Phew. Finally after a year since the sequel came out, I decided to watch Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo S2. Yeah, I was waiting for all the Blu-ray discs to come out rather than me being bored but obligated to watch it. Really. Okay, I was just waiting for a fansub to finish it. Now I can finish up this hilarious sequel and see what kind of trouble Kazuma and his party would get into just to get out of debt. Will he finally be free this time? Will it be worth all the trouble? This guy is going to need all the luck and blessing he could get…

Episode 1
What a way to start a great adventure with Kazuma being thrown into prison! It seemed he is accused of accidentally blowing up the house of Lord Aldarp Alex Barnes while transporting something. Thankfully no fatalities but the loss is huge. His girls try to defend him but making him sound like a sexual predator won’t do him any good. So while he argues with his girls, his other guild members vouch for his innocence. Until it is said that they can go to prison with him that everyone falls silent. You’re on your own. Some guild members you are. So here he is stuck in his cell. But wait. Is Aqua trying to get him out? Using Megumin and Darkness to create a large explosion outside to distract the guards, Aqua throws him a pick. So now she wants to save him? Well, the punishment for his crime could be death. So better start picking the lock. Too bad it is a combination lock. Ah well, go back to sleep. Next night, Aqua visits again. Another explosion for distraction. She has got him a hacksaw this time. But he can’t reach the windows. Don’t worry. She’ll let the guards allow her in to give her this standing box. Not going to work. Back to sleep. Next day, Kazuma is being interrogated by Sena. He cannot lie or else this magic bell will ring. Meaning, he is forced to admit all the embarrassing truth downright to its detail. Yeah, it is all being recorded. But when it is the truth that Kazuma did help to save the town, Sena feels guilty for accusing him based on hearsay. This causes Kazuma to become cocky and throw his weight around. Until he points out she has no boyfriend and that is when the tables are turned back. Oops. It gets only worse from here as Kazuma is now accused of having liaisons with the Devil King’s officers because Wiz is still technically one.

And now Kazuma is facing the trial of his life. Sena calls several witnesses like Chris but it seems it all establishes the fact that Kazuma is a panty thief. Too bad Kyouya has no chance to explain himself, hence making Kazuma sounding even more like a dick. His girls try to defend him but are easily defeated with the consequences of all those defences like the flooding of town and altering of landscapes and ecosystems. Before the judge declares him guilty, Kazuma realizes he has a chance to prove his innocent. He states he does not work for the Devil King nor is he a terrorist. The bell doesn’t ring. It must be true. The judge dismisses the case with insufficient evidence but before he could declare him innocent, Aldarp warns him of embarrassing him. Looks like the judge is under his thumb. This is when Darkness stands up and shows her family crest. The Dustiness family has always been a close ally of the king. She pleads for time to prove Kazuma’s worthiness and will do anything for Aldarp. Anything? Oh no. Look at that I-want-to-grope-your-boobs look. With the audience now supporting Kazuma, I guess that’s a done deal. So Kazuma receives a stay of trial. He might not be executed but remains under surveillance as a suspect. After Darkness goes to make good her promise to Aldarp, Kazuma now needs to think of a way to prove he isn’t a member of the Devil King’s army and reimburse Aldarp’s losses. Well, he doesn’t have to worry about the latter because the guards barge into his mansion with court order to seize all his assets for the compensation. His total debts have skyrocketed…

Episode 2
Megumin brings a black cat home. Say hello to Chomusuke. I’m sure they can accommodate an additional feline seeing they have nothing left in their house. Perhaps it can sense b*tches, that’s why it dislikes Aqua. They are now worried over Darkness as she hasn’t come home and might have climbed the ladder to adulthood. This is interrupted when Sena has them do some clean up. Apparently when the girls tried to bust Kazuma out from prison, Megumin’s explosion woke several frogs from their slumber. Now it’s chasing and eating them! Yucky slimy toad slime… They are saved thanks to the lightning streaks of Yunyun. Megumin trolls by pretending not to know this rival-cum-friend of hers. Because they are more like rivals, Yunyun challenges Megumin to a fist fight. She agrees. The only reason is because she is covered with toad slime. Come get your hug! Yunyun loses again. Kazuma and Megumin return home but now they fight over who should take a bath first. Chivalry and femininity are out the window when selfishness takes the lead. Kazuma might look like he has won seeing he is fine they both go in together. Megumin would have given up had he not provoked her even more about her lack of resolve. And now that they are in together, the thoughts of why they are so start worrying them. Because what if somebody walks in to see them together? You don’t say because Aqua has just come home. As the bathroom door is not locked, Kazuma uses all his magic to freeze it till he can’t move. He feels safe from being branded another nickname. But Megumin becomes mad when she learns he did all this just to avoid being branded a lolicon. You know what this says about her body, right? In the end, Kazuma gets beaten up as well as being branded a new nickname: Pedo-NEET.

They drop by Wiz’s shop to figure out what to do with the debt and that’s where they see Yunyun waiting. She claims to be wanting to buy magic items but Wiz points out she has been waiting here all morning after learning they come here often. It becomes a bitter childish argument about having friends and loneliness. As usual, Yunyun challenges her again and conveniently this friendship crystal ball might be the tool to end their duels and make them friends. However it projects their most embarrassing memories. Most of them are Yunyun always alone (so lonely that the flower runs away from her. No joke), if Yunyun is with Megumin the latter shows off as they feast on weird foods and Megumin doing weird part time jobs just to ‘feast’ with her ‘friend’. Apparently being embarrassed with the past helps you deepen your friendship according to the crystal. Megumin will not have any of this and smashes the crystal ball. Now comes the blame game of who should foot the bill of this broken crystal ball. Yunyun wants to call this a draw so Megumin agrees as she is not childish to be competitive over such games. This reminds Yunyun that they once competed who would grow faster. Of course Yunyun is more endowed than Megumin but the latter claims this is now what she meant by being childish. Ambiguously she puts her words that she is in a relationship with Kazuma and has bathed together. Poor Yunyun got so embarrassed, admits her loss and runs away crying. Kazuma might be mad as his reputation takes a further dive but Megumin is glad she has chalked up another win over Yunyun. She is keeping a score of it! What was it about being childish again?

Episode 3
Kazuma has been accompanying Megumin through all the seasons with her explosion practice. He can’t take it anymore. That is why he is going to do a dungeon raid and Megumin can’t say no just because she can’t flaunt her explosion powers inside. Apparently a dungeon that has been pillaged through and through, there might be a new unexplored area. This is not a widely known fact yet and hence Kazuma is going to seize this chance. Kazuma and Aqua walk through the unexplored dark corridors. Unable to understand each other hand signal almost got them killed by a gremlin. This prompts Kazuma to wonder if Aqua could see well in the dark. Yes she could. It means during those other times in the stable… She didn’t see his masturbation but she knew… Along the way, they see a skeletal corpse of a lost warrior. Aqua rests his soul. In an abandoned room, what looked like an obvious treasure is actually a monster trap in disguise! Phew. Thank Kazuma for sensing that. It’s Aqua’s turn to show her badass by purifying all the monsters that come their way. They enter the room an encounter Keele, the creator of this dungeon. He built it and kidnapped a noble’s daughter. Time for flashback. Keele was a great wizard and loved the king’s daughter. She was supposed to be in a political marriage. The king never treated her nice too so Keele took her away. He proposed to her and they married. Oh, here is her corpse lying peacefully. As she has passed on, Keele also wants to pass on and be with his wife. In order to protect her, Keele tossed away his humanity and became a lich. As an undead, it is impossible to kill himself and only a powerful priestess could help make him rest in peace. Aqua struts her stuff and purifies Keele. Their reward is his treasures.

On the way out, Kazuma notices that if Keele awakened from his slumber because he sensed her great power, does it mean all the other undead attacked them because of the same? An undead magnet. Immediately he puts some distance between her. She tries to cling on to him and begs not to be abandoned but looks like more undead are coming their way. He ditches her while she gets raped by the undead. Okay, that didn’t happen and I don’t know how they got out in one piece but they’re arguing and accusing each other like they use to. With the spoils, Kazuma is now able to feast. Somehow it gets out of hand because now the entire guild thinks he is buying drinks for them all. Oh heck, just go with the flow! More partying shenanigans with Kazuma trying to show off his steal technique and once again Chris who happen to walk in gets her panties stolen. How did Yunyun know about this free party? She challenges Megumin to a drinking contest. And they all party till morning without a care in the world. Yeah, not even the debt matters. Once the dust settles, Kazuma dude, it is too late to realize this is not how it should be.

Episode 4
Back to the poor life. Who is blaming who now for squandering their riches? Kazuma threatens to sell Aqua’s hidden liquor stash for cash when Darkness in expensive clothing returns. It seems there is a big problem. Darkness has been engaged to Aldarp’s son, Walther. Man, that guy is quite handsome. This is in exchange for the leniency Kazuma received. The reason Darkness was away for so long was trying a way to avoid this. Kazuma gets an idea to attend the marriage meeting but ruin it without having to sully her family’s name. Sena shows up for another mission so Kazuma hits another idea to rid of Megumin. Hitting the right buttons, Megumin accepts the job seeing only her explosion can deal with whatever menace. Kazuma and Aqua become Darkness’ temporary butler and maid respectively. Darkness reveals out loud that she plans to reject marriage and destroy this marriage meeting but is stopped by Kazuma. Is he betraying her? It seems that her father will handsomely reward him if all goes well. Oh, it is a way to rid of Darkness from his group too. Darkness talks privately with her ‘servants’. It seems Walther is not her type of man. Despite being a very good knight, the man that Darkness yearns for is a depraved failure! I sounds Kazuma fits that bill. Is this masochism to the next level? When Darkness meets Walther, in order to avoid her messing up, Kazuma has to poke her with magic and sends her squealing.

