Mini Yuri & YuruYuri Ten

December 7, 2019

Celebrate good times, come on! Yahoo! Wow. Does time really fly? Because it has been 10 years since YuruYuri started and hence the perfect time to celebrate it by coming up with an OVA. But before the fundraising kickstarter project OVA comes out, we are treated with 4 ONA episodes of Mini Yuri. Lolis who are already cute are further made cute in their chibi form? Uhm, okay. With only approximately 5 minutes of running time, these serve as just appetizers before you go on to the big and delicious main course. Let the celebrations begin!

Episode 1
To raise hype for the 10th anniversary OVA, hence we kick things off by explaining the characters of this series. Like Kyouko who is a pretty normal girl, Akari the masked hero of justice, Chinatsu who is a witch girl and is very much in love with Kyouko, and Yui who, uhm, manly face?! Then we have the student council girls like the Ayano who has the second worst grades in school, Chitose who is a bully whom Ayano is a lackey of, Himawari a talkative idiot and Sakurako… Boobs monster? Not forgetting Matsumoto who speaks loudly at the top of her voice! And of course if you have watched YuruYuri like yours truly, you’ll know that all of these are crap! Lies! NOTHING BUT LIES!!! Is this their way of making those who don’t know to go read the manga and watch the anime?! Effective strategy… I’d say, if you buy into this crap, you’re going to be in for some ‘shocking developments’…

Episode 2
You know the popular streaming video site that is all the rage now? No, not YouTube. YuriTube!!! Kyouko suggests uploading videos to show what the club is all about. They start off with a cute introduction video. It got (shockingly) lots of views so you bet they’re going to make more. We see a video of Kyouko trying to promote Mirakurun products with Chinatsu cospalying at the model. Wow. More views. Next is Akari just drinking tea. F*ck! The views drastically went down!!! Finally, Kyouko and Yui doing some incarnation method whereby their seiyuus appear live in 3D form, doing some random stuffs. Weirdly cute… So much so their video went viral and is raking up the view count! Heh, but not enough to break the view counter ;p. With Kyouko tasting ‘victory’, she gets crazier to upload more videos every day but is put to a stop by Yui as she reminds her they have classes. But that didn’t stop her as she makes a quick video of the upcoming OVA. Looks gloomy… With Yui rejecting all that, I guess their internet activities are done!

Episode 3
Well, you know how Tokyo is going to host the 2020 summer Olympics, right? Hence Kyouko wants them to do their own Yurilympics! She ropes in the student council members for the numbers. Of course the sports will have some bizarre twist like triathlon includes running up the mountain and running with a tea cup without spilling. Then there are a few jenga tournaments, each edition the jenga blocks get bigger. A horse riding event, eh? Why the heck is Ayano the horse for Kyouko?! Because of her ponytail?! This has Chitose and Chizuru end up with some serious delusions of theirs. For ball sports like ping pong, baseball and football, all the balls somehow get absorbed into Chinatsu’s hair! How???!!! At the end of the day, everybody just tires themselves out. So are we ready for the real Olympics?!

Episode 4
OMG! They killed off the main character! Akari is dead! Cue for Kyouko to play detective. She has everyone confess their alibis. Realizing that Yui isn’t around, looks like it is double horror because she too is dead! Sakurako got so scared that she fled. Will she be the next victim? Finding a mallet near Yui and a bump on her head, could this be the murder weapon? Luckily Yui wakes up. No, not a zombie, mind you. She was just unconscious. She reveals she brought the mallet just to fix the table leg. In actuality, she was reading a magazine and saw an article of her favourite game getting a remake. She was so happy and skipped around but stubbed her toe and bumped her head. As for Akari, Kyouko smells a familiar scent and realizes herself as the culprit. You see, Kyouko went to ask Nishigaki to create a potion that would make Akari stand out more. However it was too concentrated and she got too much stimulus from using it. By the time she enters the clubroom to show everyone, she ran out of steam. It seems Nishigaki has completed the perfected potion. But too late! As Akari wakes up, she sees everybody else shining brightly like a main character material! Yeah, they all accidentally used the potion and it’s no use if everybody now overshadows Akari, right? Speaking of which, isn’t Akari technically still the same as before for not standing out?

YuruYuri Ten

The OVA is written as “YuruYuri,” a play on words as the dot is pronounced as ‘ten’ as in to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the series. Also, I want to think that it is short for TEN-sion. Yup, get up and feel the hype! Tension agate desu yo!!!

To celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary, Kyouko has bought Akari a dress. It’s so bright that she’s literally in the spotlight! But now we go back in time. Ages, that is. Because our YuruYuri girls are cavemen! Or is it cavewomen? I guess Japanese wasn’t invented yet so no need to rack your brains and think what they’re saying. All just grunts and groans. We see them fooling around as usual. Like Kyouko getting a fish bone stuck in her throat so Chinatsu just lunges her hand down her throat to roughly take it out. Yui takes off crumbs from Akari’s face and when Kyouko wants the same and is given the same treatment, Chinatsu burns with anger. Then all this turns out that they are just acting as cavewomen. So why this pathetic cavewomen act? Is this their idea of celebrating the 10th anniversary? Of course Ayano and Chitose suggest they should just throw a normal party. First, Chinatsu has Himawari teach her how to bake cookies. Something tells me Chinatsu is not destined to bake or cook. The moment she touches the dough, it turns into something horrifying! Yeah, even Himawari is so baffled. When it’s done, she lets Sakurako tastes it. You sure you want to try that? It‘s still moving! Biting it… WTF, it’s like kissing Yui?! Hey, at least she’s not dead. The other girls help to decorate the place for tomorrow. As the party begins, Kyouko liven things up by having everyone wear different wigs. Note, this is how you create new characters! Then Sakurako introduces a card game whereby you have to act out the job description in the card. Chitose is hoping Kyouko would be a doctor so that she could ‘examine’ Ayano in her twisted vision but unfortunately Kyouko became a YuriTube star instead. What a waste.

Finally, Kyouko has everyone play rock-scissors-paper but with a twist. The loser must act very hype. It seems Akari always loses and is forced to act in a very hyped manner. It started out as cringe but to more she loses, the more hype she gets, the scarier it becomes. Uhm, I think at this rate she’s going to be some maniacal serial killer… Worst case scenario happens because she has been acting so hyped nonstop that she dies!!! OMFG!!! For real?! The main character just died?! Is this heaven?! Akari is sad but don’t worry, here are visions of her friends. Uhm, I hope they’re not dead too. Anyway, it’s that cue for them to be thankful and grateful to Akari for all the things they’ve done together. We’ll always be there for you. We’ll always be friends. You know the drill. And then Akari wakes up. All just a dream? What’s this? The rest come in to wish her happy birthday? Yup, it’s her birthday party. And she’s the star for today! We love you Akari! Akari got so emotional that it’s time for a big loli group hug! Awww!!! After the party, Akari can’t help wonder where they got all those photos of her. Kyouko hints that somebody volunteered after they explained the situation. Of course the culprit is no other than her very doting older sister, Akane. If Akari’s happy, you bet this overly affectionate onee-san will be doubly happy.

A Perfect Ten!
Oh yeah. YuruYuri has been YuruYuri like we have known them since their inception. For me, since the first season when I began watching them. Their antics and shenanigans are more or less as expected. Of course this means there isn’t anything new and ground breaking but as said, this is a celebration of their 10th anniversary. What else were you going to expect from this series? Something even flashier? More 3D and CGI effects?! Sometimes it is best to stick to the formula and not stray because like they say, don’t fix it when it ain’t broken. Also without a doubt, the status quo formula is to pay tribute to fans who have contributed to make this OVA a success. Yup, at the end credits, you can see scores of names who have contributed to different segments of the project. Yeah. A hell lot of them! This shows that this series is indeed popular with so many contributors making this possible. Better make something out from all the money you’ve got. Don’t worry, I’m not one of them ;p.

So the only thing that ‘bugged’ me is that since this series has been going on for 10 years, I have noticed that our characters have not even aged a single minute! Haha! Even when Akari said that she hopes they’ll be together for 20 or 30 years and more, I just can’t help think if they’ll still remain to be in that same age forever. Remember, the charm of this series is that the characters are of the loli trope so it won’t do lolicons any good if they’re all grown up. Uh huh. This is the loophole that enables lolicons to enjoy their (2D) lolis without being arrested while consuming the hobby they love. I don’t know if there will be projects or seasons in the foreseeable future but as long as the Amusement Club remains true to itself, we’ll stick with you 20 or 30 years and beyond! That will be one hell of a high tension amusement if we’re still around by then! Hopefully Akari would become the main character by then.

YuruYuri San Hai

June 4, 2016

I suppose we cannot get enough of lesbian lolis. That is why after seasons of spectacular and comedic yuri little girls and even a handful of ‘pre-season appetiser’ special episodes, we are proud to present the third season of YuruYuri San Hai. Expect more or less the same thing from the friends of the Amusement Club, a club that does nothing and everything that will charm and annoy our hearts with their brand of yuri antics. Not forgetting the student council quartet as the supporting casts that will enhance all their antics. Last and not least, their sisters, big and small to compound all the yuri and sisterly goodness that you have never gotten enough all the while. So get ready for another round of the blessed daily lives of our happy lilies. Hey, somebody has got to give mild yaoi a run for their money, right?

Episode 1
So bored. So lazy. So much so, Akari is ordered around to bring things. Leave it to Kyouko to come up with ‘interesting’ things to do and this means playing the king’s game. Loser will be a slave forever? Don’t think I want to play that game. When Kyouko becomes king, expect her to give unreasonable orders. Like how Akari is forced to spin around 100 times and act like an elephant. Looks like she’ll be out for a while. Chinatsu dreams of becoming king so she could kiss Yui. Luck isn’t on her side but when she does become one, she guessed the wrong number instead. So she has Kyouko spin around 100 times and act like a bear. Passed out. Good. With the numbers whittled down, her chance looks bright. Till Sakurako and Himawari arrive to learn what they’re doing. They go and call the rest to play. One more round before the rest arrives! Too late. Now her chances are close to zero. I guess Chinatsu never became king ever since but she is so desperate, she keeps forcing the rest to play one more game. Just one more game! It’s getting late… During home economics, Kyouko as usual is in her brand of antics. Though arm wrestling is her idea (while they wait for the food to cook), she loses to everyone she challenges. Is she that weak? Her only hope is to find Akari and beat her… So she thinks she is the weakest? While Akari is on her way to Sakurako’s house, she sees a little girl, Hanako trying to get a drink from the vending machine. Her selection is at the highest row and although Akari offered her help, she declines. She got the wrong drink so Akari agrees to buy that drink and swap. It’s the drink she always wanted? Didn’t she see the can label first? What the heck is this masochistic taste! Hanako feels bad for her making that disgusted face. Akari is happy to be called a big sister but notices the girl’s black coffee drink. Does she have a mature taste? Actually it is for her big sister in high school. She has lots of assignments and thus needed this kind of drink. That is why she is here to get one for her. More embarrassing for Akari, Hanako acts more of a big sister to her since Akari is clumsy in spilling her drink and then scraping her knee when she trips. Yeah, even nice comforting words to her with candy. Quite insulting, eh? After Hanako leaves, Akari meets up with Chinatsu to head to Sakurako’s place. To her surprise, Hanako is here and is Sakurako’s sister! And you think that embarrassing secret of hers would stay buried. Well, it would be if Akari could just stop panicking over nothing.

Episode 2
As Yui is packing her clothes, she freaks out when she sees a spider. She calls Akari for help. Due to the same pronunciation of spider and cloud (“kumo”), Yui gets a creepy wrong idea Akari loves them. Of course Akari freaks out seeing the spider thinking Yui wants to scare her. No choice, Yui calls Chinatsu who thinks this is a date. She becomes disappointed seeing Akari here. She is even more chicken when seeing the spider but thinking she could work her way into Yui’s hard, she bravely catches the spider with her bare hands. And then throw it at Yui’s face! Looks like Kyouko as the last resort is needed. Resourcefully and intelligently, she catches it and sets it free outside. To thank them, she has them hang out as they make pancakes. You can guess the weird shapes they’ll be making. Sakurako and Himawari are studying together. Because they look gloomy, they think the other has some sort of trouble bugging them. How did boobs become the source of problem? Sakurako feels insulted when Himawari tries to cheer her up despite calling her stupid. Ayano tries out a dress that she received from her mom’s friend. She decides to go for a walk in it but had the bad luck of bumping into Kyouko. Even more embarrassing when she finds out this dress was made by Kyouko! So they hang out together at the park and talk about things. It soon dawned to Ayano this looks like a date and she becomes nervous. But she gets the hang of it once the conversation resumes. Kyouko thanks her for hanging out with her today and hopes she would cherish those clothes. Ayano takes that in extreme sense as she wears it to sleep… Akane is in the lecture hall and realizes she left out her dakimakura with Akari’s print outside to dry! Horror! If Akari sees this, she will go into shock and disappointment! She might even leave the house and Akane will lose the smile that has been the light of her life! Horror! So she skips lecture and runs faster than a bus to return home. Too bad Akari is already back. Even more disheartening when she thinks she has rejected her. Actually Akari made cookies with her friends and wanted to wrap them before she came home. Phew. Secret safe. Dakimakura kept and she gets a taste of her little sister’s delicious works. Akane eats the cookie so little and bit by bit every day that Akari just tells her to finish the damn thing.

Episode 3
In art class, the girls are drawing portraits of each other. I suppose we are worried what kind of picture Chinatsu is going to draw of Akari. We know. Because she is taking paint colours that don’t belong to her! Even the teacher is feeling sick looking at it. Meanwhile Sakurako draws Himawari with concave boobs. The feeling is mutual as she too draws Sakurako with huge monster boobs. The teacher thinks they are great friends despite their argument. Akari accidentally sneezes and causes Chinatsu’s eyebrow to be thick. Add another thick eyebrow? Not going to cut it. Unibrow? A headband? Sakurako also accidentally sneezes. It makes Himawari look like she’s coughing blood. Same for Himawari. Eye censor over Sakurako? Chinatsu sneezes too and accidentally makes Akari paint another thick eyebrow. While the Amusement Club discuss what kind of animal they want as pet (do friends even count as one?), Sakurako thinks she could be better by copying Ayano. I think what Himawari meant was her character and not her physical looks or actions. Yup. Sakurako tries to imitate everything Ayano does like a shadow that it makes her so embarrassed. Ayano thought she could have some relief to go collect Kyouko’s handout but to her dismay, Sakurako does it. Say, the Amusement Club girls have made a dog kennel out of cardboard and Sakurako is glad to play the dog? More woes for Ayano when Sakurako continues her imitation. I don’t think this is flattery. It gets worse when Sakurako wants to eat her pudding! But the fridge is empty! Himawari has foreseen this and hid it somewhere, much to Ayano’s relief. At the end of the day, everyone realizes Sakurako didn’t change and is the same idiot all along. When Kyouko comes in because she forgot to write her name on the handout, Himawari intercepts Sakurako so that Ayano could have her much needed yuri time with her. And Chitose for her much needed fantasy. Kyouko visits Chinatsu’s home. As she waits in her room, we get to see her hideous drawing of Akari! Horror! But surprisingly Chinatsu’s big sister, Tomoko calls it a work of art. Then she continues to praise Kyouko for being a very good and reliable friend. It gets to Kyouko’s head as she fantasizes of being a responsible girl. When the other friends arrive, Tomoko seems to think Yui is Kyouko… So I guess that explains the mix up. This makes Chinatsu embarrassed and even more so when Kyouko starts annoyingly teasing her. Tomoko even more confused…

Episode 4
Kyouko, Ayano and Chitose are having a sleepover at Kyouko’s place. The rest are crashing at Akari’s. They wear the animal pyjamas that they wore during the camp. Cheeky Kyouko takes a picture of a seemingly sexy Yui pose and sends it to Akari. Better not Chinatsu find out about this… When Akari goes to get drinks, she sees Tomoko at the door. It seems she’ll be sleeping over with Akane to complete an assignment. When she goes back, she is surprised to see the rest stiff as stones (they are trying to play a prank to surprise her by acting as though time has stopped). Akari bugs Chinatsu and even shows that sexy Yui picture but to no avail. Only when Akari tickles Chinatsu, everybody starts moving. Now Chinatsu wants to know about the picture… Those scary eyes… Meanwhile, as Akane goes to get tea, Tomoko smothers herself on Akane’s bed. Love the smell… When she spots a ring, she fears it could be from her boyfriend. Akane reveals it was given by Akari as thanks. Although it is a toy ring, it is still very precious to her. Akane shows photo albums of Akari but Tomoko is more focused on how cute young Akane is and tries to burn all these photos into her memory. When Akane notes Tomoko is more like a little sister, the latter can’t help want to play that role and be protected by her. When it is time to sleep, those thoughts prevent her from sleeping. Thinking it is a little cold, Akane sleeps with her. She goes back to her bed once it is warm enough but Tomoko wants her to stay a little longer. At school, Sakurako teases Himawari for being weak at sports. Then she makes her own lottery whereby she’ll predict the fortune colours of her friends. They have a hard time deducing what colour it is since Sakurako uses the wrong kanji. She’s trying to use that strengths and weaknesses excuse everyone has but we think she should go study more. When they note her name is hard to write, she tells them a very strange and complicated way on how she remembers it. It even has an illustration. Old woman scratching a tree?

