SEX! Sex education!!! Aha! Got your attention there, did I? I guess there is this myth that guys think about sex many times a day. Probably even more so when you’re a healthy young guy. Even though you will be labelled a pervert and other less than desirable nicknames, I suppose guys don’t really give a damn and continue to ‘stay true’ to that depravity. But what happens if it is a girl? Can girls actually think about sex too? Societal norms say otherwise. Therefore in Midara Na Ao-chan Benkyou Ga Dekinai, our titular character is trying to get into a good university and she might have actually no problem in doing that had not those dirty thoughts on sex keep propping up in her mind! Too much sex on your mind! Too horny to study! Oh dear. What would others think about her? What would society think about her? Oh, did I mention her dad is an erotic novelist? Oh dear. Prospects don’t look too good…

Episode 1
When Ao Horie was young, she read aloud in class how her father named her. Let’s say it was due to a porn scene! Now in high school, she is trying to get into a good university and live a modest life. She doesn’t mind sacrificing her youth for that. Unfortunately, Takumi Kijima always keeps bugging her. Ao further narrates how she hates men as she thinks all they think about is sex and that women are sex objects. Hence she believes Kijima has a hidden agenda to get in her pants. When she returns home, you mean this puny little Happosai clone is Ao’s father and not her grandpa?! He bugs her for his tits shaped pudding. Or else he threatens to introduce himself in her school. You see, Hanasaki is a very prominent erotic novelist. And his home is called House of Lewd. Yeah, I can see why she hates her father and all men. But her father thinks she is in heat. In school, Ao is tasked to bring Kijima his uniform at the infirmary since he injured himself. As usual, she heard them talking dirty stuffs. When she goes talk to him, she thought she saw him blush. She thinks of slowly letting know how much she despises him when Hanasaki tries to interrupt by showing place cards that he supports her to get f*cked! Ao tries to prevent Kijima from seeing this and accidentally has her boobs all over his face. As she tries to explain herself, damn daddy uses a fishing rod to lift her shirt and expose her bra! Ao thought she is done for but surprisingly Kijima covers her up and tells her to value herself more. He promises never to do something like that to her because he loves her. Ao is left in shock. Did she understand what he said? Despite assuring herself she doesn’t need all this crap, she can’t help feel worried about this.

Episode 2
Ao heard the guys talking about how you can tell a guy’s dick size by the size of his hand! You curious? What’s this about being big also means pain? Hence she asks father what it means! Hanasaki admits his works are pure fantasy and pleasure because if it is written like reality, no women would enjoy his works. Anyway he continues to describe and Ao concludes that the dick must be really a lethal weapon! She tries to dress up in her studying gear to concentrate but comes off as sexy since the dress is too tight and skirt too short. Later when Kijima is napping, Ao gets curious to touch his junk. So you want to touch it or not? Kijima grabs her hand and allows her to touch. Well, she’s just feeling his hand. She tries to reject him that there is no space inside her but he argues if you don’t try, you won’t know. Oddly, Ao wants time to think about this. It gets worse when Hanasaki gives her stacks of books to read on fetishes. Yeah, she brought the wrong book to school. So when Kijima wants to study with her, she throws the book at him. Obviously because of the same cover, their books get mixed up. Only later she realizes this fouled and goes to look for him. Yeah, she sounds ‘desperate’. At the park, Kijima talks about the English vocab book but Ao misinterprets he has read this bondage book. Hence wanting to study outside she thought wanting to f*ck in public! He wants her to teach her too?! He teases her a little by not giving back he book. Because she looks cute. When he does so, only then Ao realizes he didn’t actually read the book and she got the wrong idea from the start. Strangely, back home she continues to read dad’s works and despite not feeling anything about it, her heart still feels restless whenever she thinks about Kijima.

