August 11, 2007

When we were younger and smaller, I suppose we all have that best childhood friend whom we played and shared our times with. Then of course, the parents have to move away to some other place resulting in the inseparable friends becoming separated. It all sounds too familiar doesn’t it. Well, at least that’s the setting for the series Tonagura.
This is another one of your typical teenage drama-romance-comedy drama but with a little hint of ecchi in it. Okay, maybe not just a hint or a pinch. But it’s enough to give some fanservice, if you know what I mean. You could already guessed it when the opening credits start rolling. Yup, with the wind blowing through her skirt, you could take a little peek at her pure white panties… I’m not drooling, okay. Of course any embarrassed girl would quickly flip it back down.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves nor shall we let our imaginations run wild after that. In this 13 episode series, basically we have this cute high school going girl Kazuki Arisaka. She’s feeling quite excited because her childhood friend, Yuuji Kagura, whom she has not seen for 10 years, is going to move back as their neighbours soon as seen in episode 1. Kazuki is having high hopes and anticipation about Yuuji’s return and dreams that Yuuji has grown up to be a handsome knight in shining armour or her ideal prince charming.
Her enthusiast and streak of good luck at school has been noticed by her best pal, Chihaya Suzuhara, and asks her about her unusual genki mood. Kazuki explains which causes Chihaya to snatch Kazuki’s purse to have a look at Kazuki’s potential ‘boyfriend’. From first looks, you’d guess that this Chihaya girl is one of those busybody kinda type. But she won’t be the only one along the way. After school, Kazuki notices that her new neighbours are moving in and is excited to greet them as she heads into her home and prepares herself along with her busty and ‘dreamy but not blur’ elder sister, Hatsune.
As Kazuki is changing her outfit, a boy is spying her from the balcony and because he saw her semi-naked, he proceeds to barge in and pound (not to mention molest!) Kazuki. Of course, Kazuki’s in a shock as she tries to struggle and get him away from her. Soon, a girl with a teddy bear machine gun fires away at him! Oh is it blood that he’s all covered with? Nope, it’s just paintballs. Well, Kazuki realized that this guy is Yuuji! Oh no! To cut things short, Yuuji didn’t turned out the way Kazuki expects him to be but instead a big time pervert! And that little machine gun girl is Marie, Yuuji’s little sister, who is your typical expressionless and monotonous sounding little girl. Marie as a paintball gun disguised as a teddy bear and wouldn’t hesitate to fire and ‘punish’ her brother everytime he gets into perverted situations. And as always. Yuuji never learns as you’ll notice he gets his punishment at least once in every episode.
Even later it’s an uneasy atmosphere when the quartet are together in the living room. Even though an argument broke out between Kazuki and Yuuji, the latter still wants to grope and molest Kazuki! That pervert! He even had a go at Hatsune but I guess where’s all the fun when that big sis is so casual and ‘allowing’. As usual, Yuuji gets a hail of rubber bullets from Marie and a kick from Kazuki. But even when Kazuki tries to help him up, Yuuji still wants a piece of her. Desparate case. This made Kazuki to run and lock herself in her room. There, she’s still upset over the whole thing and decides to eat the whole cake she made for Yuuji herself when she’s thinking about the time she met Yuuji while she’s young just outside the balcony. You know, the balcony of both houses are so close that you could just climb over with ease. Really. Perhaps there’s really a shortage of space in Japan.
But Kazuki’s daydreaming is interrupted when Yuuji somehow got into her room and Kazuki lands him a kick on the head. With that, Yuuji gets to admire her panties and his inner pervertness resurfaces before Kazuki kicks him out of her room. That night while Kazuki’s still sulking, Yuuji manages to soften her heart by remembering the first time they met and saying how cute she was at that time. I’m sure any girl would forgive a guy like him after those words. It seems Hatsune and Marie have been spying on the both of them as their appearance surprised Kazuki. Yup, Hatsune’s not only another busybody but also playing matchmaker. Of course Marie’s there to watch over her brother to prevent him from doing anything funny. But actually the trio are waiting for Kazuki to come join them for dinner. After dinner, they had a taste of Kazuki’s cake. However, it tastes disgusting. Yup, Kazuki’s a bad cook. And if you’re wondering about their parents, they’ve gone out together ever since Yuuji and Marie’s came back. Yup, spending some lost times together. But throughout the series, you won’t really see both their parent’s faces but only hear their voices over the phone.
