Omamori Himari

October 16, 2010

Oh boy. Another ecchi supernatural harem romance comedy. Did I sound like I was complaining? My first thought was Omamori Himari was going to be somewhat close to Rosario To Vampire simply because we have a guy surrounded by a bevy of hot supernatural babes. But that is just superficial and even if they are nearly similar, it still doesn’t stray from your typical ecchi supernatural harem romance comedy. Yeah, I said that already, didn’t I?

So we’ve got our typical main guy, Yuuto Amakawa. How typical? His parents died in an accident 7 years ago, does not have clear memories of his life before then, lives in his suburban home all by himself, and because as a guy he can’t be possibly handling all the chores and meals himself and we have to have that typical childhood friend who does all this stuff that includes waking him up for school. Yeah, that ‘honour’ goes to Rinko Kuzaki, his next door neighbour who has a secret crush on him but being the tsundere she is, you know she can’t say it lah. Their peaceful life is about the get interrupted when more girls show up in his harem. Oops. Wait a minute, that’s how it has got to be, right?

Yeah so, in addition to what I’ve just mentioned in episode 1, Yuuto also has that same allergy Nyan Koi’s Junpei Kousaka has. Yup, allergy to cats. I’m sure Rinko will find it handy to throw their cat Ranmaru at him if he ever does funny stuff on her though it is unintentional. Oh, did I mention that Yuuto’s not a pervert. Why do many main guys in the series have such a low libido? Heck, probably that’s why the girls love to play hard to get. Walking to school one morning, who wouldn’t be surprised if a hot babe starts seducing you right in the middle of daylight and claims to know you but you don’t? That new girl, Himari Noihara gets off to a great start by just doing that and things could’ve been steamier if she had been successful with her tongue licking greeting in his ear! Yeow! Good thing or not, it’s Rinko’s ‘instinct’ that takes beloved Yuuto away from her as they rush to school. And why in such shows that it is always the main guy’s supporting and best friend that is the pervert? Well apparently Taizou Masaki fits that bill. That’s why they are deemed losers. Anyway Rinko drags Yuuto to the rooftop and interrogates him about his secret fiancee when Taizou who was earlier possessed by an Ayakashi (Demon) starts transforming into one and attacks them. Himari in time slays the Ayakashi before it could make mince meat out of the kids. As for Taizou, don’t worry, he’s back to normal after the Ayakashi left his body and is sleeping like a baby. Some dream, eh?

That night, Yuuto is having lots on his mind about today’s events but you can’t blame him for lack of deep concentration if sexy Himari starts appearing on top and seducing him! How did she enter, how did she… Oh never mind. She notes how the power of his charm given by his grandma has wilted and thus the reason why Ayakashis are targeting him. Himari introduces herself and the worst part is not the fact she is an Ayakashi and his bodyguard, but a cat Ayakashi. Uh oh. Allergies. And it’s about to get worse when Rinko comes in to check on him. Yeah, check them out. Oh wait, it’s getting much more complicated the next day because Himari becomes to new transfer student in Yuuto and Rinko’s class! Oh how typical. Back home, Himari explains to them that Yuuto comes from 1 of the 12 descendents of Demon Slayer families. Ayakashis were being exterminated by them but the Amakawa showed mercy on Himari’s ancestors, thus she is forever grateful and vowed to protect his descendents. Rinko isn’t thrilled with all that crap and challenges her to duel to prove that the cat is just more than big boobs. Unfortunately Himari beats Rinko flat (no pun intended) in just about anything. And in some duels, providing the on-looking crowd with much fanservice. That evening, Yuuto goes to talk to Himari and hopes she would forgive Rinko. Since he’s not the guy who would turn down a girl, I guess she can’t turn Himari away. Yeah, she jumps into his open arms. “Take me!”. Next morning, Rinko probably felt embarrassed about then so I suppose she heads over to Yuuto’s room to apologize but when she sees Himari cuddling so closely sleeping next to Yuuto, you can guess what’s coming.

