Warning. This anime contains lewdness and dirty jokes bad enough to make you horny. If you can’t stomach all that or fear you will fall into a life of depravity, walk away now while you still can. Otherwise if you are a pervert just like everyone else, stay tuned and be charmed of all the fun and exciting obscenity we will get from Shimoneta To Iu Gainen Ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu Na Sekai! What? That name too long for you to pronounce like as though it is a dirty word? Yeah… Ah yes. How can you make a dirty anime without resorting to over the top cliché fanservice and bordering hentai? This series is your answer. Imagine a nation so clean and pure that no obscene things or acts are allowed. I know. Horror! It is like a horror version to a pervy. Where would all the fun and excitement be when we have society that doesn’t or rather in this case not allowed to spew dirty words, see a bit of Playboy or read your BL manga, what more play an eroge. Freaking boring world, right? Can you imagine the internet free of porn?! What?! No porn on the internet ever?! IT IS INSANE! UNTHINKABLE!!! That is why we have naughty terrorists to break this strict uptight mindset from seemingly pure and upright authorities to open the people’s eyes to the exhilaration of sex and dirty jokes! Oh, come free our restricted minds… And libido!

Episode 1
A group of guys are illegal looking at smut. They are careless to say the forbidden words as the alarm goes off and a group of SWAT people as well as the PMC squad quickly barge in to apprehend them and burn all the porn! As narrated, it has been 10 years since Japan eradicated porn and has become the most pristine public morals in the world. Under the Public Morals and Education Act, people are made to lead wholesome lives as people are made to wear the Peace Maker (PM) terminals around their neck that prevents them from saying indecent words. Tanukichi Okuma is on his way to school when he catches a glimpse of a woman accusing this gorilla guy of molesting her. Tanukichi takes the lady off the train and he finds out she was trying to make a fast buck with the accusation. Not pleased, she then reports Tanukichi of trying to harass her. He is surrounded by the PMC squad when this ‘terrorist’, Blue Tundra starts spouting indecent words and scatters sexy female pictures. Either they run from hearing the indecency or they pick up and admire the picture. She gives the PMC squad the runabout to let Tanukichi escape. He is able to make it to Tokioka Academy, supposedly the most virtuous school in Japan because of his admiration for Anna Nishikinomiya who is the school’s student council president. While admiring a video of her speech, Hyouka Fuwa pops up to ask him about how babies are made! She thinks he knows the answer because he came from a school with the most awful moral ranking. I’m sure he could give her a textbook answer but she believes the truth is something deeper. No pun intended.

He is taken away by Ayame Kajou, the student council vice president to see Anna (that gorilla guy turns out to be the secretary-treasurer, Raiki Gouriki). She offers him to join the student council body to protect the school’s morality. Of course he jumps in but why him? As he is not so morally uptight, it makes him the perfect candidate. As we all know, Blue Tundra is currently running amok with her perverted terrorism. Thing is, they believe she is a student in their academy! The reason they are slow in responding is because they lack any knowledge about perversion. After Tanukichi pledges his loyalty to follow her path, Ayame takes him away to her cafe. She lets loose her hair and glasses and reveals a very much different character. Tanukichi instantly recognizes her when she puts panties on her face. She is Blue Tundra! He wants to report her but she won’t let him. She knows he is the son of that naughty terrorist, Zenjuurou but Tanukichi decides to leave that dirty life after he met Anna. Ayame kidnaps him and wants him to join her organization, SOX. She is able to say indecent words without raising any alarm because of this handphone device that allows her to do so for 3 minutes daily. It was created by her father, Masashi Endou, a politician who was framed for sexually harassing a high school girl. But she knows it was all a lie to frame him as he was one of those who opposed the act. Why? Because daddy is into MILFs!!! If Tanukichi won’t join her, she can make a report that will arrest him for indecency. He can’t take her down with him because she is best friends with Anna and you know what will happen to her reputation if her cover is blown, right?

Next day, Tanukichi gets kidnapped by Fuwa in her lab. She shows him her specimen of flies making out and asking him questions about it. He manages to escape. Though, he hears how misinformed the school is when it comes to the reproduction system. Yeah, it is so silly that it makes you wonder if Japan is that dumb. Ayame tells him this is the morality the school is proud of. She laments no matter the indecent pictures she circulates, they continue to stay misinformed. Tanukichi asks about seeking Fuwa’s help but refuses to seek cooperation from that crazy woman. When Tanukichi mentions about that fly sex, she gets an idea. During the general assembly, Blue Tundra strikes. Students pick up sex female pictures. They are confused. Tanukichi acts as Blue Tundra as diversion to draw the student council out. That is when Ayame shows footage of flies having sex while making erotic sex sounds over the microphone! The students give in to their natural instinct and feel the hot sensation burning inside. Did they all faint from the passion? Tanukichi can’t believe he is doing something to deceive the girl he admires but can’t help it feels good too.

Episode 2
Ayame is happy with the results of the flies ‘combining’ movie although Tanukichi is not too pleased especially Ayame is spewing lots of indecent words. It is a different for Anna and Gouriki. They lament their failure and all Tanukichi can do is keep quiet and feel guilty about it. Gouriki is not pleased with Tanukichi as the son of that terrorist. Anna reveals Gouriki wanted to gather more info on him and reveal his true colours but instead get caught up in that train situation. Tanukichi admits he is Zenjuurou’s son and naturally that guy being a guy is dirty minded. He is one of those against the act. After he was arrested, Tanukichi garnered an infamous reputation as his son and was ostracized. He began to hate everything and his father. But it was at a day-care where he met Anna. Only she accepted him for who he was and that is why he vowed to become a person with a heart as pure as hers. Despite the touching story, SOX operations will still continue. Ayame has Tanukichi head to a secret location in the mountains to collect hidden porn magazines. A narration tells us how Japan burnt all print media on porn as well as the government took successful measure to even block porn on all digital media. Wow. This is much worse than the Great Firewall of China. Ayame’s plan is to place such raunchy pictures from the magazines at strategic places but it made no impact. Further explanation reveals that the PM can track your hand motions. So it means if you are drawing porn and even fapping, the alert will sound! OMG! So freaking hi-tech?! Indeed obscenity is worse than murder. To Tanukichi’s dismay, he spots a raunchy picture in Anna’s office! She thought it was just a harmless picture of a girl licking a mushroom between her boobs! This is how misguided the school is. Once Tanukichi tells what it really is, the picture is immediately burnt. Anna notices Ayame and Tanukichi quite close and teases Ayame. Ayame didn’t like it and wants to tie her up but Gouriki restrains her. Anna thanks Tanukichi that ever since he joined the body, the student council has become a lot cheerful.

