I didn’t think this would get an OVA but Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii did. The TV series didn’t really make much impact on me since it’s about a group of working adults who continue to divulge in their otaku hobbies. Nothing really spectacular happened and that sort of otaku love was just pretty okay, if not didn’t really go anywhere. Love itself for normal people is already hard and confusing. What more when it comes to otaku nerds. For this OVA, if you’re hoping of any other sort of advancement in the relationship between our main characters, don’t hold your breath. It is more of a flashback on Kabakura and Hanako’s high school love story.

It Appeared Suddenly=Love
Narumi and Hirotaka see Hanako at the café. She tells them she managed to invite Kabakura to some 2.5D show. He was reluctant at first but she managed to line it up with his interest. Since that show is about volleyball, this prompts them to note that they were once captains of their high school volleyball club. Since they are eager to know, Hanako doesn’t mind telling them about their little story. It wasn’t as rosy as you think and it started very shaky and antagonising. Hanako went to confront Kabakura about sharing the gym for practice. However Kabakura asserted his authority that the guys are better and that the girls should concentrate on doing laps. This was when Hanako showed a photo she secretly took of him at an anime store. She used this as blackmail and Kabakura in fear his teammates would find out he is an otaku, gave in. Suddenly the boys are now sharing their place with the girls. One day, Kabakura saw Hanako practising and since she wasn’t very good in it, he showed her how it’s done. Now, Kabakura looked so cool that Hanako was interested to learn more. He didn’t mind teaching her as long as she deleted that photo. Hanako really looked conflicted so he also promised to continue sharing the court with them. As they only started officially dating after graduation, Narumi and Hirotaka make a bet on who confessed first. Hirotaka bets on Hanako while Narumi bets on Kabakura.

Hanako continues with her story. Kabakura continued to coach her and one day she learnt his secret of being successful in his game was that he listened to his favourite anime songs. Hanako would love to follow in his footsteps but the otaku world was just so alien to her. So he simply explained how a song pumped him up and gave him ‘super powers’ to perform. Sadly, Kabakura’s team lost an important match and went out. Everyone looked so disappointed. Hanako went to console him but she was the one with the ‘ugly’ crying face. During graduation ceremony, Hanako talked to Kabakura before he leaves. Because of the note she left him, he is furious thinking she has never deleted that photo. Though, she points out she never mentioned anything about a photo in the note. While they taunt each other that they don’t have to see each other’s face, Hanako eventually said his otaku side might not be his coolest but it isn’t his lamest either. That’s why he should be confident and do his best wherever he goes. And before you know it, they give each other a big strong hug. Narumi and Hirotaka are amazed with this love story and before Hanako manages to show them a photo from her handphone, here comes Kabakura to put a stop to this ‘nonsense’. Kabakura and Hanako end up in their usual argument, accusing the other as the one who turned around first to hug. After they leave, Hirotaka is puzzled that the photo Hanako showed them, wasn’t that the one on Kabakura she was supposed to delete? Narumi understands very well why she couldn’t delete it…

Love Is Served
As you can see, this single OVA doesn’t isn’t really much and it just expands on the high school love story of Kabakura and Hanako. It is probably the point in time where Hanako stated taking some sort of interest in the otaku world. It wasn’t just because she finds them fascinating nor was it to help improve her volleyball skills but rather because she found Kabakura somewhat cool with it. So trying out the stuffs that your loved one loves is only natural. So yeah, it introduced Hanako to a whole new world and possible opened up a whole lot of other awakenings. Like cosplaying and fujoshi. Yeah… You could say that love changed them but also entirely have them stayed the same. Because their frosty relationship from start up till now is how they interact with each other. Arguing is one of the ‘key points’ of why their relationship is alive and kicking. And that my friend is why the also call it love. Confusing, right? They might be volleyball aces and didn’t win the volleyball tournament, but they aced each other’s hearts. Okay, that was pretty lame. Hey, I’m an otaku, not a lover!

Eromanga-sensei OVA

March 22, 2019

After that recently very sh*tty Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Ja Nai, looks like it is time to do some little sister healing. By watching another little sister series! This time it’s Eromanga-sensei OVA. Haha. I didn’t think this was going to a couple of OVA episodes but I guess many animes these days to since Eromanga-sensei is quite popular and has its own followings. But hey, even if this series is cliché and cheesy, at least it is not sh*tty crap like the aforementioned one. Yeah, sometimes I can’t change how sh*tty I am but at least I can be the right kind of sh*tty. WTF did I just say…

Elf holds a celebration party over the success of her adapted anime. The usual gang are invited and even though Sagiri is also all dressed up, it’s a shame she is only dressed up for the monitor. Yup, she is still holing up in her room and is only ‘there’ via livestreaming. Elf goes down to greet the crowd and her friends who give her a gift and especially Masamune giving her a small flower bouquet. During the break, she teases him to help undress her dress zip and even her top. Until he got busted by Chris. Déjà vu? Of course we all know it isn’t Masamune’s fault. As they speak about their mother who will be coming, speaking of the devil, here she is. Firstly, she wants Masamune to break up with Elf. Somebody’s lying… Yeah, she posted on her social media those pictures but told a different story. Yeah, she painted Masamune as a pervert. I don’t know if mom is relieved or just freaked out when it wasn’t Masamune who was with Elf in the hotspring but Chris! Later, mother reveals she is here not to celebrate with her. In fact, once this event is over, she will pack her bags and go back with her. She will choose her future husband. Elf stands her ground and won’t do that. Mother can tell she likes Masamune but reminds her his heart won’t change. Elf hits her nerve when she mentions something similar about father. A short argument ensues before Elf dashing out. As the event begins, Masamune catches Elf sulking underneath the table. How she got there? Anyway, he listens out to her fight with mom. But she can’t stay sulked forever as she gets her groove back and heads back on stage before her cue is up. How she got out without anyone noticing? On stage, Elf ditches the script and gives her speech in her own natural way. Thanking everyone and including her family. The highlight of this episode is how Elf now sings in some Broadway drama musical style about the issues and challenges she is facing them and how she is going to tackle them. Yeah, she is addressing it directly to you mom. Man, it’s quite a creative and catchy piece if I must say. So much so at the end of it, Elf manages to talk to mom one last time and mom’s reply? Do as you wish. But of course. Can’t have mom being a selfish b*tch after all that effort, eh? After all, all she wants is the best for her daughter. After the event, Elf walks back with Masamune alone. After thanking how lucky she is for her to meet him, she finally confesses she loves him. Uhm, he doesn’t look that surprised and I’m not sure he replied but anyhow, Elf looks like the happiest girl ever.

Apparently Masamune is sick. Sure he won’t spread the germs, the way he is coughing all over the breakfast he made for Sagiri? He got it from Elf when he was visiting her while she’s sick. Oh dear. How is Sagiri going to live for today? Words are easy as she assures she will take care of him. But can she even step downstairs? Looks like Mission Impossible. But there she goes. Easy, wasn’t it? After giving his medicine and taking his temperature, she learns that he is supposed to submit his manuscript today. Now she knows nursing a sick person is a lot of hard work. And his fever is only going to get worse. As she doesn’t know how to cook, she thought of calling for delivery but her fear of opening a door to a stranger… I don’t think calling Elf will do too. So she does laundry and cleans the house? At least she did something. I guess she is at a loss now so she calls Kagurazaka for help. Apparently Muramasa is also there and ‘snatches’ the phone. Wow. She sounds desperate. Sagiri returns to help clean Masamune’s body. After he falls asleep, Tomoe is at the door. Sagiri trolls her that she isn’t home until she learns she is here to hand him some school notes and manga since the exam is coming up. Next up is Muramasa. She claims Kagurazaka put her up to this… Anyway, Sagiri won’t let her in. Muramasa claims that Elf always comes in but Sagiri notes she did it on her own. And so Muramasa tries to find her own way in. Luckily Sagiri locked the doors and windows. Man, this is getting tiring for Muramasa trying to get in. I guess today is not her today so she just leaves some vitamin drink and a letter that Sagiri must never see. Okay. Once those stuffs changed hands, Sagiri looks into the letter. WTF?! SEXY NURSE PICTURE OF MURAMASA!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I love maids, but I have a feeling this one would cure me instantly too… Anyway, Sagiri disapproves of this and will not give it to her brother. But she’ll use it for her ero references. Muramasa probably died standing where she is. At least the good news is that Masamune won’t be able to see this… Oh damn, that was supposed to be the intention… Sagiri remembers who Masamune took care of her when she’s sick. She is motivated to cook for him. Some mistakes here and there but she’ll get it. As Masamune feels better and tastes her cooking, it’s the best she’s ever made! I think it’s the only thing she’s ever made. Sagiri is shocked when he too had the same dream when they were young. With Masamune recovered, it’s Sagiri’s turn to be the queen of the house. Yeah, she got his cold now.

Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto. Sore Dake De!
Even if I don’t remember much about the TV series (which was more than a year ago when I watched it), these little OVA episodes are sure bring back the (vague) memories. But I guess it didn’t really ‘live up’ to its name because there aren’t any lewd bits here. At least in an erotic way. Elf’s dressing was just a very minor teasing and only some and the hardcore might get turned on with that very short cameo of Muramasa’s nurse picture. Yeah… But otherwise, they just feel pretty generic and my only favourite moments are Elf’s musical style singing as well as that Muramasa ‘dying’ when her secret nurse picture was being exposed for all of us to see. That was indeed hilarious in an otherwise boring nursing episode of Sagiri just trying to be brave and confront something we all naturally take for granted. And that is to just step outside her room. One small step for Sagiri, one big step for Sagiri’s future!

Back to Elf’s singing, I thought I find this part to be quite entertaining and very well thought out and creative. Although it does make me wonder if Elf really anticipated all this instead of doing it all spontaneous. Because of all the preparations to make it look oh so perfect, she’s got the backup dancers aiding her as well as the musicians playing smoothly to the tune of her dance. But the song is basically the summary of Elf’s story and life mission and from the looks of it, she’s got the all important permission from mom to take charge of her own destiny. After all, Elf’s confession shouldn’t come as surprising as she did something similar in the TV series (although it was short of confessing those magical words) and it was more of her real name reveal and hinting of Masamune to propose to her with that name when the time comes. Looks like she has up the ante with this confession and only time will tell if Masamune will break out from his imouto love and go for this spunky halfie.

Overall, nice and cute OVA but not really sure if they’re going to make another season or have any more OVAs. But my guts tell me that this isn’t the end of the little sister or imouto genre that we are going to see in Japan. There’s going to be more of it and it might get a lot worse than little sisters being perverts. Because the worst ones are viewers who continue to watch such piece of crap and complaining how sh*tty all these are. I guess no matter if it’s the right way sh*tty or the wrong way sh*tty, sh*tty is still being sh*tty. So more imouto animes, please?

I see we didn’t get enough of that working adults being avid otaku people in Net-juu No Susume. Hence I sensed something familiar in Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii. Apparently a group of adults working in the same company have similar interests in the otaku side since they are one. And since they are also adults, the prospects of falling in love and dating one another are also on the cards. Therefore this series takes a peek into the romantic lives of otaku nerds who try to be as normal falling in love but also keep up with their otaku habits. Why do I have a feeling that this is going to be hard? Because you know, otaku > love. It’s that simple of a logic.

Episode 1
Narumi Momose starts her first day in her new job. She passes by another newbie whom she finds familiar. She calls out to Hirotaka Nifuji and he responds. The last she has seen her childhood friend was during middle school. She tries to end the conversation by inviting to dinner. Then he asks her if she is participating in this summer Comiket. Later when they meet up, she thought of killing him because being an otaku is the last thing she wants others to find out. Hirotaka is also a game otaku himself but he doesn’t care if others know. Narumi reveals she quit her old company because the boyfriend she was dating then found out she was an otaku and dumped her! Well, he didn’t want to date a fujoshi. Is this feminism in the works because Narumi says she wants her next boyfriend to accept her as she is but she herself doesn’t want her boyfriend to be an otaku?! That is why she will not make Hirotaka her boyfriend. Narumi wonders if her senior, Hanako Koyanagi is an otaku too. Because her reaction when Hirotaka said about the Comiket, she is sure she is one. She notices the fujoshi cosplayers in her handphone and confirms she is a nerd. Hanako then recognizes Narumi by her old doujinshi penname. She is a big fan of hers. Narumi then realizes Hanako is a famous cross-dressing cosplayer whom she is a big fan of. Now they’re like best friends. Tarou Kabakura is Hirotaka’s senior. He observes him using his lunch time to play games and though he gets his work done, is mostly unsociable. Narumi invites Hirotaka to drink. However she fell behind in work so he waits for her to finish. You never know when you’ll need that trusty handheld. Oh, he has it all the time. Once done, they hit the bar as Narumi ‘complains’ about always making the wrong decisions in love. Well, this isn’t a dating sim where there is NEVER a wrong route! In the end, Hirotaka suggests they date each other. As they are both otakus, he is willing to help her level up in games, wait for her if she works overtime, will never say she made the wrong choice, will never disappoint her or make her cry (I thought he would be going ~Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down… too) and can got to conventions as her sales assistant. Agreed! She’ll never get the best otaku deal like this.

Episode 2
Narumi is avoiding Hirotaka like a plague. Her reason is that it would seem awkward for them to be seen dating so Hanako thinks she might be hurting his feelings. A little peek shows he looks mad instead. Hanako is envious of her because he is a guy that most otaku girl would love to date and he isn’t that bad looking. Narumi admits Kabakura is her type. What are the chances the guys heard that? Yup. Before you know it, a full blown argument ensues between Hanako and Kabakura regarding putting their noses in other people’s business. It’s intense since they know each other since high school and their rivalry in the sports club was equally if not more intense. During this distraction, Narumi runs away but Hirotaka catches up. When he says he shouldn’t have suggested they date, she hugs him and doesn’t want him to say that. She knows he tried his best and will try not to be embarrassed when she sees him. Hirotaka is gets embarrassed that he hides his face and speaks some weird language. Meanwhile Hanako and Kabakura continue to argue… Hirotaka reveals he can’t wink and when he tries, he looks like a creepy killer. Before the quartet hit the bar, the girls want to stop by the bookstore. To Kabakura’s ‘disappointment’, it is a manga bookstore. So the girls go their own way as Narumi the fujoshi master recommends the stuffs. Might as well recommend the whole shelf. Hanako’s fujoshi worries are over. It seems Kabakura also loves manga but he doesn’t like coming here in his work clothes to buy them as it makes him look desperate. As for Hirotaka, he buys his manga online. Hanako recommends some cosplay magazine to Narumi. She is forced to participate in whatever suggestions she has. When it’s over, nobody wants to go to the bar anymore as they want to go home and read. Next day, we know they have been reading all night as they’re drinking energy drinks to stay alert. Hirotaka tries his best to wink. Making a little progress but everything is still off.

Episode 3
Narumi hasn’t finished her manuscript and with the deadline looming, thanks to Hirotaka’s help she manages to finish it. She sells her doujinshi there and with Hanako turning up as a cross-dressing cosplayer, there are lots of fan girls abound. Narumi realizes she forgot to visit one of the booths so Hirotaka offers to man her booth while she is away. As she returns, she hears rumours of girls being excited about a guy selling yaoi stuffs. She feels sorry for him being sexually harassed after hearing him out about a guy molesting his hands… Creepy. With Narumi having no plans tomorrow and will go wherever he wants, he suggests his place. It brings back some nostalgic memories of them hanging out together. Narumi panics when his face lines up close seemingly to kiss her. But he just grabs the video game controllers. Hanako and Kabakura arrive later for a sleepover. This really disappoints Narumi since she thought it would be just them. What a way to ruin the mood. As Hirotaka goes take a bath, Hanako gets permission from him to raid his room to find his hidden stash! Nothing at all. It’s weird, right? Because all Japanese nerds are supposed to own some sort of porn! Narumi eventually finds something but they are old trading cards and toys. Narumi realizes that some of the toys he had were traded with hers and had forgotten about it. This makes her rant about wanting them to be fair and not hold back their love whenever they are together. It makes her sad to hear him not blame her for things when it is clearly her fault. To shut her up, he kisses her. Is that fair now? She head butts him. Now they both have sore foreheads. She accuses him of liking girls with big boobs in which he doesn’t hesitate to admit. Then he realizes his figurines (females with big boobs) are turned facing away. They spot outside Hanako falling asleep on Kabakura’s shoulder. Thumbs up? In the aftermath, it seems Hirotaka’s hidden porn stash is tucked away in Kabakura’s work desk’s drawer! Give thanks for the unknown treasure!

Episode 4
Hirotaka thought it was silly of Narumi to watch Sailormoon and cry over it. She lets him try and he too cannot hold back his tears. There is a picture of Narumi and another hot girl in cosplay. Kabakura is interested to know the latter but it turns out to be Hirotaka. Damn. Hanako then shows a picture she likes: Kabakura kissing her in his sleep as she takes a selfie! Scandalous! Later the seniors are in another argument and need their juniors to help out. It seems Hanako wants Kabakura to cosplay but he won’t. It doesn’t help his case when Hirotaka doesn’t really care. All seems fine when Narumi says despite their different otaku tastes, as nerds they respect each other. Then Hirotaka had to ruin it by saying she is beyond saving. No wonder she wants to kill him. Eventually Kabakura ends up as Hanako’s cosplay model. With all the editing and right stuffs, the picture turns out good. It seems he was being bribed by some high quality figurine for it. The quartet hit the bar as Narumi asks her seniors when they started dating. It was after Kabakura’s graduation. But when asked who confessed first, that’s when things started to get heat up as they accuse the other. More weird lesbian rubbing thingy with Hanako being drunk. It ends up with the seniors arguing again. Narumi suggests they say one thing about each other they like to make up. Kabakura mentions her boobs and Hanako wants to kill him. Suddenly she becomes sad and cries that she will never be as good as his Ranka. Narumi tries to quell her as Hanako becomes an emotional wreck ranting about how he might come to hate her. Narumi can’t help notice how her huge boobs are rubbing against her. Yeah, it’s hard to concentrate. Hanako laments about dating normal people and this has Narumi think of her own circumstances. Kabakura takes over and after a few of their usual snapping at each other, they somewhat made up and hug. Now Narumi is crying over this resolved drama. Later Narumi admits to Hirotaka that dating him is easy since she doesn’t have to hide being a nerd. They might not be each other’s ideal but as otakus they make some compromise. She thinks he would prefer dating a normal girl so he clarifies he isn’t dating her because she is an otaku or easy, he loves seeing the things she likes. She teases him he does like her. He gets mad. They both laugh it off and then hit the arcades.

Episode 5
Narumi notices ear piercing marks on Hirotaka’s ear. He says he got it during high school. He thought he would be an adult if he acted like one. Of course it didn’t. It made him realize he wants to be a kid forever. Don’t we all? Narumi orders a drink at Starbucks and the barista seems to know her. Upon realizing he is Naoya, they quickly start chatting away. Kabakura and Hanako are there too and they see this. They fear it must be her ex-boyfriend. All the worries and rumours naturally come. Then here comes Hirotaka. He approaches the dude. Is a war going to star? Actually, Naoya is Hirotaka’s younger brother. Are we relieved? He is new on the job since it is close to his college. When Naoya hangs out with them at Hirotaka’s place, everyone can tell he is not a nerd because he doesn’t understand the nerd language they are talking. So what the heck was Narumi talking with him for so long then? So they thought they could ‘communicate’ playing a video game. Too bad Naoya sucks like hell! To a point where everyone pities him but Hirotaka doesn’t give a damn and wins the game by himself. I believe Hirotaka is the first person I know to fall asleep at a video game! Is he that good that he is just bored? Or maybe he is that tired. This means it is time for the rest to go. With Naoya offering to walk Narumi home, Kabakura hints for him to back off but he just doesn’t get it. He misinterprets that Narumi and Kabakura are dating. To settle this, Hanako quickly kisses Kabakura. They are an item and this makes Narumi and Hirotaka another pair. This is news to Naoya’s ears so much so he starts crying? The rest thought this means he has feelings for Narumi but Naoya is relieved that his brother has a girlfriend as he was always worried he would forever be alone. The trio used to hang out together when they were younger but Naoya had always hoped she would stay by his side. With this reconciliation done, now Kabakura is crying? Is he the father? Next day at work, Hirotaka is confused why his colleagues are asking him to take better care of Naoya.

Episode 6
Hirotaka and Narumi forget their umbrella on a rainy day so Kabakura chides them about being adults and lends his. He runs off in the rain since he needs to go buy some special anime raffles. Then he bumps into Hanako and says he forgot his umbrella. She chides him about being an adult and shares it with him. She changes her mind about hating rainy days and now loves it. He too postpones buying the raffle since she is going to hang out at his place. At work, the rest couldn’t believe Narumi is being productive and didn’t make any slipups. She doesn’t even rely on Hirotaka and this doesn’t sit well with him. So after they talk, it is discovered that her favourite manga character was suddenly killed off. So I guess now is the time to fully let go her emotions. On Christmas Eve, Narumi and Hirotaka talk about their less than stellar Christmas as kids. Then they see Naoya doing his Santa promo job outside Starbucks. Narumi feels sorry for him as he has to stand in the cold while watching happy couples pass by. Plus, shockingly he has no girlfriend. She tells him lines to curse normal people. But Naoya doesn’t hate his job because he gets to see the happy faces of kids and believes the real Santa isn’t one wearing red clothes and hence everyone is connected with someone somewhere. Meanwhile Kabakura and Hanako are having a romantic dinner. She thinks he is trying to make up for last year in which he was so busy that he did nothing on that day. She surprises with a present of a limited edition event item. Maybe he’ll look forward to Christmas more often next time. As for Hirotaka and Narumi, they’re having takeouts at his place while spending the night grinding their game for special items. Merry Christmas for you nerds.

Episode 7
The friends minus Hirotaka play an online RPG game. Apparently despite Hirotaka loves playing games, online is his least favourite since he doesn’t like interaction with others. When a dragon attacks, Narumi decides to take on it despite not having the necessary requisites. Kabakura and Hanako start arguing and fighting each other because they don’t like giving the other orders. A hero then pops up. Is it Hirotaka? Nope. Naoya. Because he sucks at gaming, he gets owned by the dragon. Just when all seems hopeless, Hirotaka takes over Naoya and unleashes his flurry and kills the dragon singlehandedly. Maybe he doesn’t need a party and could just play solo. Hanako and Narumi are having dinner together. They are clicking so well together with their thoughts on anime until one slight difference in taste. Now they hate each other! Damn. So as they talk especially on BL pairings, despite having fantasies of their respective boyfriends get gay with each other, the difference on who is uke and who is seme reignites their loathing. And then they start arguing why their preference is so and so. Meanwhile Kabakura and Hirotaka are treating their younger juniors to dinner. The latter talk about how cute Narumi is and how sexy Hanako is and would love to be their boyfriends despite knowing they already have one. Until it comes to a point where Kabakura had to put his foot down and tell them that if they want to have girlfriends, talk about girls who are still single. Both sides coincidentally finish dinner at the same time and bump into each other. The juniors think the ladies are so close to each other but Hirotaka knows them better that they are totally different.

Episode 8
A storm is brewing through the city. All employees are advised to save their work and take precaution. But is Hirotaka ignoring the message since he is carrying on while wearing his headphone? We learn he has a fear of lightning. Don’t laugh. He has a traumatic experience with it. A blackout occurred before he could save his game. Yeah, his otaku colleagues feel for him. Flashback shows a similar storm when they were young. Narumi was worried about him since he was sick and rushed all the way over to his house. She constantly rang the bell and when he opened, she got the cheek to tell him not to open his doors when he is alone. The lightning flash was a big one and it spooked them. However they noticed that they are not scared when they are around each other. Another flashback shows Hirotaka trying to pierce his ears just to try out what adulthood is like. A few minutes later, he starts regretting and thinking about the scar it will have for the rest of his life. Because Hanako flirts boldly with Narumi and Hirotaka allows it, this prompts Kabakura to say that if Hanako was a guy she would definitely steal her away from him. She loves that idea and hints she would do lots of yaoi stuffs. This has Kabakura regret what he said but Hanako is all drunk at this moment and he has it hard getting her hands off him. Back in office, Kabakura and Hanako are in their usual argument. This prompts Hirotaka to ask what they are like when they are alone. This only escalates their bickering so when Kabakura tries to make it up to her with a weekend date, she slaps him. So is it on or not? This has Hirotaka note they are not the same. Meanwhile Narumi notes that with Naoya wearing glasses, he is a totally different person than Hirotaka despite being made from the same ‘material’. Because his eyes swelled from crying, he is wearing them instead of glasses. She gets mad thinking somebody bullied Naoya but it was just a movie he saw with his college friends. When he asks about their date, Narumi can only think their ‘dates’ consists of doing otaku stuffs separately. She’s confused as if to call those a date. What a bummer. The next time when Hirotaka invites her to a date, she expects more of the same thing. But she is in for a shock when he suggests doing a real date. No, she’s not dreaming.

Episode 9
Hirotaka and Narumi are really out on a date at the amusement park. However they have this rule that they must not talk any otaku related stuffs or else they must pay a 500 Yen fine. Boy, looks like they’re going to carry lots of coins and is the piggy bank big enough? This is going to be a tough non-otaku date by otakus. After trying various rides, they arrive at a haunted ride. Narumi is being panicky and in haste that when she gets into the ride, she realizes it is not Hirotaka sitting next to her but Kabakura! This means Hirotaka rides with Hanako. While ghosts doing even scare the latter duo, the former duo are just screaming at everything. Hanako admits they saw them entering and got curious but never meant to disrupt their date. When asked about his progress with Narumi, he notes nothing has changed. This prompts her to say that perhaps going it slow is a pace best suited for them. She advises him to try and kiss Narumi at the end of the dad or else she’ll try to steal that kiss! At the end of the day, they return to their respective partners. Hirotaka has this thought of holding Narumi’s hand but the moment she turns around, he backs out. He notes her consideration in observing everything. That’s because his feet is killing him from all the walking. They rest and as he contemplates if she is good enough for him, she drops the bombshell that this is going to work out and to stop. She is referring to the otaku ban. Phew! Once Hirotaka lifts the ban, she can’t stop talking about her otaku stuffs! What a relief! He may feel disappointed but also at the same time is relieved since she is having so much fun. She gives him ear piercings as a gift. Narumi is shocked when he touches her ear. It might look like some romantic signal but he notices she got her ears pierced. While she is throwing a fit, suddenly Hirotaka holds her and looks as though he is about to kiss her. But that turns into a big hug instead. He thought they never changed but they are at a slow pace. He is fine with that.

Episode 10
Naoya notices a diligent student studying at the place he works. He then realizes this dude, Kou Sakuragi is playing video games. It’s that game he recently played and sucked. But when Naoya talks to him, he gets flustered, packs his bags and leaves. In his haste he dropped a document. Naoya could easily return to him because he is in the same college with him. They get to know each other but if you’re wondering why Kou is always panicking and looking over his shoulders, it is because Kou is actually a girl! It seems only Naoya is unaware of this. The usual gang log in to play their online RPG. Too bad Hirotaka won’t be joining in as he is interested to play another game. By himself. They are joined by Naoya instead. When the going is tough for them, did Hirotaka pop up to save the day? It’s actually Kou. Not bad. Hirotaka must have broken his glasses so he isn’t wearing them at work today. Because he is blind as a bat, he needs to put his face close to things. This means when Kabakura talks to him, their face is so close almost making them kiss! OMG. They just give the girls free accidental BL fanservice. Yeah, even the other women are talking how hot Kabakura is. Since Hirotaka continues to put his face so close even when the ladies talk to him, this irks Kabakura and tells him to go get glasses and will have Narumi accompany him. Not so much out of consideration but rather she has been spacing out watching Hirotaka and didn’t get any work done either. So when he has got his glasses and tries to show it off to Naoya, that dense brother thinks he got a haircut. Look who is the blind one! Naoya and Kou meet up for an online game. However, Naoya must level up by himself first. Unfortunately he sucks and fails. He is so into the game that he couldn’t hear his handphone ring that Hirotaka has to notify him. So while he is on the phone, Hirotaka is interested to see the game he is playing. He gets tempted to play in his shoes. Thus Kou is shocked when she sees ‘Naoya’ pulling off some awesome moves! Luckily Naoya wrests back control and explains what happened. He thought of quitting the mission as apology but shy Kou wants him to stay and play. Unfortunately they both quit the mission 10 minutes later.

Episode 11
Narumi visits Hirotaka’s place only to see him ‘dead’. Ready to panic… Then she assesses the situation. He might have not eaten for a few days and been playing video games straight. So she cooks for him while calling Hanako to complain about it. Hanako must be having fun hearing their conversation. Even the part Hirotaka walks out naked from his bath. Hanako thinks Narumi is acting like his girlfriend but Kabakura thinks she is more like his mother. Hanako and Kabakura get into their usual argument about yaoi vs yuri. She tries to coax him into reading yaoi until he finally relents. Even though this is a mild one, he gets emotional liking the story. I hope he didn’t convert. Narumi learns that Naoya cooks and cleans his place. That’s like acting like his girlfriend, no? Because of that, she wants him to go on a date now! So this walking to the park doesn’t feel romantic at all. Hirotaka explains how he likes to use his vacation time to catch up on playing games. Narumi understands his feelings and comes to a conclusion that they are still doing the same things they love now. That is what might mean to be an otaku. Suddenly Narumi feels the urge to rush home since her favourite voice actor is live on today’s show (despite she has setup recording it). Hirotaka is out of breath trying to catch up and wants her to go ahead. But since she insists of wanting to watch with him, he has her promise to cook him something. He musters up all his energy to run home. Still out of breath, though. Later Narumi asks everyone about their first love. All of them name their 2D characters! When she asks Naoya, he replies it is his kindergarten teacher. Naoya then notes Hirotaka managed to date his first love and this has the latter putting up the angriest warning face and has Naoya change his thoughts that it might be a 2D character instead.

It’s Easier To Be An Otaku Than Fall In Love
Yawn… Oh, it’s over. Ah well, I guess some things never change. Some grow up and become entirely different from their childhood while those who never and remained the same, in the eyes of society it’s like they never grow up at all. But they are grown adults who make their own decisions, who are we to tell them what they do is wrong as long as it is not against the law, right? So is it okay for me to continue watching animes until kingdom come?

Honestly, there isn’t so much about that this series that would make it stand out and exciting. Just because they are otaku nerds and have a somewhat different approach to love (perhaps even calling them amateurs in love isn’t so far off either), doesn’t make it any different from other typical and cliché romantic comedy drama series. The fact that nothing much goes on between them and how life continues like normal makes it even more boring. It might be a bit coincidental (or not) that they try and copy that online RPG play element like Net-juu No Susume even if it was brief.

The characters aren’t exciting and putting polar opposites like the laidback Hirotaka with the energetic Narumi don’t make a difference. Despite being the same otaku that everyone would classify them, they have different approaches, outlooks and preferences like Hirotaka being an avid gamer while Narumi is more into fujoshi. Watching them date each other is like either frustrating or have no effect on us. Because they are like the same before and after. I know it isn’t really a must that for a couple dating to change their habits. They can still remain the same especially if they share the same interests. But for them, it is like even if they don’t officially date each other and just hang out casually, that would be fine too. But then again, it would have defeated the purpose of what this anime is supposed to be. So seeing them ‘date’ is like doing nerdy things together as they don’t take it so seriously like a romantic candlelit dinner and watching a romantic movie. It’s like when they say “Let’s date” is the equivalent of saying “Let’s hang out together”. That kind of feeling.

Slightly more interesting than the duo are Kabakura and Hanako since they often bicker with each other about almost everything. Their relationship is always like on and off, hot and cold. You don’t know whether they are really an actual couple because of the way they ‘fight’. But Hanako’s dominating personality makes her a bit interesting to watch. Last but not least, Naoya’s running joke is that he is a noob when it comes to otaku stuffs, especially gaming. I guess some people have no talent whatsoever. But this guy has an ever smiling face and very friendly personality that makes him suitable for service industries. So I’m not sure if such is a waste for him to work at Starbocks (yes, you read that right) when he could be, say, a diplomat. So as to not make Naoya feel ‘lonely’ they introduce a new character very late and in line with the otaku theme, I guess Kou herself is an oddball in this sense.

They mostly rely on the interaction between the main characters and while it is amusing at first, it then gets pretty boring. Once in a while, they throw in some yaoi BL baiting by setting up Hirotaka x Kabakura (or is it Kabakura x Hirotaka) for our fujoshi females to get their kicks. As long as there are hot guys around, don’t care whether boyfriend of yours or somebody’s, unholy pairing fantasies are a must first. Once in a while you hear Hirotaka or Narumi monologue about their views on change and love but in the end it doesn’t amount to anything much. As though it just provides the much needed drama for this series. After all, Hirotaka has that lazy sounding voice, which makes him almost perfect to narrate and add some dramatic feel to the narration.

Oddly, I suppose they want to differentiate and stand out a bit and hence they named the title as wotaku instead of otaku. As the ‘wo’ hiragana/katakana is rarely used, perhaps that is why they used it and make the word itself now seem weird. I mean, doesn’t wotaku now look a bit like wookiee? Whoopsie. The only other anime I can think off that did this was Sora No Woto that came out way back in 2010.

On a trivial note, the mid-intermission eye-catch displays long-winded details about the character. In addition to some of the personal data, it also generally tells their characteristics and traits. You need to pause if you want to read everything. Heh. Not that I want to particular get up close and personal with them. But it is amusing to note that they specifically put an item about their level of handling for alcohol and cigarettes! I mean, like, what?! Oh yeah, sure, they’re already adults and I suppose it’s a symbolism for being one and part of the working society in Japan. Also, what the heck do they need to put in information about their Sunday mornings too?! Yeah, I figure as an adult you would do something productive on that Sabbath Day or just sleep in.

Being a series about otaku, there are a few otaku pop culture references in the series. But I don’t see a lot of them and just scattered throughout the series. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention. The only one that caught my attention that I recognized is the art style changing into Kaiji and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure at one point when Narumi was trying to make a certain point.

While the art and animation is nothing to shout about and is pretty standard, however I find that Hirotaka and Kou look similar to each other. Because of that sleepy look and that soft speaking voice, I got confused wondering if this is some sort of doppelganger for Hirotaka. Besides, Kou’s first appearance as a male was ringing lots of alarm bells in my guts. Sounds too girly to be a male. Such a mismatch that I would have to complain about it later in my blog. Nevertheless, Kou turned out to be female but even if this is her choice of looking so like a guy, it still doesn’t suit her in my personal opinion. It’s just so clashing. As for Naoya, he looked like he could almost fit nicely into one of those all-male idol pop groups. Seriously. While Kabakura looked like he was from a yakuza faction and is trying to do something less dangerous. Seriously. This anime is brought to you by A-1 Pictures, famous for lots of famously famous series like Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Nanatsu No Taizai, Ao No Exorcist, Kuroshitsuji, Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, OreImo and Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata.

With the small casts of characters, half of them are recognizable such as Tomokazu Sugita as Kabakura, Miyuki Sawashiro as Hanako and Yuuki Kaji as Naoya. The rest are Kent Itou as Hirotaka (Michio Hazama in The Idolmaster SideM) and Arisa Date as Narumi (Suzu in Saki). But the most surprising one goes to Aoi Yuuki as Kou. I think it is going to be hard for me to identify her voice in this manner. Slowly, she is moving away from the traditional trademark voice I often used to identify her as. I want to blame voicing Aho Girl for this because many subsequent roles she played after that, her characters are mostly toned down and using a lower voice. Oh yeah, another reason why I think this series suck is because there is no Mamiko Noto who was the lead character in Net-juu No Susume. Yeah… Nothing special for me for the opening theme, Fiction by Sumika. At least I slightly prefer the rock pop ending theme, Kimi No Tonari by Halca. She also sings the special ending theme for episode9, Ashita No Mata, a slow ballad.

Overall, this series might be simple but the lack of anything exciting makes it just average. If you are tired of high school romances that involve otakus, then perhaps the working adult life involving otakus should be a good breather and variety. It shows that you can still keep your day job and do the things you love. All you need is some proper time management. You can be a proper working adult and at the same time stick to your ‘childish’ interests. At the end of the day, the characters will still be themselves and won’t change much. Especially still sticking and not straying far from their otaku path. Love is not hard for nerds. Trying to fall in love and be in love that is the hard part.

It happened so long ago that I almost forgot that Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata Flat had come out as the sequel. Oh heck, it was only 2 years ago. I must be really that busy watching as much anime as I can, huh? But now that the sequel has come and gone, I guess it is my obligation to see if Tomoya and his harem will get to not just finish the game but obtain positive results as well. Oh heck, who am I kidding. I’m just here to see the cat fight between the yandere and the tsundere. And perhaps the world’s most normal girl.

Episode 0
Just like in the previous season, your shameless fanservice episode with Tomoya and the girls in a private pool party! Babes in bikinis! Wohoo! It all started when Eriri wanted to sketch a picture of Megumi in a bikini as part of the game’s illustration. She would agree to that with a condition that everyone else also does the same. So even if Megumi did wear the swimsuit, she isn’t going to bend her bodies in erotic poses to suit Eriri’s perverted needs. Then we have Michiru and Eriri arguing who has better childhood memories with Tomoya. Eriri is shocked when Izumi turns up in a swimsuit. Looks like Megumi invited her. The more the merrier. Isn’t she their rival? Whatever. Izumi ‘knocks out’ Tomoya when she jumps to hug him. During the blame game confusion, Utaha looks like she is trying to take advantage by kissing him. I don’t think CPR starts like that. In the end, everyone retires to their room and Utaha has took the liberty to book Izumi a room. As the girls gather to decide either to have fun or finish their work, they realize Utaha isn’t around. Because they share rooms, they thought Utaha would be bunking with the other. Oh no… They should’ve known better… Sneaky Utaha in her sexy night dress is trying to flirt with Tomoya over a drink. I think Tomoya knows where this is going and tries to chicken out but Utaha hints she has spent lots for all this so he better play along. Tomoya is literally saved by the bell. His handphone ring, that is. The girls call Tomoya knowing Utaha has turned off her handphone. Game over, Utaha. Eventually they all join up at the karaoke box as Michiru demonstrates her new songs for the game’s scenes. Tomoya and Megumi sneak out and talk about hoping for the best for their game. Izumi is motivated seeing the other girls work so hard so she lets them know she is looking forward to their game at winter Comiket. She hands an autographed self-portrait to Eriri.

Episode 1
Eriri and Utaha continue to clash and argue like always. This prompts a flashback of how they met a year ago. It all started when Eriri confronted Utaha after realizing she has been spending a lot of time closely with Tomoya. So it all boils down to if the other likes him. Eriri believes Tomoya is only close to her because he likes the novel Metronome of Love so they’re just like friends who like the same book. Until Utaha reveals herself as the author of that book. More frustration for Eriri the more research she does on her. And yeah, Utaha continues to hang out with Tomoya. Similarly, Utaha also finds out more about Eriri but via Tomoya. Tomoya might have said something she didn’t like. This makes her barge her way through the private room of an art club Eriri is in to find some more clues about her. The next day, Utaha summons Eriri about what she found. She now knows Eriri is part of a doujin circle, Egoistic-Lily and most of her work are 18+. Eriri somehow sees this as a threat and starts predicting a hentai rape scene upon herself? Utaha isn’t hiding the fact she is a light novel author. Just that nobody asked. But Eriri is different. She tried to hide hers because of her experience of being discriminated as an otaku since young. She was also betrayed by her only comrade then. So guess who is the guy who understood her and is able to talk freely about the things she loves? Utaha views her motivation to draw is for revenge. That kind of work won’t make people happy. Likewise, Eriri comments Utaha’s writings look down on others and doesn’t move them because of empathy. What she does is just manipulate feelings. That means there is no motivation and she is a heartless author to begin with. Utaha replies whether their work is for revenge or calculation, the one who is moved first loses. In present time, looks like both have ‘settled’ whatever differences and ready to move on. It’s so tiring… Tomoya announces an illustration with their signatures to promote their game at winter Comiket. They are reluctant at first but when Megumi wants one too, they get motivated to make a few copies for themselves.

Episode 2
Utaha has finally finished her scenario and Tomoya must now date her this weekend as promised. And Eriri dragged Megumi along so they could spy on them. Eriri you looking so suspicious… Tomoya is forced to accompany Utaha reading at a bookstore, carries all the books she has to buy and wait patiently as she catches up on more reading. Not sure if Eriri’s tailing got distracted because she read the synopsis of a movie that continues from the TV series that had ended and became so moved about it. Tomoya is worried after hearing Utaha might not be around next year. Well, she is considering going to a faraway college. However she hints there is also one nearby. It’s not like she wants to live independently but doesn’t mind it either. She is in a dilemma picking which. Hint, hint. So you’re going to let Tomoya decide? I thought it is pretty clear cut… As Tomoya sees her off at the train station, he tells her he wants her to go to the nearer college. At least they can still make games together. But if she doesn’t want to make games with him anymore, that is a different story. Even so, he doesn’t want to be the one to rule out the possibility. Seeing his genuine reaction, she decides to give him a chance. She hands him the latest scenario she rewrote which is completely different than the one for the game. So he has to read it and decide which version is better. For their future possibility. Eriri is worried if Tomoya ever came home last night. Well, Megumi has a key to his place… They see him emotionally crying after reading Utaha’s new scenario. Instead of the hero ending up with his current day lover, suddenly a total switch to his sister from the past. I don’t play such games so I don’t see the emotional value it has… Eriri is not impressed. Not only this means new scenes to illustrate (like starting from scratch), this would also change the interpretation they have of everything they’ve been making. This makes the previous heroine nothing more but a window dressing heroine since their story and route will be totally different than the one they have been promoting. Tomoya wants to hold a meeting to discuss which scenario to be included but Eriri believes this is for him and the scenario writer to decide. And she’s not here. They join Megumi in playing a demo doujin game which is supposed to be released at this winter Comiket. They find the genre similar to theirs and more surprisingly it is from their rival circle, Rouge En Rouge.

Episode 3
There is some dramatic tense showdown between Tomoya, Eriri, Iori and Izumi. Till Megumi drops in to thank Izumi for joining this ‘meeting’. Tomoya isn’t happy that Rouge En Rouge is basically ripping off their game. Iori reminds him that they challenged each other and despite Rouge En Rouge is a bigger and more famous circle, there are still ways Blessing Software can win. What irks Tomoya the most is how he dragged Izumi into this. However Izumi says she is doing this so she can challenge Eriri directly as they are both illustrators. Indeed, Izumi has advanced a lot in just a few months. Then it descends into a girly fight… Tomoya is confident he has Utaha as their scenario writer but is surprised when Iori is even more confident that this is the part he will never lose out. Megumi is at Tomoya’s place to help make their game playable by the end of the week. However they hardly make any progress and she feels a bit down. As they take a rest, Tomoya gets a rude awakening when Michiru wrestles him. She has this misconception they were sleeping together! Sleepyhead Megumi explained in an ambiguous way that they were already doing it here since last night (the programming, that is). Tomoya is relieved that Michiru can help out. How? She can only play the guitar. He calls the rest of her Icy Tail band members. They realized they have been duped into helping Tomoya with his game. He ‘threatens’ to help out or as their manager he will quit! But why them? He knows that each of them has got some ‘experience’ in computing (except Michiru). In order words, he wants them to pull an all-nighter doing computing odd jobs. Well, I guess one of them is forced to forgo her date for this… Yeah, whatever boyfriend problems they have is not of his concern! Hidoi! But does he have enough computers? Megumi is on her way to borrow more laptops from Eriri. Don’t worry about sleeping over at Tomoya’s place. Lots of girls have been sleeping here too… So ambiguous… The game is done eventually and Tomoya realizes something. He confronts Utaha to tell her of his decision. Which scenario will he choose? Neither. It needs another take. This is a crappy game.

Episode 4
I think Megumi figured out something wrong and goes to see Tomoya. However he is in the midst of being beaten up by Utaha. Come back later. So Tomoya and Utaha are arguing loudly on what is wrong with the scenarios that they’re scaring the maids away. When he claims this is not the game he wanted to make, it broke her heart. Oh, she’s crying… When everything calms down, he talks to her about fixing it. If she won’t do it, he’ll do it. He is the director after all. With Tomoya pitching in to write, of course he isn’t going to get everything right at first go as Utaha checks his work and there are lots of mistakes including typos. Tomoya needs a game that doesn’t follow the conventional rules. Because Utaha is a novelist, her scenarios end up making the game look like a novel. In the end, Tomoya suggests a third route where everyone will be happy (the other routes seem to sacrifice happiness of others). Utaha disagrees as it is not her literally style. While it might be rude for a creator to say this to a director, it won’t be if a fellow creator says it to another creator. So I take it, Tomoya for the time being is as of the same position as her. Tomoya is so focused and working hard on his scenario that he doesn’t realize how sexy Utaha in her undies as she sleeps on his bed… Until he tries to cover her with a blanket. The scenario is done and Tomoya apologizes to her for breaking her characters and all. She believes they have lived instead of died. She is happy they had fun writing their own original scenario. Tomoya moved to tears? With this, Utaha has finished her part in the game and will no longer be involved. Megumi points out a character in the game is similar in one in Metronome of Love. Utaha admits in a way they are and the way she describes the source she based them on seems to sound a lot like herself. Yeah, who else? Something about her being lonely and she would like the main character to choose just this once. During the bonfire dance, Megumi’s acting of the main character is impressive enough that Tomoya sees her in that form.

Episode 5
Everyone is spying on Megumi being confessed. Tomoya must be relieved to see her rejecting him, right? The reason being, the deadline is near and there are lots of things left to do for the game. Aww, how considerate. However Utaha is hinting the blame on Eriri since she is behind schedule. It seems Eriri is obsessing about quality and hence not getting her anyway. It doesn’t add up she spent so much time improving but not producing the results. Though, Eriri deflects the blame back that they added a new route and hence additional work. Later Eriri tells Tomoya that she will be holing up in a villa to complete her work. This means skipping school. She’ll make it before the deadline. Just trust her. So when he tells the rest about this, Utaha is warning him about the signs that could signal she would be dropping her work and running away. Although it starts off on a promising note, it doesn’t take long before Eriri starts showing those signs. I’m sure Utaha is going to lecture him on I-told-you-so. With Tomoya continuing to believe Eriri and that she won’t run away, Utaha reminds him that is not faith. Has she nowhere to go further as creator? She can’t change her art style or make any progress. When faced with something to overcome it, she will back off without trying. It gives Tomoya the dilemma if he wants Eriri to finish her job by the deadline or improve as a creator. Then more of the signs start to show. She talks harsher, submits less and less works, blames herself, replying much later and the final straw came when she says she has found a new way to do her art. She is going to draw the backgrounds and characters separately. This means she is changing her art style at this point. Tomoya is in shock if she can do it. As long as he expects it, she can do it. In the end, she manages to finish it all but she sounds like she used up her entire life force for it and ‘dies’. So dramatic…

Episode 6
Eriri has fallen sick. Tomoya is in a hurry to head there so he calls Iori for help. He is so kind to give him a personal car ride. Iori gives his opinion about Tomoya’s position of leaving his home since he is on a tight deadline. Tomoya will not allow that burden to fall on other members. Iori sees it as him wanting to keep Eriri all to himself. When they arrive, awesome illustrations on the floor. Eriri on the floor. She is put to bed and Iori gives him the necessary contacts should he need further help. Next morning, Eriri is better. She is glad he likes her illustrations. They were her best. She thinks the game is completed since he is here. When she finds out it isn’t, she becomes mad and starts crying like it is the end of the world. It meant her efforts were in vain. At this point he could only choose either Eriri or the deadline but she thought he would have chosen both. She feels better when he says her artwork is better than Izumi’s. She is glad he has become her number one. But not in terms of his harem, that is. Tomoya apologizes for not being able to meet the deadline but Eriri also does the same for obsessing over quality. That fault of hers is because of her pride. At Comiket, the gang is busier than ever. Because they had so much free time, Tomoya added more content which in turn made them busy. Eriri did apologize to all the other girls but Utaha thought she acted arrogant and bragged after that. However Megumi refuses to blame anybody as everyone did their best. Later Eriri apologizes to Izumi for all the mean things she said because she was scared of her, especially how much she grew as an artist. She has to admit her loss here or else she cannot move on. Izumi looks forward to their next challenge. Blessing Software has become a hot topic ever since they released their trial game and it took only 30 minutes for it all to be sold out! There is an after party after that but Megumi goes home straight. Tomoya thinks she is mad because they didn’t have a complete version at Comiket. However that is not the reason. He never told her about Eriri’s case and the deadline. She told him she was free and would be able to help. Yet he never said anything. She thought she chose the same thing as him but yet he took all the burden on himself. Although he did the right thing, she can’t forgive him. Tomoya notes Megumi wasn’t sad. It was a new emotion he has never seen that hurt so much.

Episode 7
The game is popular enough that they see a rise in orders for it. Tomoya thinks of having a thank you illustration art. Eriri is already working on it. A rare sight of Utaha walking with Tomoya to school that it dumbfounds everyone else. This is her last chance to walk with him since she is graduation. Cue to get very close to him. Also expected, Eriri coming in to cut in and blame Tomoya for going ahead and wasted her effort of coming to his house and walk together. Also cue for the ladies to start b*tch insulting each other causing everybody to witness this shameful drama. However Megumi still ignores Tomoya despite he tries his best to talk about the circle’s next meeting. The cut is deep. Easily misinterpreted, Iori is giving Tomoya Valentine chocolates?! Fujoshi fans rejoice?! Actually it is from Izumi and she couldn’t give it to him since she is busy taking exams. Iori and his circle has played his game and noticed the vast improvements. However Iori can tell he went to write on the last scenario since he recognized his style which never changed from some infamous copy he wrote 3 years ago. He still has that copy… Tomoya wants it back! Iori advises him not to lose his circle and not let go of Utaha and Eriri. Tomoya calls Megumi but she blatantly doesn’t answer. After Eriri gives her chocolates, she learns Tomoya and Megumi still haven’t made up. She wants to blame herself but Tomoya won’t let her. He talks about getting started for their next project but she wants to hold it off a little since she worked hard. Tomoya congratulates Utaha in releasing her new novel. Then she teases him as usual with sexually ambiguous words like signing on his body and gives him her chocolates since they are at a relationship point where they spent many nights together. Writing scenarios, right? Utaha mentions she won’t be coming to school anymore since she has to write the second volume and prepare for university. So will she participate in his next project? She asks who is going to do the art then. Because Eriri hasn’t drawn a single picture the entire year. She doesn’t consider that art she completed after the deadline as it. If possible, he wants Eriri to work with him again and create a game that surpasses Cherry Blessing. Tomoya finally texts Megumi about his plans for the next meeting. She’s still pondering about it. Tomoya replays his game and notes how well it is done. He realizes Megumi has been putting a lot of effort into it. Not just the game but other minor productions as well. I don’t want to jump the gun but does it mean that she was interested in more than just the game? He starts crying and can only apologize.

Episode 8
Tomoya finally catches Megumi to talk. She can’t run now. It looks like a rape scene since he locks the door and his hands approaching her. Turns out he just wanted to print some stuffs. Megumi was pretty scared at that point. He shows her his proposal for their next game project. So he is assuming she will join? She didn’t feel like she was really participating in the last one. He rants about how he will make it so but all she sees is just him making a game based on his delusions. Plus, he plans to make this game with this minimal staff. Is he going to do everything? That’s why he roped her in as the assistant. Again. Oh, she doesn’t want to do something this troublesome again. He pleads to help take care of this circle so she asks has she told Eriri about making her the heroine again. Not yet. The way he explains makes Megumi give out that killer eyes because it’s like saying he is doing this thinking she is in love with him. He blames this on playing too much galge. Maybe that’s why all galge are twisted in this sense since otakus don’t have real 3D relationship. When Tomoya thanks her for all the hard work and apologizes for it, Megumi cannot contain her emotions and starts crying. The more he says sorry, the more she sheds? There has got to be a limit because it’s making her mad now how cheap his sorrys are. She just wished as friends there would be no secrets or decisions without discussion among them. They talk about Eriri who is still in a slump. Megumi wonders why he doesn’t find another illustrator as good as her to join. Back at his home, he explains the kind of game he wants to make. No more all that sci-fi, supernatural and cliché stuffs. Just a normal high school game. As he rants about heroine being humans, once again Megumi has to show her mad side and lecture him. As she is a heroine herself, she too is human. She is mad because they have been close enough and yet he doesn’t understand how she feels. I mean, with his next game title as How To Raise A Boring Heroine, it is trying to say her character is dead. Megumi still has issues with his insensitivity but they have other issues to deal with. Like Utaha who has graduated and the possibility she won’t work for him again. Not to mention Eriri’s slump. No use talking too much deep into the night. Just sleep on it for now.

Episode 9
Tomoya goes to congratulate Utaha on her graduation. Then he lets her read his proposal of his next game which everyone wants to participate. After reading, she gives it high marks despite how cliché it is and lacking originality. When Tomoya says he hasn’t asked Eriri yet, this makes Utaha worry. She wonders how to tell it to her. Hence she cannot continue with her. Tomoya is shocked and desperate as she explains his work isn’t something to die for. Then there’s this reasoning of how he failed as a producer because he doesn’t crack the whip and push his employees to the brink to bring out their best abilities. Wouldn’t that be like workplace abuse? Then she shows him a proposal she got for an epic RPG game, Fields Chronicle. It is by the legendary Akane. At this point Utaha is already shaking as Tomoya goes through the proposal. Apparently it is not Akane who is scouting her but Eriri. Utaha could only apologize. Flashback a month ago, Utaha and Eriri talked and various issues. The latter is still in a slump and hasn’t been able to produce such quality art since then. Utaha is told by her editor that their company will have staffs working under Fields Chronicle for the story. Her editor believes Utaha still has unlimited talent and believes she shouldn’t be hand over to Akane yet. Later Utaha and Eriri are invited to meet with Akane herself. She lets them read her proposal and wants them to decide if they will be on board or not. When they ask what they’re supposed to die, she tells them straight they are to die for this game. Devote themselves to nothing but it for a year. Akane has played their recent game and noticed Eriri’s out. Because she noted Utaha was the only one who could keep up with her deadline, hence Utaha’s role is to draw out Eriri’s mental and technical skills. She does think highly of Utaha’s skill but if Eriri isn’t joining, there is no point having Utaha. When Eriri complains she is in a slump, Akane blows her top. She tells her to stop insulting artists. She made an amazing piece of work once and is now in a slump? She is nowhere near her peak! She isn’t in a slump. She is just a crappy artist! Her skills aren’t there yet. Akane then gives her look at the art she drew. Eriri is in shock seeing Akane could copy her unique art style.

Episode 10
Eriri is annoyed that Utaha is supportive of Akane’s plan. However Utaha points out that Eriri has not decided on anything and merely complained why she can’t. She has not decided on what to do in the future, what to become. So when Eriri starts praising the positive side of all this, now it is Utaha’s turn to let loose some steam as she rants how annoyed it is for a doujin artist to get this job compared to a professional novelist. She hopes Eriri could accept this project so she can fight her head on. Iori goes to talk to Akane about what happened. Seems he is seeking her permission to quit her circle. Utaha’s editor must be trying to joke around about Tomoya trying to cling on to Utaha after she graduates. Utaha asserts she won’t get feelings in the way as she is a professional. Oh really? Next afternoon, Eriri breaks Utaha’s slumber by calling to meet her. It seems she has her groove back after she kept drawing all night. As her sketches are back home, there is a faster way to show it to her. She’ll sketch it for her right now. Beautiful enough for Utaha to be in awed. Eriri then starts laughing since she has recognized her. But it’s just hysteria since now she starts crying her heart out. She is sad this is the art Tomoya wanted. He supported her but she couldn’t produce the results. But Akane mocked and laughed at her, she managed to pull through because she didn’t want to lose. She can’t draw with Tomoya and Tomoya can’t make her draw. She won’t progress if she stays in his circle. She can’t become his amazing illustrator. After calming down, Eriri notes Tomoya will hate her for this second betrayal. Utaha believes so but at least this time she has an accomplice. They vow they will both defeat Akane. Iori speaks to Tomoya and he feels bad he lost 2 of his circle members. Tomoya looks on the positive side that they could develop further. But he doesn’t look happy? Iori also announces that because of Akane’s new recruits, he and Izumi quit Rouge En Rouge. But his main reason is because there is something new he would like to try. Izumi has found a place where she could put her skills to the best use. He advises Tomoya not to stop pursuing his dream. So a forlorn Tomoya walks home. Before him is Megumi. She wants them to go out on a date. If this isn’t trolling, I guess this day isn’t that bad after all.

Episode 11
Tomoya doesn’t want Megumi to blame Utaha and Eriri. He dragged them into this and they have no reason to stay in a small circle in the first place. They should be aiming for bigger opportunities. So they’re back at the mall where they first dated. Could it be Megumi still kept a grudge how he stood her up the last time? Well, he has to accompany her this time. He buys her a hat as present for the glasses she gave the last time. On the way back, she asks if his heroine story is like what he wanted. That suffocating and exciting feeling when he had fallen in love with a real girl. Tomoya realizes this is her way of telling him she won’t give up. Even if Utaha and Eriri aren’t here, Blessing Software will still be around as long he is here. Tomoya agrees and wants her to become her main heroine again. She adds a heroine that everyone would envy. Tomoya becomes hysteric. He laughs at first before crying his heart out. Tomoya makes a surprise appearance when he sees off Utaha and Eriri at the train station. He wishes them all the best and is excited to see Fields Chronicle to become a god tier under them. Megumi might not be here but she can talk via handphone. With both sides giving each other motivation, Eriri steps up and hopes to take Tomoya’s glasses as a token. Then she really wants to kiss him but Utaha usurps her and kisses Tomoya instead!!! So while nobody cares about Eriri screaming in the background, Utaha boldly flirts with him until her twintail smacking breaks them up. They realize they have missed the train. At the start of the new school term, Tomoya is wearing Eriri’s glasses. Megumi is trying real hard to not laugh. Maybe not. So he decides to not wear them. They are surprised to see Izumi enrolling in this school. Tomoya realizes this is what Iori had meant. Eriri and Utaha are ‘stalking’ from afar as Michiru points out the outsiders cannot go back now that they left. Michiru wants to nonchalantly go to Tomoya but the duo restrain her like she’s some criminal. Being so noisy, I guess Tomoya already spotted them.

How To Treat Your Harem Well
Just like my sentiments from the first season, I can’t seem to determine if this sequel is boring, just like in its title. That is why I was wondering if I should make a pun with the sequel’s title of Flat. You know, as in boring and dreary. Or maybe it refers to Tomoya’s subsequent plan falling flat. But they used the musical note flat… Lower pitch? Sounds like… Lover b*tch? Wait. What did I just say?! Or maybe the symbol looks like a side boob and some of the girls are busty and some are flat… Oops! Don’t stray too far thinking irrelevant things.

There is a lot of high stakes drama in this sequel with things going up a notch. Fans may be able to appreciate all the drama and deep character development in the sequel but for a simpleton like me, it is hard for me to grasp in detail the deeper aspects of what is going on. I do have the basic gist of what is going on but not something on a profound level.

With time running out, Tomoya has to play relationship manager as well as trying to complete his ideal game in his maiden attempt. This sets up a few episodes to be given focus to his girls and the problems they have to currently deal with. Like Utaha who has her graduation looming and the possibility of going to a faraway college. Then there is Eriri who suddenly gets into a slump and it gets a bit more complicated since she is trying to be a perfectionist for herself and ultimately Tomoya. Lastly there is Megumi who also have her own drama because she felt disappointed Tomoya didn’t trust her completely despite they have done so many things together. Though these problems are somewhat solved, they aren’t the optimum solutions that Tomoya would hope. However they aren’t so much so to be considered bad endings. Utaha and Eriri might not be around for Tomoya’s next project but it’s not like they’re gone forever. At least you can count that they will be somewhat around and close in proximity.

The banter between Utaha and Eriri is still amusing to watch due to their contrasting characters. They really are frenemies and the strangest of bedfellows united and conflicting at the same time because of their connection to a certain guy. Utaha being the novelist certainly has a way with words while Eriri being the typical cliché of a blonde twintail tsundere always fails to keep her emotion in check and falls for Utaha’s bait. Not to mention Utaha still has got her touch in making her flirting with Tomoya sounding so scandalous that it worries the guy so much. Then there is the deadpan and brutally straight-in-your-face comebacks by Megumi. Sometimes it’s like as though she is born lacking emotions. Even when she was mad at Tomoya, she wasn’t looking like your typical angry girl. It’s just weird. Also it’s good because imagine if Megumi becomes full blown emotional, that will be just too shocking. Yeah, like the time she actually cried. Emotion holder full. Time to unload some. Or maybe she is just a master of suppressing her feelings to catch everyone off guard one day… She might not show any emotions but that does not mean she is completely emotionless.

Sometimes I feel that this sequel has forgotten about Michiru since she lacks screen time. Not to say that she has a lot of it in the last season but I feel she has even lesser appearances in this season. It’s like the first prologue episode was her most prominent episode. No joke but I feel that the breaking of the fourth wall in the final scene that she was ‘missing’ for the latter half of the series makes fun of this. And then the one with her Icy Tail members helping out with computing odd jobs, they went ‘missing’ after that as the series starts focusing on the deeper issues of Tomoya’s other girls. Like as though there were no issues in the music department in the first place. Maybe not assuming Michiru is a very talented songwriter. Shouldn’t she be scouted already by some famous talent agency instead of continue to be managed by Tomoya? This means no sexy time with Michiru as I remember her as the girl who loves to wrestle Tomoya so as to give us viewers sexy fanservice shots of her submission moves. I guess you can’t date and marry your cousin anyway.

Hence it isn’t a perfect or ideal path or perhaps route to an ending that Tomoya wants. Both of his greatest allies of the most important elements of a game have gone over to a better rival. He tried his best the first time round to keep his team together and at least from the sales of their first game, it was encouraging. However it wasn’t enough to keep them around for the second game after the trouble they went through for the first one. Things change. Maybe he could get others for replacement but at this point it is best you have people you are familiar with to work with. So with Utaha and Eriri jumping ship, maybe it is all part of a bigger scheme to surprise their lover boy that they will destroy the enemy within before coming back to him. Assuming he hasn’t gone steady with Megumi at that point… Or Izumi, considering she is now enrolled in his school.

He might almost look like a cliché male protagonist otaku with beautiful girls around him but at least we see him grow as a game creator and director and facing his problems head on instead of running away. The choices he had to make have its pros and cons and I believe he chose the best outcome in the long run. Like when Eriri was depressed and in a slump, it was either her or the game’s deadline. He can’t have both. He chose. Like I said, not the most ideal of results but at least it isn’t totally a bad ending. After all, he keeps his relationship with his female team members professionally and doesn’t see them one bit as his love interests-cum-harem. At least, not that I can see he has any from his perspective.

Love it or hate it, this sequel as well as the overall series has both its ups and downs. Very deep and heavy character development between the main characters but some feel a bit of a let-down (Michiru is one thing but Megumi to a point too feels underutilized this season). The art and animation are still good and the lack of fanservice may be a good or bad thing depending on your stance on it. It might not be as much as the first season since Utaha didn’t try as much to be funny with her ambiguous seductions on Tomoya. To top it off, the bittersweet climax and ending may not be the kind of conclusion that viewers might be hoping for. But you know, it is somewhat like reality and real life itself. Better to try and fail than never starting or do anything. It might be a painful road with suffering and distress but for sure it will make you stronger and push ahead even further. When you have experienced all the best and worst in life, returning to normal doesn’t look like a bad thing. A boring heroine maybe, but she is still a heroine nonetheless.


September 23, 2017

This is what happens when you quickly presume things and start jumping to conclusions based on hype without doing any further research. Looking at the title’s name, Eromanga-sensei. I quickly thought it would be somewhat similar to that perverted series a few years back, Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To. You know, a manga author who is quite the pervert and thus the ecchi antics are often taken out on his assistant. Well, it wasn’t what I was thinking but the plot is something like that. No ecchi antics on the assistant despite technically the author can be considered a pervert. Furthermore, it won’t be as heavy ecchi and fanservice laden as I thought it would be because the titular character is not male but female! What is this stereotype that girls cannot be perverts? Or at least have dirty thoughts. And even more so she is the sister of the main protagonist. Imagine your sister drawing lewd drawings under an ambiguous penname or alias like that but very different in reality. Kind of reminds you of the internet…

Episode 1
A year ago when Masamune Izumi first met his little sister, Sagiri who was also brought to live together then, that was the last time he saw her cute face. Ever since, she has shut herself in her room and attempts to get her to come out has always been futile. So how does she eat? He cooks and leaves her food at her door. Masamune is a high school student but also works as a light novel author. He uses his real name as his pen name. Currently he works alongside a mysterious illustrator known as Eromanga-sensei and their successful erotic series, Silverwolf has just come to an end. Masamune attended an autograph session once the series ended and of course Eromanga-sensei didn’t show up. Strangely, Eromanga-sensei often disses Masamune’s work but in a happy fashion. There is a live streaming of Eromanga-sensei later in the evening so Masamune is going to watch it to see what kind of person this dude is. During the live streaming, Eromanga-sensei draws an illustration for fans. Although Eromanga-sensei makes an appearance behind a mask, suddenly Masamune starts to have this sinking feeling this person is Sagiri! That food he just cooked for her looks suspiciously similar in the background. Eromanga-sensei forgot to turn off the camera once the live streaming is done and is about to change. So Masamune rushes all the way banging on Sagiri’s door to stop her sister’s live stripping from being broadcasted. It is the first time he has seen her face in a year. When asked, she seems to deny ever knowing that person. He praises her illustrations and how it made all her fans happy but she shuts the door. Later Masamune goes to meet his editor, Ayame Kagurazaka and has already finished volumes of a couple of new series he has written. He has also finished the script if ever an anime is needed to be adapted. Wow. More headache.

Masamune tries to talk to Sagiri again and this time revealing himself as the self-titled author whom she has been working with. This time she lets him in. Her room’s pretty neat for a NEET. Sorry for the pun. But don’t push your luck getting too close to her or touch her things. After revealing how he found out about her identity (which she still denies), Sagiri too had suspicions the author was her brother but brushed it off as mere coincidence. Masamune enjoys talking with her as he would like to know more about her. Sagiri tells she started drawing because mom introduced her to it. She became a professional before she knew it. But after mom passed away, she couldn’t draw anymore and started shutting herself in. Till she saw someone drawing on live stream and chatting happily with others. She decided to try it out herself. Masamune also explains why he writes novels and posts them online. When he got his first fan, he was really happy. It made him continue and wonder if that fan is still reading his works today. When Masamune says he wants to get along with her because they are family, this kills her mood. She doesn’t like the idea they are family just because they live under the same roof. She kicks him out although he is happy for the illustration she drew for him. Next morning, Masamune is shocked to see Megumi Jinno at the doorstep. This chirpy girl is looking for Sagiri.

Episode 2
Megumi is Sagiri’s classmate as well as the class rep. She is here to bring her to school. Masamune is weird out when she tries to get all friendly with him. When Megumi notices her charms didn’t work, she asks if he is gay! Then she really says this: If he doesn’t react to her, his dick is useless! WTF?! And get this: She loves dicks! Did I hear that right?! Hope she is just trolling. After he lets her in, he can’t let Megumi go see Sagiri directly and lets her wait. But Sagiri is of course not happy he let her in and wants her kicked out. Even in the same house they are using handphones to communicate with each other… So Masamune puts the speaker on and lets her hear what he has to say to Megumi. Because Masamune’s goal is also to get Sagiri out of her room, Megumi suggests forming an alliance. Megumi loves making new friends. She has made friends with everyone in her grade and realizes Sagiri is the only one left. Oh, she looks like the troublesome type. Megumi goes as far as to suggest cancelling internet subscription! Monster! That is basic human right now! With Sagiri screaming, Megumi realizes the phone is on and that she could hear her. She starts to make ambiguous words and erotic sounds towards Masamune. His natural reaction is pretty convincing too. A loud crash is heard upstairs. I hope nobody died. Although she hung up, Megumi dials her number and lets Sagiri hear when she asks Masamune’s opinion about her. Lots of positive stuffs especially how good her lewd art is. Masamune also wants Megumi to stop assuming they have some sort of romantic relationship just because they live together. But if she doesn’t come out of her room, how can she make friends? Well, she does have lots of friends who treasure her. On the internet. No matter what Sagiri turns out, he will always be proud of her. Megumi leaves for now but won’t give up and come again.

Masamune has a classmate, Tomoe Takasago who also runs a bookstore whom he puts his works for promotion. Seems he didn’t like his works to be on the shelves and rearranges it to the front recommendation but she stops him from messing with her business since currently Elf Yamada-sensei is hot in the market now. Later when Masamune goes to see Kagurazaka, looks like she is in a middle of an argument with a petite blonde who claims she is the number one at Oricon, b*tching and threatening stuffs if she doesn’t get her way. Not that Kagurazaka cares anyway. Kagurazaka introduces them and Masamune is shocked to learn she is Elf. It seems she is here because there is a plan for her to team up with Eromanga-sensei for her next big story. She looks down on him as a lowly author. Pairing up with Eromanga-sensei means they will create the best and perfect story ever! Well, Eromanga-sensei hasn’t replied her yet so it’s still a possibility, no? Kagurazaka still doesn’t care and dismisses her popularity as fluke. Elf continues to gloat how she is the revolution of light novels. She is the light novel herself! So cringey… You lose. Now go home. Kagurazaka warns Masamune that she does have a valid point so buck up. Yeah, earlier on she did call him all his proposals are crap and rejected and hence to come up with new ones. So what does he do? He is screaming outside Sagiri’s door not to abandon him! She doesn’t know what he is talking about but realizes too late she opens the door easily for him. Not sure if Masamune should feel panic now that she wants to do her own laundry from now on. Because he can’t wash her panties anymore? Pervert!

Episode 3
Megumi is back! This time she brought the entire class to cheer for Sagiri to come out! I think it will only frighten her. Well, plan failed after Masamune tells them to leave. Later when he goes to knock on Sagiri’s door, she seems very shaken as she hugs him. No, she’s not in love with you. She thought she spot a ghost from the next door house! Wait, isn’t next door abandoned? Double wait. Is that the sound of piano coming from it?! Sagiri wants him to check it out as she is so scared she can’t draw. Consider it done. So as he goes check it out, he finds Elf playing the piano naked!!! So he has to call her to stop. She rushes to put on her clothes and then learns how he is her neighbour. She then annoys the hell out of him by bragging about her works all turning into anime. Viva anime! She bought this house with cash. Because thank you anime! She lets him into her Crystal Palace (that’s what she calls her home) and they started arguing about nakedness because it seems she has a fetish for it. No wonder her works have the heroine stark naked from the start. So it comes down to who will get Eromanga-sensei. They challenge each other to write a piece in which gets Eromanga-sensei’s approval will be partnered with her. All that confident talk has Masamune shrivelling up like a mole when he returns to Sagiri who was worried he took too long. Scared by herself? While he is explaining their neighbour, Elf starts shooting toy arrows at the window! He then harasses her by stripping his pants and showing his butt! However the real demon to face now is Sagiri. Who is that woman? You get along with her well? You saw her naked too? Get out. Pervert. You’re screwed…

Elf invites Masamune to her home office. From her veranda, they could see Sagiri’s room. Why doesn’t she draw her curtains? It seems Elf is going to deduce Eromanga-sensei’s identity from the internet, based on all the blogs. Her analysis is pretty accurate describing Sagiri’s character. Oh look. Eromanga-sensei is streaming now. Masamune looking worried as he peeks at Sagiri. Then Elf also takes a look. Could she have found the connection? She thinks his sister is having fun just drawing. Honestly she believes she can draw good art and if not for Eromanga-sensei, she would love to work with her. Elf cannot believe Masamune claims he is her fan. When something terrible happened to him, he was down. He read her work and found it funny. He felt at ease. He became her fan. Back then he really felt novels could save lives and has her to thank. She blushes and thinks perhaps he too has saved lives with his work. 2 weeks later, Masamune is not amused that Elf has been laying around playing games instead of working. What about their challenge? Don’t worry. It will come. She’ll write when she has motivation. She’s a genius, remember? When he tells her how he has to write every day because his works sometimes get rejected, she slaps him! Elf has a point too when she argues the reason why his work sucks is because he writes when unmotivated. If you aren’t motivated, don’t write! Shocked at her attitude for work, she replies she has never worked before. You see, being a professional author is just her hobby. The game she is hooked now is the most exciting thing in her life. He feels disappointed thinking he would get inspiration to watch her at work. So he wants to see her work? Come tomorrow. She’ll work. And so he returns only to see her greeting him as a house maid?!

Episode 4
Elf cooks a delicious meal for him. Apparently this also helps in her work because as gets to cook for him, she now understands how a heroine thinks when she cooks for other. She might write novels as a hobby but she still puts all her effort into it. Masamune goes home motivated. He goes to talk to Sagiri but she doesn’t seem happy he is getting along with the neighbour. Then he asks why she only draws her characters with small boobs. No real life reference? It dawned to him that all the lewd poses could be herself as reference. Masamune assures he won’t be horny no matter how erotic she becomes but she calls him a liar. Going back to the neighbour thing, he said they don’t get along but he has been going there every day. He will prove he isn’t a liar by writing a novel that is all about his sister as the heroine. She gets embarrassed and kicks him out. For 2 weeks he starts writing his novel. On judgment day, he goes to Elf’s house. He sees her pushing last minute her work. Once ready, they read each other’s work. Masamune is stunned by her interesting and super erotic story. A story that Eromanga-sensei would want to draw since all the heroines have small boobs. He thought his is a failure but Elf is putting up a frustrating act. How dare he made her read this. Is it that boring? She claims his work wasn’t written for the masses. It was just for one person. And with that, she can deduce Eromanga-sensei is his sister! It’s not fair! She won’t stand a chance against this super ultra passionate love letter. Masamune is embarrassed by it but feels disheartened when Elf shreds her own work since she admits her loss.

So Masamune jumps back to his home via Sagiri’s window?! Landed face first on her small boobs. Anyway, first she shows him a few drawings of girls with big boobs. She was practising the past couple of weeks and has become this good. It all boils down to this. Sagiri is worried and upset that he might have abandoned her and gone to work with a new author, thus the reason he goes over to the neighbour every day. That is why she practiced to ‘power up’ and not lose. Masamune also reveals his side of the story. They decide that they are best suited working for each other. Masamune gives her to read his winning story. Embarrassing but it’s interesting. Then she drops the bombshell that she has someone she likes. Masamune is in shock but he remembers as her brother he needs to support her as family. After that, Masamune tells his big dreams of how he will turn this work into anime, have everyone fall in love with the main heroine, learn lots of money that they can have anything they want. Sagiri takes the first bold step out of her room for the first time even if it is just outside her doorstep. But hey, it’s a start. Because Masamune always gives her dreams, she isn’t going to let him do it by himself. They are going to do it together. Let’s make their dream together.

Episode 5
Masamune seems to have an answer for Sagiri’s confession. First he says he likes her. However he wants to be her big brother. Romance between siblings is out of the question. She gets upset and locks herself in her room. But not before putting out the speaker, turning the volume up to max and screaming at the idiot. Later Masamune discusses with Sagiri that the first step to turn his manuscript into a real novel is a proposal. He wants her to draw lewd illustrations and of course she disagrees drawing lewd pictures of herself. She tries drawing but since he doesn’t find it suitable, she tries to make adjustments as per request. They hear thuds on the window. Masamune takes a look and it looks like Elf firing her toy arrows. He has to catch her when she jumps. In the living room, apparently she is running away from agents sent by her publishing company to watch her work. Looks like they’re getting serious. So she is begging him to shelter her but he isn’t interested. Unless she can help teach him how to write a proposal. Elf wants to meet Eromanga-sensei so they do so via video conferencing. The first thing Eromanga-sensei asks are lewd questions. Elf quickly pushes aside the proposal writing thingy and wants to play games with Eromanga-sensei. And with that the girls get underway with their video game challenge. After Masamune returns from shopping, he catches Elf in the act showing her panties to Eromanga-sensei! Apparently Eromanga-sensei said she would draw an illustration of her if she showed them. The agents come knocking on their door and Masamune returns Elf to them. Good riddance.

Later Sagiri shows the illustration of Elf she drew to him. He loves it and wants to make this character appear in his work. He asks if she can draw more illustrations like this because it might help motivate her. However try as she might she has hit a slump. She needs a big inspiration for this. In short, she wants to see girls other than Elf so she can get inspired so he can conjure up new heroines. To put in her own words, she wants to know if he knows anyone who is well endowed and willing to show her panties! Later Megumi calls Masamune. Time to bug him. I’m sure she isn’t calling just to tell him she is in the bath. No response… She is checking on Sagiri’s progress. He mentions she already made a first friend. Megumi screams in frustration. She wanted to be her first friend. Masamune also feels the same. Seeing she still wants to be friends with Sagiri, she wants him to meet up at the bookstore to discuss her plans. Tomoe can tell Masamune is here to find inspiration for Eromanga-sensei. So can she hop onto Skype and show her panties to her? Not so fast! Megumi is now here and she can tell Masamune as Eromanga-sensei’s author (there is a poster with his penname on it in the living room). Thinking that Sagiri also likes that kind of novels, she is going to start reading such creepy otaku novels. So that’s her plan?

Episode 6
Tomoe is most upset and almost beat her down for insulting light novels. Since Megumi wants to like what Sagiri likes, Tomoe has this devilish plan to slowly make her get hooked on them as she recommends the titles. After a while, Megumi calls Masamune to complain that all these books are so good but they are left hanging. She wants him to pressure those authors to finish it! No can do. So how? Read another interesting novel. But don’t you see that Megumi has reached her goal of liking novels? So now she wants to see her but since Sagiri isn’t too happy to do so, Masamune wants her to give Megumi a chance. She can come into her room but in exchange she pose as her model. Too be safe, Megumi is blindfolded and tied up. Sagiri instantly starts drawing passionately and this scares the heck out of Megumi as she feels those piercing lewd glares. Visually violated. It all reaches boiling point when Sagiri takes off her panties! I can see she is traumatized there. Sagiri feels sorry for her actions. So is friendship the ‘reward’? Well, not quite. Sagiri lends her favourite novels for her to read. Okay. Megumi is more than happy for it. Oh, please return her panties too. Sagiri, you were seriously trying to keep her shima pantsu?!

Masamune gives Kagurazaka see his proposal. She accepts it but can only publish it in a year! Apparently another famous author was quicker than him to get that approval: Muramasa Senju. Masamune goes berserk hearing that name again. Telling this to Sagiri, it seems that he lost out to this author in similar fashion a few years ago. Sagiri wonders if they will have financial problems but she is more than happy to help out by drawing lewd illustrations. That’s not the problem. Masamune made a promise to his aunt that if he can regularly show results as an author, she will allow them to continue their lifestyle. A year is too long and it will be breaking the promise. Plus, Masamune doesn’t know other publishing companies. This is where Elf comes in. Her brother is her editor. Outside the editorial office, they see a meek girl in kimono who accidentally dropped her manuscript. They think she is a rookie author as Elf warns her about the dog eat dog world and will be glad to have her tag along with them. They see Kagurazaka as Masamune asserts he wants his story published this year. She introduces him to Tenkaichi Budokai. A new project where 5 up and coming authors publish short stories and the winner gets the publishing spot. Masamune can’t technically enter since it is only open to rookie authors that just debuted but Kagurazaka can pull some strings. Masamune signs up for it. Kimono girl upon knowing who Masamune is then speaks up. She will not let his dream come true and will crush them. Who is she? She is Muramasa and also signs up the last spot for this competition.

Episode 7
Because Muramasa sells more copies than Elf, the latter has to shut up. Muramasa goes as far as to say she purposely got in his way to delay his publishing by a year because he got in her way of her dream. Masamune feels insulted and puts down the challenge that the winner will get the loser to do anything. Back home, Masamune feels a bit of regret for rushing. He doesn’t know what to tell Sagiri but she calls for him. It seems over the internet there have been rumours that Masamune and Elf are dating (they were going to the editorial office together). Sagiri doesn’t want him to date other women for the rest of his life. So now she controls his love life? Sagiri doesn’t want him to apologize for the challenge he made. They should take this head on. Masamune wants to use his sister story with his bout with Elf for his submission. However the story is too long and needs to be cut short. This is where Elf comes in to ‘train’ him. More like armchair critic… So eventually he is done but look who is at the front door? Muramasa?! She is here to give him the option to surrender and be hers. As in, write only for her. I thought she was going to crush his dream? She wants him to listen to her story. But the moment she steps in, she starts writing. As she is so deep in concentration, Sagiri wonders if he can flip up her skirt and reveal her panties! She heard that. When they think she is writing the continuation of one of her famous works, Demon Sword, Muramasa doesn’t remember! At least its title. She just write novels and doesn’t know what happens after that. This prompts Masamune to ask why she became an author. She just went with the flow after her debut when Kagurazaka told her to keep writing to avoid her family from bugging her all day.

Masamune thinks if she wants to read, she can go to the bookstore. However there are none that are of interest to her. The only way is to write it herself. Asking how authors rate their own works out of 100, it is without doubt they will always rate it 100. But her first fan mail rated it at a million. She then understood what it meant to be an author. Her dream is to write a novel that she can personally give a score of a million. That’s a nice dream but why crush theirs? She believes he got in her way by writing boring romantic comedy that she can’t write battled based stories anymore. This is when Elf tells her to cut the long winded story and be straight up. Otherwise this dense guy won’t get a thing or be motivated. Muramasa admits she is a big fan of Masamune’s works. She read every work of his and was sad when Silverwolf ended. So she diverted her sadness by writing more and more. She wondered why he hadn’t released a new title in a while so to stimulate him, she purposely made him angry by doing all those stuffs. She didn’t realize the situation he is in and would give her royalties to support him and his sister. This is when Sagiri for once bursts out of her room. She is screaming she will not hand her brother over to her. She will not lose him. Sorry Muramasa, even Masamune has to side with his sister. This isn’t a price high enough to defect. He wants to settle this fair and square and it will be his best masterpiece yet. Muramasa leaves frustrated but threatens to kill him if it’s not interesting. Later Masamune read Muramasa’s submitted work. He could tell it is about them. Muramasa then confesses she is in love with him, his writing and the person. His answer? Sorry, there is someone else he likes. The results of the competition is out. Masamune wins and relays this good news to Sagiri. Actually Muramasa won and garnered the most votes but was disqualified for rules violation. Later Muramasa leaves her manuscripts in Masamune’s post box. She gives his work as a million points.

Episode 8
Sagiri is in her yukata. Masamune praises how lovely she looks in it. Just like Muramasa. Care to say that again? He actually did! So hard to come out of her room and now she goes back in. She can tell Muramasa confessed to him but doesn’t know his answer. He says he turned her down. Happy? Even though he still likes Muramasa, she is only the second person in the world whom he likes. The first? Isn’t it obvious? It’s you, Sagiri. Cue to fluster in embarrassment. But all that mood ruined when he asks her why she is in a yukata in the first place. Sighs… Since Masamune will staying at the editorial office for some work, Sagiri claims she can be alright by herself. Yeah, she locks up everything and draws the curtains. But when a delivery comes ringing for a product she ordered online, she is too scared to open and wishes her brother would hurry come back. Later Elf meets up with Masamune. She has a message from Kunimitsu Shidou, the author who lost to him during at Tenkaichi Budokai. He hopes to do a wrap up party at his place. Why would a loser do that? Turns out his submission is also getting published because the publishers decided to publish the top 3 spots. All that hard work… He then calls Muramasa who is in the midst of a meeting with Kagurazaka to invite her over. Flustering at first but she soon finds her composure to accept his invitation. She might have been turned down but doesn’t mean her love will easily change.

Shidou arrives first at his place. Masamune is being too formal so he hopes they can drop the formality and be normal. Elf and Muramasa arrive. In their lovely yukata, they flank Masamune and argue the right to be by his side. Shidou is forgotten… The most pissed is Sagiri as she screams for them all to pipe down. The party gets underway with Sagiri constantly reminding Masamune about being in love with someone else. Each of them tell their dream of being an author. There is an additional dream for Eromanga-sensei: She wants to be the bride of the person she loves. After the guests have left, Masamune goes to be with Sagiri. She wonders if he was scared about that phone call during the other day since he sounded strange. He explains he is afraid of being alone. When his real mom died after getting into an accident while he was home alone, he is scared of being alone ever since. So when he got Sagiri as his sister, he was happy. Sagiri doesn’t view that as pathetic as her own will not to leave her room. She finally realizes that what he wants is a family. However she doesn’t think of him that way and doesn’t want to be his sister. But since he is hopeless, she’ll pretend to be one for a while. Good enough.

Episode 9
Elf suggests a summer data collection and writing camp. And so Masamune, Muramasa and Shidou are whisked away to a resort island owned by her family. Yeah… Also with them is… Legolas?! Actually he is Chris, Elf’s older brother. He is here to keep an eye on her in case she fools around. As expected, this is a fanservice obligatory episode because we have cutie pie Elf in her swimsuit teasing Masamune. So part of her ‘data collection’ would be for him to put lotion on her body. Chris is staring… Feeling so weird… Then they have the water splashing like lovers and also teaching how to swim (only, none knows how to swim). So when Muramasa has finally summed up her courage and put on a bikini, just in time to stop Elf and her evil plans to hold Masamune’s arm? When Masamune soaks in the bath, suddenly Chris screams to him about marriage! Shidou gets the wrong idea about them being gay! Actually Chris wants him to marry his sister. He thought they were dating since Elf was gloating on her Twitter about it. Obviously a prank. Chris is proud of Elf as she is good in a lot of things. Masamune also voices her good points. If he wasn’t in love with someone else, he would have fallen in love with her 5 times. Want to bet somebody was eavesdropping from the other side? After dinner and Masamune contacting Sagiri, Elf takes Masamune out for a walk to the firefly pond. It was the place her parents proposed. She continues by letting him know her father passed away quite a while ago. Before he died, he hoped mom could take care of the kids. She agreed and thus Elf started having lessons in almost about everything. Despite her strict upbringing, she loves her parents because she got to learn a lot of things. When mom wanted to arrange a marriage partner, that was when she drew the line. She will find happiness herself and pick her own partner. Cut things short, Elf considers Masamune to be her husband candidate. Is that a proposal? Of course tsundere caveats come with that since she quickly points out that she isn’t in love with him or anything. She just thought every day would be fun if they were married. So being married is like fun and games? But she is confident of making him fall in love with her. No, he will fall in love with her and nobody else. Also, she tells her real name is Emily. Please propose to her in that name when the time comes.

Episode 10
Masamune finishes his shelved Silverwolf story for Muramasa to read. Morning comes and he gets a rude awakening from Elf waking him up in a flirty way. This is data gathering? Flirting interrupted when Muramasa knocks her head with a ladle. After Muramasa leaves to cook, Masamune tries calling Elf by her real name and it embarrasses the hell out of her. Guess he couldn’t wait for the day to propose to her to call her that. Elf has got the entire day planned out for fun. Too bad she receives a knock on the head by Chris to get back to work. All work and no play… As everyone works on their manuscript, Muramasa is devastated that everyone including her readers know that she has a crush on certain someone based on her recently submitted work. Exploding with embarrassment, she decides to take the bull by the horns by admitting she loves Masamune and how she agreed to come with Elf to this island as part of the plan to be with him. Now this embarrasses Masamune. Elf also reveals how she fantasizes an imaginary version of him alone in her room. Muramasa is dealt a great blow when he wants her to stop that. The charade is interrupted when Chris wants them to get back to work especially Elf. When he notes he is going out for an hour, you can see the light in Elf’s eyes that it is time to play when the cat is away. She has everyone plays the king game and even has Muramasa conspiring to play so she can kiss Masamune. Not sure if Elf betrays her because she calls for the guys to kiss. See how Shidou runs away! Apparently Eromanga-sensei also wants in but how can she play via video conferencing? Elf suggests she will always be king. So we have Elf stripping (swimsuit underneath, don’t worry) and Muramasa embarrassed to tell what panties she is wearing because she isn’t wearing any!