Perhaps Taizou doesn’t want to be left out of Yuuto’s harem so he invites him and the girls to the beach in episode 2. Well, more like the Iinchou (class rep) invited them as goodwill gesture. On the way home, Himari went ahead first then it started raining. Suddenly Yuuto hears a voice telling him to forget it or else he will die. Yuuto accompanies the girls to buy swimsuits (fanservice cue!) and it’s pretty odd to see Himari carrying her trusty sword, Yasutsuna, around with her wherever she goes. Well, it’s for preventive measures just in case. Yuuto chooses a summer clothes for Himari so she feels happy. At the beach, the usual fun in the sun and sand (not forgetting the fanservice as well) as loser Taizou gets regulated by Iinchou while Rinko tries to score more points with Yuuto. Himari was thinking too much that she unknowingly drifted quite a distance from the shore. Luckily Yuuto was there with her but they are suddenly attacked by tentacles coming from underneath. When Yuuto wakes up, he finds a loli Ayakashi, Shizuku, sitting on top of him. I’m sure she’s not trying to seduce him because she’s saying how awakening of the Demon Slayer in him will destroy the balance between humans and Ayakashis. In short, she is going to kill him. At times like this, where is the bodyguard? Oh, speaking of the devil, Himari just appeared in time for a showdown with the Mizuchi (water deity). However Shizuku is able to control all things that are of water and has her water demon seize Himari. Yuuto tries to save her but it goes to show even if the heart desires so, being useless and powerless adds to the liability. Yeah, now he’s drowning. Himari takes an ice fragment and stabs her own leg. This causes the water to be tainted so Shizuku couldn’t control it anymore. But there are ample water surrounding them and at Shizuku’s disposal. Himari tells her master to run but Yuuto tells her off not to sacrifice herself for his sake. Shizuku senses something amiss with that and decides to back down and escapes. Shizuku returns to the forest of Ayakashis who hired her to kill Yuuto. They aren’t happy that she wasted her chance to kill him but she decides to do observe them more.

Looks like Shizuku has made herself a regular guest in Yuuto’s house in episode 3. What a way to make her entrance while Yuuto’s having his bath. Hey, she’s a Mizuchi, remember? Just hope the rest don’t think he’s a lolicon. Shizuku questions him about killing Ayakashis but Yuuto says he has no intention to fight and would love continuing to live with Rinko and Himari. He soon passes out and remembers his late parents took him from the countryside to live in the city. When he wakes up, the usual spat as Himari feels like cutting down Shizuku. Shizuku couldn’t understand the strange relationship between Himari and Yuuto since the latter is allergic to cats but yet allows her to stay. Though Yuuto can’t offer any proof, Shizuku decides to live with him so she could understand him better. Aha. Shizuku proves herself useful as she does all the cooking and chores and beats Rinko at her own game! And she thought having a cat rival was bad enough but now a water loli? Himari has been offered by her homeroom teacher, Sae Kisaragi, to do part time job as a maid waitress as a chance to learn the local culture. Partly, she can’t lose to Shizuku too. She is introduced to Cafe Relish’s main maid, Lizlet “Liz” L. Chelsie. Himari can smell that Liz is an Ayakashi.

Yuuto, Rinko and Shizuku pay a visit to Cafe Relish to see how Himari’s doing and Himari would’ve given Yuuto extra services if Liz didn’t stop her and reminded her about giving equal treatment to customers. Liz starts to get uncomfortable when she notices Yuuto staring at her and thinks he is a spy sent by Himari. Taking drastic actions, she drugs his tea but Shizuku knows it is infused with magic and gives it to unsuspecting Taizou. He suddenly has the urge to go home and is follow suit by everyone else in the cafe. Himari attacks Liz though the latter is against any violence. Liz evades Himari’s sword but eventually got stabbed in the chest. But there is no effect as her body heals (though her maid outfit is ruined). They note she is a Tsukumogami (a spirit that originate from objects) and finds her true form as a tea cup. Himari is going to smash the cup which would’ve killed her outright and during the struggle with Liz, she accidentally drops it. Luckily Yuuto saves it. Why? He knows she isn’t a bad person and was observing how she was working hard to provide her customers with amazing tea in the cafe she loves. Liz is grateful and relieved that she is able to continue her peaceful tea making life. Next morning, Yuuto gets more surprise because Himari, Rinko and Shizuku are dressed in maid outfits to (over)serve him. I guess this is the kind of room service he doesn’t want to get.

