Psychic Academy

December 25, 2011

Imagine if there is a school for the gifted. A school to hone those latent and talents. That would be wonderful, right? Well, Psychic Academy isn’t any near a school like Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters but at least it is a place for people with auras (the term in this series that is used to refer to super powers). So I suppose the world has split into those normal humans and those with auras, eh? Just be thankful that they aren’t called mutants whatsoever ;p. Besides, I don’t recall any majority of the public or some fearsome organization showing their displeasure about those possessing auras. However being an anime with just 24 episodes that lasts around 10 minutes or so, don’t expect anything in depth. At first I was expecting some supernatural detective-like mystery solving cases. Boy, I was way off mark. Very off. What conjures to mind when you put romance, comedy and a hint of ecchi in it? Guess that says it all, huh?

Episode 1
When Ai Shiomi was young, on a beach with the sun setting and the moon rising, he first met a girl crying, Orina. He asks what is wrong so she showed and gave him a seashell which of course he misplaced it somehow. Ai wakes up from his dream and realizes he is running late for school. Along the way, he notices many people starring in awe because they recognize his school uniform and think he is part of the Elite. But Ai notes that this Psychic Academy is a school founded 20 centuries ago and for those gifted with auras and special abilities. He didn’t want to enrol in this school in the first place but his parents wanted to, seeing his brother went there. Of course Ai is nothing compared to his brother and doesn’t even have any special abilities. So what else is there to look forward to? Orina? Yeah, she’s there. He starts fantasizing she’s grownup from her little self and is waiting for him. Right after snapping out from his fantasy, he bumps into Myuu of the same school and accidentally got his hands over her boobs! Normally, any girl would scream sexual harassment followed by a slap. Or the slap first and then the yell. But Myuu didn’t say a thing. She just gave him that look and walked away. Then somebody’s baby starts falling off the balcony. Ai rushes to save it by chanting a spell. Did he make it? Myuu suddenly appears and grabs the baby, using Ai as a cushion landing. He is ecstatic that he unleashed some power for the first time but still thanks her for coming to save the baby. However Myuu punches him, tells him not to joke around, drinks her bottle water and disappears. Strange girl. Ai notices the handbook she dropped.

Episode 2
In class, Orina’s classmate, Kyaaru tries to predict what kind of power this new transfer kid will be. Yeah, they must really have high hopes of the super power he possesses. But Orina disagrees that he’s not that kind of guy. Ai follows a voice calling out to him. He meets a funny bunny, Buu at the rabbit shed. He didn’t really believe it at first but I guess he’s got no choice but to have this rabbit tag along because he senses great aura from him and will be his master (he insists Ai calls him that too). Later Ai meets his homeroom teacher and she is surprised that he got acquainted with Buu since he wouldn’t open up to anybody. She wants to know his Aura Code but he doesn’t know what it is. She explains it is when one’s aura characteristics are used to form a name code and thus that code is used here. Hers is Chiroro Dattara. Ai tries to explain that his aura manifested when he was taking a blood test and this is some sort of a mistake. However she notes that he is the brother of that legendary guy and is quite famous. Ai could only have a bad feeling. Ai is taken to his class as everyone wonders what his powers are. Suddenly they notice the rabbit, (Aura Code: Buu Velka Receptor Arba. Can you remember that?) on his shoulder and thinks Ai is a great person to have tamed such a violent and brutal creature! Later Ai finally meets Orina at the rooftop. As expected, she’s quite well endowed. They talk about the old times and since he remembers her embarrassing young habits, she starts hitting him. This causes him to accidentally grab her boobs and he ends up getting whacked further. They continue to chat about the good ol’ days and how cool his brother was. But Ai thinks that isn’t the case and his brother was always teasing him. Plus, he knows that she likes his brother but Orina says that he is fine the way he is now.

Episode 3
Ai spots Myuu so Orina says that her ability is Jump and though she is in their class, she hardly turns up and is unsociable. Ai rushes down to return her handbook. Oh, there’s more. He also wants to tell her the baby she saved is okay. Myuu realizes that he doesn’t know anything and wasn’t fooling around then. She explains that he was the one who saved that baby. Just before she jumped, he reached out his hand and saved the baby with his aura via soft landing. He still can’t believe it so he ends up arguing with Buu. Myuu senses he is different and gives off a rare smile. Doesn’t she look cute, eh? Orina is having deep thoughts about Ai and Myuu. She’s really bothered but dismisses it. Turns out Myuu is also her roommate. How ironic can life get? Ai also has his own weird roommate, some Indian guy Teruda Shanaha Kuga, putting heavy blocks on his crossed legs to increase his aura power. Next day in class, Kyaaru does a love fortune telling on Ai. The results turn out that his and Myuu’s aura match 100%.  Now Orina is really bothered. She really thinks something is wrong. She rushes out and of all times, bumps into Myuu just coming in and then Ai shortly. She takes Ai out for a little talk. He assures her he was just returning her handbook, so Orina felt a little relief that there is nothing more to it. Really? Is her heart at ease? Ai gets a letter from Myuu to meet her after school. His mind starts running wild it’s some sort of love letter and a confession. Why does a confession involves stripping naked and sex? Yeah, maybe his great aura is his delusional pervertness. When he enters the gym, he sees Myuu in a weird armour. She challenges him to a real fight because she wants to know his real aura since she can’t sense it.