Hate to break your fun but Chris is back. He chides Elf for goofing around and should follow Muramasa’s example. When he asks her next volume coming out, Muramasa says she has stopped writing novels. She explains about her dream to write as many novels. But today’s camp made her realize if Masamune writes novels for her, she no longer needs to write them herself. Elf dismisses that she won’t last a night and go back to writing since a novel nut like her can’t stop writing. Later Masamune talks to Muramasa alone. First he shows her fan letters from a particular fan whom has constantly sent fan mails ever since his debut. The latest one has 50 pages?! He always reads them as it cheers him up knowing that his stories are interesting and worth writing. He knows Muramasa has written these letters. Although she denies, he can tell by the same handwriting. He is showing her this so that he could thank her. He is glad his wish has come true. Although his dream is to have his works adapted into anime and watch it with Sagiri, this is just one of many dreams. So he feels it is a shame for her to stop writing just because one of her dreams is achieved. For him, he won’t stop writing even it that dream comes true. Muramasa overturns her earlier decision and will continue writing. Also, she has found a new dream. It is to make him fall in love with her.

Episode 11
Sagiri is trying to practise welcoming home Masamune. There is always that 1 perfect hit after many failures. But when the real deal comes, she runs back to her room. At least she wishes him from there. And all he got as reward is Sagiri showing off her swimsuit? Okay. Not bad. Later Masamune asks if Sagiri wants to go to a fair in Akiba that is releasing their latest series. Wait. Sagiri going out? Actually Masamune walking with a laptop while she live streams. Along the journey, we hear Masamune narrating about his past on how he came to take up this novelist job. After his mom passed away, his dad advised him to do something to cheer things up. Nothing seemed right until he saw how people wrote and posted stories on the internet. He did the same and at the same time, Sagiri became interested in his works. They communicated frequently and she sent him illustrations from time to time (at this point her drawings weren’t good and she was starting off to be a shut-in). Masamune gets his confidence renewed each time she praises his work. So much so he has decided to become a professional novelist and thinks he is a genius! Well, that’s a start. Dad bought him a laptop to help with his hobby. As the duo communicate ever more often, they try to get to know each other more. Masamune is being honest about himself but Sagiri lies she is a college student. When she learns about his late mom and why he started doing this and the main reason is because she likes his stories, this gives her a bit of motivation to go to school. By the time both graduate elementary school, Masamune has piles of stories ready for submission. Masamune is looking forward with optimism the bright future with this, though she pours cold water on it. Suddenly she tells him she will stop sending him illustrations, stop reading his stories and stop contacting him altogether. She needs to work hard to improve her drawings if they’re going to realize their dream of releasing a book together. Masamune also agrees to work hard and take this seriously. The next time they contact each other, they’ll be professionals. Arriving at Akiba, the siblings see the magnificent display of their new series. On his way back, he passes by characters from OreImo. Masamune is shocked that Sagiri stepped out of her room as far as downstairs! A miracle?! She personally congratulates him on their new series.

Episode 12
With the new series successful, looks like there is going to be another volume. If Masamune isn’t having a writer’s block now. So he needs some ‘advice’ from Sagiri as a little sister. Feeling the need to see her cute, he pets her head. However she cannot stand it and accuses him of being a pervert with lewd thoughts while patting his sister’s head. I guess that’s the end of it. Sagiri also invited Elf and Muramasa here as part of the deal for ‘lending’ Masamune during the data collection camp. They are to be her models. Apparently Muramasa didn’t hear of this since Elf agreed on her behalf. Is she pissed? Not if you say this benefits Masamune. They may start to regret this since Sagiri wants them to wear bikini and play Twister while she sketches the best erotic position. So if Masamune isn’t watching his, how is this going to benefit him? If Eromanga-sensei’s skills go up, then it would benefit Masamune as a writer too, right? Well… I’m sure Sagiri is having a swell time and I’m not sure if the duo can hold up. But I’ve got to be impressed with their flexibility and stamina… Sagiri then notices Tomoe at the door. As she doesn’t know her, she goes to spy her talking to Masamune. She is here to show him an erotic doujin work using Sagiri’s characters. When Tomoe leaves, she hints that if his works become adapted and make tons of money, she’ll consider marrying him! Is it just for the money? Now Sagiri bugs Masamune to see the work. He won’t allow her so she throws a tantrum she wants to see porn?! She manages to grab it when he gets distracted. Now there’s no going back. After looking through it, she is now motivated to draw lewd manga! Yeah, living up to her name. So once she is done with that lewd manga, she shows it to Masamune. He is going crazy not because of how embarrassing it is but rather the main characters having sex are modelled after the siblings! The worst part is that she doesn’t how a dick looks like and is in the wrong place! How do you explain to a girl about a dick? He tries to have Elf help out but she too doesn’t see the problem! Another girl oblivious about the male anatomy! It has come to a point where Sagiri and Elf are going to strip him and see the real deal! Who are the perverts now! So Masamune calls Megumi for help while the girls are pulling down his pants! Megumi sends her illustration but it is a dick of a child. Muramasa breaks her silence and sketches a surreal picture of a naked Greek statue to show them what a real dick looks like. Everyone is amazed! They see her in a new light! She is the most lewd! At the end of the day, I guess everybody had fun. Not sure if they want to keep those embarrassing Twister photos. They say goodbye to Eromanga-sensei but she still denies it.

Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Ero Wake Ga Nai!
What a way to end the season with blatant fanservice and, erm, dick joke? I’m guessing that if more perverts like this series and buy more of erotic materials, I’m sure we’re going to get another season. Until Masamune can figure out another story for Sagiri to draw, I guess we’ll have to be content with this season of weirdness about a little sister who draws lewd stuffs and makes a living out of it. And then they try to infuse some harem and romance in it with other girls in the mix which makes it somewhat funny and weird altogether. It’s like people in the porn industry having normal romantic and polygonal relationships amidst it all like other normal people. It shouldn’t be all that bizarre but it is weird in that sense.

Even way before the cameo appearances of the OreImo characters in the penultimate episode and not doing any research myself at that point, a couple of episodes into the series I was already beginning to feel and having a hunch of how similar this anime is to that one. The plot and characters especially. Not to say that they are identical but you can see some sort of similarity in them. Heck, I even thought about a joke that the OreImo characters would actually pop up and make a cameo! And how true it turned out! And after that I did a little research over the internet (read: Lazy Googling) and found that this series and OreImo were in fact written by the same author. So there, the biggest mystery to the similarities solved. At least for me.

Thus there are tons of trivia for you to spot. If you are into the anime and manga world. From Sword Art Online to Shakugan No Shana to Toradora and even Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice And Wolf) making cameo appearances in posters in the background if your eyes are sharp enough to spot them. Since I am not such an expert here and do not possess that wide knowledge in this area, sometimes I wonder if the promotional posters of those works I do not recognize are made up. But I’m guessing they aren’t seeing they have so many works published over the years so I’m sure they won’t just go out of their way to make a spoof when legally they are allowed to display those works.

Compared to OreImo, Eromanga-sensei is less ‘fiery’ in the sense that the siblings in the former series start off having bad blood with each other. They aren’t on good terms and the brother is often being mad. Here, Masamune and Sagiri might feel estranged but otherwise they work together pretty well but just lack the ways of how brothers and sisters normally interact. Masamune is much kinder and would do all he can to help and treasure his bond with his sister despite not related by blood. After all, aside his father, she is the only other family member he’s got and one who helped him achieve his dream. This guy is pretty normal, caring and understanding that any girl would want as their brother. But still the weird thought that there might be some sort of incest since he is in love with Sagiri. Will they pull off that stunt they did in OreImo where the siblings hold a mock wedding? Only time will tell.

One of the biggest ironies with Sagiri is how she likes to draw ecchi stuffs and because of society’s perception on girls being lewd, it is odd to find her drawing panties of cute girls while not being a total pervert herself. She claims she likes drawing lewd stuffs but isn’t a pervert. Does that logic even hold up? Can you enjoy watching porn and yet be not a pervert to others? Hard to imagine… Especially hearing it from her mouth requesting other girls to show her their panties. Worst, she is only like what, 12 years old? To be drawing this kind of stuffs? Controversial but not my place to say. Understandably she has locked herself in her room for so long that she has zero sense of social skills. Even more surprising how she can always keep her room clean at all times. You’d expect to be somewhat a bit messy but it is clean like a typical girl’s room. So much for the stereotypic otaku shut-in. I believe to make Sagiri look as cute as possible and to enhance to moe effect, the reason she is awkward and clumsy at times. And hence this running joke that she keeps denying she is Eromanga-sensei whenever Masamune calls her so despite the obvious. Because the way she denies is so cute you’d let it slide. So she is like this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personality sometimes with her being the super erotic illustrator but sometimes she’s just an embarrassed little girl.

Other characters add a little flavour and supposedly harem factor to Masamune’s side. Like Elf being the liveliest and the cheekiest of the lot, that kind of act and treatment towards Masamune could only be seen from miles away that she would soon fall for him. What about Muramasa’s initial cold shoulder for Masamune? The seemingly rival who would stop at nothing to bring him down at first? Saw it coming from miles away too. That kind of tough act only hides her true feelings for him. Heck, I believe Muramasa’s love for him began so long ago that she when she chose this penname of hers (her real name is Hana Umezono) it feels like she took it after Masamune’s name. Because sometimes I too get confused when I type and say their name! So close! And hence to show the potential of these girls, we have episodes dedicated to them without all the interference from Sagiri to properly state out their feelings.

Not sure if I can discount Megumi and Tomoe from the line-up yet since it is too early to tell and that they aren’t much in focus. There could be another reason why friend-crazy Megumi keeps coming to visit Masamune’s house and there could be another reason why Tomoe always helps his publishing. If it sells. That final quip from her about marrying him may sound like a joke but my guts tell me that such words are to be taken with precaution because you may never know when a girl will use it against you, considering Tomoe isn’t the front runner, if you know what I mean. Even if they are part of the future harem, they are just minor dark horses unlike the heavyweight favourite duo. Yeah, maybe Shidou for some gay jokes? Well, at least he knows he doesn’t swing that way. I don’t think Kagurazaka would be interested either. She isn’t even that dedicated to her job. Just sufficiently enough to get by.

Coincidentally or not, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who played the perverted main character manga author from Mangaka-san To Assistant-san now plays a novelist here as Masamune. Also strangely, Yuuichi Nakamura who played the main character Kyousuke in OreImo now plays as Masamune’s father. At first I thought it was Ayana Taketatsu who plays Tomoe (and so I thought I could point out she was also the main character Kirino in OreImo) but it was rather Yui Ishikawa instead (Mikasa in Shingeki No Kyojin). The other casts are Akane Fujita as Sagiri (Sistine in Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records), Minami Takahashi as Elf (Megumi in Shokugeki No Souma), Saori Oonishi as Muramasa (Vigne in Gabriel Dropout), Ibuki Kido as Megumi (Claire in Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance), Seiichirou Yamashita as Chris (Kakeru in Orange) and Mikako Komatsu as Kagurazaka (Tsugumi in Nisekoi).

More familiar feels that this series could be a spiritual successor of OreImo because the opening theme also feels somewhat familiar. Claris who sung the opening themes for both seasons of OreImo, reprise their roles for this opener, Hitorigoto. But unlike in OreImo which has different ending songs for each episode, we just have one for Eromanga-sensei. Adrenaline by TrySail is your typical lively anime pop. There is also a special ending theme for episode 8, the slow and lovely Natsuiro Koi Hanabi by Akane Fujita.

Tired of hearing and seeing shades or the fact that I’m mentioning how this anime is so closely reminiscence of OreImo? Well, here’s more. This time the art and animation department. A-1 Pictures who produced tons of animes like Sword Art Online, Ao No Exorcist, Nanatsu No Taizai, Kuroshitsuji, Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata, Working!!, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, Senjou No Valkyria, Uta No Prince-sama series, Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso and Fairy Tail, they also did produce OreImo albeit the second season (the first was done by AIC Build). Cute! Everything is so cute here! So don’t be surprised to see similarities between the characters like Masamune and Kyousuke, Muramasa and Kuroneko, Sagiri and Elf and Kirino, Tomoe and Ayase. Except maybe for Chris whom I thought came out from some epic fantasy movie. Hmm… Long flowing blonde hair… Could he be Legolas? OMG! Legolas retired as an archer to be an editor! Also to note, Muramasa always in her purple kimono keeps reminding me of Aoi from Ai Yori Aoshi since she too is always seen in her trademark purple kimono and has short hair. Don’t tell me they take her design after her.

Overall, you will either love this anime or hate it. Especially those whose passion are in the otaku world, this could serve as some sort of motivation that being otaku is still niche and going strong. At least in Japan. But even those who love anime and manga might start to loathe the trend of where this industry is going when series like this are being churned out regularly. Whether the industry has fallen far from its grace or taken a different step towards greatness. If this kind of animes become acceptable, will porn be an open thing in the future? This series especially of this genre opens up for discussion a myriad of different opinions. While Eromanga-sensei may not be a masterpiece or surpass the popularity of OreImo, by itself is satisfying not because it is trying to make you love the otaku world and paint it all glitzy and nice but rather the inspiration to make one do whatever one can to achieve one’s dreams. Even more meaningful when you have something or someone in mind to work towards to. Now that you have little sisters drawing lewd illustrations, coming soon, My Little Sister Is a Porn Star!

It’s time to remind us to be grateful of the existence of Akihabara or Akiba as it is known for short. Because without this otaku town that started out as an electronics paradise, we especially weeabos and foreigners would never have got to enjoy the endless entertainment of anime, manga and gaming culture of our beloved Japan. What would Japan be without the otaku culture?! Yeah, I know Japan is more than that but we otakus only care about this, right? And so what a way to pay tribute with a series called Akiba’s Trip The Animation. Actually, this anime is adapted from a game and this anime was to celebrate Gonzo’s 25th anniversary. But nevertheless it is still fun to see all the otaku culture in a series although this isn’t the first series about it (refer to Genshiken, Lucky Star, Comic Party and even Denpa Kyoushi if you want to know what I mean). As for the plot of this series, it is about a small group of vigilante protecting the holy sacredness of Akiba from invaders by, wait for it, stripping their clothes! Oh my! Only in anime you can come up with this crap! This I got to see!

Episode 1
Tamotsu Denkigai makes his way to Akiba as he staves off an annoying sales solicitor by acting like a chuunibyou. He meets up with his sister, Niwaka and despite his promise to hang out with her, he doesn’t want to go to places she wants to visit. A fight happens nearby. Matome “Mayo” Mayonaka is fighting her opponents and defeating them by… Taking off their clothes?! The crowd is dispersed by the local vigilante group once it is over. Niwaka wonders if this is related to the Bugged Ones rumours of people turning berserk with superhuman powers. Tamotsu rubbishes all that. Tamotsu then goes off himself to get some innards rangers (?!) figurines. He picks the last rare model at the same time with busty Arisa Ahokainen. Since they share the same passion, they become friends. However Arisa is forced to run when Mayo crashes in to fight her, accusing her of being a Bugged One. When Tamotsu hears of a commotion at a café, he worries about Niwaka since she is supposed to be there. He barges in only to be attacked by zombies? Luckily Mayo protects him and fights off the hordes to let Mayo rescue his unconscious sister. He leaves Niwaka in Arisa’s hands to go back and help struggling Mayo. Speaking of which, she is captured by the Bugged Ones who proclaim her as a traitor. Death to traitors! How? By stripping her?! Tamotsu intervenes but in a bad timing. Before the leader stabs Mayo, Tamotsu uses his body to protect her. In order to save him, Mayo kisses him to transfer her powers. Now he is able to fight like her and has an uncanny skill of… Undressing people?! Seems this is the only way to defeat Bugged Ones. What the hell is this crap that their skin is sensitive to air? Shouldn’t they be wearing a hazmat suit then? Do you know how exposed that sexy maid outfit is?! Oh screw it. I just want to see maids getting strip! Oh yeah, strip them, Tamotsu! Once the menace are all gone, Mayo is impressed with his skills but warns him that with such powers, he can no longer return to his normal life.

Episode 2
Mayo explains about the Bugged Ones. The ones he fought are mainly low class types called Kurobugs. They just possess humans. The more powerful ones are called Hazoku and they can created Bugged Ones. Some Hazoku like herself is seeking to coexist with humans. That’s why she is trying to fight and protect this land. And she has been defending Akiba for 300 years! Tamotsu might not believe all that crap but it is real when he cannot leave Akiba for real! Now that he has inherited her powers, there is some sort of invisible barrier that prevents him to leave the area. Yes, he is a Bugged One like her now. So she takes him to her place where he could live temporarily. They meet Professor Tejasvi Latu (real name is freaking long so don’t bother) who explains more. Niwaka might not understand it all but she understands about Tamotsu being a Bugged One. Because dad always used to say he was a failure as a human! Tamotsu wants to bath but Mayo won’t let him. Not even take off his clothes? There’s a special shower that enables him to bath without getting wet or taking his clothes off. Mayo considers him her underling and must obey her to do patrols. Tamotsu takes the liberty to name the team Electric Mayonnaise. It’s a pun between their names. Although paid some allowance, Tamotsu doesn’t feel it is enough and needs to take up some part time jobs. Mayo introduces him to Mashiro Kuga’s agency. Any job you need in Akiba is here. Just that they don’t take responsibility for any information on it. Tamotsu is about to apply for a job at a military otaku store but the place is taken over by Bugged Ones. As the military guys start firing, Mayo calls for retreat as they can’t lose any more of their clothes. They stumble into the vigilante group and convince them (Arisa’s boobs smothering did the trick) to help them out to keep the peace. Their charge into the store work and Tamotsu is able to strip the big boss. However he is shocked to see him disappear into smoke. Mayo explains the sad truth. Those possessed by Kurobugs are able to return to humans when stripped. But for the Hazoku types, they will evaporate. That is why they cannot have their clothes taken off. You thought Tamotsu might be saddened by this but he decides life is short and he needs to buy all the things he need and make tons of cash. Well, at least he is positive.

Episode 3
Tamotsu notices Io Shiota’s concert on TV. She sounds so dead… So instead of going on a patrol with Mayo, he goes to her concert. Then he comes home to review her broadcast but finds something missing. Thus a guy introduces him to earphones. This leads him to a store where he buys those recommended accessories. To further improve his hobby as an audio enthusiasts, he buys more audio crap (including some non-scientific mysterious stone. Scammed!) till he realizes the best idol songs are heard live! WTF???!!! Then the bill comes. Oh no. Need a high paying easy job to pay up. So while Tamotsu takes up various odd jobs around Akiba, Mayo, Arisa and Niwaka are being scouted by a famous producer Chibusa Benikage to become models. They are named Mania (abbreviation from their names) and undergo training. You wonder if it is idol related since it has indoor mountain climbing. Build stamina… But you can figure something shady is going on as the photographer, Naisu Muramura is taking compromising pictures of them. Then there is this swimsuit shoot in which Arisa gladly flaunts her assets. Niwaka is too innocent to understand those group of old guys in their underwear known as the ‘shower squad’ is… Anyway, Arisa poses and has no qualms about it till Naisu tells her to strip naked. She would have obligingly done so had not the rest stopped her. Mayo realizes this is a scam and were baited to do porn. As you would have guessed It, Chibusa and Naisu are Bugged Ones. Luckily Tamotsu is working here as a janitor so he goes to save the girls. He manages to strip them and Naisu who is the boss gets disintegrated. Chibusa doesn’t remember what happened. As token of apology, she would like to work for them as their producer as she does saw potential in the trio. So Mania has their first live concert albeit to a very small crowd. I have more fingers on my hands… But it’s a good start since they didn’t have time for publicity and Tamotsu is supporting them like a fanatic idol fan.

Episode 4
Tamotsu is fixing his own amateur radio antenna. With Arisa and Niwaka, they use walkie-talkie to try to get the best deals. Since it worked out poorly, he decides to take the girls to go shopping for better communication equipment. Mayo wonders why don’t they just use their Smartphones. Apparently there is some difference using radio waves, corporate greed and communicating as humans. Whatever. Suddenly electrical devices around start to explode. Turns out there is a tower in Akiba manned by a Bugged One. They can’t get close to the tower since the microwaves will burn them! When they tell Professor about this, she might know who is behind this. While she was doing her research, her teacher Professor Yagyuda who specializes in the paranormal told her to head to Akiba to study the Bugged Ones in their natural habitat. Thus they decided to build a big tower. No matter how much they tired, they failed. She would love to contact Yagyuda for help but he is now in Brazil doing some job to cover his losses. All forms of communication are out. Except the radio. You can’t hack radio waves, can you? So we’ve got some technical explanation how the radio wave bounces using the atmosphere, blah, blah, blah. They hope to reach Yagyuda by Morse code but after many days, nothing. They order some pizza and chicken wings to stay awake. Till the delivery girl messes with the Morse code till they get a response. So Yagyuda’s message reads: ALMHK. They try to decipher what it means but it soon hit Professor. Order more chicken wings! So when the gang return to the tower, they are dressed in thick aluminium foil that blocks out the waves. ALMHK = aluminium haku. Invincible, they barge up the tower in no time to strip the Bugged One. Professor talks to her as she explains it was 3 days ago that she came here. She wanted to kill herself after failing to create the tower. A mysterious hat lady stopped her and vowed to make her dreams come true. When she reached out her hand to her, that is when she got possessed. She regrets what she has done but Professor assures to clear her name. She is now happily working with Yagyuda in Brazil while Tamotsu hosts his own FM radio.

Episode 5
Nostalgia time! Tamotsu plays Street Fighter II at the arcade. He receives a new challenger from a kid named Matsuko. Too bad he got his ass handed to him. He then joins Niwaka at the crane game. However she gets kidnapped right before his eyes. Because of a glass blocking him, he is afraid to break it in fear of being banned from this joint. Because Matsuko remarks about his improved gaming, he believes she is behind Niwaka’s kidnapping and a Bugged One. Soon a ransom note is delivered. Tamotsu must play a Street Fighter V tournament if she wants to save his sister. They realize Matsuko is currently the best fighting gamer this generation. And so Professor comes up with Tamotsu’s training that resembles more like torture that would have killed any ordinary person. Being burnt at the stake? You wonder how it contributes to his training. I don’t know but now he can press a button 16 consecutive times per second! So on tournament day, Tamotsu is passionate to win and begin his legend. Only the winner gets to play Matsuko. Too bad he lost in perfect straight sets on the first round! However Tamotsu manages to get to the final in a different bracket for losers. He defeats Matsuko in the first round. However this is only because she is learning her opponent’s abilities. So in the second round, a perfect victory for her. When the third round comes, Matsuko strips to improve her latent abilities. What? Tamotsu also follows even though he is on the verge of dying. I don’t think nobody wants to see his semi-naked body except gays. Tamotsu then does some Fubuki parody move to come back and defeat Matsuko. So this is what those useless trainings were for? When Tamotsu demands Niwaka back, she doesn’t know what it’s about. She becomes embarrassed when Mayo takes off her cap to reveal a funny standing hair. Definitely not a Bugged One. The real one is actually one of the commentators. As he brags, Tamotsu punches the hell out of him. Niwaka is safe in a room playing video games. Tamotsu joins her. Happy ending…

Episode 6
Every PC owner’s worst nightmare! BSOD! Well, time for Tamotsu to get a new PC. He meets Kage who suggests to build his own PC. They scour around for parts and Tamotsu is satisfied with the deals he can get. But when he assembles them, it doesn’t work because he forgot to buy an OS. So Professor helps install one that includes voice recognition. Everyone, meet Pyuko. As Tamotsu gets more attached with her, the rest tease Mayo she is jealous. So she forces Tamotsu who hates to leave Pyuko’s side for patrol. When he returns, Professor has made some modifications and now Pyuko is a bulky machine but is able to move and do things. Thus Tamotsu brings Pyuko around Akiba and they have a swell time. It might look odd to us but hey, in Akiba this is pretty normal, right? She learns a lot and even gets better at things humans do. Then on the news, PCs around start evolving into machines. Believing a certain PC brand is behind this, they head to its store but it is closed. Pyuko picks the lock and they find the owner, a Bugged One trying to control Akiba using robots disguised as cheap PCs. Although they defeat her, she leaves a ‘curse’ before dying. All the robots know converged into one machine that pounds the hell out of Mayo and Arisa. You thought the cliché trick of unplugging it to disconnect electric supply would work but it seems it enters into self-destruction mode to delete all its porn! So how? Countdown from 100. Full charged Pyuko lifts it up to space where she explodes with it. Pyuko! No!!! Tamotsu is sad as Professor speaks to him. She believes Pyuko did that to protect the various history of Akiba. This includes Tamotsu, a person who loves Akiba very much, a data that is most important. So long you remember her, Pyuko will live inside your memory. So take good care of that data. Sad ending…

Episode 7
Tamotsu is taking photograph of a figurine and accidentally breaks it. It belongs to Niwaka and she is not happy since it is a rare item which you can’t get anymore. She is further mad that he is paying attention to his photograph and brushes this small matter off. He thought he could get a replacement on the auction but some Arab dude outbid him. Time to search for a part time job that pays well. Mashiro recommends him to a butler and maid café. The manager accepts him and creeps him out about working that is more than just pay. At first Tamotsu is freaked out by the other weird butlers and maids like screaming out lines to say to their master. But he gets used to it and learns quickly. He impresses customers and gets promoted fast, boosting his morale. So when it is time to get his pay, it seems they are just thank you notes?! What the heck?! But then he is brainwashed that working for their master’s thanks is all they’re living for. Thus he continues to work hard and is starting to look like a zombie. He makes his first mistake and loses motivation. So the other staffs continue to brainwash him and give him a reason to continue working. He has been working so hard that he hardly comes back. For a week now and even when Niwaka visits to apologize for being too harsh, he isn’t home. Arisa shows them the bad news that Tamotsu’s face appears in a magazine’s interview. He looks like a zombie! They rush down to the café to see him now in a maid dress! They try to make him quit but he rants about his dream to work in this place. This is when Niwaka slaps him and then a baseball bat swat to open his eyes about his dream. Something about turning his novel into a flop movie and then into an anime series and live on unearned income. Huh? He returns to normal and the manager reveals his true self as a Bugged One. However the butlers and maids are just brainwashed and not real Bugged Ones so stripping them didn’t do anything. The manager takes Niwaka hostage. Tamotsu hears her plea for help. He strips both of them though he quickly clothes her. In the aftermath, Tamotsu apologizes to Niwaka and gives a replacement figurine he bought. But when she thanks him, he is now afraid of that thank you word and runs away.

Episode 8
As Tamotsu and the girls head to the store to buy rice cooker, Arisa is shocked to see her master. The rest are then shocked to learn Arisa is a university graduate who is travelling the world to learn things. That is how she met Master and learnt martial arts. She is now in Japan to learn about otaku. It seems all the rice cookers are snapped out by Master. Attempts to talk to him fail. This this sexy lady, Diva Risa McWhite pops up. She claims she is Master’s master and her aim is to conquer Akiba by buying up all rice cookers and selling them at retail price. They realize she is a Bugged One and Master is just her tool for that. They start fighting but the shop staff warns them about doing it here or else. Thus it is decided they will be squaring off at Akiba’s greatest tournament. If you’re wondering why it resembles like American wrestling, the entire thing is a parody of WWE. So we’ve got Master and Risa as typical baddies entering the ring with the typical flashy effects, music and arrogant speech. Then we’ve got the good guy Arisa (R. Mika?) whom the crowd adores. Of course the usual cliché like how the dumb referee is knocked out early so the baddies could do illegal and underhanded tactics to Arisa. Arisa realizes Master is trying to fight Risa’s control but he is forced to give in when she threatens his family. Worse, Mayo and Niwaka also become hostages. As Arisa takes a beating, Tamotsu stops being useless as he rides a buggy in to save Mayo and Niwaka. Arisa suddenly revives and turns the tables on Master by slamming him over layers of tables. Although both are down, the last straw came when Risa hands Master a sword to finish her off. This is when Master slaps Risa. His martial arts aren’t used for these deeds. He finishes her and continues his bout with Arisa. Arisa wins thanks to a low blow in the crotch. Even with Arisa’s victory, Risa continues to play dirty and beats up Arisa. Tamotsu then comes in declaring Akiba belongs to everyone and will protect it. Arisa and Tamotsu did a double combo on Risa and his stripping ended her reign. Master and Arisa reconcile and he decides to restart his training over again for being manipulated like that. Everyone cheers the winners. A good advertising opportunity for Electric Mayonnaise.

Episode 9
They’re trolling us, right? Because it is stated that everything is decided by card battle games. Including the recent US presidential elections! Everything boils down to this ultimate card game called Battle Creatures! Arisa does a live stream of unboxing card packs of Battle Creatures. Too bad all of them are pretty common and dull cards. Tamotsu returns and learns what she is doing. He notices an unopened pack and opens it. Voila! An ultra rare card! Arisa notes he has the talent to be a card player. As Tamotsu talks to Kage about this at a cafe, they notice the other tables of vigilante groups breaking up because of a cute girl being recruited into their ranks. Later it is discovered that a company called Princess Company has been sending out such girls to really break up those groups. Tamotsu and his girls go confront the CEO of the company, Iketeru Masada. Aside his weird hair, Arisa totally digs this guy because he is so rich he is bathing in money! But when he admits that plan of his, it is no surprised that he is a Bugged One. Mayo tries to defeat him but his skills are better. He could have finished her off easily but that would be no fun. He suggests a card game and this is where Tamotsu steps up to take the challenge. And so we see a dramatic spoof battle of Yugioh. Yugi vs Kaiba? So all those flashy exaggerated effects are just in your mind. Because clueless ones like Mayo are just seeing a boring lifeless game. It’s all in your mind… As cliché as it gets, Tamotsu is on the verge of losing after taking the brunt of the attacks until he pulls out that ultra rare card. Yeah, it’s like a free pass to give him all the unfair advantage to turn the tables and defeat Masada. Somehow he got stripped despite losing just his card game. Yeah, Mayo doesn’t even understand a single bit. In the aftermath, all the vigilante groups reconcile and are back as a whole again. Moral of the story: Cute girls always bring ruin to a circle of close knit friends! So true!

Episode 10
When Tamotsu met up with his friend and learns he already has a girlfriend, he lost his mind! So he’s got a problem with this ‘betrayal’?! So now he wishes a girlfriend to drop down from the sky for him. Really? Niwaka has a cheeky plan. Playing psychology with Mayo, she manages to make the tsundere go out on a practice date with Tamotsu till he gets a real girlfriend. Of course they’re not going to let them be alone on this date as they spy on them. Since both are noobs in dating, Mayo gets advice from Niwaka to do what she likes. So… Eating? Yup, they patron a lot of stores to eat! Man, she’s got a black hole stomach! Well, Tamotsu can see how happy she enjoys her food. As she can still eat, they now head to the ramen store but it is being hogged by a food warrior named Kurota. He seems to be gobbling down everything. So when Tamotsu tells him off not to monopolize food in Akiba, he challenges him to a food contest. Mayo will be his challenger. This contest blows out of proportion as it becomes publicised. In an hour, they have to eat as many ramen bowls and the loser will pay all its cost. So we see them on the same footing and see them coming up with tricks to cool and eat the ramen faster. Though, Kurota seems to be desecrating the food so he could eat faster. After all, food ends up all the same in your stomach, right? But of course it ends with Mayo winning by a bite! Mayo is kind enough not to let him pay but wants him not to eat like that and enjoy its taste. However Kurota will not accept defeat. He will conquer Akiba by eating up all its food. That’s when they realize he is a Bugged One. As he tries to suck everything (cue for panties showing fanservice), Tamotsu gets this idea to throw ice at him to freeze his sucking before Mayo strips him and turns him into a whole load of ramen. In the aftermath can you believe Mayo’s stomach still growls after that?! Must have worked up an appetite from all that eating? What did I just say???!!! So she has room for desserts, eh? Tamotsu knows the right place and takes her by the hand there. Ah, looks like he’s a natural in getting the girl.

Episode 11
Mania practises for the upcoming Akiba Festival. But during this period, somebody has been playing evil pranks on Akiba and leaving name cards in the name of Electric Mayonnaise. It is no surprise that Tamotsu, Mayo and Arisa are arrested by the vigilante group and tried in their kangaroo court. Although they show picture proof, uhm, don’t those guys look a bit fat and ugly? But they can’t tell for Mayo since her back is facing. Tamotsu vehemently stands up and vouches for Mayo’s innocence. He tells them off that everything will be alright if they find proof. Tamotsu has an idea where the imposters will strike next. They are waiting right at the Akiba Festival concert and catch them in the act. It’s going to be tough fighting those big fat ugly imposters but once they find their rhythm, those Bugged Ones are easy. Mayo is having it tough against her clone. She looks exactly the same except for that devil mask she is wearing. Luckily the rest come to help her so she flees. Lady luck shines on them since Professor has taken picture proof as evidence. So when they show it to the vigilante group, they regret and apologize for accusing them. Tamotsu forgives them. Before Mania could start singing, the electric power is cut off. Then live on TV, Minister Shigusa Kiyoi announces a total ban on Akiba Festival as it supports unhealthy activities. She believes such culture which has turned into some porn industry must be completely eradicated. There’s more. Tomorrow the Diet has pass a law that will come into effect tomorrow that bans everything in Akiba called Akiba Ban. Later Tamotsu receives a distress call from Mayo having a hard time from her imposter. As he rushes to her side, it is a trap as the imposter steals his kiss to absorb his power. The real Mayo who is also being given a wild goose hunt, sees unconscious Tamotsu being dumped into the river.

Episode 12
It seems Kiyoi is being bribed by the Hazoku organization, Metrotica to do their bidding. The old witch boss, Fukame doesn’t care about Kiyoi’s hatred for the otaku world as long as they do what they are told. The girls are glad Tamotsu is alright. Mayo is first to hug him. However they notice his strip of hair is back to normal. This means he is back to being a normal human. Tamotsu insists he still wants to help and there won’t be any problem if Mayo does the same thing to give back his powers, right? Well, I think that isn’t the problem… Suddenly agents barge in and beg for Arisa to come back to Shangrila Trophy, the largest US conglomerate. Arisa during her journey stumbled into its CEO and ended up being his son’s tutor but somehow climbed the ranks to be his executive secretary. It seems the CEO is very ill and without a replacement, the company and the world will be in danger! Please save us all! As Arisa owes him a huge debt, she has no choice but to return. Akiba is now a ghost town with the ban in effect. Because Tamotsu still wants to help and Mayo still doesn’t want him to risk his life like before, this causes tensions between them. Tamotsu is roped in by the vigilante group to form a committee in Akiba to protest against the ban. But Tamotsu is too depressed to join in and opts out.

The protest debate goes on but nothing came about. It gets worse when all merchandises in Akiba get confiscated or burnt. What’s this?! All maids are arrested???!!! WTF???!! I’M F*CKING AGAINST THIS!!! STOP!!!!! The protest committee try to think of their next move but the government men barge in to arrest them all. The committee lets Kage who is the head of the group escape. Tamotsu is depressed in his room as Niwaka threatens that she’ll go do it herself. Then he sees Mayo facing off in the TV’s background. Time to get your ass moving. It seems Mayo’s imposter is her younger sister, Urame. She is furious over her betrayal over grandma (Fukame). Some flashback showing how Metrotica is just a façade for these creatures to enslave humans and rule Akiba for centuries. Thus the ‘peace and order’. Mayo wanted Akiba to be shared by everyone but it is this concept that grandma didn’t like. Before Mayo gets owned, Tamotsu returns to save her. Because Mayo still rants about how dangerous everything is, he shuts her up by kissing her! With his powers back, Tamotsu beats up Urame and strips her. Funny, she didn’t die. She just lost her memories. Sorry to ruin Tamotsu and Mayo’s long hug but it’s double knockout for Urame when Arisa returns as she lands on her after skydiving from that height. Arisa explains it wasn’t that CEO who was sick but his giant panda. So the uproar was about who to succeed as his pet. Now that Arisa has administered a cure, both CEO and panda are happily on vacation. With her back, Electric Mayonnaise is whole once again. Fukame is displeased that Urame has fallen and blames that man as the root of the problem. She will not hand over Akiba to anybody.

Episode 13
While Arisa, Niwaka and Professor save the arrested committee, Tamotsu and Mayo beat up some cameraman who is closely associated with Metrotica to find Hazoku’s hideout. He also exposes Fukame’s plan to conquer Akiba so that they could rebel the government to establish an independent nation for Bugged Ones. Along the way, Mayo tells of her past how grandma used to tell her the corruption from humans are slowly tainting Akiba and will eventually kill them. But when Mayo surfaced 50 years ago (yes, Mayo is 78 years old!!!) she found nothing of that sort and instead people had a different kind of passion. She quickly fell in love with it but Fukame was against it. Despite her attempts to talk to her, she remained a stubborn goat till she got exiled. She then moved their hideout. Ever since, Mayo has been trying to protect Akiba from her onslaught. The duo traverse rooms filled with traps (don’t touch anything, Tamotsu!) and face off with a pair of cute sisters in flimsy outfit because they don’t think Tamotsu could strip them. Damn wrong, girls… This leads them to Fukame where grandma and granddaughter face each other for the first time in 20 years. Fukame is still bent on purifying Akiba. It was once filled with ki but the corruption, war and now strange sexual desires has turned Akiba into some filth. She considers humans to be the pests. Tamotsu punches her and chides her for judging Akiba based on her own biased judgment. She will hear no more and will start cleansing Akiba. She summons a giant pink monster (Kirby?) for destruction. Mayo is absorbed into it as Tamotsu tries to climb in to rescue her.

Meanwhile Professor seems to have found some power source but it looks like they need Mania to pull it off. They’re short of a member it seems. Professor, you’re not wanted. Oh, Urame who still has amnesia thinks she is Mayo (as seen from a replay concert on TV). Mania technically a whole again. So as they sing parodies of classical music, with the power of everyone, their support summons a giant naked Ultraman to fight the fake Kirby. It seems the power of the glow sticks is responsible for that. Never underestimate the power of glow sticks… Tamotsu saves Mayo as they both combine to pilot fake Ultraman to defeat Fukame for good. In the aftermath, Fukame repents but it is too late. She realizes the people’s love for this city is stronger and more beautiful. She wished she had only spent time with the people. She leaves it to Tamotsu and Mayo to protect Akiba. Mayo is sad grandma dies but it seems her vapour is sucked into a vacuum by Professor. She won’t let her die easily and has lots to ask. Kiyoi tries to escape with her money but is stopped by a giant maid. She is actually an undercover police and arrests her for bribery and fraudulent accounting. Not even a million dollars can bribe her way out. She is replaced by Kage who becomes the minister of Akiba. His first order is to resume Akiba Festival. Somehow Tamotsu and Mayo still can’t leave the barrier. Oh well, they can still do fun things together. Together. The moment we have all been waiting for. Their kiss is interrupted by Niwaka and Arisa. WHY?! OH WHY???!!! It seems they are from 10 years in the future. Future Akiba is in trouble and they’re blaming the duo. Don’t tell me they become the new tyrants. So back to the future to save the future?

Akiba Strip & Rip!
Oh wait! I think I have a conspiracy theory why Tamotsu and Mayo are blamed for the whatever chaos future Akiba is in now. If the present duo are gone in the future to fix it, then who the hell are left behind to protect Akiba in present time?! Sure, you might say those vigilante groups but those are small fries and nobody does them better than our dynamic duo. And because Tamotsu and Mayo are missing, thus allowing other villains to surface and possible remnants of Bugged Ones to revive! OMG! Just like when Batman is away, Gotham City became besieged with crimes and corruption. So Akiba’s future in peril is not entirely their fault! It’s your fault, Niwaka and Arisa!!! Your fault for taking them away and making them ‘missing’ in present time!

Aside that, I suppose the series is a fun ride and it is a good thing that Akiba is once again safe from the vile scums who want to see such filthy and embarrassing culture completely erased. Yes people. Let’s thank the unsung heroes of Akiba who keep the place safe and allow us to continue our passion. Viva otaku culture! Viva Akiba! Viva maids! Ahem… Even if you aren’t an otaku or a fan of anything Akiba, I’m sure the silly plot and slapstick comedy moments will still eke out a little laughter. Unless… Part of the silliness comes from the fast paced comedy which sometimes make it look like it is pretty dumb. But hey, you’re not supposed to take everything here seriously. In Akiba, anything can happen!

Fanservice isn’t the main draw of the series but it feels like it is part of the complement. Without it, the show would have been just another run of the mill. Yeah, the plot is just plain and ridiculous if you look at it. I mean, how exciting can you get if the plot is just about a group of vigilantes protecting Akiba? Boring. But what about protecting Akiba from invaders? Nothing original. But what about stripping them to save the day? Uhm, okay. Hope it attracts a certain demographic target. Nothing makes a horny otaku’s day with some little show of skin. So if you want to classify this series as an ecchi one, it is by most about 20%-30%.

I feel that Mayo is the ‘main offender’ of this fanservice hijinks and not those small fry Bugged Ones as their stripping is just only a couple of seconds. Because in every Bugged One battle that she fights in, you can guarantee to expect that her clothes will be ripped off to expose her delicious white lingerie. For some reason as long as she has a small patch of ordinary clothes left, she won’t be killed. Yeah, f*ck logic. Fanservice comes first. Then there is also Arisa whose big busts are also for fanservice points because who else but foreigners in anime world could have such naturally big boobs. Arisa sometimes also gets her clothes torn but not as much as Mayo. And yes, Arisa is also fanservice material in the sense that in some episodes she dresses up and cosplays in different outfits for no apparent reason. From policewoman to bunny girl, she’s got it all. Well, almost.

I know it sounds ridiculous that to defeat Bugged Ones that you have to strip them because of some ‘unfounded scientific theory’ about their skin being exposed to air and sunlight that makes them vulnerable. Heh. Total crap. It’s just like that Hollywood movie about an alien whose weakness is water and they had to choose a planet that is 70% filled with that weakness to conquer. Dumb, right? So it is the same thing I feel here. Akiba just like any other part of the world is almost covered with air and sunlight reaches to its many parts. And yet the simple task of undressing is all it takes to defeat them. From a practical point of view it looks hard to undress people as seen here but what the heck, right? Even if this is true in this anime’s setting, don’t you think that the Bugged Ones should wear thicker and hard to take off clothes? Sure, it makes them stand out but at least makes them harder to near impossible to be defeated. Yeah, they never learn. Whatever. As long as we get to see our weekly stripping.

That is why sometimes I am confused to see Mayo who is sometimes close to death with the last piece of decent clothes (not lingerie) hanging on her skin to cheat death. It is like they have conveniently forgotten this rule so that we could enjoy our fanservice. Yeah, I think that sounds sensible. Fanservice… Remember, Mayo is the same race as Hazoku so she shouldn’t be exempted from the rule. Therefore with this, should she be able to put on a bikini and take a bath instead of whatever special bath she said earlier on? Or at least wear a rag? Couldn’t Tamotsu do the same too? Hey, as long as there are some clothes on, right? Screw this logic. My head hurts thinking about this. Can be easily cured if my eyes see more pantsu…

Another mind boggling thing is why the Bugged Ones are only confined to Akiba. Maybe there was some explanation that I wasn’t paying attention to. Because of this, it only makes sense why they never tried to take over the world. Yeah, this invisible wall thingy like how it is so annoying in video games, prevents them from venturing further outside. And to think that for centuries they have enslaved humanity and that is only a mere fraction and confined in Akiba. Problem solved if all humans move out of Akiba. And besides, this gaping hole brings me to the point of how big Akiba is. Because unless it is like the size of Russia, I am very sure Mayo shouldn’t have a hard time finding grandma’s base. Sure there are dark nooks and corners in Akiba or anywhere in the world but I know that Akiba isn’t that super big city even though I have not visited the place myself. Even if you include its surrounding wards, it still won’t be that huge. You can argue that Mayo is a one (wo)man show in trying to keep the peace but over 20 years and still not finding it? Has she been looking hard enough? Or too busy staving off waves of Bugged Ones?

It is a visual and trivia feast for those who are really deep into the otaku culture. I am very sure that this series pays homage to the otaku culture as all if not many of the references you see here are real stuffs. Not knockoffs or spoofs like misspelling of famous brands to avoid lawsuits. So when you see actual clips of the latest Street Fighter V being featured (blatant promotion?) and even that American fast food joint, Carl’s Jr being featured (logo and trademark being featured prominently and accurately in an episode), they’re really serious in featuring Akiba as a true melting pot of the otaku culture. Because I am not a hardcore otaku, there are definitely lots of trivia that I have missed. Poor me. Although I believe there are lots more otaku culture in Akiba, but I think this series has decently featured and covered some of the otaku tropes ones such as video games, card games, maid cafes, electronic appliances stores and even the lesser known military one. Well, you can’t talk about the otaku culture without covering at least one of them. So they’ve done a good job in showcasing and creating some awareness even though much of it is for satire and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Viva otaku culture!

As far as the characters go, they try to be interesting but they aren’t really. Because we are so overwhelmed by the otaku trivia, I think we close an eye on this. Because Tamotsu feels like a typical anime main character. Because he got killed and then revived with super powers with a kiss. Then they go about defeating Bugged Ones in each episode that feels like just random standalones. It distracts us from the bad logic of stripping as well as the cheesy interaction between Tamotsu and Mayo. We can see that there is some sort of romance brewing between them from miles away although we can also see that Mayo being a tsundere not being honest to herself. There are signs and those body languages that you can’t ignore… And then finally they blend it in and make them hit it off seamlessly and naturally like as though they’ve gotten along fine for a long time. Well, good for them. So the couple that patrols and strips Bugged Ones together, stays together? I’m just jealous that Tamotsu has this wonderful skills of stripping others and he did it to several maids. DAMN IT WHERE CAN I LEARN SUCH SKILLS???!!! Ahem…

Then the rest of the Electric Mayonnaise group are just being part of the cliché like Arisa that busty blonde foreigner who is also the most cheerful and lively among the pack. Am I thinking too much that her surname feels weird in a goofy sense, like as though it is fake and on purpose? Throw in Niwaka as the cute little sister for you imouto fetish creeps and there you have a little group of vigilantes. Professor is there as the ‘brains’ since she sometimes has the device for the solutions and has this running joke of popping up from out of nowhere. To make her stand out more, I guess that is why the make her a glasses character, twintail, tanned, extra-long sleeves and, uhm, always riding a Segway? Whatever.

Kage might look like a funny cartoonish character and he sounds like he has an ulterior motive but sorry, no big twist whatsoever. He’s just a good guy. Other minor characters who make their cameo in single episodes feel like they are typical clichés of the otaku world. They appear in the climax of the series so as to remind us that they’re still around. Because that is what you do after being ‘saved’, right? Yeah, better than killing them off… Nobody really dies in this anime. Even Pyuko somehow comes back alive to save Tamotsu in the final episode. I don’t think that’s a clone either. The only dead ones are those Hazoku… But as shown by Professor how she can save what is left of Hazoku given she does it in time, maybe she did the same for the rest? Just that we didn’t see it. There might be more than meet the eye to her than thought… Somehow I can’t help think that Fukame is a representation of people who has hated something many others love for such a long time that they are blinded by their own biasness only to be debunked and seen the truth at the long end of the tunnel. By then it is too late and regrets of how they would have done things differently then. But hey, at least better late than never.

Voice acting wise, the main casts are rather newbies as the ones I recognized are relegated to cameo roles like Daisuke Ono as Masada, Aoi Yuuki as Matsuko, Yui Ogura as Pyuko and Jouji Nakata as Kage. The main casts are Haruki Ishiya as Tamotsu (Shuuichi in Hibike! Euphonium), Rie Takahashi doing a double take as Mayo and Urame (Megumin in KonoSuba, Futaba in Sore Ga Seiyuu), Yuki Nagaku as Arisa (Ichigo in Sore Ga Seiyuu), Marika Kouno as Niwaka (Rin in Sore Ga Seiyuu), Misaki Kuno as Professor (Hawk in Nanatsu No Taizai), Chinami Hashimoto as Mashiro (Chiyo in Prison School) and Masumi Asano as Fukame (Hakufu in Ikkitousen series).

To further showcase the powerhouse of idols in Akiba, each episode has a different ending theme featuring different pop idol groups. So if you really like idol type songs, you’re going to love some of the groups featuring here like Petit Milady, Milky Holmes (yes, those bungling loli detectives) and even Earphones. Earphones who? If you watched Sore Ga Seiyuu, the idol unit created in that anime looks like they have taken off as a real idol unit. Guess what? Here is another interesting trivia. That Earphone idol unit is exactly the same group as Mania! The same seiyuus who voiced the main trio here are also the same main trio in Sore Ga Seiyuu! Should have seen it coming and noticed this in my previous paragraph… Now are we confused on which name we should call them? Because out of all the ending songs, my favourite is the catchy Sanki Tousen by Earphones. Or is it Mania? Despite the different ending themes, there is only 1 opening theme, Ikken Rakuchaku Go Youjin by Earphones. Or is it Mania? Hmm… Since officially it is listed as Earphones but isn’t ironic using a different unit name for this anime? God, I’m so confused!

The art and drawing feel like low quality. At least for the characters who feel like as though they are of low quality due to the very simplistic and plain design in many of them. It’s like as though they didn’t want to put in a lot of details but still want to make them look like cute and kawaii anime characters so they scrap together what they’ve got. Because do you not agree with me that if you look closely at our Electric Mayonnaise, don’t they look just a tad weird in that sense? Thus in that sense, it makes it look of a lesser quality than other Gonzo’s works in which characters have this cute and kawaii design like Seto No Hanayome, Saki and even Sore Ga Seiyuu. Even when the characters take a beating and to show their injury bump, it is usually exaggerated in a cartoonish way. However the streets and backgrounds are given more detail and closely depicts the real streets of Akiba. So if you can’t stomach the plain characters and animation, just look and admire at the backgrounds. Good enough to make me wonder if they are really hand drawn or real pictures but being given some special facelift. Well, at least everything is bright, vibrant and colourful.

Overall, if you are an otaku fan, you should be able to enjoy this series with its otaku references and trivia despite all its goofy and silly plot, flawed logic and plain but cliché characters. Brainless but energetic. To others who aren’t so fond of this culture, it is a red warning sign to stay away. A trip that you might want to come back again or never return. It either gives you a shock treatment that scars your pure ideal concept of Akiba (really?) or you look forward for more of its greatness. It makes you want to learn more about the unique culture or gives you very unrealistic expectations from what you can get and see in this town. Akiba might be a place for everyone and yet still isn’t for everyone. Be warned that once you check into this otaku culture, you can never leave. Forever.

Denpa Kyoushi

July 3, 2016

You know, I don’t blame you if you believe that school these days suck judging by the standards of society that we live in today. No, I am not saying that I am anti-school. What I am saying is that there are many lessons that you will find later in life that are not learnt from school textbooks. In addition, those who have graduated and are steadily into the working life (yes, all you ‘old’ people out there like me) will look back and realize that school do not really teach the necessary things that would really prepare us for life. Like filing our taxes. Or doing banking. Or how to buy a house and/or a car. Or even the most simplest of task that everybody has to do once they leave school: How to fill in a proper resume. Yes. When you think how much school didn’t teach us about such life skills, we are forced to learn the hard way and in turn it makes us the more bitter than ever. Rinse and repeat cycle. Who the heck wants to know when Alexander the Great died?! How the f*ck will that apply in real life? Impressing your kids is not one of them…

But we are not here to talk about that. But from that opening paragraph, it has got to do with this anime, Denpa Kyoushi. The main character was once renowned as a genius physicist till he one day decided to just gave up everything and become an otaku-cum-NEET. Yeah, anime is more interesting than boring physics, right?! Unfortunately he can’t live that way of life forever because one day he is being scouted to teach a group of students, each with their own issues. You could connect the dots now as we see how an unconventional teacher, what more an otaku fanatic, teaches his students the proper way of life that is not learnt in your usual classroom. Life lessons they’ll never forget and perhaps while teaching his students, he might learn something or two for himself.

Episode 1
Junichirou Kagami is a hardcore otaku and is taking pleasure with his number one blog site when his sister, Suzune fed up of him being a NEET, threatens to beat him up to get a job. Despite this YD syndrome (Yaritai koto shika Dekinai AKA Yearn to Do), she has had it with his lazy bum attitude and has already arranged an interview as a teaching job at his alma matter. Though he is unmotivated when he is in the interview, the principal is more than happy to accept him despite his otaku background. You see, Kagami was once a genius in the physics and science field and wrote an outstanding article many years back. But now he has no interest in all that except his anime blog. Kagami skips the rest of the interview since he heard somebody humming his favourite Magical Cannon Girl Bura-Kura theme song. It only lasts for 90 seconds so he needs to be quick to find her. He finds Minako Kanou practising at the rooftop and her aspiration is to become a seiyuu. However he tells her off for taking this seiyuu thing likely so she punches his face! Already unmotivated to face his first day in class, what are the odds Minako would be in his class? Yeah… Kagami gets an idea for everyone to introduce themselves. They should log on and play this online game and anyone who is able to beat him will automatic get full score for next week’s quiz. Everyone starts taking out their handheld. Kagami observes and can tell the groupings of the class. Especially Minako who is a loner. Later during recess at the rooftop, Kagami confronts Minako and can tell she is being bullied by her classmates led by Miho Kitou. Why does she not fight back considering she was bold enough to punch him in the face. She also knows about his background as a revered researcher. He answers he did had the theory to prove he could make a door to anywhere and even sent it to some magazine. He was turned down since he was still in college. And now he is not interested in science anymore. Minako doesn’t fight back because she wants to be a hero too.

That night after saving her from a stalker, Kagami shows her the school’s underground site that makes her a target. She explains she used to be a delinquent hanging out with Miho’s group. She was ostracized when she wanted out. When she was lost, she found inspiration from words on the internet that belonged to Bura-Kura. If there are no heroes in real life, then become one. So if she becomes a seiyuu, she can become a real hero. Next day, Miho makes Minako drink a drink mixed with chalk. It affected her vocals. Kagami knows it is time for him to act. When Miho and co hang out outside a store and discussing about Kagami suspecting them earlier, Kagami then dumps powder over them! He calls himself Justice Man who teaches bullies preying on weak girls a lesson. He broadcast this to the internet and reveals the underground site was made by him and his fellow otakus. After he graduated and forgot about it, others messed and ruined it. Miho claims they’re just doing this to get Minako’s attention and not bullying her. They’re right. This isn’t bullying. Kagami cites the penal codes for bona fide crimes. The girls are left crying after being made to feel what it is like to be the one at the end of the receiving stick. Though Minako is not pleased Kagami handled this for her, he reminds her that every hero has a sidekick to help out. Heroes might be lonely but that doesn’t mean they have to always fight alone. I guess a big thank you is in order.

Episode 2
Thanks to work, Kagami is sad his blog has dropped from its number 1 spot! No motivation to teach! The chalk feels so heavy… On a rare day Suzune accompanies him to Akihabara to get his usual anime stuffs, Kagami spots a customer trying to steal a merchandise. He stops and warns him to think about it but he screams Kagami as the pervert and makes his run. Kagami chases after him and unmasks the culprit. Turns out to be Yukino Kuribayashi, the class rep of his teaching class. She is blaming his lack of teaching that causes her grades to fall and thus she is stealing to take out steam. He scolds her back by doing so means reducing the company’s profitability and since some director is putting his work on the line, this could lead him to resign forever. She might be venting out her problems but it will screw somebody’s life. Easy for him to say since he does what he wants. The conversation is cut short when Suzune gets the wrong idea he is harassing her and takes him away. Now that Minako and Miho are back to being best friends, it’s surprising to see Miho treating Kagami very well and even makes him her bento. But the first sign of problem arises when pictures of Kagami molesting disguised Yukino is circulated over the internet. At that ambiguous position, it seemed like Kagami was trying to molest her when he was just trying to whisper to her to change her mind and not cause an incident.

He is summoned by the principal for an answer but does not reveal what actually happened. Because of this, he will be expelled. Yukino starts feeling bad and confronts Kagami why has he not told the truth that she tried to steal. Although Kagami points out Yukino’s face is not visible in the photo, the real reason is that he wants to quit teaching so he can concentrate on his blog. Suzune is certainly not pleased with this. After getting a job and now he is going to get fired? She is going to march down to the principal’s house to tell the truth. But Kagami’s smooth operator that he did this to save the student’s future by quitting has her changed her mind. Everyone gathers at the auditorium to hear Kagami’s last words. Some find it hard for him to quit. He stays silent until it is the right time to begin his ‘lecture’. He talks about rules and following them. They aren’t made for you but for people who made them. He is telling them to fight for their future and reality. He shows proof by downloading a rare item for them all for the online game that he just made. Despite the game has rules, it is up to them how they want to play it. Make reality accept their rules. He leaves with his head held high as the students chant his name. Outside, he is met by Koyomi Hiiragi. As the chairperson of Hiiragi Academy, she is here to recruit him.

Episode 3
Koyomi’s intention is to transform Japan via education and not based on economics or industries. She is seeking amusing people like him to be part of that transformation. Suzune learns about this offer and is surprised. Although she goes to Icho Academy, Hiiragi Academy is its sister academy for students with special skills unlike the former which is open to any ordinary students. On the day Kagami is supposed to give his answer, he is missing! Suzune vows to Koyomi that she will bring him back. He has gone off to Akihabara for his usual spree. Koyomi decides to play a cat and mouse game and has her agents and police team cordon off the area. It is ironic that despite their training, they can still lose this guy or somehow Kagami can give them the slip. What are the chances there is another guy that looks exactly like him at Akihabara?! Once he realizes he is being tailed, he hides in a maid café and starts hacking into their system! OMG! This otaku guy can bring down their system!!! He is finally caught by Suzune who was waiting for him at a Bura-Kura autograph event. Kagami declines Koyomi’s offer and not even Suzune’s beating would change his mind. So they bring him to Icho first where Koyomi plans to have him teach here before assigning him to Hiiragi. At the gates, there is Makina Momozono, the strict student council president and disciplinary member. She doesn’t like Kagami a bit because of his NEET background. I suppose Kagami is agreeing with her so he doesn’t have to teach. When Kiriko Shikishima is on her way out and accidentally bumps into her, Kagami learns that this familiar girl is being expelled on grounds for having a part time job. Where? At a maid café. This irks Kagami as he now gets up and wants to cancel Kiriko’s expulsion. Does he have the right? Yes. Because from this moment he is a teacher of this school. That escalated quickly. He calls Makina a failure and will show her the proper maid dignity.

Episode 4
Makina thought she knew all about those English maids. How wrong she is. Now, if she lets him teach her that, it means she acknowledges him as a teacher. She takes up the challenge to learn and so everybody is down here at Kagami’s favourite maid café. He is a frequent member that he has a platinum status. So this is where he blows all his money? Minami Kitayama may be petite but she’s the manager around. Yes, she is 17 years old. In order to truly learn the true dignity of a maid, Makina is forced to work as one. What better way than firsthand experience. Even Suzune is made to don a maid outfit. Kiriko is absolutely natural in her role and Makina uses this silly excuse to call it quits. But when Kagami tells her how does it feel to expel someone who can do something she can’t, she gets back into the game. Though Makina is still shy, Kagami has her observe Minami who is a pro at changing her character to serve each and unique customer. Like that masochistic guy who loves being mistreated. Makina does considerably well then. So when Kagami wants to know her reason for expelling Kiriko and not say because it was the rules, Makina talks about the image of the school she needs to protect. After all, a maid café is still a maid café. Society looks down upon them. In that case, shouldn’t they just change their view? Kagami has already setup by Twitting for people to gather at the building. He is going to make Kiriko do the real changing. Kagami knows Kiriko’s secret identity as the Cutter Girl. An anonymous maid uploaded her moves so sharp that it cuts, Kagami recognized her moves at work and knew she was the legendary maid despite the video never showed her face. Kiriko explains her desire to make others happy as a maid. Kagami will let her go out and sing on the stage but Makina stands in her way. She will reconsider her expulsion and thus to stop this nonsense of making a fool out of herself. Don’t let that otaku ruin your life. Kiriko gives the damning verdict that it is not getting kicked out of school that scares her the most. It is losing her way of life. Kiriko goes out to sing and mesmerizes everyone. In no time, she has amassed 10 million global views! So if Makina expels her now, wouldn’t that lower the school’s image? Makina wonders why Koyomi is siding Kagami. Because he is an amusing person and managed to bring back Kiriko’s amusing self after meeting him. He will be the person who will show how amazing Japan can be.

Episode 5
Kagami returns to his anime life but Suzune won’t let him. He has a teaching job, remember? Kiriko’s expulsion is cancelled but she would like him to keep her identity a secret. Unfortunately after yesterday’s public stint, the entire knows about her. A car almost comes crashing at them. It was kicked by Seijurou Nanami. He beats up anything that stands in this way. Including this innocent kid who accidentally bumped into him. Remember kids, keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone. At first Kagami doesn’t want to get involved but when he sees his Sergeant Saunders phone strap, he wants them to cut it out and look for its missing cannon accessory! WTF?! Suzune defends her brother before Seijurou can step on him. Although she calls her brother an idiot, at least he is proud of what he does unlike somebody who always uses violence to get what he wants. Koyomi stops the fight but she puts words in Kagami’s mouth that they will settle this fight in 3 days. There will be no rules so long you get the other to submit. She also makes him in charge of Suzune’s class since her class is smaller now. Half of the students were hospitalized by Seijurou’s brute. At the maid café, Kagami is surprised Kiriko’s friend is Minako. Minako knows a bit about Seijurou since they went to the same middle school. He was her underling during her delinquent days. His father was a pro baseball player and thought his son well. However he had many enemies and with the media writing bad stuffs about him, he was soon isolated and retired. He passed away due to illness and Seijurou changed after that. Seijurou was banned from playing baseball after he got violent in a game.

Seijurou remembers Koyomi paid off his debts and all his tuition fees in exchange to attend her academy. However he won’t be playing baseball and just want him to be a normal high school student. As she has bought him, he has no say in it. Seijurou is called to meet by Kagami. To his surprise, Minako is also here. Kagami suggests playing a game. This football video game? If he refuses, he will post embarrassing pictures of Minako on the internet! Not wanting that to happen, Minako stays at Seijurou’s play to help him get better at the game (she sponsored his new video game console too). It brings back painful memories of his dad’s last days and how after that he got violent if anything just stands in his way. So while Seijurou is hard practising, WTF is Kagami flirting with girls at the maid café? It makes Kiriko upset and jealous and wishes he would just explode! The match day is here. Seijurou stayed up for 2 nights straight to become a pro in the game. 45-0 score line! Sure, he is tired but has enough energy for 1 more game. However Kagami said they were never playing THE video game. He has his own team of football players ready to take him on.

Episode 6
Seijurou’s team will consist of football girls from Higashi Shinmei. Thinking Kagami has bribed the guys to side him, he decides to play dirty. Each time Kagami is going to get the ball, Seijurou pushes him down. Koyomi as the referee might not know the rules so she just let it slide. Or does she? However each time Seijurou does this, Kagami’s team scores a goal. By the time it is half time, Kagami’s team leads 3-0 and the girls are pleading to Seijurou they want to play real football and win this match. He has had it with this and wants to quit so Kagami teases him for being the ‘smart’ guy by quitting after losing his advantage. When he quotes his dad, Seijurou gets irked but gets back in the game. The score now is 5-0 in Kagami’s favour. The girls are physically weaker than the boys and Seijurou sucks in dribbling. Is there a way they can win this? Then Minako yells at him at what he is doing. Why is he trying to play real football? (Kagami texted her that Seijurou was throwing in the towel during half time). Remember what he has trained for. The girls now make short passes and when they kick a long ball, Seijurou runs and rams the ball into the goal! This kick and rush tactic is the most powerful move in a football video game. For it to be possible in real life, the player must run as fast as the ball and this requires an insane amount of strength, something that Kagami has been waiting for Seijurou to display. By using this tactic, Seijurou’s team manages to draw level 5-5. Finally, Seijurou rams through the guys like bowling pins to win the game 6-5.

Seijurou is going to make Kagami his slave when the girls admire and thank him. It seems Kagami were trying to get the girls to play this match (thus that misunderstood flirting at the maid café). The boys also admire Seijurou and want him to join their team. The ‘bribe’ turns out to be Kagami promising to show them an amazing player. Because some didn’t believe him, he had to wait outside their house late into the night till they gave in. Now they know they aren’t disappointed. Seijurou remembers he was isolated by his baseball teammates but now these guys want him to play with them. He also remembers his dad’s last words about an idiot will stand next to him sharing his same view. So all Kagami wants is just to see him play football? Well, this is part of Kagami’s plan to modify him into a perfect cyborg because he is like a real life video game character. Despite so, Seijurou admits defeat and will be his slave. Do as you wish. But Kagami tells him to stay the way he is. Minako is happy for Seijurou’s win. He now understands why she loves that otaku teacher but embarrassed by his uncalled statement, she chokes him out.

Episode 7
Suzune introduces her classmate Kanan Chinami to Kagami and wants his help to help her study in physics. She needs to score high in her weak subject if she is going to have a chance to go to the concert of her admired singer, You Red Pond. It was a deal made with her parents. But there is catch. Kanan doesn’t speak and communicates via mail! It is believed she was taunted of her voice and that traumatized her and vowed never to speak again. But Kagami thinks she has a legendary anime-like voice and takes up the challenge to make her speak. He remodels the science lab into a recording studio and wants her to speak into the microphone. She is not amused, especially when he is ranting about legendary voices, punching him before leaving. She is having a hard time studying at the library and here comes annoying Kagami. She takes her leave but finds the door cannot open. Kagami has remodelled it to open only via voice activation! No problem. She kicks it down! Kanan is not too amused that Kagami even visits her mom. Using Suzune to ‘translate’ on her behalf (which is just reading what she typed), Kagami tries to make a deal with her that if she ends up in the top 10, he’ll get to hear her voice as reward. She refuses. Is she sure about that? She wants to go to the concert and he is her only ticket to improve her scores. He adds that he will quit teaching if she fails to get in the top 10. Agreed. Kagami has taken to liberty to analyse the areas she is weak and even created an RPG game that develops harder questions when she gets better! However it is still too hard for her so Kagami creates another fantasy game for her. He collapses due to lack of sleep in creating this game. Kanan feels bad about this and is about to whisper an apology. However he stops her because he will only hear her voice once it’s done. He tells her his story of how he scored lowly on his first physics test and didn’t like the subject. But because he wanted to make an Anywhere Door, he had to know physics. Before Kanan takes her exam, she sees Kagami to tell him about her past. When her friends taunted her voice and at the verge of breaking down, all the mocking stopped. She realized everyone was hooked on You’s voice. That is why the singer became her saviour and someone she admires. Kagami sings a poor imitation of You’s song. Horrible, right? The point is, there are things that people like and don’t like. Although he sounds terrible, he still sings and has fun. Kanan is brought to tears. How can she cry silently? Surprising Kagami, she whispers her cute voice into his ear! OMG! So anime-like! Kagami is happy to hear it till he realizes he forgot to record it.

Episode 8
Kagami is not interested in Makina bugging him about a list of truant students that he needs to go visit their house and make them come to school. Instead, he goes to Akihabara to buy his favourite manga that is just out. He notices a girl, Sachiko Tanaka counting the number of people buying that manga as she reveals she is the author’s biggest fan as she has bought the first 100! Because this distracted her counting and she blames him, Kagami snaps when she thinks his love for the manga is not deep enough. Time for a quiz battle. Surprisingly Kagami beats her! She won’t acknowledge this and wants him to come over to her place where she’ll make him admit she is number one. Kagami is impressed with all the works and memorabilia of the series. Then he realizes all these are not on the market. Did she steal them? Sachiko reveals that she is that author herself, Kisaki Tenjouin! Kagami tries to go away thinking she is some deluded psycho but when she demonstrates drawing with her fingers, he believes and becomes awed. When Makina calls and bugs Kagami about the list and sends it to him, Kagami sees Sachiko’s name on the list. So this manga artist is his student? Or this is her relative that looks close like her? Then Sachiko gets a call that the deadline is tomorrow. Challenge accepted. Suzune is called and she is shocked to hear Kagami saying they are not siblings! Even more shocking when he is about to kiss her. Turns out he was just acting so she could put up her natural reaction for Sachiko’s material inspiration. Yeah, here comes another natural reaction from Suzune. Kagami is going to get beaten up… The duo help her complete her manuscript by morning. When Kagami needs some referencing, she points out her laptop has them. He accidentally enters a folder whereby there is a picture of Sachiko and Makina together at the entrance ceremony. After asking and confirming she is Sachiko, she declares she doesn’t have time for school or friends as she only devotes herself to draw and have her readers enjoy her work. Guess what? Kagami approves of it and hopes she stays this way! Now he can be assured his favourite manga will continue.

Then another calling from annoying Makina forcing Kagami to make sure Sachiko comes to school. She explains her past with her. They were in the same class for the first year. But then she started straying into manga and stopped coming to school. She blames her stupid hobby for not understanding the school. Who is she to call her hobby stupid? Is she an idiot too for not understanding manga? Kagami confronts Sachiko and will be bringing her to school. Makina is surprised when she turns up but it seems with Kagami narrating what Makina is doing, it seems Makina is the model of her research of her next manga. This is part of the plan to make Makina think Sachiko is more than a hassle to come to school as she is the only person who wants her so. Thus their ‘research’ includes invading her privacy, watching her at every moment. Including in the toilet! Makina sounds like she has had it when they even observing in her room. Surprisingly, Makina will be her model as much as she wants in exchange for her to turn up at school. Flashback shows when they first met at the entrance ceremony and became friends, Makina was really nonstop in trying to get her to like the school. Slowly, she stopped showing up. Sachiko has decided the school isn’t for her and not to force her ideals onto her. Kagami sides with Makina seeing it’s an otaku’s job to force their hobby onto others! Makina reveals she has made lots of changes to the school ever since she became student council president because she thought it would make her more interested and useful. Next day, the duo are in a face off. Sachiko claims she needs to understand the school better so she can no doubt realize it is a useless place for her. On the other hand, Makina needs to understand her manga hobby so that she would be certain it is a stupid hobby. And that is where Kagami comes in as their judge. The guy is caught in between…

Episode 9
In the online game of Ouroboros, Kagami and his partner, Luce just slew the mighty ancient dragon. Their reputation has soared among the gamers. But there is an event quest for tomorrow that needs a large group of 35 players. Don’t worry. Kagami knows where he can get more teammates. In class, Kagami is going to teach his class about war history instead of physics. Because life is a battle! So he has everyone log into Ouroboros. Yes, he even took the liberty to register and setup their avatar. He introduces them to Luce and I think the guys are willing to work with this cutie. To train them the basics of combat, Kagami has them try to land a hit on either one of them. If they do so, no homework for a month! Despite the great motivation, none could get near since they are amateurs rushing in without a plan. Even with Seijurou teaming up with Suzune, they still couldn’t touch the best Ouroboros RPG player. Though they had Sachiko as the backup element of surprise, Luce is always there to support him. With training over, Kagami has them fight their first mock battle with monsters. Thanks to the training, they find it easy and this gives them encouragement. Kagami then realizes something is wrong. He is short of 1 student! Thought you counted properly? That’s what he gets when he doesn’t even take class attendance properly. As pointed out by Sachiko, that student is another truant player on the list and even far worse case than her, Koutarou Araki. Kagami logs out so he can go convince him to come to school. At the student’s house, there is even an electronic lock outside his room! Not that a little hacking would help. But this is the least of his problems. To his surprise, this kid is Luce! You mean he is a cross-dresser who has locked himself inside all year long playing this RPG game?!

Episode 10
Both are shocked to discover each other’s identity. But the most important now is for Kagami to find his 35th player. He leaves Luce to help train the others while he goes find the final member. At the end of the day, the amateurs grow and level up so much that they feel confident of tomorrow’s event. When Kagami returns, the rest wonder if he has talked to Koutarou. He isn’t sure how to answer. Kiriko remembers coming from the same middle school with Koutarou but had not heard of him till graduation. Something about getting into trouble with other students before he stopped coming to school. When Kagami successfully registers his team for the event, they thought there were only 2 teams registered. Actually, other teams pulled out when they head Monsters Factory are going to be in. They are one of the pioneer teams of Ouroboros and have never lost any team events. Well, that record is going down today. Kagami’s final member is no other than Makina. He promised that she would get to talk to the truant students and convince them to attend class. When everyone notices Luce inactive, it means the person logged in but is away from the keyboard. Kagami will bring her back and wants the rest to hold out. After all that training, they had better. Kagami goes after Koutarou who is seen leaving the house. Otaku guys with no stamina is like watching a turtle chasing another turtle. Once he finally catches him, Koutarou divulges his past. He always liked girly things and started cross-dressing at a young age. This was confined inside his house and one day he got curious to go outside dressed like this. His friends recognized and teased him. Koutarou accidentally pushed one of them down the stairs. He was hospitalized and sorry wasn’t going to cut it. They called him gross. Since then, Koutarou became traumatized and locked himself in his room till he got an online invitation to play Ouroboros and met Kagami who wanted to pair up for his skills and in exchange he’ll get all the cute items he wants. Koutarou is afraid of history repeating itself and feel like that again so Kagami shows him how all his friends are fighting believing he will come back. Whether he is Luce or Koutarou, Kagami will always choose him because he is his partner. When the duo come back, the tide changes. Yeah, those Monsters Factory start losing like hell upon realizing who the great duo are. It’s like the rest were not needed and the training was all for this day just to hold out. In the end, Kagami’s team win big. But Koutarou is still worried. What if his classmates find out Koutarou and Luce are the same person?

Episode 11
Koutarou walks around town cross-dressed. Nobody notices. Till his old pals show up and harass him. Well, thank goodness that was only a dream. But this serves to only make him more recluse. He logs online but nobody is around (there is not point for students to log in after that one-time big event). Even in this digital town, Luce gets harassed by players who want to know her. Seijurou then shows up to beat them up. He was tricked by Kagami to settle his score with him since he got a good lecture from Luce during training. Since town area has no-fighting rules, the guards take him down and ban him for 24 hours with a warning of being banned the next time. Luce wonders why he cares about losing to her since he isn’t a gamer. Seijurou doesn’t like anyone looking down on him especially Kagami. Since Luce is Kagami’s equal, he can’t let his guard down either. Luce realizes he is honest unlike her deceptive self. Luce reveals her identity but Seijurou isn’t interested. Besides, isn’t it bad manners to bring offline matters online? And now Luce wants him to keep it a secret? Sachiko who has been tailing Seijurou heard this and it piques her interest in Koutarou. Next time Luce logs in, Sachiko confronts her and reveals she too knows her true identity. She wants to meet her in person and is already at her front door. The very girly look of Koutarou has Sachiko’s inspirations going wild. Then she takes him to town shopping for girly clothes. As usual, horny guys try to flirt with them and like the cowards they are, they are saved by Makina (prior to this, Sachiko called her). Makina brings her back to her place and treats her with great hospitality. Since Makina’s parents often work late, she often does the cooking for her little brother, Kazuya as well. Sachiko must love ketchup so much that she floods her entire dish with it… I think she should just drink from the ketchup bottle. Koutarou doesn’t understand why she is treating him so nice when they just met. Makina can’t say so Sachiko says on her behalf that Makina’s happiness comes from believing people will be happy if they go to school. Makina hopes Koutarou would come to school and they can come to school with him. If he still can’t bring himself to do that, come over to her place again. This makes Koutarou wonder if school is such a happy place like this.

Episode 12
Kagami invites everyone to a party to celebrate their Ouroboros victory. Luce fears meeting everyone at the offline party but of course they are friendly in meeting this cute chick. Kagami then introduces a few special guests. They are those bullies Koutarou fears. Before they can reveal his identify, Luce brings them away and begs them to keep quiet. They agree to it but still find this cross-dressing habit gross. That wasn’t what Kagami was looking for so he initiates another big main event. An all-out battle between him and Luce. If Kagami wins, he will reveal a juicy secret behind Luce. Kagami has Monsters Factory on his side while the other classmates side with Luce. Numbers wise, Luce’s team is definitely at a disadvantage. 34 against 218… Luce initiates a high defence barrier, Alamo as Kagami has his team break through. It isn’t long before the monsters start raiding the weakening castle. Kagami’s ultimate sword attack brings down Alamo. Kagami defeats Suzune and the rest all by himself and Luce is the only one left. Nothing can come in between them now. Kagami wants to know who Luce is because she is different from the one he knows. He doesn’t consider her his partner anymore and has her remember why she played this game in the first place. If she really thought she could be who she is here and to escape reality, then why did she create and avatar that resembles closely to her original self? After Luce stabs Kagami and wins the game, she blurts out that she is Luce and Koutarou, shocking all those who have listened. Kagami is fine with that because he doesn’t want Luce to ruin the person that she really is. Back in reality, Luce with confidence admits to everyone that she is Koutarou the truant. Although shocked, they gladly accept him.

Episode 13
There is an urgent email from Swiss researcher, Tim Berners Lynn. However Kagami ignores it. No problem. Here she is at his doorstep! Suzune learns their relationship. After Kagami published that article, it became a worldwide debate. At Geneva, CERM the world leader in particle physics where she works at felt challenged by his theory and assembled 1000 researchers to counter his argument. Kagami was even invited to watch how their experiments will prove it all wrong but it turns out Kagami’s theory was right. Even more insulting, Kagami wasn’t listening and playing his game the entire time! Tim offered him to work for her but he turned her down for some anime. This is even more insulting. Tim didn’t give up and continued ‘harassing’ him via emails, phone, telegrams, telefax, you name it she did it. With everything else failed, she decided to come to Japan personally. Since Kagami as usual is not interested, she saw that coming and announces she will be living at his place. Suzune is now upset that he turned down a cool job and beats him up. Tim learns Kagami is now a teacher and cannot believe it. Kagami thought Icho will be his refuge from her but she is already a foreign transfer student in his class thanks to Koyomi who finds this quite interesting. It gets even more worrying when she mentions Tim is living with him. This has our usual girls worried. Very worried. Especially the way she tries to convince him to come back to Geneva looks more like flirting.

They confront Suzune for answers and to put a long story short, Kagami might leave for Geneva. That’s a big no for them, right? Now they confront Tim to stop her harassment but she tells them off of his wasted talents being stuck in this school for he has the power to change the world. Surprisingly Makina stands up for Kagami (although most of it is just based on baseless confidence of him). If Tim can claim nobody should monopolize him, the same can be said to her. The only way to settle this is to challenge him. She has him write down a solution to some physics question before evening. He turns her down but after she mentions about the impossibility of magical girl transformation, he gets started right away! The rest realizes they have been played into her hands because even with a great mind like him, he’ll need a week to get an answer. When time is running out, Kagami gets a distress message of a student being bullied at the park. Right away he rushes there. On foot! By the time he arrives, time is up. The perpetrator is no other than Koyomi. She too made a bet with Tim. To see whether Kagami would continue finding his answer or rush to a student’s aid. With this outcome, looks like Kagami won’t be heading to Geneva. Rejoice! Tim leaves for Geneva alone and she might have to eventually because Kagami already texted the answer to her. She admits her loss now but still won’t give up on him.

Episode 14
Madoka Kuramochi has this strange ability of knowing the monetary value of everything. And this includes you as a human being. It is no wonder she is the school’s student council treasurer and with her estimation, not a single budget is wasted. Madoka even helped Kagami at a flea market when an unscrupulous seller is selling a damaged figurine at high price. In exchange, she wants him to be hers. Is she joking? Kagami runs and since Akihabara is his home ground, nobody could catch him. But he sees her being bullied by school clubs who are not satisfied she slashed their budget. She is about to be punched but Kagami saves her and a distraction allowed them to escape. Unfortunately the new game he bought with his hard earned cash is destroyed. Don’t worry. Madoka has a new one for him. She has several copies too. How? Her family runs a video game company and made this game! She explains that she just turned 16 today and it is her family’s funny tradition that she has to find a partner who will support the company. She heard about his great feats and that is why she chose him. However Kagami refuses saying she does not know anything about him and this will only lead to a bad ending. Kagami receives a big package outside his home. Madoka bursts out! This is a free trial to be his wife! Maid delivery service? I WANT THIS KIND OF ORDER TOO! I’m sure Kagami will have a hard time explaining this to Suzune (especially about Madoka wanting 11 kids to form a football team!) but surprisingly she allows Madoka to stay because she will soon learn his habit and quit. Even more surprising, she cleans well and even cooks well! Then she takes out a contract which is a marriage registration form. If he is satisfied with everything, please sign here. After all, she came to stay today so that he can assess her value.

When it is time for bath, Suzune locks her up in her room and guards it. Kagami takes a bath alone and is puzzled why Madoka is so good in housekeeping if her family runs a video game company. To his surprise, Madoka climbed out of the room to join him in the bath! He asks her a question that if she knows everything about him, she would have known this tactic will not work on him. Something is not right. She mentions her dream of marrying the guy she loves and make a game together. At this time Suzune heard voices and enters. Well, somehow it is Kagami’s fault too. Madoka is tied up in Suzune’s room. Madoka can tell she likes her brother a lot otherwise why would she have an obvious picture of him on her desk? Kagami does some research and finds what he is looking for. A huge American game company and the world’s biggest video game corporation, Activision Frigate is planning to buy Madoka’s family company at a value of 10 billion yen. Madoka reveals a secret condition to that deal. In order for the employees to remain, she must marry the company’s CEO. That is why she is well trained in housekeeping. Otherwise all staffs will be fired and replaced after the buyout. Madoka is sad there is a price on her life and thought she could make her dreams come true with him but alas it was not meant to be. But you know, it’s not over yet because Kagami is stepping in.

Episode 15
Kagami knows all about Activision Frigate’s CEO, Hell Gates. He is also the undisputed champion of King Halo, a game he created. Speaking of which, he is already here in Japan, acing at an arcade and wowing the crowd. Next morning, Madoka is shocked to see Gates inside the house. Isn’t the official announcement next week? He is trying to act dominant over her so Kagami pours water over his head and proclaims he is Madoka’s real fiancé. He even says she’d rather run away and marry him rather than marrying a guy who buys a company he doesn’t want. Gates challenges him to a duel. Kagami suggests they play the new King Halo 3 which officially comes out next month to be fair. If Kagami wins, the buyout and marriage will be cancelled but if Gates win, Kagami will never touch any games in his life anymore and will live under 24 hour surveillance in Gates’ American mansion! So Kagami’s first attempt is to borrow the game from Sachiko and then have Kiriko and Kanan to help play with him (do you believe they were fighting each other just to exclusively help him?!). Being the amateurs they are, not only they blunder all the way but end up fighting each other. But this is what Kagami is hoping for.

On match day, Gates is so freaking confident of his win. Even more so when he is easily taking out Kagami’s NPC team with ease. Oddly, Kagami is acting like an amateur like Kiriko and Kanan. Suddenly their guns vanished. Strangely, it seems a bug caused this to happen. As a game developer, there would be many bugs in an unreleased version. I feel this makes no sense that Kagami knows so much about it but what the heck. He uses the glitches to his advantage to wipe out Gates! Gates agrees to live up to his bargain but wants to challenge Kagami to King Halo 2, a game they are very familiar with and without bugs. Kagami at first refused since his goal has been achieved but Gates insists this is to see whether it was fluke or his skills are greatly superior. As the game starts, Gates finds himself cornered. He starts sweating when he realizes Kagami is toying with him and knows his every position. He did some bold and daring move but ultimately cannot best him. Kagami’s win again. Gates admits defeat and wonders why Kagami doesn’t join competitions if he is this good. To him, games are for mastering. Madoka thought Gates is being a sore loser but he is relieved that she is able to choose the right man. It makes him even more in love with her. Sure, he agreed to give up on the political marriage. But this doesn’t mean he has given up on her yet. Later Madoka tells Kagami how she met Gates. At some game show, he started badmouthing Japanese games so she lectured him. She also reveals why she fell in love with Kagami because she cannot see a price tag on him. This is the first time it ever happened. She is going to work hard so next time she will make him propose to her. That is her new goal.

Episode 16
Koyomi wants Kagami and his students to clean an abandoned boarding house. At first he disagrees but what made him wholeheartedly do it? Ah, there is a big library with lots of manga. Seijurou cheekily suggests burning it all to clean up so Kagami shoos everyone away to clean the other rooms while he himself tackles the library. How many years will it take for him to finish reading all the manga? When the glass breaks, cleaning tools go missing students notice something bumped into them, Suzune fears this place is haunted as the rumours say. She heard about a rumour about a student died here. Speaking of which, ghost girl whom I shall call as Yurei for convenience spooks the living lights out of Kagami. She is actually glad to see him because she hasn’t talked to anybody for over a year! She needs his help in helping her pass on. He calls Koyomi that he wasn’t told about a ghost and knows he has been had in accepting this task. But why didn’t she get an exorcist but him to do the job? Because he is amusing. When Yurei mentions she is a fan of Kisaki’s manga and would like to meet her in person, no problem. Kagami just brings her to her. How come Suzune is the only one freaking out? Yurei isn’t so bad once you get to know her. But she has a request of Sachiko. There is a work she first serialized but never finished because the publisher closed down. She would like to see it. Sachiko actually ran back to her home to get it and let her have a look. Sachiko vowed never to let any human see this but since Yurei isn’t one technically, I guess it is okay. Kagami wants to see too but is pinned down by Seijurou. I guess you have to be dead only to read her work. Yeah, a work to die for? Once Yurei is done, she is happy and is ready to pass on. But nothing happens. Kagami knows what is going on.

Going back to the library, he knows her lingering attachment is not this pile of manga but the desk and manga drawing kit beneath it. When she read Kisaki’s works, she became inspired to draw but the bookshelf fell over her. So nobody cleaned this mess up or find her ever since?! However Yurei can’t draw as it draws a lot of strength. Even turning a page makes her tired. Sachiko gives her free lessons on how to draw and this gives her a lot of strength. But her advices are simple. Just use any pen to draw! Can’t draw? Just doodle anything interesting! When Sachiko starts feeling tired, Kagami shoos everyone out and warns them nobody is to come in until he says so. He then assists Yurei in drawing her first page. When he is close to passing out, Yurei realizes she has been sucking life force out of others. That is why she feels so much better. That is probably why this boarding house was abandoned. Before she could turn her guilt into regret, he tells her to just draw because he wants to read her manga. Morning comes, she manages to finish only a page. He reads it and interestingly it ends with a cliff-hanger. He can’t wait for the next page but Yurei is already so happy that she is ready to pass on. The first page was all she needed to share a feeling with the author she looked up to. She hopes to be his proper student. Is there a next time? Koyomi then reveals Yurei’s real name as Matome Nishikujo. Kagami agrees she is an interesting girl because she grabbed his heart with just one page.

Episode 17
Luce is wandering along in Ouroboros since Kagami has been expelled and banned from the game forever after that loss. Worried about him, Luce is advised to come to school to find out. This of course surprises everyone. But the most surprising is that Koutarou is dressed in a girl’s uniform. But thankfully his classmates accept him since he has always been dressed as a girl and it would be weird if he starts dressing as a guy. Even Makina is giving Koutarou a big hug for coming to school. Koutarou is so cute that guys from other classes start getting attracted in talking with him. This makes Kanan jealous because she is the school’s prettiest girl and ironically Koutarou is threatening to take away that position! She tries to be a clumsy girl but the other guys just ignore her crazy stunts. Yeah, maybe she has lost her charm ever since she started talking, eh? However Koutarou looks up to Kanan due to some accessory she has in Ouroboros and wants to call her his big sister. Kana is flattered and would gladly be one. While talking at the park, Koutarou mentions about the cute miko priestess outfit he saw on a poster and wants to work at the shrine. But with Makina enforcing the strict rules, can he do it? So they go plead to her. She was being stubborn as usual but after seeing Koutarou’s puppy dog eyes, she makes this an exception.

