Sunohara-sou No Kanrinin-san

December 2, 2018

Dorm themed animes aren’t all that ubiquitous. They aren’t that rare either. Over the years we have a few of them like as early as Maison Ikkoku to Mahoraba in the 2000’s and the recent ones over these past few years, Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo and Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou. This season, we bring you Sunohara-sou No Kanrinin-san. You must be thinking why the title of this anime is given to the caretaker of this dorm. Because among all the dorm themed animes I have mentioned, she has the freaking largest bust! SO F*CKING HUGE!!!!!!! Are you sure this is not some sort of porn studio disguised as a dorm? Nope. Checked that one out. And as usual, new petite and meek character moves into the dorm, meets other quirky dorm residents and the very often encounter with those huge racks. Sure this isn’t really a porn studio?

Episode 1
Aki Shiina has just arrived at Tokyo and makes his way to Sunohara Dorm where he meets the caretaker, Ayaka Sunohara. First thing he will notice is her tremendously huge boobs! Can’t blame him. It’s at his eye level. My fist question will be was she a porn star… Because Ayaka thinks he is a girl, she has him take a bath and is going to bath with him! It took him a while there to convince her he is a guy. Aki observes Ayaka is good at everything. But the only thing that bothers him is how she loves smothering him in her boobs! Yeah, it’s suffocating. Aki’s goal of starting a new life here is to be a real man. Due to his girly looks, he is often mistaken to be a girl. So he tries to help Ayaka with the chores to prove how manly he is but always fails. So Ayaka gives him a chance to be treated like a man if he kisses her on the cheek. He is about to do it when other dorm residents return. Well, they’re not mad at Aki but rather Ayaka. Yeah, it seems all of them were victims of her deep skinship. Folks, meet Yuzu Yukimoto (has a complex over her small body parts including her stature), Sumire Yamanashi (nose bleeds over cute Yuzu) and Yuri Kazami (probably a sadist) (trio to be collectively known as 3 Stooges instead of 3Y). Next morning, Aki is almost awakened by Ayaka’s sexy wakeup call had not Yuzu come in to stop them. Before Aki leaves for school, since he is nervous of being a new transfer student, Ayaka helps him practice. She plays the part by dressing up in her old school uniform. Why does she look like ready for a porn shoot? Aki is still nervous so she lets him touch her boobs to feel her nervous heart too. Can he feel her beating heart at that distance?! Now his heart is nervous for another reason. Yeah, she trolled him. But thanks to that, his day at school went fine.

Episode 2
Aki thinks he has gotten used to the dorm. Yeah. Now see Ayaka in a cheerleading outfit! Underboobs… As she cheers him while studying, he begins to wonder if she is cheering or distracting him. Apparently the school will have a sport’s day and she’s supposed to come cheer? Oh boy. I can see the mayhem it will cause. Ayaka helps Aki train for the sports day. At the end of the day, Aki is tired while Ayaka is still full of stamina. I’m surprised all that boobs bouncing in his face wasn’t the reason he tire out. Later as he baths, Ayaka helps trim his hair. Free fanservice too, right? This training goes on a few more days but when the real day comes, Aki is totally flat out as the mental and physical strain of being too close to Ayaka wore him out. There is a spider on the wall so Yuzu wants Aki to help rid of it. She blames him for not being manly when he fails to do so. So he trolls her there are bugs lying around. Don’t count on Sumire either. She passed out when the spider landed on her. Yuri? She’s lecturing from a mile away how harmless the spider is. Oh, Ayaka is here. Pervy spidey lands on her boobs. I think her cleavage could have squished it but she coolly throws it out. The 3 Stooges plan to find out Ayaka’s weakness and they think Aki can help do so when they go out do errands. But at the liquor store run by Nishiki Yatsuho, Aki believes she likes alcohol. Yuzu’s next plan is for them to watch a horror movie together. Gee, Aki doesn’t know what a VCR tape is! Too bad Aki is the one who got scared! After more failed ideas, the only thing left is to ask her directly. Aki agrees thinking by showing how manly he is by protecting her, she’ll see him as a man. So when he does so, she realizes what that horror movie was for. So she says what scares her most is somebody sneaking into her room while she is sleeping. Oh no. Why do I have a feeling this is a trap? Expectedly, Aki does so but Ayaka pulls him to sleep with her. She admits she was also scared watching the horror movie but hold it in. So now that she can’t sleep, she hopes he could take some responsibility. Next morning, Yuzu is not pleased to see the duo snuggling close to each other.