What’s worse than Rinko finding out Yuuto is sleeping with Himari in episode 4? Why, it’s Yuuto sleeping with Himari AND Shizuku! Here comes to pain… At Cafe Relish, the girls are once again arguing about Yuuto. Well, Himari should be by his side since she is his bodyguard and Shizuku to observe him. Oh wait, now Liz is in love with Yuuto because he saved her. Oh Rinko, the competition is heating up! But Himari notes Yuuto’s inability to recognize himself as a Demon Slayer and tells him that they are going home to their village of Noihara. I suppose Rinko and Shizuku don’t want Himari to monopolize Yuuto all to herself so they tag along too. They are greeted by a Zashiki Warashi who is very fond of Himari, Kaya. You can tell Kaya isn’t going to be part of Yuuto’s harem not because the ending credits don’t feature her as she also hates that guy for taking Himari away from her. Ah well, not every girl would fall for a guy in a harem. Himari brags in front of Yuuto’s departed grandma and grandpa’s alter how her young master bought these clothes for her. Not very good considering the other girls heard about this.

Yuuto is lazing around and since he can’t remember a thing about his past, all it takes is Himari seducing him (licking his neck!!!) and wahlah! A young Yuuto always seemed at ease whenever he was with his white pet cat. They were inseparable and went just about anywhere. Yuuto snaps out of the dream when he remembered a girl kissed him. Back in reality, Yuuto remembers Himari as that cat. I know it’s natural for cats not to wear clothes but Himari turned into her human form and is hugging him totally naked! Too bad the fanservice has to cut short when they are being attacked by a Hinoenma (vampire-like air demon), Ageha. Thankfully Himari had her clothes nearby so she manages to slip into them lightning fast and subdue Ageha. Himari has to back down seeing that it is Yuuto’s wish not to kill but Ageha’s intention is to raise her status by killing Demon Slayer clans as she summons a Daidarabocchi. I don’t know what this giant Ayakashi is but somehow it reminded me of Bleach’s Hollow. Meanwhile Rinko, Shizuku and Kaya are being confronted by an Ippon-datara, Sasa, who is dropping heavy logs from the sky to crush them. Kaya repels them with her barrier and with the help of Shizuku, they manage to subdue Sasa. As Himari and Ageha clash swords, Yuuto escapes but his heart is unsettled because he doesn’t want to always be protected. Ageha was to slash Himari but Yuuto used his body to protect her. Himari is horrified upon what she saw and she is suddenly engulfed with hatred and rage. Himari turns into an emotionless killing machine and sliced Daidarabocchi in a single strike. Ageha could’ve been done for too if he did not block Himari’s strike with a stick. Actually it’s not that the stick was that strong but rather an aura of bright light emitting from within Yuuto. Some hidden powers he’s got there.

That power is known as Light Ferry and look at the size of the crater it caused! In episode 5, Yuuto lost his virginity to Shizuku. JUST KIDDING! Shizuku healed Yuuto with her water powers and it looked like sex! Was it necessary? Well, Shizuku did admit it made her feel good! As Himari feels depressed for not being able to protect Yuuto, Shizuku explains about each Demon Slayer clan possess unique powers. For Yuuto’s case, the Light Ferry instils its target with magic. In short, it can turn ordinary stuff into powerful weapons. Because of that, the Amakawa family stood above the rest of the Demon Slayer clans. She continues that Himari’s descendants’ true nature killed and ate people and that she derives pleasure from hunting and loses herself in slaughter. Yuuto goes to talk to Himari and he doesn’t want her to become tainted by blood. He is okay with the way she is now. Meanwhile Ageha returns to retrieve tied-up Sasa and warns them that other Demon Slayers are watching them. As Yuuto and Himari walk back, he mentions about the time she first kissed him back then. But Himari says the first time she showed up in human form was when he and Rinko were on his way to school back in the first episode. Back in the city, Yuuto tries to train his powers with Shizuku but she notes it is useless since he doesn’t have the will to kill that would bring out his Light Ferry powers. In view of that, Shizuku brought extra help: Rinko and Liz. I don’t know about Shizuku’s theory that Light Ferry relies on mental strength so they proceed to seduce him to train his composure! Probably just an excuse to get horny with him. Yeah, Shizuku mocks Rinko for being the ‘middle ground’ which isn’t as good compared to a flat chest loli and a very busty maid. Haha! Remember never to incur the wrath of a cat because as soon as Himari sees them in their unholy act, watch out for her blades!!! All that nose bleeding wasn’t from any cut and scratches, you know… Yuuto talks to Himari after school but they are faced with a girl who resembles uncannily to Rozen Maiden’s Suigin Tou. She is Kuesu Jinguuji and not an Ayakashi. But the heiress of 1 of the Demon Slayer clans.

