I’m sure you’ve seen circumstances or situations whereby the good ended up as the bad and vice versa. For instance, elected representatives end up serving their own interests and pockets or kidnappers taking care of their hostages and in the end release them without any harm. Something like that. In Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge, viewers may experience the same thing too.
This anime series is split into 2 intertwining and alternating stories, Zettai Seigi Love Pheromone and Soreyuke! Gedou Otome Tai, that will come together in the end. In Love Pheromone, we have a couple of comedians-wannabes, Aimi Yoshizumi and Kaoruko Sajima, who also double as sentai-like intergalactic allies of justice. Coincidentally they call themselves on both jobs as Love Pheromone but the general public don’t seem to distinguish the duo. Even if it’s their job and dream in providing justice or laughs to the world, they end up destroying the very things they’re supposed to protect. Likewise in Soreyuke! Gedou Otome Tai, a tale of 5 poor Hokke sisters Otone, Kanashi, Yoku, Maika and Utano. They are supposed to do evil stuff but end up doing good things which bring benefit to the people around them. So who are the real villains here? Who are the real heroines? Kinda obvious, isn’t it?
In episode 1, the sentai allies of justice Love Pheromone are seen busting an underwear thief but at the same time causing huge damage to the buildings. By day time, the duo work as stand-up comedians but the audience never laugh at their lame jokes and only stare in silence. No wonder they’re never a household name. After they get off stage, their manager Tomokazu Seki (yes, it’s that seiyuu playing as himself) is pretty hyped up that they’ll become superstars one day. Back home, Kaoruko is thinking that though they’re heroes of the sponsored Galactic Allied Police (and have real badges to show as proof), this won’t earn them any money. But Aimi thinks this is their chance for their comedy act to be popular though nobody notices it each time they proudly mention their name during their crime busting acts (has she ever thought of the damage caused?). Aimi whacks Kaoruko and reminds her of their dream. Well at least to Aimi, lots of lolicon and big boobs females. Kaoruko does wrestling submission moves to bring her back to reality but she starts fantasizing her own dreams: shotacons. A news report that a bank robbery holding a hostage is in progress so the duo goes into action. Yeah, those transitional scenes like you see in Grendizer and the likes. One of the ways being using the toilet seat to go there? Not to mention all that hyped elaborated scene that transform the buildings and to launch their mecha into action. Do they need all that? Well, they’re superheroes after all. When they arrive, the police and everyone else recognize them. The chief orders a retreat. What about the hostages? Don’t care. Their life is more important! That’s how bad a reputation the duo has. Since Aimi even quoted that they don’t care about the hostage’s life (some allies of justice they are), even the baddies went back inside the bank for refuge! After another round of elaborated transformation to their sentai form, the girls fire a rain of missiles into the bank, causing massive destruction and ultimately a huge crater in the area. Yeah, even the news report announces the damage which exceeds 1 trillion (that’s 12 zeros baby!). More than the national budget! Now we know why Japan is in deficit. Aimi isn’t happy that the foolish citizens don’t recognize their importance but vows to carry on. Oh uh. Not good.
Otone returns home to her sisters on a rainy day. They pray their deceased parents’ alter and a flashback shows 5 years ago before daddy died (is he some alien wearing some wrestling mask?), he told them to become an excellent evil, the evillest of all evil. In reality, the girls mention that their efforts to be evil were thwarted because the evil organization was done in by the hands of justice 2 years ago and they’re too poor and have no powers to build or do evil stuff. See, it’s a sin to be poor. Utano notices a jar but Otone says she has to be 18 in order to open it. However Maika accidentally opens it and a little imp, Akumako, flies out and offers to help them become an excellent evil since the women in the Hokke family possess sleeping magical powers (her ulterior motive is to destroy the world using them). They agree to do so and fulfil their dad’s promise. A news report that several people have taken shelter from the floods so Akumako gives them each a Transformation Rod of Evil so that they could turn into witch-cum-magical-girls called Gedou Otome Tai. Another typical magical girl transformation scene. Akumako leads the pack but the girls are hesitating to cause a typhoon since it’ll bother people. Pissed off, Akumako reminds them about daddy’s promise so the girls bust in and with their elemental powers they call forth… A warm cream stew?! The crowd is grateful as the sisters serve them as upset Akumako disappears in a huff. When they walk back, they see the beautiful meteor showers so Utano hopes they can be excellent evils one day. Can they?
