Joshikousei No Mudazukai

November 2, 2019

Finally after all these years, Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou has a female version to answer to. Folks, we present to you Joshikousei No Mudazukai AKA Wasteful Days Of High School Girls. And just like the title suggests, it is nothing but a bunch of high school girls wasting away, erm, I mean having fun with their high school life with all the idiotic antics and shenanigans. If the former series was too gay for you and lack any feminine touch, this should do the trick. Oh yeah. Did I mention that all of the female casts have such lovely nicknames taken after their most prolific trait for us to remember them by? Uh huh. No long ass tongue twisting names that would confuse our tiny brains. So is this another one of those ubiquitous cute girls doing cute things? Not exactly. More like weird girls doing weird things to be exact!

Episode 1
First day of high school. Nozomu Tanaka, Akane Kikuchi and Shiori Saginomiya are once again in the same class. Unfortunately for Nozomu, her dream is to be popular with boys and she realized too late that she just enrolled in an all-girls’ school! Damn. Their homeroom teacher is Masataka Sawatari. He gives his class a warning first. He is only into college girls. And all those ranting about the laws and men’s lives being ruined because of relationship with the under-aged thingy, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, everybody is starting to dislike him. Nozomu is so desperate to find a guy that she bugs this chuunibyou girl, Minami Yamamoto to introduce her to one. She doesn’t know any men. Only some Dragonia race… WTF… Then she bugs this petite girl who is conscious about her stature, Saku Momoi. I can let you ride me if you introduce me to a guy… WTF… Finally, Kanade Ninomae… Damn, she’s getting very technical and serious. But still no guys introduced. WTF… And then Nozomu gets frustrated because everyone has character and gives them nicknames like Loli (Saku), Yamai (Minami), Majime (Kanade), Robo (Shiori), Akane (Wota) and Waseda (Sawatari). Hence she tries to have her own nickname but I guess Minor Character or Nudist Family isn’t going to cut it. While taking supplementary lessons, she avoids doing any maths question and instead thinks about her future with no guys. Then she hit some sort of twisted inspiration. Maybe she didn’t realize she was that popular with boys! So is she going to interrogate her old male classmates? And then another problem… What if all the guys like her?! What would she do?! Oh dear. Big problem. Then she thinks she really wants a fateful encounter and goes on to list all the cliché and silly stuffs like childhood friend, etc. Each time, the punch line is that the guy calls her an interesting woman. Finally her friends realize the perfect nickname for her. No, it’s not Interesting Woman. It’s Baka. And she lives up to that name as she blabs about them being in their peak right now and if they don’t do their best now, they won’t get boyfriends in the future. It took her a while for the friends’ comment to impact her. Yeah, she’s the lowest of the lowest…

Episode 2
Wota tries to get inspiration to be a mangaka. But instead of starting now, she goes to sleep. That dream is harder to and harder achieve… Baka tries to bug Yamai and remove her clothes? It’s probably to see what kind of pantsu she is wearing. Whether it is normal or not. Baka, Wota and Robo are sharing some cereal snack and down to the last one. Hence begin their deliberation on who should get it. It turns out to be one big argument about the order of rock-scissors-paper. Eventually a struggle and the cereal drops on the ground. Everybody’s a loser. Yup, moral of the story, we shouldn’t be fighting among ourselves! Wota has Robo see the manga she has drawn because she knows too well that Baka will make fun of it. But Robo’s comments are too harsh. But it’s a fact. Then we see her dream of a strange magical girl dream. Her love cannot bend his knees? WTF?! Yeah, it’s that bad. I guess back to bed. Continue dreaming… Whenever Wota hears or sees her favourite anime, her face will transform into such cute quality. Then she is brought back to reality when she sees Waseda talking to another teacher as she imagines some weird BL sh*t between them. WTF?! Wota continues to find motivation to do her manga. She finds an old manga she drew when she was young. Going through it all over again, she finds it really weird. Bad drawing, inconsistent pacing and story are among all the other things that made no sense. Oh yeah. Those were the carefree days. I guess you are your own worst critic. In the end, she tries to use this as motivation for her current manga. Her character still doesn’t have bended knees, though… Waseda catches Yamai and wants an explanation why she scribbled on her test paper. Something about a cat from another world that needs to be rescued and hence practising her special move? Since she’s not listening, he plays along. What makes her the chosen one? Yeah, those moles on her arm are supposed to be some dragon constellation? But this still doesn’t remove the fact that she failed her test! Don’t run away! Get back here!