Episode 3
Yuzu hangs out in Aki’s room because it is cooler. That hot air rises science thingy since his room is on the ground floor. As she sits on his lap to read her shoujo manga, Yuzu starts to get embarrassed as the story is getting racy. With them in this position and Aki unwittingly following some of that action, she gets embarrassed and leaves. Ayaka wonders what happened and as Aki explains, Ayaka has an idea so she suggests replicating that scene. I think he understands now. Only, it ends up with boobs smothering. Aki realizes Sumire has been observing-cum-stalking him! She thinks Yuzu has taken a liking for him so she is observing what he has and what she lacks. And I don’t think it’s the dick that’s making a difference! When Sumire likes the cat pillow he has, he thinks she likes cute stuffs. Both of them agree on this topic when Ayaka walks in. She sees their ambiguous position. Sumire clears the air. No, she made it worse. She says they were just showing each other their embarrassing parts! In the end, Sumire somewhat understands why Yuzu takes a liking for him. Then warns him to hide is ero magazines. Sumire is in depression. She suggested Yuzu to go to the amusement park but she isn’t tall enough to ride. Hence the rest wants Aki to go talk to her since Ayaka isn’t around. A boy in her room? Well, dressed as a girl! Sumire is not amused. He is forced to change her clothes. After that ordeal, Sumire goes into withdrawal since she hasn’t had Yuzu sit on her shoulders today. Aki becomes her substitute. Energy level rising. Back to normal. Yuzu assures that kind of stuff will not depress her. Now she has a live chicken on her head to look taller! Still rejected at the amusement park, though. True depression… Aki accepts Yuri’s favour thinking it would earn him manly points. Turns out she wants him to wear a maid outfit! What did he say about a man not going back on his words? As Yuri makes her own clothes, Yuzu is too small while Sumire is too big. Aki is the right size. So why didn’t she try it on herself? Damn that yandere look… Yeah, she’s getting the camera ready. And there are plenty of outfits she wants him to wear. The last straw came when she wants him to wear a bikini. The commotion causes Ayaka to come check on them but Aki takes Yuri to hide in the closet. He realizes the close proximity. However he thought she smelled nice.

Episode 4
As the girls are talking about June bride, Aki now has to hear their ideals of getting married. But thankfully Ayaka isn’t thinking about marriage now and is happy the way she is. In his search to be helpful, Aki thinks cooking would make a man popular. So as he takes sexually charged lessons from Ayaka, he eventually cooks great. However this makes Yuzu sad that he makes a better girl than them! Yeah, cooking is for girls, right? Because Yuzu bought a swimsuit without trying, looks like there’s space in the boobs area. So she had to go ask Aki about it. My theory is that the slightest slip up gives her the excuse to beat him up because he might imply her boobs are small. So she has him use her computer to research on how to make her boobs grow. So researching herself would make her see things she shouldn’t? I think it’s another excuse to beat him up since eventually she has to see those things. As Ayaka’s bust is the biggest, Aki thinks of asking her but she knows he is staring at it and gives him the usual smothering. This has Aki think the heart is connected to the boob size. The universal truth?! He goes to tell Yuzu only to catch her in the act of self-massaging. But telling that universal truth got him kicked out. When Yuzu sees Ayaka with an old swimsuit of hers that is definitely too tight to fit now, she gets happy thinking she still has a chance. Ayaka didn’t have the heart to tell her that’s her swimsuit from elementary school days. Aki helps Ayaka fix the roof leak. However the ladder falls. Nobody is at home and they left their handphone in their room. And it’s raining. I guess spending quality time is all they have. When the roof gets slippery, Aki slips but is luckily caught by Ayaka. They are in a compromising situation but the 3 Stooges return and see this. Yuzu cuts Aki to take a bath first as both are drenched from the rain. As the 3 Stooges take a nice warm bath, Ayaka tries to warm him. Even going so far as to use her body heat! She takes his temperature. No fever. Oh, suddenly he has! Must be too close her face to his. She lets him lie on her lap. Feels so good. When the 3 Stooges finally get out and see this, all conspire to force Yuri to sleep on Ayaka’s lap as she is the only one who didn’t get this ‘treatment’.