In episode 2, Otone thinks of taking up more part time jobs after calculating that this month they’ll face financial difficulties. Next morning after her sisters leave for school, Otone goes to her part time job. There are rumours from the housewives that she holds different positions in different lines of work. We see her doing construction job as well as her insatiable enormous appetite (doesn’t she get fat?). Her other part time job includes working as a waitress in a cafe in which Kaoruko is also working. Maika does part time modelling for children clothes after school and it seems she’s successful because some people have megane fetish. And the homeroom teacher can’t help stare at Kanashi’s assets… So we learn that probably why Otone needs the money is because she eats a lot. That’s a heap of stuffs she bought. She eats them all and still doesn’t feel full? When the sisters return, Akumako appears to show them that some mediocre evil organization called Domentou has invaded the municipal government building and wants them to join up and invade the city. The sisters transform and by the time they arrive at the scene, the surrounding areas are decimated and the weak Domentou defeated. With that, the sisters head back for dinner, pissing off Akumako. That night, Otone works at a strip club: washing plates. What were you thinking? When she comes home, her sisters are fast asleep and have made her a midnight snack, making her feel happy.
No matter how many alarm clocks are ringing or falling, Aimi and Kaoruko just can’t wake up (dreaming about their sick fantasies, I guess). Till a wash basin contraption falls on them as a last resort. They go do their comedian job and as usual, the silent treatment from the audience but this time the more ‘jokes’ they tell, a great part of the audience leaves till there’s none left at the end of the show. Hiding in a locker, the girls are wondering if they can be big so Seki reminds them they can and the day they left their hometowns. A short flashback from Kaoruko how her dad forbade her to become a comedian and the real reason she had to leave was that she may do something to her little brother due to her sick shotacon fetish. Same case with Aimi. Daddy doesn’t want her to be a comedian so she left because she may ‘assault’ her little sister. Kaoruko spots a news report of Domentou’s building takeover so she rushes home and switches off the TV Aimi was watching (some hidden anime episode says she. Yeah, blame too much animes to watch). By the time they transform and arrive, the chief inspector has swiftly rounded up Domentou and won’t allow further damage. But Aimi is bloody upset because she had to forgo watching her anime and those baddies lost too quickly. Blaming the police for being evil for taking their bounty, Aimi blasts and destroys part of the city sending both police and villains flying. Is this what she calls justice? Yeah, the scene earlier on when Gedou Otome Tai arrived.
In episode 3, the comedy duo are invited as guests on a popular idol show hosted by NyanNyan and Friends. Aimi thinks of taking over the show and that NyanNyan and co are a bunch of loser airheads till she sees them as cute little busty maids, did she make a total u-turn and supports them. During the show, Kaoruko’s attempt to inform about their live performance is quickly pushed aside by NyanNyan and co as they sell their products via hypnotic powers. Even Aimi is so taken in by their moeness. During the break, the duo see NyanNyan and co smoking with such a rowdy and rude behaviour. While Kaoruko suspects something is wrong, Aimi is still totally into them. NyanNyan and co proceeds to mock them by saying they ripped their team name from that city destroying pair of heroines. Till they say the one fighting upfront has such a flat chest (referring to Aimi), Aimi snaps and they transform into Love Pheromone. NyanNyan and co think their identity has been busted and reveal themselves as Black NyanNyan. Their goal is world domination via evil hypnotic waves. Aimi acts like she knew all this all along. Though Black NyanNyan unleashes their attack, they can’t beat Aimi who singlehandedly not only defeated them by ripping their clothes close to naked, but destroy the entire building as well. Later the duo watch the news report on yet another of their destructive activities. The news interview NyanNyan and co who act all innocent and want the public to continue supporting them. Kaoruko is upset they didn’t learn their lesson but Aimi once more is taken in by their cuteness.
The Hokke sisters find a letter in their mail sent by their dad 5 years ago (who mail delivery system error doesn’t occur in the old days). In it, a seed which Akumako claims it’s the Flower of Evil seed which will grow into something terrible. She wants them to mass produce the seeds and cause havoc in the city. After Utano plants the seeds, the sisters use their elemental powers to rain seeds over the city while feeling how it will trouble everyone. The next day, they watch the news report and are shock to see beautiful plants springing up everywhere and the people praising it! Then Utano starts crying when she notices dad’s flower isn’t blooming. Otone suggests using her magic and even so it did not work. But when Utano’s single tear dropped into its soil, the seed starts growing into a beautiful sunflower. That’s when Otone says this flower is filled with daddy and mummy’s feelings. "Always do bad deeds with a smile". Er… Say what? Everyone starts laughing much to Akumako’s dismay. Next morning as Otone prays at her parents’ altar, she notes how the sunflower signifies as their parents watching over them.
