I don’t know, is it really illegal and against the law for a stranger to let a minor especially a high school girl who is unrelated by blood to live together? Definitely Dr Google didn’t help. Couldn’t find any. Maybe my search power sucks. And even if it was part of the law, I’m sure all those convoluted words and terms are just going to confuse the hell out of me, demotivate me and then I will just drop the whole subject altogether. So why am I interested in this subject, you ask? Well, watching Hige Wo Soru Soshite Joshikousei Wo Hirou about a working adult taking in a runaway high school girl made me ask the question. Not because I’m housing one, mind you! So when a grown man and a growing teen girl start living together, something is going to develop between them, right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble now. Because the main character guy is probably an herbivore…

Episode 1
Yoshida seems to be dating a colleague he has a crush on, Airi Gotou. Turns out she is dating another man. For 5 years?! No wonder he is getting drunk tonight. On his way home, he sees a high school girl, Sayu Ogiwara sitting underneath the lamp post. He tells her to go home but apparently she doesn’t have anywhere to go. She wants to stay at his place and return can do it with him. Of course he scoffs off at that idea as he isn’t into high school girls. In that case, let her stay at his place for free! And with that, he takes her back to his place. He instantly goes to bed but Sayu starts to flirt with him. The temptation is strong but his resistance is stronger. So what does he want then? He wants miso soup. Next morning, he is shocked to see Sayu making miso soup for him. Apparently he doesn’t remember what happened last night. Thank goodness he didn’t assault her too. Till she points out he picked her up beneath the lamp post. She then exposes her top to flirt with him. He reminds her again she is not his type. She tries to change the topic that her boobs are big and even comparable to his unrequited love (he was talking in his sleep the whole night). This guy can be a monk because he keeps his libido in check and then asks her why she is trying so hard to seduce him. But she asks back that he is the abnormal one. Every man she has met never resisted her. Yoshida now wants to see her ID. He is shocked to learn she is from Hokkaido. Apparently she ran away to here 6 months ago and didn’t tell her parents. She thinks they don’t care about her. She says she is fine but he knows she isn’t. She claims if he kicks her out, she’ll find another place to stay. Since he won’t let other sleazy men take advantage of her body, he allows her to stay here but must do chores. Of course this is only until she is ready to go home. Yoshida thinks that there are other better ways for her to earn a healthy living than trying to seduce men but she forgot about that a long time ago. This talk with her, he can tell she is spoilt. He also needs to be careful because she might end up staying here forever. He also throws down a condition for her to stay: Don’t seduce me or I’ll definitely kick you out. I’m starting to think he is slowly turning gay!

Yoshida tells his colleague, Hashimoto about his case and although is warned that this is pretty risky, he has tried searching online for missing kids in her case but no results. Yoshida comes home to find her making miso soup. Luckily he bought bento for them. He also notices he ironed his shirts. When he goes outside to smoke, she points out his consideration because all the guys she’s been with just smoked in her face. Yoshida is mad at those losers but corrects her that he isn’t as nice as she thinks. The rest are just sh*t heads. He tells her to have standards for herself. Yoshida realizes the adults made the environment the worst place for kids to grow up. He is no different too as he knows he is spoiling her this way. Next day, noticing that she has trouble sleeping on the floor, he goes to get a futon for her. She feels guilty not because she is modest but because she feels she cannot repay his kindness. So he tells her he did the chores for him for the past week and made it a lot easier for him. That’s your repayment. Sayu is happy with her futon and teases Yoshida about sleeping with her. What did he say about flirting with him?! But he has the last laugh as he points out she looks cuter smiling. Now she claims it isn’t fair he is hitting her like this? Hashimoto notices that Yoshida looks even better and is doing better at work. And he is going home right at the dot after work. Could it be a high school girl responsible for this change? This has Yoshida think why would Sayu run all the way here since she is cute, friendly and does her chores properly.

Episode 2
I wonder if Yoshida does have the means to pay for all the expenses for a teenage girl. He learns that Sayu doesn’t have a handphone because she threw it away in the ocean before running away! Oh yeah. Life’s so much better without that addictive technology, right?! But what irks Yoshida most is the seemingly fake smile she puts on. Back home, since Sayu is still having that guilt of him being so nice to her, he just tells her to stop lying to him with those smiles. Understandably, she is still confused because nobody ever treats her this nice. She’ll do anything he says. So if he wants her to stop smiling, she’ll stop. For now, he wants her to get better at her chores. At work, Yoshida realizes Yuzuha Mishima has screwed up some programming code. They have until tomorrow to fix it. It’s his job to clean up her mess? Failure to do so? He might be kicked out of the project and Mishima will get someone new to tutor her. Mishima feels guilty and works all night to fix it. Yoshida also stays with her to help. Then she asks him if he is seeing anyone because of his clean shaven looks. Of course he denies and even reveals he got rejected by Gotou. Mishima feels glad and has a chance. I think we can see where this is going. Yoshida comes home late and Sayu is pouting? She made him dinner and waited, you know. Just trolling him. Yeah, it was fun trying to hear him apologize so many times. Thinking he really needs to contact her, next day during his break, he goes to buy a handphone for her. Of course this is without Sayu’s knowledge as he knows she’ll not accept it. Hence the faster way is to just give it to her. Sure, but why is he taking time choosing a nice phone if he just wants a form of communication?

After work, Yoshida is surprised when Gotou invites him to dinner. Of course he accepts and the first thing he wants to know is why she did so. I mean, it isn’t like her to take interest in a guy whom she rejected, right? She thinks he is dating someone. As his boss for 5 years, she can tell that he always put work first and never cared about working late. And lately, he is taking care a lot of his appearance. She thinks he is seeing Mishima because it is obvious that girl likes him. Of course Yoshida denies and claims that during his tenure of working here, he has only been in love with her. Still, why is she interested in him seeing she already rejected him? So it bothers her that he got taken by a younger girl immediately after the rejection? So this is the reason? I think we can see what’s going on here… And the last question he asks her: How big her boobs are! I-cup WTF???!!! FOR REAL???!!! I can see why he couldn’t take his eyes off… Yoshida gets home and Sayu is now like his wife, telling him to go bath and prepares his dinner. Yeah, even a teenage girl hug just to cheer him up. Blow away the blues! After all that, he gives to her the handphone he bought. They add each other. She looks happy. But it makes Yoshida confused since her smile wasn’t forced or even trying to make him feel better. It felt strangely sexy, like as though she was up to something. Sure you aren’t overthinking about this?

Episode 3
Sayu still having those insecure thoughts. Why wouldn’t Yoshida touch her? Why is he letting her stay when there is nothing in it for him? Because Yoshida turned down a business trip, a colleague has to go in his place. He finds he must be hiding something. Could it be he has a girlfriend and that’s why he doesn’t want to go? Can’t believe the best excuse is that he is expecting a package. Okay, keep your secrets. With Mishima fixing all her bug programmes, as a reward, she wants Yoshida to accompany her to a movie. More Sayu insecurities as she fears she will be kicked out when Yoshida gets a real girlfriend. Speaking of which, she gets a message he won’t be back for dinner. Suspect he might have a girlfriend? One way to find out. After the movie, Yoshida and Mishima talk about fated encounters as per the movie’s theme. This means Mishima won’t want to let such chance go and hugs him. Great timing because Sayu sees this. Too bad she didn’t see him push her away. Yoshida returns home but doesn’t see Sayu around. Fearing she might be kidnapped, he goes to look for her. Sayu is bumming out at the park. Oh, here’s Mishima to come talk to this lonely girl. So, Sayu ran away from home (again), huh? Sayu talks about unconditional kindness from the person she receives so Mishima gives her version of it as Sayu wonders if she is talking about Yoshida. She further elaborates that it is better for her to take some sort of action just to show who she really is. And since that person believed in her with unconditional kindness, is it not okay to also believe in them? Looks like it’s time for Sayu to go home but great timing. Yoshida finds her and is mad. It is then Mishima realizes they have been referring to the same person. Knowing that they need some family time together, she lets them spend time together and will get her explanation later.

Back home, Sayu takes her first action by stripping down to her undies. Is this how you get him to listen to you? Remember that flirting warning to be kicked out if she resorts to this? Don’t care. Just listen! So Sayu starts flirting with him. She can’t fathom why he doesn’t want to have sex with her because all other men did. Does she not turn him on? Of course she does. The way she is being so sexy, even gays will turn straight!!! Sayu claims being a teenage girl has lots of disadvantages. Like if the police finds out, he could be arrested. So she thought her body was her advantage. She didn’t like it at first but she got used to it since she felt each time she used it, she felt needed. It made her feel fulfilled. So when the advantage wore out, she got kicked out. Seeing she is so confused by it all, he tells her the truth. He admits she is beautiful and all. However he does not love her. And he will not sleep with anyone whom he doesn’t love. He also dismisses her claims that she did nothing for him. Every time he comes home, she is always here. Hence this place feels less lonely and he always looks forward to come home. Having her around is fun. So can we take that Sayu’s tears as accepting all that he has said? She hugs him as they both admit they are pathetic losers. She’ll stay with him until she is ready to go home.

Episode 4
Yoshida agrees to get Sayu a part time job since it won’t be good for her mental health if she stays up in this place all day. Nearby, Sayu works at a convenience store and makes friends with her senior, Asami Yuuki. Since Sayu can’t tell the truth about Yoshida and claims he is like a big brother but not really her big brother, this has Asami curious and wants to visit her place to see what kind of man he is. Sayu lets Yoshida know heads up. Maybe Asami is here just to sample Sayu’s dinner? Whatever the case, she thinks Yoshida is a lucky man to have Sayu. Asami then has Yoshida accompany her home so that she can have a talk with him. She can see through the lies and wants to know the real truth between them. However Yoshida says whatever Sayu says it’s true, then it is true. It might be the same as lying but Yoshida isn’t persuasive enough to come up with new lies to hide old ones. Besides, it is unfair to divulge things that Sayu wants to keep a secret. Asami calls him a good man. Yoshida hopes she can be Sayu’s friend and in turn, Asami warns him about Sayu’s smile. She is good in using different versions of them. Looks like Gotou beats Mishima in asking Yoshida out for dinner. So what’s this dinner about again? Oh, trying to follow up on Yoshida if he likes someone. Like Mishima. Because they look awfully close and he who never played with his handphone during work now keeps checking on it like as though he cares for someone. Before he answers all that, he wants to know why she is so infatuated in what he does. The big shocking truth: Because she likes him! I’m not surprised but still… WTF?! Oh Yoshida, you want to shout and claim she is dating another man and let the whole restaurant know? Actually that dating claim was a lie! She did it because at that time she thought she wasn’t ready. But it made her happy. Yoshida calls her bluff and thinks she is just teasing him. To prove it, will she sleep with him? Long awkward silence… So he apologizes for the bad joke after she admits she is a virgin. Yoshida puts his foot down he won’t ask her out again because next time, it is her who will ask him out. True, he still likes her but it hurts when the person you like makes a mess of your life. So this is like revenge? Now that she has answered his questions, time to make good on his promise. Sayu is eating alone when she has some traumatic flashback. Traumatic enough to make her run to the toilet and vomit! Double blow when she receives a text from Yoshida that he is bringing Gotou home! No, not to sleep with her. Thus Sayu doesn’t need to move out as Gotou wants to meet her.

Episode 5
Sayu and Gotou meet. They talk about stuffs but Yoshida can tell there are some things that perhaps only they can talk to each other so he humbly takes his leave to go out for a smoke. And that is when Gotou asks some serious stuffs about Sayu’s predicament. There are some that Sayu answers and some that she won’t say. Of course Gotou as a stranger can only ask how long she will be staying and the special privilege she has by being just a high school girl. Yoshida may accept it but society won’t. That’s when Sayu tells her the juicier stuffs like how she slept with many other men and used her body. At the end, Gotou is assured that Sayu found a safe place to stay. Sayu also realizes that can’t stay like this forever and will eventually have to face her past. Gotou gives Sayu a big hug as she lets out a big cry. Sayu then asks if Gotou still likes Yoshida. Of course. Since Sayu hopes Yoshida will find a girl he likes, this means supporting Gotou if they get together. Meanwhile Yoshida stumbles into Mishima. She has him accompany her. Turns out she is stalking him and the reason she knows Gotou is at his place right now. Of course he has to clarify he didn’t kick out Sayu so that he could sleep with Gotou. Nothing of that sort happened. I’ve got a feeling that Mishima is at the bottom of the pecking order and that’s why she’s putting up this tantrum and feeling sad that he is hiding something from her. She is confused about his priorities. Is it Gotou or Sayu? It can’t be both. Oh yeah? It’s possible for nice guys like him. But will nice guys get things they want? Maybe his feelings for Sayu are changing? Before Mishima says anything weirder, she excuses herself. That’s all for tonight. Don’t want to make it harder for anybody. Yoshida returns home to see Gotou teaching Sayu how to apply makeup. I think he can’t compliment her too much or else you know, might get the wrong idea. But if too little, he should’ve done better. See what I mean? In the end, Gotou hopes Yoshida can look out for her. Redundant. He wouldn’t have taken it upon himself if he wasn’t serious from the start. After all, Gotou has confidence in him since he is always the problem solver.

Episode 6
Sayu sees the name Kyouya Yaguchi on the shift. Sounds familiar… Turns out he is one of those guys she slept with during her wandering. Yaguchi recognizes her as Miyuki (probably the moniker she went by then) but Sayu tries to play dumb that she is a different person but she’s still trembling all over. Yaguchi doesn’t think so. He remembers the women he slept with! Thanks to Asami coming into the picture, he goes back to work. After work, Yaguchi wants to visit the place where Sayu lives now. Despite claiming she must get permission from the owner, he tells her to do so. Otherwise he’ll tell Asami and the manager about her past. Sayu panics and gives in. She texts Yoshida about this. Sayu brings Yaguchi in. He is appalled to learn he didn’t have sex with her. Then he tries to force himself on her. Sayu resists but realizing this might give everyone else trouble, she gives in. Luckily Yoshida rushes back home and kicks this guy out. The guys talk. Yaguchi finding it weird he lets her stay without any sex in return. He thinks he does so to feel good about himself about saving her. Yaguchi further asks if he is going to do this forever. They’re both technically criminals and not her dad. Even so, is it wrong to want to save her? Yaguchi promises he won’t touch Sayu anymore because he doesn’t want to deal with a troublesome self-righteous guy. Yoshida laments that nobody saved Sayu. He goes back to talk to her and is proud of what she is done. No, not sleeping with him many times! She did right to turn him down. Sayu claims she is doing this in order not to get everyone else in trouble. But Yoshida believes if she doesn’t care about herself, nobody will protect her. He wants her to be a normal teenager and not seeing her being able to do so hurts. He wants to be able to care for her.

Next day at work, Asami can tell something happened to Sayu despite she isn’t telling and trying to act like normal but fails. Hence Asami confronts Yaguchi about it and he casually tells all that has happened. Asami slaps him and wants him to apologize. Surprisingly he does so. As for why he didn’t rat out Sayu’s past, it’s because she kept her promise. He’s not that bad a person, you know. Although Sayu can’t forgive him for what he did, she won’t stay mad at him from now on. But try that sh*t again and she’ll really get mad. Since Yoshida has to work late and can’t come home, Asami gets his permission to stay with Sayu. Basically Asami telling Sayu her own family situation. Like how her parents were always busy and she was left alone in a huge house. That’s why she tried to become a gal to get their attention but they got mad. And mom wanted her to be a lawyer but her dream is to become an author. Literature > legislation. And there’s some life lessons with dad about the stars. Something like that. Applying it to Sayu’s case, everyone’s got a past but also a future. Sayu so overwhelmed with emotions that she cried. That’s what friends are for? When Yoshida returns, he wants to apologize for not being able to protect her. On the contrary, she insists he did. She laments all she did was trying to run away until she met him. Now she can start thinking about the future and doesn’t have to think where she is running to but where she is going. She hopes he can be with her a little longer. Yoshida will do anything he can to help on her future.

Episode 7
Asami notices a car has been parked outside the store for a while before leaving. They never come into the shop to buy anything. Mishima looks jealous that Yoshida pays attention to Sayu (on the phone) and Gotou is quite close to him during work. So she invites Gotou to lunch and tries to tell about the girl living with Yoshida. Sorry to bust your bubble, she already knows. Mishima warns Sayu might take him. Gotou is not worried. If it happens, it happens. This only upsets Mishima because it’s like taking the easy way out to wait for things till they turn out right. She is more afraid of losing things she could have had because she didn’t do anything about it. Uhm, you want to lower the volume a little bit because the whole cafeteria can hear you. Gotou admits she loves Yoshida but until he confirms his feelings for Sayu, she can’t do anything. Later Mishima confronts Yoshida and wants his contacts. Can’t be left out, right? So as Yoshida says he might not reply in time or give a good answer, this irks Mishima so much so she has to spell it out for him that she loves him! Just a little. Really? Can he say no? After doing so, she texts him to go to the movies next time. Okay. Like an obedient little kid. That’s why she likes him. Back home, Sayu finds a box containing Yoshida’s stuffs. One of them is his high school album. A picture of him with a beautiful girl. His girlfriend? Let’s say she is the senpai that everyone admires. This has Sayu teasing him that he is into older women. When that car pulls up to the store and this time parking for real, the moment the person steps out, Sayu freaks out and tries to hide. Seems he is someone she knows and doesn’t want to meet right now. Yaguchi lets her hide in the office while he handles this dude. Turns out this hotshot CEO Issa is Sayu’s older brother and is looking for her. Yaguchi feigns he doesn’t know this girl by this name and if he wants to leave a message to the manager who isn’t in today, he’ll be glad to relay that message. After he leaves, Yaguchi gives the signal to Sayu that the close is clear. He can tell Issa is serious so she may not be able to hide longer. Sayu agrees. But since she isn’t ready to go home yet, she has to rethink everything again.

Episode 8
Sayu bumps into Mishima. However she hides behind her after seeing SPs walking around. Mishima gets the hint that she needs to hide so she takes her to the karaoke. Sayu is at a lost on how to tell Yoshida this so Mishima thinks of telling the truth. But then she changes her mind and she herself texts to Yoshida that she is having fun with Sayu at the karaoke. Don’t want him to get worried and start running around to look for her, right? Yup, Yoshida is crazy enough to do that. Without prying too deep, Mishima gives Sayu some advice. Basically, only she can think and decide on what to do next. Yoshida is here to pick up Sayu. Fun’s over? Okay, let’s go home. Once they leave, we can see Mishima’s frustrated face turn into tears. Because Yoshida never showed her that kind of face despite she is in love with him. Well, we now know the pecking order, right? On the way home, they see a summer festival poster tomorrow. It would be fun, right? Next night, Sayu is in her glorious yukata. Sure, she looks pretty but is she prettier than Gotou? Sorry folks, we won’t be determining that pecking order tonight. So they have fun at the festival and during the fireworks, Yoshida spaces out thinking about his times with her. Then he realizes she is missing. Oh sh*t! DID SHE GET WHISKED AWAY TO AN ISEKAI???!!! He is panicking and screaming out her name! Oh, she just went to throw away the trash. Phew. She teases him about freaking out over her disappearance. He admits he was worried. Yup, that wasn’t funny. Sayu then reveals she gave different fake names to different guys she slept with. But for him, she gave her real name. She is also baffled why she did so when he first asked her name then. Then he pats her head and thinks she should go home. Of course she agrees. Loophole! Didn’t say which home, right?! She wonders if she wasn’t a runaway teenage girl but a normal woman, would he have had sex with her? Probably not. Yoshida is being Yoshida after all. Heh. Next morning, somebody is ringing his doorbell. Oh look. It’s Issa! Time to go back with your onii-chan, Sayu!

Episode 9
Issa claims this is not a game and not all adults have good intentions and some even putting up a fake front. But Sayu is steadfast as she tells him off not to use Yoshida as a cover against her. After learning Yoshida is really a good guy, he thanks him for taking care of Sayu. Issa begins that mother is worried about her. Sayu believes it is a lie since she never cared at all. What’s the truth? As Sayu has stopped coming to school and the teacher coming to her house to check, mom lied by saying she locked herself up in her room. But as this dragged on, the school suspected mom of locking Sayu up. Hence, she wants her to come back to prove she is not. So technically, it’s not about Sayu. As Yoshida pleads for a few days to give Sayu time to think, Issa wants to speak privately to her. As mom has been calling him every day for updates, Issa at the most can only buy her a week before she finds out. First step Sayu takes is to tell Yoshida and Asami to truth about her past. Because mom never cared for her, Sayu never put in any effort in high school. Until a girl named Yuuko Masaka became friends with her. You could say they become best friends. However Yuuko started getting bullied by other girls. Apparently one of those girls who likes a guy, that guy confessed to Sayu although she rejected him. Let me get this straight. Sayu is too cute and not the kind to do bad things so they target Yuuko? WTF?! Yuuko tries to help but the bullying intensifies until one day Yuuko cannot take it anymore and decided to jump off the roof. Yuuko felt guilty for turning Sayu into a dumb girl like her. And just like that, she committed suicide. Mind boggling, the reporters hounding outside Sayu’s home for answers?! Why not the victim’s family?! Depressed Sayu locked herself up. Mom then blamed Sayu for this and even went as far as to accuse her of killing Yuuko. That was when Sayu snapped. If it bothers her that much, she’ll leave. Issa heard this and believed she needs to put some distance with mom. He dropped her off at the airport and gave her some money. Of course that soon ran out and with her handphone out of power, she tossed it away. Soon she felt useless and lost her way. She bumped into a guy who was sympathetic enough to bring her back to his place for stay. But soon he wanted sex. That gave Sayu the idea to exchange her body for a place to stay. The rest is history as we know. After Asami calms Sayu down, she talks to Yoshida on what to do next. Yoshida as an outsider claims it is not his place to intervene and this is a family issue that they must resolve. But Asami thinks he is missing the point. What she wants to know what he wants to do about Sayu.

Episode 10
Hashimoto and Mishima find out that Sayu will be leaving soon. So does this mean normal life will resume? Issa talks to Yoshida and is grateful Sayu met a man like him. He fills in more details about Sayu’s past. Her father has a thing with affair. By the time mom was pregnant with Sayu, he was already with another woman. She was told to get an abortion but she never did in hopes her husband will stay. But eventually he left. Sayu became proof that her husband didn’t love her. When young, Sayu was always smiling but mom never loved her. So when she became old enough to understand things, that’s when the smiles stopped. The rest is history. Sayu creates a recipe book for Yoshida so he can cook himself when she’s gone. Can’t always rely on convenience store meals. Then she brings him to a spot where Asami took her. Basically, she is glad to have met him, otherwise she’ll be making the same mistakes. She wanted to stay here forever and although there were thoughts that she wanted to leave, it got harder and harder. But if she did stay here forever, she’ll never face her past. All she’ll be doing is just running away. She must put an end to it. Thus she wants to prove that meeting him was the best thing in her life and not just for herself, but everybody to see.

Mishima suggests Yoshida follow Sayu back to Hokkaido. Should it not come as a surprise? After all, he’s being doing weird stuffs so this shouldn’t be surprising. What about work? The company won’t collapse with a guy leaving. Hey, I thought he is the most important trouble shooter in the company?! Yoshida claims he isn’t part of her family so he can’t get involved. Does it matter right now? Is this something Sayu has to face along? In the middle of work, Yoshida gets a call from Asami. Looks like Sayu is missing and she isn’t picking up. Oh dear. Time to panic. How? Hashimoto feigns they are not well and want to go home. Gotou gives the greenlight. But work? Don’t worry, Mishima will do his part. As Hashimoto drives around, he says what he needs to say to Yoshida. The harsh truth. He only has Sayu on his mind and he is pretending he doesn’t. He won’t admit that he is scared being apart from her. If he says he just wants her to be happy, do you think she’ll be happy to go home alone? They’re at a point that they can’t be separated. Who cares about work now? Saying this project depends on him is the same as Sayu is depending on him. It’s irresponsible to tell her to do her best on her own when she is asking for help. Yoshida gets a call from Gotou. Turns out Sayu was trying to make a surprise visit at his workplace to walk him home. Her phone ran out of batteries. Phew. Thank goodness. Sure made Yoshida worried like hell. As this will be their last night together, she wants to sleep with him. Nothing sexual, mind you. He’ll still kick her out if she does that. She wonders if he was her dad, would she have grown up as a normal girl. Too bad, this isn’t alternate fantasy. She dreads leaving a warm place to stay. Yoshida surprises her that he wants to come with her to Hokkaido to keep an eye on her as well as meet her mom.

Episode 11
Sayu, Yoshida and Issa take the morning flight back to Hokkaido. Since Issa has to drop by his company first, he lets the duo spend time together at town for a few hours. When it’s time for Sayu to return home, there is this one place she needs to stop by first. It’s her school. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have security despite having security cameras at the front gate. They sneak in through a broken hole in the fence in which according to Sayu IS STILL NOT FIXED! Then they head up to the roof. The place where her friend died. Oh, I see they installed high fences. Time for Sayu to get over this. Yoshida observes she is quivering and scared. She needs to overcome this. First, Sayu is mad because the fences should have been here earlier! Damn it, if it was so, I think her friend would’ve killed herself in other ways… Anyway, she is still blaming herself. Cue for Yoshida’s important role to tell her it is not her fault. Everything was her friend’s decision because she admired her. If she cannot forgive herself, she’ll be stuck on this roof forever. Even if it all sounded like as though it was Sayu’s fault, Yoshida says it was something that she couldn’t fix. It already has happened. It’s done. Sayu cries her heart out and after calming down, she thanks him for being with her. She couldn’t have overcome this without his help. Okay now. Time to head home and confront the final boss. Upon entering her home, the moment Issa calls for mom, here she comes storming out, shoving Issa aside and gives Sayu a hard slap across her face! Oh my. Is this the family’s tradition of welcoming one back home? Okay, sorry, my bad. Not good time to joke…

Episode 12
Issa stops mom because we’ve got a guest here. Well then. Time to have a civil ‘conversation’. First up, mom accuses Sayu for causing problems for the family. Sayu fires back that she doesn’t even try to understand her. Proof is that she didn’t even remember her words she said the day she left home. She didn’t want to cause problems for the family. All she wants was to get away from her. Mom then drags Yoshida’s name into this. You know, end up living with a stranger and even bringing him here. He’s not even part of the family. As mom gets louder, all Yoshida says he let Sayu stayed at his place despite knowing it was against the law. Sayu will not stand for that. She explains how Yoshida took care of her and made her realize the err of her ways. He accepted her for who she was and treated her like family. Mom not happy. Now she gets mad banging the table, still accusing Sayu of bringing in all the trouble. And then she said it. I regret giving birth to you! You’d think Yoshida is going to splash the glass of water at her. But he holds back and drinks it. Strange to see a man drinking?

We hear Yoshida narrate he is feeling mixed. 2 clashing feelings inside him. On one hand, he was boiling with anger and wanted to throw the glass at her. But on the other, he felt calm and suppressed that anger. As he monologues about a child’s responsibility, he then says that a parent can’t choose his/her child and vice versa. Hence she is Sayu’s only mother. He wants to talk her in and raise her as till she’s an adult. But he can’t. It is not his responsibility and thus he doesn’t have the right. That responsibility comes from the family and that’s why he can’t protect or do what matters for Sayu. That’s why it has to be mom to raise Sayu. He gets down on his knees to beg her. Issa follows suit. You think it would be redemption time for the villainess but instead, she goes crazy! She tells everyone to get out!!! WTF. Issa will take care of this and has the rest wait outside. Outside, Sayu wonders why he is crying. He lost it when mom said she regretted giving birth to her. He thought he knew about it all but looks like Sayu had it far worse. Sayu is glad that he wanted to get angry on her behalf. Later Issa comes out to tell them the ‘progress’. As long as she doesn’t cause any problems, mom won’t bother her. But she’ll have to stay here till she graduates. Yoshida’s words also had some effect on mom so it might be a good time for the ladies to learn to get along. Issa thanks Yoshida for the prostrating because it helped a lot in the convincing. Yoshida asks for a favour and wants to speak to mom. He apologizes for saying those things. After mom learns he didn’t do anything to Sayu, she asks why he is doing this for her. Because he met her that day on that moment. That’s all there is to it. Mom says that they will think about their future so for now he should go back to Tokyo.

Episode 13
Now it’s Sayu’s turn to talk to mom. Got to get this over with. She truly apologizes for all the problems she has caused. But mom won’t apologize because she doesn’t even know when it started to be a mistake. But she admits Yoshida’s words did have an effect on her. That night as Yoshida sleeps, Sayu creeps in to sleep with him. She tries to flirt with him since it’s their last night together. What’s he going to do?! Kick her out of her home, HUH?! She thinks they should have sex for the memories. Is this some sort of test?! Their circumstances staying together for the last 6 months was more than enough memories to last a lifetime. It makes Sayu emotional. One last chance, want to feel up my boobs? He passes. F*CKING VIRGIN!!! Next day as they see off Yoshida at the airport, Issa thanks him from the bottom of his heart. That usual line had he had not met Sayu at that time, things wouldn’t have turned out this way. Thanks to him, Sayu has started moving forward. Then it’s Sayu’s turn for their last talk. She thought had she ran into Yoshida in other circumstances like a classmate or relative, it wouldn’t have felt right. He also admits that by meeting her, he understood himself better. Sayu then confesses she loves him. Sorry, that won’t change his mind as he still loves older women. He hints that he might if she is integrated into society. Before you think she would take his word for that, he says he won’t wait for her. He’ll be an old man by that time. So go live your own life. Sayu can’t do that. He’s too big of a persona in her life. Those tears can’t change anything now… Because it’s time to board the plane. Yeah, they’ve been kind enough to wait and let you finish this drama! Yoshida returns home. He goes through the things Sayu left behind. Now the tears start streaming. Are you okay? Missing someone? In the aftermath, we see Sayu going to school and graduating. Her family ties are getting better too. Mishima is good enough to lead a project on her own. But the dating rivalry with Gotou over Yoshida still hasn’t ended! And what’s this? Yoshida is now Asami’s mentor, at least proofreading her novel?! I hope Asami isn’t filling in Sayu’s shoes. Then one night as Yoshida heads home, he sees a familiar girl sitting in a familiar position under the lamp post. Deja vu. What are you doing? Can’t go home. It’s very far. Please let me stay at your place! I’m confused. Is this history repeating itself?

After Being Stuffy, I Shaved My Head And Then Picked Up Dandruffs…
Why do I have this feeling that the final episode’s drama of trying to wrap things up, is actually one big subtle attempt to try and change Yoshida’s mind and stance?! Or is it just me being paranoid and overthinking?! Because I can’t help think that from all their conversation and the direction where it is trying to head to, it is like trying to force Yoshida to admit that perhaps deep down inside somewhere his heart, he actually loves Sayu. And the moment he does that, cue for the overdramatic and emotional big hug and big tears rolling down their cheeks. Oh wow. Yoshida resisted it all till the end and stayed true to his principles, huh? I guess we can’t make mocking memes that he is a sinner like us losers. Instead, we’ll make memes of how unrealistic this f*cking saint virgin is! HAHAHA!!! And now that Sayu has graduated, she is a free woman who can go see the man she loves anytime and anywhere, no? Is that our happy ending? Yoshida better be keeping his place clean or Sayu will have another great excuse that he’ll need a live-in house cleaner for the next 6 months or forever. Yeah…

I won’t go so far as to say the story is boring but it is indeed a bit different of what I expected. At first I thought this was going to bloom into some sort of forbidden romance between a grown man and a minor. But clearly it wasn’t going into that direction at all because Yoshida isn’t that kind of guy. So in that sense, those hoping to see some sort of romance blossoming between Yoshida and Sayu would be disappointed. At least, not the kind of love of the romantic kind. Hence, if romance isn’t a big factor with all the ingredients as such, what would it be about then? So I suppose it becomes some sort of a coming of age as Sayu has to go back and face her fears, bring an end to her problems because you know, you’ll never solve them by just running away. And such problems are good at haunting you back in the future. When you’ve run out of steam and grown a bit older, they come bite you back in the ass real hard. Yeah. That. So basically that is what this series was heading to as it reaches its final stretch. Not to say that it is totally boring but it wasn’t an original story. I mean, there are tons of stories that have been using this teen runaway trope throughout the decades. Including recent ones like Tenki No Ko and even Yesterday Wo Uttate.

Even the trope of high school girl living with and/or falling in love with an older guy is not even a new trope and has been done many times in the past such as Koi Wa Amegari No You Ni. Even more so in the same season, we had another anime of that same setting in the same season. Koi To Yobu Ni Wa Kimochi Warui (Koikimo) might share the general setting of an older working man and a high school girl but that is where the similarity ends. In comparison, in fact Koikimo fares much worse, making this anime looking much better in terms of watchable worthiness. No, not because there were sexy elements of Sayu in her undies and trying to seduce Yoshida the first time. No, not because the fact Sayu lost her virginity and had sex with several men. And no, definitely not because Gotou has HUGE racks! Rather, Koikimo looks gross because we had the adult guy doing weird stuffs in trying to woo the high school girl. So much so it becomes so normalized that she finally accepts his love. I don’t know, it may be true love to them but as outsiders, it certainly comes off as weird. But for this anime, it is the opposite. Yoshida wasn’t even moved by Sayu’s flirtations because this herbivore made it his personal mission to guide a lost high school girl back to the correct path. I know on the outlook it sounds very boring but I assure you it is not as boring as Koikimo.

So I feel the romance part, especially the romance triangles are just a mini detour because in order for Yoshida to determine the next part in Sayu’s life, he has to make it clear the pecking order of the ladies who like him, right? Well I mean, that’s how I feel about this whole thing. Seriously, Yoshida is such a good and honest guy that he is a rare gem to find. And you wonder why women don’t want guys like him. Oh right. Gotou and Mishima. Unfortunately with Sayu occupying a big part in Yoshida’s life, nothing in this department is going to move until Sayu overcomes it. Once Sayu graduates and has legally become an adult, maybe they can focus on this love triangle once more. Maybe. By then, things will get intense because Sayu will be out of that legal high school girl loophole. Place your bets!

Thanks to Yoshida being an angel, I guess this makes the rest of the other men with undesirable intentions as trash. Yeah, we put Yoshida so high on the pedestal that he might achieve sainthood before even he dies. And as of course, Yoshida being actually a good person (albeit not perfect) may raise a few suspicious eyebrows because you know, how can such a really good man exist? Yeah, too bad the real world is not filled with such good people. There are but very far and few in between. That’s why, Yoshida playing to goody two shoes who guides Sayu back to the proper may come off as baffling to many of us who are sceptics. A guy who doesn’t take advantage of a cute girl? Unbelievable. Not even as far as a cuddle? Ludicrous. A guy who goes so far to let her live in his place and shelter her despite not being related by blood in anyway? Preposterous. Are you sure he is not grooming her into something sleazy for the future? Not a chance in hell. Hence we got to ask the question: YOSHIDA ARE YOU GAY!!!! Sure, he loves Gotou and got rejected. Maybe after that he thought women weren’t good enough or he wasn’t good enough for woman and decided to just go MGTOW. Hey, sounds more plausible than what we’ve seen here! But jokes aside, I believe Yoshida has been quite a respectable guy since he knows his place very well and unlike those brash characters with undeniable sense of justice who would just charge head into a situation, Yoshida seems calmer and will only move when it is deemed necessary. Because he knows it is not his place in most situations and he doesn’t want to make it worse than it already is.

Sayu as the problem child, it is safe to say that it is a blessing that she bumped into a man like Yoshida. Just unfortunate that he wasn’t the first guy whom she bumped into. Otherwise the story may have turned into a whole new direction and not as messy and troublesome as we have seen. In a nutshell, all Sayu wants was probably for someone to be by her side in her darkest hour. A place where she belonged. It was sad that her family, especially her mom did not gave that support that she needed most. Sayu had to learn and endure the hard way. Thanks to Yoshida, she has grown up and matured a lot ever since she ran away. Sounds a lot like it has already been set the guy she’ll marry in the future, huh?

I’m sure everyone wants to pin Sayu’s mom as the bad guy and the root of all this problem. I won’t blame you for doing so as we were shown only in such angle. I’m not saying that what mom did was right because as her child, she should’ve been a lot more supportive rather than abandon her. It gave Sayu a lot of problems. But mom is also human. Do they not know the kind of problems she is also shouldering? So while I don’t condone to mom’s actions, it is certainly not right to put all the blame solely on her as we do not exactly know the entire story, especially from her side. After all, she is under a lot of tremendous stress because she is an adult. Sayu is still a kid in legal terms. So when it was her moment of redemption when Yoshida nicely ask of her but she instead snapped, it made us really want to vile and spite this woman. But that will just be making the same mistake, no? We have to learn and be zen calm like Yoshida! In the end, mom isn’t so bad as she is human too and is willing to compromise and reconcile. It’s going to take a while but it’s better than before.

As for the other characters, they just play their supporting roles, that’s all. Gotou and Mishima serve to play up some love triangle. Because I saw it from a mile that Gotou was actually in love with Yoshida because she keeps getting concerned with him. The body doesn’t like. It was also obvious Mishima had a crush on Yoshida because, it’s cliché for a cute girl like her to fall for a plain guy like him. Because that way, the dense guy who thinks of himself as plain will not see it coming. EH?! YOU LIKE ME?! WOULDN’T HAVE SEEN THAT IN A MILLION YEARS!!! Yeah. That. No wonder Mishima is so at the bottom of the pecking order because she has no obvious traits. Gotou got boobs (she better not be lying about those I-cups). Sayu has high school girl status. What you got? Oh, you love movies? What’s that got to do with it?! And with Sayu getting in the picture, these women play supporting roles, dispensing some advice to make our main characters know what is more important and not to hesitate thinking too much. The same can be said for Hashimoto. This guy was just forgettable as Yoshida’s friend. Not really important in the middle parts until Sayu got lost. Suddenly popping up just to dispense some advice for his friend. Gotou and Mishima can only give advice from a woman’s perspective. Need one from a guy’s view too, right?

Then there is Asami because it is to show that Sayu isn’t alone at least where there are kids around her age are concerned. Making friends with Asami proves that Sayu has made improvements in her life because it shows that she has a life rather than being holed up in Yoshida’s apartment doing only his chores. After all, Sayu isn’t a pet. Even you let pets go out for a walk once in a while, right? So yeah, Asami has her problems too but with the main focus on Sayu, it makes hers look miniscule. Oh, want to be a writer? That’s cute. Go grab your dreams, girl. So as not to make her irrelevant, Yoshida has a hand in her novel too? This guy sure wear many hats apart from his day job. From a babysitter to a proof reader. I wonder if Yoshida can help check and service my car. Oops. Sorry. I’m not a cute high school girl :'(.

And this Yaguchi guy? Maybe it’s just to add some little drama because what happens with one of the guys she slept with comes back to her life? Fortunately or not, nothing untoward happen because after meeting that angel (Yoshida, who else?), Yaguchi knows better than to look for trouble with good people, right? Last but not least, I feel Issa is caught between a rock and a hard place due to his position. Caught between his mom and Sayu, at least this guy still manages to keep his sanity despite trouble mostly stemming from both women in his family. After all, he can’t exacerbate the problem anymore as it is already bad enough. So you can say that Sayu is not in the worst position nor is she the most abandoned teen in the world (but for her case of course it is) because she still has a big brother who cares and willing to support her. Just that his hands are tied. I’m starting to think if this guy is similar to Yoshida. An herbivore with no girlfriend because seeing the women in his family… Okay, better stop overthinking the unnecessary.

Art and animation are pretty standard. Girls have this cute and kawaii (adult or teen) look but the guys look plain and boring. Except for Yaguchi. Typical bishonen look. Is it me, or those Sayu’s mom look like an evil witch?! I think they really want to make us have this sort of impression on her because her skin looks even paler than Sayu’s! Of course, don’t forget those evil eyes that make her look so angry and strict. It feels like if she says a magic chant like hocus pocus, she might conjure up some sort of magic spell! Hahaha! Just kidding. But you get the idea. I think. This anime is done by Project No. 9 who did Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun, Doukyuu Hentai HxEros, Ryuuou No Oshigoto, Netoge No Yome Wa Onnanoko Ja Nai To Omotta and Pastel Memories. No wonder I can see some art style similarities.

Voice acting is okay too. Nothing special. Didn’t recognize anyone in particular. The casts are Kazuyuki Okitsu as Yoshida (Nagare in K), Kana Ichinose as Sayu (Marlya in Fairy Gone), Hisako Kanemoto as Gotou (titular character in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Kaori Ishihara as Mishima (Aladdin in Magi), Natsumi Kawaida as Asami (Natsumi in Houkago Teibou Nisshi), Ryota Ohsaka as Yaguchi (Marco in Shingeki No Kyojin), Kousuke Toriumi as Issa (Nozel in Black Clover), Yuusuke Kobayashi as Hashimoto (Subaru in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) and Ryoka Yuzuki as Sayu’s mom (Satsuki in Kill La Kill). Both the opening and ending themes are generic pop music, Omoide Shiritori by Dialogue+ and Plastic Smile by Kaori Ishihara respectively.

Overall, this series isn’t all that perfect and is a mixed baggage of drama. There are so many societal problems and issues at large like bullying, child predator and broken family but this series wasn’t meant to help solve any of those problems in the first place. Especially made more unbelievable when an angelic guy helps a troubled girl with nothing sexual between them, while painting everyone else who oppose to this relationship of theirs as the bad guy, I can see why such problems aren’t going away anytime soon. Or ever. So I guess the thing is to not give a sh*t about what others think about you and to do what you believe is right and stick with it till the very end. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, who else would believe in you? Like how I believe this anime is just average?! Hey don’t blame me, I didn’t pick up a high school girl in my life so I don’t know what it’s like to live with one. How can I when I don’t even have the cheesiest pickup lines… :'(.

N/B: Perhaps, I Shaved My Legs And Picked Up A Guy For Sex would sound like a more interesting erotic version of this series…

Kishin Houkou Demonbane

16 October, 2021

When I saw there was a place in Arkham in anime, I decided to check it out knowing that it didn’t have anything to do with that super famous city that Batman came from. And that was the cheesiest and sleaziest of reasons why I got myself into watching Kishin Houkou Demonbane. Yup, it is one of those mecha animes of the 2000s that lasts only for a single cour so I guess I won’t be spending too much time on this. Yeah, you know how most mecha animes lasts at least 2 cours. And what’s this? Ecchi in the tag? There’s my other cheesy and sleazy reason to see this…

The evil Dr West releases a mecha to terrorize the city. The police isn’t going to do anything about it. I mean, how the f*ck are you going to apprehend that giant? So f*ck it, right? But don’t worry, there is a hero of justice in the form of another mecha popping up to save the day! Next day, we see the editor in chief of Daily Arkham mad because their rival, Arkham Advertisers have photos of last night’s battle but they don’t. Cammy Lily Bridge trying to get a job at Daily Arkham but was rejected since her photo of last night’s big battle is too blur. She is about to try her luck somewhere else but I guess he changes his mind to hire her. As she starts work, her colleague tells her about an evil organization known as Black Lodge has always been terrorizing the city but a white angel always came to save the day. Now a mysterious superhuman is involved. There’ll be lots of scoop coming in. Especially Demonbane, the name of that mecha in the picture she took. As Lily tries to ask the public about Demonbane, she meets a crazy woman who only wants to preach about God and a mad police dude who takes it as an insult she compares them with robots. Then she stumbles into a dilapidated room. She thought it was a murder scene but turns out Kurou Daijuuji was just hungry. After feeding him (food is going to cost a lot), she offers him a partnership contract for info. His enthusiast turns into shock when she asks about Demonbane. Since he isn’t willing to answer it, I guess no more food for you, mister. Lily then picks up a strange metal dropped by a strange girl. But then a pair of strange chicks start to harass her with strange powers but is saved by Kurou. She hands over photos of them to her editor but he is not impressed. He wants photos of Demonbane and not the supernatural.

Talking to her colleague about this metal, he thinks it could only be made by Hadou Corp. She waits outside their mansion until Ruri, the leader of Hadou Corp pops up. Her butler, Winfield stops her as she has no appointment. Ruri is willing to answer Lily’s questions but denies of having ever made such metal. She wants to show proof but realizes her metal is missing. Plus, her editor orders her not to write any articles pertaining on Hadou Corp aside their official announcements. Lily gets depressed for a while but decides she is going to get down to the bottom of this. So one night she enters a restricted area and is caught by West. He is disappointed that she is just a normal human and to atone for this mistake, he’ll make her his experimental subject! Luckily Lily is saved by this superhuman dude (Kurou?) and his cute chibi familiar, Al Azif. West sends his mafia goons to attack but loses. The Black Lodge loser won’t give up as he returns riding his mecha with his assistant, Elsa. Yup, he fixed it up a little. And of course, here is also Demonbane. Ruri and her staffs running and monitoring it. Hence your hefty transformation scene as Demonbane manifests and sends the evil West back into nothingness. Then a great pose for a great victory. All Lily could do is stand there in awe and admire Demonbane.

Episode 1
Kurou runs a detective agency as he gets a call from Winfield for a big job that pays big. You bet he is going to accept it. But first, he must meet Ruri who will tell him the job details. He is to obtain a grimoire with real power. At first he is sceptical because of the risks but when they pay him some advance money, he gladly takes the job. He then brags about this to Leica Crusade. She is happy for him. But why still come to the church for free meals?! Bad habit? In that case, why not pay back all he has eaten and make some donation? So he agrees? Yeah, Leica keeps the money to prevent him from spending it all. Ruri wonders if Kurou is the right man for the job. Winfield says despite a dropout from Miskatonic University, he studied under its secret division of mystic theories. Students there don’t reveal themselves and it was a hard time to find them. Ruri really needs that grimoire because it is the only way to fight Black Lodge. Kurou looks through the library when Naia the sexy librarian introduces him some grimoires. But too bad he can’t buy them because she believes he will get a much more superior grimoire. One that can summon God. Back to square one for him. As he bums out in his car, Al Azif crashes onto him. She was running away from Black Lodge. So she’s blaming him for them surrounding them now? They fire but she uses her magic to stop the bullets. However without a sorcerer, it drains her power so she faints. Oh boy, here comes West. He feels insulted Kurou doesn’t know him. His long blabbing allows Kurou to drive away. When Al Azif wakes up, she detects some scent of darkness in him. Is he a sorcerer? She doesn’t think so as he doesn’t have a book although he looks he has great potential. Of course West and his goons have found them. Yeah, his long ranting allows Al Azif to force Kurou to reveal his name so she can make a pact with him. The kiss seals it as she reveals she is created by Abdul Alhazred and is the world’s ultimate grimoire. Kurou turns into a superhuman form known as Magius while Al Azif in her chibi mode. Kurou easily dispatches West but it doesn’t take long before the mad doctor returns in his giant mecha. They will pay many times fold for this humiliation! As he is destroying Arkham, our heroes need to do something. Al Azif laments if only they had a Deus Machina called Aeon with them. But wait. She senses one nearby. Not exactly Aeon but something close. She decides to take this chance as she activates Demonbane. Ruri and her crew are stumped to see Demonbane fully activating on its own without a grimoire.

Episode 2
West fires all he’s got but nothing happens. Demonbane fights back and defeats West like easy pie. But to finish him off once and for all, they use their ultimate technique, Atlantis Strike to blast him away. In the aftermath, they are contacted by someone from Hadou Corp that this Demonbane is their secret property and will be sending a team to retrieve it. Despite being warned not to run, Kurou gets scared and runs away on foot! Now that Kurou is Al Azif’s master, she won’t have him be a weakling. She needs him to be the best sorcerer quick. Too bad this dude drives away and ditches her! West reports all this to his boss. But Augustus mocks him for not only losing Al Azif but also ran away. And his robots were useless before an unknown robot. Master Therion leaves it to Augustus to handle things as he is going to meet Demonbane’s new master. Leica hears out Kurou’s complaints. Kurou is shock that Al Azif is also here. Her ambiguous words makes Leica in shock the kind of relationship they are in. Al Azif then brags to the orphans about her cool origins. Words so hard to pronounce that they basically butchered it. Suddenly Therion comes in and swats away Leica. What this sister did to him?! Kurou is shocked he knows his name. Why not? He is the big boss of Black Lodge. Because he further mocks Leica, Kurou gets so mad that his punch destroys his barrier and sends him flying out! Of course if Therion is serious, Kurou can’t possibly beat him hand to hand. Thus Al Azif suggests using Demonbane. The mecha is summoned and Kurou still thinks this is overkill for a single human. He’ll understand why. Because Therion owns his ass in a single hit! Using his gravity spell to crush them, Therion is disappointed that’s all they’ve got. But he has an idea. He’ll kill the sister and the kids! Heck, he just explodes the vicinity too. So mad Kurou is, he breaks out from the magic to fight back. You’re not a f*cking human being! He powers up Demonbane to give a super badass punch. However, Therion has summoned his grimoire, Etheldreda to block the punch. Now he’ll return the favour. In the aftermath, a huge crater in the city. Ruri and Winfield fly in their helicopter to see Kurou standing on Demonbane. Al Azif notes she is not complete and a grimoire and Kurou is not strong enough. He needs to get stronger if he wants to defeat Therion. Otherwise this will happen again to some other innocent people. We know Kurou’s answer already.

Episode 3
Kurou and Al Azif defeats an enemy to obtain pages of the grimoire. Too bad they left some destruction in the surrounding. Flashback shows Ruri chastised them for this because you know hard it is for her to cover it all up. Because Al Azif has missing pages in her grimoire, this means her powers are incomplete and hence they are on a mission to retrieve them. However Ruri and Al Azif start butting heads. Better go and carry out your missions. Hence if they want to keep destructions to a minimum, Kurou must get stronger. When something terrorizes the town, Kurou and Al Azif go into action but bump into West. Not this guy again! Of course, the mad doctor is happy to brag about his new creation as he introduces to them his robot assistant, Elsa! Both sides fight and Kurou accidentally saves Elsa from harm’s way. Elsa’s logic is that now she is in love with him? This is going to get complicated. Kurou thought he obtained the grimoire pages but West steals it from him. Then he summons his mecha. Uhm, it’s Demonbane?! What a rip-off! Time to show who is the real deal around. Demonbane vs Demonbane. However because West has stolen some of the grimoire pages, he is able to replicate some of Demonbane’s moves. Then they fight with their own original moves and this is getting nowhere. So Elsa is going to defeat them and win Kurou’s love? First complication… Ruri watching it all realizes that there is a move they can do to help turn the tide: Lemuria Impact. It is untested and dangerous (it could destroy Demonbane and Arkham) but what choice do they have? Contacting Kurou and Al Azif about this, she then conducts some ritual to send the code to them. Basically, sticking some bomb in the enemy until it explodes. A devastating one too, if you ask me. Some zero mass, infinite gravity and heat that absolutely destroys the enemy. Well, imitation Demonbane destroyed but West and Elsa still live. Elsa admitting they lost this time but next time she’ll win his love! Just glad this fight is over.

Episode 4
Demonbane is undergoing repairs. Yup, they damaged it too much. Al Azif is being bossy to hasten the repairs. This leads to another argument with Ruri. Al Azif steps out of line when she claims she cannot pilot Demonbane and earns Ruri’s slap. I think that’s enough catty drama for today. Later Winfield tells Kurou and Al Azif about Ruri’s background. Her parents died when she was young due to revenge attack from Black Lodge as Hadou Corp defied them. Her only family was grandpa who devoted his life in creating Demonbane, a sword to fight Black Lodge. Hence Demonbane is like a memento from her late grandpa. Suddenly the place is being attacked by Black Lodge. Ruri tries to run but Tiberius is playing hide and seek with her. Kurou and Al Azif make haste to her but is stopped by Titus. It seems the duo are from Anticross, a group of handpicked high level sorcerers who serve Therion. Winfield wants them to go rescue Ruri while he deals with Titus. Boxer vs samurai. Who will win? Meanwhile Ruri is going to be tentacle raped by that monster pervert. Just in time for Kurou to come save the day. Damn, Kurou easily kills him. As Ruri is still very shaken, I guess it is Kurou’s job to help comfort her. She is after all still a girl. Suddenly he is stabbed in the back by Tiberius. How is he still alive? Well, he is dead in the first place! Some immortality magic keeping him alive. Kurou is bleeding like mad and still tries to protect Ruri. Is this time to say he isn’t worthy to pilot Demonbane? Yeah, you’re f*cking making Ruri so f*cking worried! Kurou goes all out to kick Tiberius’ ass. So much so this guy is so mad that he uses his magic to summon his Deus Machina, Beelzebuth. Oh no. How can Kurou fight against this mecha without his own? Worst, he goes unconscious after losing too much blood! Before Tiberius could kill him, Therion orders him to return to base as the goal has been achieved. But Tiberius defies him. He will not allow this humiliation nor his enemies to live. Last warning. Therion induces some pain in him and tentacle freak gives up. Okay, okay! I’ll go home. Next time we’ll finish this. Same case for Titus. Good thing because Winfield is also at his limit after taking some katana damage. The irony our heroes were saved by the big boss of Black Lodge. In the aftermath, Kurou is recuperating in hospital. Could’ve healed faster if not for those pesky orphans jumping about!

Episode 5
Kurou is being called to investigate some island hauntings. But that can wait since it is beach episode! Oh yeah! Girls in swimsuits! Especially sister so sexy! Have you done converting into Christianity?! WTF, West is also here playing in the sand?! More shenanigans as Ruri and her maids force their makeover on Kurou. He is now the prettiest bride?! That’s not over, an almost intimate moment whereby Al Azif finds him interesting because unlike her previous masters, they treat her as a weapon. He is different. Ruri suspects something indecent going on and poor Kurou bears the brunt of whatever punishment. The gang sail over to the haunted island. But upon reaching, the ship explodes. The captain is a monster who claims all men will die and the women will be sacrificed to their god. Kurou sees a couple of women in his dream before waking up next to Al Azif in some underground cavern. From the walls, looks like a cult. This weird moment whereby Kurou stepped on some trap, the fog turns him horny as he kisses and fondles Al Azif all over?! Maybe she felt good for a while before kicking his nuts to get him back to normal. They arrive at the altar where the other women are going to be sacrificed by other monsters. As Kurou and Al Azif fight the monsters, Vespasianus pops up. He is from Anticross and all this is part of his experiment. He uses his grimoire loli to activate the god, Dagon. So, sacrifices weren’t needed? I guess this is cue to summon Demonbane for a big monster fight. Ugly mecha vs ugly seafood. With limited options and Atlantis Strike not even working, Kurou starts hearing voices of those women. They agree to lend their power as they can’t let him die yet. Al Azif recognizes them as pages from her grimoire, Cthugha and Ithaqua. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s the power up they need to finish off Dagon. Vespasianus is impressed by what he saw and understands why Therion is interested in him. But looks like he is moving on to the next phase as he has already gotten the key for it. As everyone takes the ship home, Kurou tries to apologize Al Azif for that rape incident. Just when she is about to forget all about it… Well, Kurou says he will never ever do it with her even if she asks him to. I know his intentions are good but apparently Al Azif is mad and kicks him overboard! Sometimes it is best to just keep your mouth shut.

Episode 6
On a rainy day, Kurou picks up a lethargic girl from the streets, Ennea. This is going to be troublesome. It seems she is amnesiac. He leaves it to Al Azif to bathe and take care of her. Don’t expect him to do it, huh? Next day, Ennea is full of life. Jumping about on Kurou’s body that Al Azif is getting the wrong idea about this unholy act. His body won’t last?! Yeah, blast him through the window and see if his body will last. Al Azif questions Ennea about the scars on her body. Hey, she’s amnesiac, remember? Kurou won’t force her. Kurou calls Winfield for advice but it seems Ennea doesn’t want to go anywhere. She wants to stay by Kurou’s side. I guess this is where the loli rivalry comes in. Ennea shamelessly flirting with Kurou, not shy in spelling it out that Al Azif is jealous. Al Azif so mad that Kurou bears the brunt of her punishment?! Female logic. How troublesome. More loli rivalry as both fight for his attention. It gets more troublesome as West is here, accusing him of being a lolicon. That’s against the law! Oh, Elsa going over to make it a threesome! West will now f*cking kill him! RUN!!! After Kurou bears more brunt of the lolis’ rivalry, Ennea nurses him and asks about the scars on his body. Kurou says he needs to fight or else he’ll regret it later. Hence she poses a question if he could see the future and everything is for naught, will he still do it? Yes. Better than doing nothing. The lolis sure know how to run him broke as they’re out at a carnival. However before them is a couple of Anticross dudes, Claudius and Caligula. Seems they are looking for Tyrant but to stumble into Kurou is a big bonus. They also want him to hand over Ennea. The answer is clear. Time to fight. That is when random grimoire pages scatter and get absorbed into Kurou. Claudius recognizes this as Tyrant. Kurou is now able to wield a couple of guns and do big damage. Caligula gets injured so bad he goes crazy, summoning his Deus Machina. Claudius too. Oh well, Demonbane make it three. The reason Demonbane is getting its ass kicked is because Kurou is trying to protect Ennea who is just standing there watching like an idiot! Do you not know how to run?! Then a slab falls on her. Kurou so mad, he harnesses the power of Cthugha and Ithaqua as well as Tyrant’s guns to destroy Anticross! City also taken a huge damage. I hope this is worth the avenging for Ennea.

Episode 7
Claudius and Caligula are still alive but are chastised by Augustus for being pathetic. However Therion wants Project C to be initiated now. Augustus is shocked because Tyrant is needed for this. And so Therion says he will take over Tyrant’s part. As Al Azif analyses the new guns and bullets and is impressed with its mystic power and all, looks like Kurou is spacing out and being depressed. Still can’t get over a loli’s death, huh? As Therion addresses his cult members of the new dawn they’ll bring, Augustus discusses with other Anticross about Therion’s actions. Something is wrong. Project C is important and now he doesn’t even need Tyrant or even Al Azif. He is asking if Therion is worthy of executing Project C. As Project C initiates, a huge sphere floats above Arkham. There are many mecha flying about too but they are autopilot. Why the f*ck does a robot NEED a ROBOT to pilot it?! Therion then makes his announcement to the people of Arkham. Basically their sufferings will be the sacrifice needed to fuel Project C. Chaos descends and Kurou is still depressed? Time for Al Azif to snap the f*ck out of him. Is he going to waste Ennea’s wishes? If he still cannot fight, she will make him stronger. There. This kiss might help. She wants to share his sorrow and pain since he is her master. Just like that, Kurou is back on his feet. Demonbane fights Liber Legis (Therion’s Deus Machina). However the fun is interrupted when Anticross comes to stop their master. Due to the importance of Project C, they will eliminate any obstacle. Therion is not impressed since they are ruining his fun with Kurou. Anticross doesn’t give a f*ck and disposes of Therion. Then they make an announcement to their loyalists that Therion have deceived them. The summoning of Cthulu (the goal of Project C) was not to bring about their utopia but world destruction. Hence they have punished Therion the traitor and now Anticross will be commanding Black Lodge. Meanwhile Kurou and Al Azif see some past vision of the latter. Aeon, Al Azif’s previous Deus Machina was piloted by her previous master. He died. As she doesn’t understand sorrow, it is her duty to find a new master to fight again. From what I understand, she found some happiness in Kurou and before she could complete her love confession to him, they return to reality. They might be safe from Anticross’ attack but Al Azif is unconscious. It’s bad because she starts reverting into her grimoire pages and they’re scattering!

Episode 8
Once more, Kurou in despair. Demonbane’s busted up. Anticross discusses their next move to crush Hadou Corp. Once that is done, no one will oppose them. Ruri tries to stop a very angry Kurou as he wants revenge on Anticross for killing Al Azif. OH SH*T! YOU MEAN AL AZIF IS DEAD?! I can see why he is so mad and sad. 2 lolis died before his eyes, you know. He doesn’t care about his own injuries and just wants revenge. Ruri hugs him to make him think not to waste Al Azif’s sacrifice. Soon, a ship crashes nearby. It is Elsa carrying an injured West. Help, please? It seems West has left Black Lodge for, uhm, creative differences? After Anticross disposed Therion for wanting to destroy the world, their goal now is to take over the world. However, West opposed to this. Instead of using some God to do it, he preferred using his own technology. And because of that differing view, he quit. But not before he destroyed some command centre. You do notice that Black Lodge cannot use its robots to destroy Arkham right now, right? Leica nurses the injured evacuees in the underground shelter. The orphans worry about Kurou. Don’t worry. He won’t die even if you kill him. Holy sh*t! Sister said that?! Kurou goes to the lab to make those special bullets. Damn, Scorpions singing that hard rock metal song while we see this montage?! Oh sorry, it’s just Masatoshi Ono. Song still rocks, though! Kurou realizes he loves this town and people, and that’s why he is going to protect it. Oh, please don’t put on a bat mask and don a dark cape… As he returns, Demonbane is completed?! Turns out West used his artistic genius to fix it. So even without Al Azif, he can pilot it (WTF, he calls it Demonpain?!). Good time to try it out now as Anticross resumes their attack. Elsa might not be Al Azif but she can still substitute the grimoire system and help out Kurou and pilot Demonbane. So we see Demonbane destroy those small robot fries. Anticross is shocked to see Demonbane back in action. First victim to head out is Caligula. If you think this will be an easy pushover, think again. Demonbane has a hard time fighting him so with West’s suggestion of a temporary retreat, Caligula is fooled into thinking he destroyed Demonbane when he tries a sneak attack but that was just a decoy. The real Demonbane pops up from behind and strikes him down with Lemuria Impact. One Anticross member down. I bet Kurou must be feeling so good the way he stands posing outside Demonbane. The revenge party just getting started…

Episode 9
WTF, this allegory from Al Azif. Not sure what she’s talking about but I’m sure it’s about Kurou rising to being a hero, right? As Demonbane undergoes maintenance, Claudius infiltrates Hadou Corp’s base in search for revenge for Caligula. Of course Kurou is there to stop him and he has the upper hand as Elsa assists him. Could’ve finished the kid off if Kurou didn’t hesitate about his revenge for Elsa. Because Claudius makes a sneaky move to escape as he heads into the hangar to steal Demonbane. Don’t worry. Because West is waiting inside to blast him off! Yeah, you showed him! So I guess we have enough of humans fighting. Time to summon the mecha for the big destructive fight. Meanwhile, the command centre is under attacked too. This time, Titus barging in to have his rematch with Winfield. It’s chaotic and distracting, but Ruri and her maids have to help support Demonbane. Once Demonbane is launched, they can have a bigger fight above Arkham. And further destroy the city too. As Claudius is owning Kurou, the only way to end this is to use Lemuria Impact. But Ruri is not responding to give the codes. That’s because she witnesses Winfield getting killed by Titus! NOOOO!!!! But looks like Winfield also took out the samurai (or did Titus used too much power and in exchange paid with his life?) so I guess it’s a dead draw. Ruri is too distraught to pay any attention to Demonbane but luckily plot convenience says the butler must still breathe so as to remind the oujo-sama to do what she needs to do. With that, Ruri sends the much needed codes just in time for Demonbane to send Claudius to join Caligula in hell.

Episode 10
When Elsa tries to contact command centre, there is no response. That’s because Tiberius has taken Ruri hostage! You bet Kurou is mad. Not going to lose a third loli! But he can’t do anything as Tiberius beats him up for the pain he has given him. Ruri tries to be a hero and wants Kurou to run away. He can’t. What did I tell you about losing another loli?! Tiberius then overwhelms Kurou with his creepy aura. He sees many ghostly spirits. Tiberius wants him to become one of his spirits. His remorse will enhance his strength. Once again, Ruri would take Kurou’s place for that. Girl, what did I say about Kurou losing another loli???!!! Time to turn this around as Kurou use his special bullets to shoot Ruri free. Shouldn’t he have done this earlier? It’s not like he was obstructed or something. And look who has returned to join him? AL AZIF!!!!! OMG! She’s back?! Nothing welcomes her back as they both kiss. Flashback she was in despair in some battlefield covered with crosses on fire. A voice apologizing that they weren’t with her but someone who is still currently fighting is. I guess we all know who. And just like that, that’s how Al Azif came back to Kurou’s side. Don’t really get it, though. Thanks to the duo back as a combo, they give Tiberius the beat down with their Demonbane (I guess time for Elsa to bow out and play supporting role of taking care of Ruri). Heck, they don’t even need Lemuria Impact to defeat him! So easy! But wait! Remember Tiberius is an immortal? How you gonna kill him? Not sure if Al Azif’s baseless optimism did the true or Naia did some nudging. Because Demonbane pulls out some dimensional sword! So insane that Tiberius is even afraid of it! Can’t blame him. When he gets sliced, he gets dragged into some scary dimension that he doesn’t want to be. But he has to. Because as the villain, the script says it’s his turn to die. Another Anticross down. While Al Azif knows this move’s name (Shining Trapezohedron), she doesn’t recognize this power. Kurou doesn’t give a f*ck about all that. He is glad that she is back. That is all that matters now. Naia seems pleased with this outcome. Meanwhile, Vespasianus kills off Augustus because like a typical bad guy, he claims he is the only one who is befitting of Cthulu’s power. The irony of talking about betrayals because Augustus didn’t die and kills off Vespasianus instead. Yeah, he has the power of God the world is now his.

Episode 11
So Augustus is going to take over the world in his giant sphere? It’s floating over the ocean. Can’t miss it. Ruri’s ship is heading there. Damn, can it support the giant Demonbane? Why does Demonbane need a ship to be transported?! It’s not like it is being repaired, right?! Anyway, Ruri kisses Kurou! Not because there needs to be love rivalry, but to pass him the codes so he can use Lemuria Impact any time. That’s good because now for Demonbane to kick ass, first up is Titus. This dude still alive? But he gets killed off easily by Lemuria Impact!!! I guess he had his rematch with Winfield so no point dragging out this fight for another episode. Now they go face the emperor. Augustus your typical villain in wanting to take over the world when suddenly he gets killed off! OMFG! WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED?! They don’t want to drag on the fight for the rest of the episode either, huh? The one who killed him is… ENNEA?! Rather, her real name is Nero. Nero the Tyrant and part of Anticross. So she is back and going to destroy the world, huh? Oh damn, I wonder how conflicted Kurou is. Screw your kill-no-loli policy! She’s going to kill you! Fight back! If that doesn’t get him serious, Nero becomes dead serious in wanting to destroy the world, the city he loves and all the people in it. That motivate you enough? So Demonbane draws out Shining Trapezohedron and slices Nero. But wait. Did Kurou miss her? Well, he claims Shining Trapezohedron is to sever evil. And what he cut down was the evil of Nero and now before him is just a girl named Ennea. F*cking loophole. Now let’s go back together, okay? Too bad she can’t. She claims all she wanted was to meet him because he is strong but that is just running away. Lucky bastard Kurou gets kissed from her, Al Azif just got to hold it in and not be a b*tch to ruin this death flag moment. Nero hopes to be strong next time but there won’t be? That’s because something bursts out from her stomach like that Alien horror thingy!!! WTF?! It’s Therion!!! He’s back? And he claims he was born from Nero at this moment just to fight him. With all that kissing, Therion kisses Etheldreda to start the true goal of Project C. A huge door pops up. Yog-Sothoth whom Therion has the blood of and thus his father and with mother Nero, he is the son of God! Sorry for those expecting it was Jesus. Oh right, Jesus brings salvation. This son will destroy! Anyway, this door connects to all the beings and gods of different worlds. You know what it means opening it here, right?

Episode 12
Therion claims that everything from the forming of Anticross to being born from Nero was part of his plan all along. So now he is going to unleash another god upon this world and destroy it. You bet Kurou will fight him to stop this madness. But wait. Al Azif wants to sever their contract. Because walking through this door means walking into the space of past, present and future. He won’t get back. But Al Azif can. Spare me all your pathetic excuses because whatever it is, Kurou is coming with her, right? She won’t be alone facing and fighting the evil for eternity. Smooth operator Kurou must have said all the right stuffs to make Al Azif all emotional and confused. Yup, finally she confesses. He is important to her not as a partner or a master but as a lover. Here’s one kiss for the road. Now let’s go fight this evil. Entering the door, Therion expects Kurou as he even gives away the hint to end this: Destroy Liber Legis. Well, duh! As they fight, Therion narrates that this fight has been repeated hundreds of thousands of times. Therion is full of hate for Kurou for her is pure and noble. Only Kurou and Al Azif can take his hatred in this world. Despite taking damage, Demonbane heals because of planet Earth?! Planet Earth is the one protecting them?! HUH?! To end all this, they pull out Shining Trapezohedron. But looks like Liber Legis can do that move too! As Naia narrates, using this move would mean annihilating the existing the other of the other. She relishes to see what comes next.

When both Deus Machina clash, Naia is ecstatic her universe that was trapped inside the Shining Trapezohedron, will now return to its original state. But don’t laugh yet you b*tch! Because Demonbane is glowing shiny! Is it going Super Saiyan?! Naia is scared and panics. She doesn’t recognize this ending. Yeah. WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS?! Kurou realizes Naia AKA the evil god Nyarlathotep is the one behind all this, so he lectures her about his times in despair. It brought out 2 emotions: Anger and hate. So the reason he can rise up is because of that and also he is human?! HUH?! With that, using some combo pose with Al Azif, they blast away Naia! Therion also gets caught in the blast. Etheldreda wants to protect him but Therion thinks this is fine. He wants out of this infinite loop. And so the duo wander for eternity together and consider this their salvation. Kurou and Al Azif is also wandering for eternity inside Demonbane. Well, they have all the time in the universe for each other, right? Is this what you call eternal bliss? Uhm, only… Al Azif then sends Kurou back to Arkham as she believes his smiles are suited there. Against his will, she says her goodbye. So Al Azif gonna run away with Hadou Corp’s property, huh? Kurou returns to Arkham and life returns to normal. Some don’t even recognize Kurou? Yeah, it’ll be troublesome if Elsa now takes over the top spot since the other lolis are gone. Yeah… As he wanders around in despair, suddenly Al Azif returns! WHAT?! HOW?! Because they got a contract together. WHAT?! HOW?! I don’t get this but some alternate dimension of Kurou, Al Azif and Demonbane made it possible for this to happen. So this is the reward from god? Now they can kiss for how long they want. What’s the use of having Demonbane in Arkham? It’s not like Black Lodge is a threat anymore, no?

Whore Of The Machine Fraud: Demon-bland!
Well, thank goodness I don’t have to rewatch this hundreds of thousands of times for eternity! Oh boy. I’m glad it has ended after a dozen episodes. Not to say that I didn’t like it nor that I was not enjoying this, it was pretty much mediocre overall and my sentiments were hovering somewhat at average throughout the season. Until the final episode when they start bombarding with all the confusing stuffs. Blam! WTF?! WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING?! I just didn’t get it. I’m too f*cking confused. So it didn’t turn out to be a generic and cliché good versus evil at least on the main character level. So they didn’t dedicate the last episode to be just a big straightforward smashing fight between Kurou and Therion after all. True evil turned out to be something else and our hero managed to save the day and end the universe level of Groundhog Day. Thank goodness I didn’t have to watch this hundreds of thousands of times before reaching this ‘unseen’ conclusion! Thanks Kurou, you saved me lots of time! I’m never coming back to this series again!

On the surface, the story seems pretty simple and cliché because you know, guy who knows how to pilot the best mecha is needed to fight off an evil organization. That’s that. But you know, they have to keep the twist or something and that’s why towards the end of the episode, it become something of more than mere mortals of organizations fighting each other for world dominance or protecting the world. It has now transcended into the level of gods. Oh dear. That’s where I got so freaking confused and my excitement level just dropped like a rock! Because in the end, I guess Black Lodge wasn’t truly the real bad guys here since Anticross were doing most of the heinous attacks as we’ve seen. And I wonder if Al Azif got all her pages of the grimoire back to become complete. I suppose that isn’t necessary since she found completion and wholesomeness with her love for Kurou, RIGHT?! LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!! YEAH!!!

But to be fair, I wasn’t familiar with this series in the first place. That’s because it was adapted from an adult visual novel. An adult visual novel, huh?! No wonder it had ecchi in its tag. But too bad if you’re thinking for something really raunchy, you’ll be in for some big disappointment as the ecchi level is not even half of it. There are a few panty flashing scenes but they are so far and few in between and they last so short that it is the case of blink and you’ll miss it. Uh huh. It feels a lot like that. Even the first time when Al Azif and Kurou met with the former crashing on the later, having her crotch shoved in his face, I think that is by far the raunchiest the series could get. Oh wait. Perhaps the one whereby Kurou almost raped Al Azif on the cult island. Well, even if it is by the 2000’s decade era standards, the ecchi levels are just paltry. Maybe if you really want more than that, the game has more to offer. I mean, they have to make this family friendly when they adapt this into anime, right? Or at least acceptable levels of ecchi that would make the episode being able to air.

Furthermore, this series draws a lot of references to HP Lovecraft’s Cthulu’s mythology. It is all over the place from the terms they used and I only know about this not because I was a hardworking and curious otaku who decided to find out and know more about it. But rather because at the end of each episode, there are useful notes of the Lovecraft terminologies used. Yes, I watched a fansub version of this series so they took the trouble to actually put up lengthy and comprehensive notes of those terms. It is quite enlightening, informative and interesting. But too bad for me, I immediately forgotten all after reading them. It’s like it never went through my brain at all… Sheesh… Also, I am today’s years old to find out that Arkham wasn’t just some reference from the DC Comics side but also a fictional city in Lovecraft’s stories. Sighs. Aside the Cthulu references, it is odd that the Anticross members are named after Roman emperors. Not sure if I see the connection here but it just feels weird as f*ck to see these people with Roman-like names. I mean, samurai guy has this Titus name? WTF? I thought Musashi would’ve suited him fine. But no Julius Caesar anywhere, though. Supposedly the most famous Roman emperor and the first one that comes to mind if we were tasked to name them, right?

The characters, well, uhm, I’m not really impressed with all of them. Even for Kurou and Al Azif who are given the most screen time. Sure, they want to showcase their bond and all but sometimes when I think about it, it’s pretty weird that a human is having some sort of bond with a book anthropomorphized as a loli. Oh heck, lots of anime have main character humans who has a familiar who is non-human. Anyway, it’s one of those dumbfounding moments we see from the beginning as Kurou accepts Al Azif to be part of his life no matter how bratty she is because she’s acting like she’s some big shot or something. Then we got to see their dynamism because that is pretty important in controlling Demonbane and somehow they pull it off. Repeat that sort of shenanigans until the final stretch where Kurou somehow has managed to turn the grimoire filled with emotions. I know books give humans who read them lots of emotions but it’s like roles are reversed here. Can’t be separated. We’ll always be together. And even during that short stint of Al Azif’s absence, they come back stronger (because absence makes the heart grow fonder?), more emotional drama between them before the happy ending of them being finally together. Phew. Sounds pretty confusingly straightforward.

If I had to pick the best character of this series, it is by no doubt the good evil doctor West. Yes, he is the only reason why my face and smile light up watching this series. I never get tired in seeing him stride into the scene with his nonsense because that’s just who he is. Even if he is clearly written as a comic relief character and joker, this flamboyant dude who is always at his own pace and rocking with his electric guitar if he isn’t tinkering with his machine, he is what made watching this series tolerable. Being an idiot is perhaps a double edged sword that contributes to his success and downfall. Too bad this fool didn’t get much of a screen time ever since he left Black Lodge. Yeah, I suppose this guy is too big to be part of Anticross either. It felt like they scaled him back although his flamboyant outburst is still there. Can’t take that away from him. Never change, West. Never change. This guy should’ve been the f*cking hero to pilot Demonbane and save the world! Who knows what kind of ending we’ll get. But I bet it would’ve been an interesting one with this guy at the handles!

The rest of the characters feel redundant or at least close to that. For example, Ruri. I guess her role is so that we know where Demonbane comes from. I mean, it just can’t fall down from the sky like that, right? Somebody has to create and own it, right? And what better way for a rich girl of dead parents acting as the leader of a wealthy company to have all its resources to maintain and repair it. Seriously, her revenge against Black Lodge feels so secondary that it feels forgettable. Sure, she can’t pilot Demonbane and perhaps that’s why. Otherwise, she’s just, well, I won’t say she is as bratty as Al Azif but she’s still a rich oujo-sama and has some standards to her. Hence her role is like holding on the codes for an ultimate move before they decided she won’t be any further use and thus passing it to Kurou just like that. Should’ve just given it to him in the first place. Or did she not trust him that much? Or do they need to force that kissing scene? If that’s all to her, I guess this says a lot about Winfield too. Just a loyal butler who protects her. And she has maids who double as staffs at the command centre to monitor Demonbane. Yeah, I can’t remember their names.

I thought Leica would have some sort of important role later on but I guess she’s just a sister for some mini diversion. Very irrelevant to the story and I suppose the only reason Kurou has ties with her is that this broke guy needs to go somewhere to get his free food. Ennea. Something feels weird they introduced a character and killed her off by the end of the same episode. If I was paying slightly more attention, I should’ve seen it coming that she would return for the plot twist. And then get killed off again. Wow. Loli died twice. I mean, what’s the point of throwing a mysterious amnesiac character and to never let her see the light again? Eventually, Al Azif is the only loli for Kurou. Nero FKA Ennea dead. Elsa lost her memories for him (it feels that she is just being playful with her flirting rather than anything serious). Ruri got a corporation to run. See what I mean?

Remember that Lily reporter from the OVA? I was also expecting her to pop up somewhere but too bad that didn’t happen. Speaking of the OVA, it came out 2 years before the TV series and those who watched it then may have been confused and unsatisfied with the rushed outcome of it all that amounted to nothing. Well, looking back in hindsight, the OVA felt like one big promotional stint to promote the game back then. It was just to introduce Demonbane and nothing else really mattered.

Black Lodge as the antagonists, well, as an organization as a whole, they’re pretty paltry and bland. Not to mention pretty cliché either because with such an organization like them, they have to have elites. Anticross, people! Such groups are claimed to be the best of the best but looking back in hindsight, they’re just slightly better than the average. Their roles only serve to make Demonbane stronger because how else is this Deus Machina gonna grow and showcase us his awesome arsenal of firepower? Unfortunately some Anticross don’t get too much attention especially like Augustus who is Therion’s right hand man. And then he just get killed off so easily? Plot twist, sure. He is not the final boss our heroes should be fighting! Vespasianus also feels redundant and perhaps the only Anticross whom Kurou didn’t get to face off. Even Titus had his short bout with Kurou despite his fight with Winfield is largely side-lined. And the big boss himself, I should’ve guessed he would return in the end after being killed off so fast by his own men, but even the final fight with Kurou didn’t last long enough. Yeah, we’re running out of time so better rush and reveal Naia as the puppet master and finish her off. Because Therion isn’t such a bad guy, he gets some sort of salvation too. Heck, I don’t see how Black Lodge terrorized Arkham in this series. Even so it was because West was running about with his failed mecha contraptions and faceless goons. I wonder if Batman would have had an easier time if this was his Arkham. Heh.

The action parts are okay. This being mecha genre so I guess they have to pull off all the big flashy robot moves. It’s amazing Arkham still stands despite all the big mecha stomping around. Anyway, Demonbane has his fair share of arsenal but nothing really extraordinary. He’s got his Atlantis Strike and Lemuria Impact and a few others but that’s just about it. Hey, it’s an anime of the 2000’s. Big huge mecha fights over the city we’ve got. Is there anything more we should ask for?

The art and animation really do reflect the style of that era so you can say it is pretty dated. There are some CGI effects used especially on the Deus Machina. Although not a masterpiece, they are at least a lot better than some of the CGI quality that is used in today’s anime! I kid you not. You thought today’s 3D technology would be better but I still continue to see horrible CGI renditions in certain scenes. Perhaps the quality of the animation was not so good back then and hence it helped to cover up the CGI shortfall? But I still think it looks better compared to today’s ones. I also want to point out that the design of Demonbane, isn’t the mecha one big ugly mother?! I don’t know, it has a face! Ugly face! What’s more, WTF does Demonbane need to have huge knee horns or something?! It feels so clumsy?! How the f*ck those this Deus Machina fight efficiently with it?! It also has huge arms and huge legs but the torso area so thin! Feels like it could snap any time. I also read that this series made some design changes to some of the Deus Machina (like Dagon) but I didn’t see the original works so I can’t compare. This anime was done by View Works and this series has been their only ever production till today. Not sure if they have closed down or become inactive. Their website since inaccessible.

Voice acting, it’s nice to hear some old recognizable seiyuus like Norio Wakamoto as Augustus, Jouji Nakata as Titus and Takehito Koyasu as Winfield. But my favourite one definitely goes to Takumi Yamazaki as West (Kayneth in Fate/Zero, Bansai in Gintama, Kanjurou in One Piece). This guy’s joker voice definitely fits this joker character like a glove and I’ll never tire listening to his antics. If only he had a spinoff series… The other casts are Kentaro Ito as Kurou (Renji in Bleach), Rie Kanda as Al Azif and Etheldreda (Erika in Fortune Arterial), Junko Asami as Ruri (Freya in Detective Loki Ragnarok), Hikaru Midorikawa as Therion (Lancer in Fate series), Mia Naruse as Nero/Ennea (Anri in Happiness), Mikako Satou as Elsa (Suzuka in Lamune), Nami Kurokawa as Leica (Sayaka in Yaoke Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na – Crescent Love) and Ai Orikasa as Naia (K.K. in Kekkai Sensen).

The opening theme, Evil Shine by Yuichi Ikuzawa fits the theme of the series well because of its rock outfit. He also sings the opening and ending themes for the OVA, Hito, Kami, Hata – Man God Machine and Redeem Your Dream respectively. I somewhat prefer the latter as it is a slow rock. But the one I love best is the insert song by Masatoshi Ono, Cry Of Vengeance. Playing with the montage of Kurou being depressed over the loss of Al Azif as he plans his next step in revenge may be weird, but the song is pretty cool itself. The only combo breaker from all these rock outfits is the ending theme plays to a slower ballad, Modern Rose by Kanako Itou.

Overall, this anime isn’t a good one but it is not that bad that it will be occupying my top 10 worst animes of the year. I was all pretty average and cliché to me before the complicating final stretch. There were dumb stuffs, there were unimpressed stuffs. Seriously, no matter how much I love West and love his silly antics, he himself isn’t enough to save this anime overall. He’s just a mad doctor, not a God. Could he be Batman’s Riddler in another alternate dimension? Nah! Not sure if Lovecraft fans would find this an insult but in the case they do, I think that comedy Nyaruko one should be a bigger insult. And mecha fans would definitely be spoilt for choice in getting better mecha animes. Yeah, Gundam and Macross should be the basic start and recommendations. But as far as this series is concerned, for better or worse, there have been no news about remakes or reboots. Otherwise we’ll have to throw that smarty pants guy into Arkham Asylum along with this mediocrity. You’ll have all the time in the world to watch it over and over again for eternity!

Tonikaku Kawaii OVA

15 October, 2021

Are we interested to take a look on how our happiest newlyweds are doing? Are you? Then be glad to know that we can find out further in Tonikaku Kawaii OVA. Ah yes. Marriage is such a bliss for Nasa and Tsukasa that we’re curious on how they are going to take their marriage to the next step. We can’t wait to see how much love they’ll shower for each other! Oh wow! Let us see! Let us see! WE WANT TO KNOW!!!

Nasa gives Tsukasa a Smartphone. Wife so happy. But she has no idea how it works so he helps set it up for her. Later she goes to add contacts from Kaname and Aya as she gets to know the kind of avatar they use. Nasa is then called by an old colleague to help out for a day. Don’t worry, it’s a guy. He is an otaku and Nasa was like his talking partner or something. Since this job might take a while, he might not be back. This makes Tsukasa sad. Hey, he is only going away for a day so how much can she miss him? Apparently a lot. Yeah, it’s getting to her. She contemplates on sending a message to him but wonders if that would trouble him. When Aya prompts that he hasn’t contacted her, this has Tsukasa even more depressed. Maybe he is really busy with work. But you know what? She starts to overthink that maybe he doesn’t miss her that much! Oh brother. Knowing Nasa, she is sure he isn’t that. She keeps herself preoccupied until night fall. Still no news from darling. Did he really forget about her? So sad… Finally a message from Nasa! Oh thank God! Believed in him, right? Apparently he can’t use his phone during work. Since he won’t be coming home soon, he tells her to go ahead and sleep first. First night alone ever since they got married? This is going to be lonely… Unknowingly she also lays out his futon. She gives herself an excuse that he might be back and would be too tired to take it out himself. Yeah, how considerate of her to do it for him. As she lies in bed, she can’t sleep. Still worried, huh?

In the wee hours of the morning, looks like Nasa is back. Oh, Tsukasa still awake and waiting for him? Yeah, she couldn’t sleep. Nasa wants to sleep first since he is tired. Tsukasa gives him a goodnight kiss. Or is it a morning kiss? Anyway, now looks like Nasa is fully awaken and realizes this is the first time she took the initiative to kiss him. Wow. Really miss him that much, huh? She even sleeps next to him. To make up for all that loneliness, they kiss a lot. I’m sure sex must be going through their minds. They’re married, right? But too bad, all we see is Tsukasa wanting him to hug him tighter. Maybe that’s all the energy they have. Next morning, Tsukasa realizes last night (or is it this morning) was pretty embarrassing. Of course Kaname suspected something and the way Tsukasa reacts, something did happen! She regrets that she wanted to watch that action! Even more so, seeing the way Tsukasa and Nasa blush at each other. Wow. Missed last night’s fun, huh? We now take a detour to Chitose. She gets a rude awakening as Charlotte feels her up. Later she tells Chitose that while she was at the bathhouse, she overheard Nasa and Tsukasa had lots of fun last night. Apparently Charlotte wants to know what that means! You mean Chitose really explains about holding hands and hugging in bed but with more intensity?! Yeah, more intense than Charlotte’s molestation this morning. Chitose exploding with embarrassment now. That night, Charlotte suggests to do the same with Aurora. Just kidding! Because no yuri this episode! As Tsukasa and Nasa prepare to sleep, a cheeky message from Kaname to have fun. Ignore… Nasa then asks Tsukasa for his goodnight kiss. Is that going to be a nightly ritual from now on? Oh well, let’s get started. I bet Kaname would’ve wanted to see this rather than leave a cheeky remark…

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder… Kiss Me More
That has got to be the most romantic or the most boring episode ever! Hah! Oh well, I guess it is good to see that Nasa and Tsukasa are really still madly deeply in love with each other and they’re taking this marriage thing one step at a time. It’s quite heart-warming to see the mutual love they have for each other and that even a single day without each other means like the end of the world for them. If only in real life everyone was like this. But I hate to rain on your parade because remember, they are still newlyweds and that everything is still new to them. Give them more years and decades down the road, will their romance stand the test of time? Since it is Nasa and Tsukasa, I believe they will. Their happy marriage is going to put many of us in real life to real shame.

So while it is nice to see that the duo are happily married and now engaging in, uhm, let’s say physical activities that involves close contact, on the other hand this OVA doesn’t offer anything much either. Honestly, I was hoping to learn more about that moon thingy that I believe Tsukasa originates from. But alas, we want to focus on the happy couple here so nothing out of the extraordinary and no plot twist that would shock the daylights out of us. Hence from this perspective, I believe this OVA itself is boring since it doesn’t offer anything new. It might be a yawn fest and put you to sleep before the newlyweds themselves could fall asleep! But still we have got to remember that this is what this series is about. After watching all the nonsensical, crappy, sh*tty and absurd anime series every season, this calming and nothing-much-happens episode is what we need to calm and detoxify ourselves.

