I have this hunch that when the producers decided to make this series, they came up with the idea of mashing Freezing as well as Cross Ange together. Oh, and make it sexy too. How sexy? Ramp it up to Seikon No Qwaser level sexy, that is. And folks, that is how Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ was conceived. Haha! Okay, so I made that up but while watching the series I can’t help how similar this anime had to those mentioned series like as though it borrowed elements from it. I mean, look at this. Females (and I mean only females) infected with a certain ‘virus’ (translate that as powers that are looked down upon society) are sent faraway to a remote island where they have no chance of escaping. I don’t know what they actually do on that island but it would be a waste if we do not see them use this power of theirs which involves a female partner transforming into some sci-fi weapon. Oh, and you have to resort to sex to draw that power out. Yeah… Get ready for some hot lesbian action!

Episode 1
All Mamori Tokonome could remember was she was taken by agents and then the pod she is in crashed on a remote island. Captain Kasumi Shigure has Miyasato and Kouzuki to retrieve and test her whom they have labelled as Unknown. Mamori is glad to have found help but the duo start laughing at her because of her t-shirt tag that reads ‘virgin’. It is actually her family name and pronounced Tokonome! Damn Japanese kanji. She is at a lost when they ask if she is a Liberator or Ecsta. They demonstrate by fondling each other. No wonder Kouzuki has such big hentai-like boobs… When she climaxes, she turns into a gun weapon. Suddenly another Unknown crashes nearby. Swiftly, Mirei Shikishima starts protecting Mamori and dodges all the bullets. When a missile almost hits them, Mirei kisses her. Mamori felt good and what do you know? She transforms into a weapon! Mirei easily defeats her opponents, reducing them into defeated naked sluts. Charlotte Scherzen reports to the Governor, Akira Hiiragi about the new Liberator and Ecsta and how their Drive activated right after awakening. Later Charlotte talks to Kasumi about sending Saejima to test them since it is their job to find quality candidates. Meifon Sakura eavesdropped on this and relays the news to the rest. She starts taking bets on the upcoming fight. Mirei carries Mamori across the island (damn those pervy snakes snaring at her ass). They reach a fairytale-like castle and once they enter the arena, the walls shut them in. The spectators are eager to watch the fight. Saejima enters the arena and is ready to let off some steam as she abuses her masochistic partner to turn her into a huge arm weapon. As usual, Mamori is reduced to a damsel in distress with Mirei protecting her all the way and dodging all attacks. Mamori thinks of giving up but Mirei assesses the situation and since it isn’t an option, she starts kissing her and fondling her sensitive parts. Lip to lip. Tits to tits. Yeah, an excuse for horny lesbian fanservice. Mirei felt good and transforms. In a single strike, Mirei defeats Saejima. The spectators are awed and the higher ups wonder if they have powers so great that it surpasses A-class. What is worse than Mamori realizing Mirei stole her first kiss (I think this is her second)? Everybody taunting and laughing her ‘virgin’ name tag!!! OMG! So embarrassing! It’s Tokonome, damn it!

Episode 2
Mirei still has nightmares of being in an urban war. They lost and her partner was taken away. After the match, Charlotte went on to abuse Saejima for being all talk. Mamori, the girl who hates violence or fighting tells her to stop. Mirei could understand her feelings as she tries to attack Charlotte but was restrained by Ange. Mirei is imprisoned and being punished. I’m sure Miyasato and Kouzuki would love to return the favour twice fold. Kasumi talks to Mamori in the bedroom as she explains about this island, Mermaid where girls are carriers of the Armed Virus. In short, the ability to transform into a weapon. Those who can use that ability are called Ecsta. Mirei on the other hand as the ability to Drive that power and is called Liberator. So basically everybody here is either Ecsta or Liberator. Charlotte then interrupts and rips Mamori of her clothes because it’s time for her wedding ceremony. Like you have guessed it, a life partner for Mamori. At first she disagrees to all this stuff but Charlotte threatened something bad will happen to Mirei if she doesn’t cooperate. Hey, at least she gets to achieve her childhood dream of being a bride. However it is not Mirei she is getting ‘married’ to but Tomomi Nukui. Like you’ve guessed it too, they are going to ‘test their compatibility’ via making out. Mirei is freed by Meifon (cowgirl outfit?) who decides to show her thanks after winning big by betting on her. Mirei shows her appreciation by forcing her to spill details on where Mamori is. Turns out Meifon has been paid by another pair of lesbian lovers, Rain Hasumi and Lady J to do so. Nukui tries to pleasure Mamori but she doesn’t feel good but disgusted instead. Feeling insulted, Nukui is going to impose her other way of pleasure. However when she tries to beat her up, there is a barrier protecting her. She feels insulted this could mean Mamori is more powerful than her. Then Mamori’s white knight appears to save her. Yeah, a single kick was enough to knock Nukui out. Charlotte and Ange are here to prevent their escape and since Mamori doesn’t want to fight, I guess this means making out with her? Sex > violence. Hey, not a bad deal, right? Mamori felt good when Mirei makes love to her. Mamori turns into a weapon not to fight but to blast through a hole for their escape. Charlotte considers them as enemies of Welter now. Later Mamori and Mirei formally introduce themselves. Mamori is shocked to learn Mirei is a year her junior! Wow. Such great body and curves and only a year younger?

