Momoiro Sisters

January 12, 2008

You know, there’s this thinking among men that women are hard to understand. Vice versa too. Not that I’m saying that they’re troublesome or what so I thought by watching Momoiro Sisters, it would at least give me an insight of their everyday hardships and situations of being a woman. At least, that’s what the synopsis from Anime News Network said.
Honestly, I don’t really recall if I really do understand girls better but this show seems to be mainly driven by comedy and ecchi. Uh huh. I don’t think most girls are like that. You see, the 2 main protagonist of the show Sakura Murakami, a working office lady, and her high school going younger sister, Momoko, are going through what most girls now are experiencing at their age. Love, that is. The fact that these 2 girls haven’t got a steady boyfriend means that they’ll try some methods in attracting the opposite sex. Some funny, some ecchi (in a funny sense).
Though there are only 24 episodes in this entire series, each episode is only approximately 8 minutes long. Take away the opening credits and you’ll probably have 6 minutes or so air time. Not much to tell? Yeah, well if the series really wanted to make viewers understand women better rather than just a glimpse of it, I’m sure there are other better subjects to cover. So at least for just this series, you’ll just have a peek into the daily lives of 2 single sisters (typically not the kind to show each other their sisterly love but at times with some little argument and disagreement here and there. Some call it a love-hate relationship).
In each episode, I kinda notice there is a brunette girl with no dialogue lines appearing at certain points in the show. At first I thought she was a chibi version of Momoko. Later I realized she’s the original story person and her role is to make short comments and remarks with her signboard. Yup, she’ll hold out 1 with some kanji words on it for viewers to read.
Also most episodes can stand alone by an episode itself. At least in the beginning. I find that I can’t seem to understand what’s going on at the end of some of the episodes as when the next one begins, it has no relations or continuation from the previous. Towards the end of the series, there will be several episodes to form a short story arc.
Things start off with that adult joke on period already in episode 1. Uh huh. Momoko saying something about how their series is gonna start when Sakura thinks it’s her period because her high-schooler-without-a-boyfriend sister seems so happy. After Momoko corrects her, she shoots back by saying hers is late. Yeah, she admits it’s 3 months late as Sakura goes into depression. But mainly this episode is about sexy lingerie. Uh huh. I know what you’re thinking. Anyway Momoko gets jealous seeing that her sis is wearing one. Even at school, Momoko is surprised to find her best pals, the cosplaying and doujinshi fanatic (especially yaoi and yuri!) Moeko Kaneko, and Miki Shimizu, too dons them. It’s a different case at office as we see Sakura always envying the big breasted Yukari Outani and squeezing her breasts from behind. Even Yukari herself notices the men always stare at them. Of course Sakura is then given some advice from another colleague, Yuki Kurakata, the right strategies about how to attract men. Something about uniform cosplay. So back home, Sakura pleads to her sis to lend her her school uniform. Of course Momoko won’t do it without a price. Is 5000 Yen expensive? Anyway, Momoko is trying to be an entrepreneur and tries to rent additional items like her gym clothes, which Sakura badly wants. However, the episode just ends here.
Episode 2 is more on slimming down and dieting. Which girl doesn’t want to achieve that hourglass figure. Miki and Moeko kinda thinks Momoko may have put on some weight in which the latter confessed that she had some ice cream. Of course some remarks from Moeko like how she’d never diet before pisses off Momoko because she’s jealous why rich people like her has relatively low maintenance of one’s body. Life’s ironic itself. Meanwhile Sakura herself is depressed because she tells Yuki that she may be getting a little fatter when her bum can’t fit into a pair of jeans. Yuki tells her it’s because of age. With that the 2 sisters decide to work out and go on a diet. However, several days into it, Sakura is already out of steam. To make matters worse, Sakura is envious of Yukari when the latter tells her no matter how she diet, she would lose the stomach fat and not her breasts size. This blows Sakura’s top as she gives Yukari that breast squeezing punishment. Back home while Momoko is happy that she lost 3 kilos, Sakura as usual gives her that breast squeezing thing (this girl sure likes to do this weird thing). Momoko retaliates by pinching Sakura’s tummy. Before you know it, an argument ensued. Of flat chests and flabby belly. Let’s just leave it here.
