Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F

July 24, 2015

OMG! It’s finally here! Oh wait. Sort of. Just when I thought they have made a third season, instead Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F is just a single OVA episode. Oh what the heck. Better than nothing. Because it feels like a long time that I have seen this perverted Cthulu (actually it is just about a year ago). I am thinking they put the alphabet F in this title because it sounds like a certain kitchen utensil that can also sound as close to a certain profanity. Yeah… But I can guess what this OVA about. That certain Nyarlathotep is still trying to gun for that human boy she is very much infatuated with. Will she get closer or will she get pushed further away? Will he accept her or will he get one step closer in losing his sanity? Only one way to find out.

Switch On! Chaos Incoming!
FINALLY! IT HAS HAPPENED!!! Nyaruko and Mahiro are getting married! OMG! OMFG!!! After exchanging wedding vows, it is the very much awaited wedding kiss. And suddenly!!! It was all just a freaking dream!!! Nightmare for Mahiro, though. I knew it! Too good to be true! Of course the first thing he thinks is to blame Nyaruko. After all, who else could be responsible for such indecent dream but her weird inventions? He goes to confront her but I guess she and the rest are busy watching and making some sort of video that parodies Love Live. As he questions her, it seems she genuinely doesn’t know about it. This makes him harder to say what it was but Nyaruko thinks it is something horny and as usual wants to get down and dirty. As expected, jealous Kuuko and Hasuta also want a piece of him. Before Nyaruko could make her dream come true, Mahiro’s trusty fork puts things in order. Tamao and Yoichi come by to bring everybody to play a survival game attraction that is currently trending. After having their drinks while waiting to play, now it is time to pair up. Who is the lucky person who will get to be with Mahiro? Nyaruko! Oh yes! Too bad for Hasuta who had to end up with Yoichi and Kuuko with Tamao. At least Yoriko is happy to pair up with Shantakkun. So our pairs face off with weird puzzles and obstacles before reaching the exit. Mahiro and Nyaruko came out last but something seems off about them. They sound docile. Normal? Well, I suppose I might be over-thinking because nobody notices any oddities. Or maybe they’re just plain stupid.

True enough, the real Mahiro and Nyaruko are in some cave and being made to fight monsters. Whatever weapons Nyaruko takes out, it disappears. A weird block appears and explains that the space nano-machines have taken effect (it was in the drinks during the wait). In 1 hour, Nyaruko will lose all her powers and memories, leaving her body as just an empty shell. It seems the block wants Nyaruko and the other freeloader aliens to join up with her in some entertainment. Since Nyaruko disagrees, they are told to clear this mission of making it outside. Otherwise they lose. The duo start fighting the monsters but it seems Nyaruko is losing her strength and memories for real. She can’t remember who Kuuko and Hasuta are. Then she takes a hit to protect Mahiro. Oh, now he is very worried about her. How ironic since he didn’t care the least bit about her this morning. After Tamao and Yoichi leave the cakes house, the rest confront that fake Mahiro and Nyaruko. They didn’t want the duo to get involved and waited for them to leave. The imposters turn into their monster form and attack. Of course they are no match for our heroes. They head back to the attraction thinking the real Mahiro and Nyaruko are still there.

Mahiro carries Nyaruko as he tells her all the stories that they have been through. Sweet. But isn’t that going to take long? However she thinks there are no bad memories of her and feels sorry for making him go through all that sh*t. Oh, now he says he could never hate her? In the final room, the block gives them some maths quiz to answer. Seriously, I don’t even know what she is asking. With the timer counting down and Nyaruko already weakening, Mahiro panics on what to do. Then he gives up. He’ll get everyone to join her so long as she gives Nyaruko back her strength and memories. But Nyaruko doesn’t want him to do that as it will make him a criminal. This guy now thinks like her. It will be alright as long as nobody finds out! Oh wait. Isn’t that her line? Oh sh*t. She can’t remember! She promises that even if she loses her memories, she will not lose her feelings for him because she loves him very much. And for the first time ever, Mahiro is the one initiating the kiss! Not because he is reluctant or anything but his true blue feelings has him kiss her! The second time, they are freed from this place. The others find them lying in an empty lot.

It seems the culprit behind this is no other than Atoko. She is satisfied with what she has seen and will wait some more for them to ripen. In the aftermath, Mahiro and Nyaruko have no recollection on what happened on that day. I guess it is both a good and bad thing. The attraction establishment has also disappeared. In class, Mahiro receives a strange note from Atoko about the space nano-machines that were infecting Nyaruko were destroyed thanks to the anti-space vaccine inside his body. That joining up thingy was just a joke. Although Mahiro cannot understand what this is all about, the rest do understand or rather misinterpret that Mahiro has injected his bodily fluids inside Nyaruko! Big misunderstanding time! Now everybody wants him to inject his fluids into them. But the most shocking ender to it all is how Nyaruko steals a kiss on Mahiro’s lips!

All Forked Up!
It was enjoyable. It didn’t disappoint. It was freaking fun! Maybe that is one of the good things when you have just a single OVA. But now I want more! Looks like I will have to wait. Just like if Nyaruko would get Mahiro to love her back genuinely. Well, 2 major things that made this OVA likable. Firstly, the romantic scenes between Mahiro and Nyaruko. So it takes something that put Nyaruko in great danger only to make Mahiro return Nyaruko’s love? So it proves that this guy doesn’t actually hate her. All the while we’ve seen him being annoyed only because Nyaruko herself is being annoying as a pestering pervert. So had she been gentler like what we saw, Mahiro may have opened up more for her. But that won’t be the fun Nyaruko we all know anymore, right? This is not the first time seeing such genuine romantic feelings between Mahiro and Nyaruko. In the past seasons there are such scenes but with this one, it serves to remind and reinforce us (and give us hope) that one day we will see that wedding dream that we saw at the start.

Secondly, the first real appearance of Atoko. For those who have been watching this series ever since it made its ONA debut many years ago, you would remember that when the ONA adapted into the series, it dropped a couple of characters. Atoko was one of them and despite I remember she was only being mentioned in name in the second season, it was such a delight to see her making her first appearance here. Man, I think she looks gorgeous in her bishoujo form especially in that black kimono. Hopefully we could see more of her and the other characters if there is ever another season or OVAs.

The opening theme, Haiyore Once Nyagain and the ending theme, Kitto Engage are super fun to listen to and it doesn’t lose its trademark wacky liveliness and exuberance. Although throughout the seasons, most of the songs sound ‘one kind’ and have that similar feel, but I don’t think they are overall that bad. Overall, this OVA did a good job in reinforcing my love for the Nyaruko series. No, not to the point that I would want to desperately marry her! As long as Nyaruko and the gang do not change much, I am sure that love of mine won’t too. Because if they do, I will be whipping out my forks and start stabbing, if they know what is good for them!

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W

October 4, 2014

Finally it’s here! The crawling chaos and love! Do I have this habit of waiting for a long period of time till I watch my favourite over the top nonsensical slapstick comedy animes? Do I really need to wait till the anime is long over passed several seasons before I start watching it? Saving the best for last? I don’t know. After all that long wait and experience in watching Gintama’s second and third season, I’m doing something similar to Nyaruko’s sequel too, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W. Yeah, W means getting wet and wild in this crazy second season. Okay, maybe not wet but you can bet it is going to be as wild, if not wilder than the first season that had me laughing so hard with all the parodies and silly antics from the bunch. As I read the synopsis, it feels like everybody wants somebody. Nyaruko wants Mahiro. Hasuta too wants Mahiro. Kuuko wants Nyaruko. But all Mahiro wants is his sanity and peace and quiet. He doesn’t want to be their love toy but with the stubborn alien trio freeloading in his home, will he finally lose it all this time?

Episode 1
It begins with a parody of Bewitched. Yeah. Nyaruko’s video-cum-report of what happened so far to her Planetary Defence Organization. All lies! So we hear them talk about Nyaruko’s forms and she would like to show us her true form by undressing herself! Then they argue about having Mahiro’s baby. Same ol’, same ol’. Because they can summon things from a different dimension, Mahiro suggests they could use that space to live instead of staying in his living room. As they are being dumb perverts again, Mahiro takes out his fork and reminds them about the mightiest weapon in the universe! Don’t underestimate it! Puts them in their place fast. Nyaruko decides to order it online when she receives a message from her chief saying that an illegal alien just entered Earth and wants her to investigate and report immediately. But nothing is more important for her than to further her relationship with Mahiro. With Tamao’s support, she makes an urgent excuse to go to the infirmary with Mahiro for an hour to make babies. The teacher pretends not to hear it. But does that mean he gave his permission? And since they’re getting annoying, here’s the fork again. Nyaruko gets more advice from Tamao how to pull it off successfully. First she lures Mahiro with something very important to talk. He realizes it is a trap when they enter a locker but he can’t escape or scream since they are in the girls’ changing room! Checkmate! Nyaruko gets ready to kiss him. Has Mahiro finally lost?! Will his virginity be over for real?! Thankfully Kuuko and Hasuta open a portal to make him fall through.

Instead of going home, they pester Mahiro to take a detour. That means paying a visit to the anime store, right? Let your fetish run wild! Especially that gay book that Hasuta picked which has Mahiro’s face on it! I don’t know about the explanation about his face being loved by aliens that is why it is used in such genre. They start fighting over to buy this book but eventually pissed Mahiro buys it. And burns it! Should have burnt the entire stock just to be safe. Next they patron the maid and butler cafe where the dummy perverts are working as part time. In this cafe too is Tsuruko, the author of that gay book. She flusters upon seeing Mahiro and feels the need to get his autograph. The cafe is also running a rock-scissors-paper tournament event for the employees and the winner gets to be the centre of some idol group. But that is not the main issue because the final has Nyaruko against Kuuko. And they know the other like the back of their hand. Yeah. They start using their fist and fight instead. During the commotion, Tsuruko thinks of getting close and get Mahiro’s autograph. She trips and lands up in the middle of the stage where she gets in the crossfire of Nyaruko and Kuuko’s devastating explosive contact. Boom! In the end, the chief congratulates Nyaruko about taking care of the illegal alien (Tsuruko) but she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. All is well, ends well? The package Nyaruko ordered arrives. But she gets a call and from the looks of her face, looks like something is screwed up.

Episode 2
That call was a reminder for a library book overdue. And so Mahiro is dragged along 430 light years away to the Great Library of Celaeno said to have all the wisdom of the universe just because Nyaruko doesn’t want to be lonely. Hasuta once worked as a librarian so he offers to return it. He also helps Mahiro search for something and help input keywords. First word “Nyaruko” and the pervert is impressed he wants to know all about her. It would be even better and personal if it’s in bed. Second word “Kuuko” and that pervert is equally thrilled. Third word “Age” and immediately the guys are restrained. Some knowledge is not necessary to know. Anyway the database froze up. Suddenly they see Library Forces storming in. Something big must be happening so they tail them out of curiosity only to see all of them down. Nearby, a couple of thieves ransacking the place. It’s time for Nyaruko’s crowbar and Kuuko’s lasers to make their debut but they get owned by their Dhalsim limb stretching and Buggy’s limb splitting ability. When Hasuta uses his wind and reinforcements arrive, the duo withdraw as they can come back here later. Mahiro pats Hasuta’s head as thanks for protecting him so Nyaruko and Kuuko also want some. Since he only has 2 hands, it becomes a patting frenzy. He can be a DJ at this rate… Back on Earth, Mahiro helps comb Hasuta’s hair while Nyaruko tells exaggerated lies to Tamao about her progressing relationship and they tease Yoichi about his student council president role. Later as they eat at Luhy’s takoyaki stand, Nyaruko mentions the thieves’ identity has been revealed but no arrest were made. They are of the Zhar and Lloigor race. Nyaruko and Kuuko get a call from their boss. No, it’s not about approving their maternity leave. Seems Zhar and Lloigor have been spotted landing in Myanmar. Since they entered illegally, it is Nyaruko’s job not to let it slide. Once more, Mahiro is dragged into this mission as the gang rides on Shantakkun. They arrive at the Isle of Stars within the Lake of Dread in the ancient city of Alaozar. Zhar and Lloigor are seen chanting prayers.