Taking a walk, Darkness adds more fire to the oil by ambiguously describing her relationship with Kazuma. She can’t take this anymore and wants to duel Walther to see his worth. Walther then admits he came here to decline the marriage but after seeing her, he changed his mind. Amazingly, the duel didn’t go anywhere as Darkness couldn’t land a hit and he couldn’t strike a lady. Darkness wants Kazuma to fight her. He reluctantly does so and unleashes a flurry of magic that puts her to shame and on par of his perverted nicknames. It becomes a challenge of strength between the duo and some mind challenge. Darkness pretends to lose so as to get whatever Kazuma’s punishment. In the end, I don’t know how she connects it all to some leftover bathwater she thinks he was planning to do something sneaky with. Darkness passes out and her father walks in to see her messed up. Aqua accuses the guys for doing this. Immediate execution! Thankfully they keep their heads. Her father explains she was always alone despite after becoming a crusader. She even went to church to pray to have adventure comrades. She got her wish and was so excited and told him all about it. Father blames himself for spoiling her since her mom died when she was young and tried to let her have her freedom. Kazuma feels insulted when Walther says he would have married Darkness if it weren’t for him. Father hopes Kazuma would continue to look after her. When Darkness wakes up, she thinks Kazuma did something to her body. That snicker on her face… She claims she is pregnant with his child. Walther leaves and will tell his father he declined the marriage and keep things simple while Darkness’ father is overjoyed he will have a grandchild. Shocked Aqua feels the need to tell the whole world. Kazuma just can’t catch a break, can he? What now, Sena?!

Episode 5
It seems there are strange monsters from Keele’s dungeon all around town. Kazuma interrogates Aqua as she reveals the magic circle that purified Keele kept the undead away. If they can’t live in the dungeon, where else could they go? Yup, it’s her fault. Hence Kazuma accepts this mission to set the wrongs right. Outside the dungeon, there are cute little monsters that cling to you. And then explode! I can see why this is troublesome. Only Kazuma and Darkness head inside. Darkness feels like a true crusader when she finally gets to hit those little things. When they meet the true mastermind of these little monsters, he turns out to be a Devil King’s commander, Vanir! He made those little ones to destroy other monsters that left the dungeon. He reveals his dream is to buy a dungeon and lure adventurers all the way to defeat him. In his death, he will mock them at the empty treasure as their reward. He noticed this dungeon as perfect for his dream but notices a magic circle that keeps him out of the chamber. Vanir looks into Kazuma’s mind to find out the perpetrator. It looks like he has a grudge against Aqua and her followers. He assures them he won’t kill humans. Aqua is not human, right? They fight to defeat him. Kazuma accidental trip allows them to defeat Vanir. However Vanir’s mask latches onto Darkness and takes over her body. Unfortunately it is going to be real irritating because Darkness keeps interrupting his talk! And she is enjoying it. So while they argue among themselves, Kazuma slowly cleans off the magic circle. Now to take Darkness out and let Aqua purify her. Placing a talisman on the mask, they rush towards the exit. Vanir is looking forward to attack Aqua but is blasted by her beam. She detected the presence of an evil and naturally did what she needed to do.

All the other adventurers try to seize Darkness but she is too strong for them. Or is it Vanir who is controlling her? As usual, Aqua is in a pinch and screams to Kazuma for help. He is forced to intervene and plays his usual mind tricks on Darkness. Vanir must be really tired and frustrated that Darkness’ mind has not yielded to him and the constant interruption or completing of sentences. Kazuma tricks into doing his steal but fires a fireball to destroy the talisman. At this moment when Vanir is distracted, Darkness is supposed to pull the mask off but it won’t come off. The last hope is for Aqua to blast her purification. If that doesn’t work, Darkness allows Megumin to finish them off with her explosion in which she won’t. Darkness gives Vanir 2 choices: Leave her and be purified or they both die in an explosion. It’s obvious for Vanir who will not be purified by a goddess. Kazuma will take responsibility for this and orders Megumin to blast her. In the aftermath, Kazuma is given a letter of apology and cleared of all suspicions and accusations. I mean, he can’t be in cohorts with the Devil King if he killed one of his own, right? Darkness is alive and is awarded a brand new armour for her bravery. Though she was struck by the explosion, Aqua healed her. But now she is totally embarrassed that everyone is starting to call her Lalatina. But the best news is yet to come. With the reward to offset all the debts and compensation, not only Kazuma is free from his debt but has an excess of 40 million Eris to his name! Party time! Freedom has never been so, uhm, free!

Episode 6
When Kazuma and Darkness went to see Wiz as courtesy to tell her about Vanir’s defeat, they are shocked to see Vanir alive and working there. Damn, he is so much talkative now! Vanir did take some damage from Megumin’s explosion but with him reincarnated, he isn’t the Devil King’s commander now and thus the castle is left unguarded. Vanir proposed an interesting idea to Kazuma. He is to think up of stuff from his original world, Vanir will materialize it for him to sell. Like this kotatsu he’s got now that is making him lazy to go out. Until the girls toss the whole thing out in the cold. When Kazuma finally gets moving, they visit the blacksmith whereby Kazuma placed an order for his own sword. His epic pose and all ruined by his clumsiness. Upon closer inspection, isn’t the sword a bit too short? As he has trouble giving it a great name, Megumin calls it Chunchunmaru and now the name is embedded to the sword. Even if Kazuma ends up being legendary, having such sword makes it laughable. Kazuma and his girls take on the quest to eliminate Runner Lizards. It’s mating season so you bet the males are going to stampede over everything to mate with the female. The plan is to take out the leading male and disperse the group so they can easily take them out. However Aqua blunders by attracting all of them. Megumin cannot use her explosion because during the kotatsu folly, Kazuma sucked her powers. Darkness and Aqua soon get trampled over. The female targets Kazuma so he uses his sniping skill to take it down. However it crashes into the tree Kazuma is on. Man, Kazuma had a nasty fall that broke his neck!

I guess this means back to seeing Eris to be revived. Heh. Her first appearance this season after half the season is almost over. Kind Eris reminds him to be careful as always. She updates him the lizards have dispersed and the girls are trying to resurrect him. Kazuma asks if she is always bored stationed her. She notes if everyone is safe and well, being bored is worth it. It is then Kazuma realizes that this is probably the girl he yearns for. Yeah, took you long enough to notice but I don’t blame him, she hardly appears. He doesn’t need sexy girls but a kind and considerate one. With Aqua’s b*tch voice screaming for Kazuma to get his ass back, this only makes him want to ditch this currently life and plead to Eris to reincarnate him into a pretty decent family. He is starting over as a baby! However with Aqua noting Megumin and Darkness doing something to his clothes and body, Kazuma gets worried. Okay, time to go back and stop those blokes. When he wakes up, he sees crying Megumin on top of him. Like the aftermath of she did something. The other girls also act awkward towards him. Back home when he goes to take a bath, he realizes the despicable thing Megumin has done. Too bad she is not around and has gone to stay at Yunyun’s place for a few days. It seems she has written on his pubic area pointing out the holy sword Excalibur! You mad, bro? Aqua is smirking… I guess it must be disappointing…

Episode 7
Megumin is so apologizing for her cheekiness and pleads for Kazuma to return to his normal self! Why, Kazuma and Aqua are acting like polite cultured beings! Darkness reveals what happened. After that Excalibur antic, Vanir visited. Vanir and Aqua exchanged a few sarcasms and insults before going all out with each other. Once they’re done, Vanir checks all the materialized stuffs from Kazuma to sell. He wants to buy them all for 300 million Eris! Either a lump sum or a million Eris every month. I guess he needed some time to think. And so this is how Kazuma acted like a faux rich guy. With that much money, he doesn’t need to risk his life to work again. In that case, Megumin suggests the hotspring city of Arcanretia. Piqued your interest? Oh well, it’s good to go somewhere and rest once in a while. Kazuma goes to see Vanir to inform him about his trip. He sees Wiz zapped out. Vanir did this to her because she was stocking up on some useless items again. Seeing Kazuma will be away on a trip, Vanir has Kazuma take Wiz along too. Sorry Yunyun, the day you decide to come challenge Megumin, nobody’s home. After booking a wagon, the limited seating means somebody has to sit at the back. Aqua continues her losing streak with Kazuma at rock-scissors-paper despite increasing her luck skill. So if they’re done arguing with each other, can we go now? Aqua still sits at the back, though. Along the way, it seems a herd of Running Hawk Kites are headed their way. The culprit is Darkness’ amour which is made out of adamantite as those birds are attracted to hard things. Since it is his party’s fault, Kazuma feels the need to clean up this mess despite there are other adventurers who are paid to protect them. The adventurers don’t know Darkness is such a hardcore masochist and mistake it for bravery and the likes. Yeah, Darkness standing in front of the stampede and even getting in their way when they try to help. What does Kazuma do? Prostrate himself and apologize for his member’s perversion!