Momoko’s class gets a new transfer student, the pretty Keiko Fukuya in episode 3. Every boy and girl is taken in by her beauty. Because Keiko sits close to Momoko, she kinda notice that everytime Keiko sits down, she has to be careful and do it slowly as she grimaces. Later as Momoko and Miki chats with Keiko, Moeko comes in and shows them her all new yaoi magazine. Yeah, Momoko and Miki are reading it and are surprised to find ‘2 guys doing it’ and ‘even in the butt!’. Keiko is shocked and immediately grabs the book to have a look herself. The rests noticed that she kept saying "Not in the butt" over and over again, which of course Keiko says it’s nothing. Later at the gym, the girls are supposed to do a pummel horse jump. When it’s Keiko’s turn, she didn’t make it and the pummel horse hit her butt. It must be painful because she soon passes out. In short, Keiko has piles! Ouch. When she comes to in the infirmary she accidentally sleep talk how she musn’t let anyone know she has piles. When she realized the trio had already known this, she ran out in tears and thinking the worse how everyone will make fun of her. Keiko faints again and once more awakens in the infirmary. Keiko decides that she’s gonna have an operation since she won’t allow this to go on any further. The trio are supportive of her. The day after her operation she returns to class and the trio wants to know what happened in excitement. However, Keiko tells them the operation has failed. I guess the piles is too hard to be operated. Another painful memory Keiko wished she’d never experienced. Uh huh. It’s like the piles is stuck to her and part of Keiko. Hehehe.
In episode 4, Sakura is reading an article whereby one half of high school girls are inexperienced today and how Momoko hasn’t got anything to do with this, pissing the latter. Because of that, she lost some video game she was playing (that chibi original story girl like Mario?). I don’t know why Momoko’s being a little upset seeing that she’s still a virgin. Does she want to lose it that bad? At Sakura’s office, Yukari spots a magazine article ‘My First Time’ and she curiously takes it up to read it. Her colleagues misunderstood the situation when they think she’s into all that. Later, Yukari got some ‘advice’ from the ‘queen’ herself Sakura and Yuki, and asks questions like does it hurt and all that. I suppose Sakura is so experienced that she has no qualms of saying it hurts like hell so much so she thinks of not doing a second time. But after doing it over and over again, they kinda feel addictive. I shouldn’t comment on this. Then their male colleague, Rin, joins in this forum and shares his views too. Of course, this guy still can’t beat Sakura on the topic. Uh huh, she’s damn knowledgeable. At Momoko’s school, Momoko finds out Miki already did her first time. Though Miki mentions she did it the normal way, Moeko bumps in and says something about the butt and it’s a guy’s romantic way. This girl is really sick. Moeko goes on blabbing about some forbidden scenes when Keiko objects and says anything about the butt. She’s lecturing about the pain in the ass (no pun intended) which makes life a living hell. Keiko then suspiciously asks Momoko if she’s done so as Momoko unknowingly yells out how she’s a total virgin. Like I said. I wonder why she’s so eager to do her first time. What’s wrong with keeping her virginity till she’s married.
Episode 5 is more on Yukari and how she dreads everytime those male perverts keep staring at her breasts. Then as usual, Sakura teases her about it. Before you know it, Sakura surprisingly finds out that Yukari is still a virgin, which attracted the whole damn male office workers. Oh the embarrassment. However, Yukari has a secret crush on a guy, Keisuke Tsuchikawa because he’s the only 1 who doesn’t stare at her twin peaks. Later you’ll find out that this guy is only interested in food and eating. Most of his topics are around that even though it may seem ambiguous. So we see have frank the boss is when he tells Yukari how he always notices her big boobs. Tsuchikawa steps in to seemingly protect Yukari but he’s just correcting him. Bummer. Then Tsuchikawa decides to show Yukari his 1 shot gag on Yukari’s boobs using 2 pomelos. What the? However even having said that, Yukari’s feelings for him doesn’t change, since Tsuchikawa did apologize. But I guess they both hit off from there. In the mean time, I’m not sure why Momoko and Miki are undoing each other’s bra straps.
Tsuchikawa loves the bentos Yukari makes for him in episode 6. This prompts Yuki and Sakura to bet among each other to see whether Tsuchikawa actually loves Yukari for herself or her lunches. Since Yuki bets on Yukari while Sakura on the lunch, the loser will have to treat the other some Super Gorgeous Luxurious Steak Lunch Set. Meanwhile Momoko is having a chat with Miki and Moeko and more of that rich girl statements like having different chefs coming to cook for Moeko, pissing off Momoko. Back to the office, Yukari is sick and is unable to come to work so much so Tsuchikawa thinks without her, he has no lunch. Sakura thinks she’s gonna win. But when Tsuchikawa fixes his usual bread lunch and notices how it’s not the same as Yukari’s, it’s Yuki’s turn to rejoice. Next day when Yukari comes back to work, she had a chat with Tsuchikawa (while Yuki and Sakura spy and eavesdrop on them) in which the latter seems to indicate that it was her lunch that he’s interested in. Sakura claims victory and is gonna dig in but Yuki stops her as there’s more to come. After Tsuchikawa finishes Yukari’s lunch, he says how damn good it is and gives her a love hug, making Yukari blush. With that, Yuki claims victory and starts to eat the super lunch set. I guess everybody’s full except for Sakura, who’s sad on an empty stomach.