Episode 3
Tamao calls Nyaruko who in the middle of something important. She sounds like having sex with Mahiro! Of course it was just all made up. They’re surrounded by monsters! Don’t worry. Let Nyaruko’s trusty crowbar to do the job. Everyone realizes Nyaruko has not returned the book yet and from past experience (read: Last season), this always leads to foreshadow of something. With Zhar and Lloigor making their appearance, they aren’t going to be good aliens and turn themselves in. Nyaruko and Kuuko didn’t hold back and throw bombs at them! To their surprise, they revive but combined as one. I’m sure Nyaruko wanted to throw more bombs at them but their pen starts reacting. Not to Nyaruko’s book but the book in Mahiro’s pocket! It seems he accidentally took the book out from the library during the commotion with the Library Forces. Oh Mahiro, how can you be so careless? This only gives Nyaruko a chance to criticise you with that foreshadowing thingy. That book is actually a memo pad as Zhar-Lloigor starts scribbling in it. When writing inside it, it will create a deity based on your specifications. The Great Monkey Alaozaru materializes. They are doing this because since rare and endangered species are slowly being taken off the list, they won’t get any more funding and what better way than to continue this by creating their own endangered species.

Alaozaru has all the great attributes they wanted but they forgot to make it obedient. This means it won’t listen to their orders and starts rampaging. Mahiro knocks out the duo with his fork while the rest fight it. But they aren’t making any progress since the monster monkey is tough. Nyaruko forces Hasuta to fight and changes him into his true heroic form. Even with his great Cyclone Effect, the monkey still revives after taking lots of damage. Even when the trio combine their power for a devastating what-the-hell-did-they-call-this-move finishing blow. It resurrects and has its damaged parts regenerate. Our heroes are tired and are reduced to only running around to avoid its smash. Is this the end of them? That’s when Mahiro takes a look into the memo pad. Yeah, looks like children scribbles, don’t they? Sure, they might have written how powerful and immortal this monkey is but Mahiro notices an eraser at the tip of this pen… Could it be? When he starts erasing everything, the monkey disappears. There. Easily done. In the aftermath, the duo thieves are arrested but some news of a criminal barricading himself in Celaeno holding hostages and demanding a certain book. Nyaruko gets word from her chief to go return that book and while at it, negotiate with the criminal. Mahiro won’t be dragged into this mess again and tells her to go herself. But Nyaruko prefers to tell Tamao about some exaggerated adventure. Interesting enough to take down notes?

Episode 4
Tamao puts on makeup but realizes it’s not like she’s going to show this to anybody. Mahiro is going shopping on his day off but the freeloaders want to follow too. Just some forking reminder… On the way, Tsuruko sees Mahiro and ditches her job just to follow him to get his autograph. At the same time, Yoichi impresses the crowd with his perfect bowling and snooker games. Also, Shantakkun is on some RPG adventure with Yoriko. Mahiro and co somehow stop at the haunted house attraction first. And you know what this means about being scared… But their fear is true when they realized the thing that Mahiro is buying at the store: Forks!!! Cheap sale! Great bargain! Oh sh*t! On the way back, it is now or never for Tsuruko so she makes her dash but bumps into Yoichi. Her fans start taking this the wrong way that she has a boyfriend and feel disappointed. Worse, they start snapping pictures of her. One day after school, Nyaruko meets up with Tamao at the cafe just to get more love advice because her relationship with Mahiro isn’t improving. Even when she told him she is sneaking somewhere suspicious, he was smiling and gave the thumbs up. It’s like telling her to go ahead and he doesn’t give a damn. Whatever advice that Tamao said was already put in motion and failed. Tamao is surprised that Nyaruko has already kissed him (from last season) but nothing more happened after that. It’s like he forgot all about it too. Tamao puts it in a way that Mahiro doesn’t hate her and all that is left is to get him to fall for her. Because her strongest feature is the number of moves she has, if one time doesn’t work, try it 10 times or 100. In short, if you don’t succeed at first, try, try and try again. Quantity is better than quality! It made Nyaruko feel so good and happy that she ordered a jumbo parfait to celebrate. Back home, Tamao laments she has no chance of winning because Nyaruko is so cute. She gets some words of comfort from Isuka that good things are coming her way. Isurugi is forced to work hard under Isuka. He gets blamed for causing Yoichi trouble and need to send him happy waves to Yoichi like she does to Tamao. He claims he did put up all the flags and even Tsuruko to get close to him but figures he is not into women. Isuka’s conclusion is just simple: He’s not working hard enough!

Episode 5
Nyaruko is beating Kuuko in some card game. With this, she can take back the contract she wrote when she was young to her about giving her mind, body and soul to Kuuko. Because Nyaruko is spamming some joker move, Mahiro can’t take it anymore and uses mommy’s vacuum to suck it all up! He reminds Nyaruko about the package she ordered about the living space. She hooks up the dial on a door that allows them to enter one of their rooms depending on the dial. Because they’re taking too long, Mahiro goes check on them. Hasuta’s room looks normal but he can’t help notice strange putty things in the corners. Hasuta warns some things are better off not knowing. Next, he visits Kuuko’s room. Lots of Nyaruko’s memorabilia and she is in the midst of making out with a big Nyaruko pillow. Pretend you didn’t see that, okay? Finally, the most worrying one, Nyaruko. Acting like a housewife. You know what is going to happen next. She purposely spills drinks on him so he must take a bath. Yup. She’s waiting for him in it and the door is locked. Will he lose it this time? He is forced to sit in the same bathtub with her but facing the other way. Things are pretty much toned down instead of Nyaruko running wild. She answers his question that she fell in love with him at first sight and will continue to pursue him until he gives in. Mahiro murmurs the biggest hint that probably would have made them a couple. If she wasn’t only this forceful. Oh, if only Nyaruko heard that. Suddenly the water gets hotter. Did Nyaruko change the temperature? No. Apparently Kuuko is burning with jealousy outside. Enough to melt the door down! Before the girls can start their power battle that could break just about anything, everything is put to a crashing halt with Mahiro’s fork. Convenient. They are made to reflect their actions when somebody is at the door. A scary b*tch proclaiming Mahiro is already dead!

She turns out to be Kuune and Kuuko’s cousin. First thing she does is to start molesting Kuuko and touch all her sensitive points till she climaxes. I know. WTF. She is part of the Planetary Defence Organization and sent here to observe Kuuko’s work attitude. But everything looks fine, right? She also gives Kuuko a message from her dad who wants her to attend a marriage interview. She turns it down and Kuune happily burns it away. After all, Kuuko is going to marry Kuune, right? She even plays a recording proof of Kuuko saying that. However Kuuko says she will not marry her and has somebody she loves. Kuune wants to know that person but Kuuko is reluctant to say. Mahiro learns from Kuuko (who is partially hiding) that because both their races are sworn enemies, it might bring lots of shame to her whole family. Kuune might even give false reports and drag Kuuko out of this house. Hey, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea, right? Suddenly Kuuko announces that Mahiro is her lover and the one she will marry! While Kuune is knocked out in shock, Kuuko explains this is just an act and hopes they can help her out since she doesn’t want to leave this house and loves everyone here. I’m sure that heartfelt speech has everyone agreeing to it. Even if Nyaruko doesn’t want to. Of course she is forced to in exchange for that contract. While cooking dinner, Kuuko asks Mahiro if he really likes Nyaruko. This causes him to accidentally cut his finger. She sucks it to disinfect the wound. She understands why Nyaruko likes him because of his kindness despite his temper. Therefore she will take both him and Nyaruko as she can take on 4 at a time! That just ruined it. During dinner, Kuune is suspicious that they are putting an act so Kuuko is going to prove it by sleeping with him! I wonder how Nyaruko is handling all this. Not good. But keep holding it in… So Kuune goes to talk to her sister in her room and try to convince she is a much better lover than he is because she knows all her sensitive spots. But all Kuuko can think of is that Mahiro isn’t such a bad person after all.

Episode 6
Jealousy abounds when Kuuko cleans Mahiro’s ear… Since Kuune is not convinced, Kuuko says today they are going on a date. Of course Nyaruko throws a tantrum about this and prefers that woman to be kicked out. Mahiro won’t abandon ship that easily and wants her not to interfere today. So we have the gang tailing the duo. Kuune still isn’t convinced as he interrupts Mahiro trying to feed Kuuko his crepe. She lets him have hers. They take a look at engagement rings and even find a book to name their baby. During lunch, Nyaruko confronts him. She can’t take it anymore. She looks serious. She goes about ranting that she loves him more than anything and that it is a pain to watch them act like that even though everything is just an act. He should understand how those watching him feel. In that case, why not just go home then? This causes Nyaruko to sink into depression for the rest of the day. That night when Kuune hogs Kuuko to play some game till morning, Mahiro finds Nyaruko waiting in the dark in his room. What now? After pushing him onto bed and getting on top of him, she lets loose a series of frustrations like if he just sees her as somebody convenient, she tries her best to be his type and that she still doesn’t know how he feels for her. In short, she loves him and didn’t do anything wrong. Seeing Nyaruko cry like that is just heart breaking. As much as I want to think it is crocodile tears, I don’t think it is. It’s real. To answer her question if he likes her, he puts it this way. He doesn’t hate her because if he did, he would have kicked her out of the house long ago and wouldn’t even bother about that space room thingy. He hints it is okay for her to keep loving him as long as she doesn’t go overboard. He apologizes for saying harsh things this afternoon. It was well enough to make Nyaruko happy again. Next day, she is back to her normal self and exaggerating the lies of Mahiro being a beast on her. They go get Kuuko and she really stayed up all night playing the game. Kuune is asleep so Nyaruko gets this idea to remove the dial from the door. She’ll be trap in there for a while. Nyaruko can’t be a much happier girl walking with Mahiro to school. She needs all the replenishing she can get.

Episode 7
Nyaruko is back at full force trying to seduce Mahiro and the same with Kuuko over Nyaruko since Kuune is currently trapped. When the cat is away… Yoriko won prizes to the indoor pool park via lottery. Yeah. It’s time for swimsuits. Despite being an indoor pool, Nyaruko wants Mahiro to put sunscreen on her. Since she insists, Mahiro has Kuuko do the honours. Groping time. Till Yoichi who is working as a part time life guard tells them that sunscreen is prohibited. Nyaruko fools around in the water ride till they get washed away to a deserted island?! Going to start a new story all by themselves? Too bad they’re still in the indoor pool. Kuuko comes crashing in and wants to start her own Adam and Even with Nyaruko. While the duo are at it, Hasuta feels hungry so with Yoriko, they go eat at the takoyaki stall that Luhy has opened here. Tamao is also working part time for her and she gets the wrong idea that Mahiro is here to see her since Nyaruko is not around. Of course she gets disappointed and laments he doesn’t understand a girl’s feelings. Tamao gives Mahiro boxes of takoyaki so he can deliver them to Kuuko and Nyaruko. He finds Kuuko playing dead and only wanting CPR from Nyaruko. But she can’t resist the takoyaki and eats them. She thinks he is still playing dating and reminds him Kuune is not around so he can stop. She seems to be taking advantage of his kindness but this is interrupted by Nyaruko. She is happy to receive her share of takoyaki but the box is empty. Kuuko ate it all. They’re going to settle this once and for all. Uh huh. Another epic battle is looming that it’s scaring away the other people. So epic that the weather turns dark! At times like this, Mahiro wishes Hasuta is around but he is busy keeping Luhy company since the latter took up his advice to have some fun together (she leaves the stall to Tamao). I don’t know, does Luhy have a thing for Hasuta? Mahiro doesn’t have his forks and he can’t use plastic ones either. Suddenly the girls are nailed down by forks and lightning! It’s Yoriko! But Yoichi warns her about the use of lightning indoors. In the aftermath, Nyaruko and Kuuko are left reflecting their actions. Like as though they’re in some depressing trance. Mahiro hopes Yoriko won’t win any more lotteries but speaking of which, here are a couple of more tickets to some ruins…

Episode 8
This is Shantakkun’s most prominent episode. Because Nyaruko is not around, Mahiro can’t understand what she says. Kuuko’s lens deciphers it as she wants to be useful to Mahiro. She gives her eat some candy that turns her into a loli! Happy Shantakkun glomps all over Mahiro when Nyaruko comes in appalled to see him cheating on her. She wants to get horny but the fork… Since Shantakkun wants to do something, she becomes a maid and takes care of everything easily. Mahiro decides to go out alone (Nyaruko and Kuuko are in some stubborn video game) but doesn’t want Shantakkun to come along since it is dangerous with all those cars outside. So she waits and his handphone rings. A voicemail is left by Yoichi. Shantakkun feels the need to deliver the handphone to Mahiro and heads out. Nyaruko calls Mahiro and is shocked to hear Shantakkun’s voice. Even more shocking is that she thinks they are in some red light district because Shantakkun describes naked women all around. She’s in an adult section of the bookstore. So Nyaruko and Kuuko head straight down there and learn the truth. Nyaruko praises her and wants to take it over from here but Shantakkun wants to continue this mission herself. The duo start chasing her all over but get distracted by some rare anime merchandise and begin fighting over it. Shantakkun is lost and the sea of people is scaring her. Mahiro realizes he forgot his handphone and calls home. Hasuta picks up and tells him what happened. So he calls his handphone and Shantakkun is relieved to hear his voice. If he could only understand. Thankfully, they are just metres away from each other. She hands him his handphone and he calls Yoichi who wants to let him know he found the book he is looking for on the internet but the price went up. Mahiro thanks her and since they are out, why not have some fun? Man, I bet Nyaruko has never spent this much genuine fun time with Mahiro before. Can you say Shantakkun usurp her? As Mahiro carries tired and sleeping Shantakkun back, it is narrated that she realizes why she wants to be useful to him. Because she has feelings for him as a woman. She reverts to her beast form. Before Mahiro can go to bed, he has to put up with annoying Nyaruko who wants to give him her nightly service. This is how she wants to be of use to him? If not, a goodnight kiss? That’s why a fork always comes in handy in such situations… Meanwhile… Kuune has finally escaped from the room!

