Magical Star Kanon 100%

September 20, 2013

I suppose Tenri-hen wasn’t enough so they had to release an OVA spin-off of one of the characters. Kanon to be exact. So before we get our next season of The World God Only Knows, we have Magical Star Kanon 100% as our appetizer. And as the name suggests, Kanon takes centre stage for this OVA instead of Keima who only makes a stinking cameo appearance. This is Kanon’s episode for Kanon fans. And how she uses the powers of magical girl to catch a Loose Spirit with that moe blob Elsie. Magical girl? Just watch it.

Who Is Imouto?
Don’t get the wrong idea that since Kanon is a pretty popular idol, this entire OVA will be about her concert. Singing all the way. Wrong. Nothing like that. Elsie loves Kanon so much that she wants to see her (ironically they go to the same school). Then it is like God smacks her with a sign for that chance because today is the day Kanon will be holding an audition to find a ‘little sister’ for her weather forecast programme. Eager beaver Elsie heads over but was only kicked out because she has not registered earlier (I suppose they don’t take final walk-ins) and she is not a little girl. How rude. She is over 300 years old! WTF. Then her sensor starts beeping and she sees a Loose Spirit entering the building. Feeling the need to catch it, she barges through security to look for it. But has the Loose Spirit taken over Kanon? Because when Elsie follows the scream, she sees little Kanon! She has turned into a young girl! However her sensor doesn’t detect she has been possessed by a Loose Spirit. Kanon is of course in a panic as she still has a job to do and can’t go out like this. Don’t worry. Elsie will help her. I think I’m starting to worry. First, she calls Keima for help. That guy isn’t interested because he is playing his video game than to give a sh*t about her problem. Loose Spirit is her specialty, right? So do something about it yourself! Because Elsie took too long talking, Kanon has wandered off herself.

The security finds Kanon and thinks she is a lost girl and one of the audition participants. Even her manager, Okada thinks how similar this little girl is to Kanon and takes her to where the participants are waiting. How ironic. Kanon auditioning to be her own little sister! Kanon meets the other girls and one of them, Kozue seems to have low self confidence if she could win it. A shocking surprise for Kanon: The grownup Kanon walks in onto stage! Who the? What the? That is obviously a fake and Elsie knows because her sensor is ringing like mad. Of course she is kicked out when she points out the fake. The audition begins with the little girls each doing their own talent. The production staffs are puzzled with ‘Kanon’ because she is acting odd and not responding to them. Elsie talks to Kanon outside that she suspects the Loose Spirit is impersonating as her so it could find the girl with the largest gap in her heart. When it is Kozue’s turn, the fake Kanon stands up. Before anything can be done, Elsie barges in with mini Kanon in her hand to claim this is the real one. Seriously. Will anybody believe her? Kanon thinks hard and the only way to prove it is via her singing. She starts singing and this causes the fake Kanon to go berserk. It starts attacking the place and kidnaps all the little girls.

I don’t know how but because this is like some sort of dream, Kanon uses her magical power to transform herself and fly up to the roof. Don’t even ask. The Loose Spirit is sucking the essence out of the little girls when Kanon confronts it. How is she going to deal with it? She’s going to sing of course. It is the only effective way to deal with it. The light in her song weakens the Loose Spirit and reverts herself back to her normal size. I’m sure Elsie can’t screw up now in containing the Loose Spirit, right? Right. Phew. Thank goodness. Kanon collapses but with a smile. When she wakes up, the rest of the production staffs are puzzled that everybody had just dozed off. Was it all a dream? But apparently Kozue is awed with Kanon because she saw her doing her magic. Kanon hopes it would be a secret between them. Elsie goes home, happy with her catch and pondering if she should team up with Kanon instead of stupid Keima. But she feels something amiss. Like her capture was incomplete. A little Loose Spirit then touches her and she shrinks into child size. So this is the culprit. Looks like another chase is on. Lastly, Kozue wins the audition to become Kanon’s little sister.

The Magical Girl Idol God Only Knows
I guess this OVA is fairly okay. Those who are fans of the series and especially Kanon would pretty much like this although there is nothing much to shout about. Elsie is still a klutz but there is promising hope that she can still improve. I’m praying a lot for that to happen. The best point of this spin-off is just the songs and Kanon as your typical idol sings them in her typical cheery and upbeat style. Not to say that I am totally in love with them nor have I become a Kanon convert, but I get this sunshiny feeling when I hear all the songs she sings for this OVA. Especially the ending theme, Kimi Iro Love Song. It’s quite fun to hear it and with cute lyrics like “I need your pika-pika”, you certainly can’t go wrong there. So with Kanon aside, I hope now that I am ready for the next season of the main thing. Maybe Elsie and Keima should try a musical and sing their way to capture those Loose Spirits. Nah! I prefer seeing him being the suave smooth operator.

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