Episode 5
Himawari is stressed out. The gym test is around the corner and she still cannot do a back flip circle. Asking Sakurako for help only lands herself in teasing trouble. That is why she is begging Ayano for any advice. Since she is unsure, Chitose suggests asking Yui. Yui trains Himawari. It looks easy but it is going to take a while for Himawari to master that simple move. Eventually she couldn’t and the test is already here. Sakurako is flawless and when it is Himawari’s turn, Sakurako made things worse by teasing it in her face that her monster boobs are preventing her from doing so. Pissed, Himawari suddenly does a back flip kick on Sakurako’s chin! OMG! It’s perfect! She did it! Himawari ‘thanks’ her but we can tell how sore Sakurako feels about it. When it is late in the evening and Ayano is about to wake Kyouko to go home, she accidentally trips and rips off her ribbon. It becomes awkward to return it and before she could settle it, she’s gone. Ever since, Ayano is laced with guilt and Chitose misinterprets that there is some loving going on behind it. But after hearing the truth, Chitose will accompany her to return and apologize. She assures Kyouko won’t hate her because would the one she loves be so trivial just as to hate her for something like this? The Amusement Club girls especially Kyouko just realized the missing ribbon when Ayano comes in to confess. Kyouko is glad that more importantly Ayano didn’t hurt herself when she tripped. Kyouko accidentally trips when she is about to get snacks and something hints to us that she ‘killed’ Akari when she rips her hair ball! Ayano and Chitose are out shopping clothes for each other. Yui and Kyouko happen to see them and Kyouko wants Yui to do the same. Yeah, she couldn’t be more appropriate with a t-shirt that says “I am AHO!”. OMG! Kyouko loves it! She even wears it as they study at the cafe. They see a diligent, responsible and polite Hanako in the next table and Yui remembers Kyouko was once like this before she turned irresponsible. Hanako’s elder sister, Nadeshiko comes to join her and Kyouko thinks this babe is like her doppelganger. Get real. Kyouko gets even more embarrassing upon noticing Nadeshiko is reading her favourite manga magazine as she tries to put up embarrassing acts to attract her attention. She even tries to put words in Yui’s mouth that makes her look like a stalker. Hanako thinks they are some sort of comedians since Kyouko is wearing that AHO t-shit. Nadeshiko helps Yui in her homework and Kyouko thought she could do the same for Hanako. Good news: There is nothing she could teach her. Thank God. Looks like Kyouko is the one in need of coaching. When Sakurako arrives late, Yui and Kyouko find out they are her sisters. Sakurako even boasts she is smarter than them and takes a liking for Kyouko’s t-shirt. Peas in the same pod…

Episode 6
Yui can’t read in peace since Kyouko is bugging her. She tries to ignore but this only makes Kyouko annoy her even harder. Including making a hideous version of Yui using cushions that only scared the sh*t out of Akari. Suddenly Kyouko reads Yui’s book without permission and won’t let anything distract her. Just when Kyouko is about to reveal spoilers of the ending, Yui beats her up. Phew. Kyouko brought lots of apples courtesy from her family. Of course she fools around and pretends to cut herself and giving the rest heart attacks. It is Chinatsu’s first time carving apples so she isn’t that good. Akari teaches her how to do it and she gets the hang of it. Yui and Kyouko cut extra apples for the student council, surprising and delighting them. Because the big apple has a nice carving from Kyouko, Ayano wants that but Sakurako thinks she is a glutton. They enjoy eating the delicious apples. Maybe for Sakurako who is like ‘devouring live rabbits’. Kyouko fools around again and this time she really accidentally cuts her finger! When the Amusement Club girls gather to have nabe, the stormy night has the power cut off. This is the perfect condition to play her usual pranks and thus scaring the sh*t out of Akari. Akari needs to go to the toilet but since it is that dark, she bumps into the wall and ‘killed herself’. It’s just like that mystery murder story Kyouko cooked up. Kyouko continues her pranks by making faces when the lightning flashes just to scare Akari and screw with her mind. When the electricity comes back on, everyone sees Kyouko’s funny face… Yui then checks the nabe just to be safe Kyouko didn’t sabotage it. Yeah, anything wrong just blame her. But they are fascinated when they learn Kyouko could carve elaborate designs on the food. It’s hard to eat them if they are this cute.

Episode 7
I guess all that practice of asking Kyouko out to a movie is wasted since Ayano didn’t have the guts after numerous tries. Then Kyouko beats her to it as she asks Ayano to see a movie with her. Shouganai na… Meanwhile, for Chinatsu to prepare herself for a sleepover with Yui, she has Akari go out with her and practice like as though they are on a date. Each time it only makes Akari wonder what kind of person Chinatsu sees in her beloved senpai. They have a fun time with their outing and similarly Ayano and Kyouko have a blast too before and after the movie. Kyouko takes a commemorative photo and sends it to Ayano. Ayano thinks she should try again to ask Kyouko before she loses this chance forever. However Kyouko upon seeing those tickets instantly wants to go and is very grateful for it. See? She doesn’t even need to finish her sentence. Ayano felt she worried too much about nothing and just needed to be true to herself. Akari and Chinatsu’s outing just finished. It gets weirder when Chinatsu wants to practice kissing with her! Freaked out Akari runs for her life but trips and bumps her head into the pole. The bumps must have turned her horny so Chinatsu regrets for getting more than she bargained for as Akari is going to rape her mouth!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! So Chinatsu is at Yui’s place. Trying to put into practice from all that training feels like for nought. It even gets odder when they watch a lesbian drama only to turn into some horror crap. Worst possible timing, Kyouko calls Yui so Chinatsu has to go bath alone. But at least Chinatsu gets to sleep next to Yui. I don’t think she can, seeing how heavy her breathing is. She sees Yui’s sleeping face and is tempted to kiss her lips but pulls back thinking this is more than enough. Yui wakes up next morning thanks to Kyouko ringing at the door. It’s 6 in the morning… Yui sees Chinatsu’s happy sleeping face. Sweet dreams.

Episode 8
The first 5 minutes is turned into a silent movie! Because Matsumoto is the ‘star’? It all begins when she picked up Akari’s lost notebooks. In return, Akari gives some sweets. Noticing Kyouko has sore throat, Matsumoto gives the sweets to her and in return gets an envelope of money?! Actually it is a picture of Kyouko in a cosplay outfit. Ayano happen to see this and likes it so Matsumoto gives it to her and in exchange got a hair accessory. So happen Chinatsu’s hair pin broke and Matsumoto gave it to her. For that, she got an energy drink. Oh look, Himawari is feeling drowsy. This drink energizes her. A glue for a drink? Chitose is searching for her misplaced glasses and accidentally steps on it. The glue sticks it back and for that, Chitose gives a sewing kit. Just in luck. Yui’s button got torn thanks to Kyouko’s harassment. For helping sew it back, she gets a snack. Sakurako must be hungry from harassing Himawari so what better way to feed that animal and get a toothpick. What in blazes… But she is able to share takoyaki with Nishigaki. Sakurako wakes up from a dream whereby Himawari is so nice to her that she is being taken to heaven! Because of that, Sakurako tries to resist everything from her. Of course Himawari senses something wrong and tries to find out. Sakurako pushes her away and accidentally touches her boobs. This causes her to be upset and kicks her. Sakurako is glad Himawari is back to normal and this gives the latter the wrong impression. But after Sakurako explains what happened and prefers her mean personality, this doesn’t sit well with her as they start arguing. Ah, back to normal… An odd friendship forms between Chizuru and Kaede at the park. The latter is trying to teach her to smile but when Kyouko enters the scene, Chizuru becomes her hostile self. Anybody would be with that idiot around. But Kaede thinks Kyouko likes being yelled at seeing she somewhat accepted it. Kyouko meets up with Sakurako to help choose a pyjamas outfit for Hanako. In the mean time, Kyouko has come up with so many nickname variations of her but she wouldn’t say the one she wanted: Boobs. I guess she is lacking in that department very much. When Sakurako decides a cow pyjamas, Kyouko thinks it is about boobs. Actually Hanako likes milk. So Kyouko becomes her master in training her for the crane game to get that prize. I don’t think she taught much before handing it to Sakurako. Fortunately after a few tries, she got the prize. Kyouko then goes to see Yui to give her an alarm clock present. It has a special feature to record one’s voice as alarm and Kyouko and Sakurako have taken the liberty to record it. It’s all about harassment rather than waking up.

Episode 9
After Chizuru comes to talk with Chitose, this has Ayano and Yui wishing they had a sister too. Kyouko suggests she can be Ayano’s little sister but knowing the annoyance that will come with it, she’ll pass. Kyouko then suggests the duo be each other’s sister. They act it out for a little while but felt quite embarrassed. Kyouko continues her amazing super sister story filled with super powers and fighting over whatever. Huh? Chizuru thought she has failed in talking with her classmates but they think they saw her smile. She doesn’t appreciate that ‘attack’ advice from Kyouko to make friends but it’ll make good reference. During the volleyball game, those classmates request her to team up and they play a wonderful game. Could have been even more wonderful had not Chizuru injure herself. Chizuru again thinks she is bad at making friends for making them worry and is not cut out to have friends. But the next day, her classmates continue to be impressed with her and before she knows it, they become good friends. Chizuru wonders if that attack advice was meant for volleyball. It is Mari’s first errands and so Yui and Kyouko go to great lengths in reminding her what to get. Of course they are still worried so they tail them. Mari also meets Kaede who is on her errand so they ‘overcome the obstacles’ together. Similarly, Himawari and Sakurako are also tailing Kaede. Nothing eventful happening except maybe Mari tripping and trying not to cry. Yui-Kyouko and Himawari-Sakurako team each think there are suspicious people tailing the lolis when in actual fact it is the other. They go head on to ‘attack’ the other but only freak each other out. Ayano sleeps over at Chitose’s place. Chitose talks about how much her twin has changed especially when she used to be so dependent. She also dropped her accent thanks to after meeting Ayano. That night, Chitose sees Ayano’s cute sleeping face and remembers her nose bleeding started after she became friends with her. Then she fantasizes for Ayano to continue being happy with Kyouko (each fantasy is getting even more risqué!) and in turn she herself will be very happy! Next morning, Ayano wakes up shocked because the blankets are covered with blood! Meanwhile Chizuru did not sleep a wink last night as she was eavesdropping from next door since last night. I Thought her bedroom would be flooded with her drool by now… And if you noticed, Chinatsu feels the same like Akari for this episode: Abandoned!

Episode 10
Akari is helping Yui shovelling snow outsider her compound. When Chinatsu hears from Akari, she instantly rushes over to help! Of course with Kyouko around, this means more fooling around than anything. Like making a huge giant snowball and a weird figure of Akari with a long neck… WTF. Mari is the one having fun the most in the snow till she starts sneezing. While everyone goes out to buy pork buns, Kyouko is supposed to start up the kotatsu and when Akari comes back, she is nearly freezing to death! Not sure if this is a ploy so she could hug Akari and warm herself in yuri fashion. Then there is a little flashback of how Akari ‘sacrificed’ herself during hide-and-seek and let Kyouko stay hidden. But even the duo are at their limits and start hallucinating. This Chinatsu is real because the slap is real. Before we could have frozen lesbianism, Yui comes back to solve the problem. One end of the plug is not plugged in. Damn… Later, Kyouko creates a weird snow house with spikes and death mask. However Mari is so happy to play in it that the others just respect her. Too bad it is Kyouko’s turn to catch a cold. While the friends visit her and Kyouko talks crap about her prophetic dream of losing her teeth and can never eat again (it grows back eventually), the rest notice Yui acting strange. When Kyouko has recovered and the Amusement Club girls are meeting as usual, that is when Yui reveals she was asked by the teacher and members of the track and field club to join them. Akari and Chinatsu are worried about her leaving although she has not given her answer yet. But Kyouko looks upset! It’s real! She’s not acting. She got up and left. Though she took the cushion instead of her bag… Next day just when things seemed to have calmed down between them, those track and field club members come looking for Yui again. That is when Kyouko starts thinking she can’t lose an important member of the club and is going all out to stop her from joining. What is she going to do with that fake moustache? But eventually she learns Yui turned them down. Yui had never meant to join another club. But because the Amusement Club is not an official club, she can’t really mention it but after talking to Akari and Chinatsu yesterday, she now knows what to do. Kyouko is so relieved that she is suffocating Yui with the cushion? All seems to end well when Chinatsu mentions the formation of a new manga club in school. Kyouko trying hard to resist… Just when she just made a damning statement of anyone in the club joining others will owe her a year’s worth of rum raisin…

Episode 11
Yui and Ayano are tasked to clean up the gym. So as they get changed, Yui can’t help hold in her laughter after hearing Ayano make a pun. It felt awkward so the same thing happened when Yui tells the pun. So while they naturally chat and insert-cum-exchange puns in their lines, it seems 5 minutes have passed and Kyouko and Chitose have already done their share of cleaning up. Because Yui likes the tea Chinatsu made today and wants to taste some tomorrow, she looks forward to it. Only if she didn’t get sick. She is throwing a tantrum she needs to go to school for the sake of love and goes against Tomoko’s wishes to stay home. While Chinatsu is like a zombie in school, something odd happened… Her drawing becomes so good! OMG! It can even win awards! But Chinatsu insists she is in a slump?! Not only that, she continues to excel in other areas! Creating the best meal, winning for her team in basketball, speaking English flawlessly and listing down the entire pi sequence! Yui is happy that her favourite game is getting a sequel that while skipping, she accidentally hits her toe on the furniture. While squirming in pain, Ayano comes in and gets the wrong idea she is crying. Of course the same with Kyouko. So Yui tells the truth that she is reluctant to. Not too sure if the duo are teasing her or just trying to be considerate by skipping around too but it makes Yui unnecessarily embarrassed. The Amusement Club girls visit sick Chinatsu back home. She isn’t pleased with Kyouko’s usual idiocy but when she mentions she is sad that Chinatsu is unable to come to club meetings but her health comes first, it makes her blush. Maybe Chinatsu needs more rest because she starts seeing how handsome Yui is. Eventually she recovers and to celebrate this, Kyouko suggests hanami. The tasks are being divided like Himawari and Yui making food. Ayano, Chitose and Chinatsu are responsible for party supplies but Chinatsu has wild imagination getting a nurse package and Chitose a lie detector so she could see some yuri but I think she doesn’t need that device to cook up such fantasies. Next day when all the friends head to the hanami spot, they are shocked to see Kyouko sleeping there. I know it’s her job to book a spot but she has been camping there since last night?! But there is nobody else around? Because this is the secret space she found. So why the heck the need to camp then?

Episode 12
The hanami activities start off with Kyouko giving a speech followed by a lame comedy act by Akari and Sakurako because the former was too nervous and the latter forget her lines. Then Chinatsu and Ayano feel embarrassed to give their party supplies because it is pink afro. Don’t ask. Sakurako stirs things up with another fortune telling of hers and of course she spells most of it wrongly. When sakura petals float into the drinks of everyone except Sakurako, she becomes jealous and shakes the tree. All the bugs drop around and everyone scatters for their lives. Looks like an abandoned hanami now. But at least everybody has a beautiful view of the lake area. And then Akari loses her ‘star’ status to a duck. The Amusement Club girls are to help Kyouko and her manga manuscript. Of course each time Chinatsu offers to help, they quickly get her to do something else. Kyouko then suggests coming up with an original robot and they should pitch in their ideas via relay drawing. To Kyouko’s dismay, the rest seem to add weird parts that do not resemble anything robotic. Each time Kyouko tries to put it back on track, they somehow mess it up. In the end, I don’t even know what weird creature this is. It is getting late so the girls take turns sleeping and helping out with the manuscript. Akari learns from Yui how the Amusement Club was founded. Kyouko found a random key on the floor and started opening every damn door in school! Then she found this place that they key fits. She decided to make it her secret base seeing this place was previously occupied by the tea club that was disbanded a year prior. They did think about getting other members but it was decided Akari should be their third. It got livelier when Chinatsu joined. Akari is glad to have joined this club. By morning, the manuscript is completed. Kyouko thanks all of them and will always treasure the times spent together. This coming from Kyouko? Seriously? It makes Akari so glad that she just goes to hug her while the rest pat her on her head. Later when Chinatsu discovers a page missed out and volunteers to touch it up, the rest were too slow in stopping her. NOOOO!!! There goes the hard work.

Yu-rule, Yu-reka!
Although this season is still as enjoyable as before, but as I have came to fear and predicted during the Nachuyachumi specials that the brand of comedy and jokes may have become repetitive and a little boring. Don’t get the wrong idea that this season is worse than its predecessors. What I am saying is that it feels that there is something lacking that doesn’t make it much greater than before. It still is on par with its previous seasons but nothing extraordinary that would make you want another season really bad.

Perhaps one reason why this season feels a bit less is because I feel that the over-the-top comedy seems to be toned down a little bit. I remember there was that crazy exaggerated camp antics back in season one. Even if those exaggerations are part of their imaginations and fantasies, in this season it just feels lacking. All we see here are just the normal daily life and interaction among the friends and nothing that would make us jump up in surprise. At the end of the day, everything is still pretty much status quo. The friends still remain as friends and the idiots still remain the lovable idiots.

Maybe another reason why this season feels toned down is because of ditching the running joke about Akari lacking any presence. This would have certainly been almost forgotten had not that small little cameo joke to remind us. In the previous 2 seasons, the series always starts off with Akari’s corner and with their usual brand of antics. But for this season, we straightaway jump into the opening credits or the first skit. With that running joke being cast aside, it is a good thing now that Akari feels like part of the club instead of a ‘forgettable’ member just for the jokes. If it was still persistent in this season, I am not sure whether or not it will still be effective as before. But nevertheless, it is still a good development that Akari is now more noticeable than before and is seamless during their meetings and other activities. At least it proves this series can still get by without that running joke.

Another new segment this season is right before the next episode preview, there is this segment called Cross Review whereby the Amusement Club girls review a product that is somewhat featured during that episode. I believe that these products are real and not made up since it has details like its dimensions, cost price and manufacturer too. Unless they are made up too. While we have reviews ranging from a can drink to a doughnut pack to a cardboard kennel and that lie detector, but some are really questionable like, uhm, a volleyball? Is that AHO t-shirt on sale too? And of course the most questionable one is the dakimakura of Akari. I wonder if it really exists but considering how many weeaboos there are in this world and I have seen in real life such dakimakura of anime waifus, it will not be surprising to know that this one really exists.

After the product’s info, we get to read the amusing comments of the Amusement Club girls on the product and each giving their rating out of 10 points. What I usually noticed from their comments is that Yui tends to be more pessimistic in nature in her reviews. Perhaps this is in line with her character (and so does the rest). Because if every character rates it good, then it would seem all too perfect, right? There is always that negative judge in every panel, am I right? Yui seems to play this role although despite some of her cautious reviews, she does rate certain products highly. As for Chinatsu, her reviews are based on what she thinks if Yui would like it or not. Akari’s is more cheerful whereas as we know about Kyouko, it depends on how delusional she can get with it.

Other than that, everything else remains pretty much the same and this includes the main and supporting characters. Like Kyouko and Sakurako continue to be their resident idiot and troublemaker, thus giving this series its life and comical value. You can expect the same cheerfulness from Akari as well as the mature and responsible character from Yui and Himawari. If Chinatsu’s drawing haunted you in the previous seasons, they still do here. Only difference is that she does well according to our standards when she is sick or tired! Yeah, the eternal dilemma of whether or not for Chinatsu to be a sick girl forever. Likewise, it is still status quo in the yuri development between the girls because Ayano continues to be a tsundere towards Kyouko and Chinatsu fawning and doing anything for her Yui senpai. While Chitose continues to extremely fantasize all about it without her glasses and let her nose bleed.

I’m not too sure about the rest of the minor supporting characters because I feel they make even lesser appearances here. Whether or not it is a good thing it depends. The lack of their appearance means the focus can still be on the Amusement Club girls as well as the student council quartet (which is what this series is supposed to be mainly about). But on the down side, these other characters too are amusing themselves and it is a shame that they don’t more screen time than they deserved. Like Matsumoto whose only limelight was that short silent movie skit. Sure, she doesn’t talk much or even too soft to be heard but does this mean less screen time for her? Even for Akane, Tomoko, Chizuru, Kaede and Mari are reduced to just cameos although making a big progress is Chizuru because she gets to make real friends this season. It would have been fun to see how Akane continues her unhealthy obsession and perversion of her hidden Akari stash and most probably Tomoko for Chinatsu.

Although the opening and ending themes for this season maintain the lively and exuberant beat that is pretty similar in previous seasons, somehow I feel they are not as attractive as before. For instance, the opening theme, Chochocho! Yuru Yuri Capriccio has all that you would expect in a YuruYuri anime with its fast paced beats with cute and cheeky lyrics. Could it be that it has, how should I say it, ‘too much noise’? The same sentiments can be said for the ending theme, Acchu~ Ma Seishun. Perhaps, too much noise again. I’m sure with the cuteness of everything from the lyrics about through all the seasons 365 days a year and the cute animation of the lolis would cover it up.