Episode 9
Yet again, Nyaruko is spamming the winning joker move against Kuuko. Then they realize the door on the seal and that Kuune is gone. Oh no… Kuuko is particularly fearful of what Kuune can do. The way she describes her vengeful attacks… Mahiro will help act as her lover when it comes down to it. Nyaruko is jealous but she did agree to help out. At school, they see everyone in some intense analogue game. It’s like they’re under some hypnotic spell. When they are attacked by human versions of mobile turrets, they think Kuune is behind this. After beating up this little army, they enter the principal’s room to find Agent Clark Ashton Smith, a fellow Cthugan like Kuuko. Since he won’t say much, they think his client is Kuuko. He has some strong barrier so attacking him directly is useless. Since this is getting nowhere, he explains his experiment of bringing the evolution of humans to the next level. He suggests taking part in an intellectual contest whereby if they win, everyone goes free otherwise they must participate in this experiment too. They will be playing cards and the smirk on Mahiro and Nyaruko’s face indicates their win is in the bag. Because Nyaruko is the king of spamming those joker moves! Smith was the one who shuffled, right? He can’t accept this and considers this game invalid and switches to mahjong. Again Nyaruko pulls off incredible winning moves. How about darts? Mahiro is adept with the fork, right? Triple wins! Smith can’t believe all this as his glasses start to malfunction. Believing it to be the barrier’s source, Nyaruko beats him up to disable the barrier permanently.

In the end, they are disappointed he doesn’t even know who Kuune is. He works for the biggest card game company in the universe and was tasked to acquire know-how in Earth’s analogue games so they can sell and make money throughout the universe. Mahiro gives Kuuko permission to burn him. As they wonder where Kuuko went, Nyaruko gets close to Mahiro. Speaking of Kuune, here she comes swooping down and hugging Kuuko. Apparently she was at some gaming event to get a limited edition item. Of course she sees the close proximity between Mahiro and Nyaruko and suspects everything was just a lie and act to trick her. Before her fire aura can burn anything down, Kuuko steps up and is going to prove they are lovers. She kisses Mahiro on the cheek! Shocking! Kuune is so devastated (to the point she could even tell the exact location of the kiss) because in Cthugan tradition, this is a ritual of love! So shocked that she disappears. The end of Kuune for good? But now we have to deal with Nyaruko who probably is trying to wipe off that kiss till Mahiro’s face gets rubbed off. Kuuko apologizes for everything but Mahiro doesn’t mind. She gives the sweetest smile ever! And jealous Nyaruko continues to bug Mahiro for a big kiss.

Episode 10
Nyaruko is sick. No, really. And it’s not love sick or going crazy. She caught a fever. What’s with those funny sneezes? Too bad she can’t go school with them and have to stay in bed. She stays since Mahiro hints he is worried. Tamao isn’t so pleased that Mahiro isn’t by her side and dropping hints of what this would make of her. Despite him saying it’s better with all the quietness, we can tell that he is worried. Nyaruko gets a call from her chief that aliens are spotted illegally entering Earth at the Arctic. Mahiro wants her to rest and let Kuuko and Hasuta take care of this one. Nyaruko gives a disturbing smile and thinks she shouldn’t get better because Mahiro is treating her very nice. Instead of staying by her side, it’s best for Mahiro to tag along with the rest to the Arctic. They see an alien plant and an entire Migo alien army. From what the big boss said, he has been eyeing Earth’s resources since the dinosaurs and plans to dig up its rare resources so he could sell it and make a profit. Just so he can visit some favourite cabaret idol of his. Mahiro gives his permission for the duo to attack and they do not hold back. But when the boss grabs Shantakkun as hostage and subsequently the duo, Nyaruko pops up to save the day. Can’t have this show without her, eh? Yeah, she’s probably feeling bored stuck in bed. Conveniently because nobody else can understand Shantakkun, she puts words in her mouth not to care for her and to go ahead and attack. She’ll gladly be the sacrifice! Clearly, Shantakkun’s reaction is much the opposite… Nyaruko goes full steam ahead but before she can do anything, she crashes. Her fever just went up. Because her coughing and sneezing are scaring the aliens, this reminds Mahiro about what Hasuta said about aliens not immune to Earth’s viruses. He makes her cough and sneeze at them. Seems to be working till the boss tells them they have been vaccinated! Damn. And Nyaruko starts collapsing. Out of options, all they can do now is watch helplessly. Suddenly Nyaruko’s handphone rings. This causes the alien’s head to burst and die! WTF?! Mahiro remembers Nyaruko’s words about powerful aliens having random weaknesses. But this? They put it on the amplifier and all the aliens’ head goes pop. Bloody splatter. Next day, Mahiro tells Nyaruko to cut the sick act because she is definitely better. She doesn’t want to because Mahiro was so nice to her. This causes the rest to pretend to have caught Nyaruko’s illness just so to get his kindness. Meanwhile Nyaruko’s handphone rings again and the chief is calling for he to turn in her report. Unknown to them, the Migo army surrounding Earth as though they’re preparing for a full scale invasion, suddenly starts popping…

Episode 11
Nyaruko explains to Mahiro the Banshin, some security system that defends the deities of Dreamlands. It is being rebuilt since the last time her dumb brother destroyed it and killed everyone. It will take about 500 years to be completed! Yoriko gathers everyone to go camping. Learning Nyaruko was the one who prepared the food ingredients, Mahiro won’t take a bite. Not even the chocolate package believed to be sent by her friend, Atoko. You’re missing out on the great stuff. During the walk, they find a seemingly haunted mansion in the woods. With all the silly ghost story rumours, they’re just itching to get inside it. Before that, everyone except Mahiro starts to hiccup strangely. Nyaruko starts fantasizing her future with Mahiro but he knows better than to keep away from her. Suddenly Hasuta claims he got separated from Luhy and wants to get horny with him! Meanwhile Luhy tries to do some S&M play with Nyaruko. Mahiro may have gotten away from Hasuta but now he has Tamao to deal with. She’s professing her love to him! Thanks to Kuuko, his chastity is saved but now he wants her to repay with his body! She can stop playing this fiancée thingy. Nyaruko managed to subdue Luhy in some bondage punishment to fend off Kuuko before she takes her beloved. While they’re at it, Yoriko and Shantakkun also own up their love for Mahiro! What is wrong with these people?!

Nyaruko takes Mahiro and run when all the sick lovers start chasing them. She throws a bomb but Yoriko bats it back. After the explosion, the duo are missing. They are actually hiding in a cave. Nyaruko got a call from Atoko saying there was love potion laced in the chocolates. You fall in love with the first person you talk with after the hiccup. The effects last for an hour. Nyaruko denies this was part of her plan because if it was, she wouldn’t have let others eat it. Besides, she would prefer him to love her from his heart instead of relying on some potion. Woah. Nyaruko actually sounded so cool. But Nyaruko did take them too, right? Apparently her love for him is much stronger than any love potion. That sounded even cooler! So cool that it made Mahiro blush. This special moment is ruined when those sickos return to get horny. And then one big hiccup to return back to normal. The effects are off and they have no recollection of what they are doing. As they prepare to head home, Nyaruko receives a report that Banshin has been completed. Eh? So fast? Lastly we see Tsuruko finally finished her manuscript. She used that mansion as her work place and struggled to complete it. Thus the reason why we see spooky stuffs like ink blots all over the carpet. She encounters Yoichi fishing (I suppose the rest must have forgotten about him). Then he hiccups. Fish for you, love? Wait a minute. He only hiccups now?

Episode 12
Nyaruko calls her chief about the super fast completion of Banshin. Because of this, Nyaruko and co must leave Earth as soon as tomorrow otherwise their stay will be considered as illegal and will be branded as criminals! She’s furious. She doesn’t care if she becomes some sort of criminal. Does Mahiro want them to leave? His answer? It can’t be helped… Nyaruko just feels disappointed. With Yoriko mentioning her intent to see Banshin, the gang decides to make a trip there by sleeping. Hey, that’s how you get to Dreamlands, right? At Onyx Castle, they are met with N’tse-Kaambl and Bast of the Planetary Defence Organization’s Dreamlands Management Division. They will be their guide. Nyaruko is just gloomy all the way during the tour as the duo explain the newly upgraded and efficient Banshin. So efficient that agents like them are no longer needed to stay on Earth to weed out illegal alien entries. Although Yoriko doesn’t mind the aliens staying at her place longer, it is a law that staying on Earth is only allowed for official business. Disobeying it will be treated as a serious crime. Nodens (or somebody that looks like him) is in charge of developing Banshin. He shows them around the system that builds Banshin and this really gets to Nyaruko since it is a sign she would really have to leave Mahiro’s side. Once Nodens unveil the new Banshin and thinks of demonstrating it in a battle, Nyaruko suddenly gets the brightest idea ever. She wants to help test out the Banshin. What better way than to test its efficiency against them? If the Banshin loses to them, that means it cannot protect the gods and thus they will get to stay on Earth. Yeah, they’re going to smash it real good.

At the plains, Kuune and Luhy are witnessing this battle as spectators. Kuune is absolutely drunk. Nyaruko and co go all out to destroy it but of course it is as tough as ever. Banshin goes berserk when it targets and attacks Mahiro! It won’t do as Nodens tells him too and even wipes him out along with Bast! It is revealed Banshin is modelled after the most powerful deity on Earth: Nyaruko! Just great. Now the robot is obsessed over Mahiro too. Nyaruko won’t mind destroying it if Mahiro gives her a kiss. Or make babies. Is that blackmail? With Hasuta and Kuuko wanting a piece of the reward too, Yoriko announces that they will get a pat from him if they are successful. That is enough motivation for them to go into kick ass mode. Even if Banshin threatens to kill Mahiro and then itself just so he wouldn’t belong to anyone else in its twisted love, Mahiro tells everyone to hurry up to destroy this thing. I guess you can say their love is greater. With Banshin broken, looks like they have to keep guarding Dreamlands for now. Mahiro pats them as promised but they want seconds. Can’t get enough. The gang hang out and have fun at full force. Mahiro finally tries Nyaruko’s cooking and she is happy this is a sign he will marry her. As usual, the others want to same too. Nyaruko dreams of triggering more events but Mahiro hopes she won’t. Because no matter what happens, they are just going to find some other way to continue living here. Damn right they will. Happy Nyaruko hugs Mahiro and vows never to leave him. Good or bad news?