Episode 8
Thankfully all the birds jump over Darkness. This close shave even thrills the pervert. But they’re turning back. Learning there is a cave nearby, Kazuma is forced to go along with Darkness’ plan of tying her to the wagon as a bait and drag her all the way there. She’s enjoying every moment of the pain. Even crediting his name each time she feels such pleasure. Once Darkness is at the cave’s mouth, the birds jump over and into the cave and Megumin uses her explosion to seal it. That night as they camp, everybody sings high praises for Kazuma. However he feels so ashamed of his party members. So ashamed that he refuses any monetary reward! While sleeping, several zombies creep up on them. Luckily Aqua purifies them all (almost purifying Wiz too) while bragging to take them on. While everyone continues to cheer for her, only Kazuma knows this wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t an undead magnet. His guilt trip continues. The longest sorry he has ever said. And sorry Yunyun, Megumin still isn’t back yet. Finally arriving at Arcanretia, it looks like a fine place until Aqua says how this is town is the home of the Axis church. Immediately Kazuma could understand why she wanted to come here. They are swamped with Axis followers trying to entice them into joining the Axis faith! Religious nutcases! So for the rest of the walkabout in town, Kazuma will experience something like this. A seemingly innocent person or group with a setting of their own coming up to him will suddenly turn fervent in forcing him to join the Axis faith. It takes Darkness to show her Eris faith pendant for them to immediately stop dead in their folly, walk away angrily disappointed and spit at the rival faith. Twice. Only Darkness enjoys it. Don’t even think about moving to this place. Yeah, this must be tiring for Kazuma to encounter every nutcase in this town. Even this little kid who is interested to know how to write his name, don’t fall for this scheme! Rip that contract apart!

Episode 9
I guess Kazuma is going to take his complains to the local church but they’re just fooling around. Yeah, Megumin is so traumatized, she wants to go home. Heck, he needs to play along with Aqua who is roleplaying in the confession box. If she isn’t taking you seriously, all you need to do is confess how you broke her stuff and secretly drank her fancy booze. Yeah, almost killed you apostate. Kazuma then watches Aqua forgiving a sinner who feels drawn to the Eris faith (because boobs). It is just to badmouth Eris who pads her boobs. By the time they return to the inn, Wiz seems to have gone to the baths and relaxed herself. Yeah, it’s time for them to take one. Kazuma watches a guy, Hans trying to hold it in but he couldn’t as he takes out his frustrations after a day of being harassed by Axis nutcases. Uh huh. No respite as the hotspring staffs are trying to cajole them to join! Back to the hotspring. Megumin and Darkness dip in and they suspect Kazuma of trying to eavesdrop (in which he is). As he doesn’t make any noise, they think he isn’t there and feel guilty. They then talk about his good points but shortly start doing something sexually ambiguous to each other. Kazuma tries to peek into the action but they were just trolling and start beating him up. If that is not enough, back at the inn, Aqua is crying because she has been thrown out from the bath after purifying the water. The hotsprings are now regular hot water. She tried to complain to the head priest but he doesn’t believe she is the real Aqua. Don’t worry, not even Kazuma. She thinks this is a ploy by the Devil King to sabotage her income but I guess her comrades aren’t interested in fighting with her. Kazuma and Megumin’s lovely morning walk is ruined with the start of the usual harassment. Yeah, they just can’t catch a break. Kazuma even sees frustrated Hans on the verge of insanity! More commotion as Aqua rallies everyone to join her cause to take down the Devil King. However they recognize her as the troublemaker who purify their hotspring. When she reveals her goddess identity, nobody believes her and thinks she is from the Devil King’s camp trying to scam them. Aqua can cry her heart back at the inn but even if she still genuinely wants to save her followers, here comes the angry mob gathering outside trying to do a witch hunt. Slay the demon! I don’t think they’re referring to Wiz…

Episode 10
Everyone manages to escape their inn. Aqua’s plan is to purify the water source but the guards won’t let her in. Seduction plan backfired and they recognize her as the troublemaker. Kazuma and the rest hold down Darkness and make good use of her family’s crest to pass through. They see the water source poisoned and up ahead is Hans. Wiz knows this guy as some poisonous slime monster in the Devil King’s army but Hans tries to feign he doesn’t know her. Kazuma is going to fight him until he learns he is one of the strongest commanders in the Devil King’s army. He gets scared and they all run away. Apparently slimes aren’t the weakest in this world. Oh, the angry mob is at the other end. Aqua returns in hopes of purifying the water so as not to loser her followers. Facing Hans again, when he admits he devoured the head priest, Wiz becomes angry. She powers up her ice powers to partially freeze him. It seems she has a policy that she will not allow innocent civilians to be killed. Hans is forced to transform into his true gigantic slime form to face her. The angry mob sees Aqua tolerating the pain to purify the water and realize they have wrongly accused her. Knowing the slime is the culprit, they start throwing all they’ve got at it. When Kazuma sees the bones of the head priest in the slime, Kazuma remembers Aqua can resurrect someone as long as not fully digested. Kazuma uses himself as a bait to jump into some hole to let Hans devour him. Cue for Megumin to unleash the biggest explosion to reduce its size and then Wiz for her remaining powers to freeze it. Despite all their efforts, Hans still lives albeit now a harmless little blob. He vows revenge but Aqua returns with a vengeance. Her purification powers up with the backing of her Axis followers spouting twisted and selfish principles of the faith. The biggest purification explosion you’ll ever see. In the aftermath, Kazuma is revived but they get no thanks from the people. They hate them even more because now all their hot water is just ordinary hot water. Yeah, everyone still hates you, Aqua. They return to home sweet home back in Axel. Perseverance pays off as Yunyun who has been coming here every day to challenge Megumin gets her wish. Rock-scissors-paper?

Episode 11 (OVA)
A new adventurer named Ran admires Kazuma so he exaggerates stories of his exploits. As he ordered the wrong alcoholic drink and doesn’t want to look bad, he makes her drink it. The guild master has him go on a quest for that. So now Kazuma and his girls are at the ruins to find a golem. But it turns out to be a giant mecha! Megumin won’t blast it as she wants it as her pet! Plus, the mecha is playing with Darkness’ boob? WTF. With Aqua promising to make her a better mecha, Megumin uses her explosion. Kazuma continues to exaggerate to Ran when Kyouya drops by. Looks like she is a bigger fan of his and is more impressed to be with him. Kazuma gets jealous and tries to compete with him and brags even further. This means the guild master has a job for him. Sorry to interrupt your mecha building using milk cartons, Aqua. Gotta go discover some ruins. She agrees when he says they can keep any treasure they find. Inside, Aqua is once again ambushed by mini golems possessed by the undead. She is in full steam today using her full purification powers to free herself. In a room, they find a diary of supposedly an adventurer that comes from another world. It relates how he was brought here to defeat the Devil King but became frustrated at each passing day when he failed to do so. In the end, he gave and decided to become a NEET like he usually was. He started designing mecha and bishoujo robots to satisfy his own lust but he always finds something missing and they tend to go haywire. In the end, he screws all that and decides to offer his service and get rich to hire gorgeous maids. That’s the spirit! Kazuma is interested to venture further and manages to open a secret vault. There lies a pretty robot girl in a chamber. He fights with Megumin not to press the button but Aqua did. Robo girl asks who her master is and without hesitation Kazuma steps up to the task. Robo girls turns out to be a dominatrix queen! That ass ready for whipping, boy?! In the end, Megumin blows up the entire place. Kazuma continues to brag to Ran who is looking bored. She suddenly leaves. Shortly, Kazuma hears Ran complaining to the guild master she isn’t paid enough to motivate that failure. Although Kazuma’s party is a failure, they usually pull through when it matters, that’s why they can’t have them being lazy. They realize Kazuma has heard them and try to say good things about him. He is on the verge of tears while his girls are trying hard not to laugh at his embarrassed face. So what’s it going to be? Kazuma steals their panties!

Blessing In Disguise
So fast? Oh right. There are only as much episodes as the number of fingers on your hands plus an extra one. Ah well, good things must surely come to an end and I can definitely say that this sequel does not disappoint even though I am late to the party binge watching this around a year later. Even though the comedy and ‘drama’ are pretty much the same as you can expect in the first season, some may argue that there is nothing new and is just same ol’ but since I like it this way and it did bring it lots of laughs, why fix something that is not broken? Unless of course they use this same formula again and again for the many sequels to come. It would become annoying and the blessing would become a curse. Overstayed their blessing? This is assuming there would be future seasons but I doubt at this point they would.

We’ve made some fine progress in this season and the biggest achievement ever being Kazuma finally free of his debt. Perseverance pays off. Whether it is undertaking a dangerous quest and putting up with the nonsense of your party members. Though, I’m not sure if Kazuma is back in debt as heard at the end of the OVA because of the destruction of the ruins, he had to pay some compensation. Kazuma might be rich but he is not forever rich. But I doubt he has fallen back into debt again because if so, the series would have let us know and played it out as some sort of a running joke. And then we can see his contorted, disgusted face. Like a college student who has finally paid off all his/her college debts now only to be saddled with mortgage and car loan debts. Yeah… It’s a good thing he doesn’t have to face all that crap in this world. I wonder if there is some tracker on Kazuma because it seems Sena always knows where to find him whenever there needs to be a quest done and barge in in dramatic fashion. Other than this progress, it is quite nice to also see a little bit of Darkness’ family background and a little mini arc that has something to do with Aqua and her followers.

The banter between Kazuma and his girls are still amusing to watch. This is one of the main comedic drive of this series. When they start to argue or when sh*t is going to hit the fan, you bet that they’ll start going all dramatic and loud as they give excuses and the likes for their situation. But I’m not sure how super masochistic Darkness is because although for the most time she loves being tortured and embarrassed, there are a few moments in which she is totally embarrassed in the I-don’t-like-this-at-all sense. Thus I’m confused about her being a masochist 100% all the time. Taking a break from being a masochist? Aqua might usually be a typical selfish b*tch but this undead magnet has shown that she too has a ‘good’ side even if it is the pettiest of reasons.