Overall, this season is not bad but if the producers plan to make another season, I just hope they would add something new and different because the signs are there that if they continue with the same formula, it would just be bad for this series. Like what you may ask? Perhaps introduce the first ever returning male character! Gasp! A male character in a yuri themed anime? Well, it might sound unlikely and a long shot but you can’t be thinking that these middle school lolis will forever stay the same age and size forever, right? Okay, maybe you hardcore lolicon lovers might vehemently protest against that. Just remember that your loli dakimakura is only for personal consumption and never to be brought out into the eyes of the public. That will be like zero out of 10.

P/S: I rate this season 8/10. Period.

YuruYuri Nachuyachumi+

November 20, 2015

Hey, wait! They’re not done with the specials yet? And here I thought YuruYuri Nachuyachumi OVA was the appetizer before the third season begins and here they surprise us with yet a couple of specials right before the season runs. YuruYuri Nachuyachumi+ is of course additional episodes that takes place after that summer themed OVA. Do we need more appetizers before the main course? If you’re a fan of the series, you can never get enough!

Episode 1
Akari meets her friends at the park but Kyouko claims she is late despite being early thanks to some Akari Time thingy she must adhere to. Don’t ask… They play water balloons the entire day and despite they get soaking wet, I don’t think this amount to any sort of tantalizing fanservice. Next day in school, Akari hears Sakurako trying to warn everybody about the ghosts she saw last night. I guess you can’t blame her with bad lighting because the ghosts are actually Akari and co heading back. They were tired from playing all die and walked like zombies. She sure had a hard time trying to clear the misunderstanding. Back in the clubroom, Kyouko starts taking pictures with her camera. Chinatsu really wants a picture of her and Yui to be her wallpaper. No, not her computer. Her room wallpaper! Kyouko takes rapid shots of Akari and wants her to move rapidly too. After all that tiring movements, it is only one shot. Each time Yui tries to take a photo of Kyouko, she somehow blinks. When Yui hugs Akari for a shot, this makes jealous Chinatsu enraged as she tries to tear apart Akari’s hair buns?! Trying to take a picture of Yui smile, although it is decent, she felt so embarrassed and locks herself inside the store. Kyouko reminds them this is the same camera that they took during the camp. With all the pictures printed out, it brings back fond memories of their trip. Nice pictures. Embarrassing pictures. ‘Miracle’ pictures. Yeah, all kinds. They show them to the student council and they too remember lots of nice memories. Maybe not so for Himawari because Sakurako tried to take angle shots of her certain body parts. Strained friendship again? Eventually with all the good memories, they would like to go on another trip again. Everyone notices they have a picture of their sleeping face taken. With Kyouko the only one without, they suspect it is her. Yes it is! Don’t worry. She’ll frame them up nicely! Maybe only Chinatsu wants one on Yui.

Episode 2
When Sakurako wants to express her gratitude, Himawari can’t believe it. Is she sick? But learning her reason to do so, she might be better off apologizing than giving thanks. Kyouko arrives early at Yui’s house but instead of doing their homework, she wants to play a Smash Bros spoof video game instead. Yui easily defeats her and on the rematch, Kyouko beats her once before falling into the losing streak again. When Akari and Chinatsu arrive, Yui whispers her plan to take a photo of Kyouko’s sleeping face to get even. Meanwhile the student council buddies hang out at Sakurako’s place and for her to show her gratitude to Ayano, she seems to be doing lots of extreme things. Like pouring her tea filled to the brim and constantly feeding her curry meal. Into the night, Kyouko and co play an Animal Crossing spoof video game. The rest are annoyed as Kyouko has dug lots of pits around. Similarly, the student council quartet also play this game and Sakurako too had dug lots of holes around. It is going to take a while to put Kyouko to bed since she is a late sleeper. Chinatsu’s idea of sumo wrestling only serves to make her more awake. When Yui suggests doing homework, Kyouko falls asleep. But they can’t take her picture yet as she is just lightly asleep. If keeping Akari awake is a challenge, it is going to be more so when Kyouko sleeps faces down. Yui uses a rum raisin ice cream lure to make her face back up. Finally they take a picture and go to sleep. Next morning, they show Kyouko the picture. She laments she wanted in on the action but it seems Kyouko will have the last laugh. Because deep into the night she recorded their sleeping faces! Well, she went to bed early, right? Man, they’re talking funny things in their sleep. What are the chances of her deleting it? Ayano wants to thank Sakurako for the hospitality and gladly shares her pudding. But Sakurako is enjoying them so much that she finishes it all! No more left!

Summer’s Over…
Hmm… I fear that maybe having too much appetizers before the main course would spoil the entire dinner. Although I still find the special extra episodes funny, somehow I don’t find myself laughing as hard as I did in the OVA. Could it be the case of the series reaching its saturation point? I hope not. If so, then this would spell some sort of disaster and an indication of things to come if I am going to start watching the next season. I also hope I am thinking too much and this might just be just one off. But fear not. At least the nonsensically named opening theme, Yurishurashushushu by the same quartet still retains its quirkiness, liveliness and cuteness as it brings that faint reminiscent of the opening theme in the OVA. The same can be said about the ending theme, Ohirune Universe. Now that I am all set for the third season, I hope there are no snacking and other side dishes distractions that will get in between as I start enjoying sinking my teeth into them lolis! Whoops! Let me rephrase that. As I start sinking my teeth and enjoy the show. I hope nobody takes a picture of my funny face as I watch the series…

I heard they were making another production of the series and thought it was going to be the third season of those amusing lolis. Well, not really. I have a feeling they might be just doing some test market about the nostalgic factor because they come up with YuruYuri Nachuyachumi OVA instead. Uh huh. Unlike your ordinary OVA, this one lasts for 1 hour 3 minutes! OMFG! If they had labelled this as movie, I would have skipped it because for some unknown reasons, I don’t know why I am averse to anime movies. So it is like they discovered this loophole of mine and released it as an OVA and thus the reason why I checked it out. This means if an OVA lasts 500 hours I might sit down and watch the entire thing…

Summer’s here…
WTF?! Manly lolis???!!! Our casts are turned into manly lolis?! Speaking in English and with that Engrish accent, they have Akari pick out what they’re going to do next. Camping? Alrighty, let’s go camping then! They open the secret hatch under the floor and dive in for the opening credits to begin.

It is such a hot summer that Chinatsu is feeling lethargic. In the clubroom, she accidentally spills the tea on her skirt and gets disheartened when Yui sees this. She might misinterpret this whole thing. Thankfully she didn’t. As she tries to help her dry, Kyouko walks in and sees this ambiguous sexy scene. She doesn’t know what is happening but would love to join this horny act! Akari returns after buying ice cream for everyone. But since it is still hot, she searches the closet for a fan. Hmm… A cooking kit? Searching further, not sure if Kyouko is really hoping for a corpse! Thankfully it is not and turns out to be a tent. She has an idea to go camping. This is when Ayano bursts in to scold Kyouko again to hand in her paper for the summer vacation. Suddenly Ayano blushes upon hearing that they are going to go camping and turns into a complete tsundere.

Himawari and Sakurako see Akari studying at the cafe. Sakurako tries to show off drinking a hot beverage but burns her tongue. With Chinatsu texting Akari, Sakurako wants to help reply. Akari should have known better. Because she texts about Akari is in a sexy swimsuit. She should have even known better than to give it to that troublemaker to amend things because this time she wrote how Akari took her swimsuit off! Almost would have sent it had not Akari took her handphone back. Anyway Chinatsu did rush over, believing Akari was in her swimsuit. Sakurako is jealous upon seeing Himawari drinking her hot beverage like a pro so she makes a freaking funny face to make her laugh and throw her off her lady-like behaviour. Then she gets a deserved head bump.

During the student council meeting, Sakurako brings up about going camping. Kyouko then barges in to use the air-cond as she pleased. Kyouko also tries to persuade them to go camping and Chitose agrees as she starts fantasizing a nose bleed worthy tragic-cum-romantic scene between Kyouko and Ayano. How do you persuade the student council president to let them all go? Kyouko takes their pudding hostage! Well, if they want to go, just go lah. And so all the girls tell their respective sisters about their upcoming summer camp.

On that day, Chinatsu shows Yui some very ugly pig charm that should ward bears off. I think it’ll even ward ghosts away. Kyouko arrives all dressed casually and minimally so Yui makes her dress more appropriately. Akari arrives late and they deduced that although she left early, she helped some grandma along the way. And true enough it happened. I guess the reason why Kyouko wanted to take this certain train line because it had Mirakurun designs all over. She makes Chinatsu cosplay as she takes photos of her here and there. And she got so obsessed with it that she almost missed the train! Yui had to do all the heart pounding work before she gets left behind. As they ride the train, they decide to do an item check. Then they realize, who was responsible for the tents?! Don’t worry. Kyouko has got it specially delivered. Chinatsu has made some food but the rest remain sceptical. Hmm… Sandwiches look okay. Let’s hope it is not just the looks. Bracing for the worst as they take a bite, they surprisingly find it good.

The quartet continue their journey as they take a bus and hike to the destination. Yeah well, the student council girls are here thanks to Nishigaki driving them. What a comfortable ride with lots of fun. So this is the special delivery Kyouko was referring to? After unpacking their stuffs, Nishigaki leaves with a promise to pick them up tomorrow. The girls start setting their tent and as usual, Kyouko fools around not doing any real work. After finishing, they walk around and come across a see-saw. They start discussing its name in Japanese in which everybody remembers it with a different name. Let’s just call it see-saw okay? Kyouko saves Yui from a spider (it was just hanging and nothing threatening) and uses this chance to get all close to her. Maybe she just wants to cuddle…

As they prepare food, they realize they don’t have meat because Sakurako was in charge of it and she messed up somehow (the curry brand says 120% meat but you know it isn’t really meat). Therefore, I don’t know why everyone appoints Kyouko, Sakurako and Chinatsu to go to the store and get their meal. Yeah, their dinner depends on it. The troublemakers try to pester Chinatsu to get junk and even bluff that Yui would agree to this but Chinatsu isn’t buying it. Then they start arguing about what flavour goes best with potato chips.

Akari helps Chitose start a fire. She wonders why she always gets nose bleeds. Chinatsu explains about her fantasizing and does one while she’s at it. However when she realizes that if she tries to explain it in words, it sounds a lot embarrassing. She can’t continue and Akari is frustrated. When Ayano comes by to check on them and ask what they were talking, Chitose flusters greatly. She can’t say… Meanwhile, I don’t know what Kyouko is thinking since she is trying to blow up the fire using her recorder? How can she when she got all the holes closed? In a distance, an explosion occurs. Could that be Nishigaki? The curry dinner turns out delicious.

Kaede is writing in her picture book how Sakurako would overeat and true enough, she and Kyouko have tummies big enough you would think they are pregnant! However Kyouko still has room for dessert and thankfully Ayano earlier made some pudding with the cooking set. Kyouko and Sakurako start thanking Ayano while rubbing their cheeks on her. Her flustering is a great source of fantasizing for Chitose.

After the nice meal, there is only one thing left to do: Kyouko suggests kimodameshi! Chitose agrees and as expected, she rigs the pairing. Yeah, Himawari and Sakurako got each other again. It’s always them together, eh? Chitose and Yui go first and nothing much happens. Next is Himawari and Sakurako but the latter is very much afraid of the dark. A little bug drops on Sakurako’s head and she starts running off in fear. She is the one with the flashlight. Himawari in the dark… When Sakurako returns, she exaggerates the scary story to Chinatsu and Akari who are now scared sh*t on their turn. As they trudge into the darkness, they heard something rustling and Chinatsu becomes the very frightened one. Meanwhile Chinatsu’s sister calls Akane, hinting that if she is alone, she can come over to keep company. Too bad, Akane is surrounding herself with Akari memorabilia and having the time of her life! No real sister? Sister products also can!

Himawari lectures Sakurako of her abandonment as Yui notices a very strong grip mark on Akari’s arm. I wonder how tight Chinatsu squeezed it. Finally it is Kyouko and Ayano. Chitose won’t miss this chance and is going to eavesdrop what they’re saying. Kyouko has Ayano talk about the things she likes and the latter murmurs one of them being her. Since she didn’t hear it, Kyouko bugs her to say it again. At that point, they hear a loud crash and get freaked out upon seeing this horror thing. They really make a dash for it. So this bloody zombie head is just Chitose nose bleeding too much?

With everyone working up a sweat, they head to the public bath the clean themselves up. Kyouko starts running around and as Akari tries to stop her, she slips and banged her head. Sakurako tries to sneak up on Himawari washing herself but was sprayed cold water. Then everybody dips into the mini hotspring and by the time Akari and Chinatsu are going to join them, it is so freaking cramped. Still got space, you say? As it is getting cold at night, Kyouko has brought along animal pyjamas for them. Of course she has to be different because it’s that tomato pyjamas! Akari is already sleepy so I guess they’re calling it a night.

Next morning, some of them have trouble waking up especially Himawari. But Sakurako says the right (or wrong) thing to make her instantly wake up: All the blood is being redirected to her boobs. Everyone has a refreshing view of the town. Personally, I thought it just looked pretty normal with the way the art and all… Kyouko leaves a message that they were here behind on a piece of wood. Nishigaki comes to pick them up but since all the girls would rather travel back together, she will only be transporting their stuffs. Yui realizes Kyouko has give them the runaway since they took a train to this bus station when they could have just took a bus straight here just because she wanted to ride the Mirakurun line again. The girls ponder when they’ll come back here again but they look forward to other bigger plans like camping by the sea and the festival. Ah yes, the fun never ends.

Camp Champ… Or Chump?
Oh yes. This series still hasn’t lost its touch despite it feels like ages ago since I watched the second season although it has only been a couple of years. Like always, there are always good and bad stuffs when you watch something this nostalgic. Of course when you have watched both the seasons and then you watch this single OVA, it feels like there is something lacking that would have given it the greatest oomph. Perhaps it is because the focus is on the main 8 girls and despite their sisters only make cameo appearances, it felt missing. Because some of them have really wacko personalities and thus as amusing as some of our wacky main characters like the troublemaking Kyouko and Sakurako, tsundere Ayano and fantasizing Chitose. Yes, it serves to bring back the nostalgic memories of this series when we see their trademark personalities.

But the one thing we missed that was a running gag during the TV series and not shown here is Akari’s existence! Not to say that every episode in the TV series would have her reminding us about this but it is enough to think that she’s the character that everybody loves to forget. In this OVA, looks like she has overcome it and part of the cast. Maybe they’ve forgotten about it? Well, good for you, Akari. Despite I said this series hasn’t lost its touch, it feels less funny compared to the TV series due to the lack of crazy nonsensical antics. Nothing extreme. I mean, how extreme could you get camping in the woods? Expecting some bear to show up and chase them all over the mountains and then stumbling upon a secret alien base? Only if they make a third season… Hint, hint. Oh wait. They already announced they would. Wohoo! The lolis are saved!

To sum up this good news, the opening theme, Yuruyuririnrinrinrin is a lively and fun piece that should get you into the pace of what this OVA and series overall is all about. The ending theme, After School Days is equally fun and lively to hear. In a nutshell, this OVA is best watched after watching two seasons of YuruYuri because you’d understand the characters better beforehand. Otherwise you would be thinking wouldn’t it be dangerous for young girls to go camping all by themselves without adult supervision? Sure, girls like Kyouko can laugh danger in the face with a kick but you can never be too careful… There are lots of types of bears who want a piece of our lolis. Like the Pedo Bear… So keep them lolis safe till the third season arrives!

YuruYuri S2

February 16, 2013

Hooray! It’s back! Kyouko is back as the star for the sequel YuruYuri S2! I can’t wait to see what more antics she and her friends will bring to entertain us. Eh… I’m forgetting somebody, you say? What do you mean the main protagonist is somebody else and not Kyouko? There is somebody else besides her? Really? How come I don’t remember? Gotcha! Just pulling your leg! Haha! Yeah, I still remember the main protagonist that lacks noticeability. Can’t help pull that one since that’s the main running gag of the series. Don’t worry Akari, I still remember you. How can the show be without you and your invisibility? Ironic isn’t it? Even if she is unnoticeable, hey at least she isn’t unforgettable. There is a big difference between that. So what’s new in this sequel? I won’t really put my hopes up for any major changes as from what I can see it is more or less the same thing from the usual main suspects. But we can expect more laughs from the middle school girls as they do just about anything but with nothing much ado.

Episode 1
Wow. I might be mistaken. Since when did Akari become a popular girl among her friends? So much so that Chinatsu, Kyouko and Yui are all fighting over for her attention! Whether it’s wanting to touch her hair, sleeping over or holding her hand, man, the trio are in awe fawning over her! Akari is even considered a genius for answering their many questions despite how silly her answers are. Her love is not only confined to them. In school, Akari gets pickles left by Chitose as a product of her love. Let the nose bleeding fountain flow! In class, Sakurako and Himawari also fight over her morning kiss. Akari kisses her own finger and puts in on their lips. Enough ecstasy for today? Yeah, can’t get enough of her, no? Even at the Amusement Club, her friends make a cake for her with all their love in which she gulps it all down in a single bite. Chinatsu makes a naughty move by licking clean the cake over her face so Kyouko is not to be outdone and confesses she loves her. Soon, her other pals start confessing. If that’s not enough, all the other characters start popping out from their hiding and confess their love for Akari! Chizuru too. Nishigaki too. Can Akari hear Matsumoto’s soft whisper? Everybody just love this angel! Now to drag everything back to reality. Turns out to be a dream Akari is dreaming while riding a train with her friends to a hotspring inn. Since she’s got that happy look on her face, they just let her be. It never hurts to dream… How long will that last? So anyway at the hotspring, here’s reality for Akari. They’re ignoring her. Chinatsu is all over Yui while Kyouko wants to do something people do at hotspring. So they play ping pong and the antics include Kyouko taking too long to serve (she says she’s focusing), the ping pong balls getting ‘eaten’ by Chinatsu’s hair (OMG!), Chinatsu slamming a powerful serve right into Akari’s face that her twin hairballs pop out (!) and Kyouko using 2 bats.

They take a break and Kyouko messes with Akari by using luck, pressing simultaneously 2 buttons at the vending machine. She got the drink she didn’t want instead. Chinatsu nearly loses it when she tries to get close to Yui but manages to back off with some silly looking exercise excuse. The ping pong folly continues with Akari missing her serve and slamming her bat into Kyouko’s face, Kyouko serving 2 balls at once and both got ‘eaten’ by Chinatsu’s hair! Is it alive? As they clean themselves in the bath, Yui scrubs Kyouko’s back very hard (because she asked for it) while Chinatsu could only look on and fantasize. Nobody gives a damn to Akari who got sprinkled by cold water. Soaking in the hotspring, Yui tries to hold back her laughter when Kyouko mentions Ayano’s puns but stopped laughing when Kyouko says hers. Suddenly all the ping pong balls drop out from Chinatsu’s hair! How many has it ‘eaten’?! It’s 9pm and Akari is already fast asleep. Kyouko remembers she has to watch this Mirakurun show of hers and gets emotional at the end of that bone-breaking bloody confrontation on the baddie’s familiar (I wonder if such violence is okay for a magical witch show). Kyouko and Chinatsu dip into the hotspring later that night and Kyouko starts hugging Chinatsu only to be hit by the bucket (did Chinatsu try to retaliate that action in Mirakurun? Her skull almost broke, you know). Soon Yui joins them and Kyouko teases her she got lonely since Akari is asleep. Kyouko wishes this fun would last forever. Well, I guess the fun means counting out Akari because she wakes up wondering where the heck everybody is.

