcing the workers to continue working. He defies and when lightning strikes and almost kills a worker, Toyotomi flees and thinks this isn’t his fault! Mitsuki tries to resist Ryuuzouji’s Niarb. However she realizes she can never disobey him so she wishes for the young ones to look after each other. Then she shoots herself. Before a slab falls on her! WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO LAUGH AT THIS TRAGIC OVERKILL SCENE?! Mio wants Takuya to go back in time to redo it all to save Mitsuki. Just promise to give her a real kiss next time. Oh. That. But Takuya won’t. Who knows what will happen to Mio in this timeline should he leave. And so they follow the path that leads them to the bottom of a well. Don’t worry. Somehow Kanna knew they would end up here and drops them a rope. Once out, Yuuki confesses and apologizes everything to Mio. No biggies. Then Takuya starts to disappear. I guess this isn’t his timeline too. He’ll save Mitsuki in another timeline. Once more Takuya sees his dad and spams him questions. Once more he is told to use his brain but hints Ryuuzouji is something else. He’ll soon find out.

Episode 12
We’re right back at the ‘starting point’. Takuya calls Mitsuki and is glad she is alive and safe. In school as he goes to see Eriko, he finds her sleeping underneath the bed on the floor. Without her clothes. Oddly, she is crying in her sleep. Something about not wanting to be left alone. She wakes up and mistakes Takuya as Abel. When Mio and Yuuki come in, they see a very ambiguous scene. Mio blowing the top of her head at this walking libido despite Eriko explaining the misunderstanding. Later Takuya talks to Mitsuki about Ryuuzouji and his behaviour. Then he hides in the closet of their office in hopes of catching what they are talking. Well, Eriko had the same idea so the hiding place is now super cramp. Mitsuki asks Ryuuzouji if he has changed. However he points out that it is her who has changed because everything else is still the same. Mitsuki is confused as he adds she might be lying to herself and perhaps she has feelings for him? WTF. He hugs her. Takuya, his face being smothered by Eriko’s boobs, can’t see anything and because he somewhat worries about Mitsuki, Eriko tells him to forget about her since she will disappear soon. After they left, Eriko wants Takuya to meet her at the café later. It is to show him Ryuuzouji meeting up with Kaori. Of course this doesn’t surprise Takuya and this confirms it for Eriko as she hints she knows he has been time travelling many times. Next she brings him to Ryuuzouji’s house because his mom decides to let them in on some info. However they find her hanged. Did Ryuuzouji silence her? Hearing a car screeching away from the scene, woah Eriko like a ninja chasing after it. However it soon crashes into the pole. When Takuya catches up and to his shock, the driver is Mitsuki and she is out cold.

Episode 13
Eriko brings her back to the infirmary. Takuya stays next to her till she wakes up. When he goes to get more bandages, Mitsuki strikes him with a fire extinguisher. Enough time to do a save point, huh? Tied up and presented with before Ryuuzouji, Takuya sees Eriko drugged out and Ryuuzouji mentioning that he and Eriko are old acquaintances and thought would be safe after Abel’s death. When Mitsuki shows him a jewel, Takuya’s shocked reaction proves he knows about the Reflector Device and Ryuuzouji wants it to hand it over. Hand over his ass because Takuya goes back to that save point. He is able to dodge Mitsuki’s fire extinguisher and Eriko returns to tackle her. Eriko then brings Takuya to Ryuuzouji’s storehouse and dig open a hidden wall. There consists of human bones. However no torso. This is believed to be Abel’s body with Ryuuzouji’s soul inside. Ryuuzouji’s body has been taken over by something else. Eternal dimensional criminal. Beings of pure thought who travel between dimensions to interfere with events. Eriko is from a parallel future and to arrest the being. She and Abel were lovers and scientist researching the Tree of Vrinda. Because of the branching out of possibilities, their goal is to find that root of source. Abel thought he had found the truth but stumbled into the criminal instead. He tried to outrun but was possessed. Abel returned changed much to Eriko’s dismay. After destroying the lab, he fled to another dimension via Abel’s body and then transferred himself to Ryuuzouji. Eriko takes Takuya behind the tapestry. A machine that allows travel between dimensions that the criminal escaped but it is now broken. That is why he is targeting Takuya. Ryuuzouji pops up and despite Eriko shooting him in the head, he is still alive. Eriko believes the body is only a body and there is a limit to how much damage he can take. Before she can fire some more, Mitsuki brings her down. Ryuuzouji and Takuya fire at each other but Mitsuki gets in between! Ryuuzouji feeling the body is at its limit, flees. I guess Mitsuki’s death is the much needed drama for 2 reasons: She confesses she loves him and passing him a jewel. After she dies, Eriko says no matter what world he goes to, it is Mitsuki’s fate to die. So he can never change that. You think Takuya will accept that? But Takuya starts disappearing as chaos is correcting itself. Eriko erases his memories of her and Ryuuzouji because the latter will go after him if he knows who he is. Once more Takuya hears Koudai’s lecture about causality. Sick of it, right? But this time he tells him to seek Kanna as she will be the one to show him the path. And a new path will open once he gathers all 8 jewels (he already has 7). So right back to that starting point and this time Takuya wastes no time in confronting Kanna. You’re going to tell me all about yourself.

Episode 14
Takuya tries to get to know Kanna more but the only thing he finds out is that she likes plants and hates the ocean. Despite she often stares at it, she claims it is her duty. With Kanna down with fever, Takuya takes her to the infirmary. Where is Eriko when you need her? Ah, time for some fanservice as he strips her just to wipe away her sweat. No repercussions! He talks about her necklace being familiar and could have seen it in some place dad dragged him to. Takuya takes Kanna to Mio and Yuuki’s club. Noticing the diorama of the place they made, Kanna points out that it looks different from the photo they took. As they head there, they see Toyotomi arguing with the workers to carry on work. Kanna pleads to them to stop since a lightning strike is going to happen. Well, what do you know, dark clouds forming. The workers heed Kanna and stop work, much to Toyotomi’s dismay. After inspecting Mt Sankaku, Takuya walks Kanna home to her apartment. Apparently she lives alone and this shady guy, Atsushi Hojo is seen waiting for her. He is trying to ask her out. She declines and his persistency has Takuya lock horns with him. Kanna doesn’t want a fight so she brings Takuya in. She feels yet another fever but goes to take a shower. Takuya still sees Hojo stalking outside. Takuya notices alcoholic drinks as well as her savings statement conveniently out in the open to see. Koudai has been depositing into her account until he disappeared. Claiming that Kanna knows a lot, he wants answers. Kanna admits it but he can’t tell him now. At least Koudai told her there will come a right time for her to tell everything. She offers him to stay the night but he leaves. Yeah, Hojo still there. He warns Takuya not to stay away from Kanna. Thinking Takuya’s turn is over and it’s his, Takuya changes his mind and stays. A strange dream whereby Takuya confronted Koudai about marrying Ayumi who is 20 years his junior and his student. Though, Koudai claims Takuya is in love with Ayumi. Then as he is about to reveal something about Keiko and history, time to wake up. Takuya sees Kanna cooking and has this weird feeling he has known her for a long time like as though she is family. He apologizes if Koudai did something weird to her but she wants him to have more faith in his father as he is not the kind of person he thinks he is. As Takuya wants to do something for summer, Mio suggests her private beach in the outskirts. Kanna doesn’t want to go claiming she is unwell but since Takuya puts it that nobody will be around if she collapses, I guess she has to come.

Episode 15
Taking a train to the beach, they notice Hojo is following them. So at the next stop, Takuya hatches a plan. In the toilet, Hojo comes to talk to him and believes he can get Kanna to reveal Koudai’s whereabouts. Just hold her pendant at ransom. Of course Takuya dismisses this idea. When Hojo comes out, he thinks the train is going to leave and jumps on board. The kids tricked him as they waited outside. He’s on the wrong train that will travel nonstop to the final stop. The kids continue their journey to the beach and the fun summer begins. They thought Kanna went missing but she went to buy a watermelon. Because Mio has never done watermelon splitting before (daddy doesn’t allow this barbaric activity), the guys troll her on her first go. Next is Kanna but it’s like she knows where to go and perfectly splits it. Mio lends an extra swimsuit so that Kanna can get into the water too. After all the fun in the sun, sand and water, they return to the villa and Kanna realizes her pendant is missing. Even their BBQ food is missing and the place is ransacked. Takuya also notices his Reflector Device is missing. Hearing noises from the basement, the boys head downstairs to see a wild dog growling at them. It escapes and it’s like it knows what to do because it drops over the fireworks and the lighter to starts the fireworks early before escaping into the bushes. Summer ruined? Takuya could have reset this timeline but won’t do it. Kanna feels fun that she get to do this together. Mio asks her opinions about Takuya. Her heart beats faster each time he is near her. Same for Mio. So are they rivals now? Meanwhile Yuuki is half asleep and thinks he found his missing BBQ frankfurters and bites Takuya’s dick!!! OMFG!!! GAYEST MOMENT YOU CAN”T FORGET EVER!!! When the kids return from their holiday, after Takuya sees off Kanna, that girl suddenly collapses.

Episode 16
So she’s just tired from all the excitement? Takuya finds an old photo of Kanna smiling. With her is a woman whom he thinks is her sister but he realizes the place of this photo is Mt Sankaku. He talks to Mio to find out the history of the place. From what Mio says, Takuya thinks Kanna is from 50 years ago? Even checking out the old geology of the place, it seems like as though something from another dimension ‘collided’ with the place. Meanwhile Hojo sees Kanna. Because she says this will be their last time, he agrees as long as she tells him where Koudai is. Otherwise he will make sure she will never return to school again. Takuya talks to Eriko about Kanna. It seems her parents are overseas and are uncontactable. Looking further into her record, it looks like she has transferred schools 20 times! Make that 21 times as she is filling out the form! Takuya catches Hojo stalking again. Hojo wants to make a deal with him to find out about Koudai’s whereabouts but Takuya refuses this detective’s deal. Next day when Takuya is out with Kanna, he asks her about the pendant and thought he saw someone who looked a lot like her when he was a kid. Was that person her? Instead, she talks about not wanting sadness in her life and is tired of being betrayed and hated. Sounds like she doesn’t want to be friends with him too. Hojo sees Takuya again and hopes he could plant a bug in Kanna’s room to eavesdrop. Yeah, Takuya squishes it! Hojo is seen talking to Ryuuzouji who has grown weary of waiting for his results. So he hypnotizes this sucker. Takuya is shocked that there is an article revealing Kanna’s dark past of going to love hotels with men. Pictures to prove it. With Yuuki and Mio helping out, they squash the rumours and shoo away those people who don’t care in the first place. Takuya talks to Eriko and oddly if you say that is the reason why she transferred schools, even more mind boggling she only transferred to schools within the area (like as though she needs to be near Mt Sankaku), how come nobody remembers this? You mean the rumours never spread? Anyway she has just submitted her transfer out form. Guess we know Takuya’s going to go to her now.

Episode 17
Confronting Kanna, he believes she is the same person he met when he was young and hasn’t aged. She kept changing schools to avoid that suspicion. But yeah, people so dumb not to remember this girl? Since Takuya bugs her to tell about herself, in third person she explains that woman in the photo is her mother. Both lived a normal life without aging until she died. Alone, Kanna had to resort to prostitution to stay alive. Until Koudai and his wife took her in. But that too only lasted until they disappeared. Takuya asserts she isn’t alone so her logic of stripping naked to ask if he can look at her right now. Hey, where’s the sex joke now? Then Hojo calls and threatens her to come to the park or he’ll kill Takuya. With that, Kanna tells Takuya to leave. Takuya sinking into depression until Mio tells him off about Kanna being their friend. Yeah, that was enough to get him going again. At the park, he sees Hojo getting rough with Kanna to spill the beans. He realizes this dude is under Niarb and is now crazy enough to take out a knife to kill. Kanna then admits about Koudai’s whereabouts. He is no longer in this world. Not in this dimension, that is. Dela Granto is a place from another universe where Kanna’s mom came from and every 400 years when it approaches this place, a few people cross over. As Keiko has left, Koudai also wanted to go on that journey. She left him the Reflector Device which originates from Dela Granto. Although history doesn’t repeat and flows 1 way, the flow of time is different. Hojo doesn’t believe this lie and during the struggle, Kanna’s pendant breaks off. After Takuya punches Hojo, he talks to Kanna and considers her his family. Care to live with him? After yet another fight with Hojo, now Eriko shows up to take care of this dude. However Kanna starts to weaken. You see, the pendant is her life and is made of Psychite. I guess it couldn’t crystalize and it’s the end of her. So how long must she wait if Takuya claims he is going to the other world where Psychite exists and bring it back? Hence she tells him Koudai’s last message. In order to get to Dela Granto, all 8 jewels are needed. The last one is in the grandfather’s clock. Gee, that was easy. And then head to the burial chamber underneath Mt Sankaku, use the Reflector Device to activate it. It’s working. Gee, why did he not bring Kanna? Did he just leave her to die in the park?

Episode 18
Koudai knows Takuya is here to save Kanna just like how he did for Keiko. These women can’t live without Psychite. Takuya, you’re new in Dela Granto. So don’t just charge in blindly! You fell off a cliff! Don’t know how he got back up but he heard a girl scream for help. After fending off the weak monster, he realizes she is a mute. I don’t think making funny faces is going to break the ice… It worked?! I don’t think writing Japanese words would make her understand… SHE DOES?! She is Sayless and is lost. Walking a little bit more, they come into the edge of the desert. Oh, there’s a house. Entering it, Ailia attacks him, thinking he is an intruder. She wants him to strip to search for hidden weapons. Not because she noticed your ‘Magnum’!!! But soon she passes out. When she comes too, after learning how they took care of her, Ailia explains she is a guard who defends the border of Dela Granto from invading monsters. She is the only one left. It seems their numbers are increasing and they are getting more aggressive. It could be Mother Nature’s wrath every 400 years. But there is hope, there will be a priestess who becomes the vessel of God. In exchange for divine power, she loses some ability like talking. At first she thought Sayless could be the priestess but how the heck did she trek across the desert? And of course Sayless is that priestess since back at the imperial city, the higher ups confirm her disappearance to the Divine Emperor. Ailia doesn’t know about this Psychite that Takuya is talking about. Across the desert is the imperial city and in between some quarries. Ailia fights off some monsters but loses concentration. Could have been killed if not for Takuya coming to save her. Apparently she is worried about her sister, Amanda who ran away. She doesn’t know about her whereabouts. Oh, Ailia is also dying of a disease. Next day after saving Sayless from another monster, Ailia collapses for real. She realizes Sayless is the priestess and believed she knew she would die today. She hopes Sayless would do her duty to protect the people. After burying her, Takuya decides to trek the desert and head to the quarries to find Psychite. With that kind of minimal gear?! Oh, off he goes. But he won’t let Sayless follow? He realizes his mini water container is leaking and thank goodness he might not have gone far because he turned back to the house. He realizes Sayless is not around. Realizing she could be lost in the desert, he goes look for her. How does he know where to look for her? Yup, her voice guides him. He kisses her to transfer water. She kisses him because their meeting is fate? I don’t get it…

Episode 19
Wow. Takuya must be getting used to life here because he is married to Sayless and has a daughter named Yuno!!! He lives the happy family life and takes over Ailia’s job of killing invading monsters. You know what they say when your child grows up so fast. Because literally in 4 years, Yuno is already like a teen! Of course Takuya has not forgotten about Kanna. He thinks Psychite are in those mines in the desert but no matter how much he searched, he couldn’t find them. One day, a female monster is found wounded in the garden. She attacks Takuya but weakens due to her injuries. Takuya finds out she comes from the imperial capital and from what it looked like, escaped with her child. Unfortunately she passes away from her injuries. But I guess Yuno know has got a pet friend whom she named Kunkun. Soon, Takuya thought he spotted some humans. However they quickly turn back towards the desert. They are guards from the imperial capital and as they report back to the Divine Emperor, they are ordered to investigate immediately. And then one day as Takuya is out with Yuno, from afar he sees those humans again at the house. He thought of going to ask them how to cross the desert but the moment he enters, they are all holding down Sayless. Damn, this looks like a rape scene. Sayless screaming from the top of her voice to Takuya to run.

Episode 20
This is really a weird way of checking one’s virginity! Takuya attacks but since the guards are better, he gets tied up. Sayless is left with no choice that she kills herself! OMFG!!! Sayless’ spirit then says goodbye to Yuno and then combines with her. The guards take Sayless’ body back to the imperial capital and they also confiscate the Reflector Device whom they recognize as a sacred treasure that Takuya stole. Takuya wakes up with Yuno by his side. She is not sad that mom is gone because she is now in her heart. Apparently Sayless does live in her heart and can sometimes communicate to Yuno. To others, she might look like she’s talking to an imaginary friend… The soldiers report back to the Divine Emperor. Knowing that Sayless has a child, the soldiers are ordered to find her as she will be the new priestess to continue with the ritual. Takuya and Yuno forcefully leave Kunkun behind because they’re going to cross the desert. Not enough food to bring. Can’t make that dragon kid their emergency food! Trekking the desert is tough. Almost being fooled by the mirage that the city is near. They also stumble into a weird grave of empty coffins. It boggles me how the soldiers can reach the city so fast but Takuya looks like lost for a long time. Yeah, maybe they had better navigation, I don’t know. Eventually their camel died and they have to eat it. Worse, Yuno grows weaker and sickly. And then a miracle. An oasis. Also, lucky sukebe for Takuya because hot elf chick, Sarah is bathing there. She calls him a pervert but hints of wanting to be done in by him? Sarah says she is from the imperial capital but ran away due to its problems. She laughs at Takuya’s revenge plot to go there and punch the Divine Emperor. So much so when they leave, she also wants to follow them to see through this. When it rains heavily, she leads them to take shelter in a temple. However it is a trap as she has all the soldiers waiting. Hey, Takuya has a big bounty on his head that is too good to pass. Yuno is taken away while Takuya is brought to some quarry prison.

Episode 21
As Yuno is taken to the Divine Emperor, Takuya is in prison and meets the ‘acquaintance’ of the prison warden, Bazuku. He also makes friends with fellow prisoners, Kartz and Deo. He learns the meaning of survival as Joe steals his food. If you wonder why nobody escapes this quarry as it lacks walls and guards, well, anybody who runs out gets zapped by the Tower of Garzel. So much like Mt Sankaku, huh? The prisoners’ job is mainly to mine holy stones (Psychite) which are then processed as ornaments for a coffin for the priestess’ ritual. One day, Takuya sees prisoners gathering around something. It’s Kunkun! Claiming this is his pet, the prisoners laugh at him and tell him such creatures are livestock. Takuya frees it and then pins the blame on Joe for trying to eat it. Because of that, Bazuku punishes him. Note, this guy is a pervert… Oh sh*t. But then Takuya gets caught trying to steal a Psychite and is now punished by Bazuku. This guy is going to interrogate his holes for he may hide them there! OH SH*T!!!! I hope those times f*cking Sayless was worth it. Takuya gets this idea to find a way out via the tunnels. So he searched every route for a year until the last route he finds it. THE LAST ROUTE. Want to shout louder? Bet nobody heard you. He goes to tell Kartz and Deo about it but apparently the guards are bringing in a rare female prisoner. They’re not ready to escape yet. After stealing a Psychite, Takuya goes to escape. But Joe usurps him and climbs out. Turns out the well is just right within Garzel and he gets zapped! Lucky Takuya, huh? Takuya is caught and imprisoned. Bazuku just finished torturing and interrogating that female, Amanda. Remember her as Ailia’s sister, they talk and it seems she is the leader of the resistance force trying to take down the Divine Emperor. You see, all that ritual thingy are lies. The truth is that the priestess is killed so the Divine Emperor can take her powers and rule over the people. Takuya agrees to help seeing she already has her members infiltrate this place. This hang loose/telephone sign is their signal? And when Takuya reunites with Kartz and Deo, he can tell they are part of the resistance force.

Episode 22
Bazuku continues to torment Amanda and blinds an eye. Takuya plans with Kartz and Deo on their escape. First they have to cause confusion and during that time they will also rescue Amanda and escape. But how when Garzel is activated? On the day they carry out the coffin, Garzel will be temporarily shut off. Of course they have a backup tower and they need to shut it down too. Takuya remembers the way to destroy it is sticking a sword into it. Take his word. He did it before. However can the 3 of them pull off this plan? Other prisoners want in because they too want to escape. Gee, it’s easy joining the resistance force. Takuya is then called to Bazuku’s room. Takuya sees that tapestry but Bazuku wants to offer him a deal. If he can make Amanda talk, he will let him see Yuno. Takuya agrees but wants Ailia’s sword. Bazuku agrees? On the night the coffin is carried out, Takuya goes to talk to Amanda. At the same time, the prisoners revolt. Bazuku wants Garzel to be activated despite it will kill many of the soldiers too. If they won’t do it, he will. During to riot, Kartz manages to throw a sword into the tower. You mean it really stuck there?! Like a charm, Garzel struck itself and crumbles. So easy! Bazuku activates the backup and people start getting zapped. Takuya frees Amanda as they head to the control tower. Bazuku ambushes them. Takuya fights him and makes this clumsy fatty destroy the controls. In a lucky twist of fate, Bazuku falls down (you mean there are no barriers on this high tower?) and falls into the coffin! The tower is going to explode and Takuya and Amanda are trapped. WTF Amanda wants to kill herself? Takuya won’t let her. So how? Here comes Kunkun flying down to save them! Man, Kunkun has evolved into part human, huh? Make that part hot chick! So you think Kunkun is going to carry them all the way to the imperial capital but then she gives out. Oh dear. Is she dying? Amanda gives Takuya a knife. As her owner, do what he needs to do. Kunkun will become their emergency food as the journey to the imperial capital is still very far. Oh my. Before she could be the next hot babe in Takuya’s life, she’s gone.

Episode 23
With the ritual nearing, the Divine Emperor sends more guards out to the quarry to retrieve the coffin. This may leave the imperial city with lesser guards but the Divine Emperor will leave it to a masked woman to take care of things. Amanda and Takuya part ways before entering the imperial city but will meet at their hideout. Takuya gets spotted by guards and is on the run. Thankfully he is saved by Eriko! What is she doing here? So Ryuuzouji is also here, huh? She uses some device to let him remember his memories. Eh? When did he forget them? Was having fun with Sayless made him forget his days on Earth? Anyway, more sci-fi mumbo jumbo from Eriko as she talks about causality and how she found out some spiral. This means certain events keep repeating like every 400 years, something terrible will happen to Dela Granto. There might be a collision. She gives him a device. You mean this small compass is supposed to detect disruption in event elements? Okay. Look how shaky its needle is. It shows how unstable Dela Granto is right now. Takuya goes to the hideout but they ambush him thinking he is a spy of the masked woman. Thanks to Deo and Kartz, he is saved. With Amanda joining the meeting, she relays info that the Divine Emperor has picked another priestess. As the ritual is in 2 days, the masked woman has been going around destroying the resistance’s hideouts. The plan is to attack the castle at dawn. I understand Amanda is nervous before the big raid and that they might not make it out alive. That’s why she can’t sleep that night. So she wants Takuya to sing a lullaby? Is that adult talk for f*ck you till you sleep? Hahaha… Oh wait. You don’t really mean it?! Oh sh*t! She wants him to f*ck her! TAKUYAAAA!!! Yeah, I guess it’s the only thing she can trust him to do. Next day, the team resistance is separated into groups. Amanda’s team managed to infiltrate inside the castle. Takuya’s side is supposed to come through via the sewers but is having trouble with the doors. Just then the masked woman finds them. Takuya fights her and when her mask comes off, isn’t that Yuno?! Why am I not surprised? Did she forget her father and continue attacking him?

Episode 24
Takuya manages to escape with a distraction and returns to his mission. In this underground cell, there is a prisoner locked within a barrier. The prisoner knows Takuya and Takuya instantly recognizes this haggard old fart as Ryuuzouji! Looks like he got outsmarted by the Divine Emperor and Mother. He mentions for a God to possess a priestess, she must give up 1 of her senses. That is why Keitia went blind, Sayless lost her voice and Yuno sacrificed her heart and memories. Ryuuzouji knows of a way to return Yuno to normal in exchange for freedom. Takuya will not do that and just in time, Eriko leaps in. While Takuya talks to her, Ryuuzouji hypnotizes Deo and Kartz to free him and then attack them so he could escape. Eriko goes after him so Takuya and the rest resume their mission. Outside the priestess’ room, lots of guards. Deo and Kartz sound the intruder alert and all of them left their position! WTF?! Takuya goes in and sees sleeping Yuno. She wakes up and tries to kill him. Takuya then tells Sayless within her to remind her daughter about their family. Yuno experiences headaches before some reckless attack breaks something (coffin?) and Yuno has her memories returned. He has her stay here while he goes deal with the Divine Emperor. Gee, no guards accompanying her? Before Takuya could attack her, she unmasks herself. It’s Ayumi! Again, why am I not surprised? In her room, Ayumi apologizes for all that she has done and returns the Reflector Device to him. She knew this day would come. She is going to tell him the whole truth of Dela Granto. Similarly, Amanda and the other resistance fighters enter a strange room (thanks to traitorous Sarah who is working here as a maid, picking its lock! A LOCK!) and a cute AI hologram also tells them the whole truth. Gee, what convenience.

The first time Ayumi was struck by lightning at Mt Sankaku, she arrived at Dela Granto. Ryuuzouji was already a ruler here. With his help, she took control of this super computer known as Mother since the locals lost their ability to control it. Ayumi then found out Ryuuzouji’s grand plan to use Mother to rule over the world and hence with Mother’s help, sealed him away. She took on the role as Divine Emperor since Mother’s words are absolute. Millions of years ago, there was an advanced civilization on Earth. But one day, scientists predicted meteors will rain and wipe out all life on Earth. Led by Grantia, they created a technology to carve out a piece of the world to another dimension! Gee, nobody noticed the odd crater on Earth then? No? Must be millions of years of rehabilitation then. However this dimension isn’t suitable for living and many lives perished. Hence the scientists modified living beings themselves to adapt. So the strange creatures you see here are because of the process of adaptability. But not all adapted and those failed turned into monsters. They can’t survive without a certain ore called Psychite. Grantia then miscalculated the orbit and hence Dela Granto will collide with Earth in 400 years. Since Grantia can only control the floating continent, she too knows she isn’t an immortal and hence uploaded her data into Mother. But its only flaw is that a catalyst is needed so that her mind can be synchronized and that is why a female human AKA priestess is needed. Soon, Dela Granto will approach Earth and that collision will destroy both worlds! That is why a priestess is needed to synchronize with Grantia to avoid this. Ayumi is sad to say that even if this is successfully, Yuno will still be annihilated. The resistance fighters are shocked to hear this. They are in a dilemma because succeeding in their mission would mean doom to all.

Episode 25
The resistance fighters are about to be executed but Divine Emperor stops this and instead pleads for their help to save the world. Takuya was also told that the ritual might send to priestess to another world, though that is a one in a billion chance. Hey, chances aren’t zero, right? So Takuya is stressing how to tell this to Yuno but she already knows. She has made peace with why she was born in the first place. Sure it wasn’t because of Takuya and Sayless’ labour of love? Sorry… So he gives her a jewel as a charm. So how is he going to teleport to her if she ever calls him? Meanwhile Eriko has caught up with Ryuuzouji. Seems she wants answers why he annihilated several event trees. Ryuuzouji is also interested to find the root since he can’t die. Wrong place, wrong time. Eriko gets washed away. Ryuuzouji escapes again. On the day of the ritual, everyone gathers at the plaza as Yuno enters a device to synchronize with Grantia. Yeah, the process is going to take a while so cue for Ryuuzouji to crash in. Don’t worry, Divine Emperor has seen this coming and enacts a strong barrier around. Ryuuzouji as an eternal being enjoys destroying lives since everything that lives will eventually die. He is just hastening the process. Since he saw this coming too, he has a trick up his sleeve. He opens a dimensional rift whereby out comes, uhm, dimensional ghosts?! From afar they look like swimming sperms… Those lost souls not only terrorize the people, but it is also trying to weaken the barrier. If they are formless, why do normal weapons get to hurt them? Anyway, Ryuuzouji also opens up rifts that suck people in. Yup, Amanda gets sucked into one. Takuya tries to save her but she lets go because she can’t drag him along too. Bye. No wonder last night was worth it. And still 15 minutes to go for the synchronization?! Man, lots more gonna die…

Episode 26
Ryuuzouji takes Ayumi hostage in hopes Takuya will destroy the barrier. Luckily no power of boners here. Because if he lets Ryuuzouji escape, the world will still be destroyed. Meanwhile one of the souls is Abel. He finds Eriko so that they could end this sh*t. Ryuuzouji uses Niarb on somebody to break the barrier. There. So easy. Should’ve done it in the first place. Now that Ryuuzouji is free, he kills Ayumi. You bastard!!! He turns into his true form to try and escape but Abel restrains him. But can Eriko shoot through both of them? That’s why Abel needs to tell her how much he loved her. He failed to find the root but found eternal love. Yeah. Bang! Ryuuzouji and Abel gone. With this mission over, Eriko is going to disappear as her mission is complete and is sent back to her dimension. Takuya has one last goodbye moment with Ayumi. You’d thought the world is saved but WTF the worlds will still collide even if the ritual is successful?! Yuno manages to talk to daddy one last time before she is sent to the other dimension. From what I understand, as Grantia puts it, she must move faster than the speed of light and go back in time. So she did just that and Dela Granto crashes into Earth before humans were even on it. Now we return to the time where Takuya just left Kanna. Then in a second he returned with a crystallized Psychite. Then he realizes Kanna’s mother is actually Amanda! So you mean Takuya is actually her father!!! Then Takuya starts to disappear. Can’t be in this timeline anymore. Because there’s another daughter he needs to be with. Takuya returns to the ‘starting point’. At Mt Sankaku, he rushes to that sexy naked elf girl who is no other than Yuno. She claims Dela Granto crashed here 8000 years ago and is still underneath this place. So Yuno is going to merge with the elements? Like disappear? Takuya won’t let her go alone and will always be alone. It might be only emptiness but they have each other. We see Koudai noting what he saw and is jealous of him. Because Takuya and Yuno can travel between rifts of time and this is the window of the truth of history he has always longed for. But he will continue to search his own way. Takuya and Yuno travelling as instants and eternity stumble into a small tree that remembers everything. They name it… Insert pun here!

Yuno; Gate – RetrieD: Tokigoe No Takuya
Wow. Gee, I don’t know if I am happy or sad with that kind of ending. Hey, at least he got to be with a girl in the end. Even though she is his daughter. Creepy to think that she looks more and more like his girlfriend than his daughter. Looking old enough to get f*cked. Incest! But technically she is still a minor so is this what you call a reverse legal loli? Anyway, with Dela Granto crashing into Earth thousands of years ago, maybe that is why over the years when Earth has slowly regenerated, that is why humans don’t get freaked out seeing some floating island approaching at lightning speed and then crash! Dig deep enough and you’ll find the hidden lost city of mole people! Haha! Just kidding. But it got me thinking if this was what wiped out the dinosaurs! Not a meteor from outer space but the collision of Dela Granto! Oh wait, that collision happened 8000 years ago and dinosaurs are long gone way before that. Maybe the impact was so great that the fragments go back in time and wiped out the dinosaurs? And I was under the impression the collision would destroy the entire Earth. Heck, it just ‘dented’ one small seaside town in Japan. WTF?! Even if it did collide, only Japan is affected, right?! Only this town and its vicinity, right? Damn Japan, don’t act like it’s the only place with living people in the entire world! Oh, I know now! Regarding that tree Takuya and Yuno were going to name? I call it… Three-some! Because technically Sayless is inside them so… Get it?! HAHAHA! Sorry… Better get serious now…

The overall series as we can see is divided into 2 main parts. The first part involving dimension hopping on Earth while the second part turned into some reverse isekai with our main protagonist finding himself on an alien fantasy world. Honestly, I find the first part to be more interesting than the second although it does have a lot of mind boggling flaws. Perhaps it was because everything was such a mystery and we were journeying with Takuya to try and resolve to get to the bottom of it all. And then when Takuya was sent to Dela Granto, it became somewhat generic. An adventure in a faraway fantasy world that became some sort of an ‘epic’ quest to save the worlds. Am I watching a different anime now? I may be wrong but I have a feeling that despite the dimension hopping is an interesting concept to explore, it is as though they ran out of steam in Dela Granto and everything felt boring and somewhat rushed. Remember, the first main arc had 17 episodes dedicated to it while the Dela Granto arc only had 9. But I’m not sure if it is a good thing to drag this out with more episodes if they decided to go on for another season.

While the sci-fi terms and ideas are not as convoluted as heavier anime series like Steins; Gate or even the To Aru Majutsu No Index series, there are lots of things that I do not understand and still find mind boggling. I don’t know, these feel like one of the biggest loopholes in the series that I could never get my mind around it. For example, I remember it is said that one doesn’t exactly travel to the past but to other different dimensions that run at somewhat different times. Okay. I think I can understand that. I also understand that with Takuya holding onto the Reflector Device, hence he is the only one (and those that he brings along) will be the only thing that moves in between the dimensions. So this is the biggest mind boggling question: You mean in those other dimensions in which Takuya has left, what the heck will happen to that dimension anyway?! So are you telling me that of all the infinite parallel dimensions, there is only one and one and only Takuya?! But there are infinite Mio, infinite Ayumi, infinite Kanna, etc. Remember the dimension in which Yuuki died? So Takuya restarted and went back and redo everything. That’s fine and dandy. So what about that dimension he just left? Yuuki died. Mio is left scared all alone in that cave. She’d probably die alone. And Mitsuki will forever be waiting outside the cave… See what I’m getting here? Because if Takuya claimed he can’t leave this dimension and redo it until he assured Mio’s is safe, then what about the other previous dimensions he left by restarting using the Reflector Device? Yeah, my mind is ready to explode…

Then it’s just like real WTF when Takuya starts to disappear and restart just because this so called dimension and timeline isn’t meant to be his. Like as though you’ve won the video game and now it’s time to go back to the start and try a different route. Gee, this is so twisted and confusing. You mean Takuya has no future in this timeline? And who is fate to tell Takuya that it isn’t his fate to be here? So everybody in that dimension gets to carry on living their normal lives without Takuya? How you’re going to explain it? Uh, looks like he went to another dimension. Period. That’s not going to cut it. F*ck that causality that Koudai claims to be the most important here because I sure hell don’t really understand it till the very end. How the f*ck is everything connected when Takuya as the only one with the Reflector Device can only travel between dimensions? What an unfortunate soul like me, can’t even connect these dots that might seem like a piece of cake to others with better intellect. Maybe that’s why I’m stuck in this damn dimension of mine… Oops, getting side-tracked here. But I guess it doesn’t matter because Takuya now being one with eternity together with Yuno, they’re like everywhere!

Also mind boggling that the priestess have to lose one of her senses in exchange for the divine powers. Assuming that the newly chosen priestess can choose which sense to give up, why not give up smell or taste? I’m sure that beats sight, voice, hearing or even memories. I mean, it’s much better to be unable to taste tasty and delicious food again than never having to see forever for the rest of your lives, right? And I don’t even know how the coffin plays a role in saving the world. I thought the priestess will be buried in it but apparently it is more of a plot convenience or something of that sort. You see Yuno entering straight up the synchronizing device. Coffin not needed in the first place. Yeah, they turned a part of the desert into a coffin graveyard. Ironic.

On to the characters, Takuya isn’t anything really special. Therefore I figure to make up for the absence of any sort of hentai material in this remake, hence Takuya is turned into some sort of smooth operator Playboy. It is either you’ll laugh or cringe at his dirty talk. This guy sure has his way with the ladies. He doesn’t pass up the chance to make sex jokes or dirty jokes. If this is his way to flirt or break the ice, well, I can’t say he is doing it entirely wrong. Because he has got at least most of the featured girls here in love with him for some reason. I bet it isn’t his dirty talk that gave him his charisma but it is all part and parcel of him. Yeah, love works in mysterious ways. Go figure that out in another dimension. But definitely not the kind of cheesy lines you want to use when you pick up chicks. Trust me, you don’t. Otherwise, pretty generic and cliché main character. You know the drill. Cares enough for his friends and loved ones to go all out and do the right thing. After all, he is the only who possessed the power to redo stuffs. So why waste it?

Then the rest of his harem, oh well, I guess they’re pretty generic too. Since this is a multi-branching type of story, I guess we can dedicate a few episodes for a pair and then move on. Nothing really special, really. It’s not like Amagami SS whereby the main character ends up with a different girl for a different arc. Takuya being the wandering Playboy on a mission he is, I guess that’s why he can’t settle down with one. Oh yeah, his love belongs to all! I bet he’ll say that if he had the chance. This harem formula is somewhat modified once he get to Dela Granto. It might be a bit misleading to call it a harem because it can’t be one if many of the babes keep dying! OMFG. Girls who love him and even had sex with him end up dying in some ways? This world sucks! From Ailia (died after just one freaking episode) to Sayless (dead but technically ‘living’ inside Yuno for a plot convenience – why do I have a feeling she is named after a pun of not being able to talk?) to Kunkun (died after becoming hot) and even Amanda herself (died after losing her virginity), looks like Dela Granto isn’t the place for Takuya to keep his harem. But I guess it is better than that streak of timeline where Ayumi killed herself in every conceivable ways! Finally as her role as Divine Emperor, she still got killed anyway. And Mitsuki coming in close because it’s like her fate to just die in the timelines we see. Yikes. Kanna almost died. Almost. Eriko returned to her timeline so I guess she is like ‘dead’ in Takuya’s life. Mio still lives but she’s going away so I guess that’s more or less the same thing. Good thing she has Yuuki as ‘backup’. Kaori? Nobody gives a f*ck about this b*tch. Oh yeah. The girls here sure have very grim fates if you think about it.

Ryuuzouji being the main antagonist, well, I want to say that he is on par with God because he is immortal and can exist across the dimensions. But I think because sometimes of his incompetence that makes him think he is just a villain just for plot convenience. Like relying on human goons to get the job done when he himself could have done it better. Oh, I don’t know if he wants to hide his identity because it’s like he doesn’t want others to know he is behind this. Is there some sort of limitation if he takes on a human body even if it is just some vessel? Takuya eventually knows he is the culprit but so what of it? So he might be immortal but he isn’t all that powerful. After all, what fun is there if you can destroy a world with the snap of your fingers. Better to have fun by plotting the worlds’ slow destruction and watch it yourself. Also, it gives time to our heroes and do something about it and prevent a bad ending. Ah, true villainy fail 101. And then got easily killed off by some special gun + the power of love. Ah, true bad guys die the cliché way 101.

I thought Takuya will eventually come into contact with Koudai and answer some of the questions but I guess it would be awkward for father and son to be meeting each other again after so many years. What are the chances of dimension hopping father and son meet again? Not highly likely in this sense but the chances aren’t zero. Hence Koudai here looks more like an unwanted cut scene that you can never skip. Uh huh. It’s not like he explains it thoroughly to his idiot son and leaves him hanging with more questions than answers. Not sure if this is his way to get his son to think and act but he seemed to be playing his cards right and walked the correct routes. So it got me thinking that people here don’t really die. They just go on to live on in another dimension! Maybe those who really died go to that other dimension called heaven or hell. But I don’t want to go over there and open another can of worms.

Art and animation look pretty okay. Nothing to shout about. But I’m guessing the artwork is given a huge update than its 1998 OVA predecessor (which could look very 90s and dated). In fact, I can’t really find any over the internet. Yeah, it’s that obscure and I suppose I’m too lazy or Google’s safety filter is making me lose my motivation. It’s hard to find details on that OVA series because I have a feeling that nobody is that old like me still watching anime. Hah. Even the few reviews put it as unworthy even for the very few hentai scenes. No hentai scenes in this remake but a few sexy tantalizing fanservice scenes like Mio getting close to naked in the cave just because a moment of insanity. And who’d thought that Erika likes to dress so sexy during her school nurse stint and give the male fantasies what we all want to see. I wonder if the director’s cut version will show some extra hentai scenes like Takuya banging Sayless or Amanda’s last night with our Playboy. Just maybe… This anime is done by Feel who did Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru, Hinamatsuri, Dagashi Kashi, Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai and Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai.

Voice acting also feels okay. A few recognizable veteran seiyuus like Rie Kugimiya and Yuu Kobayashi as Mio and Eriko respectively. However they sound meek and soft compared to their tsundere or loud crazy trademark that I am more familiar with. Others I recognized included Marina Inoue as Amanda and Fumihiko Tachiki as Koudai. I also misrecognized a couple like Yuuki and Kartz, I thought it was Daisuke Sakaguchi but instead it was Yuuki Fujiwara (Liang in Nanbaka). Kaori, I was sure it was Rina Satou but instead, Rena Maeda (Nike in Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii). The other casts are Yuu Hayashi as Takuya (Ryuunosuke in Haikyu), Maaya Uchida as Kanna (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Kaori Nazuka as Ayumi and Divine Emperor (Tsukasa in Amagami SS), Saori Oonishi as Mitsuki (Aiz in DanMachi), Ari Ozawa as Yuno (Fai in Endro), Asami Sanada as Sayless (Dejiko in Di Gi Charat), Taiten Kusunoki as Ryuuzouji (Rock Bison in Tiger & Bunny) and Takuya Eguchi as Toyotomi and Deo (Tao in Grimms Notes The Animation).

The first opening theme is the same name as this anime and sung by Asaka. I don’t know, it could be a theme song suitable to be used for supernatural mysteries. Can this series be considered one? The first ending theme, Shinri No Kagami Tsurugi No You Ni by Konomi Suzuki is heavy on the techno side. She also sings the second opening theme, Mother whom I thought is trying to compete with Shingeki No Kyojin’s main theme because it starts out with those epic voices before the techno dubsteps drown it out and make it sound generic. Kami No Suushiki as the second ending theme by Asaka is also another techno song but a bit slower on the beat. All in all, these techno songs aren’t really my cup of tea and I have this feeling that prolong hearing of it will induce some sort of ringing deafness in my ears. I don’t know, I didn’t try it but that’s what my guts tell me… Maybe I should turn down my speakers’ volume…

Overall, this anime was interesting and had potential but somehow it lost its way and shine and then it became generic and boring especially in the second arc. Then there are a few mind boggling loopholes that will raise more questions than answers if you think too much on how it all works. Perhaps this anime has done better but it existed in another dimension way beyond our reach! I read many comments that you’d be better off in playing the game which has better storyline and everything. Including those delicious sex scenes of course. But of course, it has been through time and time when a game with so much content gets adapted to a medium that has very limited content, there are going to be lots of things left out. Maybe this remake is to get newbies to go check out the game which was remade back in 2017. But for me, I’m done dimension hopping. I’ll just live the rest of my life in this timeline of mine watching more or less the same kind of animes.

Hmmm… Last season we had a poor boy who has good and decent grades tutor quintuplet sisters and avoid any of them get any failing grade. Love happens in between. Sort of. Now, this season we have a poor boy who has good and decent grades tutor a few girls in his school in subjects which are poor at but they are very passionate about. Love happens in between. Sort of. Ah yes. What more can be more motivating than picking up your books and study hard with the possible love polygon sure to happen somewhere. At least in this sort of anime and genre. So folks, don’t be surprise if we don’t learn anything or two in Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai because it is going to get as cliché it can get when a nice boy of the same age starts tutoring hot beautiful chicks and then something else other than their improving grades blossom. I think we can see where this is going…

Episode 1
Rizu Ogata is a genius in maths and physics. Fumino Furuhashi has no rivals in literature. Nariyuki Yuiga isn’t a genius but he puts in enough effort that shows in his grades and his dream is to get a special VIP recommendation to an affiliated university in which all tuition fees are covered. He gets that chance when the principal summons him. He must tutor Ogata and Furuhashi and have them get into their choice universities. As he talks to them, it seems they want to go into universities that are a total opposite of what they are good at. Shocking, right? He lets them take a test and they score really bad. I mean, really bad. Even if they make a single increment point every day, it gets worse after a week. So why they don’t just teach each other? Because they don’t know what they don’t know. Eh? I thought that should be enough to teach the other? Anyway, when all else fails, Yuiga asks if they should just use their natural talents. They don’t like what he said. Because it’s like trying to live their life as dictated by others think. Before they could claim he is the same like other tutors who will eventually abandon them, Yuiga isn’t about to throw in the towel yet. Noticing they left their textbooks, he goes through them and realizes they left a lot of notes and are serious in it.

Yuiga remembers when he failed during his younger years, he was very upset despite trying. But his late dad encouraged him that one who fails can only understand of not being able to do something. Next day, Yuiga hands back their textbooks and added his own notes to help them improve. It sounds like a confession that he hopes they can get along together. Yuiga needs to do his own homework but does he need to sit sandwiched in between them instead of opposite them? Because of that, Furuhashi almost falls asleep and her head lean on his shoulder while Ogata is too close that her boobs are rubbing on his arms. This makes him too conscious to study since their faces are too close. Later he learns Furuhashi’s dream is to study astrology as loves the stars. She hopes to find her late mom’s star. Subsequently, he finds Ogata playing a card game that is meant for several players, alone. She challenges him and loses 20 consecutive times! She admits she is weak when it comes to anything with human emotions. That’s why she wants to study liberal arts and get into psychology. Yuiga returns home. His bother complex sister, Mizuki is worried since she could smell women all over him! Next day in class, Yuiga’s friends are shocked when those genius beauties are looking for him. They whisper in his ear to keep a secret what happened last night. Uhm, shouldn’t they be a little discreet about this?

Episode 2
Uruka Takemoto is Yuiga’s childhood and wants to borrow and copy his homework. Please do yourself… After Yuiga reports his update to the principal, it seems he has another favour to ask: Tutor Takemoto too. She might be a prodigy in swimming but the university wants an all-rounder this year. Yup. You know what that means. And Yuiga can’t say no when his special VIP recommendation is on the line. So he tries to get her to study but she runs away. And when he catches her, Ogata and Furuhashi just drop by and misinterpret this rape scene!!! Takemoto quickly gets acquainted with the genius beauties. Flashback shows because Yuiga is always lenient in lending her copy his homework, she starts liking him. And also his friends teased him that they like each other. Takemoto is karaoke-ing by herself and wants to invite Ogata. But when she refuses since she is at Yuiga’s home studying, instantly she rushes over! Was the karaoke joint nearby? I don’t think she has intentions to study either as she takes out all her snacks. Just then, a blackout. Obviously Ogata is scared and clings on to him despite her mouth saying otherwise. Takemoto thinks she can also jump into his arms with pretence of being scared but finds it too embarrassing. Yeah, really awkward moment in the dark. Yuiga then makes a makeshift candle. Impressive. Until it goes out. All hell breaks loose. Somebody touching somebody and when the lights get back on, they accuse him of being a pervert. No mood to study anymore. Going home. The ultimatum for Takemoto: She must do well in a test in which failing would result in supplementary classes and no club activities. Time to scream at Yuiga for help. So as they try to help Takemoto and motivate her, we can see that her attention span is so short that she can’t focus. Excuses, excuses. Then they just continue studying. I know she can’t take it anymore but does she have to spam that like every 5 minutes?! Yuiga then gets an idea. To help improve her English vocabulary, he incorporates swimming into it. She has to dive in and pick the correct answer. She gets it all correct! It goes to show that she can only give her full when swimming is involved. Later Takemoto thanks him for helping studying by giving him a gift. WTF, a female swimsuit?! Turns she mixed up her present and it was supposed to be a pencil case.

Episode 3
The principal tells Yuiga that the girls must score at least average in the upcoming midterms. Otherwise they must change their field of study. After he leaves, the duo pass by the office and conveniently overheard the vice principal, Mafuyu Kirisu saying that in addition if they failed, Yuiga will be relieved of his tutor duties. While it should be no big deal to them because they have experienced tutor changes every term and it is only logic since they are out if they can’t produce results, why are they so concerned about Yuiga? I think I know… Yuiga coaches Ogata in her family ramen shop. Dad trying to warn him about doing something funny to his daughter but gets shot down by Ogata for being creepy. Ogata still feels unconfident of not doing well so he cheers her up to review and put that effort in the next test. During the test, she starts to have cold feet. She remembers all her previous tutors (including Kirisu) telling her to just drop her weak subject. Yuiga never said that, right? So she isn’t going to betray him and starts doing her best. Amazingly, she scores above average. Yuiga is so happy she could cry but Ogata couldn’t tell him most of the parts she got lucky. Next is Furuhashi but she has a cold… Hence Yuiga visits her at home. Man, she’s got a big house. Sure, Furuhashi said nobody else will be in but can he just walk in without knocking? Because of that he sees Takemoto cleaning her naked back. Out! Though Takemoto thinks this is normal for him as a boy but gets embarrassed thinking about it herself. Cue to call him a pervert whatever. Amazingly, Yuiga’s motivational words make her really better. Yeah, it really blew her cold away. And with that, she too scores above average.

Takemoto’s friends, Ayuko Kawase and Chinami Umihara are shocked she hasn’t confessed to Yuiga yet. They are not okay with her being okay with status quo. So after school, they force her to go shopping. They make her wear a very frilly princess dress and just abandon her. Embarrassed Takemoto tries to get back and hopes this is one of those days she won’t bump into Yuiga. Nope. It’s one of those days fate wants to screw with you. When spotted, she lies she wanted to go to this bookstore. Okay. He wants to come along! Because of his close proximity, she feels very embarrassed and awkward. Cue for cliché bratty kid to point out how they look like a couple before mom takes son away. Then there is this competition only open for couples and there is a prize that Yuiga notes Mizuki would love. Hence Takemoto braves up to pretend for them to be couple and do this couple carrying contest. Who can hold their love the longest wins! I guess those who falter, that’s as far as their love goes, eh? Haha! I hope this won’t break them up… Yuiga seeing Takemoto close to tears realizes she is trying to hold so he summons his manly power to continue holding her. Yup, they win. In the end, Takemoto was able to naturally flaunt to him that she looked like a princess today. Before he could give his answer, she doesn’t want to hear it. At least not today. I guess she’s had enough for today. Back home, Mizuki is mad. If he won this prize via the couple contest, which girl did he paired up with to win? And it sure wasn’t her… Oh no… Can his explanation save the day?

Episode 4
Furuhashi realizes she has gained weight. Is it because her study pals invite her to snack a lot in between? Hence she tries to resist by not eating and concentrate on her studying. Damn, Yuiga bringing treats made by Mizuki, is God trying to test her or something?! The resistance is strong for a few days until Yuiga notices she doesn’t look too well. Furuhashi admits she is on a diet and despite Yuiga says she looks fine to him, she goes on ranting how she easily gains weight and fears what others say about her. To prove it, she wants him to touch her stomach. It dawned too late to Yuiga this looks like a perverted scene. Worse, Furuhashi misinterprets his words about this being dangerous. She thinks she is going to be overweight when he was commenting on this perverted scene. On their way home, suddenly she buys lots of snacks. She claims this helps her in her midnight studying and is confident she doesn’t put on weight easily. WTF… So when Yuiga allows her to only eat thin noodles, she returns to her desired weight. The president of the chemistry club, Sawako Sekijo doesn’t approve Ogata switching to humanities and blames she is in love with Yuiga. However she brushes it off because love does not equate to her in this sense.

Thus Sekijo goes to spy at them studying at Rin’s place. She thinks of riling Ogata up by getting close to Yuiga and asking questions like what kind of girl he likes. In turn, Yuiga panics thinking she likes him and because they’re so noisy, Ogata kicks them out! As they talk outside, Yuiga realizes Sekijo just wants to be her friend. Sekijo realizes Ogata really wants to do humanities as she sees her putting in a lot of effort but maybe to a certain degree Yuiga has got something to do with it. Yuiga invites them to come watch them study on certain days. Although she dismisses it, she is seen eagerly waiting there. Don’t mind her. It’s just coincidence. Takemoto realizes she forgot to wear her bra in her haste and fears Yuiga will find out. One of those days because she will be facing off against him in a basketball match. She can’t concentrate and her ball easily gets stolen. She tries to focus on the game instead of her boobs but it’s just too hard when Yuiga comes in too close for defence. During halftime with Yuiga giving some words of encouragement, Takemoto takes it as some twisted form of confession. Now she goes all out but the final blocking defence has Takemoto’s boobs fall all over his face. Did he find out? He comments Mizuki feels like that. Takemoto feels both embarrassed and insulted. His guy lacks further tact because back home he sees Mizuki wearing one and points out to her. Surely she beats him up for his straying eyes, right?

Episode 5
Boy, the school sure has a couple of days of mountainous retreat for their study. For some reason, Ogata can’t take her eyes off Yuiga. During a study session, she was too shy and slow to lend her eraser when he dropped it. Hence the other girls were ‘faster’. You only have yourself to blame for sulking like that. Then at the vending machine when he asks how’s her studying coming along, she gets flustered and tells him off to mind his own business. She walks out and decides to take her mind off by collecting mountain udo she thinks Yuiga loves. As expected, she gets lost. Yeah, it’s raining too. When Sekijo realizes Ogata is not around and bugs Yuiga about it, he realizes he last saw her heading out and she might still be out there. Poor Ogata doesn’t understand why she is thinking about Yuiga. She might be hallucinating to even hear his voice. Oh wait. It’s him! As he tries to help her up, thanks to the slippery slope, she slips and from this angle it looked like they kissed! Ogata just got up and left. Ever since she hasn’t looked at him in the eye then but you know fate, screwing around when it can. They are both tasked to clean the baths when the girls start streaming in. Apparently absentminded Ogata forgot to put the cleaning in progress sign out. He hides in the sauna while she tries to convince the girls to go away. Panicked and failed. Yeah, some of them enter the sauna. Yuiga is now hiding underneath the chair. It’s really getting hot from all sides now. When Furuhashi’s feet touched something, she is about to look under when Sekijo claims a meteor shower passing. After everyone runs out, Sekijo calls him out from his hiding. She knew something was amiss when Ogata was acting strangely and found Yuiga’s jersey. So as Yuiga sneaks out, he bumps into Takemoto. Her tower dropped. Is the view nice? Did Takemoto ignore him? While Yuiga is now in safe zone, Takemoto is disillusioned. Was that a hallucination of Yuiga?! Thank goodness? Later Ogata makes up with Yuiga. However she still accuses him of seeing her body. Despite he gave foggy glasses as an excuse, did he still see them foggily? It’s not like Ogata looks mad, right? Back at school, Yuiga explains the girls’ progress to Kirisu. He remembers the girls telling him she was their first tutor and a very cold one. Though she notes he is working hard and doing his best, she wonders if that mountain kiss with Ogata is part of doing his best. Oh sh*t!

Episode 6
Furuhashi is eavesdropping but she can’t hear properly. So she barges in in hopes of trying to clear Yuiga’s name. Too bad she spilled about that stomach touching incident and naked viewing while she was sick. Then it’s Ogata’s turn. Uh huh. The sauna incident… He’s dead. Oh f*ck, now what Takemoto?! Pinning her down at the pool?! Thanks girls. For making it clear those misunderstandings. However Kirisu decides to overlook this as she notes they are fond of him. Suddenly Yuiga takes her hand?! He notices the bruises all over it and realizes she too cares about her students. She was looking for Ogata in the rain and stumbled upon that fake kissing scene. With the principal praising Yuiga for improving their grades, however his male friends get the wrong idea he really kissed a girl and because Yuiga didn’t exactly deny it and said it was an accident, this only serves to worsen the rumours he did kiss a girl. So when Takemoto hears this, she can’t concentrate on her studies and even indirectly tries to ask Yuiga about this via a lesson. Did he kiss someone? Wow. Perfect English. Takemoto tries to stay positive and cheer for him but later feels sad about it. Later she talks to Furuhashi about it and it is clear to her that Takemoto likes her childhood friend. Furuhashi makes her day when she decides to support her. But all that happiness is blown away when the rumours get out of hand. Yuiga staying with his girlfriend? They have a kid?! Thanks to that, Takemoto’s score takes a plunge. Somehow Ogata too. Furuhashi is feeling so conflicted. Even more so when Yuiga talks to her for advice about this. How can she tell him that both of them likes him? Best excuse to go figure it out himself because it is a matter of a woman’s heart! Since Takemoto is still nervous about her chance with Yuiga, her friends decide to set them up. This means wearing a much shorter skirt and showing some cleavage. Sex sells, right? It just makes them embarrassed and awkward. So awkward that they walk together to the shrine and pray. No prizes to guess what they’re praying for. Unfortunately God is a cheeky one so he makes it rain for them to take shelter there. She pretends to sleep as advised by her friends in hopes of making Yuiga stimulated. When she feels her head being petted and her body being licked, you know it’s too good to be true because they’re just cats. Later she stands close to him to hear his heart beat. Can you blame him when she dresses like that? It was enough to make her day and thanks to that, her scores drastically increased. Maybe she should do this more often. The mini skirt and cleavage! XD.

Episode 7
Is Yuiga confiding with Furuhashi about women going to be a daily affair? With Furuhashi accidentally slipping into his arms, to her dismay Ogata sees this. Oh no. That pout. She clings hard to him. WTF suggesting he hold her hand while walking to ease her anger? Didn’t work. Later Furuhashi gets desperate. Thinking the only way left to appease her anger is to push Yuiga into Ogata. Too bad his face fell into her boobs. Later it is revealed Ogata’s dad accidentally broke her glasses and she was wearing an older lens, hence her squinting and mad looks. Later Kirisu sees Yuiga trying to help get a cat down a tree. As she tries to help, she sprains her ankle. Yuiga helps her home but as he leaves, he hears a loud crash. He barges in only to see her buried under her pig sty. To thank him for helping her clean, she helps tutor him. This has Yuiga think she does really care about her students. But more cleaning? This has Yuiga stumble into a cabinet filled with trophies when Kirisu was a figure skater in her heydays. However Kirisu laments such career is very short-lived and this is supposed to be a reminder the foolish path she took. That’s why as an educator, it is their job to guide students on the right path. Yuiga views it differently. Instead of telling them to give up, he tells them to hold their head up high if they fail. If Kirisu is an ally of the talented, he is an ally of those not talented. After Yuiga leaves, Kirisu heaves a big sigh of relief. She was holding in her nervousness all this time. It is the first time a man entered her room.

Later Furuhashi learns of Yuiga visiting Kirisu’s place. He doesn’t think much of it but of course it is for Furuhashi. She doesn’t want him to let word of this spread especially to Ogata and Takemoto. But it soon gets worse because her friend, Kashima spotted Furuhashi with Yuiga and thought she was trying to flirt with him. Hence rumours have started flying that they are dating. Despite Furuhashi trying to deny it all, dumb Yuiga didn’t look deep enough and gives an ambiguous answer that only serves to dig deeper their grave. Furuhashi tries to keep her distance with Yuiga at the library. But suddenly it gets crowded and they are forced to sit closer. It seems all the girls are with Kashima in some secret club that admires Furuhashi. They are here to determine if Yuiga is a guy worthy of Furuhashi. In the end, they only did some studying. Nothing happening. Might as well they do some studying too. In the aftermath when Furuhashi meets Kashima, the former is relieved when the latter wishes her luck in studying. And so the rumours died. Later Furuhashi tells Yuiga about the rumours and he is shocked that he didn’t even know a thing! She jokes about them dating for real and this puts them in an awkward situation. What are the chances when a girl tries to reassure herself she won’t fall in love with someone that her friends are in love with?

Episode 8
Yuiga finally gets a handphone and is an amateur in using it. With Takemoto suggesting studying in the bath because an article says it stimulates the nerve blah, blah, blah, everyone starts to get weird ideas… Yuiga is studying in his own bath and at the same time trying to learn how to use his phone. Accidentally her texts Furuhashi who at the same time is also in the bath. Weird ideas what if they’re both in the bath now. You don’t say… Yuiga continues to mess with his phone and accidentally calls Ogata! How to cancel?! Too bad for him, her dad picks up! Oh sh*t. No matter what answer he gives, dad isn’t amused of this punk. Until Ogata retrieves back her handphone and puts a restraining order on dad. Protecting her from evil isn’t going to cut it as an excuse. And yeah, she too is studying in the bath. The longer their conversation, the more embarrassing they realize their situation. Even though they aren’t together. Yuiga makes the same mistake and accidentally calls Takemoto this time. As you have guessed, she too is in the bath. Strangely, her twisted reasoning thinks he is as good as washing her naked body?! She accidentally turns on the video call mode. Oh Yuiga, is this the best live streaming porn ever?! Took her a while to realize this folly and when she starts accusing him of showing his junk, the panic causes Yuiga to drop his handphone into the water. Now he is without a handphone as it is undergoing repairs. Should have gotten a waterproof one…

As Takemoto is improving in her studies, she keeps pushing herself until one day she almost collapses at the hallway. Luckily Yuiga was passing by and helps put her in the infirmary. Strangely, she starts hugging him in her sleep. No sleeping beauty kiss yet as Takemoto’s friends come in to check on her. Yuiga is hiding under the bed when he hears the girls talk about Takemoto in love with Yuiga. Because of that, it is Yuiga’s turn to not have enough sleep as he becomes conscious about this. He can’t concentrate in his studies and flusters when Takemoto is close to him. He even overthinks when he thinks she is bringing him to a love hotel. Nope. Just a ramen store next door. But damn, seeing her eat ramen is sexy?! WTF?! Sexy meat?! Since when ramen is seductive?! Oh yeah. Slurp more of that ramen goodness! At the end of the day, somehow Yuiga asks her if the guy she likes is him. Of course she embarrassingly denies which of course we all know is false. Not sure if it’s a good thing if Yuiga is a dense guy because although he is super embarrassed in asking that, he now wonders who that guy Takemoto really like is. Oh well. At least now he can concentrate on his studies with this issue off his chest. Somewhat.

