Mushibugyou OVA

August 5, 2016

It feels like ages even though it has just been a few years. These days one of the ‘sad’ things about overseas an non-Japanese anime fans is that despite you get to watch the TV anime series you want (legally or not that is not the point we are going to discuss and up to your discretion and conscious), there are probably a whole lot of OVAs that don’t really get their chance of such exposure. In recent years where ‘legal subs’ are now provided in just about a big majority of shows released for a season and thus some believed the reason in contributing to the ‘decline of fansubs’, it is unfortunate that OVAs and specials of many series never got subbed. Even if they do, they take ages. So as in the case of Mushibugyou OVA. While it isn’t very long since it came out, but the time it takes for a group to sub it properly took its toll. You know a ‘busy’ person like me has so many animes to watch and shows like these get pushed behind if it is ‘not complete’. Then there was the fact that there are an unknown number of episodes for the OVAs. Hence I’m not sure how long or forever this will drag out. So I guess I got tired of waiting and just watched whatever that was available. Better to have watched some than never to have any at all?

Bugs are still invading Japan. So why the f*ck are Koikawa, Tenma and Hibachi fighting each other?! Over this cake?! WTF?! Then Jinbei sees the cake and eats it all himself! And he got beaten to a pulp. As Jinbei goes on patrol with Mugai, he sees this kid, Torakichi being bullied and thrown out from a dojo as they don’t want a lower caste to join them. When Torakichi sees and thinks Jinbei and Mugai as samurai warriors, he brings them to his house. His parents aren’t pleased seeing as lowly peasants they must know their place. However Torakichi begs them to teach him to become a samurai as he wants to become stronger and protect his loved ones. As expected, Jinbei is so touched by his determination that he agrees to train him. So we see Torakichi undergoing training from Jinbei sensei and the rest of his comrades soon help out. Except for Mugai who is just watching on as this scene brings back familiar memories of his past. One day as Torakichi goes to defend his siblings from the dojo bullies, Torakichi’s parents tell Jinbei to stop fuelling his samurai delusions because of their lowly social status, that kid can never become a samurai. Watching their son put in so much effort and not realizing his dream can be extremely painful. It may about to get worse because the siblings come back to report how Torakichi lost.

Jinbei goes to pick him up and you can feel his devastated moral that he won’t become a samurai even after giving all he’s got. He thought of becoming a strong and important samurai to stop the bullying but it was all a letdown. Leave it to Jinbei to tell him how much of a samurai he has already become. Because he tried to protect his siblings with all his strength and that itself is the ideal samurai image Jinbei has always been pursuing. Our bullies are getting their just desserts as a giant mantis bug swallows them into its cocoon. Our samurai heroes go into action with Jinbei fighting it upfront while Torakichi climbs its back to free the bullies. Torakichi is going to be devoured by parasite bugs but here comes Mugai in action. Then the rest of the squad members too to show off their bug killing skills. Finally Jinbei destroys the mantis. The bullies apologize to Torakichi but he holds no grudges since fighting to keep people from despair is what it means to be a samurai. More superb motivational advice from Jinbei to not worry about his current status. Continue what he is doing and he will one day become strong. He hopes they can be strong together. And Mugai watching remembers something this similar too as he notes that is why he became strong and betrayed his friends.

Mugai is so deep in meditation that even the animals gather around him! Hibachi is observing this lovely sight when boorish Jinbei had to interrupt. So as Hibachi sings praises about Mugai to Irori, the latter asks if she would instantly accept a wedding proposal from Mugai. Of course! But what if Jinbei says he likes her? This throws her off balance. Speaking of him, here he comes taking her hand to go on a patrol. This only gives more ammo to Irori to cheer for her. Because of this, Hibachi becomes very self conscious as she observes Jinbei helping others in his silly way. Then there is this ‘showdown’. Hibachi and Oharu ‘compete’ to help Jinbei carry his vegetables?! It ends with Jinbei falling on top of Oharu. This ambiguous erotic scene pisses off Hibachi so she tells him off: He will never become like Mugai! Wow. That really hit him hard. Kotori talks to Hibachi about her upcoming mission to destroy a Mushibito (human insect) at a fort. That’s normal but what’s the catch? Mugai is joining her and he personally picked her for this mission since she is the nimblest! You bet she wants to go on this mission. Oh yeah. So excited that she couldn’t sleep all night just thinking about the possibilities (delusions) with Mugai. So the next day as they make their journey, Hibachi realizes something amiss… They didn’t even talk!!! Meanwhile Jinbei seeks Koikawa’s advice on what Hibachi told him. Koikawa punches him and from what I understand it sounds like go-figure-out-yourself.

Mugai continues to ignore Hibachi even when she offers something to eat. Instead Hibachi experiences emotional flutters as she observes how observant he is on his surroundings. Yeah, even careful enough not to step on a pretty flower! KYAAA~!!!!! <3!!!! It is obviously she sees him in an even higher light but why is she comparing him to Jinbei? When they reach the destination, it is raining heavily and Hibachi spots a man being swept away by the current. She tells Mugai about this but she is in for a shock when he tells her he doesn’t care and his priority is to kill this Mushibito. Hibachi couldn’t help feel disappointed and lashes out at him not to say such sad things because this is not what Jinbei will say! She goes off to help the man but the current is too strong for her. Mugai finishes off the Mushibito and even has time continuing his combo to save that guy! Woah! Hibachi regains her respect for Mugai and believes he wanted to exterminate Mushibito fast so he could save this person. Thankfully it turned out like that, eh? She returns and tells this story to Jinbei although she herself feels pathetic for lashing out at Mugai. Jinbei then tells her he has been reflecting deeply about what she said so much so he hadn’t eaten! He hasn’t found the answer yet but he will continue to do things his way and train as much to become like Mugai one day. Okay. Whatever. She is happy Jinbei is being himself but claims she will get acknowledged by Mugai first. Later Hibachi apologizes to Mugai.

F*ck! Let’s just screw everything and put a modern day era high school setting! It begins with the usual cliché. Mushibugyou the new transfer rushes her way to school but bumps into fellow schoolmate Jinbei. A kind soul as always, he takes her there. Meanwhile Nagatomimaru addresses the students in the hall about the cultural festival. The best performance with the most votes will win a luxurious cruise trip and they can bring a partner along who cannot deny. Yeah, it means Nagatomimaru wants some gay time with Jinbei! Mushibugyou is in the same class as Jinbei as he shows her around the school. Nagatomimaru doesn’t like what he sees (it’s like they’re dating) and although Jinbei clarifies, Nagatomimaru wants to come along too. So they visit various characters making their preparations for the festival like Oharu making her dango, Hibachi making her explosives and Tenma reading Playboy magazines for inspiration for his figurines. Really? Jinbei will be doing kendo but he isn’t doing it for the prize as he has a goal and must do it to improve his skills. So the festival is on the way. Various weird acts… Jinbei and Mushibugyou walk around. In the hall, performances that are done and votes casted, their total is displayed on the board. Currently in third place is Koikawa’s yakisoba stand (did he put drugs in them?). Second place is an animal corner. This isn’t exactly a performance because it is Mugai so deep in meditation that the animals gather around him. Of course running away with the lead is Nagatomimaru’s host club for boys and girls. Sexy boys and girls give the other gender their much needed attention for his much needed votes. Nagatomimaru is convinced at this rate victory will be his since there are 2 performances left.

Next up is Oharu and her dango. However she gets clumsy and gives everybody free fanservice. From her boobs in Jinbei’s face and delicious pantsu shots, it is no wonder Oharu’s performance skyrockets up to second place. Only second place? I guess everybody has a little gay pride in them. The last performance is Jinbei’s kendo up against Genjuurou. In a tough battle, Jinbei loses but he doesn’t give up and gets up to fight back. This motivation has everyone in awe as Jinbei continues his power fight. As the votes are being tallied and it could be the big upset of the day, suddenly Yukimura and his men hijack the stage to force everyone to vote for them or else. Before they know it, every other character starts usurping them claiming the top prize is theirs. And all hell breaks loose because it turns into a free for all with every character beating the crap out of each other. Yeah, I don’t think that character is even from this school. The pandemonium ends when the entire school is destroyed. You happy now? Apparently not Mushibugyou. She is most upset. Oh no. She was enjoying Jinbei’s performance and they had to ruin it. Oh sh*t. They’re going to pay! She transforms into her dark form but since she is wearing a school swimsuit underneath, everyone loves it and unanimously votes for her in first place. And then everything all turns out to be a dream of Mushibugyou while she is at some cocoon castle. She notes how Jinbei makes her dream of fun things. Fun? I thought it was f*cking weird!

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The (Giant) Bed Bugs Bite
I am not even sure how many actual OVAs there are even if currently right now it officially stands at three. One reason that made me say that is because at the end of the final OVA, Jinbei trolls us with his report of how good the first two OVAs were. They were so well received. So does this mean there will be more? Apparently he is ranting how ‘good’ they were because of the Oharu fanservice offered until pissed Hibachi cuts him off. There is no announcement of the next OVA preview like in before so I assume that it is dusted and done but with this trolling, I can’t say because just like monster bugs that suddenly pop up when you least expected it, the OVA too might spring such surprise.

Overall, the OVAs were just nostalgia to me. Okay, partially fun too especially the final one no matter how f*cking silly it was and far it strayed from its usual setting. I don’t know, I just feel that the subsequent episodes are straying a little. It starts off with the usual of everything like we know, Jinbei training and giving hope to a young samurai wannabe and fighting a big dangerous bug because you know, that is what the show is all about. It shows Jinbei never changed as the idiotic guy with a big heart. Never change, Jinbei. Never change. Then the next focuses on Hibachi and her love dilemma which isn’t much considering how we all know a big dick Mugai is. Yes, it shows that Mugai is still a douchebag but he does it in a cool way. So cool that you’d brush it off aside when he does the next slightest good deed. Oh yeah. That is Mugai for you. We love and hate him altogether.