Episode 5
With the inflatable pool at the backyard, Aki is giving excuses why he can’t join the 3 Stooges or even use it himself. Until Ayaka pushes him in. At least she should have wait until he changed into his swimsuit. I think he was reluctant since he lack a manly body anyway. And yeah, what a great fanservice with all the girls in their swimsuits. All so busty except for Yuzu… Hope is fading… When Yuri lets Aki see some of the photos she took, he notices some of them are voyeurism of Yuzu! Now that he has seen them, she will make him ‘disappear’. Why do I have a feeling she deliberately did that? With Sumire here, Yuri lets her see voyeurism pictures of Yuzu. But if she wants to see more, please cough up the cash. Now that Aki knows this secret, she will really make him ‘disappear’. Of course lest he does her a favour. She wants him to take pictures of Ayaka in her ‘natural habitat’. That’s a funny way of saying ‘spy’. But Ayaka knows each time he snaps and is photogenic. Of course this isn’t what Yuri wants. So will Aki have to ‘disappear’? Nah. Just joking. Ayaka becomes a teacher to help Aki in his studies. I have to ask again, is she ready for a porn shoot? Too bad Aki has to finish his homework before he can even use the toilet! So the reward for finishing it is ice cream. Oh Aki, you were thinking of fanservice from Ayaka? But the way she licks her ice cream… Isn’t that good enough? Yatsuho comes by to deliver lime juice and some special liquor to them. As they drink together, the 3 Stooges return and they are shocked Ayaka has drank some alcohol. I guess we’re going to see why that is a bad idea as Ayaka ‘attacks’ Yuzu! Oh sh*t! She ‘attacks’ the other girls and Aki thinks it’s time for him to be a man to save them. Unfortunately he fails. Is he going to be Ayaka’s victim too? Just when he thought she is going to give him a blowjob and spout all that love crap thingy, it is actually she fell asleep on his lap. She wakes up shortly but has no memories as a drunkard. Or does she? Because she hints to Aki that she is waiting for him.

Episode 6
Aki is shocked to see a tanned girl in his room. Nana used to live here and was the former student council president before Yuzu. Looks like she loves flirting with innocent Aki. With Yuzu in the picture, they fight over Aki. Uhm, the battle is school subjects? Too bad Yuzu lost since Nana is using high school subjects. When Ayaka comes by to stop their tug of war over Aki, Aki learns that Nana is Ayaka’s younger sister. So different like day and night. Except for their boobs. Monstrous. Must be in the family genes. Aki gets a shock when he wakes up with Nana sleeping next to him. Yeah, she still thinks it is her room. But then she freaks out after realizing he saw her without her makeup. Later she returns and takes out an old video game console from a secret compartment. Can you believe it Aki has never played video games before?! Yeah, Nana onee-chan is going to teach him. Yeah, sounds so sexually charged… Can he focus with her being so close to him? Especially those boobs? Aki continues his losing streak in a fighting game till he gets bored. When Ayaka comes in to check, Nana wants to take Aki home and keep him as a pet! No way. Ayaka claims she is in charge of him. With the girls at the pool, a couple of girls, Maiko “Mai” Osonoi and Mea Uchifuji try to hit on Aki. Turns out they are Nana’s friends. Yeah, they have no shame admitting they’re into younger guys. They wonder if he is Nana’s boyfriend. Nope. Her pet. Yeah, that’s even far away from being a man. Nana pleads to Ayaka he wants to borrow Aki for today. But Ayaka can’t since she is here to teach him swimming. Hence Nana suggests a swimming battle to see who can have him. Suddenly he is now the prize. Nana thinks Ayaka’s huge boobs would create water resistance but Ayaka counters that by swimming backstroke. Their friends are supposed to be the judges but they are too busy smothering Aki with their love to even bother. And so Nana challenges Ayaka again each time she couldn’t didn’t beat her. Her friends continue to spoil Aki until they’re bored and leave. At the end of the day, it is Nana’s loss since she has no more energy left. And when it’s time for swimming lessons, looks like the pool is closed for the day.