In episode 4, Utano notices Otone wearing a red crystal so the latter tells her this crystal can make the biggest wish come true. A half-cicada half-man, Semiotoko (how aptly named) pays the sisters a visit. It seems he is their dad’s friend and ex-member of the evil organization. He pays his respects and tells his days with that guy. Akumako gets an idea for the sisters to carry on dad’s will. She wants Semiotoko to teach them evil martial arts. Reluctant at first, Semiotoko agrees thinking that this is his way of repaying their dad. For the next few days, the gang proceed to ‘train’ via stretching, warming-up exercises and simple games. On the way home, Utano mentions if he could be her dad for today so he agrees. After a week, it’s the final lesson so Akumako wants the sisters to do a hands-on practical. However they’re reluctant because it will cause trouble. Plus, Semiotoko says he is a big peace lover! Do they know what being evil is all about? Apparently not. Akumako reminds them of daddy’s will so they agree so Semiotoko suggests hijacking a kindergarten bus. Hey, better to start small. After transforming, they try to do so but the bus left and shrouded them in a choking thick black smoke. Since they missed the bus, Semiotoko suggests hijacking the kindergarten itself. They bust in and all the kids are thrilled to see the cicada dude, thinking it’s some costume. They also proceed to sing a song for them and use their elemental magic to summon a candy house, much to Akumako’s dismay. But she can’t do anything anymore because the kids start playing toss with her.
Later the sisters are devastated to find Semiotoko dying because since he’s a cicada he has only 1 week to live. He knew this was coming but still proceeded to train them. He reveals that he made a promise to daddy to take care of his daughters if something ever happens to him. Semiotoko then dies as Otone remembers the red crystal that daddy once told her that could revive a baddie. She uses it and successfully brings Semiotoko back to life, much to everyone’s relief. The crystal turns into a rock. Before Semiotoko parts with them, he thanks and graduates them. Otone feels guilty that she should’ve used the crystal for her dad but her sisters didn’t mind as Semiotoko was saved and that everyone is happy enough like this. They are also glad that they have Otone around. And because that story took too long, Love Pheromone just had a short 30 seconds appearance! Yeah, they’re waiting patiently in the make-up room when they’re being told their scene ends now. Sudden kill! Yay! No acts of destruction for today. A day of rest for the city folks.
In episode 5, there is a 3 billion Yen grand mansion whereby nobody knows who lives in it. He is a man who fights evil secretly and is an ally of justice. That man turns out to be Seki and WTF?! He wakes up and walks around in his mansion naked! After his numerous maids help him get dressed, he goes to his manager job. He wakes up Love Pheromone to tell them of a comedy job downtown and promises them upfront payment. However to their disappointment, the payment is in the form of taiyaki. As usual nobody watches their lame jokes. Then he takes them to an anime audition and they right away agree after he mentions they’ll be rich. On the way, Seki’s pager beeps so he abandons the car right in the middle of the road and heads to a nearby toilet. Inside the cubicle, his butler Tokita informs him an evil organization has sent a mecha to destroy the city. Seki transforms into a superhero named Sekii Man. He arrives pathetically and his introduction seems to be ignored. When he is going to deliver his super kick, Love Pheromone interrupts. Uh oh. Even the evil knows he’s doomed. Love Pheromone unleashes their missile towards the mecha in addition to destroying the city, blows Sekii Man away. In the aftermath when Seki rushes to the audition, he sees the girls passionately saying how they really want to become voice actresses but the Producer fails them for small boobs so pissed Aimi blows up the building.
Otone seems to like animes so Akumako suggests for them to be voice actresses and send their evil message to make their world domination task easier since anime have effective effects on people. Though the sisters don’t want to do it, Otone is all for it. During the audition, it’s that same chubby Producer again as he passes or fails candidates based on their appearance rather than voice. It’s all about money? Can’t do promos and such without looks? Utano, Kanashi, Yoku and Maika instantly got his approval (must be some fetish of his). But when it is Otone’s turn, though she knows her stuff, Producer isn’t interested and fails her thinking sexy types like her don’t get much attention, thus breaking her heart. Soon after that’s when Love Pheromone came in and his insensitive remarks makes the building go boom. The 4 sisters instantly become a hit, garner a legion of fans and do lots of promo, video and photo shoots. Back home, they dejectedly tell Otone that due to their success they have to move to Hollywood for 3 years. They feel they won’t get to be Gedou Otome Tai anymore and fulfil daddy’s wish (have they ever come close?). They want to quit but Akumako disagrees as Otone sides with the imp since she feels daddy will allow it and it will benefit them. The sisters are overcome with emotion and hug Otone. On the day of their departure, Otone sadly watches them go. But after the plane leaves, she is surprised to see them around. They decided not to go because they want to be with Otone and do evil things together (like I said, have they ever?). Otone feels happy of their reunion. Akumako meanwhile wonders where the sisters have gone to as she is on the plane to USA with Producer, who thinks flying fairy is the in-thing.