Episode 3
Miyasato and Kouzuki are being given S&M punishment for another failure. I think Ange loves whipping them to the core. Akira rallies the other girls to become good role models so they can show the rest of the world how they can maintain as a functioning society and return to their loved ones. But as noted by Rain, although Akira is the only male (you mean, Akira is not female?!), he is the Governor of Welter and a damn good liar. Mamori and Mirei are living the island survival life till Meifon picks them up to a refugee village as instructed by her employer. Meifon’s job is also to smuggle goods to these ladies as she explains about Welter, the castle’s knights who maintain order by forcing their rules upon the lower class under the guise of protection. The test match was to see if the duo would qualify to be part of Welter. Of course everybody follows Welter as they keep a strong control over supplies. They are introduced to Torino Kazami who is the manager and big sister of the place. She is glad to have them stay here. Kasumi reports of supplies theft detected and did not report earlier because she didn’t want to make a big issue out of it. Of course Charlotte feels the need to capture the culprits and put them on public trial to show they can maintain order. In fact, Charlotte already knew of this and has placed a tracker amidst the supplies. She orders Kasumi to raid them by dawn. So next morning when Welter descends on the village and Kasumi calls them out to surrender, only Mirei steps out and takes responsibility as the ring leader to this. Of course Mamori doesn’t agree to this and also runs out to her. But Ange has Mirei tied up in her whip and Charlotte is going to exact her public punishment for opposing Welter. Mamori chides Mirei for trying to be a hero by taking everything herself. For the first time, Mirei initiates the make out and here is your lesbian scene for today. Mirei is so powerful that she breaks Charlotte’s unbreakable blades. She could have lost had not Kasumi stepped in and knocked out Mirei with her awesome kick. Charlotte praises her as the holder of the Zero Arm. Before they can take them into custody, it gets complicated when Rain and Lady J (bike version?) enter the scene.

Episode 4
Charlotte blames the duo as the most stubborn people on this island and because of that they are the reason why society banished them to this island. Of course they don’t give a damn about what they want. Mirei continues to play hero that she is the sole culprit so Charlotte has her knights kill her. Rain kisses Mirei and turns into a blaster weapon that returns all Ecsta back to their original form. Not even Kasumi could defeat the might of Rain and Lady J. Everything ends when Akira appears. He claims all these women are not the culprit and he had found the real one (Meifon) but escaped. Mamori is smitten by his good looks and even more when he puts up his polite act by deciding to let them have all the supplies as apology. After all, he considers every one of them as victims to the smuggler. He orders Welter to retreat. Charlotte is not happy with this but top orders are absolute. Mamori really would like to know more about Akira as Torino lets her know as much as she can. Kasumi wonders why Akira let Rain and Lady J escape. He believes they are quite powerful and if they had fought, there would be casualties. Also, he is interested in them because they are trying to find a way to get off Mermaid. Mamori’s obsession with Akira begins when she has posters of him pasted all over her room! More sweet dreams of marrying this guy and you know what they say about dreams coming true? Yup. Akira visits her that night to call her out into the woods to make love! OMG! The first actual hetero sex! Well, at least Mamori can lose her virgin tag. Haha! You know what they say about being too good to be true? Yeah… It was all an illusion as Mamori is just playing with herself. Miranda is using her Arms to make Mamori climax and turn into a weapon so she can bring her back to Charlotte. When Mamori transforms, Mirei picks her up to fight her. However Mirei becomes trapped in Miranda’s illusion of mud golems raping her?! Too bad for Miranda. Mirei has seen and experienced the real hell so this is easy for her to break out. Miranda loses when she panics. Yup. One strike to cut her down. I didn’t it was so super effective that it causes a mini explosion. Next morning, Mamori wakes up all refreshed after that great dream. Yeah, good for her. She doesn’t understand why Mirei is lacking sleep.