Anna’s words give Tanukichi great motivation to stop his foolishness. But Ayame warns him about the passing of another law called H Prohibition Act by Anna’s mom, Sophia. This law mandates that every PM wearer is under full surveillance and recorded. As this will also stop the spread of information on how reproduction works, Ayame fears the next generation will be full of airheads not knowing what real reproduction is about. Well, I think it’s already here. So Ayame plans her next SOX operation of disseminating sex education via health examination. First, Ayame writes a fake note from Blue Tundra to Anna and Gouriki that she will be striking and stealing urine samples. After taking the bait, Tanukichi disguised as Blue Tundra and in that fake falsetto is tasked in teaching a group of students about sexual reproduction via putting up a fake eye examination. He has boys and girls take turns to spell out the answers to the sexual reproductive organs by reading the words he points out on a board. A clever move seeing in this way the PM cannot pick up indecent words of the individual. But that is short-lived since Anna and Gouriki found out about this diversion and returned. Tanukichi makes a run and now knows what Ayame meant when Anna won’t give up when she is serious. She is right hot on his heels. Trapped and hiding at the rooftop, Ayame saves Tanukichi as she turns up as the real Blue Tundra on the opposite building and has seemingly stolen the loot. After they go off to chase her, Tanukichi heaves a sigh of relief and takes off his disguise. Unknowingly somebody saw this…

Episode 3
Anna discuses about the fake urine samples and Blue Tundra’s motive has got something to do with the eye examination chart. Even more baffling when the students were questioned, they said this word “Vagin” (Tanukichi couldn’t finish his lesson when he was forced to flee). During the assembly to award Otome Saotome for a winning entry painting, she tears up the certificate in front of everyone! As Fuwa bugs Tanukichi about those urine samples as reproduction potentials, he is put on a leash and taken away by Saotome. She is going to make him her pet and he will do everything she says or she will blow his cover as Blue Tundra. She saw it… Ayame accidentally enters the room and sees this dominatrix play and runs away screaming. Saotome claims Ayame is her rival in love and needs his help to woo the affections of her beloved. Before she could finish, she is taken away by Gouriki. Later Ayame talks to Tanukichi that she has her eye on Saotome for a while. Her great artistic skills means she is a good porn illustrator and wants Tanukichi to teach her about smut and then get her join SOX. In exchange, Ayame promises to work some magic for him and Anna. He assures his intentions with Anna are pure but Ayame just keep inserting dirty jokes. Ayame then reveals something has been bugging Anna lately. She is being stalked. Her locker is full of creepy letters and pictures. But Ayame wants him to concentrate of Saotome while she handles Anna’s case. Tanukichi thought Ayame was just pretending to be Anna’s best friend and now believes so. Ayame recounts how Anna was there when Ayame was seething she couldn’t talk dirty anymore. It is thanks to Anna that Ayame is able to barely fit into society today. Unfortunately she didn’t learn a thing good from her since her mind is still in the perverted gutter.

Tanukichi talks to Saotome about trying to help her get closer to her love. Saotome suggests saying their love interests at the same time. Tanukichi is distracted by a message so Saotome thought she cheated on him because she said aloud Anna is her love! So she is the stalker?! She threatens to report him so Tanukichi has to reply fast. He can’t say Anna’s name or it will make things more complicated. Instead, he says Ayame’s name. Saotome is happy and will also help him in his love. Everyone will be happy in the end. Considering she knows his identity, why is she helping an enemy of Anna? She notices each time Anna is chasing down Blue Tundra, her face looks happy. It is like they’re playing a game. Anna is jumpy and Gouriki wants to blame Tanukichi as the culprit although Anna believes he would not do such a thing. Later Ayame tells Tanukichi that Gouriki likes Anna, the reason he is protective of her. Ayame tells her plan to catch the stalker. She will cross-dressed as a boy and pretend to date Anna to lure the stalker out. Gouriki would like to volunteer but his size would only scare away the stalker. Tanukichi tells Saotome about this and she too has a plan. Because she will make him dress up as a girl and be the stalker! Sh*t just hit the fan, right? At the park as the duo hide behind the bushes to spy on Anna and Ayame, suddenly Saotome becomes hot in passion. She cannot stop drawing Anna. Looks good. Nothing wrong with it. But why is she not happy? She reveals she has never used anybody as her art model. Everything comes from her imagination. When she first saw Anna, she wanted to capture her on her canvas but always felt something was missing. She thought if she became romantically involved, she would find the answer. She knows her pathetic attempt is a nuisance but she is nothing without her art. Gouriki spots them and can’t believe Tanukichi as a girl. Then the real stalker pops up to attack Ayame. Easily taken care of. But there are more jealous chubby stalkers waiting to unleash their fury! Tanukichi goes into action and in all that helter-skelter, he takes a blow to the head. He falls on top of Anna and their lips met. Tanukichi is embarrassed but collapses from the head wound. Meanwhile Anna is in a daze. This feeling burning inside her… She likes it!

Episode 4
Tanukichi recuperates in hospital as Fuwa sneaks in to bug him from what I understand is about gay sex! Because Gouriki is now closer to Tanukichi to show his appreciation for that stalker incident. Tanukichi laments that Anna has not visited him and believes she is mad over that accidental kiss. Fuwa then explains how Anna has increased her operations in eradicating obscenities at Tokioka like sudden spot checks without warning. Maybe she is mad. Ayame updates Tanukichi that she is teaching Saotome porn and is proceeding well. Although she is hooked, it is not enough for her and she wants someone to act it out for her! When Tanukichi talks to Saotome, she is partly responsible for keeping Anna away because she became her model. However she noticed that Anna had this never-seen-before expression. Yup, she’s definitely mad. Even when Tanukichi returns, Anna avoids him and ironically it is Gouriki who pays attention. Later Tanukichi meets up with Ayame and Saotome for another erotic operation. She believes there is a very huge hidden stash of hardcore porn not found by the PMC squad. Yatsugamori Forest is a private property owned by the late erotica author, Danroku Onigashira. His grandson, Keisuke is now following his footsteps since it is lately discovered grandpa left a will containing this porn stash to him. However info was leaked and the PMC squad wanted to raid his place. He managed to give an excuse to buy time but in 3 weeks, the raid will begin. Until then, surveillance around Yatsugamori is tight. Because SOX lacks the manpower and definitely will be caught if tried to sneak in, what if a group of virgins unknowingly wander into the place and found the porn stash? That’s right. Ayame plans to let the innocent students of Tokioka find the stash for them.

Tanukichi is supposed to hide information about Yatsugamori all over Tokioka but he couldn’t. Apparently he has his own stalker leaving stash of letters and get this, drool! Yikes! Sophia is at Tokioka to advocate the H Prohibition Act. Its highlight includes a new PM device which is definitely a chastity belt. To hasten the passing of the bill, she wants all students to sign and support it this Sunday at 10am. This is bad news to Ayame since that time is when the grace period for Yatsugamori expires. Ayame needs to quickly increase the students’ curiosity towards porn or else this mission would fail so she has Saotome live in Tanukichi’s closet to observe his dirty habits and awaken her inner porn illustrator. Will he? Deep in the night, Tanukichi hears someone coming in. Suddenly he is tied up! That voice… ANNA?! So she is the stalker? Using her panties as his blindfold, she proceeds to strip naked as she plays out her kinky sex fetish over his body! YEOW!!! She gets even more passionate upon knowing about his manhood. Ayame walks in to see this shocking development. Anna didn’t freak out. She is feeling both blissful and shameful as she makes her cool exit. Saotome saw it all and is inspired to draw porn. If she can’t use her hands, she’ll use her mouth! Ironically, Ayame who always make dirty jokes is shocked at the sight of Tanukichi’s manhood. First time seeing the real deal? Anna walks home blissfully, leaving behind a trail of drool… Scary… When she reaches home, she is confronted by Fuwa who wants answers about her extreme cleansing because it seems her lab is cleansed out too. Anna believes strengthening her enforcement will make her love grow stronger. The idea of being the best in everything will have someone notice her and thus somebody will love her. So Fuwa’s flies were sacrificed for her selfish desires? How is that appropriate conduct as she mentioned? Repressing obscenities is appropriate by default. And as they say true love prevails, all actions born from love are fair and just. Therefore the more she preaches this, the more he will love her. I thought she was just an awakened pervert but she’s really crazy…