Episode 9
Yuiga sees Kirisu sitting outside her apartment. Better walk away. But why does he have to pass her? Now she reels him in. I bet something is more than just cleaning her pig sty. Yup. There’s a cockroach!!! Kirisu is paralysed in fear so much so she is clinging onto Yuiga. Cliché boobs in face moment. The bug escapes. After cleaning, Yuiga is about to leave but Kirisu won’t let him. She is afraid ‘that’ my return. She’ll do anything. Just don’t leave her alone! Anything? Get your mind out of the gutter because Yuiga has her tutor him. Kirisu has ordered some take-outs since their session lasted longer. Unfortunately it is Ogata doing the delivery. You can see that extremely sour face when she realizes what is happening. So why is Ogata staying now? Both women are giving him that piercing stare. Is he supposed to know what they’re saying?! I believe so. He thinks of playing a card game to break the ice but he forgot Ogata is bad at games and she ended up on a 30 consecutive losing streak! Is Kirisu enjoying this? It just got worse. Yuiga talks to Ogata about being a warm and caring person. Until she realizes he was actually talking about Kirisu. Back to that sour face. Suddenly Kirisu screams. The roach is back! With her clinging onto Yuiga, I’m sure he can’t do anything and Ogata is getting the wrong idea of Kirisu being ‘warm and friendly’. Before the cockroach gets cheeky, Ogata smacks it with a newspaper. Game over. Although a disaster was averted, the relationship between Kirisu and Ogata still didn’t get better. Later Ogata asks if there is a cockroach in her place, would he come to rescue her? He finds it odd because she just killed the cockroach with no problem so why need his help? Damn Yuiga, you just made her angry again…

Yuiga’s mom is sick so he is such a filial son that he decides to go fill in her job. Yeah, he doesn’t even know what she does! He realizes too late that she works in a lingerie shop!!! Good news is that mom’s colleague puts him in a mascot outfit. Still embarrassing, though. And don’t worry. Only old ladies shop here if he’s asking that it’s strange to let a guy work here. Suddenly she gets a call that her daughter is sick so she rushes off and leaves him behind. Oh dear. I can see where this is going. Because Takemoto and Ogata come in. Takemoto requesting Ogata’s boobs be measured since they have grown. Yuiga would prefer to get out from his mascot suit, explain everything and risk it. Just that he can’t reach the zipper. Takemoto guides him to measure her boobs. New experience, huh? Takemoto then chooses a few sexy lingerie and asks his opinion that a certain high school boy might like. Somehow Yuiga chose. After they leave, now Yuiga finds Kirisu seeking help! She can’t unhook the bra she is trying as it is too tight for her. He is taking too long because he doesn’t know how it works and this makes Kirisu suspicious. But thankfully, she thought the hook was broken. Yuiga manages to unhook it. You think nothing would surprise him at this stage but here comes Furuhashi. She turned down Takemoto and Ogata’s invitation because she doesn’t want to shop with those monster tits. As she tries several lingerie, the colleague returns. Furuhashi just finished trying when she sees Yuiga coming out from the mascot suit. Her face… So dead… So dead that it’s scary! Later Yuiga tries to soothe her by treating her to a crepe. Eat your heart out. She still isn’t amused, though. She lectures that it was a good thing it was her rather than the rest. Why? Not telling. Consider this another lesson to learn a woman’s heart! Can Yuiga figure it all out at this rate?!

Episode 10
Summer break is for fun, right? Not for Yuiga. He is taking cram school. So that’s his fun? Whatever. Also in the same class is a petite girl whom he thought is his junior. Too bad Asumi Kominami is a year older than him and failed her first entrance exam! Don’t say fail. It’s her taboo word. After class, Yuiga got lost in an unknown part of town. A few sleazy guys bring him to… A maid café! I approve! I suppose he needs to leave since he has no money but on his way out he stumbles into Kominami in a maid outfit doing her cutie maid charm. I approve! But this gets awkward for them. He hears her working in this place since it pays good. However Yuiga sees her horrible grades in science. Yeah. Really bad. Kominami reluctantly explains she is trying to get into medical school and prepares for the worst of him laughing at her. Good for her, he tutors her and makes it easy for her to understand. I guess the other maids want to set them up so they call Yuiga to come back for the next few days. When Yuiga leaves, he bumps into an old doctor. Kominami is seen chasing after Yuiga to return his commuter pass. Cliché moment because that doctor is her father and he is not impressed with her in that getup. Bringing Yuiga back to her place, her father runs a clinic outside their home. He is under the impression his daughter is doing some sleazy job to pay for her tuition. She denies and lies this maid outfit is her boyfriend’s fetish. That’s you, Yuiga! Father getting mad! I guess he has to play along. As Yuiga explains she is trying hard to get into medical school, father isn’t pleased either. He told her becoming a doctor isn’t easy and that she should do whatever else she wants. Kominami is adamant to get into medical school and take over his business. A shouting match begins and Yuiga gets stuck in the middle… Eventually Yuiga puts in some nice assuring words so father (or father in law now?) decides to be patient and put his trust in his, uhm, son in law? Man, this escalated quickly.

Later when the duo are in the streets, here comes Yuiga’s harem. They fawn all over Kominami thinking she is Yuiga’s relative or something. Time to rebuke them. Apparently the trio are also in this cram school as they don’t want to rely on Yuiga always. Of course they’ll be in different classes. Think this would be easy? The moment their break begins, they come rushing to Yuiga’s class for help! Save us! The teacher erased the notes too fast! Since Kominami is a cram school veteran, she dispenses excellent advice on the materials needed. The girls are so impressed that it makes her blush. When they’re done and about to part, suddenly it rains! Cliché. They take shelter in Kominami’s clinic. Yuiga feeling real awkward because the girls’ clothes are wet and can see through. Even more awkward the bra he chose for Takemoto, she’s wearing them! As Furuhashi talks to Kominami’s dad, she learns Yuiga is her boyfriend. Oh no. She then confronts him and with a punch in the gut, makes him spill the beans! Luckily Kominami explains the lie comes from her and Yuiga is putting up to it due to circumstances. She trolls them by saying she might have feelings for Yuiga. Just kidding. Then she whispers to Furuhashi that she might be the one having feelings for her since she brought up the topic. Probably Furuhashi’s best poker face to deny it. Okay. If she says so. Later as Yuiga studies at the maid café, he is thinking how cute Kominami actually looks?! I think it’s the maid outfit… Anyway, she poses a question that has him thinking: What will he do when the entrance exam is over? Gee, he has never thought about that since he was obsessed in getting his harem good grades. Then she trolls him about her true feelings before calling him a womanizer… This guy is so cute when he flusters. See why she can’t stop teasing him?

Episode 11
Kirisu was passing by and saw Yuiga entering a maid café. Of course she tells him off but look who is here? Apparently Kominami knows Kirisu as she was her ex-teacher. So as they’re arguing they are no longer student-teacher relationship, somehow Yuiga got involved in this equation. Uh huh. They are tugging him and in this struggle, Kirisu accidentally bumps into another maid. She sprains her ankle. Lack of man, I mean, maid power. Yup. Kirisu will have to be a maid and help out. I approve! Kominami has her practice her lines with Yuiga. Embarrassing? But since she lacks experience, Kominami lets her do the basics like cleaning instead of interacting with customers. Oh no. She might sound confident she can but she fails at first go. Damn, is she giving customers free fanservice with her clumsiness? I approve! Eventually Yuiga comes to help her and cue for his important lesson that we need to help everybody because nobody is good at everything. At the end of the day, Yuiga learns that Kominami was good in all her subjects except science, hence the same problem of Kirisu bugging her to drop her ambition to be her doctor. But thanks to that, she had a rebellious spirit to do her best. Let’s hope she will improve. Kirisu gets drunk just by a sip of alcohol so Yuiga has to carry her back. In this drunken state, he hears her praise him for always giving 100%. She also praises literally everything else… Good thing or not, next morning she wakes up with hangover not remembering anything.

During summer break, Kirisu didn’t manage to do her laundry and today she must go to school to pick up some documents. Well, there is only one clothes she could wear… Yeah, her old school uniform. You know it’s cliché when she doesn’t want others to spot her but right off the bat she gets spotted. By a policeman. Please show your ID. It’s about to get worse because Yuiga sees this. So dead. However he is a smart boy and can see what’s happening so he technically lies she is his drama club advisor. She thanks him by giving him a lift to school. Just hold on to your seats. She’s a hell driver! I wonder how she got her licence. It’s not easy getting into school without being seen. Because all the clubs are having their activities. It’s like a normal school day?! Miraculously, somehow they did. Time to go home. But now what? Car out of gas? Seriously?! So they walk home instead of trying to get gas? Whatever. Along the way, they stop for ice cream. But have to hide because Furuhashi and Ogata are there too. Damn they had to choose the bush behind. And as expected the duo sit there too. Sure, you want to tell them to slowly back away but remember, bad luck is Kirisu’s middle name. Damn she had to step on a twig! This causes them to huddle even closer and in an almost awkward position. Furuhashi and Ogata fear something is behind them. With Yuiga’s ice cream dripping on her neck, you bet a squeal is heard. Is that a ghost? Worse. Furuhashi looks harder only to see a couple making out! Luckily from her angle it is too dark to see although she can tell it is their school uniform. Okay. Show’s over. Time to get out and give them some peace. Of course Yuiga and Kirisu’s lips never met. While Yuiga heaves a sigh of relief from this panic, Kirisu maintains her coolness. Wanna bet she is panicking all over inside? It’s been a lousy day as Kirisu reaches home. What else could go wrong? Oh, Kominami is here. She teases her ex-teacher she is into high school uniform cosplay fetish.

Episode 12
Remember when Yuiga asked Takemoto if the boy she liked was him and she denied? Yup. Now being together alone is awkward Hence Yuiga sees Furuhashi’s advice. She can tell what’s going on despite he is referring to himself in third person. Subsequently Takemoto also tells the same problem to her. Also in third person. Furuhashi must be a real busy woman. So as not to demotivate Takemoto and make her lag in her studies, she gives her some encouragement. The next time the duo meet, the awkwardness is still there. Thankfully, Furuhashi in disguise sit nearby just in case. The silence is so awkward that both of them start whipping out their handphone to text Furuhashi for help! Don’t worry. Master Furuhashi will save the day. She gives ideas and topics to talk about. But each of them coincidentally has an embarrassing moment together they would love to forget. During the heat of the advice, Sekijo starts texting Furuhashi for hairstyle advice (friendship problems with Ogata, I guess). This of course has Furuhashi has her messages mixed up to the intended participant. Strangely, Yuiga compliments Takemoto’s hair and she likes it. The awkwardness is gone. Weird. But thank goodness. Next day, Yuiga goes to thank Furuhashi for her help. Obviously Furuhashi is spotting a new hairstyle and is fidgeting around for him to notice. He did notice. Notice he needs to pay her back but doesn’t have enough money! This guy still has a long way to go… Now does Furuhashi understand why it’s so frustrating being around him? Or not.

Takemoto’s swimming team is in a competition. However they are disqualified after a team member makes a false start. She is sad and blames herself but Takemoto gives her lots of encouragement. Later Yuiga feels bad about Takemoto’s loss (why is he tearing up too?) but Takemoto stays strong and believes as long as she learns something, all is not lost. Besides, there might be others who deserve to cry more than her. She teases him that he would probably lend his shoulders for her to cry on. And if he really wants to make her feel better, accompany her to their old middle school. It brought back lots of memories and of course from Takemoto’s memories, many moments where she was watching him like a stalker. Apparently when Takemoto lost big in a swimming tournament, she was so dejected and got scolded for being this frustrated. However Yuiga looked at it differently because he viewed that frustration as a previous gift. For her to feel this frustrated, it must have been really special. He was envious of her as he did not have anything of that sort. So that was the clincher to her heart and the reason why she swims well now. Oddly, Yuiga brings up that boyfriend topic again. Has she confessed to him? On no. Awkward time. She denies since there were so many chances but failed. Hence Yuiga wants her to confess to him as practice. This is worst! She thought she can stall him by making him say her first name but he says it with ease. Caught in the embarrassment, she naturally confesses to him. Definitely a good one. If only Yuiga didn’t tell her to do it again and cut out saying his name! Girl so mad that she pushes him into the swimming pool. She is still embarrassed when he easily calls her by her first name, though.

Episode 13
You’re not dreaming, Sekijo. Ogata invites her to a sleepover. So happy until she realizes Furuhashi and Takemoto are also here. So this is a study sleepover? Then they spam her with all the hard questions. Now you know what it feels like that Yuiga had to go through? The rest are all smiles when Sekijo praises how lucky they are when they have a tutor like him. But then she continues to point out that she’ll pity whoever becomes his girlfriend because of this burden he has to carry. We take a break from all that studying as Yuiga and his family go to the fireworks festival. Funny, why didn’t Mizuki tag along? Is it too early for some b*tch showdown? He sees Furuhashi and Takemoto there. As advised, he compliments their beautiful yukata that sends them blushing. Mom and little siblings can see what is going on and suggests he hang out with them. Furuhashi can see where this is going and excuses herself. Hence he is left with Takemoto. The date lasts for a while until they stumble into a crowded stall. Looks like Ogata’s family is running a business here. Hence the duo help out. With Takemoto manning the kitchen, Yuiga helps Ogata with the deliveries. Once done, they get some candy apple as reward. Ogata wants to eat it so much that when Yuiga feeds her, she looks like some cute little animal feeding? Meanwhile a masked beauty seems to be ruining a shooting stall, landing every target. It is no surprise that Yuiga recognizes Kirisu. She denies and tries to run away but trips and bruises her knee. Hence Yuiga has to carry her all the way to the nearby clinic which is being operated by Kominami’s dad. And since it is a little crowded, cheeky Kominami has Yuiga do treatment on Kirisu. He tries not to stray his thoughts but putting the iodine, Kirisu squeals in a cute voice. Is this pleasure or pain?

Meanwhile Furuhashi realizes she has bum out too long that the festival is almost over. But she stumbles into a lost kid. The same for Yuiga. A lost kid right after he leaves the clinic. Once done reuniting them with their family, the festival is way over and the duo bump into each other. No more rides home. Oh lucky, there is an inn. Too bad it only has one room. To avoid their identity as high school students, they pretend to be siblings with Furuhashi taking on Yuiga’s name. Yeah, this is how it will sound like if you get married to him. After lots of hesitation in sharing the futon, I guess they have to since it is getting cold. And they can’t sleep and being too conscious of sharing the bed together. But they can relax when they notice the starry sky outside as Furuhashi relays her awesome knowledge on the constellations. This has her remember her late mom’s last moments. She was told she wasn’t going to die but teleport to the stars and will be watching her from there. Thus whenever there’s a beautiful starry night, be sure to find her. Furuhashi didn’t realize she fell asleep dreaming about this sad dream. She realizes Yuiga has been holding her hand while she is sleeping! She just relents and draws close to him. Next morning as they resume their journey home, they are both very embarrassed because from what they say, it looks like they realize they were embracing each other while sleeping! Better make sure word of this doesn’t get out. Imagine the headlines screaming, “Yuiga and Furuhashi slept together…”. Yeah…

The Equation Of A Harem, When X*Y = SeXY
If all that doesn’t feel it has ended in a satisfying way, be glad to know that there is a sequel coming up! I suppose they need more lessons to learn about even more things that will not be literally tested in school test but the ultimate test in life! So fasten your seat belts, the ride is not over yet as you are in for yet another session of cram school! Think you are a master in such cliché harem rom-coms? Think again! You need more lessons!

Under the guise of the girls tutoring under a guy who has a slightly different outlook and approach in life, it gives us that typical cliché reason so as to why the girls continue to be tutored under him. Of course they have their academic goals to achieve but as you know, that would become secondary of nature in terms of the plot and the main excuse is to of course be with him, completing the harem trope. So yeah, the storyline isn’t the most original (remember, last season we just had something similar in Go-toubun No Hanayome) or as excitingly new and lots of cliché stuffs to expect from a harem and romantic comedy genre. But I guess this kind of slow snail pace love development beats the other kind of sleazy ‘love story’ and fanservice laden harem genre series in that same season, Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma. Yeah, that was really crappy.

Forgive me if I make quite a few comparisons with Go-toubun No Hanayome here, but that is only natural for me seeing I have seen that show and it looks almost awfully similar. For instance our main character is a boy who is from a poor family and because of that poverty status of his, he makes sure he needs to ace his grades in order to improve the quality of life of his family. Notice both guys also have a little sister? And then on to the harem girls whom he is tutoring. Calling them dumb is inaccurate and misleading. They might only seem so because of the weak subjects they are taking. Otherwise, they themselves ace in other subjects that they are specialized in. And of course over time while spending time with him, they realize he isn’t such a bad guy after all and soon the feelings of the heart will slowly creep in. They know the other also has a crush and try to be ‘considerate’ in supporting the other. Wow. It’s just like copy and paste but ditch that quintuplets’ idea. But to be fair, the manga that this series is adapted from actually came out 6 months earlier than Go-toubun No Hanayome. So who copied who?

The outline of students needing to excel in their good subjects and drop their weaker ones brings forth the debate of whether their talents are actually wasted or not. With so much diversity in our lives, it is only logical that as adults we start specializing in the things we are supposed to be good at. Not necessary things that we love. Because of this, there are lots of mismatches and hence I would go as far as to say unhappy people with their jobs and never fitting in. Therefore our girls here who are trying to take on a different route, subjects that they want to excel in so as to improve a certain goal in life but are hardly anywhere good at them. If you look at it, it could also go both ways. If the girls manage to pull off the incredible, good for them. All is well. But the girls can also actually end up failing hard and this puts a damper and only reinforces society to stick what you are good at. Of course we can say no pain, no gain or never try, won’t know. That’s why in the real world what if all of us were given a chance to actually take what we want instead that is expected of others. Would we have succeed and made the world a better place or would everything be worse off and let those disbelievers taunt in your face I-told-you-so? Unfortunately real life is not so kind so as to give us multiple save points where we can start over again from there.

Setting Yuiga as the main character, the only guy in his study group (because I am assuming all the other guys in school don’t like studying and hence aren’t as ‘smart’ as him) this sets him up for a lot of harem rom-com style clichés. I mean, that is the main method of how we are going to get our comedy, right? Typically too, being book smart doesn’t necessarily translate being romantically smart. I guess the latter is more of experience rather than easily learning it from some well-known love master author or some shady website online. How to make a girl fall in love with you in 3 easy steps! Yeah. Ultimate clickbait. But even if he is a dense guy when it comes to love, uhm, I mean friendship with his lady friends, I believe it is better for him to stay this way. Because this way he has a wonderful harem since when you’re married, you can only have 1 girl in your life!!! Being in a harem means girls will forever fight over you (at least in anime logic) unlike the married life where your wife is the only person who always picks a fight with you for no reason. Yeah… Take the harem route, always!!! So theoretically, the study group will never end?

What else can I say about the other girls in this study group? Basically from the looks of it after earning Yuiga’s trust, the slightest issue they face in their study, they will flock to him for guidance. Understandably their weak subjects are tough and they want to make this work because they have been given a strict chance to make it or else. But as you can see, slowly they are trying to take this study thingy to the next level. Though, very much subtly. Can’t say outright she likes him. That will ruin the fun. That’s why you have Ogata sulking with her cute puffy cheeks whenever Yuiga doesn’t respond the way she wants and Takemoto is very outgoing so as to conveniently hide her true feelings. And because you know, they’re childhood friends so she’s like that loud. So each of the girls having at least one episode in focus with Yuiga tries to build up their ‘worth and value’ and justify them to be part of the harem. Kominami sounds more like a cock teaser since she loves teasing and giving Yuiga high hopes that she wants to date him but quickly shoots it down after that. She gets her kicks seeing him fluster like that. It makes that boy oh so cute. She may be the greatest pretender among the harem and it is too early to brush her aside from the main pack.

Oddly, Kirisu feels like being borderline harem girl for Yuiga since she is a teacher. Poker face girls like her isn’t all that rare in the anime but with her putting up that snobbish b*tch attitude, one may hope to see her fall from her high horse and become smitten with Yuiga. It’s like the ultimate revenge to see her break character. Kirisu acts the way she does partly because she is weak in PR (she should take up this subject and I wonder if Yuiga could offer this) and there is this reputation she needs to protect. Imagine if everyone views her as a loose and casual teacher. It is either disrespect or be cold and strict and have students dislike you. Therefore many of her moments with Yuiga are like some sort of test from God to see if she would lose her character. Not perfect as she has shown her weak side (that cockroach incident) but can be considered as so far so good. Her b*tch-like character also stems from a trauma during her figure skating days. She is one of those ‘victims’ to the system whereby she was given no choice to pursue her dreams. Although she means good for Furuhashi and Ogata, she truly cares about them in the sense that she doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes as she did and carry that regret for the rest of their lives. Maybe that’s why the long poker face.

Some of the minor characters are amusing. Like Mizuki who seems to have this big brother complex. It looks like she is trying to train and become his future wife but ever since he got assigned to this study group, her womanly instincts ring like Spider-sense hell that he has been mixing with other women. There’s here anxiety. After all, he has been a virgin single for his (so far) entire life and does nothing but studying. What are women and love got to do about it? Then there is Sekijo who seems to just really want to be friends with Ogata. Yeah, this girl should also take some lessons in PR. Sorry, this anime not going down the yuri route. Also not forgetting the very overprotective father of Ogata who thinks he is doing all this to protect his little girl. Understandably, Yuiga as the outsider won’t have much say but thankfully Ogata holds higher authority than daddy so he better back down or she’ll hate him like forever!

Animation and art look simple and clean. Sometimes I think the characters look close to being cartoony than anime. Hence the characters have this one kind cute looks to it. Maybe except for Kominami. She looks kinda evil…Must but those eyes… And is it me or does Kirisu looks like she has a typical resting b*tch face? This anime is jointly animated by Silver and Arvo Animations. Not to be mistaken for Silver Link. No relations whatsoever. Oddly despite Silver being established a long time ago, this is actually their second animation overall! Their first being Akane Maniax way back in 2004! In between they have been mostly involved in 2nd key animations like Digimon Adventure Tri, Seiren and Tsuredzure Children. Even if they were key animators in others like Sakura Quest, Sword Art Online: Alicization and Zombie Land Saga, it was just for one or two episodes. So yeah, studios whom nobody has ever heard of.

Voice acting I only recognized Ayako Kawasumi as Yuiga’s mom, Yui Horie as Furuhashi’s mom and Kana Asumi as Umihara. Too bad veterans whose voice I am very familiar with are now relegated to such minor and cameo roles. For the rest of the cast, they are Ryota Ohsaka as Yuiga (Climb in Overlord), Haruka Shiraishi as Furuhashi (Asirpa in Golden Kamuy),Miyu Tomita as Ogata (titular character of Gabriel Dropout), Sayumi Suzushiro as Takemoto (Akira in High Score Girl), Madoka Asahina as Kominami (Nene in New Game), Lynn as Kirisu (Matsumoto in Watashi Ni Tenshi Ga Maiorita), Saori Oonishi as Sekijo (Aiz in DanMachi), Marika Kouno as Mizuki (Suzuka in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby) and You Taichi as Kawase (Dorothy in Princess Principal).

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Study. You guessed it, the main study group of Furuhashi, Ogata and Takemoto. Nothing says and hints more than you to go study by naming your temporary group as one. Is this pure dedication? Not. Anyway, Seishun Seminar and Never Give It Up as the opening and ending theme respectively sounds like your average anime pop piece. Honestly, they sound bland. Could even be manufactured pop for all I know. Yeah, it is a good thing that none of them decided to pursue a career in music because this one is a subject where they should definitely stay away from!

Overall, despite the pretty standard, generic and overused clichés of the harem rom-com genre, this one is still passable and enjoyable in its own way. At least for a person who likes to watch this genre a lot. That’s why I am predicting it is going to be a lot more or less the same thing come the next season. Maybe ramp up the tension a little but don’t expect it to really end with Yuiga picking somebody or going so far as Go-toubun No Hanayome to marry a girl. Hence for this season, it is just okay storyline, okay characters, okay harem, okay fanservice… Hmm… They should have put in a beach episode here since that is what I learn after watching harem rom-coms. But I guess they substitute it with that lingerie shopping so it’s a-okay. It has been said a lot of times that there are things that one can’t learn from textbooks in schools. Because if love and relationship were this easy, I don’t think there would be this sort of animes to begin with. The showbiz industry would be very much lacking and this particular genre would be non-existent. That is why with love being such a subjective topic that no glove fits all, it provides us with this sort of ‘entertainment’. Yeah, better to watch and criticize the actions of others than your own. So much fun and safer that way. I guess that’s why we never learn.

Date A Live III

July 6, 2019

Wait. What?! Right now?! It has been a long time since so I never thought Date A Live III would actually materialize. It has been 5 years since the second season graced the TV screens and 4 years since that Mayuri Judgment movie came out. You bet that I would have certainly forgotten a lot from the first 2 seasons and even more so I didn’t see the movie so I might have missed out something. Maybe. I guess when they bring back a seemingly popular series after being in absentia for very long, I suppose there must be something great or epic happening, right? I hope so.

Episode 1
We start off so as to remind us the harem Shido has accumulated. Yup, they made him some horrible looking stew. Eat up, Shido. Fortunately, they didn’t turn this into a cliché because despite its looks, it actually tastes good! Even Origami is here on a short notice to contribute. But this will have to continue later as it is mission time. A Spirit is detected at an abandoned park where a spacequake occurred 30 years ago. Shido goes down to the ground to find this Spirit, the witch-like Natsumi who seems to be quite interested in him (which girl wouldn’t?). So a series of choice pops up and oddly the Ratatoskr didn’t choose the ‘fondle your boobs’ option and chose the ‘I am lost’ route. Natsumi asks if she is pretty and of course he says yes. Natsumi is very happy but the AST is here. Natsumi uses her magic to turn them into… Harmless cute animal pyjamas? However she used too much magic and this causes some disturbance. In that short period, Natsumi reverts to her true form and she becomes angry that Shido saw her. She thinks he is playing dumb and vows to turn his life upside down. When Shido attends school, all the girls accuse him of being a pervert! Even his teacher Tamae and that gay friend, Tonomachi! Of course his twisted harem like Touka and Origami would’ve preferred him to give heads up before lashing out his carnal desires. It doesn’t take long for Shido to realize there is a doppelganger going around doing bad deeds to sully his name. Confronting his clone at the rooftop, of course she is Natsumi in perfect disguise. She wants Shido to leave this town forever and she’ll take his place. Because everyone will get confused if there are 2 of them around. Touka and Origami enter. Oh no. The game of who is the real Shido begins. However the duo can sniff out the fake. Touka can smell the difference while Origami has memorized Shido’s habitual patterns (like blinking) right to the dot! Sore loser Natsumi will not accept this defeat. But she’ll be back. A few days later, no movements were detected from her. But Kotori gives him a letter from Natsumi. She wants to play a game. There are photos of 12 people (his harem, including Tonomachi!). Natsumi is impersonating one of them and failure to guess which one will result in one randomly disappearing until there are none.

Episode 2
Westcott is in a meeting in London. The board accuses him about turning Japan into a warzone. They pass a resolution to dismiss him but all those in support have their hands chopped off!!! Shido, Kotori and Reine discuss about Natsumi’s challenge. Shido maintains that Natsumi isn’t the kind who will disappear someone forever. He remains positive if he guesses right, all will return. So the only way to tell who she is impersonating is to date them all. The first is Touka and the moment Shido accuses her as Natsumi, she becomes mad. Who the f*ck is this Natsumi girl???!!! Oh dear. Just stepped on a live wire. He manages to bluff her it is some lovely greeting. But something is still wrong with Touka. There is an all you can eat buffet and she’s not excited? She’s even holding back on her portions. When he learns a TV programme said guys don’t like girls who eat too much, Shido corrects her that he prefers girls who can happily eat lots of food. With that, Touka returns to being a glutton. I guess she’s not Natsumi. Next date is Yoshino and she’s quite happy to eat pancakes with him. Definitely Yoshino alright. I guess we skip his date with Tonomachi since Shido himself doesn’t even want to consider that as one. Night fall and his final date for today is Yuzuru. She asks the question if he prefers her or Kaguya more. Since he cannot decide, Yuzuru replies she would have been happy had he picked either. But his chicken answer disappointed her. She also hopes if Kaguya asks the same question, she wants him to choose her. She might also ask the same things she did. Kaguya might not look like it but she likes Shido as much as she does. It feels like some sort of death flag when Yuzuru hopes he will take care of Kaguya and then runs away. Next morning, Shido answers the door only to find a frantic Kaguya. Yuzuru has been missing since last night. As all the 12 candidates have a video watching over them 24/7 (creepy), they see footage on Yuzuru. At midnight, Natsumi’s broom absorbs her. Shido maintains his trust in Natsumi but will end this game soon.

Episode 3
Shido is now dating Kotori. He knows she is the real deal when he snatches away her ribbons and she turns into a tantrum throwing kid. We see snippets of Shido dating other girls (Tamae even going so far as to seek him to register their marriage!) and the highlight of those dates is with Kaguya. After lying on his lap, she starts crying since she is worried for Yuzuru. She begs for him to save her. I don’t know why previously Natsumi never gave him a chance to guess and just absorbed a few people. Now she is giving him that chance? Shido thinks hard and thinks it is Yoshino. Wrong answer. For the next few days, a few more people have gone missing. Until after Touka goes missing did it really start to hit Shido hard. The only ones left who haven’t been taken by Natsumi are Kotori, Origami, Kaguya and Miku. Shouldn’t they have done this in the first place after Yuzuru went missing? Gather everyone, tell them the truth and find a solution. Instead of waiting for this desperate hour. As they discuss, Origami finds this game weird. With the pool growing smaller, it makes their chances of answering correct increase. Why would Natsumi put herself in such a disadvantage? Time is up and Natsumi is generous to give Shido 3 tries. He picks Yuzuru since she was the first to go. Wrong answer. Origami ‘dies’. Can Kotori answer on his behalf? Because she chooses Tonomachi! Dead wrong. Kaguya gets it. Miku is so scared and leaves her hairpin with him if worst case scenario happens. She hopes he will remember her with this piece. But this hint suddenly has Shido realizing the true answer. He knows that despite Natsumi says she is impersonating someone in the 12 pictures, it doesn’t necessarily one of the 12 people. It must be someone that she is confident he will not ever pick. And that person is Yoshinon. Because this rabbit is just Yoshino’s hand puppet, he now remembers it was acting on its own (it should not be able to see what Yoshino can’t). Natsumi is devastated with his correct answer and all the missing people are spit back out. Since this disrupted her power. Now everyone sees her true form. She’s a loli? Being the sore loser she is, she will not let all of them get away. She turns all the girls into young children.

Episode 4
I guess Shido has got it tough now that he has to babysit little girls! Heck, they even follow him to school and claim they are his daughters! Of course Shido gives an excuse that they are his relative’s but I don’t think they want to believe him. But Natsumi is up to her mischief again. Randomly changing the outfit of the girls and even turning their house into some funfair. This though, enables Reine to pinpoint Natsumi’s whereabouts. Westcott gives Ellen the green light to go Spirit hunting. Her first target is Natsumi. So when Ellen and her AST girls corner her, Natsumi just turns them into lolis. However this doesn’t startle Ellen a bit as she slashes her. Natsumi becomes afraid in seeing her own blood and pleads for her life. Ellen is about to deal the finishing blow but Shido and his mini harem are here to save her. With Miku’s help, they mind control the other AST girls to hold Ellen down to buy time for their escape. Meanwhile Origami receives a call that she will be punished. Thanks for the heads up because this gives her time to escape from the agents. With Natsumi in custody, Shido goes to talk to her. She is conflicted that he came to her aid despite all the bad things she has done to him. It seems she has low self-confidence over her true loli form. She thinks nobody listens to her in this form and Shido the same because he called her pretty in that busty mode. Had she appeared before him in this loli form first, she believes he would have ignored her too. She thinks he is lying when he says even her loli form has some charming points. She won’t be fooled by this. But soon, Shido and his harem give Natsumi a special makeover. They will transform her the best they can. If they succeed, they win. Natsumi becomes the cutest loli under their care. However she is now very conflicted because it is her loss if she is cute! Too much to handle for today. Meanwhile Ellen contacts Origami and wants her to work for her under DEM Industries. She refuses, citing she will not join any organization that harms Shido. But when she offers info that would allow her to avenge her parents’ death, she has no choice but to accept.

Episode 5
Natsumi has stabilized but still thinks everybody is lying. Kotori talks to the girls and tries to get them to think the same like her. That is, badmouthing Natsumi as an ugly brat. However none of them think so and believe it is Kotori who is something wrong. Even Shido is thinking they shouldn’t confine Natsumi and should let her eat with them. This makes Kotori mad and runs away. Of course that was Natsumi in disguise as the real Kotori calls since well, Natsumi has somehow escaped her room. Shido looks around and returns home only to see Ellen waiting. She wants him to hand over Natsumi or else he will ruin his home and family. Nice timing for a call to evacuate. It seems those vengeful board is trying to drop a satellite on this town to get their revenge on Westcott. Everyone is evacuated but Shido continues to look for Natsumi. Fraxinus tries to blow it out of the sky but there is some barrier. Hence, Kotori transforms into Efreet to blast it out of the sky. It works. Oh, there is a second satellite dropping! She is out of power and wants Shido to evacuate but you know, stubborn guy is willing to put his life at risk just for a witch girl. He even uses Sandalphon but no effect and he too is out of strength. Kotori has to beg the other Spirit girls to save her brother. Meanwhile Ellen returns to Westcott and is stumped he still hasn’t evacuated. He is confident the plan will fail. But just in case, he wants to use and put her to the test. The Spirits combine their powers to push the satellite away since exploding it too close to town will be dangerous. However, bogeys are here to stall the Spirits. With their hands tight, who else is going to save them? Natsumi! She easily turns the satellite into some harmless cartoon. Natsumi tries to act tough but Shido is only glad that she is unhurt. I guess this is it for Natsumi. She admits all her wrongdoings and starts crying. Shido hopes she could be his friend and she cries harder! WTF?! The Spirits too can’t leave Natsumi alone and want to be Shido’s friend. Why the heck did they ‘downgrade’ themselves? Do they want to be his lover? Natsumi learns the sealing process. Though embarrassed, she gets it over quickly by kissing him. Can’t rest yet as a bomb is now literally being dropped! Who saves them this time? Origami!

Episode 6
Perhaps Shido should have seen this coming. Sexy Natsumi trying to seduce him in bed. Foreplay folly only stopped thanks to Kotori. Then it descends into some petty argument of sexiness and boobs. On to a serious note, Shido is in shock when he hears Tamae announcing that Origami has suddenly transferred out to a school in England. Shido then connects the dots that she might have joined DEM Industries since she was wearing their power suit. So desperate that during lunch he goes to her place. Empty. Despair? Like as though it was a trap for him as he gets kidnapped. Kotori receives word of Shido’s sudden disappearance and wants him found before the end of the school day. Shido finds himself tied in a room. The perpetrator no other than Origami. Although she admits she joined DEM Industries, these actions are of her own and not Westcott’s orders. She has finally found the resolve to kill the Spirits. Not just the Spirits that killed her parents, but all of them. Hence, she abducted him to keep him out. To her, all Spirits are the same and to prevent future tragedies like her, all Spirits will die. Shido argues that Touka and co have changed and all they want is to lead normal lives. That is the reason Origami couldn’t accept. To accept living together with the likes of Touka. Origami begins her plan by sounding a fake spacequake alert to evacuate the people. Now she can kill the Spirits with no interference. Touka and co are shocked at Origami’s resolve. They don’t want to fight her but are forced to since they can see she is dead serious in killing them. Meanwhile Ratatoskr is about to head and retrieve the Spirits but is intercepted by Goetia, DEM Industries’ ship. Ellen contacts them and gives them a chance to run. She also relays a message for Woodman. They call him a traitor and will make him pay. With nobody on Fraxinus turning away, they prepare to fight back but Goetia easily blasts them. Meanwhile Touka is down for the count.

Episode 7
Did Origami return just to laugh at Shido? Actually it’s Natsumi. Yoshino and Natsumi were wandering around town and spotted Shido and Origami, hence the tailing game. We see Origami owning the Spirits. With Touka hell bent on protecting those important to her, her Spirit power returns and is able to defeat Origami. Origami laments all that she has thrown away have been wasted when a voice asks her if she wants power. Of course. With that, Origami is now a Spirit. Stronger than before, she renews her vow to kill all Spirits before killing herself. Touka can’t fight and protect at the same time so she has the rest get away. The power Spirit fight gets on the way but further damage is prevented when Shido calls out to them. I guess Origami isn’t in the mood anymore and flies away. Shido learns what happened from Touka as they all recuperate in the infirmary. Shido has to seal Touka’s power and you know that means kissing. I guess it is better here in this room than out in the public. If only the other damn Spirits weren’t so eager in being peeping toms. Meanwhile our favourite Spirit, Kurumi is seen frolicking around town. Origami then approaches her.

Episode 8
It seems she wants Kurumi to use one of her powers, Yod Beth to send her back 5 years in time to stop the death of her parents. What is she going to do if Kurumi refuses? Bug her until she agrees! I guess Kurumi is smart enough not to deal with that crap and decides to agree to it. After all, she needs somebody as a guinea pig for her Yod Beth. Origami returns in time just before the spacequake. She confronts the supposed Phantom although we cannot see or hear her properly thanks to ‘interference’. Origami is so hell bent in destroying her without reason to reason, that she realizes too late that she was the one who killed her parents! Well, now that comes full circle. ‘Funny’ to know that Origami hating and vowing to kill the Spirit was actually her future self. Phantom flees after satisfied that she has achieved her goal. Back in current time, the moon goes black and suddenly Origami starts raining down attacks randomly. So she’s no longer a Spirit but an Inverse? Oh sh*t! It took down Fraxinus (for the second time) but this time did it kill Kotori on board?! It’s Shido cue to go save Origami and end this madness and you know it’s his job since the other Spirits fend off the other attacks to make a path to her. They also have to deal with Ellen who wants to harvest her. But Shido loses his chance to kiss and seal her because Origami’s face up close looks like a hagged old woman! Yikes! I can see why any guy would freak out and fall right down to hell!!! Because of that, Kurumi traps him as now it is the right time to set forth her goal. No amount of begging is going to make her let you go, Shido. She fires Yod Beth into him. Shido finds himself back 5 years in time. Sorry Tamae, this boy whom you don’t know is not trying to hit on you. Since Shido is clueless, Kurumi lets him in on what’s happening. The only way to reverse the disaster unfolding in the present is to deal with Origami’s past. He must reverse it. So why is she doing this? Looks like the future is destroyed and Kurumi is holding on to that hope that history can be changed. Wait. This is Kurumi? Our Kurumi?!

Episode 9
Shido almost blunders when he tries to take a shortcut and a neighbour thinks he is a suspicious person. Somehow he manages to use Natsumi’s power to transform himself into a kid to allay the suspicions. With Origami’s battle with Phantom now at hand, Shido is too late as he witnesses and now understands why Origami turned out so. So he hugs loli Origami and tries to convince her that he will shoulder all her burdens. Although she accepts, however this anger is only hers to carry. He will have fun and be sad on her behalf until she kills that Spirit. Oddly, Kurumi feels regret that had she not used Yod Beth in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. So she didn’t see this coming? However Kurumi believes there is still a way to correct this. Because her old self was nearby the incident, Shido goes to see that Kurumi. She is of course on her guard at this stranger. Shido convinces her to touch him so as to contact Kurumi of the present. She is to fire Yod Beth into Shido to send him back again in time. Just right before that incident again. Shido thinks of a plan. They cannot prevent Origami from seeing her parents’ death because that would be just shifting her grudge to someone else. Hence Shido goes to ‘stalk’ Kotori. As much as he wants to stop her from contacting Phantom, he can’t. So after Phantom turned her into a Spirit and causing the adjacent place to burn, Shido’s plan is to talk to Phantom. However it seems she recognizes him and runs away. But soon she decides to confront him. Even though this is not her true form but it’s better than talking to censors. Who this girl? But Phantom claims she knows him and cannot obey his wishes. She hopes to meet again when the time is right. Phantom goes off to fight with Origami and with history at risk of repeating itself, Shido this time pushes Origami’s parents away and gets vaporized on their behalf. But the next thing he knows, he wakes up in bed in his house. Looks peaceful. But he can’t contact Kurumi anymore. Did he save the day?

Episode 10
Everyone is normal. Kotori tells him today’s date and it is the day after Origami went Inverse. But in school, it seems nobody knows about Origami. This has Shido to believe Origami of this world doesn’t hold a grudge against Spirits and is living happily with her parents. But why he looking so sad? Because of that, some of his Spirit harem thinks he has girlfriend issues. WTF Natsumi’s idea to dress up in a naked apron to cheer him up? Shido then learns of a terrifying Spirit known as Devil. Rather, she is an Inverse. Not surprisingly, she looks like Origami. Back to depression again. But next day, shocking news for him as Origami is a new transfer student in his class! She is shocked to see him. Shido finds out more that Origami did join AST but retired a while ago. So if her parents were saved, why did she join AST? Hence he talks to her directly. Her initial shock was because he looked like the person who saved her 5 years ago. Remember, Shido got vaporized. Shido lies that person is his older brother. It makes her sad but also grateful because her family got to live together. Although unfortunately her parents died in an accident 4 years ago. She joined AST so as not to have more tragic cases like his ‘brother’. However she doesn’t understand when he asks her becoming a Spirit. Later after Shido wakes up from resting, surprise to see Kurumi here? She plans to shoot Yod Beth at Origami to see what happened. Why now? Because she couldn’t get close to the original. When Origami stumbles into Kurumi, she transforms into Devil and attacks. Kurumi lost?! Origami reverts to her normal state and has no recollection of what just happened.

Episode 11
With Origami not sure why she spaces out from time to time, Kurumi admits at this rate it is hard to discover why Origami turned Inverse. Shido tells Kotori and Reine what happened. Reine theorizes her memories split into 2. As soon as she senses a Spirit, she awakens as an Inverse type. The plan is to seal her as a Spirit but looks like Shido already agreed to go on a date with her. With Fraxinus doing that date sim option thingy, Shido wants to try a different route. Like taking her to a love hotel?! Just joking. But it spiked her happiness level. He then takes her to a shop selling weird things and unknowingly she buys those products. Even when shopping for clothes, she unknowingly wears a doggy ears swimsuit? During lunch, she tries to lick his spoon and when accidentally spilling water over his shirt, the moment he shows his abs she starts snapping away! She claims her body is moving on its own? At the end of the day, Origami feels confused. She is still sad about Shido’s ‘brother’ but he claims he would have done the same thing. With Origami’s happiness level at max, time to seal the deal but WTF the wooden barrier breaks and she falls off. Shido saves her but got his hands scratched and bleeding. Because of that she becomes a Spirit? Locking herself inside an armour cocoon, Shido tries to break through but it’s too tough. Yeah, Fraxinus is shot down again. Shido can’t run away and let the town be destroyed so he is going to keep trying even if it seems futile. Not if his other Spirit harem can help path a way to reach her. Meanwhile Origami is inside her consciousness and sees her other Devil self. When she touches her, they receive memories from both their worlds. Devil relates the truth that she can never take back the sin of killing her parents. Before Origami falls into despair, Shido’s voice can be heard. Must have said all the right words. You’re not alone. Always here for you. I’ll always save you no matter how much she is in despair. No matter how many times he has to rewrite history. Works like a charm. Origami reaches out to him. She accepts the fact the sin of killing her parents will never go away and Shido agrees that is her burden to bear. She admits she doesn’t love him but only relied on him. Honoured, it is exactly why he was able to save her. Finally he seals her with a kiss. With Origami back in class, you know it’s the Origami we know because she tries to wipe Shido’s tears with her crotch! Yeah, she claims the swimsuit retains moisture better. Though she did claim she never loved him, that is why she can begin her true love for him now. Oh boy. Let the harem fight begin too.

Episode 12
Woah. Shido suddenly super strong and fast? And then he collapses. The source is because his Spirit harem is hanging around him, their Spirit power is causing his body to overheat. A simple kiss is enough to seal it. No time to be shy because Shido just escaped. Worse, he is now a lady killer flirting with any women he sees! WTF is this short cheesy musical segment?! I guess Ellen got the rudest shock with Shido being such a cool cat, it reduces Ellen to some embarrassed b*tch. Get him back next time, huh? When the other girls come and want to seal his power, he throws them a condition. They must make him fall for them and a reason enough to kiss them. Roles reversed now. So we have the Spirit harem taking turns to swoon him. The twins go first. Eating an ice cream yuri style helps with the cream dropping all over their body. Score! Natsumi tries to seduce him in her busty body but she ran out of power and now the swimsuit is hanging loose over her loli body. Score! Yoshino massages him and shows him her swimsuit underneath? That is also score?! It’s classy and elegant time and with Kotori being such a lady, that is enough to score. Even Miku just saying a few words is enough to score. And she didn’t even do anything. Origami tries to spike his drink but the bartender mixes it up. Damn. Now she’s drunk, she’s so cute falling all over him. Score! Save the best for last because now it’s Touka. She feels uneasy about this but before she could do her usual stuff (eating of course) with him, looks like Shido has prematurely overheated. WTF did he just do a Kamehameha and turn Super Saiyan???!!! The girls chase this raging beast. Kotori is inclined to use some weapon to shoot him down but Origami and Touka stop her. There are better ways to solve this. Yeah, let’s not resort to violence, shall we? With the help of Kurumi restraining him, eventually the girls manage to land some cheap kiss on him (WTF?!) and the last ‘boss’ is Touka. Braving his attacks, she realizes this feeling called love inside her for him and that Shido has been suffering like this to reach out to them. Finally, a decent kiss. Touka won the lottery because she gets to be with Shido recuperating in hospital. She is the only one who didn’t manage to make him swoon in the contest so I guess this is fair. It must be her lucky day because a second great kiss is coming! It’s safe to say Touka won, no?

The Spirit Is Willing But The Boy/Trash Is Weak
Oh dear. The final episode was the lamest, the cheesiest, the most WTF and the worst ever. But it is also the most fun! Because, who really gives a damn at this point? Imagine, this is what this series would have been had it actually followed this route of the most cliché harem trope with Shido being turned into a typical main character harem douchebag. I don’t think it will get past the first season if it ruined the series went along with that kind cheesiness. Even though it somewhat reminds us that it should be Shido x Touka but the ending felt somewhat completed. Uh huh. The sudden abrupt ending with them kissing felt like there was something missing. Why the heck did Kurumi not kiss Shido???!!! Our favourite Spirit and she is the only one left out of the kissing spree?! I suppose she will always remain the rebel until the end.

I read that many hated and criticized this season because of how they trashed and butchered the final arc of this season. If you find that there are things that you don’t really understand (like yours truly), perhaps you can blame this. After all, if you want to watch the third season, it is best you have watched the previous seasons because knowledge of what has happened so far and the settings of this world is very important if you want to enjoy understand this season. To be fair, the series want to advance its plot and can’t be spending an extra episode to refresh our memories or introduce newbies to the series. Yeah, best you go back and watch everything again. Ain’t nobody got time for that! But sad to say, the third season doesn’t fair as well as the disappointing second season and could be the death knell of this series for good.

This season is split into 2 arcs. The first arc being the typical add-another-Spirit-into-Shido’s harem and the second bringing one of the main characters officially into Shido’s harem. Yeah. That’s how I see it. Lucky bastard. Initially I thought the Natsumi arc was going to be the arc that would set the rest of the season. I don’t know how I started coming up with the theory of one episode for Shido to date the possible candidate. Hence an elimination of a character/candidate per episode. I thought this was going to be super boring if they are going to follow through this formula. It isn’t impossible because, what is the name of this series again? Thankfully Natsumi’s cheeky guessing game was cut short and I suppose I also got a bit disappointed because it didn’t really amount to anything much. I thought it would drag on a few more episodes since Yuzuru got the bulk of that focus so I thought some of the other characters might have their chance too. None. Yeah, they literally speed run through this game. It certainly would have been interesting to see Shido on a date with Tamae?

Hence Natsumi becomes a mere side supporting character once she officially becomes part of Shido’s Spirit harem. What is better than having a loli? Why, having 2 lolis! Because Yoshino is the meek kind, we need to have the kind that is bratty. I see no other Spirit having this character so okay, let’s make bratty Natsumi part of the gang. The other Spirits also suffer thanks to Origami’s arc taking the entire second half. Touka, Yoshino, Yuzuru, Kaguya and Miku fall way off into the side-lines as the only non-Spirit girl deals with her issues and becomes a Spirit. I guess it is such a waste for these Spirit characters and they are just around for some comical issues and to remind us that Shido has a harem. Sometimes to ex machina certain situations because Shido as a normal high school kid can’t do everything himself. The last episode didn’t do any justice as it was just rushed. Trying to give his ballooning Spirit harem some flirting time with Shido but it comes off as a big fail and waste of time. So miniscule and ridiculous their screen time, might as well not have this crap in the first place. Oh well, having some sort of crap is better than having no crap at all!

Despite Kurumi only making limited appearances, I suppose she is the reason why we find this series a little bit tolerable. Okay, maybe not for all of us. But yeah, the enigmatic Kurumi is perhaps why many keep having hope for this series and that she should just own every other Spirit and become Shido’s only one. Oh well. Not in this world and timeline. Maybe in some other’s if history and the world was rewrote in another way under different circumstances. Could be possible considering Kurumi’s Spirit powers that there might be a world where she gets Shido all by herself and none of those lame Spirit b*tches in the way.

Remember Mana? No. Not to worry. I don’t even remember her until I was going through my previous blog! Oh dear. Who the f*ck is she?! She is supposed to be Origami’s AST comrade and I don’t see her appearing anywhere in this season. I don’t remember what happened to her the last time but I guess she was so insignificant with no role to play, they might have completely cut her out from this season. Other characters like Westcott and Woodman feel like red herring. It’s like they’ve got a plan for something but so far, nothing to show for. At least nothing important or significant that I can see. Last and not least, got to say that girl who is part of the 3 stooges who only says one single line is still f*cking amusing. Majihiku wa!

Origami’s arc is timely and a focus on her character is much needed. However it doesn’t feel as interesting. Because I predicted and saw it from 100 miles away that she was the Spirit that killed her parents. Cue to drag out the drama after she falls into despair from some emotional brownie points. Who knows, she could actually be Phantom herself from another timeline or future. Might not be confident with this conspiracy theory but it is still a possibility. Though, not a very high one. With Shido rewriting history, we get to see a very different side of Origami. She wasn’t the weird pervert that we always know but a meek and very shy girl. She is so different that she might as well be a very different character. Either way, even if the mind forgets, the body doesn’t. Hence it could be the only explanation why that meek Origami’s body started doing weird perverted things on its own. It’s like between the devil and the deep blue sea. Would we rather have this nice girl Origami or the bold weirdo Origami? Well… I’d rather have Kurumi!!! Damn you people, give us another Kurumi OVA, will ‘ya?!

Art and animation I believe remains constant with its previous seasons but is it me or do I feel that there is a drop in quality? For one, I thought that all the characters look a bit younger than they are. For example like Shido, at certain angles he looks a bit like a kid and at other times just a bit weird. Even some of the scenes showing the Spirits, it’s like they lack details and I thought they just gave up and hope we didn’t notice. Well, I did. Perhaps the different production studios for different seasons were the reason? AIC Plus+ did the first season followed by Production IMS in the second. This time it is animated by J.C. Staff. Seriously, do they not have any animes to animate? Sure, they have their hands full with the To Aru series, then they had High Score Girl and Hangyakusei Million Arthur, One Punch Man S2 and the upcoming DanMachi S2 to deal with. Oh yeah. Big company, many stuffs, more projects, more money. Makes sense.

Sweet Arms have been singing this series’ opener for the last 2 seasons. They’re back again for the third. I Swear isn’t a cover of All-4-One’s 1994 hit single. But I rather hear All-4-One’s piece than this bland generic anime pop. The same can be said for the ending theme, Last Promise by Erii Yamazaki. Sounds pretty generic and nothing special. This season’s seiyuu joining the line-up are Ayumi Mano as Natsumi (Esaka in Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai) and the recognizable Kana Hanazawa as Phantom. Speaking of which, it is odd and further fuels my suspicions that this Phantom character is not the real Phantom because in the ending credits, Phantom’s seiyuu is marked as “???” whereas Kana Hanazawa’s character is also marked as “???”. Something looks shady here…

Overall, the third season didn’t really do any justice to make amends of the poor showing of the second season and further drove a nail into its coffin. It’s like they want to bury this series for good. Not even Kurumi’s Yod Beth for a different world to rewrite this crap can save this season. Because ultimately even if another parallel world that this third season was good exists, it still doesn’t hide the fact that some bad sh*t has happened and we have to shoulder the burden and accept that the third season was awful. Yeah. Thanks Origami. We learnt something from your past. Accept and move on. Sometimes it feels like Shido is the Date A Live series and Origami coming up with those damn weird pranks represents the production team trying to screw him up. Or Shido being a douchebag and trying to screw with the ladies. Not impressed. Screwed us up alright. Many say that you’d be better off reading the light novels but considering myself who doesn’t like to read, looks like it is dead end for me. Ironically, the most relevant line to sum up this season and our sentiments come from a certain irrelevant minor character. Yup. Majihiku wa.


February 24, 2019

With a name like that, I’m sure that you must be curious and suspicious. Yes, people. Conception might be adapted from the video game of the same name and if you guess that you are supposed to date and charm women and have them bear your child, you are correct. But wait. This is not an eroge! Not even close. Hence those anticipating sex scenes would surely be disappointed. Yeah, I warn you first. Sounds mind boggling that you can conceive a child (for the purpose of fighting baddies in this world) without procreating and conceiving the normal way. So hey, this isn’t even close to porn so it’s safe for everyone, right? I wonder if this was how Virgin Mary bore Jesus of Nazareth.

Episode 1
Every guy’s worst nightmare to hear from their girl: I’m pregnant! That is what Itsuki Yuge hears from Mahiru Konatsuki. However they have not been doing naughty things together so rest assured Itsuki is not the father. Then who? Great timing for them to be sucked up into a portal. Inside a strange labyrinth, Itsuki continues what she was saying. There is no father! Holy mother! You mean she is like Virgin Mary?! However she took pregnancy kits and looked up online and she did show some symptoms of pregnancy. But she has yet to see a doctor as she is scared. Suddenly her body feels pain as she throws up a monster. Good thing Itsuki somehow manages to materialize a sword and kill it. Breaking out of this dark place, they stumble into this bear tanuki creature, Mana. Along with court scholar Narcisstes, they welcome them to this parallel magic world called Granvania. They are taken to see the king, Shangri La who immediately tells them Granvania is in danger and hence they are summoned for their help. Itsuki and Mahiru have marks on their body and they are called Visitors. They have powers that can only save Granvania. Itsuki is taken to see the court doctor. Next thing he knows, he is tied up in his underwear! Our sexy nurse Reone explains his body contains all 12 emblems of the zodiac constellations. At this time of year, Impurities fill the labyrinth and it is a Visitor’s job to purify the monsters they have turned into. Of course there is the big boss to deal with. Itsuki won’t be dealing with this alone as he has the 12 priestesses (each representing a zodiac) to aid him. Reone is one of them (Scorpio) and so is Mahiru (Virgo). Mahiru isn’t pregnant but rather Impurities build up in her body and she expelled them. That’s why she felt like she had pregnant symptoms. Phew. Now comes the best part. Itsuki must perform a Love Ritual with any of the priestesses to give birth to a Star Child since the priestesses cannot stand directly against Impurities. In short, sex! Oh yeah, Mana is really excited about this part, isn’t she? I guess this is where we say action speaks louder than words! So cut the explanation and let’s get it on! Reone suggests doing it with someone familiar. So first potential Star Child from Itsuki x Mahiru. Well, the duo don’t seem that all surprised and embarrassed. Just a bit. But nothing that would already shock them. Yeah, they’ve come to this crazy world, sex seems so normal compared to it all. Since they’re starting off slow, Mana tries to be pushy but isn’t she just wanting to grope Mahiru? So okay, let’s start. You’ve got your ‘reason’ that sex is necessary so that you can go home. So what are you waiting for?!

Episode 2
Suddenly! A Star Child is born! WTF?! No penetration was made. As explained, Love Ritual isn’t a sexual act and the mere emotional bonding and physical contact is enough to bear one. F*CK!!! SO DISAPPOINTED!!! And so the first Star Child is born, Virgo (Kingdom Hearts’ Sora rip-off?). But off Virgo goes to a foster home to be trained. Because Itsuki has a more important mission to f*ck, I mean to create other Star Children. So they are brought to meet other maidens: Arie (Aries – duh), Tarua (Taurus – double duh), Lilith (Gemini – wait, you mean this split personality is not Libra?!), Ruka (Cancer – you mean not Cancerina or something?), Femiruna (Leo – you mean not even Leona?), Mirei (Libra – I give up), Sue (Sagittarius – it’s so random now), Falun (Capricorn – yup, totally pulling it out of the air now), Collete (Aquarius – sighs…) and Yuzuha (Pisces – wow, so random it sounds fishy). But the best one is Mana retorting herself as the constellation of lewdness! All celebrate a huge welcome party and we can guess the next Star Child because we see Itsuki and Ruka spending some time together. Though, the latter is like tsundere and claims she can read minds. So she won’t bear his child if he has dirty thoughts? You mean your pride is more important than saving the world? Good news. She can’t read his mind! Not being from Granvania must be the greatest excuse. Then we see Mahiru getting a bit drunk so she can flirt a little with Itsuki. Also, an excuse to prop up some promise they made 10 years ago. As usual, guys don’t remember… More Mana mischief as we see her rubbing Itsuki’s dick just to turn him on! But this is a lesson for him not to underestimate the labyrinth as it will be the most dangerous place. WTF?! Yeah, I think Mana is the most dangerous one. Visiting the foster home, Itsuki sees Virgo being trained by Alfie. Nice boobs. So he can’t cheat on anybody else except for the maidens? Boring. Later seeing Ruka being nice to children somewhat has Itsuki now asking her to f*ck him. Oops, I mean do the Love Ritual. You mean that is enough to get in her pants? Yeah, some more talking about what they want in their future for their Star Child so it doesn’t look like outright sex. So are they going to troll us with no sex?! Damn, Itsuki taking off her clothes! WHY YOU TROLL US AGAIN???!!! And hence Cancer is born. Soon Shangri La gives Itsuki the Star Wards to seal the Impurities as well as conveniently open the door to the labyrinth. Does Itsuki think he is strong enough to fight an Impurity with just 2 Star Children?! They easily get owned and the young ones get turned into dolls. They retreat and I suppose this lessons only serves to motivate Itsuki to go f*ck the other maidens. Oops, I mean make more Star Children.

Episode 3
Once out of the labyrinth, the Star Children are fine and healed. Wait a minute. Why is Itsuki and co going back to the labyrinth if he thought he needed more Star Children and training?! Of course they lose again! So seeing Narcisstes for advice, he says the only chance now is for a Double Love Ritual. You mean an orgy?! Yeah, let Mana explain the juicy details. To help heal Itsuki’s wounds, Mana sets him up to go with Mahiru to the hotspring. So this guy is shy to get into the water with her when he has already been up close and personal with her body?! Anyway, I suppose this scene is supposed to play up some little doll thing she keeps, something related to the promise. I guess it isn’t important now. Mana then tries to set them up to make love in some transparent carriage and Itsuki only rebukes because of his different view it should be seen from the inside and not from the outside. Mahiru is not impressed. Did he just make her mad? So no sex? Besides, can she have another Star Child? Virgo II? So Itsuki sees Reone to heal some of the harder wounds. She learns about the Double Love Ritual and because of one single line Itsuki said that reminded her of her late younger brother, so she is willing to be his partner?! Got to speed things up. Hence Itsuki goes to find another ‘participant’ and lucky him he sees professional dancer Falun doing her hot moves. A little talk here and there and since she is the kind who can’t stay at one place or else she’ll suffocate, Itsuki turns on his seductive cheesy one liner charms (thanks to the guidebook Mana provided him) that he’ll take her to a better place and see things she has never seen before. OMG! She bought it! I guess we’re desperate. And so our Double Love Ritual begins with Reone and Falun. Naked ladies so sexy that Itsuki climaxed before even starting?! WTF?! Thank goodness sex isn’t the prerequisite so we can still get it on. And we welcome Scorpi and Capri to the family. Man, Itsuki must be so good that Reone and Falun are so tired out and can’t move! With this new party, Itsuki and the Star Children enter the labyrinth and manage to defeat the level boss. Finally! As a sign that this level is clear, Itsuki offers a Star Ward to the altar. I guess back to the surface to make more babies for now. Better hurry because an ominous roar is heard coming from the labyrinth’s depths.