In episode 6, Aimi and Kaoruko have been cast to act in an episode of Squid Wrestler. It seems they play very dangerous and life threatening scenes. But the Director isn’t pleased and wants the whole scene rewritten! The duo along with Seki in the overcrowded trailer of extras lament their fate. Seki tells them the director has a thing for funny stuff and as long they act funny and catch his attention, they’ll get accepted. Over the next few scenes, the comedy duo prove to be more of a nuisance with their bloopers and intrusions. Director is in a dilemma to pick which opponent (all weird looking and named) to duel to hero squid so in the end, a royale battle tournament is decided to pick the worthiest one to be the opponent. Aimi has signed up Kaoruko as Chichi Wrestler (Boobs Wrestler). The first round pits her with a weird seal. Kaoruko wins the match using her I-Cup move. I guess with her boobs on the opponent’s face, they’ll give in to their utmost desire and not fight back. Kaoruko does the same thing for all her opponents coupled in with Aimi’s dirty tricks from the sidelines to reach the final. She faces off with a starfish but he is a lolicon and not interested in boobs higher than B-Cup! Kaoruko is in a punch so Aimi suddenly appears and hammers him. This means sly Aimi self declares herself as the rightful winner and will be Squid Wrestler’s opponent. But Director decides that all those did not count and wants them to start over again citing their boob difference cancel out each other to zero. WTF?! He adds that a director can do anything in his film no matter how many complaints he receives. Love Pheromone gets pissed and summons their mecha to destroy the entire studio. The much delayed Squid Wrestler is shown however Kaoruko and Aimi are being replaced with other casts though their moves are 100% imitated and the rest well edited with CG. The duo feels defeated and Director proclaims victory. You can’t beat the director.
After another one of those nagging from Akumako to do evil, the sisters go apply to be baddies of a small time evil organization, Jashinga, led by the so called Great Big Boss Jaki. Due to staff shortage, he hires them immediately but the sisters start doing household chores. Though the guys admire the curves and all, in order not to get distracted, Jaki calls for a meeting to carry out their evil plan to destroy some dome so they’ll get big compensation from the evil Satan and expand their network. However there are other evil groups aiming for it and that means competition. He asks for suggestions and compared to his staffs’ lame opinions, the sisters sound more devastating and pure evil! Even if they put up a smile while suggesting! One day the girls accidentally read a heart warming letter from Jaki’s mom wanting to see him. They get emotional and vow to do their best. On mission day, Jaki gets a call that his mom has fainted. Otone wants him to go home but he is reluctant because if they don’t complete their job, they’ll go bankrupt. Otone slaps some sense into him saying the important thing now is that his mom desires to see his face and he has that chance unlike them whom they can’t even if they want to. Emotional Jaki soon leaves and the sisters continue with the mission. However another evil organization has beaten them to it. Soon Jashinga went bankrupt and the sisters receive a letter from Jaki. He says he’s doing well as with his mom, busy doing fieldwork at his home and will never forget their words.
In episode 7, Akumako is pissed at the sisters for another failed evil attempt in which she blames Kanashi. It seems Kanashi is in love with a pair of street performers-cum-comedians, Poalo (their songs sound weird and funny) and always watches their performance at the park. Poalo knows she has always been watching them so they hand her an MD (mini disc – for those of you who aren’t ‘old’ enough to remember) containing their songs. She is happy but just like her name, she is sad since her family don’t have an MD player. She continues to watch them and based on the other fan girls’ comments, she tries wearing a new dress and cook bento for them. However the fan girls are too rowdy for her to get close so she gives up. It’s like Poalo knows where she is and what’s on her mind. They cheer her up and have a taste of her cooking: broccolis. Better than nothing. They can also tell she’s in love. Before they can continue, they have to run before the fan girls catch up. One day the park is under construction which means Poalo will cease to perform. Akumako gets an idea to build buildings so that people will be stressed up with no parks to release tension. Reluctant Kanashi joins her sisters in destroying the parks and summoning buildings. However it turned into a wonderful amusement park. The sisters are too hungry to redo their error and go home for dinner, much to Akumako’s annoyance. Poalo continue their performance and garner more fans while happy Kanashi watches from afar.
At a beach resort, Seki has set up Kaoruko to do a ‘drop’ (wearing skimpy swimsuits and accidentally ‘dropping’ them to reveal one’s boobs) in order for her to be more famous. It seems Producer offered him loads of cash but Seki wasn’t willing to sell out, till he accidentally spot a rare sentai trading card he accepted. WTF?! Kaoruko is reluctant but accepts for the sake of Love Pheromone. Aimi isn’t happy that she’s been left out and thinks this will make Kaoruko famous alone going on her solo debut and leave her out in the cold. She plans to stop the ‘drop’. Selfish girl. The show proceeds with the participants in embarrassing games and they’re conspiring and targeting to ‘drop’ Kaoruko but each time Aimi intercepts and prevents them from doing so. Producer is pissed that all their chances have been wasted and warns his crew of their last chance or else they’ll get a muchi-muchi pudding attack. What the hell is that?! Aimi also interrupts the final kibasen event by diving down and amazingly splashing out all the water in the pool, knocking everyone out. Kaoruko is happy so much so she hugs her. She says Aimi did all this was to protect her because she thought she knew she didn’t like this ‘drop’ idea. Blur Aimi changes her story to that. Producer is furious so Aimi gladly does the ‘drop’ for them. However they’re upset because the ‘drop’ is all about big boobs and small boobs like hers are rejected! Oh uh. He said the taboo word. Pissed Aimi transforms and wipes out the ‘rotten evil’ (either way, they’re evil in the perverted sense, right?) and the entire beach resort.
