Ultimate Girls

November 9, 2007

I remember those younger days of mine where I used to watch those real action Ultraman shows on tv. Then when I watched Ultimate Girls, it sort of bring back a little of those memories. If the title does sound like some raunchy all-female wrestling show, then you’re greatly mistaken.
Sure, this series definitely has some ecchi elements in it. But I suppose that’s what help make it a comedy and funny in the first place. Plus, I kinda find this series a mix between a magical girl and an Ultraman series genre. Instead of those huge masked robot-like heroes from outer space, we have little school going girls who take the role of Earth’s saviour.
However unlike those half hour Ultraman shows, this series has only 12 episodes spanning approximately 12 minutes each. But like in those Ultraman series, monsters do exists and are constantly destroying and annihilating the city for their whatsoever reasons. Thus, you’ll see lots of buildings and infrastructure getting smashed and destroyed. I suppose this is where the big chunk of the government’s budget goes. Into repairing back those buildings. Isn’t it a drag? But that’s not the point.
Due to copyrighting issues, of course the saviour of this series can’t be named Ultraman. Instead, we’ve got UFO Man to save the day and has an uncanny resemblance to Ultraman. Hey, maybe he’s one of their relatives seeing that Ultraman himself has lots of spinoffs and family members. Since the monsters’ attack are pretty frequent on a weekly basis (there’s even a specific day of the week whereby the monster would pop out and attack, which is Monday. I think now I know why people hate black Mondays), most of Earth’s inhabitants would still go on with their daily routine and lives while the jumbo fight carries on in the background. Can’t have them screaming and panicking each time a monster appears, right?
So we have our 3 main protagonist girls, Silk Koharuno, a very shy and reserved girl but is the main heroine, Tsubomi Moroboshi, an otaku and cosplay bespectacled freak, and Viviene Outori, a half Japanese breed. While the 3 are out doing some shopping in episode 1, an orange Goszilla-like monster attacks the city as usual. Tsubomi urges her pals to rush to the site so that they could possibly have a glimpse of UFO Man. As luck would have it, UFO Man appears from the sky ready to do battle.
Unfortunately, when UFO Man landed, he squashed the trio. Wow. So early into the episode and our heroines are already squashed dead. But all is not lost yet. To cut things short, UFO Man agrees to ressurect them all back to life but has a favour to ask of them in return. Silk is relieved since she hasn’t confessed to her secret crush yet, Makoto. This guy is some sort of photography-cum-reporter student correspondent and goes round the city on his motorbike to take pictures of the monster’s attack on the city. Plus, he is Tsubomi’s older brother.
I suppose this monster rampaging thing has created few new jobs because we see that there are 2 newscasters (or rather commentators) who go live to the scene whenever a monster and UFO Man do battle. They are the old and peverted guy Yosaku Okamura and his assistant Mayu Koharuno, who is Silk’s elder sister. And that Okaumura guy has a knack (yeah right) for giving names for monsters that appear. Maybe he simply loves giving names to things. The pair is reporting on another monster attack and they’re wondering why UFO Man hasn’t showed up yet.
Where could he be? At some isolated place, it looks like UFO Man has become a little flying… whatever that is. He looks so comical. Plus, he is more peverted if you notice. Remember his favour in return for the trio’s ressurection? UFO Man is asking Silk to grab his erm… that little rod thingy down there which resembles like some male anatomy and is freaking Silk out! Which girl wouldn’t? Plus, that thingy just ‘elongated’ so that he could let Silk grab it. Ahem ahem. Seriously, Silk is still hesitating when Viviene comes to and whacks UFO Man, thinking what that perverted guy has done to her. After a few more explanations (like how UFO Man can’t transform alone since he used up part of his body to ressurect them) and persuasion, Silk has no choice but to grab it. And thus the henshin begins. We see UFO Man merging with them while the girl’s clothes disappear so that she could don a futuristic tight fitting one. Isn’t all so typical?