Episode 4
So this weird hentai-like simulation opener (all the females have Mana’s face!) is so that Mana could set up Itsuki with Arie? Too bad it’s not her episode. Instead, Itsuki notices shy Yuzuha unable to get some bread. Because Japanese crowd is notorious for fighting over limited bread. So Itsuki goes to see her at her home as he learns she is a painter and this disturbing fact she feels safe sleeping in a coffin! That’s right. A coffin. They agree to eat lunch at the park tomorrow and what do you know? Yuzuha brought her coffin! Hitsugi No Yuzuha? Of course inside are painting materials. However this somewhat attracts some unwarranted comments from by-passers. This disheartens Yuzuha as she runs home in tears. The actual fault lies with Mana because she is doing some weird bird fornication thingy. WTF, MANA???!!! Lost, Itsuki seeks Arie for help as he learns more about Yuzuha being born with a frail body and hence this sleep illness (WTF?!) that she has (that has also no cure) means she hasn’t long to live. You serious?! That is why she feels safe sleeping in a coffin so when she dies, she won’t bother anyone. :’(. Oh Itsuki, can you give your support now? Itsuki then sees repentant Mana trying to make a coffin. But is this just an ulterior motive so they can get it on in coffins? But Itsuki approves this idea! So he goes back to talk with Yuzuha and his sincere words to hang out together with their coffins give her some confidence back. So they have fun together and she feels so relaxed that she sleeps on his thighs instead of her coffin. I guess with this flag cleared and ‘permission’ obtained, Yuzuha feels the need to give him something in return. What better way for him to have another Star Child, right? Yeah. Not so shy anymore, eh? Later Mana gives Itsuki a gift for Arie. He hands it to her as thanks but it contains some BDSM equipment that is to Arie’s fetish. So now the holy woman’s true colours have shown.

Episode 5
Wow. Just another Star Child allows Itsuki to defeat another Impurity. In fact, this is the third one already! Since he is so busy fighting in the labyrinth and haven’t had time to see his maidens, an excuse for Mana to organize a beach outing! Beach episode! On their way there, they see this playboy guy, Seiya trying to hit on the maidens. It seems the maidens noticed he has been stalking them one by one. At the beach, Itsuki and Lilith notice Seiya’s narcissist attitude. Making her fear him is that her fortune telling shows he is her destined lover. Because Lilith’s fortune telling is accurate and Itsuki doesn’t somewhat believe in it, this hurts Lilith as her other personality pops out, Lillie. She berates Itsuki but even so he still won’t believe. Nevertheless he gives it a try but Lilith sees something fearful and won’t tell him. Lillie is the one who discloses the fortune telling reveals Itsuki’s death. Itsuki isn’t shocked or anything. Hey, it’s not like he believes fortune telling, no? As fortune telling can also be used to prevent misfortunes, Lilith tries to change fate. Not sure what she did but Mana gave Seiya some climatic lotion rub and thus she is no longer targeted by him? With Itsuki believing in fortune telling now, so that is just the prerequisite needed for him to f*ck?! Oh my. Can a person with split personality split physical just for sex?! Is this considered Double Love Ritual or single? Damn my libido so confused! Later Itsuki visits the foster home to check on his kids only to see Seiya stalking Arie who is spying on him. When Itsuki materializes his sword to go after Seiya, Arie swoons. Then she goes to buy a naginata she ordered. We see her hidden secret: A room filled with weapons! Later Seiya comes to seek refuge in the church. She hears out his problem and after learning his secret, she also tell hers. So this sex trolling scene is actually Arie making topless Seiya pose while holding weapons? So this is her fetish? Of course he falls over her and Itsuki comes in to misinterpret everything. Luckily Arie clears the misunderstanding and this means showing her hidden weapon collection room. Fearing Itsuki would find her weird, he is impressed with it instead. So now she makes him pose with the weapons? Since he is amazed with her hobby, he now wants to have her Star Child?! Damn, that came out of nowhere! But this make out will be different because if you remember Arie is a sadist… Whipping time!!! I guess it’s sometimes good to have a different sexual experience. Later we see Seiya’s secret that even horrifies Mana: His target is Itsuki!!! Didn’t see this gay stuff coming!!! Yeah, it’s sometimes good to have different sexual experience… Say, if they make out, will they have a (gay) Star Child?! NO WAY!!!

Episode 6
I guess eventually this will come sooner or later: Can Itsuki f*ck a loli?! Don’t worry. Anime allows it! But Itsuki feels he can’t taint the pure Shoujo Alps girl of Collete. Yeah, even Collete has a feeling he helps her out in her bakery so that he could f*ck her! She’s not stupid! Anyway, this aside, her bakery has no customers and she believes she is talentless in baking bread unlike her grandpa. But there is another reason why her business is not so good. After Alfie brings the Star Children here for some much needed business, a couple of mean demons enter to harass Collete. They are workers of Lunch Pack, packed lunches that are currently popular in Granvania and putting many bakery out of business. They want this location and threaten Collete to give it up. However the Star Children tell them off and this really hurts their feelings as they run away?! WTF???!!! Mana reveals that Femiruna’s family runs Lunch Pack and if Itsuki talks to her, maybe she will help. Unfortunately there is nothing she could do but since he is so desperate, he accidentally causes her to slip as she knocks her head on the table! Oh dear! So the best solution? WTF Itsuki kidnaps her and puts her in a storeroom at Collete’s place?! I know hurting a maiden is a crime but didn’t he make it worse? So he wears a paper bag over his face while he leaves Collete’s bread for her to eat?! He can’t speak clearly, no wonder confused Femiruna is afraid of him. Oddly, Collete continues to bake more and Itsuki should have at least suspect something when she doesn’t eat any (she fears it is poisoned and he will do something to her body). I wonder how long she can last. Not long. Soon Itsuki takes off his paper bag (finally!) and tells her how much she needs to take care of herself. Well, if you dropped this charade and explained it properly… Because Itsuki cared about her, Femiruna starts falling for him! WTF logic is this?! Stockholm Syndrome?! Because she notes all men who get close to her are only after her father’s money and power. So the first guy to really pay attention to her? Oh yeah. He lets her feed her. In this storeroom? Couldn’t they change the place? Heck, he even bathes her here! WTF?! So are they going to do it here? Luckily, sex is sacred so they get a better room. Does Itsuki need to ruin it with this paper bag act? See how the lioness pounce on this guy! Meanwhile Collete’s grandpa gives her his recipes for her school festival. Aim for the ace! Yeah, he should’ve passed down his wisdom a long time ago.

Episode 7
Tarua seeks Mana’s advice because as a delivery girl, she can’t delivery all her letters in time. What’s the problem? Because she is so fast, she is slow. WTF?! Read that again… Meanwhile, Collete tells Itsuki that somebody tore the last page of her grandpa’s happy bread recipe. Old geezer doesn’t remember it and at this rate their bakery will close. Don’t worry. There’s always trial and error. Ironically we see Collete making lots of bread sexual innuendoes. Like how she wants him to tell her which body part he likes the best and he thought of getting away with (bread) ears and when she makes an ear out of bread but isn’t good enough, care to bite the real one? Oh Collete, don’t complain if he starts raping you! She goes on to make breads that look like certain reproductive anatomy and even eats them suggestively! It’s a wonder Itsuki hasn’t raped her yet. After more weird bread combos, she realizes the ultimate happy bread is made via coupling. You know, putting a sausage in a bun hole… WTF?! There you have it. Your Happy Chikuwa Sausage Bread! Although their bread is a sell-out at the festival, it seems Lunch Pack has appointed Mahiru and Yuzuha to represent them to sell theirs. And when theirs is not enough, guess what Femiruna gives for free? Panties! The more you can grab, the more pantsu you get. WTF?! Collete is so thankful to Itsuki that she wants to f*ck him?! Gee, that really escalated quickly. Yeah, the coupling just turned real. But this strange chikuwa dress as foreplay? Whatever. Happy coupling. Later Tarua hands Itsuki a letter. It’s obviously shady and by Mana as it leads him to some shady room where he is forced to train to become a delivery man. Yeah, unbelievable training methods I wonder how he can master it all in a short time. So once he passed, he is tasked to deliver a letter to Tarua. He finds her trying to find a lost letter in the mud. He helps out and realizes they’re looking in the wrong place. Yeah, how the heck did it end up the tree? Tarua is happy but first she has to finish deliver the letters. Many hands make light work as Itsuki helps her. Somehow Tarua wrote a letter for Itsuki. A thankful letter for his help and also stating how much she likes him. In turn, he writes back that he wants to have her Star Child. Straight to the point. Yeah… I hope this session won’t zoom by quickly. On a trivial note: Colette holds the record of most pantsu grabbed: 99! You mean it’s not 69 for this cheeky horny loli?

Episode 8
Mana hosts The Bachelor! Only one of the 12 maidens will win Itsuki’s heart and get to do the ultimate Love Ritual with him! Yeah, I somewhat had a feeling this series was resembling that reality TV one anyway… As you know, there are a couple of maidens not doing it with Itsuki yet and hence the first contestant to date him in this reality TV is Sue. She loves animals and we hear her sad background how her parents died while protecting her from Impurities. She still feels sad and can’t accept that they’re gone and that’s why she has all these animals as company. Damn, so sad can we even get to a make out scene? Stupid Mana letting the animals feed on her body with food isn’t turning anyone on… So if Itsuki feeds you his sushi, it means you are a candidate for his love making? Oh well, at least Sue got it. Mana then has the other contestants climb up slippery stairs while covered with suspicious white sticky substance. In the end, Mirei wins. Her reward is that she gets to bathe with Itsuki. Because she cannot see without her glasses, this increases her reliance to Itsuki as well as her sensitivity. Also meaning more suggestive flirting and she’s bold with it because she thinks it will help in her research. Whatever. And hence she gets the sushi too. He also dates other contestants but since he already done it with them, I guess we’re not going to have a repeat. Itsuki prepares to make out with Sue. Cat girl is lonely and wants his company to survive. This foreplay is borderline kinky and sad. Can they even make out? With Itsuki promising to stay by her side, blah, blah, blah, the mood is good enough for them to get going but wait! Mana suggests doing a Double Love Ritual with Mirei! Sue is embarrassed in having a threesome but don’t worry, Mirei has a potion that will make you bolder and hornier! And now let the orgy begin! This also means all of Sue’s animals start outraging Mana’s modesty. Yeah, this is so f*cked up… With a full set of Star Children, but why does Alfie feel sad once Itsuki’s mission is over, he’ll have to go home? Oh, it’s that roar again. Everyone assembles at the palace. Narcisstes’ research indicates there’s a 13th phantom. Too bad they haven’t found the entrance to it yet and the big bad Impurity will still revive. I guess this means Itsuki is a lucky guy that he gets to f*ck a 13th girl, right? Well… Mana points out it doesn’t necessarily needs to be female and suggests the 13th could be Narcisstes or Seiya! BL to increase female viewership! Is Itsuki serious accepting it or is he just trolling Mana?!

Episode 9
Suddenly Itsuki is uncomfortably looking at men?! Men everywhere! Mana trying to turn him into gay?! Will Itsuki be gay by the end of this episode! Itsuki keep bumping into Seiya means is he the destined one?! So when Itsuki starts questioning if this is even possible between men, Mana tells him off for being a homophobe! No siree, can’t have that kind of offensive thinking today! And we’ve already broke the fourth wall last episode hinting it would be a man so let’s get on with it! So it’s either this or beastiality. I’m sure he isn’t willing to do it with one of Sue’s horses then. Finally he gives in and such great timing Seiya is here. Yeah, the duo ‘dated’ and Itsuki feels even odder because now it is roles reversal. Seiya is getting on to him while Itsuki feels cornered like he did to those maidens. Eventually Itsuki can’t take the heat and baulks. He can’t accept the fact he almost gave birth to a Star Child! Can a man actually do that?! I guess no gay time. Mana then takes him to Narcisstes and this guy seems pretty understanding about his circumstances until he asks him about documents of a book that contains sexual positions!!! No gay time for this one either! With Itsuki more depressed, Mana tells her back story that she was once an Impurity created by a magician who tried to experiment on a way to coexist but died. Left all alone, Mana was going to be killed by the government but a Visitor saved him. Hence she is alive today and serves Granvania. That Visitor is Shangri La. Itsuki feels bad for him and does this mean Itsuki is into beastiality now?! Too bad for you Mana, he leaves you hanging because with his eyes opened, he is now willing to take on a man! Hooray! No more homophobe! Itsuki has to pick between Seiya and Narcisstes but he will have them both! My, greedy aren’t we? But in the end, nothing happened. The biggest troll reveal as Mana says you can’t do a Love Ritual between men! So was all this wasted?! Actually all this was to help level up Itsuki because now that he is open minded, he can start to find the 13th maiden with fresh feelings. Yeah, feelings are so complicated. Or maybe he just simply got trolled. Too bad folks. No gay time ever. But here is some consolation of Itsuki spending some (gay) beach time with Seiya and Narcisstes. Here, even some weird haiku about not being man or woman because love is all around.

Episode 10
Itsuki is trying to guess the 13th maiden. I think we all know who. But Itsuki even thinks it is Mana but can’t be because she is too lewd and FAT!!!! Oh dear. Fatphobe! But first Itsuki goes practice with Alfie and the Star Children to fight the 12th Impurity boss. After a hard fought battle, they win but nothing happens. Suddenly the labyrinth starts acting up and a light shoots out. As explained, this is the sign of 13th phantom’s awakening and this means Itsuki must expedite to find the 13th maiden. As you all would have guessed, even Alfie knows she is the 13th maiden but she tries to do up a few charms to make Itsuki notice her but all fail. Meanwhile Itsuki and Mana are advertising in the streets for the 13th maiden. I don’t think anybody gives a damn. They thought they heard Alfie’s voice. However she is drowned out by a stupid crowd of swooning girls crowding over Seiya. Recruitment failed. Attraction drive failed. As Alfie rues her chances, annoyed Mana goes to pick her up. She’s been waiting for her to show up as the 13th maiden! But Alfie won’t go to meet Itsuki like this. She gives a video for Itsuki to watch first. Itsuki is then told Alfie is the maiden he is looking for. Mana even breaks the fourth wall saying her face was in the opening credits and how we viewers already know! Anyway, the video is some trendy retro romance drama. So Alfie wants her romance trendy? I don’t think Itsuki has a choice. So uhm, the trendy date looks like we have a trendy car ride by the beach and then a trendy romantic Italian candlelit dinner. But the trendiness ends when Itsuki wants to go back to Alfie’s place. Is he trying to get lucky? He is amazed with all the retro trendy idol posters on the wall. They talk about a few things including Itsuki’s parents died in an accident. She feels sad. Then he sees he guidebook and strategies for the Star Children. The clincher is this cute dress he gives her as a present (why Mana sounds disappointed he thought Itsuki made it for his ‘secret hobby’?). The mood is so right and you can tell they are so lovey-dovey with each other that it’s making Mana jealously mad! Can they make out now? Not if Alfie’s stomach gives way! Yeah, some indigestion over the paper charms she ate earlier on. But now that is out of the way, it’s time to welcome the 13th Star Child.

Episode 11
Mana trolling us with this scene of Itsuki and Alfie making out isn’t some pay per view exclusive or some virus uploading trick. After Alfie’s Star Child is born (the most normal looking of them all), Alfie tires out. Is this an after-sex joke? So as Itsuki searches for some idol present to cheer her up, Shangri La summons him to the palace to tell him a secret. Guess what? You cannot defeat the 13th phantom! WTF?! Doesn’t that render the Star Children useless then?! Based on some legendary texts (yeah, bad handwriting), the only way is to seal it. Long story short, Itsuki must be a sacrifice for that sealing! Yeah, it sure made all that maiden thingy look redundant now. Mana overheard it and tries to act her normal pervy self but he is in no mood. So as though like this is going to be his last time, he goes around to help and make happy the other maidens. He even gives some doll charm to Mahiru. Man, this is sure some big bad death flag he is opening to. Itsuki returns to nurse Alfie and once she is well, she tells him a secret. Oh, not she too. She is actually born of a Visitor and a maiden! However her mom was killed by Impurities. So she was a Star Child born with maiden powers but lost them after the Love Ritual? WTF?! I’m so confused! You mean it’s like she lost her virginity?! And why is she such a hot babe instead of looking retarded like other Star Children?! Do Star Children even grow up?! WTF?! I’M SO FREAKING CONFUSED!!! For more confusion, Alfie then does some idol concert and variety show skit to motivate Itsuki. Like… WTF???!!! Last but not least, Itsuki has never forgotten about Mana so here is the present she has been waiting for. Oh my goodness… Don’t tell me… He wants to perform Love Ritual with her???!!!! OMFG!!!! Has Itsuki lost his mind that he is into beastiality now???!!! It’s true!!! But wait. If this isn’t Love Ritual and no Star Child is born, you mean this is just purely sex!!! OMFG!!! ITSUKI YOU BASTARD!!! 13 CUTE GIRLS ONLY EXIST FOR YOUR LOVE RITUAL BUT THIS PERVY TANUKI IT’S LIKE YOU HAVE REAL SEX???!!! WTF, MAN???!!! It’s just so freaking weird, dude. Morning comes and Itsuki now has the resolve to seal the 13th phantom. After that great sex, why not?

Episode 12
Shangri La now tells the maidens to help Itsuki by doing their Star Ritual to seal him forever. Yeah… Meanwhile Itsuki and Mana have headed into the labyrinth to fight the 13th phantom. So now it is conveniently found? The maidens reluctantly begin their ritual. Because it is either Itsuki is gone or the entire Granvania gone. Eventually Mahiru can’t bear the thought of sacrificing him and breaks the ritual. Yeah, might as well destroy Granvania. No fun without Itsuki, right? And of course we can’t have Granvania destroyed too so please ask if there is another way. Oh, conveniently there is?! If the Visitor truly bonds with all the maidens, a power to rid the Impurities can be obtained. However there is no proof of this flimsy reason and too much of a gamble. So you’re saying sacrificing Itsuki has better results because of ‘evidence’. Screw the former because everybody’s going to go with this. Yeah, should have just picked this in the first place. Thanks to the interrupted ritual, Itsuki who was fighting the 13th phantom and got ‘caught’ by the ritual, the 13th phantom has escaped. This is where the Star Children come in to fight. But they’re not alone. The maidens help channel their power to transform them into… 3 cheap mini mechas! Itsuki is alive thanks to Mana’s protection. Mana can still sound erotic but just to troll him to drink some invigorating juice to help save the world. With Itsuki reuniting with the maidens, he changed his mind about being sealed. Yeah, he want to have fun with all of them. So can we expect the biggest orgy after this?!

Before the fight gets too boring, suddenly Alfie takes a hit meant for Itsuki. Some last words here and there (you mean the baddie waited for them to finish their talk?). Yeah, time to get emotional. Alfie’s last wish is to be happy. So what does Itsuki give her? A kiss! And then Alfie disappears. OMG! YOU MEAN SHE REALLY DIED?! Oh well, this makes him mad as he powers up to obtain the Ophiuchus sign. Plus, with the maidens synchronizing with him, Itsuki combines with the Star Children to become… An ever cheaper mecha! At this point, the 13th phantom shows its true form (a discount mutated version of Overlord’s Ains?). He grabs Itsuki and wants him to join the dark side. They can go spread despair over the world because Itsuki too must have felt superior when he defiled the ladies, right? Can’t argue with that. But of course Itsuki rejects. You killed one of his girls and he is going to pay. So Alfie’s Star Child prays for some holy spear for Itsuki to stab through him? The Star Children then ‘sacrifice’ themselves to seal the 13th phantom forever. With Granvania safe, Mahiru talks to Itsuki that she wants to go home. She might miss the people here but it’s where she came from. He agrees. So as they leave, the other maidens come to say goodbye. So why the long face? Eventually they realize they don’t want to part with him and go with him! If that isn’t enough, Alfie and the Star Children are somewhat alive and also follow him to this world. WTF?! Mana has taken a humanoid form. Cute as she can be but she is still pervy. So now everybody is living on Earth but the ultimate f*ckery in the end is how Itsuki marries all of them and wants to bear their children! You mean he needs more children???!!! IS THIS EVEN LEGAL???!!! WTF???!!!!

Foreplay Folly – The Fault In Our (Horny) Stars: A Star (Child) Is Born
WTF???!!! WHAT THE FFFFFFUUUUUUUU????!!!! I was expecting a cheesy ending but I didn’t f*cking expect this gross harem ‘bad’ ending! Yeah, good for Itsuki. He has all the girls in his world now. It makes you think if Granvania must be a lonely place because now they are over a dozen girls shop. Think about this. Granvania is going to partly falter without them. For example, with Collete gone, who the f*ck is going to run the bakery?! Who is going to deliver the mails now that Sue is no longer around?! Granvania would be stuck with just old men and hot men and now they can all get yaoi with each other. Oh Seiya, looks like Narcisstes is the only option for you and you can add Shangri La for a threesome if you want. If that’s the case, was it better to just destroy Granvania? Looks like when the next round of Impurities hit them, it will be mostly from deprived jealous guys. Meanwhile other jealous guys in Itsuki’s school will be green with envy that suddenly he has babes from all walks of life clinging on to him. And he is already done them in! F*ck off you cherry boys. Itsuki is already in a league of his own!

You know, the whole concept of this conception thingy seems to be one big flimsy plot. I did not play the game so I am not sure if the game’s mechanics and settings are any better. But I think it would be even if it is just slightly since the video game had a sequel with completely new characters. But as far as this animated adaptation is concerned, the plot to have a Visitor make Star Children feels like a poorly written plot. An excuse so that we could have some sort of fake make-out scene and foreplay folly. Uh huh. I don’t know if this is sexy or funny but either way, when it comes to those scenes, it was also mind boggling.

The fact that you could create a Star Child from all those bonding because of the Impurities build up crap thingy feels a lot like a weak excuse so we can have those tasty delicious foreplay scenes. Which isn’t much either, by the way. Just a slight teasing and showing of our characters who are going to make out in their undies and that’s about it. I know it would feel awkward if they make out fully clothed but if no penetration was even required, why the heck do they need to strip? Maybe in the heat of the passion that is where the Star Child is born. In a way they put so much focus on making a child that every episode is literally named around making a child. Please bear my child. Try having my child. Will you have my child. Let’s give birth together. You get the idea. Like, WTF?! You think making babies is easy?!

There are probably a lot of mind boggling questions I would love to ask especially the workings of this world and other stuffs that don’t make much sense. So much so that this series has the cheek to break its fourth wall to tell us to go visit their official website to find out more details about it! I suppose they don’t want to bore us with some legendary explanation and want us to go look it up ourselves while the episode is dedicated to some boring dating simulation. Yeah… So maybe I could find the reason why Alfie didn’t die and the Star Children obtaining their freedom (who is sealing the 13th phantom then?) but I don’t want to confuse myself any further. Plus, the site is in Japanese and I’m too lazy to Google translate. Yeah… And then the questions keep piling on like if Mana is an Impurity but is able to transform into a human, Alfie a Star Child but not really looking like a typical Star Child, Shangri La was once a Visitor, you just forget about everything and accept it all without questions. Life is so much easier that way.

Because I don’t understand if this Impurity thing was so bad and they need to seal or defeat it quickly, but yet you see the people of Granvania going on with their daily lives happily! Like as though there is no urgency. Do they put all their faith in the Visitor? Because I’m sure past records have shown the success rate is high because otherwise had the Visitor failed, no more Granvania. Even more mind boggling is how the maidens are chosen (yeah, suddenly that horoscope sign popped up somewhere on their body, so you must be the chosen one). You think that they would at least all stay and work together once they are identified. But noooooo. After their initial introducing, they carry on living their individual lives. Like, WTF?! Like as though they are waiting for Itsuki to come seduce them. Turn by turn. And to say that these maidens cannot fight directly and only produce Star Child is also very paper thin excuse. Every time Itsuki and the Star Children venture into the labyrinth, at least the most they could do is be there as support? I know, don’t want to put them in danger as they don’t have martial arts background. But still, it shows that the maidens don’t care and they’re just there to serve as plot device for some fake sexy fanservice! I keep thinking it is only a matter of time Granvania will fall…

So basically in most episodes follow somewhat a similar pattern as Itsuki will try to bond with the girl in focus before performing the Love Ritual. The problem is that it just doesn’t feel satisfying. Maybe the series doesn’t take itself seriously even when it comes to this part. But the fact that it is supposed to be somewhat like a dating simulation but it comes off as rushed and unsatisfying. I mean, there are actually 12 maidens already and since there is the 13th and some guys to troll us for possible BL, how else do you think they can fit all of that into a dozen episodes? That is why it feels pretty wasted and rushed that many episodes featured 2 maidens. Like as though they need to quickly move forward the plot and hence ‘fast forward’ and rush this dating thingy. I don’t expect it to last for a few episodes like Amagami SS or Seiren but if the series is going to feature a guy bonding with his harem, such hastiness is very much frowned upon and dilutes the worth of the series.

Therefore it feels like the Star Children are one of the most important and forgettable characters and plots here. They feel more like just plot conveniences. When the series started, I was under the impression that we are going to see how the Star Children fight against the Impurities. Even if it is not the main thing, at least make it look important. Heck, even the first episode felt like a big troll. Itsuki suddenly pulling out his magic sword to fight a monster. I thought that was going to be the staple of the series. However many of the plot for this part of fighting Impurities in the labyrinth is mostly skipped. Suddenly you see Itsuki and his Star Children conquering the labyrinth and making the offerings to seal the Star Ward. Wow. It looks so easy. And with the subsequent episodes suddenly turning into some cheesy second rate dating sim, I guess screw this part and give me more faux foreplay. Oh yeah, bring on those sexy scenes, baby!

Hence the characters feel more like tools for plot conveniences. If you ever think that there was a series that treats its females like objects, this show can be considered to be a close one. Because as you can see of how rushed everything is, the maiden in focus is given one (some half) episode of prominence. After her Star Child is born, she is not really heard of again. At least not as prominent as when Itsuki seduced her. That is the most limelight she’ll ever get. Then she’ll be tossed and become part of the background, almost and nearly forgotten. That is why I don’t feel the bond of Itsuki and the girls. Everything happens to fast! You know it’s bad when you come too fast, right?! ;p. I feel sorry that despite each of them have different backgrounds, they feel so shallow here. It just feels like a stepping stone for the Love Ritual. An excuse why Itsuki is going to bang them. So what Femiruna’s family runs Lunch Pack? So what Collete runs a bakery? So what Falun is a dancer? So what Sue wants to be a good delivery girl? It all doesn’t matter once Itsuki f*cks them. Yeah, I make it sound like Itsuki penetrate these girls in my paragraphs but rest assured it is just for dramatization effect. No wonder they want to follow Itsuki. He is the only one who can make them feel good! Damn Itsuki, you could run a pimp house!

Even more sorry state for the Star Children. As I’ve said before, they are born to fight Impurities and right after birth, they are taken to a foster home to be trained. Like, you mean mama doesn’t even care about them!? It’s like after the ‘mothers’ gave birth to them, they toss them away too. Not their responsibility anymore. Like WTF?! And what the heck will happen to them once the Impurities are all sealed? Will they all die and disappear? That will be sad if that happens. Because I sure don’t see Star Children from the last time around (even that was assuming decades ago). So yeah, the women and children of this kingdom are so forsaken!!! Somebody think of the women and children!!!

I also think there was a missed opportunity when they decide to bring about the 13th maiden and hence the 13th Star Child. Because they should have brought in the Ophiuchus as Alfie’s star sign. Oh wait. They did in the end. But a little too late. Ophiuchus is often believed to be the 13th zodiac and there are debates whether it should be included in the horoscope or just a pseudo member. But I can’t see how this serpent bearer would fit for Alfie’s personality. It’s not like she’s a snake, right? Oh right. She stole a kiss from Itsuki before her fake dying moments. Sneaky snakey… But heck, I don’t think many of the other girls also represent the zodiac they are assigned for. Like Collete who is more of a baker than anything to do with Aquarius. At least make her a waitress who pours water for the customers she waits. And how the heck can one associate Ruka with Cancer? Unless you tell me those twintails are like a crab’s claws. Too vague!

For better or worse, cheeky and mischievous Mana is indeed the ‘best’ character of the series and my favourite. Her tendency to break the fourth wall, make sleazy cheesy horny jokes at every moment must be some sort of talent. This is the reason why the series is so funny and interesting because of how easily Mana breaks into this slutty mode, trying to turn on Itsuki. Maybe she has some pent up sexual frustrations and that’s why you see her being kinky on purpose. Only if she was such a gorgeous human being, she would have easily been the fapping material of many! It is this same reason why the show is cheesy and sucks in some other ways. Once a pervert, always a pervert. Then they try to give Mana some background like she is an Impurity. Like, does that even really matter at this point? Are we supposed to sympathize with her? Maybe that’s why she has such impure thoughts. Haha! But Mana, carry on being you. We love you that way. I don’t even want to think how Itsuki made out with her… Mana acting all shy and blushing whether real or not, just feels so creepy… Imagine if a Star Child was actually conceived between them, it would be so disturbing. But now thankfully Mana is in her oh so cute human form and that would make making out (if that should ever happen) easier to palate. Not going the beastiality way.

Itsuki as the only other character aside Mana to appear in every episode, I feel his main character status has reduced him into a pathetic state. Just like the maidens, his role exists just as a tool for plot convenience. Oh, so what’s this that if he doesn’t save Granvania and get the job done, he won’t return back to his own world? Hence an excuse to go around seducing the maidens and then make out with her. He has got it so good in this world, I say screw his own world and continue living here. Do you not see he bums around a lot? It’s not like he has a real job or rent to take care of anyway. I see Mahiru is blending in pretty well. Since they don’t show her much so I’m assuming she must be getting along fine in this world. To show Itsuki isn’t such a sleazy guy going around banging chicks, that is why the final arc plot for the much needed drama to make him feel like he is on a guilt trip. I’ve shagged all the ladies (and a creature) that I can, now it’s time to contribute with my sacrifice. Don’t worry girls, he is not the only one with a dick in Granvania. But since he is the one taking their first time, I guess we can’t have him go that way either. And since he saved the day and has the maidens coming with him (pun not intended), it’s like this guy only has a win-win situation. As long as you make the ladies feel good, damn they will follow you anywhere.

The other guys here feel like as though they are a troll for some BL trap. Why else do you have this Seiya dude who is probably charming and a playboy with other girls, for Itsuki in that one episode to feel like he is going to fall for him? Trap! And then for a guy like Narcisstes, to even have this kind of name, I mean, WTF???!!! And why does Shangri La not look like a proper king because when I see him I thought he is some uncle pretending to be a king. Yeah… Oddly, assuming if Shangri La and Narcisstes have tackled this Impurities menace in the past (not too sure its frequency but from the way they said it, it happened before), they should have some sort of experience and knowledge about the past to help deal with the current situation. Therefore I am again screaming plot convenience about this 13th phantom crap. You mean it never happened before?! I don’t know how big the royal library is or if Narcisstes is doing his research wrongly because suddenly they pull out this legendary crap out of thin air. Like, are you sure you’re serious in dealing with this sh*t? I have a speculation why Shangri La as an ex-Visitor is now king of Granvania. It’s because he did not have any women who wants to sleep with him so he prefers to stay back here and rule over others! I mean, have you even seen the queen?! It’s not like she was ever mentioned she died or anything! Oh Itsuki, you should really count your blessings.

Art and animation feel average and pretty standard. I don’t know, is it me that the characters have this one kind look? This anime is animated by the veteran anime studio of Gonzo. They are still going strong in producing a lot of anime series every season but it must just be coincidence that the recent seasons the animes from them aren’t of my taste and hence didn’t catch their work for a while. While some of the maidens’ design look like cosplay themes (Ruka the miko priestess, Reone the nurse), it is the designs of the Star Children that feel pretty weird. It feels like as though they were the result of some mutation went wrong hence some look like a chibi retard. Serious.

For the voice acting part, my favourite is of course Mana who is voiced by Yurin (Honey in Space Dandy). She is so freaking awesome sounding as the sleazy perverted creature and really sounds the part. She sounds like she is having fun with all this that it is just convincing. She could be the next Satomi Arai if you ask me. But kudos to her for doing a great voice acting job because it is never a dull moment hearing Mana talk in her unique, uhm, accent? Surprising to hear Kana Asumi as Lilith and Lillie because I haven’t heard her in a while and thought she has retired. But she is more subdued here and even her Lillie counterpart doesn’t match the exuberance of her trademark like Nyaruko. The other recognizable seiyuu is Eri Kitamura as Sue. Yeah, she also sounds subdued here but it’s all part of her character role. Sho Hayami as the 13th phantom feels wasted in his role since the baddie isn’t looking all that menacing and cheap.

The other casts are Yuuki Ono as Itsuki (Kiyotaka in Da Capo II), Emiri Katou as Mahiru (Akatsuki in Log Horizon), Aya Endo as Arie (Tchaikovsky in ClassicaLoid), Riho Sugiyama as Tarua (Tanis in Frankenstein Family), Makiko Ohmoto as Ruka (Miki in Tenshi Na Konamaiki), Saki Fujita as Femiruna (Ymir in Shingeki No Kyojin), Sanae Kobayashi as Mirei (Ennis in Baccano), Yuriko Yamaguchi as Reone (Robin in One Piece), Kazusa Aranami as Falun (Fujiko in Dorei-ku The Animation), Asami Shimoda as Collete (Rin in Infinite Stratos), Yukiyo Fujii as Yuzuha (Harumi in Citrus), Ai Kakuma as Alfie (Julis in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Kengo Kawanashi as Seiya (Rei in 3-gatsu No Lion), Daisuke Hirakawa as Narcisstes (Makoto in School Days) and Kenichirou Matsuda as Shangri La (Gordon in Black Clover).

The opening theme is Star Light, Star Bright by Nano. Although this piece is passable and not bad, I wonder if it fits this series or not. You see, this rock piece sounds suitable if the anime was more like an action shonen adventure or fantasy like Naruto or Black Clover. So hearing this while keeping in mind the genre of this series makes me feel weird. But it cannot be as weird as the ending theme. The aptly named Desires by Manami Numakura is not only a techno rock frenzy but the freaky part is the animation. We see strange cardboard cut outs of Mana with macho man body doing very weird dances! The kind of exuberant energetic dance that you wonder if she is doing some sort of sacrificial ritual! This part comes off both funny and creepy because the surreal visuals somewhat remind me of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (the part the magical girls fight the witches). Yikes! I’m definitely not getting a boner in seeing this one. If their goal is to make me go WTF and feel crept out, they certainly succeeded in doing that.

Overall, this series trolled and teased us a lot with some suggestive and steamy scenes. We get our hopes up in seeing the make-out scenes and despite being rewarded with just that, that’s all we ever get. Disappointed, you damn dirty perverts! But I have to admit that I had fun and some laughs while watching this series, thanks to the horniness of a certain bear tanuki, thank you. It’s not the best nor sexy anime of the season of the year but it does give a different take and angle on the fanservice aspect. No cheap cheesy pantsu shots or boob shots to get the job done. Just some horny and suggestive remarks and trolling of the sexy bits is enough to make us feel anticipated, horny and disappointed all together. Then we all laugh it off after we’ve been had yet again. But I’m sure this isn’t going to cut it as an excuse when you really knock up a girl. I think we missed the concept of conception here.


January 12, 2019

It feels like a long time since I have watched a sci-fi mystery romance harem visual novel adapted into anime. Actually that was just about over a year ago when I watched Rewrite. Now it’s time to get back into that visual novel mood with Island. Main character with no memories of his own, basically a typical amnesiac, check. A small bevy of beauties for his harem, check. They have issues that need to be solved that could be related to the lore and legend of the setting, check. Deep dark secrets about the land, or in this case the island, check. Includes some sci-fi time travelling thingy, check. Oh well, this isn’t going to be your average Fantasy Island.

Episode 1
Karen Kurutsu is running along a beach until she trips. Her face lands in the crotch of a naked boy who is washed up ashore! DAMN! At the police box, he doesn’t remember anything else except for he is a time traveller and the need to kill someone. Not joking? A call from the mayor wants this boy to be expelled from the island immediately. The police is supposed to take him to the harbour where he will be sent to the mainland when the mayor calls again because his daughter is missing and to go look for her. As the boy hides in a yacht, he finds Karen hiding there. She is the mayor’s daughter and she is not pleased he found her because now she cannot get off this island. With the mayor finding her and she continues to run, I guess the boy is left to his own devices. As he wanders on the beach at night, he hears Rinne Ohara sing a beautiful melody. He seems to know her but not really. She also thinks she knows him but not really. Rinne makes up a story that he is Setsuna Sanzenkai and supposed to be the new maid she hired from the mainland. Rinne wonders if he is really a time traveller since she too doesn’t have memories prior to 5 years ago when she arrived here. Rinne introduces him to her mom, Kuon who holes up in her room and only ‘communicates’ via leaving notes. Setsuna sleeps and dreams of somebody promising to kill Setsuna. Next morning, Sara Garandou from the shrine takes Setsuna to her place. She believes he came from the future to change the past. Setsuna thinks he knows her too but not really. Maybe she is flat instead of busty? So he remembers her boobs? Anyway Sara believes his memories were intentionally sealed. His time travel and Rinne’s disappearance coincide. After all that mumbo-jumbo, Sara tries to kill him but fails spectacularly. As her job is to protect this island, she happily reveals her plan to kill him. Uhm, I don’t think that is how it’s supposed to work. He returns home to work but stumbles upon the book that tells the legend of this island, Urashima. Inside he finds a note that says Setsuna must die. That night at the beach, Setsuna has Rinne sing that song again. So beautiful he cried? Even Rinne too. Then a weird dream of Sara being burnt and her final words for him to take care of this world. Next morning as he wants to draw open the curtains, Rinne stops him. She fears the sunlight will kill her.

Episode 2
Rinne has soot blight syndrome. Sunlight kills her. This is why she wakes up and wanders at night. Setsuna continues his maid job and then finds Sara praying at the shrine. Praying for a successful kill? She hides him when the mayor is trying to find Karen. This is when she explains to him the legend of Urashima. All the 3 main girls are named after the legendary daughters of the island. It says Setsuna and Rinne are siblings but started loving each other more than that. At the same time Karen also loves Setsuna but got jealous. She asked a black shrine maiden to change Rinne into a monster and killed herself in despair. Setsuna went back to the maiden. At an unknown date in the future, Rinne will be revived and if they meet, the curse would be lifted. Setsuna slept, waiting for that day to come. Sara wants to sleep with him but thankfully he declines. She is glad too because she isn’t ready. When he returns, what is Karen doing here? Apparently there is an ad looking for a maid so she is here to try out for the job. Rinne wants to fire Setsuna after getting the wrong idea he slept with Sara (the incense in her room) so Karen tries to be considerate and leave. But Setsuna doesn’t want her to return to her father and have regrets and has her try it out. Rinne has the final say and hires her. Next day, Setsuna hears Karen’s reason to work even if she comes from a wealthy family. Her mom left the island 5 years ago and she is saving up to head to the mainland to find her. As they take a break, the old woman at the store collapses. They take her medicine and Setsuna is surprised to read it as soot blight syndrome. From the doctor’s explanation, it looks like in extreme cases your body will be inflamed if gets touched by the sunlight. There is no cure. As the island believes the syndrome comes from the legendary families, Karen believes it is just an excuse to maintain authority. Sara believes the island needs this legend or else it will be done for. Later Setsuna asks Kuon about the syndrome and she replies Rinne doesn’t have it but believes she does. She fears it as it might be related to why she disappeared 5 years ago and lost her memory and think of herself as the Rinne in the legend. So when Setsuna tells Rinne they are not the people in the legend, it makes her very sad. Is a slap justified? He wants to invite her to the beach. The morning one. But she is happy to stay as herself. And Setsuna will always remain her Setsuna.

Episode 3
Beach episode? Karen and Sara in their swimsuit. Basically this is part of Setsuna’s plan to lure Rinne out. But their lines sound so lame and ambiguous that Rinne might be thinking she is hearing things. Too bad Rinne overthinks that Setsuna is having his way with the girls so time to put on her sexy bikini and straighten them out? Well, she wore her full astronaut suit! Clumsy. Her helmet falls off. She looks okay. Not dead. So she knew she somewhat doesn’t have soot blight syndrome and they were just trying to get her out. He assures they can take things slowly one step at a time. Later they find a locked shack in the cave. Before they could break open, Rinne screams not to and then faints. She is okay but needs to rest. Setsuna shows the rest about the diary he keeps ever since he was stranded here. He hopes to learn something from his memories but has only recorded weird things like the syndrome and the legend while popping up more questions than answers. He feels it is all connected but unsure how. He even questions himself as Setsuna. Later Rinne talks to Setsuna that she remembers meeting a boy named Setsuna at the shack. Nobody knew about this and Rinne doesn’t remember how that boy looked like. After Setsuna tutors Karen, he walks her home as she reveals more about her weird mom. Often shutting herself in her room to do some experiment, Karen was never paid any attention to. Dad eventually kicked her out so she went to the mainland. At the doorstep, her father is waiting. Ranting about how her duty is to marry and carry on the family line. News to Setsuna. Later Setsuna meets Sara to ask why Karen’s dad is so adamant of her staying here. Her family can pass the line only through female descendants. As for Karen trying to leave the island, she thinks she is just rebelling and not serious as there are so many other ways to do so. Even if she leaves, will she be happy? She wonders if Karen has given enough thought to what happens if she leaves. One day, Karen didn’t come to school. He finds her in the mansion and before he could tell her off, suddenly she pushes him onto her bed and wants him to mess her up. You mean f*ck her? Wait. WHAT?!

Episode 4
Of course Setsuna declines but that’s not what she meant. She has a plan to leave this island and wants him to help mess up her wedding. Since her dad is always about appearances, she will get kicked out. So looks like almost everybody is in cohorts with her wedding including the groom. As the ceremony begins, Setsuna arrives in an alien mask! He is here to steal her. Dad of course opposes but that is when Karen has had it and decides to leave with him. Dad would have gone after her if not for her brother, Subaru telling him to let go. Karen is so happy with her newfound freedom and Setsuna celebrating with her that they keep their eyes ahead and crash the scooter into the sea. As they set sail, the captain explains how Subaru helped out because he felt Karen was always so mad at the world and couldn’t do anything about it. She blamed everything for it. So when she decided, he wanted to support her. Now on the mainland, Karen is like a typical country bumpkin. But how does Setsuna know how to work the trains if he is amnesiac? Anyway as they make their way to supposed Karen’s mom’s place, they see nothing but a grave. Oh dear. Karen breaks down and cannot accept this. But a girl, Momoka Yamabuki is thrilled to see Karen and starts molesting her because she looks like her professor. She was told by Subaru she would be coming today. Momoka is the assistant of Karen’s mom, Natsumi who went under the penname of Sueharu Nakamiya when she wrote her books. She was offered professorship 5 years ago as a geologist and used that penname. Unfortunately she died in an accident a year ago. Momoka hints about her research regarding ancient texts around the world but the rest is confidential. Before Karen leaves, she asks if mom was happy. All the time. Especially when the results of her research showed. But her only regret is Karen. She always worried about her. That’s why if something happened to her, she requested her grave to be put near the sea. Karen is satisfied that mom didn’t run away and always cared for her. Karen returns to the island. Subaru welcomes her back and vows to change the island. Not sure how long they have been gone because Sara is now hired as a maid at Rinne’s mansion. But Sara laments unlike the rest, she herself has not changed. Only if she had her powers back, she could do something about the illness. But time is not on her side.

Episode 5
Setsuna dreams of Sara sacrificing herself to save him to save the world. Too bad he only noted her boobs… He gets a shock when he wakes up because Sara is sleeping next to him! Rinne is not impressed with this shady business but luckily Sara explains herself. Something about learning about her family’s legend so she came here to tell Setsuna but since he is asleep, she waited and also fell asleep. She then takes them to the beach so as to harvest to venom of a sea snake to help find a cure for the soot blight syndrome. But she can’t swim. Don’t worry. Setsuna will do it! Oh, the sea snake’s venom can kill you… She is confident he won’t! Before Sara could explain to Rinne about her theory of Rinne crossing time to save her and how she must get something done before her 17th birthday in 2 days, Setsuna is in trouble because he got bitten! Oh no! Luckily the doctor diagnosed it as jellyfish sting. Phew. Sara so relieved. Later Setsuna and Rinne ponder about Sara because there seems to be sadness behind her smile. Next day, Sara gives Kuon her best massage. It’s to help ward off soot blight syndrome by pressing certain vital points. Then Setsuna gets a clinical test but it doesn’t end well… Now Setsuna has to cycle her to 20 over old folks’ houses so she could give her massage. At the end of the day, Sara reveals that she believes Setsuna is her destiny. She is destined to go back in time to give birth before her 17th birthday. She shows a picture of a mom nursing her. If mom looks like her it is because it is her! OMG! So Sara is her own mom from the future?! Sci-fi time paradox sh*t! To prove it, both have that same scar on the chest. Hence when she tried to ‘kill’ Rinne was to ascertain if he is from the time patrol trying to stop her from changing the past. Hence she gambled. If destiny picked her, she would be able to go back to the past. In her relief she explains she was called the Child of God. Every year, dozens of babies were born with soot blight syndrome. Ever since Sara was born, there hadn’t been any. But after a fire incident, the affliction came back. She lost that power and she wants to prevent that fire and save the people. Without it, she views herself as useless.

Setsuna draws a really complicated time flow chart on Sara’s situation. Rinne understands it?! As she has read the family’s dark secret journal, she realizes this is nothing more than a horrific practice that was sealed away. It all started with Sara’s grandpa claiming Sara as the Child of God and will save the island. The people believed him when the syndrome stopped appearing. But this is actual the doing of grandpa. When babies were born, they will be exposed to sunlight to see of any lustre in their eyes that would assure the symptoms by age three. Such babies are told they died in stillborn and then locked and abandoned in a secret place. All this is just a scheme to restore the family’s authority. With Sara overhearing that, she becomes sad knowing the truth and runs back to the shrine. Oh look. It’s on fire! Who set it?! And was it set long ago because it’s so big. Luckily Setsuna saves her who is so willing to die to end her family lineage. Sara wakes up in hospital and it has been 2 days since her birthday. Sara can’t believe everything so it means all her theories are wrong. As for the scar, it is like branding. All in the family got one burnt after being one. Her parents rather die than continue this cruel tradition but couldn’t kill Sara. But she still feels useless and have of no use. Setsuna tells her to look around. A thousand crane origami folded by the old people in hopes she regains consciousness. Thanks for the massage. Now she has a reason to live. Happy belated birthday. Cue to cry all out now.

Episode 6
Disregard Sara’s naughty advice to have sex as part of the measure to regain lost memories. Setsuna ponders of ways to retrieve his lost memories when Rinne lies beside him. Is the atmosphere getting good? Well, good enough for them to go out on a date (they term it as going out somewhere). What else can you do on this island? Bowling. Sara and Karen eventually get so worried if the duo end up having sex that they try to barge into the mansion. Good timing. They’re back from their date. Sara asks straight up if they had sex (among all the other synonyms and slangs she thrown in). They deny. Phew. Sara explains how it is wrong for a guy from the future to impregnate a girl in the past. Yeah, that time paradox confusing sh*t thingy. Rinne challenges Setsuna to a game where the loser must do as the winner says. And her wish is for him to kiss her. Why, don’t want to kiss a cute girl? Thank goodness she is only joking, right? When Setsuna and Karen visit the police guy, they are told that there are different versions of the legend as the families have their different version. A version involves Setsuna and Rinne getting married but she later learnt of his existence and fell into despair. She killed herself by jumping into the sea. It is possible Rinne knows this story as it was her father who tried to gather the legends. Setsuna rushes back to find Rinne. Not a home cliché. Oh, she’s standing at the beach, near the water cliché. What’s with the long face? Need to tell the truth? At the shack, she tells him she lied about it. When she fainted, she knew he wasn’t the real Setsuna. She still can’t remember how the real one looks but sensed a different Setsuna at this shack. After breaking open the door, a bed and some books all over the floor. Pretty tidy place assuming it has been abandoned for a long time. Rinne explains she used to come here to meet Setsuna but one night the tide blocked her path home. Suddenly her father found her. He blamed Setsuna for this and threw him into the ocean. With sunrise, her father writhed in pain as he had soot blight syndrome. Rinne dived in to save Setsuna but only found herself alone in hospital. Since then she has shut herself to the night world but this Setsuna saved her and gave her a place to be. So for now all that matters is she is Rinne and he is Setsuna. That’s all.

Episode 7
Setsuna and Rinne spend more time together. Probably it got Karen jealous enough to rush over to kick Setsuna. What’s that all about?! When they decided to go have some shaved ice, the old woman closes the store as she is out of medicine. Setsuna offers to get it so please make some. The old woman remembers seeing Setsuna and Rinne many years ago although they come out only at night. This is when Rinne starts to feel uneasy a she remembers. At the clinic, the policeman shows Setsuna an old newspaper article when Rinne went missing 5 years ago. Oddly she was 23 then but now she is 17?! Rumours flew that she was a hidden child and Rinne’s sister but further investigations showed she was the real deal. But the biggest mystery was Rinne when found was wearing the same clothes the day she went missing. This has Setsuna really start questioning if she came from the past and himself from the future. He rushes back to the store but Rinne has left. Old woman says she turned pale after talking about him. Setsuna believes that was not him back then. He finds Rinne at the pier. She rejects him but he holds on to her. She elaborates about her returned memories. That night when she and the original Setsuna fell into the sea, both washed up on the deserted island, Boryujima. Setsuna was bleeding so Rinne offered to help as they survive on the island by themselves. Pretty decent. But Setsuna became restless as he wanted to bring Rinne back. One night, he said he found a boat but it has only room for one. He wanted her to go. The next thing Rinne knew, she is back on Urashima and 5 years have passed. She regrets leaving him behind to die. So she wants to go to him? Setsuna tries to be realistic about living in fear but Rinne won’t listen and wants to be left alone. Tension interrupted with Sara asking what they’re doing getting wet together. WTF???!!! Rinne collapses. I think it wasn’t the sexual innuendo. Back at her shrine she theorizes that with many different timelines, Setsuna may be searching for the right one and redoing it over and over again. His visions and memories might be its side effect. The storm that will soon arrive on Urashima may be some sort of singularity cause that opens a rift between the islands. It could explain why Rinne didn’t age when she got back here. Rinne heard this and now has weird ideas to return to the original Setsuna. Gee, Rinne is sure fast in running away in the storm and stealing a boat into the choppy waters.

Episode 8
Just in time. Setsuna saves Rinne after she falls off her boat. She is adamant of going back to her original Setsuna. He agrees with her and will help but they need to plan. Plan quickly because here comes the tsunami! Next thing they know, they’re on Boryujima and it’s such a fine weather. Exploring the land further, no sign of her original beloved. Until Setsuna explores a deeper cave and sees his bones. Gee, the skeleton is too clean, if I should say. He reads his diary. It seems he found a strange coffin. More spamming of wanting to save Rinne. As he failed to make a raft, his desperation tells him that that this coffin is a boat to save her. So when she is sleeping, he put her in it. Setsuna shows Rinne this. Sad at first but he tells her he looks happy. Really? I thought all skeletons are naturally ‘smiling’. They decide to live on this island for a while and what a swell time they have together. Until suddenly Setsuna wakes up back in Rinne’s mansion. What’s this?! A wake is held for Rinne?! OMG! Rinne’s dead?! So that was all just a dream?! As Kuon explains, it seems the people found Setsuna body washed ashore but 5 days later a very unrecognizable corpse of Rinne. Setsuna cannot believe this. He remembers holding on tightly to her hand. But remember further. It was Rinne who let go. She wants him to live because once she reincarnates, she will be waiting for her. He falls into despair thinking she saved him. But no time to waste on that as Momoka and Kuon bring him to the mainland to Natsumi’s lab. There is that ancient coffin. Flashback shows Natsumi and Momoka often travelled the world to find so called ancient but hi-tech artefacts. Evidence shows they all originated from Urashima. After her death, Momoka went to see Kuon who took her to Boryujima to show that coffin where Rinne was sleeping. That was how she was actually found and contrary to the official story she was found on a beach. You see, they believe this is a time travelling device and anybody who sleeps in it doesn’t age as time stops. This explains Rinne’s age. Also, this matches up to Urashima’s legend of Setsuna sleeping eternally. They believe this coffin was brought from the future trying to intervene in the past. Setsuna lights up upon hearing the idea they can save Rinne. Yes, he is going to sleep in this coffin to go back in time and doesn’t care how long as it takes even if the chances of succeeding are low.

Episode 9
Hey! Wait a minute! Am I watching a new series?! A futuristic European dystopia of the series?! We even got a new opening theme and the series even changed its name to Never Island! We see Setsuna and Rinne together. Not sure if they are siblings or lovers but they are close. As they line up to get food while being preached by Sara the priestess, suddenly Karen and her minions throw a smokescreen to steal the food. Damn the guards are so adamant in eliminating them that they fire indiscriminately and run over Sara. Setsuna rescues Sara and takes cover inside the church. But there is Karen and co escaping too. She attacks him but his hand accidentally touch her boobs. Kick in the crotch! That’s that. It is narrated that people like Karen are called untagged. Kids who are born without permission and hence abandoned. They’re supposed to be killed and that is why they are in hiding. Back home, it seems Rinne loves tinkering with some sort of time capsule. She has blueprints from her ancestors so, uhm, don’t worry? When she has Setsuna test it, inside he suddenly felt strange as though time has stopped. When he exists, Rinne said the moment she flipped the switch, the fuse broke. It definitely felt longer inside. When they go see Sara, it seems she has them help out to deliver food to the untagged taking refuge underneath the island’s stratum. Yeah, lots of abandoned kids. Setsuna tries to feed one but gets knocked out. He dreams of arriving in this winter place in a capsule and Rinne found him. So I guess they become family. When he comes to, Karen is trying to seduce him for info on Sara, thinking he is her bodyguard. Why not ask her herself? She hates the church even if she feeds her. Trust no one. You see, Karen is the leader of the anti-church and she believes the church is trying to kill all untagged. Speaking of the church, the guards have found them. But soon the entire island faces a blackout. Elevator not working. There’s the stairs… Hiding in Rinne’s place, Sara talks about the expedition 5 years ago in which a group set to find Avalon, a utopia. The official story is that they never came back but the dark truth is that some did and were killed by the church so as to give people a false hope there is somewhere else habitable on this snowy island. Suddenly Setsuna remembers about the other Rinne and her death. He realizes he is here to save something and is going to do it.

Episode 10
There are wanted posters of Karen. Also, it states all her comrades are captured and will be executed. Time for a rescue mission. Minus Rinne, they sneak into the church but what awaits them are all corpses of the untagged. It was like the guards were waiting for them. Yup, clearly a trap. When a priestess tries to tell the guards not to use violence, they shoot her! They won’t shoot the rest yet as they have a role for them. They are brought to the church where Sara’s father the cardinal is giving a sermon. Suddenly he is shot. Sara and co rush to his side only for the archbishop to suddenly blame them as the terrorists for killing the cardinal. Everyone with mob mentality calls for their deaths. They are burnt at the stake like witches but thankfully here comes Rinne giving a fake warning that more of their comrades are coming and have brought bombs. Yeah, nice fireworks. With the people running away (where the f*ck are the guards?), Rinne is able to save them. The gang then trek outside the island, supposedly to a place where a lost technology lies. Unfortunately Sara dies from her wounds. Inside this cave is one heck of a computer system. Yeah, it’s working. Rinne tinkers with it while the rest bum around. Until Karen starts getting sick. Immediately Setsuna could identify this is soot blight syndrome (too much exposure to the sun) so by the time he brings her to the doctor, she is already dead. Woah! Rinne’s harem dropping like flies! As he rues he cannot save them, Rinne believes he can. Based on everything she has done and researched, this capsule is actually a time machine. This is what her ancestors have passed down. To save the world. He can go back in time to save them. Suddenly Setsuna remembers everything. He came to the future to go back to the past and save it. Sounds a bit confusing… Rinne hears about the other Rinne he wanted to save. She looks worried if they are lovers. Setsuna says she is also a special girl to him. I hope he doesn’t say that to all the girls named Rinne. With that, they believe Setsuna coming here is part of destiny to change history. Because Setsuna is going back alone, so they pretend to have a mock marriage and then have sex???!!! Oh well, one for the road! I’m sure that will be the best memories ever.

Episode 11
We’re back on Urashima. Because Setsuna has retained all his memories, don’t worry if this episode is going to replay everything in exact order again. Because thankfully it would be just weird if Karen falls and plants her face on his dick again. This time she just sees him naked. Thanks to his retained memories, Setsuna proudly boasts what is going to happen and knows about Karen’s background. Later he talks to her friends about the time she tried to hide in the yacht. Thus before Karen could stowaway, her friends are already waiting and want to hear out her reasons. Setsuna then waits for Rinne at the beach. He tries to be friendly with her but his failed pickup lines make her laugh a lot. He becomes her maid and surprisingly Kuon knows who he is. Next day, Setsuna knows all about Sara trying to kill him, her scar and her past. Woah. So true! Now she worships him? When Setsuna hangs out the laundry, he messes with her pantsu just to get her to run out into the sun. See? No soot blight syndrome. At this point, Karen and her friends leave the mainland to discover the truth about Natsumi. When she returns, all of them celebrates Sara’s birthday. Now that Rinne is ready, Setsuna brings her to the shack and then Boryujima to put a rest to her original Setsuna issues. They return to Urashima just in time for the fireworks festival. The usual best fun ever until time for the cliché moment when the rain hits. Perhaps there is some sexiness and romance for getting it on in the rain. It is clear that Rinne has totally fallen for him. If not for the stupid thunder and lightning to ruin the mood. I guess this isn’t so sexy after all. Setsuna visits Sara who shows her an old album. A photo shows a young Kuon who looks a lot like Rinne (shouldn’t be a surprise because we did see how she looked like at the funeral) as she holds baby Rinne in her arms. He starts feeling uneasy. Meanwhile Kuon tinkers with a time capsule in her room.

Episode 12
Setsuna thinks of asking Rinne but backs out after thinking he needs to be sure of things first. Later as he talks to Rinne, he learns Kuon used to wear an engagement ring from her father but stopped wearing it after Setsuna arrived. Feeling suspicious, he calls Momoka to confirm something about Kuon that she is different than what others would think of her. Like as though she is a different person and younger than she looks. Then it hit him. Kuon is that future Rinne!!! OMG! Is that a time capsule in Kuon’s bedroom?! Setsuna goes to the mansion’s library to do more investigation. Oh, keen eye observation that a diary of Rinne’s father is missing. The year she was born. Oh, convenient this locked drawer means some secret is hiding in here. Break open. There’s the lost diary. The year Rinne was born, Kuon died. And as also narrated by Kuon, it seems she woke up on Urashima 24 years ago and met the master of this mansion. Conveniently she had no memories then and only remembered her name: Rinne. She was hired as a maid. Soon she realized she was pregnant. At first the master disallowed it but after the doctor diagnosing his wife unable to bear a child, he thought of this idea to use the maid’s child as the successor. She also liked the idea but after the daughter was born, she was taken away. However the baby pinned for the maid instead of the mistress. Later the mistress died and the maid assumed Kuon’s name. The baby was named Rinne as she didn’t need that name anymore. Hence here is Setsuna’s revelation to Rinne: I am your father!!! Holy sh*t!!! So all those instances why he can’t get any further being romantic with her, yup, this is the reason. And you thought he was just a dense main character. Oh poor Rinne, so confused and sad. Can’t blame her for not accepting all this crap.

Setsuna then explains it to the other girls about how he is from the future and hence knew how to solve their problems. But conveniently Momoka is here to point out a hole in his theory. Oh yeah, something she conveniently FORGOT TO TELL HIM! That time capsule doesn’t travel through time. It just stops time. So how did Setsuna go back in time? Like now? Actually the world seems to be repeating itself and the events happening again. Like the rise and fall in civilization? Hence the same past is repeating in the future. HOLY SH*T!!! I’M SO F*CKING CONFUSED!!! Momoka has proof with that carbon dating thing. Whatever. Flashback shows Never Land Rinne regretted and didn’t want to die alone. So she went back to that cave and slept in the other capsule. Rinne now confronts Kuon. She explains she regained her memories slowly over time and felt sad she would not be able to meet the person she loved and would be content in just raising his child. Then he popped up. So she blamed him for not recognizing her at first? You kidding me?! YOU WERE HIDING IN YOUR ROOM AND COMMUNICATING VIA NOTES!!!!!! Time for the plot to move forward as Rinne who heard most of their talk, thanks mom for raising her. She is happy to have received their happiness. So by returning her name means she returns mom to him? Geez, this is confusing if I keep now refer to Kuon as Rinne so I’ll remain. Setsuna and Rinne are now free to reassure their love again. Oh yeah. Let the old flame and tears flow. But no sex this time. Soon, both get married and live the happiest family life. Oh yeah, they even have a honeymoon trip. After aeons, I think they deserve it.

Total Drama Mystery Island
You could literally say that their legendary love continues to live on and that their love has actually lasted for ages and survived the rise and fall of mankind and civilization! Woah! That’s the power of love transcending time for you! Just the mind boggling factor that the time capsule didn’t deteriorate or anything and remained in working condition. Yeah, even if Armageddon happened, the time capsule seemingly stayed in perfect condition. So well hidden that I guess nobody actually found it because they might have done something if they see a sleeping human inside and tried to pry hi/her out. No siree. Nobody knows how to even operate this damn thing and I wonder how it lets one out. Was there a timer to say when the freezing stops? Yeah, after 10 cycles of the fall of civilization. Thank goodness the great universe is still intact.

One of the many problems that adapted visual novels suffer is that it loses a lot of material when being translated to the TV series medium. People who played the game would have had hours and hours of experience, thus giving them a better grasp and understand of the entirety of the story as well as the characters. As I did not play the game itself, it is hard for me to do comparisons but based on my ‘experience’ of watching so many adapted visual novels, adapting to a different media format means losing a lot. Especially when you don’t get to choose a certain route or go back to choose another one. Therefore this adapted series’ plot suffers a lot and there are moments when it feels rushed. After all, they have to fit like 50 hours of gameplay into just a dozen episodes. It is bad enough this is only a single cour unlike some like Little Busters got more episodes (hence fleshing things out better) and even Rewrite got those little extra episodes. But with the anime series ended like that, do you really want to redo it all again for another route? I don’t think I want to stay for that even if it takes another million years!