It might sound selfish she will do anything to retain her followers so her powers are strong but at least in a twisted way she cares for them even if those crazy Axis followers don’t necessarily believe her in the flesh. Maybe if she starts acting like a true goddess then seeing is believing. But then again, perhaps this is what makes the Axis faith so crazy in the first place. That’s why you have a crazy goddess like Aqua. Yeah, it definitely reeks of jealousy when everyone claims Eris pads her boobs… Not sure the reason this series needs Chomusuke, as though they introduced it just because they think the series needs an obligatory animal mascot. It hardly does anything as it is Megumin’s so called pet. Anything cute, she wants to bring it back as her pet. Too bad Kazuma isn’t running some sort of animal/cute things shelter.

I thought this season Wiz felt like she is a bit of a running joke in the sense that she is always in danger of being purified due to her proximity to Aqua’s purification ritual. Being close to death, this is followed by her dream of seeing Verdia (his only appearances for this season) on the other side of River Styx beckoning her to join him. But if he is the undead, do they die again and go to the underworld? At least there was a ‘combo breaker’ with Wiz showing us a glimpse of her kickass powerful ice power side. But other than that, she is still the ditzy eternally loss making retailer on the verge of crossing over to the other side. Looks like now she has Vanir for company and hopefully this would reduce her tendency to buy loss items for sale that would never be sold.

My wish from the first season didn’t come true. Back then I was hoping to see a few of the other side characters joining Kazuma’s party but it looks like it is status quo. From Kyouya to Chris and even Verdia, they make so minimal appearances this time that it could have been done without. They just appear so as to remind us they are still there. I don’t really remember but I feel that this season they make even less screen time appearance. I suppose for Kazuma having a party that consists of a lazy goddess, an explosion maniac and a super masochist is already a handful to deal with and he wouldn’t want to add anymore members to his ranks. Given that everybody in this world has some sort of quirky personality, you’d think Kazuma has learnt his lesson already in recruiting. Maybe except for Eris. Sweet goddess is forever holed up in that other dimension. Heck, I believe Kazuma doesn’t want her to be his party member but his wife! With God’s blessing I’m sure they would make a fine couple. In an alternate timeline, haha!

Last season charm in the form of a letter written at the end of the episode in which the character writing it is being narrated and then suddenly cut off, is still retained. But this time it isn’t just all about Kazuma and his girls writing and reading their letter. Well, that is only for the first half. It is them writing the letter to their respective audiences to update about the situation. Nothing really dramatic. Halfway through till the end, it is Yunyun. It seems she is writing to her friends about being in some party and going on adventures. But as the episode goes by, you can hear more and more desperate she becomes in trying to convince her friends that she isn’t lying. Perhaps she isn’t technically lying but she isn’t telling the whole truth either. We all know a bit of Yunyun’s character especially her eternal rivalry with Megumin in which the plot will never let her win against. Maybe she should just join Kazuma’s team?

Machico who did last season’s opener does this season too, Tomorrow. Sounds rather okay but again like last season, the one that takes the cake is the ending theme. Ouichi Ni Kaeritai by Kazuma’s trio girls has this similar feeling like last season’s Chiisana Boukensha. This slow country song makes you really feel like going home. Yup, still makes you want to close your eyes and dream of the simple farm and countryside living. But is it me that the song sounds awfully close to the Yellow Rose Of Texas? Oh well, it doesn’t matter since this is quite a good and calming song to listen to.

On a small note, I did say I watch this season in glorious Blu-ray fashion but if I said that I was expecting some sort of nudity or bare tits, that would be an overstatement. It’s not like I am hard up for it. Really. Believe me. Especially Darkness who is on the verge of giving us the necessary fanservice since her boobs are like teasing-cum-screaming that they want to be freed and displayed proudly for viewers. Did not happen. Instead what I notice the ‘fanservice’ seems to be more of Aqua’s butt although this is very subtle. Since Aqua wears short skirt and the lower part of the garment is transparent, you could see her butt crack whenever she bends over. And this goddess doesn’t wear any pantsu… Not sure if this is included in the original TV version as I didn’t watch it.

Overall, a good and enjoyable second season. Wacky and questionable humour (Darkness’ masochism) is fine with me. Might not have enough explosions but those blasted here are still epic and funny. Meguminplosions over Bayplosions anytime, anywhere. If there is another season, I would definitely want to watch it. I want to see more of the hijinks and mishaps in the quests Kazuma is forced to take (since he cleared his debt, there is no motivation for him to earn more money), all the possible Devil King’s (quirky) commanders he will face off and vanquish (the easiest way would probably to send the Axis followers to harass and pester about joining), more twisted fanservice from Darkness (bewbs!), more of karma backfiring on Aqua (she deserves what she gets, no love lost), perhaps a clash between the Axis and Eris faith (Eris padded her boobs!), more of Yunyun’s failed challenges to Megumin (you just wanna be friends, right?) and yes, more explosions! Boom! Mic drop.

Want to experience a real RPG gaming experience? I mean a real one where you are really inside that world. Your surroundings, the people you interact with are all real. And no, I am not talking about putting on some head gear and diving into a fantasy game. This means this isn’t your Sword Art Online, Log Horizon or Overlord world game style. Not even Hai To Gensou No Grimgar level. Yes people. You come to this world as an adventurer, live as an adventurer for real. Folks, welcome to Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo. Wow. If it sounds so great, how do you sign up for it? Well, there is just one catch: You have to die first to get to this world. Well, at least you can say that there is life after death. But be warned. Despite saying about the adventure and RPG life you get to live in this world, please do not expect it to be like what you expect in those games you play once you start living your new life. Another catch? Well, let’s just say the people around you could be a big factor in determining the direction and quality of your life and destiny…

Episode 1
Kazuma Satou is an otaku on his way home after buying a game. However he sees a girl in danger of being run over by a truck and naturally his instincts have him dive to push her out of harm’s way. Unfortunately he died and is in the afterlife. How does he know? Because this cute goddess chick, Aqua tells him so. Kazuma wants to know if the girl is alright. She is. Relieved that his death was not in vain, wait till he hears how the girl was injured because of his pushing. You see, it wasn’t a truck but a tractor and it was already stopping. So how did Kazuma died? Of shock! OMG! Aqua couldn’t contain her laughter and starts laughing mad at all the absurdity, revealing how everyone from his family and nurses laughed at his embarrassing way of death! OMFG! She gives him a choice to either reincarnate as a baby or go to heaven, which isn’t a good place like he thinks. Because no porn! No sex! I can see why it’s so boring. Rather, she gives him another option to become an adventurer in a world that is being threatened by the Devil King’s army. Not only he’ll get to retain his memories of his world, he gets to bring any one thing of his choice to the new world. Anything. He is concerned about the language and despite there is a guidebook on it, he notices a very big disclaimer… So as he starts thinking what kind of skill he wants to bring over, Aqua pressures him into deciding this quick in addition to mocking his being. So what does he want to bring over? You, Aqua! Then this hot chick angel approves of this and sends them away to the new world. Now the joke is on Aqua. She is panicking so hard that Kazuma is having the last laugh. Not so funny now, huh? Suck it up, b*tch. You’re in for the ride. So in this peaceful town of Axel, Kazuma might regret bringing her because she is so whiny that she just doesn’t shut up! Useless. But as a pro gamer, the first thing to do is to join a guild. Everything seems fine and smooth till they realize there is a registration fee to pay. Broke.

Instead of blaming each other for being useless, Aqua decides to use her goddess status to get funds by… Begging! Unfortunately this old guy doesn’t worship her but a lower ranked goddess named Eris. He gives donates some money anyway but what insults Aqua is that a devotee of an inferior goddess showed pity on her. Yup, he doesn’t believe she is a goddess. As they register, their stats will determine what occupation to be. Kazuma is low on everything except luck. His only choice is a merchant but he is hell bent on being an adventurer. Aqua on the other hand scores high in everything except intelligence and luck. She could be anything except a wizard. She decides to be an arch priest healer. Everyone cheers for her incredible stats and job choice like as though she is a mega star. And I thought she hated coming to this world. So what is their first adventure? Doing hard construction labour?! Oh well. Work hard. Sleep hard. Bathe hard. Eat hard. Drink hard. Rinse and repeat. It sure took a while for Kazuma to realize this isn’t what adventuring is all about. Aqua needs to defeat the Devil King or else she can’t go back. Even more depressing is how this town lacks monsters as they have been exterminated a long time ago, thus no fetch quests. Aqua suggests getting away from here and do a kill quest despite their level is only at one and no proper equipment. Don’t worry. She’s a goddess, remember? This is precisely why Kazuma is worried.

Episode 2
Kazuma must have realized the different working standards and conditions of this world and Japan. Even more annoying is Aqua being lazy. What happened to her kill quest suggestion? Weren’t they supposed to go kill the Devil King? Logically this town is the furthest so the big bad guy isn’t just going to come all the way to slay 2 beginners, right? Their first kill quest is to kill giant frogs. Kazuma is left running for his life while Aqua is just laughing her ass off. She brags about saving him with conditions attached but gets eaten. Kazuma to the rescue. See how she turns into a cry-baby after that. Then she turns into an angry goddess as she is going to take out her frustration by destroying a frog with her God Blow. Here it comes! Nothing happens. Eaten again. Kazuma to the rescue again. To avoid such embarrassing moments, it is suggested they hire more people to their party. So why isn’t anybody joining after the recruitment notice is up? Other than Aqua false advertising herself, who else would be able to join if they only request for advanced adventurers? But there is an arch wizard girl approaching them. From her long grand speech of just about everything, you can tell that Megumin has chuunibyou. Yup, definitely is. You know she is as kooky as Aqua and even gets floored by her empty stomach. Haven’t eaten in 3 days, huh? But they see her high stats and decide to take her on a trial quest.