Yukari asks Tsuchikawa what kind of chocolates he like and that guy says chocolate pork. Huh? Valentine’s Day is coming in episode 7. Though Sakura and Yuki aren’t too fond of that, eventually Yukari makes it and gives it to Tsuchikawa. As expected he gobbles it down with love. Even so, this made Yukari quite happy. Meanwhile Momoko is saying how she wish she was an idol so that her fans would give her chocolates. That way she could pick out the best one and give to the boy of her choice. Bottomline: This way, it save costs. Nice idea. Dream on. On the other hand, Sakura is lecturing Tsuchikawa on White Day, a day whereby the guys have to give back the girls in return for their chocolates. Of course, that guy is a bloody blur case. Later as Sakura and Yuki are coming out of the ladies, they spot Tsuchikawa giving a small gift of sweets to Yukari. Surprisingly after that, Tsuchikawa kissed Yukari on her lips! This must be the biggest shock in her life. Not once but twice! While they’re at it, it seems Sakura says how she lost again as Yuki celebrates. Looks like another bet between those 2.
Sakura’s company organizes a company trip to the beach in episode 8. While Sakura and Yuki are sitting in the shade and notes how guys haven’t start hitting on them beautiful ladies (perasan!), they’re watching with envy how Tsuchikawa and Yukari are having a great time together. Meanwhile a colleague, Rika Kouno, is watching the pair from her binoculars and notes how Yukari isn’t suitable for her Tsuchikawa-senpai. Hmmm… Another girl with a crush on this glutton. What’s this? the screen displays her bio stats as well as her favourite stuffs? Is it necessary for this side character? Determined not to lose, Rika dashes and hugs Tsuchikawa but the latter thinks it’s some wrestling and gives her a judo throw over his shoulders. Another lady, Miwako Haraike, also another same case like Rika who dislikes Yukari’s big boobs (another full screen stat display?) is gonna show off her sexy body in her skimpy swimsuit to Tsuchikawa. However, Tsuchikawa’s staring doesn’t mean he’s admiring her, but rather wonders if her swimsuit is cheap because of the lack of materials to make it. Really blur case. But it was enough to make Yukari giggle. Later Sakura and Yuki learns that Yukari has been invited by Tsuchikawa to night stroll on the beach and the duo are having their wild fantasies on what might happen. Seems like a normal stroll until the lovebirds kissed and Yukari felt Tsuchikawa’s hand coming up to her breasts. She doesn’t mind until Tsuchikawa tells her that she actually got some seaweed stuck on her boobs, making Yukari a lot embarrassed. When Yukari returns, Sakura and Yuki kept pestering for details on what they really did. Losers. Got nothing better to do.
Momoko gets a love letter in her shoe box from a boy named Akira Tobari in episode 9. Is it too good to be true? Momoko has a chat about this newfound discovery as Keiko feels a little envious about it. Momoko can’t seem to concentrate and could only think what if that petite Akira boy is a girl (you know this idea from who lah). On the day to meet Akira at the park, Momoko is surprised to see this Akira as a cute boy. Yeah, cuter than any other girls around, so to quote her. Momoko asks why he had chosen her. A short flashback whereby we see Akira searching for his lost contacts on the ground. Momoko decides to help but accidentally stepped on the contacts. She then tries to erase her guilt by saying that it’s just trash and that she doesn’t have to replace it. Akira who saw her happy face fell in love at first sight. I suppose he didn’t see the clearer picture. Akira soon surprises Momoko by asking her to go out with him. Is going to the library considered an outing? Well maybe since Akira says he’ll help her with her homework but Sakura mocks her by saying that they may not end up at the library studying. Even Miki seems to have the same idea that Momoko may go to the library more than just study, annoying Momoko. At the library, as the duo studies, their hands accidentally touched when they reached for the same eraser. Some blushing here and there before Momoko realized that the work that they’re doing is some high school entrance exam. She’s shocked to find that he’s a middle schooler. She stunned and wonders why he’s helping her with her homework. Looks like she’s dating a boy younger than her and probably smarter than her. At least she doesn’t follow that social stigma whereby young girls should date older guys.