Makina is also working alongside Koutarou and Kanan as miko priestess with an excuse to keep an eye on them. Their duty is to sell charms. Guys flock to Koutarou’s side to buy them. Kanan tries to hold in her jealousy. Then the biggest problem of all: Koutarou needs to go to the toilet. Men’s or women’s? So Kanan decides to accompany Koutarou to the female toilet and Makina mans the stall alone. Her worst nightmare comes true when Kagami is here. She changes her hairstyle and voice to avoid being recognized. Although he does have his suspicions eventually he believes he is mistaken and leaves after buying a charm. But now he stumbles into Kanan and Koutarou. They are about to reveal Makina is here but she texts a deadly warning… Better keep your mouth shut if you know what is good for you. Next day at school, Kagami hogs the broadcast for his own show but furious Makina beats him up. Kagami thought she had loosened up the rules after letting Koutarou worked part time. This makes him compare Makina with that miko priestess who is calmer and more mature. She should learn from her. Makina’s face becomes so red as she continues to beat him up. Later Kagami hangs out with Koutarou to play a game at the video arcade. Koutarou mentions the reason he turned up in school is because he wanted to be by his side in real life too. Kagami gives him the charm. Suzune bugged him to get him one because since he got the courage to come to school, they should give him support by wishing him good luck.

Episode 18
Kagami is such a happy person greeting everybody in school. What gives? Ah, I see he is showing off his super rare card, Glorious Dragon that he got. Nobody cares… He gets what he deserved for flaunting too much because that Makina b*tch confiscates it. Wow. Kagami suddenly in depression. Makina notices Kazuya depressed. Apparently this is the umpteenth time he lost his card battle game with his friend, Kenji. When he sees Glorious Dragon that Makina accidentally brought back, he wants to borrow it but of course she won’t. Next day, Makina couldn’t find the card and has a good idea who took it. Look no further. Kazuya ‘borrowed’ it to challenge Kenji. That sly kid will accept the challenge if they play for keeps. Thinking he has Glorious Dragon he would be okay, Kazuya accepts. Kagami writes an apology letter to Makina. But she won’t give back the card and doesn’t say why. This only makes him grumpier. So grouchy, do you think he has time to care for this student’s love problem? Joe Odawara has a girl he likes but gets intense nose bleed when he talks to them. Kagami isn’t interested in playing his cupid till he learns his crush is Makina! Somebody likes that girl?! Oh yeah. The perfect revenge… Kagami calls Koutarou to help out. Because he looks close to Makina when his hairstyle is tied up like hers. Since Odawara doesn’t nose bleed since technically Koutarou is a guy, this means Koutarou will be Odawara’s practice to confess to Makina. So they’re going on a date? Don’t worry. Kagami even created a Makina simulator for Koutarou to act like that demon! Wait. He got a simulator programme?! Koutarou is sure acting great like the devil but he is confused since he knows Makina is a different person at home. Kagami thinks that act is only a trap. I think Kagami is the only one enjoying this.

Makina is going to give Kazuya a stern lecture but can she after seeing Kazuya’s sad face after he lost? Odawara is going to have a mock confession to Koutarou. So he has to kiss his shoes if he wants to go out with her? Kagami is alarmed when the real Makina is here and sees his silly programme. Not harsh enough? He thinks he is done for but she will let him off today if he helps her out. I think the simulator worked well because Odawara sees the real Makina and is going to confess. By kissing her shoes! Naturally it is just freaking creepy as he kicks him. I hope his masochistic side doesn’t awake. Kagami learns about Kazuya’s case as Makina pleads for Kagami to avenge for him. However Kagami refuses. He lost as a gamer and if he has any pride, earn it back via the game. The best he could do is train him. And you thought a one night intensive training would do the trick, no? Wrong! Kazuya lost his challenge. But he doesn’t give up. Each time Kazuya loses, it is more training from Kagami to get better. So much so, Kenji is just sick that he would just return Glorious Dragon to get him off his back. However Kazuya won’t have it that way. He will earn it back the right way with his gamer’s pride. Here is another problem cropping up. Koutarou is on the run because Odawara prefers to date him than Makina! Holy sh*t! Didn’t see this coming! Good thing he isn’t a masochist, but he is in for yaoi!!! It’s a topsy-turvy world after all since the cross-dresser is a straight guy. Koutarou wants Kagami’s help to get him out of this mess but that otaku is too happy to care about it since Kazuya won and got back his Glorious Dragon. You’re on your own.

Episode 19
Kagami is forced to accompany Makina patrolling the shopping area since there are reports of gangs hanging around. His job is to persuade students to go home. This is not limited to only their school students. What a pain. So he goes nudge this girl, Taki Komiya but she doesn’t listen. Makina does it better but Taki talks back. She claims this video arcade is her ‘school’. Kagami manages to convince Makina to patrol other areas while he handles her. He hangs out with her as she brings him around town which is her ‘school’ because she learns different things from different shops. Hey. A hall to learn bad English?! You mean, bad Engrish? Haha! When Kagami notices a gang watching them, Taki takes him and run. A random guy bugs Kagami for money so Taki beats him up. When the gang arrives, Kagami is shocked that she is actually their gang leader and did this for fun. These boys are homeless and don’t attend school just like her. She recruited such kids into her gang, Black Oracle Neo. When random guy wants to get his revenge on Taki, he gets knocked out by Minako. Long time no see. Minako wants to talk to her but Taki won’t listen and goes away. She explains to Kagami that this was the gang’s former leader before she quit. Minako wanted to disband the gang but Taki was against it and instead made the group bigger by gathering kids with nowhere to go. Taki’s sister was a former member too and asked her to take care of her but as seen, she won’t listen.

Next day, Kagami receives a mysterious letter containing 2 tickets to the concert of a famous idol unit, 5th Queens. Since Suzune is a big fan of them, she forces him to take her along. At the concert, he thought he saw Taki among the crowd. Once it is over, Kagami gets a call from Taki’s sister, Nagare to meet and talk. Kagami is surprised that she is the centre of 5th Queens. She has a request for him to ask Taki to leave the gang since she heard from Minako. Kagami isn’t interested since his policy is to let anyone do whatever they want if they will it. Nagare feels the gang is dangerous but that is when Taki interjects would big sister leave the show business if she told her if it was dangerous too? She is trying to say everyone has a place they belong to and she came here in support of her. Kagami believes now is a good time to quit the gang since the Black Oracle she wants to revive no longer exists. She knows it too but not existing isn’t a good enough reason for her to stop. Kagami likes that sentence and will join her gang! And since Nagare cannot explain why the need to stop her, he will take Taki’s side. Kagami hangs out with the gang comfortably. He even suggests making their own hangout. He hears Taki talking about her past with Nagare. It is not that she hates her as they used to hang time together. But Nagare wanted to become an idol and it wasn’t Taki’s thing as she prefers to hang out in town. Next day, Suzune is alarmed that Nagare is missing since she is watching her live interview and she has not turned up. Well, what do you know? She is right outside your doorstep! Taking heed on Kagami’s advice to do what she wants, she won’t leave until he agrees to convince Taki to leave the gang. This isn’t just for her but herself too. If Taki continues to remain, she will quit being an idol.

Episode 20
Kagami will hear her out but first he needs to arrange things. He has the Icho broadcasting club setup a live stream of Nagare’s supposed live performance so as not to disappoint fans who are waiting. The makeshift event is successful so Nagare has Kagami to thank for as she reveals a never-revealed-before story. Yeah, everybody has that. Nagare believes Taki is supposed to be an idol instead of her. On a day Nagare was supposed to have an audition, she came down with an acute appendicitis. After her successful surgery, she gets a call from her manager that she is successful and will begin lessons next week. It seems Taki has auditioned on her behalf. Of course Nagare felt bad and went to personally decline. This was what the manager told her. He knew an imposter was auditioning as Nagare. Although she looked the same, she lacked something: Boobs! OMG! Is he serious?! Despite Taki’s performance was outstanding, she told him that Nagare will be even better and in exchange to take her in. The manager agreed to this gamble because if Nagare doesn’t live up to his expectations, he will fire her. To take responsibility for this, Taki leave show business forever. Nagare has been improving herself ever since to live up to Taki’s expectations till she got her big break as 5th Queens’ centre. It all boils down to Nagare viewing Taki more talented than her. She feels guilty for stealing her place.

Later after Nagare finishes her work, Kagami calls her to meet him at some abandoned factory that is now used as an event stage. She is shocked when he makes her look like Taki. Even her friends are fooled that she is her. I don’t understand about this event in which they need to sing the Family Rangers theme song for a time slot. Taki has been challenged for that spot and they need to face off in a singing competition in which the one who scores higher will be the champion. Votes are via email. Taki has defended this spot for 2 years! At the end of Moemi, the current challenger’s turn, she goes off stage to display her b*tchiness to ‘Taki’ that she is a loser since she scored perfect. Nagare gets motivated to go onstage but she is doing this because she badmouthed her sister. But the trouble when you think too much, Nagare starts to have cold feet. What if she is not as good as Taki? Now it’s time for Kagami to give his usual lecture. Something about Taki was her stand in during her audition and now it is her turn. Enough talking, time to sing. Everyone is of course being a jerk thinking she cannot tops tonight’s perfect score and are ready to go home. Till they hear her awesome loud voice without using a microphone. Then she starts singing and has everyone in awed. Yeah, even that Moemi girl is trembling! In the end, she also gets a perfect score. As per rules, if the score is even, the defending champion wins. This means ‘Taki’ defended her spot. Kagami passes her in this audition and once again Nagare has him to thank for. Now she can face Taki. As she goes to change, somebody kidnaps her. Kagami is wondering why she is taking so long. Oh you know how long women take to change, right? 5 minutes only, please…

Episode 21
When the real Taki comes by explaining she had a team meeting because the guy who attacked Kagami, Toshihiko Takeda was plotting revenge, Kagami knew something is wrong. He looks for Nagare in the dressing room but she is not there. He finds her being dragged by Takeda and his gang into their car. They can’t call the police as this will tarnish Nagare’s image. Leave it to Kagami to come up with his plan. Because those guys don’t watch TV, they don’t understand why Nagare fans start taking photos of spotting her and then post it on their social media. This allows Kagami to trace them to their hideout. Taki refuses any backup and barges in first only to be subdued. The sisters are going to be recorded as part of their heinous scheme when here comes in Kagami, Seijurou and Minako to the rescue… As Family Rangers! Seijurou and Minako use their brute force to beat up the gang while Kagami uses his tear gas spray. But Takeda takes Nagare and run. He thinks he still has his guys outnumbering Kagami and Taki. Kagami has some special stainless steel whip trap that backlashes back at Takeda when he tries to cut him down. He is still spouting threats till everyone realizes a large crowd of fans are gathering outside. Kagami has posted there will be an after party here. No sudden moves if you know what is good for you. Kagami even surprises everyone by knowing their names. Because who in the world uses their parent’s car to kidnap? Traceable. In a great show of friendship, the gang members leave Takeda. Thanks, it was fun. Still, Takeda remains unsatisfied and thinks he could pull back one by punching Taki. Although he just scratched her, it is a bad move because Nagare turns into a menacing dragon and beats the crap out of him! Holy cow! The strongest character! Nobody touches her sister! And everyone outside is awed at this awesome fight scene. Eventually it really did become an after party. The sisters reconcile and Nagare surprisingly asking to join Black Oracle since now she understands their origins. With Minako talking about Kagami’s lectures that makes all of them friends, it gives Taki the motivation that she wants to enrol in his school next year. However he disagrees and should stay a street girl or she will lose her personality! Besides, he doesn’t need another weirdo in his class. Just kidding. Come whenever she is ready. And Nagare too wants to enrol at Icho. I believe Kagami’s good intention to invite gangless loiters to join Black Oracle. Unfortunately Makina isn’t too happy a teacher is doing such a thing. Better run if you know what is good for you.

Episode 22
I think Tim calls Kagami in the middle of the night just to spite him that he is still doing his teaching job. And then it hit Kagami. He may be neglecting his anime because he missed last week’s manga magazine and his figurines are dusty! He seems down and is quite obvious to his students. Then he sees on TV, Tim and her team revealing they are close in creating the Anywhere Door. While ‘drinking’ out his sorrows, he is met with former classmate, Yamato Toune. She shared the same interest in building the Anywhere Door with him. Now she works for KEC. That is the Japan’s equivalent to CERM and is in competition to create the Anywhere Door. KEC? I thought I saw KFC! It took her 6 years and now the project is official, she wants him to be the project leader. So this guy follows her to KEC’s lab. Wow. It’s like in those spy movies where the underground base is accessible via tunnel. And the underground city has its own daylight! OMG! So sci-fi?! To Kagami’s liking? Yeah, it was worth the 6 years. Vending machines loaded with his favourite drink and researches looking up to him like an idol, what is there not to like? Suddenly there is trouble when the reactor overloads. It doesn’t take a genius to tell something bad will happen if it is not shutdown. Yeah, they’ll lose something too. And then Kagami starts weaving his magic fingers on the keyboard like as though he created the damn thing to diffuse everything in seconds! OMG! Even if they pulled out terms from the air, they sure can fool me with it. Everyone celebrates like they’ve averted the biggest disaster ever. They should be. Kagami the hero! Suzune has been looking for her brother and couldn’t find her. Even asking his students, they haven’t seen him all day. Where could that guy be? Yamato tries to convince Kagami to quit his boring job and join them. However Kagami needs time to think. Despite everything she said was true, he can’t agree to say yes. To his surprise, Koyomi pops up. Heck, she might own or even funded this place. It seems she knows why he is hesitating. It is because he doesn’t need the Anywhere Door. He doesn’t need to build it anymore. That is why he hesitated to accept her invitation. In reverse roles, she starts his lecture this time and fires him as Icho’s teacher since he doesn’t understand what it means to be a teacher. Till then, feel free to concentrate in building that door.

Episode 23
Freed from his teaching job, I guess he takes up Koyomi’s offer. See how happy everybody is? He gets into his grove to help work out some formulas or key in some bunch of data. I don’t know. Looks complicated. Suzune still looking for her brother fears he might be in an accident. Then Koyomi pulls up to tell her he is alright. What? That’s it? Care to elaborate? You’re making her even more worrying. Yamato then brings a little kid as intern, Reiko Mukyou. Wait. A top secret lab accepting interns? Normally they don’t but it seemed some high authority authorised this. Reiko is here because Yomi told her to and from the looks of it she is bored with everything. Kagami is incensed that she doesn’t like manga and makes her read the entire volume of that Doraemon parody. When Kagami falls asleep on the job, he wakes up to find Reiko continuing it for him. Seems she has finished the entire volume and found it interesting so she will help make Anywhere Door. You see, it is her special ability to be able to do anything after observing once. He questions her goal but she says she has none and was here just because Yomi told her to. In fact, she is a first year student at Icho. She is happy to find such interesting things. Then Kagami puts the pieces together. Yomi = Koyomi. Reiko wants Kagami to show her more interesting stuffs. Yamato won’t let her but Reiko wins after calling her and old aunty.

I can hardly believe this is a top secret facility since the place is built for Kagami’s presence as there is an anime store nearby! And so the duo enjoy their anime shopping. Reiko is so happy with all the interesting things, she wants Kagami to be her master. She then explains her past where she was always stuck in some lab where the scientists did experiments to test her ability. But she got bored as the results were always the same. That is when Koyomi popped up and promised her to introduce her to something more interesting if she is willing to become Icho’s student. However Kagami makes Reiko go back to her room, making her cry. Didn’t she say she will follow his orders? She wonders if she had made him mad somehow. The alert is sounded as somebody is trying to hack into their system. A top facility being hacked and nobody can do anything about this? WTF is this security?! You would have guessed it is Tim and CERN trying to hack in. Seems she is angry that Kagami joined KEC instead of CERM. Revenge story? Seems Koyomi had a hand in telling her. Well, top scientists are not top hackers so are they doomed? Here comes Reiko to do all the necessary stuffs that make it look so f*cking easy. There. Hacking over. A kid saved them. Reiko thought she is going to get scolded by Kagami for disobeying orders by staying in her room. However he passes her. Because the lesson is that to truly enjoy what is interesting is to listen and follow your own heart. Had she listened to him and stayed in her room, they would have been goners. Wasn’t that amusing? Tears of sorrow become tears of joy. Yeah, that was amusing.

Episode 24
Makina is mad that Kagami didn’t turn up for classes, she complains to Koyomi for him to be fired. She already did. Why the shock face? Suzune and co try to tail Koyomi thinking she would lead them to where Kagami is. Conveniently there is a cab waiting outside the school gates for them? Due to lack of space, Seijurou has to sit out but his wallet could. Sly girls… Since KEC’s secret base is underground, Koyomi easily loses them in the tunnel. But there is a problem in KEC. Reiko has hijacked the entire lab and shut everyone out! An hour ago, she was told somebody is going to pick her up back to school. She didn’t want that and started sulking. Amazingly she hacked the system to make everybody think the lab is going to self destruct (seriously?) so when everyone gathers outside, she locked them out and will not let them back in until they acknowledge her as their official fellow scientist. I can’t believe a little girl is doing this… Of course Kagami the master hacks back but he goes in alone to face her. Reiko is surprised when he asks her to step on him. This is a ploy to show the rest that Reiko overpowered him with her martial arts and took him hostage. Why is he doing this? Because it is more amusing to be on her side and he doesn’t want to be left out of the fun in locking out the entire facility! True YD in play! This has Reiko start thinking that is why he keeps finding amusing things after another. Therefore she changes her mind and wants to go back to school so she could find her own amusing thing. However what Reiko says next has Kagami start thinking too. Because she claims his amusement is here. Kagami reflects on all that he has done and the way he has felt for them. It is then he realized what Koyomi meant for him to be a teacher. He will also go back to school but warns he will make school obsolete. He is going to turn every student into a YD that they will voluntarily quit school! This will be his education policy. This is what Koyomi is looking for and rehires him. On the way back, Kagami knows Koyomi had a hand in everything that has happened so far, like he walked right into the palm of her hands.

You think Suzune is going to beat up her brother when she finds him back home watching TV. But instead she hugs him and starts crying how worried she was. But she got over that soon since she has to study for her exams. It gave Kagami an idea as he whisks away to work on his computer. The next day, the entire school is shocked to see the kind of questions out on the exam. Makina and the teachers come streaming in to complain to Koyomi about the exam uproar that lots of students scored perfect! Not just Kagami’s class but the entire school! Now exams will be worthless. Last night Kagami created an app that allows students to predict what kind of questions will come out based on certain variables keyed in that includes teachers’ behaviour. It is 90% accurate. Kagami makes his flashy speech atop the clock tower. Everyone had to study for tests that had nothing to do with their future. With his app, they can now control their exam results and thus concentrate in studying what they think they need for their future. Therefore the school takes no responsibility for their future and they are full responsible for that themselves. That is why they are free to do anything they want. One day they may find somebody so amusing it changes their lives. The world is filled with amusing things and they don’t have a second to waste on things they don’t enjoy. The teachers want to stop him but surprisingly Makina stops them because it is too late. Every damn student is cheering Kagami’s name. The biggest education rally ever? Koyomi notes this is Kagami’s policy to turn everybody in Japan into YD. Yeah, hundred millions of YD for Japan’s future! It will be amusing to see that…

Just (Y)Do It!
Can you imagine this? The freaking entire Japan turned into YD! Every darn Japanese would be doing just what they want! Now, that might sound tempting but without a set of rules and laws to follow, I can only imagine anarchy. Chaos. Disorder. Sure, it is good to have everyone to do what they always desired instead of following routine and protocol. But even the truest form of democracy isn’t really democratic and the truest form of freedom isn’t all that free either. So you get what I’m saying? It is not the question of how long Kagami will take to make every Japanese into a YD but if they can turn into one. Because as you know with Japan a nation being famous for all its dedicated researches, innovations and technologies, what would the consequences be if Japan actually loses all of that intellect. Don’t you know Japan is responsible for 78% of the world’s SHiT today since 1952? That is Super Hi Technology for your information! Sure, professors and scientists can claim they have been a YD by doing their research ever since and forever more. But why bother when nobody is going to appreciate your work? Might as well hang up your tools and hang loose, baby!

I am sure Kagami’s intentions are noble but I can only think that with everyone being a YD, it will be more of dystopia instead of utopia simply because we are human beings. We tend to stray towards bad things. Because it is more amusing, can I say that? Hey, I always wanted to be a porn star! I am exercising my YD rights! I am sure you can already imagine the nightmare if everyone in Japan turned into an otaku, what more a YD. And I am sure that many students will certainly want to quit school and abuse this YD thing. And you know what? Kagami is not responsible for you turning into a degenerate! Because he already said in his ‘disclaimer’ how they themselves are responsible for their OWN future. Kagami can do what he wants because he is talented and a genius. But are you?

Before I go on ranting sarcastically on the possible of the entire world being YD, let me just get back to this anime. Yeah, I guess I am not YD in this sense… Anyway, to sum up my overall sentiments of this anime, it just feels passable. I wanted to put this as mediocre but that will be too cruel since I did enjoy bits and parts of the series despite many of them are just plain silly. Some of the lectures Kagami preaches can be quite insightful and interesting but it is sad that by the time I reached here, I would have forgotten most of them and the fact that ‘everybody is going to be a YD’ is the most memorable thing that will leave an impression on me.

To gauge how silly things are, let me put into perspective some of the settings that are just freaking ridiculous and probably that is why it makes some of the funny stuffs funny. Like that weird chase of Koyomi’s agents chasing just an otaku guy around Akihabara. They can actually lose him? If that ridiculousness is already mild, wait till you learn about that top secret facility of KEC. I don’t know what it is top secret from because when CERN can even hack into its freaking system, it says a lot. What the heck is it even connected to the outside world for?! Why does it even have foreigners manning food stalls in that artificial underground city? Do scientists here have a life except doing their dedicated research? And who in their right mind would have approved an anime centre right smack there???!!! So much about being top secret when you even have foreigners working there… Yeah… Don’t even get me started about Reiko hacking the entire lab…

Even more insulting is how Kagami who is such an awesome programmer that he can create games and simulations in one night! ONE FREAKING NIGHT! And that ‘exam cheater’ app? OMG. I don’t think it is even half a day. How the heck does he have data on teacher’s behaviour and past questions? Is he God?! Even a diehard otaku can’t do that? So is this YD thing a fancy name for his superhero power? So he can actually do it but it is just that he is the reluctant hero? He’d rather not show off his skills or something? I know he is a genius physicist but that was ages ago. Despite he is a young man in his early twenties, I still find it all impossible that he could do all that. Perhaps that is why he is a genius. He might not have touched physics for a long time but he is still able to do all that sh*t with ease. Like as though every damn physics lessons have been downloaded and stored in his brain. Yeah, I guess I’ll never understand since I’m not a genius. Therefore, from a dumb guy’s point of view, all his amazing feats just look ridiculous. In a funny way.

With quite a number of characters, each will have their own screen time and episode in focus so that Kagami could weave his magic and make them realize whatever the heck is wrong with them in the first place. But that is mostly about it for many of such characters. If you want more depth than that, then you will be sorely disappointed. Because from what I noticed, the first half of the series seems to be ‘accumulating’ so called regular students under Kagami’s wing. You know, characters like Kiriko, Seijurou, Kanan, Sachiko and even Koutarou are, well, just there. After their personal issue is solved, they’ll just tag along (I suppose for gratitude) with not much importance. It makes Kagami look like he has a bunch of ‘followers’ instead of being a loner. Unless you have other characters that are somewhat related like that gang member case, then recurrence for them is likely. But even so, they don’t really make much of an impact. Then in the series’ second half, from the opening credits animation you could guess what kind of characters would be appearing. Yeah, spoilers. But most of them appear for an arc and never to be heard off again. Except maybe for Tim but she is just there for a split second to further move the plot for the final arc and that is about it.

Kagami at first may be turning into a hateful main character because of his first attempt to solve a bully issue in an unconventional way, he looks very much like a bully himself! I believe he wanted to let the bullies have a taste of their own medicine and the only way to fight fire is with fire. But then the way he executed it just leaves a bad aftertaste in one’s mouth. Sure, he is unconventional and not really a qualified teacher. But still… After a while, you will get used to his brand of antics and somewhat accept them as it is. Because he is an otaku. Because he is the main character. Otaku character + Main character role = Everything will work out just fine in the end. Besides, it is quite ironic that this guy calls almost every character by their nicknames and very rarely by their actual names only when necessary. I guess this is why first impressions count and do make an impact. Because otherwise you’ll be stuck with an undesirable nickname like Face Punch for Minako. Heh… And this guy even has got the cheek to tell Reiko not to give him any weird nicknames… How is that for a taste of your own medicine?

It is strange for me to even think of hoping to see some kind of harem Kagami gets because how inappropriate it would be for a teacher to have his harem mostly consisting of high school girls! No doubt that most of them are grateful for his help for making them turn over a new leaf and for the better but I have a feeling that some goes even more than that. Especially during that time when Kanan and Kiriko were just fighting over him so they could be the one to exclusively help out. I know, it’s insane. When you have a street gang girl and even an idol expressing their intentions to enrol in the school he teaches, what does that say? This guy is such a ladies’ man that he got a ghost girl, a money face girl, a trap, an ex-bully and even a genius loli following closely to him. Can the same be said about his fellow researcher? Despite Suzune being the violent sister, perhaps this is her way to show her love? You know those pictures on her desk… Oh Kagami, I’m so jealous that you are like a main anime character who always gets the girl in the end. Good thing or not, his first love will always be anime and manga. No time for 3D relationship? Because it is more amusing that way! I think.

If Kagami is unconventional and interesting in his own way, then the most mysterious of the lot goes to Koyomi. There is more than meets the eye to this young chairperson of Icho. Just like Kagami, she is also unconventional in her methods as she seeks unconventional people to teach unconventional ways to her students. I know she wants to make Japan a more interesting place but I feel at this rate she isn’t going to even cover Akihabara. We need more people like Kagami! Just saying… Making her even more mysterious is the fact that it is like she knows everything and knows to take the right action at the right time. Like as though she is reading off the script? Is she God? Because she is one of the very few characters to not get a focused episode for herself, it would be interesting to see more of what she truly is. Either it would be amusing or disappointing. But for now in our eyes, she is the ever omniscient and ever smiling enigmatic character.

I thought it would turn into a running joke because Suzune’s trademark and role in the initial episodes seem to be threatening to beat up her baka aniki with her baseball bat. Slowly, she ditches that but her annoying sister act still maintains. But not as annoying as b*tch girl Makina whose righteousness to keep everything up to her moral standards just makes her feel annoying. It is ironic that she is such a by-the-book girl that Koyomi allowed her to stay in her school. I mean, Koyomi can do what she wants, right? So Makina isn’t all that bad and has her flaws too. Eventually if you can’t beat them, join them. Not too sure if she has accepted Kagami’s ways but she isn’t hell bent in stopping him anymore.

One thing that stands out as a bad sore thumb in the series is the drawing and art. I believe I don’t have such high and refined taste but I am personally able to tell that the artwork is not up to standard. Because in some episodes, the animation quality is so drastically pathetic that you can obvious how low the effort has been put in. Sometimes I feel like as though the artists went on some strike and they let the interns do the job for them just to finish it before the deadline. Or heck, they might have employed the entire artwork department with only amateurs and interns! Adding salt to injury, if the design and quality of the main and supporting characters are just barely at passing level, wait till you notice those extra minor unimportant characters in the background. Even worse. Sad to say, a passable anime has been bogged down by what anime and manga should have been known best for: Their artwork. And I am pretty sure that they are not trying a unique art style because the characters are definitely your typical today’s standard Japanese anime style. It is just bad quality with lacking effort, that’s all.

Now, I don’t have any issues regarding the voice acting department as they are quite standard except for this one: Rena Matsui, the voice behind Suzune sounds like a total amateur! To be fair, this is her first and only anime role so far. I found out that she was (yes, formerly by now) part of that idol group SKE48 (another one of those spin off units from AKB48) but even that I would assume her voice would be better. So okay, having a nice singing voice doesn’t really translate into nice voice acting skills. I wonder if she was a centre or just at the sides in her big unit. Anyway, hearing Suzune the first time and for every other time, I couldn’t help feel that there is some sort of unpolished amateur-like feature in her voice. There is also that nervousness in it. Maybe she sounds like that. Either way, it just doesn’t fit the character even if this was intentional to make Suzune sound different than your typical anime sister.

The rest of the familiar seiyuus include Hiroshi Kamiya as Kagami, Ayane Sakura as Sachiko, Hana Kanazawa as Reiko and even Aya Hirano as Yamato. Yes, after all these years not hearing her much in many animes, my first thoughts in hearing Yamato’s voice was that it could be Aya Hirano behind it. Spot on. Maybe she sounded a bit like Fairy Tail’s Lucy? The most surprising one is Aki Toyosaki as Koutarou. OMG. That was her behind the cross-dresser? I could have never guessed. The rest of the other casts are Saori Oonishi as Makina (Hisako in Shokugeki No Souma), Azusa Tadakoro as Kiriko (Kotori in Gokukoku No Brynhildr), Rina Hidaka as Kanan (Enju in Black Bullet), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Seijurou (Reiner in Shingeki No Kyojin), Suzuko Mimori as Koyomi (Sherlock in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Sora Amamya as Minako (titular character in Akame Ga Kill), Ayahi Takagi as Tim (Chris in Senki Zesshou Symphogear), Mao as Madoka (Renge in Seikai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda), Daisuke Namikawa as Gates (Rock in Black Lagoon), Risa Taneda as Matome (Yukina in Strike The Blood), Risae Matsuda as Taki (Azuna Kuzuha in Dance With Devils) and Satsumi Matsuda as Nagare (Bur in Koukaku No Pandora).

The first opening theme, Youthful Dreamer by TrySail isn’t that bad although it sounds like your typical genki idol song. So is the first ending theme, Dreamin by Tokyo Performance Doll albeit it is a slightly slower anime idol pop. But come the second opening theme, I feel this one doesn’t live up to its predecessor’s hype despite it is another idol-like song. Vivid Brilliant Door by Sphere even though is an idol group made out of famous seiyuus, they still can’t save this song. Especially with a lazy chorus line that simply goes “La la la la la la la la la…”. I’m not sure if they’re trying to match the laziness in the animation quality. Heck, even so, it won’t be as bad as that. Completing the idol-like themes for the series, My Only One by 9nine is the second ending theme. Rather okay but not to my liking either.

Overall, whatever lots of things said true in Kagami’s lecture, it must always be remembered that this is still anime and part of fantasy. Because in reality there is no way such an eccentric person would be allowed to do what he wants like the way Kagami does it. This anime only serves as a little motivation for you to think thoroughly what you should be doing with your life and it might as well be something you prefer instead of something you don’t want. Otherwise, if you can stand the silly plots, weak side and supporting characters and the most atrocious of all, the drawing and animation, this anime could be the lesson you might need that school never taught you at all. With bad education policies, systems and unqualified teachers compounded with the attitude of students, it is no wonder mankind’s intellect is going on a downward spiral especially with the advent of social media. Then you can just blame it all on everything and everybody except yourself. That is the YD spirit! Or not… Kagami won’t be around to give his lecture or clean your sh*t up when that happens. Because he would have made the Anywhere Door to run away from it all!

Everybody has big dreams in life. Sometimes it might be too big that you might not be able to achieve it all by yourself. How are you going to make this happen then? Recruit a few people who share the same dream? That is one way. So as in the case of Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata. Our main character is a complete otaku. His dream is to create the world’s best dating simulation game ever. But he can’t do it himself. He needs to gather a group of people who can do the story, scenes and character designs. More importantly, he needs a heroine that would leave an impression in the hearts of everyone. An iconic heroine that will be remembered for generations to come. Well, the easy part is finding one (or accidentally stumbling into one in his case), but the hard part as he found out that for the rest of her character and behaviour, she is completely different than what even a basic heroine should be. And is that why he needs to guide and raise her up from a boring heroine to a respectable heroine? Well, there are no guide books for that as far I can see. Oh, did I mention the rest of his circle members are girls…

Episode 0
This serves as a prologue of the series and what to expect from it. Sort of. The opener already sees our usual girls giving us hotspring fanservice as they ‘debate’ about their perceptions of anime. And our lucky guy, Tomoya Aki is eavesdropping partly because he is a pervert but more disheartening to him is that the girls are discussing anime stuffs without him around. Yup, that’s his biggest concern. As narrated by him, Tomoya is a big otaku and his dream is to create the perfect dating simulation ever. Therefore he and his harem circle are taking this trip to scout locations for the game. We are also ‘introduced’ to his harem circle that includes Utaha Kasumigaoka the scenario writer, Eriri Spencer Sawamura the illustrator, Michiru Hyoudou in charge of music and finally Megumi Katou who is the face and role of the heroine in Tomoya’s game. While taking scenic pictures, Eriri relates her ‘trauma’ as Tomoya’s childhood friend only to see him being ‘snatched away by another woman’. That sums up this tsundere’s position. Then there is this steamy seduction scene by Utaha on Tomoya with an excuse to let him have an idea of the scenario. Is she acting? Is she for real? We won’t know since Eriri comes rushing in to stop their indecency but only to tumble down. And while the girls are arguing, they didn’t realize Tomoya has been snatched by Michiru. She brings him to the lake, a spot she wanted so much to show him. Playful and cheeky as she is, she flirts around with him, splashing water, pushing him into it, on top of him… Only to be interrupted when Megumi makes a sound. She was watching all along but perhaps enjoying it too much to say anything.

After that ping pong game, they retire to their rooms. Before Tomoya could work on his materials, he is kidnapped! The next thing he knows, he is tied up in the girls’ room as they start seducing him. Tomoya could guess they have gotten drunk from the whiskey chocolates. Something points to Megumi because she is the only one still in her usual calm demeanour and as though she didn’t put in ‘enough effort’ to prevent it. Maybe she gets her kicks by watching this folly despite her facial expression doesn’t show it a single bit. I don’t know how it leads to this but Utaha gets the right to ‘rape’ Tomoya. In the end, we won’t know what happened but it sounded like Megumi ‘rescued’ him. I suppose it is time for Megumi to have some decent screen time alone with Tomoya. He is talking about her negative attitude which consigns her to a background character. However he still feels she is more than just plain as she is their game’s heroine. Since she has no clue on how to act like a heroine, he explains what is typically expected of one. Yeah, whatever. She’ll try her best. Tomoya notices her hair has grown longer. It has been 6 months since they’ve met (or rather as she puts it, noticed her existence) and this is what happens when you spend most of your time with an otaku. But they can’t give up now since their game is almost finished. They hope to release it at Winter Comiket. She also hopes their circle won’t crash and burn… Is she trying to jinx it?

Episode 1
On a spring day morning, Tomoya describes it as the beginning of his destiny when he spots a girl in white dress and her white hat blown away by the breeze. Such epic life changing scene he will never forget. It is the start of a new school term and Tomoya who is trying to be the super otaku is ‘busy’ with his otaku stuffs rather than being interested in who is in whose class. You know he is one when he prefers 2D girls instead of listening to his friend rant about the beauty and elegance of Eriri. But Tomoya skips the opening entrance ceremony just to go speak to Eriri and catches her in the act taking out a limited edition anime from her locker. Anyway, Tomoya wants her to join his circle as an illustrator because she is a very good one. Unknown to many, she is the author of a hit erotic manga under the pen name Eri Kashiwagi. She takes a look at his project proposal and doesn’t hesitate to criticize this piece of trash! To the max! Because he cannot express what he imagines, the big reason why he needs her. She continues to shoot him down about his dreams but he remains passionate about it. He tries to remind her of their childhood promise that he would come hire her when he becomes the president of the game company but she’s not very amused remembering that (twintail lashing abuse?). She doesn’t want any more to do with this so he pleads for another chance to hear him out after school at the AV room. But she notes it is too late for him to be saying that.

When Tomoya finally joins the opening ceremony, Utaha has been called up to stage to receive her award as top of her grade. Again he hears his friend waxing lyrical about Utaha’s beauty that could only be rivalled by Eriri. Why bother telling this to Tomoya when he isn’t interested in 3D? But you know, after the ceremony, Tomoya goes to see Utaha at the rooftop. Silent treatment? After treating her to lunch, he gives her review his project proposal. Without holding back, she fires all the harsh criticisms on this piece of trash. She doesn’t want to be involved with him as she is busy but Tomoya knows about Utaha’s other identity. Aside from being the smartest student in school, she is also the writer of a bestselling series under the pen name of Utako Kasumi. He pleads for another chance to listen to him and to wait for him at the AV room after school. But she can’t understand of all times, why now. So this guy works hard to complete his proposal and as he is about to go to the AV room, Megumi passes by him and thanks him for picking up her hat during spring break. Tomoya didn’t really care too much about it since he is in a hurry. But then it hit him. Oh sh*t! Isn’t that his destiny girl?! Wait! Come back! Meanwhile, Eriri thought she could make her dramatic entrance as a tsundere but to her dismay Utaha is the one waiting in the room. We can tell both hates each other’s guts the way they insult each other with Utaha being more subtle in her sarcasm but Eriri and her emotions blowing up like fireworks. Anyhow, it looks like Utaha is the better one in this ‘conversation’. The standoff continues… When Tomoya finally catches up to Megumi, he didn’t even realize she was in the same class with him. Since last year! Meanwhile, the waiting ladies realize they have been stood up when a certain otaku didn’t show up…

Episode 2
Tomoya is talking to Megumi at the diner. He never noticed her but now that he does, he really finds her cute and all the physical qualities that a heroine needs to have. However she notes that she has a lack of presence, that is why people do not notice her unlike Tomoya who is considered a celebrity in school because of the otaku activities her organized. He doesn’t even know that? Tomoya becomes passionate in arguing that Megumi is not as plain as she think she is. He wants her to bring all that heroine qualities out. Since when is she already in his circle? Ah well, he sounds so determined, might as well consider her in. Because Eriri and Utaha are spotted outside the window with those cold stabbing stares, the tension is further tense with them joining at the table. I mean, this guy got the guts to stand them up and date another girl? Tomoya wastes no time in introducing everyone in his circle. Since when did they join? Eriri and Utaha are still at odds with each other, having that feet battle underneath the table. The girls try to convince Tomoya to give up his dream but he has decided. He will rewrite it as many times to get their approval. And for that moment the duo thought he has decided no which of them he would choose? See their disappointed reaction. Little do they realize that Megumi is gone. She is queuing at the drinks counter. Wow. She definitely lacks presence, eh?

So to train her to be the perfect heroine, Tomoya calls Megumi to meet. She doesn’t remember the street where she lost her hat as the first place they met simply because it wasn’t. It was last year’s opening ceremony. Oh, he can’t remember that, can’t he? Megumi is in Tomoya’s otaku room but she doesn’t display the kind of reaction he expected her as a heroine. Why so mad, bro? The best way to learn about a heroine is to play a dating game. As usual, Megumi is pretty clueless about everything and I don’t know how frustrated Tomoya feels. Hey, cut her some slack. She is an amateur, isn’t she? So they play the best dating game from start to finish. Megumi does have good comments on it as Tomoya departs more cliché advices. But does she understand it all? You guessed it. It took him to remember Eriri’s words to realize that he was the one who didn’t understand everything. What? I don’t understand what’s going on. Megumi thought she could leave for the night but wait! There’s more. The game has a sequel and true ending. Don’t tell me they’re going to play it through? Well, his parents are out of town for an overnight trip and tomorrow has no school. Oh sh*t… For the sake of his, uhm, their dream, stay for the night! You don’t know how ambiguous that sounds. I’m sure that he assuring he only likes 2D girls doesn’t sound that assuring. But when she agrees to stay, he panics that she should be suspicious and not to be so carefree. So what does he wants?! This guy is worse than a woman! The game finally ends in the morning. Megumi is so deprived of sleep that she would do anything just to get some. Even if it means joining his circle. So can she sleep now?

Episode 3
Seems Tomoya hasn’t even started on his proposal. Trouble getting ideas? I’m sure he is calling Megumi for another sleepover session but she can’t. She’s away for a family trip at Hokkaido. By the time she gets back, that’ll be his deadline. So Tomoya tries to make a resolution not to get distracted by his otaku stuffs to start his work. Well, maybe just one manga before he begins… And he wasted half a day on it… Before he knows it, Eriri is already at his place working on her porn manga. Her dad is holding a garden party and she doesn’t want to be around to show her face to the guests. So his place is the ideal place to work on her erotic manga? Anyway she wants him to give up seeing he sounded like giving excuses not to complete his game. To their surprise, Utaha is at his doorstep so I guess Eriri has to go into hiding and hide all her stuffs. Utaha enters his very clean room and starts teasing him with a little flirt. She also thinks he should give up at this rate but goes on ranting and getting worked up about deadlines and bad comments that put down her work. Tomoya’s conviction manages to convince her that he will come up with a satisfying proposal that will guarantee to make her agree to join his circle. She advises him that if he is serious in that, he should involve all members otherwise he won’t put out a quality product no matter how hard he tries or keep himself motivated. Oh, one more thing. He should have also tried hiding the bicycle. I guess she already knows… So how long is Eriri going to hide in the closet? That night, Tomoya calls Megumi to not worry about him. He’ll do something about himself. She asks what was it about her that appealed to him. Well, everything with her was fun. Was there any room for improvement? If she could be a little more overbearing. And so the next day he starts getting serious on his project. Each time he hits a dead end (which is very soon always), he takes a break doing something else. Before he knows it, he wasted another day! Nothing started! Blank sheet! The thought of giving up seems tempting than ever.

He returns to that hill he first saw Megumi and thought would get inspiration. Nothing. He is about to cry when he sees a white cap floating down. It’s Megumi! I guess he was so pitiful that she threw it for him. Her acting is a little different as she wonders if this is the ideal heroine he wanted. Is this the way he wanted her to act, speak and fall in love? Seems Megumi came back a few days ago after telling her parents she needed to help meet a deadline. She didn’t meet up with him because she didn’t think she would be useful contributing anything. But she wasn’t doing nothing during that time. She got the help of Eriri and Utaha. Eriri designed her dress while Utaha became the strict director teaching her how to act. She might not know what kind of game he is doing but she understands he is very serious about it so hang in there and make her into a heroine that everyone will envy of. Now that he is motivated, he brings her back to his place where they’ll begin their work till tomorrow 7am!!! Hope there would be enough time to get to school. Utaha and Eriri are watching them from afar. They note Tomoya has not started yet. Because Eriri is being contradicting herself by not caring about him and yet helping him, Utaha warns her to fix that attitude of hers or she’ll regret it later. Though Eriri can’t believe she’ll be in the same circle with her, on the contrary Utaha looks forward to working with her. And so when Tomoya hands over his proposal for the girls to read, it is as bad as ever! And he poured his heart and soul into it… Megumi isn’t saying anything because she is sleeping… Lack of sleep or boring?

Episode 4
Megumi read the entire manga volume Tomoya lent her. She is impressed she didn’t think it would be this good. Yeah, he lets her keep it. Utaha is not impressed that her editor hired Tomoya to interview her for her new upcoming series. Well, no ordinary interviewer is going to get anything out from a shy, uncooperative and foul tempered lady. So she thought somehow whom she is familiar with would do the trick. 30 seconds into the interview, she’s already dozing off… I’m not sure if Tomoya is asking boring questions. Anyway the interview didn’t go anywhere even with all those energy drinks. It doesn’t help when the editor even reveals shady details of how they do things behind the scenes. Finally he asks the last question of what she hopes to accomplish with her next series. In addition to the pretty good answer, a very good news for Tomoya because she agrees to join his circle and his project! He couldn’t be much happier. Eriri is preparing herself and comes into the meeting in her typical tsundere fashion but déjà vu strikes as Utaha tells her to cut that tsundere crap and join them already. So they’re here to discuss the development schedule. But the girls dismiss it being unrealistic as they will have to devote 100% of their time to it. So they try to outdo each other by rewriting the schedule and they end up drawing on each other’s face.

With their task determined, what shall Tomoya be? He could be the errand boy who buys them snacks or he can take over character designs, plot development or something else. Buying snacks has never been the easiest job for the director, eh? But Utaha brings up the next problem: Fundraising. You know how expensive it can get when it comes to printing and publishing, right? Yeah, Tomoya didn’t know. Feeling defeated already? Before Utaha can fully seduce him, Eriri separates them (and whips him with her twintail combo). And before another war can start, he just tells them to concentrate on what they do best. Agreed. So what will Megumi do then? Nobody noticed her the entire time, eh? And so Tomoya works hard and wears many hats to raise that million yen target! But to his shock he sees Megumi bringing a hot guy to the restaurant he works at! Keiichi is actually her cousin. This really bothers Tomoya. A lot. Since when did Tomoya become her father and after that long lecture about what it takes to be a standout heroine that moves the hearts of others, he wants her never to see him again???!!! At least until after the game is completed. Is he unreasonable? Is he obnoxious? Is he stupid? Yes to all! And it’s all over when she says she is meeting him this weekend at the mall. It’s like the end of the world for him. That’s like a date, right? At least to him. If that is how it’s going to be, he wants to be the one who accompanies her to the mall then. Hmm… Okay. She’ll just tell Keiichi it is off. Now… Tomoya suddenly has doubts. Doesn’t this look like a date? Shouldn’t she think more about it? I tell you, this guy is worse than a woman!

Episode 5
Eriri is having a hard time trying to sketch a decent heroine out of Megumi. She’s just not into that 2D thingy. On the other hand, it may look like Utaha is having writer’s block when she’s typing nonsense. But could it be a ploy to get Tomoya to feed her? But Eriri ‘broke’ her pencil so errand boy has to get new ones. Eriri is already tired trying to cast Megumi and she doesn’t need a shock to hear Tomoya asking her if she has gone out on a date before! No, he is not asking her out. So he is hypothetically getting her advice on what to do till she realizes he is going on a date with Megumi. So shock that Utaha suddenly starts writing a yandere route! Tomoya sounds like the victim… Utaha is done with her scenario as Tomoya narrates it. It goes something like this. A chance meeting of a guy and a girl at the hill slope. Pretty familiar, right? Coincidentally they are classmates. Slowly they pursue a relationship with each other. Then she starts acting strange. She remembers something about their past lives. They were not only siblings but were lovers too. Now they go off to fight… Monsters?! Despite Tomoya liking this awesome development, he feels something is missing. So for 3 days he has been cracking his head on it so Eriri tells him off his uselessness is hindering the progress of everything. If he has something better, then write it himself. Utaha warns her there are things she should not say and what she said did not help a bit. Since Tomoya isn’t giving any answer, Utaha notes that it is happening again. Megumi thinks to call off tomorrows date at the mall and postpone it to another time but Tomoya won’t run away and try it out. But he is at the brink of defeat after seeing so many people lining up to get in. Just tiring, eh? He can’t take it anymore but when Megumi misinterprets about the otaku and Comiket, this gives Tomoya an idea to consider the crowd as his fellow otakus. Then he has Megumi lay out all the stores she wants to visit. He devises his plan on how to visit them all like as though this is a Comiket convention. Such a pro. Thanks to that, she manages to get everything she wants for the day. Although she is grateful, Tomoya can’t accompany her home because there is somewhere he needs to go now. Utaha is seen waiting.

Episode 6
It’s time for Utaha to get her own episode. Utaha fans scream with joy! Utaha’s manager is teasing her that she is thinking about Tomoya although she denies this. Oh, just stop being stubborn and go after him already! We see some flashbacks of Utaha recognizing Tomoya at a book signing ceremony because he was ranting away and waxing lyrical about her characters. She used to call him out for opinions of her characters. I think she just enjoyed him talking instead of listening to what his passionate ranting is all about. I don’t think she fell asleep because it was boring. Then there was one time she wanted him to read her manuscript for her final volume so that she could make the necessary changes but he refuses because he will not take responsibility for her work. He wants her to decide on the ending and doesn’t want it to become an ending that reflects his opinions. She was desperate but he still would not because he is her fan. It shocked her. It has been 6 months then. Tomoya wonders if she would forgive him. After countless near misses, Tomoya finally meets up with Utaha while taking shelter from the rain. Since it is late and the last train has already departed, her manager sets them up to stay in the same room at a nearby hotel! After shower… She getting flirty… Then Tomoya’s passion blows up. He wants her to make him a man. No, a creator! She feels disappointed for this false lead up. For the rest of the night, he discusses about his ‘date’ with Megumi which is to gather materials but I’m sure any girl wouldn’t like to hear about a guy talking a lot about another girl. Then they talk about the plot which he thinks needs to focus more on the heroine’s current life and happiness instead of her past life. She thinks of cutting off the past life plot but he wants it included since it has its charm. Utaha turns into a yandere as she starts typing the revised plot. Like as though she’s hinting that he chose a plain character other than her to be his main heroine. Is it not right for an author to feel love and not go all out for a fan? Tomoya won’t fall for this since she is speaking as herself and not in character. Next morning, Utaha leaves early to continue her work with her manager. She is saying very ambiguous lines about their very passionate time last night (albeit it was just rewriting the plot). She leaves satisfied and thanking him for drawing out her determination, etc. And then we hear him scream because Utaha took a selfie of them in bed on the morning after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile Eriri happened to bump Megumi at the mall and is sketching her. Seems there is a subtle implication that she is not happy with that date. Eriri sketches a sulking expression of Megumi in which she denies ever putting on that face. Hey, didn’t she just do that?

Episode 7
Time for Eriri’s turn to have the spotlight? She calls Tomoya to her home, blaming him for pushing back the schedule, blah, blah, blah. So take responsibility! Is there a meaning behind this? Long story short, she wants him to help act out as a main character for her ero work. So they flip flop between acting and real stuff so you wonder if it’s just a ploy from Eriri to flirt with him. I don’t think so. Tsunderes aren’t like that… Don’t worry. They won’t be having sex unlike the character in her story. On the last day at school, Tomoya is fuming at Megumi. Why? She has changed her hairstyle! Imagine the shock she will bring to viewers! Well, only he noticed, right? So as he is lecturing her about overall characters (a certain tsundere and sharp tongue girl is out), he speaks greatly of having a little sister/junior character that always looks up to you in admiration. Well, it is about to turn true now because Izumi Hashima claims she has found him and hugs him! OMG! Shamelessly in front of his harem? OMFG. Seems she is his old childhood friend and 2 years his junior who moved away (Utaha seems to love teasing Eriri about her having a more middle school girl body than Izumi). Izumi praises Tomoya for everything he has done for her. Especially about teaching her about the pleasures of being girl! Alarm bells ringing! Wait a minute. If this happened when they were younger… Hold your horses! It’s not like that. Then Izumi hands him a letter. Big red alert! Actually it is an invitation ticket to her doujin circle at summer Comiket. This is her way of repaying him. If he had never shown her that game, Little Rhapsody he gave her as a gift, she wouldn’t be here today living a happy otaku life. Oh, I see there was another fine girl he corrupted. As she leaves, she tells Tomoya that her brother, Iori would be glad to see him again.

Well, that happens soon after. However Tomoya and Eriri ignore this handsome dude (he waited here for more than half an hour!) and continue arguing about the game gift Tomoya gave to Izumi. So when they cannot ignore him no more, the guys start their petty argument (WTF is this Nagoya food they’re talking about?). Tomoya remembers severing ties with him. Long ago they once agreed to rise up to the otaku world together. Their dynamic friendship back then sent all those fujoshi girls crazy. However Tomoya soon discovered his goals were completely different than his. Iori didn’t become an otaku to spread its joys. What he did was trying to get close to popular works and creators to make himself look important. Tomoya believes he should rise up from the bottom instead of just feeding on creators. Uhm, shouldn’t Tomoya do that himself too? Iori then hands him his name card. To their surprise, he is under Akane Kousaka’s Rouge En Rouge circle. This is a very famous superstar circle. Thanks to Iori’s ways, he has now risen this high and the circle cannot turn him down for he has helped them out with many things. Eriri won’t accept him but he informs his circle is interested in her. As he knows Tomoya is making a game with these famous girls, is he trying to stir something in the otaku world? So happen they too are making a game and are looking for an illustrator. Looks like it is a contest now. Does Eriri deserve to be on Tomoya’s side or will she shine further with them?

Episode 8
Megumi is here to discuss character designs, etc. But it seems Tomoya and Eriri are busy in completing the latter’s work before summer Comiket which starts tomorrow. Eriri thinks they’re fine since she will only be there on the third and final day. So Megumi passes time by playing Little Rhapsody. Tomoya is happy she has grown this much as an otaku. Shouldn’t he get back to helping Eriri? However since Eriri also likes this game, she can’t help get distracted in watching Megumi play. She manages to complete it without a drop in quality so Tomoya asks her about Iori’s offer. It is tempting and success is guaranteed. But what about her future? Is she going to keep drawing as a hobby? As Eriri plays Little Rhapsody, she assures him that she is part of his circle for now and won’t be taking on any guest artist jobs till winter Comiket. Tomoya and Megumi visit and help Izumi set up her booth on the first day of Comiket. Izumi is so happy to see he came that she hugs him. With tears! And she got the guts to call Megumi his girlfriend. Does she know the implication? When Tomoya looks at her work and finds out she has only been drawing for a year, he is impressed and takes a sample to go do something about it. He returns after copying an enlarged page and sticking it on a sign to attract people as a massive poster. But Izumi is embarrassed he chose that page because it wasn’t finished in time so it is a rushed job. Megumi agrees with Tomoya because she has read her work and she found it interesting all the way that it made her hard to catch her breath. A guy shows up and surprisingly buys it although her work isn’t aimed for guys. Then a long line of girls queue up to buy them till it is sold out. Izumi becomes emotional thanking everyone for supporting her. At the end of the day, Tomoya catches up with Eriri whom he realizes disguised herself to come buy Izumi’s works. She doesn’t seem happy. She asks him for his opinion on Izumi’s work. It’s totally awesome. Yeah. He was so hyped to help sell them too. That’s when she snapped back that he never reacted like that to her works. He never felt anything at all. He never went all out to help sell her works. Tomoya argues that they are both different and in different leagues. So does this mean Eriri’s works are better than Izumi’s? If so, why won’t he help to sell them? Her works sell fine without his help. That’s not even an answer. Eriri runs away crying, leaving Tomoya at the intersection. Cliché scene?

Episode 9
Suddenly Tomoya wakes up with Utaha lying next to him in bed! Is this some sort of revenge for not getting any screen time last episode? Eventually Tomoya reveals what happened with Eriri so Utaha thinks it is his fault for waxing lyrical the works of another girl in front of her. Tomoya believes he could not stay quiet when someone’s works stands out. Though it might not dent her reputation overall, but it sure dent her heart. This might jeopardize their circle as she might be too traumatized to even work. So Eriri doesn’t even get out of bed to go for the Comiket. She’s just lazing around in her bed. On the other hand, Utaha is lying around on Tomoya’s bed, smelling his blanket… Don’t worry. He is away at Comiket. He sees Iori and needs his help to drag Eriri back into his circle. That night as Eriri’s parents are holding a house party, it is part of Utaha’s plan to have Tomoya dress up as a prince to whisk Eriri away from her balcony. This scene resembles very closely to one in Little Rhapsody and will evoke that nostalgia factor. Away, the reconciliation isn’t going to be easy because it is Tomoya who is the one getting upset and wanting her to apologize for betraying him first. There is a short flashback of their days in elementary school 8 years ago. Eriri introduced Little Rhapsody to him and he got hooked to the otaku world. However she had to ‘abandon’ him to make new friends. That might look petty to Eriri but to him this was a big deal. It meant a lot to him. He had to make enemies out of every guy just to protect what they had. He won’t forgive her for the bad treatment. Eriri won’t apologize, instead she brings up that recent incident of praising another author’s work in front of her. She worked so hard and yet he praised Izumi. He admits Izumi’s work is much better than her. Eriri starts crying that she put in so much effort and that this is the limit of her talent. She put on a mask outside and worked hard at home to get back at those who broke them up. She wants to go back to how it was. He tells her to do it. He doesn’t know how but just do it. It’s her work. And so she finally decides to do it and make her be his number one. Next day, Eriri has completed the illustration of the circle’s banner. Looks very close to Megumi and she’s not pretty happy about it (because the illustration has her wear nothing!). Tomoya puts the finishing touches by calling their circle Blessing Software. Utaha points out that roughly translates to Megumi’s Software. Oh dear. Tempers are going to flare again… Lastly, Iori hands Izumi a drawing from Eriri for her. She is very happy about it although she didn’t know Eriri was at her stand. Iori starts laughing since the drawing also contains a note that Eriri won’t lose to her.

Episode 10
Tomoya and the girls are making progress with the game. It is getting late so he is going to take a bath and sleep. To his surprise, Michiru is using the place like her own home. Finally! After 3/4 of the series of no-show, finally she pops up! Tomoya screams not because she came out of the bath, but rather she didn’t have the typical girly screaming reaction she should have when she sees a semi-naked guy. Seems she had an argument with her family and ran away from home. She tells him about the new band she formed but he isn’t convinced since she never stayed for more than 6 months. Michiru is pretty bold and physical in flirting with him. You wonder if his neck is going to be okay with that kind of submission move. Next day as he tries to work on the scripting, Utaha and Eriri are more interested in flirting and getting his attention. Then they discover the other girl… Oh dear. Tomoya is tied up and interrogated. Who the heck is this Michiru girl? Tomoya explains she is his cousin who happened to be born on the same day and same hospital as him. Utaha becomes a smooth operation in creating a scenario the closeness of their relationship. The kind of childhood friend relationship that trumps all over others and make it look like cheap knock offs. Eriri can’t handle the heat and already passes out. Tomoya returns home only to see Michiru making herself at home. Yeah, she’s really turning his room into his. Throwing away all his otaku stuffs and replacing it with her music. She tries to convince him to leave the otaku life and will introduce real girls to him to hang out. Thankfully (or not), his otaku passion is strong and he won’t be so easily converted. Imagine, a girl who have family problems telling a guy in his own home to be concerned about his future. Despite warning Michiru not to plug her electric guitar to the amp, she does so after he has gone to take a bath. At first he is going to chew her out but after a while, the music isn’t that bad. In fact, it perfectly fits the scenes of his story. He wants her to join his circle. His towel then came off. Is that some sort of threat or intimidation? She isn’t, by the way.

Episode 11
Michiru is introduced to the rest. I wonder how Eriri is going to handle this. I don’t think she can’t. Especially seeing Michiru getting physical with Tomoya like as though it’s that norm. Of course Michiru has never agreed to write music for his game. She claims she has her hands full writing songs for her band. Utaha reminds Tomoya not to force her to join or she’ll be unhappy. Funny, wasn’t Utaha the same at first? Because Michiru looks down on otaku, Utaha retorts all that about the otaku world and how their works of entertainment make them nobles. When Michiru starts bringing up the past that she was always better than him in everything, there were times he was a reliable guy. Eriri seems to be interested in hearing ancient history. I don’t know how Tomoya can get out of this one with both girls suffocating him. Later when all the girls have gone home, Tomoya expresses he really needs Michiru but she is still not convinced. Somehow her band is on the verge of breaking up thanks to her so she has no time to help him out. Tomoya takes it that she has not received her father’s blessings yet. She reveals he will approve of it if they get a manager. Tomoya will help find one for her but Michiru says it is him. Well, they’re not going to have a complete stranger as their manager, right? So now it is his turn to claim being busy with his circle. What experience has he got as a band manager? Michiru tells him that his circle is broken and that he is the only one who is genuinely interested in making the game. The other girls seem to hang around for other reasons… However it is different in her case. Everyone in her band is seriously trying to make their dream come true.

Tomoya’s friend thinks he is spending more time with Megumi recently and Tomoya is happy to note that she has grown as a heroine since other guys are starting to take notice of her. Megumi is at Eriri’s home helping to work on the game’s scripting. She has her own ideas and views for certain scenes that make it work better. Early next morning, Tomoya calls her. Seems he is in a dilemma. He asks her if the circle is not working so she invites him out for breakfast. She shows him the scripting she has been working to help him out. Surprised? Megumi views herself as no talent like the rest but she wants to help out whenever she can because she really wants to finish this game. Just as Tomoya’s faith in completing the game and making her the heroine that everyone can envy renewed, he sees on the scripting demo something about Megumi hinting about his cousin when he was opposed to her own cousin. Remember that incident? Yeah… Immediately he prostrates himself to apologize. Tomoya then lets her hear Michiru’s music that he secretly recorded. Sounds good. This has Megumi ask if Michiru has really nothing to do with the otaku culture. Michiru gets a pleasant surprise when Tomoya agrees to become her band manager. There is a live gig for her band to perform. Apparently a band pulled out last minute and he managed to slot theirs in. He already contacted her band members to commit. All that is left is for her to say okay. Instantly she hugs him and starts apologizing for being selfish, sorry his dream might collapse, blah, blah, blah. Typical female character when the guy gets you what you want?

Episode 12
Tomoya is talking to Michiru’s Icy Tail band. They will be going out first since they have no past credentials. Time to do this thing. Meanwhile, Tomoya’s circle girls are supposed to attend to but Eriri has run away to a maid café. Megumi and Utaha are forced to drag her out. Utaha can’t believe Megumi and Eriri got close together while at the same time poking fun insulting Eriri’s trauma about losing her position as Tomoya’s oldest childhood friend. I wonder if Megumi is tired in rebuking the infighting. Finally when they arrive at the backstage, they see this very ‘horror’ scene. Michiru despite angry at Tomoya for the cat maid outfit that the band is supposed to go out and perform in, she is in a cowgirl position and that ambiguous humping just makes your imagination go wild. Tomoya reveals the biggest secret. Michiru thought she was singing pop songs but in actual fact all of them are anime songs. That is why the songs she writes are so anime-like. Apparently her bandmates are somewhat otaku themselves and have made a deal with Tomoya that with him managing them as an anime cover band, they will allow her to work for his Blessing Software. It is a win-win situation for everyone. She can quit if she wants but is she going to betray her friends? Even if she is not an otaku, he believes she will become a fine one someday. Icy Tail head off to stage and the crowd goes wild when they begin their gig. It ends with Michiru playing an original song she wrote. When Michiru says I love you to Tomoya, Utaha and Eriri beat him up. He had to explain she was saying Icy Tail (as in “Aishiteru yo!”). At the backstage, Tomoya continues his smooth operator talk with Michiru. Her dream has come true. Now it’s her turn to make his. Those otaku out there cheering for her today, they will soon be moved to tears when she writes music for his game. Michiru agrees to join him and decides to make it formal with a pact. It looks like she’s going to kiss him but in fact she gets back at him by doing a submission move. We see the circle working hard to complete the game as well as a glimpse of part of the game’s ending. Everyone is glad that they have completed it. Well, at least one route. Now to start again for the other routes. Eriri starts right away, Utaha takes a quick nap and Michiru going to cheer them up with her song. Everything is working so fine. Well, 2 months to go to Winter Comiket. Tomoya is going to make some narrative that their fight has just begun but Eriri smacks him so as not to jinx it.

How To Satisfy A Perverted Otaku
If I have to be honest, I am having a hard time determining if this series is interesting or, erm, boring. Maybe it is somewhat both. The interesting parts see how a nobody and high school kid Tomoya trying to create an ideal game with all the obstacles he is facing as well as managing the fickle relationship between his female members. But other than that, the drama of it all can be a bit draggy as I sometimes find it hard myself to keep focus for the duration of the episode. Personally, I have no idea about the direction or what they are planning about when discussing in making the game because it seems I only sit up whenever there is some sort of cat fight happening between Utaha and Eriri since with the former’s acid tongue and sarcasm, it is always fun to hear what comes out of her mouth and the reaction the tsundere puts on. I’m not saying that this is a bad anime overall but maybe I just got my priorities wrong. I thought I would see them making the game (like what you see in Bakuman or even Shirobako) and even though this is what their circle goal is all about, they do it behind the scenes and it is more of Tomoya trying to make his circle work despite everything looks like it is going to fall apart any moment. Good thing it didn’t, right? Could it be the power of (one-sided secret crush) love?

The clashing and contrasting characters in the circle make them interesting despite you can see certain clichés in them like a certain tsundere (why must they always be twintail blondes?) and sharp tongue yandere. The biggest irony is that the 2 of the biggest names in the otaku world are working for a complete nobody. It becomes obvious that they are willing to bring themselves down to his level thanks to the shared past and feelings for him. The show does have its pace to bring out Utaha and Eriri’s past with Tomoya and how they are somewhat connected to him, the reason they are going this far to help him make his ideal game. At the same time, Megumi is not going to be the running joke of the series whereby nobody notices her so it is not going to be the case for her character development to be ignored. Instead, we see her taking an interest and learning more about the otaku culture. Although that ‘boring’ nature of hers depends very much on the views and perception of others. Boring at first in the eyes of Tomoya because of his set stereotypes of what a heroine should be. But I think Megumi could be the ‘coolest’ character of them all in the entire series since she rarely burst into any fits of emotion. Even so, they look so emotionless. Even when she makes come back lines. Quite funny when she rebukes. Quite the irony. I know her sleepy voice makes her like a dreamy girl but I think it gives her character. Overall, the character development is satisfactory but not quite enough since you can’t do justice to them all with just a dozen or so episodes.

Tomoya looks like another typical and ordinary otaku character with big dreams. Yeah, what another irony considering Megumi is supposed to be the most ‘normal’ one. His passion in the otaku life is genuine. Sometimes I feel he just needs to have better communication skills to tell the girls what he want especially to Megumi who is a noob in the otaku world. With the girls having different sets of personalities, Tomoya feels like the punching bag for the big two and to a point plays the role of retorting them when they put words in his mouth or twisting the meaning of the entire thing. And sometimes I feel he is worse than a woman because based on my observations especially with Megumi, he expects something like this or that and when she agrees to it, he starts having second thoughts whether it is a good thing or not for her to agree so easily with it. So what does he really want anyway?

So I suppose with the characters interacting with each other in such a way, this is where mainly the funny parts of the series are. Yeah well, at least they aren’t that boring despite the cliché personalities. And I suppose they try to make it a little interesting because sometimes the characters do speak in a way that breaks the fourth wall. Like as though they are addressing to us viewers who are watching them. Some of them are cleverly played out.

Another one of the biggest ironies for this series is the romance part. I said irony because Tomoya who has proclaimed he only loves 2D girls (although he did say he does not hate 3D girls) to be working with real girls in the flesh. If that is the case, could it be that he only sees his colleagues as nothing as that? Perhaps. But I don’t think it is the same case for the girls. We all know very well that he is the reason why they are staying in his circle that may or may not be successful. So there’s the irony of beautiful and successful girls in their own right having feelings for a 2D lover guy. Unrequited love? Utaha and Eriri look like the front runners in this game but Michiru is threatening to usurp all that thanks to her bold physical moves. And she like only made her appearance so late in the series proper.

You thought Utaha was pretty bold in her up close flirting with Tomoya? Well, it was till Michiru smashed all that and took it to a whole new level. Don’t forget about Megumi. She might look like the one with the least potential but you know what they say about still waters running deep. I may be reading too much but I take it as a sign that she wants to help him and finish this game as an indication that she harbours some feelings for him. She might be the one who usurp it all because you know, Tomoya views her as his heroine. I don’t know what happened to Izumi but I thought the more the merrier with a cliché character playing the little sister trope (since she does appear along with the other girls in the ending credits animation). Well it seems childhood friend seems to be an important ‘ingredient’ in whatever romance factor the girls are pinning on. In that case, everybody would have lost out to Michiru flat, right?

There are also a few fanservice scenes but they are considered light and the ‘heaviest’ one would be in episode 0 itself (and possibly almost every scene that involve Michiru on Tomoya). With Utaha’s sexy seduction and after-bath scene, a scene with Eriri only in her lingerie and Michiru whose skimpy dressing like as though she is getting ready for a porn shoot and her extreme physical skinship on Tomoya might make it too tantalizing for us to handle. Even all that is pales in comparison to even call this an ecchi themed anime. Okay, maybe you can call it ecchi as long as we get more than 2 scenes of boobs and pantsu shots. Also, there are some anime trivia to spot but mostly they are the posters, mangas and figurines in Tomoya’s room like OreImo, Date A Live and Sword Art Online respectively among the many others. For the rest that are seen elsewhere like during the Comiket, I am not sure if they are real, made up or actual doujin work.

Although the art and drawing are rather okay being your standard Japanese anime style like you see these days, I can’t help notice if it is going to be a trend. Like in Grisaia No Kajitsu, I noticed that there is a red strip of line on the top outline of the girls’ eyes. I am not sure about the guys but I noticed that in some scenes, Tomoya also have this feature albeit it is very faint compared to the girls. Then there are certain scenes in which the colouring and the hue just become, how should I put it, single hue. For example, sometimes the scene will be in just tones and shades or red. Sometimes purple. Sometimes blue. Like as though they ran out of other colours for that scene and just dumped all that single colour just for the sake to get that scene coloured. This does not happen very often but enough to make you notice and wonder if there is some sort of implication or anything. Or it could be just to mess with your head and amount to nothing much. Oddly, there are also a few scenes using CG. But those scenes are also rare although it tries to blend in with the 2D hand drawing, it still stands out.

Voice acting is pretty okay. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Tomoya somehow I feel is going to be stereotyped in playing such characters. Whether it is Aito from Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To or Sora from No Game No Life. Kiyono Yasuno (Koneko in Hamatora) playing Megumi might sound like she has the easiest job since her character sounds like she is devoid of emotions and just put on that single monotonous voice. But to speak like that for the entire duration of the series is not easy and can be tiring. Believe me, I tried doing that for a few minutes and it was already hard on me despite I myself am a boring person ;p. The rest of the other casts include Ai Kayano as Utaha (Inori in Guilty Crown), Saori Oonishi as Eriri (La Folia in Strike The Blood), Sayuri Yahagi as Michiru (Haruna in To Love-Ru), Chinatsu Akasaki as Izumi (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby) and Tatsuya Kakihara as Iori (Natsu in Fairy Tail). The opening and ending themes sound generic anime pop. Sounds okay but doesn’t appeal to me. Kimiiro Signal by Luna Haruna is the opener while Colorful by Miku Sawai serves as the ending theme. There are also a handful of insert songs that are sung by the heroines in the series but I didn’t find them appealing either.

Till the second season arrives (oh yes, there is definitely going to be a second season to satisfy us otaku perverts who love to see the eternal rivalry and cat fight between the tsundere and yandere as well as the deadpan rebuke from the most normal girl ever in the history of anime, not forgetting an extremely physical budding musician), I guess we’ll have to be satisfied this season to see how a guy manages his girls. Oh wait. Did it even come close to that? How do I describe this anime in a nutshell? It’s like a management sim but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s like your harem anime but it’s not. It’s like your romantic comedy anime but it really isn’t. It’s almost like your fanservice shots but not enough to classify so. Mainly everything feels mild and not serious enough to warrant to anything substantial but sufficient to keep your attention till the end. At least there are lots of positive comments about this show (I bet they are mostly either Utaha or Megumi camp).

So you think running a country or even a big multi-national conglomerate is a big tough headache job? Try managing a small group of only girls all of which whom have some sort of secret crush or admiration for you. It is like a dream come true for us otaku guys to have so many beauty and brains clamouring for us but at the same time a big hell of a mess when all hell breaks loose. Besides, don’t they have such management classes anywhere? Yeah, they don’t. You don’t try and manage girls as a guy! Never! Oh, how do you satisfy a perverted otaku anyway? Simple. Just give him lots of ero stuffs. What? You expecting something more complicated than that? I assure you, it is not that complicated to please a pervert even if he has the strangest fetish in the world. Really.

Outbreak Company

June 7, 2014

Listen up, folks! We have got a mission. A very big and important mission to spread the otaku culture around especially to those civilizations that have never heard about the goodness in the form of anime, manga and games. Are you ready to lead this moe missionary charge and spread the word to the new world? This is our chance to prove that we otakus are not lazy and perverted people who waste time idling all day in front of the idiot box or stand in long lines of queue just to shake hands with our favourite idols. If you are an otaku of any level (inexperienced are also welcomed but the higher the better), you can apply to help out in this mission and spread the message armed with only otaku knowledge and know-hows. So get ready and let us start preaching about the world of otaku!

This is what Outbreak Company is all about. You didn’t think it was some anime about a terrorist organization trying to create a biological warfare, didn’t you? Okay, I did at first. But when I read it was about a shut-in guy who somehow secured this dream job that perhaps every otaku would love to have, I have just got to see how it’s done. Yeah. Anime is already such a big export of Japan and even expanding further as we speak. So is the sky the limit? Apparently not in this anime. Because we’re not about to spread the otaku culture to some African country or the North Pole (hey, Santa and polar bears could use a little otakuism), but an alternate parallel world where entertainment is hardly heard of. What do these guys do for fun, really? To us, it is a new unexplored and untapped market that could bring in the profits and establish good relations on both sides while enjoying doing what we love most. So people (or aliens, whatever you call yourself out there) let’s all welcome and embrace the otaku culture with open arms!

Episode 1
Shinichi Kanou is looking through an online job ad. Hmm… A job that otaku loves? As long as you love anime and manga, you’ll never have to work again? Too good to be true. Just answer 200 questions. No problem. Shinichi answers all of them correctly and before he knows it, he is in an interview at Amutech and being told by his interviewer, Jinzaburou Matoba that he has become the perfect candidate. First he asks about Shinichi being a shut-in. Because he got rejected by his childhood friend. No laughing matter. Shinichi passes out after drinking a drink. He wakes up rebuking his dream that his childhood friend rejected his confession because he is an otaku! Before him is a maid, Myusel Foalan who seems to be afraid of him although this guy totally digs maids (like yours truly). They can’t understand each other’s language till she gives him a ring to put on. Minori Koganuma from Japan’s 1st Division SDF introduces herself and tells him he is in the Ratatos Forest on the outskirts of Marinos, the capital city of the Holy Eldant Empire. She is his guard. First thing he asks is her cup size. F. To get a better perspective where he is, she shows him outside. Hmm… Great mountains, nice forest, flying dragon… Wait. FLYING DRAGON?! Holy sh*t! Yup. He’s in another world. Soon Matoba arrives to discuss business with him. His actual job is a cabinet minister in Japan. He explains a year ago, a strange wormhole was discovered near Mt Fuji. It connected Earth to another world. It is similar to humans with some slight difference like magic. So in order to cultivate good relations between both ‘neighbours’, an alliance was formed and Matoba’s department was to facilitate exchanges between both realms.

So the Amutech company that interviewed Shinichi was to make him the general manager in charge of Japan’s best exports to this world: Anime, manga and games! I agree! The government didn’t do a good job running it so they thought what a better way than to get a real otaku to do it. Shinichi doesn’t want to shoulder this burden but Matoba reminds him that he can’t leave. Can’t beat them, join them. They assure him that he will be compensated. So go spread the Akiba culture, tsundere, moe… Did he say anything about hentai? Later Myusel serves Shinichi tea. He notices her long ears and she becomes afraid. However Shinichi loves it and it is even better she is half-elf and a maid. Because she cannot read or write, he introduces his Japanese writing to her and gives her a copy for her to study. Myusel feels grateful. Then she introduces him to a strong guy servant, Bluk Darwin. Shinichi didn’t count on him being a lizard man. Oh, he’s the gardener. Next morning, after the folly of Myusel trying to undressing as part of her maid job, Shinichi along with Minori and Matoba head to the palace to see the supreme ruler. He is told not to say things out of line as there are some inhabitants who do not welcome them. Inside the huge palace, Shinichi is once again made to remember to follow their lead and not say anything rash. But when he finds the supreme leader to be a little girl, he couldn’t contain his excitement and blurts it out. I don’t know if some otaku beam of his hit her head but Petralka Anne Eldant III isn’t happy to hear that. In fact she is so pissed off that she gives him an uppercut! While her advisor restrain this fuming ‘adult’ (she claims she just turned 16 the other day), you can see Shinichi’s big smile… Lolicon…

Episode 2
Petralka wants to cut his head but Matoba gives excuse that Shinichi wasn’t mocking her but admiring her beauty since the official age of adult in Japan is 20 years old (lies!). She calms down and forgives him. Minori introduces him to the Zakhar the advisor and noble knight, Galius En Goldbal who is Petralka’s cousin. Galius stands up and cannot accept Shinichi as the ‘evangelist’ who will teach otaku culture to them. He looks like poison. Shinichi stands back up and tells him off he is stupid to judge a person like tell. Everyone is in shock. Now Galius wants to cut his head! But Petralka is laughing so hard and finds Shinichi amusing that, she decides to leave this otaku business in his full care. On the way out, Shinichi is devastated to learn that there is no next plan. Their side was so busy in securing land and budget that they never thought of how to go about this otaku business. Yeah. Greedy people want to monopolize this, eh? So Shinichi’s task is to select products that would make the people go wild. However it is going to be hard since the ring works as telepathy between the wearers. How can they enjoy anime and manga in a foreign language then? That night, Shinichi sees Myusel studying to read and write on her own. He decides to help her. So the daily routine becomes something like this. By day he will find materials to further their exchange culture and by night he teaches Myusel. Shinichi’s room is now filled with all the otaku stuffs. It really looks like one. Myusel and Bluk have a go reading manga or playing games because Shinichi wants feedback on what they think. Then Petralka comes by herself to see him at work in person. Since she can’t read, she has Shinichi read aloud for her. A loli’s flat boobs on one side and a busty maid on the other side. Heaven. But he can’t enjoy it since he’s so tense. Because Shinichi is paying too much attention to Myusel (to help her in her reading), Petralka becomes jealous and sits on his lap! Then she makes the maid go do what a maid is supposed to do. Serve tea.

That night, Shinichi thought there was an intruder in his room and whacks him but turns out to be Bluk. He gives Shinichi a stick for him to whack! Myusel explains that it is only natural in this world for masters to beat his servants. It got Shinichi thinking that he really needs to know more about this world so the next day with Minori and Bluk accompanying him to town, he learns 80% of the people are illiterate and most signs are in forms of pictures. Worse, all children were trained as soldiers. At a training camp where he introduces his otaku stuff, he learns that the kids do not know the meaning of fun because after training they will be ploughing the fields. Bluk remembers he was also part of the military training along with Myusel. The kids also cannot read or write as that is only reserved for the rich and noble. How can they experience the wonderfulness of otaku culture when they can’t do that? Back home, Petralka continues with her ‘reading’. It was about to get to the exciting part when Myusel comes in to serve them tea. Shinichi thinks he needs a little break since he has been reading aloud for a while. Petralka is not amused. She scolds Myusel for disrupting them. Myusel further cowers in fear the more Petralka verbally abuses her and this doesn’t sit well with Shinichi. He feels mad. So mad that when he grabs Petralka’s hand (she was going to throw the bread at her), it seemed like he could almost break it! Luckily he manages to calm himself down and mentions he used to be judged and persecuted one-sidedly before (the rejection). He talks about freedom, peace and equality, values that are needed to understand his culture. However Petralka doesn’t even know the meaning of that. Petralka lets them off the hook since he was trying to teach her something but in exchange she too wants to learn his language and must teach her. She can’t accept a lowly maid knows something she doesn’t and will see for herself if this otaku culture will benefit her kingdom. That night when Myusel reads a heart tugging manga, that look on her face would have turned him on but he didn’t have any reaction. He felt sad for her.

Episode 3
A month later, the school that will teach otaku culture regardless of race and class is completed. Petralka comes by to show off that she has completed her simple kanji practice book and even does tongue twister to show off. She notices Shinichi staring at Minori’s boobs. He is then labelled a pervert because both types are very fine with him. Shinichi has a reading class and of course Petralka gets the special seat on his lap. After class, she tells him he is a rare person who enjoys what he preaches as many evangelists are just out for money and fame. She has never enjoyed being with someone before. Then he had to ruin it by mentioning Myusel’s name. Minori had to explain that people in this world are strictly bound by hierarchy and will never take to freedom and equality. They were lucky because they were considered something new and exciting. That night, Myusel shows the results of her hard work. She takes off her ring and could speak and understand Japanese. Although she sounds like an amateur foreigner speaking the language. Shinichi is impressed. Next day at school, Petralka shows up again to show off another volume of kanji practice book she has finished. When Shinichi mentions Myusel has not time to practice because she was helping him out, Petralka blows her top. Sounding like a jealous brat, she accuses him of always ignoring her and giving the maid all the attention. She has had enough and orders Myusel to leave this place forever. Suddenly the school is under siege. A group of terrorist, Baydona led by Alessio takes Petralka as hostage. As they are tied up, thanks to Myusel’s ability in both languages, she is able to translate to Shinichi what the terrorists are talking about. They are a minority anti-imperialist group with no monetary or political power and have a powerful magic weapon called Eradicating Flame that could send the entire school in flames in seconds.

Alessio then grabs Shinichi and accuses him of bringing this otaku abomination. He reminds him of the different races, their strengths and weaknesses. Of course humans with the lack of all such power have been given the ‘gift’ to control and ‘unify’ them. Shinichi chides him off sounding like a jealous race supremacist. Although Alessio admits it’s true, he thinks the culture Shinichi brings in will destroy their value and it is their duty to protect it. He is going to cut off his head to make him an example when Petralka says that killing those not of this world won’t change a thing and they’ll be treated like martyrs (did she learn this from some manga?). Upset Alessio tosses Shinichi back, right into the boobs of Minori. She’s not exactly horny wanting to plunge his face deeper but to take out a pen knife (literally) hiding in her cleavage. Minori can free herself and attack anytime but Shinichi wants to wait till exactly 7pm sharp. Then he feigns he needs to go the toilet real bad. Outside the corridor when the clock strikes 7, his handphone alarm clock rings and this alerts the terrorists thinking it is some high level magic. Of course Shinichi toys with their minds about this ‘magic’ of his so they become hesitant. It was enough time for Minori to bust out and give her kung fu chops to the terrorists and Myusel to unleash her powerful magic blast. Alessio has activated Eradicating Flame and is going to blow up everything. Nothing can stop him! Till Shinichi puts it out with a fire extinguisher! That’s all it took! Never underestimate the fire extinguisher! Oh yeah. A fearsome weapon it is. Minori punches him out but before he lands, he throws a knife at Petralka. Myusel uses her body to protect her. Why? She wanted to believe in Shinichi’s mangas where all races can live in harmony and understand each other. Petralka is the most devastated one. Since when did she care so much about this maid? Can she order her not to die?

Episode 4
Myusel dies! Just kidding! There was some locket in her clothes that blocked the knife. So she’s recuperating and doing fine. A month later, Myusel is released and you can see how useful she is because without her, all his mangas are strewn on the floor. Nothing like the good ol’ maid to clean everything up. On the first day of school, the moment he enters class, all the races are arguing among each other. His first otaku lesson as the school’s principal, he teaches the students very advanced words! Zettai ryouiki! No panties! Wow! Too hot to handle? For Minori maybe. So she takes over class for a simpler start. Guess what? She is a fujoshi! BL! Uke! Seme! Trap! Oh boy. I feel this kingdom is going downhill if this otaku culture gets picked up. On their way back, Minori’s gadget detects an intruder near their house. It turns out to be a wolf girl, Elbia Hanaiman happily sketching the manor. Guess what? Beast girl. Animal ears. Animal tails. Wow. Shinichi loves it! As they take her in, Minori warns him that although she claims to be a wandering artist, she could be a spy from Bahailm, a neighbouring kingdom that is always at odds with Eldant. There are many cases like this that happened before. Elbia is whisked away by the guards and her pitiful puppy dog eyes got Shinichi’s sympathy. He feels pity that she’s being treated like a criminal. Next day, Shinichi and Myusel are before Petralka to be rewarded for their brave efforts. Shinichi had to bring up this spy issue but Galius tells him it’s none of his business. He begs to differ. He views her artistic skills important to draw out the otaku culture. Pictures are the more effective way to spread it.

However all Petralka sees is that Shinichi is interested in her because she is a beast girl. A young beast girl. A young beast girl with big boobs. Shinichi corrects her that Elbia’s boobs are small. But when Elbia is brought before them, wow, it’s huge. If his standards are so high to call them small, what do flat ones like them are? Shinichi argues he wants to keep her (their laws dictate she will be executed for being a spy) so in this ‘brilliant’ plan of his, he has her answer a few simple questions. However she elaborates them so as not to sound suspicious but of course, from the sound of it, it proves she’s a spy. I mean, she’s drawing his manor not because she’s trying to look at every angle that might hold military secrets, right? Dead giveaway. Shinichi gets desperate. She can’t be labelled a spy just because she has animal ears and tail. They’re in fact wonderful! Petralka takes it that he has such fetish and that he wants to keep her as his lover. Minori objects because Shinichi’s true love is Galius! Shinichi is seme and Galius is uke! Because Galius blushes and didn’t say anything… OH SH*T!!!!!!! Say it isn’t so!!! Worse, Minori explains all the BL stuffs to Myusel. Shinichi has a plan to keep Elbia. Let her live and send her to report back to Bahailm. But feed her with false information and in no time the enemy will come dancing into their hand. Galius loves this scheming idea (hope he doesn’t mean he loves him to – and feed Minori’s fantasy). Petralka is not amused not because Elbia is of a different race but rather the fact that lots of women are gathering around Shinichi. She allows him to keep her. Elbia is so happy that she hugs him with her huge boobs pressing against him. I guess Petralka has tolerated enough of his nonsense. She is going to castrate him!

Episode 5
Shinichi has Elbia draw a few things and is amazed at her skill level. In school, Shinichi teaches his class the history of bishoujo games. He even answers their question of his favourite girl character and demonstrates his favourite game! Getting nostalgic? Minori seems to be keeping her cool very well whenever she asks if he is going to introduce BL into the curriculum. He hasn’t considered it… Myusel is taken in by Shinichi’s kindness when he also helps around the house. One night, Elbia didn’t join the rest for dinner like usual. He goes to check her room and it seems she is drawing lots of scary drawings. One of them a portrait of Shinichi like as though he is her victim! Scary! She kicks him out of her room but he sees those killer eyes in her. Next day at school, Shinichi sees his students arguing about their games and figurines! Wow. It’s good that the passion caught on. But a lot quicker than he thought. Minori had to fire a warning shot to break them up. I think she is most upset because none of them caught the BL fever. When Shinichi goes home, he receives a distress call from Petralka to see her now. As he leaves, he sees Elbia looking at him with those killer eyes. He thinks she is really an assassin pretending to be a clumsy girl to fool him. At the palace, Petralka says she didn’t summon him. Hmph! Wait a minute. Is she acting tsundere? Furthermore, she says she hates him. Hmph! Definitely tsundere. Galius seems to have accepted this otaku way too as he returns a BL book he borrowed from Minori! OH SH*T!!!! So… Petralka called them just to show off her tsundere side? Wasting his time… Back home with Shinichi giving Myusel the usual lesson, he remembers she did ask him about wanting to follow him back to Japan. She still wants to even though she won’t come back here again. Shinichi dreams of a cliché romance of Myusel wanting to come with him. It turns into a nightmare of Elbia going to kill him! Phew. Just a dream. Oh wait. Elbia is really on top of him! And she’s not horny. Shinichi screams and the other girls come rushing in. They see Elbia licking his neck. Disappointed? Myusel seems so. Yeah. Shinichi sounds like he is enjoying it. As explained, Elbia was in heat and whenever there is a full moon, this causes her to act weird. That drawing of Shinichi was because that was when that heat of hers just activated. However Elbia did hint that she won’t just jump onto any man whenever she’s in heat. Oh Myusel, looks like you’ve got some competition around the house. When Shinichi compliments her great animal ears and tail, she glomps all over him. Be careful. Myusel might become yandere… Next day in school, the otaku argument among the student argues… They’ll pass with flying colours. Definitely.