Episode 5
Mamori and Mirei are looking for mushrooms when they bump into Kasumi. She tells them to go away when suddenly… A giant girl!!! Nimi Minimi (say what?) explains about how she and her best friend, Noe Ooya were brought to Mermaid. Although they resonate with each other, Nimi did not transform. Charlotte wanted to separate and give them new partners but they refused. While Noe is imprisoned for refusing to marry her new partner, Nimi ran away from the castle. But she realized she is already in giant form when she wakes up this morning. Bringing her back to Torino’s place, they make a bikini cut out for her so that she doesn’t have to run around naked. Mamori has to put up with the embarrassing public free show as she make out with Mirei to cut out those clothes. It’s still tight anyway… Big girl means big appetite. Since Torino finished using all the ingredients, Nimi works her worth by catching lots of fish. And then they have lots of fun in the sea. But will the rest have swimsuits? Meifon has them. For a price. Next morning, Nimi grows bigger. Ah, back to being naked again. When she fears she’ll never get to see Noe again at this rate, Mamori chides her to just do it! This gives her the motivation to back to the castle to find Noe but Meifon points out wouldn’t her size cause a ruckus? Didn’t think about that, did you? Stop her! By the time she returns, Charlotte (after being freaked out by her giant boobs), once again resorts to violence as she utilizes her multiple sex partners to become her Arms. Again she butt heads with Kasumi only to be stopped by Akira who believes force is not always the answer. Mamori and Mirei are looking for Noe in the dungeon and set her free to bring her to Nimi. Noe starts chiding Nimi for leaving without telling her. Didn’t they promise to be together? After they reconcile, Noe jumps into her and she catches her by her boobs! OMG! Diving into water from a tall height will kill you but not into boobs! Fanservice logic, baby! It is then Nimi shrinks back to normal size. Akira points out Charlotte has erred in her judgment. It is not Nimi could not transform, growing larger is her power although there was a delay to its activation.

Episode 6
Meifon is running a gambling den when a Welter officer busts in. Everybody scatters to escape and then it turns out this is just a scam to trick the gamblers in not paying their dues. All the cash to themselves. With Hyoko Yundo and Futaba Kiri, the trio are known as the Three Musketeers and they have the resource and the know-how to smuggle goods out of the castle. For the upcoming Mermaid Festival, the beauty pageant has always been a hit and the favourites between Charlotte and Lady J. They could have made big money if the winner is a dark horse. Meifon has an idea… She talks to Mamori about this year’s pageant having its first prize changed from canned peaches to a plushie cat that she likes (obviously rigged of course). Since Mamori has no confidence in herself, who could she find to represent her? Hmm… How come everybody is hinting Mirei? And so they proceed to teach her how to strut her assets as well design outfits for her. Mermaid Festival is filled with the usual food stalls and fun activities. The pageant is the most eagerly awaited event at the end. It seems the crowd are stunned at Mirei’s beauty in a white evening gown. After all the contestants go up on stage and the votes tallied, the winner goes to… Charlotte! Eh?! Suspecting something amiss, Meifon confronts her friends as they are at the incinerator trying to get rid of the evidence. Because the votes clearly showed for Mirei and they rigged it to Charlotte. The duo’s answer in doing so is because they cannot keep smuggling forever and will soon one day be found out. Meifon can accept doing that if it’s for the cash, but if it’s to suck up to someone, they can go suck her dick. Wait. Does she even? Anyway, Mirei and Mamori heard this and are going to punish them. I guess it’s your reason for today’s yuri fanservice. So tantalizing that I think the traitorous duo forgot to run away or at least transform to their fighting gear. Mirei is made to fight her clones while the real one faces off with Mamori. You think she is going to use money to bribe her way out? Meifon uses the cash as ecstasy and Liberator so she could transform herself into a humanoid weapon and kick ass. After her victory, the duo are tied up in the middle of the castle with a confession note they rigged the pageant. Akira decides to rescind Charlotte’s win and although she doesn’t like it, he can look further into this and knows she will further be displeased. So just accept it. Meifon gives the cat plushie to Mamori as apology. But in turn she must help smuggle goods. You didn’t think it was for free, did you?