But for Island, the story does start off fascinating and interesting only because we are new and unfamiliar with the premise. That novelty soon wears off and I have to admit that it sometimes was a drag to watch because I don’t really fully understand what is going on and with the dragging out of Setsuna’s mysterious amnesia thingy, I was more inclined to feel that I want to get over this anime as soon as possible. But I’ll give them credit for that ‘shocking’ Never Island arc because they did it in a fashion like as though it was another new series but just reusing the characters and it actually caught me off guard. I never expected it. Even if the plot of this arc was still ‘not that interesting’, suddenly jumping to a different setting and era was something I would never guessed. But with only 2 episodes on this arc, yeah it feels a bit rushed here. Even that sex scene… Like as though they don’t want to put it in but need to because what are visual novels without the sex part, right?

Thanks to all this, the characters also suffer. Especially Karen and Sara. Guts and experience dictate that Rinne is the favourite girl whom Setsuna would end up with and it is understandable that a lot of scenes and moments are focused on her (technically Kuon is the original Rinne so I guess this technically counts). This would unfortunately mean reducing Karen and Sara to the most minimal of roles that sometimes I feel that they are only here just to fill in the harem requirements. You see, Karen and Sara do have their moments but they happen so early on in the series and only had an episode of focus since their issues are solved very quickly! It is as though they want to get these 2 out of the way and focus solely on Rinne. Remember, we only have a dozen episodes to get it all out. I believe that Karen and Sara could have been written off entirely and be done without and the story would still carry on as usual. Just with much shorter episodes. On a curious note, I wonder if they were teasing something because during the snippets of Setsuna and Kuon’s marriage scene, if you are sharp enough, you can spot Sara’s busty mom hiding behind a tree watching everything. So did Sara’s mom did not really die and also found another time capsule? Yikes. Don’t want to open up another can of worms. At least the girls fare better. I don’t even know why the heck Subaru even exists… After Karen’s case is solved, he is never heard of again. Convenient plot tool. Maybe his character doesn’t exist anymore in the future…

Talking about Setsuna and Rinne as the main characters, they try to keep us intrigued with Setsuna’s real identity. Because of his convenient amnesia, it adds to the mystery factor as you would want to know if he is the real deal or an imposter. The legend of Urashima is also a ‘partner in crime’ because you will keep wondering if the characters who suspiciously share the same names with the legend are actually coincidences or reincarnations. But all that fizzled out with the supposed twist of time travelling thingy. I believe this is where my interest quickly waned since it got a little confusing too. Going to the future and then back to the past to save Rinne? Oh. How so unoriginal. How bland. And it irks me that when Setsuna returns to Urashima for the second time, why does he not lose his memories? Sara’s theory could be wrong that the side effects of time travelling could mess with his memories but why is this time so different? Is it because he made love to Rinne? Wow. The power of boners help retain your memories! And if that is the case, what about the first time Setsuna arrive on Urashima at the start of the series? Assuming he has been jumping back and forth a lot, how many times and how long has he been doing this? Did he not make love to Rinne all the while? Man, it would be just mind blowing to think each time he time travels, either Rinne dies or he bones her. Oh Setsuna, theoretically you could have boned Rinne from all time eras!

Conveniently this is all somewhat solved with just a single timeline. No time paradox confusion. Just one big heck of a coincidence of everything repeating again exactly. Wow. It’s like God was really fascinated to play around with this, huh? But I have to admit this single timeline thingy and that Kuon is the original Rinne was something I did not foresee and was my shock factor. Yeah, they did a good job trolling me into thinking they were actually going back and forth in time. But it got me to think that if Setsuna arrived in a timeline in the same manner all the time, how many times have he slept in the time capsule? Because from the first episode, it at least proves it wasn’t the first time he tried this trick. Hence the very unfortunate game of lovers trying to sleep and wake up in the closest timeline together as possible and hoping luck and coincidence would bring them together instead of missing each other again of ages. I guess God got tired of it already, huh?

I guess sleeping so long messed with your true love feelings and it might take some time to ‘defrost’. Otherwise it would have been so easy when Kuon saw Setsuna again but decided to play up some drama and mystery just to drag it all out for a dozen episodes and let everyone go on a wild goose chase. Yeah, nice piece of work there, Kuon. Somehow you started this mess. Even if you later came out from your room and spoke to Setsuna and he still didn’t recognize you, that’s because you didn’t say anything to override the obvious. Rinne, his daughter looked like a mirror image of his lover, therefore it’s not going to cross his mind that it is anybody else. All eyes are on this cutie Rinne other than a typical young mom that only anime can produce who shuts herself inside. Besides, how the heck did she drag the capsule into her room? She must have had a lot of time to dismantle and assemble it, I suppose.

So if Setsuna boned Rinne in Never Island and hence the second return to the island Rinne is their daughter, then who the f*ck is Rinne in the first time around?! What about that other original Setsuna that was supposed to be Rinne’s first love? Please don’t tell me it is all a dream. Man, I’m so confused now. They tried to put up a great twist and even parody that iconic Star Wars moment, I take back what I said about this shock factor blowing my mind away. I’m so confused that I’m annoyed now. I can now understand how Rinne felt about Setsuna. Just when she just warmed up to him and getting all cosy, ready to truly fall in love, WTF is this I-am-your-father twist crap???!!! I’d rather accept you say I am not kawaii enough for you to be f*cked! Haha! Oops…

Sometimes I feel that some of the so called mysteries are just red herrings. In addition to that Urashima legend itself, even the soot blight syndrome feels like one. It doesn’t really play a major role anyhow and it is something that you would be keeping at the back of your head from time to time. Even when it is explained about something being exposed to sunlight or something, you’ll wonder what the heck it really is and how relevant it is to the story. So Rinne thinking she had this disease sometimes feels like she is just having a mini Munchausen’s syndrome. Because Sara loves coming up with outrageous theories that sound so grand and many of them fall flat or debunked, it is a reason why we are all so confused because at the end of the day, they don’t really amount to nothing. Remember the first episode whereby Setsuna muttered he needed to kill somebody? No? Me neither. Almost. Yeah, that felt like it was to throw us off. Like almost everything else.

The art and animation looks pretty decent. I did some lazy Google and find that the art style for the anime closely resembles the visual novel. I suppose at this day and age, technology and talent has progressed a lot so that there are no extensive gap between the art styles of the original and the adapted. As the setting takes place on an island, I like the backdrops and sceneries as they personally look nice. Especially the beach and the starry night sky.

As for the character designs, the first time I looked at Setsuna, I was wondering what the heck is the discount version of Cowboy Bebop’s Spike doing here. Like as though Spike has time travelled so much that he returned being a teenager. Heh. Just kidding. Sara is the most ‘eye catching’ one thanks to her fluffy afro-like hairstyle. It makes me think she came out from the old Monchichi cartoon. Seriously. Okay, sorry. Not meant to offend her that she is a monkey. Otherwise, Sara sometimes look like one of those characters from that mobile game, Hunie Pop. And Karen having twintails, looks like it is the stereotype for bratty girls to have this kind of hairstyle. This anime was produced by Feel who animated a number of visual novels such as Yosuga No Sora, Fortune Arterial, Ushinawareta Mirai Wo Motomete, Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru and the Da Capo series.

It has been a long time since I have heard Yukari Tamura in a leading role. As Rinne, it’s nice to hear her trademark cute high pitched squeaky voice again. Also refreshing to hear is Kana Asumi as Karen as I haven’t been hearing her in a while and even more so in a leading supporting role. The other seiyuu I recognized was Rina Satou as Kuon. It was hard to identify her since she doesn’t speak much and even so only soft spoken. But I could not do the same for Eri Kitamura as Natsumi since her cameo was limited and she was always in a serious mode. The other casts are Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Setsuna (Ban in Nanatsu No Taizai), Hibiku Yamamura as Sara (Eia in Dorei-ku The Animation), Ai Kakuma as Momoka Miyako in Imouto Sae Ireba Ii) and Kengo Kawanishi as Subaru (Rei in 3-gatsu No Lion).

Yukari Tamura sings the opening theme, Eien No Hitotsu. Lively and generic enough to be so suitable for an adapted visual novel. Same sentiments for the ending theme, Eternal Star by Asaka. For the Never Island arc, Yukari Tamura now sings a slow but lovely pop rock ballad of the opening theme, Closing Tears. Asaka also sings for the Never Island arc’s ending theme, Marine Snow, a slow rock. There are a few insert songs and they’re not bad. Like the one Rinne often hums during her night walk on the beach or alone, Lasting Memories sounds much better in its full original form. Karen’s Purest Summer feels a bit too fast but overall sounds like a generic song for a visual novel. Sara’s Tennen Kinen Girl Janai Yo in a way makes me feel this is a nice song for a beach outing. The weirdest song goes to the duet of Rinne and Setsuna, Quiet Sea. The song isn’t so bad and in fact the little retro feel of its beat reminds me of another song I liked, Kogarashi Sentiment from the Monogatari series. The weird thing is how Yukari Tamura sounds fine, cute and lovely as always but for Tatsuhisa Suzuki singing his part, I just feel that his voice isn’t suitable for singing. No offence but when they are both singing their lines, his voice stands out as a little weird.

Overall, it is unfortunate that this series did not impressed and was a let-down. What started out as intriguing quickly lost steam because of the rushed scenes. The nice visuals and personally the opening and ending themes are its good points but those alone cannot save the entire series that just feels bland and weak in the stories and characters, the 2 most important aspects for a visual novel. And like I have always said, if you want to truly appreciate this series, might as well go play the game. Even though I won’t be planning to even play it. The anime as most would agree with me is best left stranded and lost forever on an island off the map that no one will ever come close to ever. Not even a magical storm or the GPS coordinates of a time travel capsule will even bring you to this island. They can play Love Island for eternity for all we care.

Damn! Do we really need it again?! You know how annoying that Smartphone series was?! You know how much that sucked?! So why am I here again watching Hyakuren No Haou To Seiyaku No Valkyria?! So I can tell you how sh*t this show is with the use of Smartphone in another world! Even though they did not spam the use of the Smartphone or make it look like it is one of the greatest tools ever in this alternate era, it is still bad enough when you consider how out of place the Smartphone is. In an era or time without such technological advances, imagine how overpowered and invincible you are when you are armed with such devices. Yup, our main character is yet another generic guy from the current modern era to be mysteriously sent to another world and time (and becomes super non-generic). But don’t despair. Luckily he had his Smartphone with him. Otherwise, how else would he have survived the primitive lifestyle and at the same time introduced some new age ideas and technologies? And here is the best part: He can make calls to talk to his friend back in modern time!!!!! FFFFFFUUUUUU!!! Mind blowing. I guess that’s the only feature that was lacking in that ‘very hated’ Smartphone series… Hey, at least this guy here used his Smartphone to communicate. COMMUNICATE. Make calls! That’s what a handphone is supposed to be, people!

Episode 1
Yuuto Suou is the patriarch leader of the Wolf Clan as he employs the phalanx tactic to turn the tables on the Horn Clan. With archers targeting him, his sister, Felicia uses her whip ability to whip them away. Victory is sealed when his daughter, Siegrune captures the patriarch of the Horn Clan. They are surprised to see Linnea, a young girl as the Horn Clan’s patriarch. He offers her to be one of his children but of course she refuses. His last salvation is to be his sister which does not bind her to servitude. Refuse and he will have no choice but to burn down her village and kill her people. Linnea agrees to be his sister. After returning triumphant to his city, this part is where it gets mind boggling. At the top of the temple, Yuuto rushes to call his childhood friend, Mitsuki Shimoya!!! Holy sh*t!!! I don’t know what time era or world they are in but the reception is damn good. It seems she knows about his position and hopes he will find his way home soon. Yuuto narrates he is somewhere on Earth but in a different timeline. This is probably the tools used seemingly from the Bronze Age as well as the stars in the sky that resembles the northern hemisphere. Morning comes, a little potential fanservice with Felicia and Siegrune hinting about ‘washing a man’s pipes’ so as ‘not to let him go astray to evil women’. Luckily for him but too bad for us, he is more hungry for food than of the horny kind. He goes to see Ingrid to increase output of weapons since the Horn Clan will be part of the Wolf Clan. Later, Yuuto and Linnea perform the Chalice of Allegiance ritual to signify their bond. The oath of the chalice is more important and creates stronger ties than those of blood. Yuuto’s goal is to rid all opposition to Wolf Clan so he can have a peace of mind while finding a way home. Later Linnea begs to spare her people and offers her body but of course Yuuto isn’t a dick and promises not to harm them. However horrible news just in. Because of the Horn Clan’s recent defeat, the neighbouring Hoof Clan invaded their nation. Their force numbers around ten thousand. Some council members don’t think they should send reinforcements and should just make slaves out of those Horn Clan people. As expected, Yuuto gets mad and shuts them up. Because doing so would violate the oath they made and ruin their reputation. It’s decided. They’re going to war and save the Horn Clan.

Episode 2
Siegrune leads her unit to do lightning attacks on the Horn Clan’s camp before retreating. Thanks to this tactic that goes on for a few days, the Horn Clan barely has any good rest. So it is time for Yuuto and his main army to attack. As expected, the Horn Clan’s army is exhausted although they still press on with their numbers. The Horn Clan’s patriarch, Yngvi notices a flaw in the Wolf Clan’s phalanx strategy. The flank is left unguarded so he uses his chance to attack it. Wow. Wolf Clan already starting to lose morale when Yngvi starts barging in like a raging bull. Apparently this is all part of Yuuto’s plan. The enemy will notice the weakness and will take action. This is to draw out Yngvi and isolate him so that he could face off with Siegrune. When both warriors clash, it seems Siegrune has the upper hand. Because she has a Japanese katana! OMG! Japanese steel stronger than your puny iron knife! Yngvi is cut down but has no regrets over losing to the stronger warrior. With that, it is victory for the Wolf Clan. Now we can rest with some fanservice as the ladies get into the bath with Yuuto. But what’s this? Linnea boldly asking Yuuto to marry him?! Hold on. The real battle starts now! Felicia tells her the proper procedure of doing things first. Uhm, washing a man’s back? Now they’re fighting over to wash his back. Later they talk to her and want her to spill the truth. Because Linnea wanting Yuuto to become the Horn Clan’s patriarch is too good of a deal. It seems in this world, the patriarch is chosen via merit as hereditary ones will lead to ruin. Yup, Linnea is a hereditary patriarch. Her father loved her so much that he installed her as his heir. She too loved her father and people and wanted to be a patriarch to protect them. But seeing she is weak, she wants Yuuto who is the right man to lead the Horn Clan. Of course they can’t decide this and will have to consult the council. Later as Felicia talks alone to Yuuto, she imagines him taking over the Horn Clan in which he will be one step closer to becoming ruler of Alfheim. She supports his marriage to Linnea because she knows he is trying to return to his world. In this marriage, he’ll have to go to wars and hence stay around. Yuuto appreciates Felicia for being by his side for 2 years and considers her his best friend. Just friends? Nevertheless Felicia is happy and changes her mind to stop this wedding.

Episode 3
What’s this? Lesbian fanservice with sisters Christina and Albertina?! Oh yeah. For whatever reasons dumb Albertina decided to agree and absorb sneaky Christina’s cold. Steinthor, the patriarch of the Lightning Clan pays a visit to Yuuto. He earns Yuuto’s ire when he harasses and mocks everyone who gets in his way since his entrance was deemed rude enough. Until Yuuto had to put on that angry face that hints don’t mess with my harem you dumb f*ck. Steinthor just says hi to him and leaves. Later Yuuto gets lectured by Mitsuki for not calling for 3 weeks (since he rushed off to fight against the Hoof Clan). Yeah. No excuse. So freaking great reception and he can’t be bothered to contact her? No wonder Mitsuki is crying. So glad big brother is still alive. Yuuto and Felicia walk through town and see its somewhat booming economy. Felicia credits Yuuto for ‘inventing’ paper although he claims he ‘cheated’. But in this age, there is also the slave trade. Hence kind Yuuto buys a mother and her young daughter for their freedom. Christina and Albertina saw this so they request an audience with Yuuto, claiming they are envoys from the Claw Clan. Suddenly they ask him to marry them! WTF?! Is Yuuto’s harem growing at a lightning pace?! With Yuuto rejecting them, we see the sisters arguing over this but this affirms Christina as the sneaky and smart one while Albertina the dumb and gullible one. They add that they are daughters of the Claw Clan’s patriarch and were sent by their father to be his wives. Yuuto can’t simply dismiss them as it seems Christina has very good intelligence and knows a lot of secret stuffs Yuuto did. Or maybe she has good hearing. Christina then reveals all this was just to test Yuuto and she is not disappointed. They want him to be their father under the oath but Yuuto wants them to bring him something to prove themselves.

Episode 4
Sorry Linnea. We interrupt your dreams of making out with Yuuto because the gang needs to prepare to head to Gimle. With the sisters’ wind powers, Yuuto’s carriage is able to get there in not time. Then the real battle over Yuuto’s bride begins. But thankfully they have to attend to the people of Gimle so the fight is put on hold for now. That night, Linnea attempts to make her horny dream come true by stripping naked and trying to make out with Yuuto! Good thing or not, Mitsuki’s face flashed before his eyes so he rejects her that he can’t even marry her! He claims he has someone else he loves. He also goes on to explain he is from a different world, perhaps thousands of years in the future as well as himself as being a failure many times over. So his lesson to her is that not to give up just because of a single failure because steels is tempered a hundred times. Thanks to that, Linnea won’t give up and bugs him for marriage. What a way to backfire. Sorry to interrupt this again but the others bring news that the Lightning Clan is preparing to wage a war. So as they discuss their next move, Christina suggests sending the sisters to spy on the Lightning Clan and obtain some information. Christina demonstrates by having Albertina using her super fast stealth moves. She is very fit for an assassination job. They will accomplish this mission and in exchange earn their right to the oath. Yuuto learns from his mistake and calls Mitsuki the battle he is going to go into. Then he returns to discuss tactics against the Lightning Clan. Unfortunately even for Siegrune, she feels she is not powerful enough to stand up against Steinthor. His subjects tell of stories how Steinthor manages to defeat large numbers of armies all by himself even before becoming a patriarch. However Yuuto brushes this off as a fool’s bravery since he relies only on brute force. Hence he believes the Wolf Clan cannot lose to someone like that.

Episode 5
The war begins as the Wolf Clan gets off to a good advantage as they use modern era crossbow and the phalanx strategy. Yuuto finds it strange that fighting them is somewhat easier than the Hoof Clan since the Lightning Clan army feels a lot less organized. When Siegrune and her unit goes in to defend the phalanx’s flank, that is when Steinthor barges in to fight her. Not even Siegrune could stand up to his mighty hammer so she makes a wise decision to retreat. Steinthor than clashes with another of Yuuto’s sons, Scarfior but the latter prefers not to fight him now and distracts the Lightning Clan army to collect precious metal laying on the battlefield. Some army as they don’t even listen to their high commander. Steinthor is advised to rest and treat his wounds. But after that, he finds that one of his great strategist got killed. He gets mad and returns to battle. Again he faces off with Scarfior but once more he parries his attacks enough to escape across the river. Steinthor orders his men to chase the retreating Wolf Clan across the river. Steinthor might be able to deflect arrows and cross it by himself but it’s not so lucky for his army. Steinthor fights against a few best warriors of Wolf Clan and even though their combined might cannot defeat him, all this is just part of Yuuto’s strategy to stall him. Because the time is right now for the river to flood and wash away the Lightning Clan! Previously, Yuuto had Linnea and the Gimle townsfolk build a damn up north of the river. With the river’s overflowing power, it eventually bursts the dam. Man, I must say it is a brilliant strategy but the problem was the timing was just too perfect! Too convenient! But of course Steinthor survives this and just has some broken bones. Back at the temple, Yuuto calls Mitsuki but she doesn’t want to hear his amazing heroic exploits. When is he coming home? Not sure. Don’t know how. But once the Wolf Clan becomes more powerful, he will be able to do more research in more places. So hang in there. It’s not like she has to wait thousands of years, right? Oh wait…

Episode 6
Yuuto teaches Ingrid how to make glasses. The close proximity is having her imagine all sorts of unholy things. To appreciate Yuuto’s talents and success, Jorgen suggests having him relaxed at a hotspring. It will also be a good opportunity for the ladies to get closer to him, if you know what I mean. And I have this feeling that Yuuto isn’t going to get his much needed rest as the girls come bug him in the hotspring as well as washing his body. Damn, Siegrune licking his feet?! Nose bleed incoming! Even after they get lectured, the girls give excuse they are doing this because he will be gone one day and want to repay him. He got careless to give them permission to do whatever they want because now they’re going to give him a massage… Damn this is going to look like gang rape… Back home, Ingrid forges a replacement sword for Siegrune that she lost during her battle with Steinthor. However she feels unsatisfied because it was not done by Yuuto. But lucky for her, Yuuto found and bought it back from a merchant who happened to stumble upon it. I wonder if it is too early to consider Epheria (the young daughter of the slave duo he bought) to be part of Yuuto’s harem. We see her trying to serve him normally but is clumsy. But of course Yuuto is such a kind guy and won’t harm her for such harmless mistakes. When he notices Epheria could read, this gives him an idea to educate all youngsters of the Wolf Clan. For free! They will pay for the buildings and whatever materials needed for education. They have enough wealth from the sale of glasses. This is a good investment for the Wolf Clan’s future by developing their own talented people. Although this idea is great, Felicia is worried because this is a sign that he is planning for what will happen when he is gone.

Episode 7
Flashback shows the former patriarch of the Wolf Clan blamed his aging for their failures and with the recent hard fought victory over the Claw Clan, he decides to pass on the patriarchy to Yuuto. Of course he protests as he wants to go home. But his brother, Loptr thinks it is all an act and is jealous of Yuuto stealing his dream. He tried to kill him but father protected Yuuto. Loptr fled in his fear. Father’s last dying words were if Yuuto goes home, he wants him to make Loptr his successor. Sighs. If only those kids let the old man finished his words. Now, Yuuto receives word that the Panther Clan has conquered the Hoof Clan. It is rumoured they used modern technology and Yuuto fears they have Loptr on their side since his rune allows copying techniques. Oh, Felicia now tells him she received a letter (in stone) 2 weeks ago from Loptr that he is the Panther Clan’s patriarch and wants her to come join him. Now you only say this?! Yuuto tries to act like he doesn’t know this and has Felicia write a fake letter to him. Too bad he can tell it is fake and invades the next area. No choice, Yuuto takes his army to go fight back. They are able to hold their ground against the advance unit but the real battle comes when Loptr joins in with his main army. Because both ex-brothers know each other, they try to outdo the other by thinking what they’ll do. Like Loptr surrounding Yuuto’s camp with his numbers. But Yuuto reveals a secret weapon. Actually, an iron wall! They can shoot arrows from behind without worries. With the Panther Clan’s casualties rising, Loptr won’t give up and wants his aide, Sigyn to use her power. It involves having Yuuto experience some weird hypnotizing thingy and their soldiers turn into fearless zombies as they ram through the iron walls. With Loptr facing off Yuuto, Felicia comes to his defence. Loptr even tries to kill her but Yuuto protects her. Finally when Siegrune arrives on a camel, Loptr’s horse starts acting up. Even the enemy horses start running away. No choice, Loptr retreats. It seems horses can’t stand the smell of camels. This explains why Siegrune is late but she’s the only camel I see around. It’s not like she brought an entire fleet of them. Is the camel that smelly? If so, why can humans stand it? Damn, plot convenience for our Wolf Clan to rest.

Episode 8
It’s so cold but thank goodness for the invention of… Kotatsu! Yuuto notices something strange about Epheria. So when he peeks at her at school, he realizes she is being ignored. A form of bullying. But don’t worry, Christina has a plan. With her sister, they infiltrate as students. Of course Christina doesn’t hesitate to make fun of dumb Albertina in front of everyone. Christina soon reports there is a queen in class and she is making everyone ignore Epheria. Apparently this was Yuuto’s fault. When she brought her to school, he showed too much affection for her and thus making the queen jealous. Christina’s plan is to become the new queen and change Epheria’s status. Soon we see the power shift as Christina is more popular and the (former) queen is now ignored. When all is invited to the hotspring, Epheria invites her as well. Friendship saved. Yuuto calls Mitsuki and they hint us the period Yuuto is in is before Jesus’ birth because no Christmas and hence no presents. So is Yuuto going to invent Christmas???!!! NO WAY!!! Anyway, Ingrid is mad at Yuuto. Apparently he is supposed to spend the day with her in the smithy but he forgot. Now you remember? First he has to shrug off the other girls who are interested to join in. Ingrid soon learns Yuuto wants her to teach him how to make items so he can give them as presents to other women. Grrr… No wonder she is so mad. She tries to seduce him in the meantime but to no avail. In the end when she thinks she has got his attention, Yuuto lectures her about how to be a proper woman instead of you know, trying to get her boobs this close to his face or something. That’s it. Patriarch or not, she hits him! OMG! Next morning, she ignores him but apparently he crafted a necklace for her as apology. More flattering words that she is pretty, etc. Well, all is forgiven. He is sure she can attract more men but there is only one guy she is ever interested in… Guess who? Meanwhile, Loptr agrees to enter an oath with the Lightning Clan. He is fine they are brothers on equal footing as he has had it with younger brothers. With the Lightning Clan and Panther Clan joining forces, they plan to get rid of Yuuto and his Wolf Clan.

Episode 9
Time to take a detour to the real world. Uhm we’re starting off with Mitsuki’s boobs being fondled by Ruri? It seems she also knows about Yuuto being sent back to the past and teases Mitsuki about dating him. Yeah, she’ll do that when he returns. Whenever that is. Ruri invites her to spend New Year’s Day at her place. That’s because she introduces her to her cousin, Saya Takao who is interested to hear about this story. From what Mitsuki says, a lot doesn’t follow the Norse mythology while some are curiously almost similar. In the end, she believes Yuuto is the Surtr in the Ragnarok legend and Mitsuki’s surname is similar to Sinmara, Surtr’s wife. I don’t know, but why is Mitsuki experiencing panic attacks each time Saya explains? And the worse panic attack comes when she realizes at the end of the mythology, they are all killed. Well, let’s hope they don’t follow the mythology 100%. Back to Yuuto, he sounds like a stalker as he can’t get through Mitsuki. He talks to Scarfior and feels guilty about the recent loss to Panther Clan. But without his guidance, he believes the Wolf Clan would have even more casualties. Yuuto hopes he can look out for Siegrun because he views her as the only one who can take down Loptr. Later Yuuto manages to get through to Mitsuki as she tells him about the Norse mythology she was told, albeit not much. Looks like more research needs to be done so stay tuned. Yuuto turns into a jealous guy learning she went to a friend’s house. Thank goodness she is a girl, right? Even more so he wants to know if Ruri’s cousin is a boy! Heck, Mitsuki can’t even tell him the most important thing because he is so pushy of wanting to know if Saya is boy or girl! Like, WTF???!!! He deserved to be called baka. Baka! Baka! BAKA!!! Yuuto leaves and stumbles into a commotion in some bar. To his shock, the female before him looks like Mitsuki!

Episode 10
She is actually Leafa, a princess of Jarl Clan. Looks like she is going to stay at Yuuto’s place. And all his harem mistakes her as Mitsuki. Wow. They really know how his true love looks like. Because not everyone can enter the workshop, Leafa makes a fuss. Luckily Yuuto didn’t give in to her feminine wiles. She learns Yuuto came to this world after looking into a holy mirror made out of elven copper and it activated when Felicia was doing a ritual at the same time. Leafa gives hope that there is such an elven copper mirror in this world too but will only tell after lunch. Yuuto treats her to hamburgers? The talk distracts about Leafa being a magic user. Because Yuuto is sceptical, she demonstrates by paralyzing him. As 2 runes appear on Leafa, Felicia recognizes the only other person who can do this, the divine emperor Sigrdrifa. So this is Leafa’s true identity? Unfortunately this magic about being internal and external, Leafa is good at the former but sucks at the former and needs somebody else to break the spell on him. The only one who can break any spell is Sigyn. Or he can wait a week until the spell wears off. Later Yuuto calls Mitsuki and tells her about Leafa as well as the new hope of being able to come back. A spell named Fimbulvetr just needs to be cast on him. The problem is, Sigyn can do it. Mitsuki’s suggestion: Find somebody else. You mean Yuuto did not think about this and sounds so happy to hear this suggestion? Or did Mitsuki not hear him say she is the only person, ONLY person who can do so. We take a detour with Yuuto celebrating New Year with his harem. As usual, they all got drunk and start stripping for him. Time to go to war as news of Steinthor leading his Lightning Clan to attack them again. So to thank Yuuto’s hospitality, Leafa kisses him. It’s a good luck kiss. No complaints, right? Back to the battle, Steinthor stuns everyone when he uses his iron umbrella to deflect the arrows. He throws it back at their barrier to break an opening for his army to break through. Wolf Clan is weakening so Yuuto sets in motion an encircling tactic. Steinthor knows what he is doing and plans a retreat. However going back means more will die and the only way through is forward (there will be casualties albeit lesser). Steinthor stays back to fight Siegrune who is joined by Scarfior. Steinthor is so powerful that he almost kills Siegrune. Scarfior protects her but gets flung off the cliff! Yuuto thought it is Wolf Clan’s victory but I guess he didn’t see this one coming because Loptr and his Panther Clan are coming in to attack with their 10,000 strong army.

Episode 11
With the Panther Clan and Lightning Clan joining forces, the only option left for Yuuto is to retreat. However… He won’t because he won’t abandon his family. The reason is if they run, they will eventually be swarmed and the entire Wolf Clan will be enslaved. Also, his Smartphone isn’t giving him any further ‘cheats’. Yuuto’s idea is to head down to the frontlines and boost his troops’ morale. This is the reason why Lightning Clan is always high on morale because Steinthor is always down on the ground with them. And with that appearance, the soldiers have their morale boost so high that they fight back. Yeah, they should carry a picture of Yuuto with them. Well, if pictures are invented then. The revitalized Wolf Clan now push back their enemies. We switch the Steinthor’s fight with Siegrune. He is bored with her since she is weak (although on the verge of defeat, she still gets back up to fight). He wants to go fight Yuuto but Siegrune manages to convince him he hasn’t seen all she has to offer yet. And so this is her incredulous winning move. Steinthor strikes her sword away. But it spins so far and long in the air that he forgot it will land. Her sword then lands. She picks it up and slices his gut. WTF???!!! Because of how satisfied he is, he calls for his troops to retreat. More good news as Scarfior is found still alive at the bottom of the cliff. Don’t worry. It must have been a very short cliff. Loptr again isn’t pleased he is inferior to Yuuto. So desperate he is going to fight him now. Well, you want something done, better do it yourself. With Sigyn using her spell to let all soldiers ignore Loptr and pave a way through, Loptr shows us his evil side so that we could hate him as he attacks Felicia who protects Yuuto. And when the men begin to fight, Yuuto just rams into him and Loptr passes out!!!! WTF????!!! THIS GUY IS FREAKING WEAK???!!! But it’s not over yet. Sigyn’s spell now overwhelms Yuuto. Oh no. He is disappearing! Yuuto’s thoughts: Here, Felicia. Take my Smartphone. Bye. Vanished. Hope she knows how to use it. Mitsuki returns home and sees a bright flash from her room. Why, it’s Yuuto!

Episode 12
Natural for both of them to be suspicious at first. But they’re the real deal. Yuuto quickly asks to borrow her Smartphone to call his. No reception. But of course. Meanwhile, Loptr isn’t pleased Yuuto is gone because he wanted to kill him. I thought you want him gone and this is as good as being dead? Yuuto’s disappearance becomes a rife rumour as many are not sure if he died or really just disappeared. Word of it reaches Linnea late and she cannot believe her ears. I guess that’s what happened when you don’t have a Smartphone for the latest news. With Yuuto gone, the Panther Clan and Lightning Clan take this chance to attack the Wolf Clan. Christina talks to Leafa about summoning Yuuto back. As Leafa is as powerful as Sigyn, she can do so but it all depends whether or not Yuuto wants to or not. Meanwhile Yuuto and Mitsuki are out dating. Gotta catch up all those missing years. But you can tell the worried looks on Yuuto’s face that he is itching to go back. And then a call from Yuuto’s phone! Not sure if Ingrid turned into a tech wizard but she managed to get the line through. Yuuto speaks to Felicia as she updates him they lost several places and men. Yuuto is glad they’re still alive especially Siegrune who led the battlefront. She tells him about the possibility of returning but also cautions him. Whatever decisions he makes, they will respect it. Once they hang up, tough act is over, back to crying. He better make the right choice, huh? Mitsuki knows what he wants so she sets up just like the events of that fateful day for him to return. She is okay for him to return. Because she wants to come along too. So Yuuto is okay going back alone but not with her? Oh, now he brings up her friends and family. What about himself? He tries to make it sound scary she cannot come back or see them again but you know what? This is where the cheesy power of love comes in. Even though the past has no electricity or internet, as long as she has him, she will be alright! OMFG! Why does this feel like a longwinded attempt for her to confess to him? So his reply? If she is coming with him, he wants to make her his wife. You mean Mitsuki didn’t think this far and looking this shock? Why do I feel this longwinded drama is for this next scene? With her agreeing, they ‘solemnize’ their love with a kiss under the moon. Come to think of it, I suppose there are no martial restrictions back there. And so Yuuto returns as the glorious patriarch of Wolf Clan. Mitsuki is here too. Leafa sees her ‘clone’ for the first time. No b*tch fight. Everybody is so glad to have him back.

Valkyria Chronicles: The Master Of Shag-A-Lot And Blesser Of Ein-Harem-Jar
OMG. I don’t know whether I am supposed to be happy or sad. Excited or disappointed. Most likely it is the latter. Because it is unbelievable the duo pulled off an Inu Yasha style ending. You know, f*ck the current modern era and go live back in the ancient past. Happily ever after. After all, Yuuto has got his harem back there and now with Mitsuki as his wife, the more the merrier. No stupid legal laws regarding relationship because since Yuuto is the big father, he is the law! He makes the law! Haha! Now I see why the past is so much fun. And because no internet, no social media sites that would just bring all sorts of twisted love you see happening today. OMG. I have to admit it. Taking account the long run of everything, Yuuto and Mitsuki did make the right choice to abandon the present to go back to the past! So are they fulfilling the prophecy of Ragnarok? Only time will tell.

Well, this isn’t so bad as that Smartphone series although it is still pretty bad. Perhaps it doesn’t suck as bad is because he did not excessively use his Smartphone. Maybe he does but it is not shown to us. I think it will make us hate any more future shows that will utilize the Smartphone and make the protagonist look like a overpowered protagonist when all he did was just use the app and go onto the internet and search for stuffs. Really. That is all Yuuto did to gain an advantage. Oh yeah. Google had all the answers to all his war strategies but nothing pertaining to how the f*ck he should get back to his original era. Come on, Google! Buck up!

But it is nice to know and perhaps the only most interesting segment of the series is the mid-intermission. While the first part has a long narration and excerpt for the featured character, the second part describes some of the more interesting things featured in the episode such as war strategies or historical items and systems. It is a bit long to read (the explanations covering half the screen) but I guess they provide some interesting enlightenment to those like yours truly who knows nothing about everything. Sure, I can Google them if I want to but I’m just too lazy… And after I read them, I forget…

Of course everybody would agree with me is how the Smartphone is incredibly used to call Mitsuki. In real time! Holy sh*t! Even today’s technology of live video conferencing and streaming is still shaky. Okay, much better than in the last decade but still, for Yuuto to have perfect reception and to hold a perfectly uninterrupted (until battery life is low) with Mitsuki just shows you how blatant the series wants to insult us. I know we all noticed that Yuuto could only make the call at a very specific place and at a very specific time but the idea of him being able to update Mitsuki like that is absolutely ludicrous. Hey, on the bright side, at least he is using the phone TO TALK AND COMMUNICATE. Then again, this leads to the question of why didn’t he just update and post on Facebook or Twitter or his whatever social media account. Oh right. Specific time and place. If that’s the case, might as well talk to his one true love because he is so homesick to hear her voice. Cheesy…

This is another mind boggling question that bugged me throughout the series. It is stated that Yuuto went back to the past. Doesn’t this mean that all his actions would have changed the future?! Why don’t we read of Yuuto’s exploits and heroics in history books then?! Why is Yuuto not ‘famous’ at least for those who studied Norse history. If they say that Yuuto went to another parallel world or time, I guess that it is okay and just passable (although still crap). But since they stated he went back to the past, you would think that Mitsuki and other Japanese students would have learnt about the great Japanese guy’s feats on a foreign soil long ago. Nope. No such history recorded in the books. And if Yuuto had introduced so many inventions (I would prefer the term of stealing and plagiarising), why isn’t Yuuto credited as the founder or creator of those? Funny, right? So he definitely can’t be in the past. Because I also believe in the past there are no such sexy babes to form such harem for a foreigner guy too.

And gee, Yuuto might not be an expert in telling the constellations and the stars but at least he could have Google it. What I mean is that there was one point early in the anime in which Yuuto was talking to Mitsuki so as to tell us viewers he is stuck in the past. Hence the stars are an excuse because they look familiar to the real world but he couldn’t pinpoint it where. Hey. It’s not like the last few thousand years the stars in the sky changed their positions dramatically, right? So shouldn’t he be able to do a bit of research to at least give him an idea where he is? Such lazy excuse…

Because the past is based on Norse mythology, one of the annoying things I find watching the series is the pronunciation and the spelling of the names of the characters. You know, Norse culture have their own handwriting. Therefore when those odd alphabets start to pop up onscreen, I was like “What the heck are those letters?! I can’t f*cking read them?!”. Thankfully they are pronounced. But again, they aren’t pronounced even close to the letters they are spelled. They don’t even add up. Because of that, I was having a hard time identifying those characters and I’m like, who again? Yeah, I know I should do at least a bit of research on those Norse alphabets but I blame being too lazy after watching this series.

It goes to show you that nobody really cares about Yuuto’s disappearance. I mean, does his family, friends or school even bother to put up some sort of notice that he went missing for some time? Even odder, why the f*ck is he only updating Mitsuki and why did she not tell everyone else? Sure, she did tell her friend and her so called history expert cousin but looks like they weren’t needed after all. So sorry your appearances were a waste. Too bad Mitsuki rather be with her love than you guys. At least she decided. Even more mind boggling when Yuuto returned temporarily, you see them going around living their ordinary lives. The rate at which Yuuto vanished to the past would have attracted headlines and the media frenzy. Him coming back with not so much as a single f*cks given shows that nobody cares or even knows! This is just so ridiculous. And now that they both have gone back, you think Mitsuki’s parents have a say in this? I’m sure she isn’t an orphan because she lives in a decent home, right? So in the extreme case that Mitsuki’s parents and friends gave her their blessing because of that I-want-you-to-be-happy crap reason, it still doesn’t change the fact that the whole world doesn’t care. Hmm… Maybe those are the sentiments of us outsiders watching this series. Okay. Got it.

On a trivial note, I want to point out the different clan names in this series. While some sound okay and passably majestic like the Wolf Clan because you know, main character’s group. Lightning Clan and Panther Clan also sound reasonable. But Hoof Clan? Hoof as in being trampled and run over? No wonder they were defeated. I mean whoever was the founder and patriarch didn’t manage to come up with a better name than this?! Same case for Horn Clan. I mean, why horn of all things? Were they meant to be shoehorned into the story or something? I have yet to come across the Tail Clan (so they can run away with their tail between their legs) or the Ass Clan (special skills include shooting at enemies with their fire powered diarrhoea) or the Water Flea Clan (small and annoying at its best). Yeah, those would be so epic… I don’t know how they pick the name of their clan because they don’t even show the slightest exhibit of that name. There are no wolves in Wolf Clan…

Let me go over the characters quickly then. Cliché and nothing exciting. All has been done and tested in many other animes before. Do I need to remind you how Yuuto fits into almost every trope of being a main character? Japanese dude. Check. From the present time. Check. Super high heroic qualities of never abandoning his family. Check. Harem. A must. Check. And not forgetting his ever useful ‘cheat device’, his Smartphone. Check. List complete. Well, the only thing that makes him different than every other characters of this genre who is trapped in some place other than their original place is that he is able to return home! That dude in Overlord is still trapped there and is continuing to run his band of evil floor guardians. The bunch of guys in Log Horizon are still lost over the horizon. And that programmer in Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousokyoku continues to live in that other world. Wow, Yuuto. You really came back. But he isn’t the first because Kirito from Sword Art Online also did it.

The rest of Yuuto’s harem of ‘sisters’ and ‘daughters’ feel like an excuse why this series is to be made and to proceed. Because other than Yuuto engaging in subjugation or defending wars against other clans, what else has the patriarch of the Wolf Clan got to do in his free time but his harem bugging him? So we have Felicia who seems as the closest to be his number one because of their proximity all the time. She tries to flirt with him in hopes of awakening his horny side but too bad for her, Yuuto isn’t that kind of guy.

Then there is Siegrune as the, uhm, honourable one. The sisters of Albertina and Christina are obviously created as comic relief characters and they can become very annoying with scheming Christina taking full advantage of her dumb retarded sister because she gets her kicks to see Albertina squeal due to her being so gullible. Ingrid feels like the backup character and kind who is the dark horse of the harem. The one who isn’t in the front running for the main character’s affections but if the rest fails, she’ll gladly be there to take their spot. I feel Linnea is a bit redundant. After becoming Yuuto’s sister, a few episodes of her trying to be his wife, and then the final stretch of the season, she falls off the radar. It’s like she doesn’t matter anymore. Same case for Epheria. But I feel she isn’t in the running to be part of Yuuto’s harem and she looks up to him as a fatherly figure than a lover. Last and not least, Mitsuki. Is there a girl ever so patient to wait for her man’s return even if it means never returning? Ah, such true love. Now it pays off. She is now his wife. And Leafa being a Mitsuki look-a-like, I can see that her only role was to bring Yuuto back. That’s all. Otherwise she is pretty much a redundant character.

The bad guys and so called antagonists of the series also feel one-dimensional. I guess in this era of strife, there is no Facebook and internet, hence nothing else better to do than to fight wars and conquer lands. Steinthor just likes to fight and it’s like his pastime while Loptr is driven by childish jealousy revenge over Yuuto. Because nothing speaks like getting even with your former brother by becoming the patriarch of another clan to take down your former clan. WTF. And Sigyn is like the exotic belly dance this anime needs because she can dance you into trance and cast whatever spells on you. Like transport Yuuto back to his original time. Such plot convenience. Should have done that a long time ago if Loptr really intended to get rid of him. Now that Yuuto is back, they can take their time doing skirmishes. Hey, it’s a way of life then.

The fight scenes aren’t so spectacular. Just mediocre. Sure, there are some interesting war strategies in place but those are just mentioned and then executed quickly before everything descends into some big brawl or the big wigs fight against each other. But even that isn’t exciting. Like Siegrune versus Steinthor it’s just so mediocre… Just swing your Japanese sword, lady! Just swing your big hammer, arrogant guy! And for the rest of you small fries, the one with the better determination to die for your patriarch lives! Or see a formation of soldiers, just charge in and disrupt their structure! With so many soldiers dying in the battlefield, it makes me wonder if this era will run out of men and humans will go extinct. If I want to take into account that past-future thingy how if your ancestors die, you will not be born in the future, hence affecting the path of the future timeline, I think I’m going to end up with a lot of headache so better not go there.

Art and animation feel just average. But it could be just me because the look of the characters I feel they should belong and fit better to a visual novel instead. I tend to notice that at some points the animation feels low quality especially during the battle scenes. Like as though they want to get over this fast. And the other odd thing is how all the normal foot soldiers from all the clans look like your typical scrawny uncle and famer guy. I mean, I don’t expect all the men to have that buffed up Sparta feel but it feels like as though they are just picked out from their village to be enlisted. Just don the helmet and armour, off you go to the frontlines. As for the guys serving as brothers under the patriarch, why do some of them look like malnourished? Like, Scarfior. I thought he was a drug addict or something. No, seriously. Only Yuuto, Loptr and Steinthor have this Japanese anime style look for guys. This series is done by EMT2 who brought us Kuma Miko, Renai Boukun, Alice Or Alice and Urahara.

Voice acting wise, I only recognize Aoi Yuuki and Ayana Taketatsu as Albertina and Christina respectively as well as Kouji Yusa as Loptr and Eri Kitamura as Saya. Ah, I guess one of my biggest ‘relief’ is to find Aoi Yuuki to voice in her cute squeaky trademark voice the way I always recognize and prefer her as. Ever since that, wait for it, Aho Girl thingy that I very often blamed, this kind of voice seems to be getting rarer and rarer. The other casts are Koudai Sakai as Yuuto (Mitsumune in Mayoiga), Rie Suegara as Felicia (Emily in Harukana Receive), Arisa Date as Siegrune (Narumi in Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii), Kanon Takao as Linnea (Yuu in Ani Tore), Maki Kawase as Ingrid (El Hoshino in Hisone To Masotan), Aoyama Yoshino as Epheria (Guri in Renai Boukun), Lynn as Sigyn (Asahi in Mahou Shoujo Site), Atsushi Tamaru as Steinthor (Ayato in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Aya Uchida as Mitsuki (Kaede in YuruYuri) and Rika Tachibana as Leafa (Reiko in Shomin Sample).

The opening theme is Brightway by Aya Uchida. Typical generic lively anime pop. I suppose it is rather okay for this kind of series but I didn’t pay much attention to it since I didn’t find it appealing. With Aoi Yuuki and Ayana Taketatsu making their appearance, of course we have to utilize Petit Milady. They sing the very girly ending theme, Sekaichuu Ga Koi Wo Suru Yoru. But the ending credits animation might be able to distract you with its kaleidoscope visuals and naked girls lying around wearing only bed sheets to cover their modesty. WTF…

Overall, this series is still bad. It might not feel as bad as that Smartphone one because perhaps we are already immune. We have come to expect the disappointment and it delivered as we expected. So can we all agree now that shows using Smartphones to make overpowered characters are disasters in the making and waiting to happen? If you don’t want to be disappointed with this kind of genre already, you better stay way clear. Deploy the tactic of run and retreat. It will save you millions of brains cells from dying while trying to defend your sanity from the onslaught of absurdity. Oh, one more last thing to ponder. Shouldn’t Yuuto take a selfie of himself in the past? I’m sure it will garner a lot of likes over social media, gain a lot of media attention and if Yuuto ever decides he is bored with the past life and finally wants to return, he will be greeted with a warm and rousing hero’s welcome. All hail the Smartphone! The true master and blesser of the all time, past, present and future.

High School DxD Hero

September 8, 2018

Holy titties! I never would have expected it. That the High School DxD franchise would be given another season. After the fiasco and disappointing season, it was safe to say that it wasn’t going to get another season. But 3 years later, here we are having this surprising fourth season, High School DxD Hero. Do they think fans have forgotten? After all, 3 years isn’t particularly a long time but maybe it is so in anime terms. And since I have forgotten a lot about this series except for the fact that a boy wants to be harem king and has this privilege of touching boobs from his harem and also fighting demons to protect them (sure, there are other bits of details I remember from this series but ecchi fanservice is what I and mostly all of us would prominently remember), I suppose it is time to forgive and give them a chance to make amends and move on. Okay, seriously, we’re here for the tits, right?

Episode 0
This episode supposedly ‘fixes’ the deviation. From last season after Issei defeated Diodora, the latter is killed off by Shalba. Issei sinks into further depression when is told Asia has been erased from this dimension. This turns his Juggernaut Drive berserk as Issei is now in his Red Dragon armour (not sure to what evolution he powered up) and destroying everything. He pounds Shalba and even kills him! But still, he continues to go berserk and at this rate, he will deplete his own life force. Here comes Vali and his men. Surprise or not, they found Asia totally by chance floating in another dimension. Convenient. Yeah, she’s still alive. Totally convenient. Their focus now is to save Issei but they can’t even get near him. Vali hints there is one way to snap him out. Everyone staring at Rias’ tits. Who’d knew the answer is so simple. The problem is approaching him. One way to approach a rampaging dragon is an ancient melody. Fear not. Because here comes Irina with a giant projector as she plays that children’s dragon boobs song!!! With Issei reacting to it, now it is Rias’ chance to let him touch her nipples. And just like that, Issei returns to normal. Flanked and hugged by his girls, Issei sees Asia and is about to hug her only to be usurped by an emotional Xenovia. Like how rainbows in the sky is a sign of a good ending, this series’ ‘rainbow’ is the appearance of the Great Red. Vali reminds us it is his dream to defeat him. Even Ophis pops up to say hi for a while. Vali and Issei make a vow to return stronger and settle their score another day. A sign to go home with Issei collapsing from exhaustion. Issei keeps his promise to team up with Asia for the 3-legged race. With him further exhausted, Asia heals him. Bonus for Issei because she kisses him and confesses she loves him. Now he collapses from happiness. I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOU, ISSEI!!!!!!!

Episode 1
What a way to start the episode. Since Issei will be going on a field trip to Kyoto, Akeno wants to f*ck him so as to fill up her loneliness while he is gone. It’s just 2 days, right? Of course Rias won’t allow it but since there is also competition from Koneko and Asia, Rias does a boobs slam in his face! I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOU, ISSEI!!! Later, Koneko ups the ante with her skinship healing technique and suggests some amorous techniques. That’s a weird way of saying sex. Of course, no sex if you follow the school rules. Rias and her subordinates visit her family to report. Discussing with Sirzechs, they suggest the removal of several unnecessary rules for the Rating Game so that both sides can go all out. Sairaorg wants to spar with Issei. We see both of them trading powerful punches that could easily rip the place apart. Asia then shouts out about the need for Issei to power up by touching boobs. With everyone agreeing and double confirming about his boobs relying power (why does it sound to make him embarrassed), Rias embarrassingly offers her boobs to be touched. Issei would gladly take up this offer but Sairaorg ends the match. As this would mean Issei would be showing his trump card, he believes Issei is still trying to reach for new heights. He hopes they can settle it all in their upcoming Rating Game. Before they leave, Millicas throws Issei the question if he would still call Rias as buchou once she graduates. Issei is too excited for the trip that he can’t sleep. With Rias giving him ultimate boobs smothering fanservice, he can’t sleep even further. Boobs are better than coffee in keeping you awake. At the train station, Rias gives Issei 2 ‘gifts’. First, a special pass to allow him to enter all those holy temple places that Kyoto is so famous for (remember, Issei is a demon). Second, a great goodbye kiss for the road.

Episode 2
Issei enters the consciousness of his Sacred Gear. There are many former Red Dragon users but they are now mostly like vegetable mode. One of them looks like a boy his age and just like the rest was overwhelmed by his own strength and perished. Ddraig introduces Issei to Elsha who was the partner to Belzard, the most powerful Red Dragon Emperor who defeated 2 White Dragon Emperors by himself. She gives him a box and a key that supposedly holds his Red Dragon Emperor potential. However he must take responsibility once he opens it. It’s like a Pandora’s Box. So he opens it but he doesn’t remember what it is as he returns to reality. Furthermore, he lost it! Ddraig assures because of their strong bonds, it will come back to him eventually. I think we get a hint of what it is. Because Matsuda is fondling Motohama’s ‘boobs’!!!! So gay!!! Even when they reach Kyoto, Issei sees a random guy trying to fondle a random woman’s boobs. During the shrine visit, Issei is attacked by a fox girl, Kuno and her youkai minions. She accuses him of kidnapping her mom and wants her back. Issei doesn’t know what she is talking about but she doesn’t believe him. With the help of Xenovia, Irina and Asia, they stave off the attack but Kuno vows to be back. Back in the hotel, not sure why Issei is hanging out alone in his room (wasn’t he supposed to watch porn with his friends?!), so he decides to go peek on the girls bathing. Rossweisse gets in his way. Ally or not, nothing is going to stop him from peeping at boobs! From the guy who naturally gets to see Rias and Akeno’s boobs every day. Issei defeats he with his Dress Break. There goes the cheap cute jersey she bought. All for the sake for our fanservice pleasure. More fanservice pleasure as we take a detour watching Rias and Akeno getting into a boob challenge, arguing Issei likes their boobs better. During dinner, Issei learns from Serafall that the current head of the youkai clan is missing. This explains the attack and Chaos Brigade is most likely behind this infiltration. Azazel will do his best about the situation and wants the kids to enjoy the field trip.

Episode 3
Flashback shows after the 3-legged race, Issei and Rias fought a member of the Chaos Brigade’s Hero Faction. Although defeated, he turned into some shadow. During the Kyoto sightseeing, Issei and co are surrounded by the youkai. Rossweisse says this is as instructed by Azazel to bring them to the youkai world. Kuno apologizes to them for jumping the gun without doing any investigations. Discussing about their missing head, Princess Yasaka who is also Kuno’s mom, they believe Chaos Brigade is definitely behind the kidnapping since the underworld real doesn’t know anything about this. They show a picture of how Yasaka looks like so that we can have Issei fantasize lewd things with her! That night when Issei’s buddies came to his room to bug him, he hides inside the closet with Asia. Cue for some romantic moments and Asia to kiss him because she isn’t satisfied Rias gave him one before the trip. Their unholy act is discovered by Xenovia and Irina who also want in on this. Xenovia has no qualms for them taking turns to kiss him as well as make babies! Oh sh*t. Girls struggling to f*ck him? I guess that’s why this tight closet space is the excuse for more ‘close quarter skirmish’. Rossweisse and her reinforcements are waiting for Issei to show up. Well, they got Matsuda and Motohama good. Sensing something amiss that Issei is no show, she realizes something is wrong when Asia and co aren’t in the bath. She rushes down to Issei’s room and catches them all with their pants down in an unholy orgy. Next day, Kuno makes good on her promise to give Issei’s groupie a tour of Kyoto as repentance. On the bridge, suddenly they are transported to another dimension. Kuno recognizes this purple mist that is believed to have kidnapped her mom. Before them is Chaos Brigade’s Hero Faction.

Episode 4
The leader of Hero Faction, Cao Cao admits of kidnapping Yasaka for an experiment. He is here to greet and spar with them. He has Leonardo materialize several anti-monsters for Issei’s side to fight. Thanks to Issei making strategic moves, they are easily dealt with. Azazel fights Cao Cao as he now understands why Hero Faction sent assassins to various camps. It is to obtain data to create the best anti-monster, Colossus that is capable of obliterating the Gods. After done with the anti-monsters, Issei’s side fight Siegfried. He has 3 arms? Each wielding a legendary sword? Azazel questions Hero Faction’s move now. Cao Cao explains it is to unearth human’s full potential. Of all the races, humans have always been the ones capable of eliminating those at the top. They want to see how far they can push this limit while remaining human. The giant Gogmagog, a weapon once created by the Gods pops up. It is sent by Le Fey Pendragon from Vali’s side to give Cao Cao a warning. Pendragon is a fan of Issei and wants to shake his hands. Damn, I thought she was going to let him touch her boobs. After Gogmagog falls and Rossweisse realising a flurry of attacking beams in her drunken stupor, Cao Cao ends the fight. He invites them to watch their experiment tonight where he will use Yasaka to conduct something on Nijou Castle. Back at the hotel, Azazel assigns roles to them in taking down Hero Faction and rescuing Yasaka. He will also enlist the help of some professionals since it is unknown how many dangerous guys Cao Cao will bring. Azazel also assigns Saji to be on Issei’s side to restrain him in case the latter goes berserk. Later Azazel returns a pink gem to Issei. Apparently this is his escaped potential from the box that went berserk groping women all over Kyoto. So it’s all his fault to begin with. Issei asks Azazel on what it means to be a hero since it was one of his goals. I thought he wanted to be harem king? The mist covers the land and separates Issei from the rest (he only has Kuno as company). He faces off with that shadow dude again. So if Issei can’t touch the shadow but the shadow can touch and restrain him?

Episode 5
Issei’s flames burns him. Time for the loser to rant about Sacred Gear discrimination that he doesn’t mind being a puppet for somebody because it gives his life meaning. But since he isn’t main character, we don’t give a damn. I guess we’re done with the warm up match so Issei reunites with the rest as they prepare to face Cao Cao and his men. He has Georg turn Yasaka into a giant youkai fox. His experiment is to summon Great Red with this fox and the city’s power. Not sure about this power showing from Xenovia because it’s like to show us she has a new sword, Ex-Durandal (Excalibur x Durandal) and wipes out almost half the city! Good thing this is the alternate dimension. Now we see some matchups, Siegfried fighting both Xenovia and Yuuto, Jeanne choosing Irina, Heracles against Rossweisse while Saji in his Prism Dragon form take on the fox. We see the Hero Faction’s Balance Breaker with Siegfried able to have maximum 6 arms with 6 different swords, Jeanne making a dragon out of holy swords and Heracles just being spiky and shooting missiles. Issei could have died from Cao Cao’s lethal attack but uses his Phoenix Tears to heal. He strikes back and does some lethal damage but is shocked to see Cao Cao also possessing a Phoenix Tears to heal up. Issei takes another devastating blow so he wants Ddraig to fix the armour. At this points, all his comrades lost. Even the serpent lost to the snake. Time for Issei to lose hope and lament how weak and useless he is at crucial points. Don’t worry. Here comes Elsha ex machina. After telling him that potential thingy, he must unleash his own potential with that gem. Uh huh. His own set of boobs. You heard that right. So the gem materializes boob zombies?! Actually these are the wills of all those who became boob molesters because of him and their desires materialized into a human form. Yeah, there are so many of them! Finally all of them combine as Issei summons his set of boobs. Whose set? Rias! Yeah, she was in the middle of changing her underwear.

Episode 6
Elsha guides Issei on how to pinch her boobs! I’m sure Rias is shocked and confused but since it’s Issei, she’ll give him a free pass for now. Upon pressing her tits, is this the best orgasm she ever felt? She is transported back to where she is while Issei receives a massive boost. Feel the power just bursting from within! All because of buchou’s boobs! Heck, he even has a last vision of Elsha giving her final blessing as well as Belzard’s final words of pinching and twirling? Aren’t those the lyrics to Issei’s dragon boobs song? With this new power, Issei is faster, tougher and can change between modes quickly to pound Cao Cao. Thanks to his Sacred Gear, Cao Cao survives without much damage. Cao Cao notes his move is illegal (compared to some chess move) but Ddraig sees it as some 3-pronged attack. Before the fight continues, here comes Yu Long the Mischievous Dragon along with Son Goku. He has a bone to pick with Cao Cao. We see Goku’s tremendous power in handling Cao Cao and his subordinates while Yu Long tames the fox. Cao Cao and co is about to retreat but Issei fires a powerful shot in his face. This makes Cao Cao very mad and wants to retaliate but upon realizing they are at their limits, they back out for now. It’s redundant to tell him to be stronger than Vali. He is going to do that. Issei and Goku unleash some power so Kuno could talk to her mom and return her to her buxom human form. All is fine as well. Lots of thanking before Issei’s party leave for home. Issei’s only regret is that he couldn’t touch Yasaka’s boobs. I guess buchou’s boobs weren’t enough. Speaking of which, back home the group gets reprimanded by Rias but after Azazel explains about the new power he received, I guess she’ll let it slide. Azazel also informs that Ravel will soon be transferring to their school as she has now taken interest in Japan (who wouldn’t?). Now they have to prepare for the upcoming school festival as well as the Rating Game with Sairaorg.

Episode 7
Issei puts up a splendid stage performance as Oppai Dragon! It’s really a hit! The kids love him! Even doing that signature twirling and pinching finger movements?! What are they teaching kids these days?! Fanservice moments at the backstage as Irina has to replace the announcer who sprained her foot. The dress is so tight that her boobs literally rips it apart! As though like they’re screaming they don’t want to be constraint by it. Cue for Irina to do an unholy activity of smothering her boobs on him. Cue for other girls to come in to do the same because all their boobs belong to him. Wow. A plethora of boobs! Issei you lucky bastard! Until Rias tells them to get ready for the next stage. After the show, Issei personally signs an autograph for a boy who turned up late for the event, Rirencs. Rias’ mom comes by to congratulate their splendid play. She also has Issei think about advancing his relationship with Rias. Time to stop calling her buchou? Ravel has officially transferred but she is quite meek instead of being prideful because she is nervous and not used in dealing humans? Gee, so around demons she knows she’s like a, uhm, demon? Issei thought of Koneko showing her around to help ease her anxiety but looks like a storm is brewing instead. Rias requests Issei to come with her as the butler of Sairaorg’s mom has a personal request. She tells him the story of Misla Bael, who hails from one of the 72 pillars of the demon clan. After she gave birth to Sairaorg, the joy was short-lived as he had no magic powers. They became scorned by the clan. She raised him within the Bael area and despite the Gremory clan offered to take them in, they were rejected. She took care of him tirelessly until she became sick with a terrible demonic illness. Now in a deep coma, the butler hopes that Issei’s power of communicating via boobs would wake her up. Yes, he has their permission to touch her boobs. But in the end, despite pushing himself past his Balance Breaker, she still sleeps. Understandably he is depressed. Sairaorg comes to see him to thank him after hearing what happened. But they both assure that this past will not stop them from going all out with each other at their upcoming Rating Game. Rias notes Issei looks like a worthy man now. But he is still the same oppai pervert, right?