Naturally both Himari and Kuesu duke it out in episode 6. Kuesu feels Yuuto should belong to her side and is here for him. Yuuto isn’t happy that Kuesu tried to attack without understanding first. Using her western magic to hold off Himari, Kuesu wants Yuuto to come and unite with her. She mentions how both their families have arranged for them to be married. Married? Heck, Yuuto doesn’t remember a thing. Oh, she can make him remember. How? She kisses him! See the power of a kiss? It could make him remember that she was the girl who kissed him back then. To add fire to the oil, Kuesu purposely kisses Yuuto another time in front of Himari. That’s number 3, right? Before Kuesu splits, she warns Yuuto to ditch the Ayakashi or else she will have to do the job herself. Shizuku meets her Ayakashi employers and tells them that Kuesu is a greater threat unlike kind Yuuto. Kuesu is living at a nearby hotel and everything is provided and paid for, what more supported wholly by the Professional Bureau of Public Safety that secretly monitors paranormal activities. They sent an agent, Hyougou Kaburagi, to back Kuesu and provide for her needs. Shizuku faces off with Kuesu on top of a building. In the destructive battle between fire and ice, Kuesu emerges victorious as Shizuku barely escapes. We learn the Jinguuji family is the weakest among the Demon Slayer clans and has always been looked down upon. Even among humans, such discrimination exists. So I guess it’s no surprise Kuesu is doing this to bring back her family pride. Meanwhile Himari is so bothered by Kuesu’s kiss that she tries to pester Yuuto for one. Himari wasn’t really sure but I think Yuuto’s actions indicated he really wanted to give her one. Well, she settled for a peck on the cheek, the doorbell rang and causes them to panic. What does this lead to? Yuuto kissed Himari on her lips! If Rinko was only a second earlier, we could’ve seen another cat fight. Now Himari is a very happy cat and Yuuto a little troubled that he did the impossible.

At Cafe Relish in episode 7, Rinko and Liz finds out about Kuesu and the fiancee thingy. Not good. Wow the competition is really getting intense. Speaking of the devil, Kuesu happen to come in to talk but Yuuto can’t go along with her if she doesn’t change her stand to coexist with the Ayakashi. Kuesu could’ve gone into seductive mode if Himari didn’t step in in time. The usual catty talk so much so the other girls know about their kissing. Kuesu decides to back down for now but reminds him about the promise they made that day even if he doesn’t remember it. At school, Himari tells Yuuto that she’s coming up with a countermeasure for Kuesu and wants him to head back home first. That countermeasure is to fight Kuesu at a park and settle it once and for all. Flashbacks reveal that Kuesu never liked Himari as the cat always hanging around Yuuto. Because of that, she cast a spell to make Yuuto allergic to cats. During the fight, Himari feels pity for her that her heart’s paralyzed after Kuesu tells of her sad oppressed family story. Himari could’ve won if Kuesu didn’t play cheat. What cheat? She used a gun! With magic bullets! Himari had to sacrifice Yasutsuna or else get burnt by Kuesu’s flames. One of the bullets grazed Himari’s arm. This causes Himari to turn into her true bloodthirsty killing nature. She tries hard to subdue it and though she’s losing control of herself, she flees. If not, Kuesu could have died. She’s lucky that she’s still breathing and could get away with just her shivering hands. Yuuto finally finds out from Shizuku about Himari’s fight with Kuesu. Why didn’t she tell him? Well, he didn’t ask. Simple. Yuuto sees badly beaten and weakened Himari slumped in his room.

