Golden Boy

June 27, 2009

I read somewhere long ago about some comment saying that every straight anime guy has to watch Golden Boy. Uh huh. Which means this series must have been filled with lots of adult material and stuff enough to arouse one’s desires and fulfil their deepest lust and wild fantasies of the opposite sex. Sort of.
Well I’m not saying that this series amounts to hentai but seeing that this is a year 1995 anime production, there is some adult material but which I do not find that provoking. Hey, it’s more than a decade ago so I guess I could say such ideas are way ahead of its time (also the fact that I’ve seen more recent and current ecchi animes which are far worse than this standard).
In this 6 episode OVA series, the main protagonist is a 25 year old law student dropout, Kintaro Oe. His current goal in life is to go around learning and experiencing, well erm, life. I guess you can’t learn these kinds of things through textbooks and school. So he goes around wandering from place to place in his bicycle, Crescent Moon, doing various part time jobs while learning things in the process. In each episode, he meets a different girl and of course that’s where the adult stuff comes in.
First impression is that, viewers will think he’s a big time pervert. He is. It’s written all over his face and body actions. At first, you may think he’s writing down important notes in his trusty little notebook but you’ll see that he’s drawing and scribbling notes on beautiful and sexy woman he just met! Ah, if there’s only such subject in school. Not. But don’t write him off yet because there’s more than meets the eye to this wandering pervert. Besides, his favourite motto is "Benkyou" which means how educational or to study, in which Kintaro always take such important ‘life lessons’ as advice during embarrassing or caught-in-the-act moments. So is he really learning? You decide.
Episode 1 – Computer Studies
Kintaro is happily listening to his walkman while peddling his bicycle and wondering what exciting job is in store for him. Because he’s not paying heed to the traffic, a fast speeding Ferrari comes up behind him. Kintaro is surprised and falls off his bicycle into a nearby trash. The person who steps out from the Ferrari is literally an eye opener because she’s a hot sexy blonde in a tight sexy leather outfit. Yeow! Kintaro’s pervertness is kicking in though he’s holding it back. Upon finding out that Kintaro is alright, this lady offers him 1 million Yen as compensation right away! Kintaro of course is stunned by the amount of money and decides to give it back to her as he touches her shoulder. However the lady quickly shoves off his filthy hands and warns him not to touch her before speeding off. You’ll wonder how he scribble and draw that sexy lady in his notebook so fast.
Kintaro takes his bicycle to a repair shop run by an old man who decides not to charge him for the minor repair. Once Kintaro leaves, 2 ruffians approached the old man and threaten to do something if he doesn’t pay up. Kintaro couldn’t take that injustice and walks towards them with that serious look. He seems like as though he’s going to give those gangsters the meaning of his justice. Then he turns into an alley when the ruffians turn and look his way. Hahaha! They continue to harass the old guy with their ‘sweet’ persuasion while Kintaro jots it all down in his notebook behind the corner.
Kintaro arrives at a building whereby he’s supposed to work part time. It looks like a computer programming company and its entire staff are female. Kintaro must be starting to like this place. A staff then introduces Kintaro to her boss of this new recruit, which turns out to be that sexy lady (for easier reference, I’ll call her Sacchou). He’s pretty surprised and pleased to see her so Sacchou gives him a toilet cleaning job. The next scene is disturbing because as Kintaro cleans the toilet bowl, he’s fantasizing how the ‘queen’ puts her butt here and starts rubbing his face all over it in his pleasure! He’s even fantasizing some S&M play and drinks the toilet water spray! Super disgusting! Until Sacchou spots what he is doing. But Kintaro reiterates his passion to work here and even though he isn’t knowledgeable about computer science, he wants to prove it to Sacchou that he can do it. So Sacchou decides to give him a chance. I’m not sure if practicing with a paper keyboard would make a good practice. Tough times he say? Yeah, PCs in those days were expensive.
The day comes when he’s supposed to strut his stuff in front of the girls and he’s like so know-it-all until he sees what the heck is this programming. Yup, he knows nothing except for basic programming. The girls laugh at him and tells him about their more complex C programming. Kintaro gets passionate again and wants Sacchou to give him another chance and that he’ll work for free. Over the next few scenes, Kintaro goes about learning this C programming from the staff in addition to his office cleaning chores. Erm… Aren’t those notes he written down, sketches of those babes? But Sacchou seems to admire his perseverance. Then as he’s cleaning the changing room, he spots a bra and put it on for size until the girls came in. He hides in the locker hoping nobody would catch him in the act. Luckily they didn’t but he has an eyeful of the girls changing as he jots it all down in his notebook.
