Nazo No Kanojo X

December 22, 2012

Warning. If you do not view saliva as romantic exchange of bonds, then do not proceed further. I repeat, do not proceed watching Nazo No Kanojo X and make a complete turn around to go watch or do something else. Still think you can handle it? You’re not too late yet. You can still turn back. Really? So you want to have a go at it? Okay. Don’t come squirming and shrieking like a little girl then. You have been warned. No, I’m not saying that Mysterious Girlfriend X is a horror show but the saliva part… Oh, Jesus. I almost nearly threw up there. Please give me a few seconds to recompose myself.

Every guy in reaching the age of puberty would naturally start to think about the opposite sex, right? Whether it is having a girlfriend of their own and yes, sex. Akira Tsubaki is no different. And I’m sure all of us guys won’t blame him if he starts to develop certain fetishes for a girl. Yeah, how do you explain Shuusuke from Onii-chan No Koto’s fetish for girls with black stockings? Some guys like a certain part ‘big’ and others ‘flat’. Get what I’m saying? So what kind of fetish does this Tsubaki have? Wait for it… Drool. You heard that right and it’s just not anybody’s drool but his girlfriend’s drool. I don’t know but he says he finds it sweet. Yucks. I think people in love have most of their sense blinded. Either this habit of him makes him unique or just plain weird. I’ll stick with the latter. So ever since the day he ‘tastes’ the saliva of Mikoto Urabe, he has been ‘addicted’ to it and receives his daily portion. Yeah, look at what love turned him into. Hope it’s for the sake of love. Oh, did I mention that their relationship is a secret? Nobody in school knows about it. I’m sure the scandal it will cause if everybody starts to know that you are licking your girlfriend’s drool. And Urabe is a pretty mysterious girl herself too… Excuse me. I may need to use another barf bag…

Episode 1
We already start off with Tsubaki’s pondering about girlfriend and sex. Not to say he is a pervert but won’t guys reaching puberty be that curious? The teacher introduces a new transfer student: Urabe. She is made to sit next to Tsubaki. Her classmates try to be friendly and get to know her but she prefers to sleep on her desk during lunch. It looks like she just drops dead heads down on her table. It is no surprise soon everybody starts ignoring her because they get no response. She has even been labelled a weirdo when she starts laughing uncontrollably for no reason in the middle of class! One evening when Tsubaki returns to class to retrieve his forgotten lunch box, he sees Urabe sleeping on her desk as usual. He wakes her up to go home. He notices the drool all over her face and that drool pool on her table. Now, most ordinary boys wouldn’t go so far as to taste lick that drool but that is what Tsubaki did! Little will he soon realize how curiosity will kill the cat. Ever since that day, he starts to have weird dreams with Urabe through a strange city. Next day, Tsubaki suddenly collapses during PE and is diagnosed with fever. Tsubaki is out for several days and despite his sister, Youko nursing him, the odd part is that his fever is not subsiding. This is serious. One evening, Urabe visits his home under pretence to give him homework notes. She knows how he got sick. Asking a question if he had licked her drool (the answer is yes), she then proceeds to give him lick a fresh one right now! Suddenly his body feels better! The fever instantly gone! What gives? As explained, Tsubaki was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from licking her drool. Is she saying that her saliva consists some bacterial infection that made him get those symptoms?! Urabe starts laughing at his theory. In fact, the answer is much simpler than that. The sickness he contracted was actual love sickness. Her drool is nothing special and he just wanted to lick the saliva of the girl he loves again. Those feelings are the cause of his withdrawal. Hard to believe, right?

Next day, Tsubaki is all fine again and returns to school. Surprisingly, Urabe follows him back and gives him today’s portion of her saliva to lick. If he doesn’t do so, he will experience those withdrawals again. Just great. Now he’s just like a drug addict. Yup. This becomes their daily ritual. His strange dream with Urabe in a strange city also becomes a ritual. So he needs to tell her something. He wants her to become his girlfriend! She agrees but needs him to give her a romantic approach. Some sort of romantic gesture to consummate the deal. How about a kiss? Too common. He needs to do something that not everybody does often. Gee, I didn’t know being in love was this hard. Tsubaki thinks hard and then he realizes the perfect deal. Taking out a picture of a girl named Aika Hayakawa, this is the girl he had a crush on since middle school. But ever since Urabe came into his life and after licking her drool, he has stopped thinking about her. As proof he loves Urabe now, he tears up this once precious photo. Suddenly a gush of drool pours out from Urabe’s mouth! Don’t worry. No cause for alarm. She explains lots of drool flow out when she feels happy. Don’t ask. They both mention that they are virgins so Urabe reveals that on the day she laughed uncontrollably in class because she heard someone’s voice. It was so funny she couldn’t resist laughing. That voice told her Tsubaki will be the first boy she will have sex with. Since that day, she has been waiting for him to tell her he likes her. And so from today forth, Urabe will be his girlfriend.

Episode 2
The boys are at their usual stuff. Giving their personal ratings on the girls. Let’s say Urabe didn’t score high. In fact, no score! It has been a month since Tsubaki started dating Urabe but aside from sharing her drool, nothing romantic ever happened. Sighs… Not even holding hands. Sighs… So he confides in his best friend, Kouhei Ueno for some answers. Despite Tsubaki denying he has a girlfriend (same for Ueno), he seems pretty interested in his advices. So the first advice he tried out is to ask Urabe about her hobbies. She lets him hold a piece of white cloth then in a flash, she whips out her scissors and faster than he could blink, cuts the white cloth into some fashionable paper art! WOAH! But the most amazing thing you’ll notice is that she keeps the scissors in her panties!!! How the?! What the?! Panties and scissors… Can’t get that combo out of his head, eh? On another day after Urabe gives him eat her sweets she was eating (it’s covered with saliva), Tsubaki couldn’t contain himself and hugs Urabe. Like a swift ninja, she escapes from his clutches pulls out her scissors and starts cutting! See the card boxes behind him crumble! She warns him never to hug her without her permission. Bummer. That was the closest thing to death he has experienced. Yeah, panty-scissors death… Ueno gives Tsubaki some tickets to the movies since he isn’t going. Tsubaki is so delighted. When Tsubaki invites Urabe out, she declines citing she has plans. Tsubaki feels depressed that even though they are a couple, they haven’t done anything romantic. She mentions their drool is their bond. She is going to prove it to him by having him follow her to an abandoned building.

