Characters Who Get Lost Often

September 13, 2008

It’s really a big world out there. So sometimes it is not surprising to find yourself lost in an unknown territory. However, there are some people which have such a lousy sense of direction that they can even get lost if there are bloody obvious directional signs right in front of their faces! I suppose such traits gives that character ‘character’, huh? I wonder how they can interpret turning left means to turn right, vice versa.
Don’t give them a map to read because they may think it’s some sort of artwork. Don’t give them a compass because they may think it’s some sort of ancient tool. What about the stars in the sky? Well, aren’t they supposed to just look beautiful when you look up? Because of this, a GPS navigation tool is out of the question. Too complicated. Homing pigeons would turn their backs on them and simply fly away without ever returning. Nothing can stop them from losing their way and it is really a miracle that they have survived this long. Ah well, there is no studies which have shown any correlation between getting lost and survival rate. Here are the 10 anime characters who often get lost. And I don’t mean scram or get out of here. May God bless them.

Name: Hatsuharu Souma.
Anime: Fruits Basket.
Age: 16 years old.
Occupation: High school student.
Most memorable lost period: Got lost for 3 days while finding his way to Shigure’s house to challenge Kyo.
Comment: Do ox and cows lose their way? Or their seemingly laidback roaming and wandering around are just a cover up for their no sense of direction?
Name: Shinobu
Anime: Nagasarete Airantou.
Age: Not known but from the looks of it, may be in her late teens.
Occupation: Bushido practitioner.
Most memorable lost period: Appearing late in the anime series just because she lost her way around the island.
Comment: Airantou is considerably a small island and if she has been living there for her entire life, at least she should know about getting around the town area, right?
Name: Mutsumi Otohime.
Anime: Love Hina.
Age: 20 years old.
Occupation: A 3rd year ronin trying to get into Tokyo University.
Most memorable lost period: Getting lost throughout several places in Japan while getting back to her hometown in Okinawa after taking a brief vacation from her flunked exams, even if she has got some help from Keitaro and Naru.
Comment: Perhaps if she opened her eyes a little more, she could at least see where she is headed. Oh but I remembered that she is quite an airhead too. So I feel that this and her poor health contribute to her bad sense of direction. Nothing to do with Keitaro and Naru, really.
Name: Shinya Kamijo.
Anime: Happiness!.
Age: Though not mentioned, I’m assuming he is 16 years old based on the fact that he attends high school.
Occupation: Magic apprentice student and life-long protector of the Shikimori family.
Most memorable lost period: While going out bowling with his friends, during his turn to bowl he ends up on somebody else’s lane. Also while trekking up a mountain near the Shikimori Forest as a meeting point with his friends, he ends up lost on a buoy at sea. How on Earth did that happen?
Comment: Hopefully his magic sense should be better than his directional sense. But the weird part is that whenever his twin sister Saya is in danger, he’ll immediately rush and come to her aid. Doesn’t matter how far, but he’ll be there in a blink of an eye. Makes you wonder if his sense of direction is only working then or he has some sort of magnetic connection when that happens. So theoretically, Saya has to be in constant danger if we don’t want Shinya to ever get lost, right?