Episode 2
Kyouko can’t concentrate in doing her maths homework. Her short attention span means she deviates from her focus and talk about what she’d do if she had money (underground arcade?) and asking if Yui loves her. Does she love her enough to let her copy her homework? Well, Yui loves her not to interfere with her education. Then Kyouko suggests playing rock-scissors-paper but always end up losing. She tries that friendship thingy again but time has run out. Desperate now, isn’t she? Later the girls are playing Old Maid and Akari always loses because her face is pretty easy to read. Yui always wins because of her poker face. Cheeky Kyouko calls her Old Face (Old Maid + Poker Face). Then Akari suggests giving each other nicknames. Guess who is Kyoppi? How about Yuppi? It sounded like a comedy team so Kyouko starts fooling around with mandarin oranges. Akari thinks Chinatsu’s nickname would be China (no, not the country). She feels excited because it sounded like an idol. As for Akari, since Kyouko can’t come up with a nickname, she gives everyone one according to their hair colour. Sounds like Power Rangers. Then they try giving fruit nicknames based on their hair colour. Can anybody think of a black fruit? Rotten banana…

Ayano and Chitose heard something ambiguous coming from the student council room. What are Sakurako and Himawari doing? Something about going in too deep? Something coming out? Turns out they’re trying to catch a little snake. Oh, look it is now at Ayano’s feet. EEEEEKKKKK!!!! Sakurako and Himawari end up in some argument comparing snakes and cockroaches (I personally find both icky). Chitose suggests calling Kyouko over but Ayano dismisses it for fear Kyouko may find out about her fear of snakes. So can Chitose do the job? Well, she’s busy fantasizing and nose bleeding about Ayano and Kyouko. Sakurako is the only one who doesn’t fear snakes as she tries to violently shake the snake out from hiding underneath the fridge. Finally when she does, she rushes over to Amusement Club to show Akari. Well, they’re in the midst of trying to get rid a flying cockroach!!! EEEEEKKKKK!!!! The cockroach lands on Sakurako’s head. EEEEEKKKKK!!!! She loses the snake… Later as the Amusement Club members see a TV reminder about taking extra care to prevent influenza, their talk deviates to having a balanced diet, getting enough sleep (Kyouko seems to stay up all night reading mangas while sleeping throughout classes), Yui waking up early to play games, Kyouko’s suggestion of hand-gargling and Kyouko doing air hula hoop to not only prevent colds via exercise but shape her hips as well. Next morning, Kyouko really got sick and is absent. Her friends visit her and see how awful she is. Seems she was rubbing herself with a towel outside in the cold for an hour to prevent colds. I think we all agree that she needs to cure her stupidity.

Episode 3
Sakurako bugs Himawari to let her copy her notes (no way Jose). She even has Himawari take her food tray on her behalf but takes all the isobe fries for herself. When she’s in a pinch without chopsticks and Akari comes to her aid, she blames Himawari for being selfish! Along with Akari and Chinatsu, they try to play some game during lunch time. Sakurako suggests speaking only English words but I guess all they could say is “Delicious!”. Then she made a dice to suggest what they should play. Chinatsu rolls it and has to tell an embarrassing story. Well, an embarrassing story about Akari talking in her sleep wanting to get noticed. Akari is supposed to tell a joke but ends up embarrassing herself. There’s another embarrassing story for her. Himawari gets a prize. What prize? Sakurako gives her a chocolate sweet. Finally Sakurako is to talk about holidays and she brings up the topic of upcoming Valentine’s Day and whom they’re going to give their chocolates to. Everybody has finished their lunch and leaves Sakurako behind. Better stop talking and start eating. Later Sakurako seeks Himawari’s tutoring help but the latter has already promised to help Chinatsu to knit a scarf. So Akari becomes her replacement but it’s not the same. No boobs to fondle… She’s reminiscing how Himawari has always been tutoring her that she’s not paying attention to Akari. When Sakurako learns Himawari is going to be spending more time with Chinatsu even after school, she starts sulking. Meanwhile Kyouko and Yui think of buying Valentine chocolates but Kyouko has a load of rum raisin ice cream buckets in her hand. That doesn’t have to anything to do with Valentine, right? Elsewhere, Ayano is in a dilemma picking a chocolate while Akari is too slow to pick one because when she finally does, that last chocolate is out of stock! Sakurako back home throws a tantrum and feels upset that Himawari is having fun by herself.

In class, Ayano hesitates to give her chocolates to Kyouko. Yui gives hers to Kyouko and in return got a cheap chocolate bar. Kyouko spots Ayano’s and teases it may be for her. Chitose tells her she may have bought too much and is for her. Tsundere Ayano gives it to her since she ‘wants it so badly’. In return, Kyouko has Yui break half her chocolate so she can give that half to Ayano. Buruk siku. Anyway she saw that coming. Ayano also gives chocolates to Chitose as thanks for everything but warns her to eat alone at home. Chinatsu gives the scarf and chocolates to Yui. So terrifying that you need to mosaic it out! She also has some for Kyouko (practice ones, though) but it turns out okay and tastes good! Yui fears the more effort she puts in, the worse it’ll turn out. Finally Sakurako has had it with Himawari and blows her top at her for spending more time with Chinatsu. She feels upset when she sees them together to a point she wants to hit them. It dawned to Himawari that she’s jealous so she gives her a scarf she made (as guidance to help Chinatsu) and some chocolates. With their relationship back to normal, so is Sakurako’s attitude. Yeah, now she wants her servant to work harder. On the way back, Sakurako hopes she can continue with her tutoring since the work has piled up. She realizes she didn’t buy any chocolates for her but Himawari realizes she already gave it to her. That chocolate sweet she won as ‘prize’. Chitose eats Ayano’s chocolate back home and she becomes crazy and starts kissing Chizuru! Ah, I remember she has this demon thingy awakened whenever she eats chocolates. At least there were no other ‘victims’ like in last season whereby she went on a kissing frenzy spree.

Episode 4
It’s allergy season so Ayano is sneezing. During class she ran out of tissues but Kyouko becomes her saviour. If only her drawing on the tissue pack wasn’t so teasing. But looks like there’s another girl who may need more than just tissues. Yeah, Chitose is fantasizing about them. They go see Nishigaki to see if she has a special medicine but she’s wearing a gas mask! Got the allergy too, huh? I don’t know how they manage to convince Ayano but she eventually wore a gas mask too. So when Akari walks into the toilet, she gets the scare of her life. Later, the student council is cleaning up their room but Sakurako starts fooling around like shooting window cleaner spray at Himawari (in which she swiftly turn the tables on her) and putting on a maid outfit that they used during the last cultural festival. Sakurako is losing motivation but Himawari’s slave driving reminds her of Cinderella and her evil stepmother. Even Ayano and Chitose try to motivate her that she’ll feel better after cleaning. She takes it as she’ll be treated to a pudding reward. Ayano is reluctant to give it to her since today’s pudding she bought is mixed fruits and is expensive. She tries to sooth her with a candy (not enough) and playing shiritori to make her forget about the pudding but it backfires because Ayano mentions that ‘P’ word. Now she’s all excited to get them. Chitose steps in to save the day that Ayano is saving that pudding as a heartfelt gift to Kyouko. Maybe she added to much unnecessary things. At least it got Sakurako to give up. Then the tsundere goes over to the Amusement Club to give the pudding to Kyouko and in return gets her ice cream. But she’s not eating it but staring it in her fridge every day! She’s not going to let anybody eat it!

Nishigaki is called to fix the clock in the student council’s room. After fooling around with weird clock devices like a flying clock that flies to you when you ask for the time (why does it even need a remote?) and a puppy clock that barks at you (annoying!), she finally fixes the simple clock and tells her heartfelt story how she got interested into all this. Her parents were always away so her only companion was a robo dog named Choco. It was her best friend till one day it ceased to move. Sob, sob. Only thing is, that entire story was a lie! Give back those tears! The actual story: A class experiment that has everyone lighting a bulb with a battery had Nishigaki thinking that it would shine brighter if plugged into the wall socket. That mini explosion was what got her interested since. Oh, during the distraction, Sakurako has eaten Kyouko’s precious ice cream… Later as it is raining, Akari and co forgot their umbrellas so Kyouko blames it on Akari’s teruterubouzu not working. Did she make one? Her hairballs! Since they can’t go home, they play a board game in the classroom that Kyouko made during class (shows you how free she was and not paying attention). There is a spot they land that has them needing to confess they love Kyouko. What about when she herself lands on it? Sounds weird, right? When Chinatsu leaves for the faculty office, Yui takes this opportunity to ask the rest the kind of present for Chinatsu as gratitude for the scarf and Valentine chocolates. I’m sure Akari can’t say that a picture of Yui or her life because that is definitely what Chinatsu would want. She goes on a broader term, telling her anything she gives will make her happy. However past experience shows that it didn’t went well. A certain friend starting with ‘K’ gave her boxing gloves as birthday present last year. Those gloves are now used as pot holders. Chinatsu comes back with 2 umbrellas from the faculty so Yui suggests sharing the umbrella. You can see how happy Chinatsu is and praising the rain. On the way back, Chinatsu is clinging lovey-dovey to Yui while Akari’s shoulder is left out in the rain. Suggesting Kyouko move in a bit, she instead thinks of walking in a line. Though it works, a car splashes a puddle of water on them. However only Akari is not wet! Why? Something about her ability to be off screen and invisible to others! Scary!

Episode 5
The hot summer. Kyouko can’t concentrate on her homework anymore and thinks of lazing around in her air-cond room after shower. However! It’s not working! No batteries! She uses the fridge as her air-cond when her mom reminded her she took out the batteries to replace it with the dead clock. Looks like she has to run down to the convenience store. But why is she in Yui’s place enjoying her air-cond?! I’m sure she had her fill eating with her before heading to Chinatsu’s house to enjoy her stand fan. Chinatsu becomes depressed upon learning she stopped by Yui’s house and should’ve called to invite her. Then it hit her. Kyouko must pass the convenience store before reaching Yui’s house. So why the hell is she here?! After fooling around, she gets kicked out. Now she visits Akari’s room. Yeah, Akari gives her the warm welcome with snacks in her air-cond room. I’m sure Kyouko is going to ask her to let her copy her homework when Akari decides to open the window and let some fresh air in. Suddenly the cicada flies in! Panic time! Do something Kyouko! Erm, maybe it’s not a good idea after all. The cicada crashes into Akari’s hairball before flying out. I think she almost died there. Kyouko buys the battery needed and when it’s time to enjoy the coolness of her air-cond, she realizes she bought the wrong battery size! That’s an AA battery not AAA! I guess this means she invites everyone to the pool tomorrow. But Akari is waiting by herself at the train station. Seems she was running late chasing after her pool coupon. Because of that she missed the train. Well, she doesn’t have the ability to run faster than the train so I guess she has to wait several more hours before the next train while her friends patiently wait her arrival. To pass the time, she replies their messages from time to time, goes to buy drink at the vending machine (it gave her the wrong drink: The bitter black coffee instead) and when she buys the right one, a mosquito enters and starts harassing her. Panic mode again. Lucky it leaves but when she is texting Kyouko and sending her funny faces, the mosquito returns. Round 2 of panic. She remembers she has bug repellent and sprays over her body. Feeling hungry, she decides to eat her chocolate bar but it has melted. Oh well. Settle for the potato chips. Now that Himawari and co are at the pool, Akari is devastated to see pictures of Chitose nose bleeding and passing out. In that little distraction, she didn’t realize the train just came… And gone…

Yui falls sick so she dreams of this weird RPG game whereby she is the gunner, Kyouko the swordsman, Akari the white mage and Chinatsu the black mage. They try destroying a cute little blob. With Kyouko’s non-lethal strike and Akari panicking, Chinatsu finishes it off but since Akari felt pity for the cute creature, she resurrects it! WTF?! Yui is soon visited by a person wearing a dog mask. She knows it’s Kyouko. She learnt of Yui’s condition from her mom talking to hers on the phone. Kyouko is here to keep her company from being lonely. How considerate. As gratitude, Yui allows her to eat her rum raisin favourite. Kyouko stays for the night and plays video game. Since she sucks, Yui takes over. She’s pretty energetic for a sick person… Meanwhile Sakurako visits Himawari’s place and starts insulting her boobs to draw her out. I guess she really isn’t home. But her little sister Kaede is. She sympathizes with her so much so she pledges that when she grows up, she’ll share her boobs with her! Feels like an insult? Himawari returns from an errand and Sakurako immediately wants her to cut off those boobs that slowed her down. Huh? Himawari follows Sakurako out even though the latter hasn’t think of what to do. Yeah, maybe they’ll follow Akari. They see her buy bitter black coffee from the vending machine and drinking it! Then she sits at the bench and wanted to eat her chocolate bar but that melted. So it’s biscuits this time. Because a flock of pigeons land next to her, she starts feeding it. But cheeky Sakurako gives out a loud scream to scare them away. I think Akari also got scared and didn’t even know what happened. When she falls asleep, Sakurako fears somebody may come and molest her so the considerate idiot puts a biscuit in her hairballs each. Yeah, a rude awakening when a pigeon attacks her. Back home, Sakurako wants to stay over despite she just lives opposite. She is amazed with Kaede as a good, polite and considerate girl. So considerate that she serves her a glass of milk to increase her boobs size. Don’t hate the innocent child. And Akari is now being chased by a flock of pigeons. She didn’t even know what gives. Poor girl. She thought they were going to eat her!

Episode 6
Don’t be startled if you think you’re watching the wrong anime. Mirakurun hijacks the first third of this show with her own typical brand of episode. As we see Kurumi and her friend Raika play ball, suddenly their ball disappears. Not only theirs, the entire world’s balls go missing. I don’t know how Kurumi found out Team Giga Giga’s hideout so easily but she overheard it is part of their plan to make balls go on a rebellion since they’ve been kicked around by humans. They will use this confusion to take over the world. Kurumi can’t have that and transforms into Mirakurun but the baddies command all the balls of the world to pound on her. Yeah, they felt bad that they might have overdone it and stop the pounding. Till they realized they’ve been bamboozled because that was just a doll. The real Mirakurun uses her 10 ton hammer and whack everything! Destroying all the balls! She gets emotional that they’re all popped and uses her magic to restore them and send them back to their owners. But Ganbo thinks humans will suffer since the balls are resting. How to solve this problem? Hold a bowling game with Ganbo as the ball! Yeah, Mirakurun and Rivalrun are taking turns throwing Ganbo into the alley! Their way of taking their frustration out? So back to our Amusement Club girls, they’re watching this anime at this year’s Comuket. This time Kyouko brings Akari along as last year was quite ‘traumatic’ when they suddenly brought Ayano and Chitose. Yui thought they don’t want to bother them since it didn’t go well. On the contrary, Ayano is well prepared and ready for the call to go to Comuket. The eager beaver is still waiting for the elusive call… We learn Kyouko did everything in this Mirakurun anime but Yui is upset that she is fed up having to fill in so many animation frames. Kyouko meets her fans and other doujin authors as the rest are surprised to see Chitose here. Looks like she is hooked since last year and took the initiative to come herself this year. What more fantasies await her…

The gang soon cosplay into their Mirakurun characters. Yui and Chinatsu lost motivation because they’re wearing the same outfits like last year (why are Akari’s hairballs sticking out from her Ganbo costume?). When a young girl is infatuated with Chinatsu (because of her uncanny resemblance to Mirakurun), Chinatsu thinks of using this chance to get into Yui’s good books. However she screws up her line and makes it look like some perverted post! I think the little girl got traumatized… After exploring the other booths and having their photos taken, Chinatsu sits back and relax while using the wand to scratch her back. So un-Mirakurun. And the little girl saw it… More trauma… Ayano finally gets the call from Kyouko but she’s on her way back from Comuket having bought lots of books and need her help to carry them. I think she got so shocked that she turned colourless… Later the Amusement Club members hang out in Yui’s place. And it’s the return of that suggestion box again as Kyouko suggests each randomly pick up a topic to talk about from it. The ‘topics’ include talking about other club activities, good luck (huh?), act like a dog (it’s not even a topic), sexy talk (I guess Kyouko wanted Chinatsu to say squeeze her boobs) and blood type. Even if the topics were dumb at least they had fun talking lots about it. After Akari and Chinatsu leave, why is Kyouko still hanging around? Due to Comuket, she forgot to do her homework and wonders if Yui could help out. Just go home.

Episode 7
Sakurako’s elder sister, Nadeshiko and Hanako the younger sister tell her it’s her turn to go shopping and make dinner since it’s her turn. They clearly state to take her time because they’re going to study and they know they can’t concentrate if she’s around. Tells a lot about her, huh? Sakurako isn’t really interested to Nadeshiko even sarcastically goes down on her knees to beg her to leave! Meanwhile Kaede loves her sister so much and she thinks of buying a new bra for her. Why? She noticed her bra has grown bigger as last night she observed she has trouble hooking them! Plus, Sakurako told her to keep tabs on her growth every night. That’s it. Himawari rushes opposite to take out her cheek squeezing frustration on Sakurako! Chitose leaves for Ayano’s house so Chizuru takes this opportunity to frolic on her sister’s bed and flip through her notes (filled with blood drops). She starts fantasizing about Chitose and Ayano getting along. Cue for her drool fantasies… However if not for that b*tch Kyouko, the duo could’ve really gotten along. Chizuru helps cleans Chitose’s room but each time she leaves drool marks everywhere. To get over this problem, she prints pictures of Kyouko and glues them all over the wall. Yeah, she gets pissed each time she sees her face. Chitose has finished her homework with Ayano and hints she should call Kyouko next time (cue for erotic maths version fantasy). When she comes home, she sees her room spick and span clean, Chizuru asleep on her bed but couldn’t fathom why Kyouko pictures are up on her wall. Elsewhere Yui is playing an RPG video game with her little sister, Mari. The latter isn’t pleased playing such a game since she wants to grow up and be reliable like her.