Inside, Urabe wants Tsubaki to promise not to open his eyes till he is told to. Ever. I’m sure he doesn’t want to experience that kind of death again. With his eyes shut tight, Urabe gives him lick her drool and his heart starts beating fast. This feeling indicates he is aroused. His nose also starts bleeding and Urabe knows all the emotions he is feeling now. She mentions his body has undergone transformation because the drool he licked came from her who is now feeling aroused (because she’s naked!!!!!!!). Whatever she feels when he licks her drool, he will also feel it. It’s because he is her boyfriend. When Tsubaki gets permission to open his eyes, he sees the ordinary Urabe as usual (her clothes are back on. Bummer). On the way home, Urabe says her heart was pounding all the time because she was worried he would open his eyes. What happens if he did? Suddenly she goes into that panty-scissors mode! Hey look. She turned the newspaper into cute little human figures. That. Thank God he didn’t open his eyes, right? Yeah, it would be heaven right before hell. That night, Tsubaki has his usual strange dream (and a little horny too) on Urabe and the next day he won’t tell this secret to her. So how will she get to know? In a flash, she sticks his finger in his mouth and licks his drool! She gets nose bleed and though she mentions he is free to do whatever he likes to her in his fantasies, she will never ever tie a doll to her head! Oh wait. She can see what he dreams too by licking his saliva?! Keep your mouth closely guarded!

Episode 3
Tsubaki accidentally walks back into his classroom after school to see Ueno kissing Ayuko Oka! Tsubaki thought Ueno didn’t have a girlfriend but it seems he has been keeping it a secret. They have been going out since they were first year students and Ueno wants Tsubaki to continue keeping this a secret. Tsubaki and Urabe are at the park as he mentions about his best friend’s kiss. So does he want to kiss too? Okay. Really? First, she makes him hold a tube. Then she spins faster than a ballerina to make her face red before putting her drool in the tube. She wants him to lick it tonight before he goes to bed. Eh? What? Tsubaki does what he is told and in a dream with Urabe, she gives him a sneak kiss while giving him a sweet. She mentions he was jealous when he saw Ueno and Oka kissing and wanted to get one as soon as possible but Tsubaki says their first kiss shouldn’t be like this. It should be when their hearts are in sync. Next day Tsubaki tells Urabe what happened so she brings him to the park and prepares to kiss him! Dream come true? However he tries to think straight and mentions about that in sync thingy. Urabe then pulls off the cutest face and smile ever and agrees with what he said. So no kiss till their hearts are in sync. Are you regretting it, buddy? So the next problem for Tsubaki is to think how to get their hearts in sync. But he has a bigger problem. He notices this classmate Ogata has been staring at Urabe for some time. While Urabe is taking out the trash, Ogata confronts her and asks to her to be his girlfriend. Gosh. So it isn’t Tsubaki who just likes weird girls.

On the way back, Urabe tells Tsubaki about the confession. She told Ogata to wait a day before giving her answer. Tsubaki wants to tell Ogata about Urabe being his girlfriend to end this but she refuses. This is her problem since she was the one being asked out. That night Tsubaki can’t help feel worried. His thoughts are filled with worries that Urabe is going to choose between them. Sizing themselves up, Ogata seems to be a much better prospect. Handsome, popular and from the football club. I can see why Tsubaki is worried he doesn’t stand a chance. Next day arrives as Ogata meets Urabe for her answer. Urabe is acting slightly weird but nevertheless makes him lick her drool. However Ogata doesn’t feel anything in his body changing. She tells him his prospects as her boyfriend is eternally grim. That’s another way of rejecting him, right? Later Tsubaki meets Urabe about her answer and to his relief she had turned him down. Urabe gives Tsubaki lick her drool and instantly he gets nose bleed. Why is he aroused? Urabe gives him the panties that she should be wearing today. Should be?! That means she’s not wearing any right now?! Holy cow! The reason she wanted a day to wait for Ogata’s answer was because to test the bond they have with a variable subject. Uhm… Sounds too scientific… Since she wasn’t wearing panties, she was in a different emotional state today. Someone who shared a bond with her who licks her drool will immediately feel different too. Since Tsubaki reacted, it means their hearts are in sync now. She assures he alone is her boyfriend. He is so happy that he wanted to hug her but she escapes and is going to pull out her scissors! Oops! She remembers she wasn’t wearing any panties. Man, it would’ve been ‘dangerous’ if she had flipped up her skirt. So Tsubaki is saved from a certain death and she takes his hand to walk home. Well, be glad with what you have now. Then the wind slightly blows up her skirt…

Episode 4
Oka suddenly wants to eat her lunch with Urabe. She doesn’t mind although she continues to sleep during recess. But when Oka starts feeding her, it’s like she can’t get enough of it. I’m sure the entire class is surprised to see Urabe actually mixing around. Later Tsubaki wonders if anything has happened with her and Oka since they’re sharing lunch. She denies and it’s just that. He thought it would be good for her to have friends since she got transferred here but she says she doesn’t need friends because she has got him as her boyfriend. Doesn’t that make you happy? During PE, Urabe accidentally tripped and got her knee bruised. Since the nurse is out, Oka treats her seeing she has some experiencing in putting on bandages. Oka says she is interested in her and wants to get to know her better. I hope there isn’t anything yuri. Urabe refuses she wants any friends but Oka will keep insisting she’ll she gives in. As Oka leaves, Urabe notices the bruise on Oka’s knee. It’s an exact duplicate of her bruise! Urabe then slits her palm with a blade and wants Oka to lick her saliva. After she does, her palm also bleeds! Explaining she got the bruise when they shared the bottle of water, it means she also shares some deep connection inside. In short, they’re friends, right? Well, Urabe may not want to go that far yet. She mentions another person also shares this saliva connection with her and Oka knows it is Tsubaki. You see, one day on her way home, she spotted them in their daily ritual. That’s why she started becoming interested in Urabe. She is also interested to know if Tsubaki also feels the same when he licks her saliva. Urabe affirms that and this is also useful because there are times she doesn’t know the right words to express herself. However she cautions Oka she can be interested in her but she doesn’t intend to be her friend as she is more than happy to have Tsubaki filling her up. Next day, Oka confronts Tsubaki and wants her to lick her saliva. The reason being she might discover something she might want to know about them. Urabe licks them and surprisingly finds it very sweet! A sweetness she never tasted before! Oka deduces Urabe’s relationship with Tsubaki hasn’t progressed much. When Oka gave her lick her drool, she was thinking about her first kiss with Ueno. If such sweetness she has never felt before, it only means they haven’t kissed yet. Oka invites to eat lunch with her and she agrees since after that first bite, her body’s biorhythm has changed. Though she doesn’t consider her as a friend and just a lunch partner, it’s a good enough for Oka. Of course Tsubaki is baffled to see them eating together because Urabe did tell him before she doesn’t need any friends.