In episode 8, Love Pheromone joins an eating contest for comedians and the winning prize is worth 10 million Yen! However they face eternal rivals Meronkory, the obnoxious Takahara and Dereko (wearing knight armour? Hey, a pair of bells on her head and sentence ending "~nyo" seems too familiar). Meronkory is a successful manzai comedy team as opposed to Love Pheromone in many ways. The contest starts with contestants needing to finish their meals in various dangerous obstacles within a time limit. Thanks to Aimi’s bottomless stomach, the pair gets through but Dereko too is on par with her. After several rounds, the 3000 odd pairs whittle down to only 2. The final round puts Love Pheromone and Meronkory to balance on a large boulder while eating a huge burger. Kaoruko is surprised to see Otone serving the burger. Though Meronkory seems on the verge of winning, Love Pheromone makes a comeback and wins. And Dereko is revealed to be Dejiko of Di Gi Charat… Love Pheromone can’t wait to receive their prize when to their horror it is a heap of onigiris made from expensive high grade rice. Totally pissed, they transform and destroy the entire place of evil and cheaters. In order for the onigiris not to go to waste, Otone requests to eat them. Back home when the duo are about the watch the game show and proclaim their fame to stardom, their anticipation turned into horror when the show is cancelled (because of violent contents that can’t be shown!). It is being replaced with a special programme showing Otone eating the onigiris!
The Hokke sisters are watching a news report of Love Pheromone in another of their destroying act think they’re the number 1 evil organization. Akumako suggests them to be famous by broadcasting their evil ways via Broadcast Station of Evil. There’s a station for that? They arrive at the rundown place and got lost on their way to Radio Big Bang. They see the lame performance of Love Pheromone (not only garnering silence but their clumsiness destroyed the stage) and meet the real life seiyuus who voiced their anime characters! Then the manager of Radio Big Bang appears and tells them due to the poor economy, this is the station’s last day. He allows them to do as they wish as guests. The pair announces of the evil broadcast seem to only garner silence. So when the sisters appear, they talk about their ‘evil’ deeds and the passing of their parents. They even praise the announcers for being good people. They could’ve gone on if Akumako hadn’t reminded them. They start singing a pop song about themselves and Akumako is happy to see evil aura of dark flowers and bats popping up. But they are suddenly purified and turn into white flowers and doves. Everybody feels happy. Back home while discussing another failed evil attempt, the news reports of Love Pheromone’s yet another destructive act. As for the station, it has been revived and renamed Broadcast Station of Justice. World peace everybody! Justice is good!
In episode 9, the sisters are playing at the beach. After hearing a radio report of a popular fossil attraction at a museum, Akumako gets an idea to wake up a big monster and destroy town. The sisters don’t believe in the existence of monsters except for Maika, who starts calling 3 monster names. Three huge giant monsters suddenly appear from their 1000 year slumber, shocking the rest and even frightening Akumako. Maika seems to understand what the monsters say and is able to communicate with them. The military suddenly appears and traps them in a cage. This attracts lots of attention from the media and passers-by. The sisters feel sorry for them monsters as they have done nothing wrong. Akumako gets an idea to use them to wreck havoc on town and suggests the sisters to use their magic powers to help them break free. After doing so, the monsters start going on a rampage and break out of the cage. Everyone starts panicking but the monsters start heading towards the sea. It seems as Maika says, they were just embarrassed to take a pee and was just holding it in. Now they’re happy and relieved. Uh huh, their rampaging was to let it all out. The monsters decide to head back to their home in the distant sea and the military withdraws. The sisters are happy except for Akumako as usual still pissed that they haven’t done anything evil yet.
