Using tournament-based fights are another way for baddies to rule the world or get what they want. Feels like money laundering. But that’s not the point of this versus blog today. Though in this blog I have both animes that spend most of its run on the course of the tournament, The Law Of Ueki (Ueki) and Flame Of Recca (Recca). You can tell that the hero of the show is uber cool partly because he has his name embedded in the series’ title itself :). And one of the good points of doing team tournaments is that the other teammates get to flex their abilities as well instead of leaving it all to the hero. Which goes to show that no man is an island. So here are the comparisons between both these shows:

Japanese title
Ueki: Ueki No Housoku.
Recca: Recca No Honoo.

Name of tournament
Ueki: Battle of the Supernatural Powers.
Recca: Ura Butou Satsujin.

Winner’s reward
Ueki: A Blank Zai that allows the winner to write whatever talent he/she desires.
Recca: Since losers lose what they wager, the winner will take all that is at stake.

The main hero
Ueki: Kousuke Ueki.
Recca: Recca Hanabishi.

His powers
Ueki: Turning trash/garbage into trees and subsequently Level 2 powers in the form of Recycle.
Recca: Ability to produce and control fire.

His secret powers
Packs more punch and firepower.
Ueki: The 10 Sacred Treasures AKA Jingi.
Recca: To summon the 8 Flame Dragons called Karyuu.

His ‘teacher’
Ueki: Kobayashi AKA Kobasen.
Recca: Kage Hoshi AKA Kagerou.

His sibling
Not really blood related anyway.
Ueki: Adoptive sister Shouko.
Recca: Half-brother Kurei.

His background
Refers to our main hero’s family background.
Ueki: A heavenly being.
Recca: Second son of the Hokage clan’s leader.

His teammates
Those joining him during the tournament rounds.
Ueki: Seiichiro Sano, Ai Mori, Rinko Jerrard, Hideyoshi Souya.
Recca: Fuuko Kirisawa, Domon Ishijima, Yanagi Sakoshita, Tokiya Mikagami, Kaoru Koganei.

The ‘princess’
Well, serves more like a cheerleading support…
Ueki: Ai.
Recca: Yanagi.

Foe turned friend
Once part of the enemy’s side is now part of the hero’s team.
Ueki: Rinko.
Recca: Koganei.

Main antagonists
Ueki: Initially Robert Haydn and then towards the end Anon.
Recca: For the most part Kurei and subtly his foster dad Mori Kouran.

Their group of fighters
Even baddies have their own personal team of strongest fighters. You can’t really fight the big boss till you’re done with his underlings, eh?
Ueki: The secret group who fights for and only for Robert called Robert’s 10. Team Ballow are a group of heavenly beings tasked in helping Anon.
Recca: Uruha Juushinshuu are the strongest warriors under Kurei.

Reason for holding tournament
Ueki: To decide the next God with each junior high school kid called Power User representing a God Candidate.
Recca: As Kouran’s obsessive attempt to obtain the madougu for eternal life.

Fighter’s abilities
Ueki: Each Power User has the ability to change an object into something else.
Recca: Elemental tools called Madougus enable users to control elements or enhance their abilities.

The fox mascot
Ueki: Tenko, a gigantic tail-less fox-like creature in its original form but is mainly stick onto Ueki’s wrist as an arm protector.
Recca: Kondo, a small fox doll of Ganko.

The monkey
Ueki: Hideyoshi – because of his face (sometimes acts and sounds like one too).
Recca: Fuuko – at least that is what Mikagami insulted her during Yanagi’s rescue mission. Oh, there are more insults from him. Recca the sea monkey and Domon the gorilla…

One man team
How is this even possible?
Ueki: Rihou.
Recca: Raiha.

Best hairstyle award goes to…
Ueki: Junichi Baba – Nice ‘wormy’ dreadlocks you got there.
Recca: Domon – Is that a Mohawk hairstyle he spot?

Playing God
Ueki: Kamisama is the current ruling God, a happy womanizing hippy.
Recca: Kouran who is obsessed in acquiring immortality.

Healing properties
Ueki: Tenko has a healing chamber within its body.
Recca: Yanagi has the innate ability to heal any physical injury.

Taken away
Ueki: Kobasen is whisked to hell after his interference and breaking a tournament rule to save Ueki’s ass during a battle.
Recca: Yanagi is abducted by Kouran as he believes her healing properties will bring him immortality.

