Well, they did it again. It must be popular enough that they produced a third instalment of the Hinako training series. This time called Isshoni Training 026: Bathtime With Hinako & Hiyoko. If you’re wondering what the triple digit number in the title means, it is actually pronounced as ‘ofuro’, which is a pun for ‘bath’ in Japanese. I mean, after exercising and sleeping with the busty titular character, what else is there left to do for otaku people? Yeah, clean yourself real good. What better way than to do it via a 2D girl.

Just like in previous instalments, Hinako ‘interacts’ with the viewers like as though she’s breaking the fourth wall as we ‘see’ her as the eyes of the cameras. The entire setting is in the bathroom where by Hinako is soaking in her bath tub. It would be dead boring just to see somebody bathing for the entire 25 minutes, right? Okay, maybe some people (read: voyeurism) do get their kicks by watching others bath in secret for hours and hours but in order to ‘retain’ viewers’ attention and seeing Hinako lying and soaking doing nothing, the first half of this episode has her telling viewers to do simple stretch-ups in the bathtub. Doesn’t it feel a little cramp? Hey, you don’t need a big space to do simple exercises.

Once that is done, as you may have guessed from the title, Hinako’s friend-cum-captain, Hiyoko makes her entrance to join Hinako. I guess this is to satisfy those who have fetish for under-developed bodies (read: lolicon). So yeah, the more the merrier, right? Right. So the first thing Hinako did when she enters the bath is to squeeze Hinako’s certain parts she deemed ‘fat’. When Hinako realizes viewers have seen every part of her, she wants us to marry her. If not, she’ll destroy us with her hand energy projection. Holy sh*t! Is she some sort of Super Saiyan?! Hinako makes an excuse that the steam from the bath hinders us from seeing anything so Hiyoko backs down.

The rest of the episode sees the duo scrubbing each other’s body and hair and Hiyoko ultimately giving Hinako a ‘special massage’. Something tells me that Hiyoko is jealous and is pinching real hard everywhere, including Hinako’s cheeks. Sadist… Then they go back and soak inside the tub and we have another round of finger stretching exercise for improving grasping ability due to the effects of water pressure. Hinako actually counted to 100 while Hiyoko leaves the tub halfway. With that, bath time with Hinako is over! Man, I thought she’d never get out.

Bathtime Never Felt So Sexy…
Well, what more can I say. I guess I expected something like this so I’m not so surprised anymore and because of that, I felt it wasn’t anything much. It had me thinking if you’re supposed to watch and do the exercises in the bathtub, wouldn’t it be dangerous too seeing that water and electrical items do not mix? Unless you’re watching it from your iPad but even so, would you risk it getting wet? Hiyoko just provides a little company because I think after the first two episodes, we might have got bored from Hinako’s monologue and think she is some sort of maniac who talks to herself even if it’s meant for us. So it’s just to liven up the atmosphere a little.

Besides, with Hinako having more dialogue here (instead of the usual counting in the first episode and non-action in the second), I thought there was a chance that she may explain some tips, trivia, dos and don’ts in bathing. Or maybe even her own personally preferred shampoo or soap. Apparently not because I guess you’re supposed to just gawk at them. I’m not sure if they’ll come up with more of this sort of ‘training’ videos but even so, what will they come up next? For the ‘benefit’ of the otaku, of course. Maybe it’ll be a diet and healthy eating. Or how to watch anime and read manga at a safe distance? For now, I think I’ll go take a quick shower seeing that I’ve been staring too long at the monitor and I think smell too. It’ll be a fast one because if I take too long, my dad is going to suspect that I’m laying eggs inside or counting hair instead.

