So uh… What exactly is this? If you ask me, I think I would sum up Prism Magical: Prism Generations as an ecchi magical girl. However this is a very short OVA with only an episode lasting approximately 16 minutes. I read it was produced as the company PAJAMAS SOFT’s 10th anniversary and reading the short synopsis seemed a little interesting. A seaside town with some kid named Raika enjoying his life with his childhood friend Ibuki, the maid Yuri and rival Puchihime. The amusing part is that Raika’s dad is a magical girl! Oh man, this has got to be something hilarious. Even more outrageous is that Raika is forced to be a magical girl and don a costume of one! And some battle to save his school against other magical girls, yeah that seemed typical. How many guys actually dress up as a magical girl? Unless you’re into that cosplaying fanatic.

The OVA opens and hardly tells us that this is some sort of magical girl stuff because they prefer to focus on Puchihime’s bouncing boobs. She’s naked. Why? Because the girls are in the hotspring, courtesy of Yuri’s family. Puchihime rubs salt into the A-cup girls about her boobs. Then they hear a commotion. Seems bodyguards Bob and Michael have sent peeping Tom Takeo flying into space. They have also apprehended Raika but he asserts he was trying to stop Takeo. Would they buy his story? Though Ibuki says Raika is a pervert but she believes he isn’t the kind to lie.

This has Puchihime to impose punishment no. 3 on blindfolded Raika. That is, to wash her back. He has to go with that option because punishment no. 1 is death by execution and no. 2 is never to be reborn in this world. Oh, there’s no. 4 in fact. Letting him wished he had died. I guess with the vast difference, it’s no surprise to see how anyone would go with any other options. Because he is blindfolded, Raika couldn’t do his job-cum-punishment properly and accidentally fondles Puchihime’s boobs, earning her wrath. He is then ordered to wash Ibuki’s back but as usual, he touched her boobs and was sent flying. Then it’s Yuri’s turn but she insists of washing her master’s back instead since it is her duty as his maid. Raika panics and tries to run away but Puchihime uses a towel to grab him back. Inadvertently, this causes his blindfold to come off as the girls panic when he starts to open his eyes. They start slipping on a soap and ended up in a very tangled and messy position. I’ll leave it to your imagination of who’s touching who. It was enough for somebody to yell the he came here to violate their virginities. That’s what youth is all about.

Raika wakes up on Ibuki’s lap in the house (now everyone’s fully cloth. Finally). She teased him about his sudden erection which shocked her. However she notes that it would fine if it was just the two of them. The build-up to their romantic moment vaporizes when the rest comes barging in. See lah. Next time want to kiss, kiss faster. Puchihime’s little chick comes to inform her of something so she has to excuse herself to attend to something important. The rest soon learn about the appearance of a strange magical girl nearby. The trio transform into their magical outfit and my, Raika sure do look like one because he looks girly to begin with if you ask me.

As they approach the detected presence, they see a couple of magical girls fighting each other. Oh wait. Actually 2 grown men in magical girl outfits! OMG! OMG! ZOMG! Before they could take on each other, they are taken out by Puchihime and Raika. Turns out they are their respective dads! I know, it’s bloody embarrassing to have your dad dressed as so. Though they reason that they came because their fatherly love has them worried about them, their ruse is exposed when a camera falls out. Yup, they snapped nude photos of them in the nude. Lots of them. Not only do they cross-dress but voyeurism too? The quartet combine their Magical Force Impact powers to send the failures flying into the sky. Raika wishes to shake hands with Puchihime but she asserts that they are enemies no matter what. Everyone goes back to the hotspring as they meet up with a couple of other girls. Puchihime ‘lost’ to their size and they enjoy seeing the voyeur photos.

Guys Can Be Magical Girls Too!
Okay, so this was just passable. If anything else, I think if the OVA gets lots of welcoming reception, perhaps they will produce more OVA episodes or even turn it into an anime series. Otherwise, for those wanting more of this series, there is just only the game in which this OVA is based on. Ecchi scenes weren’t anything new for those who are used to see these kind of things and is considered mild. I guess the only interesting part that made me laugh were their cross-dressing dads. They look so hilarious, so gross that any magical girl would turn over in their grave. There were probably reasons for this but I think I don’t want to know.

If I watched this OVA without reading the earlier synopsis, I wouldn’t have understood nor connected the plot. This OVA doesn’t seem to show how the plot was so and may leave you a little confused on what this is about. Heck, do you really care after seeing those fanservice stuff for half of the running time? The henshin scene, little mascot animals, magical girl chants and powers are pretty typical recipes for what a magical girl series should be. At least I know that unless you are androgynous, cross-dressing as a magical girl is a big no-no. Those muscular arms, hairy legs and chest, deep manly voice. Ugh… Unless you want to be a laughing stock. But hey, that’s why we keep dreaming.

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