Name: Isumi Saginomiya.
Anime: Hayate No Gotoku.
Age: 14 years old.
Occupation: High School Student and part time ghost/spirit exorcist.
Most memorable lost period: Trying to buy a train ticket to Brazil from Japan. Also, taking a walk in her own garden and somehow ending up in another part of the country.
Comment: One reason why this soft-spoken shy girl gets lost easily is because she really forgets her destination. Don’t remember where she’s heading for, huh? Ah well, like they always say, it’s the journey that it is most important and not the destination. Furthermore, she’s better than David Copperfield because if you take your eyes off her for just a second, she’ll be missing. And we can safely interpret that as being lost. Oh by the way, she did arrive in Brazil. After many many many several episodes later.
Name: Rahzel.
Anime: Hatenkou Yuugi.
Age: 14 years old.
Occupation: Wanderer-cum-adventurer.
Most memorable lost period: Well, she doesn’t actually have any obvious lost moments but due to her goals after being kicked out by her dad to see the world, she ends up in random towns.
Comment: Ironically, she’s like the ‘tour guide’ of her group because I think she’s sort of like the leader of the pack. But I guess due to her direction in life to see the world, whether this spunky magic user gets lost or not doesn’t really matter. Any town or place will do. Alas her most memorable quote/excuse when criticised for being lost: "You should blame the destination for not being where I’m headed".
Zaraki Yachiru
Name: Zaraki Kenpachi & Yachiru Kusajishi.
Anime: Bleach.
Age: Unknown. While Zaraki looks like a grown adult and Yachiru a kindergarten kid, since people in Soul Society live longer than ordinary human beings, I’m guessing they may be several hundreds of years old.
Occupation: Captain and vice captain of the 11th Division of Gotei 13 respectively.
Most memorable lost period: Getting lost within the Soul Society while trying to find and fight Ichigo.
Comment: Okay, so mainly it’s Yachiru who is leading the way and pointing to which direction Zaraki has to go. So why does that scar-face guy listen and trust that little pink haired girl so easily? Well, he did mention something about trusting one’s own instincts. Huh? I think that’s an excuse to say that his sense of direction is no better no hers. Ah, a true classic case of the blind leading the blind.
Name: Ryoga Hibiki.
Anime: Ranma 1/2.
Age: 16 years old.
Occupation: Martial arts trainee. Better than sound unemployed, right? I mean, this guy doesn’t really attend school nor does he do any part time job except training and training so that he could beat his eternal rival, Ranma, one day. One day…
Most memorable lost period: Opening the doors to every room except the exit while trying to leave Shampoo’s house. Also, running straight into the jungle ahead rather than following the road curving to the right which leads to the city. All because the person he asked for directions said that all he had to do was just to follow straight on this road. He must have taken it too literally.
Comment: This guy should train himself not to be physically stronger and better but rather his sense of direction. I’m sure he has missed several fights countless times just because of this. And since he realizes this short fall of his, listening blindly (oh, the oxymoron) to others wouldn’t help improve it any further. What is he thinking? Oh, about getting his revenge on Ranma. Perhaps he is thinking that destiny will allow him to meet up. In a thousand years, maybe…
Name: Roronoa Zoro.
Anime: One Piece.
Age: 19 years old.
Occupation: Pirate (as a stepping stone to be the world’s greatest swordsman).
Most memorable lost period: During one of the Davy Fight Back games with Foxy’s crew, Zoro could even get lost even if there is obviously a straight path of land ahead of him. Amazingly, he ended up in one of the ‘dead ends’ of the path (splinter of the island path which leads to the ocean rather than the island top, that is). Also, while trying to retrieve a treasure in Skypiea, Zoro’s wandering took him back to the starting point of where he began his journey, at Going Merry, that is.
Comment: You may want to blame his sleeping habits since he spends half his time sleeping if he isn’t fighting, training or drinking. Ironically, possessing superb sword skills and having heightened visions (or even those which don’t require eye or visual vision) doesn’t seem to have a positive impact on his directional skills. I wonder how he got this messed up in the first place. I also tend to notice he seems to go the other way even if somebody yells where to go directly at his face. Is he listening? Perhaps he needs to give this area more training priority. I’m wondering if he could actually reach his goal. Ever heard of a highly skilled swordsman at the top with a horrible sense of direction? Yeah, if so, you’ll wonder how he got there.
Lost For Words
If you noticed why I included age and occupation here and wondering what is their relation to the characters being lost, this is to show you that being lost is some kind of disease. Meaning, it doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, or the kind of job that you’re doing, this getting lost disease strikes anybody. Though, it is kinda worrying that the characters here are just teenagers. That’s like starting them young. Also, I’m wondering if this getting lost disease is genetic because I don’t have enough information to study on. From first looks, there is no indication that the characters here indicate their bad directional sense from their parents.
This list of lost-prone characters is not meant to be definitive as there are other anime characters who share such misfortune. Probably they got lost on their way to my list too. Hahaha! Just kidding. One main reason they’re not included is simply because… I HAVEN’T WATCHED EVERY DAMN ANIME YET! Is watching everything possible? Not for me.
There is an anime character which I wasn’t sure of putting into this list but ultimately decided not to. She is Sakuno Ryuuzaki of Prince Of Tennis. Fans who have watched this series may agree that she has a bad sense AT direction because she keeps giving Ryoma the wrong directions, which are totally opposite to his supposed destination. Having said so, I don’t recall her getting lost. Thus, based on this, I decided not to include her in the list but just to make a little note here.
While I myself won’t say that my sense of direction is perfect, but I still have what it takes to get myself around, though at times I really lost my way. So is there any cure or hope for this hapless people? Well, we could all pray real hard that their natural inner homing device will miraculously turn for the better. Even if it takes a very long time. But I guess it is better than losing one’s mind. Now get lost!

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