Finally the high school setting just kills it. Just like how ecchi themed animes must have the obligatory beach episode or pool episode, I suppose when you have a feudal setting, sometimes you need to break all that familiarity and go for something different. It only shows how much gay Nagatomimaru is. Ironically Mushibugyou had the least role as a supporting main character even in the final OVA considering this series was named after her. But I guess that is what underdogs do. They steal the very show at the very final moment. Heck, it was her dream after all. Uh huh. A big troll just to reconcile with our minds why they had a high school setting in the first place. And maybe they should go shameless fanservice with a fourth OVA, making use of all the buxom babes and flat chest girls and putting Mitsuki to good use since she makes cameos in all episodes without contributing to anything important except to show off her sexiness.

Right now, my sentiments of the series is already long gone. In other words, I am not really interested or looking forward if they announced another season. But it could be different then because you know, nostalgia. Bugs are one of my biggest phobias and I don’t know how I even managed to sit through the entire TV series without being scarred. So unless they changed those bugs like those insect men into cute bishoujo girls invading the land, then yeah, maybe. Nanto…


June 29, 2014

Those little crawly things… Don’t you just hate them? Well, I do. Thank goodness they are just small although some of them can be as deadly and lethal. At least you can squish them with the slipper or newspaper. Now, imagine those bugs are ten times your size. Who is going to get squished now? And thank goodness I do not live in this anime whereby bugs are big and dangerous. It’s like they eat humans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Set in the alternate feudal era of Japan, Mushibugyou has giant insects that became the bane of mankind. They attack towns, devour people and bring terror to those lucky enough to survive. Till the next time. But don’t worry. Just like we have Ghost Busters for flushing out the ghosts, in this anime we have insect exterminators to get rid of those giant bugs. And they’ll need more than just slippers or newspaper to get rid of those menacing insects. Yeah. Big swords, sharp weapons, bombs and even some sorcery powers to do the trick. They keep you safe so you can have a good night’s sleep without worrying about those creepy crawlies if they ever want to share a bed with you.

Episode 1
Jinbei Tsukishima from Tsugaru excitedly takes his first step into Edo to begin his new job as an insect exterminator. However the country bumpkin got lost but thank Heavens that the busty Oharu takes him back to her tea house. As she leads him to the Insect Magistrate’s office, she learns that it was actually his father, Genjuurou who was summoned for the job. However he cannot travel and took his place. Oharu is grateful for the setting up of Insect Magistrate 10 years ago because it kept people safe from the attacks of giant insects. Her parents were killed by the insects. A scream is heard nearby. Jinbei sees a Prison Spider devouring humans. He goes into action but is not good enough. Kotori Matsunohara from the Insect Magistrate wants Jinbei to leave it to them. Kotori thought he summoned for Genjuurou so Jinbei further explains. When they were accompanying the province lord’s son, they encountered an insect. Jinbei was scared stiff so Genjuurou was the one who killed the insect. However this scary incident caused the lord’s son to wet himself. Genjuurou took responsibility of this and severed his own leg. He also lost his position and any chance of advancement. Thus Jinbei wants to be a strong samurai he can take pride in and perform his duties in his stead. He will do anything to prove himself. Maybe now is the chance because Oharu has been captured by the spider. Jinbei may be brave but he’s not making any progress as a newbie. The rest of the insect exterminators turn up, Hibachi, Shungiku Koikawa and Tenma Ichinotani. They show him what it’s like to be professionals in this business and easily kill the other spiders. Jinbei remembers Genjuurou told him a samurai must be brave. Because if he is frightened, the people behind will as well. He must be the shining start that washes that fear away. Jinbei snaps out from his flashback to free Oharu and kill the spider. I guess he can be this strong if he has the determination. But here comes the big mother spider. What is he going to do? He doesn’t. Herald the super strong and mysterious Mugai. Like a shining star in the sky, he easily cuts the mother spider. Jinbei expresses his gratitude and vows to be like him but Mugai pays no attention.

Episode 2
Hibachi is an admirer of Mugai too so she’s not too please that the new kid could just easily talk to him like as though it’s nothing. So all the insect exterminators meet at the headquarters as usual as Kotori explains the country being invaded by giant insects. The source and why they are attacking is still being investigated. After 100 years still… However insects rarely appear in cold regions like Tsugaru and thus Jinbei never had such encounters. The Insect Magistrate is formed to fight these bugs and leading them at the top is Mushibugyou whom nobody has really seen her face. As another insect attack is reported, the exterminators move out but Kotori orders Jinbei to stay behind since he is the weakest. He also orders him not to draw his blade for the next month. A samurai has to stay true to his pledge, right? Hibachi is not happy she has to team up with Jinbei. Since Jinbei is so eager to know more about Mugai, Hibachi gladly tells all that she admires of him. She also reveals her past that she is from a ninja village that uses explosives. As the war ended, their skills became unneeded and many young ones abandoned the expertise. Only Hibachi and her grandfather carried on the tradition. Hibachi vowed to carry on the tradition but grandpa told her off that he didn’t teach her to pass it down to other generations. Because it’s a man’s thingy. That’s when she decided to leave and join Insect Magistrate since Kotori was there to hire her. A dragonfly bug became her first opponent and there Mugai was easily exterminating it. I guess that’s the start of her big admiration. I’m sure they would love to praise Mugai more but they see corpses along the river. It’s that dragonfly bug. Hibachi will defeat this one on her own this time (unlike the last time she was just sitting behind Mugai) and wants Jinbei to evacuate the survivors. She’s having a hard time but gets help from Jinbei who has finished his task. They cooperate to take down the bug. Hibachi reports to Kotori that Jinbei didn’t draw his sword. Technically, it was sheathed all the time so it doesn’t count.

Episode 3
Jinbei trains to cut bugs but he can’t cut a big boulder till Koikawa easily does so into smooth smaller pieces. Jinbei wants to be his disciple and follows him everywhere. However people kept throwing stones and call him the Killer of 99. Currently there are houses being broken into and robbed. The walls and iron grills have clean cut. Jinbei accompanies Koikawa drinking that night. Later he spots Koikawa with a bloodied sword, corpses around and the officials accusing him of murder. He is arrested but Jinbei believes his innocence. Pleading to Insect Magistrate fell on deaf ears because they too can’t do anything much as a bureaucrat. So how? He sneaks into prison just to break him out! Isn’t that breaking the law? Jinbei is confident he will find the true culprits behind this. Flashback on Koikawa’s past reveals his father was upset that mother spoiled his son too much that he couldn’t kill. I’m sure as the head of the Black Spiders group, this must be bad for his image. Though, Koikawa committed many crimes except murder because it was what Okiku, his kind mother told him never to do. One night he saw his father killed Okiku. He was unable to contain his anger and started killing everyone. That’s how he earned that nickname. Jinbei and Koikawa are confronted by the officials who are to kill the murderer even if it’s not their job (it’s to catch criminals). They have to put aside their differences now because a praying mantis insect shows up. Koikawa gets into action better when he is drunk. Meanwhile Mugai is visited by a former friend, Mitsuki. She hopes he will come back to the Insect Hunters because his brother is waiting. Meanwhile the officials attack Koikawa instead of helping him. Now he has to fight humans before he gets to fight the bug. Jinbei stalls them and was further explained that before Koikawa could kill his dad, Kotori approached him and revealed the Insect Hunters were the ones responsible for his mother’s death. Because of that, the wrong people died. Jinbei doesn’t care about the past. Because his sword now protects people. Koikawa cuts the bug up nicely and inside its stomach is all the gold it stole. So if the insect is the culprit, why was Koikawa at the scene? He admits he is afraid of dogs and accidentally stepped on one’s tail. He ran away and the first thing he grabbed was a bloodied sword at the crime scene. That’s why he didn’t say anything to claim his innocence. Who would believe such an embarrassing story? To his surprise, Jinbei believes every word. He treats him to drink and Jinbei vows to be a samurai like him. He corrects him he is a killer. Is that the sake talking?

Episode 4
In another insect exterminating job, Tenma uses his paper shikigamis that turn into giant papers and box away the insects. He gives the rest of his teammates the cold shoulder. While Tenma is praying to his late parent’s altar, he spotted something and screamed. Jinbei is first to arrive at scene and tries to guess what was it that startled him (Tenma is acting like there is no trouble). Soon, it is discovered, Tenma is afraid of bugs especially the ones with more legs. His trauma began when he picked up a fallen fruit. It’s filled with worms. So why did he become an onmyouji for Insect Magistrate? To be like his parents and make them proud. Jinbei is touched by his devotion and promises to keep this a secret. Unknown to them, Hibachi and Koikawa have heard it and from the looks in their devilish eyes, they’ve already hatch a plan… Next day, Jinbei helps train Tenma to overcome his fear but he freaks out even with a tiny caterpillar. Then here comes Hibachi and Koikawa with a bag for him. Centipedes!!!! YIKES!!! Tenma accuses Jinbei a traitor. Jinbei tells the duo off that Tenma was trying to overcome his fear. Now that doesn’t feel fun anymore, no? While Tenma is feeling depressed, a kid comes up to him and expresses how much he wants to be like him (horrible drawing included). Then an insect starts rampaging. Oh God. Why does it have to be a Thousand Legged Centipede!!!!!! However it burrows underground and it makes it hard for them to attack. Only if they can launch it in the air. Tenma’s shikigamis can do that. But is he up to it? Of course. Tenma learns Hibachi and Koikawa eavesdropped on his phobia and played a prank on him, not because Jinbei told on him. Tenma uses his shikigamis to box up the centipede and let the rest cut it into pieces. Everyone heap praises on Tenma and this makes him feel better. Next day, he shows the gang that he has overcome his fear of bugs. At least he can walk ‘closer’ to the caterpillar. But when Hibachi shows him an earthworm, he freaks out and punches them away. I guess the cure to his phobia will be a long way… Later Kotori summons Jinbei because Mugai has requested him on this next mission. Mugai? Wants Jinbei to be his partner?! Dream come true?