In episode 10, Momoko once again gets surprised when she finds out her pals Moeko got her first kiss when she’s 15 years old. But Miki’s even earlier than her, 12 years old. Momoko must be feeling ‘left behind’. Furthermore, they’re saying those who hasn’t kiss at this age are worse than monkeys. I really feel your first kiss should be saved for someone you truly love and not because of the in-thing or peer pressure. At home, Momoko is really sleeping well because the next day she’s got a date with Akira at the amusement park. Yeah, she slept really good so much so she woke up late. I’m not sure why but it seems Momoko is mad even though she’s the one who’s late. Maybe she’s mad at herself. Because so, she decides to atone it by buying something Akira really likes, which she really doesn’t want to. Maybe that’s why she’s mad. Anyway they had their fun at the park and by evening when they head back, Akira gave Momoko her first kiss! Another surprise for the girl. Since it’s her first one, she’s really spacing out a lot back home when Sakura comes in and tells her how it’ll all soon become memories and will be forgotten away in 3 years, causing Momoko to blush. She also went on ranting about like how one does it the first time, from behind, outside, sideways… She’s really an expert in this area, isn’t she?
Momoko hugs Akira without thinking when the latter informs her how he passed his high school entrance exam in episode 11. Momoko’s 3 pals saw it and of course wants her to introduce that cute boy to them. As usual, Moeko is that yuri girl and asks if Akira likes all those homo stuffs, pissing off Momoko. Even back at home, Sakura is asking since they’ve both kissed, have the ‘put it in’ yet. Busybody. Of course Momoko denies doing anything like that. Yet. But what Sakura meant was kissing with the tongue. Still… But mainly this episode is about Momoko and Akira together at the beach as Momoko is having thoughts about her first wet kiss with Akira. Funny thing is they’re watching 2 crabs walking and bumping into each other which seems like a kiss. After the duo had their fun in the sun, eventually Akira gives her another ‘deep kiss’. Back home, Sakura notices how Momoko’s in a good mood. Momoko thinks that with that kiss, she’s grown up a little.
Another night outing between Momoko and Akira in episode 12. They’re sitting shy shy and blushing on a park bench when Akira timidly asks Momoko what she wants for her birthday. She replies that she wants Akira. Oops a slip of the tongue? Momoko then said what she meant was anything that Akira gives her will be fine. Back home, Momoko’s putting on some lipstick and fantasizing a date with Akira and kissing him on his lips in which some of her lipstick got stuck on Akira’s lips. Seems girly enough to make Momoko drop the idea. I think Momoko’s a little ‘itchy’ as she’s hoping to do her first time with Akira. But there are days whereby nothing really happens when she wished something would really happen. Then 1 night when the duo are supposed to have their first time at some hotel, Momoko instead spend the entire time enjoying herself singing karaoke. Then later as the duo sat dejectedly on the playground swing, Momoko then says that they should take it slow and easy since they’ve got lots of time and to make more memories together. With that, they both feel better and kissed once more to the city lights in the background.
Before Akira could finish his sentence about this coming weekend for a vacation in episode 13, Momoko jumps to a conclusion and fantasizes that this could be it about doing her first time and how she’s gonna deal with it like she’s poor and how she’s gonna tell her parents. Unfortunately, what Akira’s gonna say is that he’s spending his vacation with his family and wonders what souvenir Momoko would like him to get. Haha. While Momoko is sulking back home, Sakura is dancing happily because her company is organizing a trip to the hotspring. On the bus trip, I suppose the office workers have to endure their boss’s horrible singing (for the 34th time?) but some couple doing it in a nearby car caught the attention of Yuki and Sakura. Now Sakura’s an armchair critic as she’s commenting how it should be done, like this and not like that, out loud. No comment. At the hotspring, those jealous side characters of Tsuchikawa, Rika and Miwako are staring with piercing glances at Yukari changing. When Sakura comes in and squeezes her boobs, the duo looked at theirs and admits defeat. Then as the duo losers are soaking in the hotspring, Sakura pops out and starts talking about their bio stats, embarrassing them further. And all those perverted guys are eavesdropping nearby. Actually Sakura’s doing it for Rin as in return he’ll give her a big bottle of sake. Sakura then is gonna turn to Yukari next but when she saw how her breasts are floating. Sakura barges into the men’s area to tell Rin the amazing thing she just saw when Tsuchikawa tells them about it. How does he know about it? Ah well… Then during dinner time, it’s Yukari’s turn to sing but finds that this song isn’t suitable. Since everybody isn’t paying attention, Yukari somehow scream from the top of her voice for somebody to ‘put it in’. Sounds ambiguous doesn’t it? Another Then Sakura is arguing with Rin out loud about how when one does it, must do it till the very end until it’s dry and nothing really comes out because it becomes useless so quickly. Hopefully, it’s the dinner party she’s referring to as Yukari says.