Episode 4
Looks like Ai can’t talk his way out of it so Myuu starts attacking using her ability called Flame Rose. Buu guides Ai on how to deal with it. Following his advice to watch her aura closely, Ai is able to dodge and tell the flow and colour of her aura. The aura’s colour tells the focus of the user and in Myuu’s case, it is green which means she’s totally out of control but the effects will be devastating. Ai is even able to protect himself from a fire onslaught. Till the final blow he didn’t avoid and takes a direct hit. Myuu stops the match and wonders why he didn’t dodge it so he insists that he didn’t have that kind of power. Myuu goes up close to him and maintains that she can’t fell his aura. Orina comes rushing in and the first thing she did was slap Myuu for doing such a thing to a newbie. Cat fight? But all Myuu did was just ask for her room key, wants another rematch with Ai and walks away. Since Ai’s knee is injured, Orina uses her healing aura on it. Funny. Water fairies? They gather around the wounded area and ‘pop’. In no time, Ai’s injury heals since it’s not that serious. When he starts commending her strange but powerful abilities and would like to have himself so he doesn’t have to rely on her, she hugs him. She says he doesn’t have to be stronger and is okay the way he is.

Episode 5
Buu forcefully wakes up Ai on a Sunday morning to go for more training. Orina gets a call from Teruda that Ai is missing since all he knew was he just got up and left. She gets this idea that he started hating school due to shock and quit and went to pester Myuu about it. Since Orina is pretty worried he might end up in some aura fight, I guess Myuu has no choice but to go look for it. She thought Orina was blaming her for that aura fight. I thought those 2 were not seeing eye to eye with each other since the previous episode. But I guess they’re back to friends seeing Orina groped Myuu’s boobs in her happiness. Ai is playing at the video arcade but as Buu says, they’re here for some serious training: To chase skirts. Say what? Guiding Ai on how to see other people’s aura, Ai is slowly able to see the different aura colours. For instance, a girl playing video game has a red aura means she’s in a bad mood. Very bad indeed. Yeah, she slapped a guy who tried to hit on her! After explaining the few other colours like yellow for affection and brown for stubborn, Buu is going to show him how it’s done to look for a yellow one. He goes up to a girl and asks her to play with him. Well oddly, the girl didn’t find a talking walking bunny funny (mind the rhyme. Oops, I did it again). Maybe his cuteness (that’s even debatable) overwhelms his rough voice. Yeah, Buu’s smothering his face in her boobs while she adores how cute he is. Ai tries to use his newly acquired skill on a girl but she turns out to be Myuu. She brings him away to talk. Over at a cafe, she feels that he is still upset from the last time and wanted to apologize. Tsundere style. But Ai thanks her for looking out for him and she shouldn’t be worried about the little stuffs. Though that aura fight made him think a lot. He had lot of regrets and wanted to know about auras to become stronger. Myuu starts laughing when he mentions he could become a cool person like her. Of course, back to her tsundere when he notes she’s cute laughing. However Ai is approached by a crazy ruffian.

Episode 6
As Myuu mentions, he is from the Eternal Group. They’re a class of people who are able to use their aura powers from the moment they’re born. This ruffian, Tandzja wants to know what kind of powers Ai have and do an aura fight. However Myuu takes Ai and leave and won’t bow to his request. Tandzja won’t let them go and unleashes his wind powers. Before he could do anything, something knocks him back. Soon all his clothes ripped apart, leaving him stark naked. Though Ai insists he didn’t do anything, Tandzja runs away embarrassed. Buu comes by and it seems he was the one who pulled off that stunt. Then the girls he was hitting on came by to pick him up so I guess he wants to continue to receive their love. Shortly Orina arrives so Myuu leaves the rest to her and goes away. Ai has a hard time trying to convince Orina that they weren’t dating. Then tears well up in Orina’s eyes. She was worried about him. But I suppose she can’t stay worried forever so she turns back into her usual self seeing that there are more important things than aura power. As they both walk back, they talk about the old times and what he thinks about the school. Unknowingly, they walked into a lover’s park. Yeah, many couples making out everywhere. They panic so Orina takes Ai’s hands and run. See, if you make haste, something terrible is going to befall. Orina trips over a little pebble but as Ai catches her, his hands grabbed her boobs. She didn’t freak out. Instead, she presses it and makes him hold tighter! Then the mood builds up enough for them to kiss. Their face inching closer with each heartbeat getting louder. But if you’re expecting somebody to interrupt them, then you’re only half right. The kiss indeed is interrupted. But not because of somebody. Actually, Ai starts seeing Myuu’s face!!! WTF?! Why, oh why?! I guess it’s a sign…

Episode 7
The written exam is here. I wonder if it’s legal to have Buu by Ai’s side. I mean, he could be cheating… But then again, isn’t Buu a little too noisy? Well, Chiroro took bothersome Buu away and how did she shut him up? Let him sleep in her boobs! Oh yeah, that’s how you tame a vicious rabbit too. But this exam is the least of Ai’s worries. It’s the practical exam which follows. It’s going to be a tough one and if you fail, you fail the whole class. Meanwhile Tandzja plans on revenge on Ai with his buddies. They are joined by Pasu who also wishes to help out since there is another person in Ai’s class she has a bone to pick. In the bus to the location of the practical exam, Orina feeds Ai her bento and even gives words of encouragement since he is low on self-confidence. The location is a temple in the mountains. The temple’s priest, Doushin will head this year’s practical exam. Ai takes a peep at Doushin’s aura and it’s bursting with light! Man, he’s like Buddha! There’re also wings! He’s like an angel too! Doushin knows what Ai is doing and wants him to tell what he sees. Ai adds that he also saw burning wings so Doushin explains it is the form of the phoenix. Everyone is taken aback but Doushin tells everyone not to be late for the exam at 4pm. He notes this year’s exam will be a good one. That night Ai can’t sleep. Partly he kept seeing visions of Myuu. Then as he wonders, he sees the real Myuu outside. She’s listening to the mountain and trees breathe and feels at ease here. Why is he fixated on her boobs? Anyway he tries listening to the breathing too but Buu interrupts and wants him to follow. He wants Ai to peep through a hole. What’s with that sneaky grin on his face? What does Ai see? Naked girls bathing!

