Takamiya Nasuno Desu

February 5, 2016

So freaking popular and crazy enough that I supposed a spin-off of one of its characters has to be made. Yes, people. If you cannot get enough of that crazy tennis club quartet (which is surprisingly into its fourth straight season run and seventh season in total already – that’s like running for a whole year!), then I am sure that you would be delighted to try out Takamiya Nasuno Desu. As the title says it, this is all about that rich girl from the tennis club quartet and her crazy antics and adventures. Although you can expect the craziness, what is unexpected is the kind of craziness you will expect to see and thus making you laugh crazily all over. Yes, people. If you cannot stomach the random craziness and feel it would make you ‘stupid’, feel free to watch more ‘intelligent’ animes out there. I’m here to chill, relax and laugh out loud with this happy drug ‘stress reliever’.

Episode 1
Youta Oshimoto must be regretting to claim he is bored. Because here comes his filthy rich classmate, Nasuno in a pumpkin horse carriage asking him to work for her. Okay. He’ll be paid in dorayaki. Instead of getting to her mansion in her super jet fighter, they take a normal bus instead! And here they are, Nasuno’s super big mansion that could fit 3 trillion dorayakis! How many zeroes are there?! So rich this girl that she’s got pools and pools and even pools in pools! Youta’s job is to be her butler and he thought he could see her in her underwear but he didn’t count his room to be a raised storage but filled with modern amenities. Time to put on his butler outfit. A sheep outfit? Ah, a pun. Shitsuji (butler) and hitsuji (sheep).

Episode 2
More sheep antics. His room is filled with them and Nasuno had the cheek to say if he couldn’t fall asleep, try counting sheep. Is he sick of sheep now? Since you can’t work on an empty stomach, she has him join in her extravagant buffet style breakfast. What are Vikings doing here?! Nasuno ate too much that she is going to throw up! Did she have to overeat? Now it is time for Youta to do his real job. Aside that underworld crap, he is actually to do mundane tasks for her. Like getting a tissue for her. She shows him around her mansion but seems to be taking him on a toilet tour. Then there is statue of her father. No, that’s her real father! The statue is coming alive, freaking out Youta!

Episode 3
Nasuno practises her boisterous laughter so she can use it any time. Her friends will be coming today so she wants Youta to welcome them with a limbo dance! Nasuno summons her eagle so she can have a bird’s eye view of whether her friends have arrived or not. Not here yet. Oh, but they are. Why are they eating grass! The ordinary kind, I mean! The friends introduce themselves to Youta but since he is Yuri’s brother, he doesn’t need her introduction. So the friends continue with the wacky stuff like Marimo painting miso on the wall and Kanae wanting to pluck her leg hair. Nasuno suggests the pool and everyone changes into their swimwear at lightning speed. Youta is also forced to change but is wearing that limbo dance outfit. When a shark is going to attack Nasuno (don’t ask), Nasuno’s eagle grabs Youta as he hovers over Nasuno. Is this some sort of crane game?

Episode 4
Nasuno isn’t precisely eaten by the shark. Since her upper torso is still sticking out, she thinks she looks like a mermaid! When she gets out, her feet are covered with stinky goo and she wants Youta to lick it! Then the girls play water polo but Youta will be in his own team since Yuri says he plays football. What? Youta of course loses and as decreed, the loser gets eaten by the shark! Suddenly it is raining meatballs so as they take refuge inside, the thought that a murder would happen in such a typical scene. Nasuno suggests they stay here for the night so Marimo starts grilling food stuffs to earn a living and keep. Then the power goes out. Nasuno is missing. Just kidding! She’s just hiding behind the curtains. Suddenly a knife is on Kanae’s head. Nobody cares. They go take a lightning quick bath. Nasuno plays another prank that she got stabbed in the stomach and the blood is actually tomato juice. But wait! The knife is real! OMG!!!