In episode 14, we see Yuki doing her work super fast. That’s because tonight’s the night where her beloved boyfriend, Sho-chan will come see her. She’s even hurrying home. But all that effort is wasted because when she reaches home, she’s got a message from him saying that he can’t over because of work. We’ve been through such disappointment before right? The next day, we can’t blame Yuki for being pissed off. A short flashback of how Sho-chan never even spend time with her on her birthday. Though he asked what Yuki wants for her birthday, she says Sho-chan but of course that guy says it’s impossible since he’s busy. In her rage, Yuki tells him to get someone that could replace Sho-chan himself. A doll that would let lonely girls sleep easy at night, which is Mr Bob, before slamming down the phone. Obviously that dense guy really send a Mr Bob to her. Just dump him, Yuki. Back in present time, Sakura gives her a swimsuit to cheer her up. Later, Yuki wears the swimsuit and calls Sho-chan to come home early. If not it’s too bad because he’ll really miss seeing her in that outfit. Obviously that guy’s a typical pervert too and he soon rushes home. So predictable. As Yuki thanks Sakura, soon the 2 embrace and before you know it, they did it. That’s really fast. Then Sakura is surprised to hear Yuki is pregnant as she’s showing symptoms of being one. Back home, Yuki notes how Sho-chan has gotten thinner but the latter says he’s trying to gain weight for marriage, which made Yuki happy as she hugs him. I guess they did another round of you know what lah. Yuki doesn’t need that Mr Bob anymore.
Yuki and Sho-chan officially gets married in episode 15. With that Yuki retires from her job, leaving Sakura the only one left in her age group. I’m sure she must be feeling the ‘last one standing’ syndrome. Yuki tosses the bouquet of flowers in which Sakura grabs it. So according to old wives tale, could Sakura be the next one? Back home, Sakura is feeling depressed on this marriage thingy but Momoko says don’t worry as she’s still young. This however leads to an argument and as a result Sakura pinching her cheeks then ultimately squeezing her breasts. Since Momoko doesn’t have any, she takes it out on Yukari and feels much better. Maybe that’s why no guys want to marry her. Though Yukari notes how popular Sakura is, Sakura mentions that she did dated many guys in the past but none has ever propose marriage to her. Sakura decides to drown in her sorrows at the bar with Rin. Yeah, she even drank his portion of liquor. Then we see Tsuchikawa and Yukari taking a stroll near the river bank, also talking about marriage. Before they could kiss, their growling empty stomach spoils the mood. Time to eat. Eat each other, that is. Haha, just kidding. Back at the bar, I guess Rin had too many drinks and a little drunk when he declare how he’d make Sakura his bride anytime and that he would make her happy. He realized his mistake when Sakura keeps pestering for assurance, "For real, right?". Oh oh. The start of his troubles. You know men and commitment, right?
Sakura’s saying how Rin proposed to her in episode 16 but Rin doesn’t remember and thinks it’s that last night at the bar. Sakura then went on to say how Rin is average in everything and if she herself don’t have a chance within the next year, she’ll accept Rin’s proposal. Yeah, he’s like insurance. Back home, Momoko notes how quiet Sakura has become and this year there isn’t much weddings. This piss Sakura off because she says back how everybody else got married already and does some sick ecchi punishment stuff on Momoko. Then a weather report prompts Sakura to remember her period is late again. She thinks back that all she does is work, drink and go karaokeing. It seems to hit her that she seems worried about her situation and needs to do something about it. She even went to see Yuki for advice. The way Yuki says things implied that Sakura still had a long way to go, pissing Sakura off. At office, Sakura is walking with a young colleague when an older former head of director passes by. Since the younger colleague doesn’t know him, Sakura proceeds to tell her a little about it before it dawned to her that she may be ‘old’. Even when the other colleagues called her to fix the photostat machine, Sakura’s knowledge of fixing the problem has made her realized that she’s already the department’s living dictionary woman. Yeah, she’s ‘old’ alright. Another round of depression for her as she says how she’ll settle with Rin if that’s the case.