Out before it even starts
Not in the match proper because taken out early.
Ueki: Rinko, due to a surprise attack right at the start by a very organizes Team Marilyn.
Recca: Fuuko and Domon temporarily trapped by Kurei for the second round match against Uruha Maboroshii.

No-show potential
They seemed to have the potential to give our heroes a run for their money but unfortunately, we don’t get to see them flex their muscles much.
Ueki: Oni – Defeated too fast and easily.
Recca: Jisho – Died during a match with another team under Kurei.

After tournament opponents turned friends
True to being a shonen genre, the opponents you beat becomes your friend.
Ueki: Team Marilyn.
Recca: Team Kuu.

The battles fought
Ueki: Individual knock-out matches serve as pre-qualifying rounds, followed by fights against Robert’s 10 and then more fights against new members of Robert’s 10 before the final team tournament.
Recca: Fights against companions in test of acceptance, Yanagi’s rescue mission before the final knock-out elimination style team tournament.

Final match shamble
Ueki: After Anon devours Kamisama, he invites all Power Users to beat him (by individual or by team, whichever he is fine with) on a raised platform within a time limit of 12 hours or else he will bring upon his wish onto the world.
Recca: Having grown tired of Kurei’s incompetence (not that his adoptive son would give a damn about that old fart either), Kouran sets loose a clone of Kurei with his own flame powers. However the clone can’t control its own powers and soon the fire goes spiralling out of control.

At the end, the winner…
Ueki: Of course Ueki lah! And his wish on the Blank Zai is the Zai of Reunion.
Recca: Well, Recca is the last one standing in the ring so he has to be the official winner, right? But he didn’t get any prizes nor any of the issues solved. Like left hanging…

Number of episodes
Ueki: 51 episodes.
Recca: 42 episodes.

Year of production
Ueki: 2005.
Recca: 1997.

Ironically I watched Ueki way before Recca so my memories of the latter are much more intact than the former. But after thinking hard, I feel that Ueki fares better than Recca not just because it is a more recent anime but rather it had an ending (good one or not depends up to you viewers) rather than an incomplete one (for Recca, though the anime stopped, the story and plot continue through the manga). Of course Ueki also has better quality animation and art though Recca may look old but it isn’t that shabby either. The fighting sequences are also better for Ueki but some of the matches can take more than an episode to finished as compared to Recca, I can say that 99% of the matches start and end in 1 episode. It won’t be a draggy affair that way. Also, Recca‘s plot and terms are less complicating and simpler. Not to say that Ueki‘s are hard to understand, you need to sit down for a while and digest things if you’re going to understand. But aside all that, both series are similar in the typical flow of the shonen genre. Hero and his team goes along defeating baddies, powers up and continues to fight even more powerful villains till the final boss. In the process, we learn about their past and just about everyone else’s past and how they came to be. So if you like team action and some comedy in it (sorry, don’t keep your hopes up for any romance), give not only these titles a try but other similar ones like Shaman King or Marchen Awakens Romance too. Hmm… Maybe I should’ve included them in this blog too? Or maybe I’ll just wait another fighting day.


Flame Of Recca

January 8, 2011

It really feels like anime has come a long way after watching Flame of Recca (Recca No Honoo). This 42 episode anime series based on the manga of the same name came out way back in mid 1997 so you can say that seems like a pretty long time ago. After watching quite a number of recent animes, going retro helps me ‘appreciate’ a little more about those early animes. Though this anime’s quality cannot be compared as of today’s standards, nevertheless it isn’t that all bad because you know, animes during that time are like that. Enough said.

So as the title suggests, we have our main protagonist kid, Recca Hanabishi, a high school teenager living with his widower dad and is crazy about stuff relating to ninjas. In fact, he claims himself to be one. Nope, he isn’t the cosplaying type and his skills are for real. I don’t think this was the show that started the Naruto craze. Upholding the principles of the way of the ninja, he saved a girl-cum-school mate, Yanagi Sakoshita from a fatal accident. Though he is badly injured, Yanagi’s uncanny healing powers healed his wounds. Since she resembles like someone he knows (not too sure who she was), Recca pledges his utmost loyalty to serve her and protect her with his life. That would be cool if she doesn’t mind people staring at them for being weird. Howzabout a guy calling you “Hime” (princess) every time? Embarrassing or annoying? Perhaps both? But since he is quite sincere and she’s the usual kind and gentle girl, you can tell they’ll get along.