Who knows if this series might get another season because at this rate, it will be more or less the same thing. But since they have up their romance game, maybe the next time they make out it will be more interesting! By then, I guess all of us really want to watch and see what happens! Oh yeah! Can’t wait to see how much more intimate they’ll get! Take it to the next level! Definitely an event that we wouldn’t want to miss and would stay up all night just to catch it! Hey, whatever Nasa and Tsukasa does is pretty wholesome, RIGHT???!!! What’s wrong with wanting to see wholesome sex?! For now, better practice those kissy kisses. Oh well, the couple that kisses together, stays together…

Looks like we’re not through trying to adapt mobile games into anime yet. But unlike Azur Lane or Girls’ Frontline, Seven Knights Revolution: Eiyuu No Keishousha isn’t one that anthropomorphize some sort of objects like warships or guns and turn them into cute girls. It’s more of an RPG type. Yup, this means you have characters who can summon and be possessed by their heroes to ward off evil. But too bad, this isn’t going to be like the Fate series whereby these heroes are from real fictitious lore or legends. Yeah, they’re all just made up. Save us the time to Google and validate their authenticity, huh? So what’s new for this adaptation? World going to be destroyed and who else better to save it once more via high school kids summoning heroes of yesteryears. Yup. Sounds as exciting as it could get. That’s sarcasm, by the way…

Episode 1
Faria sings a song as part of her funeral ritual in a decimated town. Her partner, Ellen picks her up as they head to the next town that is in the midst of being attacked by monsters that are devouring the people to increase its own. The only survivor is a young lad, Nemo. He must be lucky to have hide and run. Now that he is cornered, will he meet his maker too? Thankfully here comes Faria to the rescue. She uses her trump card to transform herself into a powerful form and kick ass. Once done, she takes Nemo in her train to Granseed Academy since she notices his uniform and will be a student at that academy. A brief history of the world: Once it was almost destroyed by the goddess of darkness, Nestra, the goddess of light, Serrass gathered heroes to save the world. The world continues to exist thanks to successors of those heroes and they are students of Granseed. Their duty is to protect from an evil cult known as Physis who worships Nestra. Faria derives her powers from the heroine, Eunomia. Talk cut short as the train is derailed by a rampaging monster. Faria goes all out to protect Nemo and fight against the monster despite her injured state. She claims as the leader of Seven Knights, it will take more than that to kill her. But when all the signs point to a losing battle, she wants Nemo to take Ellen and run. This could mean she would die but it’s better than all of them dying. Since Nemo won’t, his card starts shining and suddenly he is before Serrass who acknowledges his awakening powers and grants him a hero, Genius to aid him. Despite his incomplete succession, Nemo is able to cut through everything and is guided by Genius’ advice. He deals lots of damage before Faria finishes it off. She thanks him for saving her life this time. They finally arrive at Granseed where Nemo’s student life will begin.

Episode 2
Ellen will get the paperwork done for Nemo to enrol here. Rushing into Granseed is Jou Tsurugi. He just froze a huge dragon that served Physis. Faria introduces Nemo to him as Jou is also part of the Seven Knights and succeeded the hero Spike. When Faria introduces Nemo to the rest of the student council who are also the Seven Knights, they are not pleased. Especially Shirley who is against it followed by Jou. Gareth doesn’t give a f*ck while Gildan is indecisive. Faria gives her testimonials on Nemo but they still find it hard to believe. Even more so when Nemo doesn’t know the hero he succeeded. Wait, if there are 7 heroes, shouldn’t they all know by deduction? Anyway, Faria leaves it to Jou to show Nemo around. Because Nemo has low self-confidence, this makes Jou mad since they are supposed to be the most elite of warriors. So cut that self-wallowing pity because Jou would gladly sacrifice his own life to protect others. Only, Nemo throws a question how can he protect others if he is dead! He’s got a point… Mad Jou wants to punch him but luckily Sophitia who is the librarian is here to talk about the brief history of heroes and their succession of powers. Nemo returns to his dorm and is surprised to see Faria and Ellen here. They live here too… Also, nothing happening otherwise… Next day in school, Gareth has Nemo take a potion to the alchemy department. I guess elf dude hates to go there himself. Look who’s there too? Jou. Before anything can happen, something rocks the place. Oh, that dragon has unfreeze. Jou transforms into his hero to fight it. However it keeps regenerating. After Nemo leads others to safety, he also helps out by partially transforming. Nemo holds the dragon down so that Jou can fully freeze it. So, I see it’s okay if Nemo is reckless with his life, huh? At that point, Genius lends Nemo his power so he fully transforms and this allows the dragon’s core to be revealed. Jou destroys it and puts an end to the dragon. Jou talks how his dad was a hero successor and his town was overrun with Physis. He stood and fought them all alone. That’s why he wants to be strong like him and protect others. He believes he can do it as long as people like Nemo are with him. While there are no casualties from that incident, Faria and Shirley express concern over Nemo. Despite a very kind soul, it may be his weakness as he can be swallowed by that power.

Episode 3
After Faria briefs her Seven Knights, she is delighted to have cooked for them. Nemo looks happy until he sees everyone’s dreaded face. Oh sh*t. Is it that bad? Turns out Faria can only cook croquettes. However Nemo seems to be enjoying it and eating as much as he can. The others look on… I think they’re full. Faria is so happy that she has cooked more! Okay, this must be Nemo’s portion, right? And just like that, Nemo has gotten a new respect from his friends. Nemo dreams that Granseed is burning down but before Genius could tell him something, it’s back to reality. Because Faria has issued a sortie as a floating island, Earth Bald is requesting for backup after being overwhelmed with Physis monsters. We see the Seven Knights and their heroes take down the menace. Gildan seems to be rushing in to fight and at this rate he will deplete his magic. Hence Jou has to pull him out so that he and Nemo could finish off the baddies. The mission is a success and back at Granseed, Jou talks to Nemo that he regrets telling Gildan that. He might not look like it but Gildan is a prince of his country and there’s lots of expectations on him. It makes him desperate to succeed. Gildan is training hard himself when suddenly he is overtaken by negative emotions. Faria reports to the higher ups about the mission success but notes that Physis has successfully destroyed hourglasses as in their past raids too. A tremor rocks the place. Turns out that Gildan has turned into a monster and he is stuck at his core. The guys are fighting to suppress him as Gareth explains while they can draw their magic powers from their heroes, if not controlled, they run wild and leaves them open as vessels for evil. Is there any way to save him rather than killing him? Because Nemo won’t accept any other way. Meanwhile we see Gildan burdened by his fate and all. His inner self tells him that all he really wants is to run away from it all. Hence Gildan with his last ounce of consciousness wants to guys to kill him. What did Nemo just say?! If that isn’t enough, his hero, Jive tells him how he’s working so hard, blah, blah, blah. Gildan now wants everyone to pull him out from the monster even if there is a risk he will die. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And as expected, Gildan survives.

Episode 4
Are they trolling us when they make Faria drop on top of Nemo while nursing him? Is this some foreshadowing or just to make us think too much? Anyway, Faria is taking responsibility to nurse Nemo since he used up a lot of his powers to save Gildan then. Not so lucky for Gildan because he got Jou and Gareth to accompany him. Gareth suspects there could be a spy or traitor within Granseed because there needs to be someone to trigger such possession for Gildan who is of high calibre. Besides, he also felt weird for a dragon that Jou brought back to suddenly come back to life. But too early to conclude all that because it’s back to some nursing hijinks. Gildan is glad to have the guys now after hearing Faria’s scream. Yeah, she sucks at cooking. Only croquettes came out right. Can the sick eat that? Later Ellen comes to switch with her as Nemo asks her why Faria is helping him so much. Aside from her personality, because he is the only survivor, she harbours some sort of regret for not being able to save his hometown. Oh dear. I hope Nemo doesn’t start thinking that he is a burden. Later Nemo learns that his Seven Knights pals can talk to their heroes. He can’t with his and can only hear his voice. They suggest talking to Sophitia as she might know more. Damn, can’t they deduce which hero or are you telling me there were more than just 7 of the original? Later, a stray cat enters the dorm. Yeah, rules saying no animals allowed. So you bet Faria and Nemo will do all they can to catch it before that strict b*tch Shirley finds out. I swear, the cat is giving them the run around. I don’t even know how they can fool Shirley with their fake rehab stretches. I think it got outside the dorm grounds so why are they chasing it???!!! Oh, now it’s back. This time the stupid cat got itself stuck in some small hole on the roof! HOW THE F*CK?! Nemo goes to save it but to only fall. Faria catches him. Stupid cat is just fine. He tells her to let go, hinting he is just a burden. But she won’t. She can’t. Because he is her friend. So when they fall, luckily Genius helps to cushion the fall. All safe. Yeah, stupid cat now takes a liking for Nemo when it was so defensive at first. Nemo goes to see Sophitia to know more about his hero.

Episode 5
They look through the entire library and… No such hero! OMG. You mean there are more than just 7 heroes, huh? Sophitia will keep looking so Nemo returns to his duties. There seems to be an incident as a fourth disciplinary committee member has been taken out. It could be the work of Physis but all the victims have vampire marks on their neck? This makes Shirley want to get to the bottom of this quick but her assistant, Mina fears she will burn out. And just like that, Nemo decides to help her. Nemo tries to do more research on vampires and learning from Claire, they aren’t inherently evil. They’re just another race like elves and beastfolks. Nemo joins up with Mina to talk about things especially her worries for Shirley since is trying so hard. Then they stumble something in the woods. Before you could yell yuri tryst between Shirley and Ellen, well, it’s Shirley sucking Ellen’s blood. So Shirley is a vampire? The duo gets discovered so Shirley flees. Nemo goes after her so they transform into their heroes and fight. Shirley lamenting the fate of vampires. Her family hurt anyone but others killed her family out of fear. She found peace at Granseed but feels her life is over if this is found out by her friends. Although Nemo doesn’t exactly understand her position, he reminds her about her wish to stay with them as friends. I mean, Ellen understood, right? As long Nemo doesn’t tell, there is no reason for her to leave. Then they see Ellen being taken away by Physis monsters. Turns out Mina is the culprit behind all this. Why am I not surprised? And also, she is a vampire! Can’t Shirley not tell her own kind?! Anyway, she is from Physis and hints there might be some infiltrated Granseed. Her goal is to destroy this world and create a new one for vampires. She wants Shirley to come with her. No can do. She loves her friends. Then turn them into vampires too. No can do. She likes them the way they are. In that case, she’ll take her by force. So as they fight, Nemo gets this resolve that if he is going to wipe out Physis, he can’t have any sympathy for those. Hence with his cannon, he destroys Mina. In the aftermath, Shirley trolls us to make it seems that she has fallen for Nemo but it is just to bite his neck so as to claim they both have something hiding together.

Episode 6
Gareth investigates Mina’s room. It is true she is investigating a few stuffs including a rumour about a ghost in the old library ruins? Sophitia further explains that many records in the old library were burnt down. The head librarian that time was named Genius who was a double agent for Physis and Eunomia defeated him. It is said Genius’ curse continues to haunt the school till today. Since Claire is sighing about the festival’s dance, Faria can tell she is in love with Gareth. She tells about her admiration for that elf boy ever since he saved her from Physis. She isn’t confident Gareth will dance with her. Oh Nemo, do you have to put it in a way that they may die any time so nothing ventured, nothing gained? This gives Claire the confidence she needs as she also hints to Faria about hers. We all know who, right? Jou is contemplating on asking Sophitia. Gildan? As a prince, he’s got many requests… Which to pick? Shirley then comes in to ask Nemo to dance with her. He can give his answer later. Jou and Gildan are totally shocked in the change in her behaviour and want to know the details. Nemo can’t tell. It’s a secret. Oh Nemo, do you have to sound it that way to make them more curious? Gareth thinks Claire is bugging him but she is just here to tell him she wants to help in his investigation. He thinks he can’t repay her. Oh yes he can. Be her dance partner. Smooth. As Seven Knights run a café during the festival, Faria asks Nemo to be his partner. Uhm, sorry? Shirley asked him first. The greatest dilemma is at hand. Who to choose?! And no, you can’t choose both! Great timing because he is given a task for Sophitia. Good timing too because she talks about the different types of love. Hope that prove useful. Later Nemo goes to talk to Shirley. It’s not to answer her but to ask shouldn’t she choose Ellen? Well, she needs Ellen for survival but doesn’t know her feelings. So she chose Nemo out of spite? LAMEST EXCUSE! But after tells what Sophitia said about love, her mind is clearer now. Yes, she chooses Ellen so that Nemo could dance with Faria. For the record, Jou and Gildan… Poor guys, so gay… Meanwhile Claire stumbles into some secret pathway at the ruins. Damn, there’s one obviously freaking ominous looking book and she touches it???!!! But she returns to the dance in time so that Gareth won’t be a lonely boy waiting for her. After saying how happy she is, Gareth starts to notice something strange. Claire turns into crystal and shatters!

Episode 7
Everyone mourning at Claire’s funeral. Damn, this escalated quickly. Gareth blaming himself for using Claire despite knowing she loves him. He will act alone and find her killer. How is he going to bring justice to a curse, huh? Faria is summoned by the higher ups as they believe Burgot Volcano is where Physis’ leader, Amis Germain is located. An underground base. It was also the place where Eunomia destroyed Physis. Remember all those hourglasses Physis tried to destroy? Apparently when the world was near its destruction, Serrass held it back together. Yup, those are what those hourglasses are. But it’s like taping a broken glass and you bet it’s not going to hold. Hence they are planning an all-out offensive to destroy Physis once and for all. Considering all the events that have happened and the fact there could be a spy amidst Granseed, they must act swiftly now. Gareth discovers after Eunomia killed Genius, she shortly died after a curse. Hence he believes it is this curse that killed Claire. Now we see Seven Knights (minus Gareth) and other students of Granseed launching an offensive at Burgot. Nemo, Faria and Shirley head deep into the base to discover what seems to be capsules growing homunculi. Then they have to fight Physis agents who seem to have their own successions. Not sure if they were heroes or dark agents. Nemo vs Castres, Faria vs Reda and Shirley vs Volux. Seven Knights fight better as a team although Physis prefer to fight alone. It is evident that Physis don’t care for each other. So much so Nemo had to save Reda from Castres’ strike when he is going to just kill them both. Yeah, kind Nemo wants all of them to live unlike you Physis bastards who just want to destroy everything. With everything in place, Amis invokes some spell that powers up his Physis underlings. Back to Gareth, he conveniently stumbles into a secret passageway in the old library ruins. He sees an altar worshipping Physis. Not surprising, he is surrounded by Physis.

Episode 8
The enemy might be stronger but because they aren’t working together as a team, Seven Knights has a chance. The enemy trio then start to feel weird. Looks like their hero possession has come to an end. Are they going to explode? See, this is what happens when you use your hero as a tool and not someone to fight alongside with. Castres won’t accept all this crap and continues to fight until he explodes and dies! Volux gets scared and runs away. Nemo stays behind to deal with Reda while Faria and Shirley go ahead to find Amis. It seems Reda recognizes Nemo as one of them. Some artificial successors like them but he betrayed them. Nemo says he made his own decision. He changed because he met others. Reda admits that she had some doubts too but if she were to reject that, she’ll be denying everything that she has ever been. Nemo: You can’t change the past, but you can change the way you live. Easier said than done. Reda thought she is going to die but then her hero speaks to her and tells her what to do. Feel better now? Her goal now is to find out what Amis’ true goal is. She joins up with Nemo to go look for the Physis boss. Volux seeks help from Amis but he kills him off. He is disappointed that none of the artificial successors are the chosen one because he prophesized that the survivor will become the true Son of Destruction. And just like a typical baddie, he now claims that he himself is the chosen one. Faria and Shirley arrive but Amis is glad they’re here in time to be sacrifice for the Son of Destruction. They fight him and he proves to be a tough cookie. He looks invincible, immortal and is not even doing any possession. Then they realize he can manipulate time thanks to the power of the silver hourglasses. Gareth destroys Physis with the help of Sophitia. Then he finds a shocking revelation and realizes they have been under the wrong impression on Nemo.

Episode 9
Is this some flag as we see a glimpse of Ellen’s past? Thanks to her hero, Vanessa, she can manipulate time and see the future. Because of that, she sees death in others and everything that has happened so far has gone accordingly like a diary. With Nemo arriving, Amis welcomes him as the Son of Destruction. Reda becomes mad as she learns they were just sacrificial tools for the Son of Destruction. She rushes in but gets crushed. Amis continues that he will sacrifice the Son of Destruction to call for the God of Destruction and that will grant him power to destroy this world and create an ideal world. Yeah, we all know that’s just a fancy way of saying he wants to be the ruler of the new world. Meanwhile Gareth learns from Sophitia that by learning the truth of the old library, the curse is activated. That was how it affected Claire. Oh look. Sophitia has some too near her boobs. She managed to suppress it but it won’t hold out longer. Gareth wants to know the truth even if it kills him to honour Claire’s death. Just as Amis is winning, here comes Ellen. Ugh, what ugly getup is that? Anyway, she stops time and destroys his ring that contains the hourglass power. This means he cannot regenerate anymore. Ellen collapses from exhaustion (cue her role is over too) and so the rest go on the offensive to defeat the Physis boss. Reda helps stave off Amis’ final desperate attack as Nemo charges up to blast him away. We did it! We won! Hooray! Time to get out before this place collapses. After the heroes leave, Amis is still alive thanks to the minimal hourglass sand still in his possession. However he is cursed with those crystals. And then Sophitia pops up. Oh damn, she the true Physis boss?! She praises him for carrying out his role to perfection. This means his prophesized victory was fake. His success means he has awakened the Son of Destruction as well as Ellen’s troublesome power can no longer be used. Right back at him because he said heroes are tools, right? Right till the end, he played as one. Now that we have no longer any use for Amis, he turns into crystal and crumbles. Oh, Reda heard all that… As Seven Knights return to Granseed, suddenly Gareth and other students surround them. Gareth will arrest Nemo as he has learnt the truth about him as an artificial successor created by Physis. This means he is accused as the cause of everything that happened at Granseed from Gildan’s possession to Claire’s death.

Episode 10
Nemo is locked in prison as Faria learns the truth about the first librarian, Genius who sold his soul to Physis a long time ago. The curse of the old library locks the person in time and destroys their existence. That is the power of Genius. It is without a doubt that Nemo is accused of using this power to bring calamity to Granseed. The other Seven Knights are split in discussing about Nemo. I mean, he did fight alongside them, right? Yeah, now they have heaps of data on Genius too. Strange. Gareth wants to kill Nemo who even agrees to being executed because he doesn’t want to fight them. Gareth changes his mind and will do so after the verdict. Flashback shows Nemo was born in the chambers of Amis’ lair. He saw many experiments failed and died. Then somehow Genius contracted with him because he wanted to live. Gildan is very sure Nemo isn’t a bad guy and will do all he can to help him. Jou isn’t so sure. Sure, Nemo is a nice and weird guy, but he feels he has been hiding something from them. Faria talks to Eunomia and wants to know the truth. She shows her a part of her arm with the curse. If she wishes to know more, she will get affected. Because Faria wants to help Nemo, there’s your answer. Gildan ‘blackmails’ a teacher who is deep in debt to help with his case. He isn’t alone in this fight as Shirley will also do her best to assure their justice prevails. As Jou is still doubting, he is surprised by Sophitia’s visit. WTF she’s trying to seduce him but the resistance of this dude is strong. I think he gives in eventually. Faria investigates the old house where Nemo lives. She is attacked by Reda who thinks she is out for her head. During the trial, because Nemo has no memories of anything else, they take this as he won’t confess anything. The verdict is to have him executed to contain the spread of the curse. Before that could happen, Gildan and Shirley return with a decree from the empire a stay of execution due to lack of proof. However Sophitia says the decree came too late. So they’re going to fight? Now it’s Faria’s turn to intervene. She returns a pendant belonging to the original Nemo. This artificial successor killed the real Nemo and took his form and memories. Nemo admits to that. He is prepared to die. Oh don’t talk nonsense. Didn’t Faria tell you she is going to protect you?

Episode 11
Faria and Reda whisk Nemo away in their blimp. Uhm, are the rest not going after them? The ladies tell Nemo that Sophitia is the traitor from Physis. She used Amis in order to get Nemo to use Genius’ power. That final fight with Amis, that must be the move that removed the seal. Well, don’t look now, a huge vortex of magic is bursting out. Stability of astral space dropping? To put it in layman’s terms: The world is going to end!!! Gareth is so mad that he wants to kill Nemo as the source of this, he wants Sophitia to power him up. Yeah, dumb pretty boy gets some masochist-like torture… Do you feel the power inside you now? Damn, he looking ugly now… We take a short break seeing Faria and Nemo renewing their vows about protecting the world. But now they have to go back to Granseed and save the day. They are stopped by Jou, Shirley and Gildan. Reda fights them so that Faria and Nemo can proceed. But when Reda sews doubts about Sophitia, only Shirley and Gildan agree with her. Lover boy Jou won’t buy into it and because of that, he gets possessed. Now it’s Gildan’s turn to save him as he lets the ladies join the duo. At the vortex is the Book of Time. Eunomia and Genius pop out to explain the truth. Its curse set by Genius was a lie so as to prevent others from approaching it to know the truth. At least the curse is true because knowing it means erasing your existence! In the final days of fighting Physis, Genius sacrificed himself to become the seal of that book. But if only they know about it, how does Sophitia know? Ah, she was there. And don’t look now, she is here too! But if she was there, Eunomia should’ve recognized her. Well, Genius killed her that day. But her spirit went on to possess many different bodies until today. And yeah, Sophitia wants to destroy the world to save it. The only way to make everyone happy! They all say the same thing, huh? She wants Nemo killed as he is the only one who can destroy the seal as well as repair it. Nemo is done in when Gareth kills him. Sophitia then kills elf boy since he has served his purpose. But what’s this? Nemo is reviving? Oh yeah. Didn’t see it coming that Ellen is using a silver hourglass for that, huh? Meanwhile Nemo sees a vision of the original Nemo. The former feeling he is not worthy of being saved after all the things he has done but the latter tells him to be strong and live. His life is not just his alone. And with that, Nemo returns as he embraces Genius for the final fight.

Episode 12
Ellen reveals she saw the end of the world with Nemo’s death. That’s why she rewind his time back then. Now she is able to see futures that she has never seen before. Time to herald the end of the world as Sophitia turns into a giant monstrous blob. I guess they don’t want us sinners to be jerking off to her boobs anymore, huh? She releases darkness and Physis all over. Jou, Gildan and Reda take care of those small fries so that Nemo and Faria could reach Sophitia. This dark barrier? Let Gareth handle that since his hero is the only one with dark powers. It is his atonement for being dumb. Shirley doesn’t intend to let Ellen die so she wants her to drink her blood and become a vampire like her. Yeah, can’t imagine a future without Ellen x Shirley yuri. I just want to know who is uke or seme! HAHAHA! Jokes aside, Nemo and Faria confront Sophitia. Blah, blah, blah, what the f*ck she was in love with Genius? What seeds she planted in their possessions to save the world? Seven Knights and their heroes have something to say to refute all that. Yeah, your salvation rejected. I don’t know, is Sophitia shooting dick tentacles at them?! Just when Sophitia thought she has won, Nemo says no way Jose. Because he still has the power she gave him. He turns to his monster-hero hybrid and fights her. First he apologizes to Faria about the lie that he felt he wasn’t worthy of becoming one of them since he couldn’t become either a human or monster. But her words gave him hope. Flashback the original Nemo saved him because he thought he deserved to live. Hence Nemo doesn’t deserve punishment or salvation, but to live in this world. Genius is going to purge it all from Sophitia even if it means erasing himself. He has Nemo forge his heart’s desire. That is, for everyone to have a future. And with that, darkness is gone. The world is saved. In the aftermath, everyone helps rebuild the school. Everyone cheers an embarrassed Reda in her uniform, Seven Knights make amends with each other. We all make mistakes. Lastly, Nemo who already lost his possession power, is travelling with Faria to discover a way to destroy the Book of Time in which the destruction power is sealed in. Faria is following because she wants to be with him and protect him. Hmph. Just short of saying I love you, huh? Oh well, holding hands is the first step.

Seven Nuts Revelation: League Of Super Redundant Heroes
Oh wow. They got a happy ending? I guess I must be a closet agent of Physis and a sinner because I was expecting a bittersweet ending. Yeah, I was thinking that Nemo would sacrifice himself to seal all that dark power in the Book of Time. It’s the punishment-cum-salvation that he needs, right? Since he is so fraught with guilt over the original Nemo. Then everyone can credit and cherish the selfless and brave act Nemo did to save the world. Erect a statue of him and turn him into saint despite he is an artificial successor. We must let the younger children know of Nemo’s heroics and pass down this legendary tale to future generations. Heh. I can see why my ending didn’t materialized. So going on a journey to find a way to destroy that dark power may play up possible future sequels because you know, as long as there is some sicko out there who really wants to destroy the world, you bet they’re going to be targeted. But I’m betting there is a very, very, very slim chance of that happening. I meant the sequel.

Well to be honest, the story doesn’t really sound interesting because you know, your basic good versus evil and trying to stop the latter from destroying the world. I mean, evil people keep thinking that the only way out from this wretched world is to start over again and by that is to destroy the current one. While I’m not saying that is totally wrong, but look at it this way. You’ve put so many hours and effort into a game you’re playing. You realized that you’ve maxed out the wrong stats and things aren’t going in your favour for the foreseeable future. What do you do? Do you want to throw away all that hard work and restart everything from scratch or do you want to continue and try to change things for the better even though you know you’ll suffer a lot? See what I mean there? So it’s the same case for these people. It’s like taking the easy way out but then again, the whole world just doesn’t have a reset button or a save point where you can go back and redo it again that easily.

So it’s pretty generic for this genre as you can see, new kid joins the prestigious group that fights the main enemy. Then you have a few episodes to flesh out some of the characters or at least give them some sort of background so that well you know, so as that they’re just not cardboard cut-out characters. Yeah, friendship and bonding play an important role in this kind of genre too, you know. And then the final battle and of course plot twist. Well, did you see it coming? Sighs. Honestly, that’s what happen when you have so many prejudices trying to predict how cliché this series is going to be that sometimes it blinds you. Because…

I never actually gave much thought that Sophitia was the main villainess. Perhaps those boobs blinded me. Everything about her reeks suspicion. I mean, how the f*ck can a librarian dress up like a slut and expose those awesome cleavage of hers?! Did she come from some hentai flick and end up lost in this anime?! Everyone else in Granseed dresses decently but not this busty babe. That should have sent alarm bells ringing that something isn’t right. And here I thought that she might be one of those useless fanservice characters and a bimbo to begin with. Yup, those boobs and cutie smile did the trick to avert any unwanted suspicions. Though, there was something small bugging inside me that she might be helm some sort of role. Oh you know, somebody who is of some secret support who will bring the heroes back alive when they are on the brink of death. Oh damn. Didn’t actually see it coming that she’s the culprit all along! And here I was even prematurely accusing Ellen to be the traitor because of how ‘suspicious’ she looks and that she doesn’t get a lot of focus compared to the other Seven Knights members. Yup, you could say that I was deceived. Never judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, never judge those boobs by its cover! Oh damn, do I feel so ashamed or what!

Perhaps I didn’t play the game, let alone it originated from one (it’s Korean too?!) until the anime came out, so some of the lore and settings made no sense to me. Especially that silver hourglass thingy that has been holding the world together! I don’t know, that sounds like a really dumb idea to me. If it was such an important thing, how come nobody knows about it until later? The much needed revelation for the plot twist, huh? I mean, come on. Those silver hourglasses are the most important things that is holding the world together. And to think that nobody puts in more effort to protect them. Is it because centuries have passed since that decisive battle? Future generations don’t know about it? Even so, why did it take Physis so long to destroy them? Do they need a long time to recuperate their power or something? Anyway, all these just didn’t sit right with me even as of now. And to use something as fragile as hourglass… Couldn’t they reinforce it with steel or aluminium too? Am I missing something here?

Another thing that bugs me is the number of heroes there are. Well, I thought there were only 7 of them because you know, what is the name of this anime again? But of course, those that are helmed by the Seven Knights are the original heroes. So it makes perfect sense that there would be other heroes too. Because you know, as a mobile game, you got to make people spend their money to unlock and get more characters. I mean, how are you going to milk those dollars out of those sucker players if you only have only freaking 7 players in your repertoire?!

This brings me to the topic of Seven Knights themselves. Before Nemo came into the picture, who was the seventh member of the team at Granseed? I mean, were you not curious who was helming that seat before Nemo came about? I thought at least some wouldn’t accept Nemo as part of the team at first because of the previous seventh member’s death or something. That makes pretty much a lot of sense but I guess they don’t have enough episodes to cover that. So were they called the Six Knights before Nemo joined? Yes, yes, Seven Knights is just a collective name for those in the group. So yeah, you mean they had that seat vacant for so long that nobody gave a hoot and that Nemo was just lucky that there’s an extra place for him right when he joins Granseed? Heck, they didn’t even know who his hero was and if Genius wasn’t among the original 7 heroes, shouldn’t they have figured it out by deduction? I don’t know, am I missing something here again?

As for the characters, they’re basically meh but I guess the only one that has the biggest character development is of course Nemo himself. Well, it is pretty much clichéd and expected that an amnesiac character of his role helms a secret that is somewhat a plot twist. So it is with mixed feelings to see Nemo’s character grow from an insecure and low self-confidence kid to one who treasures life and his friends. His life has been a roller coaster going through ups and downs. So love it or hate it that the many scenes involving Nemo’s dilemma and guilt as he trudges on in life looks cliché and done to death in many series across the years and decades. Despite being an artificial life form, that doesn’t make him any inferior to all other life forms. A life is still a life despite where it came from, right? And that is why it is important to fight and preserve this world! No world, no life. Simple.

The other Seven Knights, not really memorable. Like Faria who is the group leader, sometimes they want to troll us that there is some budding romance with Nemo but I guess saving the world is far too important than giving us some cheap romance. Thank goodness. But now the immediate danger is over, she can focus on that now, right? I mean, who is going to bother just the 2 of them travelling alone together? We all know characters like her try to be strong but also have some sort of weakness but nothing like a guy like Nemo to come along and help reassure her beliefs, right? And how else do we need to remember her? A bad cook who can cook nothing but croquettes! I bet when she retires, she can open the world’s best croquette shop. Jou is your big guy who is more of the brawns over brains type while Gildan is your princely character and if you need a character who is boyish. Gareth is your aloof asshole of the group. Don’t let that pretty elf boy face fool you. Claire’s death just amplified his asshole-ness to a new level. Yeah, I felt he is just using her death to be that. Shirley looks like she is going to be a strict b*tch but surprisingly that changed but she can’t be Faria’s rival for Nemo too because that would just complicate and cheapen things. Ellen… I don’t know, can anybody tell me more about this meek but nice girl? Now she gets to be yuri vampire partner with Shirley. The world has further strayed and sinned… Anyway, everybody gets their moment of redemption one way or another so I guess good for them?

On a trivial note, when I first head the main villains are going to be called Physis, I can’t help snicker a little. Okay, a little bit more than a little. Because their name sounds like SH*T!!! You know… Faeces!!! Oh damn!!! Well, at least in a way they do live up to their name. Because they are the really sh*tty villains they are!!! HAHAHAHA!!! They might look terrible by killing off innocent people but when faced with at least ordinary students from Granseed, they’re just no more than a pile of sh*t! Yes indeed! Uh huh. Their dark form is like sh*t being emitted from their aura, right?!

The action scenes are just mediocre. I mean, I wasn’t that excited watching the characters go up against their enemies. Is it because of my mind set that since this was adapted from the game, hence playing the game itself would yield more satisfaction in terms of the battles. And because of that, transitioning players into just viewers for action sequences didn’t really cut it. Sure, all the characters and their heroes have their own unique skills but I can hardly remember them. Like Jou just turns everything he touches into ice. Shirley’s Rachel has the power of fire. I don’t remember what Jive does in his dragon armour. And what’s this about Genius shooting some sort of harpoon weapon? After all, what good is a battle anime when you don’t have your obligatory fight scenes in every episode, right?

Art and animation are pretty standard but there are a few pet peeves I find about some of the characters’ design. For instance, Faria’s bangs! Damn, I don’t know if she has a bad haircut or she has bad taste in hairstyle but I really find her bangs to be really weird, if not badly cut. Each time I see her, I can’t help notice her bangs all the time. Can’t… Keep… My eyes… Away… From those… Horrendous… Bangs… The same can be said for Ellen. Damn, those bangs again. But Ellen is slightly worse because of her tomboyish look that makes her look androgynous. Worse, her hero successor outfit, it feels like a rejected Miss Universe gown or something. Really! And is Rachel some sort off brass band conductor? I don’t know, her outfit reminds me of one. And those artificial successors from Physis, boy do they sure have bad makeup day. I don’t know if they have some influence from that American rock band, KISS. But they sure look horrible with those dark eyeliners or eye shadows. You could say Reda looks pretty much prettier without them after she switched sides. Okay, I take that back, she looks plain now that she is a student at Granseed and in their school uniform. This anime is jointly done by Lidenfilms (Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches) and Domerica (Flying Witch Petit).

Voice acting, I recognized a few, namely Kikuko Inoue as Sophitia, Kana Hanazawa as Ellen, Takahiro Sakurai as Genius, Satomi Arai as Rachel and Yukari Tamura as Vanessa. I’ve been hearing Daiki Yamashita so much lately so it wasn’t a surprise that it was him behind Nemo. That was of course before I mistook him for Natsuki Hanae… The other casts are Hibiku Yamamura as Faria (Claudia in Senyoku No Sigrdrifa), Manami Namakura as Shirley (Narberal in Overlord), Shunsuke Takeuchi as Jou (Brawler in Akudama Drive), Yuichiro Umehara as Gareth (titular character in Goblin Slayer), Yuuya Hozumi as Gildan (Keyarga in Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi), Yumiri Hanamori as Reda (Nadeshiko in Yuru Camp), Yu Shimamura as Eunomia (Annie in Shingeki No Kyojin) and Hidekatsu Shibata as Amis (Igneel in Fairy Tail). The opening theme is Freeze by Flumpool. Sounds pretty generic an anime rock song to me. Have you ever heard Daiki Yamashita singing? You’re in luck because the ending theme, Tail is his debut as a solo artist. Previously he sang as part of group performances like in Shounen Hollywood and Ensemble Stars. Anyway, personally it sounds pretty ordinary to me. It’s a song that could be sung by an idol group but I guess it also works for a solo artist.

Overall, this anime isn’t actually that bad but it wasn’t anything new or exciting either. Not to say that it is mediocre but it feels more like average and passable. Yeah, I make this series sound like not living up to its heroic role when I’m the big villain armchair critic here… Hey, they said everybody is a sinner, right? But I don’t think a sequel (if that is even possible) could be its salvation considering to a certain extent watching this is like a punishment. Heh. The idea of summoning dead heroes so the current young generations can continue to use their powers to protect the world’s existence feels very iffy. Like as though those dead heroes can’t fight the baddies directly in their spirit form or something. Just make it a fight between heaven and hell and leave the ordinary mortals of the world who just want to live their lives peacefully alone! Oh right, those Physis sympathizers who want to destroy and reset the world… Well, if that happens, hope everybody who died won’t go and become their own heroes in an isekai! Can they summon their heroes in isekai?!

Toshokan Sensou

9 October, 2021

How ironic life turned out to be. It wasn’t too long ago when big tech companies were once fighting against government censorship. But in recent times, those very same companies now are supporting and going all out to censor the very people whom they fought for. Yeah. Anyway, this reminded me of an old anime series (not too old, just aired back in 2008), Toshokan Sensou. It’s an anime from the last decade so internet censorship wasn’t around yet. Or at least not as bad as it is today. So what was it that was censored then according to this anime? Books. Yes. BOOKS! Ah damn. Such a rare word to hear these days. Such a rare sight to catch somebody reading in public! And that is why, it is hard to imagine in current times that a special military force was established to help protect libraries and books from those who want to burn them! Damn those f*cking communists!

Episode 1
It is narrated about the Media Cleansing Act. Basically a law of censorship carried out by the Media Enhancement Communist Committee (MEC) arresting anybody they think have committed a crime. When a favourite final volume came out 10 years ago, Iku Kasahara was eager to get it. But there those communists buggers trying to confiscate it?! She is even willing to claim she is shoplifting it so as to have the book stay with her. When they’re about to get violent, some dude defended her and just like that, those communists backed down. Damn, light shining in the background, can’t see his face. Now, Kasahara is a trainee at Kanto Library Base but her instructor, Atsushi Doujou is making her life hard. She complains to her friend, Asako Shibasaki the shorty demon instructor she is but he heard it and looks like next training will be tougher. More narration about the act used as an excuse to protect the people from the media’s bad influence and hence the crackdown of freedom of expression. Hence the Library Freedom Act was passed to counter Media Cleansing Act. Libraries under this area are used as grounds to oppose the central government as the Library Defence Force (LDF) was formed. And a bloody war ensued for 30 years! Shibasaki asks Kasahara about her next choice. Despite in the LDF, the Task Force has super elite members. Kasahara doesn’t give an answer and goes to sleep. Further flashback 10 years ago when that towering dude praised her guts to protect the book. Hence he became the reason she joined in and follow the footsteps of this person she admires.

One day, Kasahara sees a suspicious guy and tails him. Turns out he is trying to vandalize a book. She tries to stop him but he panics and attack her. Fatty otaku can do nothing on her. But since she let her guard down, Doujou is forced to protect her and apprehend the suspect. Then he slaps her for not finishing it and if she thinks this is all fun and games, better quit now. Kasahara sulks but Shibasaki says Doujou credited her with the suspect’s arrest. She confronts him about this but he doesn’t say why. But she says she won’t be quitting the force. Hard to say anything further when she has tears welling up in her eyes like that. Next day, Ryuusuke Genda talks to Kasahara about Doujou and despite being harsh on her, he too feels bummed out about it since he is her instructor and that he has a responsibility over her. Then they spot a vehicle from MEC. Genda thinks it is too obvious if they’re going to attack a library from here and it must be a sneak attack. Impatient Kasahara refuses to listen to him and rushes to the bookstore. Oh damn, those communist buggers bullying a little girl by taking away the book she wants. Kasahara steps in and shows her authority why they can’t do so. However they laugh at her seeing she is not that kind of officer and thus no such authority. Embarrassing. Luckily Doujou is here (even if Genda called him, how the f*ck did he make it here so fast?) to show is authority so the communists go away. Doujou chews out Kasahara for not paying attention in class for this mistake. They get into an argument over Kasahara’s prince so Mikihisa Komaki has to step in and stop them. Though, he too is having it hard to contain his laughter. Back at the base, Kasahara is in shock after receiving a letter to join the Task Force.

Episode 2
Hikaru Tezuka is the other newbie joining the Task Force. Kasahara’s enlistment is thanks to the recommendation of Doujou, Komaki and Genda as they feel they really need to train her further. During the training, Tezuka aces while Kasahara is just mediocre. During an abseiling practice, Kasahara notices Tezuka being slow. Could he be afraid of heights? Then there is this solo camping and Kasahara gets shocked when she heard about bears roaming the area! That night as she sleeps, a bear approaches her camp! Damn, Kasahara punches it in the face!!! Knockout!!! Shibasaki laughs her ass off hearing this. Although it was just a prank as a senior was wearing a bear suit. Hence Kasahara has earned some bear killer name. Because Kasahara continues to slack in some library book filing thingy, Tezuka blows his top that she doesn’t deserve to be here since she doesn’t know the basics. Although Doujou and Komaki are more sympathetic, this really hits her hard. Hence she stays back late to improve herself and requesting Shibasaki’s help, she makes some strides in remembering those categories. Tezuka is still not impressed although Doujou tells him to give credit where it is due.

Shibasaki is investigating a strange case whereby 15 books just went missing. She learns they have been taken to the curator’s office as there will be people from the MEC attending a meeting to discuss about those questionable books. Then the red alert sounds. Oh damn, the entire library enters lockdown and evacuation mode?! Those Media Improvement dudes in full SWAT gear storming in from the front! OMFG! They’re taking the stairs?! Shibasaki notices this and this could mean they are after those questionable books. She makes an announcement throughout the building. Kasahara heard it and defies orders to head to the curator’s office, dragging Tezuka along. Although they were late, they tail those bastards up to the roof. Tezuka manage to apprehend him but he has thrown those books off the building. Calling for reinforcements means they won’t make it in time as his comrades are metres away. Tezuka wants to abseil but Kasahara will do it in his place. Before he can protest, she tells him to STFU because he can’t always be #1. Trust me in this, okay? So as Kasahara abseils, Tezuka provides fire support. She manages to get the books. What now? Media Improvement guys surround her! Don’t worry, her Task Force reinforcements are here. Doujou scolds her for being reckless but also praises her for making the right decision to protect those books. Yeah, Kasahara must be confused if he is mad or commending her. Later, Kasahara can’t fathom why Tezuka is still being serious with her. And then he tells her the truth: He likes her and wants to go out with her. Didn’t see that coming, did she?!

Episode 3
The usual answer. Give me some time! Perhaps Kasahara is a little lost so she seeks Shibasaki’s answer on what to do. She thinks she should date this guy because he has all the good qualities that many women are looking for. Go ahead, it’ll be interesting to watch them as a couple! So that’s her intentions… We hear some guys talking about the Nightmare of Hino that happened 20 years ago. About a dozen people died when those communists attacked the place. Kazuichi Inamine who is the current commander of LDF was a survivor of that incident. Though, he lost his wife and his right leg. That incident led to the creation of the Library Freedom Act. Genda briefs the Task Force over their next mission. Because some dude who owns the Odawara Museum has just died, they are to transfer some documents out ASAP. You bet those MEC buggers will come and take some of his works. Their job is to protect it while they transfer his collection out in 2 trips. But Kasahara is given a special mission: As that dude’s funeral service will be held at the same time, she is to accompany Inamine there. Later Kasahara confronts Doujou about leaving her out. He says it is for her experience. Liar. Tell me the truth! Okay, you want the truth? Because you can’t provide enough military firepower! There’s your truth. Can she handle it? Nope. Cried. It proves Doujou doesn’t trust her. Kasahara being so depressed is so obvious and of course Shibasaki gives her account why Doujou left her out. Initially Genda wanted to include her but Doujou opposed. As Kasahara has not even let her parents know she is in this LDF, he was probably looking out for her. As usual, Kasahara seeks her help to teach her. Helping to cover this event is reporter, Maki Orikuchi who is Genda’s friend. Oops, better not send that picture of Kasahara getting into a blooper. Now we head to D-Day as LDF and MEC shoot at each other as the helicopter makes its trips to take away 2 loads of containers. Yeah, I don’t even know why it had to resort to gunfights over books. Anyway, once the final container is flown away, Genda makes his announcement to MEC. LDF is to withdraw by a certain time. It seems there is a third container left behind for MEC. It contains books that they already have copies of. Can’t leave them empty handed? WTF this justice? Genda then receives news that suspicious people have infiltrated the funeral service. Don’t look now, but Kasahara and Inamine are being surrounded by those suspicious people!

Episode 4
These people are from Bakushuukai, a supporting group of MEC and if Inamine doesn’t go with them, they will set off bombs all over the place. Kasahara offers to accompany Inamine due to his condition since it is her duty to take care of him. They allow her. Genda and Hiraga from the police department cooperate to solve this case as they realize the bomb threat at the funeral service was fake. They wait till Bakushuukai make their ransom call. When they do, Genda wants to confirm if the hostages are okay. They let Kasahara speak and the first thing she does is for someone to ask Shibasaki to cancel their reservation at a restaurant tonight! Not going to pay for the cancellation fee! You bet everyone is in shock and some trying to hold back their laughter. Time to get down to real business. Apparently there is a list of books that they did not obtain and want them released to them to be destroyed. They have 2 hours to fulfil this request or else. Since the phone call cannot be traced, Genda calls Shibasaki about this. She knows Kasahara gave them a hint because that restaurant is where they are located right now. But 2 hours is a short time as they won’t be able to duplicate those copies in time. You mean they did not have copies in the first place?!

Inamine feels uncomfortable and has Kasahara take off his prosthetic leg. Unknown to those baddies, doing so means sending a signal to base. Now that they have determined their exact location, Genda has LDF move in. However this has him but heads with Hiraga since now it is police jurisdiction. Not if Genda has his men buy the plot of that building and make LDF the owner! It’s now under our jurisdiction! Damn, they have lot of money? Or is it creative accounting? With LDF nicely waiting outside, how the f*ck did Doujou know where Kasahara is? And how the heck does he know he saw his mini hand signal at the edge of the window?! Oh well, time for plot convenience. Because at the count of 3, Kasahara covers Inamine while LDF barge in to apprehend the Bakushuukai. Those losers can’t even fight back. As Inamine has put a good word of Kasahara to Doujou, Doujou apologizes to her and takes back what he said. She feels happy but odd to be praised by him. Then it descends into a petty argument. Things are back to normal. Later, Kasahara rejects Tezuka’s confession. She doesn’t even like him. Seeing he has no reaction, it is prove he doesn’t like her. So what confess in the first place? Well, Doujou said she was an interesting women and could learn a thing or two from her. So that was what going out with her meant? Kasahara is so embarrassed she was worried for nothing. See how interesting she is? Later Kasahara tries to write a letter to her parents. But a little too late as Shibasaki shows her a letter from her parents. They’re coming to visit her at her work place. Oh no.

Episode 5
The parents are here! Can Kasahara stop screaming and face reality? Her comrades even helped shift her to library duties today. Obviously, she is nervously talking to them. She wants to bring them around the library but they’ve already toured themselves while waiting for her. They want to see the base. Hence Kasahara seeks Doujou’s help. You’re on your own. Shibasaki? Not going to babysit you. Too bad Doujou has Shibasaki help her out. So as they go about the base, it’s like Shibasaki has lots of sarcasm in her words that reflect what Kasahara really is. Genda almost tells the truth since he is unaware of what’s going on. The parents stay over. While dad stays with Doujou, mom stays with Kasahara. Hide all those military books! How about this military uniform? Shibasaki claims it is hers but isn’t it too big? Her boyfriend’s. Phew. Next day at the library, mom is in danger of reading the article on Odawara. It has Kasahara’s face in the picture. She tries to distract her with other books to read. She then seeks Doujou’s help to hide the book but he can’t because they can’t deprive customers the freedom to read. When dad wants to read about current affairs, Kasahara can’t find it so Doujou helps. Dad then confronts her about being a good librarian. Because compared to others, she is sloppy. How can she still be a librarian? Good timing because a thief just stole a book. Kasahara runs up to him and tackles him! Now you see what’s going on? As Kasahara rues her parents’ questioning tomorrow, dad talks to Doujou about his daughter. What does he think of her as a librarian and a subordinate? Well, lots of room for improvement and a precious junior. He is glad she met him. Next day, mom is worried about her and wants her to quit. This riles Kasahara but surprisingly dad says they should respect her decision. Kasahara then tells the truth of why she wants to become one. Embarrassing but mom finds it charming. As the parents leave, dad hopes Doujou will take care of her. Doujou realizes he has been had as dad has already read about the Odawara incident and knew it all along.

Episode 6
Kasahara and Komaki obtained a very rare book from a bookshop dealer. He knew it cannot be displayed here anymore so he handed it over to them for safekeeping as he wanted more people to read it. It’s like reality playing out itself as the book’s story is about bad people wanting to burn books. So the book is hinted to be George Orwell’s 1984? Or is it the script of this series! Of course soon, they are tailed and trapped by those communists. While other comrades become decoy for the duo to run, suddenly one of them shoots Komaki in the leg. Though, it’s just an abrasion. This has Kasahara mad because they violated some rule about no shooting in the neighbourhood as she calls out that bugger and wants to punch him! No time for that as Komaki takes her to run. They manage to lose them as they hide in the train docks. Kasahara rues this and wants to protest this but Komaki believes MEC will find a way to get out of this. After all, they used a silencer and who in the neighbourhood could’ve heard the shot? Yeah, those bastards don’t play by the rules. After Kasahara calls and reports to Genda what happened, Komaki relates how similar she is to Doujou. He relates how he and Doujou were in the second year in LDF. A mission to guard a children’s library, they held out until morning. Right before it is about to open, some kids want to enter. But a MEC guy told him he can’t. That boy snuck in. Guess what? MEC f*cker shot him! Actually, it was a warning shot so it missed. That was when Doujou got mad and jumped out from behind the barrier to call out to the f*cker who fired that shot and wanted to punch him.

Story interrupted as MEC is now getting closer. The duo surrender themselves but the book isn’t with them. MEC continues to search for the book while the duo sit with their captured friends. Komaki continues the story. Doujou went on to punch those MEC dudes. The rest soon follow and it became a huge brawl. The normal people must be so damn confused… In the aftermath, Doujou was made to write an apology letter but Genda also made him the group leader so as to let him take some responsibility. As MEC continues their search, LDF ambushes them. Then the first train of the day moves. MEC knows it is on this train and wants to search. However they decide to back down and end their operations because a call from the Judiciary Department ordered them to. They received report of gunshot in the neighbourhood. WTF, they decide to oblige that like a good boy?! I thought they don’t play by the rules?! Doujou comes by and after seeing Komaki’s injury, wants to know who shot him. You? Before you think he might punch him again, this time he warns the bugger to prepare for hell because they’re going to protest like hell. Komaki tells Kasahara that despite Doujou being reckless, he can learn. She should learn from him too. As they head home, they wonder why the Judiciary Department acted so early in the morning. Did they really receive a complaint? Doujou thinks Tezuka made that complain call last night. Sneaky?

Episode 7
A man named Hikaru Asahina asks Shibasaki if there are any books about burning. Perplexed, she shows him the section and later they end up going out drinking (Kasahara and Tezuka spying of course). Regarding that book burning topic, he is doing research on local administration and asks her opinion about the library’s view on such. Elsewhere, Kasahara isn’t too pleased with some book review by a fellow colleague, Sunagawa who is from the Affairs Department. Lots of harsh criticism especially on one of her favourite books. She gives her piece of mind to him. But Sunagawa is interested in Tezuka. He knows his brother is Satoshi and has joined his Library Future Planning Committee that he leads. It is a committee that evaluates the oppression and society’s problem and he believes that guy can really change things. However Tezuka isn’t happy and warns him not to say anything else. Since Tezuka gets a message to meet up with Satoshi, a short flashback that it was him whom Tezuka made the call to and that’s how he got the Judiciary Department to act so quickly. Satoshi wants Tezuka to also join his committee but the latter disagrees with his views. Especially blaming him for breaking up his family and causing mom to fall ill. Satoshi will back down for now but won’t give up in persuading him.

Shibasaki is invited out by Asahina to a fancy restaurant for dinner. He asks if she heard about the Musashino Library covering up unjust burning of books. Of course she has not. Asahina has a reporter friend who wants to report it but it seems he has been told that this can still be covered up. He can only hold out till tomorrow. Shibasaki can’t answer now and will definitely answer him tomorrow. Last minute decision, eh? When she comes home, Kasahara can tell something is so wrong with that dejected book. Shibasaki asks her opinion about crimes that can be covered up. Kasahara’s opinion is that she will ask the person to surrender because if it was cover up means not admitting to your mistakes. If it was exposed, it means harsh punishment. Shibasaki is glad she has a friend like her. Next day, she calls Asahina and says she’ll pretend not to hear about last night’s conversation. If there is unjust burning of the books, there is no need to hide. Asahina then calls Satoshi about it so the latter replies just to wait for tomorrow’s headlines. Next day, the curator admits to librarians unjustly burning books. Although the case isn’t fully revealed yet, somehow it involves Sunagawa. Genda talks to Doujou privately from the rest but they can hear Doujou blowing his top. It seems that Kasahara has been summoned by the inquiry commission as Sunagawa named her his accomplice. Kasahara isn’t mad or surprised because Doujou did so on her behalf. Until she learns how damn harsh the inquiry will be. Time to know the true meaning of fear.

Episode 8
Kasahara is being told by her comrades that currently the LDF is split into 2 factions: Fundamentalists under Inamine who value independence and freedom of libraries. Then there’s this Governmentalists who believe the government should control everything. They give her a book to read and memorize on what the inquiry might ask her. So far so good until she gets a bit off track about Sunagawa seeking her help in burning the books (she did help him cart books away but was unaware of its contents nor his intentions then). Just when it is going to get tougher and she can’t hold out any longer, here comes Doujou to take her back. Time’s up you inquiry losers, she has to get back to work! Can he do that?! Apparently they put a recorder in Kasahara’s pocket so they could hear what they asked. Too bad Kasahara forgot to stop it after that and so everybody heard her frailness with Doujou after that. Embarrassing. Shibasaki confronts Asahina about it as it is very different from what he said but looks like he too is unaware of this. When other people start to whisper behind Kasahara’s back, Shibasaki confronts Tezuka about it and wonders if his brother has anything to do with it. If so, she can’t ignore this any longer. He tells the truth to her and the other guys as well. Tezuka believes Satoshi is targeting him and wants him to join his team but their beliefs differ. Soon, Kasahara gets a call from Satoshi. Shibasaki soon gets all the guys together and wants them to do something about this because Kasahara has left a letter saying she has gone to meet Satoshi. Tezuka wants to go but Doujou tells him to stay put since they might be walking into Satoshi’s trap. They can only wait for Kasahara to return because if he is just out to recruit her, there is nothing they could do.

Kasahara is treated to a nice dinner by Satoshi as he asks her opinion about censorship. His team can do away with that just like before all this sh*t today. He finds that the current system is not enough to do away with that. He also finds it funny LDF and MEC fighting each other. However this might take a long time to come into effect. Say, 10 or 20 years. Hence Kasahara turns him down. She can’t wait that long for things she want to do now. I mean, it’s unfair to tell people to give up their current freedom for a better possible one that may or may not happen. With her honest opinion, Satoshi too gets brutally honest. He doesn’t care about her and is just using her as bait to lure Tezuka. Everything was a setup by him. Thus he wants her to relay a message to Tezuka. If he joins him, he will drop all accusations on Kasahara and set her free. But Kasahara will not relay such evil message to Tezuka either. Cue for Doujou to come in and take Kasahara back. He’ll pay for the dinner. Bye. Can he do that?! So apparently he is here because as her superior, he is worried and knows she is going through a rough patch. That sure made her emotional. Soon, Kasahara is proclaimed innocent with charges dropped and everyone treats her normally thanks to Shibasaki’s PR. Shibasaki meets Asahina and claims this is the last time they’ll meet. She knows he is from Satoshi’s team and is doing this under his orders. Asahina was against it too but well, trying to claim he fell in love with her as an excuse? She’s not buying it. Now scram. Shibasaki then talks to Tezuka to thank him for telling about Asahina. She thinks she is suited for intel kind of jobs. Tezuka also confessed he has inferior complex to Satoshi. Doujou resembles him, a time when Tezuka admired him. Since he can’t throw away the watch he gave, he gives it to Shibasaki. She’ll pawn it instead. Kasahara gets an apology note from Satoshi who has learnt his lesson not to mess with girls who has prince charming coming to her rescue since her high school days. Are you thinking who that prince charming is?!

Episode 9
Yup. Kasahara can’t stop thinking about Doujou as her prince. Thus she is acting weird before her colleagues. They think she is nervous for the upcoming exam to become the head librarian chief. There’s a written and practical exam and its passing rate is only 50%. Too little or too much? Depends on your point of view. Tezuka too has problems in the practical department so he seeks Shibasaki’s help. She is glad to help but of course for a huge meal compensation. As Kasahara still panics around Doujou, Satoshi’s letter drop out. She tries to hide it and claims she was just going to return the money from Satoshi to him. Why did she say that? Because now Doujou thinks Satoshi’s letter is the one that made her act all weird. He wants to see the letter. No way! They struggle and it ends up Kasahara beating him up unconscious! Wow. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. Kasahara talks to Komaki about this prince thingy but he understands her because he too once had those same feelings. When Doujou is okay, Kasahara continues to avoid him. We take a detour seeing Tezuka and Shibasaki practising with the kids. The kids climbing all over Tezuka while Shibasaki is a natural in making them listen to her story time. Komaki finds it cute that Doujou has made notes for Kasahara. But he is having doubts of giving it to her, thinking she hates him. Likewise, the same for her. As she can’t take it anymore, she thinks of quitting and returning home! Damn, Shibasaki not trying to stop her? Okay girl, you do what you want. She’s really leaving! But she bumps into Doujou who then decides to hand her the notes. They clear up their misunderstandings. So I take it she’s not quitting. As expected. We see the exams take place. In the end, Kasahara, Shibasaki and Tezuka pass with flying colours. Kasahara may have barely passed the written one but she was top in the practical. She goes to thank Doujou by giving him a chamomile scented bottle. She also confesses that she is graduating from her prince and will work towards him acknowledging her. As he gives his praises, she gets embarrassed thinking he is asking her out. Back to embarrassing land again. What she’s saying about her heart will burst?! Oh you bet. The way she’s handling everything.

Episode 10
The Task Force will be protecting a prefecture exhibit at Ibaragi. Kasahara is in shock. Why? Her home is nearby… Upon arrival, it seems there are normal citizens doing some protest against the violence between LDF and MEC. They want them to hand over their weapons. Genda isn’t going to do so because he believes MEC won’t be doing the same. Talking with Yokota, it seems his hands are tied and can’t do much because Sugawara who is the library’s curator is siding with those people and it would be absurd if she really disarms them when the exhibition starts. As Kasahara is the only female from Task Force, she will be alone. However she is subjected to bullies and pranks by the admin b*tches. There are a few meek LDF girls here but they don’t want Kasahara to make a scene. They claim they are used to it and will put up with all the abuse. You see, this place is where the admin has power over LDF and with the females so lacking in numbers, it’s not hard to see why they have no fighting chance over the overwhelming admin side. And so we see Kasahara patiently putting up to the abuse. After all, there’s no proof that those b*tches did it, right? Even Doujou offers her to cry in her arms. Just this once.

But things soon get worse as Kasahara’s mom is here! She slaps her for not telling her that she is in this job and wants to take her home. But Kasahara will not have this and slaps her back! She threatens to disown her if she insists on having her ideal daughter. As the tension escalates, Doujou takes them to a private place. He wants Kasahara to call her father to pick up mom and believes he can do it. Eventually she has to face this so she talks to her parents. As mom sobs, dad says their daughter has got the achievement of being the first female in Task Force. Let’s be proud of that. Mom is still not convinced and thinks she will be killed again. Long ago, when dad played rock climbing with her behind their house, she fell and hit her head. Just needed a minor stitch. Kasahara is relieved that mom doesn’t hate her. Just a bit overprotective. Later Kasahara learns from the LDF girls that those admin b*tches forced them to reveal about her weakness. Because Kasahara did tell them her circumstances, she doesn’t blame them for ratting her out. Hence when she meets them the next time, she is willing to overlook this bullying but warns them that their performance review goes straight to Kanto Library Base. You know what this means, right? Just like that, those b*tches got scared and stop the bullying. You mean they did not think ahead?! Oh well, seeing the kind they are, why would they? As they try to also apologize, this time the LDF girls give them a piece of their mind. They can’t accept their apology now as the exhibition is close. All they want is to live with equal status.

Episode 11
A press conference is held. Although the curator and governor side with LDF, the media is siding with MEC. Tezuka gets a call from Satoshi. He gives a vital info that MEC will only attempt to take down the exhibit once, on the first day before the opening to the public. As there are sides opposing to this, even MEC’s pride is on the line and they don’t want to further prolong the trouble. Shibasaki reports her findings to Inamine about the nonviolence club has close financial ties to MEC and LDF at Mito Station was made powerless by MEC. He wants her not to tell their pals yet so as not to lower their morale. Thanks to Satoshi’s info, Genda can make early preparations as he plans on how to tackle MEC on that day. The night before the battle, Kasahara spends time with Doujou. Komaki is out buying stuffs when he stumbles into an MECC dude (the one who shot him during that chase at the train docks). Damn, they’re talking like friends? Well, he isn’t enthusiast about his own MEC comrades because they are all idiots unlike those in LDF. They all have no ambition although they have immense pride of the organization. Komaki invites him to join them but he can’t. He got in because of personal connections.

D-Day is here as LDF waits for MEC to show up. They don’t disappoint as they ram through the barriers and all the men jump out from their vans and start firing. When several MEC snipers make it difficult for them, thanks to Kasahara’s observation, she relays the message they are hiding in trees. Tezuka manages to take them out. When time is running out, MEC gets desperate. Those guys now run towards and try to get in like zombies while LDF hold them back. Doujou is providing cover but Kasahara sees he is in danger of being shot and fires back. Her first multiple kill? She then becomes shell shocked and can’t reload her gun properly. But saved by the bell. It signals the end of the time limit. And just like that, those MEC buggers go away dejectedly while picking up their fallen comrades. Doujou consoles Kasahara’s nervousness and tells her to become stronger if she wants to stay calm in all situations. Doujou then sees Sugawara acting suspiciously and follows her. Meanwhile an MEC guy can’t accept this loss and tries to destroy the exhibit himself. Genda stands in his way and dares him. He fires! OMG! Genda dead?! Doujou catches Sugawara trying to burn down the library documents! Her logic is that because of that exhibit, the library will be destroyed. Isn’t she doing it herself?! Well, she doesn’t want to take the blame. Won’t she now?! She shoots Doujou (but not fatal) and sets it alight. Although Kasahara manages to stop her, however she is more concerned as the burning piles fall over Doujou.

Episode 12
Well, Good news. Genda and Doujou are still alive. Although Genda is in coma but as for Doujou, the doctor diagnoses him with agnosia. Basically he can’t remember, or recognize anything or do anything by himself despite his body is still functioning normally. A living vegetable? Worse, the biased media makes it sound like LDF were at fault for breaking the rules in the first place. While waiting for Doujou to recover, Kasahara trains herself. More good news as Genda wakes up in hospital to a very relieved Orikuchi. He got shot 32 times all over and the operation lasted 13 hours! Damn, this is a miracle! And for that, he receives a 2 grade promotion! Wait, does this mean he is taking Inamine’s place? Yes, he is resigning not because of pressure from the media. As there were casualties from MEC, the media is starting to point fingers. His resignation is not from this but the oversight from Mito Station that caused tremendous damage to LDF. We see Inamine giving his final speech and of course for his men to continue fighting for freedom. The media continue to hound LDF and pressure them to resign and follow the censorship law! As Kasahara visits Doujou every day, eventually the media comes to bug her. Because they are too pushy, they accidentally step on a book she dropped. She is about to blow her top but remembers Doujou’s words to be calm. In what could be said her mature moment, she talks about the different media that enrich everyone’s lives. She believes it is wrong for that freedom to be taken away. Even if it is the law, not being able to question them isn’t called living. Then she talks about the chamomile, the symbol of LDF. They are weathering through tough times but they’ll never give in. When she returns to base, everyone is proud of her words even if it sounds one sided. Thanks to that speech, Kasahara has received tons of fan mails! Bags and bags of them! Proof that there are people who are still siding with them. Not only letters, but some sent pots of chamomiles too. She brings some to Doujou as she talks about the time she realized he was her prince. But now he is the man whom she is in love with. Suddenly Doujou pats her head and wonders why she is crying. Oh, nothing. Tears of sorrow become tears of joy. Welcome back, my love. In the aftermath, Genda and Doujou recovered fully. The public outcry simmer down thanks to publications from Orikuchi. Satoshi worked with the Judiciary Department to stop the bias TV programmes. Kasahara continues her training to keep up the people’s hopes in her.

A pervert is caught red handed when he tries to film upksirt of Kasahara. Seems it is a trap set by the Task Force to get him. As they interrogate him, they know he targeted Kasahara because she was wearing a fake hearing aid. Yes, the creepo has a fetish for hearing impaired girls. Everyone is shocked when Komaki tells the f*cker to just die. Scary. Turns out Komaki has a friend, Marie Nakazawa who is also hearing impaired. We hear her narrate being childhood friends with him. But as she grows up, she started having hearing difficulties and this made her depressed. Thanks to Komaki, it made life bearable. He is the reason why she is able to go outside like normal now. Though, she still blames herself for him breaking up with his girlfriend. Though, Komaki claims it was she had to transfer away for another job. One day, those communists barge into the library and demand Komaki being handed over for inquiry. They have received reports that he violated a minor name Marie. Although Genda refused to do so as he wants to do investigation on his side, MEC threatens to file a case against the entire library. This causes the curator to panic and will hand him over right away. Not wanting trouble, Komaki goes with them but tells Doujou to not tell his family. Later, Shibasaki tells her team this was what happened. Komaki recommended a book in which the heroine is hearing impaired. Her classmates thought it was insensitive and it spread like wildfire. MEC caught wind of it and took the chance to swoop in. WTF?! WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE?! Doujou is against Kasahara and Shibasaki’s idea of getting Marie involved as the girls argue she might want to save the man she loves. He claims he has promised Komaki to stay silent and warns them not to get involved. But the girls are unimpressed and mock his stubborn male pride. Hence they fake getting sick just to take a day off to find Marie.

Tezuka does his part by calling the head of the MEC to get info on where Komaki is being held. Satoshi’s name sure comes in handy. But really? WTF?! He gives this info to Doujou and wants him to trust it without questioning it. When Doujou returns to tell Genda, he is shocked to see Marie here. Before he blows his top about his promise to Komaki, Shibasaki says that was only between the guys. No such agreement made with the ladies, right? And as Marie types, she too wants to save Komaki. We see those communist bastards torturing him to confess. Yeah, looks more like torture. Of course he will only confess if they have a valid argument and will not cave in. He has been holding out thanks to his thoughts on Marie. And what do you know? Marie and the Task Force are here. What’s the meaning of this? Genda has Komaki tell him what he has been charged with. It was highly insensitive of him to recommend a story of a hearing impaired girl to a deaf mute. That is when Marie speaks up and shocks those communists. She lashes out that they cannot even tell the difference between deaf and hearing impaired, how can they tell she was discriminated against? Also, she loves the book as the heroine is the same as her. Is this discrimination? Or do they just want to discriminate? It’s fine if they want to but please leave them out! Uhm, I don’t think discrimination is okay anywhere, anyhow. Marie hugs Komaki as he notes she has grown stronger. It is her who saved him this time. He also remembers the other reason his ex-girlfriend left him was because she knew he would fall for Marie instead. He might look at her as a kid but in a few more years, he’ll stop doing so. Komaki is freed and life returns to normal for everyone.

Cancel Culture! Censor Sensei, Censure Ensure
Well, looks like freedom from censorship is still a long way to go. But I may be missing something because there was a sequel movie that was released 4 years after the TV series ended. Yup, still feels like a long time despite the movie was released back in 2012. And you know me, I have something against sitting down and watch a movie that is almost 2 hours long in one sitting but I have no qualms in watching 5 hours of 30 minute anime series straight in 1 sitting. Yup. Some dumb otaku logic of mine there. Oh damn, it had a live action movie the following year too? And a sequel a couple of years later? Wow. So much books to protect. So I’m not sure if the movie somewhat concludes the series but I read a few comments here and there on the internet that it somewhat did. Of course, other than the ‘movie’ label and the length of the film’s duration, the other factor that led me decide to not go ahead and watch Kakumei No Tsubasa is…

The underlying theme of this series is of course freedom of expression vs censorship. All I know is that there are parties and people from both side of the divide and thus the silliness for both sides to arm themselves to have some kind of military warfare over books and works of arts. That is of course the very basic gist about it. Now, if I were to go into the convoluted details of how the law works and why this is so and so, I’d be at a loss. You see, right till the very end, this whole law thingy just confused the hell out of me. Who is right? Who is wrong? I still don’t really know nor do I get a clear picture in the end. It’s like some people want to play Big Brother so they say some books you can’t read. So hand them over now! And then you’ve the defiant side who says no way, Jose. And then they have some military style conflict before they end it when the time is up and go home. Like, WTF?! Are they even serious in upholding what they believe in?! Especially the MEC side who are so bent on censoring stuffs they deem dangerous to the young minds, I thought they would go all the way out just to achieve their goals. Then you tell me they have their pride or something. I thought all is far in war? Maybe not an all-out war like World War II or its equivalent but it is still war, right? What was the name of this series again? Because of that, it sounds to me that they don’t want to look like dicks and that they turned out to be half-baked dictators instead. Yeah, I’m so confused. Maybe the movie addressed this but at this point I just didn’t want to further risk hurting my confused brains anymore…

It just blows my mind to see that the ‘war’ between LDF and MEC look like one big timed cat and mouse game. It feels like a farce. Take for instance the final stretch of the arc when LDF was defending against the onslaught of the crazy MEC vanguards. So all MEC has got to do is to break through and destroy the art within a certain time frame and they win. And if LDF defends it when the time is up, they win. Do you see what I am trying to say here? The problem is that both sides are trying to abide and stay true to the laws that their organizations believe in. Because if anyone just acts out of line, you bet they will make their organization look bad and like a dick. It just doesn’t match up. On one hand they want ‘dangerous’ books to be banned but on the other hand, they try to play nice without going overboard. I mean, shooting each other is okay. As long as nobody dies, right? Yeah. Weird. And that time where those communists were chasing Kasahara and Komaki over that seemingly 1984 book, when big boss calls them and says to give it up, the cronies being good soldiers, just give up? Are they really serious in enforcing their brand of censorship laws! Not to mention after a successful defending by the LDF, they leave a portion of books for MEC to burn since they already at least have a copy of it. WTF?! Trying to console the loser with some sort of participation trophy, are they???!!! Like I said, it is all for show and it doesn’t matter to the public because at this point I see many are brainwashed.

Breaking the camel’s back is when those communists abduct Komaki with intentions of making him confess to what might be seen as so f*cking trivial in today’s era. They’re so dumb. Don’t they have other ways to frame him? Well, can’t blame them. Even if this series came out back in 2008, the internet technology is still at an infant stage even for a hi-tech country like Japan. Yeah, noticed how they’re using flip phones?! Damn, feeling so old and dated now. But hey, at least I didn’t see them use any floppy disks! HAHAHA!!! Anyway, I thought that OVA story was really cheesy and just trying to make those communists look like stupid retards. Paint them like the dumb bad guys they are because the Task Force members are always righteous and good, right? Yup. They’re the main characters for a reason.

Even more confusing is Satoshi’s team that is supposed to be something that transcends both LDF and MEC and something that would give freedom back to the people. However, unfortunately it is not fleshed out very well here and it leaves a lot more to be desired. I suppose if he doesn’t have the right people in his team, he cannot have his plans take flight. So it feels like a pipe dream for now and the only reason why I can think off they introduce him and this is just to help in the character development of our main characters. Or else, very redundant and it makes Satoshi’s character very grey. Because you wonder if he is friend or foe. But because he loves his brother so much and wants him on his team, you see him bend his back a little when Tezuka makes the secret call. Then voila. He weaves his magic sleight of hand. Wow. This guy must be real powerful to get things done at a very quick notice. Too bad it just feels so irrelevant here unless plot convenience calls for it. Just like the Governmentalists and Fundamentalists too. Like, you mean LDF isn’t even a united front?! Why not the f*ck those pseudo LDF government boot lickers just join the MEC to begin with? And there are many other smaller organizations who support MEC, why not just join their group to begin with? Am I missing something here? Oh right. When Bakushuukai failed, at least MEC as a whole was spared from their stupid incompetence. And that’s the last you’ll hear from this tiny group. Don’t tell me they disbanded after that.

Making it all weirder are the military gunfights in between. I suppose they have to add in action when you ‘war’ in your title, huh? One of the biggest joke is probably when I start to wonder is everybody is just firing at everybody so much and nobody dies (or at least casualties are kept to the minimum), did they just take pot shots at each other? What a waste of ammo even if I remember hearing them say at one point that these aren’t real bullets but something hard and would just hurt a lot. Not kill, just hurt. And I also clearly remember hearing Doujou said that they have to keep firing so as not to show the enemy the weakness. Well, logic dictates that if a side doesn’t fire back shows that it is not well defended, right? So yeah, I’m laughing at the fact that everybody is just shooting at everything just to show their might and force so as not to show signs that they might be losing! Yeah, might as well have blanks for bullets. I bet it saves a lot of costs. I think. Does it? So like I’ve said a few times already, it’s just like one big game. Hence the action sequences might be satisfactory but the logic behind this skirmish, not really. Oh heck, just forget all the details and just enjoy the gunfights and shooting and your occasional close quarter combat.

Many say they like this series because of the character development. Well, okay. If it was in the 2000’s decade, maybe it felt so. Now that we’re in the 2020’s decade, it just feels so dated and retro. In short, I don’t really feel anything much. The big focus is of course on Kasahara and Doujou as they are the big main characters. But for the rest of the team, they’re just, uhm, barely there? They’re there enough to play the role that they are given to and nothing much more. Like Shibasaki. Good friend of Kasahara but also sneaky at times. Got to love her snarky sarcasm and sense of humour. An intellect, very suited for a spy or intel department. Tezuka an ace student. Good backup. Genda big good commander of the Task Force who looks after his men. Komaki, nice guy is Doujou’s best friend and just like Shibasaki, enjoy watching the comical banter between Doujou and Kasahara. Laughter is the best medicine, right? So if you’re hoping that you’d get more from these characters, well, be disappointed because with only a dozen episodes, that’s not enough to do justice. Just live with it. The Task Force has dependable colleagues-cum-friends. Enough said.

As for Doujou and Kasahara, you know what they say, the couple that fights and argues a lot together, stays together. Okay, I may have twisted that saying myself but you get the idea. It’s like they’re the worst pair made to pair up with each other but at the same time they are compatible with each other. Confusing? Well, that’s why the click so well. Sort of. Obviously Kasahara being the new kid in town is a lot more brash, rash, crude and reckless. Because of that, this has Doujou step in many times to calm the situation and save her skin, preventing the situation from becoming worse than it is. Doujou himself too is pretty hot headed and temperamental like Kasahara. Only difference is that as her superior, he knows when to show it and maintain his professionalism. Not to say that Kasahara’s outburst is wrong but in this world we live in, TPO counts a lot. Well, this show isn’t supposed to be mainly comedy but I can bet that many of them comes from Kasahara herself because when she gets surprised and put on that flabbergasted look, you can see her animation going into comical version.

Despite the constant fighting and arguing among each other, they also support each other as much. In a way, this symbiotic relationship help make each other grow as they cover each other’s weaknesses as well as giving the other the much needed support when they are at a lost. Eventually, proof of Kasahara moving on is that she realized the prince charming whom she once admired is the same shorty who was her devil instructor now superior. I guess, he looked a lot taller then when she was SMALLER! Funnily too, I thought Doujou’s first rescuing of Kasahara, his pose somewhat reminded me of that Ace Attorney guy. Yeah… Now that their love has blossomed, can they maintain their professionalism? I also read that the movie actually does flesh out a lot of their intimacy and many were satisfied with the romance that developed between them. Can’t say for Komaki x Marie and Shibasaki x Tezuka. Just hinting but nothing concrete.

Art and animation reeks 2000’s style anime. Very obvious it was anime made during that time. Is it me or do I find some of the characters to be a little bit chubby? Like Kasahara. Maybe it’s just her. Because other characters like Tezuka and Komaki, they look really slim. Is it me or does Tezuka and Asahina look a like? Maybe it is on purpose since they also share the same first name. There’s a bit of cell shading in this anime and it’s not that bad actually. One thing I want to point out is that the uniform of those MEC communist dudes, why do they remind me of Street Fighter II’s M. Bison? Yeah, they make those communists look a hell a lot evil. Makes me wonder if they’ll do a Psycho Crusher any time soon! This anime is done by Production I.G who did Kuroko No Basket, Haikyuu, Psycho-Pass, Kimi Ni Todoke, Blood+ and Ballroom E Youkoso.

As usual, the fun part for me watching a retro series is being delighted identifying seiyuus that I recognized. Many of whom who are probably semi-retired by now and not taking up any active or main roles. Like Marina Inoue as Kasahara, Miyuki Sawashiro as Shibasaki, Akira Ishida as Komaki, Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Tezuka, Daisuke Ono as Asahina, Rie Tanaka as Orikuchi and Kana Ueda as Marie. Sorry for those I didn’t recognize like Tomoaki Maeno as Doujou and Kanji Suzumori as Genda.The oddest one I find is Hiroyuki Yoshino as Satoshi. Like many other seiyuus that I have pigeonholed and stereotyped their voice to the kinds of roles they play, this guy often voices lively and idiotic characters like Mic from Boku No Hero Academia, Bossun in Sket Dance, Favaro in Shingeki No Bahamut and Saruyama in To Love-Ru. As Satoshi, he sounds very mellowed and serious. Really weird for me to hear his character in such voice. It’s like hearing Nobuhiko Okamoto not in a very angry hot tempered anime character! Really! The rock opening theme is Atashi No Machi, Asu No Machi by Hitomi Takahashi. Pretty okay and not something I’d go crazy over to hear again. The same for the ending theme, Changes by Base Ball Bear.

Overall, this show is pretty okay to me. It had a good underlying theme about freedom and censorship but I was just confused about the more detailed parts so that hindered me from enjoying and understanding the rest. I bet if they did explain in more detail, I would still be lost because my puny simpleton brain won’t just get it. Sighs. It might not be one of those hidden gems of the season but it is still worth a watch. I can go on debating and doing memes and quotes about freedom and censorship of the media but I’ll let the masterful internet do that. Yeah, they already did. The worse thing that these overlords could do is not to ban us from such media but brainwash us into blind loyal sheep. Yeah, it feels a lot like that today. Let’s just hope that the future of freedom of expression will not get so bad that when they find this little series, they start to get offended and take it down on flimsy grounds that it is a danger to our fragile minds. Yikes. How funny fiction playing itself out then. Script for script. Then we otakus and weeabos have to take up arms and fight for our entitled anime rights! I can foresee memes for this one already… If I’m not shadow banned yet!

Super Cub

8 October, 2021

It’s finally here! A few months prior, I started watching my own mini trilogy of cute girls doing cute things, bike version. It was in anticipation of me planning to watch Super Cub. Just like how the light novel of the same name was given the anime treatment at that time to celebrate and commemorate the success of Honda selling its 100 millionth unit of its most successful motorbike brand in the world. Or at least in Southeast Asia where it is a popular mode of transport and sturdy workhorse. Time to enjoy the slow ride…

Episode 1
Wow. We’re starting off on a depressing note already? Koguma narrates she has nothing. No life. No hobbies. No money. No parents. No friends. F*ck. IS THIS HOW THEY’RE STARTING OFF PROMOTING THE HONDA CUB?! One day as she leaves school, she sees a bike zooming by and decides to change her mind and go to a small bike shop. She wants a bike but has no money. Old dude Shino will get her a second hand one. Sits on it. Likes it. I’ll take it. Eh? I thought she said she had no money? Well, well. Shino sells her for a song. A fraction of the price. Why so cheap? This bike killed people. OMG. KILLED 3 PEOPLE. OMFG! Koguma: I’ll take it anyway. Wait. DOES SHE EVEN HAVE A F*CKING LICENCE? Yeah, as she is brought in to fill the details, she realizes she doesn’t have one. He gives her a book for the licence. Questions always the same. And just like that she now has her licence! Shino kind enough to teach her the basics. Then off she goes on her Super Cub. Great feeling. Reaches home. Biggest smile she puts on seeing her Super Cub parked outside. Yeah, clean it well. It’s her new toilet seat after all. Even riding in this countryside might be dangerous because bigger vehicles pass her. So to practice more, night riding! Yeah, danger of another kind. The night ride is fine until she stops at a convenience store to refresh herself. When she is ready to go, her bike won’t start. Oh dear. Panic. So she’s just sitting there? Until some trucker dude asks what’s wrong. No, it’s okay. I’m fine. Okay then. Only then she remembers Shino kept the user manual in the compartment! YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT?! Okay, gotta be patient. She is a newbie in bikes. So why can’t it not start? OUT OF GAS?! HOW DID SHE EVEN GET HER LICENCE?! Okay, once again be patient. Newbie. When she puts it to reserve fuel only the bike starts. Thank goodness. Like relieving yourself after taking the biggest dump, eh? HAHA! Just kidding. Heads to the nearest petrol station to fill it up. Reaches home safely. Phew. What a scare. Next day, she makes all the proper checks. Yeah. That was a good experience, huh? She notes that up till today she has nothing. From now on, this Super Cub is something she can call her own. So… She does have SOME money, huh?

Episode 2
I guess Koguma didn’t read everything in her manual. Because only after she sees a guy put his helmet, she refers to the manual on how to put her helmet in the holder. And then in class, suddenly she announces she rode her bike to school. WTF?! Everyone surprised and start hounding her! Is this the kind of attention she wants?! Oh, just a thought in her mind. Phew. During home economics class, the students are to make some bag. Koguma chooses a fabric that will be a neat bag for her helmet and gloves. Since this also has her admit she rode a Super Cub to school, this attracts the attention of her fellow classmate, Reiko. She too rides one to school and after class she hopes she can show it to her. Reiko is impressed with Koguma’s bike so she shows hers. Honda MD90 Postal Cub is an old post office bike but she has modified it to run faster. Weirdest conversation ending thingy because it’s like Reiko says she took too much time blabbing about her bike, so it’s time to leave. Bye. Rides away. Leaves Koguma behind. HUH?! Next few boring scenes show Koguma carrying on with her mundane ritual in life. You know, go home, sleep, wake up, go to school, rinse and repeat. One day Reiko decides to eat lunch with her on their bikes as they talk they could go anywhere with their Cubs. Yeah, why not, right? More boring scenes… And Koguma narrating that instead of going straight home like she always does, she could make turns and detours that would lead her to unknown places with unknown sights to see. Well, no sh*t. Japan’s a big place, you know.

Episode 3
After hearing how Reiko could just store anything into her box, Koguma thinks of installing one too. You mean she didn’t think about it at first until now? Hence Reiko makes a call to an old acquaintance. He has got an old bike that is up for scraps. Since its box is still in good condition, the girls dismantle it before putting it on Koguma’s Cub. Yeah, Koguma couldn’t stop grinning. Extra bonus: A teacher heard this and gives his front basket to her for free since he doesn’t use it anymore. Double grinning. As she rides home, the faster she tries to ride, the wind gets into her face. Okay. Next set of problem. Yeah, look at that rider having a full face helmet. Getting ideas now? Back home, she thinks of covering this front area (DUH?!) and she stumbles upon the manufacturing place of this helmet. Saitama, huh? So what it’s got to do with the visor she wants?! Next day, she has Reiko show her helmet and tells what she needs. Are such helmets expensive? Well, let’s just say it’s the price you pay to keep your life safe. So what’s the way to go look for a visor? The internet! If only Reiko can stop doing her own online shopping first. Once that is done, they look through all the helmets but it’s too pricey or fancy. Koguma then notices a painter nearby and asks what he is wearing. Safety goggles. Cheap and hardy. Can get them at the hardware store. And just like that she doesn’t need the internet anymore! Aside from the goggles, she also gets chains. Now she can ride comfortably with the wind blowing in her face but her eyes protected. Yeah, it’s that grin again. She can also sleep safe, knowing she chained up her bike. Wow. She even dreams of riding her Cub! While it makes her happy, it just shows how boring her life is!!! Even Reiko can tell from that grin and starts telling the time she got her first helmet. Do we care to listen? Reiko then gives her contacts to Koguma to call if anything comes up. Man, it must be so boring that they had to play Liszt’s Liebestraum! You bet I prefer to listen to this classical than hear Koguma monologue about words of a fellow Cub rider is trustworthy! And other boring stuffs about her life we don’t really care! Can go anywhere with your Cub? I’m going to hear this piece again if you don’t mind!

Episode 4
The teacher calls Koguma. Knowing that she rides to school, he has a part time transport job for the summer. She’ll be paid of course. Reiko explains to her the courier job that she is about to undertake. Does she have to make it sound so grand like delivering secret diplomatic papers? Reiko will be doing her own delivery job for the summer. Anyway, what’s a girl with no life got to do but to accept the job? After all, she gets to ride her Cub more, right? But first, she goes to get an oil change from Shino. Then her first day on the job. Delivery goes smoothly. Almost forgot to take back some documents for the return trip. First pay. Nothing uneventful. So this goes on for a few days until she is quite used to it. Since she has ridden over 500 km, time for another oil change. Shino checks her oil. Wow. She’s ridden her Cub very gently. That’s supposed to be a good thing, right?! Same ol’ job continues. Until it rains. Damn. First wet misery. Hence she has to go buy a rain suit. Oh damn. Expensive. But remember, this small investment goes a long way. And good for her because now she doesn’t need to be miserable in the rain. Once she has surpassed 1000 km, this time she changes the oil herself. Damn, she got all the tools! But no strength to unbolt the nut! Is this supposed to be funny?! Then she sees a guy cycling a bicycle. She gets an idea to use her feet as strength. It works! I’m just worried if she has the strength to screw it back… Anyway it ends well and you can tell from her smirk on her face. And those oil marks all over her fingernails. Proof she made it through her first battle! Koguma does her final delivery and gets her final pay. She’s saved up quite a bit now. Now she wants to go farther, huh? Time to invest in a bigger bike then…

Episode 5
Reiko lives all by herself because she wants to climb over that unseen wall. So she really lives all by herself in this cabin out in the woods, huh? Koguma goes to visit her after her courier job is done. Now it’s time to see what Reiko did for summer. Looks like loading up some goods… Nothing extraordinary. And then what’s this? Suddenly she races up the hill on her bike?! OH F*CK?! Hard rock music playing in the background to boot!!! OMFG! Is this some action battle sequence?! And then she crashes! I don’t know if that’s supposed to be funny… You see, it is her goal to ride up Mt Fuji on her Cub. Some book influenced her. She asked around and apparently not many do so anymore because of the stringent laws. But she still wants to do it so she checks up the internet on some bike modifications. Hence she took up this job which requires her to stay at the foothills. Her job is to ride up and check the trail and weather. Her job entails her to a certain station but her boss says she can go higher if she wants. Yeah. All that and Debussy’s Reverie playing in the background! Each time she tries, she crashes! Some broken parts here and there but the Cub can still move and Reiko suffer no major injuries. I don’t know, but is it me that she is racing up?! If she is going that fast of course she is going to crash!!! So after her boss gives some advice, Reiko realizes she missed the most important aspect of it all: To have fun. But it still looks like she is racing up… This time she doesn’t give up, wheelies each time she tries to fall, more hard rock music!!! Eventually she falls! Thank goodness she didn’t roll all the way down… But I guess it’s game over as her bike is now leaking oil. Although she didn’t get to the top, at this height it isn’t so bad. Koguma thinks that dream of hers is silly but Reiko believes she will one day conquer it. Reiko then quashes rumours about Koguma’s bike that killed others. Turns out the first one died from drinking too much, the second ran into debt and skipped town, the third just lost his licence and parted ways. All nothing to do with the Cub. Koguma wants to go home but it is pitch black outside so Reiko has her stay here. Next morning, Koguma intends to get a full bike licence considering the one she has is holding her back. Reiko checks online and bombards her with all the technical stuffs. Sorry, I don’t understand it too!