Episode 7
Yuzu is scared of scary movies and yet she is watching them because it’s part of the summer requisite? Leave it to Nana to scare them and then take this chance to flirt with Aki to sleep with her if he’s scared. That night, Aki hears strange noises from next door. Hmm… No room next door… He asks Ayaka about it and she says there is a storage room that can only be accessed outside that no one is using. Yeah, grandma sealed it… With more noises, Aki tries to be manly and investigate it. Hmm… For a sealed door, it’s unlocked. He sees Nana exercising on a treadmill. Apparently Nana has been buying gym equipment and storing here as a secret since her room is too small. With Ayaka finding out about this, she is going to make her eat food she hates until she likes it. Aki realizes the scariest thing here isn’t ghosts… Nana hopes Aki and Yuzu can put some of her gym stuffs in their room. Then it becomes a challenge between Nana and Yuzu. The loser will take all the equipment. Of course Nana aces them but why does it look like she’s flaunting her sexy body at Aki? Hard not to look at her normally… The only match Yuzu wins is hanging on the bar. She used her light weight to her advantage. Hmm… Could it be Nana’s humongous boobs brought her down? In the end, Ayaka suggests keeping it in the storeroom because putting it in their rooms will only scratch the floor. What a meaningless challenge… Aki once more tries to be manly and help Ayaka but to no avail. With Yuri suggesting a back massage, first she teaches her ‘technique’ using Sumire as a guinea pig. In order not to look shady, Aki approaches Ayaka via using massage coupons. She uses them and after a short while, Ayaka stops him. Since she didn’t make any reaction, Aki thought he was bad with it. I think Ayaka has a good poker face. Aki reports this failure to Yuri as they try to enhance the training by taking it out on Sumire again. Nana’s friends are pleading to copy her homework. Oh, Nana has a plan by using Aki as a reward. He doesn’t want to get involved but after they pin the blame on him if they become bad students, what choice does he have? So unmanly, right? If they finish a page, they get to do whatever they want with him for 10 seconds. This serves as their motivation as it gets more risqué. When they take a break, Ayaka joins them to play king’s game. I wonder if the friends are now yuri-fied after tasting Ayaka’s ‘holiness’. In the end they realize they have wasted too much time and must rush to finish their homework. They heard Aki gave Ayaka a massage and want one too. Laying out their asses in a row? Looks like they’re going to heaven again.

Episode 8
Aki hears satisfying moans from Nana coming from a room. When Nana realizes it, she teases him of course. Turns out she had her ears cleaned by Ayaka. Nana forces him to get one. The first side seems okay. Turning the next side face too close to boobs… Not sure if Ayaka is damn good or so boring that Aki fell asleep. Later Nana shows a picture of Aki’s sleeping face to the 3 Stooges. They’re laughing at it until Yuri shows him the same with Nana and Yuzu. With the festivals tonight, Ayaka doesn’t want to put on her yukata believing it isn’t the right side (for her boobs?). But Aki looks disappointed so she agrees to wear them. Now the sisters bug him to put on their sash. When the 3 Stooges go get them, they see the sisters trying to dress Aki and this embarrasses Yuzu a lot. Eh, so why is it his fault? At the festivals, it is hard for Aki to not be treated like a kid. Yup, the sisters trying to hold his hands. He tries to be a man but apparently he sucks at all the games and Nana is the better one. Then here comes Mai and Uchifuji to take away the fun. Yup, they want to flirt with Aki too. They cross the line when the teasing gets too intense with the girls wanting to feed him so Aki has had it and runs away. Feeling guilty, they all look for him. WTF Mai and Uchifuji go flirt with younger boys as part of their search? Just as the fireworks start, Ayaka finds Aki. He is sorry for making them worry. Excuse for Ayaka to still need to take care of him. As they return to the rest, Yuzu hijacks the PA and screams for dummy Aki to come back. Now they all can watch the great fireworks together. When summer vacation is over, Nana leaves and thanks them for their hospitality. What’s this? Aki is most emotional about her departure? Thanks to all the onee-chan teasing? But suddenly next Sunday she returns. She is free to go and do whatever she wants on her free days so she’ll be stopping by here now and then to hang out. I guess Aki is feeling dumb about that dramatic departure. Give back those tears!