Episode 3
Ao doesn’t want to go on her school’s field trip but Hanasaki forces her and hopes she gets into one of those orgies! As Ao avoids Kijima, the rest thinks he got rejected and that he should go for an easier girl. But when he mentions Ao has her cute side, this makes the other girls curious if something happened between them. So they bug and force Ao to join in their party later. Yeah, Ao thinks it must be that free show orgy! So as she goes to Kijima’s room to turn down the invitation, he is not in. But she heard him coming back and hides in the closet. He thought the closet door is stuck and puts his hand in to feel. Ao is devastated he is feeling her thighs, though he can’t make it out. Surprise! Not a cat! WTF does he know how furry a cat feels?! Anyway he is curious on the part he touched so as they struggle, she lands on top of him. Of course everybody sees this. Maybe postpone the party? Ao wants to come with them to whatever. Yeah, out of the frying pan and into the fire. Now she’s got to do kimodameshi in pairs! And you know the setup… After Ao finishes doing her business in the toilet, Kijima realizes her skirt is stuck up her panties. He can’t tell her straight in fear it might hurt her. But giving indirect hints, she’s too dumb to notice either. Hence she misinterprets he really wants her lower half. I guess the thighs weren’t enough. So when she accuses him of targeting her body, he won’t let her go back to crowded place and of course this ‘frightening’ scene looks like as though he is going to rape her. He’s taking off his shirt already?! Ao trips as she panics. She laments and succumbs to her fate. Please do it gently. Then he helps her up and covers his shirt over her waist. Your panties were showing. She ‘died’. Not too sure if she was relieved she wasn’t getting raped or she really felt like an idiot. I think it’s the latter.

Episode 4
Flashback shows after Ao made that ‘name revelation’, she was bullied by kids. Hence she hated her name ever since. When a photo of Kijima sleeping with a beautiful girl surfaces, mad Ao goes to confront him. See how cool he is playing football? It gets worse when a senior confirms he went to a mixer and brought a girl home. I think he is being gay with Kijima but that’s it for Ao. Don’t talk to me ever again. Later she bumps into that girl in the picture. Actually she is Miyabi Takaoka and one of those kids who bullied her. Though Miyabi confirms that Kijima confessed he only liked Ao, because they aren’t dating, Miyabi takes this chance that Kijima is hers for the taking. She scorns Ao for being confessed by good guys and then get cocky about it. Later Kijima calls to explain but Ao was harsh to him even if she didn’t intend to. Ao then sees Miyabi talking to Kijima. It’s none of her business but she gets worried. Dad for advice about guys losing interest in girls? When they doubt their own feelings and when women won’t believe them. But Ao rather believes in his joke when a cute girl who accepts after giving it one shot! Miyabi takes Kijima out to the park and wants to take him to this dark place but they got separated. Similarly, Ao is supposed to be out dating shopping with dad and got lost. So in this dark haunted house they bump into each other but it’s too dark to see each other’s face. Then a flash of light. With Hanasaki calling out for Ao, Kijima gets the wrong idea that she is seeing another man. Same case for Ao when she hears Miyabi calling for him. Then they just part ways. Can’t break up when you’re not dating in the first place! Miyabi tries to badmouth Ao although he doesn’t really care. Miyabi gets desperate, telling him off that Ao is just cocky because she knows he is waiting for her answer. She just likes how he makes her feel. She then hugs him and says her emotions for him are clear. Somehow Ao got concerned and tries to find Kijima. She sees Miyabi hugging and kissing Kijima. Outside a love hotel.

Episode 5
Ao is disheartened seeing Miyabi take Kijima into the love hotel. Back home, Ao is even making a countdown of how long they are staying?! So while she fantasizes the horny things they are doing, she passes out from the bath heat. She has this weird dream that Kijima saved her and when she wakes up, she is in her room and Kijima sitting around?! Forced to wake up when dad starts reading some horny lines. When Ao starts ranting away, Kijima shuts her up to listen to his explanation. Right after Miyabi ushered him into the love hotel, the clerk rejected them since no high school students allowed. Outside when he asks if she is friends with Ao, she got mad and stormed off. And about that kiss, he blocked it with his hand. Ouch. Kijima will not do it with anyone he loves so Ao then accuses him of saying that to all the girls and he is targeting her now because is easy. Kijima refutes that and admits HE IS A VIRGIN!!!! With him avoiding her at school, but Ao is being extra nice to him to teach English. WTF she must be nice to virgins?! What kind of philosophy is that?! After that, Ao ponders about Kijima being such a popular guy but still a virgin. She wonders if she is his first love and if he wants her to be his first. Why? Because he’s a virgin. Kijima gets a bit mad as he corners her. But with Ao in tears and claiming it will be her first time for everything, she eventually runs away. Miyabi is having a nice coffee. Yeah, it soothes away her pain especially from the past of cry-baby Ao who keeps clinging on to her. Well, history repeating itself now because Ao comes crying to her and complaining how normal people don’t respect virginity. WTF? Cuppa ruined.