Episode 5
Of course eager beaver Jinbei is excited to be personally chosen by him. No matter how much he blabs, Mugai remains silent. They arrive at the residence of Minister Mizuno for bug exterminating. They are shown a room filled with blood and insect cocoons. Seems the insect plans to make this mansion its nest. Hearing a cry from the next room, they see a Giant Flea (Larva) trying to suck a man’s blood. Although the flea is fast, Jinbei is able to cut it down. See that, Mugai? Okay. What are you going to do with the many other fleas? That’s where Mugai comes in and slices them all. Cool! Not end of the problem yet. Here’s the Giant Male Flea. If there is a male, the female must be nearby, right? Jinbei offers to go take care of the other one but Mugai warns him not to as he is not strong enough. Jinbei thanks him for his consideration but will do his best to meet his expectations. Jinbei protects the house servant, Yasuke from being the Giant Female Flea’s next meal. Flashback reveals Kotori asked why Mugai chose Jinbei. Was it because he had high hopes for him? Don’t be silly. It was because since he is the weakest among the exterminators, if he gets killed, he can be replaced. Mugai is not worried about Jinbei a bit despite Mizuno and the rest of his retainers. Because the female is larger and much stronger than the male. Mugai asserts he doesn’t need a partner. Then he kills the flea. Jinbei holds off the flea till he couldn’t anymore. He is being eaten alive! But he is glad to have saved Yasuke. Mugai thinks Jinbei has been done in but sees him in the midst of being eaten. He is surprised that he is still talking about not being able to live up to his expectations and apologizes for everything. Mugai slashes and kills the bug and assures him, he never had any expectations for him to begin with. But that smile… On the way home, Jinbei tries to find out what he meant about not having any expectations of him. Mugai conveniently says he forgot. But hat smile…

Episode 6
Nagatomimaru in a Noh mask for the first time sneaks out of his house after 10 years (?!) to go look for more information about bugs. He gets owned by Hibachi and Jinbei in practice. He is taken to Kotori and wants to access the Insect Magistrate’s library. To him, knowledge is power! Or maybe he is just a bookworm nerd. Jinbei is impressed with his extensive knowledge but Hibachi doesn’t like his arrogant talk and takes off his mask. Hmm… He’s got the looks. Jinbei is tasked to send him home but Nagatomimaru wanders off himself. He sees a man being attacked by a giant mosquito. A dream? I can’t blame him for he has never left his house but really, after reading so many books on insects, he can’t believe what is before him? Yeah. He even pats it! So real… Even with Jinbei trying to slash the insect, Nagatomimaru is still thinking this is a dream. So real… What a dream. Do dreams spill real blood? Jinbei requests his knowledge to fight this bug. Nagatomimaru reveals nobody respected him as a kid. They were just yes men who ‘respected’ him for his position. Till he found a book and it opened his eyes. And do dreams get blurry vision? Because Nagatomimaru is crying after seeing Jinbei’s resolve. He decides to help out and uses thatch and mugwort to repel the insect. Jinbei is able to cut it before his comrades come. Then they all party into the wee hours of the morning. Nagatomimaru reflects the need to share more of his knowledge with people like Jinbei. Since he is already here, he gets up to sneak into the library when everyone is out. Rummaging through the shelves, a box falls off. He doesn’t recognize the crest on it but the scroll shows a map of Japan and half of it is marked with a big ‘X’. Kotori then walks in and he recognizes who Nagatomimaru is. He is Ieshige Tokugawa, the next shogun. He makes a deal. If he keeps a secret of what he saw, he will not leak his identity. Nagatomimaru wonders if this has to do with spies sent to Kyoto and not returned. Kotori says nobody and only a selected few know of this. He hopes he will not return to this place too. He agrees to that but will visit Jinbei every day. Hibachi probably still drunk, thinks Nagatomimaru is an intruder and beats the hell out of him. She didn’t know she beat up the future shogun…

Episode 7
Summer is here and this means the fireworks festival. But it also means the appearance of a super big Warrior King Beetle. At this rate it can flatten Edo from one end to the other. But why is Kotori calm? Because when such happens, all insect exterminators are not to engage in the bug except Mugai. They are to assist in evacuating the people. Mugai begins his grand fight with the beetle. The people get to see his superb brawl with the giant bug from afar. It’s like watching a picnic show, no? Meanwhile Jinbei meets a mysterious woman (unknown to him, she is Mushibugyou) who laments she cannot view the fireworks because of the walls. Even with the ‘tremors’, Mushibugyou ‘assures’ Jinbei they are just testing the fireworks. That guy of course believes every word. Mugai has cut the beetle’s horn and is going to use it against the bug by slicing it in half! That’s the end of it. Jinbei has found a tower where they can watch the fireworks. They catch it in time. Mushibugyou apologizes that because he was trying to help her, he couldn’t watch the fireworks with his friends. On the contrary, he is glad to have met her otherwise they wouldn’t have found this splendid place. She gives him a bell as a reward. When the fireworks end, Jinbei is baffled since when there is a big hill over the horizon. He didn’t even know about Mugai’s bug fight… Mushibugyou is back in her rightful place in the Insect Magistrate office. Knowing the insects are acting strange, it is that time again she seals herself away according to the custom. Dead in the night, the carriage leaves and Mitsuki is tailing it.

Episode 8
However Mitsuki loses sight of it and gets punished by fellow member, Gaikotsu. Had she known the carriage was carrying Mushibugyou, she would have killed her herself since this is the goal of Insect Hunters. And because she failed, it ruined their chances of knowing where Mushibugyou takes refuge. Mitsuki seeks to redeem herself and will ask somebody from Insect Magistrate. And she had to pick Jinbei. Because he looks like a dumb kid, right? She starts off with her honey trap by seducing him and it works (while releasing various insects around Edo to keep the rest busy). Jinbei has time to show her around because Kotori ordered him to rest. She sees Mugai across and causes a ruckus that has Jinbei jump off the bridge to save the eels so as not to make him suspicious they know each other. Mugai doesn’t know what she’s up to but tells her she picked the wrong one. Mitsuki’s seduction continues till she meets a formidable foe in the name of Oharu. Those giant peaches… And it seems Jinbei pays more attention to her instead. When Oharu gets wet, he offers his clothes to dry. Mitsuki tries to same but he offers his underwear! Insulted! Change of plans. Mitsuki kidnaps Oharu and wears her kimono to show it to Jinbei. The dumb guy thinks it suits her. So she had to spell everything out Oharu is kidnapped and to come save her or she’ll be fed to the bugs. When he finds her, he starts lecturing her so she just gets straight to the point. Tell her where Mushibugyou is. Honestly, he doesn’t know because he hasn’t even met her. He is going to ask Kotori but Mitsuki don’t want him to leave them behind and forces him down the sand trap. In this buried village, Jinbei is made to fight bugs while Oharu frees herself. They come up with an idea to get to the top exit by climbing-cum-jumping on falling buildings Mitsuki throws at them. It looked like a hilarious synchronized acrobatic act if you ask me…  Mitsuki is upset and summons the rest of the bugs here but this also leads the rest of Jinbei’s teammates to the scene. With the insects done for, Mitsuki flees. She meets up with Mugai and admits he was right that she picked the wrong guy. But he cheekily says that wasn’t what he meant. And that he himself doesn’t know it. Meanwhile Insect Hunters are asking for the fishermen to take them to Hachijou Island. But there’s nothing there. Oh there is. Perhaps a little girl hiding there. The fishermen who are Insect Magistrate agents instantly know what they’re up against and draw their sword. Too bad they all died. Leader wonders if it’s alright to leave Mitsuki behind. Gaikotsu says she is useless and when they get back, they’ll kill her.

Episode 9
Not only the insect exterminators are despatched but the samurai and temple department as well. Who will protect Edo when a bug attacks? Kotori puts it this way if Mushibugyou dies, Edo will be flattened in no time. But there’s a bug showing up right now. Jinbei wants to stay back but Kotori tells him Mushibugyou’s life comes first. The people will have to put up with this for a while. To say, some are going to die? But Kagetada Ogami, the head of the samurai department and his team stay back to deal with the bug. Once the ship arrives near Hachijou Island, a sick looking (as in ill) Insect Hunters member, Manako cuts the ship into pieces. He fights on par with Mugai and Koikawa becomes enraged learning he is from Insect Hunters. He wants to know if he was the one who killed Okiku. Not saying. Hibachi takes Jinbei and flies away to the island first. Manako reveals he wants to die and is tired of living in this world. But to do that, Mushibugyou must die. The head of the temple department, Yumehisa Shirasagaki fires the cannons at him and Koikawa finishes him off. Meanwhile Mushibugyou senses invaders and lets loose a poisonous fog. However Insect Hunters take their antidote and trudge on. Hibachi is a sitting duck and gets shoot out of the sky. Jinbei falls into Mushibugyou’s house. He thinks she looks like the girl during that fireworks night and a servant of Mushibugyou. Since he doesn’t let her finish explaining, she plays along with him. Jinbei tries to find out the kind of person Mushibugyou is and so she indirectly talks about herself, a lonely person. She feels envy in his positivism. Leader, Sougan and Shidou crash in to kill Mushibugyou. Her poison and acid hands protect her. Meanwhile Hibachi faces off with Mashiro who can kick up shockwaves with her feet. Mushibugyou tries to keep Jinbei away from the fight but he keeps butting in despite the Insect Hunters blatantly ignoring his existence and heading straight for their target. She feels weird. She knows Insect Hunters are here to kill her but yet she can’t think anything else but Jinbei. The res arrive on the island but are being attacked by Kuroganemaru. Koikawa doesn’t think he is the one who killed Okiku because this wimp can only fire guns. Only a skilled person could have cut Okiku like that. He lets Tenma deal with him while he pushes forward. He then sees Mugai facing off with Gaikotsu. He overhears Mugai was once the leader of Insect Hunters. He becomes enraged and suspects he is the one who killed Okiku. He attacks Mugai.