Episode 6
The class will have a trip to Kamakura. Everybody looking forward to it. Except on that day itself, Koguma has a fever! Oh damn! Have to miss the fun. Oh well, she still has her Cub, right? Of course she will not be beaten and hence decides to ride her Cub there! Hey, she is looking pretty alright now. I guess that excitement burnt her fever away, huh? So she studies the map to Kamakura and starts her journey. She calls Reiko about it but do you think she’ll listen if she says not to do something this dangerous? Yup. Thought so. Maybe next time. Because at this rate Koguma will be reaching their inn way earlier than the rest, Reiko suggests she can her own sightseeing. This includes climbing up some trail up Mt Fuji. After a certain station, I think that’s it. Back to the journey. And here, have this wonderful piano rendition of Erik Satie’s Je Te Veux waltz classic! More sightseeing as she makes her journey until she arrives at the inn at the same time as the bus! Such perfect timing. You bet all the students are shocked to see her here. Koguma gets scolded by the teachers for doing something dangerous but good thing nothing untoward happened. Reiko heard she took the Shonan Bullet Road and gets jealous she took it before her. WTF? Next day, Koguma and Reiko sneakily have their own excursion as they ride Koguma’s Cub. Yeah, just make a few modifications for a pillion and voila! After all, Reiko bought her own helmet just in case. Reiko says her Cub is done for. Nothing works and it is beyond repair. She plans to get a new Hunter Cub that is famed for being used in farming as it could go up mountain roads. There are newer models but she doesn’t like them electronically controlled and prefers the old style which stopped production in 2012. Koguma hopes when she gets her new Cub, she’ll let her ride it too.

Episode 7
We’re starting off with Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No 1 because Koguma’s narration of having her Cub for half a year is going to be as boring as f*ck. Yeah… With autumn arriving and the winds getting chillier, Reiko’s glove has holes so Koguma will accompany her to go get replacements. Too bad Reiko got distracted and couldn’t make up her mind to get one. Returning to school, the class will be doing a café for the cultural festival. Shii Eniwa seeks volunteers to help do decorations. However they soon hit trouble because their teacher who is supposed to drive and deliver the equipment has other commitments. How? Time for Koguma to step up for the job. Can she and Reiko carry all the requested equipment on their bikes? Well, make a few adjustments like adding a cart! Genius. Wow, even putting some balancer so that it won’t spill, huh? So they go get the stuffs and return with everything in order. Shii shows her appreciation by giving them a free cup of coffee. Shii would like to ride a bike but can’t because she can’t even balance herself on a bicycle. So stay safe and don’t do anything dangerous, okay? Yeah, Cubs are made so you want to ride them or they won’t let you! That’s the Cub spirit!

Episode 8
Shii invites Koguma and Reiko to her home since her father wants to thank them for helping her out at the festival. Her family runs a diner. Hmm… A Japanese family running a French named diner that serves German bread and Italian coffee and has its interior setting of that of a British sandwich stand and American diner. Is that international or just chaotic? Shii and her papa ‘argue’ the better Italian or American coffee they want to serve to them. But they’ll just take both and share. It’s free, right? After that, the duo continue their mission of shopping for new gloves for Reiko. This time Koguma has to be a little strict before Reiko gets distracted by something else. Ironically it is Koguma who gets distracted with a tin mess and decides to buy it. And then a cover for the bike handles since winter is coming. Seeing how much these covers work, even Reiko too purchases one. One day they visit Shii’s place again. But when it reaches a certain time, Shii needs them to leave because it’s going to get crowded at this hour. However, papa wants them to try his German rye bread and because Reiko wants to, they stay, much to Shii’s chagrin. Turns out Shii doesn’t want her friends to see her mom who is a foreigner?! She’s even trying to hide her face?! WTF?! I’m sure this British lady won’t bite and is in fact quite friendly with her friends. See? Nothing wrong!

Episode 9
How boring it is to see Koguma start her Cub on a chilly morning? So boring they had to play a classical music! Didn’t recognize this one, though. You wonder why if it’s so cold, Koguma and Reiko eating lunch outside in the bike shed. Can’t let their bikes be lonely and cold? Or by being with their bikes somehow magically warm them up? Even Shii joins in. Because of the coat Shii is wearing, they wonder if she is cold. She’s not. Shii notices Koguma doesn’t have much to wear from the cold and that she can help. Papa has a coat made out of abrasive wool. He hasn’t had much use of it but since Koguma likes it, he gives it to her. Although its maintenance is lots of trouble, that Koguma it means it is reliable. However it needs some sewing. Since nobody has the necessary skills, they have to rush back to school for the teacher to help out before it closes. Not sure why everybody was looking at Reiko and expect something out of her. So Shii becomes a pillion rider. Not sure how ‘slow’ Reiko was doing but to Shii that was freaking scary fast! As the day gets colder, Koguma needs to get a gear that will help her during the chilly weather. However Reiko is so against it because it looks ugly and would rather lock up her bike rather than use it. Anyway, they head to the store and that gear is a windshield. Oh my. Pricey. Then some guy took it. Oops. That’s the last stock. They ask the clear if they have anymore. Nope. But an affiliate store has and he can order for them. WTF now they say no? I don’t get it, was it all just a joke?! I don’t know how Shii’s talking about the coffee maker during the festival inspires Reiko to change her mind. So she goes to her friend’s place to try a bike that has a windshield. Well, the only one left is broken in many ways. Test riding it, looks good. So they save up and both get their windshields. Now looking fine and dandy. Ready to go. And it’s an investment that paid off because they’re so comfortable riding with it, they’ve been riding even after sundown!

Episode 10
Not sure what Koguma is saying. Because I’m enjoying the relaxing Liebestraum! Okay, song ended. Back to mundaneness. What now? Oh. It’s snowing. How can she ride in the snow, right? One day, Reiko calls her to get her ass here right now. At first Koguma doesn’t want to but after seeing the picture, she’s coming right away. And nope, it’s not some cute snow bunny or anything like that. Reiko has fitted chains onto her tyres. Yeah. Looks like fun. You bet Koguma wants to try it too. Apparently Reiko got it from a business that is closing down. After fitting them, they ride out. So, how did Koguma ride here before that? Must be a real careful ride, huh? Because now we see them ride so freely in a wide snowy plain! Oh damn, they’re doing a few mini jump stunts! Don’t worry if they crash. Because it’s snow and soft under, right?! Isn’t that why they take off their helmet and jacket?! When that’s over, snowball fight! Koguma playing dirty, revving her tyre to kick up snow onto Reiko! And when all that is done, they wind down with great Italian coffee at Shii’s place. Gotta love this life. Yeah, Shii wanted to join in too but I guess her bicycle won’t do any good. Reiko even hinting of putting petite Shii in her box to bring her to places! Koguma is no better. She can try to fit her in her front basket! One day as the duo patron the place again, Shii isn’t around. Her father says she is trying to be more like them and has been spending more time riding her bicycle since. Good for her, right? So while I am enjoying Liszt’s Consolation No. 3 and not give a hoot about what Koguma is narrating about, suddenly she receives a call from Shii. Hmm… A very faint sound of calling for help… OH SH*T! Shii has crashed her bicycle and is stuck in a shallow creek!!! OMFG! IS THIS THE MUCH NEEDED DRAMA THAT THIS SERIES FINALLY NEEDS???!!!

Episode 11
It’s Koguma to the rescue! F*ck, why did Shii not call her parents?! WHY KOGUMA?! Anyway, I’m enjoying Vivaldi’s Winter from The Four Seasons too much to pay attention what the f*ck is happening. And so Koguma arrives. Must be a small creek so she knows where Shii has crashed, right? So why doesn’t Koguma call for help? I understand she doesn’t have Shii’s parents’ number but at least Reiko. Or at least even the ambulance! Is she going to be a heroine and save her all by herself?! Yeah, she did. Because Shii is as light as f*ck. Phew. Thank goodness. More heroics from Koguma because she did say she won’t call for the ambulance and bring her home to warm her up. I don’t know how long Shii has been exposed to the cold, but shouldn’t she be in hypothermia now? Whatever. Now Koguma calls Reiko and tells her what happened. Koguma then puts Shii on her front basket and rides home. Hey, she’s lighter than the newspaper stack she delivers! OMFG. While, another harrowing ride for Shii! This isn’t her day! As Shii takes a warm bath, Reiko comes by. Yeah, her role was taking Shii’s bicycle out from the creek. It’s done for. And then the trio have a nice warm dinner and as Shii washes the plates, Reiko tells her the truth about her bicycle’s condition. Damn, WHY IS SHE WASHING IN THE DARK?! Save electricity?! Is Koguma a stingy person?! I mean, earlier on Reiko took her eggs from the fridge and shared it with everyone and you could see Koguma’s face of displeasure. Of course, the dark is good to hide her tears as poor Shii can’t contain her emotions. Can’t blame her if she lost her mind because she is begging to Koguma to save her with her Cub. Take away this winter and turn it into spring! OMFG. Is Koguma or the Cub your God?! Well, better than asking God to reschedule winter for spring! HAHAHA!!! Okay, not a good time for jokes. Next morning, Shii’s parents are grateful for their help. They give them a pass for free coffee and bread for an entire year! Wohoo! Life returns to normal. Shii gets a new bicycle but it is bigger in size so it doesn’t really fit her well. As spring is around the corner, Koguma suggests hanami. Shii lights up and wants to go. Koguma realizes that she has always been chasing after Shii as she was always looking forward of what’s ahead of her. It is actually her who inspired her to get her Cub. The one who gave her empty life meaning. So it’s set. The trio are going hanami to capture spring and escape the murderous winter. Oh you girls…

Episode 12
Koguma wakes up early to a beautiful morning. Enjoying the scene? Well, I’m mostly enjoying the great classical piano BGM here! She then goes to meet up with Reiko and Shii. Today is the day they’ll start their journey to seize spring, right? Shii’s mom is worried but Shii assures her that Koguma will protect her. And who will protect Koguma? Super Cub of course! Oh yeah. So assuring. Super Cub > God. So as they start their journey, they don’t have any set route in particular. So they just ride along and enjoy the sceneries and all the stops they made. It’s not going to be a day trip but a tour that lasts a few days and nights. Damn, is this a mini Discovery Channel because we see them pass through certain famous natural wonders of Japan like Lake Biwa and the Tottori sand dunes. It’s amazing how far Cubs can go, right? So wanna see how far theirs can go? Not sure if they make the entire whole trip around Honshu but they reach the supposed farthest end of Japan just in time to witness the cherry blossoms. Yes, spring has arrived. Thank Koguma for blowing away the winter blues, right???!!! Sighs, God didn’t even get any credit for changing the seasons since Earth was born… Anyway, with the trip over, they return home. Spring comes springing another surprise: Shii has bought a new Little Honda! She’ll pay back dad after graduation. Looks like the Cub mania club has increased in its members. Koguma and Reiko give some advice but Shii is too infatuated with her new bike to listen. So watch out people. When you see a group of 3 cute girls on their Cubs riding around town, they’re not Hells Angel but Cub Angels! Forever Super Cub! Hooray!

Easily Boring Rider…
YAAAWWWNNNN… ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz… Oh wait, what?! It’s already over?! THANK GOODNESS!!! It was unreasonable for me to expect something exciting or out of the ordinary to happen in the end but I guess it is a happy ending when everybody is happy enjoying riding their Honda bikes. Boringness is only perspective, right? Don’t forget to service it thoroughly after a splendid and long journey throughout Japan. Did they forget to remind us of that and instead spam Koguma’s positive vibes just to end the series? Well, at least I’m still not as eager to get a Super Cub myself. Sorry girls, won’t be joining your mini club anytime. Nor do I hope this will get a sequel. What are they going to do? Add more Cubs to the collection? So crazy it might happen…

First thing’s first, let me say this: I don’t see how this series promotes the Super Cub! It feels a lot secondary here. I mean, it’s a good thing that they don’t spam the brand in your face for every 5 seconds but the way this slow slice of series is going, I just don’t see it promoting the bike. Hence, I can’t really claim that this show is one really long advertisement for the Super Cub at all! Damn, ruined my plan there. Heh. Hmm… Maybe I misinterpreted the series from the start. The series was indeed to celebrate and commemorate the milestone achieved by the Super Cub, but it never did explicitly say that it was to promote the bike. After all, Super Cub is already a well-known and popular brand in many countries, so why the f*ck do they need to spend more on ads and make it even more popular?! Yeah, I see I realized this too late as I write this paragraph.

Of course there are some hints and tips about the bike itself but I feel those are just very minimal. This anime wouldn’t be so if we don’t see Koguma tending to her bike like fixing it up or doing her usual maintenance. Yeah, I see she does better maintenance than many people in real life! But don’t worry, Super Cubs are tough mothers, right? They’ll still go on till the very last moment after all the abuses and non-maintenance. So if you are really enthusiastic and care about your Cub or any other bike you have, you’d be doing your own research and put in your own effort. So uhm, Koguma’s gentle use of the Super Cub makes it the most underused and underutilized Super Cub ever in the world?! I can foresee why her Cub will last forever… No wonder it gave her no problems during that trip to catch spring. Remember people, treat your bike right and it will treat you right in return.

However I read there were a few controversies brought up about on how Shii rode her bike that broke a few laws. Especially when Koguma got her licence and the law states newbies cannot carry a pillion for a year. I think the producers commented on it that they were just following the source material faithfully. And of course if you do remember the disclaimer at the beginning of the episode, this is a work of fiction! There’s your loophole. So all you angry people angry over nothing, please calm yourself down. It’s just a calm and relaxing (and mostly boring) anime, that’s all! Of course I also find some of the riding to be silly and dangerous. Remember that snow one? Yeah…

So as you could have guessed from my sentiments, this whole series is just FREAKING BORING!!!! Oh my God… I don’t know how many times I have caught myself losing concentration in every episode and get distracted by something happening else outside my monitor screen. I was thinking that this series could at least be on par with Aria The Animation or Amanchu but unfortunately it is so boring and dull, I have to rank it way lower than those aforementioned anime series. The whole thing really feels dreary and lacklustre from start to finish. Basically the world’s most boring and gloomiest girl who has nothing to live for, found the meaning of life via a bike. I mean, I won’t laugh at that because I’m a boring person too with no life (at least by societal standards). If I really wanted to watch something as boring as this, I would’ve watched flashbacks of my life instead. You get what I mean?

So it’s just really weird (and boring) to see Koguma living the most exciting days of her life after getting a Super Cub. Well, good for her. I mean, in this sleepy town, what else is there to do? This series isn’t exactly promoting the brand and Koguma isn’t that sort of wild girl. Add them together and you’ve got, wait for it, one of the most boring animes I have ever watched in my life! Yeah, looking back in hindsight, the mini trilogy of cute girls doing cute things, bike version is even much more fun than this. I mean, this isn’t anywhere near the crazy and exaggerated Bakuon, but this is certainly nowhere near the calm and relaxing level that I hoped for either. Can’t say I regret watching this because I made the decision of watching this despite reading the synopsis and knowing what I’m getting into 100% beforehand. I just didn’t think it would be THIS BORING! Sheesh. Save for the part where little Shii fell into the creek. It was like the much needed tension to wake up you people dozing off into dreamland. But of course, everything went well and nothing untoward happened. Sorry for Shii’s bicycle, that’s all. But Shii herself is in good spirits, no long term health side effects. Oh damn, Koguma must be her God or at least guardian angel, huh?!

With the story so boring, the same can be said for the characters. Especially Koguma who is the main character, she’s just freaking boring. It doesn’t help when she has this very monotonous poker face as she herself is a gloomy person. Yes, her life has a bit of colour after she gets her Cub. But overall, she is still gloomy. I’m not saying she puts on that kind of face 24/7. At times she does eke out a smile or gets annoyed. However… She looks weird in that! I don’t know, I have mixed feelings about this. When you see Koguma smile, her face gets all weird up as her mouth line start to resemble some wavy curves. I don’t know, is she a Peanuts or Charlie Brown character? With that kind of smile, she gives me the impression that she is having some sort of orgasms in whatever she is currently enjoying doing. So I don’t know, should I be grateful for Koguma to put up more of her gloomy poker face or should I let her keep this weird smile of hers?

Faring a bit better than Koguma is Reiko and she is a lot more outgoing than Koguma. I won’t say that they are on polar opposites but in terms of personality, I would prefer Reiko to Koguma. She has her own quirks and dreams. But I don’t feel that Koguma and Reiko are really biking partners. Just so happen that they are the only ones who ride bikes to school. Naturally, birds of the same feather flock together. They’re only close because of their shared interest and commonality in Cub. Otherwise, just regular friends. And finally there is Shii. Slightly lively and optimistic girl and yes, still better than Koguma in terms of personality. It makes me wonder if she too harbour dreams of owning a Cub like them because she has been hanging out more often with them after the cultural festival. There’s always room for another member. Because Shii is small so I believe she can fit in nicely and with lots of room to spare! HAHAHA!!! Okay, sorry for the bad joke. But you get what I mean, right? My only curiosity about her is how light she weighs! It’s rude to ask a girl but I really want to know how light she is! I wonder if she is lighter than shadow. Just kidding of course! And dreams do come true in the end since after that harrowing bicycle accident, she decided to ditch that 2 wheeler and upgrade herself with a motor powered vehicle. Blessing in disguise? More is better. If you’re a Honda Cub fan.

To reflect how boring this series is, even the art and animation are so. Well, at least the hues are in very drab and monotonous colour. It really gives a very gloomy feeling. However, I am left to wonder if this was just some sort of effect in the sense that this is what the world feels and looks to Koguma. Because when Shii agreed to Koguma’s hanami suggestion, suddenly the colour and hues drastically change to a very bright and livid tone! OMG! Has Koguma’s world finally light up?! If the series had this kind of colour and hue tones in the first place, maybe it wouldn’t have felt so boring. Even the sceneries are okay to look at but with the said boring colour and hue tones, it wasn’t really enjoyable to look at. Except for the final episode since it was like a mini travel show and those places of interests looked better. As for the bikes, they’re given some details but nothing fantastic or super shiny that’ll attract your attention. Hey, it’s just a Super Cub. After all, Honda had a hand in supervising its design. And it goes without saying that the character designs are just drab. Yeah, the characters look one kind boring. And I’ve already said about Koguma’s smile making her face looking weird and all. This anime was done by Studio Kai who did Mushikago No Cagaster. I think there are some CGI but those are very minimal and doesn’t really stand out. After all, everything already looks boring, right? Hey, it could’ve been worse with bad CGI quality, you know!

You know what I enjoy the most out from this boring series? Yup. It’s the myriad of classical music, baby! I guess this is proof of how drab this anime is going to be if they’re going to add those classical music into every episode. Even more damning proof if viewers like yours truly have more fun in hearing them rather than what Koguma has to say or even paying attention on what is going on in that scene. My only gripe for this part is that there are some cool classical music that I have not heard before and this is the problem when a song has no lyrics because you can’t just Google them! Worse, the credits do not seem to state them and that’s why I have a hard time trying to identify or find them. Is it because these classical music are already in public domain so one is not obliged to credit its author/composer? To be fair, there is a couple of websites that do compile those classical music featured. This playlist site and also this YouTube playlist. So it really helps reduce my searching time and not waste my precious time to watch more anime! Also, thanks to these sites, I guess there are a handful of classical music that I were once unknown to me, now I know! A million thanks. I believe there are a few other modern BGMs too and they’re nice to hear as well.

Voice acting is pretty okay. It’s that kind of genre so not really much to shout about. Especially when the cast is so small and they’re using unknown seiyuus in the line-up. The casts are Yuki Yomichi as Koguma (Serene in Megami-ryou No Ryoubo-kun), Ayaka Nanase as Reiko (Shizu in Assault Lily: Bouquet), Natsumi Hioka as Shii (Tsukuyo in Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism), Takahiro Miyamoto as Shii’s father, Mariko Tsutsui as Shii’s mother and Ken Uo as Shino. I’m not saying I like the opening theme song, but the pop rock outfit of Mahou No Kaze by Akane Kumada is way livelier than the overall series itself. The same can be said for the pop-like ending theme, Haru E No Dengon by the trio of Koguma, Reiko and Shii.

Overall, this isn’t a bad anime. It is just BORING! B-O-R-I-N-G! I doubt that this series will have any impact on the sales of the brand nor would it alter the general perception of it. But anime wise, it’s just about a girl who found happiness in her bike (I suppose she’s not going to marry it someday, huh?) and nothing to do with the brand name. It’s a mixed baggage I read from the comments over the web. Some were like me who find it totally unexciting while the rest love it for its simplicity and relaxing nature. Sorry folks, Super Cub is not my saviour and it did not save me from all the boringness that I have watched through. But hey, still better than all those mind numbing and ubiquitous isekai tropes out there! But maybe… Super Cub can help save the anime industry from that. Nah! We’ll just ride into the sunset with it along with this series.

N/B: Point to ponder: Will a sequel be released once they sell its 200 millionth unit? Well, the waiting is going to be a long ride…

Oh no. Not another anime whereby it involves using some system that has you fully dive into a VR gaming world and experience all its wonders. From the awesome and popular Sword Art Online to the less impressive Infinite Dendrogram, looks like now it is now the turn of Kyuukyoku Shinka Shita Full Dive RPG Ga Genjitsu Yori Mo Kusoge Dattara. Yeah, I had to copy and paste that long ass title here too. So did they purposely make that long ass title up so as to distract us from how crappy and generic this anime is going to be? Oh well, we all suckers were too late as we dived in to find out whether how true it was.

Episode 1
As narrated, the VR gaming world has advanced so much that you could literally link up all your senses and play the game like as though it’s your real life. But it soon hit a peak and everyone became bored of it. Because games are supposed to be fun and relaxing, advanced VRMMO games are now thought to be not fun. Hiroshi “Hiro” Yuuki is being given a pep talk by his teacher about his future. Like he gives a f*cks. How about playing some sports with his friend? Nah. Video games only for him. You bet Hiro’s life sucks because he gets extorted by bullies as protection money. Then as he goes to buy the latest game, Finalizing Quest 22, he finds he is short of cash. Gave too much extortion money? On his way home, he passes a shady game store. What are the chances this shop has FQ22? Asking the staff, Reona Kisaragi about it, she makes fun about its silly name and numbering. Yeah, I can say the same for Final Fantasy too! HAHA! But does she have FQ22 or not?! Yeah, she might have. After he hands his cash, he realizes it is a different game, Kiwame Quest (KQ). Money back, please! Too bad she cashes it in and gives all sorts of reasons why this game is better than FQ22. It has some adult elements… Oh Hiro, don’t let those huge boobs convince you… Too late… Since Reona plays the game too, she is willing to help out from time to time. Hiro returns only to realize this game is 10 years old! Can’t throw it away. He paid 10 grand for that! So he goes home and logs in. Pretty standard features. But he marvels at all the realism. All the senses are great. Even the pain. Ouch. There’s the exit button to make sure he is in a game and not isekai! He interacts with the NPCs. They are Alicia his childhood friend and her brother Martin who is also his best friend. They’re supposed to go pick apples but when Hiro says he wants to leave this place and head to Flora Castle as per instructed at the start, they start to panic. They tell him this town is cordoned off by the world due to goblin attacks. Hiro rubbishes all that and still wants to go so Martin beats him up! Real pain! Is this part of the tutorial?! Hiro realizes how much his life sucks so when he fights back, he accidentally kills Martin! Holy sh*t! Knife through his mouth! What now? RUN! Alicia gets mad and chases him! Hiro manages to hide in town. Oh, here is Reona. She’s a fairy? Oh, she is his support and this means other NPCs and monsters can’t interact with her. As her promise to help him, she takes a look at his tag to see his current status. Oh dear. Best friend killer? Game over?!

Episode 2
Hiro wants to restart but Reona says that is impossible. Data is retained in the hardware so even if you buy a new copy, your stats will be saved in it. The only way is to buy an entirely new VR set that costs a lot. Hiro wants his refund but Reona has a no refund policy. Couldn’t Hiro just stop playing this sh*t? Before you talk about suing and legal stuffs, Reona wants to look at this in a positive light. As KQ was only released in Japan but its player base dwindled throughout the years, there are a few that are still playing this game. One of them is Ginji and he too killed his best friend. That was 10 years ago and he could be found drinking in casinos. The next stop is to get him clothes but the town already has wanted posters of him. Better lie low. Hiro gets some hood but the shop owner blackmails him with a higher price to keep his mouth shut. Yeah, can’t rat out his paying customer, right? Soon, Hiro is found by Alicia! Oh sh*t! She still wants to kill him! Basically her idea is to kill him and then kill herself so they can join Martin and be friends again in the otherworld! Hiro manages to run for his life. And his title gets upgraded? Running Best Friend Killer? Yeah, you can accumulate titles. He wants to log out but the option is not available. KQ has this policy you can’t log out during combat. Which means… ALICIA IS HERE!!! A slash on his palm hurts so bad. That’s realism for you. Fortunately, Reona punches Alicia’s eyes for Hiro to get away. Hey, I thought she can’t interact?

Anyway, once Hiro is safe, he logs out. But soon a message from Reona to log back in tonight. Or else she’ll kill him! Can he just ignore her? But I guess his real life sucks so back to KQ. Before doing so, his little sister, Kaede warns him about playing the game because last night he was so noisy. Anyway, she’s not impressed with his nerdy hobby and thought he would go back to track and field he once was so interested. Not happening. Hiro returns to KQ in the exact same state. His palm still hurts and the bleeding can’t stop. His herb medicine didn’t work because as per realism, you have to boil it?! Suddenly a fat ugly guy comes up to him. Because of his old term usage, Hiro can tell he is Ginji. He brings him to the casino to talk about things. He too killed his best friend, Enrique. Because his sister wouldn’t shut up, he killed her too! Gosh. He did so because of the curiosity of killing NPCs. I mean, you old gamers are guilty for trying to shoot the dog in Duck Hunt too, RIGHT???!!! Ginji continues to explain how stats in KQ reflect your real life abilities. He notes that there was only a guy who completed the game, Kamui. Yeah, got a cool title too. The Eternally Invincible Never Bested Adventurer. Better than Ginji’s Not Human: Heartless! Hiro thinks Ginji can join his party but the latter declines since he isn’t young anymore and is in no shape. So how will he help? He unmasks Hiro and tells everyone the killer is here! Call the guards! Heartless indeed!

Episode 3
Hiro tries to escape but of course Ginji judos him. He is arrested and will be put on trial so Ginji advises him never to admit is a murderer or he’ll end up doing hard labour like him. Yeah, he is serving time of 13 years and is out on parole! So why doesn’t he quit the game?! He can’t… Along the way, it is part of the town’s traditions to throw stones and fruits at him. But what makes Hiro want to go to prison fast? Guess who is that one eyed avenger stalking him? ALICIA!!! Hurry and put me in my cell!!! Inside, he tries to log out but he can’t. Can’t log out in the midst of an event? Yeah, after waiting an hour, nothing happens! Still can’t log out. Suddenly he is spooked after seeing the ghost of Martin! Full dive horror! Martin wants him to remember their promise or else he will haunt him till he remembers! Get ready for Martin time! Oh sh*t! Vomiting blood all over! Hiro screams to Reona for help but it isn’t her who got him out but Mizarisa. She then takes him to her room with a bed. Then a prompt comes up that stimulation for this part is real, are you ready to experience it? Thinking that this might be some sexy adult time, you bet the power of boners has Hiro accept this. Okay then. Please lie on the bed and close your eyes. When everything is done, Mizarisa is in a dominatrix outfit. Turns out she is an inquisitor and she specializes in torture. This will determine if he is innocent or not. If he breaks during torture, he is guilty. If he can endure it, it means the blame will be put on the demons and he is set free. So I guess this isn’t some kinky S&M play Hiro expected, huh? HELP! F*ck! She’s going to saw off his leg!!! Reona arrives in time to help. Yeah, she was watching some anime. For the umpteenth time! So how does she help? By cheering him to do his best! Hiro is f*cked! So scared that he soiled his pants. Mizarisa loves it and looks forward to the torture! But looks like Hiro has given up. He doesn’t care anymore. Those dead eyes so real. Before Mizarisa could cut, the guard comes in and says the torture is cancelled thanks to Tesla the head guard ordering it. Hiro is freed and gained another unwanted title. Now he can quit. I guess you can’t blame him for rage quitting and vows never to play this sh*tty game again!

Episode 4
Back to reality. Good news: Pants not wet. This reminds him of an awful past incident. A time when he just entered high school and is taking part in a track meet, it seems this was an important one because there are scouts watching as well his biggest rival, Tatsuya Moriguchi participating. Not to mention a retired Olympic medallist turned sports writer, Mike McLachlan personally came to talk to him and saw hope in him. During the race, Hiro made a slow start. As he tries to catch up and near the finish line he trips! That’s not the worst part. Because that part is he then wet his pants!!! OMFG. You bet he became a laughing stock. Kaede tried to cheer him up but he lashed out at her seeing that this was the end of him. No more chances. Even Mike had something to say about this. Basically he has something worse than being unable to perform under pressure. Back to current time, another complain from Kaede about him being noisy last night. When Hiro claims he is quitting KQ, she is not amused and calls him a loser? I thought she wanted him to quit? Yeah, but giving up because he can’t beat it is entirely different. WTF… Next day in school, you can tell Hiro doesn’t give a f*ck anymore. Before the bullies can even ask for money, he just gives it to them. Shocking, huh? Teacher asks about his post-graduation plans. Sure. Whatever. He answers a call from Reona who needs him to come over. What a coincidence, he is on his way there too. He tries to sell back KQ and of course she brushes him off. She even laughs off that pants wetting incident. Anyway, she is here to show him a video from an assemblyman named Souichirou Kamui. In a recent interview, he admitted he was an addict to full dive RPGs. Safe to say, this guy is that Kamui who is the only player to beat KQ. Yes, he even has a walkthrough site. But why can’t players clear it then? Well, many don’t read through since most parts are in text form. And they’re insulting you! And those video walkthroughs, he is insulting the loser you are for resorting to this! Plus, lots of vague answers. No wonder many just gave up. And what’s this? Reona hugging Hiro from the back and claims she would love to marry the person other than Kamui who beats the game. Very tempting when those huge tits are pressing against your back! Trying to make the clincher by claiming she likes him. Hiro thinks it is a trap. He will not be fooled. But like every man’s weakness, the power of boner is too strong since Reona hints she can do it with him. Do you want to do it with her? Then log in tonight and continue the game. And so he is back where he last left off. The soiled smelly pants and ecstatic Mizarisa wants to keep this wet patch as her charm. Sighs… Hiro is taken to see the guard captain, Tesla.

Episode 5
Tesla has investigated Martin’s murder. Seems that if Hiro wanted to kill him, he would’ve used the sword in his room. Also, the angle of the knife even a knife master would struggle to get it so. Hence it was all just an accident and Hiro is acquitted. However this doesn’t dispel the fact that Alicia still wants to kill him so if he needs help, feel free to call him. Hiro thinks he is a free man now. But the townspeople still think he killed Martin and start throwing rocks. That’s realism for you. Hiro needs to get a job to buy some smoke bombs to escape Alicia. So if Hiro doesn’t want to break the law by robbing, time to go look for a job. Since his reputation is still not good, he has to get one at a shady employment agency rather than a guild. Hiro is being picky so he gets kicked out. The last option left is to borrow. From who? Let’s visit Ginji! Wait. How can Reona interact with Ginji? Anyway, Ginji won’t let him a cent and knows his pants soiling reputation. That word has become a taboo for Hiro so the guys clumsily fight as Reona cheers on this exciting ‘fantasy’ fight. Before Hiro could nail the finisher, he is haunted by Martin’s ghost. As Ginji explains, they randomly pop up to haunt you so get used to it. Speaking of which, here comes his. Reona thinks deep down Ginji might regret killing his friend too. Before Ginji returns to sleep, Reona lies that he lost a duel and must hand over his cash. Ginji mustn’t be thinking so here, take it all. And with that, Hiro has got a new title that includes him as a robber! Heading to buy smoke bombs, Hiro chooses this hot sexy chick store over to a shady old dude. But it’s the price to pay as she jacks up the price and charges him more for just choosing her! Lesson: Never just go by appearances. He should apply the same to Reona too… Hiro returns home to get the sword. However Alicia is waiting!!! OH SH*T!!! Throw those smoke bombs!!! What do you mean you have to light it up to use?! Before Hiro is dead meat, who is it that comes to his rescue? Sorry, it’s not Tesla. Mizarisa! She won’t let any b*tch kill her favourite bed wetter.

Episode 6
So, if Tesla has absolute judicial authority and everyone knows it and Mizarisa is going to kill anyone who disrespects his judgment, so why didn’t she protect Hiro from all those unruly townspeople who stoned Hiro after the verdict? Anyway, Mizarisa’s great sense of smell led her to him. Yeah, the ammonia in his pee in his pants is strong! However Alicia refuses to acknowledge Hiro’s innocence. She is pretending not to hear Tesla’s verdict so she can kill him! Both fight and although Mizarisa is stronger, Alicia is faster. Damn, is this girl a ninja or a certain ghost?! She can climb on ceilings!!! Mizarisa reveals her true intention to protect Hiro: So she can kill him later! However Mizarisa gets knocked out when she didn’t expect Alicia to give her powerful kick to the guts. Now it’s Hiro’s turn to die! Thankfully he didn’t soil his pants this time as he thinks of Kamui’s vague hints to get out of this sticky situation without fighting. Aha! Grab her boobs! Alicia not impressed. He will now die! Yeah, seeing Martin going to drag him to the afterlife with him! Hiro then goes for broke by saying he loves her. Alicia is confused and calls him a liar but Hiro’s smooth act and words makes her drop her knives. Alicia still blames him and if he considered Martin’s death to be an accident, why did he run away? Alicia leaves but this leaves Hiro realizing that he was in the wrong all along. Martin was his best friend but yet he didn’t try to help him but ran away. Then he goes to the tree where they made their promise as he summons out Martin. Sorry, not going to die yet. Although he doesn’t expect to be forgiven, he wants Martin to come with him. A flashback is shown to Hiro of their younger days. Hiro sounding like a dork? Anyway the promise is to be best friends forever. With that, Martin feels at ease and ascends to heaven. I guess Martin time’s over. Hiro is sad since he really wanted Martin to join him. So he got a new title, huh? Best Best Friend Killer: The Best Amicide. WTF does that even mean? The church bells are heard ringing. Oh no. The town is on fire! What do you mean such event never happened before in the game?!

Episode 7
Everyone is so selfish trying to save themselves, they won’t tell what’s happening. Maybe the blacksmith whom Hiro is going to restore his sword might help. It seems the goblins are attacking the town! The moat around the town has dried up due to the draught. Hiro needs the rust off his sword but the blacksmith has no time to do it for him. Do it yourself. Well, this is going to take forever. As a hero, he can’t sit by and let those goblins attack. Reona warns him of doing so because the goblins are super strong and he will no doubt die. So? There’s something terrible if you die in KQ. Oh sh*t. But nope. You won’t die nor will you have some body part broken. Rather, the console will break! She explains the lawsuit people tried to sue over it but the company used its massive funds and influence to stamp them all. In the end, all the returns got stored in some warehouse. So Reona just admitted she sold to him the sh*ttiest game and over the list price, huh? She tells him to save and log out now but since he wants to take a quick peak at the goblins, oh damn, they’re ugly mothers! IS THIS WHAT EVIL YODA LOOKS LIKE?! But then he sees a lost crying girl. Oh dear. Want to save her? Despite Reona’s attempts to dissuade him that she is just NPC, Hiro doesn’t want any more deaths after his incident with Martin. Oh well, let’s see how brave are you know when the lone goblin kills all the guards! Too bloody! Too gory! With Reona distracting it, Hiro goes to take the girl and run. Oh sh*t. Another goblin ahead. Out of options? Since this girl looks like a young Kaede, he tells her to run through the alley. But the goblins go after her. Hiro gives chase and as the girl is about to get clobbered, Hiro turns into The Flash and saves her! What speed! Hiro thinks this must be some game bug. All assured as Tesla is here. Something says when the goblins get afraid and start running. You bet because Tesla easily slices them apart! He is after all the strongest NPC. Viewing Hiro’s heroics, Tesla wants him to join his elite guard as he needs all the power he can get. Hiro relishes to become a hero and signs up. Yeah, the pay too. He takes this chance to log out. Seems he likes KQ as a game now and looks forward to play it tonight. But first, he seeks Kamui’s walkthrough on how to deal with goblins. He lists several options but joining Tesla’s group is the worst as your survival rate is only 0.1%!

Episode 8
Looking through the walkthrough further, it seems Kamui has a specific walkthrough for those who killed their best friend! Yeah, your survival rate just increased to 0.5%! Though, the hints feel like warning because he hints something terrible will break him after enduring 5 days of training. Hiro contemplates of quitting KQ now. But looks like he can’t. Hence he goes to apologize to Kaede that there might be screaming tonight. It is true he only ran away after he quit running. But he would like to see this game through. Whatever. Kaede not impressed. Don’t bother me. Hiro returns to KQ. Tesla has him meet Queen Govern who immediately hugs him. Her boobs touching him makes him squeal and Reona has a field day teasing him. Tesla then introduces him to the other guards. But he is not the only new recruit. Granada and Palu are new ones too. Damn, don’t they look like gangsters! Hiro is shown his quarters by Bob. They resume training under Amos who doesn’t like Hiro one bit. Hiro also meets Cathy. She is the one who took care of the little girl Hiro saved from the goblins. Amos picks Hiro for the mock sword fight. In short, Hiro is freaking weak and gets owned! This makes everyone who has hope on him disappointed. Now, Granada is a strong dude and easily overpowers Amos. This is more like it. Thanks to all that, Hiro is ostracized. Even in next day’s training, he is ‘demoted’ to just practising swings. He has to. I mean, if training was easy, nobody would’ve spent years doing it, right? So suck it up and start swinging! Granada and Palu mock him about killing his friend and that he might come after them. Despite being cleared by Tesla, they warn him not to drag them down. Thanks to Cathy, Hiro learns a bit more. Next day, Hiro is pit to fight Granada. In short, this weakling still loses. Granada and Palu tell him to just quit if he is going to be this weak. Or else just pay them for the privilege to stay with them. Does this sound familiar? Yeah. This has Hiro remember this is no different than his pathetic real life.

Episode 9
Depressed? Reona brings him to a counselling office. But the officer blames him at fault and suggests he quit! Apparently that office is only for wounds so wasted time there. Cathy suggests baptism but the nun just splashed holy water all over him! Uhm, is that it? Too bad nothing changes as he gets his ass whooped even by Palu. Even when he surrenders, he continues to beat him up. Cathy brings Amos to stop but he ignores it. Worse, Granada and Palu bully Cathy into making her admit that Hiro isn’t her friend because those who are will get the same treatment. WTF Reona laughing because his friend also betrayed him?! Hiro is really down but Reona promises to use her holy fairy powers to do something. Next day, it seems Granada’s boots went missing. It was found in the ditch. Then his sword goes missing too. Found in the toilet bowl. He is quick to blame Hiro but others point out he has no proof and Hiro helped in the search. When the nurse lost her panties but found it in Granada’s bag, he insults her. This time everyone defends the nurse and starts accusing him of being the baddie. Even Palu betrays him and stops being friends with him. This makes Granada quit. Then Tesla arrives with a letter saying that it was Amos’ doing. The letter is from Palu. Both deny this. But that is when a tearful Cathy admits all of them were being awful to Hiro. Since Amos isn’t repentant, they accuse him of being a useless instructor. Tesla doesn’t have proof about Granada’s case but the fact that none of the soldiers defended it shows his true character. He is relieved of his duties. Amos cries and it breaks Hiro’s heart to see him like that despite everyone else apologizing for being mean to him. Later it is of course revealed Reona did all this bad stuffs. And Hiro got a new wicked devilish title from it! Unrepentant Reona even wants to go further and bring justice to Palu but looks like Hiro is done for. Tomorrow is the day the goblins attack and he isn’t ready. He’ll go as far as he can. A serious Reona thanks him for playing KQ and will reveal why she was so desperate to find someone to play it.

Episode 10
Apparently 10 years ago Reona met Kamui in the game. She was in love with him and asked him to date her. However he rejected her because her boobs were too big! WTF?! Ever since, she swore revenge and will find somebody to beat the game. Then she’ll marry him and at their wedding, show the middle finger to him! OMFG… I was a fool to believe it was something serious… That night, Tesla talks to Hiro and knows he is trying to leave the city. Tesla hints he wants to leave too if not being tied up with his job. But he’ll think about it and go with Hiro once this goblin invasion is over. Hiro logs out to check the walkthrough. He gets the scare of his life when Kaede is watching him?! She got worried on what he said earlier and checked on him. He teases her she was worried for him but it’s back to the usual sibling quarrel as she storms out. Hiro checks Kamui’s walkthrough. Hmm… I guess we’ll have to see what it is when Hiro puts it into action in the game. Returning to the game, on the day of the goblins’ attack, Tesla introduces 2 new soldiers as replacement: Mizarisa and Alicia! HOLY SH*T!!! Furthermore, Tesla has them team up with Hiro because he thinks they know each other and should take this chance to patch things up. Oh sh*t… As they patrol the city, they see a robbery in action. Hiro too weak to stop so Alicia cuts off the thief’s hand! Oh sh*t! They make him spill the beans that a ringleader is making them do this. His hideout is at the casino as they see many hostages among the thieves. Ginji is among the hostages. As the girls fight the bandits, Hiro goes to free the hostages. Turns out Ginji is the ringleader as he takes Hiro hostage. Apparently he is doing this to make a profit. Hiro is upset about this and wants to settle things with him. Before the guys could do it, an unimpressed Alicia knocks Ginji out and scolds them to stop this farce. End of fight. Ginji and the thieves are arrested but it could be all part of Ginji’s plan. By purposely committing crimes, he’ll be sent to prison where he’ll get free food and stay safe from goblins. Then the alert sounds. The goblins are here. Hiro suddenly has a bad case of stomach ache. Oh dear. Don’t want to soil his pants. Better go do his business now. Just as he finishes, he notices a goblin peeking at him!

Episode 11
Thanks to Mizarisa decapitating him, Hiro is safe. In actuality, she wanted to take a peek at him taking a dump but the goblin beat her to it. It was easy to cut its head while it was distracted. Mizarisa wants to torture-cum-pleasure Hiro now but looks like Alicia won’t be allowing that. Before another catfight begins, time to find Tesla. Hiro then experiences another stomach ache. Didn’t he get it all out? Looks like as long as he is nervous, he will continue to suffer from this. Reona wants to hear the truth of why he suffers like that but after telling it all, she laughs her ass off! As expected. But thanks to all her teasing, his stomach feels better now. Not sure if that was part of her plan… They see Tesla and his men fight the goblins. You call that number an army?! Why, there are more spaces between the goblins! Mizarisa and Alicia show their might as they chop out the goblins. Yeah, Hiro doesn’t even need to help. Just spectate. When Govern’s residence is threatened by a lone goblin, Tesla believes it is One Eye. True enough, it is him. Tesla fought him once a long time before while he was patrolling the outskirts. He blinded an eye but he managed to get away. Now Tesla orders his men to bring out the cage. Mizarisa tries to assist Tesla fighting One Eye but gets knocked out via a single kick in the gut. Now it’s Alicia’s turn. Then the men return with the cage. What’s this? Goblin prisoners?! Because this stuns One Eye, Tesla manages to defeat him. However Hiro realizes the whole truth. When Ginji was imprisoned, he heard strange noises from a different cell. He thought it was prisoners but now he realizes they were goblins. In fact, these goblins are captured and confined long time ago. After Tesla decapitates One Eye, he praises Hiro for being smart. One Eye is their father! Govern is in cohorts with him to abduct goblins and keep people from leaving this place. As this place is outside the control of every kingdom in this world, you could say they are their own little nation. Goblins are smart and peaceful creatures. Unless provoked, they rarely attack humans. Hence by abducting them, they use the goblins’ wrath to keep the people in as a tool for them to rule this city. Tesla then kills his men. All those who knows this secret must die. That includes you too, Hiro.

Episode 12
Before Hiro gets done in, Alicia protects him! OMG! Time for a dramatic goodbye. So why you saved him? She had a dream whereby Martin told her to move on. So when she heard he joined Tesla’s guards, she joined to protect him. She laments she has been awful to him since. With Alicia’s death, Hiro gets mad. Tesla strikes but misses? Fluke? He strikes again but this time Hiro blocks it. How can this be? Flashback shows Kamui’s revelation about the secret technique that isn’t just limited to KQ. Apparently when you draw out all your emotions and convictions, these let you exceed your limits. Seems you can do that in real life too. So as Hiro fights on par with Tesla and is about to win, his sword breaks! Damn! Back to being a wuss. Before he dies, a vision of Martin? Hiro apologizes he is dead and Alicia too. But Martin isn’t sad. He wants him to take him along this time. Because Hiro’s broken sword now becomes a lightsaber?! Tesla is shocked he is using a cursed sword and is going to finish this with his ultimate technique. Hiro is not worried, though. You’re the cursed one! Final battle and it turns out… HIRO LOST!!! Damn, what a let-down after all that build up. Actually Govern played dirty and hit the back of his knees! This allowed Tesla to stab him.

With his console fried, Hiro should feel relieved but can’t help feeling sad. After all that he has been through, I understand he came this close to winning. Why, Reona is even willing to rent him a new set for free! Call it service for her future husband! Hiro then realizes a secret entry on Kamui’s walkthrough that didn’t appear before. It seems there is a secret technique that can have you restart an hour before you die! After booting up the new console, insert the broken game and just recite this gibberish within 10 seconds! Hiro is ecstatic because this means he can save Alicia. He tells Reona this but she thinks he is nuts. You mean Hiro remember all that gibberish?! Well, I guess he is desperate. However he wants a month before he gives KQ a try again. That’s because he starts training and this rekindles his love for running. Even if Kaede still spites him but at least she sees him in a new light. Even his friend can tell he has changed for the better. What about the bullies? They think he has been working out to beat them up. Actually, the thought of Tesla defeating him pisses him off so he snaps at that jerk. This scares the bullies and they leave him alone. That’s all they have in them? Hiro fears they have the wrong idea of him. Hey, at least they won’t bother you now. As Hiro waits for Reona who is late, he dozes off and dreams of Kamui. Arrogant jerk mouthing off as usual. But this time Hiro says back, if he knew this secret technique, does that mean he also had his console fried? Kamui denies. Now Hiro is prepared to dive back in KQ, a game that is sh*ttier than real life! Masochist…

Fool’s Dive – So Real It Hurts!
Oh what the heck?! So they leave us with that sort of ‘cliff-hanger’?! Hiro getting to retry KQ again but that’s it for us?! I guess that is our sh*tty experience for watching this crap! Not even giving this series a proper closure! Sure, I know this might give rise to a sequel but looking back at how sh*tty everything was, do you think that is possible? Maybe the producers would like to torture us again in the future but I doubt they can do that if they don’t have the funds… Yeah… Hence the only thing that is so unreal about KQ is giving Hiro a second try at the game! THAT IS SO F*CKING UNREALISTIC! YOU DON’T GET TO DO THAT IN LIFE!!! So, uhm, not so sh*tty after all with that ‘cheat code’? Oh well, not that we cared at this point.

Well, the plot doesn’t feel really concrete at all because it is mainly about Hiro being coaxed into playing KQ and make use of every penny he has been scammed out of from buying the crappiest game in history. But I guess since Hiro doesn’t get trapped there indefinitely like in some animes like Overlord and Log Horizon, in a way it feels even crappier. I mean, if he is not trapped like those aforementioned series, there is no reason why he should dedicate his time and effort to level up or increase his skill. He can log out (whenever the chance arises) and just carry on with his mundane reality. No real life threats there. Oh well, if his real life sucks this much, what is else there to say? Even in the game itself, the plot feels iffy and more like side quests. I mean, the first half feels more like Hiro trying to run away from Alicia who turned into relentless avenger killer. Even if that is supposed to be the main plot from the unfortunate route he has taken, it still feels like one big messy side quest. Once he made peace with Martin and calmed-cum-confused the hell out of Alicia’s feelings, the plot now shifts to the goblins’ invasion on the city. Damn, if Goblin Slayer played this game, he is really going to get a kick out of this one. BRING ON MORE GOBLINS, I SAY!!!

So I thought this part was a bit boring and draggy either because damn, they have to put in that pathetic training arc of Hiro joining the mercenaries and getting bullied just like in real life? Oh wow. You escape into the game to escape reality but reality catches up with you and bites you in the ass. The only shocking part for me was that the goblins aren’t the real antagonists here. I mean, I always had my doubts on Tesla being a good guy and all because my guts were telling me that there are more than meets the eye to this capable leader of the city’s guards. I just didn’t see it coming that it had some sort of connections with the goblins. So that part caught me off guard and held my interest for a while. But largely otherwise, this anime mostly feels like running around in circles with all the crap and shenanigans. I mean, right at the start of the game, Hiro was told to leave this place for some castle. Sounds like an easy task, right? Well, right up till the end, we’re still stuck in this city!

KQ being labelled as the sh*ttiest game in history could also serve as a cover up to hide how bad the plot and direction of this series is. I mean, when you set your expectations so low, how low can it get, right? So all the real pain and sensation felt by Hiro as part of the game’s aesthetics are more for comical purposes because you see Hiro in surprise on how far they go for realism. Yeah, who the heck wants to experience taking a dump in a game?! Don’t be surprised if there is really a sh*t simulator out there… Some rules felt made up because Reona in the game as character that others except Hiro cannot interact with, how comes she is seen being able to talk to Ginji and that part whereby she could poke Alicia’s eyes? So is she lying? And this Ginji character, it was intriguing that he has been stuck playing this game for so long. It would’ve been interesting if they explore this and his circumstances but I guess they forgot about it. Or it wasn’t important in the first place.

Hiro as the main character, well, he is pretty meh and useless. Both in real life and in the game. So as to make him a game otaku and nerd, the tragic part of how he is bullied in real life and a very unfortunate track event that screwed his future and went downhill all the way. Sometimes, I think that if this series wasn’t focused on Hiro playing this sh*tty VR game, perhaps if Hiro became a real life depressed high school student, it could have been a bit more interesting. What I’m saying is that we could have a glimpse of Hiro trying to eke out his uneventful days and it would provide some good drama fodder. But now he drowns himself in VR games and with the latest KQ on his hands, hence the shenanigans and crappiness. After all, this is supposed to be a comedy and had it been that dark drama I suggested, well, it wouldn’t be funny but a whole lot depressing.

So this is the excuse and plot that drives Hiro to become a recluse and end up playing his VR games, huh? Well, from what I can see from his performance in KQ, he sucks too. Okay, can’t complain as he isn’t an overpowered character. But to see him be a wuss all the way and become to butt of a lot of jokes, damn this guy is pretty useless. Even more so during the goblins’ large scale invasion of the city, Hiro didn’t even fight a single goblin! He is just spectating and shelling out comments and the likes! Hey, I thought that was Reona’s role?! Sure, being a weak character means he can’t do much and thus keeping himself alive by not getting into battles that would otherwise get himself killed. Which is supposed to be okay because he hates the game, right? But nope. With Reona’s enticing charms, this loser has to see it through. Well, I guess if you give up this game halfway, it not only means he wasted his money but also proves that he is a loser for giving up. My, a catch-22 situation he is in, huh? Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. But that doesn’t excuse Hiro for being an unlikeable main character. I mean, I don’t really hate him but I have no sympathy to support him whatsoever. Yeah, now I understand how Kaede feels! And the last episode temporary power up feels so cliched and predictable that even Reona had to make a snide remark how this is so shonen manga-esque. Yeah. Plot convenience is the other word.

Speaking of Reona then. Gotta get this off my chest… BOOBS!!! Yup, this is what she is. I feel they deliberately created her character this way just to draw horny guys into this trap. Yup, gotta admit I must be one of those guys. Heh. She is responsible for about half of the cheesy fanservice of this series because those twin peaks, oh damn, those huge racks are so big that it feels like they’re going to explode any time! Serious! Each time Reona gets into the picture, whether in real life or in the game, the first thing that’ll distract you are her huge tits. Hey people, my eyes are down there! I don’t know, I feel that if I use a small needle and poke her boobs, it’ll pop and explode! I just can’t shake off this feeling… So yeah, those glorious boobs could probably be the biggest swaying factor for many guys to get the crappiest things they don’t need. Doesn’t have to be KQ or any other video games. Those tits can make you buy anything! Dangerous indeed. The other boobs killer is Govern. With a name like that, who governs those twin peaks anyway?! HAHAHA!!! Sighs…

Anyway, Reona her role I believe she is supposed to be some joker or comic relief character because I often noticed that many of her part involves making silly jokes or comebacks on Hiro. She is somewhat a not so honourable person too. You think that she might be doing something out of the good of her heart but in the end, the big twist turns out to be there is some hidden ulterior motive to all that. You’ll feel like a fool for taking her seriously. Especially when she laughs her ass off like as though this whole thing is a big joke. Okay, maybe in hindsight, everything in here is a joke! Of course, it’s all supposed to be part of the punchline and joke. And yeah, Reona does really have bad luck with men. Doing all this silly KQ thing just to spite the guy who rejected her. Then having end up with Hiro the loser and now Tesla the NPC character whom she admires so much turns out to be a bad guy. Wow. I guess those tits aren’t so great now, huh? That’s why in the last scene, she had to tease us by using them to wake up Hiro and ruin his dream with Kamui. Putting those tits to good use for the first time, huh? I bet Kamui’s life advice teaching to Hiro should he be so interested to follow is to stay away from big breasted women! Yeah…

I’m not sure if this is considered a harem anime because the ladies here sure doesn’t feel like one. I don’t know, they feel a lot empty too. Like Alicia who feels more a yandere character and someone who keeps Hiro on his toes. Even if she has lost the will to stalk and kill Hiro, that lingering effect is still there. So if Hiro slips up, she might just do him in for real this time. She redeems herself in death but remember, she’s going to get that second chance with Hiro retrying the game. Then there is Mizarisa who is a crazy torture b*tch. Twisted in the head and loves guys who pee in their pants. Yeah, we must remember this tragic running joke on Hiro. Harem protagonists love it when girls fight over him. Not Hiro. Alicia and Mizarisa’s clash is mainly all about who gets to give pain to Hiro! He better hope they always end up in a draw to keep the balance between them and of course his life.

Feeling very underutilized is Kaede. From the credits, it gives the impression she could be a major character. Heck, I thought she could be impersonating as one of the NPC characters! Cathy, maybe?! Isn’t that why Cathy isn’t part of the harem even though she is NPC like Alicia and Mizarisa? Suspicious… Anyway, Kaede is your character who once loved her brother but now all that love turned to hate. We saw why. Now that Hiro has turned into a gaming nerd, the more her detest for him. But I just can’t help wonder this conspiracy theory of mine that she still actually loves him and is just being a tsundere. You know, she is waiting for the moment that onii-chan will return back to his normal self with pride. I mean, what good would it do if she tried the softer approach and being nice to him? Amai na! That’s not the brother she admired. I don’t think she really hates him and there is still a little shred of hope in her heart that he might return to his glory days. Just wait a little longer. Okay, maybe slightly longer.

Art and animation feel okay but there are some parts of the animation that I feel makes things look cheap and low quality. For instance, Hiro who already looks generic enough, at some points he looks a bit comical. Especially when he goes into that flabbergasted look, damn his face looks funny. I mean, not the comical funny kind of funny. The weird kind of funny. Not sure if this is intentional, though. And some goblin designs, they aren’t the most ferocious goblins out there but I still can’t get my mind off that some of them look like horror version of Star Wars’ Yoda! Yikes. There are some blood and gore too but they aren’t scary enough to make you sh*t in your pants. So much for our realism, huh? Heh. Thank goodness. This anime is done by Engi who did Hataage! Kemono Michi and Uzaki-chan Wa Asobitai. I wonder if there’s a connection since we’ve got a super busty babes in each of these series. Can Reona match up to the sugoi dekai of Uzaki and the dumb and dumber Carmilla?

Voice acting, Ayana Taketsu feels at home playing as Reona. Just like Ui in Okusama Ga Seitokaichou and Risya in Kimi To Boku No Saigo No Senjou Arui Wa Sekai Ga Hajimaru Seisen. Then there is Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Kamui, he tries to sound a lot like Inosuke from Kimetsu No Yaiba. No pig head this time. Just a crow mask. Others I recognized are Satoshi Hino as Tesla and Shizuka Itou as Govern. Once again I thought it was Natsuki Hanae as Hiro but turns out to be, you’ve guessed it, Daiki Yamashita. Man, got to start seriously differentiate them apart. The other casts are Ai Fairouz as Alicia (Hibiki in Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru), Shiori Izawa as Mizarisa (Tanpopo in Witch Craft Works), Aoi Koga as Kaede (titular character in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai), Haruki Ishiya as Martin (Mordred in Radiant), Katsuyuki Konishi as Ginji (Fuegoleon in Black Clover), Kanae Itou as Cathy (Saten in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Amos (Nagare in K) and Gakuto Kajiwara as Bob (Asta in Black Clover).

The opening theme is Answer by Mayu Maeshima. This hard rock outfit would’ve fit animes like Sword Art Online and Overlord. Seeing the comical nature of this series, it just feels off. The ending theme is Kisuida by Hiro’s, ahem, harem. Oh you know, the quartet of Reona, Alicia, Mizarisa and Kaede. Your typical lively anime pop but made even more chaotic with the ladies speaking inaudible lines together at certain parts. Messy. So does everybody love Hiro or just want to kill him?

Overall, this show isn’t all that bad but it is not really that good either. So it’s average, huh? Okay, I’ll say it is mediocre at best because of a wimpy main character, his harem girls who seem to just want to torment him, a plot that doesn’t matter, and everything else that just feel okay and barely passable. It defies logic of human nature to play a game that is so sh*tty and way worse than your own real life. And to show my appreciation of watching this series, I’m going to award it the title of: Best Amazing Generic Crappy Mediocre Anime With Wuss Main Character Who Pissed In His Pants And His Exploding Tits Boobs Shoved In Your Face Sidekick And Pseudo Harem That Are Just Laughable And Pitiful, Baited For Losers Who Have Nothing Else Better To Watch But Out Of Sheer Guilty Pleasure. Yeah, I laughed so hard coming up with that lame title but thankfully I didn’t pee in my pants, thank you ;p.

P/S: You know what they say, once a sh*t, always a sh*t. Even if sh*t turns into gold, it’s still a golden turd. Thank you for listening to my words of (sh*tty) wisdom.

Well, it wasn’t really unexpected. After the fairly lukewarm and somewhat disappointing third season (or was it the fourth?), Nanatsu No Taizai: Fundo No Shinpan was to be very much expected as the follow up after the previous season abruptly ended and left everything on a ‘suspenseful’ cliff-hanger. Even if this is widely said to be the final season of the series, that itself didn’t hype up a lot of people including yours truly. Unlike a certain Titan series. Oh God. Am I still really waiting for the second part of the finale to be animated?! Ahem. See? That’s how much sentiments we have for this season of this series. Oh well. Got to finish what we started. It’s been a long journey after all…

Episode 1
We see Ban still trudging through purgatory. It has been centuries? So much so he has turned into a monster denizen himself. Had he not have thoughts of Elaine, he wouldn’t have got his sliver of sanity back. King leads Derieri, Sariel, Tarmiel, Gowther and Hawk to some flying fortress where Estarossa is seen trying to do something to Elizabeth. What now? Attack! Ludociel, Merlin, Escanor, Gilthunder and Hendrickson break into Camelot as they face off against Zeldris, Cusack and Chandler. You puny humans stay out of this epic power fight, okay? Now we return to purgatory and continue to see Ban’s torment. Weak but still forcing himself to carry on, how the hell is he going to find Meliodas in the first place? He ends up fighting with some huge demon denizen and at the end of their fight that lasted for years, they’re like friends now? So as they both rest, the next time Ban opens his eyes, there he is, Meliodas! Instantly Meliodas cries and hugs his best friend. So the search’s over? Wow. I can’t believe it was that easy…

Episode 2
So… How are they going to get out? Yeah, Ban never thought of that. Oh well, they’ll figure out something. They’ve got all the time in the world. We see them fight denizens for their meat as well as their skin to make clothes to withstand the extreme weather. Meliodas talks about how this version of him in purgatory is only his emotions as his father wanted to make him his heir, hence tossing him that is of no use into purgatory. He wandered for so long and thought of giving up at times, turning into a monster at one point. Ban on the other hand has spent so much time here that his body has gotten used to everything. Things that were once painful, now he finds it relaxing. As an immortal, he could be the only human who has survived purgatory without losing his mind. They sense somebody watching them so they attack this stalker monster boar, Wild. Doesn’t he look like Hawk? He heard them talking about trying to find a way out. Since he knows where the Demon Lord and can bring them to him in exchange they get him out of here. His reason is to find his long lost brother. Let me guess. Hawk, right? Nope. Mild. But it could be Hawk since they were separated like 8 million years ago! He saw the Demon Lord kidnapping his brother and brought him to the other side. Meliodas puts the picture together as he explains about Hawk’s role to observe him. Initially his father used animals but their lives were fragile and short-lived. As Hawk is a denizen of purgatory, it makes sense why this piggy could withstand so much harm including that lethal blow from Hendrickson. Due to a sandstorm, Wild takes them back to his place. Looks cosy. Hey, he has time to make it so. He wants to know all about Mild so the duo tell all that happened. So shock with the stories that Wild is hyperventilating?! I wonder how he will do if he sees the real piggy in person… With the storm over, the trio now make their way to the Demon Lord. We return to our heroes fighting against Zeldris. His Ominous Nebula is wreaking havoc because it sucks you in and then suddenly slams you against the wall. You can’t even touch him or defend against his attack. Ludociel has a plan but Escanor refuses to obey. Unless Merlin says so. Hot crush > archangel.

Episode 3
Wild loves his brother so much that he challenged the Demon Lord over 120,000 times?! Not surprisingly, he lost all of them. This leads to Meliodas telling about his own younger brothers. Especially Zeldris. When Meliodas was the head of the Ten Commandments, he hated waging war with the Goddess Clan but had to do it. Zeldris was always awed at his power and he never understood why Zeldris was always serious in the things he did. Only when Meliodas met Elizabeth and betrayed his clan, he understood why. Turns out Zeldris was in love with a vampire woman named Gelda. Their meeting had to be in secret because if the Demon Lord finds out, it’s the end of them. Meliodas’ attempts with Elizabeth to end the war affected Zeldris too. As the Vampire Clan led by their King Izraf tried to start a rebellion, the Demon Lord ordered Zeldris to exterminate all of them. Although Zeldris tried to reason the Vampire Clan are loyal servants to the Demon Clan, father tells him to STFU and crush them all to serve as an example. Many vampires were killed but Izraf and his family was sealed away by Zeldris as he claims death would be too easy for them and eternal suffering would be fitting. Of course his plan is to get Gelda out when the time comes. It was a heart breaking moment for him as that last smile of Gelda etched in his mind. Fast forward 3000 years later when the Ten Commandments revived, Zeldris went to check on the seal but was told that 12 years ago, knights from Liones destroyed and killed all the vampires. Zeldris became devastated until Meliodas whispered to him that Gelda is still alive. When he found her just broken out from her seal, she tried to kill herself so he stopped her by sealing her again. Hence that deal Meliodas made with him when he becomes the Demon Lord. We return to Zeldris’ fight with the rest. Ominous Nebula still wreaking havoc to our heroes. Until Merlin gets slightly injured that Escanor becomes mad and powers up. Using Mael’s sun power, he manages to break through Ominous Nebula and sends Zeldris crashing.

Episode 4
Because Chandler evokes his darkness spell, Escanor loses his powers and turns back into his wimp form. Cusack and Chandler go on the offensive but from what I understand, Merlin has set a trap for them ever since Zeldris used his Ominous Nebula. Because they have no weakness, she created some for them? So whatever they do, they’re struck by the element they have least resistance too like lightning for Chandler and wind for Cusack. Cusack tries to control Merlin’s mind but gets owned instead. When Zeldris tries to make a comeback, Ludociel strikes him down. Ludociel then brags that they have won but his mind now starts to feel pain. It seems he cannot remember Mael but only Estarossa. Similarly, Meliodas cannot remember Estarossa. Then the Demon Lord pops up and confirms he too has no memories of Estarossa. Meanwhile Estarossa goes berserk as he simply whacks anything in his way. Gowther reveals the truth of it all. I don’t really get this part and from what I understand, Gowther’s master invoked a forbidden spell in exchange for his life and all his magic just to end the war. This will also affect 1 man and all those who know him. This shows how important this man is. If this spell is successful, the Goddess Clan will use the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. As he doesn’t have enough power to do this, he hopes Gowther will help out when the time comes. This memory thingy also affects Merlin, Sariel, Tarmiel and Derieri. Then we hear Elizabeth narrate about things. Meliodas told her Zeldris was his only brother. Elizabeth’s meeting with Estarossa, that name actually belonged to a dog that Meliodas healed. More snippets of vague memories that feels incomplete for now. This means Estarossa of the Ten Commandments never existed and the Estarossa that we all know is actually… MAEL! Gowther is going to risk his life to put a stop to this.

Episode 5
Flashback shows a young Mael looking up to his brother Ludociel. The latter thought him everything he could until Mael become the strongest archangel and feared by death. At the same time he was in love with Elizabeth but his heart broke seeing she preferred Meliodas instead. When the forbidden spell was activated, Mael has his memories altered and became Estarossa. Hence he ‘killed’ Mael. With the altered memories, the Demon Lord then bestowed him Meliodas’ Commandment. Now that Mael has his memories back, he is angered and calls out the one who did this to him. Gowther admits he is the culprit and doesn’t mind dying just to end the Holy War. Mael beats him up and wants to know why he did it. When Meliodas betrayed the Demon Clan, this left the power of equilibrium between the Demon Clan and Goddess Clan unbalanced. To balance that, hence Mael was chosen. Mael is in despair that this Gowther is a puppet and that he cannot exact his revenge to humiliate and make him suffer like he did. To do that, Mael attacks King and this makes Gowther react the way he wants. Gowther doesn’t want King involved but it is only naturally that friends save each other. Sariel and Tarmiel decide to go help King to save Mael as the Commandment is corrupting him further. Derieri also has the same sentiments to save Mael. She credits Elizabeth and Meliodas’ efforts to help stop the war but everyone else didn’t even bothered doing so even after saving them. Elizabeth has made her realize how important Monspeet was to her. Though his is gone, all that’s left now is to put an end to this war. Her plan is for King to distract Mael and then the archangels pincer and hold him down while Derieri beats the crap out of him. In that state, Gowther will analyse and find a way to extract his Commandment. But Tarmiel hesitated when Mael puts on that pitiful plea for help. This allows Mael to be freed as he kills Derieri and absorbs her Commandment. Derieri seems to be in the netherworld or at least a flashback is replaying of her with Monspeet 3000 years ago. A time when she was hot headed and Monspeet just agreed to do everything with her. She realizes Monspeet had already told his feelings then.

Episode 6
Sariel and Tarmiel in despair they couldn’t save Mael. It was their only chance. Now that Mael has manifested into some being beyond light and darkness, he is raining colourful beams on the world! Is this the end of the world?! Too bad, screaming for Mael to remember his good side won’t do. Yeah, the archangels get killed off by the blast! Gowther tries to fight Mael to protect his friends. He is joined by Oslo and Diane teleporting in just in time. At first they do well but after they realize his power level is over 200,000 (IT’S WAY OVER 9,000!!!), this is where sh*t hits the fan. Mael uses his different Commandment powers to affect the heroes. One of them putting them to a nice sleep until they die. Since Gowther is not affected, he breaks the spell and wakes up the rest. Gowther, Diane and King then combine their combo to take on Mael. Yeah, King’s new armour is pretty weird. Like a jester if you ask me. King and Diane are hit by Mael’s curse attack the disables their magic. Desperate Gowther tries to blow himself up to buy time for everyone to run. It didn’t work. He is even seeing illusions of Nadja. Another beam being fired by Mael. Definitely they will not make it this time had not Oslo bear the big brunt of it. Before Mael fires another blast, Diane is forced to use her devastating move. Using this move means destroying the land. I guess now it is okay since this is an artificial island. The land crumbles as everyone free falls. Diane has her hands full while Hawk has got Gowther but looking for King who still has his magic sealed. King laments himself as useless. Sorry this, sorry that. Until he realizes this is all wrong. Time to man up and be a real king. Diane’s promise, remember? You bet it’s time to awaken his fairy wings. Right before Mael gets Elizabeth, he is shot away by a powerful King. Damn, his wings have grown big! It is a sign that his powers have returned and his most powerful yet. Only one problem: WTF his new hairdo???!!!

Episode 7
King shows his new powers. He can do offense and defence at the same time while spouting cool confident crap. Mael has reached his limit and looks like he is going to explode or something. Meanwhile Gowther makes peace with his Nadja hallucination to return to reality to try and save Mael. He dives into Mael’s mind and finds the original archangel resigned to his fate to die. He laments all those he has killed with his hands and believes no one wants his return. Gowther needs him to just have the will to live. That is all it takes to push away the Commandments trying to devour him. However Mael is still in despair as he wonders why he is chosen to counter balance Meliodas when there are so many that are equivalent to him like Ludociel and Elizabeth. Gowther has him peek into his memories. One of the people whom he killed looks like Gowther and her last words were to see Gowther. This woman is Glariza who was Gowther’s master’s lover and the base of Gowther’s design. Just when Mael looks like he allows the Commandments to devour, he pushes them out. We are assured Mael is back when he saves Gowther from free falling. Mael then does some ritual on Derieri and Oslo’s soul to make it easier for them for reincarnation. With this side’s issue settled, it’s time to head back to Camelot. Everyone is recovering and adjusting to the new memories. Except for Ludociel. Still in despair that Estarossa is Mael. Zeldris remained unaffected because he never viewed Estarossa as his brother and is relieved he isn’t actually one. Before the rematch resumes, Chandler and Cusack decide to merge with each other. They reveal they were the first demon created by the Demon Lord. Because they rebelled, he split them into 2 entities and instructed them to raise his sons as candidates for the throne. Now their wish is for Zeldris to help Meliodas become the next Demon Lord.

Episode 8
We return to purgatory to see Meliodas’ fight with the Demon Lord. Everybody lost and got blown away. Apparently all their attacks do not work. Either he deflects them or those that got absorbed, makes him stronger. And so they’ve been doing this sh*t for 60 years?! Oh, that’s only 1 hour in real world time. Ban realizes he now has the power to heal because each time he fights the Demon Lord, his powers get drained. So it becomes natural? This gives him an idea to revive Elaine for real. I guess it really took them 60 years to figure out the Demon Lord’s trick behind his power. Because he absorbs all attacks into healing properties, they give that to him and he weakens. Although, all he needs to do is not use that power and no such setback. The trio try to make to the door back to reality but the Demon Lord is making it hard for them. Looks like everybody wants to stay back and the others go. Eventually it is Wild who makes his decision. He is glad to know his brother is still alive and well so that’s enough for him. He pushes Meliodas and Ban through the hole while he uses his trump card to stop the Demon Lord at the expense of his life. The duo fall through the hole but the Demon Lord grabs Meliodas. Not so fast. However Meliodas has awakened some power that destroys his hand. Ban returns out from Hawk’s eye. Everyone is glad he is back. Before he joins them in saving Meliodas, there is something he needs to do first. We see the other allies having a tough time fighting against the demon grunts. Elaine has used up all her powers and is about to die. Wish to see Ban one last time? Wish granted courtesy of plot convenience because here is Ban to catch her. He uses his healing ability that uses up all the powers of the fountain of life to revive her. Although Ban is no longer immortal, all he cares is keeping his promise to her. So the irony that now they can be forever together? Oh yeah. Only when you’re mortal, forever has more value.

Episode 9
So Original Demon’s real form is Centaur + Shokan? Merlin and Escanor still no match. King uses his Chastiefol spear to help attack from long distance. Meanwhile Ludociel is still reeling from depression. So in shock that Mael is still alive, he can’t fly or walk and wants Hendrickson to take him to his brother. However Hendrickson purges Ludociel from Margaret’s body. This is the reason he followed Ludociel closely since he was waiting for this moment of weakness to separate them without Ludociel suspecting anything. Hendrickson has Gilthunder take Margaret escape while he will remain here to atone for his sins. Ludociel is not pleased with Hendrickson’s betrayal but Hendrickson is willing to pay with his life. He allows Ludociel to use his body as his vessel to his heart’s content, even if it means using up all his life force. Everyone could feel that Estarossa’s Commandments are flying towards Meliodas. Merlin still has Melascula’s Commandment but it breaks free and joins the rest. Now all Commandments have gathered at Meliodas. A new Demon Lord shall be born. Merlin invokes a forbidden spell, Chrono Coffin to freeze time around the cocoon. Zeldris and Original Demon make haste to stop her but are thwarted by Escanor and Chastiefol. They have to buy Merlin a dozen minutes to activate the spell. Ludociel can see that their side will lose. Because Escanor will run out of power and cannot keep up. It is the end. Man, an archangel being so pessimistic? Hendrickson is in disbelief but Ludociel admits that it could be that he saw everyone as pawns and used them just to win the Holy War. He has reached a new low. Hendrickson still respects and worships him but notes his treatment of Margaret and Gilthunder was despicable, when he saw him react to Mael’s survival, he laughed. Because it showed he was as imperfect as them. Hendrickson is ready to be his vessel but Ludociel heals him instead. Because of his good natured person to help others, his true powers won’t be summoned. It reminds him of a certain someone. Escanor has lost against the Original Demon. Is Merlin doomed? Not if Ludociel can drop in to help. But there is only so long he can hold out without a vessel. A defeated Escanor feels hopeless and useless he can’t protect anybody. His plea is for someone to save Merlin and Meliodas. Guess who? Escanor is saved by Mael.

Episode 10
Escanor wants to give back his sun powers to Mael. However Mael can’t accept his Grace back because when he plunged into darkness, his Grace found a new master. Escanor pleads for him to save his friends and is even willing to lend those powers if that’s the case. With those tears, can an angel say no? We return to Ludociel’s fight with Original Demon. The former owning the latter until a certain point the demon becomes more powerful? Turns out he is sacrificing his own life in exchange for his attacks to be more potent. Luckily the power of the sun defeats Original Demon. Looks like the gang is all here now. Mael tries to make a deal with Zeldris that he will overlook Meliodas becoming the Demon Lord if he calls back his demon forces. Sorry, no deal. Ominous Nebula doesn’t work on Mael because of the explosive power of the sun inside his body that melts Zeldris’ sword. I guess he won’t be using that annoying power again. With only 5 minutes to activate Chrono Coffin, it becomes a battle of endurance. Zeldris vs Mael in hand to hand combat? Like watching a demon and angel slugging out a fist fight without powers! As the clock is ticking down, Zeldris becomes more and more desperate. Zeldris rains his darkness all over as everyone continues to protect Merlin chanting her spell activation. King protects everyone in his barrier while Zeldris desperately tries to break it down. In the end, too late for Zeldris. Time’s up. Damn, that was the longest 12 minutes ever! While our heroes are heaving a sigh of relief over this hard fought victory, Hawk goes take a look at the cocoon. Oh sh*t. It is empty! Oh damn, it was all for naught? Folks, welcome Meliodas the new Demon Lord! How absurd is he going to look now?!

Episode 11
Oh wow. Meliodas looks like a rocker-cum-wrestler?! Zeldris will have Meliodas tell him of Gelda’s whereabouts. However Meliodas scoffs him off. Is he breaking his promise? Turns out this isn’t Meliodas but the Demon Lord himself! But he said he was going to make Meliodas the next Demon Lord? I guess we all misinterpreted. What he wanted was a new and younger vessel to house himself and since the Commandments are fragments of his powers, combining them all means becoming the Demon Lord. I guess you’re all screwed now, huh? Yup, nobody can even touch him. Demon Lord says he will break Elizabeth’s curse. But after that he will kill her in the cruellest way. He wants to see Meliodas’ reaction. Whether he will be in despair that his loved one died or he will be relieved that her curse is lifted and since he will have nothing to live for, will finally submit to him, he is fine either way. Hawk tries to provoke him. Not sure this stupid pig’s intention and of course he gets owned. No surprises. Before he becomes flattened pork strips, thank goodness Ban is here to save him. He is going to beat Demon King’s ass and kick him out of Meliodas’ body. Despite Ban no longer an immortal, his moves are now faster and sharper thanks to his ‘training’ in purgatory. So if Camelot descends into some poisonous field where nothing could live, Ban is still there fighting this dude. The Demon Lord starts to weaken not because of Ban inflicting some damage, but also Meliodas is trying to fight him on the inside. Hence the Demon Lord fighting on 2 fronts. Demon Lord tries to get psychological that Elizabeth is dead for real since the curse is broken. Meliodas tries not to believe his lies but can’t help feel weakened. In his weakened state, the Demon Lord hypnotizes Meliodas to sleep forever but that won’t happen because thanks to Gowther’s ability, Elizabeth and the Sins have come to support him in his mind!

Episode 12
So everybody is here in spirit form to cheer him on? Elizabeth and Meliodas emotionally reunited since the longest time. Sorry to break your reunion but Demon Lord is attacking. What’s this? Meliodas suddenly powers up and shoots back hundreds of condensed dark power? Wow. This is what the power of love and friendship can do, huh? Demon Lord tries to attack the physical bodies of the Sins by summoning this, uhm, Majora Mask? The archangels do all they can to protect the Sins and they’re struggling to put up with the might from God. Yup, the Demon Lord just called himself a God. Of course Ban is also trying to keep the physical one at bay despite the Demon Lord weakened, he can still be formidable. With their hands full, who is here to help? Zeldris. He destroys the mask. Is this his betrayal? He claims he has unfinished business with Meliodas but wants to know if father knows his relationship with Gelda when he ordered the massacre of the Vampire Clan. In short, he does. Everything he knew from Zeldris’ Commandment. He was willing to overlook Zeldris’ disobedience because of his loyalty but it ends here today. With Meliodas powered up, he doesn’t need the Sins giving him emotional support so he tells them to get back out there to help Ban. Meliodas’ Trillion Dark pummels through Demon Lord’s armour and flesh. If this is all in the state of mind, can’t Demon Lord just ‘resurrect’? Hmmm, maybe it’s not his mind, that’s why. And I guess that’s enough to defeat big bad daddy in the mind. Outside, Zeldris receives a fatal blow from the Demon Lord. Ban beats him up for doing this to his own flesh and blood. Demon Lord says he doesn’t need weaklings in his bloodline but Ban doesn’t care for that. In a last desperate attempt, the Demon Lord tries to take Meliodas down with him as the body goes berserk like a ricochet. Cue for everyone to combine their powers for this ultimate beat down with Ban finally landing the final blow that knocks out the Demon Lord and Meliodas rightfully returning to his body. Welcome back, captain.

Episode 13
Ludociel using too much of his power and now he is dying? Everyone is shocked to hear him say that defeating the Demon Lord won’t just end the Holy War. This is just the first step so that the Goddess Clan and Demon Clan can sit together as friends. When you’re tired of fighting fruitless wars, this is what you come up with. And with that, RIP Ludociel. The Demon Lord’s defeat has all the demons retreat. Great timing since Liones has really taken a beating. Meliodas then heads to a secret place to undo the seal on Gelda. He laments he wasn’t able to do something for Zeldris because that little brother of his has been missing ever since the Demon Lord’s defeat. Even more so, he is no longer in this world. Gelda is bent to be with him whatever world it may be and goes in search of him. We now see the rest of the other characters all doing well. Baltra, Threader, Gilthunder, Margaret, Hauser, Griamor, Veronica, Hendrickson, Dreyfus, Guila, Jericho, Zeal, Matrona, Gerharde, did we miss out anybody? We see Hawk eating leftovers from a dump alone. Meliodas and Ban go to get him. What’s this? Hawk feels he was useless during the Holy War and doesn’t deserve to be with the heroes? Since when the little piggy had such pride?! Anyway, you know the guys are going to say nice things to him. He might be useless but he is always giving his all. So that’s good enough for them. Cue for group hug? Nope. Not going to get all the food crumbs and snot on their clothes! Then the duo start singing Wild’s song. It’s super cringe and despite Hawk calling this song lame, he can’t understand why he is crying. Is this supposed to make him feel better? Whatever. Then they all go back to Boar Hat to celebrate its new opening. Yup, everyone there drinking to their heart’s content. Ban later talks to Meliodas and knows that it will soon be that time. Meliodas going to leave the Sins? Oh, looks like we need another plot development.

Episode 14
Because Meliodas temporarily became the Demon Lord, he gained a lot of powers. Hence with all the storms raging across Britannia, Meliodas will have to disappear so as balance to be restored. WHAT STUPID PLAN/PLOT IS THIS?! IS THIS GOD’S PLAN?! At least, he won’t disappear to nothing. He will return to hell. So he can’t go back to Earth anymore? Despite Meliodas planning not to tell anyone about this, everyone somewhat gets a hint about this so they’re pretending not to notice because if they do, they fear that will come true. Wow. Since when did everybody become so superstitious?! But for Ban, he won’t stop Meliodas because if this is his choice, so be it. So as we see the Sins heading out to get some food supplies and other materials, eventually the gig is up and Meliodas has to officially admit the truth. That night as Baltra throws everyone a party, he has a surprise proposal to Meliodas. He wants him to marry Elizabeth and take over his throne. Baltra did ask Gilthunder x Margaret but they didn’t want the job. Griamor x Veronica feels iffy. Guess who is left? However, Elizabeth declines that proposal. Because she wants to go live with Meliodas in the demon world! Meliodas protests but seeing those innocence and determination in her eyes, if this is what she wants so be it. I bet Baltra is so heart broken. And nobody to be heir to his throne… Later we see Meliodas talking to his Sins and although he feels reluctant to go as there are still many things he wants to do here, he feels this punishment is befitting him. Because he sacrificed so many and even failed his brother. He laments himself as useless. But of course the Sins disagree otherwise because they also believe he saved many and that they are all here because of him. Yeah, power of friendship, right? Next day, everyone bids farewell (some really getting emotional) to Meliodas and Elizabeth departing to the demon world. Not sure how Merlin created that door. Hawk will also be going but to purgatory, his home and hopes to bury Wild. But as Elizabeth heads towards the door, a large rock drops on her! OMFG!!! A squished angel!!! THIS ISN’T EVEN FUNNY!!!

Episode 15
Before you seethe with anger, be assured that Elizabeth managed to dodge that. Yup, she’s alive. Turns out the curse is still activated. Even if Meliodas destroys it, it regenerates. This could only mean one thing: The Demon Lord isn’t dead yet. So Meliodas’ curse that was set upon by the Supreme Deity, is she dead then?! Or does she not give a f*ck and just let the curse go away? Anyway, everyone is cracking their heads who is great enough to be the Demon Lord’s vessel. Wonder no more because it is Zeldris! Flashback shows Cusack and Chandler returning to this form after the battle. Next to them is an unconscious Zeldris and the Commandments. Because Chandler wanted to give the Commandments to Meliodas, Cusack killed him off. He took the Commandments to force it into Zeldris. Zeldris resurrected into some bad ass figure and this of course means the Demon Lord is now using his body as a vessel. He then kills off Cusack since he has outlived his role. Demon Lord hopes Zeldris will be a good boy and sleep inside this body and not rebel likes his foolish brother. He then summons Indura to wreak havoc as distraction while he restores his power to complete his merger. The Sins minus Meliodas go deal with Indura or warn the Holy Knights. The force Meliodas to sit this one out since only he can protect Elizabeth. Elizabeth knows Meliodas knows Zeldris is the Demon Lord’s vessel but why didn’t he tell them? Family problem, huh? He is torn to go save Zeldris but doesn’t want to leave Elizabeth. The answer is simple: Elizabeth will go with him! Hence they fly over to Lake Salisbury where it has the highest concentration of magic in all of Britannia. Meanwhile Zeldris is awake but trapped inside his mind. He is surprised to see Gelda here but knows this is fake. However Gelda claims she is real and lies about Meliodas wanting to be the Demon Lord and that she was killed by him. Otherwise, how do you think she is able to come here in this form? But would the Demon Lord allow this? Yes, he has given them their blessing. Hence they can stay like this forever. Forever… Meliodas and Elizabeth confront the Demon Lord. Time to end this long standing family feud.

Episode 16
The Demon Lord tries to take Elizabeth hostage. Too bad for him, she isn’t a damsel in distress. She is here to help Meliodas and she kicks ass. The other Sins are trying to prevent Indura’s spores from spreading all over Britannia. So Merlin passes Ban’s Sacred Treasure, Courechouse (nunchucks?) so he can do a Bruce Lee on all the spores. Wow. This works compared to the magic powers from the rest? Of course, all but 1 got away. And this naughty mini Indura is making hell for the Holy Knights. They could’ve been done for had not Escanor come to their rescue. Despite losing his powers, he is still bent on protecting them. After all, he doesn’t have much time left and wants to use it to protect the lives of others. Yeah, it’s like to whip up some feels as we see Escanor get whipped left and right while the Holy Knights can just watch in tears. Didn’t he tell you to escape?! Anyway, we all know this death flag is just trolling us because before Escanor can be killed, Mael destroys this spore. Took you long enough to hear his prayers, huh? Escanor has a request of him and that is to borrow his powers. Mael is reluctant because his body is at its limits. He can use it one more time before he dies. But since Escanor really wants to save his friends, Mael lends it to him. Is there a deadline to give it back to him? We return to Meliodas and Elizabeth’s fight with the Demon King. Meliodas trying to awaken Zeldris but to no avail. In fact, Zeldris laments he wanted to talk to Meliodas about daily stuffs but was too scared into obeying his father. Gelda then tells him to forget this stuff and sleep forever. Yeah. He’ll just do that. With that, the Demon Lord transforms into another powerful form. Is this his final form? Going against Elizabeth’s advice to regroup, Meliodas is still bent on saving Zeldris because he can’t abandon him again. Who else will save him? Well, what do you know? Here comes the Sins to help their captain. Hey, Indura in their control too?

Episode 17
With Escanor joining in the fray because he wants to go out with a bang, Ban and King join him in the offensive while the rest stay inside a protective barrier. Gowther and Meliodas jump into Zeldris’ mind to save him. They see him in a cocoon while this fake Gelda trying to blame Meliodas for the crimes he didn’t commit. But when Gelda continues to assert how much she loves him, Zeldris comes to realize that she is really a fake as the real one will not say that. He actually knew from the start but deep inside his heart he wanted her to be real. It’s not over as suddenly clones of Zeldris pop up everywhere. I’m the real Zeldris! No, me! Meliodas plans to cut them all down but Gowther takes the first hit. He reminds him that they cannot interfere or else they’ll be kicked out of the mind. Just like Gowther. He only has 1 chance to save Zeldris. Meanwhile the real Gelda returns by biting the Demon Lord’s neck. Although he rips her into half, she has regenerative abilities. She didn’t suck his blood to damage him but to access his mind. Hence the real Gelda drops into Zeldris mind and manages to locate the real Zeldris! But how? His own brother couldn’t even. Well, if this was Elizabeth, Meliodas would certainly know, right? Other Zeldris clones turn into zombies as the Demon Lord will not allow his vessel to be free. Meliodas fights all the clones and gets kicked out of the mind. Now it’s up to Zeldris to defeat his own father. With Meliodas returning to reality, the Sins get ready to kick ass. I guess we need to kick up some Diane drama because she feels useless, etc. So she decides to do her giant dance to obtain great power so as not to let her dream die. So is this a confession scene? So as not to let a girl say everything, King steps up to propose they get married after this is over. Yeah, I’m curious if a union between a giant and a fairy can actually happen… Diane’s power separates the Demon Lord from the lake, meaning he will no longer have any source to replenish his magic power. The lake is dried up as the Sins prepare to turn this place into his grave.