Episode 6
The class war continues… Shinichi and Minori see Petralka and tell her about the future of the school. It might have 25 students only now but in the future that amount may swell to about 500 and thus the need for extra help. He wants Myusel to become a teacher. Petralka isn’t pleased because this means the duo get to be together the entire day. This means he needs somebody else to take over the maid job. Hire another maid? Petralka rejects it thinking he wants another big breast maid. When new otaku goods arrive, Minori is happy that her golden ball from some favourite anime of her arrives. But Elbia steals and plays with it. This makes Minori angry and she’s going to shoot her down! Armed and dangerous! With Myusel’s magic, they manage to get it back, although the ball is now messed up. After hearing Elbia’s reasoning that anything that looks like the moon will awaken her instincts, Minori gives the ball to her. This causes Shinichi to have an idea. So he requests for a friendly football match between dwarves and elves. Shinichi’s intention is of course to bridge the racial divide and you know like in sports themed animes, the enemy becomes your friend, right? If he only knew about reality. So with the announcement of the friendly match and the winner gets a prize, both sides get motivate to learn football. From reading mangas to watching animes and even super powered practice. On match day, the dwarves take an early lead thanks to their immense strength. Yeah. Just right at the start of the whistle’s blow, they already scored the goal. The elves never see it coming, huh? Their super strength means they pound the land, leaving craters and their opponents eating dust. They lead 50-0. And it’s only the first half. Minori is not happy because she supports the elves side as they look very much like the characters from her favourite football anime. It is suggested the elves can use magic to spice things up.

During the break, the gang eats Myusel’s handmade bento. As there is a rice on Petralka’s cheek, she knows about this moe custom of a guy taking the rice off. He does so and goes into ecstasy. There is one on his cheek so Petralka does the same. Ultimate ecstasy. But she missed one so Galius picks it. Galius blushes. All the ecstasy just went down the drain… The second half continues and this time the elves fight back with their super magic. It’s their turn to pound the land and make craters. In the end, it becomes a total warzone because everything is thrown and flung at each other. Except the ball. The only thing untouched.  Matoba hopes Shinichi have learnt his lesson in reality. Sports can also be a tool to incite nationalist pride. Both sides are taken out, the land is decimated and I don’t know who is keeping the score anymore. It must be off the charts. Elbia takes the ball and plays by herself. At the same time, Petralka who has been itching to get into the game has changed and steals the ball from her. Oh no. Another war is going to start. With a little help from Myusel’s magic, Petralka pulls of some air spinning goal. Then she goes to high five and celebrates with Myusel. Everyone sees this and is in shock. Matoba explains that half-elves are mostly targeted in discrimination and seeing her mixing around with the supreme ruler who is supposed to be the top of the hierarchy isn’t a good thing. However Shinichi thinks it is. Because they set aside all those complicated stuffs and what he sees is something beautiful. He believes everyone will too. With that, the game ends in a draw. Although both sides are awarded handheld console each, their rivalry continues into the game… Things never change.

Episode 7
Shinichi is upset that Matoba somehow screws up and brings him the wrong otaku stuffs. Instead of his favourite Rental Madoka anime, he brought back the adult version of it. This is a big deal because his students can’t wait to get their hands on more ‘schoolwork’! I understand the otaku rage if they don’t get their fix… He requests to go back to Japan and get them himself. Because the location of the hole is top secret, he doesn’t mind getting drugged. The next time he opens his eyes, he is back in his room. Ah, familiar territory. Thank goodness for internet. As he is unpacking, he wonders the extra bag and when he opens up, Myusel! OMG! She can fit it! Elf trafficking? She was afraid he will never come back so she secretly hid in the bag. Of course Minori gets to know of this but Matoba doesn’t want to raise any alarms yet since there will be surveillance on them back in Japan. Meanwhile Petralka is stamping tons of documents. The pile up was thanks to her being out of action from football muscle ache. As motivation to finish it all, she will get to see Shinichi. Full steam ahead! If she only knew where he is now. Galius is not worried because the amount of work she has, Shinichi will be back by then. Myusel becomes like a fish out of water, marvelling at Japan’s technology and modern conveniences we take for granted. Even if the train ride was such an emotional and fulfilling experience. Wait till she sees Akihabara. Shinichi shows her around and lets her experience the things that are done here.

Of course there is the maid cafe that is a must-patron. Myusel could sure learn some useful maid serving tips here. But the other maids think Myusel is really a pro, the way she acts and serves Shinichi he master. When they head back, it only dawned to Shinichi that he will be spending the night with her. Alone. His mind starts to go wild just at the thought of bathing and sleeping. Since Myusel has no extra clothes, Shinichi rushes out to the convenience store to buy a pair of panties as she takes a bath. I’m not sure what Shinichi’s intention was when he barged back in making some joke. Maybe he decided to get naughty with her? By that time, she’s already sound asleep. He even had the thought of violating her when she’s asleep but loses all motivation when he hears her sleep talking. That is all. Goodnight. Meanwhile happy Petralka is just seconds away from finishing her mammoth task! Did Galius underestimate her? Better call Shinichi now! Zakhar has a plan… The old fart dresses up as Shinichi!!! Petralka not amused. Especially when she finds out his whereabouts. But instead of punishing them, she leaves depressed. Hmm… She’s taking this pretty well. Next morning, Shinichi wakes up back in Eldant kingdom. Then he remembers. It was so fun yesterday that he forgot to bring back what he wanted! And he gets lecture from Matoba about the resources, men and tax payers’ money involved. But if it’s a consolation, at least Myusel is putting her maid cafe lessons to good use.

Episode 8
Petralka is depressed enough not to be interested in doing her job. So one day she runs away from her room and a big search is called. Though, Galius knows she can’t go that far. Eventually Shinichi finds her sleeping in a storeroom crate. He hears her sleep talking about her parents. Shinichi wonders if she can be given a break just for today but Galius mentions there are always new work every day. It will pile up. Next day, another problem. Now she shuts herself in and laced it with magic barrier that no Eldant locals can enter. Shinichi recognizes the symptoms. Petralka has become a shut-in. Because Minori paints him as a top class expert shut-in, looks like Shinichi has to handle this by himself. Galius explains to him that because of the adults’ incapability, Petralka is burdened. After the previous ruler passed away, she was next in line for the throne while Galius as her cousin became her advisor. Normally her parents would have been next in line but they were murdered. Killed by Galius’ parents. They poisoned each other eventually. Since Petralka knows this, the reason she works hard so as not to make the same thing repeat itself. Shinichi will do all he can but he doesn’t want anybody to interfere. And so Shinichi’s smooth talk (or perhaps she’s just a simpleton and really wants to see him), he is let in. Seems she is really trying to live a life of a shut-in. She is going to read her manga, watch anime, play games, sleep and not do any work. However Shinichi lectures her on what it takes to be a true shut-in. And so she occupies a very small portion of the corner of her room. Everything must be in reach. Eat only junk food. Heck, there is even an oath for shut-ins! Blame society, not yourself! She’s amazed. He becomes her partner in crime. Great. Just what we need. Two shut-ins.

However Petralka still feels the need to take a bath so dead in the night, they sneak out. How do they get past the guards? Shinichi drops an adult manga. They go crazy over it! Nice diversion. In the bath (Shinichi wonders if he should peep so as not to be labelled as a pervert who just loves big boobs), Petralka wonders if he is going to talk her out of it. He says that he too was once in her position and understands. As they head back, they hear the guards worried about their highness and if she is doing fine. Back in the little corner, Petralka learns from Shinichi how he once became a shut-in. After being rejected, he became scared in seeing his classmates’ face and eventually his parents. So he shut himself in and became one before he knew it. As days pass, the door becomes heavier and to a point he cannot open it himself. Probably this guilt talk must have made Petralka feeling guilty. She realizes she ran away from her duties and caused lots of trouble. And when things don’t go her way, she takes it out on others. She feels she is a bad supreme ruler. Shinichi doesn’t understand all that but what he thinks is that Petralka should be herself. Next morning, Petralka gets the strength to open her door. Galius and Zakhar are waiting outside and Petralka returns to her duties. Meanwhile back in Shinichi’s manor, everyone is going to die of starvation. Because when Myusel heard Shinichi will not be coming home and staying at the palace, it’s like she become broken. Cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking… The pot is already black… Why don’t they just get food somewhere else instead of wishing for Shinichi to come back?

Episode 9
Myusel is doing her teaching job well on her first day. Because as a working staff, they are entitled to day offs so Matoba hopes they can use them up. Galius suggests the lakes near one of their vacation homes. This is also as thanks for helping Petralka out the other day. And so Shinichi revels that he was born for this days. Yeah. The obligated beach and swimsuit episode has finally arrived. If he could only talk to Minori looking straight in her eyes instead of her boobs… Although Petralka is still doing her work, Zakhar says that he has scheduled for some time off for her at her vacation home. In the mean time, a group of brilliant minds are being gathered to discuss… Petralka’s swimsuit?! Wise sages now looking perverted old men looking at swimsuit catalogues… And one of them persistently insists on the classic school swimsuit. Oh yeah. This must be a very tough decision to call. While Shinichi and the girls frolic in the sand and water, suddenly come running for help to them is one of their students, Roic. He is panicking that his fellow classmate, Romilda is going to get killed. When they heard the teachers were on vacation, they thought of going to check them out. Along the way, they saw something suspicious in the bush. Romilda when to investigate but got zapped by some sort of lightning. Minori vows to protect everyone and rescue Romilda. That’s her job. The description Roic gave and Elbia drew seems to show that the unknown enemy are bushy monsters.

With Elbia’s keen sense of smell, she manages to ambush them and lure them into a magic trap set by the elves. Of course when they try to escape, Myusel goes after them but is taken hostage. Shinichi fearing that she might lose her life like the last time, runs in like a (pathetic) hero just to save her. However Minori’s warning gunshot stops everybody. She forces the monsters to take off their bushy disguise and to everyone’s surprise, they are men from SDF. While Minori questions them, there is a touching scene going on between Shinichi and Myusel. She is very touched of his gesture to save him. Suddenly her top comes undone. Like in such cliché anime scenes, Shinichi gets pounded by her magic in her embarrassment. She just beat up her master, didn’t she? Romilda is fine and just sleeping. The lightning was their stun gun. Minori feels suspicious that the SDF’s answer was to guard them. But why run when they were found out? Surprised and confused? Then she sees their camera. It contains pictures of the ladies. Minori blows her top upon knowing they’re just being peeping toms. Then they get a taste of what pain is like. This is going to hurt a lot. Meanwhile Petralka has finished her work and wants her swimsuit now. Yeah, the council hasn’t even decided yet but the chairman says to leave it to him. So he presents the school swimsuit to Petralka and blames it on the rest! Blame these degenerates for insisting it but he was against it. Surprisingly Petralka loves it and the chairman quickly changes his mind that it was all his idea. Yeah. Such a great mind this guy has. And I don’t care if his name was Estaban or how he became the chairman for life.

Episode 10
Minori in a maid outfit? Actually Myusel accidentally washed all her clothes and spilled some suspicious liquid over the one she is wearing. So she is borrowing it for the time being. Her bust is so big that the buttons burst out into Shinichi’s eyes! Then his hands had to grope her boobs. And Matoba just came in. But there is a more pressing matter at hand. The recorded football match has somewhat being leaked and found its way to a file sharing site. If this world is found out, the project might be shelved. Shinichi suggests saying the video is part of a larger fantasy video. That’s right. They should start ‘making’ the video or a fake documentary. Minori is excited and wants to be the director. Petralka becomes the heroine in this Rental Magica rip-off. Shinichi personally came to request her to play the role since it will be the first Eldant movie so the lead role has to be someone well known of. Who else than the supreme ruler? This guy sure got a way with words. Minori even tries to get a real dragon for the film. But because she blatantly disregards the advice not to use aerosols (as dragons are sensitive to any smell), the dragon blows them away with its fire breathe. Looks like they’ll have to make do with a mechanical one. We are distracted for a little while when Shinichi enters the tent only to be sees Elbia, Myusel and Petralka semi-naked. Elbia and Petralka are not embarrassed a single bit while Myusel, embarrassed at first eventually turns into a weirdo and drops everything just to comply if this is what her master wants. I thought Shinichi would love it…

Minori checks on Roic and Romilda doing the editing and despite making everything look like Rental Magica, it is part of the plan to cause an outrage (because every other damn copyright infringement is in it) for the ‘project’ to be shelved. During filming of the final scene, the mechanical dragon is supposed to come into the scene but a real one attacks. Thanks to Minori once more blatantly using her aerosol… It destroys the set. That’s when SDF steps in and fires all its RPGs, artillery and whatever bullets they have at it to chase it away. The Eldant counterparts are in surprise that a huge beast was driven away like that. I guess Petralka is the only one who is having fun and thinks everything was special effects. Before they wrap up, Petralka pecks Shinichi on his cheek as thanks. Woah! What gives? You mean there is no other special meaning to it? On the day of the big screening, Petralka is excited to see her debut like everyone else. Things go downhill when she realizes she fumbles in her lines but in a cute way. I guess this is why it was left unedited… But Petralka becomes so embarrassed that she screams for this movie to be stopped, sealed, burnt and erased from history! And so the screening met its premature end. Although it made its way to Japan, rumours spread that it was a rip-off and it was shelved, thus ending the rumours or whatever speculation there was about the other world.

Episode 11
Matoba praises Shinichi for a fine job in spreading the otaku culture. Keep up the good work. Of course he feels good. The government praising an otaku. Rare, no? Although materials from Japan are somewhat arriving lesser and lesser, Shinichi notices a handful of things. One of his students, Edward who has been translating mangas to the local language has been writing his own high quality light novels. Even Elbia’s art has become more manga-like, which is a good thing. Then in class, students fight over manga to read since there are not enough materials. Even outside school, there are some arguing to get to work but the lazy ones want to finish reading their manga. Subsequently, Edward becomes like a zombie trying to translate as much as he can. Those bags under his eyes… Shinichi complains to Matoba about this and hopes he could speed up the materials. However Matoba notes the plan is going well. Have you guessed it? The locals are so addicted to otaku culture. They can’t live without it. It’s part of their daily life. This is what they’ve been aiming for. They were trying to invade this world. Because they cannot use military might or economics, they invaded via culture. Therefore Shinichi is an invader (those similar words of Alessio ring in his head). As many of the commoners of Eldant are illiterate, it would be more feasible to have them learn Japanese and make them read only Japanese works, shifting their values in the process. Once that is done, all the government needs to do is limit the materials. Yes. Otaku culture is a very efficient invasion weapon. Thanks to that, it has become an accepted part of life. However he warns Shinichi that he missed the important point. As this is a national secret, those who opposed will be disposed of. Come to think of it, why do you think a useless person like him got involved in a big secret project? That’s because he will be easy to dispose of if things go awry. Who’d really know and care for a shut-in, right? It’s all what they have wanted and what they get. Later, Minori further explains the government’s plan to invade due to rare metals and resources. Cultural invasion was used since this world’s entertainment is under developed. The effect was swift and infectious. Like an outbreak. Shinichi still reeling from being used wonders what happens if he wants to quit. She warns he knows better that even in mangas, those who quit well know that they will never truly be let go of.

During tea with Petralka, she is praising the goodness of the otaku culture as it has lifted her people’s moods, increases one’s insight, etc… But Shinichi cannot stand all that praising anymore and slams the table. So he becomes a shut-in once more, with a heavy guilt conscience refusing to go out and spread the otaku culture. Matoba reminds him that his higher ups want results and to continue spreading the otaku culture like he always does. Or else they’ll find a replacement. That night, Shinichi sees Myusel making plates of food for him as encouragement. He asks her if he should be in this country as he feels like an invader. Myusel doesn’t understand all that. What she knows is that he is a kind person. Whatever he does, he will still be her master. Ever since he came, she learnt to read, write, enjoy manga and anime, talk with the supreme ruler and even play football with her. Then in tears she pleads to him not to leave them and wants him to stay by their side. Shinichi thanks her for opening his eyes. It was the much needed speech he needed. So the next day he goes to see Petralka and suggests a way to spread the otaku culture even further. Eldant should make their own products! If they do so, they don’t have to rely on Japan anymore and can enjoy it as much as they want. He shows proof of Edward and Elbia’s high quality light novel and art respectively. Matoba warns him not to step out of line but he disagrees. He didn’t do anything. All he did was gave them an idea and it’s up to Eldant to decide. Petralka likes it a lot and approves! The entire hall applauses! But it’s not so good for Matoba. Because when this dude opens his squint eyes… He looks scary!

Episode 12
A couple of stealth SDF guys enter Shinichi’s manor and try to take him out. However they were ambushed by maids who are also elite guards of Petralka. The gang has expected that the Japanese government would try and attempt to take Shinichi’s life. So Matoba is made to explain but like the politician he is, he claims there are radicals within the group and investigation is being carried out so that this will never happen again. Blah, blah, blah. Of course everyone knows this isn’t over by the long shot. They know Shinichi is still a threat but will not try anything so bold next time because Petralka will sever ties. And so many peaceful days followed. Those elite maids follow wherever Shinichi goes. Even to bed. I wonder how he can sleep with all of them standing and watching him. No privacy. So peaceful that eventually they left. Then one day, a sudden attack leaves a huge hole in the castle’s wall. The flag of Bahailm is seen among the ruins. The school is also attacked but Shinichi makes a dash there to save a very rare anime magazine that is already out of print. Minori is about to enter Matoba’s quarters when he hears him communicating with the higher ups in some nefarious plan. When Shinichi reaches the school’s library, he is relieved that the rare magazine is still fine although the entire place is starting to burn up. However a couple of SDF guys were waiting for him and knock him out with the chloroform. Then they lay him on the ground to let him die. Shinichi’s servants have been chasing him. Bluk breaks the school wall for Myusel and Elbia to enter. Lizard dude has to wait outside since his skin is sensitive to fire. Elbia uses her animal instincts to fight the SDF guys retaliating with guns and taser. She might have been done in if not for Minori arriving in time to help out. Myusel reaches Shinichi and tries to wake him up. A cupboard is about to fall on them but she uses her magic to hold it back up. As usual, she’s being tearful about wanting to be with him everywhere. That includes heaven. Her magic is depleting and before they can succumb to the flames, Elbia and Minori dash in to save them. Elbia uses her new move she learnt from the manga to make a big hole in the wall. Everyone jumps and Bluk catches them from below. Shinichi wakes up outside. The school is burnt to the crisp. There goes his precious magazine. But he can’t be worried about that now. Because Matoba mentions they are truly finished this time. If Eldant learns of this, they will surely cut off all ties. Shinichi isn’t about to give up yet and wants to speak to his superior.

In Matoba’s quarters equipped with full internet and video camera, Shinichi begins his tele-conferencing with the superior who has expedited his immediate and ‘peaceful’ return to Japan for rehabilitation. Of course Shinichi knows it is a trap because along the way, there will be an ‘accident’. The superior threatens that he can eliminate him anytime and warns not to overstep his bounds. Shinichi smiles. Because he had a transmitter transmitting every word he said back to the princess. He doesn’t believe at first because she is fluent in Japanese but Matoba notes he ‘forgot’ to put it in his report that Petralka is indeed fluent in their language. Then the real princess shows up and the superior changes his tune with his shaky greeting and trying to kiss up to her. Now that she is in the driver’s seat, she warns that if any of such atrocity happens again, she’ll kick them out of her kingdom on the spot. The superior praises Shinichi for his marvellous work and changes his mind not to bring him back to Japan. In the aftermath, the school is being rebuilt. Myusel wonders if Shinichi was ready with Petralka’s plan. Honestly he was scared but eventually he did it because of love. His love for manga and anime. He couldn’t forgive his government for misusing them. Sorry Myusel. He wasn’t talking about you. Disappointed? But there’s still hope because Shinichi is about to confess the most important thing to Myusel when Elbia calls him as the palace summoned him. Disappointed? He sees Matoba who has just returned from Japan to report what happened. Their decision is that they view Shinichi’s actions still have a large profit potential for Japan so for the moment he is safe going about in his business. But there is no telling when the war-minded Prime Minister may change his mind. Though Shinichi can refuse, but then his budget will disappear and he may not be able to bring in his otaku stocks. Call it the basic political stunt of tightening the budget. As for why Matoba didn’t report Petralka’s Japanese proficiency, Shinichi observed that he needed something to protect himself rather than going down with the ship. Having an audience with Petralka, Shinichi thinks that her casual talk with him is to show how close they are and serves as a warning to Matoba that if he tries anything funny, she’ll be really mad. So Shinichi plays along and talks friendly with her. She gets embarrassed when he calls her first name. Maybe Shinichi was thinking too much. Once the school is rebuilt, his students return and he continues his teaching. All hail Japan’s anime and manga!

Otaku Outbreak!
Hmm… I can’t help feel the ending was somewhat a little rushed. As expectedly, it ended all good and well for our protagonists so there is nothing to complain about. Imagine had ties been really cut off, it would mean a loss to everybody. The Japanese government would get to continue with their ‘invasion’ because they’ll be kicked out entirely although I am very sure that they are still interested in invading but for the time being just need to lay low. Very low. Everyone in Eldant has gotten so close with Shinichi that it would be a big devastation if he is to be thrown back to Japan never to return. Couldn’t they just make him an exception, grant him asylum and stay here? Ah, maybe this world doesn’t know of such complicated political manoeuvres. So you see, if ties were really severed, all sides lose so now that Petralka has issued her warning, no funny business for the time being. And it’s amazing that the government who has always been perceived as using underhanded dirty political tactics to get what they want, have compromised so much and bent over just for this single otaku kid who is probably not known to no more than the number of fingers on your hands. So they’re really thinking ahead of the future that there are profits and gains to be made in long term relationships. Also, it seems Eldant isn’t ready in making their own otaku products, a reason why Shinichi is staying and relying on limited good brought in. Maybe Eldant just prefers to enjoy them.

Many of the episodes mostly feel like fillers since it is mainly about Shinichi trying to spread the otaku culture the way he knows best and those around him. Threats like the Baydona group and the Japanese government’s trying to rid Shinichi in response to his act of defiance didn’t really feel threatening at all due to the nature of the series. I thought the local terrorist group will return again but I suppose that was not meant to be since I figure that the otaku culture has been widely accepted so there is no reason for them to fight back. Wouldn’t there be a very small and handful of people against it? My guess is not likely since this is another world we’re talking about. If dwarves and elves can be smitten by this culture, what are the chances for humans?

However the character development also isn’t really much or not fleshed out properly. The only thing that really developed was their love for the otaku culture. You can feel that there is a bond formed between Shinichi and Myusel but as things played out, the final impact wasn’t there. Mainly because I think their past is not very well explored or mentioned. Like for instance, Elbia was taken into part of Shinichi’s household but she feels more like a ‘family pet’ and nothing much about her background if she is truly a Bahailm spy or just a wandering artist. Even that episode focusing on her (if I could call it that) felt like a filler. I’m sure Bluk the lizard guy has his own past too but he’s just hanging around… Petralka’s past was mentioned too but the way she acts about shows that she has gotten over it or just that there are too many important things to do than to dwell on the past. So it’s like we don’t need to worry if she snaps from stress or her trauma (if there is ever one) resurfacing. I mean, their parents killed each other. Surely that would hit hard especially when you’re a kid. For some like Elbia and Edward, they have the skills for what it takes to be a manga artist or light novelist. However their future about isn’t really clear so we don’t know where they are heading. Thus considering these little factors, the character development seems a lot under-developed and much to be desired.

The main characters may be typical but their unique and sometimes quirky personalities make them memorable. So we can say that Shinichi despite being an otaku still cares a lot for others. In a way he isn’t the extreme kind since he is willing to impart his otaku knowledge to others who are willing to learn. I just wonder how far his otaku lessons will take because I’m sure a guy of his calibre knows about some hentai stuffs. Too high level? Well, the way I see it, the things he teaches are already high level. Heck, everything otaku is high level! I am predicting that one day, one of his students will ask, “Sensei, when can we start learning about hentai?”. Shinichi: “Oh my God, where did you learn such a thing?!”. Student: “From manga and anime”. Duh… Myusel who was once a fearful maid has opened up a lot and found new solace in this otaku culture and especially Shinichi himself. Then there’s Petralka who could be easily passed off as a bratty loli but after that incident in which Myusel protected her with her life, she doesn’t discriminate her anymore. It’s like they’ve become best friends but short of spending lots of time together. Minori’s fujoshi’s fetish makes her stand out the most, otherwise she would have been another bland character. Just like everybody else that hangs around Shinichi, they somewhat become fond on him.

The romance and harem may not be even to close to the basic stuff and it’s like the females that gather around him are supposedly what a typical stereotype harem should have. Look what he has now. The maid, the bratty princess, the beast girl and the military lady. They even fit into the other range such as bespectacled and they’ve got bust size ranging from A to F. So what else is missing from his list? I’m sure you can think of many. Because this is the medieval setting, sorry for those who think miko priestess should be on the list. The romance development highly hints at Shinichi x Myusel. Initially I thought it was going to be Myusel vs Petralka all the way when the princess got the ball rolling with her bratty attitude to try and keep Shinichi for herself. Then after the life threatening incident, she doesn’t bother too much about it anymore. Myusel on the other hand, her feelings keep growing to the point if Shinichi is found involved in suspicious activities with another women, she might just snap and become yandere! In a worst case scenario, hell even Galius may harbour some feelings for Shinichi! Now that’s a wide range of harem he’s got there. See how otaku has changed this dude? Thanks Minori, for turning this guy into some BL stuff. I was hoping somewhere Shinichi would bump into his childhood friend and make the harem more interesting… Guess not.

The government is once again painted as the bad guy. I guess in the view of many ordinary people, people at the top holding so much power are usually corrupted and filled with lies. I guess it is only human nature that we would love taking advantage of the weak and those we think are less civilized. It makes me wonder if this anime is an indirect hit out to their own government since you know, they aren’t very well receptive of this otaku thing. Yeah. Maybe. But who cares anyway. Everybody in the government here has their own agenda. Even if Matoba feels like a double agent, he wouldn’t be a wise politician if he has not have a backup plan to save his own ass when things go awry. I’m not sure if Matoba like Minori has come to like Shinichi after being with him for so long. He may be just saying it because of his position or his ulterior motive. There is a tone of suspicion when he says or assures things. It’s like the way he says it, it’s so fake and can’t be trusted. But then again, if he really wanted Shinichi to take the fall, he wouldn’t have even given him a chance to speak to his superior and come up with even the lamest excuse. In the end if you think about it, it’s probably just to cover his own ass.

Using otaku culture as a concept for invasion sounds quite interesting because you change the mind set of the people. Though, this is hardly anything new because in history, we have conquerors in the past trying to use such concepts (others and not otaku, mind you) in their bid to invade and gain control. Like how the west once had this White Man’s Burden trying to spread Christianity to the native locals of the Americas. Then there was this Opium War in China whereby the British used drugs to weaken the locals and make them addicted so they couldn’t fight back. It is great that the people of Eldant now have something new that they can be passionate about. However like everything in life, too much of something is always bad. The otaku culture indeed has entertaining values but when things are taken to the extreme, it becomes detrimental. Instead of becoming a medicine that brings pleasure to the soul, it becomes an addictive drug.

Subtly, I think this anime was trying to highlight the mistreatment of several classes by superior ones. It’s the same anywhere in the universe. As long as there are differences between races and ethnic tribes, there is bound to be discrimination. Just like how we know the general perception of otakus, right? But that will all be changing soon… I hope. However along the way, suddenly you realize that there is no much such issue in Eldant anymore! When you think back about it, it’s like as though it has become a distant memory. Was the spread of the otaku culture so good that everyone really put aside their differences and work for the better? There were a handful of scenes that may suggest some idiot who doesn’t want the different races to get friendly altogether to cook up some sort of rebellion. Like that football match, the friendliness between Petralka and Myusel had everything watching in awe. That kind of scene makes cynics like me think too far ahead that some will not accept such unison between different races. But then, nothing happened. Like as though everyone was just watching in awe and accepted it. Well it is good that such problems are done away with but of course this will give rise to otaku problems. You’d want to spend more of your time on otaku stuffs instead of doing real work. I know there is a time and place for everything but tell that to an otaku. Every time is otaku time! I know. I understand what it’s like. Because am like that too ;p.

The funny bits are thanks to the otaku part and seeing Shinichi making his otaku references or how the people of Eldant react to their newfound entertainment. Shinichi seems to have a wide range of fetishes like for instance he doesn’t mind if it’s small or big boobs, as long as there is a pair, he’s happy to get excited. Like they say, variety is the spice of life. Since he’s a straight guy, anything yaoi or gay would just turn him off. Oddly enough, there is a lack of fanservice and if not, there isn’t any. The swimsuit episode is nothing to shout about. Speaking about the art and drawing department, it seems pretty okay and decent. Typical conventional Japanese anime with lots of cute and moe girls especially if you like elven maid girls and the supreme ruler herself looks like a cute loli. The medieval setting makes the fantasy setting looks good and if Shinichi would have his way and make another movie, he could have made a rip-off anime version of The Lord Of The Rings. On a side note, because the dwarf race does not grow and age properly like other races, it will be odd at first to see moustachioed and beardy stubby dwarf males in Shinichi’s class. That’s why there is always the screen indicator to tell us that those old looking dwarves are only 10 years old! Yeah. They may have come out of the womb with full facial hair. On the other hand, dwarf females remain looking like a loli for the rest of their life. So you can say they are the ultimate embodiment for those with loli complex. Legal loli? If there is ever such ruling in Eldant.

Of course when an anime is filled with otaku themes, you cannot lose the opportunity of putting in lots of parodies and spoofs into it. There are tons of them for you to spot especially if you’re an otaku. Surprisingly I can spot lots of them! Does this mean I am already an expert? However obviously the names of those animes, mangas and games are changed to avoid copyright infringement and lawsuits but they ‘rhyme’ or spelt closely enough to know that they are that particular anime. Reading just want to make you laugh after you’ve spot them. Like Attack On Iron Giant. Or how about S.C. (San Japo) II? Couldn’t resist cracking up on that one. Then there are those which I feel are exact copies of certain anime posters or characters but they just changed the tone and colour of it. Like as though someone just simply filled in the colours without giving much thought how odd it will look like if you compare it to the original. For example, Saber’s hair has been turned purple… Was Hatsune Miku’s hair red in colour? Odd, right? And that poster of Hataraku Maou-sama, everybody is spotting different hair and uniform colour.

The mid-intermission is an interesting and amusing section. It shows a particular character’s favourite anime and their favourite character. Of course they are parodies of real anime and I believe that the characters are too. So you know about Pencil Shin-chan? No crayon… Just pencil… Inazuma Twelve? What team game requires 12 people? I guess with each episode showcasing 2 characters on this, I figure there aren’t enough main or supporting characters so in one episode they even show the favourite anime and character of an SDF guy and an Eldant soldier! Are they referring this to just a particular person or the entire troop in particular? If the latter is true, then it feels like the entire troop is like clones, no? Then there is one on Bluk’s wife too which we never see her appearing at all in this anime but only mentioned by name. Some like Shinichi, Myusel, Petralka and Minori have the honour of having appearing twice. Though I noticed some of them their favourite anime and character changed. Well, I supposed it is okay to have more than one favourite. They didn’t say it was the most favourite anyway.

Another amusing segment is the next episode preview. Each time it starts off with Bluk trying to start playing his video game. It showcases the typical myth that gamers of yesteryears used to do with their cartridges when their game is not loading. Well, you have to be this old (like I am) to remember what video game cartridges look like. Anyway the big ol’ myth is that when your game isn’t working after inserting it in the console, you usually have to blow into them to blow away the dust or whatever. This is what Bluk does (the name on the video game is the next episode’s title). But of course that is never true and it only worsens the situation as your breathe contains saliva and whatever germs that would spoil to circuit board. Instead of the video game on screen, we get a glimpse of the next episode preview, which itself is pretty amusing to hear since the characters sometimes break the fourth wall or just talk nonsense. Like how the penultimate episode, our characters want to fight fate and make viewers enjoy this anime so much that they want to see this anime again (possibly of making more future episodes) and thus a reason they can see each other again.

In the voice acting department, all of the seiyuus are unknowns with the exception of Keiji Fujiwara as Matoba (Sven in Black Cat) and Shinichiro Miki as Galius (Urahara in Bleach). They are Natsuki Hanae as Shinichi (Wien in Tari Tari), Suzuko Mimori as Myusel (Sherlock in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Mai Fuchigami as Petralka (Miho in Girls Und Panzer), Maaya Uchida as Minori (Rei in Vividred Operation), Sumire Uesaka as Elbia (Sumire in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Kazuya Ichijou as Zakhar (Hot Eye in Fairy Tail), Kouji Takahashi as Roic (Souichirou in Onee-chan Ga Kita), Mariko Honda as Romilda (Kurimu in Seitokai No Ichizon) and Rikako Yamaguchi as Edward (Charles in Freezing Vibration). The opening theme is Yuniba Page by Suzuko Mimori while the ending song is Watashi No Housekibako by Mai Fuchigami. But the most amusing piece of music has got to be this background music. If you can call it that. During a few comical scenes, you can hear this song or rather somebody humming this: “Da, da da da da. Da da da da~”. It enhances the comedy effect that it makes you want to laugh upon hearing this. And it probably makes you want to ‘sing’ along too.

Yes, I would definitely love to take up this job. I’d love to have my own maid(s). However my otaku level is not so (frighteningly) high so I guess I don’t even qualify. For now it’s just me enjoying the anime stuffs that I can get. They should make more otaku shows like this one because overall, Outbreak Company was quite enjoyable although it may not be to those who are not otaku inclined. It might not be perfect but most (if not all) otakus are not perfect. I need more animes! More animes now! Looks like I’ve fallen into this never-ending spiral and can never get out. Do I sound like I’m complaining? People can think whatever they want of me as an otaku but that’s their business. So please let me do mine. Otaku culture isn’t a disease. It’s a way of life!

Genshiken Nidaime

April 20, 2014

Well, I didn’t expect they came out with another season of the previous season aired way back in 2007. I guess somehow the summer of 2013 had quite a number of anime sequels, making me think that it is the season of anime sequels. Rozen Maiden, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, High School DxD and Tamayura just to name a few. But Genshiken Nidaime is not to be confused with the second season of the Genshiken series. This is in fact the fourth instalment. Well, if you count the OVAs as another season. Nidaime may be a confusing word to some because it means second generation. Some may take it as a second season but it’s really not. Second generation I feel is quite suitable but yet not as accurate for this season because no doubt there are new members to the Genshiken club, the old ones still make their presence felt as they do return to their university club from time to time. All of them. So it’s like they’ve never left the club in the first place. And when you think of a second generation, you would think entirely new set of casts and the old ones just rolled over somewhere. But still, it is still worth the watch if you’re an otaku and a fan of the series.

Episode 1
Ogiue is worried on how to recruit additional members to Genshiken seeing Oono and Kuchiki are the only ones left. Suddenly here comes crazy foreigner and transfer student, Suzy to the fore! There you go, she’s back and joining the club. But they need to do more than that. Despite dressing up in cosplay outfit, Ogiue is going to do what she does best. She starts drawing on the white board and this attracts everyone’s attention. In the end only 2 members joined. BL enthusiast, Rika Yoshitake and I-thought-this-frumpy-woman-looks-like-a-guy, Mirei Yajima join the bandwagon. Oh, there is a third one, the beautiful Kenjirou Hato. Yoshitake seems like trying to turn this into a BL discussion by handing out her favourite BL works. Ogiue is worried Genshiken will turn into a BL circle at this rate. Cheeky Kuchiki is admiring Hato’s hair and tugs it… It nearly comes off! A wig?! Wait a minute… Hato is a cross-dresser???!!! A guy who loves BL???!!! Why do weird people end up in this club? Oono becomes interested in Hato because she wants to put on some cosplay costumes on him… Or her… Whichever. Later Suzy goes to Madarame’s house just to make him answer a call to meet with the rest. Along with some of the other ex-members of Genshiken, they try to pinpoint which of the 3 new members is a boy. Can’t really tell, huh? The rest can’t either. But when Saki comes in, she immediately could pinpoint Hato as the cross-dresser!

Back in the clubroom, Oono wants Ogiue to ensure that the newbies stay because this club has a history of members joining and then quitting. Maybe she just wants to cosplay Hato. Besides, Ogiue and Kuchiki were from different circles before they joined Genshiken. The topic shifts to Hato and how he dresses up. Where does he change? On the campus? Kuchiki wants to be the first guy to catch Hato in the act of changing and goes to find him. Of course the girls think it will be a big problem if Hato changes on campus so Ogiue is forced to call him and is relieved he is at home (I don’t know about the president’s job to guard Hato’s chastity). Yajima is the only one bothered by Hato’s cross-dressing. The rest aren’t because they had Kousaka who cross-dressed for cosplay as well as Saki. Ogiue leaves the room and to her dismay, sees Hato coming out from the woman’s toilet! Wasn’t she changing at home? Hato runs away and almost bumps into Kuchiki. Don’t worry. Her auto defence mode kicks in and gives him a judo throw. Hato is reprimanded by the rest for changing in the toilet because the police could have gotten involved (I’m not sure about this rule). Hato doesn’t change at home because it takes a long time to put on everything. She doesn’t want to miss the bus. Why not change here in this room? She doesn’t want them to think of her as a man. Yajima couldn’t understand what the fuss is all about because it would be better for everyone if she comes in as a guy. Till Kuchiki tries to be cool about telling her off something about someone this cute couldn’t possibly be a girl but Ogiue steals his line. How did they solve this problem? They have Hato change at Madarame’s place and have him give the keys to his apartment.

Episode 2
Ogiue suggests making a short pamphlet to introduce the club members. She demonstrates and it looks good. However Yajima mentions she isn’t good at drawing so Yoshitake suggests they hang out at her place to help her draw. Call it some sort of bonding between the newbies but as Yajima fears, Yoshitake didn’t really get down to drawing and wants to talk about some BL pairings. It must be a long night of fun because when Yajima wakes up, she realizes nothing got done. Seeing Hato asleep, it makes her wonder if she is truly a guy. One way to find out, right? Touching her smooth skin and remembering the beauty regime Hato did just for the skin to stay beautiful, the dilemma is continuing to tear Yajima apart. Could be a girl. Or could not. All she needs to do is take a quick look underneath her skirt when Yoshitake catches her in the act! Perverts, aren’t they? Yoshitake wants to join in but when Yajima tries to prevent her, the gust of wind blows up Hato’s skirt. What did she see? Let’s say her worst nightmare is confirmed. Everyone hands in their pamphlet and nobody guessed Hato could draw a very hentai BL illustration…

Ogiue receives a call from her editor that her one-shot manga will be published. However it will run in September and October which means it will clash with their ComiFest event. To help Ogiue with her tight schedule, the newbies go to her home to become her assistants. Kuchiki is appalled that his harem is gone and he can’t go either because Oono is there to make him stay put. Yajima is so bad at drawing that she flops at her first go. And that is even drawing a straight line… At school, Yajima laments Hato is like the perfect person and good at everything. Suddenly a guy comes up to her asking about Hato. Luckily Kumiko Yabusaki from the Manga Research Club drove him away. Yajima and Yoshitake head to Ogiue’s house and are surprised to see Hato in a shorter wig. It gets in the way of the drawing. They tell her how she is popular enough that other people are asking for her. Yajima again brings up the topic of cross-dressing. If she stops, the attention to the guys will also stop. She wants to know why she is so obsessed in cross-dressing. Her school didn’t have a manga club so the closest was the art club. She joined and when she wanted to talk BL with those with same interest, I guess you can tell what happened. Yajima felt guilty for probing her. It’s like as though she was jealous. But still, she tells Hato that she doesn’t need to force herself like this because they won’t bully her. Yoshitake tells Yajima she doesn’t understand. The reason why she is cross-dressing is because she loves it. Every guy wants to be a girl at least once. Hato adds it’s not because she was bullied or viewed it as fun. She was able to see herself and her situation from the outside. It’s somewhat interesting. Like when she got the key to Madarame’s house. That situation could lead to Hato x Madarame, right? When Yajima and Yoshitake leave for the night, they see Oono pulling up a van with Tanaka and Kugayama. She is here with loads of boxes of cosplay outfits. She is ready to cosplay. However she is shunt out because Ogiue is busy working. Thank goodness they haven’t unloaded the boxes yet.

Episode 3
Madarame returns home from work as a salary man in a sewer construction company. His place is nicely cleaned up by Hato but is relieved that his secret stash is still safe. It must be nostalgia’s sake that Madarame sits in Genshiken’s room alone. Till Keiko (Sasahara’s sister) pops in. She works in a cabaret but points out it is not a prostitution ring. There’s a big difference. Keiko is upset that Madarame tries to hide his feelings for Saki. He thought nobody knew? It was obvious. He continues to play dumb so she gets rough with him. Suzy walks in and sees them in an ambiguous position. Before Keiko leaves, she tells him to ask somebody out for real for once. Suzy suggests a way to move forward without giving up on his last love: Find yourself a new love. Isn’t that contradicting? Anyway she hands him lots of BL references… Not into that! Madarame goes home to see Hato just finishing and leaving. He almost goes crazy after thinking about something unholy with Hato. Looks like a woman, sounds like a woman, talks like a woman, but… On another day, Hato dressed as a boy is outside Madarame’s apartment. His female alter-ego is excitedly making some Hato x Madarame comments and to go for it. There’s even suggestion of pretending to be asleep and then surprise Madarame with a yaoi attack or really fall asleep and let Madarame attack him with his yaoi move. But Hato fell asleep for real and when Madarame wakes him up normally, he starts panicking. There goes the plan. Madarame cooks for him and so Hato’s mind goes wild thinking this may turn out to be Madarame x Hato flag instead. Madarame speaks normally to him because at least he is a guy (for now) and it’s tough to talk with the rest being girls. Hato mentions the voice training he did from books and internet to make his voice sound like a girl. He also mentions that he is not that a hardcore of BL because if he really was, he would have fallen in love with him by now. As Madarame continues to talk casually with him, Hato feels he isn’t wary or suspicious at all. Madarame falls asleep so Hato puts him to bed. A chance for a goodnight kiss attack? Doesn’t feel like it tonight. As he leaves, he felt something drop behind the shelves. He picks it up to see a secret stash containing photos of Saki in cosplay outfits.

Episode 4
Oono picks up Angela at the airport. Meanwhile Ogiue and the newbies are making a crazy rush to finish their work just before ComiFest begins. I wonder how many crazy nights they have stayed up together. But suddenly Hato can’t work. Because she spots a beard growing. She can’t work like this. Yajima tells her off just change into her man outfit and get it over. But… She didn’t bring any guy clothes. Yoshitake has an idea. Remember those cosplay outfits she dumped here? There has to be one that is for males, right? However… None there are! All female cosplay outfits for the trap! Disappointed? But she hasn’t given up yet. Yajima’s size is XL, right? Yeah. Yajima is forced to wear the cosplay while Hato wears her over-sized clothes. Yoshitake also ‘cosplays’ by wearing a jersey. Because Yajima realize Hato may have to go home in her clothes, she refuses to lend it to him and forces the trap to wear a female outfit instead. Yoshitake then convinces Suzy and Ogiue to dress up too. But when Yabusaki comes over, she is appalled to see them so and thinks they are not serious in making the deadline and lectures for an hour. After that she helps out and they finish. On the first day of ComiFest, our non-staff Genshiken members wait outside for it to open. Angela molests Hato’s ‘boobs’ just to ascertain he is a boy and gets scolding by Oono. As ComiFest opens, the newbies plan their route to buy the doujins they want. Oono and Angela cosplay for photographers. Yabusaki and Suzy help out in Ogiue’s booth but the president isn’t here herself because she ended up having fever. Thanks to those crazy nights…

Yabusaki is surprised that Ogiue’s doujin is well received and feels guilty like as though they are trying to profit off her. She just wanted to work with her? She sounds like a tsundere. Hato is having trouble going to the toilet. She is made clear that it is only the male toilet for her. There’s a long line… Imagine what the other guys will think when they see a girl waiting in queue. Yabusaki meets Ogiue’s middle school friend, Nakajima. When this b*tch finds out Ogiue is a president of a circle, she mocks Ogiue about trying to kill herself over a guy again. She thought something happened to her because she didn’t turn up in the last ComiFest with her boyfriend. Because back in middle school she used her boyfriend, Makita as the source for her BL doujin. He was so embarrassed that he transferred schools. Suzy is about to blow her top but Yabusaki was just cool to say this job is perfect for Ogiue. Suzy adds that Ogiue and her boyfriend are dating and very happy together. Since there is nothing more to b*tch about, Nakajima leaves. She won’t be back here again and hopes she won’t meet Ogiue. It’s better that way. Well, she’s standing right behind you now… Noticing her fever is running high, Yabusaki orders Suzy to take her away. At the end of the day, Ogiue’s doujin was a sell-out. Ogiue is brought back home as Sasahara takes over from the girls. Suzy gets jealous and hopes this boyfriend will explode. Ogiue lets go her emotions. She held up crying because if Suzy saw her so, she would worry. She made her help out a project that has nothing to do with Genshiken and got too sick to come on the day they sold their first doujin. All Sasahara says is that even if her fever subsides, she still shouldn’t go tomorrow either.

Episode 5
Everyone joins in on the third day of ComiFest. Except for Sasahara who is nursing sick Ogiue. Oono loves today because it is group cosplay. Angela still likes Madarame and tries to flirt with him but Oono puts a stop to her before she gets more daring. Hato feels bad for Madarame so he decides to go as a boy and accompany him, breaking Oono’s heart because this means he can’t be in the group cosplay. She was really looking forward to it… By the way, it’s Madoka Magica theme and Suzy is Kyuubey! Fitting or what? Hato talks to Madarame about the fest and the likes. They also talk about Angela but Madarame thinks she is only fooling around and is here for ComiFest. Hato knows he is lying when Madarame says he has no interest in 3D girls. Pics of Saki behind the shelf… Hato is probably trying to boost his confidence saying he can get along with any girl. Madarame almost interpreted this situation as gay. When they continue their ‘tour’, they see Kousaka cross-dressed. He is working to promote a new eroge. They send a picture of Kousaka to Oono and she is fuming with jealousy and frustration. She can’t go to see him because she can’t leave the cosplay area and he can’t go to see her because he is working. And yeah. The cosplay outfit of Madoka she made for Hato was wasted since she didn’t cosplay. Hato notes Kousaka as Madarame’s rival for Saki. But aren’t Kousaka and Saki dating? He doesn’t think Madarame can win since Kousaka is cute even without makeup. Talking about this to Madarame again, that guy even hints he can’t win. So Hato puts on his wig and transforms back into a girl. This is to prove he is as good as Kousaka when it comes to cross-dressing so don’t say he can’t win against him. When they regroup, Angela of course tries to flirt with Madarame but Hato steps in (translation courtesy from Oono). Angela becomes aggressive telling Hato about rights and future thingy to counter her argument of feelings that develop over time is much stronger than one night stand (as suggested by Angela). I suppose Hato panics. She losses it when she says Madarame is more of the uke type. She goes on pairing Madarame with all the Genshiken guys but the one she finds more fitting is Kousaka x Madarame! Her logic that Madarame doesn’t have time to be dating a girl? Angela is going to get serious and let Madarame’s fingers touch her breast. This time Suzy cuts in. She can’t take it anymore and gives that American a butt kick! And it’s butt kick all the way out! Yankee go to hell! Thumbs up for Hato? Hato apologizes for saying those things but Madarame couldn’t be more grateful for being saved from something much worse than death. Then it hit him. He is uke?! Biggest shock he ever had.

Episode 6
Ogiue learns about Hato calling Madarame an uke. Suzy thinks Ogiue should show Hato about her Sasahara x Madarame doujin to cheer her up. Because outside Genshiken, Hato is always alone and she only has Madarame as the only male friend. So Ogiue shows the newbies that doujin and everyone is impressed how good it is! Yoshitake wants to photocopy them! Somehow the plan backfired because it flipped some weird switch in Hato. Now she will draw what she has always fantasized. Madarame suddenly walks in and everybody scrambles to hide the doujin. Suzy called him to come to settle this but didn’t expect him to come so soon. Yajima apologizes to him because when they first saw him, they really think he is the uke type. She hopes they can ignore what they say and write it off as bad experience. But there’s an unwanted problem brewing. Kuchiki has made his decision. Just for his precious Hato, he is willing to be seme and tries to kiss Madarame! Suzy’s foot was fast enough to kick his face. But that’s not enough to put him down. Now he wants to pull down his pants! Show me your ass! Hato chokes him unconscious while Madarame runs out for his life! Kuchiki then develops some fetish for Hato’s choke. Because she won’t do it to him again, he is going to wait for Madarame to show up and attack him. Then the guy who asked for Hato, Harima comes in to show his friend about her. Yajima feels the need to do something about this because all the other members are not around. Kuchiki is being a useless coward. Suddenly there is this hot guy coming in to tell them off they do not belong here. He is Rihito and Yoshitake’s older brother. He is a shotacon. Do we really need to know that? Yajima can’t look at him because it’s turning on her yaoi switch. Rihito compliments Hato and it seems he doesn’t know about the cross-dressing. Yoshitake could tell about Yajima’s flustering and suggests they all go out for a drink.

On their way out, they are stopped by Mikami from the Circle Leadership Committee. He heard complaints and rumours of a student attending circle meeting who is not a student of this university. The description fits Hato and he hopes she could clear this up. Suddenly Harima doesn’t want Mikami to pry further. He told him he would look into it and leave it to him. He never told them about himself because if he did and tried to hit on Hato, Mikami would get angry. As he is about to get Hato’s statement, here comes Kuchiki the raging bull! Before he could attack Harima, Hato chokes him unconscious. He gets his wish… Before he passes out, he touches Rihito’s chest and he lets out a girly scream… Eh… Could Rihito be… And so it is revealed she is actually Yoshitake’s younger sister, Risa. As a basketball player, she is often mistaken to be a guy. Yoshitake brought her here just to test them if they could tell. Yoshitake also reveals her real age (20 years old) but Yajima doesn’t care for that. But because of her prank, she will have to pay for the drinks. Back home, the newbies and Risa talk and Risa expresses her wish to see Hato as a guy. Initially he is reluctant but Yajima accidentally spills her drink on her. Hato goes to take a bath and Yoshitake takes this chance to peep on her. She is going to ascertain ‘that’. With Risa holding down Yajima (because little sister must obey what big sister says), Yoshitake makes her way to the toilet. Yajima uses her fatty power to go on a rampage. Everyone stumbles into the bathroom and I guess it is the second time Yajima sees it. This time very clearly with her eyes. Since Yoshitake was the only one who didn’t see, she pesters Risa to explain further since she is flustering about it being silky smooth. Yajima makes Risa lose her memories with a big chop to her back. Because Hato never came out of the toilet, they are forced to stop for the day. On a little note, Risa decides to enrol in their university next year.

Episode 7
Sasahara is seen encouraging Ogiue. That’s because her manga really got criticized over the internet. But back to club matters, Ogiue wants to discuss what they’ll be doing for the cultural festival. Obviously for Oono, Kuchiki and Suzy, they want to cosplay. That was quickly shot down and it is suggested they write and sell their own doujin. They call Yabusaki for ideas. Little did they know that she and her friend got kicked out by her club because they helped Genshiken during ComiFest. Even so, she won’t join Genshiken. The question now is what kind of story to write. BL? Well… As long as it’s acceptable to all ages. Ogiue notes the mystery of Hato. It’s not her cross-dressing or love for BL. It is her exceptional art. She was able to switch between drawing styles and may be even better than her. Ogiue hints indirectly she wants to read a manga she writes and this shocks everyone. Ogiue can’t come up with anything to draw after she said that to Hato. Yajima-Yoshitake collaboration ended before it could start due to ‘creative differences’. All that’s left is Hato. She then tells the truth. It seems her art style changes depending on her dress style. As a girl, she can only draw extreme BL scenes. As a boy, let’s say the drawing sucks. While she was Ogiue’s assistant, she only drew backgrounds and that was manageable. So when she’s in girl mode, it’s like some sort of hidden switch got flipped and she becomes possessed and starts drawing the extreme. The discussion ends in a deadlock till Suzy suggests that everyone cooperates.

Ogiue then asks the newbies if they have fallen in love before in high school. That’s because she thought of doing a romance genre as their story. Well, Yajima seems to be acting strange. Could it be she had an experience? She explains she sucked in drawing some anime character but this delinquent guy boasted he could do better and he did. Ever since, he called her ‘Sucky’. By the time he calls her by her real name, that was the last time she talked to him. Everyone thinks this sound like a bully case but Yajima says she thought of it too. However the delinquent took back what he said. As for Yoshitake, her high school days are only filled with getting into arguments and discussions with her fellow BL lovers, so there’s nothing much. Hato is left. However she is blushing. Her face is very red. Yoshitake tries to be aggressive in trying to make her spill out the kind of romance she was involved. Yajima tried to help Hato get out of her sticky predicament but backfired. Hato really doesn’t want to talk or remember about it but Yoshitake remains persistent. She guesses Hato must be popular with guys and girls due to her style. But what about Yoshitake? Isn’t she stylish too? She notes that make-up isn’t to attract guys but to keep other girls in place! Hato is out of options when Kuchiki comes in. He is determined to do some trap cosplay with Hato. Symphogear theme? However Oono denies him that. The guys are not going to cross-dress and cosplay. It would be against Hato’s best interest to keep his identity hidden. So just no. Then they ask him about his high school romance. He easily answers yes. Apparently some unknown girl came out to him to confess and ask him out. While he was doing some topless dance at the bonfire… Don’t ask. Everyone suddenly feels gloomy but Kuchiki feels a great aura of disrespect. Hato notes that it was Kuchiki’s who saved her from her predicament. By the way, how long did Kuchiki dated her? Well, the next day, she told him never mind and he only spoke to her for less than 3 minutes. Ah…

Episode 8
Yoshitake complains to Yajima about Ogiue-Hato pairing to draw a manga for the festival. Ogiue will do the storyline and Hato will draw. She is in a dilemma to draw something or not so Yajima tells her to make up her mind. Hato is at Madarame’s place as usual to change into a girl but his female alter ego keeps bugging him with annoying BL fantasies. Especially when Hato sees an eroge. The one whereby Kousaka cross-dressed and promoted. Heck, they even used his name as that character! His thoughts go wild wondering if Madarame had already played this game and finished Kousaka’s route. Madarame is at the door but Hato’s female alter ego tells him to drop everything and show everything off. Not going to happen. Madarame takes a little walk around the block so Hato could finish changing. He’s worried about the state of his company. Will he get a bonus this year? When he returns, Hato has finished changing. Madarame tries hard to remember that Hato is a boy beneath those clothes despite her girly manner. He invites her in to talk. He realizes the eroge on the desk and tries to hide it but Hato mentions she has already noticed it. This leads to a talk about the cost of buying eroge, BL and clothes. Men’s clothes are less expensive because all you need is just a necktie. Madarame offers to lend the game (or any eroge) to her but since she is blushing, he drops the idea because it looked like sexual harassment. But what Hato is interested in is not the game but his thoughts on it. Madarame did play the game but finds it weird that all the routes have those traps getting pregnant. Hato notes to us unfamiliar viewers that in the world of BL, it is common that guys get pregnant.

Hato then asks the important question if he has cleared Kousaka’s route. Pregnancy ending and in a maternity wedding dress! This causes Hato to fluster that they have gone this far. However Madarame notes he didn’t pretty much like Kousaka’s character. When he wonders if Saki knows about this kind of game, Hato begins to wonder if this causes a tension in the relationship between Saki and Kousaka. Perhaps then Madarame will have a comeback chance. She wanted to fantasize a Kousaka x Madarame plot with Saki but in BL, you can’t really include girls. When Madarame also mentions he doesn’t mind being called uke, Hato apologizes to him for that Kuchiki incident. She has already properly told him off and it’s okay for him to come back to the clubroom. Madarame feels it’s not good for a graduate to hang around his old university forever. He feels awkward to stay there and think a change of scene would be a good idea. Part of him tells him to stay away from university. Hato blames herself she started calling him uke and thinking of BL pairings of him that led to this. She mentions about the festival and hopes he could come. Asking what Genshiken will be doing for that, Hato says Ogiue told her to draw a normal non-BL manga but all she has ever drawn was only BL. Madarame says she should draw what she wants because if it gets bad, Ogiue will stop her. She notes despite being called uke, he doesn’t ask people to hold back. Madarame promises to come. Back at Genshiken, Hato will do her best to draw a non-BL manga.

Episode 9
Sasahara compliments Ogiue’s manga. All that is left is to do the art at Hato’s place. Sasahara allows it but Ogiue thought he should’ve said no. Hato may be a cross-dresser but he’s still a guy underneath and should be worried. I suppose Sasahara wanted to get closer with Ogiue but her handphone rings. She has a bad feeling of this. Suzy and Hato are at the door. Interrupted something? In the clubroom, Yoshitake is ranting about her convoluted storyline. Whatever. Once again, Hato’s drawing turns into extreme BL. This time using Ogiue’s characters. Yoshitake is desperate to watch (and learn) how she draws porn BL but Yajima takes her away to finish their own work. Ogiue guides Hato to draw while she is cross-dressed and gives her encouragement that she isn’t copying. From Hato’s words, she could guess she is talking about that person when they were talking about love then. High school senior who is good at drawing and a fujoshi. Harima comes in to give them the rules for their cosplay during the festival. Harima tries to flirt with Mikako Takeya (Hato’s current pen name) but his friend warns he will report his every move to Mikami. After the guys leave, Hato couldn’t control her BL mode and starts drawing it. Oono gets a call from Saki saying that she and Kousaka will come to the festival. Oono is happy that she is able to make her cosplay but she hung up. Yajima’s old friend, Mimasaka turns up at Genshiken and compliments Yajima’s good art. Yoshitake thought of making her see reality but realizes their friendship bond is strong. Then Yoshitake’s old buddies show up and they haven’t lost touch of their eccentricity. A couple of girls, Konno and Fuji just arrive at the festival and they thought they saw their senior, Kaminaga. They are looking for Hato. When Madarame arrives, Hato feels bad about the awkward situation he will be in when Saki and Kousaka turns up. When Keiko arrives, she bluntly teases Madarame about Saki coming. This causes Hato to think that she might be the only one who didn’t know Madarame likes Saki. Keiko teases Madarame might be going out with Hato because the latter was staring at her. Well, we know it’s physically impossible. Hato is surprised when Konno and Fuji turn up in the room. She hopes they won’t recognize her and is confident they will not since her voice sounds much cuter and they’ll never think about the cross-dressing part. Thanks to her pen name, they didn’t see the similarity although they find the drawing as similar to Kaminaga’s. Suddenly Kuchiki blabs about Hato returning to dressing in such a way. However she is not Hato but Kaminaga.

Episode 10
Kaminaga did note that Kuchiki mistaken her for Hato. Which means she is around. Madarame points out to where Hato is. Bad move? Konno takes a closer look but still couldn’t believe. Kaminaga takes off Hato’s wig. Now you believe? Konno starts crying and blames herself. Ogiue takes them outside to talk. Flashback reveals Konno, Fuji and the rest of the girls in the art club used to admire Kaminaga’s extreme BL drawings. Konno teased Hato’s ugly drawing despite his intention to become an artist. Hato’s older brother, Yuichirou used to pick him and Kaminaga back. He didn’t understand about Kaminaga’s BL fantasies and asserts he is not into this gay stuff. Kaminaga loved BL stuffs so much so she even starts having BL fantasies of the brothers. One day Kaminaga forgot to bring her BL drawings back so Hato spotted them and looked through them in the toilet. He is of course amazed. When he returns, he sees Konno looking for them. Realizing it is in his hands, Hato reveals he likes BL stuffs. Konno gets the wrong idea that he looked through those BL drawings in the toilet. Soon the atmosphere in the art club changed. Hato hardly attends it and by the time Kaminaga graduated, rumours spread throughout school that he is gay. Konno is inconsolable and blames herself that it is her fault for telling her club members about Hato looking through BL stuffs in the toilet and thus led him to cross-dress. Hato assures her she is still the same person despite her different outside appearance. Kaminaga says if Hato really wanted to see her pictures, all she had to do was ask. She wonders if she was displaying drawings of hers, why did they mistake Hato for Kaminaga? Ogiue explains that Hato comes as a boy but only dresses so in Genshiken. Hato has switches outfits so people won’t identify her and one of them looked very much like Kaminaga. Kaminaga is impressed and would really like to see it but Konno thinks she’s being rude. She hints a reason why Hato would dress like her. It is because Hato always liked her.

Hato explains she always looked up to her and wanted to be like her (in BL terms). However as noted by Konno, in the end Yuichirou ended up with Kaminaga. What is she trying to imply? As Kaminaga puts it, a macho big brother with a girlfriend while a quiet and delicate little brother cross-dresses to look like his big brother’s girl. So? Hato wants to be like Kaminaga and be loved by Yuichirou! Hats off for her fantastic BL imagination… Even Ogiue and Hato nods in agreement and starts discussing the kind of story they can set for this. With both sides making amends, Kaminaga says they can start over as fellow fujoshi. She informs that she will get married to Yuichirou next spring. This is the reason she came here as Yuichirou wanted her to tell Hato personally. This means Kaminaga would be living in their house and can observe the brothers in their natural activity! Anything can fuel her BL imagination. Kaminaga adds that looking back, she thinks Yuichirou might have known how Hato felt. Kaminaga asks one final question. If Hato cross-dresses and likes BL, won’t her sexuality change? She says she just likes the genre but isn’t into guys. Kaminaga says that is a common line in BL. Especially, “I’m not in guys. I’m into you!”. Wondering if there is anybody who knows Hato’s real identity and yet hangs out with him. Yeah. It might be Madarame. Oh, here he is stumbling out from hiding behind the pillar before hiding back again. He was tasked by the girls to eavesdrop on them (since the cosplayers cannot leave the room). He has been making excuses why he can’t get near. Suzy tried pushing him but he won’t budge. Till she gave the ultimate move: A kiss on his cheek! He almost had a heart attack and reprimands Suzy. Then he has a bad feeling. Yup. Saki saw it and calls him a lolicon.

Episode 11
Hato sees Konno and Fuji off while Saki returns to the rest. Kousaka isn’t with her as he is in some game tournament. From what I hear, seems Tanaka and Oono are dating and the former isn’t sure of starting up a cosplay business. Annoying Keiko is also here to give her business cards to the guys. She had to point out she gave one to Madarame but he didn’t come at all. Saki says he wouldn’t. Because he’s a lolicon and a loser. She also mentions how he rejected Angela. This only proves he is a lolicon, no? Hato tries to vouch for Madarame. She did clean his room and find some eroges lying around. Keiko then discovers Hato is a guy and tries to flip her skirt just for prove! She insists on a proof so Hato whispers in her ear her manly voice. Saki thinks how popular Madarame has become. Suzy, Hato, Angela and even Keiko. She thinks of teasing him and mentions about the S&M game he had. Of course Hato tries to cover for him and mentions she didn’t find anything while cleaning his room. Try searching harder. Madarame is confident they won’t find anything no matter where they search till he realizes something. And then Hato also realizes. Dead giveaway. Something fishy… Remember Saki’s cosplay photos? Yeah. That. When Hato whispers to Madarame about this, he bolts from the room. She goes to find him and Keiko bugs Hato to tell what she exactly said. She can guess it’s something about Madarame liking Saki. Hato wonders if this is an open secret so she tells her. Keiko couldn’t believe her ass. Keiko hatches a devilish plan. Why don’t they make Madarame tell her that himself. Hato is thinking about his feelings and doesn’t want this forced upon him. Keiko blames Hato as the one for starting this and wrecked any chance of Madarame’s wish of wanting things to stay the same. Because it’s tiring to keep a secret that everyone already knows. Madarame is an idiot and can’t deal with it. That’s why he ran away.

Keiko and Hato find Saki and Madarame respectively to let them talk alone in the clubroom. Oh, Sasahara and Kousaka in cosplay are there. Surprise? Oh. Kousaka won the tournament. Kousaka and Sasahara return to the rest. They wonder if Kousaka is okay with Saki and Madarame alone. He is. Because he likes Madarame too. Doesn’t that give off the wrong impression? When the duo are alone, we see Madarame sweating in his pants and nervous while Saki is just cool. He tries to hint but is she playing dumb? Since Madarame is just nervous, Saki starts off talking about old times. Like how he first teased her by putting cat ears on her and probably thought he likes her. There’s the hint. Madarame thinks back wondering if that was the first time he liked her. It couldn’t be. Because it was when he first saw her cosplaying. He is in a dilemma to tell her. What is the use of doing so if you well know you’re going to get rejected? So he says it was her nose hair sticking out back then. He wasn’t brave enough to say it so it was easier to pretend he had forgotten. Is that what he really wanted to say with tears in his eyes? She’s okay with it. She adds she has Kousaka now and can’t be with him. Asking if Kousaka wasn’t around, would it have been him? Saki hints they might have a future together. Madarame felt a huge relief. It’s like the burden was lifted off his shoulders. Saki then suddenly starts crying. It’s like she’s relieved too. Those years she swore she wouldn’t act like she already knew but it just made her feel like she was hurting him. Madarame denies that was so. Now he knows Saki does cry easily and those days were indeed fun.

Episode 12
The duo emerge from the room and Saki admits that Madarame confessed and she rejected him. Keiko pesters Saki for details. Madarame wonders about the cosplay pictures about her. It’s up to him. In that case, he’ll keep it. He wants to leave but Keiko forces him to go back to tell the rest of Genshiken. To Madarame’s dismay, it seems everyone in Genshiken knew about his crush on Saki. Kousaka surprises everyone by saying he thought this would happen. If it did, he hopes Madarame would love him too! Is that a line he took from that eroge’s harem route? Kousaka then has Ogiue, Hato, Oono and Saki cosplay as the girls from that eroge so that Madarame could have a group picture of them. When they part, Saki asks about Madarame’s work. He thinks of quitting. She tells him not to. But she hopes he will drop by the university from time to time. Because it may really unlock his harem route. Meanwhile Oono submits another cosplay request but the teacher warns her about her thesis since she still has not have secured any job after graduation. Oono is in a dilemma because she loves to cosplay and now it’s the peak season. At this rate she won’t be able to find a job till next year. Though Tanaka could pay for her, Oono wants to pay her own way. Even if she ends up being just a housewife. Yoshitake suggests doing a cosplay CD and earn some big money from it. Oono talks to Tanaka about her problems and he is encouraging and supportive of the decisions she will make although the future is still uncertain.

I guess Oono becomes desperate as she couldn’t secure a job so she decides to do a cosplay CD. She starts posing in erotic ways despite it was agreed they were striving for generally accepted atmosphere. Touched by his consideration, Oono starts posing even more erotic. Yajima couldn’t hold it any longer and tells the truth. It was all Yoshitake’s plan. She made Oono drink an entire bottle of sake, though initially it was supposed to be a bit but Oono was tough. Tanaka reminds her the dangers in doing a cosplay CD so she breaks down relating her problems in finding a job. He tries to comfort her but is being told by Yajima how edgy she is lately. He explains he got into cosplay business because of her. He came this far only by making outfits after outfits for her to wear. Whether he will work for a company or starts his own, he was planning to make cosplay his business. Despite the uncertain future, he will think of something and help her cosplay forever. So please wait for him. The rest quickly understood that Tanaka proposed to Oono. Oono is so happy that she decides to go back to school for another year and wait. Hope she isn’t serious in that. When the newbies return to the clubroom, they see Madarame hanging around. He just returned from Akihabara. On a weekday? What about work? He quit. He has decided to live a life of a loser. Hato seems to be feeling responsible so after she changes in his room, she rushes out and hugs him! She hopes he will not stop coming to the club. Madarame is taken aback with the sudden turn of events. Is his really happening? His harem route?

Episode 13
Suzy, Yajima and Yoshitake are at Madarame’s place and blaming him. Something must have happened because Hato stopped coming to the club and even his cross-dressing ways. It felt like Madarame’s job quit was a big deal for Hato. Suzy forces him to call Hato but the ex-cross-dresser did not pick up. Even Yajima spotted Hato (in boy form) at university but he quickly ran away. Clearly he doesn’t want to see them. Suzy then suggests a club trip to Karuizawa. All the Genshiken members (including Hato – they sent a telegram to him since he wasn’t picking up!) turn up and Madarame is the only ex-member. I suppose they have a plan. But Kuchiki can’t be naughty because Suzy is really mad… You don’t want to make her angry… At Karuizawa, seems Yoshitake becomes the tour guide and rants her extensive knowledge about those Sengoku generals she loves so much. Too much history… At the inn, Kuchiki thought he could satiate his anime needs as he has brought his laptop, WiFi, etc. Till Madarame points out there is no internet connection here. Bummer. The conversation between Madarame and Hato is awkward but at least they’re talking. When it is time to go to the hotspring, everyone would love Hato to come as a girl. Because Yajima is the only one who actually saw Hato’s ‘thing’ she has a hard time trying to object to that. She can’t explain it either or else. As usual, Yoshitake’s mind is too small for a big pervert like her. She even admits her fantasy train in her mind is out of control! Everyone takes a dip except for Ogiue who is talking to Hato. She relates how she was very embarrassed when she admitted to Sasahara she used him in her BL works. She had drawn dozens of them. In the end, she felt glad she was able to change. She asks if Hato regrets being here right now. Not really. And that is good enough. Kuchiki still wants to seduce Hato but before he could sneak up on him, Suzy gives the ultimate Street Fighter combo that knocks the daylights out of him. I want to know what buttons to press just to do that!!!

Girls talk in the hotspring. Touching boobs and the likes. Courtesy of Yoshitake. Nobody can control her. Madarame and Hato continue their talk. The latter asks his next plan in life. Find a job. Duh. Hato apologizes for everything and Madarame admitted that he had thoughts Hato stopped coming to his place to dress up for good to stop cross-dressing. Has he? Not sure. He thinks he has to at some point. Why? Because things will change. Everyone too. Like how Madarame did on his job. He dismisses it was related to it this way and that Hato is a genuine otaku. That part of him won’t change. Everyone has their own fetish. It is not important if he cross-dresses or not. If he wants to, go ahead. Otherwise, don’t. Keep it simple. Back in the room, Kuchiki has horrifying thoughts about his blackout. He thinks he has been kidnapped by aliens and being conducted experiments on! Well, Suzy is the alien. And she suggests of continuing the dissection! Everybody votes for Hato to cross-dress as a girl. They prefer him/her that way. Besides, didn’t Hato bring all the necessary stuffs? And so we welcome back female Hato for the first time making her appearance in this episode. Even Yajima approves. Although she is still against cross-dressing but has gotten used to Hato’s ways. Then everyone discusses what to do for next year’s festival and other club activities. Cheeky Suzy prepared a futon side by side for Madarame and Hato. Too bad idiotic Kuchiki had to ruin it when he drops ‘dead’ on it. The club trip continues. Everyone had their fun before heading back. Hato seems happier.

This takes place before the newbies join Genshiken and I suppose it’s to give the older members of Genshiken some screen time. Back to the time when Suzy and Angela visited Japan and meet up with Genshiken for the ComiFest. It somewhat explains why Suzy and Ogiue are close to each other. Seems Suzy stayed at Ogiue’s place and since she speaks nothing but Japanese anime lines, it was hard for Ogiue trying to figure out things. The ‘epic’ things that I remember about Suzy is how she punched Sasahara in the guts, requesting to wear Ogiue’s shima pantsu when she gets out of the bath and finding the hidden stack of Ogiue’s hidden drawings behind the shelf. And the most surprising thing? She can actually understand Japanese! Much to Ogiue’s frustration. The second half sees the gang heading to Naritasan for New Year’s Day. The group splits itself into 2. Ogiue, Sasahara, Madarame, Kugayama and Suzy decide to pay their respects at the shrine while the rest follow Kuchiki via some alley shortcut to some drinking bar. Epic scene: Suzy forcing Madarame to let her ride on his shoulder. Meanwhile the girls are getting drunk at the bar and making fun of Kuchiki who has been out cold. It’s getting out of control. So when Ogiue’s group stops for tea at a rest area, the drinking spree has just gotten worse. Especially with Oono going on a rampage. Madarame excuses himself to go to toilet but gets lost. Tanaka finds Ogiue’s group and brings them to the bar. At that time, Kuchiki has been stripped! Saki excuses herself to the toilet and bumps into Madarame. She collapses but he catches her. Actually she wants to go to the toilet. After that, they walk back to the bar before proceeding to watch the sunrise. When Suzy flies back to America, Ogiue realizes she has stolen something from her: Her panties.

The Society For The Study Of BL And Yaoi Culture
I can’t say I am impressed in any sort of way. For one thing, I don’t seem to understand where this season is leading and can’t make any head or tail of it. I might not remember much about the original Genshiken series but I remember the quirky characters and the otaku parodies that made the club so. But then again, it’s perhaps their way of doing things. So what happens to everyone in the end? Life goes on. Pretty generic. Maybe it is because I am not really a knowledgeable person in the otaku world so I don’t really understand the tiff between Hato and Madarame in the end. Was it that careless uke statement that led up to all this and him quitting his job whatsoever? I can’t seem to connect the dots even if it’s staring at my face so please, somebody tell me what’s going on. Oh, I’m too lazy to even do my own research since like I said, I wasn’t impressed. Therefore I’m not interested. Really. So in the end, everything was like, meh. Hato (or whoever that character we’ve been put in the shoes of as first person view) returns to the club. Yay. Hooray. Happy ending. Good for everyone. Read, sarcasm.

Seems like Genshiken has pretty much changed since I last know them. There is no more that familiarity anymore. At least some of the obvious parts. Last time it was male majority but now it is pretty much female dominated. Not counting the old members, Kuchiki is the only true guy in the club. Hato? Erm… So girly that I am starting to believe he is more of a girl than a guy. Also, the club has somewhat turned into a BL club with almost everyone seemingly having a fair love for that topic. Some are more passionate than others who would prefer to probably be a closet fujoshi. I don’t think Kuchiki is into BL but his initially weird personality towards Hato could mean that he prefers having BL relationship in real life instead of being confined to his imagination. I don’t remember Oono being into BL as she is more into cosplay. Oh yeah. She is into bald old men… To each his/her own. Maybe Genshiken should change its name to something like Ya-Ken-Bu. Hmm… Doesn’t even sound good. There are a good amount of BL scenes (courtesy of Hato’s fantasies of changing in Madarame’s room and those eroges) and drawings (courtesy of female Hato going wild and extreme as an unstoppable BL drawing machine) to make you believe this is a BL themed anime but stops short of showing anything suggestive. If it does, the good ol’ mosaic will perfectly do its job.

A big chunk of this season seems to focus on Hato and Madarame. At least that is how I viewed it. About Hato’s cross-dressing conundrum and possible his/her confused feelings for Madarame. That guy too seems to have lingering feelings all because of Saki and I suppose it is good that he finally gets it out of his system and settled it once and for all. He wasn’t the prankster I knew him and somewhat toned down very much. Maybe life has really got to him. Hato is a bit hard to understand. I know he wants to be accepted for who he is without hurting anyone. So much so I think he has developed some sort of personality disorder. Especially when he is in boy form, his female alter ego can be seen hanging around him like a fairy trying to provoke this guy into embracing yaoi and doing all that lewd stuffs that is only limited as far as her wild imagination can take her. But when his female side takes over in reality, she’s quite shy and so girly that in your wildest dream you would never have thought she was a guy. A nightmare if you find out.

The other new characters are rather okay. At least with enough screen time it makes you feel like they’ve already been long part of the club. Yajima hardly ever smiles so much so I don’t remember she ever did. It’s like that grumpy looks is always part of her face and the only other emotion besides that gruffly moody exterior is when she flusters thinking she might have said the wrong thing or made the wrong decision. But that hardly is any different from that moody look too. Yoshitake can be labelled as the cheeky and mischievous one and even surpassing Suzy. Well, we all already accepted Suzy is kind of weird so no matter what she does, it won’t be a surprise. It’s like that girl has is crazy but not crazy enough to qualify to be put into a mental asylum. And there you have it. Suzy running around free in the campus and saying lines that don’t make sense for half of the time. But for Yoshitake, she is like riot if left alone and uncontrolled. Maybe that’s why Yajima is always with her. I kinda noticed that they’re like a pair in this sense. Could be a potential manzai comedy duo if they ever decide to get into this after graduation. I wonder what happened to Yabusaki after the ComiFest. She got kicked out and then what? It’s like she’s tsundere for Genshiken especially Ogiue but won’t admit it because of her pride and perhaps well, she’s tsundere. From my observation, I think Suzy also has this particular liking for Ogiue because of the way she blatantly says Ogiue belongs to her. Like her panties. Konno, Fuji and Kaminaga’s cameo appearance felt like it was just to push forth Hato’s past and story and let this series go somewhere.

Other old returning characters besides Madarame feel okay too. It’s like they have matured from the last time. Ogiue as the latest Genshiken president doesn’t feel like she had an impact overall in the series since Madarame and Hato hogged the spotlight. I felt her significance took a serious impact ever since she got sick during ComiFest. Oono, she’s still there doing fine and Kuchiki another weirdo but falls into the loser category. I thought he had the potential to be the funny guy even though it would be annoying but like I said, Madarame and Hato hogged everything so this guy is one of those who doesn’t have any important scenes unless it is for comic relief. The fool of the club. Feel free to ignore him as you wish. Other ex-Genshiken members pop up from time to time perhaps just to tell us they’re still attached to the club even after graduating and to make it feel like it was yesterday once more. Because new characters and different people might change our perspectives of the old entirely.

Saki oddly I remember her as the only Genshiken member who hates otaku activities but is forced to hang out in the club because of Kousaka. She’s willing to go this far for love? Don’t blame her. Here, Saki exudes an air of maturity. She even looks matured into a lady instead of that young adult look. She’s still cool and you can’t easily take her for a fool. Of course just like any other girl, also cries and feels insecure. She just doesn’t show it. Kousaka remains cool too and I don’t remember him getting upset ever. It’s like he is a very understanding guy but has no qualms doing cross-dressing. All part of being an otaku? Not much scenes for Sasahara unless it involves Ogiue but their love story may be reserved for another day (or another season). I don’t remember Tanaka being into cosplay because I thought he was into plastic models, though I barely remember he is also a cosplay designer. But then again, I don’t really know him that well. Worse appearance of the old school Genshiken members goes to Kugayama. So unnoticeable that you may think he is just some furniture following the rest. Haha! Oops. I think there was even a time in the next episode preview that Kugayama was worried if he would make more appearances. Not that I noticed. Even if he did, it didn’t make any lasting impact. Oh wait. Remember the first mysterious president of Genshiken? Don’t remember him? Neither do I. And Angela… Her brief return was possibly the flag that led to how the rest of this season is played out. Keiko is a little daring. I wonder if her failure to get her hands on Kousaka causes her to shift to Madarame. Or maybe she just enjoys teasing him. That’s because she likes him, right?

The romance feels on and off and doesn’t amount to anything much. Not at least what I thought it would be. It makes me wonder if Hato really likes Madarame or maybe it is just his BL fantasies. Then of course the season ended with Madarame closing the chapter of his secret crush on Saki. Sasahara and Oguie’s relationship felt like it didn’t go anywhere. Not at least I can see. They’re still the same as before, both pretty much occupied and busy with their own stuffs. I’m not sure if there is any headway in Saki and Kousaka’s relationship but I suppose there should be since they’re still going strong together and Saki learning to accept Kousaka’s odd fetish for cosplaying and even as a trap. I wonder if Kousaka is a bi because from the way he ambiguously put things, it’s like he is okay with either side. Tanaka and Oono seem to be going somewhere though it is just hinting. Just thinking about Ogiue-Suzy got me thinking if this will ever turn into something yuri. Ironic. Yuri in a yaoi club? It also got me thinking at the possibility of Madarame getting a harem. I know it won’t happen but imagine if it did. That won’t feel like Genshiken anymore…

Watching the art and drawing style for this season, it seems there are some changes. Although the obvious is not much but you can tell there is a difference. From what I can see, Nidaime’s art style follows closely of the manga. Something that animes these days are getting pretty much into. Personally, I thought it lacks that ‘refined beauty’ that I saw first in the prequels. Not to say the previous Genshiken’s series had quite excellent art but this season’s one seems simpler than before. For instance, Oono’s hairstyle once reminded me that she popped up from some Japanese ghost horror movie since her bangs are quite messy. Now her black flowing hair looks pretty mild here. Some of the characters look pretty odd especially Konno and Fuji. Look at their eyes. Konno’s eyes are so big like as though she came out from an American comic strip while Fuji has bug eyes. Creepy? Yajima looks so frumpy that I really thought this woman was a guy and thus I was annoyed about the mismatch of her voice to the character. Then she turns out to be female. Yikes. I thought Fuji too looked very manly but the scrawny type. Suzy is already so odd that the crazy looks befit her and it passes without me having to feel weird about her. The bags underneath Kaminaga’s eyes, I thought she looked very much like To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Kiyama.

An aspect that is totally changed is the voice acting department. Every character has been given a new seiyuu to voice! For instance, I remember Ayako Kawasumi was the voice behind Oono. Now she is replaced with Yukana (C.C. In Code Geass). I know it feels odd at first but I got used to it. But the good thing is that despite they sound different, they sound as close as possible to the character. But you can still tell the difference. The replaced casts include Nozomi Yamamoto as Ogiue (Yukimura in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Rina Satou as Saki (Haruka in Minami-ke), Jun Fukuyama as Kuchiki (Grell in Kuroshitsuji), Naomi Oozora as Suzy (Yuragi in Noukome), Ikumi Hayama as Keiko Tatsuya (Shinobu in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Madarame (Tasuku in Seikon No Qwaser), Momoko Ohara as Kousaka (Miyashita in Mitsudomoe), Kobashi as Sasahara (Jack Roland in Strait Jacket), Takayuki Kondo as Tanaka (Oishi in Prince Of Tennis) and Misa Kobayashi as Angela. As for the new ones, Yumi Uchida as Yajima (Nagisa in A Channel), Sumire Uesaka as Yoshitake (Tamaki in GJ-Bu), Shou Saotome as Risa, Yuri Yamaoka as Konno (Choi in Tamako Market) and Risa Taneda as Fuji (Xenovia in High School DxD New). Hato’s character has been given 2 seiyuus to reflect the gender that character is in. Ai Kakuma (Hikari in Campione) does the female version while Kazutomi Yamamoto (Yoshida in Blood Lad) takes on the male version. Oh, there’s a pleasant cameo by Mamiko Noto as Kaminaga.

The anime rock outfit opening theme, Genshi, Joshi Wa, Taiyou Datta by Sumire Uesaka has cute opening lyrics. The ending theme, Aoku Yureteiru sung by the seiyuus of Ogiue, Hato, Yajima and Yoshitake sounds like a generic anime pop. As usual, there are lots of trivia for you to see. I have spotted a few myself and though it is just a fraction of the anime culture shown, I am proud of my achievement! See if you can tally up some of them here as I did on Anime News Network. Oh, the in-anime show of Kujibiki Unbalance is not seen here. Unless you consider those cameo cosplay pictures like the photos of Saki in Madarame’s hands as one.

The point is everyone is their own otaku in their own way. Nobody has the right to tell you what is good and what is not for you. Although what they say is not really your business anyway. Freedom of speech and expression, I’d say. Then again, you have to consider the laws and moral implications especially about cross-dressing. Sure you’re fine, your close friends are fine but what about everybody else? Can’t say it’s none of their business, right? Only way is to make otaku culture mainstream if you want the people around the world to wholeheartedly accept. So can we start off by saying otaku culture isn’t for geeks, perverts or losers in life. Otaku culture is the new way of life!

The b*tch is back. Oops. Sorry I can’t help it because every time I think about this anime, I will always think how b*tchy this sister is. Now she is back in another second season of Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai. It takes off where we first left off after the end of the first season after Kirino returns from America. This means big brother Kyousuke has to put up with more life counselling, more of her sister’s problematic attitude, more of her otaku little sister eroge fetish and the likes. Oh yeah. There are other girls in the mix too but when you have a little sister in the title, that says pretty much about it. I just hope that this season, things will get better between the siblings and everyone else so that by the end of this anime, I won’t have any complains to b*tch about. Ever.

Episode 1
There was once a time Kyousuke and Kirino were like true siblings. Taking baths together as a kid. One day, he just didn’t want to do it anymore and tells her off how lame she was. But do you think Kirino is going to cry? Instead, she shoots her mouth back at him over his arrogance. Maybe that’s how the love-hate (with lots of ignoring) relationship started. As we know, Kirino has returned from USA and is busy making calls to her friends to tell she is back. She blatantly ignores Kyousuke and all his hellos. He even tries giving a drink for her only to be told that she doesn‘t need it. Do you blame him for being in bad mood? So he’s talking about this issue to Manami. Over the past year, there is some sort of bond formed with his sister but if this continues (the way she treats him), it’s like the same as she did before she left. Manami is confident that bond won’t be destroyed because he is kind. Ayase is so glad that Kirino is back. She won’t allow that petite Kanako to ruin it and shuts her up. Kyousuke has his other problem. Namely, Kuroneko. He is confused about the mixed signals she is giving him. He asks her to explain but she gets embarrassed. As he is walking home, still confused, he calls Kirino just to ask her how much she loves him!!! I understand why she would hang up. Calls to her are only meant to be emergency, no? Kirino has lots of meetings or gatherings to attend so her dad, Daisuke thought of accompanying her to just about anywhere. Not wanting to let her daughter go again, can he? Late that night when both siblings can’t sleep, Kyousuke asks her if the life counselling isn’t needed anymore. She isn’t sure either. Early next morning, she slaps him up and forces him to accompany her to heaven. Read: Akihabara. Is the life counselling back on track? Well actually, Kyousuke is turned into her mule. She’s going on an otaku shopping spree!!! Poor Kyousuke. Can his body handle all the bags he’s carrying? Are there any limbs or body parts left to hang those bags? Thankfully at the end of the day, Kirino has hired a delivery truck to delivery all her goods back home. And what does he get as thanks? She gives him an eroge to play and must complete it by tonight. Thanks for the consideration. Kirino gets into her groove of playing her eroges. She’s back into her kingdom!

Episode 2
Ayase needs to talk to Kyousuke. This doesn’t sound good. Recently Kirino is being obsessed with her virtual girlfriend. Even when they hang out, she is giving more attention to the pixels than her real friend. And she has that slutty look on her face each time. I guess it feels more like a threat than anything because Ayase wants him to do something about it. Kyousuke goes to talk to Kirino and is shown the game she is playing. Hmm… The virtual girlfriend, Ayaka looks and sounds likes Ayase (want to bet it’s the same seiyuu?). Of course Kirino is also aware of this problem so she hands over the game to him to play. Otherwise she couldn’t get away from this addiction. Plus, she needs a game buddy to talk to. And so… Kyousuke becomes hooked on the game so much so Manami thinks something weird is going on. She saw his creepy face playing this weird game. Kyousuke doesn’t care and dares her. Yeah. Bring it on. She rats him out to Ayase and boy, that girl is furious! How can he solve things when he himself is addicted? Care to explain? Before her punch could connect, he gives a reason that if they need to win back Kirino, what better way than to understand the game. And so… Kyousuke demonstrates the game to her but he is acting so creepy that you can’t blame Ayase for slapping him. Can you blame her for thinking he is trying to sexually harass her, the way she is trying to get Ayaka to do those lovey-dovey stuff with him despite just a game? Guess what? He admits she is the only girl he will ever sexually harass!!! Kyousuke makes some conclusion why Kirino is infatuated with Ayaka. Not only she looks and sounds like her best friend (Ayase definite would love to object to this), when a girl treats Kirino with the sort of affection she’d show a boyfriend, it means Kirino wants Ayase to be her girlfriend. So if Ayase imitates Ayaka, she would be really happy. She is made to practise and act like Ayaka but she can’t bring herself to do it. She can’t say such indecent things to him. Another round of slap. I guess the help ends here. Ayase goes to complain to Manami how Kyousuke nearly sexually abused her!!! Well, he was putting on that perverted face while playing the game… But they can’t throw away the game because it belongs to Kirino. Manami has a plan. Next morning, Manami arrives early at Kyousuke’s doorstep to bring him out and hide at a corner. They watch Ayase trying to act like Ayaka in front of Kirino. Kirino apologizes how she was acting in front of her and Ayase does the same for getting mad over something silly. Ayase must have played the yandere route because she is willing to kill Kanako just to be with her!!! Oh sh*t! Yandere eyes!!! When asked if Kirino notices anything different, is it her creepiness? It hurt Ayase so much that she runs away in tears. Kirino no baka!