Despite only 15 minutes long, it is the hotspring episode! Yay! Nyaruko fanservice? I don’t know about that but I get a feeling that this feels like a perfect opportunity for Nyaruko to set her horny plans in motion. And so Mahiro and the gang arrive for their much anticipated rest and relax (I doubt it for Mahiro) at the hotspring that coincidentally Luhy is working as part time. This lady sure is on a part time spree. Nyaruko and Kuuko get into a heated video game battle while the rest check out the different types of hotsprings this inn has to offer. The fireflies are sure pretty with their glow. And now Nyaruko begins her nefarious plan to seduce Mahiro by putting some sort of horny mix into the hotspring. If that guy dips into it, he will become all horny over her. So she hides behind the rock, waiting for this chance and get ‘assaulted’. However Mahiro is pretty cautious because you know, the hotspring is of a different colour. Suddenly Hasuta and Kuuko pop out and they want to get horny! Oh no! Nyaruko had to come out of the shadows just to stop the duo and complain about her ruined plans. She has more of those bath mixes and is going to put them all to use. A tussle begins and they fall into the hotspring. Now the colour changes to an even creepier colour. Guess what comes out of it? Mini and chibi Nyaruko, Kuuko and Hasuta clones!!! WTF?! They start chasing Mahiro all over the place until the fork puts them into place. Repent your actions! Should have done that from the start. Meanwhile Yoriko dips in with Luhy in a hotspring that is supposed to make them feel young while Tamao on her own ponders if things are going well between Mahiro and Nyaruko. Mahiro is tired from the farce. Practically it drained his energy when it is supposed to revitalize him. Yoriko suggests he goes take another dip. He didn’t realize Nyaruko was there and overheard how she was sorry for what she did. All she wanted was to take his troubles way and progress their relationship. But to put in those bath mixes? We have a romantic atmosphere with Nyaruko confessing she loves him amidst the beautiful fireworks. Till she ruins it with her horny desires to put in more weird bath mixes. Such misappropriate outburst calls for appropriate action: The fork…

Get The Fork Out!
Although this season is as hell funny as the previous, I feel that something is missing to make it more epic than the first season. I am not saying that this sequel is not as good or it does not measure up to the first season but it feels something lacking to make it truly stand above and more distinguished than the previous season. Maybe it is because there aren’t any real threats that threaten to separate Mahiro and the girls or some space alien trying to kill Mahiro or take control over the world’s entertainment sources and materials like the last time. Even that Banshin completion felt pretty mild and before you know it, it is already over. Nevertheless this season has its fair share of parodies, funny and dumb moments, some action bits and even dramatic scenes that might move your heart even though it might be just crocodile tears. Hey wait. I don’t think Nyaruko being sad and gloomy is pretending to be miserable. It feels real. Sometimes it feels hard if you should feel pity for her since we are so used to see her silly antics and suddenly she is able to do this kind of sad emotion. It really does throw you off. You think she is pulling a fast one but she is not.

The characters in this season are okay too but it is mainly just concentrating on the same main bunch from last season. However this also means that some of the supporting characters like Yoichi, Tamao and Luhy are reduced to just mere extras. I was hoping to see Tamao get into the love polygon but unfortunately she is just staying in the side lines and hoping her best friend Nyaruko would be the one who gets Mahiro’s heart. Is she trying to be noble? I want to see some love triangle harem here! Oops! Yoichi is also reduced to just Mahiro’s friend unlike in the first season whereas at least he had some part since his body was possessed by some sort of idiotic alien who wants to conquer all of Earth’s entertainment. After Luhy’s departure from her video game maker company, she is more toned down working here and there in her takoyaki stall. But the most disappointing in terms of characters was that I was hoping that Nyaruko’s ‘friends’ that appeared in the Flash animation, Nyaruani would be making their appearance here. Atoko is at least mentioned only in name in this season but Nyarue wasn’t in anywhere. Also, that idiotic Nyaruo also didn’t make any appearance except for that brief flashback cameo appearance. Therefore in terms of new characters, it is somewhat disappointing as Kuune and Tsuruko are the only new ones. I guess Mahiro already has his hands full with the old ones. Don’t want to get messier and more complicated with new ones being added to the mix. As for Tsuruko, I thought she would play some sort of an important role towards the end since she makes a cameo appearance on and off. Unfortunately she becomes some sort of a running joke as an alien doujinshi who could never get to meet Mahiro. Yeah, another joker.

Speaking of Mahiro, sometimes I feel that he is like a robot and he has hardened his heart like steel. I can understand that Nyaruko and co are annoying to the last drop so much so he might have unknowingly trained himself not to show any sort of any extreme reactions or emotions otherwise it would be his lost. You know, some people do annoy you just because they love to see your reaction. But during non-fooling around scenes whereby Nyaruko is close to being an emotional wreck and could turn yandere (this part I exaggerated), do you notice that Mahiro didn’t really put up a very concerned expression? It is like as though he is expecting her to flip back to her idiotic self soon. Even when there is a possibility in the final arc that Nyaruko and co may not be able to stay at his place anymore, he didn’t even flinch. Maybe all that nonsense with Nyaruko took the emotion out of him. It’s like he has lost his sanity since whenever he takes out his fork, he almost looks like he turned into a murderor! But still, he has been around her long enough to at tell that she is seriously serious. He doesn’t hate them since he still allows them to stay but there is that feel it would have been better if have their own place to stay instead of his home. Perhaps he is in a dilemma. He doesn’t enjoy their antics that lower his sanity points but he got so used to it that without them, it is such a deafening silence.

The love polygon didn’t go anywhere either. Nyaruko is still totally in love with Mahiro for whatever and every reason that sometimes she gets so desperate and does silly stuffs which makes us label her as a desperate psycho slut. There are some close moments between the duo but Mahiro is so on his guard that he is just unbreakable. Yeah, which reminds me of a certain puppeteer and his sexual harassing machine doll in Unbreakable Machine Doll. Though, Nyaruko is still pretty much a hypocrite when Kuuko does the same perverted advance to her. Kuuko is still gunning for Nyaruko’s ass/privates but this time she is more tolerant to Mahiro and this opens up a new possibility that she might be a bi. Heck, she did say she can take on 4 lovers simultaneously! It’s nice to see that she has an episode or two in focus that opens up this possibility she is more receptive to Mahiro than before. Hasuta still has his yaoi/shonen ai love for Mahiro but that episode with Luhy, it hints that she might have something for that kid. Nothing conclusive after that but it could be another possibility. Also, Hasuta’s heroic form was interesting since it hints he has another personality but too bad it only lasted for that single episode. Now that it is much confirmed that the person Tamao likes is Mahiro (although never mentioned directly), like I said it opens up juicy love polygon possibilities but her decision to become a side spectator puts a damper on this aspect. At least this season we get an episode focused on Shantakkun and that this little creature too is in love with Mahiro albeit of the different kind. I don’t think Kuune has given up on her cousinly love over Kuuko just because of that peck. It’s hard to say since the next we see her after that is being drunk in that final episode which bears no importance whatsoever to her role. Drowning out her woes?

Comedy and the parodies are the biggest factor and main attraction of this season. As such, I believe there is as much parodies in this season as there are in the last. I got to spot a few and I am proud of that little achievement of mine! It’s hard to find a list of parodies to check out those trivia but at least Animenewsnetwork has a pretty decent list if you would like to check it out. Although it feels somewhat incomplete, but this is the most comprehensive you can get. Foreshadowing must also be the comedy theme of this season because they played this theme up a few times. It’s like trying to screw with us some of the foreshadowing events turned out to be something else. That’s supposed to be funny, right? I personally think Nyaruko can be a stand-up comedian if she ever gets fired from her Planetary Defence Organization. No, really. But I figure should would rather be Mahiro’s wife than that. Such a waste of potential. But I guess it is best to follow your heart and love. As for the action, this time round you don’t get to see as much violence of crazy Nyaruko swinging her crowbar and whacking Nightgaunts. Heck, there are no Nightgaunts attacking in this season. And don’t forget Mahiro’s fork that puts those freeloaders in their place.

Koi Wa Chaos No Shimobe Nari by Ushiro Kara Hai Yori Tai G is the opening theme for the second season. It sounds as wacky as the first season’s opening theme but I still prefer Taiyou Iwaku Moe Yo Chaos compared to this one. Although the group dance isn’t much this time, but the act of passing a love bomb just makes you want to go WTF. For this season, there are a handful of ending themes seemingly tailored to the character that sings it. Although they are mostly credited to RAMM, something tells me they are the same seiyuus who voiced the characters in this series. We’ve got Yotte S.O.S. (somehow reminds me of last season’s Zutto Be With You) for Nyaruko, the rap-like Wonder Nanda? Kataomoi for the trio of Nyaruko, Kuuko and Hasuta, Kirai Na Wake Nai Lychee for Tamao, the space Chinese-like Sister, Friend,Lover for Kuuko and Kuune, a typical tokusatsu Masked Rider-like Ai Crusaders†Striver which I believe is for Yoichi and Mahiro and finally the ‘slowest’ song of them all Kimi No Tonari De for the final episode to end it all. Blast Of Fate ~Kaze No Yukue~ is an insert song that very much fits the tokusatsu action during Hasuta’s heroic form.

I don’t know if there is going to be another season and even if it did, I don’t know how long I am going to take to watch it myself. But I do know that this series will definitely be on my watch list if more episodes ever come out in the near or distant future. But don’t take 500 years, okay? I highly recommend this funny series to anyone who loves watching slapstick comedies laced with lots of parodies. It is just like watching Gintama but replaced some of the main characters as crazy perverts. Some may find such ‘entertainment’ as offensive but I guess this goes to show this is why the entertainment source of human is very much coveted by aliens that they would crawl and sneak into our Earth just to immerse themselves in such corrupted materials. Should we be taking pride in that? After all, if those aliens ever do step out of line and get out of hand, just whip out that ol’ trusty fork and fork it to them. It also helps keep your sanity. No, really.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san OVA

December 20, 2013

I know the second season is long gone and over. And my blog is quite late. Even so this is just Haiyore! Nyaruko-san OVA, which is actually the OVA that came out after the first season as some sort of pre-announcement for the second season. Not that I have forgotten. Really. I have my reasons for watching it late. Really. That reason does not include of being tired of Nyaruko’s slutty antics.  Anybody who loves slapstick comedy like Gintama or Sket Dance would surely love Nyaruko. I mean, who wouldn’t love the cute loving Nyarlathotep AKA Nyaruko-san (although her crazy antics are very questionable and never to be followed by anyone, anytime and anywhere). Even more lovable she is voiced by Kana Asumi who really brings out the crazy life in Nyaruko. Don’t you just love her? Maybe not so for Mahiro who is having a hard time trying to control this wild child and prevent himself from being dragged into her typical annoyance and harassment. When you have an alien living under your rooftop (make that several aliens), life is definitely never going to be the same. Need I say why anymore? The OVA lasts only 15 minutes but it is still packed with Nyaruko’s trademark craziness.

Magical Girl Nyaruko-san
Nyaruko and the gang watch a tokusatsu programme and she is very taken in by this transformation thingy. I didn’t know she got this transformation craving. But soon after that, she starts watching a magical girl show and is even more fixated in this genre. Mahiro notes if she would only defeat her enemies this way instead of her gory and violent method. This sets up Nyaruko to flirt with him (hounding him for a kiss while at it) but you know it’s never going to make it. Mahiro suggests Nyaruko to become a magical girl so that she could satisfy her transformation craving. And so Luhy is roped in to teach her since she had some experience doing some magical girl show on a rooftop of some building. Yeah. They figured she knows a lot about it. Because Nyaruko mocks her age of reaching 30’s (that’s very old for a magical girl), Luhy gets pissed and is going to make Nyaruko eat her words. Woah. She’s scary… Even Nyaruko’s scared.

Luhy takes the gang to some alternate time space dimension to train Nyaruko. In this twisted space, 2 hours in normal time outside is worth a month inside here. As the rest don’t want to bother them (I don’t think they can wait that long sticking around here either), they leave and I suppose Nyaruko lost her ultimate motivation (read: Mahiro) to watch her train. You’re on your own. Luhy is going to pound all the magical girl etiquette and mannerism in her. Don’t you dare look down on magical girls… Let the Spartan training begin! Hanyaa! When they finally return, Nyaruko has changed. Hmm… Very nice. Very polite. Nice smile. She longer fears anything. Just like a magical girl, she senses some bad kids in the neighbourhood and rushes to the scene to ‘correct’ them. Oh no. Mahiro knows something isn’t right. He has a hunch the training didn’t go right. See Luhy averting her eyes? That says a lot. You know what this means. Time to check on Nyaruko so that she doesn’t mess up.

Arriving at the construction site, there are many Nightgaunts, the supposed ‘bad kids’ Nyaruko is talking about. We have got the obligatory transformation scene for Nyaruko to transform into a magical girl and her typical magical girl speech to purify those wicked souls. After a little magic incantation, a little magical effects… The Nightgaunts start bleeding like hell! And then she whips out her magical wand, which is actually a decorated crowbar and is going to kill all the bad kids!!! Because good kids are those who have died! She might have saved their souls but she is going to redeem their bodies as well by sending it to Heaven! Oh God. It’s like Nyaruko never changed. Violent and gory. Nyaruko going really crazy this time. I guess Luhy drilled her too much. She might have created a monster. An evil magical girl. As she burns the Nightgaunts, the rest comment how they prefer the old Nyaruko. Kuuko has a suggestion to turn things back to normal. Before Nyaruko gets this idea of ridding this world full of bad kids, she is made to look into some device that is similar to those memory erasing devices you see in MIB (Men In Black). Remember to put your sunglasses on. Nyaruko wakes up back home and has no memories of what happened. She asserts tokusatsu is better than magical girl. And everyone loves this Nyaruko better. Maybe not for Mahiro. Okay, maybe he does too. He just doesn’t show it.