Himawari thinks she has gained weight and goes on a diet. She knows Sakurako is going to tease her being fatty so why go over and tell her problem? Ah, she wants to help her do sit-ups. Too slow. Sakurako suggests using a ball Nadeshiko used but she doesn’t know how to use it. Then she suggests walking outside but it’s too hot. Himawari gets an idea and turns on the heater in the room! They’re going to get roasted! Sakurako throws a tantrum that she doesn’t care if Himawari is fat and to be one somewhere else. But Himawari is serious. She wants to know where else besides her boobs she has gained weight. She doesn’t believe even if Sakurako mentions she’s still the same. I guess begging also doesn’t help, eh? Himawari’s dieting goes extreme. She doesn’t eat at all and after 3 days, Kaede begins to worry. So much so Sakurako had to force down an onigiri down her throat and make her realize that she made Kaede worried about her stupid diet. Still worried about her weight, they assure they’re skinny as Kaede notes her boobs grew. Himawari takes a measurement and finds her waist is still the same but her boobs gotten bigger. Don’t you feel the resentment coming from Sakurako? Chinatsu’s older sister, Tomoko talks about her friend Akari, who in turn has a nice big sister. A wonderful sister to do this and that. Hmm… Is she trying to say something? Then Chinatsu realized… Does she want her to be her little sister instead? Phew… I remember Akari has an elder sister, Akane who is totally obsessed with Akari. Just look in her room filled with her pictures everywhere! Creepy! After Akari leaves, Akane takes a life-size pillow with Akari’s mug on it, dresses it in Akari’s real school uniform while she enjoys music and her reading in the hall! CREEPY!!! Akari suddenly returns since she forgot something so Akane was quick to hide everything and act cool that nothing suspicious happened. So cool that it’s just creepy to us…

Episode 8
The deadline for Winter Comuket is tomorrow and Kyouko is having a hard time finishing her manuscript. Though Yui and Akari agree to help out, I’m sure we remember why Kyouko won’t allow Chinatsu, right? Yeah, we still remember the horror drawings. While the trio work on the manuscript, Kyouko manages to make Chinatsu do other stuffs like make tea or fool around. It can only last so long so when Chinatsu really wants to pitch in, Yui drinks her tea up and has her make some more. Gladly. This went on for 10 rounds so I guess Yui must be filled with water now. The trio take a bathroom rest but when they return, to Kyouko’s horror, a page has been ‘defiled’ by Chinatsu’s ink smear! Later Kyouko invites the student council members to a Christmas party. After food, they go karaoke. The antics include Kyouko singing a song from a very well love-comedy anime (despite the protagonist sounding more like a stalker); Akari sings a Christmas song nobody knows; Chinatsu wanting to sing a duet with Yui but since the latter doesn’t know the song, Kyouko sings with her instead and to her dismay; Sakurako making Himawari sing parts of a song she doesn’t know; Yui knows Kyouko mixed her drink when she did the refills; Kyouko interjecting at certain points in Yui’s ballad; Chinatsu trying her duet luck with Yui again but is hijacked by Sakurako who sings it by herself; Kyouko eating and singing at the same time (people, remember never to do this or you’ll choke like how she deserves it); Chinatsu again trying to pick a song she can sing with Yui but the latter follows Akari out to get their drink refills. Take out your sadness by belting a song! The waitress comes in with a specially ordered Russian Roulette takoyaki by Kyouko. One of them is laced with hot mustard and the first one to eat it must do something funny. Kyouko goes first and gets it! I guess this saves the rest the trouble.

On another day, Chinatsu wonders why Yui called her out shopping. This is for thanks for her scarf and apology for not being able to do a duet with her. Chinatsu must be so glad she’s alive, eh? She’s going to really make this date count. Trying to figure out which movie to watch, Chinatsu eventually decides on a horror movie despite being weak at it (she lies that she has overcome them). It’s part of her plan to huddle close to Yui. However while watching to movie, she got so scared that she’s gripping so hard to Yui’s arm! It’s going to break! So scared that she doesn’t even remember clinging on to it. What’s more, there are hand marks on Yui’s arm!!!! REAL HORROR! At the bookstore, Chinatsu gets an idea of wanting to hold her hand but wonders if it’s weird for 2 girls to be a couple. So when it’s time to leave, Yui hurries Chinatsu along by tugging her hand. It made Chinatsu realize that she has been holding back all the time. So I guess this means she lets go her reservation and starts clinging on to Yui like a leech while confessing she loves her. Many times. Yeah, even in the train, she’s so inseparable. So annoying.

Episode 9
Himawari, Sakurako and Chinatsu are at Akari’s place for a group study. Of course Sakurako isn’t good at concentrating so she fools around by sticking pens into Akari’s hairballs and tying them up with ribbons! Too slow to realize! Chinatsu notes Sakurako is like Kyouko so Akari gets an idea to call Kyouko for memorization tips (if you remember, despite her foolish outlooks, Kyouko does score well in exams even with last minute studies). So put the open book on the floor, put your head on it and do a headstand while chanting. Lie obviously! Yui has baked some bread for them so she has Kyouko deliver it to Akari and co. I guess it was so good that by the time she arrives, she has eaten them all! Only the paper bag is left. Feel Chinatsu’s wrath! GAWR!!! Later, Chinatsu arrives early at the Amusement Club and has brought a pound cake made by her sister for everyone to share. For some unknown reason, she starts hiding in the closet with the cake when the rest arrive. As they wait for Chinatsu to arrive and do their own stuff, Chinatsu fantasizes the numerous ways she should come out from her hiding. Whether it is jumping out in surprise fashion, coming out naturally, acting like there is something going on, even thinking about having Akari’s unnoticeability skill and jumping out with an intense emergency look so the impact has them no time to wonder why she’s in the closet, all doesn’t seem too feasible. Then Chinatsu overhears Yui also has brought a pound cake and they start eating it. So I guess Chinatsu eats hers by herself. When the trio leave, Chinatsu comes out of the closet with her tummy filled. Burp.

Chinatsu stays over at Akari’s place and since it would be a waste for Akari to sleep early (since she’s on the verge of nodding off), she borrows a horror DVD from Akane to watch. Big mistake? Though Akari doesn’t feel sleepy after that, she dozes off in the midst of playing trump. So it’s early lights out for Chinatsu as well. However she can’t sleep due to the DVD. Akari is sleeping with half her eyes open! FREAKING SCARY! She’s even giving off a creepy laughter! To take her mind of the possible ‘ghosts’ hiding in the room, Chinatsu dreams about her ‘prince’ Yui. Though it worked, she suddenly sees Akane over her! SCREAM! Oh, she got her hand over her mouth. She’s here to retrieve her DVD and coolly apologizes if she had scared her. When Akari wakes up to go to toilet, she gets freaked out seeing passed out Chinatsu huddling in a corner with a blanket over her. Scary looks! Now she can’t sleep too! Morning comes as Akari sees Chitose doing some volunteer work and offers her ice cream. However Akari’s ice cream got stuck in the cover, much to her dismay. While Ayano is out shopping with Chinatsu, Himawari happens to meet Kyouko at the book store. She can’t help stare at her strange headband and can’t make out if it is cat ears. Moreover, there’s a strange mouse face in the centre! Then she takes it off and underneath is her real headband. Sakurako checks out the food ingredients Yui had bought. Yui don’t know whether she’s dumb or just joking since she doesn’t know what they are. Sakurako wonders if she could suggest a simple dish she can make. Udon shouldn’t be too hard. Yeah, just add water thinks Sakurako. That’s just plain lazy! And she even thinks those black fungus are some animal ears! Chitose tells Akari how to save her ice cream and when she does, a couple of kids bump into her and has her drop it. Poor Akari hopes the ants will enjoy her ice cream so Chitose shares her portion.

Episode 10
Kyouko’s grade is having a field trip to Kyoto. Because of that, Sakurako throws a tantrum and drags Himawari into one of her walks to nowhere. Their antics include a very salty onigiri and the thought of whistling to keep bears away (Sakurako sucks by the way). Then it hit Sakurako: They’re lost in this forest! And she’s proud of it! Shut up and let Himawari do the thinking. She sees Sakurako thinking so intensely but it turns out she is intensely looking at the caterpillar crawling up her shoe! They notice a nearby park and rest. Himawari sees a pay phone and gets an idea to call home but Sakurako has already fallen asleep. Brings back such fond memories, eh? Himawari thought she saw a bear in the bushes but that turned out to be Akari taking her usual walk. Where are they? The forest behind their school. Time to slap Sakurako out of dream land. Since Yui is gone for the field trip for a few days, Chinatsu is having withdrawal symptoms. I’m sure Akari would love to help sooth her but she gets to know more than she bargained for because she has a bag full of Yui pictures! And they aren’t enough! She also wrote a love letter and could’ve been a romantic one if not for those horror drawings. Akari commends her nice hair smell so Chinatsu notes she becomes worried whenever she thinks of Yui and hopes she could be her friend forever. Yeah, they can be special friends. I think she’s going to regret that because Chinatsu wants to do special things for her. Oh no. Like what? Sleeping on her lap. Akari is so worried I don’t think she’s getting any decent satisfaction. Then when Chinatsu suggests massaging, she starts tickling her soft spots before the bone breaking experience. Look at her face. It’s so dead. Just like the time how she got her first kiss, eh? It’s not over yet. She wants to clean her ears. Oh Akari. You’re so screwed… Yui, hurry and come back!

Himawari is at Sakurako’s doorstep though the latter is not in. Nadeshiko welcomes her and treats her to orange juice since there is no tea. As she waits, Himawari hears Nadeshiko talking to what she believes is her friend on the phone. Hmm… Sounds erotic. What kind of relationship do they have? They slept together?! Almost choke on the juice. Sakurako comes back and is more upset that Himawari drank her orange juice rather than answering her question about her sister’s relationship. Nadeshiko observes the duo studying and the usual argument. Yeah, they can even argue their sitting position and which direction the textbook is supposed to face. Nadeshiko remembers when they’re young, she guided those curious ones in filling a marriage registration form. Himawari wanted to be the wife but lost in the rock-scissors-paper so to sooth her, they both become wives instead. Himawari wants to be a candy maker when she grows up and Sakurako agrees to eat them (because she wanted to be a lord). Ah, those innocent days when they truly love each other. Now see them pull each other’s hair and cheek. And they’re accusing each other of this and that. Since Sakurako lost interest in studying, Himawari ‘threatens’ they can have her homemade sweets once she’s done studying. But she wants them now! Nadeshiko notes they haven’t changed at all. After all, they filled in the marriage registration form but they don’t remember. Ayano and Chitose return from their trip and to their relief, nothing in the student council room changed. Yeah, Himawari and Sakurako still fighting. Ayano bought a wooden sword souvenir but did she bought one last year? Akari seems to have ‘lost weight’ due to Chinatsu’s massaging and thank God Yui is back. Now she can cling all over her. Kyouko has bought a wooden sword but there’s one sitting in their room. Another mistake?

Episode 11
Woah! Akari finally gets to hog the limelight? Did the producers finally realize who the main star is after 20 over episodes? My guess is that something more than meets the eye… While the girls are cleaning their club room, they find a time machine in a closet. Don’t ask how it got there. Kyouko and Chinatsu fight over to go to the future and accidentally start it up. Thinking this machine is made by Nishigaki with explosive effect, they panic and bump Akari into the time machine. Suddenly she disappears! Now she’s worst than having no noticeability! We’re going back in time! Back to season one! When Akari finds out she has returned back in time to a year ago, the day before she starts her first day at middle school, she panics and decides to back but the time machine stops working. How convenient. Lamenting her fate, then it hit her this may be her chance to fix her past and get herself noticed better. It got off on the wrong start because she overslept and missed her first chance. When her past self leaves with Kyouko and Yui, Akane spots her and gets shocked to see 2 Akaris! Future Akari takes her in and tells her everything. Will she believe her? Of course! She’ll believe whatever Akari says! And you can tell how obsessed Akane is with her little sister because she can tell she has only grown 2mm over a year! Continuing her task to fix her mistakes, Akari leaves a message on her school desk but has to hide in the closet when the rest come back. Himawari spots the doodle on the desk and erases it. It doesn’t help when the past Akari helps her. Needing to fix her introduction faux pas, Akari tries to throw several notes to herself and can you believe she missed them all? One even got eaten up by Chinatsu hair! In the end, Akari still bloopers and Sakurako thought she received a message from God and did a proper one instead. Next chance is to prevent Chinatsu from becoming a club member. However she waited in the wrong path and is taken by Ayano and Chitose as they show the new student around school. Akari goes to see Nishigaki (in the midst of her explosion experiment) and together with Matsumoto, tells her circumstances. She denies creating such a machine but will do whatever she can but will take some time.

Back home, Akari hopes she could sleep with Akane. She’s more than happy to. If you notice why her room is so clean, that’s because she kept all her Akari memorabilia in the closet. Oh, it’s threatening to fall out! Quick! Distract her to go and bath! Phew. Safe in the nick of time. Better chain it up properly.  As they sleep, Akane wonders if it’s a good idea to change her past since she was desperate. She notes that her memories with her friends may disappear. Akari is bent on getting her noticeability back so Akane replies whatever happens, she’ll always love her. And so Akari dreams about her past memories with her friends. A week later, Matsumoto relays the bad news. This machine is beyond her comprehension. NO!!! Good news? She managed to get it fix by changing the batteries. Duh moment… Akari’s final chance to fix her past is to prevent Ayano barging in when Akari is having the spotlight. Before she could do so, tears start streaming down her cheeks as she remembers Akane’s words and can’t let those memories go. She’ll try to get her noticeability back in the future. Before Akari leaves for the future, Nishigaki, Matsumoto and Akane promise to keep this a secret. Akane was so happy to have shared a bed with her that she couldn’t sleep. She needs one now. Akari leaps into the future thinking of the worst possibility awaiting her: Her friends didn’t show they cared about her since she is hardly noticeable so they forgot all about her. But when she arrives, she sees a bunch of posters of her as a missing person. Everyone is lending their hand to make the poster. You could see the tears streaming down Kyouko’s eyes (as well as everybody) when Akari returns. So worried and relieved that she’s back. They do care after all! And when Akari realizes this machine was fixed by Nishigaki, oh no… It exploded! BOOM!!! There goes the club room. And all this turn out to be a story by Kyouko. Oh Akari, you don’t even get to end this episode as your own dream. All’s well, ends well ;p.

Episode 12
Kyouko tries to scare Yui coming into the club room with a toy snake. It wasn’t the reaction she hoped for but she’s still surprised. Kyouko continues to guess the reaction of others. So when Chinatsu comes in, she had no reaction. Clearly when she rushed over to hug Yui all scared, she was just acting, right? As for Akari, she’s on the verge of crying when she stepped on it! Hurry! Calm her down. After getting to know it’s just a toy snake, she is relieved that she thought she hurt the real one. Wow. So angelic! What’s this bright light emitting from her? Next, they play some little bouncy balls and the antics include Kyouko throwing them into Chinatsu’s hair for devouring effect, Akari had a mark on her forehead since one was stuck too hard but is assured she won’t be laughed at since nobody would notice her (that just sucks!). Kyouko takes out her other toys (why did she come to school for?) and gets scared by her own toy snake. The biggest reaction of them all. Next, we have the main characters in a Snow White play during the cultural festival with their other sisters watching in the front row. So Kyouko as Snow White is seen munching flowers in the forest. She’s really eating the cardboards! How does it taste like? Nishigaki as the Evil Queen resorts to her magic mirror (played by Matsumoto) on who is the fairest. Since she is too soft, she adlibs that she is the fairest! Of course with Snow White being the fairest, she sends the hunter (Chizuru) to hunt and kill her. I’m sure Chizuru is going to kill that b*tch with her automatic rifles! Fire away! Yeah, look how disappointed she is when she couldn’t kill her because as narrated the hunter was too kind hearted to do so. Next enter the 7 elves. We have them aptly named after their personality. Guess who is the tsundere elf (Ayano)? Glass elf (Chitose – I thought Nose Bleed elf would suit her)? Tsukkomi elf (Yui)? Evil doing elf (Chinatsu)? Boobie elf (Himawari)? Stupid elf (Sakurako)? And the longest name of them all: Very unnoticeable elf (who again?). They see Kyouko rummaging through the fridge at home so she gives Ayano the last bite of the pudding. Can’t resist this indirect kiss? Too bad Sakurako steals and eats it. And Chitose is already dying of her nose bleeds courtesy of unlimited fantasizing.

Snow White continues to live with the elves for safety though she becomes a lazy bum-cum-freeloader. The Evil Queen learns of her existence and hatches another plan. She gives Snow White eat a poison tomato as she falls into a coma. Sleeping on a stone at the church (I forgive you if you think that horrible backdrop art from Chinatsu is the graveyard), Ayano is overcome with emotion over Kyouko’s ‘death’. What superb acting. I don’t think she’s acting. If you notice one of the elves missing (no, it’s not Akari), I guess it’s because they’re short on men so Yui has to change and play the prince who will wake up Snow White. Can Ayano and Chinatsu hold their sanity? Yui is fine faking the kiss but Kyouko obviously is trying to kiss her. Chinatsu can’t take it anymore and throws Akari as a projectile! Yui ducks but this means their lips met! Chuu~! Instant revival! The Evil Queen appears and is going to end it all. She transforms the backdrop into a giant robot (why does it have Chinatsu’s ugly drawing face on it?) to attack. Since it was made in a hurry, it couldn’t differentiate friend and foe so Nishigaki and Matsumoto also run away along with the rest. Akari thought her words would reach the robot’s heart and suddenly it stopped. Did it work? Well, it ran out of batteries. That giant thing ran on batteries? Then the robot crashes down onto Akari. If last season Akari got her lips kissed by Chinatsu, this season she got one from that horrible painting. Akari’s sacrifice means Snow White and the Evil Queen put aside their difference and become friends. Yeah, it solved nothing. And they lived happily ever after. Nobody cares if Akari is dead or not. End of play. Surprisingly the crowd loves the play and wants an encore! As the girls take their bow, the robot is on the verge of exploding. Well, you know what they say about going out with a bang.

Unforgiveable! Need more episodes… Must have more episodes…  Please don’t count in reruns. So okay, I guess this season was pretty much funny as before and there were some moments that I was really laughing my head off. Don’t worry. I didn’t lose my head. Or my existence. Having said that the sequel is quite enjoyable, some may find the jokes and gags to be a little old since there isn’t anything much different from the first season. But for me, this formula works (which includes dividing the entire episode into several mini skits) so I don’t mind if they’re still using the same ol’ Akari’s unnoticeability joke or Chinatsu’s horrible drawing or even the ever flowing nose bleeding of Chitose’s unhealthy fantasies. Heck, the over-used suggestion box even did make a cameo return. See all the crossed out lines on it? That’s how over-used it is. Even the final episode seems to be a reminiscence of the last episode of the first season. Akari ‘dies’ and the others will always remember her sacrifice. And then there’s the explosion. Though for this season the explosion comes after Akari’s ‘death’ (it was the other way round in the first season).

I don’t really remember much of last season and the intensity of Akari’s unnoticeability as a running gag of the series but I do feel that in this season it is slightly lesser. From what I observed, she doesn’t get ignored very much often and if it does, it is just pointing out her unnoticeability. In last season, I remember the girls were having fun by themselves while Akari was totally forgotten, lost in a barrel in some woods. Poor girl. We don’t see that sort of extreme thing in this season. But the thing that stands out even more about her is her hairballs. You would wonder if those double buns really can detach themselves since from time to time you can see it ‘disengage’ from her head. Not only that, her hair has ‘other uses’, whether is being mistaken as a teruterubouzu or an outline of a bear. Speaking of hair, this season we see something new and that is Chinatsu’s hair that has this strange phenomenon to devour anything that sticks into it. It’s like there is some space-time dimension in it. I’m sure we can do lots of experiments to find out but do you dare to do so after seeing things getting ‘swallowed up’? The other characters didn’t change much themselves so we can tell that Kyouko is still the same lively idiotic troublemaker while Yui the calmer one retorts them when needed. Ayano is still the perennial tsundere not being able to honestly tell her feelings for Kyouko though it is bloody obvious that she likes her. Chitose is just happy the way things are just as long as she gets to fantasize. Just keep lots of tissues prepared. I thought Akari’s scary half-eyes-open sleeping style would be one way to get her noticed. But I realized that would just scare everyone away and make you want to forget what you saw. So this is what I can sum up of Akari’s ‘role of existence’. 1/3 she is unnoticeable, 1/3 she is having fun and happy with her friends, and 1/3 she gets into trouble, panic and insert her trademark cute panic scream here.