One evening when everybody has gone home, Kintaro spots a computer left running and takes the liberty to off it so as not to waste electricity. Then he sees Sacchou coming by. Sacchou then is distressed to find that somebody has unplugged the server. Kintaro thinking that he’ll get a reward hug for his deed then admits he’s the one. But he’s being greeted with a furious punch from Sacchou instead. Sacchou explains that by turning off the server means all the valuable data that they have been working on for months have disappeared. Kintaro reassures her that all the information back-up has been written in his little notebook. Sacchou is still furious as he rips his precious notebook to bits. Kintaro is horrified that his life long work has been destroyed. He yells back at her for what she is done as he hold and show the torn notebook at her. It’s funny because Kintaro realized he just showed a page of the sexy woman he sketched. If you hear the English dubbed language, it’s damn funny when he said "Oh shit…". But Sacchou isn’t amused and still pissed that he’s a useless man after all (Sacchou spitting right into Kintaro’s mouth was damn funny!) and wants him to get out of her sight as Kintaro apologizes on all fours. Sacchou says he doesn’t have to worry about money since he pulled that fake million Yen accident. But Kintaro says he already spent it all, which pisses off Sacchou even further as she thinks he has spent it on useless stuff like womanizing and drinking. She continues to torture him by repeatedly stepping on his useless head.
A week later, we see the staff trying to redo and finish the entire project for their client as the deadline looms. Too much coffee and no more goodnight sleep. It’s worse than waking up from the wrong side of the bed or having a bad hair day. However one of the staff noticed a backup of the programme Kintaro erased. Sacchou couldn’t believe that this may be the doing of that useless idiot and checks it out herself. She finds the backup programme more user friendly and a better improvement from theirs. Finally an indication to indicate that this is indeed Kintaro’s doing. Sacchou feels bad and rushes out to search for him. Outside, she spots an old couple (that bike repair shop guy) looking for Kintaro. She learns that the old couple wants to give thanks to this kid who gave them a million Yen to settle their debts but he left without letting know their name. Sacchou then realizes Kintaro gave away the money to a compete unknown stranger and wonders who is he. She gets into her Ferrari and tries to find him. Talk about the instant change in perception. Is she regretting her rash actions and starting to fall for this guy?
But she won’t find Kintaro because he’s happily peddling on his journey. Then the end narration says he’s a law dropout and such. In addition to that, the narrator says how he voluntarily dropped out of school because he mastered the entire curriculum! Wow! So he’s really a genius! That’s why he’s going on a journey to learn about life. Not only that, he goes on to say how Kintaro may one day save Japan and the world! Double wow! A perverted genius? But this shows that Kintaro isn’t all talk and he can really learn and do things in a short period of time. He is truly an angel, a saviour!
Episode 2 – Temptation Of The Maiden
Kintaro is working as a worker for a local election candidate, Juzo Katsuda, who is also the incumbent mayor. Thing is, Katsuda has affiliation with gangsters and such so you can imagine the kind of campaign that the do. Kintaro was at his mansion when he spots Katsuda’s pretty teenage daughter, Naoko, and thinks he has saw an angel. Yeah, he saw her panties, that’s why. He’s there to collect something back to the campaign office when he saw that so much so his neck turned 180 degrees! Even he notes a human’s neck cannot turn that way. At the office, Kintaro offers himself to fill in a house cleaner lady’s job when she needs to take leave to see her sick son even though Katsuda’s wife needs him for the election campaign but allows it in the end. Oh yeah, here comes paradise. But he gets a warning from a gangster staff who tells him how Katsuda loves Naoko very much and those who try to be funny will be thrown into the swamps of the mansion. Tread carefully.