We Love Any Kind Of Nyaruko!
As short as this OVA maybe, it is still enjoyable and fun simply because of Nyaruko. Forgive me if I tend to sound bias since Nyaruko is obviously what makes this series great. Obviously. She’s the star of this show, right? So whether she becomes a magical girl or a tokusatsu hero or some megalomaniac that is hell bent on taking over the world (or even destroying it), Nyaruko will always be Nyaruko and we will love her for all the crazy antics she brings just to make us laugh. They don’t call this the “anime that always creeps up beside you with a smile” for nothing. I notice that Mahiro is reduced to just some guy who seems sluggish throughout this entire OVA. It’s like he is tired and expected Nyaruko’s whims. He even sounded weary in playing the straight guy. Too much Nyaruko has zapped his energy? Well for his case, it is good to not pay too much unnecessary attention to her. You’ll wear yourself out. Maybe that’s why it took me so long to watch the OVA. And perhaps it will take a while before I get my ass moving to watch the second season. Unless Nyaruko comes bugging me every now and then. Then I’ll just fork it to her. Heh…

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

February 10, 2013

Finally after its debut as an ONA back in 2011, it is only a matter of time before this “anime that always creeps up beside you with a smile” will be given its rightful and proper TV series adaptation. Okay, maybe nobody was hoping and I certainly didn’t see it coming either when Haiyore! Nyaruko-san went on air back in early 2012. One of the biggest differences between the ONA and the TV series is that the art and drawing especially the characters have been given the typical anime uplift treatment. I won’t say the Flash-based quality of the ONA was horrible but at least all the characters here look prettier and cuter. Who wouldn’t like their anime girls cute with big wide sparkly eyes? Erm, maybe not so sparkly here.

This series of course is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Since I haven’t read his weird science fiction works, I don’t really know about all the alien races and whatsoever that this anime series take after or make references to. I’m not sure if the story follows the original or just borrows characters from those works. Maybe it’s just the latter. All I know is that I’m here to see all the so called comical chaos that our main crazy Nyarlathotep AKA Nyaruko would bring. She might be from some Planetary Defence Organization sent to Earth to protect Mahiro Yasaka from whatever dangers but I guess that’s just a side excuse for her to pursue her perverted love for poor Mahiro. Yeah, bombarding him with constant harassment, nuisance and annoyance that would easily make anyone boil. Now, with a couple of more Cthulhu deities crashing in and freeloading at Mahiro’s home just like Nyaruko, that certainly spells chaos, doesn’t it? Where’s the fork when you need one?!

Episode 1
Mahiro is going to be one dead kid. For some reason, a monster called Nightgaunt is hunting him down and he is running for his life. What the hell is going on? Suddenly a silver haired girl, Nyaruko appears before him and destroys the creature. Violently. Bloodily. Yup. Here’s the chaos that creeps up beside you with a smile. Before Mahiro knows it, she’s freeloading at his home asking for seconds. I know he should be grateful for saving his ass but this is too much. Here comes the fork! So Nyaruko explains about the Cthulhu thingy (fast forward this boring bit please) and that she’s an employee of the Organization sent to defend Earth from conducting illegal transactions on this planet. That includes human trafficking and the reason why Mahiro was previously hunted. So she vows to stay by his side to protect him. That’s just an excuse for her to be by his side because you can tell this Nyarlathotepian has fallen in love with this kid and is not shy in proclaiming her twisted love. So in her first step to ‘protect’ Mahiro, she takes him out to town but why is she amazed at all the comics at the bookstore? She even went on a shopping spree! How is this protecting him? You see, Earth’s entertainment like animes and mangas are the best in the entire universe. Even the gods want to come to Earth for them. That’s why there are regulations on how many can be imported and thus this leads to illegal smuggling of goods. So can Nyaruko take back all the stuff she just bought? As long as no one finds out! Double standards! Oh, Mahiro has recorded all that! Blackmail material! Still, she’s going to buy them. Once she’s done with her shopping, she didn’t hesitate to reveal her love at first sight for him. But it’s time to get down to business because a Nightgaunt appears. Nyaruko activates a barrier to a different dimension so they can fight. I don’t know what this Space CQC is but we see Nyaruko beat the crap out of the Nightgaunt!!! Don’t look, kids! Thanks to Nyaruko, Mahiro is once more safe. But she wants her kissy reward. Maybe the fork should be more appropriate.

Mahiro thought his days at home are going to be tough. Even his friend, Takehiko Yoichi can see he’s tired. Well, guess what? His school days are going to be equally crazy. That’s because Nyaruko has transferred to his class under the guise of Mahiro’s overseas relative. Look how she’s at the centre of attraction. His classmate, Tamao Kurei, the so called gossiper and “Walking Speaker” takes this chance to ‘interview’ them on their relationship. Leave it to Nyaruko to exaggerate things. Maybe lying is the right word. I guess Mahiro’s testament isn’t so interesting, eh? Nyaruko even put up crocodile tears that she made bento especially for him. Forget about going to buy bread. Though the meat tastes delicious, Nyaruko can’t reveal what sort of meat she used. Suspicious. Want to bet it’s some alien meat? Mahiro’s woes continue when bold Nyaruko sleeps in the middle class. If that’s not all, she starts dreaming and sleep talking about Mahiro doing something perverted on her. She excuses herself to the infirmary but brings Mahiro along. Actually she senses a Nightgaunt on the rooftop and goes into battle mode. She unleashes her capsule and lets her pet Shantakkun do the job. Unfortunately all that fierce show off was just for show as Nightgaunt easily beats Shantakkun. So if Nyaruko knows Shantakkun’s records against the monster are horrible (one draw and 99 losses), so why use him? The worse they are, the cuter they are? WTF?! But better do something before the Nightgaunt gets serious. It’s time for her Space CQC. Nyaruko takes out her crowbar and whacks it like a pro! OMG! Killer! See the calmness on her face when she violently strikes the Nightgaunt without mercy?! Can you blame Mahiro for losing his sanity points? Can you blame him for trying to be in denial? Back home, Mahiro finally gets his rest in the bath. What a horrible day. It’s not over yet because naked Nyaruko comes in wanting to turn their home into Adam and Eve paradise before his parents come home. See how handy a fork can be against this pervert?

Episode 2
Nyaruko yet again kills another Nightgaunt in her crazy fashion. Grenade? Makes you wonder who is more dangerous. Mahiro thought she should just head to their base and crush them and since now is the right time (stars aligning crap says she) the duo teleport to another dimension and ride some weird creature to R’lyeh. Meanwhile, the Neptune-like Nodens conspires with the flaming Cthuga AKA Kuuko on Nyaruko. So it turns out R’lyeh is a giant and greatest space amusement park on Earth operated by Cthulhu Corporation. Can’t resist having fun? Getting down to work, Nyaruko gives Mahiro a little box. That’s their engagement ring. Just kidding! It’s a protective charm. Inside the main building, Nodens ‘welcomes’ them as they realize they’re in the middle of an illegal auction. Knowing that Nyaruko has come to interfere, he sends Kuuko to deal with her. Nodens teleport the arch-enemies to a different dimension for them to fight. So both girls use their Space CQC against each other but Kuuko has mobile lasers with unlimited ammo to give Nyaruko a run for her money. Then Kuuko ties Nyaruko to the bed and starts stripping! She confesses she loves her and wants to make babies! What the hell?! I’m not sure about Kuuko’s twisted reasoning on her love for Nyaruko (not that I care) but since Nyaruko insists Mahiro is the only person for her (and the only one who can take her virginity), Kuuko is going to vaporize Mahiro right down to his soul. This makes Nyaruko to become serious as she unleashes her Space CQC Enhancer that turns her into a tokusatsu-like enforcer. With all the ‘anger’, Nyaruko defeats Kuuko in a single blow.

Mahiro is in danger and has no choice but to use the protective charm. This better work and not be a joke. When he opens the box, Nyaruko appears right out from it. The aliens realize she is from the Organization and flee in fear of being arrested. Nodens realizes Kuuko has been defeated and laments his plan to make money ruined. He’s not getting away till he spills the beans. The reason why he wants to auction Mahiro was because he was chosen as a protagonist of a new TV drama series. In short, it is a BL show. Nodens thought he could make some money if he auctioned the role of the protagonist. Mahiro orders Nyaruko to destroying him. Happy to oblige. Exterminating Last Bullet! BOOM!!! Back on Earth, Nyaruko says her goodbye since her assignment is over. She can’t stay on Earth anymore. I’m sure he is relieved but I guess he needs to be polite and grateful. Goodbye. When Mahiro returns home, he is dismayed to see Nyaruko acting like his wife. What gives? In view that more enemies may crop up, the battle isn’t over and thus has been given permission to make sure no further harm comes to him. Sounds like an excuse? Now on to the perverted part in making babies enough to fill a football team. How does a fork for a start sound?

Episode 3
The annoyance continues. Does Mahiro want to be called her big brother? What about being S or M? Here’s the fork to make your decision! Still, Nyaruko doesn’t learn her lesson and believes this is tsundere play. I guess Shantakkun receives more attention from him than a desperate Nyarlathotepian. Not willing to give up yet, Nyaruko continues to bug Mahiro at school. Suddenly they have a bad feeling. They’re right. Here comes a new transfer student: Kuuko! Just like Nyaruko, Kuuko is also a twisted person though her love is for Nyaruko. How does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine? Though she has cut ties with Nodens’ organization, she mentions that the Dreamlands are in danger because someone murdered the gods and if they don’t protect the remaining gods, Earth will be in trouble. Mahiro didn’t like his home turning into their base of operations but he agrees with Kuuko that once this mission is over, she’ll take Nyaruko back to the Organization. Kuuko continues to harass Nyaruko in making babies (she proclaims to the school she is Nyaruko’s wife). She’s so persistent. Just like someone we know, eh? If you’ve been wondering some Egyptian outfit idiotic guy, Nyaruo making cameo throughout the episode and bragging about his plan to defeat his sister Nyaruko, well, let’s say he seems like all talk only. Getting into trouble with the law and an accident during the pool incident whereby Nyaruko tries to keep Kuuko at bay. This guy is bad luck himself. Kuuko tries to tempt Nyaruko with some super rare cake so Nyaruko has no choice but to feed Kuuko her lunch she made for Mahiro. While discussing about the Dreamlands incident, suddenly several Nightgaunts and ghouls appear. Because darling Mahiro and Shantakkun got taken out, Nyaruko gets furious and unleashes her Space CQC chainsaw to beat them all up. And Kuuko’s mobile lasers got Nyaruo.

Mahiro is resting in the infirmary and Nyaruko feels guilty that she needs to take responsibility. More like she is giving into her desires. Yeah, she’s going to get naughty with him when suddenly she sees Kuuko in place of Mahiro. Good thing Mahiro left and went back to class. Nyaruo couldn’t bear the embarrassing defeat but hasn’t given up yet. Flashback reveals Nyaruko always outshines him in everything and it made his life miserable. That’s why today is the day he will kill her. Instead on investigating on the Dreamlands incident, Nyaruko wants to hurry home to watch some new series and has Shantakkun transform into a motorcycle. She only has a seat for Mahiro and leaves Kuuko eating her dust trails. Nyaruo thought he could get in Nyaruko’s way but was sent flying into the sky when her motorbike hits him. Did they hit something? Back home, Nyaruko gets a call from her chief that the Dreamlands case is solved. Wait. They didn’t do anything. It seems the target’s signal disappeared (I later found out Nyaruo was the one responsible for killing the gods in order to get revenge on Nyaruko). Nyaruko and Kuuko’s chief assign them to the team assisting the gods of Dreamlands. This means they will get to stay on Earth. Oh no. Bad news for Mahiro. There’s more on the way. Mahiro gets a call from his mother, Yoriko that she will be coming home in a few seconds. What will she think when she sees 2 girls in the house? Furthermore, Nyaruko is making naughty sounds in the background. Show the fork as the warning! Yoriko has cut short her honeymoon because she’s worried about her son and will be back in 40 seconds! Tick tock, tick tock.

