September 3, 2010

WHAT’S THIS?! An anime about underwear?! A shameless attempt to attract viewership by showing something that is considered to be personal and ‘dirty’?! Something that could easily lead to misinterpretation and probably indirectly contribute to the rise of sex-related crimes like increase in horniness and porn?! Ahem, ahem. Before I start jumping to conclusions and draw unfavourable views of this anime, it’s best for me to watch it to see for myself first! HAHAHA! Some lame excuse that was.
But really, Chu-Bra!!‘s main theme is indeed underwear and at first impression, this anime may ring all those impure and dirty thoughts. But as humans, we are quick to judge a book by its cover and unless you’re the kind of super holy and strictly religious fanatic, each one of us is guilty of having our own fantasies and preferences when it comes to the world of lingerie. Some rather mild and some extreme. For those of you who are thinking that if this series is hentai, I would definitely say a big no. Of course the fanservice here is for the purpose of showing coloured panties and designs to satisfy otakus who love such ‘services’ but they aren’t anything provoking. Otherwise, the show can’t be shown over national television, right?
So by having this thought that the theme is lingerie, you would probably think that the main protagonist is a guy, right? Wrong. In fact, the honour of being an underwear maniac goes to a girl, the bespectacled middle high school Nayu Hayama. It lessens the effect of pervertness, eh? But mind you too, Nayu isn’t a pervert either. Her passion is no doubt underwear and she’s a bloody damn good expert in it. Knowing the designs and uses of many underwear, if you have any queries on the topic, you know who to ask. She even has experience in determining what kind of bra size and type suits you! If you don’t mind the hands on ‘molestation’, that is. Wow. So young so knowledgeable on this area when kids of her age are just about to discover puberty.
Even if Nayu is a pro in the subject, that doesn’t mean she fails in other areas. To everyone’s surprise in episode 1, Nayu is the top scorer for her school’s entrance exam and thus been given the honour as the student’s representative during the opening ceremony. Okay, so that wasn’t the surprise part. The surprise is when she trips and everybody in the hall gets a good view of her adult panties. How daring! So it’s no surprise that rumours about her doing prostitution and compensation dating after school quickly surface. Best friends Haruka Shiraishi and Yako Jinguuji try to investigate further to see whether the rumours are true. Their fears come true when they spot her on the phone telling the person on the other line how tight her crotch area is. Even that supposed guy turns up in school as Nayu returns the underwear to him. Not satisfied, they even tailed her to the lingerie store and observe her. Must be her favourite place to hang out as she checks the stocks. Imagine if you tell people about where you love to hang out and the reactions on their face must be priceless. In school, Yako and Haruka bump into Nayu. Since Haruka is very well endowed for her age, Nayu becomes enthusiastic and her reflex is to put her hands on her boobs! Of course anyone would certainly be shocked over the modesty outrage so Yako thinks she’s scouting for other girls for her schoolgirl prostitution! So just to be safe, the duo try to keep a distance from her, avoiding her at all cost. It seems that Nayu isn’t well liked by some other girls too. Especially Sae Mishima and her pals, Kaori Seto and Natsumi Terauchi. Don’t know what grudge Sae has because she made her the class rep and leave lots of work to her. A short flashback reveals that she didn’t like Nayu who was wearing flashy adult panties during her elementary years and thinks it’s a ploy to tempt guys for their money.
Haruka feels that Nayu hasn’t done anything wrong so Yako decides to gather evidence that she’s a bad girl. That is to take a picture of her adult panties via her handphone. Unfortunately Yako slipped off the stairs in her attempt but luckily Nayu and Haruka grab her before she breaks her neck. Eventually they fell down together. Nayu spots their underwear and gives her opinion and shares her opinion on the brand they’re wearing. She clears the misunderstanding that the guy she gave back the underwear to was her elder brother Keigo. His works as an underwear designer and she was just helping to test out the product. You could say the trio become friends but maybe they need some time to get used to her since Nayu turns on her horny side, I mean her underwear pro side as she tries to extract the measurements that will suit Haruka since she isn’t wearing a comfortable bra and would be damaging to her breasts in the long run. The ‘molestation’ is in progress when Sae and her pals come in. Yup, definitely misunderstood. Now they think she has gone from prostitution to lesbianism! Later Nayu apologizes to Haruka and Nayu but they don’t mind and just told her to make up by treating them to ice cream.