But it seems that the quartet are going to be together for a long time in episode 2. That’s because both their parents are on a cruise and their boat crashed somewhere off some South American island and they’re marooned. Not only that, we could hear over the phone that they plan on staying there a little while longer. Well, looks like the kids have to fend for themselves. And since Yuuji is now a pervert, that makes Kazuki fearing the worst. Oh you just have to be patient girl. Besides having that flashback dream while they were young and how Yuuji left with his family and a love letter Kazuki wanted to give to Yuuji but never managed to do so, and Yuuji’s collection of crates and boxes full of erotic magazines, back in present time, Hatsune comes up with a plan by turning Yuuji and Kazuki into ‘husband and wife’. The catch is, Yuuji mustn’t do anything pervert on Kazuki or else he loses. It’s gonna be tough.
Why not. It seems, Yuuji is trying to control his inner pervertness when Hatsune sets up various tempting positions of Kazuki. From a maid outfit to school girl swimsuit, it does seem like an eternity trying to hold it all in. Of course, both of them have that will not to lose to each other as Kazuki tries to step up the pressure into seducing Kazuki though she isn’t too fond of it. So it’s dinner time and just like a husband and wife, Kazuki prepares dinner which means Yuuji is gonna have a horrid time. Is this far worse than holding in his pervertness? However, Kazuki decides to give in and let Yuuji win when the latter says how good her meal was because he doesn’t want to let her effort all go to waste. Yup, Yuuji chowed down the whole thing.
While Yuuji’s writhing in pain on the ground, Hatsune seems to have another plan up her sleeve as she pulls some string on the apron Kazuki’s wearing to reveal a naked apron! Well, Kazuki’s not exactly naked. Somehow the clothes she’s wearing came off leaving her in her undies. I wonder if there’s a scientific explanation for this even if it’s possible. While a surprised Kazuki is trying to cover herself, Yuuji spots her and just like magic that disgusting food taste disappeared and his pervertness starts to kick in. With that, Marie gives Yuuji his usual punishment. See, old habits die hard.
Since Yuuji’s back living with them, he has to go to school too, right? So in episode 3, starts off with Kazuki having a weird dream of a suave, cool, charming and attractive Yuuji. Too bad that’s all just a dream. Since it’s Yuuji’s first day, Kazuki tells him that he needs to be presentable and not look like a pervert as Kazuki tidies Yuuji up a little. So on their way to school, it seems the girls are taken in by Yuuji’s handsomeness. Yeah, Yuuji does look quite handsome in that look he’s putting on. Then, a little blonde girl, Niina Isokawa, bumps into them. Niina’s your usual halfie, meaning of mixed parentage and that genki little girl. I suppose any girl would do for Yuuji as he caught glimpse of Niina’s panties but luckily Kazuki stuffed her hand into his face.
In class, Marie is introduced to her class and it seems she’s in the same class with an excited Niina. Things couldn’t get worse for her when Marie and Niina are seated next to each other. So much so everytime Niina moves her desk closer to Marie’s, the latter will move away and this process repeats until Marie gives up. At Yuuji’s class, he’s putting on his handsome face as everyone admires in disbelief. The class president, Kousuke Machida tells how Yuuji could use this looks to attract girls but shortly to be beaten up by the class vice president, Miu Serizawa, to come talk to her if there’s anything and winks at Yuuji! Okay, so the handsome face look works. But Yuuji has to keep it in in order not to dig his own grave.
Though Kazuki isn’t in the same class as Yuuji, she can’t help worry what perverted tactics Yuuji may pull off on the girls in his class. By that time, Chihaya comes by and tells Kazuki that she has seen her childhood friend and notes how popular he is among the girls. Of course Kazuki wouldn’t believe at first but Chihaya brings her to have a good look herself and it’s true. Yuuji’s surrounded by girls! And he isn’t doing anything perverted. In a way, Kazuki’s upset and jealous that Yuuji has never treated her like this but Yuuji says some things again to make her heart soft like how he doesn’t mind being ignored by other girls when he decides to give up his handsome face look as he still thinks Kazuki as his friend. So perhaps this handsome face look isn’t too bad after all.