Episode 3
To avoid being looked down, Loli acts like a delinquent. However she still gets tricked by Baka to go see Waseda who didn’t call her. In turn she is made to call Baka for something. When Loli tries to put her down that Santa won’t give her presents, this has Baka and friends sympathizing over her. Still believe in Santa, huh? But back home, Loli is the cutest angel ever since she loves her grandma a lot. She goes to do errands on grandma’s behalf but keeps stumbling into Baka and co. Everywhere! Even in the next town! So much so when Baka spots her, she tries to force her to keep them company. Don’t talk and follow strangers, remember that’s what grandma always said. When her other friends too want to leave, Baka throws a tantrum and lies on the floor and won’t move. Not even using the janitor to peel her off worked. Oh well, let her be. As Loli has not enough money, she has to put back an item. It is meat to make hamburger. Hence she starts crying grandma will hate her for not being reliable. But don’t worry. Grandma isn’t mad at all and can somehow make the hamburger. In class, Baka sees Wota so focused. Must be thinking of BL, huh? So when Waseda calls her out for spacing out and to say what’s on her mind, she says Wota thinking about BL. Of course Wota freaks out and an argument ensues. Baka spots Loli’s grandma at school. She is here to give Loli her forgotten gym clothes. Baka helps her up the stairs. Bad enough she has no strength to carry her up, she realizes her shoe laces is untied! Trying to tie them without bending your knees? Luckily no big incident. Wanting to hear an interesting story from Loli, grandma says when she was 8 years old, she was supposed to go to Germany with her parents but didn’t want to so as to accompany grandma here. She is a kind little girl but doesn’t know how to rely on others. But there is a first time for everything. Loli manages to ask other students to lend her a set of gym clothes. Loli thinks it is blackmail when Baka hints she heard some juicy stories from grandma. Grandma is happy to see them get along and hopes they could take care of her. When Yamai is at the toilet, she hears the weirdest and scariest sound from the next cubicle. Although she is scared, the truth is that Robo was just taking a really huge dump.

Episode 4
Majime narrates despite being popular with other girls, she has always been captivated by Robo because of her mysterious aura. Her goal is to be friends with her but so far she has not seen any success. But observing Baka who could easily come up to talk to her like nothing, hence she decides to observe Baka to find the solution that will make her approachable. Not sure if watching Baka eat the entire Pocky sticks from Loli and making her cry is one of those. Waseda warns Baka that if she fails 3 subjects, it is either she’ll get supplementary classes or a crew cut. He’s serious. Time to push the panic button. Hence Baka goes to bug Majime to lend her notes. She’ll give a few fried chicken pieces in return! Her point in borrowing the notes is that if she fails, she can show she had all these notes, hence the teacher will reconsider. WTF?! After all the bugging, Majime relents. Majime realizes there is a chance for her to speak to Robo. Because she commented on fried chicken, Robo thinks she is a fried chicken fanatic. Thus Majime is now distraught of being a freak in Robo’s eyes. She tries to go through her notes but realizes she accidentally lent them to Baka! Oh no! On the day of the test, Majime is surprised Baka didn’t turn up. Well, she turned up late. With a crew cut! At least a wig. Oh well, it’s supplementary classes for her. After the test, Baka returns the notes to her. She claims she didn’t read it because the moment she saw all those words, her head started spinning so she stopped. Thank goodness! Phew! On a rainy day, Majime is stuck with Robo when they leave school. Trying to muster up something to talk, however Robo decides to go because she can’t wait for the rain to stop. So Majime lends her umbrella instead and claims she loves getting drench in the rain. Interesting girl? More like high level freak… Yeah, now Majime is sick… Who knows how long Yamai has been stuck up the trick because birds are building a nest in her hoodie! With Majime passing by, instead of asking to be rescued, she spouts all those chuunibyou crap. Of course Majime can’t let her be and brings her down and she is impressed the way she jumps down is like from an anime. Waseda confiscates anything illegal his students brought to class. Robo doesn’t mind he confiscate her bacteria. Just don’t expose them to air or else. Okay… You can have them back…