Episode 5
Tanukichi is in denial and refuses to acknowledge about Anna last night. But Saotome has proof. Here’s her panties she left behind! Living nightmare! He thinks Anna acting normal towards him means she too thinks it is a dream. But when he realizes the cookies she made for him include her nectar of love (the ‘drool’ that comes out from her vagina!!!!!!!!!), that is where it goes downhill. Anna even becomes a yandere, holding a pair of scissors to Ayame’s neck, thinking she is quite close to Tanukichi and why was she there at his place last night? Asking for her advice? Yeah, we’ll go with that. Wow. This girl is scary! For the next few days, Anna becomes Tanukichi’s stalker. She chases him everywhere just to let him taste her love nectar! And when he gives her the slip by going through her legs, another strange sensation as she wants to taste his nectar of love!!! The ‘love’ chase continues… At this rate, the Yatsugamori plan is doomed to fail. Even more so when Sophia and the PMC squad have discovered all the hidden maps and erotic pictures in school. Ayame won’t lose so she and Tanukichi head there themselves. She is going to fight alone but then to their surprise, the entire Tokioka students are here. How? They are being led by Fuwa who has distributed those pictures to them. This means there is nobody at school to sign the petition. When being stopped by the PMC squad at Yatsugamori, Fuwa signals the girls for their next plan. They pleas to the PMC squad that they are on their side to capture the pervy boys. The boys feel betrayed as the PMC squad try to chase and arrest them. But their sacrifice won’t be in vain because it is just a distraction so the girls could go look for the hidden stash. This motivates Ayame to do her part as she dresses up as Blue Tundra. However Anna is here and she is hell bent in capturing Blue Tundra so that Tanukichi will love her more. Ayame suggests the split up since Anna is after her. Also, she feels bad that she forced him into SOX.

Tanukichi is pushed off a cliff as he rolls into a cave. This is where all the hidden hardcore porn is stashed. Hearing Blue Tundra’s scream, Tanukichi is in a dilemma to save her because he can be free from all this if he lets her be. Then he spots a briefcase containing something risqué. Before Anna can unmask Blue Tundra here comes Tanukichi dressed in a weird dominatrix outfit. He claims to be Blue Tundra’s accomplice named, uhm, TBA? Anna will capture both of them but when she gets close to TBA, she becomes confused. Her heart beats faster and could feel the hot passion within burning inside. She thought such feelings are reserved only for Tanukichi. She weakens as she cannot believe that everything about TBA is exactly like Tanukichi (right down to his bulge!). She can’t believe her body reacts to make her spill her love nectar. She escapes by jumping off a cliff! Don’t worry. She’ll survive. With the porn stash found and Fuwa getting lots of ‘combining’ flies, they leave before the PMC squad returns. Tanukichi gets the unlikeliest praise he never want to hear from a person like Ayame: He is the craziest person she has ever met! Despite the operation success, this didn’t dampen Sophia’s plan as Tokioka is one of the many places to sign the petition. She holds a conference to show boxes of signatures from petitions from all over the nation. However everyone is shocked when all the papers turn out to be obscene illustrations! It’s broadcasting live over TV!!! As narrated, SOX switched some of the petition boxes with the drawings and burned the former. Because Sophia showed obscene illustrations on air, she got into trouble and was forced to shelve the H Prohibition Act for now.

Episode 6
Although the guys are turned on by erotic pictures, they still don’t know what to do. That is why Ayame’s next plan is to make sex toys! Well, there aren’t any sex toy stores around, right? Ayame and Saotome will make the toys and yes, Tanukichi will test them! I find it ironic that Ayame mainly wants to make sex toys that will pleasure boys but for girls she is satisfied for them to look at Saotome’s drawings. What about boys and girls doing it for real? She calls it sexual harassment?! With lots of censored dirty words, lots of rebuking from Tanukichi (because the dangerous sex toys might just ruin his ‘little brother’), they finished creating a vibrator. Leaving it as a free ‘health and beauty’ product for others to take, Tanukichi is tasked to seek Fuwa’s help to make a controller for it. She is interested in how the device works but as payment in accepting his job, she wants him to show his ‘hose’ in ‘battle pose’! That is when Anna comes in and sees them together. Her yandere feature kicks in thinking he is cheating on her. He lies his way that he was seeking Fuwa’s advice on a good gift for her. She takes the pill-shaped vibrator and believes this is his present. Thinking it is some kind of charm stone, she’ll treasure it and make it into a pendant. Meanwhile the other vibrator they created broke because of Ayame’s incessant testing. Using it on a radish?

When Anna calls Tanukichi and Ayame for some student council work, Tanukichi accidentally switches on the remote. Anna goes into ecstasy. Oh, the remote is spoiled and can’t be turned off. Ayame gets the wrong idea this is all part of his perverted plan and runs away. With Anna burning with passion, Tanukichi quickly runs away. He hopes Fuwa could help fix it. She can’t do anything as the vibrator is not with her. Oh, the strength dial is functioning properly. Anna is getting more intense… He runs away and bumps into Saotome. He seeks her help but she clearly is giving away his position. Why? Because she wants to see Tanukichi and Anna ‘combine’ for real! With Anna hunting him down furiously, Tanukichi tries to leave school but is caught by Gouriki. He was ordered to bring him back to the office. Darn. Didn’t Gouriki notice something strange about Anna? Like her boobs vibrating like mad?! Nope. Nothing wrong. Sex amateur! Not that Anna is alone with him, she is going to get all steamy and horny. His predicament gets worse as she touches his crotch and her vibrating boobs are now on them too! Any second now… So intense the vibrating that it rips her shirt and bra! Then the vibrator overheats and malfunctions. Safe… Anna feels bad for not taking care of it. The next day she pleads for him to give another one and promises to take care of it. Tanukichi seeks Ayame’s help but she clearly ignores him. He can’t ask for Fuwa’s help since he is already in her debt. Anna gets jealous Tanukichi is paying more attention to Ayame. And when Saotome pops up to just tell them off to ‘combine’, Anna blows her top thinking he has more girls and strangles him! Somebody just kill him…