Episode 4
Each time Mahiro kicks them out, somehow they find their way back in. The ensuing struggle to kick them out has them fall into a very ambiguous position. Just the right time for Yoriko to return home and see everything. Aha. I’m sure it’s confusing to hear Nyaruko and Kuuko’s side of the story. Whose wife is whose? Yoriko takes out her forks as warning and is suspicious about Nyaruko’s intentions to protect her son. Till she sees Shantakkun. Yoriko seems to know about those alien and entertainment thingy because she herself is a deity hunter albeit it’s a part time job. That’s news to everyone. On occasions she would help out her college professor in hunting them down. Dad also knows about this but I guess he is rather busy, that’s why he didn’t return home. Yoriko hugs her son to replenish her sononium (whatever this is – I guess it’s the only thing sons can give her mother). It gets worse for Mahiro because Yoriko has no objections for the girls living under their roof. But… Despite knowing Nyaruko loves Mahiro, she wants her son to live a more normal life and wants them to seriously consider their relationship before committing. So Nyaruko can’t call Yoriko her mother just yet, eh? Kuuko and Yoriko find they share the same interest in video game consoles while Mahiro and Nyaruko try to cook dinner. Next morning, Nyaruko and Kuuko continue to tussle over a pillow case with Nyaruko’s mug on it (you know why lah) so here’s another fork warning from Yoriko to stop or else. Mahiro heads off to school first and bumps into a kid in yellow, Hastur AKA Hasuta. The kid finds Mahiro a nice guy. While Nyaruko and Kuuko continue to act like idiots in public (they should be embarrassed about themselves), Yoichi wonders if Mahiro has anymore unknown relatives. He hopes not. But why do we have a feeling that it’s not true? After school, Mahiro bumps into Hasuta again. He learns Hasuta is looking for somebody but failed so far. Nyaruko and Kuuko come into the picture and they know who Hasuta is. He is their childhood friend. Wait a minute. HE?! Hasuta is a boy?! I wouldn’t have guessed! So girly… So back to his mission, he was supposed to help his father out (whose job he is unsure of too) to look for someone. He doesn’t know the address and only has a name: Yoriko.

Episode 5
While wondering what Hasuta’s dad wants with Yoriko, Kuuko tries to make Hasuta get closer to Mahiro and set them up. Mahiro didn’t think a boy could for another boy. Can’t it? Oh no. OH NO! It just got messier. So outside their house, Hasuta meets Yoriko for the first time. A nice boy, isn’t he? Nyaruko warns not to be deceived… Let the argument over Mahiro’s love begin! Suddenly a robed woman, Luhy Distone appears and kidnaps Yoriko. She knows about Hasuta but the latter doesn’t. Luhy thinks everyone is playing dumb because she mentions any organization that takes Yoriko in will have the potential to rule space. She whispers something into Yoriko’s ear and she agrees to come with her. Mahiro orders the girls to rescue mommy but Luhy whispers in Kuuko’s ear and in an instant, Kuuko becomes Luhy’s ally and will stop Nyaruko at all cost. Luhy makes her fiery escape and Hasuta the deity of the wind puts the flames out. I’m sure Mahiro wants to come up with a plan fast but Nyaruko and Hasuta are more interested in fooling around or touring the house. So when they sit down and discuss the motive behind Yoriko’s kidnap, it may be because of the mysterious nutrient called sononium. Nyaruko gets a call from her chief and she will take responsibility on Kuuko’s defection. She’ll kill her. She’s not serious, isn’t she? Nyaruko tracks their coordinates and it seems they are at R’lyeh. She notes the evil organization can’t be behind this since only Cthulhu Corporation employees can access the undersea land and that they can’t treat this as a kidnapping case as Yoriko volunteered to go. Kidnap or not, Mahiro wants to save his mom.

However this time they’re not going to ride some creature but Nyaruko’s cool amphibious vehicle! Why didn’t she use it the last time? Don’t ask. She’ll just give you a stupid story. Driving underwater, Hasuta starts getting seasick and there are a bunch of monsters trying to prevent them from reaching R’lyeh. I’m sure the unlimited torpedoes did the trick but now they’re being chased by a huge monster. Though they ride past it, Nyaruko forgot about the monster’s girlfriend. Oops. Right into her mouth! When Mahiro wakes up, he finds himself on shore of R’lyeh and Hasuta has done CPR to revive him. Note, it was his first time. Oh God. It doesn’t count, it doesn’t count, it doesn’t count… Hasuta must be desperate enough to confess he loves Mahiro and wants to be one with him. It doesn’t matter if they’re both guys because the person he loves just happened to be a guy. Spewing all that crap about his kindness and warmth, I guess Mahiro tries not to hurt his feelings by mentioning something about a 25 million year cycle. If his feelings don’t change by then, he will consider. Huh? Promise? Uh. Yeah. They head into the main building to see Nyaruko facing off with Kuuko.

Episode 6
Nyaruko stalls Kuuko so the duo can surge ahead. With their fight going nowhere, Nyaruko plays dirty by throwing pictures of herself at Kuuko to knock her out in ecstasy. Only thing is, those are Mahiro pictures! Stalker!!! As the loser, Kuuko is going to abide by whatever she says. But why is she stripping?! What is she expecting?! Nyaruko has her spill the beans. Mahiro and Hasuta find Luhy and Yoriko working on a large computer. Luhy accuses them that they are here to steal information on their company’s next generation hardware. Say what? It is revealed this computer is the next generation game console, Xoth 731 and Luhy needed Yoriko’s expertise so they can have the advantage in the game console war. That is what this is all about? This was why Kuuko also defected? A fanatical user who loves the company’s hardware? Hasuta’s father is a board member of their rival company, CCE producing HS3. Luhy rants about Xoth’s advantage in cost, graphics, etc (not that I’m interested) but Yoriko points out this will fail because the console with better specs will always lose out because of high R&D cost. This makes the company harder to produce games. How is a console without games attractive? Plus, stores make their money from games, not consoles. Will they sell the console if there are no games? Nyaruko transforms into her enforcer armour to destroy the machine but Luhy gets a call from her boss that the project is terminated. She can’t accept the decision and goes crazy. She turns on Xoth to show the boss what it’s capable off. Due to some explanation that the console is transmitting data to brains of the monsters, all I understand is that the monsters become violent and see out protagonists as villains. They think they are playing some zombie game. Yoriko shows how adept she is using her forks. Don’t worry. They’re just paralyzing forks and won’t die. Well Nyaruko, you didn’t even get a chance to strut your stuff. She thought she could finish things off by destroying Xoth but Kuuko wants to do the honours. Such heartbreak. In the end, with Hasuta’s mission over, it’s goodbye for him. Goodbye everyone. But why do they have this deja vu feeling it’s not over yet? Can you see it coming? Oh yes. I mean, oh no! Hasuta becomes yet another new transfer student in Mahiro’s class. Another unknown relative from overseas? When will this insanity end? Kuuko is the only one approving all it all…

With Hasuta now bumming in their house, Yoriko suggests a trip to the hotsprings to rejuvenate and they can bring along 8 people. Since Shantakkun counts, I guess this means bringing Tamao and Yoichi to fill the quota. Mahiro wanted to sit this out but was forcefully brought along. I bet he won’t get to rejuvenate. Tamao of course is here to find out who Mahiro is interested in. It only makes sense because for Nyaruko, Kuuko and Hasuta, we clearly know their sick intentions. Yeah, they’ll use this trip to get closer to you-know-who. But then again, maybe Mahiro really isn’t interested in them all. Oh where art thou, peaceful life? Nyaruko hell isn’t going to let Hasuta bath with Mahiro in the bath and makes the kid sit in the bathtub. Don’t fret. He has Shantakkun as company. That night, Nyaruko as expected creeps into Mahiro’s bed and is going to get naughty. Kuuko has been deceived and told to wait so she won’t be bothering them. Keep waiting… Hasuta is deep in his sleep. Can it be happening? Mahiro is going to lose his first time to Nyaruko now?

Episode 7
We don’t know what happened last night but it seems Mahiro is pretty calm the next morning. Rest assured the sicko Nyarlathotepian is tied to the table underneath the sheet pinned down by forks. What a peaceful night it must be. During breakfast, Nyaruko continues to fool around that she may be carrying his baby. Yoriko doesn’t seem to be opposing anymore. Yeah, she really wants grand children. Nyaruko doesn’t seem like a bad girl after all and may consider her to approach him. Somebody better stop this perverted deity before her sick delusions get out of control. Where’s the fork. Bring the fork! Wondering where Kuuko is? She’s still waiting… Did she satisfy herself? Before Hasuta could make his weird confession, Nyaruko butts in to take Mahiro away. Can you blame him if he wants to hide away from that pest? Mahiro sees Kuuko playing an old video game console at a beach house. She still feels saddened by Xoth’s loss so Mahiro pats her head to cheer her up. They also see Luhy who is now freed from the corporation and running her own takoyaki stall (don’t ask what ingredients she used). That’s why she doesn’t bear any grudge against Hasuta’s father anymore. Nyaruko bugs Mahiro to have a fun time together so he just ignores her. Finally Mahiro tells her off he hates her. It left her in great shock. I think this is serious. She really is shock and depressed. So much so Kuuko is trying to take advantage by stripping her in public! Though Mahiro manages to control her, she says that their alien standards do not apply. Yoriko notes to her son that Nyaruko did save them so Mahiro goes over to apologize and invites her out to the festival. Instant revival! Kuuko and Hasuta have to sit this one out since Yoriko said so. I guess Nyaruko can have her way with Mahiro now seeing she can easily sink into depression if he disagrees. Okay, this may have some limits too. He’s definitely not going to the sex museum with her. They pray at the shrine (a malign deity praying?) and have fun at the festival stalls. At the beach, Mahiro wonders what she wished for and she says for them to always be together. Walking along, she adds she loves him but he can’t believe her because she has always been loud and noisy so he can’t take her seriously when she says that all so calmly. That’s because if she’s not acting silly, it would be hard to tell him she loves him. To be with the person she loves is her dream. This is how she really feels and will say it again and again. I think she’s really serious when she says I love you. On a side note, who the heck is this funny stingray that Shantakkun finds company with?

Episode 8
While shopping for souvenirs, Mahiro picks up an old game console. When he turns it on, the next thing he knows he is back in bed and his mother is like a lovey-dovey mom. WTF?! Then on his way to school he bumps into Nyaruko on her way with a bread in mouth. Typical cliche for a dating simulation? You’ll soon find that this is one dating simulation spoof as Mahiro encounters a very polite Kuuko, basketball player Hasuta and Yoichi like a dating simulation’s protagonist’s best friend. Luhy pulls Mahiro away and tells him he and everyone else is inside a cursed game. She is accessing the game from outside and notes that everyone has been assigned roles. Until he reaches a good ending with someone, they cannot leave. This means, he has to end up with one of the 4 girls: Nyaruko, Kuuko, Hasuta or Tamao. Wait a minute. Hasuta? Luhy disappears as she could no longer stay in the game. As we know, Nyaruko, Kuuko and Hasuta are bent on setting their flags to get what they want. Oh God. So poor Mahiro has to put up with the tussle as the trio try to outdo each other into getting him. I mean, each scene is so weird. Including the one where by Kuuko pulled out a sword from underneath her skirt to kill him, Hasuta trying to ‘fuse’ with him at the infirmary and make babies (how the hell is this possible?) and some Haruhi rock band spoof with Nyaruko that couldn’t even start.

After that cafe parody scene, Mahiro returns home and knows Yoriko is also putting up an act. She wants to know if he has made up his mind on someone. If not, maybe Yoichi will confess first! Yikes! No way! That will definitely be bad end. Of course Mahiro can’t rush into just pick another one of them because they’re going to confess and he can’t take this lightly. Considerate? So the dating goes on and the Christmas scene has them giving their presents to Mahiro. Hasuta all doll of himself? Kuuko a see through lingerie? For Nyaruko by the way. And Nyaruko a marriage registration form? Tear it up! She has a scarf made for him. Since Mahiro can’t choose anyone at this rate, Nyaruko decides for the final hand to hand combat. While the trio slug it out, the quietest of them all, Tamao is seducing Mahiro alone in the locked gym storeroom! Mahiro can of course see through her acting, including her confession. Don’t worry, this won’t turn into an eroge. The mortal combat leaves Nyaruko the victor as she goes to see Mahiro waiting at the legendary tree (Tokimeki Memorial parody? Thank goodness it wasn’t Yoichi who came). The only way left to end this way is to seal it with a kiss. Mahiro is reluctant to do so but Nyaruko tries to convince him that this is how she feels. She’s always working towards this moment. Mahiro psycho himself that this is just to escape the game. Just to escape the game, just to escape the game, just to escape the game… Their lips met and whoosh! Back to reality. However it seems nobody has recollection of what happened except for Mahiro. His face is still blushing. But it seems Nyaruko may remember what happened after all because she’s giving Mahiro a big happy smile.