As Yuuto puts Himari back to bed in episode 8, he feels guilty for not taking a stand against Kuesu. Himari soon wakes up and feels ashamed of her nearly losing herself in Kuesu’s trap and the loss of her Yasutsuna but all that matters to Yuuto is that she is safe, though she needs to rest more. However Himari notes that she can take a pill to cure herself of the balance of Kuesu’s magic inside her, though she will go on a rampage. Yuuto is prepared for the worse but I guess he didn’t expect for Himari to turn into a horny cat! Now he’s going to have allergies all night. Himari is fine come morning and as gratitude, she kisses him. Himari sees a snow woman, Yuki, to get replacement for Yasutsuna. Yuki’s stomach is like Doraemon as she stores all her various weapons there. But she has no pocket so how does she let Himari pick and choose? Why, she vomits them out! Weargh… Yuuto pays a visit to Kuesu and gets straight with her that he rejects her ideals. He gives her his piece of mind about this fiancee thingy and the Light Ferry that she wants to revive her family. Of course Kuesu is shocked to hear this. So shocked that she snaps and tries to kill him! Dangerous! It is that time that Yuuto remembers another piece of memory with her. Seems he promised to work with her to kill Ayakashis and protect her. By that time, Kuesu was thrown out of the window by Yuuto’s Light Ferry. But too late regretting that it’s his fault to begin with. Thankfully Kuesu’s magic teleports her back to the room and in a way both of them reconcile, though they may not agree with the totally wiping out of Ayakashis yet. Tsundere Kuesu indicates that she was willing to accept all his urges and fantasies instead of that cat. She could’ve confessed her feelings if Himari didn’t come in (Kuesu’s barrier broke when the window did) and heard her embarrassing lines. And as expected, both ladies continue to challenge each other over you know who lah. It got a little more disgusting because Yuki is there to spit out all the weapons to choose from, ruining the love nest, I mean flooring with her vomit. Yuck. Lastly, the forest leaves a trail of dead Ayakashis and it seems they were being eaten by another Ayakashi.

Yuuto’s class is having an outdoor sketch in episode 9. As usual Himari and Rinko compete with each other to let Yuuto sketch them. Getting naked already? Kaburagi is investigating the eaten Ayakashis and relaying his report to Kuesu. When Himari and Rinko realize they’ve lost Yuuto over their silly battle, they go in search of him but Rinko comes into Sasa. That means, Ageha has kidnapped Yuuto and plans to suck his blood. Probably she stripped her top naked so as to paralyze him while she sinks her teeth into his neck. However it is girl, interrupted, when Himari comes to Yuuto’s rescue. Ageha decides to withdraw as she doesn’t want to die yet. The rest think it has something to do with the slain Ayakashis. Kaburagi picks them up and explains things at Cafe Relish (Ageha and Sasa are their allies now). Kaburagi confirms the dozen of those cases and is certain that a powerful Ayakashi is behind this. Ageha reveals she was trying to take Yuuto’s blood to power up so that she can fight back against those cannibals. Kaburagi suggests Yuuto to cooperate but the latter is against the idea of killing Ayakashis but is put in a dilemma since his harem girls, oops I mean, friends will be in danger anytime. And speaking of that Ayakashi eating demon, she turns up. Tamamo No Mae (a nine tail fox demon) or Tama for short and her guardian Shuten Douji appear. Tama attacks and though the rest combine their powers to attack, they are no match for that blonde loli Ayakashi. Tama targets Himari and sinks her teeth into her boobs. Eh? I guess that’s the juiciest part. Haha, just kidding. Kuesu arrives in time to prevent further damage. She knows Tama and Shuten Douji as 2 of the 3 most powerful Ayakashis in Japan. Tama notes Himari isn’t that delicious yet so the antagonists backs away for now. Himari has magic inside her so Tama is waiting for her to ‘ripen’ in time before devouring her.