Aimi decides to get a super rich sponsor, Kanenarashi for an audition drama. Kaoruko sees a picture of him and his son, Akira, and decides in. Aimi reads lots of shoujo manga to have that typical inevitable meeting of a boy meets girls. However her plans got off to a bad start when Kanenarashi’s car slams into her instead of in person. Not giving up, Aimi shifts to Plan B and with Seki as her driver, confronts Kanenarashi’s car and causes the latter to spin out of control, smashing into the nearby building. Meanwhile Kaoruko takes up the job of taking care of Akira in a pretext that she’ll get to be closer and do sick fantasy stuff with him. For Aimi’s next plan called molester tactic, she transforms into her sentai form and damages the nearby buildings. With the massive jams caused, Kanenarashi is late for a contract meeting. He takes the train so Aimi tries to seduce him but since her body isn’t attractive enough, he ignores her. She forces him to molest her. Aimi then realizes that she too destroyed his building so there is no place for their ‘destined’ meeting. Speaking of which, Kanenarashi is being held by the police for molestation charges. Kaoruko comes to pick up Akira from the kindergarten as that kid teases her cow boobs. When they come home, Kanenarashi shortly arrives but Aimi blasts her way into his house after all her plans completely backfired. She imposes some direct painful S&M play tactic on him. While doing so Akira got wet from a spilled vase so Kaoruko gladly decides to change his clothes. But to her horror, she discovers that he is actually a she! Kanenarashi has had enough of Aimi and claims how he is bankrupt after losing his contract, firm and house. Since he has no money, this pisses off Aimi and the same case for Kaoruko upon finding out Akira is a girl. With no further use to them, they blast what is left of everything! In the aftermath, father and daughter have a reunion of what’s important to them while the comedy duo are sponsorless. They deserve it.
In episode 10, the sisters’ home bath is spoiled so they visit the public bath. Yoku remembers fond memories of bathing with her late mom (still wearing her mask?). When they get back, Akumako gets an idea of destroying all the baths in the world so people will be covered in dust and lack the happy and satisfied factor (mental damages caused by losing a daily routine she says), thus leading to world chaos. The sisters use their powers to wreck havoc like flooding the baths, making temperatures too hot, causing overgrowths to run wild and making barriers invisible. Their magic is so effective that the entire Japan is affected and it has been days since the public took baths and this is causing much anxiety. Akumako notices a bath house still in operation. It is the one the sisters recently patron. Yoku is reluctant to destroy it as she has precious memories with her mom there. But Akumako doesn’t give a damn about her sob story and wants her to fulfil her mom’s wish to be evil. Plus, she mentions they have only 3 episodes left and a sequel isn’t guaranteed! Yoku reluctantly does and causes the ground of the bath house to split resulting in it to run dry. Before they could celebrate their ‘success’, suddenly natural hot water comes bursting out and scalds Akumako. A long queue is soon formed at the bath house since the people haven’t taken a bath in a long time, thus bringing the thriving business back to the bath house. While Akumako rues another failure, the sisters are happy that mommy didn’t want to lose this memory either.
In another attempt to be famous worldwide, Love Pheromone decides to get animated (oh the irony!). They head to a giant media mix company SATZ and start by entering the anime section (after their usual lolicon/lesbian and shotacon fantasies). They note how clean and beautiful everyone is. The section manager ditches the dirty looking animator and when the girls tell of their intentions, he says to make their own game first. They walk upstairs to the game section and see the staff in panic of a game bug because the game is to be released tomorrow. They tell the same thing to the section manager but he says to go get their own manga first. After walking up another flight of stairs (no elevators? Cheapskate company), they see the manga section like a factory production line and the strict manager cracking the whip. As usual he tells them to go upstairs. The duo are being directed to a different section upstairs each time till they reached the top floor, the novel section. They see the rich manager as he dismisses of making them a novel since he doesn’t know them. Their conversation is cut short when a group of staff rushes in and begs him to complete a novel. He just a puts a punctuation mark and everybody rejoices. WTF?! Then when he asks about today’s profit which comes up to about 500 million, the girls gets pissed off and summon their mecha. Claiming that they’re deceiving innocent fans and cutting on food budgets, they destroy the entire building and all the staff in it in the name of justice. Back home, the duo try their hands at doujin but Aimi accidentally spills ink and ruins their hard work. So people, who says being in the anime industry is easy?
In episode 11, Love Pheromone participates in a Moe-1 Grand Prix for rookie comedians as the grand prize isn’t just 10 million Yen but a major debut as well. A flashback 2 months ago reveals Aimi bringing Kaoruko to the jungle for training to overcome their weaknesses. Instead of admitting her own weaknesses like blowing up the stage of her small boobs, she blames it on Kaoruko’s weak tsukkomi (counter-jokes). She has Kaoruko undergo weird training stints to strengthen her tsukkomi like evading logs, jumping from a high waterfall and wrestling a grizzly bear. Each time, Kaoruko is reluctant to carry on the dangerous stints but Aimi forces her into doing so and puts the former in life threatening situations. Each time they have flashbacks on how they first met when they’re kids (Aimi’s version: Kaoruko in a weird afro saved her from a couple of lolicon bullies; Kaoruko’s version: she saved a little girl being harassed by street thug Aimi), how they first wanted to be allies of justice (Aimi: Kaoruko saved her from drowning when she was saving a kitten from being washed away in a river; Kaoruko: Aimi borrowed her umbrella to retrieve a 1000 Yen bill and ultimately threw Kaoruko into the river to retrieve it. Heartless!) and the time they first wanted to be comedians (Aimi: at the school festival, they were a hit with the audience and attracted the attention of Seki; Kaoruko: she learned Aimi wanted to become one for the free food and not for justice or making people laugh. It ends with her really blowing up the entire hall). While resting, they’re confident that they’ll win the tournament. They have to or else Aimi is going to pound another hammer on Kaoruko’s head.