Now Silk is as large as the monster and is upfront against it. Yeah, all she does is scream like a little girl and pushed the monster down. I think the monster is probably surprised that it’s up against a girl rather than UFO Man. Meanwhile Okamura and the rest too are surprised that a female UFO Man appeared. That monster is quick to get back on its feet and proceeds to pound Silk. However Silk doesn’t have any fighting abilities so I suppose she’s scared stiff and getting whack by the monster.
UFO Man warns Silk that she must get this over with or else something bad will happen. I remember back then Ultraman must be a weakling because if a fight takes too long, his light will start flashing and he will tremendously lose his powers. Yup, that’s what is happening to Silk. But it’s not power that she’s losing. It’s her clothes! Oh the ecchi part. You can see her clothes disappearing and holes appearing as time pass and in no time she’ll be naked! This is bad since she’s in public. Being on the front cover of Playboy magazine wouldn’t be that bad.
Silk is frantically trying to run away and is really embarrassed of her state (obviously some people like Okamura is enjoying it) when suddenly Silk lets loose a blood curling scream of embarrassment which sends the monster to be blasted into smithereens. Silk then returns to her normal size but is all naked. Tsubomi and Viviene rush to her side and luckily Tsubomi has some cosplay costume for her to put on. Tsubomi also tells them that she came up with a name for her when she saw Silk do battle, that is, Ultimate Girl. Just then Makoto arrives and tells the gang about the new wonder and shows them a clip about Okamura getting excited and naming the new heroes as UFO Man P, which stands for Pichi Pichi (lively and freshly). This guy is really enjoying it. So Makoto goes off in search of that UFO Man P while UFO Man himself tells Silk to keep up the good work. I don’t think Silk really wants to do all this. I mean, saving the world from monsters at such a tender age, your childhood years will be gone, man. Not only that, getting naked… I wouldn’t want this kind of deal too.
So it’s gonna be like this over the next few episodes. Yeah, you could say that it follows some sort of pattern. A different monster shows up (usually in some ecchi form) and the girls will have to transform with UFO Man to defeat the monster. Okamura and Mayu arrive at the fight scene and does their usual commenting while Makoto takes more snapshots and gets intrigued to who the new heroines are and decides to find out more about them. Fight fight fight, ecchi ecchi ecchi, nearly getting naked and in the end, our little large-sized heroines save the day and the monster is defeated. Put in a little drama and suspense and there you have it.
Thus in episode 2, the girls are out together again, as expected a monster shows up and UFO Man wants Silk to transform and go into battle. Umm… Though the monster this time looks like a train, why does it have a train coach sticking out from its crotch area! So disgusting obviously! Silk is still embarrassed the last time she became naked and is hesitating to grab UFO Man’s stick (let’s call it that). However, Tsubomi says that she’ll do it this time since she concluded that UFO Man’s body has been divided into 3 of them so it’s possible for her to transform too.
Uh-huh. Tsubomi is so so eager. She’s saying it’s her dream bla bla bla and even strips naked before she grabs UFO Man’s stick. The funny part is that when she does, unlike Silk’s henshin as seen in the previous episode, we have a waiting screen asking viewers to be patient as Tsubomi transforms as the meter gauge shows the time it takes for her to transform. Tsubomi finally does and goes into battle. Everyone else is anticipating last week’s UFO Man P to show up but is surprised to see a different one. Before Tsubomi fights, she writes on a building by introducing herself as Ultimate Girl, much to Okamura’s dismay (he likes that P word better, huh? Yeah, P for pervert) but to Mayu’s joy as she gladly would call her that from now on.
Unfortunately, just like Silk, Tsubomi doesn’t really have any fighting powers and time is running out. It does run out. Tsubomi is getting naked but she’s enjoying it! That girl think being naked is some sort of art! Have you no shame girl? But Tsubomi soon gets pounded and reverts back to her normal size. While Tsubomi is knocked out, Viviene remembers a flashback whereby her mom told her that in order to be a true Japanese woman, one musn’t show her skin in public. I didn’t know that. While UFO Man is pleading for Silk to be the one, Viviene quickly grabs UFO Man’s stick. Probably she doesn’t want to see Silk go through all that embarrassment again. You know, everytime somebody grabs his stick, UFO Man is gonna go "Ah~…". Like is it so nice?