While kids Nayu’s age would be in a dilemma over what toys to play, in episode 2 Nayu is in a dilemma to wear which set of undies to school. As they ponder which club to join, Nayu learns Haruka’s family runs a restaurant and she has 3 little brothers while Yako’s family runs a kendo dojo. But Yako seems upset when they brought up the topic of her mom so Haruka thinks she may have a fight with her. They change into their gym clothes so Nayu gets a nice view of all the underwear variety. She is pleased that Haruka is wearing an appropriate bra. When it’s her turn on Yako, she just ran away. Seems she isn’t happy with the bra that her mom gave to her to wear this morning. Perhaps she got a little traumatic and jumped the gun and declares that she isn’t going to wear one for the rest of her life. Well, being a flat chest is tough. Nayu thinks of a way to help her out because she doesn’t want her to hate bras. She tried going to the handicrafts club but they can make anything except underwear. Duh. So Nayu burns the midnight oil by making Yako a no-cup bra. She really put her heart and soul in it and she’s got the proof to show via her bandaged fingers. Yako didn’t accept it no matter how Nayu plead so Haruka couldn’t take it anymore and gives her a piece of her mind. They learn that Yako’s reluctance to put on a bra was because she’s a flat chest, the reason why she got into a fight with her mom. Nayu fidgets with Yako’s little assets and concludes that her boobs are growing and pain at the slightest touch is proof. She wears Nayu’s homemade bra and finds it comfortable.
Nice breezes that lifts up girls’ skirt to reveal their underneath is a dream for guys. Nayu too. However in episode 3, a guy named Hiroki Komachi isn’t fond of Nayu and it seems has a bone to pick with her, blaming her for his bitter experiences. Each time he tries to confront her, either he gets ‘paralyzed’ by the sight of her panties or just plain bad luck by bumping into other things and losing her. The trio go to check out the handicrafts club and the teacher in charge Tsukamoto seems pleased that they are trying it out. Sae and her pals are in this club and as usual they aren’t happy and think Nayu is sucking up to the teacher. So when Nayu mentions about making underwear, of course this gets negative reactions. How could you display something embarrassing? What are the first thoughts conjured when you display them? Of course Nayu seems disappointed so Haruka and Yako try to cheer her up. They suggest by forming an underwear club. Next day, Komachi finally gets to face Nayu. He just tells her that he isn’t going to lose to her. However Nayu doesn’t remember who he is. Too bad he has to remind her that she is somebody who has always beaten him in grades during elementary and cram school. So that’s what it’s all about? Nayu goes to see her homeroom teacher Ookuma about forming an underwear club. He suggests her assistant homeroom teacher, the busty Tamaki Mizuno to be one but she’s rather embarrassed. However Tsukamoto shoots down Nayu’s idea once more thinking such a club would be very indecent. The rest of the day, Nayu becomes depressed (no molestation or peeping) so Haruka and Yako try to help things out to recruit members for the club but it seems everyone they asked has already joined a club, not interested or don’t think it’s embarrassing. At the end of the day as Nayu ponders is it’s embarrassing to like underwear, Komachi confronts her. I guess she’s desperate to ask him to join her club. A big no! Komachi advises her that if she shares her vision of underwear with everyone, maybe she can recruit members.