Episode 18
Hope you like the punching fest between Escanor and the Demon King. Escanor’s power supposed to last only a minute but he still maintains it after that. What gives? But first, time to flesh out Escanor’s past. We see him being sentenced for some criminal activity. Everyone was in disbelief and wondered if he was the same monstrous guy they saw. Meliodas then popped up to take responsibility over him. Escanor was brought to join the Sins and was introduced to the rest. However, he soon tried to leave for fear of his curse would hurt everyone. When Meliodas and Ban tried to stop and spar with him, he knocked them down. Thinking he had killed them, he ran away and calmed himself by destroying a mountain?! Merlin was his only solace since she looked like Rosa. He told her of his predicament of how he would like to help others but because of his curse, they became afraid of him and even more so when he hurt others. There were some casualties on his hands. Shocked to see Meliodas and Ban still alive, they say they aren’t ordinary people and each of them have their own past. Gowther then traced his memories to reveal Escanor as a prince of a fallen kingdom. Rosa risked her life and betrayed her country to let him get away. Escanor blamed himself for it and thought Rosa too. Merlin could trace her given the details but Escanor declined, unsure of what he would say to her. Since he was still too pessimistic about it, hence a showdown between him and Meliodas. Of course Meliodas handed his ass to him and the pain he felt, it was prove that he was alive. So don’t waste Rosa’s efforts and throw away your life. She protected him so he could have those feelings. It was at that point Escanor decided to live. Escanor was then sent to the place of the dead where he met Rosa who couldn’t be prouder of him. She was not the least disappointed of him. Escanor then swore to use this life of his that he once tried to throw away, to devote it to an important friend. Now Escanor is on fire! Basically Super Saiyan mode. Oh damn, he looks like Street Fighter’s Hakan too! Meliodas recognizes this isn’t Mael’s power but rather Escanor burning and converting all this life force into this magic power.

Episode 19
Escanor using the Demon Lord as his punching bag. But now he too has to face off with Meliodas because he didn’t let Escanor join the Sins for this. I suppose it’s time to evoke some feels because Escanor saying how happy he is each time Meliodas beat him down when his powers ran amok. And yeah, this is your cue for the Sins to work together to beat up the Demon King’s ass. If Escanor risks his life for his friends, the same applies to the other Sins. Escanor laments this is irreversible so his last request is to let him fight alongside them. I suppose to delay his death flag, we now return to Zeldris’ inner mind fight with his father. Zeldris will not be fooled again by his illusions. Because this is his mind, he has to upper hand to defeat his father whom he believes has grown weaker due to the fear of having lost to Meliodas. As Zeldris purges his father from his mind, the same time the Sins beat down the Demon Lord. Hence we could see the Demon Lord being expelled from Zeldris’ body. We’d love to see the brothers reunite but it’s not over because the Demon King is going to explode! His Commandments then scatter into the ground and starts absorbing everything. Now Britannia has become his vessel! OMG. What a huge ugly mother! This is what mother nature looks like if she turned evil! While all the humans are scared that it is going to be the end of the world, but not the Sins. All of them are smiling because they believe they can whoop his ass again.

Episode 20
It’s going to be one final epic ground shattering battle as Merlin unleashes the Sins’ limits so they can go all out and kick this Demon Lord’s ass. Yeah, he got so scared and trying to beg for mercy, asking his sons have abandoned him?! Wasn’t he the one who abandoned them?! When Meliodas seemingly saves him from the final blow, the Demon Lord shows his true colours and kills off Meliodas! Turns out it is just an afterimage and now Meliodas can kill him without regrets. Goodbye, father. With that, the Demon Lord is defeated and the Sins victorious. That ultimate move would’ve devastated all of Britannia. But how it remained safe? Meliodas acted via Merlin’s advice to direct it at the lake as it absorbs all excess power. How convenient. Despite the Demon Lord gone, his Commandments still remain. This means he might be back in 100 or 1000 years when his power is fully recovered. I guess you can’t really erase his existence. But of course there is a way. Meliodas in his ultimate form, destroys the Commandments since his own powers surpass of that of the Demon Lord. He could’ve used it to be the new Demon Lord but power is not what he or Zeldris want. And with that, total victory! But wait. One last thing. Now we have to say goodbye to Escanor. This is it for him. Oh dear. So a long melodrama as Escanor says goodbye to his comrades and professing his love for Merlin. Sure there is no twist that could save him? None? Waiting for that twist… Any time now!!! Merlin kisses him despite getting burnt but this is proof that there was a man like him existed. And just like that, Escanor burns up into nothingness. RIP, Escanor! Holy sh*t. The last Sin to join became the first to go… :’(.

Episode 21
Oh f*ck?! VIVIAN STILL LIVES?! HOW?! Apparently she was killed by Ludociel but subsequently resurrected by Dreyfus. So rest assured, Gilthunder. She has given up your love and is all over Dreyfus now! But damn, this means she is Griamor’s stepmom!!! This is going to be weird… Liones celebrates with the Sins over their victory over the Demon Lord. Good news, Elizabeth’s curse has been broken too. Yeah, it would be too troublesome if that didn’t happen and they’ll have to kick the Demon Lord’s ass a third time! Since the Sins have achieved what they wanted, they are curious what Merlin was in for as she never told them. Now it’s a good time. She takes them back to the lake where her goal is to resurrect Arthur. Oh right. Forgot about this dude!!! Apparently because the balance between light and darkness is over, now it will be the age of chaos. She believes Arthur is the King of Chaos and his resurrection will usher and lead Britannia into that new era. Arthur feels pain and all and transports everyone into some weird twisted reality. He thinks Meliodas has betrayed him so Merlin calms him down and refutes that. Believe in your powers. Everything returns to normal. While Arthur is embarrassed from all this, Meliodas seeks further explanation from Merlin since it is all so vague. He also never heard about this Chaos his entire lifetime.

Hence the Princess of the Lake (Lady of the Lake?) AKA Priestess of Chaos explains it on Merlin’s behalf. You see, this Chaos thingy is what creates everything. The universe and even the Supreme Deity and Demon Lord. So it’s like the real God, huh? Long ago when Bellaluin was Britannia’s capital, it was a place where wizards train and hone their kind to fight back against the Supreme Deity and Demon Lord. The most powerful of them all was of course Merlin. But she yearned for her parents’ love. She got none and just more magic experiments. One day she decided to run away and met Meliodas. Taken in by his kindness, she also took a liking for him. But her heart broke when she found out he was in love with Elizabeth. So she returned to Bellaluin and drowned herself in studying more magic to fill her heart’s voice. She overheard about wizards talking about Chaos who created the Supreme Deity (who went on the create angels), Demon Lord (demons) and the Sacred Tree (fairies). Not sure how the fourth race of giants came about. But because of their barbaric nature, this led them to create humans. Humans are perfect and imperfect in every way. They have both polar extremes of everything. This made the Supreme Deity and Demon Lord jealous so they conspire to hide Chaos in fear the clans they created would lose the respect for them. After hearing this, Merlin’s goal is to resurrect Chaos because it is a being that could create limitless unknown and then she would be able to fill her heart’s yearning. Wow. Love makes you do the craziest things, huh?

Episode 22
To revive Chaos, several conditions must be met. One of them includes defeating the Demon Lord. Not just merely defeating him but to also erase his existence to a point where the balance is disrupted. Hence everything that has gone accordingly was part of Merlin’s plan. From commissioning some giant to create the Coffin of Eternal Darkness to forming the Sins to even almost killing Elizabeth just to revive the Demon Lord and shooting all their power into the lake to revive Arthur. Everything as planned. It is understandable that everyone is confused if Merlin has been deceiving them from the start for this unknown power. But oh, this power does exist. And everyone has met it. Wait, so Boar Hat’s mama is Chaos?! Just waiting for a vessel to occupy? Damn, Boar Hat mama now shrivels up because the power has transferred into Arthur? Took a while there… Meliodas wants Merlin to return Arthur to normal. No can do because Chaos has accepted Arthur as its vessel. Him being the King of Chaos is proof. Arthur tries to stop Merlin and the Sins from arguing since he looks up to them as heroes. As he rants about that, his strange power awakens and twists the land into some fairytale. Now, you would think that Cath is happily here to see Arthur. But Priestess tells everyone to get Arthur away from it. Because Cath almost eats him up! Though, he got his right arm! Cath turns into a twisted monster Cat as Priestess revealed the Mother of Chaos gave birth to this creature that is the incarnation of desire and obsession for power a long time ago. Cath Palug was eventually sealed by the Goddess Clan. Arthur tries to talk to Cath but the monster cat has been relishing and waiting for this moment to eat him. When Chaos revives inside him, he will be tastiest. With that, Arthur has no qualms in cutting him down with Excalibur and saves everyone from Cath’s twisted dimension. Merlin whisks the Sins back to Liones since she doesn’t want them to get involved in her schemes anymore. She will protect Arthur herself. Merlin wonders if Arthur hates her but he could never do that because he reveres her. She showed him how much a better world this could be as long as he has a good heart, she believed he could become that. The Sins lament about Merlin’s case. But they know they can’t leave that unknown power with Arthur because if he cannot control it, a new dark power may bring Britannia to its knees. Looks like Cath is back. Chaos cannot die, right? It still wants to eat Arthur. Merlin will be your playmate now.

Episode 23
Gowther explains why Merlin didn’t tell them. Basically if she did, will they help her achieve her goal? Yeah, why am I not surprised with this reason? Because I guessed ages ago! Although it still doesn’t hide the fact she used them, the same can be said about the Sins as Merlin helped them out a lot. Of course Meliodas intends to have Merlin take responsibility for this. Arthur comes out to fight Cath as he who is responsible for this crap, will take responsibility to end it. Cath gets psychological with him that Camelot is totally destroyed during the battle. This sends Arthur into depression as he uses his Chaos power to take a peek at the devastation. No survivors. Merlin tries to bring him back, claiming many evacuated to Liones. Before Cath could kill them, the Sins are here to protect them. Need I say why? Okay, just to remind us again. Although Meliodas wants Merlin to take responsibility of this by protecting Arthur for the rest of her life, that’s not all of it. Because the Sins were dumb enough to let this happen, they want to take responsibility to protect Merlin. So I guess that worked out in the end, huh? Cath tries to get more psychological with Arthur, claiming no matter what path he takes, everything will eventually be destroyed. Basically, since whatever he does is futile, just give up and be eaten by Cath. The Sins don’t give a damn and beat him up with Merlin finally freezing time on Cath. Well, he’ll unfreeze in years or centuries. They’ll deal with it when that happens. That easy?! Why didn’t she do this from the start then?! Flash forward as we see Meliodas and Elizabeth get married! Woah! Too fast! Even faster when we see Elizabeth grown old and died by Meliodas side. But eh? How come Meliodas still young? I thought the curse on him is broken? Then Cath shows up to fight him, claiming had they all died back then, this wouldn’t have happened. Now, if everything seems so confusing, that’s because Meliodas is snapped back into reality. No, that wasn’t an illusion but one of the possible futures.

Since no attack works anymore, Arthur is going to do one better than Cath: He is going to eat Cath himself and absorb him into his body! Damn, Cath fighting back against Arthur? My, the tables have turned. Arthur then asks Cath’s goal. Cath wants to destroy everything and further mocks Arthur that all those who died must be blaming him for a failure a king he is. He might have given in to that had not Meliodas tell him the greatest advice: Don’t care what others think about you. It’s what you think of others. Uhm, doesn’t that work both ways? Anyway, with that, Arthur realizes he doesn’t care if others badmouth him behind his back. All he wants is everyone to live happily and without grief. He’ll create an everlasting kingdom for that. Cath scoffs that idea as dumb because nothing lasts forever. Because that is contradiction. That is Chaos! Then Cath realizes too late that those words itself were contradiction. Do you not remember that Arthur is the King of Chaos? Walked right into this trap. Cath gets devoured. As proof that Chaos is inside Arthur, his Excalibur is teeming with magic power. So all that is left is to see what kind of kingdom he will build and if he lost his way, the Sins will be there to guide him back.

Episode 24
The Sins will be disbanding as Ban-Elaine, Diane-King and a solo Gowther will be travelling separately. Hawk returns to purgatory to bury Wild. How to get back? Well, just call out Merlin and she’ll work her magic. Hawk literally goes through hell as he searches for Wild. Then he bumps into Wild! Happy reunion! Wait a minute?! I THOUGHT THIS PIG IS DEAD?! So they really want to force a happy ending, huh? Merlin and Arthur return to Camelot. There are some survivors thanks to Orlondi and Nanashi keeping them safe underground. Scars on Nanashi’s back indicates he was once an angel but now he is a wandering samurai with no master. A year passes and we see how some of the characters are doing. Among them, Hendrickson opening up a pharmacy, Deathpierce leaving Pleiades and heading back to Edinburgh because he doesn’t want to live in a kingdom ruled by non-humans. He is bent on making a country only for humans. This means Liones is now ruled by Meliodas and Elizabeth. Oh damn, they’re expecting a child? Yeah, that shocked reaction face on Zeldris and Gelda pretty priceless. What they’re going to name him? Tristan. Likewise, Elaine is also expecting a child. Oh man, another hybrid offspring, huh? What will they name him? Lancelot. Hell, they really making the Knights of the Round Table, huh? This means I bet Diane’s child (holy f*ck, not another hybrid child!) will be named Percival, huh?! All hail the unlimited possibilities of the future! Fast forward to the future and we see Tristan as a bratty prince. He claims he has discovered a heinous plot that will overthrow Liones! Gasp! He tells it to his friends but they don’t believe it. So he tells mom. How cute. He is further shocked when those villains are here! It’s the Sins! And papa is the head honcho! Little pipsqueak tries to fight him but is of course no match. Okay now, outside everybody, he is going to beat the crap out of all of you and defend Liones. Wow… Turns out a nice fireworks to celebrate his 10th birthday. How can papa be a villain if everyone loves him? Still not convinced? Gowther lets him see the entire history of the Sins. Condensed recycled scenes for the entire series! So I guess this present beats the legendary sword he wants, huh? So now that Tristan knows the truth, looks like his ambition isn’t going to be the next king or the Holy Knight. He wants to be the Sins! How cute.

Kick The Devil Out! Chaos Reigns Supreme!
It has been such a long ride, I’m not sure about my sentiments over this ending. Of course it is a happy ending but somehow I just don’t feel it through me. It’s not a perfect ending but since the main issue has mostly been resolved and mostly everyone living in peace, the only thing to do now is to see what the future brings. But for us, our adventure with the Sins ends here. Unless another spinoff series. Or like that canon movie that came after this one. After all that has been said and done, do you not think the Sins should be renamed to the Saints? I mean, damn it is going to be confusing to young kids who start to look up at non-virtuous traits as heroes!

Well, personally if you ask me, the whole plot of this story feels like one long draggy storyline. A big chunk of it is about taking down the Demon King. Heck, it’s about trying to kick out the Demon King from his vessel! If the first half wasn’t long enough, after Meliodas has his share, it is his little brother’s turn to get possessed and hence another round of trying to kick their old man out! Damn, this sure really feels like one of those Dragonball or Naruto or One Piece’s episodes whereby the fight drags on forever and ever. Episode after episode. Sure, this season is the final one and the final stretch you’re going to have a lot on your plate. Or so it seems. But it turned out to be a really draggy affair, trying to put in some emotional drama in between so as not to make it feel it is totally some sort of final big boss power fight. Of course having a few episodes dragging out the boss fight is understandable because you know, they’re going up against the big bad Demon Lord himself. Surely you can’t expect him to fall after an episode or two, right? But damn, they took almost the entire season! At this point, I really felt this battle has overstayed its welcome.

And after they actually have defeated the Demon Lord twice and for good, I thought they’ll dedicate the rest of the handful of episodes to wrap things up. Yeah, the Escanor one could be the start of that. But then, mini plot twist! Because at that point I really thought they have forgotten about Arthur and then they revive him for this super convoluted and confusing mini plot. WTF THIS CHAOS THINGY?! NEVER HEARD OF IT! Precisely. Surprise, motherf*cker! It’s not over yet! So basically this Chaos thingy that is some sort of unknown power that transcends time, life and death feels so flimsy that I personally feel it is just to make up for the lost time Arthur had since the last season. Uh huh. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t something non-cannon and made up on the fly but part of the actual plot in the final chapters of the manga that already ended way back in mid-2020. But it feels complicating enough for a simpleton like me to follow as they spam it in your face, all the truth as Merlin’s true intentions come to light. Yeah, trying to make us think the Sins are going to have their own civil war, huh? In short, I’m was not impressed. After a long draggy fight with the Demon Lord, then come this confusing Chaos crap. Now, can we let the Sins rest in peace?!

To further nit-pick on this series, as this season is labelled as Fundo No Shinpan, which technically translates as Wrath’s Judgment, however it is also and sometimes officially translated as The Dragon’s Judgment. I don’t know why they do this and my only logical explanation is that Meliodas represents the sin of wrath and his animal mascot/sign is a dragon. So I guess they used it here interchangeably? And on a personal note, this title also sounds a bit pervy to me. Oh you know, Fundoshi No Shima Pantsu!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sighs…

With this season homing in as the final stretch, a big chunk is of course focused on the Sins who are of course the main stars of the entire series. Hence sometimes I felt that it was kinda forced and cheesy when they try to play up those friendship and bonding moments between them. Yeah, we get it. All of you slept and ate under the same roof so there’s where all your precious moments and memories are made. From time to time we are reminded of this again especially when say, Meliodas is about to lose himself to depression and his self-confidence dipping to dangerously low levels. Then you can count on the Sins to make their timely entry and play up and say some emotional words just for the comeback and to also evoke some feels in us. Yeah, I know, it gets tiring after a while. It’s a chance to see them power up and throw their newly enhanced skills during the fights. Many of which I don’t seem to remember…

If there was the most moving and emotional scene, personally it was the death of Escanor. Here I was, thinking that it was going to be really cliché and he will somehow live. Somehow. But they really killed off his character. Wow. That was the most impactful part that it had on me throughout the entire series! I thought the Sins would stay as a group at least until the very end of the whole series but looks like they took out to only character in the group who is human. Oh sure, Ban is human but he became an immortal after that and then threw it away just to save Elaine. So it was really sad to see Escanor go. And it’s funny to see the Sins call themselves as the Seven Deadly Sins considering there are only 6 of them left. I guess other than Merlin’s burnt mouth, this is the other way they could honour Escanor. RIP, Escanor. He went out humbly rather than being prideful. In that sense, he maintained his pride till the very end. Is this what pride comes before a fall mean? Okay sorry, bad pun. Maybe his death is a good thing in a sense that I would have wondered how he would handle and fare Merlin’s ‘betrayal’ and that Chaos thingy that ensued thereafter. Can’t imagine Escanor beating down Merlin for that, can we?!

As for the rest of the Sins, looks like they all got their wishes fulfilled and many getting to be with their loved ones. Meliodas x Elizabeth, Ban x Elaine, King x Diane, Gowther x Nadja sorry, himself but I suppose it isn’t all that bad when a doll regains his own emotions. Also, I felt it was a funny thing that after the second return of the Demon Lord, they decided to turn Ban into some kung fu master. Not sure the logic behind this. Bruce Lee? Ban Lee?! Not only he uses nunchucks as his weapon after that, he is also making Bruce Lee’s trademark noises in his fight! Is this some sort of trade off after he lost his immortality? Even Zeldris got Gelda in the end. I wonder, if their name was inspired and derived from the video game, Zelda… Hmm… Suspicious… And the future of Britannia is going to be one freaking melting pot with a few hybrid children. I mean, Tristan is half-demon and half-angel, right? I’m so freaking curious to see what comes out of a union between a human and a fairy, let alone a union between a giant and fairy! Heck, if Zeldris and Gelda make out, we’re going to get a demon and a vampire kid! I’m sure asexual Gowther can produce his own doll offspring… Aww damn! This is going to be a great Sins v2 once Tristan and the gang grow up!

And finally, Merlin’s true colours come to light. Damn Meliodas is such a ladies’ men. Elizabeth and previously Diane and now we know Merlin too? So this Chaos thingy she wanted to bring out was all part of her unrequited love? Using this gamble to create an unknown force and hope that something will turn in her favour? I don’t know. Sounds like a very complicated plot if you ask me. Well, at least Merlin x Arthur, right? Just like in the legends… Oh wait. Shouldn’t it be Arthur x Guinevere?! Oh man, not another heartbreak for Merlin… Never say never, might happen in an alternate future timeline… Hawk feels side-lined again and feels more like a joker character than ever. The introduction of Wild is so that they hope we can connect to Hawk’s origins (I still that Wild’s song as cringe). In a way it makes sense because how else would Hawk be related to Boar Hat mama then? Oh yeah f*ck, plot twist time! It’s the temporary vessel for Chaos! You could say it was right under their noses. I can’t believe they brought back Wild so as Hawk won’t be lonely. It sounds ridiculous just to let give that pig some happy ending. Thankfully I read some spoilers so I somewhat accepted (that term used loosely) it. You see, Wild didn’t exactly die from his fight with the Demon Lord. But he got injured so much that it reduced his lifespan. Yup, he only got a million years left to live! Oh yeah. More than enough time for this reunion.

It goes without saying that the rest of the human characters of Liones were just f*cking forgettable. Those Holy Knights really became a shadow of themselves. I mean, you can’t expect mere puny humans up against the more powerful Demon Clan, right? So yeah, they’re so f*cking underutilized and irrelevant that from time to time that they just show their faces just to remind us that they’re around. Damn, I don’t even know why they had to revive vile Vivian in the first place and gave her this twisted breath of life. I would’ve preferred her to stay dead because now despite that she has moved on from Gilthunder, I can’t help feel that she is still freaking annoying. Some of the other non-human characters were also forgettable. Giant Matrona and fairy Gerharde were also forgettable. Didn’t really make any memorable impact. Their role was long over. Even Deathpierce and his groupie was so forgettable, I thought he died in battle. It remains curious that he can’t accept a demon and a goddess ruling over Liones. So could this be some future war or something? Too bad, series ended. Yeah, maybe that’s how Scotland broke away from England, RIGHT???!!! Perhaps in another alternate timeline… Tristan and the Sins v2…

As for the Goddess Clan, oh well, did you see it coming that Estarossa was Mael? I wasn’t paying attention. So basically when Mael reverted back to his original form, his other archangels died. What sad fate. Trying to give Ludociel some redemption so that this archangel isn’t as bad as we all thought he used to be, huh? So does the Supreme Deity want to replace the hole there? 3 archangel positions to fill. Or she’s going to just let it be because Mael can be the only archangel around? Yeah, the whole season was about the Sins against the Demon Lord and basically the Demon Clan, where the f*ck were the Goddess Clan angels after that? Didn’t even see the Supreme Deity giving a sh*t about all this?! And when the curse on Meliodas was lifted, did she not bother even why? It’s like she doesn’t even exist! Yeah, I know Meliodas defeated the Demon Lord and technically is the new king of the Demon Clan so he can do as he wish. But Elizabeth still has her Supreme Deity. So did she like agree to break the curse or something? I don’t know. I’m so damn confused. Not that I care about it now.

And looks like this season the Vampire Clan do make their cameo appearance. So were they created by the Demon Clan then? Because as Chaos said the big 3 things it created which then branch out to create other clans. So this means, I’m wondering where the dwarves and elves are. No beastfolk too? So you’re telling me that we have angels and demons, fairies and giants, even vampires but no dwarves and elves that are staple to fantasy fodder?! Ludicrous! This is definitely the work of Chaos!

For the past seasons, I have been praising the action scenes of the series. While they aren’t so bad this season, but it seems there was nothing really new and exciting. Like I said, epic power ups and techniques by the characters that would definitely destroy Britannia and the entire world had not they be careful at where they aim at. The long drawn fight and drama have worn me out so I’m going to say that this season is exceptional and for the first time I just don’t feel excited watching the battle scenes. Too much epic power fights from the previous seasons must have numbed me in ways that I have somewhat gotten immune to it.

Also another issue that has been prevalent in this season just like the last season is the animation quality. At some points, you can see the characters having weird facial expressions. Like say, Elizabeth at certain scenes when she is happy or in tears, if you focus on her face, you can see this weird expression like as though they didn’t really animate this part too well. Oh well, it is after all Studio Deen who did the previous season and took over from A-1 Pictures. The dialogue also feels weird just like last season. It just didn’t have that oomph and it felt boring. Some character designs after they level up feel weird like Meliodas after the Demon Lord took over his body as a vessel somehow reminds me of a certain wrestler… And Escanor going Super Saiyan with his Street Fighter’s Hakan… Weird. While King looks all dandy and gentlemanly with his tuxedo in his powered up form, I just can’t get over his weird hairdo. Oh well, if the trade-off of powering up makes you look funny, so be it.

While I recognized Sayaka Ohara as the Priestess and Yuko Kaida as Gelda (oh, it was Mikako Komatsu behind Tristan’s voice?), it didn’t occur to me that Mamoru Miyano was behind the voice of Wild! Oh damn, that was really him! Wow, he sure really made a very different voice! After all, he already plays Gilthunder here so why should he get another role here? Well, well, well, because I almost forgot that Aoi Yuuki too had double roles here as Diane and Cath. The funniest part for me was when Cath is talking its lines, in order not to make the monster feline sound so similar to the trademark Aoi Yuuki’s voice that is permeating throughout her Diane character, they add lots of effects. I believe it is to hide it. Or else, people like me would be confused and wondering why the f*ck Aoi Yuuki is voicing both a giant queen and a Chaos vessel as they would sound awfully similar (perhaps the reason why Mamoru Miyano sounds so different like on polar opposites of his voice range while playing Gilthunder and Wild). And then stupid conspiracy theories that Diane is actually the real Chaos and blam! Plunging the Sins into further civil war! HAHAHA! Phew. Thank goodness that didn’t happen. But if you focus on Cath’s voice closely, veterans like yours truly can tell Aoi Yuuki is definitely behind it. And one more thing, as the late Keiji Fujiwara was the voice of the original Gowther, this time he is once again replaced by Youhei Tadano. Is this guy Keiji Fujiwara’s replacement because a Log Horizon role the former voiced was also replaced by him.

This season’s first opening theme, Hikari Are by Akihito Okano… FEELS SO GAY!!! Perhaps it was one of the big reasons why I didn’t feel enthusiastic while watching this series. I mean, couldn’t they fit a better song for this? I had some favourite themes of this series over the past seasons and there were some that I didn’t like. But this one has got to be the worst of the lot! Please, no more gay songs and bring down such an epic series which was already tumbling! Eien No Aira by Sora Amamiya as the second opening song isn’t too bad. However… How come some parts of the song sound like it was from Hanyou Yashahime’s first opening, New Era?! Heck, it is so similar that I think it’s actually the same tune! Who ripped off who?! The first ending theme, Time by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:ReoNa sounds okay as it sounds minimal in most parts but somewhat reminds me of a song in Aldnoah.Zero. Maybe it’s her music style. Uverworld by Namely as the second ending theme is also barely passable as a slow-moderate rock piece. Rather okay but not my cup of tea.

Overall, this series has seen better days. The final season didn’t impress many and left those with some weird aftertaste in the mouth. The only redemption is that it is finally over! Hooray! We’re done with it! Well, I guess if we are having such sentiments, that shows that it wasn’t really a good series in the first place. Everything that has a beginning will eventually come to an end. But looking back in hindsight, I suppose the first 2 seasons were better before the new studio took over and tried to finish things. If that didn’t happen, we would have been cursing and screaming for another season. Well, now we’ve got it, what more do we want? Don’t tell me you want a remake?! Please, no! Let it just sleep naturally for eternally after this, okay?! So I admit, I’m not tearing up as we say goodbye to this series. I don’t know, it’s not like this series died for our sins, did it?! Yeah, we entitled viewers are more sinned against than sinner!

Ragnastrike Angels

1 October, 2021

Oh, what’s this? Girls turned into giant semi-mecha warriors to fight hostile aliens? Ragnastrike Angels? Meh. Never heard of it despite coming out way back in 2016. Probably it’s something like Frame Arms Girls. Oh well. It’s going to be a short anime so no harm trying to see what it’s about, right? WHAT THE F*CK EACH EPISODE IS ONLY 30 SECOND LONG???!!! WHAT THE FFFFFUUUUUUU???!!!! Oh damn, writing this opening blog paragraph feels way longer than watching the entire series!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Episode 1
One night, meteor-like things rain down on Earth and started to destroy humanity. Ayano Anemori is told to escape like the rest but she is confident of meeting her again. Oh WTF, they’re asking us to register for the game?! WTF???!!!

Episode 2
The command centre receives report of the enemy called Fiarem advancing. They want Ayano to head out but looks like she is being lazy and enjoying the warmth of her kotatsu. Oh, now it’s too hot? Damn first world Japanese problems… I guess she’s no good. Quick, send somebody else!

Episode 3
Hinata Tojo is sent to wake up Ayano. You mean it is has to be Ayano for the job?! Anyway, Hinata starts tickling Ayano. What’s bumping underneath the kotatsu, huh? However Hinata also starts enjoying herself and sleeps with Ayano. Oh damn, are we gonna send another?

Episode 4
Yes, somebody is sent over to bring them back but no repeat of the same thing. Ayano is quickly made to sortie as she is dropped into some huge underground bath thingy (?!) so that some Deva System could be activated?! Yeah, Ayano wished she could sleep more.

Episode 5
We see Ayano and her pals, Moka Mihime and Izuki Kanomiya getting changed. Oh, they are giants? Must be that pool thingy from last episode. Moka gives her a lip balm but accidentally drops it, almost crushing those little maintenance guys below. Thankfully, no unnecessary casualties.

Episode 6
Finally! We get to see some giant chicks action as they fight the Fiarem. As the Fiarem fights back, command centre reminds them to keep damage to the city to a minimum. Can they?

Episode 7
And now we see the girls relaxing in the bath. Think that the fight is over? Not if Kasumi Midou Barnett could interrupt their enjoyment. She claims they ran away but Nagisa Nanami says it can’t be help because they need some bonding with the spec ops officer. Whatever. With that, Kasumi wants them to do a simulation.

Episode 8
Apparently Kasumi is going to act like that said officer and they’re going to talk to her to deepen their bonds. Nagisa starts off with quite a nice small talk and although everyone is impressed, not Kasumi. What’s this blonde’s problem?

Episode 9
The simulation continues as the other girls give their small talk that has this I-don’t-give-a-sh*t feel. Even more so when Ayano is sleeping in her kotatsu right in the middle! This simulation will have to be postponed to some other time as the red alert sounds. Time to sortie. Enemy spotted.

Episode 10
Our girls drop in to attack this giant Fiarem. However this proves to be one tough mother cookie to defeat as their attacks are not having any effect on it. Can they do it? Get out of the way if you don’t want to be roasted!!!

Episode 11
Their coordinated attacks seem to be making headway. Damn, is Ayano being lazy or something?! More woes for them as more Fiarem drop in. Yeah, it’s a wonderful meteor shower tonight.

Episode 12
The girls fight back against the invading horde. They have to. They have no other choice. Command centre brings the good news that the spec ops officer is here and will now initiate the Mind Drive. Once they fuse their minds with him, they’ll be invincible! Time for the counterattack!

Struck Down Angels: Gone In 30 Seconds…
WTF… Basically that is my sentiments watching this series. You know, the main problem is how f*cking short this series is. Uh huh. 30 seconds. Damn, I have seen next anime previews that lasts way longer than this!!! Oh yeah. Even premature ejaculations last longer than this short crap!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Anyway, what irks me most about this absolutely ridiculous short duration is that before I could even warm up and grasp what the f*ck is going on, the episode has ended!!! Like, WHAT THA F*CK?! Yeah, and to think that this is my record binge anime. I watched it all over in just 6 minutes! 6 FREAKING MINUTES! And it’s all over! Yeah. I’m still in a state of shock as I write this, mind you.

If every episode feels like you’re watching some sort of preview, than probably it is. You see, this series (if I can still call this as so) was made to promote the 3D real time battle action game of the same name that was released a few months later. No wonder at the end of every episode, that annoying screen telling you that pre-registration is open and to go register. Sounds like your annoying YouTuber telling you to subscribe and like the channel, huh???!!! Well, the sadder news is that the game was terminated a year later in 2017. I guess they didn’t hit the required numbers, huh? I guess nobody wanted to be these cuties’ spec ops officer, huh? Yeah, better to let Fiarem destroy the world after all. Good riddance.

The short duration doesn’t help as it feels so confusing. Especially the first part when it’s about trying to get Ayano to sortie. Like, what the heck is this? Before we can digest the episode, it is over. And then Kasumi nagging about having bonds with the spec ops officer feels like another filler or something that didn’t matter. I believe the spec ops officer is us, the player who plays the game and control the girls (I could be wrong as I didn’t even bother to do any tiny research on the game) but that is not really hinted so if you’re too dumb to catch the drift, you’ll be left wondering that open ended ending is all about. I won’t blame you if you don’t. Because it doesn’t really matter in the end. Yeah, we’re supposed to save the day. Too bad we didn’t help save the overall game.

Even with recognizable seiyuus lending their talents here like Aoi Yuuki as Kasumi, Ayane Sakura as Nagisa as well as Mai Nakahara and Ami Koshimizu as part of the command centre, they didn’t do much to help bring any cheers to us nor did they save the series. Yeah, we enjoy hearing their short cameo and roles but that’s about it. Nothing to do with the series whatsoever. This means the characters are just, huh, who they are?! We all just know Ayano is a slacker since she prefers to snooze in than fight but somehow gets by. The rest? Who knows? Play the damn game! Yeah, those few tantalizing fanservice scenes must be teasing us horny virgin otakus to go seek the game if we’re curious enough and want to know more, huh? Thankfully I didn’t. Phew. And since the game is supposed to be an action battle genre, it feels so fast and nothing really spectacular that would get our attention, I feel that too is its downfall. You want to get people excited to play the game for its action but what we got here is just meh. I don’t even remember how the girls fight the Fiarem at this point! Do they shoot beams or swing their swords or something?!

Overall, this is actually a waste of time and it is just one big but small elaborated promo video and ad for the game. But thankfully it is just 30 seconds, you won’t lose much. Heh. Because you can’t digest all that in half a minute. So it doesn’t make a difference either. Heh. Had they made this slightly longer, say, even 3 minutes, this might have been pretty decent even with all the shenanigans and antics that are pretty much clichéd. Unfortunately for this series, Ragnarok came and slam its hammer of disapproval, never resurfacing ever again for a remake or reboot. Thank goodness. I don’t know, is that considered salvation?

Initially, I didn’t want to watch Seijo No Maryoku Wa Bannou Desu because I assumed it is a reverse harem. Not my cup of tea although I had watched a few titles under this genre. And what is worse than a reverse harem? Why, a reverse harem in an isekai world! OMG. That must be the deal breaker. But hold my horses. Because when I read the synopsis, it didn’t sound very much like a reverse harem. A girl summoned to a fantasy world as the chosen one but it seems she wasn’t the chosen one as another girl summoned was chosen as the chosen one. However she doesn’t mind all that and decides to live a quiet life out of the spotlight. But soon her powers slowly awaken and she might be the chosen one after all, threatening to shatter her peaceful life and drag her back into the unwanted spotlight. Well then, only one way to find out and banish those ghosts of doubts.

Episode 1
Sei Takanashi is your typical office worker. Working late at night. Then she goes back home… Don’t worry, she didn’t get killed! Upon entering her room, she is suddenly transported to another world. Lots of priests relieved they have successfully summoned not 1 but 2 saints. However Prince Kyle decides to go with the other saint to save the day. You can’t blame Sei for pouting despite being explained about the situation. In this kingdom of Salutania, knights fight monsters and other creatures. But at times thick miasma descend upon the kingdom and that’s when they have to summon a saint to help use her powers to save the day. Sei is not impressed, though. How will she get back? Oh. You can’t? A priest talks to her and although he apologizes for all the inconvenience caused, he has her stay in this place to familiarize herself with this world. Sei is bored after 2 weeks. One day she gets permission to go outside for a stroll. She stumbles into a garden of herbs. Jude explains how they are used to make potions. Sei becomes interested so he takes her back to his institute and introduces him to his director, Johan Valdec. Sei continues to visit the place until it is suggested that she can come stay here if she is interested to become a researcher. She jumps at that offer. Preparations are quickly done to transfer Sei over. Hey, it’s the least they could do for all the troubles.

Sei is now studying under Jude as he explains the basics on how to make low grade healing potions. All seems normal until you need to imbue magic. Magic?! How do you do that?! He teaches her how to cast and in no time, she creates her first potion. As she makes more, it seems the other staffs notice that the potion she makes is 1.5 times more effective. This doesn’t stop her to experiment and create high grade potions although she only managed to make 3 of them. Suddenly Johan calls for an emergency. Gather all the potions and head to the royal palace. Knights have encountered a salamander and despite there were no casualties, the rate of those wounded is through the roof. Sei is shocked to see the room filled with critically injured knights. Time to feed them your potion. She heard some knights asking the whereabouts of the saint because she should be here at such times to heal time. Perhaps she couldn’t stomach the gore? Johan asks Sei if she still has a high grade potion left. You’re in luck. Hurry, because the knight’s captain is about to die. Shouldn’t he be given priority first? I mean, just saying… Sei lets him drink and instantly he heals. Johan is so relieved since Albert Hawke is an old friend of his. Later Johan reports to a higher up about Sei’s very effective potions. The mechanism is unclear but could it be it is because she is a saint? Still too early to determine. Hmm… Maybe she being summoned doesn’t necessarily make her a saint? I guess they don’t want to jump to conclusions so Johan will report if he finds anything else.

Episode 2
Thanks to the reward they get, Johan is glad to get Sei what she wants. So what does she want? A kitchen! Claiming she likes to also cook, it is actually she finds the food served here bland so it’s better if she makes them herself. Since Johan would love to try her cooking, she might as well cook for the entire institute too. Later Johan formally introduces Sei to Hawke as he is here to pay respects to the woman who saved his life. Wow, Sei commenting how handsome he is. Never met such a handsome guy, huh? Yeah, her potion must’ve healed and enhanced his handsomeness because back then he was really messed up and bloodied all over! As part of his way to thank her, he allows her to accompany the knights into the forest so she can gather more herbs since the institute will also be selling those potions to them. The focus of this trip as we can see, Hawke complimenting Sei’s cooking. I can see where this is going… Next day, Johan summons Sei. It seems that the knights have increased physical abilities after eating her lunch yesterday. Also, her 50% effectiveness is not only in potions but her cooking as well. He wants her not to cook for the public now because if this gets out, there’ll be chaos. With the researchers all full and unable to work for today, Johan suggests Sei take some time off. As Sei frequents the library, she becomes friends with Elizabeth “Liz” Ashley. After that, a free horse ride back home courtesy from Hawke. Liz and Sei claim the other is more beautiful so this talk about the struggles of eternal beauty has Liz telling a story of a newly transferred classmate of hers who got ostracized and bullied because her acne explosion. With her confidence at all time low, she believes if her skin condition was resolved, she’ll get her confidence back. Since Sei claims she also makes cosmetics, she’ll do some experiment to see what she can come up with. A few weeks later, Liz introduces Sei to Nicole Adler. Sei hands her a lotion to try. With some words of self-confidence, it’s a start to get her confidence back. Yeah, you are you. Don’t compare yourself to someone who you are not. With word of Sei’s cosmetics growing, Liz thinks she can come up with so because she is in a middle of a budding romance. Huh? Because Liz has seen her been picked up by the handsome Hawke so many times. Sei panicking…

Episode 3
Such a hot day. Sei cools off her feet in a pail of water. And then Hawke comes in and sees this. Oops! Anyway, he is here to invite her to town seeing tomorrow is her off day and she doesn’t have any plans. Does she any reason to reject him? Sei’s first visit to town, Hawke is holding her hand like a lost child? I bet it’s more than just a lost child. Seems like they have a nice time throughout the day and after Hawke sends her back, he gives her a hair ornament as souvenir. Later Sei sends her report to Johan and he is interested to know about their date. It didn’t occur to her it was a date so she gets embarrassed while trying to give reasons he was just accompanying Hawke. As for the ornament, he hints that men don’t normally just give women such expensive ornament as souvenir. Even Liz can tell the ornament from Hawke since it is common custom for men to give an ornament to the woman he likes that is of their eye colour. Once more, Sei tries to deny it and that she’s not used to all this attention. Later Jude mentions that her ornament is reacting to her own magic power. This means it is enchanted. So they get a researcher to explain about enchantment. Sei wonders if an enchantment is possible to resist a type of magic. Possible. Sei gives it a try on a small stone but it broke. A mage thinks she was trying to imbue it with all the attributes so he has them try out one by one a different attribute for a different stone. All of them are success. A few weeks later, Johan summons Sei. She is told the assembly took the stones she enchanted. However word of this also made it to the knight order. They want the assembly to create those enchantments for them. Of course when other researchers try to do the same, they cannot replicate what Sei did. Hence Sei’s help is needed once more. She will be compensated this time. In the end, she gets the job done. So how would she like to be compensated? She gives Hawke a surprise visit on pretence she wants to thank him for the ornament by handing him desserts she made. But also in it is a pendant with a gem enchanted to mitigate magic damage of all affinities. She hopes he can use it for his next expedition. Immediately Hawke kisses her hand. So taken aback by this, Sei spaces out so much that she doesn’t even know how she got home that day!

Episode 4
King Siegfried is personally told of Sei’s abilities. It is deduced that her powers could be even greater than the Grand Magus himself. Logically, that would mean she is the actual saint. However the Grand Magus can only appraise her but he is in slumber now. Sei has to take some time off and goes to deliver potions since Johan warned her about creating too many potions. She talks to a few knights including Wolff who request her in making more potions since they’ll be going on another expedition in a forest where the salamander is. This leads to them talking about Kyle and the current saint, Aira Misono who is currently in his care. As Kyle is always talking about the importance of the saint to the kingdom’s future, they are keeping a close eye on Aira. This has Sei do some serious thinking about Aira who probably don’t have crazy cheat level powers like her. Her logic dictates that could be so only because she is not a saint at all and Sei herself is the real one. She hopes she is wrong. Sei researches about holy affinity magic at the library when Siegfried comes up to thank her. She doesn’t get the picture until he personally apologizes for Kyle’s rudeness. Then it dawned to her. HOLY SH*T! It’s his majesty!!! Sei claims she isn’t bothered but when Siegfried tries to reward her with stuffs, titles, etc, Sei declines. He expected it since Johan ‘warned’ him of this. With the knights back from the expedition, Sei visits those injured at the hospital. Her heart sinks when she sees Wolff missing a hand. He brushed it off being careless. I guess healing potions can do so much, huh? Noting the tone of regret in his voice, Sei makes a decision. She is willing to use her magic to heal his hand even if it risks exposing her true identity. And just like that, Wolff’s hand revert back to normal! OMG! So easy?! With the other injured knights astonished by her feat, Sei becomes Jesus Christ and heals them all! Sei is your God now!!! And then one final simultaneous heal for all those with minor bruises. This drains her energy but don’t worry, she’s okay. Johan and Hawke see this and they praise her. With rumours spreading about Sei being the real saint, Johan soon receives a letter from the royal magi assembly. Looks like they’re ready to appraise Sei.

Episode 5
Yuri Drewes is the Grand Magus and he was in slumber after summoning the saints. Now that he has awakened, the saints are ready to be appraised. Before meeting him, Sei asks Johan the chances that she herself isn’t the saint. In that case, Aira will continue to bear all the duties of the saint but there is a chance that Sei will be roped in to play the supporting role. Sei meets Drewes and realizes herself she is among hot bishonen! Yeah, the other being Earhart who is Hawke’s younger brother. As Drewes begins his appraising, something minor happens. Sei is quick to say she didn’t do anything. This has Drewes draw a conclusion that she is much more powerful than him. Then she has her do a simple spell. He notes her spell unlike many others that only has white light, hers also has golden sparkles. Drewes then reports his findings to Siegfried. Because her magic skills surpass his, therefore she cannot be properly appraised. However Aira has shown unnatural ability to rapidly improve her skills. While it looked like there may be 2 saints, Drewes believes that Sei is the true saint because of those golden sparkles. Uhm, do previous saints summon have this trait? Now that it has come to this, Siegfried is afraid this may result in a succession crisis. Kyle’s insulting behaviour towards Sei cannot be ignored. An official court must be held. Hence, Sei is made to get ready for that official court appearance. Wow. Lots of maids to help her clean, change, prepare, etc. SEI YOU LUCKY BAS- oh wait, never mind. On the day of her appearance, she is surprised that Hawke is even here to escort her despite the courtroom is just a short walk down the hallway. I guess he didn’t want her to be alone. Sei enters the court as Siegfried and other nobles bow their head to make their official apology. He wants to compensate her but instead of land or titles, she asks for access to the library’s forbidden collection and a teacher to teach her magic. With that, Siegfried agrees to her requests. Word of Siegfried’s official apology reaches Kyle. He is not happy but notes that since his father did not formally acknowledged Sei as the saint out loud, things are still fine despite rumours are going around that Sei is the real saint. Kyle believes Aira is the true saint.

Episode 6
Drewes will be Sei’s personal tutor. This is not only because the kingdom wants as few people to know about the saint’s abilities, Drewes also wants to study her himself! So be prepared for Sei putting up a lot of her usual annoyed faces as Drewes tests her powers and the likes. Yeah, it’s like she’s his personal guinea pig or something. But don’t worry, nothing excessive. Sei then goes to see Hawke who then introduces her to his group of knights since Sei will be assisting them in their training exercises. So when Drewes learns about this, he is surprised because having her in such practical exercises is clearly not his intent. Remember, he wants to personally study her! He predicts that she will be called to join in future expeditions and assumes the next one will be in the western woods. When that time comes, Drewes will also participate to protect her. Sei knows better that all this is just a disguise to study her. But now, Sei has to train to become a lady. That means putting on and getting used to that tight corset. And yes, dance lessons. Hawke takes a peek and I guess the best lessons are learnt hands on. Yes, early romance foreshadowing as Hawke dances with Sei. Splendid. He sends her heart aflutter as he hints he would like to accompany her if she gets invited to parties. Sei receives a letter from Marquis Ashley for a tea party. And you would’ve guessed it, it is Liz. Sei hasn’t been coming to the library often so I guess it’s time to catch up on things. And also, this is part of Sei’s etiquette training assignment. Liz seems to know Sei is the saint from day 1. I suppose Sei is the only woman who has such descriptions. She also knows Aira as she attends the same royal academy but a year above her. Liz also hints that Aira was the new student that attracted attention for some males (partly Nicole’s case too). Sei tries to explain the Japan she comes from and that their customs vary although some are the same. Liz is worried that some of those male admirers aren’t as gentlemanly. And by now you would have guessed that Liz’s fiancé is no other than Kyle. She apologizes on his behalf for being rude to Sei but of course Sei doesn’t want to make a big issue out of it since it wasn’t her fault to begin with.

Episode 7
It’s time to look at the other side of the coin: Aira. As she was about to leave home, she is suddenly transported to another world. She was taken hastily by Kyle who then has his assistant, Damian explain to her. I wonder if she understood all that because all she wanted to know is if she can go home after that. Kyle never heard of such thing before and basically this means you can’t. Aira starts crying and this makes Kyle feel bad. So he gives her the best hospitality and has her dress up as he takes her throughout the kingdom. Aira wonders if the people doesn’t like him because she can tell they’re all just putting up fake salutations and all. Kyle later explains about the strict social discipline that this kingdom adheres to in order to uphold peace. He hopes she will come to like this kingdom and once all this is over, he will find a way for her to return home. So please lend us your power. Can she say no after the way he bows his head? Aira will do her best. She enrols in the royal academy and finds delight in learning magic. Because Kyle is always with her, this has other girls talking bad about her behind her back. One day, they confront and warn her about being the centre of attraction but with Kyle around, they dare not further pursue. She tried to make female friends but to no avail. When Kyle receives report that Sei could be the real saint, he thinks the report is fake since her powers sound too good to be true. However, all the famous noble houses have stepped in to provide Sei patronage. Kyle is displeased that many ignore Aira because she looks plain and no more than a servant. Even if this was true, admitting it now would trigger a quarrel over his succession. It is most likely that his brother, the second prince, Rayne may be flocking to Sei’s side too. In the case Aira is not the real saint, the kingdom will find another use for her and she’ll be its captive. Something he knows Aira doesn’t want. As such, it is his duty as the future king to find her a new place to call home. For now, he will continue to play the role of the incompetent and stubborn prince. When Liz tries to make friends with Aira, Kyle steps in and thinks she too has an ulterior motive. Whatever the case, Kyle will look after Aira himself. Aira is left to rue that Liz could’ve been friends had they finished talking. She thinks even if she can’t do it right and being awkward, at least she can be straightforward.

Episode 8
Sei is glad to have access to forbidden collection. She is looking at the encyclopaedia of poisonous plants to help make stronger potions. This has Drewes points out that all life forms have some quantity of magic. He hints and suggests something about imbuing the herbs with her own powers. As she tries, it doesn’t work. This has her wondering if there is anything called holy water in this world. You know, those kind of holy water from video games. None. Not even Drewes knows about it. But he does mention a type of magic that is effective on all sorts of monsters. There are no official records of it and he himself can’t do it. It’s called the saint’s conjury. Not like it has anything to do with Sei imbuing magic into her herbs. That night as she is in the garden, she tries it out. Woah. Golden lights everywhere and then the surrounding plants just get imbued? Don’t worry if you don’t understand what’s going on. Sei herself doesn’t. Next day, Johan tells her they have a message from the palace and looks like a healer is requested since the expedition will be to the western woods. Of course they’re talking about Sei. She tries to stay positive as she might find a new herb. But don’t worry, she won’t be going with nobodies. Hawke will be there too. And Drewes. Yeah, he is bugging Sei if her conjury works and spamming all sorts of questions, excited to know the results. Sorry to rain on your parade, she couldn’t replicate it after that but promises to show it to him once she knows. As the expedition takes them deep into the woods, the knights notice that they haven’t been fighting larger monsters so far all of them are weak. Could it be Sei is the culprit, scaring them away? Then they reach the source of the miasma. Lots of miasmic creatures seen. Don’t look know because the salamander is attacking! It becomes a tough battlefield. The knights trying to kill as much as they can but they’re just endless. Sei trying to heal the wounded as many as possible. When the salamander targets Sei, she looks like she is done for but her hair ornament has some magic properties and protects her from its fire breath. And then she watches Hawke’s sword break and he gets mauled alive. This devastation has her instantly activate conjury as it heals everything! Damn, all miasmic creatures including the salamander gone! Everyone healed! This forest is shining so brightly now. So are we convinced Sei is the real saint now?

Episode 9
Drewes is so awed at Sei’s performance, he really wants to study her in detail! OMG. That rape face… Luckily gentleman Hawke is here to stop this foolishness. Rumours of Sei’s powers are swirling around. It’s no surprise they are acting strange around her. Johan warns that Sei’s life may get hectic now. Despite monsters have decreased around the capital, their activities are reportedly increased in the countryside. Hence Sei may be called to join in more future expeditions. But this might be good for her as the countryside has lots of other herbs so she can have a field trip to study them. Sei can’t reproduce her conjury before Drewes. So as they leave the class, they hear a ruckus between Kyle and Liz. The former accusing his fiancée of being jealous that he is spending too much time with Aira and hence trying to isolate her. However Liz starts to get mad when Kyle despite claiming he must take responsibility for Aira, refuses to acknowledge Sei as the other saint. He calls Sei an imposter. Complication arises when everyone sees Sei. Drewes is gone. Oh sh*t. Before Kyle could touch Sei, damn, did Hawke just suddenly appear to slap his hand away? Drewes returns as he has called Siegfried over this ruckus. Kyle maintains that Sei is an imposter prepared by him. Siegfried announces Sei’s accomplishments verified by several parties. Hence Sei is the true saint. What has Aira achieved? If he claims he is looking after Aira as the saint, then he has failed to do the same for Sei. They continue this discussion in private as Siegfried learns the whole truth behind this. Kyle admits his wrong that Aira is not the saint and will accept any punishment but wants freedom guaranteed for Aira. Siegfried promises to that and has Kyle under house arrest. Rayne and Liz will take over caring for Aira. Later Liz talks to Kyle and believes he planned this entire thing. She deduces that no matter what, Aira will eventually be labelled as an imposter and by embroiling her in his foolish antics, she will look like a victim instead. Now no one will scorn her. But Kyle denies all that and maintains he is just a selfish prince. Sei meets Aira and Liz over tea and they become friends. Siegfried receives many requests from the countryside for assistance to destroy the monsters. The region in need most is Klausner’s Domain as this is the largest herb producer of the kingdom. With monsters attacking, this means less herbs are being supplied. Hawke visits Johan to talk about his mission to Klausner in 2 weeks. Everyone is surprised that Sei wants to go. Well, it is the alchemist’s holy land and a treasure trove of herbs. With Sei going, we know the drill. Get prepared and make her safety their highest priority.

Episode 10
Arriving at Klausner, they are greeted by Daniel Klausner who oversees the region. Sei is really excited to learn all the herbs she is unfamiliar with and sometimes get a bit carried away. Of course, not forgetting the mini romance between Hawke and Sei. She flusters all up when he compliments how beautiful she is in that robe. Uhm, hope this isn’t some death flag since he will be leaving on a scouting expedition tomorrow. Sei is left in the care of Corinna who is the castle’s alchemist. Corinna is surprised Sei can make so many potions and still have energy left. Puts her to shame. Her grandson, Leonhardt barges in to seek more potions he requested yesterday. Yeah, he thinks they can be made in an instant. Of course he goes into repent mode each time grandma chides him. This guy is so muscular and the way he rough handles Sei, I thought she would break apart! Not that he has any ill intentions, just that he lacks delicacy. GAR! As Sei learns more about the herbs, she wonders why she hasn’t find any recipes. Corinna points out there were many but none now. She takes her to read a diary that was written by Klausner’s greatest alchemist. It states how a great drought affected the domain and all the crops and herbs withered. Soon famine set in and everyone was slowly dying, including her brother. Hence she tried all sorts of ways but noted that unless herbs were grown, one cannot be cured no matter how often healed. It is hinted this alchemist is a saint. And then she unleashed some power that healed her brother and crops began to grow, the famine ended. Sei hears a commotion. Leonhardt and his men got ambushed by monsters but thanks to her potion, the results were effective. She then helps to personally heal everyone and leaves them impressed. When Leonhardt mentions the knights might need her help too, she becomes very worried. Oh no. Wasn’t Hawke in that scouting expedition? Hence she speeds up her healing by healing all in the area at once! Then she rushes to where the knights are. Her heart sank to see Hawke covered in blood and unconscious. Oh dear. It’s that trauma again. In her devastation, she unleashes conjury to heal all. But Hawke is well. From Sei’s reaction, not sure if Hawke was just trolling. I mean, it could be he was just tired and the blood on his coat belonged to somebody else. Or was he completely healed by her? Anyhow, Sei feels totally embarrassed. Although he is grateful to her, she can’t look at him in the face and runs away. Corinna reading the rest of the diary that tells the secret of the saint’s power: Love. Oh damn, it’s truly the power of love, huh?

Episode 11
Drewes is not pleased that Earhart didn’t let him on the next expedition. But when a knight comes in and relays that help is needed, Drewes jumps on that chance. Since he spots Aira, he also brings her along on this. Sei recites the names of all the people she knows. When she reaches Hawke’s name, her power starts to glow. Yup, definitely the power of love. No wonder she is so embarrassed. Sei then visits Corinna to experiment with her blessing. But soon, Leonhardt drops by and wants to recruit her into his mercenary as he values her high level healing. Did he just insulted grandma’s alchemy of being a waste of time?! I’m sure he had no ill intention. Of course Hawke is here and he is not pleased of this request. Sorry dude, you can’t have her anyway. Leonhardt then realizes Sei is the saint and that’s the end of that. Hawke speaks to Sei about the next scouting expedition. Because they don’t have many healers with them, looks like her help is needed once more. So they leave for the forests again and this time joining them is Leonhardt. Oh Hawke, you don’t seem so pleased again. They scout around, talk about things, until a knight stumbles into some monster trail. WHICH MONSTER LEFT HIS HUGE CUM DUMP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST???!!! WHO???!!! Oh… That is slime digestive juice? Okay, sorry. My bad. As they follow the trail, it leads them to encounter more of those purple slimes. Naturally they start attacking. I’m sure the humans can’t do this all day, defending and killing the slimes. There seems to be no end. But don’t fear, somebody burns up all of them! It’s been a while but look who’s back? It’s Drewes. And Aira too.

Episode 12
So as Drewes takes on the slimes, Hawke has his men retreat. Back in town, Corinna lets Sei practice her magic but Drewes thinks she is trying to practice conjury without him around. Of course she explains doing so at this place so as not to harm the plants. Maybe. But it might have some effect on the soil. So in order to really test that out, they take Sei to a big field! Now you can practice all you want! You bet Sei is tired after all that after Drewes made her cast it over and over again. But looks like another expedition to the forest is called by Hawke. Sei’s going to be in it. Drewes too. Aira and Leonhardt too. More slime fighting as Sei heals those badly burnt. And then once more Hawke gets injured but before her conjury could be invoked, Drewes destroys the slime and Hawke just suffers a very minor injury. Then they arrive at the centre of the miasma pool. Sei has to purify it from a distance as the rest ward off all sorts of slimes and miasmic beasts. Some drama as Sei tries to save Aira so Drewes uses her hell burning inferno to burn all those around. And soon after, Sei activates conjury and purifies the entire area. As they camp overnight, Sei feels worried for Hawke. Yeah, when he gets injured for the umpteenth time… But Hawke assures her that as a knight, he serves his kingdom. But he would also like to serve her if she so much wishes. Feel better? Next day, Sei is yet going to perform another miracle for the decimated forest. Can she concentrate with Drewes staring this close at her? Well, I guess it’s different if it’s Hawke. Uh huh. Flashes of his cool faces must did the trick. Because now her conjury heals everything in the area back to normal! Woah! Did she reverse time or the forest just has some super growth acceleration? A little drama as she collapses from exhaustion. She gets embarrassed when Hawke carries her back. Sei and Hawke return to the capital. Corinna confirming the saint’s true power is love. Sei is glad to be home and Hawke hopes the upcoming expedition will not be a burden to Sei. Sei then tells him what is said about the saint’s true powers. Since they’re both smiling, can I assume they know about it? At least for each other?

The Insane Manic Prowess Is Oh My Impotent…
So uhm… That’s it? We don’t even get a stinking confession from Sei and/or Hawke in the end? All we got was just another confirmation that love is the power that makes a saint so godly powerful. I don’t know, I just felt that the final episode was just one long drawn out drama (put in some slime killing action scenes to make it less dreary) to make Sei use her conjury and perform a miracle. It could’ve been over in a second but we need to see Sei get focused and all before strutting her stuff. Heck, why do they even need to bring Aira who feels like she did so minimal. Giving her some spotlight since she was so ostracized throughout the season? Sure, she helped to heal too but don’t tell me they don’t have any other healers? So I suppose the herb capital is now saved, Sei can breathe easy that she protected her favourite hobby. But will she have time for them assuming she’ll have to accompany Hawke to other domains to rid of the miasma? No worries. Hawke is the more charming substitute for herbs while she is away. Heh.

Well, I can now definitely say that this series isn’t of a reverse harem genre. Yes, there are tons of hot guys here but from the way I see it all, this is certainly not a reverse harem category. A romance genre yes, but unquestionably not a reverse harem. It was pretty evident that the romance has been slowly blossoming and developing between Sei and Hawke. There were lots of such moments between them. You can tell. But not enough of such similar feel towards other such male characters in this series. Even if those guys do take an interest in Sei, it is not by all means anywhere near anything of the romantic sense. The other guys are interested in Sei because she is very different to them and hence they are mostly hovering along the admiration lines. But with Hawke, you can see it is very different when it comes to their actions. Even more so as the series progresses. So in the end, I am very certain now that this isn’t a reverse harem genre and it really proved how wrong my guts were when it jumped to conclusions after a mere look at the promotional poster and a very brief and quick read through.

As for the plot of this series, you can say it falls under one of those calming and mostly relaxing isekai series like Kami-tachi Ni Hirowareta Otoko. Only, slightly more mature theme because there are a few scenes of fighting threatening monsters. But nothing that is too much of a suspense, drama or action filled like you see in many other ubiquitous isekai shows. Basically, it is just Sei slowly awakening to her true saint powers and the more she uses them, the word of her true powers get spread throughout the land and her assistance in greater events is needed. Therefore I see all the drama here folding in quite a slow pace, which is good if you really like them so but bad if you’re being too impatient and thus one big bore. Like yours truly who always thought something would happen but nothing really big enough that would change the tide and direction of things as it will somehow be nicely resolved. After all, whether a saint or not, Sei looks like she is adjusting to her life very well in this new world. If she wasn’t discovered a saint, she can play the happy little herbalist. But now that she is a saint whose powers surpass Drewes himself, she can use this excuse to go to different places and find new herbs to study. So it’s a win-win situation for her either way.

The setting of this world, that is the need to summon a saint to save the world when sh*t hits the fan isn’t really fleshed out properly. I don’t know, it feels just like a sort of flimsy reason to set up this setting. Because despite saying how dangerous it is as the monster activities are ramping up and the miasma is getting thicker, I’m not feeling it right here. Maybe it is because of the romance drama focusing on the characters that we don’t see too much of that. I mean, don’t want to distract us on what this series is really supposed to be on, right? And there’s really no way for the summoned saint to return to her original home, eh? I guess that still beats the notion of her being dead in her own world and then got reincarnated here.

The closest of any sort of heart pounding suspense and drama came from was the inevitable showdown between the saints. Actually, it was more of Kyle’s stubbornness in insisting Aira as the saint was what kept my interest in the series floating. Will there be a bloodbath in the showdown of the summoned ladies? I know it won’t amount to anything that violent (although there are a few scenes of blood and gore) but I was hoping something of that sort would happen. After all, when 2 saints are summoned than just the usual 1, eventually somebody has got to give when both saints have caused split factions among the group. Well, I have to be honest that I was a bit disappointed the way that ‘showdown’ ended. It fizzled out without so much of a spark. I know it would be unthinkable to see both nice ladies to go head to head as they get embroiled in the shenanigans of the royalty and nobles. But all that didn’t happen. And once Kyle’s true intention of keeping up this farce is revealed, and just like that the issue of which is the true saint died down. Yeah, it just wasn’t that interesting anymore. Now that is gotten out of the way, the rest of the series just sees Sei and Hawke getting close via expeditions, blah, blah, blah. Oh well, I have to remind myself that this is a calm and relaxing isekai show that I’m seeing. Overly dramatic drama isn’t on the table here.

There are also a few action sequences here but I feel those are just a side show and a stepping stone to display Sei’s power. And of course, develop the romance between the saint and the guy she is in love with. Yeah, the fight scenes with the monsters feel paltry but we all already know what kind of series this is so don’t get your hopes too high up. See them swing their weapons around, cast some offensive spells, some defensive spells. Yeah, I’ve seen more vicious fights between man and monsters elsewhere. Hence some of the more ‘violent’ scenes are seeing those guards being injured and Hawke being like a magnet disaster because he has been close to death’s door a few times. Each time Sei has to conveniently step in and miraculously save him. There’s your excuse for their romance. Damn Hawke, you a lucky guy! Every time the grim reaper wants to take him, Sei the goddess says “F*ck you!” and shows the middle finger to death as she casts her godly spell to heal him completely like as though those fatal injuries never happened! Oh yeah. Got to hand it to the power of love! No wonder it is such a potent weapon. Too bad it’s only a trump card reserved for the saint because had any other ordinary people had it, purifying the miasma would be easy and they don’t even have to summon a saint then.

As for the characters, what else can I say about them? I already said most of what I need to say especially about Sei and Hawke in the previous paragraphs above so what more can I say? I’ll be repeating stuffs. But yeah, Sei is a nice and humble person. Hawke is a nice gentleman. Do the chemistry math there. And Sei being bestowed such a great omnipotent power that she could have been reborn as God in this world! Healing wounds until it is totally healed is one thing, but actually growing back a cut off hand! Now that is really pushing it! I mean, HOW???!!! She doesn’t really understand it and it makes it easier for writers not to explain it to us. Heh. That’s something how I felt when Sei suddenly performs her miracles. I suppose this world never heard of Jesus Christ, huh? Well, count your blessings because Saint Sei is here to save the day. So do we hate her for being an overpowered character who can pull off her magic so easily and so effortlessly? You better not. The guys she healed and saved will have your head!

And the other guys who would’ve made this a potential reverse harem: Drewes: The greatest mage of the kingdom is just probably interested in knowing how far her power reaches. Yeah, he might want to dissect her to find out but don’t worry, this isn’t that kind of anime. Johan: Sei’s boss and sometimes gives some advice to her while taking good care of her as she stays at the institute. Leonhardt: Brawns over tact. Any girl who wants to be with him needs to be able to withstand all that brute. Just kidding. More like a gentle giant but needs to work on his tact. Jude: Uhm, who this guy again?! I feel he is so side-lined and unimportant.

Too bad Aira isn’t the main character but I believe she is quite similar in character as Sei. She didn’t get as much attention as Sei did and that single episode focusing on her point of view did give us some insights but nothing of concern. I just wonder if Sei was chosen instead, would Aira end up exactly like Sei and vice versa? Aira’s insecurities are after all stemmed from the environment she was forced into unlike Sei who had a freer environment to do as she pleases. So poor thing for Aira but I’m glad they manage to make up and are now friends. Yeah, so much for that saint showdown drama I was hoping for initially… Sometimes I feel that Liz’s existence is to prove that this series is more than just hot guys all over and that there are some hot chicks too. I mean, Sei is surrounded by men from day 1. It’s nice to have a female by her side to talk things from a female perspective sometimes.

I still believe Kyle is the most interesting character because of his stubbornness. But as I have said, all that acting was just an elaborated ploy to protect Aira. Yeah, it might be a bit disappointing but I guess among many of the other gentlemanly characters, his boisterous and haughty character (even if it is just an act) made him stand out from the rest. Like Earhart who is just boring and I can’t remember what his role is. I mean he does, but what his role is in the overall series? Nothing, right? Better than Rayne who feels like he just making a cameo. I thought he would be a sneaky conniving little brother because you know, successor to the throne rivalry trope. But nope, just my wishful thinking. King Siegfried is so good and polite I wonder if diplomacy is his best weapon. Because it’s like he feels so bad his eldest son offended Sei so much that he went all out to make a formal apology and all. Wow. I’m sure all in the kingdom love him.

Art and animation are pretty good. Considering the target audience is most probably female, you bet that there are a lot of hot and gorgeous looking guys. Heck, even the most average of guys like those knights and common people look decently good. Sure, there are female characters too and they aren’t that bad looking themselves. Wow. In a fantasy world where everyone is looking good? No wonder there are no cosmetics and such products in this world! Everyone is a natural beauty! Oh wait. I forgot about Sei’s cosmetics… Wow. The beautiful will get even more beautiful! Speaking of natural beauty, the background and sceneries are also quite nice to look at. Hey, it’s mother nature you’re looking at. Be it the forest or the herbal gardens. This anime is animated by Diomedea who did Shinryaku! Ika Musume, Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, Kantai Collection, Beatless and Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love.

Voice acting, they’re pretty standard and decent for this genre. I only recognized Takahiro Sakurai as Hawke, Jun Fukuyama as Kyle and Satoshi Hino as Leonhardt. The rest are Yui Ishikawa as Sei (Mikasa in Shingeki No Kyojin), Takuya Eguchi as Johan (Hikigaya in Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru), Yuusuke Kobayashi as Drewes (Subaru in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu), Kana Ichinose as Aira (Marlya in Fairy Gone), Reina Ueda as Liz (Shiori in Sakura Quest), Yuichiro Umehara as Earhart (titular character in Goblin Slayer), Jin Yamanoi as Siegfried (Danjou in Gundou Musashi), Mami Koyama as Corinna (Balalaika in Black Lagoon), Aoi Ichikawa as Rayne and Taku Yashiro (Pele in Plunderer) as Jude (Ebitani in Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa). The opening theme, Blessing by Aira Yuuki is a slow ballad that fits the pacing of the series. Page For Tomorrow by Now On Air as the ending theme plays to a faster beat but is still pleasant to hear. Pray by Aira Yuuki as the final episode’s ending theme is yet another slow lovely ballad to nicely fit the end of the series.

Overall, this is a mixed baggage. Unless you are into this kind of romance genre, you’ll find it very boring and unexciting. It’s just your typical romance series but with some magic. I mean, the lack of a real antagonist (WHERE’S THE MEGALOMANIAC WHO WANTS TO DESTROY TAKE OVER THE WORLD?!), the nonexistence of a plot twist (is anybody thinking that Aira could be Sei’s long lost sister???!!! SAY WHAT????!!!!), not even a reverse harem (those other bishonen are just there to look good, huh?) or interesting characters (like what I said about those many other bishonen) and some even went as far as to say the dialogues are very bland (notice how plain those seemingly love lines are? I guess they don’t want to risk something being witty turned into cheesy), I wonder if Sei can use her healing powers to heal my disappointed heart. Nah. Just kidding. I’ll watch more slapstick ecchi harem comedies to do the trick. The saint may be omnipotent but she isn’t omniscient in what a great romance anime needs!

Gunjou No Magmell

25 September, 2021

It was one of those anime series a few years back that I was wondering if I should watch or not, Gunjou No Magmell. Reviews were mixed. My guts were also sending mixed signals. To watch or not to watch. Hence my decision making brain was also confused. The synopsis wasn’t the most mind blowing ever but it was also somewhat interesting but not that appealing to get me watch it when it came out back in early 2019. After all, had too many anime commitments on my watch list then. Heh. Not to say my anime schedule has lightened up now but a coincidental stumble upon this series on the web has my mind starting to bug me about this unresolved issue. Sighs. So what else do I have to do to satiate this trigger bugging? That’s right. You’ve guessed it. Just go watch it!

Episode 1
A new continent was formed in the Pacific Ocean. Hence lots of people jumped on the bandwagon to become explorers to strike it rich on Magmell. However, many end up endangering themselves and thus there are those who come rescue these explorers. They are called Anglers. Inyou is such and is lazing around. Even when his assistant, Zero reminds him of their money woes, he is going to make the best of what’s left! Soon, a sick boy, Kuriks drops into his office. Oh God. He died at his doorstep?! Just kidding. Just fainted. When he comes to, he wants Inyou’s help to save his brother, Kunoris. Inyou rejects because the money is not enough! Besides, can he put a price on his brother’s life? Kuriks further explains he is born with a frail body and will die soon. He can have the insurance money. Flashback shows his family went to Magmell to find Epona’s Tears that would cure his illness. However Kunoris only came back and regretted he couldn’t save his parents. After training up and all, he returned to Magmell with his friends. Since it’s been a while he haven’t heard of him, Kuriks thought he is in trouble. Inyou now agrees to save his brother because Epona’s Tears will fetch a good prize. Inyou and Kuriks ride a helicopter to a ward located at the edge of Magmell because the deeper you go into the continent, the more technology it rejects. Zero meanwhile sits back in her room to help monitor them via mini mobile robot. Inyou and Kuriks ride a local horse far enough into the forest where Kunoris was last seen. Inyou talking about how Epona’s Tears blossoms on corpses and Kuriks saying if he is cured, he wants to be a Ractor, one who creates stuffs with the mind.

Kuriks sees a man in need of help but Inyou won’t help him. In fact, he shows to Kuriks how it is a trap by some monsters to lure live bait. They continue their way and not sure what Inyou’s special ability cuts up all the monsters and put the zombie guy to ease. As Inyou goes to kill some monster birds, Kuriks finds Kunoris. He is shown Epona’s Tears. Yup, lots of dead bodies. And then… Kunoris kills Kuriks! Because it didn’t have enough corpses to bloom! With Kuriks’ blood, Epona’s Tears now blooms as Kunoris takes its little seed. So Kunoris killed his parents and friends just to feed it, huh? Inyou jumps in to administer some medical aid. But it’s no use. Even in death, Kuriks wants Inyou to help save his brother. After he dies, a very angry Inyou punches Kunoris in the face. Something about Magmell amplifies the desires and emotions of those who set foot on it. Kunoris thinks he’ll grow another seed and eats Epona’s Tears to power up. Too bad he still loses to Inyou. Inyou is sad that Kuriks risked his life to save him and this is the thanks he gets? Sure, he’ll ‘save’ him. Kunoris sees Inyou creating something from air and remembers Kuriks’ dream of becoming a Ractor to help him. So Inyou is a Ractor? He slams whatever thing onto Kunoris to make it his grave. Now he is saved. The brothers can be together now in the other world.

Episode 2
Inyou dreams of Shuuin leaving him and Zero in despair. No time to dream because a busty blonde chick. Emilia is here to seek his help. Her father a researcher is trapped on Magmell and needs some rescuing. Inyou is puzzled that if her dad works under a huge company, Polar Star, shouldn’t it have its own rescue team? Well, dad told her that if he were to be in trouble, come look for him. Inyou rejects her since he isn’t interested in saving people who does experiments on live subjects. Yeah, life is cruel. Get used to it. Emilia further pleads but since she mistakes him as Shuuin, Inyou takes the job. What that guy can do, he can also do. So as they head to a ward in Magmell, they see it being attacked by Kare Bears! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Anyway, as the soldiers drop in to shoot special bullets to kill those monster bears, Inyou is baffled why the Kare Bears who feed on minerals are attacking the facility in the first place. Once the bears are dead, here comes the Scalegorgon, the boss of this ward! It is believed the blood of the Kare Bears attracted it. Damn, it is throwing boulders like baseball! Everyone smashed! A special missile is launched but it becomes a dud! Owens decides to retreat and consider everyone dead! Cue for Inyou to take Emilia and drop down to rescue her dad. Don’t worry, Zero is their parachute. Inyou wants Emilia to fix the missile as he creates a launcher for it. Then he wonders who he should shoot, the monster or the facility. He makes an announcement to the researchers AKA kidnappers to release their hostages. Emilia’s dad thinks he is Shuuin upon seeing his hat and immediately agrees to release the cubs. With that, Inyou goes to fight the monster. Emilia launches the missile but it is useless without any guidance. Inyou uses his Ractor ability to create a giant glove to push the Scalegorgon towards the missile as it gets ripped to pieces! After the cubs are released, they grieve over their dead parents. Inyou saying those parents attacked the facility to save their offspring as Owens explains the blood of Kare Bear cubs becomes the strongest metal once refined and the company has a patent over it. Inyou not happy about this so he crashes the entire helicopter?! Don’t worry, no fatalities. In the aftermath, Emilia’s dad quits the company and wants to know how Inyou is related to Shuuin. Not telling.

Episode 3
Inyou and Zero watch the TV of an auction. Some super rich guy, Daysem outbidding everyone to buy the seven coloured tail dove from Magmell that is believed to cure all poisons for a billion esk! Soon, Daysem comes to see Inyou and wants his help to rescue his friends. Inyou knows his friends are poisoned and hence the dove to help cure them. Learning that he is a migrant, it seems he lost his friends 30 years ago! Back when the world knew nothing about Magmell’s dangers, they were part of the migrant programme settling there. Daysem along with Stua and Stein played in their ward like as though it’s their playground. Daysem got an idea to play a game whereby they put all the poisonous bugs they could find and see which one comes out tops. It backfired as the rest got poisoned and Daysem escaped unscathed. He ran away due to fear and shortly, the migrant programme failed and many returned home. Daysem drowned himself with work to buy this dove. He still believes they are alive. Inyou accept this job since he will pay any amount and even agrees to Inyou adding any conditions ad hoc. Yeah, those esk signs are blinking in Zero’s eyes! Money woes solved! As they head into Magmell, returning to this place brings nostalgic memories for Daysem. We see Inyou fighting some bug monster to show off his Ractor skills so as to pick a flower that is the dove’s favourite food. Entering the cave where they played the stupid game, Daysem is overcome with grief and regret that it was his fault that all this happened. Inyou points out his friends are still alive. Suddenly they are attacked by a monster scorpion. Uhm… This is Stua?! Yeah, that hairstyle. And then a bat monster drops in to attack! Yes, this is Stein. Bats don’t wear glasses, huh? Inyou points out his friends have turned into monsters. When Daysem calls out to them, they recognize him! He wants to use the dove to cure their poison but Inyou says they have to drink its blood and then they will also die. Doesn’t it cure any poison? Only if you are human. Now that they are monsters, they have to survive on this blood. They take Daysem to their nostalgic hang out spot. Damn, why were the friends fighting each other in the first place?! Nothing else better to do?! So they’ve been at it for the past 30 years? Daysem frees the dove and takes heart that despite their monstrous looks, they are still his friends. Hey, even Daysem has grown old and changed, right? In the aftermath, Daysem will contribute all his wealth to preserve Magmell as well as the families who lost their loved ones there. And pudding production? Oh, Zero’s favourite food… Inyou too…

Episode 4
In town, Verena Stellaria makes her speech that she’ll go to Magmell once more to save a child. Everyone cheers at this miracle worker and some even worshipping her like a goddess. But Inyou is not impressed. He believes she is that Bloody Maria. Zero goes to research her and finds she opened and orphanage. To help the children, she ventured into Magmell. She has returned many times unscathed. She even pays a visit to the orphanage. Looking all fine and dandy but some children who are in despair reminds Zero of herself. Inyou returns and sees what Zero was researching on his PC. Forgot to erase browser history! This brings back memories when he and Shuuin was on Magmell and Shuuin rescued Verena from a monster. Verena was grateful for his help and Inyou smitten by her beauty. That night when he decided to go visit her, he saw something horrible. He claims Verena is just a devil in disguise. Soon, many people hound Inyou’s office to go save Verena as contacts of her has been lost. Inyou of course refuses. Why not perform your miracle like you always claim? After all the insults they throw at him, he still won’t go. Until Zero says she’ll help in any way she can so please leave for today. So I guess Inyou has to help too, huh? So as Inyou goes to Magmell and fights monsters, he remembers talking to Shuuin about saving Verena because she’s a bad person. Shuuin told him it doesn’t matter what is good or bad, as long as the person before him needs saving, he’ll do it. One day he’ll understand it. While Inyou still can’t accept his ways, he notes that he is still far off from being close to his abilities. Zero sees for herself Verena’s true nature. She is rummaging through the monster’s corpse to find organs that are sellable. This is how she will save all the children! Yeah, her followers all died for her too. With monsters surrounding them, she is glad there are more cash cows around and will go get them. Inyou wanted to go save her but Zero stops him seeing there are too many monsters. Okay then. Let’s retreat. In the aftermath, it is said that Verena has died and because many cannot believe it, they claim she has ascended into sainthood! Zero is confused on what is good or evil so Inyou tells her it is just a concept created by humans.

Episode 5
Denden is at Magmell. Stuck and moments away from being eaten by a monster! How did this happen? Flashback time. Denden runs a shop and Inyou often patrons it. However, Inyou always forces Denden to give discounts by putting up fake accidents. Now that Inyou is here with Zero, Denden expects more or less the same. But today he has learnt from all those lessons. He has reinforced everything complete with cameras everywhere so no mishaps could happen and that everything is recorded. So when Inyou and Zero are going to pay for all that they have bought and they really the bill is a really high one, Inyou hands over his credit card and won’t ask for discounts. After all, he has given him a lot. Denden in shock! As they leave, suddenly the sign drops and falls on Zero’s head! Bloody! Of course this is a clever setup. Denden panicking. Inyou instead of asking him to call for an ambulance, tells him to give discounts!!! And seeing that Zero is well, Denden once again realizes he has been had. Complete defeat. Realizing he will lose at this rate, he decides to go to Magmell and strike it rich. Might as well die there than face this brat again. And so… Is he going there on his lame bike?! Yeah, Inyou and Zero forcing him to hitch them a ride home. Then they dare him to race through the lights. Only, they cut the brakes! Gonna crash into the truck! Miss! Phew. But fell off a cliff! Since the bike won’t do, he’ll go by sea! And so he buys a boat. 30 year loan… But wait. Inyou and Zero on board? They rummage through his stuff and explains this Ractor thingy. Here is this grenade Inyou created for you based on those he bought from his shop. The pin is out! Throw it away! Damn, why he throw it inside his own boat! Boom! Sea’s no good. The sky maybe. Hang glider? As he is in the air, he realizes he doesn’t know which way Magmell is. Don’t worry. Inyou here to help! He makes a giant blower to blow him off course. He crashes into a truck carrying pigs. Just his luck, it is on its way to Magmell. And so that is where Denden is now. Regretting he should’ve just stayed back at the shop, huh? But before he could die, Inyou saves him. We’re friends, right? Banzai for friends! Yeah. When’s the next shopping? The discounts are going to kill him from now on…

Episode 6
Zero is smitten by a few cat videos and wants to own a cat! But Inyou shoots that request down. He explains all the scam and the likes. Zero isn’t done yet as she claims the badge on his hat resembles cats. Or at least cat-like. Inyou confirms that. Time for another flashback of Inyou and Shuuin on Magmell. As Shuuin teaches him survival smarts, one day Inyou stumbles into bloodied corpses of adventurers. He then spots a little cute cat monster nearby. In short, they become friends and he calls it Toto. Yeah, they’re having a swell time together. Inyou even carved a few badges in Toto’s shape. One for you Toto, another for you Shuuin. In turn, Shuuin gives him a similar hat of his. One day, Inyou stumbles into a trapped explorer who is pleading help to be freed from some bear trap. But Inyou is cautious. He knows he is lying and set the trap himself. Desperate, the explorer tries to force him to do his bidding but Inyou releases all his prized catches. Suddenly Toto does a Digimon evolution and turns into a violent monster! He kills the explorer before turning on to Inyou. Shuuin explains this is what Toto becomes if it drinks human blood. Shuuin wants to kill it for Toto is no longer itself but Inyou wants to do it. But with his Ractor skills still at amateur level, he has a hard time. In the meantime, flashback of fun times with Toto. Damn, making it harder to kill this ex-cutie, huh? Eventually he has to go in for the kill. After burying it, Inyou cries his heart out. After all, Toto is the first monster he killed on Magmell. Now that Zero learns of the truth, she understands why Inyou will not allow any pets. At least for the time being. And then a tearful young girl comes in to seek their help to find her lost cat. Not wanting her to be miserable, Inyou agrees to take on the job. Hey, his trauma has got nothing to do with it, right? Uhm… WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IS ACTUALLY A DOG?! Bad misleading drawing…

Episode 7
Emilia joins Owens as Polar Star launches an investigation into an area in Magmell that has seen all sorts of aircrafts gone missing. Owens so confident this big helicopter of his won’t get into trouble. Until giant frogs start hurling boulders! Don’t fully panic yet. Because some tiny titan aborigine with rubber-like gomu-gomu arms drags, it down! So now it is Emilia’s father’s turn to seek Inyou’s help to rescue his daughter. Inyou blames them for getting into trouble when they should’ve known better. He is going to charge double. And so papa decides to play psychological and mentions Inyou looks like Shuuin. Well… In that case, he’ll charge triple! Is there a price too high for your daughter? Wakarimashita. Zero has an additional condition: Finish this bowl of marshmallows! WTF?! And here is another bag for the road! Ugh… Emilia decides not to be a sitting duck and goes to explore. She just ran off like that unprepared?! Then she stumbles into that aborigine. But she returns unscathed. Owens is glad the pride of Polar Star’s air force is here. Too bad they are all stoned down by the frogs and the aborigine eliminating it. Inyou is here as he watches the massacre. Yup, they’ve entered the territory of Eren Elin. Then Owens’ men try to go for a manhunt. Emilia tries to dissuade them not to fight back because Elin hates weapons. They don’t listen to her so Elin attacks them. Yeah, Elin is super fast like a ninja! Inyou’s helicopter is also taken out since papa brought a gun just in case. Wow. Elin can detect that?! Looks like papa will buying a new helicopter for him. Now Inyou faces off with Elin who becomes hostile towards him. Ractor vs super powered aborigine? Who will win? As narrated, there are more than 30 types of Elin species discovered. But all share 2 common traits: They look like human (really?!) and have intelligence surpassed that of humans. Eventually Inyou wins by dumping marshmallows on Elin. Tasty. So this is sign of friendship? Even the frogs join in! WTF Zero won’t lose and devours more marshmallow?! Because Elin just wants to live in peace, Inyou promises they will never set foot here again. So if you greedy humans decide to break that promise, Elin won’t just be your enemy. Emilia’s dad is grateful he has saved them twice and wants to repay other than money. Well, anything than marshmallows!

Episode 8
As Inyou is picking fruits, he stumbles into a decimated village. Hey look, a coffee shop! He is then captured by an old man, Tabu. But he lets Inyou go after he learns he doesn’t mean any harm. Zero doesn’t like his rudeness and all but Inyou takes his leave. He notices a photo of him and his daughter. Wanna bet something happened? Yeah, flashback shows they served the greatest coffee in town thanks to his daughter cultivating them. As Inyou and Zero hunt for some monster believed to be have the most delicious meat, it is suddenly eaten up a by a monster mole! Inyou believes this is his first time seeing that monster as it only appears once in 10 years just to feed. What luck. As they return, they stumble into a graveyard. One of them has fresh flowers. As Inyou steps closer, a warning shot by old geezer Rambo. Don’t you dare step closer. Another warning shot to make him scram. Okay. Suit yourself. Zero is mad at his disrespectfulness but Inyou gets the picture about protecting someone dear. Tabu then returns and sees the mole. He has been waiting 10 years for this. Time to finish unsettled business. Another flashback shows 10 years ago the mole attacked and decimated this village. While others evacuated, he and a few stayed back to shoot it. Now Tabu is gunning for revenge and it seems he is feeling nervous and can’t aim straight. He gets owned. Another flashback shows he survived the onslaught. Then he saw his daughter’s corpse. I guess that was when he turned into Rambo. Now, he won’t be defeated and continues to fight back. He still has anxiety issues, though. Inyou who has been watching all the while, decides to chip in. When the mole attacks, he makes it trip, allowing Tabu to shoot through and kill it. It is done. When he returns to his shop, Inyou is seen waiting. He returns his daughter’s necklace as he claims he picked it up somewhere. To show his gratitude, he invites Inyou for coffee.