Episode 9
Ayaka and Aki help Yatsuho man her Oktoberfest event. Does this mean Aki has to dress up like a German maid? He thought Yuzu packed him manly clothes but it turns out to be a wig. Yeah, now a complete set. The place is bustling with customers streaming thanks to Ayaka. I think we all know why. Aki decently helps out but of course at the start he has a little bit of trouble because… How the heck do you pronounce and write those German words! The event is a success and Yatsuho really wants Aki to be her poster girl. Thank goodness nobody recognized Aki, eh? And now Ayaka is drunk and trying to get all over Aki. Back home, Ayaka gives Aki and Nana some sweet potatoes. They take a selfie and send them to the 3 Stooges who are away on a school field trip. In return, they send back selfies of their eating spree. As Nana weighs herself, oh dear it’s that dread again. Then she tries to prank Ayaka by claiming she too has fats (nope, not her boobs area) so that she could do her fondling. That night Aki hears noises from the storeroom. It can’t be Nana as she has gone back. Gasp! A robber? As he examines, it is Ayaka trying to work the gym machine but has bad luck using them. He pretends not to see this. Good choice. One morning, Ayaka suddenly collapses! Aki is in full panic mode. Exaggerating, isn’t he? Yeah, Yuzu is not impressed you barging into her room. So the 3 Stooges help take care of Ayaka’s cold but since they have school duties, they leave it to Aki. So he has to get over his whatever fears to nurse her. Like wiping sweat off her naked back. And then the front. Underboobs. If he has to psycho himself he needs to be a man to do this, so be it. Eventually Ayaka gets better and is grateful for him ‘saving’ her. But the she ambiguously describes how she’ll do the same to him has the 3 Stooges getting the wrong idea something immoral happened.

Episode 10
Aki is out in the streets when Nana and her friends hijack him to go karaoke together. Aki doesn’t know how to use a karaoke machine and this kicks up some weird fantasies among the friends about his ‘first time’. When he tries to sing, he can’t because Mai and Uchifuji are caressing his thighs! When they have their photo taken at the booth, they do indecent and distracting things like pecking his cheek! Once they have their fun, they ‘dump’ him. Such a useful guy… Meanwhile Yatsuho is over at Sunohara and gets drunk with Ayaka. Aki returns and Yuzu is about to reprimand him after looking at that unholy pecking photo when they hear weird moaning sounds. Two drunk ladies… Yuzu tries to be smart and stop it but becomes their molest victim. Her friends try to help out but they to fall victim. Aki is the best because he walks away and pretends not to see anything. Ayaka takes Aki to the aquarium where they see lots of animals. A particular set of penguins seem to resemble the Sunohara residents… When Aki brags about the penguins to Yuzu, she tries to hint to take her along the next time. She gets scared when he tries describing the shark. With Sumire suggesting to be Aki’s older sister, Yuzu insists that role falls on her and has Aki sleep on her lap. I think Yuzu is more embarrassed than anything. Sumire tries to hijack being he little sister but Yuri tries out next with this sick act. She tries to feed sick Aki but eventually feels embarrassed. Gee, Yuri embarrassed? Next is Sumire. Trying to get Aki to come into the bath while she is changing so they can bath together? Not the slightest bit of embarrassment. Because the 3 Stooges never had an older sister, Ayaka is their ideal. In turn, they ask Aki since he does have one. However he is reluctant to say and this only kicks up some bad memories. Speaking of which, looks like a certain devil woman has found Sunohara…