Sleeping With Hinako

June 11, 2010

WTF?! WTH?! WTS?! Not in my wildest dreams that I would have thought that a sequel for this series being made. At least, it did not cross my mind. Due to the largely popular Training With Hinako which was a surprise hit among typical male otakus, I guess it did not take long for a sequel to surface. Yeah, Sleeping With Hinako or Isshoni Sleeping is that supposed sequel and based from what I read from the internet, it is supposed to help otakus alike to sleep better.
Say what? Sleep better? Wait a minute? Otakus need a busty 2D girl to help them sleep? Sure, after staring at the idiot box for a marathon of several hours or straight for a new record breaking number of days, I guess the producers were really ‘kind’ and ‘thoughtful’ to think about their health and wellbeing. Okay so theoretically that should work, right? But if you think about it, if the otaku is supposed to watch Hinako (the main and only protagonist of this series), then they wouldn’t fall asleep in the first place, right? I mean, they would be watching and waiting in baited breath of all the views, angles and sleeping positions that they would daydream and fantasize about. So much about putting them to bed, huh?
In this 20 minute video, it starts off with Hinako losing a portable video game she’s playing. Heck, I don’t even want to know what kind of game she is playing. Noting that us viewers are going to bed (oh heck, we just started watching this show. What do you mean we are going to bed?!), she too decides to tug in early with us and changes into her nightie pyjamas (sorry folks, no fanservice here at the moment). And she’s citing that it’s not healthy to stay up late. Hey, have you ever seen a healthy-looking and in-shape otaku? By the way, it intrigues me. How do you sleep with a 2D girl while watching her? Beats me. Unless you want to fall asleep right in front of your PC.
So after tugging herself in and switching off the lights, of course you can’t expect her to fall asleep like a log so she too has a hard time catching 40 winks. So lots of staring moments at us viewers as she notes that she’s kinda happy that we’re sleeping together (give me a break). After playing several facial hide-and-seek (covering her face with the blanket on and off), she notes how embarrassing this is (about time). I guess she has to take a little peek from time to time to see if we viewers are sleeping. Suddenly out of nowhere she bursts into laughter and out of her blanket to say something is tickling her (I hope it isn’t the monsters underneath the bed). Then more tossing and turning, tossing and turning, and she still can’t sleep. Perhaps that cute smile on your face isn’t a turn-off either.
Since this is going nowhere, she gets us viewers (whether we want or not) to hold her hand to accompany her to sleep. How the heck are you going to hold her pixel fingers? Putting it right on your monitor? You’re looking like a moron. I don’t know but Hinako feels relaxed and in no time she soon feels sleepy and dozes off. Then you’ll notice the ‘deafening silence’ as the casual background music too is gone and the only sound you’ll hear is Hinako’s inhaling and exhaling. And this is just the first 5 minutes of the video! So the remaining 15 minutes are what you called multiple angles of sleeping Hinako. Some fanservice shots here and there since her nightie is too short which exposes her white panties. Are we feeling sleepy yet? Yeah, boob shots, panty shots, close-up shots and even recycled bits as we otakus can have our fill of candy visual of sleeping Hinako and her curvaceous body. Don’t you feel like a stalker watching a girl sleep in her room? Even though she’s 2D?
So I guess they had to break the monotony somewhere as Hinako grabs her bolster and nothing much happens. I don’t want to know what kind of dream she is dreaming because she’s gently biting the bolster and chewing it like she’s eating and enjoying her favourite food (or if you have a wilder imagination, then go ahead and add it in here yourself). I’m not sure if you could call her ‘unrefined’ while she’s asleep because well, she’s tossing and turning at times like as though she’s restless and of course she slowly kicks away her blanket and her sleeping position is for fanservice purpose.
Ahem, ahem. After all that, do we feel even sleepy? Perhaps the point is to monotonous flow of the video in hopes of making us otakus sleepy and going to bed. I admit that it was so boring that I was yawning several times and it was out of boredom rather than being tired. Uh huh. It didn’t make me go to bed at all! Here’s another point to ponder. If you really did fall asleep while watching this show, wouldn’t you be wasting electricity and power since you left your PC monitor running? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Make sure you properly switch off all unused appliances before going to bed. If anything serious happens, there won’t be a tomorrow for you to wake up to. But I’m not going to sleep on this matter any further.
As compared to the prequel, the fanservice here isn’t that much unless you get your kicks out of those same panty shot views. And now that I have satisfied my curiosity in watching what this clip is all about, I think it’s about high time that I should turn in too. Hey, I need my energy to continue my weekly anime programmes :). With training and sleeping menu released, I’m just wondering what other videos will they use Hinako to ‘help’ otakus alike. Maybe a diet video? Maybe. Eat well people. Perhaps a bathing segment? Perhaps. Clean yourself well too. Hey, nothing is impossible. Some time ago, some company made a real life sex doll, didn’t it? Now you can really sleep with that one.