Episode 8
Rias’ team is practising for the Rating Game. However they have to stop and reserve some energy since there is a press conference tomorrow. Yes, their match is highly publicized and will be watched all over. I suppose that is why Issei is surprised when Saji tells him his side his having a Rating Game against the Agares clan at the same time but it is so low key and everybody else is paying attention to Rias-Sairaorg Rating Game. At the press conference, the press seems to hound Issei on boobs! Is he going to poke Rias’ boobs?! A slip of his tongue and the media goes into a frenzy bombarding him with boob questions that just makes them uncomfortable and embarrassed. Even Sairaorg throws in his own cheeky comments. While Issei is reflecting in the sauna, here comes hot naked Rias wanting to get down and dirty with him! Is this the moment where Issei would finally lose his virginity? But all of a sudden… The moment he calls her buchou, she loses her mood and leaves enraged. Oh my. All it takes was a title for a boner to a downer. It is a bit awkward when the duo meet for their strategy meeting. As Azazel is appointed their advisor, Sairaorg has Diehauser Belial who is a former Rating Game champion. After the meeting, Ravel’s mom drops a line to say hi to her daughter as well as hoping Issei would take care of her. Who else better than the Red Dragon Emperor himself, right? With Issei agreeing and mom hoping Ravel to improve her relationship with him, it looks like this is giving Rias the worries. So she asks Issei and some of them if they would protect her. Of course. Then she asks Issei what she is to him. Buchou is always buchou. That’s it. That taboo word has Rias calling him an idiot as she runs away. All the ladies agree it is Issei’s fault although he (and yours truly) are clueless in how he messed up. I’m sure it has something to do with their long standing bonds together but I just can’t piece the pieces together… Dang, a woman’s heart is so hard to understand! Even more so a devil woman so to speak!

Episode 9
We hear Issei reflecting on himself. Basically he wants them to be more than just master-servant relationship but fears Rias doesn’t share the same feelings. One wrong move and it’s all over. Yeah, understanding women is hard. Apparently Akeno, Koneko and Asia overheard this so they also share his sympathy. In order to be fair to them, they will equally share their love. Oh man. Is it this early to get naked tits treatment? Fine with me! Let the sexual healing begin! But Asia senses Issei still has some feelings for Reinare. He notes she is his first girlfriend and killed him. In the end he had to kill her and he doesn’t want to feel such ever again. With everyone reassuring their love for him and always be together, let’s put aside the tears and continue our sexual healing. And then Xenovia and Irina had to pass by and see this unholy act. They too want in on the action. The real struggle begins. Yeah, it’s really hard to understand women. Rias’ team are at the hotel and are met with Hades. So Greek Gods like Poseidon are even coming to see this tournament? Rias gets an important advice from Riser about believing in her teammates as well as leaving Ravel in their care. This guy is so much on their side now. More booster for Issei as Sirzechs sees him to let him watch a video of young kids who are fans of Oppai Dragon cheering on him. Tons of fan letters too. As of before the start of the match, we are being briefed over the format of the game. Looks like it isn’t battle royale like I knew it from last time. Both kings will roll the dice. Their total value will determine what kind of pieces they can put forth into the match (each chess piece has a corresponding value like Pawns = 1 and Rooks = 5, so forth). Those who represent multiple pieces like Issei who represents 8 Pawns will be worth 8 points. Both sides roll to a total of 3. This means they can either only use a Knight or Bishop (Sairaorg’s Pawns are also held by the same person). Rias chooses Yuuto for this battle. His opponent is, uhm, also a full-fledged knight. Gee, it’s really the battle of the Knights.

Episode 10
Here are this episode’s Rating Game highlights:

Match 1: Yuuto vs Beluka Furcas (and Altobrau the horse): As dubbed the battle of the Knights, both sides clone themselves for an all-out melee battle that ends with Yuuto being victorious. First blood to Rias’ camp!

Match 2: Rossweisse-Koneko vs Liban Crocell-Gandoma Balam: The duo try their best against the gravity swordsman and discount Thing. In the end, Rossweisse miscalculated her attack and although got both her opponents, Koneko bore the brunt of Gandoma’s final attack. Rossweisse’s survival meant that Rias’ team wins but Koneko and like those who have lost cannot be featured in future matches.

Match 3: Issei vs Coriana Andrealphus: Dubbed the battle of the sexy! Sairaorg thinks this trump card has what it takes to nullify Issei’s perverted powers. True enough, she starts a striptease show and slowly undresses! Issei could have finished her with a single power move but he cannot attack a lady while undressing! Damn perverted pride. However this is the deal breaker. Coriana starts taking off her panties first before her bra! Issei does not approve of this order and fires away! WTF???!!! So he prefers to see the boobs first before her vagina/ass?! What a ‘terrible’ match…

Match 4: Xenovia-Gasper vs Ladora Bune-Misteeta Sabnock: The plan is to have Gasper support Xenovia as she takes on the offensive. However she got cursed by the priestess and is now being hunted by malnourished-guy-turned-mighty-dragon. As Gasper’s healing takes time, against everyone’s wish and to show how manly and useful he is, he becomes bait and sacrifices himself. Yup, we see Gasper getting owned by the duo. With Gasper not giving up, it’s supposed to make us cheer for him and pull our heartstrings. In the end, they focused too much on vampire boy and Xenovia has enough time to recover and blast them away. Too bad Gasper is out, though.

Match 5: Akeno vs Kuisha Abaddon: The battle of the Queens and the fastest! After watching Gasper’s feat, the other Rias members are resolved to lower their opponent’s fighting strength. Yup, this means Akeno lost in this black hole match quickly although I don’t see her dealing much damage to Kuisha.

Match 6: Yuuto-Rossweisse-Xenovia vs Sairaorg: Oh, time’s up for this episode. But we know how this will turn out, right? Yeah, just a warm up match for Sairaorg…

Episode 11
As expected, Sairaorg wipes the floor with them. Though with all their might they put up challenge and eventually cut off an arm of his, they are still no match and are defeated. Issei is so mad that his next match with Kuisha, he doesn’t even think of groping her and quickly defeats her! Actually, had not Sairaorg ordered her to withdraw, Issei would have killed her with his punch! OMG! Issei the killer???!!! Because of the dumb rules, Sairaorg suggests discarding it and have a team match with the remaining members. Approved of course since it is getting too predictable and boring. So we’re starting off with a power punch from the guys already? While the duo duke it out, Sairaorg’s only member left turns into his true form, a giant golden lion. Some legend about it being a battle axe whom Sairaorg found after its original wielder was killed by bandits. He faces off with Rias. I wonder what Asia is doing since she is the only other member left. Don’t want to get in the way maybe? Issei beats up Sairaorg after taking advantage of his weakness that was made known by his comrades in the previous match. But this is interrupted when the lion has mauled Rias and she will bleed to death. Issei uses his Phoenix Tears to save her. The lion wants Sairaorg to wield him but he refuses. This is when Issei reminds him of their promise to go all out with each other, not holding back any punches. Sairaorg fuses with the lion to become a golden armour! Saint Seiya???!!! Yeah, Issei gets owned. Hence he is before the council of past failed Red Dragon users who are forcing him to use the Juggernaut Drive. Issei is on the verge of giving in until he hears his fans Oppai Dragon fans’ motivation! Led by Irina, it’s damn weird to hear the entire stadium with kids shouting out boobs. With that, Issei fights back against the council. He won’t give in to resentment and become a tyrant because he is a lecher. Then this guy pops up, supposedly one of the past White Dragon user tells him to try it out because if anything happens, he’ll save him. Gee, thanks for the assurance. With Issei giving the council hope about the future (not to mention thinking about boobs and the woman he loves), Issei takes his transformation of his Red Dragon armour to the next mighty level.

Episode 12
So we see Issei not only powering up but confesses to the entire world he loves Rias. If he draws his power from love, so be it. So the epic punching begins. Until Sairaorg falls. He could have stayed down if not the ghost of his mom tells him to get up?! At least not the cliché power of friendship. The punching continues but Sairaorg takes more beating until Issei loses his armour because he overuses his power? Issei would have continued with his own bare fists until he realizes (as well as the plot script) Sairaorg has passed out a long time. Only his will made him continue to fight. Issei cries manly tears for his manly heroics. And with that, Rias’ side wins this Rating Game. Issei and Sairaorg recuperate in hospital. The latter doesn’t feel bitter about his loss but strangely satisfied. Sirzechs talks to Issei and he is considering promoting Issei to mid-level demon. Yuuto and Akeno are also potential to be promoted. After Issei is discharged, we see the school having their cultural festival. Issei and Rias are finally alone together. No time is wasted for him to confess how much he loves her. No need to be alarmed by her tears. Those are tears of happiness. She has been waiting for this moment. Especially for Issei to call her by her name. If she had only said it from the start… But she was too afraid to do so. Oh… Now I see… As Rias confesses she loves him back and they are about to kiss, those damn pesky friends are spotted eavesdropping. Heck, they even congratulate and even make cheeky remarks they can officially steal him. Hey, they’re demons, right? Rias blames them for ruining her most important moment in life. Even Issei is not spared. Yeah, it’s his fault for confessing here. But don’t worry, the rest set them up to do it all over this time. Alone. Guaranteed. Finally with no interruptions, the kiss that we have all been waiting for! Yahoo! Such bliss. In the aftermath, more good news because Sairaorg’s mom wakes up from coma. We also see Azazel being mad at Indra for knowing about Cao Cao’s existence before them. Indra thinks it is justified as they know each other since young. Indra agrees to ‘officially’ help him but warns if Issei threatens the world, he will annihilate his soul. He views his own group as the only ones worthy of being made under heaven.

Boobs Without Tits Are Totally Pointless!
Phew. Thank goodness this season didn’t suck. I’m not sure if it is because they decided to follow back the original light novel works or because it has been too long (yes, 3 years seems like a very long time to me nowadays) that I couldn’t remember the detailed bits. Even though I knew the third season was disappointing but time somewhat ‘healed’ it. Or maybe this season is just awesome in its own right. Either way, thank goodness this series came back from the ashes like a fiery phoenix and roared its way through like a dragon. Even if the final scenes were intriguing, it still feels like it has set up an interesting potential for another season. After all, Issei and Rias officially becoming an item isn’t the end of the entire story.

One of the biggest differences that viewers will notice is the animation and art style of this season. Previously the series was handled by TNK but now it is done by Passione (Citrus, Rokka No Yuusha, Hinako Note and Rail Wars). Although the art style is not so different that you cannot make head or tail of the usual characters, there is noticeable difference that makes it obvious it definitely looks different from its predecessors. How should I put it… If you ask me, this season’s art style looks somewhat a bit cute. Uh huh. Slightly this more moe looking style. Not to say the predecessors do not have this cute looks but the former series have this bishoujo feel and look. Thus they have this teen look but the current season makes them look a bit younger. Maybe because of the ‘roundness’ and ‘smoothness’ (heck, what am I saying, boobs are always round and smooth but I’m not referring to those in this context) as well as the colour and hue looking smoother and brighter. So it is either you will hate or love this new art style. Me, I got used to it in no time. Hey, it doesn’t matter if boobs are in 2D or 3D. Boobs are boobs, we get to see a bunch here, is that not enough???!!!

Despite the change in art style, one big sigh of relief for fans is that the original seiyuus in its predecessors are all maintained in this season. Your demon sexy Rias and cutie pie Asia might look lightly different than usual but at least they still sound the same like last time. I guess this is good because if they entirely changed the casts, we might be slightly more confused if this dude is Issei. Because let’s face it, nobody sounds perfect playing Issei other than Yuuki Kaji. Hence the new ones joining the ever expanding list of this series include Sora Tokui as Kuno (Hideri in Blend S), You Taichi as Yasaka (Albus in Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho), Kousuke Toriumi as Cao Cao (Acnologia in Fairy Tail), Jun Fukushima as Siegfried (Kazuma in KonoSuba), Airi Ootsu as Leonardo (Maria in Marchen Madchen), Sho Nogami as Georg, Ayaka Asai as Jeanne (Hazuki in Hibike! Euphonium), Mugihito as Goku (Wombat in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu), Rie Tanaka as Elsha (Suigin Tou in Rozen Maiden) and Yutaka Aoyama as Belzard (Yamada in To Be Hero).

I keep wondering if there was any sort of meaning to the second title the series has. The second season was New, followed by Born and now we have Hero. String that together and we have New Born Hero. Seems legit and possible if you’re talking about Issei. Thus it makes me wonder if they’re going to make another season, what moniker they will put for that fifth season. Pervert? New Born Hero Pervert doesn’t seem so far-fetched…

Character wise, they are pretty sufficient this season despite the main focus is on Issei and Rias, especially the drama and issue of trying to take their relationship above the master-servant connection. Sometimes it gets a bit annoying because it mirrors in real life that when something is wrong, the women won’t say and the men must figure it out. Even demons Sure, Issei has been with Rias long enough but that doesn’t mean he can read her mind. It felt like everything could have been solved had Rias pointed it out but I suppose that takes the fun out of everything and it will be too easy and Issei will not learn if he doesn’t figure things out on his own. After all, he has got to prove that he is more than just a guy who likes to grope and poke boobs. Yeah… Thankfully for the sake of this season’s happy ending, Issei got all the buttons right. Phew. Next step: Marriage? I know Issei is an admirable guy but sometimes the way he over-admires his opponents with too much respect like how he is so awed with everything Sairaorg does in his fight but ultimately his own dream is the most priority, well, it sounds like he is trying too hard and overdoing? Just one step away from being annoying…

I know in line with this series’ fanservice and ecchi element, sometimes it feels cliché and super unrealistic that all the girls want to spam their boobs for Issei like as though he is their public property. Especially Xenovia who has no qualms in getting down and dirty with him. As though sex is nothing sacred. But the oddest part is that now Issei has a great following in his Oppai Dragon brand name, it just feels weird to see kids rooting and shouting boobs! I mean, young boys and girls chanting “Oppai! Oppai”, like as though it is nothing. Starting them young, eh? Damn guy has got theme song of his own! It could be the national anthem for boobs kingdom for all you know!

For the other characters under Rias’ peerage, they don’t seem too prominent this season too. Almost forgettable until the situation calls for it so that we can see Issei isn’t just a one-man show and has to rely on some things on his comrades. In a way, the need to prove or at least tell us they are still relevant. Of course they are but not in the limelight focus sense. For example, Gasper. Weak vampire boy who has a penchant of hiding in boxes tries to show us how manly he is despite looking, sounding and acting so much like a girl. Man, doesn’t it pull some heartstrings to see Gasper get pounded (not in a sexual way!) like that and not give up?! As this series has many other characters as well, some feel redundant this season like Ravel. Her appearance may be for future potentials and development but this season feels like as though her cameo is that so you don’t forget about her. I mean, we can’t disregard a cute demon girl who is a potential for Issei’s harem, right? New characters like Kuno also feel this way. But to be fair, this season is her debut and now she too is a furry potential for Issei’s harem.

Chaos Brigade makes their much needed appearance but only time will tell if they will become a formidable foe. Because it’s like we take a break now from fighting baddies as we bring you the most hyped Rating Game of the decade. With the irony of heroes becoming the villains (maybe that is what the title of this season refers to), I also hope to see a mishmash of other characters from folklores and tales. It would really be super epic mess with everyone and everything in the fray.

Action bits are pretty exaggerated but still fun to watch. With all the power ups and boosters especially for Issei, you wonder how much stronger he can become and evolve because it seems like as though there is no end to his evolution and transformation to become the Red Dragon Emperor. Not that it is entirely a bad thing but to think about how he started out as a normal pervert and slowly becomes one of the most powerful characters ever, that’s really something. But one thing I can’t help but smirk and find it sound odd is how when Ddraig initiates multiple boosters for Issei, he will start repeatedly say, “Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!~”. Since he says that in quick succession, he sounds like saying “Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!~”. Like, WTF?! I guess it works for Issei in both ways since the power of boobs gives him the boosts.

Other characters like Xenovia, Rossweisse and Yuuto also help display some of their power and abilities but essentially it all comes down to Issei. Hence it makes me wonder if Issei and the raw brute strength of Sairaorg would eventually become annoying overpowered characters. Heck, they’re not the only ones because there are still other opponents like Vali and Cao Cao to deal with. But I suppose we will come to acknowledge their superiority because we get to see Issei acquire it through sheer hard work (or boobs fondling at least) unlike a certain character in that Smartphone crap series that started out way too God-like overpowered from the start.

I guess Rias vs Sairaorg’s Rating Game was so awesome and good that we have forgotten about the other Rating Game that was supposed to go on simultaneously: Saji’s one against the Agares clan. Yup, whatever happened to that? Not even a hint. I thought this would foreshadow something when they put it like that but not a word out of its results. You know, Saji’s side shockingly loss and there is some ulterior motive by the Agares clan to destroy the world. Something like that. No? I assume they won too and without much fanfare. But then again, if all the focus is on Rias and Sairaorg’s Rating Game and assuming people would prefer to watch that, maybe Saji’s Rating Game was played to empty seats?

This season’s opening theme is Switch by Minami. Nothing really great but I think it is rather okay for this season. Generic anime pop song with a pinch of techno dance genre. As for the ending theme, it is Motenai Kuseni by Tapimiru. Also feels like a generic anime rock pop song. I remember the first 2 seasons the ending credits animation had very sexy and erotic dancing. This was ‘downgraded’ in the third season without all that fanservice and the same can be same with this season. It is much toned down. Despite the amount of bare tits were have been exposed to here (especially the mid-intermission like always, they show the girl covered up in the first half because exposing her top in the next half), they just give us Issei’s harem in their beach bikini posing in moderate sexy poses. Disappointing? But then again, we want to remember this series for its awesome story, characters and tits rather than being remembered for, “Oh right, this was the series that had an excellent erotic ending credits animation ever”. Yeah…

Overall, this season is a very much welcomed and giving the series a new breath of life for future developments. It still isn’t perfect but at least it is much better than its previous season. You thought that it would only take one small negative impact to ruin the entire reputation built up and herculean efforts to try and do damage control. This season proves that as long as you have the right amount of tits and boobs (and done nicely of course), those negative sentiments don’t stay long. Ah, boobs. Who’d knew that boobs are the perfect instruments for power up and world peace. Sing along with me, people! Oppai daisuki doragon koi oshita/ Suichi hime no oppai watotemo suki da/ Doragon, doragon oppai doragon momimomi pochito boing boing/ Takusan oppai aru kedo, yappari suichi hime ga daisuki! Wow… Such an epic piece. This is one boob job Issei and us guys will never get tired of.

Ryuuou No Oshigoto

July 14, 2018

If 3-gatsu No Lion was too depressing and there weren’t enough cute female shogi players, Ryuuou No Oshigoto could be that elixir to counter that. No long boring drama that wreaks of melancholy in every episode, check. No male-only dominated shogi like as though shogi is a men’s only world, check. Lots of cute females, check. Bonus points and double check if you love lolis. Oh yeah. This is going to be a fun ride, isn’t it? Wait. Is this really going to be about playing shogi or the daily hijinks of a young shogi master taking on an even younger shogi prodigy as his disciple? Why do I suddenly want my shogi to be sad and depressing?

Episode 1
Yaichi Kuzuryuu defied all odds and the intense pressure to become the youngest Ryuuou in shogi. But ever since then, it has been 3 months since he is in a slump and he needs to fix his predicament fast for the sake of the title he is holding. When he goes home, he is shocked to see a young girl, Ai Hinatsuru waiting there and wanting to fulfil his promise to take her as his disciple. During his Ryuuou title match, he was close to a breakdown when Ai gave him a glass of water to calm his nerves and that was when he made the promise. Her father owns the inn that Ryuuou match was played. Yaichi plays a match to test her aptitude. The match is intense although he still wins. Ai has been a fan of his and wants to be like him. And to think she just started playing shogi in only 3 months. Prodigy? Another match is played to test if she is worthy of becoming his disciple. They played late into the night until they realize they have forgotten to eat. Next morning she makes him breakfast and she continues to wow him with hard shogi strategies she could easily solve. Yaichi is in a dilemma to take her under his wing because his ‘sister’ might oppose to it. Speaking of which, here she is knocking on his door! She gets suspicious hearing a girl’s voice inside. At the same time, Ai turns into a yandere thinking he has another girl. Caught between a hard place and a rock. Eventually the cat is out of the bag. Ginko Sora sees Yaichi with a naked loli. Of all times, Ai must take a bath? Definitely a checkmate he won’t recover from.

Ginko hints of killing Yaichi and she isn’t joking. I know it’s natural that guys in his predicament try to explain but often in situations like this, the girl will never listen. It is always his fault somehow. Ginko isn’t Yaichi’s blood related sister. As they share the same shogi master, they are treated like siblings. Besides, Ginko is quite a famous idol in the shogi industry and is known as the Snow White of Naniwa. That queen title sounds nice but she is more of the S&M type. Ai and Ginko don’t get along well because of a certain guy. Poor guy gets caught in the middle of whatever feud they have. Ai is brought to their master’s house. He knows about Ai running away from home because the shogi association called him about a missing child. Although there are many professional shogi players in the north where she hails from, she insists on becoming Yaichi’s disciple. That single Ryuuou match must have been so inspiring, huh? Ai is now temporarily Yaichi’s disciple as she meets fellow trainee, Keika Kiyotaki. Yaichi brings Ai to the local shogi association hall to join a training group. They bump into Yaichi’s self-proclaimed rival, Ayumu Kannabe (chuunibyou dude). After he leaves her at the training hall, he goes to have his match with Ayumu.

Episode 2
During lunch break, Yaichi goes to see Ai. She too won hers. As Yaichi is famous, girls of all ages swamp over him, making Ai real jealous. Especially those who were bold enough to shake hands with him. Yaichi resumes his knight-slaying-demon-fantasy match with Ayumu. Can we credit is win to Ai ever since she popped up at his place? Is this the start of his revival? Ai is so talented that she got promoted in the same day. Not so lucky for Keika as she is already 25 years old and there is an age limit that needs one to become professional or else you retire for good. Ai asks Yaichi’s permission to host a shogi workshop at his place with her friends, Mio Mizukoshi, Ayano Sadatou and Charlotte Izoard (oh no, rival French loli character who loves to sit on Yaichi’s lap as her favourite cushion). In addition to playing each other, Yaichi also plays all of them simultaneously to see their level. Because they get so passionate in becoming better shogi players, they kiss sleep goodbye. Naturally they fall asleep along the way and more woes for Yaichi when he wakes up because Ginko is incessantly taking photos of ‘proof’ of him being a lolicon. The world shall know him of his new title, Loli King! The girls swamp Ginko but she isn’t good with kids. Somehow it is Yaichi’s fault when Charlotte gets her drool all over her skirt… Soon, Ai’s parents, Takashi and Akina come to see them. They are taking back their daughter as they don’t see a bright future for a female shogi player. Although Yaichi assures them of her talent that will no doubt make her a title holder, Akina is not convinced because Yaichi has never taken on a disciple before so what makes him so sure he can tell. Ai mentions all the nice things Yaichi does for her (why does she have to make it sound so ambiguously sexually charged?) but mom is still bent on bringing her home. Wow. Daughter calling mother stupid? Yaichi proposes this. As Ai will be taking her training group entrance exam tomorrow, she will face all 3 professional challengers of various levels. Akina wants her to win all matches because if she is that good, winning should be no problem.

Episode 3
Ai hopes Yaichi could give her some sort of charm as motivation for tomorrow’s matches. I hope this fan will do. Ai’s first opponent is Ayano whom she defeats easily. Next up is Yoshitsune Kuruno, the organizer of this training group and an active top shogi player. It took a while but eventually she beats him. Everyone is amazed at her overflowing talent. Only Akina doesn’t seem to be impressed. Ai’s final match is against Ginko. Grudge match? As explained, Ginko might be a female professional but she is not a professional shogi player. Apparently there is a difference. The league is divided into promotional league and the lower training league, each with their own tiers. To become a professional shogi player, you have to be tops of the promotional league but to become a female professional, attaining a high ranking in the training league is good enough. And there’s some other convoluted ranking and promotion system that noobs like won’t understand at first go. Ginko is a tough nut to crack. It’s like she is slowly trying to breakdown Ai’s mental state. Ai used up all her allotted time that her subsequent moves must be made in within a minute. This only serves to pressure and make her panic more, so much so she has a hard time breathing! There is one time Ai claws her way back and takes the lead but Ginko corners back using tactics that Yaichi once thought and practised with her thousands of times! Damn, seeing Ai in tears and trying to hold it in is like some sort of torture. Eventually Ginko wins (although deep inside she is frustrated she couldn’t breakthrough easily and had to draw out all she got). Akina wants Ai to say goodbye and leave but Yaichi after seeing Ai’s perseverance, now he is more motivated to make her as his disciple. Yaichi prostrates himself for this chance and Ai does the same with him. Takashi agrees to leave his daughter in his care. Akina sounds rude when she asks Yaichi how many siblings he has and his annual salary. She throws down the ultimatum that if Ai cannot become a female title holder by middle school graduation, he will marry into the Hinatsuru family and help run their family inn business. This is the risk and responsibility he must take. Either way, it sounds like a win-win situation for Ai. It might sound daunting but Yaichi is willing to risk his way of life for Ai.

Episode 4
Yaichi is called to meet a legendary shogi player, Seiichi Tsukimitsu. However due to an illness he is blinded. It seems he has a request for Yaichi to take on another disciple. The granddaughter of a business family insisted she will not take on a master unless he is some top grade. Yaichi goes to meet the family to save face. He meets Ai Yashajin. Another Ai? To avoid confusion, I’ll call her as Ai Y for now. Ai Y is bitter and disrespectful. After losing to him in a handicap match, she throws a tantrum and returns to her room. Her grandpa apologizes for her rudeness. Her parents died and she faced nothing but the shogi board. It seems her parents are shogi players and they often play with each other. Those were her happy moments. Too bad they died in an accident. Yaichi has a feeling he has seen her shogi moves somewhere. When he returns, he sees Ai being reduced to tears because Ginko showed no mercy. Wasn’t Ginko supposed to be in a title match? Yes. She beat her opponent, Ryo Tsukiyomizaka in 2 minutes! Then she rushed all the way down here to use Ai as her punching back. Ginko claims Ai is getting weaker. Maybe the workshop made her relax too much. This bolsters Yaichi’s motivation to teach Ai Y. He brings her to a shogi parlour to play with other common people. Is that a granny or grandpa she’s playing with? Tranny? Ai Y lost consecutively 5 games. When he returns home, Charlotte wants to be his disciple. Yaichi declines. Why? Because Charlotte will be his bride! WTF?! Did he just realize what he just said?! He can’t even fathom why Ai is so mad? Did he forget about that deal? All he thinks is that Ai doesn’t like the idea of another disciple and hence will not tell her about Ai Y. Oh no. I can see where this is going to lead… Yaichi continues to take Ai Y out for shogi matches on weekends and on other days he is with Ai. When Ai mentions she is now good at figuring out people’s habit, this means she now knows Yaichi is lying because he rubs his pants when he does so. When Ai’s friends speculate it is a man, Ai’s evil aura is growing! To take her mind off it, Mio suggests bringing her to a shogi dojo for a change in pace. Somehow Yaichi and Ai Y are there as he is teaching her how to move. This means touching and guiding her hand. Why do they have to come in at the precise of times? Oh sh*t…

Episode 5
Ai in yandere mode!!! Ai Y makes it worse with ambiguous words so Ai tries to compete with it. Yaichi tries to sound he is not obsessed or anything but Ai takes it the wrong way and runs away in tears. She runs away from home (again?) but is at his master’s house and staying with Keika. His master talks to Yaichi about his worries when he took him on as his disciple as he wanted to push him onto Tsukimitsu but was made to reconsider and honour Yaichi’s feelings of wanting him to be his master. He thinks Yaichi isn’t wrong as he acted with his disciple in mind. Yaichi calls Ginko after she totally crushed Tsukiyomizaka again. He tells her about another disciple he has and her defensive play looks familiar and wonders if she knows anybody who plays like that. Instead she gets mad and hangs up. When Ai Y finally wins at the shogi parlour, Yaichi signs her up for the workshop entrance exam. She easily beats the kid her age. Keika becomes her next victim. Poor Keika in tears. I guess I understand she is already at that age and not going anywhere at this rate. Ai Y’s final opponent is Ai. It makes an interesting rivalry match since both their play styles do not match up. However Ai Y is good at a very complicated move that even experts rarely use. This puts Ai at a disadvantage. In the end, Ai admits she lost. However when Kuruno and Yaichi point out a move that Ai would have easily checkmated her opponent, Ai is left crying and blaming herself for not concentrating. Her mind was preoccupied with her master and became a coward. Yaichi hopes this loss would be a lesson to her, the frustration of losing to a rival of her age. Ai Y remains cocky and won’t acknowledge anyone weaker than her but will admit Ai as her opponent. Ai is motivated once more to learn and play more from Yaichi. Yaichi remembers her defensive play. It was from her father who played a commemoration match with Tsukimitsu who was Meijin then. Although Tsukimitsu won, young Yaichi watched the match and suggested a path that none noticed. Had Ai Y’s dad realized this, he would have won. Astounded, he had high regards for Yaichi and if his daughter grows up to be a shogi player, he wants Yaichi to be her master. So Ai Y being angry at him was not remembering this. Yaichi wants her to be part of his family and her master. He promises to make her happy. Why does it sound like a proposal?! Ai is being childish asking Yaichi who is his number one. Thinking Ai was there first and hence her. Happy Ai. Ai Y thought all this is childish but she too asks the same question. This is because she is going to be part of his family. So if Ai is a yandere, Ai Y is tsundere?

Episode 6
Yaichi faces off with Jin Natagiri who is a shogi researcher and all-rounder. Because Natagiri sounds gay like as though he is flirting with him, Yaichi loses focus and lost. Again too. Yaichi is depressed but he knows this is nothing compared to Keika. She is already nearing that age limit and since she just lost another match, there’s those demotion points. Yaichi and Ai visit Mitsuru Oishi. He is an expert in using the ranging rook strategy as opposed to Yaichi who is in favour of using the static rook strategy. Yaichi gets a taste of how fearsome this strategy is with his first loss. So while under the tutelage of Oishi, they have to help clean his bath house and serve at his bar too. Yaichi is stiff from the working so Ai massages his back. Not enough, she steps on it. Heck, her loli friends also join in. Wow. They must be so light. Be he feels so damn good until a stomp on his head. Oh sh*t. Ginko not pleased. You loli pervert. I think at this rate of stomping he is going to go stupid before he dies. After so many battles, Yaichi finally wins. He is a Ryuuou title holder, you know. But what’s this? Ai crying? She tried this newly learnt strategy with a handicap on Mio and won. Mio cried like hell and it hurt Ai. Okay. Time for some comforting shogi advice as well as life’s reality. If you don’t care for those who lose, you’ll break first if you lose. If you fear victory, you don’t have to suffer. No matter who we play with, we don’t want to lose. If we can’t play shogi, our lives are meaningless. You get the point. Oishi could guess Yaichi’s goal is to fight the Meijin and he is Natagiri’s master. Does he has a chance to beat him? Maybe. On the next official match, Natagiri loses his flirting gay side to put on a serious fight. Yaichi uses the strategies his learnt but Natagiri pours cold water on it because this was the strategy he played out with his master yesterday. After years of research and deadlock, they came to a conclusion the static rook strategy wins. Yaichi thinks he is trying to break him and continues fighting. Just when Yaichi thought he checkmated him, Natagiri pulls a surprise move. Didn’t see that one coming?

Episode 7
I don’t know what Yaichi did but he looks like looking into the future or something. Because of that he pulls off a surprising move and checkmates Natagiri! So I guess his research was wrong. But the main star of this episode is Keika. We all know by now she is getting older and her dream of becoming a professional female player is slimmer by the day. A stinging criticism from Ginko that she studied researches and memorized them. So when it deviates, she panics. That is why she has grown weaker. With Keika prostrating herself to her to become her master, Ginko can’t say no. Short flashback how Keika loved shogi but had a late start in taking it seriously. She thought it would be easy but reality was opposite. Ginko’s advice to her is to have more confidence in her play and not deny her own talent. Before Keika leaves for her demotion match, she tells her father she will quit her training group that she has been stuck in for years if she fails to get consecutive wins. Her first matchup is Ai Y. Since this is her redemption match, we see Keika putting up a different performance. She uses Ai Y’s specialty move against her and wins, forcing frustrated Ai Y to utter those words that she has lost. Next is Ai. Somewhat through the game, Ai starts crying because she has been in a dilemma if she should go easy on her fellow family member. You mean it wasn’t clear? So now she is getting serious, so is Keika. You mean she wasn’t? Because now Keika is all fired up thanks to this letter she wrote to future herself when she was 10 years old. Yeah, filled with hope and optimism to become a professional female shogi player. However in the end, Keika losses. But we all know it is a good game so there is no shame in defeat. Time to shed those tears. She returns home to tell her father that she has to break her promise of quitting. She still wants to play shogi. Even if she cannot become a pro, she still wants to work in this industry. Father moved to tears. Daughter too. More tears. Finally Keika talks to Yaichi about all this. She hints if she can’t become a pro, perhaps she can be his wife. Immediately accepts! I know he likes her but didn’t he make a promise to Ai? She trolls him he will only always be second in her heart. Her first love is always shogi.

Episode 8
There is a Mynavi open challenge for women. The Ai duo are taking it as well as Keika. From what I understand, if Keika passes this and gets through the preliminary match and just win one match from there, she’ll become a professional female player regardless of her status. That easy? But then she lost… So disappointed… The scene that takes the cake is how Yaichi is supposed to make comments on the matches and his partner types it in. She shortens his words (limited comment space is the excuse) and makes him sound like a lolicon! Like as though she really wants to taint his reputation. At the end of the match, Keika somehow wins some remedial match and qualifies for the preliminaries. Yaichi is being approached by Ika Sainokami. She is bugging him for a match and he has to keep refusing this psycho killer girl because he knows she grows stronger by defeating stronger opponents and at the same time ruin their morale. Now Yaichi is providing live commentary for the match Meijin is in. Only, if he cannot be distracted by the cleavage of his partner, Tamayo Rokuroba. I think she is hinting something at him and he likes her good treatment. Till Ai sees this and feels the need to step in. Those eyes… Apparently all his loli disciples are allowed on stage as his special guest? Yeah, it’s like they’re trying to ruin his reputation by saying ambiguous lines of him being a lolicon just to freak out Tamayo. His reputation further tanks when Charlotte kisses him on the cheek. That day, the police station’s lines were ringing nonstop reporting a pedo… Next day, Yaichi and Ginko go to see Rina Shakando who has been holding her title as the professional women’s player for 20 years. She is Ayumu’s master. Ginko plays a match with her and loses. Rina knows what made her lose her composure but Ginko won’t let her say it. Yaichi asks her opinion of Ginko. She has the potential to become a strong professional female player. As for Ika, she is like a demon since her strength is based on egoism. She will hurt and sacrifice others without hesitation to reach her goal. Rina is keeping her in place for now but knows she cannot do it forever. She hopes Ginko will be that seal on that demon when that time comes. Rina has Ginko wear girly clothes to go on a date with Yaichi. Looks like now I know her weakness. To stop her violent behaviour, just put her in such clothes! Her threats now make her sound tsundere + shy girl!

Episode 9
The preliminaries for Mynavi for women begin. Yaichi and Ginko are the commentators but Ika causes some commotion before the start as she reminds Yaichi about his answer. During the break, you bet Ginko is going to interrogate him about that. I believe she just wants to beat him up no matter what he says and make it sound like Ika was his ex-girlfriend. Heck, even Ai is interested to hear this backstory. Yaichi explains how they met and all and how she became obsessed in wanting to play shogi with him all the time. He rejected her but she never gave up. To a point she was once stalking him naked?! As Ika is Ai’s next opponent, she vows to defeat and turn her down. During their match, Ika as usual is making offensive and aggressive moves. Ika starts badmouthing other female players as weak and wants Ai to switch with her to live with Yaichi should she best her. Ika might sound scary and all but Yaichi isn’t worried and believes in Ai. For he knows Ika is arrogant and only cares for herself. She is the kind of person he doesn’t want Ai to become. Ai fights back and leaves Ika literally sweating when the tables are turned. Even planning far ahead to play mind games with her in the sense that Ai could have lost if Ika took certain pieces but because of the daring psychological effect, this has Ika being pressured and making mistakes. Ai will not let anyone take her place with Yaichi. Yeah, Ai wins. More good news with Ai Y and Keika also winning theirs. The Ai duo then make a special thank you announcement just for Yaichi because they remember it is his birthday today (it’s in his name the date). I guess today’s birthday is pretty special. Somebody pushes him so he could hug the loli duo. Such a heartfelt moment. I guess we make it today an exception of not calling the cops. Everyone watches the match that will decide who becomes Ryuuou’s challenger. Can Ayumu beat the Meijin? Nope. I guess it’s Yaichi and the so called god-like undefeated king.

Episode 10
Aloha! We’re at Honolulu. Apparently the first best of 7 matches will be held here. We have a nice reception party and even celebrating Ai’s birthday today. How sweet. Everything looks fine and dandy until the first match begins. It seems if Meijin wins this one, he will break all sorts of records like being in 100 seasons of holding the title as well as the eternal title for all categories. I’m not sure if this is possible but the game is paused midway and will be resumed tomorrow. I know it is taxing but postponement is allowed? I guess we need to take a break to see Ginko in her sexy swimsuit by the sea. Night swim. Of course she forces Yaichi to treat her and being the tsundere she is, she wants him to ‘prove’ he is not a lolicon. She is actually prepared to kiss him but he backs off thinking this is another one of her prank. How sad. The match resumes and it seems Yaichi realizes he is in a pinch. Especially when he is using a strategy he is good at. In short, he lost. I know it is only the first round but it really got to him. Yaichi snaps back at Ai who is trying to cheer on him because his whole shogi world is turned upside down with that. Yeah, all it took was just one match. Yaichi also loses the second match in Osaka. For the third round in Tendou, Yaichi begins panicking and even tries using an eternal looping move to buy time. Though it is not illegal, it is so if it is checkmating move. In which, Yaichi is about to strike out. Realizing this, he panics more and becomes hasty. He lost. He becomes obsessed in researching moves so when Ai tries to request to play a match because of her Mynavi tournament tomorrow, he reluctantly does so. Man, you can hear his heavy pounding. Is he trying to smash the board? It’s scaring Ai. Eventually he smashes it! Oh sh*t. I guess it’s too early to realize he is being a dick so he starts thinking about his current relationship with Ai. It’s wrong. So he tells her tomorrow after her match, she will go live with his master. He has already arranged for her stuffs to be transported there. Thanks to this trauma, Ai cannot concentrate on her match with Tsukiyomizaka and lost. So much so she starts having asthma attacks and collapses! For real?!

Episode 11
Don’t worry. Ai is in the good hands of Keika. She’s playing the big sister tonight as well as giving Ai Y good complimentary for winning her match or else Yaichi would have gone crazy had both Ais lost their match. Speaking of him, he continues to obsess in getting stronger. Even Ginko is here hinting him he can do anything to her like continue where they left off from Hawaii. Yeah, he only remembers that stinging lost. Even madder. He snaps. She snaps. She doesn’t care if he doesn’t have a title as long as they can be together. Wrong timing to bring that up now but if you think Ginko is just going to run away and cry, she is mad first since Yaichi calls her a hindrance. Now she runs away and cries on Keika’s lap, complaining about the jerk. Big sister is sure busy tonight. Today is Keika’s match with Rina. Yaichi wouldn’t have bothered had he not noticed Rina making some big moves. It got him interested to watch and from his analysis, he believes Keika could actually win this. In the end, Keika wins! Now she is a female professional. During her interview, had she not mentioned Yaichi’s name, he wouldn’t have opened his eyes. Too late to cry now. He notices somebody brought lunch outside his doorstep. It couldn’t be Keika since she is away. Oh, right. Ai! Can he just tell by the food? Miraculously he manages to find her. He’s sorry. She wants to be his disciple forever. Big hug. There. We’re back on track. Hey wait. Ai has been promoted to a female professional player 2 days ago? How long has Yaichi been holed up in his room?! Coincidentally the final match is in Ai’s hometown. And Yaichi definitely feels strange because this pre-match ceremony feels like their pre-wedding ceremony! Oh sh*t. Tsukimitsu is even reading their wedding vows but substitute certain words with shogi terms. Yeah, they sign a master-disciple contract that looks like a marriage one. Of course this is part of Tsukimitsu’s ulterior motive to secure this inn as their main venue for future matches. Yaichi shouldn’t feel he is being used first because now he notices Ginko giving him the death stare! A real scary one. Better remember to apologize to her.

Episode 12
Fourth match is here. For the first time, Yaichi feels he came here to play shogi instead of titles. So we see them making moves based on some technique that I don’t understand with many of the characters giving their 2 cents worth about it. Of course Yaichi’s play has changed since playing with the Meijin. Still, he isn’t anywhere close to him and from the looks of his desperate face, it’s like as though he could explode anytime. Yaichi realizes he is going to make that illegal loop move. But after the Meijin makes his move, he calls to suspend the game. Judging from the move he made which is also another illegal pawn drop move, it becomes an extraordinary situation where both players abiding by the rules cannot determine the outcome of the match. A first in history! Therefore this match will be declared invalid. So they’re going to replay it soon? Because I thought with Meijin having 3 wins, he should claim the overall victory. Unless 4 is the magic number. We take a break from shogi stress so Ai could offer her lap for Yaichi to rest. Cue for Ginko and Ai to fight over this situation. Too bad the rematch is now so Yaichi has to get going. Funny, the first match can be postponed the next day but today’s match cannot? I guess things are different in Hawaii and this is an important deciding match too. The rematch sees Yaichi making some improvements but as usual we see Yaichi’s excruciating going-to-explode face. But after a hard fought battle… Meijin admits his loss! OMG! Everybody is celebrating like as though Yaichi won the goddamn thing! There’s even a celebratory party after that so that we can replay that déjà vu scene of Yaichi needing help and Ai is there to give him that help. What does she ask for in exchange? To teach her shogi. In the aftermath, Yaichi won the remaining matches to retain his Ryuuou title!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! They organize some party but Ai ‘lied’ to everyone to come later so that she could hog Yaichi to play shogi.

Loli-ou No Oh-shit-got-too-many-lolis
Wow. What the hell?! Yaichi won and retained his Ryuuou title?! What kind of utter nonsense is this?! Something like this could only happen because of plot convenience. Personally, had Yaichi lost and the typical cliché ending that he will continue to play and fight for shogi (because everything isn’t so cliché over yet), isn’t as bad. But to make him come back and win by defeating the Meijin? That’s really impossibly impossible. Like as though the Meijin saw his traumatic face and felt pity and threw away the remaining games. All for the sake of Yaichi’s growth that I couldn’t see. Because screw whatever records he is going to break. For the sake of this series’ happy ending and his loli harem, he throws away the matches so that we can all have a good ending. Heck, we don’t even get to see the final 3 matches and hence we can’t judge if they were easy or hard fought ones. Anyhow, it’s like an insult and showing us (and shogi) the middle finger because screw you for the sake of a happy loli ending.

I’m sure there are going to be lots of comparison about this anime with 3-gatsu No Lion. Can’t help it. They’re the only shogi related anime in very recent times. Because Shion No Ou was so long ago and obscure that nobody remembers it. Yeah, I didn’t watch that series either. Anyway, it doesn’t take a genius for those who have watched both these recent shogi themed series to know which one is tops. Okay, for those who don’t, it is 3-gatsu No Lion. In almost every aspect and as overall.

Let’s start with the plot and story. Basically from both anime series, the plot looks paper thin. Young shogi prodigy having to overcome whatever issues they have at hand. It is easy to say that this series does not have enough plot and story because it only spans a dozen of episodes unlike 3-gatsu No Lion in which had 2 seasons and a total of 44 episodes to go along. That’s like almost 3 times the amount needed to flesh out whatever drama, plot and characters needed. But if you take a look at this one, it starts off with Yaichi being the youngest Ryuuou and then somehow he enters a period of slump, hence the rest of the episode sees him trying to pick up the pieces and prove his achievement wasn’t a fluke. Sounds weak and uninteresting if you ask me. And along the way he picks up some loli harem. Like, WTF?!

I believe that if you want to learn some shogi moves or techniques, this isn’t exactly a series to be introduced to shogi. Even 3-gatsu No Lion isn’t a good series if you really want to learn some shogi tips. So like a shogi noob like me who could even barely remember the basic moves of the different pieces, showing the shogi board to me, they could just BS their way through in whatever ways or however they want it because I’m just going to believe whatever impossible moves or comeback moves convenient for the plot to happen. The board looks so alien to me. So when they ramp up the drama with the characters sweating in panic because they didn’t realize or see a move before this, I would be going like, “What?! WHAT?! What the f*ck is happening?! I don’t see anything wrong (obviously)!”. Even if they did mention and briefly explain some shogi moves, it still sounds so alien to me. Whatever. You play whatever moves you want.

Then there are the characters. Forgettable. Everything is so permeating with cuteness and kawaii factor that it makes 3-gatsu No Lion looking like the god of misery. 3-gatsu No Lion’s characters may not be that likeable but you want to root for them because of the problems that are relatable to many of us. Whereas for this Ryuuou loli crap, everything feels so conveniently convenient for the sake of the wafer thin plot. I mean, they tried to drum up some tension and drama when Yaichi was on a losing streak with Meijin. It didn’t work seeing how colourful and glossy everything had been all along. Now they throw in this by making Yaichi a dick? Not going to work. It is going to make us hate him even more. We all know he is going to make up for himself because the plot says so and he is the main character. Yeah, that contorting face of his while facing Meijin is to show some sort of hardship and emotions while he takes on the country’s best shogi player but sometimes it felt comical to a point I was trying to hold back my laughter seeing him stressed out like that. Uh huh. As though the Meijin had no emotions whatsoever and if he so much as to eke out a mini smile, it must mean something. Something, I guess.

It must be a running joke for Yaichi to be the centre guy in this unofficial harem. Mostly loli disciples and a couple of mature females. It’s like he and everyone else is giving this a free pass and not bat an eyelid because they are looking it from a professional point of view. You know, he is the shogi master and they are his disciples. Wow. Everybody is so good that they don’t see anything potentially wrong with it. Unless the plot calls for some little pedo joke. It is amazing Yaichi hasn’t been arrested and his shogi future not in shambles. What’s more, Yaichi being betrothed to Ai at a young age feels so wrong. Although all seems verbal but it doesn’t look like Yaichi is very bothered with it. I mean, all he has to do is not fail, right? Sounds easy until you realize that he is currently in a slump. Oh sh*t. Which makes it mind boggling because he is only being famous for being the youngest Ryuuou and gets so much attention just because he is the main character.

Unlike the true Meijin who has so many records and titles, damn this guy is treated like a mere side character! Show some respect! Making it worse, we don’t even get to see this guy’s face nor has he a voice! Okay, he does. His face is not shown until the final turning point moments and at that point I was ‘disappointed’ because to keep his face hidden for this long time I thought he had a third eye or something. Just some average looking guy. And the only time he spoke is to admit his defeat! I don’t know, but that makes it feel like his character is somewhat a loser, don’t you think? This guy is much more mysterious than 3-gatsu No Lion’s Souya. Thus making this best living shogi player of current time to be nothing more than just a weak character existing just because of the plot. To say that Yaichi’s game with the Meijin woke him up and put in some much added drama. But this still does not avert the fact that this most important man in the game is being given this lacklustre treatment. And after all that he possibly done in the final match for Yaichi, this guy wasn’t even invited to his party. Old shogi rivals were invited but not the Meijin. What an insult. Yaichi, you better hope your retaining of your title isn’t a fluke and you better not be in a slump anymore.

As for the female characters, I guess with a bunch of them, it really gives a different atmosphere compared to 3-gatsu No Lion which is all dominated by men. Middle aged and very old men. So with lots of cute and young (loli) girls, wow, it sure looks like shogi is a little girl’s game too. So much fun. So cute. But I am still confused and don’t understand about the different set of ranking and promotional rules for women. It’s not my place to say but I thought shogi should be like karuta whereby the gender doesn’t matter since it is a game of the mind and not of the body.

Anyway with Ai being the main character and Yaichi’s first disciple, she is only memorable because of all the moe and kawaii aura permeating throughout her existence. The way she acts and talks is so loli wonderful that either you will fawn over her or find it somewhat annoying to a certain degree. I’m sure they want to portray her as a shogi prodigy and hence she wins some of her matches against higher level opponents but that too feels artificial somehow. She has to win because of the plot. And to show that she is a human and not perfect like a robot, there are very, very, very few times that she will lose. All for the sake of the plot. Whatever. To counter all that positive loli cuteness in Ai is the bratty brat Ai Y. I don’t even see the need for her to exist so as to confuse us between both Ais because other than that I don’t even see the intensity of their rivalry as shogi players as well as to become Yaichi’s number one disciple. It feels like Ai Y has been completed side-lined during Yaichi’s showdown with the Meijin. Like as though she has been tossed aside and become an unimportant character to have never existed. Perhaps this is to give more time for Ai to be with Yaichi and reaffirm Ai is supposed to be Yaichi’s number one loli. Ai Y is just for the backup, just in case.

I guess you need a few different tropes of women when you have a harem. Ai as the lovely one (sometimes potential to be yandere), Ai Y as the tsundere, Ginko the amphibian (tsundere or yandere?) and Keika the big sister (also biggest troller to be Yaichi’s wife). Damn you Yaichi! Even if you’re a current failure in shogi, you are sure scoring with a bunch of ladies! This means those shogi friends of Ai are super useless and only exist for some pedo jokes especially Charlotte who is just oozing twice as much moe and kawaii aura than Ai and make innocent little girl statements like wanting to marry Yaichi so that viewers can be irked and call the police. Is it because they are little girls that Yaichi do not take their word seriously they want to marry him? Because he seems to like Keika but she dismisses him. Because Ginko likes him but playing the tsundere and playing the tough girl who always beats him up for any reason turns him off. Don’t worry about Yaichi getting any more mature ladies under his harem. As long as Ai is acting like his jealous wife, you can bet she’ll step in and nip it in the bud. I’ve not even mentioned some of the shogi guys his age who might be gay for him… Damn Yaichi is better known for being popular in the wrong way than his shogi.

I still don’t understand where Ginko stands in the female professional shogi world because it sounds like she is so damn good but at the same time she isn’t up there with the top guns. Her reason to exist in this anime is to provide us with the running joke of beating up Yaichi and blaming him for whatever reasons because it is female’s privilege to do that and not bear any consequences. Guts tell me from the start that her violent nature is to hide her crush on him because can you imagine a very polite and lovely Ginko? Remember, she has a reputation to live up in the shogi world. What snow was it again? Ah, cold as ice… She would have been a lot cuter if she smiles more often… But she is too far down that track to have a sudden character change. We’ll all die (as well as Yaichi) via sudden heart attack.

It sometimes feel that there is this strange focus on Keika. She has been on losing streaks and stuck in her training group for so many years. There is this threat that she will not achieve her dream to become a professional female shogi player by a certain age as stipulated by the rules (who made these damn rules for women anyway?!). This feels like a side story aside from anything that is related to Yaichi and his loli harem. What makes it mind boggling is that she has been losing for so long and the way she sounds like there is little to no hope in making it but all of a sudden, this one Mynavi match, win a few rounds and conveniently defeating Rina who holds the title as Eternal Queen! Do you not see how convenient a plot this is and to add to her character happy ending?! Everybody in Yaichi’s shogi family gets through! Hooray! Wow. I wonder how many women also barely made it through like this. So conveniently convenient that it is conveniently convenient.

As for the other shogi rivals and characters, they lack any depth that would make them likeable. Like Ayumu as this chuunibyou gay for Yaichi or that crazy Ika who could have been a serial killer-cum-stalker had she not taken up shogi and what the heck is Tsukiyomizaka again for? I believe she has another shogi friend and partner who is most of the time with her but I can’t remember her name. So insignificant. I know these characters are supposed to be colourful but in a way it makes them look comical because when you compare it to 3-gatsu No Lion that is so mundane and dull in this sense, ironically that depressing shogi show’s characters feel like it has more life than this one! I know it’s so ironic, right? I mean, like I said when you have the Meijin treated like a secondary unimportant character, it is as though they want you to remember this shogi series as a loli and pedo one.

I want to point out that this series might have a few subtle sexual ambiguity. Aside from the obvious loli pedo hogging many of the scenes as well as those sexual ambiguous cliche scenes that calls for others to walk in and misinterpret the scene, one of the very subtler ones include when Ai is getting serious in playing her shogi game especially making a comeback from a pinch situation, she would move her head back and forth while focusing. I don’t know, it makes her look like as though she is doing a blowjob!!!!!!!!!!! Not kidding!!!!! Call me a pervert because at so many angles, this is the first impression that it gives off to me. Personally the best ‘lewd’ jokes are the ones where the commentator purposely mistypes Yaichi’s words to make him sound like a lolicon. Sh*t might have gotten real if Ika had shown us full frontal nudity in her failed bid to win over Yaichi. Yeah, this series could have easily have a porn parody on its own and fare better! No, seriously.

Art and animation of course has everything so cute and kawaii, bright and colourful. If you like this style of visual, I’m sure this section is where it trumps the very simple looking 3-gatsu No Lion. Thanks to female characters playing shogi, sometimes I feel like this is also a cosplay event. Like Rina who resembles like some sort of witch or rather bride of Dracula. Seriously. And Ayumu is dressed like as though he is going to fight magical beasts from another world when is just going to play shogi. Does this help in playing psychology with your opponents? By a long shot, I thought Ika looked like Kouka from Beatless and Ginko a serious version of Rem from Re: Zero series. This series is animated by Project No. 9 who is better known to animate loli and cute girl anime series like Ro-Kyu-Bu, Netoge No Yome Wa Onnanoko Ja Nai To Omotta, Tenshi No 3P and Saikin Imouto No Yousu Ga Chotto Okashiinda Ga.

You know, I was pretty darn sure that Yui Horie was behind Ginko’s voice. So cock sure that at some points when she sounded a little off, I didn’t even suspect otherwise. Then of course the real shock came when I discovered it wasn’t her. It was Hisako Kanemoto instead. Super failed ~de geso. Now I fear that her voice might confuse me in future anime series since although she is still active in the voice acting world, she is slowing down a little. Another shocker is Haruka Tomatsu as Ika. Argh. So a bit confusing ~de geso. Honestly, I haven’t been hearing her for quite some time so maybe that’s why I couldn’t see it was her.

Other recognizable seiyuus are Ayane Sakura as Ai Y, Sho Hayami as Tsukimitsu, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Ayumu, Kenji Tsuda as Natagiri, Sayaka Ohara as Rina and Yui Ogura as Charlotte. Other casts include Yuuma Uchida as Yaichi (Oga in ReLIFE), Rina Hidaka as Ai (Last Order in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Ai Kayano as Keika (Inori in Guilty Crown), Mitsuko Horie as Akina (Sailor Galaxia in Sailormoon), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Oishi (Madarame in Genshiken) and Machico as Tsukiyomizaka (Serina in Sansha Sanyou). The opening is sung by Machico, Korekara. All lively anime pop style that sounds as generic it can get. The ending theme, Mamoritai Mono No Tame Ni by Miku Itou plays to a slower beat and seems palatable to my taste although it still sounds generic.

Overall, this is a disappointing anime series and even though it came out in the same season as the second season for 3-gatsu No Lion and was never meant to be its competitor, it is impossible to separate and not compare how bad this anime is. Like as though this shogi theme was just a bait and mask its true intention of sexualizing young little girls. Heh. Instead of luring little girls with sweets, you lure them with, uhm, shogi? Whatever. Not too sure if this would lead to give shogi a bad name. Heh. Maybe that is why men and women’s shogi never mixed. When you have a pedo scandal that is blown out of proportion, unlike the game where it just ends with a checkmate, in life it is not just checkmate but literally over. And then imagine this series following the depressing route of 3-gatsu No Lion but with Yaichi now trying to get his pitiful shogi career back on track after earning an infamous reputation. It might be a sad and sorry route but hey, I’m willing to watch that! Truly, shogi indeed needs to be a draggy and depression theme for us to be appreciated.

Looking from the name and poster itself, I thought Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku was the result of Zero Kara Hajimeru and Sword Art Online had some sort of crossover. I mean, the name is pretty serious and mean if you look at it at first glance. It might be some serious sh*t RPG thingy with real adventures and mysteries instead of some crappy overpowered character from our world somehow conveniently transported to another world who has everything in hand and a bunch of girls under his harem. Oh wait… Oh no! Too late. I guess I should not judge an anime by its name too nowadays.

Episode 1
Suzuki is almost hitting 30 and is a dedicated debugging programmer of a couple of highly popular online games, namely War World and FFL. We see him dropping in to office on a Sunday and then goes full steam ahead to do whatever debugging requests nonstop for 3 days! So when he finishes his last request, he finally gets his much needed sleep. I don’t think he had his NerveGear on and this could be some sort of dream. Or a bug in real life. Because when he wakes up he finds himself in a fantasy world that is a mix of War World and FFL. He realizes he can see and use interface although the setting to quit cannot be activated. Bug? He notices his high school years’ looks as well as the name, Satou which is the name he uses to test bugs. Looking through his weak ability, he sees several Lizardman enemies approaching. An arrow grazes his cheek. Real blood. Real pain. Sh*t! I’m surprised he managed to dodge and survive that rain of arrows. Suddenly a meteor rain wipes them out. A surviving Lizardman challenges him to a fight and loses. This allows Satou to max out many of his skill levels. Bug? Looking through his skills again, he tests the meteor rain ability again. This time it is more powerful. Thank goodness for his maxed abilities that enables him to run and jump the hell out of here. Better disable this skill just in case. Don’t want to be mislabelled as a megalomaniac. He then takes stock of his inventory. Lots of stuffs and lots of cash. Nothing to worry about. Bug? He rests for the night and continues his exploring the next day. He detects soldiers nearby and a wyvern attacking them. He feels the need to help them since it was his fault that he shooed the wyvern away. Don’t understand what they’re saying? Upgrade your language skills now! I wonder why some skill sets have enabled/disabled? Isn’t it inconvenient? Bug? Anyway the soldiers try all their might to ward it off. One of the mage soldiers, Zena Marientail uses turbulence to ward the wyvern off but it backfired and blew her away. Time for Satou to rescue the falling hot chick.

Episode 2
Zena introduces herself. But must she say she is unmarried and has no boyfriend? I know what flag this raises. Good vibes interrupted when Zena’s retainers, Lilio and Iona think Satou is the enemy. Thanks to his instant mastery of persuasion skills, he manages to convince them he is a merchant and lost his stuffs and paperwork that was on his horse. He is taken to Seiryuu City to get his papers in orders as well as his visa for his stay. With renewed freedom to explore, another hot chick, Martha quickly takes him to her inn. I guess new travellers that waltz in have that same look that they need a place to stay. With negotiation skills, he manages to get a room at a cheap price from Martha’s mom, Mosa who is also the innkeeper. She tells him about a hero defeating the Demon Lord 60 years ago and thankfully there isn’t anyone out there reviving him yet. You mean that is an option? Currently this parts of the city is more concerned with wyvern attacks. Asking about dragons, she relates they sleep a lot and their sightings are rare. The last time she saw dragons was 2 years ago. After finishing his lunch, Martha decides to take him to town to shop for clothes. Along the way, he notices demi-humans are treated as slaves. He goes to help a few before back to shopping with Martha. Back to the inn, he has more good food before retiring to his room. He recollects today’s event that has been totally awesome. However he feels something is off. There are some lore that do not match up with the original game. Like the language and foods he has never tasted anything like it before. This is too weird to be a dream. If this ‘game’ needs to be cleared so he can return to his world, it is going to be tough because there isn’t a clear goal in many MMO games. He goes for a night sightseeing and likes the city. He decides to make it priority to learn and have fun in his new surroundings. Going home is secondary mission. Next morning, it seems his ‘girlfriend’ is here to pick him up. Lovely Zena is eager of showing him around.

Episode 3
Looks like a pretty normal date… With Zena being part of the military, I guess she gets a free pass showing him some of the facilities. Is this okay? She brings him to a temple that has a mural of the hero fighting the Demon Lord. It is in blue because the holy sword glows so and if you are the chosen one, it will also glow that colour. Zena introduces him to Orna, the priestess of this temple. They know each other as her mom acted as Orna’s wet nurse. Satou checks his titles acquired. Man, he has got lots of them. From Dragon Killer to even God Killer! I guess using that meteor rain earned him that title? I suppose now this isn’t all just a bug. He is a walking cheat bug! On their way, they see a commotion. A priest of the Zaicuon temple is selling holy rocks for people to stone at the demi-human slaves. Zena tries to stop this cruelty as Satou traces the slaves’ master, Urs. We see him scanning the area for imposters and agitators, taking them out and acquiring loads of skills! He exposes this scam to the public but Urs turns into his true demon form. The people are evacuated as the military tries to take him down and Satou taking the slaves to safety. However they will not move without their master’s orders. Well, their master’s ‘dead’. The demon initiates some magic that sends Satou and the slaves to his labyrinth. They must find a way out now. But first, Satou becomes the slaves’ new master and names them Liza, Tama and Pochi. He gives them new clothes to wear and food to eat before making their move. A giant bug feeding on a corpse is in their way. What will they do? Don’t worry. Satou has a magic laser gun that kills! Too convenient! They use parts of the monster to make weapons and Satou acquires more skills. Man, this guy could become a real God someday at the rate he masters them. Every. One. Of. Them.