Episode 11
Aki wakes up with a hot girl in her lingerie on top of him! Nope. It’s not Ayaka. It’s his sister, Matsuri! Morning sex interrupted with Ayaka comes in. As Matsuri is introduced to the rest, she still believes Aki is her little sister. When Yuzu tries to correct her, Matsuri gives that death stare! When it is time to leave, Matsuri says she is taking Aki back too. That is why she is here. Aki hides behind Ayaka. Thank goodness for those boobs barrier. Death stare doesn’t work on Ayaka. With Matsuri still insisting, Ayaka assures their parents gave their permission so Aki is perfectly fine under her care. Hence Matsuri decides to test her and if she fails to live up to her standards, she will bring Aki home. Of course she is going to fail her anyway. Since her stomach is growling, this dinner test should do the trick. Ayaka cooks to most delicious hamburg steak ever. Even if Matsuri is planning to lie, her body can’t. She finishes her plate clean! Don’t be satisfied yet. There’s more to come. And so we see Matsuri being ‘seduced’ by all of Ayaka’s first class sisterly and motherly treatments. Yup, Ayaka even helps brushes her teeth and to wear her pyjamas! Is this heaven? During the bath, Ayaka comes to was her back as art of Sunohara’s tradition. She finds Matsuri’s insecurities and love for Aki as his older sister. So Ayaka suggests becoming both their older sisters. Whenever she is here, she doesn’t have to worry and leave all the pampering to her. Stubborn Matsuri still won’t give up and wants to test her next time. So I guess Ayaka passed today’s test. Next day, she tails them out doing errands. When she thinks she spots them doing something lewd in public, it’s time to charge in. She tries to use this excuse to fail Ayaka and while the latter rants about food, Matsuri has taken Aki to some dark alley to ‘force’ him to come home. Aki has learnt to talk back… Matsuri tries to lead the way back but gets lost. She won’t accept Aki’s help thinking as the older sister she must be his guide. Until she trips and sprains her ankle. Aki then carries her all the way back to Sunohara. Flashback of memories when Matsuri often took care of Aki because he is such a wimp. Now the bird has flown the nest? Eventually they get back and Matsuri takes her leave. The next time Matsuri pops up, it looks like she has transferred to a nearby school. Still not giving up on Aki…

Episode 12
Kotatsu the saviour of the cold season. Aki is treated like a king as Ayaka feeds him oranges. When the kotatsu is supposedly spoiled, Ayaka crawls under to fix it. It is taking too long and Aki feels she is trying to mess with his feet. Busted! She crawls out to his side. While waiting for it to warm up again, she goes to make tea. When she returns, Aki has fallen asleep. Later out with Yuzu, it seems Aki still believes in Santa! Really! He thinks he should know he has moved to Sunohara and is expecting presents! Oh dear. Yuzu tells Sumire and Yuri about this because Aki intends to stay awake to see Santa. On Christmas Eve, the usual gang gathers. Ayaka and Nana as sexy Santarina? I wonder if they used up all the material just to cover their boobs… As they have their usual fun, looks like ‘Santa’ is trying to sneak in. It’s Matsuri! When the party is over and everyone has left, Ayaka catches Matsuri trying to enter the locked storeroom (she must have been lost). As part of the plan to keep Aki asleep, Yuzu is going to sleep with him?! I guess it beats Yuri’s drug and Sumire’s neck chop. Eventually both fall asleep. Chance for Ayaka and Matsuri to go in and leave their parents. Matsuri doesn’t like seeing Aki sleeping with another girl but she has to put up with it for tonight. As they leave, Aki in his sleepy state sees Ayaka and thinks Santa looks a lot like her. You don’t say… I guess it’s legit because at least Santa is also ‘fat’. Just not at the belly. Haha! Then Aki has this weird dream of discovering Ayaka is Santa as they fly around town in their magical sleigh. Yeah, he is telling her all this next morning. Excitedly. Nana teases Yuzu the ‘present’ she gave her for sleeping with Aki in her place. For the New Year, the Sunohara residents clean the place. To warm their cold hands, the girls place it on Aki’s tummy. Then they try to search for porn mags in his room but find a macho magazine?! Is he gay?! I think he wants to build muscles… Good luck… Aki tries to stay awake with Ayaka so that she doesn’t have to be alone when New Year arrives. He could barely keep it up. Aki is glad she is the caretaker of Sunohara and hopes to be in her care for the next year too. Next morning they visit the shrine and make their usual wish. Aki’s wish is to get closer to Ayaka. When the rest later tease him about his wish because he can’t say it, Ayaka leans closer hoping he could whisper to her. Aki couldn’t believe his wish came true and turns back to make a more specific wish. Greedy, aren’t we?