Episode 5
A sasquatch almost scares the sh*t out of Youta. Turns out to be Nasuno in it and she thinks she’s cute. Well, she almost passed out from dehydration. She wants him to lick his sweat! Then she brings him to a room filled with books and wants him to finish cleaning it while she eats potato chips for 2 hours. And why does she need to beg him to do it? She allows him to burn the books but I don’t think he is that crazy. What is Youta going to use for rags? She suggests his shirt? Youta accidentally press some button and the bookshelves start moving. Thinking a transformation would increase their ratings, she wants Youta to also transform. He asks for a vacuum cleaner and despite having 108 of them, she gives him a dryer. When Youta hears a crashing sound, he thought Nasuno is in trouble. Turns out she was just slacking and eating potato chips.

Episode 6
As reward for a good cleaning job, Nasuno gives Youta a tax deductible receipt. Nasuno gets lost in the forest after running off to check the sewerage there. Youta goes to find her but sees a lady in kimono stuck in a swamp. Actually this is the sewerage. And she claims she is the sewerage goddess. After pulling her out, she introduces herself as Ayano whom Youta thinks is Nasuno’s little sister. They pass by a grave and Youta thinks it belongs to their mother although Ayano claims it is some save point to avoid falling into the sewage. Well, she didn’t seem like she used it, right? When Nasuno reunites with them (she thought Youta has died), he asks about Ayano. Oh, this little kid? That’s her mom!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 7
Nasuno is so bored that she’s throwing a tantrum. Till Ayano suggests to head to Takamiyand. After all that trolling and poor explanation, it is actually the family’s biggest theme park. If they own it, why do they need tickets to enter?! Some of the ‘attractions’ at the park include riding a giant slug, a haunted house in which the name of this haunted ghost girls is… House, coffee cup rides are just actual coffee cups and there’s a live wrestling match if you’re ever interested in watching.

Episode 8
They’re going to the family beach which is 4 times bigger than a baseball stadium as claimed. They can go there via bobsled or eagle flight. They’re at the cliff which is typical in confession scenes, Nasuno accidentally pushes Youta off. He could have died if not for the eagle bringing him back. The beach on the sand is from the baseball stadium. Ayano has a diamond watermelon and of course it cannot be broken. They go fishing and they dig up a lot of humans cemented in barrels! For scuba diving, Nasuno has a gas tank she has been filling air with her farts since young! On the sea floor, they see more human in barrels and one in a bobsled. Had enough for today?

Episode 9
The Guy Fawkes masked underground group called Madness kidnaps Nasuno via helicopter. However she falls out and to her death! Splat! OMG! Bloody! But since this show never made any sense, she is still alive so they kidnap her again. Thinking via boat would be safer, she falls off! Luckily they thought of that and put her on a life jacket and tied to a cable. Then the shark devours her! OMG! Died again! Bloody! Guess what? Still alive? This time kidnapped by train. Now she needs to use the toilet and threatens to soil herself. I guess this is worse than death so better let her. Just when they thought good ol’ walking would amount to nothing, suddenly her head explodes! OMG! Bloody! Had enough? You can’t kill this girl ever!

Episode 10
Nasuno arrives at school by riding in the trunk of her limo! For the school’s cultural festival, she suggests doing a dorayaki house. She uses her family’s resources to create a giant dorayaki house. It has a dorayaki as the main door and inside smells like red bean. Some of the attractions include trampo-bean (trampoline pun?), a haunted house and an otaku shut-in boy who plays video games all day long. At the top of the floor is a dorayaki café. She wants Youta to choose which of the dorayaki is real, professionally baked with the highest and finest red bean quality. The other is baked by her. Choose that and she’ll give him another dorayaki! He picks one and it broke his teeth since it is made out of concrete!

Episode 11
Nasuno brings her friends to her family’s ice skating rink. Thought of going in for free? The admission doesn’t recognize her! The entire walkway is covered with ice and there is ice in the coffee (no, not iced coffee). There is also a penguin but it is a fighter penguin as it beats up Kanae. And when Kanae slips, it is not due to the slippery ice but a banana peel! Guess why it’s not funny? Because her joke fell flat! Hahaha! Get it?! Oh, the pun! Nasuno changes into her swimsuit but obviously the chill is getting to her. She shows off her special skates covered in diamonds, rubies, sapphires and peanuts. Don’t ask… Nasuno wants to teach some skating techniques but elongating your neck? Since they perfectly skate like the wind, now they harbour big hopes to win the Olympics. But this fierce training also thought them to avoid the penguin’s punches.