In episode 17, Sakura asks if Rin would like to go hunting this weekend. Since that guy has no plans, he agrees. Sakura then says to bring his passport and family seal. Huh? Sakura later shows him an application for a trip to Hong Kong and that hunting she meant was a shopping spree. They manage to take a trip down and are having a meal at a local restaurant. Since the food isn’t to Rin’s taste, obviously it tastes horrible. Sakura then jokingly said out loud how that stuff was some turtle extract and how ecchi he was. Thing is, the whole restaurant are filled with Japanese people. So their conversation can be understood. How ironic. Later as the duo went shopping, Rin wants Sakura to buy some sexy lingerie and goes on his dreaming his perverted fantasies of her in it. However, Sakura’s intention to bring him along is to let him carry her bags. Men, we should’ve expect and see that one coming. Back at Japan, Momoko wonders how autumn is like in Hong Kong when Moeko brings and shows her new yaoi magazine. It looks like Miki is now into these things 2. Though Miki reads the magazine, Moeko is a little mad because she’s not reading it with passion. Meanwhile, Yukari is cooking a sumptuous meal for Tsuchikawa and that fellow is gulping it down like a glutton. Back to Hong Kong, we see Sakura and Rin naked in bed. Some ambiguous talk like how Sakura wants to do it again since she mentions how Rin wanted to do it that much yesterday. Rin gives that usual excuse that he’s tired but Sakura says she’s not gonna let him rest and does something that makes our imagination run wild underneath those blankets. I suppose what they meant refers to shopping as you could see piles of shopping bags in their room. Okay, maybe a little of that ahem ahem… "A-Ah… feeeeeeeeels so GOOOOOOOD!".
The duo are back from their Hong Kong trip in episode 18 and it seems Sakura has a little muscle ache as a result of using Rin as her pillow. However, Rin is sad and doesn’t want a pillow that pulls his hair! Yup, his forehead is a little bald and shiny. Later, Sakura meets Yuki over tea and the 2 chat about marriage and stuff. Sakura is still so full of herself. She really doesn’t feel embarrassed talking out loud like that. Then Yuki mentions about if she marries old, her guests at the wedding banquet will also be old, therefore it’ll get dull. Sakura gets worried even more when Yuki mentions what if her fiance loses his hair. She has to really think about it. Don’t want a husband who’s bald, doesn’t she? Meanwhile Yukari and Tsuchikawa tries to comfort Rin that he’s still got lots of hair when a gust of wind blows up his bangs. Oh well. Sakura then comes in when Rin suddenly pleads to her to get married right away before he turns bald. Sakura asks what those 2 said to him but Tsuchikawa’s slip of tongue, "We didn’t say he’s got a big forehead or something", makes matters worse. Sakura then lectures them about some things that shouldn’t be said, making the duo feel guilty. But since Sakura’s the devil herself, she can’t help finding herself fondling Yukari’s boobs soon after. While Rin puts on a serious face and proposes to Sakura, Sakura soon accepts. Then it’s like the whole office’s waiting to hear those lines as you can see the rest of the colleagues suddenly gathering around them and wishing congratulations. Back home, Sakura is still spacing out and thinking a lot as all of this seem to sudden.
Before we all forget about Momoko, episode 19 sees Moeko having her pals Miki, Keiko, Momoko and Akira on board her mini cruise having fun on their vacation when their ship sank during a storm and they got washed ashore on some deserted island. Akira comes to but the first thing he’s concern is Momoko. Yeah, he zoomed passed by the others lying unconscious on the beach. Since Momoko is unconscious too, Akira is in a dilemma whether to give mouth-to-mouth CPR. When he finally decides to do so, Momoko seems to have regained a little consciousness and freaks out when she saw Akira’s mouth closing in so much so she bumps her head on Akira’s. Momoko realized what she’s done and frantically asks Akira not to die. The rest too must’ve come to since their commotion was a little noisy. Moeko is sad because all her doujinshi magazines are washed away. Haha. Soon the gang regroups and discuss their current situation. Moeko still isn’t over the loss of her doujinshis yet. Momoko wonders if nobody comes and rescue them, they’ll die here and she doesn’t want that because she hasn’t done it yet. I’m amazed that she could think of such things at this time. I suppose since Momoko has started the ball rolling, Miki says if they want to they could leave them alone. Keiko advices Akira not to confuse between the front and back because tragedies start from there, while Moeko says she thinks Akira is better off being a yaoi. "Stop expanding this conversation!". Who’s great idea was it to start it? Anyway, everyone agrees to cooperate until rescue arrives. In the end, we see a couple of fishes reading Moeko’s doujinshis and getting the shock of their lives. I’m surprised that those fishes could really understand what they read.