Episode 5
Lily Someya is a new transfer student in class. Definitely another weirdo as she says she hates men and likes women. Proof of her androphobia is when a man touches her, she will break out in hives. But when Baka touches her, WTF she breaks out in hives?! This has Lily wondering if she is a man. Then on a crowded train, circumstances have them pinned together. Hence in class she puts a tall tissue box border between them. She gets irked when Baka eats her smelly natto before her. Lily rushes out and accidentally touches Waseda. Scream fest. I guess a seat change is in order. Lily observes the several groups like the posh ones, the studious ones, the normal ones and those uncategorized. Yeah, that’s you Baka and co. She mixes with the normal ones as she wants to use them to raise her popularity since they keep praising about her. Then she sees Majime reject a confession. Using this opportunity to toy with her, she even hints she knows she is keeping an observation diary on Baka that could be for somebody else. Embarrassed Majime goes up very close to her and hopes she will keep this a secret. Lily realized she has been played into her hands as she was expecting a kiss from this situation. But saved by the bell? Next, she tries to talk with Loli and learns her misconception where babies come from comes from no other than Baka. Confronting Baka about it, an argument ensues so Baka is going to tell Loli straight. Yeah, she’s going to do that. Lily forcefully stops her and that means touching her to keep her mouth shut. Later Baka confronts Lily about thinking her as a man and proposes other situations too like a cross-dresser, a baby male, a cat male, a bullfrog male, a male statue and a flower stamen. Hence Robo comes up with an experiment. Lily will be blindfolded and they will randomly touch her hand. If she breaks into hives, then her phobia is genuine. Otherwise it is all in her mind. So the first 2 felt pretty normal. Nothing happening. When the third hand touches her, she feels so gross and thinks it is some bullfrog or something. Yup, she breaks into hives. Genuine phobia. Baka realizes she is a bullfrog… Waseda calls Yamai about the need to choose between science or humanities. But she drags out her chuunibyou drama for god knows what so he decides to call her parents to talk. It just took her 2 seconds to choose humanities.

Episode 6
Baka trying to be the king of stink by eating expired bread? Kohaku Kujou approaches them and hopes they can be friends with her elder sister, Hisui AKA Majo. You see, the occult loving sister has communications problems and has been skipping classes, giving excuses she has no friends. At this rate she will be expelled. That’s why Kohaku needs a favour from them to be her friends. With Baka agreeing to it, Kohaku tricks Majo to come here. Of course she tries to run away but with the girls agreeing to do whatever paranormal hunt, she must first come to school tomorrow. And so she did. She also cut her hair and make it into wreaths as token of their friendship. Forever. Scary… Because Kohaku told her to not always talk about the occult and go with those cute and girly things if she wants to have friends, then she had to bump into Yamai… Of course this chuunibyou thinks she is hiding something when Majo tries to be normal. Majo also tries to interact with others but it didn’t go too well. Just when Robo gives some good friendship advice, Baka had to ruin it as she doesn’t want a gloomy situation. The sisters are going to watch a romantic movie. Loli is also there. Awkward at first but they get along. Majo and Loli are reeling from the ‘horrifying’ romantic movie. Too much love! Too much cuteness! To improve her friendship, Majo creates some lottery ladder game to pick how her friends will die! Baka goes ahead and play… Beaten to death… When Majo is on cleaning duty, Yamai who has been stalking her finally shows herself in hopes she could reveal her secret. The way Majo says she loves the occult and blood, gives Yamai the creepers as she thinks she is some killer! Then Majo drops that lottery ladder paper. Oh sh*t. Yamai quickly throws it away and gets the hell out of there. Note to self. Do not piss off Majo! Later Majo hangs out with her friends. Loli also there. It seems their friendship is working out. She won some chocolate lottery and will never forget this taste. Hence she preserves this wrapper in a jar like everything else!!! On another day, Majo invites Loli to a movie. A horror movie! Is Loli dead? Robo also creates a similar lottery ladder for Baka to play. The catch? All of the results are face mites!