At Katsuda’s mansion, Kintaro starts cleaning the toilet bowl and has that sick fantasies again until Naoko shows up and invites him to her room. Must be a chance of the lifetime for Kintaro. In her room, after she passes him a towel, Naoko starts stripping! Kintaro is trying hard to control himself. But it seems Naoko has an ulterior motive and wants to tease him because she thinks he’s just another perverted guy. Kintaro finds it too much to handle as he runs out of the room. Satisfied with what she saw, Naoko notes how she’ll tease him every day. The next day as she heads to school, she spots Kintaro putting up posters. So goes to him and feigns collapse so as to let him feel that she isn’t wearing any bra and panties. She then hands him a letter to meet later back at her home before rushing off.
Kintaro goes to meet Naoko as mentioned in the letter and it seems she wants him to teach her. Teach her simple maths, that is. What was he thinking. She gets Kintaro to come teach her every day as part of her plans to tease this perverted guy. She even goes to the extent of dressing in a swimsuit one day for their maths lesson. Naoko even notices his erection but prefers to continue teasing him this way. She also notices the little notebook in which he scribbles everytime and manages to steal it from him unsuspectingly. Then in her room alone, she’s wondering what stories this perverted guy has written about her but to her shock and horror finds out the real truth. In the notebook, Kintaro writes how Naoko thinks she is a tease and puts up an innocent girl act on the surface. He also thinks she has father complex and is trying to get even with her dad, so he decides to help her with his love. Wow. Don’t thinks this Kintaro guys is dumb. Naoko is bloody upset that her act has been seen through and that she was fooled by the better actor. Unforgiveable!
One day as Kintaro searches for his notebook, he approaches Naoko in her room if she has seen it. Naoko then takes a pair of scissors and starts cutting up her clothes. She puts the scissors in Kintaro’s hand and screams. This sends Katsuda and his henchmen rushing to her room. Naoko then puts up an act to convince daddy that Kintaro was the one who did this to her. Katsuda is angry and orders his henchmen to beat him up. While they’re doing so, Naoko thinks Kintaro will spill the beans by blaming this on her. She’s anticipating that he’ll reveal her as the culprit to see how far his love for her. But to her surprise, Kintaro didn’t say a word as he quietly gets beaten up. Naoko starts to get worried when Kintaro suddenly kisses her and declares his love for her. But Katsuda has his men continue to beat him up. Naoko then feels guilty and wonders why is he trying to protect her. She can’t take it anymore so she stops the men from hurting him any further in tears. Yeah, his face is one big messed up bruise.
The next day as Kintaro leaves on his bicycle, he sees Naoko standing in front of him. She returns his notebook and apologize. She further adds that once his injuries are healed and if he doesn’t hate her, she wants her to come back to this town to take her virginity. Wow! She gives him a kiss on his check before leaving. Even Katsuda wishes he had more men like him because Kintaro had a backbone and didn’t come up with excuses or run away. Naoko then notes how Kintaro was right that she was living under her dad’s shadow but has changed ever since she met him. As Kintaro continues to peddle away, he notices a note in his notebook left by Naoko saying that she’ll wait for him. For the record, this episode should’ve been named Election Erection. Hahaha! Just kidding.
Episode 3 – Danger! The Virgin’s First Love
The adult stuff is toned down a lot in this episode. Kintaro is seen working as an apprentice ramen chef because the chief has his arm injured from a hit and run accident. Though a regular customer isn’t happy with the ramen’s taste, the chief begs for forgiveness and to give this new kid another chance. The chief also has a pretty grown up daughter named Noriko or Nori for short. She’s the traditional kind of girl. Gentle, well-mannered and has flower arranging skills (something which most youngsters today probably won’t bother to learn). Then a young obnoxious-looking businessman, Kogure, steps into the shop to drop by and visit Nori and her family-run shop. We find out that Kogure was the one who saved the chief from the hit and run accident, thus the reason why the family is grateful to him. There’s some fake politeness that I can sense from him… Before he leaves, he invites Nori to his company’s ship this coming Sunday. Come Sunday as Nori accompanies Kogure on board the ship, Kogure drops a shocking question. He proposes to her. However she is unable to give him an answer right away and wants to think about it.