I feel Sakurako and Himawari got more screen time this season and as we observe their love-hate friendship, their interaction reminds me of Kyouko and Yui. Only thing is, Sakurako is more idiotic and this lazy bum easily flares up. It must be tough for Himawari to keep up with her all these years. She really has lots of patience, I guess. Maybe this is what you can also call ‘frenemies’. The other main supporting cast like Chizuru, Nishigaki and Matsumoto still make their fair share of screen time but the way they have them I feel that it’s just so that you don’t really forget who they are. Chizuru still drools, Nishigaki still exploding stuff and Matsumoto still speaks so soft that you may think she’s a mute. And oddly everybody else can actually hear what she says. This season introduces a few other characters and notice they are all sisters to the main supporting characters? I guess this is why you have yuri in the name of this show. We see total sisterly love for Kaede x Himawari, Akane x Akari and also hinted for Tomoko x Chinatsu. But Tomoko seems to have feelings for Akane instead and nobody is creepily obsessed with her little sister than Akane. Chizuru also loves Chitose but she would’ve preferred to see her twin getting along with Ayano instead. It is better Akari doesn’t know about this. Well, even with love in some of the sisters, not all can be said is true for some. As we can see, Nadeshiko and Hanako don’t really like their dumb Sakurako and even mentioned once they would really trade her for Kaede! I’m not sure about Mari because she’s like in between admiring and frowning upon Yui. After that Mirakurun ‘scarred’ incident back in the previous season (thanks to Chinatsu’s unconvincing cosplay of the magical witch behind the scene), it’s like she’s already accepting the harsh realities of life. So young. Already so like that.

In keeping with the tradition like last season, Akari’s opening title call starts off every episode but you can tell that nothing goes according to her way. Whether it is that returning UFO blasting Akari away and crashing into her, a futuristic and robotic version of her, Yui wearing an Akari mask and doing the roll call on her behalf, Mirakurun shutting Akari up and doing the honours, Akari being distracted by a paparazzi hiding in the bushes, a snowy version as Akari tries to calm the reindeer from messing with the presents for fans, in all of them Akari usually can’t complete her sentence and is abruptly cut off before she finishes properly. Yeah, even in the final episode not only her title call is cut off, her name is even cut out! It’s curtains for her! Nobody respects her as a protagonist, eh? Maybe in only the first episode whereby a sell-out crowd in the theatre cheers on the series’ return and thus the appearance of a giant robot Akari and Akari herself in some deity princess outfit. Then there is one episode whereby Chinatsu’s horror drawing takes over! So that is a picture of Yui doing a great club opening? Can you blame Akari for passing out while standing?

Also similar as in the previous season, the mid-intermission sometimes may raise eyebrows. While we have the heavy and fast techno music and each music is tailored to the main girls (even Mirakurun has one), we also have the girls running along, doing some poses and perhaps certain prominent trademarks of theirs will be featured. Like Himawari and Sakurako’s mid-intermission are filled with lots of boobs comparison but Sakurako’s one had them forbidden, Chinatsu’s horrible drawing is also being featured, Chitose’s nose bleed becomes some sort of swirling ecstasy and the shadowy figure that Ayano is being tsundere too seems very familiar. Like a certain ‘K’ person. There are of course some which are very odd. Like Yui’s. We see her being a gunner shooting up her targets and levelling up equally as fast. Huh? But the weirdest one has got to be Kyouko’s mid-intermission because we see her running in a tomato suit and then being stepped on! Is she enjoying it! Is she an M? WTF?! I don’t remember much about last seasons’ next episode preview but it seems this time that each one of the main characters (as I have observed) have their go at narrating the next episode preview. Even Matsumoto. I guess this is the only place where you actually hear her speak! Albeit she is still whispering but softly. Of course there is no background music unlike the rest so it gives a little creepy feeling to hear her narrate. So is it right that she continues to be soft-spoken? Literally?

The opening theme for this season, Yes! Yuyuyu Yuruyuri by the seiyuus of the Amusement Club quartet tries to maintain and match that energetic, lively and cheeky tune of that in the first season. All-girl idol group, fast pace pop music, fast lyrics, you get the idea. The ending theme also by the same quartet, 100% Chu~Gakusei also follows this pace and feel. Sometimes the lyrics may raise an eyebrow or two (does it sound grammatically correct, “Do you happy?”). Having so much fun that they want to climb Mount Everest too, huh? There is a special opening theme for that special Mirakurun episode too. Yonde Mirakurun sung by Majokko Mirakurun (which is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu) sounds like your typical magical girl song with lots of transforming, magic blasting and rivalry with her, erm, rival called, erm well, Rivalrun. Also a special ending theme for Chinatsu in episode 8 called Girls Power De sung by the duet of Yui and Chinatsu’s seiyuu. Though this anime pop music isn’t anything to shout about, the most amusing thing about this part is the ending credits animation. Because for the entire duration of the song Chinatsu’s horrible drawing is featured, 4/5 of the screen is blanked out! Oh sh*t! Must be really horrible, isn’t it? So you’ll just be seeing a white screen in the middle as the credits roll by (heck, there are no credits too since it’s all white out!) and perhaps the little top and the bottom edge of the screen may just give you an idea what’s going on. But that is mostly left to your imagination. I doubt that even if you buy the DVD, this ‘censor’ will be removed.

Though this season doesn’t break any new ground or introduce anything new besides the new minor sister characters, I still hope that there will be a third season so that I can enjoy more of the Amusement Club’s antics as well as their friends. As long as Kyouko and dumbass Sakurako are always around, I’m sure things will never get boring if they all seem like the same ol’, same ol’ stuff. Will things change in the future? Well, after 2 seasons you don’t pretty see any much difference, right? The tsundere is still there, the fantasizing nose bleeding daydreamer is still around and the teacher that loves to blow up things but never kills anybody with it is still hanging around with a blast. If this bunch of girls aren’t amusing, then I don’t know what is. Though the yuri elements are still around, they are so mild that it never crossed my mind. With that, let’s hope Kyouko, Yui, Chinatsu, Ayano, Chitose, Himawari, Sakurako, Chizuru as well with Nishigaki, Matsumoto and the other sisterly sisters will be a big hit among us viewers that it will pave way for a third season to come. I hope I’m not missing anybody out or leaving anybody behind. Am I? Don’t thinks so… ;p


April 29, 2012

Quick. Name a handful of anime series that involves a group of girls with colourful personalities doing fun and wacky things together and a story with no plot whatsoever. Sounds very much like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star or Hyakko, right? Or maybe even K-ON! YuruYuri is no different than this save for the middle school girls here are cuter :). As its name may suggests, there is a hint of yuri in it although it won’t be so overwhelming and disgusting for ‘neutral’ people. I would say that the yuri element is part of the comedy and fun that the series has to offer. So hard-core yuri fans may want to look somewhere else. The plot of this story? Well, didn’t I mention there was none whatsoever? And if you do need one, let’s just say it is about a group of girls with colourful personalities doing fun and wacky things together in a club room called Gorakubu (Amusement Club). Oh my. I just repeated myself, didn’t I? And no, I didn’t do that on purpose to get notice. You’ll see what I mean :).

Episode 1
Kyouko Toshino and Yui Funami are at Akari Akaza’s house to walk together to school. However Akari’ overslept so she rushes to prepare herself. This is their first day of school, you know. In the meantime, Kyouko and Yui tour the house themselves. This includes naughty Kyouko looking at Akari’s matching panties with hers and entering the forbidden room of Akari’s sister (couldn’t she read the sign to stay out?). Inside, she sees photos of Akari everywhere! Obsessed! She just closed the door. No wonder Akari has been losing her stuffs lately. Especially some pantsu… In class, Akari introduces herself via flashy and weird way. Since everyone else is shocked, she reverts to the plain boring way. Later she joins Kyouko and Yui at the Amusement Club which is located at the tea club’s room. Since there were not enough members, the tea club has disbanded and the Amusement Club is free to use it as their own. So what do they exactly do here? Nothing! However Akari wants to do exciting. Kyouko fondles Yui’s boobs. That is exciting? Then she proceeds to suggest crazy amusement park rides. Nothing like that will happen. Yui changes the subject to the person they love. Aside Kyouko asserting she loves nobody but herself, the rest don’t really have anyone they like in particular. Akari spots a latest doujinshi work by Kyouko, Witch Girl Mirakurun. As Kyouko acts out the character, a shy girl Chinatsu Yoshikawa comes in to hand in her application to join the club. To her dismay, this isn’t the tea club. Say, Chinatsu resembles so much like Mirakurun. No wonder Kyouko can’t resist herself from pounding on her. Thank goodness Yui is there to keep a leash on that pervert. Chinatsu joined this club because she admires her elder sister who was also in that club. Kyouko suggests that she should join their club till she finds enough members. In the meantime she can hone her tea skills since there are tea making equipment lying around. With that, Chinatsu joins the club as Yui vows to protect Chinatsu from Kyouko’s harassment. That’s when Chinatsu takes a liking for Yui. Reversed, eh?

A week later, Chinatsu has gotten used to the club so much so she could predict Kyouko’s harassing moves! But Kyouko isn’t giving up and continues to hug Chinatsu while the latter clings on to her saviour Yui. During the ‘struggle’, it dawned to them that Akari was there in the room. Hasn’t she been in the room all the while?! Kyouko thinks she isn’t very noticeable and though she is the protagonist of this anime, ever since Chinatsu’s appearance, she has become a side character! So the trio hold a meeting to decide Akari’s future of noticeability (if ever there’s such word). Or else she may end up with no pair for PE class and somebody may just take away her pudding. First they each describe Akari and then combine them together. I think they’re making fun of her. They are! Making “Akarin” sounds, boobs missile and invisible girl?! Can’t stop laughing, eh? Next, they draw up suggestions from the suggestion box. I don’t think this one make sense because secrets of the great noticeable protagonist (in movie format) includes oversleeping and awakening powers to stop time? Yui and Chinatsu feel that she has good traits. She’s a good girl. An extremely good girl. Nothing more?! Akari snaps and is getting serious to create a noticeable characteristic. She is going to tell them how when student council vice president Ayano Sugiura and her fellow member Chitose Ikeda barge in looking for Kyouko. Yeah, they didn’t notice Akari.

Episode 2
The reason why Ayano is looking for Kyouko is because she aced in getting the number one spot from Ayano! As always. The thing is, Kyouko never did study daily and only studied the night before the test! No wonder Ayano is so pissed! Thinking Kyouko is illegally using this building, she suggests a contest. Chitose suggests stripping but was slapped. You see, whenever Chitose takes off her glasses, this blurs her vision so that she is able to concentrate on her yuri fantasies. Let the nose bleed flow! Chitose even suggests a “who is sexier” contest and gets another slap. Ayano and Kyouko agree to settle this with the next test. If Ayano wins, Kyouko and co must leave this building. If not, Ayano and Chitose must join the Amusement Club. Chitose supports Kyouko thinking of some good yuri will happen if she does. But then after thinking Ayano may just be forgiving and get yuri, she returns to her side. Next day, Ayano notices Kyouko forgot to hand in her assignment and decides to go lecture her. Chitose thinks she’ll find any reason to talk to Kyouko. Slap! But they need to organize the paper work. They leave it to their fellow student council members, Himawari Furutani and Sakurako Oomuro. Once Ayano and Chitose left, Himawari and Sakurako go into rivalry mode. Yeah, just for the seat of the vice president, they’ll outwit each other. After noticing the piles of paper work, they decide to get help. Akari and Chinatsu are passing by so they got their help. And since Kyouko and Yui just came by, they are roped in too. Of course Kyouko starts fooling around like being impressed with the room and eating Ayano’s pudding. Meanwhile Ayano and Chitose go in search for Kyouko just about everywhere in school seeing their club room is locked. But they can’t find her… Once the gang are done with the paper work, Kyouko remembers her assignment and hands it to Himawari to hand it to Ayano. Yeah, even Sakurako wanted to fight over it. Once Akari and co left, Sakurako trips on the whiteboard’s leg and into a hugging position with Himawari. Hmm… They seem so romantic and polite. But they snap out of it just in time before Chitose comes in. Ayano is one depressed girl. Then when they learn Kyouko was here, Ayano goes into extreme shock. Double shock upon learning her pudding was eaten!

Himawari hands Akari and Chinatsu cookies as thanks for helping out. Sakurako refuses her offer and runs away. Himawari forgot to bring her PE clothes so Sakurako reluctantly lends her an extra one (why did she have one extra by the way?). Himawari reluctantly accepts. She complains being a size to small but Sakurako thinks she is picking a fight with her protruding boobs! During the basketball game, Sakurako couldn’t stand all that bouncing and starts dribbling Himawari’s boobs! She got a knee kick in the gut. When she returns the shirt, there are boob contours over it! As the duo walk on together on their way home, Himawari hands Sakurako wrapped cookies. This brings much delight since it wasn’t a box like she gave to Akari. But she teases she gave the cookies because she was rejected and received a knock on the head. Chitose allows Kyouko and Yui to follow her to visit Ayano who is sick (more yuri fantasy lah). Ayano is surprised Kyouko is here. Yui makes porridge for her while Kyouko throws a tantrum she needs one. Because Kyouko and Ayano are being polite, we see Chitose numerous times taking off her glasses for her fantasies. I think she will bleed to death. When Kyouko is about to leave, Chitose loses her glasses so as Kyouko helps find it, she accidentally steps and breaks it! Now she can’t stop her fantasizing and nose bleeding! “The ambulance won’t make it in time so find a pair of glasses!”. Can’t believe Kyouko can still joke like this. In the end, Ayano’s fever went up from the ruckus and Akari waits in the club room all by herself.

Episode 3
Kyouko makes it in time to class but since she forgot her homework, the teacher gave her additional homework. As the girls laze around in the club room, Kyouko starts fantasizing the kind of hair Akari has if it was laid down. Let’s say they are wild scenarios. She also mentions she wants to ‘eat’ Chinatsu when the latter ate a delicious biscuit. Soon Yui announces that she is currently living on her own, shocking the rest. Seems she wants to have some good life experience and apparently the place belongs to her uncle. On a holiday, Kyouko comes visiting with an excuse to do her homework. Of course Yui won’t let her in till she annoyingly rings the bell repetitively. Akari and Chinatsu are also supposed to visit but they got lost at another building so Yui goes out to fetch them. When they return, Kyouko imposes a password to come in. Inside, Kyouko becomes the tour guide to the shiny new place and even opens up the drawers to find her revealing panties. None anywhere. Disappointed? Then it’s time for lunch so they go out shopping for ingredients but Kyouko grabs a whole lot of rum raisin ice cream but was rejected. Back home, she starts pouting even if Chinatsu offers to make pudding. Well, Yui has a rum raisin in her fridge for her so Kyouko is much grateful. Of course she can only eat it after lunch.

Chinatsu finds Yui’s miso soup delicious and would love to drink it every day. Kyouko tries to interrupt that Yui can’t protect her forever but was rejected. Then they go look at photo albums of young Yui and Kyouko. Kyouko again fools around by saying that Yui wanted to do yuri things (based on a photo) but obviously it was made up. Chinatsu wonders how long they’ve been friends but they’re unsure since their parents know each other so it just happened. Chinatsu feels she wants to be close friends with them too so Kyouko starts puckering her lips to kiss her! She gets stepped on by Yui of course. But still she causes more ruckus that made the orange juice spill over Chinatsu’s shirt. Yui suggests she takes a shower and borrow her clothes. Just as Chinatsu prepares to get in, Kyouko is already waiting for her in the bathtub! It’s Yui’s turn to set things right again. Soon the day is over as Akari and Chinatsu leave. Seems Kyouko is already in her pyjamas preparing to stay for the night. Yup, she already told her parents. They tug in after playing video games (Yui levelling up pretty fast). Kyouko mentions that though Yui may act strong, she is actually lonely. When Kyouko smells the blanket, she felt hungry. So Yui once again has to do the work and makes instant noodles for her. Upon knowing this is her last cup, Kyouko gives half to her. She’s not that bad. But most of the time she is :). Right in the middle of the night, Kyouko wakes up in horror that she forgot to do her homework! I guess Yui has to help out. I don’t know how many homework she has but they literally fell asleep on it. So much so they realize they are late for school when Akari and Chinatsu come to pick them up. Oh, Kyouko forgot her uniform too. As the quartet rush to school, Kyouko and Chinatsu get into some arguing ‘competition’ that they got to borrow stuff from Yui.

Episode 4
The final test is around the corner and Chitose hopes Kyouko will win for the sake of her fantasy. I guess she is the ultimate winner whoever wins. Akari and co pass by a Tanabata tree filled with written wishes. With all the typical wishes (love, wealth, peace, etc), they are horrified to see one that is smeared out (it’s considered bad luck to wish for someone’s death so it’s scribbled out). As they think of what to write, Kyouko thinks of doing something yuri with Chinatsu. However Chinatsu wrote she wants a kiss from Yui. This spoils Kyouko mood as she rips her own and rewrites her wish to sleep more. Because Yui doesn’t know what to write, Kyouko suggests kissing Chinatsu (still pouting). Guess what? Yui kisses Chinatsu on the forehead!!! Wish granted! While Chinatsu is in heaven, Kyouko snaps and hits Yui’s head! As for Akari’s wish, she wants to be noticed more often. As she puts her wish somewhere more noticeable, the wind blows it away. In the club room as Kyouko sleeps due to tiredness, Ayano barges in to remind her about settling the score but is dismayed to see her laidback attitude. Back home as Ayano and Chitose study, the latter notes that if she really wins, she doesn’t really want to kick Kyouko and the others out since it’s just her way of talking to Kyouko. So over the next few days, Ayano studies so hard. That she wears earphones during sleep, notes plastered all over the wall in the toilet and even one during cycling! Kids, don’t read and ride! You’ll never know which post you’ll hit into. Once the tests are over, Ayano is delighted to see her name in the number one spot. However, Kyouko’s name is not even in the list. Where is she? Kyouko passes by as Ayano questions about her position. Seems Kyouko scored low marks on all of her tests! Some even zero! The reason being the day of the test and her doujin deadline were on the same day. She didn’t have time to study and slept through the exams. Ayano is pissed, reminding her about their bet but Kyouko changes the subject about her Tanabata wish she saw that day. She wonders which person Ayano wanted to get along better with (isn’t it obvious?). Embarrassed Ayano runs away vowing to get back at her another day.