With Aqua getting eaten by a frog again, it is up to Megumin to strut her stuff. Awesome chant lines. Awesome magic effects. Awesome firepower! Awesome explosion! Then she collapses. Because she exceeded her magic limit and can only use 1 spell per day. Got eaten. This sucks. Now Kazuma has to save both of them. In return they finish their kill quest of defeating 5 giant frogs. On the way back, we discover that despite Megumin’s high stats, she can only use explosion magic because she loves the spell so much and will not learn others! WTF?! While Aqua is taken in by her ‘romantic’ passion, Kazuma is starting to see her as a liability. Even more useless than useless. Better offload her before she gives more trouble. However Megumin won’t let go and pleads to keep her around but he is not going to fall for that. He deduces she must have been kicked out of another party and thus the desperation. Bystanders misinterpret the commotion that Kazuma has done something perverted to the girls (all covered with frog slime…) and is going to abandon them. Megumin uses this to her advantage that she will do any erotic play so as not to be tossed away. To shut her up, he accepts her. Yahoo! Kazuma cashes in on the kill quest and notices he has levelled up. Despite getting 110,000 Eris (the currency), it indicates it was not worth risking their lives for such lowly pay. Taking a look at other job requests are just freaking impossible. Then, a beautiful knight babe approaches him wondering if the recruitment is open. Naturally Kazuma is stunned with her beauty and could she be what the party needs all along? But when Darkness starts to open her mouth and stammer her lines like some desperate nervous chick… Oh… My… God…

Episode 3
Hard breathing… Crazy eyes… This woman is dangerous. He tries to discourage her from joining by listing how useless his party members are but she gets even more encouraged to join. She even goes on to say she is clumsy and her strikes never hit! Kazuma tries to learn a skill. Megumin seems eager to help until she loses interest when he calls her a little girl. Then here comes Darkness. You thought he rejected her, right? He rejects her again. See that orgasmic face? Yup. Masochist. Explains everything. However her friend, Chris who is a thief could be the first decent person Kazuma has met since coming to this world. She agrees to teach him her skill, Steal in which he can, well, steal his enemy’s inventory. After learning the tricks of the skill, time to put it into use. Guess what he stole? Her panties!!! While this sends Chris into crying frenzy, Kazuma is laughing like a maniac like as though he had won. And Darkness hoped it was her… Back at the guild, imagine to Kazuma’s horror when Darkness and Chris worded that panty stealing act so ambiguously and smoothly that it sounded like Kazuma raped her! Then Kazuma shows off what he has learnt. Whose panties he stole this time? Megumin… Since when did he upgrade from an adventurer to a pervert? With Darkness at her limit and insisting she joins his team, the rest take a look at her card and find her high level crusader to be quite useful. Kazuma tries to discourage the newbies to leave by explaining how dangerous the mission is but Darkness being the masochist and Megumin being proud of her whatever magic that could obliterate anything, well, looks like they are here to stay.

Suddenly an emergency quest is broadcasted. All adventures must gather at the gate as something ominous is approaching. The town is going to be attacked by… Flying cabbages?! WTF???!!! It’s harvest time, yeehaw!!! And guess what? 10,000 Erins per cabbage!!! Darkness tries to appeal to Kazuma by fighting them. True to her uselessness, she misses all of them! However she acts as a shield best as she protects the other adventurers while withstanding the cabbages’ barrage. Of course Kazuma knows she is enjoying all this. Even more so when she thinks the men are looking at her with their lustful eyes, the pounding of the cabbages on her erotic body. Well, hard to believe that they are actually admiring her determination to protect them. Make sure you don’t learn the wrong example (that is, don’t be a masochist!). It all ends when Megumin unleashes her diabolical explosion. Boom! In the aftermath, we have a cabbage feast. Who knew such vegetables could be tasty, right? The girls praise each other but Kazuma isn’t impressed. But they also praise his lurking skill by stealing the cabbages’ wings. Darkness gladly introduces herself again and hopes to be more useful in the party as a shield. Being a sacrificial pawn isn’t so bad either. You know why lah. The girls might think highly of their little group with such few high job classes but Kazuma could only see hardships awaiting them in the future… What’s with the pessimism?

Episode 4
While Kazuma learns a water creation skill, Aqua is in one of her foul moods. Remember the reward on those cabbages? Turns out she caught lettuces instead! There is a big difference! Oh dear, look she is coming to Kazuma now. What is she whining now? When she learns Kazuma earned a million Erins, look at how she tries to become good in his books. When all else fails, become a desperate spoilt brat! She wants to borrow some money to repay her tabs. He wouldn’t have given in had she not spewed out something about his erotic habits in the stable… Thinking of going for another kill quest, anything but killing giant frogs! Poor Darkness. You missed all that action… They check out the job requests but there are hardly any. It is said that one of the Devil King’s top leaders has moved in nearby thus all the weaker monsters have gone into hiding. In this period of peace, Kazuma accompanies Megumin to the outskirts of town to practice her explosion magic on an abandoned castle. Somebody needs to carry her after she collapses, right? And she got scolded by the townspeople to practise her explosion somewhere else. Kazuma does this daily routine that he knows her explosions inside out. Kazuma then tells Aqua that they have no chance of defeating the Devil King. I mean, he has low skills and there are no high level adventurers in sight. They’re doomed. And no, he is not falling for her crocodile tears and wants her to teach him her healing technique. She won’t because it is her only reason for existence!

Suddenly another emergency quest for all the adventurers to gather at the gate. Before them is a headless horseman knight! He is one of the top leaders of the Devil King! You’re screwed. He is mad and blowing his top (despite not having a head) over an idiot who keeps blowing up the abandoned castle he is living in every day after moving in! HOLY SH*T!!! He can’t take anymore of this harassment! So who the f*ck keeps blowing his castle up?! Before the crowd suspects the wrong innocent lady, Megumin at least have the conscience to go up front to confront Verdia the Dullahan. Despite sounding grand, unfortunately she makes it worse that she needs to unleash an explosion a day or else she will die! Lies! And Verdia was going to let her off with just a warning. Making matters worse is how she ropes in Aqua and she is more than happy to play along. Verdia then throws a curse at Megumin but Darkness blocks and absorbs it. In a week, she will suffer and die. This is part of Verdia’s plan to play on Megumin’s conscious that it is her fault her friend will die and if she wants the curse lifted, come to his castle. If she can make it that far. But we all know how masochistic Darkness is, right? She thinks this is Verdia’s cruel intention to turn her into some sex slave and do perverted acts on her in his castle. Yeah, she is more than willing to follow him back! Even Verdia is looking scared! Of course Kazuma restrains her. Verdia leaves after giving Megumin the ultimatum. So while Kazuma and Megumin motivate each other they can get through this, suddenly Aqua uses her healing power to remove the curse. Easy as pie. Then everybody else cheers on Aqua like a true hero. So disappointing…

Episode 5
It is already bad enough this fantasy world isn’t to what Kazuma has in mind. That’s the least of his problems because Aqua is once again whiny about being in debt and sick of her shopping district part time job. So why don’t you go get a decent quest that pays? Hmm… There seems to be an easy one, purify a lake with monsters that earns 300,000 Eris. But why does she want Kazuma to come along? Because it takes her half a day to purify and she needs protection during that period of vulnerability. Kazuma has an idea and puts her in an iron cage. Nothing much happening as she sits in the lake… But when monster crocodiles start attacking her cage, she her go into maximum panic mode. Kazuma and co not helping… She looks fine, right? Yeah, now she works twice as hard to purify the lake faster. 7 hours later, the lake is crystal clear and Aqua is saddled in trauma. Uh huh. She doesn’t want to come out of the cage. It is much safer here. Well, at least she gets to keep all the reward to herself. Before you people forget what an ideal fantasy RPG is like, herald Kyouya Mitsurugi who was once a normal high school kid, brought into this world and bestowed upon a cursed sword, Gram by a goddess. He coolly slays a dragon and hopes to defeat the Devil King with it and save the world. Heck, he even has his girls fighting over him! In town, he hears a morbid humming and to his shock sees Aqua being towed back inside a cage. He breaks open the cage and calls for her but apparently her trauma is greater. But when Kazuma reminds her that somebody else recognizes her as a goddess, she reverts back to normal. That was easy. Kyouya remembers she is the goddess who reincarnated him in this world and gave him Gram. But does Aqua remember him? Yeah, she sent so many people back that she might have forgotten some.

When Kyouya learns how Aqua got into this world and even her living conditions, he is being mad and Kazuma. But Kazuma knows better than to be lectured by a guy who is blessed with a better sword. He knows his girls are just sh*tty characters. Kyouya suggests they join his party but Aqua thinks he is a creep, Darkness as a masochist feels like punching him and Megumin wants to explode him. Rejected, right? Not satisfied, Kyouya challenges Kazuma to a duel over Aqua. Instantly Kazuma starts attacking and uses Steal to take his Gram and knock him out. Hey, it’s all fair, right? Not to Kyouya’s harem girls as they call Kazuma a coward. Kazuma then threatens to use his Steal on them and with those erotic finger movements, they are sent running away in tears. It should be a happy ending back at the guild but why is Aqua so mad about? Apparently her reward has been deducted for the cage’s damage. And she didn’t even damage it. Yeah, she is going to give one to Kyouya when she sees him. Speaking of which, here he is looking to challenge Kazuma again because he heard rumours from Chris about his panty stealing skills and covering girls with slime! However he is punched in the face by mad Aqua! Give her money! Did she up the price for the damage compensation? Then she goes on a spending spree… Unbelievable… Kyouya is here to request Gram to be given back to him. Unfortunately Kazuma sold it. This guy’s luck just keeps getting worse, eh? Then an emergency quest to gather especially Kazuma’s party. What is with Verdia now? He is mad that nobody came to his castle! Oh… That.

