CLAMP Campus Detectives

January 27, 2006

Another one of those detective type animes. CLAMP Campus Detectives is much more different than Detective Conan. You see, there are 3 pretty boys here (Nokoru the Student Council President, Suoh the secretary and Akira the treasurer) running the ‘detective agency’ as a team unlike in Conan who seems to work alone. Plus, the setting is within the CLAMP campus itself rather than the whole city. Speaking of which, the campus is really really huge, and it seems as though it’s like a city all by itself. Yeah, I guess you really need that space when you have 10,000 student and teachers from kindergarten to university level. But the crime solving mysteries here (including the goriness and violence) are more toned down as this are elementary school kids. Wait, Conan is a kid too. Ah… but he’s a high school kid shrunked into a small fry, remember. Anyway, these 3 boys seems to be idolized, well-liked, apple of the eye of the campus’ girls. Uh-huh, girls there seem to fall head over heels or swoon over them (well, at least most of them). So, the theatrical and romantic Nokoru pledge that he and his team would do anything in their power to help damsels/maidens in distress or in need. Yeah, it may sound like a little pervert here, but it’s all done with good intentions. Altough I find the animation and drawing here is slightly better than Detetive Conan, this series doesn’t really have hundreds of episodes which spans several years. Which means you could probably finish this in 7-8 months. Maybe it’s because there weren’t many delinquents in the campus (little children seem to listen and behave better than grown ups some times, don’t you think?). Even so, how bad could they be? I mean it for an elementary school level, of course. Okay, maybe there are. So if you like pretty young boys in shorts, then I suppose this anime is your kind of cup of tea. For me, it’s so-so lah. By the way, is the CLAMP campus’ mascot some sort of a fish, bird or Kirby?

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