Episode 8
Ai also sees Orina among the group. But when he hears Kyaaru bugging Orina that it’s her chance to confess to Ai since she likes him, Ai loses his balance. His panic gives his position away when Orina gets too close to the peep hole. All the girls start throwing water so Ai and Buu had to run away. It’s amazing they’re never caught. But Ai caught a cold next morning and each time he sees Orina, he sees her only clad in towel. As for the exam, they’re supposed to use their aura to find a 500 year old ancient treasure. It’ll be easy since the treasure is clearly identifiable but will have to do it within 6 hours and in groups of 3. Ai is paired with Orina and Kyaaru, who thinks it’s a good chance for Orina to get closer while Myuu is paired with a couple of losers who are ecstatic to even get a reply from her. But Myuu is ambushed by Tandzja and his lackeys. They lead her to the river whereby Pasu confronts her. Unfortunately Myuu doesn’t remember who the f*cks she is, pissing Eternal Group’s Pasu off very much. The aura fight begins with Pasu throwing her lightning aura. She just hates everything about her. Oddly, why didn’t Myuu get electrocuted? Maybe Pasu is immune to her own lightning but Myuu’s just standing there blocking. Ai’s group concentrate but still can’t locate the treasure. But Ai can sense Myuu in trouble and rushes off. This guy… He interrupts the aura fight and even manages to give Pasu that they’re in a middle of an exam, which is more important than this aura fight. I guess Pasu was even knocked off her balance when she hears that his concern was because they could fail the exam! As Tandzja points out that Ai is the one who did him in, Pasu fires her lightning at him. Yeah, all he did was stand there and block too.

Episode 9
Pasu is going to give her best shot so it’s do or die for Ai. He successfully did his Jump ability but the odd part was, he appeared in front of Pasu and had his hands over her boobs! That’s all it takes to beat her! Pasu starts crying like a little girl!!! She never felt so violated before, let alone anybody touch that part. Yeah, Tandzja and co had to console and take her away and settle their match another day. So much for being a tough girl. Ai suddenly collapses. Orina is looking for Ai when she hears a voice guiding her to Ai. Myuu laments that the river current washed Ai away. Then she sees Orina diving in. She sees Ai lying unconscious at the bottom and chants a spell to create a protective bubble? Erm? Shouldn’t they be floating up? Then some hooded guy dives in and brings them out. As swift as he comes, as swift as he goes Wow. He’s better than Superman. Orina wakes up after hearing that hooded guy’s voice (hey, is he wearing his underwear outside?!). After he disappears, Orina panics upon seeing unconscious Ai and does CPR on him (yeah, so they kissed). Good news: Ai wakes up. Bad news: Myuu appears. Even bad and complicating news: Ai says Myuu’s name. Oh gosh. There’s only so much drama a girl can take in a day. So Orina, what to do? Run away lah. Ai’s memories are somewhat fuzzy after that incident. Then the subject changes about listening to the breathing of the forest. Then they spot the giant tree and think this is the treasure. Well, there lots of sparkly lights coming from it. Ai thinks he felt it because Myuu is here. He is certain that all those times when his powered activated, it was her by his side. However Myuu says she didn’t save him but Orina. Due to her powers, she becomes weak around water. Therefore he doesn’t need her and can use his powers freely. She walks off and look who happens to be behind a tree? It’s Orina! I thought she ran away half way round the world.

Episode 10
Back to school. I take it Ai must’ve passed since he’s back in one piece. But he realized that when Orina saved him, he noticed somebody else was there too. Orina asks him if he remembers anything about being revived (the kiss lah). Since he doesn’t, she heaves a sigh of relief. At the stairways, Ai sees Myuu revising (she missed to many classes). Suddenly somebody purposely pushes a flower vase down at her (why the heck is a vase doing there in the first place?). Ai’s quick reflex has him shield Myuu with his body. It’s Pasu and Tandzja. Looks like that b*tch’s back to normal and that’s just a warning. It’s not going to end yet. Myuu brings Ai to the infirmary as Chiroro treats him (why is Ai staring at her boobs?!). Noting that Eternity Group’s escalating attacks, she wants Myuu to be careful since they are targeting her and that ‘he’ will be coming back soon. That guy seems to be the strongest person in Eternity Group but was on suspension. If he was that dangerous, why isn’t he expelled in the first place? Orina notices Myuu studying hard. I don’t know why, but she gets this idea of calling Ai for study help. I thought she didn’t like the idea of Ai and Myuu together? Maybe that previous episode when Myuu spilled the truth, cleared up everything, eh? But even so, bringing a boy to a girl’s dorm is a big no. So how? Sneak him in! Yeah, poor Ai has got to cross-dress as a girl. Just before study session can start, the dorm lady knocks to check for any boys in their room. I guess it must be his male aura… Orina gives excuse that Myuu is sleeping. She is but is faking it and Ai is hiding underneath her blanket. His face too close to her boobs. Then he felt her heartbeat and wonders if this sensation (no, not a perverted sensation) is some aura resonance.

