August 18, 2006

You know, the reason why I wanted to watch Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee is because there are only 2 episodes. Yup, just 2 episodes but each episodes are a little than your usual anime series as it is approximately 30 minutes (compared to 22-24 minutes). Also, I read that this anime is supposed to be adapted from the manga called Wild Adapter. I’ve taken a look at some pic shots at the manga and I can pretty much say that Araiso somewhat really looks like it.
So basically it’s about these 2 guys, Kubota Makoto and Tokitou Minoru, who are part of Araiso High School’s Student Council Executive Committee. You might have guessed it already from the title of the anime. It seems that this Executive Committee is quite a feared body in school. As seen over the 2 episodes, most students who happen to identify these 2 guys from there, start to shiver or get their butts up and move away, so as not to want any trouble with them.
It isn’t that these 2 guys are such bad people going around beating up or blackmailing people. Well, they may be tough and have conventional ways (a little brute force, that is) to solving things but I guess that’s the way it’s gotta be to keep the peace around school. Yeah, I think that’s what this committee is mainly set up for besides the usual student council thing.
So as you can see in the opening sequence of the first episode, some poor defenseless guy is being harrassed by some school bullies. You know, the usual protection money thing. But luckily, lady luck’s shining on this poor chap as Kubota and Tokitou manage to show up in time and teach those bullies a lesson.
Anyway, the first episode is mainly about the school having some sports festival. Something like those who participate in it will have their grades in gym class a raise. Well, I suppose that there’s a catch to this. Heard that those who didn’t previously participate will eventually show up and then there’s gonna be a lot of rough play and injury because they’re gonna be desparate. Something like that.
So the Executive Committee’s head Takahisa Matsumoto, and his assistant, Haruka Tachibana, decided to request for the other members of the committee to participate and at the same time to play guard (meaning keep watch so that nobody gets injured). I like to mention first that one of the committee members, Fujiwara Yuusuke, seemed to look up to Kubota very much. Like if there’s one small tiny bit of praise (okay, maybe not), he’ll get all excited. Or even if he gets noticed or used by him too. And he can’t stand some other guy being alone with him (like Tokitou). Some guy.
However, at the same time, those school bullies who’re shamed earlier on wants to get their revenge on Kabuto and Tokitou during the games. But as a precautionary measure, somehow Kubota and Tokitou’s name appeared on every games’ list. But the school bully head (let’s call him that) seems to know that they will only play basketball.
And how true. At least the bullies were making quite a number of students injured so much so Kubota and Tokitou and the rest had to check it out. Can’t believe the refree teacher didn’t see all of it. So Tokitou decided to go in and have a basketball match with the school bully head. Of course, during the match, he turned nasty and slit Tokitou’s hand with a hidden knife. After witnessing this, Kuboto felt a little mad and decided to enter the game too. Of course, after Tokitou’s being treated.
During the match, they played a little dirty too. For instance, seemingly making a pass when it actually is intended right at the opponent’s face. Eventually, the bullies lost and were the ones most severely injured. And because of that Takahisa made some announcement that the school bully head will get quite a raise in his marks. So pitiful and ironic. But he got what he deserves. And what’s with that part where the school bully head ended up in the school doctor’s room? Gonna get whipped? Supposed to be rejoicing, right? Maybe not.
The second episode seems more like the Executive Committee trying to investigate some mysterious ghost hauntings in the school grounds. Yeah, there’re some compaints of some strange sounds at school. So why would the other committee members agree to do such a thing? See, it’s summer and it’s so so so hot. And the room that the other members usually get together is in dire need of an air-conditioner. So Kazumi Katsuragi AKA Gwaymu, strike a deal with Takahisa that they’d investigate the hauntings and solve it in return for an air-conditioner in their room.
So their first night at school made quite a few shocking discoveries. Well, the good thing was, it isn’t anything supernatural. The bad thing is, the activities of the other students they do after school is pretty much discovered. Like smoking or some couple gonna make love. So first night, found not what they intended to find.
But the next day as Fujiwara went to do some clean up in the store room, he accidently remove some seal and was then possessed. Looks like some restless warrior who died and previously the school ground was a battlefield in which this warrior died. So the other members didn’t noticed it at first. But as soon as it started attacking the group, they realized it isn’t Fujiwara anymore and they need to do something about it.
The funny part was Kubota decided to recite some prayer lines to calm the spirit. But did it work? No it didn’t. Then why did he do it? That’s because he saw it in some show and it’s supposed to work. Hahaha *Doink*. Anyway, it just made the spirit stronger. So Kubota and Tokitou teamed up to fight the spirit but it seemed futile. Eventually, after much beating, they manage to spot some seal on the ghost and destroyed it. Yay! The spirit’s gone, but Fujiwara’s taken quite a beating there. Poor guy, can’t remember anything, his body hurts and nobody pities him. And it’s dawn already.
In the end, they didn’t get the air-cond because they wrecked the sports room and other areas of the school when they’re fighting the spirit. How sad. I guess it’s gonna be a long and hot summer. Hang in there you guys. You’re supposed to be tough.
Overall, I find it okay with it’s light hearted comedy and action. Also most of the characters somehow reminded me of Gensoumaden Saiyuki characters. Heard that donno the producer or so did some work on the latter too. Like Kubota looked like Cho Hakkai, Tokitou looked like a cross between Homura and a less fierce Kou, Fujiwara seemed like Genjo Sanzo, and the school’s doctor, Tohru Igarashi reminded me of the Goddess Of Mercy. Speaking of which, why do all school lady doctors need to dress so sexy (and besides she seemed to like to flirt with Kubota). Then there’s that one guy in the committee who looked like Ken Nakajima of You’re Under Arrest.
Like I said, it’s rather okay. With Kubota and Tokitou making a great team. And if the producers decided to come up with more episodes in the future for this OVA, maybe I’ll watch it. But in the meantime, I’m simply just not reading the manga. Not interested. Not into it.

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