It’s Haruka’s turn to be gloomy in episode 4. Seems the boys are staring at her boobs and even did rankings on the top busty girls in their schools. No prize in guessing who comes out tops. Isn’t it natural for boys at their age? But then again… Nayu invites Yako and Haruka to her home to help out with her plans to form her desired club. In her room, they test samples from her abundant underwear collection and give their opinions. To allow potential members to get interested, Nayu suggests a fitting, meaning stripping down to their undies to show everyone. Of course all girls only. Then they learn Keigo isn’t Nayu’s real brother. Just that her mom remarried but soon her parents perished in an accident so Nayu now lives alone with Keigo whom she regards as her brother. On the way back, Yako discovers Haruka’s depression about the boys’ boobs ranking. She tells Haruka not to mind but Haruka lets her know that she’s afraid to stand in front of the crowd in her undies even if they’re girls.
During the class rep meeting, Komachi is surprised to see Nayu as the class rep. Then they go see Mizuno and suggest having a room for the underwear club’s demo. Because Nayu spots Mizuno not wearing an appropriate bra, she goes into her typical molestation mode and offers her advice. A kid advising an adult about underwear? "You need to learn more about underwear. Underwear protects your body!". Before the demo, Nayu finds Yako trying to put tissues in her bra to prop herself up so she suggests wearing a thin pad instead. It seems there are quite a number of girls gathered for the demo as the trio start their demonstration. Then they hear a commotion outside. Peeping toms. Komachi is trying to make those perverts leave when Mizuno and Tsukamoto come by. The other girls disperse upon knowing there are boys peeping. Tsukamoto reprimands the lot and asserts she will not allow any activities pertaining to the underwear club. Now Nayu is really depressed so Haruka and Yako take her to the lingerie store to cheer her up. They see an underwear in which the underwear expert herself doesn’t know. Then a girl their age, Kiyono Amahara, tells her it is used for sex and chides her for wanting to form such a club when she don’t even know this.
Nayu continues to be depressed in episode 5 and relates the incident to Keigo. He explains how underwear ignites a male’s fantasies and that boys and girls her age are starting to be interested of the opposite sex. He reminds her of grandma Youko’s words that love and underwear have an inseparable relationship and advises her to be careful when explaining to people about it. Underwear and love in the same line? I’m sure horny thoughts are conjured with that. Komachi then visits Nayu and it seems he feels guilty for ruining her underwear club dream and will do anything to make up for her. Nayu doesn’t blame him and doesn’t want to pursue the case further so this ticks Komachi off because he wonders where all those dedication and passion went. So he tells her if she can’t form an underwear club, form an Underwear Appreciation Society (UAS) instead. Nayu still has her doubts so Komachi says she’ll help her to form one. He just realized he got into a mess but being a man of his words, he can’t back out. Being a society means that Nayu’s pals can join too unlike a club in which students can only join one. Nayu makes Mizuno their advisor. She didn’t know how she got into this mess either.
Haruka and Yako have a sleepover at Nayu’s house while Mizuno pays a visit. Mizuno recognizes Keigo and it seems she has a crush on him when he was her senpai during their schooling years and she still has those feelings. So you could say this advisor thingy was a blessing in disguise. We learn a little past of the Hayama siblings like how Keigo went ‘missing’ during his final high school years because of the sudden death of his parents and though Youko took them in, he takes responsibility and care of little Nayu by doing the chores. Nayu tried to help around the house and one day she was inconsolable when she soiled grandma’s panties. Youko who was an underwear designer too, comforts her by saying how underwear exists to protect a girl’s body. Since she can’t be with her because of work, but she’ll always protect her with the underwear she made. After dinner, Mizuno leaves while the little ones sleep together. Next day as the gang talk about forming the UAS (including a very embarrassed Komachi), Kiyono makes her entrance and wishes to join the club. Komachi knows her since she is his classmate.