Episode 11
The dorm lady leaves after finding everything in order. So when Myuu and Ai emerge from their fake sleep, Orina wasn’t jealous or anything when she finds their faces red (maybe it was hot) but was like an airhead. Now Ai has to sneak out again. Orina apologizes and she did this because she wanted to be with him. They promise to study properly next time. Ai is at the library looking for references when he chances upon Myuu putting back books (she’s a librarian). Pasu is back with her mischief as she knocks Myuu off the ladder with her lighting before fleeing. Again Ai protects Myuu and ends up on top of her. Kyaaru rushes by as Myuu gives an excuse that she slipped. Noticing the duo together, she is convinced that they really are 100% aura compatible. Guess who is eavesdropping? Oh Orina. Now you looks so bothered, aren’t you? Because of that, Ai has been thinking a lot and thinks his first love is still Orina (really?). Orina is still worried so she tries to ask Myuu about her feelings for Ai. Myuu didn’t reply and continued her homework as Orina went about ranting about the compatibility thingy and the things Ai did for her so he has to have some feelings for Myuu. She realizes of her own jealousy but Myuu says that she doesn’t have anyone she likes but envies Orina can be honest with herself. Next day at the school gates, Pasu comes bragging to Myuu. But Myuu punches her! Pasu starts crying like a little girl!!! Not so tough now, is she? She deserves it. Really.

Episode 12
Tandzja and Pasu meet up with a biker dude, Ren (that strongest Eternity Group guy on suspension) and tell him the terrible guy Ai is (weaklings!). However Ren isn’t going to jump the gun yet and wants to ascertain it himself. Ai is running late to meet Orina and due to his bickering with Buu, he bumps into a cute girl, Faafa. Buu senses a great aura from her so when Ai tries to look at her aura, she thinks he’s a peeping Tom. However she proceeds to make him treat her to ice cream and follow him like as though they’re dating. When Ai eventually meets up with Orina, he finds it hard to explain who this girl is. Faafa thinks they are dating but wants to come along. At the amusement park, seems Faafa is having all the fun with all the rides. By herself. Yeah, Ai and Orina just watch her. There goes their private time together. They can’t give her the slip. Then Faafa gets into trouble after she bumps into a bunch of unruly ruffians who has no qualms of threatening a cutie pie like her. However she instils fear in them by unleashing her ice aura powers. She could’ve killed them if Ai didn’t stop her. Even if they’re scums, they’re still people, right? Oh, how many of us can think like that. And since Ai said so, she lets the baddies go and with apologizes too. Yeah, hope they learn their lesson not to pick on girls. At the end of the day, Faafa feels she had such a great time that she thanks them. Ai and Orina have no qualms of being friends with her since she did mention she doesn’t have any. Then they part ways. In school, Ren returns. How bad ass is he? He rides his bike into school and up the hallways!!! Freaking awesome! It’s amazing nobody got hurt or anything damaged. He comes face to face with Ai.

Episode 13
The first thing he did is to have an aura fight with Ai. He fires his magma aura at Ai but is surprised when he blocked it (too bad the awesome powers shattered the windows). He unleashes more magma but Chiroro steps in. She wants him to return to his classroom and that school isn’t a place for him to fight. However Ren gives her a piece of his mind. He tells her off that the school wants to control them and they’re like prisoners. Chiroro gives him a final warning but Ren remains defiant and plans to take her on. As he rains his magma, Ai not only blocked but jumped close enough within touching distance of Ren, stopping his aura. Ai wonders why he is so aggressive and notes when he looked at him, it’s like he’s struggling with something. Not pleased with what he heard, Ren is upset and goes full power. However he hears the voice of Faafa to back down since she tells him Ai is her friend. Then black tentacles come crashing into the walls to hold Ren. It’s that hooded underwear-outside guy. He is the legendary Zero and is Ai’s brother. He is here to see his beloved brother. Really? Actually he is going to be a teacher at Psychic Academy today. Zero shows he is the dominant one and warns Ren not to even think about it (whatever he’s going to do). With this destruction, Ren isn’t going to get off with just a mere suspension. Though most of the damage was caused by Zero’s flashy entrance. Zero is impressed with Ai’s actions. He formally introduces himself and his appointed purpose here. Zero Daimu Kikura Paazaruku Baeru Doataru. WTF?! How freaking long can you get with that tongue twister?! That night, Ai meets with Ren. No, the latter isn’t going to pick another aura fight and just wants to talk. Thanks to Zero, he’s already grounded. But Ren wants to ascertain if he has met Faafa. He lets Ai know that Faafa is him. A cross-dresser? No, even better. Wait till you hear this: They share the same body.

Episode 14
What does this mean? It means they have twin auras lah! Duh…  Though Ren doesn’t have memories in he’s in Faafa mode, whatever happens between them has got nothing to do with Ren. Ren wants Ai to keep this a secret. So why the hell tell him in the first place? Oh, and that aura fight. He’ll settle it once his suspension is over. Hope that will be like 100 years later. Faafa comes to Psychic Academy wanting to look for Ai but was caught by a teacher, Goa. Thinking she’s a latecomer, he tries to take her with him but she shouts pervert and unleashes her ice aura attack. Goa blocks with his sediment aura but was overwhelmed. Then Faafa just waltz into Ai’s classmate and treats it like her own home. I mean, she comes up to Ai, proclaims she is a student now and sits right next to him. Who the hell she think she is? Chiroro checks her name but unfortunately can’t find her in the register so out you go. However the spoilt princess insists she is going to study here with Ai. Seems Myuu knows Faafa. She notes she isn’t supposed to be here but Faafa says she’s free now. Myuu doesn’t look convince since she has those powers. Faafa gets upset that of all people, she didn’t understand her (who would?). Faafa takes Ai and leaves. Yeah, unleash a blizzard too, will ya’? By the time Zero arrives, Faafa has already Jumped with Ai. All Zero can say that Faafa has a dangerous aura. Away at some place, Ai learns that Ren is Ai’s younger brother. I don’t know why she needs to unzip her dress to explain further about Ren living in her heart. Faafa was born with a weak heart but thanks to Ren, she is here. That’s the reason why Ai could see Faafa’s aura emitting from her entire body and Ren only from his heart. Faafa suggests they kiss since she’s free now.