Episode 6
Apparently someone is still bombing his castle every day! Damn you Megumin! But if every blast leaves her vulnerable, then who is the culprit who helped bring her back? Damn you Aqua!!! Verdia blows his top thinking these people didn’t care about their dead friend. What dead comrade? Oh look. Darkness is alive and well. Aqua zaps him a few times. Although she thinks it is a weak spell but you can definitely tell from Verdia’s screams. Verdia has had it and summons his undead knights to kill everybody. Unfortunately they chase after Aqua. Seeking salvation from a goddess? Aqua runs after Kazuma… He has an idea as he runs near Verdia. He then gives the signal to Megumin to initiate her blast. Boom! Verdia is still standing as he initiates a comeback. Some of the other guys think he is weakened and charge in to slay him. But it would be their undoing because Verdia unleashes a powerful spell like as though he entered bullet time to slaughter them all! Verdia goes after Kazuma but Darkness becomes his shield. As expected, she starts saying ambiguous perverted stuffs, thinking Verdia is chipping her armour away slowly for the ultimate embarrassment. Even worse when she misses a clear strike when he is stationary. How could she miss?! Kazuma tries to buy Darkness some time by splashing water but it just made her all wet and thinking the wrong thing. Kazuma then freezes him and tries to steal his sword but to no avail.

When Verdia goes in for the kill on Darkness, Kazuma starts thinking hard about a Dullahan’s weakness. Then it hit him. His weakness is water. He has all the mages conjure and splash water spells at him as Verdia tries to avoid them all. Instead of bragging, can Aqua at least summon some water to close this case? Sure. She is going to summon some flood class magic. Verdia knows he is in trouble and tries to run but Darkness is holding onto his feet. Then here comes the flood to wipe out everyone, everything… Don’t worry, everybody is still alive. Kazuma then steals his head and has everyone play football with it. In the mean time, Aqua seals Verdia for good. Case closed. Darkness prays to those fallen men but find that they are still alive. Aqua resurrected them. She feels so embarrassed that she wants to die. So this is a different kind of abuse and not to her liking? As expected, everyone parties with the defeat of Verdia. Kazuma is chanted a hero and even better, he gets 300 million Eris as reward! See how money changes people… And all those leeches… Especially Aqua… But then here is the bad news. There is always a catch. Because Aqua’s flood magic destroyed a great portion of the town’s walls, the reparation costs is 340 million Eris! I guess they have to take up more quests to cover the costs. And it is then Kazuma vows he will slay the Devil King in order to escape this good for nothing world. The faster you kill, the faster you get out, right?

Episode 7
Kazuma has every right to complain he needs money. But does Aqua? Because he puts her right in her place after mentioning he needs money to cover the debts she racked up. Or else she can just repay them herself. Now the apologetic goddess she is now, eh? Looking at the board to take on a quest, I guess Kazuma has a say whether to accept it or not because he is definitely rejecting dangerous ones and not willing to get killed. Then he notices this one. Killing snow sprites will net 100,000 Eris each. Of course Kazuma’s guts are telling him something is wrong especially if that masochist eagerly wants to fight such weak and easy creatures. Here they are at the snowy mountains killing cute harmless little balls. They’re snow sprites by the way. Ironically Aqua is doing much better in catching them. After giving Megumin permission to bomb the entire place, now Kazuma will find out the answer as to why adventurers do not take up such easy quest. Because here comes the winter shogun!!! The monster that Darkness has been waiting for! You’re screwed. To appease him, Aqua releases some of the snow sprites and prostrate perfectly. She’s good at this. Kazuma tries to do the same for Darkness but I figure she just loves how she is being held against her will on the ground. Since Kazuma forgot he is still holding his dagger, the winter shogun decapitates him! OMG! Did he really die?!

Apparently yes. Now he is in the afterlife and before him is the goddess Eris. Kazuma is very impressed with her since he is polite unlike certain weirdoes. She is giving him a chance to be reincarnated in Japan and he is happier to get that as he complains about all the misadventures with his party fools. But what’s this? Why is Kazuma crying? Those aren’t tears that he is going back to his home. So he is telling us he missed those idiots and wants to go adventuring with them a little longer?! What’s wrong with you Kazuma?! That is when Aqua’s voice is heard. She has casted a resurrection spell on him and wants him to get his ass back. However Eris mentions about the law that he cannot be revived again since he has reborn once. Aqua then badmouths Eris and you can see the latter close to tears with all those insults. Aqua even gives Kazuma permission to sexually harass her if she persists so Eris is forced to make this an exception and send him back to Aqua’s side. Kazuma is definitely not pleased with the high and might attitude of Aqua. If he could only change goddesses… It is a good thing he feels okay now. Because he wouldn’t want to see how he was decapitated by the winter shogun… Back at the guild, Aqua managed to capture a snow sprite. Kazuma wants to kill it for the reward but Aqua becomes protective of it, laying out her plans and life with this little cute thing. She’s even got a name for it? Kazuma then thinks about Eris. Her kind smile when he was revived and the way she mourned his death. Ah, she could be the heroine he has long waited for to appear. But it is back to reality when his girls order lots of food. The debt just keeps piling up… So why are you regretting not choosing to reincarnate in Japan now? You should have known better…

Episode 8
Winter is very cold. Aqua almost burnt Kazuma’s jersey to the fire. And while they are arguing, the fire goes out. The duo go over to see Wiz who may look human but is actually a lich (ruler of the undead who sends wandering spirits at the graveyard to heaven). Despite her status, she is a kind girl and I don’t know why Aqua has a bone to pick with her. Kazuma narrates how they first met and due to some circumstances (Aqua’s fault I suppose), they took up her job in her stead and ended up letting her go. Maybe that is why Aqua doesn’t like her. When they hear she was one of the leaders of Devil King, Aqua doesn’t hesitate to take the slightest chance to eliminate her. Of course Kazuma hears her out and it seems the Devil King made a deal with her that she would maintain the barrier that protects his castle in exchange for living a quiet life among human territory. But that is all she did and she did not harm others. So as long as her barrier is up, humans can’t invade Devil King’s castle? See how eager Aqua wants to get rid of her? Kazuma doesn’t want to rush in considering their level is not enough to face the big boss. Don’t want to get beheaded again, right? With Kazuma wanting to learn a skill from her, she teaches Drain Touch, a skill that absorbs an opponent’s health and magic and can also be distributed to others. After obtaining that skill, Aqua still wants to slowly kill her… Stop it already… Kazuma and his girls get to live in a mansion that Wiz is a landlord of. But it’s haunted! Of course, ignore Aqua trying to use her magic and see the past haunting (is she really going to mention every one?) and her usual tantrum when her sake bottle is suddenly empty. Because of the latter, she goes on an exorcising spree.

Deep in the middle of the night as Kazuma wants to go to toilet, he spots a creepy doll across his room! OMFG! SCARY!!! He tries to pretend to sleep but feels something creeping up his body. MORE DOLLS!!! RUN!!! He hides in Aqua’s room but is surprised to see Megumin there. I guess she is also scared of the dolls. And she wanted a partner to go to toilet? Yeah, Aqua must be away exorcising them. Kazuma wants to take a leak at the balcony but Megumin won’t let him. And thus a crazy argument being toilet comrades begins. Then they have to start running when the dolls are seen all over outside the window. Megumin is now in the toilet and bugs Kazuma to sing to assure her he is there. That would be the least of their problems because the dolls are coming! Kazuma breaks open the door to take her and hide in another room. It is amazing Kazuma can hold it in after so long. When things get desperate, Kazuma thinks of using Drain Touch but when he bumps open the door, it knocks out Aqua. They get a special reward after the dolls are exorcised. Kazuma learns why the mansion is haunted with so many ghosts. As there is a graveyard nearby (where they first met Wiz), apparently someone erected a massive barrier as a prank so the spirits had nowhere to go and took refuge in the mansion. Kazuma senses something amiss. You bet it is somewhat Aqua’s fault. Explain! After taking Wiz’s exorcising job, Aqua felt it was a pain to travel to the graveyard all the time so she thought if she took their home away, they would eventually leave. What is Kazuma going to do? They can’t accept the special reward then. Kazuma pays his respects to the nearby grave and his glad to have his own mansion to live in. No more the stable life. Till he hears the girls trying to burn his jersey as firewood…

Episode 9
Aqua thinks she can boss around thinking she has the highest level stats among them. When Kazuma realizes her stats never moved because they are already at their max, he starts having that regret and pitiful look. I suppose he now understands why her intelligence never increased. Kazuma later meets up with a couple of adventurers he got to know, Keith and Dust. They take him to an inn where it is run by succubi. Oh yeah… Kazuma is served by a sexy busty succubus that is so much like hentai material. She guides him in writing down his desires. Oh yeah… After double confirming that there are no laws, regulations, rules whatsoever because it is just a dream, Kazuma is motivated to pen down all his desires for a great dream! The only caution the succubus throws at him is not to drink too much because if he sleeps soundly, they can’t show him any dreams. When he returns home, his girls are throwing a crab and sake feast. Oh dear. It is tempting but Kazuma tries to restrain himself from the revelry. To avoid falling into the trap, he decides to turn in early. But since he can’t sleep, he goes to take a bath. That is when naked Darkness enters. So the dream has started? Bring it on! Of course we know something is wrong when Darkness starts acting very embarrassed and against whatever he is asking her. But he thinks this is part of the request he wrote in for albeit not exactly what he wanted, she’ll just do. With Kazuma acting as the cool boss ordering Darkness to wash his back, the more Darkness flusters. I guess this humiliation doesn’t fall under the masochism category. But if it wasn’t, why didn’t she just walk out? Ah, in some deep recess of her heart, she must be enjoying it, right?