Episode 10
Mushibugyou concludes Jinbei is a spy for Insect Hunters. For every time he interferes with her each time she tries to use her poison and that Insect Hunters don’t harm him. She is surprised when Leader hits Jinbei away. Jinbei continues to be beaten up till he is knocked out cold and he can only think of Mushibugyou’s safety. Meanwhile Mugai drops his sword and lets Koikawa slash him. He realizes he is not Okiku’s murderer. Mushibugyou warns not to interfere while she attends to Jinbei. She feels guilty for doubting him. She stopped being human a long time ago as her touch brings death to those who come into direct contact with her body. That’s why they gave her this post, thinking they were manipulating her. The warmth in her heart was missing and it froze her. Now she understands why she can’t stop thinking of him. She didn’t really want to hurt him and hates herself for abandoning her humanity. She transforms into her powerful form that looks like a dark purple butterfly called Kuroageha. She is hell bent on destroying Insect Hunters. They can’t touch her. She is too powerful. Leader signals to Gaikotsu and Kaina to fire the Evil Insect Slaying Blade. It penetrates her barrier into her heart. She becomes powerless. As explained, it was reforged again and again out of the skeletons of all the insect types. They have been doing it for a long time and cost much blood and pain before finished. It symbolizes the hatred that runs through their Jingaitou clan. Mushibugyou notices Jinbei still breaths and plays the helpless damsel to take their attention away from him. However they notice he is still alive and Leader is going to slice him up before they kill her. Thankfully she doesn’t have to feel the pain in the heart because Mugai arrives in the nick of time. He fights all of them at once while Tenma’s shikigamis pull Mushibugyou and Jinbei to safety and run. Some of the Insect Hunters go after them. Koikawa wants to know who killed Okiku. Gaikotsu admits he is the one. He was eliminating those in the way and she got caught up in it. After Koikawa drinks his sake, he uses his 3-sword fighting style to break Gaikotsu’s jointed sword and slice him in half. Kaina smashes the ground and it separates everyone. Mushibugyou will not escape alone as she tries to carry unconscious Jinbei.

Episode 11
Mushibugyou still feels guilty for doubting Jinbei and wants him to live so she can apologize. That is, if they can get past Sougan. Before Sougan can deal the fatal blow, Jinbei strikes back. Oh wait. It’s not really him. Inuyasha? Well, that’s what I thought he looks like when he powers up in this trance state. Sougan is going to do a suicide move just to take out Inu-shima (my term for Jinbei when he is in this form) but he is too fast and powerful and cuts up Sougan. Looks like he is the one going to hell instead. Leader could sense Sougan’s death and sends Mashiro and Shidou to not let his death be in vain. Now with the brothers alone, Leader wants to know why he betrayed Insect Hunters. He was to kill Mushibugyou alone that night but defected to her side. Why, brother? Not saying. Even if Mushibugyou was the one responsible for annihilating their village. Tenma and Hibachi couldn’t best Kuroganemaru. The shikigamis were the one getting totally owned. They get reprieve from Koikawa but Mashiro and Shidou provide some backup. Mad Kuroganemaru wants to finish them by himself but all his bullets were blocked by Inu-shima! Then Inu-shima attacks his own comrades! And then Insect Hunters! He’s gone crazy. His long hair isn’t for decoration as it turns into a deadly hand that suffocates them. That hand turns into a giant thorny mace that shoots out thorns. Everybody run! He’s going crazy! Mushibugyou makes her way back in hopes to stop him and bring back the original one but is unfortunate enough to bump into Shidou. He is going to kill her. What else? Inu-shima probably heard Mushibugyou’s bell. And instantly slices Shidou. Not as Inu-shima but Jinbei himself. He’s back. But just enough for him to do that as he collapses. Don’t worry. Just sleeping. Leader calls Insect Hunters to retreat. Since Mushibugyou is weak, they can kill her any time. Mushibugyou sees a hair in Jinbei’s mouth and wonders if this has something to do with his transformation. The insect exterminators are happy they’ve won and leave the island with Mushibugyou. Unknown to them, some bug guy, Yukimura Sanada and Sasuke Sarutobi are watching them. They want Mushibugyou to hold out a little longer because when the king awakens, they shall escort her back to their giant cocoon castle.

Episode 12
When they return, they see Edo in a sea of fire. The bugs are still bugging. Ogami’s samurai department is filled with the injured. Even Ogami is having a hard time handling things on his own. Jinbei saves Oharu from another insect rape. But the one stealing the show by killing and piling up the insects is no other than Genjuurou! Father and son reunion begins with father beating up son. That’s for being weak? Edo is saved and everyone celebrates. Jinbei doesn’t remember what happened at Hachijou Island. The rest cannot say as instructed by Kotori till he finds out more. Genjuurou has Jinbei explain what he has learnt so far. He only realizes he is weak and apologizes for sullying the Tsukishima style name. Father beats him up again because he never gave him the right to carry on that style. Since he needs more training, they’ll leave tomorrow firs thing in the morning. Mushibugyou talks to Mugai about Jinbei. Is he an Insect Hunter like him? He doesn’t answer but wants her to be concern about her own safety as she is powerless. As she is still wants to apologize to Jinbei, she sneaks out. Seeing him in training and vowing he will be as strong as possible, she leaves. Jinbei follows Genjuurou on a journey through the rivers and jungles till they reach the top of Mt Fuji. As the first step to master the 36 Blades of Fuji (that’s not one style, but 36 styles!), the first technique is Fuji Hammer. Genjuurou makes it look he is slicing when the effect is hammering the ground. Lava starts spewing out. Jinbei must use that same technique to seal the eruption path. He has 3 days to master it or else the village below will be burnt. For 2 days and 2 nights, Jinbei tries his best but all he did was sliced the rock. On the third day, the lava is getting bigger. One chance left. He summons all his determination to cut the lava in half and then successfully perform the Fuji Hammer to seal it. Genjuurou shows the next move, Fuji Storm which hardens the lava into igneous rock. This was supposed to be the next move to learn but I guess they ran out of time. Mushibugyou is still depressed. Thinking if the others find out she met Jinbei, it might hurt him for their ranks and positions are too far apart. However she also remembered his promise to show her the blue sky and this made her feel better. Yukimura sends Sasuke to lead the next assault.

Episode 13
This is actually some sort of a recap episode but only from the series’ female characters. There is this eager journalist, Osono who wants to interview Jinbei but since he is not in town, for some reason she heads to the women’s bath. I suppose this is where all the gossips can be found. First she interviews Oharu who relates how she first met Jinbei and how he saved her. Next is Hibachi but it is mostly about her ranting on Mugai and the initial attack of Insect Hunters on Hachijou Island. Finally, Mushibugyou alone in her own bath thinks back the events on Hachijou Island beginning from how she turned into Kuroageha and the mysterious awakening of Jinbei’s other side. She is unsure what to do now that she no longer has the power to protect Edo. Osono has finished her draft and shows it to Oharu and Hibachi. It is also complemented with a drawing of them in sexy poses. Making the story more exciting? Before they can stop her, the gust of wind blows all the copies around town…

Episode 14
Sasuke is asking villagers the way to Insect Magistrate’s office. Those who don’t know, die. Oh hell, he just killed everybody. Yumehisa reprimands Kotori because it seems the other insect exterminators decide to take leave too. Can’t let Jinbei have all the fun? He then shows Kotori the new cannons that will protect Edo. Jinbei is enjoying dango with Genjuurou when a man carrying a wounded elderly comes up to them. It seems all the villagers he passed through has been devastated by this insect-like man. This old guy is the only survivor. The insect is heading towards Edo. Genjuurou kicks his son to get his ass moving back to the capital. Too late. Sasuke is already feasting on some dead bodies. Yumehisa and Ogami attack Sasuke but their attacks do not penetrate. Not even the cannons. So much about firepower. It only managed to crack his mask and reveal his fly face. If these 2 can’t even touch him, what about their men? Don’t even mention about them. Before Yumehisa is done in, Jinbei returns to save the day. Sasuke is happy to have found Jinbei and will now kill him. Jinbei is able to keep up with Sasuke’s moves but when he slices the insect in half, it splits itself. This is no illusion. They’re real and pack the same amount of power. The more he slices, the more it splits itself. Jinbei’s comrades return to help out. Seems they haven’t been going on a holiday but to improve themselves too. Despite the power up, as long as they cut up Sasuke, the more it clones. Bummer. I suppose half the sky is filled with those flies. Then they realize that some carcasses do not clone itself. They notice their heads are damaged. If they’re going to end this madness, they must kill all in one go. I guess this is Jinbei’s cue to show what he has learnt and the rest to stay out. He unleashes his Fuji Hammer and the impact kills all of them at once. Amazing. Shouldn’t he have thought of that? Kotori notes those insect men have made it to Edo. Well, there is a horde of them rampaging through Kishuu province right now…