Cute Girls, Shota Trap, Boobs…
Oh well, another year, another same ol’, same ol’ stuffs. Unless something drastic actually happens, I believe everybody will continue to be status quo. For example, I don’t think Aki would turn into some macho man in the next year or any time soon in the near future. Because I am sure that Aki would have lost his charm of being Aki. Yup. The true wish of everybody is for everybody to stay the same! Oh Aki, you have been so close to Ayaka to the point you even bathed together, how much closer do you want to get? So close that you’re inside her????!!!! Jesus!!!! This isn’t that kind of anime!!!!

I have this strange feeling that had it not been for Ayaka’s humungous boobs, the series might been even more ordinary and would not have attracted as many attention as it now did. Imagine the caretaker with decent sized boobs. Looks pretty plain, doesn’t it when you compare some of the incidents that involved the use of those melons? It wouldn’t have such a profound effect if they were of normal size. Because seeing a petite little guy being smothered by those huge racks is somewhat the ‘charm’ of the series. The hidden and subtle sleazy fanservice factor that attracts us pervert otaku guys to take a look at this series. Oh yeah. Fantasy initiating sequence…

I suppose part of the charm in this series is because how almost everyone takes advantage of Aki’s meekness, pushes him around or when Aki tries to man up to management, he fails and falls in line to what is expected of him. Can’t blame this guy who has been living under his sister’s shadow and torment ever since young. It is hard to just change overnight. Even though he tries but I guess the charm of Ayaka’s big sister traits (and definitely her boobs) bring him right down to earth and stripping him of whatever motivation he had earlier on to become a real man. Maybe he should start pumping some iron? Otherwise if Aki continues to be timid and submissive, he’ll forever become Sunohara and other girls’ toy. See how much fun they have toying around with him? It’s not because he looks so much a like a girl, you know. It’s more of because he doesn’t really fight back.

Ayaka is the real final boss whom everyone will find it hard to defeat. The perfect okaa-san or onee-san who takes care and tends to every of your needs and makes you feel really comfortable at home, even the enemies will put down their weapons right at the doorstep. The battle has already been won without starting. Unarm yourselves and throw yourselves into the arms (and boobs) of our mother caretaker! Ayaka suits her caretaker job as she is quite understanding and patient although her gentle demeanour might sometimes be mistaken for her being a slow retard. It’s like she is in a world of her own and her gravitational pull is so strong that you will even be absorbed into her pace. The more confronting you are, the more it will backfire and harder to resist to fall into her charms. This is why she is the one who wears the pants in Sunohara. She is sometimes also a bit cheeky especially during a few moments when Aki tries to show his (feeble) manly side but ends up making him look a bit like a pervert. Then Ayaka would tease him for being ecchi. I guess there goes Aki’s chance as he drops even more points and getting further away to become the ideal man.

Matsuri is fast starting to become a hated and annoying character because of her overprotective ways over Aki. It’s like she owns her brother. Oops, I mean ‘sister’. I can understand why she still wants to treat him as a little ‘sister’ and be in denial because Aki is the only thing she has got. Since young Aki has been weak and always relied on her. Hence it is Matsuri’s only place of belonging in that sense. When Aki goes away or has flown the nest, what is there left for Matsuri? She would have lost her only reason of existence. Now that Aki has found someone new to rely on, what does that make of Matsuri? It’s devastating. So that’s why she’s so desperate to bring Aki back and pry her away from the ‘claws’ of Ayaka and return to the old days. It’s sad that she doesn’t want things to change when they already have. But what I don’t like about her is how she shoves her opinions down on Aki without giving him so much of a freedom and choice, the reason why he ran away in the first place. Now with Ayaka as the much better big sister, Matsuri is going to find a rival that will give her a run for her money.

As for the other characters, they are lovable and quirky in their own ways. I was hoping there would be more screen time and development for the 3 Stooges but if that were to happen, it would diminish the development for Aki and Ayaka, which is supposed to be the core of the series. So we’re stuck with knowing them as they are like the child-like Yuzu, the perverted tall girl Sumire who has an eternal crush on Yuzu (the cuter, the more her nose bleeds) and the scheming Yuri who seems to mirror a bit like Matsuri because she too wants to make a girly girl out of Aki. I keep wondering if Yuzu has a crush on Aki because of the way they show her sometimes somewhat concerned about him. Asides Ayaka, Yuzu is the other girl who is the next closest with Aki. She claims to stop any seemingly lewd activities between them but is that really her goal?