In episode 10, Shizuku visits Kaya to do more research while Kaburagi meets up with Shuten Douji and Tama. The rest are gathered and planning their next move to defeat the antagonists. Though Kuesu has no intention to align with the Ayakashis, she is using this opportunity to get closer to Yuuto. They agree that Yuuto’s Light Ferry will be the decisive weapon for victory but it is troublesome that he can’t control it. I don’t know about Ageha’s sick either to help him draw out his latent power by doing seductive cosplay. Feeling something hot that is going to burst out of your body? I think that’s a different kind of power. Rinko isn’t happy so she drags Yuuto out shopping with her. Himari is still ruing the loss of Yasutsuna but there is a way to fix it. Sasa being an Ippon-datara means she is a blacksmith spirit though I can’t see why they portrayed her as a moe loli rather than the traditional one legged Cyclops. Sasa fixes it up real good though her blast may be too powerful and fry the rest. Shizuku and Kaya come back with their research. They say Tama and Shuten Douji were once defeated by humans and by eating other Ayakashis, their powers will grow stronger and Shuten Douji is trying to revive himself via Tama. Plus he has a deep grudge against those who sealed him away. Yuuto concludes that he will fight against them because he wants to protect their future. Kaburagi has made a deal with Shuten Douji and Tama. Seems he has sided with them to take out Yuuto’s Ayakashi’s pals since that’s what his organization’s goal is. But isn’t making a deal with them just ironic? For whose future he says? That night, Himari sets off alone but Yuuto knows his cat better and stops her. He gives her another earful that a master shouldn’t be without his bodyguard. His kindness was enough to send Himari crying in his arms. They nearly kissed and it’s Kuesu’s turn to interrupt their acting as the ladies spew catty words before the rest catch up. I know, they want a piece of him too.

The girls train Yuuto in episode 11 but they are nowhere nearer in getting him to use his Light Ferry powers. I guess Tama is feeling hungry and the time is ripe so a barrier is unleashed around the city and its citizens vanished. Good that no one will get hurt but why go through all that trouble just to draw them out? Yuuto and the girls head into the battlefield and though all of them (okay, so non-combatants like Liz and Rinko are told to keep away and Kaya is tasked with protecting them) team up against Tama, they never come close to scratching her. Kaburagi is observing from afar and his plans going well but as we are made know, Shuten Douji is never going to live up to his promise made to him. Sasa suffers bite damage from Tama. Yuuto tries to help out but is weak so much so Tama got him in her grasp. Yuuto is suffocating and Himari’s anger almost took over if not for Yuuto pleading her not to. Tama withdraws seeing that Himari hasn’t ripened yet. The rest also retreat and take refuge in Noihara village. Yuuto starts going through all the dusty books to see if they’re any ways to unlock his power though Shizuku says she had already gone through all of them and could find nothing. Himari talks to Rinko and tells her Yuuto isn’t suited for battle so if something happens to her, she wants Rinko to look after Yuuto. Kuesu gets a ‘warning’ call from Kaburagi that this is her last chance to come over to his side though he considers the path he took as the most peaceful one. She also tells her to get out of this place soon since his ‘associates’ are moving in. Too late. They’re here. Himari’s wandering has her meeting them at the lake and in no time, they start battling. Himari is still considerably weak as Shuten Douji mocks her about protecting Yuuto. Himari, in a dream-like state, sees Yuuto in front of her and apologizes. She wants to protect him no matter what because of his smile that has kept her here. This means, she is reverting to her dark side and this is what Shuten Douji is waiting for.

Himari’s hair not only turns white but her skin now has markings in episode 12. She battles hungry Tama like a heartless killing machine as the rest arrive but there isn’t anything much they can do. Shuten Douji mocks Himari and the rest and for the first time though Rinko has never lent her powers in battle, she stood up and tells him off that he doesn’t know a single thing about Himari and the bond they have. In short, don’t underestimate the heart of a woman! Tama has turned into her true form, a giant nine tail demon fox and already has Himari in her grasps. She is going to deliver the final blow but the words of Himari’s pal managed to reach her as she revives and beat Tama. As the gang rush to greet her, unfortunately Himari doesn’t recognize them and attacks them all. Shuten Douji is unhappy that his plans for his own revival to exact revenge on human has been set back but nevertheless would settle for Himari doing the job. Kaburagi is another unhappy man that this wasn’t part of the deal so Shuten Douji just blasts the nuisance away. Yuuto still have enough strength to confront Himari as he picks up the sword to stop her. Flashbacks of the time he spent with Himari and that’s when he realized what she meant that Himari will be the first Ayakashi he will kill as a Demon Slayer. Himari charges straight but Yuuto drops his sword and embraces her instead. He can’t kill her. He whispers in her ear that he needs her in his future (his harem I guess?). That was enough to snap Himari out and return her back to normal.