Viviene goes into a henshin just like Tsubomi. Yup, a waiting screen. Okamura and Mayu wonders where that Ultimate Girl had gone to when Viviene emerges. They notice how different she is from the previous 2 and Okamura decides to nickname her Ultimate Girl Big Boobs. That guy…
Episode 3 continues with Viviene charging towards the monster and looks like she’s evenly matched, subduing it with her grappling moves. Umm… Is it me or is it that the 3 minute limit for that power draining clothes disappearing thing getting shorter and shorter? Maybe UFO Man loves being a pervert. Viviene grabs some nearby banners to cover up so that she doesn’t have to be embarrassed. However, it seems Viviene’s powers are getting weaker or rather not coming out. Why? UFO Man explains that the source of their power comes from M.O.E., Michaiyan Otome Energy – Maiden oh don’t look at me please energy. What the? Meaning, the more embarrassed she gets, the more powerful she becomes. So that explains why Silk defeated her monster while Tsubomi didn’t. Seriously, I can’t believe such an energy source is drawn from that.
Though Viviene remembers her mother’s words, no time for it now as she uses the banner to cover the monster’s eyes and blasts it away with her eye laser. I suppose that M.O.E. power really does work. Viviene reverts back to her normal size but Makoto notices that UFO Man usually does fly away into the sky after the battle and not disappear. So his thinking somehow makes him bump into that train monster. Keep your eyes on the road and concentrate next time. So that monster isn’t dead yet? But it’s on fire due to Viviene’s laser. Ugh… Makoto’s lying unconscious on that train monster’s train crotch… This time it’s Silk’s turn to go and finish things off. With Silk’s appearance, Okamura decides to nickname her Ultimate Girls Little Boobs, much to Mayu’s dismay. So what about Tsubomi? Okamura without hesitation says she is Ultimate Girl Loli. That guy…
Silk is wondering what to do as she’s running around letting that monster chase her. That is, until the monster fell off into the sea and it brings Makoto along with it. She dives down and saves him but since she notice that the unconscious Makoto is touching her breasts, she gets very embarrassed and unleashes the greatest M.O.E. power to disintegrate that monster (OMG! She did a handjob on that monster!!! Mind running wild!!!). Before Silk reverts to her normal self, she puts Makoto down somewhere. Since Makoto is a little drowsy, he only manages to see a white outline of her, took a few shots before passing out.
Makoto is determined to find out the identity of Ultimate Girl in episode 4. Silk bumps into Makoto in school as she finds out his goal. And Makoto’s really passionate about it. Not only that, it’s the physical exams for the girls too. I wonder why Tsubomi is so interested in seeing whether Silk’s breasts has grown or not as she squeezes it. Of course Silk doesn’t like it and calls her an ecchi monster. I guess that word must be like a Pavlov’s Bell to Makoto because he just barged into the room filled with girls changing their outfit and starts snapping like crazy asking where that monster is. Once he realized that the monster is Tsubomi and feels ‘tricked’, he leaves disappointed. What the? How would all the girls feel? I’m surprised they didn’t go after him and pound him. Plus, I don’t think that head of Makoto’s is filled with pervertness. Just monsters and Ultimate Girl. Good thing or a bad thing?