Episode 3
Kyousuke, Kirino and Kuroneko are outside Saori’s house unannounced to give her a surprise birthday visit. Suddenly a beautiful girl walks pass them and she gets embarrassed. Would you believe this pretty chick is Saori???!!!! She looks stunning without those otaku glasses. This episode is about her and the older sister, Kaori whom she hates so much. Kaori had so many hobbies, the reason the sisters never spend time together. One night she was brought to her mansion that houses her collection of hobbies. Yes. A huge mansion of all the hobbies she has done. And she’s not done yet. That time, little Saori was always confined to her bed so meeting others was a daunting task. She was scared to meet Kaori’s group circle who shared similar passion and hobbies. She did however get close to a manga genius, Kanata Kurusu (she has many other pen names). Although Kaori continue to bring her to the mansion, it’s like she was just ‘dumped’ there and left to her own devices. Saori grew closer to Kanata as she was the one responsible in bringing out the otaku passion we know Saori as. She was happy. But that didn’t last because one day Kaori announced just like that she will be living overseas. Because Kaori was the glue that held the group together, in no time the circle was disbanded and Saori found herself alone again. She even flew overseas just to confront (and slap) her sister, accusing her of causing them all to drift apart. However she points out it is a circle she created and that Saori stayed in a corner and didn’t do anything for the group. Many years later, Saori has grown up (much bigger literally). She still hangs out at the mansion alone. One night Kanata returned just to hand back the mansion’s key. Because she is going to debut as a manga artist, she can’t come back here anymore. Saori is sad that nobody does that anymore and feels so lonely. Kanata consoles and encourages her but Saori feels she can’t be like Kaori. Kanata believes she will find a way to it because she heard her made a promise that she’ll deal with it and show her sister. As a parting gift, Kanata gives Saori that otaku glasses. And so begins Saori’s drastic change in life as we know her today. Kyousuke and the rest didn’t expect to see Saori naturally beautiful. At the same time, Kaori and her circle came back for some life party. They are her groupies so it’s only natural they are at her beck and call. Saori can now show off her own circle of friends and she’s probably trying to rub it in to her sister on what they’re going to do. Kaori and co are cool about it. Seeing Saori has her own life now, Kaori and her circle leave. Saori chats for a while with Kanata. Although she feels she is still behind Kaori, at least she has made some important friends. Kanata hopes that she would pass the glasses to somebody else if she doesn’t need them anymore.

Episode 4
Kyousuke returns home only to see a naked girl before his eyes. Did eroge just become life-like? Then Kirino walks out in her towel to reprimand her not to do that. And then her towel comes undone. You know what’s going to happen. She is Ria Hagry and was Kirino’s roommate-cum-rival during her stay at America. Kirino once beat this 12 year old prodigy in running before and now she is here in Japan for some home-stay programme. Kirino accuses Kyousuke of being a pervert and lolicon for just about anything. The usual arguing. Till lively Ria flips her skirt and comments on her striped panties. So bratty… Ria meets Kyousuke and he is exactly how she thinks of him. She really likes him and starts hugging all over him. Guess Kirino’s reaction? Kirino becomes Ria’s big sister as they do everything together and Kyousuke gets blamed and labelled the usual for every misunderstanding. Don’t they get tired of this? Of course when you’re in Japan, you can’t miss out on Akihabara so Ria is brought there. She’s like a country bumpkin trying to flip up a maid’s skirt! Ria accidentally wanders to the erotic section and peeps into a book (because the character looks like her). Before she goes into meltdown, Kyousuke snatches the book away but gets a flying kick from Kirino and the usual accusation. In the end, Kirino gives her a keychain doll that looks like her (which actually doesn’t). Eventually it all boils down to another running showdown between the girls. Ria wants to know if her running power was just a fluke. When the run begins, Ria is clearly speeding like a rocket. Kirino isn’t even close. Kyousuke narrates something about Kirino realizing she is being overwhelmed by her opponent’s skill far surpassing hers. He cheers on Kirino and to make it ‘better’, he admits he is not a lolicon but a siscon! Kirino powers up and catches up to Ria. It’s a close finish but Ria won. She starts gloating and Kirino finds her annoying. That’s when she has had it with real life sisters and would stick to virtual sisters from now on. On the day Ria leaves, she tells Kyousuke she wanted to see what makes Kirino run fast and she concludes it is him. He disagrees and argues it is because she didn’t get to play her eroges or talk to her friends during her stay in America, so she wasn’t herself. But then he takes that back and decides to go with Ria’s argument. Ria hopes to grow to love him so she’ll run faster. Then she gets clingy all over him and Kirino had to see this. After she leaves, Kirino requests a favour from Kyousuke: Be her boyfriend. Eh? What?

Episode 5
Don’t get the wrong idea. He is just to pretend to be her boyfriend to meet up with someone. Misaki is from the modelling agency and scouted Kirino. She wanted to bring her back to her agency base in Europe but Kirino cited don’t-wanna-leave-my-boyfriend answer to conveniently turn her down. Misaki won’t give up yet and would gladly offer money to him to break up! That guy almost fell for it. So they try to act they are lovers but it’s not convincing. Misaki wants to try again tomorrow but Kyousuke mentions they have a date. I suppose to convince that they are lovers, they really have to go on one in hopes that Misaki would give up on Kirino. Though, they’re not sure if she’s following them or not since there is some fashion show she should be attending. But you can never be too careful. So are the duo looking like a genuine couple? If they could stop making their arguments look like siblings quarrel. Manami happen to see them and is shocked. Kyousuke can’t explain himself in fear that Misaki may be around and it would blow their cover. But Kirino relishes in seeing Manami’s expression. Priceless. Oh, she had a very late freaking out reaction too. At the café, they happen to see Kanako there. She thinks Kirino really has a boyfriend when it might be possible she have forgotten how Kyousuke looks like. They also meet Kanako’s colleague, Bridget and she wants to explain why they like each other. While Bridget is just awed with their unconvincing answer, Kanako doesn’t really feel they are like lovers. After taking photos at the booth, the bump into Kuroneko. The looks on her face is so traumatic! Can’t believe your eyes, huh? She just stood there speechless. Dropped all her coins too. Not picking them up?

Back home, whether or not Misaki was watching, it seems she has given up but Kyousuke is suspicious since she gave up too easy. After that they argue and Kyousuke tells her to take her complaints to her boyfriend and not her brother. He won’t be playing her boyfriend anymore that’s for sure. She slaps him. Maybe she’ll ask her real boyfriend next time. Not so funny now, huh? Kyousuke talks to Kuroneko to explain what happened. They discuss if Kirino really had a boyfriend. Though she points out Saori and him would be sad and less time to hang out with them, she feels she would be happy for her. But she’s not saying that with a smile. Kyousuke is so worried if Kirino has a boyfriend that he blocked the stairs and grabbed her wrist tight just to ask her. He feels guilty for doing so and she laughs at his twisted behaviour. Whether she has one still remains elusive. The gang meet up at summer Comiket since Kuroneko will be publishing her doujin. Kirino wrote the story. Kuroneko turns up in a white dress (feels a little scanty) instead of her dark gothic. That is not cosplay. This was a dress that Kirino bought her but never thought she would wear it today. As Comiket opens, it seems disheartening that nobody is buying their work. But after one buys it, it gives them hope and by the end of the day, it’s a complete sell-out. I guess they’ll be looking towards the next volume and see you at winter Comiket then. While Kirino is watching her favourite Meruru anime at the public area, a guy recognizes her. She is surprised to see him here. I take it, this is her actual boyfriend? Kyousuke’s face doesn’t look so good. If he was older, you could’ve seen his wrinkles. Haha!

Episode 6
He is Kouki Mikagami and a designer hired by Misaki’s company to design some jewellery. Seems like a pretty nice guy. Kirino seems to be getting along with him. Back home, Kyousuke gets this tempting call from Ayase to meet her at her home. Can you blame him for jumping to perverted conclusions? He takes up the offer and what do you know? He gets handcuffed! Is this some S&M play she’s into? On the contrary, she wants to know about the sticker that has the siblings’ face in it. And they seem pretty close. Now she’s looking scary. So scary that Kyousuke is panicking! After he explains, he asks if Kirino has a boyfriend. Wrong words. Now she’s even scarier. There’s no way Kirino could have a boyfriend, right? Kyousuke and Kuroneko are walking back. She admits she likes him as much as his sister does, if not more. So it must be the real deal when she kissed him then. The romance could have developed if Kirino had not witnessed the disgusting act (see her disgusted expression?). The gang are supposed to celebrate their Comiket success but it’s so awkward between Kirino and Kuroneko that you can feel a war is going to break out. And it did. Kirino announced she is in a relationship with Mikagami and have already hold hands and kissed. Kuroneko didn’t like her attitude so she leaves the party. Then the siblings start quarrelling about relationships and it’s-my-business-who-I-date so it’s none-of-your-business. After mocking her brother that he is not as good as her boyfriend, she leaves the party. Now Saori has to clean and pack up. So much for the celebrations. And so Kirino brings Mikagami back home and her mom is thrilled. Dad locks himself in his room and gets drunk. Accept reality, man! Kyousuke gets rude with Mikagami so Kirino slaps him and tells him to get out.

I guess the guys are feeling left out so father and son have a talk. Dad isn’t happy that from the way Kyousuke says she is acting mature for her age, he takes it as he is supporting their relationship. Dad throws a fit that he doesn’t like his daughter dating anyone. There goes his pride. Kyousuke assures he is on his side and will talk to Mikagami. But we see him on his knees apologizing for his rudeness. He expresses his true feelings that despite he has no right to tell her who she dates, he still can’t accept the idea that some guy will take away his sister. Sure, it’s not his business either but it still affects him. Since Mikagami admits he likes and respects Kirino a lot, Kyousuke agrees they have a lot in common and he has a lot more to offer. But no matter how amazing he is, he is still worried about Kirino and thus can’t hand his sister to him just like that. Prove your worth! This time Kirino throws the cake at his face. Stop acting so high and mighty. How can he say that after he turned his back on her by flirting with that goth loli girl? Kirino admits her relationship with Mikagami is fake and they never did those things. She got him to pretend to be her boyfriend so that Kyousuke would notice her. In the end, the siblings made up. Mikagami explains Misaki first asked him to persuade Kirino to go overseas. Though they get along well as friends, he knows a relationship won’t work. Therefore Kyousuke is right to worry. Misaki knew the duo were siblings from the start and Mikagami comments they’re bad actors. He did note that even though they aren’t dating, he can’t get in between them because their relationship is strong. Kirino wants to have the celebration redone again. Now Kyousuke has to face the wrath of his dad. He’s still drunk and misinterpreted he might have done something to his daughter. When Kyousuke goes to tell Kuroneko about the re-celebration, she wants him to go out with her.

Episode 7
Why on Earth would Kyousuke decline her???!!! Is he really a siscon???!!! I understand if Kuroneko wants to break into tears but despite all that, no matter what she still loves him. After all that love assurance from her that she loves him more than anything else in the world and he still needs time to think?! WTF?! Kuroneko is a gracious girl so she gives him after tomorrow’s celebration for his answer. When he returns, it’s Kirino’s turn to ‘reprimand’ him. She teases him about the hoax and what if it was real. He’d cry. Yes. Then it would suck. Seeing he is quite genuine in saying that, Kirino gives him some advice that if some girl does confess to him, he should consider it carefully because she really loves him. Kyousuke then goes to seek Manami’s advice. She knows it’s about Kuroneko since there has been rumours circulating in school about Kyousuke and Kuroneko dating. He didn’t even know this. Anyway she wants him to be honest and patient. The second celebration party begins and the trio apologize to Saori for that embarrassing fight. Then Kyousuke shows Kirino the sticker of them. He pasted it on his handphone and even had a picture of her in bikini as his handphone wallpaper! Freaky! I don’t know if Kirino manages to snatch and delete it. When Kyousuke escorts Kuroneko home, he has decided on his answer. He will date her. So happy Kuroneko is that she came home ‘broken’. Her sisters must be wondering what the heck happened. Same thing for Kyousuke. He’s already fantasizing and banging his head on his room wall. He’s so excited that he couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

Next day he thought Kuroneko is at the doorstep but his happiness is shot down when it is Mikagami instead. He came to talk? Has he no other friends? Apparently. After Kyousuke lets him know he just got a girlfriend, first thing he asks him is when is the right time to touch the boobs! WTF?! Since Mikagami wants to meet his game club members, Kyousuke brings him to school and the first thing Sena thinks this hot guy is, is Kyousuke’s boyfriend! OMG. She is in full BL mode with turbo. Kuroneko then comes in and learns Kyousuke hasn’t really told the club about their relationship yet. Till Sena mentions Kyousuke threatened to fondle her boobs to stop her BL mode. But everyone knows they are dating since it’s obvious. Kyousuke and Kuroneko are surprised as they clear up that they only started dating yesterday. Now this shocks the rest as they throw in lots of questions. They’re just dating? They weren’t dating a long time ago? You mean Kyousuke isn’t into his sister? Yeah. Why would he want to fondle his sister’s boobs? Too much of that and Kuroneko seeks Kyousuke’s explanation. The duo are left alone in the clubroom (sorry, the rest won’t be spying) as Kyousuke explains himself. Regret about that boobs question? Kuroneko understands and feels the same. No, she doesn’t want to touch his boobs, mind you pervert! What she meant was, because they are now dating, she also feels that giddiness. She can’t blame him for thinking like that. Kyousuke boasts he thinks a lot about her but Kuroneko differs. She takes out her notebook called Destiny Record. In short, it contains all the things she plans to do with him. It’s like she’s gotten her fantasies all written down neat and clean, eh? Yeah. It includes step by step rituals on what to do to achieve the goals. Of course they have to do those things, right? And the first step is to date. Then a date it shall be. But of course.

Episode 8
Kirino is not pleased that she sees that sticker on the fridge. Guess who put it there? She is afraid her friends will think she has this brother complex. His intention is to get along better. Yeah. But that sticker in such an obvious place? Kyousuke tells Kirino that he is dating Kuroneko but there isn’t any sudden reaction or whatsoever. He meets up with Kuroneko on their first date. She made a different white cosplay outfit just for this date, complete with angel wings. Serious. Call her Kamineko now! So what is Kyousuke’s first comment? Her boobs got bigger than the last time. Time to move on to their date… So the usual things that lovers do on their date. But since they got so nervous holding each other’s hand (and that was after they’ve done all the outing), they feel they need more practice before they can do this. At the park bench, Kuroneko wonders if he regrets dating her because he never said that this date was fun whatsoever. Plus, she’s never gone out with a guy. He says he enjoyed learning a lot about her. She takes out her notebook and shows him that one of the goals have been achieved (tell him more about herself). She also shows him another wish she wants. A picture of Kyousuke and Kirino getting along well. If that is what she wants, he’ll do it. There is also another wish she wants. That is, to visit her house. And what a convenient that they are both home alone because her sisters, Tamaki and Hinata are out playing and her parents are away. Get the picture. She has him watch an anime video with him. The scene is about to turn into a kissing scene when Kuroneko pauses it and excuses herself. Gulp. Thinking she is taking too long, he checks on her only to see her in the shower! Oh sh*t! What is this going to develop into?! Keep calm. KEEP CALM!

Just then, the sisters return and they are surprised to see Kyousuke. They are happy that he is Kuroneko’s real boyfriend because when she said she had someone special, they thought it was some virtual boyfriend. Hinata becomes the cheeky sister as she questions him with teaser like questions. Now she knows why Kuroneko told them to go outside and play. The thought of wanting to call him b*tch because they always here Kuroneko on the phone calling him as the brother of that b*tch! Think not. Realizing Kuroneko is in the shower, Hinata becomes cheekier. She thinks Kyousuke is going to marry Kuroneko. With Kuroneko out from the shower, she is surprised to see her sisters. It’s too hot to play outside. Hinata continues her cheekiness towards her big sister. Feeling sweaty and taking a bath while her boyfriend is here seems like a lame excuse. And why would she feel nervous if she was sweating? Kuroneko has had it and will re-educate her sister. Not good. See the way she grabs her by the head? I guess Kyousuke will have to excuse himself now. Kirino is playing her game when she hears ambiguous voice coming from her brother’s room. She barges in only to find them playing games. Because Kirino still feels awkward in wanting to hang out with her despite sheepishly calling Kuroneko her friend, Kuroneko feels there is still some gap between them. On another day, Kyousuke waits in Kuroneko’s house to take her out to the festivals. She looks stunning in her yukata. No perverted comments this time? At the end of the fireworks, Kyousuke mentions he had the best summer and won’t forget the moments spent with her. He loves her more than before. So what is next on the agenda? There is one more left… Break up with him. SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT???????!!!!!!

Episode 9
Kyousuke thought it was a joke but he didn’t get any reply. In school, he is told by Sena that Kuroneko has transferred to another school! When? What? Why? Well, nobody told him because they thought they are dating. Kyousuke tries to go to her house but it is empty. She has really moved out. What now? Looks like roles reversal because Kyousuke goes into Kirino’s room and slaps her out from her sleep from some life counselling! That ruined her beautiful dream with some little sister. After learning he has been dumped, Kirino didn’t have the heart to do her usual mocking because Kyousuke is really crying! But she strangles him and then hugs him. She assures him she will stay by his side and leave it to her. She also asks him what if she found someone she loved and dated him. What would he do? She doesn’t want him to answer and knows what he is going to say. They are after all siblings. The duo search for Kuroneko as they got wind she is somewhere in this hotspring town. Wow. Kirino taking the lead for once. She’s so cool. Kyousuke might even fall for her! While resting, that’s when Kuroneko bumps into them. First thing, Kirino grabs her and says they’re here to bring her back. Because she doesn’t want her to leave. Now she wants to hear why she broke up with Kyousuke. She dated him to make a certain wish come true. In other words, is Kirino fine with her dating him? Really? As in truly really for real? Is she sure she isn’t just pretending to accept it? If that’s the case, it’s not the outcome she desired. Kuroneko questions her back about that painful and troubled face she put up when they started dating. If she had accepted them, she would not have put up such expression. Kirino didn’t want her to give all that crap because she held it in. Held what in? Kirino reveals the truth. She hates her brother. Hate x 10. Make that 100. She can’t stand seeing him having a girlfriend and that’s why she pulled that stunt of bringing home a fake boyfriend. So she thought if she said the same to him then he wouldn’t have date anyone because that night when Kuroneko called her to ask for permission to confess to him, she told her to go ahead even though she was against it. But since if it’s a girl who genuinely likes him, who is she to stop her? When they dated, she started regretting it. She felt relieved when he got dumped. But he looked so sad that it made her feel bad. So she got mad at Kuroneko for dumping him and thought of doing something in return. In short, she hates her brother having a girlfriend but hates it even more seeing him sad.

Kuroneko wonders why she has gone to great lengths in pulling all these stunts and her reply is that Kyousuke is her brother and has always helped her. At least now she admits she is grateful to all the things he did for her despite some of them being dumb just to protect her. But Kuroneko wants to hear Kyousuke’s answer. He loves her but dating her would mean driving his sister mad. So what will it be? Who will he choose? Before he could answer, she stops him and declares everything a joke (so why is she shivering?). She lost conscious for a while and when she’s back up, she explains the truth. She is moving to a new city as her dad got a new job assignment. But that city is pretty close to where the siblings are. They moved house because they were given a company owned housing. Although they will be going to different schools, she notes they can still see each other. Kirino is upset she didn’t say all this earlier. It’s because Kirino tried to persuade her so passionately. And all the cats came out of the bag and all the beans got spilled, eh? The siblings visit Kuroneko’s new home. Kirino wanted to know what he was about to say then. His reply was that if she was against it, he won’t date. Till when? Till she gets a boyfriend. But he’ll not like it too, right? Yup. Back to square one. Kuroneko comes in wearing a cat maid outfit. Kirino calls her a slutty cat. Kuroneko shows them a wish she was able to manifest in her notebook. It is a drawing of 3 of them getting along well. They doubt they can be this friendly. Kyousuke is glad this chaotic episode has drawn to a close. The events made them understand each other better. There are times they will argue and there will be times they will help out. That is what being siblings is all about.

Episode 10
A few montages of Kyousuke being beaten up by Ayase for his sexual harassment pranks. And now, he is here to apologize he can’t do that anymore since he got a girlfriend. Just to be safe, she handcuffs him and is still worried about Kirino because it affects how useful he is to her! He thinks this is a perfect chance for her to separate Kirino from her sicko brother so this riles her up and she kicks him out of her room. Somebody unlock the handcuffs please… One night Ayase calls Manami and she heard Kyousuke broke up with his girlfriend. Feeling sorry and guilty for the horrible things she said, she calls him to apologize. She thinks he broke up for her sake but he denies it. She gets upset when she learns that his break up has nothing to with her. Feeling embarrassed too, she snaps and threatens him to come to a Meruru event to talk over something. Come or else! And so Kyousuke puts on that suit again to meet her. He apologizes for the sexual harassment and they agree to put their argument behind them. Then they go meet Kanako and Bridget at the backstage. Some chatter that I don’t really care. What I heard: Kanako calling Kyousuke a sexual harassment manager; Kanako wants to turn him into her lackey for today; ClariS is going to be at this event and Bridget likes this group but not Kanako. Kyousuke gets a message from Kirino that her model shooting will end late due to the busy schedule and can’t make it to the event. Kyousuke excuses himself to go pick her up. The event is going to start soon. Can he make it? And so Kyousuke peddles like mad into the photo shoot set. People might think this crazy guy is some sort of stalker. Yeah. He came in a bicycle filled with Meruru theme! It must be embarrassing for Kirino to admit he is her brother. All the crew set upon him so Kirino has no choice but to admit who this guy is. She is surprised he is here to pick her up for the event. But why the bicycle? Traffic. The bike’s getup? He borrowed it from Mikagami. Can they make it? He assures they can. Misaki tells Kirino to go as she is and cuts the dress so she can move easily. Doesn’t this make Kirino’s lower half a little more visible? So Kirino rides pillion as she argues this must be his chance to do something perverted on her after playing too much eroges. He doesn’t think their body contact will amount to anything perverted since they’re siblings. Kirino may have to live with the embarrassment as Kyousuke cycles through the public roads. And they’re only halfway there. Peddling like mad. Going uphill… Oh boy. When they finally arrive, Kanako’s performance has ended but they’re just in time for ClariS’ performance. Kyousuke takes her hand to their seat as she thanks him.

Episode 11
Mommy is suspicious that something is going on between Kyousuke and Kirino. Because Kirino never addressed her brother properly. Now she does. And she discovered that sticker on the fridge. Since when they became this close? It’s a good thing, no? As for daddy, he thinks it’s time for Kyousuke to live by himself. He already has made arrangements for his own apartment. Since Kyousuke needs to study for the entrance exam of the college of his choice, when he proves himself and gets an A, then he can come back here. It will also improve mother’s trust in him. Kyousuke tells Manami about this and she thinks it will be fun to have everyone gather for a housewarming party. Surprisingly, Kirino is the first one to visit since she feels responsible for getting him kicked out. She even buys him a fridge. In addition, she gives him an eroge to play since once in a while he needs some distraction. Does he really need this kind of distraction? If he does get an A, she will gladly do any one thing for him. Later he gets a call from Kanako, bugging him to be her manager again. I don’t think he is interested so she asks for his address so she can come over. First, her cooking sucks and then she finds that eroge underneath his futon. I’m sure there is a limit how Kyousuke can deny it is not an eroge. It’s a picture of a woman eating sausage… Kanako is suspicious he has such a game because he might do lewd things to his sister, which is what this eroge’s theme is on. Kyousuke is surprised that she knows Kirino is his sister. She saw them coming to the event together and that they both have the same surname. All she needed to do was to connect the dots and confirm it. Kyousuke explains about their fake date and the eroge Kirino forced upon him. But Kanako still believes Kirino couldn’t be an otaku as she doesn’t act like one. She thinks she was at the event to support her. I guess Kyousuke has got enough of studying that he decides to look up on the internet for pictures of sexy Ayase!!! WTF?! I suppose he can do this since he isn’t dating Kuroneko anymore. Beats playing the eroge, right? There is a website of her but let’s say the pictures lean towards cute instead of anything racy. Never knew such a splendid site exists? Bookmark it! He also notices a Kirino fan group too.

Early next morning, someone knocks on his door. As he trips and sprains his ankle, he crawls up to it but the impatient person has unlocked the door and she turns out to be Ayase. Thinking he is going to do something perverted, she kicks him. Once things calm down, Kyousuke wants to know how many strings she pulled to get a copy of his house key. He fears she is going to kill him when she takes out a knife. Don’t worry. It’s his present. Couldn’t have given something better, could she? She has heard from Manami about moving out and the condition to move back. Kyousuke is also devastated to learn Manami also wants Kirino at the party because he knows Kirino doesn’t like her much. They’re going to clash. But Ayase says Kirino is different in school. She’s like an angel. That’s why she was surprised to learn Kirino’s otaku side then (from last season). Somebody rings at the door and it’s Kuroneko. Oh no. When both women see each other, you can sense sparks are going to fly. Why does Ayase sound so concern when his ex-girlfriend visits him so early? Kuroneko replies even though they’re not dating anymore, his soul will always be hers! Seems whenever Kyousuke talks with one of them, the other don’t want to be left out of the loop. This is going to be troublesome. Ayase accuses her of no longer as Kirino’s friend because she didn’t respect Kirino’s wish that she wants to be with her brother. Kuroneko launches a scathing attack back. She doesn’t care if the siblings have sex (yes, she puts it bluntly this way) because she knows her better than anyone and wished for nothing more than her happiness. If Ayase falls for Kyousuke, can she give him up for Kirino? So the girls continue their catty talk. Ayase accusing her of being here early just to be alone with him. Kuroneko questions her relationship with him and she replies a sexual harasser and a victim! That’s for fun only, right? Because they both won’t budge, the intensity suddenly turns the scene into some fantasy battle. WTF. They’re doing this just to see who can stay with him longer? I hope they don’t kill each other. Otherwise Kyousuke has nobody to sexually harass or date again. Haha! So when they leave, Kyousuke invites Kuroneko to the party as well as Saori too. She wants to talk to him about something but he apologizes that he can’t go out with anyone till he patches things up with Kirino. She understands and will look forward to that day. Meanwhile Kirino must be having some empty nest syndrome as she bums around in Kyousuke’s room, lying on his bed. Maybe she’s even lying when she murmurs he doesn’t need to come back.

Episode 12
The girls slowly arrive for Kyousuke’s housewarming party. Fireworks could have start between Kirino and Manami but before Kirino could start her yelling, Kyousuke tells her to listen to her out first. What Manami wants is to patch things up but Kirino agrees to do that on another day. Today is not it. Okay. Temporary truce. When Ayase streams in, she was expecting some war to start! Disappointed? Of course Kirino wants to ‘talk’ to her after hearing she is responsible for lots of things behind her back. Kyousuke hears Kanako calling outside. She made him a bento and saw lots of girls entering his apartment that she thinks he’s having an orgy!!! Kirino and Ayase become angry women upon knowing Kyousuke is friendly with Kanako. The Meruru cosplayer didn’t help when she lies she’s going out with him, thus why she makes him a bento. Get a taste of Ayase’s super kick! The gang have their party outside since Saori asked permission from the landlord as his room is too small to fit. The party is going on well till Kanako brings up the touchy subject about the bento. Or rather she doesn’t want him to accept food from other girls. This leads Kuroneko to assert she is the one who will be doing that job. Sparks already flying… Then Manami interjects to take care of him. Not only his meals but cooking and cleaning as well. Oh, Saori too would like to offer that because she is rich and has so much free time. She’s pretty cool in everything till Kanako insults she is ugly. No more nice lady. So Kyousuke. Who is it going to be? Pick! Interestingly, it is Kirino who tells them to stop it because Kyousuke came here to study for his exam and cannot afford to be troubled by them. But surely there needs to be somebody who needs to take care of him, right? Kirino appoints Ayase for the job. Because she is dedicated, cooks well, doesn’t have to worry about her studies and more importantly, she hates him, right? Therefore she trusts she is the best girl for the job. Can’t say no to that, can’t she?

And so Ayase becomes like a tsundere housewife to Kyousuke and I think she’s enjoying it despite some moments she threatens him with the knife when she encounters some unlikely situations. Like his porn magazines. I guess with her coming every day till late at night, it’s hard for him to concentrate because… She’s in the shower! Tempting, isn’t it? True enough, he lets his perversion get the better of him. As he is sneaking in to peek, somebody rings the doorbell. It is Hinata and is sent by Kuroneko to check on him. When Ayase finishes her shower, both girls are shock to see each other. And the misunderstanding begins. Did he turn into a lolicon while she was in a shower? Did he move out of the house because of another woman? Kyousuke, please explain. One night while Kyousuke is studying, Ayase starts her long chatter. Let’s say it’s to thank him for helping her make up with Kirino and everybody, etc. She apologizes for lying and saying mean things and despite all that, he helped her. Kyousuke says he did it out of his own free will and also apologizes his part for lying. A month later, Kyousuke takes the exam and aces. He takes a last look around his apartment because all his stuff has been moved out back to where he once belonged. Outside, he sees Ayase. First she chides him with all the vulgar names. Then she turns emotional about him being a kind person. In short, she loves him. However he rejects her because he loves someone else. Ayase sounded like she could turn yandere with that heartbreak. She throws a tantrum he is so cruel. Because he has always been sexually harassing and wanting to marry her and this is what she gets in the end? Because she’ll kill him if he doesn’t go out with her. Kyousuke won’t budge from his decision. She blames him that he did all those things to make her fall in love with him. How will he take responsibility for breaking her heart? Kyousuke is prepared to receive her kick but to his surprise, she pecks his cheek. Goodbye. I hate you. She’s smiling when she said that?

Episode 13
In this flashback episode, we see how Kirino was inseparable to Kyousuke. Because he helped her out, fixed her stuffed doll, she admired him like a big brother like how all little sisters would. As they grow up, he started to slowly change. For example, he became reluctant to bath with her. Kirino understood the meaning of jealousy when he saw him tutoring Manami. She tried to go where he goes but she can’t keep up with his speed and stamina. She was told if she wanted to, she has to keep up with him. And so it began, Kirino’s athletic training not because she hated her brother but rather she wanted to show him and make him eat his own medicine. Before she knew it, her brother has totally changed. She confronted him about being lazy and lacked the drive he once had. To her dismay, he replied he has stopped all that and wants a quiet life. She got upset and claims he is not her big brother. Not the person whom she once looked up to. She ran over to Manami’s place, blames her for taking her big brother away and wants him back. But Manami coolly told her she can’t. Because the big brother she looked up to never existed in the first place. Kirino left in tears. Even when Kyousuke came to her aid, she refused help since she doesn’t view him as her big brother anymore.

Kirino then took up modelling and met Ayase. They become friends as the latter ask the reason she became a model. It was someone she looked up to. He isn’t around now and when he comes back, she hopes to show it to him that she has surpassed him. Kirino continues to ignore Kyousuke and is bothered with Manami’s words that siblings can’t possible fall in love with each other. She continues working hard till one day she had her first fateful encounter with the world of eroge. It was about a little sister and her big brother. Before she knows it, she sneaks out to get copies and become a started buying up books, magazines and games related to eroticism. Happy, isn’t she? That’s when she became an otaku. She spent her days and nights playing her eroges and fell in love with the little sister themes. Of course she couldn’t let her friends especially Ayase find out and even had to lie just to cover it up. Eventually she reached her breaking point and that’s when she had Kyousuke come into the picture with the life counselling. It was also something she thought she would find that she had lost. Indeed he helped her out by making friends and listened to her. Worried about her and even fought with dad to protect her. He did his best all for his little sister. Now, he might think he is just a normal guy and nothing amazing in any way. But she knows that he will never turn down his little sister if she seeks help.

Episode 14
Kyousuke’s mind is clouded with thoughts of Ayase’s kiss and time spent with Kuroneko. He needs to do something. He goes to meet Kuroneko and wants to say something but starts off with a pathetic cry. Then when he tells her, it’s her turn to feel the heartbreak. I guess I know what part of it says. After all that fantasy talk, she rips the notebook apart to free his cursed soul. Crying her heart out, she has turned into a dark angel of revenge called Yamineko. She curses everyone, everything and especially Kyousuke. There. Happy? Back home, Kyousuke asks Kirino if she would like to go out with him on Christmas. Why the heck would she do that? There is an event whereby couples get a free Christmas themed limited edition rare gift. Let’s say it’s some erotic character figure. And so at Akihabara, they bump into Akagi and Sena impersonating as lovers to get that same gift. After getting it, Kyousuke suggests to see the place at night because it would be a waste if they don’t. He has booked a hotel room. Not a love hotel, mind you. To bide time, they play eroge and she wishes Merry Christmas to her ero game character. At night when it’s snowing and outside Tokyo Sky Tower, he asks her plans for the future. She plans to study overseas again after graduating. But she’ll come back more often and won’t fail like the last time. Kyousuke wants to confess to her the person she loves but she stops him, starts crying and runs away. You can’t catch a fast runner, can’t you? He looks so pathetic running out of breath but he doesn’t give up.

He prays to God for some sort of vehicle to ride and He must be kind enough because here comes Kaori driving Saori and Kuroneko. Hop in. Actually, they hatched this date plan together so they know just about everything. Yeah. They’re stalking too. Kyousuke learns that both sisters have made up after years of misunderstanding. Just when they find Kirino, there is a traffic jam. Now he has to go on foot. When Kyousuke catches Kirino, he confesses that he loves her. Has he become a retard and can’t tell reality from his games? Suddenly a loud speaker is played. It is Kyousuke’s talk to Kuroneko when he rejected her and can’t go out with her because he is a pervert who loves his own little sister! Is that embarrassing or not? Yeah. Sweet revenge for Kuroneko? Kyousuke admits that is the truth. He rejected all the other girls so he could confess to her. He laments he hasn’t even touch their boobs yet! But he has no regrets. Even though she is out of his reach and there is a high chance she will reject him, afraid she will shun him or feel hurt, he is scared she will go back to ignore him because they were recently on talking terms again. Despite all that, he just need to tell her how he feels. Kirino finds it gross, calls him the worst and hates him. Because love affairs between siblings only happen in games, right? Kyousuke tells it to her. He wants her to stay by his side. HE WANTS TO MARRY HER! Tears of joy streaming down Kirino’s cheeks? Because she said yes!!! And don’t they find it embarrassing doing this in public because for the entire conversation, they have been yelling at the top of their voice.

Episode 15
Reality check. Siblings can’t marry, right? What are they going to do about it? Kyousuke wants to talk about their future plans as this will be life counselling for both of them. But Kirino wants to play her Christmas eroge now. She wants him to play with her but right as she starts, she stops. Her mixed feelings make her unable to go on. Kyousuke then gives her a Christmas present. Is this supposed to be an engagement ring?! He is really serious in proposing to his sister, isn’t he? He puts it on her finger. Fits perfectly. Of course Kirino again reminds him they can’t marry due to the law. But she notes if he didn’t confess first, she would have because she wanted to convey her feelings no matter what. Then as they continue their eroge, it had to be a sex scene. Awkward… The duo announce to Kuroneko and Saori that they are dating. They congratulate them and it’s good in the sense that Kirino will now stay in Japan. After all, it’s their decision. Also, things are back to normal when Kirino and Kuroneko argue about Meruru. Their intensity is shown when the scene becomes a delusion and the girls battle it out in their magical girl outfits. Kyousuke has no say in it and since he remembers Kanako forcing him to come to her concert, he takes his leave. Just when Kanako finishes singing her song, she focuses the spotlight on Kyousuke. Then with all her might, she confesses she loves him and wants him to date her. With an equal passion, he yells back he can’t as he already has a girlfriend he loves. Rejected. No hard feelings. Kanako resumes her song and her otaku fans continue to love her as though this confession never took place. Man, I thought everybody would have clobbered him. But since he rejected her I guess that’s okay.

When Kyousuke wakes up, he is shocked to see Kirino sleeping next to him! He then tries to touch her breast! Of course she is only pretending to sleep and accuses him of being a pervert. Thanks to all those eroges… So why sleep with him? She wanted to see his reaction. Then she brings him to her room. Due to some couple ritual, they will now put things in each other’s room. Yeah. All her Meruru figurines and eroges will be in his room. Or is it she doesn’t have any more space? Hey. He’ll move some of his things into her room too to be fair. Kyousuke remembers a box that she didn’t allow him to see. Now she does. There is a photo album containing pictures of young Kyousuke! Didn’t know she had this brother complex, eh? She then has him listen to her self-recordings. One of the early recordings explains she is doing this so that when her future self hears them again, she won’t forget about the bitter feelings she has right now (then). It’s supposed to give her encouragement never to lose. Another recording is how she will work hard to catch up to her brother. The last recording is from the time right before they stopped talking to each other. Kirino pondered about her future self, whether she is married or not. From what she was saying, she might have learnt the bitter truth about siblings cannot marry. She decided not to say anything because everything will fall through then and ruined. As she will only get one chance, when that time comes, she hopes she could summon her courage and look for hints on how to make things work and the person she loves to love her back.

Episode 16
Besides graduation day, we discover that Sena is going out with Makabe. Who would have thought the yaoi girl who always used Makabe as her ‘victim’ in her yaoi fantasies would end up together? Akagi isn’t sure happy about it, though. Sena also knows about Kyousuke dating Kirino but she rat on him. After the graduation ceremony, Kyousuke is surprised to see Kirino waiting for him outside the school gates. What? Can’t she go see him if hers ended earlier? It seems today is the day of the big battle. The big final battle between Kirino and Manami. Oh boy… With Kyousuke in between the girls, Manami starts off telling the siblings that they should have had enough and come back to reality. Kirino is being a b*tch mocking Manami as she puts on a very bitter face. Man, I have never seen Manami with such an expression. Before Kyousuke could stop his sister, Manami punches her in the gut! OMG! I never knew Manami could do this! That is her reply of how she is feeling. Kirino isn’t going to turn tail and cry. She slaps her back! Slap fest! Hair pulling! And Kyousuke who is trying to stop them gets punched in both cheeks! Man, this is really a big final battle. I guess actions speak louder than words. They’re blaming each other as the obstruction, blah, blah, blah. But Kyousuke doesn’t agree violence will solve anything. So back to diplomatic mode, Manami is going to bring them back to Earth. She thinks siblings dating are disgusting. Many would. Legally you can’t. And definitely their parents will never allow it. Kyousuke sides by Kirino. Manami asks how would you feel if a girl confesses to you only to be turned down because you like your sister. Likewise, what if a guy confesses to you only to be rejected because you love your brother more? How will you explain it? When you are older, can you say the same thing now?

Kyousuke doesn’t care. He knows what they’re doing is wrong and that people think main characters in eroges are stupid. There are rules and regulations to everything but he will fight them because there is something more important thing to him. Manami threatens to tell their father. Kyousuke begs anything but that. Sounds so lame but he’ll do anything to protect his relationship with Kirino. He’ll even do anything for that. Anything? So how about stop this sibling dating thingy? No can do. So if it comes down to Manami having to reveal it, he’ll just have to live with it. Manami now breaks down. She confesses she has always loved him and wanted him by his side. But Kyousuke drives in the point that again passionately yells he loves his sister. He got a slap for a goodbye. And thus the big battle with Manami ended. But he gets punched by Kirino instead. Let’s say she is worried about him always trying to pull off idiotic heroics just to protect her. In the end, Kyousuke suggests to get married. And here we are, the siblings both dressed in their wedding attire at the chapel. They think back about the 2 good years of highs and lows. In conclusion, they’re glad to be each other’s siblings. What’s there left to do at the end of a wedding? Yeah. They pull off a magnificent lover’s kiss! And then they stop everything as promised. During that night on Christmas, Kirino suggested that they act like a normal couple and make good memories. Once they graduate, they stop and return to being normal siblings. Kirino takes off her ring and walks off the aisle. Hey, they’re not dating anymore, right? In the aftermath, the siblings do return to normal but their relationship is much better albeit a little petty quarrel here and there thanks to Kyousuke’s little perversion. He reminds her about the promise that she would do one thing for him. And that thing is a peck on her cheek! Kirino reprimands him that he doesn’t know how to differentiate game and reality. More life counselling when they get back.

There Is No Way This Anime Is Going To Be A Harem Route
Just like its title and so it ends with almost a sister route. And not. I suppose for legal and moral reasons we can’t really have the siblings end up getting married or else there will be lots of complain calls and emails of protest barraging the studio house. Not to say that I would really care if Kyousuke and Kirino really end up marrying each other and screw with our minds and somehow besting the law to do it (probably illegally), but it would be disturbing too to note that brothers and sisters end up getting married. Probably watching too much animes has caused some sort of numbness in my mind and I would say that despite I don’t condone to brother-sister marriage, I wouldn’t gripe it like as though it is life or death. So it’s like the ending somewhat satisfies both divide. Those who want to see them getting married and those who don’t because eventually was just an act. One last fling before getting back to reality and society. Now you understand why otakus hole up in their room playing their eroges or galges as their reality.

My favourite scene from all the episodes throughout the season has got to be the one whereby all the girls were briefly fighting over each other to take care of Kyousuke at his housewarming party. Also that catty spat between Kuroneko and Ayase at his place. It’s like I’ve been waiting for those scenes to happen and after so long it really did despite just for a short while. I had a feeling this show won’t get a harem ending and it might be sadistic of me to see the girls arguing over this pervert but really, I guess in a way I admitted I’m a pervert too because I do enjoy watching that part. Sighs… What a fleeting dream. It proves that there are girls who really like Kyousuke. From sisters to friends and even a foreigner from America who may have complicated the mix if she was around. This guy is more popular than he thinks. And he messed up that chance just to be with his sister. Well, it shows that he sticks to what he beliefs. It’s both a good and bad thing in a way. In order to protect something he loves, he sacrificed others even if it hurts.

Although I had this feeling that Kyousuke would eventually choose his sister in the end, when the last few episodes approached, it dawned to me that Kyousuke was like ‘killing off’ the rest of the girls in the unofficial harem. You know, he confronts them, says a word or two and then rejects them. Heartbreak for the girl, she must accept reality, she goes away, moves on with life. Each of the girls was a surprise in their own way in the romance department. Like Kuroneko, she was the one who initiated the break up despite things going so well between them. I even thought he might end up with her. It was a little surprising. Probably it’s partly her fault too for wanting to break up as part of her whatever plan in her notebook. Side note: I prefer Kuroneko in her goth loli outfit compared to any other outfit (normal or cosplay) she wears. Then there is Ayase who is constantly the sexual harasser victim in Kyousuke’s books. Is she that fun to be harassed? According to Kyousuke, yes. After being harassed for so long, you think she would develop some sort of hate for this guy. Even a yandere potential! But think about it. Being sexually harassed for so long could only mean that she enjoys it, right? That’s part of being tsundere too. What about asking his help sometimes? It’s like wanting to help out Kirino is just an excuse so that she could see him. So when she really confessed she really likes this molester, it was a bit of a surprise. Even that bratty Kanako whom I never thought would end up as a potential candidate had feelings for him too. But hers felt a little too fast. By the time you realize she likes him and could be a contender, Kyousuke is already on his break up spree.

The most surprising of them all is Manami. I never thought that girl would have a scary side to her. That’s because she has always been portrayed as a gentle and timid childhood friend. She never gets mad and keeps her cool even if the situation is unfavourable. Sometimes you wonder if she really likes Kyousuke or just sees him as a friend and nothing more. So much so that if you want to analyze who would be the front runner in the race for Kyousuke’s heart, she would be dead last from what we have observed. But as demonstrated in the final episode, she provides to be a scary person because she wasn’t the Manami we used to know. It’s like she is the hidden last boss. And she really did put up a fight before getting ‘vanquished’ like the rest. So for Manami, it shows that still waters run deep. I’m not sure about Saori but I am sure she is mature not to get into that tangled mess of relationships. It’s probably my gut feeling that she likes Kyousuke too but treasures her friendship with the rest more so she is not that aggressive. Maybe if she was younger and her feelings still raw, she may have been more aggressive if she really falls for Kyousuke. But that’s just me thinking. I’m not sure about Ria because from the way she sounds, she looks up to Kyousuke as a big brother than a lover. But then again, you can’t really discount her when it involves the feelings and the heart.

I never expected Sena to be part of the harem since she is yaoi crazy and that she is quite a minor character in this season. So for her to even have a boyfriend was another surprising thing in this series. Yeah. Lots of surprises for me this season, no? It would have been a shocker if it really ended up as Kyousuke x Mikagami! No way! Otherwise, it could have been somewhat another draggy season and a slow couple of episodes at the beginning (such as flashback on Saori’s past) if not for that little cat fight that started it all and got me sitting up. Somehow this season I do not feel Kirino is a total b*tch like how a perceived her in the last season. Probably I had a glimpse of how the sibling hatred came about so there was provision for me to understand how it all started. They also spend quite a lot of time interacting together properly compared to the last season (I think). So it’s like the both of them hated each other for a long time when they actually liked each other behind it? That’s confusing. I guess when you’re that age, you’ve got lots of hormones sending in mixed signals. Therefore Kirino is not as hateful as I thought she would be and with her smiling more often and showing a lot more feminine emotions, at least there is a cute side to her. Besides, she is quite independent and knows how to differentiate between reality and game so she’ll be alright. And finally Kyousuke the man himself. Whether or not his siscon developed during his younger days or when the siblings aren’t on talking terms, he will still help his sister no matter what. She is after all his sister. What else reason do you need? And what better way to show your ultimate sister love than to propose and marry her? As a guy who prefers harem, I thought it was really a waste he rejected those girls. I know a harem should come with a variety of girls but I don’t think sisters would feel right. But really. That’s him calling the shots and his preferences so who am I to complain? At least he is straight although he is a little pervert. Hah!

This season’s opening theme is once again done by ClariS entitled Reunion. Another usual anime pop but nothing that attracts my attention. Just like last season too, every episode has its own ending theme sung by the seiyuus of either Kirino, Ayase, Kuroneko, Manami and Saori or a mix between them. The ending animation credits are different too so it gives that little extra motivation for a person like me to stay and watch. However I do not find any of the songs appealing although they a variety of ranges to them. Maybe it is because the song didn’t last more than an episode so it does not reinforce the ‘likeability’ of it. You know, sometimes when you hear a song once, it doesn’t really stick in your head or you may not like it at first. But after a few times, you get to like it as the tune sticks into your head. Thus for songs that do not last more than one episode, there is a high chance that I won’t find them appealing since I won’t purposely go back to listen to it unless it is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very and absolutely catchy and brilliant. Unfortunately as I said, there are none here.

This show might only be fiction but there is always an implication in real life. Perhaps there are people out there who really want to marry their own brother or sister. I can think why this siblings marriage or even incest isn’t as prevalent as LGBT issues is because the numbers or not there. I could be wrong, though. Throughout the ages, mankind’s sexual preferences have deviated so much. More and more people are falling into the LGBT category although the conventional one still remains the big majority. People around the world, some are fighting for their rights as LGBT and some against. So we’re in some sort of transition period in trying to accept the new age relationship. Bad or good? Only time will tell and depends very much on the people involved. In time to come, I think sibling marriages will be just as hot issue as LGBT if there is a sizeable number of people having such preferences. If that ever happens, you can thank anime and all the eroges in the market for that. Oh yeah. Anime. Changing the way we perceive and live life. Okay to marry your sister? How about asking that to your dog as well.

I am sure this anime does not intend to make you love your sister to the point you want to marry her. There are some truths in what Manami said in facing reality too. Especially when rules and norms are formed by society, if you do not follow it, what will others think? How will they react? How will you be treated? It also made me think how long can I carry on in my own fantasy world of watching animes. Everyone in life is moving on. I’m still the same. Watching my animes as usual. I know I can’t do this forever. When will I wake up? Will I be able to? Hard to say because when you love something so much, it’s hard to give up. You become obsessed and infatuated with it. That’s why I can sometimes understand why Kyousuke was willing to give up a lot of things around just for something crazy he cherishes most that society wouldn’t go so far as to. So really, when will be the day I wake up to reality? Maybe I’ll do that in the next 100 years.

Seitokai No Ichizon Lv2 OVA

January 24, 2014

Nobody subbed the extra episode so I also have forgotten that there was actually one. So when Seitokai No Ichizon Lv2 OVA came out (with subs of course), I was in a daze for a while as to wonder whether this series had an OVA to begin with. Instead of pondering and cracking my brains or even do some internet research, I decided to go see this since I have watched both seasons of this anime and it would be a great disservice if I were not to watch the OVA. Who came up with that silly rule anyway?! Oh, it’s me. As usual, this OVA is one of those without any plot. Oh wait. This series never had a plot to begin with. But it is Valentine’s Day and you know what this means. This OVA at least deviates from the usual TV series where the student council sat around in their mindless chatter and shows them trying to do something by giving their chocolates to Sugisaki. Wait a minute. Girls want to give Sugisaki their Valentine chocolates? Am I dreaming?

The Giving Student Council
We see all the student council girls eagerly awaiting the big day to give their chocolates to the sole guy in the student council. And that guy is happy just about thinking about it that he couldn’t do his part time job properly. The line is building up, buddy. And now that day is here. Sugisaki walks into the gates only to be greeted by Chizuru who is talking and acting like a robot. That nervous, eh? This guy is dense not to understand but Chizuru is taking too long so much so some car drifts close to Sugisaki. It is Elise and she is here to give her chocolates. Wow. The girls can learn a thing or two about honesty from her. Now that Sugisaki is happy, he must take responsibility for accepting her chocolates. He cannot sleep with other girls. Gosh. Now the chocolates seem heavy. Lilicia too gives her chocolates but quickly take pictures of him as proof of bribery! Are chocolates considered as bribes? Lilicia explains the chocolate is crafted by the most specialized chocolatier in the world and costs hundreds of thousands. Now this chocolate feels heavy too. Sugisaki realizes he was talking to Chizuru but I guess she already walked away. Big disappointment. Now she is in foul mood. Kurimu is relishing all the chocolates she got from the girls. The happy atmosphere is ruined when Chizuru walks in. There’s this deadly aura. She calls this Valentine’s Day to be a bloody day of massacre! Not good…

Meanwhile Minatsu is receiving lots of chocolates from her juniors. Sugisaki happened to see that and teases her. In her haste, she picked the wrong chocolate (not hers but her junior) to give it to him and realizes too late. Sugisaki deems this an insult and feels disappointed. Meguru cuts in and wants to talk to him in private. She too gives him her chocolate and summons her courage to say that she is only giving chocolates to him and not everyone. Too bad Sugisaki is too dumb to understand what she means. He thinks she is poor to afford more! He is then distracted by other girls who want to give their obligation chocolates to him. He’s a happy girl but Meguru is left ruing his dumbness. And man, Sugisaki is sure a popular guy because more girls pop up to give him their chocolates. Thanks for doing his job in the student council? Since when did that body do something useful for students? Mafuyu watches them and is not thrilled. As she approaches him, Sugisaki receives a call from his sister Ringo. Looks like she has learnt some new words from Asuka. She’s calling her brother Eternally Wet Dreaming Virgin Onii-chan. Upon learning her chocolates are handmade, Sugisaki feels traumatic. Yeah. Last year, he almost died. Don’t worry. Ringo has improved a lot this year. The most is that you’ll faint. Oh sh*t! As Sugisaki gets more chocolates (how popular is he?!), he bumps into Minase. She still hasn’t lose touch of her sarcasm as she mentions Sugisaki just got out of prison and got gifts for his parole. She also hands him her chocolates. Why does it feel so light? Because she has eaten them! Only 1 left. But Sugisaki is happy and thanks her nevertheless. Hoping to see some sort of emotion or reaction from her? Nope. With that no expression face, she even quips those were his last words. So he’s going to die?

Chizuru is now like a tsundere. Wondering how she will give his chocolates to Sugisaki when that guy pops up. Robot mode again. I think she’s entering meltdown. Before he could run away, she lassos him. Next thing he knows, he is tied up S&M style in the science room. He fears Chizuru is going to kill him or something and starts apologizing like hell. Then Chizuru passes her chocolates. But he can’t be happy as he could see her killing aura surfacing. Scary. But since he ekes out how happy he is, Chizuru starts flustering and becomes the happiest woman in the world. Yeah, she leaves and left him tied up. Happy bloody Valentine’s Day. Minatsu happens to pass by and hears his cry. She thought she was imagining things. You’re not. After letting him down, she sums up her courage to give her chocolates. No screwing up this time. This is truly hers. She also panics which causes him to panic because she isn’t like the Minatsu she knows. Tough girl acting also so blushing? Besides, didn’t she just admit she likes him? Can’t blame him if he doesn’t know how to respond. Outside, Sugisaki comes into Mafuyu and she too hands her chocolates. At first he is suspicious because it is handmade and Mafuyu isn’t good at cooking either. So as not to disappoint her, he mentions how happy he is. He opens it and finds lovely pink hearts. Wow. Not bad. Well, it was either that mould or a life size Nakameguro chocolate for him! I think he’ll stick to this one. He takes a bite and since it tastes good, Mafuyu leaves with a happy feeling.

Kurimu is waiting for her pals to enter the student council room so she bides her time by eating some of the chocolates. She is surprised when Sugisaki walks in. She didn’t waste any time in giving Sugisaki her chocolate. He becomes the happiest guy in the world to receive chocolates from the president although she says she only did it because he pestered her all week. Accepted wholeheartedly! She tries to find the right word to say it is obligation chocolate but messes up. This has Sugisaki wondering if it is chocolates to begin with. But he is grateful after learning this is Kurimu’s first time in giving chocolates to a boy. It’s like they both wanted to say something but were interrupted when the other girls enter. So you think Sugisaki is going to live happily ever after? Well, consider Valentine’s Day chocolates as a debt he must repay with his life. Because there is White Day to consider! Oh no. For Chizuru she wants a condominium, for Minatsu a boxing sparring partner, for Mafuyu a video of him with Nakameguro making out their twisted love and it’s the top 100 pastries for Kurimu! Can he accomplish all that? Impossible! Yeah. The girls are just joking. Or not. He promises he will get them something full of love in return. He’d better.

It’s Tough Being Popular…
Well, it was fun seeing this OVA. Even fun and mind boggling to see Sugisaki being swamped with girls who really want to give this guy their chocolates. I don’t remember he was such a loser but I don’t remember him being this popular. It suddenly makes me feel like a loser! How did this perverted guy suddenly have girls giving him chocolates? I never got one in my life! Because I don’t live in Japan, I suppose. I guess he really worked his way up, huh? Also, he wasn’t that perverted here so it makes me wonder if he has really changed. Maybe not. Just for this day with all the girls acting so strange, he perhaps didn’t want to push it by taking out his perversion. Or else, he might not get a single chocolate. While this proves that the student council girls love Sugisaki in their own, they still love teasing him because he’s such a fun guy to be teased. They love watching his reactions, huh?

Even girls who aren’t part of the student council love him. Elise and Lilicia for instance. Though Elise is straightforward (and dangerous in that sense), Lilicia like a tsundere despite threatening with all the scoops and scandal, you can feel that her actions are because she likes him. Though I doubt she’ll ever admit it. Even with Meguru in the picture despite another cameo one, it shows that indeed this girl really likes him. I also believe that Minase also likes this guy. Just that she doesn’t show it very obviously. Otherwise why bother talking to him, right? Despite all the insults and verbal abuses, in a way that’s like her version of love to him, no? Or maybe she’s just toying around. Looks like the only girl who didn’t get to give Sugisaki her chocolates or even show her nose in this OVA is Magiru! I have a feeling she doesn’t give a damn about anything. Even if there are those who are willing to give their chocolates, she’d just eat them without any appreciation. Oh I almost forgot. Another girl that didn’t show up is Asuka. I assume it will be as lively and chaotic if she did hand over her chocolates. If I remember, Sugisaki did reject her to be his girlfriend and aimed for a harem to make everyone happy. But still it doesn’t hurt to give her chocolates, right?

And so now that the happy part is over, there comes the burdensome part in White Day. But that will be another story. Yeah, it’s going to be real tough for him to fulfil it. But I believe that this guy can do it because he is sincere and wont’ go back on his words. Just a little perverted at times. Whether Sugisaki or everyone knows it, he has already amassed his own harem so in that sense, it is not a bad achievement. The tough part is maintaining it and for them to go on this way as long as possible. Because you know, nothing really lasts forever. Not even the chocolates you received on Valentine’s Day because they have an expiry date. So eat them while they’re still edible instead of keeping them as souvenirs, okay? The best love is through the stomach instead of something kept for visual appreciation in your drawer. Oh wait. Isn’t that the way to a man’s heart?

Magical Star Kanon 100%

September 20, 2013

I suppose Tenri-hen wasn’t enough so they had to release an OVA spin-off of one of the characters. Kanon to be exact. So before we get our next season of The World God Only Knows, we have Magical Star Kanon 100% as our appetizer. And as the name suggests, Kanon takes centre stage for this OVA instead of Keima who only makes a stinking cameo appearance. This is Kanon’s episode for Kanon fans. And how she uses the powers of magical girl to catch a Loose Spirit with that moe blob Elsie. Magical girl? Just watch it.

Who Is Imouto?
Don’t get the wrong idea that since Kanon is a pretty popular idol, this entire OVA will be about her concert. Singing all the way. Wrong. Nothing like that. Elsie loves Kanon so much that she wants to see her (ironically they go to the same school). Then it is like God smacks her with a sign for that chance because today is the day Kanon will be holding an audition to find a ‘little sister’ for her weather forecast programme. Eager beaver Elsie heads over but was only kicked out because she has not registered earlier (I suppose they don’t take final walk-ins) and she is not a little girl. How rude. She is over 300 years old! WTF. Then her sensor starts beeping and she sees a Loose Spirit entering the building. Feeling the need to catch it, she barges through security to look for it. But has the Loose Spirit taken over Kanon? Because when Elsie follows the scream, she sees little Kanon! She has turned into a young girl! However her sensor doesn’t detect she has been possessed by a Loose Spirit. Kanon is of course in a panic as she still has a job to do and can’t go out like this. Don’t worry. Elsie will help her. I think I’m starting to worry. First, she calls Keima for help. That guy isn’t interested because he is playing his video game than to give a sh*t about her problem. Loose Spirit is her specialty, right? So do something about it yourself! Because Elsie took too long talking, Kanon has wandered off herself.

The security finds Kanon and thinks she is a lost girl and one of the audition participants. Even her manager, Okada thinks how similar this little girl is to Kanon and takes her to where the participants are waiting. How ironic. Kanon auditioning to be her own little sister! Kanon meets the other girls and one of them, Kozue seems to have low self confidence if she could win it. A shocking surprise for Kanon: The grownup Kanon walks in onto stage! Who the? What the? That is obviously a fake and Elsie knows because her sensor is ringing like mad. Of course she is kicked out when she points out the fake. The audition begins with the little girls each doing their own talent. The production staffs are puzzled with ‘Kanon’ because she is acting odd and not responding to them. Elsie talks to Kanon outside that she suspects the Loose Spirit is impersonating as her so it could find the girl with the largest gap in her heart. When it is Kozue’s turn, the fake Kanon stands up. Before anything can be done, Elsie barges in with mini Kanon in her hand to claim this is the real one. Seriously. Will anybody believe her? Kanon thinks hard and the only way to prove it is via her singing. She starts singing and this causes the fake Kanon to go berserk. It starts attacking the place and kidnaps all the little girls.

I don’t know how but because this is like some sort of dream, Kanon uses her magical power to transform herself and fly up to the roof. Don’t even ask. The Loose Spirit is sucking the essence out of the little girls when Kanon confronts it. How is she going to deal with it? She’s going to sing of course. It is the only effective way to deal with it. The light in her song weakens the Loose Spirit and reverts herself back to her normal size. I’m sure Elsie can’t screw up now in containing the Loose Spirit, right? Right. Phew. Thank goodness. Kanon collapses but with a smile. When she wakes up, the rest of the production staffs are puzzled that everybody had just dozed off. Was it all a dream? But apparently Kozue is awed with Kanon because she saw her doing her magic. Kanon hopes it would be a secret between them. Elsie goes home, happy with her catch and pondering if she should team up with Kanon instead of stupid Keima. But she feels something amiss. Like her capture was incomplete. A little Loose Spirit then touches her and she shrinks into child size. So this is the culprit. Looks like another chase is on. Lastly, Kozue wins the audition to become Kanon’s little sister.

The Magical Girl Idol God Only Knows
I guess this OVA is fairly okay. Those who are fans of the series and especially Kanon would pretty much like this although there is nothing much to shout about. Elsie is still a klutz but there is promising hope that she can still improve. I’m praying a lot for that to happen. The best point of this spin-off is just the songs and Kanon as your typical idol sings them in her typical cheery and upbeat style. Not to say that I am totally in love with them nor have I become a Kanon convert, but I get this sunshiny feeling when I hear all the songs she sings for this OVA. Especially the ending theme, Kimi Iro Love Song. It’s quite fun to hear it and with cute lyrics like “I need your pika-pika”, you certainly can’t go wrong there. So with Kanon aside, I hope now that I am ready for the next season of the main thing. Maybe Elsie and Keima should try a musical and sing their way to capture those Loose Spirits. Nah! I prefer seeing him being the suave smooth operator.

Finally after all these years of waiting, the end has finally come. Or at least that is what the name in the title suggests. When Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu ~Finale~ came out late in 2012, I guess I was in a way relieved to see that they would be bringing a close to another one of those animes that spanned a couple of seasons but left hanging as to whether our main couple would officially end up together or not. Don’t worry. This finale will answer that question. Instead of turning it into a TV series, the finale is made into a 4 episode OVA. I suppose this cuts out all the unnecessary fillers and get to things as we hit the final stretch.

For the uninitiated, this series is about this guy, Yuuto Ayase who meets Haruka Nogizaka. A seemingly perfect lady-like girl from his school harbours a deep secret: She is into the otaku culture of anime, manga and games. If anyone finds out about it, you can imagine the scandal and how bad the family name is tarnished. So Haruka relies on Yuuto help out with her secret hobby as they grow closer to each other. Of course with other characters like Haruka’s cheeky little sister Mika and her personal maids always spying on her and a love triangle threatening to throw their delicate relationship into chaos, is it all worth it to keep something like this a secret? For Yuuto and Haruka, I think they know what is more important to them.

Episode 1
Shiina waits with baited breath near the school gates. She tells herself this is the day she will do it. This is where their future begins. Just when she is about to speak to her wanted man, to her dismay she sees Yuuto walking in and talking with Haruka. He didn’t even see her. I guess the plan is yet again postponed. Back at Yuuto’s home, he was expecting everyone to discuss about their upcoming field trip at Hokkaido. What he didn’t expect was that it turned out to be a party! He’s the only guy. The rest are all girls. Haruka, little sister Mika, Shiina and her friends, the maids, big sister and the drunkard teacher. Why do I have a bad feeling about this? True enough, they start fooling around instead of discussing the necessary. Haruka gives him her guidebook (horrible drawing still, eh?) to him but Shiina doesn’t feel comfortable seeing how close those 2 are. The highlight of the night is King Game. Somehow, God must be cruel because for almost every turn, Yuuto’s number gets called. He has to do ambiguously perverted looking acts on the girls. Shiina lamenting when she will be called finally gets her turn. It might be the best one yet because the king’s order was to play newlyweds. While Yuuto is totally embarrassed, Shiina seems to be enjoying it. I think Haruka is worried too. The final King Game is the ultimate one. A steamy kiss. Guess who is the lucky guy? Oh heck. Yuuto is the only guy! So who is going to be the lucky girl? Drum roll please… It’s… YUKARI! Oh sh*t! Drunk teacher tries to seduce him into giving her a kiss. I don’t know how but perhaps out of desperation, Yuuto slips out with some body substitution technique and let her kiss a frog doll. It won’t turn into a prince, I guarantee. Everybody else teases Haruka and Shiina because before Yukari was going in for the kill, they screamed out for this kissing act to stop.

The gang are enjoying their Hokkaido trip. As usual the Baka Trio are trying to flirt around with local busty babes. Shiina wanted to be with Yuuto but it’s not her day as her friends forcefully take her along. So it’s Yuuto x Haruka time. They spend time at the cookie factory and the pastures while Mika and the maids spy on them. Since they’re being found out (that cow suit was a dead giveaway) they do not hesitate that they will always follow them wherever they go. Because they are ‘worried’. Can you say ‘worried’ with a smile on your face? There are close moments between Yuuto and Haruka (wiping off cream from their face) and accidental perverted situations (Yuuto was riding a horse with Haruka, she rode faster and he had to grab on to her boobs!). At the end of the day, Haruka hopes they can go out like this again (after a lot of flustering). Shiina waits for Yuuto to return at the hotel’s lobby. I guess it’s really not her day. She waited for a long time and what does she get? Yuuto walking in with Haruka? Is she going to postpone it again? While soaking in the public bath, she remembers all the times and close encounters with Yuuto (past season scenes to jog your memory). After that, she has finally decided. She calls Yuuto out to talk to him. She finally confesses she loves him. Oh! How long has it been? Two seasons? Several years later? Guess what? Haruka who was looking for Shiina to return her handphone she left behind at the bath heard everything. No use hiding it now. Shiina respects her as a friend but she can no longer run away and lie to herself anymore. She can’t back down now and refuse to lose. Shiina doesn’t expect Yuuto to answer soon but hopes he will consider about it. Poor Haruka. Teary eyed, broken hearted.

Episode 2
The trio can’t sleep. For different reasons of course. Shiina is so happy she got that off her chest. Haruka and Yuuto probably still reeling from that shock confession. The Baka Trio watching porn… It becomes awkward between Haruka and Yuuto the next day at the zoo (Yukari: “Don’t go disturb the monkeys and capybaras mating”). Mika and the maids know something is wrong because Haruka hasn’t been smiling and kidnap Yuuto to make him spill the beans! Hazuki wants to use her chainsaw to cut it out from him if he doesn’t speak! Though Yuuto didn’t clearly go into specifics, they know it is him to blame. But they realize he is serious when he wants to be left alone for now. They go bug Haruka and she tells them everything. Haruka doesn’t know what to do and her dilemma is whether Shiina’s feelings for Yuuto are the same as hers. Hazuki advises her that only she can solve this one herself. Haruka tries to talk to Yuuto but he always ‘disappears’. Till she receives encouragement of a video promo of her favourite Nocturne Lacrosse anime that she decides to do her best. Just when she is about this close to talk to Yuuto, here comes Shiina. She offers to take him on a tour of the place since this is her hometown. It’s better than some guidebook. Oh dear. Looks like it’s not Haruka’s day. Shiina’s revenge. Haruka becomes distraught and realizes she wants Yuuto to always be by her side (flashback of important scenes together with him to jog your memory). Mika and the maids spy on Yuuto the traitor with Shiina. Hazuki wants to cut Yuuto up. Mika gives her permission. But it’s not so fast from Nanami. It isn’t certain Yuuto has already decided so let’s have faith in them. Otherwise, she already has Alice stationed at the rooftop ready to snipe and take out Yuuto! Holy sh*t!!! At the end of the day, Yuuto sees Haruka’s guidebook and reads her heartfelt comments in it. Then he realizes and needs to tell Shiina something. Oh no. She knows that look on his face. She knows what is coming. I guess her joy was short-lived.

Yuuto rushes off to find Haruka and when he does, he tells her he already gave Shiina his reply. Then he goes on telling her that there is this someone he always wanted to be with from the very first day they met. Yuuto confesses he loves Haruka. That’s good news, right? Haruka is so happy that she replies him that she loves him and always wants to be with him from now on. Yuuto suggests that they keep this a secret since everyone will make a big fuss about it. Haruka agrees since it will be their exclusive secret. It could have ended with a kiss if not for the magnificent fireworks disrupting. When they have returned home, Mika and the maids have a big smirk on their faces. They know what has happened and no use trying to hide it. I guess Yuuto and Haruka aren’t good liars to begin with. See their body action? Mika wants them to spill out what they have already done. None? She thinks Yuuto is old fashioned for not having hug or kiss Haruka yet. Then she asks what does big sister want from him? There is one thing she always wanted. After all that flustering and stammering, she finally reveals she has always wanted to make babies with Yuuto! OMG! Did we hear that right? Does she understand what she just said? Even cheeky Mika is so shocked? Does this mean they’re going to jump into sex?! Well… Apparently what Haruka meant was she wanted to start a doujin circle with Yuuto. Doujin creations = babies. Oh… Are you relieved or disappointed? This year’s summer Comiket is in August and she thought they could participate in this one together. Yuuto agrees to help. And she should stop referring to it as making babies…

Episode 3
Haruka wants to make a game for the Comiket. Yuuto seeks Nobunaga’s help so he gives him all the easy software for first time programmers. Yuuto and Haruka get to work on their scenario. Mika and the maids eavesdrop outside and they hear ambiguous lines such as “Don’t stare at it too much”, “This is embarrassing” and “Don’t hide it. Let me look closely”. Enough to make your mind run wild. So when the busybodies barge in, it seems they’re just discussing their script. Disappointed? Mika is here to give Haruka her mail. Seems she is eligible to participate in Comiket. One day as Haruka and Yuuto are walking together, Haruka suddenly is stricken in fear when she sees the girls from her previous school, Seijukan Girls Academy coming from the opposite direction. She had a torrid time back then because she was shunned by everyone when her hobby was discovered. Though she still feels sad about that incident, she is glad now that she can be proud of her hobbies. The duo finally finish their game. Yuuto accidentally trip and falls over Haruka on her bed. Mika and the maids waltz in. She really thinks Haruka wants to make real babies. At Comiket, Yuuto and Haruka’s booth doesn’t have many customers. At least an old fan still stops by to check out her work. Yuuto goes to thank Nobunaga for helping out and it seems there are several girls who were looking for Haruka’s circle so he thought Yuuto could bring them back to her. When Yuuto brings them to Haruka, she once more becomes stricken with fear. She starts crying and runs away with Yuuto close behind. As Yuuto finds out, those were her best friends at Seijukan and were always together. But when her secret was out, they stopped befriending her and she was devastated. Yuuto says that this is only something she can solve on her own though he will always be supporting her. He believes in her so she should believe in herself.

Haruka gets the confidence to resolve her past and face those girls. The girls admit though they were shocked to learn about Haruka’s hobbies at first, that was just it and didn’t really want to isolate her. Because Setsugetsuka Tennouji told them and everyone else not mix with her. Since everybody was afraid of that Empress, they had no choice but to abide by it no matter how much they didn’t want to. She also made others do terrible things to her. They want to apologize although it has taken this long. Haruka is sad that she felt hurt and lonely through those years. But because of that, she found something irreplaceable and someone who is more precious than anything (hinting Yuuto). That’s why she forgives them. The girls emotionally hug each other and bury the hatchet. With them helping out her booth and Nobunaga’s advertising, their game was sold out. Haruka shouts out towards the sea of all the things she loves. Anime. Manga. Games. Mamiko Noto (WTF – but me too!). And of course, Yuuto. He too reciprocates by shouting out he loves her. She accidentally trips, which is pretty convenient because he gets to catch her and they both hug. Not knowing the usual suspects are spying and enjoying their lovey-dovey moment. Yuuto is resting back home when he is alerted by his handphone tone! The one whereby he shouted out loud he loves Haruka! Gosh. How the heck did Mika rig it?! More importantly, Mika is in a panic because Haruka is missing. The maids are looking for her but to no avail. Yuuto is about to leave when he gets a call from Haruka’s mom, Akiho. She knows about Haruka’s whereabouts because she is going to be married off soon. Say what? She is grateful for him being friends with her but now wants him to forget Haruka. She gets straight with him. What can he do for her? As a member of the Nogizaka family, they are aiming to insure her future. Can he provide the life she deserves? Can he protect her when he doesn’t have the power to do so? Since he is speechless, it’s goodbye for good then. Click. No…

Episode 4
Akiho is in cohorts with Setsugetsuka. Haruka will be married to Tennouji’s second eldest son, Rodriguez.  With this, Setsugetsuka assures that victory is hers. Morning comes. Yuuto decides to go see Haruka to ascertain her feelings. But he is not going alone because he’s got the support of Mika and the entire Nogizaka household maids to tag along. And off they go to Happy Spring Island. Once more, Yuuto can’t understand why the heck should Shiina, her friends, his friends, his sister and Yukari tag along!!! The more the merrier?! So as everyone parachutes down the island, they know they’re going to be met with resistance from the Hellhound SPs. As they make their way to the chapel where Haruka is waiting, the enemies come in waves so Yuuto’s group gets thinned out as everyone plays their part to stop the Hellhounds and make way for Yuuto to advance. Even the Baka Trio and Nobunaga offer to fight them! Seriously?! They want to show that they are not useless after all? Well, we don’t get to see how they fight but if the SPs do lose to them, it just either shows they’re a useless bunch of personnel or that the friends were just hiding their martial arts talent. Finally it is only Yuuto and Mika left and the final obstacle preventing him from reaching Haruka just over the other side is Gentou. He is serious in wanting to see Yuuto’s resolve that he doesn’t hold back his punches! Can this weak kid really stand up to this big and strong daddy? So serious that Mika can’t even butt in and was made to shut up and watch. If he really wants to see Haruka, he must get through him first. Haruka isn’t going to be a sitting duck and wait for her prince to rescue because she too fights the personnel guarding her to go meet Yuuto. However she too is faced with a trial: Akiho. She wants Haruka to show her resolve.

Gentou dominates the fist fight as he mocks Yuuto the weakling he is and he can’t believe this kind of power he has will protect Haruka. Till he starts badmouthing Haruka that she is a disgrace to the family. This works Yuuto up and he gets enough strength to stand up despite being beaten up so badly. His punches are still weak but he won’t back down. Here are more punches from Gentou then. Oddly for Mika despite watching in tears, she can’t help feel that somehow the guys are having fun punching each other. The only downside is that age may be catching up with the old guy so he is starting to tire out. Gentou asks what Haruka is to him. Yuuto’s answer is that she is everything. There is nothing left to be said and wants him to give him all he’s got. Yuuto hits him with all he’s got (including his love for Haruka) and despite this just cracks Gentou’s sunglasses, he admits defeat and praises a beautiful punch he has thrown. He allows him to pass. Over to the other side, Haruka has also won her match against Akiho. For the first time (at least in this episode), Yuuto and Haruka emotionally reunite and hug each other. What’s this?! Suddenly everybody, friend and foe start applauding our lovebird’s heroic efforts?! Is this all a show?! But the only one not laughing is Setsugetsuka. She wants to know the meaning of this. Akiho apologizes for the inconvenience and explains all this was just to test the bond between Haruka and Yuuto as this is part of the Nogizaka family tradition. But Setsugetsuka is still not pleased. Because it ruined her plans to take over as the head of the Tennouji family by expelling a certain annoying girl with the backing of Nogizaka family’s power. She orders her premier security Cereberus to the fore but nobody responds. Then come forth Touka! She claims her subordinates have already taken care of them. Touka is going to grill Setsugetsuka, the former family head for this secrecy in becoming the next family head. Wow. Setsugetsuka is so panicky right now. She’s done for. In the final scenes, Yuuto and Haruka get married. Clumsy Haruka slips so Yuuto ends up grabbing her boobs. This made Gentou lose his temper and wants to chop him up! I guess daddy still can’t let go of his girl… Lastly, it’s all not lost for Shiina because I think she found a new love… I think it’s that guy from Comiket who sat next to Haruka’s booth. Yuuto and Haruka kiss and promise to have more secrets together.

It’s No Longer A Secret!
The end for good? Seems like it. After coming a long way it is good to see that Yuuto and Haruka will finally be together forever. After all, those who have been watching the previous seasons (like yours truly) must be waiting excruciatingly because for all the close hinting-hinting moments together and if they don’t end up married or at least an official couple, we’re going to scream that we’ve been ripped off. Their marriage finally seals it. Although the final wedding scene seems to be rushed but I feel that it is good since you don’t want to spend another episode just to watch all the drama in preparations for their wedding, right? Besides, didn’t many viewers of some American reality star celebrity complain about how they were ‘forced’ to sit through some wedding preparations that unfortunately ended up in the couple in divorce? The one whereby everybody was saying the wedding ceremony was longer than the days they stayed together. You know what I mean.

As said, the OVAs don’t stall in trying to reach this conclusion so for most scenes you see, it might feel a little too fast. Like when Shiina got her turn in ‘dating’ Yuuto, it didn’t even last an entire episode. Just half. It was like they wanted to get her out of the way as soon as possible so that we can continue focusing on the relationship between Yuuto and Haruka. That is what this show is all about, right? Then the final ‘battle’ scene that felt like bringing together all the other side supporting characters in the series to show their few seconds worth of screen time also felt a bit in a hurry. Who wants to see maids, high school boys and young woman fight a bunch of useless SPs when you know the outcome is already so obvious. Thus it is all about the showdown between Yuuto and his future father-in-law and his resolve over Haruka. I think that the last bit of setup was necessary because knowing Yuuto and Haruka, they would have been dragging their feet on their relationship without making much headway. Therefore this fake marriage setup was to give them the extra push and make the all important decision. Thankfully, it worked.

Besides Yuuto and Haruka, the other characters are fun and amusing in their own way as always. Mika and her maids always have fun in teasing them. If Mika can’t have Yuuto as her boyfriend, at least she is now related to him as her brother-in-law. It’s amusing to see Nanami, Hazuki and Alice pull out weapons bigger than they can hide from wherever they conceal them. Nanami’s hammer, Hazuki’s chainsaw and Alice’s sword perhaps serve as just a warning as I have yet to see them really use it on somebody ;p. We know Shiina didn’t get the happy ending she wanted although in the end she has found her own new love. At least she had some precious moments with Yuuto and I wouldn’t consider all those moments they had were in vain because it made Yuuto finally realize whom he loves more and wants to be with. At least he is better than some male protagonists who remain undecided. Worst than those even aiming for a harem ending. Haha! Yuuto’s sister and Yukari continue to be drunkards but they can get their job done when the time calls for it. Just that Yukari is still the same perverted teacher and I worry if she’s teaching her class the right things. The Baka Trio surprisingly show us that they aren’t just useless perverts in the end. All their unimportant appearance in the past just to build up for this important friendship thingy? I doubt it.

When they introduced Setsugetsuka which I believe I have never heard of her, she looked so familiar at first. Then I remembered her surname. Sounded like somebody familiar. It hit me. Where the heck is that tsundere Touka girl anyway? It’s a small world after all. Who would know that they’re sisters? I guess Touka’s final appearance was just to get this b*tch ff Yuuto and Haruka for good. I figure that Yuuto’s feelings for Haruka now burning stronger than ever, even Touka must give up her love for him. Hey, she’s tsundere so she has never admitted her love to him and there’s nothing to worry about. I don’t know why Setsugetsuka hates Haruka so much even till today she couldn’t get over it. Did Haruka do something bad then? Not that I care now that Setsugetsuka has been put away for good. I was even wondering about Gentou and Akiho’s appearance. If they would even appear at all. True enough, they became ‘final stage bosses’ for Yuuto and Haruka to clear. Now that they have cleared the final stage, they’ve been rightfully rewarded with each other, eh? The only character that didn’t appear in here is that idol, Milan.

The OVA still maintains a little fanservice and jokes that we are familiar with during the TV series and not lose sight of its main focus. There are even a handful of anime trivia for us to spot especially the one at Comiket whereby Mika, Nanami and Hazuki were dressed as anime characters from Accel World, Sword Art Online and To Aru Majutsu No Index. Even the next episode preview, hosted by Mika and Nanami, they are dressed in some anime costume. I could only guess Detective Conan… So with the chapter on this series having coming to a close, we see Haruka not embarrassed to hide her otaku hobbies anymore. She has accepted to embrace it and not fear if someone would judge her for who she is based on that. Besides, it is her hobby and not that person’s, right? Say anything you want, she does what she wants as long as she’s happy with it. Now she has moved on with more embarrassing secrets to hide with Yuuto. Want to make a guess what they will be? Maybe this time she’ll be making babies with Yuuto for real. Shhhh! That’s a secret ;p.

I had a feeling this was coming. After all, when I last browsed Wikipedia briefly and saw the many other girls Keima has yet to conquer, I felt that the series wasn’t really about to end yet. How can it when all those beautiful girls have not been freed by Keima’s love. Besides, Keima hasn’t finished playing all the galges he wanted. I suppose that will take longer since he is stuck with this job. Thus to whip things up for the ‘big announcement’, they come up with a double episode OVA called The World God Only Knows Tenri-hen. As the name suggests, it is the arc of one of the girls that Keima has to conquer. Oh, I almost forgot. Along with that bumbling Elsie that is more of a moe blob than anything. So as we see Keima strut his stuffs and charms in his usual to free the Loose Soul, we learn a thing or two that may enlighten us about this entire affair.

Episode 1: Reunion
Keima is glad the summer holidays are here. It is 1,000 hours of non-stop galges! I don’t see the difference she he plays them in class as far as I remember. Unfortunately his first step is impeded because mommy is entertaining her guests who were former neighbours. Keima doesn’t remember anything especially the daughter, Tenri Ayukawa. Mother punches him. Oww. Shy girl Tenri too somewhat doesn’t remember him. With Elsie back from hell and giving Keima some weird present, she thought her sensor went off and tracked a Loose Soul for that moment. Well, maybe. It was like Tenri’s personality changed for that second there. Keima has only galges on his mind as he explains to Elsie why Tenri isn’t what he would exactly call a childhood friend. When Keima reaches to the top of the escalator, Tenri pushes him down! OMG! Luckily he didn’t die and demands an explanation (if not an apology). Suddenly Tenri’s personality changes. She becomes bold and tells him to think because it took her a lot of determination to visit his house. It hurt her that he claims he doesn’t remember her. In that case, she doesn’t wish to be helped. Then she jumps off the railing! OMG! But wait… She’s suddenly walking like normal at the ground floor? Nobody saw that? Elsewhere, Nora Floriann Leoria and her buddy, Ryou Asama have sighted Tenri as their target. Later we see Tenri talking to her other personality and she goes by the name of Diana. She pushed Keima so as to give her a talking chance. It wouldn’t have turned out like that if she hadn’t resisted and moved clumsily. She cautions Tenri that they can’t trust Keima. While spacing out at the sea park, Ryou comes to seduce her cheaply with cheesy romantic words. They are going to push out the Loose Soul in her heart as Nora uses her garment to see what Tenri desires. Keima’s face pops up and she asks if she loves or hates him. Since she is unable to answer, Nora concludes she must hate him and will kill him because between love and hate, hate is always stronger.

Elsie is disheartened when she learns Nora is already assigned to Tenri’s case. She heard rumours that she is always fast in driving out Loose Souls but her failure rate is also high and sometimes makes the spirit even worse. Keima gets another jerk reaction when Tenri came pushing him again. Scattered are all his galges!!! Tenri is too soft to warn him and before he knows her, Nora whisks him away and you hands a note (with lots of badly spelt errors) announcing his public execution at the sea park. Tenri heads that right away and though she tries to argue she doesn’t hate him, Nora isn’t convinced. She thinks Keima is the reason for the gap in her heart and thus the Loose Soul. Elsie wants Nora to stop but it makes her want to torture Keima more. Despite Elsie telling her about going against the rules, those rules aren’t really absolute. Nora agrees to spare his life but will give him a fate worse than death. She uses her garment to find out what he loves most. It’s… Yotsuba! Yokkyun!!! He loves that 2D girl! What the?! Nora destroys that dream of his and suddenly…. I don’t know Keima ‘loaded’ because he breaks free from his captivity and pushes Nora together into the sea. He is one freaking f*cking upset guy. He is going to kill the person responsible for killing his heroine for dramas sake!!! Oh sh*t!!! You’ve made this guy mad. Watch out Nora!!! I don’t know how but she manages to get away. She is picking her weapon to kill him but Ryou reminds her if she does, Elsie will suffer the same fate. She doesn’t care. Tenri doesn’t want to cause Keima more trouble and decides to go home but Diana realizes this is the man who will protect her.

Keima brings Tenri back to his school. He wants Elsie to let Nora capture another spirit and pretend it was Tenri’s. It doesn’t matter if she finds out later. Elsie doesn’t have spares so she goes off to see Haqua who might have some. Keima finally sits down and starts playing his game, lamenting he should have brought more batteries if something like would happen. It made Tenri react like as though he said something similar like this before. Diane tries to persuade Tenri to talk to Keima but Keima wants her to get her act together because end of the day, her Loose Soul problem will still be unsolved. Tenri gets the courage to ask him to follow her. Feeling odd she knows the way seeing she does not school here, Tenri in fact mentions she came here before with him. Taking off a couple of loose tiles on the floor, it reveals an underground passage. It is then Keima remembers something similar. He was worried about his batteries.

Episode 2: Chance Meeting
As the duo trek underground, Keima starts to remember what happened 10 years ago. I guess for him nothing much has change. His face is still glued with the handheld. While walking, while at school. Even the teacher is fed up. So to avoid being nagged, Keima ‘relocates’ himself to the deck of an abandoned ship at the sea park. An earthquake shook the land and he finds that the tide has covered the land connecting to the shore. But he is not the only one on board. Tenri is also there since she had no friends to hang out with in class. Not wanting to get his games wet, Keima spots a hold at the bottom of the ship’s front. Tenri follows him through the dark underground as he uses his handhelds as light source. Don’t worry. He has 8 of them! Plus, he has 100 batteries! Extreme! And still he worries he may run out of them! Best part is, he managed to finish a game! The underground is wide and long. They take a rest but Tenri is scared and hungry. Keima is calm as always giving his sweets to her. Despite putting in new batteries, all the handhelds go dead. Another earthquake rocks the place and a rock fell onto Keima’s head. Maybe that’s why he can’t remember the events after that. While he is knocked out, Tenri saw very bright lights coming closer. It turned out to be hordes of Loose Souls searching for gaps. Of course they sensed Tenri when she starts feeling afraid. They attack her. Keima wants to know how they got out alive but Diana wants him to prepare himself if he is to hear the rest. He doesn’t need to. He figures out the next scene is whereby Tenri met Diana. While the Loose Souls are hovering around Tenri, another bright light appears. This is Diana as she mentions that the Weiss are stunned and thus unable to enter her. Tenri wants her to help at least Keima. Touched by her selflessness, she decides to cooperate and bring them out. Diana enters Tenri’s body and with amazing speed, she runs through the underground with Keima in her arms as the Loose Souls gave chase. They emerge out from the school but by that time all the Loose Souls also burst out and caused the building to collapse. Because Diana is unfamiliar with this Loose Soul thing, Keima explains to her (with hideous drawings). Diana says in her time, they were called Weiss. Keima could tell Diana isn’t a Loose Soul and wants to know her real identity. She is one whom they despise above all because she ransacked hell and sealed them.

Nora and Ryou have found the duo but Diana pins a rock on them while they make their getaway. They come out of the cave but looks like the ship has been relocated a little further away. Keima is baffled since they didn’t pass a huge cavern where Tenri supposedly meet those hordes of Loose Souls. Tenri hands him a weak Loose Soul, one that clung to her when she came here. She wants him to use this to pretend it is her while she hides her presence. On the ship, Keima knows this trick isn’t going to fool Nora because it’s not easy to exorcise a Loose Soul. Elsie returns empty handed. Looks like nobody has got a spare. Keima hands her his and wants her to make it look powerful. Keima vows to Tenri that they will protect Diana. On the ship’s mast, though Keima is convincing in his act that he is Tenri’s love, Tenri on the other hand is panicking. Obviously Nora could see through it. Nora insults Keima’s way of using romance to fill the heart’s gap and Keima throws it back at her that she has never experienced true love. Nora is annoyed and pinpoints Keima as the source of Tenri’s troubles. That’s when Tenri tells her to shut up. She makes it clear she has never hated Keima and has always loved him. It’s a cue for Keima to kiss Tenri. It is a signal for Elsie to release that Loose Soul. It fooled Nora and Ryou as they got distracted in trying to catch it. Tenri passes out from the shock. In the aftermath, Keima wants to apologize for the kiss but Diana says Tenri fainted from happiness. He wants her to explain about how she sealed Loose Souls but Diana will leave it for another day. Perhaps that another day may come sooner because Tenri’s family just moved in as his new neighbour when the previous one just moved out. Still shy, but not as shy as before because at least she could greet Keima and his family.