The next day after school, Kazuki decides to properly introduce Chihaya to Yuuji but tells Marie to be on guard as safety precautions. Yuuji is putting on his handsome face as he and Chihaya chat. Why, Chihaya seems to be seducing him! Like putting his face in her chest! Marie can’t do anything because it’s not Yuuji who’s being perverted. Eventually, he starts enjoying it like a pervert he is and loses his handsome face. Kazuki asks Chihaya how she knew this isn’t the real Yuuji. It’s about some face twitching response Chihaya gave, which she observed the day Yuuji arrived. Chihaya tells that Yuuji is better off being himself and not acting like somebody else. With that, Yuuji is thrilled that Chihaya accepts the way he is and takes her hands. Marie thinks Yuuji’s getting into perverted mode and prepares to fire. Kazuki tries to intercepts but bumps into the 2 causing herself and Chihaya to reveal their panties. An excited Yuuji is gonna grope them when Marie fires away, hitting bullseye. Though Chihaya mentions that boys should be a little perverted, this made Yuuji even more excited as he agrees with her. Chihaya decides to flip up her own skirt to ‘experiment’ and see for herself. So everytime Yuuji looks at Chihaya’s undies in excitement, Marie shoots him. And this process goes on and on and on and on until who knows when. At least Chihaya proved her experiment was successful and had her fill of ‘fun’ as well. Looks like she too does enjoy seducing Kazuki but not to the extent that it takes him away from Kazuki. You could say that she has a higher acceptance threshold on pervertness.
Though episode 4 still has more of those perverted ‘attacks’ from Yuuji and Hatsune seems a little disappointed about Yuuji’s failure each time (she’s really wanting to see some action between her little sis and Yuuji), this episode mainly focuses on Marie and Niina. We see Niina’s home is atop some hill and she’s got a clear shot of Marie’s house as Niina looks through her binoculars. Here, we find out 2 things that Marie is afraid of. One, cats. Two, interacting and mixing with other people. Marie spots 1 on a wall and Niina happen to come by and introduce herself. Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Marie tries to run but a genki Niina is hot on her heels. It seems Niina is very keen to be with Marie so much so she’s sticking like a leech 24/7 with Marie at school.
Though Marie manage to ditch Niina on her way back from school, this time she’s been surrounded by cats. And somehow those cats turned evil and is gonna strike her when Niina shows up to protect her. Soon Yuuji and Kazuki arrive to give the cats their lunch leftover to calm them down. Marie then points her teddy bear gun at Niina, surprising her. Luckily Yuuji tells her to put it away and soon Marie runs away. Yuuji explains to Niina about how Marie never had any good friends before as he invites her over for dinner. So during dinner, it’s all Yuuji’s plan to get Marie to support Niina. It’s ironic that Niina’s dumpling may look horrible on the outside but it tastes good unlike Kazuki’s which is just the total opposite. Yuuji asks why Niina is so fond on Marie as the latter tells since her dad is always working late, he’s rarely home to be with her and her only companion is her stuffed toy racoon named Rak-kun, which uncannily resembles closesly to Marie’s face. Yes it does. In the end, Marie and Niina do become friends but Marie still keeps a distance between them. Niina thanks and even hugs Yuuji, which that pervert enjoys that lolita’s breasts rubbing on him. Yup, punishment time before the gang sends Niina back to her place.
Does Chihaya have a thing for Yuuji? Well, in episode 5, it seems Chihaya is trying to seduce and win Yuuji over like telling him how she’s wearing her new panties and wants Yuuji to take a look at them. You know Yuuji’s reaction, right? This in a way attracts a crowd of busybodies and Kazuki starts arguing with Chihaya that the latter shouldn’t have done so, so much so everyone thinks that Kazuki and Chihaya are fighting over Yuuji. Of course an embarrassed Kazuki doesn’t think it’s like that but it seems Chihaya is enjoying it. And perhaps Yuuji may like Chihaya after all because during recess as the 2 talk things over, they find out that they both have many common interests together. This prompts Kazuki to be a little jealous. Even though Yuuji’s a pervert, he is HER pervert, remember?