Seems Kiyono is quite a bold girl herself. In episode 6, Yako spots her even teasing to show the guys what is underneath her skirt! Of course a ‘disaster’ was averted when a teacher came by. Kiyono has her own set of beliefs and opinions of underwear as she imparts them with the rest. Her purpose of joining UAS is to do research on underwear befitting of a true women. That’s because to her, underwear is like a weapon (OMG!) and it would be a waste and meaningless if nobody is allowed to see it (ZOMG!). I guess her ‘refreshing’ view was enough to make even Nayu a little red. Imagine the others. Komachi must have exploded by now. Kiyono is also like a rebel because during spot check, she’s like doesn’t give a damn when Tsukamoto reprimands her for wearing make-up. For UAS first meeting, Nayu has the gang assemble parts of a bra. I didn’t know a bra has 70-90 components! Then the topic turned into some sort of argument about bras when Mizuno tries to advice Kiyono about not putting make-up, which leads to Kiyono giving her minus 30 points for being a woman (all other insults included). Komachi trying to ignore all that by reading maths. The circumference of a pi is… oppai (breasts)! Kiyono asks if Mizuno has a boyfriend and you can tell by that over embarrassed reaction. Kiyono proceeds to show them a magazine filled with raunchy lingerie. She continues that women need to be presentable to the ones they loved. While Nayu thinks protection is an underwear’s priority, Kiyono thinks design comes first. Then they ask her if she has someone in mind so Kiyono starts blushing though she denies any. The debate is put on hold as everyone breaks for snack time.
Komachi is still embarrassed to touch a bra in episode 7 and probably hanging out at UAS for too long that he starts visualizing other girls in underwear. Not a good sign. More misunderstanding when his male classmates show him a Playboy magazine so he ticks them off. Thing is, he seems pretty knowledgeable about the underwear and all so the girls start thinking he’s an underwear maniac. Elsewhere, Nayu gets a love letter in her shoe locker so they ponder what kind of guy the sender is. Or maybe even a girl! Then the usual UAS meeting and since Kiyono does her daring stint of showing of her slip a little and crazy Nayu going into underwear checking mode, Komachi can’t take it anymore and decides to quit the society. While the girls are figuring a way to apologize to him, Komachi accidentally meets Keigo at the mall. He pours his problems out over a cup of coffee. Since Komachi was too loud, the other customers heard his embarrassing tribulations. Keigo says Nayu is looking out for him in a way. He recalls this morning when she asked him if boys looked at underwear in a dirty way (you bet) and she was so fixated about underwear that she didn’t give a thought about Komachi’s feelings since she felt he was the one who motivated her to form the underwear club. Meanwhile Nayu goes meet her secret admirer but it turns out he got the wrong shoe locker. Disappointing or relief? Later Nayu goes to talk with Komachi. Though he agrees not to quit (giving an excuse that they can’t handle it by themselves), he also tries not to see underwear in a dirty way. Komachi goes back to his class as the girls want him to tell off the boys for bringing in another Playboy magazine. They show him the erotic stuff so he tries to hold it back in but the boys think he has turned into a man and considers him their master.
Even the UAS has a chance to go for a training camp in episode 8. Mizuno’s feelings for Keigo must be stronger each day to a point where she starts dreaming erotic stuff between them. Keigo also tags along since he’s the only one who can drive even if his driving is a bit rusty. As usual the ride is never ‘boring’ when the talk descends into underwear and padding (at least not to Komachi). They arrive at the inn and it seems a sign outside it changed their UAS name to Under Fellowship. It was done on purpose by the inn hostess to prevent misunderstanding from passers-by. Then they go buy Mizuno a swimsuit since they ripped her school swimsuit after trying to do extreme makeover. Then Komachi thinks he could get some rest in the hotspring but as usual the girls were too loud on embarrassing topics so he fainted. I don’t know if the girls actually carried him back and put clothes on him. No sleeping peace for him too because just next door the girls do up Mizuno and has her do several model pose. Till Keigo comes in. That night the hostess comes in to offer her greetings. She tells them how she was an apprentice under Youko and is grateful that because of her she took an interest in underwear and began doing her own research. The next day the gang plays at the beach. Komachi is reluctant because his brother packed some manly trunks for him. Nayu pesters him and accidentally his towel fall off. Both got the surprise of their life. On the return trip that evening, Komachi notes they haven’t do anything related to UAS. Nayu starts the ‘meeting’ now but couldn’t come up with any ideas even if it’s for the upcoming cultural festival. So Komachi has no choice but to give his rousing suggestion like to teach the people how to appreciate underwear, its function and history. Sounds pretty good. Thing is, everyone fell asleep! Not because it was boring but too tired. Komachi sure sounded more like a responsible prez then Nayu. Hehe.