Love Conquers All
As announced at the end, the third season of the series has been given the green light. And yes, the adventure continues. Not only that, Kanon will also be given a spin-off OVA of her own. With new characters and new insights, I can see that this series will be taking an interesting turn. The more girls Keima frees, the deeper he gets into this hell world and its workings. Will he be able to even save the place itself from something more sinister? I shouldn’t think too far and should just anticipate all the other different girls he is going to kiss… Oops, I mean going to save. Despite having some experience with real 3D women, he is still strong holding on to his love for 2D girls. Just like me ;p. How many more girls will it take for Keima to be converted into a 3D lover? I don’t want to know because maybe I too don’t want to end up that way.

So basically the characters are still the same like how we know them. Keima still loves his galges very much when it comes down in getting the job done of freeing Loose Souls, he still does it with style and charm. Calm as always, I guess as an experienced gamer, that is what you call putting his gaming experience into real life use. Elsie as always is useless and clueless. Still having obsession about fire trucks, isn’t she? Too bad Haqua didn’t make her appearance but in place of another demon like Elsie, Nora seems to be the type that will do anything ruthless and what it takes to get the job done. It doesn’t help when Ryou is somewhat an idiot too and Nora doesn’t treat him well and seemingly using him for her own ends. Will Nora and Elsie become friends or intense rivals? We’ll see what comes. As for Tenri, now that the secrets of her heart are unravelled, will she be the first girl to continue loving Keima? All the girls that had Loose Souls and their hearts freed thereafter, they will forget the lovely moments with Keima. Tenri didn’t get hers evicted. Diana isn’t even considered a Loose Soul but a friend. So there is a chance that love might blossom for a girl even after her arc has ended.

Both the ending themes are sung by eyelis, Hikari No Kiseki and Mirai E No Tobira. Seeing the old girls Keima has captured and new ones awaiting the arrival of ‘prince charming’, you could say that I am a little excited to have another go at this series. All that is left to do is wait for the next season and though I won’t have my hands and time occupied with galges, I have lots of anime series to make up for that. Hopefully some bumbling demon won’t take that away from me because I know I can never do two or more things at the same time like Keima. How does he pay attention to his surroundings and at the same time focus on his games? Is he really God? But if there are girls with problems of the heart in dire need of help, we know who to call.

Seitokai No Ichizon Lv2

April 20, 2013

I suppose some people just love the mindless chatter that goes nowhere. So much so Seitokai No Ichizon Lv2 came out as a sequel. Oh yes. If you remember the group of student council students who spend their time talking and chatting about everything and gets nothing done at the end of the day. Yeah. Student councils are supposed to be useful helping other students with their problems at school but this one just waste their time discussing about things that don’t really matter. That’s why we like them. Hehehe… What else to expect from this sequel? Well, don’t get your hopes up if there is a sudden change in direction that will shock you. No sudden appearance of a mysterious evil character that is hell bent on destroying the world. Don’t expect any mushy-mushy dramatic love story setting. Nor would the group go around the world solving mysteries and unlocking the deep ancient secrets in their adventure. Still the same ol’ student council quintet in the student council room conversing. Sometimes you don’t need slapstick comedy or action thrills and spills to be entertained. Just look how these guys are doing. You may learn a thing or two from it all. Or not.

Episode 0
This is an episode dedicated to Sugisaki’s memories. You could say a flashback episode that tells how he ended up in the student council. It all started when he took up somebody’s advice to play a dating simulation game. He meets the shopkeeper, Runa Minase who is sarcastic and indifferent. Recommend him a best-selling game? Tetris. So it’s his fault for not being specific. Dating games? The kind for sad guys who can’t find girlfriends. You can just feel Sugisaki’s pain in his heart each time Minase says her piercing insults. Which dating game to choose? Reality is the best. Oh, you got to love this girl. Even if she did recommend some, she gave away the ending too. That’s highlighting the game points, right? Eventually Sugisaki did what he should have done from the beginning: Choose on his own. He goes back and plays the game he bought and becomes fixated with the everyone-is-happy harem ending. He soon changes his ways to become the smart protagonist by being polite to everyone, much to their shock. He also wanted something he can be proud of. Because the student council members have 5 seats, four of which are voted via popularity contest and the last one based on excellent academic results. That is called the Blue Chip Seat. He does his best to study hard and is surprised to see Minase a fellow student in Hekiyou Private High School. Her sarcasms are still top notch. She pours cold water on his ambitions to be top because the top student scores perfect 500 points. It’s her way to warn him to stop wasting his time. How can she be sure? Because she is that top student. Oh sh*t… That didn’t deter Sugisaki and for the mid-terms, although not perfect, it is the best results ever averaging 90 points in every subject. Minase continues to be top of the grade with the perfect 500 points. One day he patrons her game shop again and notes how he seems to be the only customer buying games. She notes there is another girl who does the same. Is that enough to keep the store afloat? He wants to know why a smart girl like her enrolled in Hekiyou. She clears the misunderstanding that she wasn’t smart in the first place. That’s why she is in Hekiyou. Studying hard and getting first place brings her happiness. Sugisaki knows he can’t beat Minase the way he is right now but is determined not to lose to her. Though he doubled his study time, he also finds time to spend with his classmates and play his games every day. But this lifestyle is taking a toll.

One day Minase spots him frolicking with his friends. Sugisaki goes to talk to her to say that spending time with friends is also important. Minase warns him if he wants to stand a chance to beat her, he must spend all his time studying. But he doesn’t want to give up anything just for the Blue Chip Seat. Fine. Have it your way. I guess Sugisaki got desperate so he begs to her to give him that seat. Maybe he just got too close just to see her panties… Sugisaki continues to study hard so much so his classmates, especially girls agree to help him study. Starting today, they’ll tutor him all the way till the finals! The final exams came and go. Sugisaki and Minase are the early ones to catch the teacher putting up the results. As the places roll out, Sugisaki gets worried his name might not be even in the top 10. Not even in fourth, third or second… First place goes to… Minase with perfect 500 points. Sugisaki feels doomed but Minase points out Sugisaki too had scored 500 points! It’s a tie for first place! He is so happy that he doesn’t know what to do. Suggestion: Go to the rooftop and dive to the sky! But he is worried how things will work out since 2 people for the first time in history got first place. Minase says she was never interested in the seat anyway. I guess you know what this means. Yahoo! On the day Sugisaki is standing outside the student council room, nervous trying to think what to say to the girls, Minase passes by with some sarcasm like he is ready to be disgusted by the girls’ scream, be a sex offender or even give up his post. She suggests he do what he did back then by blurting out his goal like an idiot. Girls have nice impressions on people like that. Sugisaki thinks back how Kurimu, Minatsu, Chizuru and Mafuyu had each given him encouragement and support in his time of need. It made him want to become someone who could protect women and the harem route where he could make all the girls in the student council happy. A man who can make many girls happy. He opens the door and blurts out he’ll hang out with everyone and bring them happiness. Back in reality, the girls aren’t too happy to listen to his ‘autobiography’ that lasted the entire episode. Boring, eh? Then they change topic on what to name this new anime season. Lastly, they still pick on Sugisaki to erase his presence since they didn’t get any screen time and that the show won’t really last with just him. So… Where’s the happiness? Keep working on it.

Episode 1
I guess a woman’s grudge runs deep. They want Sugisaki to shut up after talking too much the last time. So to get their much needed attention, they pose their pretty faces for us viewers to see. Kurimu’s “Offence is the best defence” means she wants more assertive action taken since this anime has been animated again. Not to do S&M on Sugisaki or have BL developments. I guess they don’t have any fresh ideas so they allow Sugisaki to talk now. They come up with absurd ideas like giving their characters a new twist with super powers, changing the artwork (mature or cute chibi doesn’t really work either) and changing the story. Sugisaki suggests getting a new heroine but he is bombarded with insults he couldn’t even win over the existing ones. Does he even need a heroine? Such heartbreak… He then suggests everyone to go dere but Mafuyu seems to be the violent dere type. He gets punched whenever he tries to touch her. He begs for permission to touch her and when she does, she allows him to massage… Her shoulders. Feeling used? Mafuyu suggests a change in direction for the story since this show has no room for anything new. No. BL doesn’t count… Sugisaki suggests for them to have girls talk. But they couldn’t just find a decent topic to talk or deviate to their own fantasies while Sugisaki is frustratingly trying to keep the boat going.

Mafuyu then suggests thinking of ways to attract new viewers since most who are watching this show are probably old fans. Chizuru mentions about explaining the setting by changing the story with a dramatic setting. Like how all this is Sugisaki’s dream and Chizuru is an undefined life form. Mafuyu wants to try out something and that is to reset everyone’s relationship to the point they are strangers. Kurimu tries to be the nice student council president but the girls are just cold and crude to the point it really made Kurimu cry! Poor girl. I guess play time’s over. It’s best everyone stays the same, eh? So it doesn’t matter what viewers think because ultimately this show is about the student council’s mindless chatter. Mafuyu gives an example about the games she plays. Despite clearing levels earns you nothing in real life, people play them with smiles. Whether with meaning or not, there is value in doing random things. Their interactions are the same. That’s why the student council is special despite achieving nothing every day. Kurimu resolves to move them forward since it will be less than months before hers and Chizuru’s graduation and the Shiina sisters will transfer to another school. Where does that leave Sugisaki? Better get his harem fast. On to the next topic, Kurimu contradicts herself that only development can occur through change. Didn’t she want everything to stay the same? Well, she wants to be an adult since she’s graduating soon. The rest suggest studying more, drink more milk, do more push ups… Boy, being an adult is tough. Oh no. She starts crying again. Later she shoves up to bread rolls to beef up her boobs. WTF.

Episode 2
Despite starting the topic about mutual trust, Kurimu wants to know the culprit who ate her cake! She’s adamant that somebody in this room is the culprit. Find the culprit. Or else! I guess this means Sugisaki has to play along and be the detective. So taking her statement, it seems Kurimu is exaggerating it as a murder. Yeah. The cake ‘died’. Narrating the events that led to this, when Kurimu unlocked the door to the room, the cafeteria lady passed her a cake to eat. Kurimu left to get something to drink but when she returned, the other members were in and her cake is nowhere in sight. She is sure that the first person after her is the culprit. She couldn’t believe that person is Chizuru! However she didn’t see any cake on the table. That statement clears her because Kurimu put it on a chair. Why her chair? To hide it so that nobody could steal it. Harhar… Still adamant that Chizuru is the culprit, Mafuyu and Minatsu then each say they were the first ones in the room. Huh? At least they thought they were. When Mafuyu first came, she didn’t see anybody but left for the toilet. Same case with Minatsu and she soon left after remembering to do something. I guess this is getting too much for Kurimu so to be fair, she accuses all 3 girls as guilty! That isn’t fair! Then the real culprit walks in: Magiru! Yeah, she admits eating the cake. Kurimu feels ashamed for accusing them but a new revelation pops up: She only took a bite (so as to have an alibi that she didn’t eat the whole thing). That means the real culprit is still out there! Magiru even makes up a lie to make Sugisaki suspicious. That she gave it to him! All lies! But she knows who the real culprit is because she passed that culprit in the hallway with the cake in hand. As she is about to reveal, suddenly she experiences painful stomach cramps. They rush her to the infirmary where the school nurse Misaki treats her. The gang things with the timing of the ‘poison’, the culprit was one step ahead in silencing them.

Sugisaki returns to the room the retrieve the yakisoba bread evidence that Magiru was munching before her cramps. Suddenly Lilicia and her sister Elise come in. Elise is still all over Sugisaki and is asking ‘innocent’ questions if she has grown, is she cute, is she sexy, does she make him feel lustful… I guess Sugisaki got carried away and said yes to all of them. Lilicia threatens to call the police! The last straw came when Sugisaki accidentally touches Elise’s boobs so Lilicia whacks him hard on the head before taking her sister away. Don’t worry he is still alive. Yeah. Humans can live till 100 as long as they breathe and get sunlight. WTF. The student council girls return to the room and it seems Sugisaki has got amnesia! They think he’s pulling a fast one to cover himself as the culprit but his apology is genuine. Then they get worried this isn’t really the Sugisaki they know. Thinking of a way to jog back his memory, I suppose Mafuyu tries to brainwash him into some BL situation by telling him he was going out with Nakameguro! Sugisaki realizes he is a useless person before and laments it very much. Then they let him read the mangas of this series. Yup. He’s good for nothing. He assures them he will leave his past behind and lead a normal life. The girls are shocked that he is pure! They seem disappointed. Always bullying and taking him for granted, eh? Now they’re sad the real Sugisaki will never come back. Sugisaki apologizes to them for making them feel that way. Meanwhile as Magiru recuperates it is revealed that the real ‘culprit’ is the cafeteria lady. After she passed Kurimu the cake, she realized it was already past its expiry date and returned to take it back. Plus, the yakisoba wasn’t poisoned and Magiru’s cramps are due to over eating. How shameful. As the girls are prepared to accept this new Sugisaki, the idiot spots Magiru confiscated porn magazines, reads them and returns to his normal self. In an instant, all his memories came back! Like it was never there in the first place. I’m sure the anger is building inside the girls because they worried for nothing. Beat down time. It’s great to have things back to normal, eh? Amazingly he didn’t lose his memories from that. And the blame game of who ate Kurimu’s cake continues…

Episode 3
Kurimu wants the gang to do simulations of their future dream jobs for an early advantage. Really? After pinpointing out the otaku Mafuyu is, everybody agrees. Yeah, they’re really singling her out. Minatsu starts off as a florist and Sugisaki as her customer. But she’s selling things at crazy prices and extorting him for money just for a rose! Do florists carry a bazooka?! Don’t ever come back! Next, Mafuyu wants to be Sugisaki’s wife. Are we hearing that right? Yes. So does he want dinner, bath or… Nakameguro in bed firs?! Oh sh*t! Sugisaki must be really regretting this woman because she’s making him do all the chores while she goes off to bed! He gives her the rose but she scolds him that he should’ve used the money to buy games instead. At least now he knows marriage with her won’t end in happiness. His. Chizuru steps up next to be his lover. Seriously? After a terrible florist and a wife who doesn’t get close to him, I guess this is the next best option, right? Yeah. It is human nature to cheat! So… Chizuru has a degree from Tokyo’s Art of Lovers College? They teach that in college? And her cooking turns out to be… Soy sauce. He can’t drink it all, can’t he? In reality, Chizuru really has a flyer on that Tokyo’s Art of Lovers College and thinks it will be handy to play several people. Dangerous woman… Kurimu wants to be a company president but has Sugisaki work like dog. Yeah, she’s a slave driver making him do all the work and paying him peanuts. Just can’t find motivation to play this simulation, eh? Suddenly everything turns sci-fi and the fate of the world, no, universe, space and time depends on Sugisaki and all that he has done that led to this decisive battle! The other girls return them to reality and remind that they’re here to do job simulation and not enjoy sci-fi.

Kurimu also wants to be a detective and tells of several mysteries that seem to make her the victim instead. Like the case of the frozen mandarin orange melted and became a normal one after she left and returned. A trip that had her slept an hour earlier (since her watch was set back an hour earlier – that’s her fault, right?) and a disappearance case which Chizuru quickly points out she was just lost. Kurimu still thinks the culprit is among them but the rest don’t really believe. So much so this made her cry so Chizuru lulls her to sleep. She’s really a kid… Chizuru reveals that she is the real culprit behind all of Kurimu’s mysteries. Like the frozen mandarin orange, she sent Kurimu out for a while to let it defrost so it wouldn’t hurt her finger nails but she went out too long. She was also the one who adjusted her watch an hour earlier because Kurimu was exhausted from the train trip and wanted her to rest. So the culprit was just a kind person? Kurimu talks in her sleep that she will work hard to make their dreams come true since she won’t be around next year. As they leave, they wonder what Sugisaki wanted to be. He wanted to be with all of them but changes his mind to be a company president so he will employ them all. The rest gave excuses why they wouldn’t mind working under him. And Kurimu still wants to be the president even though she dropped that idea. Sugisaki reflects how things will change soon and they won’t be the student council after this. That’s why being a student council member isn’t the most important thing in the world. Lastly, Chizuru reveals the incident she caused Kurimu to be lost was because she wanted to film that adorable look on her face when she comes looking for her while wandering around aimlessly. Pure evil!

Episode 4
Kurimu suggests to conduct surveys on what people want from the student council. For real? The rest feel it’s impossible to fulfil all the requests but Kurimu says they only need to pretend to do so and make it like as though they’re doing something. Schemer! Kurimu mentions about needing to change some of the school rules like for instance to have a secret base in school. A luxurious one. Yeah, she’s still a kid alright. While the rest are suggesting what kind of rules they want changed, then Magiru comes in. All the hype just died down and they decide to go do the survey. Kurimu and Mafuyu argue about Magiru’s uselessness because Kurimu pairs the teacher with her. Must hurt, right? So the gang go around taking surveys. Odd requests aplenty including one who wants to date Kurimu (Chizuru takes that as a death wish for that bastard!). Some don’t even have any because they’re not expecting anything from them (true). Minatsu’s male friend happens to pass by so they chat. Sugisaki got somewhat jealous and heads on first. When Minatsu catches up, it is her turn to be jealous because she sees him being friendly with a group of girls. It irks her to see him smile so friendly. Am I hearing right when one of them said she wants to be his girlfriend?! Minatsu gets mad for him fooling around so the girls thought they shouldn’t be doing this in front of his ‘first one’. Kurimu, Chizuru and Mafuyu return to the student council room. Mafuyu left Magiru behind since she was useless and let all those survey papers fly away. As they go through the list of absurd requests (who wants a Ferris wheel?!), Mafuyu discusses about a rule change to allow comics to be brought to school. Though everyone is doing this, her point is that subjects and exams must also be related to anime to make good future NEETs! Is there a future in that? Because Magiru is screwing up once more with the survey forms, I guess it’s their cue to go rescue her.

Sugisaki and Minatsu continue their survey as Minatsu continues to observe how sociable he has become. Very much different when they first met because then, he asked how he could be like her and she replied if he tried to imitate her, he can forget his chances of being part of the student council. Suddenly her heart feels pain. Sugisaki is worried and brings her back to the student council room. He can even joke by asking questions that made it seem she is pregnant. But he notices her expression 2% tenser than usual. She asks his personality before they met. The same. Just minus the perverted side. He continues about a childhood friend named Asuka and thanks to being with her, his personality turned out this way. Though Minatsu’s chest experiences pain again, she realizes it’s not a sickness and feels better. Sugisaki is worried she may be sick and touches her head for temperature. He realizes his blunder and prepares to face her wrath but to his surprise she is smiling happily. Something isn’t right. Then she hugs him. He’s more scared than happy. Something might be possessing her! She wants to confirm this feeling and prepares to kiss him! But Sugisaki views this as wanting to suck his life force or eat him alive! But he can’t resist it when Minatsu pulls back. She understands these feelings weren’t spur of the moment. Before everyone comes back, she quickly kisses him for real! OMG! Didn’t see that one coming! Sugisaki is still steadfast that Minatsu is possessed and wants everyone to stay away from her. But he notices her warm look in her eyes. Kurimu goes over everyone’s request and the girls all think everyone’s are crap except theirs. They notice Sugisaki had no wish. The fact that perverted is against the rules is what makes them exciting. Things are fine the way they are now. The girls challenge him to make a non-perverted request and if it’s good, they’ll take back their word. And that request soon becomes a new rule: To live life to the fullest. Lastly, Chizuru thinks of changing the rules of bringing pets and insects to school. But she changes her mind because Kurimu and Sugisaki can come to school just fine. Yeah. Kurimu = pet. Sugisaki = insect.

Episode 5
Sugisaki and Kurimu are the only ones in the student council room. Mafuyu and Chizuru are at the store to buy stationery and they took their time because Mafuyu was teaching Chizuru the deeper meaning of the BL world, which is very much opposed to her S&M views. As for Minatsu, she is being pulled away by her friend, Meguru Uchuu who wants to know more about Sugisaki. Seriously? Yes. She’s serious. So much so Meguru hailed a taxi so that Minatsu could talk about Sugisaki over tea. Kurimu ponders what to do with just the two of them in this seemingly large room. I’m sure Sugisaki wants to talk about porn and sex but Kurimu had just activated a noisy distress buzzer. Better keep his mouth shut if he doesn’t want to attract attention of others. Seriously, nobody came into the room to shut them up or wonder what that noise is. I guess they must have thought it’s those student council buffoons at their usual and didn’t think of anything more. Then they take away the big meeting desk and have a face to face talk which seems very unusual. They had a one line marriage interview and Kurimu ends it. Then they play verbal catch ball in which the thrower asks a question and the catcher has to respond to it. I suppose Kurimu doesn’t want to ‘catch’ Sugisaki’s questions of dating him, loving him and marrying him. It’s making her sick. Not till he asks if it’s alright for them to be apart. She couldn’t answer. Eventually she says to hang out with her and the rest forever. Just then, the other girls return (I don’t know how Minatsu miraculously got away) and Sugisaki realizes the student council is only when all 5 of them are together.

Sugisaki searches like mad in his room as he had misplaced the serial number to his favourite porn game. What was he thinking? Sifting through every inch of the house made him question the kind of food he eats and the fashion clothes he wore. Seriously… His worse fears realized when he thinks he might have left it back home. So he has to call his stepsister, Ringo who reluctantly drags herself out of the warmth of her bed and into the storeroom just because she’d do anything for her onii-chan. Yeah. Put more enthusiasm in it. She did find the serial number to the game in the box but doesn’t want to give it to him once she learns it’s for his porn game. Sugisaki tries to persuade his sister not to do anything rash. Hmm… She sounds jealous? She shocks him with words, “Aren’t you satisfied with my body?”. Well, Asuka told her to say that in such situation. It got from bad to worse when stepmother and father are standing behind Ringo, shocked at the you-know-what revelation. He’s a goner. I guess as a little girl, Ringo won’t understand the complicated primitive instincts men need and hence the use of this game. She suggests he can imagine lewd things about her and decides to text him a picture of her lewd self. Here comes the message… NOW! Sugisaki can’t wait to see that lewd picture despite knowing it’s his sister (you know how horny men are). It turns out to be a picture of her lifting her shirt to only reveal her tummy. I guess that’s her definition of lewd. So disappointing that he cries and begs for the serial number. Once he has gotten them, he realizes the game has no porn elements because it is an all-ages version. CRAP!!! Next morning in the student council room, I’m not sure if he’s tired or just sighing in disappointment. The other girls wonder what he and Kurimu were doing alone together yesterday and they had no qualms in telling them about playing catch, the ‘marriage interview’, the confession and pressing the distress buzzer several times. It sends ambiguous signals of what they were doing, eh?

Episode 6
Sugisaki brings Ringo to the student council to observe and participate with them. At first, Ringo couldn’t stop apologizing for the intrusion. Suddenly all the girls bump Sugisaki away and start frolicking with Ringo. Yeah. She’s that cute and so adorable. I think they’re molesting her and ignoring Sugisaki! Are they defiling his sister?! As revealed, their parents have business around the area so Ringo thought she could dropped by and say hello before going home tonight. The closeness of their conversation has the other girls in disgust. They had to apologize for 5 minutes otherwise Kurimu threatens to end the session! Kurimu wanted to punish him but Ringo drops the bombshell to also kill her if she’s going ahead with those overkill fantasy punishments. Sugisaki reveals Ringo doesn’t understand jokes easily so they better be careful with what they say. Sugisaki has Ringo introduced to the other girls. First up is Minatsu. Ringo shows her the middle finger and tells her to go home and suck her mother’s milk! Did I hear this right?! Is she provoking her? Sugisaki initially didn’t want to stop them because he wants to see how cute Ringo could get. Is he a sadist? Sugisaki explains Ringo’s twisted vocabulary and doesn’t mean any harm. What Ringo meant was for Minatsu to drink healthy milk so she could hang out with her energetically. Minatsu calms down and apologizes. So what about calling her chicken now? Is that supposed to be a compliment? Next is Mafuyu. She realizes how their character overlaps but Ringo is much better in some aspects than her. So much so Mafuyu goes off to sit alone in a depressing corner, thinking she is just some character who could be easily replaced when a new heroine appears. Next is Chizuru and she’s trying to corrupt this pure sister’s mind! But when Ringo says Chizuru likes Sugisaki, it sends shockwaves to everyone. Even Chizuru can’t hide her embarrassment! She points out Chizuru should be earnest with her feelings or else she won’t get anywhere. She is about to really confess but the other girls stop her. So she was playing along just to see Sugisaki’s reaction? There she goes again playing the tsun part as pointed out by Ringo. Chizuru wants to shut her up by issuing a cheque to any amount she desires! Can’t handle her, can’t she?

Finally it’s Kurimu who introduces herself as a God. Ringo believes her! Yeah, Kurimu got thanked for creating the world and kneading Mt Fuji. Just going with the flow… Because she is ‘God’, Ringo makes a wish and hopes she can be a couple with her brother. Another round of shockwaves. I guess as God she can make her wish come true, no? Kurimu tries to get out by saying being God is a busy business granting wishes though it is rewarding so Ringo thought she should put becoming God in the future as her second aspiration. Second? What’s her first? To be Sugisaki’s bride! Kurimu wanted to promote her to God now. The girls want Sugisaki to say something about siblings marrying each other is forbidden. Don’t worry, Sugisaki will change to laws to legalise sibling marriage and bigamy! He’s a man with a beautiful (read: perverted) soul who accepts all women. The world is doomed… As it’s about time to leave, at the corridor, Ringo didn’t feel it was so much like a student council though Sugisaki insisted they are his harem and since she was around, they couldn’t flirt like usual. He assures her he is still a virgin who loves to dream. She doesn’t understand what virgin means so he tries to explain it when Magiru happen to walk by. How does the drop out application sound? He had to bribe his way out to treat her BBQ. Then he tries to comfort Ringo who got scared thinking Magiru was the ‘devil’. Lilicia took a snapshot of them and is going to be her best scandal story to bring the student council down. Ringo feels this school is lovely and thanks to them, this place is more amazing by the fact they can talk things openly. She admits she feels jealous when she sees him having fun with the other girls because she wants him to be nice to only her. Seeing Ringo’s smile is worth it all and he would gladly welcome her to come back here and play again (nothing hentai mind you) since his harem is open to all beautiful girls. When he goes back to the room, the other girls are chiding him on discrimination. No, not his love for Ringo. But the BBQ! Oh Magiru just slipped it… They want in too and bug him when the lewd picture of Ringo in his handphone drops out. So mad… So upset… So screwed… Perhaps it’s a good thing he doesn’t remember what has been done to him after that. Yeah. Welcome to reality. This is how difficult it is to maintain a harem.

Episode 7
Sugisaki wants to follow Lilicia around. That includes when she’s bathing and changing clothes! Perverted stalker! It all began when Kurimu notes about supporting characters who are worried about their decreasing screen time. It led to a discussion of supporting characters leading to spin-off animes. The person who fit the bill of appearing in the anime but doesn’t get much attention goes to Lilicia. So that’s how they decide to send Sugisaki to follow her around. Sugisaki seems to be pissing off Lilicia with his remarks of being a loner or a slave driver. The other girls are happy that for once it’s so quiet without Sugisaki (I guess they know they’re not going to lose him like before so it’s okay). Suddenly Lilicia barges in with a different hairstyle and starts acting tsundere (excess usage of “Don’t get the wrong idea” line) followed by the airhead childhood friend who is hot and cold in love and finally exiting as a clumsy girl. I guess this must be very shocking to the girls, eh? Lilicia returns to Sugisaki in her room and his opening comment that her acting was disgusting and didn’t think that all those tropes were incompatible. She blows her top that it was his idea to act like that with a microphone attached to be like the main heroine. Anyway she’s happy that she’s got a scoop on Kurimu and plans to tail her shopping with Mafuyu. Along with Sugisaki in a thick disguise, they observe the duo shopping at the clothes store (Lilicia’s aim is to observe them so she could steal the main heroine’s position).  Mafuyu is shocked to hear the reason she asked her out is because if she sticks closer to her more often, she gets to appear regularly! Is Mafuyu a background character? Kurimu shows the harsh reality of being a main character when the shop assistant points out the kiddie’s section is below. Lilicia thought she could take more pictures but trips. Sugisaki catches her and thinks she is still playing the clumsy girl act. Well, she certainly looked convincing in that.

In the next store, Kurimu shows the S size that she wears doesn’t fit and often baggy. Her explanation about the real S size has Mafuyu blowing her top because that’s just the same as XS, right? She is even more upset that they wasted so much time shopping when she could’ve played more games back home instead. But Kurimu can’t let her leave. Imagine what happens if the store reports a lost ‘child’ and calls Mafuyu’s name? Don’t want that, doesn’t she? Lilicia is happy to see the duo bickering and will thus report the student council’s breaking down but Sugisaki points out she seems like a sneaky villain instead. They have to hide when Kurimu and Mafuyu are heading their way. They had to hide under the close so Sugisaki ends up in an ambiguous position atop her. How did she mess this up? Mafuyu is not happy they’re just buying t-shirts but when she learns they’re buying the same pair, she finally understands. Remember, Mafuyu is leaving school soon. Mafuyu appreciates this since they’ve never hang out like this together. Kurimu wants to lend her money so it’s a promise that they’ll still see each other again. The duo make up but Lilicia is still bent on twisting the truth and write on the discord for entertainment. Sugisaki suggests she write a touching story but she disagrees because the promise will no longer be between them if the public accepts it. Sugisaki is shocked but gets to quip he couldn’t say anything for fear he might confess to her. She accuses him of always treating others like side characters but he disagrees because there is no way he will treat a special and strong willed girl as one. He asks her plans after graduation and she drops the bombshell she is getting married. To increase the family’s prestige of course. He walks her home and before he leaves, he says despite marriage is for her family’s sake and has no right to interfere, but if she starts crying over it, he’ll do all he can to stop it. I don’t know if he’s serious or not because he just says he was just joking. For a moment there I think Lilicia’s heart just stopped. Elise greets her sister and thinks she’s gotten closer to Sugisaki. Otherwise, why would she lie about the marriage? Technically she didn’t since she just refused and just wanted to make him worry. Both sisters learn that Sugisaki is an unpredictable person. But next day, the student council girls are hot under their collar because the front page local newspaper has a picture and article of Sugisaki happily stalking his loli president during shopping! She really got him this time, eh?

Episode 8
The student council girls get a distressing call from Ringo that Sugisaki has been taken away… By Asuka! To the hotspring! No joke! This is serious! So I guess our worried girls have this idea to go take him back. Meanwhile Sugisaki is not pleased that Asuka has registered them as newlyweds. It’s better than being caught as high school students staying together, right? Asuka seems to love frolicking around with Sugisaki and he is trying hard to not get into her flow. But I guess he can’t resist it when she mentions about the open mixed bath. Let’s go! The other girls have arrived but they got distracted by the snowy scenery and the souvenir shop before dipping the indoor bath (because outside looks cold). Sugisaki is dipping in the hotspring outside and to his dismay Asuka lied about the open mixed bath. There’s a wall separating both genders. He wanted to leave but there is something she wants to tell him. He can’t make his own harem since he can’t handle two-timing as he’s the type that treats others’ happiness as his own. But he says that’s being a harem head and making lots of girls happy makes him happy. So what if Asuka confesses she loves him now? Can he only look at her? Otherwise she won’t find happiness. Sugisaki remembers the same thing that happened 2 years ago. He treasured both Asuka and Ringo but was unable to choose either. He ended up hurting both. So right now is the time to decide on that. He rejects Asuka and though she is surprised, she passes him. She wants to know how he arrived at his answer. He realized his way of bringing happiness to everyone he loves isn’t out of sincerity but egoism. Spending time with everyone in the student council made him realized that. The things that they do were happiness itself. He’ll continue to make his harem and bring happiness to everyone and though he may end up hurting some, he’ll try to bring even more happiness in his own way to make up for that. He admits he is a player but that is who he is. Asuka wants to meet the people who made Sugisaki think this way.

Kurimu and the rest couldn’t find Sugisaki at the end of the day and are about to leave when they run into him and Asuka. Despite their words, you can totally see from their body reaction it’s the opposite that they’re worried about him. So Sugisaki introduces everyone and the cat fight is about to begin. Asuka draws first blood by wondering how her husband’s lovers look like and is relieved she is the prettier one. She makes up more lies that she’s no longer the ex-girlfriend but the current one as they’ve made up and making out in the open mixed bath. She ‘defeats’ the girls by piercing their hearts with true-in-your-face statements. Like for Minatsu, Sugisaki’s openness means he only opens his heart to her and that childhood friend’s rank higher than classmates. Mafuyu is next when she is labelled an overlapping character full of flows followed by Kurimu who is an unpopular spoilt president that only likes like a main character. Even Chizuru couldn’t stand up to her and falls to her defeat with words that she is the only one who didn’t get a dedicated episode and is just like some supporting character! Asuka thought the battle is over when all the girls revive and want Asuka to tell them more stories about Sugisaki. The girls had never thought that argument was a fight and was just chatting. Asuka realizes these are the people Sugisaki spent over a year with and admits her defeat. Sugisaki feels lucky that he is part of the student council. On the way back, Sugisaki clears up the misunderstanding with Ringo and suspects Asuka for once more teaching weird words to her.

Episode 9
Because tomorrow is the graduating ceremony, the student council members think of what to leave behind for their future counterparts. Mafuyu’s BL books? Sugisaki’s ero games? Why the heck does Kurimu want a real bear, lion or tiger?! Then Magiru comes in and lazily suggests to just leave what the previous student council left for them. They got nothing, right? Plus, this is Kurimu’s idea. So is she going to start some legacy? As everyone is still pondering, Magiru just tells them to leave behind next year’s lunch money for her. She’s a terrible person, isn’t she? Mafuyu suggests that rather of handing down what they want, why not find out what the next student council would like to receive. Kurimu thinks handing down the mangas of this series would be a way for the future ones to inherit their thoughts and feelings. With this topic done, she moves on to the next. Well, it isn’t so much a topic of discussion because everybody starts spring cleaning. Sugisaki realizes the broken clock and thinks of buying a new one. The rest agree to buy stuffs to replenish or to fix up the place. However at the store they got carried away with their fantasies. Who does Chizuru want to torture with that tool? Why does Kurimu need a bathtub?! Sugisaki bumps into Minase at the store and she thinks he has been ‘promoted’ to a porn game association! She asks was it worth working hard to enter the student council and he didn’t hesitate to say yes. She adds he should be saying this to them instead of her. She signs off by wanting him to give his regards to the prison guards. She’s expecting him to land in prison next year?! The gang then take a break at the family restaurant. The girls think of ordering fancy stuffs from the menu and have Sugisaki pay. Then Elise pops up because this is one of her father’s chain restaurants. With her around means… Yup. Lilicia too. She wants to have a long interview for her final newspaper. Elise has lots of questions to ask. Including their physical relationship with Sugisaki. The biggest scandal scoop of the year! If Lilicia ever publishes those lies. When they return back to the student council room, they see Asuka and Ringo waiting for them. Looks like they’re here to say goodbye too. Asuka still hasn’t lost her teasing touch and Ringo is still terrible with her vocabulary. I hope she’s not insulting.

Sugisaki is surprised that Kurimu decides to continue with the meeting. So they briefly talk about different school uniforms and the ‘wise words’ Kurimu says which she claims the reason viewers watch this show, before discussing about the farewell speech and formal reply. Well, let’s say Kurimu hasn’t prepared them. That’s why they’re here brainstorming, right? Always leaving it to the last minute. Kurimu has Sugisaki do the farewell speech since it’s inappropriate for the sisters to do it as they’re leaving. They practice their speech but it turns with different versions like ero, confession, unrelated and too short. So how? Sugisaki says it’s best to convey them in their own words with feelings. Because the students of Hekiyou are the ones who elected them in the first place. Agreed. Sugisaki seems a little panicky when Kurimu decides to end the meeting as it’s already dark outside. This means this will be the last one, right? Finally he musters his strength to say something to them. He wants to let them know how much he loves this student council and everyone in it. Then he gives his personal farewell speech-cum-encouragement to each of them.
Mafuyu: He likes her because her kindness set him free in the park that winter. He loves the smile on her face when she is absorbed in her unique hobby. Stay strong in the new school and display that unique character of hers.
Minatsu: He likes her kindness and resilience which she made her protect what she treasures. Her friendliness is like the warmth of the sun and he is confident she will fit right in her new school with everyone and bring them smiles. He hopes she will always be the same Minatsu he is proud of.
Chizuru: He likes his purity hidden under her icy exterior. That composure makes her reliable. Her heart has the capacity to accept anyone and yet it is more delicate and pure than anyone’s. He knows she’ll become more charming and hopes she’ll be the same Chizuru who jokes around with him.
Kurimu: He likes her the way she is: Pure and innocent. Her actions reflect her earnestness when others get mad. She also makes difficult things seem so easy. As she grows at an amazing rate every day while bringing smiles to everyone, he enjoys watching her grow. But no matter how much she grows, he hopes she will always be their student council president.

The girls too have something to say to him. They all love him! He may be a pervert aiming for a harem but he is reliable too. Despite of his shortcomings, they really love him. They want him to continue chasing girls as they know he won’t be satisfied with just them. Oh really? Even if they’re gone, please remain as he is. The heartfelt speech brings tears to his eyes and he promises to be the harem king. But this is greeted with much laughter from the girls. I guess he was stretching it, eh? Sugisaki is surprised that they’ll still meet up tomorrow after the ceremony. After all, they’ll still be the student council members for tomorrow for the last time. Better come up with something to talk about.

More Than Words…
So as the saying goes that nothing lasts forever. Change is the only thing that is constant (and death). From the way things are going, it looks like Kurimu and Chizuru are really on their way out while the Shiina sisters are really transferring for good. Where does that leave lonely harem boy? It’s a chance to get a new harem! I speculate that is what might happen if a third season gets the green light. Thus the most important thing we learn from their chatter as observed is the time spent together as friends. Never mind Sugisaki’s perverted harem dream. Never mind Mafuyu’s BL fascination. Never mind Chizuru’s sadistic nature or Kurimu who acts like a kid. The important thing is that they were all true to their selves and appreciate each other’s company during their tenure as student council members. It’s good that when it is time to go for real, they don’t cling on to old memories nor do they throw a tantrum they want to stay like this forever. Instead they look to the future with bright optimism. That should be the way. If only they did more for the school overall.

Sugisaki as the main guy, he is still the same person I remembered him back in the first season. Despite being a pervert, he is not that all bad because he is reliable when it comes down to it. Where would all the fun be if Sugisaki was as clean as a holy priest? But he has got to wait a little longer if he wants to achieve his harem dream. Yeah, I guess the girls are playing hard to get, if you know what I mean. You could say that most of his role in this anime is to rebut the girls’ fantasies and ‘jokes’. That’s what makes this series funny too. Plus, it isn’t only Sugisaki that totally bears the brunt of backlash. Sometimes the other girls too get a little share of that. Like Mafuyu’s personality in which they sometimes like to take a dig at. So I suppose in that sense all is fair and square.

The other girls are quirky too and they love teasing Sugisaki. I bet that they all really love him more than just friends and the final confession was just out of courtesy and respect. I mean, if you give in easily to this guy and let him have his harem, where is the fun in all the rebutting and rebuking? Like Sugisaki said, it is more exciting when porn is banned and prohibited. Hmm… Now I understand why guys prefer to have girls accidentally show their slip instead of intentionally or voluntarily displaying them. It’s human nature to feel excited in doing something forbidden, no? So they finally blurt out their love since it’s the last time they’re going to be together in this room. There are lots of moments whereby you see the girls blush or get alerted when the real topic of romance with him is brought up. If they weren’t serious, they wouldn’t have that sort of reaction. It’s great that the girls get a fair share of screen time and even an episode dedicated to them. Except for Chizuru. I realized this even before Asuka quipped it as a joke. True enough, it happened. I thought the producers did this on purpose. I mean, you have one whereby Sugisaki spends time alone with Minatsu and then with Kurimu, even Mafuyu gets some although it is more of spending time with Kurimu shopping, so why leave out Chizuru? I’m sure things would have been interesting too if she had some ‘private’ moments with Sugisaki.

Even Lilicia has her own episode she hogs the spotlight. But don’t expect her to be the main heroine in her own spin-off. So she still has a grudge against the student council (because she lost out in the votes by just one spot as mentioned back in the first season) but I don’t see her trying to aggressively take them down or publish scandalous reports or lies. It also indicates that she has a crush on Sugisaki and I bet that’s true. Otherwise, why keep bugging the student council, right? I would love to see more of such developments as well as the other girls but I’ll wait for next time if they make a sequel. Elise still makes her appearance but it feels she has lesser impact in this season although last season she made cameos too. Perhaps with new characters like Ringo and Asuka, more screen time has to be shared, huh? These girls provide good insights on Sugisaki’s past but I have this thought that if I wished for another flashback episode, it might turn out boring. So when Sugisaki just narrated his indecisiveness 2 years ago that led to both of them being hurt, I guess this was enough to give me an idea what he went through. So can you blame him for wanting a harem? His goal is to make all the beautiful girls happy, right? In the process to make himself happy too, of course :). In short, all the main girls love him. Even that mystery one, Meguru. Man, they should give her some more screen time and explain what it is that she finds so fascinated about him. I even thought she would be ‘added’ to his ‘harem’. Even his female classmates are fond of him. Shows how much he has grown, eh? Not the perverted guy that we thought we know. So is there a girl who doesn’t like Sugisaki? Oh yeah. Magiru. She’s the same lazy advisor who likes to eat and hang around doing nothing. She got what she deserved for the overeating part. She’s a failure as a person. And oh, perhaps Minase too. I know she is sarcastic but her seemingly emotionless face makes it very less obvious if she likes him. Maybe not. Even despite her insults, I can sense that she has hopes for him. Just like the student council girls, she played a vital part in shaping Sugisaki to where he is now today. As for Nakameguro… Thank goodness he didn’t appear much even if he was just restricted to Mafuyu’s fantasies. This dude really exists, right? At least he appeared in the flesh towards the end of the first season.

I don’t remember how much parody the first season had but there were lots of anime trivia for you to spot. For this season, I think it is much lesser. I could be wrong because I may not be paying attention as the trivia slipped by or maybe I just couldn’t recognize the parody when the gang made one with their statement. Nevertheless, the chatter is still amusing especially Sugisaki’s rebuttals and the other silly ideas that come with it. This series has also a good mix of drama and serious moments that touches your heart but of course, the main dish is the jokes from the chatter. Hey! I just remembered something. I remember that cute pose they do back in the first season whenever the meeting is over. But in this season, that group pose is completely unseen! As far as I remember, only Kurimu does it alone on one short occasion but it doesn’t feel satisfying because… It should be done in a group!

Though many of the seiyuus were retained in this sequel, there are a couple of changes as well. Mafuyu’s original seiyuu, Yuki Horinaka has been replaced with Iori Nomizu (Haruna in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka) and Yuka Saitou who was the voice of Chizuru is now replaced with Mina (Sohara in Sora No Otoshimono). Hmm… Maybe that’s why Mafuyu doesn’t sound as dreamy as before or why Chizuru doesn’t have that sadistic assertiveness in her voice like I remember. Thankfully my favourite Mamiko Noto is still there as Lilicia and rocks in her character. Adding to the line-up of new casts are Madoka Yonezawa as Ringo (Ui in K-ON!), Ami Koshimizu as Asuka (Horo in Spice And Wolf) and Houko Kuwashima as Minase (Tomoyo in Clannad). The opening theme is Precious by the student council quartet girls and somehow I can’t help feel that this song reminds me of Ebiten. A group of girls singing… Well, I saw that series a few months back too. As for the ending theme, there is a new one for every episode. I guess it makes for a good character image CD and sales. They are sung by the girls of this series, sometimes as a group and sometimes as a solo individual. Unfortunately, none of them were memorable enough for me to keep humming in my head.

Another difference that viewers who watched the original TV series may notice is that the art and drawing may slightly differ. Even if you don’t really notice the difference, the characters will remind us all in the beginning as they broke the fourth wall in telling us how a different production studio made this anime. The first season was brought to you by Studio Deen which was responsible for animes like Fate/Stay Night, Fruits Basket, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Rurouni Kenshin and Ranma 1/2. This time, AIC took over and they gave us Amagami SS, Special A, Seto No Hanayome, Tenchi Muyo and Ebiten. Mmm… Maybe that’s why the characters have that uncanny resemblance to Ebiten. On a trivial note, the mid-intermission seems to be a still picture of the girls in some sports or physical activity. Except perhaps the final episode whereby they all are sleeping on a bench. Tired after all that workout, eh?

I did browse Wikipedia for a while and came to notice that this series has multiple spin-offs usually in the form of manga or light novel. I didn’t really read them (as usual) so I can’t really say but I’m sure what else can they offer about this series than the group of student council members talking? Also, I caught a glimpse that there are a new bunch of girls filling in the student council post and one of them includes Minase. So a new era and harem for Sugisaki? Provided if he still manages to cling on to his post. What are the chances? Of course I am certain he will seeing how popular he is. I won’t be surprised if he has got the most votes and ends up as the student council president in his final third year. Ironically instead of seeing the student council doing something and change the school for the better, we see them changing themselves in the midst of mindless chatter. Wow. If sitting around idly and empty talks really improve people, we should all put down our guns and weapons and started talking instead. Hey… That may be crazy enough to work. Or… It would just have a negative impact on overall productivity. Who pays you to sit around and talk on aimlessly for hours anyway? I want that job too even if I’m an introvert!

I wonder if Keima is playing his galges properly. I wonder if Keima has even time to play all the galges he wants. I really wonder if Keima do have a life of his own! After successfully conquering 4 real life 3D bishoujos in the first season, let’s just say his conquest isn’t really over yet because with the sequel The World God Only Knows II, this means there are a hell lot more loose souls to capture. You’d be surprised how many more loose souls are to be captured. Let’s say he will have to be an immortal to complete his duty. Hah!

This season more or less follows the same formula as its predecessor. Keima along with the ‘annoying and useless’ Elsie team up to hunt loose souls escaped from hell who are hiding in the gaps of the hearts of young girls. Keima is a galge expert so he uses such experiences from his 2D world to make a successful capture of the 3D girls with his scenarios and suave persuasion. I guess there are many types of parameters and situations for different types of 2D girls so even on the outlook it may look like the same thing but there are many ways and methods to achieve it. In a way, the sequel doesn’t feel repetitive or recycled. Unless you’re not into these kind of things.

Flag 1.0: Flower In Bloom
Keima explains to Elsie his theory the reason why loose souls possess girls. Elsie is more infatuated (and laughing) with his ridiculous drawing to pay attention. This causes them to bump into several bullies. Keima ignores their existence and gets beaten up. Of course it hurts. This isn’t some game where you can just go back and choose a different route. Kusunoki Kasuga happened to pass by and warn the bullies to stop whatever they’re doing. However being the arrogant bullies they are, they even decide to get nasty on her. Kusunoki fights back and gives a lesson those bullies will never forget. They are sent running with tails between their legs. As for Keima, she tells him off to be a real man. Elsie returns to rid of the bullies. Not only she’s late but she ends up hitting Keima. Her uselessness hasn’t gone away it seems. Then Elsie’s alarm goes off and from the looks of it, Kusunoki has a loose spirit inside her. Though Kusunoki may look tough and the inspiration for many other girls, she feels she doesn’t need cute things to achieve her goals. She is pretty sure of that till that hideous drawing from Keima blows right into her face. She finds it cute? Elsie gathers some data on Kusunoki to learn she is the successor to her father’s dojo and also the karate club captain. In fact she is the only member because the rest quit within 2 days when she became captain. Elsie thought it’s going to be tough but Keima suddenly prostrates himself before Kusunoki and wants her to be his master! Not of the S&M type, silly. He wants to be her disciple and teach him the heart of the warrior. This is part of his plan to get inside her guard. Kusunoki feels his overwhelming pressure (worlds of 2D girls he captured?) and after seeing how cute Keima’s expression is, she gives him a chance. As Keima follows Kusunoki around, he observes her abhorrence for weak things and prefers hard rice crackers for snack. Then one evening, he spots her holding up a cute cat with a cute expression. She tries to hide this ‘weakness’ by beating him up. Then she tries to drop the cat off the ledge to cast away those feelings and blames him for seeing her in such an embarrassing state. A voice tells her not to do it. Kusunoki remembers how she needs to become strong and she won’t if she doesn’t cast them aside. She really throws the cat! Cat killer! However it seems a manifestation of her other self appears and saves it. The twin hides back inside Kusunoki’s body when she finds out Keima and Elsie have spotted her. Later when Keima confronts her, Kusunoki lets him know she had a strange feeling for a while. Whenever her heart stirs, her body feels like it’s being torn apart. Keima experiments by giving her the cat. The manifestation appears but disappears shortly when Kusunoki tries to get her. Keima explains her attraction to the cute and weak has manifested itself. Kusunoki denies and that she is a martial artist. But Keima tells her that even strong people have weakness in their heart that can’t be seen. She must confront them and if she defeats it, she’ll conquer her weakness. Wow. A pupil telling this to his master? Keima suggests they need to engage in activities she considers weak. She can’t come up with anything so Elsie suggests they date. The manifestation appears but again disappears when Kusunoki tries to catch it. I guess this settles it. A date it is.

Flag 2.0: Problem Solved By The Fist
Though the duo are on a date, Kusunoki is trying to reason that this embarrassing scene is just part of the plan. I’m sure they are the envy of every other guy. She is further embarrassed that everyone is looking at her and the cute clothes she is donning. Poor Keima bears the brunt of her embarrassment. So as they go from shop to shop, Elsie spies on them and it doesn’t feel like a date since they have trouble connecting. So if holding hands is out of the question, I guess playing games at the arcade will be a great way to connect. So she thinks. Even if Keima is always holding his handheld, he still has time to participate and even beats Kusunoki’s high score. Then they go watch a movie (Kusunoki getting noisy because the main protagonist was too weak) and take photos together. Each time the clone gets out, Kusunoki tries to get it, she goes back in. Same thing. Back to square one. As they hang out at the park, they know this isn’t working but Kusunoki won’t stop till she gets rid of her other self. Spotting a couple eating ice cream together, they decide to do the same. No matter how embarrassed they are, they eventually lick the soft cream, forcing the separation of her manifestation. Kusunoki challenges her so a fist fight begins. Odd seeing fighting yourself? Both sides aren’t giving up. Elsie thought of making an armour for Keima to get in between them to stop the fight. No thanks. He’d rather have them solve it out themselves. So short flashback how Kusunoki was made the dojo’s successor because her father had no male heir. Ever since, she considers herself as a man and trained hard. The clone seems strong enough to overcome the real one. She doesn’t care about martial arts and asserts she will be the real Kusunoki from today. Keima tells Kusunoki a way to defeat her. He puts a flower on her head and wonders if there is a need to fight her. Why not just accept her. Become feminine and strong, a cute martial artist. Reject! Not only Kusunoki beats him up, her clone also does. Because they are adamant that when you devote to only one path, the other is sacrificed. Keima continues his persuasion that humans can be both strong and cute (citing the cat as an example). This is also a cue for also to butt in wearing the armour. See the combination of cute and strong? Finally Keima deals the final blow that a martial artist would never impose limits and should seek greater strength. The clone agrees with Keima and though she feels they are not ready to walk the path of a cute martial artist yet, she admits her defeat. But there is one thing she needs to do before she goes. She possesses Kusunoki’s body and kisses Keima! Well, it’s not like she hates him. In the aftermath, Kusunoki continues to train but also accepts cute things. Elsie blunders again when she brought a recipe book instead of a manual for loose souls squad (they had that?). Her alarm goes off for a short while. Then swooping down from the sky is another loose spirit squad member, Haqua du Lot Herminium.

Flag 3.0: The Section Chief Cometh
Haqua is Elsie’s friend and honour student. Seems she has been promoted to section chief (Far East Division, Section 32 Chief to be more precise) and she has an armband to prove it. Elsie has all praises for Haqua and considers herself a failure. She also introduces Haqua to Keima, whom she finds odd. I mean, he’s just an ordinary human, Elsie calls her God and isn’t it ironic for a demon to have God as her buddy? Plus, Keima is trying to find a signal for his galge. His funny act has Haqua laughing as she notes with him around, no wonder it’s hard collecting loose souls. Haqua may boasts she has captured 10 loose souls but is surprised to hear Elsie has already captured 5. She thought she was joking but Elsie receives a message from Chief Dokuro that a loose soul is heading her way since some idiot failed to properly secure it from another district. Furthermore, this loose soul has become more powerful in hiding. Haqua goes off to search for it while asserting she doesn’t need Elsie’s second-class help. As Haqua searches through the school, she comes into Keima. He knows what is going on. Seems it was Haqua who let that loose spirit escape and promise he won’t tell anyone. Before Dokuro mentioned anything, she was already chasing it and didn’t inform Elsie although it would go smoother if they both cooperate. Haqua is lost for words when Elsie comes tumbling on Keima. Since Haqua continues to act like a top student, Keima ‘threatens’ to offer Elsie juicy information so Haqua agrees to let her help by instructing her to find the loose soul. Haqua admits to Keima that she was responsible for that loose soul so Keima wants some information (Elsie’s can’t be relied) so that he can see the ending.

As the duo continue their search, Haqua couldn’t stand Keima’s arrogance but can’t kill him since this would mean Elsie’s demise too. Haqua imparts this loose soul is too big to fit into the gaps of a person’s heart. If it amasses power, it could get dangerous. As further explained, these loose souls aren’t evil souls from the human world but their world. In short, they are real demons. Long ago, hell was a place where evil was cultivated to provide wicked souls to feed on. But some demons didn’t like this practice and sealed those ancient demons and created a new hell which is ruled by rational order. Seriously? Law and order in new hell? This explains why there are cute demon girls. Before Haqua could finish, Keima already understands the basic premise and finishes her sentence. These loose souls are sealed ancient demons plotting their return. Since they have just escaped and are still weak, they don’t have worldly bodies and feed on negative energy. So it is up to the loose souls squad to track and capture them. So it’s demons vs demons. However there is one more thing that puzzles Keima. Kanon’s transparency, Shiori’s speed reading and Kusunoki’s split manifestation may come from demons inhabiting them. But that is only when demons are weak. What happens when they fully mature? So far they’ve captured every demon before that happens because when that happens, the demon reincarnates as the host’s offspring. So in order to find this loose soul, it comes down to a place with lots of negative energy. They try their school’s losing baseball team or a delinquent’s hideout but to no avail. But there is one place left. An old abandoned theatre that was once a graveyard or battlefield so this place should have ghosts. Haqua seems to be afraid of ghosts? How ironic. As they walk inside, her alarm goes off. Keima thinks this is her jurisdiction and walks away but Haqua tries to make him accompany her, giving excuse that he knows the place. But he shoots back she has already captured 10 loose souls so it should be no problem. That’s when Haqua admitted she has not captured a single loose soul. Then Elsie contacts her that she has found the loose soul in the theatre. There are lots of students unconscious everywhere and the big ugly loose soul is getting bigger by the moment.

Flag 4.0: The Section Chief Regains Her Pride
Inside, Haqua recognizes this loose soul as the one she let escaped. Haqua tries to capture it into her jar but it’s not working. Why is Keima bumming around claiming to be just an innocent by-stander? The loose soul is using the gaps in the students’ heart to control them like puppets. Like zombies, the students try to hold Elsie and Haqua down. Elsie has not mastered the use of her garment yet so the loose soul to escape through the ceiling. Haqua thinks she’ll do this herself but Keima tells her to take Elsie with her since she has captured 5 loose souls and by doing it alone she might screw up again. Haqua remembers how she was awarded the Merit Scythe for excellence. She has always been a model for everyone and thus doesn’t need Elsie’s help. It doesn’t help either when Elsie throws a tantrum upon knowing Keima was with Haqua. Yeah, keep drawing those fire engines… Haqua continues to ponder how everything went wrong for her after leaving the academy. Seems loose souls in reality don’t follow the textbook. Her guard was down so this allowed the loose soul to posses her. With Keima trapped by Haqua’s scythe, it’s up to Elsie to think for herself. Can she? Better think fast, the hordes of ‘zombies’ are coming. Keima hints to Elsie that there is only one target she needs to worry. Haqua is troubled and she must fill the gaps of her heart as it is being controlled by the loose soul. Elsie tries to talk to her but this only makes Haqua think back how everyone regarded her as perfect. Because she needed to live up to their expectations, she worked hard. But it doesn’t matter now because she’s a failure and Elsie is the person she didn’t want to see the most. Haqua attacks her (did she miss slicing her?) but Elsie is okay with everything. Then she hugs Haqua and to her, she’ll always be the amazing top student. With that, Haqua is freed. Haqua admits to her she has not captured a single soul. Her plan is to let Elsie do the capturing while she’ll hold back the humans. Haqua clears a path for Elsie to successfully capture the loose soul. In the aftermath, Haqua shakes Keima’s hand and admits he is a nice guy since he didn’t tell anyone about her secret. She goes off hoping to repay the favour someday. Elsie isn’t happy she always gets left out but the simpleton becomes happy when Keima praises her for being a big help with Haqua today. I wonder how those students will get themselves down from the roof… Lastly, Keima is still surprised to see Haqua around when they go buy bread during recess.

Flag 5.0: It’s Always Raining When We Get There
Keima is calculating the number of galges he missed ever since he contracted with Elsie! What complex formula is that?! The only variable he needs is how many loose souls are left. Oh, not much. About 60,000 left. WHAT THE???!!! FFFFFUUUU???!!! It’s obvious that guy loses motivation and is depressed. He even gives a certain Dragonball example. Where is the motivation if you are supposed collect thousands of items instead of just a small certain number? It doesn’t help when classmate Chihiro Kousaka teases him. Especially the good it will do if Elsie cheers him up and that she doesn’t want to get infected by his otaku disease. Keima tries to cut himself off from reality and that background characters like Chihiro shouldn’t have lines. When Chihiro runs pass them to go confess to a guy she likes, Elsie’s alarm goes off. Yup, their next target. But Keima doesn’t want to have anything to do with this person. Plus, Chihiro is going to be tough because the other girls he captured are easy because they’re difficult to handle (WTF?!). In short, Chihiro has no personality as she is just plain without any unique traits. At least according to his galge experience. Really, Keima doesn’t want to solve this even if it means their decapitation. Close by, they see Chihiro trying to give her confession present to the supposed guy she loves. However she got rejected. It is to be rainy for the next few days as Keima is adamant he will not conquer her no matter how much Elsie persuades him. Then Chihiro comes in and is obviously gloomy. I guess Keima has been thinking too much that a background character like her even has parameters so as he finally gets up and is about to offer his help, Chihiro gets over her depression and decides to move on to her next love. WTF?! She admits whenever she sees a hot guy, she gets excited. You call that falling in love? Yeah, she can’t live without love. Maybe she’s in love with the idea of falling in love. Keima is upset with her shallow love and chides her for never giving her best (another reason for him to be convinced why real girls are in a much lower level). He points out people like her are polluting the real world but Chihiro shoots back that he always insult other people, always playing his galge and now has the nerve to even lecture her. I wonder how she turned him into a cockroach. Ever since then, Keima cut himself from reality. All he does is play his galge locked inside his room. I think they were just exaggerating when they picture the seasons passing through outside his door. Yeah, is it a joke when Elsie noted how Keima has turned from kami-niisama to kami-NEET-sama. If Keima has isolated himself, why the need to go to school? Chihiro thought Keima was being despicable after their argument as he won’t even talk to Elsie. Then Keima collapses outside the corridor. Even if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the real world, his body can’t totally cut from reality. He has gone without food for days and ironically in order to live in the gaming world, you need energy from the real world. But he is helped out by Ayumi (the first real girl he captured back in the first season).

Flag 6.0: 10% Chance of Rain
Ayumi asks if he had a fight with Chihiro. He denies seeing he doesn’t see her as an equal. Because he is still weak without food, Ayumi shares hers with him. She force feeds him and wants him to quickly make up with Ayumi. She feels that whenever Chihiro badmouths him, she feels uncomfortable. If you remember after every successful conquer, the girl loses her memories. Maybe deep down in Ayumi’s body, that part of her still remembers Keima. He thought conquered girls lose their memory when Elsie explains though they disappear that doesn’t mean they completely return to how they were. Right now Ayumi is shining much brighter than before. As for Chihiro, he still refuses to help out (she turned him into a cockroach, right?). But it seems they end up together cleaning the class (setup by Ayumi). Then Chihiro spots her new love, Yuta. Keima doesn’t give a damn but it seems he gets upset when Chihiro doesn’t know what to get Yuta for his birthday. He chides her for not doing proper analysis about that guy. Unlike her who has never been successful in confessing, he always analyzes his targets to achieve 100% confession rate (must be his galge thingy). Chihiro shoots back that he shouldn’t be the one to say because he never did any dating or kissing in real life. Well, actually he did. All those conquering… Only the girls never retained their memories. They’re being too noisy so Chihiro hides both of them (in an ambiguous lover-like position) to hide their cover from Yuta. Chihiro wants Keima to not only talk but make her confession successful. Keima is motivated to help her because all he needs is to make her fall for Yuta and not necessary him. So he relays his convoluted flowcharts and plan to Chihiro on how to obtain Yuta. Too complicated. Boring. Is this a war campaign? Keima promises she will make her deliver a successful confession in 3 days. He sets her up in accidents that has her bump into Yuta to get her closer to the guy. Then he wants her to memorize a pile of potential story development and corresponding conversation patterns by tomorrow morning! She’s no Einstein. Of course she didn’t even flip a single page. Next day, Chihiro is thrilled when Yuta starts talking to her. Keima and Elsie (in the garment’s stealth mode) help Chihiro out with some lines while talking to Yuta. Chihiro feels satisfied with talking with Yuta for today but Keima doesn’t want her to rest on her laurels yet and continues his tactics-cum-lecture for her successful confession. However Chihiro doesn’t give a damn with all that and starts laughing at his horrible drawing. As time progresses, Chihiro is able to get closer to Yuta whereby striking up a conversation is natural. Keima once again goes over the plan and wants her to confess tomorrow after school. However Chihiro doesn’t seem all too interested. Oh, could it mean…

Flag 7.0: Singing In The Rain
Keima works over time the various scenarios that may happen. It is hard because he’s never done one with a guy before. Elsie isn’t happy Keima still views Chihiro as a video game character and tries to point out her good points. Hard, eh? The big day comes and the expression is obvious on Chihiro’s face. She doesn’t seem too excited. She goes about around town before making her way to school. Meanwhile part of Keima plan is to have Elsie disguised as a man (some moustache that is) so Chihiro could practice her confession. Keima feels odd because the way Chihiro is acting feels like she doesn’t care about the confession and it’s like he’s the only one who cares about it all. Chihiro sees Keima and offers him some meat buns she bought from the store. But all Keima has on his mind is her confession. This has Chihiro saying that maybe they should drop this confession thing because she realized Yuta wasn’t really her type. They could pretend all this never happened. It’s no surprise Keima blows his top because he put so much effort in this and now she wants to call it off?! Chihiro has something to say back to his face too. It’s not like she has anything special so why should it matter if she doesn’t care. She runs away and soon Elsie returns. She learns the confession is off. Keima notes that he ignored Chihiro and probably the gaps in her heart have grown. He realized there were clear hints of it and was too focused on the romance he wanted to see. He searches for her and finds her at a ship. She thought she was going to jump and tackles her. Of course she wasn’t. Keima is worried about her but of course she feels there is no need for an average girl like her. He tries to find out why she chased after guys she don’t even like. Her reply is that she admires people who shine brightly. She thought they were similar and he would be able to understand her feelings. Though it is true he has given up on reality, he has not given up on himself. Whether it is boring, fun or ordinary, the one to make the decision is not reality but himself. He was under the impression she was completely normal but it appears she may have more personality than others. After all, she is the first person to completely knock him down. If she wished it, then she can do it. Chihiro still has low self-esteem so Keima kisses her and in an instant the loose soul is kicked out and into Elsie’s jar. Back in class, Chihiro is back to her normal self and decides to form a band with herself as the vocalist and Elsie the guitarist. Though Chihiro sucks in singing and Elsie can’t play a single instrument, they’ll be just that in her life and all she needs to do is just keep singing (no matter how bad she is). In the end Keima is still unhappy how this experience made it clear that reality defies all logic and is such a crappy ‘game’. But he thinks back while he secludes himself into the gaming world, everyone else continues to struggle with reality.

Flag 8.0: Her First Errand
Ever since, Keima at least has been more accepting of reality, though his passion for galge is burning more than ever. Keima goes to town just to get a game and so Elsie has to come along since she must stay with him. They kill time in a nearby game shop while waiting for that store to open. Because Elsie can’t really tell the difference between the games, Keima gives her a lesson on the spot (so that she could buy the Love Tears game he wanted from that store while he attends a retro game fair). So Keima imparts his lesson of the history of 2D and how they conquer 3D with the missing D as Dreams. Huh? Elsie wants to get subtitles for that? It’s like speaking in a foreign language, eh? Elsie decides to help him out seeing he always does with her loose souls and this is her chance to return the favour. Plus, whenever he talks about these games, he looks so alive. As Elsie starts her operation to buy the Love Tears, she sees 3 similar copies but with different price tags. I don’t blame amateurs like her who can’t tell the difference between the ‘characters who looks so alike’. Using her knowledge she learnt from Keima, she deduces one of them to be boy characters. So now it boils down between 2 versions and she chose the expensive one. As she makes her purchase, she spots and even expensive one behind the counter and decides to take that one instead. She happily presents it to Keima and it seems he realizes this is what happens when she only teaches her about games. The one she bought was actually an anime DVD version. But luckily at the fair, Keima bought one copy just in case this happened. Didn’t trust her, eh? Plus, he says one can never have too many copies of a good game. Huh? Oh, he notes the anime version is boring.

Flag 8.5: Tea For Three
Keima laments due to the loose soul capturing business, he has not much time in playing his galge. But today is the day he can play it all without any interruption. Till Haqua drops by. Keima’s mom, Mari thought she is Elsie’s acquaintance. Till Haqua mentions she is her husband’s illegitimate child! Oh sh*t! Didn’t Elsie use that excuse the last time? See how Mari leaves on her bike in a rage! Didn’t she divorce her husband the last time? Apparently not. Is she going to do it for real now? Even if Haqua was joking, but it’s too late. Damage done. So what brings her here this time, seeing her ‘story’ ended? Well, she has to write a report for that tiny mistake she did. I guess Keima goes free flow with the insults now, eh? And Haqua too with her scythe hitting him. Instead of putting it in words, she used a model to have more impact. With little model dolls, they can recreate the scene that day via orders input to the microphone. I guess the rest can’t resist in making the dolls do stuff that was unrelated on that day. Because Keima refuses to cooperate, Haqua allows him to ask a question in exchange for his help. He wants to know a way to end the contract: By capturing all 60,000 loose souls. How many have they captured: Around 15. SAY WHAT???!!! How many members do they have in the squad: Well, that’s all for today. So as Haqua and Keima recreate the scene, Keima isn’t amused she tried to lie in some parts. Like the part she was afraid of ghosts and cling on to him, she made it as though it was Keima who was the chicken clinging all over her. As they fight over this scene, Haqua destroys the microphone so they can’t make anymore amendments. But Elsie is shocked to see them doing something perverted (that’s how the dolls ended up) and really believes it! Keima gets hit for nothing. Worse, Elsie throws a tantrum that wrecks the report. After managing to salvage what is left, Haqua leaves. She praises Elsie for doing a good job in capturing that loose soul and is no longer a failure. Haqua was about to shake Keima’s hand but he tells her to write her own reports. She hits his hand away and tells him off that she knows how to write them. Then it hit Elsie. Perhaps Haqua was using this report as an excuse to come visit. But not her… Oh my. She locks Keima out of his own house. Even if Elsie is slow, never make a woman mad/jealous…

Flag 9.0: Class 2-B Miss Nagase
Jun Nagase starts her first day as a teacher student in the school she once studied in. I guess she is good in keeping her composure as she tries to advise a bunch of delinquents not to litter but they just ignore her. In the staff room, she introduces herself and her hero as Jumbo Tsuruma, an old fashioned pro-wrestler. I don’t know how she sees pro-wrestling and teaching as similar. Pursuit of hopes, dreams and ideal strength? In class, Keima’s homeroom teacher, Yuri Nikaidou introduces Nagase and starts off her lessons with the latter observing. Nagase notices Keima not paying attention and very occupied with his galge. What is more puzzling is that nobody seems to bring this up. She thought he is a ghost she can only see! But soon Nagase learns from the other teachers that it’s best to leave that problem child alone. He has lots of handhelds with him no matter how many times they take it away. Plus, he scores perfect in every test so does it shows he’s paying attention in class? Even Nikaidou got so pissed off that she just stopped caring. But Nagase feels the need to teach this kid some appropriate behaviour. She approaches him in class and when he looked her in the eyes, she got scared and backs off. While resting outside a tree, she notes his eyes with the looks that he has completely given up on reality. It was like he’s looking at her through a different world and seems lonely. But she gets inspired by her hero to tackle this problem. But a loose spirit suddenly enters her body though Nagase felt something, it didn’t bother her much.

On the second day at school, Keima’s class are glad they got this beautiful babe as their teacher. During Kodama’s class, nobody was interested in greeting him. But when it’s Nagase’s turn, everyone replied with much liveliness! See the difference! Then when she walks pass Elsie, her alarm goes off. Later as Elsie informs Keima the details on Nagase, Keima feels he’d started to relax seeing the lack of loose souls these days. Seeing the alarm didn’t go off on the first day, it must mean she was just recently possessed. Keima feels like going home instead of confronting Nagase. He explains the teacher route as the most difficult one to conquer because a teacher’s job is to be friendly with students. Once they’re stuck on it, it will take a long time to conquer and win. So he needs to start off as her equal. That means he needs to avoid seeing her and wants Elsie to put up a fake clone of him in class. As Keima is about to leave the school gates, he is shocked to see Nagase calling out to him. He can’t believe she has made the first move and can’t let any events occur at school. He tries to run but Nagase keeps pestering to have lunch with her (she thought he was bored with school and tried to leave). So Keima finally relents and as Nagase talks away, Keima wonders why she is targeting him. He doesn’t make contact and avoids talking to her. She shows him her pro-wrestler hero and talks about the sport which is about pursuit of ideal strength. This causes Keima to accidentally reply about ideals over real. Nagase is happy he replied so Keima gets up and leaves. She says he can always talk to her as she is here to help. Keima returns to class since his plan has already failed. Elsie thought he was a genius in making friends! She also thought Nagase was worried of him being a problem child. But Keima is worried he is stuck with the teacher route now.

Flag 10.0: School Wars
Nagase feels motivated to get Keima to open up to her and be the best teacher he’s ever had. Keima on the other hand is trying to think of other plans that will have in running in a new direction or else this won’t even be finish during graduation. That plan is to piss her off. Keima continues to immerse in his games and he has brought a few stack of them to class. Nagase somewhat understands the loneliness he feels so she pats him on his back and vows to find a way to save him. During PE, he ignores her to play ball. She shoots at him but when he shoots back, it hits Nikaidou. She starts kicking like practising for a penalty kick. All other pissing off methods fail. So Nagase feels it’s time to unleash her secret weapon. She bought a handheld too and wishes to challenge him! So, she’s holding it upside-down. I guess Keima has to teach her some of the basic stuff and he’s trying to hold his anger in. Finally Nagase says that though games are fun, there are more important things to this because in the end, games are works of fiction and can’t replace reality. However he tells her off that he doesn’t escape reality by playing games and not to go judging people by her own standards. Before he can scold her further, Elsie knocks him out and takes him away. Later Keima thinks of taking another route. A third party that connects him and Nagase: Nikaidou. The reason is if he establishes a relationship with Nikaidou, he will instantly become Nagase’s equal. So the main problem is how to get close with her. Keima tries to put on his best performance but Nikaidou isn’t even trying to be friendly! Nearby, they see Nagase trying to advice Kodama to not yell at a student and call him a failure as he will be hurt but he dismisses it. Though close to despair, she still carries on.

Keima is working his ass off marking sheets for Nikaidou. He would do anything for any information on Nagase but I don’t think it will come easy or cheap. Yeah, Nikaidou is being a demon here. Later Nagase goes back to class to ask that student who was scolded by Kodama to study together. However he feels that case wasn’t something big and it would be a hassle if they pursue it. Nagase is sad that even though they’re not okay with it, they’re not doing anything about it. They tell her that’s how the real world works. That’s when Nagase snaps and tells them off. Then she runs off but not before hearing criticisms about her being too passionate and no one is going to put up with it. Meanwhile Keima’s hard work didn’t pay off. He got no information. Nothing at all. Maybe Nikaidou is really an S. Then downtrodden Nagase passes them. He wonders if something has happened to her while he wasn’t watching. Elsie tells him about the run-in with some students. He confronts Nikaidou about it and as usual gets nothing. He deduces she refuses to tell him anything for fear she would bring up stuff she doesn’t want to talk about. This has Nikaidou’s attention so she says Nagase has been depressed ever since the court. Another teacher points out a picture in the room whereby Nagase was a basketball champion and their team won the championship. It was the basketball team’s final moment of glory. Keima and Elsie head to the suspended basketball room to see Nagase’s name on the locker. Now he can see the ending.

Flag 11.0: There Is Always A Sun In Your Heart
Though Nagase feels down, she attends a pro-wrestling match to cheer herself up. Keima and Elsie follow her and as part of the plan, Elsie peeps on her ticket seat number. Inside the hall, Nagase is surprised to see someone in her seat, what’s more Keima. The ticket Keima had is fake but thankfully Nagase didn’t find out (she thought it was double booking). The match is starting so she thinks of finding another seat but Keima pulls her hand and makes her sit with him. As the fight starts, Nagase gets into the pace of the action and also drags Keima along. Yeah, she’s doing a little wrestling move on him. When Nagase realizes how close she is to her student, Keima says pro-wrestling is interesting because it unites everyone. Nagase agrees with him and expands his points (while getting real close to him). Then she pinches his cheeks to try and make him understand she did her best to help him out. They need to work together for things to work out. As soon as he mentions about the basketball team being shut down, she gets alerted. He continues she shut it down to be precise. He feels the same thing is going to happen and more people are going to be crushed beneath her ideals. Nagase remembers how her teammates quit because they can’t keep up with her pressure anymore. This left her confused because she thought everyone wanted to get better. Nagase directs her anger to Keima that he understands nothing, attracting the attention of the other audience. Realizing the commotion, she takes her leave. Next day in class, the students are somewhat whining about Nagase when she comes in. She shows them a marathon that she has signed up everyone to participate in. However they are not too happy because some of them are busy and some said it’s too much pressure. This leads Nagase to question why they came to her for help or looked so happy when they were talking to her. She couldn’t take it anymore and runs out from class. While the class ponders about what just happened (still viewing her unfavourably), Keima stands up to say that she probably can’t save a bunch of fools. They confront him but he turns into an inflatable.

Nagase is at the basketball room when Keima suddenly pops up! Was he hiding behind there all along?! She tries to slam the locker shut and was says she was confident she was going to make it work as an ideal teacher. However he begs to differ because she hasn’t changed because she has always forced her own ideals onto others. Now she runs to the basketball court and Keima follows her. Emotional Nagase always wanted to help them but the harder she tries, the further they go away. She’s at a breaking point not knowing what to do anymore. Keima tells her to continue forcing her ideals onto them! She only needs to do what is right in her heart. She has to. She may feel pain and lonely but she must show everyone her ideals. Just like Jumbo Tsuruma! She is taken in by his words but before they could get closer to each other, the class comes looking for her to apologize for being selfish. As the class regrets their actions and Nagase welcomes them back, Keima meets up with Elsie and narrates his plan. After Nagase ran out from class, he will insult them to make them feel guilty. Elsie will then count to 500 before leading everyone to the court. Though Elsie felt it was a little forced making everyone tagged along, Keima feels it isn’t because the real lacks ideals and that’s why they need ideal endings. On the last day, Nagase bids farewell and promises to be a better teacher. Keima however hasn’t been to class ever since that day. On her way out, she sees Keima (still playing his game). She apologizes for viewing him as a solitary and cold person at first. But Keima tells her to make sure she comes back. She promises to and this will be the last time she’ll let him see her as anything else. She runs up to him and kisses him. Uh Elsie, catch that loose spirit will ‘ya?

Flag 12.0: Summer Wars
After completing a satisfying galge sequel, Keima moves on to his next game. It’s already 2 in the morning… He notices the cheap game he bought at the fair, One Leaf and decides to play it though he is not expecting it to be great. But upon meeting the game’s main girl, Yotsuba Sugimoto, he instantly fell in love with her and the game. It’s that time when Mari needs Elsie’s help to go check on Keima. Upon doing so, she is puzzled to see him so happy spouting about his destiny. Keima continues to play the game like leading a parallel life. It’s amazing how he is so focused on his handheld but yet he can still find his way around town when his eyes are never taken off the screen. Yeah, he seems to enjoy his time with Yotsuba. He got so excited in the middle of class that Nikaidou kicked him out. Yes, kicked him in the gut. But this means he can continue with no interruption. Elsie wonders if the game is hard to beat since he’s taking a long time. On the contrary, he says a good game is one whereby you want to spend more time with your heroine. Yeah, he’s spending so much time with Yotsuba that he’s beginning to look like the game’s art itself. Tsundere Haqua pays Elsie a visit only to learn the new game Keima is engrossed with (she’s acting like she’s not interested but wants to know more). Elsie sketches Yotsuba and Haqua thinks her drawing sucks. Well, if you want to compare that kind of art with today’s standard of bishoujo, yeah, it looks horrible. So imagine Haqua’s surprise when she learns such horrible art exist. Oops. Don’t let Keima hear that or he’ll get mad. Keima receives an email from the company who created One Leaf. They are seeking his input to make an ideal galge. Who better than a person who tackles galges every day, right? Keima puts on his thinking cap as we see several inner minds of Keima arguing their ideals among each other! They just can’t agree on one! Tough isn’t it making a galge? How does it feel like now for a person who is always just playing and offering lip service instead of creating it. Keima is confused and of what his ideal game is. The more he thinks, the more he is unsure.

Soon his inner minds evolve from the primitive and simple mountain side to a 30’s-like political party debate. And you thought the sage would settle things of both sides. Till he finds out one party wanted to do away with his favourite part and so the war goes on. Elsie couldn’t sleep that night and sees Keima staring into space and can’t help wonder why he is sad. The evolution of the war takes a drastic turn because it’s now an intergalactic conflict! Oh sh*t! We see a couple of Keima from different sides duking out over their ideals when one of them drops a locket containing a picture of Yotsuba. The other recognizes her because he too has a locket of her picture. Then the spirit of Yotsuba pleads to them to stop fighting and in an instant everyone starts to wonder why they have been fighting in the first place and make peace. They were arguing just about everything from the story to the interfaces and cliches but never once they talk about the girl! So all the Keimas band together and transform into a chibi version that reunite under a tree that pools all their ideals. Who says there can only be 1 ideal? In the end, Keima replies to the company to just make a good game. I guess that’s the best advice. Elsie runs up to Keima and is terrified about the news she received from Haqua. Seems a huge wave of zombies, Santa Clause, loose spirits is coming to town. However Keima ignores her and continues his gaming. Keima narrates reality is just a bad game and the ideal world can only be found within a game. But if an ideal can be found within a bad game, there may be an ideal route in the real world. He is confident he will find it. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can spot all the girls Keima helped in the current and the previous season making their short cameo appearances. We also have a glimpse of girls-cum-troubled-heroines that would appear for the next season. Yes, next season. Five of them. Can’t wait to get your hands on them, can’t you?

OVA: Four Girls and an Idol
Remember Chihiro’s dream of forming a band? Yeah well, at least it materialized. Elsie meets up with Chihiro, Ayumi and Miyako Terada for their first band practice session at the studio. Let’s just say they are far off from being anything close to After School Tea Time. Heck, they even recorded their first gig and think they’re legendary and rock. But to their dismay when they later hear it, how much is sucked. Big time. No talent. Worse, Elsie forgot to plug her amplifier and thus her guitar ‘wasn’t recorded’. Chihiro feels they need more time to practice seriously but the rest are tied down with after school commitments. Elsie suggests forming a Light Music Club. Yes, just like that anime K-ON! They think it’s a good idea to form a club to get that much needed practice together. They went to see Kodama who is also the cultural clubs activities advisor. He instantly rejects them seeing their exams are coming. He doesn’t favour people like them who want to form clubs based on their whims and fancies. Yeah, he must’ve heard lots of people trying to form lots of weird clubs. Chihiro is adamant they are serious so he makes a deal with them. Unless they score 100 marks in their exams, they can forget about it. Plus, failing which will have them under detention. Uhm… It doesn’t look like he’s serious in giving them a chance to form a club, eh? The girls are lamenting their poor English marks when Kanon appears, delighting them. Well, even as an idol she too has to sit for exams, right? Upon seeing Chihiro’s guitar, she is happy that there are other people in her class who play music. Maybe she wants to disregard that horrendous take. Kanon reveals a secret that she will be performing at their school’s festival and invites them to come. In return, Chihiro also wants her to come see their gig at the said festival. Can they? Well, if they want to do this, they have to do it seriously and sparkle, right? But how are they going to get a perfect score in their test? Well, this is where Keima comes into the picture. Elsie drags that reluctant kid to tutor them. Since Miyako is at cram school, I guess Ayumi and Chihiro are left.

Seems both sides aren’t happy that they got each other company. For Keima, he isn’t thrilled that he has to face the conquered targets again. But Elsie manages to convince him that as the Capturing God, he has to help out girls he has conquered! Wow. She really knows her way round now, does she? Well, Keima agrees but will only tutor them for an hour and no more. He starts writing on the blackboard the problems that WILL come out in the test. This is after he has taken into account Kodama’s personality and his lessons covered. That will enable them to score 90 marks. The girls didn’t believe him and thought he made it up till he mentions studying for school involves too much wasted effort. If you reduce it to only necessary portions, the amount of subject matter on a test is less than the number of dating sims on sale this month! I don’t know if they understood that because they instantly start taking down notes. For the remaining 10 marks, he will allocate a specific time to tutor them individually. Suddenly Kanon comes in and notes what they’re doing. Elsie invites her to study with them seeing it’ll be more fun. Keima isn’t happy to add another conquered target but I guess Elsie forces him too. Besides, his 1 hour tutor stays. But they hardly get anything done because Ayumi is complaining she’s not stupid and is trying to get her mom to SMS her a copy of a test she scored perfect before. Chihiro is complaining a better looking guy should’ve tutored her and Kanon has been staring at Keima ever since her entry. Yeah, it’s been bugging Chihiro as she wonders if they have any connections. So finally Kanon asks him if they have met before so Keima dismisses it and says she has the wrong person. And with time up, he leaves. And the rest blamed him for not teaching them anything… Then Kanon asks them if they knew Keima because they keep calling him Otamega. They think it may be just the feel of deja vu of meeting someone before. Kanon agrees and notes that she may be just tired. With Miyako returning, the studies continue. A few days later when the test results come out, everyone except Elsie scored hundred (she scored 45). Well, at least Elsie fared better than before but she felt bad for ruining their chance. As a last ditch attempt to go convince Kodama, he surprisingly approves not only their club, but any other students who come asking. So why the hell is he in a bloody good mood? It seems Keima scored 99 marks on his test! No wonder! He even framed it up properly! Did Keima do this on purpose as insurance? Kanon also scored perfect and her staffs congratulate her. But it’s not the score she is happiest with. It’s the friends she made. So with a new club room of their own, Chihiro and co start practising and call themselves 2B Pencils and are in the midst of recruiting a drummer (Miyako is on keyboards and the rest on guitars). Well, I wanted to really believe that their fabulous performance was not a fluke. If it was horrible, you wouldn’t even want to stay and watch the end credits, right? And I wonder if that drummer is a newbie or someone they just hired part time because much of the focus is pretty much given on the quartet.

The Ending Is Pretty Much Faraway Still…
So far, no word has been said on the third season yet but I get a feeling that there will be another sequel. I mean, Keima has got to capture 60,000 more loose souls, right? Man, there are going to be a lot of troubled girls soon. And our only hope is to depend on a single guy? We’ll cross the bridge when we get to it! I guess for this season, many would feel that it is more or less the same thing with the first season. New girl with own set of problems, Keima must figure out and work his way into her heart, once he’s got her they kissed, Elsie captures loose soul and the girls forget all that has happened. Then in between perhaps a filler episode that doesn’t involve any girls so it won’t seem so ‘tiring’. Because of this, some may find this trend repetitive and not much. There were funny moments, there were dramatic and suspenseful times, there were heart rendering moments and feel good occasions. Ah, all the ingredients you need for a good galge, eh? For me, I guess the series is rather okay because though the general flow is the somewhat same, it is the way it is presented and the different approach and method used is that what makes it interesting. No two girls are alike and though their problems may be generic and similar (problems with love, friendship, etc), you have to approach it from a case to case basis. I mean, everyone has their own troubles, right? Who doesn’t?

Keima pretty much hasn’t lost his touch in capturing and succeeding the targets. So much so you can say his rate is still at 100%. Heck, despite his tally is now just 8 targets. But still, the statistics say for themselves no matter how small it is. But I also feel that he might not be as sharp as we see him in the first season. That’s because at times he may hit a dead end so he struggles to get himself back onto the right path. After all, no matter how perfect he is from his concentration to his studies, he is still human. God is just his nickname. Well, at least living up close to it. Plus, I seem to find his capturing lines to be less charming this season. Maybe we’ve come to expect them from the last season and because of that high expectation, it doesn’t quite live up to it here. We thought he has given up on the real world and only focused on his galges but as mentioned, he doesn’t escape from reality. Perhaps it’s because he’d rather stay in a perfect and ideal world instead of continuously facing the bleak reality which is nothing good for him. Like any human, they would want to continue and enjoy the stuff they love and avoid the bad ones as much as possible. It may seem like a form of escapism but if Keima really has ditched reality, he wouldn’t even be going to school at all, right? Lately too, he has begun to question if the conquered girls really lose their memories for good and that he starts wondering if there is such an ideal world in reality. He doesn’t hate the real world as much as he does than before. Well one thing, you won’t be seeing your favourite 2D girls in the real world. Haha! Though he may still look cold and unfriendly, at least he has a human heart and in a way, a caring person. I’m sure he might give an excuse of finishing his contract with Elsie as a reason why he takes his duty so seriously but really, does it feel that he is just doing his job?

I still find Elsie pretty much a useless blob in this season. Though she is not as annoying as in the previous season (she still whines a lot, though), she still relies a lot on Keima to perform. Her only time to shine was when she released Haqua from her despair. That’s about it. Otherwise, she still is pretty much infatuated with fire engines and just an airhead. Forgive me for being harsh. She may still be an amateur but at least she didn’t lie and prop up her resume like Haqua did just to live up to the expectations of others only to crumble beneath all that pressure. So I guess it’s reality check for Haqua too (and for us) because what you learn in school will ultimately differ very much in the real world. You can’t apply what you have learnt in textbooks anymore. It would have been so convenient if reality follows textbooks, right? Unfortunately, reality doesn’t work that way. I’m just glad Haqua is able to see what is important and put things back into perspective. Besides, she is the only one who retains her memories after Keima’s successful capture. So it’s no surprise that from her body language, her tsundere attitude would very much indicate that she does have feelings for Keima. Even Elsie too. More than just her kami-niisama. Remember that incident whereby she locked him out of the house after thinking the possibility of Haqua’s visit? Yeah, that. So maybe we’ll see that kind of real romance and chemistry in the future. I mean if you talk about the romance part with Keima and his targets, it is all part of an act to just release the loose souls even if the feelings of the girls were sincere. So in that way, you can’t say the romance part for Keima and the girls are real. If they had retained their memories then probably yes.