The student council body along with Akari and co visit the beach. Ayano uses “the loser must do what the winner says” as an excuse. Each time Ayano and Kyouko interact, Chitose brings down her glasses for ultimate fantasy. Then somebody will give her tissues to plug her nose bleed. Himawari and Sakurako are also competing with each other on just about anything. So it’s fun in the sun and sand with antics like Akari tripping while rushing to the sea, big boobs envy, volleyball and eating watermelon. At the end of the day, Ayano wishes she could be more honest (looking at Kyouko and remembering her wish). Ayano realizes her bra and panty are missing. But she puts on a yukata to be safe. So night falls and the girls play sparklers and fireworks. Himawari and Sakurako as usual are at it but none can outlast the other while Chitose experiences more nose bleeds. Chitose even had the cheek to ask Ayano about her confession to a certain someone. But was dismissed quickly by Ayano before anyone could find out. Once everyone puts away the fireworks, Ayano thanks Chitose for always being there to help her. Because of her, she had fun today. And as for her wish, she felt it was granted. Then Kyouko comes running but trips. She falls over Ayano and notices her not wearing any undies. Chitose nose bleeds like hell and is on the verge of death. Something she wouldn’t mind. Lastly Akari finds her Tanabata wish at the beach but just like the wind, easy come, easy go. Yeah, blame the wind again. I guess hers is the only wish not granted.

Episode 5
Ayano thinks there must be something special for Kyouko to call her to meet at the train station. However Chitose and Yui are also there as she is whisked through several transports to Comiket at Tokyo. Seems Kyouko has a doujin circle here and since it would be too much for Akari or Chinatsu to handle, she has Ayano and Chitose come instead. Haha. Though Kyouko would very much love Chinatsu to come to cosplay as Mirakurun. Since Kyouko has only 3 circle group admission tickets, the rest took it and leave her to crawl through the general entrance. Ayano reads Kyouko’s doujin and never knew she did something like this. Kyouko is ecstatic that 10 people have already bought her copies. Because Chitose is having too much nose bleed, Yui offers to take her to the toilet. But this is a chance for them to cosplay. Kyouko dresses as Mirakurun, Chitose as Ganbo (big round robot ball), Ayano as Rivalun and Yui as Rivalun before transformation. Yui and Chitose take a break and walk around the hall. Chitose gets attracted by the yuri section and starts having massive nose bleeds. Oh God. The costume is so tainted. Meanwhile a fan goes up to Kyouko’s counter and proclaims she is Kyouko’s biggest fan. At the end of the day, Kyouko thanks Ayano’s help by giving her a copy of Mirakurun. But it seems Kyouko has bought boxes of Mirakurun books and can’t wait to read them all (that’s why they’ll carry it all themselves). I guess Ayano has had it and vows never to come with her to Comiket again.

Sakurako is at Himawari’s place to help the former finish her summer homework. Because Himawari won’t let her copy, Sakurako ‘abducts’ Himawari’s little sister, Kaede and threatens to pinch her cheeks! However little sister says not to blame her because of the education system that puts pressure on them. That’s why she will endure this and that she mustn’t give up. I guess the tears in her eyes must have changed Sakurako’s mind as she starts apologizing and frees her. Soon the duo talk about the looming student council election and why they joined it. Then Sakurako sings praises for Akari for helping others (more like she always relied on her) and even comes up with a fantasy whereby Akari may be some super hero fighting to defend peace and her screen time! Yeah, she became invisible alright. So will Himawari still be helpful and give Sakurako her work? No way! Elsewhere Akari visits Chinatsu in her room and the latter has a questionnaire for her to fill about Yui. Including her favourite panty colour. Chinatsu admits she likes Yui a lot but Akari doesn’t understand how deep her love meant. She will gladly help out. Chinatsu asks whom Yui likes the most and Akari answers Kyouko because they’ve been together since young. Chinatsu falls into depression and starts cursing in her whisper! She thinks in order to get closer to Yui, she needs to kiss her. Akari is shocked to hear that but not as shocked as the next thing that will happen. Chinatsu gets this crazy idea to practice kissing together! Oh sh*t! See that ‘evil’ in her eyes? She’s pretty determined. Chinatsu chases Akari around the house till she is caught at the doorstep. Akari thought she was saved by the doorbell but Chinatsu dismisses its numerous rings and, and, and… OMG! Yuri rape! The kiss! THE KISS!!! Yui and Kyouko open the door seeing that no one answered and they saw the unspeakable… They’re here to give souvenirs from Tokyo but decide to quickly leave and let them continue whatever they’re doing. Oh Chinatsu, they already got the wrong idea so don’t bother stopping them. Poor Akari. She ‘died’ and her first kiss when to a psycho yuri girl.

Episode 6
Kyouko does a skit by changing her face into a very cute and sparkly one! After giving some tips to the rest on how to achieve such a face, it seems everyone could pull it off except for Akari. I don’t know how she screwed up. In class, a junior wants to see Kyouko. Seems she is a fan of her drawing and wants some tips on how to draw. Conviction! Practice! Hard work! Heart! And most important, you got to enjoy it. She is pulled away by Yui since she is on class duty. Later Kyouko writes a yuri love story between herself and Yui. So much so Chinatsu chops it in her reflex! Kyouko tells her the true meaning of this story: Chinatsu will never have Yui and that’s why she can have Kyouko! Don’t believe a crap she says! Chinatsu is pissed off with that retched story that she starts ripping the copy. But Kyouko got the original… So as not to lose out, Chinatsu draws her own story and shows it to the gang. You know what? Her drawing is so horrible that you might think you’re seeing a horror show!!! I’ll give her points for her cool title: The Eternal, Unstoppable Paradox of Love. Everything else just went downhill. Akari is so shocked that she already fainted! Kyouko and Yui are forced to listen to the horror love story and when they thought it ended, it was just halfway! Chinatsu wants to continue so Kyouko takes out some clay to play. Chinatsu puts her story away since Yui did express her ‘desire’ to play with the clay. She’ll continue tomorrow. Hah. Just delaying the inevitable. Akari makes some animals and Yui some gyozas while Kyouko fools around making Akari’s head. Chinatsu made something that we can’t see because of the mosaic. Kyouko later makes Mirakurun but it is actually Chinatsu. Yeah, she’s making her legs spread! As they discuss that they should take a trip to the hotspring, Akari returns from toilet and disheartened to see Kyouko has made human limbs to her cat model! Kyouko does more erotic positions with the ‘Chinatsu’ clay and since she can’t destroy such piece of work or even bring it back home (because Chinatsu protests), she thinks of giving it to Yui so that she could look at it whenever she feels lonely at night. Chinatsu gives the green light.

Next day, they decide to visit Yui (to see if the clay is still there) but they see Yui’s niece, Mari. Mari looked at Chinatsu and whispers to Yui how she looks like Mirakurun. This gives the rest an idea to dress Chinatsu up and act as one (I guess that flop move was all part of Kyouko’s scheme to have some laughs, eh?). Mari is impressed and wants her to do some magic and since Kyouko has no plan for this, Chinatsu breaks the wand as an excuse she can’t do anymore magic. Mari then wants to walk with ‘Mirakurun’. Chinatsu feels embarrassed that everyone is staring at her but decides to continue since she thinks this will score points with Yui. Mari buys a replacement wand (bread stick?) for ‘Mirakurun’. Back home, everyone praises Chinatsu for a job well done. Just when Mari leaves for toilet, Chinatsu lets herself loose and gets Kyouko and Akari to serve her. Then they see Mari peeking from the door (Chinatsu was eating the ‘wand’). She closes the door. Oh, the disappointment. Mari tells Yui how harsh life can be because she realized that ‘Mirakurun’ is a fake. Next day in the club room, Akari has written her own special story and is about to show it to her pals. As she is about to start, the next scene suddenly reads “The End”! Actually she messed up her chapter arrangement. Keep searching, girl. Episode’s already over.

Episode 7
Kyouko comes to the club room dressed as a Santarina though it’s a week to Christmas. Did she really forget the date even though she denied she did? Anyway she has a special programme that involves everyone including the student council body. They are to head to town in pairs as couples for Christmas. To see who pairs up with whom, they draw from a lottery box. Almost everyone has a burning aura to end up with a certain somebody they want or at least not with that somebody. It’s really getting tensed. So Christmas day arrives and we have Ayano and Yui paired together. Should Ayano be disappointed she didn’t get Kyouko? Anyway the duo are so awkward with each other at the park filled with lovey-dovey lovers, they end up sitting there and not talking much. Kyouko must have got the wish of her life because she got Chinatsu as her partner! Chinatsu so disappointed… They go watch a Mirakurun movie and in the dark, no matter how many times Kyouko tries to touch or forcefully hugs her, Chinatsu somehow evades them all! She gives up and loses herself in the pace of the movie. Once it’s done, they head over to the arcade and Kyouko surprises Chinatsu with a cat plushie that Chinatsu wanted so much via crane game. Kyouko asks for permission to hold hands and I guess for this one time, Chinatsu allows. Elsewhere in a restaurant, Chitose gives a box of salted pickles as thanks for Akari’s tissue box. Chitose thought Ayano may be disappointed but after fantasizing a new possibility with Yui, she thinks it isn’t so bad after all. And yeah, Akari came ready with boxes of tissues for her. So you must have guessed the last pair. Yup, the inevitable has happened. Whatever they do, something will always pull them together. Himawari and Sakurako are at the diner together. Both trying not to order the same thing and Sakurako gets upset upon seeing Himawari’s bouncy boobs. Yeah, it ruined her Christmas. When their main western meal arrive, they start feeding each other because they each have a particular veggie they didn’t like. Everyone around thought how cute they were. This embarrasses Himawari so she slaps Sakurako! Ayano and Yui talk about their close friends of Chitose and Kyouko recently. They may be troublesome but are good people. By the time they manage to strike off a decent conversation, it’s time for everyone to gather back. Yui goes up to Kyouko to thank her for everything. Kyouko thought something is terribly wrong and touches Yui’s forehead to see if she’s sick. Haha.

On New Year’s Day, Akari gets lots of New Year money for being a polite girl. Hey, at least the adults notice her. Then she reads her greeting cards and got the shock of her life when she reads Chinatsu’s. Remember her horror art? Yeah, that. Chinatsu on the other hand starts fantasizing her New Year rendezvous with Yui and getting hornier by the moment. Yui and Mari are together so the latter expresses she likes her. But when Yui reminds her not to say that to ‘Mirakurun’, bad memories start flowing back. Kyouko sleeps through when her mom serves her New Year’s dish and greeting cards. She instantly gets up when she hears the sound of money! As for Akari, she really got knocked out by Chinatsu’s horror drawing so much so the other kids start sticking wood sticks in her hair to their amusement…

Episode 8
Ayano and Chitose are cleaning the archive room on April Fool’s Day. Chitose challenges Ayano to see how many lies she can spot. Ayano starts thinking that she may not be a good liar. After all, she’s wearing sexy lingerie? Kyouko sniffed her shoes? Ghost in the girl’s toilet? A 10 year expired corn beef tin in the room? Akari keeps pet ants under her desk? Chitose has a twin? So once the duo finish cleaning up, Chitose reveals her lies once confident Ayano makes a long list of them. The only lie she told was when she will tell her lies. That means she has been telling truths all the while?! And Chitose has the cheek to note that Ayano lied when she said she didn’t like Kyouko. Haha. Tsundere. Yui and Kyouko are at the library when they spot Chitose reading. Kyouko tries to get her attention but Chitose ignores her, to her dismay. Because of that, Kyouko goes to great lengths to get her attention or even cheer her up because her mood is more important than her studies! Each time, Chitose just coldly ignores her, breaking that idiot’s heart. Why couldn’t she just take Yui’s advice she just wants to be left alone to read and not to bother her? The last straw came when Kyouko blows into her ear. Chitose sneers at her! Scary! While Kyouko seeks Yui’s console, Ayano and Chitose come in. Eh? Actually, that girl Kyouko has been bugging is Chizuru, Chitose’s twin. SHE REALLY HAS A TWIN?! Shocking, eh? And a close friend like Ayano too didn’t know!

Chizuru runs into Ayano and Chitose after class. Chitose tells Ayano some sisterly secrets like they wash each other’s back and sleep close together. Chitose teases that Ayano may do something similar with Kyouko but the latter denies. Suddenly Chizuru takes off her glasses and starts drooling! OMG! Her fantasies are becoming much clearer when she blurs her vision! And you thought this serious monotonous sister was an opposite of Chitose! I guess if you’re a twin, you’re still a twin. Geddit? Then Yui and Kyouko come by. Because Kyouko continues to be annoying friendly with Chizuru, she tells her to go die. Yui thinks she really hates Kyouko but she thinks not. To prove it, Kyouko runs up to Chizuru wanting to kiss her and was hit on the head! Because Ayano tries to stop Chizuru’s drooling, it’s Chitose’s turn to fantasize. She’s got her hands full with a bunch of delusional twins. Chitose wants Kyouko and Chizuru to be on good terms and has them shake hands. When Kyouko quips Chizuru as tsundere, she squeezes her hand so hard that it went out of shape! When they part, Kyouko reminds Ayano to use some deodorant because her shoes stink. OMG! So she did sniff her shoes! Back home, the twins have dinner, bath (Chizuru spotted Chitose’s sexy lingerie in the wash! So it’s true too!) and prepare for bed by themselves since their grandma will be late coming home. Meanwhile Yui and Kyouko are also sleeping close together and the former wonders why the Chizuru hates Kyouko so much (after all that pestering, who wouldn’t?). Kyouko is still in denial about being hated when it hit her that Chizuru really do hate her! She gets so depressed so much so Yui cheers her up with rum raisins. She then says to go apologize to Chizuru tomorrow and will accompany her. Next day, all seems forgotten as Chizuru is trying to get away from pesky Kyouko who is smitten all over her. They really do get along, eh?

Episode 9
Hot summer is here so Kyouko suggests telling ghost stories, something Chinatsu is pretty weak at. Then she changes her mind to do kimodameshi to scare Ayano and tries to come up with some ideas. I don’t know about Chinatsu’s idea of using Akari as the target but doesn’t it seem like bullying? Eventually, Kyouko decides to drop the idea because it’s too much effort. Averse to hard work, eh? Yui suggests of visiting the student council room since they have air-cond and a mini freezer. Kyouko is grateful for that info and serves her tea. Hot tea. Ouch! Yui ties her hair up into twintails and got Chinatsu excited. After spraying something cool on their handkerchiefs, they talk about the super powers they would like to have. Kyouko feels the powers of flying (Chinatsu), talking to animals (Akari) and warping (Yui) are too ordinary as compared to hers which is a burglar alarm power… Couldn’t you buy that anywhere? Yui allows Chinatsu to lay her head on her lap. Chinatsu finds it cool and comfortable and doesn’t even want to budge even if the rest decide to visit the student council room. Eventually they all did and as they talk about the existence of ghosts, Kyouko is going to show them one that happens all the time. As she opens the student council room door, they see an unknown girl sitting at the table. Kyouko thinks she must be a wandering spirit with regrets attached to this school, the reason she can’t leave. Chinatsu really gets freaked out and runs away followed by the rest (she thought they should make a run while the ghost takes Kyouko!). Then Akari trips so the rest respect her great bravery and left her behind. That ghost girl actually is Rise Matsumoto, the student council president. She is visited by teacher Nana Nishigaki. Sensei is complaining about being reprimanded after another failed explosive experiment. Then Ayano comes in with questions about filling out a certain form. Well, you thought Matsumoto already had little presence or no lines but even if she did you won’t hear them because she’s speaking damn f*cking soft! Only Nishigaki seems to be able to decipher what she says!!! Say what again? When Ayano learns Nishigaki blew up the science room, this means she’ll be using their room for the time being. Uh oh.

After Ayano leaves, Nishigaki talks to Matsumoto about her explosive experiment to fly around. Though she did try cannonball or helium gas, neither worked out (the former destroyed her house which still has no roof till today and the latter she got reprimanded by the principal for having a squeaky voice). Chinatsu, Kyouko and Yui return to the student council room at the same time with Ayano and Chitose. Suddenly an explosion rocks the place and blows the door wide open. Amazingly, everything is ruined except for Nishigaki. Even Matsumoto got caught within the blast. Ayano asks Nishigaki about her special relationship with Matsumoto and she replies it is a forbidden one. Well, Matsumoto helps to test new drugs she invented to see if they’re safe. Actually it’s more illegal than forbidden. So they’ve got an explosive friendship and have been blown up together many times. Chinatsu learns from Chitose that Matsumoto isn’t a ghost but their president. In fact, Matsumoto has always been with them even during that beach outing! I guess the screen wasn’t long enough to put her in. Always at the sidelines, eh? Chitose did a cheeky move by putting the cold rum raisin ice cream at Chinatsu’s back, freaking her out. Kyouko takes the rum raisin (though it belongs to Ayano) and eats it. Lastly Ayano asks what kind of experiments Matsumoto do for Nishigaki. She couldn’t say but blushes. Chinatsu and co decide to look for Akari since her nose is nowhere to be found ever since. Speaking of the devil, they see her returning with Himawari and Sakurako. Akari starts apologizing to them since she couldn’t make it to the club room today as she was busy helping those 2 out with the teacher. Hey! If she wasn’t with them all along, then who the heck was that Akari???!!! Getting goose bumps!!! Chinatsu runs away in fear while the others chide Yui that even her ghost lacks noticeability. Such a cold joke on a hot day…

Episode 10
Yui and Kyouko’s class take a school trip. Ayano, Chitose and Chizuru are also there. Despite telling others not to get excited, Ayano herself can’t contain her excitement. Expect nose bleeding galore from Chitose. The girls go sightseeing at Kiyomizu Temple which includes trekking through a dark room (it is believed you are blessed by Gods if you do not trip during the walk) but they touched each other’s body parts. Ahem. Then they touch a healing Buddha statue believed to heal a body part of yours when you rub that part. Of course Kyouko misinterprets that Yui wants to be smarter when she rubs the forehead (she wanted to cure her headache) and Ayano wanted big boobs (she hopes her heart will be honest). When they discover the kind of hotel they’ll be staying, everyone gets excited for their own reasons so much so Yui has to tell each of them to calm down. But the most excited one has got to be Kyouko. Upon arrival, she already changed her clothes and checks around the place like an eager beaver, as though this is her first time seeing everything. So excited that she went to bug Chizuru in the next room (got face palm anyway).

