Digimon Tamers

November 12, 2005

The TV station decided to rerun another anime, Digimon Tamers, which is the third season of the Digimon series. Since, I’m not much of a Digimon fan, I didn’t sit and watch this entire season, and mostly because it’s also shown quite early in the morning. As I can recall, this season’s storyline is nearly as similar to the previous two Digimon’s. You know, a bunch of chosen children who have this small and strange digital device when activated, would enable their Digimons to power up and turn into better (and more ferocious looking) monsters (not to mention the name change as well). So they try their best to protect their world and at the same time thwart the evil Digimon’s schemes. Only this time around, the main character’s Digimons came out from cards and the CGs are much better and improved when the Digimons morphed. Oh well, If I’ve nothing else better to do and I’m awake too early, then I guess there’s no harm watching this one. Eventhough, I’m not too sure what’s going on most of the time.

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