That night as Kintaro heads back from the public bath house, he spots Kogure coming out from a red light district with another woman by his side and it seems he may be doing some shady business. Kintaro follows Kogure to his car, in which Kogure and his mistress start to snuggle real close to each other. But the more shocking thing is Kogure’s revelation. It seems that he is planning something wicked on Nori and her family. He is trying to seduce Nori so that she can marry him in a month’s time. Six months down the road, he’ll close the shop after transferring the land title. He’ll then divorce her, marry this mistress of his and open a bar. What a sly jerk! And Kintaro’s quietly recording all this in his notebook. However before the duo can engage into intimate acts, Kintaro knocks on the window and politely asks him if what he said is true. Most people would think he’s dumb and rather escape quietly than confront a bastard like him. But Kintaro’s seeking for the truth, you see. Kintaro even introduces himself and begs Kogure not to do anything bad to Nori and her family. But Kogure isn’t listening and starts kicking Kintaro, who doesn’t fight back. Kogure threatens him that he’ll kill him if he spills the beans, leaving Kintaro all bruised.
The next day Kintaro continues to work as normal but notices Nori’s future is in danger. He finds out that Nori is going out on a date with Kogure and his serious manly expression shows that he’s not going to let that happen. Nori and Kogure are seen watching a horse race from a private room. He wants her answer on his proposal. So in order to help make up her mind, Kogure starts to caress her and such. He thinks she won’t be able to resist his hot body (yeah right!). If you notice a funny horse puppet in the corner, it’s because that’s Kintaro in disguise! The funny part starts as everytime Kogure unbuttons or unzips Nori’s clothes, Kintaro buttons or zips them back. Then Kogure starts licking Nori’s hand, but is actually Kintaro’s! Kogure even thinks that ‘her’ excitement voice sounds like a man! Then he decides to finish her off with Kogure Special Corkscrew Kiss! He locked lips with Kintaro!!! OMG!!! So disgustingly hilarious! And the best part is that, Kogure did not suspect a thing! Yeah, Kintaro manages to go back to his original position. But Kogure is in for some disappointment as Nori says she wants to go home. He can’t believe all that hot excitement ended up like that. Hahaha. He really doesn’t know. Better not.
Back home, Nori goes to talk to Kintaro about Kogure’s proposal and about him moving here once they get married. But Kintaro’s reaction seems to be against her so Nori isn’t pleased that he’s thinking something bad about a person he doesn’t know. Oh, she doesn’t know alright. She apologizes for disturbing him as she thought she could get some support and leaves. In her room, Nori is in a dilemma and her flower arrangement basket is unfinished and a letter addressed to Kogure. That night, Nori is restless and goes out to search for Kogure but spots Kintaro on his knees while talking to Kogure. It seems Kintaro wants Kogure to stop this but that bastard isn’t going to stop after coming this far. He even goes on to gloat about that passionate kiss! *Shivering*. But they realized that Nori has overheard them. Kintaro tries to cover up by hugging Kogure’s mistress and says that he wanted to introduce his own girlfriend to her. Kogure too plays along but Nori isn’t buying it as she runs away in tears. Kogure is upset that his perfect plan has been disrupted and is ready to punch Kintaro but that guy counters back first by giving him several good knock-out punches. That jerk deserves it. Hopefully he’ll stay away from Nori now.
The next day as the chief gets better, but it seems Kintaro’s ramen skills has surpassed him as his usual client quotes how Kintaro’s tastes better. Kintaro goes to Nori’s room to apologize and inform her that he is leaving. Though Nori apologizes too, I think she’s trying to say that she likes Kintaro. But Kintaro says that he knows she arrange flowers for the one she loves so they have to find a guy who likes her flowers because he isn’t good in remembering flower names. I guess that’s a no, eh? Or rather Kintaro wants a better guy than himself for Nori. Kintaro leaves as Nori and her family wave goodbye and in Nori’s flower basket, is a letter addressed to Kintaro.