Your typical shonen anime in the sense that our Recca boy gets into some plot, fights enemies, some of them becoming his allies, gains more power and fights even more powerful enemies. You get the idea. It all starts with an encounter with some mysterious woman, Kage Houshi. Recca learns he has some ability to control flames but of course he can’t control them at this stage but since he’s the kind of thick-headed guy, you know he’s going to get by one way or another. Kage Houshi pits some of Recca’s friends against him by giving them ancient Madougu (Elemental Tools) that allows its user to control elements or enhance their abilities. For instance, the big self proclaimed rival Domon Ishijima (always want to defeat Recca so he can be the strongest), the tomboyish Fuuko Kirisawa (wants to beat Recca so that he can be her ninja – must be jealous of Yanagi, eh?) and her Fuujin and Tokiya Mikagami and his water wielding Ensui (wants to fight Recca because he thinks he knows the murderers behind his elder sister’s murder. By the way, she resembled very closely to Yanagi). Of course Recca has to defeat them and they become his friends. With that done, Kage Houshi turns into their ally since she was just making them stronger. Well, can’t have it any other way to grow without taking on each other, right? More revelations include Kage Houshi’s real name is Kagerou, she is Recca’s real mom from 400 years ago, Recca is part of the famous Hokage ninja clan and that during the war back then to eliminate the entire Hokage clan, Kagerou used a forbidden technique to send Recca into the future and because of that, she turned into an immortal. Hard to believe, eh? Very. So she’s been going around 400 years looking for her son?

So the real antagonist soon appears and he is Kurei. Guess what? He is Recca’s older step brother. Oh yeah. This is getting weirder by the minute. Kurei harbours a very deep grudge and hatred towards Recca. During the flashback episode, you’ll see how Kurei and Recca though had different mothers, shared the same father. Based on a traditional rule, only 1 of the sons of the Hokage can inherit being the Flame Master. It would be Kurei’s right if not for Recca. But how can 2 Flame Masters exist? It can. Considering if the first one isn’t fit to be one. And sure Kurei and her mom got ostracized and when the war came, Kurei tried to kill Recca. When Recca was transported to the future, Kurei too came jumping into the portal. So now in present time, Kurei has become the adoptive son of Kouran Mori, a filthy rich old maniac who possessed just about everything in this world except 1 thing. That is, immortality. And he’s bloody obsessed with it. So when he learns that Yanagi’s healing powers may be the key to unlock it, he sends his men to kidnap her.

Thus begins the journey of Recca, Domon and Fuuko (later to be joined by Mikagami) to go on a rescue mission. At Kurei’s mansion, they meet Kurei’s supposedly strong bodyguards. They are Reiran Katahishiro (a doll master but defeated by Fuuko and the real puppeteer, Ganko becomes their friend for the rest of the series), Sekioh (some strong stone dude but I guess his awesomeness and thirst to kill got cut short since Domon powered up and beat him), Kaoru Koganei (a master of the 5-form Kougan Anki – fought with Mikagami and lost) and Mokuren Nagai (a sadistic female killer and plant user – got burnt to hell when pissed Recca grills him for playing recorded screams of Yanagi). So it’s face off with Kurei but even if the gang teams up against him, they are no match for him and his cold flame in the form of an angel, Kurenai. Recca manages to summon his 8 Flame Dragons after taking off his restrictive hand barrier. But the dragons aren’t the cooperative type and selfish. But seeing how hard he is trying and his ideals and justice are commendable, they agree to help him just this once.

Before anything else could happen, Kurei’s strongest warriors of the Uruha Juushinshuu appear. The fight ends and Kurei lets the gang go and even gives back Yanagi. Koganei can’t follow Kurei anymore because he broke his promised not to hurt Yanagi during those vicious experiments. Though Kurei lets him live, he plans to kill him later in the most painful way. Ah well. This isn’t the end, though. So with more training and flashbacks, our heroes have no choice but to enter a deadly anything-goes tournament, Ura Butou Satsujin. Kurei’s men are also taking part in this team event and the losers will have to lose their wager. In the case of Recca and his Team Hokage, Yanagi. It was pretty odd to hear Yanagi not wanting them to enter in fearing for their lives but Recca was so stubborn in doing so. So when Yanagi offered herself as the wager, it’s Recca’s turn to protest no way and Yanagi sticking to it. Well, all they have to do is keep winning, right? Why the heck Ganko needs to summon a small fox doll, Kondo for? Comic relief and sarcastic comments, I guess.