Just when she is going to scrub his back using her boobs, Aqua’s loud voice that she caught an intruder spoils everything. Kazuma just rushes out in a towel to confront the ruckus. It seems Aqua and Megumin have a caught a succubus trying to enter their barrier. That is when Kazuma realizes and connects the dots. Kazuma goes over to protect the succubus. He tells her to run while he fends off the crazy women who each have their own reason to beat up Kazuma at this point. Kazuma acts like a true man, protecting what a man has to protect sometimes. So if it is a fight the girls want, then bring it on! Unfortunately he got beaten up but the succubus escapes. Next morning, Darkness feels awkward with Kazuma though she believes he was being controlled by the succubus and has no memories of what happened. Kazuma has been in this world long enough to know how to play the rules. So he agrees to go with that easy explanation. Darkness mentions about how scary he was last night but it wasn’t a bad experience overall. That is when Kazuma tells her to brush up her common sense because he already placed a sign outside the bath that it was occupied and she still came in. And since she went along, everything that happened subsequently wasn’t his fault in any way. Darkness realizes he clearly remembered everything. Suddenly an emergency broadcast that a mobile fortress, Destroyer is approaching the town.

Episode 10
Like its name implies, anywhere it goes or touches, destruction follows. Kazuma is not so ready to abandon the town yet because he just got his mansion and hell no he is going to look for another one or sleep out in the cold. He can’t anyway. Nobody can. Because all adventurers are tasked to take it down. As they discuss, everybody seems to get this idea Kazuma can take it down. He is the hero, right? And then they can finish it off with a hard hitting magic. You know, like an explosion? Looking at you, Megumin. Everybody’s motivation sky rockets when Wiz arrives to help because they believe she is the most powerful wizard in town. As everyone takes their positions, Kazuma talks to Darkness to not be a hero and stand directly in its path. That is when she reveals her real name: Dustiness Ford Lalatina. The daughter of a rich family. As she considers herself a knight, it is her duty to protect her countrymen. How noble. But we still think she’s a masochistic pervert… Destroyer is in sight and everybody starts getting scared. See how huge that thing is. Aqua makes her first move by unleashing her powerful magic enough to disable its barrier. Now it is Megumin’s turn to hit all she’s got but she is paralyzed with fear. Kazuma insults her love for explosions so this is where she got real and does some real blowing up. Works like a charm. Destroyer collapses right before Darkness’ feet. Don’t need to do anything, right? True to Kazuma’s fear, everyone shouldn’t start celebrating yet because it is sure to trigger some flag. Yup, Destroyer is going to self destruct! Its destructive range is able to obliterate a city. With their new mission to stop its self destruct, Darkness charges straight into it. We all know it is because of her masochistic tendencies in wanting to get caught up in the explosion. But every other guy sees this as encouragement to defend their town. If it’s gone, where would they go? And also something to do with sexy succubus services…

As they search inside Destroyer, they come across a main chamber where a corpse sits. They read his diary that details how he was forced to create this against his will. Then when he was brought the legendary coronatite, Destroyer started moving and destroyed everything in its path. Not that this dude was unhappy about. So he decided to live the rest of his life on it seeing there is no way he could stop it or get off. End of pathetic story. It is believed if they teleport this coronatite away, the self destruction will stop. Wiz is able to do this after sucking some of Kazuma’s power. What? He was thinking she was going to suck something else? However she is unconfident because despite she can teleport it away, it will only be a random place and might destroy a densely populated place. Kazuma assures her he is lucky. After doing so, it is still too early to celebrate. Because the internally stored heat is escaping and is going to explode! So coronatite didn’t have anything to do with it? While Aqua is thinking how obliterating the city would mean being free of her debts, Kazuma suggests Wiz absorbs her power so she can use her explosion magic. Unfortunately if she absorbs from Aqua, she will be purified. Don’t discount Megumin yet. So via Kazuma as the medium, Aqua transfers some of her essence into Megumin, enough for her to use her explosion again. And my, what a big explosion this is! Bigger than the atomic bomb?! An explosive finale? Kazuma narrates his seemingly ordinary daily life after that. Believing his true adventure will finally begin when the knights of the imperial capital summoned him, unfortunately it is not to deliver his compensation. They claim the coronatite that was teleported under his instructed exploded over Overlord Aldarp’s mansion. So he is now a criminal and under arrest? Oh Kazuma, you’re so screwed. I’m sure praying to God now for a world that treats him better isn’t going to help. Maybe next time when he dies?

The gang visits Wiz’s shop. They see Yunyun hiding at a corner and Megumin is not too fond of her. The self-proclaimed rival gets panicky when Megumin ignores her. Yunyun wants to settle their rivalry right now. But what follows next is Megumin abusing her (slapping her boobs?) as she is fed up of her nonsense. They’re not the only ones throwing a ruckus. Darkness as usual wants something to torture as pleasure, Aqua being a whinny customer forcing Wiz to put up good service. What can a guy do to get some peace and quiet around here? Kazuma picks up a choker which is labelled as a popular item but seldom sold. Look at the price tag. Maybe that is why. Reading further that this is wish granting choker, he puts it on. You know it won’t come off now, right? To Wiz’s horror as she explains, it only comes off when the wish is granted. Otherwise the choker gets tighter and he will die in 4 days! It was a popular item with woman as it served as some sort of weight loss device. Feels more like a cursed item, no? Everyone gets worried and blames themselves for getting Kazuma in this situation. Except for Aqua. This makes Kazuma really want to die and not resurrect back to life. How is this bad for Aqua? Remember all the debts she has? Better be nice and do all she can to help him out! And when the girls say they’ll do anything to grant his wish, time to take advantage of the fanservice. That sneaky look… So on the first day, Kazuma uses Wiz as a lap pillow. He has Darkness strip her armour and do exercises so he could watch her boobs bounce. He has the wizards do strip rock-scissors-paper in which Yunyun is always at the losing end. Aqua fears she will also be sexually exploited but was made to do errands like buying bread and alcohol. When Megumin and Yunyun collude to draw their games, Kazuma threatens the next few draws both will strip, Megumin betrays Yunyun and sends the latter into panic mode as she tries to strip the explosion nerd. Day two is more or less the same thing but the girls are in sexy cosplay now.

The fanservice ramps up in the third day as the girls are now washing his body as he watches Darkness wash herself. More errands for Aqua to find a hotspring. Megumin curses his dick to fall off so Kazuma gets cheeky forcing her to scratch the itch there! Aqua finally finds the hotspring source but the water shoots right up into Kazuma’s ass! HOT!!!! By night fall, everyone is worried the choker isn’t coming off. Even more so, Kazuma has no more desires. He did everything he wanted with them! Megumin is most worried as she mentions his death will be problematic to her. She considers him as a special friend since nobody wanted her in their team. The next day, Kazuma is prepared to die! He has lost his will! Serious! He entertained himself in lust and in the end it was all meaningless. The girls are distraught as they hug him! Wow. He must be feeling like a saint now. He apologizes by revealing the truth of all the things he did with them are for boobs. Like how he carried Megumin back from her explosion training just to feel her boobs. Whenever he talked to Wiz or Yunyun, his eyes are always on their boobs. Darkness = boobs. Aqua… Could she be the worst? He can’t see her as a heroine. Oh, he smelled her hair too. Is this an insult? She strangles him to try harder and that is when the choker comes off. Kazuma realizes his real wish was to ask for peace. And now all the girls are going to get their payback. Could you kindly please put the choker back on? All the fanservice better be worth this. Kazuma did die because now he is face to face with Eris. To remind about his shameful act, she advises him not to die in such a ridiculous manner. Remorseful Kazuma even agrees. You can’t argue with that, can you?

God Bless This Cursed Silly World!
OMG! It’s so funny how this anime series has the same number of episodes as my fingers! Why make something so good and end it there! But aha! Don’t fret yet. Because Kazuma and his girls will be given another chance. That’s right. ANOTHER SEASON HAS BEEN GIVEN THE GREENLIGHT!!! I’m so happy! I can’t really wait when the next adventure time comes around. Because you know of the so many developments that bring forth interesting potentials. Like, uhm… Erm… Well, we don’t know who the Devil King is yet and have not seen him. And surely his leaders that adventurers must face first before fighting the final boss, right? So yeah, such interesting potentials make me look forward to the next season. Well, if Kazuma can change his criminal status first. So yes, this series is surprisingly wonderful. It is the funniest RPG themed anime I have seen in recent years. The last was Ixion Saga DT but that was a few years ago. And it felt a long time ago. Many of the jokes are in the form of comebacks and although they are spontaneous, it doesn’t feel boring or get old because of how wacky the situation is.