Yako seems pissed for an incident this morning in episode 9. Seems she wasn’t embarrassed changing in front of her kendo sparring pal, Kouta. Either she spent too much time at UAS or she turned into tomboy mode during kendo. That guy is obviously embarrassed so he didn’t like it and they got into an argument about her boring bra so she beat him up. During pool lessons, Haruka seems to feel a sharp pain in her heart and talks to Mizuno about it. Yeah, the signs of love, baby. Then for the fireworks festival, the girls get ready as they dressed in their yukata. Yako gets an SMS from Kouta and thinks it’s an apology but instead a mock about her flat chest. At the festival, Mizuno must be thinking of erotic things with Keigo so she herself got lost when she was the one to advise everyone to stay together. Yako then spots Kouta at the festival and is in a dilemma so Komachi (in some mask?) tells her men are stubborn creatures that are hard to go apologize to. During the goldfish scooping event, a goldfish got into Haruka’s yukata so Nayu takes her away to adjust her clothes. Nayu notices her adult underwear and thinks there is someone she likes. Haruka is close to confessing who she loves when Mizuno comes by. Elsewhere, Yako meets up with Kouta and they both apologize and make up. When everyone regroups, they find Nayu missing and start searching for her. Eventually they find her accompanying a lost kid till his mother comes by. Keigo then gets a message that he has been selected for a job in Kyoto. That’s a bad thing because it means they will have to move and since Nayu has just made great friends…
While planning what to do for the school cultural festival in episode 10, of course whatever activities relating to underwear will definitely be shot down as Komachi pointed out. Imagine the huge crowd it will be attracting. When they learn Kiyono is dieting to do a photo shoot and that her mom is also an underwear designer, Nayu gets enthusiastic to help her out. This includes helping her to pick a bra that will prop up her boobs but it isn’t enough. At least to Kiyono. I’m not sure the very over-dramatic drama club wanting Nayu’s help to design underwear but Haruka and Yako quickly take her away because if they start talking about underwear, she’ll never stop. The quest to help bust up Kiyono’s boobs include massaging it and observing what Mizuno eats. Though Kiyono scoffs off Yako’s silly boob enhancing ideas, I guess she was desperate enough to try them. Using a vacuum cleaner on them? Watching tons of macho men magazines for stimulation? In the end, it didn’t grow an inch. Keigo continues to be silent about his job transfer as Nayu and co go visit Kiyono’s photo shoot. They meet Kiyono’s young mom, Reika. During the shoot, Kiyono seems to be stiff (also she saw ‘that’ person here). Then the crew realize her bra is a little size bigger. Upset Kiyono storms off so Nayu and co go talk to her. She has an idea to create their own underwear by decorating it with sequins, beads, ribbons and other accessories. The shoot continues and Kiyono is a natural. It is a huge success in the end as Reika thanks them and wishes Nayu to congratulate Keigo on her behalf but Nayu is unsure what she’s talking about. Then when the girls left, Kiyono learns about Keigo’s transfer. Kiyono’s photo shoot comes out in the magazine with special thanks to the UAS noted. Then the drama club enlists UAS’s help to design appropriate underwear for their play’s costume and they agree since this way they get to be involved in the festival. Nayu is happily telling Keigo about this back home and about some big project Reika mentioned so he drops the bombshell about his transfer.