Episode 7
Waseda brings Yamai in as he notices she has more bandages than before. After bribing some sweets and some weird chuunibyou crap, she reveals some of them are to be rashes. Caused by the bandages. He fears she might have slit her wrist but turns out she drew a horrible wristwatch. And the ‘worst’ is her forehead. Because it’s all pimples… Waseda then realizes it isn’t the physical illness that is worst… The one in her head… On a weekend, Yamai goes to the arcade and sees a plushie she wants and plays the crane game. Failed. She thinks of waiting for other couples to fail so she could have an easier time getting it. Well, they got it at first go! Even the staff pities her and puts it in the easiest possible way. However she still fails! Then here comes Majime to help her out. She too gets it at first go. WTF is some sort of yuri romance blossoming? Because Yamai wants to take a commemorative photo of this event. Turns out she’s an attention seeker so she posts that photo online to get likes. Yamai tries to wear a different coloured contact lens. If only she didn’t close her eye, that’s why she can’t get it in… But thanks to that, the infection causes her to have a bloodshot eye. In the infirmary, the school nurse, Shiikyon gives her wear an eye-patch. Shiikyon might regret having Yamai to talk her because it’s that chuunibyou crap all the way. Hence to get her out, Shiikyon also fakes some chuunibyou BS. That worked. Later Yamai orders a gas mask and brings it to school. Of course Waseda confiscates it but it seems the idiots are in sync. Hence Yamai passes it to Baka to make a run while she holds Waseda back. But shortly, Baka gives up because she isn’t sure what a gas mask is. Later Yamai sees Shiikyon trying it for size? And Majo explaining how it was from a fallen vengeful soldier and she wanted to exorcise it. That’s all the drama she can take for today. One day on her way to school, Yamai got herself stuck in a picture cut-out hole. Of course Baka comes by and laughs at her before joining her. Two stuck girls. Because Yamai needs to go to the toilet, they have no choice but to drag all the way to school. So once Waseda sees them, he takes a few selfies before cutting them out. During the award presentation, Yamai and Baka are trying to outdo each other as the last clap. Of course it gets more awkward and everyone starts to notice. Baka being Baka, she eventually starts clapping when everyone is done and is taken away by Waseda. Not sure what Yamai understood in that because she also did the same thing and got the same treatment.

Episode 8
Baka thinks of winning the raffles to go on an overseas trip. Unfortunately this isn’t like the manga. Tissues. More tissues. And a piggy bank. So disappointing… When Robo tells of a scary story how a girl got barnacles growing in her bra, Baka hatches a plan. Yeah, she starts to sell them online! Too bad, site taken down in 3 minutes! Report!!! Baka then bugs Lily on how to attract guys so she mentions about the 5 S’s. Then everyone starts to give their own silly interpretation of what it stands for. Baka remembers the school has a swimming pool on the roof so why isn’t anybody using it? Well, some ping pong club member died and it was closed off. Then they proceed to talk more about the school’s urban legends, freaking the hell out of Loli. Late that night, Lily spots Loli wandering alone. It seems she forgot her handphone but is too scared to return to get it. Lily accompanies her but with the ulterior intention of enjoying every time fearful Loli squeezes her tightly. They pass through several scary urban legends but they turn out to be false alarms. Like that moaning from the toilet turns out to be Majime stuck because the lock broke and everyone was scared to approach the cubicle. Then there is also Majo trying to do summoning of an old ghost since she didn’t understand history class. That piercing stare from the window? Just Yamai stuck on the tree. After getting Loli’s handphone, they hear strange ping pong noises on the roof. Could it be the ghost of that ping pong club member? Nah. Baka and co playing ping pong to put the spirit to rest. They already got permission from Waseda so why not take a night swim! Conveniently, there are new swimsuits, enough for the other girls to put on and join in the splashing fun. What a time of their life. Next day as Baka heads for supplementary class, she is shocked to see the pool in a dilapidated state. So what they heck was last night?! Oh sh*t!!!!! Then it turns out to be one elaborated horror story told by Baka. Yeah, should have seen this coming when you saw Baka had big boobs to boot. That is the real scary story…