Episode 15
Yukimura’s Ten Crucifix Insects are slaughtering the people of Kishuu. They are Seikai Miyoshi Nyuudou, his brother Isa, Kamanosuke Yuri, Juuzou Kakei and Kosuke Anayama. Meanwhile the shogun, Yoshimune receives report about the insect men. The ministers are worried but Yoshimune assures they have the Insect Magistrate. Mushibugyou plays along despite her powers are gone. They hear Ieshige’s commotion outside. He is demanding to know more so he can relate his information to Jinbei. Mushibugyou goes talk to him. In his room (filled with creepy Jinbei memorabilia!), they both realize that they have to conceal their identity and position to maintain their relationship with Jinbei. Ieshige considers her his comrade and shows her his secret. A telescope to spy on Jinbei?! He is sure turning into stalker material. Oh wait. He is. And so they see Jinbei and the rest of his pals frolicking at Oharu’s place. Genjuurou sees reminiscent of his late wife, Kanae in her. Yeah. Big boobs. In fact, they first met at Edo. Oh dear. Story time. She was a skilled swordswoman but it seems they hated each other guts when they first met. So they fight. Their speed, skill and power are enough to shatter the town. However the more they fight, the more they enjoy it. And it won’t be too long before they get married and Jinbei was born. The fight never ended even after a year. Through the seasons, through different locations… Are they that good? Jinbei is inspired to be strong like him. When Genjuurou wishes for Oharu to be his son’s wife, Hibachi acts strange. What do you know? Mushibugyou is also spying. She’s trembling… Mushibugyou asks Ieshige if Yoshimune is to hide a treasure, where would it be. He shows her the map of Japan with lots of ‘X’. He reproduced it from memory. Thinking the territories marked with insects are under their control, he notes it stops at the province of Kishuu. This means it is their greatest defence. However if Yoshimune is to hide a treasure, it would be the farthest. The edge of the map, Ezo that is. Mushibugyou knows it’s Kishuu. Yoshimune learns Sasuke’s body has disappeared. That’s because fellow Ten Crucifix Insect member, Saizou Kirigakure didn’t take him away to save him. It is to kill him so he won’t spill any details. Mushibugyou confronts Yoshimune and forces him to spill whatever legend there is at Kishuu. Something to do with a well that will regain her power. She wants to leave immediately but it will be dangerous to be on her own even if she travels in secrecy. Yoshimune’s trusted man, Echizen Ooka will accompany her. She requests another travel companion from Insect Magistrate. Guess who? Pack your bags, Jinbei. You’re going to Kishuu.

Episode 16
Yukimura and his Crucifix confront Munenao Tokugawa, the lord of Kishuu province. Yukimura desires a ship. A large one that can house a thousand humans. He even has blueprints on how it should be constructed. Kishuu has fine wood and the craftsmen for it. In exchange for this, he will not kill the people of Kishuu. Mushibugyou, Ooka and Jinbei continue their journey on foot. Ooka cannot comprehend Jinbei’s easy going nature and each time he does something, he wrongs him! Always telling him that what if it’s a trap to ambush the ‘servant’ (Mushibugyou). Arriving at the gates of Kishuu, they are not allowed entry due to Munenao’s orders. Ooka reveals himself and that they have a letter that allows them to do the necessary but unfortunately the guards won’t let them slip. Munenao supposedly has received a secret letter stating Mushibugyou’s arrival. However he burns it away. As long as Yukimura is around, he can’t allow Mushibugyou in and is ready to take in whatever punishment to Shogun metes out. So Ooka takes the rest to another entry point. Yeah. They need to traverse around the dangerous cliffs. Jinbei had to tie Mushibugyou to his back to avoid her falling off. At the second gate, the guards spot them but they hide up the try and will wait for night fall. However Jinpachi Nedzu of the Crucifix arrives to slaughter all the guards. Jinbei is upset and wants to fight him but Ooka warns him again not to get his feelings involved and to protect the ‘servant’. However Mushibugyou gives him permission to defeat this insect man. Jinpachi is surprised and thrilled that Jinbei puts up a fight. Ooka cannot understand why Mushibugyou chose Jinbei for this mission because from his observation he doesn’t focus and acts like a child. She replies that Jinbei has mistaken to her identity and she wants to make some memories. Did he understand that too? Jinbei uses his Fuji Hammer followed by Fuji Strike to defeat Jinpachi before they enter Kishuu. Jinpachi reports the intruders into Kishuu. He notes they know of them because they refer to them as insect men. Munenao knows it is Mushibugyou since not many people refer to them as such. But Yukimura tells Munenao that he has broken his promise. He was not to let anybody in as their presence here is supposed to be a secret. He is going to kill all of Kishuu’s people unless he and every one of his people can bring the corpse of the intruders.

Episode 17
Munenao announces to his people to capture the ‘criminals’ dead or alive in 10 days or they will be doomed. Everyone gets their ass moving when the insect men do a demonstration of crushing a giant human ball. Meanwhile a young girl, Irori (what is she? Magical girl? Idol?) has seen what is happening and sends her flying squirrel, Mokota to deliver a message to her sister. However she is captured by an insect man, Rokurou Mochidzuki of the Crucifix. Jinbei and co must pass through this village secretly but Jinbei is more concerned about helping a granny in trouble. He got more than he bargained when granny takes out a knife and almost slashes him. She alerts the other villagers and now they are baying for their blood. Jinbei cannot understand why this is happening but he won’t kill them. Even more heartbreaking is that a young boy is trying to kill him. But when real bandits show up, Mushibugyou and Ooka save the day and defeat the bandits. However the villagers round and tie them up. Meanwhile Mugai makes his way to Kishuu and the rest of the insect exterminators follow suit after Hibachi gets Mokota’s message. It could have been a wonderful time for Hibachi with Mugai alone had not the other 2 tag along. Although Jinbei and co are tied up, they are baffled to see the villagers partying. It’s thanks for saving them from the bandits. Bizen, the village head wants to kill them so that they can survive. But here comes Mochidzuki and Rokurou Unno. They heard the ‘criminals’ are kept here and wants them or else Irori will die. Before Irori could become loli rape insect food, Jinbei barges out to save her. However he got smashed by the Rokurou duo combo. Then Ooka as usual had to lecture Jinbei about this and that so it seems Jinbei wasn’t out in the first place and lifts Unno up. They go on the offensive and Bizen is puzzled that they try to protect them when they wanted them dead. And Jinbei is doing it with a smile! In the end, Ooka cuts up Mochidzuki and Jinbei uses Fuji Hammer on Unno. Irori personally thanks him but Jinbei’s sweet smile seals it. She’s in love with him! They are about to leave but Bizen can’t let them go like that and hopes they will explain everything.

Episode 18
The insect exterminators are in town but Jinbei attacks Hibachi! Every bit of her clothing sliced off! He doesn’t believe it is her and must be some imposter since she is in Edo. Then when she bombs him, he recognizes that familiar explosion. Irori reunites with her sister. Something tells me she loves her big sister a lot to the point of obsession. Hibachi is surprised to see Mushibugyou but is forced to play along and pretend Mushibugyou is the servant. As part of the plan to infiltrate Munenao’s castle, Bizen has taken them to see the lord of this region, Masashikata Yamagatake. Ooka is in a discussion to request his aid. Yamagatake will give his full support since he laments the death of many innocent people. That night, Mushibugyou asks Hibachi what she thinks about Jinbei. She flusters… In that case, Mushibugyou will leave Jinbei in her care from now on. Mushibugyou can’t sleep so she goes talk to Jinbei who must be telling boring stories and his admiration for the rest of his stories. But she doesn’t mind and finds it fun. He accidentally drops the bell and though this brings back memories of the fireworks festival, Mushibugyou is surprised that he cherishes it and feels it connects his karma to hers. She takes his hand and finds it warm. She would have wanted to stay like this longer but the rest of the insect exterminators see this. What more, Jinbei also sees them and calls out to them. Hibachi is sorry they interrupted Mushibugyou’s moment with him but she doesn’t mind because she felt fun. Next day, Ooka shares his plan with Mushibugyou and Jinbei. As their faces are known, they must stay hidden till the real fight begins. For now, Hibachi and Irori are finding a way into the castle, Koikawa and Tenma hit the streets to ask people for information while Yamagatake and Mugai are using their connection to secure more aid. Once the real battle begins, they will be split into 3 groups. The first group contains Mushibugyou, Mugai, Yamagatake and his men. The second group has Irori, Bizen and the servants and the third group, the insect exterminators. Munenao receives word the ship is finished. He shows it to Yukimura and he is of course impressed. Thinking his people have been freed, however Yukimura wants to feast on a banquet. Munenao accuses him of breaking his promise but Yukimura says he also broke his. His people have not captured the ‘criminals’, right? Yukimura will leave once he kills everyone in Kishuu. Munenao is driven to despair. The army he prepared all got slaughtered and the craftsmen who worked on the ship got ‘snacked’. Next morning, Yukimura announces to everyone that they will die for failing their mission. He orders the insects to feast on them till not a drop of blood is left but Jinbei and co arrive to save the day.