UAS not only has a hand in designing for the drama club, due to lack of members, they are also requested to help out in acting in episode 11. After school, Kiyono visits Nayu and hints of their move to Kyoto but leaves when Nayu accidentally spills tea on her dress. Next day, Nayu takes on more requests to make maid clothes for a class doing a maid cafe. Her pals worry about it since they don’t have time but Nayu doesn’t mind. Komachi then learns from Kiyono about Nayu’s future. He walks back home with Nayu and asks about her transfer. Surprised, Nayu pleads not to tell anyone else and will do so herself after the festival. On the day of the festival, Tsukamoto calls upon Mizuno and Nayu. Seems she is not happy with Kiyono appearing in the magazine as their school name is also mentioned. Noting that they are helping with the drama club and indirectly participating in the festival without permission, she decides to cancel the play. But Mizuno stands up for Nayu, pleading her to take a look at all the effort they have put in creating the costumes. It seems Sae and her pals were probably the ones who tell on them. Not only that, they see their old elementary teacher, Tanihara, and tell him about Nayu’s case. Tsukamoto inspects the costumes and notes how well they’re made when Tanihara comes in to apologize. He starts chiding Nayu for still doing this kind of dirty stuff when he expected better of her. That’s when all her friends stood up and tell him back how they’ve learned a lot and that nothing is to be ashamed about. Even Tsukamoto is on their side. She tells him to take his leave. I don’t know if b*tch Sae felt guilty about that because she was seen chasing Tanihara. In the end, Tsukamoto will allow the play and overlook the magazine matter though she doesn’t intend to recognize UAS. The play goes well and as they party, they ask Nayu’s plans for next year. That’s when she informs them about her transform, shocking Yako and Haruka especially. Mizuno also finds out from Keigo and their transfer will be in a month. Her lost love found and lost again.
But Haruka isn’t very happy. In fact she is very upset Nayu didn’t tell her about it in episode 12. She felt ‘betrayed’. Apparently this isn’t the first time Keigo got the transfer offer. He initially refused since Nayu was very young. Thus a very gloomy episode. So gloomy that UAS is temporarily inactive. So gloomy that Komachi finally felt peace and quiet in studying but can’t help wonder this empty feeling. So gloomy that Yako couldn’t concentrate on her kendo match that she lost to Kouta. So gloomy that Haruka isn’t talking to anyone. So gloomy that Mizuno’s apartment got burnt down by fire. Wait a minute. What has that got to do with it? Ah well, she’s just unlucky. Nayu is absent from class to help pack to move. Yako tries to persuade Haruka to talk to Nayu but the latter just want to be left alone. To help lift the gloom, everyone helps Nayu and Keigo to pack. Except Haruka. Upon Kiyono’s suggestion to force her to come, Yako calls Haruka late that night and tells her she WILL be coming so that they can send Nayu off with a smile. Next day at the park, Nayu and Haruka take a boat ride and after all that talk, it’s safe to say they’re pals once more. On the day Nayu and Keigo leave, her pals see her off at the train station. Except for Kiyono who is in a photo shoot for a magazine. Nayu gives them farewell gifts to commemorate their friendship: Panties. What else did you think it was? So a teary farewell, won’t forget those precious memories, bla bla bla, you get the idea. I know it’s rude of me but I was smirking when they tried to chase the bullet train! In the aftermath, Yako and Haruka aren’t ashamed to show and teach other girls about lingerie if they come for advice, Komachi seems to be handing out leaflets about UAS and gets pretty good response from potential members. So he has got over his embarrassment, eh? But the best surprise the gang has is the return of Nayu and requesting to join them once more. Seems she’s staying as Keigo mentioned he’d visit her on weekends. Yay! Reunited and it feels so good.