Episode 9
Zero is shocked to see a hot chick sitting on Inyou’s lap and feeding him pudding. Who this woman?! Oh, she’s the new secretary. Then what makes of Zero? Oh, she’s the pet. WTF?! Thankfully it was just a dream. But in order for Zero to prevent that, she thinks she must become a proper adult first. And so she tries to shop for clothes but stumbles into Emilia. Despite Zero trying to hide everything (and fails), Emilia takes her to try some clothes. None work. Then they stumble into Daysem who treats them to pudding and then hears about Zero’s woes. He takes her to his tranny hair stylist to give her a hair makeover. You sure this tranny graduated from some top hair stylist academy in London? After all the weird hairstyles, the long black hair really suits her. But… Only if she was taller. Hence they visit Denden to see if he has a growth serum. Well, this book says some plants in Magmell might have that effect. Daysem will pay any price but looks like price isn’t an issue for Denden… So I guess the only way is to head to Magmell and get those plants! Assemble the Avengers! Upon reaching Magmell, Daysem has everyone eat lunch first. A small cute critter drops in and Denden thinks of getting his revenge from his past humiliation. Yeah, he should after his gun training. Besides, he wants to impress Fantastic Cups. That’s you, Emilia. Too bad Zero feeds it and becomes friends with it since it is herbivore. Denden failed… They continue their journey (Denden could’ve gotten into less accidents if he wasn’t staring at Fantastic Cups’ ass) until they find a plant. Zero makes Denden a guinea pig and lets him eat it! His legs grow longer! Miraculously he turns back normal after a while. They continue to let Denden eat weird plants and different part of him grows. Yeah. Then they encounter a giant monster snail. Attacks do no good. They’re trapped. Are they doomed? Inyou is here to save the day! But since he is having a tough time, the rest have this idea as they force feed Denden with all the plants to make him grow, thus helping turning the snail on its back and making it easy for Inyou to deliver the finishing blow. In the end, Zero apologizes for going to Magmell alone but still lies that this is because Denden wants to open a new business for some political incorrect compliance! Until Inyou reveals that book belongs to him and sold it to Denden. Yup, it’s fake. But Inyou is glad she had fun and has returned safe.

Episode 10
Inyou and Zero see a guy, Rubert happily frolicking with the monsters! He is an ecologist studying these monsters and is having a field day as he passionately explains and introduces some of the weird but friendly monsters to them. He takes them to his favourite spot, some nest of young peckers. When some plant bird monster hybrid walks by, Rubert probably wants to hug it but Inyou distracts it away before it shoots miasma at him. He is warned that the miasma will make you see hallucinations of your worst nightmares. But Rubert says there is a nightmare going on recently. Many of Magmell’s creatures are dying unnatural deaths like crucifixion. Don’t look now because nearby, DJ Zee and Baby Fat are using a cute critter as target practice and recording it just to get more views! Poor critter died and Zee thinks it is still not enough. Oh look, a pecker’s nest. Time to set it on fire and make it a huge grilled yakitori! Rubert is disheartened to see the entire nest burnt to a crisp. Inyou can tell it is arson as it was burning too intensely than naturally. Zero soon discovers the culprit. Yeah, their uploaded video has got lots of hits, huh? Soon they confront those heartless monsters. Rubert wants to know why they did it so Zee says they are monsters. Humans are invaders. It is no different. I mean, you eat chicken, right? So what’s the difference? Because they show no remorse, Rubert gets emotional and tackles Zee, forcing him to apologize. Zee will not so Rubert takes out a knife! Damn, he’s ready for blood! But Inyou won’t let him turn into the same monsters they are. Besides, they have to run because a monster is coming. Oh, heard Fatty’s screams? He just got eaten. Inyou ties Zee to a rock and leaves him with that plant bird monster hybrid. It spews its miasma all over as Zee starts screaming all over. This footage is uploaded onto the internet and you bet he won’t be seen in public again. Rubert apologizes to Inyou because he really thought of killing that jerk and it was arrogant of him to think he could take another life. But Inyou says it is fine as long as he just kept it to thinking. As long as he doesn’t do the real thing, which is much worse. Zero wonders if Inyou hates his Angler job but he asks if he can do anything other than that. Why does it sound like a hint he makes his true living with some shady job?

Episode 11
Zero is still haunted by a dream of her previous bad master, Barton. Yeah, just hearing his footsteps to her cell made her quiver in fear! Zero is shocked that Inyou woke up early and doesn’t want breakfast. Something is wrong. Hence she assembles her Avengers and tells them about it. They try to speculate what it could mean but eventually an unimpressed Zero believes he is out flirting with girls. I think unicorns existing is more probable than that! This also made her remember how she first met Inyou. In a lab where her Barton told her to finish off a monster, there is Inyou on it and don’t worry, her puny hands can’t strangle him. He patted her head and assured her someone told him to find and rescue her. In actuality, Inyou is cleaning his house with Shuuin when they were together on Magmell. Flashback shows when Inyou was ready to return to the human world, Shuuin said they won’t meet again and handed him a photo of Zero. If he finds her, protect her at all cost. When Zero returns, she is shocked to see Barton at her place. Found ‘ya! He forces her to come back to him because Inyou is not her real master. Of course she refuses. In that case, here is a video of Denden. A weirdo enters his shop. Since Zero refuses to go back to him, the weirdo blows himself up! Oh sh*t! I guess Zero is still hesitating because Denden is expendable. HAHAHA!!! Oops, my bad! What will she say now when he has suicide bombers near her other friends! Oh dear. I guess he is her master now. Good girl. When Inyou returns, a video of Barton claiming he has taken Zero with him. This is revenge for what he has taken from him. Flashback shows when Zero was force to kill the monster, Inyou was actually sleeping on it. He told off Barton that Magmell creatures do not attack those stronger than them, that’s why this experiment is bound to fail. Inyou uses his Ractor skill to beat up Barton and save Zero. Barton has his suicide bombers blow themselves up! Now the real revenge begins! He gives him a chance to come to the place where he took everything away from him. That is, if he can escape this suicide bomber in his place! BOOM!

Episode 12
More flashback shows Inyou destroying the lab and ruined our evil dude. Apparently he has been forcing Zero to do experiments that would awaken her Ractor abilities. He thinks fear and despair is key to all that despite there were no progress. Zero notices that there are other prisoners here too. They were also part of the experiments. When Inyou destroyed the lab, they escaped but Barton captured them back. Barton knows Inyou is still alive as footage shows he created a barrier to protect himself from the explosion and then flew away in his helicopter. He can’t wait for him to get here. So you wonder why those prisoners are for? Wonder no more because they’ll do his last bidding by becoming suicide bombers! Seeing that Zero is still having hope that Inyou will come rescue her, he shows her an edited footage that Inyou died in the blast. Poor Zero. Now only despair and tears left. Yup, a montage of all her moments with Inyou. Basically recycled scenes of them throughout the series. Well, can’t really say it’s a recap. Inyou has finally arrived at the lab. Barton ranting how he took so long because he needed to get prepared. So 4 years he needed, huh? I think that’s why he is gonna fail… As he claims he is stronger now, all Inyou cares is where Zero is. Barton has all his suicide bombers fight him. Until Inyou is injured and that is where Barton comes to face him. Damn, Inyou didn’t create any protection at all to protect from the blast? As Inyou charges his sword at him, suddenly Barton strikes him back first with his sword. What’s this? He is now a Ractor!

Episode 13
Inyou’s options are limited because if he doesn’t stay still and get beaten, he threatens to kill Zero. Barton takes his time to beat up Inyou and see him suffer. Then this WTF moment, Inyou creates a grenade that Barton accidentally bats away. It rolls into the command centre and blows up, shattering the windows. Inyou then screams out to Zero to hear his voice. Now, how the f*ck does he know the layout of the place and where Zero is?! Taking his chances? Such luck. Zero is glad to hear Inyou’s voice. Barton continues to humiliate Inyou as the latter has Zero remember the first time we met. Basically after destroying the lab, Inyou told her he will always protect her. And then they go get something to it. Not sure how relatable is that because now Zero uses her Ractor powers to break free and aid Inyou with her mini robot. Wow. Had she done that in the first place, she wouldn’t have been a captive. No wonder Barton wants to keep her in depression. After they defeat him, Inyou and Zero reunite. But that is short-lived since Barton has eaten lots of weird fruits from Magmell as it turns him into a monstrous blob. Another round of fighting. This time Inyou wants her to take him to the rooftop. There, just when Barton thought he killed Inyou, Inyou slams his double gloves onto him. Not sure how that caused a super explosive effect. Yeah, entire lab got destroyed too. Ah well, double sure that this jerk and place won’t be having any future. When Zero is sad about her dead friends, Inyou assures her that he has confirmed that they are all alive before he came. Apparently those suicide bombers were too slow to respond, giving everyone enough time to take evasive action and escape. Except for Denden. All covered in bandages in hospital. Next time, fit your shop with better protection! Inyou clears the air that he was cleaning at Shuuin’s house. Because one day the secrets of Magmell will be discovered and he wants her to rescue him. They return to their office where Inyou just sleeps at the doorstep. Let sleeping dogs lie. Zero just rests next to him.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, But Lost Everything!
Well, uhm, happy ending? I guess the final stretch had nothing to do with anything Magmell. Just turned into some revenge episode and the baddie got too desperate-cum-dumb and killed himself, saving our heroes from tainting and bloodying their hands.

I guess one of the mixed reviews that many viewers had about this series was that that many of the episodes are episodic and standalone type. Except for the final stretch, the rest of the other episodes just feel like fillers. Of course this is really bad if you are expecting a good storyline to follow. But too bad this series didn’t walk down that path. Hence we see Inyou getting involved in weird and bizarre misadventures and it feels a lot more like that rather than him doing his Angler job. Yup. Inyou’s Bizarre Adventures. Heh. Because of the episodic nature of the series, a lot of things are left unexplained or just touching the surface. For instance that Elin episode. So what the heck is the significance of that episode for if they aren’t going to reference it or use it any more in future episodes? So, it’s just to tell us that there are local inhabitants on the island and not just wild monsters. Therefore in hindsight, had they not put this episode in and replaced it with another generic rescuing mission or something like that, it’ll make no difference. Yeah, it could still be as bad.

Thus it feels sad and disappointing that there is nothing much more known about this new giant continent of Magmell that suddenly just popped up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I didn’t think it was the job of global warming because island countries like Fiji, Nauru, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga and Kiribati would’ve been underwater due to climate change. Even Hawaii will cease to exist. But instead, with the new continent emerging like that, WTF happened to these island nations?! Are they part of Magmell now? Oh well, nobody cares. Sorry got a little off track there. Anyway, I think nothing much is known about Magmell is because to keep the enigmatic allure of the continent itself. We all just know it is dangerous as f*ck and there are monsters out there who just want to kill you if you’re not careful! I mean, the more you know about something, you take away the romance of ambiguity. Try to get what I’m saying here? Because let’s say if the science and ecology on Magmell is now well recorded and documented, nobody would really fear the island anymore and hence that allure is lost. So for now, even though it might seem insufficient about what Magmell is and what it contains, in some ways this mystery is better for us to sleep better at night. And yeah, Magmell’s monsters feel like they are rejected designs from Toriko but only you can’t eat them. Yeah… And the reason why it mysteriously rejects technology so that we can have some barbaric and primitive adventure instead of ‘cheating’ using such technology. Uh huh. See who is lucky and smart enough to survive.

The episodes seesaw between tragic and slapstick comedy. Like the first episode saw how the client died so many would assume this would set the tone for the rest of the series. While other episodes aren’t as bad, then we have the totally WTF with Denden trying to get to Magmell via planes, trains and automobiles (perhaps my favourite episode throughout the series) and some that just feel WTF confusing like Verena’s episode when she just suddenly died. Not sure if she trolled everybody because it’s like thought once her secret comes to light, that’s all there is for the episode. So yeah, it’s not all serious or comedy all the way but a mix in between both extremes. Either you love it because it gives variety or you’ll hate it because it shows it is just inconsistent and doesn’t know what to stick with.

As for the characters, oh well, I guess many don’t like Inyou because of how a cold jerk he is. Well, if that is his character… I suppose that he has to act this way because it is survival smarts. Whether you are on Magmell or living in any human civilization, having such attitude can greatly increase your survival. Just like how Magmell was not fully explained, there are many other things and the characters themselves that are not fully fleshed out. We are given snippets of Inyou’s past but it is nothing concrete to form anything conclusive. Most obviously, Shuuin. Logically he could be Inyou’s master and taught him the ways of survival as well as his Ractor abilities. But other than that, if you want to know what really happened and why they’re together in the first place, the anime isn’t going to answer your question. Maybe the manga, oops sorry, manhwa could since it is still ongoing. Yes people, this series was originally Chinese based and that’s why you could see a lot of Chinese stuffs in here from Inyou’s uniform that resembles like a Chinese dictator to even the music that has lots of those erhu tunes to go with it.

Then there is of course Inyou’s Ractor abilities which I feel it serves as a plot convenience. I mean, it is generally said that you can make anything out from imagination. Oh hell yeah. How f*cking convenient is that! So I’m not sure how this Ractor thingy works but I believe it isn’t as easy as just conjuring something up in your mind and then it pops up and lasts as long as how well you understand its structure whatever before disappearing. Otherwise seeing Inyou pulling off this move feels just like for convenience. And to say that he isn’t as good as Shuuin is so that we can have an excuse that the stuffs he creates are just limited. Yeah, noticed how most of the things he creates are just iron metal gloves or those boxes with strange symbols? WTF he think he is Mario, why does he need to create those boxes to jump up?! Could he not make springs for his shoes?! Just saying, you know. And they say being a Ractor is just like being in a fairytale… Yeah, it’ll be troublesome if everybody or a big majority of the population is a Ractor.

Zero the cutie loli of the series has her past fleshed out at the final stretch but I feel that there is more to it than meets the eye than just this meeting. But I guess for this adaptation, it is just sufficient to tell us how they met. Even Inyou has his bad points, at least he isn’t as bad as her previous master who could be some loli hater or something. So it’s weird to see that Inyou heading to Magmell physically but Zero sits in her special room with a big wide screen and uses her mini Zero robot to accompany him. I think that’s the safest way because Zero doesn’t really have good self-defence skills so she’ll be more of a burden if she goes with him physically too. Yeah, it feels like a professional and like in one of those movies if Zero is acting like his operator from HQ or something. For now it might seem they are just boss and employer relationship but as hinted at the end, Zero could be Inyou’s trump card for something big. Too bad we’ll never find that out.

As for the rest of the other characters, they aren’t really that interesting but those who didn’t die (RIP Kuriks and Verena), they get to reappear again as side characters. After all, it’s more exciting than to see just Inyou and Zero. But if I have to pick a favourite character, it will have to be Denden. Yes, people! Uncle Denden is in fact the best character in the series simply because he is a clown and a naturally funny guy who makes me laugh! Each time he is in the scene, he never disappoints to make me smile in some ways. Way better than the cow tits Emilia who is Zero’s rival because of those huge racks but innocent Emilia doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Does she even know those humongous melons are right before her eyes?! You wonder why she always wears a red singlet wherever she goes, huh? Yeah, there’s your fanservice for guys who love mature woman over flat lolis.

Way better than Daysem because despite not being filthy rich like this old dude, somehow still can manage to keep his store afloat after giving discounts to his best customer! JUST HOW?! Way better than Tabu because despite this old Rambo now working in a new café, at least he isn’t a sullen moody person. And of course way better than Rubert who feels like a discount and knockoff version of Pokemon’s Ash. Gotta catch ‘em all, friendly Magmell monsters! So do you not see why this guy is the best?! Despite everyone takes advantage of him or treats him like a clown and that’s only because he is written to helm this role! This guy should have his own spinoff series! I wanna see this guy be the next Gourmet Hunter or Pirate King! F*cking Inyou and Zero jerks trying to bully a poor guy and rip him off his (not so) honest business! Send those motherf*ckers to prison! And of course Barton the big bad wolf himself feels like he is trying to put some fear in us all by tormenting our innocent loli but he became a one dimensional villain and ended up in a predictable fate. Good riddance.

Art and animation are pretty standard, not the best I have seen and certainly not the worse either. But yeah, I did notice that some scenes do have slight drop in quality. Not sure it’s my hardware but I don’t think so. There are some CGI employed too but I noticed it is mostly to the ordinary people in town. It isn’t so obvious but you can tell from the super smooth CGI-like movements from the character models. Otherwise, everything else is 2D hand drawn. Like I’ve already mentioned, since this manhwa is Chinese originated, a few Chinese themes around and the weird monster designs keep reminding me of Toriko. And of course, some character designs look pretty familiar like the first time I saw Inyou, I wonder why the f*ck Ryoma from Prince Of Tennis is doing here! Did he give up his racquet and become an Angler?! And Zero looks like Minami-ke’s Chiaki but without the droopy eyes. Or is it Claudia from Senyoku No Sigrdrifa? I don’t know, does Shuuin look like the main character in Tokyo Ghoul but without a hat? Don’t ask me, didn’t see that horror series. This anime is animated by Pierrot Plus who did Sabage-bu, Beelzebub, Konbini Kareshi and Mahou Shojo Ore.

Voice acting, you bet my favourite one is going to be Denden. Now, if he sounds awfully familiar that is because he is the same guy who voiced Ryogen in Gundou Musashi, Shiro Saito. Exactly the same character! I wonder if this is the future where Ryogen jumped to and stayed on! Lost Da Vinci somewhere in the time travel! Hahaha! But yeah, this guy rocks and his voice is so joker-like! My favourite. Makes me laugh all the time whenever he just opens his mouth to say something whether it is serious or not. The only seiyuu I recognized are Koji Yusa as Owens and Shizuka Itou making her cameo as Verena. The other casts are Kengo Kawanishi as Inyou (Rei in 3-gatsu No Lion), Mao Ichimichi as Zero (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Hibiku Yamamura as Emilia (Claudia in Senyoku no Sigrdrifa), Hiroshi Yanaka as Daysem (Otogi in Nanbaka), Minoru Hirota as Tabu (Pepel in Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvazda), Keiichi Sonobe as Barton (Rayleigh in One Piece) and Toshiyuki Morikawa as Shuuin (Julius in Black Clover). The opening theme is Dash&Daaash by Fuudan-juku. So lively a rock piece that it just doesn’t seem to fit the pacing of the series. Really. I thought this would fit those kind of generic slice of life high school comedies. We have another rock piece for the ending, The Key by A Flood Of Circle. Not really fitting either but sounds better than the opener.

Overall, this series had potential but was bogged down by a very random-like filler stories, unlikeable characters (even Denden being the most likeable in my books feels like he is in the wrong anime!) and well, everything else is just meh. They did not really flesh out the potential of Magmell or tantalize us with its secrets. Instead, we are just made to stare at it from miles away as we salivate behind some thick glass. Yeah. That’s how it feels like. Also, it feels like you decided to take some sort of adventure and at least get some sort of consolation prize or treasure but you return empty handed. Oh well, at least I still have my life! Gotta be grateful for that! So are they saying that some things are better left undiscovered? You mean, like this anime series!!! I agree. Because now I can warn others if you don’t want to be disappointed with mediocrity, don’t watch this anime if you are not willing to take the risk! Otherwise your brain, heart, mind and expectations will blow up and collapse even faster than Denden’s shop without any reinforced bomb protection! Yeah!

Idol Fight Suchie-Pai 2

24 September, 2021

Before there was Saki, there was this, uhm, what the heck is this Idol Fight Suchie-Pai 2?! I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this retro OVA about mahjong. Of course, curiosity got the better of me so you bet I’m going to take a look at this single OVA that came out in 1996. Heh. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right? Oh sh*t, I think I just jinxed it…

May the best hand win…
Oh wow. Opening narration about some legendary tile that could grant wishes. And if you have a dark greedy heart, it amplifies that evil. Wow. Whatever. We see a doctor examining a patient. The moment she asks her patient to strip, her pet bunny, Milk transforms into a furry Playboy girl? Anyway, her goal is to take over the world. Sensei gets so scared and that’s because she has a vivid imagination after reading lots of sci-fi books. Turns out Milk just takes their clothes and considers her domination of the hospital complete. Oh right. Seifuku = world conquest or uniform. WTF… Now we see the maid, Sanae Makieda being bullied by her oujo-sama and accused of breaking a vase. Her papa comes to add misery. He doesn’t care if she can compensate. It’s not about the money. It’s about the feelings of the vase. Huh? Because he is going to break her arm to make her feel the vase’s pain! WTF?! But suddenly Sanae transforms into some dominatrix BDSM queen! Time to whip and turn the tables on you perverted geezer! Crotch step! Oujo-sama returns in an equally pathetic dominatrix outfit and thinks as the bully queen, nobody can outdo her. How wrong she is. She gets owned right away. The bully gets bullied. Alice Shinohara is some idol waiting to perform on stage. Before the curtain raises, it seems she transforms and whisks away, leaving her band and the fans wondering where the f*ck she disappeared to. At a construction site, Tsukasa Ichimonji saves a colleague from a falling beam. Later during lunch, the guys mock how Tsukasa is so strong that she isn’t even a woman. Heck, she might not even be human! Tsukasa heard all that and feels sad. Hey, even cyborgs have feelings too, you know!

Kyoko Misaki bumps into Shiho Katagiri. I think they are going to play mahjong. Nearby, a woman enters a shed to meet a friend but she sees her being killed off by a cat girl monster as she is eating her corpse! OMFG!!! Now that she has seen this, she must die! Apparently Milk, Alice and Sanae are all waiting for their moment because this Pinzu Monster is the legendary tile that they all want to get. Kyoko and Shiho argue who should go call the cops when suddenly Tsukasa barges into the scene with her jeep. That legendary tile is mine! And then everyone starts arguing it’s theirs. Tsukasa uses her machine to blow Pinzu away! Uhm, did Pinzu regenerate?! WTF she claims that could kill her?! This violent scene has Shiho passed out so it is chance for Kyoko to transform into Suchie Pai! Yes, she is also one of the candidates who is after the legendary tile. It starts to get messy as everybody fights everybody, everybody sabotaging everybody. It’s just f*cking chaotic. Even Pinzu is annoyed she has been ignored! In the end, Suchie Pai does some tornado move to blow everybody away. WTF that killed Pinzu?! Not sure what crystal on her forehead broke. Her body disappears and becomes the legendary tile. Before she could claim it, everybody starts fighting over it! Ah well… I guess this is going nowhere so Suchie Pai suggests since there are 9 more tiles like this, why not work together to get them? Absolutely not! And the petty fight among themselves continues…

Meh-jong Idol Losers…
WTF did I just see?! WHAT THE HECK?! WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?! Well, my guess was that this OVA served as some sort of introduction and promotion for the eroge of this franchise in the 90’s. I’m not really a mahjong fan so I don’t really care. So I suppose if you are a fan of that strip mahjong game, you’ll be familiar with the characters that popped up here. Otherwise, newbies like yours truly would definitely be totally lost. Not sure what the f*ck is going on and what the heck that kind of ending is supposed to be. I mean, everything feels so paltry and mediocre. The animation may reek 90’s style but it has very obvious poor quality. Even the fanservice is so weak. Not even free bare tits shown. Just a few moments of the girls in lingerie here and there. That’s it. So are they saying if you want to see more, go play the game? I don’t know. Not sure if the game’s ecchi elements are mild but I guess back then, it might be considered brazen enough. But by today’s standards, let’s say no red blood cells will be rushing to blow up the penis and create so much of a boner.

And finally, the characters. Mediocre and confusing. Inconclusive. Like I said, they’re just introducing the characters of the game so those who are not familiar with the series will be lost and asking who the f*ck these girls who can magically transform into their alter egos are. It is not even explained the basics of why they want to get the legendary tile but I can guess each of them have their own wishes. For example, I believe Tsukasa wants to be totally human and no more an android. Sanae doesn’t want to be bullied anymore. Alice’s could be wanting to return to the magic world since she is lamenting about being an idol right now. Milk… Not even sure why this bunny wants clothes?! WHY?! Kyoko AKA Suchie Pai I suppose is the main character and the poster girl of the series and she doesn’t get a lot of coverage like the other characters so it is anyone’s guess what her wish is. And they make everybody fighting everybody in the end, what a huge f*cking mess. Hey, I thought it was supposed to have something to do with mahjong?! Hey, at least saves my brain from all those f*cking mahjong terms! If that free for all scene was supposed to be funny, cringe is the better word. Or just WTF.

Overall, this single OVA feels like a waste of time but I didn’t regret it since I was curious to watch it. Now that my curiosity has been satiated, I can tell this is just really crap! I don’t know if this is some psychological move because since this OVA is really low quality, the only way to blow away all that disappointment is to go play the eroge itself! I don’t know. 90’s porn and eroge feel so dated. Not even a mahjong fan to begin with. So mahjong + fighting + idols = not a very good combination. I can see why it never caught on despite the game has a few other versions and releases throughout the years. I don’t think that is even popular. I mean, can’t find any decent info about it on the web. Ah well, I’m glad I’m done with it and time to move on. Such a pity, bye… Bad pun intended…

Normal romance dramas are getting boring and generic these days, huh? So how about we do one that is somewhat forbidden at least in the eyes of society? Hmm… How about love between 2 people of a different religion or race background? Uhm, maybe that’s a bit too spicy. Hmm… How about love between 2 people of the same sex like gay or lesbian? I think that is even spicier. Okay then, how about love between a guy and his dog or cat? I THINK THAT IS WAY TOO SPICY!!! AND CRINGE!!! Okay, okay. Something not that spicy, please? Ah well, then I guess we’ll have to go with the age gap thingy. I guess this is the ‘safest’ but most generic among other socially unacceptable love dramas. And that is what Koi To Yobu Ni Wa Kimochi Warui is all about. Imagine a working adult gets into a relationship with a high school girl. Oh, this is like a teacher-student relationship, only the adult isn’t a teacher in this case. Oh man, what will others think? Get your judgmental cap on and ready…

Episode 1
Ryou Amakusa is feeling queasy after another one night stand. Because of that, he falls down the stairs. Thankfully for him, Ichika Arima catches him and pulls him back. Since she is running late, she gives him her lunch as atonement for ‘strangling’ him when she pulled him. After work when he returns home, he is surprised to see Ichika here. She is actually Rio, his little sister’s classmate. He still wants to thank her but she doesn’t think it’s necessary. He insists and suggests a kiss. WTF. She ticks him off about it but that triggers his masochistic side whatever. He then goes on his knees and believes she is the girl for him. For a week, he has been giving gifts sent directly to her house. From flowers to chocolates. Apparently Rio gave him her address. Yeah, she finds it amusing to see them so. Sadist… Hence she gives her his contacts to call him. Let him know or otherwise he won’t stop. So Ryou is pleasantly surprised by her call. So she did not like the presents? Wrong rose colour? Ichika finds it hard to say he is a bother and just says she just doesn’t know how to respond to his gifts. In that case, he won’t stop. Yikes. He wants to make her happy but will annoy her to show his love to her! YIKES! This has Ichika ticking him off the pervert he is before hanging up. Oh yeah. He likes it… Is it fate or bad luck that Ichika bumps into Ryou on their off day? He follows her to buy groceries. Heck, he even knows her favourite stuffs! Even though it is her who bought things, he insists he carries it for her because he likes her. Cringe moment. Yeah, they’re acting like a couple that others are thinking they are one. Cringe… More of it as another flower is sent to her home. Mom thinks he is quite poetic because literally, that is what Ichika’s name means: One flower. CRINGE! Ichika is supposed to meet up with Rio at the café but looks like she rat her out and has Ryou accompany her instead. Surprisingly, he helps her with her homework. Suddenly this hot chick comes by to talk to Ryou since he hasn’t contact her for a long time. He doesn’t remember who she is… She thinks he is now targeting high school girls and tells Ichika to stay away from this Playboy for her own good. Ichika says they’re not dating. She is just his sister’s friend. After Ichika leaves, Ryou messes up the b*tch’s makeup and he is mad for interrupting his private time with Ichika! He catches up to Ichika and thanks her. He feels bad for that chick’s awful words but what Ichika said made him happy. Ichika doesn’t mind so this cuteness has him squealing for her. Time to revert to cringe mode and once again tell off this pervert. But he thinks her insults are compliments… Is there hope?!

Episode 2
Woah! Ryou comes home to see Ichika in an apron?! Dream come true?! Turns out that Rio and her other friends, Satsuki and Ruri are here to help finish their cooking for their school’s cultural festival. So while the friends are swooning over how handsome Ryou is, of course Ichika is dying of disgust inside. When they brought up how close the siblings are, Rio points out that this is just recent. Back then, they weren’t on talking terms. Ryou would often bring back some trouble and dad would start yelling at him. Rio didn’t want to hear it all so she just put on her earphones. Ryou left the house but recently he came back and their relationship only gotten better because of Ichika? Yeah, that guy is eager to know everything about her. After the friends left, Rio talks to Ryou about not making Ichika sad. Because once that happens, she’ll not support him anymore. Later Ryou goes out drinking with his old high school friend, Masuda. This guy is in shock that Ryou has got a crush on somebody! Ryou explains how they met and the likes. Masuda wants to call her to hear how she sounds so as he borrows Ryou’s handphone, it rings for quite a while before Ichika wakes up. But Masuda has no time to even say anything as Ichika berates him at this ungodly hour that he is calling! Then she hangs up. Scary. But that’s Ryou’s Ichika. The duo then turn up at the festival. Masuda is surprised to see how Ichika looks. Ichika on the other hand thinks Ryou told his friend unnecessary stuffs. So she shuts him up before he could tell his confession to her. Don’t want her own classmates to hear that. Rio then has Ichika take a break so that she could show Ryou around. Clearly a setup. Poor Masuda has to enter some eating competition and eat all the food. As they go around, because Ichika isn’t used in walking in the kimono, she trips and falls off the stairs. Luckily Ryou is there to catch her. However she slaps him for trying to get intimate with her. But he is glad he is able to save her this time. Since her stomach is growling, he goes to get food for her while she waits in the classroom. She notes his cologne and how he almost startled her.

Episode 3
Kai Tamaru and his friends are talking about Rio and her brother when Ichika accidentally slams the volleyball into his face! Later she continues to apologize as she still feels bad. She realizes he is also a fan of a series that she just got into. Since he has the entire manga volume, he agrees to lend some to her. As Ichika walks home late that night, yet another unsolicited call from Ryou. Noting that she is nearby, she has him wait at the convenience store till he arrives. Yeah, he runs all the way there! Nothing like the power of boners to make a guy run fast enough. Tamaru stumbles into them since he lives around here. Ichika introduces the guys to each other. Tamaru knows about Ryou because of the festival and word was going around. Because Ichika seemed so happy talking to Tamaru, this makes Ryou uneasy and hence that ‘warning’ that he just stays as Ichika’s classmate. Scary. Next day at school, Tamaru talks to Ichika and asks straight if she is dating Ryou. Because he saw her hugging him. Ah, that stairs falling incident. Of course she denies all that and clarifies what happened. In the end, Tamaru wonders if all that is because Ryou is just messing with her. Ichika looks shocked because she never thought as so. As Ichika is at Rio’s place to study, plot by the latter to leave her alone with Ryou. He tries to confirm if she has feelings for Tamaru. Neutral answer. Okay then. What about Ryou himself? Since Tamaru’s words are ringing in her mind, she makes a careless comment that sounds mean. That shocked look on his face is priceless. Of course this leaves an impact on Ichika as she now really feels bad. She has never seen him like that before. With that, their relationship is somewhat strained a little. Too bad Ichika falls ill and the moment Ryou hears about it, he rushes over. Ichika thought it is Rio but nope. It’s Ryou! Regret? Looks like she’ll take longer to recover. Even more so when he wants to catch her cold so she could recover! Sicko! Then he gives her the study notes he put together (and also forced Masuda to Photoshop its cover). So impressed of his work that she laughs. The right opportunity to apologize for the mean things she said. Not sure if she’s going to regret that because now Ryou thinks by apologizing this means she accepted his love! And he also borrowed Masuda’s camera to take pictures of her sick! This dude… Thankfully, Ichika heals and does amazingly well in her test. But why the annoyed looks? Because Ryou’s notes were so good that it helped her. Yeah, it’s that conflicting feeling within.

Episode 4
Satsuki and Ruri telling in detail their desired boyfriend. Uhm, I think those exist only in anime or games… What about Ichika? Plain sounds so vague. More details! She does so but her friends get the wrong idea and think she described Tamaru. Rio? Sumo wrestlers! I think she’s trolling… Maybe not… Ryou is such a hot hunk at his workplace that the females in his workplace have this unwritten law that they can only admire him from the side-lines. However, one of them then mentions she heard Ryou talking on the phone to who might be his girlfriend! Gasp! He was talking to Ichika of course. Tamaru helps Ichika carry stuffs. He then asks about her thoughts on Ryou because they seem to be quite close lately. Ichika can’t find a single word to describe Ryou because too many negative descriptions! Later he bumps into Rio and she can tell what’s going on because it’s all written on his face. She tells him the harsh truth that her brother has a super crush on Ichika. She asks if he likes Ichika but he flusters. He changes the subject asking her opinion on this. Well, she thinks it’ll be a lot fun if they both dated. Rio warns him to watch out since Ryou can be pretty insane sometimes. I guess that ‘warning’ was a hint. Ichika seeks Rio’s advice to get Ryou a Christmas present. It’s for taking care of her cold the other day. Don’t get any ideas. But Rio knows better the only thing Ryou wants. You get it, right? Later back home, Rio can tell Ryou is here to seek her advice in what to get Ichika for Christmas. She sends him a list of things she might like. Now you owe me one. Ryou’s department wonders if he is free to go for drinking after work. Some jokingly think he has Christmas plans lined up. At first Ryou doesn’t have any but upon receiving a message from Ichika, change of plans. They now think he has a girlfriend. So did Ichika call Ryou just to personally meet? Actually she was with Rio but she left him soon after she called him. She hands him his present which is a tie clip. So happy he puts it on. Now he wants to put it on an altar! Just put it on your tie. Then he hands Ichika’s present. Some limited edition anime stuffs. She gave up looking for it because she had no money. Ichika so surprised and happy that she cries! Ryou laughs because this exceeds all his expectations. Both have the same idea to get Rio a present too. Can’t celebrate Christmas without her, right? So Rio’s presents are ice cream and a sumo doll…

Episode 5
The school is having a field trip to Okinawa. One of the photographers hired is Masuda. Of course he didn’t tell Ryou he was on this job because you know that dude, he’ll bug him to be his assistant just to take photos of Ichika. Meanwhile Ryou bumps into a colleague, Arie Matsushima. She is startled that he discovers one of her anime keychains from the items she dropped. Fearing the worse death flag for her, however Ryou is pretty cool about it and knows a bit due to a certain someone. He agrees to help keep it a secret and if she wants someone to talk to, feel free to speak to him. At the aquarium, Ichika got lost but bumps into Tamaru. A few close encounters and one that seemed really so until Masuda entered the picture. Next day, Ryou calls Ichika just to hear her voice. Yeah, think she missed you? Not exactly. I guess he is now jealous after learning Masuda is on the trip. Though, Ichika notes that she misses him a bit. Just an itsy tiny bit. I guess that means a lot to him. Okinawa adventures continue the next day and it seems Ichika agrees to hang out with just Tamaru. When he sees a guy trying to hit on Ichika, he immediately tries to tell him off while yanking Ichika’s arm. Turns out to be Masuda. Tamaru feels embarrassed about the whole thing but Masuda gets the picture. Ryou now has a rival. Before the flight home, Ichika asks Rio if Ryou likes sweets. Sure. Once she gets back and meets up with him, she gives him those as souvenirs. Then they go watch a movie and this time she wants him to pick a movie he prefers since it is gross he knows her likes. Because he also grabbed her arm, this has Ichika remember the same of Tamaru. She feels weird trying to compare both. As the movie starts, Ryou is contemplating the right moment to ask Ichika about her time with Tamaru. He bugged Masuda about it and despite telling what he know, for further details, ask Ichika yourself. In this Noir-like movie, oddly they see the characters in the love triangle as themselves. So… Is this some foreshadowing? Ichika leaving Ryou for Tamaru? At the end of the movie, Ryou is looking down. I’m sure he’ll be fine… I think.

Episode 6
Matsushima pretends to stumble into Ryou. She makes a few mistakes but thankfully that guy is engrossed in his laptop. Work? Nah. Just wondering what anime to watch next season! Hence he needs her input. Of course his ulterior motive is so that he could converse more with Ichika. Matsushima is now curious to know if he has a girlfriend so she invites him to a company drinking event next Friday. Ryou sends Rio to Ichika’s house since she is sleeping over. Oh damn, mom wanting to invite Ryou to stay a while! Luckily he has to go back to office. But before he could ask Ichika for permission to spend the night next time, she slams the door. This makes Ryou worried as he forgot to ask her about Tamaru. He can’t imagine her going out with him but in the event if they do, oh boy, he’s going to do something about it! Rio talks to Ichika about the bad relationship between Ryou and dad. It’s a reason why Ryou got his own place. Of course he visits Rio to get more intel on Ichika. On the other hand, Ryou and mom are fine. She hopes one day Ryou and dad will get along. Ichika starts worrying for her but by that time Rio already fell asleep. The school has a sports festival. Tamaru’s friends think Ichika is here to show her support for him so Tamaru had to tell his friends off that he hasn’t told Ichika his feelings yet so be patient. I’ll tell you when I do so stop bugging me. Yeah, Tamaru probably playing the best football. Likewise, Ichika’s pals think Tamaru is trying to look cool for her. Ichika denies this but they think she’s just shy to admit. Power of love propels Tamaru’s class to the finals but lost since Ichika went to support Rio’s basketball team. Coincidence? Matsushima and Ryou are in the company’s drinking session. She laments she hasn’t got a chance to ask him. Hence she begs her friend to help her. This means setting up for other colleagues to do other stuffs while Matsushima and Ryou go drink at another place. She manages to ask about his girlfriend. None. Chance! But… He admits he has a crush on someone. She vaguely asks if that crush likes anime. Yup. But from what he says, it isn’t her. Take heart, it’s unrequited love. However because of their similar tastes, Matsushima thinks she still has a chance to win over him. After they part, Ryou calls Ichika just to hear her voice. Oh, the usual. Meanwhile Matsushima tries to Google on how to get a guy to notice a woman. Dr Google always there to help…

Episode 7
Tamaru is going to get a newly released manga. Special limited edition. Only, Ryou is there too! He feels like an idiot trying to avoid him as well as wondering his tastes in manga. When he thought the path is clear, Ryou turns back and they both meet. Uhm. Hello? Ryou explains he got into manga because of Ichika’s recommendations. Because Tamaru notes they like the same manga, Ryou quips they may like the same food, colour and even girl… Holy sh*t… Is this a war declaration?! Elsewhere, Matsumoto finally gets her hands on this new manga. Also there is Ichika. They both find out they like the same character as they passionately click. Now they’re friends, huh? Later Ryou calls Ichika to ask her opinion on the manga. Of course she loves it. She also explains meeting and bonding with another same fellow manga lover. Oh, you don’t say? Ryou also hints his too but is not amused… Another point of this call is to remind the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Oh boy. Rio can definitely tell Ichika’s dreaded face because every day, Ryou has been sending a countdown message to Valentine’s Day! Obviously she is torn on what to give him. Rio can’t give any suggestions since it is between them. But she is sure he is thrilled to get anything from her. As Ichika thinks deep about this, she bumps into Masuda who then invites her to lunch seeing she looks so worried. Of course don’t tell Ryou about this. Or he’ll kill him! Is it so surprising that Masuda knows she’s having trouble thinking of what to give Ryou for Valentine? He suggests not to give chocolates because there was a time in high school he received one with a clump of hair in it. It became his trauma and has stopped receiving any anonymous Valentine’s chocolates. Ichika further asks the kind of guy Ryou is in school. Not the kind of mixes around. Because girls flock around him, this makes him stand out in the wrong way. But their recent reunion, he seems to have changed a lot. A lot friendlier now. He credits it to being in love with Ichika. Back home, Ichika continues to think deep. She gets embarrassed that she shouldn’t be giving him a gift but an action. Writhing in embarrassment, here’s a timely call from Ryou. Ichika’s request to meet up with her before he goes to work is definitely a shocker. Didn’t expect this to come out from her, huh?

Episode 8
Ryou is waiting at the door for Ichika. The moment he rings, he opens! Got a shock, eh? Ichika wastes no time in giving her Valentine’s gift: A big hug! She will not be taking any comments on this, okay?! A very embarrassed Ichika leaves. Ryou is now writhing on the floor. Definitely the best Valentine’s gift ever. Judging from her actions, he believes Masuda has said something to her. But because of that, he now has a more favourable view about Valentine. In school, Ichika gives obligatory chocolate to Tamaru. After a few hinting, Tamaru tells her straight that he wants her to go out with him. Ichika is in shock since she never thought of him that way. Stubborn Tamaru won’t back down. Because you better start thinking so from today. Though, he can wait for her answer. Matsushima heard from a colleague how Ryou won’t be accepting chocolates. This leaves her panicking. Should she give him something non-chocolate? No. Don’t back down now! However, with her busy schedule, the day just flew by like that. At the train station, she spots him. She manages to get a hold of him to give him her chocolates. Her thoughts are in a mess and she is expecting to be rejected. But a pleasant delight he accepts! Rio calls out Tamaru in the middle of his club activities to talk. This has his friends whispering rumours that there is something going on between them. As Ichika has been acting strange since Valentine’s Day and won’t tell her anything, something must have happened. She thinks Tamaru knows. Tamaru tells his confession and this irks Rio. Rio claims she is just worried for her friend but Tamaru points out that she might just be lonely. Yeah, it hit her like a brick. But she picks herself up and teases him if he is up to the task since her brother is a formidable rival. Lots of things going through Ichika’s mind about what Tamaru said. He isn’t a bad person but as she meets up with Ryou, she wonders if she likes him instead. When Ryou tries to find out what’s wrong, she snaps back about his annoying persistence. Do you not consider her feelings always? Stubborn Ryou won’t let this slide because he wants her problems to be his. Why? Because he loves her. When both calm down, they apologize for being too harsh. Ichika realizes she can’t move forward with Tamaru is because of this guy. Logically, Tamaru would be a match for her but each time she thinks about love, she ends up thinking about Ryou. Her next step is to tell Tamaru her reply since it is bad to leave him hanging.

Episode 9
Ichika texts Tamaru and wonders if he is free tomorrow. Yes, of course. The moment they meet up, she wants to give her reply. Woah! Too fast! Let’s go somewhere first. At the park, Ichika talks about his good points. BUT… She is in love with someone else. There’s your answer. Game over. Since it will be awkward for them to avoid each other, he hopes they can still be friends. I guess friendzone is still better than nothing. Also, he wants to stay in love with her just on his part. As they head back, they stumble into Ryou. Oh no. What is this? Before fireworks can detonate, Tamaru admits he got rejected by her. Of course now that the winner has been decided, Tamaru wants him to make Ichika happy. Losers always say that, don’t they? Before Ryou can brag about being the winner, seeing Ichika’s downtrodden face, I guess it’s not a good time. Yeah, why everybody so gloomy now? In class, everyone prepares for graduation. Rio can tell the awkwardness between Ichika and Tamaru. Ichika tells her what happened. Rio feels relieved because it made her feel lonely when Ichika couldn’t tell her in person. Ryou creates a presentation for White Day for Ichika? Yeah, he is really going all out. Ichika is left to ponder if she really loves this guy. Especially their age gap. Can things actually work out? And this guy doing more embarrassing things, makes her really want to reconsider, huh? Soon, Matsushima asks if Ryou is free to go out for drinks tonight. Since he doesn’t have any plan, he accepts. So after she confirms that he still has feeling on his crush, she then confesses she loves him. Now she wants him to tell her all about his crush? He says it is his sister’s classmate. Matsushima didn’t expect that but points out the troubles that it they were to start dating. Because of their age gap, this might hurt them. And with thoughts of ‘warning’ by Rio and Tamaru about hurting Ichika flashing through Ryou’s mind, Matsushima tries to nail in the clincher to a confused Ryou and perhaps change his mind. Couldn’t he just date her?

Episode 10
Matsushima claims that because he only accepted her chocolates meant he gave her hope she had a chance. So now she’s claiming it isn’t fair to be nice like that? He tries to thank her but she is so confused after letting out everything and all she can say is him being unfair? Back home, Matsushima is super embarrassed she said all those stuffs but at the same time is relieved she told him her feelings. Okay then, time to drink till morning and binge on dramas! As for Ryou, he keeps thinking about the age difference. If it makes Ichika sad, he doesn’t want that. Had Matsushima confessed to him a year earlier, he would’ve accepted it. Double whammy as Rio informs him that dad will be coming home soon. With Ryou interacting normally with Matsushima at the work, this leaves her confused and panicky at every interacting they do. Ryou hangs out at Masuda’s place. Sure, dad is coming home but there are also other problems. He tells exactly what happened with Matsushima and has given a lot of thought about the age gap thingy. Masuda shoots back that he is rude to both girls and only being selfish. He needs to prepare that he might get hurt. Ichika accepts Ryou’s invitation for some sweets buffet. So this was part of his presentation to pay her back for White Day? Yeah, probably she got tricked anyway. Since he is cool with this arrangement, Ichika carelessly let it slip that he must have been here with another girl before. She thought she said too much but he wonders if she was jealous. This makes her fluster and deny everything.

It seems Ryou’s female colleagues (minus Matsushima) are here to celebrate one of their birthday. They think Ichika is his little sister. Before he could correct them, Ichika lies and puts up and act that she is his little sister. After they leave, Ichika apologizes for lying but Ryou knows she was just looking out for him. It might be weird for them to think he is dating his sister’s friend, but Ryou actually wanted to introduce them to the person he loves. This has Ryou further think that putting up this act might cause Ichika to lie further and hence putting up a fake smile. With Ichika thanking him for this outing, Ryou thinks that to not care about the age gap issue is to make sure she loves him enough not to care about that. He tries to kiss her but Ichika pushes him away and calls him all sorts of names. Yup, he is the worst. Ryou then invites Matsushima about to repay her for the other day and also to give his answer. He gets straight to the point. She knows the answer already, right? Despite she told him that she won’t give up on him, he wants her to stop that. He realizes it won’t be fair to his crush and is just being rude to her for thinking about himself. Matsushima accepts that but also admits she only liked him recently. Previously he was hard to approach. It is perhaps his crush who has changed him to become a more approachable person and that is the part she likes about him. She already lost from the start but advises him he needs a lot of resolve to do everything he can to deal with the age gap. After they part ways, it is predictable that she cries alone. It was expected, right?

Episode 11
Since they’re going to be seniors next year, Ichika and her friends talk about they want to do. Rio wants to be a lawyer because it looks cool? As for Ichika, she hasn’t figured it out yet. Later she asks Ryou for some advice. He thinks she should go into art since she is good at drawing. Ichika denies her drawing is anything good. She prefers to look at art than make them. Hence he thinks she should be doing curating. She asks how he picked the school he wants to go. It brings back not so good memories as his dad decided for him since he can’t choose for himself so he better not defy his parents’ words. Ryou’s family eat dinner after a long while. As usual, Ryou and dad are still not on good terms. Then dad heard Rio talking to mom about Ryou’s relationship with Ichika. This has dad confront Ryou about doing such a silly thing and accusing him of trying to drag Rio down. Of course Ryou won’t let this slide and accuses him of jumping to conclusions with no proof. He doesn’t intend to bring Rio down because Ichika is her closest friend so don’t say anything like that to Rio. Later Rio calls to apologize to her brother about this but he doesn’t think she is at fault. What if dad further asks about Ichika? Then just tell him what you know. No point hiding it at this point. When Ichika comes by to go out shopping with Rio, she meets Ryou’s dad. Dad asks if Ryou has done anything weird to her. Ichika denies and in fact calls Ryou a good man who has been helping her with her career choice. Masuda invites Ryou, Rio and Ichika for hanami. Ichika realizing Ryou not in his usual excited mood. Something feels wrong. When Rio and Masuda go get more food, Ichika learns a few things from Ryou. He remembers a time when he still got along with his dad. A hanami event cancelled because it was raining. He was depressed. Dad let him play a lottery and he won a toy. A nostalgic memory. Ryou tells Ichika that he doesn’t get along with dad now. It has been so long that they’ve forgotten how to interact and when he came back recently, they got into a fight. Ichika is glad he told her such things himself. The mood seems awfully right for Ichika to make a confession but the rest came back. Such great timing you people.

Episode 12
Ichika is worried as Ryou has not called her for a while. Rio: Why not call him to find out? But since Ichika is still hesitant, Rio this time snaps back if she is serious about loving her brother. If she isn’t, she feels bad for him. Ichika asks mom about the age gap with dad. 5 years. Not much as an adult but as a teen, it really looks big. Ichika finally makes the initiative to call Ryou. He answers. But he sounds gloomy. She wants to invite him to the art museum but he declines citing he is busy. Also, he ‘warns’ he is swamped with work and might not answer her call. This sounds serious. Later as Ichika tells Rio about it, she finds it odd that her brother is using work as an excuse as this has never happened before. When she tries to call to find out, Ichika lashes out at her for being nosy. Ichika is further worried about their age gap despite in love with him. Rio finds it odd because if they love each other, does it matter? At first she thought it was fun seeing them together. But now that they are serious, she will actually support them. Ichika gets the confidence needed and will tell Ryou how she feels. Might take a while because now it’s Ryou’s turn as he meets up with Masuda. Why the gloomy face? He tells about Ichika asking him out on a date but turned her down because he thought it would be good to put some distance between them for a while. He fears Ichika might have real feelings for him. ISN’T THAT WHAT HE ALWAYS WANTED?! No wonder Masuda is also mad and calls him lame. Where has his resolve to get hurt gone to?! Keep doing this and Ichika will disappear. And if you don’t want to hurt the ones you love, just work harder! Simple! Now go out there and be that man you’re supposed to be!

At the train station, Ichika’s feelings are in a mess. Then she sees Ryou. Where’s that confidence now. Trying to chase him in this sea of people, no good. She manages to call him out to get his attention. Déjà vu as she falls from the steps but he catches her. She gets mad at him and wants him to tell why he is avoiding her. Man, acting like a real insecure girlfriend now, eh? He begins by blaming himself for forcing his feelings on her and made things difficult for her. So he thought he shouldn’t be by her side. She slaps him because that meant her feelings were ignored. She starts listing all his bad habits and flaws but in the end, she loves him. Music to his ears as they kiss. He also replies he loves her but this time Ichika freaks out?! WHAT KIND OF ANSWER WERE YOU EXPECTING, HUH?! And since Ryou is back to his mischievous ways, Ichika is back to that familiar territory of disgust. Is this how they like it? Rio learns the good news and is relieved. Ryou then talks to his dad about Ichika. He will wait till she is an adult and will protect her because she is precious to him. Well, can daddy say no to that? Because he was once as stubborn as him. Like father, like son? Ichika narrating she has no regrets of what she did on that fateful day of meeting Ryou. But admits that this creepy feeling has turned into love. Uhm, isn’t that creepy?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Yeah. They had to drag out the final drama so as to assure us that they love each other, don’t they? Because if they did the unthinkable and really split and go their own ways, it would be a slap in our faces, a waste of our time because we sat through a dozen episodes of boring drama crap just to see them lost to society norms? And because of that, the ending feels pretty generic and boring. I mean, what else could you expect? It’s not like they have anybody else opposing to them, right? Those who love them have already been swept out of the way. So what’s there left for them but to just have the confidence to reassure each other they are the ones. After all this time. Some say it is love, some say it’s not. All a matter of perspective, eh?

So well… I guess the plot and story is pretty generic to say the least. I mean, it isn’t anything special whatsoever. Just another normal love story but only with that age gap thingy coming in between. This series feels really generic with all the usual ingredients for such being checked off the list. The uncanny way your main characters meet and fall in love. Check. Love triangles. Yes, that is a must in such shows. Otherwise, imagine how boring this series would be without that. So yes, check. How our main characters reject them and realize their love are meant to be for each other. Check. Meet the parents. At least, the opposing one. Check. Finally, lovers doubting themselves so as to serve as some sort of stepping stone to assure they actually love each other. Check. So there you have it. A series that is just plain and cliché in its love drama and nothing less, nothing more.

The way Ichika slowly starts falling for Ryou and considering the fact that Ryou has been consistently bugging Ichika, it feels very weird if you think from this perception. Because it feels like, try until the other side gives in. Yup. Feels a lot like that. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Hence if Ryou wasn’t a really handsome guy or if he doesn’t have some money (not to say that he is rich but he does have some spending power), it would have been a different case altogether. Imagine Ryou a fat ugly otaku who keeps bugging Ichika. Definitely she’ll call the police over this damn stalker! Oh right, I almost forgot that Ryou has got some charming side so that helped smoothen the transition. Or in the crudest way, finally make Ichika feel so confused with herself and convinced herself that she loves him! Oh wow. Love certainly is weird. But hey, it could’ve been a lot weird. Say, a man of grandpa age falling for a young teenage girl! How do you feel about that now?! And that grandpa has abundance of wealth and assets! Like that Playboy founder dude. RIP, Mr Hugh Hefner. Yeah. How do you feel about that now?!

But in today’s era, many people are now more open minded and won’t actually care about them. However, it may still be the case in conservative Japan so such age gap thingy may not be so well accepted. Especially if the girl is still young and in high school. I for one didn’t really mind about their age gap either. As long as they’re truly in love with each other and not causing others inconvenience, it’s none of my business. I mean, it is not like Ryou is asking Ichika to marry him right away, right? Also, in just a couple of more years, Ichika will graduate high school and go into college or start working. And if they’re still in love with each other and dating, is it still acceptable? They can date like normal and no one would even care. I mean, it’s not that their age gap is so huge, right? Not even 10 years. So I don’t see the problem. If that’s the case, just like that the age gap issue disappears overnight. So it wasn’t age the problem to begin with in the first place. It’s the high school issue, right? All just a matter of perspective…

On a trivial note, the short form of this anime’s name is Koikimo. To me at first, it sounded a lot like koi chemo, as in love chemotherapy. Hence I have this strange misunderstand at a very early stage of this show that love would be some sort of cure to kill the ‘cancer’ (the age gap) that is prohibiting our main lovers from coming together! I know. It’s really silly. Don’t really ask me how I ended up with this line of thought, okay? Now can we move along…

The characters are just pretty okay. Nothing really extraordinary. I mean, take a look at Ryou and Ichika. They’re just pretty normal people, right? Most eligible bachelor Ryou who has stolen the hearts of many women in his workplace, may look like a creep going after a high school girl. But it could’ve been any girl. Wrong place, wrong time or right place, right time for Ichika? I bet Ryou could’ve fallen for another girl who treated him with that same kindness. So you mature ladies lucked out. And it goes to show that persistence pays off and consistency is key. Because eventually with Ichika not really liking this dude but puts up with his shenanigans only because she doesn’t want to go through all the trouble (calling the police, having a restraining order… you know how f*cking tiresome all that can be?). Thank goodness for Ryou’s charms to break down Ichika’s tough armour. Because despite all that cringe of pouring out his love for her, it is still his true love for her. Ryou is just being Ryou. Would you have him in a different way? Definitely, love changed him. For better or worse. Also in retrospect, seeing Ryou trying to get to Ichika’s heart may be funny at times but other times also cringe because it does remind me of that Looney Tunes character, Pepe Le Pew. Yeah, you people old enough remember this French skunk trying to harass a certain poor kitten whom he mistakenly thinks is his fellow skunk! Oh man…

I wonder if Rio is born with a poker face. Or if she is wearing this sort of mask to hide her true feelings or something. Why is she trying so hard to help Ryou and Ichika hook up? Is it more fun to see them get together because her own life romance is basically zero? Maybe. But I don’t want this conspiracy theory of mine to be true: Because at one point I really thought Rio is putting up this emotionless robot girl character is to hide her true feelings for her brother! OMG! Buranko! Rio is actually in love with her brother! But you know, incest is not acceptable so to convince herself to throw away those feelings and not bother everyone, hence playing this matchmaking role. Imagine, if Rio actually loves her brother in the romantic sense, then the inevitable showdown to fight with her best friend over Ryou. That would definitely be unbearable to watch. I don’t think I could even stomach it. So please, let this conspiracy theory of mine be wrong.

Tamaru and Matsushima I feel exist only to play their short-lived role as love rivals. Looking back in hindsight, they hardly do anything that puts even a dent in the bond between Ryou and Ichika. Like I said, just to check off the checklist for some love triangle drama. We all know better that it will not come to that. In fact, Tamaru and Matsushima feel ‘weak’ in the ‘battle’ to steal the hearts of their respective loved one and that they actually helped strengthen Ryou and Ichika’s love for one another. They actually helped them to realize whom they love the most and hence made them move on to the next stage. So that’s why when they ‘lost’ the battle of love, it didn’t really have much impact in the end since they didn’t really have that much of an impact from the beginning. So the consolation prize is that they still manage to remain as normal friends, right?

Masuda feels like the guy, the best friend character that every of such main character needs. When you are down and at a lost, who do you look for to talk to or hang out? Guys like Masuda. Someone who is sporting enough to have fun with and can dispense a little bit of advice, knows what is going on and be somewhat considerate. Basically a good guy. And that is why he is still single and no girlfriend of his own! HAHAHA!!! Oops, sorry…

The art and animation of this series feel light. The characters and all look quite close to their manga counterparts. However I seem to have this strange feeling that I find the characters looking a bit weird. I think it’s their nose. Is it their nose? Uhm… I don’t know, it looks normal but a bit longish perhaps? Because of that some characters like Ryou, Rio and Matsushima look a bit weird. I don’t know, maybe it is just me. And also, from certain angles, Rio looks a bit like Annie from Shingeki No Kyojin. Must be that nose problem again, huh? This anime is done by Nomad who did Jashin-chan Dropkick, Rozen Maiden, Kampfer, Sola and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.

As for the voice acting, while I am delighted in hearing Kana Hanazawa as Matsushima and Jouji Nakata as Ryou’s dad, the one issue I have is with Ryou’s voice. Actually, not so much his voice. When he is not in his lively mode, most of his lines are just mumbling and very soft. Hence I have a hard time trying to make out what he says. Not to also say my Japanese is that good but I find that he really does mumble his lines. I thought this was just for his character but apparently other characters who talk softly too like Tamaru and sometimes Rio, they’re really mumbling their lines. I don’t know, it could be my audio hardware but if that’s the case, I wouldn’t have heard other characters spoke so clearly. Anyway, the other casts are Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Ryou (Tsukumo in Nanbaka), Yurie Kozakai as Ichika (Pekola in Jashin-chan Dropkick), Rena Hasegawa as Rio (Karina Kakogawa in Sayonara Watashi No Cramer), Junya Enoki as Tamaru (Nasa Tonikaku Kawaii) and Ryohei Kimura as Masuda (Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai). The opening theme is Monoqlo City by Ace Collection. Has that hip and funk feel to it but not my cup of tea. Rinaria by Maruritoryuuga as the ending theme is slow lovely ballad.

Overall, this series feels a lot plain and boring. I don’t actually hate this show but I just find it lacklustre. I think I lost count of how many times I yawned… A lot of negativity stems from not because of the age gap between the 2 main characters but rather how Ryou’s ‘abusive’ (I guess that is the substitute word for persuasive and persistent) actions caused Ichika to slowly fall in love with him. I don’t know. He showers her with nice gifts (and some cringe I-love-you statements) and he is good looking too. Perhaps it was all against Ichika’s will at first. But eventually if she is ‘brainwashed’ to love him and if she still truly loves him, I don’t see a problem, right? I mean, you’re not expecting some sort of love at first sight and everything goes well as planned without a single hitch, do you? So it isn’t love that is called a disgusting thing. It is you narrow minded people who are disgusting!

Isekai Cheat Magician OVA

18 September, 2021

Well, well, well… Look who decided to make a mini comeback. A series that no one loved and hated by many others. Hence it surprised us when Isekai Cheat Magician OVA came out 2 years later after the TV series ended! Like, WHY???!!! DOUSHITE NA NO???!!! It is something that nobody asked for in the first place! It wasn’t so well received so why make a bloody OVA now of all times?! I don’t know. Maybe they made it 2 years ago and was supposed to release with the DVD collection or something. But when everyone hated this series and the low scores it got all across the board, they decided to shelve it. And they thought 2 years later, those animosity and spiteful feelings must have subsided. Oh well. How wrong they were. It reminded us how much we hated it in the first place. Now we got an extra reason to take that hate up a notch further. Yeah…

Magicians And The Starry Night Festival
Taichi and his girls return to Azpire. Looks like they’re in time as the town is preparing the Starry Night Festival. Basically, once a year, the souls of the dead will return to reunite with the living for a night. People will light candles to help guide them. Hmm… Sounds familiar? Oh, right. Obon festival, no? But this festival has a twist. They have to be careful and take precaution because the dead might possess you! Not sure if Lemia is trolling us but the way to counter this is that everyone will be wearing a mask. Just a freaking plain ball mask! Yeah, that way, both the dead and living can hide their faces. Oh? How will they tell each other apart then?! You see, the living will leave a mask for the dead on their graves to identify them. Hence they will know who is who. Yeah, I don’t see how this ‘loophole’ will stop the possession. And damn, all the masks created are uniquely designed?! Better hope there isn’t a clone somewhere… And so Taichi leaves a mask at Ana’s grave. Oh yeah, got to remember her. After all, she helped them fight the dragon, right? Back to the festivities, looks like the guild is trying to make an aphrodisiac soup! Moral police Myura will not allow it despite Lemiya okay with people loving each other. So they ask Taichi and Rin for suggestions. Well, they have some from their own world but eventually Taichi has this great idea of making shaved ice using Sylphid’s help. Splendid.

As the festival gets going, Barada, Raquelta and Mejilla meet Taichi manning the shaved ice stand. They learn about Sylphid and are impressed he has improved. The ladies return in their mask and beautiful dress. I’m sure we’re not so dumb as not to be unable to identify who is who, right? TAICHI, CAN YOU?! Yeah, Lemiya’s dress so sexy, I wonder if we identify her by that drop dead plunging cleavage!!! Then trouble looms… It starts raining! Oh no! Festival cancelled?! Oh damn, Taichi are you going to help cheat our way out of this?! Yes. First he trolls us with science about heavy clouds and low pressure systems. But whatever it is, we know he is going to cheat, right? Yes. Using Sylphid to blow away the storm! F*ck science! This is basically cheating! Now everyone can continue to have fun. As bonus, Lemiya and the rest create special fireworks. Then it’s time for the dance. Myura tells Taichi to go dance with Rin since lots of guys are trying to ask her. And she’s just standing there smiling, laughing… Well, you better go now, pipsqueak. The moment Taichi arrives, the guys scram. Like as if this was a setup!!! Anyway, Taichi and Rin dance together. As the dance is coming to a close, Taichi spots Ana. The ghost is here! Rin noticing he is starring longingly at her, decides to give the honour to Taichi to dance with her. After all, she was their ally who fought alongside them, right? And so Taichi dances with Ana while Myura gets to be Rin’s replacement. And Rin quoting that it’s nice to have this fantasy because it’s an isekai after all! You don’t say!!!

Night Of The Living (Isekai) Dead
Sighs… I was actually hoping that some of the ghosts would possess the people and hence Taichi and the heroines will have to take some cheating action to save the night. Or at least Ana possessing one of the girls and refused to go back to heaven! Damn. I should have known better. Not even a sliver of drama at all. This OVA feels absolutely like a filler episode and doesn’t really impact on the real story or anything else. Everything is just feel good right from the start till the end. So if you have not seen the TV series, don’t worry, you won’t lose much but you’ll be confused of the setting and all. But then again, it doesn’t really matter. For the rest of us who did, the OVA didn’t do anything to amaze us and we felt cheated that we wasted our time trying to give it a second chance but it felt it let us down. It is like a double edged sword. On one hand, it isn’t as bad as how we remembered the TV series because nothing much happens. But because of that, it feels boring and lacklustre. In other words, it is still as bad. Such a vicious cycle. They just want to pay tribute to Ana who lost her life and troll us with some moments between Taichi and Rin but that didn’t really go anywhere. And so many of us hope that this will be the last of this series that we will ever see forever. Please do not in a few years down the road, surprise us with a sequel! That kind of cheating would be most unacceptable, unbearable and unfair!

Oh my. With the Corona virus pandemic turning endemic and the lockdown seems to go on forever and ever, who knows when this will all end, right? And because some health experts mandating that masks be worn at most of the times (if not all times), this is going to be the new norm, huh? Yeah, we’ve seen lots of memes and jokes about this already. Hence I think one day we’ll go into extreme mode and the authorities will just mandate that all of us wear gas masks! GASP! Don’t laugh. It’s so crazy that it might happen! Maybe some corporation wants to make money and profit from selling gas masks to the masses. So in the meantime, have fun knowing some of the Anime Characters Who Wear A Gas Mask. And to think that some of you by putting on a mask for a few seconds, you feel like choking to death already. These people wear them 24/7 like as though it’s part of their body! Shame on you! Hahaha!

Shingen Kishitani (Durarara!!)


Wow. This guy even showers with his gas mask on!!! He must have the dirtiest face in the world. The irony because he considers Tokyo’s air so filthy and hence the reason he wears this. LOL.

Gabriel Sekaibashi (C3 Cube x Cursed x Curious)

This is what happens when you wear a gas mask for so long. Whatever twisted lies reasons he has for wearing it, this dude now feels so comfortable with it that and feels anxious if he doesn’t wear it.

Milk (Seikon No Qwaser)

Not sure if the gas mask is responsible for the cartoonish explosions around her all the time. As mysterious as the rest of her personality.

Hanaka Busujima (Busou Renkin)

Could be the most elaborated gas mask ever. It’s got a long pipe from the mouth and other pipes at the back making it look like dreadlocks. Despite her being a shy girl and all.

Snipe (Boku No Hero Academia)

I think he doesn’t have a horse companion and that’s why his gas mask is shaped like a horse’s muzzle.

Gasmask Cowboy (One Punch Man)

I wonder if this one copied the hero from Boku No Hero Academia or vice versa. Another hero profession whose outfit is of a cowboy theme and wears a gas mask. Overlapping characters, people!!!

Damask (One Piece)

I wonder if this guy copied Pyro from Team Fortress 2 since both are pyromaniacs and wear a gas mask. We didn’t start the fire!

Gas Mask (Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san)

Didn’t really see this anime but I read he is in charge of the men’s comics section. Yeah, those men’s comics must be really lit and set those who read on fire! Isn’t that why he wears a gas mask? Just kidding of course.

Blackborn (Cobra The Animation)

Another anime I didn’t see and I couldn’t find more info on this villainess. Well, looks like she covered up her face but forgot to cover up the lower half of her body. Yeow! Sexy!

Ichimi, Jiro & Sante (Tokyo Ghoul)

You guessed it, didn’t watch this one either. Gas mask + hoodie. Is this fashion or cringe?

Can You Breathe A Little Easier Now?
Of course this list isn’t meant to be exhaustive as there may be other anime characters with gas masks out there that I have missed. Yeah, stayed hidden behind that gas mask and missed my vision, huh? Obviously you wold also notice a hell lot of other gas mask characters that did not make the list simply because they took it off and revealed their face at one point. Yeah, helps narrow down this list, huh? So if you didn’t see Clear (Dramatical Murder), Suwa (Mars Red), Takao Hiyama AKA Third (Mirai Nikki), Ishiguro (Mob Psycho 100), Mustard (Boku No Hero Academia) or Tristan FKA Gil the Butcher (Appare-Ranman), that’s because they’ve taken off their gas mask and revealed their faces. While Bols (Akame Ga Kill) did take off his gas mask but we didn’t see his actual face (partially hidden), he still did take off his gas mask so that’s a no-go. So while these characters will seemingly have no qualms in keeping their gas masks forever on, what are the chances that we normal people in real life will have to comply this? Well, don’t hold your breath…

Do you still love harem animes after all this time? Okay. We’ve got one right here just for you this season. On top of that, do you like love triangles and love polygons to go with it? Yes, we’ve got that one right here too? How about we throw in the cliché childhood friend trope inside? You do love that one also, huh? Well do not fear, we’ve got it all covered. And the male protagonist is a pervert and a loser but kind hearted enough to have hot chicks flock around him. Yes, yes and YES! All yes! So cliché, so predictable, it’s not even funny! Oh well, when you can get all that in Osananajimi Ga Zettai Ni Makenai Love Comedy, what else more can you expect? Laugh, cringe and enjoy all that and more right here in this series because when your life’s an entire joke, how much more can you lose, RIGHT?! I mean, you can’t get lower than that, can you? CAN IT?!

Episode 1
Sueharu “Haru” Maru approaches Shirokusa Kachi to say how much he likes her novel. Is that his way of confessing his love? She loves to hear more about it. So yeah, this confessions ends up with him being rejected. Ouch. In class, Haru talks to his friend, Tetsuhiko Kai about some confession event at the school’s cultural festival. Tetsuhiko seems to be hated by almost every girl due to his three-timing scandal whatever. Of course he teases Haru about confessing to Kachi but I guess a girl of her calibre and status, she is way out of his league. Although Haru tries to maintain a positive image of Kachi, everyone sees her telling off boys with dirty thoughts and when a friend wants to copy her notes, she rips them apart and calls her a parasite! Woah… Later Haru sees her crying alone at the library. Back in class, Tetsuhiko suggests Haru date his childhood friend, Kuroha “Kuro” Shida since he wants a girlfriend so much. Too bad, this legal loli is also way out of his league. Speaking of which, here she is. Teasing him that he wants to confess to her or something, angering those ugly loser boys. Guilty! Haru tries to run away but Kuro claims he must be guilty for turning down her confession. He admits he does and even though they might be happy being a couple, I guess his heart is still somewhere else. Kuro then dismisses it all as just a game, pissing off Haru. Like as though Kachi doesn’t want to lose out, somehow she makes it known to the class that she is dating Mitsuru Abe, an up and coming actor. Poor Haru. He goes off to cry by himself at the river bank.

Kuro won’t abandon him. Though Haru still feels bad for rejecting her, Kuro notes she only confessed because it was a penalty game. She lets him sleep in her boobs, noting that he is a kind person, being nice to her even when he is hurt. That’s why she likes him. That’s why she’ll always be by his side. Then she suggests getting their revenge on Kachi. At first Haru isn’t interested but as Kuro paints how Kachi and Abe will look like an amazing couple, I guess Haru instantly drops the guilty verdict and is in on this revenge plan. So as they discuss their revenge plan, Haru’s idea is to dig up some dirt on Abe. Every man has his dark secrets, right? However Kuro notes that wouldn’t be winning. That would just be not losing. Achieving so means he’ll feel empty in the end. She suggests they pretend to date and this will have more impact. Kachi will be jealous and in despair, right? However, Haru can’t fathom the idea that they will be dating and chickens out. Loser. So he goes with his original idea to ask about on Abe. Yeah, everyone has only good things to say about him. Perhaps Haru shouldn’t monologue his thoughts out loud to dig up dirt on Abe because that dude is hear and heard his dastardly plans. Yeah, he heard someone has been asking a lot on him. Haru tries to shrug off that they don’t know each other but Abe now remembers all about Haru. He was once a genius child actor.

Episode 2
Flashback tells us Haru was the son of a stuntman and an unsuccessful actress. However 6 years ago, Haru left the acting business. Abe once looked up to Haru and the reason he became an actor. He reveals he is dating Kachi only to humiliate him. Looks like it worked. Yeah, Abe really hates the guy and further reveals his plan to confess to Kachi at the festival to make it official. Haru is swamped with anger but he needs to do better than this to get back at him. Hence he talks to Tetsuhiko about wanting to be in a play for the festival. Yeah, you need a good script if he wants to beat that guy in his own game. Tetsuhiko then forces him to seek Kachi’s help. He manages to sum up his courage to ask her help to write a script. She will. If he pays her. It’s like a big win as they exchange contacts. Kuro who lives next door to Haru is at his place to clean up the mess. I guess guys need that feminine touch, huh? Anyway, she spots an old photo of Haru. Who is this kid with him? He says it is Shirou. Their fathers knew each other. Shirou promised to write a great play and hoped he would act in it one day. Suspicious… Soon, Kachi calls for some materials. She teases him about his date with Kuro but looks like she knows about it all and blames him anyway. Kuro subsequently finds out Kachi was on the line but feels that it might be all a trap for Haru. Because it sounded like Kachi knew of Abe’s plan so they might be in it together. She also thinks he shouldn’t be doing acting since he hasn’t been doing so for years. He thinks it’s a good chance so he tries his flirtatious acting with her. It gets awkward for both of them but the whole lot of embarrassment is saved with Kachi’s message asking for some materials.

As Haru practises on stage, WTF is this stage fright because he panics and passes out?! He wakes up with Kachi in the infirmary by his side. She shows him the script. Basically, using the play to take over the confession event since everyone will be able to see it. Kachi also reveals she knows his child actor status and was actually supporting him. She wants to know what happened as he explains when he landed a drama role that mom wanted to act in so bad, she died in a scene. So, the car didn’t hit her but she was acting her hardest? Damn, her acting so good that she actually died?! The drama was to be cancelled but Haru pleaded not to because that wasn’t what mom wanted. And so the drama was completed. It launched Haru to stardom but soon after that he was forced into hiatus. He never told this incident because he was on gag order. Kachi hands him the rest of the script. This back story is enough as payment. Later we see Kachi’s flashback. As a child, she was useless and often bullied. Her father brought her to Haru since she looked up to him. Yup, she is Shirou. They made that promise but one day they just couldn’t be together anymore so she was in distraught he broke their promise. Hence she wanted to get back at him by becoming prettier and famous. To make him regret for never coming to see her. Eventually she realized she was in love with him. She hated him once but now she’s back at loving him again. Kuro goes over the revenge plan. As Abe sings and dances his way at the confession, Haru will usurp him and do his confession to Kachi. To problem is that Kachi may reject him even if his acting is better. Well, he is just going to believe in her. Kuro doesn’t want to listen to Haru and thinks he wants to stop their pretend dating. But he just wants to tell her he’ll be away at Tetsuhiko’s place to practice. So believe in him that he can get through this, right?

Episode 3
There’s still time before the main event so during the festival, Haru is shocked that Shirou is here to see him. Of course Shirou is keeping some distance because we all know it’s a certain someone in disguise. Anyway, Shirou is here to tell him about her insecurities, reasons she think Haru didn’t come to see her anymore. She also mentions about debuting as a novelist last year and winning some award. And then Shirou reveals herself as Kachi. She worked hard all this time so as to earn his recognition. But when she came to this school, she was devastated to see him close to Kuro. Haru apologizes for not knowing. Kachi also wants to be known not as Shirou but Shiro. Opposite to Kuro I suppose. Today’s revelation was because she finally heard to truth about Haru’s background. She never knew all of it and felt selfish for blaming all the while. That’s why she decided to tell him herself. All that is left now is for the confession event. Since Kuro also heard this, looks like there’s going to be some catty rivalry between the white and black. Before that, Kuro talks to Haru about things. Everything has come down to this. A soft slap so as to reset their relationship. From now on, whatever Haru does is none of her concern. But she still blames him for putting her through all this? Is she still trying to influence him by making him feel guilty? The confession event is here. Abe being the last guy goes out to sing and dance on stage for Shiro. This is of course then usurp by Haru. Is it me or is their dancing awfully weird? Animation issues, maybe… Once that’s done, it is time for Haru’s confession. He starts of by saying that he was in love with Shiro and the reason he is on stage was because he just wanted to get revenge on them. However this makes him realize there is someone else who is more important: Kuro. A loud screaming confession for him to her. Will you be mine, Kuro? Kuro: No. WTF???!!! Everything has been a joke!!! In the aftermath, we see Tetsuhiko talking to Abe and knows he was playing the bad guy. Abe explains that Shiro was like a sister to him and it was very obvious she was in love with Haru. However she was at a disadvantage seeing Kuro confessed first although Haru rejected her. In that gist, she made up a lie that they were dating. So by being the bad guy, Haru would focus his hate on him while Shiro approached Haru. He doesn’t mind being hated so long as Haru gets back on stage. After all, he is a big fan of Haru. Eventually after this event, all 3 of them are the biggest losers. Yeah, all of them regretting big time.

Episode 4
Let’s see how our losers are doing. Yup. Not good. Haru can’t get over his rejection trauma. Kuro regretting she rejected him out of revenge but realizes that she really loves him. Shiro sad that Haru rejected her for another girl. Eventually, both girls blame the other for making Haru do this. If you think that’s bad, wait till you see next day. This whole incident is now known nationwide! And Tetsuhiko must have something to do in spreading this viral clip! Yeah, every talk show is talking about this! If you think that’s bad, it’s going to get worse. Suddenly this loli, Maria “Momo” Momosaka runs in to hug her onii-chan! Oh, you mean this famous actress from The Perfect Little Sister series?! Looks like she’s seen the video and that’s why she’s here to reassure her love for him. Oh sh*t. Cue for b*tch fight coming up. Because looks like the rest wants an explanation who this loli b*tch is. Haru was from the same agency as Momo and he was like her senior who taught her stuffs. Oh, Momo. Do you have to put it so ambiguous that he thought you ‘other stuffs’? And she didn’t bat an eyelid claiming he is her first love. B*tch fight can start any time now… So Tetsuhiko’s apology is just a pizza for Haru? Heck, he is then introduced to a friend of his, Rena Asagi who hands her card and claims herself as jack of all trades. Apparently now that Haru might be return to acting, she is smelling the money trail. So depending on how much you pay her, she can do anything. Except erotic stuffs. Too bad, you pervy Haru! Haha! Oh, and it is Rena who bought this pizza so that Tetsuhiko could help introduce her to him. Amazing. Suddenly Shiro comes up to Haru and wants to go out with him?! Since she is tongue tied, her chubby friend, Meiko Mine clarifies what she meant was that she wants him to come with her. As their fathers know each other, they’re hoping to see each other again. Shiro tries to accuse Tetsuhiko for uploading videos of her without her permission but that shameless dude is unapologetic. Because it didn’t do her no harm and the videos hardly has her in it. Now Kuro comes in. Since Haru is so traumatized, he turns into a monkey and hides behind Shiro! Oh damn, this gives Shiro the superior moral high ground! She accuses Kuro for causing this to Haru and that she better leave him for a while. Poor Kuro leaves. Yeah, not before Haru sees those tears in her eyes.

Later as Haru talks to Tetsuhiko about this over the phone, he still feels guilty and scared for what she did to Kuro. He thought he understood her but he didn’t. Of course, this is also heard by Kuro so Tetsuhiko asks her next move. When Haru returns home, he is shocked to see Momo waiting for him like his wife. I didn’t know they were married?! He tries to put his foot down but Momo plays cool and all. I guess he can’t be mad on an empty stomach but luckily for him, Momo has whipped up some good cooking for her love. She also explains she actually knew his whereabouts but always hesitated to come. After all, they parted ways in an unceremonious fashion so she needed some sort of trigger to come see him. That video was it. It was also the thing that convinced her that he is the only one who can save her. Haru thought someone his blackmailing her but she takes out a card from her agency. Looks like the new president is Shun Hardy. He took over from his mom who fell ill but recovered and decided to retire and travel the world. Got to enjoy life while you can. As for his personality, she thinks it is best he finds that out himself. Hence Momo is here under his orders to convince him to come back to the show business. Momo also has the same extra card but to be given to Kuro. Looks like Shun also saw the video and wants Kuro too. Suddenly Kuro’s sisters knock on the door. It’s an emergency. Kuro has developed amnesia! Say what?!

Episode 5
It seems Kuro’s ‘amnesia’ is her different eating habits. Uh huh. She’s eating food like normal. Momo shows herself so the sisters thought Haru got a new girlfriend after Kuro dumped him. So do they not recognize the famous loli actress until she introduces herself? I guess they do now. Haru also introduces the sisters to her: Midori, Aoi and Akane. Together with Kuro, they are known as the Colourful Sisters. Momo continues to flirt with Haru like it’s no big deal, giving the sisters the wrong idea about their relationship. Momo leaves since Haru and the sisters have to talk about Kuro’s case. Good news or not, her memories till the festival are only gone. This means her confession of Haru is forgotten. As for Haru’s return to show business, the sisters are also as torn like him. They’d be happy if he returns but also feel sad since he won’t be spending much time around them. But whatever the decisions he make, they hope he’ll make it with a positive mind set rather than a negative one. Next day, Haru talks to Kuro about it. She saw the video of the confession but has no idea why she did that. Haru tries to reason that it’s because he did something dumb that caused her to reject him. She suggests that they start all over again and doing so, they won’t have any problems. Shiro is here to pick them up since the media is gathering outside school. Haru suggests Shiro to leave Kuro out of whatever she’s planning despite their thorny relationship. During lunch, Haru tries to test Kuro’s memories to see if she really lost them. He knows she hates wieners because she almost choked on them. Surprisingly, she dares to try them but wants him to feed her. She eats it like no big deal. Then he hands her the card from the agency and tells her what’s going on.

Soon, Kuro barges in and heard about Haru’s decision to go to the agency. She’s not pleased. But how does she know? Kuro hired Rena to place a camera to spy on him! Tetsuhiko rats out Kuro’s doing so Haru beats him up just for her. After that, Tetsuhiko notes about Shiro’s goal to have Haru act in the stories she write. Because Haru will be going back to the agency if he plans to go back to acting, this means he will have to leave his school life. While he can do that when he is an adult, Tetsuhiko suggests he enjoys his only school life now. As Tetsuhiko has setup an online channel on WeTube (?!) for his entertainment club, he wants Shiro’s help to write stories for its content and Haru to play in it. While it is obvious he is after Shiro’s talents, he also acknowledges that Shiro is the only one who can bring out the best in Haru. They agree to do this interesting stuff but first Haru needs to head down to the agency to talk things over. Tetsuhiko and Shiro want to come along but agree to not intervene. At the agency, they meet Shun who is quite arrogant and pushy, trying to convince them to take up the offer. While Haru is indecisive, Kuro has made her decision that she is here to decline. Shun then throws money in the equation. If both of them get into show business, in 3 years they can make 300 million! Wow. Oh Haru, your dirty thoughts are seeping out… Kuro maintains her decision to reject the offer since money isn’t everything. That is when Shun starts to badmouth her that her parents didn’t raise her right and all. Shockingly, Haru pours wine all over him and warns him not to badmouth his childhood friend.

Episode 6
When Shun calls Haru a trash, this time it is Tetsuhiko’s turn to really get mad. I mean, REALLY mad. Like as though he really is going to fight him. Haru holds him back as Shun calls security but luckily Shiro’s dad is here. He hears the whole issue but it seems no physical violence was done, I guess the law can’t do anything. That is when Momo suggests a commercial contest. If Haru wins, he will join Shun’s agency. Otherwise Shun will not file a police report and can’t stop Haru from joining another agency or interfere with him. She sets other rules too including their commercials will be posted on different websites and the one with the most votes win. However, Momo will not be on Haru’s team because she wants to show him how much she has grown. This devastates Haru since he was planning to use her popularity to boost his! Damn, this guy is shameless as he prostrates himself and begs her! Embarrassing! Good luck, Haru onii-chan! So we see the Ultramarine Alliance discuss their commercial. They’re going to do a promo on some sports drink. Meanwhile, a slightly deeper insight to Momo’s past. Due to their broken family, her sister, Eri couldn’t go to college and Momo hated herself for being powerless. Until she was scouted by an agency where she also met Haru. We see him encouraging her to do her best as she picked herself up and worked her way up. Until that fateful day he left. Although she continued to work hard, she was always alone. Though, her fame now is enough to put Eri through college. We watch Ultramarine Alliance’s commercial. Haru looking pretty wild there. I guess they really go all out with the youth theme. Later a courtesy call by Haru to Momo that he also watched her commercial and won’t admit defeat. Momo is glad that he’s back. Ultramarine Alliance has a follow up commercial. Wow. Looks edgy. Psychotic. Violent. Messy. Bloody! Bizarre! Acid trip! WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON???!!! No wonder Momo feels she can’t win this but takes heart she can still chase after him. As she is no more alone, she believes Haru will be waiting for her at the end of her path. And just like that, Ultramarine Alliance’s ad wins by 2 votes! Phew. Close. A win is still a win.

We see Tetsuhiko keeping his end of the deal with Shiro’s dad. The latter has done some investigation on this and looks like he knows about Tetsuhiko’s true goal in doing this: He is using Ultramarine Alliance to get revenge on Shun who is his father???!!! Later Abe talks to Tetsuhiko and he also knows what is going on. Abe thinks Haru and Shiro came up tops in this contest but Tetsuhiko says Kuro is the real winner. Flashback shows Tetsuhiko’s meeting with Kuro who expressed concern about Haru going back into showbiz. She knew Tetsuhiko will take sides of those that brings him the most profit and hence she wanted him to side with her on this one. Because of his actions and odd friendship with Haru, she also sensed that he has an ulterior motive. Kuro then told him she will pretend to have amnesia. This will force Haru to side her and she hopes to use this time to get close to him and heal his trauma. She foresaw that Haru will go to see Shun and knowing that scumbag will be a jerk, he will be mean to others. Haru hates those who are mean to those dear to him. This means his return to acting will be as good as dead. Aside Kuro, Tetsuhiko notes the other big winner is Momo. Because now she has transferred to Haru’s school! Apparently Haru misinterpreted her words to save her. Or was she just being sly in the words she chose? Anyway, although she didn’t get along with Shun, the timing was great since she was starved for love. Hence she used this opportunity to quit the agency to rely on him to get her transferred to this school. After all, she has been acting so much that she hasn’t been to school regularly. Yoroshiku ne, onii-chan. Oh boy. Can Haru weasel his way out from his expanded harem? Yeah, Haru the biggest loser. Even more so when he later finds out Kuro was pretending being amnesiac as her habits all suddenly returned to normal. He sure was fooled. Not sure if Kura was a great actress, though… Maybe…

Episode 7
Haru feels disappointed Kuro lied to him. He wants her to apologize and explain but as a woman, you think she’d admit it? This leads them to a mini quarrel and just like that, their relationship is strained again. This time it’s real. Back home, looks like Haru is regretting his actions and fears Kuro’s backlash. Same for Kuro too. She fears that this might lead Haru astray and she’ll be left behind in the harem race. Meanwhile Shiro calls Tetsuhiko to make a proposal with him. Because the last time he told her that she lost a lot of ground. Although Haru’s relationship with Kuro reset, Shiro has her dreams come true but this means her romance with Haru has taken a back seat. Tetsuhiko chairs the first meeting for Ultramarine Alliance. Momo will officially join next week when the papers are complete. He talks about official members and unofficial members (like Rena) as well as voting and veto rights. His first proposal is to shoot a music video at Okinawa with the girls in their swimsuits. While the guys like this ideas, this is opposed by all the girls. It seems by majority vote, they can vote this down without resorting to veto but Shiro doesn’t trust them and fears one of them may change their mind. Hence she forces Tetsuhiko to drop the swimsuit thingy. He does so but now Kuro still doesn’t like the idea that they are being displayed like items. Time to call for a vote. Oh man, 3-2 in favour?! Which one of you b*tches is the traitor? Shiro accuses Kuro for voting in favour since her relationship with Haru is bad and might be using this to mend it. But Kuro seems to have issues of attending this shoot this weekend as her parents are away on a business trip and this puts her sisters home alone. In that case, Tetsuhiko suggests to bring them along. Can’t he just postpone? As this club is created late, they missed creating summer memories so he hopes to make some before next year where they’ll be studying for their exams. When Kuro learns the shooting will be held in a private villa and beach owned by Shiro’s dad, Kuro realizes this is a setup. This means Shiro was in cohorts with Tetsuhiko to vote in favour of this. Haru doesn’t seem to understand it all and this causes more friction with Kuro as they start arguing.