Episode 15
Of course Ai can’t do it. Why? Because he likes someone? Faafa thinks it is Orina but ‘sees’ the face of another girl. Just then Myuu shows up to take Ai back. How did Myuu find them so fast? Don’t know. Something to do with Ai, I guess. Faafa guesses that she might like Ai. Will Faafa let Myuu have her way? No way! She unleashes her blizzard as Myuu tries to defend. Man, the entire surrounding froze like the ice age. Myuu is able to Jump away in time with Ai. But a slab of ice is stuck onto her chest. It’s draining her strength. How to get rid of it? Just rip apart her shirt! Fanservice cue. Because of her fire aura, she gets thirsty so Ai buys her a few bottles of water. Resting, Myuu tells Ai that she and Faafa came from the Aura Development Centre (ADC). Faafa used to cry there every day and due to her dangerous element, if a particular emotion (like sadness) gripped her, her aura will go berserk and no one can do anything about it. Myuu then asks if she was unable to stop at that time, will he stop her then? He didn’t understand so she drops the question. As they head back to school, they spot several ice fairies flying by. They are Faafa’s aura shapelings. Faafa knows where they are now. Well, if Myuu didn’t throw a water bottle at it, maybe she wouldn’t have known. Duh… With Faafa finding them, she blasts Myuu unconscious with her eyes. Now Ai, come to her arms. But Ai just knocks her head and hates the things she did. Faafa takes this as a sign that everybody hates her and starts crying uncontrollably. Big sh*t now. Ice starts to form and cover her surroundings. Zero appears and the only advice is that they have to somehow completely freeze her. How? Ai remembers Faafa did mention if her heart races a little, Ren will appear. No choice, he goes over to her, apologizes and kisses her! The blizzard instantly stops. The ice instantly melts. Then he realizes he’s kissing a guy. Pissed Ren punches him because he’s no gay. Though with that incident over, Ai can’t help ponder about Myuu’s words.

Episode 16
Orina suggests holding Ai’s birthday party at Zero’s party. Ai doesn’t seem like he wanted to go with it due to the ‘trauma’ from the last time his brother hosted one. However, this idea stems from Zero himself. When Orina asks Ai what present would he want, they spot a couple of their classmates, Satomi and Taigo kissing each other and getting all lovey-dovey! They panic and leave. Upon calming down, they note what they saw was a surprise and that they’ve never kissed before. Wait a minute. Ai, did you forget you kissed Faafa? And then Ren? That’s 2 people, right? Oh, that was to save her? So it doesn’t count? What about you Orina? Remember that CPR you did? What? That was to save him? So that doesn’t count? Excuses, excuses… Of course when you stare at each other too long, it will lead to a kiss, right? And they could have done it if that stupid annoying Buu didn’t come interrupting. Yeah, he got annoyed he was too slow to kiss and even offered to demonstrate on how it’s done! At the bath, Orina invites Myuu to Ai’s birthday party. She was reluctant at first so how did Orina convinced her? With a little skinship of course… Meanwhile Ai notes that back then he really wanted to kiss Orina but doesn’t know Orina’s feelings. He looks for Kyaaru to read his aura match reading. Kyaaru seems nervous not because of the reading, but rather she’s too close to Ai. First time that close to a boy? Anyway the reading reads out 60%-70%. That’s considered low? Hey, at least it’s more than half. Kyaaru explains that aura matching and real love are different. Take for instance Satomi and Taigo. They may be all over each other but their aura match is only 30%. Therefore an aura reading is much more a reading of similarities between the subconscious souls.

Episode 17
Chiroro is the first to arrive at Zero’s apartment. Where are all the students? Well, Zero says the party will only start later because now it’s for them to have some adult time. Oh, I didn’t know he was that naughty. I guess Zero was pushing his luck too much. When it involves a bed, you know what it means, right? Chiroro slaps him and leaves. I guess no progress lah. Soon Ai and his classmates arrive. Zero dumps all the presents to his little brother and gets the party rolling with his stamina drink. Orina talks to Ai since the latter doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself. Ai is bothered that he is always being compared with Zero and felt like second rate. Plus, he has been gone all the while and so why pop up now. Orina falls asleep due to the drink when Ai realizes Zero showing embarrassing footages of young Ai. Birthmark on his butt? What deepest secret? Now it’s no more a secret. Ai gets upset and tells him off his weird unreasonable act. He slaps his hand away when Zero offers him a drink and runs away. Zero finds him at the park and talks to him. He understands what he is feeling and that it must be hard on him. They still remember that day when Ai was cornered by a pair of evil lab scientists. Zero went to protect him but failed since Ai slipped off the cliff. Ai notes he doesn’t need to be protected now. He’ll get stronger and protect Orina and him. Then Ai falls asleep. Is Zero’s stamina drink laced with something or what? Then Myuu appears so Zero forces her to take care of Ai. Regretting she should’ve taken care of Orina instead? Yeah, he’s clinging on to her thighs. Even back in his room, Ai is a little pervy. He’s like groping her and trying to kiss her. No matter how many times she hits or slaps him, he just wouldn’t wake up. Man, that is one powerful stamina drink. So when he finally calms down, Myuu leaves. Next day, Ai has no recollection of what happened. So does Orina. She uses this chance to give him her birthday present. Ai jokes that he will take her first kiss. But it’s no joke. Orina really kisses him! And thus, their first kiss. But on a side note, it was really their second.