Episode 6
Hanasaki has been meditating for days for inspiration. This worries his editor, Souichirou Yabe since the deadline is coming up. Even Ao is worried for him? As she also hopes for Yabe to take care of his health, Yabe has her accompany him to a meat festival. Yes, food meat and sexy meat all in one place! Yum! Not sure about the logic of the desire for flesh is connected to sexual appetite but damn this looks like some den of depravity to her! Ao gets lost and bumps into Miyabi working here. All seems fine until she too sees Kijima working here. It really irks her that they look like they are close enough. When Kijima meets Yabe and learns who he is, it’s his turn to get jealous. So it becomes a game to see who knows Ao more? Miyabi takes Kijima away to return to work while Ao continues to worry since Yabe mentions the close proximity of the duo is the first step to having sex. Oh Ao, you sure got a vivid imagination there. Ao ponders about Kijima. He is supposed to like her, huh? She tries to brush everything off but we know her body is saying a different thing. When Kijima finds Ao again, he learns that Yabe went to Tokyo University and is smart enough to tutor Ao. Did that hit a nerve? With Yabe calling for Ao to return home, Kijima doesn’t want Ao to go home yet. Instead he carries and kidnaps her! WTF?! At the park, Ao wants an explanation. Here’s your explanation. He is going to make her fall for him.

Episode 7
Wow. Is Ao really fantasizing what Kijima said? Thanks to that, she got failing grades for her prediction tests. Karma? Ao is at the beach since there is a study group. Apparently Kijima is also here. WTF Ao fawning over his abs and nipples but have the audacity to accuse him of being an exhibitionist before her?! Ao turns down whatever plans Kijima wants to spend with her due to her study group starting in 3 hours. However Miyabi will not allow it since if she leaves, Kijima will also leave. Also, she needs to do something about Kijima’s annoying friend, Masaki Uehara. Can that guy ever shut up? Ao claims she didn’t bring any swimsuit but Miyabi takes her to the store and gets a real sexy one. With that, Kijima and Ao head out to the sea. Miyabi is only allowing this because she has done some prank. She snipped a little on Ao’s top. It could fall off anytime now… Ao and Kijima talk over a few things. She thinks of giving him a chance and after a few flustering moments, she thinks he is going to f*ck her in the sea. Nobody can see, right? She prepares for this but of course you know, Kijima then paddles their way back to shore. Her study group is going to start, right? Oh Ao, why you looks so disappointed? Very disappointed indeed. She also feels embarrassed as this virgin did not have any sexual intentions and that it makes her the one who is hard up for sex. As they argue, the time has come now for her to drop off. Damn that view. Ao descended into shock that she missed her study group.

Episode 8
Wow. Ao is really frustrated that with all those flags, nothing actually happened, huh? Why, she even fantasizes if their genders were swapped, she would dominate him and would have done it 10 times!!! Oh my! Is this your true self, Ao?! When he texts her he has an upcoming football match he wants her to see, Ao starts to overthink that he might not have enough energy to get it up. Uh huh. So she painstakingly goes to gather all the libido enhancing ingredients to make the greatest libido enhancing bento. Since dad discovers this, he adds his secret formula to enhance its effects. As Yabe offers to tutor her, Ao realizes the date clashes with Kijima’s game. She realizes she must choose what is important to her. Uhm, so Kijima is important? Whatever happened to university or bust? So it’s bust, huh? Anyway, Kijima’s team lost the game and I suppose Kijima was pretty pathetic. He is really depressed but thanks to Ao and her bento, he gets his liveliness back. With Ao fantasizing about him, be careful what you wish for because suddenly Kijima is now on top of her. He continues to caress her thighs, leaving Ao in shock but also partially feeling good. Could Kijima score this time? Nope. Missed. He restrains himself. He realizes something is wrong with him today and she should leave before something happens to her. She asks doesn’t he want to do it with her? A person whom he loves? Of course. But he values her over his desires. She might sound disappointed and sad and wants him to stop inviting her from now on. But she realizes that at this rate she can’t study and won’t be able to fit anything else in her life.