But it’s not over yet seeing Shuten Douji is going to crush them and transforms into his true form, a giant ogre. Yuuto picks up the sword once more as his Light Ferry is instilled in it. As explained, his heart’s powerful desire to protect the one he loves must have given him the power to use the Light Ferry freely. He gives the sword to Himari and I guess her clothes transformation comes with its power. Hmm… Why do I get a feeling her clothes feels more fanservice cosplay? It doesn’t take a genius to tell who will win the match. I don’t know if that will be the end of Shuten Douji for good because Yasutsuna slashed him in half! At the end of the day, Yuuto thinks of going back to his normal life with everyone but Himari can’t. Since Yuuto is now the Demon Slayer he is, her bodyguard role is redundant. Kuesu takes this chance to get close to him and wants him to fix her clothes with his Light Ferry. Unfortunately, he can’t use it. Haha, so it was just temporary, eh? Everyone gathers back at Yuuto’s place and man this is what I call a massive harem! I know Kaya is there because of Himari (continuing to be his bodyguard or rather her twisted reason that Yuuto desires her to stay) but why the heck is Tama there too?! Ah, new loli addition since she has nowhere to go. Hey, I don’t see Yuki around. Sae, Iinchou and Taizou come by since they were worried they couldn’t contact Yuuto during that citywide-disappearing incident. Then they see the bunch of girls there and well… They think he must have been having fun all by himself and can’t be disturbed. Well, do you want to be part of the harem too?

And so it ends another one of those over-cliche fanservice harem animes. At the rate Yuuto is going, he is really going to amass a bunch of girls in his unofficial harem from both sides, humans and Ayakashis. If Sae and Iinchou ever do join in, he literally has a complete list of all the possible desirable attributes of a harem. A childhood friend, a couple of lolis, a maid, a nekomimi, a lustful one, a fiancee and the possible megane teacher and class rep. Varied bust sizes also included. Haha! Since the manga is ongoing, my guess is that Yuuto may meet more of the other Demon Slayer clans and yeah, more girls. It’s so typical of such guys not to choose which girl he really wants to end up with so I guess it’s best for everyone to be together like this first. Hey, the more the merrier! I wonder how Yuuto can cope with all the girls now. Don’t worry, Shizuku is there to take care of the house chores and still excels in them. The fanservice is so cliche that I thought they would run out of ‘ideas’ when they cramp every cliche fanservice ideas into the initial episodes like the beach episode, tentacles, boobs pressing against guy’s body, boobs grab, boobs show off, kissing scene, etc. But I guess that’s why they put it all there since halfway they decided to really put in a plot instead of letting it run around with 100% mindless fanservice. With the emergence of Tama and Shuten Douji, there wasn’t enough screen time for the girls to strut their usual fanservice stuff. Well, not as heavy as before.

More fanservice speak, each of the mid-intermission shows the girls of the series fully clothed and in a pose for the first half. Come the second half, that girl will be semi-naked. Sexy, no? Don’t worry, each of the main and supporting girls will have their turn and for the final episode we have the main quintet donning sexy cat outfits. I don’t know if this series is famous enough because as I see the next episode preview which is in live-action footage, a girl in cat maid outfit introduces to us viewers to the many merchandise of the show from t-shirts to posters. That’s a hell lot of them. And we have different picture designs of the series printed on t-shirts as seen on the sponsor screen. Coming back to the next episode preview, I guess it’s another one of those wacky corners usually hosted by Shizuku and Rinko concerning about their next appearance, other characters or fanservice stuff. The animation here is in chibi and sketchy form.