The next day, Chihaya comes to visit Yuuji’s place since Kazuki overslept. When Kazuki finally awakes, she’s surprised to find Yuuji didn’t do anything perverted on Chihaya. Furthermore, Kazuki comes into Yuuji room to find it in a total mess so much so she herself took the liberty in cleaning it up for him. We also find out Yuuji’s some sort of a photography maniac. Well, he doesn’t take photos of beautiful sceneries, well yes, beautiful scenaries in the sense… girls. That shutterbug gives an excuse that he wants to capture their beauty. With that, everyone decides to join in some photo session even Niina. Except for Kazuki, who’s still upset over the whole thing.
Everyone then decides to team up and have a photo of Kazuki taken by barging into Kazuki’s room while she’s changing and Yuuji is gonna use this opportunity to snap a pic of her when Kazuki is really upset and pissed off. This prompts Kazuki to back down and everyone soon leaves her alone. Later Chihaya manages to convince Kazuki to take a photo but notices how lonely she is and asks Yuuji to stand beside her. Kazuki gets mad again though Yuuji tries to apologize for all his wrongdoings. Because Kazuki said the wrong words like how it’s best she wasn’t here, Yuuji couldn’t tolerate anymore and tells her off before saying he hates her. Kazuki felt even more hurt and replies the same thing to him that she hates him. I sense a storm coming up.
The hostility continues in episode 6 as this episode gets a little serious. Continuing off from their ‘break up’, both Yuuji and Kazuki are avoiding each other. Because of that, Chihaya partly feels responsible and tries to make things up by trying to prove that Yuuji has no feelings on herself but Kazuki instead. Chihaya went to talk to Kazuki which the latter felt bad about the whole thing and agrees to go make up with Yuuji. That night, Kazuki and Chihaya sneaked onto Yuuji’s balcony to find Hatsune in a nun outfit trying to console Yuuji. Even with Hatsune’s oversized boobs, Yuuji seems too depressed to do anything perverted. Marie appears, surprising both Chihaya and Kazuki as she mentions that she has requested Hatsune to go talk with Yuuji.
We hear that Yuuji too is sorry about the whole thing and wants to make up to Kazuki as well as he likes her better when she smiles. Upon hearing this, Kazuki’s heart softens and due to this, she slipped from the roof as a roof tile loosens. Hey, how can you hear anything from that spot. I mean unless Yuuji’s talking really loud. In in a speed of light, Yuuji manages to catch her in her arms, though he’s gonna have backache problems. Hey, how could Yuuji respond so quickly to Kazuki’s scream and fall? Though the next day Kazuki agrees to get her photo taken, she’s still finding it hard to smile. Yuuji consoles her which eventually made Kazuki smile. Looks like it’s a creepy one. Hahaha. But I guess that’s a start. Because of that, Yuuji teases Kazuki and soon an argument ensues as Kazuki gets pissed off. Back to the normal. And while the 2 are at it, the gang took a photo of Yuuji clinging on to Kazuki’s waist as she tries to fend him off.
It seems everything is really back to normal in episode 7 as Yuuji is back to his usual perverted prowl on Kazuki in the early morning. Well, Kazuki is surprised to find Yuuji in her room and gives him a beating. She later finds out that it was Hatsune who let Yuuji in even though Kazuki had locked the doors. Upon opening her closet, she finds Marie tied up inside. The reason why there was no punishment when Yuuji was around. Yup, Hatsune got to Marie first before Marie could on Yuuji. Because of that, Marie decides to find Hatsune’s weakness. But in school we see Hatsune has her own fanclub. She’s really popular so much so that there are guys asking and pleading for her to join their club. Those perverted guys. But I suppose it’s not her busty figure that they’re after because Hatsune is quite an all-rounder as well and is quite good in doing a lot of things. But Hatsune just gave her usual smile.