Episode 9
That kissing scene must be a nightmare for Mahiro. He got up on the wrong side of bed because of it. He realizes a hug pillow with Nyaruko’s mug on it. Till he hears a familiar sound coming out from it. Throw it out the window! It’s going to be a beautiful day. Because Yoriko will be out for a while, Mahiro and the rest go shopping for necessities for Hasuta. We see Nyaruko displaying her double standards, fooling around with glasses and pyjamas with Mahiro but chides Kuuko when she does the same for her. While resting, Nyaruko gets a call from her chief asking about the status of Dreamlands. Because of that murder, the Organization won’t take this lightly since Dreamlands is a fortress protecting the spirits of mankind. Currently that place is empty and even if they guard it from the front, it is still vulnerable to attacks from enemies via the rear of the spirit world. Suddenly on stage are Nodens and Luhy putting up a magical girl-cum-hero show. Once she realizes Mahiro and co are watching, she runs away in embarrassment. At the end of the day, Tamao suddenly points a gun at them. Proclaiming she is the Yith race and Earth is in danger, she fires her gun. Next thing Mahiro knows, he is seeing himself! Oh sh*t! He and Nyaruko swap bodies! As explained, Isuka is borrowing Tamao’s body and wanted to save Earth but accidentally swap their bodies. She can put them back but it seems her gun ran out of batteries. FFUUU!!! Isuka adds that there are extremists planning to transplant their consciousness into all mankind to fully understand entertainment. Since Dreamlands is empty, this is their perfect chance to strike. She needs their help. Well, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be easier to just request Nyaruko’s help instead of swapping their bodies? She didn’t think about that… She ‘escapes’ via excuse it’s not good hogging this body too long and that she’ll be back tomorrow with the gun recharged.

As Nyaruko excuses herself to the bathroom, Kuuko can’t control herself and pounds on Mahiro (after tying up Hasuta). He tries to convince her that he is Mahiro inside despite outside looking like Nyaruko. Well, Kuuko doesn’t think it’s that half bad. Her body will just do. It was a close shave for Mahiro as he manages to tie her up. When Nyaruko returns from the toilet, she has this satisfied look on her face. She felt the greatest feeling that girls wouldn’t understand and only boys would feel. WHAT THE HELL DID SHE JUST DO???!!! Mahiro tries not to take a look at his own body in the bath but couldn’t help notice how thin Nyaruko is. Then of course Nyaruko ruins everything by coming in. She knows everything there is to know about their bodies. Mahiro couldn’t care about his own body and beats her up. So pissed, huh? Bed time. Mahiro wants to hear the reasons why they want to sleep with him. To protect him. The REAL reason? To fool around and be attacked. Instead of getting mad, Mahiro comes up with an idea. He writes a letter and puts his thumbprint (which is Nyaruko’s) stating that Nyaruko will promise to give herself to Kuuko once she returns to his body. Now, if Kuuko wants this valid document, she has to make sure that Nyaruko and Hasuta has to sleep in the living room. It’s a deal. All that’s left is to believe in Isuka. However the next day in class, Tamao is absent (so is Yoichi). He feels a fool to trust her. Mahiro can tell Nyaruko is cooking up something evil but couldn’t tell what it is. When the teacher comes in, Nyaruko takes Mahiro by his hand right up to the front of the class. Then she declares out loud that she loves ‘Nyaruko’ and to marry right now. Didn’t see this coming, eh?

Episode 10
So after all the I-love-every-part-of-you, what is Mahiro’s answer? A drop kick rejection! Isuka (still in Tamao’s body) hobbles into class in a bad state. They think the terrorists got her but rather she stayed up all night to play some new RPG game. WTF. So what about switching back their bodies? It is still charging and will be usable tonight. Looks like they’ll have to stay this way a little longer. Isuka totally digs Earth’s food and mentions it’s a shame Earth is going to be erased. Say what? Isuka comes from the future and says that the Space Confederation considered Earth dangerous and wiped it out. She couldn’t find records for the reason. Nyaruko assures that will not happen when she’s around. Now we’re more worried… Since Yoichi hasn’t been to class lately, they decide to visit him. So why is Isuka tagging along? She’s interested in the RPG strategies from Kuuko. They have this talk that Yoichi’s body may be swapped with another but laughs it off. At his doorstep, nobody answers the doorbell when suddenly Yoichi jumps out of his window and to a nearby park. This guy introduces himself as Isurugi and threatens to do harm to Yoichi’s body. Isurugi as a solider of Yith unleashes a giant mind swapping device that will make their wish come true. All Earth’s entertainment will belong to them! Since Mahiro doesn’t want Nyaruko to stain his body, looks like Hasuta and Kuuko have to do the job. However Isurugi cancels their power with his Space CQC Jammer. Isuka counters that with her Space CQC Jammer Canceller. Isurugi saw that coming and voids that with his Space CQC Jammer Canceller Breaker. Guess what? Isuka has Space CQC Jammer Canceller Breaker Eraser! This ridiculous childish moment goes on till Isuka runs out of cartridges.

Isurugi is going to execute his destiny when the president of the terrorist organization makes his appearance. Isurugi complains that the device is in place but the mind swap is not working. He assures everything is going according to plan they’re all supposed to die! He reveals this device is actually an Earth annihilation device. Being the president of the terrorist organization is just a guise and his real identity is an agent of the Space Confederation, Space Child Guardian. He is destroying Earth because of some space wholesomeness law. It views Earth’s entertainment with a hidden agenda in promoting sex crimes throughout space. So this Child Guardian exists to protect the children’s future and ensure his high profile position when he retires. I think he just revealed his true goal. Whether got Space CQC Jammer or not, Kuuko and Hasuta fight the menacing machine. Mahiro realizes Nyaruko’s body is swifter and agile. After getting used to it, he joins in the attack. A hidden laser is about to shoot him when Nyaruko uses her body (Mahiro’s actually) to protect him. Everyone is in shock. Mahiro can’t believe she’s lying there motionless. He starts crying and reminds her about her promise to protect him. He realizes how harsh he had been towards her and apologizes with tears. Suddenly Nyaruko smirks and steals Mahiro’s lips! That’s a long kiss!!! Complete revival! So why isn’t she dead? The protective charm box was in the pocket. Hasuta and Kuuko just ‘turned into stone’. The baddie is going to finish them off in the middle of their lover’s quarrel but Isuka’s blaster has charged up and switches their bodies back in time. Nyaruko transforms into her enforcer suit and is going to teach this guy a lesson. He thought he is being protected by the law but as Nyaruko notes, laws are meant to be broken! Get ready to get your ass kicked!

In the aftermath after the machine is destroyed, Isuka and Isurugi are going to return to the future and leave it to the higher ups to decide. They need to erase memories of their hosts first. Oh, Hasuta and Kuuko still remain stoned. And Nyaruko wants to continue where their kissing left off since nobody will be interrupting them. When was the last time she felt the pain of the fork? Now is a good time for another reminder. Tamao wakes up in bed to see Isuka (her true form looks like some sort of vegetable) playing an RPG video game in her room. She still remembers her due to some clumsy slip up. Isuka thanks her that because of her, the case was solved. Tamao isn’t mad she borrowed her body and thought it was a valuable experience. Isuka still needs to erase her memories however. She has learnt a lot while borrowing her body. Her worries and the person whom she loves that she can’t admit (guess who?). Tamao flusters and ‘beats up’ the vegetable to make her promise she won’t tell anybody. She’ll carry that secret with her to her grave. Oops, I mean future. Mahiro is glad that his friends are back to normal. This means his normal life is back, right? Not quite. The classmates are beginning to rumour that if Mahiro got rejected by Nyaruko, why are they still walking to school together like as though nothing happened? It gets worse when the teacher pulls Mahiro away to his office to explain yesterday’s bold confession. He must be under a lot of stress, don’t you think? I know he is from a certain crazy silver haired girl but the order was all wrong.

Episode 11
Mahiro thought that he can have his peace and quiet on Sunday. But what the heck are Nyaruko, Kuuko and Hasuta doing playing video games in his room?! Can’t they do it downstairs? Nyaruko fools around and her face got close enough that it brought back memories of that kissing incident when he looks at her lips. Suddenly a little blue haired girl rings the door. She is Ghutatan, the daughter of the Ghatanothoa Conglomerate and that green little flying bat thingy is her butler, Roy Fogger the Lloigor AKA Major. They are sent here by Yoriko. She confirms it in her video message she found this lost girl and hopes they could look after them till somebody comes to pick them up. Nyaruko sends this message to the Planetary Defence Organization and Space Police (unknown to her, the message failed to deliver) and after that has this idea to ‘educate’ Ghutatan with some naughty materials. I’m sure Mahiro doesn’t want an innocent girl playing an eroge and snatches it away. Ghutatan is okay with it since onii-tan says so. Onii-tan? Because they start arguing about breakfast, Nyaruko kept some giant insects in the refrigerator and unleashes the fresh ingredients. It’s still alive! Mahiro doesn’t want the house destroyed or the public to be endangered so Nyaruko uses her special mirror to absorb them. Because a mess is made, Mahiro is going to clean up but the others relent they want to help. Knowing they’ll make a mess, he throws them out so they have no choice but to wait till he calms down.

Ghutatan makes a mess out of herself so Mahiro sends her to the bathroom. Because she always had maids doing stuffs for her, Lloigor hopes he can bath with her. Oh dear. So Mahiro helps wash her, make breakfast and feed her before letting her sleep on his lap. So what happens when Nyaruko and the rest see this horrifying scene? What more, they learn they come out of the bath together (Kuuko is visibly upset because for the entire of this episode, she was bugging Mahiro to make her breakfast and now Ghutatan easily got it). Yeah, they want a piece of it too and start chasing him all over town. Mahiro thought he could hide in Yoichi’s house but they caught up. He passes by Tamao but they’re hot on his tail so he has to go. He even comes to Luhy’s takoyaki stall and hopes she won’t tell the rest where he went. Unfortunately Luhy ‘betrays’ him because Ghutatan called her a grandma. Mahiro comes across a couple of lost blob monsters called Shoggoth. Nyaruko and the rest think this is a good chance to increase their value and go into action to dispose the Shoggoths. Nyaruko unleashes a powerful blast that sends Mahiro and Ghutatan off their balance. She thought she could get a kiss reward but Mahiro is worried that Ghutatan is injured though it’s only a scratch. He becomes very upset and I think he’ serious. No joke. He tells off Nyaruko for being reckless and though she is deeply sorry, he says if there is anybody she should be apologizing, it should be to Ghutatan. Mahiro takes Ghutatan home and reprimands Nyaruko she should do her job properly as a Planetary Defence Organization agent. Mahiro treats Ghutatan and makes dinner. But it seems Nyaruko and co are late. Rather, they’re not turning up. He thought he was harsh with them but remains steadfast he didn’t do anything wrong and their fault. Ghutatan wonders if he is lonely but he dismisses he likes this quiet life. Next morning Mahiro wakes up but is surprised to find it is Sunday morning. Maybe the alarm broke. Furthermore, Ghutatan is not in her bed. Nyaruko and the rest are not in too. The place is eerily quiet. That’s what he wished for, right?

Episode 12
Dismissing it as their usual prank, Mahiro continues to bum around, watching reruns. Those are the only shows on? Well, it’s still Sunday. Then he goes out and finds something disturbing. Nobody is around! The streets are empty! Is he the only person around? When he is at school, he starts thinking back all the fun and mostly annoying times he had with Nyaruko and co. Can’t live without them now, eh? Suddenly it’s deja vu all over again because a Nightgaunt suddenly attacks him. Cornered and just several seconds before his doom, he calls out Nyaruko’s name. She’s supposed to appear, right? Nope. Luckily he dodges its attacks and comes to realize that he always relies on her in times like these. He takes out the special mirror to absorb the Nightgaunt. Then Ghutatan comes running, crying and apologizing into his arms. Seems she is the one who turned the world this way. Can she undo it and send him back? Well, not if Lloigor had a thing or two to say about that. He is upset he has misjudged him and not the man he hoped he was and just bad influence on Ghutatan. He is about to eliminate Mahiro and changes into his true hideous form but Nyaruko’s crowbar comes flying into his tentacles. She manages to trace him and get here because he used the mirror. Having him look into the mirror, he sees himself frozen in ice. She uses some light thingy to break him free and return to the world where he reunites with the rest. Yeah, they tried all sorts of stuffs on him to free him from his petrified state. I think kissing was considered… Anyway Lloigor explains Mahiro said something he shouldn’t. He didn’t allow Ghutatan to play that eroge. WTF? He reveals his love for all kinds of eroge! All of Earth’s eroge will be his! He thought Mahiro would’ve head to some famous eroge store first after he alone. He needed Mahiro for the job since he must be an ultra maniac as he had associated himself with the universally famous Nyaruko. WTF. That’s what you get for assuming. ASS-U-ME.