The gang continues their jungle survival in episode 20 but it seems poor Akira gets into sticky situations while the girls could only look in horror. After walking for some time, they decided to take a rest. While resting, Keiko takes out her handphone but to Miki’s surprise she snatches it and says that she should’ve told them sooner that she had one. However, Keiko says that’s just a mobile bum cleaner. Too late. Miki pushed some button which squirts water over her face. Should not have told her that earlier too. Soon Akira decides to go take a leak by himself. Unknown to him, some amazon queen of the jungle is watching him from above a tree branch. Say, doesn’t she look like Sakura? As Akira unzips his shorts, he notices that jungle woman watching him from behind. The girls heard his scream and rushes to find him. Moeko spots Akira’s t-shirt on the ground and his shorts hanging on the tree. Momoko is fearing the worse. Meanwhile, Akira is in his underwear and is being brought to a cave by that self proclaimed queen of the island. Though Akira is relieved that there’s somebody else on this uninhabited island, the queen says she has to do lots of things on her own, that’s why she wants him. Akira then says he’s no slave and spells out his name and age. The queen gets excited to learn that he’s a young lad and is gonna get a taste of him and blushes. Oh great, an ecchi and horny queen of the jungle. Though Akira says he’s decided to have his first time with a certain girl already, she’s still adamant and… Ah well, being alone must’ve made her feel ‘deprived’.
Queenie is gonna ‘dirty’ Akira in episode 21 but the latter panicked and shouted Momoko’s name to come save him, which prompted her to hesitate for awhile. Soon Momoko and the rest finds the cave as Momoko tells that jungle woman to get off and what on earth she’s doing. Well, my intuition was right. That jungle woman is indeed Sakura. Speaking of which, this is the first time she meets Akira. Momoko thought she was on a luxurious vacation in Hawaii but Sakura mentioned that the yacht she and Rin were on capsized. However, only Sakura got to this island. So where’s Rin? Dunno. Anyway Akira’s glad Momoko’s around. Later Momoko and Akira strolled together on the beach and had a little chat. Another chance to get up close and personal when Moeko’s presence ruins it all. Not only that, the others are actually spying on them behind the bush! I guess they’ve got so much free time on this island. While the sisters are arguing, Rin comes paddling with all his might on his makeshift raft. He’s coming to save Sakura and the rest. It’s a good thing Rin’s still alive. However, when Rin says that the raft can only fit 6 people, we see the dark side of the rest as they automatically numbered themselves so that they can go onboard the raft. Since there are 7 of them, guess who got left out? Poor Rin. Hahaha. After slogging and making that raft, Rin gets abandoned by those ungrateful uncivilized ‘friends’. Also since there’s only 1 oar to paddle, Akira does the paddling, but it’s better than being left behind. Really pity Rin. Is this the kind of woman he’s gonna marry?
It seems that those events back then didn’t really matter because episode 22 sees how Momoko’s class is gonna organize a haunted house for their school festival. Of course before that, the class has come up with their own ideas of their own like Moeko’s cosplay show and Miki’s no-ordinary food stall theme because everyone will be selling food in their lingerie. No comment. What’s this? Keiko is suggesting a lecture topic on piles? No comment too. Though Momoko suggested the haunted house, the rest thinks that if a cute guy comes in, they could do this and that. Haih… Their thinking is just like Sakura’s earlier on. But they all agree unanimously. Back at Sakura office, Sakura tells her colleagues that her little sister’s school is organizing a cultural festival and asks them to come. I really wonder how Rin got back from that island. He looks all energetic and has no emotional scar from that ‘left behind’ incident. Tsuchikawa decides to go and Yukari thinks he’s after the young girls. But you know, he’s thinking more of the different he could taste there. On the day of the festival, Moeko and Miki are dressed as ghost but they don’t look scary at all. Keiko is the one looking like a real ghost because her piles this morning was real bad. Scary. Soon Sakura, Rin, Tsuchikawa and Yukari comes to visit Momoko’s haunted house as they took their first step inside. Momoko wonders if it will all go well.