Episode 19
Ooka suggests for them to have a duel. Yukimura can dictate the terms even to his own advantage. However Yukimura doesn’t want to waste time on them and has the insects continue devouring. Till what Jinbei says hit his nerve. Is he running away? Is he scared? Because Jinbei thinks they can beat them easily. And so Yukimura agrees but wants his men to have a chance at glory first. As Jinbei and co make headway into the castle, Ooka reminds them that their task is merely to buy time for Mushibugyou’s group till she reaches the well even if it costs the lives of the people of Kishuu. Their survival or death does not matter. Jinbei somehow got separated from the group. He is faced with Jinpachi again. But this rematch has them fighting in water, Jinpachi’s forte. But I don’t know how Jinbei manages to hold his breath for so long, swim as fast and even use Fuji Hammer to rock everything. In the end, Jinpachi is defeated but the surprising thing is his human form coming out from his insect shell! Meanwhile the rest come into Saizou, the leader of the Crucifix. Because Hibachi knew him as an Iga clan ninja, she wants to fight him. He whisks her away to another dimension to fight. Back to Jinbei, Jinpachi is going to commit suicide as failure but before that he will take down Jinbei with him. Ironically Jinpachi is faster and more powerful in his human form and can still use and control water. Jinbei takes a beating when he remembers his father’s words about controlling the flow. Everything has a flow. Control it and you control the battlefield. And so Jinbei reads the flow of Jinpachi’s water attack and unleashes his Fuji Storm to defeat him. Even in defeat, Jinpachi can be talkative. He is warning about the rest who are the strongest, blah, blah, blah. Just die already. Finally he disintegrates. Jinbei gets going and then sees Hibachi caught in Saizou’s trap.

Episode 20
Jinbei jumps in to cut her loose but almost killed her because it was Saizou’s illusion. She has Jinbei watch their match. Seriously? Shouldn’t he be heading along to fight more insect men? Hibachi goes back to fighting and she is better than before. Was Jinbei her motivation? When Saizou uses his fog teleport technique to evade her bombs, she realizes he is using a forbidden technique of Iga. She knows who he is because she heard stories from grandpa about a man who stole a scroll of forbidden techniques and killed his master. Saizou clearly remembers doing that because his master won’t teach him so. It makes him transform into his human form and uses more illusion attack on her. Hibachi is suddenly saved by her grandpa. Although she feels odd he is not supposed to be here, grandpa praises her mastering his techniques. He wants to defeat Saizou with her so he can quit being a ninja and live a quiet life with her. That was a dead giveaway so Hibachi blows that fake illusion up. She knows grandpa is a stubborn guy and will never quit being a ninja. He’ll be one till the day he dies. Unfortunately because Jinbei has been standing there watching in awe, he too becomes a victim of Saizou’s illusion. He sees Hibachi as the enemy and tries to cut her down. Till he crashes into a tree that he breaks free from the spell. Saizou then makes him see another illusion. One whereby Hibachi is tied up on a tree so the stupid guy falls for it and tries to climb the wall to save her. Good riddance? Eventually Hibachi is overwhelmed. She realizes his wings are making sounds that are causing the illusion. Just as she is about to give up, she hears how Saizou commenting Jinbei the weakling. She tells him he might be an idiot but his desire to save people makes him never to give up. He’ll fight even if he can’t stand. So when Jinbei ‘saves Hibachi’, he breaks out of the spell and realizes he is just hugging a tree. Hibachi also doesn’t want to lose out and breaks free from her trap. She realizes that Saizou is not strong. He used forbidden techniques won using treachery and looked down upon others. Hibachi and Jinbei’s combo defeat Saizou. However he isn’t dead yet as his liquid form escapes underground. He possesses one of Yamagatake’s men accompanying Mushibugyou to the well. He overhears them about her regaining her power.

Episode 21
Yukimura learns about Mushibugyou’s whereabouts and notes this will be the best chance he’ll have. Hibachi and Jinbei seem to fall into an illusion trap again. Jinbei the dumb one gets taken in by Oharu’s appearance and follows her seduction lead to Seikai and Isa. Ooka and co too are in the endless corridor illusion but Koikawa slashes his way out and they meet up with Hibachi. When Jinbei returns, he is close to defeat. Koikawa wants to fight them so they grant his wish while the rest trudge on. Jinbei disagrees with Ooka’s argument that Koikawa is weaker than before. But Ooka views although he is still strong, but not as strong as before he joined the Insect Magistrate and when he was a killer. Koikawa thought his father killed his mom and that goal to hunt him down was what made him strong. When he found out he wasn’t, there was no goal left to live for. No matter how much Koikawa cuts, the cockroach Buddha praying brothers have the ability to regenerate. They also grant him his wish to be more powerful and shed their insect skin for their human form. I thought they look like aliens… Koikawa continues cutting but the roaches continue regenerating and they’re doing it at 5 times faster the rate. He remembers he was about to kill his father but ironically he was crying and begging for his left. The man who tortured him was in that state? The brothers think he hasn’t killed enough, the reason why Koikawa feels his hands have been heavy since his first kill. The more he kills, the heavier it becomes and he can never lift this weight off and must live with it for the rest of his life. Koikawa didn’t kill his father because doing so would mean walking his path. He is not an insect. But an insect exterminator. Koikawa gets back up and cuts the brothers in such high speed that they cannot regenerate in time. When the rest rendezvous with him, they are glad that he has won.

Episode 22
Because the path splits, Jinbei takes Tenma to explore one of them. Because everything scares that little kid, they talk about their parents. Tenma has never met his since they were separated when he was young but he hopes to meet them again one day. I suppose this gives him the much needed motivation to face an insect man. Oh good. Here is one. Tenma returns to being scared. Anyway Kosuke proclaims he is justice. Everything to him is justice. This gay sounding insect wants to teach Tenma justice. Every line he says has justice. Justice! Justice! Justice! Although Tenma manages to give him some beating with his powered up shikigamis, Kosuke fights back and turns the tables with his, wait for it, justice! And Jinbei can only watch in awe. Although Tenma was several times close to defeat and death, Kosuke saves him because it is justice. Power is justice. He does not have the right to die yet. With justice this and justice that, Kosuke is going to teach him the core tenets of justice. Part of his twisted justice includes abandoning hope, do not rely on his friends, shikigami and family. Throw away all these or he can never attain justice. Tenma takes a pounding and his justice record reaches a new height. Yeah. 89 blows. 89 justices. For his final justice lesson, he must admit Kosuke is the true justice because he is justice. Only then he will be allowed to die. Tenma remembers he was given the shikigamis believed to be made by his parents who put their heart and soul into it. He was told they want to see him after he has grown strong. Tenma’s desire to see them makes him grow stronger so much so he gets enough power to combine his shikigamis and himself (paper gatai?). Whose justice will prevail at the end? Before Kosuke can show his true justice by shedding his insect skin, Tenma punches him away with full power that sends him flying into space!!! Justice! Never knew such justice could exist, eh? Meanwhile Ooka and the rest stumble into a room choking with blizzard. Waiting for them are Juuzou and Kamanosuke.

Episode 23
When Saizou reports that Mushibugyou has reached the well, Yukimura orders their deaths. However Mugai cuts Saizou and knew he was a bug all along as he smelled like an insect. Saizou recognizes his blade which belongs to the Insect Hunters. This made Mugai remember that night he left to kill Mushibugyou. He indeed wanted to kill her but after seeing the truth in her eyes, the loneliness and pain, she was like him. Unloved by everyone and only performing the tasks set before her. He decided not to kill her. Mugai and Saizou’s fight temporarily enters the dimension where the rest are fighting. Ooka notes that nobody is protecting Mushibugyou so he and Jinbei leave the area to go her. When they get out, they are before the stairs that lead to Yukimura. Jinbei wants to fight him to stall for time and leaves the task of protecting Mushibugyou to him. The seal on the well is broken but Mushibugyou is still cautious to enter. The rest have to leave as the well is emitting poisonous gas. Although it may help regain her power, if she has regrets whatsoever, the evil power of the well could just make her disappear. Seeing the light from the well, Ooka wants Jinbei to go protect Mushibugyou instead because it was he who promised that he will protect her. Can he fulfil his duty if he doesn’t go now? So Jinbei leaves Yukimura’s fight in Ooka’s hands. He goes up the stairs to face the big boss but his hands are trembling. Since he can’t make the first move, Yukimura blasts him away with a powerful one. Ooka gets up and another attack causes him to lose his left arm. Yukimura is impressed with his moves but play time is over. Ooka says he has underestimated his opponent. His task ends when Mushibugyou recovers her full power. Nobody will be able to touch her nor can she touch anybody. He remembers the emotionless Mushibugyou like as though she accepted her fate and acted she didn’t care for anyone else in the world. This journey changed her. She had become far more human than himself. He vowed to protect those feelings. He will do what it takes to buy Jinbei more time. But unfortunately it is game over for him as Yukimura deals the fatal blow. He dies with a smile on his face. Jinbei reaches Mushibugyou and is told about the well. Humans will die if they enter but it makes the insect stronger. She apologizes for not telling him the truth when she had the chance. Before she can do so again, here comes Yukimura. Gosh, I thought they’ve wasted time talking. Was Ooka’s death in vain?