First Round: Team Hokage VS Team Kuu
Round 1: Mikagami vs Daikoku – Mikagami gives Hokage the first point after beating Daikoku’s bo ala stopping an… electric fan?
Round 2: Domon vs Minamio – Minamio’s rubber-like body gave Domon problems and though Domon was able to best him, he collapsed so this bout is considered a draw.
Round 3: Fuuko vs Fujimaru – The perverted latter seems to enjoy tormenting and killing his victims and will do anything to win. Even if he tried to fake and plead for leniency, Fuuko won’t fall for his stupid lies anymore and beats him up to take the win.
Round 4: Recca vs Saichou – Flame versus paper. On theory it seems fire will burn paper, right? But Saichou puts up a formidable fight with his mastery control of paper before losing out to Recca since he passed his 10 minute limit.
Round 5: Recca vs Kuukai – Why do we need another round when Team Hokage won with 3 wins and a draw? Because stupid Recca thinks Kuukai did not have a chance to show his skills even though he accepted defeat and was ready to withdraw. WTF?! With Kouran turning this event into winner-takes-all, the other Hokage members aren’t happy their wins have been invalidated. Kuukai is going to make Recca regret his actions and though Kuukai turned into a monster-cum-killing machine after taking 3 hits from Recca, Recca’s strong will to stand up after each pounding not only has him win but let Kuukai live (he wanted to die with honour by Recca’s hands). So phew! Team Hokage advances!

Second Round: Team Hokage vs Uruha Maboroshii
Yeah, it’s the first of Kurei’s men that Team Hokage is going to face. Kurei’s plan was to lure Hokage’s final team member to appear: Koganei. And he is successful in doing so after temporarily trapping Fuuko and Domon when their round is to start. This round will be an elimination match. Meaning, the winners will continue to fight their next opponent till they’re defeated and no one left on their team.
Koganei vs Shiju – Even an experimental beast can’t keep Koganei away from his first debut and win.
Koganei vs Mokuren – Yup, that plant guy is back and has been modified. However he tricks Koganei into not fighting each other and attacks when the kid let his guard down.
Mikagami vs Mokuren – Trying to save Koganei trapped inside Mokuren who is now a tree, Mikagami uses his Ensui powers to freeze the water and ground to cut down Mokuren for good.
Recca vs Menou Sakura – Due to the heavy injuries sustained, Mikagami pulls out and leaves the next one to Recca. Maybe he just doesn’t want to fight girls, eh? Recca is up against a girl who is able to control her hair like whiplash. Then when it is revealed that Menou has her dad hostage and a time limit to defeat Recca before her dad suffocates and dies, she goes all out but in the end she realizes what is important and teams up with Recca to destroy the barrier that is holding her dad hostage and save him. Recca wins.
Recca vs Genjurou – The old geezer may not need any Madougu and he’s a tough one for Recca to handle. Using his psychic surgery to try and pull out one of Recca’s dragons, he is successful but cannot control it and got burnt by its flames. Team Hokage wins and another Uruha member, Neon, kills Genjurou since he did say he is entering this tournament to kill Kurei. Hey, leave that to Recca.

Third Round: Team Hokage VS Team Uruha Oto
Round 1: Domon vs Aki – Too bad if Domon thinks his strength will be enough to bring down this babe because the words she says will become a reality. Though it took Domon long enough to realize what’s happening (after all that pain) before defeating her.
Round 2: Recca-Mikagami vs Neon-Miki – A tag team match to decide the winner of this round. Because Recca and Mikagami can’t get along, they cannot cooperate and this enabled Neon and Miki to perform their ultimate combo. Domon realized he was the cause of their fighting and smacked some senses into them. Because he interrupted the fight, his earlier win becomes invalid. Bummer. And if the powerful duo of Team Hokage cooperates, you can be sure your days are numbered. Victory for Hokage and they advance.

Quarter-finals: Team Hokage VS Team Circus
Team what? Too bad we won’t be seeing who this team is because they’ve withdrawn themselves from the tournament. A lucky and free walkover for the gang. Save energy, save time. Hmm… Maybe they’re running out of episodes and don’t want to bore viewers with more or less the same thing.