With Kuro not coming over to Haru’s place to clean, it is Aoi who does so in her place. Noting that their relationship isn’t that good, she asks him what happened and perhaps she could help. She tries not to take sides and also tells both their good and bad points. Because both are focusing on different goals and methods, it’s a reason why they may be out of sync with each other. She then asks if he likes Kuro or anyone else. Because if he does so for someone he isn’t fully committed to, it’ll only lead to trouble. Meanwhile Tetsuhiko remembers his talk with Shiro’s dad. Seems he discovered something on Rena too. She is Tetsuhiko’s half-brother from a different mom?! Damn, his family is getting complicated! As Rena doesn’t know this, Tetsuhiko doesn’t want her to know so don’t go blabbing your mouth. Then a call from Shiro to confirm about their plan. All she wants him to do is sit back and observe how she’ll make a comeback to make Haru confess to her. That has been her only goal in life. Of course Tetsuhiko isn’t so sure it will turn out that way and besides, he is worried in maintaining the balance of Ultramarine Alliance. Because if Haru does get a girlfriend, it’ll be all over for Ultramarine Alliance. But he is going to sit back and see how things unfold. Ultramarine Alliance arrive at Okinawa courtesy of Eri. Eri is trying to lead and hint Haru about something. Does he like Kuro? Shiro? Momo? Don’t make Momo cry. Oh sh*t… When Momo goes to get ingredients to cook, this shocks Shiro because she has this perception that great actresses can’t cook! I take it. Shiro can’t cook, right? Yeah, that lie is so obvious. Hence Momo is going to have a cooking showdown with Shiro.

Episode 8
Eri sets the theme as nabe. Sorry Shiro, nobody could hear your fried chicken suggestion. Later we hear the guys talking. Basically Tetsuhiko could guess what Haru is thinking as he wants a harem. Hey, he is the main protagonist of this show! Of course Momo and Rena were eavesdropping and heard that. Momo is glad to know what kind of person Haru is and his personality is the reason why he is always awed by Tetsuhiko’s ideas. Romantically, Momo realizes that she is behind Kuro and Shiro in Haru’s harem. But she’s not panicking. Her position is so only because she is not his romantic interest yet. Hence her brilliant plan is to get him to notice her while let the other 2 fight each other and that itself prevents them from getting together with Haru. They arrive at the villa. Shiro sets down the rules for who gets to sleep in which bedroom. Obviously better to have the guys together and risk yaoi gay time than some straight hetero ecchi hijinks, right? Then everyone hits the beach. Haru gets a secret message from Shiro that she wants to show him her swimsuit but not in front of everybody. So please come to this secret place where she is waiting. Power of boners is strong so you bet that pervert will do that. And so she shows off her sexy swimsuit. The pervert passionately gives his opinion and loves it. Shiro then gets close to him by sitting on his lap. As we all can see from miles away, romantic moment interrupted when Momo calls Haru. So the rest are watching this? Even better. Recording this! Now it’s time for Momo to get mad and boy, damn she runs faster than Haru! As the girls tussle of Haru, he accidentally touches Momo’s boobs. All her padded bras come off. Now she’s going to kill him. I hope she’s not serious…

Later everyone practises dancing. WTF Haru’s dance so girly?! Are you sure this is talent?! Yeah, Momo and Shiro say he is amazing. Are you sure that is amazing?! Oh heck, what do I know? Because Shiro feels so down, leave it to Haru to give her some words of encouragement. You bet he is now dancing for somebody. Apparently that isn’t enough so Shiro leaves the villa herself and bums away at the beach, feeling all depressed. Partly because she doesn’t know how to make nabe. Going to lose, right? Of course Haru the hero has to go see what’s wrong. Apparently she isn’t the same person she used to be. Is that a bad thing? Once again Haru has to give his motivational talk that being strong isn’t the only important thing. She is only digging her grave if she can’t be honest with herself. He is happy she is trying to practice making his favourite food. He believes the real thing will somehow turn out great. This great atmosphere is good enough to make them prepare for a kiss. Well, is anybody going to interrupt them? Okay. Carry on… Ah well, some subconscious mind thingy made them pull back and return to the villa. Another time, maybe? Heh. Hopefully. Next morning, Haru has a ‘rude’ awakening as the Colourful Sisters have arrived. Kuro pointing out that Haru must be having the time of his life. The way he’s sleeping so casually, you bet. Oh sh*t…

Episode 9
Haru and Kuro are being stubborn but luckily the sisters break them up before the whole morning is ruined. The practice continues and we don’t want to see all that boring serious stuff because now it’s relaxation time! Oh yeah! The Colourful Sisters in their swimsuits, the moment we’ve been waiting for! Kuro is going in for a more stylish one, seeing she needs to be taking control now after observing Haru is being quite close to Shiro. With Midori quipping Kuro’s black heartedness is the only thing that tops Shiro, Kuro is going to get her but Midori hides behind Haru. Speaking of which, Kuro takes Haru away for some talk. Eventually, both are still not giving in about their apology. In that case, Kuro will randomly spam “I love you” so he can laugh it off as a joke each time. She does so and each time it is making him embarrassed till a point it drives him crazy. Haru and Kuro then do some studies. He remembers it is thanks to Kuro’s help that he managed to get into high school. Wow. I didn’t think he was THIS stupid! As they’re setting up the stage, Akane has some suggestions of her own. But she is also here to talk to Haru and notes how he has more friends now and it makes her feel that he is far away. That night, Haru spies on Shiro practising alone. He also eavesdrop on his talk to Meiko like how she doesn’t intend to seek Haru’s help because she wants to be dependent on herself. She doesn’t want to go back to those days where she clung onto him unconditionally. So we see Shiro’s solo practice but because of her feet injury, she keeps tripping. Haru has no choice but to only cheer her on from the shadows. At the same time, Akane is watching over Haru. She talks to Aoi that her heart hurts a lot now each she looks at Haru. Oh my. I think we know what this is. Aoi too. So she hugs her and hopes she doesn’t go there. She believes all the sisters too have the same feelings for Haru but held back in respect for Kuro. Hence if love is poison, then lies are her medicine. It’s like her painkiller but the side effect is that the pain hurts afterwards. So a stronger painkiller is needed? A vicious cycle…

Before the girls head up to the stage to do their dance. Kuro is concerned since Haru is paying more attention to Shiro. That feet of hers… The dance is pretty good. Tetsuhiko thinks they should do another take since they have more time but Haru insists nothing will top this. Shiro then trips. Haru tries to catch her. Would’ve looked like a cliché love hugging scene. Only it fails spectacularly. And Haru’s arm injured. Oh damn, call the hospital?! Sounds serious. But the worst part is how Shiro is blaming herself now. This is an injury that’ll take a long time to heal… Back in school, Abe bugs Tetsuhiko who is editing the videos. He wants to know the progress. Simply put it, Tetsuhiko believes Shiro is leading. Momo was too scared Kuro that she didn’t do anything to stop Shiro. Furthermore, most of the shots from Haru’s camera were on Shiro. Abe heard a different story from Shiro and was told all she did was screwing up. The plan might have failed but romantic wise, it isn’t over yet. The irony that Shiro’s failure may have kicked in Haru’s protective instinct. I mean, which guy doesn’t love a clumsy girl who always does her best compared to a pushy and aggressive one? This could only mean that it is going to get messier. I mean, haven’t you heard? Shiro is going to live with Haru from today! Yeah, Haru and Kuro just heard this from Shiro’s father and are in shock. Apparently Shiro still feels guilty for causing his arm to be hurt (well, it’s in a cast) and will take responsibility to look after him. Can’t give that single-boy-and-girl-living-together-who-knows-what-will-happen excuse because their maid, Shion Ooragi will also be staying together. Shiro looking very worried now. Very.

Episode 10
Every pervert’s dream. If you think naked Shiro is going to have sex with Haru just because it’s that time, well think again. Because it’s all just a dream! Oh Haru, you wish, right? Reality hits hard because not only Shiro is staying in Haru’s house but Kuro and Momo too. When is war starting? Oh right. It has already begun! So I guess Kuro’s sisters aren’t the main contenders so they just leave some stuffs and go. Aoi and Akane acting shy and strange while Midori acts tough and scolding Haru. We all know why… But tonight’s harem comes to an end when Kuro’s mom calls her and tells her she CANNOT stay with Haru. Aww, MOM! Also, Eri calls Momo to tell her the same thing. Aww, ONEE-SAMA! So as Shiro talks to Kuro, Haru returns to his room but Shion trying to mock and warn Haru about getting the wrong idea about Shiro’s love for him. When a character calls herself a genius, you know she’s an idiot. But Haru thinks she does have a point when he might be mistaking Shiro’s love to be just her admiration for him. Shiro returns and because his arm is injured, she wants to wash his back. You bet this is going to happen… Meanwhile Kuro recalls what Shiro told her that despite she will be getting closer to Haru tonight. This makes Kuro feel her rejection for him during the school festival is not as bad as this. Of course she isn’t going to throw in the towel yet. In class, because Momo is being too close to Haru and those guilty loser guys trying to get Haru, Shiro steps in to warn those losers if they do something to Haru, she’ll give them an exact barbaric punishment. Also, she tells Momo not to further hurt Haru since she is injured. Momo obliges but this might all be a ploy for Shiro to monopolize Haru as she feeds him. Still can’t use his hand, right? Later Kuro talks to Haru since she is worried about anything happening last night with Shiro. She knows he is a pervert and Shiro is a pretty woman. Guess how that adds up? He assures her that nothing of that sort happened and they just studied the whole night.

Tetsuhiko calls the gang to the clubroom for an emergency meeting. Apparently Shiro’s dad plans on doing a documentary about Haru’s disappearance. Basically from the time Haru quit as a child actor to his recent return. Of course Tetsuhiko will only agree to do it if Haru is 100% okay with it. While Kuro is against it because he doesn’t want Haru to be further hurt, Haru wants to clear up the misunderstandings with the truth. But Momo cautions that they are dealing with the media and they can twist the truth for their own gains. Hence, Tetsuhiko has come up with a counter measure. It will showcase the true ending of Child King. That was the last role Haru starred in before he quit and the first time he acted with Momo. The original TV ending had a teen actor to portray the ending after the time skip. Now that Haru is of that age, he can actually act a different and true ending altogether. This would definitely generate some buzz. If Haru is 100% okay with it, Tetsuhiko will make sure their proposal will not be compromised. Haru is given till the end of the week to decide because for now, it is exam time. Later, the frontrunners of Haru’s harem converge to ‘discuss’. Basically, all of them know what the other sly vixen is doing to seduce, flirt and get closer with Haru. Thus it is proposed that all of them should yield 1 demand and accept each other’s demand equally. This means Kuro has to stop playing the I-love-you game and Momo cannot do anything thoughtless that causes a commotion. In return, all of them will take turns taking care of Haru but only when Shion is around. Momo then has an idea on the true ending documentary. We won’t hear what it is now but it looks like all the girls think this is a good idea that will give them the advantage for Haru. The true devil’s game begins!

Episode 11
Stupid Shion trying to frame Haru despite having all the evidence right in her hands! And she’s still denying?! And calling herself a genius?! Time for Kuro to teach this baka maid a lesson… Putting aside that shenanigan, Tetsuhiko calls everyone for an emergency meeting. There’s a crisis on their hands. Looks like publications are spinning stories about Haru’s retirement from showbiz due to his mom’s death. This is most likely Shun’s work and Momo wants to give him a piece of her mind for ignoring her warning. However Tetsuhiko warns her not to because she will be playing into his hands. If she does, he will be waiting to throw more scandals at her. Of course Tetsuhiko has a plan but only if Haru approves it. When Tetsuhiko pitched in his true ending, a different major network jumped on it. Collect Japan TV is a streaming company and is currently loading up on old popular titles. One of them is Child King and you bet this will be a great promo. So they will make their documentary about Haru and tell the world the truth via this network. As Haru’s image will also impact on Collect, they will want to be careful with this. The girls will personally interview Haru about his past as part of the documentary. First up is Shiro as Haru gets invited to her huge mansion. They talk about stuffs but ultimately the important one was when they were young, Haru wanted to bring Shiro to Tokyo Tower. However she was too scared as she has never been outside before. But his boldness had him eventually take her there. Of course it ended in failure as the servants all stopped them. But at that moment, Haru looked like a hero to her. Her Superman. Wow, mood is good enough for them to kiss but they remember they’re still on camera so cut! Haru then brings Shiro to Tokyo Tower. Upon returning, you bet Shion is throwing all sorts of accusations. But Haru knows how to shut up this dumb maid. He can give her photos of Shion at Tokyo Tower if she be nice to him. Well, what’s it going to be? Do you want the photos or not? Shion thought she is smart as after he sends over the pics, she has no more reason to be nice to him. But Haru only sent her half. MEANIE!!! EVIL!!!

Next morning, Shiro is about to wake up Haru. Trying for a morning kiss, huh? Too bad here comes Momo barging in because it’s her turn. Darn, if only she was a few seconds faster… So will the cat fight begin? Momo is shameless in trying to help change Haru. Noticing his abs, I guess Shiro also joins in rubbing them. Oh yeah. Shion checks on them and misinterprets the situation. Call the police! Now it is Momo’s turn to bring Haru to a very nostalgic place. It is the site where his mom died. Her logic is that what happened to Haru’s mom is the biggest event in his life. Like it or not, he has to face it. Thinking she is the only one who can share such moments with him, she’ll use her gentleness to calm him. In that moment she will burst out from her little sister image into a woman who is worthy of his love. At the site, Momo asks about the incident as she records him talking about the truth how his mom died. It was basically a freak accident as she was not actually hit by the car. He also explains how he protested the cancellation and wanted to continue since mom worked so hard for this show. However the irony was that despite pouring his heart and soul into his role, it was the first and last time he acted alongside his mom. He couldn’t act each he started thinking about her. It got too heavy and that’s the real reason he left showbiz. You think Haru is the one who is supposed to be emotional thinking back about this tragic past. But now that Momo thinks about it, she too felt something off. She thought of not letting her emotions get the better of her but it did. Soon it is Momo who starts crying and apologizing for all the wrong things she said to him. She can’t forgive herself for that. But kind Haru will because he’s Haru. As Momo mentions how much she also loves his mother, this also affects Haru as he too starts crying. But sad lovers can do nothing but console each other in tears. Damn, I’m feeling really weird after all this too…

Episode 12
Back home, Momo is upset because Haru tried to tease her?! Who gave Momo the right to only tease him, HUH?! Anyway, just a ploy so that if he wants to make up, he must kiss her by the lips! But that won’t happen because Shion playing the moral police is here to stop them. But the duo know how the handle her. They claims Haru has a photo album with lots of unseen pictures of Shiro. And they can’t show it if they’re violating some moral standards. So do you want to see it or not? Yeah, Shion nose bleed like flood waters! But the teasing went too far so Shion kicks him in the shin! OMFG! I hope she didn’t fracture it and cause him to be immobile! Good thing it did not. It was all just for comedic effect. And Shion flashing her pantsu all this time, does it mean that will be the last we’ll see of her this episode?! Back to serious business, Tetsuhiko tells Haru that they need to upload the documentary ASAP before Shun makes his move. Also, Collect wants to air the true ending the same time they air the documentary so they have to be quick on that too. So as Haru meets up with Kuro for the shoot, it’s time for a long narration of Haru being a normal kid until that tragedy struck. He changed after he left showbiz and kept all to himself. Kuro has seen all those sides of him during his stay at her place. Then there is this secret place where they used to hang out just because everywhere else was just too noisy for him. It was a place that created a special bond between them. Mind you, nothing ecchi happened. Now, Kuro confesses to Haru and loves him in the romantic sense. Her rejection during the festival was because of revenge. But now she wants an answer from him. Oh sh*t. Every harem guy’s nightmare. HOW TO ANSWER?! While he definitely loves Kuro, however he also has such feelings for other girls. Yeah, you don’t say… Because he took too long to answer, she gives up. This is her personal resolve that if he took more than 10 seconds, she will not pester for an answer again. I mean, it was obvious if he couldn’t be straight with her, it means his feelings lie somewhere else. Hence she proposes this childhood girlfriend thingy. From all that explanation, is it like a mistress? Basically more than a friend but less than a lover. They can opt out of it any time without the risk of being rejected and at the same time they won’t be pressured to give an answer. Yeah, Haru like us doesn’t quite get the details but just the gist of it. Kuro teases her that he can touch certain parts depending on the mood and situation. But of course a kiss and doing ecchi stuffs will automatically convert their relationship into lovers. So be careful. Yeah, Haru’s IQ and brains melting… Mine too as I watch this anime! HAHAHA!!! And yeah, he has to keep this relationship a secret.

Abe sees Tetsuhiko about the uploaded documentary and true ending. He also gives his thoughts on all this. He believes Tetsuhiko came out tops on all this. He knew Shun was going to do something to damage Haru using his past and hence this documentary thingy so that Haru could overcome his past himself. With 3 girls in love with him, they take him to places with fantastic memories. He also thinks Kuro came up with this but Tetsuhiko denies and in fact she was at the most disadvantage. Ever since the Okinawa trip, Shiro held the biggest advantage but with Momo’s proposal, this became Shiro’s biggest disadvantage and it was Kuro got the biggest advantage out of it. He also knows about the childhood girlfriend proposal and this gives Kuro some sort of insurance for the uncertain future. Though, it makes her look like a desperate high school girl, this resets their relationship to back before the confession at the festival. Had she ditched her pride, they would’ve been dating by now. Same case for Shiro too. Tetsuhiko knows all of this because Kuro herself told him. Either way, Tetsuhiko will find out so might as well tell him and give him a warning not to tell others. This means by telling Abe, if this actually goes out, he’ll get blamed! An accomplice, huh? Sneaky! Now that a few girls are swooning over Haru, our main heroines are noticing it and planning to make their moves to crush them before it gets out of hand. Less (wo)men more share, right? The final scenes show the true ending in which Haru’s character wakes up from coma after 6 long years with all his lovers by his side.

Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Makemashita!
Uhm… That’s it? My, it sure didn’t go anywhere, huh? Because the final episode feels like one big focus on Kuro and somewhat her redemption to reset her relationship with Haru (I guess Shiro and Momo had theirs in the penultimate one). I mean, after she has been too long in the bad side of his books and their relationship not really patching up, hence this long ass narration and reconciliation just to get back to where they started. Hey, even if they did not progress any way forward, at least it is better than being stuck in a rut. Also, this back to square one isn’t really just restarting if you look at it from another perspective. It’s also moving forward rather than being stagnant. But too bad, can’t say the same for this anime. It ended in such a stagnant and boring way that it made everything so meh. Yeah, now I’m really worried if I did lose some brain cells and IQ over all this…

Sometimes I felt confused by the direction and pacing of the story. You know, everyone is having expectations that this is going to be another of those silly generic romantic harem comedy of the season. So in order not to fall into that trap and seem like that sill generic romantic harem comedy of the season, hence the change in pace of the series. Because the synopsis of the show told us about Haru getting rejected by Shiro and hence Kuro his childhood friend wanted to join up to get revenge on this. Well, that didn’t even last halfway. That school cultural festival thingy was the climax of this synopsis and after that, the plot went somewhere else. Because after that, it didn’t really felt much like any revenge plot whatsoever and it’s just another one of those ubiquitous silly generic romantic harem comedy of the season.

The main contenders trying to get Haru’s heart but at the same time, trying to complicate things with his past child prodigy acting. So it’s because of this showbiz thing that Haru was once into, it became like a double edged sword for the girls and the overall pacing of the series. On one hand, it is a stepping stone to get to Haru’s heart but on the other hand, it becomes a stumbling block because this is the most haunting thing in his life. They try to play up this past of his is some big and serious issue. It may be for Haru but for us, we’re just left confused. I guess we don’t understand the kind of plight that has-been celebrities go through, huh? And that is why at the end of it all, I just got confused by everything. I bet you’re expecting me to say that they should’ve done away with this ‘complicated’ child actor thingy and go straight into some cheap sleazy harem fight. Yup. And then I’ll complain how boring and generic it is. Heh. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Sighs. The fate of such genres and people who watch them…

So after the festival event, I felt that the music video shoot at Okinawa felt somewhat redundant. I don’t know. I felt it wasted some time and didn’t have any major impact. Not that I could really see it. Yeah, after all that shenanigans and aside somewhat confirming the Colourful Sisters’ unrequited love for our main character, at the end of it all we got was just Haru injuring his arm. And that sets the next and final stage for this season. Honestly, I didn’t keep the score but I just don’t feel that any of the girls got any closer to Haru. Sure, they have their personal moments with him but it is nothing that would make me feel like they’re running away with the lead. It’s just an illusion. Basically everyone is trailing far behind. Am I right?

Oh well, the characters feel pretty cliché and generic. After all, what are you expecting? So Haru isn’t any different from many of the other male protagonists in other similar genres because that is how this kind of shows work. Yes, Haru is a pervert. Yes, Haru is also a nice guy. Yes, Haru has got a lot of girls liking him. What else can you add to that? Oh. Make him a retired child actor! Oh yeah. I’m sure that should make a difference. But I guess he is still in a much better position than those loser guys in his class. Yeah, those jealous losers can say nothing but “Guilty!” to Haru just because he got hot chicks flocking to him. Oh well, it’s a sin to not be the main character. And they’re guilty of being just that! Guilty!

Now let’s go over to the main contenders in this harem race. Shiro. Beautiful talented girl who is our main character’s first crush. Got rejected. Bad move. Now she regrets it and is having a hard time trying to get her feelings reciprocated by him. Well, try harder. Kuro. Typical childhood friend who is always there for him. Rejected him. Bad move. Now she regrets it and is having a hard time trying to get her feelings reciprocated by him. Well, try harder. At the moment, Shiro might look like she has the upper hand because she is gentle and more mature in handling such stuffs while Kuro is more brash and, uhm, wicked? It doesn’t help seeing Haru and Kuro are currently in a quarrel (although thankfully that ended in the end). Well, I guess these girls certainly live up to the general representations of their named colour.

Momo. Even bolder than Kuro, she is only so because of everyone’s mind set that she is of the little sister role. She’s trying to snatch it all from behind and hoping the main duo will fail. But there’s a risk in waiting for that to happen because who knows some other outside factor might sway Haru. Like you know, a fourth girl? Gasp! This contest is not big enough for another rival! Too bad Colourful Sisters. Haru already has enough on his plate and wouldn’t you like to complicate things by announcing your candidacy for the race to Haru’s heart? In hindsight, probably it is the best and smart move they bottle up their feelings. Too many cooks spoil the broth, huh? 6 is already an ungodly number for a harem to have as main contenders. I know, I know. There can never be too many babes for a harem but if you really want to talk about a worthwhile harem, 3-4 should be most ideal. I think.

Tetsuhiko is the most enigmatic and perhaps the most dangerous character of them all. He isn’t just your typical the-other-guy and more than just the best friend of the main protagonist. He is quite scheming and has lots of plans behind his back. As long as something interests him, you bet he will do all it takes to enjoy it. Also, he is one of the most complicating characters because of his very strange family ties. Especially the shocking revelation that Shun is his father and Rena his step sister. Especially why this dude is so angry at his father. Could there be some past abuse or something? Another revenge story? I bet it would be interesting to know how all this ties up together but I guess we’re too focused on the sleazy shenanigans of Haru and his harem so this one goes to the back burner. Hence for Rena, her character actually feels a lot redundant (if not, the most redundant of them all) and not really important. It is just strange to think that her ties with Tetsuhiko is the only flimsy thing that makes her slightly relevant. But nevertheless still mostly irrelevant as far as the plot and direction of this series is heading. Abe’s role also feels redundant after the festival confession. It’s like he meets up with Tetsuhiko just to keep the score. Uh huh. Somebody keeping the score card of Haru and the girls’ progress. I don’t know, all sounds so confusing to me.

Shion as the dumbest character is clearly written as a joke. But sometimes I feel that she represents what most of our sentiments for this series is. You know, we know that this series is going to be sleazy and cheesy and all that mind numbing generic stuffs. But yet we won’t admit it and we continue to ‘love’ it because we are so into this kind of genre! AM I RIGHT???!!! Yeah, you got to give Shion points for being confident despite the odds obviously stacked against her. Or maybe she is just that stupid to begin with. Anyway, Shion is there just for some variety and she doesn’t really shake up the foundation or anything else. Because we’re tired of seeing and expecting the same predictable results of our main trio of heroines, hence Shion is the much needed comic relief we need so as to make those heroines not look as bad. Hey, this is a romantic love comedy, right? Some sort of dumbness is expected.

The art and animation looks pretty decent and simple. The colouring and hues are quite light too. But I still can’t get out of my mind that weird animation dance scene that Haru did at the festival. I think the animation quality made it look freaking weird… If you find the characters having this familiar super cute looks, that is because Doga Kobo animated this crap, uhm, I mean silly generic romantic harem comedy of the season. Hence the masters of mostly animating cute girls doing cute things genre adding this one to their list that includes YuruYuri, New Game, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Gabriel Dropout, Mikakunin De Shinkoukei, GJ-Bu, Love Lab, Maoujou De Oyasumi, Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru and Watashi Ni Tenshi Ga Maiorita. But the art can be simple enough that I sometimes get confused between Tetsuhiko and Abe since they look almost similar. Maybe I should look harder.

Voice acting, I suppose Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is helming in yet another sleazy character role. But I guess this beats every time we all try to pigeonhole him as Kirito, right? So as Haru, I guess he is better than other less than stellar non-Kirito-like characters like Makoto in Hatena Illusion and Aito in Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To. The only other seiyuu I recognize is Ayane Sakura as Shiro. Though, she is putting a lower voice than her trademark bratty/b*tch one. Heh. And with Inori Minase as Kuro (Hestia in DanMachi), I wonder if there was something to do with Go-toubun No Hanayome because these trio had a main voice acting role in that anime too. Yeah, it would have further fuelled my conspiracy theory had they roped in Ayana Taketatsu, Kana Hanazawa and Miku Itou somewhere! They did not and that was the end of my intriguing thought.

The rest of the other casts are Saori Oonishi as Momo (Aiz in DanMachi), Kaede Hondo as Shion (titular character in Tejina-senpai), Nobunaga Shimazaki as Tetsuhiko (Shido in Date A Live), Tomoyo Takayanagi as Rena (Mira in Koisuru Asteroid), Akane Fujita as Midori (Sagiri in Eromanga-sensei), Miyuri Shimabukuro as Aoi (titular character in Yuragi-sou No Yuuna-san), Natsumi Hioka as Akane (Tsukuyo in Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism), Takuma Terashima as Abe (Otoya in Uta No Prince-sama series), Minami Takahashi as Eri (Megumi in Shokugeki No Souma) and Wataru Takagi as Shun (Chudelkin in Sword Art Online: Alicization). Chance & Revenge by Riko Azuna as the opening theme is a rock pop outfit. This is quite a highly energetic piece and I find it suitable for high octane anime series like car racing shows. Yeah, so it’s weird to hear this one here. Unless racing to Haru’s race is a high octane nerve wrecking race… As for the ending theme, Senryakuteki De Yosou Funou Na Love Comedy No Ending Kyoku is a duet between Shiro and Kuro. Sounds like another generic anime pop.

Overall, this is your, wait for it, silly generic romantic harem comedy of the season. It’s got its fair share of funny moments and jokes, some cringe moments, some much needed dramatic moments and the ending is pretty bland. I mean, the usual main guy didn’t choose which girl he wants to be with but that is all within expectations. But nothing that is out of the ordinary. Nothing that has been done and tested. After all, we’re eventually here to see cute girls going after a plain guy, right? Don’t be surprised that many call this garbage of the season and the title is there to serve just as clickbait. Only people (like yours truly) who love this kind of genre can stomach all the clichés and predictability that this genre has to offer. It’s the strange kind of love-hate relationship we have with this kind of genre as we keep complaining about stuffs but come back next season to still watch the same thing. I suppose that is why this vicious cycle is our tragic love comedy that we won’t stubbornly give in or lose to!


11 September, 2021

Can a former yakuza be a good househusband? Well, Gokushufudou will show you the way! Initially, I wanted to wait a little longer to watch this series since it was announced that there was going to be a sequel soon after this one ended. You know, so I can binge watch it all at one go. However I decided to change my mind seeing that the sequel was announced and no proper date was set at the time of this writing. Yeah, it could be next year, 5 years or in 10 years! That’s a very long time in anime standards. So I decided to screw all that waiting and just go watch the first season. Also because down the road, don’t want to have weird conclusions that I forgot to watch this show altogether and then panic all over. Yeah…

Episode 1
* Tatsu finishes making his perfect breakfast. Even taking a photo of it. Too bad his wife, Miku rushes out since she is late for a meeting. Oh well. Time to wash up. Then he realizes he forgot to give her the bento. He quickly rushes out. Soon he is stopped by cops who wants to know his occupation. Househusband. One of them then recognizes him as the brutal yakuza known as Immortal Dragon. Rumours have it that he smashed all his rival group’s office in 1 night and then suddenly vanished. Oh sh*t… Tatsu gives them sales coupons. Gladly accepted. Is this bribery?
* Urita the knife salesman knocks on Tatsu’s door. Seeing he is covered in blood and holding a knife, he is scared at first but won’t give up. So as he shows his stuffs, Tatsu wants to test it out as he heard lots of scamming going around. He tests out the knife by whipping up a delicious hamburger meal. Urita has a good nostalgic taste of it. Forget about the knives then. But he still finds Tatsu scary.
* Masa is beaten up and laments ever since Tatsu disappeared, the group is in a disarrayed state. Then he sees Masa shopping! OMG! He tries to go talk to Masa about the bad times the group has fallen into. Since this isn’t the place to talk, Tatsu brings him to a cooking class! How to cook croquettes. Of course Masa can’t take any more of this crap and throws a tantrum, even destroying the dish. Masa beats him up and tells him you can’t protect things with violence! Uhm, didn’t he just do violence there?
* A rival gang boss laments Tatsu’s whereabouts. There are many who want to kill him and you bet he is one of them. Suddenly Tatsu crashes into his car! Just to avoid a kitty. Gang boss considers this a war of declaration and chases him. In the shopping mall, Tatsu then has them help him grab the stuffs from the bargain bin! In the end, Tatsu scolds them for not being efficient enough and grabbed only useless items. Sales are battlefields! Gang boss didn’t like the way he talks and holds him at gunpoint, only to be easily disarmed by Tatsu. He then gives him those gloves. Stay warm. Brings back nostalgic memories of his mom and his poor days. Momma!!! WTF…
* Tatsu is at the anime store and is acting in a way that would make others misinterpret he is a yakuza on a covert mission. So when he asks the clerk if he has some Policure stuffs, he becomes an otaku and makes some recommendations. Of course Tatsu will take it. When Miku comes back, Tatsu body searches her and then welcomes her home. WTF this weird altar? Oh, it’s her birthday. Damn, he is singing a birthday song or a death dirge?! He gives the Policure present to her. She is happy but she already got this one. Tatsu tries to cut off his finger as atonement but she stops him and sends him flying out.
* Gin the pet cat goes out for a walk when nobody is home. He talks to other animals until he reaches a dog tied up in his own kennel. Turns out she was chasing a butterfly and the more she moves, the more she gets tied up and doesn’t even know why. Gin laughs and just goes home.

Episode 2
* Looks like some boss is coming so Tatsu leaves it to a new member to handle stuffs. Turns out to be a Roomba. Oh sorry, Roomboo. WTF?! Anyway, start cleaning! Yeah, he must be very disappointed it doesn’t do corners, huh? As Tatsu tries to clean, Gin keeps bugging him so he kicks the cat out. The Roomboo then goes over Gin’s tail and you know, the feline starts screaming and all. Tearing the place apart and even breaking a wine bottle all over Tatsu’s head! The boss turns out to be some old chairwoman and as she enters, she misinterprets seeing a bloody Tatsu! Looks like a crime scene!
* A friend has Tatsu look after her son Ryota, since she has to be away doing her PTA job. Of course with Tatsu’s intimidating looks, Ryota looks defeated. Until Tatsu makes him some cookies. Tastes good. Now that Ryota has opened up, Tatsu suggests playing games. Sorry kid, not Morio Kart (WHAT?!), but some yakuza gambling stuffs! Once more, Ryota goes into seclusion. Thinking he would be better off with an older girl, he lets him play with a Policure figure. He happily does so until he accidentally breaks it. Oh no. Don’t worry. Tatsu will handle it. He puts it in a barrel, digs a hole and buries it! Just like old times. Until Miku catches him in the act. Busted!
* Masa is in trouble. Yeah, trying to Guugle (?!) how to take on a group fight? Luckily Tatsu passes by and so Masa thought his aniki would kick their asses. But Tatsu slaps him and tells him off to finish his own fight he started. The gang decides to stay away, knowing he is the Immortal Dragon. Masa brags to fight. But hiding behind Tatsu? One of them gets offended and takes the wood from Tatsu’s hand and smacks Tatsu! Tatsu: Good wood for a chair! He then tries to stab Tatsu but he stops it with his catalogue! The gang leaves. Masa still bragging. Masa then thought being a yakuza and househusband is the same side of the coin and wants to learn from him. Yeah, Tatsu teaches him DIY and they finished making a cute little chair.
* Tatsu tries the hula hoop to exercise. Because there is no space, it bothers Miku so she tells him to go do aerobics at the gym. They start off with some yoga poses but these poses reminds Tatsu of some dreaded yakuza moves. Yeah… Finally he accidentally enters the women’s changing room. He tries to repent himself and ends up doing some yoga pose. So this is some yakuza atonement pose too?
* Tatsu and Miku go shopping. He won’t let her buy what she wants. They start arguing and people think a yakuza is trying to harass a commoner. Miku realizes it is perhaps the way he dresses that makes him intimidating and has him go shop for clothes. Well, any clothes he puts on makes him look as intimidating! So how can Tatsu be the charming househusband? Well, looks like he spotted an idea. He wears a cute Policure apron! Miku loves it! Everyone watching thinks they’re mad…
* Gin takes a walk and tries to poop in another cat’s house! Of course this cat won’t let him and tries to stop him while Gin just ignores and tries to do his business. In the end, the cat takes him into the house to make Gin to his business on the cat litter. Otherwise any poo in the garden, the owner will kill him. Too bad Gin can’t do his business now since the poo went back right in.

Episode 3
* Torajiro is released from prison and now becomes a crepe vendor. And what do you know? Tatsu and Masa are here! Masa remembers this dude and is the only person who could rival Tatsu. He is after the Steel Fist Torajiro! Torajiro is not happy he done in his group while he was in the slammer and so they’re going to settle things. How? Via cooking! Oh yeah, they’re making the best crepes and then taking pictures of it and posting it on Instantgram (?!). Looks like Tatsu won with 1 vote! Torajiro got 0 votes!
* Tatsu and Miku go buy a car. However it is too big or consumes too much gas, not to Tatsu’s liking. So the perfect car is a pickup truck? Luckily there is one that might suit them. So as they test drive it, Miku warns him to be prepared for anything. This has Tatsu think that all the staffs are secret yakuza members and out to kill him! Can’t escape! In the end, nothing happens but Tatsu won’t be buying this car. He’ll walk instead.
* Tatsu blames Masa for screwing up. The laundry. Yeah, Tatsu teaching him the finer points on how to do laundry as well how to take care of different types of stain! Look at aniki go! Oh yeah! Finally, the laundry is done but a shirt gets blown away and into the puddle. How anticlimactic…
* Over time, Tatsu has bought or created too many stuffs so Miku suggests selling them at a flea market. Yeah, nobody buying anything. Nearby, a local gangster group, Sawatari is harassing some to pay protection money. Tatsu tells them to go elsewhere to deal with this turf stuff. Sawatari becomes scared as he recognizes this Immortal Dragon. Damn his wobbling legs. As Tatsu tries to sell him his stuffs, Sawatari keeps thinking they are torture tools! Eventually his shaking knees give way and he passes out! So Tatsu just gives all of them for free?
* Tatsu is happily growing his plants. Once they’re ready, he takes them and heads off. A couple of policeman has been spying on him and thinks he has grown weed to do illegal transaction. They see him hand it to Masa. They need more proof if they need to arrest them. After they enter a shady establishment, that’s where they bust in to arrest. Freeze! Turns out everyone is celebrating the chairwoman’s birthday. The weed is actually basil for the pizza. Not convinced, they think the real deal is in his suitcase. Oh, that’s just some moist potpourri for fragrance. They give up and comment how good Tatsu is in household stuffs.
* Sawatari trains up to make sure his knees are strong! Yeah, better take those supplements and pills too. Once he is ready, he tells his men to go crush Tatsu. Alright. Let’s do this. The moment they see Tatsu before them, Sawatari’s knees instantly give in! Oh man! Did he almost die too?! Oh dude, you definitely need more training.

Episode 4
* Tatsu and a few housewives playing volleyball. Apparently a group of housewives booked this hall for practice but didn’t turn up so Tatsu is filling in. And then a group of badass yakuzas come in to play. Yakuzas vs housewives! It’s a life or death battle! In the end, it looks like Tatsu and the housewives lost. But the yakuza show good sportsmanship so they all gather for a group photo.
* Tatsu is talking to the butcher about the nice pork meat. Yeah, they make it sound like they’re killing some human! Miku finishes work early and meets up with him. He has her follow him go around several shops. Turns out he completed the stamp rally so he could try again the lottery to win a Dayson (?!) vacuum grand prize. It’s his 10th try?! He spins it and… Gets a stuffed toy prize. Miku is happy with this cute toy but Tatsu still has his pride and claims it is for his wife so Miku smacks him. That’s enough already.
* Miku’s parents are nearby and call to make a visit. Don’t worry, Tatsu got this covered. He serves them nice tea and dessert. Miku’s mom is impressed and has a nice conversation with Tatsu. Miku’s dad on the other hand wanted to join in the conversation but couldn’t find the right things to say. He tries to strike up a conversation but it ends as soon as it starts because the terms he uses, let’s just say Tatsu thinks those are yakuza terms and his experience with them. So they go play catch. Each time papa throws, Tatsu brings it back to him? Like a dog? Eventually when Tatsu throws back, it is so strong that papa flies back! Hope he didn’t hurt his back.
* Miku comes home to see the place in a mess and Tatsu seemingly defeated. Who is the enemy? It’s a cockroach! Tatsu tries to go in for another spray but is out of ammo. The roach flies onto the Policure figurine. It’s over. Tatsu tries to get revenge but the roach now flies onto his chest. Tatsu wants her to smack it even if it means this image will haunt her for the rest of her life. Guess what? She missed and smacks his head! They try lighting up some citrus candle to have the roach go away. They calm down and enjoy it instead. The roach? Oh, hello Gin…
* A children centre is expecting Santa. Guess who? Your one and only Tatsu! Immortal Santa! Oh sh*t! If Santa had yakuza origins, you bet this is it! So who is naughty or nice?! The kids aren’t shocked, though. Yeah, Santa got some presents for ya little brats. Uhm, horseshoe crabs? Anyway, he has other presents too and it’s a nice Christmas night. Santa then goes away riding his bicycle. Sorry kids, no reindeer pulling sleigh.
* Miku’s dad tries to practice his lines on how to talk to Tatsu. Each time it gets more elaborate. And his wife catches him in the act. He thinks it’s perfect!

Episode 5
* Tatsu working at a café part time. A couple of yakuzas visit and is shocked to see him waiting them. The younger yakuza keeps ordering fancy stuffs and gets scolded. But comes the parfait, it belongs to the boss. Yeah, they have great time and leave. Tatsu earns his keep and now he is able to buy Miku a present.
* Because Miku has been working overtime lately, Tatsu has been cooking a lot of good vegetable food for her. Can you remember them all? Of course it tastes good and Miku replenishes herself with it. Then he uses citric acid to make lemonade for her. This is followed by handmade stuffs that would give her some ultimate relaxation. But Miku can’t relax with everything wrapped around her. Yeah, she breaks free from it and finds herself more relaxed without it all.
* As Tatsu is shopping, he is surprised to see Hibari Torii working here. The matriarch of the Torii group, ever since her husband died, she has taken it upon herself to take care of the group since they have no connections or money. Hibari is clumsy at all and Tatsu has to clean up after all despite Hibari still keeping her pride not to look down on her. Even at the cashier, she makes some mistakes. I guess we’re all learning new things today, huh?
* Masa arrives at Tatsu’s place but Miku is only home alone. Tatsu is away at some meeting and will be back later in the evening. Both know today is Tatsu’s birthday so they want to surprise him. Too bad the place is in a mess and none of them know how to properly cook or decorate! So when Tatsu returns, he sees them defeated! He’ll avenge them! Yes, he decorates the place nicely and cooks the leftovers. Oh damn, singing that birthday dirge to himself, huh? Happy birthday to me! They give him presents. A necklace and a pair of shades. Does this make him look even more a yakuza?
* Tatsu meets his old boss to talk about things. But hearing Tatsu is now househusband, he is surprised to see the cute things he could make for his dog. Impressive. They even take cute photos of each other. Before they could talk the real stuffs, the chairwoman is here walking her dog. Boss gets excited seeing her dog and all. The chairwoman notices his dog is thin and not eating well. Noting this trouble, Tatsu wants to help but doesn’t have the tools. Don’t worry, the chairwoman has! So they cook right on the spot the food for his dog to eat! Amazing. In the end, the boss leaves and will not tell him that the higher ups in the organization wants to recruit him. Because this is now where he belongs.
* Hibari sees Gin and tries to tease him to play with her. Playing hide and seek? And then Tatsu stumbles into the picture. Awkward… Mind your own business!

My Husband Is A Gangster
Oh well, not sure how long to wait till the next season arrives. Yeah, I can’t believe they only made 5 freaking episodes of 17 minutes each only! Was it that hard to make? Or are they just testing the market? I mean, you’re not sure if this is going to be a hit or miss so they’re just releasing the minimal of it to test waters. But if so, why did they announce another making once this first season ended? Well, there was a live drama of this series back in 2020 and you could say it was a hit among the audiences. It had good reviews and all. But of course that doesn’t mean that would translate to instant success if it gets the anime treatment. So perhaps just 5 lousy episodes for the first season is just teasing us. Maybe the next season will have proper and better (and funnier) stuffs.

Anyway, the simple plot of an ex-yakuza member trying to become a househusband may raise eyebrows and if it sounds really funny, that is because it is indeed quite funny. There are no real plots or storyline here and each story is so random and funny with a punch line somewhere inside. After all, there are 6 short skits in every episode, each skit lasting on average about 2-3 minutes. Either you will laugh out loud or eke out a grin but nevertheless the skits are enough to deliver all that within that time frame. The punch line comes as fast and once that is over, they quickly move onto the next skit. In a way, this formula is workable for this series that lacks any serious plot since we’ll all be interested to just see Tatsu’s next shenanigans and how he handles it with style. The yakuza style, that is. Making it extra funny are the knockoff brand placements found throughout the series. Yeah. Just hilarious seeing them being ‘misspelled’. Haha!

Tatsu being the main character, he is so badass and cool that you’ll have a flurry of mixed feelings flowing through you as you see him go through daily life. His personality and new lifestyle is so clashing that sometimes it may confuse us. I mean, when you see manly men taking on such ‘wimpy’ jobs (remember Vin Diesel and his pacifier job or Arnold doing his babysitting job?), it’s cringe-cum-hilarious. I don’t know what bad stuffs Tatsu did during his days in the yakuza but it is just as baffling as suddenly he steps out from this profession and decides to live a normal life. I mean, can a guy like him actually retire? Of course a lot of the funny parts is seeing how Tatsu navigates through the simple daily life that we all take for granted. Yes, this guy makes better househusband than a lot of us out there! Puts us guys to shame! However with his clashing yakuza style, this creates a lot of misconception and misunderstanding among others. In other words, hilarity ensues. He is not a bad guy now and all his intentions are good. But it is just the style, his outlook, the way he expresses himself. Like as though he is still stuck with the yakuza or something! If you don’t know him, you’ll be scared sh*t. But once you get to know him, he’s really a cool and chill good guy. Yeah, I want to say Tatsu carrying on being Tatsu. But the thought of those scary-cum-funny yakuza style talking and facial expressions come to mind! Damn, I’m so conflicted too!

As for the other characters, I guess they’re pretty okay. None could overshadow Tatsu for he is the main character. Yeah, he is the poster boy of the series. Anyway, starting off with Miku. I suspect and 99% confident that she is the reason that Tatsu decided to give up his yakuza ways and settle down. Oh, what’s it called? Right. Love. Hey, even if yakuzas are the most ferocious brutal merciless men on the planet (or just Japan), they are still human. So Miku being a normal woman somehow managed to snag his heart or something. Something that perhaps we would like to see next season and flesh out how they came to meet. Miku must be one helluva lucky woman to marry Tatsu. This guy treats her like a queen and she gets the best services out of him. She doesn’t even have to lift a finger as he does all the cooking, laundry, errands, etc. That’s Tatsu giving you his 100% service with all his heart and soul! Damn ladies, don’t you prematurely rush out and go find yourself a yakuza guy now! Then there is Masa who of course, every cool yakuza aniki needs a disciple to follow him around. This newbie has got a lot to learn and I am just wondering if he will become the next good househusband since he is following Tatsu now. Under Tatsu’s tutelage, you bet he will!

The rest of the other characters feel introductory at the moment. They just have a few cameos in a few skits and that’s about it. Like Torajiro who was Tatsu’s rival before, could be his rival again but on a different battlefield. Yup, get your food creative ready and put Iron Chef to shame! Then there is Tatsu’s former yakuza boss who loves dogs. It feels like he might be some foreshadowing of a plot for the yakuza organization to recruit Tatsu back into the thug life. But I digress that would happen although there is a small chance that might happen. Hibari, oh well, how the mighty have fallen. Too much yakuza life and when all that is over, no one in her group knows how to live like normal commoners. Miku’s parents are pretty chill too and they accept Tatsu for the man he is. Obviously, when you have a guy who is multi-talented, only praises they’ll be singing. Gin the cat. Might have his own spinoff side show if it gets any cuter… And as for the other rival yakuza gangs who are out to get Tatsu, sorry folks, you can’t fight fire with fire. Tatsu will still whoop your ass and give you a good ol’ piece of advice about being a househusband. Yeah I know. Shocking. Gotta do better than that. This guy is totally changed.

If there was one thing that many viewers didn’t like, it is the animation style. You see, this series actually lacks a lot of animation. It feels like a lot of still pictures in it and sometimes it has this comic book feel. You know, those lines and tones that depict action and movement and exaggerated effects? Yeah. That. Is that why they could only make 5 episodes? I didn’t see any CGI but today’s hand drawn techniques can’t be as tough as the old days, can it? So yeah, the scarcity of animation makes many feel that it could have been done better. Who knows? Tatsu could be both scary and funny if we see him being animated more. But all we got are mostly still images of his gangster face and the likes. Yeah, even the violent scenes are mostly still pictures. And I need to say this to get this off my chest because damn, Tatsu looks like the anime version of Robert Downey Jr AKA Tony Stark AKA Iron Man! Or that Italian guy sprinkling salt meme… I’m sure you can’t miss that trademark shades of his and especially his trademark apron. Shibainu brand, huh? I don’t know, guys wearing aprons are sissies. Tatsu makes it hot and stylish! Aaoww! As for the other characters, they look really plain like Miku and Masa. I mean, animation is one thing, character details is another. It’s like they’re just simple drawings and nothing very much in detail. This anime is done by veteran J.C. Staff who did lots of our favourite animes like One Punch Man, Shokugeki No Souma, DanMachi and the To Aru series.

The main draw for me to check this series out is Kenjirou Tsuda who plays the Immortal Dragon. Yes, his low badass voice fits the character very well. This guy really rocks in his role. Good job. Gokurousama. Heck, I think he himself might pass off looking like Tatsu if he just have a slight makeover! Yikes! Oh wait. They made him starred in a live action shorts! What did I tell you he looked like the badass himself! How funny and strange life plays out sometimes. So will the real Tatsu stand up please! It took me a while to recognize Shizuka Itou as Miku. Like, almost when the series is going to end. I think there are a bunch of other veteran seiyuus I recognized making their short cameo such as Yoshitsugu Matsukoa as the other cat, Satomi Arai as one of the housewives, Satoshi Hino as Miku’s dad, Hochu Ohtsuka as Tatsu’s former yakuza boss and Sho Hayami as the café master. The other casts are Kazuyuki Okitsu as Masa (Nagare in K), Mao Ichimichi as Gin (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Torajiro (Reiner in Shingeki No Kyojin), Atsuko Tanaka as Hibari (Caster in Fate/Stay Night) and Kimiko Saito as the chairwoman (Chieko in Kuragehime).

I think one of the best things about the series are the opening and ending themes. Like the opening theme, Shufu No Michi by Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai rocks as a hard rock song. You might get intimidated by the killer electric guitar riffs, the heavy bass drubbing and the coarse guy singing the lead like a drunk idiot. But this song is really epic and fits the series like a glove. The same group also sings the ending theme, Goku Fufukaidou. This one is another cool piece because it is a mix of slow rock and traditional Japanese style enka. Hell yeah, damn right it is awesome and badass! Even if the series is ultimate comedy, these songs really fit the series well. I’ll have it no other way. Better than your generic anime pop sung by an all-girl group! I can’t even imagine that in my head!

Overall, this series as very funny and definitely messes with your head on the stereotypes of what a yakuza and househusband are. Yeah, do they even go together?! I find this quite enjoyable and it is no doubt I will be looking forward when the next season arrives. Whenever that is. Of course the downside that makes this adaptation drop some points is of course the animation in which many feel like it is just some glorified PowerPoint presentation or something. And yes, not many episodes either. So being a househusband might not be the trendy thing even right now but I guess being that is still way better than being a henpecked husband! Do you even househusband?

Chu Feng: B.E.E.

10 September, 2021

Obviously after that ‘appalling’ Karen Senki, it led and recommended me to another series, Chu Feng: B.E.E. Another sci-fi action crap, oops I mean, series, huh? Well, it’s not that I didn’t know the existence of this short ONA series that came out in 2015. At that time I was contemplating whether to watch it or not because you know, Kana Hanazawa lent her voice here. I mean, that couldn’t be the only reason for me to watch it, right? Well, it wasn’t then. But now it looks like a totally legit reason for me to do so. Sighs. How things changed within a span of few years.

Episode 1
President Afro Obama talking about peace after some war victory. But Sun Haoxuan AKA Ken makes a cynical remark about everyone living on this planet as actors. At the mall, he mistakes some hot chick to be a popular classmate of his, Baihua. Nope. Just a hot chick. Noting the music she was just listening, he goes to sample it. Meanwhile a father is going to get his little girl a new balloon. When suddenly… A tank crashes on him! OMFG!!! Bloody flat father!!! The tank then starts shooting everyone!!! OMFG!!! Did it miss the little girl because she’s too small? Then, a group of terrorists barges in and takes everyone hostage. Ken finishes listen to his music and is stumped the place is empty and decimated! YOU DON’T SAY, MY MAN!!! He wanders around and is caught. As a hostage, he sees that hot chick dead. Did he recognize her ass? He is about to vomit but the terrorist boss calls him a pussy and that people like him don’t deserve the freedom that was built on blood. He shoots. But to kill a smartass hostage who was trying to escape. Yeah, pumping bullets into his dead body just to show authority, huh? Imagine the police doesn’t have firepower to fight the terrorists. And so the chief isn’t going for negotiation and has his men all ready to storm in. Everyone is gearing up and in position now. Right before he gives the signal, a call from the terrorist boss for demands. Okay, stop for negotiations! THIS JOKER! Anyway, the terrorists wants the Child of Eden to be handed over. What’s that? Go ask your seniors. Otherwise, he will start shooting a hostage every 10 minutes. Chief won’t allow this so he signals to his men to storm in. Too bad, everyone got killed by the traps! Damn, they really make a fool out of these SWAT buggers. With negotiations failed, the terrorist will start executing. Oh Ken, you’re lucky number 1. Taken to the rooftop, Ken realizes he is a piece of sh*t with nothing in life. So death seems fitting. But now he feels regret and wants to live. He thought he saw the tunnel of light and an angel descending to take him to heaven. Turns out it’s the sun in his eyes and a hot heroine in hi-tech suit taking out the terrorists. Yeah, could be the angel of death…

Episode 2
Some UN resolution passed that must have weapon manufacturers put their inventions in public domain. Oh yeah. Peaceful times. After Liuli AKA Ruri saves Ken’s ass and kills the terrorists, Ken trying to virtue signal that she shouldn’t gun down an injured man?! Does he know what is going on?! Of course, Ruri says her mission is to eliminate all targets. She uses her android, BEE to scout what is going on. The terrorist boss realizes that his henchmen are taking too long and has some to go scout. As they do, Ruri crashes down as they start firing away. WTF their machine guns don’t hit her but her revolver does?! Oh… Turns out to be a hologram and they just shot each other! As the rest try to scout further, the real Ruri drops in and kills them! WTF Ken?! You wonder why she is so heartless?! You understand what’s going on, do you?! Flashback shows her Professor Li tried to save her while the military bigwigs trying to pull the plug on her. Apparently she was costing too much to be maintained. Despite Li guaranteeing he will pay for the costs but those bastards don’t see her being able to integrate back into normal life. After all, she is a killing machine and serves no purpose if she were to live a normal life. Terrorist boss knows something is wrong and realizes a Vanguard must be sent. Negotiations failed. Instead of killing all the hostages, he’ll use them as meat shields. First he lures out Ruri by randomly injuring hostages. She pops out. Surprised at a girl being used as a Vanguard, Ruri recognizes him as Zhou Zhong Rong. He is the first generation Vanguard and her predecessor. In other words, he is outdated. This gig is up as the hologram starts to malfunction! Ken is taken hostage again. He claims he was told to just set this up and doesn’t know about Ruri’s whereabouts. Zhou will kill him but luck is on his side because a flash grenade blinds the terrorists. Ruri drops in and massacres the baddies! As Zhou is part machine, he wants to fight with Ruri to the death. If that is what he wishes for, so be it. Of course Ruri is much superior and kills him. However as a tough dog, he isn’t dead yet. Damn, third time Ken gets taken hostage! He really dead now? Ruri using her finger gun and to trust her? So when Zhou counts down… Ken doesn’t know what happened since he passed out but looks like Ruri saved the day. More flashbacks on Ruri and professor. They promised to do things together. It’s been a week since that incident and Ken is trying to forget it. What’s this? Ruri now in his school?! Is this what it means, School Shock?

Episode 3
You’ve guessed it. Ruri is a transfer student in Ken’s class! Definitely School Shock! Damn, all the guys going wild at this hot chick. Except for Ken of course. Later he tries to ask her goals. Looks like she is here to protect and observe him because danger can strike any time. He can just ignore her but Ken isn’t taking all this too well. He threatens to reveal her identity but damn, she twists his arm! You can’t even defend yourself! She will not hesitate to eliminate anyone. And at first a few guys might look like they’ve overheard them. Turns out they just want to flirt with her. And she beats them up. Serves them right those losers. On the way home, his friend, Wang He teases him about still liking Baihua. Ken ignores him. Ken laments how his life would’ve been different had he not been to the mall. His life wouldn’t have turned into sh*t. He realizes somebody has broken into his place. Turns out to be Ruri. WTF she doing here?! Part of her protection and observation, huh? She tells him how his place has lots of vulnerable spots. He doesn’t listen and kicks her out. Though, she takes some of his ‘harmful’ material with him. Yeah, those porn mags… Well, if Ruri can’t observe him directly, I guess she’ll have to just do so from her device. Yeah, didn’t know there are cameras all over his place, huh? Next day, Wang He tries to take photos of Ruri changing. Damn, why those girls change without drawing the curtains?! He has some on Baihua too but Ken wants him to delete them. Really? Wang He returns to his fiendish voyeurism. Eh? Ruri’s gone. Then she pops up behind him. Hello. Meanwhile Ken stumbles into Baihua and helps her pick up tennis balls. Yeah. Cheesy but this guy felt happy. Ruri interrogates Wang He and thinks he is a spy. I mean, he has got lots of pictures, right? And some from very suspicious angles! ‘Fess up now! Oh sh*t! Ken putting away the balls, walks in to see this. WTF… Meanwhile Li is interrogating Zhou about the Child of Eden and if that person is this and his goal. But all Zhou tells him are just enigmatic riddles. Elsewhere, a group of baddies waltz their way into a military base.

Episode 4
Zhou is impressed at how technology advanced Ruri is. Li says she is the strongest. Then some flashbacks how the world was competing on technological developments rather than war. Some Eden project or something. Cell division became unstable. Boom! Explosion! Damn, 70% of the world got affected?! World leaders met. We know they didn’t do any jack sh*t. Zhou laments those people have no remorse and can’t be saved. Meanwhile back to those baddies storming into the military base. Dr White Snake catches the general making some illicit deal with some dude. General thinks the dude ratted him out and shoots him! My, impatient, isn’t he? White Snake is here for the nanomachine goods but the general won’t let him have and orders his men to fire. White Snake has his subordinates kill all of them. He talks how he is a pacifist but hates violence. However war brings out humanity’s true nature and is a form of peace ritual! Another sicko, right? After killing everybody, he takes his goods. Back to Ruri’s interrogation, Ken tells her off that he is no spy because if he is so, what does that make of him? He tries to tell Ruri to live normally and get her act together. He tries to make her apologize to Wang He but during the struggle, he falls over her. How cliché. Expected it. And yeah, Baihua sees this. Sorry to interrupt. How cliché. Ken can’t explain himself because everybody else streams this and starts recording! Damn, this scandal goes up on social media! So screwed. Flashback shows Li telling Ruri of her mission to protect Ken. Although her abilities are to kill and destroy, this mission is tougher since he has to protect. After all, that boy is a key figure in the war they are fighting. Also, a personal request from Li as he is the son of a deceased friend. Ruri wonders if this makes him more important than he. Li tied up for words but don’t worry, she’ll carry out her mission. In the house of Ryu, she holds him at gunpoint and thinks he is a spy who hacked a military server. Hey, I thought he is some dude who is just posting scandalous things on social media? Ever since, Ryu hasn’t been to school for a few days. Hmm…

Episode 5
Ken accuses Ruri of doing something to Ryu because he hasn’t been coming to school for days and it coincides with the deletion of his social media postings. All Ruri says is that she will protect him no matter what she has to sacrifice. This has Ken lashing out at her of just following orders blindly. Gosh, everyone must be confused and shock to hear Ken further accusing Ruri of killing Ryu for just posting prankish stuffs! All that comes to an end when the teacher reprimands him for shooting his tongue. She was going to explain how Ryu and his family migrated to America and that his social media postings were taken down due to the permission from the school. While everyone is relieved, Ken still feels something wrong. He can’t help feel his accusations are right. Flashback on Ruri’s side. She was interrogating Ken who claims he isn’t that sort of person she think he is. As he wanted to show her something but before he could grab it, she shot him! Later Baihua talks to Ken. I guess she is not one to keep grudges? She asks if he likes Ruri and she’s is his kind of girl. Of course he denies that selfish b*tch is her type and is dangerous. But Baihua thinks Ruri is scared because everything is new to her. And when one is afraid, you put up a wall. To help her, she thinks Ken should help her. Like, you know, go on a date. Well, can’t disobey orders from Baihua-senpai, right? Easier said than done. But after summoning up all his courage to ask her out, surprisingly Ruri agrees. And so they meet up on a date and do normal things. Well, uhm, do normal dates go to a live concert too? Must be an expensive date. Yeah, just for the cliché moment for the crowd to shove them close together. But WTF he apologizes to her in the middle of it. Could she hear amidst the concert and the fireworks?! What do you think?! Given she is an android, maybe. Back in class as he ponders about giving this bee necklace to her he bought, he spots something in his desk. Oh… A picture of Ruri shooting Ryu!

Episode 6
Ken is in shock upon realizing his intuitions were correct. He tries to believe what his teacher said about Ryu moving away but can’t help think that Ruri is trying to deceive him. Then he starts to worry… What if Ruri also killed Wang He in the similar manner? Because that dude is supposed to be in hospital after that ‘interrogation’. What if he is dead? Ignoring the teacher, he calls Wang He but doesn’t pick up. Against the teacher’s warning, he rushes out to the hospital. Halfway, there is Wang He before him. Not a ghost. In the flesh. Today he got discharged and his phone ran out of battery. What a huge relief. He tries to ask if Ruri did anything funny to him but all he does is brag about how hot Ruri is. Speaking of her, suddenly she kidnaps Wang He! OMG! In broad daylight! Suddenly where is everyone else?! Why is the streets now deserted?! Ruri threatens to drop Wang He off the building top if he doesn’t come clean on who he is. Wang He pleads he doesn’t know anything but Ruri isn’t buying anything. Ken comes in time to tell her to stop this farce. Ruri then explains that Wang He isn’t the person whom he thinks he is. While he was hospitalized, Ruri checked his computer and decrypted lots of stuffs. She found lots of data detailing every aspect of Ken’s life since birth. Ken isn’t buying that. He accuses her of being a cold blooded killing machine. Ruri warns Wang He again. Tell me your identity or I drop you. Too late. Bye. This makes Ken so mad that when he screams, he activates some aura that malfunctions her machine and makes her weak? But this means she lets go of Wang He! Ken dives to save him. Now what? Still falling! You idiot! Oh well, best friends get to die together. Luckily Ruri manages to throw BEE to save their fall. Ken apologizes to Wang He for everything but Wang He ‘understands’. He knows Ruri is trying to protect him and all. So it’s best that they just keep their distance. Ken couldn’t agree more. This is for the best. Later as Ken laments about everything alone and as he throws away the necklace. Some hot guy picks it up. He wants to be his friend and knows everything.

To Bee Or Not To Bee… That Is NOT The Chu Feng!
Uhm… Eh… What… WHAT THE HECK IS THIS SUDDEN AND UNSATISFYING ENDING?! Heck, it wasn’t even a proper ending if I should say. My guess is that this incompleteness was just some part of a bigger ploy to promote the manga. Yup, I read a comment how the manga was better and that this ONA slightly deviated after the awesome terrorist hijack and attack that was the first 2 episodes of this series. I mean, well, obviously looking back in hindsight now, it definitely looked like a ploy to help promote the manga. There were so many potentials and developments that we have seen thrown in here but no answers. Especially that White Snake antagonist. I mean, why the hell did they put this character and scene if they weren’t going to make something out of it later? Oh, just for the cool action scenes, huh? Maybe. Even so, it just doesn’t justify everything else. And who is that dude who wanted to be Ken’s best friend at the end? You see all this hanging and bugging questions? Want to know more? Then go read the manga! Of course you know me. Now I’m feeling so soured I don’t think I want to go take a look! Hahaha! Your marketing tactic failed!

Then there is this other gripe that I encountered: The final episode wasn’t even dubbed in Japanese! Yeah, I had to watch it in ‘awful’ but original Mandarin voiceovers with English subtitles. Yes, this series was made by the Chinese animation studio, Haoliners Animation League. You may have head them from animating animes like To Be Hero and Gin No Guardian and a hell lot of other titles that you would know it is from them (because it is Pinyin in Mandarin) and I think they were trying to be really aggressive at that time as they pushed out a lot of ONA titles. Anyway, as the series was aired over Japan, naturally you have your Japanese seiyuus to do some dub overs. Unfortunately, the final episode wasn’t even dubbed in Japanese and I can’t find any reason over the internet why they didn’t bother completing the final episode. Was it so bad that they just stopped altogether? I’m sure they didn’t forget, right? Or did the contract say only 5 episodes to dub and no more than that. Hence it was one of the strangest moments in my life as I ponder such and got no real answers from it. Weird.

Of course as you already know that Kana Hanazawa was my main primary reason to finally watch this ‘old’ series and I won’t go so far to say that she is mind blowing but she doesn’t disappoint. As Ruri, I guess she is in one of her usual emotionless character roles. At first I thought Tetsuya Kakihara was Ken’s voice but turned out to be Shinnosuke Tachibana (Kashou in Nekopara). Lastly, Fumiko Orikasa as Baihua (Rukia in Bleach). The opening theme is Lost Eden by Alan if you’re hearing the Japanese version but by Youmao if you’re listening to the Chinese version. I guess this rock piece is fine for this action series. Pray by Lunar for the ending theme isn’t all that bad too.

The action scenes are quite good and it is the reason why I was really attracted to this series as the first 2 episodes were really engaging as they really draw you in. It’s really fast paced frenzy and it is really bloody. Evident you can see blood splatter all over your screen! Subsequent action scenes aren’t as exhilarating like White Snake and his henchmen bullying and annihilating those useless military dudes. Not to say it is boring but the shock and exciting factor that I was looking for in the opener wasn’t there. I don’t remember seeing any CGI effects but the animation is quite good and decent. This means this 2D hand drawn animation beats the atrocious totally CGI effects that Karen Senki had. The Vanguard sci-fi design looks good and clever and it could’ve been better if they had more of such and other variations like hornets, wasps, Antman… Oops!

Sad to say that the characters had some potential but with only half a dozen episodes, it didn’t do much justice in fleshing them out. Especially Ken who comes off as some whiny jerk. I mean, I understand the trauma he is put into after that hostage situation (damn, he got taken hostage THRICE!) and to have a crazy hot chick stalking him, but I feel that he could’ve been more mature and manlier to handle all that. Yeah, he keeps blaming Ruri for ruining his life ever since that hostage situation but did he forget? Wasn’t it him who admitted before moments of death from his first hostage that he was a useless son of a b*tch?! Yeah, how the heck did he end up as the class president if that’s the case?! Goes to show that he complains about the world but hardly takes a look at himself and his own f*ck face. Yeah… And to think that he is hinted to be the key or something. Oh yeah. Does he even know about it? I bet he’ll complain or deny it outright if being told the truth.

As for Ruri, I feel that the plot loses its shine ever since she transferred to his high school. I don’t know, this kind of weird relationship between them somewhat reminds me of Shingeki No Kyojin’s Mikasa and Eren! HOLY SH*T! I’m seeing some similarities! Emotionless and overprotective girl does all she can to protect a whiny wuss guy and taking out anybody, I mean, ANYBODY who thinks she is a threat to him. Yeah. Doesn’t it all look familiar? I’m sure Ruri’s mission to protect him is to also help develop some sort of romance between them. No wonder that cheesy date scene just to troll us all. And as we have seen, it didn’t really amount to anything. Otherwise, it is sad to see Ruri being ‘downgraded’ from an awesome terrorist neutralizer to a mediocre high school spy who tries to take out Ken’s suspicious friends! But who knows? Still waters run deep and we know nothing about them. Are they really Ken’s friends or are they really spies? Oh God, these intrigues are killing me! Why do you have to end this show like this?! And one final thought on Ruri: Wonder if those bee antennas of her are real. Even so, doesn’t normal people see her feel weird she has them sticking out on her head? Oh, cosplay fashion, huh? Well maybe. Ruri such a hot chick, nobody even cares about this.

Thus making it even more disappointing is the character Baihua. It seems she is just Ken’s crush but I bet you there is more than meets the eye to her. Heck, the most disappointing thing about her was that I was actually expecting a cool Vanguard fight between her and Ruri! Don’t blame me for coming up with this! It’s in the promotional poster itself! If that is not enough, take a look at the opening credits animation! OMG! Ruri clashing with Baihua! This is going to be so amazing… But where the heck was all that in the proper episode itself? None. Nil. Nothing. Nicht. Also, I bet that Vanguard who is a subordinate under White Snake could be her. I mean, why showcase this then, right? I may be wrong but I spotted a few similarities of her Vanguard suit from the opening credits animation and this one. There is a high possibility that she could be it. It could be another character but hey, Baihua is not just your usual popular high school chick, right?

Well, all is not really lost for this series because just recently there was an alternate version of this series. Chu Feng: Son Of Eden AKA Chu Feng: Yi Dian Zhi Zi in Chinese. This ONA that was animated by another Chinese company (Thundray), came out at the end of 2020 and had a dozen episodes, each episode spanning almost 30 minutes of running time. Wow. This should be the redemption this series really needs. However… Ah yes, that catch again. Unfortunately this flew under the radar in the west and was never properly given proper subs. Not sure if it is because it is Chinese production and thus the skip. Yes, many other Chinese productions with Chinese-like titles weren’t really given the anime translation treatment. Furthermore, not sure this alternate version has a Japanese dub! I don’t think it does. I have sampled some scenes in random episodes here and there and they’re all in Mandarin. While it looks like it may have better plot development and better fleshing out of characters and yes, even more action packed scenes, it all remains elusive if I don’t get it in my perfect Japanese audio and English subs! Boo hoo! Sucks to be me!

Overall, I wanted to like this series but too bad it just felt like a big failed promotion for the manga. It is not that I hated it nor is this show really that bad. It just felt lacking. A lot. Make that, VERY MUCH A LOT LACKING, thank you! There were so many potentials for development but a lot of it felt wasted. I really loved how it drew me in with the blood action packed scenes but then it started to stray after that and it just felt all that momentum and excitement got drowned out with the change in pace. It just became mediocre. Just like my sentiments for a similar show I recently watched: Imawa No Kuni No Alice. What started out with an explosive bang eventually limped out with a whimper. It’s like I got stung and inconvenienced by the bee and that poor bee died. Sighs. Hey, at least it is not those giant murder hornets!

Oh dear. The title was certainly almost misleading. I thought Subarashiki Kono Sekai The Animation was some sort of spinoff sequel to the hilarious slapstick comedy, Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo! And of course as we have seen, it was not. Both series were totally different in every aspect and nature. Sighs. Imagine how a few keywords were enough just to mislead yours truly. I should develop a habit of reading things slower instead and processing it all before jumping to wild conclusions. Well, uhm, anyway, this series is about people who are dead, fighting for their right to return to the living. So it’s like a battle survival game but only for those who died? Hmm…

Episode 1
Neku Sakuraba is shocked to find himself in the middle of the busy streets of Shibuya. But could he be a ghost? He can’t touch people and everything else goes right through him. Until a timer pops up on his palm and a game message on his phone telling him to reach a certain building in 60 minutes or get erased. Or, get erased by monsters known as Noises! Yeah, see those ordinary dudes getting killed off? Luckily he is saved by Shiki Misaki who wants him to make a Partner Pact with her so they can fight back. He agrees and just like that, they gain cool powers to kill all the Noises. Then they proceed to the building in which completing their mission means their palm timer disappears. They are approached by a couple of Reapers, Uzuki Yashiro and Kouki Kariya. Can’t miss those black wings on their back. They just say that the more players they kill, the higher their chances of getting promoted. Neku feels queasy and passes out. When he wakes up, it’s already the next day. Good timing for Shiki to explain things. This place is called Underground and although they are in the same place as reality, it’s a different world. Although they can’t interact with non-players, scanning/touching them means they are able to read their thoughts. They are then approached by Beat who assumes Neku is a Reaper. Before he can do anything, Rhyme explains why Neku can’t be one. See? All of them have this pin as proof that they are players. Mission time as they are to save some sculpture. More Noises pop up so with angry Neku decimating the Noises, this mission is cleared in record time. The Reapers note how Neku’s negative feelings will cause him to self-destruct as it attracts Noises. Then they tell him to kill Shiki and promise to set him free of this game. Neku is about to do that but is stopped by Sanae Hanekoma. He warns the Reapers not to break the rules as there is only 1 mission per day. At the end of the 7th day, the Game Master will come out to challenge them. So to your best and survive by working with each other.

Neku passes out. Another day passes. He apologizes to Shiki for trying to kill her and reveals that he doesn’t remember his past. Basically, your typical amnesiac main character. Next mission is to defeat the boss of a hall concert. They see a Noise coming out from a rocker boy. Easily, Neku-Shiki combo destroy it. He then brings them to 777 who is the lead vocalist of a popular rock band, Death March. Thanking them for saving his guy, he gives Shiki a pin to his concert hall. Inside, they face off with more Noises and a Noise boss. This time Beat and Rhyme join in. Safe to say, another easy victory. The quartet agree to go on remaining missions together. Meanwhile we see some Reapers meeting and discussing things. Status update shows half of the players in this game have been erased. Megumi Kitaniji appoints Yodai Higashizawa as this game’s Game Master. It seems Kitaniji has gotten the permission of the Composer to promote Higashizawa one 1 condition: Erase every single player. As Shiki wonders how 777 is able to see them if it’s not a player, Neku points out the obvious: He is a Reaper. Oh, I see they can hide their wings too.

Episode 2
Neku talks about how he hates Shibuya because everyone’s so condescending and selfish. He likes it here in Underground where nobody can interact with him. Shiki talks about her dreams to become a designer while Beat’s is to become the best skateboarder. Rhyme doesn’t have one yet but she’ll find one someday. They hear a commotion and it seems that some popular model, Eiji Ouji is promoting some water. Yeah, all the girls just screaming and swooning. Shiki continues talking about her dream to become a fashion designer with her friend, Eri. She hopes to make clothes that will make people happy. Next mission has them freeing an area from Noises. Turns out the source is from a couple of arguing girls. With their negative aura, the Noises are endless. As Neku fights them, Shiki uses imprinting to communicate directly with them. So that’s what the pin is for, huh? So once the girls reconcile, the Noises are gone and the mission clear. Suddenly Eri passes by. Neku is surprised they look alike. What’s this about Shiki saying she is Eri here? Shiki explains that Eri is a person whom she inspires to become. Neku feels all this doesn’t make sense. We’ll think about it after clearing the next mission. Something about making everyone look at a video at a certain time. Their idea is to do imprinting on Eiji but it seems to get to where he is, there is a barrier. Only when 777’s pin shines, a Reaper lets them through. Must be a special pin, huh? Shiki is surprised Neku has 2 since each player is supposed to only have 1. Anyway, they head to the hall where Eiji is doing another promotion. They implant in his head to have all the screaming fan girls to go watch the video. When the time comes, non-players watching the video suddenly have their soul suck out?! It forms dark clouds that fire beams at players! Lots of players got erased. Neku and Shiki would’ve too had not something stop this terrible incident.

Shiki continues to feel down as she feels Neku has been saving her neck all day. However he praises her that it is because she doesn’t abandon others, lots of people have been saved. This includes after what he almost did to her on second day. And just when things are about to get back to normal, oh boy, here comes Eri talking to her friend. What’s this she saying that she wants to quit fashion designing?! Shiki is afraid to scan her as she doesn’t want to know her true thoughts on her. Luckily that won’t be as Eri reveals she is quitting because Shiki isn’t around. She can’t do it without her. Only because of Shiki, her things work out. So I guess Shiki is now determined to come back to life, huh? Hey, what do you mean come back to life? You see, this looks that Shiki has now is actually Eri’s look. In reality she looks totally different. The entrance fee to play this game was her appearance. Hence this game is to see which players get resurrected. Yeah. Shiki died in a car accident. This shocks Neku as this means he too must be dead!

Episode 3
Shiki adds that his memories must have something to do with his entry fee for this game. You see, in order for one to participate, one must exchange it with something most dearest. For Shiki, it could be his memories. Remember Rhyme said she had no dream? That could be her entry fee. Shiki expands her own theory of her selfish self, the reason she is here. She thinks if they win this game, they’ll get back what they lose. You sure they have such return policy? Oh well. Only 2 days left to find out. It seems there are only 4 players left (guess who) and their next mission is to head to Tower Records. No time limit. Gee. Easy. Little do they know it is the Reapers’ plan to make them let their guard down. Because a shark suddenly tries to devour Beat but Rhyme saves him and gets devoured. You bet Beat is freaking mad. Uzuki and Kouki drop down just to tease Beat and tell him they can only send out Noises but not attack the player. So yeah, here’s a school of Noise fish for you to handle. Beat wants to destroy everything himself but Hanekoma stops him. As he has lost his Partner Pact, his attacks no longer have effect. He’ll deal with Beat and let the rest handle the Noise. As per expectations they do so. Now on the final day, they’re going to face Higashizawa. But first they receive a call from Hanekoma that Beat is missing. He fears he may have gone to take things into his own hands so his only hope is for them to defeat the Game Master. Yeah, Beat confronting Uzuki and Kouki having lunch at a fast food joint?! What is he going to do?! Steal their lunch!? HAHA!!! Anyway, back to the fight with Higashizawa, at first we see Neku and Shiki struggle like hell but as you can predict, their greater will means they win and defeat the bastard. Yeah, they make it look so easy. They think the game is over but find themselves in a blank space. Before them is Kitaniji. As the conductor of this game and a loyal servant of the Composer, he tells them that as per rules, only 1 of them can be rebirth. Based on the performance and growth, it will be Shiki. Oh damn, you mean they’re not going to fight it out?! BORING!!! Shiki denies it and tries to credit it all to Neku. Vice versa. Kitaniji says Neku can take part again but if he loves the massacre, he can become a Reaper himself. So as Neku agrees, suddenly Shiki starts to disappear. Hey, did you not remember the rules? Entry fee. What’s important to Neku right now? Yup. Shiki. Oh man, you kids have been played!

Episode 4
And so Neku is back for the second game. He believes winning it will bring Shiki back. Wait. DID HE ASSUME THAT?! With a new Game Master, a mission is quickly despatched. A math equation? Yeah, those who don’t arrive at this point will not be saved. But how can Neku fight Noises without a partner? Ah, this convenient dude, Yoshiya Kiryuu AKA Joshua. After making a Partner Pact, they kick ass. However Neku feels odd. If Joshua is a player, how come he can scan him? Plus, Joshua claims he knows all about Neku and has been watching him. Reaching their goal, they see the new Game Master, Sho Minamimoto. Because he wants think to be super exciting, he shifts the goal posts. With all the players gathered here, he wants them to kill each other! Only the survivors he will save. While they have to deal with Noises, some players actually betray their own partner to save their own skin. Minamimoto also adds another goal to be saved and that is to defeat Uzuki and Kouki. Of course those who rush in get erased easily. Neku and Joshua’s teamwork defeats the Noises so Minamimoto calls it for today. Next day, Neku realizes he got some of his memories back as he recognizes the streets of Shibuya. He hears Joshua talking to someone on the phone. The next mission has them walk a certain route so Joshua explains how Reapers like to name street after numbers. Also, he points out stores that have Reaper stickers mean they can go in and shop and get stuffs from the real world. I don’t even… Arriving at the spot, they are attacked by unusual Noises. It seems only their combo can defeat them. Joshua wonders if they are Taboo Noises. Neku then spots Eri entering a flower shop to get offerings for her deceased friend. She still feels lonely. Neku feels for her but still can’t remember how he died. That is when Joshua sounds blatantly like a bad guy, threatening Neku to listen to him if he wants to live. Neku accidentally scans him and sees himself bleeding to death at Udogawa. Then Beat flies down. Oh those wings. So he is a Reaper now, huh? He has orders from Kitaniji to beat him up. Just one punch and that’s it for today?! WTF?! Maybe it’s because Neku saying something about Shiki being used as his entry fee and his goal to bring her back to life. Damn nostalgic friendship…

Episode 5
Joshua needs Neku to come with him but he is anxiously waiting for the next mission. Ah, there it is. Get to Cat Street within 15 minutes? Gotta hurry. Neku rushes but Joshua takes his time. Upon arrival, this is the place Joshua wants to take him as Neku realizes the mission is fake and Joshua sent him a fake message. Wow. Did he not see who the sender is or is any messages all anonymous? Anyway, running this coffee shop is Hanekoma. He learns about Neku’s predicament. No point crying over spilt milk. Joshua explains his ability to see things others can’t and Hanekoma has been helping him out a lot. He finds Underground a lot more interesting than reality but Neku doesn’t share the same sentiments. Hanekoma installs some app in their handphone. His words reminds Neku’s of a person he admires. In fact, the graffiti all over Shibuya was designed by CAT. Using the app to make their way, they come see lots of non-players wearing red pins. As the design looks like CAT, they wonder if CAT is also a Reaper. When Joshua tells his reasons to guide Shibuya and needs Neku’s help, just like that another day passes. Now Neku wants to head to Udogawa first. However the path is blocked. They see a few rocker dudes who are trying to find their lost microphone. Joshua makes a deal to help find it in exchange of opening the path to Udogawa. Elsewhere in some area, black Noises are attacking players. Even Reapers too. Joshua uses the app to scan the past and it seems Minamimoto has taken it for his art. After opening the path, the duo stumble into players, Souta and Nao who are running away from the black Noises. They are confused with everything and only want to come back alive. Joshua breaks the bad news that only 1 can return alive. Yeah, trying to play up Neku’s trauma of using Shiki as his entry, eh? Anyway, Souta and Nao can’t stay long so they run. This leaves Neku and Joshua to destroy the Noises. Easy pie. Arriving at Udogawa, because Joshua says some ominous things, this works up Neku. Then it’s like he got his memories back. At this particular spot, it is Joshua who shot and killed Neku!

Episode 6
Before Neku blows his top, Joshua assures he will protect him till the game ends and in the meantime he also needs his cooperation. Joshua hints his goal is to meet the Composer. Hence this high energy detection on his phone could be him. But it turns out to be Minamimoto carving some strange symbol before flying off. As Neku ponders about fully trusting Joshua, they make their way to Hanekoma’s place but the path is blocked. They have to deal with Noises as well as Beat flying down to beat Neku’s ass. Only, Uzuki and Kouki warn him not to break rules as Reapers cannot directly fight the players. They take him away to investigate Taboo Noises. Joshua sees Hanekoma to fix his phone. While Neku sits alone by himself, Souta and Nao comes to talk to him. Neku wants to be by himself but apparently they say f*ck you and talk about what Neku said about the entry fee for this game. They’ll gladly do so if the other gets to live. Neku and Joshua resume their walk as the latter notes how Neku is like walls around Underground as he doesn’t want to communicate with the rest. This leads to him talking about Shiki and he realized how happy and smiling she was when she talked about her friend. With Neku still obsessed about CAT’s graffiti, Joshua points out that CAT is Hanekoma. Yup. That’s the guy. Neku in disbelief and I swear he was a step away from being like a squealing fan girl. He even feels embarrassed after realizing the ‘dumb’ things he talked to Hanekoma the other day.

When Joshua detects another high energy, Neku doesn’t want to join since he doesn’t want to take risks that would prevent him from winning the game. Joshua is cool with that. Only, at least please come with me to check it out. This leads them to a sewer dead end. But looks like a Taboo Noise attacks them. Even their combo attack won’t work. Yeah, there’s another one now. Joshua is forced to use his trump card. Woah. What’s this angelic beam blast that decimates them?! He claims he doesn’t use it often as it drains his energy. Uzuki who has been watching confronts them and can confirm Joshua is not dead because no players can use that. IS THERE NO OTHER WAY TO DETERMINE IF A PLAYER IS DEAD?! So essentially this is breaking the rules but will let this slide due to Taboo Noises. Next time they meet, he’ll be erased. Neku is reeling from this lie as Joshua himself confirms he isn’t dead. He claims he is the same as the players once he makes a Partner Pact. This angers Neku further because unlike him, the rest didn’t want to die. Now he accuses Joshua of killing him. But what of that? After all, Joshua has been watching for a long time because he is his salvation. Uzuki and Kouki report to Mitsuki Konishi about Taboo Noise Refineries. It is believed that Minamimoto is using them take out Reapers. Konishi tells them to continue their investigation. And Minamimoto is relishing the countdown to his solution.

Episode 7
Neku continues to accuse Joshua that he is taking it easy because he is still alive. But Joshua points out even so, he is still bound by the rules. That means if he dies, he will still get erased. Time for a mission. This time it sounds like some calculating riddle. But don’t worry for us dumb folks, Joshua solves it and explains to us. Basically, defeat the boss at Udogawa. Konishi reports to Kitaniji that Minamimoto is the one behind the Taboo Noise. He will talk to the Composer about this. Neku and Joshua fight a lot of tough Noises. They see Souta and Nao getting done in. Aggravating Neku’s woes is how they want Neku to win and live. Now he has too, right? Joshua explains about Stray Noises, those normal Noises that they fight under the Reapers’ orders. Then there are those Taboo Noises that attack anyone indiscriminately. The duo see Taboo Noises killing Reapers and they go help out. Kouki shows her gratitude by being a b*tch. She didn’t need their help and could’ve taken care of things herself. Yeah, wasn’t she the one in a pinch and need Uzuki to come save her? They finally defeat the Noise boss at Udogawa for the day. Here’s Minamimoto to ‘congratulate’ them because tomorrow is the final day he’ll get the face off with them and vows to defeat them at the speed of light to solve the calculation he screwed up that day. Next day as the duo head up the tower, lots of Noises in their path. Strangely, Beat comes to help them. I thought he was here to pick a fight with Neku? Changed his mind? After Neku return’s Rhyme’s bell, Beat thanks him and goes off. Weird.

At the rooftop, they confront Minamimoto. He isn’t pleased with this unexpected miscalculation as he was trying to recreate the exact scenario that day. What scenario? Convenient flashback as the memories return to Neku. The last time we saw Joshua shot Neku, right? Turns out Neku didn’t get hit. He was trying to shoot Minamimoto behind him! So it was Minamimoto who shot and killed Neku! That’s your twist. Minamimoto uses the Taboo Noises he created to turn himself into some monster. Of course our lads defeat him when they combine and power up. Minamimoto isn’t done yet. He claims this world is made of numbers and he has been doing reverse engineering to get his desired solution. So, is he going to do kamikaze?! Yeah, he blows himself up but Joshua protects Neku by pushing him off the ledge! HOW IS THIS GOING SAVE HIM FROM THE FALL???!!! Anyway, Neku is so confused. He was always suspecting Joshua and now he saved his ass? Cannot compute! And suddenly Neku is whisked away before Kitaniji. Congratulations for surviving this game. Too bad for Joshua. Kitaniji thanks him for helping out to deal with Minamimoto since he killed lots of their Reapers too. Before Neku could feel all the guilt of not trusting Joshua, Kitaniji says that Joshua committed an offence and as his partner, Neku should also be erased along with him. However thanks to his help, he is willing to give him another chance to play the game. Oh boy, a third time? However this time the penalty is that he cannot participate in future games and this will be his last. Yeah, can’t have him on a winning streak now, can he? So I suppose he is going to enter this to get back Joshua and apologize to him, huh? Man, that’s a lot of people to bring back. Not to mention he didn’t get Shiki back either… Oh well, hopefully third time’s the charm.