Hatsune confess that she does have a weakness, Kazuki, that is. Soon Hatsune collapses because she has a fever and a concerned Kazuki rushes back home. While Hatsune’s resting in her bed, Kazuki decides to temporarily take over the household chores. But you know, Kazuki’s a klutz. She flops in all the household chores and at the same time giving viewers a taste of some fanservice like she could even trip while vacuuming or hanging out the clothes. Since we all know Kazuki’s a bad cook, Marie and Yuuji helped her in making some dinner for Hatsune. Though Kazuki seems pretty concern for her sis, Hatsune thanks her for her hard work and proceeds to get all yuri with her! Because of that, Kazuki gets her fever the next day. But that’s not it. It seems Hatsune has got Kazuki’s klutz! Yup, Hatsune screws up her household chores! Yuuji hopes that Kazuki will get well soon because he and Marie can’t take it anymore as they’re sprawled all over the ground, possibly in pain.
More of those Hatsune-Kazuki moments in episode 8. We see that Kazuki’s part of the swimming club and the reason why she’s in one is because a young Yuuji told her how good she was a swimmer, which made Kazuki joined a swimming club ever since. Back in present time, because Kazuki manage to break a swimming lap record set by Hatsune, this prompts a challenge from Hatsune to a swimming competition. Furthermore, Yuuji is on the school’s media reporting club as a photographer and is assigned to cover that event. Though Kazuki doesn’t want to compete with her sis, it seems Hatsune is really getting into it. So of course, they had to go shopping for a swimsuit and though Yuuji said some pissing off remarks and gets his usual pounding from Kazuki, it seems Yuuji does notice and observe Kazuki a little as he notices her favourite colour is green and picks a swimsuit of that colour for her. But I guess even that 2 piece swimsuit is green, it’ll be quite embarrassing for Kazuki to wear it on competition day. So she settle for something else. A blue 1 piece swimsuit.
So that day arrives and is much anticipated. Yeah, all the hype, buzz and excitement about it makes you think those guys are there just to watch Hatsune’s gravity-defying boobs in action. Just kidding. Kazuki seems to be having low self-confidence because her sis seems intimidating although she doesn’t look the part. Yuuji notices this and tries to boost Kazuki’s morale by speaking through the PA system. Because of this, the race starts and in the end Kazuki beats her sis and wins the race. Though after the race on their way back home, Hatsune says that how he wished for Yuuji to cheer her on, Yuuji replies that he was actually cheering for both of them. Soon a stack of photos dropped out from Yuuji’s bag and to Kazuki’s horror she saw tons of photo shoots on other girl’s breasts, crotch shot and other sexy poses as she gives him another super punch. I guess that’s putting his photography skills to use. But not all the photos are perverted shots. There’s 1 where we see Kazuki coming out of the pool after her victory as Hatsune looks on.
The jealousy is back in episode 9 but this time it’s on Yuuji’s part. After that swimming victory, it seems Kazuki has her own fanclub now. Getting a taste of what it’s like in the limelight, huh? But that’s not really the cause of jealousy. In class, Serizawa and Machida tells Yuuji how there were many guys chasing and proposing for Kazuki to be their boyfriend back in middle school. But Kazuki rejected them all by saying that she had a crush on a special someone. Of course we all know that’s Yuuji but that blur head Yuuji thinks it’s somebody else. Soon, Yuuji finds out and assumes that the person Kazuki had a crush on is her old teacher, Kogorou. Another ASS-U-ME case. To make things worse, Kogorou actually comes back into Kazuki’s life in this episode. Now is this fate or what.
Yuuji eventually confronts Kazuki and asks about the person she likes and both 2 are talking different things. Yuuji thinks it’s Kogorou while Kazuki thinks it’s Yuuji himself. Don’t worry. Kogorou isn’t a bad guy, though he may seem like a blur head but he’s not. He’s quite understanding though sometimes he may not say it upfront. Anyway, Yuuji notices how Kazuki acts all too goody-two-shoes in front of Kogorou. Kazuki is actually pretending to be so because she doesn’t want Kogorou to find out what a big pervert Yuuji has become so much so she mentions all the good things about Yuuji.