A monster shows up this time and looks like some doctor with injection needles as its hands. UFO Man wants Silk or Viviene to do it but before anything could happen, Tsubomi grabs his stick and transforms. Okay, so that Tsubomi girl really enjoys the spotlight because she’s posing for those maniac photographers to take shots of her! Because of that, the monster manages to overpower her and is on top of her. Too much time wasting has gotten her all naked. Tsubomi then fakes some pain and tells that monster doctor to help her. It gladly obliges as it does a flasher by opening his overcoat and… OMG! This time a stetoscope as its crotch! It’s really getting weirder. With the monster’s guard down, she uses the opportunity to pull its crotch. The monster then disappears and Tsubomi soon follow. Everybody then starts to search for Ultimate Girl frantically but the 3 girls are somewhere safe. While the trio are walking out, Silk spots her sister Mayu packing stuff into her reporting van. Mayu wonders what they are doing here but Silk says that they are shopping as she soon runs away with her buddies. However, Mayu is suspicious because she wonders why they’re doing shopping in gym outfits and why are they not in class. She smells something fishy.
Okamura and his crew are having a tough time figuring out the identity of Ultimate Girl in episode 5 with all those crappy pics they took when Makoto appears and says that he can count on him. I suppose he and Okamura hit it off right there with their beautiful friendship. But mainly this episode sees how Silk and Viviene who got invited by Tsubomi to work part time at some cosplay cafe. Yeah, more embarrassing costumes for Slik to wear. Especially that cat one and she has to end her sentences with ‘nyan’. But I suppose she’s got no choice as Tsubomi’s really enjoying all of this. During their shift, Viviene stepped out for her break only to bump into Makoto who’s passing by. Viviene accidentally tripped and fell into Makoto’s arms. Just as in good timing and all, Silk comes out to see them in that pos. As excpected, she misunderstood the situation and thinks her best friend likes the person she has a crush on. Silk runs away in tears… and says nyan… with Viviene going after her.
I suppose Makoto is more interested in the monster which appears. Yeah, this one looks like some masked wrestler from Ultimate Muscle. No time to loose as Viviene grabs UFO Man’s stick and transforms (some Sailormoon parody here because Viviene’s cosplay costume is one). Okamura that big boobs appeared this time. That monster seems to be giving Viviene some moe tips and puts some glasses on her before squirting some white liquid on her which look like… you get the idea. Those crows below are perverts. "She’s really makes me drool". Yup, that’s what some guy said. Don’t they know the danger they all are in? Speaking of Tsubomi, she’s posing at the cafe and doesn’t know the monster battle going on like nobody’s business. Soon Viviene’s clothes start to disappear and that monster decides to do some wrestling move on her. While down, Viviene spots Silk who tells her not to loose. With that, Viviene gets her M.O.E. power and proceeds to wallop the monster. And that Okamura guy is giving names to Viviene’s moves like Cross Boobs Attacks and Rocket Boobs Screw. Haih… Viviene uses her ultimate move to finish it off.
Later, Silk meets Makoto and they both chat. Makoto’s pretty excited about that recent battle (I think that’s what this guy has in his mind all along). When Silk asks him if he really like those kind of girls, he answered yes. Silk is shocked and runs away. Perhaps she should’ve listen finish to his sentence. Though Makoto continues he like Big Boobs, he likes Ultimate Girl (meaning all 3 of them). But Silk is already gone by then. While the crowd is searching for Ultimate Girl, Silk passes some clothes to Viviene at some alley. But Silk left without saying anything. Obviously, trouble is written all over her face. And that Tsubomi girl is still having her fun and wondering if Silk and Viviene are done with her break. You don’t know what you’ve missed.
Episode 6 is a beach episode. You know what that means. It’s summer time and the trio along with UFO Man (with pervertness on his mind as usual) decides to go to the beach by train. Of course, Silk and Viviene still don’t see eye to eye because of that last incident with Makoto. At the beach, Viviene tries to clear up the misunderstanding but Mayu appears. It seems Mayu is here to host some summer swim suit contest. However Mayu has an ulterior motive. She suspects that Silk is Ultimate Girl and would transform if a monster appears and is watching her. With shortage of workers, the trio has to help in setting up the stage while that UFO Man basks in the sun oogling at semi-naked humans. That is, until some little girl thought it was a ball and proceeds to hit it. Yeah, even UFO Man says how his dad never hit him like that.