The girls start bathing and as usual Kyouko fools around by pouring shampoo and then sliding on the slippery floor. She also went swimming in the hotspring (which isn’t proper – oh, Chitose used the tub for her nose bleed drip) and then instantly came out a few seconds after entering the sauna. You thought after being so active, she’d be burnt out and collapsed in their room. Till she heard everyone was going to buy souvenirs. Dang. Her annoyance continues when she interrupts Chizuru’s fantasy on Ayano and Chitose! Shoulder chop! Despite dismissing Chitose’s advice to buy the same gift as Kyouko, Ayano bought a wooden sword just like her. Totally tsundere. During meal time, Ayano allows Kyouko to take her taro in return for a daikon. Kyouko feeds Ayano and this scene has Chitose ‘coloured’ her miso soup blood red. I wonder how her blood tastes like. Ayano thought it’s her turn to feed Kyouko but she instantly took the taro and breaks the mood. Kyouko continues to bug Chizuru for her food (no prizes to guess what she deservingly got). Because Kyouko ate too much, she experiences stomach discomfort. Thanks to Yui’s medicine, she feels much better. Which field trip is complete without a pillow fight? So it’s Team Kyouko versus Team Ayano. Kyouko puts a special rule whereby one is out when she nose bleeds. Looks like Chitose is already out by default even before it starts. But when it properly starts, Kyouko plays dirty by suggesting to kiss Ayano. Chitose tries to hold in her bleeding but it’s not working and does more harm than good. Yup. She’s bleeding through her eyes!!! Scary!!! With Chitose’s life at stake, Ayano imposes a new rule that they must not use male honorifics. However Yui isn’t good in that so Kyouko and Ayano start throwing pillows at each other. They up the ante and intensity when Kyouko accidentally takes Yui out and Chitose got knocked out in the cross-fire. In the end, both girls are sweaty, tired and are going to call a draw. Chitose sees them in an ambiguous position and taints the futon. Looks like they’ll need to go in the bath again. As they soak in, they see the beautiful starry sky as Kyouko wishes how every day would be like this and that these fun times will last forever. Nobody is going to say something because they don’t want to ruin the peaceful mood.

Episode 11
Looking back photos when Yui, Kyouko and Akari were young, Chinatsu spots a picture whereby it looked like they had an argument. Actually it was another kid that they didn’t know that tried to start a fight. Flashback time. When the trio wanted to play at the playground, a girl forbid them and proclaimed it as hers. Hey, doesn’t girl look like Chinatsu? IT IS CHINATSU! Man, back then Chinatsu was a mean b*tch and Kyouko a weak cry-baby! Cocky Chinatsu takes Kyouko as hostage and threaten to do horrible stuff to her in order to make them leave. Yui actually kicked her! Then they start their kiddie fight by spraying water and throw insults. Kyouko thinks they should give up but Yui is adamant to protect her from the bully. Chinatsu and Yui had a final showdown whereby… They pinched each other’s nose? The confrontation ended when Chinatsu’s mom comes calling her. Soon Kyouko mom’s come by to snap a photo of them. Back in present time, Chinatsu only has praises for Yui and berates how pathetic the duo are. Still not knowing she was the real bully, Chinatsu continues to berate the bully when Akari spots Chinatsu in the background of the photo. Yeah, it hit her as everything falls into place. So how? Pretend she didn’t see the picture! Later Yui reveals that she cut her hair short because she had to look tough to protect a certain cry-baby at that time. Kyouko acts indifferent, pissing them off. They wish the old Kyouko was around. Besides, Yui also thinks that Akari was more noticeable then. Haha. It’s that word again. Because they continue to insult Kyouko, she leaves in a huff.

Kyouko passes by Ayano and advises her not to read while walking, shocking that tsundere. Kyouko returns to the club room and as the girls chat, they notice something strange. Kyouko is damn polite! They think this is an intruder! The truth is, Kyouko slipped and fell down the stairs. So she’s got amnesia and character change, eh? To tackle this problem, they bring her to the student council room. Everyone is shocked by Kyouko’s change. Ayano couldn’t believe it. Sakurako and Himawari couldn’t believe it was Kyouko and not the other who had the character change. Chitose suggests a cure instead of calling the hospital: Knock her head. Like fighting fire with fire, huh? But look at all the tools they have… So idea dropped? Yui thinks of leaving her alone for a while in hopes that she will return to normal in no time. Back in the Amusement Club, the girls continue to chat but when Kyouko finds out how this building didn’t get proper permission for usage, she stamps her disapproval. In class, Yui continues to observe her character. Seems Kyouko is paying attention when she should normally be sleeping on her drawing. Kyouko passes by Akari and Chinatsu without much fanfare.  In normal circumstances, Kyouko would’ve harassed Chinatsu to death. She may think the new Kyouko is fine but Akari is feeling uncomfortable. Because if Kyouko doesn’t ignore her, her lack of noticeability won’t get her noticed! WTF?! Chizuru and Kyouko bump into each other at the library. As usual Chizuru is ready to tell her off but Kyouko coolly gives the book Chizuru is looking for. Chizuru is so scared of what happened that she cried in Chitose’s bosoms! WTF?! Then Kyouko politely enters the student council room (normally she would just barge in without knocking) and apologizes to Ayano about the misuse of their club and will rectify it. Ayano may be able to get more stuff done without worrying about Kyouko but she starts crying when Chitose mentions not to overwork herself. Even she herself notices that with Kyouko behaving well, her nose bleeds have lessened. Good thing, right?

Kyouko meets her friends and tells them she is disbanding the Amusement Club due to improper use and that they did nothing constructive. Woah. Serious. Yui remembers when Kyouko first formed this club just to have fun and was looking forward to it despite Yui herself having her reservations. Yui couldn’t take it anymore and couldn’t accept Kyouko for who she is and wants her back the way she was. She may be selfish and act like an idiot, but that is what made everything fun. Because of her unpredictability, she made her do lots of crazy things that were fun. She likes her better the other way. Even Akari and Chinatsu agree and want the old Kyouko back. So there is one thing left for Yui to do. Yeah, knock her head. But with what, we’ll never know. Ayano happily skips her way to the Amusement Club to challenge Kyouko again to leave this building, which she happily accepts. Yeah, everybody likes the old Kyouko. Then Akari comes in and seems more talkative, ambitious and active than ever. The girls find out that she slipped and hit her head down the stairs. Though Akari feels nothing needs to be worried, however she is going to start having to. See everyone else taking out a ‘weapon’ getting ready to beat her down with a smile on their face!!! OH SH*T!!! Violent girls! Well, why change your method when it proved to be the most efficient and cheapest way. Kindness? Screw that! We just want the old Akari back whereby she is easy to ignore. Hah. The irony.

Episode 12
Ayano breaks up the Amusement Club’s viewing of a tear-jerking (but unconvincing) Mirakurun anime. Seems the club have got permission for a sleepover and they have invited the student council body also (including Matsumoto and Nishigaki). Of course the tsundere will gladly attend with excuse to keep an eye on them. Kyouko has animal pyjamas for her friends but hers is a little special: A tomato. Plus, she allows herself to be stepped on by Yui. Right time to take out your frustrations on that idiot? Step harder! So once everyone gathers, Kyouko announces another special event. Amusement Club versus the student council. The loser gets expelled. Say what?!

Round 1: Othello: Akari vs Sakurako
Amazingly, Akari wins by turning all the pieces onto the board hers! Well, it’s not so much Sakurako sucks but rather she didn’t notice her putting her pieces! Shocking unnoticeability!

Round 2: Mirakurun impersonations: Chinatsu vs Himawari
Chinatsu perfectly imitates Mirakurun so much so the rest felt it was to a point of disgust. Meanwhile Himawari is so embarrassed as Rivalun that Kyouko announces her as the winner! It was a trick to get Chinatsu to hug her but it didn’t work.

Round 3: Charade: Kyouko-Yui vs Ayano-Chitose
Yui must be over-thinking every simple gesture Yui made and when she tried guessing them normally, it turned out something complex. As for the twins, Chizuru could guess with precision and long tongue twisting names, the gestures Chitose put up. Even that they are all the same!!! WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?!

Round 4: Experiment: Ayano vs Matsumoto (special guest)
Strapped to some machine, whoever gets the better result wins. Uhm… Nishigaki blew everything up. It’s amazing the club house and everyone are still intact and only the machines destroyed.

With the contest over (I guess nobody really won), it’s time to soak in the barrel. They have to take turns since there are only 2. After Himawari and Sakurako are done with theirs, Chinatsu and Akari dip in. Akari’s barrel loses its balance as she tumbles through the woods, down the cliff and into the river!!! When it’s Ayano and Kyouko’s turn, Ayano is embarrassed to share it but Kyouko makes her come in with her. Even though Chitose is far away, she can sense something yuri happening between them and automatically lifts her glasses for ultimate fantasizing. As Matsumoto and Nishigaki take their turn, nobody give a damn or remember where Akari is! Heck, she must have flown downstream somewhere! They even ate dinner without her! As they clean up, only Chinatsu remembers she forgot Akari and goes to get her (about time you b*tch!). Kyouko wants to slack around eating her chocolate desserts instead of helping out. Upon hearing Chitose has never had one since she was a kid, Kyouko excitedly gives her a piece to try. Suddenly Chitose goes up to Ayano and kisses her! OMG! OMG!!! OMG!!!!! WTF just happened?! Then she goes to Matsumoto and did the same!!!

As explained by Chizuru, whenever she eats chocolate, a demon awakens inside her. Flashback reveals the young twins wanted to have a bite of grandma’s chocolate but she refused and made up a tale that children’s will become demons if they do so. Grandma only meant to scare them about cavities but it backfired and turned her into this (now Chitose is moving on to Nishigaki). Hey wait a minute. If she was traumatized by this fact, shouldn’t she not pop the chocolate in her mouth in the first place? Well apparently she had forgotten about it and the traumatized demon is only left. Haha. Now Chizuru gets kissed. Yeah, see her drooling… Next victim is… Yui! When Chinatsu comes back with Akari, she is shocked to see her beloved Yui being violated! She passes out and Chitose moves onto her before it’s Akari’s turn! Well, she noticed her… I think Akari is the only one who had prior experience of a girl kissing her. Yeah, it’s that feeling again… Dead. Kyouko volunteers to stop her. How? Kiss and hug her! How the heck does that help?! Maybe she just wanted to make out. I guess with everyone done the first round. It’s time for round 2. Oh no, Akari being targeted… Needing to stem this problem, Yui thinks it would be best to tire her out. However more people will be ‘attacked’ in the while. The only option left is to make her nose bleed even if it may be risky. How? Kyouko and Ayano together! Ayano sums up her courage to peck Kyouko on her cheek. This instantly catches Chitose’s attention. When Himawari and Sakurako return with the futons, they see the entire room soaked with blood! It’s like a murder scene!

As everyone tugs in for the night, Matsumoto is worried she can’t wake up tomorrow so Nishigaki assures her she will set her alarm at 7.30am. Hey! Why is there a dynamite attached to it?! Morning comes and 5 seconds before the alarm, Akari’s hand automatically presses the button. Phew. Good thing everybody won’t be blown up when they wake up or find themselves on the wrong side of the bed J. Everyone goes to brush their teeth outside except for Akari who is still sleeping. Then her hand moves off from the button and BOOOOOOOM!!! Everyone is surprised by the loud noise and thinks Akari sacrificed herself to save them! They’ll always remember her. What a way for the unnoticeable protagonist to die at the end! You know whose fault was this, right? I’m starting to think that Nishigaki’s explosion never kills everyone either because she’s a failure when it comes to explosive or each bomb is just a dud. Oh by the way, Akari is still alive and not KIA.

Yuri Yuujou
It has been a fun ride from the first episode and series that do not drive on the plot, it is the wacky characters that make the series fun and enjoyable. In my opinion, the character of the series is definitely Kyouko. Which group will be fun, entertaining and exciting without the resident idiot? You need to have a troublemaker and serial harasser do liven things up. That episode which shows her change in character proves it. Everybody loves a firebrand like her. No matter how much an idiot she is, she is THEIR idiot. Though she isn’t a pest for every second (most of it anyway), she too displays a caring side like sharing the last cup of noodles with Yui. Unlike idiots alike who are usually dumb, Kyouko is pretty smart (at least when the exams are around when concerned) and has a talent in drawing doujin. String of luck? Well, it’s called the law of averages. You have to be right sometimes. Heck, Kyouko should have been the protagonist of the series instead of Akari. It is mind boggling how she changed from a weakling to someone who is so hyper active. What happened in between? Maybe we’ll find out more on that when the second season arrives. Yes, the sequel has been given the green light so it is only a matter of time before these girls will hit the screen again. Unless something unforeseeable happens (mind the noticeability pun).

Akari’s noticeability (besides being the butt of jokes by her friends) is the running joke of the series. Maybe we were made to believe that she is the main character but in actual fact it isn’t. I guess the thing she cares about now is her noticeability and even if she does get noticed, I feel it’s only trouble or for the worse. Like the kiss… At least she fares better than Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’s Kagerou Usui. So my guess the only for her to get noticed and not overshadowed is to go missing from the episode. Oh, the irony. The other character second to her in noticeability is Matsumoto. Heck, I don’t think she even got any proper lines. But then, there isn’t anything mysterious enough about her that warrants viewers to want to find out more about her. Maybe except for her relationship with Nishigaki. Perhaps it’s just that. One blows up, the other gets blown up. You could say that Nishigaki rocks your world if you’re friends with her. Her explosive experiments couldn’t match the explosive nature of Kyouko… Every group needs to have to mature, cool and calm girl. You also need someone to put her foot down (and do some stomping. Literally) on pesky idiots that go wild sometimes. That is what Yui is. She plays a big sister and best friend to most of the characters. Chinatsu may be acting cute but at times you may notice her dark side, especially when she murmurs ‘evil’ things and through her drawings. This can be traced back to her ‘pure evil’ childhood days when she was a bully. I guess with Yui around, this puts a control on her behaviour. Come to think of it, I was hoping to at least see Akari’s imouto-con sister but didn’t make any appearance. I think if she was thrown in the fray, it will be even more havoc. You have Kyouko on one hand and now you have this obsessed person. Maybe next time, eh?

Ayano is a typical tsundere and it is no secret that everybody knows her feelings for Kyouko. Maybe except for that idiot herself. As much as she denies anything to do with or for Kyouko, she comes up with excuses to justify her actions do watch or do the same thing with her. Chitose’s nose bleeding happens quite often in the series that it reminded me of Maria+Holic’s Kanako! However Chitose isn’t going to be a yuri pig like Kanako because she wasn’t annoying and she’s just keeping her yuri fantasies to herself and not doing any real harm to others. After losing so much blood, it’s amazing she’s still walking. And I feel she doesn’t even need to take of her glasses to even fantasize at times. She can just close her eyes and see everything she desires. So theoretically it would be a grave situation if she is ever blinded. Literally she can paint (taint) the entire town red. Chizuru is the same like her sister but just that saliva keeps coming out from her mouth. I can’t really say she’s a tsundere towards Kyouko because she really does detest that annoying idiot. She’s ready to go into sneering mode (or even defensive retaliation) each time she gets up close to her. Himawari and Sakurako are the best example of what you call ‘frenemies’. They hate each other to the guts but yet continue to be with each other. There are a couple of scenes whereby we see them so close to each other that it feels like a genuine yuri mood. So is hate their kind of love? You can say that they are tsundere for each other. Oh well, Sakurako is always filled with envy over Himawari’s excellent proportions. I thought Mari reminded me of a chibi version of Kaichou Wa Maid-sama’s Suzuna. Monotonous voice, deadpan expression, strange fetish. Too bad she has to learn about the harsh realities that Mirakurun doesn’t exist. Just like when you really find out about Santa Claus, right?

As mentioned the yuri factor is considered mild and the final episode whereby Chitose went on a serial kissing spree seems more comical rather than stimulating in a yuri fashion. Besides, not every girl in the series is yuri. Like Akari. Maybe because nobody noticed her. Haha! Kyouko and Yui share a special relationship since they are childhood friends and though they seem to do things together (like sleeping), it doesn’t indicate anything suggestive or further. I’m not sure if Kyouko loves hounding, pounding, harassing, badgering and irking Chinatsu and Chizuru is it because of her yuri desire or she just finds them cute and wants to smudge them. Anyway, she’s not giving up on them real soon. The love between Ayano and Kyouko is only one-sided. If Ayano have been more honest with her feelings and toss aside her tsundere, maybe her love would have been returned. But then again, you can never predict what Kyouko would do. So instead of losing the special love-hate relationship she has now with her, it’s better for her to act tsundere. In this sense, Chitose can continue to have unlimited nose bleeding stimulations with them as the main source and likewise with Chizuru for Ayano and Chitose. So basically the use of the yuri theme here is for friendship purpose and nothing more. I happen to also notice that there are relatively no male characters. Even if there are, they are kept to a minimum, their faces not shown. It’s like an anime totally dedicated for girls only.

An amusing segment of the series is the title call which happens at the start of every episode. To say this is Akari’s most prominent part or her exclusive section is rather inaccurate. In this segment that lasts around 20 seconds, it is supposed to be Akari’s job to announce the start of the series when her friends call out to her nickname. However this only lasted for a couple of episodes as subsequent episodes will have something that interrupts Akari’s flow. For instance, we have UFOs flying about, being cut off too fast, being delayed, someone impersonating as Akari (oh, that fake mask), being replaced (it start off with a flashback instead, thus cancelling the title call), being turned invisible (a sign that she/they are not going to make further appearances in that episode!), a haunted ghost backdrop version and the final episode in which Mari hijacks the segment (there goes Akari’s final call to get noticed). The mid-intermission shows the characters of the series doing some sort of action or pose. Just that I find the dramatic (electric guitar rock?) or cute (playful flute?) background music to be a little odd. Another amusing running joke of the series is the suggestion box that Kyouko uses. If I’m not mistaken, the same box that first started out as a suggestion box for Akari’s noticeability had also been used for other suggestions as well. You can see the name of the topics being cut out each time she uses the box for something new. Are they trying to hint recycling here?

Aki Toyosaki as Chitose is perfect in her role. So much so I thought she is the yuri version of K-ON!’s Yui. She sounds so funny whenever she sounds very satisfied in watching her fantasies. Saki Fujita (Liz in Kamen No Maid Guy, Tomoko in Sora No Otoshimono) as Ayano is totally convincing making her character sounding so tsundere. Ryoko Shiraishi voicing Nishigaki was recognizable because she sounded so much like Hayate from Hayate No Gotoku. Akari sounded really cute when she is in her pinch. I thought I heard her voice somewhere before but apparently it is a relative unknown (mind the unnoticeability pun) seiyuu, Shiori Mikami (apparently she played secondary characters whose role are easily unnoticeable like Kampfer’s Masumi Nishino and Saki’s Youko Kadomatsu). Yuka Ootsubo makes her debut as Kyouko and fits in playing the spunky idiot. Same case with Momo Kuraguchi as Chizuru. Other casts include Minami Tsuda as Yui (Phyrne in Fractale), Rumi Ookubo as Chinatsu (Kaho Hiiragi from Freezing), Suzuko Mimori as Himawari (Sherlock in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Emiri Katou as Sakurako (Kagami in Lucky Star), Maaya Uchida as Mari and Ayana Taketatsu as Mirakurun (Azusa in K-ON!). Surprisingly, I found out that Matsumoto also had a voice actress voicing her! Saori Goto to be precise (Bara Suishou of Rozen Maiden: Traumend). I really don’t remember even hearing her huffing! Maybe it was too soft that I couldn’t even hear that.

There you have it. A club that does anything for fun but pretty much nothing. But what constitutes fun and exciting depends to that very person and the very group that person mixes with. So it might not seem much that these girls are just lazing and horsing around but as you can see they have fun with each other’s company no matter how annoying and irritating one of them is. I hope to catch the sequel when it comes out to see more of their amusing antics. Hopefully it won’t go by unnoticed :). I guess in Akari’s case, you can’t say ignorance is bliss for her, eh? Hmm… I can’t seem to put my finger on this one. Say, who is the main protagonist again?

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