Episode 9
Loli sees a weak boy being bullied but when she tries to tell them off, they mistake her for a kindergarten kid because she has no boobs. Because of that, Loli seeks the help of Lily, Wota and Majime on how to make her boobs bigger. She doesn’t understand why big boobs have their downfalls too but hell she doesn’t understand Lily’s advice to show boobs off embarrassingly. So the best answer is to go shopping for a bra. Thanks to Lily’s advice, Loli now looks she has boobs wearing a B-cup. Now she can tell those bullies off. The moment she does so, they run away in fear because they thought her stomach has a secret weapon. Huh? It seems her strapless bra has sagged down to her stomach! Poor Loli. She went crying to grandma… In hopes of making a fashion change, Loli did something that has the class trying to hold in their laughter. Baka can’t stand it and wants to tease her for her huge eyebrows but Lily stops her. I guess she too can’t contain her laughter. She learns that as Loli was trying to look more fashionable and mature, she accidentally cut her eyebrows so she painted over it to cover her mistakes. Hence with Majime, they head to Loli’s house in this so called fashion study group. Loli is given lots of makeover that it is amazing that Lily manage to hold back her inner beast and not rape her. Next they head to Majime’s house and her mom can’t stop pinching cute Loli’s cheeks. When she finds Lily oh so pretty, Lily prepares to give her a kiss?! WTF?! Luckily, nothing yuri happened. Lily is appalled at Majime’s boyish fashion sense and proceeds to give her some decent makeover. In the end, Majime and Loli are grateful to their fashion master but Lily has had her lovely feel of feeling up Loli and molesting Majime’s boobs so the payoff’s worth it. Next day when Lily tries to be more fashionable by herself, she did another faux pas that has the class trying to hold back their laughter. Yeah, she cut her bangs too much that she looks like a kokeshi doll. Oh dear. Back to crying to grandma… Granny, give me your bangs!!! Loli so desperate…

Episode 10
The list is out for the classes the students will be streaming in. Except for Baka. Because she won’t be pigeonholed and choose science or liberal arts! This somehow leads to an argument with Wota because of their test scores. With Baka mad, Robo gives her something to do and every time she completes it, it is that feeling of happiness. Until to a point Baka and Wota are back to friends again! Of course Robo explains the psychological trick to let one who is mad to be distracted with a new task and produce feeling of pleasure when one completes it. Since Baka is truly an idiot, this is easy. On the train, Takahashi has secret crush on Robo. He overanalyses everything she says and thinks into something beautiful while mocking her friends the idiot and retorting master. Soon he turns into a stalker but he isn’t just content with watching her. Summing up his courage to talk to her, eventually she lends him a book she is reading. Uhm, Why Is My Friend’s House Smelly? Loli and Majime are shocked that Baka and Robo are fighting! OMG! This has never happened before. Hence Baka tells the story of how the 3 of them were in the same elementary school but started to go to different middle schools. On their last middle school year, they started hanging out together again and they were shocked to hear Robo who was a smart girl wanted to go to the same school as them. She told them off not to decide her life for her. It was the first time she was emotional. Later she learnt Robo was alone and had no friends because she was weird and people avoided her. So it’s a blessing that they ended up in this school, right? So why were they fighting? Actually Baka accidentally smashed Robo’s petri dish that contained her pet microorganism. Did you waste your time hearing that story? Oh, I thought it was a pretty nice friendship story. But of course that fight won’t stay long and they’re back as friends. Takahashi returns the book to Robo with pretence to confess. But he chickens out and talks about his friend, Aoyama’s smelly house instead. So it boils down to friendship issues and some childhood friend girl? Wota and Baka think if Robo gets a boyfriend, maybe he will have cool guys to introduce to them. Suddenly Aoyama who has been eavesdropping, jumps out and hugs his best friend! Not into this gay moment… She gives Takahashi and odour meter. So later her friends ask her about her prospects of Robo dating Takahashi. She would be interested if he becomes a candidate for her anti-aging DNA manipulation experiment! Meanwhile Waseda confronts Yamai about not handing in her notes. She starts rapping a diss track. To put it shortly, she forgot her bag while she was eating at the ramen store. So this rapping was just some stylish way to apologize?

Episode 11
Wota is having a writer’s block so she listens to her favourite artist to wind down, Teishotoku P. She really loves this dudes and imagines meeting him one day. Of course as we have seen the last time, his real identity is Waseda. And this current song she is listening to, it was inspired of his trip to a barber who only talked about cats and dogs! Boy, that sure made him mad thinking back about it. Wota as a big fan even uploads herself singing it and Waseda hears it. Damn, those unwanted memories. As Waseda is at a doujin event trying to sell his CDs, he realizes that Wota is coming to see him and that is when he connects the dots that she is that girl who uploaded sang a cover of his song. In fear he would disappoint her, he disguises himself and tries not to talk much so as not to give himself away. Wota is ecstatic to see him, the usual biggest fan quotes of loving your songs, etc. Then she starts going off topic about how his songs helped her in manga and also mending friendship. It is getting awkward so she leaves. Waseda wonders if it is right to deceive her like this but the next door seller tells him to go after her (after some weird food metaphors). Waseda catches up to Wota and reveals himself and the truth. She is in shock and realizes all his love for Teishotoku P was directed at her teacher! Super embarrassing! She wants to die! However Waseda adds that it is because of people like her who like his songs, this allowed him to continue writing music. For that he is grateful. It is a gloomy atmosphere for Wota back home. She still can’t believe Teishotoku P is him. Heartbreak. How can she face him in school now? But as she continues to hear his songs, this gives her the motivation not to give up and heads back to work on her manga. In school, they’re cool with each other. Like as though that never happened.