Since it has come to this point, they’re going to fight as he summons his monsters. He also reveals that he was the one who summoned the Shoggoths, injured Ghutatan when she was injured and let Mahiro blame Nyaruko, blocked Nyaruko’s message to the authorities and made Ghutatan grant his wish to be alone. Now nothing shall stand between him and his eroges! Die everyone for the sake of his eroges! Nyaruko and co fight off the monsters. Even Yoriko, Shantakkun and Luhy join in the battle. Nyaruko is going to finish him off but he grasps her in his tentacles. He is going to get his revenge against the Planetary Defence Organization agents from preventing him from sending his eroge back to space and punish her himself. Before she gets tentacle rape, Mahiro throws Nyaruko a crowbar as she breaks free. She cuts him into half as he laments he has yet to finish his mountain of eroges. Don’t worry. Nyaruko will finish it for him. Now die! In the aftermath, Nyaruko’s message went through and Ghutatan’s parents are on her way to pick her up. Ghutatan felt guilty for what she did but Mahiro doesn’t blame her. Now everyone else wants a praise from him since Mahiro starts thanking them for their help. And it’s back to the silly usual because Nyaruko won’t mind if he insists on a kiss or marriage (what? No fork punishment?). I guess it got so twisted that Kuuko wants to marry him so that Nyaruko will be hers as well and Hasuta wants his babies too. Ghutatan too? Shantakkun too?! Oh, Mahiro is really getting popular. As usual, his ‘lively’ daily life returns with the bunch still hanging around. And did you see this coming? Ghutatan becomes a new transfer student in his class! Albeit it is just temporary and she promises to come back next time. But Mahiro seems happy and doesn’t easily get upset with their antics. Nyaruko confesses she loves him. What brought this up? Well, she did say she’ll say this again and again, right? Here’s another one and a kiss to go with it. Maybe the rest should do something before the development gets out of hand. Here we go again…

What the fork?
With this series a surprise hit, it is no surprise that a second season has been given the green light. I’m sure we all would love to see this creeping chaos with a smile again, don’t we? It was fun all the way for me having laugh most of the time especially Nyaruko’s antics. You can call it persisting annoyance (in Mahiro’s eyes anyway) that it makes you think that she’s too dumb to get the idea that Mahiro doesn’t want her to be too close to him. After all that racket, Mahiro finally realizes that being with Nyaruko and the rest isn’t so bad after all even though he will have to put up with more of the same usual chaotic annoyance. I mean, you can’t be really happy being alone, right? Happiness is meant for sharing and who are you going to share those good moments if there is nobody around? Mahiro is made to realize that at the end because you won’t know the true value of something when that something isn’t there for you anymore. You can say Mahiro took for granted the ‘good life’ with Nyaruko till she ‘vanishes’. Say some mean things to her once in a while, poke her with a fork when she crosses the line. Then you think about it those were ‘happy’ times indeed despite the annoyance. Nyaruko and the rest might be noisy and irritating but hey, that’s them. That’s how they are. He just needs to redefine the meaning of his definition of ‘peace’, that’s all.

So Nyaruko really lives up to her hype as the creeping chaos that crawls up to you with a smile. Her liveliness and silliness gives you this mixed feelings of loving and annoying character. Her stubborn and unashamed advances are hilarious but of course the bottom line is that we love her despite of all that. She makes us laugh, doesn’t she? She’s cute too, isn’t she? Even if she has this annoying side, you still don’t want to mess with this Planetary Defence Organization agent because she really is intelligent and kicks ass (despite how comical and un-serious she sounds while delivering her lines). You can say she is the best in her field when it comes to close quarters combat (shiver in fear when she’s holding a crowbar in hand) but somehow she just isn’t able to beat Mahiro and his fork. Maybe that is what you call the restrictions of love? It is true that she truly loves him but maybe she could’ve had a better chance if she wasn’t acting so idiotic and perverted. But then again, if she wasn’t, would Mahiro actually take her seriously as she had noted?

The rest of the characters are pretty likeable themselves even if they seem like a pest (in Mahiro’s eyes anyway). Kuuko is forever trying to get into the good books of Nyaruko but ends up getting the short stick. I’m not sure if she is an M because sometimes she takes well all those beatings from Nyaruko and enjoys them. And please, Nyaruko’s double standard treatment between Mahiro and Kuuko isn’t something we all should emulate. Maybe she doesn’t get it that feeling of what Kuuko is doing to her is exactly what she is doing to Mahiro. Hasuta may seem like the weakest one in terms of aggressiveness of getting Mahiro’s attention as compared to the others but since he is not that aggressive, I guess he doesn’t get that much punishment Nyaruko always gets. His soft demeanour gets Mahiro at least to listen to him but I doubt Nyaruko would allow that. Yoriko as Mahiro’s kind mother, I wonder if she really has abandoned her normal relationship thingy for her son and would love to see whom he ends up with. Can’t wait for grandchildren, can’t she? Hey. I don’t see her needing to replenish her sononium lately. Luhy seems pretty docile after she got fired from her video game company. I guess selling takoyaki is a much better career line than the stressful video game console project. Shantakkun provides the pet mascot for the series (I’m still not sure about that stingray as its company) while Ghutatan provides the moe loli factor. What happened to Nyaruo and Nodens? Well, while Nodens was last seen working as a part timer at a hero show, Nyaruo’s nose isn’t even seen after his embarrassing and easy defeat to Nyaruko. However, there is something I remember from the first season. There are a couple of characters that appeared in the Flash-based animation but not in this TV series. What happened to that perverted Atoko? Not to mention Nyarue too? Maybe we’ll see them in the sequel?

Now that Mahiro has got his ‘peaceful’ life with the rest back on track, I guess the other problem now he has to face is the love polygon among them. It’s going to be even more chaotic that everyone wants a piece of his attention. Now he’s got his harem, no? And all alien girls. Really out of this world. Even Kuuko now sounded like she actually took a liking for him instead of putting up a facade to get Nyaruko indirectly. That may still be the case but you won’t know… If Yoriko can allow Nyaruko to get closer to Mahiro, I’m sure she wouldn’t have any qualms for Hasuta to do the same. Can romance between boys blossom? Bromance? Yaoi maybe. Let’s hope not that Yoriko turns into a fujoshi. But the one thing that still had me wondering me is Tamao’s feelings. She did indicate there is someone she likes (or at least pointed out by Isuka) but I am not sure if it’s Mahiro or Yoichi. While hints indicate that it is Mahiro, I won’t discount that it may be Yoichi too. Hey, even secondary characters deserve a chance at love. But let’s say if it was Mahiro, why wasn’t she trying to woo him like the rest? Maybe aliens know no shame? Humans are more reserved when it comes to love? Think not. Maybe she knows her place that she can never beat Nyaruko so that’s why instead of fighting a losing battle, it is best not to start at all.

The other mind boggling thing is the so called entertainment on Earth which is said to be the best in the universe. I know it is one of the settings of this anime but if you think about it, higher life forms preferring our kind of questionable entertainment? Especially perverted ones? Are all aliens pervert? Well, Nyaruko just showed us a good example because of her huge obsession in such entertainment. Then we have Lloigor who just seals it. Higher intelligent life forms love our lower life form’s erotic materials? Well, maybe it goes to show that no matter how much your species evolve or power up, you still can’t give in to the lust of your basic bestiality. I suppose that never changes throughout evolution whether you are humans or aliens. And Earthlings’ entertainment is so good that it becomes an intergalactic crime and underground big business to smuggle them out? Why the heck can’t they just reproduce the same thing assuming they have better technology? Original works are the best? Yeah, support original, don’t go pirate. But still, smuggling is not good. Earth is just a small little place in this wide universe but their creativity in attracting aliens from across the universe must be damn good. Goes to show how boring aliens are that they need to resort to entertainment from primitive life forms… That’s how corrupted our entertainment are. See how perverted Nyaruko is when she is trying to woo Mahiro? That thing when Isuka mentioned about Earth being destroyed in the future? What ever happened to that? I guess in the future, aliens do realize how dangerous our entertainment is and wiped out the entire species, eh? Unless of course, those were all just lies. Heck, how can you wipe out something this good? Too good to be erased! Our entertainment is like drugs to those aliens.

Being a crazy show this is, one can also expect and look forward to lots of parodies peppered throughout the series, whether it is a part of a speech in their dialogue or the actions they undertake. While my knowledge in anime and manga isn’t wide enough nor does it go back that far, I have spotted some to my delight. For example, that all-too-familiar invasion line said in Shinryaku! Ika Musume by Isurugi when he is getting ready to take over Earth’s entertainment. When Nyaruko threw Shantakkun into battle, that familiar capsule is definitely a reference to Pokemon. There was a part whereby Kuuko came crashing down wrapped in a futon. Doesn’t that remind you of Erio’s trademark in Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko? Episode 8 is definitely a parody of that Tokimeki Memorial game while the face-off between Nyaruko, Kuuko and Hasuta in the same episode has them wearing outfits famous fighting games, Virtua Fighter’s Pai, King of Fighter’s Mai Shiranui and Guilty Gear’s Bridget respectively. Others that you can spot if you keep your eyes and ears peeled include School Days, Code Geass, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, Hand Maid May, The World God Only Knows, Working! and a bunch of Kamen Rider series that I have never watched. For those who are into games, I’m sure you could have spot the Monster Hunter parodies as well as the Mario Kart games. Of course I don’t play them so I won’t know. So have fun spotting them all and enjoy laughing when they make those references.

Kana Asumi is perfect as Nyaruko and she really turns the character into a real zany screwball. Think of her as Amagami SS’ Miya, Hidamari Sketch’s Yuno and Working!’s Taneshima gone wild. Her craziness reminds me of another character in an anime I recently watched, Todayama of Ebiten. So it’s hats off to her for doing a good job in voicing Nyaruko. Rie Kugimiya as Hasuta may not be pulling off her trademark squeaky tsundere loli voices like Louise in Zero No Tsukaima, Aria in Hidan No Aria and Shana of Shakugan No Shana but she is nevertheless recognizable. At first I couldn’t recognize Eri Kitamura as the voice behind Mahiro because she wasn’t in her bratty roles like Rin in Kodomo No Jikan and Kotone of Softenni but in the episode when Mahiro switched bodies with Nyaruko, then it became apparent who this girl is. Miyu Matsuki’s character as the sicko Kuuko may not be like her other sicko character roles like Yoshinoya in Hidamari Sketch and Kumi in Yurumates but that soft spoken voice has a creepy tone to it. Other casts include Wataru Hatano as Yoichi (Yuuto in Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu), Yuka Ootsubo as Tamao (Kyouko in YuruYuri), Mariko Kouda as Luhy (Nayuki in Kanon), Aya Hisakawa as Yoriko (Maya in Tenjou Tenge), Shiori Mikami as Ghutatan (Akari in YuruYuri), Jouji Nakata as Lloigor (Kirei in Fate/Zero) and Satomi Arai as Shantakkun and Isuka (Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun). The opening theme, Taiyou Iwaku Moe Yo Chaos by Ushiro Kara Hai Yori Tai G (that’s the troupe name for the main casts for the characters in the series) is a crazy song that gets you into the pace of the anime. It has this annoying but infectious line at the beginning that makes you want to go like a caveman. Uh! Yah! Uh! Yah! And to end it, the gang even did some crazy pose after the song ends. The main ending song is Zutto Be With You and though it is credited to the name RAMM, it is definitely Kana Asumi’s voice singing this moderate anime pop piece.

Sometimes having a crawling chaos like Nyaruko living with you isn’t entirely a bad thing. After that all that chaos in altering your peaceful life, will that be worth it? Maybe it’s like a blessing in disguise. Wouldn’t you want a cute silver haired alien girl to come and live with you instead of some ugly tentacle blob horror? I’ll take the former any time. Because she’s cute, kick ass and annoying. Annoying? Well, nobody is perfect and two out of three isn’t that bad. Really. Just be careful and remember to have a fork in hand. Just in case.

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