Episode 5
During PE, the boys are purposely kicking the ball out of bounds so each could have their turn to go retrieve it. Why? Along the way, they’ll pass the pool and see the girls in their swimsuits! Boys will be boys. Yeah, each boy is given a girl to ‘spy’ on so that they can report and record their vital statistics. Tsubaki is tasked with Urabe but he fails badly because he thinks he saw her in her swimsuit between the bushes. So close yet so far. On the way back together, Tsubaki sniffs Urabe’s head and suddenly… Panty-scissors mode!!! Oh sh*t!!! Is he going to die today?! Suddenly she stops dead in her tracks as it started raining. Taking shelter under a tree, Tsubaki asks about her sweet smell so she says that is her sweat. Then licking it, it tastes salty because the rainwater cancelled that sweetness out. Speaking of the salty sea, Urabe gives him permission to lick her hand as it may remind him of the sea. Well, it does bring in the images. Sure it isn’t his own sweet fantasy? So the first summer vacation comes for them but it’s always the same thing. Before he could invite her to the beach, she’s always quick to go away. When he finally pops that question, he can only go with him a week later because she’ll be at her dad’s place. So the much awaited day arrived. With Tsubaki fantasizing about Urabe day and night, the week just passed in a blink of an eye. Time flies when you’re having fun even though it’s just a dream. Meeting with Urabe at the train station, she is obviously tanned. Apparently there’s a beach near her father’s house so she naturally went swimming. At the beach, needing the energy to swim, they go get something to eat and Tsubaki notices her strange eating habits for yakisoba. No cabbage or meat but plenty of ginger? Tsubaki was too slow to treat her like a man… The duo go swimming as Tsubaki can’t take his eyes of her. I’m sure he loves her great body in that bikini. But if she could only take off that skirt while swimming. Yeah, he’s staring at it so much so Urabe asks what’s bugging him. Normally she doesn’t wear a skirt while swimming but since there were not many people at her father’s house, she went swimming with her scissors. That means she has got a scissors shaped tan line on her hip! OMG! Looks so odd! Wait a minute. How the heck did she swim with scissors on her hip?! For Tsubaki, she would gladly show it to him! He finds it a turn on?! On the way back, Urabe licks his drool and also gets nose bleed. Asking if he would like to see that tan line again, she will show it to him next summer. He’s happy to wait the whole year. Maybe time flies when you’re having fun fantasizing till the next time.

Episode 6
Oka spots Tsubaki at the bookstore and asks him to accompany her. He can’t help notice that despite her being petite, she has a great mature body. Oka teases him by calling him by his first name so she thinks he was fantasizing about his crush calling him by his first name. Back in school, Ueno notices Tsubaki has got a tan from the beach. Did he go with a girl? Well, he lied he went with his sister. Oka talks to Urabe about her talk with Tsubaki. Since Urabe is silent, Oka licks her drool to find out. Noticing a very sweet flavour, she can tell she was also fantasizing about the same thing. And her face is blushing too. After school as Urabe and Tsubaki take a detour at the park, Urabe suddenly falls asleep on the bench. Because she isn’t waking up that easily, Tsubaki takes this chance to whisper her first name in her ear. When she wakes up, she has this cute and lovely expression on her face! Does this mean she likes being called that? When Tsubaki tries to call that again, he can’t bring himself to say it. On another day, Tsubaki wants to take a picture of her since she is his girlfriend. However she is not putting up a smile. She is not faking one either. Because Tsubaki insists he wants a picture of her smiling, she won’t do it for him. Later when he is waiting for him at the bridge, suddenly the person he least expected to meet shows up. It’s Hayakawa! Oh dear. Will feelings of the old flame crop up? She wants to chat over coffee with him but he turns her down as he is waiting for somebody. Tsubaki then realizes Urabe had been hiding near the bridge and seen everything. Thank goodness he didn’t take her invite, eh? Though she acts like nothing, he can’t help feel worried. She was indeed the girl he had a crush on. So he asks would she be mad if he took up her invitation. IF. He won’t do it anyway. Urabe gives him lick her drool and suddenly he starts crying. If he had followed Hayakawa, Urabe would’ve felt sad. Tsubaki felt bad so he admits everything. Seeing Hayakawa again today, he thought she looked very pretty and when he rejected her, she felt something was missing deep down. But he promises Urabe is the one he likes now. That’s why he wants to take a picture of her now. She agrees but when he snaps the shot, she sticks out her tongue! Picture ruined? Well, she may not be smiling but at least he got a picture of her. Not half bad, right? Otherwise, she’ll gladly cut it up… Oh, he’ll definitely treasure it. When Tsubaki puts it in his wallet, Urabe lets out a gust of drool. So she’s happy too.

Episode 7
Urabe seems to run faster than the track club’s best athlete, Yajima. She offers her to join the club seeing it’s a waste not to use those legs (in an athletic sense lah). Urabe is running only the relay race for the sports festival. Can Urabe say no even if she’s not interested? When Tsubaki learns she turned down the offer because she won’t be able to walk home with him, he wanted to hug her. She instantly dodges him and reminds him about hugging without permission. With her panty-scissors skill, is it hard to see why she’s so athletic? Urabe trains during lunch so Oka teases him Tsubaki gets to hog her legs after school. At the same time, Tsubaki notices Oka getting closer to Urabe and laments he might be drifting away from her. I guess this love sickness has nothing to do with him catching a real flu. Oka wonders if Urabe is going to visit him and lets him on a secret. When Ueno had the same thing, she did something that had him suddenly getting better. No, it doesn’t involve licking her drool. Hmm… Could it be? After school, Urabe visits him and since this is a real flu, her saliva won’t cure it. But she gives him lick it and he felt the warmth of the summer sun. He suddenly feels better. Hey, I thought she said it won’t heal? After Urabe leaves, it is revealed that she was only wearing her swimsuit underneath her coat. On sports day, Urabe tells Oka she tried out her hint and it worked. Flashback reveals when Ueno was sick, Oka offers to help out. He requested seeing her in a swimsuit and she agreed. But no touching! If he can’t keep his hands to himself, they’ll break up. Just be satisfied with the visual stimulation. Then she proceeded to do a mini striptease for him. Short of taking off her bikini, that is. Of course Urabe would never do such a striptease even for her boyfriend due to some ‘complicated’ reasons. Oka distracts Urabe to steal her drool (she’s getting good at this) but gets disappointed to know that the ‘complication’ is just shyness. So the race starts with Urabe fast on her legs, catching up and zooming past her competitors. But it is Tsubaki’s cheer for her which gave her the final spurt to reach the finish line first. Yajima extends her offer to join the track club again. Before Tsubaki leaves school, he notices his name tag on the shoe locker is missing. Walking home with Urabe, he thinks she should join the track club. He feels honoured for her to be walking home with her every day but at the same time he feels he is holding her back. She lets him lick her drool. He becomes very happy but Urabe says what he said isn’t entirely true because his happy face was due to the fact he wants to hog her legs. She shows his name tag from the shoe locker glued to her thigh! She says she doesn’t appreciate dishonesty just to save her feelings. Rather than joining the track club and winning races, she prefers enjoying spending her afternoons with him. That’s just that. So now Tsubaki wants to hog all of other Urabe’s mysterious parts as well?