But Chihaya soon tells Kazuki that Kogorou already knows of Yuuji’s pervertness. With that, Kazuki doesn’t need to hold back herself and unleashes her violent side on Yuuji even though Kogorou catches her doing it in the act. Kazuki tells Kogorou and blames Yuuji for turning her into like that. So more drama, teen angst and confusion as we see Yuuji locking himself up in his room and not wanting to come down for dinner. Though Kazuki tries to persuade him, Yuuji is still acting spoilt and jealous. Why Kazuki even tried to seduce him to do so! But it didn’t work. Yuuji’s jealousy has overwhelmed his perverted nature. So as the 2 get into an argument, eventually Yuuji pushes Kazuki out of his room and tells her that he doesn’t need any dinner as he shut close his balcony door, leaving Kazuki all confused and shocked.
What ecchi anime doesn’t have that beach episode. That’s what episode 10 is. The gang including Kogorou, Machida and Serizawa head to the beach for some fun in the sun and sand. I find this episode a little boring and lots of that drama. So here, both Yuuji and Kogorou gets into perverted situations but Kazuki seems to forgive Kogorou because she views his perverted actions are to be accidental as compared to Yuuji’s. Of course this pisses off Yuuji. But even so, note that Kogorou isn’t a pervert though the situation does make him look and sound like one. And I’m not really sure if Machida and Serizawa are an item but it seems Serizawa won’t hesitate to give Machida a good pounding whenever he gets into perverted trouble.
To make things worse, Kazuki didn’t wear that green swimsuit that Yuuji bought for her, making Yuuji even more sulky. Thus Yuuji tries to get everyone’s attention by doing silly stuffs like that blindfolded watermelon hitting game, which Yuuji ultimately made a fool out of himself. Soon Yuuji goes off and build an amazing sand castle sculpture (I didn’t know he could build it so beautifully) with Marie. Marie notices Yuuji isn’t his perverted self (isn’t that a good thing. Maybe not because she won’t get to shoot him). I like this part whereby suddenly we hear some sort of a loud army invasion/raid takeover over the loud speaker. It all seems so real that it scared Yuuji as he’s wondering what’s going on. Then it all turned out to be Marie’s handphone ringtone. Hahaha. I wish I had one for mine as well. Marie receives a call from Hatsune telling Yuuji to gather at some spot and take a group photo.
We also find out that Kazuki actually did like that green swimsuit Yuuji selected. Unfortunately it got ripped while she was wearing it while taking a bath. Yuuji reaches the place only to see Kazuki there. By now, you should know that all this is just a setup. Kazuki’s covered by a towel and is gonna ‘show’ Yuuji, who thinks Kazuki is gonna bare it all. Unfortunately, Kazuki’s wearing her green swimsuit with the ripped part being held by a clip. When Kazuki asks if she looks cute in it, Yuuji mumbles a soft yes so much so Kazuki didn’t hear it. Of course Yuuji still has that male ego pride and tells her she isn’t cute. This pisses off Kazuki as she again makes comparison with him and Kogorou. With that, Yuuji gets mad and just in good timing, Kogorou appears and that clip that holds Kazuki’s swimsuit came off. Though Yuuji wants to help her, Kazuki thinks that he’s gonna do something perverted and chides him to stay back. I’m not sure if Kogorou know what’s really happening as he takes off his shirt and covers Kazuki as they both head back to where the rest are, leaving Yuuji like the ‘bad guy’.
Your usual festival episode 11 and girls in their yukatas as Yuuji-Kazuki relationship once again becomes strained. So much so Yuuji decides to lock himself up in his own room to study (it’s the end of the world!) while everyone else looks forward to the festival. So during that festival night the whole motley gang are there as usual. Since it’s awfully crowded, the gang got separated. Then Yuuji spots Kogorou and Kazuki together. As usual, Yuuji jumped to conclusions when he saw Kazuki falling into the arms of Kogorou. Yuuji thinks Kazuki’s still in love with him but in actual fact, Kazuki isn’t used to the kind of slippers she’s wearing which causes her to trip and Kogorou managed to catch her before she falls face flat on the ground. Yuuji decides to leave and by that time Kazuki had spot Yuuji too. Kazuki wanted to go after him but this time her slipper straps broke and Kazuki really tripped this time.