Back at the competition, it is Love Pheromone’s turn. Aimi explodes the entire studio with her explosive device! As a result the judges give them zero marks! Producer fails them and says the taboo word. Though he is alright with the one with big boobs, he isn’t with the one with small boobs. Aimi is pissed as the duo transforms and destroys the entire building of evil for judging people based on their looks. Has anyone learned anything? As they leave, Kaoruko is upset that it is Aimi’s fault for ruining everything but she just pat her shoulder and says to keep trying together. This prompts Kaoruko to remember a time whereby they entered an audition. Kaoruko was nervous, scared stiff and unnatural while Aimi was her usual self. The judges weren’t happy with Kaoruko and told Aimi to change her partner. Aimi got upset and beat up the judges before leaving because she believed Kaoruko is her only partner. Kaoruko gets emotional and pledges to carry on. Aimi whacks her head with a hammer as part of her tsukkomi training. Brings back memories, eh? So I guess now it’s the Hokke sisters’ turn to get only 30 seconds of appearance. Yup, they’re seen napping while Akumako isn’t too happy with it.
In episode 12, the Death Ant Empire led by GigAnt and his daughter Princess Anne Ant are heading towards Earth in order to obtain *beep* (purposely censored out) so that they could conquer to universe. It seems the Hokke sisters are in possession of what they are looking for. The Empire does a full scale invasion on the planet causing massive havoc and panic. All the sentai hero parodies couldn’t even last 5 seconds of screen time and got easily defeated. Some heroes. Amazingly Aimi and Kaoruko are heavily asleep in their fantasy dreamland while their surroundings are destroyed. That’s why never count on them. The Empire sucks up the Hokke sisters from their schools as they come face to face with the Emperor and his daughter. We find out the *beep* thingy is some Evil God Destroyer called Gedou Hakaishin Z, in which is within them and Anne has the power to awaken it. To prove it, GigAnt points out that they have a first class familiar which is Akumako. She herself is surprised to hear this and thinks it’s a mistake. Apparently not.
Their conversation is interrupted when they learn their fleet is being destroyed at lightning speed by a pair of mysterious lights before crashing into the main palace. It is Love Pheromone and they’re not happy the invasion destroyed their comfortable sleeping on a holiday (at least to Aimi). The ant guards attack them but even if they have the quantity, Love Pheromone with their destructive nature beats them all. I guess we can apply the saying "Die like ants". While the sisters escape, Otone recognizes Kaoruko but the latter tells her to quickly go. Aimi faces off with Anne and whacks the latter with her tsukkomi harisen (fan) so GigAnt unleashes some gas which turns the atmosphere sexy whereby it enlarges the base size of a girl’s breasts by 3 times and agonizes them. Except for Aimi who doesn’t feel any pain. You know why lah. Aimi is pissed and goes into a rage but before anymore destruction could happen, GigAnt suddenly proposes Aimi to marry him! Serious! Because she looks like his late wife! He will give her all the wealth he’s got and floods the entire chamber with gold! Holy sh*t! I guess she’s in it for the money even if she gave some excuses. The lovebirds kick away ‘obstructions’ in the form of Kaoruko and Anne. Who says money can’t buy me love? Meanwhile the sisters transform to make their escape but an explosion causes them to fall off the cliff except for Utano and Akumako hanging precariously on the ledge. The ant guards corner them.
Episode 13 starts off with Aimi narrating her fallen comrades and that she is alone tasked with the burden to save the world. Her final duel with GigAnt reveals that he is her husband and she went on to live a luxurious life of happiness. TOTAL LIES! But in reality Aimi seems to be enjoying her company with loli and busty female ants. She sure got used to it quickly. Scared Utano is seen sitting at a corner. Aimi goes on with her solo comedian debut and the audience are forced to laugh because the ant guards are pointing their guns at them. Greedy Aimi further states everything belongs to her. What’s mine is mine and what is yours (GigAnt’s) is mine too. B*tch. The real world is partly decimated as Kaoruko rendezvous with Sekii Man underground. They intend to gather their forces and liberate Earth. It seems Anne is also on their side after being ousted by that woman for doing, let’s just say modesty outraging stuff. But Kaoruko doesn’t trust her. The Hokke sisters minus Utano appear and plead to tag along to rescue their youngest one but Kaoruko tells them to stay put and promise them she will save her. Anne reveals the Gedou Hakaishin Z information they received was false alarm but daddy won’t be giving up easily. Speaking of which, he has forgotten his true mission since he’s so in love with Aimi. Kaoruko, Sekii Man and Anne lead the attack while the sisters follow secretly. The ant guards are no match for their destructive powers. The sisters eventually manage to find Utano and reunite.