Episode 8
Neku is the only player in this game and Konishi is the Game Master. So if he is the only player in the game, how can he summon his powers to fight Noises? That’s right. He’s’ screwed. Uzuki and Kouki come down to just give him that. Lucky for Neku, Beat comes to help him and makes a Partner Pact. Woah, his Reaper wings just vanish like that? The duo then defeat the Noises and go ahead to clear the mission of reaching a certain spot. Beat has a keypin that allows him to open barriers. He explains that after Rhyme got done in, Hanekoma assembled what’s left of her into this Noise critter. Oh. So this cute critter is Rhyme? Beat turned into a Reaper thinking he could turn Rhyme back but as Hanekoma explained, only the Composer can do that. Of course when you’re a Composer, you can do anything, including bringing back the dead. All you have to do is defeat and replace him. Easy. Yup, that’s going to be their next target. They have an idea where the Composer is: That sewer. Meanwhile Konishi talks to Kitaniji about Beat’s betrayal and will deal with him. However he tells her to treat him as a player. He will be invoking Emergency Call in Underground. Hence Konishi goes to seek Uzuki’s help. Yeah, she’s so bored and eager to do whatever because if she succeeds, it’s promotion for her! Konishi then confronts Beat. Because he is a player, she will be taking his entry fee: Rhyme. Defeat her if he wants her back. Uhm, shouldn’t that be taken away before he joined in? Next day, the mission is to find Konishi and defeat her. They have 6 days to do it! To be fair, she will not move from the spot. She then invokes Emergency Order to have all Reapers erase the duo. They are also ordered to equipped special outlet pins to boost their power. Normally they don’t do this often as it drains their power. So as they fight off Noise and Reapers, they enter the concert hall thinking Konishi is here. No Konishi but rocker dude, 777. He is going to defeat them because he likes his life here and wants to maintain that peace. Of course it doesn’t take long for him to be defeated. He gives his keypin to them that could open more barriers. After they leave, Konishi confronts 777 and asks why he didn’t use the outlet pins to fight when he was ordered to. He didn’t think it would be fair. He is more concerned of solving the Taboo Noises who killed his Reaper friends-cum-bandmates. Too bad Konishi kills him off since he won’t listen to orders. Mean b*tch…

Episode 9
You mean Neku and Beat really turn back just to check on 777? He’s gone. Only his choker left behind. Next day, Neku notices Beat spacing out. Time for him to reveal the truth. This is the spot he and Rhyme died. They were arguing and a car lost control and crashed into them. Neku is shocked to hear that Rhyme is Beat’s little sister. It could be Rhyme’s entry fee since when they first appeared in Underground, Rhyme doesn’t recognize who Beat was but knows she has a brother, although she can’t remember his name or face. Beat has lots of regrets but surprisingly Neku agrees and calls him an idiot. Is that a compliment? Neku has never cared about others but has opened up to others ever since. So the only way is to act like an idiot and move idiot? Okay. Says the idiot. They try to lie low and not attract attention of Reapers. Then they find it strange they can’t scan people. It’s like as though they are hollow. Beat then notices everyone wearing the special pins. Noting the same design, could it be that CAT and Composer are the same person. Oh my. Neku in dilemma. Because if he was, Joshua wouldn’t have been running around looking for him, right? Time for some Noise action as rowdy people who can’t get those special pins are having their emotions turned into Noises. Once that is done, Kouki and Uzuki drop down to give them a mission. If they manage to beat them, they’ll give Rhyme back. Ultimately, Neku and Beat’s tidal wave combo defeats those pesky Reapers. Yeah, Uzuki complaining?! I thought she was hard up for this?! Anyway, when they give Rhyme back, she disappears. Beat thought they tricked them but Kouki realizes that this is all a trick to buy Konishi time. Yeah, you didn’t actually think she’d change the mission and give them Rhyme back so easily, WOULD YOU???!!! WTF Uzuki start blaming Kouki too that he doesn’t care about promotion or whatever?! All Kouki cares is being on the ground in Shibuya because the place is a collision of ideas and creativity. To compensate them for this sham, Kouki gives them his pin. Kouki notes how Shibuya is becoming more monotonous lately. Suddenly the Reapers get weakened. Kouki notices Konishi observing them. Looks like the special pin is having an effect on them and Konishi is using them as guinea pigs to obtain more data. So, Kouki and Uzuki now become zombies or something? Meanwhile Hanekoma is making minor adjustments to a design and what pops out is some monster Reaper?!

Episode 10
Neku and Beat realize that the ordinary are talking and saying the same things like robot zombies. This is such a great place, huh? Well geniuses, I guess we can all say that special red pins that is making everyone so, right? And yeah, join the pieces of the puzzle together. Because if those designs are created by CAT, it means CAT is the Composer and that means the Composer is Hanekoma! Neku denies this logic because how can a friendly dude like him help expand his horizons? Why would he give Joshua the run around? For now, they go to places they haven’t visit. They see Reapers also acting like robot zombies and had to kill them off. Then they notice the barriers looking strange. Yeah, somebody busted a hole in them! I guess this is where Joshua’s app comes in handy as Neku takes a pic to see its past. Oh damn, Hanekoma drawing that mean design right here? Sure puts a dent in your perspective now, eh? Then they are attacked by Kouki and Uzuki. Yes, robot zombie mode. But realizing the red pins are causing them to act this way, just take them off! Wow. So easy. Neku is now determined to go to Hanekoma’s café to have him spill the beans. But upon arrival, his place has been bust up. Using the app again, they see him put a message in a spot. Searching for it, it reveals an envelope that contains a pin that is slightly different in design. Also a letter that hints them on how to survive and fight Konishi. Neku remembers this design from the sewers. So is this where she is? But Neku feels suspicious. Why is Hanekoma doing this? As they make their way, they stumble into a revived Minamimoto. Yes, he is the guy who broke through the barriers and the one resurrected by Hanekoma. About his erasure last time, not sure what forbidden spell he used and now his body has returned in a much tuned form. Yes, he is a Taboo. He feels he is on par to fight the Composer but wants to know Hanekoma’s whereabouts. He fights the duo as warm up. Yeah, not even much of a fight as they lost badly. And just like that, another day passes. They rush towards the sewer but Minamimoto has beaten them to it and has bust a hole in the barrier. Oh well. Time to follow the trail.

Episode 11
Minamimoto stands in their way. Beat asks about Konishi’s whereabouts and Minamimoto just mocks them because they never realized it. WTF Konishi pops out from Beat’s shadow. There she is! Why did she give herself away?! Confident she is going to win, huh? Minamimoto attacks Konishi but it seems the latter proposes some kind of deal. She’ll let him go and become the Composer if she can get Kitaniji’s position. As long as her authority is assured, she doesn’t care who the Composer is. Minamimoto leaves as the guys have to deal with Konishi. So another round of drama and fight. To turn the tide in favour of our young heroes, Beat manages to snatch Rhyme back. This allows them to power up altogether for a devastating move to defeat Konishi in her furry form. Before she kicks the bucket, she tries to make Beat go into despair. She claims that memories of Rhyme is Beat’s entry fee. But since it is not the case for Rhyme, this means she thinks less of him. You know, that is so vague but still, WTF a guy like Beat who is always his own pace starting to believe her? So they’ve also cleared the game, right? Yeah, Shiki is back. Uhm, if that’s the case, so should Joshua? He isn’t around. Shiki being back means she wasn’t totally erased, huh? They troll us that Neku might be in love with her since she came back but it’s just cheesy… Oh, maybe the game isn’t over. Because before them is a defeated Minamimoto. Because now they face off with Kitaniji. He claims the Composer as some being who brings happiness all. When Beat claims he can do that when he becomes one, Kitaniji also points out that is the root of all evil. HUH???!!! Shiki is then turned into some zombie to fight against the guys. But WTF, they defeat Kitaniji in his dragon form easily? Neku then throws away the red pin Shiki has. Can’t mind control her now, jerk. Neku is further shocked to see a timer on Kitaniji’s palm. Reapers have that too? Kitaniji is running out of time. He claims different negative emotions are amplifying and producing all things negative. So he intends to create an ideal world by stripping everyone’s individuality and turn into a singular place with a shared idea. Basically, everybody is the same. Hence he is the one who created those red pins and designed them based on the Composer’s. Neku who once couldn’t care about others has now realized that ignoring all that won’t change anything. He believes Shibuya is fine as it is. No siree, we’re not going to let you change the world. Kitaniji absorbs all the Noises and becomes a multi-headed dragon.

Episode 12
Kitaniji claims Neku is the chosen one. Well, duh! HE IS THE MAIN CHARACTER! HAHAHA! Anyway, if Neku is having a hard time fighting this dragon, Beat and Shiki join in to power up and defeat him. There. Easy. Kitaniji laments he failed to change Shibuya. Time’s up and he’s erased. Next up, the final boss. Inside a room filled with CAT’s graffiti, here comes your Composer… Not! It’s Joshua. He claims they have won. Because all this while they weren’t actually playing games by Reapers. But actually a contest between Kitaniji and Joshua. Because… Joshua is the Composer!!! Wow. They really trolled us good, huh? It began when Joshua wanted to erase Shibuya after sensing how dull they’ve become. Hence Kitaniji pleaded to do something to change all that. Hence a game was initiated between them. Kitaniji had a month to change Shibuya however he liked. If he won, Shibuya will continue to remain. So… I don’t see how turning Shibuya into one monotonous street is any different. Yeah… Maybe he became desperate. Otherwise, Shibuya gone. Hence Joshua had a proxy to play the game. Yup, that’s you Neku. You’ve been doing everything that Joshua wants. Joshua reveals more revelations to a shocked Neku. As the Composer, he managed to seal his powers in Underground and reality and was the one who defeated Minamimoto because he wouldn’t want him to interfere with his fight with Kitaniji. Joshua returns the final pieces of Neku’s memories. Remember Neku thought Joshua shot him but it was to shoot Minamimoto behind? Uh huh. There’s more. Minamimoto tried to shoot Joshua back but his Matrix skills has him stop all bullets. Minamimoto escaped and so what did Joshua do? Shoot Neku! OMFG! So he is the real culprit all along and made it look like Minamimoto did it! After that, Joshua dropped his keypin to him. After Minamimoto fled to Underground, he dabbled with Taboo Noises in order to bridge the power gap.

Joshua wants to play a final game with Neku. It will be a quick draw this time. However shoots the other first when the countdown reaches zero, wins. As Joshua counts down, Neku is still in disbelief. But voices of trusting his comrades echo through his mind. And so Neku drops his gun and says he believes in Joshua. SUCKER! Joshua shoots him! Oh man… Next thing Neku knows, he is back in Shibuya. Not just restart but he is back alive! And some of the other players we know too (f*ck yeah, remember Souta and Nao?). Neku meets up with Beat and Rhyme and of course the real Shiki. Hey, why don’t we get to see her proper face?! Is she that plain?! We see Hanekoma talking to Joshua and answering most of our burning questions. Hanekoma was surprised that Joshua allowed Kitaniji to become the temporary Composer and allowed himself to fight alongside Neku with suppressed power. Both were big risks to him. Also, Minamimoto was the only one who knew how the Composer looked like and that is why he acted too soon to try to take his place. He thinks Hanekoma told Minamimoto about it since he too wanted to preserve Shibuya. The red pins are for imprinting Kitaniji’s will on people and the reason he used missions as a cover to distribute them. Hanekoma did make them for him because it was a request from the current Composer so technically he isn’t breaking any rules. As for his graffiti, it also helps imprint on humans who come into contact with it. It infuses a certain command for them to enjoy every moment they’ve got. Joshua might have won but he didn’t erase Shibuya because of Neku. Because he dropped his gun and believed in him. For one who didn’t trust anybody and to just open up in 3 games, it’s definitely a minor miracle. Joshua’s special pin allowed Neku not to be brainwashed by Kitaniji and Hanekoma tampered with the design of Joshua’s refinery of Minamimoto was because he viewed him as Shibuya’s hope in case Kitaniji’s loss. So who is Hanekoma actually? Well, his sprouted white wings indicates his is an angel!

Existential Crisis: Shibuya Incident
Woah… That was a very heavy finale… It’s like they dropped all the revelations in the final episode just to tie things up. Not sure if I understood all that confusing twisting plot over plot. But I guess in the end all that matters is that Shibuya is still around. Because yeah, it will be weird as f*ck when Japan realizes there is a big hole of void and nothingness in the middle of Tokyo! So I suppose that is why Shibuya is always flowing and teeming with creativity and ingenuity all the time. Because the moment it becomes dull, damn Reapers wanna erase it from the face of the Earth! Keep those creative thinking caps on always! For the sake of Shibuya’s existence!

I didn’t expect this series to be damn boring! I mean, I didn’t exactly place high expectations on this series but I somehow I was expecting this action survival series to be somewhere along the lines like Darwin’s Game or at worse, 100-man No Inochi No Ue Ni Ore Wa Tatteiru. But of course I am partly to blame for that as I did not play the original game of the same name that was released way back in 2007. Of course this means there are elements from the game which I am not familiar with and references that I might not understand. Hence if you are a viewer like me who has not heard of this game before and jumped right in to watch the anime, you’d be lost. Although the plot is not that confusing as far as I can see, it is unfortunate that the overall pacing and direction just feels so boring. It’s not the kind of life and death survival game where character dies. I mean, okay, some characters die but they are insignificant nameless people whom we don’t care. But what I mean is the intensity of that life and death situation where you know you’re done for if you screw up. But here, we see them trying to play and solve clues given by the Game Master. It just feels… Boring. And most of the time we see them run around on a wild goose chase, trying to get to a certain location or looking for something.

So the whole thing feels like it doesn’t make sense. Because not only some dead humans are trying to play a game for the right to be revived, on the other hand the Reapers themselves have some sort of things going on for their own. For example, Uzuki keeps b*tching about wanting to be promoted. So, this tells us that Reapers too are playing a game and that there are rank and files among the Reapers themselves. Are they playing some sort of game to earn something too? There’s a side we don’t see since we assume and are focused on the side of the players. And how does one become a Reaper? I mean, is it that easy to be one? Like in Beat’s case? And those keypins and other similar looking badges feel like some sort of plot convenience to open up barriers or whatever. That easy, huh? All isn’t well fleshed out in the anime so I’m thinking this show may be intended for those who are familiar with the game and not for newbies. But then again, all Reapers could be brainwashed by Kitaniji into playing this weird game and if angels existed, does it mean there are other games in other districts like Shinjuku and Harajuku over its existence too? Damn, I definitely don’t want to be caught dead playing this sh*t!

It doesn’t help that the action parts also feel very boring. I don’t know, I just don’t feel very engaged or even engrossed watching them. Sure, the characters may have a few flashy unique skills of their own. However I don’t find them memorable. I mean, Neku has got some fire moves, right? And then he combines with his partner to make some even devastating combo move. Like, whatever. It was a big yawn fest. This is the problem when a video game is trying to transit and being adapted into a show. It just does not fit well. Thus, perhaps if you are playing the game and have to fight those Noises, there might be some kind of excitement and only because you are being engaged to interact and do stuffs. But watching the action here, it is just plain boring. Besides, the fights with Noises in between feel forced and the need to put up some action scenes. Just because. I mean, drama time, some talking, blah, blah, blah, okay now, let’s take a break from that and have random Noises pop up to kill so our heroes won’t get their skills rusty. That kind of feeling. While it may work for the game, it does not for the anime.

It feels even weird there is a lot of waste of time in between the games. I mean, a game lasts for 7 days. But the tasks normally lasts about an hour. Some more, some less. So once a game is cleared for the day, what happens to the players? I suppose they all fainted and go into some sort of coma until the next day, huh? Yeah, really a lot of wasted hours in between the next day when they are only awake for a few hours or so in a day for gameplay, huh?

The characters feel meh too. Like Neku is your typical negative character from the start but as he goes through and experiences life and things, he starts to change and open up. After all, he is the main character. So main character that he gets to play the game not twice but three times! Holy cow! Such privilege! Funny, it’s just to showcase and pair him up with different characters. The first being Shiki, next is Joshua and finally Beat. I mean, it’s just weird. The other characters feel confusing like Beat and Rhyme’s case. Something about them being siblings, memories, and how it is their entry fee or something. It is said Beat’s entry fee is memories of Rhyme. So doesn’t that mean he should not recognize her as his little sister? But he still does. So I’m confused! I think they forget to reveal this in the final episode because they were so focused on Neku and things related to him. But since Beat is back with Rhyme and she herself is back to her human form and they’re together, I guess that is all that matters. Shiki also has some real life problems too but I guess that is needed for some character development for Neku. Then she becomes missing for the middle part. Uhm, so she isn’t even the supporting main character? Then she returns just for some final redemption that hardly matters. I guess better than Rhyme. After her ‘death’, she’s hardly noticeable as a critter.

In the middle arc, Joshua suddenly just pops up and trying to play detective and troll and throw Neku off. Like, how can a person who isn’t dead be in this game if that’s the rules? Did I miss something? Or did they make things up as they go along? I guess all those should be warning signs that he isn’t a normal person to begin with. Hence trying to find the Composer was just some sort of cover up to troll Neku? Yeah, I’m so confused that I just forgot about him until the end…

Then there is Hanekoma himself. Oh boy, everything was trying to pinpoint to this guy as the Composer. Trying to trick us into thinking he is the Composer so that we could scream I told you so and criticize how cliché everything was. Yup, we played right into their trap. I mean, why would this old uncle who runs a café be helping you kids in the first place? Something is up. Definitely this guy is more than meets the eye. But his actions are enigmatic enough to make you wonder and be suspicious if he is friend or foe. Especially when he has his first name that is totally reserved only for girls, makes it weird altogether, huh? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE IS A MALE VERSION OF THAT NAME TOO???!!! 草苗… Oh, I see… Well then, I guess that beats Kitaniji who has a female first name then… WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE IS A MALE VERSION OF THAT NAME TOO???!!! 恵深… Oh, I see… Anyway, so I guess this guy lives up to his angelic nature to help others, huh? So if Shibuya was losing its life and creativity, how did that happen in the first place? Maybe it’s not so nice to see such graffiti all over Shibuya. Makes it look like some gangster town. Couldn’t Hanekoma do other artwork besides graffiti to influence people with his command? I thought this guy was talented… Oh well, he isn’t God in the first place.

The Reapers themselves are as annoying. Especially Uzuki and Kouki. They have this penchant to just drop by and annoy the characters with their mocking or whatever. Worse for Uzuki as she keeps complaining and trying to put up a tough act like she knows better or acts better than you just because she’s a Reaper. And there are so many things going on that even the Reapers themselves don’t understand. Perhaps low level ones like them are just pawns. And then this Minamimoto who has his own plan or something but I’m just so confused whatever zetta calculations he is trying to do to get his ideal world. Basically he failed because he rushed in. That’s how I see it.

The other Reaper ‘generals’ feel bland, generic and boring too. Like Higashizawa is your typical first boss character. After his defeat, nobody remembers him. Konishi is like your sly b*tch who wants to maintain her authority but she went down so easily in what seems to be like a sub-boss fight. And yeah, there’s Kitaniji the seemingly big bad antagonist. Oh what’s this his wish to make everyone in the world the same? You bloody racist, homophobe (insert here all other current political trendy slurs) because do you not want diversity and inclusivity in your Shibuya???!!! Yeah, these Reapers sound badass and tough but once you meet and fight them, they’re just really boring people. I know, not all Reapers are bad like 777 but his character feels redundant. That’s why they had to kill him off. Good riddance. Not sure why some Reapers like 777, Uzuki and Kouki return back to life in the end but others like Konishi, Minamimoto, Higashizawa and Kitaniji never returned. Is it because they’re bad people and by that means they can’t return to life? Weird.

On a trivial note to nit-pick, the official English name for this anime is “The World Ends With You”. This is totally different than the Japanese’s name, which literally means “This Wonderful World”. Why the discrepancy? Both have such different meaning and they’re like at the polar ends of the context. Are they saying that the Japanese have more positive views while westerners are mostly negative? Even more so the “TWEWY” acronym looks and sounds so gay… But I’m guessing if you look at both in a very general context, both might come down to mean the same thing in the sense of your loved ones. Because with the ones you love, the world is wonderful and without them, the world literally ends. I think it’s that… And of course, Shibuya is a wonderful place of its own, right? Yeah, discreet promotion one of Japan’s famous place.

The art and animation is exactly the same as its video game counterpart. So those who played the game can feel at home with the similar edgy and cell shading style. You almost can’t tell apart the anime and the game. Also, if you noticed some characters looking awfully a lot similar like those from Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy, that’s because they are designed by the guy who designed those characters for those games. So don’t be too shocked to see your Sora in Neku. But with headphones! Also, I want to point out that some of the characters here look super anorexic, especially those with no muscles. Looking at characters like Neku, Shiki, Joshua and even Kouki, it feels like if I just twist their arms a little, it would really snap and break in 2! Really! This anime is done jointly by Shin-Ei Animation (Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-san, Denki-gai No Honya-san, Tonari No Seki-kun, Anime De Wakaru Shinryounaika) and Domerica (Flying Witch Petit).

I feel that some of the recognizable seiyuus here didn’t really put their talents to much use. Like Satomi Arai as Uzuki, she’s just barely at it. I think her Beatrice role in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu is more feisty and interesting than this bland b*tch character. Then there’s Ayana Taketatsu as Rhyme and Kenjiro Tsuda as Hanekoma who feel they are very much underused. Something about Shiki’s voice that makes her feel a bit raw and amateurish (some call it natural?). Voiced by Anna Hachimine, this is her first voice acting role as she is mostly an actress. The rest of the casts are Kouki Uchiyama as Neku (Ichika in Infinite Stratos), Subaru Kimura as Beat (Gian in Doraemon movies), Ryohei Kimura as Joshua (Tsubasa in Kyoukai No Rinne), Anri Katsu as Kouki (Tsuchimikado in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Hiroshi Shirokuma as Kitaniji (Warrod in Fairy Tail), Hitomi Nabatame as Konishi (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana), Takayuki Fujimoto as Minamimoto, Kenji Takahashi as Higashizawa (Mizuki in Dramatical Murder) and Shuuhei Sakaguchi as 777 (Dranbalt in Fairy Tail).

I believe many the songs and music come from the game’s soundtrack. They’re just redone to suit the anime. Like the main opening song, Twister by MJR is a great hip hop song totally sung in English. Only if the series didn’t suck that much. Did I hear the lyrics go, “That power is sh*t unknown”???!!! Of course I found it’s not but it was really weird the first time I heard the song, I thought I heard “sh*t” a few times. The first episode’s opening theme Calling by Leah is also not bad. But yeah, if the series didn’t suck that bad. The ending theme is a rock outfit, Carpe Diem by ASCA. I think this song is not from the game soundtrack and originally written for the anime. Quite an okay piece although not my kind of style.

Overall, this anime is bad and disappointing. If you really want to enjoy the series, better go play the game itself. It might not be as good as its other flashier counterparts like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts (all of these games are developed by Square Enix after all) but I have this feeling it still beats the anime any time. I mean, the game mustn’t be that bad since it is long running and a sequel was just released right in this year 2021! So was the anime some sort of promotion and awareness for this game? Who knows? But with the boring and unexciting story, characters and action, not to mention sometimes it gets confusing just for drama’s sake, it is safe to say that this animation is anything less than subarashiki. This anime ends with mediocrity and disappointment. Any chance someone playing this game with the goal of erasing it from existence? Oh well then, got to live with the decisions I make…

Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san

4 September, 2021

Oh man. Not another show about bullying, oops, I mean teasing. Especially one of a girl who is teasing a boy! Do we need another?! Anime says yes. So I guess that’s that. First, we got a prank master in a seemingly innocent middle school series. Because that’s too wholesome, the next we got was a freaking busty college girl teaser. I guess that was too hot for some to handle. So now we scale back the whole thing to a less busty girl and back to high school. Oh, and make the girl tanned this time. Forehead girl first, busty girl second, and now a tanned gal. Wow. So diverse. Anyway, if you can still stomach another girl-teasing-boy series, Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san is next in line.

Episode 1A
Naoto Hachiouji enters the library to finish his homework. However his usual peace is ruined when a group of gals are making a ruckus. Yeah, so badass and delinquent, no wonder the librarian didn’t even do anything to shut them up. Naoto tries to ignore them but when one of them gets too close and causes him to accidentally drop his work, the gal then sees his manga sketches and calls the rest to laugh on it. This sucks. After they leave to hang out with their other friend elsewhere, one stays back. Hayase Nagatoro continues to read aloud and laugh as his work. She thinks this knight hero is his double and that he is writing some unrequited love. She wants to help him out with this scene. As expected, he chickens out and this only proves her point that there is no way he could pull something off like this in real life. Poor Naoto. He ends up crying! And as apology for messing with him, she gives him her handkerchief. That will be all today.

Episode 1B
Thanks to all that teasing, Naoto can’t sleep and is being haunted by Nagatoro’s teasing?! Next day as he goes to his art club, looks like his other sanctuary is no longer one. Because Nagatoro is here! Since there is no one around, she teases him but he tries his best to ignore her. Then she decides to be a model for her and teases by unbuttoning her shirt. Okay, okay. He’ll draw her normally. As he is anxious, he can’t draw her so she promises a reward. It’s not that he wants that reward, he just wants to get it over with so he gets started. Wow. A nice decent picture. So Nagatoro tells him to close his eyes as she draws near to his face. He thinks he is going to kiss him when she suddenly flicks his head and laughs at his weird face. It’s obvious he is puckering his lips in anticipation of a kiss so he further mocks him this drawing isn’t worth that! Oh f*ck. You made him cry again! Today’s woes aren’t over as Nagatoro follows him back. Shockingly, she asks to date her. As he is in shell shock, of course that was all a lie. She laughs and hits him too hard that he falls into the ditch?! Then he climbs out and acts like nothing. Nagatoro wonders if he ever gets mad. She did pretty nasty stuffs to him all day. Short flashback shows Naoto was always bullied. So it’s no different today. As she teases he might have a crush on her, Naoto summing up his courage to say she might get on his nerves but he doesn’t hate it that much. WTF. So you accept this humiliation???!!! And so Nagatoro tells her name and hopes they can get along. Oh dear… Hell has only begun.

Episode 2A
Nagatoro comes in swinging a hula hoop. She wants him to join in? WTF he really tries to join in? Because he accidentally sees her pantsu, she gets embarrassed and now she accuses him a pervert. Later Naoto buys a vampire manga but this one is the one he is waiting for because it has hotspring fanservice. Oh yeah. Of course as we know it, this won’t escape the eyes of Nagatoro. Eventually she finds out about it and reads all that erotic stuff. More teasing and the likes as she thinks him being a virgin will guaranteed his safety of being attacked by a vampire. Because when one sucks his blood, he won’t turn into a ghoul. Then she wants to try and suck his neck. She’s got a pretty sharp canine… She jumps on him and this weakling is too weak to do anything. He is about to go for the neck but thanks to his garlic lunch, his garlic breath repels her. During the struggle, her hand ends up on his crotch. So this the fanservice you want? On the way home, she teases him that he has never been touched by a girl before. She teases that he got an erection when she did so and would love to do it again if he wants. Too bad she just touches his ribs. Gotcha. Back home as he reads the manga, he can’t help think and associate such fanservice with Nagatoro.

Episode 2B
Oh my. Nagatoro wants to play some nipples guessing game? Well, if he guesses right, she’ll give him a pass that will allow him to do anything to her like stop her pranks or even more. Like becoming his nude model. First, she tries it on him but misses. But then she starts circling her fingers around! That definitely killed him. Now it’s his turn. Too bad he is taking too long so when her friend calls, she uses it as an excuse that time’s up. Gotta go! As Naoto completes his manga at a family restaurant he frequents, holy cow, here is Nagatoro with Sakura and some guys whom he recognizes from the next class. He spies and notices how annoyed and bored Nagatoro is. When one of the guys lets her listen to his music and tries to explain about art, Naoto relishes to hear Nagatoro unleashing her sadistic mockery. But eh? She sounds bored and uninspiring. Not feeling anything. No reaction? But enough to make that guy depressed. Then the other guy claims he hasn’t been around girls before. Naoto expects Nagatoro to rip him apart sadistically. Oh, that bored and lifeless reaction again? But damn her eyes look evil! That dejected guy excuses himself. Naoto on his way home starts thinking if he is the only person Nagatoro messes with. You bet that theory is going to be right as she bumps into him and starts her lively teasing. Wow. It’s like her blues all blown away.

Episode 3A
Nagatoro is willing to strip to pose for Naoto. Psyche! She’s wearing a swimsuit underneath. What were you expecting?! A heavy rain forces them to take shelter. As usual, Nagatoro teases him not to look this way as her shirt is transparent. Thinking she is wearing a swimsuit underneath, Naoto goes against her and looks. That’s her bra, right?! More ammo to call him a pervert. As the rain isn’t letting up, she invites him to her home nearby. He worries that her parents are the same like her, going to torment this toy that cries in the end! Thankfully for him, they’re not in. She lets him take a bath and WTF he thinks he is going to use the same towel she did? Saw that coming. It’s not. Pervert. Then in her room, she is dropping hints of what they should do. Not studying, dimwit. That thing where they use their fingers. Play video games! What were you expecting?! In this Guilty Gear rip-off, surprisingly Naoto beats her! Naoto thinks he can use this to get back at her after all the teasing. But the next time she cheats by blowing into his ear! Subsequently, she uses the same other teasing methods just to distract him so she could win. In the end when the rain stops and he leaves, he admits he had lots of fun. So let’s play again then. And no cheating!

Episode 3B
The cafeteria is full. No place to sit except next to Nagatoro and her gal pals, Gamo and Yosshi! Oh sh*t. Better eat fast and leave. They tease Naoto as her boyfriend and Nagatoro didn’t hesitate to say it is so. They laugh and start teasing him. Doesn’t look like a boyfriend. More like a pet! When Yosshi tries to pet him, Nagatoro smacks her hand away. Eh? Don’t. Gamo now notes Naoto is more like a slave. More teasing. Yosshi tries to pet him again. Nagatoro again smacks her hand away. Wow. Her scary eyes really scream don’t-you-f*cking-dare-touch-him! When Gamo notes he doesn’t fight back and that he is like a bug, Nagatoro gets serious and says she’s gone too far. Oh sh*t. She’s getting angry on his behalf? With the tension at boiling point, Naoto then stands up and tells the whole world that Nagatoro isn’t his girlfriend. Period. Just like that? No wonder the gals look so disappointed. But they laugh at this joker. Later Nagatoro notes Naoto doesn’t fight back and teaches him how to do comebacks. So as she starts teasing him, WTF he is on the verge of tears?! Was that too mean?! You think she would feel bad but here comes the train load of teasing! After forcing him to do his comeback, he does so but accidentally his hand smacks her boobs. Pervert! She continues the comeback lessons but I guess he is done for the day.

Episode 4A
You bet Nagatoro is going to tease Naoto while washing his hands. Yeah, rubbing and making it look sexy! Of course, he runs away. While he is eating alone in the clubroom, somebody comes in. Good news: Not Nagatoro. Bad news: It’s Gamo and Yosshi! Oh sh*t. As expected, they tease him the virgin he is and because of that, dare him to touch their boobs. Of course they force his hand to touch Gamo’s boobs but turns out to be a bun. As they laugh their ass off, here comes Nagatoro. Oh, you bet she isn’t happy. Run! Out of the fire and into the frying pan. That’s Naoto’s predicament now. Nagatoro not too happy he touched boobs. She sounds relieved when he points out it’s just a bun. Then she gets this idea to make him squeeze hers. Or at least this premium bun. She hides both buns in her boobs. If he can guess which, he’ll get the premium bun. So as he embarrassingly caresses them, the premium bun accidentally falls out. This mean Naoto is now squeezing her real boobs! And he can’t wonder why this is so extra soft! This must be the premium bun! Yeah, the premium of a different sort. An embarrassed Nagatoro beats him up. No premium bun for you!

Episode 4B
Nagatoro wants Naoto to use her as a model again. This time she drags her favourite sofa into his clubroom. Hey, got to be comfortable, right? Noticing he is looking at baseball players outside, she thinks he wants to be praised. First she has him praise her but of course she teases him all the way. Then she does the same for him but it sounds more like his embarrassing points. Then it’s time to draw so she hints doing a few sexy poses. You bet he can’t focus so she teases him some reason why he can’t focus and that’s why he can’t even start drawing. She will give him a reward if he completes it but he thinks it’s another trap. A tired Nagatoro falls asleep so this time he is able to draw her. Although it’s not complete, she likes it and will give him his reward. Close your eyes. Expecting a flick on his forehead, however something soft touches his lips. How does it taste like? Well, it’s a plushie! Yeah, he was trying to stick his tongue in?! So I guess the best praise for today is that she really likes this drawing of her.

Episode 5A
Nagatoro trying to tease Naoto but he is ignoring her? When her pals usurp her and want to go hang out, he agrees?! OMG?! What gives?! Turns out to be a dream! Phew. Noticing he kindly covered a blanket on her, I guess no pranks today. Later Nagatoro tickles him to see his sensitive side. Doesn’t disappoint. Then she dares him to do the same to her and strips! Don’t worry, swimsuit beneath. Since he is taking too long, I guess the window of opportunity is closed. She then shows him a video of a sheep being sheared. Because she has an electric shaver and wants to shave his hair too! He won’t allow her but compromises that he’ll let her use the scissors to trim. That is when her pals call to return her some book in the classroom. Little does she know, it’s a ploy to get her out of the room so they can hang out with Naoto! Why the f*ck did he tell them about the shaver?! Because now they want to shave his head! They hold him down but thankfully before anything could happen, Nagatoro returns. What you b*tches doing?! A short standoff… They toss the shaver at her as distraction to escape. Nagatoro almost lost this one… In the end, she manages to give him a trim that makes him look good. But she still calls him a pervert.

Episode 5B
Nagatoro has Naoto accompany her to get some shaved ice. However the queue is long! He wants to get some ice cream from the convenience store then but I guess that’s a no from her. So they wait in line and despite Nagatoro claiming she could still wait, it is obvious she is going to faint from this heat stroke. Instantly, Naoto takes her hand and rushes off to rest at a shady space. He buys a drink for her to replenish her fluids and in return she got ice cream for both of them at a nearby store. Still as refreshing. As they go home, she exchanges contacts with him. Now she can spam him ‘pervy’ all she wants. After they part, Naoto realizes she drank from his bottle and that means an indirect kiss, no? He is about to drink it when he is spammed ‘pervy’. Nagatoro watching… Gotcha…

Episode 6A
Naoto finds himself in heaven as the goddess proclaims he is the hero who will slay the Demon King. After falling down to the surface, he has to fight off a giant lizard. His magic not working. Is he done for? Thank goodness for Nagatoro the cat fighting girl to the rescue. Nekotoro?! Together they go on an adventure to slay the Demon King. While fighting a dragon, Naoto was able to help her defeat it with his magic. Woah, she kisses him on the cheek for being cool?! The dragon turns into Gamo who was under the Demon Lord’s spell. They are joined by bunny girl Yosshi to the Demon Lord’s castle. Upon arrival, the Demon Lord isn’t anywhere. Turns out the girls are the Demon Lords themselves! Naoto’s magic fails and he is forever their toy! End of this wimpy dream as he finds himself asleep in the family restaurant?! Nagatoro and pals come in but Naoto hastily leaves. Nagatoro sees he left behind his sketchbook containing Nekotoro. She goes to tease him and when he says that book isn’t his, she wants to keep it. So change his mind about wanting his book back?

Episode 6B
Nagatoro invites Naoto to the beach. Is there a reason he can’t say no? I’m sure she didn’t threaten him. I guess his life is so boring that he has to. As expected, her pals are here too. Along the way, they keep teasing him of being a loner louse. Yeah, summer is extra hot for him this year. At the beach, Gamo and Yosshi tease him as they show off their swimsuits. Nagatoro won’t be beaten and does the same. The girls go to swim but Naoto sits out and continues his drawing. Later Nagatoro goes to bug him and learns it isn’t that he can’t swim, he doesn’t want to get sunburn. Don’t worry, Nagatoro will apply suntan all over him. That is, sadistic style! Yeah, she’s stepping all over him. Good thing he isn’t a masochist. But too bad he has to bear the pain. Make that triple the pain because Gamo and Yosshi want in on this fun too! Damn, this dude really has women stepping all over him! In the end, they finished the entire bottle and now he is all covered with suntan. But hey, at least he can swim now. In the end, at least Naoto has some fun joining in with the girls. Back home, it isn’t sunburn he has that’s killing him. It’s muscle ache. Had too much outdoor fun for a nerd? He admits it is fun. His best fun was perhaps a sketch of Nagatoro at the beach.

Episode 7A
It’s the summer festival. So, Naoto is thinking if Nagatoro will invite him? Yeah, he is waiting for that call and even thinking if he should invite her. Are you serious?! Eventually he comes to the festival alone. What’s worse than bumping into Nagatoro there? Why, bumping into Gamo and Yosshi! As usual, they tease him for anticipating to bump into Nagatoro but too bad, that girl’s in her club activities now. He tries to get away but they put a collar on him. Let’s have fun. Then they take a selfie and send it to Nagatoro! Oh, you bet she’ll rush down right away! Coincidentally she just finished her club activities and faster than The Flash, she’s here now! She is amused by the collar and wants to take him but Gamo challenges her. They’ll go around and play games, the one with the most prizes wins. And we see them doing so as well as Nagatoro teasing Naoto that he wanted her to invite him. You think he’d admit? But his body language is so obvious. In the end, Nagatoro bribes Yosshi with her toy so she gets Naoto. Now that Gamo and Yosshi are gone, looks like they’re both alone now. Can the date begin? As usual, she teases him that this looks like a date but it isn’t. Then they go to a spot to watch the fireworks but with the crowd pushing, they almost get separated. Naoto being a man for the first time and pulls her out as they go to a secluded spot to watch the fireworks. As expected, she is trying to tease him that he is trying to do sleazy stuffs to her like kissing but has no guts to do it. So he dares her. She claims she can. Liar. So as she pretends to do so, the fireworks light up the area as they see lots of couples making out! This freaks them out as they run somewhere to just watch the fireworks. Yeah, that’ll be fine. On their way home, Nagatoro laments she should’ve worn her yukata. Naoto suggests they can do it again next year so this makes her happy and she wants them to wear a matching yukata.

Episode 7B
On his way home, Naoto sees Nagatoro and friends hanging out. WTF he goes to spy on them? A couple of guys force their way in to talk with them. The girls aren’t impressed but couldn’t bring it to themselves to shoo them away. The guys then try to make arrangements to hang out further but the girls try to decline. Except for Sakura. Is she a slut? Since the guys are so overbearing, Naoto can’t take it. But why the f*ck did he come out of his hiding, accidentally steps on a twig and then hides back? Yeah, they know he is here now. The girls light up especially Nagatoro. Is he their knight in shining armour? So the guys ask who the f*ck he is. Naoto sums up his courage to eke out for them to go home. The guys try to get tough and make him say it again since Naoto is shrivelling balls. That is when Nagatoro gets up and agrees to go home. The other girls follow suit. For once, Naoto is a winner! Of course on their way home, they start teasing him since Sakura remembers him as that mangaka. Yeah, he draws hentai and is going to put you in! LIES!

Episode 8A
Nagatoro teases Naoto how skinny he is and forces him to do some muscle training against his will. This means she is sitting on him like a chair. She starts enjoying herself too much and rides him like a horse. Only, a couple of girls pass by and see this. Oh my. How embarrassing. Naoto loses all his power. And that was the end of the training. Later Nagatoro teases him for not studying enough and that means repeating a grade. He doesn’t mind since it will have time to do more club activities. Did he not think this through? Because Nagatoro claims they can be in the same class then! Oh sh*t. Nonstop teasing! He tries to be funny by quipping that at least it won’t be boring with her around. This shocks and embarrasses Nagatoro so she continues her teasing that she wouldn’t want to see his face! Later Naoto studies for real but Nagatoro and her gals tease him as usual. Gamo mentioning that if he stays back twice, this means they will be his senpai! Oh dear. Excruciating images of Naoto being their gopher boy and getting bullied. Better study hard. Until Sakura points out how all of them will be likely to repeat the grade so Naoto doesn’t have to worry. In that case, Gamo and Yoshi seek Naoto’s help to help them study. Oh Nagatoro, wish your grades were as dumb as them now? In the end, Naoto does pretty well and now Nagatoro is mad that he is so against becoming her classmate! Ignore her…

Episode 8B
Nagatoro hears some ambiguous noises and lines coming from Naoto and her gals from the classroom. Long story short, they’re trying to take out a splinter from his finger. Nagatoro shows it how it’s swiftly done. On the way home, Nagatoro isn’t pleased he helps any cute girl. So she tries to make him carry her bag since he is so helpful. Of course he won’t so they play rock-scissors-paper in which she lost. Now she has to carry his bag. Still sulking… Next round, Naoto purposely loses so as to carry her bag. And then again to give her a piggyback ride. When she slides off, he tries to catch her but grabs her butt. Instantly she jumps off and runs away. He thinks she is mad but of course she is so embarrassed. Back home as he is studying, Nagatoro calls to tease. Guess what she is doing now? She’s in the bath! Woah. Naoto freaking out that he messed up his place? He tries to deny but she keeps teasing him of his dirty thoughts and defiling her with his imagination. She accidentally hits the video button so you bet Naoto is going to see everything! At least just above her shoulders. He has to point this out so now it’s her turn to have the biggest freak out of her life. In the end, the video is turned off as they both meekly try to apologize to each other while feeling so embarrassed. That’s enough teasing for today, huh? When you play with fire…

Episode 9A
Nagatoro is into shadow boxing thanks to a boxing manga Naoto introduced her. But that’s not enough. Now she wants him to be her sparring partner. Weak guy can’t say no but does he know how to box? Don’t worry, just stand there like a punching bag! As she throws her fake punches at him, he accidentally slips and hugs her. He thought he is going to be dead meat and her next blow will be lethal. However she claims that was a good clinch. Nagatoro then brags to her friends about this. Now they want to spar with him?! Nagatoro tries to give excuses why they can’t but it didn’t work. Now Nagatoro finds herself trying to defend Naoto from the onslaught of her pals.

Episode 9B
So the gals are hanging out in the art club now, huh? Their usual cafeteria place is now noisy because a bunch of gamer boys keep playing their handhelds. Did the kettle called the pot black? Anyway, Naoto wonders why they didn’t force them not to be noisy. Oh, the gals have a subtler way of handling it. They sent Sakura to sabotage them. She goes to flirt with them and make them jealous of each other. In no time they’ll break up. I guess those boys are really amateurs if boobs > games. Now this leads to a talk if whether Naoto is a horny person. Nagatoro thinks he is but Gamo thinks he is just an herbivore and his reactions are just of a virgin. Hence a challenge is thrown. If Nagatoro can find an ero book in this room, she wins. As Nagatoro searches, Naoto tells us that there is such book. However he reads it for the story and art, not the porn???!!! YOU LIAR!!! Good thing is, it is in the next room. But seeing Nagatoro losing, Naoto has a change of heart. Quietly brings back the book and puts up his fake acting to let he notice. Nagatoro so relieved that she starts teasing him a pervert and all.

Episode 9C
Nagatoro trying to tease Naoto to pierce a hole in his ear. Of course that didn’t happen. Suddenly a tearful Sakura barges in and seeks his help. One of those gamer boys she flirted with, now he has turned into a stalker! It’s their fault, right? Oh dear, Sakura crying harder. Her plea? Pretend to be her boyfriend! Oh my, Nagatoro not looking happy… She tries to give excuse that Sakura will have 2 stalkers after that! But since Naoto dismisses he will do such a thing, so will he be Sakura’s pretend boyfriend. You know this dude can’t say no, right? And it’s horror come true for Nagatoro. So we see them out on a pretend date while the gals are of course tailing. Gamo teasing Nagatoro a hell lot. Yeah, that unimpressed face. Sakura asks Naoto if there is someone he would like to date. You think he can answer? Because we all might now the answer. Soon after, the stalker comes out apologizing and promising he won’t do it again. I bet Nagatoro did something. The rest aren’t happy they couldn’t take any photos. So pretend date is over, everyone goes home. Of course Nagatoro starts teasing Naoto all the pervy things he was thinking of doing on a date. But you can see the huge relief in her face.

Episode 10A
Nagatoro teases Naoto if he wants a treat. From what she says, it’s like she is allowing her to peek at her tanned lines. Of course it turns out to be chicken strips. Pervy. The gals watch Naoto in a pathetic marathon run. Later, Nagatoro will personally train him up. In short, he can’t say no. This guy is already lagging behind her and out of breath. However he keeps seeing her bum and that is his ‘motivation’ to run ahead of her. Yeah, no distractions, please! Amazingly, they run 5 km. Time to do some warming down stretches. Of course her stretches all look like sexy poses to him. Nagatoro helps him out and eventually they end up in a weird combo pose. This is seen by Yosshi who is confused of what they’re doing.

Episode 10B
Naoto is not sure what to do for the upcoming cultural festival. Heck, he doesn’t have a model to draw. Oh, guess who offers herself to be his model? That’s right. He tries to decline but she takes out a sketch of his. Cat girl Nagatoro! She teases him he wants to draw this. Surprisingly, he agrees to draw her but with a condition she must get that outfit herself. You’d think Naoto has the last laugh seeing Nagatoro is in a bind. Later as he regrets saying that (really?!), Nagatoro returns exactly with such an outfit! Can’t go back on his words now, can he? And with her other gals hanging out here, Naoto is going to have to draw her now. When they talk about the stuffs their class are doing for the festival, this has Naoto remember the art club did an art exhibit last year. Oh yeah, those time spent with his club president, Buchou, huh? However Buchou told him to take care of the club himself since she and those in her year will be busy studying to enter art school. When Naoto mentions the art exhibition, the gals tease him and suggest more ‘fun’ activities. Basically, activities that tease the hell out of him. Suddenly Naoto hears familiar footsteps! He quickly ushers the gals to hide in the next room. Wow. They’re being obedient. Just in time because Buchou is back! She is here to tell him that he is in charge of this year’s festival. So an art exhibit like last time, huh? Also, she heard rumours about nasty people using this place as their hang out. Oh sh*t. Oh, the gals leaving their snacks and belongings all over the place, you bet Buchou reprimands Naoto for turning this place into some merrymaking room. Even more so, this sketch of cat girl Nagatoro. As the student council has given her a warning, she is going to shut down this club if he isn’t going to take this seriously. Oh my, she’s really going to do it?! That is when Nagatoro comes out of her hiding to stand up for this spineless weakling. Real cat fight coming up. She accuses Buchou for neglecting this club in the first place. Buchou argues if the members aren’t taking the club seriously, might as well shut it down. Oh, but Nagatoro can further vouch how serious Naoto was the whole time in his art. In that case, Buchou throws down a challenge. They will both do their own art exhibit. The one who gets the most votes wins. So if Naoto does so, she will not shut the club down. Damn, Nagatoro got more balls than Naoto to say let’s do this!

Episode 11A
The gals mock Buchou’s way of talking. But Naoto seriously thinks he doesn’t stand a chance against her. He tries to explain the many awards that she won. If that didn’t work, he shows them her winning piece. Woah! A sexy back of a naked Buchou!!! You bet it is ringing jealousy in Nagatoro who is spamming him questions of why he is keeping such naughty drawing of Buchou. The school allows it because it won some award (but of course) and it is considered art! ART! Of course Gamo teasing Nagatoro that she really doesn’t have what it takes to beat Buchou. I mean look at those voluptuous boobs, that thicc ass and crazy curves! Until Naoto says Nagatoro has her own charms too. Is that some sort of a confession, weak version? But seriously, they need a way to defeat Buchou or the art club will be shut down forever. WTF this Shingeki No Buchou reference?! Nagatoro will help him with his art but thinks something more aggressive to beat Buchou’s sexy art. But Naoto is thinking more of the everyday lines. He draws Nagatoro in various outfits but looks like he is not getting the oomph. Since Naoto is so negative and he is like Buchou this, Buchou that, Nagatoro gets fed up and storms off. Just get Buchou as your model then. Her gals also agree the loser he is.

Episode 11B
Buchou has even partitioned the clubroom for their work. Naoto draws an ordinary scenery when Buchou comes in just dressed in a cloth! Sexy time already? So she is trying something new, huh? This is art, huh? Can’t say I totally hate it! HAHAHA!!! Buchou can tell his drawings aren’t going to cut it and gives some advice. Basically it is love. Nagatoro peeks in to check but misinterprets this whole thing. She runs away. Buchou knows what is going on and tells him to go after her. Pursuit is art? He does so and the first time he catches up to her, she isn’t convinced. Run away second round. Another round of chase. This time he remembers all the fun times with her. My, cherry picking, isn’t he? Finally he manages to catch up and wants her to be his model. Still not impressed? Okay. How about being more direct? I WANT TO DRAW YOU! JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! What does he mean? Oh, you really want him to spell it out, do you? So he admits that she is what is most attractive to him. There. You satisfied? Both get so embarrassed that they fall into the pool. So I guess that seals the deal. She’ll be his model. So she suggests some cosplay theme but he is thinking more on the lines of things during ordinary times. Like how cute she is. DID HE JUST SAY THAT?! Both are embarrassed but Nagatoro bugs him to say it again. Say it! SAY IT!!!

Episode 12A
We see the few artworks of Nagatoro’s daily life. Looks great. The gals decide to go over and spy on Buchou’s works. Naoto not going so as not to demoralize himself. So he is assuming he would lose, huh? Suddenly Nagatoro faints! Oh man, Buchou’s latest artwork is a real killer! Damn those boobs!!! SCARY! Gamo thinks of fighting fire with fire (boobs, what else) but Sakura has a better idea. As the festival gets underway, it seems Nagatoro is dressed as a cat girl while the rest in Torocat mascot outfit as they sing, dance and tease you. Nagatoro apparently not too happy about this and seemingly forcing herself to play along. Well, what do you know? Torocat quite famous throughout school? Especially with masochistic guys who would love to get teasing from Nagatoro. Oh Naoto, you looking jealous? Since when did you have the only rights to be teased by Nagatoro?! Anyway, thanks to the gals, this helps promote and attract crowds to Naoto’s art. A few girls are impressed with Naoto’s works and want him to teach them! Oh boy, now it’s Nagatoro’s turn to get jealous. So they break for lunch but when they come back, looks like a ruckus happening in Buchou’s section.

Episode 12B
Apparently the moral committee doesn’t like her lewd art. F*CK! DAMN!!! THOSE EXPLOSIVE BOOBS!!! NO WONDER THEY WANT TO TAKE IT DOWN!!! Yeah, excuse is that they receive reports of guys being horny. WTF. Naoto steps in to defend Buchou. However she claims this only means her art did not have enough power to sway others. Naoto starts expressing himself about the hope he found in art. Yeah, specially named you, Nagatoro. Nagatoro also steps in to support that Buchou’s art is attractive. If that is not convincing enough, Gamo forces Yosshi to show them her camera recording. While they were guys with lustful eyes watching, there were also serious art lovers looking at it. In the aftermath, Buchou is allowed to continue exhibit but must submit a report of the viewers’ survey. The gals take this chance to rub it in that she has lost since she got disqualified. Buchou admits defeat and will not shut down the art club. But that’s not all, the gals want her to pay a penalty. And that is to dress up as a sexy bunny Playboy to help promote Torocat. You bet that is going to be a sell-out. Heck, yeah! All sold out! They really made a killing on this one. Later Buchou appraises Naoto’s art and notes there is passion and love in it. Oh Naoto, don’t you dare deny there is no love in it! Then everyone heads to the concert for the closing for the festival. On another day after Naoto sketches Nagatoro, she finds it good and will give him his reward. Now close your eyes… It is hinted she kisses him. Is this a reward or a tease?

Senpai, Tease Me, Please Me…
Today’s point of reflection… The couple that teases together, stays together. Oh wait. Sorry, that is all just one way teasing. Ah well, now that the art club is saved from being disbanded, he can continue to draw and sketch more on Nagatoro. Yeah, it is going to reach a point where the walls and ceiling are going to be filled with everyday Nagatoro. Creepy. Creepo indeed. I can foresee some teasing by Nagatoro already… But seriously, even if the art club got disbanded, it doesn’t mean Naoto cannot draw forever, right? Can’t he draw somewhere else? Or does this love nest base is important for Naoto and Nagatoro to bloom their love? His paintings has got lots of love, right? This is where it all began and blossomed, right? So is it not wrong to call this a love nest?! Whatever. Just enjoy your teasing and be done with it.

Right from the first episode, I really started hating this series because Nagatoro went too far and made Naoto cry. Not once, but twice! TWICE!!! It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t even cringe. It was just distasteful. It was bad. It was really WTF in the bad kind of way. If that was the shock factor for all of us expecting something cliché and ordinary, well, it did the trick but I bet it left many of us feeling the same disgusted way too. Compounding all that revulsion is that Naoto himself is a wuss. He is just so weak to get himself bullied into that kind of situation and Nagatoro herself didn’t show her remorse (maybe she had some in her heart but due to her prideful image she needs to keep it, she didn’t really show any of that signs), that is why I didn’t like this. Although throughout the series, they become somewhat tolerable, it is only because we got numbed by all their shenanigans. We got used to it. But you know as they say, first impressions count. Thus every time I think about this series, I think about Nagatoro being a bad girl making pussy Naoto cry. It’s hard to get that out of my mind now. So despite being rather a tolerable prank couple in the end, I still think that first move was a really bad one in my books.

So the rest of the series plays out in very familiar and predictable fashion. Naoto can’t be left alone doing his own thing because Nagatoro comes to check on him and bugs him. Teases him (because that is the name of this show in the first place), calls him names, just to evoke some sort of reaction. Usually, not the most amusing of reaction because as we all know by now, he is a wuss. Sometimes her gals come join in the fun because the more the merrier. In the end, some pranks go too far and they both end up being embarrassed about it, especially pranks that are too sexy and hot in nature. Cue for them to stop. Until the next time, suckers! Boy, do we ever learn? Oh well, I guess it is to make some of us happy that Nagatoro doesn’t always have a 100% winning streak like a certain middle school prank master. You win some, you lose some. Of course Nagatoro just winning more…

And the characters… Everybody one more time: NAOTO SENPAI IS A WUSS!!! Feel I have to scream that out each time I see his face. The constant teasing happens always is because HE ALLOWS IT TO HAPPEN! Sure, Nagatoro isn’t the kind who would back down if he screams f*ck off once but think about it. Despite Naoto doesn’t like being teased so often, it only happens because HE ALLOWS IT TO HAPPEN! Period. Now, it is obvious that this guy is not only weak, so weak that he is forced to tolerate Nagatoro’s shenanigans. But of course ‘deeper analysis’ quickly shows that he likes her. GASP! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DID NOT EXPECT TO SEE THIS COMING???!!! I mean, why would a weakling like him put up with all those teasing? No, not because he is too weak to tell her off (partly that), but rather because he is in love with her! Oh man, do you not see enough of such shows to guess where this is going?! Heh. Wow. Sounds like I’m a master, huh? Anyway, that is the only reason why he could stand her. Not because he got used to it, but I suppose nobody else, not even Buchou, dared to interact with him this much before and hence it is a weird way for me to say that this helped him break out of his introvert shell. Although he is still largely a wuss and an introvert. I mean, who else largely comes to mind if he needs someone to hang out with? A loner thinking of hanging out with someone? Boy, things do change. And to think it came to a point where it is hinted that nobody else should get teased by Nagatoro except him. SINCE WHEN DID YOU MONOPOLIZE NAGATARO’S TEASING, HUH, CHERRY BOY???!!!

Nagatoro gets away with all the pranks not only because she is the main character who has been bestowed this godly role, but also because she is a girl. Imagine if the genders were reversed. That’s right. You’re going to have unruly dumb people of the politically incorrect screaming their heads off. And of course at this point, you might also guess why Nagatoro is so persistently bullying teasing Naoto. Not only it is super fun but also, you’ve guessed it, she is in love with him! Do you not notice her interactions with other guys? She’s not even f*cking interested! Only when this pussy is in the picture, her world lights up. And of course ‘deeper analysis’ shows that she is being bold and brazen with her pranks is because to hide her feelings for him. It’s not rocket scientist or anything. Can you imagine a very feminine Nagatoro being so shy and polite? Is that the Nagatoro we know? What would her friends say?! And so, this unabashed bashing is only because she loves her senpai. After all, opposites attract, right? Yup, Naoto and Nagatoro fit that trope like a glove. If it only wasn’t so distasteful to watch them so…

I mean, it is so obvious when you see Nagatoro putting up that ‘scary’ I-am-not-amused looks when Naoto is being toyed too far by others that it makes him looks closer to other girls than her. Yeah, I thought at any moment that some sort of alien might pop out from her scary looks! Otherwise, how do you explain this? Since when did Nagatoro had absolute monopoly over Naoto?! Is he officially her plaything?! You can play with him but don’t play too much with him because I won’t like it! Uhm, huh? I don’t know about that but Nagatoro would get pretty defensive when somebody gets too chummy with him. Or if he has seemingly some iyarashi AKA pervy materials. Just another round of ammo to keep teasing him as a creep. Kimoi. That devilish smile. Those puffy tentacle arms. Those teasing words and laughter. Gotta make it known who owns you, boy.

The rest of Nagatoro’s pals, well I think they bring in some variety and of course, more misery to Naoto. I strongly believe they also view him as an interesting person to toy with because he doesn’t fight back. Thus they can also tease him to their heart’s contents. They aren’t particularly in love with him but only do so just to invoke Nagatoro’s wrath. Especially Gamo. She’s like the troublemaker of the pack and sometimes wants to butt heads with Nagatoro just to see her reaction. Hey, do we have a contract or something that Nagatoro is solely owned by Nagatoro? Or is he everyone’s property and plaything? Then there is Yosshi who feels like a retard because her habit is repeating words of others. Lastly Sakura, I have this feeling she is a bit of a slut. Because of her dreamy voice and she is one who have no qualms to date and go out with other guys (although she might not like it later). But the most fun is Naoto, right? Better ask Nagatoro for permission if you seriously want to date him. She isn’t as aggressive as the rest and is the most gentle.

I was wondering when the club president would show up because from the start it looked weird that Naoto is the only member in the art club and he doesn’t look like the president or anything because he could’ve said that (to assert authority over the pranks, maybe?) but he never. So where have all the club members go? No new recruits? And thus they leave it late to introduce Buchou who has an equal scary face. Yikes. I thought she’s a vampire or something! Ah, the real competition that Nagatoro needs to see who gets the sole rights over Naoto, eh? I don’t think Buchou is a bad person. She’s just not as ‘communicative’ like how Nagatoro is. I am not sure if Naoto has feelings for her (though Gamo tries to troll us by calling her his ex or something) but even if it was, it was perhaps just admiration. Had Buchou had more feminine touch, she could’ve touched his heart first but unfortunately, Nagatoro got to him first with her pranks. And you thought absence makes the heart grow fonder. Unfortunately Nagatoro’s pranks filled all that void up. Sucks to be you, Naoto.

Art and animation look pretty simple. They aren’t the most elaborate of animations but you can feel the simplicity in the characters’ design and all. Well, at least good news Naoto doesn’t look like your typical boring main protagonist. Yeah, he really looks like a wuss! I don’t know, it must be me because guys with perm or curly hair looks gay. Just look at Ren from Persona 5! Sure, he is hot, but he looks gay too. GET MAD ALL YOU WANT BECAUSE I JUST PRANKED YOU, HAHA!!! Really, perm hair guys with glasses still look gay… The fanservice in this series might look minimal and only teasing (okay, did anybody jerk off to Buchou’s naked painting?), but fun fact: The author of this series is a hentai artist! Shocking, huh? Now that’s really teasing us to go take a peek at some of his works… This anime is done by Telecom Animation Film who did Tower Of God, Orange, Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation and Muteki Kanban Musume.

For the voice acting, I thought it was Natsuki Hanae voicing the wuss, oops, I mean Naoto. But turns out it was Daiki Yamashita (Midoriya in Boku No Hero Academia). Oh damn, at this point I think I am going to start having confusions between both of them. Just like long ago how I did for Mamiko Noto and Saori Hayami. Only time and watching more animes will tell them apart. Hopefully. The other surprise is Nana Mizuki as Buchou. Hearing less and less of her these days. Is it because she’s already settling down or did I pick the wrong animes she watch. Heck no, why does she not voice the animes that I want to watch???!!! Anyway, the rest of the mini casts are Sumire Uesaka as Nagatoro (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Mikako Komatsu as Gamo (Neko in K), Aina Suzuki as Yosshi (titular character in Jashin-chan Dropkick) and Shiori Izawa as Sakura (Tanpopo in Witch Craft Works). The opening theme is Easy Love sung by Nagatoro herself. It’s a rock outfit that fits that prankish pace of this series. Warning, opening credits animation may cause a bit of seizures with all its flashing lights… Colorful Canvas by Nagatoro and her gals as the ending theme is more of a slow rock.

Overall, this isn’t a bad anime but I still cannot stand the weak pussy guy being bullied AKA tormented AKA abused, but commonly pronounced as teased, by a persistent pestering prank master. I’m not saying that I hate this show but I can’t find myself coming to like it even though by the end of it all, I somewhat got used to it. I mean, generally seeing a guy get teased by a ‘cute’ girl is funny, right? Ahahaha… Yeah… Maybe I’ll go back to hanging with a chick with a pair sugoi dekai for more fun. So if you really like this sort of bully teasing show, what else can I say, you’re going to love it then. Yeah, you pervy masochist creepo, you… No points of reflection for you! Right straight to the slammer!

Mini Dragon

3 September, 2021

Oh yeah. Everybody is just so hyped up for the second season of Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon. Yeah, it’s finally out at this point. But for those who couldn’t wait for it (or else they’ll explode and die or what!), the prior season airs and teases us for that sequel with mini shorts called Mini Dragon. So it’s your typical appetizers before the main course. Have fun. Hope you aren’t too full when the real season arrives.

Episode 1
Kobayashi wakes up but realizes it is already late. She is mad that Tooru didn’t wake her up but you see, this is all part of Tooru’s plan not to so that she could gawk at her cute master sleeping. Forever! Doesn’t that mean Kobayashi must be dead?! Anyway, Tooru’s looking so happy with her fill so she flies Kobayashi to work.

Episode 2
Since Kobayashi is coming home late every night, Tooru and Kanna try to please her by welcoming her home dressed up as Victorian maids. I guess this is okay. Next night, it is Taisho era maids. Pretty comfortable too. Next night, uhm, genie theme? WTF? Next night, forest therapy with plants everywhere! Please return everything back to normal…

Episode 3
Our characters are lazing at home on a bright sunny day. Since Kanna wants to bask outside, Kobayashi is okay as long as she can sleep. And so they’re basking in the hot desert. Too hot! How about the waterfalls? Too wet and noisy! How about… Outer space! Such quietness! How the heck are they going to breathe? Thus the best place to sleep is back home. Yeah, no place like home sweet home.

Episode 4
Kanna’s class is doing several types of art. It seems all forms of art that Riko creates, all of them has Kanna in it. Yeah, she’s proud and bragging her fine art. But when a self-portrait that looks seemingly normal, take a closer look into the eyes and you can see Kanna’s image as the reflection! Impressive or scary?

Episode 5
A blackout hits the area. Takiya and Fafnir have to shut down their PC in the meantime. So what will they do to pass the time? Apparently they’re eating sweets in the dark and trying to guess its flavour. Yeah, they’re turning this into a competition. Hey, at least better than being glued to the monitor 24/7, right?!

Episode 6
Fafnir meets offline the rest of the guild members. Turns out that despite their awesome nicknames and super fearsome avatars, they’re a bunch of normal looking weirdoes! Everyone chats normally and is happy about it except for Fafnir. So when Fafnir returns home, he complains to Takiya that humans cannot be trusted! He is reminded that he too is pretending to be someone else too.

Episode 7
Kanna eats breakfast but she gets distracted with the TV. Each time, Kobayashi pokes her cheek to get her going. However this happens several times and by that time, others have finished. Tooru lectures her to finish her food and stop watching the TV. She wants Kobayashi to say something too but she notes if she does, she doesn’t get to poke her cheeks.

Episode 8
Elma’s stomach growls exactly at noon. So much so this has become the usual alarm to signal lunch time for others. Elma laments she doesn’t have money for lunch (as she always eats too much) so Kobayashi gives her a senbei. Not much but okay. Exactly 3 hours later, her stomach growls again. This time, Takiya gives her some food. Lucky. By 8pm, another growl. More co-workers share their food with her. Elma is so loved.

Episode 9
After Kobayashi does Kanna’s hair, it’s her turn to return the favour. What kind of hairstyle would you like? Since the usual won’t cut it, she leaves it up to the dragon loli. But all hairstyles are too cute for Kobayashi and eventually Kanna does Tooru’s hairstyle on her. Kobayashi doesn’t like this one but Kanna insists she keeps it. Personally, no matter how cute or feminine the hairstyle, Kobayashi still looks so tomboyish!

Episode 10
Tooru is going to teach her dragon pals on how to behave in human society. She gives them a few case scenarios and asks them what to do in such situations. All of them got it wrong except for Kanna. I guess only the loli is ready to integrate, huh? So she mocks them all for being terrible but what about herself? She thinks she is perfect! Kobayashi begs to differ. What’s that about the pot and kettle again?

Episode 11
While heading to visit Kanna, Lucoa asks Riko about her opinion of elementary boys. Riko didn’t waste time in reprimanding how dumb they are. She cites a recent example how they got into a fight over the extra banana. Riko is proud to just ‘solve’ the issue by eating that extra banana! Since Riko equates boys as monkeys over this banana issue, Lucoa now thinks of boys as bananas. I hope she’s not thinking about dicks!

Episode 12
Tooru makes bento for Kobayashi. However it contains fake dragon tail meat made out of tofu! I think it’s too scary to eat so she tells her to change it. Next bento, a happy face of Toru! Too intense! Next bento, a few boxes of bento? How the f*ck she fit all that in? Anyway, too much! Finally… A normal bento. Wow. This is just right. And delicious too! Customer satisfaction finally done right.

Episode 13
With Kanna staying at Riko’s place, Tooru is glad to be alone with Kobayashi. She suggests going on a date but looks like they don’t know what to do. Kobayashi prefers her making cakes and tea and Tooru thinks that is some trick because that doesn’t sound like a date. But Kobayashi argues that a stay home date is also good since it can be more intimate. With that, Tooru agrees and will go make some tea and cakes.

The Dragon Awakens… (Don’t Worry, It’s Just A Maid Dragon, Really)
So I guess that’s enough to hype us up for the main course? Well, good for you if you are now ready to in more dragon maid shenanigans. The short bits of each episode are just nice so that you don’t get too much of it. Don’t want to spoil you too much when the real season comes, right? That’s why they are just 2 minutes long and heck, if you take away the opening animation as well as the ending, it is only a minute worth of footage! And they are so random and quick that if you are too slow, you might not get the joke once the episode ends and have to watch again.

One thing that feels weird for me is the opening sequence of this season. We see a very short but fully CGI animated animation of Tooru. Guess what? She looks weird… If not, creepy. Sometimes it makes this whole short segment feel a bit unreal, like a dream. Like the first one we have Tooru waking us up from bed, then Tooru dancing in front of a TV, followed by playing a card game with her. It’s just to showcase the title of the series but I hope it doesn’t give me nightmares seeing Tooru in this ‘spooky’ CGI form. The ending credits animation is for nostalgia since it is some pixelated video game. Fancy riding a dragon and shooting stuffs down for a high score? Yeah…

These shorts could have been extra specials on the DVD but I am guessing they’ll animate extra ones when the second season is done. By then, those will be the desserts. Like I’ve said, showing these shorts before the next season just to hype us up isn’t something new. It has been done before in other animes as well like Show By Rock. Sometimes you need a ‘soft landing’ approach rather than just suddenly show us the next season because some people like yours truly don’t go scouting the internet every day to find sequel announcements or new shows to watch. Okay, maybe sometimes. But only for retro shows. So now that we have remembered and warmed up to all the characters from the previous season (yeah, did we miss out Georgie and Shouta?), it is really time to sink our teeth into the real deal. Hopefully, it won’t be biting off more than we can chew.

Damn, it must be a very busy year for a ‘reincarnated’ Aoi Yuuki as well as for slimes. I mean, other than a certain reincarnated slime getting its second season, not only was Aoi Yuuki busy being reincarnated in an isekai genre as a spider of another anime, now we have her again being reincarnated in an isekai genre as a slime master! Oh boy. Looks like the isekai trope is still going strong. And hence when you add Aoi Yuuki and slimes together, you get Slime Taoshite 300-nen Shiranai Uchi Ni Level Max Ni Nattemashita! Phew. That was a mouthful to say but I guess it is still better than that Last Dungeon (damn, forgot that long ass title already, too freaking long to remember). And just like the title suggests, Aoi Yuuki has been reincarnated and killing slimes for 300 straight years and now she’s maxed out all her stats in every possible and becomes an overpowered isekai character! Go, Aoi Yuuki! Go, slime master! We’re making slimes and isekai tropes great again! HAHAHA!!! Sighs…

Episode 1
Long story short, Azusa Aizawa works as a corporate slave till she dies at the young age of 27! God feels bad for this and decides to reincarnate her as per her wishes. Hence she is reincarnated into an immortal witch who will live a slow and lazy life in the highlands. In the village of Flatta, she kills lowly slimes and then joins a guild to have a stable income. Her stats are level 1 despite being an immortal. Okay. Cool. Doing the same things every day, in a blink of an eye, 300 years passed. Now she has been nicknamed Witch of the Highlands and the villagers love and respect her as her medicine helped saved them from plagues, etc. When she takes her stats reading again, it seems she is now at level 99 and her experience points over 10 million!!! WOAH! Well, if she kills an average of 25 slimes every day for 300 years… You do the math! She hopes Natalie the guild receptionist can keep this a secret since she wants to live a peaceful life. However, adventurers soon show up on her doorstep to challenge her. She accepts so as to dispel the rumour she is the strongest. However just a slight little magic blows them away! Ernst the adventurer is the one who eavesdropped and spread the word that she’s the strongest. So now a red dragon named Laika is here to challenge her! Once again, Azusa accepts just to get this over with. Although Azusa freezes her mouth, this causes Laika to panic and crashes into her house. Mad Azusa forces her to rebuild it or else! Laika admits defeat and will return with the money. For the time being, she stays in the village as the villagers celebrate with her. Next day, a cute young girl is here to see her. Turns out to be Laika in human form! Other than compensating with her treasure, Laika also wants to be her disciple. She laments she has grown arrogant, hence her defeat to Azusa. Azusa accepts as she believes it’ll be good to have a helper around the house. So in addition to repairing her house, she has Laika expand it. Laika works hard and would’ve worked through the night too until Azusa puts her foot down and says no. I guess after 300 years, overworking is still a traumatic incident. Azusa adds that when night falls, it is this world of telling that you’ve done enough for the day. Besides, she didn’t grow strong by working hard but putting in moderate amount of effort every day. So if you’re tired and can’t keep going, just stop. So that’s permission to slack off, right? Once the house is fully completed, they head to town to celebrate.

Episode 2
Azusa shows Laika how it’s done to kill slimes. Easy. Later, Laika realizes the magic in Flatta is very weak so if an evil mage decides to attack, a spell is enough to destroy the place. Hence Azusa puts up a magic barrier and it immediately catches a thief?! The villagers praise her but she refuses to take all that credit and shares with Laika who is also of course being too humble as she credits her master for doing all the work. They continue their easy life and why do I have a feeling Azusa jinks it by saying she hopes to live like this forever? Because a loli comes knocking on her door claiming Azusa to be her mama! Azusa denies but Falfa insists she gave birth to her! Oh, so what’s this that her sister, Shalsha is out to kill her?! Because Azusa killed her many times?! This is getting confusing! Apparently Shalsha has been learning some evil magic specifically targeting at Azusa. You can’t miss her. Here she is with that evil aura. So it is revealed that the sisters are spirits of the slimes Azusa killed. Born 50 years ago, Shalsha has been training for this day of revenge. Wow. Shalsha’s magic nullifies Azusa’s? Not wanting to get the rest involved, Azusa flees. But then Shalsha cuts off her magic! Laika in her dragon form comes to defend her master. A simple punch knocks out Shalsha?! Oh well, she’s only been training in magic and hence weak in all other departments. When she wakes up, looks like all her magic’s gone. Got to wait decades for them to recover. In despair, Azusa tries reverse psychology. Had she been successful in her revenge, her life would be meaningless. Hence Azusa being alive means she still has a goal. But Shalsha is in a dilemma since Azusa helped bandaged her wounds. Falfa claims they can both live happily together since there must be a reason why they were born. It’s be more fun that way. And so Azusa’s family has increased but don’t worry, Laika built a bigger house with lots of rooms so they can accommodate more. Yeah, thinking of adding elves and even demons to the family? You don’t say… Oh, I take it that Azusa prefers this noisy life than her peaceful but lonely one.

Episode 3
Oh look, a busty elf just showed up at Azusa’s doorstep. Apparently Halkara needs her help to save her from a demon, Beelzebub. Oh sh*t. Don’t want any trouble. Go away! I guess with Halkara bugging her, I suppose she is forced to let her in and listen to the rest of her story. Halkara is good in making medicine. So she made one that is a strong energy drink. Beelzebub drank it and nearly died. Almost went to hell. What. The. F*ck?! So she’s seeking revenge on her and hunting her down. Azusa agrees to shelter her but doesn’t want to go through the trouble of fighting a demon. Halkara is made her disciple. We see he teach Azusa some finer points of mushroom gathering in the woods. Too bad she ate the wrong poisonous mushroom herself and is feeling horny. Too bad for us folks, Azusa won’t allow any yuri fanservice and blasts the lewd elf. We also see Azusa teaching her how to kill slimes (boobs jiggling all the way) and the men in town keep starring at her (ahem!). Oh, there’s a wanted poster put up by Beelzebub? It pays very well. It doesn’t describe much about Halkara except for her humungous boobs. So looks like she has made her move. Realizing the battle is inevitable, Azusa has Laika take her daughters away and then put a barrier around the house. When they return, looks like all the food and energy drinks are empty. It’s not Azusa. Azusa confirms from Halkara about Beelzebub being the lord of the flies. Look at that suspicious fly buzzing around. Yup, that’s her! Apparently Beelzebub has been here since Halkara sought refuge. She was just trying to make sure she is the elf she is looking for. Now she wants her back, Azusa says she’ll need to deal with her first. Okay, let’s fight outside. As Beelzebub brags about her prowess, she accidentally gets zapped by the barrier! WTF you were saying about fighting fair and square?! Oh, Beelzebub feels sick and passes out. Azusa takes her in and heals her. Once she is well, she explains that she drank the energy drinks because she was working overtime. She fell sick because of all the stress. But it is the energy drinks that kept her going. In fact, so popular that all the demons love it! That’s why she is looking for her to ask her to make more! So I see Halkara assumed the rest, eh? Let’s have a long talk, elf babe… Subsequently, Halkara decides to not only live here but move her factory here to avoid paying high taxes. Okay. We have lots of spare rooms, right? I guess this means Beelzebub wants to stay too because it’s fun here. Just when Azusa thinks her happy family is expanding well, suddenly the next day Laika drops news she is leaving for home. Family’s falling apart!

Episode 4
Actually, Laika is returning to attend her big sister’s wedding. Wanna come? Of course! Upon arriving, Laika introduces them to her friends and family and of course her sister, Leila. However the wedding is soon interrupted when the blue dragons attack. Yeah, different dragon tribes have this penchant for fighting each other. Led by Flatorte, the blue dragons wreak havoc. Flatorte jealous because someone’s getting married while she is still single? Oh well, any reason’s a good reason to fight. Normally, Azusa would stay out of this internal affairs. However when they threatened to rough them up for being friends of the red dragons, Azusa takes this personally to protect her family. Oh damn, see her beat up those blue dragons! Screw Goku! Screw One Punch Man! Azusa’s your b*tch!!! Eventually she defeats Flatorte and sends her gang running away. But it isn’t over yet. Flatorte’s other group is harassing the volcano nearby and there lies a famous hotspring spot. They go check it out and everything looks quite peaceful. Turns out Beelzebub reigned in the dragons for harassing. Yeah, she’s here to enjoy the hotspring and they sure have the guts to ruin her holiday. Once done, they ‘negotiate’ with Flatorte to pay all the damages as well as a nonaggression treaty between the dragon tribes. With Beelzebub enforcing the contract, you know what it means if you break it, right? The party continues with an all-you-can-eat buffet and the dragons this time in their human form. Flatorte reluctantly giving her blessing and peace offering to Leila. Laika feels lonely because now that Leila is married, there is no one to be her lap pillow like her sister did in those days. Oh well, time for Azusa to play that part once in a while. With Halkara drunk as hell, I guess the gang has to retreat to the hotspring to rejuvenate and stay for the night. Azusa pointing out the family roles for each of the girls. Except for Halkara. Is trouble making junior a family role?

Episode 5
Halkara seems to be acting strange. From the way she says things, could it be her turn to leave home?! Hence they throw a farewell party for her and start crying. And of course as we all know, the twist is that she isn’t looking for a new home but a place for her factory. Phew. But soon we see her coming back late at night and very spooked. Because a ghost is haunting her factory! As people are too scared to work, at this rate she’ll have to operate the factory herself. Wait a minute. Her factory operates at night when the ghost appears? I guess it’s time to beg Azusa mama to help. Of course she also summons Beelzebub as help. So they visit the factory. Azusa and Halkara being scared at everything and making them look so annoying. Why don’t they just on the lights?! Jump scare when?! Eventually Beelzebub manages to catch the ghost girl and make her visible. She is Rosalie and has a bad attitude. Apparently she committed suicide in this room and is bound to this place. So she’s protecting it because it’s her turf? Her back story was that her parents lied to her about wanting to marry her off to a noble but sold her for a chump change. Beelzebub can exorcise her but looks like she still wants to stay in this world. Azusa offers her to live at her place but how to leave? Beelzebub suggests possessing the weakest person as a vessel. Why is everyone looking at Halkara? And so the spooked elf gets possessed. And just like that she is able to leave the place. After introducing herself to the rest of the family, it seems Rosalie is stuck! She can’t come out! As this would strain Halkara’s body, at this rate she will die! Oh no. Better do something. And no, not Rosalie killing herself!!! It’s not Rosalie who will die! So they try lots of method to make the ghost leave the body. Yeah, all seems to be close to killing her… The closest was a priest’s exorcist but they can’t have her go to the afterlife yet. In the end, it is suggested to put the body to sleep. Easy. Just a glass of alcohol to knock her out. Halkara regains her consciousness. To throw out the ghost, Beelzebub throws her into the cold water. That did the trick. Halkara is now able to operate her factory and just needs to wait for the rumours to die down. But after seeing Rosalie’s telekinesis power, Azusa has an idea. Rosalie introduces herself as a ghost to the townspeople and helps out with their chores. Now they love her. Rosalie so grateful to Azusa she found happiness after death that she is glad she died! That sounds so messed up…

Episode 6
To recognize Azusa’s efforts in making peace between the dragon tribes, Beelzebub announces she will be awarded with a medal of honour. That will take place in the demon realm. Everyone gets scared about demons but Beelzebub assures that demons now are nice people. Just be on your good manners. Oh dear, everyone looking at Halkara. Sure they can’t just leave her home? But first, because Rosalie can’t change her dress, they consult a ghost expert. Long story short, the clothes she is wearing now is part of her. But Azusa of course has a way. She has this creation skill. First she makes Rosalie imprint this dress in her mind day and night. When it’s time, Azusa casts the spell and voila! She’s now wearing a new dress. Beelzebub arrives on a giant flying whale to pick Azusa and co to the demon realm. She shows them around this mini resort on the whale while chastising Vania the leviathan who is slacking on the job. This place has a nice hotspring bath. But don’t soak too long or you’ll melt! The girls have a great time with their hospitality and food. Next morning, everyone worries that Halkara is not around. Rosalie said she was going to take a bath at midnight. Holy sh*t! Did she melt?! Turns out she was sleeping underneath the bed. Phew. Morning scare! We now arrive at the royal capital of the demon realm, Vanzeld. It’s like Halloween 24/7 with demons going about with their daily lives. The girls are worried because Azusa insists in taking them to meet the Demon King as part of the protocol before the ceremony. Yeah, everyone pray that Halkara doesn’t do or say something offensive or stupid! Though, Beelzebub claims the current Demon King is not that petty so just act like yourself. In the throne room, before them is a demon loli. Halkara talking to her and because she is worried she’ll be late, accidentally rants her mouth about wanting to trick the Demon Lord or something. Turns out this loli is the Demon Lord! Nice to meet you, Provat Pecora Allieres! Instant prostration from Halkara. Everyone is worried for her but it seems she is piling up her sins. Pecora still jolly and forgiving, though. So as she tells Halkara to raise her head, elf girl swiftly does so and knocks Pecora out! OMFG!!! You dead this time!!! The worst has come true. Halkara imprisoned and will be executed!!!

Episode 7
Oh my. Halkara will be impaled and burnt alive?! And her whole elf village will be destroyed?! Extreme! Only Pecora can undo such orders but she is out cold now. Hence, Azusa makes a bitter potion that will wake her up. Beelzebub has sent Vania to assist Azusa by masquerading as a doctor. However other demons feel something fishy. With Vania panicking, the gig is up. No more pretending. Azusa kicks all their asses! As she is about to pour the potion into Pecora’s mouth, she wakes up as she senses danger. Furthermore, Pecora thinks she is trying to poison her! The only way to settle this is via duel. Azusa seems to be just avoiding and defending. Until Pecora threatens that Halkara’s life is at stake. Nobody messes with her family. She takes Pecora down in full force. It’s my win so rescind Halkara’s death order. By now, Pecora is infatuated with Azusa and wants her to be her onee-sama. She’s tired of everyone serving her so now she finds it liberating and refreshing there is someone stronger than her. But Azusa has to do so in a sadistic way and hence Pecora rescinds all executions and orders all demons to treat Azusa’s family well. Later as a reluctant Azusa spends time with happy Pecora, the latter wants a kiss as read from those yuri books. Azusa reluctantly does so because this brat won’t stop whining. Only, everyone else walks in and sees this! Annoyed Pecora is now in foul mood. Execution! When the slime daughters thought mama has never kissed them, Azusa does so on their cheeks and they return the favour. The rest Azusa hugs them. Next day at the award ceremony, Pecora shocks Azusa and Laika by calling Flatorte to the stage too to receive their peace awards. But there’s more, she wants Azusa to stroke Flatorte’s horns. This custom for blue dragons means total submission. A humiliated Flatorte lets Azusa does so. For the sake of peace! On the way home, why is Flatorte following them? Since Azusa is her new master, she must now live with her and protect her. If she is ordered to go home, she will kill herself! Yeah, it’s the custom. Later Azusa talks with her about the blue dragons’ custom that is their pride. Azusa orders her to live freely and throw away all submissive thoughts. It might be contradictory but an order is an order. In that case, Flatorte has a request: To lie on Azusa’s lap and pet her horns. Flatorte descending into child mode and probably enjoying this until Laika throws her off and they start arguing. This place isn’t big enough for 2 dragons! Oh well. Feels like home now. Welcome aboard, Flatorte.

Episode 8
Azusa’s peaceful morning is broken by the dragons fighting. Over which cookies of theirs are better! Oh Azusa, will you help settle this feud? Okay then. You’re both winners! That’s not going to cut it, right? Soon, Natalie comes by with a request since the longhammer boars are bothering the people. Since they’re just animals and not monsters, killing them would give you not magic but meat. Instantly the dragons decide to go on this hunt. Since Flatorte finds he clothes through the jungle to be cumbersome, she strips naked! Freedom! Only, a few girls at the river saw her. She puts back her undies but continues to streak in this way. This time, she gets chased by boars as they throw her clothes in the river. Now that it’s come to this, she strips naked to fight them! Okay girls, it’s your cue to intervene. All the boars are killed and they cook its delicious meat. Meat festival. Later the dragons admit they had a contest among each other to see who could sleep with Azusa. Oh well, Azusa lets both of them sleep with her. Later that night she realizes they’re gone but catches them red handed eating the boar meat. Azusa heard that there is a Witch of the Highlands going around helping people. Definitely a fake and you bet her family finds this unforgivable. First, to find info. Azusa and Laika step into a sadistic bar. Yeah, they have to verbally abuse your customers if they want some info. Don’t worry, Azusa is a natural. Those masochistic pigs love it. Laika is even more natural and tells them off for bothering Azusa. MORE! Eventually this leads them to the phoney who turns out to be an old lady. Azusa calls her a fake so she runs. When caught, she turns into her true form: A young with named Eno. Seems Eno is making some pills and wants to be famous for it but doesn’t think a witch is supposed to advertise herself. Laika finds this contradictory but Azusa understands all about human vanity. In other words, Eno wants to be admired, stand out more and be treated like an honorary citizen! To help her, they have her sell at the market. Uhm, magical girl cosplay? Well, it’s her way to overcome her public speaking fear. Meanwhile the dragons are at each other’s throat trying to sell and outdo each other’s cookies. And Rosalie is an even better insulter for those masochistic pigs. Eno’s stall becomes successful and a few days later, Azusa receives a thank you mail from her that she was so successful that it has become an international phenomenon and she can’t produce enough to keep up. She is figuring how to overcome that and Azusa is glad she managed to draw out her latent talent.

Episode 9
Oh no! Falfa turned into a slime and can’t turn back! Summoning Beelzebub to help, looks like they’re going back to Vanzeld to find Intelligent Slime to help them out. Since they are lost in the castle, good thing Pecora is here. If Azusa gives her a kiss, she’ll tell her where. Sighs… Okay, here’s your little kiss. Happy loli points to where Intelligent Slime is. Yeah, I’m sure nobody could’ve found this place. Long story short, Intelligent Slime says to find Magician Slime who lives in some tallest mountain. Upon arriving, Magician Slime is in human form and learns about their problem. Planting her face into Falfa, she can tell the problem was her sleeping posture. So some muscles are damaged and it made it hard for her to maintain her human form, huh? While magic to turn her back will only last for a while, it still doesn’t solve the root of the problem. So to correct her posture, seek out Fighter Slime in the south town where a tournament is held. Azusa and Beelzebub enter that tournament and you bet those macho muscle guys are all just for show because Azusa just One Punch Man them flying into the sky! The semi-finals pits Beelzebub and Fighter Slime. Beelzebub easily defeats her! Azusa is shocked now they can’t get to talk with her but Beelzebub has made some arrangements. Azusa isn’t interested in the finals anymore but Beelzebub tells her not to insult the sanctity of the tournament and they still have a score to settle. So how to get Azusa revved up before to finals? Falfa has turned back into human form! Thanks to Beelzebub talking to Fighter Slime to help out. Now that Azusa can focus on the tournament, the audience will finally get their money’s worth and see an epic battle than easy One Punch Man style wins. In the end, Azusa wins no matter how much Beelzebub has trained for this and fought her best. But Azusa’s win might mean her peaceful life will slowly fade away because now everybody knows her. Later, Azusa thanks Fighter Slime for her help. But Fighter Slime wants to become her disciple and learn her moves. Azusa declines so Fighter Slime wants to fight to see if she is worthy. But before the fight could start, she sees all the slime aura Azusa has killed. So afraid she passes out! When she wakes up, now she wants to become Beelzebub to be her teacher. Of course she refuses. But Azusa thinks if her slime daughters have this problem again, they will know where to find Fighter Slime. And so Beelzebub reluctantly takes her in as her disciple. All’s well, ends well.

Episode 10
A famous minstrel, Schifanoia is going to play here. Turns out to be some death punk rock music! Yeah, should’ve been obvious from the death metal poster!!! So the crowd leaves as they’re unable to take this noise except Azusa and Flatorte since the latter is a minstrel addict. Schifanoia collapses after her performance. With all that shouting, I’m not surprised. After healing her, they realize her stomach growling and bring her back for food. Removing all that makeup, Kuku (Schifanoia’s real name) is just a meek bunny girl. She explains her dilemma. She wanted to become famous as a minstrel but it seems to be hard to make a living. She thinks of giving up music and starting her other life which sounds like a very shady job that utilizes the body. Yikes! And so kind Azusa lets her stay till she sorts things out. With the rest helping, Kuku once again sings her Schifanoia-style music. Yeah, it’s not working. All that noise and screaming… Flatorte has an idea so she borrows her lute (you mean it’s not a guitar?!) and sings a song in a different genre. OMG. Sounds great! Didn’t’ know Flatorte was this musically talented! Hence we see others singing their own versions like Laika’s enka, Halkara’s commercial-like, the slime sisters’ children song and Rosalie’s WTF gloomy and depressing piece. But this has Kuku motivated as she will try to incorporate it all into her new song. When she is done and test performs before them, Beelzebub likes it so much that she wants her to play at a music festival in Vanzeld. Before a strong 20 grand crowd! Oh my. Can Kuku handle the pressure? Before the performance, Kuku is getting cold feet so Flatorte dispenses some advice. She’s done all she could. Now all that’s left is for the audience to hear. And so, Kuku goes out there to sing her new song. Sorry, my bad, I thought it was Oasis’ Wonderwall… After the performance, everyone celebrates Kuku’s success. So great that Beelzebub hands her lots of offers from organizers requesting her performance. Then WTF Flatorte borrows her lute (again, it’s not really a guitar?!) and starts screaming like Schifanoia. So this is her way to say never to give up on her dreams and to sing however she wants? Okay. Kuku’s going to do her best from now on.