Episode 4 – Swimming In The Sea Of Love
Kintaro passes by a swimming complex and spots a lady in leather outfit, Ayuko Hayami, and loves her wild African savannah eyes. So leave it to Kintaro’s animal instincts to follow her into the complex and when she notices his presence, as luck would have it with reference to a poster on the wall, he says he’s looking for a job here as a swimming instructor, in which Ayuko is the chief instructor. Kintaro then takes a swimming test so that Ayuko can gauge his level. Now this is the hilarious part. Kintaro doesn’t really know how to swim. As he dives in, he puts on the most pathetic disgusting and hilarious swim like as though he’s struggling and drowning to reach the other end! Not only that, the pool is shallow and at one point he did stood up choking! And when he reaches the finish line, Kintaro has the cheek to put on his serious manly face to ask how was his superb swim. Haha. So who is the one needing swimming lessons? Ayuko tells him to leave since all posts including janitorial are full. But Kintaro begs for a chance and challenges Ayuko to a swimming duel in a month’s time. If he wins, she have to hire him as a coach and if he loses, he’ll work here free for an entire year and do whatever she wants. Ayuko finds it interesting and accepts. Kintaro is particularly all fired up by this wild beastly thingy and it’s disturbing to see his crotch throbbing! However a swimming staff tells Kintaro that it may be impossible because Ayuko was a Olympic gold medallist in the 200 metre medley. He’s sure in big trouble now.
As Kintaro learns how to swim, he also works part time (for free) by coaching beginner kids. This shouldn’t be that bad, right? But Ayuko isn’t fond of Kintaro’s childish teaching methods as she says how parents pay good money so that their kids can learn swimming. As Kintaro learns some teaching and grading methods from other staff of the school, Ayuko notices that Kintaro too has made some improvements in such a short time and admires his perseverance but still thinks he has no chance of beating her. Then when Kintaro says how swimming captivates him, this causes Ayuko to dive into the pool. What’s going on? Ayuko says that if he can keep up with her, she’ll admit that he has guts. Of course that guy is going to do this challenge. Kintaro is particularly thrilled as he swims if all his might to catch up to Ayuko but she’s just matching his pace. So what is the thing which motivates Kintaro to swim closer? Yeah, it’s Ayuko’s crotch area. Unbelievably, he manages to catch up to it so much so, he has his face and mouth ended up in it! Woah! Hmm… Is that surprised expression on Ayuko’s face indicating some pleasure-ful sensation? Ayuko stops and says he’s quite good. As she steps out of the pool, she tells him that this is only half of the speed which she is capable of when she spots something unsightly. Uh huh. It’s Kintaro’s crotch. I think it’s sticking out. Can’t see since it’s so ‘shiny’. Ayuko is pissed off that he has violated the pool’s sanctuary (note the electrical currents of anger!). But Kintaro is all hyped up and says back how the wild beast in her has awakened the wild beast in him. Ayuko punches him.
The next thing Kintaro knows is that he is outside in the cold with all his belongings thrown out beside him (underwear on his head?). He quietly rides his bicycle away and says how he’ll come back once things calm down. Yeah, he’s fired alright. Over time, Ayuko notices how many students have advanced out of novice class. A colleague explains to her several methods and activities to make kids less afraid of the water. It’s like they’re having so much fun. This causes Ayuko to have fond memories how her dad introduced her to the world of swimming and she has fallen in love with it ever since. Ayuko then finds out from her staff that these techniques were created and improvised by Kintaro. Just then a parent and her child appears to thank Ayuko for her efforts. But the little girl wonders where Kintaro is. It is then that Ayuko realized that she has been beaten outright even though they didn’t managed to go head on in their swimming challenge. She laments his loss and hers and says how she’ll hire him as a coach just as she wished. She’d even gladly invite him back but it’s too late for that as she too knows that he is gone while tears well up from her eyes. No use crying over spilt milk. But it’s good to know that she acknowledges his potential.
Episode 5 – Balls To The Wall
Kintaro’s journey this time takes him to the mountain pass when a biker babe zooms pass him. He takes a break at a nearby rest area when he spots that lady again. Another eye opening moment because it’s like that lady is having exciting orgasms with that own bike of hers! Oh crazy and sexy! Too stimulating! Keep revving it up baby! She soon speeds off and Kintaro chases after this so called shooting star. Is he serious? She’s long gone already. But that doesn’t stop this crazy bugger.
Anyway Kintaro’s part time job takes him to the outskirts of Kyoto whereby he is to work as a scullery/kitchen worker of a wealthy man, Daitoku Terayama, in his large traditional Japanese home. Working there is tough and strict but Kintaro perseveres. He also notices the master’s beautiful daughter, Reiko. Ah, the one with all those good eloquence and etiquette needed by such wealthy family. You know this guy of course can’t take his eyes of her lah. So much so one night he was carrying stacks of bento boxes and he got distracted by her beauty when she passes by, he slipped. Are the boxes going to fall and dirty that lady? Kintaro did fall and made a mess out of the bento but he is stumped to see Reiko have avoided its path and wonders how she evaded it so quickly. After he offer his apologies and since he says he’s alright, Reiko leaves.