Episode 12
Majo receives a bad premonition of Baka. I guess reality is hitting hard. Waseda warns she must pass the upcoming exams or risk being held back a year. Guess what? She laughs it off and even thinks her sleeping method is some special way to study! Heck, Baka even giving up on actually passing the exams?! Wota isn’t going to allow that and forcefully becomes her Spartan mentor. Study!!! Majime even helps out with her unorthodox, uhm, storytelling method? Yeah, not working either. When it seems that she is progressing nicely, then after she takes a dump, she forgets everything!!! WTF?! What kind of brain she has???!!! Because her friends are really going to get serious in making her study again, Baka has had it. She gives up on being a high school girl! Baka has been absent for 3 days and this worries her pals. They soon find that she is working at a pig farm. When they go visit, they see her happily talking to the pigs. She named them after her friends. Yeah… When Baka spots them for real, she gets surprised and insists she won’t go back to studying. However Wota claims things hasn’t been the same without her. Who will be there to make her comebacks? Even Robo thinks there is no meaning to attend this school without her! After all that heart tugging, it’s easy to bring this idiot back. Well, if she didn’t go hug the pigs… Although Baka is back, all studying methods still didn’t help. On the day of the exams, it looks like she is close to dying. But don’t worry, Majo comes flying in to let her drink some elixir that changes fate! Tastes horrible… Almost lethal… Her eyes are turning red and she’s coughing blood! Is she gonna be okay???!!! Well, Waseda watching knows that Baka will be alright. In the passing the exam sense, that is. But he knows the real problem now is Yamai… Don’t you turn your back on me, young lady. Miraculously, Yamai also passed and with Baka they’re in the same class. However Yamai thinks they’re in a parallel dimension because everyone else looks different. You won’t fool us. Because they’re in the wrong class as Waseda drags them back.

Youth Is Wasted On The Young
Ah… Everybody gets to be in the same class for the next year. What a happy ending. I’m sure class would be as lively or even livelier with such idiots around. Uh huh. Seeing that short period in the final episode whereby Baka wasn’t around, everything is so quiet and peaceful but it doesn’t feel right! Don’t you see, Baka! You’re the most important person ever! Without you, life would be so boring and meaningless! You make life worthwhile! Your presence is everything! So don’t you again dare leave everybody by staying behind and let everyone move forward! The future is always idiotic!

Lacking any sort of story plot whatsoever, as usual this kind of anime relies on how well the characters play their part to be ‘lovable’ in our eyes. Quirky as they may be, I suppose I have seen so many such series in the same genre throughout the years that I am somewhat numb to it all. Yes, there are some funny moments but that comes with the package and so a ‘veteran’ like me, it is all expected. Nothing really surprising. Hence the episodes divided into a few skits are palatable to see each of the characters doing their antics.

You’ve got the resident idiot AKA Baka who lives up to her nickname and role because this series would have been a whole lot subdued and not funny at all without her antics. She is responsible for a big majority of stupidity and the formula of what makes this series funny. Otherwise nobody would get Robo’s bland monotonous remarks (you might even wonder if they are even jokes in the first place), Majime is too serious to be even funny herself, Yamai’s chuunibyou might be painful-cum-cringe-worthy to watch and everyone mistaking Loli for a kindergarten kid would become a very boring running joke that we could see coming from miles away. Majo feels like the fringe member of the main casts and is often so MIA most of the time and her jokes in trying to be sociable (or forced to be one) fall flat. So never change, Baka. You might be an idiot but you’re everyone’s favourite idiot! Oh, that’s a compliment for your information.