While fanservice too is smattered in the opening credits, the opening theme sounds like a typical anime pop, entitled Oshichau Zo!! by AyaRuka. The ending credits animation sees the main quintet of girls in chibi form and doing some sort of performance. Wearing cat ears, having a microphone in one hand and a cat paw in the other as they go about singing. Cute or what? The main ending theme Beam My Beam is sung by the seiyuus of the quintet girls (even had a name combo: Himarinko L. Shizukuesu) but I noticed that the later half of the episodes, each of the girls have their turn singing the song. The special ending song for the final episode, Sakamichi No Hate by Daisuke Hirakawa sounds a little unsuitable. A slow male ballad at the end? No doubt the ending scene then showed the flashback of how Yuuto moved into his current house with his late parents and the other events that passed by like his parents’ demise and the meeting point of all the other girls, I felt it should have a livelier tone since everything ended on a happy note.

Enough of the fanservice talk. Now about the characters. What is there more to say? Character development? For Yuuto, I’m pretty sure a ‘seasoned’ person like me could have tell that his kind-heartedness and generosity will be there right till the very end. Overall he is still the same kid otherwise with or without the Ayakashis in his life. Has he grown immune to his cat allergies? I don’t know. He doesn’t seem to show them when he confronted insane Himari in the last episode. Maybe that’s not important. He doesn’t care about all that Demon Slayer clan crap because it doesn’t matter what kind of form you are as long as you want to live a peaceful coexisting life, Yuuto will definitely welcome you. Sometimes the true demons are humans themselves. And for the other girls? Well, seems to me Rinko has learned to be more tolerant with the more girls popping up around Yuuto. Ah Rinko, it’s really getting tough at this point if you don’t make the first move. Kuesu isn’t such a b*tch if she’d just stop thinking about returning her family pride. Liz, I felt she was like a deadweight and didn’t do much and was just tagging along. Come to think of it, I have a theory why Himari is flirty around Yuuto. She’s a cat, right? And you know how cats behave to the ones they love by getting physical and rubbing their skin, right? So in this sense Himari’s act of affection was more because of a cat rather than a slutty bodyguard. Of course the occasional jealousy but that’s natural if she’s going to take a form of a busty female. And I had to come back to fanservice talk eventually…

When I first heard Himari, I thought she was a reincarnated version of Spice And Wolf’s Horo! True that Ami Koshimizu is the voice behind Himari but the way she uses the old Japanese way of expression during her speeches is somewhat similar. From a cheeky wolf to a horny cat, eh? If she had added ‘tawake’ (fool), that would’ve been the confirming point. However I find Daisuke Hirakawa voicing Yuuto to be unsuitable. His lower voice seems to be too mature for a character like Yuuto and I thought it would’ve been suitable if a female takes up this role or at least a male with a little higher pitch. He was the voice of Makoto in School Days and Naoki in Itazura Na Kiss. I know I have been listening to the various other voices of Rie Kugimiya so I was a little paranoid that I thought she was behind Kuesu. To my relief (really?), Kuesu is voiced by Yuki Matsuoka (Yuu in Princess Lover and Orihime in Bleach). Other casts include Iori Nomizu as Rinko (Nymph in Sora No Otoshimono), Asuka Okame as Liz (Mikazuki in the TV version of KissxSis), Kei Shindou as Shizuku (Kuro in Kodomo No Jikan), Chiaki Takahashi as Ageha (Emiho in Final Approach), Kaoru Mizuhara as Tama (Saki in Kanamemo), Masami Kikuchi as Shuten Douji (Tenchi in the Tenchi Muyo series) and Keiji Fujiwara as Kaburagi (Sven in Black Cat).

I guess with Himari around now, Yuuto won’t be needing the charm anymore. Who needs an ineffective little ornament when you can have a sexy sword-wielding bodyguard by your side. So next time if you hear something strange in your neighbourhood, you know who to call for ghost busting activities. All it takes is just a guy with latent powers and a bevy of babes. Behold! The power of love! Maybe I should try that sometimes with my harem of 2D girls… :p.

Omamori Himari

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