Then it’s that disturbing scene once more. Uh huh. Kintaro is fantasizing with the toilet bowl again! His hugging all over it! Till he notices Reiko watches him from behind. Enough to send shivers to this sick guy. She just shuts the door without saying anything. See lah. Next time close the toilet door whether you’re doing business or just cleaning. Later I don’t know why but Kintaro sees some stuff in Reiko’s room and ‘invades’ them by licking her tea cup and rummaging through her bags. WTF?! Then the head housekeeper catches him in the act and politely says his services is no longer needed (read: fired). Kintaro gets thrown out of the estate even though he pleads for a second chance. He even quipped that he got fired so early and without any developments! Thus Kintaro decides to camp outside nearby and hope something exciting will develop along the way.
Several days passed and nothing much happened until he spots Reiko heading out alone in a taxi. He follows her to an abandoned building to have another shock of his life. Reiko is that biker lady and what is more shocking is that she strips down naked to her undies and starts having intercourse with her bike, Bimo! WTF?! Still waters run really deep. Kintaro who is peeping, must be having the thrill of his lifetime. Ooooh. Those synchronized body movements. Wish she had them done on him! Yeow! What a turn on! Soon Reiko spots Kintaro spying and the latter reveals himself. Reiko spills the beans by saying how she gets her sexual gratification from her Bimo because no man is good enough for her especially those in big fast cars and bikes whom she thinks are just big talk. Holy sh*t! She’s masturbating herself right in front of Kintaro while talking to him! Yeah, she notices his erection and wonders if he wants to screw her. "I’d be lying if I said otherwise". Which guy would pass up a chance like this? But she throws him a condition. He has to catch her riding her Bimo. That simple?! Oh yeah, Kintaro agrees straight away without thinking.
Erm… Common sense tells us that the winner is already decided outright with a high horse powered superbike against a man powered bicycle. Is Kintaro nuts? Oh hell, there’s always a chance because sex is at stake here! The race starts as Kintaro uses all his energy to peddle while Reiko teases him by matching his pace then decides not to wait anymore as she zooms ahead and disappears. How is he going to catch up? As Reiko rides into a tunnel, she spots a Porsche and decides to play a prank on him. Meanwhile Kintaro is lagging far behind and is thinking how to catch. The next few scenes are impossible so remember, DO NOT TRY THIS ANYHOW OR ANYWHERE! This is what Kintaro did. He takes a shortcut down the mountain slope via a concrete barrier! It’s a roller coaster ride downhill! Yehaa! Meanwhile Porsche guy is upset that he got screwed and decides to chase Reiko. Kintaro incredibly has reached the tunnel and hooks his grappling hook onto the Porsche. As they twist and turn through the hilly corners, a cat crosses their path. Reiko manages to avoid it but Porsche guy breaks and loses his momentum and will to chase her. The sudden stop of Porsche guy sends Kintaro and his bicycle flying high into the air. Now this is another ridiculous part. Another reminder: DO NOT TRY THIS ANYHOW OR ANYWHERE! With all the nice timing and precision, Kintaro manages to swing himself onto the electric wires and rides even faster! He’s better than a circus act! Unbelievable! Reiko too can’t believe it when she spots him and wonders how the hell does he do that.
