Tenshi No Drop

November 8, 2013

Sugar, spice and everything nice. That’s what girls are made of, right? If you’re a loli pervert, then I guess you’re going to find Tenshi No Drop to be somewhat that too. This special only lasts 5 minutes and after watching it (because there is no harm in watching an anime that lasts less than 10 minutes – so I think), it made me go WTF. What the hell is this anime about, I don’t know. All I know is that it feels like it is made for lolicon perverts. This is how the short synopsis went: “Botan Ichige has just enrolled in St. Asmaria All-Girl’s School where angels are said to live. It turns out that angels do indeed live there, and after an accident, an angel named Un offers Botan her halo as a snack. After eating it, Botan discovers it had some bizarre side-effects, causing her to regularly “give birth” to colourful mushrooms. Is this the life of an angel!?”. Yeah. I’m not surprised if you’re already going WTF.

It starts off with Botan dreaming of having the nicest tea party. But her friend Shinobu Itoko adds that she would also love to have a pantsu party and proceeds to almost yuri kiss panicky Botan. Whether their lips met or not is up to our imagination. The duo are amazed with their high quality furniture in their room. However the same cannot be said for the floor because their legs crashed right through it! If they were boys, their manhood could have suffered seriously. Yeah. Very serious. Cheeky Shinobu even makes such a cheeky statement how their balls will go bust if they were boys and this freaks out Botan a lot. Then a pair of legs comes crashing down from the ceiling. Seriously, this dorm needs to have its floor remodelled. So perverted Shinobu is, she thinks those dangling legs belong to Botan and gets excited seeing her no-pan. This girl drops down on Shinobu and she turns out to be Un the angel. Shinobu hugs her like a cuddly teddy bear but get s punched away. She offers to let the girls eat her halo which looks like a doughnut. Then they start to feel strange in their stomach. They want to pee! Un tells them not to hold back and they start peeing coloured mushrooms. Botan is devastated the snack they ate were pees.

Shinobu decides to call this club Angelic Menses Phenomenon Club and upset Botan finds it very perverted because won’t it be strange for a club whose objective is to strive and pee? Botan is close to breaking down seeing this is happening to her. Shinobu explains to Un that Botan put up an ahogao face. The face you put on when you feel good. I thought it literally meant stupid face. Un thinks they should rename the club to Ahogao Club. She also adds that their wish will come true if they bear lots of eggs. How many? 100,000 angelic eggs!!! So Shinobu starts laying those mushrooms till in hopes they can wish for that tea party and crashes through the window. She thought she put up a good ahogao but Botan wonders if it looks more like a cute face. Un calls the club Ahegao Club (Ahegao = the face after achieving sensual orgasm…) but Shinobu soon corrects her back to Ahogao Club. And so… 99,950 angelic eggs left to go… I’m not sure what this last scene is about because Botan is blindfolded trying to escape and she’s like complaining about not wanting to be stripped naked. Hibachi watches her and is so turned on that she wets herself.

Fallen Angel?
Really. I don’t know what else to say. If this ever gets turned into a TV series adaptation, I can have an idea what it will turn into. You’re going to see lots of yuri, omorashi and all sorts of other perverted fetishes and sex jokes to only true deviants can enjoy. Trying to put coloured ‘candies’ as excretion may seem funny and cute at first but when you realize it, it is somewhat gross. Unless you have such fetishes. I’m already having this unsettling feeling in my stomach as I type this. Seeing the way they are going to continue and excrete the mushrooms, I think it’s going to get dirtier and dirtier with the perverted characters that has appeared. Shinobu is already a perverted, Hibachi has her own quirky fetish and Un isn’t really an angel either. Botan may seem normal but how long can that last when she is in the company of such perverts. In no time, she will also be awakened to her true calling. Oddly, I didn’t know that you can eat an angel’s halo. Of course it is just a story for this series but seriously. It tastes sweet? It makes you want to ‘conceive’ and excrete weird stuffs? Goes to show that you just can’t pick up anything and put it in your mouth. If you need to excrete cute but gross things and 100,000 of them just to get a stinking wish fulfilled, I think collecting 7 Dragon Balls would be much easier. Making a contract with Kyuubey would be less hassle. Killing the Hair Queen would sound so much better alternative. Or even finding a genie’s lamp. I don’t know why they need 100,000 just for one wish but good luck in trying to excrete that much. And then they can all have one big yuri tea party like they want with their excretion as snacks. Just gross. If this is the life of an angel, I’d rather go to hell! Because as it is, it’s already like hell but only in a cute way, right?

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