Episode 8
Tsubaki wakes up from a dream whereby he touched Urabe’s breast. I’m sure he could still feel that sensation while he’s awake. I’m not sure about his logic about suppressing his fantasy by reading a swimsuit gravure magazine. Tsubaki wanders about till he coincidentally bumps into Urabe coming back from an errand outside her apartment. Since he is here, she invites him in. His first house visit. Can’t pass this up. I know he’s excited but does he have to go sniffing Urabe’s bed? He’s starting to act weird too. And Urabe in a sweater makes her boobs stand out, Tsubaki just can’t take his mind and eyes off them. It starts to rain heavily so when Urabe goes to turn on the light, she accidentally trips but he catches her. When his hands start wandering on its own, she takes out her scissors and warns him about taking advantage of the situation and knows something is bugging his mind. Tsubaki comes clean and reveals about his dream. Urabe touches her own breast and lets him lick her drool. Is this what her felt in his dream? Nope. The real deal is so much better!!! But he starts crying… Is it his happiness or Urabe’s feelings? She gives him permission to touch them however he wants. He feels bad for doing this but she threatens to pull back the offer. I guess this is the only time Tsubaki is fastest. Before he knows it, his hand is already touching it. Unfortunately he couldn’t control himself so he pushes her down and starts licking her ear! Urabe can’t reach her scissors… Tsubaki is about to take her lips too but stops when he sees tears streaming down her eyes. Feeling guilty what he has done, he gets up and goes home. Next day, Urabe lets Oka lick her drool as ‘desserts’ and she got so stimulated that it fogs up her glasses! A sensation that Urabe herself has never felt before. Oka tells her when one is in love, the way one feel things changes. She is surprised Urabe’s relationship has progressed this far. Tsubaki continues to wallow himself in guilt. He feels like a jerk for pushing her down and left her in that awkward position. After school, he apologizes to her despite she said she wasn’t mad. He feels he has no right to lick her saliva till she hits him as hard as she can. Okay. That must be the most painful slap he’s ever got. Not as painful as the pain in his heart. Then she has him touch her ear. She starts crying. Explaining that he changed the way she experiences sensations, each time he touches her ear, she will shed tears. That’s why he need not apologize and that she likes it too. If yesterday’s experience hurt him, she too needs to feel that same hurt and licks his drool. I guess you could say she got a taste of her own medicine and felt the painfulness of her own slap. Tsubaki wished she hadn’t licked his saliva because he never wanted to see his girlfriend’s face swollen. Urabe lets him lick today’s portion and runs off quickly. Tsubaki feels a very hot sensation. Like as though he is embarrassed.

Episode 9
Tsubaki notices Urabe’s messy bed head hair. Oka offers to take care of it and at the same time changes her hairstyle just for a day. Guess what? Now that her eyes are much more visible and her hair probably tied up, wow she’s pretty! The guys are having a change in opinion about her! Some would even go far to think of asking her to be their girlfriend! I wonder if Tsubaki is okay with that. Of course not! Walking home together, Tsubaki thought it has taken him this long to see her face, he doesn’t want other people to see it so easily. Urabe requests him to mess up her hair. Yeah, it’s back to normal. She says if he likes her old style, she’ll be happy to stick with it. Also, having him mess up her hair feels good. Next day Oka wants to try out a different hairstyle but Urabe refuses. Oka concludes Tsubaki doesn’t want other boys to see her face. She licks her saliva and felt her heart pounding. Wanting to know what Tsubaki did after he messed her hair up, Urabe messes Oka’s hair. Well, let’s just say messy hair doesn’t suit Oka. Later Oka asks Ueno to mess up her hair. Just as she thought, her glasses fog up and it’s true having someone you love mess your hair up feels good. Later Tsubaki is disheartened to know that a guy is selling pictures of Urabe in her new hairstyle for 300 Yen. Tsubaki is pissed and wants to tell them off she is his girlfriend but he just holds it in. He realizes he may be possessive of her. Maybe he should buy up all the pictures and not let the other guys have any? Then one of the guys point out how Urabe strikingly looks like that pop idol, Momoka Imai. Recently she became more popular due to a drink commercial. So after school, Tsubaki cuts short his walk with Urabe just to head to the bookstore to see how this Momoka girl looks like. Based on her photo collection, she does look like Urabe. Just add a smile and her eyes are more visible. Tsubaki is so happy that he buys a copy. Ueno tells Oka about the boys selling pictures of Urabe. He didn’t buy one since he had her. How sweet. He also saw Tsubaki at the bookstore buying Momoka’s photo collection and thinks he likes girls who look like Urabe. Oka in turn tells this to Urabe. So when Urabe asks Tsubaki about having Momoka’s book, he starts panicking he should’ve foresee this. He mentions he likes Momoka is because he likes her. Urabe wants to see that book too and will wait for him at the park. After flipping through the pages, she wants to know which picture is her favourite. Uhm, he got the guts to show her the big smiley spread in the centre? Urabe tells him to stand still and he can tell she is going into panty-scissors mode. In a flash, she cuts up the entire collection into pieces! Oh sh*t! She warns since she is his girlfriend, there is no need for him to be attracted to an idol that looks like her. Darn right. Tsubaki realizes Urabe may be possessive too. And she looks pretty mad right now… Hope you learnt your lesson.