Semi-finals: Team Hokage VS Team Uruha Ma
Another elimination type match.
Round 1: Koganei vs Tsukshirou – Little kid against pretty bishonen who can turn invisible with his cape. He got too cocky and lost because his cape got Koganei’s bloodstain all over which allows his position to be revealed. Note: I admire Tsukishirou knowing about H.G. Wells’ book about some invisible man wrapping himself up with bandages to be visible. But to me at that point, nobody would seriously think about that book even if it meant to be a hint for his opponent.
Round 2: Recca vs Kashamaru – Ninja versus ninja. Kashamaru is able to copy Recca’s flame and use it against him but ultimately one of Recca’s dragons agree to help him defeat Kashamaru via some illusion technique.
Round 3: Fuuko vs Gashakura – In a match that both combatants enjoy since they can show their true powers and skills, both sides take heavy damage and even a short temporary interference from Kouran making the ring filled with laser beams, Fuuko powers up her Fuujin and defeats Gashakura.
Round 4: Domon vs Magensha – Magensha not only sent failures Tsukishirou and Kashamaru to his evil realm, but Fuuko as well. Pissed Domon isn’t happy that his love has well, vanished. So he’s really punching like hell but it seems his fists do not connect. Kouran decides to put his plan in motion so Magensha ‘transfers’ his own body to let Domon fight a dummy while he tries to kidnap Yanagi who is tending to Koganei’s wounds at the infirmary. Of course luckily Recca found out and fights the menace along with Saichou and Koganei. Magensha warps back to the bout and continues to beat up Domon. But he isn’t giving up yet. In the evil realm, Fuuko, Tsukishirou and Kashamaru manage to find Magensha’s real whereabouts and defeat him (his real body is in this realm, the reason why their attacks cannot touch him) and return to the real world. Magensha got desperate but ultimate that became his downfall as Domon wins it for the team to advance to the final. Over to the other semi-final which is to be Kurei against his loyal 1-man team Raiha, Raiha withdraws his participation since he can never bring himself to fight his boss. Another walkover, eh?

Final Round: Team Hokage VS Uruha Kurenai
It’s finally here. The underdogs have beaten all odds to reach this far and Recca will have his chance to face off and settle things with Kurei once and for all.
Round 1: Domon vs Noroi – Domon is getting his win to his head so he’s real in for a surprise that he’s fighting an undead zombie who wants his body minus his head. Noroi tries to manipulate Domon’s mind by discarding his memories and making him a ‘vegetable’. But after remembering his silly pride to beat Recca, he gets his strength to finish Noroi off for good.
Round 2: Mikagami vs Kai – Supposed to be Fuuko’s match but after learning that Kai was the one who killed his sister, he jumps in. Both Hyouma En users fight each other and it is revealed that Kai is just playing the part of the bad guy and the real killer of Mikagami’s sister turns out to be their dead master (something about wanting to make him stronger or something like that). Mikagami lost this bloody match and though Kai acknowledges Mikagami the real winner kills and himself by dropping down the pit seeing that he has suffered greatly from his wounds.
Round 3: Fuuko vs Mikoto – That weird looking human doll hides a cunning ninja babe. She uses poison needles to greatly affect Fuuko. But I guess she was bragging and careless too that she herself got scratched by her own needles courtesy of Fuuko. Being the coward she is, she has the antidote with her, only to be snatched by Fuuko. Mikoto still plays dirty so much so Domon has to come to Fuuko’s rescue. Desperate Mikoto plunges to her death while trying to get the antidote. Because of Domon’s interference, Fuuko is considered to have lost her match.
Round 4: Koganei vs Joker – Like his name suggests, he isn’t going to waste his energy on this futile match and wants to see Kurei in action and forfeits this one! WTF?! A big joke, man!

Round 5: Recca vs Kurei – The much awaited grudge match between the brothers. Gives a new meaning to fight fire with fire. Oh yeah, more pounding more bashing and more flame manoeuvres as we see both side trading hits and blows. It even turned into a fist fight seeing that both their flames can’t hurt each other anymore. Recca manages to call forth 7 of his dragons and even combine them. Just then his 8th dragon finally appears and is contemplating to follow whoever wins this bout and consider him their true Flame Master. Kouran interrupts the match since he has grown tired of Kurei’s incompetence. He is going to take things into his own hands and though Kurei doesn’t give a sh*t about Kouran’s wishes anymore, cut ties with him and wishes to just settle this match with Recca. However Kouran unleashes a clone of Kurei to destroy everything. But the clone can’t control his flames and goes spiralling out of control. Recca and Kurei team up to beat the clone and the dragons use the barrier use their shield the spectators. I’m not sure if Kurei manages to kill Kouran since that old guy tried to escape and even ram Kurei down but was met with a fiery explosion. And since Recca is the only one left in the near-annihilated ring, Team Hokage is declared the winner! Yahoo! I expected that, by the way.