Episode 9
WTF is this creepy comfort doll for Ao?! One of dad’s healing products, huh? Not having it! On to serious stuff, she thinks Kijima hates her now for rejecting him. In school, he avoids her like a plague and when Uehara talks to her, Kijima tells him not to bother her. At home, Ao tries to focus on her studies but she can’t. Kijima on her mind. Because of that, Yabe punishes her by making her wear a maid outfit. I approve! As Yabe leaves, Kijima arrives at the doorstep. He wants to see Ao and asks her about her feelings one more time. He knows he is in her way of studying so if she says no this time, he will give her up forever. Yabe agrees since she might progress if she feels better. As Ao continues to blame Kijima for hindering her studies, of course he heard that. Kijima promises not to bother her anymore because he loves her. He leaves as Ao ponders if it is the end. Realizing he gets angry for her sake, she stops him and wants him to stay. Okay. He hugs her and carries her to bed. Horny mode on? He starts feeling her stomach but she upgrades that by letting him touch her boobs. Are we finally doing it?! Moment ruin when they realize Hanasaki is filming them. Though Kijima apologizes for trying this, Hanasaki gives him motivation. So he wants him to f*ck his daughter? Ao has come to accept the fact that this is going to be a horny relationship. She waits for Kijima to prop up that question. Kijima promises not to disappoint her and her dad. That is why they are going to study together and get into the same university! WTF???!!! Oh Ao looking so disappointed. She was expecting to be asked out, huh? Looks like the drought is going to continue as Kijima vows to hold it off until she gets into university. At least Ao is now motivated to pass ever damn subject. You can do it!

Episode 10
Ao isn’t interested in the upcoming sports festival. But after hearing Kijima will be on the cheerleading team and cheering for her, you bet she is going to participate. Hanasaki wants to come but Ao forbids him. Flashback shows when he was around, he distributed his erotic works or sold his weird libido drinks. Needless to say, it embarrassed the hell out of her. Since he is still adamant to come, Ao calls Yabe to lie about dad seeing another editor, hence increasing his workload. This puts a strain in their relationship and they didn’t speak ever since. During the sports festival, Ao feels guilty for saying too much. She feels better when Kijima gives her some words of encouragement. To her surprise, dad is here. Looks like he finished up early because he too wants to see and support her. During the race, Hanasaki joins Kijima and his team to cheer for Ao. She is embarrassed but it makes her run faster. On the last lap, Ao is losing stamina and is in danger of being overtaken. That is when Hanasaki screams to her, hold your G-cup and run faster!!! WTF???!!! Deafening silence. Everyone stood still. This allows Ao to rush past the finish line and go beat up dad. And that’s how she won the race. In the aftermath, she bans dad from ever coming to her school Ever.

Episode 11
Kijima wants to study together for the upcoming test but Ao refuses citing that it will lead to sex. I wonder who is the want who is hard up for it. But I guess since he asked a few more times like she wanted, I guess she relents. Alright! Sex on the cards! So she orders silky panties from the internet. Damn she’s fast in taking the delivery. Even Hanasaki is suspicious but Ao is faster. As they study together, Ao is anticipating he will jump on her. An hour later… Nothing happens! Yeah, this guy is actually studying! She tries to add ambiguous words into equations as hints. Unfortunately this guy is dense. Even switching to the more obvious literature, I guess Kijima’s vocabulary isn’t that wide. Time to give it slightly straight to him. She hints they are both alone in this room. There is something he wants from her, right? Oh yeah. The quiz. Whoever scores the highest gets to order the loser to do anything he/she wants. Not what Ao is looking for but maybe he’ll ask her to do lewd stuffs. What does Ao want from him? Being a sadists! What about Kijima? Make bento for him. WTF?! You trying to kill her vibe?! Disappointed girl thinks the power of virginity has made him choose this sh*t so she’s going to teach him. Uh huh. Literally, teach him and tutor him in his studies. Suddenly Ao’s stomach starts feeling pain. She became sick and missed the test. As revealed, Ao isn’t used to wear low waist panties like this silky one so her stomach got cold. You blaming silky now, girl?!