Episode 10
Did Tsubaki learn his lesson? He buys another special edition book of Momoka! But outside the bookstore, he bumps into Hayakawa. Gosh! She cut her hair short! Can you blame him for not recognizing her? At the park, they catch up on stuff and it seems she had always knew he had a crush on her. Because he sat behind her, she had a mirror in her pencil case and could see Tsubaki’s eyes focusing on her instead of the blackboard. Aha… So why talk all this now? You seem Hayakawa reveals her boyfriend recently dumped her and talking to a person who used to have a crush on her makes her feel better. Tsubaki tries to cheer her up but I’m sure it’s not his words that make her suddenly burst into tears. For that moment, Tsubaki thought how cute Hayakawa’s face is! And that drool… Oh God. What are you thinking?! She thinks they should meet up from time to time and he would if she agrees to let him lick her drool. WTF?! And she’s willing to give it to him! Suddenly Urabe’s face flashes through his mind. Can’t do it, eh? Good for you. This made Hayakawa realize he has a girlfriend because his refusal sounded more like “I can’t do it because I have a girlfriend”. Learning he likes licking of the saliva of the girl he likes, she wonders what they taste like. Sweet. Uhn… I think she’s trying to trap him by saying hers may taste sweeter. Don’t fall for it! After they part ways, Hayakawa ponders that if they were back in middle school, Tsubaki would’ve licked it without hesitation. She feels interested in keeping an eye on him. Soon, Hayakawa confronts Urabe and before she could finish her introduction, Urabe recognizes her in the photo Tsubaki once had! Wow! Woman. Great intuition. Urabe is defensive and suspicious but Hayakawa wants her to come to her school’s cultural festival at Hoshinome. Since Tsubaki will be there too, she’ll be able to witness something very interesting. Oh no. I can guess what it is. That night, Hayakawa calls Tsubaki for an emergency to meet her. She shows him a bruise behind the band aid on her face from the boyfriend who dumped her. She wants Tsubaki to accompany her to this Sunday’s school festival because her boyfriend will be there too. If they see them together, he’ll realize she has moved on and will stop bothering her. In short, she wants him to be her boyfriend for a day. I can’t Tsubaki fell for that old trick. Can’t blame any guy for getting soft if a girl puts up a pitiful act, eh? And that bruise… She easily washes it off with water… Later Urabe asks Tsubaki if he has any plans this Sunday so he had to lie that he is going out shopping with Ueno. In school, Oka shows the booklet of the Hoshinome and how she and Ueno will be going there. But Urabe is puzzled because Tsubaki told her Ueno will be going out with Tsubaki. Oka concludes either Tsubaki messed up his dates or he could be lying to her. Tsubaki arrives at Hoshinome and he is stunned to see Hayakawa exactly the way she was in middle school. She’s got the wig and school uniform to play the part. Just like old times, eh?

Episode 11
Oka and Ueno are also at Hoshinome. After Ueno returns from answering nature’s call, he is surprised to see Oka in a maid outfit serving him! He spilled his coffee… Since the other otakus are snapping pictures of her, he gets into a bad mood and leaves. Oka then spots Tsubaki with Hayakawa opposite. She tails them and it seems Hayakawa brings him to a secluded place. In this room, she has remodelled the place to be like their old classroom! They reminisce the times they stayed back to do work since they’re on the committee. She wonders if he was trying to hug her then. Well, she’ll allow him now. She’s trying to convince him to become her boyfriend again and if he does, she’ll grow her hair again. Then she wants him to lick her drool. Oh Tsubaki. What are you going to do?! Oka is going to snap a shot of this with her handphone when suddenly a card box robot (?!) silences her. Oh. It’s Urabe underneath. She interrupts them and gives Tsubaki permission. That’s because she wants him to make certain his feelings right now. She blindfolds him and they will each give Tsubaki lick their drool and have him decide which one is sweeter. Of course, he will not be told who goes first. Urabe goes first and after Tsubaki licks her drool, he instantly nose bleeds like mad. He definitely knows it’s Urabe. Urabe using her slick scissors move, cuts herself out of the robot card box. And she’s naked!!! This is the bond that they share as nobody could’ve told she was naked underneath. Hayakawa also wants to test that theory so she also strips! I’m sure he doesn’t need to lick the drool to nose bleed, eh? He can always use his imagination! It’s going wild! As Tsubaki is about to lick Hayakawa’s drool, suddenly she starts crying. Urabe explains those tears are tears of resistance. If she really loved Tsubaki, she shouldn’t be crying. Tsubaki adds that she may be confused and vulnerable now and points out it was him who had a crush on her, not the other way round. On the contrary, she admits she too had a crush but it was on a different person. When she was dating this guy, she knew he was still not over his ex. She laments she has never been mutually in love with anyone. Tsubaki says he feels honoured when she asked him to be her boyfriend but right now the girl he loves is Urabe.

Urabe then licks Hayakawa’s drool and finds it very sweet and realizes she may have been in an unrequited love for a very long time. In time, she’ll know she’ll find someone who will love her back since her saliva is sweet. The tension settles down, much to Tsubaki’s relief. Hearing how sweet Hayakawa’s saliva is, he even thought he should’ve quickly licked it earlier on! But then again, he doesn’t want to die by Urabe’s scissors. His blindfold comes undone and he sees what every guy would love to see of their girl. Yeah, he’s got two of them! That must be the hardest slap he’s got in his life. So hard that it knocked him off his feet. With Oka coming into the fray, she feels odd how they are naked in a classroom in broad daylight. Hayakawa gives out a laugh. She was depressed since she got dumped but for the last few days she felt so much fun that it feels like she has moved on. She apologizes to Urabe for intruding on her relationship but gets to see the interesting bond they have via saliva. At the end of the day as Urabe and Tsubaki walk home, he apologizes for lying. But she is okay with that since she too had a crush on somebody else before him. Yeah, she was really crazy about him. Really? Just kidding! So the lesson? If that little lie made him upset, it’s best he shouldn’t do to her what he wouldn’t want her to do onto him. So setting things straight, Urabe mentions she never had a crush before she transferred here. If she kisses him, it would mean her first. Then she licks his drool and gives out a lovely smile. But that is only because those are of his feelings. She ‘chides’ him that he really is a boy. After all, he let Hayakawa lure him in and he got giddy with just the thought of Urabe’s first kiss.

Episode 12
After witnessing that awesome scissors cutting move, Oka wants Urabe to demonstrate for her. Of course she refuses. Oh, she has a picture when Urabe was naked in the classroom too. Instantly Urabe cuts up the pictures to bits. There. There’s your demonstration. And Oka better not have duplicates. Instead, Oka is so thrilled that she keeps her scissors in her panties and flips up her skirt just to see them. While walking back with Tsubaki, Urabe wants to lick his drool too. He refuses but she distracts him to get a taste of his saliva. She suddenly feels hot. The kind of hot feeling when a boy sees a girl’s body naked. Don’t ask. So much so every time he sees her, he could envision her naked body. He can’t hold it in and hugs her. You can guess what happens next. However something odd happened. Tsubaki’s head is bleeding! Did Urabe miss? She panics and brings him back to her house for treatment. While getting the bandages, Urabe tests cut the picture frame. Though it crumbles, the curtain behind got ripped. She realizes she lost control of her scissors. As she treats him, she apologizes for hurting him (so all those near scissors death experience that could’ve hurt him was just a big scare?). Urabe gives him lick her drool and he feels giddy. Maybe it is his envisioning of her naked body? He wants to leave but she isn’t done yet. He can’t take anymore of this naked business and accidentally shoves Urabe down to her bed. Then he trips on the first aid box towards her. Realizing in this position he will end up hugging her and die a certain death, Tsubaki quickly changes the direction of his footing but this has his head knock on the headboard. Ouch. Thank goodness he didn’t have amnesia.