Episode 11
Courtesy from Halkara, we’re having a mushroom party! But there is one that Azusa starts to feel woozy when she east. I THOUGHT YOU SAID THEY WERE ALL NOT POISONOUS?! Except this one… Oops! The effect is… Azusa turning into a kid! So cute! Halkara leaves to find a cure. Everyone else is loving it as they treat Azusa as a kid. Soon Halkara returns. She found nothing. Okay Halkara, enough damage done, you can leave. That’s all you’ll be appearing for this episode. Hence Azusa summons Beelzebub. Kawaii mini Azusa! Okay then, time to head back to Vanzeld. Before Azusa can hide her identity from Pecora, she already knows. More cute kiddie smothering. If Azusa wants to return to normal, she has to climb 108 floors of the World Tree and see a pharmacist that deals with every medicine ever known. Pecora as Vania and her sister, Fatla accompany Azusa to the World Tree. Now, from Pecora’s description, you might think it is a very dangerous labyrinth filled with dangerous animals. But WTF?! It’s like a tourist trap! Stalls selling stuffs and tourists having fun! Heck, you need to pay to use the elevator to the next floor?! Yeah, this is definitely a rip-off. And all those dangerous animals are so accustomed to tourist, they’re tamed and even begging for food! But after reaching a certain floor, this is where real tough sh*t starts. But it’s no sweat for Azusa and the leviathan sisters as they kung fu their way to the top. At the top, the pharmacist recommends these pills. But what do you know? They’re created by Eno! What’s this? She took a wyvern to fly up all the way here! Yeah, you’ve been played, Azusa. But Pecora plays innocent. Can we trust that devilish smile? Pecora has a request and wants her to take the pills now in front of everybody. That’s because as Azusa reverts, her bigger body means her kiddie clothes will rip! Scandalous! Azusa has the last laugh as she wants everyone to take a bath now. That’s including you, Pecora. Demon girl being so shy-shy until she has a request that gives her the last laugh: She wants to touch Azusa’s boobs! Azusa won’t allow that in fear it might awaken something dreadful. For the sake of world peace, she must remain pure!

Episode 12
After Azusa and co see Flatta preparing for its dance festival and the slime daughters serving them at a bar, this has Azusa come up with a great idea. They’re going to do their own coffee house! So she has everyone take their measurements and dress up in the waitress outfit. Now, what to add to the menu. You bet the rest has strange menu that isn’t fit for any humans. Okay then, leave the menu to Azusa. After all the preparations, everyone tugs in for the night. Next morning as Azusa gets up early, oh damn, a really long queue outside! I bet it stretches to the next kingdom. Damn, this people got no life?! Heh. Anyway, Azusa and co open their coffee house an hour earlier. We see them serve and awe the customers with their service and tricks. And then here comes Beelzebub. My, she’s not happy. In short, she wasn’t invited to this fun and wanted to be invited. After all that complaining, she dons the outfit and starts serving. Yeah, she’s raring to go. And when customers keep on streaming in and doesn’t even stop (damn, I think the entire world must be coming here!), now who is here to help? That’s right. Your little sister, Pecora! This means the leviathan sisters appointed themselves as head chef and floor managers to help smoothen the flow. More so, Eno giving out free supplement samples and Kuku singing for those waiting in line. The last crowd leaves at closing time. Phew. What a day. Azusa thanks everyone for their hard work. Also cue for her to reflect her new life. How it is now filled with fun and exciting days, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, and it all started because she started killing slimes 300 years ago and maxed out her stats. She would love to live a peaceful life from now on. Peaceful? Don’t count on it! No turning back to those boring days! Then everyone talks about the dance festival as Azusa looks forward to another fun day.

F.A.M.I.L.Y. M.O.M.: For Azusa Mommy I Love You, Mother Of Monsters: Mom-ster!
When you are the most powerful and badass witch in this fantasy world, who else dares to take you head on to rule the world? Yup, nobody. That is why Azusa and her family can continue to have fun filled days like nobody’s business because come on, what else is there to do? I just hope one day Azusa won’t get bored of it all and decides to become the Demon Lord and take over the world! World domination! HAHAHA!!! Only in her dreams, maybe. Yeah, we all know this isn’t that kind of anime to begin with. So the next up plan for the family outing: Going camping in the woods or a vacation at the beach! Oh yeah! We’re just getting started and warmed up here…

So I guess the plot isn’t very complicated and in fact, I don’t think there is any to begin with. The first half feels like introduction and Azusa accumulating her own little monster family of her own. Which of course feels very random. And then the second half sees more randomness from trying to get to the bottom of a perpetrator impersonating or using Azusa’s name to finding a cure for her slime daughter and to finding a cure for herself after being turned into a child. They’re all fun, wacky and zany, all in the name of, uhm, comedy? Oh well, what else is there going for Azusa and her happy little family? These little (mis)adventures might sometimes give Azusa a heart attack because she doesn’t need to go through all those troublesome stuffs but I guess a little spice is needed when you live for 300 years. But at the end of the day, these (mis)adventures aren’t anything of a big deal. It’ll get solved in the end and everyone goes back to their normal happy family lives again. Until the next big (mis)adventure.

I think there are some that draw some comparisons between this series and another slime themed series that ran in the same season: Tensura Nikki. Both are isekai genres and have slime as their main theme. Even so, both have this general plot of seeing the reincarnated main character who is also very overpowered living out the peaceful days with the rest of his/her members who are all non-human who worship and adore him/her like a God. Hmm… Doesn’t it all sound too close? Oh well, the coincidence is too striking but thankfully I didn’t get mixed up between both these series.

The characters, they’re cute and lovable in their own way unless you hate this kind of genre but then again if so, why are you watching this? Anyway, they’re not as bad nor do they suck thanks to the comedic nature of the series. So I find most of them funny. Like Azusa, at first she reeks isekai main character ingredients like how she was killed and then reincarnated to a fantasy world with her memories intact but instead of being overpowered the moments she arrives, it took her 300 years to max out her stats. So yeah, she’s overpowered in the end. It sounds all too familiar a component in making such isekai shows these days. But that’s when those similarities ends and the series taking on its own form to differentiate from other isekai shows. Just like how the opening of every chess game is always and almost similar to the point it is boring and predictable. Right? So for Azusa, her 300 years of peaceful living is ‘shattered’ when she starts accumulating her own family and with everyone having different needs, things are about to get hectic. But of course, Azusa being the all-powerful Witch of the Highlands, there is (almost) nothing that she cannot do. But I seem to notice that a big chunk of her role is to play the straight(wo)man and retort all the other shenanigans other characters bring to the table. After all, Azusa is responsible for the family members she brings in. So don’t you ever threaten them because she’ll whoop your ass so fast you don’t know what hit you in the buttocks.

Too many cooks spoil the broth. I guess that idiom is very true because I was wondering if there was a chance Azusa would keep increasing her family. I mean, that was why they built a big home with so many rooms, right? Hindsight, people. Too bad you can expect the family numbers to stop growing if you make an intelligent guess from watching the ending credits animation. Yup, that is all that Azusa will be having for now. Because from slimes to an elf to dragons to demons and even a ghost, damn, I thought Azusa would even get a vampire to be part of the family! And why didn’t we have a bunny girl or cat girl or any sort of beastfolk to be part of the family?! It would’ve been one helluva epic family that would rival the Munsters or Addams Family. But alas as I have already pointed out, too many cooks spoil the broth. Even in some episodes I feel that when Azusa goes on a journey, not all of them follow as some will stay back home. I suppose this is to downsize and cut down unnecessary waste of time and energy. You know, excess baggage? Hence home is the only place where all of them are almost guaranteed to be around. Except maybe for Beelzebub. Still got to be back at Vanzeld.

I believe Halkara’s character is written purposely as a dumb blonde. In many cases, she often gets into trouble because of her own stupidity or clumsiness. They try to distract us with those boobs but she is the epitome of what constitutes a dumb blonde at least for this series. She means well but I guess there is no one else suitable to play the joker and comic relief than her. I mean take a look at the slime sisters. They’re playing poker face most of the time and seeing their role as Azusa’s daughters, don’t want these innocent slime children to be the fall guys or rather fall girls, right? Then we already have the eternally bickering rivalry between Laika and Flatorte. Laika is more responsible and although Flatorte is an idiot, she isn’t as dumb as that elf girl. Beelzebub is cool and calm but she too has her own pitfalls. But seeing she is a high ranking demon, she is definitely not on the same level of dumb blondeness as Halkara. Of course there is this running joke that whenever Azusa needs to emergency summon her, she’ll end up wet in her bathroom. But recently Beelzebub has gotten used to all that and comes prepared to enjoy the bath. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em? Say, what ever happened to Fighter Slime? I thought she became Beelzebub’s student or something? Yeah, we saw her bugging Beelzebub in the final episode at the coffee shop but that didn’t really do anything much. Lastly, the latest edition to Azusa’s family, Rosalie. I don’t know it was that easy to bend the rules for a bound ghost to now be free. But if you need some delinquent girl character, she is that character. Not much of an impact in the overall series if you ask me but I guess she makes Azusa’s family a whole. So considering everyone here, who else is more fitting to play the part of the joker? Yup, looking at you Halkara? Don’t cry, because we actually love you for it! So continue on being you!

The many other characters that only appear once or twice for that certain episode, I have a feeling that one day in the future when they all meet up again, they might become part of Azusa’s family. I might be wrong, but I just can’t help with this feeling. From Eno to Kuku and those other slime profession girls, one day they’ll all just become part of Azusa’s clan. Aside humans, these non-human creatures live very long lives so they can be by Azusa’s side for centuries to come. Who knows, even Pecora might really make Azusa her big sister and then Azusa will become the leader of the demon world! Woah! Suddenly she gains the entire demonic clan as her fellow members! And then she’ll rule the whole world and everybody is now her family! Oh wow. Getting too far ahead of myself, am I? But just imagine, the entire world is your family. How cool is that?!

The art and animation are okay. Everything here looks bright and colourful. Like as though this show is intended for younger audiences. Visually, that is. Also, all the characters here look super cute so can I actually call this cute girls doing cute things genre? This anime is done by Revoroot, a relatively new and obscure anime studio who so far only did Babylon and FLCL Alternative (joint wit Nut and Production I.G).

It is splendid to hear Aoi Yuuki voicing in a recognizable role. This might be old nagging news because for quite a while I haven’t been hearing her cute trademark voice ever since she has been voicing young male characters that need her to sound a bit low and rough (still blaming Aho Girl for that!). So as Azusa, she is back in familiar territory that I am very delighted with. Making my day and double delight is Yukari Tamura who voices Pecora. Again, she is back in her totally squeaky high pitch trademark cutie voice. I don’t know what the last show was that I have seen her having her voice the entirety of a character that uses this trademark voice of hers. It is the kind of voice that I always envisioned her in and loved her as. I wish I could hear more of this style of voice in future shows. Damn, I’m getting old, am I? And the other one I recognized is the goddess who reincarnated Azusa into this world, is voiced by good ol’ Kikuko Inoue.

The other casts are Sayaka Harada as Halkara (Porta in Okaa-san Online), Kaede Hondo as Laika (Natsuki in Val x Love), Sayaka Senbongi as Falfa (Shuna in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken), Minami Tanaka as Shalsha (Mary in Kakegurui), Manami Numakura as Beelzebub (Narberal in Overlord), Azumi Waki as Flatorte (Special Week in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby), Riho Sugiyama as Rosalie (Tarua in Conception), Ari Ozawa as Vania (Lynn in Plunderer), Miku Itou as Fatla (Miku in Go-toubun No Hanayome), Hikaru Tohno as Eno (Howan in Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh), Kotori Koiwai as Kuku (Renge in Non Non Biyori) and Sayaka Kikuchi as Natalie (Snow in Sentouin Hakenshimasu). More Aoi Yuuki cuteness as she sings the opening theme, Gudafuwa Everyday. I don’t know what she is talking or rapping so fast and the entire song sounds like one messy chaotic frenzy. But that weird combo actually makes Aoi Yuuki sound so cute!!! As for the ending theme, it is Viewtiful Days by Azumi Waki. Sounds rather okay as a rock outfit, I guess it’s not that bad but not the kind that I would like to hear again immediately.

Overall, this show is fun and while it may not be the best isekai theme out there (personally I still think Shinchou Yuusha is still the best one out there), it is all good clean fun for those who want to enjoy some funny stuffs without having to worry too much about the plot or story. Otherwise, if you are at the other end of the spectrum, you’ll view this as another bland generic isekai garbage. After all, it is unbelievable one can max out your stats after 300 years of defeating the same lowly slimes, day after day. Yeah, consistency is key! We must be so envious, huh? I’m sure most of us in real life, the same is applicable. Except that many of us maxed out the wrong stats! I know, I could’ve been a great doctor, lawyer, engineer or politician but I became an otaku instead. That’s what happened when I killed time instead of killing slimes… Sheesh…

About more than a year ago, Battle Athletess Daiundoukai was on my watch list during the lockdown of the Corona virus pandemic. But when I heard and read news that this was getting a spinoff, I decided to delay it. Maybe I’ll binge watch the whole thing together later. However, learning that Battle Athletess Daiundoukai Restart wasn’t technically directly a sequel to the series (meaning, I won’t lose much if I don’t watch the prequels. I hope), I decided to give this new one a go first and perhaps catch up with the retro one later. You know, too many animes to watch at this moments so I thought doing so would lighten up my heavy schedule for the foreseeable time in the future. Heh. That’s what you call planning!

Episode 1
When Kanata Akehoshi was late in delivering her potatoes, suddenly a spaceship crashed nearby. An alien girl seemingly wanting to be taken to somebody. Her mother, perhaps. However she gives Kanata wristbands and wants her to enter Cosmo Beauty Games on her behalf. When Kanata returns with help, alien girl and her spaceship is nowhere to be seen. Like as though the crash never happened. Fast forward, we see Kanata participating in Cosmo Beauty and neck to neck with fellow competitor, Shelley Wong. Shelley falls off but Kanata goes to help her. Why? Because she doesn’t want to fail to save somebody again. As Cosmo Beauty selects the next queen of the universe, we see shady men from the Solar System Control Committee (SSCC), noting the games are just a sham and that the next queen will be their next puppet since they are doll makers. More flashback as we see Hinata, Kanata’s little sister having a hard time to wake her up so that she could leave for her ship to University Satellite. Being the country bumpkin in town, Kanata is lucky to meet Shelley who helps her a little before leaving. More woes for Kanata as she gets on the wrong bus that departs to the far end of the university. Jimmy K is the games’ official reporter as he introduces some of the potentials like Lydia Gurtland (representing Mars), Yana Christopher (the moon?! Since when is our moon its own planet?!) and Paglia Respighi (Pluto – did it get its planet status back?!). Finally here comes Earth’s representative: Kanata! Here’s some potatoes for ‘ya! It seems many shun Kanata as a country bumpkin. But luckily she meets Shelley again (she represents Venus). She offers her to be her roommate since those who can’t find one will be expelled from the university! However, b*tch girl, Joanne mocks this and challenges her to an arm wrestling contest whereby the loser revokes her admission and goes home. But Kanata takes the challenge on Shelley’s place. Joanne feeling confident till she realize she can’t budge at all! What’s this about Kanata narrating she built a wooden cabin with her own hands?! Oh sh*t! Joanne loses but Kanata doesn’t want her expelled and instead be friends. Okay. But now it is Shelley who is upset. Because she’d rather die than being pitied this way. However Kanata points out she knows her arm is prosthetic. Even if she won fair and square, rumours might spread she used it to cheat. So the girls make up and become friends. As they are getting to know each other, Kanata is happy thinking to see that alien girl here. She might look different now but she recognizes those eyes. However alien girl doesn’t recognize her. Shocking…

Episode 2
Kanata is late for her first day of training because a kangaroo was in her way?! And what’s this about some hard boiled black guy saving her? No wonder her coach, Tamami “Tama” Yanagida doesn’t believe her. Now give me twenty! That black dude is Jefferson “Jeff” Natipitad (Feliz Navidad what?!) and is a detective. He is talking to the principal, Stella Rosnovski about an explosion incident from a trashcan last night. Thankfully, no casualties. At first he sounds like accusing Stella of taking in war refugees from the moon with ulterior motive but then he believes somebody is targeting the moon people. That alien girl, Eva Gallenstein sees her doctor, Johann Reinhardt Roberts. You know he is a jerk when he mistreats her. Seems he is also working for SSCC and showing Eva as his greatest genetic engineering masterpiece. Of course those bastards are only concerned if she can win. Otherwise, beware… Now we see the candidates in some qualifying match that will determine their start position for the final event. Basically, it’s some weird dodgeball game. Without gravity! We see very short snippets of Kanata-Shelley against their unimportant opponents. Both teams win a set each and they’re down to the final set. Both at match point. Shelley realizes her prosthetics can no longer hold out. Don’t worry. Leave it to Kanata. And just like that, Kanata-Shelley wins! Damn, we didn’t even get to see any action! At the back stage, they see Lydia and Yana arguing. The former blaming the latter for their team’s loss and demanding an apology. Of course Yana refuses. Lydia goes too far accusing Yana’s people of having a civil war because they are split in some stupid religion. Lydia’s family is the one supplying arms to fuel the war and hence she has been receiving lots of flak as the daughter of that conglomerate. When Lydia dares Yana to kill her, Kanata slaps her! She dares her to settle their challenge via sports and not terrorism. And so it’ll be some parkour run around the school grounds. Winner will have the losers do what she wants. Eventually, Lydia slips but Yana saves her. This enough proof that she won’t betray you? Lydia admits defeat and apologizes but WTF Kanata fanning the fire by teasing Lydia about admitting defeat?! STFU!!! If another civil war breaks out, it’s your fault, Kanata! Since Yana wins the match, her demand is for Lydia to be friends with her. Okay. That’s settled. Meanwhile Jeff investigates another trashcan explosion. Still no clues about the culprit. As he returns to his car, suddenly it explodes!

Episode 3
Shelley tries to wake up Kanata but looks like she rather sleeps in. Not even Tama’s threat would wake her. Suit yourself. Kanata only wakes up when Eva barges in seemingly looking for something. Trying to have her remember the wristbands, looks like Eva doesn’t remember anything. Now Kanata realizes she is late and makes haste. Yeah, still got punished anyway. As the next games assignment will be a big one, Kanata has this great idea. Yup, a training camp with her friends. And she has the gall to be late. Is it that kangaroo again? So we see them do some training including weird ones like digging (?!). Not sure how it helps in training but we all believe in Kanata. WTF that kangaroo trains alongside them?! That night before they hit the sack, Kanata asks their reasons of winning Cosmo Beauty. Shelley: To prove others who told her to quit after getting her prosthetics. Lydia: To be number 1! Now for something grimmer: Paglia: Her impoverished planet was ravaged with a mysterious disease. Winning it she hopes to build better medical facilities there. Kanata: To tell the whole solar system of her family’s delicious potatoes! Oh, that’s so Kanata-like a reason. That night as Lydia can’t sleep, she notices Yana is by herself outside. I guess it’s her turn to reveal her participation reasons: To end the civil war. Lydia in turn tells her another reason why she is entering this contest: To stop her family from supplying weapons to the moon. Before she could tell something juicy about the shady movements of her family’s company, Yana has fallen asleep. So cliché. Stella is surprised that Jeff is alive. No surprises to us. We see how he dived out from his car before the bomb went off. Must be a slow bomb. So Jeff suspects one of the students to be the culprit. But not Yana. Rather, Eva. As he looks up her data, better be careful because we see a not too amused Johann keeping close tabs on this detective.

Episode 4
The first day of the race is a sky gliding event. Eva takes the lead and wins by a mile. What a bore… I don’t know how Kanata messes up at the start can still finish second. Back at the dorm, Lydia is a sore loser as she can’t accept Eva’s win. She thinks the games are rigged in her favour. Because she also notices Eva’s moves during practice are too perfect. As usual, Kanata doesn’t think bad of Eva and tells them the whole truth why she is here. Meanwhile the SSCC are dreading the games. It’s a pain but it’s a small price to pay for another decade of peace. But they’ll get rid of insects trying to snoop around like a certain detective. They’ll let loose a lunar resistance to take each other out. Eva receives a letter that contains a picture of her mom. She then goes to meet Jeff at a bar for details. He also shows her a picture of someone related to him. As both women are missing, he believes they are abducted by the same organization. He wants to help her too but she warns him not to get involved because she doesn’t want anyone in the way of her goal. Before they could exchange info, a truck crashes into the place. Eva stops it with a hand. But there’s a bomb! Run! Boom! Looks like our detective gets to live once again. Elsewhere, another mini explosion occurs. Yana is nearby and she thought she saw someone familiar. Indeed, she is Yucil. She lost to Yana as the moon’s representative in the final qualifiers. She slipped off the crater. Don’t worry, the moon’s gravity is 1/6 of the Earth’s, right? So… Yucil blaming Yana being selfish for not helping her? WHAT WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO DO AT THAT POSITION, TELL ME???!!! Yucil who lost was supposed to stay back on the moon. However she found a new way to help end the war: By doing more bombings! Genius terrorist thinking… She puts some guilt in Yana’s mind that she too can do the same. Like how she abandoned her at the qualifiers. So they’re going to help each other stop the civil war, right? Okay then. Also, guess why the war can never end? Because of the endless supplies of weapons from Gurtland Group. So we got to show it to them the consequences of doing so. Since the university’s security is tight but Yana as a student can enter easily… Oh dear, see where this is going? Uh huh. Yucil wants Yana to assassinate Lydia! You’re not participating in Cosmo Beauty just to make friends, right?! Oh sh*t. Evil Yucil face so evil it looks scary!

Episode 5
The next race is a sea a kayak chasing after some whale?! Anyway, Yana is lagging behind the race. Yeah, Yucil’s words are haunting her. Apparently Yucil gave her an invisible gun that is only good for 1 use to assassinate Lydia. Gun even made by her father’s company. Perfect. You bet Yana is torn in doing her job because a flashback shows Yucil saved her ass before during the war. So where’s the gratitude?! It should be obvious to everyone watching the games that Yana is breaking down. But I guess nobody cares. Except for Lydia who returns to give Yana some hope. She won’t leave her friend behind. I guess this means the assassination is put off for now. As Eva is in the lead, Shelley tries to catch up but this strains her prosthetics. So bent to catch up on her that she sees a divine light in Eva?! WTF?! And after that she passes out from all the stress. The race won by Eva. Back at the hut, Paglia trying to administer some first aid since Shelley is in bad shape. Sure, she’s a legit doctor. WHAT THE F*CK THIS RACE DOESN’T HAVE ANY MEDICAL OFFICERS ON STANDBY?! WHY?! Since Paglia can only do so much, luckily Jeff is here to bring her to the hospital. THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE AN AMBULANCE TOO?! Eva previously sensed Shelley in danger and wanted Johann to help save her since he is a doctor. However he slaps her and threatens to make her forget her mother. Because she is replaceable. Just forget your emotions and win, you piece of sh*t doll! ASSHOLE! Shelley dreams how after she won the right to represent Venus in Cosmo Beauty, she was met with an accident. WTF IS A BIG MOTHER TRUCK SPEEDING ON A NARROW EMPTY STREET ON A RAINY DAY?! Shelley wakes up okay with Kanata by her side. Looks like she’ll be able to compete. However Shelley is depressed. She explains seeing that divine light in Eva, a sign that all previous Cosmo Beauty winners has. She is sad that no matter how much she tries, she’ll never be able to get that light. Kanata doesn’t pity her. She calls it friendship. So, Shelley is discharged but Kanata carries her on her back and runs all the way back?! THIS UNIVERSITY SURE HAS POOR SERVICE FOR ITS STUDENTS! The ride must have made Shelley’s day since she realizes she has her own light. They make it back just in time to qualify for the next race. WTF THEY KNOW THEY’RE GOING TO BE LATE AND DIDN’T EVEN USE ANY VEHICLES TO AT LEAST GET BACK FASTER?! Yeah, friendship drama needed, I guess. AND WTF TAMA MAKING THEM RUN LAPS FOR BEING LATE???!!! I DON’T EVEN… AAARRRGGHH!!!!

Episode 6
I see Johann has a surprise for Eva. Oh… It’s her clone?! Despite Eva doing well in every race, however her emotions are still an obstacle. At this rate she cannot win. This perfect doll will do the job. Oh dear. Does this mean he has no more use for this Eva?! Yana is thinking about stuffs but here comes Yucil to pressure her to kill Lydia. And if she’s hesitant, she does that guilt trip of wanting to abandon her again. F*ck this b*tch! Since tomorrow is the last of the race before the main, Yucil wants her to kill Lydia during the race and use the confusion to cover up. So Yana thinks more about it in her room. Oh my, great timing for Lydia to come in and put more doubts in her mind about their friendship and doing their best. Now we shift to Kanata and Shelley. The latter still isn’t recovered but they both vow to do their best and not let Eva make a clean sweep. Meanwhile medical genius Paglia is also a hacker genius. Hacking into Eva’s database, she discovers she is from Von Esclavo, a slave colony. She was taken in after being injured at a young age on Earth. This somewhat matches up with Kanata’s story so could it be she was trying to escape? Hence she confronts Johann about this but the latter claims Eva is tops only because of her hard work and that they are all jealous. Paglia then shows a sample DNA that she got after hacking through a secret room in the infirmary. The university has a secret room?! Because Paglia has her wish to fulfil, she wants his help. Of course, Johann will help too if she helps him. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Uhm, maybe she’s starting to regret making a deal with the devil because Johann’s men knock her out and takes her away. Jeff sees this but couldn’t make it in time. WHERE THE F*CK IS THE SECURITY IN THIS PLACE???!!! Next day as the land race is about to start, Paglia’s friends are worried she didn’t show up. The race start but why is Yana just standing there? She thought of this ‘brilliant’ idea that if she makes a late start and run sluggishly, she won’t have to catch up to Lydia and kill her. Only, suddenly a landslide blocks off the route for all participants. Oh sh*t… Uhm, I suppose climbing over it isn’t plausible?

Episode 7
Eva and Kanata are leading the pack way up ahead. Hence they are not held back by the landslide. The landslide has also jammed communications so I guess it’s convenient for people not to see what’s going on from now. Shelley leads the rest to take those injured away. So, they’re just resting in the woods? WHERE THE F*CK ARE THE MEDICS?! Sure, they come much later. But it makes you think this event of a huge calibre doesn’t even have a decent medic on standby. Meanwhile, Yana has lost it. Yup, she’s going to kill Lydia and confronts her about it. She blames and hates her for all that has happened. Wow. Is Lydia a God because her answer to all that is, “I know”. Or does she not know and just simply answered? Lydia plays it cool and talks about the best moment in life whereby Yana became her friend. Oh my, what a way to make her unstable further. In the end, Yana couldn’t do it and points the gun to herself! Oh sh*t! But wait! Jeff shoots it out of her hand! HOW THE?! They have to hide because now Yucil is being crazy, dropping weak bombs and firing away. WTF, Jeff taking pot shots and running out of ammo? Yucil then fights Lydia but loses. Funny, a hardcore terrorist losing to a daughter of a conglomerate? Yucil has the last laugh, though. Self-destruct!!! Only, it didn’t work. Thanks to Jeff’s jamming device. He arrests and takes her away. Gee, that was easy. And now we return to Lydia-Yana drama. Lydia slapping some senses into Yana that she has to struggle as long as she lives. She wants to change the world by running, right? So run with me! And hence both try to climb over the landslide and help each other. Yeah, funny love-hate relationship between the duo. Communications resumes so everyone can now see Kanata neck to neck with Eva. No terrorism seen. No siree. Jeff explains how he knew about Yucil. Because she always acted alone, it was funny, she entrusted a task of killing Lydia to Yana. It is proof that she didn’t trust her to finish the job. WTF there’s surveillance of Yucil giving Yana that invisible gun?! Jeff’s only option is to catch her red handed and it is thanks to Stella’s permission to allow him to observe the course. He even guaranteed her that even if the culprit didn’t appear, he’ll shelve Yana’s arrest warrant and help her escape and shelter her. Damn, this guy would really go this far. But Yucil has the laugh last. It is revealed that targeting Lydia is only a distraction because her real target is Eva! Noting that Gurtland Group is one of those companies under SSCC’s umbrella, it would be much easier to break their doll than killing Lydia. She planted a bomb at the finish line. Now the real race begins…

Episode 8
Can Jeff get to the finish line? Depends how fast his slowpoke car can go! Not giving up is important, right? Kanata sees a divine light glowing over Eva. Then she trips. WTF. This so traumatic that she is thinking of giving up?! Not until Shelley and Hinata lead the sheep crowd to cheer on Kanata did she snap out of this drama to pick herself up and run. Oh boy. WTF indeed. If you’re wondering why Kanata can catch up with Eva, it’s because her random spasms of memories is hurting her. Each time, she somewhat slows down. Convenient. Meanwhile SSCC is testing an Eva clone. Soldiers try to beat her up but they got killed instead. Worse, or rather WTF, Eva’s mom is forced to watch this cringe violence. SSCC thinks of pitting this new doll with the old one. Visuals now focus on Lydia and Yana group. Oh, Lydia trips and Yana helps her out. I hope it’s not the same tripping rock! So Yana’s act of kindness is making Yucil shocked? Flashback about Yana and Yucil’s friendship back on the moon. Let’s say Yana is a kind soul and she told Yucil her dreams that she wanted to change things via running. Even if it looks impossible, she believes she can do it. Eva remembers her mom forced her into a pod and gave her wristbands to be given to a certain person before she got captured. So I guess this awful memory and coupled with Kanata’s last minute power up, Kanata zooms past her to win it! And woah! WTF Jeff stops his car right in the middle of the stadium and forces Yucil to tell him where the bomb him. Stupid detective uncuffs her and gets beaten up! Oh f*ck! His humiliation live on TV!!! AND WHERE THE F*CK IS THE SECURITY???!!! Yucil then fires a warning shot, telling everyone to escape if they don’t want to get caught by the bomb in the podium. Yeah, just like that, the stadium is empty. THIS PLACE GOT NO SECURITY???!! Yucil then screams to cheer for Yana before praying to her God to give Yana strength, lamenting she made more sacrifices. Then she goes out with a bang. RIP, Yucil. It’s like Yana’s friendship meter could pick this up as she screams NOOOO YUCIL!!! In the aftermath, Yana got so traumatized that she needs counselling. Lydia is staying with her. So today’s training is just Kanata and Shelley, huh? But Eva is joining them. She tells them Paglia’s last message to go with Johann to save her planet. She also warns them to be careful or else they will be disposed of too. Eva sees Kanata wristbands and now remembers she was the one who handed it to her. But why the f*ck is Kanata shocked?! Wasn’t she the one who believed it was Eva all along?!

Episode 9
Eva tells her friends of her flashback. Apparently those heartless SSCC bastards subjected her to tough training and told her worth is only wining Cosmo Beauty. Her mom she believes is still under their imprisonment. She used to slip out from tight security to go see her daughter. I GUESS SECURITY WASN’T THAT TIGHT IF SHE COULD DO THAT MANY TIMES!!! One day, it was to escape but only Eva was set in a pod for Earth. Then she crash landed and met Kanata, but after Kanata went for help, SSCC captured her back and erased her memories. Now that Eva wants to save her mom, the girls go see Stella for help. Meanwhile we see Johann introducing Paglia to a new model of Eva. Because she has great powers, it makes her difficult to control. Her job is to do something about that. And for differentiation sake, we call this clone Seva, as in Second Eva. Johann then talks to the SSCC who is not pleased that Eva lost the last games even if it’s not his fault. This makes their job harder. They give him a last chance and will squeeze the new model into the next game. If he fails again, he might as well not exist. Johann returns to take out his frustrations on Seva. Paglia stops him but Seva restrains her, viewing this as hurting her master. Paglia warns there is a strain that Seva might not last. However Johann doesn’t care as she needs to last till she wins the games or else he’ll make another replacement. He warns Paglia to just do her job and not stick her nose where it doesn’t belong. Oh Paglia, you regretting your decision now? The girls see Stella and Jeff. After Eva tells them what happened, Stella wonders if Yucil was behind this. Jeff can tell she wasn’t. Jeff tried to get the safety team to stop the bomb but failed. Although no body was found (hint, hint), all that’s left is her pendant. Here, Yana. Take your friend’s belonging. Eva has no qualms in revealing things she know about SSCC. Because all the guards that were watching her are gone, she realizes she has been abandoned. Jeff says they need solid evidence and unshakable position to take down SSCC. While Jeff will dig up evidence, the girls will have to win Cosmo Beauty. As SSCC wants their candidate to win, this allows them to have total authority in space and they will also decide how the profit is split. Basically, money talks. So if one of our heroines win, public opinion will rally behind them. The next games is an obstacle course like American Ninja? Paglia comes down to greet the girls. She sounds like playing the villain and on SSCC’s side as she introduces Seva who will definitely win this.

Episode 10
The game starts off with contestants jumping their way through the course. Of course we see all those bunch of unimportant candidates fail. Can’t even clear the 2nd stage. It’s Lydia’s turn. She manages to clear that until the next stage needs her to push open heavy doors? No strength. Time’s up. She loses. Up next is Shelley but last minute she withdraws because her prosthetics aren’t tuned up. WTF DON’T TELL ME SHE DID NOT KNOW THIS BEFOREHAND???!!! Next is Eva. She speeds through the course until her memories start bugging her. Yup, she fails too and falls into the sea. WHY AREN’T THERE OFFICIALS TO COME COLLECT HER?! IT IS PAGLIA WHO SAVED HER AND EVEN NURSING HER IN THE INFIRMARY?! WHERE ARE THE OTHER MEDICAL STAFFS?! Kanata would’ve wanted to skip had not Eva handed her the ‘responsibility’ to save her mom. And so we see Kanata breeze through it all. But during the final climb to the top, she falls off! Oh, so close! The final contestant, Seva now moves. WTF her identity isn’t even disclosed to the public, and everyone just accepts it?! Seva moves so fast and smooth, like as though she is not human. Eventually she wins. Flawless victory. As Eva’s condition is getting worse, Paglia thinks of moving her to a place with better facilities. However Johann won’t let her and will dispose of that defect for her. Why the f*ck he cares?! Typical bad guy reveals Seva to them and even hose Eva’s DNA was used to create her. Oh yeah, don’t forget to thank Paglia for the tuning. The girls try to protect Eva but Johann has his men take away the junk. WHERE ARE THE F*CKING SECURITY OFFICIALS?! But don’t worry, Tama and Jeff hold Johann at gunpoint. Don’t care what Jeff said about getting permission this and that but WTF the place is surrounded by other coaches so they can’t escape?! SO THERE AREN’T ANY SECURITY OFFICIALS HERE, HUH???!!! Of course Johann won’t let this end here and has Seva take him to escape. Can’t blame those coaches for getting owned. They’re not fighters and tough like Seva. Eva is taken to a facility but her condition is still not stable. Not even Paglia knows what will happen to her. Meanwhile Eva dreams of her mom. Great reunion ruined because mom leaves her. Poor Eva left chasing after her shadow…

Episode 11
Eva looks like she is in critical condition. But she realizes she can’t give up. So with the power of her wristbands, she continues running. And just like that she wakes up! Oh my, not dragging out this drama any longer? Heck, this drama has gone long enough! So everyone is glad she is back and Paglia also apologizes but they forgive her. SSCC still blames Johann for not getting rid of the failure and even let her tuner get away. They make him take some assassin force to Earth and threaten Kanata’s family as they see her as a threat. But who will tune Seva if Johann is not around? Don’t worry, she will just have to last till the final game. We see Kanata and Eva having their own mini race as they talk. Basically Eva still awed at Kanata since he has that glow and wants her to save her world as long as everybody’s. Wow. That’s a tall order for just an athlete. The next games to decide who will enter the final games is this giant billiard punching game? Whatever. Paglia sits out and is now a commentator with Jimmy. Because of Seva’s last minute appearance, she cannot play. However, because Eva is out injured, Seva is actually taking her place. Yup, nobody can tell the difference. So we see this weird billiard game go on. Seva reaches her maximum output but manages to qualify before she breaks. Now it is Kanata’s turn and she is on the verge of qualifying too. However those SSCC bastards decide to play safe so when Kanata hits her billiard, she got zapped and knocked out. Meanwhile Jeff and his men arrest Johann. Apparently SSCC set up this arrest so as to take security’s focus (WHAT SECURITY?!) away from the assassins landing on Earth (I TOLD YOU THE SECURITY IS A JOKE!). Despite Kanata is unconscious, she has qualified for the finals. Her friends know this despicable act is by SSCC but Eva adds further that they go further by also threatening your family.

Episode 12
A flashback of young Kanata as grandma tells her the true meaning of what it means to be number 1. Apparently Kanata is doing well. She’s sleeping soundly?! Yeah, lots of sleep talking. Because of that, her wristband activates some secret hologram recording of Eva’s mom although it is incomplete. The girls then discuss how Eva’s mom gave it to her so she could pass it to that certain person who is Kanata’s grandma. But when she crashed, the hologram got broken. Eva was not told the password because if caught, SSCC will not hesitate to torture the hell out of her! But hey, DO THEY EVEN KNOW THERE’S A RECORDING IN THE WRISTBAND?! Okay now, leave it to Dr Paglia-cum-hacker to fix it. Suddenly SSCC interrupts them! My, no privacy, huh? They are led to a secret room in the infirmary to meet them. Or at least their holographic version. They want Kanata to lose the finals and in return they will guarantee her live and her friends and family as well. If that’s not convincing enough, they have other goodies for the rest like a peaceful asylum for Yana and the best prosthetics for Shelley. However all of them in unison: NO WAY YOU DUMB F*CKS!!! Okay, they didn’t exactly say that but you get the idea. And so the finals is just going to be a sprint between Kanata and Seva???!!! So much for being the grand games. As it starts, Seva takes the lead and it is so because of her glowing aura. But as Kanata thinks of the encouraging words her friends said at the backstage, what’s better than a glowing aura? Why, a rainbow glowing aura!!! OMFG! Kanata speeds up and wins by a whisker!!! Holy f*ck!!! Now, you think those assassins are going in for the kill at Kanata’s home. But look who is waiting? TAMA!!! And she slaps them and has the police surround them! AND THEY GIVE UP?! OMG!!! I WAS WORRIED FOR NOTHING!!! GIVE ME BACK MY ANXIETY!!!

Right after Kanata makes her blooper speech, the wristband activates. This time Eva’s mom’s hologram working properly as she indicts all the crimes and wrongdoing of SSCC to control the universe. And just like that, those SSCC jerks get arrested by Jeff and the police. HOW DID HE KNOW THE PLACE?! I am assuming Johann ratted out on them… In the aftermath, Eva is reunited with her mom and so is Jeff with his wife. Seva recuperates well in hospital and is now Eva’s sister. Welcome to the family. Lydia takes over Gurtland Group after her father resigns and makes sweeping changes that brings peace to the moon. Yana oversees its rebuilding and gets a pleasant surprise because Yucil is still alive! Yeah, nobody gets killed policy in this anime. This means those SSCC goons are in prison. Paglia didn’t patent her medical technologies and she is able to cure her patients while Shelley becomes some pro super sports star. And yeah, Kanata, oops, I mean, Queen Empress Kanata!!! OMFG!!! Julius Caesar?! Julius Kanata?! Anyway, she makes sweeping changes to the games and that means no politics in sports! SO GET IT YOU PEOPLE?! DON’T YOU DARE TAKE A KNEE!!! So that’s what she said? I thought it was telling the universe about her potatoes or something. Oh well, things change. After that, she quits and returns home. I wonder if she lost her way or took a detour because all her friends and family are waiting right there just to greet her. All hail the queen!

Dai-Unko-kai! Battle Drama Queens
Oh my f*cking God… So this is what ‘restart’ actually meant? Or is it double meaning? Because now that Kanata has kicked out corruption and politics from the games, hence it will now restart as the true and new games. Oh well. I guess that is more believable than how this little potato farm girl overthrew a group of bad guys who are controlling the universe with just her guts!!! OMFG. I still can’t believe it. Or perhaps everyone else got not balls and guts to stand up to them. But man, I didn’t know it was that easy. Sure, it’s so cheesy for the feel good happy ending. No wonder this didn’t last for another cour.

Forgive me if I start to sound bias and negative for this one because I have not watched the original series, there might be a lot of references that I might have missed out. Hence, a lot of things that I might not have understood and thus watching it all here with no prior knowledge of the predecessors, everything here just looks plain silly to me. Everything is just so dumb! It’s like they didn’t really think this through and just put out whatever crosses their mind and there was no quality control to even doubt if this would actually fly.

For starters, just look at the entirety of the games itself. Now, you might think that Cosmo Beauty, an intergalactic game that is participated by so many colonies and planets of the galaxy, they would have some sort of standards to uphold its value as the grandest games of all time. But from what we have seen, the games itself doesn’t have a decent medical standby! Heck, not even security! These 2 are the most basic necessities for such an important game and yet we don’t see them anywhere! If there were, they were sure lagging behind. Sure, you can argue that SSCC controls the games and everything, hence they might not even care in dispensing medical or security personnel. However if you do that, doesn’t that mean that the public’s perception of you will falter when things go bad? I mean, how much can you cover up? The public isn’t that stupid, you know? Unless this anime’s setting really takes for granted that they are indeed that dumb. That may be the case too. See all those audiences watching the games live? I don’t know, it might just be me, but I feel that they’re all just emotionless dolls or puppets! Heh. Considering SSCC controls the universe from the shadows, this is not so far-fetched. But even so, on the issue of medical and security, the games really fail and let down its participants in so many ways. It’s like they don’t really care. How the f*ck could they even let a single lone terrorist plant a bomb at the finish line?! Did nobody check?! Oh God. I think I can go on and repeat myself for hours, pages after pages about this stupidity but I think I better end here. Or else I will also start to sound as stupid as them!

Next up, this may be slightly on the fault of my part because I was expecting to see some sort of intergalactic games. I wasn’t expecting the best or the most mind blowing games out there but I had expectations. I mean, this is what the anime is all about, right? Unfortunately, the games feel so secondary here. They are just really weird. Like as though nobody had any great ideas to begin with. So they just come up with whatever crap that seems a lot like athletic games and voila! Here is this episode’s game action! Like, WTF?! For example, that sky gliding one. Uhm, aren’t they going to do anything more exciting than just soaring through the sky? No? Okay then… And then the foot race on the ground. Oh, so it’s just like you normal cross country jogging, huh? WTF?! Not even any decent obstacles whatsoever? And Yucil’s bombing that cut off the rest of the pack, that’s like wow, everybody else just gave up, huh? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???!!! THAT’S WHY I SAY EVERYTHING HERE SOUNDS SO DUMB!!!

Then the final games is like a huge slap in the face. Because it comes down to just a 100 metre sprinting dash between the final 2 contestants?! WTF???!!! I mean, I was expecting something like American Ninja or at least a super boring discount version of it. But I really didn’t expect it to just be a sprinting race! Oh my! Looks like it downgraded itself, huh? But looking on the positive side, I think this is only so because to showcase the simplicity of it all. They’ve endured and passed through several treacherous courses (debatable) and now the finals will just be a simple race to see who is fast. Yup. Can’t get any complicated than that. Or the producers may have just run out of ideas on what grand games to showcase.

Of course my reasoning that the games are not given so much focus and are just looking purely simplistic is because they want to focus on the characters. Thus the games are just like ancillary and a stepping stone for that. But guess what? It fails in that department too! I mean, the drama between the characters are so boring and predictable that it feels WTF. Thank goodness this series doesn’t have that many of a characters to focus on because what a bigger fail it would be. Sorry, but all those other participants that don’t even have a decent screen time than Kanata’s groupie in this context seem to fare better. Because we don’t care what we don’t know. Period. So with the paltry athletic game action, the off-field drama too feels mediocre to say the least. At the end of the day, we all know the cliché power of friendship is going to save the day, right? That is why a character like Kanata is so generically written for this role!

I guess now you know what I’m going to say to the characters, huh? That and pretty much bland too. Kanata who reeks traits and clichés of a main heroine feels a lot insignificant for most parts of the series. Only when moments that it matters, she will start to shine because well, she is the heroine. Otherwise, she is your typical positive cheery girl who wants to make friends with everybody. Oh boy. Hey, at least she is not overpowered! I think they want to pair and focus her friendship with Shelley but they should rename her as Shallow because that’s what her freaking character is! Yeah sure, she has some prosthetic limbs. Whatever. Nothing exciting. Oh f*ck, you mean it malfunctions that easy?! How the f*ck can she qualify for the games then?! Is nobody else on Venus better than her?! Or does everyone there have worse prosthetics than her? Anyway, Kanata and Shelley are supposed to be a pair but they suck. I just don’t feel the bond between them and only so because it felt forced. You know, like the ending credits animation just showing them together. This means they have got to be best friends, right?

Next up, Lydia and Yana. For variety reasons (and because Kanata-Shelley pair is so boring) we have this pair whose home planets are still at war with each other. Can their friendship here save the day? Yup, your thoughts are as good as mine. Nope. As long as warring adults still want to spill blood, running can’t do much help. So we’ve got Lydia who is the oujo-sama type trying to show her noble side while Yana torn between what she needs to do to save her people. I don’t know. If their people keep watching their blossoming friendship, maybe they’ll change their minds about killing each other and start loving each other? NAH!

Paglia feels even more insignificant to the rest. It’s like as though her role in this entire season is to play that short part as a villain to bring life to Seva. And that’s it for her. She might as well not participate in the games in the first place. Oh right. Everybody’s dead on Pluto. Nobody else to represent. But she pulling out, I guess that shows nobody cares about Pluto. Besides, it’s not even a planet status anymore :’(. Oh, I almost forgot about Eva. Being the emotionless puppet trying to troll us as the antagonist failed because she feels like a discount Terminator robot. Heh. Some friendship drama with Kanata to reawaken her memories and the need to save her mom is the thin line that is keeping her relevant for the rest of the series. Otherwise, ZzzZZZzzZZzzz…

Do you not agree with me that the biggest joker of the lot is Jeff? I think they want to make him look like a hard boiled tough detective but more than often he comes off many times as a joker even if it is unintentional. You see, this guy has good intentions as he sniffs around to protect the girls in which the school and games authority failed to do. Yeah, this place is so easy to get things done because most of the time you hear him explain how the f*ck he is here on the scene is because he asked Stella for permission. Oh yeah. That’s how he got authority to be here. Not that there is any security to stop him in the first place but this guy is trying to be a gentleman and do things the right way. The biggest joke was the one where he captured Yucil. Oh brother, to see him react to his failure to guess Yucil’s intention, I’m not sure if that was epic or cringe worthy. Stella oh Stella, I feel she should be resting in a nursing home than run a university! She makes the best cookies, right? Isn’t that why everyone call her Cookie Sensei?!

Baddies are the worst. That’s not even a compliment! I mean, take a look at those SSCC trio. WTF are they?! One claims he is God (God of jokes, more like it). Another looks like a gorilla who loves chowing down bananas. The other one is just so gay! These are the men who govern SSCC and the universe in the shadows?! LAUGHABLE! No wonder they have to, because if everyone realizes how silly looking they are, they might just unite and beat the sh*t out of them! Because they’re useless too as they depend on others to get things done. Especially Johann. He failed so many times (according to their standards) but still keeps him around. And they blame him too. Don’t they have other better ways to ensure their candidate wins? I mean, instead of really creating a superhuman, why not just poison the other candidates’ food on the final day so everyone bows out due to stomach discomfort and voila! You win! Oh, don’t want to make it so obvious why their only candidate wins, huh? Or smash their alarm clocks so they won’t get up in time for the final race!!! HAHAHA!!! See, I can be better cringe baddies than them! Or just as bad… Anyway, as for Johann, they want to create a despicable character so that our girls could look so angelic. Hence this selfish jerk who doesn’t even matter because we need someone we can turn all our negative feelings too. And for those assassins, oh God, I don’t know how many time I have been disappointed but to see them get usurped so easily, THIS THE BEST SSCC GOT???!!! NO WONDER THEY’RE NOT A THREAT!!! They just sound threatening just to make you feel intimidated! If everybody was slightly smart enough and had balls, SSCC would have ceased a very long time ago.

Lastly, I am sure you do notice a certain kangaroo bumming around in some scenes. I am not sure WTF they need this for and if it is for the series’ mascot, definitely fail. I am also not sure if this kangaroo appeared in previous seasons (lazy Google search says no) and I am left to wonder its relevance. At first, I thought this kangaroo was a ghost! Only appearing at times to haunt or get in the way of others. Because from reactions of the characters at times, it sure gives off that feeling that this kangaroo might just be an imaginary friend or even a spirit of the games! Of course that is not the case as subsequently the girls interact normally with it. Uh huh. Suddenly like it’s part of the group? Like, how? When? So I’m really not sure about this marsupial (Oshinoke is its name? Sounds like Oh-shit-no-gay???!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!) but there to just annoy us and get in the way and spew irritating carbonated sounds like “Schwaaa…”. I don’t know, I tried to imitate how he sounds… And WTF suddenly in the end he has got a joey kid and wife?! WTF?! HOW?! So as to give Seva some animal therapy. Not sure how it’s related but whatever.

On a trivial note, initially I wondered how this series is going to fit a ton of characters if each planet is going to only have 1 representative. Of course I am expecting not all of the planets will get represented (sorry Uranus, you continue to exist only as a meme…) and even if they add all the moons of the solar system, will that be enough? Ah, turns out there are other planets simply named as Colony (insert number here). How simple. Yeah, I guess that’s why they never make any impact in the games because their colonies are just so freaking insignificant that they might not even exist at all!

Art and animation are just decent. The characters have this cute roundness trademark to them. Some characters look weird like for instance I thought Yucil look like a mean version of Street Fighter V’s Menat! And that kangaroo is by no means based on Roger from Tekken? Oh well, all kangaroos look the same, no? Imagine Nier’s 2B had a clone failure… Yup, that’s you Eva! HAHAHA!!! Of course Kanata herself looks like the heroine from previous seasons. Could she be the granddaughter or something? Maybe… This anime is done by Seven who did Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou No Holmes, Ousama Game and Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki Ni Natte Kuremasu Ka.

Voice acting, nothing to shout about. A couple seiyuus I recognized like Saori Hayama as Yana and Kana Ueda as Tama. The rest are Sumire Morohoshi as Kanata (Gerharde in Nanatsu No Taizai), Miyu Tomita as Shelley (titular character in Gabriel Dropout), Yui Ishikawa as Eva (Mikasa in Shingeki No Kyojin), Akira Kitou as Lydia (Nezuko in Kimetsu No Yaiba), Hikaru Nanjou as Paglia (debut role), Satoshi Mikami as Jeff (Fanzell in Black Clover), Yuuko Mita as Stella (Akemi in Maison Ikkoku) and Shuuta Morishima as Johann (Kobayashi in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes). The opening theme is Cobalt No Kodou by Nanaka Suwa. Sounds generic to me until the closer I listen to it, the song sounds like in a frenzy. A mess. Hence Sakura Maichiru Yoru Ni by Reina Kondou sounds better in comparison although it is still generic. The final episode’s ending theme, Tsubasa by Akiko Yajima is taken from the OVA. Sounds rather okay to me. I want to point out that there is a BGM that ‘old’ people will notice. I believe this is Jeff’s theme because it sounds a spoof like Beverly Hill Cop’s Axel Foley’s theme! OMFG! The similarity is so uncanny! Can’t help smile like mad each time I hear this knockoff! OMG, really… Jeff is no Axel Foley but Axel Fool-y or Axel Folly maybe! HAHAHA!!! And the other one that isn’t as obvious is Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger’s trademark beat. Man, I don’t know how many other BGMs are knockoffs since I am not so much an expert in music.

Having said all that, I feel now that I am less inclined and no longer that interested to go watch the previous seasons. Because I also read that the first OVA series and the subsequent TV series that was not a direct sequel but loosely based on the first had lots of dumbness in it. Reminds me of my stint during Master Mosquiton. The OVAs were great but the TV adaptation sucks sh*t because it’s just so outrageous. Oh shucks. That really took the drive out of me. So you bet I am not going to have a look at those since I am already feeling those kind of sentiments. Maybe somewhere in the distant future when I have no other animes to watch and we’re in the one millionth time of total virus lockdown. Yeah. Maybe then. Just maybe.

Overall, this remake or alternate version feels so dumb that I have to admit that I had my fair share of time laughing. Actually, I was freaking out and going WTF most of the time because of all the atrocities like lack of medical and security personnel during the games, the dumb characters and the boring plot and not so exciting action of the games. Even more so how a bunch of young athletes, just by winning it all, they make sweeping changes to centuries old ironclad rule. Yeah, you go figure. You can say that this Cosmo Beauty has lost its shine (at least for the old one, until we see how the new one Kanata suggested will fare). What a trolling way to call a female-only intergalactic Olympics. Maybe they should’ve just used that name and stick it to some beauty pageant contest or something. That would sound better. That way, SSCC could be the judges and rig the results in favour of their contestants because well, beauty is a subjective matter, right? Better than creating robot-like humans and sending assassins to families of better athletes with potential… Where’s the beauty in that?! Oh God. I really want to wish to restart this series again…

Zombie Land Saga Revenge

27 August, 2021

Oh yeah. Those zombie idols are back! Not sure if they listened to my request (and perhaps from others) or it was already planning in the works back then. But whatever. Because after 3 years since the first season was aired, now we get to see more idol zombie antics in Zombie Land Saga Revenge! Oh, revenge? Did something die or get killed? Oh heck, aren’t these zombie girls dead in the first place? Or are they going to take the music and idol world by storm and hence this is their ‘revenge’? You know what they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. And a zombie’s skin is dead cold, right? Okay. Sorry with the bad pun… Oh right. Almost forgot these undead girls are supposed to save Saga or something.

Episode 1
We see the Franchouchou girls doing their respective part time jobs to get out of debt. WHAT DEBT?! Remember their last concert that was a big hit? Yup, they became celebrities and the likes. Everything was going well for them. Until Koutarou booked the ultimate stadium for them to perform at: Ekimae Fudosan Stadium (EFS). Too bad turnout was only 1% and their performance was shaky. So while the girls work hard trying to clear this debt, Koutarou fell into depression. Yup, drinking his woes out. He doesn’t care anymore. Sakura tries to go talk to him but gets mocked instead. Franchouchou felt Koutarou putting together EFS was rushed so they sneak into his room to find clues. Nothing. I guess they’ll just have to work hard for their next concert and hope he comes back. When Yugiri catches Koutarou deep in regret and blaming himself he was wrong all along, Sakura tries to talk to him a second time and make him remember those ‘motivational’ words he said. Too bad he still doesn’t care. That’s it for Sakura. Goodbye you jerk! Franchouchou performs at the mini rock house. Those hard rocker punks don’t appreciated sing a bunch of girl idols on stage. Meanwhile Koutarou continues to be really depressing. Until the bartender tells him to just tell the girls straight that everything is over and not leave them hanging halfway like that. It is then Koutarou suddenly picks himself up and rushes over. As Franchouchou finishes their song, the crowd is not please. GTFO! Koutarou barges in and tells them to do an encore. Despite being punched, he still tells them to sing. A couple of those death metal hardcore fans try to support Franchouchou. Other punkers don’t like it so it becomes a free for all! Amidst the brawl, Franchouchou sings their next song. I guess it is captivating enough that everyone stops midway and gets stunned by their performance. Pretty plain if you ask me. Haha! You know Koutarou is back when he summons Franchouchou for their usual morning meeting. Gooooooooood morning my idol zombies! Welcome back!

Episode 2
The usual Koutarou’s zombie abuse and harassment. This time his plan for Franchouchou’s return is via TV. They’re going to do some TV host thingy with White Ryu, a famous rocker in the 90s who also hosts a radio show of his own till today. Saki is of course a big fan of that guy. Can’t miss this flamboyant dude with a pompadour and he rides on the car’s bonnet! Everything he says is so freaking cool to Saki. But others, cringe? The show goes well and before Ryu leaves, Saki goes to say her thanks and everything. However it seems he hints that he is going to give up his radio show and this has Saki spacing out ever since. The girls ponder if she is in love with him but for now, they let her be. That night, Sakura talks to Saki about it and learns that Saki when she was alive, the delinquent she is, fought everybody and anybody that went against her. It was then Ryu’s radio show helped her find her way. It was also how she met Reiko. Since she can’t accept this, Saki drags Sakura as she peddles her way to the radio station. Ryu invites them to talk on his live show as surprise guests. Saki wastes no time in telling him not to quit because Saga needs him and that he is the guiding light to many in Saga. What will they do if they find they no longer have a place to return? However he points out that what those need is a place to return and not him. Hence he wants them to take over his radio show since they have the passion. Proof is that they are right here before him. They’ve got that spark that lights a fire in others. Heck, he notes Saki isn’t going to be the leader of just Franchouchou but all of Saga! Saki gladly accepts this role. Ryu rides off in his car. Whatever answers can be found, it can be found in Saga. He hints to come hit on him when she’s grown a bit mature. Can zombies grow up? With Ryu’s departure, Saki is overwhelmed with emotion and cries. Can zombies cry?! So infectious that Sakura also starts crying! Don’t cry too much or you’ll dry up and be a mummy! Franchouchou is back as there is a sizeable audience in the hall to usher them singing their next song. It’s going to be busy for them as they also continue to host the radio show. Don’t forget, the answer you’re looking for can always be found in Saga!

Episode 3
With Franchouchou getting their popularity back on track, Ai warns of complacency because remember EFS? Yeah… Don’t let that happen again! They continue their usual training until the usual zombie meeting. WTF Koutarou acting like an army officer with lots of censored profanity?! Sir, yes sir! Anyway, he has set up for them to be the opening act for Iron Frill who will be doing a concert here in Saga. Oh sh*t. Another trauma? However Ai won’t be cowed and would gladly take on this challenge. Too bad for her, Koutarou will have a different solo assignment for her. The rest disagree because they’re a group and they’ve been performing without anybody recognizing them. Koutarou: STFU and do as you’re told! That is all. This means Junko will have to take over Ai’s duties in training the rest. As Ai’s solo job is doing well, Koutarou turns down invitations for her from other prefectures! Why? He believes Franchouchou is created only for Saga to save Saga. Any other prefectures using them is just a trap to capitalize Saga’s glory! Yeah, how are they going to pay back their debt then, dummy?! We also see Junko having her own securities as she isn’t confident she can pull it off. Even when other Franchouchou members show off their improvised tribal music using everyday tools (?!) just so as to stand out other than dancing and singing, she still has her doubts. Thus Junko needs more time to herself as she ponders and reminiscences about her previous idol life. Yeah, she got famous by her trademark singing on a rooftop. Of course Sakura talks to her to dispel her anxiety. Since she’s still feeling so-so, she suggests talking to Ai about it. But then they see Ai talking with Shiori (current lead singer of Iron Frill). She has been keeping her eye on Franchouchou for a while now. Noting that Ai’s talents is just like the Ai of Iron Frill, she wants her to join Iron Frill as she believes Franchouchou isn’t the right place for her. She can tell from experience how much she wanted to shine better than Iron Frill’s previous leader. If she stays in Franchouchou, she’ll never achieve the glory she’s after. Shiori doesn’t need an answer now. Wait till she watches Iron Frill’s performance and she’ll show her why Franchouchou can never reach those kind of heights. Ai maintains her cool composure but Junko starting to get more traumatized?

Episode 4
Obviously Junko is still depressed and it really shows during their practice. Maybe a little walk will help. So as we see Junko torn between where Ai should belong, the real Ai returns. What’s wrong? Junko can’t face her and runs away. How low can a zombie go into depression? Meanwhile, an Iron Frill member is worried about Shiori since she is obsessed about Ai. Though she claims recruiting a new member might make the group stronger, she is reminded that Ai is in the past. We have to move forward. A depressed Junko waltzes into Koutarou’s room. Instead of answering about the stuffs she has prepared, she reveals about her insecurities of Iron Frill trying to recruit Ai because Franchouchou isn’t good enough for her. Koutarou tells her to STFU. Stop making this sound like this is all about Ai. What about her? It sounds like she is using this as an excuse to give up because if she really didn’t want Ai to leave, why did she not go all out to stop her? So go out there and smash it! All the limitations you’ve set yourself! Wow. Words from a guy was just recently depressed. Is this what you call experience? NAH! And we all know Junko is back because she has a clear idea of what to do. Before the concert begins, Shiori is shocked to learn Ai won’t be performing with Franchouchou. She claims the group is nothing without her. Ai tells her not to judge. Franchouchou has worked very hard so let’s just watch. Franchouchou begins with an awesome drum solo from Tae followed by an awesome electric guitar jamming by Junko. The rest then follow up on this death metal hip hop. At the end of the song, Junko smashes the guitar! OMFG! She really took Koutarou’s words literally! Oh Koutarou! You looking shocked! Yeah, it’s a pretty expensive guitar… Junko signals Ai to jump on stage. After that, Franchouchou touch some live wire to have electric effects all over them. Is this what they call an electrifying performance, huh? Yeah, not sure how the f*ck they control the electric effects around them. But they wow the crowd with their techno hit song, Mezame Returner. Once done, Shiori will show it to them how Iron Frill is much better. But with Franchouchou standing by Ai’s side, looks like this is their way of rejecting Shiori’s offer. We don’t get to see Iron Frill perform but it sounds like it was way better. But during the post interview, Shiori notes how Franchouchou is their greatest rival. Did the b*tch rivalry just get started?

Episode 5
Lily just usurps Koutarou as the chief for Franchouchou’s next awesome performance. You looking pretty shocked there, Koutarou. STFU and take a seat! Lily’s plan is to get Franchouchou on national TV and to do that, they’re going to enter a local preliminary contest called Japanese Got Parformance (not typo!). Got talent but just bad spellers. Haha! However Lily will be the only one performing on stage while the rest will be supporting her in the audience. Also in this competition is a prodigy child star, Light Oozora. Seems a nice and proper kid until in the shadows, Sakura and Tae see this spoilt brat abusing his manager. Even revealing his intentions that he chose to enter this preliminary because Saga has got no real talents so it’ll be easy for him to bulldoze the competition. Franchouchou? Not even in his radar! The preliminaries start. Koutarou is also a contestant?! Mudskipper mating ritual? What… The… F*ck? Dafaq?! WTF???!!! Definitely didn’t pass. Next is Lily and she does some awesome rakugo show with comedy and drama. Finally it is Light as he awes the crowd with his amazing juggling skills. In the finals, Lily will face off with Light. Lily hears him practising his singing and goes to wish him the best. However Light shows his true colours by claiming he will not stay a child actor and his aim is the Broadway. So be prepared to be blown away. This doesn’t flinch Lily a bit. She’ll just do what she has to do. As Light go first, it seems he sings the same exact song that Lily planned to sing. Oh dear. How? Lily makes some improvising. So when it’s her turn, she sings the same song but with different arrangement and beat! Damn, she’s scatting and lively jiving all the way! Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo… Oops, I mean, Shubidoobi-doobi-doo-wah! In the end, Light is chosen as the winner since he showed he surpassed his talents as a kid. Light looking very shocked over his win. Yeah, he thought he actually lost. Later as he is hiding in the toilet feeling dejected, Lily talks to him that his win was only because he was better. Since he is aiming for Broadway, he cannot let this get him down. Light feels better and hopes in the future, they can do some collaboration together. In the aftermath, Lily’s version becomes viral all over the internet as kids try to imitate her cute and energetic dance. Go Lily, go!

Episode 6
Remember that journalist who is investigating Franchouchou? Yeah, Arata Ookoba still can’t wrap his head around them. His assistant even makes jokes how the internet is making memes of them being a collection of lookalikes and that they might be zombies! Meanwhile Koutarou is back to his usual zombie abusing ways. He reminds them they can’t do greater stuffs since they are still in debt. That radio show and opening act don’t pay much and they’re still deep in the red. Later, Tae is sent out to do errands with Romero. Ookoba spots her and decides to tail and spy on her. He sees her meeting various people who know her. She’s eating everything they give her? Put the whole thing in her mouth? Tae then stumbles into Maria who brings her to a local dance competition that she and her friends are in. The defending champion is some dude in a chicken outfit? Did he copy Michael Jackson’s moves?! Tae joins in last minute and wins because I mean, who can outlast a zombie who can forever spin on her head?! Seems Tae wants the onions prize and not the money. Maria won’t take it because it is not right. Seeing this argument, that policeman decides to tell them how to spend it. By taking them to a boat race! Place your bets!!! Yeah, Tae just observes and can mimic in how to make her bet. Also at this boat race is the Korosuke biker group. It seems Misa is now into boat racing since her loss to Saki but the thing is, she has never won a race! Everyone is mocking her now. Misa sees Maria in the stands and you bet that is her motivation to turn things around as she uses some legendary move to win the race! What a great race. Oh… Tae hit the jackpot!!! Tae returns to Franchouchou as Maria tells what happened. Damn, the girls are in shock with the 20 million Tae won!!! Enough for Sakura to knock off Tae’s head! Oops! So I guess this clears their debt, huh? Hooray! Tae the saviour! Better than some useless manager… They got a point there… Meanwhile Ookoba who has been tailing Tae all day but found nothing (thanks to convenient distractions), before he left Franchouchou’s place and head home, he saw Tae’s head roll. Now he has some material to write on… Oh boy, does this prove they’re zombies?

Episode 7
Maimai Yuzuriha is a clumsy girl. However she always maintains her cheery disposition and doesn’t lose heart. One day, she enters the wrong bath section and slips on Koutarou’s soap (butter fingers!). Next thing you know, Koutarou brings her corpse back! OMFG!!! So he is guiltily trying to introduce their newest member and at the same time trying to say he didn’t kill her! Suddenly Maimai gets up! Holy sh*t! Zombies scared of moving corpses?! Corpses don’t move?! THEN WHAT ARE ZOMBIES?! Turns out Maimai isn’t dead. Didn’t you make sure, Koutarou? She actually knows Franchouchou as she has been to their concerts. Although she realizes they are zombies, it doesn’t get to her. They hope she can keep this a secret but she has a better idea: Let me join your group! Koutarou agrees! I guess he stopped thinking… We see Maimai train with the rest but she is all over the place with her clumsiness. Maimai and Sakura talk about things especially how the former was inspired to become like them. She finds them amazing despite being zombies. Because they’re the same like as though they are living. When the school has trouble coming up for ideas for their cultural festival, Maimai has an idea: Let Franchouchou perform! While Franchouchou loves this idea as it will help increase their popularity, Koutarou adds that Maimai will be the star of this performance. But Maimai is still clumsy. Can she do it? She’d better. Because Franchouchou will be reborn as a new idol group. Maimai remains positive as she trains more. The day before their performance, another talk with Sakura as she reveals how she died and the irony of becoming an idol in zombie form. Maimai is also surprised Franchouchou plans to perform again at EFS despite failing once because that’s how Franchouchou is. That is when Maimai suddenly understands. Franchouchou takes the stage and all is shocked to see Maimai as the centre. Once done and Franchouchou introducing her as their new eighth member, suddenly Maimai makes an announcement that shocks all: She’ll be graduating from Franchouchou. She sings her final song as goodbye. Later at the back stage, she reveals why she decided so. Realizing their lives were cut short and how they went on to achieve greater heights as zombies, Maimai realizes she needs to fully live her life first. And with that, Maimai departs but promises to keep their zombie identity a secret. Meanwhile Ookoba discovers the one thing in common about Franchouchou except Yugiri: They’re all dead.

Episode 8
Finally. It’s about time we delve into Yugiri’s past. A famous courtesan at Edo during the Meiji era, she is sent to saga to live with an official after his wife passed away. She gets used to her new idyllic life in the prefecture while teaching her trade to young new girls. While we see reincarnation cameos of other Franchouchou members, Kiichi Momozaki is definitely Koutarou, right? Seems he is handing out flyers trying to restore Saga to what it was. Of course, nobody pays attention to him. He gets into trouble with the local police but luckily his friend, Shoujirou Itou is there to save him. A brief history shows that Saga was a thorn in the government’s side and ever since they lost to some civil war, Saga has been broken up and its parts absorbed into other prefectures. Kiichi and Yugiri meet. Love at first sight for the boy? He tries to save her from a speeding carriage but she could avoid it herself and he ends up in the pond. Hope he doesn’t catch the cold. Kiichi talks to Itou about Yugiri and of course he knows how legendary she is. So much so her beauty caused the Meiji court to almost fall apart as they fought over her! He cautions Kiichi that she isn’t the kind of woman he can handle because they’re from different worlds. Soon, Yugiri pays a visit at Kiichi’s house to bring him some medicine for the cold. Kiichi soon opens up and reveals his father died in a battle in Saga 8 years ago. Kiichi was only saved by his grandpa who is now senile, talking about the powers he would have like raising the dead. Father’s last wish was for him to save Saga. He didn’t understand what it meant but soon realizes that bits of the original Saga is slowly vanishing from everyday life. Hence he tried to do something about it and thinks it must be fate ever since grandpa saved him. What Kiichi wants is to create a new Saga where everyone is free and happy to do what they want. Itou then joins Kiichi and Yugiri for dinner just to see her for himself. He doesn’t think Kiichi is cut out to help others and thinks he should start a family. After all, isn’t meeting Yugiri some kind of sign to do so? Kiichi overthinks and passes out from drinking too much to hide his embarrassment. Itou then privately talks to Yugiri how he met Kiichi 2 years ago because he was amused by his goal. Of course he sees him get more desperate by the day. He thinks the country will further change and clinging onto the old Saga will not do any good. Yugiri corrects him that Kiichi wants to create a new Saga. Itou remains sceptical because a naïve guy like Kiichi will soon get his heart broken in this barbaric country. With Yugiri polishing up the grammar on the flyers, a few potentials step up to seek more details from Kiichi. Meanwhile Itou seems to be making a shady move…

Episode 9
Kiichi has gathered a few samurai comrades to help. However it seems they become bolder as time passes. To the point where they have been gathering weapons and even arming up to start a war! This wasn’t Kiichi’s intention but they tell him to STFU because what do kids like him know about the humiliation they suffered during the war? Of course Kiichi is still adamant to try to bring back the Saga he envisions. Although Itou himself doesn’t think that is possible since this country is still barbaric. Itou then tells Yugiri to run because a war will soon come and everything will be destroyed like before. But she tells him of because Kiichi’s dreams aren’t that shallow. That night when the samurais get ready to rebel, they were all killed off by Itou. Kiichi is shocked to learn Itou’s job is to keep an eye on lurking rebels and snuff them out. It would’ve been okay had Kiichi remained his ideals as a child’s dream. But look where it has gotten to now. Before he could kill Kiichi, Yugiri intervenes. Oh damn, she’s a legendary samurai too?! However they have to run when police are coming. Kiichi is in despair, blaming himself for the deaths and all that has happened. He doesn’t care anymore but Yugiri slaps him and basically tells him to take responsibility and see this through the end. Finish what you started. She hopes to see the new Saga he envisioned. She gives him a letter to where her comrades are. So they’re not going together? Because Yugiri settles the score with Itou. In the end, she emerges victorious and kills him. Not sure if Itou held back and let him kill her. Next morning, Kiichi’s grandpa reads a letter left behind by Yugiri. By the time he reads this, she will be dead. She assures him of Kiichi’s whereabouts and is safe in the hands of her friends. It seems Yugiri will be bearing the brunt and responsibility of the rebellion and will be beheaded by the police. Then this incident will be brushed off like nothing happened. If Kiichi asks about her, just say she left Saga safely. She hopes he can help guide Kiichi to create a new Saga Kiichi wants. Short notes in the end indicate that via appeal from supporters, Saga became a new prefecture and independence from Nagasaki and soon, unilateral military style executions outlawed. Back in present time, looks like the bartender is Kiichi’s grandpa. Yugiri notes Kiichi’s actions have borne fruit and this time it is her turn to act. Luckily she has comrades who share the same goal.

Episode 10
We go back in time about a year ago to see the rise and fall of Franchouchou. After their success at Arpino, the zombie girls were really getting success to their head so Koutarou told them about the EFS concert that they’ll be doing. Of course this was where Ai died and although the girls have their doubts and felt it was impossible to do given the time, capacity and all, Koutarou argues that they are all better now. Or are they not? With Koutarou’s smooth talking optimism, I guess they have to do it. I mean, what choice do they have? So as they continue to practice, those doubts still linger on but they keep up the positivism that they’ll do their best. Of course as we have known, come the day of the show, it was an epic disaster. I don’t think Franchouchou perform badly but why isn’t the miniscule crowd cheering? They’re like gloom and doom all the way during their performance! We also know in the aftermath how Koutarou became drunk and told them the debt they raked up. He went missing and this sent Franchouchou into despair and on the verge of giving up. Not until they see Tae taking stuffs from Koutarou’s room on her own. This has them realize they were wrong. They gave up without even trying. They always relied on Koutarou and took his words for granted. They assumed he had a plan to turn things over for EFS as long as they did their best. Hence they decide to do something for themselves. They start by doing part time jobs to pay back the debt.

Back in present time, Koutarou admits his failure on his part for EFS. That is why he has prepared a revenge concert for them exactly a year later to perform. Because Franchouchou has been doing fantastic jobs over the year, they have improved a lot. They will turn this failure into a success story! Another round of smooth talking, but can we trust him again? What choice do they have? Hey, at least he sounds convincing this time. Ookoba confronts Koutarou and he shows him his investigation proof and photos that Franchouchou members (except Yugiri) that they are dead idols. He plans to release an article on this to stop Koutarou from profiteering from these dead girls. However Koutarou is not cowed. He tells him about Franchouchou’s revenge concert and doesn’t care what he writes because there is no stopping Franchouchou. Ookoba is of course not amused because he thinks Koutarou is trying to re-enact this tragedy for entertainment purposes. He will not let this revenge show happen. We see Koutarou talking to the bartender as he vows not to make the same mistake and make EFS a huge success. It is hinted the bartender is an immortal and is fighting a curse plaguing the land for thousands of years. What’s this he can resurrect the dead too? Koutarou plans to stop his prophecy, something about Saga will start to vanish from people’s memories. That is why he is creating something that people will never forget here in Saga. Disaster strikes now as not only there is a heavy storm but all the electricity in the vicinity is cut off. Yeah, and Ookoba was just about to release his hot article…

Episode 11
Sakura feels weird when she wakes up. Oh damn! The entire house is washed away! Apparently several parts are seeing severe flooding. They are washed up ashore but not very far from their original place. Luckily they get out in time before the whole house crumbles. Oh damn, everything inside gone. Even if they were inside, I bet the collapse wouldn’t kill them. Machiko, an old lady whom Ai worked with during the part time job recognizes her. She brings them to the shopping mall where all evacuees are sheltered. To avoid their zombie identity leaked, they have to keep a leash on Tae as well as help around. This includes putting up their makeshift idol performance. Ookoba goes to visit the site and is surprised to see Franchouchou there. He goes to spy on them. Meanwhile Koutarou and the bartender are stuck in that bar that is flooded. If not for that passing policeman, they would’ve drowned. As the injured bartender is wheeled into the ambulance, Koutarou rushes home but his house is no longer there. How convenient for the TV news to show clips of the disaster and this dude recognizes the debris of his house washed ashore?! Time to head there. Meanwhile disaster strikes Franchouchou as their makeup wears out. Ordinary ones won’t do so they make a mask. At this point Ookoba has seen their true faces but decides to keep quiet and spy more. When Franchouchou takes to the stage, their masks disintegrate! Oh sh*t! What now?! When Saki admits they are zombies, the kids don’t believe! They know they are Franchouchou! Ai then changes the story that they were just putting up zombie makeup before continuing their performance much to the kids’ delight. Ookoba realizes these girls are risking everything and are trying their best to convey their feelings. He is shocked when Koutarou is here too seek his help. Koutarou reunites with Franchouchou and applies his special makeup on them. One last rally to tell them the revenge concert is still on and he believes they can do it and bring smiles to the people. Although they won’t be having any time to practice and will have to perform right as they go on, Franchouchou is confident they can. Later, Sakura personally thanks Koutarou for making her an idol. Her smile brings back memories of something tormenting from his youthful days. Of course he covers it all up by being the brash pushy producer he is. He is going to be the man who has it all. He also tells her that her dream won’t end with EFS and that Franchouchou will become eternal idols loved around the world. Until that happens, he is going to have it, eternally.

Episode 12
Koutarou barges into the governor’s meeting to beg for power to be supplied for the EFS concert because Franchouchou is going to perform to save Saga. Because what Saga needs now is reassurance for the heart of every single resident. We see Franchouchou awaiting that date as they realize they have been so focused on it, they don’t know what day it is! Sakura thinks it is Friday and this has Saki realize they missed their radio show. But they rush down there and are told it is Sunday. Oops… Luckily the programme now is free so the radio can put up with them as surprise guests. Saki starts her talk which basically is about giving hope to all of Saga and what it means to be performing as Franchouchou. What a coincidence all our familiar characters are tuning into the radio right now. On the day of the revenge concert, Franchouchou make their way to the stadium. Empty as f*ck. Did they get the date wrong? Don’t lose hope. Because everybody starts streaming in! Oh yeah. All your familiar characters. Do you still remember them? Uhm, the staffs are still preparing and fixing the stadium, can they be allowed in to fill the stadium? I guess it is to show that this EFS, the capacity is fully booked! Heck, not even just the Saga people but all over Japan and international countries are helping out! Damn, the power of social media! I think Ookoba had some credit in making this happen. This is what you call an epic saga? We see Koutarou thank the governor but he is just doing what is most efficient. And so it begins. Over 10 minutes of Franchouchou performing for us! Then some weird shouting led by Tae before their next song. During the break, before Koutarou could yell at them for getting complacent, the girls believe this is just a small step as they believe they can reach greater heights. Suddenly Koutarou starts grovelling and crying?! OMFG. WTF?! He admits he is crying! So do we like this Koutarou better or the bully one? When Franchouchou returns to stage to perform, this is all just an act as Koutarou covers up the blood he coughed out. And so it was the greatest Franchouchou concert ever as Saga undergoes restoration. But what’s this curious final scene? A huge UFO hovers through and shoots down a devastating beam???!!! WTF???!! DID A WRONG FOOTAGE GOT EDITED HERE???!!!

The Return Of The Living Dead Idols
Revenge has been served. At least unlike the last season, there were no untoward incidents to interrupt their performance. Yeah, remember lightning struck in the midst of their performance the last time? So thankfully, this time around, it is all plain and smooth sailing from start to finish. Though, still wondering how Franchouchou is going to save Saga by just performing. Maybe it’s just that. Did you not notice the happy and satisfied people watching their concert? Maybe that is all it takes. When the people’s hearts are happy, this becomes a natural barrier to ward off future disasters. Speaking of which, looks like it got even more complicated when they tease us with that UFO footage! OMFG. Hey UFO, I think you got the wrong location. Shouldn’t you target America like always in Hollywood movies? HAHAHA!!! Oh… Not funny now that I’m having sleepless nights thinking WTF this UFO might be a foreshadowing of something even more ominous. Imagine now Franchouchou have to perform to aliens! FREAKING ALIENS!!! So this gonna be sci-fi and turn into something like AKB0048???!!!

This season doesn’t feel like it broke any new grounds. Most probably it is trying to give Franchouchou some focus and see them make a comeback. After all from what we have seen, the only way for such idols to rise back up stronger is not to rest on their laurels but to drop back down into the dark abyss and then spring back up stronger and better than before. Hence you might see why the earlier episodes felt a bit like standalone fillers as they focus an episode on a Franchouchou member. But it’s all to show us the great power of Franchouchou’s bond, right? Physically dead but very much alive in their hearts and spirits, no?! Once again, the irony that these undead girls are bringing and giving life back to the living. Don’t we all just feel so much alive seeing these zombie chicks perform? Yeah, better than staring at your Smartphone and PC all day!!!

As we have covered the backgrounds of many of the Franchouchou members, this season sees Yugiri’s past. It was tragic but satisfying to see her origins and possibly her connections with Koutarou. This means that the only one left is Tae. I thought they would also cover her this season. Unfortunately, she remains a big mystery  and hence my conspiracy theories about her being the secret weapon of the idol group remains. This season she feels a lot side-lined. Like as though they don’t want you to think too much about her before dropping the bombshell and surprise the hell out of us. Didn’t happen. Because aside Yugiri’s flashback, the other Franchouchou members also have their episode in focus like Saki’s radio station to Ai battling her former idol group and Lily not facing off with a child prodigy but also succeeded in turning him over a new leaf. So with almost everyone covered, Tae when? Unless you tell me that she is just that dumb zombie who survives by her guts and instincts. Nothing more. And every conspiracy theory and speculation I had about her was just trolling and overthinking. Yeah. Maybe that.

Having seen Yugiri’s flashback, this makes me wonder if Koutarou and Kiichi are the same person. At this point, I won’t be surprised if they are. Considering the bartender is somewhat immortal, could it be that Koutarou himself too is one? I mean, there are gaps in between after Yugiri’s arc ended, right? All Kiichi did was just change with the times and it might be easy to just brush off all of Koutarou’s crazy zeal and fervour to save Saga as coincidence. Reincarnation? Maybe. But my guts tell me they are the same person. All that flamboyant outbursts are just to hide his true character. Am I right? Because nobody else is this crazy and passionate to want to save Saga. Just Saga. Not the whole of Japan even. Strange. A disaster that only befalls on Saga and not the rest of Japan? And undead idols are the only hope to save it? You mean live human idols who are breathing aren’t going to cut it? Unless this is supernatural (zombies) vs the supernatural (disaster) kind of level… I know, stupid pun…

Another character to ponder is Romero. Sure this series’ pet mascot hasn’t been doing much this season but in Yugiri’s flashback, you see this doggie already in zombie mode. This shows that Romero has been dead for a much longer time. Damn, Yugiri’s flashback really revealed a lot of things, including a lot of speculation from my end. So Romero could be the deity watching over Saga or Kiichi’s family especially his grandpa has been dabbling in some secret experiment on immortality. It would be interesting to know all these burning questions and put all the pieces of the puzzle together so that I could stop thinking and put a rest to these conspiracy theories! SOMEBODY GIVE ME SOME ANSWERS ALREADY!!!

I thought this season forgot about that journalist. Yeah, he only started to make his move about halfway! And so I thought he would be the antagonist for the next half this season, somebody who had something tragic in his life and he is just covering this scandal as some sort of revenge or redemption. Well, turns out it was me again who is overthinking. Sheesh. I gotta stop really jumping to conclusions for this series. While his article might at first look like a threat to Franchouchou’s real identity, eventually that became nothing burger because after seeing Franchouchou’s earnest feelings in their performances, the idols are doing something to help the people, right? I mean, it is at nobody’s expense, right? Even if he does release that article, I believe many will not believe him. Because these fervent fans of Franchouchou definitely stand behind their favourite idol groups. Heck, many don’t even recognize these dead idols in the first place and would perhaps brush them off as coincidence. Franchouchou having all dead idols in their team? Yup. Coincidence. Sounds legit. Yeah, those death metal hardcore fans still coming to Franchouchou in their death metal makeup. Totally out of place but whatever. Their love from Franchouchou is still real!

I didn’t think it would happen but I at one point I really believed that Maimai would become the newest member of Franchouchou. I thought this was the much needed twist and a new girl breathing fresh life into the group. Oh, the irony! But of course, they can’t commit Kana Hanazawa to such a group so I guess Maimai’s short stint with Franchouchou ends there. And that policeman dude, still remember him? Yeah, still having some unfortunate meetings with zombie girls. I’m surprised he hasn’t died from all the nightly creepy rendezvous with the undead. Damn, this guy must have a very strong heart! Such dedicated police officer too. Just to reiterate the last time I said in my blog, if I was in his shoes, I would have quit the first time I encountered a ghastly zombie!!! No siree, this midnight patrol job is not for me!

Don’t forget the shameless advertising and promotion of Saga as the mid-intermission eye-catches continues from last season’s tradition as we see Franchouchou engaging in what I believe to be Saga sightseeing locations as well as local activities and food. Unlike the first season where Franchouchou were literally unknowns, this time they have taken on jobs at higher levels. So you don’t see them do weird commercials anymore. Yeah, I wonder how that Drive-in Tori chicken shop is doing, huh?

As said, Kana Hanazawa helmed the voice of Maimai in this season. I also noticed Yui Horie and Yukari Tamura making cameos as her classmate friends. Wow. Imagine if those really famous seiyuus actually teamed up and formed another idol group here, it would have been so epic. I think Saga and the whole of Japan would be saved. Somehow. Some of the other casts making their cameo this season include Hakuryuu as Ryu (Tonegawa in Kaiji), Sora Tokui as Shiori (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Minami Takayama as Light (titular character in Detective Conan) and Kouki Uchiyama as Itou (Ichika in Infinite Stratos). This season’s opening, Taiga Yo Tomo Ni Naite Kure by Franchouchou (but of course) may not sound as epic as last season but it still maintains all that dramatic and frenzy pace. Still, it feels like a song for a heroic show. Yume Wo Te Ni Modoreru Basho Mo Nai Hibi Wo might not be a slow lovely ballad like last season and resembles more of a slow rock. But my favourite song this season goes to Lily’s scatting song, Little Bodda Bope. It was really creative, refreshing and cute. I’d hear that again anytime!

Overall, this season is still as good as the first one since it is a direct continuation. If you love the first season, you’ll love the second. Although personally, I wasn’t as excited and hyped when I watched the first one. Most probably because for the first season, I looked down on this series but then it blew my mind away and I was taken by surprise. Ever since I have come to love this zombie flick, perhaps the excitement isn’t as much as I had then since I already have favourable views on this series. The other negative point is the myriad of dumb conspiracy theories I cooked up and got no concrete answers. It somewhat hindered me enjoying the series as I started thinking too much about nothing! Yeah. Me trying to thinking! But that’s just the fault on my part and nothing to do with the show. As much as I love this series, it is still far from being a great anime (SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN!!! ROOOOOAR!!!). Hey, this series was not meant to save anime in the first place. Just Saga and only Saga. And Saga’s saga is not yet over by a long shot. Will we get another season? Stay tuned as the saga continues… And perhaps with aliens next time! Of f*ck! Aliens vs zombies?! The musical?! Bring it on!

Sentouin Hakenshimasu

22 August, 2021

I guess to be different than your usual one-dimensional villains or evil organizations, those that have visions would have better organizational structure. Yup, when you’re a big bad evil organization and hell bent on taking over the known universe, you can’t just go in barging in and conquer the land without doing any good spying or reconnaissance. That’s right. You need to do your homework first and gather all the resources needed for the invasion. Hence, in Sentouin Hakenshimasu, our big bad evil corporation has dispatched a small group spy and combat agents to a planet they plan on conquering. The agents have to infiltrate and blend into the kingdom wi