Then Kogorou and Yuuji had a little chat together while they’re in the public bath house. Yuuji isn’t too fond of Kogorou’s presence and gets irritated whenever Kogorou asks him about his love life. Okay, maybe just if Yuuji’s jealous by the whole thing or not. After Kogorou reveals what actually happened back then, Yuuji asks back if there’s anyone in particular Kogorou likes. Though he didn’t say who, Kogorou mentions that there is a person he likes but it’s not Kazuki. I’m guessing it must be Hatsune. Just guessing. Finally Kogorou advices Yuuji to stop being perverted to Kazuki as that would make her hate him more. As they leave the bath house, they meet up with the girls who also have finished doing their business. Kazuki decides to apologize to Yuuji but the latter said some unpleasant remarks which pisses off Kazuki. Because she’s still not used to her slippers, she trips again, almost revealing her undies. So that perverted mode is back but Kazuki lands him a kick in the face (wonder why Marie wasn’t fast enough to whip out her gun). Kazuki remembers Kogorou’s words but Marie finally points her gun and fires away. Better late than never.
So Yuuji decides to follow Kogorou’s advice and stop being a pervert in episode 12. Heck, he even threw away all his erotic magazines! Because of that Kazuki is quite happy with the way things turned out but not for Chihaya. Yup, that gal probably loves to see some ecchi action between those 2 but since all that’s gone, Chihaya tries to create an ecchi situation between the 2 but she flops. You could say the fun’s gone but the good news is, Kazuki gets to do well on her exams and swimming club whereas Yuuji joins every club available in school. Soon it’s gonna turn out to be a bad thing because Yuuji’s really getting tired as you could see the bags around his eyes. He’s like a zombie! So lethargic, so no energy, so no reaction. And I think because of that, Yuuji’s experiencing a streak of bad luck like falling into manholes.
Kazuki starts to worry and wonders if it’s her fault. So is she saying she likes the perverted Yuuji better? Marie too is sad because she can’t shoot her brother anymore. I guess it’s confirmed that this little girl gets her kicks from there. Kazuki and Hatsune then had a chat when Kazuki says how she still likes this current Yuuji even with all the bad luck because it reminded her of the young childhood Yuuji. Hatsune doesn’t seem to agree and tells Kazuki to think about it again. Remember that letter Kazuki intended to give Yuuji but never did? Kazuki opens it now and reads it. To her shock and horror, it states "Yuuji, don’t be a pervert". What the?
Okay some flashback here. It seems when Yuuji was young he’s a pervert too! Oh my gosh! The reason why Kazuki didn’t remember was because she only wanted to remember the good parts of Yuuji and along the way while she’s growing up, Yuuji’s perverted side got erased from her memories. Now it’s all flowing back. Yeah, things never really did change. There’s even a pic of Yuuji flipping up her skirt just before he leaves. A real pervert right till the end. So Kazuki’s has always been in love with a pervert. How many times have I mentioned the word pervert already? Meanwhile, Hatsune notices something strange about Marie and decides to let her spill the beans as Hatsune shows her scary dark side. Not in terms of facial expression but Hatsune forces Marie to speak by ‘threatening’ her with an insect. So Marie is afraid of bugs too. What is it that could be so shocking? Yuuji and Marie are going to move again! Oh no. Just when Kazuki just realized things, there Yuuji has to be on the move again. The reason why Yuuji never told them first because it wasn’t confirmed yet. But what are the chances, right? Times running out for Kazuki as she needs to make a decision whether to confess to Yuuji or not before he leaves her, possible forever.
So the final episode 13 confirms that Yuuji and Marie are gonna move to New York. And they’ll meet up with their parents who’re taking a boat there. Kazuki tries her last ditch attempt to make up with Yuuji but it didn’t turn up the way the way it should and the both of them end up thinking the other one hates the other. What do you expect? Meanwhile, Niina is pretty devastated to hear news that her beloved pal Marie is moving and is hilarious to see trying to chase and cling on to Marie as the latter tries to keep escape and keep some distance between them. So a lot of drama, spacing out and hesitating moments. Parting is always hard when they’ve been so long together even though that person has irritating and bad habits.