Makoto comes along and tell the girls how this contest is just a set up to discover Ultimate Girl’s true identity, shocking them. I don’t know what Makoto is thinking because he seems to admire Viviene’s breasts and then decides to take her along with him. Double shock for Silk as she runs away. Viviene tells Makoto to stop and runs after Silk. She manages to catch up and have a little chat. Silk thinks that it’s okay if Viviene and Makoto are happy but Viviene thinks otherwise. Then a giant octopus monster shows up. Since the monster is on a rampage, it destroys the stage and Mayu is trapped by the rubble and can’t go see if Silk is Ultimate Girl. Makoto as usual is taking photos like mad while Silk decides to transform this time. Since the battle is kicking up dust, Mayu can’t see anything. It’s soon over and Silk reverts back to her normal self. But before Makoto can take a snap at who the real Ultimate Girl is, Viviene knocks him out cold from behind.
Mayu finally manages to free herself by ditching her top and rushes to the girl’s side. To her disappointment and confirmation that Silk isn’t Ultimate Girl because the trio mentioned that they were here all the time. Can’t run around naked with her top exposed now, can’t she? Viviene herself manages to have a heart to heart talk with Silk and clears the air. Silk is relieved. Though Viviene didn’t really mention it, she does say that she already has someone she loves, which I think is Silk. Must be the way she put things. Is she a lesbian? But thankfully, they’re friends once more.
Silk decides to leave UFO Man behind as she and her pals go on a school trip in episode 7. Which means, if a monster were to show up, they’ll be in big trouble. While the girls are travelling in their school bus, Makoto also does in his motorbike following closely behind, likewise Okamura and Mayu in their van. The scene then changes to some orchestra concert. It’s so boring that the audience is asleep. Actually some monster which look like some radio is playing some music is making everybody taking 40 winks. Yeah, that monster can only says "Mara…" which means penis in Japanese. Soon everybody on the road falls asleep. It’s amazing that nobody crashes their vehicles. They all stopped in time to take a nap by the side of the road.
Silk and her friends are then awakened by UFO Man who followed them here. He proceeds to explain about the monster’s hypnotic waves and it seems the monster has fallen into its own trap and is asleep as well. UFO Man relishes the chance to capitalize on the moment and wants Silk to transform as ‘punishment’ for leaving him behind and making him travel some distance. Silk does but feels bad in attacking a sleeping monster. But the monster soon awakes and… pokes Silk with its conductor wand?! It’s just poking her! That Silk is so helpless. All that commotion has awaken everyone else. I suppose Okamura loves what he is seeing because he’s commenting how this monster is able to torture a woman it just met and is an amazing genius, how he can feel and understand it pursuing some real art of a woman’s body, and finally "He is a maestro of the woman’s body! Damn I envy you!". Hahaha. Of course Mayu isn’t too fond of it and pulls his ear. Silk gets very embarrassed and knocks it out with her M.O.E. and soon defeats it. The monster said its final words before it vanishes… "Sayomara!". That night Silk and UFO Man are walking alone (didn’t the bus driver or her classmate notice that she’s missing?) on the road when Makoto comes up and gives her a lift. Silk wouldn’t let this opportunity slip through as she wish how time would stop like this as she’s holding on to Makoto’s back. And that UFO Man wants to get in the fun as well as he hugs Silk’s back only for Silk to give him an elbow, making that little pervert fall off and left behind once again.
Finally the gang reached their destination, Kyoto, in episode 8. Not much here except more fanservice like the girls taking a dip in the hotspring (nudity doesn’t really get to Tsubomi), some shopping and sightseeing. Then of course a little moment between Silk and Makoto but it seems that guy is more interested in maintaining his motorbike when he’s not chasing monsters (I could safely say that he’s got no love life and if he does, it’s chasing monsters) as he explains it all to Silk who is patiently listening. Maybe she just wanted to be with him and hear his voice rather than being annoyed with topics that don’t interest her. Hey, this girl is in love okay. Silk is a little down after meeting Makoto (not because he’s boring or what) because he’s leaving tomorrow morning. Viviene decides to cheer up Silk and the trio have their fun in town.