Episode 4
To level up his slaves, Satou delegates them tasks. They even have time to stop to rest, eat, bath and sleep! Yeah, take your time… They continue their journey and fight more monsters. They stumble into an area where several people are trapped in a cocoon. Looks like they saved a couple of important people. Except one who was earlier a bully to the slaves. He is still cocky so Satou doesn’t feel like cutting him out. But he isn’t that bad so he eventually he does if he shuts up. They finally meet up with the military side at the exit. They have a tough time fighting slimes? I guess they haven’t fought slimes before. The bully got cocky thinking he could take them out but needs some saving by the slaves. Of course the last slime has to be Satou saving Zena. Reunion cut short when the demon reveals itself. He hypnotizes everyone to fight each other. Satou is of course immune. He can’t reveal his super powers so easily so a well-timed fight with another monster brings him to another place. An excuse for him to return with a mask and hence masking himself as some mysterious hero. Seriously, in this labyrinth? I guess the few who know Satou don’t even recognize him. Okay, it’s a decent mask. Satou beats the crap out of the demon. He can’t take it anymore and then summons the Demon Lord! That easy? His resurrection reward is to eat him alive! That’s so Demon Lord for you. Obviously with everyone else getting owned, Satou is immune to all Demon Lord’s attacks. Somehow he has the holy sword in his inventory but since it isn’t shining blue, I guess he isn’t the chosen one. He switches to magic but the low end magic does a great deal of damage! Surprised? Me too. Demon Lord is confused because he is a person who is both good in martial arts and magic. You mean you can be either or only in this world? Satou then makes this logic connection. He cannot get the holy sword to work because he doesn’t have the title of hero. But he uses his God Killer title and it works! WTF?! Shouldn’t that be automatic?! With Demon Lord gone, everyone resurfaces from the labyrinth. Now Satou has earned the hero title. A little too late? A rescued slave trader registers the slaves to Satou. Oh, he has to take a few more that aren’t sold, Lulu and Arisa. If they weren’t this cute, I bet he wouldn’t have taken them.

Episode 5
Satou senses something wrong with Arisa. When she pronounces his name correctly, he whispers in her ear. She reacts. It seems she understands Japanese. He will find that out later since he has to take care of his starving assistants (because calling them slaves now feels so derogatory). He treats them well after hearing their appalling eating conditions and food during their slave years. Back at the inn, he asks Martha for more rooms but apparently it is full. With the people looking at them with disdain, it seems Arisa uses some odd persuasion to quell their scorn. Martha has the shed they can use so Satou has Liza, Tama and Pochi stay there while the rest with him. While sleeping that night, he realizes Arisa is on top of him and trying to seduce him! He manages to break out of her spell and orders her not to use it again and tell the truth. Using his interrogation skill, it seems Arisa’s reason for doing this is because she likes him! Apparently he is her dream guy and has all the qualities. And now it is even better that he is her master. She reveals the truth. Her real name is Arisa Tachibana and was a Japanese until she is reincarnated in this world. That means when one died in the other world, being reincarnated here starts you off as a baby although all your memories are retained. She thinks Satou is transported and summoned as a hero. Those in this category retain their current outlook or possessions they have at the time they transfer here. However Satou doesn’t think he fits that description (he did look slightly different and was a complete weakling). She notes he is the second Japanese guy she met here. The first being Lulu’s grandpa. It is a shame that nobody in this world considers Lulu a beauty because back in Japan she would have been idol material.

He wants to know how she ended up being a slave. She was born as a princess of a kingdom. She tried to use her knowledge to make her country wealthy but failed. Things take a turn for the worse with conflicts breaking out and it ended with a neighbouring country taking over. There was a culprit behind all this but she found out too late as she was wallowing in depression. After her country was taken over, many of the royal family was publicly executed. The survivors were forced into slavery. One day a demon popped up and burnt down the kingdom. Arisa and Lulu escaped into the mountains and when they were near death, that was when a slave trader picked them up. Next morning as Zena comes to get him, we should have expected and seen this coming when she sees 2 naked lolis sleeping by Satou’s side. So disappointed in him. But don’t worry. Satou knows what to do. Like a hero, he jumps out of the window and dances with her (?!) while using his persuasion skills to set everything right. If only real life was this easy. With everything in order, Satou gives money to his assistants and has them buy what they need. Life is so good indeed.

Episode 6
Zena accompanies Satou to see Nadi, the real estate broker so he could give his assistants a real place to stay instead of the shed. Unfortunately if you want cheap, I guess the locations are opposite a brothel or a shady place that could house a shady secret organization. As they wait for Nadi to do more research, they go watch a play. This tragic romance is based on a true story. A wizard and a princess fell in love with each other but torn apart by the marquis. It is twisted and gruesome in the sense the wizard was murdered by the princess’ attendant, the princess committing suicide, the wizard being resurrected as an undead to go on a revenge but being killed by a holy knight. Oh, the marquis subsequently died from a curse. The ending was confusing but Satou finds out from an audience there were multiple demands to change it and hence the confusion. Then there is this argument between Arisa and Zena about who was the root of the problem. Arisa owns Zena when she makes her think of her choice if she was in the princess’ shoes. Would she choose the one she loves or one whom her family decided? Then she grills her about women being attached to the household after being married and most probably Zena joined the military to avoid getting engaged. If she continues to play the good girl, the man she really loves will end up being stolen from her. No words to reply from Zena. Later Zena stumbles upon her comrades who just returned from skirmishes with ratman knights and Fang Ants who were seen trying to cross into the border. Guess what? Satou detects Flying Ants going to swarm into the city. Battle stations! Luckily they are low level and decent fighters can handle them. Just that they are overwhelming in numbers. Satou saves Nadi from one so she thanks him with a peck on his cheek. He is introduced to her manager, Yusaratoya “Yuya” Bolenan who is an elf. He is also told there is a difference between those with long ears. They aren’t elves but humans have always mistaken them to be so. Satou takes a night walk through the city and hears a commotion in the alley. After he fights off shadowy monsters, he takes care of a wounded ratman knight who wants him to look after the princess. He brings them to Nadi’s place because apparently the princess, Misanaria “Mia” Bolenan knows Yuya as she is also a fellow elf.

Episode 7
Satou returns the next day as Nadi reports they have been given medical treatment and are recuperating. Mia is just exhausted and just needs to replenish her mana. Since mana potions are quite expensive, the best is to take her to places with lots of them such as the count’s castle or the dragon’s valley. Satou talks to Mia for the first time as she thinks Satou is a spirit user in which he denies. Well, the night before, she saw Satou as some sparkly fluffy spirit thingy? Yeah, maybe that’s why she recovered faster. Satou returns to his assistants to educate them and then bring them to see Mia. The assistants quickly make friends with her but Mia is still more attached the Satou. Satou talks to Nadi who recommends him buying a cart with horses since he is a merchant. I guess it’s good to have loads of money because he makes his ‘estimation’ and then gives her a bag of money for her to handle the rest. While Satou waits for his carriage to arrive, we go on a camping trip and lesson with them! Fast forward this bonding part and back to Satou getting his new carriage. He learns how to ride it with Lulu. He notices she is still very nervous around him unlike other assistants. Probably she still fears men. He manages to break the ice by talking subjects she likes. On the way back, Satou notices a strange owl observing them but since it is not threatening, he doesn’t pay heed. Mia is now fully recovered so everyone wants to have a feast to celebrate this. Just more excuse to have good food. I suppose they might as well when they have a chance. Satou then joins Yuya to talk with the ratman knight, Mize. He explains his story of Mia being kidnapped and imprisoned by wizards. She escaped and stumbled into him. They try to take her into Seiryuu to see Yuya and those Flying Ants were probably sent by the wizards to get her. The storm is getting heavier and the thunder scaring the girls. Excuse to hug around Yuya? Fright night is only going to get creepier because that owl is now inside staring at them as it soon transforms into its undead form.

Episode 8
Satou detects this undead guy as Zen, the name of the tragic hero in the play. Since words will not sway him, Satou attacks. Zen is able to control the shadows and not be bested. Arisa tries a unique skill on him but is futile. She weakens from this as Zen realizes she is a reincarnate. He warns Satou to keep her from using that unique skill unless he wants her to become a plaything for the gods. Zen kidnaps Mia and leaves but challenges Satou to come to his Cradle if he dares. He does so and finds himself in eternal darkness. He easily breaks out of this mind trap and makes his way to the Cradle. Satou assess this huge labyrinth with 200 floors and finds it very much similar like an RPG, one that gamers would love to create. This means a hidden passage that will skip many floors and take him up. But first he has to give this dryad his mana. First kiss? Entering the portal, he discovers a secret room. Supposedly a lab of Trazayuya “Touya” Bonelan, an elf who created the Cradle to help instil a will to survive among elves but failed. He sealed it until his brethren could reclaim it again. Satou is sent up halfway through the Cradle. The homunculus babes need time to prepare to face him? I guess nobody has gotten this fare. They challenge him to face off with their iron golem. Because this is like a game, its obvious weakness is on its forehead and season RPG players can really tell. The homunculus babes retreat and leave one behind to fight Satou but nobody could beat this guy in anything, right? Satou is such a gentleman that he properly leaves this fallen homunculus babe in a room before proceeding his journey. He meets another dryad for another shortcut up to the highest floor. Does he have the right to face Zen now? Zen doesn’t see him worthy yet so instead gives him this holy sword, Gjallarhorn as reward. He leaves Satou fight to the death with his many iron golems and homunculus girls.

Episode 9
After fighting of the last of the homunculus girls, Zen tells him his wish. He wants a hero to kill him so he can join his wife in heaven. After he was betrayed and his family killed, he turned them and himself into the undead for revenge. But when that was done, he was unable to die due to God’s blessing. So only a hero can strike him down? Some logic. But here goes. Satou easily does so and before he becomes the next Demon Lord in spirit. With the master of this Cradle gone, the place starts to crumble. Satou wakes Mia up so she could teleport the other homunculus girls to safety. He then dives down to save the other fallen one halfway as the place crumbles into salt. He then gives enough mana to the dryad to teleport them outside. He would have taken her along too and add to his harem had not the opening and ending credits animation limit them. As long as the trees are around, the dryad will be alive. Bye. Phew. No need to add to his harem then. Now Satou has to carry this homunculus babe, run away from the tidal wave of sand, use fireballs to make vapour from the bog to slow its speed and manage to make it out alive! That’s just so unbelievable. He returns to his harem who start crying in their relief. See, Satou promised he will come back alive and he did. With Zen dead, the homunculus girls look to Satou as their new master. As he gives them Zen’s ring, they wish to find the grave of Zen’s wife and put it there. However they will leave one of them with him. For convenience, he names her Nana. Everyone returns Seiryuu and Zena gets overwhelmed with emotion that he is back. More worries for her when he tells her he plans to return Mia to her elf village. Why does she think he is not coming back? He promises he will and will tell her plenty of stories on his journey. Maybe that’s not why she is sad… Next day, everyone says bon voyage to Satou and his assistants. More goodbye drama with Zena seeing him at the very last minute just to tell him that she has spoken with her family and has gotten their permission. By next spring, she is able to join him. As his a fellow adventurer, harem or wife? All of the above?

Episode 10
While resting during the journey, Satou uses his sewing skills to make his assistants pillows and even puppets for everyone. Yeah, he is such a busy man. Hearing Mia playing the leaf instrument, he tries it out but sucks. He can’t even level up! OMG. Is this the first skill Satou cannot master?! Arisa shows Satou fallen slabs nearby. He is shocked to recognize them as shrine tori. It suddenly jogs his memories. His grandpa lived near a shrine and he had this weird conversation with a rainbow haired girl about reincarnation. However he is unsure if this conversation is real because he made a doujin game using such shrines as a setting so this conversation might be part of a game. Satou analyses it to be broken travel gate. Of course he can’t fix it so they continue their travel. Satou uses this time to go through the magic book left behind by Zen. He notices magic in this world works in a similar way as computer programming. Maybe it is because this is a game? Isn’t it?! Either it is too confusing for me to understand about him trying to experiment creating new magic with it. Along the journey, they stumble into the ratman people. They are happy to reunite with Mia as they helped her escape from the Cradle. But they have to do something first and went ahead. As Satou and his camp rests for the night, he uses this time to further experiment with his magic as well as his inventory. Conveniently he finds out time somewhat stops when he stores in here, hence he could deposit food his party hunted without ever worry about them going bad. Convenient. Next day, they arrive at the grave of the fallen ratman who died protecting Mia. Mia blesses and puts their soul to rest. Mize gives Satou a bell crafted by elves as he has earned the trust of Mia and his fellow ratmen.

Episode 11
Satou visiting a brothel?! I guess he can’t f*ck his harem since he is legally their guardian. Uhm, is it still a crime to have sex with a minor in this world? After witnessing a rude noble injure a peasant, Satou uses an expensive potion to heal him. With Arisa complaining that they might need it afterwards, he tries to make his own. He goes to town to buy some elixir for his potions and although he could trade some of his stock for its ingredients, somebody with a warrant and seal of the viceroy of Sedum City has bought them all. Satou then explores an unmapped area and is attacked by a loli apprentice, Inenimaana AKA Ine. Since he easily overwhelms her magic, she calls for her master who is the witch of this forest. She bows before him seeing that bell on his waist. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Satou learns that they are making potions for Count Kuhanou as part of their pact in exchange for keeping outlaws and hunters out of their forest. They make and deliver 300 vials of special potions to him twice a year. She can help teach him how to make potions but he must deliver a letter for her. When he returns, Arisa is waiting outside like a mad wife waiting for her husband’s return. As he delivers it to a guy at a bar, his keen hearing has him hear a couple of shady characters planning something shady. However his harem is here to pick him up. Don’t want him fooling around, eh? Since when does a master have a curfew? Next day, he detects bad people chasing after Ine. Although he manages to keep them at bay, an accident causes Ine to crash her cart and break many of the vials. It looks like more than half are broken. Even those he could salvage is not enough. So Satou goes with Ine to see the viceroy, Birkinz and his assistant, Dosan. He wants the pact to be strictly observed and will not accept any excuses. Satou is willing to get the potions from other sources but Birkinz insists they must be made from the witch. Satou is puzzled because the witch did not specify what kind of potions they are. He believes they want this pact to fail. He remembers them as the shady guys at the bar and this guy’s plan was to become the lord of his own territory. Using a little poker face to say he was the witch’s guest, Birkinz loosens his stance and will allow potions of the same quality or higher. Although later Satou and his assistants have picked up the ingredients, Ine says it won’t do because no matter how many potions they make, there are no vials to put them in. Now it makes sense why those were all bought up early. Uhm but can we just use normal pots or a big cauldron?

Episode 12
Satou manages to get a guy who is willing to lend them his kiln. Well, the girls aren’t finding making pottery isn’t an easy job. But Satou does it so easily on his first go thanks to his skills, maybe he should just make all of them by himself, huh? Even if it needs drying that would take days, thanks to Mia’s magic, it is instantly dry and ready for storage! Super wow. Once it is done, it seems Dosan and his men are here to break down all the illegal vials they made. And why is Satou letting them do it without stopping them? Yeah, previously he transported the real ones to his unlimited inventory and placed fakes ones there. So they go see Birkinz and to let him sign the delivery note. The court officials have confirmed the 300 vials. What’s this? Birkinz is wasting time and not wanting to sign? Yeah, technically if he doesn’t put his signature, this process isn’t complete. However Kuhanou will sign on his behalf. He has heard from the witch about Birkinz’s evil deeds and is disappointed. After relieving him of his duties and posts, Birkinz attempts to summon some evil magic and kill him. Too bad all spells don’t work on him since this is his home ground. Kuhanou wants to kill him but Satou knocks them out. Don’t kill in front of the children. Yeah, those ex-slaves have seen much worse I believe. The grateful witch gives Satou a lantern gift as parting and friendship token. Continuing their journey, we now take a fanservice detour as Arisa spots Satou trying to molest Nana. Of course we know it isn’t. He was just trying to calibrate her system but why does it always have to look so sexy? And there’s that time the girls bring back some strange plant that squirts out ambiguously strange liquid all over Satou’s hands and some started licking them… And there’s some legendary story Satou reads to his girls regarding the gods, demons and magic. Whatever. So as not to leave Zena out of it, Satou is kind enough to write her a letter of their adventures so far. Can’t wait to join him now, can she?

Isekai Wa Cheat Bug To Tomo Ni Crapsody
You know, something tells me that the producers read the flood of rebuking and stinging comments on that garbage series, Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni and thought that they wanted to do something similar but make it less obvious. Because this is what this series resembles closely too. In fact, I would even consider this one to be a spiritual successor to that. It reeks so much of that show that it stinks like a corpse found after 100 days later. So instead of making it so obvious of using a Smartphone, they turn it into some in-game user interface to make it less obvious. Yeah, I mean, people nowadays are having all the latest Smartphone and I’m sure they were pissed off seeing how godly that manmade tool was in the other world so they decided to change that but maintain the same effects via this method. But the end result is still the same. An overpowered character who can do everything easily and has almost unlimited stock of everything at his fingertips and disposal as well as a bevy of beauties by his side (more lolis than mature ladies this time). And yes, ultimately this makes this series another crap fest with all the BS and lack of explanations of everything else.

Although the interesting bits are how one from another world could be transported to this one (reincarnated or transported), this was never really explained throughout the series. Instead, we see Satou levelling up like hell, doing various ‘normal’ RPG-like stuffs and obtaining his harem of ex-slaves. This only makes that interesting bit useless and if it was never mentioned either, it didn’t matter. It feels like they only did so, so that they could catch viewers’ attention that there is something more to this world rather than some game Satou was making or the likes. As if to give some sort of background but at this rate it is as good as not even implementing it. Wasted potential. In fact, if we do not start off with Satou being a programmer in reality too doesn’t really matter. I figure they wanted someone new to the world who could awe locals with unexplained magic (cheat bugs, I call them) and become the new face of the land.

Therefore it is never explained why or how Satou ended up in this alternate fantasy world because I guess it beats being killed in his own world and then unrealistically being brought back by a repentant God to another world. Yeah, damn Smartphone that guy could only bring along. The fact that he is a game programmer somewhat trapped in another world that resembles an RPG sounds a lot better than the previous sentence about being killed and transported. Even his past with a mysterious rainbow haired girl feels like a troll at this point. Maybe it is all a dream from Satou? Who knows? If that really happens, it would be the biggest insult and ultimate lazy writing, making it far worse than that Smartphone crap show.

By the time this series ended, we don’t even care if he was from this real world or not. Like as though all has been forgotten and Satou is now accustomed to this new world that he has called his new home. Why not? Great harem loli. Being a single programmer back then feels like a nerd and has no life at all. That’s why at the end of a dozen episodes, I felt that the series has lost its way so much so we aren’t given so much of a proper ending to anything. Life and adventure goes on for Satou and his assistants. Happy ending. The end. What a let-down.

One of the most annoying things about this series is the constant and consistent pop ups. Actually the pop ups aren’t so annoying. Maybe it is. But the point is, it seems that in every episode Satou is able to easily earn titles for everything he does for the first time! Seriously! It is like some sort of participation reward or something. There is literally a title for just every damn thing he does. And once he does that, the pop up will display that new title he has just earned. Man, his inbox of list of titles is going to be a pretty long one. Longer than the encyclopaedia. Seriously. So much so in time to come, he would really be confused if he ever got that title in the first place. This also applies to the skills he acquired. Man, there is no ending supply stream of things he can do. At this rate, he will become God! God of all worlds! The pop ups will also display whatever he skills he is using at the moment. It is less irritating than the aforementioned one but still irritating nevertheless.

I am not sure about the programming of this world but we have seen that certain skills are locked and some require him to manually unlock and use it or even upgrade it. I mean, if he has such skill sets, why the need to lock them in the first place? It is not like he is not able to use it. Thus I am baffled why the need to do so. I am not even sure if this is for the dramatic effect. You know, Satou believes he needs a certain skill that he doesn’t have right now, checks through his list of things he has got and then sees it, realizes it is there, unlock and use it now or for later use.

I wonder if Satou is the only one who can see his cool user interface when he selects items, checks his skills, check general stats of the people around him or looking at the map. Yeah, that is one sure hell of an interesting interface because it has almost everything! Just that it isn’t in the form of a Smartphone or app… Suspicious… But this constant spamming of the interface might look cool at first but then I feel that this is partly to ‘remind’ us that we might be in a game. Yup, so much better than whipping out your Smartphone and do whatever you wish for. Do you not see it’s the same concept? Just a lesser impact of obviousness. But I think Satou could be the only person in this world to have such interface because if others have it, they would have done the same. In a way, this proves that they are like NPCs.

On to the characters. Yup. Disappointing. I have already mentioned that we do not know why or how Satou ended up in this world and giving him a background as a guy who has a decent and taxing job in Japan seems pretty useless. But I guess it is better than nothing. As usual, like any other main protagonist who is so good to the bone, he is so freaking considerate and kind to everybody that he should have been their new God. But being the nice guy he is, he probably won’t take up that offer. So yeah, it is totally unbelievable that he is able to do a lot of things because of a bug and while it seems cool at first, slowly you’ll realize how irritating and unrealistic it all is. It’s like he has a solution or a way around almost everything. Again, at least better than that Smartphone guy but still bad nevertheless. But to prove he isn’t a pro in everything, that is why he cannot master the flute. Yeah, it makes him so human that way since it looks like he isn’t perfect as we think he is. Not convincing. Just one small tiny negligible area compared to other millions of useful skills. This is nothing. I figure if enemies know his weakness and the only way is to hold a flute contest. Yeah…

Instead of many mature girls of the legal age, now we have lolis and semi-beast humans in his harem. I suppose some of these girls would serve as animal mascot for the series? From the looks of it, all his assistants do not have that romantic feel towards Satou and they love him because he is their master. It is that kind of love. Maybe except Arisa. After all, she is the liveliest among the servants and most interesting in my opinion as she is not originally from this world and has at least her own will to do things. Unlike others, they often follow what Master Satou says and do it. It’s like they’re robots with feelings. In this sense, they are less interesting than the harem in that Smartphone series. Also, personally these girls here not as hot and bishoujo as that one. Uh huh. Not a lolicon. Also, Arisa’s running joke seems to be b*tching about Satou seemingly getting hot with other girls. Like as though she has a monopoly over his libido or something.

Hence the real romance potential comes from Zena as there are several scenes to play this up. You can really tell how she would slowly fall head over heels over him over time. She is following that typical route of becoming one who is interested to be romantically involved with him. So her absence for now is to let Satou have his time with his assistants first before she comes back and steal the show? So far she has yet to prove her worth as we see most of the time it is Satou’s lolis who help him out most of the time since they are under his wing. Zena is usually not around but whether Satou needs something done, with or without the help of any girls, he can still accomplish it. What a guy. No wonder girls want to join his party. I will follow him/ Follow him wherever he may go... I suppose other girls like Martha would have also joined his party had they not been tied down to a job.

There are some action scenes too but they are just mediocre. When you have a main character who is so powered up that he could figure out anything in record time to overcome his opponent, there is nothing much to say. Even though there might be magic and effects, it is so that it won’t end in a flash and make irritated viewers go, “So that’s it?”. But we will still go something like that anyway. After all, Satou has all the skills he needs to tackle the situation. So don’t worry. It won’t even take long to overcome it.

Art and animation feel pretty decent. Leaning more towards conventional Japanese anime style rather than the slightly kawaii style in the Smartphone show. The reason why I thought this was partly Sword Art Online was because Satou looks a bit like Kirito. Heck, that Smartphone series too had its main character closely resembling him. At least the way he dressed. There are some dark scenes in which it is too dark to see anything. I’m not sure if this is my hardware problem because on bright sunny scenes, everything is normally clear but it is the dark ones like in the dungeons or at night that makes the scene somewhat obscure.

Looks like Aoi Yuuki is back being her usual shrieky-like voice. With Arisa, her trademark voice is so obvious and personally it’s a good thing because a few season ago I theorized she lost her voice after playing a part in that crazy Aho Girl and the following season she played characters who lack emotion and mellow sounding. So hopefully to hear her more like this? I also caught Yuko Gotou voicing Mosa. Returning slowly, but surely. Also surprised to hear Satomi Satou as Nadi as I haven’t heard her much in recent animes I have watched. At first I thought it was Yuuki Kaji or even Akira Ishida behind Yuya’s voice but it turned out to be Yoshitaka Yamaya (Sugino in Ansatsu Kyoshitsu). Damn his soft spoken voice confused me.

The other casts include Shun Horie as Satou (Nezumi in Juuni Taisen), Rie Takahashi as Zena (titular character in Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-san), Airi Eino as Mia (Airi in Wake Up Girls), Minami Tsuda as Liza (Megumi in Wake Up Girls), Kaya Okuno as Tama (Kaya in Wake Up Girls), Kiyono Yasuno as Nana (Megumi in SaeKano), Marika Hayase as Lulu (Sena in Idol Memories), Hiyori Kono as Pochi, Nanami Atsugi as Martha, Rie Suegara as Orna (Shizuka in Marchen Madchen) and Shinya Takahashi as Mize (Noriyuki in Ga-Rei Zero). As you have noticed that many of the seiyuus are from the idol unit, Wake Up Girls, it is no surprise that they sing both the opening and ending themes. More accurately, Wake Up Girls sing the medieval-like ending theme, Suki No Skill while their spin-off counterpart, Run Girls Run sing the rock based opener, Slide Ride. But there is a special ending theme for episode 10 and it is a lovely slow ballad sung with an opera voice. Not sure what it is called as it isn’t credited. Instead, they only listed the insert song, Bishoujo Tenshi Magical Rose by Aoi Yuuki, Hiyori Kono and Kaya Okuno instead. Can’t hear that insert song properly as it is played in the background while Satou is speaking.

Overall, this is a disappointing series filled with lot of crap on par with that Smartphone crap garbage trash too. Its impact of being overly crappy is somewhat reduced thanks to the video game setting that might or might not be real. The same problems of overpowered super good main character (why do RPG adventure genres fail at this but superhero ones succeed? Refer to One Punch Man to know what I mean), his loyal kawaii harem, weak storyline, unresolved origins questions and just average adventure and action make us wish we have that button to press and reset and undo all that has happened. Go back! GO BACK!!! I have been watching tons of such animes that I should be given the title of Crap Viewer Master. I earned it. Used skill: Sarcasm + Mockery.

We are getting too attached and dependent on out Smartphones these days. Here is more bad news for you if you can’t leave a minute without bringing your Smartphone along wherever you go: You can’t bring your device along with you when you die! Shock! Horror! Oh no! How can this be?! Well, unless you are this lucky guy in Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni. He basically died. How unfortunate. But his death was a mistake and untimely so guess what? God felt bad about it and since He can’t ‘disrupt’ the order of reality (yeah, because bringing back people to life in the real world is much too shocking), He is going to resurrect you in another world. Sounds rather okay but not as farfetched with that fact that he is allowed to bring over his Smartphone! WTF?! I want to go to this world!

Episode 1
Touya Mochizuki. Is dead. God even apologizes for this accident. Say what?! However Touya is not mad thanks to his grandpa’s upbringing of not harbouring hate. Sure, imagine if you start hating God… Anyway God can resurrect him but not in his original world but another world. Because rules. What rules?! In this new magical world, he is able to take his Smartphone with him. Although he cannot interact with his old world, he can still read news feeds from it. Huh? Wow. He’s now got God as his personal contact. Hey… I hope this isn’t some rip-off from KonoSuba… Making his way to town, a man in a carriage stops and wants him to sell his high school clothes! He’ll pay gold coins for that! After doing so, he stumbles into a commotion at an alley. Twin sisters Elze and Linze Silhoueska are being hoodwinked by a couple of ruffians trying to cheat them of a delivered good. Touya wants to buy it at a cheaper price. Elze agrees. Touya then breaks it. The ruffians attack. Previously, God has given him super abilities so he easily defeats them. The sisters thank him and he mentions he is trying to look for Silver Moon Inn. Oh, that’s where they are staying too. As thanks for saving them, the sister help Touya look for a job at a guild. He can’t read and has no weapon. So after registering him and getting him a weapon, they take on several wolves as part of the request. Later, Touya hopes they can teach him magic too. So they explain the importance of aptitudes otherwise magic cannot be used at all. They demonstrate a spell using spell stones. When Touya tries, the magic is overflowing! Thank God, right? They also let him try other spells and it seems he can easily do all of them with ease. They are awed that he can use all elements but Elze remains sceptical because nobody can use all elements. I know. Thank God, right? Innkeeper Mika introduces them to Aer who is having trouble adding new dish to her menu. Believing Touya is a travel and has some ideas, he uses his smartphone to teach them how to make ice cream. Wait. This world has no ice cream?!

Episode 2
Their next job is to deliver a letter to the royal capital. They see a commotion in the streets. Ruffians ganging up on lone girl, Yae Kokonoe. Though she can defend herself, the trio help her before it gets overwhelming. Yae introduces herself and Touya thought she comes from a place that sounds familiar to feudal Japan. She is on a journey to test her strength to become a better warrior. They let her join their mission as Touya continues to learn all kinds of magic. Don’t have any naughty thoughts of stealing underwear with this drawing spell. Along the way, they stumble upon lizardmen being summoned by an evil mage. After defeating them, they hear cries from a carriage. Sushie “Sue” Urnea Ortlinde is devastated her butler, Reim has taken an arrow to his chest. Touya comes up with a solution that nobody seems to think. He uses his magic to draw out the arrow and then heal him! So easy! Reim introduces himself as a butler who serves Duke Alfred. The other girls kneel and Touya learns dukes are the highest noble title belonging to the family. This means Sue is the niece of the current king of Belfast Kingdom and Alfred is his younger brother. Grateful Sue brings them back to her palace and her father is so darn happy she is okay that he bows before Touya! They discuss that Alfred may have enemies who want him out and they were probably trying to kidnap his daughter for blackmail. Had they not have this letter mission, Sue would have been kidnapped or dead. Alfred would love to introduce him to his wife, Ellen but she is blind from an illness. Sue was on a trip to learn her late grandpa’s special magic that might heal it. If only someone had capable null magic… Why are all the girls looking at Touya with glee? Before Ellen, Touya uses his magic… And now Ellen can see! Woah! Too easy! Thank God, right? Alfred rewards handsomely Touya with 40 platinum coins as well as giving them family medals. This allows them to pass through any checkpoints with ease and to use any facilities only nobles could. After delivering the letter, Yae admires Touya’s strength and humility and decides to follow them for her training. Yeah, why not? The harem is just getting started. Oops, I mean their very own guild party.

Episode 3
Back in town, Touya finds a lost animal girl, Alma. Thanks to this smartphone’s GPS, he manages to return her to her sister, Origa. Touya buys a new coat the increases his magic resistance and properties he possesses. It seems a couple of store owners are now hooked on this shogi game Touya introduced them. Even Alfred is hooked on it and wants to keep playing with Touya despite it’s already night time. No more shogi for him… It’ll be a traumatic nightmare… The gang is trying to take on a new quest. The girls oppose vehemently about this slime one. Yeah, melts clothes… So they take on this dullahan one and after defeating it, they thought they could find some hidden treasure in the ruins nearby since this was where the old capital was. Underground, there is a large relief with writing that is unrecognizable. Nothing like the smartphone could do and snap a few photos. Trekking deeper underground, they stumble upon a strange glass statue. They realize too late their light is being absorbed by it as it activates. Touya uses his gate to escape to the surface but this high-tech magical beast that moves at super speed attacks them. They thought they had destroyed it but it regenerates. Elze is caught off guard and gets injured. While the rest deal with it, Touya heals her. Then it occurred to him about some shogi move. So Touya uses his magic to draw out its core for Elze to destroy it. It crumbles for good. They report this to Alfred and he will conduct an official investigation. Touya shows the relief so Alfred notes it could be a clue as to why the capital was relocated. There were no records whatsoever of why it was so. On another day Touya visits the palace, Alfred looks like he is in a hurry. He thinks Touya is God sent at such a crucial time. It seems his brother has been poisoned.

Episode 4
Alfred suspects the kingdom of Mismede because his brother tried to form an alliance with the newly established beastmen country. If the king is gone, his eldest daughter, Yumina would take over and he can sense there is someone trying to gain power through political marriage. He wants Touya to heal his brother like he did with Ellen. And as easy as always, the king is healed like as though he woke up from a bad dream. Wow. The young girls in the room are starting to fall for Touya. Like Yumina and Charlotte the royal family’s mage. Maybe she’s just interested in his magic. As they discuss who the culprit is, the ambassador of Mismede is summoned because it is believed the wine she brought is poisoned. Touya is surprised the ambassador is Origa. Touya requests to investigate the hall where the poisoning took place since it was left untouched. After scanning it, he calls everyone. He says the wine has been cleared of poison and has some of the men drink it. But Count Balsa seems reluctant. So when he is forced to drink, he starts screaming he is dying of poison. Touya reveals he already wiped the poison off the glass. Balsa tries to run away but slips from Touya’s magic. Yumina is totally in love with him and can’t stop staring! She finally decides she wants to marry him! Father agrees. So fast? Because Yumina has mystic eyes, she can tell a person’s personality. If she acknowledges him, he isn’t a bad man. Touya tries to play that legal age card. Well, since Touya is 2 more years to reach legal age, this means Yumina has 2 years trying to win his heart! The hole in the ground is getting deeper… Heck, even God calls him to congratulate and assure polygamy is okay in this world. Speaking of which, how would his harem fare when they learn about his future wife? Shock of course. Plus, Yumina is going to live with them as part of her training. This means joining a guild and their party and going on missions. Yumina shows what she’s got as the gang easily defeat a pack of wolves and monkeys. But Touya can’t keep sighing because of his harem, people are staring with jealousy. The girls don’t get it and blush when Touya explains they are cute. He just dug his grave even deeper… Later Touya summons a beast to make a pact with. A white tiger pops up and Yumina recognizes it as the White Emperor. It is a heavenly beast. Unless Touya can prove his magical superiority, the white tiger will not follow him. I guess he got drained by Touya’s awesome power. Now it offers to become his familiar, Touya names him Kohaku. He wants to be by his side always but since it would scare off others, how about this chibi form? So cute! Yumina can’t stop hugging him! Now all the other girls take turns to squeeze it to death. Not even Touya can help. How low the heavenly beast has fallen?

Episode 5
The girls are not happy for this next mission. They are to investigate an abandoned castle filled with slimes. Yeah… They find research documents belonging to the researcher. As they trek deeper,, they encounter never-seen-before slimes that seem to take on a more pervy nature. But each of such slime is labelled failure by the researcher. So when they find the researcher’s corpse, the ultimate successful slime is one that turns into a harem of naked girls! Without a doubt, the girls burn down the entire castle in the name of purification. Never again shall such monstrosity arise. In town, Touya spots Yae trying to help a crying girl find his lost mom. Touya’s magic search has limited range. So use his smartphone! Because of that, Yae requests him to look for her brother whom she has never since she left on her journey. She describes him as close as possible and he is resembling more and more like Touya. Yae gets embarrassed and dismisses the thoughts that she likes Touya or anything. Next, Linze requests his help to read some spell with ancient words. He creates some magic glass that enables her to fluidly read everything. Then she tries to learn a new spell with it to the point she exhausts herself. But she doesn’t give up and eventually masters her water bubble bomb. With the bashing of tough creatures, Elze’s gauntlet begins to crack. After getting a replacement, she sees a lovely dress being displayed at a store. Touya believes she will look cute in it and as expect she denies (I doubt it is low self-confidence). So he has her try the dress and despite she doesn’t think of it as cute, Touya does and buys it. Now the other girls want him to buy them theirs… Yumina receives a letter from her family that she and Touya are to return to the royal palace for Touya’s knighthood as reward for that incident. He would like to decline it but he needs to state his reason publicly so either way he has to go back.

Episode 6
So even declining the knighthood, Touya still gets a huge mansion in exchange?! Wow. This guy can never lose! The girls are shocked when Touya allows all of them to live here because it’s too big by himself. I’m sure it’s not the part whereby the king gave this gift to him that is the problem. And this guy is so dense not understanding the implication of what he says when he mentions he likes all 4 of them equally! Yumina isn’t jealous since she has no intention of monopolizing him. And he still doesn’t get it?! The mansion will have a few staffs. Namely the head butler Raim and maids Lapis and Cecil. Is it me or do the security personnel look like thugs? Anyway, Raim is the older brother of Reim and he intends to serve Touya for saving his brother as well this is his ‘retirement’ after serving the king for many years. Alfred and Sue drop by to congratulate on Touya’s marriage. They also mull over the idea of marrying both royal princesses. Remember, polygamy is acceptable here. On to business, Alfred informs the kingdom has decided to form an alliance with Mismede. This means a venue is needed for both kings to talk. Since travelling is dangerous, this is where Touya comes in as they need his gate. Since he can only open gates to places where he has been, yup, he has to travel there. Don’t worry, an entourage will travel with him. They include, Origa, Alma, Garen the commander of Mismede’s troops and Lion Blitz of the first knight squad.

After journeying for a day, they make camp. They detect several bandits surrounding them. Touya uses his smartphone to detect how many and even paralyzes them all at the same time. While apprehending them all, everyone could see Lion is smitten with Origa. This prompts Touya’s harem to hint a certain someone is dense. Still don’t get it? No wonder Touya doesn’t understand why he is being lectured. In town, they see Lion trying to get something for Origa. With Alma’s help on what her sister likes, Lion is able to pick with ease. Yumina hints she would have wanted one too but she’ll prefer a ring on her left finger. Hint, hint. While camping for the night, they spot a dragon flying over. Although dragons don’t leave their sanctuary, some do so to go rampaging. As they feared, the red dragon burns down the village. Touya distracts the dragon to an open area where Kohaku finds out it was doing this for its own amusement. Touya and his harem cooperate to take down the dragon. Even cutting its wings, it can still breathe deadly fire. So fighting fire with fire because using a huge magnifying glass to burn it? A black dragon then pops up. He is here to retrieve a renegade dragon. Learning Kohaku serves a human, the black dragon apologizes for his rudeness. OMG. If a dragon can respect a mere human like Touya, is Touya God?! Everyone returns to help the village. Touya’s hard work is paid off as he finds himself sleeping on Yumina’s lap pillow. The other girls look on jealously. No hard feelings because rock-scissors-paper decided the outcome. Women’s battles are so fearsome…

Episode 7
Not only Touya and his harem help heal the villagers, they also donated useful parts of the dragon to them. Wah. So noble. As reward, the village head hands Touya a dragon fang as reward. They also return him a knife plucked out from the dragon’s eye but Touya doesn’t recognize it is from one of them. At Berge, the royal capital of Mismede, they have an audience with the king, Jamukha. He is impressed that Touya had slain a dragon. Because he likes to challenge strong people, he wants Touya to fight him. His subordinates don’t like this habit of his and hopes Touya will beat the crap out of him! Touya easily wins using his slipping magic but Jamukha won’t recognize it and wants a rematch. Without the use of that spell. Touya fights him fair and square as well with a good amount of magic to keep up with his speed and attacks. In the end, Jamukha admits defeat. During the party, Touya shows Jamukha his Smartphone that could take pictures instantly. While wandering in the hallways, Touya stumbles into a teddy bear, Paula who brings him to its master, Leen. She is 612 years old from the fairy folk. Paula isn’t her familiar but is animated using her magic. After demonstrating it, Touya tries it out and does it better. She wants him to be her apprentice but since she doesn’t like forcing others, she leaves her door open in case he changes his mind. Touya uses the fang to create a gun with bullets. Wow. He makes and masters it so easily. He even creates one for Yumina and Linze. Touya makes a few improvements to his gun as it can also doubles as a sword. He names it Brunhild. On the way back, Kohaku senses somebody watching them. So Touya traces and confronts them. They escape but thanks to GPS he manages to track them. They try to escape again but he shoots them! Don’t worry. Rubber bullets. As they won’t talk, he body searches them for weapons. Boobs?! Turns out they are Lapis and Cecil. They are spies working for the king to protect Yumina secretly. This means Raim is also on this. The knife is from them. They hope he won’t tell Yumina otherwise it’ll defeat the purpose. Also, she won’t stop b*tching about it. Touya opens the gate for Jamukha to meet Belfast’s king. This prompts Leen to ponder about visiting her apprentice, Charlotte who is there.

Episode 8
What a long tiring day as Touya returns to his mansion. After sleeping, he enters a room where he sees all his girls changing! At the same time? Of course time for him to get lectured. Touya is making bicycles. The girls are trying to outdo each other for Touya’s praise. Wow. It’s like they suddenly get better at cycling. As Alfred requests more bicycles, Touya heads to town to get more materials. In the alley, he spots a girl, Renne being attacked for pickpocketing. He saves and even feeds her. When he learns she is homeless and has no family, he takes her home and has her become one of his maids. Touya and co spot Alma. Then they see Origa and Lion out together. Lion seems shy to hold her hand so Yumina is also hinting something at Touya about the same. What’s this got to do? They tail them and using Touya’s Smartphone, they get to see and listen what they’re talking. They bump into Jamukha in disguise. When trouble occurs nearby and the victim is being ganged up, Touya and Jamukha don weird masks to defeat them. Lion could instantly recognize Touya from his coat and voice. Origa could identify her king but he quickly escapes. Too slow for Touya. He’s got some explaining to do. Touya quickly deflects the ‘blame’ to Lion. He asks him if he would like to date Origa and such, in which he answers yes. There you have it. Now the duo are an item. Returning to his mansion, Leen and Charlotte are here. They want to discuss about the mechanical beast they defeated. She has been investigating this case. A village to the west of Mismede said a crack in the sky was discovered a few days ago. She went to check but the village was destroyed. It is believed such creatures are demons called Fraze and have translucent bodies. They once tried to destroy the world. Knowing that Touya can use the gate, she wants to head to the far east of Eashen, Yae’s hometown. As Touya can only open gates to places he has seen, Leen tells of a spell that could transfer memories and hence jump to that places of memories he read. Yae is embarrassed to let her thoughts be read. She can be selective of those. But they have to be in contact for the memory transfer. Like kissing. Just kidding. So they hold hands and put their foreheads together (other girls looking jealous). With that, Touya is able to open a gate to Eashen.

Episode 9
Eashen is so like Japan but of course. Even the names of certain people are suspiciously familiar to history. Yae takes the gang to see her family but only her mom is in. It looks like father and brother have gone off to help their shogun Ieyahsu to fight the Takeda clan’s invasion. They’re not faring well. Looks like it is up to Touya to save the day. Opening the gate to the fortress, they see lots of samurai zombies swarming the place. Touya meets Jutarou (Yae’s brother) as he uses his app to heal the injured. Learning the zombies will only stop in their tracks when their mask is cut off, Leen believes it must be powerful relics of ancient civilizations. No problem. His app can zap all the masks with accuracy! Then they meet Ieyahsu and Yae’s father who are grateful for their help. They believe the Takeda clan will attack again once they regroup. They heard their clan head, Schingen recently died and their strategist, Kansukay Yamamoto has taken control. He is likely holed up in his main camp. Ieyahsu is about to show them the way when Tsubaki, a ninja for one of the main generals of Takeda drop in to deliver a letter. It is a plea to help save the Takeda clan as all the generals but Tsubaki’s have been thrown into prison. Tsubaki’s master pretended to be on Kansukay’s side. Ieyahsu has no obligation to save them but this might cause trouble for his people. Well Touya, looks like you’re up to the task again. He has Tsubaki envision her camp since he needs to open a gate there. Piercing stares from his harem… Only Leen and Tsubaki follow him since too many might attract unwanted attention. In a harem sense? Leen uses invisibility on them and then starts groping Tsubaki’s boobs and blaming it on Touya. We’re in the middle of a mission! Touya heads to free the generals and then confronts Kansukay. However nobody can lay a finger on him as Kansukay uses Schingen to attack them. They can’t attack their lord even if he is dead. What is Touya to do? Just break Schingen’s mask! And since Kansukay is bragging about this immortal gem that has magic properties, Touya snatches it! Leen can tell its cursed properties and lets Touya destroys it. Kansukay crumbles into dust. The day is saved. With Yae bidding farewell to her family, the rest continue their journey to the ruins after receiving its specific whereabouts. They arrive at the beach and the girls are ecstatic to see the ocean. Oh no. Don’t turn this into a sexy beach episode…

Episode 10
I guess investigation of the ruins have to wait because it’s beach episode! Time for fun in the sun and sand. Not to mention swimsuit fanservice! So it isn’t going to be just Touya and his harem because they also bring the entire royal family here! This Eashen beach is starting to look like some private royal beach. Aside all the big boobs and flat boobs fanservice, time for Touya and Leen to get to work. As Touya dives in, he sees the underground ruin but of course he cannot hold his breath and has to resurface. Shockingly his app can’t make some scuba apparatus so Kohaku suggests making a pact with the Black Emperor. It’s a snake and turtle combo. While the turtle sounds condescending, why does snakey sound so gay?! Touya needs to challenge and beat them. Again he uses his slipping app to make them slip and turn turtle infinitely until they give up. That is how you get heavenly beasts under your thumb! With them acknowledging Touya as their master, he names them Kokuyou (the snake) and Sango (the turtle). Looks like the investigation of the ruins have to be put on hold further because Leen tells him to go have fun with the rest of the harem or else they’ll start suspecting he is spending too much time with her. Speaking of which, they are. So they’re asking who has the best swimsuit. Touya thinks he chose the safest answer by calling Sue’s but this only makes it worse since they think he is a lolicon. Making it worse is his Smartphone falling out and a picture of Sue and Renne being displayed. For memories, you say? I’m sure they’ll forgive him if he plays with them. Not in a hentai sense, that is. After Touya fulfils that, it’s time to investigate the ruins. I guess it is only for a single person since Kokuyou and Sango can only allow Touya to breathe and walk underwater like as though he is doing so on land. Inside the ruins, he activates a strange device and this leads him to a beautiful greenhouse. Francesca the android girl greets him. She is the terminal that controls this Aerial Garden of Babylon. The shocking thing Touya first notices about her is that she is wearing no pantsu!

Episode 11
After covering up herself, Francesca explains this garden has been floating in the sky for 5,092 years and was created by Professor Regina Babylon. The garden remained beautiful and everything still worked fine due to reinforced magic. You mean it can last forever? Francesca was also built by her as this garden’s control terminal. She isn’t 100% machine and contains several biological parts. Cue for her to make a scandalous statement that she can’t have children but still can have sex. And she is hinting he can do so to her any time! But gentleman Touya would never violate her, right? And it is a good thing too because this was all part of the test to see if he is deemed worthy to be this garden’s next master. Had he assaulted or allowed her to walk around pantless, she would have kicked him out. And she still has the guts to flirt and tease him… Meanwhile Touya’s harem seems to be ‘divided’ based on their boobs size. Just in time for Touya to open a gate to bring them to the garden. First thing they notice is the other woman. It does not help with Francesca putting it in an awful way she showed Touya her body and he is now her ‘master’. It looks like Linze has a big problem with this. She scolds him like as though looking at their swimsuits wasn’t enough. Wow. She’s really making a big deal out of this. Till Leen ‘stops’ her lest she makes her stance clear with him. This goes the same for the other girls. So stop b*tching about being a moral police unless you are officially his wife! Later, Yumina talks to Elze, Linze and Yae about their talk earlier in the mansion. She pointed out all of them loves Touya and as expected all turned red and giving excuses why they are not. However Yumina is okay with Touya having a harem because she cannot support him by himself. She cannot be selfish with the trivialities of wanting him all for herself. Sharing is caring! Let’s all be his bride! Wow. So inclusive! And now she reminds them have they made up their mind on their feelings yet. Still flushed with embarrassment and more excuses on the thought of marriage.

Back to the discussion on the garden, Francesca reveals there are actually more gardens floating. Each have their own unique facilities like the library, lab and workshop and are managed by her other sisters. Originally there are 9 of them but over the years, the parts may have broken up into more. Combined, they complete the Garden of Babylon. As each garden is protected by magic, it is not visible from the outside. Also, connection is severed so Francesca cannot contact her other sisters. Hey, why don’t we use the Smartphone? Great idea! None detected. First failure?! Hence the only way to get to other gardens just like this one is to find a teleport circle. I bet they are scattered all over the world. Francesca would like to complete the transfer of this garden’s ownership to Touya. How? By kissing him! French kiss! Wet French kiss!!! OMG!!! The other girls must be so dead. Yumina is most mad because she hasn’t kissed him yet. So much about the harem policy. Francesca’s ‘excuse’ is that this is the fastest way to take his DNA sample. Oh, is Linze going to be a moral police again? Touya is prepared for hellfire but surprise! Linze confesses she loves him and kisses him! I believe the true battle is going to begin and it’s going to get messy.

Episode 12
Touya brings Francesca back to the mansion. I guess she also works here now, huh? But now comes his biggest trial yet. Because Yumina sees him and she is mad. Oh boy. She is mad because he kissed others and not her first. She doesn’t care if he has 10 or 20 wives but the fact he didn’t kiss her. Yup. That’s the biggest problem. She’ll forgive him if he kisses her. And because he is the one who initiated the kiss, this means she is the first to be kissed by him. Technically. So all is forgiven. Phew. It’s really hard to please a woman. She then asks about Linze. He doesn’t hate her or anything and likes her. Yumina then calls out to Linze who has an invisible spell cast on her. She heard everything. Since Touya didn’t revert to her, she thought he hated her. After reconciling, Yumina suggests he takes her as his wife too. Polygamy is okay. They end with a goodnight kiss each. On the forehead. If you think that settles it, wait till next morning when he gets a rude awakening by Elze. Yup, another mad woman. She and Yae challenge him to a duel. Apparently they’re not happy he took Linze as his wife. If they win, he must listen to their request. To cut it short, they do and it seems they want him to put them as the same position as Linze. You mean be his wives? So why are you all flustering now? Yumina would love him to accept them too because they have discussed this before. However Touya can’t decide. He needs more time to think. Yeah, don’t go pressuring the main guy of a harem. So he is thinking in the garden as Francesca has a message from Regina. Conveniently the USB fits his Smartphone and does it have hologram feature?! Whatever. What is this BS he can converse with Regina in the past?! Oh, she has some tool that allows her to see and interact with the future? Load of crap… Anyway, after teasing him with her seductive ways, she gets down to business talking about Fraze. Her device allowed her to see the future until the Fraze appeared. She couldn’t see anything. She believes Fraze altered the future of her timeline. However the Fraze too one day disappeared and she could see the future again. She had fun watching Touya and his harem. Wow. Looks who is the peeping tom from centuries ago. So in exchange for watching this fun, she entrusts him her garden? I bet it was way damn fun…

Touya goes to see God of his problem. So he doesn’t have a consulting app? When you have to see God, you’re screwed. Heck, God himself isn’t sure so he calls for someone else! She is the God of Love!!! So can she solve his harem problem? From what I understand, she too isn’t really sure but what is important is to cherish them and don’t lie to himself. So it is okay for him to be selfish because it isn’t love if only one side is happy. All sides must be happy! Harem lovers rejoice this answer! And now he has found his answer, he calls the quartet. He tells them he isn’t marrying. Now, before you all jump the gun, hear him out properly first. What he meant is he isn’t getting married now. He will keep his promise to marry all of them if they aren’t against it. For now, he can’t shoulder that kind of responsibility. Excuse to delay responsibility or let their love grow? I suppose everyone is okay with it because imagine the only guy rejecting you because you’re being a forceful b*tch. Yeah, might as well take it slow. With this settled, Yumina suggests they all kiss him. Elze is first but she gets embarrassed and punches him in the gut. Well, there goes today’s kiss. Leen, Francesca and Charlotte are watching over this. Fun, right? Francesca calculates he will amass 9 wives at this rate. She wonders if Leen is part of it. From that group picture, yes. And a host of unknown ladies too! Well Touya, go find them. In the aftermath, he calls God to update about his resolved harem. He then helps a guy named Ende when he got the wrong currency to pay for his food. Touya finds his oddly shaped coin interesting but Ende finds his Smartphone even more interesting.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of ‘Em All!
Well, I should have expected this. I mean, I should have seen this coming from a mile that this is what it all boils down to. Just some cheesy harem anime that everything and anything goes for plot convenience and to make the main character look good and hence harem lovers feel good. Because hey, why not? So who the f*ck is that Ende guy doesn’t really mean a thing because I believe it is meant to troll us all and throw us off our balance. He could be the future antagonist or the alternate timeline of Touya because of what Regina said about that Fraze thingy or could be just one random guy. Heck, in worst case scenario, he could be even Touya’s future partner!!! Whoever said his future wives and mistresses must be all females?! We must be inclusive! Be the first gay partner!

The entire anime is pretty cheesy and mediocre. The Smartphone is supposed to be the main draw but instead it became some sort of convenient tool whenever it is needed to solve something or a plot device, if I should go so far as to call it that. The rest of this series revolves around Touya and his harem going around in their mini adventure and basically, this is just another harem anime. Yup, look at how good and kind-hearted Touya is amassing his girls from the first episode right up till the end. In short, almost every girl he meets will end up ‘following’ him. And I don’t mean that by following one on social media because there is none in this world.

The plot itself feels a little lost because aside the random adventure of amassing his own harem, there is this ‘side quest’ of trying to find out more about the ancient threat of Fraze. Then it got side-lined into this Garden of Babylon thingy and hence more ruins to find. Or should I say, more girls to find. So what the heck are these Fraze and why they suddenly disappeared? Heck, who the hell cares?! As long as Touya is amassing his wives that’s all we ever want to know. Because at this point I’ll just do a conspiracy theory that the Fraze appeared and disappeared so as to allow Touya to have his harem. It is all possible thanks to Fraze. Yeah, f*ck it. They are the closest to being the series’ main antagonist in which it is seriously lacking. Yae’s Eashen home is just one-off. Dragons aren’t that bad and the rogue ones can be controlled by the wiser ones. The beastmen aren’t that all bad either and now they have established relations, heck there are literally no big bad guys here save for a few small time bandits. Nothing like Touya and co could fix up in no time. No wonder this world is peaceful enough for Touya to amass this much girls in his harem. Now wonder it is so interesting for the rest to watch it. I suppose they don’t have football matches in this world…

The characters are pretty cliché and mediocre themselves too. Like everything was a plot to setup whatever it is needed for a harem anime with no serious character development whatsoever. I should have expected it ever since I saw the promotional poster with Touya sitting on a king’s throne and all his girls flanking him. But I didn’t think it would be this bad. Pfft. Okay, I must be kidding and lying to myself. Because you see, the more girls Touya gets to his harem, the less significant they become because you know, the share of screen time is divided and this dilutes their worth. Like the sisters who are the first in his harem, you can feel that they slowly become less relevant as the series goes by and more girls popping up. Of course they are still relevant but it is not to a point that you would see them as main contenders or anything. Just lurking in the background and mingling with the rest till something convenient for them is needed pops up.

I don’t know if I should label Touya as one of the worst main characters ever because deep down inside me, I also want to be him. I want to have a Smartphone that does everything conveniently which also serves as a chick magnet. Touya is actually a weak character and has no real actual abilities or skills by himself. He is only made ‘strong’ because of his Smartphone that can miraculously do almost everything and anything. Hence, he is now somewhat an ‘overpowered’ character. There is nothing his Smartphone cannot do! There is an app for literally anything and only limited to his mind’s creativity. Somehow it works in this world where there is magic. Oh, how convenient! I bet his Smartphone and apps are going to worth billions in our world. The most coveted Smartphone ever! Oh wait. I just praised his Smartphone and not Touya himself. See, that says a lot, right? But damn you Touya for having a harem!

As for the rest of his other girls in his main harem, I guess like everybody else, they stick to him because he is such a kind and considerate guy. Not to say that Touya is a pervert and at times it is only natural to catch him starring at girls’ boobs but he isn’t a jerk kind of pervert in nature and that is why the girls stick to him. Also because he has a cool Smartphone that impresses. Because you already know, it can do anything and everything. Really, with just a click of a finger and all your wishes and solutions are granted. It feels like technology trumps magic in this world and that the girls here are like country bumpkins attracted to him mainly because of his cool never-seen-before gadget. I wonder what would be of him if his Smartphone dies out. No replacement! Can he ask God to buy the latest Apple iPhone?! We know one just recently came out, right? You see, I have a theory why he doesn’t duplicate another Smartphone for others. Not even his girls. He knows this Smartphone gives him the power. The authority. His trump card. Imagine if there is another one that rivals him. No competition, the better, right? Touya you sneaky bastard… Assuming if this is true of course.

So I don’t know what else to comment on them besides trying to fill up the harem trope as much as possible. You got the sisters, then you got the traditional eastern girl (because, which Japanese anime would be complete without at least one Japanese-like girl, past or modern), then you got the royalty princess, her little loli sister, a fairy and now he has got an android to the mix. How lovely. And those are the main ones. This is not counting the maids at his home which comprised of Yumina’s secret service agents and the random kid whom Touya picked up on the street. Let’s also not forget about furries like Alma and the magical assistant, Charlotte. It is only a matter of time and question when Touya will hit on MILF. Oh… The king’s wife… Off with his head!!! And what are the chances of Touya amassing more girls in his harem assuming he comes into contact with Francesca’s other sisters? Oh you bet he can do it! You bet he can make connections between all gardens working and easier again! All hail Touya! All hail his Smartphone! Heh. I didn’t even mention a bevy of beauties in that final episode scene. Just how many more wives and mistresses can Touya have?! That’s the question that I would love to find out. Can his app do a calculation on that?

So those in his harem that made an ‘impact’ are those who are bolder in their love for Touya, especially those who like to tease him like Leen and Francesca. Because if you have an entire harem who just blushes and gives excuses why they want to be with him (I sometimes feel the excuse of Touya being unreliable and hence they need to be next to him feels legit in a way), it would be just plain boring. With these girls, they get to stoke and fan the fire and push the harem in ways most cliché as possible. Hey, it’s already cheesy, mediocre and cliché, why not go all the way? Make these girls tell ero jokes whenever they have a chance! I mean, girls can get away with it if they talk dirty, right? And Yumina… She sounded magnanimous of wanting everyone to be Touya’s bride. But what she didn’t say and I feel is that she didn’t make that statement clear enough. I believe she meant that herself as his main and number one bride and the rest be his concubine. Hence, they rank lower in the pecking order. See where this is going? Eventually, it’s not wrong for Yumina to want Touya for herself since she is a woman too but assuming this is what she meant, she shouldn’t be this deceptive. Oh, women can be deceptive when it comes to the matters of the heart.

I also believe Kohaku, Sango and Kokuyou only exist to give some moe in the form of animal mascot. Ever since they ‘lost’ to Touya (I would like to attribute their lost to his Smartphone actually), they have become docile and it feels like an insult that they have to be in their chibi form so as not to scare off other people while tagging their master around. Seems legit, I guess. Like Touya’s harem, they hardly do anything worthy except tagging along. For instance, Kohaku may have just fought the rampaging dragon once but that was for a short while and he didn’t even show his true extent of his power. What a waste. Same can be said for Paula because I don’t see the purpose of Leen needing to use her magic to automate a teddy bear except for some animal mascot cuteness which is otherwise redundant. So if you’re not into girls, at least the animal mascot should satiate you. Heck, you shouldn’t be watching this series then, you gay furry faggot!

One of my biggest questions is if Touya dies in this world, will he get another chance to reincarnate in another world? And if so, is he able to bring his Smartphone along? Even if he can, will it be further upgrade? If that is the case, then Touya would be an immortal, don’t you think? Because for God to single him out as the special one who gets to survive in another world just because of one stupid mistake He made in his original world, then if you think about it, it wouldn’t be fair to a lot of other people in the real world who have untimely died. God should have brought them to this world then but clearly Touya is the first because had they been here, his Smartphone wouldn’t have been such a novelty. Maybe they died without carrying their Smartphone? Who doesn’t carry their Smartphone 24/7 wherever they go these days???!!! That’s insane! So yeah, the Smartphone is some sort of a free pass for the convenience of the plot and whatever that feels necessary.

Art and animation also feels mediocre. Well, it isn’t technically that bad but with my sentiments of this anime is already so, the visuals too are affected. They’re just standard and nothing close to a masterpiece. My only ‘complaint’ is how Touya’s design makes him look like Kirito from Sword Art Online. That generic look as well as his coat. Just replace his sword with a Smartphone. Feels like they are drawing some sort of parallel tribute to him because the latter too has his own sort of harem and is quite powerful in his own right. And doesn’t Leen look a bit like SukaSuka’s Nephren? Oh, does Regina look like the grownup version of To-Love Ru’s Yami or that Tearju woman? Production Reed animated this series and upon checking, they have been dormant for a while seeing they have only been producing 1 or 2 animes per year since 2010 with their most recent works like Nijiro Days and Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan. Back in their heydays, they made Ultra Maniac, Sousei No Aquarion, F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu and a host of other retro animes.

For the voice acting, I only recognize Kikuko Inoue as Origa is because she quipped and parodied her trademark line of always 17 years old somewhere in the series once. Here is another fact I discovered: Honoka Inoue who voiced Alma is actually her daughter!!! I supposed with mother being always eternally a teen, that’s why they are sisters in this anime? I hope it doesn’t get confusing in real life. But the other thing that shocked me is the cameo of Yui Horie as the God of Love! Oh God, it’s nice to hear her sweet voice again. For a while now she had been ‘missing’ so I was worried if she quit voice acting. But let’s hope she was just taking a break because looks like she is back and there are a handful of animes this season I noticed she made short cameo appearances. Slow but surely. Welcome back?

The other recognized seiyuu is Jouji Nakata as Belfast’s king. The rest of the casts include Katsumi Fukuhara as Touya, Maaya Uchida as Elze (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yui Fukuo as Linze (Rika Hayase in Time Travel Shoujo), Chinatsu Akasaki as Yae (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby), Marina Kouno as Yumina (Niwaka in Akiba’s Trip The Animation), Sumire Uesaka as Leen (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo koi Ga Shitai), Rumi Ookubo as Francesca (Aguri in Gamers), Nanami Yamashita as Sue (Nanami in Wake Up Girls), Yuki Kaida as Kohaku (Homura in Sekirei), Taiten Kusonoki as Alfred (Rock Bison in Tiger & Bunny), Yuuki Kuwahara as Charlotte (Konoha in Gamers), Himekawa Akaneya as Lapis (Honoka in ReLIFE), Madoka Yonezawa as Cecil (Ui in K-ON!), Yoshino Aoyama as Renne (Guri in Renai Boukun), Tetsu Inada as Jamukha (Sawatari in Linebarrels Of Iron) and Fumihiko Tachiki as God (Zaraki in Bleach).