Yuuji and Marie are at the airport awaiting their flight to New York. And everybody’s there to see them off. Well, it couldn’t be help since it’s their parents who made the call. The gang tries to setup a situation for Yuuji and Kazuki to be alone together. Okay, so some more talking and flashbacks here and there but no confession or whatsoever. Soon it’s time to leave. Marie gives Niina a farewell hug. Yuuji is leaving but Kazuki still can’t find the right words to tell him. Finally she does as she yells for him not to leave and asks him to stay and make memories here with them. But Yuuji just went ahead. Is this the end? The next day, Kazuki, Hatsune and Niina head to school but they don’t seem too depressed like as though they’re really trying hard to cope with it all. Everybody does their normal stuffs in school.
Then back at home, we see Kazuki opening her balcony door and wishing Yuuji well done. So Yuuji didn’t really get on the plane, didn’t he? I’m not really sure but I think Yuuji’s reorganizing stuff in his house. Probably that’s why it looked like it has been vacated. We then see how it all came to this. Back at the airport, Kazuki does 1 last attempt to persuade Yuuji to come back. Kazuki tells and gives him permission to get ecchi on her. Yes. That’s all it takes to make that pervert change his mind as he dashes back, hugs and rubs his face in Kazuki’s breasts. Kazuki still beats him up and says that even though she allows him to be a pervert, she still doesn’t like the idea and he will have to endure her beatings in exchange for her to endure his pervertness. So does that really settles it? Just then Yuuji’s parents called him to say that their boat has broke down near Easter Island and they’re planning to stay there for a while so the moving has been cancelled. With that, everybody’s happy that Yuuji and Marie gets to stay back in Japan. In the ending credits, we see Kazuki making a paper plane out of that love letter before she threw it away in the sky. Yuuji takes a shot of Kazuki looking up happily towards the sky which becomes part of the picture frame in her room. Oh well, Yuuji’s back to his normal usual perverted self.
Overall, I guess everything is kinda decent (ironically, being ecchi is never decent). Well, surprisingly Kazuki and Yuuji didn’t really kiss as expected in most boy-love-girl kinda stories. Perhaps they haven’t reach that level yet whereby they’re officially a couple. But since they’re arguing most of the time, they do look like husband and wife. Maybe a sign of the possible future? I read that most viewers didn’t like the series after halfway because the storyline just became ‘boring’ and ‘going no where’. Well, I too felt that way. But I can’t really complain since it’s a short series.
So I suppose those who really want to watch this must be those who love fanservice and ecchi animes a lot. You’ve got lots of them here. Thus the drawing, art and animation is standard, nothing that breathtaking unless you want to consider those panty shots as one. Just kidding. Even though I can’t really say that I hate this series, I can’t really say I do really enjoy it either. It’s kinda in between. And no, after watching the series, it didn’t turned me into a pervert.
For those seiyuu (voice acting) fans, you may recognize Hatsune’s voice actress, played by Sayaka Ohara, because she has a long list to her resume such as the voice of Youko in Tsubasa Chronicle, Alicia in Aria The Animation, Noelle in Trinity Blood and Bel-Peol in Shakugan No Shana. Likewise, Kazuki’s voice actress, Akemi Kanda has played roles such as Miharu in Da Capo, Asuna in Mahou Sensei Negima and Nina in Ultra Maniac. So I could say the voice acting is quite okay and it does fit the characters.
Of course being a pervert is bad. But I think the main thing here is to be who you are and to accept and look in a positive way that person of how he/she is (okay, so Yuuji’s case may not be acceptable at all times but he even at times has his good points). Though silence is golden but that depends on the situation either. Sometimes there’s a need to express oneself so as not to give rise to any misconceptions. But ironically, there’s a saying whereby time changes everything, some things never do change and sometimes it’s best for that some things to stay the way as it is. Or else it could be far worse, don’t you think? If Yuuji had change from a perverted self, man there’s a possibility that he would’ve been a rapist! But let’s not go that far. Besides, this is an ecchi anime, not a hentai series.

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