Episode 7
A SOX copycat strikes, leaving a large montage made out of panties. Kosuri is causing her mischief to the PMC squad by throwing yogurt filled balloons. She even has a group of cross-dressing middle aged men to help with her mischief! This part of Kosuri’s plan in hopes she will meet SOX. Ayame has met with the big 4 naughty terrorism organizations: A Snack On Buttocks, Absolute Territory, Mammalians and Bacon Lettuce Mothers’ Society to share and exchange porn stash. Hey, you should expect weird names from naughty terrorists, right? Thanks to the wide spread of their efforts of porn and Saotome’s increased quality, the understanding of sex has deepened. Ayame gets the wrong idea that Gouriki and Tanukichi are gay because they spend more time together! It doesn’t help when Gouriki is being unknowingly ambiguous with his words. But Tanukichi prefers to spend more time with him because it keeps Anna away. Then there are underwear stealing incidents all over the city. Not only females but males’ underwear too. Also, the messages left at the scene state they were inspired by SOX. So Anna orders higher surveillance around the changing rooms. While Tanukichi watches outside one, here comes Anna to sexually harass him! Pinning him down and biting off his zipper, she wants to feel his manhood! She even spills her love nectar all over his face! Thankfully Tanukichi didn’t get raped as Gouriki returns to report. And Saotome saw all that and made a perfect erotic sketch. Tanukichi goes to see Ayame cornering Fuwa. She believes she is the panty thief but Tanukichi uncovers the thing she is hiding: A BL magazine! Furthermore, it is Tanukichi x Gouriki!!! WTF?! Definitely Ayame and Saotome had a hand in this. They noticed how more girls noted their hearts went tight seeing Tanukichi and Gouriki together and tried their hands at this new fantasy. It was a hit that there are already 10 volumes!!! When a group of panty thieves consisting of boys and girls are caught, a large broadcast is made by this creepy guy. A high level pervert, if you ask me. He is White Climax and leader of the SOX inspired, Moist Throng. Their goal is to oppose the government’s actions by liberating underwear.

Apparently Ayame is not too please having Moist Throng considering themselves as SOX’s allies. Although it makes them bad guys, this doesn’t bother her except for the fact that Moist Throng resorts to petty crimes like stealing underwear whereas SOX just wants to educate the people on sex and talk dirty. Not to say that is noble either. Tanukichi didn’t think deep enough since they are terrorists and it is right they are labelled as bad. But what he fails to understand if that if the people lose their trust in SOX, it will hinder their efforts to spread sex education. Later that night, Tanukichi saves Kosuri who is being chased by the PMC squad. Hiding in an alley, Fuwa happened to be here and thinks he is a lolicon. She is here as she heard this is where she could get that secret BL copy he confiscated! He is forced to let the BL issue slide if she helps them escape. Safely away, when Kosuri knocks out an ally looking for her (and disappointed to find out her true goal), she is going to do the same to Tanukichi. She reveals her purpose of coming here is to join SOX. At first she doesn’t believe him but after showing the erotic drawings in his hand, she does. He brings her to Ayame who is not too impressed for a suspicious girl like her to join. They find out Kosuri is Keisuke’s only daughter. Although he sides with the terrorists, she claims her dad is a wuss as all he does is sucks up to the PMC squad. Ayame is still not convinced so she takes out lots of weapons that she thinks will come in handy to drive away PMC squads. This makes Ayame believe why their ideals are different. Kosuri will do anything but that is what makes her even less trustworthy. Because Ayame seems to hint she has been faking everything since the start. Kosuri explains the weapons are from her dad for self protection as she has a habit of barking up the wrong tree and getting into trouble. Thus she hoped to come here to find SOX and a place to belong. Ayame reluctantly accepts her since Kosuri’s arrest would hamper Keisuke’s support of all naughty terrorists and their existence. All Tanukichi knows is that he has another sick weirdo to deal with.

Episode 8
Tanukichi wakes up to find Kosuri sleeping next to him. That is the least of his problems because Anna has been standing there all night watching them! OH SH*T! YANDERE MODE! He is forced to lie Kosuri is his hidden sister, an illegitimate child of his father. He manages to get Kosuri to act the part. Anna backs down when Kosuri mentions Anna as the girl who is close to onii-chan. Yeah, no need to vanish from Anna’s life… But if Kosuri thinks she can continue hugging onii-chan, Anna’s body moves by herself as you see her carve out the floor around Kosuri’s body and let her fall under! Scary! Then there is this worry that Gouriki might have turned gay since he is here to personally pick up Tanukichi for a student council job. Because they haven’t been spending lots of time together… It only further fuels Saotome’s creativity… Anna introduces her student council members to Oboro Tsukimigusa. She will be here as the disciplinary officer. She is an expert on obscene subjects, the rest observe her in confiscating ordinary objects because they have the potential to become obscene. From tug of war ropes to netball net to even ping pong balls! OMG! Isn’t everything lewd then? When Fuwa bugs Tsukimigusa about the gay manga, she confiscates it. But she returns it when Fuwa describes it is not by changing her words. When Tanukichi confirms it is indeed obscenity, she confiscates it. Fuwa then disagrees and describes how it is not. Again she declassifies it as porn. Man, she is like a robot! No wonder Tanukichi didn’t see her as a threat. Ayame discusses with Tanukichi and Kosuri about their next plan to infiltrate another high moral school, Zoushigaoka Academy to spread their knowledge. But Kosuri goes in alone herself to recon the school so that they will have a better idea of the place.

Fidgety Anna has Tsukimigusa bring boxes of things the latter considered as obscene. She is seeking Tanukichi’s second opinion. Toilet roles? WTF. Not obscene. Anna is relieved because now she can go to toilet in peace and has been holding it ever since. A group of disciplinary members is chasing down a Moist Throng guy. Anna successfully gives him a roundhouse kick and only furthers to increase her discomfort. She quickly introduces the disciplinary squad committee (clones?) she has assembled before running off to answer the call of the nature. Kosuri returns after 3 days and managed to get a detailed blueprint of Zoushigaoka. She has also hid the footage of the flies ‘combining’ in the broadcast system that can be played anytime. Later Tanukichi is shocked that Kosuri starts treating him like a slave. She claims her blueprint has made her useful in SOX and reveals the tactic she used. Zoushigaoka’s student council consists of 3 males and 2 females. She used her little sister charm to seduce the 2 males who are in love with their respective female counterparts. Then she got close to those girls and became best friends and made them realize they are in love with those guys. When they confessed, they never stood a chance because the guys were deeply in love with Kosuri. This made them feel guilty for rejecting their original love. With the awkwardness between them, Kosuri homed in on the 3rd guy and got what she wanted as he is now her puppet. Tanukichi believes she has crossed the line. Ayame will never stoop to cruel methods to hurt others. But Kosuri knows Tanukichi can’t report this to Ayame because he is a wuss. She also thinks he loves Ayame, which makes it hard for him to talk. As added penalty, Kosuri wants him to lick her foot. Ayame is worried with the increased patrol of the disciplinary committee. They are aggressively taking away all materials that are obscene and if this method proves to be effective, other school might adopt it. This is dangerous because if you teach them to identify what is obscene, they will turn into enforcers (currently only PMC squad and teachers do the surveillance). Ayame declares war on the disciplinary committee and also has to deal with Moist Throng before they do something dangerous. She has a plan but it is risky.