Making this comedy series even greater are the colourful characters themselves. Everybody is an oddball. Yes, even Kazuma himself. Because he is a diehard otaku gamer. The only reason why he looks normal is because everybody else is an even more lunatic and crazier character than he is. And because Kazuma is more reliable than the rest, thus making his otaku-ness feeling a whole lot less in contributing to how maniacal his character is. And most important of all, with the idiots in his party, Kazuma’s main role seems to be playing the tsukkomi or rebuking role especially to a certain goddess. Ironically otaku guys are deemed useless in society. But because his part has a useless leeching goddess, an explosion maniac and a masochist maniac, Kazuma has to be steadfast in his actions. Otherwise a million 1up lives won’t save him from dying a million times. Yeah. Dying until the resurrection spells don’t work anymore. There is a saying that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. But as in for Kazuma’s case, he can’t even choose his own party members… Sad… Making matters worse, things hardly go his way.

As said, the girls in Kazuma’s reluctant party are the ones that make this entire (mis)adventure a big comical journey. They are the driving force that makes Kazuma both on his feet and close to insanity. They are both the reason why he moves forward and is breaking apart. Like a double edged sword. I was hoping for a few other characters to join his harem but seeing how 3 idiots are already more than he can handle, maybe this isn’t the kind of harem he (and us) would be wishing for. Is it too late to switch party members? But then again, his second death experience tells us he would like to be with them a little longer. So this tells us that he himself is an oddball. You know what they say about birds with the same feathers. It won’t be so bad to see past characters joining Kazuma’s party. After all, everybody here is just unofficial, right? It would be great to have Chris the thief (the one who could boldly flirt with Kazuma), Kyouya the fallen adventurer (the other guy who is supposed to take the fall), Eris (the other goddess and voice of reasoning for the team), Wiz (bully victim), Yunyun (the more wizards the merrier) and even Verdia (so awesome that even dead baddies come back to life to join Kazuma’s group – although he is pretty much dead in the first place) to join Kazuma’s party and it would be one great group going on a great adventure to defeat the Devil King. But then again, with this bunch of characters, we can only see chaos and anarchy wherever they go, whatever they do. Then hilarity ensues… Oh yeah. You got to love this bunch if they ever get together.

Sometimes I feel the incompetent girls in Kazuma’s party are a subtle reflection in multiplayer games. You know, you are a very good player yourself but your teammates just suck! You know what I mean if you play online multiplayer games, right? Not that I have played them myself but I can see that one of the biggest complains and downsides that players hate are incompetent teammates who would only bring you down and do useless things that piss you off. Of course there is the case of you yourself being a dick but that is another story. So in Kazuma’s case, it is clearly a mirror of why missions and quests do not go as well planned because of inept and bungling teammates. And the worst kind are like Aqua, not only a troublemaker but selfish and thinks every move she makes she thinks are the best. The kind whom you will love to hate. With her quick shifting allegiance like shifting sand, it only serves to remind us of such players that are only on your side when the times are good. Then there are those types like Megumin who can only do one set of skill and the rest of the journey is pretty much useless. You know, those kind of players who can only spam one kind of move… And there are those like Darkness, not to say they are masochists, but in the sense would rush into battle head on without thinking whether it is for personal glory or to prove something. Not forgetting too, that player who always misses the crucial or basic shot. Yeah… And yes, there is always one like the Kazuma guy, the only useful and reliable guy who has to do everything himself. See the freaking similarities in real life? Scary, huh?

Just like the characters, everything else also compliments, complements and supplements the comedy. So we have got your magical fights albeit not much but more importantly at least we have explosions! Oh yeah, who doesn’t love explosions in their shows. Thanks Megumin, for all the explosive booms to satisfy our Baysplotions. And not forgetting very few fanservice scenes too. Panty stealing moves, busty succubus for a horny dream and surprisingly a sexy bath scene with Darkness of all people. However Aqua is the only female whom Kazuma won’t do fanservice with. I guess this shows the level of annoyance of this goddess that our pervy Kazuma won’t even resort to. It’s better to get back at her at some other way ;p. But the one thing that I couldn’t bring myself to laugh or find funny is the creepy doll scenes. Yikes! Even if it was supposed to be funny (Kazuma running like mad like as though he has seen a ghost – but of course!), the eerie feel of those dolls was just enough to send shiver down my scaredy cat spines. Those dolls look like a spooky version of the Rozen Maiden dolls. Only I won’t be dreaming about those but having nightmares! Thank goodness it was only for less than half an episode. It makes Verdia’s case looking like a baby. Because Verdia too is an idiot himself or at least got caught up in the idiocy of our main idiots.

Art and drawing are pretty decent. It is nothing to shout about but since you’ll be paying to the nonsensical antics and comical parts, you’ll let the artwork slip by. Despite taking place in a fantasy realm, there aren’t many exaggerated fantasy scenes since the town that our characters are stuck in feels like a backwater medieval town. At least the characters are also colourful in the visual sense and it doesn’t give a gloomy atmosphere (despite the fact that this is supposed to be a comedy series) like say, Hai To Gensou No Grimgar. The magic effects are nicely created for this grandeur and ultimately comical consequences. This series is animated by long time anime veteran, Studio Deen who are famous for the Fate series, Hetalia series, the Higurashi series and a whole load of other animes that could be listed way even before you were born. Well, if you aren’t that old, that is.

Making this series one of the most funniest and pleasant to watch is the voice acting. The best one goes to Sora Amamiya as Aqua (Elizabeth in Nanatsu No Taizai). I just love the way this depraved goddess sounds when she is panicking, desperate, begging, apologetic and acting arrogant. Despite her high octane panicking, it really makes her character funny to watch. There aren’t any dull moments with her whenever you hear her speak in such ways. Okay, not all of the time. But each time she does that, it will always be memorable. A very good job and hats off to Sora Amamiya for making Aqua one of the most beloved and yet ‘despised’ (in a good way) character of the series. It’s like she is having fun and running loose with her character. Coming close to her achievement is Ai Kayano as Darkness (Inori in Guilty Crown). With her character as a masochistic crusader, it is all the more convincing when she goes into such delusions and heavy breathing. Another person who sounds like she is having fun with her character. Kudos to a job well done.

I was first surprised when I at first discovered and find it strange that Jun Fukuyama was voicing Kazuma. It felt strange because no matter how much I think about it, he doesn’t sound like his ‘great’ trademark voice like Lelouch from Code Geass or Koro from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. Was he trying to voice act with some sort of accent? Even so, I kept thinking that was impossible and that Kazuma was voiced by Hiro Himono, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka or even Daisuke Sakaguchi voice type. I thought they listed the cast wrongly and that is when I decided to take a look again to see if I made any mistakes. And sure enough, I did. It was Jun Fukushima who played Kazuma. FUKUSHIMA. Look properly next time. So who is this guy? An unknown for me. His most prolific role was as Soukichi Naruko in Yowamushi Pedal series. It was almost the same for Yui Horie as Wiz. I think something might be wrong with my ears while watching the series. Maybe with all the amusing conversations I hear from Aqua and Darkness, it somehow ‘blunts’ my hearing and voice recognition ability. Yeah… Anyway it wasn’t as bad as Jun Fukushima’s case. Although I didn’t recognize her at first, but slowly and subsequently I started to do so. After all, it might be just me that Yui Horie sounded a little different at first… Too much Miss Monochrome recently has got me off balance. Aki Toyosaki is recognizable as Yunyun since she sounds very close like Yui from K-ON!

For the rest of the amazing casts, they are Rie Takahashi as Megumin (Futaba in Sore Ga Seiyuu), Hiroki Yasumoto as Verdia (Sado in Bleach), Takuya Eguchi as Kyouya (Kon in Ixion Saga DT) and Ayaka Suwa doubling as Chris and Eris (Tokaku in Akuma No Riddle). While the opening theme, Fantastic Dreamer by Machico isn’t that bad, the one that steals the limelight is the ending theme. Chiisana Boukensha by the trio of Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi and Ai Kayano is a calming but yet catchy homecoming country-like song. Hearing this piece makes you want to close your eyes and dream of the simple farm life in the countryside. No wars, no monsters to fight, no spirits to seal or purify, no evil bosses to defeat, no taxes to fill (yeah…). Just sit back and relax as the pleasant day goes by… Ah yes, the very simple life indeed.

On a trivial note, the next episode preview at the end feels unique but a bit odd as well. It is because it is in the form of a narrated letter by the characters. Though, I can hardly see how this has anything to do with the next episode but rather their experiences in this world so far. For instance, some previews has Kazuma narrating a written letter back to his family that he is doing fine although life is tough but still bearable, Aqua writing a report with lies because as we know she blames a certain someone while crediting herself as the awesome reason this certain someone has improved, Megumin writing in a poetic way that glorifies her magic and Darkness ironically describing all the noble qualities a knight should have (albeit another irony is that she seems to be emphasizing on staying away from sexual satisfaction…). The other odd part is how this segment is suddenly cut off while the characters are reading those lines halfway. I am not sure if the video is intended to be this way or did I not download them complete for that last bit. For all of the episodes? Hmm…

Overall, this series is a very fun and enjoyable watch. If you like your RPG adventures with lots of comical moments, this one is definitely for you. Certainly this is on the total opposite end of the pole for those who love serious drama and development in their RPG themed series. Say, Hai To Gensou No Grimgar. I’ve been referring this anime quite a few times here now, have I? Not to say that this anime is bad. That series is good as well but it is so different yet under the same genre that it makes both series look like they are totally different altogether. Like 2 sides of the same coin. A gold coin, that is :-). It is a good thing that this series didn’t bomb and even if it did, it is from a whole different context, am I right? :-). I’m glad that the producers have decided to extend this series’ life bar and giving it another life for a second season. A chance for all of us to level up while laughing. More wacky kill quests. More high level fanservice. And yes, more explosions too!

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