But then a mean looking Buddha statue-like monster appears and is terrorizing the place. It kinda occured to me that these people are like monster magnets because monsters tend to appear wherever they are. Tsubomi decides to go after this one and after some submission technique, the monster cracks and breaks up into pieces. However, it regenerates again and it seems it has become a bit more Buddha-like, asking Tsubomi to cover up before it disappears into the ground. Later though Tsubomi is disappointed that she couldn’t finish it off, they bump into Makoto who’s in a little frenzy because he just missed the monster action. Because of that he won’t be leaving and decides to stay, making Silk a little happy.
The school trip continues in episode 9 with more sightseeing and fun since it’s the last day. Silk and co bumps into Mayu and Okamura who tell the girls that they’re here because there’s a possibility that a monster might pop up. And when it does, Makoto is always there. So he’s a safe bet so to speak. Since it’s their last day, Viviene decides to let Silk and Makoto be together alone. While Silk is blushing and Makoto is oblivious, I guess that the person Viviene really loves is Silk. You can see her body language and words "I can’t be the one…". Must be lah. Makoto decides to take a pic of Makoto but an old couple decides to help take a pic of them both together. Silk must’ve never stood this close to him before. While the duo are in the ferris wheel, Silk asks Makoto which Ultimate Girl he like the most. Makoto replies Little Boobs because she was the first Ultimate Girl to appear and the one who saved him. Silk is surprised and happy but can’t really reveal her identity as she’s in a dilemma.
Soon that Buddha-like monster reappears and it’s Viviene’s turn to transform. Okamura is passionately commenting on the fight, much to Mayu’s disgust. The monster is overwhelming Viviene but she gets her M.O.E. power when she notices Silk is watching her from the ferris wheel. In Viviene’s embarrassment, she disintegrates the monster for good. Everyone is relieved. On the way back, Viviene slept on Silk’s lap with a smiling face after that tiring bout and Silk is happy as she thanks her. I want to mention that contrary to the title of this episode ‘Viviene Dies In The Setting Sun’, I don’t see how Viviene came close to that. Unless it refers to her love for Silk, which she has given up. But I don’t see that she does that too.
A Christmas episode in episode 10 sees the girls attending to some party. Tsubomi is wowing the crowd with her cosplay outfit which looks so much like her version of a transformed Ultimate Girl. Silk wants to give Makoto a present but is still too shy so much so Viviene has to give her a push to meet him (literally). Outside where the 2 are alone, Silk gives Makoto a present which is a reporter vest as gratitude for doing so much for her. Makoto drops another bombshell when he tells her how he can use it when he’s in USA. He’s going to USA? As Tsubomi mentions later, Makoto is going to USA to study journalism after he graduates. Poor Silk getting all depressed again. Tsubomi even quips that if Makoto’s gone, it will be Viviene’s gain. Silk receives a call from Viviene and Tsubomi asking her to go out with them to some place. Before Silk could say anything, they’re already at her doorstep and whisks her away with them.
It looks like the place is some otaku doujin convention and is packed like a tuna can. Silk gets separated from her friends at the convention and at the same time, a ferocious looking monster with a large Ultimate Girl poster on its stomach appears. Is it a fan of Ultimate Girl? Why is it saying "Uncensored"? Silk decides to face it but she better hurry because Silk is having some tummy ache because she ate some left overs yesterday. She better hurry or else she’ll have to deal with her nakedness soon. The monster then flips open its Ultimate Girl page on its stomach to reveal some uncensored copyright images. So this is the uncensored part? All the otaku freaks are happy at the sight. Now Silk’s embarrassment is at her max as she blasts the monster into pieces. Later when Silk is her normal self, Makoto comes running to her and tells her that he once again failed to know who Ultimate Girl is and is even more determined to go to USA and study so that he will definitely find out Ultimate Girl’s identity when he comes back. Silk is thinking that if he knows who Ultimate Girl is, then he won’t have to go abroad. Silk must be desparate as she blurts out to him that she is Ultimate Girl.