I went to do a little further research (read: at Wikipedia) about what to expect more from the series and it seems there is a hell lot more girls for him to conquer. A lot. In addition to that, there are other plots that and characters especially from the supernatural and hell side that will make this more than just a simple 2D galge. Yeah, those old hell demons are bent on reviving and stop at nothing to the extent of hurting the girls Keima once conquered. Seems pretty interesting. Especially when you consider that there are strange and unusual phenomenon with some of the targets so this indicates that there is more than meets the eye and something even deeper and darker that has got to do with the old hell demons. Keima is going to need more than just his galge experience to fight off those baddies. He’s going to need all the help he can get. One thing that boggles my mind is how new hell demons end up looking much cuter than their older counterparts. If all the girls here look this cute, ironically it would seem like a cutie and heavenly paradise, doesn’t it? And a hell with law and order too? Isn’t that what heaven is about? Speaking of which, nobody mentions about that and the only closest thing which is heavenly mentioned here is God, which is Keima. On a trivial note, there are lots of game and anime trivia for you to spot but since I’m not a game buff, I wouldn’t really recognize the kind of game shown on the poster. Also maintained at the end of each episode like the first season, Keima narrates and compares his 2D world love to reality and it’s fun to hear the things he has to say. Of course, Elsie trying to end it with a punch line, I think she fails. Also during this section, the various end card illustrations which are amusing as eye candy.

With the main seiyuus from last season retained, we have new ones this season for the new characters. Aki Toyosaki was quite splendid as the gentle Nagase because to me, her typical roles should be airhead girls like Yui in K-ON! or Tomo in Seikon No Qwaser. She sounded like a person trying real hard to correct the wrongs without realizing that she is forcing her ideals onto others. Other casts include Saori Hayami as Haqua (Arashiko in MM!), Ami Koshimizu as Kusunoki (Horo in Spice And Wolf), Kana Asumi as Chihiro (Yuno in Hidamari Sketch) and Sakura Tange as Yotsuba (Suzu in Marmalade Boy). The opening theme, Whole New World God Only Knows by Orotario The World God Only Knows feels like a sequel from the first season. Not only it is sung entirely in English but it had that Enya feel to it although it is of a faster beat. Just odd. For the ending themes, unlike in the first season whereby a girl for that particular arc sings the ending song, we have all of them singing together so there is only one variation of the song. Ai No Yokan is the name of this ending piece. Last season we also had a singing idol which contributes lots of insert songs to the series. So this time round, it lacks many of it and just a handful.

So the next time some demons, monsters or aliens decide to kidnap or lay their hands/claws/tentacles on our women, be prepared to face the wrath of us guys, whether otaku or not. Because as men, it is natural we want to protect (and possibly monopolize) our women. Hmm… It does make it sound like as though women here are like your typical damsels in distress. For all we know, they don’t even need our help and could just take care of it all by themselves. I guess that’s why we guys lock ourselves in our own fantasy world of dating the perfect girl of our dreams. Thus is it a wonder why some would find it tempting to cross over and never to return to reality? It’s The World Guys Only Dream Of.

NB: I still find 2D girls looking way much better than 3D girls… :)


November 20, 2011

What is it with society and unmarried women who reached the age of 30? Another form of discrimination, I guess. But that isn’t the main theme in Kuragehime though it is one of the topics worthy of discussion. Also known as Princess Jellyfish, this anime focuses on a group of single ladies living together in a dorm called Amamizu right smack in the hot area of Tokyo. Thing is, they aren’t your typical beautiful women that would send men drooling crazy over them. Yeah, they are more like NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training), each with their own obsessive and weird (depends on how you look at it) fetishes. So is it a wonder that many people don’t find them attractive?

One of such people and tenants is Tsukimi Kurashita. Though she is the newest tenant of Amamizu, she is obsessed with jellyfish. Something that many people won’t find fascinating to even own it as a pet. When she was young, her late mother took her to an aquarium to see the splendour of the floating jellyfish in the tank. She akin the long flowing tentacles and tendrils of the jellyfish like the beautiful gowns of princesses. Which girl wouldn’t dream of being a princess? And thus, begins Tsukimi’s obsession with the Medusozoa. However reality isn’t fairytale so Tsukimi’s dream of being a princess never even got close. That’s right. She turned into a jellyfish otaku and her fashion sense is just wearing grey jumpers with her hair braided and unfashionable glasses. Can you fathom why she’s still single? Something must have gone wrong along the way, eh?

Part of the fun at Amamizu no matter how dull their lives are the other residents. Their colourful personalities make them a lovable bunch though you might be turned off by their appearance. We have the chubby Chieko whose infatuations are with kimonos and traditional Japanese Hina dolls. She is Amamizu’s building owner and is currently the manager since her mom is away on some overseas trip. Then we have Mayaya, probably the liveliest one among the gang (notice the movements of her hand when she talks?). She’s quite fixated on anything that pertains to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and even makes statements and references using it in her daily speeches. Banba is the most peculiar one because she has this peculiar sense and vision to trace good food. Yes, her messy-hair afro is natural and she likes trains very much. Finally, zombie-like Jiji is fixated on old men. Say what? We also the mysterious Juon Mejiro who is never seen out of her room. Or even heard. Only known to be a ‘nocturnal creature’, she is the author of a popular yaoi manga and sometimes have the Amamizu residents helped her out with her work when the deadline looms. Due to her chronic social anxiety disorder, she barricades herself in her room and her only communication is via paper. What again? You see, if the girls want any advice or something cleared, all they need to do is just write on a white piece of paper, slip it under a door and wait for a few seconds for a reply. And what she ‘says’ seems to be like a decree like “No Boys Allowed” in Amamizu. Thus the girls at Amamizu form some kind of nunnery called Ama. It’s not like they dislike the male gender, even ladies too. Especially if they’re the hipster kind. Of course in life, nothing remains the same as they’ll soon be encountering a life-changing chain of events.

Episode 1
We are introduced to the characters and their obsession as well as their ‘mundane’ lives at Amamizu. We see Tsukimi’s otaku on Jellyfish as her knowledge of every jellyfish known would put jellyfish experts to shame. Yeah, notice all the jellyfish sketches and drawings on her room walls. Creepy if you have phobia of jellyfish. One night while she passes by a local pet store, she is horrified to see 2 different jellyfish being put together in the same tank. Well, from what I understand from her technical hullaballoo one of them excretes poisonous secretion that will kill the harmless other. She tries to inform the shopkeeper but she gets petrified because he’s a guy. She sums up her courage to save the harmless jellyfish that she names Clara but the shopkeeper finds her creepy and annoying. He shoves her out and while on the ground, Tsukimi sees a beautiful hipster lady standing up for her. After hearing both sides of the story, she buys the jellyfish. Woah. She’s so cool. That must be what Tsukimi is thinking. She follows Tsukimi back to Amamizu so they but Clara in the bath tub for the time being. Remember not to take a bath or you’ll get that stinging feeling. Tsukimi brings hipster lady to her room and she gets fascinated with her jellyfish drawing. Since she’s tired, she crashes in her room and immediately falls asleep. Next morning, Tsukimi wakes up to find hipster girl’s fake wig and puts in on for size. It must be a wonderful dream, eh, if you could be as pretty as her. Now she gets the rude shock of her life. Can you guess what is it? Hipster girl wakes up and is NOT A GIRL!!! SHE’S A GUY FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! He is Kuranosuke Koibuchi and loves cross-dressing as women. Tsukimi knows she’s in big sh*t because of the “No Boys Allowed” decree at Amamizu. Imagine the terrible things that can happen if everyone finds out. Poor Tsukimi, she’s so confused about the kind of pretty people in Tokyo but it never hit her that guys like him can be this pretty too.

Episode 2
Tsukimi tries hard to cover up Kuranosuke since they were too noisy. But Kuranosuke isn’t fazed with his gender thingy and even walks out of the room shirtless! Tsukimi goes down and pretends that nothing is happening but the rest heard noise coming from upstairs. What could it be? A cat? A thief? And it’s coming from Tsukimi’s room. Oh, nobody. Really. Kuranosuke seems to take a liking for this place (because it’s chaotic?) and plans to return here again. Oh no. Looks like the nightmare will continue. At least for Tsukimi. Clara has been transferred to a proper tank as Tsukimi tells the rest of Clara’s lifesaver but falls short of revealing his true identity. After the gang shops for ingredients for their nabe dinner, Tsukimi is still bothered about Kuranosuke’s case and goes to seek Mejiro’s advice on what would happen if boys are allowed into Amamizu. That doesn’t need any much thinking: DEATH. Holy sh*t! To add to her terror, Kuranosuke (in drag of course) returns to ruin their weekly nabe meal by joining them. Due to their fear of hipsters, they have this uncanny ability to ‘shut down’ by turning into stone. Only Kuranosuke seems to be enjoying himself, though he tries to be friendly. Yeah, he finds out that they are all otakus. Tsukimi wonders why he came back so his earnest reply is that he wants to see her. Gasp! However the rest start leaving the room so Chieko tells Kuranosuke bluntly that nobody wants to be ‘her’ friend. Tsukimi accompanies Kuranosuke home (which is by the way 15 minutes walk from Amamizu). He mentions how he envies them because they get to eat together unlike his family. Tsukimi gets another shock of her life when she reaches the gates of Kuranosuke’s house. Not just a house, it’s a bloody big mansion! Make that a luxurious mansion! She gets petrified upon seeing his elder brother, Shuu (because he’s a guy in a suit). Kuranosuke asks Shuu a favour. That is, to bring the best Matsuoka beef back to Amamizu. After Banba confirms the meat is the real deal, looks like they’ve accepted her. Woah. Can be easily bought over! If Tsukimi thinks she has seen enough shock to last for a lifetime, she hasn’t seen anything yet. Next morning, Tsukimi sees the TV news report and recognizes Shuu behind the former Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Keiichirou Koibuchi. So Shuu’s the son of a former minister?! How shocking could it get more? Yeah Tsukimi, you’re over-spilling the coffee. And she just realized that meat might be a bribe… Welcome to the world of politics, Tsukimi.

Episode 3
As we learn Kuranosuke comes from a family of politicians. He narrates why he cross-dresses. Firstly, he plans to leave it all to Shuu so that it’s easier to live his life of freedom if people think he’s some kind of deviant. Secondly, he wants to live in the fashion world and not a politician world. His uncle, Saburouta Negishi is coming for a visit. Oh yeah. Did I mention he’s the Prime Minister of Japan? However the PM seems to not mind Kuranosuke cross-dressing. Yeah, he’s even getting so moe when he sees him and even calling him Kura-pyon. What does this say about Japan? After that, Kuranosuke goes to hang out at his new ‘in’ place: Amamizu. He seems to find Tsukimi’s jellyfish interest much more interesting than hanging out with his friends. She then learns the NEET they all are though they deny and have a certain kind of job or allowances to sustain this kind of lifestyle. It was enough to make everyone go mad. At the park, Tsukimi asks why the son of the PM is cross-dressing. So he takes her back to his place and gives her a total make over. You see, when given proper make-up and the likes, Tsukimi can turn into a beautiful lady! Yes, she’s stunning! In her panic, she runs out of the room and when Shuu is about to come in. It’s like they’ve fallen in love but like Cinderella, she just ran away. But didn’t leave behind any glass slipper. Kuranosuke gets excited that he has found a new ‘rough diamond’ to polish. Yeah, he thinks every girl at Amamizu has the potential to be pretty. Tsukimi tries to wash off her make-up but it makes her look more like a Chinese zombie. She is pondering if she’ll be labelled a traitor if the rest sees her like this. Shuu asks Kuranosuke about that pretty girl that just ran out so Kuranosuke knows he has a crush on her, causing him to blush. He tells her what he needs to know about Tsukimi in exchange for his mom’s address and has him go deliver the clothes she has left behind. When Shuu arrives, he sees the bunch of geek girls frolicking around but doesn’t recognize Tsukimi even if she’s just right under his nose. After he leaves, Tsukimi starts falling for him but is confused. She remembers her mom’s words that girls become beautiful when they fall in love. Does it mean she’ll be grubby if she doesn’t? When Shuu returns, Kuranosuke learns that Tsukimi’s make-up effect has wear off, the reason Shuu didn’t recognize her. Shuu asks him about wanting to meet Lina (Kuranosuke’s mom. Yes, he is the illegitimate son of the former minister) so he says all he wants to do is look inside her clothes wardrobe. Kuranosuke then pays Tsukimi another visit and this time he’s really going to do another super make-over. Terrified Tsukimi didn’t want to go through all that trauma again so she’s fine not being pretty. Have you ever heard a girl saying that?

Episode 4
Amamizu is having their own bonfire but each time this reminds Tsukimi of her mom so she finds it hard to swallow. Meanwhile Kuranosuke learns that Shuu is studying a proposal of an urban redevelopment plan. Seems Amamizu and the building in its area are being planned to be torn down to make way for a high-rise hotel. Kuranosuke goes to warn the Amamizu girls of this but they don’t seem alarmed or fazed. Kuranosuke then plans to take Tsukimi out to an aquarium though it’s a little far. He borrows a kimono from Chieko and has Shuu personally drive them there. Tsukimi becomes fascinated with the jellyfish and even has Shuu stand side by side a jellyfish as comparison. I guess because she didn’t have her glasses on, she could see the similarities of Shuu and the jellyfish! Then Kuranosuke felt this annoying feeling in his heart. Yeah, you could say he’s starting to like Tsukimi. He takes off all his make-up and women’s dressing (in the female toilet) and when he goes back out, to his horror he sees Shuu hugging Tsukimi! Flashback reveals Kuranosuke was so popular (even way back at kindergarten) that he has girls flocking to his side and has dated the most popular, prettiest girls to beauty queens and college girls that only men could dream of. Wow. How lucky is this guy? But because of that, many girls end up fighting over him and got injured and that’s when he has had enough. Back in reality, he is kinda pissed off seeing them hug in public. Tsukimi excuses herself to wash her tears as Kuranosuke pesters for an explanation. She started crying when she started remembering her late mom so that’s when he hugged her and told her it’s okay to cry. After driving her back, it seems Amamizu is under a state of panic and chaos. Everyone is rushing to help Mejiro complete her work because she got mixed up over the deadline. Yeah, everyone is already breaking down and Tsukimi is their only saviour since she is the only ‘sane’ one. She has trouble taking off her kimono and only manages to take off her top part when Shuu returns to thank her. Yeah, his nose bleed is enough to stain the car. Because of this, Tsukimi also breaks down and adds to the already messed up chaos while Kuranosuke is getting hot under the collar, bothered by a love scene between a couple of virgins.

Episode 5
Chieko gets a call from her mom. She’s rather happy to sell the place and not listening a bit to her daughter. Soon the Amamizu girls attend the local explanatory presentation on the urban redevelopment. They are greeted by Shouko Inari, the real estate developer but became scared (because she’s a career woman). Then they see Shuu and the only seats available are those next to him. Tsukimi is made to sit next to him but Shuu doesn’t recognize her. Because the otakus are being noisy, they dash out of the room after receiving glaring stares from the rest. They realize that they left without Chieko so Tsukimi volunteers to go get her. During the break, Shouko realizes that Shuu is at the presentation and devices a scheming plan. Tsukimi ponders about the different person in Shuu when he sees him and Shouko going off together in an umbrella. She gets disheartened but Kuranosuke chances upon her. Back at Amamizu, Kuranosuke learns that the girls flop their session and didn’t even manage to say a single protest. Then Chieko comes back and it seems as long as her mom is the owner of the building, they can’t do anything. Kuranosuke goes into a raging mode to bring all the depressed girls out of the pits. Though the rest are puzzled of his sudden change in his deep voice, it never hit them that he’s of the opposite gender. Kuranosuke gives Mayaya a total make-over and she turns into a beauty herself! Yeah, she looks so much classier with this. Well, she seems to be admiring herself in the mirror since she isn’t taking it off. Then another make-over for Banba. The point is, he’s not going to make them change into a hipster look. He wants them to understand that in this sort of clothes that they are wearing now, they don’t stand a fighting chance. That’s right. You have to dress to kill. It’s a dog-eat-dog world battle out there. Meanwhile Shouko is ditching all the other parasitic men who have fallen out of her favour. Note all the cigarettes stained with her purple lipsticks? Bad for health… As part of her scheme, she calls Shuu out for a drink with an excuse to return his umbrella.

Episode 6
Everyone gets a make-over. Except Chieko. Because of everyone else being hip, this improves her kimono image and is now seen as a rich celebrity. Then she brings them to a posh cafe to discuss their plan to stop the demolition of Amamizu. What plan has he got in mind? Nothing yet but I’m sure he’ll think up of something along the way. Man, this is dangerous. As usual, the Amamizu girls are stunned by the surroundings and the pricey menu. But since it’s on Kuranosuke and his Gorgeous Express credit card, they start ordering the entire menu! See what power money wields? Then she shifts their location to the terrace to have an awesome view. Seeing how happy Tsukimi is, Kuranosuke gets irritated that he is taken in by her cuteness. Elsewhere, Shouko buys Shuu a drink with an excuse of gratitude but spikes his drink. Being the amateur he is, he falls for it. Shouko proceeds to set him up and takes a photo of themselves in bed for future purposes. When Shuu wakes up, he must be in total shock that he seems so calm. Asking for his clothes, but Shouko continues to seduce him. Then he couldn’t take it anymore as he shoves her and dashes out. Back home, the PM talks to Kuranosuke thinking he wants to fish for dirt about Shuu’s relationship with women. However he just wants to know his love life. Dear PM changes the subject and makes a dash out of the house but with Kuranosuke chasing him. Then he spots Shuu coming in all dazed and his clothes unkempt. Kuranosuke goes to talk to their family driver, Hanamori about Shuu’s phobia on women. He was reluctant to tell till Kuranosuke threatens to imprint his finger prints on his Mercedes Benz. Wow. He spilled the beans without a second thought! Seems 21 years ago when Shuu’s dad brought him to see a musical, Shuu went backstage and saw a traumatic incident. Yup, his dad and Lina were making out in a closet. Well, to a 9 year old boy, that must be traumatic, right? For some odd reason, Shuu drives all the way to Amamizu to meet Tsukimi (still in her fashionable dress) just to shake hands with her. Then he leaves. Huh? As for Shouko, she is pretty confident that Shuu is convinced they did it and it will be just moments before she wraps her little fingers all around him.

Episode 7
But Shouko finds that the Amamizu deal isn’t closed yet. She pays Amamizu a visit and she got them bribed with a box of fine macaroons. Banba takes the bag to show it to Tsukimi in her room. But Shouko comes in because she left something in the bag. They are Shuu’s spectacles that she plans to return. Tsukimi gets dismayed and tells her to stay out of her room. As Shouko leaves, she bumps into Kuranosuke coming in. He tells her off that Amamizu is not for sale but she plays it cool. Kuranosuke then says that they are going to buy this building even if it costs billions. Then Mayaya throws salt at her to kick her out. What? Kuranosuke and Tsukimi are alone at the park. Tsukimi is down because she thinks Shouko is Shuu’s girlfriend and that spectacles in her hands seem to confirm it. Then it all starts to make sense to Kuranosuke why he saw Shuu coming home in an unkempt manner. He comforts her but they get teased by a couple of naughty kids who think they are lesbians. Back to Amamizu, the rest don’t seem to take Kuranosuke’s words of buying this place seriously. Yeah, they think it’s some kind of a gag joke. Since they lack savings, Kuranosuke searches the place for anything valuable to sell. I’m not sure if he’s that desperate because it seems like he was having no respect for Chieko’s dolls because he nonchalantly handled them and even thinks of selling them disregarding Chieko’s feelings for them. Even if they’re creepy, they’re family to her. I think that was a bad move. Kuranosuke sulks in Tsukimi’s room (only in his shorts?!) and I guess he gets pissed off that he tries to kiss Tsukimi! However that didn’t happen when Mayaya barges in when an emergency decree from Mejiro. She needs someone to fax her work. NOW! Elsewhere Shouko meets up with Shuu and her blackmail starts when she shows him the intimate picture she snapped with her handphone. While Shuu goes crazy over the thought of kissing Tsukimi and falling for her, they go to seek Mejiro’s advice about selling out the place. She is against it since she will suffer the most due to her disorder. But since she’s low on cash, she has no plans to sell her work but if the one she is working now is a hit, she’ll make the down-payment herself. Shuu tries to ask his dad for money but dad thinks he’s just tired and needs to turn in for the day. Yeah, 300 million to buy a property? That’s crazy! He tried to blackmail by saying he knows about Shuu’s trauma but he makes it clear that they just made it to second base (a term to describe manual stimulation of genitalia. Penetrative sex would be fourth base as I found out). Next day, Kuranosuke tells the Amamizu girls that he has booked a spot in a flea market (oh, the horror of mixing around with other people) and searches their store room for anything valuable.

Episode 8
Lots of uncute things. At least that is what Kuranosuke thought when he opens the boxes. Then he sees the tableware and thinks this will do to rake in the big bucks. Shuu’s dad notices his son not acting strange and as usual Hanamori spilled the beans about his fling after boss agrees to buy a new Benz. As for spying on him, he initially declined (because of his pride as Shuu[s childhood friend, bla bla bla) but when the Mercedes is on the line… Yeah, he gets right to it, calling his close buddy Sugimoto for a meet up. Kuranosuke and Tsukimi are at their flea market spot. The cups aren’t selling but it seems the customers are more interested in the handmade teruterubouzu Tsukimi made. Or is it a jellyfish version? They sold it for 500 Yen but it’s a start. He gets an idea as he calls the rest down to the market and wants them to make those jellyfish dolls. Chieko is sewing in lightning speed! This plans works out well as they’re attracting customers. Kuranosuke wants the rest to draw up a poster but the rest drew their own fetish instead. At the end of the day, their jellyfish dolls are a sell-out! Tsukimi is in her room pondering over her mom’s words of becoming a princess. She unknowingly puts on white cloth around herself and pretends to be a princess when Kuranosuke walks in. He sees her as a stunning bride. She goes into hysteric mode while Kuranosuke confirms that he indeed has feelings for her. Each time he sees her or thinks about her, his heart clenches. Then he chokes on a dessert and the rest saw his fake boobs! Could it be?! Well, that’s just about what the rest thinks. Fake boobs. Nothing more. Elsewhere, Shuu is being blackmailed to accompany Shouko for a drink. She has no intention of leaving him alone as she keeps reminding him about the picture. He thinks he’s blackmailing him to get close to his father about the redevelopment project. Unknown to them, Sugimoto is tailing and snapping pictures of them. It’s like he’s got this stealth mode on that no matter how close he is, they don’t realize he’s there. Hanamori was to make a call to Sugimoto but he accidentally calls Shuu’s handphone and unknowingly says everything about the spying on Shuu and to get proof. Well, looks like the cat’s out of the bag. Tsukimi is so horrified that Kuranosuke saw her in that horrible drab, she hammers her head on the sink so hard! Same time, Kuranosuke wonders why she was wearing that and ponders if she is finally getting into the world of clothes. He remembers his mom showed him her wardrobe and her dream of filling it with all the gorgeous dresses in the world. He sees Tsukimi staring out of the window and tells her there’s nothing to be ashamed about. She mentions after making those jellyfish dolls, she remembered that her mom told her that she would make her a jellyfish-like dress, the reason she dressed like that. Kuranosuke tells her that they’ll be doing that so that they can use this money to buy this place.

Episode 9
While Hanamori chauffeurs Shuu and Shouko back to his home to meet his dad, Kuranosuke looks through Tsukimi’s books and sketches to get ideas for a jellyfish dress. Because of his horrible sketch, Tsukimi breaks and turns into a jellyfish geek, ranting what is right and wrong on what to do! Eventually it’s some flower hat jellyfish that Kuranosuke plans to use as his motif. Then Kuranosuke decides to discuss their strategy back at his room without interruption (can’t tell when the other Amamizu girls will barge in) but they see Hanamori’s car outside. Shouko puts up crocodile tears when Shuu starts doubting their relationship. Shuu brings his dad out as he meets Shouko and asks her straight that if they had gone all the way. Poor Shuu ran away while Tsukimi becomes distraught. Kuranosuke says it’s all a lie because he knows his brother is a virgin. Shouko starts to panic so much so she shows the blackmailing pic as proof (along with all the fake aliases she had as a sex cougar). Tsukimi becomes distressed upon seeing the pic and runs away in tears. She trips along the way. In her unconscious state, she dreams how her friends found her creepy of her jellyfish obsession. She dreams of being in a jellyfish field and thinks sleep will make her feel better but each time Shouko’s face pops up so it’s back to square one. Kuranosuke thinks hard on his motif and remembers when mom told him of all the beautiful dresses she has worn, she has never put on the wedding dress. He strikes an inspiration and decides to head over to Amamizu, bringing along only a wig. Meanwhile Shuu is seen having another drink with Shouko. She tells him that he likes to be under a thumb of a woman because if not, he wouldn’t be here. She says deep down, he wants to have sex with her again. Shuu’s dad and the PM are discussing on the new woman in his life. Apparently since it’s that developer, it’s going to complicate things. Dad thinks of sending him away overseas on a tour inspection and has Hanamori do some investigations while he’s gone. Tsukimi still can’t sleep so she sees Mejiro for advice: Booze. Say what? Well, she’s over the legal age. Mayaya and Banba think there is a thief in the kitchen but it turns out to be Tsukimi wanting to find something to drink. They give her drink a sweet sake and with just a sip, she’s out cold! Note that amazake are low in alcohol content and are made mainly out of fermented rice. She starts dreaming of frolicking in the jellyfish sea with Clara and feels like her mom picking her up to her bed. But it’s actually Kuranosuke in a bad drag.

Episode 10
Kuranosuke borrows Chieko’s sewing machine to make the dream dress. Tsukimi wonders how he knows she had fever the night before. Since he sucks in using the machine, he asks Chieko to help them sew. Chieko goes into her otaku mode telling the difference between Japanese and Western clothing cuttings and why it’s impossible for her to do so. Man, she’s sewing so fast that she’s the hummingbird of sewing! She can even sew without looking at the machine!!! How amazing is that! Shuu attends another of Shouko’s presentation but his mind is clouded of thoughts marrying Tsukimi and living the simple life so much so he falls off his chair. Kuranosuke buys a large cloth to make their dress. But Mayaya and Banba come in to cause their ruckus so he gives them money to leave them alone! Yeah, go buy something you like, will ya’. The duo are having a fun time on their spending spree but gets petrified when a hipster lady, Sara takes interest in Banba’s afro and even takes a pic of it! Kuranosuke lies on the cloth and wants Tsukimi to cut his outline. Meanwhile Shouko puts up another emotional act that he’s treating their relationship as a one night stand when Shuu isn’t amused that she’s following him again. She is pretty confident this tactic will have him come crawling back to her in a few days time but being the amateur virgin he is, Shuu panics and wants to reconsider. Shouko is surprised the events are unfolding too fast but plays it dumb but hailing a taxi to go away. The cloth is ruined so Chieko stitches back for them.

When Kuranosuke puts on the plain skirt, Tsukimi goes into her expert jellyfish fashionista mode again. It’s like she’s possessed as she does some amendments on the skirt. Not bad actually. Kuranosuke thinks of doing this back at his place since his brother will be leaving for a trip. However upon hearing that, Tsukimi gets disheartened and leaves. Kuranosuke convinces Chieko and Jiji to follow him back to his place (Tsukimi forced to come along too). Tsukimi seems uninterested to finish the dress as he tries to motivate her to continue. Chieko accidentally knocks a necklace off the table so Tsukimi suddenly gets an idea. Shuu tries to call Shouko many times but she’s not picking up. And when she does, he jumps to a conclusion that she’s going to do something rash by killing herself! He rushes over and to his horror, he sees her lifeless on a couch and a bottle of pills next to her. Then she wakes up and says it was all a joke. Shuu suddenly slaps her! But the most surprising one has to be he starts hitting her like a school kid! In tears too! When he comes back down, Hanamori thinks the girl is dead since he finished his business so fast and all the better to whisk him away to the airport. Of course she’s not dead. Tsukimi finishes her dress and Kuranosuke is stunned by the beauty of it. She has used the million-dollar necklace beads to make it as the dress’ accessory. Yeah, each pearl costs at least tenths of thousands. Though the necklace was given by his mom, it doesn’t matter because it was turned into a cute dress. As he puts on the dress, he looks very gorgeous in it (even though we know he’s a guy). He starts thinking if he was a girl, would he have gotten the chance to live with his mom. Mayaya and Banba return from their shopping spree but are shocked to see Amamizu sealed up, ready to be torn down.

Episode 11
Tsukimi is in awe with how Kuranosuke looks beautiful in the dress because he really looks like a Princess Jellyfish! She is inspired to create another dress and goes through his closet, takes out one and cuts his precious mom’s dress like nobody’s business! Scary! But I guess he wouldn’t mind since she has awakened. Chieko and Jiji take this chance to leave before it gets crazier. But when they get back to Amamizu, they see Mayaya and Banba trying to penetrate the sealed dorm. Tsukimi has finished her second pink jellyfish dress. Kuranosuke dreams of making it big, opening fashion stores around the globe with his brand strategy. But reality bites when Tsukimi accidentally pokes him with a needle. But it’s going to be more shocking because the Amamizu ladies come rushing back to inform of their dire predicament. Everyone is shocked to see Amamizu in that state. The girls plead to the workers to at least give them time to let them take out their precious belongings. However the workers tell them they are mistaken. They are not here to demolish Amamizu. It seems they’ve got the wrong address while asking directions from Sugimoto (who got the wrong picture from Hanamori). The actual tear down is a house a few blocks away. Chieko tries to call her mom about Amamizu but she abruptly hangs up and there is no further reply. When Tsukimi sees the excavator tearing down the other building, it hit her that Amamizu will soon meet this fate. She rushes back to Kuranosuke’s place and asserts that they need to make more jellyfish dolls so that they can make money and buy the place. Well, Chieko is doing fine with her fast hand, Jiji and Banba are barely coping while Mayaya has already given up and throwing tantrums. Can they make millions at this rate? Kuranosuke gets an idea to take a picture of Tsukimi’s dress and show it to the world via contest. He is confident the pros will love it. We see Sara looking through a bunch of photos for the contest entries. Then she spots Tsukimi’s dress and is awed. Actually, it was Banba’s afro she got excited about (her afro was covering half the picture). Meanwhile Shouko isn’t really herself. She’s got lots on her mind ever since she got slapped. Did she learn her lesson? More like she’s in a dilemma because now she has a crush on Shuu. Then they surprisingly meet at the airport but ignore each other. It seems the PM is also there though he is incognito. I guess with his popularity ratings going down further, nobody cares about that old guy. Yeah, so why not take this as a chance to go on a vacation? And Shouko is also on the same flight. She’s really like a high school girl in love, plucking flower petals to see if he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not. I think she needs to get more flowers.

The Amamizu ladies attend the fashion show contest (of course all dolled up) and since Mayaya is causing her usual antics, Banba’s wig fall off. Sara spots her afro and gets excited. Backstage, seems Sara and Kuranosuke know each other. Tsukimi lacks confidence that her brand will sell (how could anyone believe it will fly since she only made 2 dresses?). However Sara and the other models think her dress is pretty cute. As the models catwalk on the stage, it is Kuranosuke’s turn as he dazzles the crowd in a white jellyfish dress. Even Tsukimi is mesmerized. Looks like at the end, Tsukimi’s brand won in all categories so it’s time for the winner’s parade. Tsukimi is having cold feet of fitting into one of her dresses and going on stage. With the help of Chieko and Jiji, they dress her up but is she ready to go out? Kuranosuke holds her hand to calm her down. When the curtain finally rises, they are greeted with cheers. But the blinding stage lights remind Tsukimi of those beautiful jellyfish. But Tsukimi still gets stage fright and freezes. Sara wants to know the name of this winning brand so Kuranosuke asks Tsukimi what is jellyfish called in English. Back at Amamizu, Tsukimi is still traumatized and thinks she just had a near-death experience and saw the ‘light’! Kuranosuke tries to come up with a logo for the Jellyfish brand but couldn’t. The other girls tried to help too but they put their own fetish in the design. Not going to work. Tsukimi ponders that she doesn’t remember much during the contest except Kuranosuke holding her hand and him asking the jellyfish word. Kuranosuke goes to see Tsukimi in her room. She still has trouble looking at him when his face is too close. However he says he needs to do this even if he’s not cross-dressing since they are bound by fate now. She turns around looks at him but he starts to blush instead. He gets embarrassed of what he just said. She asks if this will work and he is confident it will. Just then, the doorbell rings and it is Chieko’s mom at the door. OMG! She’s a splitting image of her daughter! Like mother, like daughter. There are 2 Chiekos! How can you tell them apart?! Well, to me, mommy looks like that fat teacher lady in the Lat cartoons :p. The girls want her to reconsider about Amamizu but she says she returned to tell them that her Korean actor Yong (she’s a big fan of him) is moving to Japan so she doesn’t need to sell the dorm anymore. That time the non-communication was due to someone stepping on her phone and breaking it. However she misinterprets that the girls want it sold so she goes off to reconsider. Yeah, better chase her down while you can. Tsukimi narrates that she has come to Tokyo for 6 months and feels this metropolis is a wonderful place. She is sure more wonderful things will happen to her. Now, that’s the positive spirit. Hey, Mejiro too has drawn her own Jellyfish brand logo. If you ask me, I’d say it could have been better.

Everybody Is Beautiful
It didn’t feel very much like a satisfying ending. I’m not saying that it sucks but there were some issues that I was pondering at the end. So what about the redevelopment plan of the area? Chieko’s mom may not sell the building but still that doesn’t mean that the plan has been totally abandoned. You know, some people have invested lots of time and money and you just can’t let a group of otakus put the brakes on your plan. And is Shouko still in her real estate job? Why did she take a flight out of the country too? To forget her woes? Seems like her plan to seduce Shuu backfired as it is her who finds herself falling for him in the end. The ending also doesn’t give a clear indication about Shuu and Tsukimi’s feelings for each other. Has Tsukimi gotten over him after the shock of seeing that fake pic? Though we know Kuranosuke has feelings for Tsukimi, but I thought he would at least confess it to her in the end. That’s why for the chemistry department, it’s like this section has been thrown out the window when the series reaches its end. What about the reason Kuranosuke and his mom are separated? Where is she? I would love to know about that too. But the important thing is that everyone can continue to live together at Amamizu, doing the things they love as before. At least for now. I also wonder if Tsukimi and Kuranosuke will be going ahead designing more jellyfish dresses seeing that Chieko’s mom isn’t selling the building. Why not? Their first designs were a major hit!

Many of the characters especially the Amamizu ladies are an interesting lot. I won’t go so far to say that they have changed a lot, but they have made a little progress. One thing is for sure, they aren’t afraid of Kuranosuke anymore seeing that they are the kind of people who freaks out at any hipsters. Okay, so it may just be him that they aren’t afraid anymore but that’s a good start, right? For someone who can give you good quality meat, you’d be insane to reject his friendship. Tsukimi at the end of the series gains more confidence in herself as compared in the beginning. She may not see herself as a princess like her mom once said every girl would and prefers frolicking with jellyfish, but as long as she can be true to herself, I think that is more than enough for her to be a princess by her own means. Kuranosuke as the son of a politician seems to have everything in life. He’s rich, got a pretty face (enough for other girls to fight over and die for!) and the freedom to do what he wants in his life. Isn’t it mind boggling to not see the media snooping around him like a mad paparazzi? Probably he has been surrounded by so many beautiful people so much so when he saw how different Tsukimi was, he fell in love with something unusual. He finds it more interesting to hang out with these people because they are who they are rather than those who’d get close to him because they want something in return (though this point isn’t presented in the anime). Another mind boggling fact is that at times Kuranosuke’s identity came to very close to being busted. Sometimes too close that it’s right in front of their eyes. Whether his fake boobs drop off or they come straight into Tsukimi’s room while he has taken off his cross-dressing, with their ‘blurness’, he can assure that his identity as a female is safe in the eyes of the Amamizu girls. Plus, he has this penchant of using “Ore” (masculine form of “I”) and each time he does that, Tsukimi has to quickly cover him by shouting the Mexican “Ole! Ole!”. Secret safe alright.

I was hoping to catch who this Mejiro lady is but right till the very end, she’s someone that nobody could paint a face of her. So mysterious… Shuu as the rookie politician makes me wonder if he can survive the political arena. He’s too innocent and clean that it seems he could be eaten alive at any moment. He should’ve been a normal office worker. Another interesting character is Hanamori because of his utmost love for Mercedes Benz. He’d do anything for them. He’s so obsessed with the German car that he could sketch it so well but a simple drawing he could not. No matter how many times he sticks to his principles of not ratting out or revealing secrets, once you mention the magic word, he will make a total u-turn without a second thought! This guy is dangerous. Don’t share your secrets with him. Clara at times make her onscreen debut as a chibi jellyfish (sometimes I think she looked more like an alien with tentacles) as she explains certain stuff to viewers and introduce to us the most taboo word of the weekly Top 5 such as working, etc. I’m thinking with so much dislikes, man it’s hard for them to really integrate back into society.

The main point of this series is about inner beauty. Never judge a book by its cover. It doesn’t matter how you look on the outside but the contents of your heart that matters. Anybody can put on a fake and beautiful facade but can you be true to your heart? Only through testing times that one’s true character can be revealed. Another point is that everybody has a potential to look pretty and beautiful. See how clothes maketh a (wo)man? With just a little sprucing up, not anything heavy, can turn you from looking like a rundown shaggy person to a smart and sharp looking professional. It’s all in the looks. The way you dress partly helps to give you confidence but basically it’s still down to your self-confidence and if you put your mind to it, you can definitely do the impossible. Okay, maybe not everything. The Amamizu girls before and after image sure make them look like as though they are really different persons. Though Shuu doesn’t know Tsukimi’s real identity at the end, I wonder will he still like her if he finds out about it. Will he still accept her for who she is? In the end, even if the Amamizu ladies aren’t going to change, that is fine because it is what defines them. We should accept and embrace diversity rather than isolating others who are just different from the norm.

Kana Hanazawa displays her versatile voice of the various and different moods as Tsukimi. Whether she is depressed, in shock or just gone crazy, she absolutely did a good job to fit into her character. I was convinced that a guy would be voicing Kuranosuke because the voice didn’t sound high enough. Well, I was wrong. Mitsuki Saiga is the voice behind Kuranosuke (Phantom in MAR, Kousaka in Genshiken) and she does make her character sound exuberating with confidence. My favourite Mamiko Noto took a while for me to recognize because her character didn’t really speak much and even if she did, it was quite soft. Yeah, her character is something easily missed. Other casts include Kimiko Saito as Chieko (Ofuku in Basilisk), Akemi Okamura as Mayaya (Nami in One Piece), Motoko Kumai as Banba (Ginta in MAR), Junichi Suwabe as Shuu (Atobe in Prince Of Tennis), Junko Kitanishi as Shouko, Takehito Koyasu as Hanamori (Kururu in Keroro Gunsou) and Sumire Morohoshi as Clara. The opening theme is Koko Dake No Hanashi by Chatmonchy. To sum it up, it sounds like a tone deaf ten year old singing out of tune. I didn’t quite like it. But the opening credits animation is filled with Hollywood movie parodies like Star Wars, Mary Poppins and James Bond. However you don’t get to see any these parodies in the episode proper. Surprisingly the ending theme is striking enough to my liking. Kimi No Kirei Ni Kidzuiteokure by Sambomaster is a jazzy and filled with soul while the lead male vocal sounded like he is drunk and had too much. But it makes you want to get up and dance along. “Love is coming back… Love is coming ba-a-ack!”. Oh yeah. Of course the lyrics of the song is meaningful and it’s about realizing the beauty of her lover.

I can’t say that I have more favourable views of jellyfish as I still find them creepy (just like many other creatures). Just remember that being a geek or different doesn’t mean you are lesser than any other human beings. Each of us have our own fetish and weird (though some may term it as unique) hobbies. It all boils down to the individual. Usually it is the norms of society that discriminates. So I’m a 30 year old otaku bachelor still watching my favourite animes every week while most people I know are already married and getting on with their family life. Should I feel worried? Should I feel pressured? I know I’m happy doing what I love most.

Comic Party Revolution

November 13, 2011

When you talk about doujinshi, animes that come to mind are Genshiken, Doujin Work and Otaku No Video. Comic Party Revolution fits under this bill as well. Actually, this is the sequel to the Comic Party series and the reason why I went straight into the sequel was because I couldn’t find any decent shows of it around. Even if there were, they’re all dubbed. You know me and dubs. We’re like cats and dogs. It’s not that I’m going to lose a lot if I don’t watch the first season, right? That depends. But who cares anyway. I just wanted to know more about the doujin world. Not that I’m really keen of entering it but after my experience watching some of the titles as mentioned earlier on, I am just curious to find out how different this is or how strikingly similar everything are. Behold! The world of the doujin otaku…

Based from what I read, the first season is about this university guy, Kazuki Sendou and his childhood friend-cum-university-mate, Mizuki Takase living a pretty normal university life till Kazuki’s scheming buddy Taishi Kuhonbutsu drags him into the world of doujin. Once you check in, you can’t check out. So this Kazuki got fascinated and addicted into drawing his own doujin so much so he cares about the next convention rather than completing his homework. But Mizuki, the kind of girl who hates all those otaku stuff is adamant to bring them back to their normal lives. Can they? Watching from this sequel, I can definitely guess Kazuki didn’t really go back to those good ol’ days. Looks like you’ve got to try harder, Mizuki. If not, if you can’t beat them, join them. No way!

As I further found out about this sequel, it was supposed to be only a 2 episode OVA but was subsequently expanded to 4 episodes. However they decide to adapt it to a TV series but the thing is, the first 4 episodes are exactly the same as the OVAs. It’s like repeating the same thing over the TV, eh? So how would those who have bought the DVD prior on feel? I don’t know? Maybe it’s the kick of rewatching such shows. As compared to the first season, this sequel does not follow any particular storyline so you can say each episode can serve as a standalone. Yeah, you don’t have to crack your head worrying about missing the plot if you skipped an episode. Plus, some of the minor characters are given more screen time so that fans of that character can go squealing in glee. Oops. I mean, for us to appreciate their presence more.

Episode 1
Kazuki is manning a booth at Comic Party AKA ComiPa doujin convention (parody of Comiket). He notices Aya Hasebe gloomy because everyone is bypassing her booth. Even her lane! Kazuki’s friend, Subaru Mikage (“Pagyuu~!”) pays him a visit. He tells her about Aya’s predicament. She reads her doujin, gets excited, takes a liking, becomes her instant fan and buys her work. Then when being told that nobody else bought it, she thinks there is some conspiracy. She pinpoints to be some huge muscular gangster-looking guy, Yuuzo and gets ready to exorcise him in her miko outfit. However she is taken away by the official, Minami Makimura for causing a ruckus. Next day, Aya pays Kazuki a visit to get help to finish her manuscript before the next event. Subaru also comes by and also Yuu Inagawa who gladly offers her advice. Then it’s Eimi Ooba turn but since she and Yuu can’t get along, they argue and cause a pen to be stuck in Kazuki’s forehead! He kicks them out. Next ‘teacher’ to come in is Taishi (he came out from underneath Kazuki’s bed!). Proclaiming to be Kazuki’s eternal brother, he tries to kiss him! Of course he gets kicked out too (probably getting beaten up with a bat with nails too). Next ‘teacher’ turns out to be cosplay fanatic Reiko Haga as she puts Aya on several cosplay costumes. Some familiar ones like ToHeart and Utawarerumono. Then with Aya in a swimsuit, Yuu teases Kazuki and hits him, causing him to fall onto Aya. When childhood friend, Mizuki comes in to let him try her stew, she sees them in an uncompromising position. Hey, why is everybody else there too? She gets upset and beats him up before dashing out the door. While Kazuki is recovering from his pain, the rest are eating Mizuki’s stew! That’s it everybody! Get out!

Aya pays Subaru a visit the next day so that they can finish their manuscript. However Kazuki got a fever and collapses onto her lap after spilling his drink all over his manuscript. Aya nurses him back to health but he wants to help her finish her manuscript. So they make a deal that he will continue to rest and will help out once his fever comes down. They work hard and eventually manage to finish it. On the day of the convention, Subaru puts up bright lights over their booths. Due to some logic that bugs will be attracted to lights. Is she referring otakus as insects?! Anyway the whole thing got taken down and she taken away by Minami. As usual, everyone bypasses Aya’s booth. A couple of otaku jerks start taking unauthorized pictures of Aya (she’s in a cute cat maid outfit). They ignore Kazuki who is telling them off. When Subaru comes by, she sees Aya in a pinch and goes into her exorcist mode and sends the duo flying into the ceiling with her ultimate Daieryuu Evening Whirlwind Technique. Though she got taken away once more by Minami. But the ruckus has attracted the attention of everyone so Kazuki takes this opportunity to advertise. Some customers have a look at Aya’s book and some are impressed. Though at the end of the day Aya’s sales aren’t much, she is happy that she has more readers now. Then they meet Subaru, who by the way hasn’t sold a single book of hers. Kazuki thinks it’s Subaru’s turn to get help. But the thing is, everyone is converging at Kazuki’s place with their usual ruckus.

Episode 2
Eimi is devastated that she’s the only one who has to attend summer classes. Taishi spots Eimi staring at a poster intensely and thinks she’s aiming for world domination! Actually she’s looking at a beach poster and yearns very much to have fun in the sand. At Kazuki’s place, Eimi forces him to want to go to the beach so she will have to tag along. However he teases her about summer classes. I’m not sure about her consulting a badass cigar-smoking Moroccan penguin mascot on her monitor about the beach and summer classes. He tells her all she needs to do is not let others know about her summer classes. So as Eimi is on her way to class, she spots Subaru and panics. She tries to hide and when Subaru spots her, she pretends she didn’t see Eimi and walks away (because she’s giving her that evil look). Same thing with Mizuki but with a poster board? Eimi tries to put on sunglasses and a mask as disguise but Chisa Tsukamoto recognizes her and starts fearing her. Seems she’s standing in the middle of the road. Chisa runs pass her while Eimi is left stranded in the middle of traffic. Unknown to Eimi, Taishi and Yuu are observing her every move via cameras everywhere. Consulting the penguin once more, he chides her for her weak disguise and suggests a more thorough one. Next day, Eimi wears a foreigner drab but it seems Chisa could still recognize this fake French chick. Then outside a store, Minami spots her and gives her a lecture about not worrying others. Too bad Eimi didn’t stay long for her long boring speech. I’m not sure about this but Eimi accidentally bumps into Yuuzo who tells her to be careful of his huge swimming trunks he dropped. Isn’t that sexual harassment.

Back to the penguin, he tells her that everyone she ran into is making a fool of her since she may be the only one who hasn’t gone to the beach. To make sure Kazuki hasn’t leaked this secret to everyone else, Eimi rushes to find him and sees him working at the doujin store. However she can’t confront him since she’s in her school uniform. But she’s having paranoia that Kazuki plans on going to the beach with the other girls except her. Meanwhile Taishi calls Subaru, Mizuki, Chisa and Minami to a meeting with him and Yuu. It’s about Eimi’s weird actions and he tells them of her ruthless plan to conquer the world! However he is confident she hasn’t arrived at the final destination yet, which is Kazuki. Kazuki finds Eimi sitting dejectedly outside his door. She comes crying into his arms. But Taishi and co confront them as he mentions about her world domination ambition. Seems the other girls have their own misinterpretation of Eimi’s world domination like space colony, dictator and even a secret evil company. WTF?! The girls ‘interrogate’ Eimi about her plans so she reveals about her intention to go to the beach. With that, the other girls turn to Taishi and he’s going to need a very good explanation of the predicament he has gotten them into. No need for that. Just beat him up. Kazuki finds out Eimi was hiding for it from him so he would keep his promise. Eimi throws a tantrum about wanting to go to the beach and even rants about her ideal beach. She and Yuu get into an argument since the former didn’t make it clear earlier on which landed them in lots of unnecessary trouble. And when Eimi finally manages to go to the beach with Kazuki, she’s embarrassed to come out due to her swimsuit. After all that trouble…

Episode 3
Yuu and Eimi are upset that they got the same booth number for the ComiPa. Of course as Minami notes there is some mistake but it can’t be helped now. Since they aren’t willing to give way, the only way to decide is via baseball match. Yup, winner gets it. Yuu goes on a member recruiting spree and beats Eimi to recruit Kazuki first, even if that guy doesn’t know what’s going on. She then goes on to ‘persuade’ others to join her like Taishi (volunteered), Mizuki (reluctantly), Chisa (promised to book lots of printing), Subaru (because Kazuki said so) and Reiko Haga (instantly agreed). While they have amassed 7 members and needing 2 more, Reiko brings 3 of her pals to sew clothes. Yuu takes this chance to force them to join her team. Hey, now she has 10 members! First training that Yuu gives to her team is to read baseball manga! WTF?! Then everyone starts fantasizing their own ideal baseball manga fantasy. I don’t think this is going anywhere. On match day, Yuu and her team meets Eimi and hers. Seems Eimi has that otaku pair, Yuuzo and Aya. Hey wait a minute. Taishi and Chisa defected to her team? Chisa’s reason something about her side will book more printing orders? With Minami as the umpire, the match starts with an opening ceremony. What? Yeah, a ball toss from a popular idol Asahi Sakurai. She pitches a throw to start the match but the otakus and Taishi start fighting among each other to bat her ball. When Yuu makes Asahi part of her team, those 3 guys request to transfer team. Rejected! So it’s Yuu’s Rockers vs Eimi’s Penguins. Expect lots of antics, passion and clumsiness as they bat and pitch their way through the games.

Aya’s pitch may be soft but her ball glides over the bat so nobody could hit them. Mizuki faces off with Yuuzo but each time he hits a homerun. She got tired after pitching all day. Her teammates are concerned but after some flashback about making some promise not to give up to her coach (who the heck is he?), she continues to pitch. Penguins are in the lead so Yuu calls an emergency player, Ikumi Tachikawa to counter Aya’s miracle ball. She came straight out from the ambulance from the hospital! She can even barely stand! As Yuu explained, Ikumi is their secret weapon since they need somebody wishy-washy to hit a wishy-washy ball. Huh? Yuuzo is moved to see Ikumi going to great lengths in the game and is ‘paralyzed’ (because she’s his little sister). Though Ikumi is able to counter Aya’s ball, it is   a soft ball but heading towards Yuuzo’s way. However he could only stand there in tears thinking how brave front Ikumi is putting. Yeah, he can’t catch her ball. Thus letting Yuu’s team win. Then on the final face-off between Eimi and Yuu, Penguins could’ve won if Yuuzo didn’t get ‘affected’ by Ikumi’s ‘brave performance’. In the end, the total scores have both teams draw. Yuu and Eimi demand a rematch but it seems everybody has already left the field. So what the heck is this match for anyway?! In the end, Yuu and Eimi are forced to share their booth and they are more preoccupied quarrelling about invading each other’s space rather than serving their customers. Minami thinks they get along so well that they should’ve done this in the first place. Save all the baseball trouble, eh?

Episode 4
Minami is put in charge of organizing Asahi’s concert for the next ComiPa. After discussing details with the producer, he sees a familiar girl in spectacles (not realizing she’s Asahi) and goes talk to her since she looked troubled. She learns that she is having trouble in writing so Minami thinks she’s trying her hands at doujin. She even tries asking what type of story she is writing (love story by the way) and some advice about love via doujin characters and that if is she has dated someone before (of course no). Later Minami meets up with her senpai at the bar and she tells her this girl’s problem. Since senpai is an artist, she always tells her students to fall in love even though it is one-sided just for the experience. Getting inspired, Minami calls Asahi to meet this Sunday. Then they hear the next table getting loud and realize it’s Kazuki drinking with his friends. Actually it’s Taishi getting drunk arguing about some colour. He soon collapses. Minami gets an idea and asks Kazuki to go out on a date. Nope. You didn’t hear wrong. Mizuki and Taishi are spying on an excuse that they’re worried or protecting him from assassins. Huh? But when they see him meet up with Asahi, I guess all that concern turn into jealousy. Yeah even if he is his best friend, this is unforgivable, says Taishi. Minami is also spying so she explains to them what is going on. However Taishi is still unhappy and is going to stop them by force. Minami learns that Taishi is part of Asahi’s fan club and thinks it will be troublesome if he gets involved. So for each ride, each time jealous Taishi (in a mascot suit) tries to interrupt, Minami will be there to bring him away.

Later while Kazuki goes to get a drink, he is confronted by Taishi. He warns him to leave Asahi or else he’ll shoot his air gun and break up their friendship. Not that Kazuki would mind anyway. He gives Kazuki another chance and he sounds dead serious. When Kazuki goes over to Asahi, he takes her hand and run. Taishi gives chase but due to his clumsy suit, he can’t turn and fell off down the waterfall. Elsewhere safe in the cable car ride, Asahi apologizes for the troubles but Kazuki feels honoured to date an idol like her. Then he learns that Asahi’s trouble is actually she has problem writing lyrics for her love song. He advises not to think too much and that everyone just wants to hear those honest words that reside inside her, that’s all. Back home, Minami gets a call from Asahi thanking her for everything. Then soon another call from Kazuki who expresses his gratitude for the fun date. She teases him that she should ask him out on a date next time. He seems okay with it but I guess she was only joking. Yeah, he was even looking forward to that. At ComiPa, Minami visits Kazuki at his booth. He mentions Taishi has never talked to him ever since that day. Then she sees his new doujin so Kazuki lets have a copy free and take an extra one. This is to be brought to Asahi. When Minami relates that date setup the other day, Asahi realized that Minami didn’t know it was her whom she helped. Then she put on her specs and Minami recognizes the similarity. They have a good laugh and express that they love Kazuki’s doujin. Asahi then goes out on stage to appease her screaming fans. Yeah, Taishi’s there too. What a better way to cure his broken heart, eh?

Episode 5
Though embarrassed, Mizuki seems to be doing fine her cosplay of Card Master Peach among the crowd at ComiPa. Then she notices the otaku pair taking sneaky shots of her and rummages their bag to find a small camera device. They maintain innocence and being framed but she isn’t buying it and sends them flying through the air with her perfect batting move of Peach. The crowd goes wild while Reiko and her pals observe her with glee. Kazuki and Taishi also saw what she did. Back in the train, Mizuki asserts her disgust and hate for otaku. Reiko and her pals are discussing about the upcoming Cosplay Fight competition. Miho thinks it’s the best chance to beat Mizuki (I don’t think we want to hear her passionate ranting). But Reiko insists that cosplay should be for fun. Meanwhile Kazuki learns that Mizuki isn’t going to enter the Cosplay Fight. She still thinks this whole otaku thing is indecent and wants Kazuki to go back to their normal lives together. Can he? Well of course it’s a big no-no for Taishi because he needs her for his world domination crap. Well, Miho was listening all the while and throws down the gauntlet that she’s chickening out. But she didn’t like it by taking Kazuki along with her. She went further saying with her out of the picture, they will become Kazuki’s salesgirls in his doujin circle. Taishi agrees when Miho says in exchange Kazuki will draw a BL manga! Miho tells what happened to Reiko and seems she is quite happy. About the BL part, that is. So if Mizuki wins, she and Kazuki will quit the otaku world for good and if Reiko wins, they get the BL. Can’t bear to see their friends fight, Yuka and Mayu later head to Kazuki’s place and place him responsible to stop this feud. Always getting him involved, eh?

During competition day, Asahi is the main judge along with Taishi and Yuuzo. As some of the girls of the series parade their cosplay, Asahi is always giving a full 10 while Taishi and Yuuzo’s score seems to be decreasing with each passing girl. Not moe enough? Then it’s Reiko’s turn. She passes by dejected Mizuki and tells her if she loves Peach. After Reiko has finished, Mizuki goes onstage without her cosplay outfit. Furthermore, she shocks the crowd by yelling she hates the otaku! Then Taishi realizes her uniform is one of the earlier Peach school uniform. Mizuki asserts though she finds the otaku disgusting, she loves Peach very much. Then she underwent a full henshin scene! For real?! The crowd goes wild. The final contestant seems to be a character from ToHeart2, Konomi. It’s the person herself or rather someone who looks very close to her. Everyone is so captivated by her cuteness that they can’t contain their happiness. The otaku pair start going up on stage to take unauthorized pics. Reiko and Mizuki give them a good kick. However they aren’t giving up yet as they plan to get back at them. Absorbing them into their otaku dimension, they seem pretty confident. However Mizuki and Reiko combine their strength to pound them away. I’m not sure if everything was special effects or I’m just seeing things. Either way, it was damn real. But the crowd loves it. Pervert Taishi tries to see what kind of panties Konomi is wearing but spots a mascot of that penguin on it! Shock of his life. But the shockest of them all is Konomi’s wig fell off and it is revealed this person is Kazuki! NOOOOOOO!!! Otakus’ dream shattered. At the end of the day, it’s revealed as a plot by Yuka and Mayu to have someone else win so the rivalry between Reiko and Mizuki will end in a stalemate. They tease Kazuki’s inner awakening for cross-dressing while Taishi is going to be traumatized for quite a while.

Episode 6
Subaru is ecstatic as she relates to Kazuki her new doujin work. Suddenly Chisa comes crashing into them and burst into tears. They learn her dad had collapsed at home and is now recuperating in hospital. Partly he overworked but the other reason is that he pulled an all-nighter for 3 straight days playing an online game. WTF?! Chisa can’t afford to close her shop down and fears this may be the end of the road. Kazuki calls his pals but since ComiPa is just around the corner, it’s either they’re busy, need help or warped in their own world like Taishi. Just leave him there. Subaru gets passionate after hearing her story and vows to help her out. Subaru suggests many flashy suggestions but I guess Chisa has no budget for it. Then Subaru notices the attic filled with otakus trying to meet the deadline. They are there so that they can print immediately after their work is done. Upon realizing Subaru as Chisa’s part time assistant, they have her do errands but she insists she is not their maid. Both girls continue to work hard and though clumsy (like spilling paper everywhere) they didn’t give up. Subaru sees several serialized magazine at the shop and gets an idea. Kazuki pays Chisa a visit as he requests a printing order from her for his finished manuscript. They see Subaru on the phone talking to the magazine publishers. Seems she has an idea of getting them to take printing orders for them so that Chisa’s shop reputation will go up. However nobody is taking the offer. Of course lah. She starts apologizing for the trouble caused. Well thing is, since she was so confident she could get at least one of those publishers, she cancelled all bookings of Chisa’s shop! Yeah, all the otakus in the attic are gone. Boo hoo! What will they do now? Eimi, Yuu and Aya become lifesavers when they show up to request their manuscript to be printed. Mizuki is also there with her delicious cooking, attracting back all the otakus. I think that’s what they’re attracted to. Everybody chips in to help with the printing and by morning, they manage to finish all in time. Just in time for ComiPa. Then Kazuki just realized he forgot to print his own manuscript! Beg as much as he would but Chisa and Subaru are so darn tired that they slept right on the road! In deep sleep! They’re not coming back anytime soon. Perhaps he should go find some other printing shop. Taishi is still waiting…

Episode 7
Yuu wants Kazuki to help her out with her Kansai ComiPa. This means going back to her family-run hotspring inn. He thinks it’s nice once in a while to relax but it seems the rest of their pals are eavesdropping or conveniently passing by and want in. Oddly why the heck is sickly Ikumi lying in Kazuki’s bed in the first place?! Yuu agrees seeing that the more the merrier. There goes Kazuki’s peace and quiet… At Yuu’s family inn, they learn her dream of inheriting this place and running it together with her good future husband. What else to do at the hotspring? Your mandatory soaking-in and why do girls always want to touch each other skin? Taishi plans to go peep so Kazuki goes to stop him but slips. He crashes into the barrier and when it comes down, it’s as though he’s the peeping Tom. Yeah, he saw the girls and they saw him. You can pretty much guess what happens to him. And the other guys. Yuuzo must be one siscon because he only has eyes for his sister’s body. Is that a bad thing? While the rest are playing indoor games, Yuu goes to talk to Kazuki. Suddenly she gets nervous and wants to talk something important. She goes closer to him. In his haste, he nearly fell off the chair but Yuu catches him so they end up like in an embracing position. Eimi saw it but Yuu brushes it off as the girls get into an argument. Then Kazuki overheard Yuu seeking Minami’s advice to ask Kazuki’s feelings. She’s going to do it for herself for the sake of her dream. Later when Kazuki bumps into Yuu delivering the food, she wants to hold him for a little longer. During dinner, I guess dinner could’ve been tasty if Taishi actually proceeded fully with his Full Monty striptease! Yuuzo too wants to show off his bod but when his sister says “Sit!”, he better sit. But Kazuki’s mind is clouded with thought of Yuu and what she did today, his heart confused. That night Yuu goes to soak together with Kazuki in the hotspring since at this hour it becomes mixed bath. They talk about things. But when she starts to get serious, Kazuki then apologizes for never noticed her feelings. She also apologizes that she was using the Kansai ComiPa as an excuse as she really wants to show him around her inn. Kazuki’s mind start fantasizing about them being married so he says he can’t do that yet as he has lots of things he wants to achieve yet. Yuu then realized that it wasn’t what she meant but decides to play along and a little trick on him. Faking crocodile tears, she has him hear out her request. Next day at Kansai ComiPa, Yuu is all energetic to get it moving. The rest see Kazuki in a boar outfit, Yuu’s family inn’s mascot. Seems that all those romantic gestures were actually for him to wear this suit. Yeah those hugging were just to take his measurement! Oh Kazuki, you’ve been tricked. He wants his pure heart back but Yuu indicates that she too at a point shared that same sentiments but brushes it off and has him go to work.

Episode 8
Taishi officiates a tennis match between Eimi-Yuu and Chisa-Subaru. Eimi is distracting Chisa with lots of printing orders so she can’t return a hit even if Subaru takes it. Thus Eimi-Yuu wins the match. Next match is between Mizuki-Ikumi and Asahi-Aya. Asahi is confident she will not lose due to the intensive training she has done at the same time while doing her idol job. However she is as shockingly defeated and realized that Mizuki is better than her as she is still wearing some restraining accessories during the game. Next up, Eimi-Yuu against Miho-Yuka-Mayu. WTF?! Three people to a team?! Is it legal?! Anyway Eimi is serving serves with ridiculously long names but the trio can’t take because they’re can’t decide who to do so and shifting the ‘responsibility’ to the other. Mizuki visits Ikumi at hospital when Yuuzo confronts her. He begs Mizuki to forfeit the next match because Ikumi’s body can’t handle more than 30 minutes of exercise. Though she may not show it, she is bearing a great pain inside. However Ikumi tells of her flashback how she used to watch Mizuki and her then partner Kazuki play tennis matches outside her hospital window. She admired Kazuki though Mizuki was the one who is doing all the work while he just stood there catching his breath. Then one day a stray tennis ball flew into her room. That’s when Mizuki and Ikumi became friends and she learned about tennis and that’s why she wants to badly play and win.

As they prepare for their next match, Mizuki realizes her shoe has been sabotaged because there are enough tacks to fill a bucket! Too late her foot is already injured but she pretends as though nothing happened. The injury is taking its toll on Mizuki during Minami and her foreign partner’s match though Mizuki insists on continuing. Eimi realizes the pair of otakus camouflaging in a poor tree disguise and learn that they are the ones who sabotage Mizuki. It seems they are supporting Eimi and hope to get priority for Eimi’s next doujin issue. Of course everyone has heard it and is upset Eimi would stoop so low though it isn’t Eimi’s fault since they did it on their own accord. Minami gets so mad that she unleashes a flurry of “Sales Terminated” papers to wipe them out! Yuu then forfeits their team from the game. Even so Mizuki isn’t planning to quit. As the match continues, she has flashback of words of her coach not to give up and his harsh tennis training. She makes a comeback with a super fireball smash!!! For real?! Awesome! In the end, Mizuki-Ikumi won as Taishi presents the trophy but they say it isn’t over yet. Yup, they’re going to face-off each other. They mention have they envy the other’s position and their resolve to win. I feel it’s more like the grass is greener the other side. They transform into their respective cosplay characters and prepare to fight. Though we won’t see the match, it seems to indicate that Mizuki won since she has Kazuki accompany her for the day. As revealed, this match was set up with the winner having Kazuki’s day off time priority! No wonder for the whole episode, Kazuki is like so trouble-free and bored! Some dejected, some pumped up for the next match for their Kazuki time. Ikumi is back in hospital and she can’t wait for the next match as she vows not to lose. Looks like she’s taking up boxing now.

Episode 9
Mizuki is upset that Kazuki is turning more into an otaku and wants him to get out more often and exercise. Camping seems to be a great idea but she didn’t expect for everyone else to tag along. Upon arriving at the remote mountain campsite, Mizuki is dismayed that Taishi didn’t bring any food but his useless otaku accessories as part of his plan for world domination. She punched him so hard that he circled the world 7 times! When he comes back, Taishi adds that the nearest convenience store is 3 hours’ drive away and they close at 6pm. Now all the girls are upset and force him to drive them back down to town. But at the end of the journey, they return back to the same spot. Taishi explains this cursed area as an inescapable forest of bewilderment. Plus, there is neither handphone reception nor the GPS works. Looks like Taishi earned himself another 7 trips around the globe. Suddenly a group of armed uniform men appear. Since they aren’t going to handover classified info on the nearest route to town, a survival battle is in place. With sophisticated gun technology and sensor, Taishi starts bragging about this new form of fighting. Since we can’t stand him, he is the first person to get shot and taken out. Even so, he can still continue to brag. However the Pro Team are taken by surprise with some getting taken out since the girls are dressed in cosplay outfit. Moe!

Then some distracting via Chisa as she rampages in high speed via her trolley, breaking through the enemy’s defence. But that’s about it. However the girls get taken out one by one by the Pro Team’s leader because their cosplay is not working on him. As indicated, he has no interested in girls with developed bodies over a certain age. Lolicon! Pro Team are confident of winning since Taishi’s team has only 1 remaining member left. As they regroup, they find themselves slowly being taken out. Confident Taishi explains that the last remaining member, Aya has this stealth personality so nobody can sense her presence. Yeah, I guess all those bypassing moments at ComiPa at least came in handy for this, eh? The leader is the only one left as he starts to panic and search for her. When he thinks he has found her, he found a stuffed doll rabbit instead. It’s a distraction trap as Aya takes him out. In the end, Pro Team admits defeat and for the record, this is the first time they have lost. Taishi continues to brag his bold ambition of world domination going into phase 2. As for the route to town, seems Pro Team are lost and are searching for it a week ago! Mizuki is so pissed off that in a single punch she sent all of the men flying around the world. If you want a free trip around the world, call this girl. Lastly, Chisa’s uncontrolled rampage has finally stopped (by some raccoon statue). She realizes she got separated from the rest and without knowingly went to town. Yeah, she’s the only one who found her way back. While the rest camp out, they get this feeling that they’re short a person but can’t pinpoint it. Hey Taishi, don’t worry it’s not you. WE DON’T NEED YOU!

Episode 10
Eimi is the unbeatable queen of video games. She meets her match when she lost badly to… Asahi?! Yes, that’s her. They have to cut short their meeting since the fans around them start to realize who the idol is. Seriously, they don’t recognize her if she puts on her glasses? Somewhere safe, Eimi thinks the harsh training Eimi has to endure and thus why she has to go to the arcade in secrecy so she decides to be her friend. They hang out together and exchange handphone numbers. Eimi tells her pals about her friendship with Asahi. Taishi is down in the dumps because he worked so hard to approach his idol but somebody like her casually became her buddy. Then she receives an SMS from Asahi but it was plain and boring. Next time, Eimi brings Asahi out shopping with her. A couple of Asahi fans recognize her and goes to talk to her. Eimi gets upset that they are bothering her but they tell a commoner like her to keep out. Eimi blows her top as Asahi brings her away. Because of that, Eimi vows to show the world she can be an idol too. At ComiPa, Asahi accompanies Eimi at her booth. Eimi’s goal is to sell all her doujin to get some prestigious doujin circle fame. When ComiPa opens, they experience brisk sales till people realize the bespectacled person is Asahi. They love her so much, yet they can’t recognize her behind a pair of glasses? They start pulling and pushing so much so the ruckus has Eimi’s circle closed down. Yuu teases Eimi (a little bruised from all that pushing) that she used Asahi to sell her doujin. Of course this is not Eimi’s intention. Then they realize Asahi is not around and must have got separated during the ruckus. Taishi pours salt on her wounds by saying that she abandoned her after using her. Eimi feels gloomy and says if she hadn’t become friends with her, all this wouldn’t have happened. Later Kazuki goes to talk to dejected Asahi. Since she doesn’t know how to apologize to Eimi, he cheers her up that saying anything will do because they’re friends. At the end of the day at the beach, Asahi and Eimi meet up and reconcile. Eimi says she manages to finish selling all her doujin thanks to Brother 2 (Kazuki and Taishi team). Then they both exchange doujin. Finally Asahi asks the most awkward question if Eimi likes a certain person since they should know each other’s boyfriends for a start (as learned from an anime?). She can’t answer so Eimi tries to deflect it back to her and it becomes an awkward situation for them.

Episode 11
Aya picks up a strange Super Manga by the window. When she reads its contents, her face suddenly turns pale. Yuu thinks Taishi is outside her door but only finds the Super Manga. She opens it and becomes terrified. Eimi is annoyed by Taishi’s pestering. He claims they are engaged! It must be true since Eimi didn’t rebuke. She has this feeling about a stalker but notices the Super Manga. Taishi gets scared and warns her not to open. But she was curious like the cat and reads it. Yup, her face is full of fear. A very dejected Aya, Yuu and Eimi gather at Kazuki’s place. He sees the Super Manga and picks it up but Yuu swiftly takes it back. As explained by Taishi, this Super Manga is known as poisoned doujin and those who read it will have their doujin career dead by 100 days. Well, it must be true since the girls are having the worst writer’s block of their lives and can’t draw anything. Their minds are blank when it comes to doujin. Kazuki realizes a print on the doujin that belongs to Manga King of the manga circle in their university. Next day, he along with Mizuki and Reiko decide to go see him at his horror-like dilapidated building. Reiko’s pals are passing by and when they heard about the poisoned doujin, they remember this doujin made everyone fear Manga King though he was restrained and they were all confiscated. As they trek deeper into the dark corridors, they see ‘scary’ stuff enough to be considered greatest horror legends like piles of doujin in the side, teabags on the wall and a wave of porn doujins. Meanwhile Aya, Yuu and Eimi are still down but Aya picked up the poisoned doujin and flips through again. She remembers something and says that they have seen this somewhere before. Aya mentions the poisoned doujin the poison spreads when they read as they are embedded within the small words. Then they recognize this familiar handwriting that belongs to Subaru.

Kazuki and co reach the Throne Room and sees Subaru neatly binding Manga King’s doujin. Reiko recognizes him as the club president, Tsukishima. He wishes to take over the otaku society by doing doujinshi once more. Taishi narrates the history that Manga King was second to none in the doujin world, but since everyone who reads it will have their doujin career killed off for 100 days. In fear of the other doujinshis are also poisoned parodies, they were banished and wiped off the face of the world. Manga King was then treated as an errand boy as punishment. Thus Tsukishima’s reason for revenge. However after years of idling, his manga creativity has gone stale. But thank goodness, that’s when he met Subaru. With her as his right-hand woman, he will confidently reclaim the top of the doujin world once more. Hey, I thought the manga was shelved due to its destructive nature? So this is his personal ambition, eh? Yeah, they’re really hyped to take over the world. As for the question of why it was sent to Aya, Yuu and Eimi, Subaru told Tsukishima to do so because she wanted the queens of the doujin world to bow down to them. And if it’s delivered to everyone in the popular circle, this revenge will become sweeter and sweeter. Kazuki remembers about the 100 days dead career period and when thinking about it, if you want to do it, you have years to do so since 100 days is comparative small and nothing. Everyone starts laughing that what he said is true. A gust of eerie wind blows as Kazuki picks up the poisoned doujin at his feet while a creepy laughter is heard in the background.

Episode 12
Kazuki’s mind is heavy. He’s weighing on Mizuki’s words that he’s already in 3rd year university and she wonders is he going to keep drawing doujin manga forever. When Aya finds out about it, she takes him to see somebody. Likewise, Reiko brings Mizuki to see someone. Aya and Kazuki meet Sawada, an editor of a professional manga publisher. As Sawada mentions, she has invited Kazuki to join them before but he declined. She opens the invitation again but he is unsure of how professionals work so Aya suggests seeing their workplace and how they work. They arrive at the building and learn several weird working habits. Like how nobody is around at this hour. Then they are surprised to see Mizuki and Reiko. They are being brought around by Sawada’s colleague, Chou of the animation department. Sawada brings Aya and Kazuki to see a passionate story making discussion, the pros and cons of editing a story. Chou brings Mizuki and Reiko around town going to several manga artists to collect their work as the deadline is today. Though the artist tries to play dumb about the deadline, but when he spots the cute ladies behind him, he gets excited. Chou becomes the smooth operator in persuading him to submit his work before the deadline. The artist promises he will submit them tomorrow. Yeah, he’s even staring at the girls as they’re leaving. We see several scenes of how unkempt these artists are. Sleeping in unorthodox places and even piles of books over them! Sawada gets a call from an artist, Youya that his assistants all ditch him to do their own doujin since ComiPa is around the corner. Kazuki and Aya volunteer to help out so Sawada gives them directions to his place.

As they arrive, Youya seems tired and lethargic but when he sees pretty Aya, he gets motivated to start work. Do I see a trend here among manga artists? As the duo help out, they talk about doujin as Youya was once into it before turning pro. Sawada stops by to give them a much deserve break and also a sample printing of their work. Youya feels excited about it as it’s like ‘giving birth to a new child’. Aya feels the same as it’s like handing their doujin over to customers after they’ve finished them. Meanwhile Chou continues to bring Mizuki and Reiko around town to ‘remind’ artists to submit their work. When they return, the editor-in-chief says there’s some mistake being corrected so printing is currently on hold but thinks will make it in time. Chou hurries to continue work. As Aya and Kazuki take a train home, Kazuki realizes that she did all this for him. She explains that he looked different yesterday and thought he may have lost his objective for drawing doujin manga. She too had this kind of feeling before. Next day, seems everything manages to meet the deadline. Kazuki now has an answer for Sawada’s invitation. He still wants to keep doing doujinshi rather than turning pro now. Sawada understands because doujinshi is made from the same people that share the same interest so there’ll always be comrades. She feels happy for them. Kazuki and his friends walk back and they seem much happier now. Kazuki returns to his apartment. Taishi is sleeping like a slob on the floor. But Kazuki is unperturbed because he gets all fired up for world domination! Of the doujin world, that is.

Episode 13
Kazuki gets a shocking but good news from Minami that he will be placed in the famous Kabe place position for the next ComiPa. Though Yuu congratulates his success, Eimi isn’t too happy about it and even crossed the line by saying he just draws whatever to attract the crowd and stamp his name on it. However Kazuki is under pressure as he experiences writer’s block. He can’t seem to get it right. Mizuki tries to encourage and cheer him up but he is in no mood to talk. Though he later apologizes for his rudeness, Mizuki decides to help be his wife, oops I mean help cook for him, do his laundry, etc. It’s like she’s being a typical tsundere, giving an excuse that she’s not really doing all this for him. Soon all the other girls congratulate Kazuki and support him to continue to draw what he desires. However things aren’t getting better and it’s getting to him. He’s feeling gloomy. Idiot Taishi can only call him and brag about his world domination. It’s like he’s only giving lip service. Each time Kazuki gets this annoying call, he just hangs up. That’s the way, pal. Don’t further add to your stress. At least Yuuzo even did something to help out. He gave him cookies! No, actually it’s from Ikumi. No yaoi scene here. Anyway after relaying Ikumi’s supportive message, he warns Kazuki not to waste her efforts. Or else… He should know what’s good for him. One morning, Mizuki wakes him up to take him out to relief his stress. He seems refreshed so he wants to return the favour. Mizuki suggests sketching a picture of her. So what kind of model did Mizuki become? One that is clad in only a towel! Is he going to sketch her in that? What choice does he have? Outside, the other girl pals are trying to do something to cheer Kazuki up but they’re worried as he’s not answering the door (maybe he’s so engrossed in naked sketching). They think he has locked himself in for good since the deadline is nearing and there is some kind of special barrier protecting the door so they can’t easily break it down. Seriously?

Once Kazuki finishes sketching, well, it seems pretty good but as Mizuki notes, it’s an oil sketch. Then it’s like she’s hypnotizing him, saying that he never entered the University of Art but yet he drew what he wanted, oil paintings. She says he will continue to draw them. As she prepares to kiss him, the window breaks and suddenly… Another Mizuki?! Seems the Mizuki in towel is the fake illusion that Kazuki desires (?!). She explains due to the pressure of the Kabe space, the nearing deadline and unsure of what to draw, she is an illusion created from his feelings. Plus, the real Mizuki remembers how she wished for everything to return back to those days. Fake Mizuki continues to say the she really doesn’t want Kazuki to draw manga and invites her to her side. However real Mizuki slaps off her hand and won’t accept it because he’s not the Kazuki she knows. She can’t accept this Kazuki who does not like manga. She transforms into Peach while her fake counterpart transforms into… A tennis uniform? Their powers are evenly matched when they hear Taishi’s annoying voice. He pesters Kazuki about the deadline and this manages to snap him out of the spell (I guess his annoyance has its good points). He is shocked to see 2 Mizukis. The real Mizuki tells him not to give up on doujinshi because he likes them. That’s when he got his resolve that he will continue to draw manga. This gives the real Mizuki enough strength to blast the fake one away. Kazuki then returns to draw his manga as Taishi teases Mizuki that she has slowly turn to the doujin side. Think not. At ComiPa, Kazuki mans the booth while his friends and other people patron his work. He is surprised that Mizuki buys a book because she likes his gentle and warm drawing.

Once You Check In, You Can’t Check Out!
Is this a sign that Mizuki has accepted the doujin world? I don’t think so. It’s just that she accepts Kazuki for who he is. Period. Perhaps she realized that Kazuki is much better drawing what he loves rather than forcing him to go back to their boring university lives. In a way, because of Kazuki, he is who he is and there is no one as unique as him. Same goes to every doujinshi. I guess that is what the doujin world is mainly about. The passion of drawing your work and showing it to the world. Of course the selling point is important but that is not usually the main motivation why doujin otakus continue to be a zombie, slog day and night to finish their precious works of art before the deadline. It’s the thrill and joy of having finished something and someone else reading it appreciating it. I think that counts a lot and is definitely priceless. You can’t put a price tag on that kind of happiness and feeling. So Mizuki’s absolute love for Peach doesn’t mean she’s an otaku. Put it in another way. If you love Mercedes Benz, it doesn’t mean you like cars, right?

You can’t judge or say whether the path Kazuki has taken is a good or bad one. He’s doing his best and making the most out of it the way he can. By entering this doujin world, Kazuki gets to meet lots of other nice ‘comrades’ and form his own inner circle. Everyone here helps each other out the way they can. Not only you can find this kind of friendship, teamwork and cooperation in the doujin circle, it’s just like in other circles or societies as well. Taishi is the most amusing and annoying character in the series. You can’t help love and hate his antics but I guess in every group, you need to have a big joker like him. Somebody you could use as a punching bag or give words of advice when needed at times (for Taishi’s case, it’s more of the former). Each of the girls have their own quirky personalities that make them likeable for this series but not memorable in the long run because some of their characteristics are too typical in this ubiquitous genre. How many series do you know have a clumsy loli? The genki airhead? What about the tough girl? Don’t forget the all-important tsundere too. But as far as I know, deep down in all of these girls’ hearts, they definitely have a thing for Kazuki. Because he’s a nice guy and less annoying than his other brother half. Why not? Since this series was based on a dating simulation game of the same name (but without the adult elements in most of them), in the end, he’s got to choose which girl to go out with, right? That’s in the game. In this anime, it doesn’t seem obvious because to me, I think his doujin comes first. His first love. Ah well girls, you got to toe the line for now. It’s nice that some of the girls have an episode focused on them with Kazuki but the series is too short to develop into anything concrete. I mean, there are 10 girls here, how do you expect them all to fit into a short season?

So let’s see if I understand what the doujin world is all about now. Artist draws manga with story. Prints out story. Participates in convention. Waves of people/otakus come in. Walk by your booth. Browse through your book. If they like it, they buy it. Repeat selling process till the show is over. Wait for next convention. I suppose that pretty sums up how I see it. After all these years into anime, I still know nuts about the manga and doujin world. I may have tried to do a little research but the amount of information and details were just overwhelming that I ‘chickened out’. Too scary-cum-awesome to behold and digest it all. And remember if you’re obsessed in something, make sure you don’t neglect the other important stuffs as well. Maybe the word ‘important’ is vague here… Oh well, it’s safe to say that I won’t be entering the doujin world anytime soon or in the future mainly because my drawing still sucks. Looks like I can only draw curtains. Haha! That was a joke-cum-pun for you. Oh dear, looks like I don’t do well in this area too…

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

October 29, 2011

When you talk about a girl having an otaku secret that nobody else should know or find out about, out thoughts will go directly to Haruka Nogizaka, right? Well, there’s another one that fits this bill but other than that, that is where the similarity ends because Kaichou Wa Maid-sama is totally different in all other aspects.

If Haruka is a rich perfect oujo-sama, then Maid-sama’s main heroine Misaki Ayuzawa is the exact opposite. Firstly, she doesn’t have the perfect manners that will make guys swoon over her. Rather, she is aggressive and demanding especially when it comes to boys. Seika High School is a public institution and was just recently opened as a co-ed school. Previously it was an all-boys school. As the only female president of the student council, she makes drastic changes with her autocratic rule to protect the low female ratio at school. Seems noble but when you step on a guy’s pride, you’re going to expect lots of trouble. Secondly, Misaki comes from a poor family. Apparently her dad vanished and left a huge debt so Misaki takes it upon herself to work hard and support her mom, Minako and younger sister Suzuna. Another reason why she enrolled in Seika is because the fees are cheap. Well, she didn’t get picked up by a filthy rich butler and being made his maid-cum-bodyguard-cum-confidante-cum-everything-else. She gets by doing a part time job that nobody else will ever know. A side that will threaten her very image if anybody knew about it. She works part time as a maid at Maid Latte. Doesn’t sound that bad, eh? But imagine her tarnished image if the delinquent boys find out about it. She can no longer push them around nor will they listen to her. Yeah, this seemed like the perfect plan for Misaki’s life but you know, life is never a bed of roses. Till she meets this popular, attractive and handsome hunk, Takumi Usui. You can say her life is going to be more unpredictable and at a drastic pace.

Episode 1
The first episode introduces all these settings. From how Misaki works hard to the top of the student council for the betterment of her female students, to other characters such as Misaki’s friends Sakura Hanazono and Shizuko Kaga to the gentle student council vice president Shouichirou Yukimura and the Maid Latte workers like the owner Satsuki (she’s actually 30 years old despite her kiddie appearance), bespectacled Subaru, college student as part time maid Erika and the one who always gets into the character of her job Honoka (often criticizes Misaki for hiding her maid job from others). Misaki continues her patrol and reprimands delinquents Naoya Shirakawa, Ikuto Sarashina and Ryuunosuke Kurosaki for their sloppy dressing and ear piercings. Then she tells of Usui for bluntly rejecting a girl’s confession instead of doing it more discreetly. She does sound like you mother-in-law, eh? We also see a different side Misaki when she dons her maid outfit. It’s like she’s a totally different person. Super moe and kawaii! This is where her life starts as a living hell. Usui spots her while she takes out the trash at Maid Latte. What are the chances this won’t spread like wild fire in school? Oh, her life is so doomed. Surprisingly Usui is seen waiting for Misaki after she finishes her shift and she tells him why she’s into this maid job due to her financial circumstances. At school, Misaki learns the kind of cool guy Usui is from Sakura and Shizuko (from their perception of course) and it seems he may not like girls because he rejects all confessions though girls are still coming in trying to ask him out. So what are the chances if he doesn’t like girls, will he like maids? Well, that really isn’t related since Usui makes a bold entrance through the front door of Maid Latte, catching Misaki by surprise. She has to serve him as her mind goes psycho wondering if he is challenging her or just fooling around. Misaki continues to work so hard that she takes all the student council responsibilities upon herself when the body couldn’t solve it. She gets sick but perseveres. Usui offers to help but she tells him to mind his own business. Then the worse possible moment as she is taking out trash at Maid Latte, her identity is further busted with the appearance of Naoya, Ikuto and Ryuunosuke. She isn’t feeling well so she can’t fight back. They’re going to get their revenge when Usui tells them off not to touch her (while holding her in his arms!). Apparently the trio apologize and back off immediately. Seems Usui has some kind of commanding presence not only on them but the entire guys at Seika. You better listen to him if you know what is good for you. Misaki wakes up back home with Minako by her side. Next day at school, she is feeling much better but asks Usui why her secret is still safe. He told the trio not to leak it out as this was some sort of his personal entertainment. Plus, he doesn’t intend to rat out her secret. She feels indebted but doesn’t know what to get him. He suggests being his maid for a day. Say what? I think he’s serious. She said anything, right?

Episode 2
The guys at Seika are causing their usual perverted nuisance against the girls. Devil Misaki locks the perpetrator in the gym but cool Usui later kicks the door down to ‘rescue’ him. The school cultural festival is near and Misaki has already set her sights what kind of festival this is going to be. Yeah, one thing is for sure. You can see her hatred for males cropping up. Her student council guys are powerless against her. She has vetoed everything. She has the final say. You can’t disagree. All is final. Some of the other guys confront Misaki about their ideas for the festival like a baseball tournament and even have taken in views from others. However Misaki isn’t budging a bit even if this event is Seika’s tradition. I guess the guys have no choice but to use their last resort: Usui. Though this isn’t what Usui wanted to do, he advises Misaki to listen to the boys. Misaki is further irritated when Usui becomes a regular patron at Maid Latte. To make things worse, the delinquent trio have also become regular customers and a big fan of Misaki. They have become so tame that they seemed like idiots now! Yeah, that’s why they are nicknamed the Baka Trio! Usui even has the guts to lift Misaki’s skirt wondering if she’s wearing any panties underneath! I guess that’s why she hates guys. Then more of Misaki’s ‘injustice’ when she shoots down the guys’ suggestion but quickly approves the girls’. Because of this, the guys plan to do something on festival day itself. On the day of the festival, Misaki patrols the school grounds for any untoward incident. She is horrified when she sees that group of opposing guys dressed in weird cosplay outfits and taking over a classroom. Usui is also taking part and dressed as a commercial pilot. Misaki will not have this nonsense continue and reprimands them outside. But the guys tell her off that she is arrogant ordering them around and that the bottom line is that she hates guys. The guys get up and leave and Misaki notices the cafe shortage of staff. With Usui’s advice ringing in her head, she swallows her pride and makes a u-turn, pleading the guys to help but they aren’t interested. Misaki goes to help the cafe herself. Unwittingly, Misaki uses her maid skills and almost got herself exposed as a professional maid. When Usui helps her out, the guys get interested to see the fun and loads of customers streaming in so they turn back and help out. At the end of the day, Misaki thanks Usui once more. He gets bold by cornering her over the tree and says he has no intention of leaking her secret because she is after all his personal maid. You’d think she’d accept that?