Episode 12
Miyabi is hounding Ao if she has kissed Kijima. To her relief, she hasn’t. Miyabi then boasts about kissing despite never having done it herself so when Ao asks her about it, she tries to cover it up by pretending to kiss her. Oh my. Is this turning yuri?! Thank goodness they stop. Otherwise their first kiss is each other! Ao clears her thoughts about this so she is able to concentrate on studying. But all that comes crashing down when one evening in classroom, Kijima tells her how beautiful she is. She tries to stay strong and not be deceived but then realizes whatever she does, nothing will ever happen. Why the sad look? Hence when she brings about asking Miyabi’s question that she never kissed him, Kijima asks if she really wants one. He can give it to her. What looks like him being a master baiter, it is surprisingly Ao who is the one who kisses him! Embarrassed and apologetic, Kijima in fact wants more. Here’s another one for the road. Now she can’t concentrate on anything! Despite seeing Kijima means kissing, however when she heard a few girls talk about how guys who are good kissers are also good in ‘that’, this makes Ao suspicious of Kijima. Hence she sulks and accuses him of being a great kisser but a virgin. So it’s not okay if she is the only girl he wants to kiss? Later as Ao rues about it, she might get another chance. Kijima admits that was his first kiss and he also felt good kissing her (meaning, Ao is also a great kisser?). He pecks her forehead and hopes he can kiss her again. Before she could give her permission, here comes to big one! Uhm, should they be kissing somewhere more private instead on a pedestrian bridge? So all is well, end’s well, right? Well, Ao just failed all her mock exams… Damn!!! I guess being a good kisser doesn’t make it up for the grades.

Squalor Me Bad – I Wanna Sex You Up!
And so both Ao and Kijima continue to remain a virgin. It feels like the final episode toned things down because before that it was all about dirty minded thoughts and sex. I know we expect them not to actually do it but then they decided to take one step back and make a fuss about kissing? Are they happy with just that?! Are we happy with just that?! Oh well. I guess before moving on to much greater acts of love, I suppose kissing which is the most basic of the basics should be ‘conquered’ first. Maybe that is why you see them freaking out so much especially Ao who starts having indecent thoughts. So theoretically if she masters kissing, then perhaps the next stage will be slightly better to handle. Please note, there is an opposite correlation between studying and sex! Choose your destiny!

It feels weird that it was established at the start that Ao wanted to live a decent life and even gone as far as to state she hates men. With the force of porn logic descending into this anime, this is somewhat quickly overturned and Ao suddenly becomes some sort of sex maniac trying to get laid but not make it look like she’s desperate for it (which she is). Like, WTF?! My guess is that if Ao was established to be a horny b*tch in the first place, it would not have been so much fun. Because I have a feeling that people love to see b*tches like Ao who think they are so high on the moral high ground to come stumbling down, eating their own words and become perverts themselves. After all, we have to remember the name of this anime. Hence it is the plot and running joke that Ao can’t study because of her indecent thoughts that obstruct her focus.

Some might find this distasteful because it paints Ao in a bad limelight. Like as though she is a sex object. But then again, who is the one thinking about sex? Imagine if their genders were switched. That would be even more distasteful and offensive. The irony that guys can be horny and think about sex but not girls. Even if it did play out this way, it would most likely end up in hentai. So don’t worry, people. While there may be seemingly dangerous scenes that would most likely look like as though it is going to cross the line, I assure you it is all in Ao’s head. All in your head. You pervert! Yeah, even some of the titles are a little suggestive like “Kijima Lacks Stamina”, “Kijima Can’t Wait Any Longer”, “Ao Can’t Protect Her Lower Half”, “Ao Needs More Than Fantasies” and “Dad Can’t Offer Support” to name a few. But don’t worry, it won’t be as dangerous as “Ao Can’t Ride The D!”. Haha!

Anyway, this whole story is about Ao trying to find her own romance in her life. Though she gives excuses she wants to go to a good university and live a decent life. You know that is all BS and crap, right? Fortunately, Kijima is the only guy who resonates with her and since they spend a reasonable amount of time together, naturally Ao’s horny instincts would have taken over. You might find it ironic that as the daughter of a famous erotic novelist, she would have at least some sort of knowledge or even control over her horny feelings. But I guess your true colours can only be seen in real situations. So it goes to show that Ao is still very much a virgin like her crush counterpart. She might think so and so, which is sexy in her mind. But come the real deal, she freaks out. Or sometimes getting disappointed because Kijima didn’t act out the way she wanted. Well, too bad. Guys can’t read your minds even though girls really want them to. No wonder this is one of the main causes of relationship breakdowns.