Episode 24
Juuzou and Kamanosuke turn into their human forms to turn the fight more interesting. Jinbei cannot accept Ooka is dead. He gets riled up when Yukimura mocks the dead samurai. Still, no match for Yukimura. Yukimura greets Princess Naa (Mushibugyou’s real name) and wants her to accompany him back to their castle where their king awaits. She refuses as there is something she must do. Jinbei gets back up to fight him to give time for Mushibugyou to dive into the well. Meanwhile Saizou has trapped Mugai and is going to turn him into a bug. Unfortunately Mugai has seen through his illusions. While he is being turned into an insect, this leaves Saizou’s defence wide open so Mugai stabs him with his sword and absorbs everything from him and will use this power to destroy Yukimura. Jinbei thought he has defeated Yukimura. Think again. How can he when he is so weak? Butterfly dude continues to entertain himself while the rest try to delay him to buy Mushibugyou time to recover her powers. One of Jinbei’s strikes causes Yukimura to repel him into the well. He sees Mushibugyou’s past. When she was a little girl, she protected a little insect although everyone else wanted it killed. But her kind parents allowed it. One day their castle was under attacked. Naa hid the insect before she was killed. The insect got out of its captive to revive her. When Naa wakes up, all she saw was dead people around. She looked for her parents but they didn’t see her as their daughter and told her to stay away. Eventually they died on choking poison. Naa saw herself in the reflection that she was emitting tons of poisonous gas and the insect told her it gave her this power. Mushibugyou is surprised to see Jinbei. Now that that he has seen her past, she blames herself as foolish and it all began because she sheltered that insect. But Jinbei says she was not wrong. Her kindness made her did the wrong thing to protect the insect. He is sure a right future awaits her. Mushibugyou is touched by the warmth of his heart. For a century her heart remains frozen till his warmth melted it. And it is still filling her heart. Jinbei credits it to everyone’s smile (maybe except for Mugai) that gives him the power. He will always be by her side and follow her to the end. Mushibugyou pushes him back up and says his task is done. When he resurfaces, he hears this. Yukimura indeed wants Mushibugyou to regain her power. When it is complete, she and his king will wipe out humanity. Of course this comes with a price. Mushibugyou will lose her memories in exchange for her powers restored. The greater the power, the more memories it will take. In the end, Mushibugyou will lose all of her memories!

Episode 25
Jinbei can’t accept that. But it means what it means. How simpler can you get that explanation? Jinbei lifts a huge rock and dives back down the well. Yukimura is kept busy with Mugai. When Jinbei reaches Mushibugyou, he tells her about the memory loss. He will not allow her to forget the fun and happy times she had. But if she doesn’t regain her power, how can she defeat Yukimura? Don’t worry, leave that bug to Jinbei. He can squash him without her power. So believe in him! So when they leap out of the well, Jinbei carries Mushibugyou to escape while Mugai tries to buy them time. Mugai doesn’t believe he was the heroic Yukimura. This has him remember he was a loyal samurai to his lord. He failed to protect him on the night they were attacked. The burning roof collapsed on him and Naa’s pet insect corrupted him and turned him into a cocoon. Because his king used all his power to revive Naa, the most he got was turned into an insect men and it took him a century to break out from his cocoon. Yukimura injures Mugai and drops the castle blocks on Munenao. Juuzou and Kamanosuke cannot stand the smell of the smoke so they have to retreat. Seems Irori has made lots of insect repellent, Chinpou style. Sounds so vulgar… However Juuzou fights back with his farts! Serious! Yukimura stands before Jinbei now. He commends him for his loyalty but Jinbei disagrees. This is not loyalty. Whether she is a princess or not, he will protect her life with his. This is the way of the samurai. Big words. Even so, not powerful enough to stop Yukimura from beating him up. Mushibugyou tells him to stop. Hibachi and co get the much needed backup from Kotori since they were moments away from losing. Kotori has done some thinking after they left. If their goal was to kill Mushibugyou, they would have come to Edo at full force instead of sending Sasuke. Something must be up. But Juuzou won’t say. Or he doesn’t know? Kamanosuke throws Ooka’s spectacles to him and calls him a fool for directly challenging Yukimura. Kotori tells the rest to head to Mushibugyou as he is going to show these 2 his anger. When they charge, Kotori easily slices them apart! Fatality! No chance at all. Mushibugyou is back at the well. In exchange for Jinbei to live, she will go back down the well. Even if she forgets him, she hopes he will not for her. Jinbei vows never to even in death. When she re-emerges, Yukimura is shocked that she did not become a Kuroageha butterfly. So in shock that he got beaten up by the rest of the insect exterminators. Now that everyone is here and ready to protect Mushibugyou, she suddenly stabs Jinbei! Evil smirk…

Episode 26
Jinbei tries to make Mushibugyou remember his name she carved on her palm. Doesn’t ring a bell. You’re screwed. Yukimura doesn’t want Mushibugyou to sully her hands so he absorbs all the poison in the well and releases them as bugs. Yukimura charges forward despite getting wounded in all the attacks till he can advance no more. Seeing his never-give-up spirit, the rest also attack but to no avail. Mugai uses Saizou’s power on Yukimura to reveal his invisible shock wave power. Yukimura targets Mugai as his next victim but before he is killed, Inu-shima awakens and saves him! As explained by Kotori, Jinbei has the blood of Insect Hunters probably from his mother’s side. Since the Eternal Insect cursed the clan of Insect Hunters and bathed them in its blood, it’s a reason why Jinbei turned into so as it responds to Eternal Insect’s power. Like how Jinbei woke up at Hachijou Island after contacting with Mushibugyou’s hair. Inu-shima hears Eternal Insect’s voice to hate and kill everything. It’s that same voice that overwhelmed him at Hachijou Island. Till Mugai had to bring him back to his senses about his promise to be a samurai who wins till he dies. With Jinbei awakened as himself, everybody is ready to fight Yukimura. Mushibugyou is bored watching them and wants to take over. Jinbei will take care of her while the rest have their hands full with Yukimura.

Mushibugyou unleashes her poison at Jinbei but he inches closer and tries to absorb all her poison as he thinks it is what making her forget. After all, he promised to protect her and her memories. This causes Mushibugyou to remember the moments she spent with Jinbei. Seeing his carved name on her palm and Jinbei’s warm hug, it brought her back to her senses. The price is that Jinbei is knocked out after absorbing all her poison. Yukimura is going to destroy Kishuu but Mushibugyou protects the town. Everyone continues their attack on him to buy enough time for Jinbei to wake up. Yukimura is still cocky and tries to paint a gloomy picture of everything. Jinbei remains positive and unyielding, never giving up and will keep winning till he dies. Jinbei unleashes this combo to destroy Yukimura once and for all: Mt Fuji Storm + Mr Fuji Rising Dragon + Mt Fuji Meteor Drop!!! Woah! It’s like an atomic bomb! Not even cockroaches can survive that! Amazingly, the town still stands. Everyone bids goodbye to our heroes as they set sail back to Edo in the boat they made for Yukimura. Mushibugyou talks to Jinbei about how she has always leave it to fate to rule her life. Now she looks forward to returning to her days at Edo. She wanted to reveal her true self to him but he interrupts that he too is looking forward to show Mushibugyou the blue sky with everyone else. I’m sure she’s looking at it right now. When they get back to Edo, it’s back to the familiar scene of exterminating insects.

What’s Bugging You?
Wait a minute. The ending was kinda abrupt, don’t you think? Sure, our heroes defeat the antagonists and get to go home safe. End of story. Well, I think there are lots of potential for this series so perhaps another season is much warranted. Because we certainly haven’t seen the last of Insect Hunters yet and it’s like as though they have been conveniently forgotten in the final arc since we are so much focused on the insect men and all the action down at Kishuu. Then there is Eternal Insect to deal with since Yukimura failed to bring Mushibugyou back, I’m sure the king won’t wait for another century to reunite with his queen, right? There are other mysteries yet to solve like the giant men devouring insects that appeared a century ago. All these should set a nice foundation and build up should they have another season. I figure the pacing of the story is quite decent since it builds up quite nicely with the introductory Edo arc in which we are introduced to the main characters of the insect exterminators and having an episode focused on them as well as the insect-of-the-week. Yup, feels like one of those tokusatsu shows whereby kids gleefully wait to see what kind of monster will show up this week. It is followed by the Hachijou Island arc before ending with the Kishuu arc which takes up half of the series. Although the Insect Hunters’ most prominent moment was the Hachijou Island arc, I suppose it is to move the story forward because the gang wouldn’t have gone to Kishuu had not Mushibugyou lost her powers and thus setting up the final battleground which takes up half of the season.

The action plays a big part in the success of this series and perhaps the reason why I didn’t find this bug slaying series to be a bore. I know for a person like me who can’t stand the sight of bugs, because of the monstrosity of the insects here, they look more like monsters than anything so in this sense, this ‘loophole’ didn’t make me squirm each time a bug (or bugs) had to appear on screen. Although each of the characters has their own unique moves, but sometimes I feel that the repetition in using them makes it feel that they lack other sort of moves. For example, Koikawa is prone to use his trademark technique called Slash of Repentance, which cuts up everything nice and perfectly. Not that I can tell any difference how he slashes but in the end, every bug gets cut up into pieces. After his secret training, he uses Slash of Compassion but this is not so often used as the first one. Although seeing them doing the same moves may be boring over time, nevertheless seeing them work together and take out bugs is still exciting. But I would love to see Jinbei mastering the remainder of the 36 styles. Since that absurd meteor strike move, I even imagined and came up with the other possible moves of this style. One that turns into a machine gun and shoots beams! Be warned though, some action parts may get gory because of the insect parts being cut up and the initially scenes of human becoming insect food.

Character wise, I guess I don’t need to spell out that Jinbei as the main protagonist isn’t perfect and could be passed on as a retard because of his carefree and seemingly simpleton thinking. But you know, every hero like him has always got to have a big kind heart and courage. It’s hard to brush him off seeing he is quite passionate in what he believes in. He might charge straight into a fight with no strategy and armed only with his steely determination to win but you have to give it to him that he never gives up. He’ll come back to win even if it kills him. Yeah. Is it no wonder why he wins in the end? Now that we have a glimpsed about his mysterious power (not that I understand fully about it, because I thought from what I understood, Jinbei may be a bug too), all the more reason why I say there is a lot more potential for this series and the rest of the other characters to grow. Even Mushibugyou has grown into a more humane person than before. From someone who has accepted her fate into ‘living’ a lifeless life, after Jinbei has poured so much warmth and kindness into it, even the hardest and coldest ice on the face of the planet will break and melt. His simplicity is all it took to open her eyes. So it’s a big thanks to Jinbei for giving life to Mushibugyou. She pretty looks much forward to it now rather than some mundane dead end job.