The journey into the haunted house continues in episode 23. Because Yukari says how her heart/chest is pounding, Sakura gives Yukari her usual boob squeezing thingy, freaking out Yukari. Momoko thinks it’s all going well. And that Tsuchikawa guy has no qualms eating anything edible he finds in the haunted house. Later the gang splits into 2 and Sakura imagines that if Yukari gets scared, she’ll grab Tsuchikawa’s arms with her breasts being pressed on it. Sakura then gets jealous and rushes to find her because she thinks Yukari’s boobs are all hers. Sick woman. Again, Rin is left all alone. Poor Miki, nobody notices her standing there too. Meanwhile, Yukari and Tsuchikawa bumps into Moeko in a cat costume who looks more cute than scary. Moeko’s blabbing about some cosplay thingy. Scary? Not. Later, Momoko, Miki and Moeko are having a break and Miki notes how Akira will come visit soon. He does, so Momoko asks Akira to protect her if the time comes. As the duo walk inside, unfortunately Miki wasn’t that scary after all. Same goes for Moeko. Makes you wonder if this is a real haunted house. Uh huh. They reached the exit already. How disappointing. However, Keiko comes in and freaks them both out because Keiko now looks even scarier since her piles got worse! Wargh! Keiko’s asking permission if she could go see the doctor. After Keiko left, Akira and Momoko realized they had hugged each other unknowingly. Some staring moments which is a prelude to a kiss. But before that could happen, they heard a crashing noise. It seems those busybodies are spying on them. Uh huh, some last episode parody punch line about how they thought they could see Momoko and Akira kissed since it’s the last episode. Momoko is in disbelief and says how she hadn’t had her first time yet and starts chasing that chibi original story girl round and round. What the? Anyway that scene looks hilarious as Momoko couldn’t forgive that chibi original story girl for writing and ending the story like this.
But that isn’t the last episode. There’s still 1 more and that is episode 24. However this episode doesn’t really have anything to do with all the previous stories and is like an idol episode. Almost everyone’s an idol star here. We start off by seeing Momoko as some singing idol and her reason to become 1 is simple… For money! Sakura is her manager and is seen telling Momoko her schedule but the latter seems uninterested. Not until Sakura say some sympathetic lines did Momoko starts to feel a bit sorry and guilty. But it seems Sakura has her own ulterior motive too. She becomes a manager so that she could meet celebrities. Later we see Yukari as a Big-Breasted Superstar Idol doing some lingerie ad on tv as Momoko and Miki chats. Miki seems to be into acting while Moeko is some Idol Warrior Misty Moeko at some magical stage play. What’s this? Moeko donning a Pikachu costume too?! Yeah, that Pikachu costume got its eyes purposely censored due to copyright issues. I can’t believe Keiko too becomes some sort of idol. Something to do with piles! What the? Later as Momoko take a walk on the street, she sees a group of girls swooning over a newly released poster. It’s Akira! Another idol. Momoko notes that even though he’s her boyfriend they’re rivals in the idol world. Momoko saw a defaced Akira poster with pins sticking in his nose and decides to take it out but eventually realizes that she’s running late and rushes off. She makes it in time and looks like Yuki is her make-up artist. As Momoko rushes on stage, she accidentally trip on some wires causing the entire set to crash. The next day, it’s in the news that idol Momoko comically breaks the set. Of course she freaks out and says it wasn’t like that. Now it’s the end for real, as displayed by that chibi original story girl. The end credits show the gang going on with their normal lives and finally Momoko and Akira walking home holding hands.
Overall, I think this whole anime is just fairly okay. If you’re an ecchi fan than I suppose you might want to have a little look at this one. Having watched the entire series, I don’t think I could say that all women and girls are like that horny Sakura and Momoko. Not even generally. Though I suppose perverts would really hope for such ladies to exist. A girl who wants to do it so eagerly? Me, no thanks. Someone who’s as loudmouth as Sakura would only bring embarrassment even not to herself but to others around her. Don’t even think about Moeko or Miki. It could send shivers down your spine. However in today’s changing world, there are some true elements like how girls these days are getting younger in terms of losing their virginity and such.
Other than that, the other thing that’s nice about this anime is the opening theme song called Margaret. Sung by Mikiko Sato, it sounds like an all-female rock group singing a rock song during that era. Quite catchy and nice the tune. Except for the last episode, there is no ending theme nor credits when the episode ends. It’s like there’s a head but no tail. Since this is a year 1998 production, the drawing, art and animation of the anime of course can be considered to be standard at that time with some bishoujos (couldn’t say for the men here, though. They all look ordinary). After watching a number of recent animes, I also noticed that the colouring seems bland and dull. Like it’s worn out. Hey, it’s from that era and time. The characters are quirky and amusing enough for this short series. I don’t think there’s an anime character with piles as bad as Keiko.
I suppose not only being a woman is tough, but being a human being is even tougher with all the crazy rules, procedures, customs, traditions and prejudices. Maybe the key here is to take life as it is, one step at a time. That way, life wouldn’t seem so harsh, wouldn’t it? And I’m sure that there are more than several ways to express one’s love. Ah teenagers. A precarious time when they turn into adulthood. I suppose youth won’t last forever therefore it makes sense in a way to rush it. Then again, it’s all in one’s mind.
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