Episode 7
Yet another trouble by Kusumi. Before the fight can start, it is diffused by Akira. And as usual, that great speech once again swoons every girl’s heart. Now, if you still have your suspicions on Akira like yours truly, this is where it all confirms it. After Akira leaves the castle to a nearby abandoned house, he takes off his clothes and… OMG! AKIRA IS A WOMAN!!!!! THOSE HUMONGOUS MELONS FEELS LIKE IT WAS JUST WAITING TO EXPLODE!!! I knew it all along!!! Really! After letting loose her boobs and putting on her wig, she continues her search on the beach to find something that should allow them to go home. She is met with old friend Torino and they hang out together at the hotspring. When Mamori comes by, she is so taken in by her beauty that she climaxes herself and transforms! WTF?! Not wanting her identity to be busted, Akira takes on the identity as Hilholde. She stays at their place and gets freak out seeing all the posters of herself in Mamori’s room. I guess that’s why she couldn’t sleep that night. Why do I sense jealousy from Mirei? Hilholde talks to Mamori about being the first person sent here but none has been sent home so far. But she continues to have faith that one day they will. A short dream sees before she was sent to Mermaid, her mom told her to disguise herself as a man as being to sole gender would protect her in the strange land. The family has also made an artificial Ecsta for her. She promised to find a way to get her back but till then, have faith. Next day, Kusumi and her girls have taken a knight hostage and demanding for stuffs. Too bad they had to hole up at that abandoned building. Charlotte and Kasumi butt heads to take the hard or soft approach. Meifon leads the gang to a secret passageway that will come up directly underneath the building. Seems she too used this building for shady dealings. The gang bust in and take out the enemy. As Mirei is about to rescue the knight, she got pepper spray by her. Turns out she is the ringleader and the one who planned this hostage. She is separated from Mamori to avoid any activation but she didn’t know she could activate with Hilholde. So with the duo making out, Hilholde kicks their asses. While Mamori goes out to seek help, Hilholde takes her stuff to change back and escape. However, Mirei sees this. In the aftermath, Mamori continues to be infatuated with Akira as that ‘guy’ continues to have faith and search for a way home.

Episode 8
Akira sees Lady J and Rain and wants them to investigate these coordinates. Why them? He doesn’t want to utilize Welter and they have the skills necessary to complete this mission. The motivation that sealed it? They will find Mermaid’s secret. Part of the condition is that they take Mirei with them. With Meifon and Mamori tagging along, they reach a rocky area. Lady J and Rain start sexing each other to blast the rock open. So steamy that Mirei had to cover Mamori’s eyes! Following the underground path, it leads them to a huge underground factory. As they search for clues in this seemingly abandoned place, perhaps blueprints that will allow them to leave Mermaid, Meifon is attacked by a creature. Hey wait. Doesn’t that cybernetic creature look a bit like Frieza? What form is that? Haha! Rain and Lady J fight their best but still cannot defeat this artificial Arm. Although it got away, Mirei and Mamori got separated during the attack. As they rest, Mirei remembers something familiar about this. She remembers her boss telling her and her partner about the experiment of inserting Armed Virus into a clone cell and cultivating it, thus eliminating a need for soldiers like them as they can create an army of clones. So were they still conducting such experiments here? When Mamori wakes up, they continue to walk around till they stumble into Frieza clone again. This time Mirei wants Mamori to run as she partially transforms to take on it. Mirei is now super fast and stronger. Yeah, like she’s on drugs or something. Unfortunately she lost. Mamori, trying to live up to the meaning of her name (it’s a pun), tries to protect Mirei. Before Frieza clone can kill her, Mamori powers up and transforms into an ultimate dual lance weapon. This allows Mirei to finish the job. The clash is so great that it gave out some Valkyrie Effect. And a big part of the area is decimated too. Oh, the place is going to crumble and conveniently the rest finds them and get out in the nick of time. Although they did not find any clues to escape the island, at least they can be thankful for being alive. Somewhere on the face of this planet, since the largest Valkyrie Effect has been recorded, some big boss is going to send her underling to Mermaid to investigate. Hey. Doesn’t Momoka Sagara look like Mirei’s ex-partner?

Episode 9
Rain and Lady J report to Akira their findings. Hard to believe, but it seems it is the same technology of using Armed Virus to manifest an Arm. Momoka arrives on Mermaid and acts like a kid before Charlotte. As to test for her compatibility with a Liberator, that isn’t necessary as Momoka can do it with anyone. She proves so by making out with Charlotte and becomes a fine weapon. And so she is introduced to Nobility (Charlotte’s groupie of b*tches) that includes Ange, Marianne and Monroe. Charlotte decides to change Momoka’s name to Francoise to befit the elegance of her group. As Nobility takes Momoka around, Akira makes his appearance. Momoka laughs at him for being a girl dressed as a boy. She knows her stuff well because Armed Virus do not affect XY chromosome. The rest thinks she is being rude. When Momoka talks to Charlotte about everyone being tricked by this drag queen so that everyone would follow him around, she proposes that Charlotte makes a better leader on this island. Charlotte will confront Akira immediately but Momoka has a better plan. It seems everyone is excited for the upcoming fight between Akira and Charlotte. And I suppose Meifon is the happiest raking in all the bets. Here the duo are in the arena. Akira is the hot favourite since every darn girl is just supporting this dude. It might seem like a one-sided affair as Charlotte gets knocked down in one punch by Akira’s Ecsta, Sri. With a little more rage, Akira unleashes Sri’s true form to defeat Charlotte. Akira will have Momoka spill the beans of the organization she works for as he has suspected ever since her arrival. But Momoka won’t talk and instead transforms herself into a weapon to fire the most powerful blast that Sri cannot even block. And yes, this rips Akira’s clothes as every darn girl is horrified to see boobs sticking out from their beloved Governor. Momoka congratulates Charlotte for winning (she just woke up and missed everything) and now she is Mermaid’s top dog. Or bitch?