Kaoruko beats up Aimi and before the former could finish the Emperor, Anne defects back to her daddy since Aimi is out of commission. Then another twist as everyone spot the Hokke sisters eating their gold treasures. Actually they were made of sugar coated candy. You know what this means when Aimi hears that. Her anger was enough to destroy the main palace, not caring about the life of her comrades. Did she learn anything? GigAnt thinks Aimi has got that Gedou Hakaishin Z? Well, it is destructive. The smart Hokke sisters take this opportunity to escape. Aimi is so pissed that she even pressed the self destruction button which not only destroys the entire Death Ant Empire but the entire world! So now we know who destroyed the world: Love Pheromone. Yeah, a bunch of useless comedians. In the aftermath, Earth is reduced to shambles like you see in post-apocalyptic movies. GigAnt and his men are serving the people with their candy food while Love Pheromone actually has audiences laughing at their jokes! Maybe they’re dreaming that all this is just a bad joke? The Hokke sisters run up to them and want to be their students and teach them great evil but Love Pheromone insists that they are allies of justice. The world’s destroyed, what’s there to be evil? And what allies of justice? Haven’t they reflected upon themselves lately? Guess not.
I guess because of Love Pheromone’s destructive ways, that’s why we won’t be getting a sequel or spin-off, eh? Everything will be destroyed in a split second. Nothing that can’t be solved without violence, huh? I’m not sure what Producer’s cheeky remarks at the end that he may do it all again meant. Maybe he planned all this? The real destructive one in this series is definitely Aimi. Kaoruko isn’t that bad actually and is more rational. It’s a good thing there aren’t many people who are selfish, greedy, cunning and hot-headed as her. Oh wait. Maybe there are. To her, everything is evil if it doesn’t go her way. That’s why it also makes me wonder how the Galactic Allied Police hired them as allies of justice. Maybe she forced her way in? Shouldn’t they just revoke their badge after a destruction too many? But then again, they didn’t make much impact in stopping Death Ant Empire so my guess is that they’re just probably a bunch of useless heroes for show. How does Kaoruko put up with Aimi all this while? Beats me. Well like they say, opposite attracts. Even so, they’re just ‘perfect’ for each other. Even so, I think Aimi needs to go for anger management class and go for counselling about her inferior boobs. Maybe not a good idea because she’ll blow up the whole place.
I don’t understand what Seki sees in Love Pheromone, their potential in being comedians and all. He prefers to manage a couple of losers instead of living his luxurious life? Besides, his Sekii Man alter-ego is pathetic too especially his mode of transport: A bicycle. Can’t he get a cooler ship? As for the Hokke sisters, I have to ask them do they really know the true meaning of doing evil deeds. Unless doing good is their interpretation of doing evil, then I have no further comments to say. Otherwise, they will never ever get to fulfil their late dad’s wish (still amused about that mask he wears). Akumako who is always nagging the sisters to do evil did not do much herself either in the end. She was rather ‘tame’, if I should say. No more evil ideas. Besides, if she really wants to destroy the world, like any other people would’ve told her: "If you want something done, do it yourself". But she needs the powers of others, right? So why not hook herself to Love Pheromone then? Maybe Aimi will beat her to death. Don’t want that to happen. With some part of the city being destroyed each time, it bugs me how the country can still go on. This is much worse than all the natural disaster happening at once. The end of the world if Love Pheromone ever existed.
Though the opening theme by Momoi Haruko and Kageyama Hironobu, Nesshou!! Rabuge Night Fever sounds like your typical hyped up Japanese anime pop with its opening animation filled with crazy carnage from you-know-who, the ending animation to me is a bit of an eyebrow raiser because it sees Love Pheromone and the Hokke sisters fighting each other over the screen space! Fighting right till the end of the show, eh? For the record, the ending theme is Tondoru Baby by Momoi Haruko. On a trivial note, each of the episode title have the words "Love Pheromone" or "Operation" in it depending on who takes the centre stage with the comedian duo for the former and Gedou Otome Tai for the latter.
I guess the hidden morale of the story is do not judge a book by its cover. Still waters run deep. More than meets the eye. You get the point. Here we have both sides who do not admit nor realize that what they are doing are a total opposite of what they intend to do due to their twisted interpretation of what is good and evil. Besides, there are lots of things in this world which falls in between the grey area. So, I’m sitting here happily watching my animes while the other side of the world is suffering from the devastating effects of catastrophe. Is that a good thing or bad thing?

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge
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