Episode 9
Part of SOX’s sex crusade is to use Tanukichi’s underwear as bait?! Apparently something about the musty smell that would attract Moist Throng members. The team is split into 2 with Kosuri and Saotome hiding dirty pictures over the school grounds, Blue Tundra scattering porn magazines throughout school as distraction for the disciplinary committee so that Tanukichi could wait and catch Moist Throng members. Kosuri doesn’t like this plan well as she is not paired with Ayame as she hoped for. The plan goes well and Tanukichi thought he caught a Moist Throng member. But it turns out to be Anna! She got attracted by his underwear’s smell and believes he put it up as her reward for all her hard work. Before Anna could release her love nectar all over his face, he tells her the true goal of displaying his underwear. Disappointed? She refuses to give it back and continues smelling them! Tsukimigusa has only been standing there watching because she was given orders by Anna’s father, Matsukage to prioritize Anna’s orders. Even with all provision explanation, in short, as long Anna does obscenities, her actions will be overlooked but if Tanukichi does any obscenity on her, he will be apprehended. A couple of Moist Thong members steal Tanukichi’s underwear. Anna becomes mad and makes it top priority to chase them down to the end of the Earth! Kosuri is not pleased that Tanukichi has his underwear stolen but Ayame approves of it because it is part of the plan. Because now they can use this to keep Anna preoccupied. Saotome gets an unexpected tickling punishment because she was drawing her lewd pictures during the operation instead of helping Kosuri. How does Ayame know? Kosuri ratted her out. Ayame discusses the next plan to capture Moist Throng members by hiding Saotome’s panties while Blue Tundra causes her usual distraction.

While TBA catches many Moist Throng members in the act, Kosuri approaches Fuwa for help. The latter can tell from her actions that she is trying to use her charm her target. When the lights go out because of the fire alarm, TBA catches another Moist Throng member and proceeds to do his dick stepping move. When the lights come back on, he is shocked to see it is Tsukimigusa and he is a boy!!!!!!!! Apparently Matsukage ordered him to cross-dress as a girl because it makes it easier to investigate male and female areas. Also, if he was a boy and by Anna’s side, he might develop indecent feelings for her. Tanukichi believes he is stripped of his identity and although Tsukimigusa dismisses that he has one, it sounds like a sad take that makes him sound like a robot, accepting whatever role that he will gladly be when asked to. Anna comes in to check and sees the ‘fake Tanukichi’. A showdown is on the cards but TBA throws his underwear for his escape. As good as the original, right? Kosuri brags she was useful to SOX and sought Fuwa’s help to send Moist Throng members. Though, she had intended to have her obstruct the disciplinary committee but since she wouldn’t, Kosuri personally released the sprinklers. So all that was her doing? Kosuri is shocked that Ayame disapproves of her methods. She thought she had worked hard to get her approval. Ayame explains that by contacting Fuwa, she has established a link between SOX and regular students. Whatever actions they do will work against them. She reminds about SOX’s mission is not to destroy the PMC squad, hurt he disciplinary committee nor stop Anna from becoming a mess. Kosuri feels disappointed. Because it looks like SOX is just like her wuss father sucking up to the enemy. But SOX gets an underwear message to meet at the park. They can’t believe they are seeing White Climax in the flesh.

Episode 10
White Climax wants to negotiate but since they have differing views on panty smells and Blue Tundra is not impressed with him using Moist Throng as a front to steal panties for his fetish, the negotiation is off. White Climax vows to destroy this world and drown it in a sea of panties and will endanger himself to punish society. Tanukichi takes a bus to school and meets Gouriki too. It seems the train system is taken out and it is believed to be the work of Moist Throng. Looks like they have become serious. Tanukichi gets a warning call too late from Ayame not to take the bus because Moist Throng members have hijacked 42 of them and he is on one of them. Their goal is to collect all the passengers’ lingerie. White Climax makes his broadcast that they support SOX’s perversion and seek a world where unique panties can be acquired by everyone. Thus bus Fuwa is on, she is not afraid of the hijacker since she can tell the gun is fake from her movements. She is bombarding the hijacker with questions regarding links with panties and pregnancies but the crowd tackles the hijacker. Unwillingly Fuwa becomes a hero although all she wanted was just to ask questions. On the bus Anna is on, she is fidgety because she has been smelling Tanukichi’s underwear for some time. She starts thinking if Tanukichi is avoiding her because she still lacks righteousness. When the hijacker approaches her, she mercilessly beats him up and believes this is what she must do to win his heart just like before. On Tanukichi’s bus, the hijacker collects a bag of Tanukichi’s underwear! He bundled them together like this to stop Anna from stealing and lies about his fetish of smelling them. The last thing he needs to hear is how the hijacker comments him as crazy. But Gouriki accepts Tanukichi’s for who he is. Why? Because he himself is wearing female’s lingerie! OMG! So hideous (and funny) that the hijacker and passengers vomit!!!! OMFG!!! Well, that saved the day.

As Tanukichi and Ayame meet up, they discuss the information that they have on White Climax and they know his identity is Takuma Ichinose. Their plan is to capture him themselves and can’t rely on the PMC to do it because they won’t recklessly risk the lives of the passengers as it is rumoured one of the guns is real. Since 39 buses are still being hijacked, Fuwa is being taken around to identify if the hijacker’s gun is real. So once the real gun is found, the PMC squad will act and that is why SOX must get to White Climax first. How do they find the bus White Climax is on? With Kosuri’s help of finding unique smelling panties, White Climax’s bus follows the bait. When he alights, TBA enters and tries to quickly close the door but White Climax has finished his business and came back on. He knows this was a trap but still had to go for it since they gathered so many panties for him. TBA is not cowed if his gun is real as he knows he can’t shoot because the panties on his head are covered with the smell of another girl. But he can still beat him up. TBA is not amused when White Climax badmouths Blue Tundra. Cue for her to bust in. He claims the panties on her head are clean till she reveals she soaked them in her own smell from last night. She just took them off and wore them. Caught off guard, this allows TBA to pin him down and reveal his gun to be fake. Blue Tundra then discloses the flaw of his delusion that he considers panties worthy if they smell of someone else’s. That is his downfall. Blue Tundra then makes an announcement they have captured White Climax and wants to go somewhere to negotiate with the authorities. Suddenly somebody pushes her out of the bus and she is forced to run. TBA is shocked that Kosuri did this. Looks like she has betrayed SOX and wants to join Moist Throng. She views their organization goal to wage war on this stupid world suits her better.

Episode 11
Kosuri forces TBA off the bus too. With White Climax, their next destination is Zoushigaoka. Tanukichi is hiding from authorities when he bumps into Fuwa who shows him the news. Moist Throng has taken Zoushigaoka hostage and are demanding new clean panties to be delivered to them or they will post pictures of the hostages wearing underwear on their heads. It seems their plan is to have them wear the underwear to imbue their scent and then take them off and farm new ones. Tanukichi contacts Ayame about the developments. But she paints a bleak picture they can’t do anything since Moist Throng has weapons. Furthermore, the lack manpower. This has Tanukichi ponder the truth about his dad’s words that they are powerless especially smart fools who proudly proclaims their righteousness. But Fuwa dismisses it because they get drunk on their own righteousness and will fall into insanity. She gives Anna as an example. She will do anything that is deemed righteous and even kill for justice. Sooner or later she is doomed to fail. This gives Tanukichi an idea for a plan although it is cowardly and risky. Kosuri tells White Climax her plan about escaping Japan and bring back foreigners to help with their cause but he seems to be more interested in frolicking in the used panties. He scoffs off her revolution as wasted labours as nothing would change. Kosuri feels she has been tricked and tries to taser him but gets shocked herself because he is covered with the sweat of the panties and is absorbent. Too wet to be hurt? Huh? I thought water and electricity don’t mix? The authorities want to move in since they have confirmed all guns are fake. But Matsukage wants to wait a little longer and let those terrorists play the devil a little longer. The more they use perversion as a weapon, the more evil they look and this will make their push for H Prohibition Act easier. Saotome contacts Tanukichi and Ayame. Thanks to her surreal drawing, the guards are fooled by the optical illusion of the hostages when they are safely away on another floor. She too has another plan.