The other characters in the insect extermination squad may be oddballs and although I won’t go so far to say that their bond is so close that they are buddies, at least they know how to work with each other for the greater good and look out for each other. As stated, the introductory arc sees Jinbei with one of them and even they have their own episode while taking on a member of the Crucifix. We get to learn a few things from them like Koikawa’s fear of dogs, Tenma’s fear of insects and Hibachi’s admiration for Mugai. Speaking of Tenma, after his personal training, I find it a little odd that he now rides a giant paper crane. It’s like as though he has become too lazy to walk or telling us his legs have become crippled so he resorted to this flying technique. Mugai as the most mysterious member of the team doesn’t say much. There is more than meets the eye to this powerful dude. But in the end, he too puts his faith in Jinbei and believes in him as opposed in the beginning whereby he doesn’t even look at him. Other characters felt okay but didn’t leave much of an impact such as Ogami and Yumehisa. They could have been nice additional fighting power to the insect exterminators but I suppose being in another department is another story. Then there is Nagatomimaru/Ieshige whom I thought would play a major role in providing Jinbei with intelligence or whatsoever. Disappointingly he was mostly missing during the Hachijou Island and Kishuu arc. As if, if he didn’t appear at all, it wouldn’t have changed much of anything. The scary thing about this dude is his infatuation for Jinbei. It’s like their fateful meeting turned on his gay switch… Seriously… Say, what happened to Mitsuki? After her failed mission, she was never to be seen again except in the final scenes whereby she is seen hanging around in Edo.

Although Ooka can be passed off as a serious character who is set on getting his mission done, the thing that I find him funny is that his favourite word especially to Jinbei: “Obatsu desu!”. Although it literally means punishment, in a more precise context it would be “That’s wrong!”. It’s like almost every sentence he says begins with this word since whatever suggestion or word that comes out from Jinbei’s mouth seems to be wrong from his point of view. Funny isn’t it? It is even funnier when Jinbei retorts back to him with that phrase when he disagrees. I mean, hearing Jinbei go “Obatsu desu!” right back at Ooka feels like he’s getting right back at him at his game. Too bad the smartest man in Edo just had to die. And yeah, speaking of favourite word, I felt that Tenma too had this tendency to call out the names of his shikigamis, Matsukichi and Tamekichi, whether it is for them to start an attack or they get pounded.

Romance. How should I put it? Almost all the female characters in this series have a thing for Jinbei. Although he is probably too dense to see it and the pacing and action of the series overshadow this. As far as I can see, Mushibugyou Oharu, Hibachi and Irori have taken a liking for Jinbei. Mushibugyou obviously for the warmth and kindness that Jinbei has shown her but because of their rank that is poles apart, I figure she has to restrain herself. Besides, right till the end Jinbei still believes Mushibugyou is the servant. Although there are attempts for Mushibugyou to reveal her identity, there will always be some sort of interruption that prevents her from doing so. It’s like as though fate is not going to let her do so. Maybe it is better this way. Will Jinbei be different once he knows she is the real Insect Magistrate? I doubt he would. Even brute girl like Hibachi takes a liking for Jinbei as you can see her reactions towards him. Does this mean her admiration for Mugai has diminished? Perhaps both are separate matters. But what about Irori? It’s like they’ve forgotten about this loli when the final battle against Yukimura and his Crucifix began. And since she stayed back at Kishuu, she can say goodbye to Jinbei forever. I don’t know if Mitsuki harbours feelings for Jinbei but I won’t be surprised if she does. There is another potential ‘love rival’ to consider: Nagatomimaru! I bet he is in love with Jinbei for all we know. This can turn out into a yaoi series so I hope one of the girls would get to Jinbei’s heart before this stalker can make his unholy move. The things he does, everything for Jinbei just feels like an excuse…

The only reason why Oharu exists is for fanservice purpose. Where else can you find a woman with such big bouncy bosoms in old Edo? And then there is this tendency for Jinbei to always slip up and get her boobs in his face. It’s like he is connected to some sort of fanservice fate each time they meet. For those who prefer flat chest, there is always Hibachi since there are a few scenes of her in almost her exposed skin. Like when Jinbei cut her clothes by mistake as he thought she was an imposter. Felt like a cue for fanservice after not having seen Hibachi in her loincloth or her ass for so long… Like as though Hibachi is Oharu’s substitute for fanservice when the latter is not around. Then there is Mitsuki. Her dressing is an atrocity! Such indecent exposure would have earned her condemnation from all sides especially in such conservative times. I know she uses seduction techniques, the reason for her dressing but I feel it makes her look like a slut. Furthermore, what is the use of being so sexy when she can’t even successfully seduce simple Jinbei boy? Maybe something is wrong with Jinbei.

The drawing and art seems pretty decent. Backgrounds and scenery are okay too. Some of the characters may have a little cartoonish feel to it and the insect men look pretty drab in their insect form despite using various insects to depict them. And they look like those insect type monsters that come straight out from those tokusatsu shows. But the big thing that bugged me was the hairstyle of some of the characters. For instance, Mugai and Oharu. They have this very huge arc as their hairstyle like as though it is like some sort of insect horn. It makes me wonder how it can stay up so perfectly like that. Heck, Mugai can hold such a big sword, what is this hairstyle for him? Then there is Kotori’s hairstyle which I don’t even know what to make of it. Sometimes I think it looks like a bird’s beak… Not forgetting those of spikey types like Mushibugyou, Koikawa, Ogami and even Yukimura. This anime series is produced by Seven Arcs, responsible for animes such as Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Dog Days and Sekirei so you can see a little similarity in their art style here.

On a trivial note, the next episode preview is amusing because it has Jinbei narrating his perverted thoughts using lots of sexual innuendoes such as those ‘bombs’ hidden in Hibachi’s chest, sending up those ‘fireworks’, training his eyes to watch those boobs bounce, taking a deep breath in and out to make those boobs stand out, or even grab those ‘stars’, ‘peaches’ and ‘melons’. Then the girl will scorn him before beating him up and he will groan in pain from the hit. I notice in some episodes they also love making perverted jokes about Hibachi’s white loincloth… It’s really useful in putting out fires, stop the bleeding, etc. Can you get sexier than that? But this narration sometimes sounds odd because we only hear the characters speak and there is no other sound effect like him doing the perverted stuff or those ka-pow sounds that he got hit. In a way, it makes it sound unreal like they are just acting and reading from the script (which I suppose it is). I don’t believe the background music was drowning out the sound effect and pretty sure there is none. I’m not that deaf.

The voice casting has Kenn as the leading character, Jinbei whose other anime roles include Akihito in Kyoukai No Kanata and Dino in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. Takuya Eguchi has been voicing teenagers’ role like Kon in Ixion DT, Salvadore in Campione and Hachiman in Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru, so he sounds really low and gruffy as Koikawa here. Others include Takuma Terashima as Mugai (Wolf in Blood Lad), Rumi Ookubo as Hibachi (Chinatsu in YuruYuri), Yuu Serizawa as Tenma (Maxi in Inu To Hasami Wa Tsukaiyou, Mamoru Miyano as Kotori (Death The Kid in Soul Eater), Megumi Han as Mushibugyou (Sumire in Chihayafuru), Kazuhiko Inoue as Ooka (Kakashi in Naruto), Jun Fukuyama as Nagatomimaru/Ieshige (Lelouch in Code Geass), Junichi Suwabe as Yukimura (Atobe in Prince Of Tennis), Sumire Uesaka as Irori (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Katsuyuki Konishi as Leader (Kamina in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), Youji Ueda as Gaikotsu (Saemon in Basilisk), Keiji Fujiwara as Munenao (Sven in Black Cat), Rikiya Koyama as Genjuurou (Kiritsugu in Fate/Zero), Satomi Akesaka as Oharu (Arsene in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes) and singer YUKI as Mitsuki.

The first opening I feel is the best sounding one. Tomoyo by Gagaga SP may start off like an old rock and roll tune but then it quickly descends into a full blown hard rock style. Although this isn’t my favourite kind of music genre but this theme suits the anime quite perfectly. Furthermore, the singer’s voice sounds like although he is singing after having too many drinks last night. Drunk? It just sounds crazy and sometimes a little out of tune and plain. Maybe that’s why it works. The second opening theme is Ichizu by I-Ris. Although it is still a rock theme, however it feels very much toned down and doesn’t have that oomph and crazy feel like the first one. The first ending theme, Denshin Unchained by FREEDa’M sounds like an idol song. I thought it was AKB48 singing this slow anime pop piece. The second ending theme, Through All Eternity ~Enishi No Kizuna~ by Ayami sounds like a moderate rock piece. And the ending credits animation here is like as though they are spamming images and poses of Mushibugyou. Nothing but her…

Overall, this series isn’t really complicated with complex plots, storyline and all. But its simplicity of a group of people slaying insects may not be a cup of tea to many and even more so the setting is feudal Japan (if you’re not into period kind of shows). But the action sequence are pretty decent and do not disappoint so stick around to see the fights. Hopefully, it will give ‘chickens’ like me the much needed strength to swat insects whenever caught in such situations. Okay, so it really didn’t. In fact, it just reinforces my fear for them. Now I’m even more afraid! Oh God… Why do you have to make insects so yucky and repulsive? Why can’t they look like cute anime maids? I’m sure I’ll love them even more to death. Yeah. I’m an insect for even saying that.

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