When you think of nekomimi (cat ears) and/or nekomusume (cat girls), it brings to mind the anime otaku culture of moeness. Yeah, I’m sure many of those otakus would sure somehow find those cat features appealing and moe. Mind you, I’m not one of them. Having said there, unlike many anime characters (girls especially) who will swoon at the sight of cute furry little animals such as cats, there are some anime characters that will experience discomfort whenever they are close to them. Whether it is ailurophobia (fear of cats) or allergies, as long as it is those domesticated purring felines, you can bet they prefer jumping down from a high story building than sit next to it for a second. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating but if you don’t like cats, it’s best to stay away from them no matter what. And note for you cat lovers out there, this list isn’t meant for you to take out your hate and make them a target for dart practices.
Ranma Saotome (Ranma 1/2)
 Ranma Saotome
Probably the most famous anime character with ailurophobia. Basically Ranma becomes paralyzed whenever there is a cat around. When Ranma was young, his sick father Genma tried to teach him the Cat Fist technique and threw him into a pit filled with hungry cats. Not only that, he was covered with fish sausage so you can imagine the trauma he had to go through. Too bad that one of his self proclaimed fiancee, Shampoo, also turns into a cat whenever splashed by cold water.
Alan (Marchen Awakens Romance)
Even tough looking hardened smoking guys have their own fears. His fear of cats developed when he was sealed inside the court guardian and custodian dog of princess Snow, Edward, in a fight and curse set placed by Igneil, Halloween’s Darkness ARMS. In a slightly complicated condition on how Alan and Edward swap their bodies and consciousness (about sleeping and knocking oneself out), due to the time Alan spent inside Edward, ironically he developed his ailurophobia from there even if both of them are later separated with their own bodies.
Junpei Kousaka (Nyan Koi)
 Junpei Kousaka
Unlike many of the characters in this list who are ailurophobic, Junpei’s condition is mainly chronic allergy to cats. He must be one unlucky kid to have born with such a condition because his family members are cat lovers, just like a big chunk of everyone else in this town. One obvious symptom when a cat is nearby is that he starts sneezing. His allergies will take a complicated turn if he doesn’t complete the 100 good deeds he needs to fulfil to cats after accidentally breaking the head of the shrine’s statue cat deity. Yeah, he’ll turn into a cat and die from his own allergies.
San Seto (Seto No Hanayome)
 San Seto
Not just her, in fact the entire mermaid yakuza clan (with the exception of Masa) has this fear of cats. Well think about it. Mermaids are from the fish family, right? And what are cats’ favourite food? Exactly. I guess you can’t blame when they turn frenzy and panic helter-skelter when those felines are close by. Run for your lives unless you want to be cat food! Since her fiancee Nagasumi has a pet kitten, that would make things worse, doesn’t it? Even if San fears them, at certain points she is able to overcome her fear and save the kitten whenever its life is endangered.
Shinku (Rozen Maiden)
She may seem like an aristocrat quirk who loves tea ordering her servant around (that’s Jun). One of her weaknesses is the fear of cats and as revealed it was developed when a cat nearly swallowed her wind-up key in the past. Remember that Rozen Maidens are still dolls and are brought to life by that wind-up key. Without it, they are as good as lifeless.
Yuuto Amakawa (Omamori Himari)
 Yuuto Amakawa
Another character that is allergic to cats rather than fearing them wholeheartedly. In addition to his uncontrollable sneezing, Yuuto’s experience other symptoms like watery eyes and running nose. He’s going to experience more of this with the appearance of his cat bodyguard. As long as she remains in human form, that is fine. Yuuto’s allergy to cats as revealed stems from Kuesu, another Demon Slayer clan whom their parents match-make during their early childhood. Always the rivals they are, Kuesu never liked Himari being close to Yuuto and cast a magic spell to make Yuuto allergic to cats.
Ruuan Keikounitten (Mamotte Shugogetten)
How is this goddess supposed to keep Tasuke happy when she is afraid of cats? Not that her inanimate objects materializing would do any good and bring more havoc instead. Due to her troubled and disturbing past experience with cats, Ruuan is of course traumatized by them. Her previous master, an old granny loved cats and had 1000 of them all over her house! Ruuan was tasked to take care of them all and from there she developed her fears from it. Though Kouichirou helps her overcome her fear, in the end she gets mad with it when it scratched her ‘beautiful’ face. Back to square one? Fear turned to hate…
Nayuki Minase (Kanon)
Nayuki Minase
Yes, that slow talker and heavy sleeper is allergic to cats. As far as I know, she already had this condition so I assume she must have got it since birth. But unlike other characters in this series, Nayuki does not hate cats. In fact she is quite fond of animals and will never miss an opportunity to pet them. Unfortunately it is just cats that she is allergic to and even so, that doesn’t stop her from trying to pet it although it won’t be any good for her health and the cat itself.
Marie Kagura (Tonagura)
 Marie Kagura
That little sister who pelts her perverted brother with her air gun hidden in her teddy bear also has this phobia on cats. Though it is not revealed why or how she fears them, but each time cats draw closer to her, she would be in a near paralyzed state and unable to move. There was 1 episode whereby several cats surrounded her and for unknown reasons it’s like they turned evil and would’ve pounded her if Niina didn’t save her and Yuuji and Kazuki giving their lunch to calm them down. Though Marie is more receptive about mixing and interacting with others (her other fear), I don’t think the cat ones will go away anytime soon.
Gilbert Nightray (Pandora Hearts)
Gilbert Nightray
I didn’t see this anime so I’m not pretty sure why this bishie guy fears cats since 10 years ago. I can’t find much information pertaining to it except the fact that his fear for them provides laugh-out-loud comical relief since he paralyzes and ‘drops dead’ if the cat in any form or shape comes into contact with him. Oh yeah, his phobia is incurable too. Poor guy.
Mad Pierrot (Cowboy Bebop)
Mad Pierrot
Didn’t see this retro anime either. But from what I read, this genetically engineered cruel assassin with a child-like mind fears cats because of the head scientist’s cat that was staring and watching at him when he underwent that traumatic and cruel project experiment he volunteered in. I suppose he is the only one on this list who would maniacally harm a cat out of fear. I guess those scientists forgot to include in their project experiment of theirs to remove such fears in addition to superhuman strength. Something they overlooked? Thankfully Pierrot’s ailurophobia allowed our hero Spike to be saved several times.
Cat Caught Your Tongue?
This list isn’t definitive as there may be other anime characters with such a condition. But for the ones here, it sure gives a new meaning to the term scaredy cat. Looks like these characters won’t have their phobia cured anytime soon but in a way it’s a good thing to have a little fear. We’re not that all perfect, aren’t we? Besides, you’d agree with me since some of them are pretty cute and amusing whenever they get freaked out by cats. Yeah, we’re such sadistic people. No point having sleepless nights on how to overcome their fears or search for ways to cure it. For now it’s better that they stay as they are with their phobia because as have you heard, curiosity killed the cat?

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