While tied up Kosuri regrets her actions, Blue Tundra and TBA crash into Zoushigaoka. White Climax is confident their numbers can defeat them. But here comes Anna with her kung fu fighting. She has brought along her disciplinary committee to fight too. Apparently TBA went to seek Anna’s help to cooperate with SOX with the pretence of getting back Tanukichi’s stolen underwear. So is this why TBA is seen scrubbing his crotch and armpits to hide his smell? You better scrub it clean! As the hostages escape, some Moist Throng members stop them but Saotome throws panties at them. They are just drawings but they can’t help love it since it has got the unique smell. Proof that 2D trumps 3D? White Climax is left and he unleashes his taser dick as his ultimate weapon?! Tsukimigusa and Kosuri (fresh from freeing herself) bump into his dick and make it swollen! TBA hints to hit his other weakness: Nipples! With that, Blue Tundra and Anna flying kick him out the window and into the authorities’ arrest. Anna then goes off to find Tanukichi’s underwear… Blue Tundra then makes her announcement of defeating Moist Throng. She continues by saying she wants to become a dirty joke and explains the concept of considering it as evil is just wrong as well as the excitement and thrill of lewd stuffs. Authorities cannot cut this broadcast since it is being transmitted via Keisuke’s station. Blue Tundra and TBA fly away in their hot air balloon. She thanks him for being the way he is and confesses she likes him. As much as a dirty joke. Is that sarcasm? Tanukichi gets serious in asking who his real self is but she tells him he shouldn’t get the answer for others and find it himself. Now Ayame has a pesky bug on her side. Repented Kosuri has devoted herself to be her slave forever and is sucking up hard to her.

Episode 12
SOX is shocked to receive an invitation from Sophia to Nukumi which was previously a hotspring district. They are not sure if she has discovered their identity. Tanukichi remembers his dad telling him that if he were to go there one day, take this steering wheel. And the girls are hoping it would have something very lewd to do with it. There, SOX is shock to see Gouriki who couldn’t be happier to see Tanukichi. Tanukichi shouldn’t be too happy because Anna is here too! Between the devil and the deep blue sea…Apparently they have got an invitation from Sophia too. They wait for her but she didn’t show up so they decided to take a bath. You know Tanukichi’s chastity is in danger when Anna sends Gouriki on another wild goose chase so she can sneak into the men’s section to exchange love nectar! 69 position?! Thankfully before that could happen, they hear Sophia’s scream and find her body passed out nearby. They find out she has an invitation from Anna but she clearly did not send this. A trap? The perpetrator shows himself. A black version of White Climax? He is Black Base and has a fetish for black lingerie. He is glad all the players have gathered and escapes. Worse, they realize their clothes have been stolen and replaced by only black lingerie. When they finally confront him, he is in possession of the wheel. He claims this is the key to open a treasure trove. Treasure of lewd stuffs? He suggests a duel in the form of strip rock-scissors-paper. The loser will strip a piece until there is no more. Hardly fair since this guy is wearing many pieces of black lingerie. The first to face him is the shy and newly recruit of the disciplinary committee, Binkan. She wins and when he takes off a slab from his chest, she couldn’t take it anymore and runs away. Oh, she quits the committee too. Next is Gouriki. Tanukichi has an idea when he loses and wants Ayame to close her eyes. When he loses and strips, Black Base sees his lingerie beneath and vomits!!! Tanukichi takes this chance to steal back the wheel. Tanukichi and Ayame make a run for it while everyone else hold back Black Base.

As they look around, they stumble upon Fuwa looking for unique insects. She thinks they are looking for a cable car because there is one dilapidated right over there. She helps switch on the power to let the duo ride up the hill. Inside the ruins, they realize the destruction was left behind by the PMC squad. Then they notice a very clean mannequin like as though somebody maintained it ever since. Noticing a screw, it fits the wheel. They turn but have no strength. Saotome and Kosuri arrive in time to help turn it. No, it is not the wind blowing up the Marilyn Monroe look-a-like mannequin’s skirt but a secret chamber that contains lots of other well maintained erotic mannequins. They realize Black Base was behind all this and wanted to show them. He was Zenjuurou’s comrade during the early days and when he saw SOX’s heroism on the news, he remembered his glory days. For now, Ayame suggests they do not do anything to the mannequins since the world isn’t ready for it yet. They will preserve it for future generations. Saotome draws a mural to indicate SOX has left their mark. They report back to Anna that there is nothing lewd and since Tsukimigusa destroyed a decoy believed to be lewd, the treasure’s existence is safe. Tanukichi wonders how long they have to hide it. Ayame believes a world without dirty jokes will not last forever. It will end someday but for now, they must keep fighting.

Viva Dirty Jokes! Viva Sex! Viva Porn!
Good news. I didn’t turn into a pervert when I was watching thing. Because I was already one! HAHAHA!!! Oops. Anyway, I was wondering why the ending was a little weak since the penultimate episode was quite climatic in its own right (no sexual puns intended). But I suppose it is only right because if you end it on a very high climax (again, no sexual puns intended), there might be lots of angry people who are going to wish that that wasn’t the last episode and will be horny hungry for more. So let’s just be grateful that the lukewarm final episode is just to cool things down and to wind things up for this season. Though, I am not sure why Black Base invited other people than SOX in the first place. Why even bother calling Sophia as she was passed out for the entire episode and did nothing and saw nothing.

If you enjoyed this anime, you’ll be laughing so hard that the pervy jokes are secondary by nature. If you dislike it, you’ll be cringing so hard that it would be a miracle if you even finish sitting through the first episode. So Remember meme rule #34. If it exists, there is definitely porn of it. No exceptions. I am not too sure if after watching this anime should make you horny because of the lack of stimulating visuals that you would normally find in an ecchi anime. But if it does make you horny, then I could say that SOX and this anime in particular have done a great job. Heh, in that case they should make a hentai version of this series as a parody. Oh wait. Is there already one?