When Urabe learns why he did that, she hugs him and says if it will end up hurting himself, he has permission to hug her. I hope he won’t fake tripping himself from now on. Before Tsubaki leaves, Urabe tells him about the strange dream she had. It was with him. She won’t say anything more. But we can always guess what it was, right? Later Tsubaki tries her scissors cutting move again and this time only her targeted object got cut. She’s back in control and concludes when she hugged Tsubaki then, her giddiness was gone. Next day in school, Tsubaki also notices Ueno has a bandage on his forehead. Apparently Oka wanted to do a crazy experiment with a scissors. Warning people. If you are not a pro, do not attempt, I repeat, DO NOT ATTEMPT any fast scissors cutting stunt. Or else like we have seen in Ueno’s case, the scissors slipped out of Oka’s hand and fell on his head! I don’t know how his forehead is still intact. And then when Oka insisted on tending to his wounds, she tried cutting up lots of gauze so Ueno ends up with a bunch of them. A girl calls Tsubaki as the teacher wants to see him. She notices his bandage falling off so she peels it off and puts a band aid on. Urabe doesn’t seem amused… Then when she brings him along, he asks for the bandage back. No, not to dispose it but to put it back on! Well, it’s his own viral infection. So the logic he did that was because this bandage was the same one Urabe put on him because she cared for him. If possible, he wants to keep it on forever. Seriously, forever? On his head? When Urabe gives him today’s drool portion, before he could hug her, she collapses into his arms! Tsubaki panics thinking it’s his fault but Urabe says it was her who initiated that hug. Yeah, he’s the happiest guy alive. Feels good, right? For the both of them.

Episode 13
Urabe runs into Youko in the shopping arcade. Youko invites her for tea and we learn she was an alumna of her high school 6 years ago. She felt nostalgic in seeing her uniform that’s why she wanted to talk to her. Learning she is in the same class with Tsubaki, she wants to know if her brother is dating anyone. Not that Urabe could answer. This prompts Youko to remember the person she was dating at their age. Then she tells her the funny thing that happened yesterday. When she was sleeping on the table, Tsubaki woke her up and told her about the drool on her mouth. Then he asked a funny question. Whether she had a boyfriend or not. Ironically, she was dreaming about her boyfriend. When they were dating, he took a picture of her face sleeping and drooling! Her boyfriend thought that face was kinda cute. So what happened to him? Because he went to another region to study, they slowly grew apart. They did correspond to each other for a few months but gradually stopped. Though she still thinks of him from time to time, she wonders if he is still keeping that photo and has a new girlfriend. Youko asks if Urabe has anyone she likes. She says yes but stops short of saying who. Youko envies her but she has to put romance on hold since she is now like Tsubaki’s mother as their real mom passed away a very long time ago. After they part, Youko gives her a sakura mochi. Later Tsubaki, Youko and their father visit their mom’s grave and clean it. The guys think Youko shouldn’t put off romance for their sake (she vows not to get married till her brother gets a job) but the guys are just useless without her. I guess she has to continue becoming their substitute mom.

Later Urabe tells Tsubaki about her chat with Youko and the person she was dating. Tsubaki is surprised because it’s the first time he heard that. She asks about the sakura mochi and he says it was because they visited mom’s grave and it was her favourite food. Tsubaki is honest with his feelings that it feels normal because his mom died when he was so young that he hardly remembers her. Urabe wants to go to his mother’s grave next Sunday. Meeting up with her, Urabe is dressed in some pretty clothes. She is going to see his mother after all, right? At the grave, Urabe puts a bouquet of flowers and some bacon-wrapped vegetables that she is currently good at making as offering. Tsubaki seems pretty surprised when Urabe explains the reason she wore pretty clothes because she was going to meet his late mom. He reiterates he doesn’t remember much about her, what more may not even remember how he felt that day she died. Urabe wants Tsubaki to put his left hand on the grave while they exchange saliva. Well, it seems like exchanging wedding vows. Except they’re using saliva and putting their finger into each other’s mouth, cross-armed. Tsubaki felt this incredible feeling but Urabe sheds a tear. She says he might not remember but he cried when his mom passed away when he was small. Tsubaki also starts crying. That’s why they’re crying right now but he smiled even more than he cried then because he loves his family very much. In the future, she wants to become that kind of person to him. As they leave, Tsubaki thought it was odd for them to exchange saliva in front of his mother’s grave. Yeah, I think nobody ever did it before. But Urabe says it can’t be helped because they’re going to do even bolder things from now on. Oh, really? I can’t wait to know what they are. And here’s a rare lovely smile from her for starters.

Tsubaki didn’t want to go to the festival but Youko insists him putting on his yukata. After Youko leaves first, Ueno comes by and he wants Tsubaki to come with him to the festival. Since he is going with Oka, he doesn’t want other classmates to think otherwise if they’re being spotted. So it’ll look like an outing with friends among the four of them. Four of them? Yeah. Oka has invited Urabe. Now do you want to go to the festival? It’s a double date! The guys meet up with the girls and they are awed to see them in their yukata. You don’t see this scene every day I guess. Oka takes a photo to commemorate today but how comes she is just taking pictures of Urabe alone? As they walk along in the festival, Tsubaki notes the odd relationship they have and doesn’t think Oka knows he is dating Urabe. On the contrary, she is fully aware of that and knows Tsubaki is too dense to realize. Ueno mentions about his plan to hug Oka tonight and thanks to the love charm that can only be bought at this shrine, this was what led her to kiss her. Yeah, he is encouraging Tsubaki to not miss this chance. I think you don’t need persuasive words to convince Tsubaki to get his chance with Urabe. So Oka and Ueno purposely get ‘lost’ leaving Tsubaki and Urabe alone. Since the fireworks are going to start, the crowd gets pushy and they both get separated. However a girl in a fox mask, Togawa brings Urabe away. Tsubaki tries to find Urabe and this leads him to an odd monument labelled as fake museum. Groping in the dark inside, he finds Urabe’s pouch on the ground. Suddenly the place lights up and he sees Urabe tied on the ceiling. A boy in a fox mask, Matsubuya says he has only 1 chance to pull the right string that will lead to Urabe. If he pulls the wrong string, everything will fall down (Urabe got somewhat tangled in their unfinished setup). However Urabe doesn’t want Tsubaki to come close and drops her clogs on his head. She doesn’t want him to peep? You know what they say about yukata and underwear… So how can he save her when he can’t even get close to her? Don’t worry. Just pull his favourite string. It will show how strong their bond is. Urabe starts licking her string and Tsubaki sees the string ‘glow’. I hope it’s not because she has lots of saliva. The saliva points out to the right string as Tsubaki picks it up and puts it in his mouth! He finds it very sweet and nose bleeds. He pulls the string to free Urabe. But he was too hasty so Urabe landed on her butt. Matsubuya and Togawa then thank them for an interesting show and disappear.