Episode 3
Satsuki gets this idea of turning Maid Latte into an imouto (little sister) event. This doesn’t sit well with Misaki so Honoka gives her an earful about the laws governing the world (WTF?!). Then for the coming Battle Maids theme, Satsuki asks Usui’s opinion for Misaki’s colour. Transparent dress?! Sicko! Later Usui asks the Baka Trio for their opinion. They have their own passionate opinions and got carried away by it. Misaki reprimands Yukimura when he is browsing a confiscated magazine about imoutos. Then she asks Sakura and Shizuko for their opinions and concludes that perhaps Satsuki is trying to create a tranquil environment. Misaki is still having a dilemma about this imouto event as she tells Usui about why Maid Latte is special to her. He notes that she is fine the way she is. Misaki is seemingly doing well in her imouto role at Maid Latte but she has to serve Usui making lots of unreasonable demands. As a maid-cum-imouto, you can’t refuse, can you? When Usui gets up and leave due to her bad mood, Misaki gets into her imouto character to tell him not to. She looks so cute that as though she’s a natural tsundere type! Next day at school, Usui gets another confession call from another girl. Seems he prefers to pay attention to Misaki who used her hands to save a guy from the falling ladder at the library. In the end, he tells the girl that he is a maid otaku fetish. Can you accept that? Later he confronts Misaki and knows that she is hiding the pain in her hand. He helps bandage it at the infirmary. He notices that whenever someone is in danger, she will help out regardless of whether that person is a guy or girl. She affirms it and will help out even if it is him. At Maid Latte, Usui knows Misaki is pushing herself and hopes Satsuki would look after her and not make it obvious. Satsuki also knows how hard she is working and giving all her best no matter what. Usui now knows what colour best fits Misaki: White. Because it’s like moving forward without getting other colours tainting it but at the same time, makes you want to taint her as well. And so Misaki gets the white dress for the Battle Maid and gives her merciless chop on the Baka Trio. They changed their mind to go easy on them after one of them really gets knocked out! Yes, boss!

Episode 4
Famous internet idol, Aoi Hyoudou makes her entrance at Maid Latte. She is Satsuki’s niece and though the customers swarm all over her, Satsuki isn’t impressed. Seems she got ‘disowned’, the reason why she is here. Bratty Aoi continues to selfishly do what she wants at Maid Latte by wearing the maid uniform but this isn’t a place for kids to play. Then when she first sets her eyes on Usui, well, she’s going to make that guy fall for her. Then a pinch when the cook can’t come due to an emergency. Who else can cook? Satsuki is desperate and hires Usui seeing that he can. She has him undergo a little test but he passes with superb flying colours! They’re tasting a piece of Heaven. Next day, Aoi continues to attract Usui’s attention but all she got was the usual boring swooning reaction from other customers like the Baka Trio. Usui doesn’t seem interested in her. Later Aoi spots Misaki in normal clothes when she goes off her shift so she starts getting upset that she didn’t care about her feminine side, what more seduce Usui. Say what? Next day, Aoi tries to get bold by getting close to Usui and says that she only wants him to be hers. Usui then overpowers her, wondering if she knows what that means. Then Misaki comes in and sees Usui over Aoi over the floor. Though he got punched away, Aoi gets slapped for trying to test her limits. Misaki goes on to make her realize that people will one day accept for who she is and find her cute. Then her wig falls off. AOI IS A BOY!!!!! Probably the reason why Usui was immune to her charms was because he knew ‘she’ was a he. Aoi says that though he is a boy, he likes to wear pretty dresses but everyone laughs at him for it. Even after all that lesson, Aoi didn’t change and vows to come back prettier to woo Usui’s heart. Next day, Aoi comes to Maid Latte in his usual male school uniform. Upon seeing Misaki’s casual dress, he gets riled up and instantly takes her out to get some clothes suitable for her. Then Aoi witnesses how Misaki singlehandedly arrest a snatch thief. He thinks her moves were rash. She apologizes for making him worry but that’s the way she is. She is best being herself. A tomboy and a cross-dresser. This world has gone crazy. Aoi decides to make some clothes for her. Next day at Maid Latter, the maids are taken in by the feminine dress that Misaki is wearing, though she doesn’t really feels right. Yeah, I feel the brutish Misaki fits her. Oops. Don’t hit me. She was expecting everyone to laugh at her but for Usui, he’s getting turned on! Oh, that alien pervert!

Episode 5
Satsuki hands Misaki a taser gun since recently there has been reports of stalkers assaulting maids. But Misaki declines since she can protect herself. I hope she’s strong enough when she meets a guy twice her size. One day, Satsuki attends some meeting so Misaki, Subaru and Erika are left handling the shop. But the latter duo had to leave for something so Misaki closes the shop alone. Then she felt someone grabbing her from the back and overthrows him. Turns out to be Usui. Then he tells her that she needs to be more aware of herself because she’s still a girl. After Usui left, he spots a couple of suspicious people running by the back lane. Usui is worried about Misaki so much so he ignores random women on the street asking to go out with him! Can they actually just do that? They see a handsome hunk and go ask him out. Women these days are so bold. Misaki is left alone to run Maid Latte again due to one of many Satsuki’s busy meeting schedules. However this time Misaki gets tied up for real by a pair of stalkers. That very same pair who turns out to be regular customers of Maid Latte. They’re going to make their move on her. Usui’s Misaki-in-danger sense must have led him to jump up to the second floor. He was going to bust through the windows when he saw an incredible sight. Misaki becomes stronger than Wonder Woman as she breaks free from her handcuff via brute strength (amazing!) and takes them out in a single blow! So who’s the scarier one? Yeah, she didn’t need Usui’s help all along. Though he already broke through the window. The stalkers are rounded up and reflecting on their actions. Being the otaku they are, they want to receive their punishment but Usui says Misaki is not for rent. Another reason for her to take out her frustrations. After the stalkers get picked up by the police, Misaki gives the cutest thank you to Usui. Probably it made his heart skipped. Satsuki returns but when she sees the broken window, she collapses. That’s going to cost a lot. Later Misaki gets embarrassed when she learns that the picture of her in feminine clothes is in Aoi’s handphone. And there’s more from where that came from. Poor Misaki has a hard time deleting it. Looks like she’s got a lot to catch up to be technological savvy. Too bad Aoi sent one to Usui.

Episode 6
One day, out of the blue, Misaki gets 5 disciples. I don’t know how this came about but they really want Misaki to be their master and learn everything about her. I don’t know too if they’re clones because they all look and sound the same. It’s annoying enough that they follow her everywhere, taking down notes on everything she does (mostly all the brutish ones). But they crossed the line when they want to follow her to her part time job. Thankfully with Usui’s help, they give them the slip. At Maid Latte, Usui earns enough points to challenge Misaki and beat her to take a commemorative photo with her. The Baka Trio also got enough points and after seeing Usui victorious, get confident of doing the same to beat Misaki but was no match for her. Try again. Next day at school, more annoyance from the ever-following followers. But good thing is that they always support Misaki no matter what. But each time when it comes down to following her to her part time job, Usui is always there at the right place, right time to give them the slip. At the rooftop, Misaki mentions how she is afraid of letting them know of her maid identity as she thinks it will destroy their hopes and image of her once it is blown. She doesn’t want to disappoint those who are good to her. Usui won’t. But he teases her when he takes out that photo. During the struggle to snatch it back, the photo fell off and close to the clones. Usui will go take it back before they see it. How? He’s going to take the shortest and fastest route by jumping down! IS HE CRAZY?! HOW MANY FLOORS IS THAT?! So why is he doing this? Not just because she said so, but also because he likes her! Then he kisses her! OMG! Didn’t see that one coming! Then he jumps off! OH SH*T! He really did it! Misaki starts to panic as she rushes down. He finds him just coming out of the pool. Though he is messed up, the trees broke his fall and more importantly, he has the photo safe in his grasp. Then the disciples come by, wondering what just happened. Misaki is ready to reveal her secret but Usui quickly covers her mouth and cheekily wonders if it is the way he keeps her after school, shocking the disciples. They start dreaming that Misaki is Usui’s cool bodyguard and won’t interfere. Usui recuperates in hospital and reveals that he didn’t want Misaki’s revealed because he doesn’t want more fans. Imagine if more people know about her maid job and love her for it, that will mean more rivalry, right? He wants her to take care of him in a maid outfit but she gets embarrassed and storms off.

Episode 7
Misaki is a little clumsy since that kiss is clouding her mind. To her surprise, Usui is released early from hospital and pays her a visit at Maid Latte. He gets flirty but she pushes him away. Her heart is confused when she gets a call from Sakura. Seems some of the Seika guys are involved in a street fight with the student council of a prestigious school, Miyabigaoka. Seika’s guys don’t want to apologize so the Miyabigaoka’s Hirofumi Koganei expects them to come to their school to do so or else this will turn into a school conflict. Misaki is already having her hands full on how to solve the situation. She gets jumpy whenever Usui’s face gets close to hers. Usui can tell she is troubled so he kisses unsuspecting Yukimura on the lips!!! SH********T!!! His first kiss went to a guy but Misaki feels better now that Usui’s just a sexual harassing moron. Misaki along with the Seika delinquents with Usui head to Miyabigaoka and in Koganei’s chess club, the duo remains adamant not wanting to apologize. However when Koganei calls them ‘flies’, Misaki gets upset and wants him to apologize first. Seeing this is getting nowhere, he challenges them to a game of chess and if they beat him, he’ll take back his words. Only Usui has played chess before and volunteers. Even if this Koganei is some high ranking national professional chess player, Usui didn’t care much about it and soon makes that guy sweating in his own pants. In the end, Usui easily wins and sends him reeling in shame. And no, he did not take back his words after all. Koganei tells the danger Seika is to his student council president Tora Igarashi but he got splashed by water for being too noisy. Next day, Igarashi visits Seika in a grand manner. However he is polite and full of manners when speaking with Misaki. He is here to apologize on his student’s unruly behaviour behalf. My, he’s such a gentleman. Then he witnesses Misaki unleashing her brute side when she overthrows a naughty student. He is impressed by her might and beauty but he is here for another reason. He is here to invite her to join Miyabigaoka’s student council. Everything from her school fees will be taken care of and she needs not pay back anything! Wow. A deal too good to be refused. And Igarashi is dead serious on this. When Igarashi goes back into his limo, we see his true colours. He is interested in Misaki but has some ulterior motive and wants his vice president, Kanade Maki to keep a close watch on her. Maid Latte’s theme today is butlers and only female customers are allowed in. Misaki must be having the joy of her life because she’s surrounded by so many female customers. I hope she’s not into that kind of stuff. Usui notices Misaki quite happy as she mentions how she is a guy at heart. Usui gives her another life lesson when he undresses himself in front of her. Hey, they’re both guys, right? So being topless together won’t be an issue. Because Misaki can’t do it, Usui notes that she is a girl after all. Meanwhile Maki has come back with reports on Misaki and Igarashi is surprised to find out about her maid job. He has a surprise welcoming ceremony all laid out.

Episode 8
Maki visits Misaki at her home and presents her with lavish gifts in hopes of persuading her to join their student council. At first she has no intention of joining but when he mentions that Suzuna’s future can be taken care of as well, Misaki falls into a dilemma. If she thinks her own Seika guys don’t care about her, she gets a pleasant surprise that the delinquent duo stood up for her because she protected them and tells off others who badmouth Misaki. She thinks hard day and night before coming to a decision. She is at Miyabigaoka when Sakura calls her. She hangs up. They feel they’ve been relying too much on Misaki and if they want to snatch her back, they can’t lose to Miyabigaoka. They go rally up some support from the student council to go over to Miyabigaoka. Misaki meets Igarashi and is to reply to his offer when one of the students accidentally trips and spills the drink all over her. After she takes a shower, she finds her clothes missing but Igarashi says he has taken them to the dry cleaners so she’ll have to make do with a revealing maid outfit. She was reluctant to put it on so Igarashi thinks she is injured and wants to come in. Misaki has no choice but to hurriedly put it on. But she’s a pro in wearing those kind of outfits so she’s perfect. Then her fears start to realize when Igarashi asks her if she enjoys dressing up as so and shows a picture of her Maid Latte uniform. He continues to mock her that he felt disappointed in her since she fell for this easily. He takes out a suitcase of money and throws it at her, thinking she’s in for the cash. He overpowers her and says that she is no different than other useless women. However Misaki isn’t going to let this slip by and tells him off about looking down on others. Plus, she is here to turn down his offer to join Miyabigaoka and has no intention of stepping down as Seika’s student council president. Igarashi’s grip is hard so much so she can’t get herself loose. As his face gets closer, Misaki could only call out to Usui’s name. Speaking of the devil, he barges in (man, he took out all the guards stationed outside?). He snatches her away from Igarashi’s hands and they leave. Usui praises her for standing her ground well before descending into his usual teasing. Once they reach the outside gates, Misaki is surprised to see all her Seika friends greeting her. They are glad that she has come back to them. But this isn’t going to be the last time we’ll see Igarashi. He still has something sinister up his sleeves.

Episode 9
Totally a filler episode with no relation whatsoever to the story. If you know the popular Japanese folklore called Momotarou, take heart that this is a twisted version of it using the series’ characters. Of course who else to fit the main hero better than Misaki? Yeah, she looks like a samurai girl. She goes on a journey to hunt and destroy a monster responsible for capturing ladies. Along the way she meets the Baka Trio as the dog, monkey and pheasant and Usui the… Ringmaster? They arrive at the village but they see men fighting among themselves. Seems without women, all the guys didn’t bath nor have anyone doing their laundry so they stink. They really stink, I tell you. Stink so much that they look pathetic. So they take a boat to the monster’s island and along the way meet Suzuna as Otohime, Aoi as the turtle and battle Igarashi and his crew of pirates. When they finally reach the island, they see all the ladies dressing up as maids. Then Misaki gets the surprise of her life when Usui turns out to be the monster because all the ladies address him as their master. Misaki prepares to cut that fellow down but the girls say that she has misunderstood. They came to live on this island on their own as they can’t stand their own lives back there. They are satisfied with everything here and that’s how Usui’s house was taken over. He wants Misaki to go out with him and against her will, they both became a couple and go on a journey. And all these turn out to be Misaki’s nightmare because Usui is letting her listen to this crappy story while she’s asleep on her desk.

Episode 10
Sakura is a devoted fan of the band Yumenishi and particularly in love with their lead vocalist, Kuuga Sakurai. Misaki accepts Sakura’s invitation for a tea party with Yumenishi. Uninterested Shizuko is made to tag along. The Baka Trio are working part time so they can earn and spend more time at Maid Latte but to their surprise see Misaki at the cafe where they’re working. What’s more, the quartet of Yumenishi becoming their blind dates. Misaki is happy seeing Sakura’s joyous face. But it seems Kuuga as he tells his bassist Kou that he is more interested in Misaki. The Baka Trio start panicking when they eavesdrop this. Kuuga invites Misaki to their concert and totally ignores Sakura. Misaki declines but he keeps pestering. Later as Misaki refreshes herself at the washroom, Kuuga and Kou confront her. She asks about Sakura and he merely tells her that he is doing this out of fan service. He doesn’t have any feelings for her and will have to reject her. Kuuga closes up on shocked Misaki but is interrupted with Usui coming in between them. Oh? He’s working here too? Actually he was passing by, heard it all and stole the uniform of one of the Baka Trio. After Kuuga leaves, Usui mentions that he is possessive when Misaki relates the problem she is facing now. Kuuga goes back to the table as Sakura continues to be the eager beaver fan. But she soon realizes that Kuuga is not interested in her because he asks her to bring Misaki to the concert and starts praising her. Sakura tries to hold back her tears while putting on a happy face but she can’t hold back any longer as she stood up. Kuuga wonders if she is mad at him and Misaki too since she did the same. Misaki chides him for his attitude and grabs his necktie and tells him off she will never hand Sakura to the likes of him. Shizuko who has been staying quiet and ignorant all the time blows her top and gives them an earful about being considerate. They leave as cry-baby Sakura finds comfort in Misaki’s arms. She says the next time she falls in love, she wants a guy who pats her head like this. As for the Yumenishi guys, they are having bad service from the Baka Trio. So only now make your useless appearance, eh? I find it odd that the other Yumenishi guys, guitarist Shou and drummer William just sat there like a rock doing nothing! It’s like they’re part of the furniture.

Episode 11
Usui helps Minako pick up her dropped apples. This leads him to Misaki’s house. Oh boy. Not only does he know where she works but now where she lives. She can’t even have peace in the sanctuary of her own home. Usui proves himself useful by fixing the broken floor boards so much so they can be assured that there will be never the same hole at that spot again. Sakura and Shizuko spot Usui and Misaki coming out of the house together and think that they’re a couple. Sakura pesters Misaki to tell everything though she denies that everything is just a misunderstanding. Disappointed? Then they discuss the kind of life he lives and is interested to find out his address (at least for Sakura). So when Misaki gets off early from Maid Latte, she spots Sakura and Shizuko in horrible poor disguises trying to tail Usui to his home from Maid Latte. All the places he went turn out to be true from what Sakura fantasizes! From a high class swimming club to high class boutique and to a super high class restaurant. They think he’s meeting up with some hot chick but she meets someone else and Usui is just eating by himself. Why does Misaki feel relieved? Then as they continue to tail him like stalkers, they see him do weird stuff like playing shogi with old folks and help children cross the street. Just who is this dude? At the end of the day, Sakura and Shizuko got tired and went home. Misaki spots Usui looking at an abandoned kitten in a box. He’s not good with animals so the kitty scratches his face. Usui reveals that he knew they were tailing him all day and led them on a wild goose chase. Now that explains why everything he did was random and unrelated. After learning all Misaki wants is his address, he hands it to her on a piece of paper. See, just that simple if she had just ask in the first place. Usui returns to his high-rise but seemingly barren apartment with the kitten.

Episode 12
It’s the sports festival and for the obstacle race, the first prize is to kiss Sakura! Boo hoo! Which guy would pass up this chance? So leave it to Misaki to save the day. Yeah, she’s going to enter and win it to protect her lips. Not only that, she enters every race and wins. The other guys are no match for her since Usui isn’t interested in participating. Misaki is tired but soldiers on for the last obstacle race. Of course Usui can’t let his personal maid suffer so he too enters the race. With the number of participants and kiss hopefuls reducing drastically, it becomes a three-horse race between Usui, Misaki and Gouda. Gouda plays dirty to knock Misaki off her feet but Usui is there to save her when it matters most. Usui catches up and beats Gouda to the finish line. While he is sulking, Misaki crosses it to take 2nd place. Usui gives the reward to Misaki so Sakura pecks her on her cheek. Gouda is frustrated and thinks he should’ve come in second! Next up is the costume race, an event for those who aren’t sports inclined. Misaki gets this sinking feeling about this race but nevertheless wants to participate to protect the other girls. Of course will Usui not join in? Yukimura is also in since he is glad the school has made events for those without athletic abilities. The race starts with participants picking a random sack and must change into it before dashing to the finish line. Of all the costumes, it must be fate for Misaki because she ended up with a maid outfit!!! But it’s better than those embarrassing weird outfits the other guys have to don. Since the tent is dark, Misaki’s sack got mixed up with Yukimura’s. So he goes out with the maid outfit. Hey, he looks damn cute! Then all the guys start teasing him, stopping him dead on his tracks. Misaki wants to go out to give them a piece of her mind but Usui reminds her that if she goes out without changing, she will be disqualified. He continues about change when someone does his best. Misaki is pumped up, takes off her top and changes into her outfit. Yukimura trips along his way while the others continue to laugh. Then he is helped out by a pirate samurai (Misaki) and ninja (Usui). Misaki tells them off what’s wrong for being serious in this costume race as the trio cross the finish line together. While Usui bandages Misaki’s sore feet, she ponders about bringing up improvements for the costume race at the meeting. Usui commends her for her hard work and kisses her hand, surprising her. And as for that maid outfit, it actually belongs to the Baka Trio. They made it especially for Misaki to wear it when somehow it got lost (they were searching for it the entire day). Imagine their broken hearts when they find it all torn up. All their heart and soul into it…

Episode 13
Gouki Aratake beats up his underlings. But he’s not satisfied as the boss of Seisen Middle School because he hasn’t surpassed the Whirlwind White Demon who was Naoya. So when they visit Seika, they are surprised to see Naoya acting like a moe idiot. Is this really him? Hey, why is Yukimura cross-dressing as a girl? Forced to? Aratake mistaken Yukimura for Naoya’s girlfriend and kidnaps him! Misaki and Usui learn about this and head over to Seisen to rescue him. Guess what? This is where Aoi goes to school. The Baka Trio are still clueless about Aoi’s internet persona as Aoi tells about this school’s gangsterism. There was once a big group before he enrolled and were united but now broken up. Yukimura is being held at an abandoned building. Attempts to tell Aratake that he’s a guy just couldn’t work. He couldn’t believe a cutie like him isn’t a girl! Aoi has a plan instead of barging into the place in their school uniform. That is, to act out a gangster scene. Why does it feel like they’re acting in a film? However their plan backfires when they get unwanted help and advice from passing Suzuna and later Satsuki, Sakura and Shizuko. Yeah, Misaki’s disciples are there too. Aratake waits for Naoya to show up and remembers how he lived up to his nickname. When Aratake was cornered by bullies, Naoya showed up and beat them all up. Then Naoya told him the way to solve things is via violence and when a kid looks up to someone as cool as him, you’d believe every word he says. Aratake’s subordinates begin to doubt Naoya since after he graduated, he went into hiding. They don’t think Aratake fits to be their leader. He punches him. That’s when the calvary arrives. The Baka Trio continue to be their frolicking carefree selves. Brings back nostalgic memories, eh? Then Naoya and Aratake start trading punches. Usui holds back Misaki because this is between those guys. Fighting to them is like a form of communication. Aratake is defeated and everyone welcomes back Naoya. Aratake mentions all he wanted was to be as strong as his hero. Then when he learns that Misaki is Naoya’s boss in school (because she tore out his earring), they bow in respect for her upon Naoya’s whim. They mistook her meido (maid) title for meido of Hades/hell (same pronunciation but different writing). And with everything ending well, there’s a little tiny bit left that they forgot. Yukimura! Yeah, poor guy sitting all alone in the dark totally forgotten.

Episode 14
Misaki is happy because she has been hearing comments on the street that Seika is less scary than before. Hard work paid off, eh? Then odd things begin to happen when her student council members start doing careless mistakes they don’t usually do like misplacing the accounts books or dressing like a delinquent. Then Misaki hears the broadcast playing a rather sleepy music. She enters and sees a guy in a hood, Soutarou Kanou claiming that he is running some kind of test. However he soon hypnotizes her and orders her to embarrass herself in front of others. Seems this guy has a problem with girls because he feels Seika doesn’t need more females. Misaki wakes up at the infirmary with Usui by her side and she’s acting all drunk. She even starts seducing him but Usui is not amused and ties her up. Usui senses something amiss and suspects that Kanou guy because well, he’s acting strange. Who wouldn’t suspect anything from a hooded guy in this kind of heat? Usui confronts Kanou and knows his interesting technique. Kanou uses hypnotism on him but it doesn’t work. Usui grabs his shirt and then lets him go. Later when Misaki learns about this, she confronts Kanou and his grudge against girls. As long as she is Seika’s president, she is bent on increasing the number of girls in this school. Too bad she got hypnotized again. By the time Usui finds out about this and rushes down, Kanou has already told Misaki that she will hate Usui to bits at 5pm tomorrow. Well actually, it isn’t different than before, right? But Usui is testing her patience because he calls her non-stop back home. Even right in the dead hours of the night. He tries to get psychological on her by wanting her to like him! Kanou is on the prowl again. He hypnotizes Yukimura so that he could give Misaki drowsy medicine instead of blueberry supplements. Later Usui finds Misaki half conscious at the rooftop. She gets this weird idea of wanting him to hit her so that she’ll hit him back and feel refreshed. Huh? Of course he would never hit her. She realizes that she hasn’t thanked him properly for what he has done at the festivals. She nods off as Usui notes he doesn’t want to be hated by her and will come to her rescue no matter how many times it takes. Kanou is pretty confident his plans are turning out the way he expected it.

Episode 15
However Kanou gets surprised when Misaki isn’t asleep yet. She stands up and claims that she got infuriated after hearing more and more of Usui’s pervertness. She understands why he hates girls now and tells him to get ready for punishment. Misaki organizes an open house cafe since there will be girls from other schools paying a visit. All the girls will be helping out and for physically demanding tasks, they will have Kanou do it. Much to his dismay because he is surrounded by girls. Kanou tries several times to escape but he can’t escape the watchful eye of the demon (you know who)! Misaki observes Kanou and concludes that though he is avoiding girls, he doesn’t treat them like enemies. Plus, he isn’t allergic to them either. On the day of the school tour, Misaki leads the group of girls but with Usui around, they’re more distracted to him than anything else. Misaki gets an idea and has Usui help out with the demoralized sports club. In no time, all the sports club tussle for Usui’s attention to bring in some recruitment. Yeah, he excels in all of them. Meanwhile Kanou’s phobia in women is starting to creep him out even though they’re being totally nice to him. Kanou isn’t amused when the girls put on a bunny butler outfit on him. He pours his complaints to Misaki. Flashback reveals that his dad told him girls are fragile and easily broken. That’s what happened to his mom when she left home. Although he knows that this is not true, the trauma and fear that he might break them easily still prevents him from approaching girls. But as Misaki points out, he should’ve realized that within the past few days he has been working with them, they aren’t as fragile as he thought. With one of the girls having issues with fear of men, this is Kanou’s chance to stop running away from his problem and help her out. He casts his hypnotism spell on her. In the end, she gives off a laughter but feels she isn’t afraid anymore. Misaki commends Kanou for doing well and as promised, she forgives all that he has done to her. And with Kanou’s part done, now she has to deal with Usui, who wants his reward for the day’s workout. Since a simple thank you won’t do, she pats him on his head. Is that enough? Well, he wants to ‘attack’ her. Of course not! Lastly, Kanou gains respect for Yukimura because he was dressed as a girl all day long and nobody found out he was a guy. Well actually he couldn’t find his uniform and change out of this. From now on, I noticed that Yukimura and Kanou will be always together like an inseparable pair. Though, don’t expect any yaoi BL stuff between them.

Episode 16
Maid Latte takes a trip to the beach. Too bad for those Baka Trio. Their happiness turned into despair when they learn Maid Latte will be temporarily closed for the summer. Satsuki’s younger but tanned sister, Nagisa runs a beach house there. Aoi is here since he got ‘disowned’ again. He is being made to work so he has no choice but to do so, so that he can return home (and cross-dress too). And what the heck is Usui doing here? Well, Satsuki requested his presence and he’d do anything if it involves Misaki. As the girls have fun, they realize that Nagisa’s beach house lacks customers since it is the furthest away. In order to boost publicity, the Maid Latte girls go into action. Serving maids in swimsuits? A definite sure kill. With the crowd coming in, Misaki goes to help. Usui did something sneaky by kissing her back! With this, she won’t have the courage to go out with a kiss mark on her back! Thus she has to wear a t-shirt over her bikini. That night as they celebrate over BBQ, they think of going to the hotspring nearby since Satsuki has free tickets. Wicked Honoka starts spouting haunted stories of the place, causing Misaki to start shivering though she did put up a lousy act to hide it. But she is more afraid of the kiss mark on her back being seen so she passes this one. After everyone has left, Usui finds her sulking and blaming him. Then she realizes Satsuki and gang have forgotten to take the free tickets and takes it upon herself to deliver it to them alone even if she’s afraid of ghosts. While walking through the dark path, she suddenly sees a ghostly like and is scared out of her wits. Turns out to be Usui with a lamp. He locked up the shop and decided to go with her. Noticing that she is breathing heavily and recuperating from the shock, Usui hugs her. It seems to calm her though she continues to call him an idiot. Then more surprise for Misaki when Aoi spots them hugging while he’s walking back from the convenience store. He is irritated that they won’t admit that they’re dating and that she likes him, in which Misaki vehemently denies that they’re even a couple. When Misaki finally delivers the tickets to Satsuki, she learns that these are extra free tickets. Oh, all for nothing. Nothing but shock treatment along the way.

Episode 17
Nagisa still doesn’t like the way Aoi cross-dresses but will allow him to do so if he wins today’s beach volleyball contest. He wants to pair with Nagisa since she was the champion but due to the age limit, he has to find someone else. Seeing how serious Aoi is, Misaki decides to be his partner. But Usui gets worried when the winner will also get to be a beach princess for tonight’s festival. That means lots of people will be taking memorial photos. Yeah, I’m sure he doesn’t want anybody else to do even keep photos of his personal maid. He doesn’t want her to go but she is adamant that she’ll participate. Misaki is surprised that Usui is also participating and is pairing with Erika. Misaki-Aoi hammers their opponent into oblivion. No chance at all! As expected, they progress to the final round against Usui-Erika. Usui is proving to be a hard nut to crack and making Misaki and Aoi running around. Misaki notices this and thinks back at all the times Usui helped her out but unwittingly yells out why he has to be the enemy this time round. Then Misaki trips when she tries to return a serve and her back threatens to hit against the pole. I don’t know how but Usui was faster than The Flash as he uses his body to cushion Misaki’s fall, letting his own body hit hard against the pole. Bruised? Definitely. Misaki feels guilty for obtaining victory this way and in a way follows Usui around instead of joining the congratulatory festival. Usui continues to tease her but lets her know he doesn’t want to see Misaki in costumes that will make other guys happy since it is likely they have weird ideas of their own. That’s the reason why he tried hard to win. Misaki thinks Aoi’s predicament is more important but to Usui, she is more important. We could have the first kissing scene but the fireworks distracted them. They return to the rest and see Aoi happy because she was made the queen of the festival. Everyone takes a commemorative photo. As for the Baka Trio, they are waiting outside closed Maid Latte, lamenting their ill fate for Misaki to return.

Episode 18
Misaki remembers her debt to Usui for the festivals. Yeah, he still wants her to be his personal maid a day. While Misaki is working at Maid Latte, Maki suddenly shows up with intentions to buy this shop. His family runs a chain of famous high class restaurants and after their study, they figure this is the best spot for their target audience. They plan to open an English theme butler cafe. That means they will have to tear down this place. Misaki thinks this is some sort of revenge since Igarashi shows his face but he’s here to support him. Plus, if they have any doubts of the quality of butlers, they are invited to the footman audition next week. Maki wants Satsuki to consider and if she’s unhappy with the compensation amount, he’s happy to renegotiate. As they leave, Misaki confronts Igarashi outside about his ploy. Usui pulls her back before he toys with her. Igarashi asserts that he’s just watching over Maki opening his first shop and is serious. Misaki is also serious that everyone at Maid Latte works hard. Igarashi mocks her if she’s going to be a professional maid once she graduates. He suggests she fights Maki for ownership and a good chance to see how she treats her customers. However there is a catch. No girls allowed at the audition. Will Misaki let this slip by? Of course not. She cross-dresses as a guy along with Subaru (because she’s flat chest. Sorry). The audition is crowded with footmen-wannabes. To cut down the number of participants, since this is a two-member team competition, the first task is to carry one’s partner while running a marathon. The first 50 will pass. Satsuki is grateful that they’re going this far for her but Misaki says that they’re not going to lose even before it starts. Misaki-Subaru of course passes but they also meet the Baka Trio and Kanou-Yukimura who are also participating. Want to take a good guess who that guy in a cat mask is? The next round pits the teams with lots of hard work like moving tableware, pot cleaning and glass polishing. But the next part Misaki dreads because they have 1 minute to change into tailcoats. Subaru couldn’t change in time and lets loose a girly scream. Everyone gets suspicious to hear a girl’s voice. They suspect it’s those cat mask people. Turns out to be Usui and Aoi. However Aoi is disqualified since he is not a high school student. Then attention turns to Subaru and she too is disqualified after she admits she is a girl. The partners will also be automatically disqualified but Igarashi is one of the judges feel that it would be waste to let such talented people slip by and suggests Usui and Misaki form a pair but must meet the requirement. Usui admits his age and gender. Misaki is stutters at first but admits that she is a guy and convinces them by putting Usui’s palm on her chest! Since he comments how flat it is, everyone is convinced.

Episode 19
Thus the second half of the audition continues. They are to set a glamorous table suitable for an afternoon tea and are free to use any tableware and food. Surprisingly Usui is more knowledgeable in setting what kind of food and its position. During the break, Yukimura goes over to Usui and is surprised to see him but Usui feigns he is a different person. Yukimura believes it! Misaki is in a dilemma which toilet to enter: Male or female. Passing Igarashi just gives off a snicker. With the audition resuming, each team are given a number which corresponds to their turn to serve the judge posing as a customer. They are to show their loyalty and elegance in the strictest manner. Well, Misaki-Usui got the one right at the end so there’s enough time. Unfortunately Misaki got surprised with Yukimura’s sudden appearance and in fear that her cover will be blown, she trips off the ring. Again Usui comes to her rescue by using his body as soft landing. Though his hand is injured, he is okay to carry on. It occurred to me that since they have time, why didn’t Usui get it treated at least a bit instead of waiting for everyone else to finish their turn. Of course it worsens lah! Misaki feels guilty and tries not to add to his burden during their turn. With Maki as the customer, Misaki does every physical task in Usui’s place, arousing Maki’s suspicion. Usui remains calm and will do anything his master wishes so Maki wants him to play the violin. Maki wants to enjoy this longer so Misaki’s mind again starts to go into that conflict. Usui seems pale but he soldiers on. She stops Usui and tells Maki about his injury. Maki chides her wilful act for making him stop what he is doing even if he has to will to do so. But Misaki earnestly tells him when there are others who are supporting you, you may want to support them back. She has come this far because of their support and the reason why they’re able to satisfy their customers is because of this atmosphere they have. That’s why she loves that ship and excuses herself. Misaki needs to contact an ambulance to take Usui to hospital (now his hand has swollen a lot). Misaki thanks Satsuki so the latter asks what would she do if the location and appearance of Maid Latte changes. She replies she’ll go anywhere and to her aid if she needs her help. Satsuki thanks her and is fortunate to have such good employees. Igarashi finds Maki spacing out. He thinks about his uncompromising policy and the strict English society rules he was brought up to follow and thought customers would be satisfied with that. He lost his direction after listening to Misaki. Igarashi says that there are other top grade locations and will gladly give part of his land for his shop. Which means Maid Latte stays so he can learn from it too. Satsuki must be over the moon since Maki has withdrawn his proposal to buy over. Meanwhile Misaki pays Usui a visit at his apartment. She makes porridge for him and though it sucks, he still eats it because it was made by her. Yeah, and feed him too since he can’t use his hand. Misaki mentions that she’s quite reliant on him even though she wants to repay his debts, all she can do are these useless stuffs. Usui hugs her and comments she’s sly. He also says he’s reliant on her because to him, she is wonderful. Lastly, Yukimura is devastated that he got disqualified but oddly Kanou passed. Although they were a pair…

Episode 20
Yukimura’s little sister, Ruri dreams of being a princess. But Yukimura doesn’t seem like the person who would fit her criteria. He doesn’t look like a prince. At least she doesn’t have onii-chan complex. Sorry, my bad. So what is her ideal vision of a prince? Usui! Yeah, just like any other girl who sets her eyes on him, they fall in love with him and want to marry him. Ruri is no different. Thus Yukimura wants to regain that princely image she once had of him by asking Misaki and Usui’s help (she only looked up to her brother at that one time since he’s friends with the ‘prince’). Usui meets Ruri on their date while Misaki, Aoi, Yukimura and Kanou spy from behind. He seems pretty boring but still has his charm. Like when Ruri tripped, he didn’t do anything but she is all happy when he helps her up to the clinic. Can’t blame Usui for not being interested in doing this. Yeah, he’s not a lolicon. So much so the other girls think how great he is for this little girl to have a cool brother. Not some pedo guy if it’s somebody else. Misaki gets this conclusion that Usui may turn into a pervert and steal Yukimura’s position as her brother so she has this plan to make Usui the bad guy while Yukimura comes in as a hero to save her. Aoi even has a camera and some extra actors (Baka Trio – but they flop as fast as they arrive) as well. Due to the previous ‘trauma’, they start hiding when Sakura, Shizuko and Satsuki pass by. Misaki acts as a heartbroken princess being tossed away by Usui and enters this love triangle. He plays along but Ruri knows it’s her dumb brother behind it and hates him. Then she runs into a restaurant and causes some kind of havoc. I don’t know how but she made the cabinet fall. If not for Usui holding it and Yukimura covering her, she could’ve been a flat loli. But Ruri still thinks it’s their fault for ruining her day. Yukimura puts his foot down for being selfish. Both siblings then made up and she apologizes. Ruri goes home with Yukimura and notices that Usui’s princess isn’t her but you-know-who. Yukimura also notices that Ruri has shown a little maturity on her side. Later, Aoi dressed as a girl is shooting a promotional video of herself. Since Yukimura and Kanou do not recognize him, he has them help out. Yeah, the Baka Trio are also in. They go on filming but Aoi feels something is still lacking. Flower petals? Yeah, he has the Baka Trio collect them. Like counting sand, eh? He has Yukimura and Kanou get some stuffed toy animals. Aoi comes back in a maid outfit but she scorns them for comparing her with a certain type of maid. As they continue with their antics, Aoi takes out the chip from the camera when an unruly guy bumps into her, causes her to drop it to the bushes below. Aoi leaps to catch it but was grabbed in time by Misaki. Seems she was chasing that snatch thief. Everyone offers to help find the chip but he wants to be left alone. He thinks they hate him because he said mean things to them. But they don’t mind it especially the Baka Trio since they always insult each other (that’s how they talk). They don’t find her words insulting and like people who speak their mind. Then they start calling each other idiots and end up fighting. Truth hurts, eh? Misaki beats them up and could understand why Aoi finds them irritating. But Aoi laughs. As for her chip, it fell into Usui’s hands. Yeah, he’s sleeping on the bench below. Though Aoi has better perception on them, but would they want to be her servants? Maybe the Baka Trio would…

Episode 21
A glutton, Hinata Shintani transfers to Seika. As usual, Misaki turns into devil reprimanding the sports club guys leaving behind their awful stench in the building. They will have to participate in a mass cleaning tomorrow whether they like it or not. Because of Yukimura’s feminine touch (I guess he’s good with this now) of suggesting to prepare onigiri for them, they couldn’t refuse. But now they have a problem to make large servings of onigiris. Leave it to Misaki to think up of something. Later Kanou approaches Misaki and wonders if she’s dating Usui. Denial mode on! This leads to him thinking if she’s not his girlfriend, why did she visit him and make him porridge? She shrugs it off as debt repayment and nothing more. Later Kanou sees Usui. Yeah, another love letter in his shoe locker so he wants Kanou to go on his behalf! No way! Kanou asks that if he finds all this confession troublesome, shouldn’t he get into a relationship? Perhaps a certain demon president? Usui says he is tired of it and it’s troublesome when you get serious about it. Next day, Misaki and the student council body make onigiris. Only Misaki sucks. Is that an iron ball? Anyway all the tired guys stampede for the share of their grub. Till Misaki becomes her demon self, everyone flees for their lives. At the end of the day, Misaki is the only one eating her own onigiri as she nods off. Oh wait, make that another person: Usui. He pecks her on her head. Kanou is further puzzled by their actions and wonders why they have to lie and not take a step further. Next day as Misaki ponders about the mysterious disappearance of her onigiri, speaking of somebody falling out of the sky, turns out to be Shintani trying to bite bread crust! Not wanting to waste precious food? But this desperate? Oh, this guy is transferred into Misaki’s class and he gets off with a weird start. He can smell any kind of food no matter how hidden and wants to eat it! With those puppy dog eyes, I guess the teacher can’t even help but let him do so. Till Misaki steps in. Then he cries like a baby. She even confiscates his precious bag of bread crusts! Then Sakura and Shizuko report to Misaki that Shintani is in trouble. Well actually, more like having fun. Seems the guys are fascinated with his accurate food description and each time he guesses correctly, they give him the snack. Let’s say his record is 100% and he has amassed lots of them, happily munching them away. During that we learn his parents passed away and lived with his grandpa who works on a farm. With his appetite, grandpa jokes his entire plantation won’t be enough this way but he took it seriously and thus the reason why he decided to move back to the place he once lived. Plus, he is here to look for the girl he first fell in love with (wanna bet who that is?). How does he know which girl? Heck, he knew he made this promise line to her: “I’ll follow Misaki-chan forever”. That narrows it down a lot. Fate, huh? Then Misaki starts to remember. Yup, he is that fat kid (how the heck did he slim down after chowing down so much food?! It’s a mystery!) she used to play with. She used to call him You-kun because she misread his kanji name. While Sakura is ecstatic with her past date, Usui doesn’t seem happy with this new rival. Then while Shintani overviews the scenery from a tree, he slips. Misaki calls out to his old name but Shintani as agile as a cat lands on his feet. He could be representing Japan at the world gymnastics championship. He asks her name and once he realizes it is her, he hugs her! Seriously?! Yeah, seriously.

Episode 22
The Baka Trio and other guys are looking forward to their outdoor trip. Yeah, paradise they say. However it turns out to be one boring temple-cleaning-soul-searching trip. As Misaki pointed out, this tradition was probably handed down by disappointed souls who have gone through this utter boredom as revenge. So it’s work, work and more work and no play. But for the girls, they’re interested in Misaki’s love and thus her motivation on this trip is to talk about love topics with her. Shintani seems to be to only one who can stand up to Usui where other guys fear him. Because of his airheadness, that’s why. Misaki finds Shintani searching the warehouse without permission. For what? For food. Yeah, with the stingy temple not generous with the food amount he gets (at least to him), he needs to eat his fill. Then as expected, they got locked in. Shintani’s in a dilemma on what to do because you know when a young boy and girl locks themselves inside, who knows what can happen. There are a few close-call scenes but nothing suggestive like how he wants her to look at him as a man. And as expected, Usui can find Misaki anywhere, any time. He ‘kidnaps’ her and hearing what has happened, he’ll look at Shintani as a man (read sarcasm). After 3 days, Misaki thinks the guys won’t have enough energy to fool around (even the Baka Trio have reached ‘Nirvana’) but her pals caution that the girls will meet a dreaded fate on the fourth day. But it seems Shintani and Usui still have enough energy to ‘fight’ among themselves. Misaki takes them outside to reflect upon their actions so this is when Usui starts calling Shintani, Sanshita (underling). Shintani asks if he’s dating Misaki but he mentions if it was so, he wouldn’t be doing such troublesome things. On the fourth day, it is raining heavy as the girls realize the curse. Seems the guys are so unsatisfied, they have become somewhat like zombies, losing their senses and are going to unleash their pent up desires on the girls. Yeah, they’re going to assault them! Any girl is fine! The girls are placed in a separate area but the heavy rains prevent the teachers from setting up barricades. Misaki fears the worse so she goes out alone to ask the teachers for the next best step while promising the girls she will return. On her way, she meets the guys. Shintani tagged along because he thought it would be fun playing cards with the girls. But do these guys look like they’re going to be just satisfied with playing cards? The guys begin their attack on Misaki so she fights them. However it’s going to be tough because all they need is just one guy to pass through her and to the chick’s den. But with Usui siding on Misaki’s side, the guys cower and run away. Don’t want to mess with him. You can’t beat Misaki-Usui combo. Oh, count Shintani in too. Misaki returns to the girls, much to their relief. Later she meets up with Usui. He corners her and asks if Shintani is special to her. She says that they’re just childhood friends so it’s normal she is on better terms than other guys. Plus, she’s always concerned about him since he’s an idiot getting into all sorts of mess. But she notes Usui is even more troublesome. Probably he took it as a compliment and was going to peck her forehead when his stomach growls. Need so much energy to keep up with that Shintani guy, eh? But the guys are disheartened because Shintani has eaten all their portion! Now they’re going crazy once more! Yeah, they’re hallucinating a sexy meat! Oh, Yukimura. Run!

Episode 23
Erika is down because she accidentally made a promise to a customer that she will date him if he wins Maid Latte’s upcoming Sweets Feast. Misaki assures that she will help her out. Yeah, she cross-dresses as a guy and enters the contest. The Baka Trio are there too but wait, Shintani too? Apparently he heard there’s a food contest. Oh boy. Where’s Usui? He’s in the kitchen making all the sweets. Eventually Erika’s customer bows out and it’s down to Misaki and Shintani. She thinks of letting him win till she learns that one of the prizes include a commemorative photo of your favourite maid. Shintani saw the list of maids and chose Misaki since she bears the similar name to his first love, not knowing that they’re both the same person. Misaki is already damn full but she needs to protect her identity. In the end, Shintani wins. Misaki leaves in a hurry and rests on the park bench. Usui lends his lap for her to lie down and at the same time teases her with his usual stuff. Then in school, Sakura and Shizuko invite her for some sweets buffet. Definitely will pass this one. Misaki learns that Shintani still doesn’t realize that she works in Maid Latte. But to overcome this problem, Satsuki suggests that she accompanies Shintani to Maid Latte, after a while she leaves and returns in her maid outfit but with a disguise so that he can’t recognize her and take the photo. Oh, Usui’s tagging along too in case of anything funny happens. They start talking about the good ol’ days like how he views Misaki as a good girl because always find her cute when she smiles. I’m sure Usui isn’t happy hearing all this. Besides, their conversation is getting too friendly. He taps her feet so she accidentally changes the topic into part time jobs (Shintani is currently working part time as a gas attendant). Shintani wonders what hers is (she claims it’s in the food industry) and thinks Usui may have seen her in it since he is keeping his silence. Misaki panics since Usui may spill the beans and lie. Feeling uneasy, she gets up and leaves. Usui realizes she can’t lie to him that easy. Shintani tells about his past how he was lonely after his parents died but Misaki was always there to encourage and cheer him up. Asserting that she’s the girl that he loves as a kid, Usui takes this as a challenge to him. Misaki just finishes changing into her maid outfit and is calming herself down. She declines Satsuki’s horrible face mask and notices Shintani easily comforting a baby while her mom’s away. Then she goes out and meets him. Shintani gets super surprised to see her and starts hounding her with questions but Usui steps in. He’s dressed as a butler and warns him not to make a move on this shop’s maid and gives him a big lollipop! Then he brings her away and outside. While they’re chatting, Shintani also comes by. He gets excited seeing her wearing the cute dress when Usui pulls Misaki away and warns him if he ever touches her again, he’ll bite him. Yeah, notice Usui’s fierce Doberman against Shintani’s gentle Akita breed? Like he stands a chance…

Episode 24
Thankfully for Misaki, Shintani doesn’t plan to tell anyone her secret job. Sakura pesters Misaki if there’s any progress in her love life. It’s always fun to watch other people, right? Even Satsuki is interested if Usui is jealous now that Shintani knows about her work here. Maid Latte will be having a special anime cosplay event as witches. Since Misaki is unfamiliar with the anime, she has to watch all 40 volumes of Little Maid Witches. Okay, maybe just the important ones. Late one night as Usui gets off from his shift, he is trying to find the cherry tree he once climbed and fell off when he was young. Well, he didn’t find the tree but rolling persimmons. Yeah, it’s Minako and her habit of losing her fruits on the streets. Just like deja vu, she brings him back to her home for helping out. Oh, now another guy knows where she lives. Suzuna instantly clicks with Shintani bringing back all the fond memories they did as a kid. Trolli Cheese Hamburger formation? Suzuna asks if he likes her sister. Shintani instantly blushes and stammers. Once they learn what he was searching for, Misaki also remembers the tree and after he fell off it and got hospitalized, that’s when he promised to forever follow her. Maid Latte is in full swing as the witches. Aoi was probably the one looking forward to it but was denied by Satsuki. Usui comes in as a customer but they notice him different than usual since he’s not with his usual sarcastic remarks. Probably Shintani got to him? Speaking of which, he too becomes a frequent customer at Maid Latte. The Baka Trio take another magic challenge to get their elusive photo of Misaki but once again flop. As for Shintani, initially he wants a spell to beat his rival. But since these kind of things you have to do it with your own strength, he wishes for a spell to find what he is looking for. At the back, Aoi and Satsuki argue about friends and relate this topic of Usui to Misaki. Aoi wants to know what he means to her now. She couldn’t answer. This pretty much occupies her mind for the night. She takes out the trash and sees Usui waiting for her. Apparently he overheard their conversation and wants to know her answer. She throws a punch but he grabs it. He notes that when she is unable to lie, she expresses herself violently. Thus he will use his actions to express his feelings. He pulls her close and hugs her. She tries to break free but he holds her tighter and chants a magic spell for her not to lie. Misaki is ‘weakened’ and confused how could he cast a spell when he’s not even a witch. It’s not that kind of spell. Meanwhile Shintani has found the tree and is happy it has grown really tall.

Episode 25
Shintani wakes up from a dream when Misaki bid adieu when he left for his grandpa’s farm. While the other boys still see Misaki as a merciless demon, to Shintani, she is the gentle girl he has always known her to be. More flashback about his past when he was growing up. Oddly, he is popular with lots of girls but only a certain girl preoccupies his mind. He keeps dear to his heart a notebook that Misaki gave when they parted. Misaki is not amused that Sakura is inviting her to Yumenishi’s school’s cultural festival. Considering what happened the last time, Sakura notes that Kuuga has changed but Misaki isn’t that convinced. Oh yeah, Usui wants to tag along too. At Maid Latte, Erika does some fortune telling act on the Baka Trio’s future on Misaki. Since she can’t see anything, it means there’s no future! Bleak! Totally hopeless. Then it’s Shintani’s turn. She reads his future with Misaki as a paper balloon. While others laugh it off as being deflated, Shintani remains positive as it can be inflated again. Erika adds that his optimistic nature may change the course of events at the end. This interests Usui to take his fortune reading. Erika panics at the outcome so Usui tells her to come honest. Their future? No future at all! I’m not sure if she’s pulling a fast one or for real because her acting is good and is definitely into her role. But she notes that if they insist on being together, they have to confront big trials together. Well, Usui seems gloomy after that. Is he also acting or for real? Misaki tells him is not the kind of person who would believe such crap and even so, would he allow her to go so easily? Then she just realized the impact of what she just said. Shintani watches from afar and for the first time, he has that very concerned look on his face. Starting to realize everything, buddy? Next day in school, Shintani helps Misaki clean the corridors left dirtied by the sports club guys. He gets clumsy and accidentally wets their clothes. Usui is concern not about her getting a cold, but her walking around and letting others see her visible undergarments. Well, she didn’t mind since it’s not really showing. But he won’t allow it and lends his shirt to cover over her. Or else he’ll strip naked. Don’t let that perverted alien do that. Shintani could only watch in pain as they go away together. Usui gives of a “Woof!”. Shintani shortly does the same but with tears in his eyes. He remembers how he was talking with his middle school friends about this Misaki girl. They think she already has a boyfriend and panics at the thought. One of them wonders if he is serious in finding her when he gets to high school and cautions he’ll get more disappointed if he gets his hopes too high. So as Shintani ponders over it, he’ll only think about it when Misaki finds him a bother. Hasn’t she all along? Misaki, Usui, Sakura and Shizuko attend Yumenishi’s school cultural festival. The band makes their appearance, enough to make the girls go crazy and shoving, knocking Sakura off her feet. But Kuuga ‘saves’ her and hopes that the girls will have to be good if they want to follow them. But of course. The crowd separates Misaki and Usui from the duo. Misaki hears comments that Kuuga has changed like he doesn’t flirt with fans anymore. But she is still worried for Sakura so Usui thinks it’s no use thinking too much about it and might as well go have some fun.

Episode 26
The school festival continues. Usui is so hot that girls even tried to pick him up. Have they ever heard never talk to strangers? Unless hot studs don’t count. Basically what we get are a few scenes that have Usui and Misaki spending some ‘quality’ time together. Then they participate in a love trial to see how strong their bond is (because Usui wanted to see how compatible they are) as they need to clear several tasks at each station and failing one means they totally fail. Those who pass will receive an invitation to join the after-festival celebrations. But there’s another catch, they both have to keep holding each other’s hands throughout the game’s duration. The challenges include eating a large bowl of ramen, ping pong match and balloon quiz. Each time Misaki has to put her pride on the line and hide her embarrassment so as not to lose out to Usui or at least show her weak side. Needless to say, they made it. Meanwhile Shizuko is pissed that Sakura had dragged her to wait for Yumenishi’s debut on stage. Yeah, in 2 hours’ time. Which means 2 hours of lecture for Sakura! And when they do arrive, they don’t disappoint. Especially Sakura and the other girls are just mesmerized over them. At the end of the concert, Sakura is utterly shocked that she will be touring the festival with Yumenishi members so much so she is rendered speechless so Shizuko has to explain on her behalf to Misaki. Then Misaki bumps into Kuuga. Though she still has her reservations on him, Kuuga isn’t interested in a mean woman like her anymore. But Misaki can clearly see from his body reaction that he has indeed changed and now likes Sakura for real. But he gets defensive and tells her to go play with her boyfriend instead. Yeah, that self-proclaimed stalker. No, make that weird and perverted alien stalker. He wonders if she is making him suppressing himself but she is left wondering what his words meant. Then Usui comes by and was going to leave the grounds but Misaki still wants to stay back for the celebrations. He is surprised because she’s asking him to accompany her. Truly unexpected. Usui and Misaki are dressed as Romeo and Juliet (part of the prize when they win the love trial). Then in a classroom alone together, she asks if he is suppressing himself when it comes to her. He closes up on her, she starts stammering, not even knowing why she asked all those silly questions. Misaki’s face is clearly red when she takes his hand and says that she’s suppressing herself. Showing her true tsundere side by blaming him for always making her angry and fooling around, she would never have realized it if it’s not for that love trial game: She had always wanted to hold his hand! Woah! In addition, her heart skips when he’s near her, she feels lonely when he’s not around. Why is it she can’t maintain her composure in front of him. Yeah girl, that’s a long way of putting it that you’re in love. Usui responds by saying she’s too cruel and wondering how far she would go to make him suppress himself to be satisfied. He’s always around her because he is interested to see her reactions. And for what he is suppressing himself for, he just can’t put it in words. Yeah, best describe it in action. The moment we have all been waiting for. Finally! They kissed! Though he says he loves her, she says she hates him instead. I guess when a girl says she hates you, means she likes you, right?

Episode 27
There’s a special episode that came out with the DVD as some call it episode 27 but it only lasts half the time compared to the episodes in the TV series. Seems Misaki had accidentally ripped her maid outfit so Satsuki allows her to bring it back home to fix it. Suzuna helps to sew it but she puts in on right after! Ever wanted to feel what’s like to be a maid, eh? After Shizuko delivers some food on to Suzuna that she won from some prize (she did deliveries to cover for her ill brother), then it’s Minako’s turn to put the maid outfit on. Surprisingly how come it fits them? She too starts acting like one. This is followed by Sakura doing another radish deliver for Suzuna (coincidentally her big sis fell ill so she too had to cover for her). Misaki can’t stand anymore of her family members wearing her suit and wants it back. This means, she has to wear it. Now she has to act like one. Minako has her to take a stone outside the garden. But Murphy’s Law strikes. She hopes no one will spot her in the outfit and what do you know? Usui and Shintani are right at her doorstep! Of all the guys, it has to be them both together. Well, better than any others. How did they end up together? Usui had to help out Shintani when his pumpkins are rolling all over the street. And it had to be on the street Misaki lives on. So Usui thinks she even dresses like this at home and that her house has become Maid Latte too. So the guys are invited in as they talk about Usui’s stray kitten he picked up. Seems he hasn’t given it a name since. I mean, he never tried calling it! So everyone comes up with weird names for the cat. How come they are simply giving it names from things within their sight? Toothpick? Fridge? No class! Usui asks for Misaki’s opinion so she suggests Licht, which is a tea leaves brand. He agrees since it has a nice ring to it. Plus, it was given by Misaki. Why would he refuse that? Misaki gets embarrassed when Suzuna points out that she’s still wearing the maid dress when she could’ve changed so Usui teases her that he wants to be served tea by maid Misaki. When Usui goes home, he feeds his newly named cat. However he notes it is just like Misaki because it gets hostile towards him when he tries to pet it, then went into hiding before slowly coming back into his warm lap.

Lala Special
There’s another short DVD episode lasting 12 minutes called Lala Special. Divided into 3 parts, the first part has some of the characters of the show introduce themselves and their role in the series like Misaki and Satsuki. Even the Baka Trio have their screen time but as usual they screw up. The best one has to be Usui because… Specialty: Observing Misaki; Favourite food: Misaki; Favourite word: Misaki. Oh yeah, gotta love him. The second part uses that scene at the end of episode 2 whereby Misaki meets Usui to thank him for helping out at the cultural festival. This time, we have the characters voicing over the scene in their delusional fantasy versions. Like Satsuki’s personal maid love and rewarding affair, Usui’s S&M love confession and the Baka Trio not only had their own version as a group, but as individuals! One is a love triangle, the other an otaku fetish and another about erotism and panties. WTF?! Of course we have Misaki’s version, which is a totally different scene in which she managed to persuade Usui to turn over a new leaf and build a new Seika together. But in the end, will Usui be okay if he’s not a perverted alien? Well, Misaki would allow a little but then again, define ‘a little’. The last part shows a montage of clips from the TV series with some voiceovers over the characters. What they’re trying to say in the end is just an ad to promote their monthly Lala magazine issue and the series’ DVD release. Yeah, go get them.

You Just Maid My Day…
So… That was quite a mild ending, I’d say. As expected, Misaki and Usui end up together. Even if the former still refuses to admit that she likes the latter but that’s the thing about being a tsundere. Misaki sure played that role to perfection. But more of tsun than dere ;). By introducing Shintani late into the series, I thought this guy was going to be a major factor in affecting the ‘harmony’ between Misaki and Usui. The way it is played out, I don’t think it even came close. He felt just like a comic relief in between them rather than a real threat that will turn into some complicated love triangle. Even if he was late in realizing his feelings for Misaki, that even pose a serious threat because of his airhead tendency. His role was somewhat ‘wrapped up’ in the penultimate episode because the final episode wanted to focus more on Usui and Misaki so that viewers would be reminded that it should rightfully be these 2.

After meeting Usui, Misaki’s life has definitely taken a drastic turn. With him around, she is constantly being reminded that she isn’t always the one in charge. Without him, she may have turned into a man-hater. You could say that Usui is God sent. He is quite a cool character despite his laidback personality. He is the only person who could throw Misaki off her feet and pace. She’ll never know what he’s thinking or do next. Listen to all the lines he has to say and throw to her. They are quite interesting and till a point where she is rendered speechless. However Usui’s past remains a mystery throughout the series because I was hoping that there would be some light shed on his mysterious background. For instance there are snippets in the ending credits animation showing a young Usui and probably a lady who could be his mom that left him. None of these are given any prominence in the episodes. Usui’s extensive knowledge in cooking and even the high class lifestyle was never really explained. I did a little research and found out that he’s supposed to be an illegitimate child of a Japanese father and English mother and was adopted by his mom’s cousin. Due to the personal tutoring he gets, that is why he excels very well academically. However after being bored of isolation, that’s when he decided to enrol into a normal public high school in Japan. Though he likes Misaki deep down in his heart, probably the reason why he never took the next step in their relationship was because he enjoyed seeing her cute flustering reactions. And if they’re a couple, you couldn’t do anymore of these, right? Speaking of which, based on my reading up, I read that in later chapters of the manga, they did end up becoming a couple and started dating. So for all those girls who fell in love with him at first sight and have the guts to confess, look elsewhere.

Shintani may be an airhead but he is the only guy that poses a real threat to Usui. I know I did mention that he doesn’t seem threatening to break them up, but because of his airhead personality, he does not really fear Usui. His honest and goody-two-shoes character is somewhat like a thorn and a third wheel that comes between Usui’s personal space with Misaki. The Baka Trio are so idiotic that you can expect their role as losers and comic relief. How can a bunch of delinquents become tame otakus? Yeah, the power of maids. Don’t underestimate them. The other characters are lovable and quirky in their own ways but they don’t leave much of an impact. Kanou appeared as an antagonist hating girls due to his misguided perception but later becomes someone docile. He doesn’t fear girls as much as he does before but it’ll be a long way to go before he gets to interact with them naturally. Yukimura naturally looks good as a girl, he should consider doing part time otaku job of cross-dressing and nobody can tell the difference. Speaking of cross-dressing, Aoi doesn’t do so as frequent as he always did. What happened to his plans to woo Usui? Maybe after finding out he only has eyes for Misaki, he gave up? Yeah, he really gets irritated seeing them still not admitting to liking each other. Satsuki loves voicing out her fantasies especially when it’s about Usui and Misaki. So much so she can’t control her ‘flowers’ rampaging out of control. She’s already 30 years old and still acting like that. Ah well, there’s a child in all of us. Emotionless Suzuna is an amusing character because of her knack (or perhaps very lucky) to win many prizes and bargains from contests and promotional events. It feels like some kind of trade off because if they had money, they would have bought it instead of winning. Keep this up and they can earn a fabulous vacation without Misaki breaking too much sweat like how some people work and save up their entire lives just for that dream vacation. I was expecting Igarashi to do something major because he is still quite interested in Misaki though not in romantic terms. But after that Maki’s-footman-hiring arc, it seems the Miyabigaoka guys have been forgotten. But Igarashi isn’t totally a baddie as there are times he shows compassion though it’s to his own fellows. Even if Yumenishi’s Kuuga seems like a jerk at the start, he eventually changed to somebody better. Not sure if he and Sakura will turn out to be a couple.

Though the main drawing and art of the series caters to bishonen and bishoujo, meaning you can expect almost every guy and girl to be pretty, handsome and attractive. That means even the delinquents here are good looking themselves. However the same cannot be said about the background because at times upon closer inspection, they seem like water colour paintings. But I guess you won’t really notice them if you focus on the great looking characters. But during comical times, they don’t stay the pretty people they are. Sometimes they turn into their chibi mode or just a very simple outline of their bodies. Remember how police draw a white outline over dead bodies at crime scenes? Erm… Something like that but fill the inside with white colour. The Baka Trio, living up to their nickname perhaps are the ones undergoing the most ‘transformation’ when they get moe and such. Yeah, at one point they even turned into a jelly! Of course the various moods of Misaki from being mad to her aggressive devil and yeah, tsundere. For a girl like her, she sure displays lots of mood swings. Thanks to a certain alien pervert. The series also likes to fill the screen with kanji words for sound effects and other narration. I’m not saying that they will be totally annoying like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei in the sense that every scene will have different words that you need to pause and read them all, but it’s enough to make it feel like as though you’re watching a manga. Get what I mean?

Ayumi Fujimura fits her role as Misaki and displaying her various moods. I guess playing tough girls role like Raimei in Nabari No Ou and Mafuyu in Seikon No Qwaser makes her suitable for this character. Nobuhiko Okamoto voicing a laidback Usui feels like a departure from some of the roles that he played like angsty Kashino in Yumeiro Patissiere, nice guy Leicester in Shukufuku No Campanella and the samurai kid Yoichi in Asu No Yoichi. Aki Toyosaki as Satsuki (Yui in K-ON!) and Kana Hanazawa as Sakura (Sora in Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu No Koto: Sora No Natsu) are recognizable since they pull off their trademark lively and genki voices. Though Yu Kobayashi did Shizuko (Ayame in Gintama), I feel with her crazy powerful voice, it doesn’t suit the character. Well, but that’s just my perception. Other casts include Atsushi Abe as Shintani (Touma in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Hiromi Igarashi as Aoi, Kazuyoshi Shibashi as Yukimura, Kousuke Toriumi as Kanou (Gennosuke in Basilisk) and Kaori Ishihara as Suzuna (Reki in Hidan No Aria). When I first heard the opening lines of the opening theme, My Secret by Saaya Mizuno, I heard “Douka, please can you keep my cigarette”. It’s secret. SECRET! How the heck could I misheard that? Otherwise it’s an anime pop song for this kind of genre. However I find both the ending themes somewhat unsuitable because they are rock pieces. Both sung by Heidi (the lead vocal is male, by the way), the first ending theme is Yokan while the second one is Mugen Loop. Partly I think it’s because Usui is the main focus here. It’s like the ending credits animation is dedicated to him. See how hot he is with his shirt off in one scene? Isn’t he manly? Now, don’t go falling for him. He’s already got Misaki, remember?

With quite a number of guys knowing Misaki’s identity, at this rate maybe the entire school will find out about her secret job, eh? But even if they find out about it, I’m sure that they’ll accept Misaki for who she is. After all she has always been a considerate and helpful girl. They may be surprised that she would be doing this kind of job but I’m sure they’ll understand after listening to her predicament. Then perhaps she’ll realize that there is nothing wrong being a maid. What is more important is that she brings smiles to others that she serves. But then again, the image of certain people may not sit well the public. Imagine if the Prime Minister of Japan loves manga… Oh wait, there was one, right? Then again, you can always argue that the contents of the heart matters. But these are a different tale altogether. Of all the types of maids, I guess the best one has got to be Japanese anime maids because you get to do anything to them… XD. I wonder if I can get a personal maid to wish me “Itterasshai, goshuujin-sama”.

The World God Only Knows

August 27, 2011

In the world that we live in, it’s always hard to find the ideal man/woman that we desire. That is why galges with bishoujos were created in the first place to sooth and satisfy lonely hearts of guys who wouldn’t really stand a chance of having one in the real world. Hah! I made that up. So what kind of world is that? Well, it’s only The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai).

Keima Katsuragi is one of those who may fit under the label as otaku. However his only obsession in this area is that he is an avid gamer of galges. He is such a master in these games so much so he is dubbed the God of Capturing over the internet. How masterful he is? He is able to ‘capture’ and ‘conquer’ any 2D girls of any game thrown at him. Wow. I wish I had that skill too. Oh, what am I saying? In other words, he is a 2D lover compared to 3D, eh? I know, unlike 2D girls, 3D can be irrational and incomprehensible. Hey, that’s what he said. But that’s why 2D girls are attractive, aren’t they? Unlike many other otakus, Keima is much different. Instead of being the typical fat and average otakus we are known to, Keima is actually an intelligent person! So much so, he can be so absorbed playing with his handheld PSP right in the middle of class, right in the middle of lessons and right in the middle of when the teacher chides him. It’s amazing that he can achieve high (if not perfect) grades and still concentrate on his game! How many of us can fully concentrate on doing 2 things at a time?

Flag 1.0: Love Makes The World Go Round
His world is literally shaken when he receives an email challenging him to capture a girl in episode 1. Without thinking further, he accepts it. The next thing he knows, a demon girl with a broom (not a witch, mind you) appears before him, calls him kami-sama (God) and says that he has entered into a contract with her. She is Elucis de Lute Ima or Elsie for short. She instantly takes him on a mission to hunt for loose souls. To Keima, this reality must be just a bad dream. Yeah, just keep denying it. But reality just keeps coming back to haunt him. Based on the strict conditions of the contract from Hell, if it is not fulfilled, the collar on his neck (which signifies the contract he entered) will cut his head! Don’t worry, once his contract is fulfilled, it will be removed. Might as well suck it up and get over with the contract. So what are these loose souls? Supposedly evil spirits that got loose and hide themselves inside girls (thus possessing them) who are facing some sort of personal problem. If they aren’t removed, these loose souls will become stronger and will eventually take over the host body. So all Keima has got to do is to get close to the girl, understand their problem, solve it and yes, make them fall in love with her. In that sense, it will be like forcing the evil spirit out of the heart (thus the reason Elsie needs a human ‘accomplice’ for her task). Sounds easy, right? Not if you’re a 2D lover. Now that has got to be a real nightmare and some sort of divine punishment.

So as Elsie’s first detected loose soul is Ayumi Takahara, Keima’s athletic classmate who not only accidentally cause him to break his beloved PSP, but also left him to do all the class chores. Yeah, this is going to be tough. Keima isn’t really going to bother with it so tearful Elsie thinks of dying with him (both will die if the contract is fulfilled). I guess he doesn’t want to mix up reality and fantasy and make it look like he is to blame for the failure so what else to do but to do the job. Just like harsh reality, Keima observes lots of stuff that doesn’t fulfil the ideal of an athletic track girl in 2D games. Firstly, she didn’t tie her hair. Say what? I didn’t know that. Anyway Ayumi soon ties her hair to get serious. Then Keima proceeds to cheer for Ayumi practising for her sports meet by putting up support banners so much so Ayumi becomes embarrassed by this stalker and beats him up each time he comes to support her. Then they see her being admonished by their cocky seniors. Later during another practice, Ayumi trips over a hurdle and collapses. Her foot is injured and the meet is tomorrow. That night, Keima meets her and knows that she is faking her injury. He observed that she didn’t tie her hair that time and thus wasn’t running seriously and thinks she planned her fall. Ayumi comes clean and mentions that she practised hard but can’t improve her time. She thinks her seniors are right when they told her off. Keima just tells her to run as fast as she can because she shouldn’t be worried about the ranking. After all, she is already ranked first in his heart. Gasp! She flusters at first and panics but eventually asks if he would come to support her tomorrow. Keima accidentally falls off the stairs but when he regains his balance, Keima and Ayumi’s lips meet. At that very moment, the loose soul is chased out of Ayumi’s heart as Elsie traps it in her jar. In the aftermath, Ayumi wins first place in the meet and was even praised by her seniors. Keima congratulates her but she doesn’t remember who he is. As narrated, the after effects of every successful capture will result in the host losing the memories of the capture. It’s better for them this way right? And just when Keima thought he would get his easy life back, he gets a surprise when Elsie turns up as not only a transfer student in his class but his sister as well. Ah, now the envy of all guys.

Flag 2.0: Demon Of A Little Sister
Sure everybody is thrilled about Elsie in episode 2 but when she tries to stand up for him by saying that every darn girl in the world will fall for him, everyone bursts into laughter and Keima falls into embarrassment. Hey wait. Isn’t the contract over? Apparently he has to capture all the loose souls in this town. And there are lots of them. Oh boy. That’s why read the fine prints of the contract next time. So being his sister means she has to live in his house, right? How is she going to pull this one off? She meets Keima’s mom, Mari. With a smile, she says that she is her husband’s illegitimate child! OMG! She even has a ‘letter’ from her late ‘mom’ to prove it! Mari calls her husband immediately wanting a divorce. Don’t even think of coming back! Poor guy didn’t know what hit him. Mari is scary when she’s mad. She accepts Elsie into the family. Later Keima takes Elsie to a store selling lots of those kind of games he plays. She tells him the important factors called BMW (not the car but Blood relation, Memories and Wonii-chan moe – WTF?!) that lacks them to be proper siblings. Elsie bites his fingers so in this sense she is related to him by blood. Does this count? Back home, Elsie tries to be a good little sister by cooking. Uhm… It seems the dishes she cooks are weird. Eyes in the meals? Who in their right mind would eat something that disgusting?! Apparently Keima is tied up like a mummy so yeah, this is really hell. But surprisingly it tastes good. Then she also cleans up good. But when she maximizes the power of her broom, it blasts a hole in the wall. Annoyed Keima goes to take a bath but the lights soon go out. He feels something touching him and it turns out to be Elsie who is trying to help him wash his back. Why are these seemed like triggering forced little sisters events? Cliche? Elsie mentions how she has an older sister who is good in everything. All she ever did was cleaning so when she was selected on hunting loose souls, she became happy. Keima rationales that though what she is trying to do won’t make her his real sister, as long as he can’t get loose from this collar, he can’t cut ties with her. And you thought after that nice speech, Keima would have calmed down but it seems Elsie slipped up again when she washed his PSP. With soap. Now that really crosses the line.

Flag 2.5: Baby, You’re A Rich Girl
More embarrassing moments in school when a classmate reads out loud the embarrassing moments Elsie wrote she did with Keima (that bath thingy). Then when they go to buy bread. They see a rich obnoxious girl, Mio Aoyama using her 10,000 bill Yen to buy soba bread. Since she doesn’t believe in using small change for her purchase, she tells the lady to give her to amount of bread worth that amount. WTF?! It’s a sell out! So the other students have nothing to eat lah… That’s the problem of being filthy rich. And yes, she has a loose soul detected inside her. Elsie thinks this is going to be a tough one but veteran Keima has played many games with this sort of character. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside. Yeah, all he needs is just to break down her armour. Then Keima practises his confession lines with Elsie but she flusters too much to have any effective feedback. Next day, Keima boldly confesses to her but she rejects him immediately. Yeah, harsh reality. They tail Mio back to her home and to their surprise, it isn’t a large mansion but a little rundown apartment! What is going on?

Flag 3.0: Drive My Car
As they eavesdrop in episode 3, they learn that her father was the president of Aoyama Central Industries and recently passed away. The chauffeur is begging her to come to her senses but even so, Mio refuses to alter her lifestyle even if mom is working hard to make ends meet. Yeah, all that bread piling up on her table. Can she eat them all? The chauffeur can’t take this anymore and leaves. That’s when Mio spots Keima outside and is devastated somebody else knows her secret. Keima decides to redo his strategy. Next day, he waits outside her home and offers to be her chauffeur. A bicycle? At first she’d rather walk but tripped. Then Elsie changes the bicycle into a rickshaw so that seems rather acceptable for her to ride though she maintains an excuse she hurt her leg. For a gamer like Keima, stamina of cycling is a problem. But he has to suck it up and paddle hard, each time the rickshaw becoming more and more sophisticated looking and attracting the stares of other students. So much so Mio becomes some sort of a slave driver. But wait. She’s laughing. She realizes that and immediately stops before returning to her cold personality. Then Keima spots an invitation to a ball and plans to go in for a kill.

Flag 3.5: I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party
He chauffeurs Mio there and she is upset that he brought her to this place (she didn’t to attend in the first place). Mio is surprised that Keima dresses up and looks a little handsome. He continues to be considerate while she continues to be cocky. Since she doesn’t want to go into the main party hall, Keima suggests that they have their own party here in the yard. Then some of her dad’s colleagues come by and mock Mio before leaving. Keima tells her that she had already live the life that her dad wanted in honour of his memories. But she should live her own life now. Memories of her father flow through her mind but she is still hesitant and thinks Keima is pulling some sort of a trick. He throws her an ultimatum. Either return to that rich life or choose her own way of living. That’s because he wants to be in her heart. He kisses her and that’s when the loose spirit is set free and is captured inside Elsie’s jar. In the aftermath, though Mio is still the same bratty girl, she seems happier and learned to live within her means. Yeah, now she uses coins to buy those breads.

Flag 4.0: On A Crusade
There is this legendary game whereby nobody could capture this girl. Seriously? Nobody? Let Keima do the job. So in episode 4, Keima plays his PSP all day long, 24/7 just to conquer this heroine of the game, Sora Asuka. However he too is nearly on the verge of giving up. You see, he should’ve known better himself when the game was finally released after many delays and the many bugs it has. The glitch involves a scene being repeated or returned to the original scene no matter what kind of answer one chose. Like as though it is looping or restarting again. Though the game is off the shelves, Keima is going to solve it or his reputation will be tarnished. First Keima enlists Elsie’s help to list down all the possible routes by making different sets of pattern and combination that he goes through in hopes that there will be an undiscovered route which will lead them to the real ending. The glitches are so weird that they range from the scene being shown upside-down to even an old man as Sora! Obviously at this point Elsie is worn out but Keima soldiers on. He doesn’t blame her because he believes there are no bad heroines (“They’re always someone waiting to be saved at the end!”). Keima perseveres and finally after many scenes after scenes, could this be the ending that Sora finally shows everyone her picture? Okay, some gibberish words came out. Back to the start! Hundred more hours of gaming! No way! In the end, a short line on Wikipedia reveals about an internet rumour that one person managed to see the real ending of the game. However nobody believed it and it was soon forgotten. Oh man…

Flag 5.0: Idol Bomb!
Elsie is excited that her favourite TV idol, Kanon Nakagawa wins the new artiste award in episode 5. However Keima isn’t because he prefers his 2D idol and gives supporting points why they are much better than 3D idols. Yeah, 2D idols get to improve with time while live idols become old and fade away! News has it that Kanon will be a transfer student in Keima’s school. The entire school is abuzz. Except for Keima who is busy playing his galge. Kanon spots him and tries to hint but he is indifferent. This hurt her feeling as she zaps him with a kitty-like stun gun! She is upset that he doesn’t recognize her, unlike happy-go-lucky Elsie. Kanon signs on Keima’s PSP her autograph (getting back at him?). Because he continues to show no further interest, she constantly zaps him. She has 2 stun guns! How electrifying can this get? And yes, Elsie detects a loose soul in her. Kanon goes about her busy and tight schedule as an idol but she is still upset about that one person who doesn’t recognizes her. She issues Keima a challenge letter up to the school rooftop. She is going to blow him away with her top idol performance. How the heck was the stage erected there in the first place? But you know what? He was playing his PSP all the while. Wasted her breath, eh? She was going to zap him again but she receives an important call of duty and is whisked away in her helicopter. Keima is thankful that his PSP is spared but as Elsie wonders why Keima is unappreciative to the troubles Kanon has gone through, he mentions that it is likely a trap when a girl chases after your love (speaking from his gaming experience) and the irony that idols are supposed to be hard to catch and yet she is chasing after him. Besides, she erased his PSP memories. So that’s why… Kanon continues her personal idol stint for Keima but the same: No reaction. As she sinks into depression, Keima and Elsie are shocked to see her vanishing.

Flag 6.0: I’m Ordinary?
Actually she is somewhat transparent. So in episode 6, Keima changes his attitude and tries to say that he was listening but she isn’t buying it. After evading all her angry stun gun charge (like a reflex by now), she walks away disappointed. Keima reveals that he was acting like a bad guy just to find out what is troubling her. Needing to know more about Kanon, Elsie feeds him details that every Kanon fan should know. But really, does he really need to know about her turtle pet? Kanon on TV announces her concert at Narusawa Seaside Hall with her upcoming single Happy Crescent. During her performance on TV, she notices a fan in the sea of audience not paying attention to her and was texting all the way. She becomes annoyed so much so she messed up her lyrics for a while, puzzling her fans. Elsie decides to head over to the TV station to see what is bugging Kanon but when she arrives, she is whisked away in her car. Elsie meets a group of Kanon’s fans (including an old uncle) waiting in line outside. Elsie learns that Kanon was originally from an all-girl group called Citron that was supposed to promote its leader, Lime. But Kanon outshone her and eventually the group broke up. Keima decides to initiate a plan for her capture and it seems he knows what is troubling her. He starts attending her performance and cheers her on, giving her the much needed strength to continue. As time passes, Kanon relies more and more on Keima as he is being whisked to her side for just about anything. She becomes happier when he praises her song. Then on the night of her performance at Narusawa, she goes missing from the dressing room.

Flag 7.0: Shining Star
A flashback in episode 7 that sees Kanon during her time in Citron when the trio were eagerly excited to debut here. Seems this was what attributed to her ‘disappearance’. She saw a vision of herself telling her that everyone will abandon her if she screws up big time. As all the staff frantically search for Kanon, fans are already streaming into the hall. Keima feels he needs to be the first one to find her. Kanon is her transparent self and her morale at all time low, thinking she can’t do it and needs to go find Keima. Eventually Keima and Elsie find her. They could’ve saved all the trouble and time if Elsie had actually thought of using her loose soul detector in the first place. Duh… Now it’s Keima’s turn to weave his magic. Kanon wants him to give her the courage to impress all those people but Keima tells her that she will have to do it on her own. Hearing the echoing roars of the fans cheering her name, Keima adds that everyone has been drawn to her light and that he can’t keep her for himself. Kanon gets her confidence back and bids farewell. She kisses Keima and the loose soul kicked out and successfully into custody. Kanon returns and apologizes to her manager before going out on stage to wow her fans. As Elsie and Keima leave, she wonders if his perception for live idols has changed. However he notes that Kanon isn’t an idol anymore but a shining star.

Flag 8.0: Coupling With With With With
Episode 8 is a series of snippets and events overlapping. So you need to be patient to see all of it connecting as a big picture. First we see Mari taking a shower and is alerted when she feels a presence of someone and a cake is being thrown out into the bushes. Next, Keima isn’t pleased that Elsie is cooking him more of her strange meals. Who would want to eat a bento that has eyes and tentacles sticking out of the box! She gets hurt when he calls her a bug demon (like in that glitch game). She gets an advice from her friend to bake Keima a cake to get some praise. I think the teacher, Kodama is really blind not to be able to tell that Elsie substituted herself with an inflatable self. She ditches class to borrow the kitchen and try baking a cake. However the ingredients she uses are all weird. Plain weird. Why are those things still living? And why are all those eggs so big like dinosaurs? Then one of the eggs hatch and a menacing mandragon wrecks havoc by chasing her. She temporarily sees Keima but walks away and just says that he will witness her true power. She continues her baking and when she is about to put the finishing touches, the mandragon eats the strawberry. Then the other eggs hatches and the little monsters (like cute Pokemons, eh?) surround her, wanting a piece of her cake. Then the whole room exploded because Elsie was heating the oven over a fire. WTF?! Back home, Mari receives a call from Kodama that he can’t make it for a house visit. Mari is okay with it. Keima with his head bandaged tells Elsie that he knows she was missing for school. She denies it and says to herself that she’ll someday make him a successful cake. However Keima notes that he hates sweet things. Poor Elsie ends up throwing that recipe magazine away.

The next scene is from Keima’s point of view. After that horrible bento from Elsie, he thinks if she hates him. I say he has too much on his mind because he can actually concentrate playing his game and at the same time, Kodama hands him his test sheet back. He scored a perfect 100! Yeah, does being perfect give him the right not to listen in class and do whatever he wants? He’s not listening… Outside, Keima has a short encounter with mandragon flying by and Elsie with that true powers line. Kodama substitutes Keima’s class for PE so he punishes Keima for being cocky with more laps. Keima shows him that he can still run if he puts his mind to it! Wow. Though he drops in the end, Kodama tells him he’s going to pay his house a visit. Keima tells him off so he is going to teach him a lesson when an explosion occurs and the mandragon is seen flying out and chases Kodama. Keima goes back and sees a cake on the bushes and thinks it is what Elsie may be up to. Mari is fixing her bike when she gets a call about Kodama’s visit. Seems she doesn’t like that gay guy but thinks of taking a shower since she is quite dirty. Then she thinks there is a peeping Tom and goes to chase him. But when she realizes that the intruder is a robber and has broken in, she becomes afraid. Holding a flower vase as her weapon, she tiptoes closer to the sound coming from the fridge. Then she whacks the intruder with it. Turns out to be Keima eating the cake. So sorry! Next, we see the mandragon confronting the alien bento on top Keima’s house roof. Kodama is just outside when he witnesses the alien bento swallowing the mandragon whole after a fight! Oh sh*t! Better call it a day.

Flag 9.0: Inside And Outside The Big Wall
Because Elsie continues to be ignorant about the world, Keima tells her to go read up more in episode 9. She visits the school’s extensive library and since the book on obsolete modern words is too much for her, she starts with something simpler: A book on fire engines. She gets so infatuated with it that she tried asking the librarian, Shiori Shimomiya for more books about it. But Shiori is so absorbed in her reading that she seems to be ignoring her. Even if she did manage to get her attention, Shiori seems to be just staring at her, not saying her word. Then her loose soul’s detector goes wild. Aha… She brings Keima to the library when Shiori comes back with a tray full of books from the library relating to fire engines. All 458 of them! The fact is that Shiori has read every darn book in the library but couldn’t say it for fear she may be deemed a weirdo. She sees Keima and is lost for words on what to say to correct her position but returns to her seat and continues to safely read in her world of her own. Shiori narrates about her love for books, what they represent and what they mean to her. Shiori observes a couple flirting in the library but her shyness wouldn’t allow her to stand out and voice her opinion of what they’re doing to desecrate this sacred place. Then the library committee chairperson gives her a list of books to be disposed off this month. Shiori reluctantly goes to pick the selected books. There is one high on the shelf that she can’t reach and when she does, she loses her balance. She falls back on Keima’s body as he catches the book. Shiori’s mind is racing on what to say appropriately. It must seem like an eternity when she finally blurted out a blooper. A word combo of thank you and economics principles: Arigaron. (Arigatou = thank you; Keizaigenron = principles of economics).

Flag 10.0: Inside Of Me…
Shiori becomes flustered over her blooper in episode 10 so she quickly leaves and just forgets that all this happened. However Keima says that he thinks these books aren’t necessary anymore and that they take up space and should be digitalized. Of course this stopped Shiori in her tracks. Though she has her objections, the most it could come out was just in her head. She eventually brushes it off as everyone entitled to their own opinion and that she could never argue with a scary person like him. Then he mentions that a book can be discarded after being scanned, she turned around and let loose a “Baakaaa!” (Stupid) at him. Sounds funny, though. Of course she walks away and as usual it’s part of Keima’s plan to find out her problem. Hey, he can’t tell if she doesn’t speak her mind, right? Since Elsie is obsessed about reading on fire engine, he knows she’s not going to be much help. It’s all down to yourself. When you want to get something done… Shiori remembers since young she had a problem of voicing out. Whether it is not her fault in breaking a vase or even writing pages of book reviews instead of telling her friends by mouth about her opinion (of course they find it weird). That’s why she finds her freedom in books as they don’t rush her and that she can learn in silence and live out her life in books. During the librarian’s meeting, the chairperson indicates that the new media room is approved and that books will be discarded. Shiori stood up but didn’t say anything. The rest didn’t think she has objection to say and the meeting adjourns. I guess Shiori is a little too much when she mentions the need of communication via talking and why didn’t our ancestors learn to speak via telepathy. Hey, we could’ve been advanced life forms if we can ever do that. Then she catches Keima scribbling in a book and snatches it away. However he says he is making corrections. I guess he’s knowledgeable in the game area so I can question his details and the errors that were made. Of course he mentions that giving wrong info is defeats the point so this time Shiori ekes out a funny “Ahoooo~” (Moron) at him. Hey, that’s 2 words now. At least Keima thinks he’s engaging in a conversation with her rather than making her mad. Though she may not show much on the outside, significant changes may be happening beneath the surface. On another time, Shiori instantly snatches another book Keima is scribbling. But it turns out to be his own book. Because of that, some psychological role reversal happen when she speaks her inner mind out about opposing the media room and being thrown off pace with people like him. On another time, Keima mentions how he prefers this quiet place as opposed to the noisy exterior. Shiori agrees about this fortress of paper that keeps the noises out. In her reflex, she introduces herself when he tells his name. Elsie teases Keima that he is relatively making progress with a girl that rarely talks but a more important issues is bugging Keima. He is wondering what the emptiness in her heart is. Then they see her shredding a paper. Putting it back together, it is a notice of book disposal to prepare for the new media room.

Flag 11.0: The Last Day
It’s not a case of action speaking louder than words in episode 11. Shiori singlehandedly barricades herself inside the library, locking out all her committee members. The chairperson knocks for her to open and though Shiori is startled by the incessant knocking, she continues to lock herself inside her own world. She falls asleep and dreams how she never got into opening her mouth to talk. That one time when she was late for class, she thought of staying outside when the class ends but wandered to the library. That’s where she found her sanctuary. It is night time and the chairperson is still knocking. Unbelievable. She didn’t want to call a teacher so as not to jeopardize the media room which she put so much effort in getting approved. Keima comes in from the hole in the ceiling made by Elsie. Like some sort of an angel descending from the sky, eh? Isn’t there any other better way for her to let him enter? They spend the time sitting close to each other. Not saying anything. Shiori’s mind starts getting frantic as usual when the electricity is cut. The committee members finally thought of this and resetting the password, eh? In the darkness, the mountain of books starts collapsing over them. It would be ironic if they got crushed by it, eh? Now it’s Keima time. With his smooth words, he says how he wished the real world would leave him alone so Shiori replies that she just wants to live here in her peace and quiet. Keima refutes that all she wants is to talk to others but is afraid to say something wrong that will piss them off. He asks her if she is trying to protect her books or her sanctuary from the outside world. Shiori starts thinking that it may be too late for her voice to reach others but Keima will give her the courage she needs to do so and kisses her. Her loose souls evicted as Elsie confines them in her jar. When the committee members finally get in and confront Shiori, she apologizes and voices her objection about the book disposal because she feels that every book has its own story to tell. Everyone is surprised that she talked! Yeah, that sentence itself is probably more than what she spewed in her entire life time! The chairperson agrees on holding another meeting for the book disposal though the media room stays. Shiori couldn’t be happier than that. Then Shiori asks if there was someone else besides her here, nobody could recall. Shiori feels she received something in her dream. Keima is on the rooftop continuing to play and finish his galge as Elsie reseals the hole. In the aftermath, Shiori uses her faint memories that there was someone there at that moment as a basis to write a story. When the chairperson catches her writ