Is Makoto gonna believe Silk. Well, I suppose he would’ve and looks like it in episode 11 but a group of Ultimate Girl fanatics pop out from behind. You can say that Silk’s identity is once again safe because Makoto thinks she’s a fan of Little Boobs too and even asks her to cosplay in that outfit so that he could take a pic of her later. Yeah, Tsubomi’s got their costume done and ready already. What follows next is somewhat an ambiguous hentai-like gay scene. After Okamura finishes his newscasting report with Mayu, Makoto appears and Okamura asks him if he’s free tonight. Then at Okamura’s place, we see the 2 guys in an ambiguous postion (Okamura standing closely behind Makoto’s back) with that ambiguous expression and that ambiguous tone and talk like "You can’t insert something like this" and "Feel my hot desire!". Then we find out that Okamura is just helping Makoto to staple a thick thick stack of Ultimate Girl books, which Okamura has devoted his passion into writing them. The way things look make it so darn hilarious!
Later that night, UFO Man is outside the convention centre and has a bad feeling. We see some slimy thing entering the convention. The next day, the 3 girls are at the convention and are in their Ultimate Girl cosplay outfit when they spot Okamura selling his stack of Ultimate Girl books. He tells them that Makoto may be somewhere buying lots of books on Ultimate Girls. Yeah, and Makoto’s pretty hyped up with all the Ultimate Girl books they’re selling there when that slimy glob drops on him. Shortly, a monster starts appearing. Okamura is shock that a monster appeared because it’s Tuesday. Maybe the monster got bored of following the schedule. Of all the monsters that have appeared, this is the meanest looking one and doesn’t look crappy like the rest. Tsubomi decides to take down this one but she herself got taken down easily. Is it because of her lack of embarrassment? Perhaps. But UFO Man notes that this one is different from the rest and more powerful. And that monster is saying "Ultimate Girls… Ultimate Girls…".
Next up is Viviene as she grabs UFO Man’s stick without hesitation and knocks the monster off its feet in 1 blow. But it isn’t over yet as the 2 slug it out. Silk is watching the fight when she notices a label on that monster which says ‘Futagoyama High School Press Club’. Which means, that monster is Makoto himself! While Silk is in shock, the monster is overpowering Viviene and is demanding to know who Ultimate Girl is.
The final episode 12 continues with that battle but Viviene at the losing end. Later, UFO Man explains that there is another type of M.O.E. power, which is Miteku Ore no Energy (Look At Me Energy), whereby combined with extraterrestiral substance would give birth to a new monster. After more explanations which made me go blur, UFO Man says that their only chance to defeat this monster is to combine all their energy and focus it on its core. Even that, victory is not guaranteed. But what will happen to Makoto? He’s already completely fused with the core and they can’t possibly save him. Meanwhile the monster is rampaging and is still demanding to know who Ultimate Girl is when Okamura thinks who this monster looks so similar to Makoto. Yeah, he’s stuck inside the lens of the monster’s stomach unconscious.
Since UFO Man already gave up his body to ressurect the trio, Silk then tells him that after she defeats Makoto, she wants him to use her body to ressurect Makoto and also erase his memories about her. Silk doesn’t mind if it costs her life because she got to be with Makoto (even though that guy is clueless) and would gladly die for love. Silk undergoes her final transformation and is ready to do battle. Silk is having thoughts of the times she spend with Makoto and Okamura wonders why she isn’t fighting back but leading it to the top of the convention centre’s roof. Then with her amazing M.O.E. power (it didn’t seem like she was embarrassed or what), she starts to glow and hugs it. Makoto begins to open his eyes and saw what’s happening. He realized that Silk is Ultimate Girl. With that, Silk cries and wishes that she doesn’t want him to forget afterall. Silk grabs the lens and a huge ray of light vanishes them both as everyone is relieved.