Therefore you can’t help each time to be flabbergasted and dumbfounded by the things that Baka is going to say. So much so, Wota her natural rebuke machine tries not to give her a chance to say her ‘philosophical thinking’ because at the end of the day, it would still be crap. The questions she posed at first might give rise to some thinking but then when the logic behind it is revealed, it is just as dumb and a stupid question indeed. I guess there are only things that real idiots can think off. Maybe Baka just wants some attention. That’s why she is such a good troublemaker-cum-simpleton. Maybe it’s not because she wants to ask stupid questions but rather who cares enough to stop her? Nah! She’s not that sophisticated! You might want to have second thoughts when she starts off saying, “Hey, do you want to hear something amazing?!”. Depends if you’re going to make me laugh or cringe… Or both…

Waseda is the most ‘pitiful’ character since he is having it tough as a teacher trying to put up with some of the troubled girls. Especially Baka and Yamai who are serial offenders. You got to give it to this guy for still being calm although you can hear his inner thoughts that he is this close to losing his sh*t. His poker face rebuke says a lot. The pressure he has to deal with these idiots, one after another. The kind of deadpan look that says, “I wish I wasn’t here doing this sh*t” or “Somebody please take me away from this hell…”. After all, the only way to beat idiots is to beat them at the very own game they play. And now he is going to continue to be the homeroom teacher for these idiots in their second year? His patience game must be very strong…

All in all, the characters do live up to their nicknames that they have been given. Except for Lily. I wonder why she is such an exception. Is it because she is the prettiest? Then why not call her Bijin? I think that would rub Baka the wrong way because you know her idiotic character. But perhaps because her role leans towards lesbianism, it could be that Yuri could have been a fitting nickname for it. However Lily is the English name for Yuri so I guess there’s the subtlety.

For the voice acting department, the one that noticeably stands out is Haruka Tomatsu as Wota. That’s because due to her character, she’s like trying to sound like a loud retard. I’m not insulting her whatsoever because she sounds damn funny whenever she goes loud in this mode. Usually when she is retorting Baka’s antics or get excited about her otaku stuffs. It’s been quite a while since I have heard her going into this overdrive voice mode. Kudos to her. The other one who stands out is Maria Naganawa as Loli (Kanmuri in Slow Start). I don’t know how to put this but she sounds really weird trying to sound as a loli. It makes her sound kinda fake because her voice sounds somewhat muffled. Other recognizable seiyuus include Aki Toyosaki as Robo (not her first emotionless character attempt, somewhat reminds me a bit of Re: Creator’s Altair but without all that evilness) and Satomi Satou as Lily.

The other casts include Chinatsu Akasaki as Baka (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby), Rie Takahashi as Majime (Emilia in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu), Miyu Tomita as Yamai (titular character in Gabriel Dropout), Mao Ichimichi as Majo (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Reina Ueda as Kohaku (Akane in SSSS.Gridman), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Waseda (Hisui in K) and Kaori Nazuka as Shiikyon (Chelsea in Akame Ga Kill). In line with the crazy and nonsensical pace of this series, the opening theme fits it perfectly like the glove. Wa! Moon! Dass! Cry! By the trio behind Baka, Robo and Wota sing this crazy hip hop piece and one part of the aesthetic visuals itself is creatively crazy. The song might not by near any one of favourites for the season of the year but it is ‘catchy’ enough to do a little jiggle before watching the episode proper. The same trio sing the ending theme, Seishun No Reverb. Just a slow piece and nothing that spectacular. Which also feels a bit odd seeing all the craziness that happened in the episode, then this somewhat ‘calming’ piece. I guess that’s enough craziness for one episode.

Art and animation look clean and simple. Nothing really controversial except maybe the fact that I think I am a bit paranoid with Wota’s character design. It might just be a big coincidence but not only she looks suspiciously close to Shizuku from Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun, but they have the same voice actress too. Suspicious… Very suspicious… This anime is animated by Passione who did High School DxD Hero, Citrus, Hinako Note and Rokka No Yuusha.

Overall, there is nothing much for me to say for this series. Rather okay and enjoyable for the season. A pass. Nothing extraordinary or ground breaking. Just another one of those ubiquitous cute girls doing cute things. Oops, make that weird girls doing weird things. If you like Asobi Asobase and Nichijou, this series is right down your alley. Funny and charming characters to tickle your funny bone for the season without any confusing plot and the need to follow up on the story so far. We might all laugh at them for doing silly things but please bear in mind that you are only young once in your lifetime. For better or worse, the only time when you can do all those silly stuffs is when you are young and energetic. That by itself isn’t technically a waste of time. Maybe just a waste of energy.

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