Episode 12
Nasuno is bored so she wants Youta to take her to the revolving sushi store. But she got side tracked and ended up in a horse ride merry-go-round. Well, at least it’s revolving. Now they’re at a real sushi store, she wants to buy it! We hear ‘poor’ stories of how Nasuno and Ayano only ate sushi delivered to them or served in plastic boxes. Damn rich people… Nasuno is amazed at the revolving belt but gets motion sickness. She tastes the sushi and finds it so delicious. Only second to dorayaki. So good that she now opens her own revolving sushi store. It also has a horse ride merry-go-round inside. She hired a baker to make sushi (as long as he gets the money) but all his creations turn out to be dorayaki. The store becomes a surprise hit and because it becomes so rich, it got robbed.

Life And Times Of The Rich And Crazy

It is already over? Well, there might be hope that there could be more drugs episodes in the future because the end picture of Nasuno laughing like crazy while fanning herself with money states that it is the end for now. For now… Although nothing is said about any sequel but I guess if you can’t get enough of all the silliness, there is Teekyuu to fall back on. But as far as this spin-off series is concerned, it is equally worth as many silly laughs as its main parent series. Nothing makes sense so you shouldn’t take this anime seriously. Yes. Seriously. So if you are a ‘weak’ person, you might get absorbed with all the silliness and go crazy watching all the fast random stuffs that zips pass you faster than you can say holy dorayaki. Really. Or you might be saying lots of holy dorayaki over and over again in record time in this 2 minute series.

This series is not much different than Teekyuu so sometimes I question why it needs to be animated under a different series’ name. From the crazy randomness (so fast and ‘furious’ that you need to pause and rewind to rewatch it again if you miss them) to the characters downright to the art style, the animation style (fast yapping, anyone?) and everything else is so freaking similar to Teekyuu that if you just jumped in watching this series and not watch the opening credits, you could not really tell the difference which series you are watching. Could they have just extended the Teekyuu series by making it a handful of minutes longer and put this one as an annex or extra section at the end of the main show? I guess that will be too confusing. Besides, with the title already bearing the character’s name, staying true to it, Nasuno is the only character that appears in every episode and hogs all the limelight for the craziest and silliest reasons. Her tennis friends only make cameo in certain episodes and surprisingly Youta does not make any in a couple of episodes (particularly the kidnapping – where the heck are you, her butler?! – and ice skating episode).

Thus the new characters introduced in this spin-off are as wacky they would be even if they should have a chance in appearing in the main series. Youta as the boy who gets dragged into this crazy mess serves as some sort of rebuking role to Nasuno and her friends’ idiocy. Somebody whose role is get into trouble thanks to their silly antics. Something tells me she gets her sadistic kicks in making Youta suffer. With the introduction of Ayano’s mom, it serves to play out certain typical clichés like how mothers look this young enough to be your little sister and perhaps why the entire family is downright crazy since it is all in the genes. Yeah, it makes me think sometimes they get all their money by printing it! Oh sh*t! I don’t know, but it sounds crazy enough to work at least for this series! Enhancing the craziness of Nasuno is the opening theme itself which is of course full of herself. With lyrics that go describing herself as a golden Cinderella, having a dream so big, knowing how to always stay at the top and take everything she desires, you can pretty much guess what kind of character she is. Heck, you don’t need to know all that as guts will tell you after watching the Teekyuu series the kind of rich b*tch she is.

Overall, either you will love or loathe this spin-off as it either tickles your crazy bones crazy or it is just ‘lame and boring’ since it doesn’t break any new ground but just some repetitive stuffs being presented in a different way (these kind people must be those who lack any sort of humour in any way and should go bury themselves alive). Personally, this is very much enjoyable as you can’t go wrong with the same formula. Unless they abuse by recycling this formula over and over again and not knowing when to just let it sleep for good. After all, the seed doesn’t fall far from the tree, right? And oh, no matter how filthy rich you are or in need to improve your tennis form, please don’t do drugs (maybe dorayaki will). But watching ‘visual drugs’ is okay :). Can we have another season, please?

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