There are a few concepts which have raised a few boggling questions. Considering the success of the acts that prevent people from doing indecent stuffs, this raises the question of how children especially those from Tokioka will be able to procreate children. We have seen how misguided and misinformed they are regarding breeding. They have become retards in that sense. And if they know nothing about ‘combining’, how will they be able to f*ck and make children seeing that they don’t even know what or how the reproduction system works. Wouldn’t this lead to a very steep decline and if not the extinction of the Japanese population in the next generation? All because Japanese people don’t know how to f*ck!!! Haven’t the authorities thought about this? Besides, have there been any new babies born in the last few years seeing that the law has been enacted for a decade. Because I am assuming the laws are so strict that the PM will just go off even if the couple were to have sex. Unless you tell me you need some sort of consent from the government to f*ck. Besides, isn’t that how that word came about? From medieval times, Fornification Under Consent of the King! If not, should the government be worried about the declining population instead of becoming a moral police?

Then there is the question about the PM devices. No doubt it is still imperfect and has its flaws but just come to think about it for example you can’t even draw a dick without alerting the authorities, what happens if someone were to draw objects in phallic shapes? I am a mushroom seller and I need to draw pictures of mushrooms to sell my products. So can or not? And do you know how many objects in our daily lives resemble closely to the shape of a vagina? Of course you can circumvent this as seen by Saotome using her mouth. I have an easier suggestion to go around this rule: You draw half of the penis first (an incomplete picture), then you doodle something else on another piece of paper before returning and finishing the remaining sketches of the dick. Simple, right? That way, the PM device cannot trace a full penis shape. And as for the new chastity belts, have the government ever thought how everybody is going to answer the call of nature? Don’t tell me that they have to listen to ever request for everyone who wants to take a bathroom break. Imagine the kind of surveillance needed for each and every one! It is insane?! What next? Bathroom squads?

And the biggest mind boggling flaw in the series despite we know it is just a setting for the story? YOU CANNOT EVER CENSOR PORN FROM THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I would love to see which government of any country playing moral police try to block out porn from the internet like 100%. So I don’t know how amazing Japan did it in this series but they did it. Because they are Japan. So it was a big joke that I laughed so hard and also an insult that this series has its setting that Japan, one of the biggest and most creative producers in the global porn industry to have all its indecent artistic materials banned in any and every way. So I don’t understand why the government really wants to ban indecency so badly and although I believe it is for a good cause, you can see for yourself here how far it has deviated to the point they have become authoritarian dictators.

Despite SOX being labelled and outlawed as a naughty terrorist, the one thing that makes them stand apart from a normal terrorist is the use of violence. Of course this is greatly misused as seen in Moist Throng’s case. But as far as Ayame is concerned, she has her principles to stick to and that is just to educate people about the pleasures of indecent materials. Nothing wrong of using such stuffs for your own pleasure, right? Of course nothing to be said and definitely wrong if it is raping and sexually assaulting others to cause grievance. Everyone including myself has their own personal fetish. But when you start imposing your ideals on others, you are no better than the authorities that are clamping down on these immoral activities. Hence SOX is just being a big mischievous organization who wants to educate people on their basic rights of sex. Sex is a basic right, right? Many of their operations only include hiding and scattering porn works for others to discover and let their inner fetish awake. All they need to do is guide. The rest is up to you.

Depending on your stance and tolerance for dirty jokes and even ecchi themes, the so called dirty talk may sound too much if you are the kind who isn’t fond of such indecent jokes and for those who do, they just sound mild. I am not sure about the BDs, but I can assure you the TV version that I watched, all those words are purposely censored out. But you can guess them from the first or last syllable that they left uncensored. With dirty talk being one of the central themes of the series, this brings about another topic to discuss: Are girls as perverted as boys? Normally as humans, we are all perverted by nature and it doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Because of Ayame’s penchant to talk dirty and almost every damn sentence of hers contains a dirty word, Saotome being a super lewd artist and Anna being a kinky sex crazed lover, it may prompt many how this series is one of those created to target fan boys because you know, horny girls. You don’t really see many of those in real life, right? Is it because these characters are girls that the show seems funny? Now, imagine if all of them are changed into boys. What would be the effect? Not so funny anymore, right? It would be downright creepy and everyone would view them even more so as perverts.

When you talk about the characters, it is hard to say they are likeable or not due to the nature and genre of this series. If I had to describe them, each character is just crazy in their own ways. Because like Ayame, is she the protagonist and hero of the series just because the government are seemingly the antagonist? What about her love to say dirty stuffs which probably is half the comedy for the entire series? But there is one thing that I find odd about her at first. Despite her love to insert dirty words and concepts in her sentences, I somewhat noticed that she isn’t that thrilled when suggested to do the real thing. She is like the epitome of a woman’s logic. You know, they’ll gladly show you their body when wearing a swimsuit but cower in embarrassment and calling you a pervert if you see them in their undies. But think about this. If Ayame is actually sex crazy, she wouldn’t be running around distributing indecent materials and the likes. Wouldn’t she have used all those free time of hers to pleasure herself and at extreme cases, try to flirt or have sex with Tanukichi? Seeing that she doesn’t and there were a few hints that suggested she isn’t too fond of engaging physically, could it be just the case of her love in enjoying talking dirty? It is her version of chilling as are to those puffing cigarettes.

Then there is Tanukichi, your seemingly normal and average main character being dragged into this entire vulgar mess? He finds it reluctant to engage in dirty acts of terrorism but deep down inside he enjoys it. So is Ayame and SOX slowly bringing out the pervert in him? Well, for most of the time that I observed, he is to play the rebuking role to Ayame’s dirty talk. He is the other half of the manzai comedy to censure Ayame’s crazy-screw-loose-in-the-head thoughts. It would really be screwed up if he really ends up being gay with Gouriki! Holy sh*t! Then I think every girl would see this as a happy ending because this gay pairing is so trending right now. Perhaps in an extreme case Tanukichi would be better off so because the girl he once admires now turns out to be a totally different monster.

Speaking of Anna, she is a classic example of still waters run deep and what authoritarian dictators are about. Giving her the benefit of the doubt like the other honour students that she does not know what is lewd and what isn’t, this is what happens when you don’t know what lust is at all. But the ironic thing about her is that as the student council president who has been on Blue Tundra’s tail for a long time, you’d think that she would at least know a thing or two about what is indecent. So when she goes into that kinky addiction to take out her extreme passion on Tanukichi, doesn’t it make her a hypocrite? Like I said, she is blind and oblivious when it comes to love since she has her own version of justice when it comes to love. This is an indication and very similar to what wrong people in higher authorities are like. Everything they do is in their own interest and they justify that as right. Thus when misguided people like Anna is in power, she is no different than the crooked petty thief on the street in this context. And to think that she wants to give him her love nectar is a mild case of omorashi, right?

I expected Anna to have some sort of a different personality and predicted that she would turn out to be a strange pervert in her own ways. At first I thought how lucky if I (and others alike) would have such a kinky real life girlfriend that would love to take out all her indecent fantasies on you. But the more we see Anna getting crazier and dangerous to the point of being yandere, the more I start to rethink that maybe I don’t really want her as my girlfriend or waifu after all. I can only think because Anna is crazily strong and this is what makes her dominantly dangerous unlike us otaku wuss who think we are dominating our submissive 2D girlfriend(s) and getting our way we want with them. Thus seeing the hazardous and threatening side of Anna made us reflect hard if this is what we want. Definitely nope. You don’t own Anna. Anna owns you!