Episode 10
Flashback shows Kasumi and her partner, Hibiki Kenjo running away but caught by savage girls and beaten up. It stopped when Akira came to their rescue. Although Kasumi recovered, Hibiki suffered mental trauma and has never left the room she is being cared in ever since. Akira then made Kasumi her commander of her newly formed Welter to keep the peace along with newly arrived Charlotte. She was seen as the face of hope but now with her identity (and breasts) exposed, that all has faded away. Charlotte becomes the new Governor as she rallies the other girls to a new order after all that lies made under Akira’s rule. Those b*tches. How could they shift alliance so fast when all they ever did was swoon over Akira. Mirei and Mamori return to Torino’s place but it is empty and a mess. Seems Charlotte has sent her knights to round up all that oppose her. Kasumi is going to investigate deep into this matter but one word has her stop dead in her tracks: Hibiki. Pledge your loyalty to Charlotte and we assure you she stays safe. When Mirei and Mamori arrive at the castle, they see Akira crucified at the square. I guess it is no surprise they are in shock to learn Akira’s identity. Especially Mamori who must be realizing her romantic fantasies all the while means she’s a lesbian, right? When Mirei is going to invade the castle, Momoka suggests sending Kasumi to fight her. Charlotte is not pleased that Kasumi seems to be holding back so to ‘motivate’ her, Nobility uses Hibiki as a trump card to make Kasumi go into serious overdrive to beat up Mirei. This means Mirei will be at the losing end if she doesn’t end this match soon as the more she is under this soldier mode, the more strain it will have on her body. Probably everybody was so intense watching them that they didn’t realize Mamori snuck up behind the Nobility and push Hibiki down! Kasumi is fast enough to save Hibiki. Mirei is fast enough to save Mamori. Fast enough to kiss and transform her into that ultimate lance. Momoka now confirms that the Valkyrie Effect comes from them. But they can’t last long and for the first time in ages, Mirei is confronted by Momoka.

Episode 11
Flashback shows Mirei and Momoka (code named C7 and A3 respectively) were paired up as a team to fight. Now, Momoka never knew she was still alive and thought she was dead. But it is a good thing she still is because Momoka really wants to kill her! Momoka beats up weakened Mirei and would have finished her had not Hibiki’s trauma start acting up. Before she could shut her up, Rain and Lady J enter the scene. As explained by her comrade, D5, the duo are Naturals and Hybrids (able to be both Liberator and Ecsta). They once worked for the government as spies but chose to come here on their free will to obtain true freedom. Better than being the government’s dog, right? Unfortunately, not even Rain or Lady J could take down Momoka because her Arm is enhanced. Momoka points out only Mamori is the important one as she is the source of Valkyrie effect. But today’s fighting stops here since D5 wants to further test and prove Mamori is the one. Momoka blasts them as her farewell present but luckily Meifon’s barrier protects them. I don’t know how it ends up eating her clothes and end her up as naked. I know. Fanservice. Charlotte wants to know the meaning of this but Momoka slaps her and just tells her to obey if she knows what is good for her. After conducting tests on her, indeed Mamori shows great potential. Even greater when stimulated. Because of that, Momoka has no intentions of sending her back to the government and will keep her all to herself. More flashbacks reveal Mirei failed her mission when she refused to kill and this broke Momoka’s heart. Because this means the organization will dispose useless soldiers. But the kind scientist faked her death and gave her the name of Mirei so she could at least live on Mermaid. Therefore Mirei’s reason to continue living is further enhanced thanks to Mamori. That’s why she’s going to save her. But sorry Mamori. It’s not Mirei she sees when she wakes up. But Momoka who starts raping her to activate her Drive. Best orgasm ever? She continues blaming Mirei for taking everything from her. After the dissolution of their partnership, she had to undergo painful experiments to survive. With help from Rain and Lady J, Mirei infiltrate the castle to face off with Charlotte who is bent on winning and proving her loyalty so she can leave this island as promised by D5. She transforms using E9. Too bad she lost since Lady J transformed into her ultimate aircraft mode and crashed into her enhanced Arm. Mirei advances alone to face off with Momoka. To her horror, Mamori seems to have become her playmate, activating when Momoka caresses her. Momoka still hates Mirei, blaming her for taking everything she had. So she is going to take away all that is precious to Mirei and that includes her life.