If Matsuri views Aki has her possession, then Aki is definitely some kind of plaything to Nana and her friends. They treat him like as though he is some sort of living dakimakura or something. Must be too cute to resist not hugging and hogging him. Nana is not so bad but Mai and Uchifuji are much worse. Because once they have had their fun fill with Aki, they would just go away and leave him on the side. Like, they really treat him like an object. Heck, not only Aki. As long as there are cute young boys around, you bet these cougar ladies will come prowl on them. I suppose younger boys are more gullible and better to flirt with than boys their age.

The art and animation fall into that cute and kawaii style with the characters obviously looking like so. If you have watched Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon, you’ll find the art style is pretty much similar although they are both written by different authors and produced by different anime studio. This one by Sliver Link (Non Non Biyori, Tanaka-kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge, Imouto Sae Ireba Ii, Strike The Blood, Masamune-kun No Revenge, Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu). Instead of huge dragon boobs, now we have huge human boobs. As for Aki looking like a girl… Heck, I have been watching animes for so long that this is the kind of normal generic boys look. I’m not sure if Nana is naturally born dark skin or she underwent some tanning to become a gal but her obvious bikini lines are definitely striking and you can’t take your eyes of it… Is this her other fanservice than her huge boobs that seem to run in the family? I keep wondering if Yuzu was somewhat a copy and paste of Komari from Non Non Biyori because they look and act pretty similar and even more so with the fact that they are both very conscious of their petite stature.

Another factor making me think so is because I thought Yuzu was voiced by Kana Asumi. I was wrong. Natsumi Takamori (Azusa in Orange) sounds suspiciously close to her that it really gave me the expression it was her. If it was really Kana Asumi, then it would have been a perfect field day for me to spout my conspiracy theory of what Nyaruko-san has become! Yup, Eri Kitamura is the voice behind Aki who was also behind Haiyore! Nyaruko-san’s Mashiro. Had Kana Asumi who played the titular character of Nyaruko been playing the role of Yuzu, I would have gone on speculating how Mashiro have lost his balls and become so meek to be picked on by this newly reincarnated Nyaruko. Oh man. It would have been absolutely perfect.

While Ayane Sakura and Shizuka Itou as Nana and Yatsuho are recognizable respectively, it never dawned to me that Rina Satou was behind Ayaka. I guess I was expecting her to sound like her tough chicks role like Misaka from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun and Shura from Ao No Exocist. However this is not the first time Rina Satou sounded like a very soft and gentle big sister who will always care for you. In fact, she sounds hell a lot like Haruka from Minami-ke! OMG. It has been so long ago and now I remember! No wonder Ayaka sounded so familiar to a nostalgic point. Thank goodness it wasn’t her boobs ;p. The other casts are Asami Seto as Sumire (Asagi in Strike The Blood), Yume Miyamoto as Yuri (Megumi in GJ-Bu), Ai Kayano as Matsuri (Teruhashi in Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan), Megumi Nakajima as Mai (Kaede in Kampfer) and Juri Nagatsuma as Uchifuji (Satone in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Ren).

The opening theme, Bitter Sweet Harmony by Megumi Nakajima sounds decently catchy as it has this little jazzy feel to it. Especially the jazzy-like bass line that supports the lively and exuberant pace of the song. Definitely a suitable piece of this series. The ending theme is Sonna No Boku Janai by Shino Shimoji which I thought sounded a little bit weird. The opening feel of this song sounds a bit spacey or space-like. I don’t know. It gives me that sort of impression. Also, it gets really heavy on the bass beat side that feels like it is one step away from turning into a dubstep if you want to.

Overall, this series isn’t the kind you would watch for the plot or deep character development. It is light hearted with some funny moments. It can be an enjoyable watch if you don’t mind the hentai-like boobs that gives this series its breath of fanservice. No matter how manly we are, sometimes we need to be smothered by those motherly boobs and be pampered like a baby because that’s what everybody needs once in a while when life gets too crazy and hectic. If great caretakers like Ayaka really exist, you’ll find people moving in and never checking out. Ever. Are those services even for ‘rent’? Because I definitely need them too. The boobs and the pampering all in one package, please.

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