When the line ends, he still manages to keep his momentum as he rides down crashing into things but his bicycle is still in 1 piece! He is even ahead of her since now it’s downhill all the way. This particular scene is hilarious because Kintaro is seen steeply cornering on his bicycle while peddling. Left right left right. Too funny! Then as they’re approaching a sharp turn, Reiko thinks Kintaro is too fast to make the corner but realizes that he’s going straight to jump off an unfinished concrete bridge! Kintaro’s crazy! Has he lost his mind?! But Reiko isn’t going to chicken out and is going to follow him. Kintaro’s speed propels him off the bridge but Reiko’s sanity got the better of her so she stops just right at the edge. Is Kintaro trying to be like E.T.? Another funny part is that, the camera angle shows as though Kintaro’s going to make it but soon falls straight down the gorge! He didn’t make it! So people, DO NOT TRY THIS ANYHOW OR ANYWHERE! Reiko is shocked and realized that this guy is even better than her Bimo. She laments it’s no use because he’s dead. However to her surprise yet again (and mine), Kintaro emerges from the bushes below and continues peddling! WTF?!!! TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!!! Unscathed and his bicycle is still in one piece! What is this bicycle made of?! She then realized that Kintaro is the one for her and starts chasing him on her bike. I wonder if she can catch up since he’s so far away ahead. Yeah, she’s screaming how he has to screw her! This guy has really proven it, man! In the end, we see and hear Kintaro saying his benkyou line like a broken tape recorder (he’s saying it ever since pulling off that 1st crazy stunt!) and he’s not stopping anytime soon because as mentioned by the narrator, his bicycle brakes are broken. Wait a minute. That’s the only thing broken after the way he trashed the bicycle Woooohooooo!!! Yeah, put on that crazy face, will ‘ya! It’s really the ride of his life!
Episode 6 – Animation Is Fun
Kintaro lands a part time job as a production administrator trainee of a tiny anime production company. After Boss (I’ll call him that) hires him, he lets Chie, the animation cell painter, show Kintaro around. To those not familiar of the anime industry, you’ll get the shock of your lives when you see all those animators sleeping on the floor and table of their work place. It’s like a pig sty! This episode give viewers a little insight on how animation is made. It’s good study material for you aspiring anime or manga artists. Makes me feel appreciated of all the meticulous effort that they put in day and night. Of course Kintaro as usual is sketching pretty Chie in his notebook and is even making guesses of her bust size. Then he gets friendly with an animator staff who is drawing some ecchi animation and you know those 2 could click right away. That is, till Boss comes in to chide him for lazing around and not cleaning as they’re expecting some guests over.
The Sponsor Lady (I’ll call her that. She’s your typical stuck up woman) arrives with the manga author and creator, Tatsuya Engawa (later I found out he’s a real life mangaka and creator of this series!), is here to meet the company’s Director (I’ll call that unkempt old man that) about their upcoming anime project, The Valley Where The Demon Cries (thankfully it isn’t something ecchi though it ambiguously sounds like one). Kintaro gets excited to know that he too did some ecchi works and wants his autograph. Though Sponsor Lady vehemently forbids at first, Engawa doesn’t mind and you can see the change in Sponsor Lady’s attitude to be all lenient and nice. The team gets to work under the tight deadline schedule.
Kintaro notices how the team isn’t eating well and suggests cooking a better meal for them, seeing that he once worked in a ramen shop before. Chie, who just came out of the toilet, relishes the chance to taste his food once he is done. Then Kintaro gets this sick toilet bowl fantasy of his. Uh huh. He goes to the toilet and is trying hard to control himself while in a dilemma whether to get up close and personal with the toilet seat because he thinks Chie’s butt warmth is still there (sicko!). Then Boss came in and startled him and Kintaro nearly sliced his face off! Thankfully it was just his hair. He gets his deserved pounding thereafter. Kintaro continues to learn about the anime world and gets beaten up by one of the staff after cleaning his desk. Yeah, his desk his so clean so much so he can’t tell where his things are! He gets treated by Chie who advices him not to touch their desks.
Some time later, Sponsor Lady comes by to check on their progress and finds out that they are way behind so Boss wants her to extend the deadline. Chie accidentally spills some tea onto Sponsor Lady’s boobs so Kintaro’s initial reaction is to wipe it off! Is he actually harassing? Well, he did it in record time, 2.23 seconds to whip out a cloth and made contact with her boobs. Sponsor Lady is horrified with this pervert and has had enough. So she throws down the gauntlet that if they don’t make the deadline, she’ll crush this company to bits. After she leaves, the other staff confronts Boss to tell it’s impossible to do so with the given amount of time as each of their department is still lagging. Though Boss gets ready to bite the bullet, he receives a phone call saying Director got involved in an accident and is hospitalized. All hopes down the drain! They’ll never make it in time!