The opening theme, Another World by AOP sounds generic. Lots of flashy synthesizer and sound effects that could have been mistaken for a dance song. Not really to my liking. Junou Emotional is a rock piece and there are different versions of it. Actually, depending on which of Touya’s harem is singing. Hence there are 6 of them. Namely Elze, Linze, Yae, Yumina, Sue and Leen. So I’m taking this are his official girls in his harem. Too bad Francesca. I guess you’re not in. Yet.

Overall, not entirely a bad anime and I won’t go so far as to call it as crappy because even though it is mediocre, I still somewhat enjoy this series since this kind of genre is one of my favourites. Mediocre characters and paper thin plots only to be overwhelmed by the harem factor and the overpowered use of the Smartphone sometimes make you feel that such shows exist because there needs to be at least one per season. It might give a misconception of how girls flock to you because of your cool and hip trendy Smartphone as well as how dumb we are because we rely totally on the Smartphone for everything. Hence its name. No questions asked. All hail and accept this God-given but manmade miracle! My only question now is with Touya’s expanding harem, I wonder how he will fit everyone into the picture if he decides to take a selfie. Well, clearly for Touya, his Smartphone isn’t his only friend in this other world.

Hajimete No Gal

November 19, 2017

I thought this was some sort of sequel to Oshiete! Galko-chan but apparently I’m wrong. The main protagonist is a busty gal who looks pretty similar to the main character in the aforementioned series, that is why I assumed it would be so. But other than that, everything else is different for Hajimete No Gal. Sometimes I feel series like this is to pander to lonely single plain otaku guys like us because the main character is also a plain chap and somehow lands this gorgeous gal as his first girlfriend while slowly accumulating a harem of his own as well as a series of other ‘first experiences’.

Episode 1
Ah. Nothing tells you the start of a new school year like couples dating everywhere! Wait. Is this school some make-out association because they’re blatantly flirting everywhere! Unless you are these bunch of losers who can’t get a date and are still virgins: Junichi Hashiba, Shinpei Sakamoto, Minoru Kobayakawa and Keigo Ishida. Junichi still wonders why he is a virgin. Maybe there’s a reason to it… Herald Nene Fujinoki. Junichi’s childhood friend who sees him as a big brother. She might have a body of a loli but hentai tits! WTF?! Then there is Yui Kashii who seems to be wanting to talk more with Shinpei despite having not many chance last year. Oi, Junichi. What’s this harem you’re getting?! His 3 stooges loser pals start reading porn in class just to ruin the mood for those idiotic couples. They try to tempt Junichi to join them. When he does, Yukana Yame chides him for being a loser. Please do that stuff at home. Loser. Wow. It really scared the sh*t out of Junichi. Later the friends converge to talk about how gals like her are just b*tches who want sex. As stated in the magazine. This has Junichi fantasize making out with her. While he is doing that, his friends set him up to go ask Yukana out by placing a love letter in her shoe locker. Junichi realizes they really screw him over when she actually turns up! Awkward. Since he has come this far, he prostrates himself to beg her to date him. Yukana is not impressed… He starts worrying about his future where everyone calls him a loser for prostrating. But since he has a foot in the grave, he continues to prostrate so he can see her pantsu. Nice view… She asks him what he likes about her. Oh, don’t lie. She knows what you’re thinking. You want sex, right?! Busted! Now imagine a future where girls run away from this virgin who is looking for sex. For some odd reason, it’s like Junichi’s hentai kappa took over his consciousness to continue looking up her skirt. But wait. Yukana knows he is doing so! Then she really gets close and asks if he wants to see more. Turns out she is teasing him and loves the reaction of a virgin. It’s too hilarious. Junichi thinks he won’t be tricked anymore when Yukana looks serious in wanting to go out with him. Imagine his shock when she says she likes him. Is she trolling?

Episode 2
It’s no surprise Junichi is confused that Yukana actually agreed to go out with him. Why think so hard? Screw that! Time to have your hentai kappa fantasize f*cking this gal! Just don’t fall off the bed. Junichi’s pals regret setting him up. They vow to always be friends. Suddenly Junichi receives a sexy morning selfie from Yukana. Suddenly friends turn into enemies. All because of tits. Shinpei at least still have the heart to tell him to go for it and kiss her. I don’t know about this Karaoke XXX Rule whereby going karaoke with a girl will end up having sex with her. In class, Yukana clings on lovingly to Junichi. Everyone is shocked to see this and even more shock when they learn they just started dating. Even Nene is left in tears when she confirms so. I guess it shows it doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest tits guarantee a guy. And now his friends-cum-enemies really wish he would die. Great friends… Junichi is surprised when Yukana and wants to go to a place where they can scream out loud and feel good. It’s the karaoke. What were you thinking? So as his fantasies start to take flight, he sees a management notice for patrons to stick to singing and nothing else! To say that it did happen before… With her boobs too close to his face, naturally he goes off on another fantasizing of her ‘testing his mic’. The events that transpired seem to be too coincidental to Shinpei’s Karaoke XXX Rule. Is Yukana really daring to have sex? So as his consciousness stat debating about this, another inner conscious in the form of a handsome guy comes to give his advice that all real men must give his lady something before indulging in the desires of the flesh: A passionate kiss. Junichi realizes the true potential of this karaoke as he faces Yukana and prepares to kiss her. However, all ruined when she points out his nose hair sticking out! That really ruined his day. And possibly his future reputation. She excuses herself and it seems she knew he was going to kiss her but she was too embarrassed to go through with it. At the end of the day, she really felt fun and would love to go karaoke with him again. At least all is not lost. A distance away, Ranko Honjou watches them and is not too pleased seeing this development.

Episode 3
Junichi gets a love letter in his shoe locker. See how his friends go crazy about it… So when he goes meet this girl, he didn’t expect her to be the tanned gal type. Yeah, it’s Ranko. She starts flirting all over him. So cliché that you’ll expect Yukana to walk in and see this. Yes she does. So it’s over? Turns out Yukana and Ranko are childhood friends with the latter being a year her senior. Junichi gets more fanservice with Ranko fondling Yukana’s boobs. When Yukana walks home with Junichi we hear Ranko’s true intention. She intends to break up their relationship. Junichi gets a call to go out with Yukana and Ranko. Nene sees this and once more is in tears believing he has multiplied his girlfriend. Shopping for clothes, Yukana asks him which dress suits her. I don’t blame him as a guy for thinking which clothes she get f*cked in the best. On the way back, a couple of punks try to hit on Yukana. Junichi tries to stand up for her but he is a wuss. So Ranko solves this problem by dating them both. And by that she meant beating them up quickly in the alley. While Junichi is depressed thinking how weak he is, Ranko invites herself into his home. As you can tell, she is flirting all over him in an attempt to tempt him to lose his virginity with her. Luckily the temptation in Junichi is strong so he rejects her. He only wants to lose his virginity with Yukana. And this makes Ranko mad! She chides him for being a failure and doesn’t care about his virginity! Don’t he dare dirty Yukana with his filth. It is then Junichi realizes Ranko likes Yukana. Like in a lesbian way? Ranko can’t understand why Yukana picked him. So she is going to f*ck him so hard that he won’t get another girl! Junichi’s virginity is saved when Yukana comes in. She thought Ranko was acting weird and followed her. They are both afraid she might have heard everything but she is just jealous Junichi invited Ranko to his home when she didn’t get invited first. Ranko then switches tone that she was just testing him. Yukana might not like how far she went with the test but when Yukana still loves her as a friend, Ranko starts crying. Next day, Ranko threatens Junichi not to tell Yukana about her true feelings. Seeing how cute Ranko looks like this, Ranko gets violent and beat him up. And won’t you know it? Yui is watching while seething her teeth. She cannot believe Junichi likes other girls than her! OMG! Yandere?!

Episode 4
We see from Yui’s point of view that to her everyone is her maid or butler. But it looks different for Junichi. That guy is watching sexy online gal videos. He calls it research to know gals better for Yukana’s sake. Really? In class, he hears his friends talking about this sexy gal named Boa who has many followers online. You can say they are totally into her. Junichi would have had wilder imagination with his lunch with Yukana had not Ranko joined them. Yeah, that smirk still indicates she is hell bent in stopping Junichi. When Yui comes to talk to Junichi, Ranko tells her she is bothering and to go away. Yui apologizes and will do so another time. Ranko’s experience and guts tell her this is a dangerous girl despite her innocent looks. Later Yui manages to get Junichi to help out with some school errands. However they end up dating at a café? Suddenly starts flirting all over him! Oh, just his imagination. When Yui asks him about Yukana, he can’t stop talking about his girlfriend. In class, Yui purposely flirts with Junichi in front of Yukana. Meanwhile Shinpei has discovered something on Boa so he meets up with Minoru and Keigo to tell them Boa’s true identity: She is Yui! Take a closer look. The damning evidence is how she makes references about ‘dogs’ that are actually about them. Ranko heard this and wants to know more. Yui seeks Junichi’s help again. This time it is private. So at the rooftop, she reveals she likes him and wants to go out with him. So please break up with Yukana. However he rejects her because he still likes Yukana. I want to say Yukana’s boobs beat hers flat (pun not intended) but with this virgin guy it’s not likely. Now Yui blows her top. Am I seeing a pattern here? Girl gets rejected and she gets mad? She reminds him he is her dog and is supposed to do what his master says! WTF?! She threatens to show this secret clip she recorded of their ‘date’ at the café to Yukana. What is Junichi going to do? Don’t worry. Herald Ranko and the 3 stooges. Ranko whispers to Yui she wants to be part of her royal guard. She knows she is Boa. Yui is forced to back off. She gives the memory chip to Junichi who is clueless. Ranko tells him this is to prevent Yukana from being sad. As Junichi walks home with Yukana, he tries to assure her nothing funny happened between them. She believes him because she knows he is head over heels over her so there is nothing to worry about. His goddess is looking more beautiful today.

Episode 5
Junichi is dreaming of fondling Yukana’s delicious boobs! Only, he is really some busty girl’s tits! OMG! Who is this girl who has monster tits like Nene?! She is even trying to speak like a gal but obviously fails. Since Junichi isn’t able to figure out who she is, can you? Believe it or not, it’s Nene! What a total makeover! So holding his arm and her boobs rubbing against it while walking to school, it’s no doubt his friends are going to make noise again. Just run away in jealousy… Yui manages to get back on good terms with Junichi but she smells another girl’s scent all over him. Nene comes into the picture and doesn’t hold back in shooting off her mouth insulting Yui as having a mental age of 30. If this catfight was real, it’s going to be real nasty… Yui leaves but not without stepping on Junichi’s foot. Yeah, it’s so early in the morning and he is already worn out by all the drama. Thankfully he has some Yukana love to replenish it up. He could have a great fantasy while having lunch with her had not Ranko always being there to remind his place. More complication when Nene drops in to feed him cookies and even lick his face! Oh, Yukana hasn’t even licked his face yet… Junichi has every right to be worried. But must his imagination be so over the top that the breakup is reimagined as Ranko pulverizing him with wrestling moves? However Yukana isn’t mad. She thinks Nene is Junichi’s little sister. Yukana isn’t cowed with her threats. Is it because her gal language isn’t strong? Nene tries to size things up by comparing their boobs. Even Ranko joins in and you can tell Nene’s boobs beat theirs by miles! It’s hard for any straight guy to remain unstimulated. Nene then puts down her foot. She believes Yukana is keeping him as insurance in case she doesn’t get any other guy. There is no reason for a girl to go out with him. Oh, she’s going to use that I-know-him-longer-than-everybody-else card? Even so, Yukana points out that doesn’t mean Junichi can’t get a girlfriend. Besides, since she knows him longer than everyone else, she should know it better he has his good side too. Out of argument? Cue for cliché loli cry and run away while throwing insults.

That night, Nene crawls into Junichi’s bed naked! How did he not feel something so busty creeping up from underneath? Was he too engrossed trying to research about gals? She is trying to seduce him. Please take her virginity! I guess when you’re desperate it’s the only thing to do. Typically, Junichi is trying hard to control his libido so we see his inner hentai kappa rampaging only to be defeated by his handsome guy in which a consensus is reach among all his inner conscious representations: They’re going to lose their virginity to Yukana! This means in the end, Junichi refuses Nene and covers her up. His reason is that he doesn’t want to use her feelings so he could lose her virginity. Nene doesn’t mind but Junichi doesn’t want to see Yukana sad. But seeing Nene sad is okay? Flashback shows as kids, Nene wanted to be his bride. He told her if he is not cool in the future, then she could be his bride. I suppose Junichi has become cool now. Poor Nene leaves broken hearted. Next day in class, Junichi gets more Yukana (boob) love. Only to be separated by Nene because she hasn’t given up on Junichi yet. She’s going to be a cooler gal than Yukana to steal him away from her.

Episode 6
Shinpei is telling Junichi about this popular king game. You know what this means. He wants Junichi to gather Yukana’s friends to gather at her house. Easier said than done. How is he going to ask her? Oh well, nothing like asking her straight in the face. Yukana is blushing and nervous when Junichi asks if he come to her place today. When she agrees, he asks for permission for Ranko and Nene to come along and he’ll bring his pals too. That killed the mood. Oh, Yukana is not angry. Really. She’s not. So while Junichi is fantasizing losing his virginity to her, he is caught in his silly act by Yui. Since she is so imposing, he has no choice but to invite her too. If you insist. Junichi enters Yukana’s room for the first time. Is she on purpose trying to show too much cleavage to him? Then she starts flirting and hinting naughty things. When she whispers her parents are not home, it is at this point he realizes why she was mad earlier. He must be cursing himself for being stupid. What a way to cock block. Things are about to get hot when the other girls drop in. Ruined. Yukana explains she was only teasing him because a guy like him has no balls to do it in the first place. That really hit home… When Junichi’s pals arrive, they are dressed in suspicious looking attire!

Shinpei announces the king game so Yui is quick to point out if they have something perverted in mind. Of course not. However the other girls have their own agenda and want to participate. At first it starts off normal so Junichi is relieved but Shinpei notes there is an order to things. So we see crazy ‘normal’ stuffs like Ranko slapping Junichi, Yui talking like a baby and Nene doing a sexy gravure pose (more cleavage the better). It is time to step up things as Shinpei whispers to Junichi how he is going to rig the game. He will have Junichi and Yukana kiss and at the same time the rest will also kiss their respective targets (since the sticks are arranged in a manner they will know who gets which number). But Junichi wonders what Yukana will think of him if he sets this up. So when the game is on, it turns out all the guys have to French kiss each other!!! OMFG! Junichi betrayed and rigged the game just to save the girls. But at a hefty price… Now, now. A king’s order is absolute. And so get ready for Junichi x Shinpei and Keigo x Minoru! I guess it would be traumatic for us to watch so please view sexy poses of the girls while the kissing is underway. I hope the girls won’t have some strange awakening in them. The guys are so dead after this. Junichi is starting to regret this when Yukana whispers to thank him for saving the girls. I guess all was worth it. Yukana then suggests all of them go on a trip together for the summer vacation. Why is Junichi looking so shock and disappointed? Karma, right? Because many are broke, Yukana then suggests they all work together part time to earn money for it.

Episode 7
Shinpei is so kind to find jobs for his pals. So Junichi will work at a cosplay café. Don’t worry. He won’t be putting on girly outfits. He is the kitchen staff. Apparently all the girls are also working in this same café. We see the girls in their natural character like Yukana and Nene being totally moe while Ranko is more aggressive. Unintentionally Yui is clumsy and naturally it makes her embarrassed. Super moe! Junichi thought he could get an indirect kiss from the bottle Yukana drank. However Ran’s entrance startles him. He drops the bottle and she steps on it. Is this some sort of an omen? Meanwhile Shinpei and Keigo are working at a manga store. Shinpei looks so dedicated in his job that he becomes so efficiently doing everything in a breeze. Like as though he is gunning for employee of the month, no, to become manager of the store? And Minoru is at the day care centre. Why do I have a feeling they want this guy arrested? The café has a special event whereby they will read light novels to the customer. As Yui reads one, it turns out to be an erotic novel! She can’t do it. Nene reads it but because she sounds monotonous, Ranko finds it interesting and reads in a very erotic way. Turn you on? Not sure if Yukana is jealous or embarrassed but she won’t lose out and starts reading one too albeit quite embarrassed about it. Shinpei can’t take it anymore so he tells her to stop. Junichi protests to the manager about forcing these girls to read what they don’t want. The manager brushes him off until Yui hands him a call from the owner. Looks like the event is cancelled. On the way back, Yukana expresses her wonder to Junichi for standing up for them. She suggests doing other part time jobs and hang out more often together. Although this trip is a group trip, she hopes they can have a trip just by themselves.

Episode 8
Beach episode! Our girls are looking dangerously sexy in their swimsuits. Especially Nene… So while Junichi has fun with the girls, how come the other guys just sit out and watch their stuffs? Well, they get to secretly film the other beach babes… Don’t worry. There are little girls for Minoru’s taste too. When Junichi sees Yukana and Ranko being hit on guys, he thought of going to save them. But he sees them happily chatting with them so he starts thinking he shouldn’t be jealous of them having their own male friends. They spot Junichi and go to him. They thank him for saving them from those man sluts. Is his reward to put sun lotion on their naked backs? They’re making ambiguous noise so does this mean Junichi is that good? That night, Shinpei and Keigo dress up in full military gear to go peek on the girls. They want Junichi to join them. At first he refuses but after some twisted logic to see Yukana’s boobs, he is in. Minoru will be at the men’s section because apparently single fathers can bring their daughters in. Paradise… So we see our girls having fun soaking in the outdoor hotspring. As usual we have all of them fondling each other’s boobs and Nene becomes the main victim because of her melons. Yui feels left out but it won’t be long before Yukana starts messing with hers to make her part of the fondling family. The trio trek through the forest as Shinpei points out a trap. Junichi thinks he can use this to foil their plan and purposely triggers the alert. However this trap was set up by Shinpei to test Junichi since he betrayed them before. Now he is at it again, they shoot him down till he falls over a cliff! Don’t worry. Guys like him always survive. Now they try to go peep on the girls but it seems the forest has real traps too. Nothing like a man’s charged libido to make him charge through all the traps. But Shinpei gets hit by a (toy) arrow. He is ‘dying’ a dramatic death and passes the baton to Keigo. He won’t let his ‘death’ be in vain but he too steps on a bomb. It becomes a beautiful firework for the girls to watch. Later Junichi wakes up on the beach next to Yukana. He learns they found him sleeping here. The other guys passed out and were taken back to their room by the inn manager. The duo chat and get closer to each other. They also talk about their next plan to go somewhere just the 2 of them. The other girls could only sadly watch how close they are. When Yukana and Junichi walk back, there is this handsome dude whom Yukana recognizes.

Episode 9
Dai Mitarai is her old middle school friend and it seems they know each other well to casually talk and joke about. Junichi feels so left out that he almost disappears into the background. Yukana did manage to finally introduce him but Dai is having that evil stare. Junichi cannot help think how Yukana and Dai are so compatible with each other. So he speaks his mind to her about it. This makes Yukana in a bad mood as she leaves. Junichi is so down in class that his buddies can tell. When they learn what happened, they know he is done for. Shinpei starts explaining about NTR and cuckold. And what the heck does he mean that Dai has a magical dick?! Wrong person to ask for advice… It’s about to get worse since Yukana blatantly ignores Junichi. Even when he manages to talk to her, she comes up with some sort of excuse that she is busy. So Junichi’s friends are happy that they take him to karaoke? I guess this means the virgins are united again. Shinpei then brainwashes Junichi to prostrate himself and apologize to Yukana. That always works, right? Maybe. When they leave the karaoke joint, they see Yukana and Dai happily talking in the café across. Junichi instantly turns into ashes. The next day, Junichi is still down but Yukana is back to her normal perky self. She was just acting like that so he would reflect upon his actions. I guess not because he starts having doubts that they have lined their answers together, the reason she could answer so quickly. Then he lashes out at her to stop messing with his feelings, accusing her she is just messing around with a virgin like him. Yukana’s sad look. You’re so screwed…

Yui can tell Junichi is down and talks to him. When she learns what happened, she becomes mad. He was being selfish and not thinking about Yukana’s feeling. She doesn’t even consider him worth to be his servant now. Oh no. Is his harem falling apart?! Next, Nene learns about it and is also not pleased. Because at this rate he is so uncool. Oh dear. It’s falling apart quickly!!! Junichi watches a video on Boa as she rants the guy she likes broke her heart because of his selfishness to his girlfriend who is also her friend. Despite all that, she still feels drawn to him and wants things to go back to normal. Yukana then calls the girls for a meeting. It won’t be so much of a meeting because she starts off crying. Ranko is visibly upset as she leaves to take care of business. The virgins are too having their own meeting. Ranko barges into grab Junichi by the collar. He admits he is dumb, stupid, perverted and selfish. That is why he is going to face Yukana and doesn’t want her to have anyone else. Just then, Dai and his gang of delinquents waltz in. Dai starts talking how easy a girl Yukana is and once he is done with her, he is going to let them all have a go at her. Junichi won’t take this and makes his way to confront him.

Episode 10
Junichi wants Dai to take back all the bad things he said about Yukana. Since he is willing to get rough, let’s take this outside. Junichi throws the first punch but is lame and gets gutted. Then he bites Dai’s leg! He won’t let go till he promises to stay away from Yukana. Dai lies about it and makes him put his guard down. That’s when Junichi gets beaten up real good. Time for Ranko to pop in. Dai and his guys are going to bust her ass too but she gets back up by Junichi’s pals. For once they have balls. They stay behind to handle the punks to let Junichi go to somewhere more important. Junichi tries to call Yukana but she isn’t picking up so he leaves a message to meet behind school. Yukana isn’t purposely picking up as she talks to Yui and Nene about her uncertainty if Junichi likes her. So her rivals have no choice but to support her. Meanwhile, it’s amazing Dai’s delinquents all get defeated. As usual, Dai is faking pleading for mercy. A little girl happen to be nearby. Does she not know they’re fighting?! Why is she so intrigued at what’s happening?! Dai uses this chance to escape but not after bumping into her. This causes Minoru to move into action. After saving her, he turns into the Hulk!!! Minoru, smash! Dai is cornered by Ranko who kicks him in the balls! Because guys who treats girls like objects deserve no balls! Then she sets Minoru on him to make him learn the hard way about staying away from them. They send a victory selfie to Junichi who is still waiting for Yukana to pop up.

Eventually Yukana turns up and instantly he goes down on his knees to beg her to go out with him. He admits he is weak, stupid and a pervert. He initially wanted to date her to lose his virginity but now he really likes her. He describes all the things he likes about her like her smile, being nice to everyone, etc. She brushes it all off. Because they are already dating, right? Since Junichi is free, she has a place she wants to take him. Remember that amusement park date? She remembers. She even changes into the outfit he picked for her during the shopping. They have fun there but it looks like Junichi is a bigger wuss in rides and in the haunted house. At the photo booth, they’re supposed to kiss as per instructed. Nervous Junichi does so but sly Yukana backs off at the right timing as the photo captures a funny pose of him trying to kiss! Embarrassing! Before they part, Yukana surprises him by giving him a quick kiss! The day was worth it. Next morning on his way to school, Yui and Nene can tell how something good has happened. I guess everything is settled then. But they think they have gone even further seeing the very good vibe between them. Ranko threatens to kill him if he isn’t still a virgin… Thank goodness he is. Yukana takes Junichi’s hand as they run towards school while the other girls happily chase them. Happily ever after.

Episode 11 (OVA)
It’s the school cultural festival and Junichi’s class is doing a café whereby the girls dress and act the opposite they are. While Yukana is polite and proper, Yui is kinda a b*tch. Wait. Isn’t that her real personality? No wonder so convincing. We take a break to get your 2 cents worth with some locker room fanservice. Ranko fondles and analyses sizes of boobs. And the official results are in. Yukana being G-cup, Nene tops with her H-cup (possibly I-cup) while Yui is C-cup (I thought it looked more like B-cup but heh, I’m no expert). As Yukana invites Junichi to go around the festival grounds together, she learns of the school’s legend whoever dances together at the bonfire dance will be together forever. Also, there is an experiment going on around the school with 3 holes randomly planted and whoever falls into it gets prizes. Huh? After Junichi and Yukana visit Nene’s animal maid café, it seems Nene and Ranko are in cohorts to break our couple up for their own nefarious goals. The same too for Yui and Shinpei. First, Shinpei interrupts Junichi’s outing with Yukana and brings him to a room to witness some sick lolicon sect led by Minoru! WTF did I just see?! I don’t know how these events led to Shinpei stealing Junichi’s handphone (so he can’t contact Yukana) as he starts chasing the thief around. Yukana waits for Junichi but looks like her handphone is out of battery. Nice timing for Ranko to hang out with her. Meanwhile Junichi bumps into Nene who insists they go to the haunted house. It is her who get spooked and ran off. The ‘ghost’ turns out to be Yui who needs a favour from him. Yeah, to help build the campfire for the dance. She starts thinking this is just part of an experiment instead of believing the legend. She is startled when Junichi calls her as she falls on him. WTF moment as she enjoys fondling his chest? Junichi gets up when he sees Shinpei and resumes the chase. Yui tries to catch him but falls into a hole. Shinpei also falls into a hole that allows Junichi to get his handphone back. Too bad, out of battery. Yukana ditches Ranko to go look for Junichi. Ranko tries to go after her but falls into a hole. Seriously, nobody else but these unlucky people fell in there? And all they got was a stupid trophy? Maybe it’s a loser’s trophy… Anyway Junichi and Yukana manage to meet each other and apologize just in time before the last bonfire dance.

Still At First Base
So the obvious lesson is to be true to yourself because at the end of the day, you’ll definitely nail yourself a cool girlfriend and a potential harem. Man, I love good happy (harem) endings. And so begins their path to true love. With Junichi and Yukana dating each other, maybe it will be tough for the others to steal him unless they slip up somewhere. But that is another story. As far as this one is concerned, medetashi, medetashi.

Obviously this anime is geared towards the male demographics and although I won’t say its fanservice is super heavy as in comparison to very heavily fanservice laden anime series like Sin – Nanatsu No Taizai, there are still enough fanservice to please all you horny otaku guys. One look at Nene’s boobs obviously says it all. Like as though she retired early from porn and ended up in this anime. Can a girl as young as her grow so rapidly in such a few years? Because hell, I’m sure she wasn’t this busty during the flashbacks when she was young. My only realistic explanation is that she underwent boobs enhancement surgery somewhere in between and then later realized this makeover wasn’t enough to win Junichi over and hence and round of makeover.

However the ‘sad’ part is that many of the boob shots and pantsu shots especially fantasy delusions of the girls in erotic and compromising solutions are heavily censored. Oh ho. Time to go buy the DVDs if you want to peak at them. And there aren’t even any bare tits exposed here. With a variety censors getting in our way of enjoyment, the ‘best’ one has got to be what I call the ‘Hand of God(dess)’. Because you’ll see a gal’s hands covering over those parts while they moan, “Dame~”…

I guess the plot and storyline are pretty obvious and cliché. Normal guy gets hooked with a pretty hot chick. I know it happens in real life to. But it happens more frequently in the world of television. It usually starts out as the guy like him obviously getting one hell of a pretty girlfriend with the intention to bang her because seriously, if you don’t harbour at least such fantasies, YOU ARE NOT A GUY! And also, why the heck are you getting into a straight relationship if otherwise that points out you are totally gay! So it started as a joke for them and slowly it evolves into nearly a true blue love. So why the harem too at the same possible time because before this Junichi was like a loner like his buddies and now he has got a few other girls trying to get his attention? Well, it’s not like these girls suddenly just have a crush on Junichi. It was a long time ago and perhaps status quo and having things stay the way it was. Until Junichi gets hooked up, that status quo is threatened so they moved in. And since this show isn’t about NTR, I guess the rest have to wait in line and play good until they break up or something instead of stealing him.

Therefore the characters themselves are pretty cliché and predictable. If you have seen many genres like this in the past. Like yours truly. But hey, disclaimer, that doesn’t mean I’m an expert in this area. So like Junichi whose main character traits fall into the generic normal plain ordinary regular average Joe type, it must have been done to death in many series in the past. He struck the winning lottery after landing Yukana as his girlfriend. Was it out of sheer luck or fate? Usually this kind of character who isn’t mostly driven by his libido (read: horny pervert), has some good side to him and thus a higher chance for us to make his character more likeable as he tries to respect his girlfriend and be more considerate to her instead of taking any chance to outrage her modesty just to satisfy his lust. I guess that is what his inner selves are for. Junichi is also primarily a weak character due to his nature of trying to be nice and not offend his girl so at times when punks try to hit on Yukana, Junichi is very much a pushover or ignored. But in a way it is also good since you can’t jump in blindly and then get beaten up yourself just to prove something. Not that I know Junichi has some martial arts knowledge. But as long as you stay true to your ideals, you’re pretty much invincible. Hey, at least he got the girl.

I suppose I could also say him betraying his friends on a couple of occasion is firstly, I don’t think they are really friends. They are just friends of convenience since as far as this anime is concerned, they are the only ones without any decent girlfriends. So it’s not like he is betraying them, right? I mean if you think about it, if you had to choose what kind of friendship you want to improve, would it be with your girlfriend or these so called ‘friends’? Therefore Junichi’s buddies are there to make him look better because these ‘best friends’ are even more losers than him. With Shinpei being the ‘relationship master’ and the ‘brains’ while Keigo is the unfortunate type with good looks but ends up being a loner too most probably of his stinking personality and Minoru who might be the most docile of the pack but is quickly established as a lolicon. Why is it that big guys like him have an affinity for little girls? Because Green Green’s Tenjin also had this same tendency.

Junichi’s harem is also cliché and fall into certain tropes. Like Yukana who is busty, pretty and sporting herself. She isn’t a typical airhead just because she looks like a gal. Not perfect but she’s the kind of the closest dream girl any guy would want. Definitely Junichi and Yukana seem so out of place because of their very different behaviours. Junichi is more reserved and being the amateur he is and his first time dating a girl, Yukana is more outspoken and frank. Though she does get jealous sometimes and you can see that when she pouts a little. It is just a little mind boggling that when she first accepted him as her boyfriend, I thought she had some low standards and expectations. I know it is good to give others a chance but naturally you want someone with better traits like good looks and rich, right? You know what they say about opposites attract. So did she fall in love with him after he first confessed to her? Because her body language indicates so. If that is the case, why hasn’t she fall for him before that? Maybe it goes to show all you need are balls and the initiative to go ask a girl out. Yup. That’s all it takes. While still very far away from the initial plan of banging her, at least Junichi has that chance. Better than no chance when he was an outsider.

Completing his harem is the childhood friend, the tsundere and the lesbian. They do have their allotted screen time but not as much so as not to divert many of the screen time dedication between Yukana and Junichi. Nene like any other childhood friend is banking on past childhood promises to make her dream come true. If boobs don’t work, maybe this will. After all, she is the closest to Junichi and one who can easily get physical with him (even more than Yukana) using the onii-chan trope. Yui like the classic tsundere might tell us she considers Junichi her servant but we veterans know better otherwise. That is why I figure the reason she has this other online personality Boa to express her true feelings. Lastly for Ranko, I guess for diversity purpose, we always must have that one girl who is lesbian (see Watashi Ga Motete Dosunda). I was predicting that her role is to prevent Junichi from being a couple with Yukana at first and hence justifying her presence but over time she will slowly become straight and fall for him. Well, it doesn’t seem to be the case at least for now.

There are also a couple of other characters who are their classmates, Kokoro Shiina and Ayumi Uesaka whose ‘appearance’ are mostly confined to the next episode preview (included are illustrations from various artists with some looking normal and some definitely for fanservice). What they do are just mess around while the time runs out as they complain about their lack of presence and lines in the episode proper or even here even right till the last episode still b*tchng how they haven’t make their proper appearance and it has all ended. They even once complained how Junichi’s 3 Stooges buddies have more lines and roles in the anime when they don’t have names in the manga. Truly background characters… Don’t think sexism, please…

Art and animation are pretty standard at least for this genre. Mostly hot looking girls and mostly plain looking guys. But sometimes the animation quality dips and it is quite obvious. Especially the last episode I thought it felt like a bit of a rush job. I can’t help notice how many of the characters here when I first set my eyes on them, they somewhat looks like characters from other anime series. This isn’t my first time doing so for an anime as you probably have guessed over the years I have watched tons of animes so there are bound to be a few characters from different series to look like twins in another. But for this anime, it seems I noticed a bunch of them. Take for instance Yukana herself. I thought she looked like Galko from Oshiete! Galko-chan, the reason why I initially thought this was some sort of sequel or spin-off to that said series. Of course Yukana doesn’t look exactly like her as I also feel that she is a cross with Fairy Tail’s Lucy.

But the very obvious physical similarity of this character design goes to Ranko. The first time she appeared, I instantly went, “What the heck is Shokugeki No Souma’s Mito doing here in this series?! Has she dropped out of Totsuki and quit being a chef to just be some lesbian gal?!”. Oh dear. Both are such busty tanned blondes that sometimes it is hard to tell them apart. Well, if you don’t look very closely, that is. The other very familiar looking characters include Junichi’s plain guy looks reminds me of Green Green’s main plain guy protagonist, Yuusuke. Or any other plain looking guys in other animes; Shinpei having this uncanny resemblance to Angel Beat’s Takamatsu; Keigo looking like a watered down version of Kodaka from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai; Minoru is what happens when Astro Boy has grown up and let himself loose; Nene’s new look was it what you get when you turn Inu x Boku SS’ Karuta lively as well as mix it up with Philuffy of Saijaku Muhai No Bahamut? Did Yui and Suzune Horikita of Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi No Kyoushitsu E copy each other since both animes aired in the same season? Last but not least, why does Dai have this creepy and strange semblance to Kuroshitsuji’s Sebastian?! Wow. It’s like they didn’t need to think so hard to come up with original character designs. Or maybe they did and coincidentally they all happen to look somewhat similar somewhere…

Voice acting is pretty okay with me recognizing Yui Ogura as Nene and Eri Kitamura as Ranko since I was just fresh off watching a similar haughty character she voiced in Sin – Nanatsu No Taizai: Lucifer. However I didn’t realize until much later it was Ayana Taketatsu behind Yui. It didn’t occur to me if her voice sounded familiar. Not that she sounded too different. Maybe I haven’t heard her in quite a while. At least the first time this year. (The last I heard her was in 2016’s Okusama Ga Seitoukaichou sequel). Because of that, paranoia also got a little to me since I thought it was Nana Mizuki behind Yukana’s voice. She wasn’t. No wonder it sounded a little off. Yukana is voiced by Yuki Nagaku who did Arisa in Akiba’s Trip The Animation. The other casts are Shintarou Asanuma as Junichi (Tsuda in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Shinpei (Tsukumo in Nanbaka), Kenji Akabane as Keigo (Arashi in Triage X), Minoru Shiraishi as Minoru (Sakamoto in Nichijou) and Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Dai (Ban in Nanatsu No Taizai).

The opening and ending themes are nothing special. They sound so generic like these days’ pop music whereby one can easily churn out tunes and tunes from a music making software on your PC. Hajimete No Season by Junjou No Afilia has this upbeat and lively pitch to it that is befitting for an all-girl idol group. I can’t tell the difference with Gal Chikku Love by Erabareshi for the ending theme. It sounds as similar if not more dramatic and heavy on the use of synthesizer effects.

Overall, if you are a fan of such ecchi and romantic comedies (if I can go so far as to call it that) and don’t mind the clichés and tropes (because why stray so far when the test and tested formula has proven to work so many times), then this anime is for you. Unlike in some shows where the hero gets the girl in the end, our main guy here already gets the girl at the start. The odd couple of normal Junichi getting hooked up with typical gal Yukana proves once again that we cannot judge a book by its cover. Yeah, it is the inside that counts. But what counts even more is getting inside her pants. Haha! Oops… Looks like there are going to be quite a lot more of firsts before he could finally land at Hajimete No Sex…

It happened so long ago that I almost forgot that Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata Flat had come out as the sequel. Oh heck, it was only 2 years ago. I must be really that busy watching as much anime as I can, huh? But now that the sequel has come and gone, I guess it is my obligation to see if Tomoya and his harem will get to not just finish the game but obtain positive results as well. Oh heck, who am I kidding. I’m just here to see the cat fight between the yandere and the tsundere. And perhaps the world’s most normal girl.

Episode 0
Just like in the previous season, your shameless fanservice episode with Tomoya and the girls in a private pool party! Babes in bikinis! Wohoo! It all started when Eriri wanted to sketch a picture of Megumi in a bikini as part of the game’s illustration. She would agree to that with a condition that everyone else also does the same. So even if Megumi did wear the swimsuit, she isn’t going to bend her bodies in erotic poses to suit Eriri’s perverted needs. Then we have Michiru and Eriri arguing who has better childhood memories with Tomoya. Eriri is shocked when Izumi turns up in a swimsuit. Looks like Megumi invited her. The more the merrier. Isn’t she their rival? Whatever. Izumi ‘knocks out’ Tomoya when she jumps to hug him. During the blame game confusion, Utaha looks like she is trying to take advantage by kissing him. I don’t think CPR starts like that. In the end, everyone retires to their room and Utaha has took the liberty to book Izumi a room. As the girls gather to decide either to have fun or finish their work, they realize Utaha isn’t around. Because they share rooms, they thought Utaha would be bunking with the other. Oh no… They should’ve known better… Sneaky Utaha in her sexy night dress is trying to flirt with Tomoya over a drink. I think Tomoya knows where this is going and tries to chicken out but Utaha hints she has spent lots for all this so he better play along. Tomoya is literally saved by the bell. His handphone ring, that is. The girls call Tomoya knowing Utaha has turned off her handphone. Game over, Utaha. Eventually they all join up at the karaoke box as Michiru demonstrates her new songs for the game’s scenes. Tomoya and Megumi sneak out and talk about hoping for the best for their game. Izumi is motivated seeing the other girls work so hard so she lets them know she is looking forward to their game at winter Comiket. She hands an autographed self-portrait to Eriri.

Episode 1
Eriri and Utaha continue to clash and argue like always. This prompts a flashback of how they met a year ago. It all started when Eriri confronted Utaha after realizing she has been spending a lot of time closely with Tomoya. So it all boils down to if the other likes him. Eriri believes Tomoya is only close to her because he likes the novel Metronome of Love so they’re just like friends who like the same book. Until Utaha reveals herself as the author of that book. More frustration for Eriri the more research she does on her. And yeah, Utaha continues to hang out with Tomoya. Similarly, Utaha also finds out more about Eriri but via Tomoya. Tomoya might have said something she didn’t like. This makes her barge her way through the private room of an art club Eriri is in to find some more clues about her. The next day, Utaha summons Eriri about what she found. She now knows Eriri is part of a doujin circle, Egoistic-Lily and most of her work are 18+. Eriri somehow sees this as a threat and starts predicting a hentai rape scene upon herself? Utaha isn’t hiding the fact she is a light novel author. Just that nobody asked. But Eriri is different. She tried to hide hers because of her experience of being discriminated as an otaku since young. She was also betrayed by her only comrade then. So guess who is the guy who understood her and is able to talk freely about the things she loves? Utaha views her motivation to draw is for revenge. That kind of work won’t make people happy. Likewise, Eriri comments Utaha’s writings look down on others and doesn’t move them because of empathy. What she does is just manipulate feelings. That means there is no motivation and she is a heartless author to begin with. Utaha replies whether their work is for revenge or calculation, the one who is moved first loses. In present time, looks like both have ‘settled’ whatever differences and ready to move on. It’s so tiring… Tomoya announces an illustration with their signatures to promote their game at winter Comiket. They are reluctant at first but when Megumi wants one too, they get motivated to make a few copies for themselves.

Episode 2
Utaha has finally finished her scenario and Tomoya must now date her this weekend as promised. And Eriri dragged Megumi along so they could spy on them. Eriri you looking so suspicious… Tomoya is forced to accompany Utaha reading at a bookstore, carries all the books she has to buy and wait patiently as she catches up on more reading. Not sure if Eriri’s tailing got distracted because she read the synopsis of a movie that continues from the TV series that had ended and became so moved about it. Tomoya is worried after hearing Utaha might not be around next year. Well, she is considering going to a faraway college. However she hints there is also one nearby. It’s not like she wants to live independently but doesn’t mind it either. She is in a dilemma picking which. Hint, hint. So you’re going to let Tomoya decide? I thought it is pretty clear cut… As Tomoya sees her off at the train station, he tells her he wants her to go to the nearer college. At least they can still make games together. But if she doesn’t want to make games with him anymore, that is a different story. Even so, he doesn’t want to be the one to rule out the possibility. Seeing his genuine reaction, she decides to give him a chance. She hands him the latest scenario she rewrote which is completely different than the one for the game. So he has to read it and decide which version is better. For their future possibility. Eriri is worried if Tomoya ever came home last night. Well, Megumi has a key to his place… They see him emotionally crying after reading Utaha’s new scenario. Instead of the hero ending up with his current day lover, suddenly a total switch to his sister from the past. I don’t play such games so I don’t see the emotional value it has… Eriri is not impressed. Not only this means new scenes to illustrate (like starting from scratch), this would also change the interpretation they have of everything they’ve been making. This makes the previous heroine nothing more but a window dressing heroine since their story and route will be totally different than the one they have been promoting. Tomoya wants to hold a meeting to discuss which scenario to be included but Eriri believes this is for him and the scenario writer to decide. And she’s not here. They join Megumi in playing a demo doujin game which is supposed to be released at this winter Comiket. They find the genre similar to theirs and more surprisingly it is from their rival circle, Rouge En Rouge.

Episode 3
There is some dramatic tense showdown between Tomoya, Eriri, Iori and Izumi. Till Megumi drops in to thank Izumi for joining this ‘meeting’. Tomoya isn’t happy that Rouge En Rouge is basically ripping off their game. Iori reminds him that they challenged each other and despite Rouge En Rouge is a bigger and more famous circle, there are still ways Blessing Software can win. What irks Tomoya the most is how he dragged Izumi into this. However Izumi says she is doing this so she can challenge Eriri directly as they are both illustrators. Indeed, Izumi has advanced a lot in just a few months. Then it descends into a girly fight… Tomoya is confident he has Utaha as their scenario writer but is surprised when Iori is even more confident that this is the part he will never lose out. Megumi is at Tomoya’s place to help make their game playable by the end of the week. However they hardly make any progress and she feels a bit down. As they take a rest, Tomoya gets a rude awakening when Michiru wrestles him. She has this misconception they were sleeping together! Sleepyhead Megumi explained in an ambiguous way that they were already doing it here since last night (the programming, that is). Tomoya is relieved that Michiru can help out. How? She can only play the guitar. He calls the rest of her Icy Tail band members. They realized they have been duped into helping Tomoya with his game. He ‘threatens’ to help out or as their manager he will quit! But why them? He knows that each of them has got some ‘experience’ in computing (except Michiru). In order words, he wants them to pull an all-nighter doing computing odd jobs. Well, I guess one of them is forced to forgo her date for this… Yeah, whatever boyfriend problems they have is not of his concern! Hidoi! But does he have enough computers? Megumi is on her way to borrow more laptops from Eriri. Don’t worry about sleeping over at Tomoya’s place. Lots of girls have been sleeping here too… So ambiguous… The game is done eventually and Tomoya realizes something. He confronts Utaha to tell her of his decision. Which scenario will he choose? Neither. It needs another take. This is a crappy game.

Episode 4
I think Megumi figured out something wrong and goes to see Tomoya. However he is in the midst of being beaten up by Utaha. Come back later. So Tomoya and Utaha are arguing loudly on what is wrong with the scenarios that they’re scaring the maids away. When he claims this is not the game he wanted to make, it broke her heart. Oh, she’s crying… When everything calms down, he talks to her about fixing it. If she won’t do it, he’ll do it. He is the director after all. With Tomoya pitching in to write, of course he isn’t going to get everything right at first go as Utaha checks his work and there are lots of mistakes including typos. Tomoya needs a game that doesn’t follow the conventional rules. Because Utaha is a novelist, her scenarios end up making the game look like a novel. In the end, Tomoya suggests a third route where everyone will be happy (the other routes seem to sacrifice happiness of others). Utaha disagrees as it is not her literally style. While it might be rude for a creator to say this to a director, it won’t be if a fellow creator says it to another creator. So I take it, Tomoya for the time being is as of the same position as her. Tomoya is so focused and working hard on his scenario that he doesn’t realize how sexy Utaha in her undies as she sleeps on his bed… Until he tries to cover her with a blanket. The scenario is done and Tomoya apologizes to her for breaking her characters and all. She believes they have lived instead of died. She is happy they had fun writing their own original scenario. Tomoya moved to tears? With this, Utaha has finished her part in the game and will no longer be involved. Megumi points out a character in the game is similar in one in Metronome of Love. Utaha admits in a way they are and the way she describes the source she based them on seems to sound a lot like herself. Yeah, who else? Something about her being lonely and she would like the main character to choose just this once. During the bonfire dance, Megumi’s acting of the main character is impressive enough that Tomoya sees her in that form.

Episode 5
Everyone is spying on Megumi being confessed. Tomoya must be relieved to see her rejecting him, right? The reason being, the deadline is near and there are lots of things left to do for the game. Aww, how considerate. However Utaha is hinting the blame on Eriri since she is behind schedule. It seems Eriri is obsessing about quality and hence not getting her anyway. It doesn’t add up she spent so much time improving but not producing the results. Though, Eriri deflects the blame back that they added a new route and hence additional work. Later Eriri tells Tomoya that she will be holing up in a villa to complete her work. This means skipping school. She’ll make it before the deadline. Just trust her. So when he tells the rest about this, Utaha is warning him about the signs that could signal she would be dropping her work and running away. Although it starts off on a promising note, it doesn’t take long before Eriri starts showing those signs. I’m sure Utaha is going to lecture him on I-told-you-so. With Tomoya continuing to believe Eriri and that she won’t run away, Utaha reminds him that is not faith. Has she nowhere to go further as creator? She can’t change her art style or make any progress. When faced with something to overcome it, she will back off without trying. It gives Tomoya the dilemma if he wants Eriri to finish her job by the deadline or improve as a creator. Then more of the signs start to show. She talks harsher, submits less and less works, blames herself, replying much later and the final straw came when she says she has found a new way to do her art. She is going to draw the backgrounds and characters separately. This means she is changing her art style at this point. Tomoya is in shock if she can do it. As long as he expects it, she can do it. In the end, she manages to finish it all but she sounds like she used up her entire life force for it and ‘dies’. So dramatic…

Episode 6
Eriri has fallen sick. Tomoya is in a hurry to head there so he calls Iori for help. He is so kind to give him a personal car ride. Iori gives his opinion about Tomoya’s position of leaving his home since he is on a tight deadline. Tomoya will not allow that burden to fall on other members. Iori sees it as him wanting to keep Eriri all to himself. When they arrive, awesome illustrations on the floor. Eriri on the floor. She is put to bed and Iori gives him the necessary contacts should he need further help. Next morning, Eriri is better. She is glad he likes her illustrations. They were her best. She thinks the game is completed since he is here. When she finds out it isn’t, she becomes mad and starts crying like it is the end of the world. It meant her efforts were in vain. At this point he could only choose either Eriri or the deadline but she thought he would have chosen both. She feels better when he says her artwork is better than Izumi’s. She is glad he has become her number one. But not in terms of his harem, that is. Tomoya apologizes for not being able to meet the deadline but Eriri also does the same for obsessing over quality. That fault of hers is because of her pride. At Comiket, the gang is busier than ever. Because they had so much free time, Tomoya added more content which in turn made them busy. Eriri did apologize to all the other girls but Utaha thought she acted arrogant and bragged after that. However Megumi refuses to blame anybody as everyone did their best. Later Eriri apologizes to Izumi for all the mean things she said because she was scared of her, especially how much she grew as an artist. She has to admit her loss here or else she cannot move on. Izumi looks forward to their next challenge. Blessing Software has become a hot topic ever since they released their trial game and it took only 30 minutes for it all to be sold out! There is an after party after that but Megumi goes home straight. Tomoya thinks she is mad because they didn’t have a complete version at Comiket. However that is not the reason. He never told her about Eriri’s case and the deadline. She told him she was free and would be able to help. Yet he never said anything. She thought she chose the same thing as him but yet he took all the burden on himself. Although he did the right thing, she can’t forgive him. Tomoya notes Megumi wasn’t sad. It was a new emotion he has never seen that hurt so much.

Episode 7
The game is popular enough that they see a rise in orders for it. Tomoya thinks of having a thank you illustration art. Eriri is already working on it. A rare sight of Utaha walking with Tomoya to school that it dumbfounds everyone else. This is her last chance to walk with him since she is graduation. Cue to get very close to him. Also expected, Eriri coming in to cut in and blame Tomoya for going ahead and wasted her effort of coming to his house and walk together. Also cue for the ladies to start b*tch insulting each other causing everybody to witness this shameful drama. However Megumi still ignores Tomoya despite he tries his best to talk about the circle’s next meeting. The cut is deep. Easily misinterpreted, Iori is giving Tomoya Valentine chocolates?! Fujoshi fans rejoice?! Actually it is from Izumi and she couldn’t give it to him since she is busy taking exams. Iori and his circle has played his game and noticed the vast improvements. However Iori can tell he went to write on the last scenario since he recognized his style which never changed from some infamous copy he wrote 3 years ago. He still has that copy… Tomoya wants it back! Iori advises him not to lose his circle and not let go of Utaha and Eriri. Tomoya calls Megumi but she blatantly doesn’t answer. After Eriri gives her chocolates, she learns Tomoya and Megumi still haven’t made up. She wants to blame herself but Tomoya won’t let her. He talks about getting started for their next project but she wants to hold it off a little since she worked hard. Tomoya congratulates Utaha in releasing her new novel. Then she teases him as usual with sexually ambiguous words like signing on his body and gives him her chocolates since they are at a relationship point where they spent many nights together. Writing scenarios, right? Utaha mentions she won’t be coming to school anymore since she has to write the second volume and prepare for university. So will she participate in his next project? She asks who is going to do the art then. Because Eriri hasn’t drawn a single picture the entire year. She doesn’t consider that art she completed after the deadline as it. If possible, he wants Eriri to work with him again and create a game that surpasses Cherry Blessing. Tomoya finally texts Megumi about his plans for the next meeting. She’s still pondering about it. Tomoya replays his game and notes how well it is done. He realizes Megumi has been putting a lot of effort into it. Not just the game but other minor productions as well. I don’t want to jump the gun but does it mean that she was interested in more than just the game? He starts crying and can only apologize.

Episode 8
Tomoya finally catches Megumi to talk. She can’t run now. It looks like a rape scene since he locks the door and his hands approaching her. Turns out he just wanted to print some stuffs. Megumi was pretty scared at that point. He shows her his proposal for their next game project. So he is assuming she will join? She didn’t feel like she was really participating in the last one. He rants about how he will make it so but all she sees is just him making a game based on his delusions. Plus, he plans to make this game with this minimal staff. Is he going to do everything? That’s why he roped her in as the assistant. Again. Oh, she doesn’t want to do something this troublesome again. He pleads to help take care of this circle so she asks has she told Eriri about making her the heroine again. Not yet. The way he explains makes Megumi give out that killer eyes because it’s like saying he is doing this thinking she is in love with him. He blames this on playing too much galge. Maybe that’s why all galge are twisted in this sense since otakus don’t have real 3D relationship. When Tomoya thanks her for all the hard work and apologizes for it, Megumi cannot contain her emotions and starts crying. The more he says sorry, the more she sheds? There has got to be a limit because it’s making her mad now how cheap his sorrys are. She just wished as friends there would be no secrets or decisions without discussion among them. They talk about Eriri who is still in a slump. Megumi wonders why he doesn’t find another illustrator as good as her to join. Back at his home, he explains the kind of game he wants to make. No more all that sci-fi, supernatural and cliché stuffs. Just a normal high school game. As he rants about heroine being humans, once again Megumi has to show her mad side and lecture him. As she is a heroine herself, she too is human. She is mad because they have been close enough and yet he doesn’t understand how she feels. I mean, with his next game title as How To Raise A Boring Heroine, it is trying to say her character is dead. Megumi still has issues with his insensitivity but they have other issues to deal with. Like Utaha who has graduated and the possibility she won’t work for him again. Not to mention Eriri’s slump. No use talking too much deep into the night. Just sleep on it for now.

Episode 9
Tomoya goes to congratulate Utaha on her graduation. Then he lets her read his proposal of his next game which everyone wants to participate. After reading, she gives it high marks despite how cliché it is and lacking originality. When Tomoya says he hasn’t asked Eriri yet, this makes Utaha worry. She wonders how to tell it to her. Hence she cannot continue with her. Tomoya is shocked and desperate as she explains his work isn’t something to die for. Then there’s this reasoning of how he failed as a producer because he doesn’t crack the whip and push his employees to the brink to bring out their best abilities. Wouldn’t that be like workplace abuse? Then she shows him a proposal she got for an epic RPG game, Fields Chronicle. It is by the legendary Akane. At this point Utaha is already shaking as Tomoya goes through the proposal. Apparently it is not Akane who is scouting her but Eriri. Utaha could only apologize. Flashback a month ago, Utaha and Eriri talked and various issues. The latter is still in a slump and hasn’t been able to produce such quality art since then. Utaha is told by her editor that their company will have staffs working under Fields Chronicle for the story. Her editor believes Utaha still has unlimited talent and believes she shouldn’t be hand over to Akane yet. Later Utaha and Eriri are invited to meet with Akane herself. She lets them read her proposal and wants them to decide if they will be on board or not. When they ask what they’re supposed to die, she tells them straight they are to die for this game. Devote themselves to nothing but it for a year. Akane has played their recent game and noticed Eriri’s out. Because she noted Utaha was the only one who could keep up with her deadline, hence Utaha’s role is to draw out Eriri’s mental and technical skills. She does think highly of Utaha’s skill but if Eriri isn’t joining, there is no point having Utaha. When Eriri complains she is in a slump, Akane blows her top. She tells her to stop insulting artists. She made an amazing piece of work once and is now in a slump? She is nowhere near her peak! She isn’t in a slump. She is just a crappy artist! Her skills aren’t there yet. Akane then gives her look at the art she drew. Eriri is in shock seeing Akane could copy her unique art style.

Episode 10
Eriri is annoyed that Utaha is supportive of Akane’s plan. However Utaha points out that Eriri has not decided on anything and merely complained why she can’t. She has not decided on what to do in the future, what to become. So when Eriri starts praising the positive side of all this, now it is Utaha’s turn to let loose some steam as she rants how annoyed it is for a doujin artist to get this job compared to a professional novelist. She hopes Eriri could accept this project so she can fight her head on. Iori goes to talk to Akane about what happened. Seems he is seeking her permission to quit her circle. Utaha’s editor must be trying to joke around about Tomoya trying to cling on to Utaha after she graduates. Utaha asserts she won’t get feelings in the way as she is a professional. Oh really? Next afternoon, Eriri breaks Utaha’s slumber by calling to meet her. It seems she has her groove back after she kept drawing all night. As her sketches are back home, there is a faster way to show it to her. She’ll sketch it for her right now. Beautiful enough for Utaha to be in awed. Eriri then starts laughing since she has recognized her. But it’s just hysteria since now she starts crying her heart out. She is sad this is the art Tomoya wanted. He supported her but she couldn’t produce the results. But Akane mocked and laughed at her, she managed to pull through because she didn’t want to lose. She can’t draw with Tomoya and Tomoya can’t make her draw. She won’t progress if she stays in his circle. She can’t become his amazing illustrator. After calming down, Eriri notes Tomoya will hate her for this second betrayal. Utaha believes so but at least this time she has an accomplice. They vow they will both defeat Akane. Iori speaks to Tomoya and he feels bad he lost 2 of his circle members. Tomoya looks on the positive side that they could develop further. But he doesn’t look happy? Iori also announces that because of Akane’s new recruits, he and Izumi quit Rouge En Rouge. But his main reason is because there is something new he would like to try. Izumi has found a place where she could put her skills to the best use. He advises Tomoya not to stop pursuing his dream. So a forlorn Tomoya walks home. Before him is Megumi. She wants them to go out on a date. If this isn’t trolling, I guess this day isn’t that bad after all.

Episode 11
Tomoya doesn’t want Megumi to blame Utaha and Eriri. He dragged them into this and they have no reason to stay in a small circle in the first place. They should be aiming for bigger opportunities. So they’re back at the mall where they first dated. Could it be Megumi still kept a grudge how he stood her up the last time? Well, he has to accompany her this time. He buys her a hat as present for the glasses she gave the last time. On the way back, she asks if his heroine story is like what he wanted. That suffocating and exciting feeling when he had fallen in love with a real girl. Tomoya realizes this is her way of telling him she won’t give up. Even if Utaha and Eriri aren’t here, Blessing Software will still be around as long he is here. Tomoya agrees and wants her to become her main heroine again. She adds a heroine that everyone would envy. Tomoya becomes hysteric. He laughs at first before crying his heart out. Tomoya makes a surprise appearance when he sees off Utaha and Eriri at the train station. He wishes them all the best and is excited to see Fields Chronicle to become a god tier under them. Megumi might not be here but she can talk via handphone. With both sides giving each other motivation, Eriri steps up and hopes to take Tomoya’s glasses as a token. Then she really wants to kiss him but Utaha usurps her and kisses Tomoya instead!!! So while nobody cares about Eriri screaming in the background, Utaha boldly flirts with him until her twintail smacking breaks them up. They realize they have missed the train. At the start of the new school term, Tomoya is wearing Eriri’s glasses. Megumi is trying real hard to not laugh. Maybe not. So he decides to not wear them. They are surprised to see Izumi enrolling in this school. Tomoya realizes this is what Iori had meant. Eriri and Utaha are ‘stalking’ from afar as Michiru points out the outsiders cannot go back now that they left. Michiru wants to nonchalantly go to Tomoya but the duo restrain her like she’s some criminal. Being so noisy, I guess Tomoya already spotted them.

How To Treat Your Harem Well
Just like my sentiments from the first season, I can’t seem to determine if this sequel is boring, just like in its title. That is why I was wondering if I should make a pun with the sequel’s title of Flat. You know, as in boring and dreary. Or maybe it refers to Tomoya’s subsequent plan falling flat. But they used the musical note flat… Lower pitch? Sounds like… Lover b*tch? Wait. What did I just say?! Or maybe the symbol looks like a side boob and some of the girls are busty and some are flat… Oops! Don’t stray too far thinking irrelevant things.

There is a lot of high stakes drama in this sequel with things going up a notch. Fans may be able to appreciate all the drama and deep character development in the sequel but for a simpleton like me, it is hard for me to grasp in detail the deeper aspects of what is going on. I do have the basic gist of what is going on but not something on a profound level.

With time running out, Tomoya has to play relationship manager as well as trying to complete his ideal game in his maiden attempt. This sets up a few episodes to be given focus to his girls and the problems they have to currently deal with. Like Utaha who has her graduation looming and the possibility of going to a faraway college. Then there is Eriri who suddenly gets into a slump and it gets a bit more complicated since she is trying to be a perfectionist for herself and ultimately Tomoya. Lastly there is Megumi who also have her own drama because she felt disappointed Tomoya didn’t trust her completely despite they have done so many things together. Though these problems are somewhat solved, they aren’t the optimum solutions that Tomoya would hope. However they aren’t so much so to be considered bad endings. Utaha and Eriri might not be around for Tomoya’s next project but it’s not like they’re gone forever. At least you can count that they will be somewhat around and close in proximity.

The banter between Utaha and Eriri is still amusing to watch due to their contrasting characters. They really are frenemies and the strangest of bedfellows united and conflicting at the same time because of their connection to a certain guy. Utaha being the novelist certainly has a way with words while Eriri being the typical cliché of a blonde twintail tsundere always fails to keep her emotion in check and falls for Utaha’s bait. Not to mention Utaha still has got her touch in making her flirting with Tomoya sounding so scandalous that it worries the guy so much. Then there is the deadpan and brutally straight-in-your-face comebacks by Megumi. Sometimes it’s like as though she is born lacking emotions. Even when she was mad at Tomoya, she wasn’t looking like your typical angry girl. It’s just weird. Also it’s good because imagine if Megumi becomes full blown emotional, that will be just too shocking. Yeah, like the time she actually cried. Emotion holder full. Time to unload some. Or maybe she is just a master of suppressing her feelings to catch everyone off guard one day… She might not show any emotions but that does not mean she is completely emotionless.

Sometimes I feel that this sequel has forgotten about Michiru since she lacks screen time. Not to say that she has a lot of it in the last season but I feel she has even lesser appearances in this season. It’s like the first prologue episode was her most prominent episode. No joke but I feel that the breaking of the fourth wall in the final scene that she was ‘missing’ for the latter half of the series makes fun of this. And then the one with her Icy Tail members helping out with computing odd jobs, they went ‘missing’ after that as the series starts focusing on the deeper issues of Tomoya’s other girls. Like as though there were no issues in the music department in the first place. Maybe not assuming Michiru is a very talented songwriter. Shouldn’t she be scouted already by some famous talent agency instead of continue to be managed by Tomoya? This means no sexy time with Michiru as I remember her as the girl who loves to wrestle Tomoya so as to give us viewers sexy fanservice shots of her submission moves. I guess you can’t date and marry your cousin anyway.