Episode 18
One night, Hiime Iren was assaulted by a group of masked ordinary humans of the Aura Hunters. Since she can’t hurt them, she got owned. In school, Teruda could sense something amiss between Ai and Orina and pesters him for details. I guess the class are interested to know too. But they have to leave it aside when a classmate reports about Hiime’s assault. She is being treated by Chiroro. They note how the Aura Hunters are becoming active lately and that this is the third case. Zero says they do this kind of things to assert their superiority over those with aura. On the rooftop, Ai and Orina talk about this. Ai assures that he will protect her. It’s that build-up mood to kiss again but as usual, that stupid rabbit had to interrupt them for being too slow. Can’t he just leave them alone and let nature take its course? Back in her dorm, Kyaaru visits Orina and wants to find out how far she went with Ai. Then when she spills how Ai came to her for an aura reading, Orina becomes happy. Kyaaru wants her to confess but she wants to hear it from him first. She warns that she have to do it fast or else Myuu will steal him. Kyaaru excuses herself when Myuu came in and has heard everything. Orina tries to give an excuse that Kyaaru was joking but Myuu is okay if Orina and Ai are together and would like things between them to stay the same. Orina is so happy that she fondled her boobs. WTF?! Though Orina could sleep easy, Myuu couldn’t. She notices her own yellow aura, a confused heart. You know what this means, right? Next day, the student council president, Juo Ruru looks for Ai in his class and warns him that the Aura Hunters are targeting him.

Episode 19
Juo had an encounter with them last week and is partially injured. He says the Aura Hunters are trying to rid of those with strong auras one by one. Orina and Ai have that Aura Hunters talk again. And again, the mood to kiss is building up. Wait. Look out for any rabbit. Phew. Okay, green light. So, the mood to another kiss is building up… Hey! Why the hell is Zero filming them?! Trying to capture his brother’s precious confession moments on tape?! That’s the strongest punch I’ve seen Ai throw at his brother. Myuu sees Juo spying and wonders if he is really that concern about him. Juo also notes the mysterious Myuu and warns her that she too might be targeted because she’s on the list as well. That night as Ai walks home, the Aura Hunters are waiting to ambush him but they come into Ren instead. No matter, he’s on the list too. They fight but they are no match for Ren’s magma. As they flee, Ren catches the leader and is to unmask him when Juo appears and wants Ren to let go of that guy. Juo unleashes his steam aura as distraction to escape. After the steam subsides, Ai passes by and learns what has happened and the final guy Ren fought with a strong steam aura power. Seems Ren is still grounded and is just out taking a breather. He doesn’t want Ai to tell Zero what happened and leaves. Next day, Ai meets Myuu to ask if she knows any steam aura user in Psychic Academy. But all she got was a headache. So bad that she collapses.

Episode 20
He carries her to the infirmary but why is he enjoying it? Ah, must be the sensation of her boobs pressing over his body. Along the way, he passes by Juo and notices a form overlapping him. Juo notes his brother his Zero and feels envy to have such a great legendary brother. Chiroro treats Myuu and when she wakes up, Chiroro diagnoses that she has a severe internal aura blow. Though this happens once a month, the problem might lie in her power. Then Ai visits her so she thanks him. Ai says he’s going to train a lot to protect her and Orina. Ai undergoes training from Buu to use his second Aura Code. From what I understand, the scientist was puzzled by his weird aura. It’s like he has been given a powerful aura switch but that ability is late in manifesting itself. To invoke it, Ai needs to recite that code. It’s like some sort of a keyword. And his keyword is Daudo. Well, just yelling out loud won’t help. Looks like he’ll need more concentration and training. Meanwhile an Aura Hunter confronts Myuu at the infirmary. Ai is able to successfully emit a little light from his fingers, though it’s too early to tell what kind of aura specialty he is. But Buu says he can feel his aura radiance now. Suddenly Ai senses Myuu in danger. Myuu is tied up in some place and she realizes the culprit is Juo. She too sees an overlapping form over him.

Episode 21
Could it be his twin? Well, it’s more like his brother. He teases Myuu by spilling water over her body. Why are they doing this? They feel because auras exist, everything is screwed up. They want to get rid of auras so that everything will return to normal. They won’t kill Myuu since she is their bait to lure Ai. Ai and Chiroro are puzzled of Myuu’s disappearance. But Ai sees a note on the bottle that Myuu is being held hostage and to come to the shrine in the woods. Does he have a choice? Myuu goes in and sees Myuu. Too late, he stepped into the trap. He is surprised to see Juo and his brother behind this. As Juo uses his fog powers, his brother tries to cut him down. Myuu uses her fire power to break herself free and shoot a fireball at the brother. This weakens her so the brother grabs her by her neck. Ai uses his aura vision and realizes something amiss with the brother. He picks up the sword and stabs him, making him scream in pain and disappear. Juo gets distraught with his brother’s demise but Ai says it’s just an illusion created by his aura. Juo starts blaming him and a short flashback reveals his brother always hated him for having that kind of power. He started mixing with bad company and got killed. Disheartened Juo started blaming all this on the existence of auras. Since he has closed his heart and mind and no amount of persuasion could change his mind, Ai has no choice but to use his Daudo power when Juo unleashes his full power. He emits a dazzling bright radiance with his light aura, knocking Juo out. Then he carries Myuu out and back. Next day, Orina wonders the sudden absence and Juo’s sick leave but Ai assures her he’ll be okay and that she doesn’t have to worry about the Aura Hunters anymore.