Kijima being a decent guy adds in painting Ao in a bad light that she is a horny b*tch. Remember, what is the name of this anime again? Because of societal norms, Kijima trying to be a gentleman and put Ao’s feelings first than his own desires, makes him look like some sort of loser. Don’t you think? Well, that’s the catch-22 situation. Because if Kijima gives into the desires of the flesh, it takes the fun out of the series. Again, this isn’t exactly hentai to begin with so the so called funny parts and jokes come from all those sexy near misses and misunderstandings. All in all, what Ao wants is just to be truly loved. Because she has not experienced real romance in her life and furthermore having her dumb dad as her only ‘love expert’ as reference, this is why she thinks that sex = love. Though, it isn’t wrong to say that sex is one of the main components for love. So if Kijima truly becomes the gentleman and true love of Ao’s life, perhaps she can do away with this dirty minded thinking. But then again, the series will lose its charm and funniness. So carry on being dense virgins, both of you!

I feel Miyabi’s role to provide some love rivalry feels underutilized. We definitely know that it is eventually going to be Ao x Kijima. But Miyabi’s actions to snag Kijima don’t feel like she is really putting real effort in it. Like as though she is just doing it to annoy Ao and make her feel like a loser. I could be wrong on this since they don’t want to put too much focus on this distraction and instead concentrate on Ao x Kijima. I mean with only a dozen episodes and each episode is half the running time than your standard anime episode, you’ve got to make the most out of it. So when the series reaches the end of its season, viewers want to vouch for Ao x Kijima pairing.

Yabe also feels a bit unnecessary. Becoming Ao’s tutor only serves as a role to make Kijima jealous and show us that he has a soft spot for Ao. There is nothing better for a man to make a move faster when there is another seemingly another male rival or competition. Otherwise this guy isn’t near a threat to Ao x Kijima unlike Miyabi. I was hoping Hanasaki would be the best character ever because you know, eccentric dad. But he comes off mostly as weird rather than funny. Just when you think he is supposed to be funny, then he comes off as annoying instead. Even if he is mostly a dick, but at important times, he provides the best dad advice for Ao. She is after all his only daughter. Daughter that has a name with a porn reference! Ouch! Truly a love-hate relationship…

Art and animation are pretty decent (yeah, the irony). A few ecchi scenes here and there, no wonder Ao’s character is designed to have such big boobs. Fortunately, not big enough that I would consider hentai material boobs. The oddest looking character goes to of course Hanasaki. This Happosai clone seems to be a midget and that size even when Ao was born! Damn, baby Ao as big as him?! Now that he has grown old and white hair, he looks more like a crazy character that ran away from some crazy cartoon. Seriously. Come to thinks of it, he looks like a crazier version of that Colonel Sanders fairy in Hitoribocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu!!! This series is animated by Silver Link who did a few animes ‘similar’ to this such as Watashi Ga Motenai No Wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera Ga Warui, Kyou No Asuka Show, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne, Imouto Sae Ireba and Strike The Blood.

I want to point out that for the voice acting part, Kenjirou Tsuda really takes the cake as Hanasaki. His character’s main voice sounds like as though he is talking because his balls are tightly squeezed or something! Initially it sounds hilarious enough that I was trying to imitate that voice myself! He is unrecognizable in this voice but come to his serious mode, that low sexy voice of his is definitely him. But kudos in making Hanasaki really sounds sleazy and weird. The other casts are Azumi Waki as Ao (Maika in Blend S), Junta Terashima as Kijima (Nakano in Animegataris), Juri Kimura as Miyabi (Tsugumi in Nil Admirari No Tenbin) and Takashi Kondo as Yabe (Train in Black Cat). The opening theme and ending theme, Wonderful Wonder by Edoga Sullivan and Koi Wa Miracle by Spira Spica respectively sound like generic anime pop. Nothing special for me.

Overall, a pretty decent (oh, the irony) ecchi rom-com anime. If you don’t want too sleazy a fanservice anime like Nande Sensei Ga Koko Ni (because this one has too much spamming of boobs and crotch in your face), this one has the right mix of sexiness… I think. Because not everybody thinks a romantic dinner and a walk in the park as the most romantic idea. No sex here. But sex still sells. Although technically for laughs. The next time you feel too horny and can’t concentrate on studying, perhaps it is nature’s way of saying go get screwed first. Who knows? You might study and absorb better after sex because all those brain chemicals released. And if it did not work, oh well, I guess life has screwed over you then. Now you know why sex scandals never turn out well…

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