Later Makoto regains consciousness on the outside steps of the convention when Tsubomi comes running to him and hugs him in tears. Makoto is gonna tell her who Ultimate Girl’s real identity is but it seems to have amnesia. Oh well, maybe that bump in the head must’ve made him forgot. Then he took out a photo and says how he’s holding on to it for some time and wants to give it to Silk. Just then, Silk emerges from the bushes naked. She’s alive! But how? With Tsubomi trying to cover her brother’s eyes, UFO Man appears and is now an even smaller fry. He explains that when Silk is destroying the core, they both noticed each other for a moment and UFO Man decides to use his own body to ressurect Makoto’s from scratch. Hence, he has become smaller in size. In addition, he didn’t erase his entire memories, but only the part where he turned into a monster. I see that’s why he couldn’t remember who Ultimate Girl is. Because of that, UFO Man is looking forward to helping each other a lot more (I’m thinking he’s in for the pervertness). But Silk doesn’t mind and is grateful as she hugs UFO Man. See, that guy’s a pervert, enjoying her bossoms.
In the end credits, we see Silk and Makoto having a chat on the school rooftop with Tsubomi and Viviene eavesdropping nearby. It seems Makoto isn’t going to the USA and decides to stay because he is more curious about something else. Though he didn’t mention it, I’m thinking it must be Silk. Viviene isn’t too happy but I guess she’s got no choice since Silk is happy. Makoto passes a photo to Silk before rushing off. Silk blushes in embarrassment when she sees it. At the same time, UFO Man is using his small size to camouflage as a baseball to take a peep at the girls changing. Some things never change. His size may be smaller but his perversion is bigger. Then Okamura and his crew gets a call of a monster attacking the city and heads there along with Makoto. So it’s another day in life for Silk as she goes up with a monster which looks like that robot from Mazinger series but has a drill as its crotch. See a pattern here? While everybody cheers on Silk, we see that the photo that Makoto gave Silk is the photo that they took standing next to each other during their school trip. And it is framed nicely sitting on Silk’s desk.
Overall, I guess the whole thing is pretty funny if you don’t mind the ecchi part. Especially if you’re the kind with lolita complex. Little girls becoming Ultraman and saving the city. Something like Powerpuff Girls, huh? So I’m wondering have the city folks really forgot about UFO Man already? Well, since Ultimate Girl is doing a fine job, I suppose they have a new heroine to cheer on. One thing that bugs me is that will Makoto have the same capacity to transform as well since he is ressurected using UFO Man’s body? Maybe. But I think that guy is more interested in snapping away and UFO Man would much prefer to merge with a female to satisfy his pervertness. Also, I’m thinking that the monsters should change their usual schedule of Monster Mondays to perhaps something else like Terrifying Tuesdays, Freaky Fridays or Scary Saturdays if they’re gonna do this for a long time.
The drawing, art and animation seems pretty okay with cute lolis. Because of that, probably that’s why the monsters don’t look ferocious enough and more towards ecchi. The production company who produces this series is M.O.E. which stands for Master Of Entertainment. Neat, huh? Maybe in the show they should’ve put more abbreviations of it like More Outrageous Ecchi… Just kidding. And I didn’t turn into a perverted freak like UFO Man nor do I have any loli fetish, mind you.
So if giant monsters appear in your neighbourhood, you know who to call right? Right. Even after watching this series, it didn’t really make me wanna watch those old Ultraman shows again, though the local tv station still airs them. Not too sure whether they’re reruns or not. While Ultimate Girls may not be a fad or the in thing but at least they’re part of the long list of heroes who keep Earth safe from the scums of the universe (to quote a little from MiB). No super high-tech powerful weapon here. Just the power of moe. Imagine if people in this world draw their powers from embarrassment, there wouldn’t be any fighting in the first place, right? Too shy to face each other. Theoratically.
Ultimate Girls
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