I thought it would have been easier in the first place if Nayu suggested that she would like to stay behind and avoided all the unnecessary heartache. But I guess she was always thinking of Keigo and don’t want to be separated from him. Keigo is such a nice big brother and I’m sure he understood how much Nayu’s friends meant to her. Besides, she’s quite an independent girl. Just needs lots of restraining from checking out other people’s underwear. I hope she won’t continue this bad habit when she grows older. Perhaps it’s fine if she’s young but imagine what others would think of her, a dirty old woman. Anyhow, checking them out is still a no-no. Do not ever attempt to try this anywhere. Too bad I won’t know how Mizuno will ever get to be with Keigo unless she’s planning on long distance relationship. If she can confess to him in the first place. Perhaps her apartment got razed was a blessing in disguise and though she’s staying at one of her teaching colleague’s place, she did say she’ll come over once in a while to Nayu’s place to help out. That means all contact with Keigo isn’t totally lost.
So what are your thoughts on underwear now? Think they are dirty perverted stuff? Unless you’re the kind of person who doesn’t wear one, let the first person who has not sin cast the first stone. To put it in another way, possessing exceptional skills in swordsmanship doesn’t mean you’re a bloodthirsty slasher. It’s how we utilize and perceive things. Sure lingerie is a taboo topic in many countries so the likelihood that establishing an underwear club would get shot down immediately without further consideration. But if you’re open-minded then there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Hmm… Maybe I should have second thoughts about stepping into a lingerie store alone.
Yako and Haruka may not be too comfortable about the lingerie subject when they first met Nayu, but apart from their blossoming friendship, they’ve learned lots of valuable lessons about underwear which are important to make sure their bodies grow the right way. Hey, they’re still at a growing stage so it isn’t just what you eat but what you wear as well that is important. Komachi too has become more receptive towards the subject, initially viewing Nayu as his rival. Probably he underwent too many embarrassing and nose bleed moments so I guess he’s kinda ‘immune’ to it at the end. Haha. Good thing he isn’t perverted in nature. If he was, their friendship and interaction would definitely veer off to a different direction. Kiyono may look a little obnoxious with differing views from Nayu but she isn’t totally bad herself, sometimes helping out her pals discreetly. It’s ironic that she feels underwear as a weapon for seduction but when being asked about the topic if she has anybody in mind for that goal, she blushes. At first I thought there would be more revealed about Sae and further developments about her but in the end, she still disliked Nayu. I even thought they’d become friends and join UAS! Just wishful thinking, that’s all. Gradually she turned into a minor character so much so I almost forgot about her near the series’ end.
As you may have well know the fanservice level in this series isn’t at an ‘alarming’ level but the show is peppered with them. From the scene changers and even at the end of the ending credits of each episode you’ll get to see different design and colours of underwear. Yeah, probably to make viewers to stick around and watching rather than skipping it like I always do (no, I’m not a pervert!). In my opinion (or my standards. Haha! And again, no I’m not a pervert!), they are nothing provoking or turn on. As for the mid-intermission not all of them are with fanservice element though a majority of them are. Need I say more? In some of the episodes, I notice several animals, a puppy, a tortoise and a goose seen bumming around in the school grounds or other places. I’m not sure if they’re mascots for the series but I guess to provide extra cuteness to the series and probably for small comic relief.
So remember people, underwear isn’t meant to be looked upon as one’s fantasies as it could play a vital role in protecting your body. For those who turned into a pervert after watching this show, then that’s just sad because you’ve misunderstood the whole thing. However if you see a naked person running around in his/her underwear, then that’s a different case. Or maybe he/she wants to show his/her love for underwear… Liking underwear doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a pervert just as liking women doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a womanizer (though it’s often true in both contexts). So don’t think badly of us who love watching ecchi fanservice harem animes or play eroge and H-games with lots of beautiful 2D girls ready to give endless panty shots and boobs close-ups service. Perhaps that’s just an excuse to carry on such a despicable hobby…

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