Butterfly Kiss

December 28, 2007

  Fukai yami no hotori nemuru chou tachi yo,
  Aoki sora sae mo shirazu ni iru no ka
Ah, another one of those songs which brings back memories when I was watching the anime series Rave on tv. The upbeat first opening theme song Butterfly Kiss was catchy enough to make me curious to watch the series. Actually at that time there weren’t much animes on tv and that the internet streaming or download was something non-existant at that time. At least from what I know at that point in time in my country.
  Tsumiki no you ni moroi sekai wo,
  Habataku sube ga hoshii,
  Hitotsu dake sou negatta,
  Ai subeki hito no tame ni
Sung by Chihiro Yonekura, the song isn’t your typical simple love song as it mentions about the sky, light, paradise, dice and of course butterflies. But they’re just briefly mentioned as part of some love metaphor rather than some long guest descriptions or blabbings. Maybe just like love itself, it’s somewhat hard to describe.
  Hitotsuji no hikari wo motomete,
  Bokura wa michi wo ikiru,
  Hitotsu dake ima shinjita,
  Ai subeki hito no tame ni
I won’t really say that this is a rock song but more like a pop song (forgive me, my categorization of music is quite bad) ang though there are some synthesizers and sound effects, I still can’t really make out that string instrument (I think so) which is being played as the opening tune and after the chorus. The solo part has a more classical guitar plucking which personally I think it’s soothing and to a little different beat from the other parts of the song.
  Sai wa chijou takaku nagerareta,
  Rakuen sore wa hiizuru mirai,
  You and I tooi yume ni musubareru,
  Kono akai kawa wo koete
As usual because of the singer’s slightly higher pitch tone, I had a little difficulty trying to sing those lines especially the lines at the end of the chorus part. Uh huh. Going out of tune again. This sure really brings back memories. The verse is manageable and I suppose this is the part where I’m confident that I won’t go wrong. Aside from that. I remember when I first sang this song, my timing was a little off. Meaning sometimes I was either saying my lines too fast or too slow. But that problem has been taken care off over time.
  Hana wa mujou sarau juujika wo daite,
  Saita hakanaki tenshi,
  You and I itsuka mitsukeru nara,
  Kimi ni sasageyou paradise
There is a line in the chorus which goes ‘You and I…’. I found out that there is a play on words here as that line can be substituted as ‘Yuuen no ai’ which means faraway love. So that line it either could ‘if someday you and I are found’ or ‘if someday that faraway love is found’. But I still prefer the ‘You and I’ line because it somehow seems easier for me to say and it’s smoother to go over. Now to practice that chorus part again.
  Kimi ni sasageyou paradise…

Groove Adventure Rave

November 18, 2005

A fantasy like adventure, Rave is actually quite entertaining to watch. It is even more comical combined with the several (if not, all) weird and interesting characters. In addtion, the names of the characters, items, places, sound all very ‘terror’. We have this young kid Haru Glory, who is the successor of Rave, his strange looking companion Plue, the ‘sometimes blur & naive’ but pretty Elie, another weird-hentai-map feak creature Griffin Kato, and Musica the thief with the ability to control silver. The adventure is something like this. Haru wants to find his long lost missing father, but since his the new Rave Master, he has to gather the scattered Raves to destroy Demon Card (the most evil organisation) the remaining Dark Brings (the evil version of Raves). Elie has no whatsoever memories of her past, but she has something to do that Ethelion thing which is inside her, which can be very destructive. Along the way there’re small side stories here and there to add spice to the journey. And as usual, the season ended with the potential of another sequel. But hey, just like Haru, I also like Elie’s smile, which means I’d probably watch this whole anime again if it’s ever repeated. Puyo! (There’s a strange penguin who always says that at the end of his sentences, right?). And then there’s that magician Sieghart, and the Oracon Seis, the 3 purple booty shakers and Lucia Rareglove… Aiyah… Too many things going on to take into account at once.

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