Episode 22
There will be a summer training camp for the Psychic Academy students. That’s right. Beach fanservice! Ai must be hard-up on seeing Orina in her swimsuit that he nearly took out his fantasy on Teruda! Even at one point he starts visualizing Orina in a swimsuit rather than her school uniform! But he has an important task to accomplish. And that is to resolve his feelings for her. At the beach, Goa flexes his macho muscles to the guys but they’re distracted by sexy Chiroro. Myuu seems cautious of the water because of her fire aura ability. Zero makes his flashy entrance riding the big wave (he’s still wearing his underwear outside). He put up all this flashy show just for Chiroro. Yeah, he is still hitting on her and since he really wants them to go venture into the world of the grownups, she just punches him. Now for the real show. Yeah, the other girls in their swimsuit. I don’t know why, Ai is trying to say something, like a confession to Orina in front of the guys. Did he forget he is with them all? In their embarrassment, Orina takes him away. Meanwhile Zero and Chiroro notice something strange coming from an island of trees in the short distance. Ai and Orina talk about the first time they meet and other stuff during the good ol’ days. Then it gets a little steamy when they cuddle close to each other, Ai caressing her. But she allows him to touch her boobs. Could this be finally it?

Episode 23
Ai can’t hold it in anymore and pushes Orina down! He’s turning into a pervert?! Fortunately (or not, depends on how you look at it), his head bangs the rock. Then the rock falls on his head. Tsk, tsk, tsk. That’s what happens when fools rush in. Ai is knocked out but he’ll be alright as he rests back at the inn under Chiroro’s care. Kyaaru tries to squeeze out all the juicy details she and Ai had but she insists nothing happened. Imagine the embarrassment if word gets out what actually happened. Myuu sees Zero looking at the island. They sense something from it as Zero mentions that someone with a powerful aura escaped from the government’s aura programmes. He’s hiding somewhere out there but the government, in order to bring him around, had set up a strict supervision. Even so, he’s still beyond reach and thus a strayed aura. He may be on that island but Zero isn’t going to catch him since he doesn’t know what will happen if he does so. Zero changes the subject if Myuu had any progress with Ai. Being the tsundere girl she is, she punches him when he becomes persistent. Next day, Zero brings Ai, Orina and Myuu to that island with an excuse that Goa’s training is boring. Ai and Orina recognize the beach and the place where they first met. However they are surprise when they hear Myuu also knows about this place. Suddenly the sand starts to move. It almost swallows Orina. Then a rock monster emerges and attacks them. Zero uses his black tentacles but it regenerates whenever it’s destroyed. Plus, it uses some rank 98 technique called Kira Parisu (whatever that is, it sure packs a hell of a punch). The monster tells them to leave but since they’re not going to do that, it grabs Orina. Frantic Ai uses his Daudo to break the monster. A figure emerges from the rubble.

Episode 24
Looks like some baldy guy but it seems he and Zero know each other. He gets to know Ai as Zero’s brother and notes it’s the first time he has seen that kind of light. Bringing them back to his humble hut for food, baldy explains he was hostile to protect this scenery, the one they had in a dream a long time ago called Para Dream whereby the sun is setting and the moon in the sky. It is a dream all people with aura see at some point. Zero remembers that he felt something special, a powerful aura inside of him when he dreamt of that. The reason why everyone has the same dream is still a mystery and baldy wanted to know that so that’s the reason he disappeared from ADC 12 years ago. He thought of using his power to find his dream’s ocean scenery. Thus he arrived at this place. Though it looks like it but it isn’t. Ai interrupts and says he also had that dream but baldy mentions that scenery may not even exist that’s why he wanted to at least protect this place. When he adds that one is alone in the dream, Ai and Orina seem shock. Somehow everyone is alone there. Myuu gets up and leave so Zero tells baldy that she was once from ADC too. Later Ai and Orina chat about their dream. She mentions that long ago he told her he met her in his dream. However she says baldy was right because she was alone in her dream. So who is that girl in his dream supposed to be his first love? Ai couldn’t care less about that because to him the important thing is now. And that includes her. Ai probably was about to confess but Zero just had a pretty much good timing in spoiling everything. Well, the problem seems Myuu is missing because she didn’t go back to the boat as she said she would. Ai finds her staring at the ocean. She’s been thinking about the dream too. She reveals when she was at ADC, she refused to use her powers because she hated it, much to the dismay of the scientists. But there was a time she spontaneously used it again. When in her dream, she met a boy. Oh? Can’t it be? So that crying girl wasn’t Orina but Myuu? A clearer flashback reveals Ai going up to that crying girl who says she doesn’t have a name because she’s a bad girl. She shows him her fire power which resembles a seashell. Noting how cute and pretty it is, the girl is surprised he is not afraid of her powers. Instead, Ai got excited and wanted to be like her. They get acquainted and played together. Everyone returns to school following the end of the summer vacation. To Ai, he still doesn’t really know who that girl in his dream was. Maybe it was Myuu, maybe it wasn’t. Ai is greeted by happy Faafa who is going to spend her lovey-dovey days with Ai. This means Ren’s suspension is over, right? Myuu isn’t too happy Faafa is being a bother since Ai already has Orina. But Faafa is okay with it since Orina is her friend. Faafa changes the topic and wonders if Myuu has some boy she likes. She claims she knows so Orina gets excited to know. I don’t know how, she starts bugging her by molesting her boobs. Faafa also joins in and their feet got really tangled (the way they jumped together was real funny) that they tripped onto Ai.