Episode 12
D5 confronts Torino and knows she is the observer of Mermaid. Torino also deduces she is from the organization but D5 says they are now acting on their own so they can let Momoka obtain everything. Before Momoka can finish Mirei, she is stopped by Kasumi. She is now using her Ecsta. Seems Hibiki have awakened from her trauma and decided to not let Kasumi fight alone. Yeah, took you a while, eh? With Akira, Meifon, Rain and Lady J joining by Mirei’s side, this only makes Momoka even more pissed. If you think they outnumber her, think again. Momoka absorbs several knights into her Arm and unleashes a very powerful Valkyrie Effect. The organization detects this and soon comes to realize that Momoka is trying to obtain the power for herself. The attacks continue till Momoka absorbs every last of them. Everyone inside the Arm is naked and being… Tentacle raped! OMG! They have to resort to this, don’t they? When Momoka notices the barrier dissipating, she knows the organization is on to her. They even fire an orbital laser beam on her but Momoka is so powerful that she even flies up to destroy the satellite! Invincible! After she kills Mirei, she will go to the other islands to absorb others. Greedy. However Mirei continues to fight and breaks free from her tentacle rape to go find Mamori. She breaks her free from her chains and with Mamori’s permission to use her, they spit everyone out from the Arm! It gets better because Mamori and Mirei have achieved 100% compatibility and become the ultimate drive called, you guessed it, Valkyrie Drive! Isn’t that a wedding armour? Now Momoka is f*cking pissed. She uses D5 and D9 to turn into a giant robot. Now they’re into mecha too? How to bring her down? I guess that is why we have Nimi giving her cameo as a giant to knock her down so the rest can go all out to attack her. And yes, Mirei beats her. Still pissed and jealous, Momoka? The ever kind Mamori wants her to be saved too so Mirei kisses her and everything calms down. The kiss must be so f*cking effective that it takes away everyone’s Armed Virus! And the evolved Armed Virus became a new life form! WTF?! This is too much. In the aftermath, the girls are onboard a ship ready to depart for home. Momoka and her underlings are arrested and Torino hands in her report. But Mirei and Mamori are on their way to other islands because they want to save the rest. Meifon tags along because she’s in for the money and Rain and Lady J I suppose are in for the action. Yes Mamori, your happy ending is almost there. I hope she’s not counting her chickens.

Yuri Sex Drive
And what do you know? Looks like the lesbianism will continue and be enhanced to other islands. Yeah, I am pretty sure Mamori and her friends will bring their brand of sexy yuri time and shock other infected islands. It feels like an excuse to continue their girl on girl kissing and fondling. As long as they are happy… I mean, Mamori did say she does miss her parents. But saving the world comes first. Sure. After being violated by master Mirei, I’m sure she won’t want to let her personal pleasurer go. Haha!

Mermaid as an island poses a lot of mysterious questions itself from its purpose to its existence. You might suspect there might be even more and true enough there are when you hear the shady organization boss labelling Mermaid as its #5 island and the revelation that there are other similar islands as well. Those who are interested and have been following the project of this series should have known but casual viewers like me who just jumped in without any prior knowledge would later find out (if you take the initiative, that is) that there are at least 2 more such islands out there. From what I gathered (read: lazy referencing from Wikipedia), the other islands were introduced in the form of video games. That’s right. You get Mermaid in the form of animated entertainment while Bhikkhuni and Siren as handheld and iOS games respectively. Since I have neither such gadgets, I think I won’t be knowing about them anytime soon. Unless they get animated… With Mermaid liberated, not too sure if it would be used in the future or simply abandoned.

There were a few mind boggling questions that bugged me like the supply chain on Mermaid, who the heck makes them? I mean, you see they get decent food supplies that you could find in supermarket but who makes these things? I am very sure they can’t be importing them because the island is one way in and one way out. Maybe we don’t see the other residents of Mermaid producing those goods. Because if you think about it, this isn’t some prison island where the girls who don’t get to be knights just laze around and do nothing, right? But still, it still bugs me how they can produce such decently well products.

Disregarding the ending whereby all the girls get to go home, I wonder how they would get off the island had not Mirei and Mamori saved the day. Because I am sure that the infected girls aren’t just dumped on the island for nothing and since the organization is constantly watching them, it means there is some sort of nefarious end to it. But if they were going to conduct experiments, the girls wouldn’t be living a life of a mini nation and be so free to do what they want. So how is it that they are going to leave the island? The virus isn’t going to just disappear. And perhaps they never will because Akira was just lying to give them hope to continue living. Now that the girls are going home, I have a feeling they’ll be using lawsuits to sue the organization for dumping them. Then again, such big shady organizations have a way to shut you up and clean up all evidences.