Sleeping With Hinako

Training With Hinako

October 9, 2009

Erm… Urm… Er… Ah… What can I say after watching Training With Hinako or also known as Isshoni Training. After watching this weird (or unique, depends on your point of view) 1 episode OVA, I guess I could sum it up as an ero-workout fitness training for all those hikikomori otakus out there. Yup, after staying too long in one’s room and staring at the idiot box for long hours, we all know how out of shape and a typical otaku looks like, eh? Thank goodness I don’t look like one!
What better way than to motivate all you otaku geeks by doing a little workout by using a busty 2D girl named Hinako. I guess it’s better to use fanservice as a reason to make you move those fats (and as a selling point for the producers ;p). The short 24 minute video starts off like some sort of horror movie atmosphere whereby some real life girl has been sucked into the TV. The next thing you know, we see Hinako taking a shower and she is excited that she is able to communicate with us viewers. It’s like breaking the fourth wall, eh? She tries to interact with you viewers and possible predict the lethargic reaction that we will have while watching her.
So she suggests some cooperation between the anime and real world like weight training. So why weight training? That’s because contrary to what we see, Hinako has gotten herself a warning notice whereby if she doesn’t lose 5 kilos in 3 months, her production crew will cancel her anime that she’s starring in. Hinako thinks she is fat but we viewers know where her ‘excess fats’ are located, right? So after coming out from the shower, the weight training that Hinako encourages us all to do with her include push-ups, sit-ups and squats to the count of 12. There isn’t anything hentai about this ero-workout video but if there is going to be some fanservice, it has got to be ecchi. For instance what you will see are different view shots and angles of Hinako while doing her workout, especially her assets. That’s right. Boob shots. Make that bouncy boob shots since she is wearing a very loose singlet which threatens to fall off if she ever moves even further. Besides, you can see the name of the weight training either written on her panties or boobs. That’s like giving viewers an appetizer and a motivation to start it off.
Once it’s over, Hinako is to leave for her anime and tells viewers to continue working our body and to make a promise to come back tomorrow. Then the next scene shows the ending credits rolling while Hinako in her undies as she changes into her anime outfit (note the other characters in the background changing too!). Then it’s like some mahou shoujo Mai Otome kind of anime as we see Hinako and her co-stars taking out some giant mecha. Huh?
But it’s not over yet. Because it’s more like deja vu. Though it starts off with Hinako surprised when she learns that we viewers are having a crotch shot of her as she is reading a book, she is happy that we kept our promise and came back. Hey sister, we didn’t go anywhere. Yeah, the whole weight training stint restarts once more. At the end she says how it’s fun doing it with us every day but I guess this statement could only make desperate otakus turn on. And yeah, it’s that same mecha ending credits again. After that a little advice from Hinako to hold those midnight snacking.
The remaining 14 minutes are just reruns of the weight trainings with 3, 2, 1 countdowns before the start of each session. Seriously, it’s getting too repetitive and boring. Making this video must be real cheap for using recycled bits and positions, eh? So I guess for variety and as a reward, Hinako has up some of her weight trainings’ count to 24. And if you are patient, you’ll get to see Hinako doing them in different outfits. Albeit they are just a typical school PE form and in her undies (most otakus would agree with me that this should be the most pleasing eye candy). And there’s one a whereby Hinako is lying down on bed with her clothes nearly revealing her undies. As the minute dwindles away, Hinako is slowly out of energy and you can tell by her tired counting and by that time the only thing moving are her bouncy boobs. Finally it’s like Hinako is staring at viewers (assuming that it is the viewers which are doing the workout now) while counting (no more background music) after which it abruptly ends. Are you still with her?
Okay, I admit that I didn’t even lift a finger doing anything but believe me most viewers would be too confused to follow her instructions and just kept watching. After a while, it gets too repetitive and Hinako’s counting feels kinda numbing. While the fanservice here isn’t much but I guess it is still unsuitable for younger audiences. Well, it is intended for the otaku audiences after all. Surprisingly, I read somewhere on the internet that this show is quite a hit among the otakus! A sell out! Surprise, surprise. Any pretty 2D bishoujo girl will just do, huh? Maybe a sequel in the future since it’s so popular? I don’t know. Because of the camera angles, it’s like an invitation for otakus to rape her! Gasp! What am I thinking?! Is that the only kind of workout that otakus would truly enjoy?
So unfortunately Hinako didn’t really motivate me to further do my own training and not to say I regretted watching this one-off show but at least it satisfied my curiosity on what it is about. I doubt that Hinako would get others to get up and exercise in the long run since there are proper workout videos which tell you the right moves so and so. However using her may be a start to reaching those out of shape otakus. But I’m thinking that there is one small little body part which would make otakus have a ‘furious workout’ while watching this. Yeah, thinking of that ‘M’ word! Have your wrist a good warm-up before hand or else you will experience cramps. And no, I did not try that out myself!

Training With Hinako
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