Sigh Academy…
Oh, sighs… How disappointing. I felt everything was somewhat shallow and lack any depth as said earlier on. There wasn’t much to anything. The series was divided into mini arcs which I think is okay but rather than that, everything else was a bummer. First, the characters. There weren’t anything more to the main protagonists as they are. Ai had some latent and rare light aura but it was rarely used and even so, it was short that you would hardly know he unleashed something. Myuu is still the tsundere though she opens up more towards the end instead of continuing to be an unfriendly b*tch like she was in the beginning. Orina, happy and cheerful but sometimes gets worried if she thinks Ai sees some other woman but is too scared to go the extra mile herself. I also wonder about her peculiar habit of groping Myuu’s boobs when she’s all happy. I was hoping to see something about Buu that would reveal why he’s been dubbed a violent creature than can’t be tamed. Turns out he’s nothing more than a pervert and though his powers may be extraordinary but it feels it’s because nobody else’s could top him. And gradually, did you notice how Buu doesn’t stick around Ai as often as before? I also wanted to know how Buu knows Ai is the chosen one in the first place. What did he sense in this weakling that took some time to find and activate his own great powers? And for the other characters, what happened to Pasu and Tandzja? What is it that this b*tch have so much against Myuu? Then when she got beaten up by Myuu, she wasn’t as threatening as before. Maybe she just looks tough. Even that Ren guy, he was like oh so menacing picking an aura fight right after his grand entrance-cum-return. But he doesn’t feel like an antagonist. He just has lots of angst bottled up and needs to let it out. He may not be friends with Ai but at least he is friendlier, right? I thought Faafa was going to be a regular and turn the love triangle into love quadruple after her arc ended. But I guess she also got suspended along with Ren. Anyway, I find her character annoying. Zero is cool but the way he is carefree and dotes his brother makes him look like an idiot. I’m still wondering if that underwear is really part of his costume.

Secondly, the romance part. So does Ai love Orina or Myuu? There are hints that indicate it’s Orina. Well, they did kiss for real but somehow that feels it doesn’t leave any long lasting impression seeing by the time the series ended, I almost forgot they already did so. Things indicate that Ai’s first love is Myuu as she is most likely the girl in his dream since well, Ai can’t shake his mind of Myuu at times. Her face just pops up in his head. Of course Ai and Orina have multiple chances to confess only to be interrupted by inpatient people. So is it a sign that they will never be compatible? Because of that, sometimes it felt awfully frustrating. Are they ever going to let their true feelings known to each other? Well, Faafa seems daring but I don’t think Ai would ever consider loving her like a lover. Remember, Ren is part of her and each time she gets excited, that guy pops up. Imagine if they’re having sex… Seems Zero has a thing for Chiroro and was bold enough to make the move on her. Too bad she won’t return his feelings. Try again. Even if you’re some legendary guy, he still sucks being in love. I guess nobody is perfect. Perhaps he should get a fortune reading from Kyaaru. Aura match = 0%! Thirdly, the fanservice. Sure, they may tease you with bits of panty flashes, fanservice shots and Ai accidental getting into perverted situations but it’s really nothing to shout about. They’re not the kind that could even stimulate a junior grade kid. Haha! What am I saying? But really, I think Ai is a little pervert himself. Fantasizing about Orina and Myuu, at one point even preparing to get down and dirty. I thought he also had some sex aura power in him. Haha. Just kidding.

Since the story focuses on the characters and their antics, somehow it hardly feels that they are in the specially gifted Psychic Academy. Maybe everyone doesn’t show off their aura powers but with the very lack of it, the school feels like an ordinary school. It is amusing to hear the Aura Code of the people with aura. From what I understand, the more powerful you are, the more Aura Codes you will have attached. So it’s really funny to hear those tongue twisting names and it felt like they’re coming from some alien world. Since there isn’t any official spelling on their Aura Code, I had to strain my ear to try and make out what the heck it was. Yeah, I may even spell them wrongly. Say what’s your Aura Code again? As for the flow of the story, I feel that a big majority of the series ends on a little cliff-hanger. Then it is quickly solved and over at the start of the next episode. After all that build-up, somehow it takes away the intensity and ‘tension’, although that word would be just overrating it. Couldn’t they just finish it when the episode ends instead of leaving it for just a few seconds in the next episode? Maybe, that’s where they want to leave you ‘hanging’ like something big and major is going to happen, eh?

Another gripe is the animation which sometimes seems ‘unconvincing’, thus making it poorly done. One of the many examples is when Orina slapped Myuu. From the way I see it, it felt like a light tap on her cheek. I guess they used CGI for the parts when the users unleash their aura powers during aura fights. Well, let me say that the CGI seems poorly done too. It would have been better if they used 2D drawing instead of blending it with 3D. It looks obviously horrible. Some parts of the story just puzzles me. Like if Myuu was someone who doesn’t show up often in class, then why all of a sudden she attends them? Is it because of Ai? Oddly, if she is weak when facing water due to her fire aura, isn’t it ironic that she has to drink and replenish lots of water after using it? Then about Ren’s suspension. With that track record, he should’ve been expelled. Oh, about that peeping during the girls’ bath, shouldn’t the culprit always get caught even if he is the hero? If the baldy was such a wanted person, it really amazes me how he can hide in a single same place for a long time without ADC coming knocking on his door. It’s like right under their noses and he really gave them the slip. Perhaps it’s his strayed aura. But then again, I thought people in the government are good in tracking one down till the ends of the Earth. The Para Dream thing ends up being more of a mind boggling mystery even if it was meant to just solve a pinch of the mysterious girl in Ai’s dream.

I guess in this series, everyone is only entitled to 1 aura power. Because of that, it lacks a lot of variety of moves during aura fights. Well okay, maybe for instance like those characters in One Piece who ate the Devil Fruit can only have a single ability. But with that ability they are able to produce lots of variety of attacking and different techniques. But I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, this series’ forte isn’t in the fight scenes anyway. However if you want to think about it, how much could they hone and power up their skills at this rate by the way? With aura powers or not, it makes you no different from any other human beings. Given a chance, would I want to go to such school? Well, if you have a cool teacher like Zero and cuties like Orina and Faafa, why not? I wonder if anybody has an aura power of love.

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