But as far as this series itself is concerned, I suppose besides the yuri elements (more on this later), the action bits seem pretty decent (except when their clothes get torn to bits to expose their tits). I mean, it goes without saying. When you have beautiful babes and some that transform into weapons, it would be a waste not to use that potential for some kickass battles. But with all the epic power up battles and special effects, it isn’t something to drool about. It’s just like a slight distraction and variety to your usual lesbian fix. What? You don’t like your women sexy and kickass dangerous?

It goes without saying that the main pull of the series is on the yuri fanservice. Although this is not considered to be anything hardcore, it isn’t but anything mild either. Seriously, I didn’t even know this series was yuri when I started jumping in to watch. All I knew was it was going to be ecchi. Yeah, so count me in. Damn. Right from the start when I saw those big hentai-like boobs and the girls start making out, I have this strange feeling that I might be getting more than I bargained. Well, I’m not really into yuri although the last yuri themed anime I watched was Sakura Trick. Heck, better than yaoi, right? Come to think of it, this series is much more hardcore yuri than that one since it really involves more than just kissing but pleasuring their sensitive parts as well. Heck, I believe many of the girls here are under-aged! WTF?! Even more shocking that Mirei is younger than Mamori and Meifon but she has a hot bod that is of a mature woman. And they are still under-aged by the way.

And when you have bare tits exposed, this goes to show that this isn’t just for anyone. Or if you’re not into yuri but like big boobs, maybe this will do too. Besides, I somewhat noticed that the breasts of all the girls are either as freaking big hentai-like or as flat as a washboard. There are some in between but you’d hardly notice them. We’re all happy if there are boobs all around :-). Besides, the only reason why this isn’t classified as hentai is because nobody ended up having real sex and despite not drawing the vaginal parts (remember how Nimi was running around in her giant size? You can’t miss that part, really), this series is like a softcore porn version of a hardcore lesbian porn. Damn technicalities.

So if you are not really used into seeing girls making out with each other, you won’t be able to stand the rest of the series because every episode at least guarantees one steamy lesbian make out be it from our main duo Mamori and Mirei or Rain and Lady J or some other minor supporting characters or even an unholy orgy if you’re like the b*tch Charlotte who has her own personal harem of knights. And then they had to insert the tentacle rape scene. OMG. It really is the ultimate. Yeah, Mermaid. The island where it is truly a man’s paradise. Too bad it is only for women. An island where straight women turn into lesbians, so to speak :-). The only thing misleading is how the girls seem to climax and orgasm so easily. If it was only this simple in real life :-(. Maybe it is girl on girl thingy that guys can’t understand.

In my opening paragraph, I did mention how this anime seemed to borrow heavily elements from other anime series. Most notably Cross Ange. Don’t you see how freaking similar the setting is? Only women get infected by a certain anomaly. They are cast off to a very faraway island with no chance of escaping and returning to society. Then you have the badass female lead that just kicks ass and has the potential to power up using the right tools. Only difference is that Mirei isn’t of royal lineage but a genetically engineered soldier from the start. As for the Freezing elements, I just thought how similar Mirei’s design is to Satellizer. Then there is Charlotte’s uniform design. Although it is noticeably different in Freezing, I can’t seem to help think it always reminds me of that series. Then they also have materializing of weapons and the use of partners. But in Freezing you materialize weapons from their uniform instead of their partners. Seikon No Qwaser? Tits stimulation and breasts sucking! You need those to power up, baby! Enough said.

The characters themselves feel a little cliché. You have your main pair which is almost as different as night and day but they work out to be the best and most powerful combo ever. Mamori your typical damsel in distress but wields a hidden power that is coveted by greedy baddies. It almost became a running joke when she had to correct everybody’s mispronunciation of her name as virgin but when thinks became darker, I guess everybody realized they are worse off being sluts and whores! Haha! Oops! Not too sure if Mamori also became a hypocrite later on because despite against violence and fighting, she seems to have no second thoughts about allowing it. For justice and to protect the peace? Yeah, it’s like fighting fire with fire. And Mirei, mysterious newcomer. Not the talking type. Has a dark past. Kickass. A little overprotective over her beloved Mamori that in the event if you tease her a little, she’ll give you that death stare.