End of Round
Though there are some questions left unanswered at the end such as a way to cure Kagerou from her curse, but at least it ended well like I expected these kind of shonen animes to. What about the intention of collecting Madougu from losing participants? That didn’t seem to materialize. Not even when Kuukai’s Team lost and gave their Madougu to Hokage Team. I thought they would use them and power up but to me, it seemed forgotten. Though the manga continued after that but since it has been a long time, I guess there weren’t any plans to continue the anime after all. That’s because there are several differences between the anime and manga such as some characters getting killed off and the likes so if the anime was to continue off from there, it would be difficult.

One thing good about this series is that each fight doesn’t last very long, on average at least an episode a fight. Hey, it’s better than going on for episodes and episodes so much so you don’t know if it is really going to end. In a way, viewers can enjoy the many fights seeing that around 3/4 of the show is focused on the tournament. But the drawback of having such fights and too many characters is that, some potential opponents didn’t have their chance to strut their stuff. For example, that Uruha Juushinshuu guy, Jisho. He looked like one of Kurei’s loyal warriors and I was guessing he would be a formidable to Team Hokage but he got killed during his bout with Magensha. And then for that Raiha guy, though he did meet Fuuko and told her they are destined to fight each other one day and though not in this tournament, I felt that it was a waste and his appearance a little redundant. Don’t even mention that Joker guy. He appeared so late and I don’t remember him from anywhere previously so I thought Koganei is going to proof he isn’t just a kid and show us how he beat that pierrot but nope. He withdraws.

Action wise, the fights aren’t too bad either with each of the unique Madougu adding a little more spice to the fights. Though there are several side stories like why some of the Uruha members follow Kurei and even Kurei’s twisted past of how he was forced to cast away his emotions because Kouran killed his girlfriend and he made her dead corpse into her flame. Kurei wasn’t such a baddie as compared to his adopted dad. Just that he needs to have anger management. Lots of it. Though I won’t say that he and Recca would be going on good terms any time soon. And notice how when someone pulls of a seemingly familiar move, it’s like Kagerou somehow knows what it is and what it’ll do. Yeah, miss-know-it-all. I guess it’s better this way to explain stuff to viewers. And the crowd? I think they’re quite pessimistic. When most of them see Recca and co in a precarious position and all hopes seems lost, they jump to conclusions that it is over. Don’t you know? Expect the unexpected! The impossible is possible for these guys! Need to see more shonen animes lah.

Romance wise, what romance? This is a shonen type anime, isn’t it? Domon and Fuuko’s chemistry is nothing deep and didn’t amount to anything much. I’m sure Recca’s love for his hime is just being a loyal ninja and we don’t see any romantic feelings between him and Yanagi, vice versa. Though perhaps a little corner in her heart that she likes Recca because there was a moment whereby an Ura Butou Satsujin referee who became a fan of Recca, kissed him as a reward! In Yanagi’s jealousy, she stomped his feet! But who wants to see romance get in the way of action as far as this anime is concerned.

There were other several odd things as well. For instance when Recca summons his dragons, he has to write their kanji names in the air. His fast and furious air writing made it seem like as though he is just doing a quick scribbling! I don’t know, it seemed a little funny. Then there are some of the character designs that looked pretty funny themselves. Like Domon’s messy Mohawk hairstyle, if that is what it is. I may not be watching the series on a good system, so it’s probably premature for me to say that the drawing at times may be inconsistent and drop in quality. Sometimes the characters do look a little odd from a certain angle. But then again, this is an old anime.

So it was good that I got to see and finish this series. That is 1 more anime to add to my list, done. Honestly if I were to choose between Recca and Naruto, I would pick the former. I don’t know, ever since watching only the first season, I have never gone to like that series. So whatever Recca does seem to be better from my point of view well simply, it’s an old anime so it’s forgivable. Thus the lesson learnt from this old school anime is friendship and teamwork. When protecting someone you love, do it with all one’s heart and not half heartedly. And even if you can’t do it yourself, you have your buddies to back you up. I’m sure if Recca could master and control all his dragons, they will assist him in more than 1 ways rather than just in combat. Cooking perhaps? Haha, just kidding. I’m glad I don’t have Flame Dragons residing inside me. I think I would have burnt down the whole town myself.

Flame of Recca
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