They realize the museum is gone and they are standing right outside the shrine. Tsubaki notices Urabe’s yukata dirty and tries to clean up. Eh? Isn’t he like molesting her butt? He is baffled that some motifs on her yukata are missing. Urabe is about to go into panty-scissors death but you know what they say about yukata and underwear, right? Yeah, she’s wearing nothing underneath! Can you believe Tsubaki could think that she’s a little vulnerable tonight? Oh, what is he going to do? Anyway the scissors is stashed in her obi and another reason why she didn’t want him close to him when she was tied up as the scissors may fall on his head. Tsubaki realizes Urabe was here to buy the charm too but she doesn’t need to seeing that there is a charm mysteriously tied to her scissors. She ties it to his hand. Noticing she is barefoot, Tsubaki gives her a piggy-back ride home. This must be the best feeling ever. His hands touching her butt and her boobs pressed against his back. If only this happened more often, eh? Matsubuya and Togawa watch the duo go away and it seems this setup from Matsubuya was so that he could retrieve the sake and cup motif on Urabe’s yukata to drink (don’t worry, it’s just water). As thanks, he left the charm for her. Matsubuya requests to drink Togawa’s tears (?!) so she prepares them for him to lick (?!). She mentions that till she unlocks the mysteries of his heart, she’ll keep fulfilling his requests because if she does, she’ll unlock her own mystery. She narrates everyone who fall in love will embrace mystery. Elsewhere, Ueno finally scores and gets to hug Oka. Urabe gives Tsubaki lick today’s drool and he finds it amazingly sweet. He really wants to go to next year’s festival with her. Just the two of them. Yup. Urabe also had the same idea in mind.

Nothing To Drool About…
Okay, let me admit this first. When I first watched the first episode and got introduced to all that drool thingy, I felt like I wanted to vomit. True! The thought of tasting somebody else’s saliva wasn’t something I am used to. Heck, it isn’t normal! It was a good thing that I managed to hold it in as long as the duration of that episode before heaving a big sigh of relief. I don’t even know how I managed to keep it all in. Fortunately I didn’t throw up even after at the end of the episode. Nor do I have nightmares about the drool. But it did leave a bad unsavoury aftertaste in my mouth and sometimes if I’m not careful, thinking about this series while swallowing my saliva starts making me feel like want to throw up all over again. Of course as the series progresses, I eventually got used to the drool but like I said, if I am not careful, I may find my own face closer to the toilet bowl the next second. Thank God that didn’t happen. I hope it won’t.

So okay, aside the drooling stuff, Urabe is really one heck of a mysterious girl. She really gives off this mysterious aura and the way her messy hair covers her eyes gives out that mystifying overall feel. It makes you want to think deeper who this girl is actually. With her scissors cutting skills faster than the speed of sound, surely at some point you might think that she is an alien or a non-human. Though Urabe always has that sleepy look on her face or that unsmiling mug, there are rare incidents whereby she displays a livelier expression. It’s so rare and unpredictable that each time that happens, it feels like you strike gold. Such priceless expression is worth the trouble or whatever you did to make her smile like that. Of course I prefer the Urabe when she is smiling because it does make her cute friendlier but if she was in this mode for most of the time, she wouldn’t be the mysterious girl in the first place. As for Tsubaki, I’m sure he is just a normal boy who wants a normal girlfriend. Except we know Urabe isn’t anything but normal. He tries to understand her but because she is so mysterious, he just couldn’t understand what she wants or is thinking sometimes. And that puts a damper on his efforts to get close to him. Maybe it’s just being a guy. Males are dense when it comes to the matters of the heart, eh?

It’s good that Tsubaki’s love for Urabe is genuine otherwise they would have broken up a long time ago. I mean take this case in point. For a young teenage boy and girl to be a couple, they must be doing more than just walking home together from school (and sharing drool – oh wait, no ordinary couple does that), don’t you think? I mean, where is the spark in their relationship? With Urabe not even allowing him to hug without permission, this would have been a big put off for guys who would prefer to get more physical with love. I’ll be blunt. To guys, sex is love and love is sex. Simple. So don’t you just feel sorry and frustrated even if he wants a simple hug from his girlfriend but all he got was a near-death panty-scissors threat. However if you think deeper about it, there may be a good reason why she does this. You see, if Tsubaki is allowed to do as he wishes, then don’t you think it makes Urabe like a cheap girl? No more the mysterious girlfriend. So by being strict with this sort of things, she keeps his perversion in check. It makes him think and control his lust and use the right head to think. Yes. The head above his neck and not the ‘other head’ down there. After all, though Tsubaki is a nice guy but he is still a boy and his natural instincts may take over. You can never be too sure. It never hurts to take precaution. But it is good that with the duo experimenting with odd activities together, they gradually develop their love. So all is not lost for Tsubaki because at least Urabe is not an emotionless monster as we sometimes see her express embarrassment or happiness. Just that she doesn’t show it on the outside like others.

Since Oka can share Urabe’s drool, does this mean that she also loves her? Maybe. Big maybe. I’m not sure if she is a bi. On one hand she has this clueless Ueno as her boyfriend and from the way I see it, if Urabe isn’t mysterious and defensive, Oka could have gotten yuri with her. She would be the seme type, I guess. Haha. Thus the mysterious aura is perhaps one reason why Oka sticks around her and Tsubaki because she is interested to see an odd couple like them develop their love relationship. Hayakawa’s return to Tsubaki’s life felt like an ultimate test for his love for Urabe. As said, he got this choice of going back to the girl he once had a crush on and probably do more stuffs than what Urabe has to offer. But was Hayakawa really in love with Tsubaki in the first place? Was she just using him to take out her frustrations of being dumped at love? In the end, I’m glad everything ended without turning into a cat fight. I know Urabe would have won if it boils down to that because nobody is as skilled as her using the scissors. More importantly, it saves Tsubaki the dilemma of choosing, though I know he would choose Urabe but Hayakawa is sneaky and could just change his mind. You know how weak men’s minds are when it comes to this. No, I’m not speaking from experience, mind you. It was interesting to learn Youko too had a crush but puts it on hold just to become Tsubaki’s mother. It would be great to know more but I guess there’s nothing much extraordinary because they had their time and just drifted away due to distance and time.