Then there is Charlotte and Kasumi who are like yin and yang because the former is a true b*tch always resorting to violence first while the latter would rather give diplomacy a chance but being the character who is caught between a rock and a hard place, she still has to resort to some questionable stuffs especially when her beloved Hibiki is involved. Charlotte being the sneaky imposing b*tch, usually Kasumi has to end up following her orders. Momoka is just a character for you to hate other than Charlotte. One is just being a b*tch, the other truly the embodiment of hatred. But when Mirei’s hug and touch vanishes all that hate in Momoka, it just made me think that probably all that girl wanted was a little love from her partner and hatred got her lost along the way. I had always a hunch that Akira was female underneath all that garb. My anime sense was tingling even if they trolled us with that androgynous look. Then there is the money grubber Meifon who truly loves money so much that she really does get stimulated slapping a few bucks over her body. I wonder if it will be the ultimate orgasm if she baths in cash. Really. Next, Rain and Lady J comes off as the biggest lesbians for their penchant to fondle each other when they are not fighting or riding. Everybody else is just forgettable either being useless small fries, whores or sluts.

Art and drawing wise, just okay, nothing to shout about. Character designs, some of their clothes make the characters look like sluts especially Lady J whom you feel that she purposely didn’t finish her clothes so that she can show off her underboobs. I don’t know about Meifon’s taste but having her in sexy cowgirl garb feels like a big fail. Though, sometimes it made me want to go “Yeehaw!” each time I see her. The Ecsta weapons’ design also feel okay, having that sci-fi look and all but I’m sure that’s not the eye candy we are here for, right? This series is animated by Arms who also did many sexy and ecchi animes like Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, Queen’s Blade, Ikkitousen, Hagure Yuusha No Estetica, Isuca and Sekai De Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai. Maybe that is why I see some familiarity in the characters like Mamori whom I thought looked a lot like that main character in Wizard Barristers and Mezzo. Is it me or does Momoka look like an evil version of Hatsune Miku? Side note: The studio also specializes in animating a lot of hentai flicks. Probably that is where they got the ‘experience’ ;p.

At first I wasn’t going to bother with the voice acting seeing that I didn’t really recognize anybody. And then when I accidentally spotted Yuka Iguchi playing as Mirei, well, it caught me off a little. Especially when the character itself is taciturn. Not that I would recognize her either even if she had more lines. No bratty voice like Index like I knew her. Furthermore, this isn’t her first time voicing such characters as she has done many several characters like Mako in Girls Und Panzer, Subaru in Mao Chiki and Limalisha in Madan No Ou To Vanadis. Another caught me by surprise… Mamiko Noto made a cameo as Akira’s mother???!!! Why did I not pick this up???!!! I am so ashamed of myself!!! And oh… Kikuko Inoue behind Torino’s voice? I should have, for the umpteenth time already…

Mikako Izawa (Moeko in Wakaba Girl) is the voice behind Mamori and she brings a very girl voice to the character. The rest of the other casts include Yuna Yoshino as Akira (Bella in Junketsu No Maria), Yurika Kubo as Meifon (Hanayo in Love Live), Saori Onishi as Rain (Eriri in Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata), Asakura Azumi as Lady J (Asia in High School DxD), Asami Seto as Charlotte (Chihaya in Chihayafuru), Masumi Tazawa as Kasumi (Kiriha in Rokujouma No Shinryakusha) and Hitomi Harada as Momoka (Himeji in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu).

The opening theme is by Hitomi Harada. A standard anime rock piece that fits the series but nothing that appeals to me. However it is the ending theme that stands out the most and would certainly raise some eyebrows. If the title of Ultra Super Hyper Miracle Romantic by the duo of Yuka Iguchi and Mikako Izawa sounds weird enough, wait till you hear the song itself. It is easily classified as a denpa song thanks to its awfully weird lyrics but annoyingly catchy tune. Some of its lines are sung so fast that you might think they are rapping or they just fast forward the tape. Anyhow, if you viewed the show as weird, this ending theme would even enhance the weirdness of everything. Especially the lyrics that goes on ranting about the super ultra hyper fantastic great fabulous amazing wonderful tremendous marvellous excellent outstanding brilliant splendid terrific superb romantic escapades. Yeah…

Overall, if you are feeling lonely and horny and in the mood of some lewd lesbian fanservice without any good plot or characters, this one might do the trick to get over that desire to please yourself. Be warned you might feel a bit empty and sad after your masturbation… No, I did not try it out. Just call it a hunch. Heh. After all, life is full of sex and violence and what better way than to put it all into one anime like this. Imagine, sex and masturbation as the foreboding signs of weapons of mass destruction. I don’t know if the world would be a happier or sadder place. It would be more of the latter when all women start pleasuring and making out with themselves, relegating guys to watching more 2D hentai.

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