Kintaro goes to cheer Chie up because she thinks it’s her fault that she spilt tea onto Sponsor Lady. She then reflects the kind of boring job she’s been doing but Kintaro says otherwise. He gives her enough self confidence back with the pros of doing anime and encourages her to study further. Kintaro is having discussion with the other team who are on the verge of giving up when he suggests CG. They aren’t too fond of the idea as it takes money which they don’t have. Kintaro then gets an idea as he calls Sacchou. She’s bloody glad to hear from him and is happy to help him out. Kintaro continues to learn and get ideas from the staff and even Director in hospital and when 1 of the staff needed some reference material, Kintaro calls Ayuko to have a swimming video for him. What about meals? Don’t worry, Nori gladly cooks them tasty ramen. What about the seiyuu who bailed out last minute? Don’t worry, Kintaro’s got Naoko to fill in. Everything is going fine but even so, Boss thinks they can’t make it after putting in all the effort. Can the reel reach in time? Of course, leave it to Reiko’s superbike! Wow. All those ladies Kintaro helped has returned to return the favour.
The day of the test screening arrives as everyone from the team and some invited guests (including those 5 ladies) watch the movie. During the movie, Kintaro notices a tense atmosphere and starts to panic because he thought he screwed up somewhere. When the film ends, the audience give a heartily applause. Sponsor Lady is pleased and expects a final re-edit tomorrow. However 1 of the staff screams in panic to Boss that Kintaro has packed his bags and left. Those 5 ladies are shocked and thinks he’s running away again as they start to chase him. Well, he’s pretty hard to catch, right? So better not let him go again or they’ll lose track of him. Boss wonders why Chie won’t go after Kintaro as she says she needs to get back to the studio for her re-editing. While Kintaro continues his journey, the 5 ladies are in hot pursuit on his trail. Can they catch up to him? In Chie’s studio, she notes how Kintaro has taught her the importance and fun of her job and hopes to see him one day as she shed a tear or two. As Kintaro peddles, the narrator narrates his usual line but this time adds, how he might one day save the anime industry too! That’s right. Kintaro, the anime industry needs you! Don’t forget those ladies too.
Golden Angel
So what are your views of Kintaro now? Overall, I find him to be a good guy. I know some of us won’t like his perverted side as it is quite disturbing and obvious at times. But hey, he’s a healthy young adult so it’s natural for him to be so. However the more important aspects is his ability to help those in need. It’s just a coincidence that all 6 episodes had women in them. Okay, so maybe they are the main motivation why he decides to chip in. With his ability to learn and adapt fast, I’m sure Kintaro has learn lots of valuable life lessons in his job hopping journey. Now that’s something that all of us should emulate. And I’m not talking about his perverted side lah!
Kintaro’s presence seems to remind me of that American drama series, Touched By An Angel. He came, he saw, he did all he could, and he left. But it’s very certain that he definitely left footprints in the heart of those ladies and even changed them in a way. Mitsuo Iwata who plays Kintaro, did a very good job in making the character sound very passionate and hyped-up. His previous voice acting roles include Pyoro of Vandread and Marcosias of Shakugan No Shana. You just got to love him during those moments when he gets into those loud modes. I also love it when he goes into ‘crazy’ mode. You know, his eyes become round and big and his mouth wide open like those incredulous looks. Don’t forget that hilarious manly serious look too. He’s such a funny and fun character (don’t mind his perverted ways). Surprisingly, I later found out hat Kikuko Inoue too have a role here as Ayuko. I’ve been so used to her gentle dreamy voice that I couldn’t recognize her here until I saw the end credits.
Though the opening theme is totally an instrumental piece, the ending theme, Study A Go! Go! by Golden Girls (I think they are the lady characters of the series) sounds like an all-girl pop group. I also think that the ending theme is a full length version since it lasted around 4 minutes, partly a reason why this OVA is close to 30 minutes of running time.
Life is a never ending learning process. There are many ways for one to accumulate and garner knowledge, whether it is good or bad. I know it won’t be really accurate to say to emulate Kintaro’s feat because of his pervertness, but it would be better for all of us to follow his good intentions and heart. Yeah, his pervertness seems like the overwhelming factor here. I would like to recommend this anime to everybody, not only straight otaku guys, but with the mature content, some may find it a little too much to handle. So watch it with an open mind. Now if I could just get on my bicycle and go learn about life that way. Maybe not. I’d prefer to continue watching animes over the idiot box. Hey, I could also learn life that way, right?

Golden Boy
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