Other characters are as crazy too and in that aspect is what makes them funny and likeable. Like Saotome who can’t stop drawing due to her never ending flow of indecent inspiration. She has levelled up so much that she could draw life-like stuffs that I think the next step for her to master is to start using her feet to draw too! And maybe master the art of shoving up a pencil in a certain hole too!!! Haha! That way, she can draw more illicit stuffs! Then there is Fuwa who seems to be more interested in how breeding works rather than what stimulates others although her ambiguous talk might indicate so. Making it even vaguer is that she has bags under her eyes like as though she stayed up all night pleasuring herself and she always sound tired. No, I don’t think it is her eye shadow makeup. Is it me or do her fly specimens seem to always make out all the time. What kind of flies mate 24/7? I don’t know. Every time we see her cage, the censor is always there. So this must mean that they’re f*cking, right?

Kosuri is perhaps the only female in the series not to have a certain liking for Tanukichi. Well, at least all the main characters ‘like’ Tanukichi in their own ways because he is a nice guy to be ‘used’. Whether it is Ayame as her accomplice, Saotome as her model for gay porn and real life ‘combining’ purposes, Fuwa bugging him for sex related questions (why does she loves popping up from under your legs?), Anna and her misguided deviant love and even Gouriki indicating his gay intentions, Kosuri could have been the little sister trope if not for admiration swinging towards Ayame. Not forgetting Tsukimigusa, perhaps the most boring character ever thanks to his robotic nature. If he is told to like Tanukichi to be part of his ‘harem’, I think he would. But his character is a big indication of what society will be if the authorities brainwash people into mindless droids and unable to think for themselves. A life made much worse without porn. No life at all. Scary.

Art and drawing are pretty much standard. But if you are expecting a lot of fanservice, I think you’d be disappointed. Many of the lewdness are in the form of Ayame’s dirty talk so if you want visual candy, there isn’t many except maybe during White Climax’s panty raiding arc. And the most panty shots you’ll ever see are the panties used covering over SOX’s face. Thus the fanservice in this sense is considered very mild and pales in comparison to what a real ecchi themed anime is like. This means no bare naked tits. Sorry. Of course there are also some censors like White Climax who has his big dick dangling out as his indecent fashion so it is only right for his ‘big bro’ to have a censor covering it. Nobody wants to see it, right? Other censors include the indecent hand gestures Ayame makes and some of the manga illustrations from Saotome that are too risqué to be shown on air. I wonder if they would take this away in the BDs. For extra fanservice, the end card shows very ‘delicious’ and ‘tempting’ illustrations…

I also want to mention that some characters look like other anime characters especially Anna looking a whole lot similar to Dagashi Kashi’s Hotaru. Even their bizarre personality is spookily alike. One is a love crazy deviant and the other is for her sweets. More strange coincidence as Fuwa and To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Kiyama both have bags under their eyes and researchers employed by the school. Aren’t Ayame and Seitokai Yakuindomo’s Shino not only strikingly look similar but they are both dirty minded student council presidents too? Too much coincidence! That’s not the end yet because when I first saw Tsukimigusa, I thought Nobume from Gintama got a new casting here. Perhaps the white uniform increases the similarity. And so does their robotic personality. Doesn’t Sophia look like a white haired version of Umineko No Naku Koro Ni’s Beatrice? Even same seiyuu… Doesn’t Saotome look like Matsuri from Mahou Shoujo Taisen and Himi from Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku? Lastly, I thought White Climax took after Rurouni Kenshin’s Shishio because of how the bandages wrapped around their entire body make them look like an evil mummy. Only, White Climax is wrapped with his favourite white panties… Needless to say, Tanukichi looks so generic like your typical main character guy from harem animes that I can’t even think of one right now whom he resembles.

When I first heard the late Miyu Matsuki as Anna, my first thoughts are how unsuitable her voice fits her character Anna. With all due respect, she did not do a bad job voicing her character. Because I am accustomed in hearing her oddball characters like Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu’s Yukari, Kuuko of the Nyaruko series and more famously the lovable Yoshinoya-sensei from Hidamari Sketch series, I find it hard to ‘accept’ that a ‘proper’ character like Anna had her voice. I was expecting someone with more refined voice. But when Anna started to show her crazy and dangerous side, it becomes more evident why Miyu Matsuki was the right person to voice her. Thus in this sense, she is virtually perfect for the role. So kudos and RIP Miyu Matsuki for making Anna such a convincing and dangerously, uhm, dangerous character. This voice acting issue I feel is also the same for Satomi Arai as Saotome. Knowing her repertoire of voicing cranky characters like To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Shirai and Naoko from Yuri Seijin Naoko-san, at first I was acting somebody with a loli voice to handle petit Saotome. Thus hearing her voice for this small girl doesn’t feel like it fits the character. Only when Saotome starts going into her erotic craze, it is when I started feeling that perhaps she is the right voice for this erotic illustrator after all.

The only other seiyuus I recognized are Yui Horie as Kosuri, Yui Ogura as Binkan, Sho Hayami as Black Base and yes, Sayaka Ohara in yet another villainess role, Sophia. Well, technically from this series’ point of view, Sophia is an antagonist, right? The rest of the other casts include Shizuka Ishigami as Ayame (Mito in Shokugeki No Souma), Yuusuke Kobayashi as Tanukichi (Sougo in Comet Lucifer), Saori Goto as Fuwa (Bara Suishou in Rozen Maiden Traumend), Kenta Miyake as Gouriki (Klaus in Hayate No Gotoku), Sumire Uesaka as Tsukimigusa (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Ken Narita as White Climax (Sesshoumaru in Inu Yasha) and Hajime Iijima as Matsukage (Gakushuu in Ikkitousen series).

To get into the grove of what this series is entirely about, the opening theme, B Chiku Sentai SOX by the members of SOX themselves. If you can’t stand the song with lyrics containing libido and climaxing, I don’t know how much you will squirm when you watch the episode proper. Because their Sexcalibur will definitely slay you down! Other than that, this hero-like theme definitely befits the struggles and crusades of SOX. More lewdness in the ending theme as well. Don’t let the disco theme of Inner Urge by Sumire Uesaka fool you. Besides the naughty lyrics, the colourfully indecent animation and images (including Anna’s sexual harassment over Tanukichi) and the characters doing some sort of weird dance like as though they are praying their tribute to some sex god, if you think you have stomached the entire episode, the ending will make your stomach inside out again. And make you horny?

Overall, this series is actually fun to watch if you can put aside all that lewdness. After all, you know the risks of what you are getting yourself into when you read the synopsis, right? Until then, let us be thankful that porn still exists in many forms and we are free to pleasure ourselves in ways we want. Until we get caught, that is. We’ll still continue to get our sex education from porn all over the internet. I believe that it is our human nature to know about sex and procreating. Therefore you cannot stem it out entirely or else doom will be the human race. There is nothing shameful about talking dirty since it is natural. Of course in today’s world, we have to be extra careful since everything can be offended and in this case sexist. And some go too far like sex shaming, cyber stalking and harassment, sexual assault/abuse, paedophile and rape cases. A faint reminder that the world might just come to this? Nah! Just remember that indecency is not evil. It is art! Long live dirty jokes, sex and porn! Now excuse me while I go relief myself :-). My own battle just begun… :-).

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