Hence it isn’t a perfect or ideal path or perhaps route to an ending that Tomoya wants. Both of his greatest allies of the most important elements of a game have gone over to a better rival. He tried his best the first time round to keep his team together and at least from the sales of their first game, it was encouraging. However it wasn’t enough to keep them around for the second game after the trouble they went through for the first one. Things change. Maybe he could get others for replacement but at this point it is best you have people you are familiar with to work with. So with Utaha and Eriri jumping ship, maybe it is all part of a bigger scheme to surprise their lover boy that they will destroy the enemy within before coming back to him. Assuming he hasn’t gone steady with Megumi at that point… Or Izumi, considering she is now enrolled in his school.

He might almost look like a cliché male protagonist otaku with beautiful girls around him but at least we see him grow as a game creator and director and facing his problems head on instead of running away. The choices he had to make have its pros and cons and I believe he chose the best outcome in the long run. Like when Eriri was depressed and in a slump, it was either her or the game’s deadline. He can’t have both. He chose. Like I said, not the most ideal of results but at least it isn’t totally a bad ending. After all, he keeps his relationship with his female team members professionally and doesn’t see them one bit as his love interests-cum-harem. At least, not that I can see he has any from his perspective.

Love it or hate it, this sequel as well as the overall series has both its ups and downs. Very deep and heavy character development between the main characters but some feel a bit of a let-down (Michiru is one thing but Megumi to a point too feels underutilized this season). The art and animation are still good and the lack of fanservice may be a good or bad thing depending on your stance on it. It might not be as much as the first season since Utaha didn’t try as much to be funny with her ambiguous seductions on Tomoya. To top it off, the bittersweet climax and ending may not be the kind of conclusion that viewers might be hoping for. But you know, it is somewhat like reality and real life itself. Better to try and fail than never starting or do anything. It might be a painful road with suffering and distress but for sure it will make you stronger and push ahead even further. When you have experienced all the best and worst in life, returning to normal doesn’t look like a bad thing. A boring heroine maybe, but she is still a heroine nonetheless.

Strike The Blood II

October 27, 2017

Alright. It is time to see our main hero add more girls into his harem. Oops! I mean it is time to, erm, learn more about the deeper plot, uhm, deeper characters, uhm… Oh you know what? Screw all that. I can’t seem to remember what the heck was going on anyway. From that, you can tell the reason why I am watching the sequel, Strike The Blood II. Unlike the first season where it was screened on TV, the second season is being released via OVA format. Most probably it didn’t have enough episodes to fill a single cour (only 8 of them) and it took them half a year to release them all. But that is more than enough for the series to add more plots, characters and girls to Kojou’s harem and perhaps let him sink his teeth into some of their neck. What? Don’t you want to be cool to be part of a great vampire’s harem?

Swords-Shaman Of Shadow Arc

Episode 1
Kojou is cleaning the pool. Time for some forced fanservice because when Yukina jumps down to help, she would have expected the gravity, aerodynamics or whatever science crap to realize it will flip up her skirt for a second. I think she is doing it on purpose so she could blame and call him a pervert. Luckily Motoki gives them a break and tells them to check out the newly opened resort, Blue Elysium. Kojou didn’t really think it was to help out in some yakisoba stall. Hey, at least he is here with Asagi. Nice bikini, girl. Yukina is hanging out with Nagisa at the aquarium. Nagisa is trying to hint she is rooting for Yukina for Kojou. Suddenly something strange is felt. Since other ordinary people didn’t feel it, Yukina believes it is a magic pulse but it cannot be from Kojou as it doesn’t feel like his. A fish gets violent trying to break the glass. Nagisa in some trance tells it to pipe down. Nagisa doesn’t have any recollection of what just happened. A strange girl, Kiriha Kisaki wants to take their photo but Yukina doesn’t think it is a good time. She leaves and hopes they can be friends one day. Kojou returns late from his delivery and Asagi accuses him of flirting with a girl! OMG! Is she paranoid? Actually, a little girl, Yume Eguchi followed him back from the delivery. Wait. What is Railgun’s Last Order doing here?! It gets worse when Kojou compliments Yume’s nice name and receives a punch from Asagi for trying to be a pedo. It seems Yume knows about Kojou because his ‘girlfriend’ told him to look for him if there is trouble. From her description, that ‘girlfriend’ is Sayaka. Yume was locked up when Sayaka came to bust her out. There were many guards trying to stop them so Sayaka gave him a photo of her ‘future boyfriend’ for her to go look for.

As Yume is not a registered resident on Itogami, instead of handing over her to the police, why must Kojou complicate things by wanting Yukina to see her first? Because she is friends with Sayaka? What logic is that?! Does he not know the women problem he is going to get? Oh, who cares? Timely fanservice reminder when he opens the door while Asagi and Yume are changing! Without knocking. Okay, it’s his bad. But thanks. Nice sideboobs, Asagi. Later, Yukina confirms Lion King didn’t send any replacement after Sayaka. Could she be still on the job? Why hasn’t she come back to get Yume? Yume thinks she is trying to meet Lyl, her older sister. She further explains both of them were locked in the lab of Erize Kusuki, the big sponsor of Blue Elysium. Apparently it is originally Lyl they want she was willingly participating in some sort of experiment. Kiriha talks to Kusuki to assure a certain ‘vessel’ will return on her own volition. Otherwise, everything is going as planned. Kiriha then visits Sayaka whom she has captured. Flashback shows the duo facing off and Kiriha defeated her because she is a Rikujin, the shadow of a Sword Shaman.

Episode 2
Sayaka realizes she is from Taishikyoku, an organization similar to Lion King Organization. Kiriha says she is not the enemy but will borrow her body as vessel for her power first and hypnotizes her with her spear. Then she quotes Taishikyoku is an organization that protects the world even if it means destroying Itogami. Wait. Doesn’t this sound like current day Antifa… What’s worse than your harem gunning for you? Motoki gunning for Kojou! Luckily he knocked himself out. Yume is acting strange as she doesn’t want Kojou to look at her. She now has a tail?! Wait. Is she related to To Love-Ru’s Lala?! More complication with Yukina accusing him of always talking about Yume! Is he a pedo?! WTF?! Not true! Because he also always talks about Sayaka and Asagi! Is she not good enough for him?! More complication when Asagi now flirts with him, saddened he is not looking her way. Yukina knocks her out. And then same thing for Nagisa. Oh boy. They realize they have been mind controlled. The prankster behind this is Yume. She is now acting so devilishly. Actually she is Lyl, Yume’s other personality. Her real identity is a succubus. As she is often bullied for that (imagine your thoughts if a young girl is such an erotic person), she created this other personality. Lyl thought she could irk Kojou that he hates her now but he has been through more sh*t than this. Yeah, like being called a pervert and worse.

Lyl then runs away but is glad that Kiriha is here to pick her back. Kiriha lets Sayaka deal with them. I think Kojou wants to show he isn’t a lolicon so he deals with Sayaka while Yukina tries to get back Yume. Sayaka is going all out. So he purposely lets her stab him so he can suck her blood. Oh, her top came off. Nice tits, Sayaka. Yukina fights Kiriha. She realizes her spear is what brings out Lyl’s character and accumulates her succubus power. Yume doesn’t want to see the pretty girls fight and end in bloodshed so she will end this as she willingly flies away back to Kusuki. When Sayaka comes to, she remembers everything during her mind control and is worried about hurting Kojou. Don’t worry. He is healed with her blood. I’m sure Yukina would want to reprimand him for ‘flirting’ but I guess she failed her mission to bring back Yume, it kills the mood. Sayaka reveals Yume is a sacrifice as Kusuki plans to use her power since she is a descendent of Lilith, the strongest succubus. This will allow Kusuki to control Leviathan, the strongest demonic beast. Asagi has got a lot of work on her hands as she has to hack and do stuffs. Leviathan is easily located. It’s that freaking huge. Yeah, it’s close by. Further hacking reveals Kusuki has invested in this group called True Arc. They call themselves environmentalists but are actually terrorists. Imagine if a group like that gets their hands on the most powerful beast as their weapon. Yup, not good. Asagi also discovers Lyl is some sort of AI programme created to activate Yume’s succubus power. If they can put a stop to it but her laptop hasn’t got enough processing power… Well, she’ll try. So off Kojou goes to play the hero to save Yume (since she is already on her way with Kusuki to rendezvous with Leviathan). I guess he needs to show his worth as the harem guy. Yeah, this means Sayaka and Yukina want to help because they have to pander to him want to bring Yume back. Except you Motoki. GO BACK TO SLEEP! You’re not needed because you’re not in his harem! Haha!

Episode 3
Sayaka wants Kojou to forget about that bare tits incident. Why you have to remind him?! And why does Kojou have to say it out loud?! You want Yukina to kill you?! Asagi is faced with a greater task. Taishikyoku has hired Lydianne AKA Tank Rider to stop her hacking efforts. Kusuki has landed inside Leviathan (why does it stomach look like watermelon?). Suddenly Lyl wakes up. What gives? Kusuki realized he has been played out and used by Kiriha. They’re going to be the sacrifice. Lyl knocks Kusuki and his men out. Kiriha sees Kojou and his girls and intercepts them. She tells them to run away as Leviathan is going to destroy Itogami. As Lyl is in control of Leviathan, her suffering and torment in the past has made her wish for everything to be destroyed. Initially she wanted to kill herself but she realizes as Lilith’s successor, the cycle will repeat itself and somebody else will take her place. However this won’t happen if she is inside Leviathan as it will absorb her and eventually she will cease to exist. Yes, Yume is trying to kill herself this way. But really still, destroy all of Itogami in the process? Sayaka faces off with Kiriha to let the duo rescue Yume. Leviathan notices them approaching and attacks. Wait. It can fire missiles?! Then there is this barrier it has. Nothing like Kojou summoning his familiars to break into Leviathan. Meanwhile Asagi is being pushed back but after all that taunting from Lydianne, she fights back and corners her till she is defeated! Kiriha reveals to Sayaka that Asagi is the Priestess of Cain. She is believed to trigger a war someday and that is the real objective of Taishikyoku trying to destroy Itogami along with her. Because the logic is that Asagi cannot be killed by anyone as long as she is on that island since Itogami is constructed against the natural order is like an altar to Cain. Hence there are events that will conspire to protect her. So how does blowing it all up be any different? Of course Sayaka views that plan of theirs as defeat. Because she believes in Kojou and Yukina. Sayaka uses her quick assassination technique to defeat Kiriha. And the latter thanks her for it? Strange…

Kojou and Yukina are being attacked by Lyl. She teases Kojou for trying to be a lolicon but Kojou tells her to quit her bad acting. The way she addresses him gave away that she is Yume. Now she turns to tears (I guess not acting for this one) that he would still want to save her after all that she has done. Time for the man to lecture her about being a hypocrite (himself), self-satisfaction (himself) and happiness (hers). Yeah, just shut your mouth and let him rescue you. And just when she is about to let him, Leviathan ‘reboots’ and strikes! It is going mad for being controlled as it unleashes tons of missiles towards Itogami. Don’t worry, Sayaka is here to deflect them all. Can she? Don’t worry, she gets help from Lydianne. She is now her friend?! Kojou is out of options. He wants Yukina to take off her clothes! WTF?! No wonder he gets punched! Couldn’t he just say he needs to suck her blood? Even so, does she need to take off her clothes?! You pervert! She is reluctant till she sees a huge injury on his back caused from Lyl’s attack. That scored some sympathy points so she strips to her swimsuit and tells him how she haven’t shown it to anyone else and he is the first dude. Nice. How can a guy not compliment how cute she looks in this? And then he bites her shoulder. So you see, why the need for her to strip?! Oh right. Fanservice… With enough blood, Kojou is now able to summon his seventh familiar, Kiffa-Ater. A huge judgment sword that strikes down on Leviathan. The beast is still mad and wants another go. However, Yume’s sings and it isn’t mind controlling it but pacifying it. It worked. But is it me that I find her singing creepy? In the aftermath, Natsuki accuses Paper Noise that Kojou and co got involved in this was her fault. It seems she wants to make Taishikyoku owe them big time and with that, Asagi won’t be targeted for a while. Kojou and co returns and what is worse than having the yakisoba boss wanting him to go back to work now? Yume wanting Kojou to play with her because he said he will keep her happy forever. Oh God. His harem just gone up by one. The competition intensifies by one. No wonder his girls aren’t looking happy… You might have saved the day but you f*cked up over this one…

The Fourth Primogenitor On The Run Arc

Episode 4
Yume has now got permission to stay on Itogami. And she is really looking forward to Kojou to make her happy. This is the thing about mis-education. You can’t undo it… And Yukina is stalking by the sides till an elder guy teased her about it. Typical Yukina denial expected. This guy is teasing her so loudly that it attracts others. I didn’t come to me as a surprise as this dude is Kojou and Nagisa’s father, Gajou. A week later as Kojou attends Natsuki’s special class, she is asking about Gajou. Kojou doesn’t know much accept he came back to take Nagisa to see some aunty Tanzawa in Kannawa. Apparently Natsuki knows about Gajou since he often helped-cum-interfered with her missions before. New Year’s Eve is here and Kojou is more worried since no word from Nagisa. Didn’t he say Kannawa is a pretty isolated place with rare handphone coverage? Anyway, the whole gang is here dressed up perfectly in their kimono to visit the shrine. Despite the sweltering heat, I know why the girls don’t mind dressing up to look this good… Kojou then receives mail from his sister. However it is a picture of a magic circle. So worried that he doesn’t have a piece of mind during the shrine visit. His fortune reading is cursed. Twice! But I’m thinking more of his curse on the opposite gender… Kojou then realizes the magic circle looks familiar. It is the one probably used by Sayaka as she is the only one Yukina knows who has mastered it. However she heard rumours of an easier weapon that could imitate it. Kojou tries to call Sayaka (why is Asagi concerned he has her number?) but she didn’t pick up. He wants to go see her and that is when Asagi puts her foot down. She hints her parents aren’t at home and wonders if he would like to come. Turns out it is to use her computers to hack and find the whereabouts of Gajou and Nagisa. What were you thinking they were going to do???!!! Disappointed?

It seems father and daughter are really having a swell time visiting many places having fun on their way to Kannawa. But they realize something strange. Their travel is too smooth. There should have been traffic at this time of the year. Like as though there is some huge barrier unconsciously making others avoiding roads to Kannawa. The JSDF seems to be behind this but the ones ordering them is SDC. Yukina is shocked. She wants to go investigate. Kojou can’t leave her and follows. It seems SDC is a dummy organization created by the Lion King to handle magical disasters. She fears Nagisa may have been caught up in one. She needs to go to the shop where they met Nyanko to confirm it. Since it is close, Yukina is desperate enough to try and break it down! Luckily Kojou stops her (via hugging?) and rationales how Lion King has factions in power struggle she may not know about. He assures her Sayaka won’t betray her. Coincidentally Kiriha is here and she knows what is happening. But once they hear it, they’ll regret it. Asagi is at the airport when she notices guards are trying to arrest her. Run! Kojou and Yukina go to see Natsuki for a way off Itogami. Wait. Astarte and Kanon streaking naked in her house? Because Kojou is starring for a few seconds in shock, enough for Yukina to call him a pervert and beat him up!? Where was he supposed to look, huh?! Okay, anywhere but loli tits and body. Back to serious business, Natsuki will not help him get off the island. And this is illegally. Because if he does it legally, it means registering with the government and thus revealing his identity as a vampire. She warns him not to interfere no matter how worried he is for Nagisa. When he decides to go find another person for help, Natsuki chains him down. She will not let him leave Itogami no matter what.

Episode 5
Flashback shows Kiriha explaining a God slaying relic crashed at Kannawa decades ago. The lake there is artificial. What if the damn built there was to seal it and that seal is now becoming undone? Natsuki is not pleased he knows this much but since he doesn’t remember Nagisa has undone the seal once, it shows his memory hasn’t fully returned. Nina breaks him free and distracts Natsuki so Kanon could let them escape. It feels more than coincidence when Kiriha picks them up. It seems she is helping them as to piss off Lion King as both organizations aren’t seeing eye to eye. Kojou plans to see Vatler’s help but Kiriha has done his fake ID papers. So Kojou and Yukina are going to leave the island as a married couple? And he is mad about Yukina being older than him?! However they are stopped by a magical barrier. Looks like Natsuki is here. Or at least her replica. With Kojou being persistent, Natsuki explains about the holy relic and how Avrora is sleeping inside Nagisa. Oh, his memories coming back now? Not quite. Just more confusing ones. Natsuki assures Lion King is only interested in Avrora’s power and no intention of harming Nagisa who will be very well protected. Although Kojou realizes Lion King did not betray them and never told them so as not to let Kojou interfere in fear his power may hasten the seal’s undoing, he still wants to go save his sister. He tries to fight back but Kanon saves him and they both get absorbed into her magical barrier. Meanwhile Asagi continues to run. Mogwai leads her out and even calls Lydianne for back up. When she is cornered, all the guards are taken out by Meiga. This allows Asagi to leave the island.

While Kiriha and Yukina teams up to fight Natsuki’s replica, Kojou and Kanon are inside the prison barrier and before them is Natsuki in her sexy grownup form. She continues to explain Lion King’s objective is to seal the relic for good and Kojou’s power might wake it up. If so, wouldn’t that be the same for Nagisa and Avrora? But Avrora knows a spell to seal it. And nothing will happen to her soul since she is already dead and it is a leftover fragment shaving away Nagisa’s life. She never said this before since Kojou will not listen. Yup, he still won’t. He tries to fight her but gets overwhelmed. Kojou is such a main character because Astarte ‘defects’ to block Natsuki’s attack. Then she tells Kanon to get naked. She meant, let him take your blood. Yikes, does she even need to take off her bra?! Oh, maybe she doesn’t want to stain it. And so Kanon is now officially part of his harem as he sinks her teeth in. Kojou may not be able to use his magic in here but he can sure unleash it outside. By summoning Mearthim-Adamas, he aids Yukina outside who is already activating some divine mode to destroy the replica once and for all. Overpowered. Overkill. Because of that, Natsuki decides to let Kojou go. She can’t have him destroy Itogami at this rate. Oh, so show a bit of your power and she sets him free? She gives him a ‘farewell present’. Sorry Kojou. Not sexy Natsuki time. It’s homework for you. And the worse part of it is to convince Yukina he isn’t a lolicon for aiming Kanon and Natsuki. Because he is describing how voluptuously sexy this Natsuki is. She’s even madder. You can’t never win this sh*t. Kiriha hates to break their ‘flirting’ but they shouldn’t waste time getting off the island. However Paper Noise stops them. Identifying herself as one of the 3 leaders of Lion King and her real name as Shizuka Koyomi, she won’t be as lenient as Natsuki to let him get off this island and have come to seal him here.

Knight Of Sinful God Arc

Episode 6
When Gajou and Nagisa arrived at a shrine in Kannawa, Gajou went to look for Tanzawa but was attacked by Shio Hikawa and Yuiri Haba from Lion King. He fights back causing one of them to unleash a magic circle in which Nagisa took a picture. But Gajou gives up when he realizes the JSDF has Nagisa in their hands. Gajou is imprisoned and he can tell what is going on. He knows JSDF is cooperating with Lion King and their target is the seal named Avalon at the bottom of the lake. When this old priestess lady, Hisano asks Gajou about his children, his mind starts to hurt. She believes his memories were consumed as a result from the Fourth Progenitor’s resurrection. She has Yuiri follow her while Shio guard Gajou. She assures their mission is the same as his: To kill Avrora. Nagisa is enjoying the hotspring but feels lonely. But she won’t be as Shirona Kuraki accompanies her. She allows her to touch her boobs?! Nagisa doesn’t hesitate and could have almost lost herself. Yeah, looks like it is payback as Shirona fondles her back! And at other places! It gets weird because Shirona’s hair grows long like as though they’re going to tentacle rape Nagisa as she passes out. At JSDF’s camp, Hisano talks to Major Tatsumi Azama about Avalon. Shirona joins them and it seems she is one the powerful Three Saints. Hisano asks Yuiri’s opinion on this. She feels it is something different and not an incarnation of disaster. Hisano wants Yuiri to take her place then. Nagisa wakes up and thought Shirona’s molestation will pick up where they left off?! Well, they’re in Nagisa’s unconscious mind as Shirona explains about the ceremony to suppress Avalon. She believes it is for Nagisa’s good as they will use Avrora’s power to seal it once and for all and free Nagisa from Avrora’s soul feeding on her life force. However Nagisa is in distress. She warns Avalon isn’t a seal and Avrora was keeping watch over it. Too late because the entire area is now frozen and there are monster bugs attacking the JSDF.

Gajou and Shio fight their way through. Apparently Gajou can do miraculous stuff like walking through solid objects and pulling out ridiculous weapons from his pocket because during his time lost in some central Asian ruins, his entire research team was killed and he is the only survivor. Since half his body is still stuck on the other side, he can literally pull up this kind of stuffs. The casualties are high. Azama is missing and presumed killed in action so Lieutenant Mikage Okiyama assumes command. Shirona wakes up and explains she was wrong Avalon. It isn’t a seal. It was just using them by absorbing knowledge of priestesses who had been sacrificed for it and waited for the right time to activate. Gajou and Shio come into Avrora. He assures her nobody hates her. Not Kojou too. She reverts back to Nagisa and passes out. Yuiri is confronted with a naked and seemingly retarded girl. Meanwhile Kojou wakes up in an inn. Yukina is so happy that she hugs him. Time for Kiriha to tease about it and lie how Kojou grab her boobs during his sleep. Yeah, Yukina just wants to accuse him somehow. This coming from somehow whose yukata is so undone like as though she just came out from a porn shoot. Haha! Anyway, they remember how they easily lost to Paper Noise as she is the chief of the Three Saints and one of the strongest attack mages in Japan. When sexy bikini babes come in to serve them, they remember it was Vatler who somewhat saved them from Paper Noise. However they aren’t on his ship and are just walking distance to Kannawa’s lake.

Episode 7
Lydianne and Asagi are reaching Kannawa’s lake. They are besieged by those monster bugs. They try to protect a young kid they spot in the midst of it but failed. That kid turns out to be Ibliss Bal-Aziz, a direct descendent of the Second Progenitor. Yeah, he doesn’t need your protection and can kick ass but the consideration of protecting him is appreciated. They even have some food and strike up some weird friendship! The retard girl seems to be attached to Yuiri so Hisano has her escort her to the rear lines to help the wounded JSDF. We take a detour as we see Kiriha trolling Kojou with her bikini fanservice in the outdoor hotspring. She can tell his right hand is still numb due to Paper Noise sealing it. She is also here to say goodbye since Taishikyoku has recalled her for a mission to destroy magical beasts at Kannawa’s lake since Lion King has failed. I don’t know why he doesn’t want to let her go but it looked like he was going to rape her so you bet Yukina isn’t going to forgive this naked pervert and not giving him a chance to explain himself. Gajou and Shio stumble into Hisano. They thought she destroyed all the monster bugs but they were already like this when she got here. They are attacked by a wyvern rider. They realize he is the one who eradicated the monster bugs. Hisano and Gajou get seriously injured trying to fight him. Don’t worry, Vatler is here to save the day. He has his subordinates tackle the wyvern rider as Ibliss’ side comes into the picture. They deduce the wyvern rider is from the Holy Massacre faction and thus a Knight of the Sinful God. Since Vatler’s subordinates couldn’t finish the job, time for Ibliss to show his true might. However the wyvern rider makes a tactical retreat.

Yuiri learns retard girl’s name is Grenda. Their truck is being attacked by a golem controlled by that wyvern rider. Yuiri tries to protect her but is overwhelmed. Grenda cannot bear to see this and summons a magical beast to fight. The wyvern rider has been waiting for this moment and captures the beast. Luckily, guess who is here to save their skin? It’s Kojou and Yukina’s turn. Realizing Kojou as the Fourth Progenitor, the wyvern rider escapes. Ibliss seeks an explanation from Shio but her oath says she cannot tell him. So Gajou explains about this Avalon weapon of mass destruction thingy they were trying to seal but everything went wrong and hell broke loose. Ibliss believes what was lying underneath the lake isn’t a weapon but a divine instrument or treasured vessel powerful enough to be the Sinful God’s successor. Shio notes she saw a dragon protecting it albeit for a second. Asagi interjects a dragon should be easy to spot since there are lots of JSDF personnel around. Then Gajou realizes something fishy is going on. Azama and his team return and wants to take charge of Nagisa, since tending the wounded is their priority. However Shio draws her arrow at him. Kojou is glad Nagisa is safe, though he doesn’t care much about his dad. They are approached by Lieutenant Ueyanagi of the JSDF claiming they are under orders from Azama to escort them since they were just under attacked. They also want to take charge of Grenda. But not so fast, Kojou tells them. He smells something fishy too. If Yuiri only recently knew about Grenda’s name, how the heck do they even know her name? Shio explains something about the JSDF being too weak and ill prepared for mission. She calls out to Azama as a Knight of Sinful God.

Episode 8
Ueyanagi summons magic to transform into some beast. Azama warns Shio to drop her weapon for one last time. Shirona tells Shio to ignore that order as she has relieved Azama from his duty. She reveals one of Lion King’s objectives is to lure out the Holy Massacre faction inside JSDF. Azama escapes on a wyvern provided by Okiyama. Yeah, she’s part of it too. Ueyanagi loses since his magic tool is only a replica and inferior imitation. He thought Azama is here to help take him away but instead got killed to be put out of his misery. When Yuiri gets injured during the attack, Grenda goes berserk, transforms into a dragon and drags her friends away. Is this time to be concerned about the ambiguous lewd position they are in? When Yuiri wakes up, she is healed. They are resting in a mountain cabin for the time being. Kojou gets blamed of course since Yuiri is half naked despite it is Yukina the one who undressed her. They talk about their old times and the possibility that Yuiri could have been in Yukina’s place to protect Kojou. Yuiri observes the duo and they’re so fluid in sharing things that she blows her top they’re like a married couple?! WTF?! Even this prompts Grenda to ask Yuiri if she likes Kojou. That is put on hold when Azama is here to talk. He asks Kojou about his views on the current world. Due to some war, it has warped this world and its rules. Of course their goal isn’t to become God as humans can’t be one. But they sure can resurrect and control that God. Isn’t that like playing God itself? Grenda is supposed to be that vessel they want to use to bring down Itogami. This method will allow them to get rid of all demons and the likes and return the world to its normal state. This means Kojou will get to be a normal human again. It sounds tempting at first but seeing he sacrifices comrades and drag innocent bystanders into the mess, he isn’t going to give Grenda to this piece of sh*t. I guess the next option is for Kojou to die. Azama has Okiyama as back as her military craft turns into some dragon golem.

Azama continues explaining about the Node, a world where the banished the Sinful God, Cain. It is a place where demons and magic do not exist and hence Azama’s armour has links to it and in a way is able to nullify their magic and destroy demons like Kojou. Azama opens a portal to trap Kojou inside the Node. Grenda dives in and shocks everyone. Inside this void, Grenda comes to get Kojou. She will take him back and make everyone happy. You mean make his harem happy? So she goes through his memories of, uhm, naked girls?! I figure naked Yukina is the top of the list so she eggs him to bite her. He might be biting Yukina but that is actually Grenda. Because of that, he is able to jump out of the Node (something about absorbing Cain’s memories for that too). Now for some Kojou lecture. If Azama had the thought of fixing this world, why did he become a terrorist? It isn’t the world is warped. It is him! If he insists in taking Grenda, he’ll just have to stop him. Azama stabs himself to gain more magic power. Kojou vows not to let him die and make him repent so he summons his familiar to pummel him down. Same for Yukina to Okiyama (with some help from Lydianne and Ibliss’ power blast). Everything is over for now. But not for Kojou. Asagi heard he is the Fourth Progenitor and wants an explanation. What a better way to deflect that topic by commenting on her swimsuit. He may be labelled a pervert and abused but guess it’s better than grilling him about being that. And now the biggest b*tching of all, Yukina accusing him of sucking Grenda’s blood and turning her into part of his harem. On top of that, he might be seeing Yukina’s naked body but it was actually Grenda’s. Worse, she thinks her naked body doesn’t interest her at all. You can never win this sh*t!!! In the aftermath, Vatler and La Folia investigate the inferior magic tools left behind by the Knights. They observe the Knights had no interest in the Priestess of Cain because of 2 possibilities. One, they don’t know her. Two, there could be another Priestess of Cain. You bet your ass it’s going to be the latter.

Strike The Stud!
Phew! It ended! I don’t know if I could take it anymore because it was getting more and more confusing as more and more of the twists and revelations in the plots come to surface. Even if I am wrong and had this feeling the last episode feels rushed, it sets up for another arc that would bring everything one step closer to a big chaotic mess. Sorry Vatler, looks like things aren’t going to get fun for me.

So there are only 2 kinds of people who watch this show. One who is in for the complicated and convoluted plot over plot and ever increasing number of characters into the mix. Then there is the other category of ‘simpler’ people who are here just to watch the hijinks Kojou and his harem girls will have. No prizes to guess which one I belong to.

Just like in the first season, the thing that I didn’t really like most is how confusing and long winding the story and plot are. It might look simple of bad guys trying to do something bad and the good guys in the form of teens thwarting them and save the day (as well as whoever is the damsel in distress as added bonus). But I assure you it is more than that. It brings back horrific memories while watching To Aru Majutsu No Index. So for this season, I thought the plot was pretty decent and not hard to follow. At least for the first 2 arcs. And then when the final arc came, woah, it just felt like the storywriter dropped an atomic bomb of plots all over the place. Nagisa being kidnapped and the sealing of Avalon was just a façade for something even more complicating and perplexing. I couldn’t really follow it. By the time the middle episode of this final arc gets underway, I was already so lost. Yeah, it’s like almost everybody has got a hand in almost everything. Whatever. Don’t get me started on the terminologies used in the series…

Then there are the characters too. I feels like each arc introduces us to at least a new character. For every ‘important’ character, they have this sort of grand and fancy titles and nickname that sounded like they were made up a few seconds ago. And then they are like related to this and that with their purpose coming into the scene is because of this and that. It only furthers to baffle me even further as I am already struggling to comprehend what is going on. And now with a new character coming into the fray, oh boy, it’s going to be more taxing on my simpleton brain. And that itself doesn’t count a handful of old recurring characters. Like Vatler. I don’t think he is done with but in the final arc, he making his appearance and what’s this sh*t about him with knowing Ibliss and carrying out Warlord’s mission, I give up. I might have forgotten a lot of this dude but now my mind is totally blank. I tried reading my previous blog but at this point I am equally lost. So now Asagi is somebody big too? Oh dear. Somehow I am regretting my wish in my previous blog for other girls in Kojou’s harem to get more of the spotlight. La Folia had hers in the first season, that’s why she was so ‘missing’ here. At least she appeared in the final scene of the last episode. Unlike Yuuma who is completed missing. (Unless I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice her miniscule cameo).

So let me take some time off and cool my mind by just mentioning about how I noticed that in every arc, it seems that Kojou will be getting a new girl in his harem, officially or unofficially. You think having a stalker who keeps giving excuses it is her job to observe him (as well as the catchphrase of the series: Kojou: “It’s my fight!”; Yukina: “No senpai, it’s our fight!”), a tsundere, a childhood friend-cum-hacker, a little sister, her best friend and a friendly princess would be enough. That is not counting the loli teacher and other very minor characters having seen some potential to be part of his harem. And now with this second season, you have a loli succubus officially into the mix, a confrontational teaser and possibly some hot chicks in JSDF. Heck, he has even got some very important key vessel to a God officially part of his harem too. The last bit probably would go to Gajou since Shio and Yuiri are warming up to him. Yeah, like father like son. But looks like Yuiri may be ‘defecting’ to Kojou so it’ll be one big happy harem family by the time the next arc rolls about. So folks, hold on to your girl tight. Otherwise they would cross over to them.

They don’t spam the fanservice in your face every 5 seconds but there are sparingly throughout the series enough to make those waiting for such scenes to pop up to ‘wake up’ till the next fanservice scene happens. So keep a lookout for those panty flashing scenes. Oh, because this sequel is OVA, there are a handful of bare tits. Kojou you lucky bastard!!! The girls always blame him for being a pervert when I believe they are the ones who are the real perverts because if they can come to a conclusion of whatever false perversion he has in his mind, doesn’t this make them the ones with a dirty mind? Yeah, the guy always takes the fall when it comes to such naughty things. But still, having a harem beating you up for it is much better than without a harem at all. Kojou you damn lucky bastard!!!

But the thing about Kojou as the main character, not only is he dense about him being the centre of attraction among the girls (Kojou you f*cking damn lucky bastard!!!) but also has the cliché main character trait. For example when he wants to leave Itogami and Natsuki didn’t allow him, somebody has got to give way, right? The way it ended shows that as long as you don’t agree with someone, all you need to do is be stubborn, fight and beat the hell out of your opponent till he/she agrees. That is an ingredient of being a main character! No wonder the girls love him. And what is a great guy without his girls? Every great man there is a great woman behind him. In Kojou’s case, many of them. So if he is down for the count, you can bet his girls will offer themselves freely to take their blood. F*ck! Must they take off their entire clothes just for him to bite the shoulder? I mean, can he just bite on their arm? Maybe he needs to stimulate some blood to that part ‘down there’ too.

At this point, I am also starting to realize a major pattern in the fight sequences. When somebody is getting owned, somebody else, usually our heroes will turn up to save the day. Therefore our victims can never lose because our heroes always turn up in the nick of time to unleash their special attacks and fend off the enemy. So the action bits aren’t a masterpiece but an excuse to show whatever skills our characters have. Spouting fancy words and chants, they get to pull off equally fancy and flashy moves with lots of effects. Yeah, it’s like the one with the better effects wins. Usually. I don’t see any difference anyway. Maybe I don’t know how to appreciate. I’m just here for the harem.

The opening and ending themes are rock based, befitting the pace of the series. Not bad but not my cup of tea either. Blood On The Edge by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets is the opener while Fortune Number 0405 by Risa Taneda as the ending theme. With the new season, a host of new casts joining the line-up that includes Yukiyo Fujii as Kiriha (Latifa in Amagi Brilliant Park), Nao Touyama as Yume (Chitoge in Nisekoi), Sayaka Senbongi as Yuiri (AnchoR in Clockwork Planet), Kaede Hondo as Shio (Kon in Urara Meirochou), Mutsumi Tamura as Ibliss (Sonya in Kill Me Baby), Yasuyuki Kase as Gajou (Kankurou in Naruto), Kazue Nomiya as Hisano (Ran in Urusei Yatsura), Satomi Sato as Shirona (Wendy in Fairy Tail), Misaki Watada as Grenda (Michiru in Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi No Togi) and (Sho Hayami as Azama (Aizen in Bleach).

Overall, the second season can be viewed as a double edged sword. Because of all its complex jargons, plot and characters, the series is great. However it is bogged down by the cheap fanservice and harem factor that it is bundled with. It is true vice versa for simpletons like me. A great series because of the fanservice and harem but damn those jargons, confusing plots and characters bogged it all down. So I’m wishing for more cheesy fanservice and harem if they ever make more sequels out of it even if it dilutes the value and reputation of the series. Because it is my right! No senpai, it is our right! Otakus for fanservice and harem unite!

Renai Boukun

September 9, 2017

Oh wait. Did they make some sort of parody to Death Note? Because this time instead of writing the names of people and killing them off instantly, the names you write in this notebook will have you fall in love instantly after kissing. Wait. What? Whatever. Apparently this is what it is in Renai Boukun. And apparently this is how angels or cupids pair up couples. Forget your typical bow and arrow. All you need is a pen and a notebook to write down those names and seal their fate together forever. It might seem pretty normal by today’s standards. But imagine having being forced to have a violent killer girl, a lesbian girl and the angel herself become part of your harem. All in the name of love.

Episode 1
Seiji Aino kicks out Guri, thinking she is some sort of scam. He is forced to hear her out as she is throwing a tantrum. Apparently she has this Kiss Note in which couples’ name who are written in it will have to kiss. As his name is written in it but unpaired, Seiji must kiss somebody or else Guri will die! Go ahead and die then. As she pleads, he rethinks his decision and before he knows it, she has his lips. To prove Kiss Note works, she writes the Prime Minister’s name and the House’s speaker. Now live on TV, 2 grown men kissing each other! Oh, Guri loves yaoi. She further explains she wanted to write the name of a seiyuu and see him kiss another fellow seiyuu but misspelt his name. That’s how she ended up bugging Seiji. To make up for it, she’ll help him find his love in which Kiss Note guarantees both couples to be forever. Otherwise he’ll be a virgin forever. So now they’re at school to find his potential kissing mate and it looks like Seiji has his eyes on the busty and beautiful Akane Hiyama. When Akane talks to him, Guri tries to prove she is invisible by pulling her pants down! However she can see her! But when Akane learns Seiji has kissed Guri, she views he has cheated on her and now he must die! But they aren’t dating. For now no. But it might be different in the future and so he must pay! Totally yandere! Guri saves Seiji from her knives, though she got one stuck in her head. Don’t worry, she isn’t dead. You can run but you can’t hide! Akane further reveals she knows Seiji likes her and more than anyone else. That’s why she waited for him to confess. But still, he must die for cheating on her! The next thing they know, their lips locked. Guri has written her name to pair up with Seiji. They’ll forever be a couple! Guri then reveals her true self as an angel. More accurately a cupid. Dressing up like this is her hobby. Then she kisses Seiji. She is interested in this love thingy and writes her name down too. Because the duo are paired with her, they are part angel and cannot die. This means Akane can kill Seiji forever!!! Yandere’s dream come true?!

Apparently Guri now lives with Seiji and has brainwashed his parents to think she is their daughter. Then there is this ugly man faced cat, Coraly. He is Guri’s supervisor and throws a little warning. Now that Seiji and Akane are partly angels, Guri must do her angel job properly (in which she sucks). Otherwise Guri will lose her cupid role and go to hell while the duo’s soul will disappear. After Coraly returns to heaven, Seiji hangs out with Guri seeing the guys in his class are jealousy, about to kill him with his closeness with Akane. Guri steals a kiss from him again. This is witnessed by Yuzu Kichogasaki. She chides him for cheating on Akane and steals Kiss Note. He goes after her and almost gets killed by Akane who believes he is cheating on her again. But when Akane tries to kill Yuzu, there is some barrier protecting her. Yuzu heard about Kiss Note and tried to write her name in it but nothing happens. Guri says only angels can write in it. With Akane infatuated with Seiji, Yuzu blows her top and declares her love with Akane. Oh, so this is yuri now? Let me get this straight. They are also both sisters despite their different surnames?! Yuzu is sad her feelings are tossed aside as Akane blatantly declares her love for Seiji even if there was no Kiss Note. How can we solve this? Guri writes Yuzu’s name in it! Watching yuri and incest will be interesting! Now that she has to kiss one of them, Yuzu is eager to kiss Akane. Oh, so she doesn’t consider this as cheating Seiji? So excited Yuzu going to kiss her that she trips on a stone and accidentally kisses Seiji. More blood is going to spill…

Episode 2
Every morning Yuzu stalks outside Akane’s house just to get the trash she throws out! Seiji’s younger sister, Akua has returned. She doesn’t like her brother much and judo throws him. Akane almost killed her had Seiji didn’t explain about his sister. In school, it seems Guri and Yuzu has teamed up to open a love clinic of their own. What a long queue. When Seiji and Akane bump into their class rep, Mari, they thought she has someone she loves but she points out it is the opposite. Guri and Yuzu read some cheesy love poem that belongs to a teacher, Kusunoki. Turns out this guy is in love with Mari and seeing her freezes him up. Mari has no choice but to straighten him back. And so Guri initiates an operation to get the duo together. Seiji is not so sure about a teacher-student relationship but as Akane points out if Mari doesn’t like him, she should have rejected him outright. So while Guri and Yuzu ‘interrogate’ Kusunoki, Seiji talks directly to Mari to ascertain if she really likes Kusunoki. She dismisses the whole thing as some sort of TV drama and her feelings towards him are like those of a mom. Flashback shows Kusunoki got worried when Mari first read his cheesy poem. But she handled it maturely and encouraged him. That’s when he fell in love with her.

As Seiji tries to cheer Kusunoki up, Yuzu comes in with bad news. Mari is being held hostage in town. Apparently this is a ploy to make Kusunoki look good in Mari’s eyes as Guri plays the kidnapper. However they passed by in front of a bank where a real robbery is taking place and got taken hostage for real. So when the rest arrive, the robbers are relegated to unimportant extras as the gang try to sort out what is going on and Yuzu lecturing Kusunoki the courage to take this chance and prove his love to Mari, etc. One of the robbers can’t take this crap and shoots at Yuzu. Luckily Seiji protects her although he gets a flesh wound. Kusunoki mans up to confront the robbers. He is scared but even more afraid if they hurt her. This has Mari judo throw her perpetrator but Kusunoki can only manage a weak punch in his face. When Akane comes by and learns Seiji’s wound is from the robbers, she goes into demon mode to beat the crap out of them! Only she can hurt Seiji! Scary! Even the cops are afraid. Kusunoki sums up his courage to confess what he plans to confess her someday. Cool Mari somewhat agrees with him since it was her intention. She was waiting for their teacher-student relationship to disappear and wait for him to confess. Since he tends to emotionally act on his own and mess up, it made her worry. But after saying all that, Mari still rejects him. She has a goal to graduate and earn a high income job. A teacher’s salary is low, you know. Yuzu thinks they can still write their names in Kiss Note but Mari prefers the old fashion way. She wouldn’t been able to hear Kusunoki’s true feelings then. Sometimes it is better to enjoy the process of love rather than its realization. Yuzu becomes a tsundere thanking Seiji for saving her.

Episode 3
Guri and Akua meet for the first time. She isn’t too happy hearing about her brother’s harem. After Guri tells Yuzu that Akua somewhat hates her brother, the latter instantly takes a liking for Akua and considers her as her comrade. It seems Yuzu wants to dig up dirt on Seiji. Suddenly a black creature whom Yuzu and Akua know as Stolas appears. They run for their lives. Yuzu bumps into Seiji and tells him about the reappearance of Stolas. Akua is stuck up a tree, lamenting nothing on her side has changed. Stolas turns out to be a penguin. But a dangerous penguin. Guri learnt the hard way when she got beaten up by this crazy bird. Stolas turns his attention to Akua when Seiji arrives on scene. He wants her to jump into his arms like last time. She puts her faith in him and does so. This distraction has Stolas bump into the branch. He is arrested by the police team later. As Seiji carries Akua home, Guri believes Akua actually likes her brother. She denies this and almost strangles him.

Guri wants Seiji to go out on a date with her during the weekend. At the park, they see an ideal couple together. Till other women start showing up and accuse him of cheating. When his true colours are revealed, the girl he is dating now slaps him. He is going to hit her back but Seiji intervenes. But he too gets beaten up. Girl power? They unite to beat this guy up and dump him. Guri gives Seiji a kiss as reward. She likes the part of him of helping a girl but ended up getting punched instead. She then discusses about the reason cupids exist is because people who get together like that are happy couples. They realize too late that Kiss Note is burnt! Apparently one of those women had a candle… Without his love tool, even Coraly is unsure what is going to happen. Guri doesn’t seemed fazed as she believes everything will work out just fine. Seiji thinks all the names and effect in Kiss Note will be nullified. Could it be true because the next day Akane is ignoring him. Later Yuzu pops up to taunt him as she heard rumours Akane has dumped him. But if Kiss Note is no more, does this mean her love for Akane is also nullified? Oh no! Tiara, a fellow angel like Guri passes by. She assures them that everything is alright. She goes around to show them all of Guri’s yaoi pairings are still doing fine. Remember, that notebook is just a tool to create a chance for love even if it’s forceful. Even if the notebook is gone, a complete love won’t be easily torn apart. Because Tiara has retired as a cupid and will be playing housewife to a future child, she gives Guri her handphone which was her Kiss Note. Seiji almost gets killed by Akane’s knife. Suddenly she kisses him. She cries about waiting for him but he never turned up. Apparently she read in a magazine on how to attract a boyfriend by acting coldly and was acting like that on purpose. Then she stabs him to death! Oh, he isn’t dead. Guri has written back everything in her new Kiss Note, Love Phone. Time to die again. Yuzu relishes kissing Akane again but Guri doesn’t want her to bother them. So she’ll have to settle for a yuri kiss with her.

Episode 4
Young Yuzu was told by her mom to stay away from Akane as she is a monster. Seiji and Guri are shocked to see Yuzu attending another school. Guri sneaks in to learn she is waiting for somebody. So this manly girl, Keito is her substitute so she can go stalk on Akane?! Guri’s new Love Phone has this app that shows the love compatibility between 2 selected people. Yuzu wants hers and Akane’s read. Very one-sided… As Seiji seeks Yuzu’s explanation about this morning, Akane says Yuzu is from another school. Though she doesn’t care about Yuzu’s stalking, she warns her about causing her family problems. With Guri reading Akane and Seiji’s compatibility as high, Yuzu can’t take this anymore and runs away. More flashback as Yuzu was saved by Akane from bullying. It was the first time she fell in love with her. Although Yuzu blurted out she loved her, Akane brushed it off as silly. Too deep in her thoughts that she fell into a river and almost drowned. Though Seiji saves her, the river is actually shallow. She blames Seiji for stealing Akane’s heart when she worked so hard just to get Akane to notice her. When Seiji says Akane doesn’t really show signs she likes him, Yuzu slaps him. He is in a position that many would envy and yet he is so humble. So please have more pride in yourself. Yuzu is mad at herself for not being able to make Akane look her way. She will never give up on her. Seiji smiles and praises her as strong because she could get back on her feet after learning about her own weaknesses. Akane is here to pick them up. An umbrella for you Yuzu. Happy? Yeah, Akane gets to share hers with Seiji… Yuzu declares to Akane that she loves her and will continue to watch over her even if she hates her. Guri picks up a high compatibility between Seiji and Yuzu.

A girl named Shikimi Shiramine approaches Guri and Seiji as she wants some love advice for a guy she likes. Guri would love to write their names down but the thing is, she doesn’t know his name! It is love at first sight. They agree to help her find out more about this guy. Guri and Shikimi instantly click since they are into the same yaoi fetish. Shikimi waits for them to go search together but only Seiji turns up. That damn angel must have overslept again. So the duo just go off looking by themselves as Seiji explains his troubles with his harem and also explains more than he should about his immortality. It seems the place where Shikimi first saw her crush is an abandoned house. Is she in love with a ghost?! As Shikimi describes her crush that closely resembles Seiji, he suddenly gets trapped in some web. Shikimi reveals that crush of hers is Seiji and takes off her disguise to reveal her true sexy evil form. She proceeds torturing him (it turns her on) and it seems she wants to become an immortal too and steal him from his girls. Guri arrives late at the meeting place. She was packing her BL material? She tells this to Akane and Yuzu. Obviously Akane gets furious learning Seiji is ‘dating’ another girl. Well, what better way to quickly find Seiji than to tell a yandere, right? But when Guri mentions Shikimi’s name, the duo are surprised because they know who she is.

Episode 5
Shikimi is Akane and Yuzu’s cousin. Akane arrives in time and tries to kill her but Shikimi playfully dodges every strike. Shikimi reveals her special skill is to steal anything and topping that is to break the things others love in front of them. Since she is also a masochist, she is the ultimate pervert. Yuzu tries to protect Akane. Her barrier keeps Shikimi away. Shikimi notes she has gotten stronger unlike Akane who has disappointingly gotten weaker. She quips the irony of a weapon girl needed to be protected by a shield. Shikimi laughs in delirium that Seiji doesn’t know what is going on. But when Akane doesn’t want her to tell the reason because she doesn’t want Seiji to hate her, she throws a tantrum. She doesn’t like this normal girl expression and wants the old Akane back. Maybe if she kills Seiji she’ll go back to normal. All the heavy atmosphere is diffused when dumb Guri comes in wearing a prawn mascot outfit. With Shikimi being the smooth operator, dumb Guri converses with her like a happy girl as Shikimi uses her web to keep the others shut. Seiji fears Guri might add Shikimi’s name to the Love Phone and into their equation as she wanted. However Guri declines her. Wait. Does she have common sense? Why not? Guri can feel Shikimi doesn’t have love (despite Guri doesn’t even know what love is) and is empty. Shikimi retreats for now since she got a call from Akane’s mom. She hopes the next time she comes back, Akane will become stronger. She is her favourite toy after all. In the aftermath, Seiji doesn’t blame Akane for whatever despite she hasn’t begin explaining anything. What might seem like Seiji sleeping, Guri realizes he is dead! For real! Akane wanted to kill herself to join him but Guri reminds her like in the fairytale whereby the prince kisses the princes to wake up. After 15 minutes… Nothing happens…

Seiji is of course in heaven as he meets Coraly. He is ushered to see Kami who is obviously God. No surprise he is Coraly’s father (and father to all angels too) but he looks and acts like a hippie old man?! So where is his wife? She ran away when she cheated on him. It’s complicated… Anyway, Kami is here to ask Seiji’s opinion of Guri taking over his place. Not a chance. Too bad. It has already been decided. But before she becomes that, she must know what love is. And this is what Kami wants Seiji to teach her. She was always playing all day but something changed when she met him. Wow. God begging before a human for the job?! Then herald in this slick guy, Maou. Yeah, he is the demon king. He wants Guri to fail and fall to hell so that he could groom her to be the best devil prankster. The big bosses argue that could start Armageddon but Seiji cuts in and believes Guri won’t be interested in both. Her attention span won’t last that long. Kami agrees knowing Guri’s free spirit. But it’s time for Seiji to go back or else staying too long he won’t be able to go back. Akane is trying to kill Guri for trying to kiss Seiji awake. Now his body is left alone. Yuzu having the same kissing thoughts… But Seiji pops back to life, freaking her out. Akane is so relieved that her hug could crush him back to death. Guri is nonchalant and knows he went to heaven. Where could he go after dying, right? With Guri so carefree, Seiji wonders if it is possible to teach her about love.

Episode 6
Akua seems happy when Seiji asks her to join him to go to the beach. All that turn into disappointment when he brought along his harem too. What a bummer. Despite Akane trying to get friendly with her future sister, Akua keeps her distance. Seiji tries to go get food when he stumbles upon Shikimi working in a beach house. She wants to get nasty with him but he advises her not to use her body so easily. Unamused with his virgin pride, she decides to tell him what is happening with their families. Akane never showed emotions as a child and she loved those cold eyes. At least that was how Akane’s mom raised her. Akane’s family is the spear and Yuzu’s family is the shield. This means they are both rivals. Shikimi’s family is a branch and does stuffs for the main family. Both Akane and Yuzu’s mom are now on bad terms. Seiji stops her from continuing. He doesn’t want to know more behind their back and would prefer them to tell him when they’re ready. Shikimi hopes it doesn’t take too long because it might be over by then. She wanted to play with Akane, that’s why she wanted her to be stronger. Otherwise her family is going to destroy her. Meanwhile Akua is being attacked by Stolas! Luckily Akane saves her but devil woman and demon penguin face off. But what’s this? Akane losing?! OMG! Is this true?! Because Stolas keeps b*tching about her being weak, she is sick of hearing it and summons her hidden strength to defeat him. Seiji returns and they’re not too happy he wasn’t around in their time of need. Was he trying to hit on girls? Akane wanted to kill him but Akua whispers Seiji likes strong girls so at least she’s got that going for her.

Guri has the gang gather at school at night to play kimodameshi. This is also because a pair of high school lovers wants to become a couple tonight and has Guri as their mediator. But via kimodameshi? As they walk around, they start getting chased by ghosts and even some famous horror characters. Sorry Chucky, you’re no match for Akane. In a room, Akane and Guri get absorbed by a mirror and when they come to, they realize they’re on the rooftop. Akane takes this chance to ask Guri if she likes Seiji. Yes. But Akane believes she isn’t sure. Because if she truly loves him, why does she constantly saves her rival and keep him at his mercy? If she just wants to prolong this friendship game then stay away from him because she’s just being a nuisance. Seiji carries Yuzu on her back upon realizing she has trying to act brave but is at her limits. They look like a couple but the tsundere denies. When they finally reach the rooftop which is the goal, they see Akane and Guri beating up those ghosts! Guri then reveals the pair are ghosts. Their relationship was not accepted and the ghosts who are jealous of them made a bet that they would only pass on if they reached the rooftop. After Guri marks them in her Love Phone, they pass on. Guri observes Akane interacting with Seiji and remembers what she also told her. Being in love means that whether you are happy or sad, your heart aches. Guri is left confused. Oh, Akane is going to kill Seiji for having Yuzu on his back. Is this part of love too?

Episode 7
Seiji and Coraly are shocked to see Guri trying to stab herself?! Actually she’s trying to find out what it means from Akane’s words about your heart hurting from loving someone. She’s taking it too literally… Guri wants to go to the festivals with him but he can’t. Apparently he is already ‘booked’ by Akane to go to the aquarium. She throws a tantrum and runs off. That is when she bumps into a handsome guy who tries to hit on her. She allows him to date her as she complains how her ‘boyfriend’ won’t go to places she wants. So he takes her to the festivals and they do look like a real couple. The guy tries to persuade her he is a better boyfriend that Seiji and that she doesn’t like him. But as he tries to kiss her, Seiji’s image flashes through her mind. She pokes his eyes and tells him despite all she said, she would still rather hold hands and kiss Seiji. As she runs back, her sandal straps break but she falls into Seiji’s arms. He starts whining about her wanting to do all this and how do you shut him up? With a kiss! Akane not amused… But Guri tells her she might not understand what she said but she still prefers Seiji anytime. Akane tries to kill her… It seems that handsome guy was under the spell of Maou. Coraly warns him about meddling denies he did so directly and promises he won’t. He doesn’t want Guri to hate him. Meanwhile Akane’s mom, Suo confronts Shikimi and knows she has met with her daughter. She wants to know what kind of relationship Akane has with Seiji. Akane is then captured, tied up and beaten up. Suo wants her to break up with him now. She has no choice but to comply.

Guri is having coffee with Yuzu as the latter explains how her natural barrier powers made others stay away from her. Her servant, Tarou Tsuruoka then rushes in to tell of a bad news. Akane remembers her mom telling her to give her heart to others because it will be a weakness and no knife sharp enough will save her. That is why she rejected boys who confessed to her. Till she met Seiji in an alley. He is ‘blinded’ by his cat as he was taking it to the vet for treatment. Seeing he called her a kind person, she was moved and had this notion of always wanting to see him. Meanwhile Seiji is being targeted by the mafia?! Of course he can’t die. Luckily Akua is here to beat them all up. As he thinks if this is Shikimi’s ploy, that girl pops up to reveal it is Suo’s plan to hurt him once she learnt that Akane is dating him. Now she is held captive and they might not see her again. The family has this rule of not falling in love and Akane broke that rule. Shikimi suggests going to rescue her but since Seiji is unsure if he’ll be a nuisance, Akua beats him up and tells him off Akane is her girlfriend and that should be enough to get him moving. Yuzu and Guri are also making their move to rescue Akane.

Episode 8
Guri and Yuzu think they can get past the agents with their cosplay? Well… Guri uses her Love Phone to make them gays! When they find Akane, she immediately attacks them. Guri doesn’t believe Akane’s words that she is dumping Seiji out of her own choice since she was always talking about him. Suo steps in. She is not amused Guri is trying to lure her daughter down the wrong path. Guri says she is Akane’s friend. Shikimi then brings Seiji into the picture. She starts torturing him since Akane doesn’t need him anymore. Seiji doesn’t mind it because he is used to it and Akane’s torture is worse. Suo then slaps Akane. She gives her a sword to show her loyalty. Akane draws the sword to Seiji’s neck. She says she doesn’t love him anymore. Really? With that crying face? Akane goes into complete breakdown as she hugs him. She was fully prepared to give up on him but realizes that she loves him. Guri is happy Akane is back to normal. She starts teasing her and kisses Seiji! Akane would want to kill her now but she has mom to deal with first. Suo is going to deal her punishment when Yuzu’s mom, Ameisha steps in. Seeing a wound on her daughter’s face, she becomes enraged and faces off Suo in an epic power battle! Woah! These hot mamas are really more powerful than a certain cupid! They’re wrecking the place up! Seiji wants to know what is going on so the girls explain. Akane’s family does shady business by disposing anything at any request. Yuzu’s family is the opposite as they protect anybody as per requests. Knowing better about their family structure, Seiji says it is not enough for him to hate them. In addition, Suo and Ameisha fell in love with the same man who would later become their father. Ever since father left Suo, she devoted herself to the family as if in hopes to forget everything. She also tried to raise Akane this way.

Akane wants to be with Seiji so she pleads to mom she wants to love him even if it makes her pathetic or betraying the family. Guri rubbishes the thought that Suo would hate her daughter because she can sense she loves her instead. Ameisha starts laughing at this side of hers. Then she tells her there is no reason to go so far to protect her daughter just because she was hurt once. Ameisha won’t deny that part in herself because it shows she is proud of herself for loving him. After Seiji assures he won’t make Akane sad, Suo lets them do whatever they want. But since she still won’t forgive, she will kill Seiji whenever she gets the chance. Now that things are back to normal, Akane tries to kill Guri for kissing Seiji. Guri claims she was just trying to support her friend. Friend? They’re rivals! Akane pecks Yuzu’s forehead as reward for saving her. She melts into a slime. Ameisha is shocked to learn Yuzu is in love with Akane but at the same time dating Seiji. She starts hounding Tsuruoka for details since he never reported any of it. Shikimi seems to be the only one who isn’t too happy about the outcome. She notices each time Guri is involved, things get boring. Akane once thought of a future without Seiji. Now she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. She is glad to have fallen in love with him. Guri starts to worry when she sees Akane and Seiji’s genuine smile together.

Episode 9
It’s back to the usual fighting between Akane and Guri. But Guri starts to notice the closer she gets to love, the more like an outsider she feels. Here is some news for you: Shikimi is a new transfer student in their class! She assures she is only here to watch them as per requested by Suo and Ameisha. She won’t do anything as long as there are no problems. Well, Akane is already in a bad mood… Later Yuzu confronts Shikimi about her whatever schemes. However Shikimi turns the tables by messing with her head if Yuzu doesn’t want her interfering is it because for Akane or Seiji. She can tell Yuzu looks lost. Yuzu remembers mom said something similar. Yuzu was praising Akane while vilifying Seiji. Ameisha could order Seiji to be taken out then but Yuzu doesn’t want that. Instead she’ll solve this herself. Seiji thinks that Shikimi enjoys seeing them in trouble. Maybe if they could get along well in front of everybody. Akane is quick to suggest he just needs to kiss her in public. Guess what? If she can get along with Guri, he’ll do so. A small price to pay for his kiss. Try to control yourself from killing her, okay? The class will be doing a play for the cultural festival. They have decided to make Shikimi the princess, Akane the knight and Guri the love rival. Later Yuzu who is still confused about her feelings, bumps into Seiji. She kisses him! OMG! She claims this is to ascertain her feelings because if she doesn’t feel anything about that kiss it proves… Oh wait. She’s getting so emotional and running away?

Ever since, Yuzu has not snuck into Akane’s class but she is going crazy thinking about everything in her own real class. Banging her head on the desk? Is she alright? Apparently not. After school, she is shocked Seiji is waiting for her at the gates. He is worried she didn’t show up and is here to tell her she too has a part in the play. That’s all? Is he here just to tell her that? When he tries to understand her feelings, she whacks him and leaves. During the play, Shikimi is natural (obvious), Akane sucks and Guri is like her usual idiotic self. Akane is blaming Shikimi for making Yuzu ‘missing’. When Yuzu finally shows up, the drama now shifts to this adlib script. Yuzu admits that she kissed Seiji on her own volition. Akane not looking happy. She was doing it to be sure of her unwavering feelings for her. Akane not impressed. Even if those tears are real. So did she get her answer? She doesn’t know. But she knows her love for her will never change. Akane smiles and says she loves her too much that she goes out of her mind with worry. She hugs her and adds there is no harm coming to love someone else other than her. Just relax and face your own feelings. It’ll make things easier. With all the emotional outburst, Akane thinks this is time to show how well she gets along with Guri. OMG! She kissed her! Passionately! Now she is hounding Seiji for a kiss. I’m sure the crowd is confused but they look entertained. After the play, Yuzu continues to be a tsundere to Seiji. She detests him but doesn’t hate him. Say what? Akane regrets her passionate public kiss with Guri. She then warns Shikimi about trying to break them up. It’s useless. Shikimi then goes to mess with Guri that it is obvious Yuzu is attracted to Seiji. But is she okay with that? If Akane and Yuzu keep getting closer to him, will she really feel nothing about it? Think carefully…

Episode 10
After Akua leaves to stay overnight at a friend’s house, here comes Akane knocking on Seiji’s door. Still remember that kiss promise? Yeah… She is really looking forward to it and prepares herself when Guri just came out from the bath. Mood ruined… Since Akane wants to stay, Yuzu is also here to stay. Even if it’s for a night, she brought heaps of luggage. Are we missing somebody? Oh, Shikimi is at the door. Akane threatens her to leave but she threatens to report to their moms. I guess she is staying then. Yeah, the whole gang’s here. So we have some moments like Yuzu cutting her finger while cooking and Seiji treating it. Akane made super amazing dinner for Seiji and Yuzu but only salad for Guri and Shikimi so the latter duo steal and eat the sumptuous portion. Then it is roles reversal when the girls accidentally enter the bath and violated Seiji’s modesty. What’s this about him not becoming a groom anymore? When Akane shares a moment with Seiji, she doesn’t want to force him into kissing as that wouldn’t make her happy. But