When they put in a pair of mysterious kids in the OVA, I thought they were teasing us that there are more weirder people in this world. Maybe it isn’t just Tsubaki and Urabe the only people in the world to share their drool. Are there others too? Knowing that there are even different types of body liquid addiction now, I just can’t help if there are those who would drink… Oh God, no… Urine! I almost puke there. So why this pair appears in the OVA and for what purpose remains a mystery to us. Just like the anything that has to do with love. It is one giant puzzle and mystery. You think you know how love works but you could be so wrong and not know anything. But just like everything else that we have seen in this series, it is to spearhead the odd relationship between Tsubaki and his mysterious girlfriend.

In line with the mysterious theme of this series, there are some things that also bugged me. The big one is how Urabe keeps her scissors in her panties and goes by her daily life without ever cutting herself. It’s not like she is immune to those blades either. Think about this. She keeps her scissors on her right hips and considering she moves about, walking, running, bending down and the likes, don’t you think she would have experienced utmost discomfort when a rigid and sharp object is located at that part? Try sitting down with the scissors in that position. See whether you get cut or not. Of course for guys, don’t even try this if you don’t want to accidentally lose your manhood! And how can Urabe keep the scissors from sliding or falling off? It’s not that her panties have hook or clip to hang it. More importantly, why does she keep the scissors there?! Well, I can guess for us viewers is for fanservice but I think it is to distract her enemy. That would be an eye opener for the guys, right? In that temporary stunned moment is when she will strike you down. Therefore if she had kept her scissors in a bag, it might take too long. Keeping it underneath her sleeve would work if she only wears long sleeve all the time. Keeping it at her belt or stomach may make it too obvious. So where else to keep it at a place where everyone least expects it. Another mystery for me is Tsubaki’s odd dreams that involve Urabe. What do they mean? What significance do they hold? I thought it might lead us to a clue to reveal more about Urabe but I guess it’s just a dream. Anything goes. Everything is just weird. Will it turn into reality someday? And remember that voice that told Urabe that Tsubaki will be the first boy she will have sex with? Don’t remember? Don’t blame you. It didn’t seem to come anywhere close to this. Maybe that last statement of doing bolder things could be an indication but I’m not putting my hopes up. What are the chances of suddenly jumping into sex? Shocking, no? Just a thought. If Tsubaki does the wrong moves or makes her unsatisfied, he might find himself getting cut up! Yikes!

Another point of discussion is of course the drooling and saliva. As much as I want to stay away from this topic now, but it can’t be helped since this is the major theme of the series. I thought there would be an explanation of why Urabe had this weird ability of bonding with others via saliva. Apparently I guess you have to accept that she had this all along. You can say it is one form of communication because sometimes it is hard to describe your feelings in words. But it bugs me if Tsubaki is Urabe’s first boyfriend and had never been in love before, what more never had friends, how come she knew that his first withdrawal symptoms were due to love sickness? Because in each episode we will see some sort of drool whether it is Urabe giving Tsubaki his daily portion or the drool dripping down the mouth, initially the way the drool was drawn was one of the factors that aggravated my insides to want to throw up. I don’t know, it looks like some sort of icky slime covering the finger. Despite Tsubaki tasting the sweetness of Urabe’s saliva, it sure doesn’t look ‘appetizing’ when Urabe sticks out her saliva for him to suck and lick. Looks may be deceiving but no matter how many times without fail Tsubaki has taste the sweetness of her drool, I won’t be convinced to even try it! Bacterial infection comes to mind. I know I won’t be getting love sickness that’s for sure.

Speaking of the drawing and art, they seem to have that old school feel. The kind of look whereby animes are in the late 80’s or early 90’s. The characters have big wide eyes but not the sparkly kind you see today that makes the characters irresistibly cute (or annoying). With their small iris, it is the white sclera that covers a big part of the eyes. Yeah, don’t they remind you of anime characters during those days? If you are old enough to remember watching such animes, that is. The facial details of the characters are very simple with no outstanding feature that makes them stand out. So the most generic of guys and girls have that typical normal guy or girl look. Well, anime characters in those days really look like that. If you are old enough to remember watching such animes, that is. Oh, forgive me for repeating myself. I must be feeling old right now. Despite having that retro look and feel, the colouring and quality are as of today’s standard so be rest assured that you won’t be seeing fading or ‘old’ colouring or bumpy animation.

For the voice acting, debutant Ayako Yoshitani did a good job in voicing Urabe and making her sound mysterious. She may sound like a sleepyhead or like someone who lacks energy with that monotonous and flat voice but it does give a mysterious feel for her character. So far this is her only anime role. Other casts include Miyu Irino as Tsubaki (Syaoran in Tsubasa Chronicle), Ryou Hirohashi as Oka (Alice in Aria The Animation, Kyou in Clannad), Yuuki Kaji as Ueno (Subaru in Ro-Kyu-Bu, Akina in Yozakura Quartet), Misato Fukuen as Youko (Yami in To Love-Ru) and Yu Shimamura as Hayakawa (Hare in Guilty Crown, Chihaya in Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru: Futari No Elder). Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Ayako Yoshitani. Well, what can I say if a mysterious sounding girl tries to sing. At one hand it sounds unsuitable because of her voice that to me doesn’t really sound fitting. You know how a person who has just recovered from a flu or throat illness tries to sing, right? I thought if she can sing it, people like me who don’t really possess a beautiful voice could also sing this. For the lively opening piece, Koi No Orchestra, at certain points it’s like as though she’s trying hard to stretch her voice but of course it doesn’t sound too bad that it sounded off pitch. The ending piece, Houkago No Yakusoku is a jazzy and slower but slightly bubbly ballad with some horns blazing at the start. The disturbing thing about the ending credits animations is that we see everybody’s drool when they’re sleeping! To me it nearly felt like a horror show because too much saliva in this series has turned on the fear switch within. Because of the old school art feel, I can’t help that the themes also have this old school feel in them and sounded like they are from that era.

So would you have such a mysterious girlfriend who gives you her saliva and keeps a pair of scissors in her panties? If you don’t like the danger and mystery that comes with it, then you’re better off (and safer) with somebody else. At the end of this entire series, I sometimes can’t help feel that I have developed a slight fear of swallowing even my own saliva. Heck, I can’t even drool in peace when I see my favourite food or smell something good. Thanks guys. For making me look at my saliva in a totally different light. So think twice if you want to have that very passionate wet French kiss. Saliva isn’t my cup of tea for bonding and I would prefer to stick with the conventional and boring flowers and chocolates. And if you really want to get close to a mysterious girl you like, don’t say it with saliva and drool. Maybe you can start by singing Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl. Okay everybody sing along with me. Oh, oh, oh, oh/ Mysterious girl I wanna get close to you/Oh, oh, oh, oh/ Mysterious girl move your body close to mine…

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